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A- 1 ! y ' • t $i ' ' i 5 ■: : , ® • .. . mSktolt j . t o ! ■ . Icn k “— ■ 1 • ♦:• ■. TOMO ' fc.Jl TV wttg J|ni{ v.’ T rririj:- ' . - , ■ 5 3 4 1 ■H u h r»» iM . wm Mini ’■ ' nfii i; l r nun • it ii " _1 6 7 8 9 10 tm m Each year Muhlenberg s annual, the Ciar- la, now firmly established as that fall publi- cation with the inarticulate title, is deliv- ered to the student body amidst moans, groans, and sighs. The Ciarla staff is verbal- ly cauterized for errors of spelling, neglig- ence of captions, and lack of color. After the commotion and criticism abates, the Ciar- las are shelved — only to be re-opened for a quick reference in the " I know that name but not the face game. Similarly, each year the staff emits cries that yearbooks are not reference books nor ego boosters. Suppos- edly, yearbooks capture the spirit of the col- lege community and relate this to the indi- vidual reader in terms of personal expres- sion and experience. Perhaps this is why the candid or opening section receives more reader attention than the activity or organization section. In an effort to increase the reader’s interest can- did pictures have been used wherever possi- ble. Faculty, administration, sports, special events, and fraternities proved to be more adaptable to a candid approach than the activities and seniors. In order to maintain the overall tone of the book, the traditional senior section has been deleted, and the senior pictures are distributed throughout the book. The organizations thwarted all candid attempts and thus appear as posed informals with captions. 14 15 ■ ■■■■■•■■■■■nubias laanaaaaawaaaaaa laaaaiaiamaaii 16 17 18 L 4! Sr 1 . 1 f tir ’ ] iPiPl PP ' ' " i; ri " ' ■ s ' f ; ’|H ' » ci • H 1 :-:; m I I Ml Kn 19 20 21 22 ■kA.. 23 24 25 V ■ jFmI [ - A •, : S 27 31 32 Homecoming 35 36 Ellen Barn 37 38 Robert Brunning 39 Carole Fahrner David Deakin 40 42 Robert Austin Margaret Boyer Elizabeth ( ioblentz 43 Mary Willever Linda Watkins Diane Locku ood Robert Pirog Smokey Robinson and The Miracles 46 Ruth Sn der Barbara Llewellvn 1 Institute of Faith — Dr. Mizianti Lauren Kelley Linda Fellows Nancy Johnson John Kern 49 The Mothers of Invention David Sloan Melissa Singlevich Hi a §t gassS 10 ! uJ fi Bt . ' s i aril sanrlj 1 S « Q jfi Paint-In Louis Orncofsk) Richard Swanson Thomas Wolfe . iVn 52 Festival of the Arts Opera Workshop — Affiliate Artist, Norman Paige Kathleen Kline Linda Conner Jonas Mikas Lenox String Quarter Bishop Pike Willard Oplinger Gail Goodwin Te Deum Charles Knutila Modern Dance Recital 55 Glinka Dancers Linda Myers 57 Dudley Lewis Susan Muller Carol Gemmill 59 Jackie Robinson William Fisher Phillip Wilkie Floyd McKissick 63 64 A s Susan Epplev Sherrie Nail Alan Busden 65 66 Margaret Steiner Lvnnette Mende Barbara Rickert Ronald Peters Robert Treat ■ 71 Jean Dilley James Smith Phyllis Blaze Loretta lerz Mark Pascal Cynthia Rundlet 75 77 81 Mary Sellers 82 Richard Tobaben Cynthia Swank 83 Elaine Anderson Rudollf Boonstra w M. 87 ■ - n David Weaver 89 Frederick Sherman 90 Del Burkhart Ann Bodriyk John Berg 91 Douglass Wenrich Christina Knight Gail Mertens 93 94 Charlotte Greer Harold Bat 97 100 101 102 Linda Hughes Kerrin Desmond Peter Porton 103 104 105 g2Qij 107 David Mohr Andie Hoehle Barbara Farrow 108 Peter Mevers le I Ompa Kthel Miller Ronald N i rt 1 109 110 Lois Runtle Jenny Heinz 113 115 116 Marcia Forker Erwin Weber 3 Student Council SITTING: William Appel, David Kidd, Michael Weitz, Alain Sheer, President, Dennis Tribble, Ronald Miller, Virginia Young. STANDING: Peter Nagel, Karen Hamm, James Mickle. Peter Moriarity Carol Berger Glenn Benton Open Forum 119 Student Court Attorneys ROW 1: i ,arrv Fox, Philip Shore, John Romherger ROW 2: Karen Hamm, Jean Beck, David Fritchev. 120 Frank Fiaschetti Marcia Zezeck Student Court Justices s ' - 111 i V ' • • • M I 1 fc m cn k fc p m wS m P i mm M i . i if Judy Snyder, Linda Roenning, Cathy Curt, Roma Theus, Chief Justice, Richard Gross, Stanley Katz, Robert Shirk 121 Freshman Orientation Committee 122 123 1969 Executive Council I ,inda Knoche Cind Manna Nane Sillier Ron Miller, President Dave kidil Kris ( ' ntsliall I nnette Mende Jud Fries Dennis Jeff J im Riehards l.arrv Wellikson Sail ii- Fcldmanti Anne Kaufmann Samuel Mendelson 124 1970 Executive Council . im if w IF 1 fr f IB X k f • ' v, V i - 1 nmUv lil Kj STANDING: John Van Bradle, Diane Schmidt, Jo Sturgis, Edith DeVoe, Dean Hirsch, Maureen Davey, Virginia Forde, Barbara Bierman, Donna Beaumont, Sandy Hulse, Jan Murray, Lee Herskowitz, Dorothy Bt to, Tom Burkholder, Sue Toth, Don Crane, President, Bob Young. Mark Roth fane Stahl Paul W ' eisel 1971 Executive Council Nancy Millican, Paul Rosenthal, David Tribble, Ann Keller, Jim Mickel, President, Roz Painter, Bill Appel, Richard Snepar, Vicki Bessinger, Dennis Jeff Peter Zimmer David Dare 126 1972 Executive Council Eric Shafer — President Lynn Jaeschke — Secretary •1 Tim White — Vice President Richard Goldberg — Treasurer Constance F isher Bonnie Funck 127 Men s Dormitory Council Tom Miller Rick Brueckner Chris Ask John Ladles Frank Fiaschetti, President Bill Selim Ed Goldin John Tingling Emmett Barclow, tree ■4 1 128 Paul Feld Jane Wormeck Women s Dormitory Council Stairs: Karen Wisser Sandy Krause Gabriele Leichtl Lynn Klein Sandy Hulse Ingrid Krohn Marcia Zezeck Rhonda Stock Barbara Mitchell Standing: Connie Orndorf Brenda Collins, President Jamie Malatack Betsy Coblentz Kenneth Rummer Larry Miles Cardinal Key 130 Circle K Harry Wonderland, Bruce Ritz, Dale Hava, Bob Teeter, Tom Miller, Frank Stark, Jim Richards, President. 131 Russian Club Foreign Students Herman Hackman KNEELING: Constan Constantinau, Thor Christianson. STANDING: Victor Saka, Mario Selga, Lars Axelson, Sam Makhurane, Lucy Chen, Christian Schneider, Mary Han. Phi Sigma Iota Spanish SITTING: Ruth Snyder, President, Linda Fullgrabe, Kate Busier. STANDING: Barbara Bierman, Leona Palm, Kathy Rippke, Edith DeVoe. Phi Alpha Theta History ROW 1: Stephen Crinspan, Cynthia Swank, Hope Seltz- er, Ann Clist, Stan Rothhouse, Jim Smith. ROW 2: Joel Beaver, Dave Fritchey, President, Pete Helwig, Bill Norville. 133 Cynthia Manna Alice Lindemayer Wesley Thielke Barbara Farrow Chery l Taylor Paula Tannebring Wayne Kartzinel Delta Phi Alpha, German 134 German Club Psi Chi, Psychology 135 lpha Phi Omega David Kressler Jane Peck 136 Delta Phi Nu 137 Modern Dance Club Lou Leadbeater, President Forensic Society Mr. McVeigh Sam Makhurane Jay Hadley, President Michael Snyder Rich Kahn Larry Glazerman Cheryl Reynolds Doris Rieth William Roeger 139 140 Carol Worthington, Peter Fauerbach, Bill Reaser. Guild Richard Olmstead Linda Myers, Lynn Kucher. Evlvn Bans Michael Stoudt STANDING: Patricia Harrington, Judy Bradley, Bill Reaser, Carol Worthington, Boh Young. KNEELING: Harr Wonderland, Pres- ident, John Pearce. 141 Institute of Sound Chapel Choir College Choir Dianne Myers James Davidson Virginia Ford 143 Weekly Mai Parker, Editor 144 Arcade Patricia Heinsohn Linda Knoche George Weinberger Sherry Jones Dan Hahn, Lois West, John Tomasi, Pat Gabe, Jeff Axe, Lynnette Mende, Editor. 145 1969 Ciarla Cindy Manna, Editor Beth Yarnall, Co-editor 146 Photographers: Elwin Schwartz, Ken Baab, Ron Peters, Ben Malkiel, Jay Silkworth Staff Fran Struneski, Cover Design Bruce Hoffman, Business Manager Linda Myers Sheryl Johnson Debbie Burin Debbie Schultz Ron Miller Monts Hornbeck, Photography Editor Kenneth MeCluskey Kathleen McLellan 147 WMUH Edward Vitalos Jamie Malatack Bruce Campbell Lee Bowman 148 Ralph Johnson, Station Manager 149 150 Phyllis Wieboldt 152 153 ! Mask and Dagger Bill Reaser, Carol Worthington, Julia Smith, Dr. Erskine. Ray Adams, Judy Eisenhart, Paula Barthel, Dudley Lewis, Sue Mengel, Dave Fritchey, Lynnette Mende. Meredith Gehr Larry Klotz 156 Muhlenberg Experimental Theatre William Gosser Josephine Gibson Sandra Glace 157 Muhlenberg Musical Association Alpha Psi Omega, Dramatics 158 Lynnette Mende Sue Mengel Sigma Tau Delta, English Sarah Schurz Mai Parker, Larry Grossman, Dick Gross, Dudley Lewis, Lynnette Mende, Karl Surwit David Kressler, Larry Wellikson, Joanne Moyer, President. 159 160 161 Taming of the Shrew 162 Kenneth Boehs Frances Ernst Robert Peters 163 Lambda Epsilon Delta Women’s Leadership Fraternity — STANDING: Connie Fisher, Betsy Cob- lentz, Marcia Zezeck; SITTING: Jamie Malatack, Cindy Manna 164 Peter Kepplev H Roger Farber Omicron Delta Kappa Men s Leadership Fraternity — STANDING: John Tomasi, Roma Theus, Al Sheer, Richard Gross; SITTING: Ron Miller, Dave Fritchev Bryan Smith 165 Math Club Robert Jose Spanish Club 166 Chess Club Richard Gross Wayne Lingle, John Wagner, Jim Fister Susan Strimei Hollace Keav John Tomasi 167 Catherine Curt Festival of Arts Committee Chairman: Karen Hamm 168 Education Society President — Linda Fellows Vice President — Kate Bosler Secretary — Cheryl T ay lor Treasurer — Dotty Maxwell 169 Society of Physics Students ' wfV tv $ yt • ' ] H gps? jg r ’ J | - JaBEl 1 JBraBWBWPPSE Jp r, ” BSc JP ■ fln ■ 1 II " fp 1 " TSjSj STANDING: Mr Grimsrud, David Dare, Ann Bodnyk, Frederick Sherman, John Berg, Carol Lash, John Troxell. KNEELING: Jim Cistone, Mike Stoudt, Ken McCluskex Stephen Albert David Shoemaker 170 Pre-Medical Society Kristin Cutshall Spence Miller Lois West 171 Sarah Schurz, Frederick Sherman, Marcia Zezeck. Carol Lash, Barbara Harris 172 Jane Stahl,. Linda Hughes, Ron Kimball Karl Surwit, Stanton Rothhouse. Michael Mattern, Larry Grossman, Joseph Gulka, Larry Klotz. Missing: Kathy Holowiak, RomaTheus. 173 © ! i ■ " 9W The President Dr. Erling Jensen 175 Dean of the College Dr. Secor William Burdick Janet Felter Gamil Shaw rjr 176 Assistant Dean Dr. Bednar Robert Herbster Martha Geiger Joanne Moyer 177 Paula Tannebring 178 Robert Goldman Margaret Jaeunski Dean of Students Claude Dierolf Sallv Tom pa katliry n A res 179 The Registrar Dr. Frounfelker Karen Graefing l.arrv Grossman Alice Lindenmaver Joseph Gulka 180 Director of Admissions, Mr. Gibbs Assistant Director of Admissions, Mr. Weikert 181 Dr Mortimer, Chemistry Deborah Lytle David Thomas Miss Schneider, Foreign Languages Dr. Iacovella, Art Mr. Hartman, English 183 Leonard Ellis Rev. Renninger, Religion Dr. Vaughan, Biology, HEAD Dr. Staack, Religion, HEAD Mr. Colarusso, Art, HEAD Mr. MacEwan, Psychology Mrs. McLeroy, Chemistry 184 Dr Sinha, Psychology Mr. Santore, English Dr Brunner, Foreign Languages, HEAD Mr. Wagner, Mathematics 185 Dr. Vos, English Mrs. Wingert, Biology Margaret Rogers 186 Mr. Kelz, Foreign Languages Dr. Reed, Philosophy, HEAD Dr. MaeConnell, Education Dr. Stehley, Chemistry Dr Richards, Economics, HEAD Mr. Slane, Political Science 187 Mr. Grimsrud, Physics Mr. Sterns, History Dr Koehler. Mathematics Mr. Moore, English Dr. Shaw, Philosophy Mr. Beidleman, Athletic Mr. VYhispell, Athletic, HEAD Mr. Turoczi, Psychology Mr. Stump, Mathematics 188 Mr McVeigh, Sociology Mr. Snyder, English Roma Theus Dr. Brackin, Psychology, HEAD 189 Mary Jane Stelzer f £ Mr Serfass. Economics Miss Cimino, Education Dr. Chatfield, English Dr Nassar, Mathematics Mr. Laise, Philosophy Nancv Sihler Robert Boyer Mr. Weaver, Biology Dr. Erskine, English James Farrell Dr. Webb, Foreign Languages Robert McCourt Dr. Oplinger, Biology Miss Hecht, Athletic Dr. French, Education, HEAD Dr Van Erde, History Mr. Dudding, English Dr. Baldwin, Sociology Dr. Schaeffer, Biology Dr. Mortimer, History Dr. Francello, Sociology Wesley Thielke Virginia Beil I)r Sinha, Economics Mrs. Hospodar, Athletic Dr. Dengler, Psychology Dr. Ring, Religion Miss Rieger, Foreign Languages 195 Mr. Marino, Athletic Mr. Mainkar, Physics Dr Trainer, Biology Dr. Lohr, Psychology Dr. Loy, Physics Chaplain Bremer Dr. Lee, Political Science Mrs. Kunda, Athletic Dr. Weston, Biology Thompson Goldsmith Mary Fedorak 197 Mr Lund, History 198 Mr. Jennison, History Karen Schultz Dr Raub, Physics Mr Flamish, Athletic Robert Jackie IT V . Ov 13 • " if |p vp y b— 1 yii w d % ] IbV 5 I -TtrSIl olP ST 1 r,W, | ■ ' jJBBf;,, W-t m§ flKSif i® j ' r }i; nSSi f — I WMmgm i .. ; ;i r ' ;:, ' . ? WMSSmL {JOINT MPER1AI _ ' ' x Bi V ' HPIP fli V ' ■( V gar HSfll . -5v • K jwS ‘i; ■ , i -:- ? Jt - ,•)!,-. f . r , " ‘ ,-y jf •. 1 Susan Roelke 202 203 ln Kr H TO t.v s . w ■ .V z S- TV „ — - v’ V ' J i . y J is k. ■ r iA} 3 a - .4: - ' i m J; 1 v 206 Timotln Ferguson Curtis kistler 207 COLLECT ' Ifl’PH arm k «- •» • I y. • " -• v Robert Alman Patricia Alder 210 21 1 Larrv McCabe Deborah Orth V4lW £b|V N w jL 4 k Ww — . • ,y mi £ d!5s I fife r S 5 ;®|1 V •« 215 ,s . • ' m ■ ' ' mb Bpk v ■ 9 v - ” " ‘ 1 1 m Jwafil t s%t ' wm 218 Marjorie Caldwell Frank Milnes Glenn Roth 219 iiillllmL Jennifer Richards Laurence Wellikson 222 Alice Gorst Deborah Read Senior Biographies " “The Seniors whose photographs appear in the following pages have been elected to Who’s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. Missing: Lynn Anderson and Wal- ter Moriartv. 224 Lvnnette Mende Stephen K. Albert B.S. Natural Science 102 Hillcrest Avenue, Titusville, Fla. Circle K; Pre-Med Society; Wrestling, p. 170 Patricia S. Alder A.B. Psychology 407 Wilton Street, Harrisburg, Pa. Psi Chi; Education Society; Delta Phi Nu. p. 210 Charles C. Allen A.B. History 534 S. Shore Road, Absecon, N.J. p. 203 Jerrfey F. Allvn A.B. Sociology 120 Morse Avenue, Bloomfiels, N.J Band (Drum Major, President); APO; Phi Kappa Tau; Course and Faculty Evaluation Committee, p. 79 Robert L. Alman A.B. Psychology 2211 Washington Street, Allentown, Pa. p. 210 Elaine R. Anderson B.S. Natural Science 18 Sunset Road, West Caldwell, N.J. Education Society, p. 84 Gail L. Anderson A.B. Sociology Apt. 1410, 440 Davis Court, San Francisco, Calif. Intramurals; College Choir; Junior Key Committee; Bridge Club. p. 151 Lynn E. Anderson B.S. Natural Science 57 Sinclair Avenue, Staten Island, N.Y. Chapel Choir; Band; Union Board; Tutorial Project; Womens Field Hockey; Student Council, p. 193 Robert W. Austin B.S. Natural Science South Spring Road, Vineland, N.J. Lambda Chi Alpha, p. 42 Kathryn J. Ayers A.B. History and Political Science 19 Birch Street, Old Saybrook, Conn. p. 179 Gregory B. Baechtle A.B. Political Science 856 Adam Circle, Plainfield, N.J p. 149 Janet B. Barner A.B. Sociology 180 Alexander Street, Princeton, N.J Ellen J. Barry A.B. English 60 Bedford Place, Ramsey, N.J. Education Society, p. 37 Harold L. Baty A.B. Economics RD 1, Phillipsburg, N.J. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Big Brother Program; Union Board Dining Committee, p. 95 Evlyn B. Baus 1541 Liberty Street, Allentown, Pa. Hockey; Basketball; Lacrosse, p. 141 Lewis K. Behringer 2824 College Drive, Allentown, Pa. Virginia L. Bell 1416 Elmira Street, Williamsport, Pa. Sigma Tau Delta; Delta Phi Nu; Yearbook, p. 193 Page R. Belmore A.B. Social Science 7275 N. River Drive, Milwaukee, Wise. Phi Kappa Tau (Athletic Chairman, Sargeant at Arms); Intramurals; Big Brother Program; Orientation Committee, p. 76 Glenn G. Benton A.B. German 3 Green Meadows Road, Fairfield, N.J. p. 118 John T. Berg B.S. Physics R.D. 2 Orefield, Pa. Society of Physics Students (Vice-President); Phi Beta Kappa; Physics Honors Program, p. 91 A.B. English A.B. Economics A.B. English Alain Sheer Carol L. Berger 12 Stillman Lane, Pleasantville, N.Y. Education Society, p. 118 A.B. Psychology 225 Stephen M. Berk A.B. Psychology 1326 New York Avenue, Cape May, N J. Football, Intramurals,; Hillel Society, p 81 Dana E. Bianca A.B. History Middle Island Road, Yaphank, N.Y. p. 59 Richard R. Bittner B.S. Natural Science R.D § 1, Kempton, Pa. p. 67 Phyllis J. Blaze A.B. Sociology 29 Newell Avenue, Trenton, N.J. Chapel Choir; Sociological Society (Sec.); Education Society; Delta Phi Nu; Intramurals, p 73 Robert L. Bleimann A.B. Political Science 159 Elderberry Road, Minneloa, N.Y. Tail Kappa Epsilon p. 81 Ann L. Bodnvk B.S. Physics R.D. 2, Kutztown, Pa. American Institute of Physics; Russian Club, Intramurals, p. 91 Kenneth R. Boehs A.B. Economies 1121 Welsh Road, Maple Glen, Pa. Wrestling; Big Brother Program; Intramurals, p 163 Rudolf E. Boonstra, Jr. A.B. Economics 535 Sicomac Avenue, Wvckoff, N.J Phi Kappa Tau; Cardinal Kev; Big Brother Program; MMA; Ski Club p 84 Kathryn G. Bosler A.B. Spanish 156 W. Louther Street, Carlisle, Pa. Color Guard; Education Society; Phi Sigma Iota (Secretary); Delta Phi Nu; Tutorial Project, p. 113 Lee N. Bowman A.B. German 561 Rolling Hill Road, Sommerville, N.J. College Choir; Russian Club; German Club; Senior Counselor, p. 148 Margaret E. Boyer A.B. History 205 Yellowstone Road, Plymouth Meeting, Pa French Club; Weekly; Union Board Publicity Committee; Tutorial Pro- ject; Senior Counselor, p. 42 Robert K. Boyer A.B. Sociology 1600 Darby Road, Havertown, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega, Basketball; MCA, Worship Committee, p 190 Warren A. Brooeker B.S. Natural Science 748 Drexel Avenue, Drexel Hill, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi; Student Court; Golf; Weekly; Pre-Med Society ; Big Broth- er Program; Bridge Club p 34 Robert L. Brunning A.B. Psychology 145 Parkway Drive, Westbury, N.Y. Phi Epsilon Pi. 1969 Executive Council; APO (Vice President); Freshmai. Orientation Committee, p. 38 Alan L. Burden A.B. Economics 314 Beaver Hill Apartments, Jenkintown, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi (House Manager. Social Chairman, Intramurals ((hair man), p. 65 William D. Burdick B.S. Biology 626 Park Boulevard, Glen Ellyn, III Lambda Chi Alpha; Lacrosse; Ski Club; Circle K; Young Republicans; Intramurals, p 176 Deborah A. Burin A.B. Political Science R.D 1, Box 272, Imperial , Pa. Intramurals; Delta Phi Nu; Ciarla; Weekly; Union Board Dining Commit- tee; Dean s Committee to Evaluate Counseling, p. 135 Del S. Burkhart A.B. Psychology 85 E. Gaul Street, Wernersville, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha; Baseball; Basketball, p. 91 Jamie Malatack 226 David Fritchey Robert H. Bury A.B. Psychology 2940 Livingston Street, Allentown, Pa. Tan Kappa Epsilon, p. 39 Marjorie A. Caldwell A.B. Mathematics 54 Harrison Avenue, Northampton, Mass. Band; French Club; Math Club; Delta Phi Nu; Ski Club; Women s Coun- cil; Intramurals, p. 218 Bruce V. Campbell 101 Prospect Avenue, Hackensack, N.J. Lambda Chi Alpha, p. 148 Bruce W. Capriotte 404 E. Broad Street, Souserton, Pa. Douglas C. Charleston 576 W. Princess Street, York, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau. p. 70 Elizabeth K. Coblentz 715 Old Mill Road, Wyomissing, Pa. Women ' s Council; Delta Phi Nu; Sigma Tau Delta; Who’s M ho; LED. p. 42 Brenda A. Collins A.B. Humanities 2754 Mower Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Women’s Council (President); Brown Hall President; LED. p. 41 A. Erwin Colver B.S. Physics 1133 Worth Boulevard, Pottstown, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Cross Country. Linda B. Conner B.S. Chemistry 244 Upland Road, Brookhaven, Pa. Pre-Med Society; Delta Phi Nu; senior counselor, p. 54 Peter A. Crawley A.B. History 27 Spring Garden Street, Hamden, Conn p. 1 14 Catherine F. Curt B.S. Natural Science 1427 Fraser Avenue, Merrick, N Y. Chapel Choir; College Choir; Women s Council; Student Court; Educa- tion Society, p. 168 A.B. Sociology A.B. Psychology A.B. Social Science A.B. English Kristin Cutshall A.B. Sociology 2203 Greenleaf Street, Allentown, Pa. 1969 Executive Council; Freshman Orientation Committee; Ski Club; Sociology Society; 1969 Class Secretary, p. 171 David R. Dare B.S. Physics 401 E. Pine Avenue, Box 624, Wildwood, N.| Organist; American Institute of Physics (President), p 126 James G. Davidson A.B. History 30 Pennsylvania Avenue, Flemington, N.J. College Choir; Lacrosse, p 143 David R. Deakin A.B. History 126 Dale Road, Willow ' Grove, Pa. MET (Business Manager); MCA Executive Committee; Institute of Faith (Co-Chairman), p. 40 Jill G. Deily A.B. Psychology 1 103 N. Washington Avenue, Green Brook, N.J. French Club; Young Republicans, p. 87 Catherine L. Deisher A.B. Sociology 15 E. Keller Street, Topton, Pa. Intramurals; Sociology Society; Commuters Club; Festival of Arts Committee, p. 67 Eleanor A. Dennerlein B.S. Natural Science 8612 80th Street, Woodhaven, N Y. Delta Phi Nu p 41 KerrinJ. Desmond B.S. Mathematics 40 Overlook Road, Mountain Lakes, N.J. College Choir; Math Club; Women ' s Council; Senior Couns elor, p 102 Jean K. Dillev B.S. Biology 200 Hampton Road, Westmont, N.J. Color Guard; Junior Key Committee; Intramurals, p. 73 Carol A. Doherty A.B. Psychology 210 Adams Avenue, Pitman, N.J. Chapel Choir; College Choir (Librarian, Asst. Manager, Manager); Opera Workshop (Board of Directors); Institute of Sound p 38 227 Julia F. Doscher A.B. Sociology 8815 Indian Hill Road, Cincinnati, Ohio Sociology Society; Tennis Intramurals; Ski Club; Judo. p. 99 Philip Terh une Fred S. Durham, III A.B. Economics 317 N. 28th Street, Allentown, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha. Karen O. Dutzer A.B. Psychology 236 Aronimik Drive, Newton Square, Pa. Union Board Decoration Committee; Tutitorial Project; Intramurals; Ski Club; Delta Phi Nu. p. 78 Kathleen A. Eline A.B. English 143 College Street, Boyertown, Pa. Chapel Choir; Color Guard; Institution of Sound, p. 53 Leonard W. Ellis A.B. Social Science 1435 Main Street, Northampton, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Student Council, College Choir, Glee Club. p. 183 David D. Ernes A.B. Classics 721 Gilbralter Road, Reading, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Weekly; Eta Sigma Phi. p. 57 Susan C. Eppley A.B, Sociology 10 N. Cadillac Drive, Somerville, N.J. Chapel Choir; Young Republicans, p. 65 Barry K. Erber B.S. Natural Science 514 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y. Tan Lappa Epsilon, p. 131 Frances L. Ernst A.B. Psychology 3403 Romig Avenue, Reading, Pa. Band, Psi Chi. p. 163 Carole S. Fahrner A.B. Psychology 400 Washington Avenue, Fort Washington, Pa. Tutorial Project; Union Board Publicity Committee; Institute of Faith; Psi Chi. p. 40 H. Roger Farber A.B. Psychology Residence Park, Palmerton, Pa. p. 164 James T. Farrell, III A.B. Psychology 3 Fulton Place, West Hartford, Conn. Lambda Chi Alpha; Football; Lacrosse, p. 191 Barbara A. Farrow A.B. German 216 W. Chestnut Street, Shamokin, Pa. German Club, Russian Club; Esperanto Club; Education Society; Delta Phi Alpha, p. 107 Mary Ann Fedorak A.B. Psychology 430 S 18th Street, Allentown, Pa. p. 197 Larry I. Feinberg A.B. Political Science 1 1 18 Arboretum Road, Wvncote, Pa. Political Science Internship Program, p. 132 Paul S. Feld B.S. Natural Science 26 Merrill Place, Huntington, N.Y. Phi Kappa Tau; Circle K. p 128 Sallie J. Feldmann A.B. History 437 W. Market Street, York, Pa. 1969 Executive Council; Student Council Acadinecs Committee; Union Board Art Committee, p 1 17 Linda B. Fellows A.B. French 79 Vernon Drive, Scarsdale, N.Y. Big Sister Chairman; Education Society (President); Russian Club; Senior Counselor; Color Guard (Co-Captain), p. 48 Steven E. Fellows A.B. Psychology 90 Gavnor Place, Glen Rock, N.J. Baseball; Circle K; Alpha Tau Omega; Big Brother Program, p. 48 Janet C. Felter A.B. English 34 Adelaide Street. Floral Park, N.Y. p. 176 228 B.S. Mathematics Timothy J. Ferguson A.B. Psychology Box 432, East Setauket, N Y. p. 207 Frank L. Fiaschetti _ B.S. Natural Science 81 Front Street, Binghamton, N Y. Phi Kappa Tau; Men s Dormitory Council (President); 1FC; Ski Club; Natural Science Evaluation Committee, p. 120 Jeanette W. Finkbinder A.B. English 325 Maple Avenue, Haddonfield, N.J. Majorette, Intramurals; Fire Marshall; Ski Club; Education Society, p. 132 Constance L. Fisher A.B. Psychology 813 Madison Avenue, York, Pa. French Club; Student Council; Tutorial Project; Union Board (Secretary, Art Committee Chairman, Chairman Union Food Committee) Psi Chi (Secretary, Treasurer); LED; Intramurals, p. 127 Virginia E. Ford A.B. English 435 W. Main Street, Kutztown, Pa. Sigma Tau Delta, p. 143 Marcia E. Forker A.B. Psychology 1804 Westfield Road, Harrisburg, Pa. Delta Phi Nu; Psi Chi. p 117 Bonnie K. Forry A.B. Sociology 599 Second Street, Highspire, Pa. Intramurals; Sociological Society. John D. Frank B.S. Natural Science 227 Philadelphia Avenue, Egg Harbor City, N.J. Band; Pre-Med Society; Intramurals, p 215 Terry L. Fraser A.B. English Hampton Street, Sag Harbor, N.Y. Phi Kappa Tau. p. 158 Peter A. Freund A.B. Mathematics 47 Kenvil Avenue, Succasunna, N.J. Judith A. Fries A.B. English 533 Stewart Road, Hatboro, Pa. Cheerleader; Tennis; Hockey; Gym Team; Homecoming Court; Junior Prom Queen; 69 Executive Council, p. 86 David E. Fritchey A.B. Political Science 535 1 2 N. Fourth Street, Allentown, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Mask and Dagger (Business Manager); Fencing Team; Student Court (Chief Attorney); Phi Alpha Theta (President); ODK (Pres- ident); Who ' s Who. p. 59 William E. Garman 1627 Turner Street, Allentown. Pa Band. p. 1 13 William C. Garver A.B. Sociology 228 N. Narberth Avenue, Narberth, Pa. p. 71 William E. Gasbarro A.B. Flistorv 12 S. Michigan Avenue, Atlantic City, N.J. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Men s Dormitory Council; 69 Executive Council; Freshman Orientation; IFC. p. 181 Meredvth A. Gehr A.B. Social Science 8 Signal Hill Road, Cherry Hill, N.J Hockey; Homecoming Court; Junior Prom Court, p 156 Martha E. Geiger B.S. Mathematics 319 Plymouth Avenue, Oreland, Pa. Ciarla; Concert Band; Delta Phi Nu; Math Club (Secretary), p. 177 Carol J. Gemmill A.B. History 7 Alps Road, Wayne, N.J Color Guard; Union Board Art Committee; Senior Ball Favors Commit- tee; Junior Prom Decorating Committee; Intramurals, p. 59 Barbara A. George A.B. Psychology 312 Columbia Avenue, Palmerton, Pa Chapel Choir; Mask and Dagger, p. 87 Esther R. Gershenson A.B. French 274 Linden Lane, Merion, Pa. Josephine Gibson A.B. Psychology 1435 Monroe Street, York, Pa. Big Sister Program; Senior Counselor; Psi Chi (Program Chairman); Intra- murals; 1 nstitution of Sound, p 157 D. 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Executive Council; Alpha Tau Omega (House Manager): Bridge Club; Pre-Med Society, p. 98 Joseph J. King B.S. Chemistry 346 N 15th Street, Allentown, Pa. Pre-Med Society; Sailing Club. 232 Steven Kirk 103 Linden Street, Wvckoff, N.J. p. 123 A.B. Curtis S. Kistler A.B. History 317 Seminary Street, Pennsburg, Pa. Intramurals; Muhlenberg Musical Association, MCA; Mask and Dagger; College Choir, p. 207 Larry H. Klotz B.S. Biology 73 Summit Road, Schnecksville, Pa. Tutorial Program; Phi Beta Kappa; Concert Band. p. 156 John J. Knappenberger A.B. History 709 Cochran Drive, Greensburg, Pa. Basketball; Phi Kappa Tau (Treasurer): Intramurals; Freshmen Advisor, p. 51 Suzanne Knight A.B. Sociology 500 N. Grove Street, Sierra Madre, Calif. WMUH; Tutorial Project; Intramurals; Junior Key Committee; Mask and Dagger, p. 92 Linda G. Knoche A.B. Psychology 12 Fairway Lane, Wescosville, Pa. Chapel Choir; Cheerleader; Executive Council; President of Walz Hall; Ski Club; Women s Council; Senior Counselor, p. 145 Charles W. Knutila A.B. Social Science 6 Slayton Drive, Short Hills, N.J Stephen R. Krajcar A.B. Psychology 1245 S. Halstead Street, Allentown, Pa. Intramurals, p. 51 Clark E. Kramer B.S. Natural Science 213 Allison Road, Oreland, Pa. Band; Sigma Phi Epsilon (Steward); Intramurals, p. 103 David J. Kressler A.B. English 6836 Ogontz Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Student Court Investigator, I.F.C.; Phi Epsilon Pi; A.P.O.; Choir; Cardi- nal Key; Arcade Staff; Big Brother; Sigma Tau Delta (President); Pi Delta Epsilon (Treasurer); Weekly Staff, p. 136 Kenneth C. Krings 56 Jenkins Street, North Merrick, N.Y. Football, p. 75 A.B. Sociology Deborah C. Krusen Oak Hill Drive, Paradise, Pa. p. 137 A.B. English Kenneth Kummer 491 Wood Avenue, Roselle, N.J. p. 129 B.S. Mathematics Anita E. Kummerle 404 S. Browning Avenue, Somerdale, N.J. Newspaper; Tutorial Project; Hockey. A.B. Psychology Sharon L. Kutz 315 Monroe Street, Easton, Pa. Chapel Choir, Delta Phi Nu; Education Society; A.B. Psychology Intramurals; Psi Chi. p. 154 Margaret L. Lamm A.B. English 2126 Main Blvd., Allentown, Pa. Ciarla Staff; Intramurals; Sigma Tau Delta; Education Society; Chess Club. p. 56 Carol A. Lash B.S. Physics 514 Birch Street, Reading, Pa. Delta Phi Nu; Society of Physics Students (Secretary, Treasurer); Russian Club; Intramurals, p. 104 Gail J. Laskey A.B. French Cedar Lane, Wycombe, Pa. p 105 Linda L. Leadbeater A.B. English 699 Davenport Street, Meadville, Pa. Sigma Tau Delta (Treasurer-Secretary); Modern Dance Club (President); Junior Seminars; Senior Counselor; Delta Phi Nu; Tutorial Project; Span- ish-American Fellowship Program; Intramurals, p. 137 Dudley H. Lewis A.B. Psychology R.D. 2, Box 135, Egg Harbor, N.J. WMUH; MCA; Mask and Dagger; MMA; Drama Fund; Pi Delta Epsilon, p. 58 233 Roma Theus A.B. German Alice Lindemaver 421 William Street, Trenton, N.J German Club; College Choir; Union Art Committee; Institution of Sound, p. 180 Barbara A. Llewellyn A.B. Political Science 78 Oreland Place, Oreland, Pa. Tutorial Project, Delta Phi Nil; Art Committee Union Board; Ski Club; Sailing Club; Student Court Attorney; Student Council Academic Com- mittee. p. 46 Diane B. Lockwood B.S. Mathematics 308 Evergreen Avenue, Westmont, N | Intramural Sports; Delta Phi Nu; Junior Seminar; Senior Counselor; Math Club. p. 45 Deborah A. Lytle A.B. English 223 Pickwick Drive, Bethel Park. Pa. Sigma Tau Delta; Weekly; WMUH. p. 182 Larry C. McCabe A.B. Accounting 18 East Minor Street, Emmaus, Pa. Lacrosse, p. 211 Kenneth H. McCluskey B.S. Physics 344 Tyson Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Football; Chapel Choir; Intramural Sports; Society of Physics Students; Class Gift Committee, p. 147 Robert MeCourt A.B. Political Science 10 Squirrel Road, Doylestown, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon (History, Social Chairman,) College Band; Chapel Choir; Mask and Dagger; Tutorial Project; Sailing Club; Junior Prom Decorating Committee; Intramurals, p 191 Kathleen A. McLellan B.S. Mathematics 27 Yassar Street, Garden City, N.Y. Union Board Publicity Committee; Executive Council; Ski Club; Junior Key Committee, p. 147 William R. MacAdam B.S. Biology 1027 Walnut Street, Allentown, Pa. p. 155 Mary L. MacLaughlin A.B. Psychology 1622 Butler Pike, Ambler, Pa. Intramurals; Allentown State Hospital Volunteer, p. 130 Carol Lynn Major A.B. History 36 Yorktown Road, Bordentow n, N.J Majorettes (Captain); Girls ' Basketball Team; Intramurals, p. 121 Jamie A. Malatack B.S. Natural Science 562 Hayes Street. Hazleton, Pa. New man Club, Cheerleader (Captain); Pre-Med Society ; Women’s Coun- cil (Vice President); Freshman Advisor, Prosser Hall Executive Commit- tee; Delta Phi Nu (President); LE D. (Sec-Treasurer, and President); Who s Who; Intramurals, p. 148 Cynthia M. Manna A.B. English 36 Mount Drive, West Long Branch, N.J LED., Color Guard (Captain); Executive Council; Sigma Tau Delta; Pi Delta Epsilon; Ciarla (Editor); Intramurals; Freshman Advisor; Delta Phi Nu. p. 134 Michael R. Mattern B.S. Chemistry 321 East Second Street, Berwick, Pa Sigma Phi Epsilon; Golf. p. 151 M ary A. Matthews A.B. Psychology 1310 Museum Road, Beading, Pa. Band; Delta Phi Nu; Psi Chi. p. 57 Dorothy L. Maxwell A.B. History Bonnie Road, Richboro, Pa. Womens Council; MCA (Social Chairman); Education Society (Secre- tary, Treasurer); Senior Counselor; Phi Alpha Theta, p 155 Kenneth J. Mayer A.B. Economies 275 Woodland Drive, Dow ington. Pa Fencing, p. 122 Brenda Colli ns 234 Susan Strimel Lvnnette N. Mende A. B. English 314 Old Amwell Road, Neshanic, N.J. College Band; College Choir; Chapel Choir; Mask and Dagger (Secre- tary); Tutorial Project; MMA; Arcade (Editor); Executive Council; Junior Prom Decorations; Pi Delta Epsilon; Sigma Tau Delta; Muhlenberg Op- era Workshop; Spring Sing Planning Committee; Who ' s Who; Alpha Psi Omega, p. 66 Samuel W. Mendelson A.B. Psychology 1089 Central Avenue, Plainfield, N.J WMUH (Business Manager); MCA; Mask and Dagger; MMA; College Band; News Director of WMUH. p 125 Gail F. Mertens A.B. Economics 753 Lawrence Street, Elmont, N.Y. p. 92 Loretta E. Merz A.B. Social Science 460 Marie Avenue, Baldwin, N.Y Newman Club; Young Republicans; Intramurals, p. 73 Peter V. Meyers B.S. Physics Station A., Wassaic, N.Y. Intramural Sports. Lacrosse, p. 109 Larry E. Miles A.B. Accounting 3102 Belmont Avenue, West Law n. Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha (Vice President); Intramural Sports; Baseball Team (Co-captain), p 129 Daniel H. Miller B.S. Natural Science 2529 Greenleaf Street, Allentown, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Intramurals, p. 146 Ethel S. Miller A.B. Psychology 149 North Green Street, Nazareth, Pa. Delta Phi Nu; Tutorial Project; Chapel Choir; MCA; Psi Chi. p 109 Glenn A. Miller B.S. Biology 515 North Penn Street, Allentow n, Pa. Fencing Team. p. 214 Bonald R. Miller A.B. Humanities 1540 1 2 Gordon Street, Allentown, Pa. Choir; Executive Council (President, Vice President); MCA; Tutorial Pro- ject; Chairman of Junior Class Book Sale; Union Board Art Committee and Food Evaluation Committee; Student Council; ODk; Who’s Who; Eta Sigma Phi. p. 57 Spence R. Miller A.B. Social Science 265 Shelmire Street, Philadelphia, Pa Phi Kappa Tau. p. 171 Frank J. Milnes A.B. Psychology 98 State Street, Guilford, Conn Psi Chi; WMUH ; Judo Club. p. 218 David C. Mohr A.B. Psychology Box 154, R.D. 1, Adreas, Pa. Chapel Choir; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Intramurals; Glee Club. p. 107 Richard W. Montgomery A.B. German R.D. 2, Tamaqua, Pa. Peter J. Moriarity A.B. Political Science 1344 Briard Street, Wantagl, N.Y. p 1 18 Walter J. Moriarty A.B. History 54 Beatrice Drive, West Haven, Conn. Joanne E. Moyer A.B. English 441 Jefferson Street, Hyde Park, Reading, Pa. Delta Phi Nu; Weekly Staff; Big Sister Program (Chairman); Pi Delta Ep- silon (President ). p. 177 Gail S. Mudrv B.S. Mathematics 799 Fifth Avenue, River Edge, N.J Education Society; Delta Phi Nu. p. 130 235 Michael Stoudt Susan E. Muller A.B. English 39 Lennox Avenue, Rumson, N.J. WMUH; Young Republicans; Delta Phi Nu; Tutorial Project, p. 58 Diane H. Myers A.B. Psychology 9 Quaker Road, Princeton, N.J p. 143 Linda A, Myers A.B. English 1 Pickwick Lane, Newtown Square, Pa. Chapel Choir; Altar Guild; Sigma Tau Delta; Senior Counselor; Faculty Honors Committee; Tutorial Project, p. 57 Charles Peter Nagel A.B. History 1734 Kenneth Avenue, Baldwin, N.Y. Student Court; Student Council; ODK; Phi Kappa Tau (Rush Chairman); Chairman of Big Name and Freshman Orientation. Sherrie Nail A.B. Economics 2812 Crest Avenue, Allentown, Pa. Ski Club; Intramurals, p. 65 Ronald S. North A.B. Economics 312 Monmouth Road, West Long Branch, N.J. Class Executive Council; Phi Kappa Tau (Social Chairman); Big Brother Program; Intramurals; Alpha Phi Omega, p. 109 Stuart B. Northup A.B. Psychology 1 13 Glenburn Road, Clarks Green, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Intramurals, p. 137 William P. Norville A.B. Political Science 410 Union Avenue, Rutherford, N.J. Phi Epsilon Pi; Intramurals; Phi Alpha Theta; International Studies Committee, p. 202 Richard D. Olmstead B.S. Natural Science 405 Leslie Avenue, Brielle, N.J Sigma Phi Epsilon; Fencing; Intramurals; Chapel Choir; Glee Club; Freshman Orientation; IFC; MCA (WUS Chairman), p. 141 Willard S. Oplinger, Jr. A.B. Psychology 530 E. 5th Street, Northampton, Pa. p. 54 Louis J. Orocofsky A.B. Political Science 7991 Oak Hill Drive, Cheltenham, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi. p. 52 Deborah L. Orth A.B. Psychology 2326 Longview Drive, Coatesville, Pa Delta Phi Nu; Advisory Board- Education Society; Psi Chi. p. 211 Leona M. Palm A.B. Spanish 21 Locust Drive, Morris Plains, N.J. Phi Sigma Iota (Vice President); Color Guard; Women’s Council, p. 99 Malcolm H. Parker A.B. English 127 South Street, Freehold, N.J. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Weekly (Editor). Philip L. Parker A.B. History 180 Elm Street, Tenaflv, N.J Phi Kappa Tau; Student Council (Big Name Committee Chairman); Un- ion Board; Coffee House (Chairman ); WMUH; Intramurals, p. 114 Marc A. Parrilli A.B. English 215 Madison Avenue, Paterson, N.J Lambda Chi Alpha; Fencing; Lacrosse; Intramurals, p. 70 Pascal, Mark S. B.S. Natural Science 221 Winans Avenue. Hillside, N.J Phi Epsilon Pi; Band; Wrestling; Lacrosse; Intramurals; Pre-Med Society (President); Hillel; Big Brother, p 74 John E. Pearce A.B. History 407 Stuart Lane, Ambler, Pa. APO; MCA (Worship and Drama Committee); WMUH; MMA; Chapel Choir; p. 214 236 Jane K. Peck 53 Linden Lane, Fair Haven, N.J. College Choir; Tutoring Project, p. 136 A.B. History Robert H. Peters III B.S. Natural Science 1221 Wyoming Avenue, Forty Fort, Pa. Ski Club; Dormitory Council (Secretary) Ciarla; Weekly Photo Staff; In- tramurals. p. 163 Ronald L. Peters A.B. Social Science 1011 Claire Avenue, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Institute of Sound; Esperanto Club Concert Band; Ski Club; Alpha Tau Omega; MMA; Glee Club. p. 69 Daniel C. Pettyjohn A.B. English 426 Clairemont Road, Villanova, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega. Deborah C. Read A.B. Psychology 31 Easton Road, Westport, Conn. Hockey; Executive Council; Basketball; Lacrosse; Intramurals, p. 223 David A. Remmel A.B. Psychology 1231 Birchwood Drive, Bethlehem, Pa. Cheryl J. Reynolds A.B. Psychology 1231 Birchwood, Bethlehem, Pa. p. 139 Doris E. Reith A.B. Sociology 15 Raleigh Road, Edison. N.J. p 139 Gail A. Pfaffler B.S. Mathematics 39 Roberta Lane, Syosset, N Y. Delta Phi Nu; Young Republicans, p. 130 Morgan S. Phenix A.B. English 501 West 120th Street, New York, N.Y. Alpha Tau Omega, p. 1 12 David H. Pierce B.S. Natural Science 27 E. Ridge Street, Lansford, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau; Circle K Intramurals. Robert L. Pirog A.B. Economics 60 Devonshire Place, Glen Rock, N.J. Big Brother Program, p. 46 James D. Richards A.B. Sociology 2415 Linden Street, Bethlehem, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau; Cross Country; Track; Intramurals; Circle K (Secretary President); Executive Council p 135 Jennifer Richards A.B. Psychology 80 Woodlawn Avenue, New Rochelle, N.Y Poll Committee; Student-Teacher Evaluation Committee; Poster Com- mittee; Ski Club (President), p. 222 Barbara J. Rickert A.B. Psychology 179 Hughes Road, King of Prussia, Pa. Band (Solo Majorette); Union Art Committee; Union Board Fashion Show. p. 69 Peter O. Porton A.B. History 32 Tower Hill, Mountain Lakes, N.J. Sigma Phi Epsilon, p. 102 Harold V. Proskey, III A.B. History 1 13 Bucknell Road, West Sayville, N.Y. Tennis; Dormitory Council, p. 122 Joanne M. Qualey A.B. English 1497 Westervelt Avenue, Baldwin, N.Y. Delta Phi Nu; Festival of the Arts; Hockey; Education Society; Cheerlead- er; Sigma Tau Delta; Intramurals, p 123 Mark W. Ralston A.B. Psychology 808 Spruce Avenue, West Chester, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega; APO; Ski Club. p. 1 1 1 William C. Roeger, Jr. B.S. Physics 13 Paul Street, Hamstead, Md Tau Kappa Epsilon; W,M I ' ll; MET; Mask and Dagger; Young Republi- cans. p. 139 Susan M. Roelke 1022 N. Market Street, Frederick, Md. Phi Alpha Theta; Education Society, p. 202 Margaret C. Rogers 569 E Jackson Street, New Holland, Pa. Hockey; Basketball; Tennis, p. 186 Thomas R. Rogers 1942 Linden Street, Allentown, Pa. p. 203 A.B. History A. B. Sociology A.B. English 237 Ronald Miller Laurence Wellikson William J Rosevear A.B. Psychology 1 1 Gardner Road, Denville, N.J. MCA; Football; Intramurals, p. 106 Glenn M. Roth A.B. Psychology 1069 Fifth Street, Catasauqua, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha; Football; Lacrosse; Intramurals; PsiChi. p. 219 Charles T. Schwalje A.B. Economics 9 Longview Road, Edison, N.J. Alpha Tau Omega; Wrestling; Lacrosse. Sarah A. Schurz A.B. Classics 152 E. St., Joseph Street, Easton, Pa. MCA Art Committee, p. 159 Mark C. Roth A.B. Psychology Route 1, Box 55, Bath, Pa. MCA; WMUH; Baseball. Intramurals p 125 Stanton J. Rothhouse A.B. Political Science 103 Glenview Avenue, Wvncote, Pa Phi Epsilon Pi; Fencing; Junior Year Abroad; Phi Alpha Theta; Weekly; Tutoring Project, p. 153 Patricia A. Routzahn A.B. Psychology 101 Forge Hill Lane, Phoenixville, Pa. Lois E. Runde A.B. Political Science 433 81st Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. College Choir; Chairman of Spring Sing, p 110 Cynthia M. Rundlet A.B. English 65 Sycamore Avenue, Berkeley Heights, N.J Delta Phi Nil; Cheerleader; Sigma Tau Delta; Education Society; Intra- murals. p 75 Nancy L. Scott A.B. Psychology 7608 Garden Road, Cheltenham, Pa. p. 37 Mary Jane Sellers A.B. Psychology 144 E. Harrison Street, Emmaus, Pa. Delta Phi Nu; Ski Club; Student Advisor; Psi Chi; Freshman Advisor, p 82 Gamil E. Shaw A.B. French R.D. 1, Wescosville, Pa. APO (Vice President, President); Executive Council; Poster Committee; Allentown Divers; Middle Atlantic Underwater Conference; Underwater Society of America; Assistant Scout Master, p. 176 Allen H. Sheer A.B. Economics 49 Riverdale Avenue, New Shrewsbury, N.J. Phi Epsilon Pi; Student Council (President); Who s Who; Executive Council (President); Varsity Soccer; Mens Dormitory Council; Cardinal Lev. p 131 Bruce E. Satterlee 290 Lynbrook Drive North, York, Pa. Phi kappa Tau. p. 158 A.B. Economics Frederick W. Sherman, Jr. 1813 W. Greenleaf Street, Allentown, Pa Institute of Physics, p. 90 B.S. Physics Jeffrey J. Schmitt A.B. Economics 242 N. Brookside Avenue, Freeport. N.Y. Soccer; Tennis; Varsity M Club, Cardinal Ke ; Intramurals; Alpha Tau Omega Karen L. Schultz B.S. Mathematics 1999 Main Boulevard, Allentown, Pa. German Club; Math Club. p. 198 William G. Schwab Jr. A.B. Social Science 9 Pennwood Road, Livingston, N.J Phi Kappa Tau. David W. Shoemaker, Jr. A.B. Psychology 1011 Church Road, Oreland, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon ( Pledgemaster); Tutorial Project; Intramurals, p. 170 Milton M. Sholley B.S. Natural Science 403 N. Fifth Street, Sunbury, Pa. APO; Band; Big Brother; Pre-Med Society, p. 219 Linda J. Sickenberger A.B. Psychology 2731 Axe Factors Road, Philadelphia, Pa Intramurals; WMUH, Allentown State Hospital Volunteer, Ski Club. p. 206 238 Nancy J. Sihler A. B. Sociology 7 Berkeley Place, Freehold, N.J. Executive Council; Tutorial Project; Delta Phi Nu; Course and Faculty Evaluation Committee, p. 190 Melissa Singlevitch B.S. Mathematics 678 Spring Avenue, Ridgewood, N.J. Ski Club. p. 50 Roger W. Spencer A.B. History 80 Commonwealth Avenue, Merrick. N.Y. Phi Kappa Tau (Chaplain); Cardinal Key; Football; Poll Committee; Stu- dent Advisor; Institution of Sound (Director); College Choir; APO; Intra- murals; MM A. p. 73 Jane E. Stahl A.B. English 216 W. Philadelphia Avenue, Boyertown, Pa. p. 125 David A. Sloan A.B. Political Science State Road, Bedford Village, N.Y. p. 50 Bryan P. Smith A.B. History 52 High Street, Mt. Kisco, N.Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Cardinal Key; Executive Council (Treasurer); APO. p 165 James K. Smith A.B. History Box 377 N. Main Street, Stewartsville, N.J. Sigma Phi Epsilon (President); IFC; Phi Alpha Theta; Pre-Law Society, p. 73 Roger N. Smith A.B. Sociology 240 Cippewa Trail, Medford Lakes, N.J. p. 165 Ruth A. Snyder A.B. Spanish 1923 Hanover Avenue, Allentown, Pa. Women s Commuters Club; Phi Sigma Iota (President); Phi Beta Kappa; Education Society, p. 46 Frank Fiaschetti Richard A. Stark B.S. Biology 215 W. 39th Street, Reading, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega. Margaret L. Steiner 502 Graham Street, Harrisburg, Pa p. 66 Mary J. Stelzer 1637 Valley Forge Road, Lansdale, Pa. MCA Coffee House Committee, p. 189 Cheryl L. Stewart 101 Woodbine Circle, New Prov idence, N.J. Intramurals, p 53 Michael D. Stoudt 2239 Raymond Avenue, Reading, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau; Soccer (Co-captain); Union Board; Freshman Advisor; Cardinal Key; Intramurals; Who s Who; All MAC Soccer Team; Society of Physics Students, p. 141 Susan L. Strimel A.B. Sociology Buckley Road, Penllvn, Pa. Hockey; Basketball; Tennis; Women s Council; WMUH; Union Board (President); Who’s Who; Intramurals, p. 167 Earl A. Surwit B.S. Natural Science 10912 Jarboe Avenue, Silver Spring, Md. Phi Epsilon Pi (Treasurer; President); Cardinal Key (Secretary -Treasurer; President); IFC. p. 159 Cynthia G. Swank A.B. History 67 Pershing Avenue, New Rochelle, N.Y Tutorial Project; Delta Phi Nu; Intramurals; Course Evaluation Commit- tee; Big Sister; Phi Alpha Theta, p. 83 Richard D. Swanson, Jr. A.B. English 6 Chelsea Drive, Merrick, N.Y. Alpha Tau Omega (President); Circle K; IFC; Executive Council; Pre- Law Society, p. 52 A.B. Psychology B.S. Natural Science A.B. Psychology B.S. Phvsics Paula K. Tannebring A.B. German 658 Cabot Street, Beverly, Mass. German Club (Secretary; Vice President); Tutorial Project; College Choir; Institute of Faith; MMA; Delta Phi Alpha; LED; German House, p. 178 Philip A. Terhune A.B. English 542 Hamilton Street, Allentown, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau; College Band; Executive Council; Student Council (Trea- surer; Vice President); Glee Club; Who ' s Who; ODK. p. 59 Roma W. Theus A.B. Political Science 33 Garden Place, New Shrewsbury, N.J. Student Court (President); Who’s Who; ODK; Phi Epsilon Pi; Phi Alpha Theta; Pre- Law Society; Student Life Committee, p. 189 Wesley R. Thielke A.B. German 6915 Lanham Lane, Camp Springs, Md, College Choir; Der Deutsche Verein (President, Vice President); Delta Phi Alpha, p. 193 David F. Thomas A.B. Social Science Box 401 Lakeview Drive, Springtown, Pa Tau Kappa Epsilon; Fencing; Young Republicans; Intramurals; Chess Club; Theatrical Lighting Assistant, p. 182 Jacqueline A. Tibbs A.B. Social Science 1217 Delafield Place, N.W., Washington, D C. German Club; Intramurals, p. 123 239 Richard W. Tobaben A.B. English 2210 Fuller Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha; Track; Sigma Tau Delta, p 83 John B. Tomasi, |r. A.B. English 30 Albert Avenue, Fair Lawn, N.J. Choir; MET; MM A; M ask and Dagger, Freshman Advisor; Executive Council; Festival of Arts Committee; Opera Workshop; President Selec- tion Committee; Arcade, p. 167 William G. Tomkiel A.B. German 41 Woodlawn Avenue, Somerville, N.J. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Der Deutsch Verein; Math Club Intramurals, p. 121 Alexander S. Tompa B.S. Biology 2008 Linden Street, Allentow n. Pa. Tennis; Table Tennis; Russian Club (President), p. 109 Sally H. Tompa A.B. English 2008 Linden Street, Allentown, Pa Sigma Tau Delta, p. 179 Robert E. Touhsaent B.S. Natural Science 65 W omissing Boulevard, Wyomissing, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha Robert W . Treat A.B. Psychology 38 Neshaminy Drive, Ivvland, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau; Dormitory Council (Secretarv ) Intramurals; Football p 69 Roger A. Twining A.B. Psychology R.D. 1, Wescosville, Pa. William M. Uffner B.S. Natural Science 137 kingsron Road, Cheltenham, Pa Phi Epsilon Pi (Vice President); Cardinal Key (Vice President); Pre-Med Society (Vice President); Intramurals, p. 135 Kenneth F. Van Gilder A.B. Psychology 101 Warrior Road, Drexel Hill, Pa. lpha Tail Omega; Soccer; Intramurals; Executive Council, p. 68 Edward C. Vitalos A.B. Political Science 825 Whittier Drive, Allentow n, Pa. Intramurals p 148 Linda J. Watkins A.B. Political Science 14 Ireson Court, Melrose, Mass. Women ' s Council; Delta Phi Nu p. 45 David A. Weaver A.B. Economics 202 Runny mede Avenue, Jenkintown, Pa. p. 89 Erwin J. Weber B.S. Natural Science 7967 Oxford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon; WML ' H. p 117 George I Weinberger B.S. Natural Science 64 Clifford Place, Bronx, N.Y. lau Kappa Epsilon (Pledge Trainer); APO; Intramurals; Hillel Tau Kap- pa Epsilon (Pledge Trainer); APO; Intramurals; Hillel (Vice President); Pre-Med Soviets . p. 145 Paul R. Weisel, Jr. A.B. Psychology 2015 Tilghman Street, Allentow n, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Band, p, 125 Laurence D. Wellikson B.S. Natural Science 402A Oak Summit, Glenside, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi; W ' eekly (Sports Editor); Pre-Med Societx (Secretary-Trea- surer); Executive Council; Trexler Foundation Scholar; Transfer Orienta- tion (Chairman); Bridge Club (President); Who ' s Who. p. 222 Douglas R. Wenrieh A.B. English 314 S. Sterley Street, Shillington, Pa. Football; Varsity M Club; MCA Drama Committee; WML’H (Business Manager); Sigma Phi Epsilon; Intramurals, p. 92 Malcolm Parker 240 A.B. Economics Robert G. Wertz R.D. § Robesonia, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega, p. 105 B.S. Natural Science Gerri A. Wright 28 W. Orchard Street, Hempstead, N.Y. Majorettes, Dorm Council; Delta Phi Nu. p. 161 Lois V. West A.B. English 130 Warren Avenue, Somerville, N.J. Weekly; Festival of the Arts; Chairman of Film Series; Union Sub-Board; Sigma Tau Delta; Arcade; MET; Intramurals; Trexler Visiting Scholar Committee, p. 171 Robert Wetzel A.B. 6902 Rising Sun Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau. p. 51 John White A.B. Social Science 775 Cedarbrook Street, Philadelphia, Pa. p. 94 Mary A. Wickenheiser A.B. Psychology 8 Chelsea Road, White Plains, N.Y. Basketball; Intramurals, p. 161 Phyllis M. Wieboldt A.B. English 2318 Carol Place, Scotch Plains, N.J. p. 152 Mary Jo Willever A.B. English 213 New Jersey Avenue, Phillipsburg, N.J Tutorial Project; Big Sister; Intramurals; Delta Phi Nu; Ciarla; Weekly; Junior Key Committee; Course and Faculty Evaluation Committee, p. 45 Richard J. eager A.B. Economics 30 E. Wilson Avenue, Wernersville, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Baseball, p. 121 David oder A.B. Social Science R.D. 1 Box 166, Perkasie, Pa. Football; Alpha Tau Omega. David W. Yoder A.B. Psychology 2105 S. Lumber Street, Allentown, Pa. Andrew D. oung A.B. Economics 955 Delaware Avenue, Bethelem, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega; Intramurals; Lacrosse; Poll Committee, p. 152 Marcia L. Zezeck A.B. Sociology 520 S. Colony Street, Meriden, Conn. Intramurals; Dormitory Council; Prosser Hall President; Delta Phi Nu; Sociology Club; LED; Who s Who; Executive Committee of Prosser Hall p. 120 Peter V. W. Zimmer A.B. Political Science 1260 Ferrelo Road, Santa Barbara, Calif. Alpha Tau Omega; College Choir; Big Brother, p. 126 Clifford J. Wirth A.B. History Janet A. Zimmerman A.B. French 215 Berkley Avenue, Landdowne, Pa. p. 89 1928-F Linden Street, Allentown, Pa. French Club; Academics II Committee, p. 55 Jane E. Wormeck A.B. Mathematics 8107 Albion Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Delta Phi Nu; Intramurals; WMUH. p. 128 241 Mary Macintosh Service The Allen Laundry, Inc. 12th and Allen Streets Allentown, Penna. George’s ‘An Institution in Itself Ace Supply Co. Allentown, Pennsylvania Harold Stephens Co. Institutional Purveyors 414 North Fulton Street Allentown, Pennsylvania Lehigh Valley ' s Public Service Newspapers C all- 18105 Best Wishes to the Class of 1969 from The Class of 1970 W. M. Wood, Inc. Food Service Management Compliments of M. Bastain, Inc. Trexlertown, Pa. 18087 395-2061 “The Food’s Thinking-Young’ . . At The BIG D’ . . . Big Burgers Big Shakes Open All Nite DEMPSEYS Diner-Restaurants Hamilton at 20th Evans Heeps Wholesale Meats 17th Summer Ave. Allentown Freeman’s Blended Vitamin D. Milk 13th Green Street He-49666 PENN Coat Apron Supply Co. Inc The Complete Linen Rental Service Lehigh Valley Industrial Park P.O. Box 2268° Allentown, Pennsylvania 18001 Best Wishes to the Class of 1969 from Hotel Bethlehem Mest Pharmacy Prescription Center Fellow of the American, College of Apothecaries 1601 Chew Street 433-8026 Allentown, Pa. Reg. No3520 Best Wishes to the Class of 1969 from The Class of 1972 PEACE From the Class of 1971 “The Best Name to Go Buy Lehigh Valley Dairy 100-1160 North 7th Street Allentown, Pennsylvania Anthony Borillo 2301 Liberty St. Allentown, Pa. Apgar Oil Co. for Heating — Cooling Comfort Allentown, Pennsylvania Best Wishes to the Class of 1969 from Prosser Hall Congratulations to the Class of 1969 From W H H. Ray Hass And Co. 514 N. Madison St. Allentown, Pa. American yearbook company HANNIBAL, MO. TOPEKA, KAN. VISALIA, CALIF. CAMBRIDGE, MD. Patrons Billy Bubby Newandoah Billy Jim Sharmaine Roxy Lineoleum Co. 1826 Allen Street, Allentown, Pa. Sandy Bob Billy Dalia Merin Photography in the 1969 Ciarla

Suggestions in the Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) collection:

Muhlenberg College - Ciarla Yearbook (Allentown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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