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the 1 965 ciarla Muhlenberg College Allentown Pennsylvania DEDICATION Patient with the tedious, challenging with the brilliant, and devastating with the pompous, Dr. Katherine Van Eerde has earned the love of most who know her. She is at once the terror of the library and the blessing of the collegium. She teaches with clarity and thinks with a relentless passion for the rational. In the classroom, she follows the state- ment of each mind as it is expressed and is guided in her discussion by what each person says. Because she credits her students with the ability to under- stand what they read, her lectures reveal new people and new perspectives as she fills the gaps left by historical generalization. We write to remember Dr. Van Eerde for her bicycle, for long talks with the lovers of Bach, for a crisp smile, a searching look, a word as accurate as arrows. She has mastered the idea of what one might call taste: not just a habit of pleasant clothing and fine music, but a quality more elusive to define, more ephemeral and rare. At once an elegance, a joy, a pride, a courage — it is a splendid force in living. It is there in the bright, swift words of her speech and in her light, determined step into the classroom. It is there in her catholic interests and cosmopolitan sentiments. She leaps with eloquence from author to statesman, from politician to com- poser. She is an Anglophile, an aristocrat, a demo- crat, and a friend. 3 CONTENTS “The college years ...” Seniors Administrators and Academicians . Administrative Groups Faculty and Academic Groups . . Associations Fraternities Sports Special Events Senior Biographies Patrons Advertising 5 38 68 70 85 106 124 148 172 200 208 209 4 The college years are only one measure of our active years in life. The temptation is to make a real distinction between col- lege life and life “on the outside.” 5 PF e come to this new place. 7 8 Quickly we gain new perspectives. 9 10 11 12 Each person has his own methods and reasons. YjfVU. .’Vr u ■ ' ‘ ”!v3 Being with these people in many situations is good. 15 k 17 18 I But occasionally we must be alone. i 20 W ' - 21 Gradually we distinguish less 22 between college life and “real” life. 23 The activities and humors of living 24 remain the same in quality . 25 26 27 28 29 30 Goods and wrongs are just as real. 31 32 Academic pressures are serious. 33 35 36 But, although the planes of life must be continuous, the “College Years’’ probably foster a greater degree of experiment and questioning than will other periods of experience. 37 seniors 39 Richard S. Levinson, President Robert W. Kelly, Vice President SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Margaret A. MacDonald, Secretary A. Clifton Cage, Treasurer 40 WHO’S WHO First row: N. Parker, S. Taylor, C. Riegel, L. Meinzer. Second row: K. Heisler, B. Dempster, C. Schlenker, A. Toffer, M. MacDonald, P. Herbst. Third row: K. Sweder, E. Simon, T. Horne, R. Kelly, R. Levinson, R. Ziegler, R. Milligan. SENIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL First row: C. Cage, G. Ordway, R. Low, S. Haas, A. Tof- fer, M. MacDonald, C. Boileau, R. Milligan, L. Rothrock. Second row: R. Kelly, D. Jones, R. Levinson, J. Trainer. 41 Annika Toffer Karen Heisler Patricia Herbst Nan Parker 42 44 Richard R. Biolsi Sally L. Beury David A. Binder Donald R. Blair Edward J. Bloch Coralie Boileau John Borderieux Aubrey N. Bougher David J. Brown 45 Thomas P. Buckelew Ellen L. Buhler Leona M. Busulas Kenneth N. Butz, Jr. Nancy E. Charles Judith A. Conrad Jackson L. Cope A. Clifton Cage Marie K. Campion Steven R. Crosley 46 Ralph J. Davies Edward B. Deakin, III Diane R. Dear Mark H. Deery 47 Abraham B. Eastwood Bruce T. Eisenhardt Charles R. Eisenhart, Jr. Doris L. Emhardt Charles J. Engelman Kenneth C. Feinour, Jr. Robert E. Fischer Donald E. Fisher Karen E. Frankenfield Robert R. Frantz John S. Fullagar 48 Robert J. Fulton Nancy V. Gaebler Stephen H. Garber David L. Gaugler 49 Stephen W. Hatzai William L. H auserman Roberta A. Heiberger David E. Heiser 50 51 Ronald H. James John A. Janisak Steven R. Jarrett Ernest W. Johnson David L. Jones William O. Jones Ronald R. Kamyniski Robert H. Kandle Linda D. Keller Carolyn A. Kellogg Robert W. Kelly 111 52 53 Barbara H. La Rock Burlington B. Latshaw, III Geoffrey A. Legg David S. Lentz Ronald C. Long Joseph H. Losco Ronald B. Low Richard S. Levinson John W. Linnet Gordon C. Lowe, Jr, 54 Sharon B. Lowe Henry A. Lubsen, Jr. Gary S. Luckman Robert B. Lund 55 Gemmell E. Martin Russell C. Mauch, II Judith A. McCarr Barry W. McCarty Thomas L. McClellan Richard A. McCloskey John S. Miers J. Frederick Miller Lavinia Meinzer Thomas A. Mellen Bernard S. Meltsner 56 L. Kurt Miller Robert F. Milligan Linda C. Mills John B. Mininger, Jr. 57 Charles P. Okal Robert S. Opp George A. Ordway Linda J. Pancoast 58 Edri C. Pappenberger Nancy E. Parker Andrew J. Patterson Susan M. Pattison June A. Pearson Mary Ann Peters Gregory P. Peterson Cummings W. Piatt Renee J. Plank 59 Robert H. Platt Ruth E. Post Donna K. Raub William C. Reaman Carol J. Riegel Priscilla R. Rissmiller Alan C. Salzman Gene J. Sausser David E. Scarborough Lynn H. Roth rock Toseph C. Rusznak 60 Leslie A. Scarborough Suzanne M. Schappel Robert E. Schlegel Christina E. Schlenker Priscilla E. Schmidt William A. Schmidt ■ Donald C. Schlegel 61 Nan Sellers Mary E. Shive David M. Sibrinsz David J. Silverman Stewart S. Simens Edward B. Simon Charles St. J. Smith, Jr. Kenneth P. Smith Michael L. Smith Marie R. Smuldis 62 Carol J. Smullen Stephen R. Smythe James D. Sneddon Jeri S. Snyder 63 Maureen L. Stewart Diane E. Stoudt Patricia D. Stump Douglas R. Stutzman Carol J. Swartz Grace L. Swartz Kenneth A. Sweder Mary Swoyer Sandra L. Taylor Gail J. Thalmann Jon A. Thoenebe 64 Susan J. Tisiker Ronald L. Todd Annika Toffer John E. Trainer, Jr. Joseph R. Troxell Terry C. Troxell Barbara A. Wagner Robert L. Waltersdorff Thomas H. Weaker, III 65 Ronald L. Werley Wayne B. Wermuth - Barron L. Weand Nancy C. AVeltz Barbara M. Wenner Rodney A. Wenrich Ronald H. Wessner Helen Wiedhoft Judith A. Willan Kim E. Williams 66 John C. Yohe Elizabeth A. Ziegler Richard J. Ziegler Dorothy L. Zimmerman J. Michael Zimmerman Kenneth E. Zindle Seniors Not Pictured Peter M. Anson Steven D. Boughter Joseph D. Creamer Robert J. Henry Joan N. Oplinger Richard M. Reinhart, C. Bruce Roehrig William E. Rourke Winfred R. Shisler Jr. 67 administrators academicians 69 Administration THE PRESIDENT DR. ERLING N. JENSEN 70 THE DEANS T. N. MARSH DEAN OF THE COLLEGE ANNE GRAHAM NUGENT DEAN OF WOMEN EDWIN R. BALDRIDGE, IR. ASSISTANT DEAN OF THE COLLEGE CLAUDE E. DIEROLF DEAN OF STUDENTS 71 THE ADMINISTRATORS John R. McAuley Business Manager Rev. George F. Eichorn, Jr. Director of Church Relations Richard Brunner Director of Publicity David M. Seamens Union Director Rev. David H. Bremer Chaplain Charles R. Stecker, Jr. Assistant Treasurer and Controller Dewey L. Brevik Director of Admissions Harry A. Benfer Director of Men’s Dormitories George W. Gibbs Assistant to the Director of Admissions Charles Bargerstock Director of Financial Aid and Placement ... ■ ■— Howard M. MacGregor Treasurer 72 LIBRARY STAFF John S. Davidson, Librarian ; Miss Roma Ziegler, Miss Mary A. Funk, Assistant Librarian ; William M. Baker, Mrs. Valborg Jepsen, Mrs. Hayden Evans, Mrs. Minotte Chatfield, Mrs. Jesse Renninger, Mrs. Ann McDermott, Mrs. Margaret Rocheleau, Mr. Julian Grossman. HEALTH STAFF Mrs. Agnes Ritter, R.N., College Nurse; Miss Kathryn Kistler, R.N., College Nurse; Dr. Thomas Weaber, Jr., Director of Student Health; Mrs. Patricia Straup, Secretary. 73 Standing: R. Ziegler, R. Levinson, A. DeRenzis, B. Edington, W. Hoffman, C. Price. Seated: D. Jones, Treasurer ; K. Heisler, Secretary ; K. Sweder, President ; T. Horne, Vice-President ; B. Eklund. STUDENT COUNCIL Our Student Council talks big and carries a big stick. And, Student Council’s talk accomplished enough to make the last few councils seem just a little paltry. There were Student Court reforms, a new class attendance policy, changes in Frosh regula- tions, and, most important, a new annual affair, the Festival of the Arts. Th is was also the year of the Great Demonstra- tion March to keep good teachers employed, but it was well handled in spite of its genre. This was a highly successful year for Student Council under the leadership of Fiorello Sweder. i - 74 STUDENT COURT This year’s Student Court has attempted to dispel still more of its rather clandestine image by initiat- ing new reforms and procedures patterned after a conventional court of justice. Rumor has it that there is some dissatisfaction in the ranks, particu- larly among those Court members who do have an interest in jurisprudence. Likewise the investigators are sadly unversed in court etiquette. Though not as successful as expected, much good was accom- plished. Confusion has been eased by categorizing cases as accusatory, non-accusatory and appeal; de- fendants will now avoid double-jeopardy with sepa- rate hearing and trial courts; the punishment grab- bag has been enlarged to consider retribution in forms other than probation, suspension or expulsion, contributing certain precedents a young court needs. Under consideration has been that ubiquitous social code and its ex post facto definition, a trap for stu- dents inclined to mere sophomoric errors in judg- ment. (Dedicated rule-breakers are rare.) The reforms, however, still need reforming as long as evidence lurks somewhere outside the closed door of the Conference Room, where the justices, bound by the legal formalities, cannot draw it out with questions. Anxious to protect innocence, the Court has often had to sacrifice truth and encour- age ignorance. L. Scarborough, G. Luckman, N. Rupnik, E. Simon, Pres ident; F. Albright, A. Toffer, G. Copen, R. Neufeld. 75 JUNIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Seated: V. Simpers, J. Wetzel, B. Eklund, J. Henderson, P. Topham, N. Backer. Standing: M. Lentz, F. Cort, R. Freilich, H. Carmichael, M. McClellan, D. Bennis, F. Alderfer, J. Robertson Brian Eklund, President ; Jeff Hen- derson, Vice-President ; Joseph Wet- zel, Treasurer ; Phyllis Topham, Secretary. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 76 SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Vance Hitch, Vice-President ; Rich- ard Batholomew, Treasurer ; Dawn Miller, Secretary; Charles Price, President. Standing: D. Miller, R. Byer, A. DeRenzis, R. Bar- tholomew, W. Hoffman, P, Glass, J. Rodgers, R. Levin. Seated: H. Dichsen, C. Price, V. Hitch, M. Harvey. 77 FRESHMAN CLASS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Seated: C. Bargerstock, K. Harman, P. Von Kummer, D. Schultz, M. Pardee, L. Vogt, B. Wel- ler, W. Meyer. Standing: W. Muck, A. Feldman, R. Roeper, R. Reiter, K. Entler, N. Levin, A. Feldman. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS A. Feldman, President ; W. Muck, Vice President ; P. Von Kummer, Secretary ; R. Roeper, Treasurer. 78 Seated: D. Scarborough, E. Bloch, C. Smith, R. Low. Standing: R. Schlegel, K. Zinclle, R. Fulton. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Although often ineffective because its jurisdiction overlaps that of other groups, IFC has had some effect on the six campus social fraternities this year. The major achievement of the council was the found- ing of a coordinating committee which, it is hoped, will operate to enforce the administration-imposed campus drinking policies. IFC also enforced their policy on dirty rushing (for a change), perhaps set- ting a precedent for the future. Consisting of the presidents of each house, IFC has the potential to significantly improve fraternity relationships. 79 Seated: C. Woginrich, R. Toney, R. DeVett, President ; S. Ayers, J. Janisak. Standing: D. Jones, J. Good, R. MacFar- land, J. Davies, D. Zimmerman. MEN’S DORMITORY COUNCIL The duties of the Dorm Council include enforcing “quiet hours” and quelling excessive noise from hi- fi’s and radios. Other aspects of their job are seeing to it that wrestling and other forms of physical activity take place in the gym or at the park and relegating the consumption of alcoholic beverages to Kern’s Korner or Green’s. Council members dole out suitable punishment to offenders at their weekly trials, but during the past year, the group has also become a counseling body as well as a preventive-punitive one. However, the easiest way to obtain an off-campus room is still the acquisition of five demerits. Seated: L. Alderfer, J. Arthur, B. Mulligan, President ; J. Kohler, Vice President ; E. Dotzel, H. Wiedhoft. Standing: C. Hellerich, M. Freund, R. Gill, M. Peters, M. Schlenker. WOMEN’S COUNCIL Women’s Council planned their usual activities with their usual efficiency. The Council’s momentous achievement this year was the successful elimination of curfews for senior women. Thanks to the diplomacy and persistence of this group, it was possible for senior women to be issued kevs to the dormitory, thus doing away with hurried good-bys and late-night hunger. That this experiment worked and has been approved for next year’s seniors is due at least in part to Council presi- dent Beth Mulligan’s memorable exhortation not to violate the “privilege” — a speech delivered early first semester. Women’s Council served well. 80 FRESHMAN ORIENTATION COMMITTEE This year the freshman orientation program stirred up vociferous dissatisfaction. Under the leadership of Rick Levinson, Committee chairman, and Ken Sweder, Council president, the Orientation Committee reluctantly introduced to Muhlenberg a year of “cultivation of the individual.” Despite the irrational arguments, hastiness, the mass resignation of the disciplinary committee, and the minor dress alterations, the controversy brought about a few improvements. After five years, the Orientation Committee final- ly got rid of the last traces of hazing that had flourished before coeds came. Instead, the Commit- tee attempted to encourage among the freshmen an attitude of individual and mature thinking. Next year’s freshmen will not have to perform the ridicu- lous antics of the past. Disciplinary measures will be more purposeful. Most importantly, the freshmen will be greeted as individuals with maturing minds desirous of serious learning. Seated: P. Ward, J. Yenchko, B. Roeper, N. Struck, A. Pichaske, B. Chadwick, C. Bell, C. Porter, S. Haas. Standing: R. Knouss, K. Zindle, E. Ballantine, G. Luckman, E. Drasin, D. Jones, R. Levinson, R. Low, J. Henderson, D. Jones, R. Krauser, J. Trainer, L. Johnson. 81 From left: C. Moore, E. Black, P. Topham, J. Henly, J. Marks, M. Campion, President; T. Horne, C. Heim. UNION BOARD Dance, Recreation, Movie, Hospitality, Special Events, Art, Publicity — the seven committees of the Union Board of Directors try to make the Seegers Union function smoothly. Because of them, the Union is not so sterile as it might have been with- out a student voice. In fact, when someone finally realizes that body oils really won’t stain the furni- ture in the upper level, the Union will be a com- pletely comfortable place. These people compose the Publications Board. They are the editors and business managers of the three campus publications and the station and busi- ness managers of WMUH. Their function is to ap- prove each other’s budgets, which really is no func- tion at all because Student Council usually has al- ready passed on the budgets by the time the Board gets around to meeting. This past year, WMUH tried to stir up trouble by suggesting that the Ar- cade was receiving too large a percentage of the Student Body Fund, and, not too surprisingly, that WMUH was getting too little. There was a sug- gestion to increase each student’s activities fee pay- ment by one dollar in order to absorb the potential debt the JFeekly was facing because of rising print- ing costs. A moderate proposal, certainly. However, one of the powers that were said that if there were such an increase, it would have to be in the amount of five dollars. Fortunately, according to the Student Council Constitution, the Board must meet only four times a year. Maybe twice would be enough. PUBLICATIONS BOARD From left: R. Monaco, R. Low, E. Deakin, B. Dempster, P. Herbst, C. Riegel, R. Penberthy, N. Parker. 83 Seated: E. Simon, R. Levinson, President; R. Kelly. Standing: R. Knouss, T. Horne, K. Sweder. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Like its feminine counterpart, the men’s leader- ship fraternity led nowhere in particular. The group again organized the Christmas tree sale for the benefit of the Foreign Student Fund. The group again organized the ODK Carnival for the benefit of the Foreign Student Fund. The group again or- ganized another “student opinion poll.” Whether anyone benefitted from this undertaking remains to he seen. Its greatest service was in emphasizing what we already knew: the strength of the history and various science departments, the desire among students for additional laboratory and library facili- ties as well as for small classes — to mention but three. Since student opinion has a way of making itself known anyway, perhaps ODK should organize a “faculty opinion poll.” For a change. LAMBDA EPSILON DELTA As usual, the intentions of LED were good, but this year intent infrequently led to action. During second semester, not disinterest, but women’s basket- ball (and a too-full calendar) were to blame. How- ever, the women’s honor society did sponsor a trip to the D’Oyley Carte production of The Mikado. Once again the women set themselves to tallying another tedious ODK poll and, assisted by the soph- omore class, successfully auctioned off faculty gifts at the ODK carnival. Hopefully, the new group of honorable women will regain some of that feminist spirit which char- acterized LED members two years ago. Seated: C. Smullen, C. Schlenker, President; M. MacDonald, A. Toffer, Secretary ; P. Herbst. Standing: L. Meinzer, N. Parker, C. Riegel, H. Wiedhoft. Academics IN MEMORIAM: Dr. Edward B. Stevens After teaching at several universities, in 1948 Dr. Stevens came to Muhlenbe rg where he be- came chairman of the Department of Classical Languages. Students who never knew Dr. Stevens in the classroom had an opportunity to glimpse the delicate workings of his mind on the occasion of the celebration of the four hundreth anniver- sary of Shakespeare’s birth, when the professor read a series of his own sonnets in praise of the Elizabethan poet. With the death of Dr. Edward Stevens, Muhlenberg College has lost a Latin and Greek scholar, a poet, and a challenging man. 85 ENGLISH DR. HAROLD L. STENGER, JR. Department Head Standing: Griffith Dudding, A.M.; Claude E. Dierolf, Ph.D.; Robert B. Thornburg, Ph.D.; Ralph S. Graber, Ph.D.; J. Gysbert Bouma, Ph.D. Seated: Minotte M. Chatfield, Ph.D.; An- drew H. Erskine, Ph.D.; Rheiner T. Hutchins, M.A. ; Marcia Bressina, M.A. ; Harold L. Sten- ger, Jr., Ph.D. SIGMA TAU DELTA English Honor Fraternity Standing: C. Smullen, C. Ernst, J. G. Bouma, A. Perlis, L. Keller. Seated: C. Riegel, L. Scarborough, L. Alderfer, D. Raub, S. Haines, M. Chatfield, B. Dempster, J. Adams. 86 ALPHA PSI OMEGA Dramatics Honor Fraternity First row: D. Peck, R. Post, L. Meinzer, R. Schultz. Second roiu: R. Seay, J. Rusznak, President ; R. Berlin, P. Brown, J. Robertson. PI DELTA EPSILON J ournalism Honor Fraternity First row: B. Wagner, P. Herbst, C. Moore, C. Riegel. Second row: N. Parker, N. Sellers, J. Mor- ton, C. Okal, D. Voron, H. Carmichael, L. Scar- borough. Third row: J. Schermerhorn, R. Monaco, L. Keller, C. Baumer. 87 Standing: John J. Reed, Ph.I). ; Charles Bednar, Ph.D. ; Katherine Van Eerde, Ph.D. ; Leslie Workman, B.A. ; Joanne S. Mortimer, Ph.D. ; Edwin R. Baldridge, Jr., Ph.D.; Stewart S. Lee, M.A. Seated: Victor L. Johnson, Ph.D.; James E. Swain, Ph.D. HISTORY DR. VICTOR L. JOHNSON, Department Head 88 PHI ALPHA THETA Seated: T. Horne, E. Pappenberger, G. Myers, N. Gaebler, President ; B. Weshnak, E. Deneen. Standing: S. Geib, M. Campion, F. Simmons, B. Edington, R. Forliano, R. Kelly, A. Somers. History Honor Fraternity POLITICAL SCIENCE CONFERENCE Standing: J. Coley, F. Cort, A. Somers, J. Kar- powicz. Seated: C. Bell, F. Platz. ECONOMICS DR. HENRY M. M. RICHARDS, Department Head SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT Standing: John G. Voyatzis, M.A. ; Wilson N. Serfass, Jr., C.P.A. Seated: Henry M. M. Richards, Ph.D. Standing: J. Williamson, W. Schmidt, R. Kandle, J. Willan, C. Boileau, J. Losco, J. Henry, A. Patterson. Seated: S. Kistler, B. McCarty, M. Deery. 90 Bottom: REV. DAVID E. THOMAS, Department Head SOCIOLOGY Right. Standing: Edward Rothstein, Ph.D.; David E. Thomas, R.D.; George A. Lee, Ph.D. Seated: Roger Baldwin, M.A. ; Morris S. Greth, Ph.D. SOCIOLOGICAL SOCIETY Standing : R. Marks, R. Gill, J. Williamson, B. Solt, R. Baldwin, Advisor. Seated: S. Smith, E. Ziegler, D. Hoppes, P. Horner, E. Shaw, S. Champlin, J. Halleman. 91 PSI CHI Seated: S. Christophersen, T. Lee, S. Heeremans, A. Arm- bruster, T. Booze, J. Morton, B. Horne, President. Stand- ing: R. Mowery, C. Schreiner, P. Read, D. Bennis, B. Diet- lein, W. Reaman, K. Smith, D. Eberhardt, W. Leginski. Psychology Honor Fraternity RELIGION Jesse B. Renninger, S.T.M.; Hagen A. K. Staack, Ph.D.; Rodney E. Ring, Ph.D. DR. HAGEN A. K. STAACK, D epartment Head Far left. Standing: Theodore Maiser, Ed.D. ; Donald K. Lauer, Ph.D.; George A. Frounfelker, Jr., Ed.D.; William F. Adams, M.A. Seated: Walter H. Brackin, Ph.D. Near left. DR. WALTER H. BRACKIN, Department Head PSYCHOLOGY 93 DELTA PHI ALPHA G erman Honor Fraternity Standing: A. Diefenderfer, L. Raupp, A. Pi- chaske. Seated: M. Christy, P. Fatscher, L. Kel- ler. Adolph Wegener, Ph.D.; Helen Adolf, Ph.D.; John W. Brunner, Ph.D. DR. JOHN W. BRUNNER, Department Head DERDEUTSCHE VEREIN Standing: T. Heaney, A. Diefenderfer, R. Christy, J. Hess, J. Rich, P. Sutherland, R. Penberthy, M. Manning, C. Ernst. Seated: E. Heitmann. P. Fatscher, R. Post, J. Kohler, L. Keller, E. Moll, W. Leginski, S. Gall, M. Heinsdorf, President; B. Horne. 94 ft- ' Standing: K. Slota, B. Hedrick, D. Manus, C. Walt, K. MacLellan, A. Stella, Advisor; C. Getty, A. Ambrose, R. Hedger, D. Eberhardt. Seated: L. Reynolds, V. Himler, C. Schuler, E. Hermann, I). Raub, P. Kirkland, L. Clauss, S. Hihns, J. Conroy. CERCLE FRANCAIS PHI SIGMA IOTA Romance Language Honor Fraternity Right: L. Reynolds, N. Sellers, B. Hedrick, M. Freund, A. Oak- ley, A. Perlis, A. Stella, Advisor. Seated: K. Webb, Advisor. FOREIGN LANGUAGES Left: Marc Heyler, C.A.P.E.S.; Kenneth Webb, Ph.D.; Anna Marie de Gorbea, M.A. ; Martin Kopf, M.A. ; Aurelia A. Stella, M.A. Standing: R. Abraham, J. Gruner, D. Hall, R. Wenich, W. Kulik, C. Ernst. Sealed: B. Horne, D. Schlegel, B. McCarty, A. Ziedonis, Jr., Advisor; K. MacLellan. RUSSIAN CLUB ESPERANTO CLUB Standing: R. Ring, Advisor; M. Heins- dorf, J. Conroy, T. Heaney, K. MacLel- lan, President. Kneeling : E. Moll, M. Christy, P. Maxwell, K. Zindle, J. Yench- ko. 96 ETA SIGMA PHI Classics Honor Fraternity Seated: K. Reich, C. Eisenhart, President; E. Stevens, Advisor; H. Dichsen. Standing: E. Deakin, R. Mowery. CLASSICS DR. EDWARD B. STEVENS, Department Head 97 PHILOSOPHY Stewart A. Shaw, B.A. ; David A. Reed, Ph.D. PHI SIGMA TAU Philosophy Honor Fraternity Seated : H. Wiedhoft C. Swartz, President R. Penberthy Standing: H. Perkins. 98 ART SSjjSS Ralph Kemmerer, Ludwig Lenel, M.M.; Frederick Rob- inson. MUSIC MR. ALFRED J. COLARUSSO, Department Head MR. LUDWIG LENEL, Department Head 99 MATHEMATICS First row: R. Wessner, D. Beasley, F. Miller, S. Filbert. Second row: K. McKinney, J. Biffar, C. Kennedy, D. McKeown, M. Kramer, J. Kerosetz, K. Gallagher, N. Struck, P. MacDonald, M. Seeberger. Third row: C. Schlenker, A. Lester, J. Troxell. namta MATHEMATICS CLUB DR. TRUMAN L. KOEHLER, Department Head Seated: Robert J. Wagner, M.S. ; Roland W. Dedekind, Jr., M.S. Standing: Robert K. Stump, M.S.; Adnah G. Kostenbauder, Ph.D.; Truman L. Koehl- er, Ph.D. DR. JOHN E. TRAINER, Department Head BIOLOGY Seated: Carl S. Oplinger, Ph.D.; Karen C. Schneider, B.S.; Alice M. Savage, Ph.D.; Anne Kuntz, Secretary. Standing: Robert L. Schaeffer, Jr., Ph.D.; Paul W. H. Weaver, Jr., M.S.; Tames R. Vaughan, Ph.D.; John E. Trainer, Ph.D.; Frederick W. Wetzel. B.S. JOHN V. SHANKWEILER PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY First row: K. Teets, J. Easton, C. Morrison, E. Simon, G. Luckman, President; R. Low, B. Eis- enhardt, D. Silverman, P. Anson, D. Fisher, E. Bloch, C. Cage, C. Mortimer, Advisor. Second roiv: R. Post, J. Kohler, B. Meltsner, R. Wenrich, L. Johnson, D. Darr, S. Miller, G. Packin, B. Sei- fert, J. Glennon. 101 Alice T. Griffith, M.S. ; Mary Perry, Ph.D. ; G. N. Russell Smart, Ph.D. ; Elizabeth A. Her- bert, M.S.; Harvey F. Janota, Ph.D.; Richard C. Hatch, Ph.D.; David N. Stehly, M.S. SCIENCE CLUB First roiv: R. Hatch, Advisor; D. Fritze, J. Kennedy, J. Harkness, D. Schlegel, President ; H. Janota, P. Peterson. Second row: R. Fulton, R. Kamyniski, R. Smart, P. Nicholas, B. Meltsner, S. Hatzai, D. Scarborough, D. Blair, J. Hirschman, F. Albright. 102 PHYSICS Standing: Harry L. Raub, Ph.D. ; William A. Barrett, Ph.D.; Walter E. Loy, Jr., M.S. Seated: Robert A. Boyer, Ph.D. DR. ROBERT A. BOYER, Department Head INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS Standing: A. Bailey, J. Ahrens, J. Cope, A. Romberger, K. Foulke, R. Milligan, President ; B. Hering, D. Croll. Seated: D. Steeves, C. Moyer, J. Kirk, J. Hess. 103 EDUCATION Standing: John C. MacConnell, M.A. ; Adeleine E. Kreinheder, Ed.D. ; Anne Graham Nugent, M.A. Seated: William M. French, Ph.D. DR. WILLIAM M. FRENCH, D epartment Head Hr mm ■at - -w - m. M k Jj, I M ctS ' - IPt 1 » n w ijSHHjr y sBn Jub, an.; a i ' j jhh| y Bril EDUCATION SOCIETY First row: J. Mininger, J. Trainer, President ; G. Lowe. Second row: N. Rupnik, B. Dietlein, R. Christy, A. Diefenderfer, J. Walley, M. L. Diehl, D. Stoudt, B. Bigelow, M. Stewart, F. Shamberg, M. Freund, C. Wood, V. Newcombe, G. Webster, E. Pap- penberger, J. Harkness, H. Wiedhoft, G. DeGelleke, S. Christophersen. Third row: D. Bennis, G. Unsderfer, E. Moll, T. Lee, C. Barnes, M. E. Dobrowolski, C. Hellerich, J. Scheurer, S. H eeremans, M. Campion, L. Quattlander, E. Deneen, D. Raub, L. Rickmeyer. 104 VARSITY M-CLUB Kneeling: J. Piper, T. Horne. Standing: K. Webb, Advisor; T. Haney, G. Ordway, D. Binder, T. Capobianco, R. Biolsi, R. Mowery, R. Schlegel, R. McCloskey. MR. RAYMOND J. WHISPELL, Director of Athletics ATHLETICS First row: Helene H. Hospodar, M.Ed. ; William A. Flamish, B.S. Second row, Standing: Kenneth T. Moyer, M.A. ; Charles T. Kuntzleman, A.B. Seated: Joseph Frederico, M.A. ; Lee L. Hill, B.S. 105 associations 107 W. Mende, J. Schermerhorn, 1. Weinberger, R. Leeds, A. Douglas, E. Reed, B. Mapes, J. Fischer, K. Pennypacker, R. Grimes, P. Klose, J. Connery, P. Christiansen, Presi- dent. The charter of Delta Phi Nu states the objective “to provide a social service women’s sorority whose services will benefit Muhlenberg College and the community.” A slight revision of the charter re- established the pledge system which the sorority had at its beginning. Under this system a girl pledges for a semester before she is initiated into the sorority. This revision is partly intended to discourage those girls who in the past joined DPN simply to belong to another organization. This year Delta Phi Nu’s community projects in- cluded selling UNICEF greeting cards and giving Christmas and Easter parties for the children of the Good Shepherd Home. College activities included hostessing, ushering, and acting as campus guides. Considering the size of the organization, perhaps the members could add even more activities. DELTA PHI NU First row: L. Boecker, B. Bigelow, B. Herbein, L. Pancoast, B. Chadwick, L. Alderfer. Second row: B. White, S. Hihns, N. Rupnik, D. Bennis, B. Dietlein, J. Scheurer, E. Pappenberger, J. Easton, A. Oakley, C. Loose, A. Diefenderfer. Third row: A. Podolak, D. Zimmerman, R. Christy, E. Moll, T. Lee, G. Watson, J. Schmidt, M. L. Diehl, E. Shaw, V. Newcombe, M. Seeberger, C. Hellerich, K. Teets, J. Willan, H. Dich- sen. Fourth roiv: C. Bailey, N. Lewis, C. Barnes, E. Hermann, C. Michalowski, S. Heeremans, S. Champ- lin, J. Biffar, M. E. Dobrowolski. 108 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Left without a leader this fall, the Xi Alpha chap- ter of Alpha Phi Omega labored harder than ever to maintain their former reputation. The chapter mem- bers attempted to sell more campus pacs, helped out at the home for retarded children, sponsored the annual “Ugly Man Contest” at the ODK carnival. Affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, APO also painted, solicited, and ushered at various cam- pus activities in an effort to promote the organization and to continue serving the college and the com- munity. CARDINAL KEY SOCIETY Among the advertising gimmicks the college uses to enroll freshmen, there is a group of navy blue- blazered men known as the Cardinal Key Society whose function it is to look dashing and collegiate. Of course, there are other functions they fulfill, such as: ushering, guiding and directing newcomers, and generally acquainting people with the ins and outs of Muhlenberg College. All in all, the Society disciplines itself well to the purpose it serves and makes an excellent first impres- sion on Muhlenberg candidates. First row: T. Falcone, R. Baerenklau, D. Jones. Second row: R. Bartholomew, D. Scarborough, B. Weshnak, T. Preston, J. Henderson, J. Coley, President; D. Kaugher, S. Gall, T. Pusk as. Third row: J. Rich, M. Weiner, R. Koerwer, J. Schmitt, M. Osias, B. Goelstch, P. Gross, A. Cooper, P. Low, M. Nay- thons, K. Entler, D. Mulnard, B. Meyer, A. Feldman, W. Muck, S. Opp, C. Parisi, E. Basner, R. Fulton, A. DeRenzis. 109 Carol Riegel Below; Russell Abraham Pat Herbst 1965 CIARLA From left; M. Durst, S. Miller, T. Puschock, B. Weand, F. Cort, C. Schreiner. From left: K. Pyle, B. McCarthy, P. Glass, D. Peck, Rick Penberthy Charlie Okal Judy Conrad Below; Ron Low C o-Edit or s-in- chief Pat Herbst, Carol Riegel Business Alanager Ron Low Advertising Manager Phil Glass Staff .■ Franny Shamberg Copy Editor Rick Penberthy Staff Fred Cort Pat Harris Sue Miller Tom Puschock Art Editor- — Designer Russell Abraham Sports Editor Bob McCarthy Senior Editor Judy Conrad Fraternity Editor Don Peck Photography Editor Charlie Okal Staff Carolyn Kellogg A1 Sprague Barry Weand Typing Editor Kathy Pyle Scheduling Ceinwen Schreiner General Staff Marianne Durst 111 Seated: J. Dayton, R. Plank, K. Heisler, J. Hertensteiner, F. Cort, J. Morton. Standing: H. Carmichael, R. Knouss, T. Falcone, M. Naythons, P. Gross, B. Wagner, J. Birdsall, J. Rodgers, L. Rickmeyer, R. Levinson, D. Kaugher, E. Portner, L. Keller, C. Moore. Blakelyn Dempster, Editor. WEEKLY For the first time, the editor of the Weekly was a woman. The paper survived. In fact, although edi- torial comment was not so pungent as it has been, the paper in several respects surpassed its pithier pre- decessors. Since the staff was not a campus in-group, the Weekly was not swathed in unanimity; dissenting letters to the editor appeared with pleasing frequen- cy. Barry Goldwater was defended admirably, if futilely. Some brave souls even ventured to voice support for our favorite bete noire, the Administra- tion. This year, by-lines were used discriminately and indicated that the Weekly had finally located a couple of people who combined a critical mind and a facility with language. During the spring semester, the Weekly pushed strongly for student support of several important issues. The paper fomented interest in the seemingly arbitrary dismissal of Dr. Janet Stamm. Editorial comment disputed Dr. Jensen’s statements about the validity of large classes. Fraternities were taken for their annual pro-con ride. The course evaluation and the first annual Festival of the Arts were firmly backed by a Weekly femininely but forcefully led. 112 Sports. J. Schermerhorn, J. Poles, R. Freilich, R. Rappeport. Harriet Carmichael, Managing Editor. Robert Knouss, Business Manager. Nan Sellers, News Editor. 113 I From left: R. Levinson, S. Kistler, Art Editor; R. Penberthy, Assistant Editor. ARCADE Nan Parker, Editor The Arcade Performs Dances Shows (sees) Laughs Cries Sings Remembers Serves Believes Dares 114 At board: D. Johnson. First row: L. Jacobs, W. Ottinger, S. Gall, K. Pennypacker, A. Cooper, J. Schwed, R. Seay. Second row: T. Putsavage, D. Schattenstein, R. Heil, W. Wetmore, B. Radcliffe, B. Ridge, T. Davis. WMUH Robert Monaco, Station Manager Although WMUH was dissatisfied with its share of the activities fee, there was no recurrence of last year’s budget padding. Muhlenberg’s radio station is now on the air twenty-four hours a day, with im- proved music programs, expanded sports coverage, and, through the Ivy Radio Network, good cover- age of the elections. A request for an FM license has been on file with the FCC for a year and a half, but despite letters of recommendation from the may- ors of Allentown and Bethlehem, WMUH is still confined to campus, where it has gained a large au- dience. Lost somewhere between the king’s four and queen’s knight two is the Muhlenberg Chess Club. Like Sceptre, the club plays off the blacks against whites, often ending its contests in a stalemate, pro- ving once again that no one wins at war, not even medieval war. Those who are acquainted with the game are pondering the possibility of bringing the game up-to-date. It may be possible to substitute fallout shelters for rooks and nuclear bombs for the king and queen, but one aspect of the game is des- tined to remain the same. The pawns will remain in the front row where they will take most of the pun- ishment while doing most of the dirty work. CHESS CLUB At table: B. Meltsner, D. Numbers, J. Cope. Fr om left: P. Tappert, C. Leek, M. Chatfield, Adviser; S. Schmidt, B. Horne, E. Smith, W. Wenmuth. 115 w « " HQ i.— 1 Wm ppr : " B wjmK ' " ' " aMF BA _ Jr ’ , mjr l Am W ' Jm W Mm 1 i L ffpjB i ii ' r s Sc 1 • Cir T I j s — 1 jgjg 1JV ' | : : Jfifi’ u v Tn , 1 1 $ fc; J sjl{ BE ( if if .7 Wral v N A f ' J Sri i J m IH ; JmlT " j 1 ' " y 1 1} fy i 01 Ufc , JaidfSv LmSm ’ I 1 BiPir ■ ■ W J|-l; BBT V- ' Mfjhl-.: v ' ' MB , |9H | Seated: J. Robertson, B. Horne, R. Post, J. Kohler, E. Heitmann, P. LeFevre, K. Frankenfield, R. Schultz, H. Dichsen, N. Charles, L. Kusmider. Standing: R. Berlin, H. Perkins, R. Seay, G. Moyer, J. Hess, E. Deakin, F. Myers, R. Baker, D. Peck. Ladder: J. Rusznak, Director; K. Sweder. MET’s status on campus is at best shaky, despite a lavish presentation first semester of Robinson Jeffers’ version of Medea. Perhaps some sort of malevolent cycle is working against MET, for none of the pro- ductions this year was outstanding. Second semester, Philip C. Lewis’ The American Dame was extremely funny and well-acted. Although this “playout” required little of the delicacy that sustained characterization needs, under Peter Brown’s guidance it was, for the most part, a successful venture into comedy for the Experimental Theater. Perhaps Melpomene and Thalia will turn their faces toward Muhlenberg, causing MET to return to a period of thoughtful, vigorous productions. And per- haps they won’t. MUHLENBERG EXPERIMENTAL THEATER 116 MASK AND DAGGER Mask and Dagger’s production of The World of Sholom Aleichem considerably raised that group’s standing on campus. Of course, it could well be said that after the fall staging of Hedda Gahler, M D had to improve, for not since Reunion in Vienna four years ago, had such a debacle splintered the boards. However, because of Rick Berlin’s well- selected cast and knowledgeable directing, Sholom Aleichem restored prestige to Mask and Dagger. First row: L. Kusmider, J. Robertson, S. Hale. Second row: B. Roller, J. Kohler, R. Schultz, M. Simon, R. Post. Standing: J. Hess, G. Moyer, R. Seay, R. Berlin, President ; D. Peck, F. Myers, J. Rusznak. 117 From left: R. Neufeld, A. J. Feldman, N. Levin, I. Weinberger, L. Borkan, M. Banner, E. Goren, H. Lessig, A. E. Feldman, R. Rakoff. Modern in spirit, Hillel provides fellowship for Jewish students who have found their way to Muh- lenberg. The society’s meetings and activities permit members to explore the Jewish heritage and tra- dition in a contemporary context. In addition to hav- ing informal lunches and discussion groups, Hillel members attend lecture series at the Jewish Com- munity Center and at the Lehigh Valley Institute at Lafayette College. NEWMAN CLUB HILLEL Modern in spirit, the Newman Club provides fel- lowship for Catholic students who have found their way to Muhlenberg. Although “Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion” may have startled some members, that program did hold interest. An int erview with Bishop McShea, who was a representative to the Ecumenical Council, well indicates the Club’s concern with issues currently facing Christianity. The group has successfully avoided becoming an in-grown or- ganization. Seated: Father Sweeney, J. Hornung, M. Dobrowolski, K. Gallagher. Standing: J. Kloss, A. Somers, T. Egan. MUHLENBERG CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Executive Council. Seated: J. Stamm, Adviser; K. Frost, Secretary; N. Charles, President; D. Alderfer, Vice President; B. Solt, Treasurer. Standing: C. Wood, Social Chairman; C. Moore, Art; K. Williams, Institute of Faith; D. Bremer, Adviser; G. Mathews, Bible Study; M. Potts, E cumenical Study Group; L. Meinzer, Publicity ; P. Brown, Drama. Modern in spirit, MCA provides fellowship for Christian students who have found their way to Muhlenberg. To an increasing extent, religion and thought are coming together as the group considers the relevance of Christianity to contemporary living. No longer, however, is Christianity treated as a monolith; rather, discussion focuses on that reli- gion’s involvement with architecture, music, science. For many, the most stirring MCA meetings were those in which Dr. David Reed and Dr. Janet Stamm spoke as though the occasion were their final lecture. Such rigorous stuff is what MCA should constantly provide. ALTAR GUILD YOUNG REPUBLICANS Seated: D. Nowack, C. Leer, N. Lewis, R. Christy, L. Raupp. Standing: W. Wermuth, R. Kruse, S. Johnston, R. Wismer, S. Schmidt, A. Cooper, E. Smith. Since 1964 was a presidential election year, the Young Republicans and Democrats had things to do. The former briefly played host to Barry Gold- water’s daughters; the latter organized “Johnson Girls” for Mrs. Johnson’s visit to Allentown. Both factions distributed campaign propaganda, and, not too surprisingly, debated each other. After all the sound and fury, it was “LBJ for USA.” And the Y.R.’s and Y.D. ' s could withdraw for another four years. YOUNG DEMOCRATS Seated: S. Kistler, L. Reynolds, D. Myers, P. LeFevre. Stand- ing: V. Simpers, T. Bird, President ; E. Goren. 120 From left: B. Hedrick, R. Dohl, N. Backer, M. Harvey, M. Von Kummer, L. Risley, M. MacDonald, D. Schultz, D. Dear, L. Clauss, J. Hafner, R. Perretta, K. Weiner. CHEERLEADERS The varsity Cheerleaders, aided by the rather oddly named Muleskinners — the new drill team, at- tempted to liven silent crowds of spectators at vari- ous athletic events. They worked out new routines, added shakers, and, most importantly, shortened skirts. (A coach reportedly remarked that this was the first year he had heard anyone whistle at the cheerleaders.) These revisions, plus sturdy vocal cords, had some success in generating audible team support. Next season, the Cheerleaders and Muleskinners will again try to gain the vocal participation of the student body, (perhaps with skirts shortened fur- ther still) . MULESKINNERS First row: E. Turnbach, S ' . Gerlach, J. Lauchnor, L. Lange, L. Stedman, S. Huemmer, V. Himmler, C. Schlenker, L. Lenel, Di- rector. Second row: L. Stauffer, E. Alexander, G. Schuler, S. Barndt, S. Tyler, H. Seidelk, C. Schuler, P. Toppin. Third row: D. McKeown, E. Whittaker, M. Schlenker, H. Wiedhoft, N. Parker, P. Fatscher, L. Kusmider. Fourth row: D. Alderfer, T. Davis, D. Beasley, K. Williams, H. Overholtzer, D. Manus, D. Laos, J. Wetzel. Fifth row: D. Nowack, D. Peck, C. Eisenhart, P. Hulac, D. Eberhardt, J. Henry, J. Trainer, R, Mauch, Manager. The concert tour is the biggest event in the choir’s schedule, and this year the trip carried the group through western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New York, and Canada. Unfortunately, poor weather reduced attendance at the concerts, but those who did brave the elements expressed ap- proval and appreciation for the performances. Mr. Lenel’s inclusion of a solo by Lois Lange accompanied by flutist Pat Fatscher, a piece by Buxtehude — Cantate Domino Canticum Novum — with harpsicord continuo, and four selections ac- companied by a brass ensemble added a richly di- versified sound to the concert program. The usual post-tour lag was removed by numer- ous activities second semester. In addition to con- certs nearby, the choir participated with the Bethle- hem Progressive Ensemble in “A New Song,” a jazz liturgy. The group also gave two performances at the New York World’s Fair. Choir members were in the Opera Workshop chorus, singing in Lenel’s The Boss, which premiered at Muhlenberg in May. Under Mr. Lenel’s imaginative guidance, the choir learned, sang, and sounded well. COLLEGE CHOIR The Lenel Singers. Kneeling: K. Williams, A. Bougher, C. Eisenhart, J. Trainer, D. Beasley. Standing: R. Mauch, H. Wiedhoft, R. Heiberger, L. Lange, C. Schlenker, N. Parker, L. Lenel, Chief. First row: D. Myers, S. Bartholomew, J. Koechel, A. Dailey, A. Diefenderfer. Second row: L. Rickmeyer, B. LaRock, P. Horner, P. Toppin. Third row: D. Piligian, D. Alderfer, J. Conroy, T. Heaney, D. Nowack. Fourth row: R. Hartman, G. Mathews, A. Ambrose, D. Eberhardt. CHAPEL CHOIR The Chapel Choir was formed a little over a year ago to assure the presence of choral music at Sun- day morning worship services. Unlike the College Choir, this group requires only a willing spirit for membership. Under the direction of Mrs. Martha North, the spirit may be transmuted into fine music. BOILER MAKERS From left: S. Hatzai, R. Frantz, R. DeVett, C. Eisenhart. GLEE CLUB Late first semester, when the Glee Club presided over an assembly period, students realized what many outsiders have known for two years : the group has a good sound. Under the leadership of Steve Hatzai, the men sang a program ranging from a Muhlenberg perennial like “Cardinal and the Gray,” to “Amen” from Lilies of the Field, to a rock ’n’ roll version of “Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer.” At a time when most Muhlenberg stu- dents w r ere packing to leave for Christmas vaca- tion, the enthusiastic reception given this concert in- dicates that the Glee Club (and the Boiler Makers’ quartet) should sing on campus more often. First row: D. Schlegel, D. Gaugler, R. Frantz, Director: V. Greenwood, L. Reidel, S. Gall, C. Kuntz. Second row: R. Werley, K. Smith, J. Mininger, R. DeVett, R. Heintzelman, C. Kalm- bach. Third row: K. Zindle, R. Garrison, F. Miller, C. Eisenhart. Fraternities ALPHA TAU OMEGA J E DOVEY D M SIBRINSZ T D HORNE R W KELLY F W PLATZ R F FISCHER 8 S EDINGTON A J PARI SI G A ORDWAY R E BAUER D L JONES R J FULTON R J HENDERSON C R LANGDON 124 OFFICERS Worthy Master Robert J. Fulton W orthy Keeper of the Exchequer . . . David L. Jones W orthy Chaplain Richard E. Bauer JF orthy Keeper of the Annals . . R. Jeffrey Henderson H ' orthy Scribe C. Robert Langdon W orthy Usher George R. Ordway W orthy Sentinel A. Clifford Cage A C CAGE F B CORT R F KNOUSS Alpha Tau Omega has the distinction of being the oldest fraternity on the Muhlenberg campus and the owner of Gulliver, the largest dog on campus. The brothers also distinguished themselves this year by copping the IFC All-Sports trophy and going undefeated in intramural football, soccer and B league basketball. The year was also filled with other fun and memories for A.T.O. Tom Horne proved an ample and successful Santa Claus for the Orphan’s party. Bob Fulton was a good President, and Nancy Kelner became the new Sweetheart of the house. The social calendar was highlighted by the somewhat unforget- table Spring weekend at Hefner’s barn. Under the leadership of Dave Pearson, the broth- ers are looking forward to yet another year of fun and success. D K KAUGNER J R COLEY C S MERRILL D B PEARSON J H KARPOWICZ E C HANSEN 125 R E GOWDY T.S PRESTON J. L BOWLES J. W GRUNER T M GEHRIS L G JONES G P WORTHINGTON W H STEINSIECK R H GARRISON C. D BUCHHOLZ D J MCCABE T J PUSKAS A J DE RENZIS 126 H R RAAG J D 0 IRCH0Y R C ROEPER w l ' , ' E:YER J R MUNRO C T HAYTMANEK G R WELLS 127 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA R E GYS BERTS G J SAUSSER J M HORNUNG G F STEIGERWALT RJGAZZILLO C ST J SMITH R.L.TODD SWHATZAI K.N.BUTZ F. J. STEFANICK T.R SHAFER R.L. FORLIANO OFFICERS President Charles St. John Smith ice-President Raymond J. Gazzillo Secretary Glen F. Steigerwalt Treasurer J. Lynn Schaefer Although Lambda Chi has the smallest brother- hood of the fraternities at Muhlenberg, it continues to remain quite active in campus affairs. The house began the year successfully by placing first in the IFC Homecoming decorations. The brothers, main- taining their traditional reputation in sports, also captured the IFC basketball trophy and were run- ners-up in bowling and football. Continuing in their progressive vein, Lambda Chi moved up to fourth place in the academic rating of the six fraternities. Lambda Chi Alpha remains in its small house to the east of campus in spite of the fraternity move to the south campus. Such proximity has given the brothers ready access to a variety of campus activi- ties in which many Lambda Chi’s have become leaders. 128 129 F GREEN III A.G.SCHNEIDER W. M NICHOLAS J W.NEDEROSTEK T D SEDER J R. LENTZ R.E.FRITSCHI J L MORTON E.F. PROSEK E C DISBROW TH STEVENS F W CLARK C R LECHLER T. A. DOBOSH J.T. KONTHER JE FINLEY J.P OGDEN H N MCCOY J. GALT OMAR I D. A YOUNG J.N. FRIEDRICH 130 J A.GEHRIS DA. WILLIAMS R H LEVIN D L BENNETT R.W. STEELE J J MEDICA M J.ZACKON PS. FERRER " CINDY " RM. SUTHERLAND 131 PHI EPSILON PI In addition to receiving the Scholarship Trophy for the eleventh consecutive year, the Alpha Nu chapter of Phi Epsilon Pi added yet another award to its academic laurels. This year, the National Inter- fraternity Council voted Phi Ep one of the top ten academic chapters among 3,000 fraternity chapters. Not only has Phi Ep distinguished itself in the classroom, but in many campus activities as well. Among the brotherhood can be counted important campus leaders, representatives of almost every ac- tivity, and members of various varsity teams. With all this and a lively social schedule to boot, Phi Ep looks forward to another successful and rewarding year. OFFICERS President Edward J. Bloch Vice-President Stephen H. Garber Recording Secretary Jack N. Poles Corresponding Secretary .... Leonard R. Berman Treasurer Martin B. Grossman — 4 En 132 CRAIG F INGBER THOMAS L MCCLELLAN GEORGE D GOULD DAVID S LENTZ DONALD E. FISHER GARY S LUCKMAN STEPHEN R SMYTHE ALAN E KRAVITZ RONALD E KRAUSER RONALD B LOW KENNETH A SWEDER RICHARD S LEVINSON EDWARD DRAS IN STEWART S SIMENS JOE M LlCHTMAN ERIC S PORTNER BARRY WESHNAK JACK N POLES STEPHEN H GARBER EDWARD J BLOCH MARTIN B GROSSMAN LEONARD R BERMAN STANLEY E RICHTER RICHARD E KOWALSKY DAVID R PAS HMAN JOSEPH B SEITCHIK DAVID K HALL MARTIN W. FRIEDMAN 133 R MICHAEL MCCLELLAN EDWARD TAXIN DAVID C SCHATTENSTEIN MICHAEL R MINTZ BRUCE M KAUFMANN WILLIAM S.DINERMAN NATHAN R SKLAR STEPHEN D MILLER JEFFREY C WEISS MICHAEL WEINER CHARNEY A WEBER EDWARD B BASNER PHILLIP GLASS PHILIP M SCHNEIDER GARY S PACK IN AARON I RAPPEPORT HARRY J LESSIG ROBERT G LEON 134 PAUL K GROSS ALAN J. FELDMAN HOWARD J SCHWARTZ NORMAN W LEVIN CAREY M MARDER MARK R GORDON STEPHEN R SHORE LOUIS J JACOBS MARC aOSIAS PAUL M WOLFSON ARTHUR E FELDMAN ROBERT KRICUN GENE H. GINSBERG LAWRENCE THILL ROGER A ROCKOWER MATTHEW E NAYTHONS RICHARD M MILLER DAVID N STEHLY RALPH LEEGAN 135 PHI KAPPA TAU Phi Kappa Tau is the successor to many tradi- tions. Long active on campus, the brothers’ activities ran the gamut from administrative organizations to music and photographv to varsity and intra-mural sports. Within the brotherhood and among the other fraternities, Phi Tau generally maintained tradition. The party for orphans was again a success. For the second consecutive year, the brothers sang their way to the IFC Spring Sing trophy. Spring Weekend saw the crowning of Karen Nelson as the new Sweetheart and was the culmination of an active social year. Phi Tau instituted new practices as well. The record hops surprisingly proved a lot of fun, even for those brothers without dates. A senior “award” dinner w 7 as begun, and the brothers began to concen- trate on their alumni program. With these accomplishments and a good pledge class as well, Phi Tau looks forward to another suc- cessful and rewarding year. OFFICERS President Vice President ... Treasurer Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . David Scarborough Richard Ziegler . John Yohe William Hauserman . Charles Eisenhart ■W " " TaMs, ' • : X‘ 2 §I| gffijqT V JOHN E TRAINER JR CHARLES EISENHART JAMES D.WILLIAMSON DAVID L.GAUGLER ANDREW T PATTERSON FRANK A SOLGA ROBERT H KANDLE THOMAS A MELLEN RONALD C YERGEY WILLIAM A SCHMIDT GEORGE W KIBILDIS LOUIE P NASIF CRAIG R HEIM RICHARD W MAC FARLAND 136 JIM H ALDERFER MAANO MILLES WILLIAM HAUSERMAN RICHARD J ZIEGLER DAVID SCARBOROUGH JOHN C YOHE DAVID R JONES JOSEPH M WETZEL JOHN L. GOOD GERALD S SMYSER FRED R ALBRIGHT JOHN J MAMPE PETER A LE DONNE BARRY F. BEHNKE STEPHEN L LYNN FRANK A ANDERSEN JAMES P STERGANOS BRIAN G EKLUND DOUGLAS KNAPPENBERGER ROGER C TONEY 137 BUSSELL T BECHTLOFF EDWARD J BLACK ALBERT I. DOUGLASS PETER N KLOSE DAVID W WILLIAMS JOHN J. CHABALKO GEORGE H LOVELL ROBERT L MC GUIRE RICHARD T. KECK CONRAD S OSWALD EDWARD J. BALLANTINE WILLIAM J, TODD 138 ICHARD A BARTHOLOMEW CHARLES P PRICE WILLIAM G HOFFMAN FRANCIS J LIBERI RALPH C WEISGERBER DAVID J SCHNECK BRIAN L BUCKWALTER P ROGER BYER JEFFREY H ASH WILLIAM P DUNKEL GARY W CONETY WILLIAM F GASKILL CURTIS R MAC CONNELL ROBERT J HUBER WALTER H.BRACKIN MR BACCHUS 139 SIGMA PHI EPSILON G. L MYERS L K MILLER J B MININGER J.S. MIERS K E WILLIAMS J A THOENEBE J S. MIERS J. F MILLER A N BOUGHER R F MILLIGAN R J MARKS J BORDERIEUX C J ENGELMAN K E ZINDLE R B LUND R. A. HILTON C J SCHULTZ J C HIRSCHMAN L F JOHNSON A M MCOUISTON 140 OFFICERS President Kenneth Zindle Vice President Norman Gasbarro Secretary Benjamin Walbert, III Recorder Gerald Myers Comptroller Donald Blair Where once only weeds, rabbits, and an occa- sional fly ball were found, there now stands a new Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. There the forty-five brothers and twenty pledges find their whim for social life and regular feeding well satisfied. The new house boasts ' such accommodations as a sound- proof dormitory section, a spacious living and partying room, a well equipped kitchen, and an imaginative cook who dreams of one day prepar- ing candied iguana tail. Asinine things-to-do are more fun if there is a whole group of people doing them, so Sig Ep says. This year they staged a race between the AB and the BS brothers to the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in New York and drove to Washington, D.C. to “get a cup of coffee at the airport.” The brother- hood even involved another group, the Bernheim girls, in the activity of a squirt football game, using shaving cream for the defense. The spirit of fun and scholarship is well-sus- tained by the brothers of Sig Ep. C J PETERS RWBLOUGH F V SIMPERS N J GASBARRO S K SCHMIDT W E OTTINGER FT CRAWFORD S. J. HUDSON L. P MORGAN E.C FISCHL 0. R BLAIR V. E HITCH 141 142 J. A MANKIE J W KNAUSS T E CUNDEY L C THELIN A R BOXER J L MANCINELLI D R HENDRICKS W A RINEHART JR D.H JOHNSON R S GRIMES W R KOERWER G A DEIBERT F. W WETZEL DOMINO 143 TAU KAPPA EPSILON OFFICERS Prytanis Robert E. Schlegel Epi-Prytanis Richard S. Kresloff Crysophylos Ronald L. Werley Grammateus Charles A. Ernst Histor David J. Silverman Hypophetes Richard M. Reinhart Pylortes Frank B. Simmons Hegemon Richard R. Biolsi The youngest fraternity of Muhlenberg campus has finally outgrown its shell, the “white elephant,” and moved to a new abode just above and overlook- ing the duck-filled Muhlenberg cistern. The house has facilities for thirty men and a house mother and will hereafter serve to bring together the somewhat scattered brotherhood. Tau Kappa Epsilon will also find it somewhat easier and more convenient to give parties, for as any TKE brother knows, the base- ment stairs were difficult to navigate after a good time in the cellar of the white elephant. The activities of the past TKE year have kept TKE in a high place among the fraternities ' acade- mic rating, have kept them well above the average in intramural basketball, bowling, and softball, and have most importantly gained some rushees for next year’s crop of TKE’s. 144 D J ALBRIGHT P M ANSON J S FULLAGAR B. W MC CARTY S R JARRETT R I APPELMAN R.SKRESLOFP R. E. SCHLEGEL R. L.WERLEY D. J. SILVERMAN F. B SIMMONS G. KAUFTHEIL R R BIO LSI R M REINHART C. A ERNST A K SMITH R E MC KEWEN A, S ROMBERGER S J LISICKY C BOESHAAR A M WOOLINGER D A.VORON S. J.GAU. A H ANDRESEN 145 K.W. N. FOULKE R E MCCARTHY R E FREILICH E.L. GOLDSTEIN A. J. WASKO RC. COOPER R. W. COPE R A SCHWARTZ L I. BORAL G L. FALCONE 146 J G WEYRAUCH C. E. KORDULA B K. BLOB R S. LUSTIG I.G. WEINBERGER 0 ORUCKER D R HAFTL D C MAC LEAN KL HOFFMAN A W EPSTEIN J. RICH PEANUTS D. L. GRAMMES J L REBER I. A KAPLAN D A. REMMEL M P. BANNER H.A WOLNY 147 sports 148 149 1964 HOCKEY RESULTS Muhlenberg 0 pponents 5 ... . Moravian . . ... 4 7 ... . Bloomsburg ... 1 3 ... . Moravian ... 1 — ... . Lebanon Valley Cancelled 7 ... . . . Wilkes . . . ... 1 2 ... . Millersville Won 5 — Lost 0 ... 1 First row: J. Hedrick, K. Kuhnt, S. Miller, C. Kellogg, Co-Captain ; P. Griffith, L. Vogt, C. Harmen, D. Emhardt. Second row: J. Hecht, Coach; C. Michalowski, P. Ward, N. Struck, 15. Bondi, M. Peters, Co-Captain ; A. Padolak, J. Monson, A. Loy, J. Schmidt, L. Mills, C. Bloom, E. White. 150 The women’s field hockey team bounced back into normal routine this season and turned in a perfect 5-0 slate. Opening the season with a 5-4 victory over Moravian, the girls drove on to an easy 7-1 win over Bloomsburg and trounced Moravian a second time, 3-1. Riding a wave of unmatched skill, the coeds kept themselves in practice by crushing Wilkes and climaxed the perfect season by avenging last year’s defeat at the hands of Millersville with a reciprocal 2-1 score. The victory over Millersville left Berg with only one defeat in six consecutive seasons. I The team was led in scoring by Lynn Vogt, who scored ten goals, and Sue Miller, who scored eight. Linda Mills, Carolyn Kellogg, and Kathy Harmon scored one each, bringing the season total to 21. As usual,, the team displayed and was widely compli- mented for the same outstanding skill, discipline, and sportsmanship which have brought credit to Muhlen- berg in past years. j WOMEN’S FIELD HOCKEY 151 First row: R. Biolsi, J. Creamer, R. McCloskey, S. Opp, R. Gysberts, C. Piatt, T. Horne, Co-Captain; D. Binder, Co-Captain ; L. Rothrock, Co-Captain ; D. Brown, R. Wessner, G. Ordvvay, R. Todd, T. Haney. Second row: R. Henry, R. Quinter, J. Borst, T. Brooks, R. McCarthy, E. Disbrow, T. Whalen, Jr., C. Woginrich, R. Toney, R. MacFarland, R. Keck, J. Piper, J. Schantz. Third row: F. Hass, L. Berry, P. Fischer, J. Blend 111, R. Downs, P. Byer, A. Douglass, D. McCabe, D. Travis, L. Seras, F. Churchman, G. Haight, A. Capebianco, J. Rau. Fourth row: K. Moyer, Coach; C. Kuntzleman, Coach; J. Frederico, Coach; R. Mowery, Manager ; C. Pletenyik, A. Benko, C. Bargerstock, J. Janisak, Manager ; W. Flamish, Coach; R. Whispell, Head Coach. FOOTBALL 152 153 The Muhlenberg football team’s first season in the Southern College division was hampered by an unusual number of line and backfield injuries. The resultant loss of Woginrich, Rothrock, Brown, and Gysberts and also key linemen MacFarland, Todd, and Binder at crucial points throughout the season combined to hold the Mules to a 5-4 record. Nevertheless, the season was highlighted by a three- game winning streak which included a thrilling Han- ey to Binder to McCloskey hook and lateral trick- play, bringing victory over the Pennsylvania Mili- tary College in the final moments of the game. Rock- rock provided another spectacular play by gaining 140 yards during a third quarter, 22-point offensive drive which toppled Lebanon Valley, 30-22. Tony Capobianco received this year’s Charlie Hatchet award for outstanding defensive play. Although more may have been expected of Whis- pell’s squad because of the conference change, the team’s disappointing record may be attributed to the great number of injuries. A little less misfortune should provide the Mules with a better record in 1965. 154 1964 FOOTBALL RESULTS Muhlenberg Opponents 14 Dickinson 23 26 Ursinus 7 7 . . . . Pa. Military College .... 6 30 ... Lebanon Valley .... 22 20 Gettysburg 51 26 Upsala 12 0 Lycoming 9 22 . . . Franklin and Marshall ... 29 21 Moravian 6 Won 5 — Lost 4 155 1964 SOCCER RESULTS i Coach Lee Hill’s soccer team startled everyone by booting its way to a winning season for the first time in seventeen years! The amazing performance, however, came as no surprise to the team, whose in- tensified and revised training transformed last year’s inexperienced squad into fast and formidable com- petition. The team’s first victory, after 43 consecu- tive losses, came against Lafayette as John Gruner, receiving from Tom Preston and Dave Seder, smashed through the Leopard’s goalie. The 1-0 score was held for the remaining three quarters, marking the end of an infamously long losing streak. The Booters then went on to win six more games, led by most valuable player of the year, Dave Sibrinsz, who set a Berg record of 1 1 goals and 6 assists, followed by John Gruner with 4 goals and 2 assists and John Good with 3 goals. The team set a new season rec- ord for goals with 23. At the end of the season, the team expressed its gratitude to Coach Hill for his outstanding work by presenting him with the Team Award, a ball auto- graphed by each of the team members. Muhlenberg Opponents 2 Drexel 5 0 Franklin and Marshall ... 1 1 Lehigh 2 1 Swarthmore 6 1 Lafayette 0 1 Gettysburg 2 0 Wilkes 0 2 Moravian 1 2 Dickinson 0 4 Alumni 0 4 Stevens 0 1 Haverford 1 Won 7— Lost 5— Tied 2 SOCCER First row: A. Rooklin, G. Steigerwalt, J. Gruner, C. Bucholz, J. Good, Co-Captain ; D. Sibrinsz, Co-Captain; B. Behnke, Co- Captain; T. Preston, A. Smith, B. Buckwalter. Second row: L. Hill, Coach; W. Snover, C. Price, D. Seder, E. Black, T. Brewer, A. Schneider, F. Baus, W. Rinehart, K. Poh, A. Sawyer, Manager. Third row: G. Jones, D. Steeves, R. Christy, J. Schmitt, R. Bauer, S. Zucker, R. Leeds, L. Krug, C. Schultz. 156 1964 CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS Muhlenberg Opponents 44 . . . Dickinson . . 19 45 . . . . . Lehigh .... . . 18 43 . . . Lafayette . . 19 38 . . . . Elizabethtown . . . 19 34 . . . . Scranton .... 22 40 . . . Lebanon Valley . . 15 30 . . . Moravian . . 25 64 . . . Haverford Eastern Baptist . 17, 50 40 . . . Franklin and Marshall Won 0 — Lost 9 . . 18 A poor initial turnout of candidates and rugged competition left Coach Theisen’s Harriers with an 0-9 record for the 1964 season. The only moment of inspiration for the team came as Ethiopian A1 Inde- shaw placed first against Moravian with an elapsed time of 27 minutes and 33 seconds on the Moravian home course. In spite of Al’s fine performance, the Harriers lost the meet with a tight 30-25 score. Al’s fastest time on Berg’s home course, a very fast 23 minutes and 10 seconds, was turned in as he placed third against Franklin and Marshall in the last meet of the season. Research by Coach Theisen has led to a greater emphasis on hills and irregular terrain in practice sessions, and when this intensified training begins to take effect, the Harriers should find themselves more able to cope with the division’s difficult courses. m fjA k S ' 4 jPjfc • in m mi w m fam if » jMFByiy HK H t ' sk W ySBpo C. Theisen, Coach; R. Abraham, R. Schwartz, D. Zimmerman, D. Fritze, J. McDonough. CROSS COUNTRY 157 BASKETBALL 158 1964-65 BASKETBALL RESULTS Muhlenberg Opponents 82 Moravian 50 52 Lehigh 53 69 Swarthmore 64 72 Gettysburg 70 71 Lycoming 97 49 Hartwick 68 58 Albright 73 70 Lafayette 72 78 Moravian 75 71 Haverford 69 65 Scranton 79 66 Lehigh 56 71 Lebanon Valley 102 80 ... Western Maryland .... 69 69 Dickinson 88 70 . . . . Franklin and Marshall .... 67 75 Drexel 79 80 Ursinus 68 Won 9 — Lost 9 159 MEN’S VARSITY BASKETBALL At the end of a stormy and somewhat disappoint- ing season, the Mules quietly brought the record to an even 9-9, spurred on by the shouts of an ever- diminishing cheering section. The last game against Ursinus marked the end of brilliant college careers for Spengler, Jones, and Butz, who constitute the trio which consistently led the team in scoring this year. The enormous task of filling the gap they leave will fall on the shoulders of Tom Barlow and John Heck, who have amply proven themselves capable of team leadership. The eye of the storm surrounding this year’s team centered over the resignation of John Linnet. The reaction of the student body was naturally one of shock, and a wave of indignation spread across the campus. Somewhere beneath it all were the facts, which, unfortunately, no one bothered to uncover. The result of the case was a rage of assorted dis- tasteful remarks directed toward Coach Moyer, but the team played on. So their scores are in and every- one says they did poorly. Who can blame them? K. Moyer, Heat l Coach; L. Hill, Assistant Coach; J. Heck, C. Buchholz, G. Spengler, W. Jones, R. Wessner, T. Gehris, K. Butz, A. Wise, T. Barlow, j. Linnet, M. Mills, A. Somers, S. Fluck, R. Bair. 160 Sparked on by such outstanding players as Kir- sten Kuhnt, Mary Ann Peters, and Carol Bailey, the Mulettes turned in an excellent 7-2 slate for the 64- 65 season. Important highlights for the girls were the defeats of Millersville and Elizabethtown, teams which have consistently meant trouble in the past. The athletic excellence exhibited by coach Hos- podar’s team is indicative of the trend toward per- fection revealed by the coeds in all areas of sport this year. WOMEN’S BASKETBALL 1965 WOMEN’S BASKETBALL RESULTS Muhlenberg O pponents 49 . . . .... 45 46 . . . . . . Wilkes . . .... 33 36 . . . Millersville .... 35 50 . . . . Elizabethtown . .... 48 35 . . . . Lebanon Valley . .... 28 36 . . . Gettysburg .... 61 67 . . . . . . Moravian . . .... 45 38 . . . Bloomsburg .... 37 65 . . . . . . Wilkes . . .... 32 Won 7— Lost 2 Clockwise : G. Copen, J. Strehly, A. Loy, J. Henley, L. Muehlhauser, S. Ash- ton, J. Jones, N. Struck, M. Ward, C. Bailey, C. Schlenker, K. Kuhnt, M. Peters, M. Meyers, C. Bloom, J. McCarr, P. Kaessinger, L. Uhler, N. Straky. Center: H. Hospodar, Coach; C. Kellogg, Captain. 161 Dr. Erskine’s fencing team turned in a winless record this season, marking the end of what was, nonetheless, an educational year for the team. The chronic weakness throughout the season was found to be in the sabre division, a situation which was corrected at the M.A.C. championships when Ed Fischl and Dick Kresloff scored seven and six points respectively for the sabre team. Team captain Steve Hatzai led the team in the epee division, while Young, Blob, and Rich constantly improved in the foil division. The experience gained this year and a little en- thusiastic support could mean an outstanding season for Dr. Erskine’s swordsmen next year. First roiv: W. Rinehart R. Ringo S. Hatzai, Captain B. Bloh J. McDonough Second row: D. Young B. Cohen E. Hiergesell B. Weshnak E. Fischl D. Erskine A. Erskine, Coach FENCING c °LUCE jf V I 1 ' TlSi -J U j | ' “ii 1 k 1965 FENCING RESULTS Muhlenberg O pponents 11 Haverford 16 8 Temple 19 8 Lafayette 19 12 Johns Hopkins 15 7 Stevens 20 11 Lehigh ...... 16 Won 0 — Lost 6 162 Continuing the downhill slide that began last year when Coach Kuntzleman’s matmen slipped below the .500 mark, the grapplers wound up an unevent- ful season by posting a 2-8-2. As last year, Rich Biolsi and John Piper provided all the inspiration. Biolsi went undefeated throughout the season and took second place in the M.A.C. tournament. The one bright spot in an otherwise drab season was the last match of the year against Ursinus in which Berg took four straight matches and tied the meet, 14-14. With the loss of Captain Rich Biolsi, Coach Kuntzleman could be looking forward to next season with questionable expectations. WRESTLING Standing : C. Kuntzleman, Coach J. Thoenebe J. Kramer J. Janisak D. Zimmerman M. Zimmerman T. Weaber Kneeling: R. Schlegel R. Biolsi J. Nederostek J. Piper R. Henry C. Schwalje 1965 WRESTLING RESULTS Muhlenberg Opponents 13 . . . . . . Gettysburg . . . 21 11 . . . Elizabethtown . . . 21 13 . . Swarthmore . . 17 19 . . . Albright . . . 17 8 . . Drexel . . 22 13 . . . Dickinson . . . 19 14 . . . . . . Delaware . . . . 14 11 . . . . . . Hartwick . . . . 19 13 . . . . . . Moravian . . . . 19 6 . . . Lafayette . . . 20 19 . . . Lebanon Valley . . . 13 14 . . . . . Ursinus . . . . 14 Won 2 — Lost 8 — Tied 2 163 From left: J. Vasco, Coach; D. Anderson, R. Bartholomew, F. Solga, P. Keidel, C. Marder, E. Newcomb, V. Morgan. The Muhlenberg golfers began the season success- fully by defeating Elizabethtown. However, only a single additional victory, over Lafayette, rewarded the efforts of the team. Perhaps the men should reduce their goal and play in miniature. 1965 GOLF RESULTS Aluhlenberg 0 pponents ny 2 .... Elizabethtown . . 634 3 4 .... Lebanon Valley . . 14 4 2 .... . Lehigh .... . . 16 3 .... Moravian . . 15 6 2 ... . Lycoming . . 1154 4 .... Dickinson . . 14 7 .... Moravian . . 11 1 .... . Wagner .... . . 17 4 .... Albright . . 14 1134 .... Lafayette . . 634 7 .... . LaSalle .... . . 11 834 ... . GOLF Scranton Won 2 — Lost 10 . . 9 2 164 TRACK First row: C. Woginrich, F. Baus, B. Reish, R. Grimes, W. Courtright, R. Levin, D. Kaugher. Second row: A. Sawyer, M anager ; K. Butz, J. Sneddon, R. Wessner, R. Waltersdorff, R. Todd, J. Gruner, D. Erskine, R. McClellan. Third row: J. Blankowitsch, Trainer; T. Berry, B. Boynton, M. Milles, D. Fritze, R. Cole, R. Lustig, J. Piper, H. Wolny, W. Flamish, Coach. Fourth row: I. Pohl, D. Hall, S. Tyler, R. Christy, R. Johnson, D. Kreh, J. Schlenker, E. Smith, R. Henry. 165 Plagued by injuries, sickness, and just plain bad luck, Coach Flamish’s cindermen turned in a 1-8 slate for the 1965 season. To be commended for consistently fine performances despite it all are weightmen Ken Butz and Ron Todd, who were high scorers at every meet. High point of the competition for the runners came as Charlie Woginrich copped third place in the Penn Relays, adding a touch of purpose to an otherwise drab season. 166 Muhlenberg 1965 TRACK RESULTS Opponents 55 . . Pa. Military College . . 76 52 . . . Franklin and Marshall . . . 78 49 . . . . 82 43 . . Lebanon Valley . . 88 5154 . . Dickinson . . 79 34 51 . . Albright . . 67 51 . . . Wagner .... . . 44 2354 . . . Lehigh .... . . 68 23}4 . . Gettysburg . . 81 54 78 . . Haverford . . 55 45 . . . Swarthmore . Won 1 — Lost 8 . . 86 167 BASEBALL Coach Frederico’s baseball team recorded a better slate for the 1965 season than any in the last nine years: 8-8-1, which moves the team closer to that long-sought winning season. Outstanding games were a double-header grabbed from Lebanon Valley and a tight game at Wilkes, which the Cardinal and Gray took 5-4. Granted a dependable starting lineup, hope pre- vails for a winning season next year. First roiv : M. Manning, W. Dunkel, T. Bird, R. Weisgerber, L. Seras. Second row: T. Baird, R. Mularz, J. Gehris, D. Binder, L. Roth- rock, G. Steigerwalt, R. McCloskey. Standing: P. F’ischer, W. Docherty, S. Fellows, J. Raymore, R. Haddock, F. Clark, J. Frederico, Ch. 1965 BASEBALL RESULTS Muhlenberg O pponents 0 Moravian 6 3 Dickinson 2 2 Albright 5 4 Scranton 4 1 LaSalle 13 3 Lafayette 9 4 M oravian 9 5 Lehigh 7 6 Lehigh 4 11 Lebanon Valley 3 9 Lebanon Valley 1 5 Franklin and Marshall .... 3 4 Gettysburg 10 15 . . . . Pa. Military College .... 9 4 Delaware 8 5 Wilkes 4 4 Ursinus 3 Won 8 — Lost 8 — Tied 1 169 ’• ' t- ■ Kneeling: N. Straky, A. Toffer, P. Perna, K. Hall. Standing: J. Mon- son, M. Peters, C. Bailey, K. Frankenfreld, B. Bondi, J. Hecht, Coach. Playing a schedule thinned by three cancellations, M iss Hecht’s coeds again swept through the season, recording four wins and one loss. The only blemish on the slate was inflicted by a swift East Strouds- burg team, 4-1 . Thus, at the close of another year, the Muhlen- berg coeds have kept their winning name in a manner which their male counterparts are unsuccess- fully trying to emulate. 1965 WOMEN’S TENNIS RESULTS Muhlenberg O pponents 3 Millersville 5 4 East Stroudsburg .... 1 4 Moravian 1 1 East Stroudsburg .... 4 4 Dickinson 1 Won 4 — Lost 1 WOMEN’S TENNIS 170 Kneeling: J. Henderson, R. Garrison, G. Wells. Standing: C. Klinger, Jr., B. Edington, R. Keck, K. Webb, Coach. 1965 MEN’S TENNIS RESULTS MEN’S TENNIS Slipping a bit from the fine performance ren- dered last year, the Muhlenberg netmen turned in a mediocre 6-6 tally for the 1965 season. However, outstanding play was consistently exhibited by Garri- son, Simon and Dickinson. Berg’s opponents will he facing a lineup of veterans next year. Muhlenberg Opponents 8 Albright 1 9 ... . Pa. Military College .... 0 1 Haverford 8 4 M oravian 5 2 Lehigh 7 3 Franklin and Marshall .... 6 1 Dickinson 8 7 Ursinus 2 2 Lafayette 7 8 Scranton 1 8 171 Elizabethtown . Wilkes . Won 6 — Lost 6 1 special events 172 STUDENTS PROTEST ARBITRARY FACULTY DISMISSALS We, as leaders representing the student body, after careful consideration, feel that we can no longer remain silent on an issue so basic to an edu- cation dedicated to the liberal arts. The arbitrary and unspecific administrative policies concerning faculty dismissals are indicative of a more significant and serious problem — the inhibiting of a creative academic atmosphere. The present situation serves as an example of this general deficiency. An excellent teacher, so acknowledged by her students, fellow professors, de- partment head, Dean of the Faculty, and, indeed, by the President of the College himself, has been dis- missed. Why? The answers have been nebulous, arbitrary, and meaningless. The administration stated that Dr. Stamm’s “total contribution” to the College has not been sufficient, that she has “failed to integrate with the College Community,” and that she is not in sympathy with the aims of the College. The prime factor in the consideration of a faculty member’s value should be the actual classroom effec- tiveness. Personality criticism and conflicts are sec- ondary, not primary considerations. Muhlenberg has a great need for teachers who actively and creatively engage the student in a genuine educational experi- ence as Dr. Stamm has done. The dismissal of valu- able teachers on the basis of secondary considerations is a manifestation of a general attitude which has led to a shallow academic climate. When presented with the Faculty Personnel Com- mittee’s report which unanimously declared that the bases for Dr. Stamm’s dismissal were unjustified and that she be reinstated with tenure and a due promotion, the administration restated their original arbitrary and nebulous position. However, if the Faculty Committee approached the case with insuffi- cient evidence, it is the fault of the administration for withholding facts pertinent to the case. We consider the case of Dr. Stamm an example of the arbitrary and isolated policy which the adminis- tration follows. Unfortunately, we cannot bring Dr. Stamm back; it is too late; and the deed is done. But we, together as students, can and must engage in a demonstration of our dissatisfaction in orcier to impress upon the administration that we are willing to actively express our concern for what we believe to be right and just at Muhlenberg. Th e case of Dr. Stamm’s dismissal is but a by- product and example of a greater and undefinable deficiency at Muhlenberg. In the past, students have complained among themselves about this deficiency or they have written letters to the Weekly Editor. The President of the student body and the Editor of the Weekly have officially expressed their concern and dissatisfaction to the administration. These ob- jections have obviously had little effect on the con- cern with which the administration views faculty and student opinion. Tonight we have a chance to express our dissatisfaction in an organized and meaningful way which, w e hope, will induce the administration to care as much for the students’ liberal education as the students care about the future of Muhlenberg. Kenneth A. Sweder, Student Body President Robert Knouss, President Elect Richard Levinson, President ODK Thom as H orne, Student Council Karen Heisler, Student Council Rick Ziegler, Student Council David R. Jones, Student Council Brian Eklund, Student Council Bruce Edington, Student Council Peggy Ward, Student Council William Hoffman, Student Council A1 DeRenzis, Student Council Charles Price, Student Council Edward Simon, Student Court Blakelyn Dempster, Weekly Harriet H. Carmichael, ICeekly Robert F. Monaco, WMUH Patricia Herbst, Ciarla Carol Riegel, Ciarla Nan Parker, Arcade Beth Mulligan, Women’s Council Nancy Charles, MCA Marie Campion, Union Board Mike McClellan, President PEP Dave Pearson, President A TO Frank Simmons, President TKE Charles Schultz, President SPE Lou Nasif, President PKT 175 THE FIRST ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS . . . dedicated to Dr. William Kinter and Dr. Janet Stamm , both formerly of Muhlenberg College. Informal Music Contest: Tex Nekarda Philip Roth, author Martin Zipin, artist 180 String Quartet, Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia. Dramatic Reading Contest: Richard Berlin Dr. Froelich Rainey, Director, University Museum, University of Pennsylvania. Above and left: Dr. Norman Thomas, titular head, Socialist Party in America. ) 183 HOMECOMING JUNIOR PROM 185 The Kingston Trio The Smothers Brothers BIG NAME ENTERTAINMENT 187 Above: Antigone ; Below: Impromptu 189 DRAMATICS 190 192 Hcdda Gablcr 193 MUSIC Opera Workshop Production: Hansel and G ret cl. 194 Right: Ludwig Lenel, F.A.G.O. Lower: Chorus Rehearsal of The Boss, by Lenel. 195 Below: Voice Recital: Mrs. Evelyn Watson. Spring Sing Faculty Recital: Dr. William Barrett. Ntt 4 ' ’ % 197 GRADUATION: JUNE 6, 1965 Recipients of Honorary Degrees. From left: R. J. Heckman, H. E. Horn, W. W. Scranton, L. A. Iacocca, L. J. Deck, A. L. Meyers. 199 SENIOR BIOGRAPHIES DAVID J. ALBRIGHT, B.S., Natural Science 721 N. 12 Street, Allentown, Pa. Wrestling 1 ; Psi Chi 1, 2, 3; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Medical Society 3, 4; Tau Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4. TERRYL L. ALLEN, A.B., Spanish 134 Frost Ave., Phillipsburg, N. J. Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 1,2; AV omen’s Council 3, 4; Phi Sigma Iota 3,4 (secretary 4) ; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3; Education Society 3, 4; Class Executive Council 3; Dor- mitory Council 3, 4. SANDRA K. ANGSTADT, A.B., History-Psychology 422 Delaware Avenue, Lansdale, Pa. Education Society 2, 3, 4; Psi Chi 3, 4 (secretary 4) ; Young Democrats 4; John Haas Memorial Scholarship 3; Phi Beta Kappa Club Award 3 ; Big Sister Program 2. JEAN ARTHUR, A.B., Psychology 214 Cornwall Road, Glen Rock, N. J. Delta Phi Nu 2, 3 (vice-president 3); AVomen’s Council (treasurer 4) ; Women’s Basketball manager 1, 2; Cultural Committee 3; Senior Counselor 4; Psi Chi 4; Education Society 3, 4; Bernheim 3. BETTY L. BAUDER, A.B., Psychology 125 West High Street, Hellertown, Pa. RICHARD E. BAUER, A.B., Psychology 2930 Michele Drive, Norristown, Pa. Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4; Alpha Tau Omega 2, 3, 4 (vice- president and pledge trainer 4) ; Student Council Publicity Committee 2; Student Pinion Recreation Committee 2; Class Constitution Committee 1; Class Executive Council 3; In- tramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. CARMELIA L. BAXTER, A.B., History 1109 Harper Avenue, Drexel Hill, Pa. College Choir 1, 2; Opera Workshop 1, 4; Festival of the Performing Arts Committee 4. DAVID R. BEAZLEY, B.S., Mathematics 2026 Washington Street, Allentown, Pa. College Choir 3, 4; Mathematics Club 3, 4; Commuters Club 1, 2. STEVEN C. BERGMEISTER, A.B., Economics 611 Hickory Street, Westbury, N. Y. Lacrosse 4; Weekly 1; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; New- man Club 1, 2; Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment 3, 4. RICHARD M. BERLIN, B.S., Natural Science 3 Darby Lane, Cherry Hill, N. J. College Choir 1,2; Glee Club 1 ; Opera Workshop 1, 2, 3, 4 (vice-president 3) ; Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 1, 2, 3, 4; Mask and Dagger 1, 2, 3, 4 (business manager 2, president 3, 4) ; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4; Mermaid Tavern Society 4; Big Name Entertainment Committee 3, 4; Muh- lenberg Christian Association Drama 2; Festival of the Arts 4; Pre-Medical Society 3; Freshman Class ( 1967) Play 3. LEONARD R. BERMAN, B.S., Natural Science 399 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. Weekly 1 ; Ciarla 1 ; Phi Epsilon Pi 2, 3, 4 (corresponding secretary 3, 4) ; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. SALLY L. BEURY, A.B., Psychology 74 Cobalt Ridge Dr. N., Levittown, Pa. Women’s Council 4. DAVID A. BINDER, A.B. 1 133 Liggett Avenue, Reading, Pa. Football 1,2, 3,4 (captain 4); Baseball 1,2, 3,4; M Club 1 , 2, 3, 4 ; I ntramural Sports. RICHARD R. BIOLSI, A.B., Sociology 3404 AVoodward Avenue, Wantagh, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4 (pledge trainer 3,4) ; Wrestling 1,2, 3,4 (captain 3,4); Football 1,2, 3,4; M Club 2,3,4 (secretary 4) ; Sociology Club 4; Class Executive Commit- tee 3. DONALD R. BLAIR, B.S., Chemistry 687 Centre Street, Nutley 10, N. J. Sigma Phi Epsilon 1,2, 3,4 (house manager 2, comptroller 3,4); Chess Club 1; Science Club 1,2, 3,4 (treasurer 4) ; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. EDAVARD J. BLOCH, B.S., Natural Science 196 Beach 140 Street, Belle Harbor 94, N. Y. Hillel 1,2,3 (treasurer 2); Weekly 1; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Medical Club 2, 3, 4; Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4 (treasurer 2,3, president 3,4); Interfraternity Council President 4. CORALIE BOILEAU, A.B., Economics 2355 Terwood Road, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Marching and Concert Bands 1, 2; Delta Phi Nu 2; Intra- mural Sports 1,2, 3,4; Dormitory Council 3; Class Execu- tive Council 4; Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment 2, 3. JOHN BORDERIEUX, A.B., Social Science 517 Millbank Road, Upper Darby, Pa. Intramural Sports 2,3; Newman Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Political Science Club 3, 4. AUBREY N. BOUGHER, A.B., English 760 Line Street, Easton, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon (music chairman 2,3,4) ; College Choir 1,2, 3,4 (assistant manager 3); Marching and Concert Bands 1,2, 3, 4 (secretary 2); Glee Club 1; Institute of Faith 4; Opera Workshop 4. DAVID J. BROWN, A.B., Psychology 794 Route 202-206 North, Somerville, N. J. Lambda Chi Alpha 2,3,4; Track 1 , 2 ; Football 1,2, 3,4; Italian Club 4. THOMAS P. BUCKELEW, B.S., Biology 310 South 18th Street, Allentown, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha 2,3,4; Intramural Sports 1,2, 3,4; Track 3. ELLEN L. BLIHLER, A.B., Humanities 50 Park Avenue, Westmont, N. J. Cheerleader 1 ; Intramural Volleyball 1,2; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3 ; Education Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 3 ; Dean’s List 3; Big Sister Program 2, 4; Union Hostess Committee 2, 3. LEONA M. BUSULAS, A.B., Psychology 808 Broadway, Bethlehem, Pa. Eta Sigma Phi 1, 2. KENNETH N. BUTZ, JR., A.B., Psychology 21 Chestnut Street, Nazareth, Pa. Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,2, 3,4; Men’s Dormitory Council 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3, 4. CLIFTON A. CAGE, B.S., Natural Science 1524 Ashton Road, Havertown, Pa. Football 1, 2, 3; Class Executive Council 2, 4; Class Treas- urer 4; Newman Club 3, 4; Pre-Medical Society 2, 3, 4; Alpha Tau Omega 2, 3, 4 (worthy sentinel 3, 4). MARIE K. CAMPION, A.B., History 1 12 First Place, Bellmore, Long Island, N. Y. College Choir 1 ; Intramural Sports 1,2; Constitution Com- mittee 1; AVeekly 2; LTnion Board Dance Committee 2, 3 (chairman 3) ; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3; Big Sister Program 2, 3; Women’s Dormitory Council 3; Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4; Dean’s List 3, 4; Union Board of Directors President 4; Education Society 4. NANCY E. CHARLES, A.B., English 937 North Saint Elmo Street, Allentown, Pa. JV Cheerleading 1 ; Varsity Cheerleading 2, 3 ; Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 2, 4; College Choir 3; Opera Work- shop 3, 4 (board member 4) ; Ecumenical Study Group 3, 4 (chairman 3) ; Institute of Faith 3; Muhlenberg Christian Association 3, 4 (president 4) ; Tutorial Project 4. 200 JUDITH A. CONRAD, B.S., Biology 3821 Locust Lane, Harrisburg, Pa. Women’s Field Hockey 2; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3; Freshman Orientation Committee 3, 4; Ciarla 3, 4 (senior editor 4) ; Bernheim 3; Senior Counselor 4; Big Sister Program 2, 3; Student Court Investigator 3, 4. JACKSON L. COPE, B.S., Physics 25 Second Street, Catasauqua, Pa. Chess Club 2, 3, 4 (vice-president 3, president 4) ; Commu- ters Club 1, 2; American Institute of Physics 3, 4. JOSEPH D. CREAMER, A.B., Economics Cedarbrook Apts., Glenside, Pa. Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4; Football 3; Italian Club 4. STEVEN R. CROSLEY, A.B., Economics 6014 Deveron Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina Cardinal Key Society 1 ; Publicity Committee 1 ; Lacrosse 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Interfraternity Social Chairman 4; Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 (social chairman 4) ; Society for the Advancement of Management 3, 4. RALPH J. DAVIES, B.S., Mathematics 737 Pemberton Avenue, Plainfield, N. J. Cardinal Key Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Men’s Dormitory Council 3, 4 (corresponding secretary 4). EDWARD B. DEAKIN, III, A.B., English 126 Dale Road, Willow Grove, Pa. Mask and Dagger 1 ; Eta Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4; WMUH 3, 4 (business manager 4) ; Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 3, 4 (business manager 4); Publications Board 4; Dean’s List 4. DIANE R. DEAR, A.B., Mathematics 717 Clarendon Road, Drexel Hill, Pa. Cheerleader 1, 2, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Dormitory Council 4; Mathematics Club 4; Delta Phi Nu 2. MARK H. DEERY, A.B., Economics 1023 South Gay Street, Phoenixville, Pa. Society for the Advancement of Management 2, 3, 4; Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3 ; Big Brother 2 ; Track 2. GAY DEGELLEKE, A.B., Romance Languages R. D. Asbury, Warren County, N. J. Muhlenberg Education Society 2, 3, 4 (secretary 4) ; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Iota 4; Publicity Committee of the LInion Board 2, 3. BLAKELYN D. DEMPSTER, A.B., English 724 Hilltop Road, Springfield, Delaware County, Pa. Who’s Who 4 ; Weekly 1, 2, 3, 4 (managing editor 3, editor- in-chief 4); M-Book Editor 4; Student Representative to Faculty Committee on Publications 4; Publications Board 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 2, 3, 4 (secretary 3, president 4) ; Sigma Tau Delta 4; Class Executive Council 4; Dean’s List 4; Delta Phi Nu 1, 2; Student Union Committee 2; Women’s Dormitory Council (secretary 2) ; Big Sister Program 2, 3. RICHARD L. DEVETT, A.B., Psychology 316 Front Street, New Berlin, Pa. Men’s Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Alpha Phi Omega 2; Men’s Dormitory Council 3, 4 (president 4). JAMES E. DOVEY, A.B., Economics 5230 South Irvington Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Tau Omega; Society for the Advancement of Management 2, 3; Newman Club 2,3, 4 ; Italian Club 4. PHILIP B. DREISBACH, B.S., Natural Science 1227 W. Livingston Street, Allentown, Pa. Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Medical Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3. ABRAHAM B. EASTWOOD, B.S., Biology 1019 Washington Lane, Jenkintown, Pa. BRLICE T. EISENHARDT, B.S., Natural Science 110 Fifth Street, Fullerton, Pa. Pre-Medical Society 2, 3, 4; Chess Club 2; Science Club 4. CHARLES R. EISENHART, JR., A.B., Classical Lan- guages 238 Bay Street, Glens Falls, N. Y. Eta Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4 (president 4) ; Track 2, 3, 4; Col- lege Choir 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Quartet 4; Phi Kappa Tau (corresponding secretary 4) ; Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2. DORIS L. EMHARDT, A.B., Sociology-Elementary Edu- cation 215 Rech Avenue, Oreland, Pa. Hockey 1,2, 3,4; Cheerleading 1 ; Women’s Council 1 ; So- ciology Club 2, 3, 4 (secretary and treasurer 4) ; Education Society 4; Tutorial Program 4; Commons Committee 1. CHARLES J. ENGELMAN, A.B. 2451 Ayresdon Avenue, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Intramural Sports; Sigma Phi Epsilon. KENNETH C. FEINOUR, JR., A.E., History 2212 Liberty Street, Allentown, Pa. Big Brother Program 3, 4; Commuters Club 1. ROBERT F. FISCHER, A.B., Economics-Accounting 155 Valley Road, Wawa, Pa. Investment Club vice-president; Society for the Advancement of Management ; Lacrosse; Alpha Tau Omega. DONALD E. FISHER, B.S., Natural Science 3 Lambert Road, White Plains, N. Y. Cardinal Key Society 1, 2, 3 ; Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4 (social chairman 3, house manager and pledgemaster 4) ; Hillel 1, 2; Weekly 1, 2, 3, 4 (circulation manager 3, 4) ; WMLTH 1, 2; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Medical Society 2, 3, 4; Big Name Entertainment Committee 4. ROBERT R. FRANTZ, A.B., Psychology 2506 South 18th Street, Philadelphia 45, Pa. Glee Club 2, 3, 4 (director 4) ; Boilermakers (Barber Shop Quartet) 3, 4. KAREN E. FRANKENFIELD, B.S., Natural Science 613 North Muhlenberg Street, Allentown, Pa. Women’s Commuter Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Women’s Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 1, 2, 4; Der Deutsche Verein 4; Pre-Medical Society 2, 3, 4. JOHN SCOTT FULLAGAR, A.B., ' Psychology 626 Second Street, Catasauqua, Pa. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Tau Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1 ; Wrestling manager 1 ; Band 1,2; Chess Club 4. ROBERT J. FULTON, B.S., Chemistry 37 Bergen Avenue, Hillsdale, N. J. Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 (house manager 3, president 4) ; Cardinal Key Society 1 , 2, 3, 4 ; Science Club 3, 4 ; Home- coming Committee 3,4; Interfraternity Council 4; Class Executive Council 2; National Science Foundation Summer Research Grant in Chemistry 3; Intramural Sports 1,2, 3,4. NANCY V. GAEBLER, A.B., History-Political Science 418 Oak Lane, Baltimore 4, Maryland Delta Phi Nu 1,2, 3 ; Union Board of Directors 1,2; L T nion Recreation Committee chairman 1,2; Big Sister Program 2; Bernheim 3; Senior Counselor 4; Young Republicans (vice- chairman 3,4); Phi Alpha Theta 3,4 (president 4). STEPHEN H. GARBER, B.S., Natural Science 133 Crosshill Road, Philadelphia 51, Pa. Varsity Fencing 1 ; Weekly 1 ; Ciarla Sports Editor 3; Pre- Medical Society 1, 2, 3 ; Phi Epsilon Pi 2, 3, 4 (vice-superior 4) ; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. DAY ID L. GAUGLER, B.S., Mathematics 425 Berks Street, Stowe, Pa. Band 1, 2,; College Choir 3; Glee Club 3, 4; Union Board Committees 3,4; Student Council Committees 3,4; Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Tau. SUSAN J. GEIB, A.B., History 35 Maple Street, Lebanon, Pa. Phi Alpha Fheta 3, 4; Political Science C onference 2, 3 (corresponding secretary 3) ; Young Republicans 3. ROBER 1 F. GOOD, A.B., Psychology 1609 Turner Street, Allentown, Pa. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Commuters Club 1, 2; Gym Club 4. 201 GEORGE D. GOULD, A.B., History 8206 High School Road, Elkins Park, Pa. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats 4; Political Science Conference 3, 4 Italian Club 4. RICHARD F. GREEN, A.B., Psychology R.D. 2, Bethlehem, Pa. Football 1 ; Intramural Sports 1, 2. GRETCHEN A. GROSS, A.B., Sociology 213 Main Street, Freemansburg, Pa. Muhlenberg Christian Association 1, 2, 3; Muhlenberg So- ciological Society 4; Tutorial Project 4; Women’s Dormi- tory Council 2, 4. PATRICIA A. GROVE, A.B., Psychology 2114 North Powhatan Street, Arlington 5, Virginia RICHARD E. GYSBERTS, A.B„‘ Psychology 940 Oak Hill Avenue, Hagerstown, Maryland Football 1,2, 3,4; Lambda Chi Alpha; M Club 2,3,4. SANDRA J. HAAS, A.B., English 1068 Catasauqua Avenue, Allentown, Pa. Freshman Orientation Committee 2, 3, 4; Commuters Club 1 ; Union Committees 2, 3 ; Education Society 3 ; Class Exec- utive Council 4; Big Sister Committee 2, 4 (chairman 4) ; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3, 4. TERRY L. HANEY, B.S., Natural Science 16 South Muhlenberg Street, Allentown, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega ; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA L. HARRIS, A.B., History 594 Parkview Avenue, North Plainfield, N. J. Color Guard 1 ; WMUH 2, 3 ; Union Committees 2, 3 ; Ciarla 4; Phi Alpha Theta 4; Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 4. CAROL L. HARTNETT, A.B., English 203 South 14th Street, Allentown, Pa. STEPHEN W. HATZAI, B.S., Chemistry 700 Chapel Road, North Hills, Pa. Class Executive Council 1 ; Fencing 1, 2, 3, 4 (captain 3, 4) ; Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4 (manager 4) ; Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 2, 4; Weekly 2, 3; WMUH 1 ; Science Club 2,3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Interfraternity Council Coordinating Committee 4. WILLIAM L. HAUSERMAN, B.S., Biology 16 South Sovereign Avenue, Atlantic City, N. J. Pre-Medical Society 1, 2, 3; Chess Club 1 ; Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 (corresponding secretary 3, recording secretary 4). ROBER PA A. HEIBERGER, A.B., Romance Languages 109 North Greenwood Street, Tamaqua, Pa. College Choir 1, 2, 4; Opera Workshop 1, 4; Education Society 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Iota 3, 4. DAVID E. HEISER, A.B., Psychology 2413 Fairview Street, Allentown, Pa. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Commuters Club 1, 2, 3; Chess Club. KAREN E. HEISLER, A.B., English 1521 Delaware Avenue, Wvomissing, Pa. Class Executive Council 1, 2; Muhlenberg Christian Asso- ciation 1; Delta Phi Nu 1,2,3; Weekly 2,3,4; Ciarla 3; Women’s Council 3; Soph-Frosh Hop co-chairman; Pi Delta Epsilon 4; Union Committees 2, 3; Student Council Publici- ty Committee 2,3; Who’s Who 4; Tutorial Project Chair- man 4; Student Council acting secretary 4; Big Sister Pro- gram 2, 3; Big Name Entertainment Committee 3; Young Republicans 3. EMILIE T. HEITVIANN, A.B., German R.D. 1, Box 200, Alt. Kisco, N. Y. Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4 (vice-president 4) ; Aluhlenberg Experimental Theater (secretary 3, 4). JOHN F. HENRY, A.B., Economics 411 Main Street, Red Hill, Pa. Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Big Brother Program 2; WMUH 3, 4; Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, 3; So- ciety for the Advancement of Management 4; Student Court Investigator 4. BARBARA A. HERBEIN, A.B., Psy chology P.O. Box 453, Gordonsville, Virginia Women’s Council 2, 3; Women’s Dormitory Council 2, 3 (president 3) ; Education Society 2, 3, 4 (treasurer 4) ; Eta Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4 (secretary 4) ; Psi Chi 3, 4; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA C. HERBST, A.B., English 5227 Wissahickon Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. College Choir 1, 2, 3 ; Delta Phi Nu 2; Muhlenberg Experi- mental Theater 2; Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Phi Alpha Theta 4; Bernheim 3; Who’s Who 4; Ciarla 3, 4 (co-editor 4) ; Publications Board 4; Dean’s List 4; Lambda Epsilon Delta 3, 4. RICHARD A. HILTON, A.B., History 220 Cardinal Drive, Bellmawr, N. J. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Lutheran Student Association 1, 2; Mask and Dagger. BONNIE M. HORNE, A.B., Psychology 268 Richlandtown Pike, Quakertown, Pa. M ask and Dagger 1 ; Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 1, 4; Chess Club 2,3,4 (treasurer 3, secretary 4) ; Delta Phi Nu 3, 4; Psi Chi 3, 4 (president 4) ; Dean’s List 2, 3; Der Deutsche Verein 4; Russian Club 4. THOMAS D. HORNE, A.B., History 301 Woodlawn Road, Baltimore, Maryland Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 (vice-president 3) ; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4 (vice-president 4) ; Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4 (co-captain 4) ; Wrestling 3; Lacrosse 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 (vice-president 4); Student Union Board 3, 4; Mermaid Tavern Society 3, 4 (president 4) ; Honor Code Committee 3, 4; Publications Board 3; Scholar Athlete 4; Alpha Tau Omega Scholarship Award ; Young Democrats 4 ; Varsity M Club. CRAIG F. INGBER, B.S., Natural Science 305 Hedgerow Lane, Wyncote, Pa. Fencing 1 ; J.V. Football 1 ; Weekly 1 ; Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2, 3, 4; Pre-Medical Society 1, 2, 3 ; Dean’s List 3; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. RONALD H. JAMES, A.B., English 9 Brent Drive, Chester, Pa. JOHN A. JANISAK, A.B., Psychology 1138 Luzerne St. Ext., Johnstown, Pa. Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Football manager 2, 3, 4; Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3 ; M Club 3, 4 (treasurer 4) ; Muhlenberg Chris- tian Association 2; Track manager 3; Men’s Dormitory Council 4. STEVEN R. JARRETT, B.S., Natural Science 1596 President Street, Brooklyn 13, N. Y. Pre-Medical Society 2,3,4; Dean’s List 1,2; Tau Kappa Epsilon 2, 3,4; WMUH 1,2,3; Hillel 2; Lehigh Art Alli- ance 2. ERNEST W. JOHNSON, B.S., Natural Science 104 Boyle Avenue, Totowa Borough, N. J. Pre-Medical Society 2,3,4; Young Republicans 3,4; Week- ly 3 ; Alpha Tau Omega. DAVID L. JONES, A.B., Accounting 55 South Welles Avenue, Kingston, Pa. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Cardinal Key 1, 2, 3, 4; Stu- dent Court Investigator 3, 4; Big Name Entertainment Committee 3, 4; Investment Club president 4; Class Execu- tive Council 4; Freshman Orientation Committee 4. WILLIAM O. JONES, A.B., History 302 Railroad Street, Slatington, Pa. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Men’s Dormitory Council 3, 4. RONALD R. KAMYNISKI, B.S., Chemistry 2350 Washington Street, Allentown, Pa. Science Club 3, 4. ROBERT H. KANDLE, A.B., Social Science 202 1 North 10th Street, Millville, N. J. Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 ( pledgemaster 2) ; Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4; Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment 3, 4; Baseball 1; Band 1; Interfraternity Council Rushing Committee 3 ; Interfraternity Athletic Committee 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. LINDA D. KELLER, A.B., English and German 405 Franklin Street, West Reading, Pa. Dean’s List 1, 2, 3, 4; Lindbach Foundation Award 3; Choir 1, 2; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3; Weekly 3, 4; Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4 (secretary 3) ; Delta Phi Alpha 3, 4; Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 4; M.C.A. 3. CAROLYN A. KELLOGG, A.B. 317 Warren Road, Elatboro, Pa. Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Ciarla 4; Basketball 2. ROBERT W. KELLY, A.B., History 652 Lindley Road, Glenside, Pa. Class vice-president 3, 4; Student Council 4; Interfraternity Council Coordination Committee chairman 4; Weekly 4; President Pro Tempore Class of ’68 4; Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 (Public Relations chairman 4) ; Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4 ; Omicron Delta Kappa 4 ; Who’s Who 4 ; Football 1,2; Track 1. JEAN W. KENNEDY, B.S., Chemistry 365 Date Street, Warminster, Pa. Band 1,2; WMUH 1 ; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Phi Nu 2 ; Science Club 3 ; Weekly 3, 4. JAMES D. KIRK, B.S., Physics R.D. 1, Chalfont, Pa. College Choir 1 ; Concert and Marching Bands 1, 2; Opera Workshop 1 ; American Institute of Physics 3, 4 (secretary and treasurer 4) . SHIRLEY A. KISTLER, A.B., Economics Route 2, Lehighton, Pa. Cultural Events Committee 4; Arcade (art editor 4). HARRY A. KLINE, B.S., Biology 230 North St. Cloud St., Allentown, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Intramural Sports 1, 2; Golf 3, 4; Track 2. RUTH A. KLOPFENSTEIN, A.B., Mathematics 1919 East Fairmont Street, Allentown, Pa. Mathematics Club 1, 2, 3; Education Society 1, 2, 3. JANE M. KOHLER, B.S., Natural Science 161 1 p 2 Tilghman Street, Allentown, Pa. Union Art Committee 2; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre- Medical Society 2, 3, 4; German Club 3, 4; Woman’s Coun- cil 1, 3, 4 (vice-president 4) ; Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 4; Science Club 3; Girls’ Basketball Manager 3, 4. RONALD E. KRAUSER, B.S., Natural Science 625 Stetson Road, Elkins Park 17, Pa. Pre-Medical Society 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1 ; WMUH 1 ; Weekly 1,2; Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Orientation Com- mittee 4; Student Court Investigator 4. CURTIS ROBERT LANGDON, A.B., Spanish 2580 Park Avenue, Baldwin, N. Y. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Cardinal Key 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 4; Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2,3,4 (secretary 4). LOIS M. LANGE, B.S., Biology 65 Franklin Avenue, Maplewood, N. J. Mask and Dagger 1 ; Tennis 1 ; College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 (li- brarian 2, assistant manager 4) ; Opera Workshop 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4; Delta Phi Nu 2. BARBARA H. LAROCK, A.B., Romance Languages 2622 N. Upland Street, Arlington, Virginia Concert Band 1 ; Chapel Choir 3, 4; Cercle Francais 4. BURLINGTON B. LATSHAW, III, A.B., Psychology Main Street, Valley View, Pa. Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4; Band 1 ; Basketball 1. GEOFFREY A. LEGG, A.B., Psychology 708 Schoolhouse Road, Brielle, N. j. Alpha Tau Omega 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans Club. DAVID S. LENTZ, A.B., Psychology 315 E. High Street, Lebanon, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD S. LEVINSON, B.S., Natural Science 2 Ninth Street, Salem, N. J. Class President 1, 2, 3, 4; Weekly 1, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4 (president 4) ; African Student Fund 3, 4 (treasurer 3, president 4) ; Freshman Orientation chairman 4; Mermaid Tavern Society 3, 4; Ar- cade 3, 4; Pre-Medical Society 2, 3; Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; Fencing 1 ; Pi Delta Epsilon 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. JOHN W. LINNET, B.S., Natural Science 1801 W. Walnut Street, Shamokin, Pa. Basketball 2, 3. RONALD C. LONG, A.B., Sociology 214 Weymouth Road, Darby, Pa. Chapel Choir 1 ; Pre-Theo Club 1,2; Sociology Club 3, 4. JOSEPH H. LOSCO, A.B., Economics 410 Indiana Avenue, Phillipsburg, N. J. Intramural Sports 1 ; Society for the Advancement of Man- agement 2, 3, 4; Dean’s List 3; Pre-Medical Society 1. RONALD B. LOW, B.S., Natural Science 15 Suffolk Avenue, Maplewood, N. J. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4 (social chairman 2, 3 ) ; Interfrater- nitv Council 4; Cardinal Key 1, 2, 3, 4 (vice-president 3) Freshman Orientation Committee 3, 4; Ciarla 3, 4 (business manager 4); Class Executive Council 4; Pre-Medical So- ciety 2, 3, 4 (treasurer 3) ; Big Brother Program 2, 3, 4; Weekly. GORDON C. LOWE, JR., A.B., Humanities 1206 Whitney Avenue, Easton, Pa. Education Society 1, 4 (treasurer 4) ; Big Brother Program 3, 4; Dormitory Proctor 2, 3, 4; Student Court Investigator 3, 4; WMUH 3; Dean’s List 4. SHARON B. LOWE, B.S., Biology 130 E. Grant Street, Easton, Pa. Marching and Concert Band 1, 2; Prosser Dormitory Coun- cil secretary 2 ; Student Council secretary 3 ; Homecoming Court 3 ; Homecoming Committee 4. HENRY A. LUBSEN, A.B. 62 Broad Street, Flemington, N. J. GARY S. LUCKMAN, B.S., Natural Science 70-25 Yellowstone Blvd., Forest Hills 75, N. Y. Student Court 3, 4; Pre-Medical Society 3, 4 (president 4) ; Freshman Orientation Committee 2, 3, 4; Big Name Enter- tainment Committee 4; Track 1, 2; Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Executive Council 3, 4; Interfraternity Council Athletic Committee 3, 4. ROBERT B. LUND, A.B., Psychology 61 Seventh Street, Fords, N. J. Union Board Committees 2, 3; Sigma Phi Epsilon 3, 4 (pledge trainer 4) ; Education Society 3, 4. MARGARET A. MACDONALD, B.S., Mathematics 967 Delene Road, Jenkintown, Pa. WMLTH 1 ; Varsity Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 (co-captain 4) ; Women’s Council 2, 3, 4; Brown Dormitory Council 2, 3 (president 3); Big Sister Program 2, 4; Class Executive Council 2, 4; Class secretary 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3 (sec- retary 3) ; Mathematics Club 3, 4 (secretary 3, president 4) ; Lambda Epsilon Delta 3, 4; Who’s Who 4; Dean’s List 1, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 4. MARTIN M. MANNING, A.B., German 227 South Whitfield Street, Nazareth, Pa. Der Deutsche Verein 3, 4; Russian Club 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. GERALD P. MARKS, A.B., Sociology 216 S. Madison Street, Allentown, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau 1 , 2, 3, 4 ; Dean’s List 4 ; T rack 1,2; Educa- tion Society 3 ; WMUH 1, 2, 3 (business manager 2) ; Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, 3 (pledge master 2, rushing chairman 2) ; 203 Cl ass Executive Council 2. ROBERT J. MARKS, A.B., Sociology R.D. 1, Box 422-D, Annville, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4; LTnion Board 3, 4; Chess Club (secretary 2) ; Pre-Theo Club 1 ; Interfraternity Council Co- ordinating Committee 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Weekly 3, 4. CHARLES E. MARPLE, B.S., Psychology 1740 Holmes Road, Maple Glen, Pa. Track 1; WMUH 3; Big Brother Program 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. GEMMELL E. MARTIN, A.B., English 16 Blackburn Road, Summit, N.J. Cheerleader 1,2; Education Society 4. RUSSELL C. MAUCH, II, A.B., English 7497 Tulpehocken Street, Philadelphia, Pa. American Institute of Physics 2, 3 ; Opera Workshop 1, 2, 4; College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 (manager 4). JUDITH A. McCARR, A.B., Psychology Stafore Drive N., R.D. 2, Bethlehem, Pa. Women’s Dormitory Council 3; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats 4. BARRY W. McCARTY, A.B., Economics 2139 Lincoln Avenue, Northampton, Pa. Baseball 1 ; Commuters Club 1 ; Class Executive Council 3 ; Society for the Advancement of Management 3, 4; Russian Society 4. THOMAS L. McCLELLAN, AT, Psychology Buttonwood, Kennett Square, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi; Mermaid Tavern Society 3,4; Junior Prom Committee; Italian Club 3, 4; Weekly 4; Young Republi- cans; Big Brother Program 3, 4; Muhlenberg Experimental Theater. RICHARD A. McCLOSKEY, A.B., Psychology 19 N. Lexington Avenue, Havertown, Pa. Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4; Society for the Advancement of Management 2, 3, 4; Alpha Tau Omega 2, 3, 4; M Club; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Football 4. LAVINIA MEINZER, B.S., Biology 308 Marshall Street, Kennett Square, Pa. Muhlenberg Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4 (secretary 3) ; Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 2, 3 ; Mask and Dagger 3; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; Chapel Choir 3; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Lambda Epsilon Delta 3, 4; Senior Counselor 4. THOMAS A. MELLEN, A.B., Sociology 60 Kensington Hts., Meriden, Connecticut Junior Varsity Basketball 1 ; Track 1 ; Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4; Society for the Advancement of Management 2, 3 (treasurer 3) ; Sociology Club 4. BERNARD S. MELT SNER, B.S., Biology 480 Poplar Lane, East Meadow, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Pi 4; Pre-Medical Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 4; Chess Club 4, JOHN S. MIERS, A.B. 16 Elm Street, Norwich, N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4. J. FREDERICK MILLER, B.S., Mathematics 824 Acacia Avenue, Riverview Park, Reading, Pa. Choir 1; Chapel Choir 2; Glee Club 3, 4; Marching and Concert Bands 1, 2, 3, 4; Mathematics Club 3, 4; Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. L. KURT MILLER, A.B., Economics 806 Hallowell Drive, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4; Society for the Advancement of Management 2 ; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. ROBERT F. MILLIGAN, B.S., Physics 31 Walker Street, Malverne, N. Y. Dean’s List 1, 2, 3, 4; LTnion Board of Directors 2, 3; Class Executive Council 1, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 3; Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 (corresponding Secretary 3) ; Marching and Concert Bands 1, 2, 3, 4; Mermaid Tavern Society 3, 4; American Institute of Physics 2, 3, 4 (president 4) ; In- tramural Sports 2, 3, 4. LINDA C. MILLS, A.B., English 437 Warminster Road, Hatboro, Pa. Women’s Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Phi Nu 1, 2; Weekly 1, 2, 3; Student Evaluation Committee 1, 2; Union Hospitalitv Committee 4. JOHN B. MININGER, JR., A.B., English 97 Oak Avenue, Chalfont, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Education Society 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Poetry Workshop 4. HILARY R. MISSIMER, JR., A.B., Sociology 9 W. 5th Street, Pottstown, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Intramural Sports 3, 4; Weekly 3; Sociological Society 3, 4 (president 4) ; Philosophy Club 3; Arts Festival Committee 4. CHRISTOPHER C. MOORE, A.B., Humanities 40 Old Colony Road, Bernardsville, N. J. Pi Delta Epsilon 4; Sigma Phi Epsilon 2, 3; Mermaid Tav- ern Society 4; Union Board of Directors (Art Committee chairman 4); LTnion Coffee Hour Committee 2; Muhlen- berg Experimental Theater 1, 2; Muhlenberg Christian As- sociation executive council 3, 4; Weekly 1, 2, 3, 4. JULIA F. MORTON, A.B., Psychology 1 10 Lenox Road, Brooklyn 26, N. Y. Political Science Conference 2; Women’s Basketball man- ager 2; Weekly copy editor 3, 4; Psi Chi 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4 ; Dean’s List 2, 3. RICHARD A. MOWERY, A.B., Psychology 3647 Stanton Street, Philadelphia 29, Pa. Baseball manager 1, 2, 3, 4; Football manager 1, 2, 3, 4; Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Psi Chi 3, 4; Dean’s List 1, 4; Intra- mural Sports 2. 3, 4; M Club 2, 3,4. CLIFFORD R. MOYER, B.S., Physics and Mathematics 417 N. 10th Street, Reading, Pa. Physical Science Club 1 ; American Institute of Physics 2, 3, 4 (vice-president 4); Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Muhlenberg Christian Association Executive Council and Bible Study chairman 3, 4; Esperanto Club vice-president 4; Mathe- matics Club 2, 3, 4. BETH M. MULLIGAN, A.B., Humanities 18 North Eleventh Street, Reading, Pa. Delta Phi Nu 2, 3 ; Education Society 3 ; Sigma Tau Delta 4; Women’s Council 3, 4 (president 4) Dormitory Council 3. GERALD L. MYERS, A.B., History R.D. 1, Chalfont, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2, 3, 4 (secretary 4) ; Phi Alpha Theta (secretary and treasurer 4) ; Muhlenberg Christian Associ- ation 2. MARYANN C. NADIG, A.B. 329 N. 1 5th Street, Allentown, Pa. PAUL E. NICHOLAS, B.S., Chemistry R.D. 2, Box 5, Slatington, Pa. Science Club 3, 4. ANDREA L. OAKLEY, A.B., Spanish 7 Hoffman Avenue, Cherry Hill, N. J. Phi Sigma Iota 3, 4; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3, 4; Education So- ciety 2, 3, 4; Dormitory Council 2; Weekly 4; Bernheim 3; Senior Counselor 4; Traffic Committee 3, 4; Spring Sing chairman 3 ; Tutorial Project 4. DENNIS VI. O’HARA, A.B., Economics 123 N. St. George Street, Allentown, Pa. Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Investment Club 3, 4; Football 3; Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3 (social chairman 3) ; Commuters Club 2, 3, 4. CHARLES P. OKAL, A.B., History and Political Science 176 Broadway, Clark, N. J. WMUH 1, ' 2; Weekly 2, 3, 4; Ciarla 3, 4 (photo editor 4) ; Pi Delta Epsilon 4. 204 ROBERT S. OPP, A.B. Box 181, Muncy, Pa. Cardinal Key 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Society for the Advancement of Management 2, 3 ; Alpha Phi Omega 1; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Big Brother Program 2, 3, 4. GEORGE A. ORDWAY, A.B., Psychology 206 N. Forest Avenue, Rockville Centre, N. Y. Football 3, 4; Track 1; Lacrosse 4; M Club 4; Cardinal Key Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Executive Council 4; Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 (social chairman 3, ritual chairman 4). LINDA J. PANCOAST, A.B., English 122 West Seventh Avenue, Collegeville, Pa. Education Society 2, 3, 4; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3, 4 (president 3) ; Junior Varsity Cheerleader 1 ; Dormitory Council 2, 3; Class Executive Council 2. EDRI C. PAPPENBERGER, A.B., History 45 Conifer Road, Levittown, Pa. Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 1, 2 (production manager 1); Delta Phi Nu 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Society 2, 3, 4; WMUH 2, 3; Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4; Women’s Dormitory Council (secretary 4); Union Board Committees 3; Big Name Entertainment Committee 3 ; Dean’s List 3, 4. NANCY E. PARKER, A.B., English 12 Fairfax Terrace, Chatham, N. J. College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Chapel Choir 3; Opera Workshop 3, 4; Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 2, 3; Women’s Hockey Team manager 1, 2; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4 (president 4) ; Lambda Epsilon Delta 3, 4; Philosophy Club 4; Arcade 3, 4 (editor 4) ; Who’s Who 4; Education Society 3; Intramural Sports 1; Student Evalu- ation Committee 3; Poetry Workshop 4; Dean’s List 4; Festival of Arts Committee 4 ; History of Ideas 4. ANDREW J. PATTERSON, B.S.B.A., Economics 1120 Pugh Road, Wayne, Pa. Weekly 1, 2; Cardinal Key Society 1, 2, 3, 4; LTnion Social Committee 2, 3 ; Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment. SUSAN M. PATTISON, A.B., English 126 Dayton Avenue, Somerset, N. J. Weekly 2, 3, 4; Education Society 3, 4. JUNE A. PEARSON, B.S., Natural Science 4415 W. Berridge Lane, Glendale, Arizona College Choir 1, 2; Opera Workshop 1; Pre-Medical So- ciety 3, 4. MARY ANN PETERS, B.S., Biology 1221 Wyoming Avenue, Forty Fort, Pa. Women’s Council 4; Pre-Medical Society 3 ; Women’s Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; (co-captain 4) ; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. GREGORY P. PETERSON, A.B., Sociology 148 Norman Drive, East Meadow, N. Y. Interfraternity Council Rushing Committee 3; Alpha Tau Omega 2, 3, 4 (rushing chairman 3) ; Wrestling 3 ; Muhlen- berg Experimental Theater 2; Big Brother Program 3, 4; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. CUMMINGS W. PIATT, A.B., Psychology 133 Westminster, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment 2; M Club 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. RENEE J. PLANK, A.B., Humanities 5 N. Morgan Avenue, Havertown, Pa. Big Sister Program 2, 3, 4; Union Dance Committee secre- tary 2, 3, 4; Weekly 4; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3. ROBERT H. PLATT, A.B., Psychology 2144 W. Highland Street, Allentown, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega; Intramural Sports 3, 4. RUTH E. POST, B.S., Natural Science 1649 Turner Street, Allentown, Pa. Union Art Committee 2; Pre-Medical Society 2, 3, 4; In- tramural Sports 1, 2, 3; Mask and Dagger 1, 2, 3, 4 (secre- tary 4); Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 1, 2, 3, 4; German Club 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4. DONNA K. RAUB, A.B., English 208 Pershing Boulevard, Fullerton, Pa. Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 3; Sigma Tau Delta 3,4 (secretary and treasurer 4) ; Le Cercle Francais 4; Educa- tion Society 4. WILLIAM C. REAMAN A.B., Psychology 35 South Green Street, Nazareth, Pa. Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Psi Chi 4; Dean’s List 4. CAROL J. RIEGEL, A.B., English 67 Chapman Avenue, Doylestown, Pa. Freshman Orientation Committee 2, 3; Recreation Commit- tee 2; Bernheim 3; Senior Counselor 4; Ciarla 3, 4 (assist- ant editor 3, co-editor 4) ; Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Lambda Epsilon Delta 3, 4; Dean’s List 3; Who’s Who 4; Big Sister Program 2, 3 ; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3 ; Publications Board 4. PRISCILLA R. RISSMILLER, A. B„ Psychology 421 Second Street, Beach Haven, N. J. Delta Phi Nu 3; Psychology Club 3, 4; Psi Chi 4; Intra- mural Sports 3 ; Union Committees. LYNN H. ROTHROCK, A.B., Psychology R.D. 1, Bethlehem, Pa. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; M Club 2, 3, 4 (president 4) ; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4; Big Brother Pro- gram 2. JOSEPH C. RUSZNAK, B.S. 148 Woodbridge Avenue, Sewaren, N. J. ALAN C. SALZMAN, A.B., Psychology 1530 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn 30, N. Y. Intramural Sports 3, 4. GENE J. SAUSSER, A.B., Psychology 27 N. Main Street, Mifflintown, Pa. Baseball 1, 2 ; M Club ; Lambda Chi Alpha. DAVID E. SCARBROUGH, B.S., Chemistry Stoeplaan 20, Wassenaar, Netherlands Class vice-president 2 ; Class Executive Council 3 ; Cardinal Key Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Tau (rushing chairman 3, president 4). LESLIE A. SCARBROUGH, A.B., English 204 Norman Road, Camp Hill, Pa. Basketball 1,2; Weekly 1, 2, 3, 4; Union Board Committee 2; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3; Big Sister Program 2, 3; Women’s Council 2; Student Court 3, 4; Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4; Bern- heim 3 ; Senior Counselor 4 ; Pi Delta Epsilon 4. SUZANNE M. SCHAPPEL, A.B., History 965 Buttonwood Street, Emmaus, Pa. DONALD C. SCHLEGEL, B.S., Chemistry 401 Hillside Avenue, Jenkintown, Pa. College Choir 1 ; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (librarian 3, 4) ; In- tramural Sports 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4 (president 4) ; Dean’s List 4; National Science Foundation Summer Re- search Grants 3, 4. ROBERT E. SCHLEGEL, A.B., Social Science Bath, R.D. 1, Pa. Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1, 2, 3; Track 1 ; Tau Kappa Epsilon (president and treasurer); M Club; Inter- fraternity Council secretary and treasurer. CHRISTINA E. SCHLENKER, A.B., Mathematics Silverdale, Pa. College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 (assistant manager 4, librarian 2) ; Delta Phi Nu 1 , 2, 3 ; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 (co-captain 4) ; Women’s Council treasurer 3 ; Lambda Epsilon Delta 3, 4 (president 4) ; Opera Workshop 2; Mathematics Club 3, 4; Bernheim 3 ; Senior Counselor 4 ; Who’s Who 4. PRISCILLA E. SCHMIDT, A.B., Psychology 35-19 204 St. Bayside, N. Y. Education Society 3, 4; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3, 4; Psi Chi 4; Tutorial Program 4. WILLIAM A. SCHMIDT, A.B., Economics 205 408 Main Street, West Orange, N. J. Society for the Advancement of Management 2, 3, 4 (vice- president 3, 4); Investment Club treasurer 4; Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Track 1,2; Cross Country 1, 2. CEINWEN A. SCHREINER, B.S., Biology 6804 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia 26, Pa. Psi Chi 4; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3, 4; Ciarla scheduling editor 4; Dormitory Council 2; Big Sister Program 2; Bernheim 3; Senior Counselor 4; Student Court Investigator 3, 4. MARILYN C. SEEBERGER, B.S., Mathematics 5211 Greene Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Delta Phi Nu 3, 4; Education Society 4; Young Democrats 4; Mathematics Club 4. NAN SELLERS, A.B., French 144 East Harrison Street, Emmaus, Pa. Weekly 2, 3, 4 (news editor 4) ; Ciarla 3; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4 (secretary 4) ; Big Sister Program chairman 3; Fresh- man Orientation Committee 3 ; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3 ; Class Executive Council 3 ; Union Hostess Committee 3 ; Educa- tion Society 3; Big Name Entertainment Committee 3 (pub- licity chairman 3) ; Phi Sigma Iota 4; Junior Prom Court 3. MARY E. SHIVE, A.B., Psychology Box 52, Pleasant Valley, Pa. Dean’s List 3 ; Education Society 3. DAVID M. SIBRINSZ, A. B., Psychology 98 Hamlin Street, Manchester, Connecticut Soccer 1, 4 (co-captain 4) ; All-Middle Atlantic Conference First Team 4; Alpha Tau Omega 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID J. SILVERMAN, B.S., Natural Science 2147 Union Street, Allentown, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 (rush chairman 2, 3, historian 3, 4) ; Pre-Medical Society 2, 3, 4; Science Club 4; Hillel 1, 2; Mermaid Tavern Society 4; Commuters Club 1,2; Big Brother Program 2, 3 ; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. STEWART S. SIMENS, A.B. 389 Pepperidge Road, Hewlett, N. Y. EDWARD B. SIMON, B.S., Natural Science 454 East 41 Street, Paterson 4, N. J. Cardinal Key Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Court 2, 3 4 (president 4) ; Omicron Delta Kappa secretary and treasurer 4 ;Pre-Medical Society 2, 3, 4 (vice-president 4) ; Big Bro- ther Program 2,3,4; Tennis Team 1,2, 3,4; Band 1,2,4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES S. SMITH, JR., A.B., Psychology 306 South Broadway, Pennsville, N. J. Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3, 4 (correspondent 2, house manager 3, president 4) ; WMUH 2, 3, 4; Marching and Concert Bands 2, 3, 4 (vice-president 3, president 4) ; Dance Band 1 ; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 3, 4; Interfrater- nity Council 4; Tutorial Program 4; Big Brother Program 3, 4; Veterans Club 2; Interfraternity Council Coordinat- ing Committee 3, 4. KENNETH P. SMITH, A.B., Psychology 281 Washington Blvd., Bangor, Pa. Dean’s List 2, 3, 4; Psi Chi 3, 4 (treasurer) ; WMUH 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1 ; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL L. SMITH, A.B., English 8510 Fulton Avenue, Margate, N. J. Student Proctor 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1,2, 3,4. MARIE R. SMULDIS, A.B., English 521 N. 25th Street, Allentown, Pa. CAROL J. SMULLEN, A.B., English 308 West End Avenue, Haddonfield, N. J. Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4; Lambda Epsilon Delta 4; Woman’s Council 3; Class Executive Council 3; Education Society 4; Dean’s List 3; Freshman Orientation 2, 3, 4; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3, 4; Big Name Entertainment 3 ; Homecoming Com- mittee 3 ; Bernheim 3 ; Senior Counselor 4 ; Big Sister Pro- gram 2. STEPHEN R. SMYTHE, A.B., Psychology 5 Short Hills Circle, Millburn, N. J. Tennis 2, 3; Band 1, 2; Phi Epsilon Pi 3, 4; Intramural Sports 3, 4. JAMES D. SNEDDON, B.S., Mathematics 414 Juniper Street, Quakertown, Pa. Football 1 ; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 4; Mathe- matics Club 3, 4; Muhlenberg Christian Association 1, 2; Lutheran Student Association 2. JERI S. SNYDER, A.B., English 304 South 17th Street, Allentown, Pa. Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 1, 2; Mask and Dagger 4; Creative Arts Workshop 2; Poetry Workshop 4; Festival of the Arts 4. FRANCES A. SOLGA, B.S., Natural Science 732 N. Glenwood Street, Allentown, Pa. Commuters Club 1; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Pre-Medical Society 2, 3; Phi Kappa Tau; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA E. SOLT, A.B., Sociology 231 N. 8th Street, Lehighton, Pa. Muhlenberg Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4 (treasurer 4) ; Sociological Society 3, 4; Women’s Dormitory Council 3; Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 2, 3 ; Big Sister Program 2, 3; Chapel Choir 3; Institute of Faith 1, 2, 4. ALLEN G. SOMERS, A.B., History and Political Science 14 S. Nicholas Street, Saint Clair, Pa. Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (president 4) ; Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Big Brother Program 4; Political Science Conference 2, 3,4. GARY K. SPENGLER, A.B., Psychology 2024 W. Livingston Street, Allentown, Pa. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; M Club 2, 3, 4; Commuters Club 2, 3, 4. GLENN F. STEIGERWALT, A.B., History 150 So. 19th Avenue, Manville, N. J. Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4 (secretary 4) ; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; M Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Intrefraternity Council Athletic chairman 4; Big Brother Program 4. MAUREEN L. STEWART, A.B., Spanish 410 Salisbury Road, Wyncote, Pa. Muhlenberg Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4 (treasurer 3) ; Education Society 2, 3, 4 (vice-president 4) ; Freshman Ori- entation Committee 2; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3; Institute of Faith 1, 2, 3. E)IANE E. STOUDT, A.B., English 153 East White Street, Summit Hill, Pa. College Choir 2; Chapel Choir 2; Concert Band 2; Educa- tion Society 4; Young Democrats 4. PATRICIA D. STUMP, A.B., Humanities 909 Hunters Lane, Oreland, Pa. Delta Phi Nu 2, 3 (treasurer) ; College Choir 2, 3, 4; Chapel Choir 2, 3 ; Culture Committee, Student Union 2, 3; Muhlenberg Christian Association 1, 2; Bernheim 3. DOUGLAS R. STUTZMAN, A.B. 3350 Oxford Circle, Allentown, Pa. CAROL J. SWARTZ, A.B., English 204 South 26th Street, Allentown, Pa. Muhlenberg Experimental Theater 3, 4; Poetry Workshop 4; Phi Sigma Tau 3, 4 (president 4) ; Philosophy Club 3, 4 ( president 4) . GRACE L. SWARTZ, B.S., Chemistry 327 Mahoning Street, Lehighton, Pa. Science Club 2, 3, 4 (secretary 4) ; Weekly 3. KENNETH A. SWEDER, A.B., History 72-06 136 Street, Flushing 67, N. Y. Student Body President 4; Phi Alpha Theta 4; Assembly chairman 3 ; Student Council 2, 3 ; Muhlenberg Experi- mental Theater 1, 2, 3, 4 (assistant director 3) ; Orienta- tion Committee 2, 3; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; Who’s 206 Who 4; Mermaid Tavern Society 3, 4; Dean’s List; Sigma Tau Delta 4; Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; History of Ideas 4; Class Executive Council 1, 2; Fencing 1; Festival of Arts 4; Tutorial Project 4. MARY E. SWOYER, A.B., Psychology 421 West Market Street, Orwigsburg, Pa. Dean’s List 3. SANDRA L. TAYLOR, B.S., Mathematics 3321 Mickle Street, Camden, N. J. Bernheim 3; Senior Counselor 4; Who’s Who 4; Big Sister Program 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary 1, 2, 3; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3; Student Council secretary 3, 4; Mathematics Club 3, 4; Class Executive Council 4; Education Society 3. GAIL J. THALMANN, B.S., Biology 35 Massapequa Avenue, Massapequa Park, N. Y. Muhlenberg Christian Association 1; Delta Phi Nu 2; In- tramural Sports 1, 2. JON A. THOENEBE, A.B., Romance Languages 117 Twining Road, Oreland, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Big; Brother Program 3, 4; Wrestling 3, 4; Marching and Concert Bands 1, 2, 3, 4. SUSAN TISIKER, A.B., Psychology 707 Lafayette Avenue, Palmerton, Pa. Cheerleading 1 ; Weekly 1, 2; Ciarla 4; Big Sister Program 2 . RONALD L. TODD, B.S., Natural Science 416 N. Law Street, Allentown, Pa. Football 1, 2, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 2; Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4 (pledge trainer) ; M Club 2, 4; Pre- Medical Society 2 ; Class Executive Council 1. ANNIKA TOFFER, B.S., Natural Science 514 Park Street, Allentown, Pa. Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Lutheran Student Association 1, 2; Science Club 3; Pre-Medical So- ciety 2, 3 ; Class Executive Council 4 ; Lambda Epsilon Del- ta 3, 4 (secretary 4) ; Student Court 2, 3, 4 (secretary 4) ; Who’s Who 4 ; Women’s Commuting Club 1,2,3, 4. JOHN E. TRAINER, JR., B.S., Biology 532 South Muhlenberg Street, Allentown, Pa. Cross Country 1,2; Der Deutsche Verein 2 ; Phi Kappa Tau 2, 3, 4 (alumni secretary) ; College Choir 3, 4; Education Society president 3, 4; Freshman Orientation Committee 4; Class Executive Council 4; Phi Kappa Tau Junior Year Scholarship 3 ; Opera Workshop 4. JOSEPH R. TROXELL, B.S., Mathematics 740 Cedar Street, Allentown, Pa. Mathematics Club 3, 4 (vice-president 4) ; Commuters Club 1,2; Chess Club 3; Dean’s List 3; Intramural Sports L 2, 3, 4. TERRY C. TROXELL, B.S., Natural Science 1955 Girard Avenue, Greenawalds (Allentown), Pa. Dean’s List 2, 3, 4; Science Club 4. BARBARA A. WAGNER, A.B., English 2537 Walnut Street, Allentown, Pa. Weekly 2, 3, 4 (layout editor 4) ; Union Board Publicity Committee 2, 3 ; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4 (treasurer 4) ; Ciarla 3; Festival of the Arts Committee 4; Young Republicans 3. ROBERT L. WALTERSDORFF, B.S., Natural Science 450 Jefferson Avenue, Morrisville, Pa. Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 3; Pre-Medical Society 1, 2, 3. THOMAS H. WEABER, III, A.B., Psychology 2638 Allen Street, Allentown, Pa. Wrestling 1, 2, 3; Wrestling manager 4; Mixed Bowling Team 2. BARRON L. WEAND, B.S., Chemistry 1653 Moss Street, Reading, Pa. Fencing 1, 2, 3; Color Guard 1 ; Ciarla 4; Science Club 3, 4; Big Brother Program 4. NANCY C. WELTZ, A.B., Psychology 40 Amherst Court, Glen Rock, N. J. Dean’s List 4; Women’s Council 4; Freshman Orientation Committee 2, 3 ; Class Executive Council 3 ; Big Sister Pro- gram 2, 3; LTnion Hospitality Committee 3; Student Coun- cil Social Committee 2; Delta Phi Nu 2; Muhlenberg Chris- tian Association 1. BARBARA M. WENNER, A.B., History and Psychology Plaza Apts. 304, 39 N. Pine Avenue, Maple Shade, N. J. Delta Phi Nu 2, 3, 4; Women’s Field Hockey 1, 2; Edu- cation Society 2, 3, 4. RODNEY A. WENRICH, B.S., Natural Science Market Street, Auburn, Pa. Pre-Medical Society 2, 3, 4; Russian Society 4; Dean’s List 2, 4. RONALD L. WERLEY, A.B., History and Political Science R.D. 4, Bethlehem, Pa. Band 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Alpha Theta 4; Tau Kappa Epsilon 2, 3, 4 (treasurer 3, 4) ; Dean’s List 2. WAYNE B. WERMUTH, A.B., Psychology 1948 W. Emion Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa. Basketball 1 ; Intramural Sports 2; Society for the Advance- ment of Management 2; Young Republicans 3, 4 (treasurer 4). RONALD H. WESSNER, B.S., Mathematics 609 Walnut Street, Emmaus, Pa. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; M Club 3, 4; Mathematics Club 3, 4. HELEN E. WIEDHOFT, A.B., Humanities 17 West Avenue, Hicksville, N. Y. Phi Sigma Tau 4; Lambda Epsilon Delta 3, 4; Delta Phi Alpha 3, 4; Dela Phi Nu 2, 3; College Choir 1, 2, 4; Glee Club; Women’s Council 4; Education Society 4; Der Deut- sch Verein 3 : Opera Workshop 2, 4. JUDITH A. WILLAN, A.B., Economics 45 Trellis Road, Levittown, Pa. Delta Phi Nu 3,4; LTnion Hospitality Committee 3, 4; So- ciety for the Advancement of Management 3, 4; Investment Club 3, 4 (secretary 4) ; Phi Sigma Tau 4; Philosophy Club secretary 4 ; Dormitory Council 4. KIM E. WILLIAMS, A.B., Social Science 79 Roseland Avenue, Caldwell, N. J. Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 (assistant manager 3) ; Opera Workshop 1, 2, 4; Sigma Phi Epsilon 2, 3, 4 (chaplain 3) ; Lutheran Stu- dent Association 1, 2; Muhlenberg Christian Association 3, 4 (president 4) ; Institute of Faith chairman 4; Arcade 4; Union Cultural Committee 4; Big Name Entertainment Committee 3. JAMES D. WILLIAMSON, JR., A.B., Economics 71 Avenue “D”, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau 3, 4; Society for the Advancement of Man- agement 2, 3, 4 ; Sociology Club 4 ; Marching Band 1 , 2, 3, 4. PAUL M. WOLFSON, B.S., Natural Science 304 N. Gladstone Avenue, Margate City, N. J. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4 (steward); Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Medical Society 1, 2, 3; Interfraternity Council Committees; Weekly 1, 2; Big Brother Program 2; Italian Club 4. RONALD C. YERGEY, A.B., Psychology 2700 Carrell Lane, Willow Grove, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau; Marching and Concert Bands 1, 2; Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Psi Chi 3, 4 (vice-president 4) ; Eta Sigma Phi. JOHN C. YOHE, A.B., Accounting 705 North 12th Street, Allentown, Pa. Weekly 1 ; Society for the Advancement of Management 2, 3,4 (president 3,4) ; LTnion Board treasurer 4; Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 (rushing chairman 3, treasurer 4). ELIZABETH A. ZIEGLER, A.B., Sociology 230 East Elm Avenue, Hanover, Pa. Sociology Club 3, 4 (vice-president 4) ; Women’s Council 3. 207 RICHARD J. ZIEGLER, B.S., Biology 10 North Trooper Road, Norristown, Pa. Pi Delta Epsilon, Student Council 2, 3, 4 (treasurer 3); Who’s Who 4; Big Brother Program chairman 4; Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 (vice-president 4) ; Weekly sports editor 2; Intramural Sports. DOROTHY L. ZIMMERMAN, A.B., French 2106 Belvedere Avenue, Havertown, Pa. Education Society 2, 3, 4; Delta Phi Nu 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Iota 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 4; Young Democrats 4; Wom- en’s Field Hockey 2. J. MICHAEL ZIMMERMAN, A.B., Psychology 4 So. Stuyvesant Dr., Edgemoor Terrace, Wilmington 9, Del. Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Folk So- ciety 2. KENNETH E. ZINDLE, A.B., Humanities 136634 R. N. Washington Avenue, Scranton 9, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 (rush chairman 3, recorder 3, president 4); Interfraternity Council 3, 4 (rush chairman 3, vice-president 4) ; Eta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Class Executive Council 3; Freshman Orientation Committee 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Esperanto Club 4; Pre-Theo Club 1 ; Union Movie Committee 3. PATRONS Dr. Edwin R. Baldridge, Jr. Dr. J. Gysbert Bouma M rs. Anna Marie deGorbea Dr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Erskine Dr. Harvey F. Janota Dr. and Airs. Erling N. Jensen Dr. Adeline E. Kreinheder Mr. John C. MacConnell Air. and Mrs. Howard MacGregor Dr. Robert L. Schaeffer, Jr. Dr. John V. Shankweiler Dr. Hagen Staack Dr. Janet Stamm Mrs. Aurelia Stella Mr. Robert K. Stump Rev. David E. 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A COMPLETE LINEN RENTAL SERVICE 333 UNION STREET • ALLENTOWN, PA. 18102 AREA CODE 215 ALLENTOWN 433-6455 EASTON 258-7551 MUHLENBERG COLLEGE STUDENT LINEN AGENT 215 As the Decade of Dedication proceeds, Muhlen- berg College continues to grow. Physically, the school has acquired another women’s dorm, new dormitories for men, and a couple new fraternity houses. The intellectual growth of the college is not so readily measured, and one might well ask, with reference to the above slogan, “Dedication to what?” On various occasions during the past year, the “liberal arts tradition,” “academic excellence,” and “creative teaching” all were stoutly defended and lauded, no doubt sincerely, by all factions. Some- where, mixed in with controversies, examinations, and demonstrations is the object or goal of Muhlen- berg’s dedication. Maybe sometime, simultaneously, the student body, faculty, and administration will agree on a definition of that goal and on a method to extricate it from the jumble of events. However, as long as people continue to try to figure out what they’re dedicated to and what they hope to achieve, Muhlenberg will persist as a college. Since the Ciarla is the “yearbook,” its function and purpose are self-evident. Without trying to make the Ciarla a weapon, we have represented things as we saw them, both pictorially and editori- ally. In this venture we were assisted by the strange assortment of people who formed the yearbook staff and who, with not too much grumbling, acceded to our commands and pleadings. Working with them was a unique and exciting experience. We thank Mr. Alfred Colarusso and Dr. Truman Koehler respec- tively for advice on design and for willingly signing warrants. We are grateful to the Call-Chronicle Newspapers of Allentown for the use of several photographs of the Protest, the Festival of the Arts, and Graduation. Also deserving our thanks is the Muhlenberg Publicity Office, the members of which kindly supplied us with many pictures. And finally, without the patience, ingenuity, and good will of Mr. James McWilliams of Foote Davies, we would have given up in despair and disgust many times. To everyone who slaved over the 1965 Ciarla, our complete and hearty thanks. Co-Editors 216

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