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THE SENIOR CLASS MUHLENBERG COLLEGE ALLENTOWN, PENNA. PRESENTS . . . i m r» %£ %? £ i THE 1958 CIARLA DEDICATION For when would you, my lord, or you, or you, Have found the ground of study’s excellence Without the beauty of a woman’s face? William Shakespeare A four year period spent at a college necessarily in- volves many antithetical moods: happiness, sadness, losses and gains. We have all had some share in the happiness of college life: house-party weekends, the final grade which was higher than expected, successful participation in either varsity or intra-mural competi- tion, winning an election, or the contentment that is derived from sitting in the classroom and being taught. Sadness touched us individually and collectively on graduation day. We have already begun to feel the losses: friends whom we shall never see again, dormi- tory life, qualified and outstanding intellectual guid- ance. Truly the years spent in college are golden ones and represent a loss that can never be regained. The gains, however, have far outweighed the losses, as deep- seated as these losses might be. We are mature men now, men capable of meeting and facing crises; edu- cated men able to seek a place in life; we have forged or are in the process of forging a philosophy of life. These gains, however, are intangibles. We know that we have matured, our ideas have changed, and our outlook toward life has widened. But the college com- munity is a very small and circumscribed segment of society. The atmosphere of a college community is dif- ferent from that of any other. And the question which is paramount in our minds is whether or not we shall be able to cope with the happenings of the wide, wide world. When we entered Muhlenberg the smiling faces of the coeds were not here to greet us. But in our senior year the long talked of coeducation became a reality. This brought many changes in Muhlenberg. Physically it led to the beautification and enlargement of our campus with a new dormitory, infirmary, Stud ent Center renovations, tennis courts, and a new athletic field. Socially, it acted as a catalyst and stimulus for the languishing social life. And academically it brought a new competitive spirit and an air of formality to the classroom. In all, it has been a credit to Muhlenberg College. From the advent enused many problems. It neces- sitated a transition, a transition in all phases of college life. We seniors learned to adjust to the charges and this has given us confidence that we will be able to adjust to the ever-changing world. As a token of gratitude we are dedicating this book to coeducation at Muhlenberg College. First, because of the gains, physical, social, and academic that it has brought with it. And secondly, because of the gain in confidence it has afforded us personally. 4 WOMENS DORM COUNCIL S. Ruloff, M. Bottom, J. Borelli, Dean Dietrich, J. Kuntzleman, N. Dias, B. Lebo, J. Miller. Persecution by Freshman Tribunal Bruce Davidson, courtesy LIFE (c) 1957 Time, Inc. Discovering the Wonders of Chemistry Organic can be pretty puzzling. Bruce Davidson, courtesy LIFE (c) 1957 Time Inc. IN CLASSES . . . Betty Ann Lebo thinks she knows the answer Bruce David- son, courtesy LIFE (c) 1957 Time, Inc. Mrs. Brown and Dean Dietrich WEST HALL . . . Lyn Frere signing in from a date Valeane Waldeland and Elizabeth Telgheider are here to stay MARTIN LUTHER HALL WEST HALL EAST HALL THE COLLEGE 8 9 THE COLLEGE 10 The 1958 CIARLA ushers in a new era at Muhlen- berg. In recent months there has been a clamor for more efficient and better facilitated educational in- stitutions throughout the country. Sputnik and its repercussions have brought education to the public eye, and in the future there must be a revamping of our present system. Muhlenberg has taken the leap with the innovation of co-education. This has bright- ened the campus both aesthetically and functionally, and promises to uplift the college to meet the scho- lastic demand. In future years when you page through this book, it will reflect upon the first year of co-education at Muhlenberg. To some this CIARLA will foretell a new future, and for many we hope it will recall a pleasant memory of the past. Robert Spivak Editor-in-Chief James Piston Business Manager ROBERT E. SPIVAK 1958 CIARLA STAFF Dr. Truman L. Koehler and Dr. Claude E. Dierolf 11 Richard Raboy, James Piston, and Sheldon Morris managing e, associate editors activities editors iob Pearlstein Dave Paskin fraternity editors sports editors Joe Becked Phil FeigenbaUm Arnie Markoc Robin Schlunk Benson Caplan Harry Berg Spenser Tuchinsky Richard Goldman Ettorina Fantozzi llili Sid senior section editor % copy editors crrculctfion managers photography editor Janet Booth Claire Gehrig consultant general staff Margaret Todd - Roger Frant? Ira Seidman B h r- Rick Klaus Mike Peters Steve Fisher Nate Hirsch Barry Cohen Barry Leighton Dick Kaufman Phil Eichler Arnie Lipschuxz First row: E. Fantozzi, J. Podell, R. Klaus, M. Peters, S. Fisher, M. Todd. Second row: N. Flirsh, R. Frantz, B. Cohen, R. Kaufman, A. Lipschutz, B. Leighton. Third row: I. Ravin, P. Eichler, R. Ffervey, I. Seidman. The members of the CIARLA staff have spent much time preparing a yearbook which they feel will give a complete summary of this year’s activities. To each member of the graduating class, the CIARLA will serve as a momento of his senior year and as a look to his college days. We, the staff, have tried to capture every aspect of college life and hope that in the future many will be able to recall the treasured moments that we have pictured on these pages. First row: A. Markoe, J. Becker, H. Berg. Second row: R. Schlunk, B. Caplan. We are very indebted and grateful to the many persons who contributed so freely of their time to help produce this edition. Our sincerest thanks to Dr. Claude E. Dierolf and Dr. Truman Koehler who acted in the capacity as advisors. Thanks also go to Miss Ethel Lentz and Mrs. Helen Bailey, and finally to Merin Studios and Foote and Davies, Inc. for their kind assistance. First row: R. Pearlstein, R. Goldman, B. Eisenbud. Second row: D. Paskin, S. Tuchinsky. - A F D A M C I U N L I T S Y T R A A T N I D O N J. CONRAD SEEGERS Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D., L.H.D. President, Muhlenberg College PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE To the Class of 1958: Your class has, perhaps, witnessed more changes at Muhlenberg College than any other class since the college developed its present campus. During the four years that have elapsed since you entered as freshman the physical aspect of the campus has been altered. West Hall has been given a com- plete renovation. Martin Luther Hall and new health center have been built. Play areas have been added, and — greatest of all changes — coeducation has been introduced. In that same period we have strengthened the college in an academic sense. You have undoubtedly been aware of revisions and changes in certain departments and courses, and doubtless know that we have become more rigorous in our academic standards. We have no desire to become, or intention of becoming unrealistic in either of these re- spects. We want to continue to be a college in which reasonably prepared men and women can enter and succeed. But we need to take the steps described. Perhaps not so obvious to you, but just as truly and even more significantly changes have, at the same time, occured in the world around us. We are living in a world which, paradoxically, has both shrunk and expanded. It has shrunk because terrestrial distances mean very much less, expanded because man has invaded outer space. Not too many years ago people were com- plaining that there were no more frontiers to conquer, that the adventurous spirit had little left to challenge him. That, of course, was never true. There al- ways has been and always will be abundant challenge for the man or woman who has intelligence enough to recognize and courage enough to meet it. But in some unique sense young people beginning careers now, and probably those beginning them in the near future, will find frontiers never dreamed of before. There will be frontiers in every phase of human thought and endeavor, in profes- sions, in business, in government, in theo- logy, in teaching. It seems that we are enter- ing the most exciting age in human history, an age that will challenge the best in man- kind. We hope that the experience and educa- tion you have had at Muhlenberg College will have given you the breadth and depth, the resourcefulness, the intellectual acumen and courage that so dynamic an age will demand. Our very best wishes are with you. Sincerely, JCS 16 HARRY A. BENFER A.B., A.M. Director of Admissions Director of Men’s Dormitories DEANS OF THE COLLEGE HENRY M. M. RICHARDS A.B., M.B.A., Ph.D. Dean of Faculty HEIMTRAUT DIETRICH A.B., A.M. Dean of Women CLAUDE E. DIEROLF A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Dean of Men HOWARD M. MacGREGOR, B.S. Treasurer ADMINISTRATION CHARLES W. MOSES, B.S. Assistant to the President GEORGE A. FROUNFELKER, JR. Ph.B., A.M. Registrar 18 HELEN B. BAILEY, A.B. Director of Publicity CHARLES R. STECKER, JR., A.B. Assistant Treasurer BRUCE R. ROMIG, B.S. Alumni Secretary JOHN R. McAULEY Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 19 RELIGION HAGEN STAACK, A.B., M.S., S.T.M., Ph.D., Depart- ment Head; JESSE B. RENNINGER, A.B., B.D., S.T.M.; DAVID BREMER, B. Chem., Ph.D.; RODNEY E. RING, A.M., Ph.D. THE 1958 CLASSICS EDWARD B. STEVENS, A.B., Ph.D., Department Head. PHILOSOPHY RUSSELL W. STINE, A.B., A.M., B.D S.T.M., Ph.D., Department Head. EDUCATION WILLIAM M. FRENCH, A.B., Ph.D., Department Head. PSYCHOLOGY WALTER H. BRACKIN, B.S., A.M., Ph.D., Department Head ; THOMAS L. LOHR, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; THEO- DORE MAISER, B.S., Ed.M. ENGLISH JOHN E. BULETTE, A.B., A.M.; RALPH S. GRABER, A.B., A.M.; MINOTTE M. CHATFIELD, A.B., A.M.; J. GYSBERT BOUMA, Ph.B, A.M., Ph.D.; WILLIAM L. KINTER, A.B, A.M., Ph.D.; HAROLD L. STENGER, JR., A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Depart- ment Head; ANDREW H. ERSKINE, A.B., A.M, Ph.D.; CLAUDE E. DIEROLF, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. ECONOMICS HERBERT W. FRASER, A.B, M.A.; ROBERT A. BATTIS, B.S, A.M.; HENRY M. M. RICHARDS, A.B, M.B.A, Ph.D, Department Head; JOHN G. VOYATZIS, LL.B, M.A.; D. IRVIN REITZ, Ph.B, A.M. Missing from picture: PHILLIP H. WILLIAMS, B.S, LL.B. PHYSICAL EDUCATION JAMES KOZLOWSKI, B.S.; RAYMOND j. WHISPELL, B.S., Department Head; WIL- LIAM A. FLAMISH, B.S. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE EDWIN R, BALDRIGE, JR., A.B, M.A.; JOHN J. REED, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; JAMES E. SWAIN, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Department Head; VICTOR L. JOHNSON, B.S., A.M., Ph.D.; WILLIAM C. WIL- BUR, JR., A.B., Ph.D.; Miss- ing from picture: JOANNE Ii. STAFFORD, A.B., M.A.; HARRY D. WOOD, A.B., A.M., Department Head. CHEMISTRY CHARLES E. MORTIMER, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; GEORGE H. BRANDES, B.S., Ph.D., Depart- ment Head; MANLY J. POW- ELL, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; G. N. RUSSELL SMART, B.S., Ph.D. BIOLOGY JAMES R. VAUGHAN, B.S., M.S.; JOHN C. HAD- DER, B.S., Ph.D.; JOHN V. SHANKWEILER, B.S., A.M., Ph.D., Department Head; JOHN E. TRAIN- ER, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; ROBERT L. SCHAEFER, JR., B.S., Ph.D. MATHEMATICS ROBERT R. TOWNSEND, B.S., M.A.; TRUMAN L. KOEHLER, B.S., A.M., Ph.D.; LUTHER J. DECK, A.B., A.M., Department Head. GERMAN JOHN BRUNNER A.B., AM., Ph.D.; ADOLPH WE- GENER, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; HEINRICH MEYER, Ph.D., Department Head. SOCIOLOGY MORRIS GRETH, A.B., B.D., AM, Ph.D, Litt. D, Depart- ment Head; ROBERT PARKE, JR, A.B, M.A. MUSIC AND ART RALPH KEMMERER, LUDWIG LENEL, ALBERTUS L. MEYERS. Missing from picture: FREDERICK ROBINSON, MELVILLE F. STARK. ROMANCE LANGUAGES KENNETH WEBB, A.B, Ph.D.; ANTHONY S. CORBIERE, Ph.B, A.M, Ph.D, Department Head; JOHN A. GRIFFIN, B.S, M.A. LIBRARY STAFF MARY A. FUNK, B.S., M.S., Assistant Librarian and MRS. ANNE S. PARKE. A.B., A.M. answering the call of " May I help you?” THOMAS H. WEABER, JR., M.D., Director of Student JOHN S. DAVIDSON, A.B., A.M., B.S. in L.S., Librarian. Health. INFIRMARY STAFF BARRY SAROTA, Student ; GERALDINE WOLFORD, R.N.; KATHRYN KISTLER, R.N. MRS. MARGARET ZIEGLER, FLORENCE B. MILLER, Recorder, and MRS. G. FROUNFELKER, Registrar’s Office MARY ANN CAMPBELL Secretary to the Dean of Faculty MARGARET B. IGLEHART Secretary to the President ETHEL L. LENTZ Telephone Operator SECRETARIAL and CLERICAL STAFFS MRS. SHIRLEY A. SEIDEL Secretary to the Student Deans PEGGY BASKIN Secretary in the Admissions Office MRS. MARYLOUISE JEFFRIS and MRS. SANDRA DAVIS Alumni Office MRS. VIOLA STAUFFER, MRS. JOYCE R. SHELLENBERGER, and MRS. LOTTIE S. GEIST, Alumni and Publicity Offices [ y)g?S»s " No other man on campus over the years has brought so many students so regularly to his home.” These are the words of a former student of the Rev. Dr. Russell Stine who taught virtually every senior since he became a member of the Muhlenberg faculty in 1927. Dr. Stine is gone, but the memory of his interest in his students and the faith which colored his teaching will live on in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to have had asso- ciation with him. DR. RUSSELL STINE Mr. George E. Lawson served, in his official ca- pacity, as Athletic Director of Muhlenberg College. It was in his time that Memorial Hall was built. But it was the creed behind his athletic program for which George Lawson will be remembered " to build healthy minds, healthy bodies, and to prepare the undergraduate, whether he be athletically inclined or not, to take his natural place in the business or pro- fessional world.” MR. GEORGE E. LAWSON IN MEMORIAM • ; ' ■» - w . •■ ■ , .n - •t " ' ' ' 4 , f ■ ' ' • ' , • . ' t. " ■ ' ■ - „ tm ' a ■ ■ “ : v - . . • ■■ . v ' ' , ■ . ' • ' .f. . ■ ,. v SENIOR CLASS OF 1958 HISTORY OF CLASS OF 1958 Probably the two most memorable years of college life are the first, when everything is new and different, and the last, when one suddenly realizes that he’ll soon be through. Those particular years are especially memorable to the class of ’58 — we came in with prohibition, and we departed with co- education still in its swaddling clothes. Those two experiences in themselves were enough to provide a lifetime of memories. But there was much more. to the " Muhlenberg Family.” Th ey B rOL two o’clock curfew and reporters frorrr nadcs became popular on campus, anc brought new problems. It now seemecL ut parade was a thing of the past, a fd no pi to hold theJ aonfifc - pgp jally cither. The Alt We were fortunate enough to occupy West Hall under Haps as Freshmen. There we organized for the Soph-Frosh contests, of which we were able to win only the pushball game. We were fortunate enough to participate in a bonfire pep rally and a pajama parade on Homecoming Weekend. We watched the football team upset unbeaten Delaware. Ed Murrow visited the campus, and Charlis ChafHain won a battle of art versus the American Legion. As the end of the i -d3fT Homecoming QueeH instead of a m year approached, Ron ( " I hate the Dean”) Schlittler and John ( " If you don’t like it, you can stay aj ay”) Adam set their vast energies to work in planning me first All-Student Banquet, featuring " Good Fellowship Brew.” Jr , Early in our Sophomore year we .showed our consistency by beating the Frosh in the pushball contest and losing the face, placed with six tennis courts and Muhlenberg’s first Dean of Women, Miss Heimtraut Dietrich, arrived. We knew then that we would be here for co-education. We were to hold the reins of student government in that crucial first year. We again found many changes in the campus as we re- turned for out final year. The snack-bar had had a fine face- lifting job, and the wasteland along Chew Street had been transformed into a luxuriantly green women’s hockey field. Perhaps the greatest change was the introduction of females with, them the gazine. Sere- hman hazing tytilat the pajama cdAld be found re greeted xuberant, bdried the Va small which, jammed other two again. It was a rather quiet year on the j. free from the outstanding controversies of the previous year. Everyone had a chance to sit back and look things over. The frafernity svstexa ffged to five nation ' ' fraternities and one local, - Pin Sigma Kappa became Alpha Mu lota. Then there pajama-clad Freshman. The ' Frosh appropriable last all-male Tribunal, and the night was clima: scale underwear gar h e r! ng , ex pod i r io n at West cost manaJ »«tffivities cards.” The Health Office jwfn ' flu” cases, bqt-Hassf ' s conB n u e d with man tions. Amid hill this, " Apathvj became a by-word o Firsr ' semester social life was climaxed by the Se ith the Jimmy Dorsqj mand. When second Semester began, the campus was more — that is. until Junior Prom Weekend became a modern ver- sion ot ' tnou bound. Alpha Mu Iota joined the ranks of ' were rumblings about co-educatjon, and groundbreaking f°r jo na j fraternities again with their initiation into Tau Martin Luther Hall was begun, but nobody really believed that we would still be here to share the campus with females. The beginning of our Junior year saw a new office in the Ad Building — that of Dean of Men. An adjoining office was temporarily vacant, awaiting the arrival of his female counter- part. Changes in tradition began that year, too. The pajama parade was cancelled because of street repairs in Allentown. The bonfire was scheduled anyway, but was able to get under- way only after a lengthy argument with the fire department about the probability of burning down the ATO house. La- fayette thought we had " a canvas instead of a campus,” but their visiting painters were given a different impression by our skillful barbers. As second semester began, the Frosh were moved out of West Hall. Our attention was directed to the Junior Prom, with Buddy Morrow providing a musical background for a theme of Moonlight and Roses.’ Bobby Gall, Cardy Gemma and company finished four years of basketball service with a stirring defeat over NIT — bound Seton Hall. Spring brought more changes to the campus. The faculty parking area was re- Kappa Epsilon. The resignation of the Dean of Women shortly later came as something of a shock, and aroused a wide variety of emotions on the campus. With the approach of Spring, an amazing number of people were able to find their way over the detours to the Brookside Country Club for the most successful IFC Dance in years. The closing weeks of the semester were not uneventful. The brothers of Phi Kappa Tau saw their long vision of a new house becoming a reality. And female voices were substituted for those of the fraternity men as the coeds inaugurated a new campus tradition — the Spring Sing and Ring ceremony. With cur graduation as the last all-male class at Muhlen- berg, co-education seemed firmly entrenched. Some of us had objected to it all the way, others had found romance, every- body got headaches, and some lost hair. None of us had sus- pected in our Freshman year that the campus would change so radically by the time of our graduation. The business majors and the fraternity men were hit particularly hard, but none of us escaped from the influence of the rapid changes completely. They were certainly four colorful years. Earl Knies CLASS OFFICERS Arnold Markoe . . . President James Piston . . Vice-President Joe Becker Secretary Donald Herman . . Treasurer EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Frank Vari Charles Schmerker Richard Lichtenthal Leon Skweir Marvin Roth Robert Spivak Joe Frederico David Fish Clinton Jeffries Robert Keehn Robert Nuss CHARLES A. ADAMI, JR. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. Alpha Mu Iota 2, 3, 4 — House Manager 2, Sec’y 3, 4; Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, 4 — Treas. 4; Phi Sigma Kappa 1; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre- Theological Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Tau Kappa Epsi- lon 4. ALBERT ADAMS A.B. Allentown, Pa. Cross Country Track 1; Varsity Fencing 2, 3, 4; Forensic Council 4; Luthern Student Asso- ciation 1; Mask Dagger 4; Commuters’ Club 1, 2, 3; Lehigh Valley Psychology Club 3; Psychology Club 3, 4. CARL R. ADAMS A.J3. Fleetwood, Pa. Alpha Mu Iota 2, 3, 4 — House Manager 4; Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, 4; WEEKLY 1; Band 1, 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 — Assistant Manager 3, Manager 4; Leadership Conference 4; Soci- ological Society 2, 3, 4; Pre-Theological Club 1, 2, 3, 4 — Vice-President 3, Tau Kappa Epsi- lon 4. SENIORS . . . ALAN H. ARSHT A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4. HAROLD E. ARTZ, JR. B.S. Qnakertotvn, Pa. Choir 1, 2, 3; Commuters Club 2, 3, 4. RICHARD P. BACAK B.S. B.A. Bethlehem, Pa. Commuters Club 3, 4; Newman Club 4. MARTIN L. L. BAKER B.S. Upper Darby, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports i, 2, 3, 4; Class President 1; Executive Committee 1, 2; Interfraternity Council 3, 4; Student Council 1; Choir 1; Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 4 — President 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4. JAMES L. BALLIET A.B. Springton, Pa. Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4; M-Club 3, 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4 — Co-Captain 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT J. S. BARETTE A.B. Allentoivn, Pa. Sigma Chi 2, 3, 4; Sociology Society 3, 4; Jazz Society 4. . . . 1958 JOSEPH J. BECKER B.S. Keyport, N.J. Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4; CIARLA 1, 2, 3, 4 — Associate Activity Editor 3, 4; WEEKLY 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Sports 3, 4; Cardinal Key 1, 2, 3, 4 — Sec’y 4; Class Officer 1, 4 — Sec’y I, 4; Ereshman Tribunal 4; Honor System Com- mittee 1, 2; Inter-Collegiate Gov’t Conference 3, 4, Mask Dagger 2, 3, 4 — Publicity Man- ager 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4; Swimming Club 3, 4 — Organizer 3; Hillel Society 3, 4. KARL H. BECKER A.B. Plainfield, N.J. Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 — Treasurer; Omi- cron Delta Kappa 3, 4 — President 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 2, 3, 4 — Vice-Pres. 4; WEEKLY 2, 3, 4 — Adv. Mgr. 2, Managing Editor 3, Editor- in-Chief 4; Business and Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Honor Court 3, 4 — Chairman 4; Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4; Publications Board 4; Mermaid Tavern 3, 4 — Chamberlain 4. JAMES G. BEENY, JR. B.S. Floral Park, N.Y. Basketball and Football Statisician 2, 3, 4; Canterbury Club 1, 2; DeMolay Club 1, 2; Educational Society 4; Science Club 4; Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. MYRON A. BENDER B.S.B.A. Bellerose, N. Y. Track Team 1; Business Economics Club 4; Veterans Club 4; Intramural Sports 4. SENIORS . . . DONALD G. CANFIELD A.B. Kearny, N. J. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Society 3, 4 — President 4; Mask Dagger 4. HARRY J. BERG B.S.B.A. Teaneck, N. J. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; CIARLA 3, 4— Sports Editor 4; Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4; In- tramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Hillel 3, 4; Business and E conomics Club 4; M-Club 2, 3, 4; Jazz Society 4 — Treas. 4. SAMUEL C. BUDGE B.S. Saylorsburg, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Choir 1, 2, 4; Education Club 4. BENSON C. CAPLAN A.B. Atlantic City, N. J. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4 — Vice-Pres. 3, Presi- dent 4; CIARLA 2, 3, 4 — -Sports Editor 4; WEEKLY 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Interfraternity Council 3; Hillel 3, 4 — Treas. 3; John Marshall Pre-Law Club 3, 4; Mermaid Tavern 2, 3, 4. ANTHONY F. CAPORALE A.B. Fairvietv, N. J. Varsity Baseball 3, 4; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Freshman Football; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; M-Club 4; Business Economics Club 3, 4. WILLIAM J. CARTY B.S. Runnemede, N. J. Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Freshman Football; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; M-Club 3, 4 — Treas. 4; Newman Club 2, 3, 4. ROY M. CLAYTON B.S.B.A. Avibler, Pa. Alpha Mu Iota 2, 3 — Treasurer 2, 3; Tau Kappa Epsilon 4 — Treasurer 4; Phi Sigma Kappa I — Sentinel 1; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Inter Fraternity Council 4 — Treasurer 4; Choir 4. ROBERT F. CONRAD B.S.B.A. Allentotvn, Pa, . . . 1958 FREDERICK M. CORRELL B.S. Allentotvn, Pa. Commuters’ Club 4; Science Club 3, 4. JOHN T. COUGHLIN B.S.B.A. Atlantic City, N. J. Alpha Tau Omega 2, 3, 4 — Social Chairman 4; WEEKLY 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Business Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 — Treas. 4; Class Executive Committee 2, 3; Freshman Tribunal 2; Newman Club 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND L. CROFT A.B. Southampton, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 — Treas. 4; Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Business Economics Club 3, 4; Class Executive Committee 2, 3; Class Officer — Presi- dent 2; Varsity " M” Club 3, 4. JOSHUA W. DAVIES, JR. B.S. Catasaqua, Pa. Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4. SENIORS . . . BRECKNELL M. DIEROLF B.S. Garden City, N. Y. Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1; Rifle Pistol Club 3 — Executive Officer 3- DOMINICK S. DE BELLIS A.B. Millburn, N. J. Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 — Vice-President 4; Business Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Education Society 4; I. F. C. 3; Mask Dagger 1, 2, 3, 4 — Treas. 3, 4. WILLIAM C. DISSINGER A.B. Willimatic, Conn. Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Jazz Club 1, 2,_ 3, 4; Varsity " M” Club 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH M. DELLA CROCE B.S. Freeland, Pa. Intramural Sports 1, 2; Executive Council 1, 3; Freshman Tribunal 2; Newman Club 1, 2, 3. 4. WILLIAM P. DOUGLASS B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. Business Economics Club 3, 4. SANFORD A. DRESKIN B.S. South Orange, N. J. Phi Sigma Kappa, Alpha Mu lota, Tau Kappa Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Varsity Baseball Team 2, 3, 4; Varsity Soccer Team 2, 3, 4; M-Club 4. ELMER H. EISENHOWER, JR. B.S. Allentown, Pa. Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3; Commuter’s Club 1; Science Club 3, 4; Veteran’s Club 4. DAVID S. ELKINS B.S. Collingdale, Pa. Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, 4; CIARLA 3, 4; Hillel Society 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4. . . . 1958 WALLACE R. ELY B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. WMUH 1, 2, 3, 4; Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4— Sec ' y 3, Corresponding Sec’y 4. LAWRENCE EPTING B.S.B.A. Wyomissing, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha 3, 4; Business Economics Club 3, 4; Jazz Society 4. WILLIAM C. FACKLER B.S. Allentotvn, Pa. Business Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Com- muters’ Club 2, 3, 4; Veterans’ Club 4. OWEN D. FAUT B.S. Pennsburg, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 — Finance Sec ' y 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 2, 3, 4— Treasurer 3; WEEKLY 1, 2, 3, 4— Photography Editor 3, 4; Class Sec’y 2, 3; Student Advisor 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4. SENIORS . . . RICHARD N. FINE B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; WEEKLY 1, 2; Interfraternity Council 2, 3 — Sec’y 3; Leader- ship Institute 1; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4; Alpha Kappa Alpha 4; Hillel 3, 4 — Presi- dent 4. JOSEPH J. FEDERICO A.B. Paterson, N . J. Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Foot- ball; Varsity Baseball 4; Varsity Football 2, 3; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Football Manager 4; Educational Society 4; Executive Committee 4; Varsity M-Club 3, 4 — President 4; Psy- chology Club 4. LEON FINKEL B.S. Newark, N. J. Phi Epsilon Pi 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Hillel 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4; Jazz Society 4 — Vice-Pres. 4. PHILLIP S. FEIGENBAUM B.S. Plainfield, N. J. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, 4; ARCADE 4; WEEKLY 1, 2, 3, 4— Office Manager 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 4; Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID E. FISH A.B. Port Jervis, N. Y. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Business Eco- nomics Club 2, 3, 4; Education Society 4; Executive Council 4; Inter-Collegiate Confer- ence on Gov’t. 3, 4. FRANCIS T. FIX B.S.b.A. Allentown, Pa. Business Economics Club 2, 3, 4 — President 3; Commuter’s Club 2, 3, 4 — Vice-Pres. 3; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Veterans’ Club 4. RICHARD J. FLEXER B.S. Allentown, Pa. RICHARD P. FRAGALE A.B. Easton, Pa. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 4; Education Society 4; Pre-Med Society 2. . . . 1958 GEORGE W. FREYBERGER A.B. Hamilton Square, N. J. Choir 1, 2; Pre-Theo 1; Alpha Kappa Alpha 4. STEPHEN FUCHS B.S. Miami Beach North, Fla. Alpha Mu Iota 2, 3 — Pledge Master 2; Tau Kappa Epsilon 4; WMUH 1, 2, 3; Varsity Fencing 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4; DeMolay Club 1, 2; Interfraternity So- cial Committee 4; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4; Jazz Society 3, 4; Hillel 4. SIDNEY M. GAMBURG B.S. Hatboro, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi 2, 3, 4; CIARLA 3, 4; Intra- mural Sports 2, 3, 4; Varsity Golf 2, 3, 4; Hillel C-lub 2, 3, 4; " M” Club 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4. FRED E. GARDNER B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. Alpha Mu Iota 2, 3; Tau Kappa Epsilon 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2; Wrestling 2; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Tri- bunal 2; Interfraternity Council 2, 3 — Chair- man of IFC Formal 3; Muscular Dystrophy Drive 3; Business Economics Club 4; Psy- chology Club 4; Jazz Society 2, 3, 4. EDWARD D. GEORGE B.S. Allentoivn, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2, 3, 4 — President 4; Inter- fraternity Council 4; Pre-Med Society 2, 3. JOHN B. GLECKNER A.B. Williamstown, N. J. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Dance Committee 3; Soph-Frosh Dance Com- mittee 2; Mermaid Tavern Society 2, 3, 4. SENIORS . . . FREDERICK GOLL, JR. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. Intramural Sports 3, 4; Cardinal Key 1, 2, 3, 4; Lutheran Student Association 1, 2, 3; Mer- maid Tavern Society 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 2, 3; Science Club 4. CHARLES R. GRANAHAN B.S. Pennsanken, N. J. Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT W. GREENE A.B. Palmerton, Pa. Business Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 3, 4. PARKER W. GROW, JR. A.B. Pottstoxvn, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega 2, 3, 4; Mask Dagger 2, 3. DENNIS R. GURSKI B.S. Allentown, Pa. Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4 — Vice-President 4; WEEKLY 3; CIARLA 3; Intramural Basket- ball 2; Student Council 4 — Vice-President 4; Dormitory Council 4 — Chairman 4; Commons Committee 4 — Chairman 4; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4 — Vice-President 3, 4; Chess Club 2, 3, 4 — Vice-President 2, President 3, 4; Com- muters’ Club 1, 2, 3; Freshman Tribunal 2; Who ' s Who 4. NEIL W. HAHN A.B. Verona, N. J. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President of Freshman Class; Education Society 2, 3, 4. . . . 1958 CHARLES J. HANDWERK, JR. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3. KENNETH C. HARRIS B.S. Scarsdale, N. Y. Varsity Wrestling 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; De Molay Club 1, 2; Jazz Society 2, 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4. STANLEY W. HEIM A.B. Lebanon, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, 4; WEEKLY 4; Cardinal Key 1, 2, 3; Mermaid Tavern 2, 3, 4; Arcade 4. . ERNEST R. HELFRICH B.S. Coplay, Pa. Commuters’ Club 1, 2, 3, 4 — President 3; Science Club 2, 3, 4 — Vice-President 4. DONALD F. HERMAN B.S.B.A. East Stroudsburg, Pa. Freshman Football 1; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 — Co-Captain 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4 — Treasurer; " M” Club 2, 3, 4. GEORGE W. HERSH, III B.S. Allentown, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4; Business Economics Club 4. SENIORS . . . BRUCE H. HILL A.B. Slatington, Pa. Commuters’ Club 2, 3; Pre-Theo Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sociology Club 4 — Treas. 4. RICHARD H. HINKLE A.B. Weatherly, Pa. Alpha Kappa Alpha 2, 3, 4 — Sec’y 4; College Choir 1,2, 3, 4; Muhlenberg Christian Assn. 1, 2, 3, 4 — Treasurer 3; Pre-Theo Club 1, 2, 3, 4 — President 4. RICHARD P. HOLBEN B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Business Eco- nomics Club 4; College Band 1, 2; Com- muters’ Club 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM N. HOLST A.B. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, 4; ARCADE 1, 2, 3, 4 — -Editor 4; Mermaid Tavern Society 3, 4. RICHARD A. HOWELLS B.S. Allentown, Pa. Intramural Basketball 1, 2. DON P. HUBER B.S. Catasaqua, Pa. Business Economics Club 2, 3, 4; College Band 1, 2, 3. . . . 1958 STEPHEN R. JACOBS A.B. Rydal, Pa. WMUEI 1, 2; Forensic 2, 3; Student Gov’t. 2, 3. CLINTON W. JEFFRIES A.B. New York, N. Y. Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4 — Captain 4; Var- sity Track 2, 3; Executive Council 4; Jass So- ciety 2, 3, 4; Varsity " M” Club 2, 3, 4. RUSSEL G. JENKINS A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. Alpha Kappa Alpha 2, 3, 4; Chapel Choir 1, 2; Pre-Theo Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sociological So- ciety 3, 4. HERBERT S. KASPER A.B. Northport, N. Y. WEEKLY 1; Psychology Club 4. ROGER J. KEEHN A.B. Hillside, N. J. Baseball 2, 3, 4; Freshman Football 1; Varsity Football 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Class Executive Committee 2, 3, 4; Varsity " M” Club 3, 4; Jazz Society 1, 2, 4. PAUL A. KICSKA B.S. Easton, Pa. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 4; Science Club 3, 4; Dorm Council 2. SENIORS . . . PHILIP G. KLINE B.S. Allentown, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 — Sec’y 4; College Band 1, 2; Commuters ' Club 1, 2; De Molay Club 1, 2, 3, 4 — Sec’y 2; Pre-Med Society 2. DAVID N. KISTLER B.S. Allentown, Pa. Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4. BARRY G. KLINE B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. Business Economics Club 3, 4; Commuters’ Club 3, 4. FREDERICK C. KLINK B.S. Reading, Pa. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Business Eco- nomics Club 2, 3, 4; Freshman Tribunal 2. EARL A. KNIES A.B. White Haven, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega 1 , 2, 3, 4— House Mgr. 3 — President 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4 — Sec’y 4; WEEKLY 2, 3, 4— Copy Editor 3, 4; Cardinal Key 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Executive Coun- cil 3; Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3; I. F. C. 4; Mermaid Tavern Society 3, 4; Who ' s Who 4. SHELDON I. KRAMER A.B. Allentown, Pa. Muhlenberg Sociological Society 3, 4 — Sec’y 4; Commuters’ Club 2. . . . 1958 RICHARD E. KRAMMES, II A.B. Allentown, Pa. Commuters’ Club 3, 4; Der Deutsche Verein 3, 4; Education Society 4. LINWOOD A. KULP B.S.B.A. Lansdale, Pa. Soccer 2; Wrestling 2. HENRY E. LEHRICH B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi 2, 3, 4; College Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4. ROBERT P. LEIGHTON A.B. Riverdale, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; WEEKLY 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Soccer 3, 4; Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4; Class Executive Committee 2, 3; Freshman Tribunal 1, 2, 3, 4 — President 4; Pre-Law Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4 — Treas. 4; Varsity " M” Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Wres- tling 1, 2; WMUH 2. SENIORS . . . james j. McConnell A.B. Allentown, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 — President 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; M-Book 4; MCA Play Di- rector 3; Mask Dagger 1, 2, 3, 4 — Presi- dent 4. RICHARD M. LICHTENTHAL B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Alpha Mu Iota 2, 3, 4 — Rushing Chairman 2 — Social Chairman 3, 4 — Vice-President 3, 4; Varsity Track 3; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4; WEEKLY 1, 2; Class Executive Committee 1, 2, 3; I. F. C. 2, 3, 4; Jass Society 2 , 3, 4; Tau Kappa Epsilon 4. CHARLES A. McCUTCHEON A.B. Irvington, N. J. Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Education So- ciety 3, 4 — Vice-President 3, 4; Varsity " M” Club 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 3, 4; Football Manager 3, 4. JOHN R. MAGAN B.S. Cranford, N. J. Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4; WEEKLY 1, 2, 3 — City Editor 3; Intra- mural Sports 1; Science Club 2, 3, 4. ROBERT M. McCOMBS B.S. Stvarthmore, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 — Steward 4; Cardi- nal Key 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheer Leader 1, 2; Pre- Med Society I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD A. MacLAUGHLIN A.B. Martin’s Creek, Pa. Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4; Varsity " M” Club 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 3, 4; Psychology Club 4; Veterans’ Club 4. HERBERT E. MEILY B.S. Annville, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4 — Ritualist 3 — President 4; College Band 1, 2, 3, 4 — Treas. 3 — President 4; College Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Der Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4; I. F. C. 3, 4 — Vice-President 3; Memorial Hall Organist 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4. GERALD L. MANTELL B.S.B.A. Cedarhurst, L. I., N. Y. Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2, 3, 4 — Historian 3 — Sports Co-ordinator 4; CIARLA 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball Manager 1; Football Manager 1; Economics Club 4. CHARLES F. MILLER A.B. Easton, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Alpha Kappa Al- pha 3, 4; College Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Com- muters’ Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 2; Pre-Theo Club 4. ARNOLD MARKOE A.B. Jamaica, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4 — Sec’y 3; Phi Sigma Iota 3, 4— President 4; WEEKLY 2, 3; CI- ARLA 2, 3, 4 — Fraternity Editor 4; Freshman Basketball; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer — President 4; Freshman Tribunal 4; Honor Court 3, 4; Pre-Law Club 2, 3, 4 — President 4; Student Council 4; Who’s Who 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Class Executive Council 2; Academic Regulations and Stand- ards Committee 3, 4. . . . 1958 WILLIAM S. MILLER A.B. Westfield, N. J. Intercollegiate Conference on Government 2, 3, 4 — Sec’y-Treas. 3, Chairman 4. SHELDON L. MORRIS B.S. Chester, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4 — Sec’y 4; CIARLA 1, 2, 3, 4 — Activities Editor 3, Associate Editor 4; College Band 1; Hillel 3, 4; Pre - Medical Society 2, 3, 4; WEEKLY 1, 2, 3, 4. RONALD L. MOXEY B.S. Allentown, Pa. Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4 — President 4; WEEK- LY 2, 3, 4 — Associate Sports Editor 3, Man- aging Editor 4; CIARLA 2; ARCADE 2; Cross Country 1, 2; Track 1, 2; Social Code Com- mitte 4. EDWARD R. NEWHARD B.S. Allentown, Pa. Business Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; New- man Club 4; Veterans’ Club 4. SENIORS . . . JOSEPH F. NICKISCHER A.B. Stiles, Pa. WEEKLY 2, 3, 4; ARCADE 4. ROBERT C. NUSS B.S. Bechtelsville, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega 2, 3, 4 — Worthy Scribe 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 4; WEEKLY 2, 3, 4— Sports Editor 4; CIAR- LA 1; Cross Country 2; Freshman Football; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; College Band 2, 3; Cardinal Key 1, 2, 3, 4 — Vice-President 3, President 4; Class Officer — Vice-President 2, President 3; Examination Procedure Commit- tee 2, 3; Freshman Week Committee 3, 4; Freshman Tribunal 2, 4; Pre-Med Club 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3; Who’s Who 4. HERBERT B. OBERSON A.B. Lehighton, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 3; Der Deutsche Verein 2; Hillel 3, 4; Pre-Law Club 2, 3, 4 — Vice-President 3, 4. CARL S. OPLINGER B.S. Walnutport, Pa. Commuters’ Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Soci- ety 3, 4. JAMES W. PISTON A.B. Lansdale, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3, 4 — Sec’y 3; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4; WEEKLY 3, 4 — Business Mgr. 4; CIARLA 3, 4 — Business Mgr. 4; Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3; Busi- ness Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Offi- cer — Vice-President 3, 4; Jass Society 1, 2, 4; Student Council 4. EDWARD PERKINS A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3; Jazz Society 1, 2; Pre-Law Club 3; Pre-Med Society 2. JOEL L. PITMAN A.B. Irvington, N. J. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4— President 4; WEEKLY 1, 2; ARCADE 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Football; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2; Intercollegiate Conference on Gov’t. 3, 4 — Vice-President 4; Jazz Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Law Club 3, 4. REGINALD A. PERRY B.S. Allentoivn, Pa. College Chorus 3, 4; Commuters’ Club 3, 4; Dance Band 2. . . . 1958 STEPHEN D. POLLACK A.B. Netvark, N. J. Phi Epsilon Pi 2, 3, 4; WEEKLY 1; Intra- mural Sports 1, 2; Education Society 4; Hillel 3, 4; Jazz Society 4. RONALD T. POROTSKY A.B. Northampton, Pa. College Band 4; Der Deutsche Verein 4. EDWARD F. PULVER B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. Intramural Football 2; Chess Club 2, 3, 4; Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4. RICHARD H. RABOY A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4 — Social Chairman 4; Basketball Captain 4; WEEKLY 1, 2, 3, 4; CIARLA 3, 4 — Assistant Editor 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Hillel Foundation 3, 4; Mi- amonides Club 2. SENIORS . . . TERRY S. RANDELL B.S. Easton, Pa. Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4. MELVIN L. REA A.B. Reading, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega 3, 4; Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, 4; De Molay Club 2, 3 — Corr. Sec’y 2, President 3; Institute of Faith 2, 3, 4 — Chair- man 4; Muhlenberg Christian Association 2, 3, 4 — President 4; Psychology Club 3, 4. J. MARSHALL REBER B.S. Wilmington, Del. WMUH 1, 2, 3, 4— Chief Engineer 2, 3, 4; Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4 — President 4; Varsity Fencing 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD C. REICHARD B.S. Kutztown, Pa. Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4. DAVID W. REINHARD A.B. Allentown, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau 3, 4 — Corr. Sec’y 4; De Molay Club 1, 2, 3, 4 — Sec’y 3; Psychology Club 3, 4 — President 4. MARVIN A. ROTH B.S. Margate, N. J. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; WEEKLY 1, 2, 3, 4; Executive Council Junior Class 3; Execu- tive Council Senior Class 4; Freshman Tribu- nal 4; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4 — President 4. RICHARD A. RUCH B.S. Allentown, Pa. Commuters’ Club 1, 2. RONALD C. RITTER B.S. Chatham, N. J. Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 — Vice-President 4; WMUH 1, 2; Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4; Busi- ness Economics Club 2. . . . 1958 HENRY C. RUSSOLI B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. Veterans ' Club 4. SAMUEL O. SCHAADT A.B. Fullerton, Fa. Psychology Club 3, 4; Veterans’ Club 4. JOHN R. SCHILLING A.B. Bethlehem, Fa. Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4; Pre-Theo Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Sociological Society 2, 3, 4 — Vice- President 4. GEORGE L. SCHINDLER B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. Varsity Football 2, 3; Varsity Track 2; Busi- ness Economics Club 4 — Vice-President 4; " M” Club 4; Veterans’ Club 4. SENIORS . . . ROBIN R. SCHLUNK A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. Phi Sigma Iota 2, 3, 4; Eta Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4 — President 3; Alpha Kappa Alpha 2, 3, 4— Vice-President 3, 4; CIARALA 3, 4— Fra- ternity Editor 4; ARCADE 2, 3, 4 — Associate Editor 3; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Mer- maid Tavern 3, 4; Der Deutsche Verein 3, 4. CHARLES F. SCHMERKER B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. Class Executive Committee 4; Business Eco- nomics Club 3, 4 — Sec’y 4; Commuters’ Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2; Marching Band 1 , 2 . KARL A. SCHNEIDER A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. Alpha Kappa Alpha 2, 3, 4; Dormitory Coun- cil 2; Deutsche Verein 1, 2, 3, 4 — Sec’y 2, President 3. Institute of Faith 3 — Campus Promotion 3; Pre-Theo Club 2, 3, 4. EDWARD SCHROEDER A.B. Allentoivn, Pa. Commuters’ Club 1, 2, 3, 4 — President 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4 — President 4. DONALD R. SEIDENBERGER B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. Business Economics Club 3, 4; Newman Club 4. IRA H. SEIDMAN A.B. New York, N. Y. CIARLA 3, 4; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4; Golf Team 2, 3, 4; Hillel 3, 4 — Sec’y 4; Pre-Medi- cal Society 2, 3; Parlor Brother of Phi Epsilon Pi 4. . . . 1958 LARRY B. SEIP B.S. Allentown, Pa. Fencing 3, 4; Commuters’ Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Luteran Student Association 2, 3; Muhlenberg Christian Association 2, 3; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4. RALPH W. SELL, JR. A.B. Allentown, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau 2, 3, 4; WMUH 2; Class President 1, Mermaid Tavern 3. KENNETH SEMMEL A.B. Nutley, N. J. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Alpha Theta 3 , 4— Sec’y-Treas. 4; CIARLA 1, 2, 3, 4; WEEKLY 2, 3; Intramural Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4; Debating Club 2; Hillel 3, 4; Jazz Society 4; Pre-Law Club 1, 2, 3, 4 — Sec’y-Treas. 3, 4. DAVID G. SENGER A.B. Emmans, Pa. Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4; Varsity Golf 2, 3, 4. CARL H. SHELLENBERGER B.S. York, Pa. Alpha Tau Omega 3, 4; Student Council 4; Deutsche Verein 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 3, 4. THOMAS S. SHIROCK A.B. Allentoxvn, Pa. Psychology Club 4. SENIORS . . . DONALD L. SIMPSON A.B. Allentoxvn, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2, 3, 4 — Pledgemaster 3, Rush Chairman 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4 — Captain 4; Soccer 4; Commuters ' Club 2, 3; " M” Club 2, 3, 4; Sociological Society 3, 4. BARRY W. SIROTA A.B. Irvington, N. J. Tau Kappa Epsilon 3, 4; Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4; Phi Sigma Iota 4; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4; " M” Club 4; Hillel 3, 4; Pre-Law Club 2, 3, 4. JAMES A. SKELTON, JR. A.B. North Bergen, N. J. Alpha Kappa Alpha 4; Dormitory Council 3, 4; College Choir 2, 3, 4; Lutheran Student Association 2, 3, 4; Pre-Law Club 2, 3. LEON A. SKWEIR B.S. Northampton, Pa. Phi Kappa Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 — Sgt. at Arms 3; Pi Delta Epsilon 2, 3, 4; I.F.C. Representa- tive 4; Exec utive Council 3, 4; WMUH 1, 2, 3, 4 — Station Manager 3; Publications Board 3; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Coun- cil 4; Class Executive Committee 2, 3, 4; Class Social Chairman 2, 3; Concert Band 2; Dance Band 2; Pre-Med Club I, 2, 3, 4. STANLEY D. SLOVER A.B. Hellertown, Pa. Education Society 3, 4 — Sec’y 4; Muhlenberg Christian Association 4; Science Club 4; Choir 4. DONALD R. SNYDER B.S. Laureldale, Pa. Phi Sigma Kappa 1 ; Alpha Mu Iota 2, 3, 4 — Inductor 2, Vice-President 2, President 3, 4; Tau Kappa Epsilon 4 — President 4; WEEKLY 1; I.F.C. 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Executive Council Junior Class 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Leadership Training Conference 4. . . . 1958 GABRIEL E. SPECTOR B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; WEEKLY 2, 3; Intramural Football 3, 4; Intramural Basket- ball 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4 — Corr. Sec’y 3, 4; Hillel 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Club 2, 3, 4; Who’s Who 4; Inter-Fraternity Council So- cial Committee 4. ROBERT E. SPIVAK B.S.B.A. Philadelphia, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi 2, 3, 4 — Athletic Chairman 3, Corr. Sec’y 3, 4; WEEKLY 2, 3, 4; CIARLA 2, 3, 4 — Managing Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4; Publications Board 4; Dormitory Council 4; Class Executive Committee 4; Faculty Com- mittee on Athletics 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4 — Treasurer 4; Business Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Hillel Club 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Social Committee 4 — Chairman 4. LEONARD A. STAUFFER A.B. T opt on, Pa. Choir 2, 3, 4; Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN A. STEHLIN, JR. A.B. Allentown, Pa. STEPHEN I. A.B. STUPAK Allentown, Pa. FRED A. STUTMAN B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; WEEKLY 1, 2, 3; Intramural Basketball 1, 2; Freshman Track 1; Varsity Track 2, 4; Chess Club 2, 3, 4 — President 3; Hillel 3, 4; Jazz Society 3, 4 — President 4; Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4. SENIORS . . . LESTER J. SWEELEY, JR. A.B. Newton, N. J. Sigma Phi Epsilon 3, 4; ARCADE 1, 2— Art Editor 2; Varsity Fencing 3, 4; Psychology Club 3, 4 — President 3. CHARLES R. TAKACS B.S.B.A. Bethlehem, Pa. Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 1; Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. ROBERT R. TASCHNER B.S. Allentown, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2, 3, 4 — Sr. Marshal 2, 3; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Club 2, 3. ' ••if ' RICHARD B. TEPPER B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2, 3, 4; I.F.C. 3, 4; WEEK- LY 1, 2, 3, 4 — Circulation Manager 3, 4; Pre-Med Society; Omicron Delta Kappa 4. DAVID ULANET A.B. South Orange, N. J. WEEKLY 1, 2; CIARLA 2, 3, 4; Fencing 1; Track 1, 2; Hillel 4. LOUIS TORRES A.B. Santurce, Puerto Rico Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3, 4 — House Manager 2, Ritual Chairman 3, I.F.C. Rep. 3; Phi Al- pha Theta 3, 4; Phi Sigma Iota 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; Freshman Track 1; Student Council 4 — President 4; Band 3; Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4; Mask Dagger 2, 3, 4 — Pa- trons’ Chairman 2, 3, 4; Mermaid Tavern 3, 4; Who’s Who 4. RAY J. UEBERROTH A.B. Center Valley, Pa. Alpha Mu Iota 3; Tau Kappa Epsilon 4; Stu- dent Council 4 — Recording Sec’y 4; Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 — Assistant Manager 3; Com- muters’ Club 1, 2 — Sec’y 2; De Molay Club 2, 3, 4; Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4; Freshman Advisor 3, 4; Marching Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4 — Recording Sec’y 2, 3; Pre-Theologi- cal Club 2, 3, 4; Sociological Society 3, 4. . . . 1958 FRANCIS J. VARI A.B. Allentown, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 — Guard 3, Vice- President 4; Freshman Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2; Student Council 4 — Executive Council 4; Business Economics Club 4. EDWARD J. WEAVER A.B. Bath, Pa. Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4 — Recording Sec’y 3, 4; Sociological Society 3, 4 — President 4. PAUL K. WHIT CRAFT B.S. Haddonfield, N. J. Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Business Economics Club 3, 4; " M” Club 2, 3, 4 — Sec’y 4. BENJAMIN K. WILLIAMS, JR. B.S.B.A. East Stroudsburg, Pa. Business Economics Club 4; De Molay Club 1; Veterans’ Club 4. HENRY N. WILLIAMS A.B. Palmerton, Pa. Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, 4; Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; Deutsche Verein 2, 3, 4; Dormitory . Council 2, 3, 4; Muhlenberg Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4— President 4; Student Honor Court 3, 4; Who’s Who 4. SENIORS . . . RICHARD W. WOOD A.jB. Allentoi vn, Pa. Freshman Football 1; Business Economics Club 3; Veterans’ Club 4. ARTHUR E. WRIGHT B.S.B.A. Abington, Pa. Varsity Football 3, 4; Intrumural Basketball 2, 3, 4; Business Economics Club 4; ”M” Club 3, 4. FRANCIS ALVIN COLEMAN A.B. Emmaus , Pa. Ph Alpha Theta 3, 4. ROBERT B. EVANS B.S. Trenton, N. J. HARDY W. MECK A.B. Quakertoxvn, Pa. GEORGE E. PLOZA Allentown, Pa. A.B. Back row: Luis Torres, Arnold Markloe, Henry Williams, Garbriel Spector, and Herb Meiley. Front row: Robert Nuss, Earl Knies, Dennis Gurski, and Karl Becker. The students recognized in WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES each year are nominated from approximately 650 colleges and universities. Campus nominating com- mutes are instructed to consider, in making their selec- tions, the student’s scholarship; his participation and lead- ership in academic and extracurricular activities; his citi- zenship and service to the school; and his promise of future usefulness. WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERI- CAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES awards each member a certificate of recognition, presented on the campus at an honor award ceremony. Also, it provides a placement or reference service to assist seniors seeking employment. This year nine men were given the award. KARL DENNIS if] ARL KNIES VNlVEftSlTIfS HERB MEILY GABRIEL SPECTOR LUIS TORRES HENRY W C ILLIAMS WHO’S WHO 61 CLASS OFFICERS Chick Smith .... President Walt Shuman . . Vice-President George Thomas . . . Secretary Ed Theiler Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS OF 1959 I EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Pearce Knause Don Borden Herb Seigal Charles Keim Leonard Swann Don Nase James Eden Ed Meyer Nino Carnavale Dennis Cimino BACHMAN, VANCE A. B.S. Allentown, Pa. BAER, HAROLD R. A.B. Reading, Pa. BAKER, ROBERT C. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. BAKIS, THEODORE C. A. B. Allentown, Pa. BAUSCH, DAVID K. B. S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. BECK, DAVID L. B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. BEETON, ROBERT E. B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. BEHRLE, RONALD N. A. B. Allentown, Pa. BEIDLEMAN, HARRY J., JR. B. S. B.A. Hokendauqua, Pa. BEINNER, MICHAEL D. A. B. W. Orange, N. J. BELL, JAMES R. B. S. East Texas, Pa. BELSCHWENDER, JOHN R. A. B. Albany, N. Y. BERKOWITZ, IRVING B. S. Philadelphia, Pa. BINNER, FREDERICK W. B.S. B.A. S uccasunna, N. J. BONOMO, JAMES C. A. B. Orange, N. J. BORDEN, DONALD I. B. S. | Newark, N. J. BROWN, SETH W. B.S. Manasquan, N. J. BRUSKO, ANDREW B.S. B.A. Egypt, Pa. CALLISTO, WILLIAM G. A.B. Allentown, Pa. CARDONSKY, ROBERT J. A.B. Elizabeth, N. J. ERNST, RICHARD A.B. Allentown, Pa. EVANS, DONALD L. B.S. Tamaqua, Pa. FARBER, DAVID T. B.S. Bowmanstown, Pa. FISHER, DONALD W. B.S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. CARNEVALE, NINO J. B.S. Westfield, N. J. CASSELBERRY, GILBERT H. A. B. Philadelphia, Pa. CHASTNEY, JAMES C. B. S. Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. CHERNIN, FREDRIC D. A. B. Teaneck, N. J. CHOQUETTE, RONALD L. B. S. B.A. Little Silver, N. J. CIMINO, DENNIS J. B.S. Roseto, Pa. CLAIRE, FRANKLIN H. B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. CLEAVER, MAHLON F. A.B. Allentown, Pa. CLYMER, PAUL I. A. B. Sellersville, Pa. CSASZAR, FRANK C. B. S. Belleville, N. J. CVORNYEK, STEPHEN J. A. B. Hellertown, Pa. DERECHIN, MICHAEL B. S. Bayonne, N. J. DIEDOARDO, RICHARD A. B.S. Bath, Pa. DOUGLASS, VAN DORAN F. B.S. Ambler, Pa. DREISBACH, JOHN D. A.B. Stroudsburg, Pa. DUNLAP, V. NADEJSDA A. B. Allentown, Pa. EDEN, JAMES E. B. S. Dunkirk, N. Y. EICHLER, PHILIP N. B.S. Hillside, N. J. EISENBUD, BURT A.B. Linden, N. J. ENGLAND, ALAN N. A.B. Plainfield, N. J. FLAIG, RONALD G. B.S. Westfield, N. J. FRANTZ, ROGER C. A. B. Westfield, N. J. FREY, FRANCIS S. B. S. Allentown, Pa. FREY, FREDERICK P., JR. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. GALLAGHER, WILLIAM A., JR- B.S. Allentown, Pa. GEORGE, JAMES B.S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. GETZ, RONALD D. B.S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. GOLDFEIN, WARREN A. A. B. Hillside, N. J. GOLDMAN, RICHARD M. B. S. Newark, N. J. GORDON, ROBERT W. A. B. Mercerville, N. J. GROSSMAN, LEON J. B. S. Westmont, N. J HAAS, ROBERT F. B.S. B.A. Fullerton, Pa. HABERERN, JOHN F. A. B. Egypt, Pa. HABERERN, PATRICIA A. B. S. Stiles, Pa. HANDELMAN, STANLEY L. A.B. Paterson, N. J. HARTMAN, RICHARD L. A.B. Wyomissing, Pa. HECKMAN, HARVEY C. A. B. Allentown, Pa. HERB, G. KENNETH B. S. Orwigsburg, Pa. HERTZOG, ALFRED P. B.S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. HESS, RICHARD J. B.S. Bangor, Pa. HIETER, ROBERT F. A.B. Garden City, N. Y. HIGGINS, WILLIAM D. A.B. Cambridge, N. Y. HINZ, CHRISTIAN E. A.B. Reading, Pa. HIRSCHKIND, ROGER A. A.B. Woodbury, N. J. HOFFMAN, CHARLES S. A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. HOLCROFT, JOHN R. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. HORGER, PAUL D. A.B. Taylor, Pa. HORNER, ARTHUR H. A. B. Westfield, N. J. HORROCKS, ARTHUR W. B. S. B.A. Norristown, Pa. HOWELL, EVAN B.S. B.A. Oxford, N. J. HYETT, MARVIN R. B.S. Atlantic City, N. J. JOHNSON, LEWIS C. A.B. Claymont, Del. JONES, DAVID W. A.B. Palmerton, Pa. JURUS, PHILIP N. A.B. Hazleton, Pa. KAHN, CHARLES B. A.B. Margate, N. J. KAPLAN, ALLEN C. A. B. East Paterson, N. J. KAUFMAN, RICHARD S. B. S. Brooklyn, N. Y. KEHRLI, JOHN R. A.B. Dunmore, Pa. KEIM, CHARLES L. A.B. Emmaus, Pa. KELTING, PETER A. A.B. Roosevelt, N. Y. KENNEDY, RICHARD M., JR. A. B. Pottsville, Pa. KERN, EUGENE B. B. S. Hillside, N. J. KESSLER, MELVIN R. A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. KING, RICHARD ALAN A.B. Allentown, Pa. KING, RICHARD ALDEN A.B. Dover, N. J. KNAUSS, PIERCE A., JR. A.B. Bethlehem, Pa. KRAMER, JAC A.B. Bronx, N. Y. KREIDLER, LEE A. A.B. Slatington, Pa. KREINES, MELYN I. A. B. Bayside, N. Y. KRICUN, MORRISON E. B. S. Philadelphia, Pa. KULP, LINWOOD A., JR. B.S. B.A. Lansdale, Pa. LAM, CARL A. B.S. Georgetown, British Guiana LAM, RONALD E. B.S. Georgtown, British Guiana LAUB, HAROLD V., JR. A.B. Allentown, Pa. LEBAN, STEPHEN L. A. B. Philadelphia, Pa. LEVAN, PHILIP G. B. S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. LEVY, MICHAEL B. B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. LICHTENWALNER, CHARLES C. B.S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. LILIENKAMP, ROBERT H. A.B. Union City, N. J. LIVINGOOD, BENJAMIN C. A.B. Wyomissing, Pa. LOEWE, WILLIAM A. B. New York, N. Y. LUDWIG, ROGER W. B. S. B.A. Ridgewood, N. J. LUKENS, ROBERT G. A. B. Lafayette Hill, Pa. McQUILKIN, ROBERT A. B. S. Sprinfield, Pa. MacMILLAN, JAMES P. B.S. Yardley, Pa. Mac WILLI AMS, PETER T. B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. MADSEN, ROY E. A. B. Irvington, N. J. MAEGIN, STEPHEN D. B. S. Pleasantville, N. J. MAGAN, JOHN R. B.S. Cranford, N. J. MANGER, MARTIN C. B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. MARKOSI, CHARLES B.S. Palmerton, Pa. MATELL, STEVEN H. A. B. Brooklyn, N. Y. MATTIE, JOHN D. B. S. B.A. Nutley, N. J. MEALING, KENNETH S. A. B. Warrington, Pa. MERKEL, MARIE A. B. S. Palmerton, Pa. MEYER, EDWARD C„ JR. A. B. Union, N. J. MICEK, FRANK A. B. S. B.A. Coplay, Pa. MICHAELS, DONALD B. B.S. North Wales, Pa. MICKELBERG, STEPHEN R. B.S. B.A. Philadelphia, Pa. MILLER, CLAIR D. A.B. Allentown, Pa. MILLER, RICHARD A. A. B. Kutztown, Pa. MORRIS, DONALD M. B. S. Red Bank, N. J. MOSKOWITZ, JOEL E. A. B. Newark, N. J. NASE, DONALD F. B. S. Souderton, Pa. NESI, DANIEL A. B.S. Dunmore, Pa. NIEMANN, GEORGE P. A.B. Flushing, N. Y. NOTTLE, THOMAS C. A.B. Nazareth, Pa. NOVEK, DONALD L. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. O’CONNOR, THOMAS J. A.B. W. Nyack, N. Y. PALAZZO, SALVATOR B., JR. B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. PENKETHMAN, WILLIAM C. A. B. Belleville, N. J. PERKINS, EWARD B. S. B.A. Philadelphia, Pa. PERLSTEIN, ROBERT B. A.B. Rydal, Pa. PETERSON, JOHN A., JR. A. B. Yonkers, N. Y. PFEIFFER, JACK L. B. S. B.A. Clymer, N. Y. PILLMEIER, FREDERICK G. A. B. Philadelphi a, Pa. PITT, MICHAEL V. B. S. Philadelphia, Pa. PONICSAN, DARRYL G. A.B. Ringtown, Pa. POPPE, DONALD C. A. B. Fullerton, Pa. PURNELL, RUSSELL A. B. S. Barnesville, Pa. REHRIG, GERALD J. A.B. Bowmanstown, Pa. REIMET, RICHARD W. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. RIEDY, RICHARD N. A.B. Fullerton, Pa. ROMEIKE, RONALD N. A. B. Pennsburg, Pa. ROTHFELD, DONALD B. S. Hillside, N. J. ROVEDA, LORENZO L. B.S. Allentown, Pa. SABOL, ROBERT G. A.B. Plainfield, N. J. SALUSTRO, JOSEPH J. A.B. Neptune, N. J. SANDERS, MICHAEL A. A.B. Larchmont, N. Y. SCHABERT, STANLEY A. A. B. Hillsdale, N. J. SCHAEFFER, THOMAS A. B. S. Allentown, Pa. SCHELL, LARRY V. A.B. Fogelsville, Pa. SCHELL, SUE A. A. B. Allentown, Pa. SCHIRRMACHER, HORACE W. B. S. B.A. Yardley, Pa. SCHMIER, PAUL B.S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. SCHOLL, EDWIN J. A. B. Westwood, N. J. SCHOLL, RONALD B. B. S. B.A. Easton, Pa. SCHULTZ, RAY K. B.S. Hereford, Pa. SCHUMACHER, ROBERT C. A.B. Plumsteadville, Pa. SCHUMAN, WALTER H. A. B. Philadelphia, Pa. SCHWARTZ, PETER J. B. S. South River, N. J. SEIVARD, CHARLES F. A. B. Pottstown, Pa. SHELLENBERGER, CARL H. B. S. York, Pa. SHELLENBERGER, DONALD G. A.B. Allentown, Pa. SIEGEL, HERBERT A.B. Maplewood, N. J. SILVER, DONALD P. A.B. Hewlett, N. Y. SIMPSON, HARRY T. A.B. Allentown, Pa. SLOAN, RICHARD B. A.B. Wyncote, Pa. SMITH, CHARLES B. A.B. Cheltenham, Pa. SMITH, DAVID E. A. B. Audubon, N. J. SMITH, DAVID P. B. S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. SMITH, EDWYN M. B.S. Newark, N. J. SMITH, FREDERICK A. A. B. Nazareth, Pa. SMITH, STANLEY B. B. S. Easton, Pa. SNELL, CECELIA I. A. B. Catasauqua, Pa. SOPHER, GILBERT B. S. Philadelphia, Pa. SORGER, JAMES B.S. Newark, N. J. SOURWINE, DANIEL D. B.S. B.A. Northampton, Pa. SOWERS, KENNETH R. A.B. Orwigsburg, Pa. SPECHT, RICHARD H. B.S. B.A. Kulpsville, Pa. STAHR, RICHARD W. B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. STAMM, WILLIAM J. A.B. Allentown, Pa. STEPHEN, RICHARD W. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. SUSSEX, RONALD C. A.B. Franklin Lakes, N. J. SWANN, LEONARD A. A. B. Zionsville, Pa. THIELER, EDWARD R. B. S. Philadelphia, Pa. THOMAS, BENJAMIN B. B.S. Shamokin, Pa. THOMAS, GEORGE A. A.B. Dalton, Pa. THOMAS, JOSEPH S. A. B. Lansford, Pa. TOFFER, HANS B. S. Allentown, Pa. TOTH, LESLIE M. A. B. Franklin, N. J. TRINKLE, FRANK E. B. S. B.A. Northampton, Pa. TRUCHSES, RICHARD E. A. B. Carlisle, Pa. TUCHINSKY, SPENCER J. B. S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. UHERCHIK, LEWIS G. B.S. B.A. Northampton, Pa. UTT, DALE A. B.S. B.A. Orefield, Pa. VAN RAAY, NORMAN E. A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. WALINSKI, FRANK S. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. WALKER, DAVID A. A.B. Waterbury, Conn. WALLER, JAMES H. A. B. Whitehouse, N. J. WANGMAN, NORMAN A. B. S. Allentown, Pa. WENDLING, DONALD E. B.S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. WENNER, WALTER H. A. B. Glenside, Pa. WESTIN, DONALD C. B. S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. WIEDER, CHARLES F. A.B. Allentown, Pa. WIGGINS, THOMAS T. A. B. Kingston, N. Y. WILSON, CLAUDE C. P. B. S. Allentown, Pa. WOODWARD, LAWRENCE J. A.B. Upper Darby, Pa. WOOLLEY, MICHAEL S. A.B. Elberon, N. J. WRAGGE, JOHN D. A. B. Norristown, Pa. WRIGHT, ARTHUR E. B. S. B.A. Abington, Pa. YANOLKO, MIKE B.S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. YOUNG, BARTON R., JR. A.B. Jenkintown, Pa. YOUNG, JOHN R. A. B. Livingston, N. J. ZIEDONIS, JANIS B. S. Lancaster, Pa. CLASS OFFICERS Thomas Carpenter . . President Richard Anderson Vice-President Albert Stott .... Secretary David Auerbach . . Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OF 1960 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Stan Dudak Dick Weller Ed Davis Tom Haines Asher Krafchick Morris Linett Ted Rindfleisch Mart Scanlon Ben Schoellkopf Ken Stewart Gordon Warner 65 ABRAMSON, DAVID C. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. ALTHOUSE, EUGENE L. B.S. B.A. Milford, N. J. ANDERSON, RICHARD J. A.B. Haddonfield, N. J. ARNER, JOHN M. A.B. Lehighton, Pa. AUERBACH, DAVID E. A. B. Chester, Pa. BAER, GRANCE M. B. S. New Ringold, Pa. BARTHOLOMEW, ROBERT F. B.S. Breinigsville, Pa. BEERS, ALFRED F. B.S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. BENDER, J. EDWARD A.B. Phoenixville, Pa. BURGESS, LANCE E. B.S. Allentown, Pa. .BUTTERWICK, SPENCER S. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. BYRNE, REGINALD L. A. B. Wildwood, N. J. CALLMAN, ERICH B. S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. CARL, JAMES H. B.S. B.A. Bethlehem, Pa. CARPENTER, THOMAS R. A.B. Haddonfield, N. J. CARTY, JOHN J. A.B. Allentown, Pa. CASALE, JOSEPH T. A. B. Belleville, N. J. CERCIELLO, MARK J. B. S. Allentown, Pa. CHABROW, PENN B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. CHAMBERLIN, THOMAS J. B.S. Bangor, Pa. CHARROT, EDWARD C. A. B. Elizabethville, Pa. CHRISTINE, ROGER E. B. S. Allentown, Pa. CLARK, WILLIAM T. B.S. Westfield, N. J. CLAUSER, DOUGLAS L. A. B. Pottsville, Pa. COHEN, BURTON V. B. S. B.A. Brooklyn, N. Y. COHEN, HERBERT G. B.S. New York, N. Y. COOVER, MARTIN L. A. B. Mechanicsburg, Pa. DAVIS, EDWARD M., JR. B. S. Pottsville, Pa. DAVIS, GLENN E. B.S. B.A. Berkeley Heights, N.J. BERGER, GEORGE R. B.S. Macungie, Pa. BERGHOLD, JOSEPH P. B.S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. BERTOLET, MICHAEL O. A. B. Baltimore, Md. BLEILER, RUSSEL S., JR. B. S. Allentown, Pa. BLOCK, JEROME E. B.S. Margate, N. J. BLOSS, WILLIAM M. A.B. Drums, Pa. BORNEMAN, JOHN R., JR. A. B. Boyertown, Pa. BRIGHT, DONALD P. B. S. B.A. Camden, N. J. BROBST, WILLIAM C. A.B. Phoenixville, Pa. DIHOFF, IVAN B. B.S. Salem, N. J. DONATELLI, ROBERT E. B.S. Allentown, Pa. DOTTS, RAYMOND R. A.B. Trumbauersville, Pa. DOWNIE, ANDREW A. B. Gilbertsville, Pa. DROFFNER, ROBERT G. B. S. B.A. Collingswood, N. J. DUDAK, STANLEY S. A. B. North Bergen, N. J. DUNGAN, RONALD S. B. S. B.A. Feasterville, Pa. EVANS, DAVID B. B.S. Tamaqua, Pa. EVERETT, DAVID A. B.S. Stroudsburg, Pa. FAGERHEIM, FRANKLIN K. A. B. Pleasantville, Pa. FASICK, ROBERT H. B. S. B.A. Bethlehem, Pa. FENSTERMACKER, CARL A. B.S. Slatington, Pa. FENSTERMACKER, CARL R. B.S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. FISHER, RICHARD E. B.S. Kutztown, Pa. FISHER, STEVEN A. A. B. White Plains, N. Y. FLEMING, JOHN C. B. S. Allentown, Pa. FOLLWEILER, BRENT S. B.S. Allentown, Pa. GEMENDEN, CHARLES W. B.S. Franklinville, N. J. GERKEN, ERIC B. B.S. New Milford, N. J. GERMER, HELMUT B.S. Irvington, N. J. GISHLICK, HERBERT E. B.S. B.A. Scarsdale, N. Y. GOLDSTEIN, MARK K. B.S. Allentown, Pa. GRAY, JOHN J. A. B. Hatfield, N. J. GRIMM, JAMES H. B. S. Tower City, Pa. HAAS, CHESTER H. A.B. Breinigsville, Pa. HAAS, JEAN G. A.B. Bethlehem, Pa. HAGER, JOSEPH W. A.B. Pipersville, Pa. HAGEY, DONALD C. A. B. Lansdale, Pa. HAINES, PHILIP P. B. S. B.A. Millburn, N. J. HAINES, THOMAS L. B.S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. HALL, LEWIS W. A. B. Centre Valley, Pa. HANNA, CHARLES S., SR. B. S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. HARMONY, JOYCE M. A. B. Centre Valley, Pa. HARMSEN, RALPH H. B. S. B.A. Chester, N. J. HARTJE, ROBERT W. B.S. B.A. Millville, N. J. HARTMAN, RICHARD E. A. B. Allentown, Pa. HARTMAN, TERRENCE L. B. S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. HARTRANFT, CHESTER D. B.S. Kutztown, Pa. HENDRICKS, KEN M. B.S. B.A. Perkasie, Pa. HERMAN, PAUL T. B.S. Mertztown, Pa. HERVEY, ROBERT A. B.S. Palenville, N. Y. HESSINGER, RAYMOND J. B.S. Fogelsville, Pa. HIBBETS, RUSSELL J. B.S. B.A. Oakhurst, N. J. HOLDER, CHARLES F. B.S. Short Hills, N. J. HOOVER, DAVID E. B.S. B.A. Norristown, Pa. HUGHES, DAVID C. B.S. Lester, Pa. IEZZI, JAMES A. B.S. B.A. Pottstown, Pa, INSKIP, RICHARD C. B.E. Farmingdale, N. Y. JAQUETTE, ARTHUR B. B.S. Greensburg, Pa. JEUELL, CHARLES L. B.S. Wilmington, Del. JOHNS, GLENN F. B.S. Tamaqua, Pa. JOHNSON, KENT L. B.S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. KALMBACH, EWALD B.S. Montclare, Pa. KALTREIDER, ROBERT H. B.S. Metuchen, N. J. KERR, FREDERICK J. A.B. Trenton, N. J. KISER, JEAN L. A. B. Weatherly, Pa. KLAUS, RICHARD M. B. S. Philadelphia, Pa. KNOLL, BYRON F., JR. B.S. B.A. Emmaus, Pa. KNOTZ, FRANCIS C. B.S. B.A. Northampton, Pa. KRAFCHICH, ASHER B. S. Maplewood, N. J. KRAUSE, EILEEN M. A.B. Allentown, Pa, KREWSON, DAVID C., JR. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa, KUNTZLEMAN, JAYNE L. A. B. Bath, Pa. KURTZ, MICHAEL B. B. S. E. Greenville, Pa. KURZ, NEIL R. A. B. Pennsburg, Pa. LAUSCH, ROBERT N. B. S. Reiffton, Pa, LAW ALL, THOMAS R. B.S. Catasauqua, Pa. LAWTON, CHARLES E. A.B. Miami, Fla. LEBO, ELIZABETH A. A.B. Tower City, Pa. LEIBENSPERGER, STEPHEN R. A.B. Hamburg, Pa. LEVEY, MARC B. A.B. Hazleton, Pa. LINDSAY, BARBARA E. A.B. Fanwood, N. J. 66 LINETT, MORRIS J. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. LEOFFLER, HERBERT H. A. B. Huntington, N. Y. LONGAKER, GEORGE M. B. S.B.A. Pottstown, Pa. LORAH, JAMES S. B.S.B.A. Lansford, Pa. LUDWICK, RICHARD D. A. B. Perkasie, Pa. McCABE, THOMAS B. S. Allentown, Pa. MAGALEE, HECTOR C. A.B. New Amsterdam, Br. Guiana MACNAMARA, ANDREW A. A. B. Harrison, N. Y. MANNHEIM, HOWARD L. B. S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. MARCH, HARVEY F. B.S. Birdsboro, Pa. MARSCHALL, FRANZ E. B.S. Easton, Pa. MARSH, DONALD H. A.B. Bath, Pa. MASON, DENNIS R. A. B. Rockville Centre, N. Y. MAST, JAMES F. B. S. Reading, Pa. MASTIN, EDWARD O. B.S.B.A. Quakertown, Pa. MAYBERRY, LESTER J. B.S.B.A. Pottsville, Pa. MERZ, GEORGE S. B.S. Wyncote, Pa. MEYER, HERBERT T. B.S.B.A. Glenridge, N. J. MILLER, JUDITH H. B.S. Allentown, Pa. MILLER, KENNETH R. B.S. Tamaqua, Pa. MILLER, RICHARD J. B.S. Allentown, Pa. MILLER, ROBERT J. A.B. Allentown, Pa. MILLER, ROBERT L. A.B. Allentown, Pa. ROMBERG, TFIEODORE H. B.S. Glenside, Pa. ROSENHEIM, ROBERT R. A.B. New York, N. Y. RUOSS, MARTIN A. A. B. Mechanicsburg, Pa. ROTH, ROBERT A. B. S.B.A. Fullerton, Pa. SALIVONCHIK, SERGE J. B.S. Catasauqua, Pa. MONDSCHEIN, JOHN R. A.B. Nazareth, Pa. MOSHIER, KENT S. A. B. Hawthorne, N. J. MOYER, RONALD C. B. S. Souderton, Pa. NONNEMAKER, JAMES W. A. B. Sellersville, Pa. O’DONNELL, MICHAEL P. B. S. Allentown, Pa. ORR, JAMES R. B.S.B.A. Perkasie, Pa. OSBORN, BARBARA A. A. B. Scotch Plains, N. J. OWENS, FRANK H. B. S. Audubon, N. J. PASKIN, DAVID L. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. PEARSONS, ROBERT L. A. B Mt. Ephraim, N. J. PEOPLES, JOHN J. B. S.B.A. Yeadon, Pa. PETERS, G. MICHAEL B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. PODELL, JOEL C. B.S. Melrose Park, Pa. POWELL, GLADYS V. B.S.B.A. New Tripoli, Pa. PUKAS, WILLIAM A. B.S. Audubon, N. J. READ, CHARLES C. B.S.B.A. Merchantville, N. J. REBANE, PRUT A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. REED, HOWARD J., JR. A.B. Wycombe, Pa. REITZ, LEROY E. P. A. B. New Tripoli, Pa. RENTSCHLER, LLOYD A. B. S.B.A. Chalfont, Pa. RINDFLEISCH, THEODORE B.S. Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. ROBINS, DONALD L. B.S. Oreland, Pa. ROHRBACH, WILLIAM T., JR. B.S. Barto, Pa. SARNER, JOEL E. B.S.B.A. Brooklyn, N. Y. SASSAMAN, JAMES H. B.S.B.A. Macungie, Pa. SCANLAN, MATTHEW A.B. Norristown, Pa. SCHAFER, KENNETH R. A. B. Perkasie, Pa. SCHIRBER, WALTER R. B. S.B.A. Englishtown, N. J. SCHNECK, ERNST R. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. SCHOELLKOPE, BENEVAL H. B.S.B.A. Perkasie, Pa. SCHONBERG, ANNE A. B. New York, N. Y. SCHWARTZ, HERBERT M. B. S. Bronx, N. Y. SIMMONS, DONALD C. A. B. Northampton, Pa. SIVITZ, FRANK H. B. S. Philadelphia, Pa. SKUTCHES, PETER G. A. B. Slatington, Pa. SLEMMER, RICHARD W. B. S. Allentown, Pa. SMELTZ, ERROL L. A. B. Hegins, Pa. SMITH, SHELDON R. B. S.B.A. Bloomfield, N. J. SMITH, THOMAS B. B.S.B.A. S. Plainfield, N. J. SNYDER, DAVID C. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. SNYDER, IVAN S. B.S.B.A. Barto, Pa. SOLOMON, GEORGE M. A. B. Allentown, Pa. SPANGLER, LEROY L. B. S.B.A. Northampton, Pa. SPIESS, FRANCIS W., JR. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. STEFFENS, ARNOLD O. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. STENGL, ROBERT W. B.S.B.A. Glendale, N. Y. STERN, RICHARD A. B.S. Hellertown, Pa. STERNER, RICHARD J. A. B. Allentown, Pa. STEWART, KENNETH W. B. S. Norwich, N. Y. STOESSER, RALPH L. A.B. Madison, N. J. STOTT, ALBERT W. A. B. Philadelphia, Pa. STRAUSS, DAVID G. B. S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. TABORN, ROBERT J. B.S.B.A. Elberon, N. J. THIEDE, MARTIN A. B.S. Manville, N. J. THOMAS, DONALD B. B.S. Northampton, Pa. THOMAS, ROBERT E. B.S. Summit Hills, Pa. TOFFER, TAIMI B.S. Allentown, Pa. TOTH, JOHN F. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. SEKUNDA, RICHARD J. B.S.B.A. Maspeth, N. Y. SELTZER, GARY W. B.S. Allentown, Pa. SEYER, STEVEN C. A.B. Northampton, Pa. SHULL, EDWARD B. A.B. Easton, Pa. TRESSEL, E. LLOYD B.S. Baldwin, N. Y. TREXLER, C. DEFORREST A. B. Allentown, Pa. TROYER, DOUGLAS G. B. S.B.A. Chatham, N. J. VELIE, FRANK J. A.B. Hawthorne, N. J. VITALOS, FRANCIS J. A. B. Allentown, Pa. VOLLMER, EARL S., JR. B. S. Rydal, Pa. VOORHEES, ROBERT G. B.S. Plainfield, Pa. WALLITSCH, RICHARD A. B.S. Allentown, Pa. WARNER, CHARLES G. B.S.B.A. Yardley, Pa. WARTLUFT, DAVID J. A. B. Robesonia, Pa. WEBER, CRAIG W. B. S. Butztown, Pa. WECKMAN, GEORGE A. A. B. Philadelphia, Pa. WEISMAN, BARRIE L. B. S. Philadelphia, Pa. WELLER, RICHARD D. A. B. Boyertown, Pa. WILLIAMS, DANIEL H. Ill B. S. Pennsauken, N. J. WINDBECK, FREDERICK C. A. B. Allentown, Pa. WINZER, GEORGE E. B. S. Emmaus, Pa. WOLF, HAROLD G. B.S. North Plainfield, N. J. WOMER, BRUCE I. A.B. Allentown, Pa. WOODEL, LEONARD G. A. B. Hollis, N. Y. YERGER, ROY K. B. S. Allentown, Pa. YOST, ROBERT C. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. YOUNG, JOHN U. B.S.B.A. Salfordville, Pa. ZELL, HAROLD J., JR. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. ZIMMERMAN, HARLAN S. B.S. Allentown, Pa. CLASS OFFICERS Jeff Kistler .... President Tom Reinsel . . Vice-President Barbara Fretz . . . Secretary Les Fetter Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS OF 1961 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Jay Van Kampen Thomas Pry Jams Horvath Sara Jane Ruloff Nancy Koudrick Leon Silverman William Durham Ray Dymond Terry O’Brien 1 Wt- AHRENS, WILLIAM H. A.B. Hannacroix, N. Y. ALEXY, CARL W. A. B. Wissinoming, Pa. ANDERSON, JAMES R. B. S. Ridgewood, N. J. AYRE, CALVERT W. B.S. Jackson, S. C. BALDWIN, EUGENE M. A.B. Bristol, Pa. BALLIET, GLENN L. A.B. Springtown, Pa. BARHASH, JUDITH A. A. B. Maplewood, N. J. BARLOW, CLINTON L. B. S.B.A. Haddonfield, N. J. BARNES, JANE A. A.B. Allentown, Pa. BARNETT, PAUL J. A. B. Valley Stream, N. Y. BAUDER, JOSEPH L. B. S. Center Valley, Pa. BAUN, RAY J. A. B. Philadelphia, Pa. BEAKY, MICHAEL J. B. S. Emmaus, Pa. BECK, DONALD P. A.B. Rockville Centre, N. Y. BERARDELLI, LAWRENCE J. A.B. Wildwood, N. J. BERGEY, WILLIAM C. A. B. Emmaus, Pa. BILLGER, JOSEPH K. B. S.B.A. Souderton, Pa. BLANK, DAVID S. A. B. Boyertown, Pa. BOOTH, JANET E. B. S. Lansford, Pa. BOOTH, KENNETH E., JR. B.S.B.A. Philadelphia, Pa. BORELLI, JOELYN E. A.B. Reading, Pa. BOTTUM, MEREDITH A. A. B. Saddle River, N. J. BRENNAN, RICHARD V. B. S.B.A. Astoria, L. I.,N. Y. BRESSLER, NORMA A. B.S. Freeland, Pa. BROWN, JACKSON D. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. BUDNER, ALICE M. B.S. Allentown, Pa. BUTZ, ROBERT A. B.S. Bangor, Pa. CALLAHAN, EDWARD R. B.S.B.A. Baltimore, Md. CAPELMAN, NEAL R. B.S. Elkins Park, Pa. CAPRON, DAVID W. B.S.B.A. Roselle Park, N. J. CHAPLIN, STANLEY S. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. CHASEN, IRVING J. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. CLARK, LAURENCE E. B.S. Doylestown, Pa. CLIFFORD, EDWARD B.S. Cheltenham, Pa. COHEN, BARRY H. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. COLLIE, JAMES R., JR. B.S. Davisville, Pa. COOLIDGE, CAROL D. A. B. Bethesda, Md. CREVELING, JANE E. B. S. Allentown, Pa. CURREY, DIANA M. A. B. Philadelphia, Pa. DAVIES, DAVID E. B. S. West Catasauqua, Pa. DAVIES, KENNETH W. B.S.B.A. New York, N. Y. DIAMANTI, SONYA V. A.B. Bristol, Pa. DIAS, NORMA J. A.B. Bethlehem, Pa. DIAZ, IDA I. A. B. Westfield, N. J. DIETER, GENE L. B. S. Palmerton, Pa. DOLAN, ROBERT J. B.S.B.A. Bethlehem, Pa. DOLL, JOHN R. A. B. Allentown, Pa. DREHER, ROBERT J. B. S. Wind Gap, Pa. DRUCKENMILLER, R. F. A. B. Kutztown, Pa. DURHAM, WILLIAM H. B. S. Richmond, Va. DUVO, JOSEPH A. B.S.B.A. Bangor, Pa. DYMOND, RAYMOND E. B.S. Trucksville, Pa. EDELMAN, RICHARD C. A.B. Allentown, Pa. EGNER, MADELINE M. A.B. Roselle Park, N. J. EHRIG, PHILIP L. A.B. Tamaqua, Pa. ENGELHARD, IRMGARD E. A.B. Moorestown, N. J. FANTOZZI, ETTORINA F. A. B. Bethlehem, Pa. FELDMAN, JAN B. S. Philadelpia, Pa. FETTER, LESTER E., JR. B.S. Reading, Pa. FILARDI, ALBERT E. B.S.B.A. New York, N. Y. FOLEY, RICHARD L. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. FORMAN, FRANCES E. A. B. Millburn, N. J. FORSCHNER, PATRICIA A. B. S. Allentown, Pa. FRALEY, ANN E. A.B. Allentown, Pa. FRANK, JEROME B. A.B. Allentown, Pa. FREIMAN, HELENE A.B. Scotch Plains, N. J. FRERE, LYN J. A.B. Summit, N. J. FRETZ, BARBARA J. A.B. Telford, Pa. GACK, DORIS I. A. B. Philadelphia, Pa. GALLOWAY, CHARLES H. B. S.B.A. Camden, N. J. GARDNER, BARRY L. A.B. Dover, N. J. GEHMAN, MARCIA M. A.B. Allentown, Pa. GEHRIG, CLAIRE LEE B.S. Langhorne, Pa. GEMENDEN, DOLORES H. A. B. Philadelphia, Pa. GERGITS, FRANKLYN R., JR. B. S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. GIANELLI, LOUIS A. A.B. Allentown, Pa. GILFILLAN, ANDREW G. A. B. Riverton, N. J. GLASER, ROBERT E. B. S. Schuylkill Haven, Pa. GLASSMYER, ROBERT G. B.S.B.A. Sellersville, Pa. GLENN, PETER B. B.S. Haddonfield, N. J. GLOCKER, EUGENE K. B.S.B.A. Royersford, Pa. GOLOVE, PHILIP J. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. GORDON, DALE F. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. GOUGHER, RONALD L. B.S. Northampton, Pa. GRABERT, JOHN A. B.S. Boyertown, Pa. GRIBBEN, SIMON B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. GROON, JOHN K. A. B. Wildwood Crest, N. J. GUM, WILSON F., JR. B. S. Pen Argyl, Pa. HAFER, RICHARD J. A. B. Hamburg, Pa. HAGEMANN, DONALD F. B. S. Shohola, Pa. HAHN, ARTHUR L. A.B. East Lansdowne, Pa. HAID, GAIL L. A. B. Jackson Heights, N. Y. HAMER, SANDRA M. S. B. S.B.A. Schuylkill Haven, Pa. HAMILLA, GERALD J. A. B. Allentown, Pa. HANRAHAN, WILLIAM P. B. S.B.A. Brooklyn, N. Y. HARLACHER, ANTHONY C. B.S. Stroudsburg, Pa. HARPER, WALTER R. KERMAN , BARBARA J. LOOES, JOHN R. MOYER, FLOYD A. A.B. Caldwell, N. J. A.B. Palmerton, Pa. B.S. Maywood, N. J. A.B. Fogelsville, ’ HEARD, GLENWOOD D. KIMMEL, HENRY R., JR. McFADDEN, EUGENE J., JR. MOYER, GEORGE H. B.S. Bangor, Pa. A.B. Easton, Pa. A.B. Allentown, Pa. A.B. Souderton, ! HECKMAN, MALCOLM W. KIRSCHENBAUM, R. H. McNAUGHTON, F. N. MOYER, LUTHER S. D. B.S. Allentown, Pa. B.S.B.A. Livingston, N. J. A.B. Mt. Ephraim, N. J. A.B. Slatington, ! HEIL, EDWINA M. KISTLER, GALEN H. MACGEORGE, DOUGLAS C. MOYER, NEDRA J. B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. B.S. Pennsburg, Pa. B.S.B.A. Berwyn, Pa. A.B. Schuylkill Haven, ] HELLER, JANET D. KISTLER , WILLIAM L. MADDOCK, JEROME T. NACE, EDGAR P. A.B. Coplay, Pa. B.S. New Tripoli, Pa. B.S. Drexel Hill, Pa. B.S. Collegeville, ! HERBENER , EDWARD G. KLINE, EDWARD A. MAGEE, CAROL L. NAUGLE, ARTHUR A. B.S. Freeland, Pa. B.S. Allentown, Pa. A.B. Meadowbrook, Pa. B.S.B.A. Nescopeck, ' HETZEL, DONALD C. KOCHER, PHYLLIS C. A. MALLOY, THOMAS P. NEITZ, ROBERT H. A.B. Easton, Pa. A.B. Allentown, Pa. A.B. Allentown, Pa. B.S. Emmaus, ' HIRSCH, NATHAN B. KOHLER, MARILYN D. MATHEISEN, ALICE NENNSTIEL, WILLIAM I. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. A.B. Emmaus, Pa. B.S. Pluckemin, N. J. A.B. Cambridge, N. HOBERMAN, ARNOLD A. B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. HODGSON, CAROL M. A. B. Moorestown, N. J. HOFFERT, JAMES B. B. S.B.A. Quakertown, Pa. HOFFMAN, DONALD B., JR. B.S. Allentown, Pa. HORN, RICHARD W. A. B. Perkasie, Pa. HORVATH, JANIS M. B. S. Allentown, Pa. HOTTINGER, CAROLYN R. B.S. Allentown, Pa. HOUCK, ROBERT W. B.S.B.A. Elverson, Pa. HOUTH, ROBERT J. B.S.B.A. Prompton, Pa. HUMMEL, NANCY L. A.B. Schuylkill Haven, Pa. HUNTER, BARBARA L. A. B. Allentown, Pa. HYMAN, MYRON A. B. S.B.A. Philadelphia, Pa. IFKOVITS, FRANK P. A. B. Northampton, Pa. IKE, FRANK H. B. S. Tamaqua, Pa. JACOBI, ERROL G. A.B. Norwich, N. Y. JACOBS, ELEANOR B. A.B. Havertown, Pa. JOHNSON, JOANNE L. A. B. Allentown, Pa. JOHNSTONE, ROSS E. B. S.B.A. Center Valley, Pa. JONES, ELIZABETH L. A. B. Douglassville, Pa. KAMENA, KAREN A. B. S.B.A. Westwood, N. J. KARO, JOSEPH G. A. B. Catasauqua, Pa. KATZ, MICHAEL D. B. S. Allentown, Pa. KEITH, PHYLLIS M. A.B. Chambersburg, Pa. KENELY, ELIZABETH D. A. B. Roselle Park, N. J. KENNEDY, EUGENE T. B. S. Catasauqua, Pa. KONDRICK, NANCY M. A. B. Pluckemin, N. J. KRAMER, JOHN H. B. S. Plainfield, N. J. KRAYNAK, PAUL B.S. Allentown, Pa. KURTZ, PRESTON J. B.S. Catasauqua, Pa. MEDER, CAROLYN A. B.S. Tamaqua, Pa. MELTZER, SHELDON M. B.S. Irvington, N. J. MENZEL, PAUL H. B.S. Allentown, Pa. MERRITT, JANICE L. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. LANDIS, DANIEL C. A. B. Boyertown, Pa. LATSHAW, DAVID R. B. S. Allentown, Pa. LAWLESS, PAUL B. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. LEHMAN, PHYLLIS A. A.B. Freemansburg, Pa. LEHMAN, PHILLIS D. A. B. Great Neck, N. Y. LEHR, CAROL R. B. S. Reading, Pa. LEID, RALPH R. B.S. Catasauqua, Pa. LEIGHTON, BARRY B. A.B. Riverdale, N. Y. LEWIS, RICHARD L. A. B. Quakertown, Pa. LIPSCHUTZ, ARNOLD H. B. S. Philadelphia, Pa. LIPTAK, PHYLLIS A. A.B. Raritan, N. J. LIPTON, CAROL A.B. Allentown, Pa. MESSINA, SALVADORE, JR. A. B. Reading, Pa. METZGER, ROBERT A. B. S. Allendale, N. J. MEYER, WILLIAM E. B.S. Glen Ridge, N. J. MILANDER, HENRY M. B.S. Northampton, Pa. MILLER, MURIEL A. A. B. Allentown, Pa. MILLER, PAUL J. B. S. Northampton, Pa. MILLER, ROBERT V. B.S. Millville, N. J. MISSIMER, PATRICIA B.S. Lafayette Hill, Pa. MOORE, CONSTANCE B. A. B. Allentown, Pa. MORGAN, RICHARD B., JR. B. S.B.A. W. Collingswood, N. J. MORITZ, PRESTON W. B.S. Catasauqua, Pa. MOYER, CRAIG A. A.B. Northampton, Pa. NEYENESCH, HARRY G., JR. A. B. Pottstown, Pa. NICHOLAS, GARY G. B. S. Northampton, Pa. NICOL, DONALD O. B.S.B.A. CHATHAM, N. J. NIEBAUM, LOUISE K. A.B. Mohnton, Pa. NOVAK, DOLORES M. A. B. Allentown, Pa. NOXON, JEAN L. B. S. Shillington, Pa. O’BRIEN, TERENCE B. B.S. Bound Brook, N. J. OHNMACHT, CYRUS J. B.S. Phillipsburg, N. J. OLSEN, DONALD R. B.S.B.A. Chatham, N. J. OLSEN, ROBERT W., JR. B.S. Bethpage, L. I., N. Y. ORMOND, JOANNE E. A. B. Philadelphia, Pa. OST, EDWARD J. B. S. Bethlehem, Pa. OST, RONALD J. B.S.B.A. Hellertown, Pa. PANCOAST, RICHARD W. A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. PATONI, LINDA J. A.B. Woodbridge, N. J. PATTERSON, ROBERT W. A. B. Phillipsburg, N. J. PEIFLY, SANDRA D. B. S. Stroudsburg, Pa. PETERSEN, ROBERT A. B.S.B.A. Teaneck, N. J. PETREE, JUDITH E. A. B. Hicksville, N. Y. PIERSON, JAMES R. B. S. Hazleton, Pa. POLLOCK, THOMAS G. B.S. Lansford, Pa. POTTS, HELEN L. A. B. Westfield, N. J. PRY, THOMAS W. B. S. Allentown, Pa. PURDY, RICHARD D. B.S.B.A. Roselle Park, N. J. PURITZ, ELLIOTT M. B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Bruce Davidson, courtesy LITE (c) 19 57 Time Inc. RACHMIEL, MARLENE R. B.S. West Orange, N. J. RAMSYA, ROSS A. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. RAVIN, IRWIN A. B.S. Hillside, N. J. REED, JON R. B.S.B.A. Mamaroneck, N. Y. REEVES, GEORGE W. B.S. Haddonfield, N. J. REGIS, RONALD M. B.S. Bethlehem, Pa. REICHARD, BEVERLY A. A.B. Allentown, Pa. REICHENBACH, BARBARA L. A. B. NEFFS, Pa. REIMER, LOIS A. B. S. Bangor, Pa. REINHARD, JAMES G. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. REINSEL, THOMAS H. B.S. Reading, Pa. RENNINGER, JUNE E. A.B. Dublin, Pa. RENSHAW, JUDITH R. A. B. Philadelphia, Pa. RENSHAW, MARTIN D. B. S. Palmerton, Pa. REX, CHARLES R. B.S.B.A. Slatington, Pa. RIFE, LUTHER L. A. B. Pottstown, Pa. RIFFLE, PAUL G. B. S. West Pittston, Pa. RODMAN, CHARLES I., Ill B.S. Haddonfield, N. J. ROMATOWSKI, ANN B.S. Allentown, Pa. ROSENBERG, GAIL P. A.B. Newark, N. J. ROSENBERG, HARRIET S. A. B. Union, N. J. ROSSO, VINCENT R. B. S.B.A. Baltimore, Md. ROTH, ROGER R. B.S. Allentown, Pa. ROY, JON F. B.S.B.A. Stillwater, N. J. RULOFF, SARA J. A. B. Temple, Pa. SCHIER, MARILYN N. B. S. Woodcliffe Lake, N. J. SCHLEICHER, KARL G. B.S. Slatington, Pa. SCHMOYER, HERBERT L. B.S.B.A. Boyertown, Pa. SCHWENK, FREDERICK W. A.B. East Greenville, Pa. SEEBURGER, CAROLYN J. A.B. Abington, Pa. SEIBERT, ERICK R. A. B. Allentown, Pa. SEIDEL, MURRAY K. B. S. Elkins Park, Pa. SHALTER, PATRICIA J. A.B. Reading, Pa. SHER, BARBARA J. A. B. South Orange, N. J. SHULMAN, HAROLD B. S. Hillside, N. J. SILVERMAN, LEON A.B. Elkins Park, Pa. SIMMONS, JOHN D. A. B. Shillington, Pa. SIMPSON, JOHN H. B. S. Vineland, N. J. SINNING, GARROT G. B.S.B.A. Hawthorne, N. J. SLOTTER, JAMES H. B.S. East Greenville, Pa. SMITH, JAMES F. B.S. Easton, Pa. SNYDER, JOHN W. B.S.B.A. Bethlehem, Pa. SONN, JOHN C. A. B. Nutley, N. J. SOS, MARGARET A. B. S. Northampton, Pa. SOUSA, EDWARD E. A. B. West Catasauqua, Pa. SPATZ, RAMONA M. B. S. Bethel, Pa. SPERO, PHYLLIS M. A.B. Brigantine, N. J. STAUFFER, ANDREW J. A. B. Kutztown, Pa. STEVENS, CLINTON R. B. S.B.A. Chatham, N. J. STEWART, DIANE D. A.B. Southampton, Pa. STONE, PAULA L. A.B. Allentown, Pa. STOPPY, WILLIAM J. A.B. Allentown, Pa. STRAVINO, HELENE F. A. B. Allentown, Pa. STUHLMANN, MARGARET C. B. S. Allendale, N. J. STUMP, CECILE A. B.S. Kempton, Pa. STUPAK, JOSEPH C. B.S.B.A. Allentown, Pa. SWIECICKI, ALAN R. B.S. Haddon Heights, N. J. TAYLOR, BARBARA L. A.B. Allentown, Pa. TELGHEIDER, ELIZABETH A.B. Springfield, Pa. TODD, MARGARET E. A. B. Bethlehem, Pa. TOFFER, KRISTINA B. S. Allentown, Pa. VAN KEMPEN, JAY R. A. B. Ridgewood, N. J. VAN WAGENEN, RICHARD B. S. Morrisville, Pa. WILLIAMS, DAVID R. B.S. Palmerton, Pa. WILSON, RICHARD N. A. B. Bethlehem, Pa. WILSON, EDGAR G. B. S. Haddonfield, N. J. WINKLER, LELAND M. B.S. B.A. Plainfield, N. J. WOLFE, MERLE D. B.S. Andreas, Pa. YERKES, DERWOOD R. B.S. Spring Mount, Pa. VASILIK, ANDREW T. B.S. Allentown, Pa. VERZINO, ANTHONY J. B.S. B.A. Allentown, Pa. WAGNER, ROBERT M. B.S. B.A. Hillside, N.J. WAHL, BARBARA M. A. B. Mountain Lakes, N. J. WALDELAND, VALDEANE A. B. S. Claysville, Pa. WARD, EMILIE L. A. B. Philadelphia, Pa. WARGO, GEORGE T. B. S. Palmerton, Pa. WEBER, WILFORD A. B.S. Pennsburg, Pa. WEIDMAN, DAVID E. B.S. B.A. Portland, Pa. WEISER, CONRAD W. A. B. Pottstown, Pa. WENNY, DAVID L. B. S. B.A. West Orange, N. J. WERLY, C. GEORGE F., JR. B.S. Allentown, Pa. WESSNER, ROBERT A. B.S. B.A. Emmaus, Pa. WHITE, DIANE D. B.S. Bath, Pa. WIGHTMAN, WILLIAM W. B.S. Forty Fort, Pa. WILDONER, WILLIAM G. B.S. B.A. Lansford, Pa. WILLIAMS, MARGARET I. A.B. Allentown, Pa. YOST, EDGAR L. A. B. Allentown, Pa. ZELKO, ROBERT J. B. S. Allentown, Pa. ZIEDONIS, ILGA B. B.S. Lancaster, Pa. ZIEGENFUSS, ELIZABETH A. A.B. Bethlehem, Pa. ZIEGLER, ROMA E. A. B. Allentown, Pa. ZIMMERMAN, EDITH S. B. S. Maplewood, N. J. Bruce Davidson, courtesy LIFE (c) 1957 Time Inc. ■ : ' v i ! KARL BECKER ’5 8 Editor-in-Chief RON MOXEY ’5 8 Managing Editor LARRY WOODWARD ’59 City Editor DICK KENNEDY ’59 Feature Editor BOB NUSS ’5 8 Sports Editor BEN LIVINGOOD ’5 9 . . . Assistant Sports Editor City Staff: Joe Becker ’58, Bob Leighton ’58, Bob Spivak ’58, Don Nase ’59, Rick Stephan ' 59, Glenn Davis ’60, George Merz ’60, Helen Potts ' 6 1 , June Renninger ’61. Liz Telgheider ’61. Feature Staff: Stan Heim ' 58, Earl Knies ’58, Marv Hyett ' 59, Burt Eisenbud ’59, Chuck Trexler ’60, Linda Patnoi ’61, Barbara Fretz ’61, Jan Horvath ' 61. Sports Staff: Benson Caplan ‘58, Rich Raboy ’58, Jack Coughlin ’58, Carl Shellenberger ’58, Mel Kessler ’59, Dick Hess ’59, Charles Smith ’59, Don Poppe ’59, Bob Schumacher ’59, Craig Weber ’60, Jerry Frank ’61, Betty Lou Jones ’61, Bill Wightman ’61, Roger Roth ’61. Circulation Staff: Butch Roth ’58, Phil Eichler ’59, Rickie Klaus ’60, Michael Peters ’60, David Paskin ’60, Joel Podell ’60, Penn Chabrow ’60, Steve Fisher ’60, Barry Weisman ’60, Frank Sivitz ’60, Myron Hyman ’61, Phil Golove ’61, Arnold Lipschultz ' 61, Murray Seidel ’61, Nate Hirsch ’61, Barry Cohen ’61, Jan Feldman ’61, Sheldon Meltzer ’61. Advertising Staff: John Mondschein ’60, Phyllis Liptak ’61, Carolyn Seeberger ’61. Photo Editor: Owen Faut ’58. Copy Editors: Earl Knies ’58, Dan Nesi ’59. JIM PISTON ’58 ROGER FRANTZ ’59 Business Manager Assistant Business Manager TED MEYER ’60 PHIL DICK TEPPER ’58 Advertising Mgr. FEIGENBAUM ’5 8 Circulation Mgr. Office Mgr. EDITORIAL STAFF First row: R. Kennedy, Feature Editor; R. Moxey, Managing Editor; O. Faut, Pho- tography Editor; K. Becker, Editor-in-Chief . Second row: R. Nuss, Sports Editor; L. Woodward, City Editor; E. Knies, Copy Editor; J. Piston, Business Manager. 74 CITY AND FEATURE STAFFS First row: M. Sos, B. Leighton, C. Trexler, E. Telg- heider, S. Heim. Second, row: L. Patnoi, D. Kennedy, G. Davis, R. Stephen, D. Nesi, E. Knies, J. Becker, L. Woodward, J. Horvath. Third row: L. Toth, J. Maddock, D. Nase, P. Feigenbaum, T. O’ Brien. The Muhlenberg Weekly, Muhlenberg Col- lege’s student newspaper, has as its purpose the presentation of an unbiased view of cam- pus life. The paper is published weekly and has never missed a publication date since its establishment on the campus in 1883. Back in 1883 the paper was published monthly and was known as the Muhlenberg Monthly. In 1888 the name The Muhlenberg was adopted and in 1914, when it began to be published every week, the present name of the Muhlenberg Weekly was approved. The Weekly in conjunction with the student newspaper of Gettsyburg sponsored the annual " Tin Cup Trophy” at the Muhlenberg-Gettys- burg football game. The Weekly also became involved in a number of campus controversies during the year. The annual April Fool’s issue was followed by the Weekly banquet at which time the staff for next year was officially an- nounced and plans for the ensuing issues were discussed. SPORTS STAFF First row: C. Smith, R. Raboy, B. Livingood, R. Nuss, P. Hess. Second row: B. Caplain, D. Poppe, R. Schu- macher, C. Shellenberger. BUSINESS AND CIRCULATION STAFFS First row: C. Seeburger, J. Podell, J. Block, M. Peters, S. Fisher, P. Liptak. Secottd row: F. Sivitz, N. Hirsch, R. Franz, B. Cohen, M. Seidel, A. Lipschutz. Third row: I. Ravin, P. Eichler, T. Meyer, W. Horrocks, D. Paskin. means o; lublication is WILLIAM HOLST, Editor ' LJUSJhiSX D. Ponlcsan. M-BOOK The M-Book is the official Student handbook of Muhlenberg College. As a sup- plement to the College Bulletin, the M-Book provides information on the extra- curricular and non-academic aspects of Muhlenberg College and is of particular interest to the new student. The staff is composed of members of various classes with a member of the Junior Class as editor. Richard E. Truchses, Editor ’59 James McConnel ’5 8 Paul Horger ’59 George Weckman ’60 Dr. Harold L. Stenger, Jr., Advisor Richard E. Truchses, Editor First row: W. Gal- lagher, R. Boyer, M. Reber. Second rocv: W. Goldfein, D. Morris, M. Levy, R. Perlstein. Third row: D. Ponicsan, M. Hyett, R. Dona- telli. One of the foremost activities on the Muhlenberg campus, WMUH, gives students the opportunity to display creative ability in the field of radio broadcast- ing. Training learned at the station enables students to gain valuable experience which may someday pre- pare them for work on professional radio stations. Others find working on WMUH a very enjoyable hobby. Participants learn program planning, the art of originating and narrating shows, and engineering, which they use on their own programs. During the past year WMUH was on the air every Monday through Thursday from 7:30 to 12 P.M. at 640 and 1240 on the AM dial. This year also saw a revival of the man on the street show featuring live interviews on the campus asking the questions that the student body wants answered. A startling innova- tion this spring was the " Wake Up to Music Show” which hit the air Monday through Friday at 6:30 A.M. until 8 A.M. With 24 staff members, WMUH looks forward to playing an active part in the future of Muhlenberg College. OFFICERS Station Manager WILLIAM GALLAGHER Chief Engineer Marshall Reber Business Manager Michael Levy Program, Director Donald Morris Secretary WARREN GOLDFEIN Advisor Dr. Boyer President Vice-President . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS Luis Torres Dennis Gurski Ray Ueberroth Gabriel Spector Robert Leighton Student Council, the official legislative Body, receives its authority from the Student Body Constitution adopted in 1939. Student government efforts, however, date back to 1910 when the first student governing body was organized. In addition to its regular duties of con- ducting the Class and Student Council elec- tions and allocating funds to the various campus organizations, Student Council han- dles student discipline cases and serves as the main point of contact between the Stu- dent Body and the Administration of the College. With the beginning of Co-education this year, Student Council through its social chairman has attempted to sponsor a more extensive social program on campus. Early in September, even before classes began, Council co-sponsored a Leadership Training Conference which brought together members of the Administration and student leaders from all areas of campus life. STUDENT COUNCIL 79 INTERCOLLEGIATE CONFERENCE ON GOVERNMENT First row: D. Fish, J. Dreisbach. Second row: J. Pitman, C. Hinz. The Muhlenberg College Chapter of Intercollegiate Conference on Government was established during the 1948-49 academic year through the efforts of Mr. Charles Hollister, as an organization to promote student interest in government and politics. The Chapter is affiliated with the state conference consisting of similar chapters on the campuses of about 60 other Pennsylvania colleges and universities. The state organization was founded in 1934 by Miss Genevieve Blatt, who still serves as Executive Director. A state convention is held each spring semester in Harrisburg during which delegates participate in model governmental assemblies. Prominent national and state political figures usually address the group. The Muhlenberg Chapter has in the past sponsored a number of speakers and other programs on campus. The Chapter has been inactive during the current year but it is hoped that new interest will enable I C G to resume in the future. 80 CARDINAL KEY SOCIETY First row: C. Smith, R. Nuss, J. Becker, M. Seidel. Second row: M. Katz, J. Young, G. Davis, G. Kistler. Third row: R. Anderson, B. Foll- weiler, R. Truchses, S. Dudak. Fourth row: R. Foley, R. Choquette, T. Pry, R. Roth. Fifth row: A. Krafchick, R. Hartman, P. Eichler, R. Hess. The Cardinal Key Society was founded at Muhlenberg on May 28, 1940 by six members of the class of 1942 who for service to the college and for on campus should definitely thought that an organ izatil extending of good will to be established. Since its inception, the Cardinal Key has tried to promote a greater Muhlenberg. The Society was originated with the purpose of creating in the minds of underclasses the importance of s r ' Ice! ' Basically, this ho;icri from each of the tjire being elected after jhf The Cardinal Ke y fne Civic Little Theater p lays, Mask and Da jger productions, the Movie Series and meLSEaday Gmcert ' Series. This year they also served as ushers at the Me ntovani Concert. Through all these activities C irdinal Key men strive to serve Muhlenberg in any possible a r to further a lasting favorable impression with all visitors that come to Muhlenberg. i: is of seven members vith seven Freshmen eir first semester, pecial chapel services, President . . . Vice-President . Secretary-T reasurer Adviser . . . . OFFICERS . Robert Nuss . Richard Sloan . Joseph Becker Mr. FL A. Benfer 81 MUHLENBERG BAND The Muhlenberg College Bands are made up of two organ- izations; the Muhlenberg College Marching Band and the Muhlenberg College Concert Band. The marching band took the spotlight in the fall of the year, putting on inspiring shows at all of the home football games of the college and at a number of the away games. The band also participated in various parades throughout the Allentown area, noting especially the annual Allentown Hal- loween Parade in October. When the football season drew to a close the Muhlenberg Concert Band began rehearsing for the concert season. This year the concert band had the privilege of performing at three area high schools, Allentown, Easton, and Nazareth, plus a concert at the Rotary Club of Allentown. The band is under the capable leadership of Albertus L. Meyers, who was formerly director at Allentown High School and a member of the great band of John Phillip Sousa. Dur- ing the football season the routines of the band are formulated and directed by Head Drum Major Ed Kline, a freshman who, prior to his coming to ' Berg, served as a drill instructor for the United States Air Force Band. OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Librarian Directors . . . . Herb Meiley . . Richard Truchses . . . Richard Fisher . . . Charles Jevell Phil Jurus . . . . Larry Schell . Albertus L. Meyers Drum Major Ed Kline JHBifi First row: H. Berg, K. Harris, L. Finkel, F. Stutman, R. Lichthenthal, S. Fuchs. Second row: R. Hartman, R. Leighton, S. Tuchinsky, M. Levy, W. Gallagher, J. Piston. Third row: J. Pitman, T. Epting, W. Durham, S. Pollack. JAZZ SOCIETY OFFICERS President Fred A. Stutman Vice-President Leon Finkel Secretary Kenneth C. Harris Treasurer Harry Berg The Muhlenberg Jazz Society is an organization open to any student who has a genuine interest in modern jazz. The society was organized in 1954 and became inactive in 1956. It was reactivated in September, 1957 and is now functioning as a regular campus organization. Its primary purpose is to promote an appreciation for jazz on campus and to feature jazz concerts throughout the academic year. The feeling of the society is that any student who has not been exposed to contemporary music will not be able to fully appreciate its meaning. During the regularly scheduled meet- ings that are held approximately four times each semester, this opportunity is afforded the student through the medium of jazz sessions. These meetings are held in the West Hall Com- muter’s Lounge using High Fidelity Recording equipment. Each semester usually features one jazz artist or one instrument and they are approached from various tangents. Any student with an interest in jazz or anyone who desires to develop an appreciation of jazz is eligible for membership in the Muhlenberg Jazz Society. All members have an oppor- tunity to plan and take an active part in the preparation of jazz concerts. 83 SOCIOLOGICAL SOCIETY The Muhlenberg Sociological Society is an organization dedicated, in a non-professional sense, to the scientific study of human social life. Organized in 1949, the society has grown to the point where it is now a fairly active group on the Muhlenberg campus. The members of the Society are united in an effort to explore and discover the mysteries of associated living and to understand the nature of group life, so that the individual and the group, when influenced by the knowledge gained, may become more abundant. The activities of the Society are varied to the extent of discussions, field trips, lectures, individual reporting, etc. Dur- ing this past period, the Society has sponsored a discussion on the effects of co-education on the Muhlenberg campus, a lecture by Rev. Howard on racial relations in the South, a field trip to New York City to study some of the conditions, and many other interesting topics concerning the field of Sociology. Membership is open to anyone enrolled in a Sociology course who maintains good grades and who is interested in furthering his or her knowledge in the field of Sociology. OFFICERS President Edward Weaver Vice-President John Schilling Secretary Sheldon Kramer Treasurer BRUCE Hill Advisors .... Morris S. Greth, Robert Parks, Jr. first row: B. Hill, E. Weaver, R. Parke, Dr. M. Greth, J. Shilling, R. Jenkins. Second row: C. Hinz, R. Barette, C. Adams, H. Meek. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB First row: Dr. T. Lohr, B. Young, C. Weider, J. Belschwender, Mr. T. Maiser. Second row: D. Ponicsan, R. Frantz, F. Baily, J. Bonomo, FI. Kasper, W. Schirber. Third row: D. Michaels, A. Adams, R. Haas, S. Schaadt, R. MacLaughlin. Fourth row: R. Spivak, P. Eichler, R. Hart- man. The Psychology Club was founded in 1947 to meet the rapid expansion of the Psychology Department. The purpose OFFICERS of t pi s organization is to promote interest in the field of psy- President Charles Wieder chology. This is accomplished through speakers and field trips. Vice-President BART Young At the present time an attempt is underway to integrate the Secretary JACK Young activities of the Psychology Club at Muhlenberg with the Treasurer DlCK HARTMAN Psychology Clubs of Lehigh, Lafayette, and Cedar Crest. This is being done so as to make available a greater knowledge of psychology and to promote minor research. 85 First row: Dr. H. Meyer, Dr. J. Brunner, J. Uragge, F. Pillmeirer, H. Germer, E. Weaver, M. Sanders. Second row: T. Knottle, R. Miller, H. Meily, D. Wartluft, L. Torres, H. Schirrmacher, K. Schneider, R. Lillienkamp, G. Winzor, E. Pulver. Third row: M. Tiede, W. Schuman, R. Uberroth, M. Krames, P. Rebane, M. Reber, E. Thieler, R. Schlunk, J. Ziedonis. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Advisor Muhlenberg’s oldest departmental organization, Der Deutsche Verein, founded in 1924 by Dr. Preston A. Barba, Prof. Emeritus, had another successful year during 1957-58, in which it presented a program which added to the academic and social life of its members and guests. The Verein, an honor club for students of German, endeavors to cultivate an intimate ac- quaintance with the language, customs and culture of the German people. The year was opened by a meeting jointly sponsored with the Lehigh Saengerbund at which we heard the Press and Information Sec’t. from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Herbert Weil, speak on " Problems Confront- ing the Newly-elected German Gov’t.” Our other meetings consisted of: a German Kartenspiel presented by Dean Heim- . . . . Frederick G. Pillmeier John Wragge Michael Sanders Edward Weaver Helmut Germer Dr. John Brunner traut Dietrich, Pennsylvania German culture as expressed in its familiar symbols — presented by Dr. P. A. Barba at his home in Emmaus, Dr. Heinrich Meyer — " Perfectionism and the Ger- man Mind,” Dr. Hagen Staach — " The German Contribution to Ecclesiastical Art,” Mr. Ludwig Lenel — " Albert Schweitzer,” Admiral Moses — " Bremer Haven.” An Art Exhibit of 20 prints of Diirer paintings was held in Memorial Hall lobby. The annual Weihnachtsfest was highlighted by Herb Meily arriving as der Weihnachtsmann. The Verein again sang Christ- mas carols, this time in the Student Center and was accom- panied by a brass quartet. Our Fastnachtfest was snowed out. A doggie roast at the home of Dr. and Mrs. H. Meyer at which Ludwig Thomas’ play, Die Kleine V erwandten, was presented and enjoyed by all. 86 and financial matters between them and improving the excellence of their management. The publications board consists of the editors-in-chief of the publications. The associate members are business managers of the publications. OFFICERS . . . Jim Piston . . . Mike Levy Dr. T. L. Koehler PUBLICATIONS BOARD Executive secretary Secretary Advisor The publications board is a liaison group among the student publications, receiving allotments from the Student Publica- tions Fund and the Student Council. The board serves as the coordinator concerning the functions of the various publica- tions, establishing a linkage of cooperation both in editorial First row: R. Spivak, M. Levy, J. Piston, W. Gallagher. Second row: W. Holst, R. Truchses, K. Becker. VETERAN’S CLUB ] ¥} [, ■ lt HMM m. ■fat ' First row: Mr. Baldrige, D. Westin, H. Beidleman, F. Smith, F. Fix, F. Trinkle. Second row: R. Sourwine, R. Specht, L. Uherchik, W. Fackler. Third row: B. Young, D. Shellenberger, S. Schaadt, D. Bausch, B. Williams. Fourth row: J. Bonomo, M. Bender, R. Krammes, R. Mac. Fifth row: E. Eisenhower. OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Advisor Frederick Smith . . Francis Fix Harry Beidleman Donald Westin . Frank Trinkle . . Mr. Baldridge The Veteran’s Club was officially organized on November 2, 1957. A constitution was adopted and officers were elected at the next series of club meetings. The club’s purposes are to function as an advisory group for all veterans and to aid in adjustment to college life; to provide a social organization for veterans; and to perform services for the school and the com- munities in the surrounding area. The high point of the Veteran’s Club’ s first year as a recognized organization was its successful completion of a major service project with Topton Orphan’s Home, Topton, Pa. In connection with this project the V.C. acted as hosts to a large group of boys from the Orphanage at the Muhlenberg-Wagner Basketball game. Membership is restricted to men who have served at least 6 months or more active duty in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast-Guard. Faculty members who are veterans are invited to join the Club as Honorary Members, which designation includes full membership and dues paid by the club. 88 SCIENCE CLUB First row: H. L. Raub, E. Pulver, E. Helfrick, M. Reber, E. Eisenhower. Second row: D. Cimino, V. Douglass, E. Lam, C. Markosi. Third row: B. Thomas, R. Baker, H. Toffer, L. Seip. The Science Club was founded for the purpose of promoting interest and understanding in the field of Natural Science. Membership is not limited to science majors; any Muhlenberg student is eligible for membership. The club, which meets monthly, endeavors to bring out- standing personalities in education, research, and industry in the scientific field to the campus in order to present short talks on various aspects of science. Such meetings service to acquaint future scientists with the obstacles which they may expect in their future fields of work. Topics discussed during the school year were: " Low Tem- perature Liquefaction of Rare Atmospheric Gases,” " Chroma- tography,” " Electricity from Atomic Reactors,” " Cosmic Rays,” and The Logical Structure and Foundation of Mathematics.” One of the highlights of the year was a student participation meeting at which several members of the club presented talks on their research and work experiences. The club also sponsored tours of Western Electric and the Sun Oil Refinery. A Banquet concluded the year’s activities. President . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . Advisors . OFFICERS J. Marshall Reber Ernest Helfrich Edward Pulver Elmer Eisenhower . . . . Dr. Harry L. Raub, III Dr. G. N. Russell Smart President . . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor . . OFFICERS Marvin Roth Dennis Gurski Michael J. Pitt Morrie E. Kricun Dr. Shankweiler The pre-medical society was founded in 1931 by Dr. John V. Shankweiler. Since that time it has become one of the largest organizations on The society membership is open to any student who has completed at least one year of college and who has attained an average of at least C in fresh- man chemistry. The purpose of the ftCgaftlzatioa, is to bring pre-medical students into closer cotfta bt--wtrh:.::±he medical field. It is hoped that through the cl acquire a more person; This year’s bi-mor|t cal and surgical fil Dr. John F. Huber, anatomy department: requirements; Dr. Br|n on allergies; Dr. Tim School, who spoke on th who spoke on his specialty- Drs. Steiger and Wright, who i Valley Heart Association, spo The club also visited Hahnemann Medical School in Phila- delphia and participated in the annual Lehigh Valley Pre- Medical Society banquet held in March. dent will be able to future profession, highlighted by medi- r|g speakers including le Medical School’s edical school life and graduate, who spoke pie University Dental in general; Dr. Rhoads, etrics and gynecology; and conjunction with the Lehigh n recent cardiac advances. First row: M. Kricun, D. Gurski, J. Shankweiler, M. Roth, M. Pitt. Second row: M. Peters, M. Hyett, H. Schwartz, J. Becker, D. Elkins, C. Markosi. Third row: P. Chabrow, N. Carnevale, J. Podell, J. Block, M. Linett, R. Klaus. Fourth row: F. Sivitz, S. Morris, F. Stutman, C. Lam, R. Lam, P. Haberern. Fifth row: G. Seltzer, D. Paskin, P. Eichler, E. Thieler, R. Reichard. Sixth row: M. Cerciello, R. Yerger, A. Krafchick, F. Marschall, T. Romberg, R. Kaufman. |.v; I rw istp ■■ f ' ■ ti PRE-MEDICAL CLUB 90 1 1 HHL ; i I jg - ha t i me- 4 k jf im r | U f m J First row: L. Reimer, M. Kricun, D. Gurski, M. Pitt, W. Ely, M. Chatfield. Second row: E. Pulver, C. Alexy, E. Nace, J. Slotter, F. Stutman, J. Block. In the fall of 1955, the Mt ized and constituted under the M. Chatfield. Since then, tl mously in membership, popularity, haps the main precept of th« students who feel an active, ierg Chess Club was organ- supervision of Mr. Minotte ation has increased enor- nd range of activity. Per- is to bring together those in the game of chess, and give them ample opportunity ' expound their interest. The club is instrumental ii) arranging intercollegiate chess matches with Ursinus, F M, western Electric, Lehigh, and many others. The Chess Cluljalso sands a team to the national intercollegiate teams tournamenr laich is held every year. This year the season was highlighted by the ypyt of Samuel Reshev- sky, U. S. champion and OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary .... Treasurer Adviser Dennis Gurski Michael Pitt . Marv Hyett . Wally Ely Morrie Kricun Mr. Chatfield CHESS CLUB 91 First row: M. Rehman, Prof. Graber, D. Smith, J. Fleming, P. Forschner. Second row: A. Fraley, P. Kocher, M. Katz, L. Seip, S. Seyer, A. Budner. Third row: T. Bakis, E. Ffelfrich, N. Wangman, FI. Beidleman, R. Krammes. Fourth row: M. Heckman, S. Gribben, R. Sterner, F. Fix. Fifth row: F. Trinkle, T. Pry, R. Haas, R. MacLaughlin. Sixth row: W. Facklek, C. Schmerker, A. Adams. COMMUTER S CLUB President Vice-President . . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer Social Chairman . OFFICERS David Smith Stephen Seyer Alice Budner Ann Fraley Pat Forschner Norman Wangman The Commuter’s Club was organized in 1955 with the purpose of creating a spirit of co-operation between the com- muters and the dormitory students. It was organized also to arouse the interest of the commuters in campus activities. During the year this organization sponsored such activities as dances and picnics. Almost anytime during the year one could find the commuters’ room on the second floor of the Student Center filled with male students making use of the pool tables or just relaxing. Likewise the coeds made use of the new commuters’ lounge in West Hall. 92 The " M” Club is composed of athletes who have earned a varsity letter, who are in good academic standing, and who have been accepted by the standing members. The main purposes of the club are to create harmonious feelings among the athletes of various sports, to assist in the development of collegiate athletics, to bring about higher academic standards, to discourage athletes from breaking rules, and to encourage good sportsmanship. To accomplish these functions, the club sponsors an annual dance and participates in the annual Community Chest Drive on campus. President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Advisor . OFFICERS Joe Federico Roger Keehn Paul Whitcraft Bill Carty Dr. K. Webb M CLUB First row: E. Thieler, P. Whitcraft, J. Federico, R. Keehn, W. Carty. Second row: R. Spivak, W. Penkethman, F. Csaszar, R. Miller, G. Johns, C. McCutcheon. Third row: D. Simpson, A. Jaquette, R. Stoesser, W. Dissinger, L. Woodel, J. Borneman. Fourth row: M. Linett, D. Sterner, R. MacLaughlin, J. Waller. Fifth row: R. King, D. Michaels, R. Leighton, A. Wright, R. Schoellicopf. Sixth row: P. Knauss, D. Novek, C. Jeffries, G. Schindler, R. Madsen. Seventh row: R. Dungan, G. Rehrig, H. Leoffler, J. Orr, G. Solomon, G. Werner. MUHLENBERG CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION First row: Dr. D. Bremer, Dr. W. Wilbur. Second row: H. Gishlick, D. Krewson, H. Baer. Third row: W. Schuman, A. Adams, L. Se»p. OFFICERS President Henry Williams Vice-President RICHARD STEPHAN Secretary George Weckman Treasurer Harold Baer Advisors Dr. David Bremer. Dr. William Wilbur The Muhlenerg Christian Association is a fellowship group of students and faculty at Muhlenberg College, united by common loyalty to Jesus Christ. The members seek to under- strive to realize it in both personal and social living. To enable greater student participation in the program of the organization and to render it more responsible to stu- dent needs, the MCA is divided into a number of committees and commissions: Religious Action Commission, which pro- motes understanding and appreciation of the Christian faith on campus through special worship services and discussion groups; Social Action Committee, which is concerned with social prob- lems and is the social service branch of MCA; Personal and Campus Affairs Commission, which is interested in harmony between students and between students and faculty on this campus; World Relatedness Commission, which is in charge of the World University Service Drive; Publicity and Mem- bership Committee; Intercollegiate Activities Committee; Reli- gious Arts Committee, which promotes religious arts on this campus and sponsors a religious play; Oratory Committee; Institute of Faith Committee. The work of these committees is unified by the Executive Council, which consists of four officers and the chairman of the committees and commissions. 94 INSTITUTE OF FAITH OFFICERS Student Chairman Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Advisor Assistant Advisor Richard Truchses . . . Paul Clymer . . Ann Romatowski . . . Karl Becker Dr. Truman Koehler . Mr. Robert Parke The Institute of Faith is a Committee of the Muhlenberg Christian Association. It annually plans programs of lectures and seminars concerned with Christianity and the contem- porary world. Outstanding speakers and discussion leaders, experts in their fields, are brought to the Muhlenberg campus. The committee tries to prepare programs of wide interest and academic solidarity. This year in March the Institute of Faith presented a series of Chapel sermons by Dr. Krister Stendahl of Harvard Univer- sity on: " Let God Be God. " Three Lutheran Campus Pastors from this area led the discussions on Dr. Stendahl ' s sermons. The IF programs is similar to Religious Emphasis Weeks on other campuses. It is the hope of the committee that in prepar- ing for these events it measurably furthers the religious growth of Muhlenberg students. First row: P. Clymer, R. Truchses, G. Weckman. Second row: D. Krewson, H. Baer. BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS CLUB Founded in 1955, the Business and Economics Club strives to stimulate a greater intellectual and academic interest in important economic problems. This objective is accomplished by field trips to surrounding business and industry and by monthly discussions led by leaders in various business fields. During the first semester, forty members of the club partici- pated in a field trip to New York Ciry. Security and banking procedures were studied in visits to the New York Stock Exchange, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Beane, and The Chase Manhattan Bank. Plans for the spring semester include monthly speakers and a trip to either the Fairless works of U. S. Steel or to the Philadelphia Federal Reserve. OFFICERS President Roy Madsen Vice-President GEORGE SCHINDLER Treasurer John Coughlin Secretary Charles Schmerker Advisors Herbert Fraser John Voyatzis Robert Battis D. Irvin Reitz First row: D. I. Reitz, C. Schmerker, J. Coughlin, R. Madsen, G. Schindler, H. Fraser, R. Battis. Second row: T. Hartman, F. Fix, H. Gishlick, D. Sourwine, B. Eisenbud, R. Spivak. Third row: F. Trinkle, W. Fackler, L. Toth, R. Haas, P. Clymer, J. Waller. Fourth row: D. Westin, A. Brusko, L. Mayberry, J. Piston, S. Tuchinsky. Fifth row: R. Specht, E. Newhard, R. Holben. Sixth row: B. Williams, D. Bausch, L. Uherchik, H. Beidleman, M. Bender, D. Fish. JOHN MARSHALL PRE-LAW CLUB First row: R. Leighton, H. Siegel, A. Markoe, K. Semmel, H. Oberson, B. Sirota. Second row: P. Schwartz, R. Cardonsky, B. Caplan, J. Pitman, R. Rosenheim, B. Leighton. OFFICERS President . . Vice-President . . Secretary-Treasurer Arnold Markoe Herbert Oberson Kenneth Semmel The John Marshall Pre-Law Club was founded in 1932 under the leadership of the late Dr. Henry R. Mueller. The club fosters a program which outlines the aspects and oppor- tunities of the legal profession. Any student interested in the study of law may be admitted to membership in the club. The clubs meetings are stimulated by discussions with prominent lawyers and law school representatives on matters pertaining to law. Throughout this school year the club was fortunate enough to bring to the Muhlenberg campus many law school Deans who made their counselling services available to our pre-law students. The organization’s advisor is Dr. James E. Swain, chairman of the History and Political Science depart- ment. 97 CHAPEL CHOIR With the advent of co-education at Muhlenberg, the 1957-1958 choir season was looked upon with anticipation and concern. Within a short time, the capable leadership of Ludwig Lenel moulded a choir of 60 voices in preparation of the mid-semester con- cert tour of Ohio, including concerts in Dover, Can- ton, Findlay, Toledo, and Newark, Ohio, and Carlisle, Pa. Although this was only the second time a tour of this extent was made, it was successful and of credit to Muhlenberg College and those in participation. Other highlights of the season were the continua- tion of the annual Christmas Concert with Cedar Crest and a concert for the Women’s Auxiliary of Muhlenberg College at Pottstown and Muhlenberg College. It was also quite an honor to be invited again this year to St. Thomas Episcopal Church in New York City. Sopranos Engelhard, Irmgard Gack, Doris Hummel, Nancy Johnson, Joanne Keith, Phyllis Lehr, Carol Meder, Carolyn Miller, Muriel Missimer, Patricia Noxon, Jean Spero, Phyllis Stewart, Diane Second Tenors Adams, Carl Daer, Harold Farber, David Horn, Richard Marsh, Donald Miller, Charles Moyer, Luther Skelton, James Stauffer, Leonard Clayton, Roy Sloyer, Stanley Romberg, Ted Altos Barnes, Jane Egner, Madeline Forschner, Patricia Haas, Jean Gehman, Marcia Kenely, Betsy Kamena, Karen Merritt, Janice Shalter, Patricia Ziedonis, Ilga First Basses Brobst, William Dieter, Gene Fagerheim, Kenneth Glaser, Robert Miller, Richard Rebane, Priit Reinsel, Thomas Snyder, Donald Ueberroth, Ray Meyer, Edward Walinski, Frank Hagey, Donald Weckman, George First Tenors Fisher, Richard Herb, Kenneth Hinkle, Richard Kistler, David Miller, Kenneth Perry, Reginald Kehrli, Robert Simmons, Donald Thomas, Joseph Second Basses Adami, Charles Bausch, David Bergey, William Budge, Samuel Dudak, Stanley Gishlick, Herbert Juris, Phillip Meily, Herbert Purdy, Richard Ruoss, Martin Truchses, Richard Weller, Richard PRE-THEOLOGICAL CLUB The John A. W. Haas Pre-Theological Club is an organ- ization for students preparing for the Christian ministry and the diaconate. With co-education on our campus for the first year, the club has opened its membership to those women who are preparing to serve the church as deaconesses. The club strives to provide scriptural education, to deepen the spiritual lives of its members, to provide Christian fellowship, and to be a factor for enhancing Christian life on the campus and elsewhere. Organized in 1933, the club now bears the name of the Muhlenberg President who was so instrumental in its formation. The monthly meetings of the club bring church leaders, both lay and clerical, to speak on related facets of the church’s work. Some of the speakers were Dr. Vernon Strempke, Mr. Lazarus, Dr. Fry (head of the Department of Church Archi- tecture), and Mr. Robert Parke, Jr. The year was also high- lighted by a Christmas party at Dr. Bremer’s home, the annual banquet, and the trip to Mt. Airy Theological Seminary. OFFICERS President Richard Hinkle Vice-President David Walker Secretary Donald Simmons Treasurer Frederick Pillmier Advisors Dr. David Bremer Dr. Russell Stine First row: C. Adams, L. Moyer, R. Hinkle, F. Pillmeier, G. Weckman. Second row: R. Hafer, H. Baer, D. Kreuson, A. Stott. Third row: D. Wartluft, R. Ueberroth, C. Adami, R. Horn. The Education Society is that organization on the Muhlen- berg campus devoted to the cause of education. It is primarily intended for those students planning to go into the teaching profession. Its purpose is to further the ideals of education in general, and more specifically to supplement the classroom activity of the prospective teacher at Muhlenberg. During the current year the members remaining from the inactive Education Society of the previous year undertook a reorganization campaign which has proved highly successful. At the beginning of the current year there were only seven members and now we boast a membership of twenty-six, which will no doubt increase rapidly in the near future following the introduction of coeds into the Education Department. The culmination of the reorganization activities was the recent decision of the group to apply for a charter which would make us a local affiliate of the National Education Association. If accepted, the affiliation will increase the benefits and services available to the individual members as well as increase the prestige of the group as a campus organization. OFFICERS President ' . . . Don Canfield Vice-President Charles McCutcheon Secretary Stanley Sloyer Treasurer David Smith Advisor Dr. William French EDUCATION SOCIETY First row: D. Smith, S. Sloyer, C. McCutcheon, D. Canfield, Dr. William French, S. Budge. Second row: R. Puknell, J. Beeny, R. Sabol, D. Fish C. Miller, W. Higgins, N. Hahn, R. Kehrli. Third row: S. Pollack, L. Kreidler, R. Miller, R. Baker, R. Krammes, R. Borneman. First row: P. Shalter, S. Tuchinsky, J. McConnell, B. Eisenbud, C. Hottinger. Second row: P. Chabrow, J. Becker, H. Gishlick, D. DeBellis, D. Michaels. Third row: H. Neyenesch, J. Grimm, R. Kehrli, A. Adams, L. Woodward. Fourth row: S. Gribbon, D. Kennedy, L. Skweir. MASK AND DAGGER SOCIETY President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Advisor . OFFICERS James McConnell Spencer Tuchinsky Mar tin Coover Dominic DeBellis Dr. Andrew Erskine Under the able guidance of Dr. Andrew Erskine, the Mask and Dagger Society completed another very successful season. The introduction of coeds furnished talent for female roles in the year’s two productions, Shakespeare’s " Othello” and " My Three Angels.” This organization enables students to acquire a practical knowledge of the mechanics of play production such as acting, staging, costuming, music, and the technique of lighting. Through the society students develop a greater appreciation of dramatic arts, which serves to enrich the social and cultural life of the student. Dr. Andrew Erskine Muhlenberg’s Forensic Council greatly expanded its activities this year. During the 1957-1958 debating season the Forensic Council made several trips into the field. This year the national debating topic was Resolved: " That the Requirement of Mem- bership in a Labor Organization as a Condition of Employment Should Be Illegal.” In December the Freshmen on the team attended the Temple Novice Debate Tournament, and during the year, each of their two teams debated in four rounds. On February 19, two varsity debaters attended a dinner-debate against Lafayette College sponsored by the Delaware Walley Shriners Club. Four varsity debaters attended the annual debat- ing tournament at Brooklyn College in March, and in April the Forensic Council debated at Dickenson College. OFFICERS President Don Michaels Vice-President Richard Kaufman Corresponding Secretary Thomas McCabe Recording Secretary Andy MacNamara Treasurer Spence Butterwick FORENSIC COUNCIL First row: I. Chasen, M. Heckman, L. Silverman. Second row: P. Chabrow, D. Michaels, D. Kaufman. D. Nase, R. Hervey, P. Eichler, D. Roth, R. Inskip, R. Leighton, A. Markoe, D. Auerbach, J. Becker, M. Kricun, R. Nuss. FRESHMAN TRIBUNAL The Freshman Tribunal is a judiciary body appointed by the president of the Student Body, to serve as disciplinary group to pass judgment and place penalties on all infringe- ments of the rules set up by the tribunal. The purpose of the regulations is to create class spirit and solidarity among the Freshmen. The sophomores and upper classmen are responsible for the enforcement of the tribunal rules. They must report any offender of the regulations to the tribunal members. Offenders shall receive a trial before a meeting of the tri- bunal at which time the case will be heard and a verdict rendered. The proper punishment will then be inflicted upon the guilty party. MEMBERS Seniors Mr. Leighton, President Mr. Becker Mr. Markoe Mr. Roth Mr. Nuss Juniors Mr. Waller Mr. Eichler Mr. Nase Mr. Kricun Mr. Young Sophomores Mr. Inskip Mr. Orr Mr. Auerbach Mr. Hervey Mr. Sivitz 103 r rm£0% f -..’.V ' _ ., JL- v. •• " ; ' is . • mr- « ■■ . m sfr » S 4£ " X. . r:, w - " ;?■ . . - . « ■ - _ r ‘ - v- i ♦ -v " W.x?.-.v „... :• " ■ ' . ■ ■ ■ ' r X • J 4 »¥ " ' « S « A T H L E T I C S Muhlenberg 13 Muhlenberg 18 Muhlenberg 6 Muhlenberg 18 Muhlenberg 0 Muhlenberg 40 Muhlenberg 7 Muhlenberg 20 FOOTBALL SUMMARY Lafayette 20 Albright 14 Scranton 0 Lebanon Valley 6 Gettysburg 2 1 Temple 16 Hofstra 26 Franklin and Marshall 41 Won 4 Lost 4 COACHES William A. Flamish, Assistant Coach; J. Milo Sewards, Assistant Coach ; Raymond J. Whispell, Head Coach ; Francis R. Gutierrez, Assistant Coach; James Kozlowski, Assistant Coach. Coach Ray Wispell’s Muhlenberg Mules entered the 1957 season with a squad composed chiefly of inex- perienced sophomores. Of the forty- three men on the team, twenty-five were sophomores. The severest losses were in the line where Whispell was faced with the task of replacing Paul Billy, Bill Stranzl, Frank Gutierrez, and Dick Werkheiser, all four- year veterans of varsity play. However the Sophs, aided by the upper class letter- men, were able to lead Muhlenberg to a satisfactory 4-4 record, equaling last years output. First row: J. Nonnemaker, R. Madsen, B. Sirota, R. Keehn, A. Caporale, D. Herman, P. Whitcraft, A. Wright, W. Carty, C. McCutcheon, J. Young, L. Spangler. Second row: J. Orr, C. Wilson, D. Mason, R. Heiter, J. Moskowitz, G. Solomon, A. Stott, F. Sivitz, J. Casale, G. Johns, R. Ludwick. Third row: Assistant Coach J. Kozlowski, Assistant Coach W. Flamish, Manager E. Howell, L. Woodel, R. Rosenheim, R. White, D. Novek, C. Miller, R. Pearsons, E. Davis, Manager J. Federico, Assistant Coach F. Gutierrez, Head Coach Ray Wispell. Top row: F. Kerr, G. Rehig, R. Borneman, H. Owens, P. Clymer, K. Hendricks, R. Miller, R. Bartholomew, R. Hartje, T. Carpenter, R. Anderson. SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS Donald Herman, Charles McCutcheon, Paul Whitcraft, Arthur Wright, Anthony Caporale, William Carty, Barry Sirota. The Lafayette game represented for the Mules the production of too little, too late, as the opponents stood off a last ditch Berg rally to win, 20-13. Outstanding in the 4th quarter rally were a couple of sophomores, quarterback Jim Nonnemaker and end Don Hendricks. Nonnemaker provided the Mules with the passing attack they have needed for many years, completing 5 out of 1 1 passes in the fourth quarter, while Hendricks, a rugged 6 ' 5 " end, caught 4 passes and recovered two fumbles, one of which was in the Lafayette end zone. The Mules bounced back from their opening game loss to Lafayette by achieving three straight wins, defeating Albright, Scranton, and Lebanon Valley. Left half back Herb Owens, a sophomore from Audubon, N. J., sparked the Mules victories with his spectacular runs. Outstanding in the line was Bob Hieter, who was selected to the All East team for his rugged all around play at tackle in the Scranton game. Gettysberg, led by a pair of great backs in Capitani and Hailey, completely outplayed the Mules and were victorious by a 20-0 count. However, the Mules bounced back from defeat with a devastating 40-16 shalacking of Temple. The Mules were virtually unbeatable as they made few mistakes in over- whelming Temple. Owens once again played spectacular ball, running around, over, and through the opposition. Despite the fact that he missed the first seven minutes of the opening quar- ter, Owens managed to score 3 touchdowns, gaining 139 yards in 14 carries. The rest of the Muhlenberg scoring was ably handled by Roy Madsen, Tony Caporele, and Ken Hendricks. Don Novek, a junior guard, was chosen for the weekly All East Team for his fine play in the Temple victory. The Temple game represented the peak of the 1957 football season for the Mules. The Mules were decisively trained in their two subsequent games against Hofstra and Lebanon Valley. The only bright picture in a rather dim climax was Herb Owens who scored two touchdowns in the Lebanon Valley defeat. Owens ended the season as the fourth highest scorer in Pennsylvania, with a 60 point total. He was the leading ground gainer with a 6.03 yards per carry. " Moose” Caporele was the Mules second most effective runner, gaining 4.26 yards per carry. The past football season, on the basis of the rather meager 4-4 record, was not too successful. However, the past season did form the groundwork for the future. The twenty-five Sopho- mores on the whole, came through admirably. They, along with Juniors such as Don Novek, Roy Madsen, and Roger Keehn, should be able to give Muhlenberg a more successful season in the very near future. Fullback Jerry Rehrig drives for six yards against Scranton. Spangler bits the middle. 108 ■ ' mi Jim Nonnemaker tries to break away but finds himself trapped. First row: H. Neyenesch, S. Messina, E. Callahan, M. Renshaw, R. Neitz, J. Stupak, T. Wargo, R. Glassmire. Second row: Frank Gutierrez, coach, P. Ehrig, M. Wolfe, B. Butz, E. Yost, A. Hoberman, V. Rosso, J. Billger, B. Wagner, Milo Sewards, coach. Third row: G. Werley, B. Patterson, P. Miller, C. Moyer, D. Moran, C. Ohnmacht, B. Meyer, P. Barnett. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SUMMARY Muhlenberg 6 ... . . . Hofstra 7 Muhlenberg 6 ... . Lafayette 14 Muhlenberg 0 ... . Stevens Trade 26 Muhlenberg’s Freshman Football team averted Muhlenberg 12 ... . Won I Lost . Temple 3 0 a winless record in its last game of the season by dumping Temple 12-0 after three straight losses. The little Mules were outclassed in only one contest, a 26-0 setback by Stevens Trade. They lost to Hofstra in their opener by only one point, 7-6, and bowed to Lafayette 14-6, after trailing by just a single point as late as the fourth quarter. The victory over the Temple Owls was featured by the fine running of quarterback Merle Wolfe and stout line play which prevented the visitors from penetrating the Mules 3 5 -yard line. There are several good varsity prospects among the Mule yearlings, particularly in the line. Ends Vince Rosso and Bob Patterson, tackles Paul Miller and Craig Moyer , guards Ed Callahan and Arnold Hoberman, and center Marty Renshaw were especially impressive during the course of the season. In the backfield, Jim Hoffert, Sal Messina, Tom Wargo, Merle Wolfe, and Ed Yost figure to add their names to the varsity roster next fall. Pile up and loose ball. SOCCER The Muhlebnerg soccer team concluded the season with a record of two wins and six defeats. The Mule victories were over Stevens 4-3, and Delaware 3-1. The bulk of the Mule’s scoring was done by two men, both of whom will be back again next fall, John Holcroft and Frank Csaszar. Between them they accounted for eleven of Berg’s fourteen goals. Holcroft led the club with six goals and Csaszar had five. Muhlenberg after losing the first two games of the season to Lehigh and F. M., bounced back to defeat Stevens 4-3 on a late fourth quarter goal by Bill Loewe. Holcroft added two goals to the Berg victory, followed by Csaszar who netted one goal. In their sixth game of the year Berg faced a tough Delaware team, playing their best game of the year, Muhlenberg won 3-1. The Mule attack was led by Csaszar and Holcroft who contributed two and one goals respectively. The last two games of the season were against Rutgers and Bucknell. Rutgers swamped the Mules 6-1, but Bucknell just managed to beat Berg 2-1. Next year promises to be one of the best years in the history of Muhlenberg soccer. Both Csaszar and Holcroft will be returning and it is believed that some of the returners have acquired enough experience to alleviate the load that has previously been on the shoulders of just two men. Going for a goal. SUMMARY Muhlenberg 1 3 Muhlenberg 0 F M 5 Muhlenberg 4 3 Muhlenberg 2 ... . 5 Muhlenberg 2 LaSalle 3 Muhlenberg 3 1 Muhlenberg 1 Rutgers 6 Muhlenberg 1 ... . Bucknell 2 Won 2 Lost 6 - First row: S. Dres- kin, J. Waller, E. Vollmer, R. Lausch, D. Troyer, D. Wil- liams, R. Leighton, R. Spivak. Second row: Coach Bud Nevins, R. Stoesser, G. Warner, W. Lo- ewe, J. Balliet, J. Holcroft, W. Pen- kethman, H. Schirr- macher, F. Csaszar, H. March, D. Simp- son. CROSS-COUNTRY Berg and Lafayette at the glut. Muhlenberg’s cross country team suffered one of its worst seasons this year, losing seven of its eight meets and tieing the only other one. The usually thin squad was hampered this year by inexperience and injuries. The Mules lost their first two meets to Lafayette and Eliza- bethtown. Ed Thieler finished first for the Mules in both meets by taking fifth and third places, followed by Pierce Knauss who placed seventh and fourth. Berg’s third loss came at the hands of Juanita 21-34, when only three of the first ten places, fourth, fifth, and sixth were taken by Ron Dungan, Thieler, and Knauss. In their next two meets the Mules were soundly trounced by Lehigh and Albright, 15-40 and 19-38. Against Moravian, the Berg Mules raced to a 28-28 dead beat as Ron Dungan, a sophomore came in second. The Mules also captured fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth positions. Dun- gan’s second place finish was the best showing made by a Mule runner during the season. Haverford swamped the Mules 17-46 as Ron Dungan, who finished fourth, was the only Mule runner in the top ten. Fol- lowing Dungan the next Mule who placed was Bob Vorhies who finished eleventh. In the last meet of the year against F. M., Dungan once again led Berg by finishing third, fol- lowed by Bob Vorhies and John Carty. First row: P. Knauss, R. Dungan, R. Droffner. Second row: Coach R. Schmidt, R. Lewis, E. Thieler, J. Carty, R. Voorhees. SUMMARY Muhlenberg 39 Lafayette 16 Elizabeth- Muhlenberg 31 town 25 Muhlenberg 34 Juniata 21 Muhlenberg 40 Lehigh 15 Muhlenberg 39 Albright 19 Muhlenberg 28 Moravian 28 Muhlenberg 46 Haverford 17 Muhlenberg 37 F M 18 Won 0 Lost 7 Tied 1 first row: S. Matell, W. Dissinger, R. MacLaughlin, C. Jeffries, J. Sarner, J. Berghold, R. Lukens. Second row: Coack B. Crum, R. Sekunda, D. Robins, H. Loeffler, M. Kessler, C. Hoffman, Manager R. Sterner. BASKETBALL COACHES SUMMARY J ' Pitney Crum, Head Coach Muhlenberg 79 . . . . Lebanon Valley 59 Muhlenberg 68 . . . 59 Muhlenberg 96 . . . 67 Muhlenberg 93 . . . 74 Muhlenberg 83 . . . 61 Muhlenberg 54 . . . 72 Muhlenberg 64 . . . Gettysburg 63 Muhlenberg 61 . . . 67 Muhlenberg 66 . . . Manhattan 81 Muhlenberg 58 . . . 75 Muhlenberg 60 Georgetown 76 Muhlenberg 64 . . . 66 Muhlenberg 80 . . . 82 Muhlenberg 64 . . . F M 70 Muhlenberg 89 . . . 62 Muhlenberg 80 . . . Colgate 72 Muhlenberg 66 79 Muhlenberg 96 . . . St. Joseph’s 84 Muhlenberg 82 . . . Albright 73 Muhlenberg 74 . . . Scranton 83 Muhlenberg 90 . . . Wagner 83 Muhlenberg 69 . . . Hofstra 66 Muhlenberg 73 . . . 81 Muhlenberg 71 . . . Bucknell 79 Won 12 Lost 1 2 Richard Schmidt, Asst. Coach Clint Jeffries Mel Kessler Dick Sekunda Bill Dissinger Muhlenberg’s 1957-58 basketball season ended with mixed emotions. The team started off strong and then ran into a number of upsets and disappointments. Yet with most of the men returning next year and the oncoming of a strong freshman team, Muhlenberg’s basketball future looks bright. There are only two men graduating from this year ' s team, Clint Jeffries and Dick MacLaughlin. Jeffries easily was one of the most outstanding ballplayers in Muhlenberg’s history. Named to many all-east teams, Jeff had a banner year with 399 points to bring his lifetime total to 1187 points. This places him fourth in Muhlenberg’s all time scoring list. Dick Sekunda and Mel Kessler were also in the 300 point bracket, scoring 382 and 350 points respectively. Other men who did good work and gained valuable experience for the future were Joe Berghold, Joel Sarner, Steve Matell, Don Rob- bins, and Herb Loeffler. Muhlenberg started very strongly by winning their first 5 games. The opener on December 4 resulted in a 79-59 win over Lebanon Valley, and three days later Muhlenberg beat Rutgers at New Brunswick 68-59. Then Muhlenberg trounced Moravian 96-67. In this game 60 points were scored in the second half. Jeffries led the scoring with 18 points. On Senior Ball Weekend Muhlenberg ripped Delaware 93-74 with Kes- sler scoring 23, Jeffries 21, and Sekunda 20. Muhlenberg next defeated a good Lehigh team 83-61 with Sekunda scor- ing 24 and Jeffries 23. On December 21 Muhlenberg traveled to the Penn Palestra to play Temple, the eighth ranked team in the country. Led by All-American Guy Rodges, Temple beat Muhlenberg 72-54. Then after the Christman recess we beat Gettysburg 64-63. Muhlenberg went into a prolonged slump and lost at the hands of seven straight opponents. They were LeSalle 67-61, Manhattan 81-66, Lafayette 75-58, Georgetown 76-60, Lehigh 66-64, LaSalle 82-80, and F. M. 70-64. Although this was the dark period of the basketball season, it must be noted that many of the games were close and could have gone either way. Then on F ebruary 6 we trounced Gettysburg 89-62 at the Hershey Arena to end the longest losing streak in many a year. Colgate was then defeated at home 80-72 with Jeffries scoring 24. The eighth loss came at the hands of Lafayette 78-66. Before the snowbound Junior Prom Weekend crowd, Muhlenberg saw the season’s biggest upset as we beat St. Joseph’s 96-84. In this game Jeffries, Sekunda, and MacLaughlin played their best games of the season. The team then lost to Scranton 83-74 before beating Albright 82-73. In this game Jeffries scored 31 points and pulled down 22 rebounds. A 90-83 upset of Wagner had Kessler leading the scoring with 25 points. Three days later at Hofstra we beat the Dutchmen 69-66. The key play was Dick MacLaughlin’s 2 foul shots with 10 seconds to go. This was the last victory of the season as the team lost to Villanova 81-73 and Bucknell 79 -71 to even the season’s record at 12-12. 114 DICK MACLAUGHLAN JOE BERGHOLD STEVE MATELL JOEL SARNER Loose Ball Dead-eye Dick i Jump Balll Whoa there Lafayette’s Jim Burt dribbles in for shot as Muhlenberg’s Clint Jeffries applies the brakes to shift direction. Dick Secunda picking up loose ball as St. Joseph’s player closes in. Clint Jeffries grabbing a low rebound. Battling for rebotind are Berg’s Don Robbins and Dela ■ ware’s Bob Schiliro. As a result of hard work and a fine coaching job by Dick Schmidt, the Muhlenberg Yearlings finished their past basket- ball season with an impressive 15 won 5 lost record. This was a well rounded team that fought hard and showed good promise for the future. Among their victories were im- pressive games against the freshmen of Lafayette, Scranton, St. Joseph, and Lehigh. The team used its height well, and A1 Filardi 6:5, Ron Druckenmiller 6:4, and Richie Brennan, 6:8 controlled the backboards in practically all of their games. This big three scored 420, 293, and 95 points respectively. However, Brennan was ineligible the second half of the season. The back court was in the very capable hands of George Gilfillan who scored 274 points and Don Nicol. This team showed strong promise for the future and, bar- ring the failure of any men, ’Berg should have a good basket- ball future. SUMMARY Muhlenberg 73 . . . . Mack Truck 52 Muhlenberg 79 . LaSalle 84 Muhlenberg 58 . . . . Rutgers 63 Muhlenberg 69 F. M. 56 Muhlenberg 54 ... . Moravian J. V. 44 Muhlenberg 74 . Lafayette 56 Muhlenberg 84 ... . . . . Delaware 72 Muhlenberg 79 St. Joseph’s 70 Muhlenberg 90 ... . . . . . Lehigh 59 Muhlenberg 80 Scranton 48 Muhlenberg 70 . . . . . . . . Boys Club 60 Muhlenberg 65 . Albright J. V. 54 Muhlenberg 36 ... . LaSalle 42 Muhlenberg 82 . Ki vert’s 63 Muhlenberg 81 . . . . . . . . Penn Ridge Stars 64 Muhlenberg 73 . Hofstra 78 Muhlenberg 69 ... . . . . . Young Mens 58 Muhlenberg 43 . Bucknell 34 Muhlenberg 75 . . . . . . . . Lehigh 70 Muhlenberg 65 Lafayette 71 Won 15 Lost 5 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL First row: E. Sousa, D. Nicol, W. Gum, G. Gilfillan, R. Pancoast, P. Kirschenbaum, J. Looes. Second row: R. Schmidt, Coach, W. Harper, R. Drucken- miller, R. Brennan, W. Nennstiel, A. Filardi, F. Schwenk, R. Houth. First row : D. Michaels, R. Moyer, S. Fuchs, G. Merz, S. Fisher. Second row: R. Byrne, Coach A. Erskine, M. Linett. FENCING With only three returning lettermen Coach Andrew Erskine faced quite a problem in his fifth year as Muhlen- berg fencing coach. Although the fencers were winless, it is felt by many that within a year or two, Muhlenberg will be sporting a winning record. This is due to the fact that this year’s team was comprised mainly of sophomores. In its first meet, Muhlenberg in Memorial Hall met defeat at the hands of a strong Temple University team. Chuck Holder was most impressive winning two out of three foil matches. Due to the loss of Holder at mid- semesters the foil positions were filled by Ron Moyer, Morris Linett, and Steve Fisher. The second meet saw the foilmen travel to Haverford. A fair Haverford team defeated the Mules 17 to 10. Dis- sipated by a big week-end the Mule fencers met defeat at the hands of a strong John Hopkins team which went on to place third in the Middle Atlantics. Traveling to Lehigh the fencers lost their fourth match of the season. Lehigh was able to maintain its record of never being beaten on their home floor. Letter winners for the season were: foil, Ron Moyer, Morris Linett, and Steve Fisher; saber, George Merz, Don Michaels, and Dave Abramson; epee, Steve Fuchs, and Reggie Byrne. SUMMARY Muhlenberg 5 . . . . 22 Muhlenberg 10 ... . 17 Muhlenberg 4 ... . . . . . John Hopkins 23 Muhlenberg 10 ... . 17 Chuck Holder fencing against Temple WRESTLING First row: J. Waller, G. Warner, P. Knauss, A. Jaquette. Second row: Manager B. Hervey, G. Rehrig, R. Keehn, R. King, D. Simpson, Coach C. Frankett. SUMMARY Muhlenberg 20 ... . 10 Muhlenberg 33 ... . Temple 5 Muhlenberg 24 ... . 6 Muhlenberg 10 ... . 19 Muhlenberg 13 ... . Lafayette 15 Muhlenberg 17 ... . Gettysburg 8 The Muhlenberg wrestling team boasted the most impressive season in the College’s history this year with a record of 8 wins against 2 losses under the competent coaching of Carl Frankett and his assistant Frank Gutierrez. Individual season records stood out also with all but two men claiming one loss or less, and a new Middle Atlantic heavyweight champion, junior Gerry Rehrig. The matmen opened the season by toppling a tough Swarth- more team 20 to 10, with the only pin by Captain Don Simp- son, wrestling in the 157 lb. position. The Mules then added two victories to their record by swamping Temple 33 to 5, and whipping Moravian 24 to 6. Muhlenberg then succumbed to a strong Bucknell team, 19 to 10, with Simpson and King suffering their only losses of the season. The Berg grapplers went down for the second time in losing to Lafayette with Roger Keehn suffering his single blemish of the season. Muhlenberg 23 ... . Haverford 5 Muhlenberg 25 ... . 5 Muhlenberg 32 ... . Lebanon Valley 0 Muhlenberg 26 ... . 8 M.A.S.C.A.C. — Muhlenberg placed 3rd. Won 8 Lost 2 Muhlenberg quickly came around and showed its spark by winning its last 5 matches, defeating Gettysburg on their own mats for the first time in over a decade, 17 to 8, swamping Haver ford, 23 to 5, and drubbing Delaware, Lebanon Valley, and Albright by scores of 25-5, 32-0, and 26-8. In the Middle Atlantics, Carl Frankett’s men placed third behind Wilkes and West Chester S.T.C. Captain Don Simpson lost the 147 lb. crown but placed third in his division. Roger Keehn and Pierce Knauss placed fourth in their weight classes, while Gerry Rehrig captured the heavyweight championship. In terms of team strength the loss of seniors Roger Keehn and Don Simpson may not hamper the chances of a winning season again next year. The nucleus of the team will be centered around returning lettermen D. King, P. Knauss, J. Waller, G. Warner, A. Jaquette, and heavyweight champion G. Rehrig, with a reserve team of sophomores B. Hervey, M. Peters, and D. Williams, and up and coming freshmen E. Callahan and Vince Rosso. Roger Keehn keeps bis advantage on his opponent. . jKi.i ' ltl First row: C. Wilson, C. Smith, S. Dreskin, J. Moskowitz, J. Holcroft, R. Croft, D. Hoover, Coach Kozlowski. Second row: J. Nonnemaker, A. Caporale, R. Pearsons, W. Higgins, M. Wolley, R. Schumacher, C. Takacs, C. Miller. BASEBALL It was another season of ups and downs for Jim Kozlowski’s baseballers as they compiled a 4-11-1 record. An extended stretch of winter weather and a series of spring postponements due to rain never gave the team a chance to jell into a smooth working unit which is so necessary for winning base- ball. One game saw the pitching falter, the next game the fielding would come apart at the seams, while in another the hitters would not be able to get untracked. The victories came over Lebanon Valley, 9-6, Moravian, 4- 2, LaSalle, 20-19 in a ten inning free-for-all, and St. Joseph’s, 5- 4. A last inning rally brought the Mules a 7-7 tie with Lehigh, in a game halted by darkness. The outstanding hitter on this year’s diamond aggregation was versatile infielder John Holcroft, who collected 17 hits in 36 times at bat for a .472 average. Jim Nonnemaker, who doubled as a pitcher when not playing at shortstop compiled a .333 batting average, with 15 hits in 45 plate appearances. In addition Jim compiled the best earned run average among the pitchers, with an average of only 2.74. In pitching 23 innings he struck out 20 batters while walk- ing only 14. Infielder Joel Moskowitz hit for a .316 ave rage and in addition batted in 12 runs. Outfielder Mike Wolley led the team in runs-batted-in with 14. Mike also handled 22 chances in the outfield without an error to lead in that department. Pat Wilson, who batted .262 led the team in runs scored with 18. Among the pitchers, Charlie Takacs led in innings pitched with 60 2 3 and in victories with 2. Converted infielder Bill Higgins was the strikeout leader with 39 in 42 2 3 innings of work. 122 SUMMARY Muhlenberg 7 . . . Lafayette 17 Muhlenberg 7 . . . Lehigh 7 Muhlenberg 9 . .. . Lebanon Valley 6 Muhlenberg 1 Delaware 7 Muhlenberg 4 . . . Gettysburg 7 Muhlenberg 3 . . . Wilkes 9 Muhlenberg 0 . . . Moravian 9 Muhlenberg 4 . . Rutgers 11 Muhlenberg 4 . Moravian 2 Muhlenberg 2 . . . Lehigh 3 Muhlenberg 4 . . . F. M. 6 Muhlenberg 20 . . . LaSalle 19 Muhlenberg 5 . . . St. Joseph’s 4 Muhlenberg 3 . . . Albright 6 Muhlenberg 6 . . . Bucknell 22 Muhlenberg 4 . . . Scranton 6 Won 4 Lost 11 Tied 1 Mike Woolley during batting practice. A look at our Freshman team bench First row: P. Clymer, R. Lewis, P. Knauss, R. Lukens, J. Haberern, H. Leoffler. Second row: R. Sabol, J. Carty, J. Borneman, J. Dahl, R. Susses, R. Rosenheim, A. Krafchick. Third row: R. Sterner, C. Wieder, G. Rehrig, B. Schoellkopf, G. Johns, Coach Flamish. TRACK Muhlenberg’s track team once again went through a full season without gaining a single victory. The final record read 0-8. Despite this poor final count there was much to be pleased about both in individual performances and team effort. The turnout and enthusiasm over this year’s team was the finest in years. Coach Flamish’s thin- clads were outscored many times but they were never outhustled. Clearly the outstanding individual performer for Cardi- nal and Grey was Chuck Wieder. Participation in the pole vault event Chuck finished either first or tied for first place in all but one meet. Against Delaware he tied for second. In addition, Wieder established a new Muhlen- berg record when he vaulted 12 ' 2 Vi " in the final meet of the season against Bucknell. The old record was 12 ' l 2 " . The other letter winners were Ben Schoellkopf, John Haberern, Pierce Knauss, Richard Lewis, Gerry Rehrig, and Bob Rosenheim. Schoellkopf, participating in the discus and Javelin events garnered 4 first place finishes and 37 points. He was high scorer for the season. Haberern took one first place finish and wound up with 18 points. He competed in the 100 and 220 yard dashes. Knauss, one of the finest distance runners in Muhlenberg track history, took 2 firsts and compiled 25 points. Dick Lewis, another fine distance runner, earned 20 points. Versatile athlete Gerry Rehrig, notched 11 points as a shot putter. Bob Rosenheim, out- standing junior speedster, contributed 14 points. His out- standing performance came against Franklin and Marshall when he took first place on both the 100 and 220 yard dashes. SUMMARY Muhlenberg 34 . . . Albright 92 Muhlenberg 11 ! . . . . . Lafayette 115 Muhlenberg 11 Juniata 90 Muhlenberg 40 . Delaware 86 Muhlenberg 42 . . . Lebanon Valley 84 Muhlenberg 37 . . . F. M. 89 Muhlenberg 52 . . . Ursinus 74 Muhlenberg 29 . . . Bucknell 97 Won 0 Lost 8 first row: G. Soph- er, B. Follweiler, H. Berg, R. Chris- tine. Second row: R. Behrle, F. Csas- zar, K. Stewart, R. Leighton. SUMMARY Lafayette 9 Lehigh 9 Albright 6 Wilkes 1 Temple 4 Moravian 5 Lebanon Valley 6 Bucknell 6 Won 2 Lost 6 TENNIS Playing for the first time on courts that could truly be called their own, Coach John V. Shankweiler’s tennis squad completed the year with a 2-6 record. The new courts, located on campus, and constructed at a cost of $25,000, must have served as an inspiration to the netmen, for it was here that they notched their two victories. Wilkes College fell before the Bergmen by the score of 8-1. Temple University’s Owls felt the sting of the Mule rackets as they bowed to the locals, 5-4. Those who took the measure of the Mules were Lafayette and Lehigh by identical 9-0 scores, Albright, Lebanon Valley, and Bucknell, all by 6-3 counts, and Moravian by a 5-4 tally. Outstanding for the Mules this year in singles was Frank Csaszar, who compiled a 5-3 record. In doubles co-captains Harry Berg and Bob Leighton were able to win 3 out of 8 matches. Letters were awarded to Ron Behrle, Csaszar, Berg, Roger Christine, Brent Follweiler, Leighton, Ken Stewart, and Gil Sopher. 125 Muhlenberg 0 Muhlenberg 0 Muhlenberg 3 Muhlenberg 8 Muhlenberg 5 Muhlenberg 4 Muhlenberg 3 Muhlenberg 2 1111111 Harry Berg playing the net Frank Csaszar serving GOLF First row: I. Seidman, R. Cho- quette, D. Senger, J. Pfeiffer. Second row: D. Gurski, J. Carl, R. Bleiler, Coach Senger. Ira Seidman on the green jack Pfeiffer chipping as Dennis Gurski looks on SUMMARY Muhlenberg 13 Muhelnberg 9 Vi Muhlenberg 11 Muhlenberg 14 Muhlenberg 7 Muhlenberg 10 Muhlenberg 12 Vi M.A.S.C.A.C. 4th Won 5 Lost 2 Albright 5 Moravian 8 Vi Lehigh 17 LaSalle 4 Lafayette 1 1 Villanova 8 Scranton 3 Vi Under the guidance of first year Coach Ned Senger, Muhlenberg’s golf team compiled a 5-2 record. This represented the finest showing on Muhlenberg’s 1958 spring sports calendar. The Mules opened the season with a stunning 13-5 victory of the Lions of Albright College. Then followed a close victory over Moravian 9 Vi-8 Li- The local linksmen suffered their first loss at the hands of the Lehigh Engineers in their third match. The final tally read Muhlenberg 11, Lehigh 17. The golfers rebounded from this setback to notch their most impressive event of the season, a 14-4 drubbing of LaSalle College. Lafayette then took the measure of the Mules, 7-11. Muhlenberg finished the season by scoring victories over Villanova, 10-8, and Scranton, 12Vi-5Vi. One of the highlights of the season came in the Middle Atlantic Championships, where Muhlenberg finished fourth. Dave Senger copped eighth place in the race for individual honors with a 36-hole total of 161. Senger was only three strokes off the tourney-winning score. Letter winners on this year’s squad were co-captains Sid Gamburg and Dave Senger, Russ Bleiler, who compiled the best individual record with a slate of 4 wins, 2 losses, and a tie, James Carl, Ron Choquette, Dennis Gurski, Jack Pfeiffer, and Ira Seidman. B. Ziegenfuss, R. Flaig, S. Ruloff, A. Krafchick, S. Diamanti, J. Podell, I. Diaz, J. Kramer, N. Dias. CHEERLEADERS COLOR GUARD Louise Niebaum Beverly Reiker Marilyn Schier WEEKLY AWARD PRESENTED TO CLINT JEFFRIES BY BEN LIVINGOOD s ' ANNUAL VARSITY AWARD DINNER VARSITY LETTERMEN VARSITY LETTERMEN 1957-1958 19 57 FOOTBALL Borneman, John R Sophomore Caporale, Anthony F Senior Carty, William J Senior Herman, Donald F Senior Hendricks, Ken M Sophomore Hieter, Robert F Junior Johns, Glenn F Sophomore Keehn, Roger J Senior Ludwick, Richard D Sophomore Madsen, Roy E Junior Miller, Clair D Junior Nonnemaker, James W Sophomore Novek, Donald L Junior Orr, James R Sophomore Owens, Frank H Sophomore Pearsons, Robert L Sophomore Rehrig, Gerald J Junior Schoellkopf, Beneval H Sophomore Sirota, Barry W Senior Solomon, George M Sophomore Spangler, Leroy L Sophomore Whitcraft, Paul K Senior Wilson, Claude Junior Woodel, Leonard F Sophomore Wright, Arthur E Junior Young, John R Junior Manager — Bertolet, Michael O. . . Sophomore Coaches — Whispell Ray Flamish, William Kozlowski, James Short, Austin Gutierrez, Francis 19 57 CROSS COUNTRY Carty, John J. . . . Droffner, Robert G. Dungan, Ronald S. . Knauss, Pierce A., Jr. Thieler, Edward R. Voorhees, Robert C. Coach — Schmidt, Richard Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore . Junior Junior Sophomore 19 57 SOCCER Balliett, James L Senior Csaszar, Frank C Junior Dreskin, Sanford A Senior Holcroft, John R Junior Lausch, Robert N Sophomore Leighton, Robert P Senior Loewe, William Junior March, Harvey F Sophomore Ritter, Ronald C Senior Simpson, Donald L Senior Spivak, Robert E Senior Stoesser, Ralph L Sophomore Vollmer, Earl S., Jr Sophomore Warner, Charles G Sophomore Williams, Daniel H. Ill . . . Sophomore Coach — Nevins, Samuel " Bud” 1958 WRESTLING Jaquette, Arthur B Sophomore Keehn, Roger J Senior King, Richard Alan Junior Knauss, Pierce A., Jr Junior Rehrig, Gerald J Junior Simpson, Donald L Senior Waller, James H Junior Warner, Charles G Sophomore Coach — Frankett, Carl 19 58 FENCING Abramson, David C Sophomore Burgess, Lance E Sophomore Byrne, Reginald L Sophomore Fisher, Steven A Sophomore Fuchs, Steven B Senior Linett, Morris J Sophomore Merz, George S Sophomore Michaels, Donald B Junior Moyer, Ronald C Sophomore Reber, J. Marshall Senior Coach — Erskine, Andrew H. 1957-1958 BASKETBALL Berghold, Joseph P Sophomore Dissinger, William C Senior Jeffries, Clinton W Senior Kessler, Melvin T Junior Loeffler, Herbert H Sophomore MacLaughlin, Richard A Senior Matell, Steven H Junior Robins, Donald L Sophomore Sarner, Joel E Sophomore Sekunda, Richard J • Sophomore Manager — Sterner, Richard J. . . Sophomore Coaches — Crum, J. Birney Schmidt, Richard 1958 BASEBALL Croft, Raymond L Senior Dreskin, Sanford A Senior Higgins, William D Junior Holcroft, John R Junior Hoover, David E Sophomore Moskowitz, Joel E Junior Nonnemaker, James W Sophomore Pearsons, Robert L Sophomore Schumacher, Robert C Junior Smith, Charles B Junior Spangler, Leroy L Sophomore Takacs, Charles R Senior Wilson, Claude Junior Wooley, Michael S Junior Manager — Sterner, Richard J. . . Sophomore Coach — Kozlowski, James 1958 TRACK Haberern, John F Junior Knauss, Pierce A., Jr Junior Lewis, Richard L Sophomore Rehrig, Gerald J Junior Rosenheim, Robert R Sophomore Schoellkopf, Beneval H Sophomore Wieder, Charles F Junior Coach — Flamish, William 19 58 TENNIS Behrle, Ronald N Junior Berg, Harry J Senior Christine, Roger E Sophomore Csaszar, Frank C Junior Follweiler, Brent S Sophomore Leighton, Robert P Senior Sopher, Gil Junior Stewart, Kenneth W. Sophomore Coach — Shankweiler, John V. . . Sophomore 1958 GOLF Bleiler, Russell S., Jr Sophomore Carl, James H Sophomore Choquette, Ronald L Junior Gamburg, Sidney M Senior Gurski, Dennis R Senior Pfeiffer, Jack L Junior Seidman. Ira H Senior Senger, David G Senior Bob Spivak (Phi Ep) tags Lambda Chi’s Jim MacMillan on an end run INTRAMURALS WINNERS FOOTBALL LAMBDA CHI ALPHA BASKETBALL .... SIGMA PHI EPSILON TRACK I FT BASEBALL BELL BOYS Fine scores a field goal Ludwig tries a long one Dick Holben brings the ball down court INTRAMURALS IN ACTION Gil Sopher thrown out at first Art Wright gets ready to belt one F A R H N A O D T N E O S R R o N A c I R I T Y A I L E S Bruce Davidson, courtesy LIFE (c) 19 57 Time Inc. I j ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega, one of the largest national fraternities, is for those students whose interest in dramatics is more than passing and who have made outstanding contributions to the success of Muhlenberg productions over a period of at least two years. The Muhlenberg chapter, Gamma Mu, was founded in 1930. In order to be initiated one must not necessarily be an out- standing actor. Candidates must demonstrate their willingness and ability to work on the business staff and production crew, as well as take part in the acting. Because of these rigid re- quirements, rarely are more than five students initiated each year. The organization is purely honorary and has no function other than to serve as an award for meritorious service in dramatic activities. The chapter, therefore, takes no part in selecting or producing the college plays, both of which are handled by the Mask and Dagger Society. MEMBERS James McConnell Dr. Claude E. Dierolf, Advisor Dr. Andrew H. Erskine, Advisor James McConnell, Dr. Andrew Erskine, and Dr. Claude E. Dierolf. First row: C. Seivard, Dr. E. Stevens, D. Walker, C. Nottle. Second row: R. Schlunk, A. Stott, M. Scanlan. OFFICERS Prytanis David Walker Grammateus Charles Seivard Chrysopbylax Thomas Nottle Adviser Dr. Edward B. Stevens The Alpha Rho Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, the national honorary Classical language fraternity, was first installed at Muhlenberg College in 1931, replacing the Classical Club. The primary purpose of this organization is to encourage an interest and an appreciation of ancient languages and cultures. The fraternity has taken the initiative in holding meetings with other Classical language organ- izations in the area in its effort to promote a closer relationship among those students interested in the Classics. Eta Sigma Phi publishes its own periodical, THE NUNTIUS, which provides an outlet for original research by its undergraduate members and sponsors several annual contests in translation. Re- cently two scholarships were established to enable outstanding members to spend a summer of study at the Classical Institutes in Rome and Athens. The Alpha Rho Chapter is looking forward to welcoming Muhlenberg women into its society. ETA SIGMA PHI 135 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa is the leading national honorary activities fraternity comprising over sixty circles on college and university campuses throughout the nation. Founded at the University of Washington and Lee in 1914, the society continues to strive to maintain the high principles which have been established after thirty-three years of distinguished achievements. The purpose of Omicron Delta Kappa is threefold: First, to recognize men who have made achievements in collegiate activities; second, to create an organization which will help to mold sentiment on questions of general college interest; and third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. OFFICERS President Karl Becker Vice-President . . . Dennis Gurski Secretary EARL Knies Treasurer Dr. Russell W. Stine Advisor Dr. FIarold L. Stenger C. Smith, D. Gurski, R. Nuss, E. Knies, A. Markoe, K. Becker, R. Tepper, Dr. H. Stenger, L. Torres, H. Williams, R. Truchses. First row: Dr. J. Reed, M. Beinner, J. Pitman, B. Sirota, B. Eisenbud. Second row: L. Torres, W. Schuman, R. Cardonsky, R. Lilienkamp, R. Walinski, H. Williams, P. Horger, R. Behrle. President , . . Secretary-Treasurer Advisor . . OFFICERS Joe Pitman Ken Semmel Dr. John Reed Phi Alpha Theta, the National honorary history fraternity is represented on Muhlenberg’s campus by Kappa chapter. Phi Alpha Theta is open to students of history who have shown high achievement and interest in advanced study. An 85 average in history, an overall 80 average, and a minimum of 12 hours of history study are required for eligibility in Phi Alpha Theta. The members of Kappa Chapter meet every month to dis- cuss historical problems, politics, and to critically evaluate under-graduate term papers. Steps have been taken and the groundwork laid for the chapter’s project of a history of Muh lenberg College. The highlight of this year’s events was Kappa Chapter’s banquet in April at Shankweiler’s Hotel at which Mr. John Heyl, prominent Allentown architect, spoke on Lehigh Valley colonial history. 137 PHI ALPHA THETA PHI SIGMA IOTA The Lambda chapter of Phi Sigma Iota, national romance language honor society, was the second honorary society established on the Muhlenberg campus. It was installed on December 5, 1928 through the efforts of Dr. Anthony Corbiere, ’20, chairman of the Romance Language Department, who has been the national execu- President tive secretary and editor of the News Letter since 1929. At the Adviser monthly chapter meetings, papers based on original research deal- ing with some aspect of the countries where the Romance languages are spoken, are read by senior undergraduate members. Require- ments for membership are superior grades in the Romance Lan- guages as well as the other segments of the curriculum. OFFICERS . . . . Arnold Markoe . Dr. Anthony S. Corbiere First row. J. Griffin, R. King, A. Markoe, D. Poppe, Dr. A. Corbiere. Second row: J. Waller, L. Torres, R. Schlunk, B. Sirota, R. Behrle. First row: P. Chabrow, C. Adami, P. Feigenbaum, R. Schlunk, R. Hinkle. Second row: R. Kehrli, M. Linett, H. Baer, G. Weckman, R. Pearl- stein. Third row: D. Elkins, R. Truchses, R. Skelton, C. Adams, R. Kaufman. OFFICERS President Philip Feigenbaum Vice-President Robin Schlunk Secretary Richard Hinkle Treasurer Charles Adami Advisor .......... Dr, Russel W. Stine The Alpha Chapter of Phi Sigma Tau was originally a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, a philosophy organization founded here at Muhlenberg in 1930 by Dr. Russel W. Stine. Upon the invitation of the officers of a similar organization, Phi Sigma Tau, Alpha Kappa Alpha merged with them, enabling the fraternity to seek national recognition. Since Alpha Kappa Alpha is the older of the two fraternities, the Muhlenberg chapter has the distinction of being the mother chapter of this new society. This fraternity is comprised of those students and profes- sors interested in the study of philosophy. The Alpha Chapter meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month. This year the club has sponsored a series of lectures entitled " The Search for Truth.” Talks have been given by men in the fields of religion, science, history, and art. 139 PHI SIGMA TAU PI DELTA EPSILON Pi Delta Epsilon, a national honorary collegiate journalism fraternity pledged to the promotion of a student participation in undergraduate publications, seeks to establish a code of ethics among the staffs of the individual college publications. It is the purpose of the fraternity to elevate the cause of journalism, to foster the mutual welfare of student publica- tions, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, to encourage loyalty to their Alma Mater, and to reward the journalists working on the student publications for their efforts, services and accomplishments by admission to mem- bership. This year Muhlenberg’s chapter of the fraternity undertook the sponsorship of a freshmen term paper contest. Held during the second semester, the fraternity in conjunction with the English department, selected the three best papers written in English 2. Three cash prizes were awarded to the three respective winners. Pi Delta Epsilon feels that stimulation in creative writing is good for the field of journalism. Muhlenberg’s chapter of Pi Delta Epsilon was established on the campus in 1953 and is the most recent honorary fraternity on the campus. However, it is the oldest national honorary collegiate journalism fraternity in the country having been organized at Syracuse University in 1909. OFFICERS President RONALD Moxey Vice-President Karl BECKER Secretary SHELDON MORRIS Treasurer Robert SPIVAK Advisor Dr. Harold Stenger, Jr. First row: Dr. H. Stenger, R. Spivak, R. Moxey, S. Morris, R. Kennedy. Second row: J. Magan, R. Truchses, J. Becker, L. Skweir. Third row: B. Livingood, R. Donatelli, L. Woodward, R. Stephen, J. Piston. M. Baker, J, Waller, P. MacWilliams, D. Borden, L. Skweir. W. Schuman, E. Knies, B. Caplan, J. Belschwender, D. Snyder, R. Clayton, H. Meily. OFFICERS President WALTER H. SCHUMAN Vice-President Richard Tepper Secretary PETER MacWilliams Treasurer Roy Clayton Advisor Dr. DlEROLF Three representatives from each social fraternity on the campus comprise the Inter-fraternity Council. It endeavors to promote a mutual understanding and harmony among the various fraternal organizations and regulates problems and difficulties concerning the fraternities collectively. Each year the council awards trophies to fraternities for outstanding achievements in scholarship and athletics. Leagues are formed and competition complies with the intramurals. One of the major contributions of the organization is the intra-fraternity ball. This dance usually occurs in early spring. This year the intra-fraternity council has made an attempt at enforcing the college rules and regulations concerning social events. Together with the Dean of Men, the council has been able to enforce the time limits set for party weekends. The new program for rushing was carried out with informal rush- ing the first semester. Plans are being made for greater co- operation among the fraternities for a greater intra-fraternity system. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 141 ALPHA TAU OMEGA I i , t Alpha Tau Omega, the first Greek letter fraternity estab- lished after the Civil War, was founded for the purpose of binding the deep schisms created by that conflict through a brotherhood encompassing North, South, East, West. The fraternity was established at Richmond, Virginia, on September 11, 1865. The Alpha Iota Chapter here at Muh- lenberg is the second oldest chapter north of the Mason-Dixon line. It is the oldest fraternity on the Muhlenberg campus. The traditional Founders’ Day Banquet, an annual affair, was held on March 15, 1958, at the Hotel Traylor and at- tracted one hundred and sixty alumni and actives. The fraternity house has undergone steady improvement. In the last two years the entire interior of the house has been repainted by the brothers. Much new equipment has been added, the game room in the basement has been improved, and, in addition, a tile floor has been placed in the meeting room. As usual, Brothers in Alpha Iota were active in the leader- ship of campus organizations and Community projects. The pledge class is carrying on the tradition of maintaining the lofty ideals of the chapter with their pledge system which stresses the development of the well-rounded college man. The departing seniors will endeavor to better promote Muh- lenberg College in living the fine traditional heritage of which her Alpha Tau Omega sons are justifiable proud. OFFICERS 1957 Worthy Mas. W orthy Worthy Kq] Worthy K Worthy Sc Worthy Z$i . Earl Knies Donald Nase . Karl Becker Richard Hess Robert Nuss Roger Frantz Richard Sloan Worthy Master .... Worthy Chaplain . . Worthy Keeper of Excheq Worthy Keeper of Annals Worthy Scribe .... Worthy Usher Worthy Sentinel . Advisor | Donald Poppe . . . f . Albert Stott ker . . 6 . §ha5les Smith . . . . . Richard Hess . . Roaald Choquette . Robert McQiti.kin Richard Sloan Bruce Romig 142 BROTHERS AND PLEDGES SENIORS Martin Baker Karl Becker John Coughlin Earl Knies Robert Nuss Terry Randell Ronald Ritter Carl Schellenberger JUNIORS Seth Brown Ronald Choquette Roger Frantz Richard Hess Paul Horger William Horrocks Robert McQuilkin Donald Nase Dan Nesi Don Poppe Richard Sloan Charles Smith Rich Stephen James Waller SOPHOMORES Richard Anderson John Arner Joseph Berghold Russell Bleiler Thomas Carpenter Glenn Davis Brent Follweiler Richard Inskip David Krewson Michael Kurtz James Mast Herbert Meyer John Mondschien Ted Rindfleisch Albert Stott Robert Taborn Roy Yaeger Bart Young PLEDGES Robert Butz Dennis Cimino Dick D’Eduardo Les Fetter Richard Foley Ernest Glaser Wilson Gum Galen Kistler Edward Nace Thomas Pry George Reeves John Simpson Ronald Smith 143 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA President Vice- Secretary Treasurer President Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer 1957 . . . Herbert Meily . . Nino Carnevale . . . . James Piston Edward R. Thieler III Warner Young III The Nu-Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha at Muhlenberg has been a part of the social life of the campus si nce 1940, at which time Theta Kappa Nu merged with Lambda Chi Alpha to form the present chapter. Lambda Chi Alpha, founded at Boston University in 1909, is now the largest national fraternity, with 155 active chapters. The Muhlenberg chapter house at 407 N. 23rd Street has been the home of Lambda Chi since the inception of the chapter in 1940. The home is adequate and comfor- table, housing eighteen brothers easily. The commissary serves three meals daily to the brothers and pledges during a five day week. Once again Lambda Chi has proved its worth on the football field by capturing the Intramural Football Trophy. Socially, Lambda Chi has always highlighted the school year with many successful events. All school functions, as well as house parties, were enjoyed by the brothers, pledges, and their dates. House party themes included a safari and a Christmas theme. In the spring, the annual picnic com- pleted an outstanding social year. 144 BENJAMIN LIVINOOOD CLAIR. MILLER. Robert hieter JOHN A. PETERSON Jr ROBERTS BAKER JAMES MacMIlLAN PAUL CLYMER WILLIAM HOLST LUI5 TORRES LARRY EPTING JOSEPH FEDERICO JOHN BELSCHWENDER HERBERT E.MEILY Thjh Jllphz NINO CARNE VALE % A 5 eta RICHARD ERNST m GORDON WARNER WALTER SCHtIMAN ROBERT DROFFNER JOHN YOUNG SALVATOR PALAZZO Jr. FRED KERR BEN SCHOELLKOPF ROBERT MILLER ? H ROBERT LAUSCH ROBERT DONATELLI ROBERT BARTHOLOMEW photogh-a phy 6y FRANK VELIE JAMES OAR OON ROBINS DAVE EVANS BROTHERS AND PLEDGES SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES PLEDGES Lawrence Epting Robert Baker Robert Bartholomew Ralph Barneman Joseph Federico John Belschwender Robert Donatelli Philip Ehrig William Holst Nino Carnevale Robert Drofifner Don Evans Herbert Meily Paul Clymer David Evans Gerald Hamilla James Piston Richard Ernst Russel Hibbets David Hoover Luis Torres Robert Hieter Charles Jeuell Glenn Johns Ben Livingood Fred Kerr Peter Kelting James MacMillan Robert Lausch John Looes Clair Miller Robert Miller Roger Ludwig Salvatare Palazzo James Orr Ken Mealing John Peterson Donald Robins William Nennstiel Walter Schuman Ben Schoellkopf Donald Olsen Edward R. Thieler III Lloyd Tressell Robert Pearsons John Young Frank Velie Gardon Warner John U. Young Garret Sinning William Stoppy Jay VanKempen Fred Schwenk 145 PHI EPSILON PI OFFICERS Benson C. Caplan . Gilbert Sopher Arnold Markoe Robert E. Spivak Burton Eisenbud I. Borden L. Paskin Sorger C. PODELL David C. Auerbach Dr. William Kinter Superior Vice-S Recording T reasurer Superior Vice-Superior . . . . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Advisor Phi Ep was established on the Muhlenberg campus in 1932. And after a brief period of inactivity during the war, it was reorganized in 1947, and became situated at its present posi- tion as " the house on Fulton Street.” Phi Ep’s are very active in campus activities, and some Fraters have achieved notable positions in extra-curricular activities. Likewise, the boys from Fulton Street rate high scholastically. Athletically, the house is also outstanding, mak- ing both the intramural playoffs in football, and the inter- fraternity playoffs in basketball. The social life is the high point in the house’s activities, having usually " great” house parties each weekend, and culminated by the installation of officers banquet Junior Prom Weekend. With the closing of another successful year, we are looking forward to bigger and better things for Phi Ep in the future, and are hoping the " boys from Fulton Street” will become the " boys on campus.” 146 MANTELL EISEN8U0 C CAPUAN H E LEHRlCM SOPMER MARKOE ROTH S FEIGENBAUM H B OBERSON S L MORRIS SPECTOR S D POLLACK GAM8URG EICHLER SORGER S. R. MICKEL9ERG BORDEN S J TUCHINSK’ OERfcCHIK GOLDMAN KLAUS J . C . PODELL 0 C. ABRAMSON BLOCK fl AFCHICK E AUERBACI SIVITZ ters LDWAHD VAM ' TINE Studios, Hamilton N Y. - BROTHERS AND PLEDGES SENIORS Harry A. Berg Benson Caplan Phillip Feigenbaum Richard Fine Leon Finkel Sidney Gamberg Henry Lehrick Robert P. Leighton Gerald Mantell Arnold Markoe Sheldon Morris Stephen D. Pollock Herbert B. Oberson Richard H. Raboy Marvin A. Roth Kenneth Semmel Gabriel E. Spector Robert E. Spivak Fred A. Stutman Richard B. Tepper JUNIORS Donald I. Borden Franklin H. Claire Michael Derechin Philip Eichler Burt Eisenbud Richard M. Goldman Charles B. Kahn Richard S. Kaufman Morrison E. Kricun William Loewe Stephen R. Mickelberg Michael V. Pitt Edwyn M. Smith Gilbert Sopher James Sorger Spencer Tuch insky SOPHOMORES David C. Abramson David E. Auerbach Jerome E. Block Richard M. Klaus Asher Krafchick David L. Paskin C. Michael Peters Joel C. Podell Robert R. Rosenheim Herbert M. Schwartz Frank H. Sivitz PLEDGES Neal Capelman Stanley Chaplin Barry Cohen Steven Fisher Philip Golove Nathan Hirsch Arnold Hoberman Myron Hyman Michael Katz Barry Leighton Arnold Lipschutz Irwin Ravin Murray Seidel Harold Shulman 147 PHI KAPPA TAU OFFICERS 1957 President , . . • • James McConnell Vice-President . . . . Dominick DeBellis Secretary . . . Philip Kline Treasurer k ' .... RAYMOND CROFT House Manaeetj ' mfn Smu R.ONALD Flaig, John Magan Pledgemaster .... JOHN Holcroft President . . . jpjjQ0HARD TRUCHSES Vice-President . . . • • V PRUT Rebane Secretary | . . ■ —fefeFORREST TREXLER Treasurer v . . . . RONALD DUNGAN House Manager T ' . . . . EDWARD Davis Pledgemaster KENNETH STEWART Phi Kappa Tau was the third fraternity to organize on the Muhlenberg campus, the Alpha Sigma Club being initiated on March 22, 1918, as Eta of Phi Kappa Tau. Since that time Phi Kappa Tau has progressed steadily through successive col- lege generations. There are now well over 500 alumni on the roll of the graduate council of Eta Chapter. Phi Tau ' s participate in practically all organizations at Berg; there are Phi Tau’s in every honorary fraternity and departmental club. In addition to campus activities, the Brotherhood helps many charitable organizations, such as Cerebral Palsey and Muscular Dystrophy in fund-raising drives, as well as staging a Christmas party for under- privileged children. Social life is naturally an important aspect of the social fraternity program. In this respect Phi Tau has had another successful year. House parties connected with the major dances at Berg came to a fitting climax on the first weekend in May, at the Phi Tau Spring Formal. Part of the responsibility of a social fraternity is to help a man develop socially during his college training. Phi Kappa Tau, as a young, vigorous national fraternity, is proud of its ideals, and is confident of its ability to fulfill this important part of collegiate maturation. 148 Phi |lappa (fiau ■ ) Wi : w £onnrn% Uluhh’nbci ' g 1958 EDWARD VAN TINE Studios. Hamilton N Y BROTHERS AND PLEDGES SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES PLEDGES Raymond Croft Ronald Flaig Douglas Clauser Raymond Baun Dominick DeBellis John Holcroft Edward Davis Martin Coover Brecknell Dierolf Richard Kennedy Ronald Dungan Richard Fisher Owen Faut John Magan Joseph Hager Richard Hafer Philip Kline Thomas O’Connor Philip Haines Robert Hartje Robert McCombs Robert Sabol Pritt Rebane James Hoffert James McConnell Robert Schumacher Kenneth Stewart Donald Hoffman David Reinhard Charles Seivard C. DeForrest Trexler David Hughes Leon Skweir Richard Truchses Henry Kimmel Richard Lev is Floyd Moyer Ross Ramsay Roger Roth Arnold Steffens Conrad Weiser 149 SIGMA PHI EPSILON The Sigma Phi Epsilon National Fraternity was founded at the University of Richmond, November 1, 1901 and is now in its fifty-seventh year. The fraternity has grown so that it now ranks second largest with one hundred and forty-six chapters. The Pennsylvania Iota Chapter was established on the Muhlenberg campus on April 10, 1938. The " Fraternity with a Heart” has acquired quite a reputa- tion for its outstanding social activities. This past year was no exception. The Homecoming party featured a Roman toga theme and the snowed in Junior Prom, with a western theme, were highlights on the social calendar. A fine open-house reception for the girls brought Sigma Phi Epsilon into a realm of co-education. The brothers also sent welcoming flowers to the co-eds and serenaded the girls’ dormitory. Subsequently, Sigma Phi Epsilon received recogni- tion for their undertakings in Life Magazine. The fraternity sponsored a Christmas party for the crippled children of the Good Shepherd Home which was greatly appreciated by the patients. Sigma Phi Epsilon is duly proud of its members in inter- collegiate activities. Sig Eps can be found participating in wrestling, fencing, football, and baseball. The fraternity is proud of its excellent record in intramural sports. The football team led the fraternity league during the season. The Sig Ep basketball team won the intramural championship. OFFICERS 1957 President EDWARD D. George Vice-President FRANCIS J. VARI Comptroller Robert E. Beeton Secretary . . . . . . . . John F. Haberen Historian . . . . ' . , . . PIERCE A. KNAUSS Senior Marshall .... THOMAS A. SCHAEFFER Junior Marshall . . A . . Ikjj . Robert W. Stengel Guard . . . - . . . ... . . Richard A. King Chaplain . . • • Christian E. Hinz Advisor . . . . . Dr. CHARLES MORTIMER President . . . A . . . John Haberen Vice-President THOMAiffSCHAEFFER Comptroller KENNETFi FAGERHEIM Secretary CHARLES LlCHTENWALNER Historian . . . . John Gray Senior Marshall ’% 9 o JU ERT Kaltreider Junior Marshall Robert STENGL Guard Richard King Chaplain CHRISTIAN HlNZ Advisor Dr. CHARLES MORTIMER C C LlCHTfcNWALNER J J GRAY T A SCHAEFFER J F HABERERN D DREISBACH R E BEETON T WARGO JAGUETTE HARMSEI A A MAC NAMARA GOUGHER M 0 RENSHAW BARLOW E G JACOBI EDWARD VANTINF Studios. Horn. ■cv mk F J VARI C R FENSTERMAKER 4 F K FAGERHEIM 0 L SIMPSON C R GRANAHAN 4 C L KEIM A P HERTZOG N A WANGMAN P T MAC WlU.iAMS P A KNAUSS JR R. W STENGL Aim R H KALTREIDER J. L BAU DER R F HAGEMANN P H MENZEL BROTHERS AND PLEDGES SENIORS Edward D. George Robert R. Granahan Charles F. Miller Donald L. Simpson Robert R. Taschner Francis J. Vari JUNIORS Robert E. Beeton John D. Dreisbach John F. Haberern Alfred E. Hertzog Christian E. Hinz Richard A. King Pierce A. Knauss Charles C. Lichtenwalner Peter T. McWilliams Ronald Romeike Thomas A. Schaeffer Dale A. Utt Norman A. Wangman SOPHOMORES Kenneth R. Fagerheim Carl R. Fenstermacher John J. Gray Arthur B. Jaquette Robert Kaltreider Robert W. Stengel PLEDGES Clinton Barlow Joseph Bauder Ronald Gougher Ronald Hagemann Ralph Harmson Errol Jacobi Richard Keim Andrew McNamara Paul Menzell Ronald Ost Martin D. Renshaw Luther Rife David P. Smith George T. Wargo TAU KAPPA EPSILON Tau Kappa Epsilon was initiated at Muhlenberg as Zeta Eta Chapter on January 10, 1958. Tau Kappa Epsilon was formerly a local organization named Alpha Mu Iota. Several national fraternities had solicited the member- ship of Alpha Mu Iota prior to the approach by Tau Kappa Epsilon. The brotherhood decided to become a part of Tau Kappa Epsilon, because it upheld their belief that true fraternalism should be based on a nonsectarian policy. Zeta Eta chapter has had a very strong start at Muhlen- berg this year by obtaining the largest pledge class of the formal rushing season. TKE has made a very good showing in intra-mural sports. TKE also places a great deal of emphasis on scholar- ship, and this was evident in 1957-58 by the high scholastic average achieved by the house. The social program this year has been more active than ever before. The Junior Prom weekend will be long remembered by those who attended this festive, fun-filled affair, as well as the many other social highlights of the year. OFFICERS 1957 Prytanis Epi-prytanis Grammateus Crysopholos Hypopbetes Pylortes Histor . Hegemon . Donald R. Snyder Richard M. Lichtenthal . . . . Carl R. Adams . . . Roy M. Clayton . . Joel L. Pitman . . J. Jay Salustro Richard D. Weller . . Herbert Siegel Prytanis | . . . OjDjgALD Rothfeld Epi-prytanis 1 . AiE Tlfc. Kaplan Grammateus . Irving Berkowitz Crysopholos ...... . X h($4 s McCabe Hypopbetes S -A . Peter J. Schwartz Pylortes J. Jay Salustro Histor Gene B. Kern Hegemon Richard D. Weller ■SHEEr. rjnjr; ... . jjrjr; n -■ r 152 C R ADAMS ft M UCHTENTHAL D R SNYDER CLAYTON JR ADAM ' JR WEISMAN E GARDNER UEBERROTH SlROTA 8ERKOWITZ ft. J. CAROONSKY J SALOSTRO G B KERN 8AUSCH J. SCHWARTZ C KAPLAN D. ROTH FELD C 3H03ST CASE M S LEVY DONALD REINSF.L LINETT HORN ■URIT2 STAACK CMAStN FELDMAN MELTZER ILLER H K;RSCHENBAUM •.ft MAN EDWARD VANTltoF Studios. Hartiffon N Y SENIORS Charles A. Adami Carl R. Adams Roy M. Clayton Sanford A. Dreskin Stephen Fuchs Fred E. Gardner Richard M. Lichtenthal Joel L. Pitman Donald R. Snyder Barry W. Sirota Ray J. Uberroth BROTHERS AND PLEDGES JUNIORS SOPHOMORES PLEDGES Michael D. Beinner Morris J. Linett Carl W. Alexy Irving Berkowitz Thomas McCabe Irving W. Chasen Andrew Brusko Steven C. Seyer Jan Feldman Robert J. Cardonsky Frederic D. Chernin David T. Farber Stanley L. Handelman Allen C. Kaplan Gene B. Kern Melvin T. Kessler Michael B. Levy Donald Rothfeld J. Jay Salustro Peter J. Schwartz Herbert Siegel Barrie L. Weisman Richard W. Horn Richard Kirschenbaum John H. Kramer Sheldon M. Meltzer Robert V. Miller Elliot M. Puritz Thomas H. Reinsel Leon Silverman Alan R. Swiecicki Wilford A. Weber .1 153 Bruce Davidson, courtesy LIFE (c) 1957 Time Inc. Carol Coolidge, Jayne Kuntzleman, Taimi Toffer, Betty Ann Lebo, Lyn Frere. HOMECOMING Homecoming weekend this year had a special signicance for Muhlenberg students and alumni because it was the first year that a queen was chosen to preside over the activities. The Homecoming dance, sponsored by the Student Government Association, was held on Friday, October nineteenth in Me- morial Hall. Bud Rader’s orchestra provided the music for the dance which replaced the traditional pajama parade. At the dance Miss Taimi Toffer, a sophomore, was crowned queen by Dr. Conrad Seegers, president of the college. Walter Schumann, president of the Interfraternity Council, presented Queen Taimi with a gold trophy symbolizing her position. The queen’s court consisted of Jayne Kuntzlemann and Betty Ann Lebo, both sophomores; and freshmen Carol Coolidge and Lyn Frere. Saturday afternoon Queen Taimi and her court attended the football game with Lebanon Valley which was held on the Muhlenberg Campus. The court entered in royal style riding in the latest model convertibles which circled the field slowly, thus allowing all to see them. The game was unusually exciting with Muhlenberg held scoreless until the last period when the brilliant playing of Herb Owens enabled the Mules to surge ahead and win by the score of eighteen to six. After the game, a reception was held for the alumni in the Student Center. Parties held by the various fraternities on Saturday evening completed the weekend’s festivities. 156 I Dr . Scc crs Dancing to the music of Bud Rader and his orchestra . Chick Galloway and Pete Glenn hold the mascot. The queen arrives at the football game. aiice, a Ulio Wait for 11 He, 157 Academic procession into the chapel for the dedication ceremony. DEDICATION DAY Front view of the new Medical Center. Dr. Trainer, Mr. Voyatzis, Mr. Fraiser, and Mr. Battis congregate outside the chapel after the ceremony. 158 West Hall On October 29, co-education was formally inaugurated at Muhlenberg College with the dedication of Martin Luther Hall, West Hall, and the Student Health Center. During the dedication ceremony, Nancy Lewis, Dean of Pembroke College at Brown University, Sister Lydia Fischer, head of Lankenau School for Girls at Philadelphia, and Lilly Macintosh, a member of the National Board of Girl Scouts, were awarded honorary degrees for volunteer service. After the service, the public was invited to visit the buildings, and tea was served in the lounges of West Hall and Martin Luther Hall. The College Band also added to the entertainment by presenting a concert on the Mall. Dean Richards congratulating the honorary degree recepients. Dean Nancy Duke Lewis, Sister Lydia Fischer, and Mrs. Lilly B. Mac- Dr ‘ See 8 ers c onfering an honorary degree for volunteer service Intosh. upon Mrs. Lilly B. Macintosh. The Fabulous Dorsey Band The class of 1958 held their Senior Ball at the Frolics Ballroom on December 13, 1957. Music was provided by the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra conducted by Lee Castle and featuring Tommy Mercer. The dance committee consisted of Marvin Roth and Robert Spivak, co-chairman, Harry Berg, Sidney Gamburg, Donald Herman, Richard Lichtenthal, Ronald Moxey, Robert Nuss, and David Ulanet. At the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity party after the dance i f i Snow Bound” at the Frolics DRAMATICS Othello Desdemona lago Cassio Emilia Brabantio Roderigo Lodovico Bianca Gratiano Montano Duke Messenger Lady-in-Waiting . . . Citizens and Soldiers . THE MASK AND DAGGER SOCIETY PRESENTS " . . . Witness that here lago doth give up the execution of his wit, hands, heart to wronged Othello’s service!” " But Othello, speak: Did you by indirect and forced courses Subdue and poison this young maid’s af- fections , ? Or cames it by request and such fair ques- tion " And don’t forget to butt that weed.” Erskine. As soul to soul affordeth?” PERSONAE . James McConnell Patricia Shalter . . . Richard M. Kennedy, Jr. Robert Sabol Barbara Reichenbach . . Robert Kehrli Simon Gribben Donald Michaels Janis Horvath Donald Canfield Spencer Tuchinsky Michael Saunders Helmut Germer Margaret Stuhlmann Leon Silverman Robert Olsen Paul Riffle Sheldon Meltzer ! j s “OTHELLO” I i Spencer reviewing his lines before show time. ” Keep up your bright sivords, for the dew will rust them, ' ” commands Othello. " Hotv shall I murder him, Iago?” demands Othello upon seeing the proof of his wife’s infidelity. CHRISTMAS TIME In preparation for the Christmas season, a joint carol sing was held between Muhlenberg College and Cedar Crest in the Egner Memorial Chapel. After the service, the annual tree lighting cere- mony took place in front of the chapel. The coeds also participated in the seasons festivities with a contest for the best decorated door on each floor in the Women’s dormitory. The lobby of West Hall was decorated with a large tree and three giant stockings filled with presents which Santa Claus distributed the evening before Christmas vacation. Snow and mailbox carry- ing Noel turn the door of Alice Matheisen and Pat Missimcr. A snowman bears the greetings of Loraine Ward and Carol Lehr. « Gideon F. Egner Memorial Chapel Chick Smith croivns Gail Haid Queen of Junior Prom. 166 which featured Les Brown and " his band of renown.” The highlight of the evening was the choosing of Gail Haid, a Muhlenberg coed, as queen of the dance. Queen Gail, who was attended by Barbara Wich and Eileen Reinsel was crowned by Charles Smith, president of the Junior class. The prom committee consisted of Burt Eisenbud, Chairman, Richard Hess, Stanley Schabert, William Higgins, Philip Eichler, Donald Nase, Paul Horger, Marvin Hyett, and Edward Meyer. Dancing to the music of Les Brown. : Rev. Gilbert E. Doan, Jr., leads an informal discussion at Lambda Chi Alpha. Dr. Krister Stendahl Upsala College’s Chaplin, Dr. L. Dale Lund, explains ideas to students. After dinner discussion at Phi Epsilon Pi by Dr. Krister Stendahl. INSTITUTE OF FAITH WEEK Institute of Faith, the theme of which was " Let God be God,” was held from March tenth through the twelfth. Doctor Krister Stendahl, a graduate of Uppsala University in Sweden and now associate professor in New Testament at Harvard University Divinity School, led the program. During his years at Uppsala, Dr. Stendahl was connected with the Student Christian Movement, and later was president of the movement in Sweden. He served as Chaplain at Uppsala from 1948 to 1950. He visited colleges and universities in the United States in preparation for the General Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation in Germany in 1952, and he later served as an intrepreter in the Assembly. Assisting Dr. Stendahl in discussion groups were Dr. L. Dale Lund, Chaplain at Upsala College, Rev. Gilbert E. Doan, Jr., Lutheran Campus Pastor in the Philadelphia Area, and Rev. Arthur L. Ruths, Lutheran Campus Pastor at Penn- sylvania State University. Besides chapel services held at the usual time during these three days, seminars were held in the afternoons and evenings. The afternoon discussions were conducted in the Administra- tion Building and the Student Center while the evening dis- cussions were conducted in West Hall and various fraternities including Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Kappa Tau, and Lambda Chi Alpha. Rev. Arthur L. Ruths , Lutheran Campus Pastor at Pennsylvania State University, chats with students. I F C WEEKEND Dancing to the music of Buddy Willidms. Inter-Fraternity Weekend began with a semi- formal dance held on April 11, 1958 at the Brookside Country Club. Music was provided by Buddy Wil- liams and his orchestra. Saturday afternoon a jazz concert featuring the music of Maynard Ferguson and his band was held in the Science Auditorium. To complete the weekend, most of the fraternities held parties on Saturday night. The scheduled events were under the supervision of the I.F.C. whose officers are: Walter Schuman, President; Richard Tepper, Vice- President; Peter MacWilliams, Secretary; and Roy Clayton, Treasurer. Whew! It’s hot in here . Boh Donatelli accepts the Inter-Fraternity award for Lambda Chi Alpha . Felix Ducotel (Robert Kehrli) tries to explain to his wife, Emile Ducotel (Karen Kamena) , that he is an honest man. Uncle orders his nephew to check the books. Joseph (Simon Gribben) explains graph of false figures to Henry Trochard (James McConnell). The presence of the Three Angels makes for a happy Christmas Eve. MASK and DAGGER PRODUCTION of MY THREE ANGELS Felix Ducotel . Emile Ducotel . Marie Louise Ducotel . Mine. Parole . . . Joseph Jules Alfred Henry Trochard Paul Lieutenant .... Robert Kehrli . Karen Kamena . . Nadia Dunlap . Janice Horvath . . Simon Gribben . . Robert Sabol Spencer Tuchinsky James McConnell Penn Chabrow Albert Adams Mine. Parole (Jan Horvath) and Paul (Penn Chabrow) 173 Seniors receiving their diplomas. Millard E. Gladfelter, Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D., L.H.D., Guest Speaker. Philip Kline receving his diploma from Dr. J. Conrad Seegers. 174 CLASS OF 1958 HONORS SUMMA CUM LAUDE Henry N. Williams, Valedictorian Ernest R. Helfrich, Salutatorian Charles F. Schmerker Kenneth Semmel Richard B. Tepper MAGNA CUM LAUDE Herbert E. Meily Karl A. Schneider CUM LAUDE Carl R. Adams Roy M. Clayton Earl A. Knies Robert Conrad Nuss J. Marshall Reber Robin R. Schlunk Fred A. Stutman CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREES Doctor of Divinity Walter R. Harrison Doctor of Divinity CLARENCE A. Steigerwalt Doctor of Science Donald P. Miller Doctor of Laws Morris L. Shafer Doctor of Letters Edward Traill Horn, III SENIORS • • • Do You Remember WHEN WE WERE FRESHMAN? As Freshmen in front of West Hall — 1954 - DORM nil WAYS TO STUDY AT MUHLENBERG 1 ■ my w ' M 1 1 imBSSlbS BEFORE AND AFTER CLASSES —Ail I DOROHTY MALONEl ‘ ERROL FLYNN h i fel mMUCHriop SOONl g T ' _ ' LJ r - f t ii A .n;,. :. . : COMPLIMENTS OF THE SENIOR EL ISS OF MUHLENBERG EOLLEGE ☆ ALLENTOWN, PENNA. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 From the CLASS OF 1959 Congratulations to The CLASS OF 1958 From the CLASS OF 1960 Congratulations to The CLASS OF 1958 From the CLASS OF 1961 188 TONY’S BARBER SHOP ★ Greetings to the Class of | 1958 CAMPUS SHOP SLATER SYSTEM ★ HEMMERLY ' S Flowers From 23rd and Walnut NEW YORK FLORAL CO. Quality " FOR THE SECOND BEST Artistry FOOD IN TOWN " Services Lucille and Roger Jones, 906 Hamilton Street Props. HE 4-9685 TREXLER LUMBER COMPANY Lumber - Woodwork - Points Allentown, Pa. HE 4-6251 189 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF THE ROSEMARK BARBER SHOP GERARD S. MEST ☆ Pharmacy RUSSEL (PAUL) BEKE Sat. 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. R Tues. to Fri. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon. Closed 1601 Chew Street EBERHARDrS " IGA " HOTEL TRAYLOR SUPER MARKET 15th and Hamilton Sts. 7th Street Miller Heights HE 4-6221 BETHLEHEM, PA. AIR CONDITIONED ★ FREE PARKING SERVING LEHIGH VALLEY FOR OVER ALLEN ELECTRIC CO., INC. 80 Years 524 HAMILTON STREET DORNEY ' S ☆ Furniture, Floor Coverings, Drapes, Interior Design H. A. ESTERLY " Hot Dogs with a Personality " Typewriters YOCCO ' S Adding Machines The " HOT DOG KING " Supplies SALES AND SERVICE - 2 Locations - HE 4-1275 239 N. 10th St. 625 Liberty Street ALLENTOWN, PA. Dorneyville Golf Center 190 LEE M. MACHEMER H. RAY HAAS CO. General Contractor Printers Call Us ☆ No Job Too Small ☆ 514-528 N. Madison Street ALLENTOWN, PENNA. Telephone HE 4-7970 Our Congratulations and Best Wishes To The Class □ f 1358 MERIN STUDIOS OF PHOTOGRAPHY " Official Photographers To The 1958 Ciarla " All portraits appearing in this publication have been placed on file in our Studio and can be duplicated at any time. Write or Phone Us for Information WAInut 3-0146 1010 Chestnut Street 3-0147 1 Philadelphia 7, Pa. 191 ROXY LINOLEUM CO. Floor Coverings and Venetian Blinds ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES HARDWARE AND TOYS 1826 Allen Street ALLENTOWN, PA. HE 3-5875 HERJEANS FROZEN FOODS 228-230 Tilghman Street ALLENTOWN, PA. HE 4-3963 " Purveyors of Portion Controlled Meats and Sea Foods " CATERING TO FRATERNITIES, INSTITUTIONS, AND RESTAURANTS COMPLIMENTS OF ☆ J. S. BURKHOLDER BUD FUNERAL HOME, INC. KIVERT’S ★ ☆ SANITARY SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT FOR INDUSTRY Industrial Sanitation, Inc. 823 Walnut Street, Allentown, Pa. ALLENTOWN ( HE37S|| BETHLEHEM ( HE 3-75 N ORLANDO DiEFENDERFER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR BEHRINGER ' S BAKERY Contracting • Industrial Consulting Commercial 810 Washington Street At Our New Address With Enlarged Facilities Specialists in 1 16 So. 2nd Street, Allentown DOUGHNUTS CRULLERS HE 4-9597 • 192 Reber-Korn Co Heating Ventilating ENGINEERS CONTRACTORS United Materials Company 314 GORDON STREET • TELEPHONE HE 4-6194 • ALLENTOWN, PA. WILLIAM FELDMAN CHARLES FELDMAN BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES - READY MIXED CONCRETE RALPH O. SEMMEL EXCAVATING CONTRACTOR Allentown, Pa. Route No. 2 Allentown-Reading Highway (• } Mile West of Dorneyville) HE 5-9541 Compliments of CLASSIC PHOTO LABS New and Allen Sts. ALLENTOWN " Your Camera Supermarket " 193 COMPLIMENTS OF — Ifoti l — STUDENT LINEN = : SERVICE = ZCOAT APRON SUPPLY CO “ — ALLENTOWN PENNA. FREEMAN ' S BLENDED VITAMIN D MILK ☆ 13TH GREEN STREET PHONE HE 4-9666 194 W. S. REICHENBACH SOM INC 1313 NORTH PLYMOUTH STREET HE 4-7234 OIL BURNERS FUEL OIL HEATING Congratulations To CLASS OF ' 58 FROLICS BALLROOM 141 I Union Blvd. ALLENTOWN HE 3-3094 " Where Muhlenberg Dances " E. C. MACHIN, INC. BUILDING CONSTRUCTION ☆ 1024 N. Quebec Street ALLENTOWN, PENNA. REEVES, PARVIN CO. Specializing in HOTELS, COLLEGES, FRATERNITIES AND INSTITUTIONAL FOOD SUPPLIES Wholesale Grocers Since 1828 ALLENTOWN, PA. LEHIGH PHOTO ENGRAVING 1 2 North 3rd Street WM. ORSOLICS Compliments of THE ALLENTOWN PAINT MFC. CO. Manufacturers of the HIGHEST QUALITY PAINTS Since 1855 195 ANNA-MARIA ITALIAN AMERICAN CUISINE SMORGASBORD Penna. Dutch Style (All you can eat) ★ AMERICUS HOTEL 1102 Union Boulevard ALLENTOWN, PA. ALLENTOWN, PA. H. W. C lark — Gen. Mgr. Ace Hotel Bar Supply Co., Inc. Restaurant — Hotel — Bar and Institutional Supplies Commercial Refrigeration — Soda Fountains and Supplies COMPLIMENTS OF TREXLER 125-127 N. 7th St. ALLENTOWN, PA. Phone HE 5-9534 Phone HE 5-9534 FUNERAL HOME ☆ Duggan and Marcon ★ LATHING ★ PLASTERING ★ SOUND CONTROL ALLENTOWN— BETHLEHEM— STATE COLLEGE PENNSYLVANIA ☆ " THE BEST NAME TO GO BUY " Lehigh Valley Dairy ★ 1000-1160 North 7th Street ALLENTOWN, PENNA. 196 COMPLIMENTS OF C E. ROTH H. N. CROWDER JR., CO. ★ ALLENTOWN— BETHLEHEM— EASTON FORMAL ATTIRE Costumer Call HE 2-9452 206-208-210 N. TENTH ST. DEYSHER BROS. Burkleigh Brand EGGS ☆ Phone 3- 1 372 9 1 3 Cedar Street ALLENTOWN PHOTO SHOP ☆ 339 N. 7th Street ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Phone HE 3-5318 FRANK F. HAUSMAN PAVING CD, INC. 1229 N. Quebec Street ALLENTOWN, PENNA. ☆ Phone HE 4-5263 197 KEMMERER ☆ PAPER COMPANY (Division of Garrett-Buchanan Co.) Distributors of COMPLIMENTS Standard Products of America ' s Foremost Manu- facturers representing the entire range of OF qualities for every requirement of the modern schoolroom ★ ALLEN LAUNDRY 2030 Vultee Street ☆ ALLENTOWN, PA. You’ve Learned a Lot at MUHLENBERG 1 Keep on Learning READ The MORNING CALL EVENING CHRONICLE SUNDAY CALL-CHRONICLE 198 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND CONTRACTORS W. H. GANGEWERE CO. AND BUILDERS ROOM 601, FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING ALLENTOWN, PA. SAMUEL D. BUTZ ROBERT J. K. BUTZ SAMUEL D. 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