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r ' S [l [ ll?l ' i ' ilfMm ' iiriT,lf,f ' .y ' " -IC LIBRARY 3 1833 01881 5909 GC 977.402 G748MO, 1961 n Mount Mercy Academy Grand Rapids, Michigan Presents the 1961 MERCIAN Sharon Schindler, Editor Dianne Brown, Literary Editor Kathleen Tobin, Art Editor An impressive structure meets the eyes of all who come to see Mount Mercy Academy. In the fall the crisp golden leaves form decorative orn- aments for her grounds. Winter finds Mount Mercy covered with a soft snow blanket. In spring, birds harbored within the many trees burst forth in joy- ful melodies. The green grass of her rolling lawns glistens in the summer sunlight. The seasons only help to magnify Mount Mercy ' s beauty. Flowing Reflections Foreword 4 Dedication 5 Administration (5 Freshmen 14 Sophomores 24 Juniors 32 Senior Academic Life 42 Activities 5O Graduation 72 Advertisements 88 . Senior Directory 100 Index 10 2 Our Fleeting Song Reaching fingers gently skim the surface, Sparkling, cool droplets trickle down. Fleeting song holds the briefest touch of memory. Golden waves come dancing, cascading Reflecting grace as folds of gay chiffon. Fleeting dreams reveal a surging tide of hope. Outstretching to a lustrous rapid, misty veiled. Thunderous falling covers wistful mirth of youth. Surging enchantment suffers crush of sudden violent storm. Whispering waves swish like white crisp organdy, Twilight serenity reflects a spiritual peace. Pure knowledge guides the rills of joy and sorrow to the briny ec Rushing on to unknown depths of soul and mind, I On and onward perseverance quells the turbulent undertow, " hen driving light breaks overshadowing doubt. Thus the tides flow on and surge to the new, blending in the old, ecstatic, humdrum, exhilarating, momentous bits of life and on through many tomorrows. We Dedicate . . . To Doctor Thomas A. Dooley, man extraordinary- a shining example of self- sacrifice to America ' s youth, a doctor of deepest dedication above and beyond duty ' s call, a truly Catholic leader amidst today ' s troubled times. We, the seniors of 1961 with great admiration, proudly dedicate our Mercian to you, praying that God may always be with you in your wonderful work for humanity and for God. On January 19, 1961, Dr. Dooley gave his fruitful life to God in death. Mercians pray that his soul soon found complete Love in the vision of God. Pure knowledge guides the rills of joy and sorrow to the briny edge. Fountains of Intellectual Strength Dear Graduates, One of the words we often use for graduation is the big word " matriculation " . If you ivant to be poly- syllabic about it you can put your nose in the air and say ' 7 matriculated at Mount Mercy Academy. " Strange- ly enough, this icord, like graduation itself, means not an end but a beginning. It comes from a root word ichich has to do with being listed in the public rolls. If ith graduation you, in a tcay, become part of the list oj public register. You ' ' go out into the world " , as they say in all the graduation speeches. When you ' ' register ' ' icith the world, remember you bear the stamp oj twelve years of hope and prayers from your parents, your school and Mt. Mercy Academy. We hope and pray that you will bear that stamp with pride and great care. A familiar face to many who have never ven- tured inside Mount Mercy ' s portals is that of our beloved chaplain, Reverend Hugh Michael Be ah an. Not only may we claim him as our spiritual direc- tor and religion instructor, but he has become famous and well- loved by many through his " Fifteen with Father " television program and his very popular " Father Michael ' s Music Room " radio show. He projects his electric personality and enlivens within us the spirit which may truly be called Mercian. Reverend Hugh Michael Beahan sister Mary Constance, R.S.M. The word " dedication " completely describes Sister Mary Constance, R.S.M. Through her tire- less efforts during the past five years as princi- pal, she has greatly improved the facilities of Mount Mercy Academy. As the word suggests. Sister finds time for everyone in her busy sched- ule as teacher, advisor, and guide. Truly she has made and continues to make Mount Mercy flower in the minds and hearts of all who have seen her. My Dear Graduates, Congratulations to you on having finished an important phase of your education. Gone are the study halls, silence in corridors, demerit slips, and all the other unpleasant things. Neiv experiences are waiting to test your strength of character, the depth and firmness of your faith, and your use of the spiritual weapons ivhich your school instils within you. That God will give you the stamina, courage, and the grace to undergo the tests successfully is the prayer of your teachers as you leave your beloved Mount Mercy. Faculty of Understanding Excellent character, high goals, firm morals, all are deepened and cultivated by a devoted fac- ulty. Devotion forms the lifeline of Mount Mercy ' s educators. Their reward is not material; it is not in the present; it comes with the joy and content- ment of former students, now young mothers, capa- ble teachers, or aspiring religious. The gradu- ates are the faculty ' s reward for their unrelenting work; their success is up to the students. Sister Mary Stephen, former librarian, and Sister Mary Beata, present librarian, enjoy a new sci- ence reference volume recently added to the large collection found in the Mercian Library. Checking the school files for vital statistics on incoming freshmen are Sister Mary Loyola and Sister Mary Albertina. Poised, charming, and unassuming, our study hall instructor, Mrs. Frances Kirk- wood, presents a shining example to all the students. Mr. H. Newcomer, a new addition to the faculty, makes studying physical sci- ences both fascinating and worthwhile. 10 sister Mary Placide and Sister Mary Rachelle confer on the measurements for the new stage curtains in Mount Mercy ' s Little Theatre. Sister Mary Paschal looks approving- ly on one of Sister Mary Alphonse ' s many floral arrangements that decor- ate Mount Mercy. Sister Mary Immaculate can often be found patiently correcting students ' English papers in the seclusion of the library. The music department fosters outstanding Mercian talent under Sister Mary Vincent. While relaxing after a day of physi cal education instructing, Mrs. Theodore H. Segar displays some of her musical ability. 11 observing their progress, Sister Mary Evarista tends to one of the biology department ' s healthy plants. In conjunction with the instruction of her many classes, Sister Mary Consilium refers to a current news article in the daily newspaper. Reverend Hugh M. Beahan Chaplain, Religion, Spiritual Counselor Sister Mary Constance, R.S.M. Principal, Geometry, Religion, Trigonometry, Senior Homeroom Teacher Sister Mary Albertina, R.S.M. Religion, Music, Freshman Homeroom Teacher Sister Mary Alphonse, R.S.M. English, Latin, Religion, Publications Adviser, Junior Homeroom Teacher Sister Mary Annunciata, R.S.M. American Government, United States History, Sociology Sister Mary Beata, R.S.M. Librarian Sister Mary Consilium, R.S.M. English, Modern History, Journalism, Study Hall Teacher, Junior Homeroom Teacher Sister Mary Eva Biology ista, R.S.M. Sister Mary Immaculate, R. S.M. English, Study Hall Teacher Sister Mary Inez, R.S.M. World History Sister Mary Jerome, R.S.M. Study Hall Teacher Mrs. Donald Kirkwood Study Hall Teacher Sister Mary Loyola, R.S.M. English, Home Economics, Freshman Homeroom Teacher Mr. Homer Newcomer Chemistry, Physics Sister Mary Paschal, R.S.M. Art, Religion, Sophomore Homeroom Teacher Sister Mary Placide, R.S.M. Business Manager, Commer- cial, Senior Homeroom Teacher Sister Mary Rachelle, R.S.M. Speech, Latin, English, Sophomore Homeroom Teacher, Sodality Moderator Sister Mary Roch, R.S.M. Algebra, French Theodora Hunt Segar Physical Education Sister Mary Vincent, R.S.M. Piano, Voice Culture, Glee Club 12 II Aides to Education The chauffeurs, maintenance men, custodians, men indispensible to the operation of Mount Mercy are Mr. Theodore Scheidel, Mr. Lewis Scheidel, Mr. James Peruchietti, and Mr. Adolph Mikulenas. Sister Mary Claver and the kitchen aides. Miss Ruth Smith, Mrs. LaVerne Wells and Mrs. George Bunn join in the expert prac- tice of culinary art. Mrs. Ethel Simmons and Mrs. Stephanie Pylypczuk look up from a busy day ' s schedule in Mount Mercy ' s dietary department. Helpful dietary assistants, Mrs. John Weber and Mrs. Cassie Pasikowski, wait for hungry students to arrive in the cafeteria. The clear and cheerful voice of Mrs. Katherine Seymour echoes throughout Mount Mercy ' s corridors as she pages some one over the public address system. 13 m :cs ' ):4:- At ' w.j: -v. ' .- «« « Reaching fingers gently skim the surface. Sparkling, cool droplets trickle down. Marilyn Alt Valerie Arathor Mary Ansorge Theresa Augustyn Esther Baranowski Margaret Barr - Janice Barszewski Eileen Bernott Mary Bianchi Patricia Dauksza Freshmen of 1961 Cynthia Braun Phyllis Bogaski Virginia Burghduff Kathleen Dempsey Mary Dobke Margaret Camling Marlaine Christoff Sandra Dodge Marcia Doyle Sandra Duba Joyce IngersoU Dorothy Janiszewski Rosalind Jackson Karen J annereth Theresa Johnson Chari Johnston 16 Geraldine Czamopys Kathleen Gorney Catherine Graham Josephine Guerreri Ann Hardy Margaret Hare Suzanne Fix Janice Gabert Donna Gilewski Margaret Gilmet i ' Effervescence Filled With Rippling Laughter Catherine Jost Nancy Kasprzak Susan Kettle Diane Rollins, freshman class secretary presents the min- utes of a previous meeting to officers Mary Bianchi, treas- urer; Kathleen Smith, vice-president; and Catherine Sanzi, president. Rosemary Kirkwood Sandra Kiss Nancy Kline Diane Kolenda Jean Koryto Susan Kozak Margaret Krieger Joyce Kuhlman Lucy Kuslikis Margaret Ladner Charlotte Larson Deanne Link J anet Link Kathleen Lyons Marcia Majewski Regina Martinaitis Carol Mason Patricia McDonald Class of 1964 Echoes of delighted laughter fill Alumnae Hall as the seniors entertain their " little sisters " with a volley ball relay, at the Senior- Freshman Mixer. Joanne Mester Diane Mlynarchek Patricia Morris Judith O ' Berry Gwendlyn Otterbacher Pamela Orlowski r fpf Judith Paczkowski Carol Patrick Patricia Patterson Victoria Peck Barbara Popma Nancy Potyra Louise Preston Mary Prezkop Margaret Priesi Martha Prusak Rosemary Ptak Elaine Razmus Laura Roest Diane Rollins Catherine Sanzi Rosemary Schatner Margaret Schmidt Barbara Schulte Elaine Scliumacher Angela Sicilia Pamela Sleziak Kathleen Smit Carol Smith Kathleen Smith Rita Swierbut Carol Szotko Carol Szubinski Judith Thome Ellen Troost Jacolyn Thurston Patricia Smith Harriet Somers Mary Stander Susan Stapleton Leanne Stevens Suzanne Stroh Sara Van Fossen Jean VanOeffelen Judith Viventi Eleanor Wittmann Marcia Wysocki Anna Mae Zahm Susan Zdanciewic2 Marlene Zerbst Brooke Zickus 19 Freshmen Endeavor . . . Finding a quotation from St. John ' s gospel in their Bibles, Barbara Popma, Judith Thome, Susan Kozak, and Patricia Patterson, prepare the daily assignment in freshman religion. Marsha Doyle, Laura Roest, Sister Mary Alphonse, Carol Patrick, and Barbara Schulte glance with interest through their first year Latin notebooks. Margaret Priest, Janice Barszewski, Gwendolyn Otterbacher, and Margaret Schmidt industriously search for similarities in the Latin and English language. 20 to Further Their Knowledge A lively discussion from an article in World Bianchi, Judith Paczkowski, Catherine Graham, Week led by Jacolyn Thurston interests Mary and Catherine Jost. Theresa Augustyn discusses the world leaders with Susan Stapelton and Mary Jane Ansorge in freshman World History class. 21 Singing Hearts Reflect God Members of Sister Mary Vincent ' s Freshman Glee Club prepare to become a -vital part of the daily Mass by practicing the Offertory Hymns. When a student enters Mount Mercy, her talents are considered and developed through the exten- sive curricula offered to freshmen. The beauty and majesty of music and song is instilled e arly in the hearts of the Glee Club Members. Under the capable direction of Sister Mary Vincent, girls learn to combine their individual talents into one resounding melodious choir. Freshman student conductor, Eileen Bernott, leads a segment of the Freshmen Glee Club in a Gregorian Chant. 22 Comprehensive Subjects Foster Keen Wit Mary Beth Stander, first year Algebra student, demonstrates the principle of the lever, 1 iw i= l2w2, to her classmates, Cynthia Braun, and Theresa Johnson. Through a wide diversity of subjects, the mind must be trained in awareness and keenness; the senses must be sharpened. Common words and phrases soon acquire grammatical meanings; the works of great authors inspire self-determination and perseverance; a subject becomes part of a student. Preparing the mind for future work, freshmen learn and relearn algebraic equations, assisting minds to learn patterns and discover solutions. Sister Mary Immaculate instructs Judith Viventi, freshman English student, in the study of Charles Dickens ' novel GREAT EXPECTATIONS. 23 i ■:; l•• " ••• •■:■-:• ■ ' - 5 vi ' y rtjSKBa»oB« y a ti; v i;?v ' ' :-v ■ ::j 3Ms i :V;yi: ' v : • •. ;,•,: ; ' C. ;::.ii " ..-;.v; ' .t . ;i,.,;.{ ' o O O Pd Fleeting dreams reveal a surging tide of hope. Bubbling Mirth Cascades The sophomores have elected as secretary, Laureen Miller; president, Doralie Ruczynski; treasurer, Diane Base; vice-president, Alice Czarnopys to be their capable governing unit this year. fe % " ■ ! Bonnie Arends Mary Jo Alt Susan Alt Mary Baker Sandra Bank a Diane Base Mary Jeanne Bentley Susan Bizio Donna Ann Blake Karen Bogush Mary Boonstra H lj 1 Mary Budnick Christine Buege Charlotte Carter Judith Carter Ruthanne Cebel ak ( ' 3 Geraldine Centers S Carol Conway , ice Czarnopys Kathleen Diskey Mary Doorenbos Pamela Dunneback Charla Kmery Margaret lirhardt Juliann Faucz Kathleen Felicioni Kathleen Ford Carol Francis Shirley Gedris Sharon Gerke Diane Gilbert Jean Gogulski Janice Gorecki Phyllis Grzeczka Jacqueline Heitz Gloria Hodyna Kathleen Hof Geraldine Johnson Rosemary Hoogterp Susan Hornberger Patricia Horter -onstance Kawka Vlary King Barbara Hudson J ean Ignasiak Veronica King Joan Krzewski Mary Lamoreaux Soph omores Karen Jarmolinski Sharon Mungerson Carol Nanzer Mary Novakoski Christine O ' Connor Suzanne Ollis i Michelle Leonard Rosalie Lewis Catherine McCall Laureen Miller --li Lofty Goals Challenge Intellects In the second year of their eiucation, sophomores delve deeper into the fields of mathematics, Lat- in, and home economics. They find mysteries of geometry made clear to them. Caesar ' s adven- tures unfold before the eyes of the diligent stu- dents of second year Latin. Proper methods of applying sewing techniques become apparent through home economics in Clothing I. In explaining the intricacies of Plain Geometry, Therese Tomaszek illustrates a parallelogram for her classmates. Representing the Roman ancients, Mary Louise Novakoski and Charla Emery teach sophomore Latin students, Michelle Leonard, Susan Suchowolec, Diane Base, and Phyllis Grzeczka about their civili- zation through their literature. Barbara Hudson demon- strates the proper way of threading the new sewing machine to Linda Paganelli and Geraldine Johnson. ».. Advancement Through Action The study of the lower forms of plant life, as explained by Sister Mary Evarista, captures the full attention of the sopho- more biology class members, Susan Bizio, Mary Lynn Baker, Sandra Banka, Juliann Faucz, Kathleen Diskey, Geraldine Centers, and Donna Blake. Janice Gorecki points out an interesting acquatic specimen studied in class while Karen Jarmolinski and Mary Lynn Baker look on. Sophomores Carol Nanzer, Jean Gogulski, Sheryl Rademaker, Jan Overmire, Donna Zamierowski, under the direction of Sister Mary Loyola present the " Potatoes Dance " by Vachel Lindsay. 30 Precision and Logic Produce Progress for Tomorrow During Sophomore Religion Class Kath- leen Ford explains. the various types of Church architecture to Rosalie Lewis and Ann Sandusky. The study of the Cuban crisis enlivens discussion in modem history class for Jan Overmire, Marsha Witman, Kathleen Felicioni, Judith Carter, Diane Gilbert, Shirley Ryzy, Mary Jane King, Patricia Raap, Pamela Dunneback, Sharon Gerke, and dieir instructor. Sister Mary Consilium. Susan Alt, sophomore art student, exam- ines a new edition to the Art Class Col- lection of student hand-carved soap sculptures. oT-f. - -.. ' m f.h: ' ' i •xll : j ' " ' vsV ■ ' » . ' . ' T str- iSv ; - ■ ' ■i : ' a o (J) ' »i i Outstretching to a lustrous rapid, misty veiled, Thunderous falling covers wistful mirth of youth. Twinkling Donna Bailey Diane Barecki Julie Burghduff Mary Burtch Outiinini; the many plans for the class of 1962 are: Patricia Omilian, president; Donna Bailey, treasurer; Mary Burtch, vice-president; Karen Van Loo, secretary. Mary Kaye Johnson Rosalie Johnson Sandra Johnson udith loswick Smiles Overflow Barbara Jurewic; Judith Kennedy Mary Kowalczyk Margaret Kumko The Juniors of 1961 Kathleen Peterson Bonnie Price Kathleen Priest Josephine Raymond Class of 1962 Therese Ronan Mary Beth Ruth Marilyn Schmidt JoAnne VanOeffelen Kathleen Wehler Betty White Linda Wurm Edwina Zayko Classic Studies Enhance Mind and Soul Junior year is a time of decision. Future teach- ers, nurses, scientists, all are beginning to make plans for the years stretching ahead. Combining the equations and theories of subjects already mastered, trigonometry students climb a step higher to the mastery of higher mathematics. Lan- guage, foreign and native, ancient and modern, an important part of the high school curriculum, is polished to a brilliant shine as declensions and vocabulary become a working part of every day actions. The studies of today develop the young women of tomorrow. Maria Siedlecki looks on as Mary Kuslikis illustrates how to graph the cosine of an angle in their trigon- ometry class. Barbara Malek singles out and explains a mythological hero to Latin III students, Jennifer Stokes and Patricia Gerulis. Judith Kennedy reviews the phonetic symbols, helps to pronunciation, with Betty Everse, Maureen McDermott, Carol O ' Hearn, and Elizabeth Fron, first year French students. 37 Long Thoughts and Endeavors Deepen the Soul A study and careful analysis of the social and ethical elements of Catholicism are material for junior Religion class. Debates and solid conclu- sions always help strengthen firm moral convic- tions in the minds of future graduates. Proper attitudes of mind are expressed in out- ward action just as ideas become works of art in ceramics class. Through careful instruction in the ceramic department students become more si aware of their own personalities and find external means of expression of ideas. Junior religion students, Patricia Omilian, Donna Bailey, iMary Kaye Johnson, and Julie Burghduff, conduct a panel discussion on the various forms of the Seven Capital Sins. Completing a statuette and ceramic mosaic are Arlene Smith and Marybeth Leigh in the popular ceramics room. Junior religion students, Judith Kennedy, Kathleen Gietzen, Patricia Hotovy, Arlene Smith, and Carol Lipscomb prepare to e-xecute one of the Corporal Works of Mercy through their Christmas party for underprivileged children. 38 Juniors Pass Historic Milestones Valuable to the study of the Civil War Centenary, Civ- il War relics are held in awe by junior American Gov- ernment students Kathleen Gietzen, Judith Kennedy, Mary Kuslikis, and Patricia Omilian. Si- h i Janice Skinner and Marilyn Hoffman find Mount Mercy ' s library an excellent source of material for the critical study of American History. I ather Huf;h Michael Beahan biess( and distributes the class rings to the class of ' 62. 39 Juniors Embark on Clerical Careers First year typists: Sylvia Felicioni, Mary Duba, Kathleen Priest, Kathleen Herman, Mary Burtch, and Janice Skinner practice on their speed and accuracy. Attempting to perfect their shorthand skill with diligent practice are Barbara Malek, Patricia Gerulis, Sylvia Felicioni, Marilyn Hupp, Sandra Johnson, Betty White, JoAnne VanOeffelen, Kathleen Wehler, and Kathleen Gietzen. 40 Tides of Understanding Flow Onward Making and decorating cookies, Mary Anne Peters, and Marybeth Diskey get ready for the Student Council Christmas Party. Bernadette Mylnarchek and Mary Kuslikis demonstrate the method of distilling water as Chemistry students, Therese Ronan, Sandra Muraski, Edwina Zayko, Bonita Price and Kathleen Priest, watch intently. Under the watchful eye of Mary Kaye Johnson, Geraldine Johnson and Marilyn Schmidt adjust her formal to the proper length. The dress is Mary Kaye ' s own handiwork. American Literature, a focal point of the junior year and taught by Sister Mary Consilium, provides an enlightening step into Americana. 41 whispering waves swish like white crisp organdy, Twilight serenity reflects a spiritual peace. Deep-Rooted Knowledge Cascades Over Difficult Spots Melodious strains of " Sainte nuit, a minuit . . . ' ' softly echo as LaDoris Steffes, Noelle Graham, Diane Brown, and Kathleen Tobin, second year French students, sing " Silent Night " . Father Beahan prepares to embark on another day ' s instruction of the senior marriage course as Linda Buroccki, Mar- gery Buffin, Patricia Anisko, and Mari- anne Barto wait in anticipation. Arguments for the existence of a Supreme Hcmg are suggested by Fadier Beahan as opposing sides represented by seniors Patricis Anisko, Beatrice UUom, Betty Mason, Dianne Brown, Linda Buroccki and Marybeth Diskey prepare to debate the question. 44 Scientists and Mathematicians Prepare Senior Physics students Patricia Wierzbicki, Mary Beth Leigh and Beatrice UHom observe Karen Schu- maker completing an experiment on the coefficient of expansion of steel. Today ' s classroom scientist may be tomorrow ' s nuclear physicist. Climbing even higher in their quest of the unknown, senior mathematics and physics students quench their never-ending thirst for knowledge. The challenge of the classroom problem may soon become the difference between survival and destruction. Mount Mercy is ready! Explaining how to find the area of a cylinder to members of the Solid Geometry Class is Karen Schumaker. 45 Soaring Expressions Illumine Depths of Ideas Intent on publicizing the fact that February is Catholic Press Month are journalism students, Mary Ann Markham, Sandra Johnson, Sharon Schindler, Jeanne Chulski, and Diane Brown with their instructor Sister Mary Consilium. The study of the Elizabethan period greatly interests the seniors. Marcia Redlon displays a miniature Globe Theatre while Sandra Dykstra, Kathleen Tobin, Bonita Brown sing " Who is Sylvia " by William Shakespeare, and Phyllis Muszkiewicz prepares to tell of her visit to Verona, Italy, Juliet ' s town. Patricia Wierzbicki studiously en- deavors to complete a problem in drafting, one of the many practical applications of mathematics and art theory. 46 Waves of Determination Develop Dependability Every day thousands of attractive, intelligent, determined, and capable young women seek em- ployment in the world of business. The students of Mount Mercy ' s Commercial Department, under the guidance of Sister Mary Placide are striving toward this goal. The basic skills of shorthand and typing are studied, drilled, and, in time, be- come letter-perfect. The debits and credits of a bookkeeping class fit into place and the books begin to balance. Grooming, good manners, voice quality, and efficiency become natural traits. A study of concentration and purpose, these Typ- ing II students fulfill a class assignment given by commercial instructor, Sister Mary Placide. Demonstrating the use of the Diva Suma Com puter in Secretarial Practice Course are Di- ane Miller, Carolyn Knauf, Geraldine Heitz, and Michele Konkle. Joan Rybaski, assisted by Noelle Graham, ex- plains the fundamentals of income tax forms to senior Bookkeeping students, Margaret Ignasiak and Carol Hathaway. 47 Sister Mary Loyola illustrates how to identify the various cuts of meat to the Senior Home Economics Class. Bubbling Broth Brings Aroma of Success " Home is where the heart is. " The senior Home Economic students find truth in this age-old statement. After three years, under the patient direction of Sister Mary Loyola, the girls become culinary artists. They will be modern homemak- ers, combining their knowledge of planned econ- omy, delectable menus, well-balanced meals, and various sewing intricacies. The managers of to- morrow ' s homes have found a place for their hearts. Learning the art of canning peaches, one of the many facets of Senior Home Economics, are Marianne Barto, Mary Jane Fennell, and Marybeth Diskey. Citizenship Patterns Sound Social Living Li b n , m! i. 1 i l y u ¥ If Ki A vital part of Sociology, study of the four tempera- ments, is thoroughly discussed in class by Geraldine Weber, Barbara Robach, Mary Ann Markham, and Pa- tricia Zickus. Karen Schumaker presents a stuffed elephant to Rep- resentative Gerald Ford thanking him for visiting the American Government class and for his informative discussion of congressional methods. Speech students, Joan Martin, Patri- cia Zickus, Mary Jane Terakowski, and Cheryl Kline, use the depart- ment ' s tape recorder for sound effects to relate children ' s fairy tales effec- tively. 0 ?? Golden waves come dancing, cascading chiffon. ■•.•t- ' ' -5 ' .• H B . ' V " : ■ ' •. ' ,. «P!| , ' ' l- ' C ' x ' - V ; " a " ' ' Reflecting grace as folds of gay Student Self-Government Becomes Student Council officers, vice-president, Cecilia Platte; treas- urer, Jane Thiefels; secretary, Joyce Masalkoski; and president, Susan Quinn, discuss future activities designed to encourage school spirit. Officers elected as the governing power of the student body find solutions to pressing school problems. Homeroom representatives discuss various topics concerning school rules and life at provocative meetings with the faculty. Opin- ions voiced, new methods tried, old rules rewrit- ten, are all for the ideals of a better, more per- fect self-government. Sylvia Felicioni, one of Mount Mercy ' s amiable hostesses, greets visitors with a vivacious smile. an Active Part of School Life At the Student Council Christmas Party, Fa- ther Beahan questions Judith Olewinski about Christmas customs for a broadcast on WOOD Radio Central. The annual party begins with caroling as the girls march into Alumnae Hall. Patricia Wierzbicki and Cecilie Platte discuss the choice of a new school seal as part of one of the Stu- dent Council ' s many accomplishments this year. A reasonable facsimile of this s eal, chosen by the Stu- dent Council members, will represent Mount Mercy Academy in future years. Quality of Soul Is Expressed The student body reverently prays the mysteries of the Holy Rosary. Sacristans, Janet Brown, Linda Rasch, and Phyl- lis Muszkiewicz, arrange the communion cloth in Sacred Heart Chapel as one of their daily volun- teer duties. Officers of the Sodality, Bonnie Price, Bernadette Mlyanarchek, and Bonnie Price take part in the annual Sodality May Crowning. LaDoris Steffes, prefect, en- joys the honor of being the one to crown Our Lady. 54 in Zealous Apostolates Endeavoring to enliven the spirit of the lay apos- tle, the Young Christian Students see, judge, and act upon social, religious, and world problems. Through faithful participation and perseverance in constructive actions, YCS ' ers become compe- tent leaders. With Christ ' s help and grace, the members will be tomorrow ' s well-informed Cath- olics and citizens. Young Christian Students officers, Bonita Brown, president, Kathleen Herman, vice- president, Alice Czarnopys, secretary, Sandra Dykstra, treasurer, pause during their plan- ning one of their worthwhile projects, baby- sitting for CFM members who are to attend a workshop. " Siall we dance? " echoes through Alumnae Hall at the annual YCS Father-Daughter Dance. Proud- ly escorted by their Dads are Bonita and Mr. Law- rence Brown, Marcia and Mr. Clarence Redlon, Michele and Mr. Vern E. Konkle. At the YCS-Sodahty Dance, " Autumn Capers " , LaDoris Steffes, Sodality Prefect, and WJEF disc jockey, James Balding, smile as Bonita Brown, YCS president, clowns as a scarecrow. 55 Retreat Incites New Fervor Just before the turn of the year, Mercians face a new spiritual awakening. They recall all the past events of the year and make resolutions for the improvement of the coming year. Retreat be- comes for every girl a burning vigil light. This light shines within their hearts as they proceed on the path to eternal salvation. By Holy Mass, Stations of the Cross, conferences, and rosaries, the girls attempt to attain peace of soul. Private conferences are offered for those who question their vocations or spiritual status. Each Mercian begins the New Year with a shining heart and soul. Father Howard Ralenkotter, C.P., pauses beside the statue of our model, Mary Immacu- late, before delivering one of his retreat con- ferences. After their morning meditations and conferences, the girls enter Sacred Heart Chapel for participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 56 Adding his typical touch of humor with an anecdote, Father Ralenkotter addresses the girls on the more perfect life. Linda Wurm and Judith Forbes pause to assist their friend, Sister Mary Laurence, to her place before enter- ing the chapel for Holy Mass. Beatrice UUom, senior, finds a quiet spot in Sacred Heart Chapel to meditate upon the day ' s events. 57 Inquisitive Minds Strengthen Healing Hands Favors for children confined to city hospital beds, one of the Future Nurses ' Clubs ' annual activities, are prepared by Sandra Muraski, Betty Mason, and Betty White. Combining the comfort of a tender bedside man- ner, with the thoroughness that complete knowl- edge brings, the nurse is humanity ' s career woman. Preparing for the day when their induction into their chosen profession is achieved, members of Mount Mercy ' s Future Nurses Club work diligently at their many assigned projects. Officers of the Future Nurses ' Club, includ- ing Phyllis Muszkiewicz, treasurer; Carol Alt, secretary; Mary Duba, vice president; Cheryl Kline, president, give club members insight into future careers. Members of the Future Nurses ' Club, Phyllis Muszkie- wicz, Christine Duba, Constance Kuno, and Joyce Masalkoski choose interesting pamphlets and brochures concerning a nursing career. Artists Are Partners with God in Creation Brush and Pallette Club officers Maribeth Leigh, president; Mary Chris Kowalczyk, vice president, Ruth Ann Cebelak, secretary; and Patricia Smith, treasurer, discuss plans for a lively future meeting. The ceramics class students Elaine Tisch, Edith But- ler, Margery Buffin, Geraldine Woods, Jean Ignasiak, Sharon Johnson, and Betty Mason arrange an artistic display of their work for the Brush and Palette Club for the Art and Science Fair at Mount Mercy. Mary Chris Kowalczyk and Barbara Rakiec complete portions of a Hawaiian mural to be used in the Aloha area on Mercy Festal Nights. Expressions of Physical Fitness Portray Good Sportsmanship Girls ' Athletic Association officers surveying the net be- fore another volleyball game are Mary Lee Markham, treas- urer; Patricia Makowski, president; Elizabeth Fron, vice- president; and Rosalie Johnson, secretary. Novice volleyball players, the soph- omores, practice diligently during Physical Education class, striving to win the tournament championship title. 60 Striving for physical fitness in both mind and body, the members of the Girls ' Athletic Associ- ation combine surprising dexterity and exuberance. Volley Ball tournaments create a lively competi- tive spirit. Winter sports head the list in the ac- tivities as the girls industriously strive for cred- its to attain their Mercian letters. Sportsminded juniors, Judith Kennedy, Judith Joswick, Patricia Hotovy, Lorraine Gabert, and Kathleen Giet- zen, survey their bowling trophies with pride. M yoiitAiBf 1 m »«—.:=■ E m .%J uT; 1? Members of the Girls ' Athletic Association, Marianne Barto and Sharon Johnson post the next volley ball games which are part of the spring tournament. Interpretive Actions Express Hidden Talent The motto of the Mercian Theatre Arts Club " Give Beauty Back to God " , is symbolic of the feelings of its many and dedicated members. Their participation in the many drama festivals, various plays, and frequent meetings expresses their eagerness and forthright zeal to make our school fully aware of both the entertainment and knowledge gained through drama. Speech Club officers of the Mercian Theatre Arts Club, Sharon Larson, president; Mary Jo Phillips, treasurer; and Betty Everse, secretary; prepare a film to be shown at the club s next meeting. Senior speech enthusiasts, Mary Jane Terakowski, Sharon Larson, Mary Beth Diskey, Patricia Wierz- bicki, Mary Linda Coffey, and Mary Jane Fennell, honor Our Blessed Mother in their special Christ- mas production, " At the Feet of the Madonna. " Demonstrating the do ' s and don ' ts of public speaking man- nerisms at a Mercian Theatre Arts Club meeting are Barbara Rollins, Judith Olewinski, Shar- on Larson, Barbara Robach and Beatrice UUom. 4 Seniors Present Stage Success: Family Cast of Characters Bonnie Barbara Rollins Ann Marybeth Diskey Mrs. Shepherd Barbara Robach Sarah Joan Martin Aunt Abigail Patricia Zickus Old Lady Partington Noelle Graham Mrs. Partington Patti Wierzbicki Vivian Partington Beatrice UUom Jenny Jason Marybeth Leigh Susan Sherwood Judith Olewinski Mary Chandler Michele Konkle Marie Diane Brown Assistant Director Patricia Makowski Stage Manager Mary Jane Fennell " if you say that again I ' ll Patricia Makowski, assistant director, explains char- acterization of the tea scene to an attentive cast. Tree ' " Who does she think she is anyway? " Carol Piechocki, Susan Braun, Mary Linda Coffey, Sharon Larson, Sister Mary Paschal, Mary Jane Fennell, Father Beahan, Betty Mason, and Linda Lipinski tackle the problems of a stage crew. Journalists Express Mercian Activities All eyes are focused on the latest edition of the HILLTOP NEWS. Noses are buried between the white pages as the student body concentrates on ' what ' s new in the news ' . Of paramount im- portance is the well-trained HILLTOP staff, for without their incessant determination, the school paper would not flourish. ' A continuous conver- sation piece ' is the standing definition for our much-read, much-loved HILLTOP NEWS. Jean IngersoU, Diane Miller, Judith Martin, and Patricia Anisko, members of the HILL- TOP staff, show their readiness for service by preparing recent issues of the HILLTOP for the mail. Column writers of the HILLTOP staff Susan Quinn, Noelle Graham, Cecilie Platte, Mary Jane Fennell, Patricia Makowski, Marybeth Diskey, Loretta Platte, Kathleen Tobin, and Diane Brown busily discuss their new assignments. As Pandora and Herman, the paper ' s porcelain mascot and friend, look on, HILLTOP Staff members Mary Ann Markham, Betty Mason, Nancy Schoenborn, Marlene Przelomski, and Barbara Robach prepare another cap- tivating issue. Important to the staff of the HILLTOP are its typists, Carol Alt, Sharon John- son, and Mary Lee Markham. 64 1961 Mercian Becomes A Treasury of the Year ' s Accomplishments After many endeavors, hopes, and expecta- tions, the Mercian staff can sigh with satisfac- tion. Here editors, managers, co-editors, and assistants have completed their main objective. The year 1961 will remain a burning memory in the hearts of seniors, and the freshmen will re- call their buoyant beginnings. Pages of the Mer- cian unfold moments of joy, excitement, wistful- ness, solemnity, and consequence, bringing to all the story of Mount Mercy Academy, 1961. Leafing through past editions of the MER- CIAN, Sharon Schindler, editor, and Diane Brown, literary editor, see the excellent re- sults of concentrated efforts. The financial and publicity end of the MERCIAN staff, Sandra Dykstra, Bar- bara Rollins, and Beatrice Ullom, com- pute essential data. Members of the MERCIAN staff, Kathleen Tobin, Noelle Graham, Susan Quinn, Judith Olewinski, and Michele Konkle, choose prints for the 1961 MERCIAN. Discussing variations in the arrangement of the layout for the MERCIAN are Linda Buroccki, Mar- cia Redlon, Sandra Anikowski, and Bonita Brown. Geraldine Weber, Patricia Makowski, Diane Barecki, and Sylvia Felicioni check copy for year- book production. Mercian Activities and Assemblies Bringing the student body into a closely knit unit, the bi-weekly assemblies are always met with eager acceptance. School spirit reigns su- preme while Mercians attentively enjoy carefully planned programs for their education and enter- tainment. Susan Quinn, Student Council president, chats with Mr. John Bloxom of the Grand Rapids Safety Council be- fore he addresses the assembly on safety in the use of electricity. Many attentive observers flock to Mount Mercy ' s Sci- ence and Art Project Day exhibit to view the many projects completed by art students and the sophomore biology classes. Illustrating the safety aspect of Student Council, Sandra Johnson and Kathleen Herman award a Smith Safety Seal to one of the students. Foster School Unity Ann Sandusky, Rosemary Hoogterp, and Kathleen Ford happily emerge from the Genesian Speech Festival at McAuley Auditorium in Detroit. Portraying a scene from the Mercy Day Assem- bly are Mary Jane Fennell, Cheryl Kline, and Sharon Johnson. Working for her advanced diploma in music under Sister Mary Vincent, Mary Jane Terakowski finds that perfect practice makes perfect. Mary Lee Markham, advanced music student of Sister Mary Albertina, enjoys her world of music. " Big " and " little " sisters find dancing a mutual entertainment at the senior-freshman mixer. « Queen Elaine Memories of Sharon Larson 68 the Festal Nites A smiling court, Susan Kozak, Diane Rollins, Barbara Arsulowicz, Elaine Tisch, queen; Sandra Kiss, and Charla Emery, reigned with grace and charm at Mercy Festal Night. The Polkatos furnish lively music for the Blue Hawaiian Room during the Mercy Festal Nights. Lovely Hawaiian hostesses, Carol Hathaway, Sharon Schindler, Geraldine Weber, and Linda Buroccki, rest amidst the sheltering palms. Many people found Mercy Festal Nights both profitable and entertain- ing, as seen on the faces of the crowds that thronged the halls and auditorium. Misty Memories • . . Completely captivated were the seniors at the Junior-Senior Banquet. Delicious delicacies tempting their appetites, charming entertainment, a night to remember— can only describe the won- derful southern evening the juniors gave the sen- iors. ' . • . • . 1 Maria Siedlecki, Mary Duba, and Mary Burtch, discuss the table arrangements for the much anticipated Junior- Senior Banquet. With glowing anticipation, Geraldine Weber shows Patricia Anisko the formal she has chosen for this year ' s prom. 70 Hold Magic Moments Kathleen Tobin, Thomas Nystrom, Marybeth Leigh, James Johnston, Ray Zigmont, and Diane Brown gather around the punch bowl before the prom. Magical moments recall a night ever-remem- bered. Blue Mist brings a dreamy theme with soft swirling music to that wonderful world of feminine fantasy. The prom may end, the danc- ing may stop, but in seniors ' hearts it will al- ways remain. At a small get-together after the prom, Thomas Nystrom, Kathleen Tobin, James Johnston, and Sandra Dykstra discuss the evening ' s festivities. " The party ' s over . . . " , and Sandra Dykstra dreamily recalls the night that she ' ll always hold in her mem- ory. •;. ( - ::• - ' i s ' . v -. O 2 Rushing on to unknown depths of soul and mind, On and onward perseverance quells the turbulent undertov Then driving light breaks overshadowing doubt. God, Our Light, Valedictorian and Salutatorian for the class of 1961 are Karen Schumaker and Mary Jane Terakowski. Seniors elected to the National Honor Society Mary Ann Markham, Judith Olewinski, Patricia Zickus, Mary Jane Terakowski, Cecilie Platte, LaDoris Steffes, Barbara Robach, Loretta Platte, Bonita Brown, Nancy Schoenborn, and Barbara Rollins who have maintained a high scholastic achievement in leadership, scholar- ship, and service. Officers of the Senior Class, Mary Jane Fennell, secretary; Loretta Platte, vice-president; Barbara Robach, treasurer; and Judith Olewinski, presi- dent, give by their example, determination, and purpose to the Class of 1961. 74 Has Guided Our Way Sandra Jean Anikowski A twinkle in her eye, friendship in her heart . . . Latin Club, Mercian Staff, GAA Carole Lynne Alt Carefree possessor of enduring faith and loyalty . . , Hilltop News Staff, MTAC, NCTC, Glee Club, GAA, Future Teachers Club, Future Nurses Club Secretary Patricia Ann Anisko Light-heartedness her captivating quality . . . Hilltop News Staff, Glee Club, GAA, Future Teachers Club Susan Catherine Braun Offering everyone her cheerful slant on life . . . YCS, Latin Club, Glee Club, GAA Marianne Eileen Barto Both cheerful and capable, the ideal friend . . . Latin Club, Brush and Palette Club GAA Class of 1961 Bonita Blanche Brown A happy face mirroring a happy heart . . . Transferred from St. Joseph High School, Wright. National Honor So- ciety, Sodality, YCS President, Mercian Staff, MTAC, NCTC, Glee Club We Have Lived . . . Diane Louise Brown Delicately feminine yet with a flair for the bizarre . . . Scholastic Honor Society, YCS, Mercian Literary Editor, Hilltop News Staff, Brush and Palette Club, MX AC, GAA, Future Teachers Club Janet Diane Brown In the quiet manner of a true and loyal friend . . . Transferred from St. Joseph High School, Wright. Sodality, Glee Club, GAA Margery Evadenia Buffin For no dull moments, the very spark of life . . . Latin Club, Brush and Palette Club, Glee Club Linda Louise Buroccki Courage and effort, her talents su- Mercian Staff, MTAC, Glee Club, GAA Edith Louise Butler Exterior personality manifesting in- terior talent . . . Latin Club, Brush and Palette Club, GAA 76 in the Truth Mary Linda Coffey Quicker to give than to receive, maker of friends . . . YCS, Hilltop News Staff, MTAC, NCTC, GAA, Future Teachers Club Jeanne Marie Chulski With the courage to dare to be dif- ferent . . . Transferred from Catholic Central, Grand Rapids. Latin Club, MTAC, Glee Club, GAA Mary Jane Fennel! A helpful nature with a future full of promise . . . Senior Class Secretary, Hilltop News Staff, Latin Club, GAA, Future Nurs- es Club Noelle Therese Grahara Classic g race revealing an inde- pendent mind . . . French Club, Mercian Staff, MTAC, Glee Club, GAA, Future Teachers Club Mary Elizabeth Diskey Polished teen, agreeable but unpre- dictable . . . Hilltop News Staff, MTAC, Brush and Palette Club, GAA, Future Teachers Club Sandra Ann Dykstra Pastel loveliness bubbling with en- thusiasm . . . YCS Treasurer, Mercian Staff, Hill- top News Staff, MTAC, Glee Club, GAA, Future Teachers Club Faithfulness Will be Our X Geraldine Kay Heitz With a tranquil air of dignity and charm . . . Latin Club, Glee Club, GAA Margaret Mary Ignasiak A ray of sunshine, fair and de Latin Club, GAA Jean 4arie Ingersoll Shyly effacing but always willing to help . . . YCS, Hilltop News Staff, MTAC, GAA, Future Teachers Club Sharon Lee Johnson Perfectly poised combination of beauty and charm . . . Cheryl Ann Kline Possessor of much appreciated sin- cerity and warmth . . . YCS, Hilltop News Staff, Brush and Transferred from St. Joseph High Palette Club, MTAC, GAA School, Wright. Sodality, YCS, MTAC, Glee Club, GAA, Future Nurses Club President 78 Hallmark, Now and Forever v Michele Kathleen Konkle An exuberant nature radiating friend- liness . . . Mercian Staff, MTAC, NCTC, Glee Club, Brush and Palette Club, GAA Carolyn Marie Knauf A person wealthy in quiet charm and friendliness . . . Hilltop News Staff, Latin Club, Glee Club, GAA Lynda Marie Lipinski A friend of all, even-tempered and helpful . . . Sodality, Latin Club, MTAC, Glee Club, GAA Mari Elizabeth Leigh A bundle of delight, wrapped with nonsense . . . Transferred from Union High School Brush and Palette Club President, Future Nurses Club Patricia Ann Makowski Expressive mannerisms complement- ing a winning personality. . . Sodality, YCS, Mercian Staff, Hill- top News Staff, MTAC, NCTC, GAA, Future Teachers Club Sharon Norrine Larson A helpful attitude mirroring a gen- erous heart . . . MTAC President, GAA, Future Teachers Club 79 Love to Serve and Mary Ann Markham But with a calm disposition, an ir- tepressible twinkle in her eyes. . . National Honor Society, Scholastic Honor Society, Hilltop News Staff, Brush and Palette Club, GAA, Fu- ture Teachers Club Joan Ellen Martin Rare dignity and friendliness. . . Latin Club, MTAC, GAA, Future Nurses Club Judy Marie Martin An individualist full of harmless mischief. . . Latin Club, MTAC, GAA, Future Nurses Club Mary Lee Markham Silently gracious, sincere and un- assuming . . . Hilltop News Staff, Latin Club, MTAC, GAA, Future Nurses Club Elizabeth Ann Mason An enemy of dullness, an ally of fun . . . Transferred from the Academy of Our Lady, Peoria, Illinois. Sodality, Hilltop News Staff, MTAC, NCTC, Glee Club, GAA, Future Nurses Club 80 Serve to Love is A Diane Patricia Miller Having a quiet manner but never exactly showing it . . . YCS, Hilltop News Staff, Latin Club, Brush and Palette Club, Glee Club, GAA Our Motto Mary Ann Peters A sparkling smile enhancing velvety brown eyes . . . YCS, Latin Club, GAA Phyllis Anne Muszkiewicz Shy aggressiveness, brimming with life and vivacity . . . Transferred from Elizabethtown Catholic High School, Elizabeth- town, Kentucky. Sodality, Future Nuises Club Treasurer Judith Victoria Olewinski Humor and good sense in delightful array. . . National Honor Society, Scholastic Honor Society, Senior Class Presi- dent, Sodality, Mercian Staff, Hill- top News Staff, MTAC, NCTC, GAA Carol Ann Piechocki Constantly spreading sunshine by her friendly ways . . . Latin Club, Brush and Palette Club, Glee Club, GAA Cecilie Rae Platte Laughter brightening the halls of the heart . . . National Honor Society, Scholastic Honor Society, Student Council Vice-President, Hilltop News Staff, Future Nurses Club Mercian Idealists, Having Loretta Jean Platte A faithful dependable friend -with a disposition constantly sunny . . . National Honor Society, Scholastic Honor Society, YCS, Hilltop News Staff, MTAC, GAA, Future Teach- ers Club Marlene Jean Przelomski A winning smile showing the purpose of her deeds . . . Latin Club, Hilltop News Staff, Brush and Palette Club, GAA Susan Martha Quinn Nonchalant perfection in everything she does . . . Scholastic Honor Society, Student Council President, Sodality, Hilltop News Staff, Mercian Staff, MTAC, NCTC, Glee Club, GAA, Future Nurses Club Barbara Christine Rakiec Style of accomplishment revealing inborn character. . . Sodality, Latin Club, Brush and Pal- ette Club, GAA Linda Louise Rasch Friendliness personified . . . Transferred from St. Joseph High School, Wright. Sodality, Glee Club, GAA 82 Learned We Long to Do Barbar a Kathryn Robach Presenting some daily happiness others can make their own . . . National Honor Society, Scholastic Honor Society, Sodality, Senior Class Treasurer, Hilltop News Staff, MTAC, NCTC, GAA, Future Teach- ers Club Marcia Anne Redlon Manner belying her mischief. Latin Club, Mercian Staff, MTAC, NCTC, GAA Barbara Joyce Rollins Wistfully combining beauty anc naturalness . . . National Honor Society, Scholastic Honor Society, Sodality, YCS, Mer- cian Staff, MTAC, NCTC, Glee Club, GAA, Future Teachers Club Joan Ellen Rybaski Her genuine friendliness a credit to her personality . . . Transferred from Union High School YCS, Mercian Staff Sharon Anne Schindler Short in stature but very tall in character . . . Scholastic Honor Society, Mercian Editor, Brush and Palette Club, MTAC, GAA, Future Teachers Club Nancy Ellen Schoenborn Resourceful and capable with pleas ' ant grace . . . National Honor Society, Scholastic Honor Society, Latin Club, Hilltop News Editor, MTAC, GAA The End is But a . . • Sandra Mary Schuitema Admirable actions outspeaking her i words . . . Latin Club, Glee Club Judith Louise Smith Sweetness and poise setting out to accomplish many things. . . Latin Club, MTAC, Glee Club, GAA Karen Schumaker An industrious student with a keen sense of values. . . Scholastic Honor Society, Brush and Palette Club, GAA, Future Teach- ers Club, Valedictorian LaDoris Rose Steffes Calm determination equal to suc- National Honor Society, Scholastic Honor Society, Sodality Prefect, Brush and Palette Club, GAA, Fu- ture Teachers Club Mary Jane Terakowski Dark eyes illuminating beauty and depth of soul . . . National Honor Society, Scholastic Honor Society, Music Graduate, Brush and Palette Club, MTAC, NCTC, Glee Club, GAA 84 Glorious Kathleen Marie Tobin The personification of exuberant effervescence . . . yes, Mercian Art Editor, Latin Club, Brusfi and Palette Club, GAA, Fu- ture Nurses Club Geraldine Jane Weber Unassuming authority manifesting competent leadership . . . YCS, Mercian Staff, MJAC, GAA, Future Teachers Club, Future Nurs- es Club Beginning Elaine Marie Tisch Combining pleasant grace with con- tagious laughter. . . Latin Club, Hilltop News Staff, Brush and Palette Club, MTAC, NCTC, GAA . ati . i . Mu.. . k ' Beatrice Ann Ullom A dynamo of ambition radiating plac- id beauty . . . YCS, Mercian Staff, MTAC, NCTC, GAA, Future Nurses Club Patricia Marie Wierzbicki A delightful blend of dignity and daring . . . Hilltop News Staff, Latin Club, Brush and Palette Club, MTAC, GAA Patricia Ann Zickus Accomplishing everything with pei fection . . . National Honor Society, Scholastic Honor Society, Sodality, MTAC, NCTC, GAA, Future Nurses Club Graduates Meet Onrushing Tides The Graduates of 1961 recall all the memories of high school years. From flamboyant freshmen, to spirited sophomores, to joyful juniors, to so- phisticated seniors, these students hopefully ad- vanced. Their dreams lie yet to be accomplished, for with the strong basic training each Mercian receives, failure is next to impossible. - f- " .■ ' ■■ Noelle Graham offers her graduation rose to the Blessed Virgin in silent thanksgiving. The smiling faces of " life-time " Mercians Barbara Rollins, Cecilie Platte, Patricia Zickus, Marybeth Diskey, Michele Konkle, Judith Smith, Diane Brown, and Noelle Graham give testimony of thirteen happy years at Mount Mercy Academy. 86 With Determination Janet Brown and LaDoris Steffes prepare to lead com- mencement exercises in Sacred Heart Chapel. Susan Braun, Lynda Lipinski, and Judith Smith robe themselves for the momentous graduation ceremony practice. Preparing to receive their diplomas, seniors Linda Rasch, Geraldine Heitz, Judith Smith, Noelle Graham, Susan Braun, Ti Lynda Lipinski, and Barbara Rcbach solemnly advance toward their final goal. : : ' -w-«?«y«»« an V (; ' ;wi l -■ ' ■ O Thus the tides flow on and surge to the new, blending in the old, ecstatic, humdrum, exhilarating, momentous bits of life and ou through many tomorrows. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred H. Tisch CONGRATULATIONS To The Graduating Class of 1961 ST. MARrS HOSPITAL GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN • QeRRie tauteR SCHOOL OF DANCING 154 Indiana, N. W. " LAWRENCE R. BROWN BUILDERS 1125 Roosevelt St., Conklin, Mich. C.ui.tom. uBuiLt Jfoms.i. J s-moAsiina Conklin TW 9-2277 90 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Rollins . Ae S i ' .JHc i i ta _fc Pi i z ? BEST V [SHh% BALL PARK DRUG CO. 1 1 57 West Fulton Street Grand Rapids 4, Michigan GL 4-0822 S. E. MEETER H. E. PUNCHES VERSLUIS STUDIOS 47 Monroe Ave. Phone GL 9-0245 YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS (-Jut combLstE i-tafr or comhstznt aitii.ti. aiE aLcvau± avaiLabLE. to i.£.iu£. uou. ■ 3, u 5A ,yV - j s Compliments of Arsulowicz Brothers Funeral Home 585 STOCKING, N.W. GL 8-1297 Tune-up Road Service Automatic Transmission SHAWMUT HILLS SERVICE Hank Makarewicz 2035 Lake Michigan Drive, N.W. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN PHONE GL 3-361! 91 CONGRATULATIONS AMERICAN DIE CASTING COMPANY Jelens Die Stamping, Inc. Manufacturer of Tools-Dies Bert Jelens, Pres. Mgr. Phone: GL 9-0211 1015 Monroe Ave., N.W. Grand Rapids, Mich. WM. MATHEWS AND SON PHARMACY Bridge at Valley Avenue MATHEWS PHARMACY AND GIFT SHOP Edison Plaza Lake Michigan Drive at Covell CONGRATULATIONS To The Graduating Class of 1960 PRESTON PRODUCTS, INCORPORATED Grand Rapids Michigan 92 AROUND THE CORNER A milestone ' s about to happen . Your graduation marks a decisive period in your life. Behind is an important, form- ative period of learning. And ahead? The course is yours to choose, whether it be more study or the start of a career. We at Michigan Consolidated Gas Company join friends and family in wishing you well in your new adven- tures . . . hoping that your new-worlds- to-conquer outlook never dims. MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS FROM BROWN INDUSTRIES 936-8 Ottawa Ave. N.W. Grand Rapids Michigan DYKSTRA BROTHERS ' Quality Wholesale BEEF COMPANY 128 Cummings, N.W. 1 2 Mile South of Standale GL 3-0106 ELECTRICAL CITY, INC. 22 WEST BURTON STREET ' £Poa ' £;T«oui£ or ' •VaLuzi. CH 1-1679 YOU ' RE INVITED . . . to visit our new Ambassador greeting card department. A complete and appealing display of new Ambassador cards designed for every greeting card occasion awaits your selection. Drop in and see us soon . . . you ' ll like new Ambassador cards. They ' re your personal envoy of good taste . . . and you ' ll enjoy shopping for them at: H A N L I N E ' S Leonard at Garfield, N.W. 93 " GIRLS OF DISTINCTION " You can be too if you work at MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE CO. Employment Office 14 North Division Avenue Grand Rapids, Michigan CRYSTAL PLAZA BEAUTY SALON (Edison Plaza) 2054 Lake Michigan Dr.. N.W. GL 3-3026 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1961 BUFFIN ' S SERVICE MOBILGAS 3782 Chicago Drive GRANDVILLE, MICHIGAN Alt Mortuary.iNc. BEST WISHES ! VERBRUGGE ' S SERVICE PHILLIPS 66 ' Woody Exnls! ' 840 Bridge St., N.W. GL 4-6291 CompliiaenXs of NEHI BEVERAGE COMPANY BOTTLERS OF PAR-T-PAK R-C COLA 1267 Burton, Soxjthwest 94 Masck ' s I.G.A. Market xoctxls-i. d l{E.aii. V£.i. 1601 Alpine, N.W. Grand Rapids Michigan AMERICAN BREAD COMPANY VARIETY BREAD PASTRY-DONUTS-CAKES Decorated Cakes For All Occasions PIZZA PIES 712 Bridge St., N.W. PHONE GL 8-3201 NAWARA BROS. BALL PARK HARDWARE Builders Hardware Appliances Phone: GL 9-7098 1030 W. Fulton St. Grand Rapids, Mich. RICHMOND CUT-RATE 1554 ALPINE Open 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Compliments of Platte Brothers ' HARRISON PARK DAIRY 741 Richmond, N.W. Rl 2-2277 Compliments of TIP TOP MARKET Corner Fourth and Garfield GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN BARTO SON FUNERAL HOME 1401 QUARRY N.W. Rl 2-1196 S. J. BARTO GL 4-8179 BERNARD BARTO 95 Compliments of LINK, INCORPORATED 2066 BRISTOL N.W. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Faultless Heating Cooling Co. juinaczi- — - rrii- donailion.s.1 24-HOUR SERVICE 1021 W. Fulton GL 8-1293 Western Radio Service TELEVISION SERVICE GL 8-4617 401 Valley at Bridge Grand Rapids, Mich. 96 H. R. Terryberry Co. Official Manufacturers of MOUNT MERCY RINGS Grand Rapids, Michigan 313 Allen, N.W. GL 8-1391 Anderson-Krupp Artist Supply Everything for the Professional and Amateur Artist Pic lures and Frames 28 Louis opp. Herp ' s Garage GRAND RAPIDS FORGING AND STEEL COMPANY 617 Ottawo, N.W. CUSTOM FORCINGS OF ALL TYPES Carbon — Alloy — Tool Steel Hi-Carbon — hli-Chrome Warehouse Stock • Cold Finished and Mild Steel Bars • Rounds, Squares and Flats • Carpenter Matched Tool Steels • Water and Oil Hardening Drill Rod • Gauge Stock CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1961 KONKLE IMPORT 640 Bridge Street, N.W. GL 6-7623 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES To The Class of 1961 • MAJOR TOOL AND DIE COMPANY INCORPORATED 1555 TAYLOR STREET, N Grand Rapids Michigan BEST WISHES PARKSIDE SHOP RITE 1153 Fulton Street. W. Grand Rapids Michigan CARPENTER Phone: EM 1-9604 BOB KLINE, JR., CONTRACTOR All Types of Carpentry Work Kitchen Remodeling A Specialty New Homes— Cement Work— Licensed 6440 Fruit Ridge Ave., N.W., Grand Rapids 4 SUBURBAN 5 ID 2048 Lake Michigan Drive, N.W. EDISON PLAZA GL 3-9046 NAWARA BROS. Home of World Famous " Brand Name " Appliances, Boats and Motors Frigidalre — Phiico — Tappan Gas Ranges Hamilton — Maytag Evinrude — Wagemaker Complete Line of Furniture 1000 W. FULTON GL 1-0854 COMPLIMENTS OF JOHNNY ' S CUT RATE 2840 Lake Michigan Drive GL 3-9017 formerly Towner ' s Cut Rate 97 Our Sponsors ALICE KAHNS BEAUTY SHOP 657 Pine Street, N.W. GL 6-6375 BLANCHE LE BARON 15-17 Jefferson Avenue, S.E. GL 9-4211 BURKHEAD ' S REXALL DRUGS 1160 Chicago Drive, S.W. CH 3-1713 CHET ' S SINCLAIR SERVICE 1147 Michigan Street, N.E. GL 6-1048 COMSTOCK PARK RADIO TV 3909 Leland Street, Comstock Park EM 1-5136 LA VEAUX ' S DRESS SHOP 411 Standale Plaza, N.W. GL 3-0301 MARI-LIZ DRESS SHOP 802 Bridge Street, N.W. GL 9-8512 MAXSIM ' S SAFETY SERVICE 235 Seward Avenue, N.W. GL 4-6484 MEADOWS CATERING COMPANY 1614 Vinecroft, N.W. EM 1-2627 OBIE ' S SHELL SERVICE 1205 W. Fulton Street GL 4-5923 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Schindler PALMER RECORD SHOP 26 Burton Street, S.W. CH 3-7776 PARTY LINE GROCERY 1211 Bridge Street, N.W. GL 6-5796 PEERLESS SUPPLY COMPANY Marne, Michigan OR 7-5442 STAN DAVIS FLORAL COMPANY 1330 Leonard Street, N.W. RI 2-3459 TED ' S MARKET 640 Harlan Street, N.W. GL 4-0384 BERNOTT RELIGIOUS SUPPLY JEWELRY 615 Bridge Street, N.W. GL 6-9753 THOMAS DRUGS 634 Bridge Street, N.W. GL 8-6347 FRANK TOPOLSKI TV Repair Service GL 4-1447 WAGENAAR TRAVEL AGENCY Keeler Building GL 8-1165 98 OUR CHERISHED ATTRIBUTES QUALITY AND SERVICE EISENBERG O ' HARA PAROCHIAL SCHOOL UNIFORMS 1307 Market Street Philadelphia 7, Pennsylvania Our Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Alt Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Anikowski Mr. and Mrs. Louis Anisko Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bowkamp Mrs. Lyle Bunn Miss Edith Louise Butler Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Coffey Mr. and Mrs. Jack Chulski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Czyzyk Dr. and Mrs. Donald G. Diskey Miss Barbara Fennell Mrs. Kathryn Foote Mr. and Mrs. George Graham Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heitz Mr. and Mrs. Fred Homrich Mr. and Mrs. Martin T. Ingersoll Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Johnson Miss Cheryl Kline Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kline Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Knauf Mr. and Mrs. Max J. Kwiat Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Larson Miss Maribeth Leigh Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Leigh Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lipinski Miss Judy Martin Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mason, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Muskiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Frank Olewinski Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Peters Mr. and Mrs. Albert Piechocki Miss Carol Ann Piechocki Miss Leone Piechocki Mr. and Mrs. Lester Platte Mr. and Mrs. William Przelomski Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Rakiec Mr. and Mrs. James Rasch Mr. and Mrs. Leo Rasch Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Redlon Mr. and Mrs. Fred Robach Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rybaski Mr. and Mrs. Vtayne Schoenborn Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Schumaker Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schwallier Miss Ruth Smith Mr. and Mrs. John Steffes Mrs. John Tallman, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Terakowski Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Tobin Miss Beatrice Ullom Mr. Fred M. Ullom Mrs. John Van Loo Mr. and Mrs. John Weber Mr. Lee Wilczynski Mr. and Mrs. John Zabloten Mr. and Mrs. Benedict D. Zickus Sue Ollis, second year art student, displays some of her finished works at the March Art and Science Proj- ect Day. Mrs. T. Majewski and Rosemary Ptak prepare coffee for the mothers of the freshmen at the Mount Mercy League Tea. 99 Directory . • . Class of 1961 Alt, Carole Lynne 1632 Six Mile Road Comstock Park EM. 1-0160 Holy Trinity Parish, Alpine Anikowski, Sandra Jean 823 West Fulton Street GL. 9-6897 Sacred Heart Parish Anisko, Patricia Ann 360 Glenhaven Avenue, N.W. GL. 4-4484 St. Adalbert Parish Barto, Marianne Alene 373 Ball Park Boulevard, N.W. GL. 4-8179 SS. Peter and Paul Parish Braun, Susan Catherine 39 Burton Street, S.W. CH. 3-6828 St. Francis Xav ier Parish Brown, Bonita Blanche 1125 Roosevelt Street Conklin TW. 9-2277 St. Joseph Parish, Wright Brown, Diane Louise 1811 Chipwood Lane, N.W. GL. 3-9412 Holy Spirit Parish Brown, Janet Dianne 120 Roosevelt Street Conklin TW. 9-2215 St. Joseph Parish, Wright Buffin, Margery Evadenia 843 Fourth Street, N.W. GL. 4-3931 St. James Parish Buroccki, Linda Louise 1221 California Street, N.W. GL. 9-5838 St. James Parish Butler, Edith Louise 3678 Fuller Avenue, N.E. EM. 1-7402 St. Jude Parish Chulski, Jeanne Marie 14122 Ironwood Drive Marne OR. 7-5442 St. Alphonsus Parish Coffey, Mary Linda 227 Brown Street, S.E. CH. 3-2082 St. Francis Xavier Parish Diskey, Marybeth 1911 Lake Michigan Drive, N.W. GL. 3-3867 Holy Spirit Parish Dykstra, Sandra Ann 50 Cummings Street, N.W. GL. 3-0015 St. Adalbert Parish Fennell, Mary Jane 2202 Frances Street, S.E. GL. 2-2596 St. Francis Xavier Parish Graham, Noelle Therese 1444 Fourth Street, N.W. GL. 3-3945 St. James Parish Hathaway, Carol Larraine 861 Bellclaire Street, S.E. CH. 3-8 261 East Congregational Chtu-ch Heitz, Geraldine Kay 444 Leonard Street, N.E. Rl. 2-8696 St. Alphonsus Parish Ignasiak, Margaret Mary 616 Clinton Avenue, N.W. GL. 3-1641 Holy Spirit Parish IngersoU, Jean Marie 4749 Alpine Avenue, N.W. Comstock Park EM. 1-1909 Holy Trinity Parish, Alpine Johnson, Sharon Lee 1504 Alpine Avenue, N.W. RE. 8-9033 St. Anthony Parish Kline, Cheryl Ann 6440 Fruit Ridge Avenue, N.W. EM. 1-9604 St. Joseph Parish, Wright Knauf, Carolyn Marie 1110 Alpine Church Road Comstock Park EM. 1-0946 Holy Trinity Parish, Alpine Konkle, Michele Kathleen 1951 West Leonard Street GL. 3-9213 St. James Parish Larson, Sharon Norrine 532 C ricklewood Drive, S.W. RE. 2-2548 St. John Vianney Parish Leigh, Mari Elizabeth 1540 Oakleigh Avenue, N.W. GL. 3-1832 Park Congregational Church Lipinski, Lynda Marie 1857 Oakgrove Street, N.W. GL. 3-3261 St. Adalbert Parish Makowski, Patricia Arm 1209 Dayton Street, S.W. GL. 4-5947 Sacred Heart Parish Markhara, Mary Ann 319 Hogadone Street, S.W. GL. 9-6003 Sacred Heart Parish Markham, Mary Lee 319 Hogadone Street, S.W. GL. 9-6003 Sacred Heart Parish Martin, Joan Ellen 657 Pine Avenue, N.W. GL. 6-6375 St. Adalbert Parish Martin, Judith Marie 3631 Ivy Drive, N.E. EM. 1-7111 St. Jude Parish 100 Mason, Betty Ann 1662 Madison Street, S.E. GL. 2-1339 St. Francis Xavier Parish Miller, Diane Patricia 707 Harlan Avenue, N.E. GL. 4-2322 St. Isidore Parish Muszkiewicz, Ph yllis Anne 149 Baynton Avenue, N.E. GL. 8-7347 St. Isidore Parish Olewinski, Judith Victoria 221 Garfield Street, S.W. GL. 8-0444 Sacred Heart Parish Peters, Mary Ann 625 Harlan Avenue, N.E. GL. 6-9355 St. Isidore Parish Piechocki, Carol Ann 719 Griggs Street, S.W. GL. 2-0267 Holy Name Parish Platte, Cecilie Rae 1359 Valley Avenue, N.W. RI. 2-7135 St. Anthony Parish Platte, Loretta Jean 5569 Baumhoff Road Comstock Park EM. 1-0934 Holy Trinity Parish, Alpine Przelomski, Marlene Jean 322 Diamond Avenue, N.E. GL. 9-5081 St. Isidore Parish Quinn, Susan Martha 1321 Lake Michigan Drive, N.W. GL. 8-8181 St. James Parish Rakiec, Barbara Christine 842 Second Street, N.W. GL. 4-7108 St. Adalbert Parish Rasch, Linda Louise 489 Dickinson Street Conklin OR. 7-5415 St. Joseph Parish, Wright Redlon, Marcia Anne 100 Garfield Avenue, N.W. GL. 8-2 50 5 St. James Parish Robach, Barbara Kathryn 1315 Lake Michigan Drive, N.W. GL. 8-6721 St. Mary Parish Rollins, Barbara Joyce 912 Valley Avenue, N.W. GL. 8-6365 Holy Spirit Parish Rybaski, Joan Ellen 954 Veto Street, N.W. GL. 9-6646 Sacred Heart Parish Schindler, Sharon Anne 4790 Alpine Avenue, N.W. Comstock Park EM. 1-0152 Holy Trinity Parish, Alpine Schoenbom, Nancy Ellen 4220 Baumhoff Road, N.W. Comstock Park EM. 1-2264 Holy Trinity Parish, Alpine Schuitema, Sandra Mary 607 Innes Street, N.E. GL. 8-6661 St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Schumaker, Karen Anne 1652 Eighth Street, N.W. GL. 3-3122 St. James Parish Smith, Judith Louise 239 Pleasant Street, S.E. CH. 1-0984 St. Andrew Parish Steffes, LaDoris Rose 1730 Wendler Avenue, S.W. Wyoming City CH. 3-4021 Holy Name Parish Terakowski, Mary Jane 5018 Alpine Avenue, N.W. Comstock Park EM. 1-0103 St. Adalbert Parish Tisch, Elaine Marie 2067 Hayes Street Mame OR. 7-3363 St. Mary Parish, Marne Tobin, Kathleen Marie 144 Page Street, N.E. RL 2-9285 St. Alphonsus Parish Ullom, Beatrice Ann 2421 Lake Michigan Drive, N.W. GL. 3-9430 St. James Parish Weber, Geraldine Jane 1704 Bridge Street, N.W. GL. 3-3568 Holy Spirit Parish Wierzbicki, Patricia Marie 3755 Grape Avenue, N.E. EM. 1-1331 St. Jude Parish Zickus, Patricia Ann 1206 Pannell Road, N.W. RI. 2-5194 St. Anthony Parish 101 Index Activities 52-71 Advertisements 90-97 Aides to Education 13 Albertina, Sister Mary 10 Alphonse, Sister Mary 11, 20 Alt, Carole 58, 64, 75 Alt, Susan 31 Anikowski, Sandra 65, 75 Anisko, Patricia 44, 48, 64, 70, 75 Ansorge, Mary Jane 21 Augustyn, Theresa 21 Bailey, Donna 34, 38 Baker, Mary 30 Banka, Sandra 30 Barecki, Diane 65 Barszewski, Janice 20 Barto, Marianne 44, 48, 60, 70 Base, Diane 26, 28, 29 Beahan, Reverend Hugh M. 8, 39, 44 Beata, Sister Mary 10 Belding, James 55 Bernott, Eileen 22 Bianchi, Mary 17, 21 Bizio, Susan 30 Blake, Donna 30 Bloxom, Mr. John 66 Boonstra, Mary 28 Braun, Cynthia 23 Braun, Susan 75, 87 Brown, Bonita 46, 55, 65, 74, 75 Brown, Diane 44, 46, 62, 64, 65, 71, 76, 86 Brown, Janet 54, 77, 87 Brown, Mr. Lawrence 55 Buffin, Margery 44, 59, 76 Bunn, Mrs. Lyle 13 Burghduff, Julia 38 Burtch, Mary 34, 40 Buroccki, Linda 44, 65, 69, 76 Butler, Edith 59, 76 Carter, Judith 28, 31 Cebelak, Ruth Ann 59 Centers, Geraldine 30 Chulski, Jeanne 46, 77 Class Officers Freshmen 17 Sophomores 26 Juniors 34 Seniors 74 Claver, Sister Mary 13 Coffey, Mary Linda 61, 77 Consilium, Sister Mary 12, 44, 46 Constance, Sister Mary 9 Czarnopys, Alice 26, 55 Dedication 5 Directory, Senior 100, 101 Diskey, Kathleen 30 Diskey, Marybeth 41, 44, 48, 61, 62, 63, 64, 77, 86 Dooley, Doctor Thomas A. 5 Doyle, Marcia 20 Duba, Mary 40, 58 Dunneback, Pamela 31 Dykstra, Sandra 46, 55, 65, 71, 77 Emery, Charla 29, 64 Evarista, Sister Mary 12 Everse, Elizabeth 37, 61 Faculty 8-12 Faucz, Juliann 30 Felicioni, Kathleen 31 Felicioni, Sylvia 40, 52, 65 Fennell, Mary Jane 48, 61, 64, 67, 74, 77 Forbes, Judith 57 Ford, Kathleen 31, 67 Ford, Rep. Gerald 49 Foreword 4 Freshmen 16-23 Fron, Elizabeth 37, 60 Gabert, Lorraine 60 Gerulis, Patricia 37, 40 Gietzen, Kathleen 38, 39, 40, 60 Gilbert, Diane 31 Gogulski, Jean 30 Gorecki, Janice 30 Graduation 86-87 Graham, Catherine 21 Graham, Noelle 44, 47, 62, 63, 64, 65, 77, 86, 87 Grzeczka, Phyllis 29 Hathaway, Carol 47, 69 Herman, Kathleen 40, 55, 66 Hietz, Geraldine 47, 48, 87 Hilltop Staff 64 Hoffman, Ivlarilyn 39 Hoogterp, Rosemary 67 Hotovy, Patricia 38, 60 Hudson, Barbara 29 Hupp, Marilyn 40 Ignasiak, Jean 59 Ignasiak, Margaret 47, 78 Immaculate, Sister Mary 11, 23 Ingersoll, Jean 64, 78 Johnson, Geraldine 29, 41 Johnson, Mary Kaye 38, 41 Johnson, Rosalie 60 Johnson, Sandra 40, 46, 66 Johnson, Sharon 59, 60, 64, 67, 78 Johnson, Theresa 23 Johnston, James 71 Jost, Catherine 21 Jos wick, Judith 60 Juniors 34-41 Junior -Senior Banquet 70 Kennedy, Judith 36, 37, 38, 60 King, Mary Jane 31 Kirkwood, Mrs. Frances 10 Kiss, Sandra 69 Kline, Cheryl 49, 58, 67, 78 Knauf, Carolyn 47, 79 Konkle, Michele 47, 55, 63, 65, 79, 86 Konkle, Mr. Vernon 55 Kowalczyk, Mary Chris 59 Kozak, Susan 20, 69 Kuno, Constance 58 Kuslikis, Mary 37, 40 Larson, Sharon 61, 68, 79 Leigh, Maribeth 38, 45, 59, 62, 63, 71, 79 Leonard, Michelle 29 Lewis, Rosalie 31 Lipinski, Lynda 79, 87 Lipscomb, Carol 38 102 Loyola, Sister Mary 10, 30, 48, 57 Majewski, Mrs. T. 99 Makowskl, Patricia 64, 65, 66, 79 Malek, Barbara 37, 40 Markham, Mary Ann 46, 49, 64, 74, 80 Markham, Mary Lee 60, 64, 67, 80 Martin, Joan 49, 62, 80 Martin, Judith 64, 80 Masalkowski, Joyce 52, 58 Mason, Betty 44, 58, 64, 80 McDermott, Maureen 37 Mercian Staff 65 Mikulenas, Adolph 13 Miller, Diane 47, 64, 81 Miller, Laureen 26 Muraski, Sandra 41, 58 Muszkiewicz, Phyllis 46, 54, 58, 81 Mylnarchek, Bernadette 41, 54 Nanzer, Carol 30 National Honor Society 74 Newcomer, Mr. Homer 10 Novakowski, Mary 29 Nystrom, Thomas 70, 71 O ' Hearn, Carol 37 Olewinski, Judith 61, 62, 63, 65, 74, 81 Ollis, Susan 99 Omilian, Patricia 34, 38 Otterbacher, Gwendolyn 20 Overmire, Jan 30, 31 Paczkowski, Judith 21 Paganelli, Linda 29 Patrick, Carol 20 Patrons 99 Patterson, Patricia 20 Paschal, Sister Mary 11 PasikowsM, Mrs. Cassie 13 Peruchietti, James 13 Peters, Mary Ann 41, 81 Phillips, Mary Jo 61 Piechocki, Carol 81 Placide, Sister Mary 11 Platte, Cecilie 52, 52, 64, 74, 81, 86 Platte, Loretta 64, 74, 82 Popma, Barbara 20 Price, Bonita 41, 54 Priest, Margaret 20, 40, 41 Przelomski, Marlene 64, 82 Ptak, Rosemary 99 Pylypczuk, Mrs. Stephanie 13 Quinn, Susan 52, 64, 65, 66, 82 Raap, Patricia 31 Rachelle, Sister Mary 11 Rademacher, Sheryl 30 Rakiec, Barbara 59, 82 Rasch, Linda 54, 82, 87 Redlon, Marcia 46, 55, 65, 83 Redlon, Mr. Clarence 55 Retreat 56-57 Robach, Barbara 49, 61, 64, 74, 83, 87 Roest, Laura 20 Ralenkotter, Reverend Howard, C.P. 56 Rollins, Barbara 61, 62, 63, 65, 74, 83, 86 Rollins, Diane 17, 69 Ronan, Therese 41 Ruczynski, Dorlaie 26 Rybaski, Joan 47, 83 Ryzy, Shirley 31 Salutatorian 74 Sandusky, Ann 31, 66 Sanzi, Catherine 17 Scheidel, Mr. Lewis 13 Scheidel, Mr. Theodore 13 Schindler, Sharon 65, 69, 83, 104 Schmidt, Marilyn 20, 41 Schoenborn, Nancy 64, 74, 83 Schuitema, Sandra 84 Schulte, Barbara 20 Schumaker, Karen 45, 49, 74, 84 Segar, Mrs. Theodore H. 11 Senior Prom 70-71 Seniors 44-49 Seymour, Mrs. Katherine 13 Siedlecki, Maria 37 Simmons, Mrs. Ethel 13 Skinner, Janice 39, 40 Smith, Arlene 38 Smith, Judith 84, 86, 87 Smith, Kathleen 17 Smith, Ruth 13 Smith, Patricia 59 Sodality 54 Sophomores 26-31 Sponsors 98 Stander, Mary Beth 23 Stapleton, Susan 21 Steffes, LaDoris 44, 54, 55, 74, 84, 87 Stephen, Sister Mary 10 Stokes, Jennifer 37 Suchowolec, Susan 29 Swierbut, Christine 28 Terakowski, Mary Jane 49, 61, 67, 84 Thiefels, Jane 52 Thome, Judith 20 Thurston, Jacolyn 21 Tisch, Elaine 59, 68, 69, 85 Tobin, Kathleen 44, 46, 65, 70, 71, 85 Tomaszek, Therese 29 UUom, Beatrice 45, 56, 61, 63, 65, 85 Valedictorian 74 VanLoo, Karen 34 VanOeffelen, JoAnne 40 Vincent, Sister Mary 11 Weber, Geraldine 49, 65, 69, 70, 85 Weber, Mrs. John F. 13 Wehler, Kathleen 40 Wells, Mrs. LaVern 13 White, Betty 40, 58 Whitman, Marsha 31 Wierzbicki, Patricia 45, 46, 53, 61, 62, 63, 85 Woods, Geraldine 59 Zamierowski, Diane 30 Zayko, Edwina 41 Zigmont, Ray 71 Zickus, Patricia 49, 62, 63, 74, 85, 86 103 ; , 1961 Numbers Eventful Days The year 1961 marked great changes in the lives of Mercians. Many memories will hold an important place in their hearts. In the year 1961, John F. Kennedy was elect- ed the first Catholic President of the United States, Laos was invaded by Communist troops from the North, the United States broke off dip- lomatic relations with Castro ' s Cuba, Doctor Thomas A. Dooley, at 34, died after giving his life to a great humanitarian effort, President Kennedy proposed a Peace Corps for the youth of the nation. The year 1961 brought Grand Rapids the All- America City award, new post office construc- tion, further development of the City Renewal Planning including a new airport, and advance- ment on the expressway. Mount Mercy Academy, in 1961, saw the ground-breaking ceremonies for the erection of St. Gertrude Hall, the success of Mercy Festal Nights, more seating capacity in Sacred Heart Chapel, treasured copies of the HILLTOP NEWS, and now 1961 brings the much-anticipated MER- CIAN. Now as the school year draws to a close, the students ' activities and the world ' s events become past history in the treasury of time. 104 KDWARDS BROTHERS, INC.

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