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2 E 2 S E X R i E 5 2 E x Q I X 3 i i 1 5 2 I 5 1 E S I 1 K, f . 'Ig ,k,, h v V ff' I .rcw-V-, V x- I ' ' ef.. . "dwfQ M , L - " T ' ' f ' ..i,kw'I' l , ,Z X -kk Q I . 6 5 A K .Q f k yr VLAKZK J 4- N Vffg NVQ . , U V fi f 7!Q,g,,kA 7, J X , f 1' I , qzhfxk? . , T Q E fi' gas-' zz 5 Z 45 r" ?"' ,TW .,,,, r ' I 7,f' , f P , -'ig 'ff I 1 Q Ip z fx I-1, ,f A 'v,.F 1- ' I J' V, x,"f"' ,,, awkx . ha uv 4256151 V . Q. ' ww- ,, .. JH, WWW We 'Q - NN VMM M ' if , R233 1 rv it W ff f HQ 'QQ 6 i2Qf i v if ,W 2 ' if . , 1 x gy I 'I' .H H- by I Qfiflfffd ky . 1 . ' df " 'fmffff KLM X 3 Af ' 10 F , ay, U6 PV' My y K! NM? fig?-YL? ' X95 3 sf 15? . Jw 'X SX f Y' XX My My QW y Q X S ' ARK - 3 Y - SA Q Q-Jsgl is A 15 S E '14 43 bbw? 'X . . x fait Ag 1Ei.l,kXi7i2b7 gpg., ' ' 30 W iw sw 46" , ' ff 'w Tl ' ' T' Ya ivy? TEFIQFNV3' SN ,YJ ra rg .rp 0 Mob' 1 :Mau ,ilq sf Q ,en ? ii WJQQLYPMW . ' aww If-G - fdf iAL6Wcw7'2,LzwVwLZf Qi Lg l .f6744f'Zn Uinuc X C .L .I f ,1 M 6577, 2 C5 , L 51, C35 if CK P , 52, N "Q 1 VA NZIM I 'ca' X fi f, u A I- my 1 4 M il Xu QW QQ Q mt if if Yllwc f "O, ,MQANUN L06 ol YV I. rip RW N or I ff E luhgfil Qygusov 23 ' 'J 'I My-1 pl ' 'Q ff, W6 V if Sic my ' J' ups 1 IX ACOW WMV 4721 C41-66.ffJQ2LeQz kill' 1 I Q be ,Z 60? .Sq-rifcfaiglf QS ,rf we CU out efdffwfaawu fluff M flaw, M911 Q9 Marisa! 4969 'zfaifizfz , A C: 0041 E077 M 7565,-awk HETTIE ALBO, Co-editor -IUDIE GREEN, Class Editor VIRGINIA DICK, Co-editor DICK DENT, Sports Editor DAVE BROWNLEE, Assistant Editor BILL CURNOW, Photography Editor LERRINE EHLERS, Assistant Editor PEGGY GALEY, Circulation Manager JOHN RATIGAN, Literary Editor VIRGINIA POWELL, Business Manager NED GARNHART, Art Editor Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania P D 5 I , I n W, , ,, .,,!g.'i CL' .A- , ' 3 , 1 12", f' ,U7,5if"-X: 3-z," r' , ' -Q +ww -fw nlf - gAgg, ' ' A ' ,W rfzffff W 'f'f':Qf.4 wff ,W,'.zN , . :,151M?:vw, .f 1' ' f ' ' , f A ,gy N M Nf o , , 1., 1 J ' , 1 , 1 , 1 . ,Ek 1 y. 1 Q 5 1 J K5 1 ' 'VV A ' . 714- " Y 4 , . 1 K , , I1 z 3' 1 I ' 1 , 1 4' .1-' 1 , V I- f 2- ,I V 4' ' 1 1 5 I AQ!! 11 rv I 9 I J A 111 'xg 1 1 1 " ' J' 1 1 111' I ii 1 1 1 1 4' 1, ,, 1, T11 the 11niniti11t1111, it is 111er111y il striking 17lli1t1iIlg, bigger now with ll new wing 111111 11111111 SfllC1Ol11Sg scnne- thing to point ont to 11111111-1111 x'isit11rs. To th1- experi1-111-1111, 11lttl't' is 1111 2lllI'll 11h1111t it, 11 1111-ling vit111 111111 vivid. It is ll spirit which 1111-1-ts 111111 1111v11111p11s the f1't'S11lllilIl the IIl0Ill1'l1t hc opvns the 11111111 the 11101110111 of 11is first 11ss111'i11ti1n1 with th11 11xp1-1'i11111'1111. As the student grows 111111 llllltIll'CS. th11 spirit grows with 11i111. Three yours of g.fl'UXX't1l 111111 0112111110 111111 Illiltllfity W11111 t11is spirit into 11 11111111 which I1iSf1I1Qll1S1l0S thc sciiior fr11n1 others tl1'OllIlC1 hinig il spirit which on 11is 11111111111- ti1n1 dies, soon to 1111 1'C'1JO1'11 in s11n111 new fi11111. This book 1't'CL111S4 R1 iil'VV of th1' i111-i1111nts 111111 events which fOl'll1Il1tltEt this spirit. A AMI' ,WW My-vf GUN . ,f,..Am 51' 7 Forming the Spirit oi Mt. lebanon High School Administration and Faculty ............ page 10 Student Life . .. page 142 X 1-J, v ,, -x I vlsjrvg- ti,-,. - ' I Q-a ' A 1 . it Y 1' . r -5 J t L f 1' 4 " - s A f' N 5 - - - - - . . . X I Q -J N Q 1 i ' ' 'I 1 5 ' ' - u,C ' X g ' 5 Q U p Q .'a 1 ' ' ' s . IVJV Q - - ' 1 1 . A -M W, . . x - .- J 1' ' I V vw 5 ' - ' f ' S I I . x , ... - Y' " 5 v ' .- llj ' T, .v,5,Vs v, KA -7 W . J, 1 iv. k U ' I 9 'S I ! 1 ,V 6 V 4 X I I . lx. , X 1 ., tw . ' ,s 5 ' J. - . N . 1 A ' x f I K' ,p ' ' -5 Q V .5 ' I I - - . , y , 0 wkni. , ,,,-0" ,Y . xr X 'I K 1 Students .. .. page 22 Athletics . .. page 76 Activities . . page 108 , Q . -si wwf' 'P' s.ff1fQ'f?fYf2,w Q if 4. iq, Nusa w w ff f 1.m-eww ..'f. ..., ' ' -' 1 T' ,j?fz.-,?:gv'miw2?z:,-.11L.4,. , ,f A T52 2 1 10 ' MT Wx-nf , WWWWQM Www Mmm 4 fwif Y' 55,',"'?Q.ff' :ill , .- gf my . Z' FX 1:15-ati Li S'--Ja , 2124- 1f""3' MQ33a,Ajf .s-fo f,A..b-L.+..L..CxvQ"-'N 1.-Y . f ' QBQJK-xA,5YYXC!.4. ?XfNv 'Q'- ,, f bu? nf WW W KLM p Wy' Vgvlbybg , ADMINISTRATIUN AND FACULTY Dr. Ralph D. Horsmun, the general superintendent, han- dles the almost superhuman task of supervising thc cn- tiro school system-six grade schools, Mellon Junior High, and the high school. Dr. Joscph C. Koifer, assistant superintendent, works very closely with the school on matters of supplies and instruction. Cooperat ng and Coordinating The Board of Education comprised of ton members cstahlishos the cducationrl policies for Mt, Lebanons schools. Understanding and progressive, they are con tinually striving to bcttu our schools. Administrative duties of the Mt. Lebanon schools are handled by the superintendents and the board of educa- tion working hand in hand with individual school staffs. One of their outstanding accomplislnnents this year Was our new wing - the spacious auditorium, modern swim- ming pool, and the vast new gyms. Although there is much divisionof administrative tasks among numerous persons, it is only with close co-operation that the staff has met with such success. VVithin the high school, the administrative duties are executed by a competent staff of three members. Gur principal, Dr. Mills, handles all staff personnel and school plant problems. Dr. Moore, vice-principal, is in charge of student personnel problems concerning sched- uling, he is also known as the "keeper of the records." Mrs. Morgan, administrative assistant, manages the attendance office and "service bureauf, "Nw-.A Although comparatively new to the diiiicult task of the prineipalship of Mt. Lebanon lligh, Dr. Mills has done an excellent job in keeping the affairs of the school running smoothly. He has found workable answers to all problems, big and small, which have confronted him. Much credit for making our school a success goes to our principal. Our principal gives instruc- tions to his secretary on how certain school announce- ments and reports should be handled. Dr. Mills consults vice-principal Dr. Moore on a school problem. C0- operation like this among the admin- istrative officers helps make our school government an efficient organization. W i is illliilili Il lll 13 Did you ever wonder who records those hard-earned semester grades on your permanent record? Well, this duty is only one of the many which are per- formed by Dr. Moore and his secretary, Mrs. Davies. As well as scheduling classes for over two thousand students and changing schedules for the many people who can never decide whether they want to take sociology or personal adjustment, etc., they somehow find enough time to send out college tran- scripts, figure what everyone's class rank is, and register all the new students. Our vice-principal and his secretary are ably assisted by the girls of the vice-princi- palls secretarial squad, who work during their free periods. Handling College Boards, giving vocational preference tests, and scheduling college meetings are only a few of the jobs of our guidance counselors, Mrs. Horne and Mr. Nicklas. Parents and students alike profited from Career Night, planned by Mrs. Horne and Mr. Nicklas, and were always welcome at the guidance oflice to discuss per- sonal, vocational, or college prob- lems. Knowing the whereabouts of all the students in Mount Lebanon High School throughout the entire school day is no easy task, but Mrs. Morgan and Miss Speekhals have just such a task. If and when you slip the pin without their approval, you become the respon- sibility of Miss Gordon, our home and school visitor, who also has the job of issuing work permits. Wil , ...afiwff . L. it . . .,iW.,,if .. .. . .r ,Qi Before you take your driver's test at school, you must have your eyes examined. Miss High, our school nurse, takes care of such things in the Dispensary. If you become sick during the school day, she decides if you are really sick or just sick of school. Besides helping to give physicals to the juniors and our sports heroes, one of the nurse's new jobs this year was accompaning the band to all away performances. Almost every student sooner or later finds his way to Mrs. Cargill or her assistant, Mrs. Smith,in thc Activities Office. As activities sponsors thcyx sec that an accurate record is kept of all student activities and points. They are in charge of the Student Congress functions and the United Fund drive. This year, under their guidance, standing properties and costume committees were organized, along with the auditorium ushers, information, check room, and parking squads, 15 Mr. Kermit Taggart - Civicsg Mr. Wilbur Moore-Civicsg Mr. Richard Toler - Civics Mr. Kirk Tallman-World History, Typingg Mr. David Batchelor-World Historyg Mr. Albert Stanish-World Historyg Mr. Harry Hadden-World History Mrs. Marianne Thornton-Englishg Mrs. Io Ann Smith-Englishg Mr. :ff Clyde Simpson-Englishg Miss Jane Curran - English, Civics qi l Mr. Norman Goodwin-Algebra, Plane Geometryg Mr. Earl Whipkey-Alge- brag Mrs. Edith Clark-Algebrag Mr. Harry Felich - Algebra Mr. Richard Walker-Algebra, Gen- eral Math.g Miss Sarah Smith-Solid Geometry, Trigonometryg Mr. Charles Lohr-Business Math., Commercial Math.g Mr. Robert Craig - Plane Geometry, Physicsg Missing-Mr. Mer- cer Clark-Algebrag Mr. Chester Oddis - General Math., Plane Geometry Miss Alice Elms - Advanced Math., Algebrag Miss Anne Rightmire-Plane Geometryg Miss Eileen Nesbitt - Plane Geometryg Mr. Ioseph Srp -- Plne Geometry 'WW s Mr. Merle Burrows-Economics, Prin- ciples of Sellingg Mr. Victor Doak- U. S. Historyg Mr. George Kline- Global Geography, American Govern- ment, U. S. Historyg Dr, Iohn Den- bow-U. S. Historyg Missing-Mr. Donley Mollenauer- U. S. History Miss Harriet Manning - Englishg Mrs. Marilyn Fisher - Englishg Miss Lyn- ette Giffen - Englishg Miss Caroline Craig - English, Frenchg Mrs. Gerald- ine Adamson - Englishg Miss Ruth Gordon - English sqm Miss Florence McLaughlin - English, Journalismg Miss janet Curtis-Eng- lishg Mrs. Emma Gilbert -Englishg Mrs. Ruth Furlong - English Mrs. Eleanor Rinne-Englishg Mrs. Joanne Bailey-Englishg Mrs. Anna Davis-Englishg Miss Katheryn Fro- bese - English U ' Q XP! KJ? Miss Virginia Elliott - Honor Englishg Miss Elizabeth Evans-Senior Com- positiong Mr. Iulian Myers-Speech, Englishg Miss jean Hay-Senior Com- positiong Mr. Richard Jones-Special Education Mr. Harry Luebbe - Biologyg Mrs. Eileen Hartman -Biologyg Mr. ,Sher- rick Gilbert- Biologyg Mr. George Dambach - General Science Mr. Charles Beck-Chemistryg Mr, Reed Raines - Chemistryg Mr. Robert Ruth-Physicsg Mr. Thomas Taylor - Chemistry, General Science K w WLA- M4 df! Mr. john Neal-Wood Shopg Mr. flew Albert Bernhardy - Mechanical Shop Mr. John Ramsey-Mechanical Draw- ingg Mr. Douglas Shaner-Mechanical Art, Art M 19 4 Mr. William Mitchell-Typingg Mrs. Dorothy Pittman - Typingg Miss Dorothy Grove-Shorthand, Typing, General Businessg Miss Thelma Whin- nie - Shorthand, Bookkeeping Mrs. Helen Haynes - Lating Miss Mildred Lenk-Latin, Spanishg Miss Miriam Bulger - Lating Miss Margery McClure - Lating Miss Ada Patterson - Latin if We Mr. Howard Jones - Frenchg Miss Sylvia Hubacher - Frenchg Miss Mar- guerite Beck - Germang Miss Mary Thorpe-Spanishg Miss Rita Roegge - Spanish Mrs. Patricia Birk-Home Economics, Per- Miss Margaret Billingsley-Healthg Mr. Jerry sonal Acljustmentg Miss Pauline Fish-Home Hyder-Health Economics Mr. Philip Prutzman - Banclg Miss May Sneary - Chorusg Mr. Arthur Yagello - Orchestra Miss Donna Shaver - Girls' Gymg Mr. Ralph Fife-Boys' Gymg Miss Nancy Skeriotis -Girls' Gymg Miss- ing- Mr. john Beckert-Boys' Gymg Mr. XVilliam Grant-Boys' Gym Mr. George Lamprinalcos-Drivingg Mr. George Reese - Drivingg Mr. joseph Pugnanelli - f- ,p,q55,5QN . r.,---.s. Nuwwsn was 'vii mix .Q 'rs in , , 2 Q. ak s .uw ui s Q? 'le' v vi E GK :wif Ziff 4 ,ual 6 nf "-544441 s' ' g ' , if . ' a 2 v 'ffl 'hge , Swv - -C 4-f C 'il I 3 ' C ttf.- 4 5 pf' . KCACT XYZ 2'cC ' f,rn , X-:ggi ' fl fl! ' Q. kwb K1 ff- kr 1, Q' Q "C ,f 'C-agp' np - 4 , sg Xl' -- QQ , , tk CA f Q Aff?-4, Q Q 4, 2 551 : . 4 VT 1 T K. f 1 2 ' 4' L1 ff CM- gg . L . ' f ff- , L f g Y 5 f ' ' ' Q44 , M ,A ig , 1 217, 5 g f W N14 v Q ff, -V 23 'K 1 at C44 A -M ' vac 6 C xzi 1' YA C C-ig: A V I :lag ff QW is 0 2? CQ ,IZCV , gG1 ' ff C. "5C C' . 674 ' :tc in 4 n A cy' , ska' ,, 5 1 C5-,T-' V7 gc., gd, fee? C 4 1 L 11, Z 1 Q 62 0 - r 'CG-5 ' , LMC 'z Cf f eff? fdkcckc 1, I ,ada-a J 'Q 'si '12 742 57 ' R L1- 7Q ' 1 ii ev ' tic- 35 QM Q., Mf W f Cl "' Q-i 2,27 , ' . fav L v ' z C-'K 4 V J ff Cl f V' Li " 9 'az iii J Z Kx 4 mx QQ, CK J? 'S 1 ' PT, . ing Qflzc -ff p if , okay ' . 7 Q I -,Lt C157 V ' Q , H 37- Ca ,K YZ'-Q AZ? C7 L cj Mfg' ii f' I CL el, N C if V if 4' X W M' 42 52 7 ' C A ilo x C, f Q f K Qr CCC -1561 Q ggi, K N ,swf 'C-r. STUDENTS A Turn 0f The Tassel A Step Toward The Future Sparked with a gaiety and originality not soon to be forgotten, the class of ,57 left behind days of lighthearted pleasure and serious Work. There were the football games with the ever-loyal cheering senior girls unexpectedly out-shouted by the mass of senior boys brought to life by the uninhibited "Snytz,v the indescribable trips on the rented buses, and the presentation of a giant razor to Pittsburglfs most avid Gillete advertiser. All was not too pleasant, though, as senior girls in righteous indigna- tion found themselves forced to parade the halls with stringy, Wet hair. But there was compensation for that, too. The mass evacuation of students and teachers from the flooded and electrically charged swimming area and the days when some people found themselves in "hot wateru made the discomfort of swimming worthwhile. XVintertime encouraged all sorts of parties -sledding parties, skating parties, formal parties. pizza parties, and just parties. But with the coming of spring, the mad senior whirl gradually slowed down with the ever present Worries: Will I be accepted? Can I get a scholarship? Iyll never get to the prom! And looking out the window, gazing down over the park, what senior could help but daydream of next Saturday,s tea, marching down the steps to "Pomp and Circumstancef, and of the years ahead . . . entering college, developing new friends and ideas, finding more of the meaning in life . . . Would we remember those people so near to us in th'e year of 1957? And on graduation night we realized the answer, the friendship and fellowships of the last four years were an inseparable part of each senior. I Q , , . 1 HENRY L. ABLAUF Baseball, Rifle, Intramural Sports, Hi-Y, Traffic. VIRGINIA L. ACCETTA Lantern, Log, G.A.A., F.T.A., Medical. JANET ACKENHEIL National Honor Society, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Lantern Edi- torial Ed., Mounty, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance, Honor Award. CAIL RUTH AHLERS G.A.A., Range Rockette, Library Sq., Medical, Publicity, Chorus, "Messiah" THOMAS VV. ALBERTSON Homeroom Off., Track, Stage Crew, Senior Play. HETTIE A. ALBO National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log Co-Ed., Homeroom OH., C.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance. WILLIAM C. ALLEN, JR. Cross Country, Tennis, Track, J.V. Football, Intramural Basketball, Trallic. BETTE MAE ALMASY JAMES W. ANDERSON ff! ' J 1. W' . if i Nfl M4 If Kin EN! dfufz A 1 1 I-'L I KAREN J. ANDERSON Seniors Lantern, Mounty, C.A.A., Y-Teens, Bulletin Board Sq., Devotional, Infor- mation. RICHARD A. ANDERSON Homeroom OE., Cross Country, Track Co-Capt., Intramural Basketball. DAVID E. ANKROM PETER B. APP Swimming, Intramural Sports. NANCY ELLEN ARCHER National Honor Society, Honor Chemistry Sq., Medical, Ushers. Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., C.A.A., THOMAS E. ARNOLD M fl Homeroom Off., Band. Qc! , V .JAMES WILLIAM ARTH P- ' J.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Band. X u JOHN J. ARTH X Q ' Public Address, Ways and Means, Or- Q JOAN L. ASTI G.A.A., Range Rockette, Decoratng , K r 26 Jgifblwmigl f twiki I X W JUNE ANN ASTI G.A.A., Range Rockcttc. JOAN I. ATCHISON Hospitality. ALFRED VV. BABB Cross Country, WVrestling, Intramural Sports, Trafhc, Physics Sq., Orchestra. RICHARD H. BABCOCK Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria, Traffic. CHRISTINE CATHERINE BALACH G.A.A., Y-Teens, Hospitality. HARRY C. BALLMAN Honor Roll, Football Mgr., J.V. Track, Intramural Tennis, Hi-Y Off. RICHARD BALLON I.V. Track. GLENN BARTON Chess, I.V. Football, Intramural Sports. A. BLAIR BATTISTINI Activities Key, Honor Roll, Ilomeroom Off., Chess, Chemistry Sq., Projection, Physics Sq., Public Aclclrcss. 1957 BRIAN K. BAUKNIGHT National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Basket- ball Mgr., Devotional, Stuclio Mgr. CAROLE E. BAXTER MERCEDES IOANNE BEACHLER Lantern, Homeroom OH., C.A.A., Blue Devil, Attendance, Honor Award, Chorus. DICK BECK Rifle, Intramural Sports. CHARLES E. BEEDLE Honor Roll, Mounty, Rifle, Library Sq., Ushers. CORINNE C. BEINHAUER G.A.A., F.T.A., Usherettes. IOANNE HELEN BEITLER Lantern, Log, Homeroom Oil., G.A.A,, Ass't Drum Major, Decorating. ROBERT I. BENDIS Intramural Sports. KAREN ADALINE BENZ Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., C.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Homeroom Program Planning Comm., NVays and Means, Chorus. 27 i , . . , lf '.L.'V,f ,ff 0 I ZW 2 it EMM' Fw ,V H ,ij bfllyitlu ,,,Dff5j,V' if N' 1 to ,JM 'Ml ,fly- GAIL E. BERGHOFF G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Chorus. ARLENE MARY BERK Honor Roll, Log, Mounty, C.A.A., Homeroom Program Planning Comm., Medical. HARRIET ELIZABETH BERLIN Activities Key, Homeroom Off., C.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Medical Chm., Red Cross. f by ,x ROBERT TABERWIND xl? , I Homeroom Off., Cross Country, Track, I.V. Basket , A A al etball, Cafeteria. ,Uh is ,J . ' THEODORE H. BEST A ML . Jy f, X Intramural Basketball, Rifle, J,V. Track.L 'LJ I 0 'vi EDWARD C. BEUTNER ,f ' R0 ww -N, Homeroom Off., Intramural Basketball. f 1 rl if ,JJ W Am tv ,ft Mil ky lf I D3 'v 'Xp W A Y 0 RIO up f fl 1 A Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.Al, co ating,JMe ical. X CLARK L. BLAISE A Honor Roll, Homeroom Off. MARY IUDITH BLATT Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., F.T.A. Pres., Attendance. MARGIE KATHERINE BLACKBURN 'lv Seniors BONNY LEE BLOOMER G.A.A., Drum Major, Chorus, CAROL ANN BOHN Honor Roll, Lantern, Library Sq., Chorus. SANDRA LEE BOKAN Mounty, Homeroom Off., C-.A.A., Leaders' Club. RAYMOND E. BONWELL XVALTER R. BOSSART Homeroom Off., Golf, Intramural Tennis, Traflic, Ushers. G. SAMUEL BOWMAN Football, Swimming, VVrestling, Intramural Sports, Decorating. RICHARD P. BRACKEN Homeroom Off., Football, I.V. Track, Intramural Basketball, Scholastic, Traffic. THOMAS BRADLEY Rifle, Band. THOMAS E. BRASHARES Mounty, Intramural Sports, Devotional, Auditorium Program Planning Comm., Thespians, "Rehearsal For Death." W WW W Jill B LIAM C. BRASHARES National Honor Society, Homeroom OE., Football, I.V. Track, Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria, Social. DONALD BREIER I.V. Football, Intramural Basketball. JOAN A. BREINIG G.A.A., Medical. THOMAS E. BRIGGS DON BRODIE SUSAN GAY BROWVER G.A.A., Chorus. MARGARET ELIZABETH BROWVN Lantern, Log, Homeroom OH., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus. SUZANNE BROWN National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Mounty, C.A.A., Leaders Club, Y-Teens, Medical. IOHN E. BRUNK Rifle, Swimming, Devotional, Ushers, Chorus. 1957 BEST ALL-ROUND BEST DANCEHS JANE EASTON and JACK GARLITZ CYNTHIA BUZZARD and JoEL HEITMEIER R. l i up 1: 1 1 THEODORE F. BRUNN Honor Roll, Log, Devotional, Projection, Studio. DONNA NIAE BUCKINCHANI Nleclical, Cliorus. IO ANN BUDAVICH C.A.A., Bulletin Board Sq. ,IOIIN C. BUELL RONALD I. BURNER Xlrestliiig, Intramural Sports. DAVID BURNHAXI National Honor Society. Activities Key, llonor Roll, Entertainuient Bltn. Ecl lloinerooni Oil., Cliess, Clieinistry Sq. Co-Clun. PATRICIA NIARIE BUTTICNOLI C.A.A., Y-Teens. CYNTHIA N. BUZZARD Log, Hoinerooui Oil., Nleclical, Wlays ancl Nleans. BRUCE CALLAIIAN llonor Roll, llonierooin Oil., Cross Country. .I.V. Track. Intraunural Sports Seniors ROBERT L. CARNAHAN Football Mgr., Intramural Sports. KATHRYN LAURA CARSOIN Honor Roll, Lantern, Y-Teens, Medical, Retl Cross. RICHARD CENEDELLA Football, NVrestling, Intramural Sports, Cafeteria. RICHARD I. CHRIST Track, Hi-Y, Cafeteria. IRVINE COCHRAN Log, Rifle, F.T.A., Biology Sq., Bancl. REBECCA RUTII COLE Activities Key, Ilonor Roll, Lantern, Log, lloinerooin Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Devotional, Uslierettes. JANE S. COLLINS National Honor Society, Activities Key, llonor Roll, lloinerooin Off., C.A.A., Y-Teens, Attenclance, XVays anal Nleans Clun. KAREN COLLINS Log, C.A.A., Y-Teens, Kleclieal, Real Cross. JOHN CONNELLY Activities Key, Honor Roll, Ilonieroonl Off., Tennis, Intrainural Sports, Cafeteria, Honierooin Progrrun Planning Couun. 352443 30 ,gf ,fQcgQ:, A, W' 'yy feawy 'lm J, NANCY ELLEN CONNOR C.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical, Red Cross. CARRETT A. CONNORS Football, Cafeteria, Traffic, JUDITH ANSLEY COPE Log, Homeroom Ott., C.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Art Sq., Bulletin Board Sq. PATRICIA COVVAN C.A.A., Y-Teens, Library Sq., Chorus RITA C. CRAHEN Mounty, lloineroom Off.. G.A.A., Cheerleader. YVILLIAM JOHN CURNOXV, JR. National Honor Society, llonor Roll, Log Photog. Ed. IOSEPH N. CURRAN Honor Roll, ,l.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Decorating, Public Address, Ushers. PATRICIA A. CURRAN Lantern, C.A.A., Y-Teens, Decorating, Medical, Red Cross, NVays and Means. THOMAS LEO CUSICK Log, Homeroom Oflf., Baseball, Football, J.V. Basketball, Intramural Basket- ball, Traffic. 1957 KEITH G. DAMON Honor Roll, Tennis, Intramural Sports. MARY LOUANN DAUCHERTY Activities Key, C-.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus, "Messiah," Band. ROBERT F. DAVEY Honor Roll, Log. JOEL DAVIDSON Biology Sq., Traffic, Chorus. YVILLIAM A. DAVIDSON National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Biology Sq., Chemistry Sq., Homeroom Program Planning Comm. CAROLYN JANE DAVIES G.A.A., Y-Teens, Information, Medical, Red Cross. DONALD E. DAVIS Honor Roll, Basketball, j.V. Basketball, Intramural Sports, Parking Sq. MURRAY DAVIS Honor Roll, Chess, Chemistry Sq., Ushers. RICHARD M. DEBBERTHINE Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. 31 1 ,1 ', J! . is 6l,tZw4'-410 have my who I 'Vx I. . I 1 . 50 wlillo the MARY LOUISE DEELEY Q ,yy Range Rockctte, Y-Teens, Chorus. PRISCILLA ANN DELACH Log, C.A.A., Y-Teens, Art Sq. Chm., Library . STEVE R. DELACH j.V. Cross Country, Track, Cafeteria. . RICHARD DEMARET K 1' Honor Roll, I.V. Football, Intramural Sports, Cafet ia. 5 ARNOLD A. DEMPSEY, IR. Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student Congress Vice- res., meroom Off., Baseball, Football Co-Capt., I.V. Football, Intramural Basketbal. I. KATHRYN DENCLER Mounty, Homeroom Off., C.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance, Medical. RICHARD A. DENT Honor Roll, Log Sports Ed., Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Hi-Y, Homeroom Program Planning Comm., Ushers. Q EDWARD DEPP Q9 SERENA DESCOVICH .ra QQ' Honorary Member of Student Congress. Lo, 'Wig SQ' ,QQW , 15- ca ,XG K QQ' dxws JJ Way ., off Uv, oi ext' V V0 . CL ri' of ,iv . fd' xo . if -J" ' J- V W D ,gf I fx s Q9 Rr? Seniors VIRGINIA LEE DICK National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log Co-Ed., C.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance, Red Cross. GRETCHEN DICKERSON Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., C.A.A., Y-Teens, Bulletin Board Sq., Medical. ALBERT N. DISALVIO Chess, Rifle, Intramural Basketball. FRANK R. DOERZBACHER DAVID C. DOLE Honor Roll, Student Court, Golf, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Public Address. HERBERT DONACHY JAMES R. DOUGLASS I. MALCOLM DOWLINC Orchestra. MARSHALL M. DRAKE, IR. Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports. l Activities Key, Honor Roll, -l.V. Basketball, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, 1, , ,ff MARGARET E. DREYV Ilonor Roll, Log, Ii0l'l1Cl'O0lIl OH., C.A.A., Range Rockcttc, F.T.A., Medical. A. TURNEY UUFF Honor Roll, Homcrooin OH., Track, XVrc-stling C0-Capt., I.V. Track. LOUIS P. DUFRESNE A-gm, Honor Roll, Iloincroom Qfi., Clv1nistry,Sq., Projection,Physics Sq., XVays and Nh-ans. I X ggi- fl xx, - lxfff I 34 CD5 ' N21 rx XXR7 V rg. U fi ' 9, x g ff, -XA C - . K LJ '1'11ox1As B. nuxm fy? Hy' 'Sf C Ci? Xryfk Football, XVrcstling, Intramural Balskctligh wh 4 S-' '5 CHARLES L. DUNKER Y' Honor Roll, llolncroom Off., Intramural Sports, Projection, Chorus, Band. .IANE F. EASTON Activitics Kcy, Log, Student Court, IIOIIICIUOIH Off., Cheerleader Co-Capt., Attcmiancv, Decorating. DONNA JEAN ECKFELD Lantcrn, ii0lllL'I'0OlIl Off., C.A.A., Range Rockettc, Y-Teens, Library Sq. Chorus. ROBERT EDXVARDS Hoincrooln Oilf, lntraimiral liaskctbali. KIARIAN ELIZABETH ELBORNIC Lanti-rn, Log, G.A.A., Hospitality. fn.- 2, 4' nf' .ff ff 57? , 1' ff f, " if Y .f Y WJ. If, 1 7' 'jf,'1',. C jf' If . I 44 ...Lf-ff if 7. ff' ' ,,. If ,ifg ',f,f Q 'fl' x If V- f 'AA Q" -1 - I , ,f IJ 'Il i BEST DHESSED BEST LOOKING CAROL STABILE and SANDY DERIPSEY NANCY MEIDER and BILL BRASHARES 1 RICHARD B. EMERICK Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., Intramural Basketball, Chemistry Sq. Physics Sq., Ushers. JOHN F. EMMERLINC Baseball, I.V. Cross Country, Intramural Basketball. MARY SUSAN ENRICHT National Honor Society, Advisory Council, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., C.A.A., Leaders' Club. Medical. GERALD A. EPPS Homeroom Off., Wrestling, Intramural Sports, Chemistry Sq. JOHN PAUL ERLER Track, j.V. Track, Physics Sq., Stage Crew, Senior Play. HELENE YV. ESTEL Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockctte, Chorus. ALICE ELEANOR EVANS National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off. C.A.A., Y-Teens Off., F.T.A., Attendance, Devotional, Red Cross. PETE W. FAVILLE Homeroom Off., Cross Country, Swimming, Track, Intramural Sports, Hi-Y. ULRIKE M. A. FEYH Honorary Member of Student Congress, Red Cross. Seniors DENISE DAY FIFE Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Off., C.A.A., Range Rockette, Y-Teens, Information. NANCY LOUISE FINK C.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus. MARY CLAIRE FITCH Homeroom Off., Range Rockette, Chorus. DAVID P. FITZGERALD LV. Football, J.V. Track, JOHN CARY FITZGERALD Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., Football, Intramural Basketball. JEAN BARBER FLYNN Y-Teens, Chorus. SYDNEY S. FORBES Honor Roll, Homcroom Off. -IOHN XI. FRAME National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log, Mounty Ed., Devotional, Scholastic, Band. ,IAMEE Il. FRANCIS National Honor Society, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Mounty Business Ed., Ilomeroom Off., Range Rockette, Honor Award, Chorus, Triple Trio. 34 1 Q LOUISE B. FRANCO Lantern Art Ed, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., C.A.A., Public Address, Ushers, XVays and Means. YVILLIAM A. FRONEK Rifle, Biology Sq., Band, Dance Band, Orchestra. PAULA KAY FRY National Honor Society, Advisory Council. Activities Key, Honor Roll, Student ' Congress Sec., G.A.A,, Range Rockettc, Decorating. ' ROBERT C. FULLER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Football, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. DOUGLAS FUSS National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Log, Honieroom Off., J.V. Basketball, Hi-Y, Projection, Trallic. MARGARET ELIZABETH GALEY National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Log Circulation Mgr., Homeroom Off., Rifle, G.A.A., Leaders' Club, Y-Teens Off. JOHN W. GARLITZ Activities Key, Student Court, Homeroorn Off., Basketball, Track, I.V. Football, Traffic. NELL CARRISON Honor Roll, Lantern, C.A.A., Y-Teens, Honor Award, Library Sq., Chorus IUDITH A. CEBHARDT Honor Roll. Log, C.A.A., Devotional, Chorus. 1957 EMILY MAY GEESEMAN Activities Key, Honor Roll, Y-Teens, Studio, Thespians, Ushers, Chorus Triple Trio, Senior Play. EDWARD R. CIBBONS Football, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. HELEN CLAIRE GILBERT National Honor Society, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Devilette Ed. Y-Teens, Honor Award, Hospitality. WENDY ANN GILBERT Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, G.A.A., Leaders' Club, Y-Teens Attendance, Red Cross. SYLVIA GILKESON G.A.A. DOROTHY GILLILAND C.A.A., Y-Teens, Red Cross, Band. BRUCE E. GODVVIN Honor Roll, Attendance, Projection. ROBERT K. GODXVIN Homeroom Off. WVILLIAM M. COEBEL Tralllc. 35 BARBARA C. GOETZ Honor Roll, Homeroom Oil., G.A.A., Leaders' Club, Cheerleader, Y-Teens, Attendance. BARBARA JOAN COMBER Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A. Range Rockette, Y-Teens. RAYMOND H. COODRICH Intramural Basketball. PHYLLIS E. GOODWIN Honor Roll, G.A.A., Range Rockette, Y-Teens Off. LINDA M. GORGES Honor Roll, G.A.A. IUDITH A. GREEN Honor Roll, Log Classes Ed., Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Attendance. JEAN CREENBERG Lantern, Mounty, Homeroom Off., Intramural Tennis, G.A.A., Attendance. PATRICIA ANN GREGORY Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Majorette, Range Rockette, Y-Teens, Decorating. GERALDINE THERESE GROSSO Lantern, Log, G.A.A. Council, Attendance, Decorating. Seniors ROBERT B. GUTHRIDGE Intramural Basketball, Band. BARBARA LYNNE GUY Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens. DANIEL L1 HALLER Homeroom Off., Intramural Basketball, Traflic. DENNIS HALLIVVELL Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom OH., Swimming, W1'estlir1g, Hi-Y Formal Concert, Orchestra. MIMI R. HAMMER G.A.A., Range Rockettc, Medical. CYNTHIA J. HAMMOND Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, Y-Teens Attendance, Library Sq. LINDA MARION HANLY G.A.A., Information. ANN ELLEN HART G.A.A., Y-Teens. EDWARD L. HARTMAN Homeroom Off., Tennis, Intramural Basketball. 1 PATRICIA HAYS Lantern, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Nleclical, "Color on the Loose." CHUCK HEAGY Cafeteria. ARTHUR W. HEDCREN National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Track, J.V. Cross Country, LV. Track, Intramural Basketball. RICHARD YV. HEINENIAN Cafeteria, Chemistry Sq. Co-Clim., Public Aclclress Clim., Band. JOEL HEITSIEIER Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. CARL P. HENSLER Physics Sq. CHARLOTTE L. HERINC- G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical, Recl Cross, Orchestra. DALE I. HERRINGTON Lantem, Log, Homeroom Off., Colf, Intramural Sports. PRISCILLA LYNN HERRNIANN C.A.A., Library Sq. 1957 BRAINIEST CUTEST COUPLE IANET ACKENHEIL and DAVE BURNHAM PAT CURRAN and SANDY DEMPSEY HARRIET H. HERVET G.A.A. JOSEPH H. HICKMAN Intramural Sports. RHODA V. HICKMAN G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Library Sq. MARJORIE JEAN HILL Log, Intramural Tennis, G.A.A., F.T.A., Attendance, Medical. VICTOR E. HILL National Honor Society, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Mounty Homeroom Off., Devotional, Scholastic Chm., Traffic, Formal Concert. , GEORGE PAUL HIXSON, II Honor Roll, Mounty, Projection Chm.. Ways and Means. CARL E. HJERPSTEDT Football, Track, Intramural Sports.. LYNN VIRGINIA HODGES Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders' Club, Y-Teens, F.T.A. , Library Comm., Chorus. GAYLE BERNEICE HOFFXIANN Lantern GAA Y Teens FTA Attendan L'l S N l 1 , . . ., - , . . ., . ce, Urary q., .Iecical, Mays and Means. Seniors LINDA S. HOFMANN Homeroom Off., Y-Teens, Devotional, Chorus, Triple Trio, "Color on the Loose." WILSON XV. HOLES Track, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Football, Hospitality. DAVID R. HOLMES Football Mgr., Band. ROBERT S. B. HOLMES Projection, Physics Sq., Trailic. MARGARET E. HOLTZ National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance, Chemistry Sq., Thespians. JANET L. IIOLZIIAUSER Devotional, Library Sq., Band. MARTHA JEAN HOOD Honor Roll, Homeroom Off. RICHARD lj. HOSKIN llonor Roll, Homcrooni Off., Biology Sq., Cheinistry Sq., Projection, YVays and Means. JAMES M. IIUSK Baseball, Intramural Basketball, lli-Y. 38 CONSTANCE EVELYN IIUTCHINS Homeroom Off., G.A,A., Range Roclccttc, Y-Toons, Information. SALLY J. HYDE Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Tct-ns, Attcnclancc, Bulletin Board Sq., Cafeteria Hostess, Lilnrary Sq. JAMES F. INDERXVISH Cross Country, Track, Intramural Sports, Dccoruting. JOAN MIRIANI JACKSON National Honor Socicty, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantcrn Circulation Eel., Homcroom Oll., C.A,A.. Range- Roclccttc, Y-Tccns, F.T.A., LilJra1'y Sq. RICHARD A. JENNY Riflc, Cafctcria. ROBERT DRENV JOHNSON IIOINCYOOIH Ofl., Intraunural Sports. JEAN RUTH ,IOIINSTON Ilonor Roll, IIOIHKTUUIII Off., C.A.A., Y-Tccns, F.T.A., Decorating, Ushers, YVays ancl Nleans, Chorus. SUSAN E. JORDAN Hoxncroom Off., C..-XA., Raugc Rot-kcttc, Hospitality, Cafctcria Hostess. ANDREA L. JOSEPH C.A.A,, Rangc Roclwttc, Y-Tccns, IIll4Ol'lHiltl0ll, R4-tl Cross. l JV? l957 r M E , Xt' 9 ' f 3 UNIX 'JM JACK KARCIIER Baseball, Ifltl'illl1lll'ill Baskctlmall, Cafctcria, llrojcction. NANCY E. KARKALL.-X Honor Roll, Log, llOIlIt'l'O0l1l Oll., F.'l'.A., Information, Medical. DENNIS KASUN Honor Roll, Homcroonr Oil., Football, J.V. lfootliall, JN. Track, Il'ltl'Zll1lllI'ill Basketball. 7 IIOXVARD E. KATZXIAN Honor Roll, I-Ionreroonr OH., Track, J.V. Baslcctliall, Hi-Y, Senior Play. SOXJA ELLEN KENIEJUK C,A.A., Y-Teens. MARY ELLEN KENNEDY Lantern, Xlounty, C.A.A,, Bulletin Board Sq., Lilwrary Sq. CEORCE NV. KEPLER, III Senior Play. KEITH NV. KERRY Honor Roll, Uslicr. PATRICIA ANN KESSLER C.A.A., Y-Tccns, M:-rlical. 39 RICHARD A. KIELEY JEAN XVILES KING Honor Roll, C.A.A., Attendance. ROBERT L. KNECHT Football, J.V. Football, Honor Award. ,JANET ANN KOBLISII Honor Roll, Horneroom OH., C.A.A., Range Rockette, Attendance. BARBARA T. KRASINSKI Honor Roll, C.A.A. JOHN R. KRAUSE, JR. Honor Roll, Student Court, Ilomeroom Off. DAVID P. KREDEL Ushers Chin. HERMAN YV. KREUZER Cafeteria, Projection. NANCY A. KRUEGER Seniors JAMES KULESZ Honor Roll, Hoineroom Off., Basketball Mgr., J.V. Track, Intramural Sports RAY KUTZNER Basketball. LOIS C. LACHRIAN Hospitality. ROBERT LANE PENNY A. LANCLOIS Honor Roll, C.A.A., XVays and Means. JOAN CECELIA LARKIN Y-Teens, F.T.A. JAMES LAWLER Traffic. CAROL LAWRENCE Attendance, Library Sq. NANCIE RUTH LEECH G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A., Attendance, Medical, Information. Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Off., Chess, Bulletin Board Sq., Library Sq. Mounty, Homeroom Off., C.A.A. Council, Leaders' Club, Y-Teens Off. TOM E. LEIB Honor Roll, Homeroom.Off., Track, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. CORNELIA T. LEITHOLF Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Cafeteria Hostess, Decorating. NORMAN G. LEITHOLF Cross Country, j.V. Cross Country, Track. PENELOPE LINK Lantern Make-Up Ed., Homeroom Off., Range Rockette. IUDITH E. LEWIS Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library Sq. MARIA LIADIS room Off., G.A.A., Leaders' Club, Y-Teens Off., Devotional. PATRICIA ANNE LINN National Honor Society, Advisory Council, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Library Sq., Band, Homeroom Program Planning Comm PETER RICHARD LIOON Honor Roll, Homeroom OH., Track, j.V. Cross Country, Intramural Basket ball, Devotional, Hospitality. HARRY R. LOEWV Honor Roll, Homerooni Off., Intramural Sports. C., fx-N 5 C3,f:L,9.2q,--QQQKQ jxpx-.Iva--,,Q.,-wfvx, M-iQi96TATJ' Cru, QEMRI 'Lis .,,,V 12,-,543 O Q ,7. lx-'iL.,,.-.. 'Yr ,EQQSQILL L., fogvqaxm ' AT, . ,A,fv'X. QJX, IXBIXN IXA, Jlwlvi, V-,,QfjQr5Xi4Lf',kg? X '11 Q, .,i:e.-2Af,i'X Virv 6wVGVihJ ,Kwai M4 X-J.. X5-e.:+,,t., Q.. XX.-Wilma xg QL-Lk, Tvxfx llxgx,-,vxxh xv, ,gaew .CJN ,fb XLT., , . .X h . N Xiqy, QLL4 JL,x2L,X-,. Xxx.. MQ ,.., ,S V gy., kg- fl sgftfxg-.,,g,.fL, lla-'J ,fjfyyjy-,,x,L,' S - RB 'Q X il-QTNRJLJ 57 MOST ATHLETIC MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED PEGGY GALEY and CHUCK REINHOLD PAULA FRY and BILL MALARKEY Activities Key and Guard, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern Ed., Home- ROBERT E. LONG Activities Key, Honor Roll, Biology Sq., Chemistry Sq., Studio. MADELYN H. LOWERY Range Rockette, Y-Teens Off. LINDA LUCOT C.A.A. Council, Cheerleader, Range Rockette. DAVIS B. LUMPKIN Art Sq. LOUIS S. LUNARDINI Mounty, Bulletin Board Sq., Studio. CATHERINE M. LYNCH Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty Asst. Ed.. C.A.A., Bulletin Board Sq Chm., Library Sq. PATRICIA CAIL LYNN Honor Roll, C.A.A., Range Rockette, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Red Cross. SANDRA L. MACAN Y-Teens, Achievement Chm. DARLENE ROSE MAGELLAN Lantern, C.A.A., Y-Teens, Ilospitality, Medical. Q Iflf A lJ"Tt2!4nxQ Xb 4 ltfw WHLBW L' 0 to 1' Q ,lflf J nf ix!! ,xy , xf 1 V ,Civil Y R X V i 'X Nj Hfjffwf Wi if QM Wx - 1 JI ' fav ldfgf Q UI. fy 91 N' l J d'fdf'd W W I ,yea Uj,,,'oJ,,L, ,, K yy' J, Mg? I PM V ' LKXIQV ,XR .- W M HJ M 16 fi I f be , 4' MMA, . ffl? ,lx A M lb, 521 ff ll ,:,f0VVV64f4 rr yi!! J ,fl FRANK.MAHON L" Honor Roll, Homerooin Off., I.V. Cross Country, j.V. Track, Intramural Basketball. YVILLIAM B. MALARKEY National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Base- ball, Basketball, Football. ROGER A. MALLORY Honor Roll, Chemistry Sq., Physics Sq., Projection, Stage Crew, Ways and Means. MAUREEN C. MALONE Lantern, Mounty, C.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus, Band. BOB MALONE DENNIS M. MALONEY D' I.V. Cross Country, Traflic, Chorus. Sr' MARCIA MANDELL National Honor Society, ,Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Homeroom Off., Medical, Red Cross. NORMAN R. MANZIONE Football, Swimming, Intramural Sports, Hi-Y. IOELLEN MARKS Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, F.T.A. 42 GEORGE F. MARSHALL Comm., Track Mgr. MARCIA R. MARTIN PAUL G. MARTIN ROBERT MASCARO Football, XVrestling. BARBARA ANN MAXSON Red Cross. JOHN H. MAYER RHONDA K. MQAFOOS Hospitality, Chorus. JAIVIES E. MCCALMONT Cafeteria, Traffic, Band. 1957 THOMAS J. MCCRORY Ushers. DAVID J. MCDONALD National Honor Society, Advisory Council, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Stu- dent Congress Pres., Homeroom Off., Football Decorating Parking Comm. Chm., Senior Play. PATRICIA L. MCDONALD Lantern, Log, Mounty, Homeroom OH., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance, Ushers. MARY ELLEN MCELROY Honor Roll, Log, IIomeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Medical, Ways and Means, Chorus. M. JANE MCCINNIS Range Rockette, Cafeteria Hostess, Library Sq. JANET MCCRATH G.A.A., Attendance. BONNIE LEE McKEE Honor Roll, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Art Sq., Attendance, Medical, Ushers. KATHERINE H. McKEE Lantern, Mounty, G.A.A., Bulletin Board Sq. JOAN LEE MQKEEN Mounty, G.A.A., Range Ror-kette, Medical, Ushers Capt. Football, J.V. Football, J.V. Homeroom Off., Cross Country Mgr., Intramural Tennis, Foreign Exchange SHERRIN LYNN MARSHALL G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library Sq., Medical Sq., Chorus. Honor Roll, Mounty, G.A.A., Y-Teens. Mounty, Cafeteria, Projection, Traffic, Band. Honor Roll, Mounty, G.A.A., Y-Tecus, Decorating, Devotional, Library Sq Track, Intramural Sports, Hospitality 4? I 91 U L My I A V will 4. lf My Yy ,Q ip., I g , f -f V 14 f' CYNTHIA J. MCKNIGHT I National Honor Society, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Student Congress Sec., Homeroom Oil., Y-Teens OH., Devotional, Social Chm,, Chorus, Triple Trio. MICHAEL G. MCLAUGHIN J.V. Basketball, Intramural Basketball. MICHAEL B. MCMAHON Lantern, Homeroom Off., J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intramural Basket- ball. JAMES S. MCMICHAEL Homeroom Off., YVrestling, Cafeteria, Devotional. NANCY LEE MEIDER Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Cheerleader Co-Capt. JANICE G. MEINEN G.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance, Devotional, Medical, Red Cross, Chorus. KATHLEEN A. MELHAM G.A.A., Range Rockette, Decorating, Make-Up. AUDREY JOYCE MELMAN National Honor Society, Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Blue Devil, Y-Teens OH5., Thespians, Orchestra, Senior Play. ERICH MEREDIG, JR. ,ff 'JV J, 1 Seniors ,-i+f'!RVj.lV ,wgm ,SX-EJ, 'X CAROL MESSING Lantern, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Art Sq., Red Cross, Chorus, "Color on the Loose." JERRY L. MEYER Intramural Sports. JOSEPH CHARLES MEYER CAROLYN F. MIHM G.A.A., F.T.A. Off., Medical, Ways and Means, Chorus. CAROL LYNN MILHISER Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus. BARBARA JANE MILLER Honor Roll, Log, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance, Red Cross, Chorus. DAVID R. MILLER Lantern, Baseball, Football, XVrcstling, Intramural Basketball. LINDA KAREN MILLER Activities Key and Guard, Ilonor Roll, Mounty Typing Ed., Student Court, G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Devotional, Red Cross, XVays and Means. RICHARD MILLER Homeroom Off., Football, Biology Sq., Chemistry Sq. 44 SANDRA LEE MILLER C.A.A., Y-Teens. BARBARA C. NIOELLER Activities Key, L2lIItt'I'lI, Log, C.A.A., Imaiclors' Club, Y-Teens, XVZIYS and Rh-uns, Chorus, Devotional, Dcvilvttt-. LEII7' C. NIOLLO IIonor Roll, II1tI'2llI'1lll'LII Sports. NIARY LOU NIOLNAR Log. C.A.A., Y-Toons. F.'l'.A., LiIu'nry Sq. Chm., Red Cross. ROBERT A. MONTGOMERY ig: Cross Country, Truck, Cufm-tc-i'iai. KARIN MOORE Honor Roll, C.A.A., Y-Tc-ons. LEILA VARNER NIOORE National Honor Society, Activities Kvy, Honor Roll, -Lantern, Homcroom Off., C.A.A., Range Rockcttv, F.T.A., Public Address. O. EYVING MOORE Intramural Bnskctlmll, CllI.K'tltI'Iil. Om-Iicstm. BETTE MORRIS Log, C.A.A.. Y-Teens, F.T.A.. i-Xttviuialiicv. 1957 MOST SOPHISTICATED MOST TALENTED SUE ENRIGHT and CLAUDE RHEN JUDY SINGER and VIC HILL YV gr! ,fx fr'-W 552 yy- t rw rff or , X. WW? Jw KATHRYN RUTH MORTON ISAAC DAVID MOSKOYVITZ Cross Country Capt., Track Co-Capt., Cafeteria, Orchestra. DAVE MOSS SYLVIA SUE MULLINC Homeroom Off., G.A.A.,y Y-Teens, Attendance, Band, Orchestra SHEILA ANN MULVIHILL C.A.A., Majorette, Range Rockctte, Y-Teens, Dccorating. FRANCIS S. MUNS Honor Roll, Cafeteria Host, WVays and Means. LINDA ANN MURRAY Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, C.A.A., Y-Teens, Chorus. PATRICIA A. MUSCHICK C.A.A., Y-Teens. FRED J. MYERS A Um v J ,IV I I ' M' VX ' I ff fl,,vv,,fi if ,M Senlo rs .JV W at W Cafeteria. JAMES S. NELSON ERNEST MARK NEASE Football, Track, VVrestling, j.V. Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Hi-Y, j.V. Track, Intramural Sports, Traffic, Chorus. CARYLE FAYE NEVILLE C.A.A., Y-Teens, Art Sq., Decorating, Medical, Red Cross. ' DONALD I. NICHOLSON Log, Cross Country, I.V. Track, Intramural Sports. RICHARD M. O'BRIEN Homeroom Off., Parking Comm., Projection, Publicity. PAUL I. O'CONNOR IAMES OHLECER JOYCE A. OHLECER NORMAN OPFERMAN I.V. Football, I.V. Trac 46 k, Chorus. MARLENE ANN PAGANELLI Lantern, Mounty, Art Sq., Library Sq., Medical, Red Cross. JAMES E. PALM Intramural Sports, Cafeteria, SUZANNE MARIE PARDINI Lantern, Log, C.A.A., Attendance, Library Sq., Medical, Chorus. XVILLIAM F. PARK Cross Country, Wrestling. JANICE MARTHA PAULSEN National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom Off., Y-Teens Off., Attendance, NVays and Means. ROGER C. PETERS Ushers Co-Clun. PAULA M. PIIELPS Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Bulletin Board Sq., Cafeteria Hostess, Chorus. JUNE YV. PHILLIPS Log, Range Rockette, Y-Teens, Bulletin Board Sq. EDXVIN F. PIERCE 1957 L. RAYMOND PIERSON - Tennis, Tralrlic. JUDITH M, PLETCHER JAMES H. POELLOT Honor Roll, Projection. of MQW iff VIRGINIA KAY POWELL Joy National Honor Society, Activiti s K , Hon Ro , Lan n, Log Busi 's K Mgr., Homeroom Off., Y-Teens, Devot' nal, Ways and Means. 97 JANET M. POWERS National Honor Society, Activities Key and Guard, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Lantern Feature Ed., Log, Homeroom Off., Y-Teens, Honor Award Comm. JOHN M. PREZIOSO Cross Country, Track, Intramural Sports. MARY E. PRICE C-.A.A. MARY LOU PYLE Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom OII., G.A.A., Information, Library Sq., Red Cross, Orchestra. SANDRA ANN RAMBO Lantern, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Attendance, Make-Up, Ways and Means. 47 M CAROL DAWN RAMSTEAD Chorus. JOHN R. RATIGAN Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll, Log Literary Ed., Mounty Ed., llomeroom Oil., Intramural Sports, Devotional, Publicity. DOUGLAS S. RAYMOND Mountv, Ilomeroom Off., Ushers. GERALD L. REBER DAVID XV. REED National Honor Society, Activities K Sq., Devotional Chm., XVays and Mea JEROME L. REICIISTETTER Band. CHARLES ENIERSON REINI IOLD ey, Honor Roll, Mounty, Chess, Chemistry HS. Student Congress Vice-Pres., Homeroom Off., Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track, Ili-Y, Decorating. ROBERT A. REITZ Football, Track. Intramural Basketball, Ili-Y, Cafeteria Host. ALAN CAMERON RENTON Homeroom Off. Seniors fm' -ar 'Y JAMES E. REYNOLDS Rifle, J.V. Football, Intranlnral Sports, Traffic. CLAUDE P. RIIEN Homeroom OIT., Tennis, J.V.' Football, Intramural Basketball, F.T.A., Cafe teria Host. BONNIE B. RICIIARDS G.A.A., Y-Teens. MARY ELIZABETH RIDLON Mounty, G.A.A. JUDITII ANN RISDON Lantern, G.A.A., Range Roekette, Y-Teens, Information, Medical, Recl Cross GORDON ROBINSON RITTER Parking Comm., TraH'ie. GEORGE B. ROBECK Honor Roll, Rlounty, Homeroom Off., Decorating, Stage Crew. PATRICIA J. ROBERTSON G.A.A., Y-Teens Off., Band. EDVVARD P. ROBISON Football, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Football, Biology Sq. QUIETEST MARTHA HOOD and DICK BRAKEN THOMAS S. ROBINSON Home-room Off., Baskctball, Track. WILLIAM NV. ROBINSON KAREN ELFRIEDE ROGERS Y-Tecns, Chorus, Triplc Trio. Bl. PATRICIA ROHM National Honor Socicty, Activities Kcy, Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom OIT. G.A.A., Leaders' Club, Y-Tccns, llonor Award. ELMER R. ROSCOE Homeroom Off., Track, Intramural Sports. XVILLIAM C. ROSCOE Basketball. JOHN K. ROSS Homeroom Off., Bancl. JOHN ROBERT ROWE, IR. Activities Key, Ilonor Roll, Homcrooin Off., Football, I.V. Track, Intramural Basketball, Decorating Clnn. JEANETTE P. SARANDOS C.A.A., Y-Tccns, Attendance, Mcclical. 1957 WITTIEST SUZANNE PARDINI and BILL SNYDER WVARREN S. SAUNDERS Tennis, YVrestling, Intramural Sports, Senior Play. MARGARET LOUISE SCHATZMAN Honor Roll, C.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical. CAROLE ANN SCHAUP Honor Roll, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Library Sq., Senior Play. NORMA JEAN SCHOEN Lantern, Log, Mounty, Homeroom Off., C.A.A., Art Sq., Medical, Thespians BONNIE SCHUYLER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Y-Teens. ROBERT EDWARD SCLIFFET CAROL E. SCOTT Mounty, G.A.A., Check Room Sq. Chm., Ways and Means. JOHN F. SCOTT Orchestra. ROBERT I. SCOTT Honor Roll, Chemistry Sq., Physics Sq., Band. Seniors PHILIP A. SEDLAK Honor Roll, Senior Play. FRED C. SHEPLER, JR. NVrestling, J. V. Football, Intramural Sports, Stage Crew. JOSEPH C. SHRUM Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria, Band. CAROLE L. SIMMS Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Medical. E. MICHAEL SINCLAIR Rifle, Orchestra. IUDITH E. SINGER Mounty, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical, Red Cross, Chorus, Band, Formal Concert, Orchestra. ELIZABETH A, SLAGLE Activities Key and Guard, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Y-Teens, Honor Award. Medical, Red Cross. ROBERT SLOCUM Cross Country, J.V. Track, Intramural Sports. DONALD C. SMITH, IR. Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Football Mgr., Intramural Sports, Hi-Y. 50 ROBERT T. SMITH Intramural Sports. WILLIAM S. SMITH National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Homeroom OH., Projection. NV. TERRY SMITH Homeroom Off., Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Cafeteria, Projection. VALERIE K. SNEE Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Mounty, Homeroom Off., Y-Teens. WILLIAM H. SNYDER Track, J.V. Track, Intramural Basketball. MYRNA IRENE SOUCH SAMUEL V. SPAGNOLO Homeroom Off., Track, Intramural Basketball. PAUL A. SPARROW Stage Crew, Thespians. CAROL J. STABILE Mounty, G.A.A., Library Sq., Medical. 1957 JANE STARKEY G.A.A., Range Rockette, Y-Teens, F.T.A., Library Sq. LINNIE LOU STEINER Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Information Co-Chm., Chorus. JAMES F. STEMPLE Honor Roll. JUDITH DORIS STERN Mounty, G.A.A., F.T.A., Bulletin Board Sq., Information. CAROL JEAN STEVENSON Lantern, Mounty, G.A.A., Y-Teens. JEFFREY E. STOKES Homeroom Off., Intramural Sports, Hi-Y. Traflic. CAMILLA STONE Homeroom Off. RICHARD CARLETON STONE Swimming, Chemistry Sq., Devotional Choir, Traffic, Chorus. RICHARD STOVER Q CLAUDIA A. STROYD Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Library Sq., Medical, Red Cross. LINDA SUSAN SUTHERLAND National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., C.A.A.. W Y-Teens Off., Usherettcs, Chorus, Band, Dance Band. DAVID P. SUTTER Baseball, Cross Country, Intramural Basketball. STEPHEN A. SUTTON Golf, Rifle. BETTY VAN SWEARINCEN Log, Mounty, C.A.A., Y-Teens. F'.T.A., Library Sq. CAROL SWEENY Homeroom Oil., C.A.A., Cheerleader, Cafeteria Hostess, Medical. ' ROGER PAUL SWIGART Honor Roll, Homcroom Off., Baseball, Intramural Sports, Band. DORTHY EILEEN TAGCART Honor Roll. Lantern, Log. Home-room OH., C.A.A., Attendance, Information. 1. .ggi SANDI M. TAUBERG Lantern. C.A.A., Range Rockette, Library Sq. ii' jf Aiwa, . . 4, CDAa,1Ag.,f?,4fefg,' W u. NJ 'iffy 4ifzfn,Z.f,-K,ZAq,L, 56' ,1- ,gfggagqj c'L,v'f2W.4,f? .af 0 X555 As- 4 fvk-J 5,35 I WW Seniors .9142 A f 'J"'7 .al if 61' 52 MARY IO TEMMEL Honor Roll, Log, Homeroom Off., G.A.A. Council, F.T.A., IVays and Means. BARBARA LEE TISCHLER Lantern, Logg Mounty, Homerooin Off., G.A.A., Range Rockette, Cafeteria Hostess. RUSSELL B. TOURNAY Golf, Swimming, Intramural Basketball, Band. BARBARA ANNE TRACKETT Honor Roll, Mounty, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Homeroom Program Planning Comm., Red Cross, Orchestra. PATRICIA A. TRANT G.A.A., Y-Teens Decorating, Library Sq., Chorus. MARY M. TRIGGS Honor Roll, Homerooiu Off., C.A.A., Chorus. ROBERT R. TROCANO Intramural Basketball. SHERIDAN L. TRUESDALE Homeroom OFF., Basketball, Golf, Information, Traflic. JOHN S. TURNBULL Intramural Sports, Traflic, Orchestra. ARVID GARY TURNQUIST National Honor Society, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Student Con gress Pres., Homeroom Off., Rifle, Track, Stage Crew. GILBERT VALTER Intramural Basketball. JOHN VAN XKJRST Activities Key, Log, Cross Country, Track, I.V. Basketball, Intramural Sports Parking Sq., Ushers, VVays and Means Chm. PETER R. VEA SANFORD VEDDER Homeroom Off., Tennis, Intramural Sports, Traffic, Orchestra. BERNADETTE L. VISOCKY Lantern, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Attendance. SUSAN JANE VOIGT Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom OH., C.A.A., Cafeteria Hostess, Medical. RICHARD VOLKXVEIN Band. SHARON RUTH WAGNER Lantern, Log, Y-Teens, Information, NVays and Means. 1957 ERIC WALGREN Activities Key, Honor Roll, Mounty, Homeroom OH., Cross Country, j.V. Cross Country, Track, Intramural Sports. BONNIE ANN WALKER C.A.A., Art Sq. JOSEPHINE M. WALTER Lantern, Log, C.A.A. JOHN B. IVALTON I Activities Key, Honor Roll, Lantern, Log, Homeroom Off., J,V. Football, Cafeteria, Hospitalityg Public Address. WILIIELMINA VVARDEN Lantern, C.A.A., Y-Teens, Cafeteria Hostess, Library Sq., Red Cross, Chorus. JOHN D. YVEAVER Homeroom Off., Rifie, j.V. Football, I.V. Track, Intramural Basketball. LINDA LOUISE VVEIR Lantern, Mounty, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders' Club. K. RONALD YVEIS Homeroom Off., Intramural Basketball, Traffic Chm. JUDITH ANN XVHALEY Lantern, C.A.A., Y-Teens, Art Sq., XVays and Means, Chorus. A. JANE WIAN Y-Teens, Scholastic, Band. ALICE WILHELMS Honor Roll, Mounty. CHARLES THOMAS WILLIAMS GAIL WILLIAMS Honor Roll, Homeroom OE., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Red Cross, Ways and Means BONNIE RUTH WILSON Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library Sq., WVays and Means. DAVID I. WINSLOW RICHARD A. WOLF Honor Roll, Mounty, Devotional. ARTHUR F. T. VVOLFF Homeroom Off., Track. LILLIAN WOLFRUM Homeroom OE., G.A.A., Y-Teens. X r I w . I I . lfy1Mf.'JU ,, ,J I Sensors al Mm g iw A . if I r lfrff. Wlsl 'la f lwnlll VT ltd sf" W l 'fi GEQQIITEREY R. WOOD ELIZABETH T. WRIGHT Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Leaders' Club, Y-Teens, Attendance. JUDITH LEE WRIGHT Homeroom Off., Range Rockette, Chorus, Triple Trio. ROBERT M. WRIGHT, IR. Tennis, Football Mgr. JANE M. WURSTER Honor Roll, Lantern, Homeroom Off., G.A.A., Y-Teens OE. BRUCE YOUNG Band. JOHN DAVID ZEPH Homeroom OH., Football, Intramural Sports, Hi-Y, Stage Crew, Traiiic. JOHN C. ZIMMERMAN CHARLES A. ZIVIC Cross Country, Track, Intramural Basketball. 54 Hospitality, Information, MM day W JOHN A. ZYWAN JW .ff-1' - 11 .,..- ' Honor Roll, Homeroom Off., Band ' :: V"::.' , 1957 The new seniors who entered the class of '57 too late for senior pictures were: Tom Kalahar, Tony Bedell, and Don Wilson. ww gif M - L W5 ff .fj J N N . AJ sf' K .f wr J'-'J ,sf 7' QQ sf' ,J ,ff f. 0 ff! s f, 1-VK ,Mi 'fl if My . Hjndmfjs sfffdfj. rypr I if Classes nf' Fingers Crossed What are juniors made of? Certainly some gay and sparkling stuff, for social activities comprised an im- portant phase of their high school this year. But there are more serious elements, too, included in the make-up of the junior. Through hard work and concentrated effort, the class of ,58 often made headlines. The turning point of their careers at Mt. Lebanon came in September when they eagerly gave up their sophomoric status to become upperelassmen. A hectic but rewarding year was spent trying to "hold their own with the Jonesesi'-the much-envied seniors. After two years of biding their time, the class of ,558 is now ready to proceed, with fingers crossed and hopes high, to take its place at the top. ll-1 MRS. DAVIS Row 1: Sue Gullion, Daryl Ceisinger, Gretchen Smith, Nancy Fry, Jean Ray, Nancy Reed. Row 2: Ellen Folan, Irene Vogel, Carol MacDonald, Judy Fisher, Connie Curtin, Judy Robinson. Row 3: Jeff Powell, Lynne Speckhals, Lois Martin, Marty Bosworth, Robert Mahoney. Row 4: Bill Hofrichter, Tom Toperzer, George Schein, Donald Ritenour, YVilliam" Missel, Robert McCrory. Row 5: Dick Johnston, Ken Thompson, Cary Henderson, Robert Kidner, John Meyers, Edward llaycs. ll-2 MR. CUODYVIN Row 1: Norma Blackburn, Prissy Booth, Donna Francis, Chris Von Stocker, Stella Hulsberg, Nancy Headley, Sally Coltman, Edith Young, Judy Hoener, Diane Davies. Row 2: Bill Lynch, Dong Naismith, Dave Campbell, Jim St. Clair, Bob Albright, Tim Parsons, Dave Brownlee, John Mintun, Norm Sterling, Burt Cohn, John Muncaster. Row 3: Dick Dufner, Jim Higgins, Jim Pach, Anne Potter, Jill Galbraith, Marilyn Brianp Sandy Lamont, Jane Trevaskis, Joan Arndt, John Hentllorn ,'B'l1 Davison, Russell Lachman. ,L I V , fx by I 1 ' iJ 53 gyaqg gxnv, 11-3 MR. BECK How 1: Carol Thompson, Peggy Bowser, joy Kramer, Ardith Maurholli, Connie Daugherty, Carol Nobel, Judie Jesteadt, Lynn Dambacli, Charlotte Xlcklillen, Marilyn Nlasterson. How 2: Jack Zimmerman, Bill Sliortreed, Ray Comfort, jim Strader, Dave Tricger, Dave joseph, Todd Elliott, Don Boch, Bob Loufck, Lynn Love, Cuy Borrelli. Row 3: Scott Redding, Janice Bistricky, Ann Snee, ,lean Aslbury, joan Melcher, Paula Hutchinson, Ioan Hall, Nedria Kerr, Pinky Henry, Bill Van Meter. 11-4 MRS. IIARTMAN Row 1: Ieanie Brant, Judie Flinn, Sucllcn Davis, Barb Haughery, Nancy Hoover, Sue XVetmore. How 2: Rosemary Thuransky, Arlene Bryan, Blanche Cartwright, Barbara NVatson, jane Langreth, Carol XVilson. Row 3: Tom Ricca, Suzanne Heritage, Margie Humeston, Doima Thomas, Roger XVeig- man. Row 4: joel Heitmeier, Steve Klagoon, Herb Christman, Carl Moslener, Mike Nicholson, Allan Hughes. Row 5: David Swisher, Nlide NVarnes, Nicky Atria, Russ jordan, Robert Budavich. ll-5 MR. CLARK Row 1: Alison Young, Indy japp, Sandy XVilsman, Nancy Modery, Kathie Ortoff, jean Lingham, Gladys Smail, Gloria Carmen, Carolyn Trautman, Marilyn Klostermeyer. How 2: jerry Cooper, jan Szafranski, Paul Fuzzard, Ronald Dornetta, Frank NVadsworth, Dick Miller, Jon Harris, joe Cantelupe, James Anthon, Philip Sherman, jon NVarmbein. Row 3: Beverly Brush, Bonnie Mancini, Nola Carroll, john Fleming, Richard Perkins, Craig Brown, Russell Thompson, Ford Kimmel, Linda Greenberg, Joanne Luxbacher, Linda Mclntire. 3? K 2, ima T ti his ll j' 'avg 'PDQ .M Q A I ,EQ I . 11-15 MISS IIUBACHER How 1: Marlene Oswick, Irene Schietinger, Peggy Klingenslnith, Sandy Felicetti, Nancy Desport, Diana Gibbs, Sue Bletzinger, Mary Jane Dillon, Barbara Vornclran, Ann Thompson. Row 2: Sam Chiado, Rudy Hoover Earl Smith, Ken Friskc, jack Henderson, Duncan Brown, Arthur Low, Dick XValker, Terry Cunniff. Row 3: Bob Freeman, Lynne Nolte, Mary Ann YVolH, Kathy Lynott, Gus Chelquist, Bruce Stittsworth. 11-16 MISS CURTIS Row 1: lane Durner, Nancy Cooke, Camille Siplc, Linda XVhitehouse, Lois Mueller, joan Rech. Row 2: Sue Lightner, Teresa Battaglia, Polly Bowser, Barbara Schaefer, Beverly Brown, Nancy Lcsker, Debbie Taylor. How 3: Ernest Lcnthall, Ierrine Ehlers, Allene Murphy, lanct Buck, Tom Pollok, Don Moore. Row 4: Richard Oliver, Morris Baier, jim Crawford, Albert Fraser, Jack Houser, Fred Humphrey. Row 5: Clarence Renshaw, Roger Dolanch, John Zinnnerinan, John Kelly, Xlexncflell Steigerwald, Dave Vfarcl, Sam Scott. tv " U' .Lf JR ,X A lvl" Lt5B'XX1QfJ,bu , IP. .Q .M U- .w Q. J :B X '1 x, y XJ .K " A' BU by A 1' Y 1' li .L -XV 'il' if ,B by X' U A 1 il ' r Y lf: , 3 1 ',V' Y L' wx-' I .L ky J ww , X V juniors Missing From Homeroorn Pictures-Front Row: Lee Purnell, 11-4, Phil Rohm, 11-11, George McKee, 11-9. Buck Row: Estelle Buchheit, 11-4, Virginia Butterworth, 11-12, Dave Meagher, 11-16, Pat Kidney, 11-13, Sandy Thornton, 11-4. a H liZ Ar QE Y? 11-12 MISS NESBITT How 1: Nancy Blake, Barlmara Sites, Jo Ann McKay, Adrianne Keniejuk, Susie King, Judy Dailey, Elaine Davison, Janet Jones, Janet Smith, Melinda Smith. Row 2: Bob Clarke, Owen Carter, Bill McClure, Dennis Duerksen, Allan Ilerlmig, Al Jones, Steve Crouch, Jack Airhart, Philip Bumpus, Dick Mounts, Bill llolohan, Dick Justiss. Row 3: Dick Gunning, Dennis Hudson, Pain Peterinan, Judy Reynolds, Laura Rovegno, Joan XValker, Audrey Tliompson, Barla Elliott, Jay Nlering, Tom Graves. 11-13 MISS NIANNING Row 1: Joan Geiser, Gene Sedlaehek, Ann Furlong, Marty Nlulliken, Gail Galloway, Georgia Brodine. How 2: Sonya Jones, Marilyn Sinnns, Edith Knipe, Sally Miller, Nan Lukens, Joan Burnham, Jeanette Ziminering. How 3: D. Jerry Elani, Bill Nagel, Dave Martin, Larry Thompson, Jan Burkett. Row 4: Wlfflfer Geiser, Boll XVray, James Forrester, Charles Borgerqng, XVade Algeo. Row 5: Roy Roscoe, Toni Staek, Bill Bashforth, I J J I n DSL f ALJ Mike N eGregar. . 1' f , K i . x If 2,5 A vLL,,i, 6,5414 Ki! rx , tx Q, 4 11 K WILL ,f 5 , X x Jr 1 X15 W Zfvglf UV, if 'UM 1 X J x- I wr , , 'N V : K. B KY X "X 'i 1 X X X V41 f I lx 11-14 MISS HAY' Row 1: Donna Bidinger, Evie Banta, Gail Bennett, Kathryn Van Atta, Nancy Taylor, Kathy llopper, Ginny Cole, Pat Moroney, Pat Price, Ben Joyce Edwards. How 2: Sally Simpson, Joe Calmes, Ed Zimsky, Leigh Shields, John Nleury, Boh Pierce, George Thompson, Steve Jaeger, Lee Foltz, Suzann XYatson, Nlarney MQ-Millen. Row 3: John Benn, Steve Kauf- man, Ned Garnhart, Bill Fitzgerald, Edward Becker, Edward Thomas. 2'Ki - 11-9 MRS. HINNE Rlow 1: Joyce Cunningham, Rosemary LaManna, Marty Manley, Sonja Yainshon, Gloria Scwchak, Ruth Ann Crichley, Pat Champion, Carol Vogel, Sandi Faircloth, Betty McClay. Row 2: Matthew Selan, Boh XVilhelni, Butch Kareh, Richard Snebergcr, Bruce Menke, Edward Bicg, Noel Hols- houser, Paul Sica, Frank Sgro, john Busse. Row 3: Jay Land, Florence McLennan, Judy McKibben, Carol Franke, Linda Livengood, Iacquie Angel, Nancy Brown, Toni Livengood, - 5 ' W r' f wx i S ,J Y Y -V g 11-10 MISS SHAVLB How 1: Io Mitchell, Linda lfithian, Susan Egmore, Barbara Alpern, Linda Conaway, llelene Sainrick. Row 2: Connie Sternicr, Pat Cunningham, Pat Adams, Marty Anderson, Becky Stone, Gerrianna Fife. How 3: Cary Class, Clenn Rock, Margie llaynos, Betty Hice, Peter Peckham, Anthony Podoln- nik. How 4: john Sowa, Chris Petty, Peter llochler, Gus Oakley, Jonathan App. Row 5: Iini Layton, jcflry Weiss, Fax Rector, Kenneth Dohner, john Mitchell. 11-11 MISS RlC1lrl'M1HE Row 1: Penny Wcisc, Linda MacLean, Myra jared, Peggy Falke, Ann Boggs, Myrna Karcis, Kathy Leis, Nancy Pc-arson, Betty Briggs, Judy Young. How 2: Clinton Hodder, Bill Trethewey, Tom Lohrentz, George Cain, David Dozer, Bob Reinstadtler, Bill Fisher, Dan Davidson, Chuck Mueller, John Haller. Row 3: Bill Crnnnner, Mary jo Krause, Maryhce NVillia1ns, Lynne Davis, Nancy Vanderslice, Sally McSteen, Jane Moran, Linda Blanquart, Jim McCue. YW' an 15,1 ..-. 15 ll-6 MISS THORPE , Row 1: jackie Moeller, Carol Barson, Pat Fisher, Pat Tichenor, Sue NVil- liains, Mona Thompson, Sue Bauman, Peggy Sanders, Sue. Martz, Claudia Grant. How 2: Suzanne liarpcr, Herb Rentler, Robert Keim, Iim Giuliani, Rick XVarnke, John Krugh, Bill Lawler, Tom YVasson, Richard Barker, Pat Stewart. Row 3: Carry Connors, Ken Ross, Rich Kniss, Anthony Prezioso, Fred Fcldmeier, Mike Clarke, Bill Smith, Kurt Ramsey. V I 11-7 MR., JONES Row 1: Linda Ilall, Donna jones, Judy Shaiiier, Susan Dodson, Mary jane Mordash, Gretchen Taylor. Row 2: Carol XVorst, joan Saracco, Martin' Zollner, Kay Matthews, Iudy Mayer, Pat Ncgele, Ioan Maitland. Row 3: Bob Becker, Nancy Madson, Ginnie Hendricks, Sue Kennedy, John Cono- mos, XVesley Schroeder. Row 4: Tom Traynor, YVaync Larzihee, Karl Went- zel, Jack Asthury, Dave Faulkner, Mike Higgins. Row 5: Mae Ilarper, Eddie Beachler, Dave Bryce, Bernard Dauhe, Dennis Kraber, Dick Hartman. - - ll-8 MISS ELMS Row I: Suzanne Dana, Susan Herb, Bonnie Buerkle, Jane Smith, Myrna Mandell, June Ohlegcr, Gloria Priinonato, Cindy Obey, Beverly llenry, Mary'-Mitchell. Row 2: Otis Kelly, Russell Kowalski, Roger Phillips, Dan Lee, Dick Copel, Don Huenefeld, Bob Hunter, Frank Northrup, Carl Creer, Tom Lasko. Row 3: Larry llolt, Dick Carroll, Carol Martin, Alice Ann Myers, Io Ann Vedder, jean Kreh, jean C-ira, Dan Murphy, jack Bevacqua. Y I 4. ,. l L, . g , - Sophomnres Wise and Foolish "Sophomore" comes from two Creek words meaning 'iwise and ufoolishf, No word could describe him hetter, for throughout the year he bounced from one extreme to another with dizzying unconcern. Trying to iight his way out of the obscurity which shrouded his sect, he excelled not only in sports but also scholastically, proving this self-styled i'world-beateru well on the road toward upperclassmanship. After-school activities and social events found the tenth grader always willing to participate, and liheral doses of talent hecame quite evident. At the year's end, he was ready to assume a somewhat more important role as a junior, still keeping a weather eye on his ever-closer goal-Senior Day. 1959. lil-l XIISS NICCLUHE Row 1: Carol Cort, Marty llylton, Dorothy Fitch, Linda Roskain, Clerri Deinaret, Sue Grant, Sue Engel, Diane XYillia1ns. Row 2: Stewart llelmig, Bill XValker, Eddie Zehfuss, Ken Potter, Bill Carman, Bill Iains, Dave Renton, Ron Nieman. Row 3: Ruth Lorenzato, Rosemary Pancari, .lean Landeteld, Linda Clarry, Loretta Smith, Flo xVilli0.1HS, Judy Stewart, Xlarie Sellger, Cynthia Barrett. How 4: jack Moran, Thomas Miller, .lim Kletter, Dick Marshall, jim NIeDonald, George Benson, Howard Breinig. .we lil-9. NIRS. BAILEY Row l: Kathleen Allen, Carolyn Benn, Sue Van Vorst, Marty Emerick, Dianne lluston, Sally Grant, Lincla Poole, Faith Steverinan. Bow 2: -lack Smith, ,lack Kleinhans, Dick Rosenhlatt, Charles Berg, Eugene Breen, Bill Marshall, ,lim Hayes, Vince Corrigan, Pain Lore, Pat Thompson, Cheryl Fishburn, jucly Delaeh, Bunnie Segall, Cathy O'Dea, Nancy XVilder, Sharon Heitnieier, Ioan Moran, Sanclra Young, Toni LaNIanna. Row 3: Ben BICCune, Richard Reizenstein, Pete Nicholson, Don Willis, Ernest Carlson, Dick Cvarlitx. Dave Barone, Bill Palmer. 10-4 MR. TAYLOR Row 1: Carol Aston, Margie Curl, Jackie Koch, Nancy Maxson, Nlary Byrnes, Vanita Bauknight, Barbara Dawley, Pat YYeaver. Row 2: Chester Raclornsky, llenry Cassecly, Don Rieharcl, Dan Cuerrieri, Ron Dohkin, Dave Perkins, Mike NICCOINDS. Barry Sullivan, George XVinterS. Row 3: Barhara Irwin, Carineline Lauricia, Ann jones, NVencly Turner, Suellen lloeft, Cheryl Bryant, Sue Cihson, Virginia Schroener, Barh Crunnner. How 4: Dave Bluinfelclt, Tom Brown, Dick Rust, Bill Shields, ,lim Flanagan, 'Pom Lyons, Cary Poreey. l N, ,gf 'rj Q!! f io-3 xiRs.1fURLoNG 'Lf ow 1: Babs Jones, Xlary YVeisiger, Cale Lawrence, Donna Peters, Rita Ciegerieh. Huw 2: Rena NIcC-innis, Mary Ann OConnor, Diana Cole. Nlary Ann XViedt, Connie Moore. Row 3: Carol Scliuexnaini, Kloyer Richards, Bea Favinger, Anne xvltlllttll, Indy Sherratt. Row 4: Bill Durkin. Paul Franklin, Toni Donnelly, Sue Curran. Row 5: loseph A. Atchison, Boll Sullivan, Bob Maxwell, Dario Castelli, Row 6: Jim Dooley, Bill Brown. john Spiuuzza, Seott Rodgers. Row 7: Dave Bean, Al Hannnoncl, Bob Shifiler, Bob Raffaele. 10-7 MISS SNEARY How 1: Sue Engel, Terry Shaffer, Pat Bridges, Judy Morris, Judy Reynolds, Pat YVard, Marlyn Sandhaus, Ardeth Lucas. Row 2: James Price, Larry Benintend, Fred Carpenter, Norman Bickford, Allen Schenck, Fran Routh. Row 3: Bonnie Higginbottom, Lin Lane, Carol Irwin, Carol Claypool, Sue Coulter, Jane Nolan, Valerie Anderson, How 4: Dick Martin, Tom Toler, Jim Bateman, Ermo Sicher, Gere Grimm, Reginald Knapp. x 5 1 . ,5 qxxgmff 10-5 MR. TALLMAN Row 1: Suzanne Norton, Karen Mason, Sylvia NYinter, Susie Carroll, Sue Paris, Barbara Estes, Jackie Koblish, Susan Rucker. Rota 2: Chuck Pet-lor, Dale Mt-Featters, David Stuart, Roger Corn, Maine Peace, Skip Grosc, John Rlien, Tom Shcrk. Row 3: Jean Dinguian, Rosie Visconti, Diane Giordano, Lois Asti, Mary Batten, Margie Brown, Roberta Johnston. Row 4: Steve Cunningham, Ricky Cobb, Mike Moss, Carl Schoen, Dave Larry, Jim Corbett, Tom Blackwood, Graham XVeaver. 10-6 MISS FROBESE Row 1: Carol Tomczyk, Margie Hilsinger, Margie Mt-Elray, Kathy Lane, Maureen Reynolds. Row 2: Dianne Bixler, Bonnie Knight, Joan XVilliams, Barbara Streams, Madelyn Shaw. Row 3: Katrina Grimm, Elaine Schneider Vicki Anderson, May A. Connors, Grace Battaglia. Row 4: Bob Martin, Don Dewees, Jim VVolff, Dave Paulsen. Row 5: Dave Carroll, Bob Freiland, Steve Sohrauer, Dave'Ford. Row 6: John Rowles, Dave Hartquist, Carl WVarnes, Ron Isenberg. Row 7: Doug Claypool, Roy Enuall, Mel Descamp, Henry Luedy. E t--2 J 1 I I M.-J fx 6 10-10 SIR. BATCIIELOR Row I: Rita Fraser, Lisa Lindsay, Judy Peter- sen, Betty Ann Cutclift, Judy Gira, Nancy Hoffman, Susie Brubaker, Sally Riekert. Row 2: Herbert Short, Torn Jordan, Fred Ohsol, Thomas A. Beardsliall, Lee XVells, Dan Dris- coll, John Roney, Vince Kleliinley. Row 3: Peggy Nlusselnian, Sally Swan, Jane Fellows, Dorothy Collins, Lana Mayberry, Carol Hall, Vivian Leasure, Linda Schugar. Row 4: Bob Tutt, Joe Cataio, Rich Klaffei, Bill Herman, Phil Auhertine, Richard Bollinger, Grant Connelly, Al NVolfers. 10-8 MRS. ADAIXISON How 1: Linda Langherst, Xlarilyn Clausen, Bonnie Chynoweth, Anne Irwin, Susan Todd, Beth Breitenstein, Beth Schafer, Delby Geeseinan. How 2: David llerzog, Forrest Nieini, Bob Seymour, Cordon Knapp, Roger Lory, Jim Barrick, Bob Stewart, Ken McDonough. How 3: Judy Reynolds, Susan Berg, Jeanette KValker, Judy Zionts, Mareie Smith, Cynthia Price, Diane Cortez, Judith Bayer. Row 4: Emanuel Estatico, llarry Fleck, Ray Anderson, Bob Carney, Toni Marshall, Toni Astorino, Gary L. Forsythe, Dave Ross, Glenn Williams. 10-9 MR. GILBERT Row 1: Mary Ann XVelch, Rosemary Nlcklanus, Katharyn Mayes, Barbara Hamniel, Joanne Hogg. Row 2: Penny Ferguson, Beverly NVo0d, Joyce Kassing, Helen Ross, Xlaryanne Myers, Row 3: Betty Ann Kraier, Helen Beaver, Janet Tuttle, Diane Ramsey. Row 4: Jiin Catalano, Skip Brunswick, Bob Peterson, John Ridlon. Row 5: Todd Leutholt, Dick Schwarz, Ed Glass, Rick WVendling. How 6: Bill Swearingen, Bob Davidson, Jack Bab- cock. Row 7: Robert Bollinger, George Robinson, Larry Shreve, Art Colussy. ,Wil l aah ai 'Q' 10-13 MISS LENK How 1: Carole Easton, Carole Overend, Ilaxel Crabe, Mary Calhoon, Irene Beitler, Xaney Sander, Nan Sisk, Lenke Vietorisz. Row 2: Riehard Reed, Leroy Kerst, Carl Aitken, Ed Cales, John i'SteeleD Best, Fred Kelsey, Bill Sterner, Dave Boyer. Row 3: JoAnn Cibrone, Carole Thoma, Cretehen Iluester, Susan Robertson, Shirley Nehrenherg, Maggie Cono- mos, Suzy XVhite, Mary Baird. Bow 4: Bob Fausnanght, Torn Fink, joe Manning. Ed Stewart, Bruce Davison, Don Monrad, Conrad Kerst, Ernie Knno. 1- x , 1 enter 10-11 MISS AICLAUGIILIN How 1: Suzanne Manoogian, Carolyn Moore, Elaine Duty, Ann Barnum, Patty Young, Annette Gallnze, Indy Seidel, Carol Clark. Row 2: Ioe Cope- land, Dave Paleho, Bud Vogel, Iim Breeker, Bill IIunt, jini Ekedahl, Mike Sandridge. Row 3: Debbie Smith, Mimi Thompson. Cail Crant, Pat Ileaston, Elinor Fiseher, Margaret Finehani, Row 4: Toni Deaton, Brad Plummer, Frank Carclello, Joe Kiray, Bob Mt-Culla, Steve Bender, Ioanne Kuttler. I0-I2 MISS BILLINCSLICY How I: Linda Sandriclge, Naney Barnhart, Ann Stevenson, Mary I. Healey, Arla Thomas. Bow 2: Beverly Grant, Sydney Calloway, Fontaine Dean, Sue Callahan, Kathy Young. Hou: 3: Dave Albus, Holly YViehn, Pat Vanzin, Judy Roesemeier, Tom Eekersley, Hou: 4: ,Inn Itowley, Dave Hughes, John Sefton, Frank Mooney. Row 5: Bob Moore, Dan lNIeCoWn, Dale Vitte, Bill Plummer. Row 6: Les Skender, Edward Cipriani, jan Finkel. Row 7: Bill Rehm, Bob Coo, Lee Owens, jack Linderman. 3 J? ax , it M 10-14 MR. STANISII Row 1: Penny Place, Marsha Lioon, Beth Loughren, Virginia Krut, Mary Lou Reed, Joanna Hart, Delores Balirenos, Anna Cianciosi. Row 2: Bonnie Beinhauer, Patricia Kelly, Susan Roberts, Kathleen Davis. Barbara Fink, Pamela Dyer, Beth Miller, lXlLl1'g'i1l'Ct Mangold. How 3: Dicher Seainans james Miskevics, Ken Yeckley, Bill Venscl, Paul lluelscnlneck, Fred Bailey, Charles XVharton, John Connor, Phil Cottschall, Home 4: Dennis Sander, Bruce McClintock, George Sirotin, Bob Caldwell, Toiu Brakcn, Dick Childs, Q 2 f R 10-16 MR. SRP Row 1: Audrey Ferraro, Ann Lewis, Mary Louise Mahon, Nancy Abraham, joy XVertz, Gretchen Keck. Row 2: Carol Beeby, Peggy Schwartz, Nancy Taylor, Pat YVurster, Robin Miller, Nancy BIcCleary, Carole Fulton, Donna Houser. Row 3: Virginia Davis, Bill BIcKIunn, R. D. Harlan, Paul Rizzo, Paul Pheneger, Bill Kress, jim Xlalitz, Karen Christiansen. Row 4: Chet Bachnian, jun Conley, jim Goldman, Mike Dunham, Ted Hunger. Toni Adair, Joseph Ott, Richard Nehilla. 10-15 MR. GUILBERT How 1: Jerry Negcle, Mary Stilli, Susan Beidler, ,lean Scott. How 2: jucly Button, Miriam Kelly, Darleeu Yeager, Peggy Bowers. How 3: .Indy Krudener, Audrey Cahig, Sue Sallee, Mary Ellen Church. Row 4: Toni Opfernian, Peter Field, Jack Mancini. Row 5: Richard Ilarris, Carman Davis, Ron Simon. Row 6: Bill Little, Gregg Minor, Clay McClellan. How 7: Denny Phillips, Burt XVest, Bayuier Corr. ,fa iv' Sophoinores Missing From Holneroom Pictures - Front Row: Nancy Gehring, 10-7g joan Stephens, 10-14. Back How: Kay Dewees, 10-7, Bill Sickels, 10-16, Mary Ann Searles, 10-13, Sandy McEachran, 10-7. 10-17 MR. LUEBBE How 1: Frances Babyak, DeLau1'a Chappell, Becky Nlyton, Suc 1Dlll4wI'l'SIll', Janet Davies, Bonnie Raymond, Nancy Holl, Carol Kreh. How 2: Stu Ruclick, john Magoflin, Cathy Beck, Dee Ablauf, Beverly Burner, Karen Shruln, Pat NVensel, Charlie Kay. How 3: Don Friencl, XVayuc Smith, Frank DeVilling, Dave Stark, Harv Ruben, Bob XIcCabc. Row 4: Carl Swartz, VVally Olszewski, Harry Pfencllcr, Ron Unger, Stcvc Fc-rito, Bob Booth. 10-18 MR. CRAIG Row 1: Sandra XVillianrs, Nancy Sherboncly, Nancy Clever, Sherry Brown, Susan Croff. Row 2: Lois Croco, jucly Beichstettcr, jucly Northrup, Maureen McFadden. Row 3: Paula Luttig, Peggy Reynolds, Pat Laquinta, Mary Soriano. Row 4: Vivien Battaglia, Sharon Rubenstein, Barbara YVatchorn, Pat Pukanic. Row 5: Lynne Archbolcl, Cathy Streine, Judie Hoag, Barbara Dilworth. How 6: Leonard Taylor, Bob Peace, Bob Esposito, Emil Schoeclcl. How 7: Dick Foster, Larry Black, Bill Trantcr, John Gerlach. ff -if is f f it 5 sea . .- lg fl . f . "Fhm7ziA i'Ew Eager Freshmen te Assume Responsibility Being a freshman is ordinarily a rather dis- l 5 . couraging state. The youngest, often the smallest, the plebe is the object of all the abuse attendant to his station as low man on ,Q i ,W v the totem pole. The class of ,ESO sought to ti I e overcome this handicap by blending itself as S K ' I. A Well as possible with its mates. fy ' ,J Q .V f' xi 5 Eager to assume responsibility, many ig jfs'-,Q S stormed the activities oftice in search of tasks fe f 6 ' Q which they might perform. Others sought s S is ,sw stardom on the athletic field. while others ,:, ,resell it 'T X set envious eves on the musical and literary W p i ws, M . worlds. A lively social schedule provided final proof, should it be needed, of freshman versatility. 9-l MR. FELICH How 1: Sharon Tazza, Jane Pensoin, Judy Dickinson, Lynne Saupe, Ian Hall, Jackie Fair, Linda Tanner, Adele Hauser. Row 2: Charles Burns, Nancy Lamkin. Heather McDonough, Sue Harris, Suzanne Snyder. Karen Mansmann, Claribel Rea, Rody Nlarshall. Row 3: Cary Close, Jim Mt-Lane, Don Niay. jim YVatters, Robert Bigley, Art Rohrs, ,lay Youngling, Bob Malarky, Fred Eassa. Row 4: jeri Rinehart, Bill Shields, john Fuchs, Frank Lenard, -lay Alexander, Tom Smith, George IIcrclienroether, john YVindfelder. 9-2 NIR. XVALKER How 1: Regina Hancock, judy llillebrecht, Judy Williams, Gail Rost, Holly Turner, Elizabeth Thur- ansky, Karen NlcLenna, Janis Zivic. How 2: Mary Ann Douglas, Kathie Cue, Susan Bakcr, Aim NIL-Nlillan, Carol Marton, Patty Crittith, Virginia Rapp, Leslie Coombs. Row 3: Beverly Best, Rod Ilicks, Russell Connelly, Norman Karsten, Ilctx Nlarsh, Darwin Silver, jim Reeves, Bob llecht, Ray Ccncdalla, Bonnie XYarner. Row 4: Carl Nlaiirhoiil, Cameron Spencer, Terence Bride, jim Taylor, Harry Richter, Fred Siyufy, Ray Schoedel, John XXX-aver. 9-3 MBS. CLARK Row 1: Margaret Schaefer, Iris Busch, Marie Ilen- ningcr, -Ioan Robinson, Judy Helsel, Barbara Bacon, ,lane Dormer, Marty Frame. Row 2: Donna Rodgers, Karen Kniff, Jane Baker, Ellen Pope. Karen Kragnes, Nancy Caris, Dec Snaith, Mim Martin, Mary Carda- mone. Row 3: Earl Schreck, John Daton, Bill Fussner, Bill Lolirentz, Ccrry Moore, Bill Lewis, Skip Carvin, Kim Powell. Row -4: Sonny Binek, Diek Burger, Paul Hankin, Len Parsons, jeff Bass, Stu Segal, Chet Meyers, George XValtlicrs, Les Siiupson. 9-4 MBS. THORNTON Row I: Linda Grimm, Carol Zepp, Donna Burns, Nancy Collins, Linda Berman, Diana Helm, Mildred llolmquist, Loretta Collins. How 2: jim Forbes, Lynne Helfrich, Debbie XVeldon, Judy Smith, Judy Trimble, Sue Reinbolt, Marilce Tiberio, Mary Cole- man, Scott XVallace. How 3: Bon Spiegel, Dave Coulter, Dick Walker, Mike Marshall, Bill Robinson, Tom Delisi, Ralph Mollitt, Arthur Algeo, XVilliam E. Bayers, III. Row 4: Michael Flamcr. ,lim Ilill, john Van Celder, Dave Karlson, Tom Swigart, Eddie Metting, De Hicks, .ICH Schilit, Jim Hodder, Doug Creed. 9-5 RIB. MOORE Row 1: Iudy Ilertzog, Joyce Schnars, Jean Lucas, Bonnie Baier, Phyllis Russell. Elaine Sowko, Caroline Crawford, Eva Foldes, Pat Ulilinger. Lucia Cicchino. How 2: Dick Newbold. Ken lleist, Charles Riclieson, Sylxlia May, Mary Coltman, Carolyn Burrows, Nancy Prine:-, joey Cuy, Dave Breinig, Jack Leonard. Row 3: ,lim Flinn, Ed O'Neal, ,lim Kessler, Fred Ft'lj.fCIlll2llI1H, Len Lester, Ilarry Babcock, Tim Brunn, XYilliam R. Shallcross, Bill Neill, Bob Russell. ,K .W ,N xl! lar Y? ,V I V9 if 3 , . 9 ? S L P ,- -ary , 'P In V M , H. .i W-r' Q q an Q IH "tht M all 5? r, ,-ez' q gf., l A E xf x S r 1. V ,ff 1 S ,Q Qi W 1 9-6 MR. TAGGART Row 1: Carole Conlin, Arlene jones, Susan Brunk, Marcia Evans, Donna Smith, Priscilla Munn, Barbara Neill, janet Patterson, Betsy Barrick, Cay Hugo. Row 2: Bob Kapp, Bill Cover, Carolyn Gibson, Dorothy Buchhagcn, Nancy Rhoades, Kathy Castor, Barbara Sehmudc, Bob 'Faircloth, Bob Kaltalcr, jim Slocum. Row 3: Bob Henderson, Bob Roland, John Anderson, Henri Modery, james Sayre, Ben Craw- ford, Roger Blair, Roger Arndt, Charles Fisliburn, Robert Lee, Les Brown. 9-7 MR. TOLER Row 1: Nancy Van Gundy, Ann NVQ-lty, Indy Bycr, Nancy Aekenheil, Paula Holl, Bonnie Nelson, Ann Sollenbergcr, Lynne Nielson. How 2: Vince Matthews, Bob Walker, Eileen Hyland, Carol Crane, Jane Stegall, Ron Henderson, Ierry Hyde. Row 3: Richard Kitchen, Joe Nclligan, Joe Boyd, Marshall Baker, jeff Neill, Ronnie Haflner, Dave Dimock, Dick lleadley. Row 4: -lolm Duff, Carl Yeager, John Ed- wards, Carl von Endc, Alan Herrington, Tom Huhn, Bob Sedlachek, jim Dunbar. 9-8 MR. SIMPSON Row 1: Lois Hasley, Caylc Recd, Diane Reeh, Sally Evers, Sue Carman, Ellen Scdlak, Linda Booth, Don- na Wangeman. Row 2: Cinny Flannery, ,Iudiann Morander, Carolyn Stoke, Ellen Major, Pat Powers, Marsha Patterson, Terry Koerncr, Sue Hofmann. Row 3: Scott YVard, Iiin Blum, Bob Leonard, He-dy Hyde, Tommie Walker, Cookie Shumaker, Bill Berg. Lloyd Swartz. Row 4: lim Irons, james Stevenson, Cris Crissman, Eddie Michaels, john Kozma, Bill Beitler, Bob Stone. 9-9 MRS. FISHER Row 1: Barbara Scott, jane Anderson, Ruthie Monseh, Bella Brown, Carol Schindehctte, Jean Babb, Candy Cook, Marcia Dilling. How 2: Suc Boester, Judy jarema, Nancy Doege, Cathy Cassidy, Nanette Miller, ,loan Samuels, Donna Morgans, Geraldine Narky. Row 3: XYcsley Bennett, George XVolfhard, Stuart Herrington, Jim Hesclharth, Roh Potts, jay Morgan, Eddie Cole, Ed Birdy, Bill Bingham, Dick Iloyt. Row 4: Bruce McClarcn, John Delo, Donna Seymour, Bonnie Craig, Jean Qucneau, Nancy Zahniser, Nlarty Masterson, Edna Smail, jack Heron, Edward Nleycr. 9-10 MISS BULGER Row 1: Virginia Dau, Connic Ayncr, Valerie Carr, Susan Foster, Boyce Reid, Anne Nelson, Sandy Green, Anna Kreiter. Row 2: Susie Schar, Carolyn Tweedie, Cynthia Krasinski, Lorie Getz, Nancy Bran- non, Vera Leverkus, Cindy Stroyd, Sue Crouch, Kathleen YVeaver. Row 3: Sandy Hoecker, Martha Benson, Roslyn Rhone, Mary Norsecn, Doug Wer- linich, Jack Gilbert, Steve Shields, JoAnn XVithcr- spoon, Patience Kenny, Carol Lolunan. Row 4: Bill Price, Lin McCain, George Phillips, Fred Volkwein, john YVarneck, Bruce Brown, Fred Yllilson, George Kowallis. 9-11 MRS. HAYNES Row 1: Helen English, Sally NVarren, Sally XVahlsten, Gail Goodwin, Betsy Lynch, Suzanne Sehaup, Carolyn fNIcCune, Carolyn Tamplin, Sally Dickson, Sue Peck- ham. Row 2: Richard Collins, Victoria Cribschaw, Cynthia Norris, Kathleen Williams, Judy Bickel, Mary Schreiber, Sandy Burr, Patricia Ann Quaid, Ragnhild Johnsen, Carol Anne Reilly, Holly W'ery, jon Young. Row 3: Ian Clark, Robin Laughlin, Bill Lefler, David Wyles, Conrad Kulik, Dave Gullion, Richard Berg, Frank Briggs, Alan Rimer, Randy Putnam, john Kenrick. '95,-fits . 1 Q' 9-12 MR. DAMBACII Row 1: Cindy Cooper, Barbara Richards, Corinne Reason, Ieanne Blank, Janet Clarkson, Karen Brad- dock, Karen Estes, Marian Buckingham, Elizabeth Spring, Carole Wood. Row 2: David Eaton, Dave XVeaver, Adrienne Bortz, Cynthia Bradley, Cindy Brown, Lynn Lewis, Lucy Dasher, -loan Haviland, Diana Harwick, John Mather, Stu Levy. Row 3: Rodger Ebert, Homer McMinn, Larry Phillips, Bob Mace, Peter XVood, Curt Zellers, Dick Robinson, Reed Sisson, Gus Kalogeras. 9-135 MRS. PITTMAN Row 1: Lee McNair, Alice Mollcnauer, Anne Rush, june Mohler, Mary Ann Houscl, Barbara Sellger, Louise Keeling, Leslie McCulla. Row 2: Sherry Gealy, Carole Dierker, Kathy Ilarris, Nona NVilliams, Carol Coletta, janet Anderson, Shirley Scott, Phyllis Barson. How 3: Craig Pozzi, Dick Deemer, Bill Brevoort, jack Borgerding, Dan llovorka, .lim Carroll, Stuart Schurr, Chuck Crain, Gilbert Mc-Neish, Bob Campbell. Row 4: Steve Raymond, Kathy Beck, Virginia Bright, Alice Morton, jerry Delisi, Michal Kunic, Bob English Ilarry Fletcher. 1 9-14 MR. IIADDEN Row I: Ginny Holmes, Laurie Rowlcs, Bonnie Arm- strong, Diane Molnar, Gail Griswold, Janis Beachler, Mary Brcitenstein, Mary Ann Higgins. Row 2: Bob Sharrow, Jeff Cousins, Kay Burke, Judy Allen. Cor- inne Miller, YVarren Fisher, Bruce Schein. Richard Mantle, Jim Oelschlager, Dennis Samek, Drew Eby, Eason Chapman, Bob NVebber, Toby McKain, Don Thompson, Ir. Row 3: jim lams, Jim Russell, Tom Lindsey, Herb O,Dell, Bill McLaughlin, Charles Hater, James Evans, Irwin Browarsky. 9-15 MRS. BIRK Row 1: Lynne Kimmel, Lena Bellover, Robin Cue, Betsy Brugler, Carole Beebe, Nancy Cummins, Diane Dozer, Dorothy VVian. Row 2: Paul Matis, joan Anderson, Virginia McKee, Nancy Hilsinger, Carolyn Meury, Arlene Roscoe, Myra Campbell, Sally Young, David Bumer. Row 3: Sammy Morton, Cris Crisman, Thomas Housekeeper, Thomas Burke, Donalcl Mc- Intyre, Donald Mackay, Mouncey Ferguson, XVilliam Benz, XVilliam Hoag. Row 4: Robert Manuel, David Davis, Michael Rosenthal, john Sweeny, Donalcl Cameron, Douglas Montgomery, George Eynon, james Routh, john Toker. 9-16 MISS CURRAN How 1: Barbara Jo Brennan, Lucy Coletta, jacquelyn llersh, Carole Sue Menne, Lincla Nicholas, Peggy Colvin, Carol Henning, Connie Anclerson. Row 2: Mary C. McCaslin, Nancy B. llerron, Barbara Bru- bach, june Starkey, Sandra Martin, Claren Brooks, Barbara Banville, Mary Heacl. Row 3: Thomas F. Miller, Paul M. Bell. Betty Rothfus, Mary Eileen Lonett, Patricia Bies. Agnes A. Dieffenbaeh, Patricia Ellison, Robert F. Keller. George Zaimes. Row 4: David A. Olsen, Cary R. Tcmplin, Eclwarcl A. Stern. XVilliam I. Mehafley, john F. XVhite, Jeff Prescott, Cary A. Robinson, Kenny Lingo. Q ei' K5 4' , lx Freshmen Missing From Ilomeroom Pictures - Lois Maclclucks, 9-ll, Pat Mack, 9-4. 4 'W 9 f H x'A:L' aims? D Sai M...,Q sg 1 1 11 "' 'lf 77 O C Q D 1 ' Q, 'L 4 if ,Q R Qw- . 43 l '. , .fi M xr ' A ' 0 I xx ,, , K W as I K In I W 473 2 :QQ .4 if A H ' y' I ? iw v x f '3' . , id 3 , M., , , 1 H p Y ,. A , X . . K l. ' Q 2 -1 ' Q ' 4 xL" W' 'L f ' ' 1 Vmyy VN Vhyy yi mW,i M v1. , . ,I .Q ,M 4 mt - ,, wa-:2.-,4 gk . V fl - 1 , "'l W ' fi! i 0-Y 'L va vig? QF Wm ' I I1 S WWE , , . F ll, g :X 4 :wif , ' if - k L. ' I i is , 1 -" QE' N Ig 'JEL v gg f in 'fy ,Q , Q 'VP ,gr A My , . vw , ,. K My A 5 .,,,, W ,gm J 6 WW' ma. Mk fl mmxmm min ,ws fawmmb .swim f ' 80 Football The 1956-57 Mount Lebanon football team, possibly the best in the history of the school, was the first champion of the newly formed VV estern Conference with an outstanding record of eight victories and one defeat. The Blue Devils, under the fine tutelage of Coaches Fife, Stanish, and Lamprinakos, got off to a flying start by winning their three exhibition contests. These victories were over Home- stead, Bethel, and a good South Hills aggregation. The Blue Devils began AA competition by downing Penn, 33-20, once again asserting themselves as contenders for the W.P.I.A.L. championship. Disaster struck the following week as Washington put the only blemish on the Lebanon record by a 21-14 score. This game, by far the poorest showing of the team all year, found the Blue Devils handing XVashington three scoring oppor- tunities. It was in this game that senior center Bill Brashares was sidelined for the season with a fractured hip. The Blue Devils returned the next week and gained revenge by knocking previously undefeated XVilkinsburg out of W.P.I.A.L. contention. This game was highlighted by the fine running of senior half- back Chuck Reinhold, who scored all four Lebo touchdowns. The next week found the Blue Devils defeating Uniontown with a great second half spurt. In the Senior Recognition Came, the Blue and Cold trounced rival Baldwin to the tune of 33-13. However, this proved to be only a warm-up for the succeeding and Hnal game with XVest View, when the Mounties traveled to West View where they pounded the once-beaten Indians into a 34-7 submission. The seniors who sustained this year,s team were: backs, Dempsey, F uller. Hjerpstedt, Malarkey, Mascaro, Miller, Rein- hold, and Reitz. Senior linemen who made the touchdowns pos- sible were: Bowman, Bracken, Brashares, Cenedella, Cusick, Dumm, Fitzgerald, Kasun, Mayer, McDonald, Miller, and Rowe. Underclassmen who saw plenty of action and who will form a fine nucleus for Mr. Fife next year are: Albright, Kelly, Fisher, Lasko, Breinig, Vogel. Cregg, Hofrichter, WVells, Phillips, Ward, and Mueller. ' Players who gained recognition were quarterback Sandy Dempsey, who made the first string all-W.P.I.A.L., and half- back Chuck Reinhold, and end John Mayer, who were honorable mention all-VV.P.I.A.L. All in all, '57 was another great year for Mt. Lebanon football. iillim' ' ""fif':f'::'if'u .1 -,.-. 2gqg,,.r-Htsifiiiiiii.-q--u . . -A S . - --Mg -I ,i M,..,.......,,,,,,.-...W-U--Eiga! I "'lH""' 7' 5 pa is an -s 5 ,, ZEN N311-vw -il' 1 H www S' FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 20 Mt. L. .,.., ...... H omcstead ...,,.. ....,. 1 9 Mt. L. ..... ...... 2 7 Bethel ......,.,...... .,..,, 6 Mt. L. ..... .,,... 4 1 South Hills ....... ,.,... 6 Mt. L. ..... ,..,., 3 3 Penn .........,,.... ,...,. 2 0 Mt. L. ..,.. ...... 1 4 Washington ....... ...,., 2 1 Mt. L. ,.,.. ...,.. 2 8 Wilkinsburg ..... ...,.. 2 7 Mt. L. ..... ,..... 2 8 Uniontown ....... ...... 1 3 Mt. L. ..... .. 32 Baldwin ......... 13 Mt. L. ..... ...... 3 4 West View ....... ...... 7 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Row I: XVentzel, Breinig, Mascaro, Lasko, Rock, D. Miller, Hofrichter, Cunning, Driscoll, R. Perkins. Row 2: Coach Lamprinakos, WVells, Fuller, Dumm, Bracken, Reitz, Ward, Hjerpstedt, Albright, Coaches Fife and Stanish. Row 3: Kasun, Gregg, Budavich, Cenedella, Fitzgerald, Reinhold, Dempsey, McDonald, Toperzer, Vogel, Mayer, Rowe, Cain. Row 4: Phillips, Fisher, Bashforth, Astbury, Malarkey, Bow- man, Nease, Kelly, Scott, Cusick, R. Miller, Schein. ...t gg... .... p Qiifgyei? get at. taster-.2U,3e1.f-tgiegtff 'Er-4 ,pg :ff ',r??!.i t4 32 ? Reinhold scores one of eighteen , W Nw? K, k 4 ':. .,, .'1Q' r " rg! YQ. ,-jg:, .p , A f. . r r I X 1 .' 'firm 1-lr fr N3 .fri '- Iii "nr "' ,y ma f K N ' g 56 ' 4,55 -S aw X 9 f ' 1 ? 'kffWf' 1f?A 9 " - f . . 1 5, Va. a Q 3 r , f- 4., 1 A . 1 " ,fs 1 f 1 Q- B l I , ,xwl 4 M - M 13,332 t 1 if -Y 5:15,-W it v - V ,Y ah, Y t A 1, :Y V ,,.. ,,.. ,,,, , H 1,2 tilqvzjr. 3 . K 'I '?'7f3!?i?Q:1' ' f-f1LY"W21 ' 'Iv 'VL " wifi 'P-"'?:t'34 --.M 1. 4 4"' - W wi? 1 , . ' , e-- -fafzk-Q51-Tw r 1 ' . , r'5v--Kswgrfx vw Grinding out the yards the hard way. Yii 'vn- ---5 LV, TEAN1 PICTURE Row 3: Ferito, Borrelli, DeVilling, Rohm, McCue, Moran Row lg B1-ginjg, Garlitz, Yeckley, Pheneger, Breen, Carman Shone, Aubertine, Aitken. Row 4: Luedy, Sgro, Bateman, Rhen Perkins, Barone, Sterner, Shields. Row 2: Palcho, Seamans Stewart, KGISGY, Pealor, FIHHHHPUI, M0C0mbS. Harlan, Sherk. Iams. Guerrieri, McFeatters, Bross, Isenberg. This year's junior varsity, coached by Messrs. Bernhardy and Batchelor, com- piled a record of 6 wins and 2 losses which is the best since 1958. It is hoped that this LV. aggregation will strengthen next year's varsity. I.V. SCHEDULE 19 Mt. L. .....,...... Dormont ...... ,,... 7 Mt. L. .....,...,.. 13 Bethel ..... ,.... 6 Mt. L. .... ....... 1 3 Baldwin ...,.. .,.., 2 0 Mt. L. .....,.,..., 26 Shaler ....... ..... 6 Mt. L. ...,....,... 12 Penn ......... ..... 6 Mt. L. ,.,.,..... 12 Carrick ,...,. ..., . 19 Mt. L. ...,.,.,.,.. 25 Dormont .,....,....,.,., O Mt. L. ........ 26 VVilkinsburg .....,.... .. 13 84 1 The Mountie freshman team com- pleted their season with a 2-3 record. Although this is not a spectacular record, the team showed definite promise. Once they overcome inexperience, they have the potential to become good ball players. FRESHMAN SCHEDULE Mt. L. .. ,.,....... 18 Canonsburg .,... ,,.. 0 Mt. L. .,4,.,...... 6 Dormont ,...........,..... 7 Mt. L. . 0 Washington ....,...,. .. 35 Mt. L. ..... , 0 North Braddock ..,. 18 Nlt. L. . ., 13 Bethel .,..........,.... 12 FRESHNIAW FOOTBALL TEAM Marshall. Row 3: Garvin, Hyde, McLane, Leonard Henderson Row I XVebbcr Dchsi Xlorgan Youngling Moflitt Malarkcy Brown, NVyles, Fussner. Row 4: Baer, Lester, Macc Kalogeras Gilbert Richcson NV1lker NlcNe1sh Crisman Row 2 Levy Cousins, Collins, Teller. Row 5: Chapman, Micheals English lxirlson Boyd llcldley Luighlin Ltfler Blum Briggs Edwards, Housekeeper, Shields, Keller. i ' fi ,EA jf? - E! W if """""""-fl-Q-Q-w....., 1 W xt., y A ff 5 if , . . -, f z Cross Country Hickory ..... .....,.. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Row I: Blumfeldt, Inderwish, Moskowitz, Beachler, Callahan. Row 2: Coach Toler, Prezioso, Zivic, Wadsworth, Anderson, Walgren, Coach Mollenauer. VARSITY SCHEDULE This years barriers finished the season in tradi- tional Lebo style. Once again they captured both the W.P.I.A.L. and the P.I.A.A. championships. Sparked by Dick Anderson, elected as M.V.P., and Dave Moskowitz, the team captain, the team marched through its schedule, trouncing all of its opponents except one. A persistently difficult Central Catholic squad defeated our boys twice, once in a home dual meet, and again at their own Invitational at Schenley Park. The senior lettermen were Dick Anderson, Dave Moskowitz, John VanVorst, Bruce Callahan, Chuck Zivic, john Prezioso, and Bob Berwind. The two junior lettermen, Eddie Beachler, a newcomer, and Frank Wadsworth, were unanimously elected as next year's co-captains. A very promising sophomore, Dave Bloomfeldt, also was awarded with a Mounty HM." These boys were the heart of the team that repre- sented our school last fall. More than half of them are seniors who have run in their last meet, leaving Coach Mollenauer with only three returning lettermen as a nucleus for next fallis squad. The Junior Varsity had an excellent season last fall. For the first time, they went through the whole schedule Without a defeat, and brought home the bacon in the I.V. Central Catholic Invitational and also the IV. W.P.I.A.L. race. This squad was backed by several good juniors and sophomores whom we will most likely see running Varsity next fall. Mt. L. ....,... ..,...... 1 9 L. .. 15 L. . ..... 16 L. ,. ..,., . 33 L. ......, ,. 25 L. ...,,r.r ,. 15 L. .,.... .. ,. 15 L. ....,.............,..... 22 L. .....,..........,.,,,,.. 17 Canonsbur ..,..,., Penn .,..,..,.r........,,.... Central Catholic .,,. Connellsville ...,., Ambridge ,.... Shaler. . ...r., .. New Castle .,......,.., Aliquippa , .,.. Central Catholic Invitational- Mt. L. 89 - 2nd place W.P.I.A.L. Championship - Mt. L. 39 - lst place P.I.A.A. Championship - Mt. L. 47 - lst place nf'W"' "i Af 214, px QLI1 K X i SCHEDULE Canonsburg ,......,, Penn ,.,........... Central Catholic .. Ambridge ........., Shaler , ,..,... ...... . New Castle .,........ N. Allegheny ........ Aliquippa .,.,.,.... The new high school pool was responsible for bring- ing another sport to Mt. Lebanon this year. All decked out for their Hrst season of competition, the Mounties proved the surprise of W.P.I.A.L. as they closed the season with one championship already in hand. Under the direction of Coach Bill Grant, the Blue and Gold tanksters came through for a 6-2 record in league meets, good for second place behind Clairton. One of the high points of the year for the swimmers was the 39-38 upset of Clairton, their second defeat in 11 years. Captained by Doug Fuss and Mike Warnes, the Mounty mermen steadily progressed until they assumed the role of favorites in the W.P.I.A.L. championship meet. Led by H flTT'SE79'T'i"'V'5?'ls"f'WU?ElP?!f'Ei4a M - Mt Tom Lindsay who was undefeated in the season's com- petition, the Blue Devils placed 11 members in the Western Regional meet as they swept to a 43-40 triumph. Four records were broken by the team with Tom Lind- say taking the 100 yard butterfly and individual medley in record times of 1:00.6 and 1:37.6. Bill Hunt was also a double winner in the 100 and 50 yard freestyle, the latter in record time. Several other underclassmen came through for impressive scores and promise to keep the Blue and Gold colors on top. jack Borgerding emerged W.P.l.A.L. 200 yard freestyle champ, while Bill Lewis and Carl Warnes also placed highly in competition behind their teamates. For a first year job we can give our swimmers a real cheer. Swimming Schedule 152 Mt. L. 31 Peabody 46 --" Mt. L. 41 ..................,...,............... Schenley 36 . L. 62 ....... ........ V andergrift 15 " f Mt. L. 2635 ..... ..........., C lairton 5035 Mt. L. 56 ....... ...... C onnellsville 21 Mt. L. 43 ....... ,..,....,... B utler 34 Mt. L. 46 ....... ..,....... C entral 31 Mt. L. 65 ....... ........ V andergrift 12 Mt. L. 39 ..... .............. C lairton 38 Mt. L. 66 ....... ...... C onnellsville 10 Mt. L. 34 ....... .. ......... Butler 43 W- ' Mt. L. 43 ....... .....,.... W .P.I.A.L. 40 k Swimming , PM 'K ,K , , -nj 3, :Q M K K Max 4 X f , K E , eff in E"L i W may ,x v V ef Y ,H r 1 ! .X NM E , Q 3 ' ,i ,r--. ,Y , 6 N, Basket 4 fy' f S Q K Q , M " - --" f, M .kg 1 Q. 3 . 5 5 s X z M Y Q mf' 'J rg 4 or Q., fi ,x xg-V' f My is X . My x 'LEWQ z I R3 me ' ..,, sq'-n 'TX ' .J ' 5 4 it fwvw- , V r2,1ffx1j :.. , i I X 5 M V Shri El ,- X eg 'gsm Basketball Sched ule Avalon Baldwin Wilkinsburg . South Hills Shaler Grafton Hopewell . Canonsburg Bethel Trinity . Plum Twp. . Washington Burgettstown Dormont Canonsburg Munhall Trinity . Plum Twp. . Washington Burgettstown Dormont 35 49 37 52 43 42 39 52 38 39 38 44 39 37 49 36 46 32 64 49 44 .I an we Mfr M ,, ig? ja , fi R 5 i f At Jr N A .. MS Q, ,. like X A X f Q59 4 5 3 as ' M3133 .wil Q 4 YW W I f J JO' 4' fi, rf, W .- ,wJjfjQ0U,l. 55- ,f aff VARSITY BASKETBALL Row I: Trethway, Bumpns, Carlitz, Kalahar, Greer, R. Roscoe, Truesdale, Cooper. How 2: Lee, Oakley, Nia- larlcey, Davis, Reinhold, Roscoe, Robinson, Coach Clark. The "home floor advantagev held a personal mean- ing for Mt. Lebanonis basketballers this year. In their first season in the modern new gy1n, they racked up a 19-2 record, best since 1942, went undefeated at home, and chalked up a string of sixteen straight triumphs. Along the way, they picked up a tie for the top spot in Section IV. The Mounties won the seasonis opener with Avalon, then dropped a heartbreaker to Baldwin, 49-48, in the last second of play. The hoopsters then set out on their sixteen-win rampage, leaving behind a trail of carnage which included seven straight victims in sec- tional play. One of those victims was arch-rival Wash- ington, who succumbed 54-44, thus bringing Coach Speed Clark a wild ride on the sweaty shoulders of his proteges. After dropping the return engagement with the Little Prexies, the Blue Devils continued their winning ways. The final chart showed nineteen wins against only two losses and a 9-1 record in the section, good enough for a tie with Washington for first. The main strength of the team lay in the fine overall balance. All five starters were on an even plane. There was no one star surrounded by four underlings. Roscoe, Robinson, Davis, Malarkey, and Reinhold-each worked with the others for team success, by which each became an individual star. A special Word of Commendation must go to Cap- tain Bill Roscoe, one of the few players in the school's history to go through three years as a regular. l.V. BASKETBALL Huw 1: Conely, Barone, Zephers, Perkins, Steel, Driscoll, Stern:-r XleKlint0e, Butterr, Coach Stanislm, Rmu 2: Garlitz, Fleteller Steward, Vogel, Con. Franklin. wmzemlsfzl lgi - -' f ,W.,,5,iw,, FHESIIMAN BASKETBALL Row 1: Brevoort, NlcNeisl1 LaQuintu, Foltz, Powell Row 2: XVylCS, Ecsu, Nlof fett, Blulurkcy, Clark, Kla- thews. Row 3: Coach XVutts llousclceepvr, Robinson NlA1I'Sl1, XVl1itc, llcnclorson Wrestling was added to the expanding sports roster at Mt. Lebanon High this year along with the completion of the new wing. Coached by Mr. George Lamprinakos, the grapplers under- took an ambitious schedule in their Hrst year in W.P.I.A.L. competition. Wrestling, one of the fastest growing sports in district high schools, originally started in Washington County shortly after World War II and now finds many schools fielding teams. Limited primarily to underclass- men to prevent graduation losses, this was a building year for the Mounties, but hopes of a championship team will be growing with each year. Captained by Turny Dull, senior transfer student from Philadelphia, the wrestling team showed up well despite their inexperience in the 10 weight divisions. Returning next year to the Blue and Gold will be sophomores Dick Martin, jim Howley, Glen Williams, jim Bateman, Lee Wells, and Denny Phillips, along with juniors Dick Gunning and George Schein. VARSITY TEAM Row 1, L. to R.: Howley, VVinHelder, Lawler, Davidson, Lowe, Fuller Cruglil. Row 2: YVillia1us, Martin, Olzyski, Simpson, Berg, Duff, WVard Knapp, Carman. Row 3: Hjerpstedt, Rieg, Ray, Wells, Schein. Missing Palclio, Rhcn, Phillips. Wrestling Schedule Mt. L. 15 .....,,...,..,. .....,....,...,... . Ghartiers 33 Mt. L. 15 ,.... . .... NVilkinsburg 37 Mt. L. 4l ..... ..,..... .... S l raler 14 Mt. L. 31 .... Peters Twp. 19 Mt. L. 14 .... ..... ...... C 2 irnegie 14 Mt. L. .. .. ..... Peters Twp. Mt. L. . ,............... Shaler Mt. L. . ...... Canonsburg Mt. L. . ....... Canonsburg Mt. L. ...... . Shady Side Wrestling 95 N 1 Y 5. ' :iff 1 A :V ""k , au? 1 -KVM ' www we ,M THC un! I HK ll! kr-Ja V 'X M' P-AM' A well balanced team, sparked by several outstand- ing individuals, plus wonderful coaching was the secret to the success of the Mounty Thin-Clads last year. By the end of the season the team had broken 19 meet records and 13 school records. Pete Kopscak broke both the high and low hurdle records. Like- wise, both the mile and half-mile times were lowered by Cary Weisiger. Fritz Walker put his name next to three new field marks in the javelin, discus, and shotput. Roy Moffit was responsible for the new broad jump distance. The remaining live records were all made by relay teams. The foursome of Masterson, Weisiger, Hanchey and Inderwish knocked the indoor distance medley time down a few pegs. The outdoor sprint medley time was lowered by the team of Overholt, Hanchey, Slocum, and Schein. A new time was posted for the mile relay thanks to Overholt, Hanchey, Reid, and Anderson. The last and probably the most surprising record broken was the W.P.I.A.L. shuttle low hurdle record, broken by Kopscak, Moflit, Lee, and Renshaw. Another team accomplishment was the extension of consecutive vic- tories in dual, triangular, and quadrangular meets to 86. The squad also won all of the championship meets they participated in, except the Mansfield Relays at which they placed a respectable second in a Held of 98 opponents. Over all, it was a triumph- ant season for the varsity squad. The future Mounties, the jayvees, also had a good season. Mr. Lamprinakos coached his aspirants to 6 wins and 1 loss. The Central Catholic jayvees defeated Lebo's in the last meet of the season by the heart- breaking margin of 7 points. After the P.I.A.A. meet, at which Mt. Lebanon placed first for the W.P.I.A.L., the victors, the varsity lettermen, held an election in which Pete Kopscak was unanimously chosen as Most Valuable Player. Dave Moskowitz and Dick Anderson were elected team co-captains for the following season. This marked the end of another great Lebo track season. VARSITY TEAM Row I: Scott, Lee, Tamplin, Slater, Moskowitz, Inderwish, Lieb, Zivic. Row 2: Allen, Henderson, Thomton, Rensliaw, Robinson, Slocum, Van Vorst, Albertson, Patterson, Katzman, Row 3: Coach Toler, Mgr. Levin, Overholt, VVeisiger, Walker, Kopscak, Coach Mollenauer, Reid, Hanchey, Snyder, Anderson, Masterson, Roscoe, Coach Bachelor. Row 4: Mgr. Eicher, Ncase, Carlitz, Hjerpstedt, Berwind, Hedgren, Mihm, Rutger, Alter, Turnquist, Montgomery, XVolff, Moffit, Reitz. 1956 TRACK SCHEDULE Outdoor Mt. L. ...... ...,... 1 03 Carrick .. ...,,,.,., ....,........... . 15 Mt. L. .. . . . 87 Washington AMW, Dormont 28M Mt. L. ,..... .. 73 Shaler. .. .... ,.......... 54 Mt. L. ....., 80 Penn ..,.....,.....,,..... ..... . . 47 Mt. L. ....,. ,...... 1 12 McKeesport ...,..... ....... 1 5 Mt. L. ....., 8915 Baldwin .,......,. .,.,... 2 8M Mt. L. ....., 79M South Hills .,...... ....... 3 8M ' Indoor Mt. L. ...., 66 Central Catholic ...,.... ..,.. . . 17 Mt. L. ..... ..., 7 1 South Hills ,.........,. ,.,.... 3 3 ll! 97 . pt.. e. f,w,, 'M . 5 fm' aw wh V il fan--V J 4 A E LL 'LS f WfME?3gii':5g2:.., Y . I 7 igrixgwf W" ' " ,Amiacff'Z,mv.!E:kW-ffifwtr-'?li3?5f,Y"' Y? , ,V -ff fwsvww L Y :Ly Z i, V VQMPP'-QM? irfiau at I.V. TRACK TEAM Row I: Beachler, Greer, Fraser, Davidson, Burkett, Atria, Naisrnith, Pollok Row 2: Schein, Opferman, Magoon, Muncaster, Moslener, Henderson Hofrichter, Scott, Coach Lamprinakos. Row 3: VVard, Phillips, Kulesz . Heath, Missel, Lohrentz, Erler, Mintun, Fitzgerald, Renshaw. This year the Junior Varsity Track team had another winning year under Mr. Lamprinakos. With a record of six wins, and one defeat to Central Catholic, the team showed that they will add a lot of valuable material to next year's varsity. The most spectacular event of the season was the 48'l" shot put heave by Bob Albright in the meet with Baldwin. J.V. SCHEDULE Carrick . ...,.......... 26M Mt. L. ..,. 87M 67 East Washington 28 Mt. L. . ,..,. .. Mt. L. .......... 75M Shaler ..,.,..,...,..,. 42M Mt. L. .,.,,..... 58 Penn ........,,........ 6 Mt, L. ..... .... 9 3 McKeesport ...,.... 25 Mt. L. ....,..... 90 Baldwin .............. 23 Mt. L. ......,... 60 Central Catholic 67 Hanchey and Reid under the wire in a photo-finish. I 1 s W.P.I.A.L. Shuttle Low Hurdle Champions W.P.I.A.L. Distance Medley Champions Sif?i'.?"L'M+?L9f'y?2iQi2v-iii fa'stp,mrfi'52 -255327-'?9,f HALL UF Mansfield Relays Four Mile Champions . . A. . Mile Relay Champions 1956 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Mt. L. .....,..,... 1 South Hills .........., . Mt. L. .....,....,. 9 Washington ...,....... , Nlt. L. , ... .. 9 Chartiers .. Mt. L. .........,., 7 Canonsburg .. Mt. L. ...,.., 4 Trinity ....,..,.. Mt. L. .... ..,,. 1 2 Washington . ,.,..... 14 Mt. L. ..... ....,. 8 Canonsburg .....,.,... . Mt. L. ........,... 9 Chartiers ......... . Mt. L. ,........, , 2 Trinity .,....,.. . Section Play-Of Mr. L. ..,..... 3 Trinity ...,..., W.P.1.A.L. Championship Mt. L ..,..,.,..... 1 Baldwin ..,,....,.... ' it we ' ' W .F A 1 .,,. ,, , ,, .. at .- 1 t at W " " ' 0 ' A pw... A W. g N - - 'H .44-4... I ... . 5 A W ifi P ' -1 q 1 1' rn., f N I 5 W f f. N ,W , .. . 1. M , .M ,, 1.--'F A ' , .. 'if - Q. -0 .:. ' va.. A.. '- ' 'h',:f,, if H My M " ., sew - : f "" V w, 'M' J ' " Y' , , A, I ..A,. in -9 K p ff "" ' P' -I I wut. .. . , . -I r- -"fir: fi 5552211 ' 5:2-.rf-sf,-"." 1 EJ, NW 2 - ' -fi" fi.'f IN:,'M:cS J u d 'Ti ---, .. .:-cr.-'ff 3' "' ' ' .,. .... Jinlziff ...fig ... .M . , I Lfsli XI , .. . f f,.Qg.14Qi .1 In if gal, " 'gf R' :ii Stl- W ' . - 1-.... :tissues wwf, fu-.. .. ' Ae- 4. . A l 6 sr. f .,5i ' ,fihsffy,a., 'iw --., , 1956 BASEBALL TEAM Row I: Wolff, Miller, Sutter, Cusick, Reinhold, Mgr. Row 2: Saunders, Kenning, Wilson, Grady, Dempsey, McLennan, Karcher. Row 3: Coach Clark, Kletter, Swigart, Husk, Malarkey, Corbett, Coach Watts. The 1956 edition of the Mt. Lebanon baseball squad enjoyed one of the most successful seasons in school history last spring under the fine tutelage of Coach Mercer Clark. The Mounties started rather slowly, but improved steadily as the season progressed. The Mounties lost the league opener, but came on to win four straight games behind the hurling of Fred Wolff and Jack Karcher. The Mounties second and final loss in section com- petition came at the hands of Trinity High School. This dimmed the prospects of 'finishing number one in the section, but the Blue Devils fought back and finished section competition in a tie for first place with Trinity High. A playoff contest between Mt. Lebanon and Trinity was held at Canonsburg to determine the Section 3 champion. The Blue and Gold after losing to Trinity during regular section competi- tion, came back to win the Section 3 crown behind the erstwhile hurling of Fred Wolff. By winning the section crown Mt. Lebanon earned the right to compete in a single elimination tournament for the W.P.I.A.L. championship. In the first round of the tournament Baldwin High School edged the Mountie nine by a score of 3 to 1. Jack Karcher tossed a four hitter for Mt. Lebanon, but was the victim of four costly errors and three unearned tallies. At the completion of the season Jack Kenning was voted the teamis most valuable player. In addition to his timely hitting, his spirit proved invaluable to the team throughout the season. Baseball """'r G. A. A. Shouts, screams, cries of anguish and elation, moans and groans come from behind those locked doors at the end of the north passageway at 3:30 every clay. The reason for all the commotion? It's not a murder or anything like that, it's just the C.A.A. starting another game in its series of after school sports. Tennis, tenniquoit, volleyball, basketball, and softball are the tournaments offered, presenting a varied pro- gram designed to suit every girl's taste. Under the newly revised membership rules, each girl is a mem- ber of the C.A.A., eligible to participate in as many sports as she wishes. All is not athletics, however, and the G.A.A. has its social side, too. The girls planned a Hallowe,en party, winter sports night, Spring Banquet, and a dessert this year. All the aforementioned activities come under the supervision of the Leaders Club. The club, inaugu- rated this year, consists of girls whose primary purpose is to plan and organize the various sports and parties. rw dl f RIFLIC TEAM Row 1: Reynolds, Henry. 'l'ho1nas, Sanders, Taylor. Row 2: I Beedle, DuFresne. Turnqu"t. b.,Reynolds. Bradley, XVeaver, Sutton Coach Neal, ' I . K ll, V . ,r 1 , . - We 'f A-f . i, 4 - LL ,Q . ' . , j. ' ,gf MA! V f' , ff i 4 , rf' QAM' -if V Pd nf" 1 .I ,f I, .1 ,,1f"'Q, 9 ' VJ A-M' . Biff! .P f i. i ,M ff 3 6, , Aff X 1 ' JI i , ff i 1 ' bv C D H fp lfjfm , ' JK' ' .ffl hp . Q , 4 . . .' Q Pl! if After a close season, the rifle team finished Q ii second in the XV.P.l.A.L. Section Two race with ll W a season record of 6 wins and 2 losses. Coraopolis ' 'if' 4 1.14 sharnshooters roved to he too much for the , tl X, 1 X fly! My l P v HUD' QE -41, 711' if local marksmen. The two defeats suffered at L U - tl'-X Af NV the hands of Coraopolis constituted Mt. Leba- I! all V90 GMT ,WU M uouls losses in the whole season. A f ' l . . . Sei sf I fi! -.WU .IJ ' j Ulf! 4 The following individuals received letters and E ' ' ,gt,i A Wil' 0, 'J KMV ' most of them achieved a perfect score in match fj Milf? 1,14 Wx competition: Beverly Henryg Donna Thomasg .Jil MN' M01 ki Nancy Taylorg Judy Reynoldsg Gary Turnquistg fgbff' W J' WO! ,V Tom Bradleyg Phil DuFresneg Jim Reynoldsg Jack 3 W 'IA YVeave1'g Steve Suttong and Gene Beedle. L 4 V . E fi U 1 fl . M Ui ' I Rifle Schedule .T 5 tbl Mr. L. 498 .. . .,..... . Bethel 47s X- Mt. L. 498 . . ,. .. Dormont 478 Mt. L. 497 ,.,.. . .. Coraopolis 499 Mt. L. 494 .. .. Carnegie 453 Mt. L, 499 ,.,. . Bethel 483 Mt. L. 499 . ..,, . Dormont 484 Mt. L. 499 .. .... . . . Coraopolis 500 Tennis was another high spot in the Lebo parade of sports. The Mounty netters, masterminded by Mr. Doak, had an excel- lent season as they reigned supreme winning Mt. Lebanon's first W.P.I.A.L. tennis championship. The "big three" of the courtmen, Ed Hartman, Ray Pierson, and John Connelly did yeoman duty in leading the team to nine victories as against only three losses. In regular season competition, the Blue Devils had a five and three record, tying Connellsville for the section championship. In the resulting play-OH, our boys edged a strong Coker team by a 3-2 score. The W.P.I.A.L. semi-finals found the team romping over Dormont and New Castle, the netters then defeated Latrobe for the W.P.I.A.L. championship. The boys who sparked this I-ine team were Hartman, Connelly, Pier- son, Lynn, Rhen, Lewis, Williams, and Wright. With all but three stalwarts of asphalt courts returning, the outlook for '57 is more than promising. 1956 TENNIS SCHEDULE Mt. L. ....,.,.,.,.,... 1 Shady Side ....,,,. ,......, 4 Mt. L. ......... .,.... 1 Shady Side ........ .....,.. 4 Mt. L. .... . .... 5 Brentwood ,...... 0 Mt. L. ,.,..,. ..,... 5 Brentwood ....... ........ 0 Mt. L. .,..... ...... 4 Monnessen ....... ........ 1 Mt. L. ., ....,, 4 Monnessen .. ,..,.. 1 Mt. L. ,.... . . 4 Connellsville ...... ,...... , 1 Mt. L. .,.....,........ 2 Connellsville ....., ....,... 3 Sectional Play-Off Mt. L. ......, ,...,.,. 3 Connellsville ...,.. ...,,... 2 W.P.I.A.L. Semi-finals Mt. L. .. ..,. . 5 New Castle .... 0 Mt. L. , .,..,, 4 Dormont ,.,.... 0 W.P.I.A.L. Final Mt. L. ....,. 3 Latrobe 2 - ba.,--. wt' .2 , . ii .ff 47 ff f' ' fs' ,exft . , 5 .EW , M ,M aw , . 1 is X XX . al? 4 Tenn is 1956 TENNIS TEAM Row 1: Rhen, Hartman. Row 2: Pierson, Wright, Vedder, Connelly. ' 1 f., -'D fi XE GOLF TEAM Golf Row 1: Sutton, Samuels, Truesdale. Row 2: D. Owens, Bossart, Murtaugh, Coach Burrows, Herrington, Dole, L. Owens. Dave Owens and Wally Samuels led the 1956 Mounty linksmen to first place in Section 7 competition and to the runner-up position in the W.P.I.A.L. race. The team, aptly piloted by Mr. Burrows, compiled an outstanding record of 12 wins and 1 defeat. The Blue Devils' excellent balance made itself felt as they romped through their section undefeated and without being hardpressed at any time. Progressing to the play-offs, the Mounties ran roughshod over Moon and Penn. Greensburg, however, proved to be too much for our boys as they were sent down to defeat in a hotly-contested match. Individual standouts were Dave Owens, the team captain who finished second in the P.I.A.A. State Meet at University Park, and Wally Samuels, the number 2 man, who was this year's W.P.I.A.L. champ, and a consistent low scorer. Rod Murtaugh, Butch Truesdale, Buzz Bossart, Dave Dole, Steve Sutton, and Lee Owens rounded out their superior aggregation. With four of these boys returning, the outlook for next season is excellent. 1956 GOLF MATCHES Mt. L. .......,.....,.. 12 Brentwood ................ 4 Mt. L. ....,. ,,,... 1 6 Baldwin ......... ........ 0 Mt. L. .....,. .,.... 1 6 Canonsburg 0 Mt. L. .,.,.., ...... 1 5 Bethel ...... 1 Mt. L. ....., ,...., 1 5 Centerville 1 Mt. L. ...... ...... 1 2 Brentwood 4 Mt. L. ,..... ,..... 1 3M Baldwin .................... 25 Mt. L. ..,... .,.... 1 5M Canonsburg M Mt. L. ...... ..,.,. 1 3 Bethel ........ 3 Mt. L. .. ...... 14M Centerville 1M Section Play-OH Mr. L. ....,. ...... 1 rm Moon ........ zn Mt. L. ....., ...... 1 1 Penn .......................... 5 Mt. L. .,.... ...... 6 M Greensburg 9M a ... i ag .XA ,rw-, X, U. gr- . f ft--4 W Mt. Lebanonis chess-playing Mounties fought peren- nially strong Alderdice for supremacy of its league, The league season was divided into two separate "pennant racesf to steel a phrase from some other sport whose name we can't quite recall, The league leaders in each half of the season clashed in a playoff for the championship. Masterful plotting by Murray Davis, Dave Reed, Ed Becker, Iim Lawler, and john Sowa led the pawn- pushers to a close second, losing out to Alderdice by a half-point. The Mounties romped undefeated through the remainder of the schedule, rolling over Carnegie, Peabody, Langley, and Perry. The two-in-one season was an innovation in the league, and worked out very well. A run-away by one team did not mean loss of interest by the rest of the league, for there was always the cry, "Wait ,til next seasonf, to fall back on. A tight race in the first half brought the element of revenge in the second half. The Mounties may look forward to a season of reason- able success next year. Although hurt by the loss of Davis, Reed, and Lawler, number one, two, and four man, respectively, the team will welcome back juniors Becker and Sowa, and will build around them. BSS 1 A 4 . . if W i 5 A1.. 7'7hd I ACTIVITIES ""'x 5.,f"f 8,4 Once a month, organized pandemonium dominated the publica- tions of'Hce. This furor was born of the Lantern policy that the sacred "Deadline', must be met. Neither leaking duplicators nor missing stories could delay the Mt. Lebanon High Newspaper from appearing on schedule, even if additional early-morning assembling was necessitated. Urganized Miscellany Unlike the Nlarch lion who inevitably subsides into a lamb, this year's Lebanon Lantern staff began its I, work with roaring enthusiasm which carried through the entire year. Nlaria Liadis reigned over this journalistic jungle by capably handling the job of editor-in-chief. Under her organization the news. fea- ture, and sports departments headed by lane Trevas- kis, plan Powers. and Cary Turnquist, respectively, merged into one compact unit, Working earnestly to assure Mt. Lebanon students that all important school events would he presented accurately and promptly on the pages of the Lantern. janet Ackenheil kept eyes and ears open in search of possible sources for her pertinent editorials. Due to the record sales campaign, the Lantern was able to produce a special sports issue for the Hrst time. The staff volunteered after school hours as well as study halls in order to complete the job on time. When the latest Lantern issue with its Scholastic Roto and Devilette additions was Hnally distributed, the heavy sigh that seeped from under the crack of the Lantern office door was not so much of exhaus- tion but more of pride in presenting a fine product to Mt. Lebanon High School. Sf" What you couldn't find out over the party line you could read about in the Devilette. However, this year the editors concentrated on highlighting the jokes and anecdotes rather than the gossip-social sections. Marty, Nancy, Ioan, and Ianet of the Lantern sought to bring to each student a clearer understanding and appreciation of school events through eflicient and accurate presentation of all current school news. W. Gs it 5 , ,I my in lewd tp, Q R-i"' X ft yuffw Qfwf' of We FW ' jjj-JI " 1. ef OyM,WL A Jlfvajfe -ful- cf XJ L""' pw CLJ "'1 ,frvcif I' JXJJC JI: Lx., U J , EJ 1 . W r'L"c C f These Lantern Editors, Ian, Cary, Ianet, and Mariafh may appear pleasantly placid here but could usually be found frown-deep in workg organizing, cci1' MJ!Ql, Q, ZAJ and ranting at delinquent reporters. I Disorder reigned as the Devilette staff labored to put together a forthcoming issue. Assignments flowed in, soon to be corrected, typed, stenciled, and assembled in the confusion which characterizes Devilette assem- blies. Yet the next day the Devilette emerged, eagerly awaited by its followers. Z if ', "1 4 ' II I Z W T , ily? y J fm ,Lf fttily M re ZW-A Afj LA! ww-LZ W f aff 1- f' Lt X ADM, A M 1 I' .5 2 , K 6,1 ij Jruylflvllbfnf jf -6 5 s N, L 45 . wmmij' ui! rv-fl AFV' F L 1 Y' giyfb .Lge WM Racking their brains for some touch of genius, Bat .Ti4.11enQL,.. X P ,QL Pat Negele, Gretchen Taylor, Jill Galbraith, and Clarence by Gi C6 v Renshaw combine their talents to produce masterful write-ups. UU. L LO' self LY, fl GL f ,L we cle Headed by the photographic editor, Bill Curnow, Ted Brunn, Dale Herrington and Bill Brevoort pore over the seemingly thousands of pictures that had to be screened before the very best found their way into the Log. During the year there were several Hinterestingv assignments, taking a time exposure of the school from Cochran Road with a hundred people trying to walk in front of the camera, climbing around on the beams above the auditorium, and risking air sickness to get an aerial shot of the school. ee M nf . UVL c LVL alfvtip '53 ' lf'-fixldb J!0lClfj'l L 'LM' algal ,D ,L The record number of Log subscriptions kept Peggy Galey, Ginny Powell, and Ginny BllttCl'WO1'tll busy straightening accounts, counting money, and tracking Clown the people who fell behind in their payments Chaos Q -age, On this page you see the team Who, along with their sponsors. have brought you the biggest Lebanon Log yet- measure and see! Long after-school hours were spent toiling in the spacious 5 x 10 Log Office. The editors Worked in the pangs of creative agony with high-pitched shrieks added for inspiration. Mean- while the business staff handled. in a somewhat saner manner, more mundane matters such as the 36.000 needed to finance the 1957 Log. Somethingis always special about the liog. and this year its outstanding features are the pictorial introductory and student life sections. Remember the helicopter that descended on the football field one afternoon? ft carried our photographer aloft to take the sensational aerial shots that strengthened the Log's photographic emphasis. The staff kept in step with the modern trend in yearbooks by using more informal pictures. The many months of hard Work were more than balanced by the eonviviality of the staff and such extracurricular fun as gorging themselves with real Italian spaghetti at Uncle Ioeis, who has since gone back to Sorrento. Along with all the fun, the staff did, in the end, achieve its goal of trying to bring you a complete record of this yearis school life. H ,Sql 5 yfvifsfyfffffff Nfl .,, fi ,gf . if ff if J T iff ' E ft A . briscilla Delaeh, Kathy Van Atta, Ned Garnhart, Judy A J' kj UV? llfllfw Cope and Pat Ncgele are the struggling artists who pf 'J vu U were responsible for the piles of posters plastered over wjv' the school walls earlier this year. ' 'V f' 91 lt ff L Side by side they braved deadlines, lost dunnnies, an other major and minor tragedies. llettie and Ginny headed the editorial staff with john, Indie, Dick, Dave, and Ierrinc as slave-driven, henpecked workers. 1'l'x.v 7' ZZ if, Q f I ff- , 5 .. .t y, , A , I5 fjiifcfftf- M1395 cf f Loft, ,Dau N. JSWQXXS 9 MM DAVLE7 ,S I QVQV Af few 72455. 77713 mwamwzf M fifpgf wfffifgb Y' WU W- QtWf7f7lfsf? ie af ,reeregffwiyejf Organized Millions el Since 1956-57 was the tenth complete year of Nlounty publication, the staff was determined to make that Mounty year a special one. The big year was given a royal launching with a sales campaign that yielded a record 650 subscriptions to what was modestly termed the "Fabulous, Spectacular, 1956-57 Blountyf' And though fabulous and spectacular are rather ex- tensive terms to use in describing a magazine, the Mounty staff felt that they were justly proud of their publication during the big year. As in the past, the 114 l K .s-f"""'r Mounty contained the best short stories, poems, and essays contributed by the bards of Nlt. Lebanon High School. The technical side of the publication was ably handled by the Nlountyis own artists, proofreaders, typists, miineographers, and assembly and distribution crews. This staff worked together with its two advisors QMiss Elliot and the Mounty Martianj striving to make Mt. Lebanonis literary magazine more interesting and entertaining, as well as more literary, than ever before. lx A pensive, ear-pulling pose is struck hy John Frame as hc lcctures his Mounty crew on thc liner points of Mounty making. The staff and Mr. Frame spent many a pensive, ear-pulling hour trying to please their many subscribers. The massive minds of the Mounty's "men of lettersi' were entrusted with the task of merely filling the magazine. This task was complicated by the omnipresent question, "XVhat shall we Write?" During the year they lcarnecl to answer their question and thus to H11 thc pages. This year the Mounty mimeographers really worked for their points, With a cranky mimeo- graphing machine to fight, the main problem was not the producing of copy but the induc- ing of the machine to run. 115 STAGE CREXV Clarence Renshaw and Danny Lee These are the mighty inen of the Nlt. Lebanon High School stage erew. Through their re- soureefulness and muscles, these unseen stars eould demolish the Great Pyramid, move mountains, and hnild Home on our sehool's stage within lninutes. SCIIOLASTIC Vie IIill Are you a genius? XYell, do you think you are? Then you are part of this eonnnittee's business. Here we see these industrious Scholars separating the Perry XVinkles from the Albert Einsteins on the new honor roll. USHERS David Cradle, Frank Coho, ,Iaek llenderson, and john Mather One of the most dillieult johs of this squad was to restrain students, who, no douht out ot pure love tor their sixth-period classes, felt that they had to get out of the auditorium first. LIBRARY Mary Lou Molnar If you find at the last minute that you have to write a researeh paper on the nniltilohular properties of the sessile-eyed isopod, just wan- der on up to the library. This squad should he ahle to provide you with fifty volumes on the subject. xr A . 'v its -.FFA 'if -I L SOCIAL COMMITTEE Cindy McKnight "Psst! lley, buddy, wanta buy a ticket to the Prom? just happen to have a few left." Such was the cry of the social committee scalpers, who, in addition to their billet-pushing chores, planned themes, hired bands, and generally oversaw Mt. Lcbanon's dances. BULLETIN BOARD Cathy Lynch The cycs of the school were often fastened on the bulletin boards which this squad expertly 'made up. In spite of the fact that thirty squads usually wanted to use all of the bulletin boards the same week, there was much useful information for students to read and heed, such asg "Get out and vote" and "Books are the road to knowledge." ' S' s hp .. ' ft . E . t,ty , .. 5 i g f P' A ! 2, A i ' ig I V .z T , - 5 f -G-S3 3 . . . , - . xy if gh, I WK., COSTUME Suzanne Brown NVould you like to disguise yourself? Maybe something subtle like an anthropoid ape? NVell, Mt. Lebanoifs thespians often come up with such queer desires, and itis thc job of this squad to humor them, -fffk it fu to .. 'CAQYNX CHEMISTRY Robert Long and David Burnham Gee, Mister XVizard! XVhat do I have to do to get some of that Paraminobenzoyldiaethylam- inoacthanolumphydrochloricum? XVe1l, Billy, these are the boys you're looking for. I bet they have some right now in the back room. MAKE-UP Sandie Rambo and Paula Fry Do you look like a sessile-eyed isopod? XVell, cheer up. Things arcn't as bad as all that. Yould be surprised what make-up can do. The Mt. Lebo make-up squad can transform you into the belle of the ball-or, then again, they might transform you into an anthropoid ape. But isn't make-up wonderful? ATTENDANCE jean King and Jeanette Zimmering This is the squad whose specialty is making sure that Mt. Lebanon students are "all theref, Armed with pink slips, yellow slips, and green slips, they were our authorities on tardincss, class-cutting, and "jus' sorta sleepin' inf' HOSTS AND IIOSTESSES Carol Sweeny XVhat,s a party without hosts and hostesses? These are the kinds who, every lunch period, see that every one of their lunch guests has a lot of fun. And if things get out of hand, of course, there are many interesting games they give us to play: such as taking out extra plates. PROJECTION jim Hixson and Dick Hoskin Ladies and gentlemen, this was not Cineramal But even with the crackling or non-existent sound, and the flut- tering pictures, these movies never failed to provide interesting details about class topics which might not otherwise have been studied. MEDICAL SQUAD Harriet Berlin Always ready with the thermometer, a band-aid, and a sympathetic word, members of the medical squad can usually come up with the remedy for any ills, which range in variety from the common cold to a dog bite, a broken finger, and the favorite "test headachef' RED CROSS Marcia Mandell Members of the Red Cross squad, anxious to be of service, have just completed packing these gift boxes for shipment overseas. This was only one of the projects on their very full program this yr-arg a program which also included many orphanage parties. XVAYS AND MEANS lane Collins If in the midst of a thrilling game you ever get a sudden longing for a glass of hot pear juice, these are thc kids to see. They never miss finding ways of getting your food to you and means of getting their money. ,N it ...xx Q' ,N J --mm PUBLICITY Sue Langrcth Anxious to keep the high school in the news Spotlight, publicity committee members have kept the public well informed on the latest school happenings with interesting stories of social events, sports heroes, scholastic honors, and personal glimpses of the students. TRAFFIC Ron XVeis If you don't look where you're going, you may get hitf, XVith twenty-two hundred stu- dents and nearly that many miles of hallway, this squad had a big job taining the mobs down to an organized chaos. PHYSICS Phil DuFresne If an eight-foot handle is attached to a fixed pulley, which is attached to a single movable pulley, which is attached to a gear with three teeth which meshes with another gear with thirty-two teeth, which just sits there and does nothing, what is the temperature outside? Here Physics squad members solve the problem by trial and error. DECORATION john Rowe After bringing Dogpatch, Paris, and Holly- wood to Mt. Lebanon for school dances, dec- oration squad members begin to wonder just how many things you can make a gym look like. Yet their scotch tape, crepe paper, and wobbly ladders are always on hand to add to the social festivities. 5, 1 K 'F HONOR AWARD Helen Gilbert "Tote that barge, lift that bale," and you'll get your activities key yet. The honor award committee consists of these kids who, as shown hcrc, earn their activities points by figuring wif out everyone clse's. I ylwjgpdfujgjf xgfivf DEVOTIONAL Dave Reed llerc wc sec members of the devotional squad making up onc of thc Thursday morning inspirational programs. This squad also pre- parcd the Christmas play this year and Worked on other projccts to improve the spiritual life of thc school. f V .MZESREX H' . STUDIO Brian Bauknight and Iohn NValton The Studio, home of the Lebo Broadcasting System, provides valuable experience for the future john Cameron Swayzes and Betty Furnesscs as they bring you your daily an- noucernents plus weekly news and sports casts. PUBLIC ADDRESS Richard Hincman Peeking out at you now arc the mcn 'cbchind the sccncsu at the Lebo Broadcasting System. You can call them technical engineers, pro- duction assistants. or just plain switch turncrs, but to us they will always bc thc PA. squad of Mt. Lebanon lligh School. 121 ART Priscilla Delach The art squad gives opportunities to Bit. Lebanonis future Rembrandts, Van Goghs, and Al Capps to make their fair school still fairer through the use of their artistic talent. These kids are often sccn around the school with their dripping paints, wet masterpieces, and globs of glue. PARKING Iohn Van Vorst Dan Matthews and his Highway Patrol have nothing on Mt. Lebanon! XVe have our own champions of motoring law and order, namely the parking squad which is now before you. Our new student parking lot was ably handled by these kids. X49 HOSPITALITY Giving a warm welcome to newcomers is the job of the hospitality squad. They introduce tht- new kids to stu- dents and teachcrs and help thcm get adjusted to our school. BIOLOGY Edwin Gales In case you still don't know what a sessilc-eyed isopod is, we're not going to tell you, mainly because we d0n't know. But if you really wa11t to End out, this is the squad to see. Taking care of our friends of the fur and feather is their business. 122 PROPERTIES Valerie Snee When Liberace forgets his cundlcs, or Durante his nose, or Elvis his sideburns, these prop men must be ready to provide the necessary equipment. This Crew can he depended upon to provide anything from an authentic replica of the Sphynx's nose to a ' ' d hen itis needed. real sessilc-eyed isopo W AUDITORIUM PLANNING b 'i real incentive for The new auditorium proved to e . this recently formed committee. Planning a good Weekly program, making arningenients for outside talent and inserting several student productions made for lots of hard, but interesting work. S I W-,fx S..- -s-...,,mqM 3, X? CHECK ROOM Carol Scott Do you have a rare Afghanistanian statue of Thutmose III delivering his farewell address? Do you carry it around all day in a padded vault ' our shoe sole? If so, hidden in y ' b den. Take it to get rid of your ur the check room squad. Maybe they will lose it for you. yr. M Ly? IW A ' 55V5LjJPrecisioned Presentations ,QM , , I 4. ",4: Q,. ' q A rf? 5 ., 124 The "Marching 200" is the largest unit in the history of Mt. Lebanon High School. This year's band con- sisted of 124 members in white uniforms with 16 high- stepping majorettes and 60 precisioned Range Rock- ettes. Philip R. Prutzman, bandmaster, stated that the band not only was larger but had better instrumenta- tion than ever before. Drum Major Bonnie Bloomer has been awarded many National Championship Medals for twirling. Her flashy twirls brought many cheers from the stands. Assistant Drum Major Ioanne Beitler also performed before the home folks, taking over Bonnie's job at one of the home football games. The Range Rockettes were the best in Mr. Prutz- man's opinion. The squad, enlarged from 48 to 60, was more practical for drill purposes than before. The white-uniformed marchers presented half-time shows at all our Mounty football games and appeared in a half-time show at Allegheny College in Mead- ville, Pennsylvania. This year's annual Band Revue was unusually good, and the band made a guest appearance at the Robinson Township Band Revue, although it had to turn down many other invitations simply because of lack of time. f J . A 4 Q Maury gc e en N L Q The Blue and White Band is a special concert organization composed of approximately I-ifty mem- bers. These members from the Mellon Iunior High School Band and the Senior High School Band are selected on the basis of their musical ability and sin- cere desire to play music above the high school level. This band appeared at the Annual Concert and has also played for the Shrine Luncheon Club, the Veterans Hospital and other special out-of-town en- gagements. In playing more serious music, this select group presented pieces which were prefectly balanced. The sixteen members of the Dance Band took an active part in the school program this year. They played at basketball games and other community engagements besides appearing at the annual spring concert. Members of this group, along with their 126 student leader, Jack Henderson, appeared on WQED in September One hundred and forty students of top ability, composing Mt. Lebanon's Concert Band, worked hard after the football season closed to play their part in the annual spring concert. After weeks of practice, practice, and more practice, this band was presented to Mt. Lebanon listeners on Friday evening, April twenty-sixth. The podium was shared by Mr. Prutz- man, the student directors, and two guest conductors. The guests were Mr. James G. Borrelli, a former clarinetist with John Philip Sousa's band, and James Morrow, once a principal trumpet player with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and now a member of the faculty of Carnegie Institute of Technology. i Xb. '2f'i' We IIIIIJIU III IVIUUUJ Marilyn Briant, Alice Ann Myers, Susan Ilerb, and Barbara Moeller. These girls were the uccompanists for the various choral groups this year. Hammers banged and saws snarled last summer to provide Mt. Lebanon with a music room for its many musical groupsg the old girls' gym was remodeled for just that purpose. XVith these expanded facilities, Mt. l,ebanon's chorus put on more and better programs in 1956-57 than ever before. As for quality, the chorus was reduced to sixty select voices, which Nliss Sneary further divided into two performing units. If you heard the strains of some familiar tunes drifting through the halls during first period, you vfere 'ieirlng the lixllixggd QJl1Ol'llS, composed LL: . erfydl 5' . VJ riff J 4 , . 1 if 1' ' 'f' QV My all L5 L4 lfiiirlfb Ljljibnzl I JEL flu' 'JM 'f " pf el if f .ir , Lf M ff? if if f We ,ei M, M' sf A eff W it jf M ,gt jg, lit gif' V eve lvdce 61 XVVLIIELL71 me i ,fl 'N , 11. "' f L . ' 'gif L It J . L lv AL ,t V A If-I of girls and bovs from all four grades. Second period was the hour that the Cirls' Clee Club practiced. The two groups often combined for extra rehearsals during Tuesday activities periods. after school, and in the evening. Chorus perforinances were begun thc night of open house. Soon afterward. vigorous preparations began for the Christmas assembly and the annual presentation of llandells Jleszsizzli. The climax of the year came with the Spring Show. Miss Snearvis charges are to be congratu- lated on the high standards of their work. Religious, Spirited, Reminiscent . Each Thursday night this year, the twelve members of the Triple Trio met in the chorus room for their Weekly rehearsal. Under the direction of Miss Sneary, they were drilled in the art of song. With a repertoire which ranged from serious numbers such as "Devotion', to the Q!! The Devotional Choir provided the hymns and other songs which where an important part of the devotions on the P.A. each Thursday morning. The mem- bers of this choir met with Miss Sneary several mornings before school every week, and under her direction they practiced the devotional music and spe- cial numbers for such holiday seasons as Thanksgiving and Christmas.-. xp!" f Qtr S9 gy 99, I .Q ft T Mgr? OQQBTV XKQQJQ Cbyjh efqvx U ances at school progra ubggugfurch group and other organizations. lmbers inc d: Sandy Dublin, Iamee Francis,E ' eeseman, Iudie Hoag, Linda Hofmanigi G ndy McKnight, Alice Ann Myers - accompanist, Io Ann Vedder,Q-MJ joy Wertz, Ella Wilson, Iudy Wright, an gay "Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of lX4SfQIV,jfJ jp! lA1-Son Young. Hair," the Triple Trio made frequent V0 5 X I wwwis t r 1 i i it S WWW A ..-. .. -i E -- .. e 2 e . .. . .Wm W. N-:rw T X. E? i s si e 5, fl 5? i 3 3 5 -sf f. . -Q 'Q ,Concert in the School. .. Schubert and syncopation, Bachmaninoff and rhythm -the orchestra assembled a varied repertoire at its rehearsals in the new practice room under the auditorium. Under the excellent direction of Mr. Arthur Yagello, the seventy-five members prepared programs of classics. light classics, standards, and Latin-American numbers for the class play, open house, and other school functions. The highlights of the year were a trip to Harrisburg in November to play for the Pennsylvania Nlusic Educators Associa- tion Convention aud the annual Spring Concert. VVhile in Harrisburg, the orchestra was invited to play on the staircase in the rotunda of the Capitol building. VVith Christmas less than a month away, the members sat on the steps and played Christmas carols from memory. On returning from Harrisburg, the orchestra was asked to perform selections from its hour-long concert for the student body at one of our assembly periods in December. This program included a Schubert overture. a Tschaikowsky suite, selections from a -lerome Kern musical, a Latin- American beguine, and an Offenbach ballet suite. Several orchestra members were selected by com- petitive audition to play in the annual chair-by-chair concert of the Pittsburgh Symphony and the Pitts- burgh Symphony, junior. They found the experience both satisfying and interesting. Carols in the Capitol Voicing the Ideas and Ideals of the School The campaign speeches of second semester candidates for Student Congress marked another Hrst for Mt. Lebanonls new auditorium. Chuck Reinhold, Cindy McKnight, and Dave McDonald christened it with successful speeches as they were elected vice-president, secretary, and president, respectively. The set-up of the Student Directory was chief among the uccoinplislnnents of President Gary Turnquist, Vice-President Sandy Dempsey, and Secretary Paula Fry of the Student Congress during the first semester. Elected by their classmates lust June, they got Mt. Lebanorfs school year off on the right foot. In 1931, when Mt. Lebanon High School was first organized, the administration realized that students should have a hand in the government of the school. Thus the Student Congress was born. Known for many years as the Executive Board, this governing body has functioned efficiently-creating laws and making decisions. Composed of homeroom presidents and senior representatives, the Student Congress meets once each week to settle the current problems facing them as legislators. The process of representative government is begun as a question arises in the homeroom. "May we have a student directory this year?" Recognizing the sug- gestion as valuable, the homeroom president brings Mt. Lebanon's version of the "cabinet" is the Ad- visory Council, which meets with Dr. Mills during the year to give him the views on current problems. Dr. Mills presents the adminis- tration's side of the prob- lems, and they then put their heads together in an effort to come up with a solution. The student prob- lem-solvers this year were janicc Paulsen, Bill Malar- key, Gretchen Taylor, john llallcr, Susan Beidler, Bill I Xlarshiill. Peggy Colvin, a Ciilhitkjjili. DMZ, 1 f r vs , . , ivfiyli MU' ff J . 1 ,fi ,Q 1 . if J .f INV J i , w I ., 1 5 Du W X ,VU kv The Student Court decides the relative truth of the "Who? - Me? - I - didnit- do-it" stories which it gets from pleading students. Serving this year were: jack Carlitz, Dave Dole, Jane Easton, Linda Miller, Sally Coltman, Olivia Hart- wig, Bill Lynch, Eddie Beachler, Cordon Knapp, Karen Christianson, Cindy Brown, and Ricky Collins. it before the Student Congress. The Congress presi- dent asks for a discussion of the matter, one by one students show their favor for the suggestion by dis- cussing its advantages and disadvantages. A fact finding committee is appointed and the facts pre- sented to the group by the committee chairman. A new discussion arises as to whether the directory shall be printed or mimeographed. Once more the homerooms are consulted. The decision is made in favor of mimeographing and work is begun at once on the new directory. A question was raised in the homeroom, a dis- cussion followed in Student Congress, an improve- ment is made in the school.-Student government in action. For Services Rendered he ea- .g, W., fee-2 QUILL AND SCROLL Students who have been elected to this international honorary society for their outstanding achievements in the Held of journalism are: Sitting: Sally Hornell, Sue Turner, Carl Cottschall, Odette Kingsley, Judy Hall. Standing: Barbara Greene, Ian Powers, John Ratigan, Mary Pendleton, Betsy Ben- nett, Charles Hartwig, Marguerite Bloingren, and Maria Liadis. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The highest honor of the school was conferred upon these students for their outstanding scholarship and leadership Row I: Brown, Enright, Rohm, Powers, Holtz, Melman, Fry, Albo, Jackson, Dick. Row 2: McKnight, Paulsen, Collins, Powell, Gilbert, Mandell, Linn, Evans, Moore, Archer, Francis, Sutherland. How 3: Frame, Smith, Curnow, Fuss, Hedgren, Bauknight, Hill, Burnham, Davidson, Reed, McDonald, Brashares. T lags Yflf 5 if Q4 .. an These students were well rewarded for their hard work hy receiving Activities Keys by the end of the first semester. Row I: Fry, Powers, Francis, Collins, Holtz. Paulsen, Jackson, Mel- man, Sutherland, Cole. Row 2: Powell, Linn, Rohm, Gilbert, Niandell, Ceeseman, Moore, Evans, Moeller, Dick, Alho. Row 3: Connelly, Frame, Recd, Davidson, Hill, McDonald, Van Vorst. At the end of the first semester, these girls were confronted with the demanding question, "Are you pinned?" Those who received guards to their Activity Keys are: Row I: McKnight, Powers, Nlelman, Gilbert. Row 2: Francis, Xiandell. Jlissirzgz Ackenheil, Liadis, Miller. 1 A Face-lifting for Ulysses Grant 1 ,N "ww "Do wc bother you -mother and 17' "VVhat the Sam Hill's going on herety' exclaimed General Grant as he smiled indulgently from his portrait on a 3350 bill. The occasion was the Senior Play for 1957, with Dave McDonald breezing through the title role in "Miz Barry's Etchingsf' It was through Mr. Barryis efforts that General Grant acquired his unusual smile, which wreaked havoc in the little town of Stanwick. VVhen Mr. Barry, moved by the plight of the town mayor, circulated his fifty-dollar bills, he found him- self pursued by treasury agents and a ring of pro- fessional counterfeiters. Mr. Barryls widowed sister and her daughter, engaged to a bank teller, provided a homelike atmosphere for the production. A teen- ager, a town gossip, the mortician's wife, and an eccentric movie producer added more confusion to the already hilarious proceedings. The efficient crew worked hand in hand with the cast for four busy weeks, performing the myriad duties connected with a top-notch performance. Mr. Myers was the ever-present director who coached, suggested, and provided that extra spark of ambition to keep everyone united in the successful effort to make 'iNIr. Barryis Etchingsv the best. Suddenly it was November 9, and the first student production in the new auditorium was enjoyed by a Standing- Room-Only audience. "Reach for the ceiling, you crummy green aphisesln The cast members of "Mr, Barry's Etchingsn were: Row I: Cindy McKnight, Emily Geeseman, Meg Holtz, Carol Schaup, Dave McDonald, and Audrey Mel- man. Row 2: Skip Kepler, Howard Katzman, Jack Er- ler, Tom Albertson, Phil Sed- lak, and Warren Saunders. Staff members of the SCHIOI pl rv were Llllfla Lucot Lellfr Nloore Brrblra Trickett, 'md Karm Moore. "Adam and Eve! To Know and Understand SENIOR DELTA-Sitting: Audrey Nlelman, Janice Paulsen, Harriet Berlin. Standing: Kay Benz, Jane XVurster. JUNIOR SIGMA - Sitting: Sue Bletzinger, Stella Hulsberg, Norma Blackburn. Standing: Jo Ann Vedder, Marilyn Klostermeycr, Barbara Vordran. The Y-Teen year began with the Recognition Ceremony, which introduced Y-Teens to new members and new members to Y-Teens. This formality completed, the various groups went about their programs of community service. The sophomores, under the direction of Miss Hay and Miss Frobese, dressed dolls for under- privileged children. The Sigmas of Miss Man- ning spent a "Lost Weekendv in February at a camp near Zelienople, Pa. Junior Norma Black- burn attended a Y-Teen conference in VVash- ington, D. C., and swapped ideas with other Y-Teens. Mrs. Furlongis seniors spent much of their spare time in the School for the Blind. The year was highlighted by interesting movies and speakers, serious discussions, a pic- nic, a banquet, and a square dance-activities that reflected the fun and fellowship of an active group. W? 5 , HI-YHSittin,g: Bill Snyclcr, Hank Ablau Stmuling: Harry Ballnum, Bob Fuller. SOPHOMORE BETA-Sitting: Dellay Geeselnan, Linda Poole. Standing: Roberta Johnston, Penny Ferguson, Marty Hylton. 1 139 HARVARD CLUB BOOK AWARD D,A,R, AWARD JACK GARLITZ JANICE PAULSEN RENSSELAER AWARD BAUSCH-LOMB AWARD KEITH DAJXJON DAVID BURNHAM Fmrlist in Westinghouse Science Tal- ent Sc lrcli. Nine instrumental and vocal artists, selected by Miss May K. Sneary, pre- sented a Formal Concert in the Jefferson School Auditorium on February 7. Those who performed in the concert were: Miriam Kelly, soprano, Ella Wilson, soprano, Linda Hofmann, piano, Victor Hill, piano, Linda Mclntire, violin, Judy Singer, violin, Roger Blair, clarinet, Jerrine Ehlers, flute, and Marilyn Mas- terson, Hute. F.T.A. Future Teachers of America is a group spon- sored by the guidance office which gives potential instructors a "teacher's-eye-viewu of their chosen profession. The F.T.A.'ers learn thc duties and problems connected with the job of teaching by observation and actual practice in the grade schools. THESPIANS Mt. Lebanon's Thcspian troupe had a large number of applicants this year due mainly to thc production of three plays during the school year. At year's end, the troupe, guided by Mr. Xlycrs, comprised about fifteen members, all of whom were active in the school's dramatic program. ENTERTAINMENT PUBLICATIONS Two staffs of writers take turns in- forming the students of the latest movies, plays, books, etc., on display locally. The friendly rivalry between the Entertainment Bulletin and the Entertainment Review helps to main- tain the high quality of work for which they are noted. 'KK ff ,M ,MQW My ff w M W JWZX M U fl , j? W M WMMWW ,7 1' x v 2 , 09 A ,WWC W WVWWW My WJQWM W -M W ,ww fwyjkfffl JW if STUDENT LIFE 144 if-mx At first glance, 1957 seemed just like any other year. We walked the cracks of Cochran Road twice a day for 180 days. We ate lunch at noon, or sometimes near noon, groan- ing about "fish" Fridays and the lack of time. Between classes breaks found many small groups engaged in their hourly reunions, one member eagerly questioning another about the test last period, or the date this Saturday. But we could work, and did, even the loafers tried to look industrious. After school, we went home, or to a job, or to football prac- tice, or maybe worked on the Log. At night, there was of course homework, always home- work. Physics, English, algebra, history- the subject made no difference, homework was always with us, "just like any other yearn . . . Tha- IICZIFS ou. Littlv slmvcrs give big one U, MZ U' I , JL ,g N' LU M. A , yf , JJ nfxfkggnc K 9 " '59 ngfx Q, -fb W may W ,N gvfjvgzy W QQCQOP f ,C v V, f g QM., ,ffm 11-fv If-N-I J' f'J 1 . " ,,,,,M,,,f'1-14 rj, 1.4, .Q- 4- A ' I I I -41.4 fd' f J 1 L ',,-v- ff' - S7 J. Y fr" -"1 fc I ,.w JV ' " "' 1 N 4. ,vr fu Off 4 ,rf 'IL I f I VVho's combing rny hair? "What fools these mortals be! I if 1 'g LW 'Q w fsz 3 Student , 88 XXL 381 Q3 ' tae an 1 1 3 I 1 I Q exam Teacher E f Dramatic Force ' hw 1 'bv Hx Wm x A - 'mf Q, -:YI 5 f 'Tv ,K gfgi gk I wh. -sqmwbm V -'MVN-Q ,,,, h-v.f . U lx fr . . . "SnytZ,' was another indispensable part of fall Fridays. "Gimme an Mf, was his cry, and an M he always got. His precisely battered hat and converted Princeton megaphone added a rakish hilarity to the fun of cheering. In the winter, we didn't have a Snyder, so we invented new games, such as counting off the last seconds on the new clock and making up nicknames like "Turtle" and "Lukey,,' "Spider,' and "Gummer.v 1957 was the year of Serena and Ullie, of the student directory and the WQED program, and of a helicopter flying' low over a fifth-period girls gym class . . . These two students 'fwent to school" at home this year. Bob Aymin had a special intercom between his house and the school, and four tutors brought school to John Smith. 9 r . , ii i RECreation 7 H.. 5iR ,Y ., Ann, Kathy, Barbie, Nancy, lane, Rita, Tooie, Linda, and Jane lead another victory cry after another Mt. Lebanon win. Out of their football uniforms this time arc ,I.V. cheerleaders Mary Adaline, Ann, Bonnie, Susie, Mary Ann, Sally, and Janis. Pep ralliers and pep rallies .ki Q. 'if FV X 'V 'M XR N QY .m kt ? jump, jackie! That's a new twist. 'WWW we ,ff 'J ww .f-.wlfi 'KW-f 4, FA, AMG' "3,,, 5..,jg l Qgxpfv, , ,gm train' ' A ' Q ff: "', fifiii 5:1431 yy LJ fb f , - f f yawn! J, Q,4J1"! U Qgylfsd my ajVf 2,1fQ03f 6' ' uv Lv . J bp! 1 MWLQCVMI r N , ffm J ggwb Q77 My M M M ' Ay jx W fV,vw W W QL .441 ,Jw fb V f ix ,, A ,, if A an f .K ' n X, lm is Q.. Ev f , 'Q -, QQ 1 i K -A Ui W kg' X134 4 V' ' L Ig ?sffjisL'iSJi5'A7ikf3Y 'W 3 in iw W1 . . . VVeekends provided welcome oases of carefree dances and parties. Gone were all the worries about homework and collegeg we were caught up in the business of having fun. But Mondays sobered us quickly, and we began all over again counting the days and hours 'til Friday. Spring brought an unend- ing oasis for the seniors, as senior day preparations and celebrations began in earnest. Thoughts of senior day almost automatically brought thoughts of dances -the Bruno, the Senior Prom, and the Graduation dance. 1957 was not "just like any other yearf' the new wing and the many new experiences which it brought with it made any such arduous monotony impossible. Yet we held Hrmly to the warm, friendly traditions which had hallmarked Mt. Lebanonls previous years. K ,, V - , . ,1 4 -Q , K .A 4 wr- A -" ., .J W fi 'M?MVllM!lI DDQ' ...J X if JM I 1 f .X U MQW MWV 159 S H5 . 5. QQ tifaiitiffi'-?f'f1'ib,b fijlgjf M 12 ff!!! Rv Q if X - 1 Q4 2 5 Md 0,142 5 7 Q46 Sfggfgz J-R X' f-1 -- , ' 'fic Qo- 0, if 035 'L 9, 1 , 5-9"dd':e QU W MJ' W ova A 90' 'MM "'v!'x'X'J WW ALMA MATER th N d t t ly Midst hills so bold, Radiant with sp 611 0I', Stands our Mount Lebanon, Realm of Blue and Cold, Wy I 1 d th J? Val , virtue and tru , M lder of our destin , G d' of our ou , raises s E P Al Mater, for Y hall ring, th - CHARLES RUCH, '32 ww M WM? al I - , ol I ,S X 3 K ' 'Q f, 3.-,Z X...-f X 3- ' fQVzQJ f SQ J? y7fH5 "ZL?1:'lT 55 JN WU JM 1 wr-an im'-, AW VC, ' 5 J' iffy if W Vi? 'goyfgy QW ' A 1 W--W-P-M-W +W- iify y iw Cjhojijyoo gf 2 W Z' ef 6 , V 1 , VIZ f V7 F ef! 1 MWA' fl, - X Y? f JW W? W ff'fLQ 4,,3f? W jj! 0 T by JVM .MA ,V 1 WW WSL 1 M , - fx, D, J! 'fbi 4M jf I Elf , N Mail! yy" JH!!! , It ff if Q V+ fob fa ,ff f ,Ww1Dfi W KAW f fJWJyJ 3'W1 fgvxcijfg E A v ' 1 Q6 , am 1, , x M My f x,.,. 1? 7 ,,g.,w . 5. Wm .A 7 x f I ., .uw My M Q 'B , 1 Us A Mn ' hu' , ' V w Y M . AN A M. 1 W A im? 5, E, L r r i X I W 4 Hi" b iff fl I 1, as it ,LjQ?j5fgfi:Sw'-x E 5:41 4 1 fx- QL lwii 'iff' . A ., gfgg 1 I- LW .ww . . qL .. J . ,,, LLm. L ,. X 2 f W K? A M Q A A YM' ., g :.., N Y .X gr - Y' Q ,- , ,AV' wrk' ' T x V -In 6 M - Q Y 'aw' "' li ' f , W ,aw 0756 zA.i3yS'

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