Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA)

 - Class of 1952

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LEIBANUN LOG Published by THE STUDENTS of Mt. Lebanon High School Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Editor-in-chief, , Literary Editor . , , A . Assistant l,ite1'z11'y Editor Art Editors. ,Carol Czlnghey Business Manager . . . Circulation Nlanager A Sales Mazinger . . . R 4541990 1 Vol XXII , Bob SW6ilI'iIlg6ll . , , .Sally Garner , . Diane Smith and Alfred VVardle .George Hulse ,, jo Ann Brown Duryle VVolfers CONTENTS Administration Page Seniors ..,.... Page LTllClt'l'Cl2lSSll16ll Page Sports . . . . , , Page Activities . ,, . Page -..,,-.-u ts..,,,-its-,sn 5 - Q. -ati' .- , .H .Tsai x - ,, ,aww . A Lf-5,iw-,gm an-A Mt. Lebanon High, we pledge our love, do or die 2 S 0 N 4 S R Q 6 li' nu AllMlNlS'I'liA'I'l0N H uhh h H ld H dfl WW """'q ' ,N N, XZ sl New Deals Were Administered SCIIOOL BOARD l"llON'I': Miss Mirimn llcaullcy, Mr. A. C. Mchlillcn, Mrs. Donnlcl C. Lcwis, Miss Bcrtlm Yllllp. BACK: Dr. lloss Gill. Mr. Snmncl A. Schrcincr. Mrs. Norma limclain, Mr. lluymoncl B. llccht, Mrs. Bm-rcnicc llivinc. Mr. Bi-clclcy Smith, Mr. lilmcr S. Stamicr, Mr. Otis C. Hogsctt, Mr. liclwzirtl Buck. Dr. li. D. llorsnum. Administration IIE Aclministrution has workccl cliligcntly making plans for school improvcmcnts. A gruclc school on Moffctt Strcct to opcn in Scptcmlx-r, 21 rcconclitionccl high school track conrsc, :incl prcliminary plans for high school aclclitions lmyc maclc ll towcring hlm-print stack. Thc Tlionuls -Icffcrson Criulc School. IliIllN'll hy stnclcnt votc. inclnclcs kinclcrgzlr- tcn through sixth grudc. The high school qnzn'tcr-inilc track layout is one of the states he-st. The 220 yarcl stmiglitzlwuy is ontstancling. According to plans our fntnrc tccn-agcrs will cnjoy aclclitional high school facilitics. Unclcr cliscnssion arc ai new gym, moclcrn scicncc laboratories, il lihrary, un unclitorium. and perhaps 21 swimming pool. Thanks to its progrcssiyc 2lKllI1llliSil'2lflOIl Mt Lchanon keeps its schools np-to-tlutc. Dr. liulph Ilorsmun, our snpcrintcnclcnt, and Dr. Ross Gill, assistant supcrintcnclcnt of instruction, cliscnss school policy. For E fveryonffs Needs l MR. KEIFER 'I' A lligh-stuckcd dcsk in thc Main Officc sits our fricnd und principal, Mr. Kcifcr. Although allways rcudy for u talk with un cxccutiyc or ll studcnt, his muin joh is school 1llllIllIlSlI'AlltlT. Thus hc dirccts tht- cntirc school prograu11-nctiyitics, sports, instruc- tion, muiutcnuncc, und school policy. Hc dcputizcs dcpurtmcntul In-uds, who urc dircctly rcsponsiblc to him. NVhcn spurc timc cmcrgcs from u thousand dc- tuils, Mr. Kcifcr works for his doctorutc, hut hc und Mrs. Kcifcr ZIIVVAIXS find llilli' to uttcnd school func- tions. MISS ION HY Pccping into tht- Attcnduncc Oflicc right in thc middlc of tx school cluy. You urc likcly to lind Miss Ion. our vicc principul, in thcrc husy us Rl hcc. If not pcrlorming numcrous udministrutivc tasks such us making mustcr schcdulcs, chccking ut- tcnduncc, or scnding collcgc grudc transcripts. shc is doing cxtru work for thc Advisory Council, Class Rank Squad or Acliicvcmcnt Squzidr In tlu- cvcning uftcr an cvcntful day, Miss lon might cujoy an livcly play, lnovic. or liridgc gllllllh r C A 5 IN vu ADVISORY COUNCIL l"llON'l': Miss McClurc. Miss Ion, Mr. Kcilcr, Mrs. Cargill, Mr. Cilbcrt. BACK: Corr, Karchcr, Tulcott, Mr. VVliiplicy, Jones, liccs, Clutter. ,-n-of' Uur Stockmarket of Helpers MRS. CAHCILL 66 INK lforms at the end." This phrase is often utterecl hy one of the many stutlents seeking Mrs. Cargill, our Aetivities Direetor. The speaker might want his aetivities points eheeketl hy the llon- or Award Committee sponsor. Perhaps he wants the tlireetor of the Vl'ays and Means Squad, Book Squad or decorating Squacl. Ile eoultl he the exeeutiye hoartl president seeing his supervisor. NVell, whatever his husiness, it must quickly he stated, for there's a line hehind him. MISS GORDON S Mt. Lehanon's home and school visitor Miss Corclon helps to form a strong link hetween the home and school. By paying friendly ealls in the homes of new students, she starts this eorclial home- sehool relationship. ller ioh also inelucles investigat- ing truancy, issuing work permits. and taking the sehool eensus. Miss Cordon has incleecl heeome an authority on stuclent life through her many assoeia- tions. MRS. IIORNE RS. IIORNE, our Cuiclanee Counselor, helps students to analyze their vocational interests so they can wisely select a high sehool eourse ancl later a suitahle eollege. As part of this program she makes arrangements for Career Night when sturlents hear talks on voeations whieh interest them. The lower left picture shows stuclents enjoying one of the many speakers. Mrs. Horne also arranges eonferenees with college representatives. Shown at the lower right is a Denison meeting. Rated F riendliness High Our Helpers IC Cznrt gt-t along without thcm. "VVho?,' yon ask. YVhy, "our lu'lpci's,'. Ont- lmrtincli of this group is the St'L'l't'lllI'Il'S, snh- slilntvs, amd 1't'pIa1ct-lm-iits. The Sl'C'I't'ILlI'll'S clit-4-11 fully typt-d, tc-lcphonvd, amd kcpt rt-cords straight in tht- main amd llI'tt'llLlillH't' office-s. Mrs Swuim, who ix-plucvtl Mr. Srp tvinporurily, and Mrs. Truxvll, at twirlit-r-ot-ull-tnult-s, wuiw' two of tht- snhstitntvs. M1'. Lznnprinaikos. tht- new hoys' gym und driving in- structor in thi- st-cond st-nwstc-r, was tht- only 1't-pIz1cc- mm-nt. Another set-tion of tht- livlpcrs nvwly orgunizvd this ymtr is tht- lfntim' YIlK'klL'lll'l'S ol' Allll'l'IC1l. Sponsor- vd hy Miss Ion und L-ullt-tl tht- "VL-ritus Clnhf' stndvnts inte-rtstvd in toucliiiig lu-Ipod ut any lovztl schools XVllk'l1t'YCl' 1104-clccl. Bcsidcs hclping oth- vrs tht- cluh lllt'llll7l'l'S lu-lpvd thcinsvlvcs hy ohsvrv- ing amd latching classvs in district schools. Thus they had il t-lmnt-v to tc-st thvir tvaluhing calpuliilitics. llvu-'s to our good fricnds, the cute-tvrizi Workc-rs and jaxnitors! It's so 1llt'tlS1lIlt to su- lmvuniiiig fact-s hvhind tht- lnnch conntcr amd at tht- ond of tht' wife'- tvriu lint-. So what il' thcy Vtiillll your nickols and pullllivsl 'l'ht- dvliuions food thvy cook is worth it. 'l'ht-n, ultvr svhool you sw somv busy In-:xvcrs l'lll't'- fully sw:-1-ping tht- rooms. cleaning tht- windows, and dmnping Izltt--It-:wt-1's ont of tht- hnilding. But they allways lmvt- timm- for at t-In-My ht-llo und at good-nu- ture-d l'l'llltll'li. No, school days wonldn't hc coinplvtc without uonr he-lpvrs.,' QIANITUIIS: Mr. -I. Smith, Mr. Arhcs, Mr. Myvrs, Mr. C. Smith, Mr. Otto, Mr. Bull. CAl"l'l'l'I'lIlIA NVOIIKEIIS: Mrs. Covlnvl. Mrs. Ilczlr- don, Mrs. Gallaniglwr, Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Burk- lvui, Mrs. Bonstuud, Mrs. Kctchnln, Mrs. Bald- ingcr, Mrs. L. l"o1'1'aro, Mrs. M. Fcrrnro, Mrs licalltlslizlll. i i SICCltIi'l'AltIlCS: Miss Adznnson, Mrs. Irwin, Miss Mc-Mzistvr, Mrs. Booth. NEXV TEACHERS: Mr. Linnprinnkos, Mrs. Truxt-ll, Mrs. SWQIIIII. VERITAS CLUB: tlfrontl ClllI'lll'l', Adams, NVolfcrs, Arnold, NV0ldcn, Dickinson, tliaickj Cannm-ron, Ilur- mzm, Marshall, Iillingcr, Strt-inv, Frank, Zivglcr, Ivory. Specialized and Basic Englishes Xliss lilliolt Nliss Miss Miss Bliss lfrolmt-sv Conlon Manning xlt'IAlllgllllll In pulilic spvuking clzlssvs, czlrcfully plalnnvcl talks am' pus-smitccl to fellow clzlssmcn to clcvclop skill in spcuking tvcliniquc. Pupils gradually lczlrn to vinploy tlic- factors of interest and inipelling mo- tives. Bvfore un zlttcntivv llll- clicncc, Nlonnic- gives an vx- C 0 l l 0 n t cleinonstration of liorselnzlnsliip. Tlic- 120C classvs use- our liln'au'y constantly wliilv work- ing on their English Compo- sition tlivmcs. Oli, liow tllvy slave! Miss Nloorc km-ps vc-ry liusy satisfying rcquvst slips for lIllOI'lll21llOll. B u t. t li 0 lmiilvst jolm of all is tlic final llll't't'-fllOllS2ll1Cl word tlicinc. Celia-ml lfllglllill, ll nt-xv coursc ut Nlt. lmlio, p1'ox'iclvs inucll u s 0 ful llll'Ol'Ill2lfiUIl tllrougli ll unit on pvrioclicalls. On clispluy is 11 postvr, cle'- signccl lmy tlie' stuclvnts, wliicll poltrays the many populzu' magazines of toclay. i s Were Valuable Necessities XIV. Nlrs. Miss Miss Hills Nlurgzm NL'llIllill'lil'li lliclwns 'ilu' tl'1lQ,'l'llf' ol' .'lIr1c'l1r'll1 is L'ilL1K'l'ly stuclivcl lmy liloml- tllirsty sc-uim' Iinglisli stu- cla-nts. Jxllllillg this ya-:iris elm- iimtifutimis of tlic play was that ol' liclclx' lilcl. llv pm'- lruys tlu- luirrilmlc clczltll of Xluclwtli. and UH!-1's tlu- class thc X'illlLllliS llwlll. 'lumioi' linglisli pupils strug- gle illfllllgll il unit in which thi- lliilglilllllllillg of sviltciicvs is l'llll5llilSlZl'll. lim-lm stuclvnts lmig Illllllllxlll is to display llis Cllilgllllllllllllg on thi- lmlalck- lJUill'ilf-tlll' results look some- thing like tliis. Soplioimmrc l':IIQliSll is nizulc' inlcrvsting by i'c-souls ol' 'Hu' Afl'I'l'll!lHf of l'1'nic'f'. Also, lllilllj' stuclvnts prc'pzu'v pro- ivcls ml tllv play. l,iCtIll'l'll is - f v f s ll replica ol thc Llulw llwzl- lm' Illililtx by :ui imlustriuus srmpliunlurc-. Xliss Sli-pln-11s The Perplexities of Higher r. Xliss Xliss Miss Xlr. Lumlxiiui Nvslmill lligllllllllli Smilli Srp 10 lliglwr mzitli may cmilusc- you il wc-c lmit. lmt to Bolv :mal tlu- otlwr solicl stiiclc-nts tliis locus pmlali-in is us vnsy als pi. Tllosc lucky om-s who survive solicl go on to QI'l'llil'l' coinplvxitivs in trig. llmxs X l'Q'2lllf' cquul alll that? Nlurraiy thinks so and is trying to coiiviiicm' tlu- rvst ul thc class. You czmit tm-II much from tlu- lmcks of tlivir limuls. lmt tlwy must lx' tliinkinii. Lam l pass 2llLfi'l'll'llI, A Sflllilflx is always il rm'- tunglv, lmt ll rvctunglc isifl allways ll SKlll2ll'l'. cl0IIlillSlIILf. isn't it? NVm'll, tlwsv gvoini'try stuclmlts try tlwir lwst, lmt wlio Quin ldlaum- tllcm il, tlu-5 find L-irclvs. trizmglvs. tain- gvnts. :incl arcs confusing? Xlr. Nlr. S'll'K'ilIllb Wliiplwy Learning 'faxed Uur Minds NVlu-tlu-r itis an opt-rculnm or tllc' pn'-opc'1'clc'. tlivsv stu- clvnts can tt-il you all about it. lint tlit- fun I't'1lHy lu-gins wlic-n flllxj' start to dissect frogs. 0llI'fllXVOl'lllS. and any- thing vlsv that coinvs within tht-ir rn-at-li. Our lnnlcling clit-mists have a gn-at tit-al of fun with po- tassium. oxygcn. tllv halo- gc-ns. and particularly snlflnx ci0llSt'i1llC!ll'ly. wlicn thosc Iiraggrant aromas pu-x'ail in thc building. you know the-sv unix- vrs arc' at it again. lfroin tlw intt-lligvnt looks on ilu-ir tacvs. You can tcii tlu-sv physicists know what tlltj' au- doing. :Xny tiinv your car or I'l'i.l'iQ0l'1ltlJI' invaks clown just gin- tlltxlll a call. 'lin-y'll lic glad to Iwlp you. Mr. Mr. Mr. Xlr. Nh. XII. Mr l5rolniu'1'ic'k ilillwrt Clrina-s Loln' xIl'llllt'l' liainvs lintu t t was-Q-V i 4. ' f , A ,L gt N 1 ,x . J QW f fi 1 fir 'li L. - V V it ,,.. A f ' Q ., . , K i, 11 N Nh: Mr. Mr. llnrrows I Jenhow Doali ll Good Americanism Was the Basis ,.-. .i - Q ww ii I A l s 4 hir. N112 hir. Nll' Klinc lXl0ll1'll2llll'l' Stanish 'lllllllll in l 'Ie A ,"n:,,,. 19" 'wa 12 One ot the several new classes this year is personal acljnstment and family living. There were many goocl clis- cussions and clehates on mar- riage, social life, and person- ality. A survey on "going steady" also proclncetl many interesting answers. Une picture is worth a thousand worclsl This fact was really proved through the use of several, particularly gootl movies in economics classes. They were a hig help in nn- clerstancling the prohlems cl' consumers and mamn"actnrers. Another new class aclrlecl this year is geography of strategic areas. Xlr. Kline hronght those "far away pla- ces" of Asia, the Pacific Is- lancls, ancl Africa close to home. Many interesting clays were spent by armchair tra- velers. International Understanding A hit of gay Paris right livrv in Mt. 1.1-ho! Those' l21'll1'.s' nncl 1117111 uchnirv Miss Zalliliisvfs 1il2j11f.s flvllfl. Vvry chic, vh? Ural talks kc-pt ns inforinvcl and 11 visit to 21 Frm-nch Art Exhibition inzulv lvznning ll plcaisnrv-ulmost. Xvllllt tiinv is it? Thvsv stu- clvnts can toll you IJCCHIISU tlivy'x'1- hccn il'ill'llillQ' to te-ll tillll'fllOt so CQISB' in ciK'l'lll2lIli SlJI'I'I'l1f'l1 Sir' IJl'Ilf-S'l'l1iJ Cm'- lnnn stnclcnts not only spvzik it. tlu-y sing it. A i-2lY0l'itC song is i'S1'l111if:.1'Il11111k." This Spanish class finds 1'.s'f1111i1111l1'.s' np to hut. Si? A lucky strikv inonns llhristinus prcsm-nts for ull. An ii1mginz1i'y trzlin trip luul l'YL'l'yUIIl' hny- ing tickc-ts to thosc fnrziwny plain-cs 'Smith of thx' Blll'lll'l'.i Miss Miss Miss Unch Nll'Cllll't' l'uth'1'so11 , ,,,,, 13 Miss Miss Miss lim-ggv VIQIIUTIN' Znhnisn .ali Practical Skills Equipped XVl111t ll lx-zliitillll pictnrv. Nladeliiic-or is it Xlalrcizl? XVell, wlloc-x'v1' it is, slit-is painting ll lwulltiflil land- scape-. Iligli spots i11 nrt class wwe scnlptnring and postm- designing. Va-ry colorful and intvrvsting bulletin lionrds wcrc- 11mdc, too. I XV0llll0l' what thc girls arc cooking. xVllLlt0Yl'I' it is. l lwt it sniclls good. The girls tnrn ont sonic- dvlicions inor- sels. Tlivy lCill'll how to plain and Pl'l'p2lI'0 appctizing inmls und to lac good. t'lliilCll'llt llllllli'-lI1llkl'l'S. "'l,ooli. lllll drivingll' lint. it tallws more tlmn going tllfllllgll tl1c motions to Illillil' 11 good d1'ix'c-1'. l11 this pant ot thc conrsc- l'Y0l'yOIli' lK'lll'IlS how to get out of ll tough sit- uation XVlfllUllt llillllllglil lon- dcrs. Nlr. Nlr. Nliss Miss Nlrs. Nlr. Miss lim-lwi' Bl'I'llllill'ilj l"isl1 Crovv llornc Nlitt-lu-ll Nloon' 4? .5 ix if W3 iii X X Us With Lifcgs Tools ln this class tht- hnys start out with t'lt'llIt'llttll'f' drawing. Thvn, tht-5' aclvam-0 to archi- tvctnral and v n g i n c 0 r ing i drawing. Nlcchanical draw- 3 ing is always a vvry impor- tant snhjvct lor anyniw who aiins tn hc c-ith:-r an architvct or an vngim-cr. l Look at thnst- lathvs. will yon! Yvs, look. hnt hc' carvlinl. 'I his is only onv of thc many tools in tht- Invtal shop, which arc- rt-sponsihlc for tht- womlm-rfnl pic-cvs of work tnrnccl ont hy our stnclcnts. Tha- girls work harcl in this class to gvt thc' clit-tations clowng linwmwvr can tht-y rt-acl what they han- written? Al'- tvr all. thc purpose- ol' this snhjn-ct is to In-Ip girls ht'- cnnu- vliliiciviit in writing rap- icl, lvgihlv shnrthancl. Mr. Nlr. Nlr. I'4'ts-rs Prntfnian llanisvy - 'Z U fngxxi ' h sig ! ws Q K X X s , , ,. , Nt Xlr. Sham-r Nliss Miss Sm'ary' Xihinnit Healthy Bodies I ,M V , nl Q , -. , . ii f ffff. I .L lg' -427 f' A--5155 ' s , Xlrs. Nh: Xlr. .IIIINIJII lll'tlQ1'l'l fllurli ,Ad -' ll , Promoted Happy Minds Zo. i W Q? . s ff Q , n ' ls ft' " ' Xlr. Nliss Dr. Nliss llauis llfgfh lsl'llllAlll Xliuy "XVl1c-11' to now?" 'lhzxt :night vnsily ln- tht- qua-stion in tht- inincls of thvsc- stuclvnts its th:-3' study tha' L-irculutory Sf'Zatl'lll in lu-ulth clzlss. 'lhis is just out- ol' tht- lllllllf' sulm- jects which am- discuss:-cl clur- inq tht- sc'uwstc'r. lou clout luxvc to go to Egypt to sc-cf pyrzunicls. You can liintl 17Ul'l'CL't L'XillIllJ'l'.4 llvrv ut school XYlll'Il tht- girls start gynnmstics. At othvr tllllt'S you will tlincl lmuslwt- hull. vollcylmull. llllll clock tm:- nis living cnjoyvcl. XVhy clo wo lmvv so mann' lwfty. inusculzn' hoys nt Xlt. 1,1-ho? Tho pllysic-all litucss progiraun in gym class is tht- stfcrc-t ol tha-ir lllollywoocll lllll3l'ill'1lI1Cl'S. lloxwu-r. Ulllt'I' sports. such ns footlmll. lms- lwtlmll. inushlmll. znul wrvst- ling. uw inc-luclc-cl in tho lmoysi SClll,'LllllC. 16 Ni1'plum- parts urn- living puintml out hy nu- to hm-lp Im clzassllmtvs lm-urn thvm 111 dc- Kul, il. IU? Boll ll4'lll0lISll'AllK'S just how ll Rlllllllll wulvr uvl works with his Dl'ill'AXVillIliHQ: moclvl. Sample- m'wspupcrs gm- uftvn pussm-cl ilfillllld ' thx- rumn to gin' iilltllfk' iuurrmhsts ich-as for IIIPII' stmus. QU. L5 Novel Classes Profved Intriguing QT. HJ S4'1lllIStI'l'SSCS of thx- lmlnv vcunolnics clussvs 4 lH'flIHV cut Amcl an alumnus 1 I I I I' YVUOQI shop stuclvnls tlmugh oftvn Slll'l'l7llllClL'Ll hy chwp A' 4 - t ' u x xr ' ' u r ' xml I 0 pmt HU Inn mi 5 sawdust au-tuallly turn out llmstvrplm-cvs. 17 l'C'lltiYl' Board uH'icc-rs, QFNONTD XVisc-. c:2lStlI10Yl'l'. CBACKQ K Q luttc-r, N11-yvr, worm- our scnior lvaldc-1's in school life. I8 Yes! we are collegiate! Trousers baggy and our clothes look ruggy But we,re rough and ready, Yea I P fi? Q,-2 i" HN g,,,2 19 JEAN F. ADAMS' Y Big brown eyes, a sparkling person- ality-thatfs Jeanne. C.A.A., VVays and Means Clun., llome Room Officer, MPa I'itt's Re- view", "Midnight Fantasyn, Y-Teens Pres., Honor Roll, Activities Key. MARILYN E. ADAMS ' ' I't'l'A'Illll!' Monnie excels in lIl'!llIl.S', muxic. aml personality. Cl.A.A..- Triple Trio Pianist, Home Room Officer. i'Undcr Covcrn, Cliorus pianist. Y-Teens, Activities Key, XVays and Means. NANCY ANN AIRIIART Athletic - full of fun and crazy jokes. Major Sports Letter, Medical, Ilome Room Officer, Lantern, Log, Mounty, Honor Roll, Activities Key. WILLIAM T. ALTER l l"' llanrlsome Bill'.9 a wiz at hockey anll lrasl-fetball. Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Cafeteria, Pro- jcction. JANE ARNOLD janirfs the life of the party-cute trick. C.A.A., Chorus Letter, Music Mgr., Triple Trio. "Mother Is A Freshman", Lantern, Y-Teens Pres. GEORGE ARTH George thinks before acting-good lawyer material. VVays and Means. MAR-IORIE JOAN ARTHURS Margie-always lmlnhling over with enthusiasm. C.A.A., M a lc e-u p. Attendance, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Home Room Program Connnittee. Seniors CARY T. ASTON Gary and his yellow coruzertihle really get aromul. Intramural Basketball. AGNES M. ATCIIISON Szcecf Aggie is alu'ay.x' really lo help aut. Attendance. CHRISTINE E. AUSTIN A .vhort cutie who's loads of fun- lllllf,-9 Chris. C.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical. ROBERT I. BAIERBACH Scientist at heart-really a swell guy. Chess, Physics, Traffic. MARY ELIZABETH BALCH Tops in any sport-euerybozlyis pal. Major and Minor Sports Letter, Band, Library, Chemistry, Red Cross, Y-Teens Officer, Activities Key. Lois R. BALDIZAR l ' This petite bland captured all our hearts. Major Sports Letter, Y-Teens, Hon- or Roll, Information Squad, Attend- ance, Red Cross. BARBARA ANN BALL That wonderful combination of brains and beauty. G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Lan- tern, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Medical. 19 mf'L""f"tfl' 'NL X BARBARA LEE BALLINGER Friendly Barbara is definitely a busy bee- Band, Traffic, Home Room Offi- cer, Mounty Co-Editor, Honor Roll, Quill and Scroll, Activities Key, Na- tional Honor Society. NVILSON A. BARKER A swell fellow and an excellent hunter. Rifle Letter, Intramural Basketball, Projection Squad Cluu., "Under Cov- er . LORINE ANNE BARRY "J Truly a starlct with her Irish uoice anrl vigor. Mounty, Teacher's Secretary, Li- brary, Traffic. BARBARA LOU BAUER A "Queen" of hearts from way back, C.A.A. Council, Cheerleader, Li- brary, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens Officer, Activities Key, Honor Roll, Chorus. MADELINE M. BEARD Sweet Madeline-one-half of the famous pair. Major Sports Letter, Home Room Officer, Medical, Library, Bulletin Board, Ways and Means, Home Room Program Committee. MARCIA M. BEARD " Viuucious Marcia is the other ter- rific twin. Activities Assembly, Coocl Sports- manship, Home Room Officer, Major Sports Letter, Bulletin Board, Home Room Program Committee, Ways and Means. EDNVARD I. H. BENNETT, IR. L" Ted's personality will carry him far. Football Letter, Tennis, Track, In- tramural Basketball, Home Room Of- ficer, Honor Roll, Advisory Council, National Honor Society. ROBERT T. BICHAM "Hot-Roll Terryv makes every mo- ment lively. Colf Captain, Projection Chm. THOMAS E. BLANDFORD A ucorkirig good" humorist-swift track man. Cross Country Numeral, Track, Hi- Y, Cafeteria. IRENE BLOCK "Renew has lots of enthusiasm, par- ticularly for sports. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Home Room Pro- gram Committee, Library. RALPH F. BOCKSTOCE Ralph likes football and anything that faintly resembles food. Football Letter. MADELIN C. BOOTH A "tricky" girl who loves her mu- sic. Honor Roll. ANN VV. BOWMAN - This pretty blonrl has lots of spark- 1... G.A.A., lNleclical, Bulletin Board, Lantern, Y-Teens. LOIS JANE BRADDOCK ' M A gay smile and a love of life corn- bined. Medical, Mounty, Y-Tccns. Seniors DARRYL B. BREDNICH Always really with a joke-jolly ,good fellow. Intramural Basketball. RICHARD BREIER A chap without a care, except hi.s car. Cafeteria. BARBARA ANN BROVVN Vitality and beautiful lzlue eyes make her a "wow". C.A.A. Council, Honor Awarml, Usherette, Home Room Officer, Lan- tern, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Activities Key. ,IO ANN BROVVN Tremendous Io Ann - always a genuine friend. Major Sports Letter, Ways and Means, Library, Medical, Home Room Officer, Log Circulation Mgr., Y- Tccns, Activities Key. JOHN R. BROVVN jack keeps the Rec iimiping-eats a mean rug. Tennis, Stagecrew, Rifle Mgr. R. MARSHALL BROVVN The good-looking guy with the erinkling smile. Football Letter, Basketball, llonoi Roll, Traffic, Activities Key. ROBERT D. BRUCE A swell guy with a ieiiiiiing per- sonality. Cborus, Stagecrew, Home Room Officer, Studio Mgr., Boys' Quartet, Honor Roll, Activities Key, National Honor Society. Seniors M . yztah t FZ S BRYAN BUCHANAN "Specs" is never without a pan- saper duper kid. Cross-Country, Home Room Offi- CUT. I I. ROBERT BUC RER A kimlly way and a golden roice are Bol2l2y's assets. Chorus, Honor Roll, "Miclniglit Fantasy", "Pa I'itt's Review". MARGARET L. BUCKLEY Peggy Lmfs never without a smile or a friend. Major Sports Letter, Y-Teens Pres., Activities Key, Library, Vtlays and Means, Chorus. BEVERLY ANNE BUERKLE She's likeable and leisurely-a win- some way. Library, Medical, Red Cross, Ma- jor Sports Letter, Mounty. DONALD M. BU MER Good-natared Don is tall and lzrawny. Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. ROBERT V. BURDE'I"I'E The strong. silent type-a romantic head. RONALD R. BURTON ' Ronald always is pleasant with everyone. Cross-Country. Track, Home Room Officer, Traffic. 19 ROBERT GERALD BUTLER An easy smile and a "rifle" eye- 'ikeable Gerry. Intramural Basketball, Rifle, Foot- Jall Letter. NANCY LEE CALPASS Dark, sparkling eyes - "IIourrly"- l'iny and trim. C.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y- eens Officer, Lilurary, Medical. JANET CAMERON "" fl" " "jakey" is very chummy and really 'or fun. C.A.A., Band, Properties, Library, Nftlllllty, Y-Teens, Home Room Offi- TCF. MARY CAROLYN CAMPBELL A talented .sringer with lovely :lark iair. Band, Chorus, Mounty, Y-Teens, .nfonnation Squad. JOHN R. CARLEY Never without a smile-aviation necluznics for him. Intramural Basketball. DONALD T. CARTVVRICHT Friendly, easy-going Don will nake a good salesman. Rifle, Intramual Basketball, Stage- zrcw, Traffic, Biology. CAROL JEAN CAUGIIEY " This attractive miss will be a sue- ressful modern artist. C.A.A., Scenery, Devotional, Log krt Editor, Honor Roll. JOHN H. CHASE A sportsmen he is-an architect he will be- Iutramural Basketball. ROBERT T. CHERRY " Always "cheery"-particularly tal- ented at winning W.P.I.A.L. meets. Track and Cross Country Captain, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, lli-Y. Honor Study Hall Committee. BARBARA JEANE CLARKE "Bohhe" twirls ll tricky baton-fle- Iightful .s1oprano voice. C.A.A.,- Majorette, Choms, Home Room Officer, Lantern, Social, Devo- tional. DONALD C. CLIFFORD ' Reliable Don is definitely first rate. Hi-Y Pres., Cafeteria, Red Cross, Intramural Basketball. JEROME L. CLUTTER A Terrific, brainy, athletic-sure to succeed. Football, Rifle, Baseball Letter, Public Address Clnn., Executive Board Pres., National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Activities Key. NANCY RUTH COCHRANE ' "Little Nancy" is euery0ne's trusty pal. C.A.A., Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Home Room Program Committee, Teaeher's Secretary, Bulletin Board. RALPH S. COFFIN -' i "Butch", the magnetic kid-one of the best. Lantern, Stage Crew, Traffic. Seniors LORRAINE R. CONROY "Shorty', with her charming wit enjoys a frisky horse. C.A.A., Attenclance. JAMES M. CouLL ' ' Suace jim has a terrific' personality. Track Letter, Cross Coutry, Home Room Ofiieer. JOIIN II. COVVLES A Ouiek on the tri,1.:ger-a hancly man. Home Room Offieer, Stageerew, Usher. CAROL ANN COYNE Carol winks aml smiles at every- one-super seamstress. Y-Teens, Meciieal. OUINCY M1 CRATER "Cliip"-ioking is his first nature, laughing: his seeoml. Cafeteria, Intramural Basketimali. JOHN HOVVARD CRYTZER Jaek craves food and lots of "dough-ray-ine". Intramural Basketball, Cross-Coun- try, Track, Ili-Y. Stageerew. IJAUNA LEE CUNNINCIIAM A eute trick who loves to laugh. C.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical, Home Room Program Committee. I Seniors fs.. HELEN LOUISE CUNNINCHAM "Tudie" is sweet and lovely-an ex- pert dresser. Major Sports Letter, Library, Home Room Officer. Y-Teens Pres., Honor Roll, VVays and Means, Activ- ities Key, National Honor Society. L. JEAN DALLAS A striking hrunette with a heart of gold. C.A.A., Baud, Home Room Officer, Mounty, Honor Award, Activities Key. PAUL II. DAMON ' e Paul's stamp collection is patterned very scientifically. Hi-Y. J. MARSHALL DAUCHERTY, JR. The ladies, man-gives all the girls a whirl. Intramural Basketball, C li o r u s, Home Room Officer, Band, Lantern, Traffic Chnl. SALLY JO DAVVSON "Absiticely, posolutelyn a tiny and tuneful treat. Devotional, Medieal, Information Squad, Y-Teens, Honor Roll. DONNA L. DE CIOVANNI A captivating beauty with many fascinating clothes. C.A.A., Usherette, Cheerleacier, Chorus, Mounty, Y-Teens. MARCARITE JO DICKINSON Peg:gy's sunny disposition and alert- ness make her "IO'ioial. Home Room Officer. Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Meclieal, Library, XVays and Means. I9 MARLENE T. DIETRICH "L I A reliable worker who merrily does her part. C.A.A., Chorus, Lantern, Mounty, Y-Teens, Medical, Cym Squad, Li- brary. MARY GRACE DI SALVIO Gentle arul pleasant with a ready smile. Chorus, Lantern, Mounty, Y-Teens Publicity, Library, Medical. JUDITII DODSON Never a rlull moment around lively Judy. Major Sports Letter, Attendance Chm., Lantern. JOANNE DONALDSON A truly gifted penman-purposeful and calm. PETER H. DONATH ' Lots of perzsonality-an atom homh of action. Intramural Basketball, H ome Rooiu Officer. SHIRLEY E. DONLEY Shirl really makes a car or type- writer travel. Library, C.A.A., Y-Teens. ALICE JOAN DOUGIIERTY Light-hearted and easy to know is Joan. CAA Lantern Mount Mzdit-nl . . ., . . , y, - -. , Red Cross, Teac-her's Secretary, Li- brary. 52 ,.i NANCY ELLEN DOUGHERTY f That certain something called per- sonality-a contagious laugh. Y-Teens Pres., Mounty, Home Room Officer, C.A.A., Ways and Means, Needle and Thread Chm., Ilonor Roll, Activities Key. JOIIN A. DRGON, Jn. A "1 Active, ambitious aml ainusing-a triple "Av fellow. Rifle Letter, Usher Squad Chm., Cafeteria Clnn., Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Properties, National llonor Society. H. SEARL DUNN Picked out of a crowd hy his red hair. Football Letter, Intramural Basket- ball, Traffic, Cafeteria, Honor Roll, National Honor Society. HERBERT H. DUSINBERRE ' Suaoeness and an exciting person- ality rruike Herb ll "Duze,'. Rifle, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer. NANCY 1. EBERT . f-I ' A A clever joker who enjoys a lively gang. Major Sports Letter. Chorus Lel- ter, Mounty, Y-Teens, Home Room Program Comnnttee, Library, Traffic, Activities Key. DAVID EKEDAIIL Lanky "like"-a good sport icho's out for fun. Baseball, Basketball, Band, Usher. EDWARD A. ELD A A ' A good guy and eceryhoi1y's friend -Ecldy's ever alert. Baseball Mgr., Intramural Basket- ball, Stagecrew Chnl., Chemistry, Usher, Home Room Offictr, Activ.- ties Key. Seniors i CAROL ELLINCER "Cal" is a circus in herself-a pret- ty charmer. G.A.A., Chorus, Y-Teens, Home Room Program Committee, Gym Squad, Sr. Color Committee. LILLIAN LOUISE ELSEY "Looper" is our little acrobat and joy lover. G.A.A., Maiorette, Y-Teens. RAYMOND J. ENCLERT A football and track letter man who's always on the job. Football and Track Letters, Intra- mural Basketball, Hi-Y. SALLY H. FARQUHAR "Scotty" has a twinkly eye and a ticklish toe on ice. Library. Mouuty, Lantern, Informa- tion Squad, Bulletin Board. JOAN HELENE FAUSTQI ' Slenller and poised with a sweet manner. Mounty, Poster Squad, Home Room Program Committee, Attend- ance. DVVICHT H. FEE, JR. An eagle eye and a nose for news- husy "Beanie", Rifle Letter. Lantern News Editor, Home Room Officer, Hi-Y, Intramu- ral Basketball, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Band. PATRICE B. FLAHERTY A sunny smile has this gay gal. Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Medical, Library, C.A.A. Seniors CATHERINE ELIZABETH FLURY Kittgfs smiles and good cheer bring much happiness. G.A.A., Chorus, Y-Teens, Informa- tion Squad, Attendance. RICHARD MILLER 1201.1-:Y l I Diek's pep and red hair mix well. Traffic, Chemistry, Band, Orches- tra. JOAN CAROL FRANCIS Lots of .spirit and lots of snap. Library, Cap and Gown. BARBARA JEAN FRANK Loves a good time with hoys and hamburgers supplied. Y-Teens, G.A.A., Medical, Library. DONALD S. FRASER A lumrl for photography und a smile for us. Intramural Basketball, Ski Club, Log. ROSLYN J. FRIEND Rosie is sugar and spice with every- thing nice. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library. ROBERT GAETANO "Gumbano,', a boy with an elastic personality. Intramural Basketball. 19 WILLIAM T. GARDINER Tall, dark and dignified-has a way with people. Intramural Basketball, Honor Roll. Cafeteria. PATRICIA A. GARLAND A ,gifted journalist who secs the bright sirle of life. G.A.A., Library, Usherette, Y- Teens Officer, Lantern, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Home Room Program Committee. AM- SARAII ELIZABETH GARNER Sally's a neat kill who's always full of pep and fun. National Honor Society, Majorettc, Honor Award Chm., Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Log Literary Editor, Y- Teens Pres., Activities Key. JO ANN XV. GASTMEYER "Happy" as the day is long-fits in anywhere. Home Room Officer, Student Court, Executive Board Secretary, Honor Roll, Attendance, Y-Teens Pres., Activities Key, National Honor Society. MARIO VV. GICONI Musieally-mincled-an amazing ae- corclianist and jazzy iifterlmgger. Intramural Basketball, Band. SARAII LEE GILBERT Atfectimiately eallecl "SuclLsv-one terrific kill. G.A.A., Triple Trio, Chorus, "Un- der Cover", T r af f ic , Devotional, Ways and Means, Activities Yey. NANCY LEO GILL She cheers us ecery clay-pretty as a picture. G.A.A., Cheerleader, Y-T c e n s, Honor Roll, Library, Medical, Activ- ities Key. BEATRICE E. GIULIANI Bee Bee is sweet, silent, and sincere. Major and Minor Sports Letters, Home Room Officer. CATHERINE GODDARD I -' Katy lzulzbles with personality-a rich alto voice. G.A.A., Band, Chorus, Log Girls' Sports Ed., Red Cross, Library, Home Room Program Committee, Activities Key. THOMAS F. GORHAM lf " ' Torn's always natural-filled with thoughts of sports. Football, Intramural Basketball, Traffic. ARTHUR RICHARD GORR "Ozzie"is the closest a fellow can he to perfection. Devotional, U sh e r, Executive Board Pres., Lantern Sports Editor, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Ac- tivities Key, National Honor Society. ROBERT A. GRAHAM A star at making footlzall plays anrl pals. Football Letter, Cafeteria, Home Room Officer, Student Court. SHEILA JANE CRAUL ' Pert plus pretty plus popular equals Sheila. G.A.A., Chorus, Y-Teens, Red Cross Chm., Library, Chemistry. ROSE MARIE GREB Rosie has a buoyant .spirit that at- tracts the fellows. G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y- Tcens, Lantern, "Pa Pitt's Review". Seniors RICHARD D. CROSS Quiet, likeable Dick-a welcome attrlition to Mt. Lebo. moi. w. GHUNENWALD Paul's wits are about him in school ami out. Rand, Home Room Officer, Ilonoi Roll, Activities Key. National Ilonor Society. BETTIE ANN GUTHRIE A package of mischief on top- trustwortliiness underneath. 'G.A.A., Mounty, Y'T1'4'llS 0ffiC01', Good Sportsmanship. RICI IARD A. IIALL A tliorouglibrezl clown-enjoys col- lecting cars aiul women. Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, NVays and Means. ROBERT B. HALL Slap-happy Bob likes his ialopy. Intramural Baslcetlmall, Cafeteria. PATRICIA ALICE IIARLAN Cutting figure eights is her speci- alty. C.A.A., Rand, Chorus, Library, Mounty, Activities Key. GENE T. I IARMAN Beautiful, beautiful, brown eyes- A lmdrling linguist. C.A.A., Red Cross, Ways and Means, Y-Teens, Honor Roll. Seniors nf' six 1 in . I v MARCIA LEE HARPSTER Our beautiful head inaiorette is a lima wire- Heacl Majorette, C.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y-Teens Offieer, Home Room Program Committee. MARY LOU IIARPSTER A hit as a maiorette and with us, fl7!7. Major Sports letter, Bulletin Board, Majorette, Devotional. Y-Teens. MARY L. HARRINCTON For laughter and personality slie's tops! G.A.A., Home Room Offieer, Lan- tern, Log, Information Squad, Y- Teens, NVays and Means, IIonor Roll. WILLIAM HASSEL ' Strictly a womarfs num-smooth dresser. Intramural Basketball, Traffic. MARJORIE S. HANVKINS Well always be thinking of you, Margie. Home Room Officer, Home Room Program Committee. Medical, Y- Teens. ROBERT K. HEINEMAN A true "iudge'i of cluiracter-kept Mt. Lebo ticking. Student Court, Honor Roll, Aetivi- ties Key, i'Uncier Cover", Studio, Formal Concert. JOAN ANN HEMPLE A true Ohian and disk jockey-"Ili Babe". Information Squacl. X, ff ,,' fr. SARAH NATALIE IIENDERER One cute kid with a terrific Sensi of humor. C.A.A., Y-Teens RUTH FRANCES HENNESSY You can't stop liking her-tops in Irish wif, C.A.A., Home Room Program Committee, "Mother Is a Freshman", Mounty, Y-Teens, Wlays and Means, Chorus. HERBERT A. HERVET Soccer rates tops for good-natured llerlz. PAUL D. HIMMELRICH "IIi1nmel's" friendly and so nice to know. Projection, Social Chin., Intramu- ral Basketball, Activities Key. SHIRLEY ANNE HISLOP Happy and helpful, hearty and hale is Shirley. C.A.A., Band, Y-Teens, Traffic, Band Librarian, Orchestra. IEANNE MARIA HOBBS Jeannie with the light brown hair- loads of friends. C.A.A., Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Ac- tivities Key, Attendance, Devotional, Ways and Means. HOPE HODNETTE Never a complaint but always a smile . . . brains galore. G.A.A., Log, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Make-up, Library, Activities Key, National Honor Society. 52 RUTH A. IIOFFMANN Soft spoken-"Frenchie" will he a SIICCPSS . C.A.A., Chorus, Medical, Stuilent Service Exchange Clnn., Monnty. JEAN F. HOFRICI ITER Ieannie enjoys flashing her sweet smile. Chorus, Y-Teens. SUZANNE L. HOLLAND Pretty, petite and pleasing-thatls our Suzi. Medical, Library, Honor Roll, Y- Teens. IOHN E. HOWE 1' A folly old Englishman-"Cheerio, Old Chap". Home Room Officer, Honor Roll. PATRICIA HUFNACEL Acting and writing go hand in hand for Patti. C.A.A., Chorus, Home Room Pro- gram Committee, "Mother is a Fresh- manv, Make-up, Y-Teens, Honor Roll. GEORGE A. HULSE ' Quiet in manner and pleasing to know. Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Hi-Y Officer, Log Business Mgr., Class Rank. ROBERT NELSON HUMPHREYS "IIump', has what it takes to suc- ceed. Football, Intramural Basketball and Tennis, Honor Roll, Devotional, Home Room Officer, "Under Cover", National Honor Society. Seniors LOU ISIi M. I IYDIC Generous with her Slllilll-5'-fl swell I 'II Major and Minor Sports Lcttcrs Maki--up, Medical, Lautcrn, Y-Tccns Ilonor Boll. VALERIE ANNIE IVORY One lively hill-a writer in coming: years. Lantern, C.A.A., Y-Teens, IIonn Room Program Connnittcc. IKOBEIVI' -IEFI"I1EY Rf'A'l'fl'l'fI, never talks lllit!'il'-ujlllilv likes lo go hunting. Intramurai Baskcthall, Cafctcria. CHARLES II. .IIZNNER A iulopy and ll joke-Pete's frivo- rites. Intramural Basketball, IIi-Y. ALVEIIN Ii. ,IOI INSON The girls all go for huuzlsomr' Al. B as c h a I I, Baskcthall, Cafctcria , , Chnl., Iloinc Room f7II'lL'l'I', III-X, "Under Cow-r". LANYRICNCIC .IOI I NSON A nent guy who lzlows u nzeun trumpet. Ilomc RUUIII Officer, Band, Orches- tra, Intramural Baskcthall. Lunch Traffic. Ii. DAVID .IOI INSON "Cain keeps the .wlmol puhlien- tions stacked with stories. Cross Country, Intramural Baskct- hall, Lantern, Mounty, "Under Cov- er", QuiII and ScroII, Ilonor Roll, Dc- votional. Seniors IIICIIARD M. JOHNSTON Ready to help out-Muster rail- roucler to he -just swell. Intramural Baskcthall, Cafctcrin Chin., Traffic, Scorchoarcl, Ilolnc Iiooin Officer. BERNARD I". JONES Burney spells ACTION with ll vap- ital A. Golf Lcttcr, Rifle, Intramural Bas- Iicthall. HELEN LYNN .IONES Striking Ilelen is always a hit. C-.A.A.. Bulletin Board, Vlays and Means, Book Squad Chin. RONALD E. JONES Takes it easy except when there's ll basketball around. Intramural Basketball, Ushcr. MABEIVI' LUIS KAISEIR Baseball, singing, mul acting inter- est talented Becky. C.A.A.. VVays and Means, Mcdical, 'iUndcr Covcr", Ilonor Boll, I'uhIici- ty, Chorus. XVILLIAM E. KEEN A wise-,guy with n winning smile is Bill. Cross-Country, Track. Intramural Basketball, Traffic. NIAIIY LINDA KELLY Our ehoiee for the quietest and the nicest. Major Sports Lcttcr, Chorus. Iloinc Room Officer, Honor Roll, Y-Teens Officer, Library, Medical, Activities KQV. 19 KATY BELVA KETCHUM The girl of our dreams is this pretty cheerleader. Y-Teens, C.A.A., Clu-erleader, Lost and Found Chm., Cym Squad, Home Room Program Connnittee. JOSEPH H. KIFER Joe-a man of few words, hut ,agoorl ones. Intramural Basketball, Lantern, Chorus. SHIRLEY ANN KIRCIINER Her personality goes well with her prettiness. Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Honor Award, Medical, Y-Teens, 'l'eacher's Secretary. FRANK R. KIRSOPI' His hobby-mechanics-his love- girls. Ili-Y, Stagecrew. MARGARET ANN KLIMCHECK Pep ami personality-popular on eUeryl2ozly's list. Major and Minor Sports Letters. Ways and Means, Library, Medical, Y-Teens Officer, Home Room Officer, Lantern. DORIS M. KNOX l Sweetness is her trademark-Doris her label. Major Sports Letter, Y-Teens, Med- ical, Lihrary, Red Cross, Cym Squad JOHN VVILLIAM KRAFT One of the hest quarter-milers- wonflerfu kill. Track Captain and Letterman, Cross Country Letter, Hi-Y, Execu- tive Board Viee Pres., Home Room Officer, Activities Key, National Hon- or Society. JOAN M. KRIECER A honey who will make someone a sweet wife. Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Library. JOAN L. KRUT ' ' A true friend is a friend forever. Major Sports Letter, Mounty, Y- Teens, Medical, Lihrary, Red Cross. ROSE MARIE LANFRANKIE L" What she cIoesn't say, she sings. Chorus, Y-Teens, Cym Squad, "Midnight Fantasy". CLADYS M. LAIIKIN A very nice gal-hound to succeed. RUTH II. LEASE l " "Gee, is .die ever tremendousf' ales- erilzes our Ruth lrest. National Honor Society, Minor Sports Letter, Make-up, Bulletin Board, Traffic, Attendance, Y-Teens, Activities Key. SARA LEES Interested in art-always enjoys a goorl time. Library, Medical, Home Room Of- ficer, Lantern, Log, Mounty, Scenery, Y-Teens. M. WILLIAM LIC! ITNER Bill is tall, dark, aml hanclsome. Track, Intramural Basketball. Seniors Our Senior Sheiks S4 3 ' Good old Oz will sonu- day own a preside-nt,s scdan, kr 6 And who will fix his parking fine? NVhy Mayorcss Io Ann. Most Likely To Succeed i,,i. , .jo Ann Wise and Ozzie Corr "'l ii'03.,, 'Q " .c p iff: 4:51 ms: O, somn can play polo, and sonic have grcat tactg 'l But thcsc two are good all-round-that's a fact. Best All-Bound Kids ...,., Happy Castmeyer and Ozzie Corr V VVhatcvcr thcrc is that nccds to bc done, x E. Thr-sc kids can do it, and they call it fun. t f l Most Talented .... . . .Monnie Adams and Bill Minkler T ff 'eip' Q ga Four is a party, onc is too few, , Thrcc is a crowd, but a conplc-thatys two. M Cutest Couple ,,,. ..,, B arbara Bauer and jim Portman dh. me 1 f Is it 1, 2, 3, kick, or kick, 2, 3, 4? . S At any ratc, thcy'rc prctty hot at dancing on thc ballroom floor. 1 U, 22' fx .nl , ,gf Best Dancers. , , . .Ann Bowman and Jack Brown I ' v f Q1 Q9 K The 20's had their flappcrs, and short skirts, and crazy hats. Hamm -Bin P Tlwy wcar thtm in thc- 50,s, and now wc call them ucatsu. Best Dressed ,... . , .Sue O,Brien and Bill Hasscl Nw Q H ll' I 'Q' ll' Q 4, W' S ,,,' . ,ms , Q , i H K l I' it 1 X I r "1 r if KD I X . fr M Ui rut Ann Sue Bill 4 32 Became Famous "Poll" Sitters S , The Cadillac-'s il quiet ear, lint hov, has it got power. K-Q 1 J l Q A ' t 5 Ahove this masterpiece of steel our Boll and Linda tower. Quietest ...Linda Kelly and Bob Humphreys l if 711 At ticltlletly-winks or lmaslu-tlmall or any other sport, M Our athlete friends are always in the stands or on the eourt. Lwtya .B L 0 Most Athletic, . . . . . Ann Nlclfee and jerry Clutter A "The eosine of .r plus the tangent of yu- hh 1-2 M www? ,K LQ, 'wx 9 N . i It eanlt stump these brains, though hard it may try. cv. if f E1 X ' 1 Brainiest. . . ,... Monnie Adams and jerry Clutter f hx 7, f 1 X N be X f I K N Nvith well-seasoned lnnnor the-50 two run almoutg J ff, K 1 N lrolks laugh at their jokes either wif, or wiyout. f L I f . . . . ll l ill Wlttlest. . A . . .jllllle Arnold and Dlck Hall 4- --K 1 To Wk-luster a sophistieate is one who's "worldly wise". Q At knowing what is eoining off this pair now takes first prize. . H Momma Most Sophisticated. . . A . ,Madeline Beard and john Kraft Tw.-2 El' I 7 "0h. Mirror, why dost thou turn green with envy like the seal?" " 'Cause everyone is eyeing llozl and llelen 'stead of lllC.D Best Looking. A . . . .Helen jones and Rodney Simmonds fi I l C va 7 X 3 4 Ii Av Q V wr . i N l , 'Buck I I' H ,len RNA N aclel mg 'John The . p 1 i 1 33 JOHN VV. LINKHAUER john is a truly nice kid-very ae- true. National Honor Society, Chemis- try, Home Room Officer, Lantern, Mounty, Honor Roll, Chess, Activi- ties Key. JOAN EVELYN LITTLE ",Ioanie" wirh the golden hair anfl .x-ilrery voice. Major Sports Letter. Chorus, Triple Trio, Library, Y-Teens, Devotional. DONALD C. LONC Tops on every list-a personality that wins everyone. Baseball, Basketball, Honor Roll, lntranmral Basketball. BARBARA A. LOWRY A neat kicl with clothes to match. C.A.A., Red Cross, Library, Medi- cal, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Mounty. XVILLARD H. LUSK A carefree, likeable manner-always into something. Intramural Basketball, "U n d e r Cover", Hi-Y, Usher. JOHN FORYVIAN LUTZ Likes to joke and give the girls a twirl. Cross Country Mgr., Track Letter, Traffic, Usher, Cafeteria, "Mother I-a A lfreslnnanu, Log Sports Editor, Properties. NANCY E. MAC DONALD Good frienrl to all-likes people in general. G.A.A.. Y-Teens, Attendance, A- l'llIl'Yl'lllt'lII. Seniors RICHARD rl. MADDEN "What a tremendous personalityl' -ioke for every occasion. Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Hospitality, Traffic, Cafete- ria. DONALD B. MALCOLM 'V ll Don can be zleperulerl upon to lie your friend. Traffic, Biology, Honor Roll, Na- tional Honor Society. THOMAS V. MANNINC A swell fellow to all who know him. Intramural Basketball, Track, Cafe- teria, Hoinc Room Officer, Honor Roll. JOHN WVILLIAM MARCEY Demonstrates his loce of art in his artful smile. Track, Mounty. RICHARD A. MARLIN Likes to vacation in New York- future oilman. BRUCE L. MARRA Fun-loving Bruce is quite the fel- low! Baseball, Intramural Basketball. Ilome Room Officer, Log, llonor Roll, Projection. MARJORIE MARSHALL Lots of pep, lots of steam-lhal's our "Margie". C.A.A. Council, Chcerleaclcr, Ush- crette, Library, Home Room Officer, I Chorus. Y-Teens Officer, "Pa Pittls Revucv. 19 KENNETH VV. MARTIN Ken sings his way into our hearts. Intramural Basketball, C li o r u s . Traffic, Coocl Sportsmanship. MARY IIANE MARTIN UM. I." is proof that ,good things eome in small packages. Hospitality, Ways ancl Means, Meclieal, Home Room Officer, Y- Teens, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Ilanclbook Committee. PATRICIA C. MARTIN Iler sniile i.s indeed un asset-11 bustling brunette. C.A.A., Book Squad, Lantern, Y- Teens, Senior Tea. FRANKLYN A. MASTANDREA "Buzz" always is beaming-grand all-around kid. Track, Cross Country. ROBERT LEE MATHIAS A quiet addition who's welcome in Mt. l.elJo. CHARLES T. MATTIIEYVS Chuck is swell to know-cross country letterman. Cross Country Letter. Track, Intra- mural Basketball. PATRICIA LEE MAUE joy-locing Pat-parties are a must with her. National Honor Society, Home Room Officer, Log, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Devotions, Ways and Means, Activities Key. 52 ELEANOR MARGARET MAY E. for energetic, M. for music lou- er, M. for merry. Medical, Home Room Officer, Chorus, Y-Teens, Teacher's Secretary. DOUGLAS ML-ALLISTER A grand guy-expert ut tennis. Tennis, Chorus. ELLEN PATRICIA Mc-ARDLE Tremendous, tiny, and tops equals Toast of The Town. Ways and Means, Medical, Log, Y-Teens. JOHN MeCARTAN "Honest John" like "Honest Abe" has sterling qualities. Football, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll. GEORGE A. MeCAULEY Wins many frienrls with his warm smile. Intramural Basketball, Band, Home Room Officer, Mounty. GERARD X. Mn-CAULEY ' Generous with his time-a muster writer. Poster Squacl, Cafeteria, Lantern, Mounty, Intramural Basketball Refe- ree. PAUL DUNCAN ML-CONNELL Knows all the answers-never a :lull moment. Achievement, Ways and Means, Traffic, Cafeteria, Mounty, Honor Roll. Seniors r '- ELIZABETH B. MCCOY Betsy bubbles with pep and per- sonality. C.A.A., Medical, Bulletin Board, Lost and Found Chm., Lantern, Y- Tc-ons. LEO ARTHUR McCRORY Leffs quiet, unassuming attitude wins us all. Intramural Basketball, Projection, Honor Roll. PAULINE A. Mc-DONALD Po l l y's radiant smile literally "snags" a host of friends. Home Room Officer, Lantern, Log, Mounty, Medical. ANN ELIZABETH MUFEEA fl' "Hey, good-lookin, whatcluz doin?" -"Cheerleading, of eourselv National Honor Society, Major Sports Letter, Home Room Officer, Chorus, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Activi- ties Key, Uslwrr-tte. JANET V. MCKEE ff' ' ' Red hair and an excellent clothes- taste become Janet. C.A.A., Orchestra. Chemistry, Red Cross, Ushcrettc, Log, Lantern, Y- teens. EILEEN KAY Mr-KIBBEN A steady candidate for the Honor Roll-amiable Eileen. C.A.A., Y-Teens, llonor Roll, Li- hrary. VVILLIAM D. Mc-KINLEY Ilit Mt. Lebo with Il bang-keeps us laughing. Seniors ROBERT P. MCMANN Bob is our representative at Hei- delberg Raceway. Intramural Basketball. PATRICIA ANN MCMASTER 3 A whole lot of fun in a small, neat package. G.A.A., Major Sports Letter, Home Room Officer, Chorus, Y-Teens. NA L MARY K. McMURRY The "height" of beauty-never lets a conversation drag. Ways and Means, Medical, Book Squad, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens. W. NORWOOD MQN ULTY A willing worker who plans to trau- el in Europe. Lantern Head Typist, Log, Teach- cr's Secretary. NANCY A. MEDIS Our becoming Nancy aims to be a model. Chorus, Medical, Library. E. RONALD MENKE "Ron" has a passion for sports-a great pal. Football, Basketball, Track, Intra- mural. Basketball, Home Room Offi- Cer. EDWARD H. MENNE Fair-haired "Bud" has a future in aviation. Intramural Basketball. BRUCE C. MEYER Eueryonefs ehum, really gets things done. National Honor Society, Hospitali- ty, Traffic, Executive Board Vice Pres., Home Room Officer, "Under Cover", Activities Key, Lantern. VVILLIAM S. M IN KLER Whatever you want done, this top- per in talent does. Wfays and Means Co-Cluu., Public- ity , Ilome Room Officer, Lantern Editor, llonor Roll, National Honor Society, Activities Key, Quill and Scroll. JOHN jOSEPH MORGAN lt "Smilin.' Jack" has a coiee and per- sonality for stagelights. Home Room Officer, Intramural Basketball, Publicity Clnu., Proiee- tion, Lantern, Log, Announcer, "Un- der Cover". DONALD A. MOSITES Hilarious "lt1oc',' kept everyone in stitches. Football. JAMES SCOTT MURRAY Tops in football, tops in track, anll tops with us. Football, Track, Intramural Bas- ketball, Cafeteria, Traffic. ARTHUR MURTON Always "Tactful" and on the 17!UDl'. Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, llonor Roll, Cafeteria, Pro- jection. MARIAN L. MYERS The girls envy Mariarfs beautiful elothes aml curly hair. C.A.A., Library, Medical, Bulletin Board, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Activi- ties Key, Home Room Attendance. 52 THOMAS P. NEE Tom's slow but zlependable-foot ball and basketball rate. Football, Intramural Basketball. AlI'l'llUR NORDQUIST Gooa'-naturerl Art has a pleasant worfl for everyone. Track, Cross Country, Usber. DONNA E. NORTIIRUI' A Loads of quiet-quality and sweet- ness. Scliolastic, Library, Honor Roll, Actlvlties key, Secretarial Squad. SUZANNE I. O'BRIEN Beauty and brains-what more could you want? C.A.A., Majorette, Chorus, Student Court, Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Activi- ties lxey, Usberctte. NANCY ANN O'MEARA "Nancy OD, the gal who iingles with joy. C.A.A., Major Sports Letter, Home Room Officer, Lantern, Y-Teens, Ac- tivities Key, Attendance, Medical. FLORENCE B. OPFERMAN Of all with zest, Floss is the best. C.A.A., Y-Teens, Library. RICHARD E. OSIIER A really good kid-welcome any- where. Band, Orchestra, Log, Mounty, Honor Roll. Seniors DONNA BETH OVERHOLT Oar Snowball Queen i.s beautiful through and through. C.A.A. Council, Head Cheerleader, Make-up Squad Cluu., Medical, Home Room Officer, Gym Squad, Y- Teens Officer, Activities Key. JOIIN l'AI"'I" First and foremost a clever football player wlzo's well-liked. Football. Basketball, Baseball. CHARLES A. PARLETTE Chaek's a gay gay with lots of talent. Football. Track, Cross Country Mgr., Track Mgr., Cafeteria, "Under Cover", Chorus. ROBERT F. PATTERSON Quite a gay-right out of the top drawer. Cross Country, Intramural Basket- ball, Band, "Under Cover". HUGII NELSON PENDLETON Huglfs got everything it takes to succeed in life. National Honor Society, Chemistry, Honor Roll, Traffic, Lantern, Home Roolu Officer, Chnl. Mounty Mimeo- graphing. Activities Key. GRACE I. PEOPLES Sparkles with life-a vigorous Cutie. C.A.A., Band, Library, Teaeher's Secretary. NANCY JANE PERKINS Nifty to have around-terms will: "Perkin ideas. C.A.A., Lantern, Log, Y-Teens, Li- brary, Medical, XVays and Means, "Pa Pitt's Revue". Seniors NORMAN I. PETRELLI "Norm", a valuable fellow on the gridiron-a real gem. Football Letter. HONVARD B. PHILIPS, JR. Brawny Howard has a sunny dis- position. LAVVRENCE P. PHILLIPS Coarteous and reserved-granrl all the time. ROBERT B. PIERSON ' Bob is tall and witty-a tennis en- tlmsiast. Honor Roll, Tennis, Basketball Mgr., Track Mgr., Rifle, Intramural Basketball, Tennis. LORRAINE E. POE Blond and lrlitlie as a .summer clay. C.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical, Library, Information Squad. JAMES IJ. I'OR'l'MAN Never "Skips" sports, luuiliug or cars. Football, Track, Basketball Mgr.. Intramural Basketball. JUDY RUTH PROTAS Good-natarecl lady will make an efficient nurse. C.A.A., Y-Teens, Red Cross, Mali- cal. 19 JOIIN E. PULLETS ,lolnfs camera-eye will take lzim far. Intramural Basketball, Lantern, Log. JOANNE CLAIRE RALL Sincere, sweet, anll so friendly- we're "H-all" for Joanne. C.A.A., Mounty, Y-Teens, Ilonor Roll, Activities Key, Devotional, Usll- erette. Bulletin Board. IVOSTER A. RANKIN Easy-going Foster is our iaek-pot winner. Rifle, Band, Home Room Officer Public Address, Projection. EDMOND J. REDDY lirllly is never at a loss for lL'OI'1l-9. Footliall, Cross Country, Track, In' trainural Rasketlvall, Cafeteria. JOIIN RENTON jaek's rneelianieal mind pulls in many gu'enl1a1'ks. MARY JANET REPLOULE Flashing, friendly eyes-a maker of lasting friemlsliips. G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Lan- tern, Log, Y-Teens, Attendance Co- Clnn., Information Squad. GLENN A. RIIYNER Always up to sometlzing-a future lawyer. Band, Orelnestra. ....f 2' VIRGINIA A. RICH ' Ginny's crazy about tennis, anal we're crazy about her. Tennis, G.A.A., Major Sports Let- ter, Class Rank, Medical, Y-Teens Officer, Ilonor Roll, Activities Key. LANE R. RICIIARDS Traffic was always the lieaviesl Laneis way. Traffic. JOIIN R. RIECEL Ramlmnetious aml "Regal,' in what he does. I n t r a m u r a I Basketball, Home Room Officer, Ili-Y, Usher Squad Clnn., Class Rank. DOROTHY LOUANN RIGCS Dollie makes many friends in her quiet manner. G.A.A., Mounty, Y-Teens Officer, Medical, Major Sports Letter. JAMES B. ROBERTS Jim really "tracks" up the cinzlers -thrills the girls. Track, Cross Country, Intramural Basketball, Band, Ili-Y, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Seliolastic. ANGELA MARIE ROPPOLO "Angie is a good sport -loves laughter and fun. C.A.A., Mounty, Y-Teens, Ways and Means, Medical, Library, Major Sports Letter. NANCY ROTIIENIIOEFER ' A loyal friend-Naney's right on the ball. C.A.A.. Ilonor Award, Medical, Home Room Officer, Ilonor Roll, Activities Key, Mounty Contest Edi- tor, Y-Teens Officer. Seniors V. ROBERT ROXBROUCH "Rox" is first-rate in brains and personality. Intranmral Basketball, Hi-Y, Honor Roll. MARJORIE M. RUF!" "LiI' Marge"-will make a pretty air-hostess. Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Lihrary. CONSTANCE L. RUPP Connie i.s loacls of fun-pretty au- burn hair. Medical. GEORGE R. RYBICKI Elien-tempered George is a scien- tist to the eore. Band, Scholastic Committee Chm., Honor Roll, Activities Key, Chess. JouANNA L. SAVVYER ' Our darling "Johnnie" plays .silvery trumpet notes. C.A.A., Band, Orchestra, Home Room Officer, "Under Cover", Y- Teens, Honor Roll, National Honor Society. DANIEL L. SAXTON ' Danny is afways happy-a deluxe baskeihaller. Basketball. Tennis, Intramural Bas- ki-thall, Home Room Officer, Usher. ANNE E. SCH IETINCER Tiny Annie always does her best at everything. Chorus, 'Triple Trio, Make-up, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens Officer, Activities Key, Advisory Council, Honor Roll. Seniors ' if rl' .. , 40 f' i' LOIS J. SCHINDEHETTE An appealing sense of humor- rarini to go. C.A.A.. Chorus, Mounty, Y-Teens, YVays and Means, Medical. MARGARET M. SCHOOS Margy has gorgeous blond hair and a super personality. Bulletin Board, Information Squad, Home Room Officer, Home Room Attendance, Honor Roll. LOIS ANN SCHRAMM Lois .shines with personaliiy-"Isnli that terrific?" C.A.A., Y-Teens, In t' o r in a tion Squad. KATIIRYN JEAN SEIBEL Katie is efficient and lacking noth- ing-a winner. C.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y- Teens, Library. JOSEPH SEMAK joe's shouldrers compare with his broad participation in sports. Football. CLAYTON P. SHANNON "Widdyn has a way with golf halls and baslcetballs. Golf, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Class Rank Chm. I VVILLIAM DONALD SHANV Bounce. drihhle. pass, pivot-Don's ready every minute. Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. 19 MARIANN SHERICK Ml' Lovely to look at and delightful to know. G.A.A., Major Sports Letter, Y- Tcens, Gym Squad, Medical, VVays and Means. HARRISON SHIELDS "fl Ships and acting are specialties with Hass. Chorus, Home Room Officer, Mounty, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Ways and Means, "Under Cover", National Honor Society. RICHARD C. SHIELDS 3 ' Dick is always able to make us laugh. Hi-Y. LINDA SHOOP 'I Nothing could be finer than Linda, our headliner. G.A.A., Medical Squad Chm., Li- brary, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Activities Key. RONALD C. SHORT ' One of the boys-oodles of fun. Cafeteria, Intramural Basketball. HERBERT j. SIEGEL Architecturing is Herlfs interest, ambition, and favorite sport. Hi-Y, Traffic, Usher. C. RODNEY SIMMONDS Clothes and hockey are synony- mous for handsome Rod. Intramural Basketball, Band, Traf- fic. B17 '1': 7 . WVILLIAM A. SIMPSON fl A master collector of coins, stamps, and pictures Intramural Basketball, Home Room Program Committee. JAMES C. SIPLE l" ' Likes basketball and cross country -a future engineer. Cross Country, Track, Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria. DONALD B. SMITH "Smitty" enjoys tinkering with en- gines, particularly in ears. ANDREW J. SPALLA Happy-go-lucky- a future threat to Harry James. Band, Orchestra. JOHN P. SPANCLER Grizz's wisecracks keep any phcc in an uproar. Intramural Basketball. STEWAIIT H. SPEAKER "Rell" is a baseball fan-a flashing smile. Intramural Basketball. JOSEPH ROBERT STADELMAN An expert at making model air- planes and friends. Track, Cross Country, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Hi- Y Pres., Decorating Squad Chm. Seniors DONALD XV. STOKE All or nothing-his tlzeory-frientls anrl engineering-his proof. Projection Squacl. CAROLYN M. STREINE Ballet and flu' Mounly are her first loves. Library, Log, Mounts' Co-Editor, Honor Roll, Activities Kev, Guard, Quill anll Scroll, National Honor So- t-it-ry. MARTHA ANN STUTT Marty knows the key to 1lres.s-rnilk- ing and our hearts. Clnn. Bulletin Boartl Squad, Metl- ical. SIIERWOOD L. SVVANN Sherry swings a eliampion's tennis rai'ket-happiest when outside. lntrainural Basketball. ROBERT D. SXVEARINCEN Perxonifies the p's and 11's of poise and quickness. Intramural Basketball. Chin. Class Rank Couunittee, Log Editor-in- Chief, Hi-Y. Honor Roll, Activities Key, National Honor Society. NANCY ANN TALVICK As lively as the "Tien of a clock. Home Room Officer, Y-Teens. THOMAS KENT TAUSSIC V A man of many morals-mainly guns and eating. Rifle, Intramural Basketball, Ten- nis. Lantern, Chemistry. Seniors .,ii -Fi ill' F M97 ' A - DOUGLAS J. TERMAN Alice with zest-superb co-captain of cross country. Cross Country Co-Captain, Track, Band, Orchestra, Home llooin Offi- cer, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Sportscaster. BARBARA JOAN THOMPSON A gurgling laugh, radiant person- ality-that's our thoroughbred Hoos- iw, Clnn. Lilirary Squad, Devotions, Y-Teens Officer, Honor Roll. MARY ELLEN TI MBERLAKE Talent with a smile-accent on looks. C.A.A. Council, National Honor Society, lloine Rooui Officer, Attenti- ance, Social, Information Squad. Chemistry, "Mother Is A Freshman". EDGAR JOE TIMOTHY Tt1nrny's "green thamlf will point his way to success. Track Mgr., Cafeteria. JOHN VAN CAMP A hig man behind oar plays-good engineering experience. XVays and Means, Lantern, Proper- ties. CAHOLYN VAN GUNDY ' "Dutch" makes close friends with her singing and smiling. Chorus, Triple Trio, Activities Key, VVays and Means, Medical, Library. AUDHEY GRACE VECELLA Our brilliant star-glimmering with versatility and charm. C.A.A. Council Pres., Cheerleader, Lantern Circulation Mgr., Honor Roll, National Honor Society. Activities Key, "Under Cover", "Mother Is A l'll'K'SlllllllIlv. ADELINE B. VEICA "Tootsie's" hright face and gener- ous nature make her great. Home Room Officer, Y-Teens. AIAMES R. VISKOCIIIL Whizzzs-it's "Scotty" and his mo- torcycle or his girls. Intramural Basketball, Band, Pro- jeetion. DONALD A. WAGNER "Moose" is our must-girls are his. Baseball Letter. J. DONALD VVAGNER An expert at fixing or racing cars. Intramural Basketball. ROBERT XV. NVALSH, JR. "Bing" always has an answer-a hockey man. Cross Country Letter, Track, Intra- mural Basketball, Hi-Y, Cafeteria. ALFRED II. XVARDLE Artistic Al's talents center in art mul metal-art. Track Letter, Chorus, Boys' Quar- tette, Lantern Art Editor, Log Art Editor, Mounty Make-up Editor, Scenery Clun., Activities Key. R. STE PI IE N VVATE RS Fond of footlmll and motor boats -sports minded. 0 DAVID WEIMER "Shutter-hug Dave" will he our x- ray physician. Rifle, Intranulral Basketball, Lan- tern, Log. ,IOANNE E. VVELDEN Outstanding in character, leader- ship, scholarship, and activities. VCIIOFIIS. Triple Trio, Home Room Otfieer, Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Activities Key. GEORGE F. VVELLS Keeps the hall rolling, in and out of school. Intramural Basketball. BARRY S. WETMORE Barry is never seen without a cur. Intramural Basketball. JULIE LILLIAN XVIIITNEY English humor and poise flaoorczl with French sauoir faire. Chorus, Clim. Student Service Ex- eliange, Y-Teens. DONALD E. WILLIAMS ' Quiet Don is always lmsy-A mind for science. Plrysies Squad, Picture Squad, 'I'rattie, llonor Roll. MARY M. WILLIAMS Sweet as they come, goorl-hearted Marg, C.A.A., Medical, Gym Squad, NVays and Means, Home Room offi- eer, Lantern, Log, Honor Roll. Seniors .IOIIN WILSON XVell-huiit jack has a litfely twin- kle in his eyes. Raselmll. PAUL A. XVIRANT "Butch", his buggy, and his laugh are inseparable. Intramural Raskctlmall, llonle Room Officer, Ili-Y Pres. .IO AN N XVISE "Petie", a favorite with everyone and arloralzle besides. National Ilonor Society, Triple Trio, Executive Board Secretary. Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Ilon- or Roll, Activities Key. "Under Cov- er . DARYLE F. WOLFERS A Lee - of - all - trades draws, acts, swims, and rides, Orchestra, Poster Connnittee Clnn., Log, Monnty, Honor Roll, Activities Key, "Mother Is A Freslnnann, "Un- der Cover". Seniors glide S W i 9 5 c" 5:7-ang? YQ rm .1,, .1 A' W ,... . V D L JOAN SARAH ZIECLER A pretty picture-nice frame too. G.A.A., Major Sports Letter, Cho- rus, Y-Teens, Medical, Attendance, Ways and Means, Activities Key. CAMERA SHY TI IOMAS K. CONNORS A calm fellow who races about basketball. Basketball, Baseball. -14 x . GLORIA JEAN NVORTI IINCTON Shining, dark hair is her crowning .. ,, glory . Home Room Officer, Log, Monnty. Y-Teens, Bulletin Board. 1 , MARY MARGARET XV UNDERLY "Manly" with the magnetic smile- a popular gal. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library, Medical. ROGER YARHOUSE "Big Rogl'-always bursting with fun. Basketball, Home Room Officer. ROBERT B. YEACER Bob knows what makes model air- planes and radios powerful. 9 . 2 XYl1ivl1 om' slmll uv trv lor? Sm-niors look all m lmullvlin lmourml displaying sn-lmolzlrslxip un- lII7lllIk'1'Illl'lllS. LT. l,.l 'I'l14- sm-nior class lmouslvml lom' sn-lx ol twins-l ilu- Nlvffmnlvys, tlw Ilallls, ilu- llau'pstc-rs, nncl thx- B1-Qmls. QT. RJ Svniors clamor lol' lluzli littlm' lmnlx of golll ml onyx wllivll llll'2lllS tlwy finally lllillll' tllc 'rlcln-. lll. l..l At lust tlw lllUllll'Ill17llN clay arrivals :mal Son- For Seniors Are Jolly Good Fellows s DI'Olllllj' llI1lI'Cll to tlu-ir COINllIl'lli't'lIll'lll ox- 'ise-s. LB. HJ Colm' on, kicls. Liiu' al tllvvl' for tlw grvant clams ol 0 r' 'U' +- J ' . l Sm 'vgg,,, 45 1 as we-Il as scniors mm-t nt tha- popular stat 46 UNIIERCLASSME East Side, West Side, All around the town, Boys and girls together . 4 x S ? .. . 5 ? S3 N 1 ,td 'Q S 4 Q" 3 sr '4 pf' 4 fx 1 fn! 4 IIUN ll-2 XII. XIIIIIVIIIIIIVI' Y I II. Sp4lI1gIc'l'. NI. C.ulI , , -, 'clgq-N, Ii. XXIIiIc', mm I lin XI. l'mIwl', :X. l.Iuy'cI. X. Ircsf NI-I, II, I.. -Xllmm. IJ. Xlalrrzl. I. nm IxlII'Il. N 2 I5. IIIIII. II. ,II-11I4lns. N. Ilanrm-Ns, I. Xlvlxm-lnflv. A. NI! IIIIX gan. X, XII Y I' 'mxll, ', .' ' ,- mr H. II-I3 XII. Srp Y I XI. I.. -II'xxm'II, X, IJII IIIIQ. Ii. Iiumu. II. B.lI.IIII Y -III5. IIIIUI, .I, XYQIIIxl'I'. Ii, SIm'l'l1m'l', Y. Urb- um. I'. XI.m'aIx'u, II. lmxxls. IIUX I 2 I, XIIIIIIIIQ, IP. IIII5- x1'II. Ix. IIILIQIIIN. XI. .'XmIauns CI. Iimylmx, XI. AI, I4IlILIIlI NI III I I IM IIII 1 II . 1. U. 'Xt' Q1 I,lIl'Ixf . II. XX1.In. lb lim I' -'S II. lim nglulrm. II. I'au1k pI I7 IIIIIIIIN II I'isIn XI glmm. I.. XVIIIIIII-5. A Nlixx XIVIAIIIQIIIIII It. I'.1'xIx1m'. XI. 5Ivxx.u'I. X. IIl'ic'Ix. I.. IIl1l'sI. II. Iimmmz IIUXX' 2 XI. VIIIAIIIIIII. S. I,.lIIl'l'f mn. lf. III-xuvql1.I. Ii. IKIIIIII. lf. UIXVII. IS. Nlurgaul. II. I.m'1II14mII. I. IXVIIIIIIIHIII. IIUIY 3 IJ. Xu: UV. XIIIVII, I. SIHAIQIIUIU, U. NI1'Ixu'. It. IJLINIIILHI. IJ, III'IICII'I'NIlIl. They Grow Un You L....I AUM' In IIOXY I XI, Ihxvy. C. .XIINIIIL NI. I.. linmll. I. I'rnuuIs1'r1. I lf-I Nlr. Clilln-rl IIOII' I VI. IYiL'I1vl'l. NI. IA-wis NI. Itnslun. X. Ilvttllng. CuIwiII. NI. I.. NI'zlIIwr. Nh-114-iIIy, ID, I'au'Ix, Cf. Young., S. I'IllI4IllllilIU. IIUNI 2 III. -I. Ilalllllmll. XI. I Klan-Iwy. NI. 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II1'llx X Ya-Isola. I.. XYl'1lIIII'l'N II. XIIH. NI. xIL'.'Xl'IIllIl'. ID IIzu'l, II. II 1'lll'l1'II. -I. JXIIIIIIII IIOXI' FI j. K1lx'uIn'1'. I.. IIUIY Ilalrmun, IU. IIl'lIlII'l'SHll. II xI1'f.lII. II. I2ll'IllI Q ', ' " ' IIN! II UUIII1-. II. IDIl'IxIIlSUll, Mihm, ll. Nlvllmu. HON vvns. I. I'IuII1ps. -I. lImmns, IIUX ll-T Nlr. 'I12lIIlll.lll IIUXY I Sll'i1'I4Il'l'. X. Slvw url. A. NYQII4-l'111:1ll. I'. NIzn'I-4- Iv. Cl. I'.l'IlIllA'. C. O'I7m1m-ll, -I. NIllIx'iIniII, Cf. 'I'lnm1psmn. IICIX Y 2 II. IIUQIUIIIIIIQ, li. Iiruw- cIy', II. Ixivfm-xg C. XIIIIIII, D. Ilawis. Xl. If. IJuyIv. IC. Sum Inn. C, IA'llI7. -I. Nlvffalill. IIUXY 3 VI. I5m'II. Ii. IIl'lIIi1', QI. l.ucIunun, Ix. IIUIII. II. Pls mlnuI. .I. Ys'IIllL'vi, l'. Svlmvi- ul K lint I I-H Slim S11-plwns IIUYY I IIllL'Ix. I'. XIL'Ixxly. Nl Orlolv, M. A. NIIIIQ-r, Cl. I'z1I .xmrmmz II. AY2lIl'l'Illilll. NI Dowding. I'. CNIIII. NI. A. Buzzurcl. Y 2 S. fIkllAl'f'. I,. c:UINIl'Ik'Il II. Ilalrgvr. II, IIl1m'Hlm1'I1'. S. .I,'1lIf'IlI. Il. Simpsun. C. Sh'- N. IIIIIUL, A. XIIIIIIIIQ, IJ . 1 . . . I.n'cIy. I, I'mm'1s. -I, Ifnr- Iung, I'. I7m1IxIs'cIa1y. I3. Him-g, IC. Snfis. Y 3 I. NIm'Ar1IIm'. 'If Kang sL,....... The Things They Say . . . ..1ll HUM I I. IIUIIIlI2lll,,I.LlK'j.fI1 A, Clilwm, II. IIUxl'll A . III 1IivI. II. IIN-Q, -. .' 'A HI. Iilvv. XIal1Isml. AI. Dania. UI. Mu ' , -I. . zwn. -I. IIlOIllAlx HOW I3 II, II1'm'y. I7. limi, Stum-str ' ' . r. ' ,, ' xx 1 fc ' I I Jw Y I IXIIIQ. IIUXY 2 II. SCHII. II. ISIAHNYII, II Im lj' T110 Things They D0 I I-I2 Min SIlt'lll'f IIUXY I A. IYiIIuugI1I1y, IJ. S4'yllllNlI'. AIA. IIIIIUIIIIIS, XI. l'1-ta-rm-I, N. II'i11tvrs, S. Zill- Illilll, S. NiuI141Is. S. xI1lllk'Ill'lA. I'. Ilimlingi. IIUII' 2 I'I. Kl'illll1'l'. XIUIII- wn, NI. Yaulglmn. NI. I.. IIau1vI1, XI. hl. XYiIIxu'. I. AIUIIVS, I.. IJ1'm'Ivl', NY. Signup- Il-I. IIUIY II I.. 'I'uIIl. 'If KIUIIT. XY. M4-icI4'l'. I.. I,t'L'IiIl1llll. IJ. Iulw. A. IUIIIIXSUII, I. 'Im' cIaln. IV. Smith. Il-Ill NI1's. XIUIQIIII IIOXY I II. Iluviws, Ii, XIDII l'Illll. X. I'1INIH'l'. C. Sl'Il1lIlIl XI. CJriII'iIIl. II. SVIIIIQIIAS. II lun-ilu. XI. Xmglul, IJ, Ilan xvxlpml, I. IIiII. II. IJ1nscIm'I' IIUII 2 XI. SIl'LfI.l'It'lI, II. Yam XIKIUVIIIN. ll, I.ialcIis, II, Nlvi nI1'l'. XY. Iiansvr, Il. II1'ucIiv I II. II:-I-Ill. C.. Ilm-I1-mzum, I Ihxlmlwlr. II. I.uIl, II. SQIIIH hl, Xlxlrim-. II. II:-Isl. IIONI II C.. Sta-x vusnn. II .IilIll'5, 4IilI'Ql'l', Din-If I, III-1Immm1I. X, I.llllLfUI'lI. NI IH-I-IX, IJ. II1lI'l'l'II. II. Ixzm-In 1-l'. Cf. IIAll'lll'N. IIYII Klux XK'llIII1ll'Ixl'l' IIHXI I II, XII-fflxnlvll. Ii. Sm su. S. IIl'a11111. .'I. f,1lNIUl'. I. IuuIvl'wu, I.. I'.lym'. Y. Clutl If-Imll. If. -IHIIIINUII. IIOXI' 2 KI. ilriIIilInx. IJ. Kirin-I I1, X. IXIIILLIIQIIII. II. Briggs XI. Ilmxv. Cf. NIuIlI1'l', I'II't'1I4'l'IVIx. AI. Nlllll'I4'. IIUII' I3 IJ. III-mI1-r. II. I"rim-IX XI. SU-xlrll. II. Ixrlu-Lu-l'. I7 I.:lmnl. I7, IIm'Ium-r, IJ. I.:lcI Ivy. S. IIQIIIUIIV, IJ. XIVKVIIIII Xllx. .MI.1l1mwl1 IIUXI' I I3 Yu xxx Y S mul x IIOXX . . .1 I. . . Q ssm. . ". Q. uw-, I- '. . f I. 'r', IlIlII ID Klllllll XI Iiuwm- I I'I3 llll. VI. XYIISUII. Q- -Y vim Mt. Lebanmfs Prmligivs Nllw .. , IIUXX I X. II1mcI. CI. fim- nm-ixlvr, NI. Sulvr. Ix. II1lIxIxi'Il. XI, Iulmwu. NI. KI. Ixs-II3'. 5, ilxy Cf, Silvs. IIUNY 2 S. iilnm-In. C. fful'I11'lI. AI. IIlIl'Ixl'. ff. lI11lInu-11, XI. XII-lfwln-, 5. Sumll. I.. Ixc'II4'y. I. I,.mgI1.nrI. X. Ullman. XI. SINQT. IIUXI' FS II. XYIW, ll. 4II'lIIxIIlN, IP. 'I'l'ipIm'Il. xl. IQIIIIII. AI. Sl'IlIll'II. UI. XY.lpIll1'l'. U. IIUIIIIVN, II. I'IIl!IVI'I, I.. INAIIIY pf-13 ll. IIu1II1ps. Miss S11lilI1 IIUXX ,.. ... 'a. XI:-yvrs, ID. IIIIII. .-X, Iirzlsill- , , . I , . sl. "' IIOXY 2 XV, I'mrI4', AI. XXIIISNUII. II. II.lIpIl, -I. I,aullpnrl, II XIIII'IIL'l', NI, xIl'.'xI1IllS, XX. Qnlq Al. xl.-1.1. mm: , , IC. XIIIIIII, K. ,Ioss'pIl. IJ. IIIIlI1SlIUl'I-, Y. Cumiliu. Q H2-"' .S N 52 IIUXI' II CI. 'I'I1m1ms, IT. IIul'- IIUXY I C. lmlmlm, Y. II4'ux'is. C. xYl'llIj.I1'l'. Ii. CnmpIn'II. ,l. now 2 1. x1.iI-lmmlfl. J. NV:lIIu'l', N. Slim-in-I-nl. I'. KIUIIIQI. -I. Swain. IIONY I3 C. I,:llIiallll. II. IIIIVII. j.'l'lmm1mm. I. Iiisscl, S. lu-.-s Mi. ivliipk.-,I KIIISVX, IC. I'IIcI. X. lIiigIu'S. X. Nvlnllax. I'. C,.u'Ivy. Mnxwm-II. I- XX'ISSIllj.ft'I'. C. Nuhvl, I.. Nlullc-ilaimi. VI. l"4-mglisulu. -I. II1iII. . Wutrh 'Em Grow I IU--I Miss Crum' IIUXY I .-. In ' X K1ipvnlvr,I' Spiizlr, -I. I,2ll'KllI1'II1', C. .lun nu X Poilmnn I . . . . . I IJoi13.1Ii c-fly, N. I'IrcIm'i', Ix. XXIIVIEIII IS. fIIlLiIll'f'. N. C li'zlslnicIi. Iiuw 21. Vim :XIII-ii, l'. XY:-i CIl'IlIlUi., M. Bull-lm, A. lIuI1in sim. K. SIum'Iwy'. IC. Kalrcii IC. Nhuilvy, II. Young. 'I IIISAI. HOU' II II. Simms, 'If I'It'I'I':III VI. UII, S. CiIIn'rl. U. Iiicv. A IXIIIIIIIQIUII, ql. Iiillluck. Al. IXISI Imw, 5. Ilurinlmmk, C. Lay IU-5 Miss IIVUIQ IIOIV I M.IIuI1ins un. S. Ilalw kms. S. lIy1-worn, I.. NI In-Iam S. I'.1'cIm-r, N. liairllvll, ll Ilaullll, N. lIlllIl1'l'Q1'I', NI. I. BL'l'l'y. QI. Ix11lL'illI IIOXY 2 IJ. Yminil. 1.-y. I. I,2ll'I1'III Ii. I"owIL-r, IJ. Yi'I1uin-iv. II IN-tm'i's, bl. IA-vs, N. Laing. IIUNY I3 NV. Murli ll, Ii. C1lI Imcm. NV. Sinilli. l'. NVQIHI XY. Clark, C. All stwvl. j. Ban-r. mu. S. Slum' '- IIOXN I0-fi Bliss IQIIIUII IC.. Bm-ntlvy. II. A. I.ilIIlII'I1'III. I. I3s'm'I4, NI. ICx'nst. Il. Kllllpp. II. Cull- , 'auINImw. Ii. Nlcn- lllllll S lil Iw, NI. IU. .'XIu'r. IH HK it Il 'Z C. JXIIIIRIINX. li. IDUQIA 1, S. XYIxih'. II. SIIIIIIINTS. S. In IIQIXKIPII. I'. Ih'4IIu'ancI. "mm-Ii, N. IIUIII, NI. -I. IIOXY I3 II. l5.mgIn. I. Nlvfxlzl- lll1ll'Al, XY. Cfzmwlvs. ,I. I'IniIIipS. IJ, l.m-unInmIt. C. IIuImm'r 'If Sl.-4-I.-, I'. I'mIm-l'wnmI. -I. Ilvuuy. Cl. II:-zlrss. I0-T NIV. IDU1lIx .. u-Ima. .'X. An- IIUXX' I I XVIII Q1-II, I. IIau's's. I.. I.l'4', A. S.1IIm-r, 'I. I.l'l5, MI. C.rmnIm' IJ. XIIIII-r. IIUXX' 7 ' 1.1. I.lx'm-x1guumI. bl. Al'- lf . ,. .A 1-rwn, -I. I1 il ll 1, In C XHLI Iimvsxu-II, N. I'vQlIl'jJ,'l'I1'YK', I.. 'I'.lIu'uII. Il. lim-rwimI, NI Cfmlwny. IIUNY TI I'llgIic'sm'. II XxIQll'IH'N. IC, Nh-I-II. IC. SIl'lIllj,I. II, CIl'ul1m', XY. Ix1'rscI1Ima1llm- I-r. IJ. Ifunlx. JK. Ihwnllml. x In. IIa-11ll1llanl'1ngm'. You Can Tell ll Sophomore 54 I0-H XIV, IIalim-s HOV' I S. Simpwn, I.. I.m 1'orcI, lt. Davis. C.. IIIIKIKI, B 'I'InislIv. S. I"I'illlIxIIIl. I. XXIII nuns. C. Sgru. HOU' 2 II. I7Il'IxS1JII. U, Blllllll II. Ilaumm. I', Nlalyvr, C NIIIII-r. KI. .-Xnclm-rsmn , Blair. XI. l7i4-kvmnm, NOV' 3 KI. Iival. -I. 'I'urn, ID ICIIIQIIIS. B. Hyun. NI. Ifm II. I.yl4-, II. XICNVISII. AI. ,Im lI1lIl. I'. I'a1lIc'l'. IS. IIZIIIIIDSKX But You Cmft Tell Him Much IO-Il Miss IIm-ggv IIOXY I N. I.m'011nx'cI, C. I"iaIcI1-11 I S. INIQ-y1'1', NI. L. Ka-IIy, II. I NIUUl'IlU1llI, NI. L. Asliv. II. III-nIl11oncI, NI. U. XIL'fIUllIN'II. IC. Bum-Ili. IIUVV 2 II. XIIIIIILIIIIS. IJ. SIIIV- 1-l'cI1-cIw1', IJ. IAIIIIIIARIIIIQIU- B. fIl'llIi'I'. II. IIL'4Igz1n . C. St'IlIllItII, C. XI'x'il11vl', II. 1011- uur, S. Sims. IJ. IXILIQUUII. II. Knipv. IIUVI' II II1'L'Iil'l'. NY. II1'LIlIy. N. IIurris. XV. 4Im'stv41cIt. II. Illlfualge-I, N. I.n-stmllgv, QI. fYcIOIlIlUI', II. Iiwing, II. Cm'- Ivs, N. Mc-Cullum, XY. XIO- Ill'All', II. IVom'cIul4'1'. 'I'. Arm- strung. 55 III-II Nliss NI'Ininniv IIONI' I -I. SIIIIIIUITI, II. I,vYi sour, NI. IC. SUIIIIIICIA, I. 'I'i1ll IIIHIIS. C. Ilalys. NI. Ill-YII l Img. QI. III11mII1n'1I. I. Ilmx 1mI. XI. xIIll'IIl'l', II. .-XVIII NIIYIIIQ. IIONY 2 I". I.ivImI1'r. II. NIiII4-1 .X. 111111. I CIUIIUIIIUW, II. Wil mm. C.. IIuIImmIx, I., XIIIII-1 IC, Ili:-lrix-II. II. IIl'ill'iIUIl. IIUNX'-'SI I'f1ImlxmIw1n.lI. II1l QIIUII. I1'IIIIIIl'I, II, XI.lI'1's -I, SJIXIUII. C.. l.,u'Iw-, EI. NI: NIQIIIIHI. II. Iu'II4 N. IIIYIII NIV. IDI-nlmmv IIUW I IJ. NcmrII1rllp, NI. I ' licIm X Iinclis IJ Xlul SIN" A ,A ..a mlmn 'S Iluu XI VIIINUII K IJIVIIIIISIIII, II. IIru41I4s. IIUNY 2 II. IXII'llS1'IIIxi'. II. I,uI1 num, QI. D4-I:lL'Iu. II. CliIIiIz1mI S. Iluml, II. IIlll'Ill'l2. I',. Vic Iurisz, I. I'uw1'II, ID. IIm'c's, C I.iL'ImIm'r. IIUII' 'I C. II4'rIiIl, II. Z1-df-l, II SL'I1uIIc'1', II. ArIn's. II. IIyIx I oskcy. II. KI'llI.fll1'S. I. Cram I I-urrI. II. 'I'Iunnu. 'I'. SuIlvvanrI7 -I. cIl'llIllllll, D. Iffvulls. 4 Think What ll Year Does -7 lil-I- NIT. IJ1lX'ix IIUNY I C.. I'Iiiili, Ii. Ilaixic-s XI. I,im'Ily. VI. Nlvllizim, I mxry. I.. :XmIvi'wii. N1 XI I"1Ic'Im, XI. lim-im. Cf. IINXIIUS I. OIiIvgm'l'. II. lim-viiig. HOU' 2 II. Ixm-IuIi'i', -I, I,ym'Ii II, Scinwglim. S. Alum-s. C. kill- im-i'. XI. Uviis, X. XXs'sh'ii I'. IS:-imlgi-5. fl, XIvy1'i', II cIl'llIIIJ. ICON' F3 II. CIru1iL'Ii, I". II1'I1Iz-y II. Ilvlllllilll. XI. Iizliim-i'ly, WV I'riIIingsI1-y. -I. -I ll r QI y, II Cm'I1rz1il. I'. I".1xiIIr'. VI. Ym'gI1 II. SIIFIIIIIQI. III-I3 NIV. Kiim' RUN Ii. bau1Im'cI. II. I'llVIllj.ft'l'. S C,4ulipIx'II. AI. I,2lIIt'l'SUll, K I' 'I Nullv, AI. NIc'Kilu NII'f'l'l'5, AI. I'IilllIl4'I'X, NI. I'uI- ui-In-k. IIOX II2lIlll'5. D. Ilmiglu-rly, D f,ailiipIn'II, II. xlilgllll, AI. I5nII- Y 22 I". Scwliicciiio, C K.. 'i,..4'., mm -I Ihul XI IIHIQ K IIIII I I'iIu mc S lilss . '. azm '. I -I. Culli-11. IIOXY 3 -I. XYt'l'lll'I'. Cf, IIRIIIKII1' Il I,:lcIIl'3', II. N11ljlIIIIlIS, II I,llIiIIl'l'. II. Iivii, C, XYm'iu'r XI. Irons. I'. Curiill. 'If Klu- nuwski. um! I',x'v1'y yi-ur swim- 4-uniim-fl SODIIUIIICIH' Imy is stu-I1-ci tu tIu- girls KIFVSSIIIQ room. QLD. IIu' Ciiristnius spirit Qilmuml- acl wlu-in Nlrx. Nlurgunk Imuivrmnn vonti'iImutm-cI Iioocl to IIN- ucloptvcl family of Room 210, IILI. 56 I Remember Distinetly Biggest loads am' for SIllllHi'Sf stmlvnts, proof llnl guml things comm- in snmll pau-kugvs. Q l'.l..J Nlulm su-nu-P Not quits. It's just il slaxlwml mup uf'wil14l1'l1ls lJK't'Ul'Q' B lllllL'lI pcriml. Q'l'.li.l Jxflllll' slnuws 'lvl' fvlluw .'xllll'I'iL'llIl llislury StIlill'lltS XVIICIAL' ilml llllSl'llI'l' plum' is lmlvallvcl Q l5.l,.D Stuclrnts glmlly pilv into tllm- sn-lmul luis uftvr xmllnu' IIVLIXX llilf' all suluuul. EYL'I'j'0lll' lldlllifvll -lolm I"ricl1-llk 17I'iZl'-XX'illllillg lan wlnilm- clispluyvrl in tln- lilmmry. 57 1' X'lYllL'lUllS c'l1cc1'lwulc-1's. QFNOINTD C.1lI. Ux'c1'holt. Nlzlmlulll. CB XC lx? M cvllu. lJc'Cliom1n1i. KCTCIIIIIII. Bum-r. XlCI'1l'!'1 rullic-cl our sports tu Illillly x'ictm'i0s. 58 f5 QE hi V l'0ll'l' Let,s salute our many teams! Let's loudly give our cheers, For they deserve much credi IIX n.'1','n Sports Honor Roll CROSS COUNTRY Bob Cherry TENNIS 1951 Dick McConnell BASEBALL 1951 Paul Murphy BASKETBALL Ronnie jones TRACK 1951 Bob Billingslcy CO LF 1951 Bob johnson FOOTBALL Norm Pctrclli RIFLE John Drgon Juniors Become Varsity Material VARSITY FIIONT: Portman, linglcrt, Butlvr, Dunn, Svlnuk, Mositcs, Puff, Cruluun, Pctrvlli. HONV 2: llcurclon, Giordano, Recs Bc-nnvtt, Rust, T. Brown, Reinhold, Wilder, England, Bockstocv. ROXV 23: Liadis, ML-Cairtun, Thivlvmzinn, Bill- ingslvy, Scllucllls, Mclicc, Kvnnilmn, Luft. ROVV 4: Couch Bl'Clil'l'l', McNcisl1, Ve-llucci, lllicn, Tcinincl, Foclor 'l'. Nu-, D. Nc-0, Assistant Couch Tullmun. HOW 5: Kcrn, Toth, Salim-irlvr, lNlL'Cillllllll, Clutter, M. Brown, Mur- ray, Cusick. JU NIOR VARSITY FRONT: Mm-ll, Grosso, Ruff, Knipc, Phillips, Ladlcy, Martin, Latlizun. ROW 2: McNc-ish, Borland, Krueger, Fodor Rm-s, Francis, Harris, Spugnolo. ROWV 3: Roos, Fish, Korsclibuunu-r, Sinitli, Huffcrty, Simms, Thompson, jc-nldns Tonunvl, llyun, Couch Stanisll. 61 Thafs The Game IITRIQ' runs around right end for ar ,,'.- . .Y LE'l"l'ERMEN: Billingsley, Murray, Brown, lihen, Cior- dano, Reinhold fT.L.j Puff, Clutter, Toth. Butler. Bennett, Mc-Ciirtairx f'I'.R.J Reardon, Craihauu, Cu- sick. Bockstoce, Kern LBJ. Football Mt. Lehanouis 1951 football tezuu started off on the right foot but was soon tripped up in the following weeks. In the first game with NVuyucs- burg the Mouuties were somewhat uuxiousg however. they crossed the goal line twice and Won 12-7. The Perry gzuue caught thc Leho squad off- guurd. Perry scored in the first seventeen sec- onds, while the Lebo lads scored ou one of their two drives of the fourth quarter. The Xlouutics lost 6-13. The South Ilills game was the second and lust game in which the 1951 pigskiu squad czunc out ou top. Mt. Lebanon scored firstg South Hills rc- tuliated, and the score was 7-7 at half-time. The second half started slowly hut ended decisively in 11 20-7 Leho victory. Mt. Lehanou's joust with Penn knocked the Blue and Cold completely out of the AA race. B6Cli6'l'tlS boys' offensive failed to click, hut they managed to hold the Indians to one touchdown. fCtJDfllllll'Ll on next paigel We Thought They'd Win A Mt. Lebanon squad, weakened considera- bly by injuries. was easy prey for Washington. null the Nlouuties lost in the pouring ruin by 27- 0. The thriller of the season, the NVilkinsburg battle, was ll lieurt-ln'ez1ke1' of 14-12 against our nmiinecl players. Stockily they next faced Union- town zuul were the only tezun to score against them twice, but Mt. Lebo was defeated. The lust setback was :nude by Butler. Although czlsuulties greatly hindered the Blue Devils, they wound up their strenuous season with nmny outstanding lettermen. VARSITY SCHEDULE "Moe" goes down after Ll long run Mt. L. I3 , 7 XYaynesburg Mt. L. 6 , , ,153 Perry Mt. l.. 20 . . 7 South Hills bit. L. 0 . 7 P t'l111 Mt. l.. 0 . H27 Xlhsliington Mt. L. I2 . .14 XVilkinsburg Mt. L. 12 ,, .39 Uniontown Mt. 1.. 0 ., 20 Butler COACHES: Kline, Beelwrt, Talllulalll LETTER- MICN: Sennlk, Vellueci, Englert, Seluielits, Teminel tB.l,.7. liust Mt-Cullum Schneider Mosites Port main, Dunn. lletrelli tB.l1.D. 63 Although The Courts Were Long YAIRSITY 0d11l1l, Irwin, Nlnlioney HUNY 3: Couch Clark Kern, blolunson, Saxton l,l'C'lillAllll. ,lUNIOlt VARSITY Sl'Illll1ll, Simms, Killl1JL'T A 1' 111 s t 1' o ll g. HOW' 2 dy, l,yl1-. Co.11'l1 Stunisli Basketball I11 illl up und down season tl1is year tlltl local hoopsters caiptnred fourth place i11 the YV.P.I.A. l,. section stzmdings. rlllll' Nlonnties started their s011so11 slowly i11 tl10 exhihition pre-seuson games, winning only one game ill s0x'0n-tl1z1t one over Crofton. Their showing wus hetter i11 tl10 XV.l'.l.A.l,. games with il 6-6 record. I11 tl10 ll'llglll' 22111108 Nlt. l.0ho swept twice ox'0r Clark amd Trmity, bowed i11 tl10 doubles to XVz1sl1i11gto11 amd lJOl'Ill0llt, llllfl wo11 o110 and lost o110 to C,1111onsh11rg and Blll'gCltSt0XVIl. The two Biirgcttstown games were tl10 closest i11 the series, Nlt. l,0ho won there i11 o1'erti1110 hy 58-57 amd lost here hy 41-39. At tl10 last game of the season witl1 lD0l'lH0llt the hoys lost 68-53, hut school spirit r0z1cl1ed its all time l1igl1. Slll1l'PSllOOtlllQ lton jones coppcd ull ll0ll0I'S heing the first jlll'llOI' to he voted tl1e OlltStt!llllllll.I x'11rsity player. The other lcttcrmen were lnvin, ilordy. lhlst, Kernzln, Long, lik0da1l1l, Saxton, Connors, und tlohnson. Prospects are high for tl good team next year with five 1't'tlll'lllIlg letter- men C0l1tl'1lStCCl with the o11e I'UlIllI'llllIg letter- lllllll, Al hlolmson, from lust year. The junior y11rsity's season coinpzlred to tl10 vz1rsity's witl1 il record of seven victories amd twelve defeats, mamy llClllg lost hy Ollt' or two points. These hoopsters ttlllltlil i11 ll l1ot streak, however, with four straight wins. Ontstalnding players were l,z1dley, Simms, amd Krugncs. who promise to he good xursity Ill11tCl'l2ll for next veur. l"llON'l': Ka11'cl101'. Con- nors. Long, llnst, Mul- ling. ROV 2: jones. lili- l"llUN'l': l,:1tl111111. llo- Nlnrrs. K1'11g110s. l,11y, jor- Suvishes W ere Made ICXI IIIIIIIC NII. I.. 537 Ml. I.. 'III Nll. I.. FIU XII. I.. III NIL I.. 'IPS NIL I., -II Mt. I.. -I2 NIL I.. 53 XII. I.. 211 Mt. I.. -15 MI. I.. 58 NII. I.. T0 NIL I.. :SG -I-I IIHILIXVIII 58 Avz1Ilm 76 XI'iIIQi1lsIm11rg 31 CruIIm1 -I9 SUHIII llills GI i.Im1'Ir'rm 52 Nlolwssm-xx I .XI mxpnlllx snlum xsInIm lion XV.I,.I A.I. SCI IICIJUIJI. 3.1 CIQIIAIQ 353 76 XVusI1ingtmm 72 65 KIQIIIUIISIIIIFQ 55 57 IIIll'I.ft'IISIOXVII ,II 43 Trinity 5.4 59 IJm'mrmI 68 '36 50 rm I '39 64 53 NYU Mi. NIL Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. XVIII: u Iligll In-up Bob clmlks up Iuzotlu-r two-pointer QL. D. Bob and AI stand rmldy for ROIl,S rm-houncl If nzuIuI ICJ. 'I'vnso amd intvnt on his goal Dam s11u'vm'cIs IKJ. 65 Blue and Gold Harriers VARSITY l"BON'I': Craliain, Cul- len, O'Connor. john Yl.lllOlII1lS, I o II 'llllUlllilS, Mililin BACK: llllI'll'I'tl' fnigr. Q, Dm-111111111, Stearn, C I11-1-ry, S t illl1'llllillI, Coach xl0llt'Il2llll'I', Ter- inan, Bl:111dl'o1'1l, XYlllSll. Kraft, Xlaittliexvs, I.11tl flllglj. JUNIOR VARSITY I" li 0 N T: M a 110011, Ilaines, Crawford, Young, L. Mollenaner. BACK: Fox, I, il d l e y. Mellon, Barrett, Poole, Coach Mollenauer. Cross Country Nlt. Lehanon's cross country teams llllllel' the successful direction of Mr. Mollenauer came through with roaring seasons again this year. The varsity, displaying class klllil speed, won over New Castle, Central Catholic, and other outstanding teams in the district hy decisive scores. They rolled up nine consecutive victo- ries, four hy perfect scores. This made a total of eighteen i11 the last two years. For the second straight season they WOII the W.P.I.A.L. cham- pionship hut fell hel1i11d Altoona i11 defending their state championship crown at Penn State. Leading tl1e harriers, Boh Cherry came in first consistently illlfl. remained undefeated lllltll the state final, where he placed sixth. Others i11 the spotlight, who also HCCOIIIIIHKI for the fi11e scores, were jon a11d john Thomas, Doug Terman, and joe Stadelman. Burning up the course with them were lettermen Chuck Matthews, Danny O,Con- nor, Tom Blandford, Eddie Mihm, john Kraft, a11d Bob Walsh. The junior varsity squad, following i11 tl1e var- sityis footsteps, was victorious in all but one of its meets, Central Catholic. They ended the campaign hy edging out Brentwood for the W.P.I.A.I,. junior varsity championship. jim Crawford was the Hlillll individual winner on the junior varsity team, closely followed by Bill Poole. Hopes for next season are held high by the two Thomases, john, and jon, Eddie Mihm, and Danny O'Con11or. They will l'6tllI'll with much necessary experience from this seasonis varsity, strongly hacked hy a champion junior varsity. Finished Second At State SCIIIQDULE Mt. L. 15 .. .. 40 Camonshurg Mt. L. 15 .. . . 40 Pcnu Mt. L. 23 .. F32 Ccntrul Catholic Mt. L. 19 ., . S6 Conncllsvillc Mt. L. I5 . . 40 Amhrizlgc Mt. L. 221 .. . 34 Ncw Caustic Mt. L. 19 .. , 36 Brcntwooci Mt. L. I5 ....., .. .. . . 40 Aliquippu XN'.P.l.A.L.. MEEYI' Mt. Lchunon lst . .,,Ncw Custlc 2nd S'l'A'l'E MEET Altoona lst ..,, .. , .ML Lchunon 2nd Doug, Chuck, and Boh add auiothcr cross coun try trophy to thc ovcrcrowdcd cnsc. lid lcnds thc cross country pack again. KT. LJ Bl'l'lltlll4'SS with cvcry inusclc tcnscd Bob hits thc tupc first. QT.R.D John Thoinns cruiscs nhcaul to plalcc for thc Mountics. Ql3.L.D Thc junior varsity won again uftcr thcy circlcnl this hcnci in in closc hud- dlc. fB.R.D GT-M MM . . . Good Trackmen, clltll U l I XI Class A mils- vllampion. gvis I-.,pl.y. YAIKSITY l"NON'l': Coach Nlullm-nalw1'. XY. ,Ima-s, S4-llllclnls. Rust. NIL-Gill, Na-cllly, Nl2lttlli'VVS, Kraft, Nlains. Klingmmuitll. HUXV 2: Nlihlll, Klalwr, Billillgslc-y. l"lIl'lUlIQ. :Xnclc'rsun. 'I'l'l'llI1lll, Bmw-ll, Murray. ROV' S: Kcn'tm'r, Cln-rrp. li. -lone-s, Dickinson, Higgins, Blatt, NYarclln-. NON' 4: Ialtv 4mgx.J, lunglvrt, Clair, C.arclm-11 C.mrclalm, Lula-. Nh-- ffzwlwy. Bar1'c'lt fnumxb. JUNIOR YMiSI'l'Y l"liON'I': -Iulm 'I'lum11as, -Im: 'l'l1mnas, Cullvn, IJ. I.. livvs, Nlklllllilljl, lJUllU,Lflllll', xYilllI'l' flllgllp, HOU' 2: xlL'K4'l". lil-II, Kc-lmiluan, fliurclallo. O'Cummr. Dvlialcl. RUXY 3: cTUAlL'll Slanisll, U. AI. lim-vs, B1ll'I'l'lt, .liH'Qt'l'. Lacllvy, ling- lanrl, Nlaslauclrva, Nurclqlxist. Nh-llun, l'm-lx fIlIQI'.,. G8 Meant MOIIQILUILBFDS Men Track 1951 Mr. Mollt-nnnvr's ll'ilL'lillN'll tljlillll wvrc- llllClt'lil'iltl'll. 'l'ln-y plum-tl t-iglnth in tht- Mnnsfic-lcl Ili-lays against scr- cnty-ont' schools. 'l'lu-rv tlu- itllll'-llllll' rvluy tr-ann of Ci- orclnno, Kortnvr Tvrlnzin, :intl Chvrry svt ll new rc-corml ol' l9:l8.8 to Sllllldll tht- forlncr l5J:25.2 sct in 1048. 'Iflwn tht-y altlYzlllL't'il to thc' XV.l'.l.A.L. 1'l'ltlyS ut ncllsvillv zlncl tht- xyiwlllllllltlll lnvitattionul Mm-t, ning lioth for tht- tvnth straight sc-arson. CllllI15t'llllg twulvv svhools in thc Allvglu-ny Connty Mvvt, tht- won, lm-nking two rt-corals. Holm Billingslc-y sct ont- tht- 220 with 22.3, uncl Dirk Anclvrson ninclc- Yilllltlllg history with un l1'3" It-ap. L1-Ll hy Billingslvy. winner of tht- 100 and 220, :incl Clit-rry, lllllSll'I' llllll'l' with 423633, tht- Monntivs took thc-ir fifth NY.l'.I.A.L. championship nt Cilll1lI1Sl7llfg. The 880 rm-lay tc-ann of Kllllj.fl'llSlllltl1., Mnrrzly, Zivic, und Bill- ingslvy notvhccl svconcl. Qualifying for tho Stzltv Mvvt vvcrv Billingslcy, Clu-1'ry, Ciorclznio, and tht- 880 relay tt-ann. 'l'hv indoor svuson was also snccc-ssfnl. Aftcr winning thx- Qlliltllklllglllill' ML-vt, tht- Monntivs toppt-cl fit-tc-on schools in tht- 'l'ri-State CklilQ'll!'Sl Mvvt. Thx- two-mile rt-lay tvznn ol' Maittlwws. linglc-rt, Clnir, uncl Kortncr cqnnlc-cl thx' Monnty rt-cord of 8:34.51 A nvw Schoon- lnzllu-r llnll rt-corcl of 3339.5 wus nulclc- lay tht- lnilv rclny tvznn. 3 L Billingslvy lmnrg. tL.l lst lst lst Ml lst Mt Mt Mt Con- win- with twnn in 220 rm-orcl alt Canons- lst- scts at new L.D. Clair runs in fast lvg on thc rc-lay t t'l'.lt.J. Kt'l'fJ,'klll gon-s np :incl ovvr lor Mt Lclmo. t 15.3. Cl IAMPIONSIIII' NllCl'l'I'S XV.l'.l.A.L. ltvluys . . 2ncl-Conncllsvillt- 25 . n Nlf. L. -3-J vVilSl1lIlKLKtUIl lllVltLlllUl1kll Mt. L. 5l':: , . . . , . . . lzlltl-xY2lSl1lIlQlUlI 42 Inclvpvnclm-nt Districts Mt. L. 50lQ , ,. . . . . Zml-lNlcKvvsport 31 YV.l'.l.A.L. Channpionship 31 3 5 .,.. , . .. Zzllll-lDOl'll10lll 23 SCHEDULE INDOOR . , .,.,,.,, .Cvntrul Catholic 34 3"5 Penn 15 13130 Scottdale 14 1f5 Mt. L. L. 65 5 6 Tri-State Couclics' Mcct Mt. L. 48 .. .,.. ..,. . ,..,... 2 ml-VVillcinsl7nrg 26 OUTDOOR L. 84': . ,.,, ...,.. ..... W z xshington 52 Dormont 24 1!2 L. 90 . . . ....,....... Penn 37 L. 83113, . , . . ,Mcliecspnrt 43 112 69 Kortna-r lm-uks thv tampa- for unothvr win. Minor Sports Completed Baseball 1951 Struggling tlimugli tht- svason Witlmut a prac- ticm- fic-lcl and playing all gain:-s away froln lnoinc, tlu' liaise-lmall tc-ann llacl a rc-coral of om' win ancl 4-iglit lussvs. Paul Murphy 1-nclvcl tlw svawon with a lmt- ting ax'e-raglv of .407 anal was votccl most valualxlc- playa-r. Mt. L. Ml. L. Mt. L. Ml. L. Mt. l.. SCHEDULE 5 Clairtnn ll fi North Catholic H llliqiicsxu- 4 l2 McKc-x-sport ll . 4 Munllall 8 l3ASlCll:XI.I, l"llUY'l': Sl'lll1lli, Con uurs, lllllllllgISXYUl'tlI. Mc flirt-N'3'. Lung. lYagiu'i' ROM' 2: Cauaga. lig gvrs, Murphy, llraclway lflynu, K1-rn. Clutlvr Clzlrli. l'41ili. llilllllllt'l llyzuus. l'l1llI'Q'l'l1'X1', lCl4 cclalil. -luinusun. Liaclis lzlcl fungi: H. llll"l.l'I nn, B2ll'li4'l', liutlvr. Clut tL'l'. BAC K: M'uiuu'i' Stn-anus, lianlxiu. lfm' Nulut-I, BVUXYII fungi. J. Rifle 'Flu' Mounty llltll'liSlllL'll rosa- to tlic number two spot in tlu- W'.l'.l.A.L. this yt-ar. Again Munliall plum-tl to lu' llll'l1' jinx as tht-y lust tu tllldlll 500-499. 'l'lu-ru wt-rv svvvral outstanding sliarpsliootcrs-jc-rry Butlvr, js-rry Cluttvr, and john Drgon, wlm was vntf-cl tlu- most uutstancling. Mt. L. 489 Mt. L. 496 Mt. L. 493 Mt. L. 499 Mt. L. 496 Mt. L. 498 Mt. L. 499 Mt. L. 496 Mt. L. 499 L Mt. .498 Mt. L. 495 Mt. L. 495 SClll'llJULl'l . . .. 487 Millvalv . , . , 490 Aspinwall 494 Coraopolis ., 500 Munliall 49l Ualunont . 493 Etllil 498 Xlillwllc' . 495 Aspinwall ,, 490 Coraopolis . 500 Munliall . 491 Oalunont 494 lftnal lit-t-rl. ROV' fi: flU2lC'll lflli INT: laussig, Dig- l,anclr-fc-lcl, Almivs, Coat-li Our Athletic Program Golf 1951 'Ifhv golf scuson clicln't prow- to ln' vvry successful for Mt. Lvlmnon. The rm-cord shows that. although nonniurk wus inudc in thu winning column for us, tht- hoys trivcl tht-ir host. Mr. Burrows, thvir coach., snicl that ut lvnst wc built cliuructvr. SCHEDULE Mt. L. 51: . .,..., .,... . . .. 935 Bulclwin Mt. L. 435 . . . .1013 1Villcinshurg Mt. L. 3 .. . .. I2 'l'urtl4.' Crvvli M. L. ': .. .1434 Bra-ntwoocl Tennis 1951 Lust ye-iu"s tunnis tczun found Lutrohv, Slmclysiclc, and Crufton giving thc-m sonic stiff competition. Al- though coaclied hy Mr. Doak und cnptuinccl hy Dick McConncll, thc tcauu prove-cl to hc loss powerful than oxpcctc-cl und finished the sc-uson, winning four ganu-s and losing six. SCHEDULE Mt. L. 1. ...S Lzitrolw 6. , 0 Mt. L. Mt. L. U . . , , 5 Slulclysiclc -1, , , , ,1 Mt. L. Mt. L. 9 , 0 Conncllsvilh- 2 .. 3 Mt. L. Mt. L. 2 . . .. 3 Crafton 3 ,, 2 Mt. L. Mt. L. 5 0 Br:-ntwoocl U , , 5 Mt. L. GOLF Shannon, johnson. Big- hzun, Couch Burrows, , Alonvs, llurvvy, Cui-ntlu-r. TENNIS linlclus, lim-ngun, ML-Con na-ll, Coach Doulc, XVil liauns, Clvincns, Brown ,t'.iBf'.iQ, z x llu iris plum-il into llu- QXIII lm' ii rousing C.A.A. mu, Slll'll als lliis mu' iii liaislwllmalll. Good Sportsmanship Was Calstiiicyc-1', lNlcl"c1'. Yi-cvllal. BllL'lill'X. Bull-li, Air- lun-t, Klimclum-k, auul Doclsmi wvrc tlu- Sc-nun' All- stars, wlum won tlu- toliriuuiivnt. 1-1' :wluuwl on lXll7llllklf'S, 'lllll'SllilXS, zuul 'lvlllll'SKl1Q'S J F gl 'W Xl llu' Kl.A.A. clvssvrl, Miss xyllly rm-silly put fm-ling into lu-r u'l'w1-lltli Struvt ling" claiuu- LLP. Oli. tlu- lxuiglis nt llu rlusvrl! Patti mul Din-ylv zulzlvcl to tlu- jl1lll'tj' witlm their vnrim-ly slumw Lll.l. T2 Fostered By The G. A. A. G.A.A. COUNCIL IVRUNT: Marshall, Brick, VVitt, Tressel, Bauer. BACK: Timberlake. Brown, Yeeella tpres.J, Erskine, Overholt. The Girls' Athletic Association Who says the fellows are more sportsmind- ed than the girlsl Our girls are very athleti- cally inclined and engage in a wide variety of sports by belonging to G.A.A. Seniors, juniors, and sophomores alike participate in the sports program made for all sizes, tastes, and abili- ties. The profitable program builds strong minds as well as strong bodies through good sportsmanship in games. This year, Miss XVray, the new girls' gym teacher. added "l't'2IlIlV to the stimulatinf a- FW f . genda by initiating new game techniques. Tennis got the season rolling, and so fast that it was still being played in the spring. Deck tennis had the limelight next with Klar- shall's team being the victors. Basketball, as usual. was the biggest sport of the year. After weeks of energetic partici- pation, Vecella's team took tcm honors. Each grade gave its best for an all-star team, and the seniors won. March brought with it the G.A.A. dessert. After chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, and gum drops were devoured, the hilarious en- tertainment began. First came the chorus line followed by a variety of acts including danc- ing, singing, and acting. The C.A.A. Council, all dolled up like country hicks, also gave a show. All showed they were good sports by engaging in the ngirlshipi' and fun. Volleyball and bowling highlighted the rest of the sports year. Spike and strike were often confusedl Do you have scoliosis, lordosis. or kyphosis? Our modern dancers discovered if they did and then corrected it. These dancers combin- ed work and fun in this creative class. Miss Wray suggested a modern dance show, and it was successfully given. The end of a full year came on Play Day, when a hundred of our most athletic C.A.A. members competed with outstanding girl ath- letes from ten other schools. Keen Minds and Bodies Competed Cl IICSS Thi- cllvss DIZIXUIAS L'miipt'tccl in 1-iglit sm-timi inntc-luis, winning lin-, losing two, :incl tlruwing ont' to ln'- cmm- tln- svctinii 1-Innnpions. Spmisur- ul lux Nlr Clilht-rt, tlw tt-tun won twviity-iiiiiv ganna-s :incl lust 1-It-vt-n. 34 lint lost its play-off niutvli for tht- l'ittslnn'gli L-liniiiipioiisliip to 'lliylor Alclvrrlicr. Tlit- ontstalncling playa-I' wats Cvnrgv ltylmit-ki. wlio won ull liis gzunc-s. CHESS: llowv, Bait-rlmaicli, Donzitli, ltylmicki, l'1-ntllt-tim, I,inkl1an0r. Aclznns. lN'l'llAXlllllAl,, TENNIS lN'l'llANllll'lAl. B.-XSl'il'l'l'llALl. NIV. lmltlk initizitvcl llltl'illlllll'ttl tvnnis tliis f't'1ll' witln 'flu' illtrznlnirzil lizlslwtlmzlll twuns ttIltll'l' tln- clil'1't'- singlvs, ctunlmtvs, znicl nlixvcl rlunlmls-s. Colcl Wl'1ltlN'l' tion ul' NIL Cuoclwin voniplc-tc-rl mintlivi' StlL'l'4'SSi-Ill lmltt-fl tlu- playoffs at tht- 1-ncl of tlic' singles tonrnu- Swlswll. Evvn tliongli ai Sllltlll int'inln-rsliip liUl't'l'fl mt-nt, 'I'In- gnplmnmrv, inninr, iincl st-nior girl clmm- nnniy liuintmiuins to join foitvs, tht- spirit ul' mumps-- pions wvrv l't'SlN'L'llYI'lf' Stvffuiiim- join-s, Nancy Trvs- tilion i't'iiiuim'cl at its nsnully liigli It-vt-I. 'I'lu- gratclc- svl, ttnrl Virginia lin-li. Brnu- lfuwlt-i', lluvv Bulclns, C'll1llll17lUIlS 3Yl'l'l' ilu- I2-23. ll-7's. zlncl ltt-l0's, gincl lit-Im l'ic-rsun we-iw' tln' lmy vluunpiuns. Ngx lN'I'ltAN1UliAL TICNNIS: Mvrgntt, Saxton. Mr. Dotik, Tliuinal, Laws, Bulclns, K1'tL'll!llll. INTRAMUIKAL BASKl'f'l'BAl,l XVINNICRS: Crytzvr, Portnizin, Hlitt-rs, lx1L'C2lfttll1, Nc-v, Murray, Ilnlsv, Puttmwsoii tall from 12-27. 74 llill This st IIS Never A Dull Moment p1L'tllI'l' of UKIIA 1111tstz111ding lll1ll'kSlllCll 11110 X'Al1llAl1l1l' D1l0llJgl'll171ll'l'. C l.L.D A l'lJY1llQl pl1ot11g1'11p11v1' l'C'COl'l1l'l1 this c1ix'1'1'si- -11 11l'K'11Ilg t1llI'1llg ll lcnsn- 11101111-11t 1ll 1111- 81111111 s gum-. 11.111 1111- L'1lK'l'l'1l'ill1t'I'S 1llll1 t1li'1I' L'1lUll-C1100 Alt' 11111111 to lJll11 out k'1lK'l'l'S ut il pvp 1'1111v. 4B.L.1 'l'111- 111.1j111'1-ttvs tukv 11lk'1l' 111110415 w11i1n- M111- L1.1 1.1ll'l'l'1N t11c 11111141 in II11- A111111 X11l1l'l'. 111.113 'l'11i s t111111m1i11g class 111111111115 t1lL' R111-wry t11a1t 'Ava11'ivly is spice of 1i1'4'.U T5 Thvsv lHi'lI1bl'l'S of H10 IIUIIOI' Award cl0ll1lHitti'i' cmcfully 1'0co1'clc'cl all uctivitivs points. 76 ACTIVITIES Wh there are gray skies, A lf h bl U f d f lc f' 'N Lxf--'lx 09 5-2 XA 'bn We Picked the Best if f :L , v l'XYl'1l,l"'l'Il GRADE I'1Xl':CU'l'IYlC BOARD l C' ' 'Imam NYUIIK-rw Kr-lft ROV' 9' Cowlvs, Stauclvllnem, l HUNT: Nlorgaun, Dickinson, Admins, Kil'L'llIlL'l', Bc-au'r, flllllllllj., 1 . ., . . ... Nlurrax, Burton, Drgun. Altvr. HUXV 3: Fm-, Conll, Minklvr, Daulghcrty, Mucldvn, Mufhrtan, Johnson. PYT: NYilcl1'r, Kuvsvr. Pl't1'llll'l, Cuull, Hulclus, Hvnrlc-r. lCl,l'IYlCN'l'll CRADIC EXECUTIVE BOARD ROVV 22: Karcher, D. Mc'Km-1-, Kvrn, Cookv, P1-ck, Irwin, NY. Nh-Kvl-. IKOXV 13: BllClIlll'l', Mulling, llcnclcrson, Spagnolo, Hvvs, Fridcll. 'I'liN'l'll CRADIC EXECUTIVE BOARD 5.1" wc, Davis, Solvr, Lunglmrt. BACK: Rnsvlmtlnul, Simms, Rlwn, Fcrrall, Tvrn- TNT: jmws, llrisl, lrlillll, l"ur Ill nu-I, llc-ntmu. Bm-rlin, Ru 78 To Lead the Rest STUDENT COURT Mahoney, de Laval, lleineinan, Berwind, llall, O'Brien, Castnieyer. L A BSENTJ Graham, O'Meara. Sllldiillt GOVCFlllllCllt The Executive Board and Student Court, which forni the hackhone of our student government, main- tained their high standards for 1952. Composed of the three executive hoard officers, hoinerooni presidents, and senior representatives, the Exeeutive Board co-ordinates all school activities. The prohlenis of students and teachers are hrought to Board meetings through homeroom presidents. Early in the year it was noticed that the hand would march on Memorial Day, the day after the Senior Proin. This fact was discussed hy the Execu- tive Board, and the seniors decided not to nlarch. llowever, handling problems is not the only function ot the Boardg it also aids in organizing projects . This year the Board developed honor study halls, a pro- ject of the Good Sportsmanship Connnittee. During the first senlester preparations were Illililllg in the sec- ond semester honor study halls hccanic part of school life. The Student Court, our law enforcing hotly, con- sists of four seniors, two juniors, and two sophomores. A student who receives an out-of-order appears he- fore the Court to present his story. The Student Court decides whether or not the offense should he placed on the student's record. Directly or indirectly each student has a voice in his government. The hoard was emphatically called to order hy Mr. lAl'i"ilKll'llt. tL.Q. mlllnltls what you get kids, for llltllxlll loopeelu tlt. l. Honorable Volunteers Became ,gl . 4 IOP! N105 l: cvfillll, lloHnmm1, C,z1rm'r, lllslop, Vnllwli Cilmson. BACK: Nlorgzlll, Drgfm, Shulvllluull. llum- plm-ys, jnlnmlcm. K.u'cllm'l', johnson, XVm'clh', llimmvlricll. 1liU'l"I'OXH l"ROX'I': .lcv11L's,.-Xrlalllls, llmnglmrwty. Ove-rhmlt, Ki'tL'IlllIlI, Nlvffoy. BACK: Xv1lllXvOUl'I1iS. lfultun. XYiHiau11s, Niinklf-r. I72lll1lll'l'lf'. lialiwlmcll, liylwim-ki. Bruu-, SVVL'ill'iIlQK'll, Slmllllmm. CONlMI'I"l'lClC AND SQUAD CIIAIRMEN Iiimlfmul I Ac-lui:-x'4'l11vr1U, F11-clc'1'ic-k 1 Auditorium .'Xssl.l. livploglm- and Dodson fAttl'llililIlk'l'J, .lonm :xml Hlllkm-1' fliookl, xlilIL'UIlIl Cl3iolu5LyJ, Stllft tliulla-lin liunrfll. -lolmson. ClIL'I'I'j', and Johnston lCul'vt4-l'inD, Ifllltllll fCl1l'llliSll'j'J, Sliklllllilll and Sxuulrilmgf-11 Hflnss liunkb, Siaulf-llmlnu H31-4-orutil15L7. llumplm-ys KIJ4-votiummlj, May fllrivingj, Kalrclu-1' 1Cooml Sportsnmnsluipj, Cnrm-r fllonor Awklfflu, Slnrtiu and NIZICICIFII Lllospitulityj, 'IQIIOIIIPSUH iLi- lmrury J, Kt'lL'lllllH QIM1 and Ffilllld 7, f,VK'l'Il0lt fM1lk1'- 80 upb, Shoop 1fXl.1'rlic:1U. lJ0lIjll1t'I'ff' LN1'c'rllv and 'l'llrm-adj, l3ni4-rlmclx :mal XYilliums 4l'lnysic'sj, NYulfv1'w Cl'ostc-rj. Rankin and Biglmln lProjvctionU. ClllttK'l' fI'l1blic' Addr:-SSD, Gibson amd Nlflllfilll fl,lllJliL'ity',. czfillll Hivcl CVUSSJ, YVz11'cll0 ISL1-11v1'yJ, Rylmia-ki fSL'l10lklSfil',. lirllcc 1Scorc Board7, Himmvlriclm Q50- ciulj, Eld CStngv Crcwj, lloffnmnn iStudy-nt S4-rvicc Excluumgvb, Dnllglu-rly l'l'rafficD, Drgon and Rim-gel fUshc-rl, Murslmll flYSlH'l'l'ftl',. Adams and Niinkh-r HVuys and Mmumsj. The Backbone of Activities i'ROjl'IC'l'ION-Nlt. l,4-lads fznimiis pmjc-ctioii- istx! 'l'l1vy lu-pt tin' cziim-luis working. L'l'.l,.J NKAXS AND NIICANS--Cnilclyi Pop! lfun gal- lon-, but ilu-sv imrci wm'kcrs sc-lclmii saw an gillllv. L'l'.li.i IJl'ICUliA'l'lXfI-NYiiil ll Stl'DlAlllill'l' :mil 110115 ui' cn-pv pnpvi' llic dc-L-u1'11tu1's L-mild work lniraiL'lm's. lB,l..P IJICVOTIUXS 3 Inspiring 'liiiirsdaly lIlUl'llillU pl'U5.II'1lIllS xxx-iv ilu- rvsult of their lunrcl wmk. L 3 CIC CIKICNY-'l'lw slim-rss uf many an play :mal inns mls-pn-iulvd on the work uf this crew D 'I I XIIIIDICAI.-.-X lwukc-11 arm? TIN' girls in tlu- lxlvclivall office ku mx' what In clog ilu-5' RIIVVQIXN had aspirin. Committees and Squads IIfDSPIT.-XI.I'I'Y-Tlu-ir him-mlly mnilm-N wx-nu-rl In saly. "YY4'l1-olllv to NH. I..1'bu. Nhlkv XUIIIV svlf .lt hmm-." f'l'.I,.T USIIICHS AND US!IliHIC'I"l'ICS-'llzkilug tivk- vts :incl finclin,Q tln- I'I1ltI'UIlS' muh lu-pt Unix l'UlIl'fl'UllN group busy. f'l'.li.D SHCI.-Xlf-livllixlfl flu' SIICCUSS of t'X'l'I'y sm-iall vw-nt was tlu- lmrcl work of lluix mmap. lB.I,.' C'Al"l'fl'l'IlilA-Clvullillq tilITll'5 and swvvping up I'Dl'Ul'il'll clislws wvrv tlwir main julw, QB.R.? 82 Were Meant For Us LIBRARY-Miss Nlnurc kt-pt tht-so girls step- ping witl: UYK'l'ttllt' book notiu-s and filing. t'I'.L.7 l3lUl,OCY-'l'lu'sv studs-nts were in charge- of ft't'tltIlg Mr. NIt'l1l1t'l"S pets and getting equip- nunt rmuly tnr class. tI.H.D CLASS ICANK-Studs of class mnk rvportn km-pt this industrious group busy. fB.L.J A'l"l'ICNIDANCIC-'l'lwy we-rv known for thx-ir lung ill'IllH. l'C'AlL'lltllQ for fnrlns 48 in thc' class l'lllbIlI tluurs. GOOD Sl'0R'l'SMANSllIl'- 'flu' finv l't'1JlltLlti0ll Of Mt. L lun dvpvmlud jll'i'iltlf' on ll'Qllll'l'SlliD in good SPOTtSlllklIlShlp 83 Worth-While Publications Lantern 'l'hm- l.1nif1'rn rquliutvcl hrilliunt light ' this yn-nr iiiuimgvcl hy its iiiaignctic vrli- tor-in-vhiof, Bill Nlinklvr, und its vigor- ous sponsor, Miss Mcbnigliliii. lt wus pnhlishr-cl frcqiiviitlyg in fact thc first issiit- nppc-urvcl tlu- clay school opvnccl. 'I'ht- stuff worlwcl lmrclvr than inost i'c'uliz1'. for tht- normal proccssing of the l,unfc'rn is qnitv ul'XtlIlglliSllll1g.H Bill. Dwight lfw, nvws 4-rlitor. auicl -li-gin NVnl- lwr, l.l'tltlll'1' vclitor, iiiic'ox'v1'c'cl nvws which thc-y zissigiivcl to rcportvrs. Alt:-r ilu- stories wm'1'v proofrc-nfl hy tht- cditors, thvy we-rv typvcl and svnt to tht- print:-r to hm' uopivcl on pink 'igailloy proofs." 'l'Iwst- proofs wvrv rvtiirnvcl to thi- stall wlu-rv Mary Lou Vlilki-r, llltllii'-llp vcli- tor. past!-cl tht-in on Lflllfl'l'l1 zlnininy shi-vts and wroti- the limicllim-s. Th:- cluinniy slit-uts wx-rv niiiilt-cl to thc- prints-r Whvri' tlw paipvi' was rvprintvil :incl post- vcl "Room 208, Nlt. Lchzinon High." In tht- ussciiihly room, tht- Laritzvn was givon its lust polishing. It was coin! him-cl with tht- "Roto" and thx- iniinvo- Lirziplivcl "Dvvilvtt1-," which iippmrf-rl this your twicc- us often as tht' nvwspu- pm: Now lwing zissvnihlvd and polishvd, thi- l,1nil1'i'ii was "re-zirly to shininn r i , 3 l,AN'lfIfllN lflJI'l'UliS i Kuhn. Brick. Stt-wart, Foo, Corr, 1 Minklcr, M. Vlilkcr, UI. VVallu-r. BUSINESS XVolfvrs, Pullt-ts, Clnrkv, M1-yi-r, Vs'- cvllai, Cihson. XVRITERS FRONT: Solcr, Gall, Laingord, Blair, Dv Villing, Astiv, Cantor. Minklvr. BACK: McClzircii, Nlvring, Cihson lim-clit, Kovhlvr, Ott, Vim Catnip Smith, Airhzirt, Garland. 84 Stimulated School Spirit Log .-Xiu ulml inilupy ruimul mmm tlu- lu-lil in ilu' n-l'uxuln'cl lkuitlmull Slilklllllll alt Ullt' ol' llu- lwig lumu- gzuiu-s. Aucoiiipziiiimul lmy tlu' lNlllKl'S A-lJl'1lI'il'.h ils lK'L'll131lllt5. mlri-Q51-ll iii sly-li-s of lilfll, pilm-cl out ziiul slnrlml Cluirlvsluiiiig mul waxing pm:- namls. 'liliiu was ilu- ulliciail upi-ning ul llu- H152 Lug ciiiiipuigii. 'I'lu- rc-st ul' tlu' ilriu' was wage-cl ln' stuff nuwiilu-rs in IIUIIIKTUUIIDS auul in tlul L'2ll'lllJU1ll'Kl jailupy in llu- scluuil lulmlmy, xlK'AlllNYlIllt' plains lui' uni' ya-nrluumli we-rv lu-gun first pvriculx on IIWIIUSCILIYS. 'I'liiirsclaiys. mul l'vI'lClAlj'S. At tliis tiiiu- illl-l'l'I'l'lll pluisvs uf llu- lmuli wvri- alis- K'llSSl'Ll lip' its spmisor, Miss Ni-slmitt, its i'llllUI'Alll-Cilil'iA. Holm SXVl'1ll'lllQl1'll1 mul tlu- otlu'r 4-clitors. Sully Cziriu-r, Dianu- Siiiitli, Ciiml Cuuglu-y. auul All'r1-Ll NValrcll1-. 'l'lu-ii plains xwn- ciirric-cl mit. Mr. Rossa-r auul svluuxl plmtcmgiiipluws we-rv lu-pt lmusy flaisliiiig liullis. 'l'lu- typists auul lil1'l'2ll'j' stuff gmuiul mit writv-ups. 'l'lu- nrt stuff mlm-sigiulcl pugvs auul layouts. Alilvr plumtus wi-rv iiiouiih-cl on caul- lmuurcl lmy llu- still. tlu'y wvru sc-nt tu tlu- 4-iigxuiw-i'. XYlu'ii tlu- pi'uul's wa-rv rvturii- 4-cl, ilu-5' wvn- paislvcl in Ql luumk sillliliil' tu tlui lixull, vaillc-cl tlu- utlllllllllyu. Tlu- slaxll' rusluul in luuil its printing cl:-aulliilv, ziiul liiiailly llu- Illini Lug wviit in prnss. LOC lClDl'l'ORS XYull1-rs, llulsux Brmvii. XYi1ullc, czllll' glu-y. Swu1ii'i11gvii. Unriu-r, Smitli. Wlil'I'lNlZ S'l.'Al'il" l"llON'l': Nlcilimiilil. Swain, AlI'll1ll'l, Nliuuz BACK: Uilxsmi. l,1lYt'llDOI'i, Sin-iiu', llzu'i'iugtmi. llvploglv. AIVI' S'l'Al"l'i NlvKm'm'. luulsv, Pllllm-ls. Cnllrraiitli, xvt'1lilll'l'Sllj', l"1'aise-i'. lfnriglit, Brick, NlcArcllc-. And Developed Writing Skills Mounty !lUlIIll'l'llH'lll XYQIS l!I'UililL'AlSl UYUI' llll' IRA of us lrmlx tlu' lurly or lilly palm' lSSllL lor graullm-cl. llml is. all vu-vpt tlu .llnunly xx'f1l'lm-IN. 'l'lu-5' luu-xx wllzll llu wnrcl .llnunlgf rvanlly' stmul lor. ll' alslwc Qlc-pzll'iuu'l1ts xx-Inu-I1 am- L-spvviully' impur lillll lll'l'2lllSl' ilu- .lllllllllll is prinlvcl 1-ll lin-ly lmy llul Nll!Cll'Ill5. O is llll' Uflglllill 1-clllors. -l.55l5lillll l'illlUl'N. p1'uull'4-.ulvrs :xml lll'l7LlI'llIIl'!ll lu-:uls urn- l'l'Nl3UllNlllll' lmu- llull am' lu---lll-ll lu nmlw an illll'.ll'l ixm- .llnfmly tlmt i'l!III1'YUIll llll linu-, -Xru N Sl2lllllN lor xml. Ilmt lIll'.lll5 1-xvrxmu All Nll, lmlum, lun-.ww llu- .llllllllfll IN lll lllls plus lub ul K'lll'Ulll'.lQl'llll'lll lrmml llu SDUIISUIA. Xliw l'llluull. xxvnl llllll llll iwnu ul' tlul Alflllllfff. Nl0llX'I'Y l'll5l'l'UllS liullingmr. Slrvilu-. .'XSSlS'l'.'XX'll l'll7l'llUllS Nl'ull'c1's. l.lIIlill.lllI'l'. ll4'Illl1'l'. xlQ'fl'I Mc-ring. Nlvllmullcl. l'lrslxiru'. STA If!" I"llUXl': llau'l.ul. II. Xx'illl'l'Ill.lII. Yu- lurisl. clt'lll1'l'. 'lllla-ull. lilalir, Cum vrmx. BACK: llllllll'llllUl'l1'l'. llnyclm-n Cl. Millvr. l'wmu'll. NY1nr4ll1-, lfullmx Bruugllton. D. Nlillvr. lirzulclovle lu-wis. 86 lrulny ls xllllllllj' clxlyl llns uu- allmulll mu-v 4-x'c'1'y' numlll zuul il lmll tu suv tlml tlu- lllt'l'2ll'Y lllillllllllll' was rvgulx lu lu- nolrl. XYlll'Il ll1iQ llllll'1lI'l'lXL'il must llu'y Ulllllil lvll ftlll tlns: .ll slzuulw lm ilu' lIN'4'lllllllL'2ll siclv ul' flu' Hmlnly. 'llllis llN'illlS tlu' lypinq zuul minu'ugra1plliny,, llv. xuxl mmly Ill l'l'l'illIXl' Hflllllg lllll In url :ls wl-Il. l' ix lor unity' lm- wlnu-lu llu N slauuls lm' llu- nu-klv ullu-I1 ilu' mlm slalll Ulaully lulws. 'I' is lun' llu- luil mul 1-mlly' nl, l1y..11ul lm' tlu' slnulvulx. .XII Strike Up The Band BAND Q - 1-me iN I: lilsey, Markle, Northrup, Robinson, lNlnrphy, M. L.. llarpster, Bartlett, McKenzie, Clarke, llowe, M. llarpster, Mulyi u mgler, Diniling, Nlontgoincry, NNE-inner, O'Brien, lfidcler, Coull, Zinsmeister. ROXV 2: Harlan, Stewart, Scanlon, lxilnnr offman, Ballinger, Kerr, Brown, Ernst, Xl. Mueller, llawkins, Miller, Center, Kuhn, S. Erdner, N. Erclner, B. Muellt l it i setti, Goddard. ROV' 3: Dickson, YVilson, Bevacqua, YVaterman, Little, lion-ying, Van Voorlns, lferrall, Ilnnter. Diugul y ipp, Klonowski, Tennyson, lflynn, Bollman, Capella, Reardon, Dietrich, llislop. HOV' 4: Magoon, Osiier, Dasdor C i 1 hill, Kauper, Cochran, Tice, Ewing, Charlson, Smitt, Englert, Gilbert, Pankopf, Sawyer, johnson, Kramer, livaiis, Lindt 1 C nneron, l.isa. HOW' 5: Viskochil, lliehards, Grunenwald, Ryhicki, Steele, Boyd, ltice, Dick, Foley, NVian, Gieoni, ML ln, Nltfianley, Nolle. Luedy, l'atterson, Ambler, Kragnes, Langord. Music Mt. Lebanon lligh School has long been noted for its excellent music department, but this year pro- vided the best yet in musical organizations and pre- sentations. Our accomplished band, led by Mr. Prutzman, was the crowning glory of the football half-time. Those majorettes surely could strut! The annual hand revue, held in October, plus the one in March were thrilling spectacles. The University of Pittsburgh rec- ognized the skill of our hand and invited it to Pitt Stadium where it again performed triumphantly. The Christmas season had more meaning after we listened to the combined choruses present Hllnde-l's "Messiah" as well as the impressive candlelight carol singing through the halls. Miss Sneary, their direct- ress, deserves much credit for the success of these musical feats. The second formal youth concert, sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Association, had a large, appre- ciative audience, and well-deserved recognition was given to the talented singers, pianists, and organist. Spring brought with it two artistic productions. The concert presented by the combined hand and orchestra was an overwhelming success as was the choruses' musicale with its original plot, lovely songs, and eye-catching costumes. The members of these groups, working skillfully together, made the shows successful. Our harmonious triple trio, the nine nightingales with golden throats, maintained their usual record of one musical success after another. Could Mt. Leb- anon ask for any better representatives of the school than these talented young ladies? They did so much to make the weekly devotional programs more inspir- ing. Their accomplishments in numerous public af- fairs, assemblies, and school functions were remarka- ble also. From the cumulative work of our organizations, backed by individual work, came the successful 1951- 1952 musical season. The Show Went On IVORXIA-Xl, CUNCfl'1li'l' 'l'lRIl'I.lC TRIO Mlauns, xx'iSl'. Clinwrl. l,z111gmn'cl, BITIIIQIIUIII. llvinv- SCIlil'fillgl'l', Km-Hy, Alimlil, llill, llaxum, Clillnfk. nn-nn, Xlurtin, XYnlkvr, Blli'Ill4iH, NY4-lclcn, JUIIIISUII. Little. NVisc-. :md Aclzuns lalccr1lllpm1islJ. X-fb Qu ORC! IESTIKA I"liON'I'A liullmaux, Lillllllf-l'Iil, Amlc-l'smn, NIL-Km-1-, Astiv, Bow-tti. 1'-UNK' 2: XYolf1-rs, Lulngurcl, Clxiclvslvr, llislop. Dus- drmrf, L4-Vism-ur, Liudis, Mom-rs. HOW' 3: llcugy, Lucllvy, Latham, 'l'c'rl1um, Flynn, Fc-rmll, liluym-1'. HOW' -1: Curivs. LllK'kj'. Osiivr, lJllllj.flli'I'fy. 'Il-nnysou, Cilbm-rt, Slc-vlv. Cochran. S8 With Broadway Melody CHORUS A I"llON'l': E. Davis, Atrial, Van Cuncly. Arnolcl, M. Aclauns, Dalum, Scliictcngcr, XV2lllU.'I', K. CillllplJt'll. HOVV 2: Couch I.. km-lly, Karim-1', Krupl, IJ1-Clzm-mini, From-k, B1ll'il'l',AlOlIllS0ll, llill, -Ioncs. HOVV 3: LL-vs. Hiugsdorf, Van Allvn ?lllllll, Brin-0, llcn-ht. Shia-lcls. ROXV 41: B. Malcolm, Martin, Clinllcm-r, Broughton, Muiclvr, Strong, VVurdlc, Par oth-. CHORUS B l"RON'l': Alumsy, Gmlclannl, N1-lson, Ficlclm-1', Dickinsmi, Zinsmcistvr, O'Donncll, lxlilllL'lK'l', Ebert, Little. ROW 2 Colwill, YV4-tnmru, Flury, Alwr, Park, Anderson, Crvco. Boyd, Armstrong, Lloyd. ROVV 3: Banta, J. Adams, Head Humor, NVl1itnm-y, Conomos, McFc-0, Vic-torisz, Craul, Bm-klcy, Harlem. HOVV 4: Buvlirig, VVl1itc, Bender, Good- man, Clurkv, Sippvll, C. Camplu-ll. CHORUS C FRONT: Blair, Douglu-rty, Pc-term-l, 'l'rz'ssvl, M. L. Kelly, McConnell, Mayors, Di Salvio. ROW' 2: Eld, Davies, Ellin- gvr, Rzuicli. D. Davis, Kohl, llurst, Ilvrmam. Nlnckm-y. ROXV 3: Haydcn, Huglws, Dimling, Vviga, Braymer Lauglinor, llafvr, Rand. 89 We Learned To Understand Others ' 'i"!l Y-Teens "Swing your l71ll'tIH'l'!u Square- clauicing wus just om- uutivity on tin- Y-Tvuiis' sociul prograuu. Movics, clin- uvrs, :uid thc lJl'1llltiflll cuiidlvliglit lh'cog11itio1i Serv- icc rouudm-cl out ilu- ugvmlu. llouriug various spvuk- vrs I1-nl tlu- Y-'l'c'1'iis to consiclc-r sc-rious multi-rs. 'flu- .Iiivm-nilc Court iiispirvd Miss Ste-plimis's Di-lm "doll iuukc-rs". Tin- sm-uior Bvtus, sponsored by Miss Mc- Clure-, zlcioplvcl u fauuily for ciIlI'iStlll1lS. Not to ln- outdom- by tllvir ulclvrs tin- two sopliouiorv clubs, Miss C1'ovm"s Alpims auicl Miss Muiuiiugvs Sigums. guvm- food to im-ily fiuuilivs. QT. to IRD SENIOR BETA l"HON'l': Cociclulwl, R0tlll'IlilUt'fi'I'. SICATED: Aruolal. SL'Ilil'tiIlgCl', BllL'kll'j'. S'l'.-MYIJINCI: Blllfil. IIQIIUIIIIHY sou, RiL'll. .I U NIOR DICLTA lf'liON'l': M. XvilHii'l', llociilvittv, j. XYulk1'1'. Sl'iA'l'- l',D: Couch, UL-ttiugn-r, hlllltil. SIANDINC.: Mv- l"udtlc'ii. NIll'lllllll'li', Aclauus. l'ww'l'illgc-. SUIJHUKIUIUC ALPHA l"liON'l': iXll'Ilkl'. N. 1':l'llIll'l'. Xvlliiv. Si'f:X'l'l'1D: CIIIIIFCII, liulcll. Coltluaui. YIHXNIDIXCI: Sislvr. S. lfrcliivig lloliiusou. SUIJIIUKIUHIC SICMA l"li0N'l': NlIlK'Nl'I'. l"iclclvi', l"l'uukliu. Sli.-X'I'lCIJ: lm- Yisvur, XYHIIUIIIIS, Iivuu, Aluuvs, l'11lil'Ql'i1'X4'. SIIXYIJ- INC: AIIKIUISUII. f:i'Iltt'l'. Mille-ie. 90 . What They Do and MY" fl. lo lil Ili-Y haislwtlmzlll gaiiiic-s lu-pl our li-llows in condition. Sl'lNlOll CULU Bluudlorcl, Drunon. Lusk, Stnclc-lmmi, Swonriiigmi. AIUNIOR CEDAR Nlvlim-, Cooling Nliilling, lmllr-y. SUl'llONlUlll'i BLUE Clilhvrl. Curlitz, Diolwrson. Hi-Y Thr- tliru- L-lmpta-1's-llic scnior Colds, junior Cvdurs. :md sophomorv Blm-s-ugziiri strovc to sprcud their idvuls through thi- rc-st of thc- school. In hi-monthly im'm'ti111.2s XilI'l0llS topivs of CllI'l'l'Ill lllti'liI'St Wvrc dis- L'llSSl'll through the hvlp of thc- sponsors-Mr. Mitch- 1-II, Mr. NVhipkvy, und Mr. llaiiws. C111 Mondays and 'l'liursdzlys during tlw wintvr thc- huskvtlmll I1-ugiiv sponsorcd hy thv thrvv Ili-Y's pluyvd out its sr-hcdulo. This yvzlr the ll'k1g'lll' cham- pionship was won hy the- Crm-1-ks, composvd of Miller, liohl, l,Ul'llll2ill, Snydm-r. ML'Call11oi, and Mositvs, fol- lowvd hy thc svn-ond plan-c lforgy-Fivc, thx- third place Colds, amd tho fourth plum' Monlwys. Authors and Actors UNDICR CUX'l'Ili X .Mlixitiws play Vlllllllllvl lmu- lIIHl'L' ilL'llUlI lllilll lfnclvr flUL't'l' willx its gnllgstm-rs, mlvtl-L-tin-s,mn1 lou-ly lnclivs. l'lYl'll ilu- l".B.l. was lmllll-cl lmy an lu-clslauv m1llg,Lfl1'l', lull llll' guml umm again in ll c-lvw-I' IIILHIIIUY. .Xllim-r an llnrilling slum' lnms xxvru- lllglilk' amml play' lmwkx lH'l'1llIl1' alusty. 'Ilw mst im-llulvcl lillu-l Cill'lXXI'lHlll. Sully Clillmrrl. .'xllCll'1'j' Yum-llzlg Dam 'l'zlylcn', Bull llvnsung Sta-xv llvnlmy, Bula llm-im-malll, llrllcn- N14-ywg Xllllllf' xvllllgllll, llalrriscnl Slnif-lcls. Dun- -Iulmsuxag Num Rlllll'ilLI4'. vlulmnia- Salwym-11 Nloxmim- Arlmllwg Nlif-lm-I llnrringlcm, Al -lolmsrm, liulm llllIlllJlIl'i'f'S-1 Alia-v Ilzxrringtma. Suv Clgnllwranitlx. lil-clq lQa1isr'l'g Amy, NIU Allll XYN: livn-ky' YHIIHQL -'1lllll'5 linu- l'1lIl. Hula llilll1'I'SHH, -lkltlx Xlurgzlllg ll1ll'l'f Clilmlmx. Hill Lllsli. czllllfli l'1u'lm'llf'g Salrallu l'1'ul1mly, -Im' Xx'lL'lil'l'l. llvl- VII Xlm'Clxm'll: l,u1lllmvl't. XYilsc111 l5alI'lu'l': l,i'll'l'. limi Conf lurlig NlllklK'lll Clll'1'l'lllI'S. ljllfyll' XYull'1-rs quail llmlmlxn llt'llL'll. "Num, il' ww gvl out ol' lluis uliw. will you llllll'l'f mv? w 'XII l'ILflIl. l1mylnl'.mlm1l lry illlfllllllg lllllllj' l l.l. l, llolcl Stull xxlnllf' l rlullw up yum' vyvs ll.ll.l. XM- mm-ly lmxv .1 lull lnmum- illis xu-m-lwml ll5.l,.l. Nm-lnu'l, ll Xlllllll' so slm-py, un to lml. XM-rr' playing lll'lKlQt' ll5,C.,l. lll'Illllll'lM'l' llml 1-xvnlxlgl1ll1lvl'll14- mmmuntlu' llulxf' lli.ll.l 92 And Artists and Such Cllitllttllj XK'ASlIlXCl'l'0N Sl,,El"l' HERE AS It Ccorgo XvilSlllllgtUll or Bcncclict Arnolcl who slr-pt in tht- l"ullvr's country homvi' N'Vvll, our siclm-A splitting svnior play in which anything lnlppvnccl provvcl that B1-nt-dit-t wus tln- hoy. NVvlls wt-rv clrillmlg rulntivus visitvcl amcl l'tlIlltlltL't'S 4-volu-cl. All lllllflt' tht- connmly il liox olllliuv hit. lxlt'llllJt'l'S ot' tht- oust XVt'l't'Z Alllltlllt'llt' l'1ltlll'l', Durylr' xv0llt'l'S1 l,v,Lig0tt l'll'ilZl'l' llllll Ncwton l"ull1'r, llairrison Shivlcls :incl Dain- -Iohnsong Muclgt- lfullvr :incl Kutiv. -lohnnic SLINVXCI' nncl .lo Ann VVisc'1 ltr-nu Lvsliv, Patti llufnugvlg Mr. Kiinlwr. Alalcli Morgaing Unclv Stunlvy, Art Corrg Stow- Iilclriclgv, Brucv Mc-yn-rg llvstvr, Monnif' Aclaunsg Suv BilI'l'lIlQ'tUIl, Katy Coclclurclg Clayton Evans, Bolm llt'lIlt'IllilIl1 Rilyllltlllll, Holm Puttcrsong Mr. l'rc-scott, Marshall lbrmglu-rtyg Mrs. Douglas, Cru-ol Strviiiog Tom- mv llughvs, Kcnnv Marrting Miss Wilcox, Sara lmvs: stiiclcnt clirc-vtors. Mary lille-n 'l'in1lwrlukc- und Anclrvy Vwr-lla. chilclf' I Cannot lvvllvvc von nrt- liv hro if Many hours wcrv spa-nt pouring ovcr play hooks CT.L.l. "It's been lovely, lmsnlt it? Ruin for two solid dxys QT R l "Well, if it isn't Scars-Roebuck" fB.L.l. "Mr, Fuller, we've struck itl Wc'vv struck water!" tB.C.l "This boy Just threw a skunk in my swimming pool." CB.R.J 93 The Best Things AC'l'lVI'l'IlCS KEY INT: llarlan, Streine. Balch, Lease, Craul, Northrup, llodnette. ROVV 2: Cunningham, -I. Adams, ltothenluociicr, li. Brown, Yecella, Gastmeyer, Nlclfee, Goddard, Schietinger, Garner, Buckley. HOW' 53: VVise, Rall, XV:-lden. M. Ad- ams. Ballinger, Cilhert, Nlaue, llislop, 'l'imherlalte, Dallas, J. Brown, Overholt, O'Nleara, Kelly, Gill. ROV' 4: Myers, XK'oll'ers, Pendleton, lilcl, Shields, Meyer, Corr, Bennett, Clutter. Kraft. Liulihauer, Dougherty, Martin. HON' 5: lfee, 'I'erinan, Bruce, Minlder, Humphreys, ltoherts. Crnnenwald, Drgon. Swearingen. AISSICNT: August, Bauer, NI. Brown DiSalvio, llohhs. Marshall, O'Brien, ltvhicki, Van Uundy, XVardle. Honor Awards 'l'. Lehanon may he truly proud of its versatile acter, service, leadership, and scholarship. lfiiteen students who have received local and even per cent of the seniors received this coveted honor. national recognition through the National llonor So- ciety, Quill and Scroll, and activities awards. Seniors and IIA juniors who worked diligently for ninety activities points were awarded an Activities Key. A few more industrious students accumulated two hun- dred points, the requirement for an Activities Guard. Points were merited through participation in the var- ied school activities. Mt. Lehanoifs highest award. menlhership in the National llonor Society. was given to students with outstanding qualities of char- National Honor Society meinhership is recorded on a national tahlet. Likewise names of our most intelli- gent students are engraved on a golden plaque in our trophy case. This plaque hears the names ot those making straight A's in solids at the end ot' a semester. Recognition for outstanding work in liigiu school journalism was also given to talented Mt. Leh- anon students hy Quill and Scroll, an international organization. llltlllES'I' HONOR ROLL meyer. HOW' 3: Clutter, Berlin, ltet Bruce, Linlthauer. Pendleton. FIKONT: Nlooers, Clottschall. Nlering, lnette, Vietorisz, Bosetti. RUN' 2 Beveridge, llill. Davenport, Streine. NI Adams, ll. llodnette. xlL'flltll'l'll, Cast uiond, Nohel, 'lf Adams, tlrnnenvvald Peck, Drgon, ltyhielti. Malcolm, xlilllvltd In Life Are Free Carol Strvinv was tht- lirsl svnior to I'l't'l'lYt' livr ffllilftl. 5 l llf QUILL AND SCROLL " UNT: Millcr. llyniaui, Cla-mens, Crvvil. KOXV 2: Lynn, llill'lll'SS, -lost-pli Minlclor, jolmson. ROXV 23: llurlt-y, Ciuliuiii, SlOl't'lI, Bulliiigoiy NYlljIllt'l' Strf-im: Fiiiviimii, Lyml, Press Scholastic Writillg Contest 'A IVIC 'l' lmy an llmlc-moot! portallmlc- typv- writvr, that girl ai xll2llt'l'llltlIl pon :mtl pm-ncil st-t, and givt- tlu- rm-st uitlivr lu-ys or t-mtificaitvsli' 'llliis might luivt- lx-cn suicl uliout Bill Blinklor, grauicl prim' winm-rg Alolinniv Snwyvr, sc-coml prim- winm-rg and our otlic-r writt-rs wlio plat-ml in tlw 1952 Pittslmurgli I'rt-ss Sc-liolaistic NVriting Awzirtls cont:-st. 'Flu' uwalrcls we-rv :is follows: Short Slf1l'j'-Cilftll Strcimf, Daw' llviicla-it lffssamy-Patti llixflmgvl, Bolm llriicc, Arlvuv l 4 l 1 Nlvringg l'ovti'y-Doiiim Nortlirupg Sliort-Sliort Story- liill Minklt-r, -lvrry Cluttt-rg llunioi'-Bill Minklt-1 -lolin l.,lIllill1llll'I'Q Autmmliiogmpliit-all Skvtcli-.laiclc Moi' gun, llopv Ilocliivttm-, lxltlllllli' Aclnmsg Com-rail Arti l'lt's-Bill Minklvr, Duvt- Bt-nclt-i'g lluclio Scripts- lolmniv Suwvvr, Marx' Ami Siillivzin, XVZIITCII Arm strong, hll'llill'l':liSlilllt'Q klilllllllll-lllll Miillclvi' :mtl Tom Tauissig. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FIKONT: Bvnnctt, YVQ-ldcn, Vccclla, Clutter. HOVV 2: Garner, VVisc, Tiinbcrlalcc, Mauc, McFcv:, Strcinc, Sawyer, Cun ninglmm. ROYV 3: Mt-yor, Hodncttv, Lt-asc, Corr, Shields, Linkliaucr, Kraft, Castnu-yor, Bullingt-r, Pendleton. ROVV 4: Malcolm, Brucv, Minklcr, Dunn, Humphreys, Cruncnwnld, Drgon, Swcaringcn. We Offer You Congratulations Nh-vt Mr. History! John Linkhaucr and Hugh Pvmllc-ton xum high lmnors in thc Aim-rin-an History Conti-st. Thosv Mt. Lvbanon scnior buys rvu-ixml the NHOTC award for naval training. L'I'.l..l Tlu-sv artistic Lalin stud:-nts mlvsigm-d houscs, picturc-5, stamp alhums, and notm-hoolis which Buhl Plane-tarinni l'lUIlOl'l'd. 1'l'.H.l For his outstanding work in math and sci- L-iiu' Paul Crunvnwalll iw-cm-iw-ml thi' Hausrli and Loinh award. 1B.I,.J T1-d Bvniwtt varnvcl zi uniqum- honor-a prin- cipal appointment to Annapolis Naval Acamlv- IIIY. 4B.C.J This Hr-nsse-lavr Nlvclal was given to C24-urgv Hyhicki for his z-xu'llvIici- in scii-nu-. lB.R.l 96 Deep In Our Hearts Nliss i7iK'iil'l1S fincis it ll4'L'l'SS2ll'j' to play ulmn- aimi ilricigvi' in gist io illIlCil snfviy. iT.L.J Strikv! Spairvi Tin' twin-In-i's gm- mining tin-ir iwst in uimwin iiliIlQ'S up ill'Ollllfi in-i'c'. LT.H.D Niliiting to rvgisti'i' iiivir ziri'ix'ui ut tin' scimui, tlwsi- ti-ziL'iii'1's in-gin illlOiiIl'I' clay. qi5.l,.U A pic-aisaiiit zitiiiuspliwm- nt iunvli timv vnziiuivs our iillblliif' in rviaix for ai simrt limi-. QB.H.U Nir. Stvzims is iiituwci in i'il't'llL'il ivy Miss Znimisi-r in uuici' to gi-t luis cim-tunlti' at Pitt. 97 The Days When Uur Hearts Fm' tllm- lalsi Nl? lima' NIV. SllilIlt'I' lk4lI'L'l'lkllllf 1lllIlllIllSll'lAS ilu- ulcl Hll1'1lXl' lm" in ,-Xlllwcl. L'l'.l,..l Xlunlvlim' mul Ymmim- ugrvn- llllll il lmxlx Ll lol ul llllllgflllilllllll lu mlvsigu ilu-xc' C1ll'l'l'I' Niglll push-l's. l'l'.ll.J 'Illis 'llicmmillg 'l'xx'vlllim-su julupy, mm-l'llmm'i11g with Log Mull lIIK'lIIlll'l'S. rum clown Univ lm' its lll'Sl L'ust1nm'r. LB.l,.,J llalltling H1110 ilu' livlml in xlylm-. t:llill'll'NlUll Kl1lllL'll'S guxcl gully prmmx ln-gin Ll xigulwmlls LU! sinh-s uunpuign. ll3,li.l I'mucl ul ilu' sclmul wimlm llul tllu' wt.u't1 cl lllvsv sc-niors mt tln-ir wlliu- lun 98 ,Q-0 Wvre Young And Gay Cnrrdx Xls 'fl'l' slnmx Un' buys huw ulsy il is ln slunml un lm lmmla. 1 I.l,.5 I'rrlu'l- xl1ll'I'il lrivs lu l'Ullll'lll luis lin-ly '52 lug :ll ilu' Ilorllrmlt Imskvtlmll LZQIIIIV. L'l'.Ii.J Im- amd Bing put ilu- QIQIIIIUYKIIIN Iinislling tum-In-5 Ull ilu- c1lll'i5tlll1lS trm- in ilu- lulwlmy. ll5.l..5 'X"'lIll mu' l'lllll4ll5l'5 sing lwuuliflll f:lll'iSllllil5 . l.,. K'2ll'UlS In llunir K'1llI1lll'liLfllt lHI'lK't'SSillll HIITIIIQLII llu' hulls sm Hu- clay lwfnn' vuvuiimrll. QPLCJ Ilnls ulvrl guaml puts Rl lmml out lo lmluvk xxlml sm-uns likl- il surc lmskvt. Nc-wscuxh-1's, VVis1- and Snvvyc-r, and spuxhcustvrs. SK'!lllL'lllS McGill, prxwticx- wllilm- studio nnnmgc-r, Bull Bl'lll'l', stzmrlw 99 Our Alma Mater 'Neath cedars stately, midst hills so bold, Stands our Mt. Lebanon, realm of blue and gold, Radiant with splendor, valor, virtue and truth, Moulder of our destiny guardian of our youth. Ever our praises shall ring, Alma Mater, for thee -Charles Huch '32 W i XQ K xl ffl Q 'l - :ff M - 'fl QW

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