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l 4 A Q 1 I it 'mU'IRl!L1L'3'W X M my ,.n 1 'rx W 'K "-.u,q-W" x 5. O , X ANY! XgS5x2 Q3 sl 1' E Q 5sooz .bl TV J ,Q X XA j 553 jj KQSEQ5' ' by f 'fm 22 X' A "5 1-' 11: 'E Q Q ' ii! 'NAA' XX ll' I mx J , -yu, - ke uw-vw WI I M W X X f W X NN A VM Y Hogs X19, - J ' 1 XNELCODAI IVF VL'-gfffbf 6 XEPERGQP SHH!MFfV 6 Z-?5Ex?A X ' .Jr gig Pop V505 muxesr Pigpxc Jr., 'f EE fix J xx R57 'YEDMXMTYV 5 X QS-W 2 0 ' 9 N?-'WW Sanur fl! rw 7 I YN 5 df' N S N KSN S 4 yy is I L- -1,- fmi " ' . Z,--xx . I ,117 IXW7 ' N ' Q2 , ,,,,f ?,fo Hg! Uv f 1 2 sv 5 . , f- . I tin' ' :J S-' 'X 'l W .51 lie ., l l QQ' n E. W , 1" X x ,'ZlQ5?1Q'x'. 1 I ,WV 15525 25 " ifx X "':'ffW' ?'0 ' ' F55 f" I V - h '- ' ii- ,E ' f 4 ff ' ' 21 ' EE- 2 V59 'w 1 X V. A ,. Q xx Li? 'J 1-vi, A I "f ' W, P1544 ' 'ifgii ' 5-'JLG N, 5:7 g'-57:7 'I :S .X ,Q 1 ,- ,jg-' , fa: 1 '5 x '13, --'W' ii 1 X '- ff 4 : Q "-1 4 v -- l' I 7-,,,... Z x-5-Mr--. ,-E 1 s. I IV iiinl is ,- . ,Pfi- .Xi-ilii ss I L CONTENTS Underclassmen ,.....,,...... Page 10 Classes ...,.. ..,, P age 24 Activities ,. .... Page 38 Sports .,.,. ,... P age 58 The ,49-ers A . . S THE Rugged 1849-ers eagerly set out in quest of gold, so We 1949-ers have ear- nestly pursued our quest for knowledge. Those hardy pioneers, with their courage and dreams, plodded on tirelessly in search of the gold which they believed could make their lives secure and happy. YVe, too, with our courage and dreams, have trod the path of the pioneer in Search of the knowledge which we believe may help us to lead rich and useful lives. ,gui as 6? X fy 2 l A4 I I .Page 74 2 '47 ei .Zag We. E . Lg.,, ., ,.. f. Thar's Gold ln Them Thar Hills Published by the students of Mt. Lebanon High School-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -vol. XIX-Editor-in-chief Ioan Thorsteinson, Literary Editor Donna Gray, Art Editor Barbara Fox, Business Manager Arden Furlong, Circulation Manager Herbert Hickman. 3 ln Memoriam RAYMOND SCHOENEFELDT 1888-1949 SPIKE by Nancy Lee Schreiner I heard somebody holler, "Hill, "Hi, Spikell' I answered, passing by Clur skinny, chuckling janitor, Who'd cleaned here eleven years or more. Yesterday thatls what we said. Today they told me Spike was dead. Some days I'd stop to talk awhile. Heyd lean against his mop and smile, Relating sound philosophy Or joke about his auntls trick knee. Held laugh and shake his wise, White head Today they told me Spike Was dead. Perhaps Spike still may give advice, May sweep the steps in Paradise. And though xvelre sad he must depart, He keeps his place in every heart That he had once inspirited, And yet they tell me Spike is dead! 4 QA the Sun Comes O'er Mt. Lebo . . . Local Prospectors Rush to Stake Their Claims 5 05' for the Li e o Itis time out for grub. The Ways ana Means Squad was really worth its weight in gold to hungry football fans. Christmas ut Lebo Gap . . . our halls echoed with the strains of holiday music. V'-'ednesday morning devotions helped us steer a straight trail. on Mommy Miner Guzzle, guzzle, guzzle! The gang gets one last swig before that classroom door closes. Soup,s on! Hustlers drop their work and cash in. We catch the town artists slappin' on the War paint for the all-school play. 7 Selioo Heads Clwmt New Tmizzls Dr. School Board members were: Hechtg Mr. hlimer S. Stanier, Dr. Ralph D. Horsmang Mr. Edward H. Buekg Mr. Samuel Ralph D. Horsman, Superintendent Mrs. Donald C. Lewisg Mr. Beckley Smithg Mr. Raymond B Treasurerg Dr. Ross M. Cillg Mr. A. C. McMillan, President C. F. Mellingerg Mr. Otis C. Hogsett, Vice Presidentg Mr A. Schreiner, Solicitor. Secretaries were Miss Miriam Headley Miss Bertha Viialp, Miss Esther VVhinnie. Dr. Ross M. Gill Asst. Supt. of Instruction The Horsman and Cill children A Mr. C. F. Mellmgei have fun in the snow. Asst. Supt. of Adrnmistratioi 8 for nz Stenadily Growing Community Mr. Joseph C. Keifer, Principal ADMINISTRATION With the backing of a progressive ad- ministration our schools have moved stead- ily forward. T his year saw further devel- opment of plans for the expansion of our building program as well as completion of plans already under way. Additional class rooms were added to two of our grade school buildings, the Howe and Foster Schools, and their play areas have been completed. Besides plans for the present buildings, several acres of land were pur- chased for new schools and play grounds. The high school stadium, of which we are so proud,'with its modern lighting sys- tem, press box, and scoreboard, is further evidence of our administrationis efforts to give us the finest and the best. Let us hope that the educational advan- tages we enjoy will spur us on to greater achievement. Miss Ella Ion, Vice Principal Secretaries: Mrs. Booth, Mrs. Slater, Miss Negley Advisory Council: lsittingl Miss Rightmire, Mr. Kei fer, Miss Ion, fstandingl Mr. Srp, Bernie Kelley Margie Sloman, Howdie Cox, Mrs. Cargill. Youmgums Hit the Tail 4 O2 , Ziff W' 1 x X ,,,,f1"',f - 'Alf I f'f Z' - i - 'A MW fVX , if ,df 1 '! :W Jn. X ,fggqig ,K " ll" I 4 fx is ZZ, .Q ,, I eff f 141, Gro!! had Vx 1 Q X 0023? Nfllrlbkq A I II f ' gQ W" J ' ,2 , I fha 3 FHDUAT, WM UN I QI, xglaf W' f,,. ,fail :fu 40' ,9," r , Z ll I fl 14 y " ,may if ZX V. VA 'nm' V 1 Kffliv' ww ff ' 7 f Inf ,ll SHO M I 54k f 'U' s N IE Q g Z x M, I ,if I .44 ' L-v 0 ' Z .WW si, S 2 . .jf .IQ Sl f','MYwf'6T1 I 'X 'Wig "' Z 'xx - YH, TH, N MQ S 4 A v , , 1 1 gg ' fn ,d,, ,,,,,,, o-F515-'X ' ff , iiiiff 7 ' ffg? x ,,.,., H ' f ' A Q Q .1 , -Q44 , ff ef.. .-f :s:': " - X - W-: f Q1 -4, , ' ""f' . ,ff " fl I1-21 ' bb ': f A . Q- ' f ff gg, ,ff ' A ..1 49 -, 'fb v r 1 JV 5,4 I '4 ' , ,,,, 1, . ,f 1' -- .-.. - -"Zia", .4 ' " v 7 1 1 V -531 'J' Y f VM my, 4 9 .Q 9 5, ,--.- 1' , ,,, , 'x' , ef: on 14 1' 7. ,.,,.,,' 7 'ik' f maxi I 5 1 ' 6 ,' ' --'J 1 , 'A r 1' if fn, ' J, ' K H ' f .f K K, .Q .A ,- 192 ' ff - -' ' af ,gf A ,, . , Jlv'f',- xx ' I ' f..f-a A C , W1 4 , if V y1.Tl45gi:.5Ev!:y X 1,5 1 1 H'---1,5-, f !I'nj1'r' Q XJ! :W H9124 'V V II ,y ff' Q ' N' .win 1' ,, 1 " "M N Z I "' ' M1325 'VIL '14-fff, 2 H, 1 X Z fu, 'fn Y t - ,. Mg' rf f x. 'Jul .gn H-Q-I 93' 1 j W f fx A I ' 1 ' -- A 1 - .lk W. f -1 , . , . ,. V 1 F K , 'Lf' fo'.jA',l ff-.. 'fy , if , fry., 5, 2 1' 'fLfH! Z? '2 ,gif i 33? ' ., 7 4 k EY'-nu, W .W K 5 V was W. A N ,Ss ,. m T 3. ww, ,. fu! Upfrlzntdlfeomzinj' Prospecztors A s C K 1 0 Ye- fer o.' ,s s Y N of ' ,s 'MY - " " , ' gp f r 5- 4 ' if ' gi. 1 X J 55 PM 11-1 FRONT ROVV: Rosemary Tie- man, ,loan Icnkins, Priscilla Cari- son, Ruth Ball, Pat Lceeh, Barha- ra Book, Dorothy Hay, Shirley Baumgartcn. ROVV 2: Mona Lee Bowinan, Audrey Buclcer, Alice Krell, Shirley Beadling, Helen Bloscvich, Delores Bockstoee, Ioan Mchl, Judy Cohbey. ROXV 3: Ed Laughlin, XValt Corr, Bill Her- chenrider, Dick Cehrett, john Daniels, Ralph Kistlcr, Don Tal- cott, Loel Thompson. ROV' 4: XVilson McClaren, Bill Pente- cost, Dan Smith, George Kramer. Paul Anderson. 11-2 FRONT ROXV: Gladys Kroboth, Joanne Heine, Molly Biekel, Nan- cy Moffitt, Bea Corcoran, Ann Zellc, Audrey Nordquist, Kathleen McCormick. RONV 2: Ann Diehl, Anne Bushyeager, Ann McCon- nel, Sue Braniwell, Mary Llay Marilou Shortreed, Elinor Redfern Fannie VVallaee, Babs Freeland. ROYV 3: Bill Lee, Forbes Bur- dette, Nelson Burns, Rod Stegah, Bob Sebring, Tom Gulley. ROVV 4: Dave Dickinson, Willson Cra- mer jethrci Ball, Eugene Felieetti, Ed Beck. n 1 11-3 FRONT ROXV: Evelyn Gree- han, Betty McCrory, Carol YVar- ner, Lois Heidenreich, Dorothy Rohh, Barbara Smith, Sandra 'NVise, Nancy Meyers. ROXV 2: Margie Zeph, Martoin llood, Lib- by Davis, Rosie Doyle, Mary Lou Behen, Madeline Baldizar, Helen Flaherty. Nancy Bybee, julie Leila, Mary Gaw. ROXV 3: jack Colwill. Bill Love, Margot Mullin, Nancy Maxwell, Jean Treharzie, Frank Kernan, NVel:h Castor. ROV' 4: Bruce Schroeder, Jack VVright, Carl Bruning, Ward lones, Bill Rankin. Hope to Strike lt Rich 11-5 FRONT BOW: Barbara Bracke, Gerry Henry, Marilyn Franklin, Charlotte Crowley, Miriam Little, Mary Jane House, Sally Stapleton. HOVV 22: Ted Fletcher, Betty Al'- bright, Naney Maloy, Louise Wy- rough, Judy Kraft, Ann Powell, Margie Gingerich, Bob Block. BOYV 3: Howard Sheets, Bob Hunger, Ed VVestwood, Art Mc- Featers, Bob Chidester, Bob O' Connor, Bob Mohr, John Ellis, Toni Peters. HOVV 4: Dick Taylor. Jiin Mahony, Chuck Dickerson. Dick Buck, John Kauper, Dick Uhrich, Charles Voelker. 11-6 FRONT ROVV: Marta Taylor, Nancy Larry, Aleen Allsop, Claire Hillman, Joan Rust, Barbara llal- bach, Cecily Burg, Sue Burk. BOXV 2: Dottie Poole, Joan Ridinger, Helen Frazec, Margie Lloyd, Mar- ilyn Protas, Nancy Divine, Norma Volhner, Diane Morris, Jean Hulse, Ann Clowes. ROVV 53: Joe Steele, Dan Bosewell, Lois Maroney, June Blosser, Dolores llarsley, Sue Culbertson, Jack VVhelan, Sam NlcKenney. HOW 4: Jiin Shirey, Bernie Kelley, Jiin Jewell, George Cosby, Dave Else, Burl Daven- port, Bill Bradley. U" ,. ' 4' . 7 I Q . '- E N a BIAS?" 'E asks? .df Q! 11-4 FRONT ROYV: Shirley Scott, Shirley Kappeler, Judy Litten, Lynne Miller, Audrey Kirch, Bar- bara Stull, Connie Wfest. ROW Q.: Becky Neal, Nancy Nichols, Nan- cy Eisenbeis, Louise Carey, Nan- cy Overholt, Pat Portman, Ifancy Tully. ROXV 3: Nancy Harold, Paul Biekel, Bob Airhart, Ronnie Spangler, Bob N4eElhose, Bob Hood, Carol YVoodgate. ROW 4: John Denhart, Orestis Copetas, Al Geis, Vie Tilbrook, Bob Reardon. 2 K ii' ,T xx eil 'J " QE! ' 'i T E El U 11-7 FRONT ROWV: Anne Brown, Nancy Johnson, Marcy Marshall, Kathy Moslcner, Elizabeth Locke. ,lanice Schafer, Mary Lou Faw- cett, Mona Kelley, Marilyn Thorn- as. BOW 2: Ilene Larson, Hazel Hamilton, Maria Karlovitz, Nancy XVillianis, Agnes Porter, Martha Barron, Shirley Dorn, Naney Boelx- len, Marie McCridden. ROW 3: Tom Riiner, Fred Ott, Alan Hayes, Dave Harmon, George Hofmann, Dave MCSteen, Don Dalton, Sher- win Iarns. ROVV 4: Harold Stew- art, Ted Warfcl, Bob Cole, John Button, Bob Short, Dan Garson, lim Ryan. 11-8 FRONT BOW: Lynn Oster- gaard, Pat Cutler, Jeanne Wilsoxr, Kathleen Englert, Rose Mary De- Bald. ROVV 2: Tom Parker, Don- na MeDonnell, Shirley Griffiths, Cynthia Steward, Nancy Hoehle, Ann Willis, Bob Kellison. BOW 3: Charles Miller, John Harnmond, Gilbert YVetzel, Richard VVitney, Jerry Gilbert, Raymond Kazior. 11-9 FRONT BOYV: Hona Bradley, l Virginia Legler, Iean Patterson, l Betty Lou Marone, Doris Kiggins, Marcella Magee, Helen Buff, Hel- en Savas, Nancy Howard. ROVV 2: Bill Coltnian, Louise Eiseubeis Elizabeth Grant, Beverly Sher- wood, Faith Mediug, Shirley Mor- gan, Dorothy McKee, Millicent Kovac, Bob Gaw. ROXV S: George Duerr, Bill Edmunds, Jack Miller, Jim Clouse, Bob Carpenter, jerry Arnold, David Bradley. BOW 4: Vince Brayne, Earl Erickson, john Heneeker, Dick Massey, ,lack Eni- ery, Ralph Palcho. ar QX l img! l MU 5:-ff, ,, I Juniors Plorcll Onward K tr--1 , 0 r 1- If K i jf 1 r' QQ 1 ' 51 14 KRIGHTD Take one good look at the sign Iudy's holding and then spell that word! This sophomore surprised all by coming out on top in the all-school spelling bee. CBELOWJ These underclassmen are buying tickets in the lobby for 'KChildren of the Moonv at the familiar booth, gaily decorated for the occasion. The tumbling mats really got a workout when these fel- lows started showing their skill. Getting them untaugled was sometimes a problem! "Crab yourself tl partner, gents, and swing her gently 'roundfl Y-Teens had a gay time square dancing at one of their meetings. 1 Toward ez Wealth of Know edge 15 4 if fw' J .X 9' iM 1 xt yi- A7 L , f all I Q 11-10 T FRONT ROW: Barbara New- man, Mary Ann Jones, Marianne McMaster, Nancy Critser, jean Beistel, Ann Archbold, Virginia French, Carole Jones, Marlene Hingerf ROVV 2: Bob WVagner, El- len Krut, Evelyn Ciranni, Shirley Hamilton, Patti O,Brien, Carole Hess, Carolyn Stein, Ruth Town- send, John Baciappa. BOW 3: Carl Nolle, Al Pankopf, Harry Sherrick, Jim Fawcett, B url Moore, John Rosser, Tom Fletcher, Melvin Simon. BOW 4: Don Holi- man, Sam Linhart, Keller Johnson, Tom Ralph, Joe Scuticchio. Fei: Prospects Look Bright 11-11 FRONT BOW: Dorothy Palom- bo, Kathy Toci, Bernadette Opter- man, Jean Colvin, Barbara Hal- pert, Barbara Hatch, Beverly Aim- strong, Pat Hilliard. ROVV 2: Jim Fedele, Larry Trageser, Janie Backinger, Blanch Shiverdecker, Nancy Gardiner, Shirley Siebei, Bill Kernahan, Walt Fidder. ROVV 3: Dick Horm, Fred Flurry, Dick Lowell, Dick Joyce, Dick Swan- son, Art Cusick, Cernie Peckham. ROVV 4: Dave Jones, Jim Landon, Joe Bercsi, Bill McVay. 11-12 FRONT ROW: Nancy Hallo- well, Barbara Szepe, Bettie Mae Murphy, Miriam Lully, Bessie Lardas, Beverly Peoples, Joan Thompson. BOVV 2: Toni Colgan, Rodger Roman, Marilyn Judge, Jean Fellows, Janet Schindehette, Ed Myers, Doug Haymond. BOW 3: Ron Biber, Troy Campbell, Ronnie Balach. Jim Corbit, George Sofis, Bob Kiefer, Jack Semmcr, Ronald Gluck. or These Able Miners 10-2 FRONT ROW: jo Ann Mihin, Betty Jane Faucett, Elaine VVieke. Roxanna Ryman, Doris MeAfoos, Mitzi Lascheid, Katherine Strick- ler, Mary Io Phillips. ROW 2: Wayne Petemel, Sally Lyle, Donna Ball, Sally Miller, Mary Simpson, Betty George, Gertrude Meisel, Ruth Ann Tilka, Virginia Beck, Tom McGreevey. ROW 3: Charles Wyndham, jim Glenn, Bud Glenn, jim Storey, Knute Hartman, Rog- er Wood, Toni Gemmer, Stanley Corbett, Dick Bradway. 10-3 FRONT ROVV: Stephanie Mor- ris, Shirley Christie, Barbara Ham- mond, Mary Sargent, Mary Ellen McClellan, Ada Joseph, Sonia Gil- bert, Judy Smith. BOVV 2: Bob Rankin, Howard Guenther, Linnea Lindberg, Betsy Dodson, june Rogers, Mary Joan Patterson, Bar- bara Sue House, Don Mackey, Joe Swaim. ROW 3: George Balch, Aiden Hatton, Herb Cox, Iim Blatt, Chuck Williams. Tom Foley, Al Busche, Winston Mei- gott. U o 5-if ki .W t ff we F N ga? qi - 049 15 1, N- I 1 ' 2 Bl .ii lf :wil 10-1 FRONT ROXV: Lenore Meister, Carol Couch, Paula Grimm, Patsy Schwartz, joan Ferraro, Betty Lou Gibbons, Betty Balke, Lois San- ders. BOVV 2: Jerry Hinger, jane Bredin, Sue Yarger, Joan Pierce, Marilyn Paar, Barbara Brown, Lois Jones, George Rhodes. ROW' Jack Smith, Mac Canage, Ben Harvey, Paul Dervanik, Leo Li- berto, Jim Braker, Dick Moore, Jerry Sullivan, Vlfalter Lyman. 10-6 FRONT ROW: Eileen Dorman, Marjorie Forster, Mary Ann Peck, Donna Crissman, Marianne Mac- Main, Florence Kappler, Mary Meyers, Nancy Volz, Joanne Peck. RONV 2: Edwina Hurrell, Shirley Gustavson, Margaret Spindler, Lee Wilder, Peggy Linn, Rosemary Sweeney, Patricia Mulicl, Mary Grace Shenkel. ROWV 3: Dick Mc- Connell, Phil Reagan, Micheal Gillen, Bob Witt, Keith Rogers, Jerry O,Donncll. ROW 4: John Alderdice, Bob Wilson, Neil Es- sick, Bob Mayers, Jim Sieger. I 1 ix, " yr www J , dh N ggi! Mya? 4 i Y milf 10-4 FRONT ROW: Doriene Dcetcr, Barbara Gooding, Joan Aton, Nan- cy Fry, Ann Hertel, Carol Avery, Caryl Johnston. ROW 2: Marga- rct Green, Barbara Buerkle, Barba- ra Bulger, June Francis, Nancy Rossmann, Ann Lofquist, Lois Cunningham. ROW 3: Bill Hyams, Stuart Hemmenway, Paul Bowell, Paul Murphy, Richard Klabcr, Fred Hammer, Jim Reavis. liOVwf 4: Irvin Happe, Ronnie Clemens, Graham Dunlop, Ward Baines, Dick Cortes, Nick Malcolm. 10-5 FRONT ROW: Muriel Hender- son, Claire Koller, Judy Davis, Barbara Coffman, Nancy McLain, Betty Miller, Mary Anne VVhelan, Adda Johnson. ROW Z: Martha Ludwick, Nanette Nelson, Joan F urman, Bob Barrett, Bob Fair- grievc, Marcia Storch, Joanne Gra- ham, Joan Pratt. ROW 5: James Ruckert, Jack Harness, Lloyd Waite, Peter Bowell, Harold Work, Walter Malinski, David Thomas, Kermit Phillips. Therels cc Long, CRIGHTD Short stories will keep some people busy but not Bob, who apparently has found something else to take up his time. CBELOVVJ You could never tell how those home room programs would turn out, as' this action shot of Mrs. Adamson's proteges will testify. Lunch always presented a problem. Are you sure you have enough nickels, fellow, for that piece of cake? Whetlier they were splitting an atom or making ammo- nia, these industrious scientists usually managed to keep things popping. A few couples take time out from dancing under the blue and gold eauopy at the Junior-Senior Prom to re- fresh themselves with a coke. Long Trail fwfzifnf fifnj' 19 ,193 F PV '19 c 1 j lghxvs iq N l In! 0 r 0 N' ' i 1 'W - , X Q 'QM-M L.: 10-7 FRONT BOXV: Blanche Corra, ,lane Mansfield, Marilyn Froehlich, Nancy Lees, Audrey VVelsl'1, Mary Mclice, I c a n n i n e Armstrong. BOVV 2: Dick Anderson, Don Na- gel, Bob Johnson, Bill Fleisehauer, Roger Brown, Lee Boss, Dave Ho- scnbcrg, David Erikson. ROVV 3: james Bishop, Richard Aahl, Tom Clair, Bob Kortner, Clair Buck, Charles Busche, VValdo Jones. George Schramm, Bob Gardner. herds Plenty oi' Dziggziny Ahead 10-8 FRONT ROVV: Mima Zim- :ne-rman, Adelaide Patrick, Betty McElroy, Claire Zchfuss, Sarah XVhitc, Lynn Ruthven, Julia Maeli- ling, Maryrose Bassett. BOVV 2: Bobcrt Haynos, Shirley Gocilel, Ann DcVita, Becky Fee, Shirley Lock, Barbara Fendryek, Bill Brocimerkel. RONV 3: Ted Siedle, jack McEwen, Roy Viissler, Will- iam Howard, Edward Stewart, Bruce Campbell, Gordon Storholnw, David Caldwell. l0-9 FRONT BOXV: Mary jo Ryer- son, Connie Smith, Marjorie Slo- man, Irene Nolle, Ioan Fahrney, Emma Yetter, Carlene Gregory. HOVV 2: Alan Manete, Howard Adams, Dick Tussey, Pat Rooney, jim Bolin, Joe Ziegler, Alan Fra- ser, Robert Mitchell. BOVV 3: Ray Lebler, Tim Findlay, Rod Er- ikson, John MeCaskey, Bill Zeh- fuss, David Hukill, Bill Fleming, Gill Hamill. Tom Catanzaro, F rit- zie Zivic. 10-12 FRONT HOW: Holly McClain, Carol Ernst, Peg Minilian, Sally Shaffer, Lorraine Krell, Joan Fri- day, Gretchen Troxell, Lea Petris. ROW 2: Alvin Short, Jack Chase. Ed Kane, Pat Lightboxvn, Helen Miller, Loreen Bender, Jack Ohl- nian, VVally Workniaster, Bob Leis. HOXV 3: Sam Walton, Jim Kirk, VVally Giordano, Dean Satre, Lar- ry Madson, Bob Hutchins, Jay Holmes, Bert Smith, Jim Herget. 10-13 FRONT BOVV: Lois Seilcr, Nancy Shumaker, Nancy Blosscr, Sally Gordon, Sarah Kayser, Mary Lou Taggert, Leslie Lang. BCVW 2: Marlene Roell, Eileen Smith, Mildred Haas, Betty Schremnier, Katherine Bellaver, Barbara Bacon, Marian Bidden. ROW 3: Carl Smith, Jack I-Itzrtzell, Edwin Hobbs, Bob Tlioman, Fred Pierce, Buddy Morris, Peter Marie, Nor- ville Meyer. 10-10 FRONT BOVV: Susan NVagner, Dorothy Houston, Shirley Liddle, Jane Powers, Sandra NVoeckner, Mary Ann Hogsett, Rory Ciranni, Midge Helland, Marion Scott. ROVV 2: Clyde Longenecker, Pa- tricia Maloney, Eleanor McKen- zie, Louise Kalberkainp, Ethelyn Kemp, Janice Palm, Lorraine Max- well, Joe Raffaele, John Cantwell. BOVV 3: Jim Love, John Coughlin, Jerry Langhart, Bill Klocke, Bruce Thielemann, Sonny Russo, Dave Farrell, Dick Squires, Fred Simp- son. 10-11 FRONT ROW: Sally Noel, Ruth Fineman, Harriet Albert, Pat Schnieder, Joyce Hildebrand, Nan- cy Lee Dickinson, Norma Chile, Gretchen Van Dyke. ROW 2: Bill Eggers, Bill Mains, Carol Sturgis, Ruth Craig, Jean MacDonald, Pat Pierce, Eleanor Hatch, John Hoi- lingsworth, Peter Mascara. ROW 3: Lee Smith, George Liadis, John Keegan, Bob Billingsley, Varod VVright, Larry Jones, Tom Lang- don, Bill Brown, Ronald Consilio. Yoavmgwns Head ea Go Time Class passing! Thatis when we see the boy friend, in- quire about the history test, and drink those gallons of water. Seeing double? These are the twins in our school: Con floorj Nancy and Louise Eisenbeis, Cseated 1.1 Chuck and Tim McBride, Cseated r.D Dave and Hona Brad- ley, Cstanding 1.1 Bud and Iim Glenn, Cstanding r.D Paul and Peter Bowell. Bob staggers under a tre- mendous load of pencils while Joe runs around with a few sheets of paper. Fancy silver. . . Candlesticks . . . and even a tablecloth graced the table in the caf- eteria when the boys cele- brated Sadie Hawkins, Day on November 15. Geez! Are they in a cage? Is this the zoo? Nope, these three members of the Deco- rating Squad are just trap- ped in their own web of streamers for the Iunior-Se- nior Prom. 22 vuutztvini' Culp its Wil the Tmil Down in the teulll P00111 the "BD squad get into their jackets and discuss strategy before eollling onto the floor. Ten yards! Five yards! Hes over! The boys go wild as our Lebo Lads rack up un- other six points ill an excit- ing football game. The girls powder their shi- ny noses und put that lust lock of hair into place be- fore rushing out to their CpatientlyP?D waiting dutes. Hot dogs! Coke! Candy! The Vifuys and Means Squacllrezllly went to town during football gullies to fill the ezlsll registtr for our LRC- tivities progrzllll. The brass section gives out with some tCIl'lf.L' lllusie that really 'Lselldf' us all at one of the gllll1CS. Totmy the fowl. .. f"f5',,, 'D9"'rx. N0 1 - . " 7 f N' SJ EQ N5 K .fd '4 1-'44 ' 1: XX QEQQ3 ' , 4, xf X J A W" "" If f V ,. 1,532 X I IZ ? v pai A ,- I -.Ari Z f' PWS , ' Q 1 ', 5 K X , 4 j, ' X f f X Q. '85T"fQf'Q xf Q 'K if W W 'F' S gl! ag, Q 7- - , H -if??3f5f 5' .. A. M A - W QA -3 his-va, Q ui 1 ww l H 'Hn -1 5 . f f 5. , 1 fi 'f V, X kia' :S ffvf 2 f K , if f Classes Rented First C elim Journalists in the bud, learn- ing to set up copy, find therels much more to a newspaper than meets the eye. Packing food and presents for war-torn France was an errand of mercy conducted in the French classes under the guidance of Miss Zahn- iser. Tracing the charts of death rates wasnyt a very lively thing, but the girls in herzlih class found that life is still moving along. to Um' Time and Tulevm s The school! top history stu- dents found no problems before them, but for the rest of the class American histo- ry sometime-s had its battles. Driving was a popular course which combined good practice and sound principals. YVith Mr. Reed at the dual controls things rarely CPD went wrong. The locus hoard with all its many planes and pains couldnlt stump these exports in Miss Smith's solid geom- etry class. Mined Six L0 dis per my, Although not ll usual part of the Latin course, thi-sc puppcteers were training lor their part in ihc Latin show at the Buhl Planetarium. Miss Xvlllllllitf kept 1hese fu- ture clerks studying hard learning to keep their col- ums straight :nd still arrive at the right answer. Test tubes, Bun!-'en lzurriers, and colorlul Liaterials v. ere usecl to gin: 9. hot time in ihe elieuzistry class. Letls hope it vs'z:sn't Loo hot. 28 l-Tiifive Denys er We k Cf? fiver zime Keep right on pounding those keys. 'Whatl a mistake? Coulcln't be. YVell, clon't get discouraged. Iust start over again. Hey look, fellas! Here are at least three girls who will know how to keep house. They are kept in practice by seeing that the apart- ment is spotless. A sophomore English 1-lass gets library instruction from Miss Moore. Pay close at- tention! You,ll need to use that Dewey Decimal System someday. We Vemwredl Forth Together First you skin it, then you dissect it. Atta Way, kids, donyt let that lovely biology speciman get out oi hand. Make way for 'he "Future Musicians of America." These tive harmony stu- dents gather around the pi- V ano to piactiee scales. :These lines and angles surely do get confusing at times," say some of Miss Rightmires geometry stu- dents. 30 vm UW Search or Knowledge Shop was a useful subject for many boys. 'Watch that saw, fellas. It,s much easier to cut your fingernails with a pair of scissors! Some members of the econ- omics class do research in the library in preparation for their reports. Don't Work too hard, kids. Here we have a guancl dis- cussion in Mr. Tallrnanis World liistory class. Subject: Do movies do more harm than good? MRS. GERALDINE ADAMSON, B.S. Mrs. Adamson likes new recipes, but here's one for us. Mix proportionately love of swimming, golf, and riding, sift into mixture sponsorship of cheerleading? add in large amounts the art of home- making, dilute with water of vacations on Lake Erie, beat in B.S. from Pennsyl- vania State College, stir well and flavor. Aid for enjoyment of "health", MISS MARGUERITE BECK, A.B., M.A. Miss Beck teaches us our "auf wieder- sehns" and "gesundheits" . . . sponsors the devotional squad that works up those inspiring Wednesday morning broadcasts . . , chairman of the scholastic committee ...has traveled extensively in Labrador, Germany, France, and Switzerland . . . a graduate of Wooster College, she re- ceived her M.A. from Middlebury Col- lege, Vermont. MISS MARGARET BILLINGSLEY, B.S.,1'fi.ED. A snapshot of a camera addict . , . ex- posure: in the gym, on the athletic field, in G.A.A ,,.. timing: varied . . . develop- ment: it developed us . . . named: Miss "B" . . . history: B.S. and M. Ed. from University of Pittsburgh . . . enjoys trav- eling so much she took a semester's leave to "do" the South . . . outdoor sports and photography are her favorite hobbies. MISS ANNE BAILEY, B.S. The tall, beautiful blonde who looks very much like a student is Mt. l..ebanon's. new cadet . . . teaches algebra . . . graduated from Bucknell University . . . likes to do almost anything, but knitting, sewing, and bridge rate high with her that sparkling new diamond she's. wearing indicates wedding bells soon in the offing. MR. JOHN BECKERT, B.S.. M.ED. Our coach, with degrees from Slippery Rock and University of Pittsburgh, has proved that good football requires more thon brown . . . has had two undefeated teams and a total winning average of 75W . . . also excels as field coach with our outstanding track squads . . . says he cloesn't even like himself during football season but has many ardent fans, in- cluding his wife and us. MR. LAWRENCE BROMBEB.ICK.B.S.,M.ED. Formula: LEBI . . . physical properties: blondg pleasant, solid, very low 3.P.7 never freezesg densityw-? . . . chemical properties: possesses great affinity for family, friends, and students . . . occur- rence: wherever students need help . . . uses: 'useful tonic in acceleration of low spirits: character builder as well as chemistry teacher . . . degrees: B.S, ln- diana State Teachers' College, M. Ed. Pennsylvania State College. The e Teachers We e Ou Guide MR. MERLE BURROWS, B.S., M. LITT. "Turn off those radio commercials!" says Mr. Burrows: "they're the present day curse" . . . his sociology and econo- mics classes are frequently reminded of this . . . his garden and collection of old coins take up much of his spare time . . . he claims his degrees of B.S. and M. Litt. from Grove City and University of Pitts- burgh respectively . . . sponsors our golf team. MR. MERCER CLARK, B.S., M.ED. Let's take a glance at part of "Speed's" alphabet . . . A-avocation of photography . . . B-baseball and basketball, which he coaches . . . C-caring for his family- wife, son six, and daughter two . . . D-dancing-a favorite pastime . . . E-edu- cation B.S.-Waynesburg and M.Ed.-Uni- versity of Pittsburgh . . . F-G-Flower qardeneanother hobby . . . H-heaIth-- the subject he teaches. MR. VICTOR DOAK, A.B., M.A. Some say reading history makes you stale . . . lively Mr. Doak proves it does- n't . . , here's thumbnail proof . . . re- ceived A.B. from Geneva College, M.A. from University of Pittsburgh . . . en- joys reading, bridge, golf, tennis . . . ten- nis coach and chairman of W.P,l.A.L. Tennis Committee . . . assistant football coach . , . son Bill Know eleven years oldl will be with us in a few years. MRS. MARGARET CARGILL, A.B., M. LITT. Let's get to the "point" and discuss Mrs. Cargill, the "key" woman in room 116 . . . amid the noise and bustle of the activities office she alone remains calm . . . heads the activities program in our school . . . faculty representative on the Executive Board . . . her own outside ac- tivities include movies, bowling, and bridge . . . A.B. and M. Litt. from Univer- sity of Pittsburgh. MR. IOHN DENBOW, B.S., M. ED. A newcomer with us this year . . . teaches American history .... graduated from Slippery Rock State Teachers' Col- lege . . . main interest is sports, especi- ally basketball and tennis . . . spends his summers as counselor in a boys' camp . . . another name for his pet peeve is tardy pupils . . , was a first lieuten- ant in air corps during World War ll. MISS VIRGINIA ELLIOTT, A.B., M.A. Attention writers! Cshe sponsors the Mountyj, horseback riders! lshe loves to ridel, Godey Magazine admirers! fshe col- lects theml, housekeepers! fshe sweeps the attic every vacationl . , . beware "Public Parasites" e those who walk through revolving doors and let others push Cyou're her pet peevel . . , a versa. tile woman Miss Elliott . , . A.B. Wilson College, M.A. Columbia University. 32 Leading Us IMISS PAULINE FISH, B.S., M.A. Girls, one way to a man's heart is through his stomach, sae If you yearn to cook a delectable dish Get your instructions from Miss Fish. . . . Chairman of Pennsylvania Home Ec- 'onomics Association . . . collaborated with KDKA "School of the Air" . . . grad- uate of West Virginia Wesleyan and Col- umbia University. MR. SI-IERRICK GILBERT, B.S., M.S. Here's a champion . . . for those who like to putter around with carpentry the loves to work with lumberl, for those who like the study of nature the teaches bi- ologyl, for those who like basketball tthat's his favorite sportl, and last but not least, for those who play chess the spon- sors the victorious chess teaml . . . B.S. and M.S. from University of Pittsburgh. MISS RUTH GORDON, A.B.. M.A. Knock, knock, who's there?-it's not the porter, but our home visitor, Miss Gordon . . . her duties include checking truancy, visiting new families, ironing out fam- ily difficulties, issuing working permits, and teaching English . .Q . served as a WAVE officer during the war and is ac- tively interested in the Reserves . . . at- tended Muskingum and Beaver Colleges and New York University. MISS KATHERYN FROBESE. A.B., M. LITT. This English teacher graduated from Al- legheny College . . . her Beta Y-Teens think she's tops lto mention only a few of her admirerst . . . seen any of her snappy hats?fwell, she makes some of them herself . , . enjoys symphonies, also flowers and tries never to miss a flower show . . . likes to spend her summers "far from the madding crowd." MR. NORMAN GOODWIN, B.S., M. ED. "This is a period of meditation, not vis- itation"--familiar words by Mr. Goodwin to the 12-5's between devotions and an- nouncements . . . teaches algebra and geometry . . . sponsors intramural basket- ball . . . in Ruthfred Acres his Wife man- ages the house, and son tage sevenl man- ages both parents . . . received B.S. from Edinboro State Teachers' College, M. Ed. from University of Pittsburgh. MR. IOHN GRIMES, B.S., M. ED. The man behind the scenes is Mr. Grimes-behind the camera that takes the pictures of our football games and be- hind apparatus for the public address and score boards tsquads which he spon- sorsl - . . likes to Work in his wood- working shop , . . received his degrees of B.S. and M.ED. from University of Pitts- burgh. "U ew the Rough Spots MISS DOROTHY GROVE, B.S., M. ED. Meet the mistress of Midnight Maida Ca little black cocker spaniell . . . a gradu- ate of Indiana State Teachers' College, she teaches commercial subjects . . her Alpha Y-Teens have done some splendid projects under her able direction . . . likes to knit and tconfidentiallyl she's an expert . . . by the way, she attended a Mt. Lebanon grade school. MRS. FERNE HORNE, A.B., M.ED. Have you had your "hortnloscope" read yet? If you're undecided about a college or high school course, step right up and have "Dr," Horne help you . . . well qualified with A.B. from Denison Uni- versity and M. Ed. from University of Pittsburgh . . . because of her willing guidance to those graduating she has earned the title, "the seniors' best friend " MR. IOSEPH KEIPER, B.S., M.A. Exception to the rule "like charges re- pel and unlike attract" is our principal, Mr. Keifer . . . popular because he is so like us . . . stepping stones to his posi- tion have been principalsiiips of all our schools . . . served three years in the navy . . . hunting and fishing are his di- versions . . . B.S. California State Teach- ers' College and M.A. University of Pitts- burgh. 33 MISS FEBN HIGH, R.N., B.S. Miss High says, "Let's have a look at your throat," we say, "Let's have -I look at Miss High" . . . first, our school nurse attended Iefferson Medical College and did graduate Work at University of Pitts- burgh . . . next, she worked in several hospitals and in the Bridgeville schools . . . finally, we see her favorite pastimes include bridge, skating, and golf. MISS ELLA ION. B.S.. M.ED. Definition of an ion: an atom with an electrical charge . it can truthfully be said Miss lon furnishes the spark that keeps our program running smoothly . . . makes out the schedule of classes . . . files records on all students, past and present . . . is in charge of attendance . . . heads achievement, class rank, picture, and attendance squads . . . B.S. and M. Ed. University of Pittsburgh. DR. IUAL KENDALL, M.D. Next time you feel low or run down don't take Dr. Carter's Little Liver Pills, see Dr. Kendall for a more pleasant treat- ment and furthermore for "free" . . . when she's off duty, cooking and garden- ing occupy her spare moments . . . has a son in Lincoln School . . . University of Pittsburgh, Pre-Med . . . Woman's Medi- cal College, M. D. MISS MABEL MOORE, A.B., B.L.S. Our earnest and friendly librarian re- ceived her degrees of A.B. and B.L S. from Penn State and Columbia University respectively . . . if she had her way, it would be flowers every day, asters and delphiniums preferred . . . collects books on Pennsylvania . . . would like to roam in her car all over Pennsylvania, her ia- vorite state. MISS EILEEN NESBITT, A.B. A graduate of Waynesburg College . .. teaches our Latin students their "hic, haec, hoc's", but she also has a reputa- tion as a fine math teacher . . . often envied for her curly bob . . . perfection tc her is sunny tpardon us, snowyl Cali- fornia . . , since she loves traveling, she was guite happy as a Marine during Vtforld Vtfar ll. MISS ADA PATTERSON, A.B., M. LITT. Miss Patterson not only teaches the in- tricacies of Latin to her students but promotes character education in our schools, a subject in which she is intense- ly interested . . . likes traveling and has visi.ed much of our country . . . enjoys SP6UCll1'1? her evenings reading . . . keeps her students cheerful with her jolly sense of humor. MR. CHARLES O. LOHR, B.S., M.A. Everyone stands in line to see Mr. Lohr -that is, if he wants to get tickets for any game or play . . . is in charge of the book room week days, heads for the "wide open spaces" of Ligonier Moun- tains on week-ends . . . teaches biology . . . likes sports . . . received B.S. from Washington and Jefferson College, M. A. from University of Pittsburgh. MISS MARGERY MCCLURE, A.B., M.A. "Go west, young man, go west," said Horace Greelyy so does Miss McClure has traveled extensively throughout the West, but her heart lies with the Rockies . . . loves travel!-any form except horse- back . . , between Latin and English classes she sponsors the Log KA Western Pine, that isl . . . A.B. from Oberlin . , . M.A. from University of Pittsburgh. MR. IOI-IN MEHNER, B.S. lf you "follow the gleam" in Mr. Meh- ner's eye, you'll probably end up on cr field trip, rain or shine tthere's nothing this biology teacher likes betterl . . source of gleam's radiation, his hand- painted ties . . . his many diversions in- clude reading and hiking . . . received his B.S. degree from Grove City College . . . now working on MS, at University of Pittsburgh. MR. WILLIAM MITCHELL, A.B.. M. LITT. "Buenos dias, clase"-a daily greeting to his Spanish classes . . . to secure the proper accent for this, he's made'severul trips to Mexico tof course, he also likes to travelj . . . sponsors the Hi-Y Gold Chap- ter . . . enjoys listening to the radio . . . his biggest headache is "teaching in vain," for which no cure has been found . . . A.B. and M.Litt. from University of Pittsburgh. MRS. GERALDINE MORGAN, B.S., M.A. With a fanfare of trumpets toy the wqy, She plays onel enters our witty sen- ior English teacher, Mrs. Morgan . . . supervises fire drills . . . workinq 139' hind the scenes, so to speak, she coordi- nates all auditorium programs . . . is in charge of Senior Day . . . collects hand- kerchiefs and has one from almost every country . . . B.S. from Geneva, M.A. from University of Pittsburgh. MISS MARIE NEUMARKER, A.B., M. ED. "All aboard" or "ship ahoy" is a wel- come sound to Miss Neumarker-fprovided, of course, she's the one that's going aboard , . . has traveled to Europe and most parts of U.S.A .... also enjoys classical music, reading, and gardening . . . teaches eleventh grade English . . on school's guidance committee . . . de- grees of A.B. and M, Ed. come from Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. MRS. FLOY PENN, B.S., M. ED. A "bird's eye view" of a busy person We get only a glimpse of daily tif you take a quick look you can see her thira periodl . . . teaches reading in various Mt. Lebanon schools . . . a gardening am- ateur . . , dislikes bluffing . . . vacations in Cape Cod . . . B.S. from California State Teachers' College . . . M.Ed. from Univer- siiy of Pittsburgh . . . now .fvorking cn her Pn.D. thesis. 34 MR. MICHAEL MALONE A true Englishman, imported last sum- mer as an exchange teacher . . . during the war served os contain in the B.A.F'. in Europe and the Middle East . . . week- ends find him sight-seeing in Louisville, Washington D.C., Niagara Falls-eta men- tion a few . . . coaches soccer . . . teach- ing certificate from Sheffield University . . . will work for M.A. at University of Indiana next year. MISS FLORENCE MCLAUGHLIN, B.S., M.A. The torch that lights the Lantern is Miss McLaughlin . . . teaches typing, English, and journalism . . . attended Carnegie lnstitute of Technology . . . particularly fond of antiques and gardening . . . in- terested in symphony concerts and book collecting . . . director of our schools' public relations . . . served Uncle Sam ::.s a WAVE in World War ll. MR. NELSON MILLS, A.B., M. ED. "The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine" . . . thoroughness and perfection af iunt for our superior plays, P.A. perfc ances, and public speaking classes, all or which are Mr. Mills' responsibility . . . quite a gourmet in his taste for foods . . . has traveled throughout the United States and England . . . A.B. and M. Ed. from Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. MR. DONLEY MOLLENAUER, A.B., M. ED. "We often fear His thoughts aren't here But in the clouds asoaringf' Well, wherever they are, We'll wager they're on track or history . . . coaches our fine track and cross country teams , , . teaches American history . . . A.B. Washington and lefferson, M.Ed. Univer- sity ot Pittsburgh. MR. RAYMOND PETERS, B.S., M.ED. Unlike Peter the Pumpkin Eater, Mr. Peters keeps neither his wife nor plans in a pumpkin shell . . . drew the plans for our wonderful stadium . . . his invento- ry of school equipment records everything from me number ot torks in the care-terra to the price of thread in 1945 . . . coaches rifle team . . . B.S. from California State Teachers' College, M.Ed. from University of Pittsburgh. MISS NORMA POWELL, A.B.. M. LITT. Her degrees of A.B. and M.l..itt. como from 'Wooster College and University of Pittsburgh . . . those beautiful sweaters she Wears are a product of her chief hobby, knitting . . . head of the Girls' Service Squad . . . collects both classical and popular records, having a special collection of New Orleans jazz . . . papers without margins and tardy pupils are her pet peeves. MR. REED RAINES, A.B., M.S. Music reigns among Mr. Raines' nop-- bies , . . in the past, he played a mean saxaphone in his own dance band . , . holding a lesser sway are rahotography and tennis . . . the real power behind ihe throne at home are his three monarchs, David, Don, and Pattie . . . sponsor of the Blue Hi-Y . . . received his AB. and M.S. degrees from University of West Vir- ginia. MR. IOHN REED, B.S., M.LITT. Give Mr. Reed a car and a driving stu- dent and "there's a driver's license in your future" . . . rode through California State Teachers' College in high gear to receive his B.S ,... M,Litt. from Univer- sity of Pittsburgh . . . puts the brakes cn for athletics . . . knows his way around without a road map . . . favorite model is his little daughter, Mary Lou. MISS MARTHA PICKENS, A.B.. M.A. If you haven't met Miss Pickens, you will soon . . . new student here?-if so, you were probably introduced to the school by a member of her hospitality squad . , . taking College Board Exams? -she has the necessary information . . . graduating?fshe is in charge of com- mencement . . . A.B. and M.A. from Uni- versity of Pittsburgh . . . when you meet her, you'll never forget her. MR. PHILIP PRUTZMAN, B.S. Our "man of distinction" is Mr. Prutz- man . . . always ready on the down beat, he's sometimes sharp and always natural but never flat . . . plays many instru- ments besides directing our band and or- chestra . . . major interest is his famous mustache . . . minor interest Live Alone and Like It . . . attended Mansfield State Teachers' College, Penn State, Ernest West Band School. MR. IOI-IN RAMSEY, B.S., M.ED. What's all the buzz about?-probably concerns Mr. Ramsey, who teaches wood and metal shop . . , works hard with our stage crew building scenery . . . his hob- bies are wood and metal crafts , , . en- joys traveling . . . spent four years as a naval officer during the war . . . can boast of attending University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Tech at the same time. MISS ANNE RIGHTMIRE, A.B., M.A. Here are excerpts from our winning "Good Neighbor Letter" . . . she was a nurse's aid at Montefiore Hospital for six years . . . spent one summer as c nurse in a mountaineer hospital in Prenchburg, Kentucky . . . teaches geo- metry . . . sponsors the traffic squad . . . received her AB. from Allegheny and her M.A. from Columbia . . . I nominate, fo: our good neighbor, Miss Rightmire. MISS RITA ROEGGE, A.B.. M.A. A true Mt. Lebanonite, she was bred here and has taught nowhere else, start- ing her teaching career as a cadet in our high school . . . teaches Spanish . . has attended University of Pittsburgh, Middlebury College, and University ot Mexico , . . has no particular hobbies but likes to do almost anything . . . has given generously of her time and talents to Red Cross work. MR. DOUGLAS SHANER, A.B. Graduated from Carnegie Tech School of Fine Arts . . . many of his art students have won awards each year in the Schol- astic Contest . . . his twin dachshunds tweiner dogs to usl and a cat are his prize possessions . . . now devoting his spare time to the improvement of his newly acquired home . . . sponsors pos- ter and printing squads. MISS MAY SNEARY, B.P.S.M. The lovely singing that floats down our halls is under Miss Sneary's direction . . . she also teaches harmony and music ap preciation . . . Mount Union Conservatory ot Music is her Alma Mater . . . collects table linens and hand-made quilts . . . two of her outside diversions are horse- back riding and tennis . . . a master's touch at the organ. 35 MR. ROBERT RUTH, A.B., M.ED. Here's someone that's on the beam, especially in his radio class . . . teaches physics and math, too . . . business man- ager of athletic teams . . . woe to the boy he finds with a shirt belonging to our school! . . . keeps in tune at home by gardening and carpentry . . . for his own enjoyment he plays golf and tennis but ranks basketball highest. MISS SARAH SMITH, A.B., M.ED. At home Miss Smith constructs a special "solid" figure in the kitchen, using the locus chocolate pie, and the result is a delectable figure . , . bridge, reading, and swimming occupy her free moments . . . teaches solid geometry and trig . . . is in charge of senior class rings, pins, and announcements . . . A.B. from Wilson Col- lege, M.Ed. from University of Pittsburgh. MRS. LYDE SOMMERFELD, A.B. Gazing into my crystal ball, I see a lady who teaches tenth grade English . . . received A.B. from Grove City Col- lege . . . her numerous hobbies, in ad- dition to her husband, include reading, music, and dancing. Second semester Mrs. Sommerfeld decided to devote all her attention to her husband and home .. . we've missed her, too, but our best wishes are with her-always! MR. IOSEPH SRP, B.S., M.ED. Hyp: Likes all sports, but baseball and basketball top the list . . . enjoys read- ing . . . attended Penn State, where he received his B. S. degree and Unu- versity of Pittsburgh, where he took his lvi.Ed. Con: Mr. Srp. Plan: Sum of the parts equals the whole. MISS RUTH STEPHENS, B.S., M.LITT. California State Teachers' College is her Alma Mater . . . loves teaching the tine points of English literature to her twelfth graders . . . dreams of visiting En- gland . . , is up to par in golfing and way above it when it comes to sponsor- ing the "De1tas" . . . perfection?-a cozy chair and a good book . . . received her M.Litt. degree from University of Pitts- burgh. MR. KIRK TALLMAN, A.B., M.ED. Portrait-a tall man making a birdie on a golf course, leisurely reading a book, hoeing his garden, vacationing in the mountains :.i West Virginia, teaching world history, assisting in the coaching of football and basketball, and grumbling about school forms . . . that's Mr. Tall- man . . . degrees from West Virginia Uni- versity and University of Pittsburgh. MISS MARY THORPE, A.B.. M.ED. Chats Spanish to her classes but after hours she is very likely to speak French . . . a graduate of Vfestminster College . . . quite talented in the domestic arts, she is an excellent seamstress and loves zo cook . . . "music hath charms" for her, for she never misses an opportunitv to listen to good music . . . attended Uni- versity oi Pittsburgh to earn her M.E'l. degree. MR. EARL WHIPXEY, B.S., M.ED. illfeek-ends find Mr. Whipkey "up in the air" fit's not because school is out! with his aviation unit of the Naval Re- serves . . . he's also navigator of the Cedar Hi-Y . . . want to discover what an interesting conversationalist he is?- just ask how his young son, Doug, is doing . . . BS. from Slippery Rock State Teachers' College and M.Ed. from Univer- sity of Pittsburgh. 36 MR. ALBERT STANISH, B.S. New with us this year from Central Catholic . . . likes our school, especially the co-ed system . . . teaches world his-- tory and assists in coaching football and track . . . received B.S from Geneva and is now working on his mcfster's at Uni- versity of Pittsburgh . . . a brand new baby daughter to join son Albert, Ir. ushered in the New Year for the Stanish household. MR. CARI. STREAMS, A.B.. M.A. Wherever there are hunting and a stream abounding with fish you'll find Mr. Streams. To finance these hunting trips and family twife and two children, Iohn and Barbaral he teaches geometry and algebra . . . sponsors cafeteria squad . . . summer recreation director at Mt. Lebanon Park . . . found time to get A.l3. from Grove City, M.A. from University of Michigan, MISS ANNA THOMPSON, A.B., M.ED. Westminster is her favorite college . . . good English grammar is the goal she- inspires her students to strive for . , . paints dishes and makes neckties in her' spare time . . , does her traveling now in a new, shiny Buick . . . is active in church work in her home town of Buena Vista . . . received her M.Ed. degree from University of Pittsburgh. MISS TI-IELMA WHINNIE, B.S., M.ED. Traditional gift for the teacher is on apple, but chocolate covered cherries are guaranteed to please Miss Vtfhinnie . . . among her favorite pastimes are driving her car and eating spaghetti, though for- tunately not at the same time . . . teaches commercial subiects . . . has a B.S. de- gree from Indiana State Teachers' Col- lege and M,Ed. from University of Pitts- burgh. MISS HELEN ZAHNISER, A.B., M.A. A graduate of Geneva College . . . parlez-vous francais?-if you don't. Miss Zahniser is the person to teach you how . . . her students strive for a Parisian ac- cent like hers . . . during the summer if she isn't traveling, you may find her in the backyard gardening . . . she has vis- ited most of Europe and for six summers conducted student tours there. Caught in the act! Mr. Streams and Mr. Keifer go a- gunnin'. Miss Sneary tries out the Hammond organ newly pur- chased for the Mellon auditoriuni. In u beautiful bliz- z il r d Miss "B" t a k e s o f f f o I points south. Can g we blame her? liimpses Th ou, lim ith Keyhole Q. We proudly present our faculty ehildren. Front: Doug YVliipkey, Billy Ramsey, joy Clark, Ed- ward Mills, Chuckie Bromberick, Mary Ann Bromberick, Don Raines, Patty Raines, Alohnny Gill, Sally Horsman. Row 2: Virginia Burrows, Bar- bara Streams, johnny Streams, Donna Peters, Ian Clark, Dick Good- win, Alice Mollenaucr, Barbara Gill. How 8: Carolyn Burrows, Helen Gilbert, lack Mills, Ai Stanisli, David Mills, David Raines. llow 4: Tommy Horsman, Ted Kendall, Bobby Gill, Linn Mollenauer, Bill Doak. Teachers, too, sometimes had a snack between classes. Miss Patterson, Miss Thorpe, and Miss Fish seem to be enjoying that cup of tea. What will teachers do next! llere we find Miss Frobese and Miss Beck refinishing furniture in one ot the evening wood- working classes. VVeleome additions to our faculty second semcse ter were Miss Ilolliday, former retired teacher who is substituting in the English department, and Mr. Davis and Mis., Descaunets, new recruits for the physical educa- tion department. Time out as Miss Mt- Clurc and Mrs. Morgan improve their bowling skill. The camera catches Mrs. Adamson in a clomeslie mood. Mothers of the P.T.A. served a delicious lunch- eon to li a r d-working teachers the day be-tween semesters. felvds Richest Vein... QT W1 :P X OX X K , jj W "" WX XNXXR 1l,lflfKfffh Z Q-X5 lly sggdenk X .Y fi . 0 ,umym covfijtcuof-mlrx. Z ' K 'H' llfff' 0 ' V f Q s X ! W gg A ff A If , af Q f' Q4 1' 2:52 wy QQL XQ f iff? flgkx ff " v ' All S ww-kwixkk 45 ' 353' 1, R N3 hw 'is 47:52 , , X Wi? ' ,Q ,Rain 1, M, 4 5b?Gi?'?ef ' wif 2 X Students Dziseoqveretll tt Wealth o KTOP LJ Dr. Wetherell and Madame Atherton discuss family problems over a spot of tea CTOP RJ Thomas Watches as Jane and Major Bannister leave for the moon. CLOWV ER LJ jane restrains her mother, who holds Major Bannister responsi ble for the death of her son, as Madame Atherton looks on. QLOWER RJ WValter Higgs, Major Banninsterls man, and old Thomas exchange greetings. CCENTERQ Laura sweeps majestically down the stairs in Search of her Herring" daughter CHILDREN OF THE MOON Last fall the halls of Mt. Lebo rang with strange sounds of English and cockney accents. Youyve guessed it-the annual Activities Play was in rehearsal. After surviving long nights of practice and many hilarious m- -cidents, the cast came through to give three splendid performances of a difficult play. Assisting Mr. Mills in the directing field were Marga- ret Schietinger and Bettie Murphy. Student committee chairmen included stage manager, I. Blair, properties, C. McBride, business, T. Nourieg costumes, A. Rebholzg make-up, S. Macliinnisg publicity, S. Miller, ushers, F. Ryan. Judge Atherton . Madame Atherton Laura Atherton . Jane Atherton .. Dr. YVetherell .. Major Bannister . Walter Higgs . . Thomas ..... . . . ..,.... ..... R ussell Teasdale Mary Jane Hughes Joan Thorsteinson . . . .Dolores Haslcy Nancy Schreiner . . . . .Sandra Wise Nancy Hoehie . . . , .Tom Rimer . . .... Nelson Rungcr Art Rosfeld . , , . .William Berlin . , . . .Walter Fidder Edward Denigan Talent in Spotlight Fantasies HEAVEN CAN YVAIT "Spiritsl,' someone bowled as a saxophone Heated down the corridor. Spiritsl' Wlell, maybe. But it was more likely to be one of the characters tor the class play just practicing in his spare time. Although handicapped by having to practice almost everywhere but on a stage for two weeks, our '49-ers survived and really made both Joe and Mr. Jordan come to life. CAST . . .,.,.. .,..,., A rt Rosteld . . .Russell Teasdale Nelson Hunger . .... George Krivobok Roger Holloway . . . . . .Nixon Taylor Marilyn St. Clair . . . . .Annc Bebholz Bette Blacknion . . . . . . . . .VVilliam Berlin Joe Pendleton . Mr. Jordan . . . . Messenger ..... julia Farnsworth .. Bette Logan . . . Max Levene . . . lMrs. Amesb P. Kleptcr, CNurseQ C. Beedle, CSusie, maid? N. Fritschi, CAnn, maidj M. Schietinger lVv'ill- iamsj R. Hall, CFirst Escortb T. Kelly, CSeeond Escortj I. Squires, lW0rkmanD D. Burke, CLeftyD B. Bell, lDoctorl B. XValker, lPlainclothesmanD B. Rea, CFirst Crowd Group? E. Gilbert, A. Colker, H. Brooks, P. Bir- ris, E. Shepler, H. L. Price, I. McKay, A. Harpsterg lSecond Crowd Groupj T. White, D. Minihan, C. Mc- Bride, V. Corbett, M. Hill, S. Maloney, E. Hartzell, N. McGhee. Assisting Mr. Mills were student directors, I. Corcoran and C. Gallagher, and also the following committee chairmen: ushers, M. DeStein, properties, C. McBride, publicity, V. Herrmann, business, T. Nourie. CLONVER LEFTD In vain Joe tries to prove to Max by his bo while the invisible Mr. Jordan stands by. CT. to BJ Mr. -lord Tony gives him the money with which to promote the tight. M pull straws to decide what night each east performs. julia and body, comes down to see Bette. xing prowess that he is really himself, not Mr. Farnswoith an having given his okay to the check, Max nervously waits as embers of both casts watch anxiously as their student directors Tony receive quite a shock as Joe, in Mr. Farnsworth's old 41 EXECUTIVE BOARD OFFICERS Sitting: Means, Cox, Rosfeld, Saunders. Standing: Run- ger, Craig. Self Government EXECUTIVE BOARD Chief instrument of student government is the Ex- ecutive Board. Made up of thc presidents of all home rooms and an additional representative from each senior room, this group discusses and takes ac- tion on many school problems. This year the Board gave special attention to the subjects of sportsmanship and honesty. Active discus- sion and participation in handling such problems give students a share of responsibility for the smooth run- ning of their school. Executive Board-Tenth Grade FRONT: McConnell, Wil d e r, L i g h t h 0 w n, WVhite, Bassett, Squires. BACK: Liadis, Jones Hamill, XVilliains, VVork, Gemmer, Murphy, Hutchins, Smith. Executive Board--Eleventh Grade FRONT: Dickerson, Hoehle, Lon- genecker, Hulse, Kappeler, Fel- lows, Raeiappa. BACK: Laughlin, Reardon, Jewell, Carpenter, MC- Featers, Bruning, Ryan, McStecn, Gorr. Showed Democracy in Action EXECUTIVE BOARD-TVVELFTH GRADE FRONT: Howe, Armstrong, Corcoran, Baldus, Shirley, Dunbar, Grove, Robinson, Maguire, Means, Coleman. ROW 2: Holloway, McCauley, Pisehke, Mall, Hickman, Morian, Minihan, jones, Denman, WV1lloughby, Rosfeld, Reed, Kelly. ROW 3: Eiehel, Harris, Morgan, Lund, Be agan, White, Craig, Carver, Mooney, Meell, Stroble. STUDENT COURT Tuesday after school means many things to many people, but to a certain few, Tuesday means they must report to the Student Court. This judiciary branch ol' our student government handles all out-of-order reports. Here the recipient of an out-of-order has a chance to plead his case. After weighing all evidence, the court decides the necessary punishment, if any. Composed of representatives from each grade, the Court is another device through which our students govern themselves. STUDENT COURT Court members VVard, Landon, F ranklin, Albertson, Hahn, Ruthven, Runger, Kla- ber try a defendant. 43 FRONT Zeph, Fox, Rosfeld, Robinson. ROW 2: Lee, Schietinger, Stewart, Taylor. ROW 3: Laufer, Hickman, Nourie Holloway, Grove. Committees and quads Euzgerly Achievement . Auditorium ,. Attendance .. Book Squad .. Bulletin Board Cafeteria ..., Chemistry , . . Class Rank . . Decorating . . .Joan Maguire Nancy VVeiganml Barbara Church Gay Dunbar . . .Margie Zeph ..Doris Kiggins . . . .Cliff Evans John White Richard Rea Tom Kelly .Robert Lanier .Herb Hickman .Bob O,Connor 44 Executive Board Committee Devotional .,......,, Mary Margaret Stewart Girls' Service Squad .,........., Donna Gray Girls, Gym Squad ,,,,..... Nancy Robinson Honor Award .... .,.....,, M argie Grove Hospitality ...... Cfallj ........, '.Bob Dee Debbie Huber fspringj Dave Denman Kathy Means Library ......... ..... D orothy Colucci Lost and Found ...........,.. Peggy Friday Medical ........ .... D onna Rae Eslabrook Needle and Thread ...... Beverly Armstrong Physics .....,..... .,.. C harles Plantz FRONT: Huber, P. Ryan, Fritschi, Rea, Estabrook, Schulte. ROVV 2: I. Bighzun, Denman, Maguire Kuhne Dunbar, J. Ryan, Means, Teasdale. ROW 3: Dee, 'White, Evans, Morgan. llpmmed Gold from Many Sources and Squad Chairmen Poster . , . Printing . . . Projection .... Public Address Public Relations Publicity ....., .... Scenery . , . Scholastic . . . Score Board . . . Social ,...... Stage Crew . .. .Delores Hasley . , , ,Joe Pollock , , .Jack Morgan Russ Teasdale . . . .Bob Murrer Marlene Schulte Roger Holloway Art Rosfeld , . . ,Art Rosfeld . , . . . ,Jim jewel! ,Howard Bacon . . .Nicky Taylor .....,-lim Blair Studio .,,,.... Cfalll ....,... Nelson Rungei Qspringj Tom Rimer Traffic ,... ......,,..,. J ohn McKee john Billingsley Bob Stroble Alan Collier Eleanor Redfern Marlene Schulte Red Cross ,.... .... M argaret Schietinger Usher Cboysj .,,..,... Tom Nourie Usher Cgirlsl ..,,.. ...., P at Ryan Ways and Means .,.,.., Jim Ryan 45 Nancy Fritschi Scholarship, Serqvzice, Character re Keys ACTIVITIES KEY Some people count sheep to make them go to sleep. I donitl I count activities points. You see, the requirements sounded easy when I was a sophomore. From every activity I'd enter, I'd receive points, when I finally accumulated ninety, Iid have my key. I could rc- eeive it from grade eleven A through twelve A. Eagerly I set out on my quest. I stoved my finger in C.A.A., acquired dishpan hands from wash- ing the blackboards, spent precious minutes of activities period in a squad meeting, got hoarse practicing for the spring musical, struggled to get on the honor roll, and now a se- nior, I tediously count my points. Eighty-seven, eighty-eight, eighty- nine. One short! But I must have ninety! You say there's one last re- sort? All right! Please, please, may I wash your boards? It was a proud moment as deserving students came forward to l accept tieir awards at the Activities Assembly. ACTIVITIES KEY FRONT' Corcoran Kern Means For Stewart 'N ld K k -. ' L v , -', A , ' , pa us, ir , Budden. ROXV 2: Estabrook, Cl 'rl Gr H - - Ster, Schietlngcr, Saunders, Boyer, Grove, Weigand, Arentzen, Fulton, Herrmann, Colucci. ROc51S:1,HclvlIt g:e1fkMcCXk1iin, Bipgham, Lee, Schreiner, Kragnes, Dunbar, Davies, Hikes Carson Schulte O,Kcefe IFVAI-d o er, a er. OVV 4: Schoff, Cunningham, M'-l tl , Rx VV' ' , ,- ,H' . , ,-, 7 , i Murrer, Mau, COX, Stroble, Kelly, Holloway. ic ie sen ci, issmger, jones, ickman, Craig, Denman, 46 0 the Go den Opportunity of Education NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FRONT: Staiger, Brown, Gray, Stewart, Schietinger, Saunders, Boyer, Ward, Herrmann, Garson. ROW 2: Mur- rer, Harpster, Bingham, Church, Estabrook, Lee, Schreiner, Dunbar, Fulton, Arentzen, Means, O'Keefe, Hunger. ROVV 3: Cox, Stroblc, Lund, VVissinger, Beasley, Krivebok, Hickman, Hewitt, Koenig, Rea, Colker, Shave, Walker. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Did you get that letter from Mt. Lebanon High School? No, not a home notice, but the announce- ment of your election to the National Honor Society. Only fifteen percent of the upper third of the senior class do. Brains aren't everything, but neither are character and service without brains. To be a mem- ber of National Honor Society, a student must com- bine scholarship, service, leadership, and character. QUILL AND SCROLL FRONT: Murdoch, Fox, McKee, Davis. ROW 2. Schreiner, Lopez. ROW 3: Garibaldi, Eby, Corcoran, Rink, Herrmann, Macdonald, Acosta, Cuyol, Hartle. 47 QUILL AND SCROLL VVith my quill I record upon this scroll that out- standing literary work on the Log, the Mounty, or the Lantern is the requisite for membership in the international literary society, Quill and Scroll. These girls proved that it could be done. Yes, Joan Thorsteinson, Donna Gray, Nancy Schreiner, and Anne Harpster had earned keys and guards at the end of their I2 B semester. I These Students Spttrlktetl Brightest CLEFTD Science genius is our own Charles Plantz, who won top hon- ors and a trip to Washington in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search. For two successive years one of our science students has placed among the highest forty in the nation in this contest. CBELOXVD Hats off to these four girls, Pat Budden, Nancy Carson, Mary Margaret Stewart, and Ioan Thorsteinson, who stood highest scholastically in the senior class at the end of the first semester. These hopeful art students prepare to enter their work in the Schol- astic Art Contest. FRONT: Ward, Fox, Hughes, Sebring. BACK: Croell, VVilloughby, Rosfeld, Schweig. At the end of the fall semester these students came forging through to make the highest honor roll. FRONT: Stewart, Ryman, Mihm, B. Miller, L. Miller. ROW 2: Ward, Schreiner, Carson, Lee, Kurtz, Divine. ROVV 3: Foley, McConnell, VVilliams, Daley, Storey, Erick- son. Jack Hewitt and Bob Laufer are two of our most outstanding science students. Iack received an honorary medal from Rensselaer Poly- technic Institute, while Bob received the Bausch and Lomb Honora- ry Science Award. NVe are proud to add that Bob also placed in the top two hundred contestants in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search. 48 on the Various Trails o Learning QRICHTJ Here's a history scholar deluxe! In the Hearst American History Contest Bob Laufer placed third in Western Pennsylvania and received honorable mention in the nation, the only one from this district to receive honorable mention. CBELOWJ Right proud are these budding authors as they prepare to submit their manuscripts in the Scholas- tic VVriting Contest. Sitting: Klepfer, Schreiner, Book, Joseph. Standing: Denman, Neal, Krivobok, Miller, Ri- mer, Hurrell. Incidentally our contestants captured four- teen places in the contest. Pretty nice going, eh what? Owen Daley and Jean McKay, co-editors of the Mounty, discuss their forthcoming issue with joan Thorstcinson, editor-in-chief of the ,49 Log. Bill Berlin, Art Rosfeld, and Tom Kelly in their weekly broadcasts gave us some lively news accounts of the sports world at Lebo Gap. Congratulations to these students whose reports showed a straight "Av average for the first semester. Sitting: Erickson, McConnell. Standing: Ryman, L. Miller, Ward, Lee, Garson, Stewart. 49 From the Swift Stream of Busy Days LANTERN ADVISORY BOARD: Cfrontj Frazee, Kraft, Boyer, trow ZJ Colvin, F. Kappler, S. Maloney, P. Maloney, Murphy, Qrow SD Smith, Flaherty, Portman, Maehling, VVagner, Philips, Corbett. REPORTERS: Ctop to bottom, l. to r.J Berlin, Boelclen, Little, S. Miller, Franklin, Stapleton, Russell, Anderson, Maxwell, S. Kappeler, VVise, Allsop, Clowes, Couch: Hoffman, Klepfer, Litten, Vollmer, Porter, Murphy Leech, Colvin. BUSINESS: tfrontb XVyrough, Hastings, Heidenreich, Gardner, Cbackj Townsend, Schulte, Bushyeager, Ilof- soos, Dunbar, Halowell, Behen, E. Locke. Vi Q m-- ' LANTERN EDITORS Meyers, Hulse, Rosfeld, Robb. LANTERN The daily evening bustle of activity in Miss McLaugh- lin's room was always the notice of an approaching day when We would hear, "The LANTERN shines tonightf' and weid rush to our hoinerooms after school for a copy. The journalistic efforts of our talented classmates were always welcomed and enjoyed, from featured news scoops and editorials, through the sports and record columns, to the "Devilette.v MOUNTY Every Friday after school MOUNTY staff held its regular meeting to discuss the latest diggings in the short story, poetry, and essay mines. These busy Writers with their production and business staffs were quite used to working overtime tuntil 6 p.1n. and once or twice on Saturday morningsb, but no one complained or remem- bered the temperanlental mimeograph machine on 'SMOUNTY DAY,n when the literary magazine actually descended upon the school. MOUNTY FRONT: Rinier, Dunbar, McKay, Kurtz, Leech Hikes. BACK: Schreiner, McCridden, Block, Hur mann, Harpster, Daley, Hornell, Kennedy, Bu ron, Hastings. 50 lent JUTMWIULIISZES Scoopedl the News LOG EDITORS Fox, Furlong, Thorsteinson, Hickman, Gray. LOG Since last May, when the theme was first decided upon, up until the very moment you received this vol- ume, the LOG staff has been working to give you a yearbook worth its weight in gold. As ideas were being sought for and discovered, Lem and Clem were born, those jolly characters who go rillicking through these pages with such abandon. VVhile eager salesmen went a- gunnin, for subscriptions, while photographers scouted for pictures, while artists sketched lay-outs and mounted glossies, while writers wrote and rewrote, and while the business manager tried to balance the budget, the staff endeavored to record for you the golden memories of a record year. The end result you now hold in your hand-your own Forty-niner. LOG PHOTOGRAPHERS Blair, Davenport, Morgan, Copctas. 51 l LOG ' BUSINESS: Cfrontl Heidenreich, Townsend, Hickman Qbackl O'Keefe, Furlong. ART: ffrontj Conley, Fox, Cbackj Zclle, McClaren, Ros feld, Major. LITERARY: Cfrontb Gray, Franklin, Rebholz, Harpster Crow 22 S. Kappeler, Stewart, Boeklen, Vollmcr, O'Neil McKay, Crow SD Brooks, Hornell, Wissinger, Tliorstein- son, Colwill. Rustic Rh thms and Lzifiuely Bu lends 3n----W TRIPLE TRIO AND BOYS, QUARTET FRONT: Corcoran, McClain, Bender, Saunders, Jones. ROVV 2: Vollmer, Hoehle, Williams, Schietinger. ROW 3: Holloway, Kelly, Gallup, O'Brien, Grif- fiths, Spindler. ROW 4: Austin, Burke. MUSIC Will we ever forget the wonderful feeling that came over us when the band, using lights for the first time, formed an illuminated "MU while we sang the "Alma Matern? Under the direction of Mr. Prutzman the band was, without a doubt, better than ever. It certainly pep- ped up the fans at half-time with "Alexander's Ragtime Bandv and the fancy stepping of the snappy majorettes. In the choral activities the Triple Trio and the Boys' Quartet held sway. Both groups made a fine name for themselves by entertaining on various occasions. At Christmas the chorus held its annual presentation of the The Messiah. It was a memorable evening as many alumni who had been former chorus members joined in singing Handel's inspiring composition. ORCHESTRA FRONT: Krcll, May, Shaffer, Morgan, Nagel, Love, Paul Bowell, Peter Bowcll, Fawcett, Ricthof, Bercsi, L. Eisenbeis. ROYV 2: Treharne, Uhrich, Reardon, Jewell, Kauper, J. lxern, Ernst, Cutler, Storey, Hewitt, Challencr, Campbell. ROVV 3: Jeffers, Hood, Lofquist, Shiffler, Spangler, Flurry, Fee, Hemmenway, McFeaters, Denhart, L. Kern, joseph, Hertel, Mihm, Miller. cept Many of the Gang in Tune In March the band and the orchestra, along with in- As a grand finale in May, the chorus under Miss strumental groups of the other schools, gave an "All Sneary,s direction presented 'LNaughty Mariettaf' It was School Concert." Something new this year was a saxo- a tremendous show, with gay costumes, lively dances, phone quintet and a trumpet trio. The two big num- and wonderful tunes, which included the always re- bers of the concert were "Marche Slavei' and the "Over- membered, "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Lifef' ture from the Barber of Seville." It was a real thrill for This brought the musical year to a close. Of course our musicians to have Robert A. Arthur, bandnzaster of there had been hard- work, but there was that great sat- the University of Pittsburgh, lead one of the numbers. isfaction of a job well done. BAND FRONT: Truxell, Moslener, Couch, Halpert, Blackmon, McCune, Ridinger, C. Smith, Byers, Means, Ostergaard, Freeland, ee Bassett, Conrad, Price, Strickler, Cohbey. ROW 2: Harris, Birris, Hertel, Miller, Jeffers, Kauper, Hollingsworth, Blair, G. Duerr Rankin, Biber, Gluck, Boss, Rhodes, Barnes, Cutler, N. Eisenbeis, H. Bradley, E. Smith, Joseph, Campbell. ROW 2 S ew' ' Hastings, Chidester, B. Bradley, Reardon, Herget, Dunlop, Beagan, Kern, Cramer, Uhrich, Kemp, L. Eisenbeis, Thomp on Lo 't Wall. ROW 4: Hewitt, Michelsen, Hood, Lyle, Riethof, Maxwell, Fawcett, Denhart, Flurry, Runger, Pankopf, Spangle. lh ll Lofquist, Treharne, Wallace, Mains, Storey, Meyer. CHORUS FRONT: Wilson, Jones, Loreen Bender, Lois Bender, Vollmer, Walker, Anderson, Holloway, Kelly, Ladley, Spindler, Gallup, Cor- bett, Sehietinger, XVilliams, Larson, McClain, May. ROW 2: Cray, Budden, Brown, Colucci, Atria, Eyrieh, MacMain, O,Donnell Haynes, Ohlman, Raeiappa, Staiger, jenkins, Clark, Christie, Schneider, Rust, McConnell, Harrold. ROW 3: Hilliard, Maehling Divine, Stapleton, Lewis, Colvin, Bassett, Kellison, WVright, Schwartz, Burke, Maloney, Rybicki, Edmundson, Schulte, Schindehet- te, Bickel, Moffit. ROVV 4: Campbell, Kirk, Sipplc, Hcekel, Sloman, Kern, Rimer, Davenport, Sheets, McCall, Halen, O'Brien, Oxen- reider, Dorn, Corcoran, Furman, Harpster. ROXV 5: Little, Hillman, Koerher, McMaster, Neal, Coffman, Rowland, LaBosky, Aus- tin, Creps, Daley, Halowell, Davies, Aspell, Bramwell, Shenkcl. Saunders at organ. 53 CABOVED BETA OFFICERS Sitting: YVcigand, Hahn, Means, Estahrook, Tai- em. Standing: Fritschi, Storey, Swanson, Prohin- son, Carson. DELTA OFFICERS Front: Meyers, Barron, Baldizar. Back: Hennessy Carey, Hulse, Karlovitz, Poole, Rust. QHICHTD ALPHA OFFICERS Front: Couch, Dickinson, Fawcett, Lindberg Back: Mihm, Phillips, Ludwick, Peck, XYhite. H EYE eens out Y-TEENS One of the most popular actiyities among the girls is the Y-Teens. Approx- imately three hundred girls participated in its three chapters, the Beta, Delta, and Alpha. Remember all the good food and fun at the g'Covered Dish Dinnern? No one could forget the impressive candlelight Recognition Service, when everyone was dressed up and serious for once. Then on the less serious side were those square dances, when the gals all wore jeans and danced themselves breathless. As one of their social service projects, members spent many evenings working for the Red Cross. They had their share in sports, too, with the formation of basket- 'ball teams, which did quite well in their competition with Y-Teen clubs in other schools. For the most part all the regular meet- ings carried through the theme of know yourself, know others, know your career, and help those with fewer opportunities. Work and Pier HI-Y Promoting a variety of activities, our Hi-Y organizations enjoyed a profitable and charitable year. Divided into three chapters, each sponsored by a different teacher, the boys participated in every- thing from gathering money to playing basketball. This year the Cold or senior branch, with Mr. Mitchell as faculty adviser, in addition to minor activities, sent their representatives to conferences, acted 1n downtown "Y" gatherings, and raised money for several worthy causes. They also played in the sectional Hi-Y league, where the Geeks were victorious in the final playoff over the F orty-niners. The Cedar Chapter, the junior group sponsored by Mr. Whipkey, concerned itself with a greater emphasis on saictyg while the tenth grade group, the Blue, led by Mr. Raines, assisted Mrs. Cargill with the Red Feather Drive and gather- ed contributions for the Good Will. CABOVED GOLD OFFICERS Denigan, Colker, LaBosky, McBride, Craig, Hol loway. CEDAR OFFICERS Front: Pankopf, Sherriek, Jewell, Hoffman. Back Dickerson, Kernahan, Mohr, Ellis, Lowell. CLEFTD BLUE OFFICERS Front: Satrc, Squires. Back: Barrett, Hartzell. There s cz Rich Share of Gold Last minute preparations for the Activities Play show ai few stage crew boys work- ing fast and furiously to get the scenery up on time. No, it's not the condemned walking the last mile! lt's just the Lebo lads and lass- es hiking that last hill to the auditorium for the mid-year activities assembly. The fellows had 21 hard timc keeping their eyes on their dates when these trim ush- erettes led them down the aisle to those Row K, Cen- ter seats. VVhether it was ax football game, a musicale, or il play, these boys were always on hand to take tickets or hand out programs. 0 0 0 0 in Aeztzmwzmes or Eqveryo e Jo Mihm as Miss Venus, with Doriene Deeter, Ele- anor Hennessy, Margie Beard, and Linnea Lind- berg as her devotees, pre- sented a lovely picture at the annual Latin Festival at the Buhl Planetarium. Many grateful displaced pci- sons in Europe rcceivccl packages of food and cloth- ing packed by the Beta Y- Teens. The Red Cross Committee sent gift boxes filled with essential items to needy pcr- sons in Europe. Quellc joiel A regular Christ- mas party staged by the French classes included all the trimmings - entertain- ment, refreshments, Santa, and even guests from other schools. 57 QD 0 Q 7 o zggm m K J Q K? D I f' n- .X g L X Z. N Q f - NX 2 71153 -PN! I 5 rg'l7'fPA,O? 'Z K V -- , A 1 ' Q fy , ,ia 17 'ff R y ' ,fa 'iigf df '17-'J' T f f Ii 1 f ffliiii ii ' 6 i v seiigf f ' " ,f 5 wr ' V F wz,f5,ZZvH:3 2 K ' , zi' 1- -: ,fi gf 1' . ,fl ""1'g S 1 -f K 4, f ' A , 5 L-'!lf f X x 1, Y QI W I x .- W f 'f' ,,..... fn, ,X . I K L-.7 1-x -.,- xi,- ,1- " .4-. 4, , 3,111 ...S TM' ...- 2.19, ' K fb .V fm? H ' 5 QQ, xg ,gy k , Ng Bfjs, : 5 ,- f xi' L. , . ,552 .gy - . ,PE-Fl x 9 pf QL 1 43? - ' '1 Af, Wg, , -.m,s'. 01" is N 'E .1 ,wp -, V HW ww.: W if-,gbmgcft K . , 5 N2 , Q , " EK -5' FHM' 1 1 2 5 wwf H fi J vmgzmg, QW m , 5 - :Q Q ig ,,.E3?wlLf A 4 12 Q .. f 'H Z H. , . S . ,Q v Y ' f H., :Q-::Ew, - :nfl 2 . L " 'ezf -- '. , it W 'Q A - wif 1 4 Ev I lui. . 6 R M --Z my , 214?31l,g. -. fi,ifiLz?vw53.f LW5x7.:-Wifwgg-, 5. QV- 2 wf 3 2 ff:'1f!QL4, TMS pyigpvkx m3Z'Q15' J .as 1 ,.fiw,m,eEnaE3rwfwf., M- .MSU M Sports Honor Roll These boys were voted most valuable by their teammates. Tennis .,.. ,... B ob Christie Rifle .....,.. Bob Carpenter Football ..., Don Morian Golf Larry Lund The Crowd Cheers Baseball .,...... Dave Lucas I Track .... Jack Barry Cliieldl Cross Country. . .Bernie Luter- Basketball ...... Howdie Cor. Ed Smith CTrackD ancik 60 FRONT: Hastings, Mahoney, Kiefer, Walker, Gilbert. SECOND: Garson, McKee, Williams, Massey, Whelan, Luterancik, B. Smith. THIRD: Coach Mollenauer, Schroeder, Ellis, Gardner, Murphy, Hufnagel, Den- man. WVhelan trots down "the last Bernie breaks another course Cindcrs fly as Shave streaks inilef' record. for home. Harriers Again Show Class and Speed CROSS COUNTRY Once again, Mt. Leb0,s harriers, under the successful tutoring of Coach Mollenauer, rac- ed home with many outstanding honors. Pac- ed by the Speedster, Bernie Luterancik, who came in first consistently, the Blue and Gold snatched another successful season. Although championship material was more scant than in previous years, the locals still stayed close to the top of the heap. Perhaps the brightest spot in the Whole campaign was the thrilling run at the State Championship Meet, Where the Mounties hurdled into second place, just one point from the coveted title. This was really an accomplishment since three other meets had been lost. Skill, speed, and spirit seem to go together when the boys team up to run for Mt. Lebo. SCHEDULE Mi. L. 21 .... .,... C anonsbufg ......... 34 Championship Meets Mt. L. 19 ..,. .,... N ew Kensington ...,.. 36 W-P.I.A.L' at Alcoma Country Club Mt. L. 28 .,.,.,,....... Connellsville .,..,.... 27 Mt- L. 81 Second place Mt. L. 30 ..........,... New Castle ........... 25 Mt. L. 35 Second place at Quadrangular Meet Mt. L. 18 ...................... Wilkinshurg 37 State Championship Meet at State College Mt. L. 76 Second place, New Castle 75 First Place fvlenuos VARSITY FRONT: Mervosh, Davis, Dee, Davidson, Hull, Cox, Mall, Moriun, Hahner, Austin, Metzger, I. Billingsley. ROW 2: Millington, De Laval, Stroble, Groell, D. jones, Beasley, Pischke, Stimmel, Kreiger. ROVV 3: Kelley, Cusick, Haymond, Rowswell, E. Beck, Swanson, Minihan, D. Beck, McSlcen, Simon, Erickson, Brown, W. Jones, Gorr. ROVV 4: Lichy, Wissinger CMgr.J, Semmer, Dalton, Cosby, Sherrick, Cole, VVctzel, Bosser, Coltman, johnson, Draync, H. jones. Koenig fMgr.D. Umar GodlfMinded 949ers . . . FOOTBALL Doing a complete turn-about from last season, our Blue and Cold gridders bowled over six of eight formidable opponents. Displaying class from the first whistle until the last gun, each victory was a team victory. With the hard-charg- ing line opening gaping holes for such speedy backs as Cox, Dee, Metzger, Pischke, and Mori- an, it is easily understood how the locals trounc-- ed weak Bethel, 38-13, in the night lid-lifter at home. The next two weeks found city schools as visitors, who were no match for our boys, as they stopped both Carrick and South Hills. Possibly the most pulse-pounding fracas of the campaign was the Penn thriller, in which the Leboites overcame a poor first half showing to down the first "AA" rival. Bobby Dee ripped off two long runs to set up both scores, which were deciding factors. The Indians threatened in the final minutes but the "Devils, held firm. The winless wonders of Washington provided little opposition the next week, and after scoring on the opening play of the game, the Mountics coasted to a 26-6 win. Traveling abroad for the first time, the team l?u.s'l'm ueclson Slhm I Co All eyes were- on our tcrrific inajorcttvs. The Nlookout towm-ru kept us "on time buH.U 'l'wm'ntv-two seniors wcro honored before thc Munhzill Gains. . 33 It,s an anxious nionicnt for the 'KBig Fourfi Poor Dave, an injury sidelined ll promising end. ws Paschke HFVIWIBR GROQH Me+z7eR 351111195 B SQUAD FRONT: VVitt, Klaber, Braker, Hartman, Schramm, McConnell, Bradway. ROXV 2: Canaga, Keegan, Blatt, Mur- phy, B. Billingsley, VV. Iones, Corbett, Zivic. ROVV 3: Smith, Hutchinson, Russo, Wfilliams, Kortner, Hamill, Raffaele, Rooney. ROW 4, Thomas, Masearo, Liberto, XVaite, Cemmer, Kirk, Giordano. Q. 4, 1, Blfaized UL Successful Season lost many scoring opportunities and also the SCHEDULE game to undefeated VVilkinsburg, 13-O. Arm- Mt, L. 38 4'4V Abhln B ethcl VUII 1,3 chair quarterbacks predicted bad things for che Mt. L. 214 H H H 4 A .South Hills V , 0 boys as they met undefeated, untied, and un- V scored on New Castle. It was close all the way, Mt- L- 21 --4- ---' C ilmck - 4 A - - - '12 but the locals bowed 26-7, alarming the power- Mt. L. 13 ,... . ,. Penn ,... .. 7 house by scoring. The successful season faded Mt' L. 26 IIAV ...V X ,vushington , H 6 Wlth an easy 27-0 victory over Munhall. The .1 I same night the fans wildly cheered twenty-five Mt' L' 0 "" ' " W1 klmburg ' seniors playing their last game under the Blue Mi- L- 7 ---' ---' N GW CLISUC H--26 and GOIC1- Mi. L. 27 .... .,.. iw nmimli .i .. 0 'cLots of pep, lots of steam . .. Cfrontj Allsop, , Nioriin shakes a Munhall tack- Hillman, Hennessy Longenecker, tbackj Dee seoots around right end in ler then scores. Fulton, Huber, St. Clair, NVeigand, Swanson, the Wfilkingburg battle, Arentzen. FRONT: Langhart, Klaber, Cunningham, Pentecost, Carpenter. BACK: XVhite, Snodgrass, Mr. Peters, Walker Michelsen, Luft. nnners Ontshoozt Semen RIFLE Mr. Peters' sharpshooting gunners blasted out a record of seven Wins in fourteen attempts to keep pace with the best in W.P.I.A.L. rifle. Accurate Bob Carpenter and Bill Pen- tecost, both juniors, consistently loaded the record books with fine scores. Munhall proved to be the toughest oppo- sition, since they shot a perfect 500 in both tilts against the home boys. The most unusual battle of the year occur- red in the Aspinwall match. Instead of the five top scores being posted, because of a double tie, the seven top marks counted. 484- 776- 494- 485- 491- 491- 497- Opponents -467 775 500 499 484 49-3 492 SCHEDULE , .Millvale . . , , . .Aspinwall . . . . .Munhall , . . . . .Oakmont , . . . . Beaver Falls.. , .Etna ..... . . . .Coraopolis . . . 497 494 495 493 494 488 499 12 - 9 hoopsters- Laschcid, Strickler, E i c h e l, Stroble, Lutcrancik, Beck, Evans, llornell - annexed the intra- m u r a l basketball crown. VVeste1n Pennsyl- vania chess champs are: Csittingj Brent, Plantz, Tay- lor, fs t a n d ingl Clemens, XV o r k- xnaster, B l 0 e k, Hickman. Thrilling Season l-lzimls Local The crowd holds its breath as Al McGhee tries for a two-pointer. SCHEDULE SECTION V Mt. L. - 31 - 37 Brentwood 50-36 Mt. L. 'ML L. - 35 - 40 Clark 27-28 Mt. L.. Mt. L. - 28 - 43 'ML L. - 37 - 44 Washington 44-34 Mt. L. - Mt. L. - 29 - 25 Trinity 36-44 Mt. L." "Mt, L. - 29 - 33 ,Dormont 32-34 Mt. L. G Home Carnes BASKETBALL Don't be too surprised if basketball mentor, 'KSpeed" Clark, requests that VV.P.I.A.L. basketball games be played three quarters instead of four. Thatis no joke, son! In thc section five tilts practically every contest was decided in the last few minutes when the boys just seemed to lose their aim. These close games, however, made it a very attractive season for thc fans, who were on their feet more than in the stands, but for the record book, the final result was generally bad. Perhaps the best example of this ease of the udropsyu was the first Dormont game on our home floor. The local dribblers led the visitors by two points and attempted to freeze the ball for the last few minutes. The Bulldogs, however, got the ball, tried one fantastic shot . . . and made it. After three wild minutes of overtime, the Dormont boys came out on top, 33-29. Fortunately history didn't repeat itself, and the Lebo Lads snatched an equally thrill- ing victory on the Dormont floor, 34-32. After the lid-lifter with tournament-bound Charle- l A SQUAD ' FRONT: jewell, P a n Cox, Hackett. ROVV 2 DeLaval, Bain. HOVV 3 Mervosh, Rumbergcr. U Baldwin 150-41 Mt. L. "' kopf, Sweeney, McGhee Sood, Dee Millington Coach Clark, Rungcr Swanson, Buck, Moore Hoopsters Netting Nine Deeiiszi ns roi, where the Mounties toted off a -'IO-35 win, pros- pects looked bright for a grand season, but intermit- tent success in exhibition frays led up to the sad story of the section chase, which Brentwood won. Trinity was the only squad the Devils beat twice. The over- all record of nine Wins in twenty-one outings was aided very much along by the brilliant play of How- die Cox, voted most valuable. Bob Buck, who was high-scorer, Al McGhee, Bobby Dee, Pete Mervosh, and John Billingsley also Were senior stand-outs. Most fans considered the Bethel battle, which the Blue and Gold Won 50--11, to be the best game of the season and the overtime game lost to Dormont, the most eveiting. The all sophomore "BU squad under the tutoring of Mr. Tallman copped thirteen wins in twenty-one starts. Bob Witt was almost consistently top point makerg while Dick Bradway, Jack Smith, Bob Billing- sley, and Jack Keegan also looked like varsity mate- rial for the coming two years. A tense moment in the Washington till as Billingsley goes in for a shot. B SQUAD FRONT: Cox, Smith, Ilarvey, Bradvvay, Mur- phy. BOVV 2: Keegan, Fairgrieves, Billingsley, XVitt, Hutchins. ROXV 3: Coach Tallinan, Liberto, jones, VVilliams, Hamill, Corbett. Tmcltstevrs W zip All Bat One of Many FRONT: Farquhar, Ott, Eby. ROVV 2: Halen, Smith, Corr, Haymond, Shave, McKee, Metzger, Luterancik, Van Camp, R. Kelly, Luft. ROW 3: Coach Mollcnaucr, Davis, Minihan, Schuette, Billingsley, Rettberg, Craig, Buck, Estep, DeLonga, Barry, Morian, Veazey, Coach Beckert. ROW 4: McQuillen, B. Kelley, McSteen, Den- man, Blumfeldt, Humphreys, Millington, Doubleday, Barthelow. TRACK 1948 Keeping pace with its past record, Mt. Lebanon again had one of the most powerful track teams in its history. Mr. Mollenauer's speedy proteges s1.atch- ed four coveted district titles, the Indoor Chan plon- ship at South Parkls Schoonmaker Hall, the Indepen- dent Districts' Meet, the VVashington Invitational Meet, and the VV.P.I.A.L Relays. With great things expected of them, the local sprinters- breezed by all dual and triangular foes in easy fashion, meeting practically every formidable squad in Western Penn- sylvania. However, the W.P.I.A.L. Championship Meet was a different and sad story. Plagued with unexpected injuries, the squad literally fell apart and only managed to tie Clairton for second place. Before the meet, Mt. Lebo was a heavy favorite to win the crown, but the loss of valuable Barry and F arquhar and the morale of some of the other boys caused the team to bow in favor of Wilkinsburg. The well-balanced squad were as classy as individ- uals as they were a team, somewhat a rarity, in that a big star usually outshines a constellation. Some of the top boys were: Ed Smith, a brilliant half-miler. In the State Cham- pionship Meet Ed darted in first to give thc Blue and Gold its fourth such honor. Bob Eby, another half-mile wizard, who tied for third place in the W.P.I.A,L. Championship. Bernie Luterancik, always a top contender in the mile, who stayed close to the top in every meet. Jad Doubleday, who started out with a bang, bul injuries kept him out of the limelight. His speci- alty was the sprint. Bob Farquhar and Jack Barry, who excelled in the hurdles. Bob Schuette, a "high jumping" pole vaulter, who tied for fifth place in the State Championship pole vault event. Formzidozhle Foes Two other boys, Don Morian and Don Minihan, lifted the ban on records to add more laurels to the trophy case. Two old school records were broken. Morian heaved the shotput a terrific 48 feet, 5 inchesg while Minihan leaped 5 feet, IOM inches in the high jump. Ed Smith, Don Morian, and Bob Schuette represented the Blue Devils at State, all placing. Smith took first spot in the half-mile, Morian grabbed fourth place in the shotput, and Schuette uvaultedn into a tie for fifth place. The 1948 squad certainly set a pace that will be difficult to equalg indeed they have achieved a goal which future teams may well strive to attain. SCHEDULE Dual and Triangular Meets Mt. L. 92 Clairton ........, 44 Mr. L. 93 4115 New Castle ...... as iifis Mt. L. 82. Penn ...,.,.,... 54 Mt. L. 852 McKeesport ...... 5015 Mt. L. 9592 Canonsburg 53g YVash. 2333 Mt. L. 99 Dormont 595 Coraopolis I3 CHAMPIONSHIP MEETS Meet No. Schools Entered Won 2nd Tri-State Coaches Indoor Championships I7 Mt. L. 49 Wilkinsburg 24 W.P.I.A.L Relays 24 Mt. L. 34 Altoona 33 Wash. Invitational 12 Mt. L. 6334 Canonsbig 3132 Independent Districts I0 Mt. L. 69 'NIO Penn 435: W.P.I.A.L Champi- onship 30 Wilkinsburg 30 6fI3 Tie Mt. L. 2412!IS Clairton 24 I2!I3 69 "Pierre'7 F arquhar leaps up and over in the hurdles event. A new world record? Nope, but uvaultin, " Bob keeps trying. Dave McSteen heads opponent in the important low hurdles race. Doubleday and another speed demon supply an ex- citing photo finish. Warm Weather Teams Display FRONT: McCully, Hackett, Lurty, Miller, Leonard, Taylor. ROWV 2: Cox, Markson, Mall, McCune, Long, Pischke. ROW 3: Coach Clark, Baer, Harmon, Lucas, Yauch, Mcrvosh, Kendall, Dee. BASEBALL 1948 Behind the usually steady hurling of southpaw Dave Lucas, the local Sluggers belted a .555 average, winning five contests While dropping four. Rough competition from each team in the section found the Mounties' hurlers, Lucas, Baer, Markson, and Yauch, yielding thirty-four runs in eight league frays. The two wildest games of the season proved to be the McKeesport tilt at home and the second Munhail game. A parade of Blue and Gold pitchers faced the McKeesport nine, and each was tagged freely for base hits. It was strictly "no contest" and the visi- tors pounded out a 13-3 Win. At Munhall Mt. Lebo socked one scratch hit but scored five runs on fre- quent walks by the opposing hurler,s poor control. The home boys finally took a 9-5 decision. l'Slugger of the Yearv honors canlt be heaped on any particular player because time after time each oi the local boys "came througlf' in the clinch. This year the fielding was exceptionally good for a high school squad. Errors wcren't so frequent as in previ- ous seasons. Of the eighteen players on the roster, eleven were underclassuicn, which gives the fans hopes of future diamond success. SCHEDULE "ML L. S .....,,......., Wilkinsburg 2 Mt. L. O. . . . . . Duquesne 1 Mt. L. 3, . . . . . McKeesport 15 Mt. L. 4, . . . . , Homestead 2 Mt. L. 5, . . . . . Clairton 4 Mt. L. 5. . . . . . Munhall 9 Mt. L. i , . . . . . McKeesport 2 Mt. L. 11. . . . . , Clairton 1 Mt. L. 3, . . . . . Homestead 2 'Non League Class in Three Spring Sports GOLF 1948 Mt. Lcbols 1948 golfsters managed to swing two foes in five matches. Larry Lund, local king of the greens, teed off consistently in fine form to pace the Mounties' victories over highly-touted Snowden and Munhall. Another country club standout was Frank Kennedy, who also aided the Blue and Cold cause. TENNIS 1948 With Shadyside, Crafton, and Edgewood pro- viding stiff competition, the Mountie netters, cap- tained by Bob Christie, fell short of expectations and dropped the Section Two crown to powerful Edge- wood. Once again Mr. Doak piloted the courlinen, but they failed to repeat as division champs because of the loss of several key servers via graduation. SCHEDULE Mt. L. 3 1:2 Brentwood Mt. L. 6 9 Baldwin Mt. L. 8 7 Snowden Mt. L. 9 G Munliali Mt. L. 4M 1092 Brentwood Iewcll, Wagner, Christie, Howe, Bercsi, Coach ljoak. Lofquist, D. jones, Kcnnc- dy, Coach Burrows, H. Walker, Lund, McKibl1in. G AeA.. Coamezil Mapped Um on Seheelmle GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Who said the fellows have a monopoly on sports? N0 G.A.A. member will agree to that, for this was a year filled to the brim with fun, For a bit of relaxa- tion after a hard day of classes there was nothing better than a session at G.A.A. The season began rolling with the tennis tourna- ment. Tennis is the game where the player holds a racquet in one hand, closes her eyes, and swings with all her might. At least that's what some people think. The juniors, Nancy Maloy and Martha Barron, who defeated all contenders including the seniors Qimag- inell, really had that fatal swing. As the weather grew colder and classes got tougher, tennis was replaced by deck tennis. Indeed, there was many a furious battle before Barbara Church's team came out on top. The next major sport was that one and only bas- ketball, best loved of them all. Almost every gin signed up for this sport but only one team could win, and that crown was taken over by joan Arentzen and her fast-steppin' lassies. The best from each grade formed three all-star teams, which put up a bitter contest until victory was finally snagged by the sen- iors. While basketball was going full swing, bowling had its share of attention, too. After many tries the highest averages were held by Sue Maloney for the seniors, Rosie Doyle for the juniors, and Ioan Fur- man for the sophomores. In March the council held its' annual C.A.A. Des- sert. Remember? That was the night we laughed un- til we hurt! After a delectable dessert we had some hilarious entertainment by the council and others. Although the Log photographer was rather embar- rassed at our antics, we thought his red face very be- coming. Next on the agenda was volley ball, an all-tirne favorite. This is the game that always causes those red knuckles and dish pan hands. No, we assure our friends we're no charwomen in a downtown office nor do we wash dishes in a restaurant. YVe've just been learning to serve. Food and fun were featured at the annual G.A.A. Dessert. Packed Full of Good Times for ll In spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts ci love, but for C.A.A. members, it's different. They turned to mushball and those gals could swing a wicket bat. This brought a really swell year to a close. It was a wonderful job done by Miss Descaunets, who took over while Miss "BU was on a semesters leave of absence. just getting to know four hundred girls was no easy assignment, not to mention numerous other duties. Our thanks to Miss "DD and the council for a grand year. G.A.A. Council: Cfrontj Divine, Kelly, Archboldg Qrow ZJ Albright, Maloy, Woodgate, Crow SD Arentzcn, Church, Miss Billingsley, Swanson, McCune. Tennis and bowling champs: Cfrontj Barron, Maloyg fbackj All Star Basketball Team: Cfrontj Fulton, Arentzen, Maloney, Doyle, Furman. Church, Russellg Cbuckj H. Linn, McCune, Code, Swanson, Heckel. 4 73 fmtvovlucila f 7 vi' X. f' N fx X 1 , I ,W - Qjiii qllllx ' lilaal 6 'fyvr xg ,X lg JI: U 'W -'Q 1 U 'Mfg an I. ' Q, X X if : E 5 E!! 'X A :will ,x42f2"4 . ieihgv ' '-2' . .,' ' Q fb C il' , I 2 . A f . we a e f f if sri, Egg? 'Nr' Sv? S Jig M if fi it gf Q af GH! i M.-nmnmn-nu if.--1... Joan and Art will hit the top, They'll never be a social flop, Help or aid they'll never need, For they're mos, likely-ter-suk-seed. Youid never know from this snapshot What class our Don and Kathy's got. They're really not so corn-pli-kated, But just our mos' sofis-ter-kated. Art Rosfeld, Ioan Thorsteinson Kathy Means, Don Minihan Fortyfvmivmers Picked Claire and Don are rnos' quiet-like, All they need is a great big mike, They go 'round school without a sound And n'er their theories loudly ex- pound. Tote that barge, lift that bale, jack can really swing that pail, Betsy wields a pin so supple, They are our cutest durn cupie. Claire MeGrael, Don Morian Betsy Zelt, Jack Mooney Iack and Sally top the list For wearing duds the mos, shar-pest To them a pair of whitish jeans Is high class stuff, or so it seems. Pretty Debbie's hard to find Under her wavy window blind, Handsome Ace is classy too, In his jeans of washed-out blue. Iack Squires, Sally Bingham George Millington, Debbie Huber Their Brightest Nuggets Herb and Maggie's stack of books Is not as heavy as it looksg Their wisdonfs just spon-tan-e-ous That's why they are our bray-nee-ust. Swannie measures Howdieis frame To see if he deserves his fame. They will surely get our bids, For they're our bes' all eroun, kids. Mary Margt. Stewart, Herb Hickman Howdie Cox, Shirley Swanson This is how their time is spent, These mighty two with mos' talentg Art cuts a rugged paper doll, But Nancy likes it after all. Howdie calmly pushes his pawn, VVhile Churchie is a looker-ong Chess with tea is quite a game, There lies their claim to atb-letiii fame. Art Rosfeld, Nancy Schreiner Barbara Church, Howdie Cox NVhitey is witty with a file, But Claire will light his foot in style, All jokes are their stock tools For theyire our biggest durn fools. Eddie holds Bette as she goes On his dainty iron-clad toes. They all know that we're just spoofin, 'Cause theylre known for their swell hoofini. VVhitey Pisehke, Claire Campbell Bette Blaekmon, Eddie Slmepler Oats MOQ pfr- RSX o ,lgiwsg fb X Ox: XLNQY, AT He L ETXK 'L ss 'Z ss X 1 0 i t Adams Almasy Atria Baer Airhart Arentzcn August Bain Albertson Armstrong Austin Bakken Allen Aspell Bacon Baldizar BEVERLY ADAMS HARRY O. ALMASY Sweet and lovely . . . have you Card shark . . . one of our boys seen her dimples? . . . particular in- from Shannon . . . participates in terest in Spanish. G.A,A., Y-Teen Bulletin Board Commit- tee. GEORGE P. AIRHART Nickname's "Pat" . . . crazy about basketball and baseball . . . has a love for homemade ice cream. Intramural Basketball, Home Room Of- ficer, Hi-Y. ROBERT JOHN ALBERTSON Known to all as "Judge Albyv, the peoplels pal . . . black curly hair and a flashing smile. Intramural Basketball, Home Room Of- ficer, Student Court. JOHN ALLEN His auto without windows was a novelty . . . lunch periods rated tops with him . . . enjoys cat-naps Cin class, that isl. Traffic Squad. "hare-raisingv events . . . can often be found bowling. JOAN ARENTZEN "Lots of pep, lots of steam" was Ioan . . . a cheering figure in white . . . a topnotcher of the first rank. Cheerleader, Attendance Squad, G.A,A. Council, Home Room Officer, Activi- ties Key. DAVID ARMSTRONG "DaveH is a friend to all with his quiet and dependable ways . . . hopes to become a- writer some day. Home Room Officer, Traffic Squad. MARY JOAN ASPELL "Io" goes all out for dancing . . . one of a few algebra fiends . . . ambition is to become a kindergar- ten teacher. Medical Squad, Attendance Squad, Red Cross Council, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Y-Teens. 78 MARIANNA ATRIA Always friendly to every one . . . works hard at everything she does . . . has hopes of becoming a nurse. Chorus, G,A.A. , Y-Teens, Medical Squad, Home Nursing. JEAN AUGUST "leanie', really goes for algebra fare you serious?D . . . headed for business school . . . future secreta- ry . . . partial to blue. Home Room Program Committee, Libra- ry Committee, Medical Squad Re- serve, Home Room Bulletin Board. JOHN H. AUSTIN The strong, silent type . . . the bass fourth of the Boys' Quartet . . . beware of his many guns. Football Letter, Rifle Letter, Boys' Quar- tet, Traffic, Hi-Y. HOWARD BACON Quite a hockey fan . . . scarcity of silverware in the cafeteria irks him . . . red raspberries and black cher- ries rank high. Cross Country Manager, Intramural Hockey and Basketball, Score-Board Squad, Home Room Officer. DONALD MILLER BAER Known as "Baz,' by his friends . . . lives up to it on the hockey rink . . . popular, though a man of few words . . . has been called a Hbrainn. Baseball, Intramural Basketball and Hockey, Honor Roll, Home Room Offi- cer, Student Court. BENJAMIN F. BAIN "Big Benn . . . a "bain" to study hall teachers . . . frequently seen around Mt. Lebo in his new Cros- ley truck. Cross Country, Basketball, Track, Intra- mural Basketball, Hi-Y. CHRISTOPHER BAKKEN Lebo's '48 gain from New York , . . Chris practices motion picture pho- tography in his spare time . . . hopes to become a corporation ex- ecutive. Home Room Program Committee. EILEEN BALDIZAR To be a hair-dresser is her aim . . "Don,t read over my shoulder" English was her love. G.A.A., Mounty, Y-Teens, Traffic Squad. o i Seniors IANE BALDUS MARJORIE BEARD This jane is anything but plain . . . likes especially to ice skate . . . cast your eyes on a very capable lass. Ways and Means Committee, G.A.A. Major Sports Letters, Hiqh Honor Roll, Y-Teens, Activities Key, Medical Squad. KENNETH E. BALL Small in stature, big in heart is "KennyD . . . wherever there were girls, he wasnlt hard to find. JUDY B. BARNES "Teri, entrances us with her wes- tern accent and her pretty blue eyes . . . this gal from the lone star state really rates. YATeens, Home Room Officer. MARY G. BASIL Straight from Greece in her sopho- more year . . . pretty "dark eyesv . . . really got around and made a "quick hitv. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Home Nursing, BETTY IEAN BASSETT Can cut a pretty cart-wheel . . . a trim, high-stepping, white figure during half-time . . . talent in every way. Majorette, Chorus. THOMAS J. BEAGAN "Tomv with his accelerating per- sonality . . . active in music as well as athletics . . . a champion baseball player. Intramural Sports, Band, Home Room Officer, Lantern. Basketball was her sport . . , a brunette charmer who had us all admiring . . . sparkled when she smiled. Vxfays and Means squad, Lost and Found Squad, Attendance Squad, G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y-Teen Officer. DONALD BEASLEY Sharp on science-especially astron- omy . . . making a telescope for the school . . . likes football and co!- lects jazz records. Football, Honor Roll. RICHARD BECK A tried and true shuffle-board champion . . . "Got a stick of gum?" . . . helped make the ,49 class a really fine one. Football, Intramural Basketball, Deco- rating Squad, Traffic Squad, Hi-Y. CONSTANCE BEEDLE Dancing is this cute blonde's spe- cialty , . . speed is her motto, so shorthand suits her fine. Mounty, Y-Teens. Baldus Basil Ball Bassett Barnes Beagan ,fl 'X Q AL A... 931- I .J , ik ' , f . Q E 4296 1 . Vox y VVILLIAM H. BELL Like all bells, Bill's name had a familiar ring . . . well known a- mong Sunset Hills girls . . . likes loud clothes. Intramural and Varsity Hockey. LOIS BENDER This natural, lovely blonde has a possible future in music . . . "Lo" plays the piano . . . minor passion for chop suey, Chorus, Triple Trio. Beard Beedle Beasley Bell Beck Bender 79 WILLIAM C. BERLIN A real blond with lots of wit . . . pet peeve is homework . . . life am- bition-to be a man of distinction. Intramural Hockey and Basketball, LAC- tivities Play, Traffic Squad, Home Room Officer, Home Room Program Chairman. JERRY BERMEL "lf all classes could be like gymf' . . . always broke, but ever happy . . . record fan. Cafeteria Squad, Intramural Basketball. JAMES P. BIGHAM Friendly Jim with the constant smile . . . wields a mean hockey stick . . . he,s differentg he likes solid. Intramural Basketball and Hockey, Co- Chairman Scoreboard Squad. JOHN S. BILLINGSLEY One of our famous eleven . . . if you have a toothache about ten years from now, see John . . . likes all food. Football, Basketball, Track, Traffic Chairman. Berlin Bingham Bermel Birris Bigham Blackmon Billingsley J. A. Blair SARA JANE BINGHAM Brains and personality in just the right amount . . . a professional at the piano . . . a laugh that spreads its joy. Scholastic C o m m i t t e e, Attendance Squad, Highest Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Y-Teen Officer, Activi- ties Key. PAUL T. BIRRIS Comes to the call of "Greek', or "Turk" . . . loves to play the drums -hefs good, too! Intramural Basketball. BETTIE JEAN BLACKMON A peppy kid with lots of attraction . . . her happy-go-lucky personality reels folks in. Majorette, G.A.A., Mounty, Y-Teens, Scenery Squad, Medical Squad. JAMES ALDEN BLAIR Designing airplanes keeps him busy . . . collects stamps . . . hock- ey fan . . . thinks red raspberries are perfect. Band. J. P. Blair Boyer R. P. Blair Brandt Blatt Brent Blumfeldt Brooks 80 JAMES P. BLAIR ' Plans to attend the Naval Acade- my . . . a founder of our Ski Club . . . seldom seen alone. Cross Country, Color Guard, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Staqe Man- ager. ROBERT PAUL BLAIR His motorcycle keeps him on the go . . . ski enthusiast . . . painting houses occupies his leisure time. CAROL BLATT As a lawyer she'll be another Por- tia . . . could swing a terrific golf club . . . Spanish was a snap. G.A.A., Lantern, Mounty. W. GERARD BLUMFELDT This speed demon likes to buzz about on his motorcycle . . . y0u'll also find him galloping on the track. Track, Intramural Basketball and Hock- ey, Hi-Y. NANCY LOUISE BOYER We,ve heard of "Buckets" . . . shining light at Young Peopleis . . . left her mark keeping attendance. Chorus, Attendance Squad, Honor Roll, Activities Key, Mounty, Y-Teen Pro- gram Committee Chairman. MARY VIRGINIA BRANDT "Ginger" is a proper nickname . . . a career on the stage awaits her . . . a go-getter from way back. Activities Play, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Ac- tivities Key, Publicity Committee, Make-Up Committee. RICHARD W. BRENT Looking for a chess partner?-that's Dick . . . he'd like to be an ac- countant . . . plays a mean game of ping-pong, too. Chess, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. HARRY PAUL BROOKS "Sonny" helped to keep the "L0g,' rolling . . . has plans for a newspa- per career . . . cz flair for writing. Intramural Basketball, Loq Sports Edi- tor, Lantern. THALIA BROWN Our small wonder at the piano . . . a nice combination of beauty and brains . . . excels in home ec. Chorus, Class Rank Committee, GJLA., Home Room Officer, Home Room Pro- gram Committee. WILLIAM R. BROWN Known only by the name of "Bee- zyv . . . the Fritzi Zivic of the se- nior class . . . lucky with the ladies. Football. ROBERT T. BUCK "Above allf' a basketball lover . . . tall and friendly . . . studies his math with much diligence. Basketball, Track, Football. PATRICIA BUDDEN "Good things come in small pack- agesv . . . this cute little blonde really proves that well known pro- verb. Chorus, G.A.A., Highest Honor Roll, Ac- tivities Key, Devotional Squad, Class Rank Committee, JEAN A. BUMER Sweet and sunny . . . her naturally curly hair was the envy of all . . . a master's touch at the keyboard. Y-Teens, Medical Squad, Traffic Squad, Devotional Squad Home Room Pro- T. Brown Budden W. Brown Bumer Buck Burke SALLY JOYCE BYERS "Doss" is our beautiful head drum maiorette . . . she'd like to be an air hostess and what a nice one she'd make. Head Drum Ivlajorette, Chorus, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Milk Squad, Home Room Of- ficer. CATHERINE C. CAMERON "Petie" to most of us . . . "Ah, garshlv was often heard . . . a pint sized package of dynamite. Chorus, G.A.A., Mounty, Y-Teens, Ways and Means Squad, Picture Squad. CLARE ELIZEBETH CAMPBELL Oh, for a home overlooking Kiski . . , ambitious Clare hopes to be a doctorls wife our strawberry Byers Carey Cameron Carley Campbell Carney CATHERINE CARLEY Easy-going "Kay,' . . . enthusiastic sports fan . . . a good book will keep her busy. Milk Squad, Chorus JOHN W. CARNEY, JR. A Sportsman . . . quick with a hockey stick . . . plays for the 'KWildcats', , . . known as one of Miss Moore's pet peeves. In'ramural Basketball 6 Hockey, Home Room Officer. gram Chairman, CJLA. blonde. ' l l Chorus, GJ-LA., Y-Teens. X XJ DAVID M. BURKE N XX Part of Mt. Lebols celebrated Bar- J bershop Quartet . . . school inter- MARIE CAREY Q, e ests lie along the scientific line . . . Tall, afmldlve bfuneffe - - - kept I K Qs pleasant Sense of humor. classes roaring through the years ' yd Chorus, Hi-Y, Home Room Bulletin ' hell future lies ln fashion de' ' -70 3' , Board, Boys' Quartet, Rifle. Stgtllflg. X . , S f N if X Q - A' 1 BN is - l .0 A A : , l . ,Q-gg A .1 ' enters ix A i Z 5 FDI 81 Challencr Code Church Coleman C. Clark Colker P. Clarke Colucci JAMES HOVVE CHALLENER Collects coins in his spare time . . . usually heard mumbling German, his faoorite subject . . . bees are his hobby. Cross Country, Usher Squad, Tratiic Squad, Honor Roll, Orchestra, Stage Crew. BARBARA CHURCH "ChurchieD with the bright red hair . . . our star on the basketball floor . . . week ends at Lehigh. Co-Chairman Attendance Squad, G.A.A. Council, Y-Teens, Activities Key, Nat- ional Honor Society, G.A.A. Emblem. CENEVIEVE H. CLARK Better known as "Dedev . . . this gal has lots of vim and cigar . . . wonder why her favorite song is K'Candy',? Chorus, Y-Teens. PAUL V. CLARKE Likes square dancing . . . a fine arts fiend . . . most girls clidn't in- terest, him only a special few. Stage Crew. Conley Couch Conrad Coveney Corbett Cox Corcoran Craig MARY C. CODE Athletics is her first looe . . . top honors in swimming . . . to her close friends she is known as 'Til- lien. Gym Squad, Y-Teen Bulletin Board Com- mittee, Lantern, G.A.A, Major Sports Letters, G.A.A. Emblem. IAMES F. COLEMAN Curly blond hair waning in the wind . . . jim really wowed us . . . a newcomer in our midst. Physics Squad, Hi-Y. ALAN COLKER Runner-up for f'The Qutetest, . . usually seen with P.V. or Bill . . . Al liked school and made a suc- cess of it. Traffic Committee, Projection Squad, Usher Squad, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. DOROTHY COLUCCI "Def, counts public speaking as a favorite subject . . . has her eye on a nursing career . . . often found bowling. Chorus, Debate Club, Activities Key, Library Squad Chairman, Medical Squad Reserve, Home Room Bulletin Board. 82 ROSEMARY JEAN CONLEY Irish lass with laughing eyes and gay chatter . . . nurses, training at Allegheny General . . . wonder why Sheboygan rates so highly? Medical Squad, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Log, Y-Teens. LOIS ELINOR CONRAD This petite five-foot, three-inch, blue-eyed girl aspires to be a mod- el-if personality helps, she should make good. Majorette, Chorus, G.A.A., Y-Teens, At- tendance Squad. VIRGINIA ANN CORBETT "Corby', had a Pepsodent smile . . . who can tell she likes to eat? . . "What a farceli' Chorus, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Y-Teen Mu- sic Committee, Activities Key, Lantern Advisory Council. JEANNE F. CORCORAN "Corkyv . . . getting to class on time was her aim . . . jazz gave her a charge. G.A.A., Honor Roll, Y-Teens, Activities Key, Quill and Scroll, Lantern Pea- ture Editor, DORIS MAY COUCH Shorthand was a continuous worry . . . one of our many Shannonites . . . she and Rose were a steady twosome. Chorus. M. MARILYN COVENEY Marilyn skims the ski trails on her beautiful hickory slats . . . her friendly way made her well known. G.A.l-X., Y-Teens, Art Squad, Decorating Squad. HOWARD COX This boy was always on the ball, in football, baseball, and basketball . . . what a diplomat!-thafs "How- diev. Football and Basketball Letters, Execu- tive Board President, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Activities Key, JOHN BRADFORD CRAIG, IR. Coach Mollenauer kept Brad "on the runi' . . . hopes to become an amateur tennis champ . . . eouldnit be missed in the halls. Cross Country, Track, Intramural Hock- ey, Honor Roll, Executive Board Vice President, Hi-Y. Seniors ROLAND CREPS A six-footer whose hobby is motors . . . known to be an ardent fan of sixth period economics class. Intramural Basketball, Chorus, Milk Squad. WILLIAM T. CROPLEY Forty-niners' 'Ttomping Blue Dev- il" . . . has future medical interests . . . a small edition of "vim, vigor, and vitalityf' Intramural Wrestling, Blue Devil, Cafe- teria Squad. RICHARD CRYTZER Nice and friendly . . . look out, gals! . . . likes to dance . . . "They call me 'Speed' because Fm slowf, Usher Squad. KATHERINE CUNNINGHAM f'Kathy's,' particular interest is chemistry . . . is going to be a phys. ed. teacher . . . a rough fob. Attendance Squad, G.A.A. Major Sports Letter, Y-Teens. ROY T. CUNNINGHAM Plans to be a biologist . . . a real- ly straight shooter . . . slight and rather quiet. Captain Rifle Team, Intramural Wrest- ling, Usher Squad, Traffic Squad, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. BURTON DABOLISH Answers to the name of "Budv . . . likes to build model railroads . . . his good looks were really quite an asset. OWEN HARRY DALEY 'The golden voice of radiov . . . a pro at writing . . . golly, talented kid, isn't he? Chorus Letter, Co-Editor Mounty, P.A. Squad. LEDA MARY DALLAS Another "Av in something . . . Leda really worked hard and her efforts brought great reward. Medical Squad, Honor Roll, Y-Teens. GEORGE DAVIDSON Put a tremenduous punch in every- thing he did . . . 'Kfor hels a jolly good fellow" . . . a quality product, he wore well. Football, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. RUTH ANN DAVIES Her contagious laugh kept us all chuckling . . . an abundant supply of energy . . . enjoys music. Chorus, Devotional Squad, G.A.A., Hon- or Roll, Y-Teen Bulletin Board Commit- o 5,4- 4 o - a tina 57 . 61 ,' 5 N mlm Q ' ,,,, r ,,, A' - , ,- Y 1 g, A . . I Q7 I ' I ,I Jil Q X " .. 4--L .xtx ' H 'J eff Fatah' f I if Q iw M. BLAIR DAVIS "FutchieD . . . owner of "The Heapv . . . poet laureate of Mt. Lebo . . . give us a gem, Blair. Track, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. VVILLIAM FREMONT DAVIS So round, so firm, so full of fun . . . his friendly manner made him popular . . . a football rock of granite. tee Chairman, Activities Key. Football. Creps K. Cunningham Daley Davies Cropley R. Cunningham Dallas B. Davis Crytzer Dabolish Davidson W. Davis 83 ROBERT DEE "Bobby,' went a long way on the gridiron . . . zip here, zip gone, wasn,t in one place long . . . hand- some and tall. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hospital- ity Squad, Home Room Officer. DAVID CRAIG DeLAVAL For fun, hels the one with his witty remarks! . . . Dave chalked up points both in athletics and in our friendship book. Basketball, Football, Home Room Offi- cer. RENO DEL GRANDE Spends most of his leisure hours making up detention for tardiness . . . can be found in the library nearly every period. Football, Intramural Basketball. EDVVARD P. DENIGAN l'Tod" . . . whiz with a Bunsen bur- ner . . . looks forward to snow and skiing . . . most quoted phrase- Uleeze, oh man." Activities Play, Co-Chairman Chemistry Sauad, Hi-Y, Home Room Officer. Dee Denman de Laval Do Stein Del Grande Dole Denigan Donley DAVID N. DENMAN "Foot loose and fancy freev . . . a finger in every pie . . . a story for every occasion . . . characteris- tics?-dry wit and an eye for girls. Track, Cross Country, Activities Play, Home Room Officer, Log, Activities Key. MARILYN RUTH DeSTEIN Physics-with a grain of salt . . . "Den . . . perfection?-convertible and gobs of ice cream . . . eoery- onels "George, to her. Ways and Means Squad, G.A.A., Y- Teen Committees. JOHN DOUGLASS DOLE, IR. 'cGoalie Dolien is a hockey fiend, first, last, and always . . . no grass under his feet . . . liked by every- one. Varsity arid Intramural Hockey, Cafete- ria Squad. RAYMOND W. DONLEY "The Confetti Kidv at football games . . . a car, a car, his school books for a car. Dowling Eclmundson Drake Eichel Dunbar Eisenhardt Duncan English I 84 JAMES H. DOWLING This senior hails direct from Long Island . . . calls gym his favorite class . . . dreams of that green stuff Cmoney to you.D BARBARA DRAKE May be heard playing the piano any time . . . desires to cement in- ternational relations by being a linguist . . . favorite subject, Spun- ish. WCIYS and Means Squad, G.A.A. Major Sports Letter, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens. AUDREY GAY DUNBAR Spare time calls for the knitting needles . . . enjoys horseback riding Cachin' back and allll . . . ambi- tion?-yes, sir--in all directions. Ways and Means Committee, Co-Chain man Attendance Squad, G.A.A., Hon- or Roll, Mounty, Activities Key and Guard. NANCY ANN DUNCAN W'ants to be a lap-sitter, Csecretary to youl . . . typing and shorthand are specialties with her. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Publicity Squad, Med- ical Squad. BETTY L. EDMUNDSON Striking person who will be a charming nurse in later years . . . at school she has chorus as her spe- cialty. Chorus, GA A., Y-Teens, Medical Squad, Home Room Bulletin Board. FRED P. EICHEL "Fritzv has had many tough times with his car . . . a haircut supreme . . . to be or not to be a doctor. Intramural Basketball, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Hi-Y. NANCY EISENHARDT Aspires to be a nurse . . . always kindly, her favorite .saying is "Don,t be bitter" . . . her choice class, English. Y-Teens, G.A.A. Major Sports Letter, Home Room Officer, Chairman Y-Teen Social Committee, Y-Teen Devotional Committee. HARRY ENGLISH Looks forward to his future trailer truck business . . . favorite leisure time occupation-sleeping and eat- ing . . . likes skiing with one ski. DONNA-RAE A. ESTABROOK Everyone is "Hon', to her. . . dancing will make her happy . . . one of the best of Young Peoples. Chairman Medical Squad, G.A.A., Hon- or Roll, Home Room Officer, Y-Teen Officer, Activities Key. CLIFFORD FUGH EVANS "Ole Nick" had quite a folly laugh . . . a graduate of "that" Sunset Drugstore . . . "Far Above Cuyu- ga's Watersf, Football, Cafeteria Squad Chairman, Usher Squad, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. JOHN GEORGE FAHRNY, IR. One of our energetic seniors . . . 'famous for his wonderful sense of humor . . . ambition?-to graduate. ROBERT N. FARQUHAR Blew in for his junior year to make quite a hit with everyone . . . nuts I about motorcycles . . . "Pierre.,' A Track, Cross Country, Intramural Bas- ' ketball and Hockey, Hi-Y Officer. GEORGE T. FARRELL A man of few words, but well worth knowing . . . basketball-hap- py . . . as for feminine interests, well-. Basketball. MARGARET L. FEE Constantly chattering . . . "Molly,' . . . dreams of?-far-away Universi- ty of Mass .... shorthand and basketball have her ready approval. Chorus, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Ways and Means Squad,- Medical Squad, Lost and Found Squad. Estabrook Farquhar Evans Farrell F ahrny Fee WILLIAM P. FINDLAY A good defense man on ice . . . his fast talking won him many an argument . . . looks forward to graduation. Intramural Hockey and Wrestling. BARBARA FOX Better known as "Foxie', . , . small bundle of dynamite . . . sketches unsuspecting friends . . . ski-crazy. Honor Roll, Log Art Editor, Lantern, Ac- tivities Key, Scenery Squad Chairman, Poster Squad. MARGARET R. FRIDAY "Peg", strictly a party girl . . . lose anything?-her snoopers prob- ably found it . . . camera conscious. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Lost and Found Chair- man, Medical Squad, Decorating Squad, Bulletin Board Squad. NANCY CLAIRE FRITSCHI "Animated', is her adjective . . . where therefs talking, therefs Nan- cy . . . secretarial work is her line . . . dancing, her hobby. Co-Chairman Ways and Means, Informa- tion Squad, Y-Teen Officer, G.A.A., Chorus, Activities Key. Findlay F ritschi Fox Fulton Friday Furlong BERNADINE FULTON gi "Bernie" . . . hangout?-why thc physics room . . . an A plus combi-- nation of Scotch and Irish . . . dreams about lots of clothes. Cheerleader, Medical Squad, G.A.A. Major Sports Letter, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Activities Key. ARDEN NORMAN FURLONG Can sew a pretty seam . . . a regu- lar little mermaid transplanted . . . "Thats just neatylv Ways and Means Squad, Medical Devotional Committee, Log Business Manager, Y-Teen Officer, Activities Key. 21-'L get mgiat Seniors "" 85 ,,, O Y .5565 ' X, ' 'Q . X I ui 1,0 , S 5 NF N ' R If' Galliigltct' Gurver Gallup Geinzer Gardner Geisler Garson Gilbert CAROL A. GALLAGHER Hopes to he a navy nurse . . . loves' public speaking land Mr. Millsfi . . . alway.s a smile for everyone. Activities Play, Make-Up Committee, Ways and Means Squrrdu Traffic Squad, Lantern Advisory Council, Ac- tivities Key. MARION GALLUP "Make mine music" was her motto . . . over the jumps with her lioiscs . . . 'worked hard for that driver's license. Chorus, Triple Trio, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Y-Teen Music Commit- tee. S. THOMAS GARDNER A one man debating team is K'Polit- ical Tom-D . . . additional sidelines include instructor of "skeet shoot- ingv and the ways of printing. Home Room Officer, Lantern, Social Committee. NANCY CARSON Here we have a mixture of beauty and brains . . . her pet peeve is homework' . . .favorite hobby is art. G.A.A., Highest Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Activities Key, Devo- tional Squad. if . Grant Grove Gray Guyatt Grecnly Hackett Groell Hiilm DON GORDON GARVER He spends his leisure hours playing: nine holes . . . need a tooth pulled? -Don's your man. Golf, Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria Squad, Hi-Y Officer, Home Room Of- ficer. RAYMOND GEINZER Tall red-headed Romeo . . . never a dull moment . . . lfked by all, hut likes his math. Cross Country Manajer, Intramural Basketball, Ways and Means Squad, Cafeteria Squad, THOMAS A. GEISLER Snappy with sodas and sundaes . . . Mandel's couldnlt live without him . . . kid.s around a lot . . . donat take him. too seriously. Home Room Officer. EDGAR I. GILBERT Wants to become a big wheel in the race track business . . . a whiz at the typewriter. Rifle, Intramural Basketball. 86 AUDREY LORETTA GRANT Did I hear wedding bells in the distance? . . . "Penny,' just wants to be a California housewife . . . denture deb. Home Room Officer, Log, Mounty, Lan- tern, Medical Squad, Usher Squad. DONNA LEE GRAY Her favorite pastime is knowing people . . . has her eye on a teach- ing career . . . a regular name on the honor roll. Activities Key and Guard, National Hon- or Society, Y-Teen Devotional Com- mittee Chairman, Log Literary Editor, G.A.A. Major Sports Letter, Class Rank Committee. VAN CREENLY Science was his line . . . sorry to leave Mt. Lebanon High . . . his future plans lead to engineering . . . enioys watching all sports. Football, Intramural Hockey and Bas- ketball, Honor Roll, Home Room Of- ficer. THEOPHIL A. GROELL Tedls interests lie in the artistic field . . . his humor is 'cstrictly on the corny sidef' Football, Intramural Basketball, Traffic Squad. MAR-IORIE GROVE Riding a bus was her ioy . . . a fine form with a tennis racquet , . . salads were her main dish. Chairman Honor Award Committee, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Home Room Offi- cer, Y-Teens, Activities Key. CAROL ISABEL GUYATT One of our "new lookv advocates . . . known for her particularly quiet and friendly ways . . . specific in- terest?-playing the piano. Lantern, Y-Teens, Ways and Means Squad, Activities Play Business Com- mittee. EDYVARD IAMES HAGKETT Mention the word baseball and Ed's the hoy yould naturally think of . . . no grass grew under Edls feet. Basketball, Baseball, Advisory Council. R. GRETCHEN HAHN HCretch" with the amiable dispo- sition . . . swings a powerful club on the golf course . . . iust loves children, so shejll teach kindergar- 15611. G,A.A., Lantern, Y-Teen Officer, Activi- ties Play Business Committee, Stu- dent Court, Medical Squad. 0 41 Q A Seniors .H ri RICHARD ANTHONY HAHNER Easy going, worries not, liked a lot . . . fired up the boys' spirits on the gridiron . . . stirred many a femi- nine heart. Football. ELAINE MARIE HAINES Lunch and Spanish interest her the most Coutside of other thingsj the boss's favorite secretary in a few years. Y-Teen Program Committee. RALPH E. HALL Ambition is to run the 100 yard dash in 9 seconds .... 9 ometimes called "Speed', . . . pet peeveP-- seeing girls smoke, Football, Basketball, Home Room Offi- cer, Traffic Squad. GLORIA MARIAN HALOWELL Tall "Glory" with the sunny dispo- sition . . . thermometers and taking pulses fascinate her . . . yearns to be a nurse. Chorus, Medical Squad. CAROLE HAMMER Plans to attend P.C .W .... usually heard 'mumbling French .... s wims all year round . . . greatest ambi- tion is to go to France. Publicity Committee, Honor Roll, Y- Teens, Activities Play Publicity Com- mittee, Medical Squad Reserve. MIRIAM HUGHES HARDIE This senorita enjoys her Spanish . . . her lovely skin and dark hair go well together . . . loves io dance. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Attendance Squad. EDVVIN HARMON One of the best by every test . . . looks sharp, feels sharp, is sharp . . . 'cEd,sU one of 'KSpeed,s', base- ball boys. Baseball. ANNE ELIZABETH HARPSTER Gets the scoop on everybody . . . favorite football team Cget this-ll, Carnegie Tech . . . versatility was her chief trademark. Honor Roll, Mounty, Devotional Commit- tee, Usher Squad, Log, Newscaster. BERNICE SALLY HARRIS "Bee", a new addition to Mt. Lebo and a welcome one . . . we gained an efficient worker. Lantern, Mounty, Y-Teens, Devotional Committee, Publicity Committee, Class Rank Committee. BILL BOYD HARRIS Loves tying trout flies . . . that sweet playing was just his trumpet . . . any cavities?-go to Dr. Bill in ten years. Intramural Basketball, Band Letter, Hi- Y, Home Room Officer, Orchestra. Hahner Halowell Haines Hammer Hall Hardie ' S l ., . A Q ln 1' I wg! ,1 49 it - eil! Qi!!! I N! -.E 3 , s ETHEL JEAN HARTZELL Hard-working gal . . . shows inter- est in Scotch plaids-and Carnegie Tech . . . would enjoy being a upri- vatev secretary. Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Honor A- ward Committee, Medical Squad, At- tendance Squad, Mounty. ELIZABETH ANNE HARVEY Dreams of steak and French fries . . . Latin rates tops with her . . . bound for junior college . . . hob- by?-singing. Chorus, G.A.A. Harmon B. B. Harris Harpster Hartzell B. S. Harris E. Harvey ' 87 JOYCE HARVEY just came here for her senior year from Indianapolis and soon became well known . . . dark and oioacious. Y-Teens. JOAN HASSELMAN Plans to lunch on favorite food, tuna fish sandwiches . . . can often be found at Forbes Field watching her beloved Pirates. G.A.A. JAMES P. HASTINGS, JR. An important man in our literary publications . . . a whiz at the type- writer . . . see him in the profes- sional library cutting stencils. Cross Country, Band, Traffic Squad, Publicity Squad, Lantern, Mounty. ELISE KATHLEEN HATHAVVAY Kay always "hath-a-wayu . . . the crowd around a locker mirror . . . she'll make a great secretary. Chorus, Medical Squad, Ways and Means Committee, Lost and Found Squad, Home Room Officer, Lantern. SCOTT D. HAYES A friendly guy with a cheerful smile . . . life ambition is to be an artist . . . pet peeoe is bores. Poster Squad, Mounty, Home Room Bul- letin Board. JOHN F. HAZEL What would we do without him to close a homeroom meeting? . . . never a dull moment. - PATRICIA A. HECKEL The "Kiner" baseball fan the Pi- rates like to see . . . hopes to be able to do something in that "field:' in a few years. Chorus, G,A.A. JOYCE E. HELMER Pass the pink pills, nurse "Hn . . , wonlt it be pleasant in a hospital when Joyce dons the "physical whitesf' . . ..,., ..., , , . . . . G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical Squad, Ways and Means Squad. Hendricks Hester Herberger Hewitt Herreid Hickman Herrmann Hikes J. Harvey Hayes Hasselmzin Hazel Hastings Heckel Hathaway Helmer :Q l pil 88 BARBARA HENDRICKS A tall, striking blonde . reserved, but a pal to all those who know her. ELAINE M. HERBERCER Owner of that much sought after combination of blue eyes and blonde hair . . . a friendly gal who,s a treat to know. Chorus, G.A.A,, Mounty, Y-Teens, Traf- fic Squad, Medical Squad. HELEN MARIE HERREID A love for cats and cucumbers . . . "Slinks" to one and all . . . social work is her goal. G.A.A, Y-Teens, Decorating Squad, Ways and Means Squad. VIRGINIA F. HERRMANN "GinnyM wielded a talented paint- brush . . . gave Mounty posters a distinctive touch . . . a shining light for National Honor. Home Room Officer, Mounty Art Editor, Y-Teen Publicity Committee, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, Post- er Committee. JUNE HESTER A tiny package with plenty of good things . . . Hunexplainedl' fondness for California fyou should listenj . . . donlt take "Buggy,, literally! Chorus, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Library Squad. JACK G. HEVVITT "Jock" . . . Carnegie Tech's gain will be our loss . . . music-minded . . . is there anything he doesn't know about radio? Band, Honor Roll, Orchestra, National Honor Society. HERBERT HICKMAN To Herb "life is real, life is ear- nestn . . . dreams of chess trophies and faultless circulation files . . . top performance in eoery fob. Chess, Class Rank Committee Chairman, High Honor Roll, Log Circulation Man- ager, Activities Key and Guard, Na- tional Honor Society. BETTY ANN HIKES A true Mt. Lebo history fan . . . we always wondered if she was from the South , . . proved that activities and grades go together. Honor Award Committee, Library Squad, G.A.A. Major Sports Letter, High Honor Roll, Mounty, Activities Key and Guard, MARY LOUISE HILL "Hilly', could cut a flashy rug . . . that "one and only" look . . . her nursing will be a medical miracle. G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y-Teen Of- ficer, Medical Squad, Ways and Means Squad, Attendance Squad. NANCY K. HOFSOOS That light brown, curly hair . . . tickles the ivories in her spare time . . . basketball was her game. Honor Award Committee, Attendance Squad, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lantern, Mounty, Y-Teens. NANCY LEE HOLLAND Teachers were her favorites . . . the "dream weaver" spun many a story . . . a permanent seat in Isa- ly's. Library Squad, G.A.A., Y-Teens. ROGER T. HOLLOWAY He helped make the "Lantern" shine . . , one of the "barbers', in the Quartet . . . his wit is some- thing to behold. Boys' Quartet, Chorus, Honor Roll, Lan- tern, Activities Play Properties Com- mittee, Co-Chairman Publicity Com- mittee. CHARLES A. HORNELL Bud and his powerful "6" . . . one of Miss Moore's little friends . . . a Scotchman of Carnegie l'6Cl'1, Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria Squad, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Log, Mounty. WILLIAM A. HOWE. Tall, interesting-looking red-head . . . goes in for mechanics . . . re- served manner . . . tennis is tops for his money. Tennis Letter, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Devotional Squad. Seniors Hill Holloway Hofsoos Hornell Holland Howe DEBORAH R. HUBER "Rah, rah, sis, boom, bahv . . . Debbie leads us at the games . . . modeling is another thing she'd like to lead in. Cheerleader, 'Hospitality Squad, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Y-Teen Of- ficer, Activities Key. CERARD HUFNAGEL "Skip,' rates with radios . . . plans for electrical engineering . . . fast on a cinder path . . . dandy in the dark room. Track, Cross Country. CARLTON HUGHES Tall and easy-going . . . will keep the world moving mechanically . . . welll all remember his "Sonny', smile used so frequently. MARY JANE HUGHES Painting, sketching-her favorite pastimes . . . donlt ride Dormoni for her approval-that was hcr home town . . . decisive and poised. Band, Orchestra, Activities Play, Honor Roll, Newscaster. 89 Huber M. I. Hughes Hufnagel Jeffers C. Hughes Jenkins WILLIAM N. IEFFERS One of Mr. Prutzman's favorites . . . a champion grunt and groan boy . . . his talk will linger on, Band Letter, Orchestra, Hi-Y, Traffic Squad, Intramural Basketball and Wrestling. MARJORIE GAY JENKINS Pretty as a picture-nice frame, too . . . those songs she loved to sing kept us rolling in the aisles. Chorus, G.A.A., Mounty, Y-Teens, Med- ical Squad. ea-, 7 2' , Q 75291, ly ' 7- aizzl - Z I 7 ll -A gf- Y. . X w "ti "I sr 5. .1 Q. 5 I 5- 'Q 3: 5 3065 ' 'Atv 11 lm' 0 9 ' li , M111 ru ' 'Aft oo 129' ' I 11' fo '71 if Johnston Kalberkanp J. Kern Klepfer G. R. Jones Kayser L. Kern Knox H. Jones Kelly Kinsey Koenig Joseph Kennedy Kirk Kohlmeyor ROBERT CHARLES JOHNSTON CARL KALBERKAMP Some day a lucky company will be graced with Bobfs engineering ge- nius . . . no speeka da' English?- then speak Spanish with Bob. 'Ways and Means Squad, Honor Roll, I-li-Y Officer, Home Room Officer. G. RICHARD JONES Keen as a razor's edge . . . Dickls rugged form really flashed on the hockey rink . . . a light-hearted live wire. Golf, Hockey, Fcothall, HUGH JONES Nicknameis "Flashv . . . ask him how he got it . . . his wavy blond hair was not a dream, but a rcality. Football Manager, Traffic Squad, Stage Crew, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. MARJORIE ANN JOSEPH Red hair-minus the temper that goes with it . . . downing Chinese food-a great pastime . . . happiest when swimming or dancing. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical Squad, Milk Squad. This 6' plus tow headed lad was seen everywhere . . . a g0od-look- ing guy with a quick-flashing smile. Football, Intramural Basketball, Traffic Squad, Home Room Officer. NORMA EVELYN KAYSER "Sure had me fooledv is most often heard from this blue-eyed lass . . . an artist, tool . . . likes non-fatten- ing jello. G.A.A., Y-Teens, Medical Squad, Activ- ities Play Make-Up Committee. THOMAS L. KELLY One-fourth of our harmonious quartet . . . likes to tinker with his trains . . . secret ambition?-to play the bagpipe. Intramural Hockey, Chorus, Home Room Officer, Boys' Quartet, FRANK ROBERT KENNEDY "Best Sellerv Kennedy can really write . . . tennis and golf are his sports . . . he paints in oil and plays the piano. Golf Team, Honor Roll, Mounty, P.A. Squad. 90 JAMES M. KERN Harry James has a rival . . . always on that motorcycle . . . where did he get that nickname "Muse,'P . . , Band, Intramural Hockey and Basket- ball, Orchestra. LOIS ELEANOR KERN 'Twinv . . . impromptu singing is one of her hobbies . . . soon she'll be found face-lifting food as a di- etician. Chorus, G.A.A. Major Sports Letter, Or' chestra Letter, Y-Teen Devotional Committee Chairman, Library Squad, Activities Key. SUZANNA L. KINSEY A new arrival in Mt. Lebanon . . tinkering around a keyboard . . "Suzi,' may be a social worker. G.A,A., Y-Teens. CAROL KATHRYN KIRK "Binky,' became a famous nick- name . . . a super-duper hot-dog salesman . . . a smile to fit her per- sonality. Ways and Means Committee, Medical Squad, Honor Roll, Home Room Offi- cer, Y-Teen Officer, Activities Key. PATRICIA ANN KLEPFER A Scotch lass with gray-green eyes . . . often heard saying, "Same dif- ference" . . . a gal with a mind of her own. G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lantern, Y-Teens, Publicity Committee. JOHN BOYD KNOX A rare compound of mystery and fun . . . a jovial fellow with a sci- entific mind . . . engineering is his goal. Honor Roll, Cafeteria Squad, Usher Squad, Traffic Squad. ROBERT M. KOENIG Favorite sports are skiing, hockey, and ice-skating . . . always a lot of fun and well-liked by everyone, Football Manager, Intramural Basket- ball, Home Room Officer, Projection Squad, Cafeteria Squad. NAOMI KOHLMYER Known by many as "Orme" . . . anticipates lunch period . . . can often be found .skating . . . dainty damsel. Library Squad, Chorus, Attendance Squad. ANNE KOTMEL Plans English or music as college mayor . . . thinks blue highlights her blonde hair . . . piano playing claims her leisure time. Chorus Medical Squad Attendance Squad, G.A.A. Y-Teens Activities Play Business Committee. SHIRLEY ANN KRAGNES Laughing is "Shirsh'sD favorite sport . . . beakers and formulas fas- cinate her . . . her skill at dress making is no mean accomplishment. G.A.A. Major Sports Letter, Honor Roll, Y-Teen Devotional Committee Chair- man, Library Squad, Activities Key. ALBERT KRIECER The strictly masculine type . . . comes in handy on a football field . . . friendly and funny . . . tops for laughs. Football, Intramural Basketball, Honor Roll, Horne Room Officer. GEORGES N. KRIVOBOK Our French addition . . . already knowing several languages, he chooses to be a linguist . . . En- glish is his favorite subject. Cross Country, Editor French Newspa- per. MILDRED KRUT Well-poised "Mil" . . . dark hair and sparkling eyes . . . can carry on quite a conversation in Spanish. Y-Teens, Honor Award Committee, Medical Squad, Information Squad, Ways and Means Squad. CLAIRE LOUISE KSCHIER Did someone call for "KishvP . . . a steady stream of chatter . . . red hair wasn't a clue to her disposi- tion. Home Nursing, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Picture Squad. PAUL ANDREW KUHNE JR yi SY T e debonair gentleman of the 2 s . . . plans to study agrzculturi. an become one of the nations farmers . . . interested in bees. Cross Country Manager Rifle Intramu- ral Basketball Score Board Squad Projection Squad, Home Room Officer. B 4. x 1 Seniors sig? 'I .s I ' . I . ' I , , U- V T A ir., If d 1 LAVERNE KUNOLD Short and sweet , . . interested in sewing . . . going to work for Bell Telephone after graduation . . . pet peeve is gossip. Chorus, Library Squad, Medical Squad, Attendance Squad. JOSEPH DANIEL LABOON Very talkative . . . "Our Democratv of I2-l's . . . school was more or less a resting place for ,loe . . . lunch period was his favorite sub- iect. Football, Track, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. MICHAEL E. LaBOSKY "Mikes, lean frame stood out on the basketball floor . . . utall, dark, and handsomev fits him to a "T Intramural Basketball, Chorus, Hi-Y, Activities Play, Business Committee, Ways and Means Squad. Kotmel Krivobok Kragnes Krut Krieger Kschier -EQ- JOHN B. LADLEY Thinks the name of Becky is quite nice . . . a little on the quiet side . . . a really fine guy. Chorus, Hi-Y, Ways and Means Com- mittee, Traffic Squad. BERT LAMPORT Commonly known as "Lamppost', . . . has his eye on the Marine Corps after graduation. Intramural Basketball, Home Room Of- ficer. Kuhne LaB0sky Kunold Ladley Laboon Lamport i l 91 BETSY LARSON Everybody calls her "Bettsv . . . another Jenny Lind with that sweet voice and Swedish background . . . favorite saying, "What a riotlu Chorus, Y-Teen Music Committee, Libra- ry Squad. SHIRLEY IRENE LARSON "Blondie,' would fit her to a "Tv . . . her cheerful smile was so easy . . . possesses a peaches and cream complexion. Usher Squad, Y-Teens, G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Medical Squad Reserve. ROBERT H. LASCHEID "Henryv should be a Chevrolet salesman . . . quite a handiman at home . . . a pair of musical knuck- les. Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria Squad, Usher Squad. ROBERT LAUFER "The Thinker" . . . physics was too easy for Bob . . . he didn't say much, but he knew plenty. Highest Honor Roll, Chemistry Squad Chairman. ELAINE S. LEE Ambition?-future concert violinist . . . but for now "Lee" will settle for German and swimming . . . favorite saying, "That's for surelv Scholastic Committee Chairman, Highest Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Y- Teens, Activities Key, National Honor Society. WALTER M. LEONARD Ways of friendly quietness . . . amateur pianist . . . lots of sense . . . tops on the pitchefs mound. Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. CHARLES T. LICHY Must have an analytic mind be- cause he loves to solve crossword puzzles . . . "Chuck" nominates farming for the "profession of the year." Football Manager, Cafeteria Squad, Honor Roll. HARRIETT E. LINN Shines in basketball and tennis someday she'll be a girls' gym teacher . . . often heard saying, "Mygosh!',... ...... G.A.A. Major and Minor Sports Letters, Y-Teens, Gym Squad. B. Larson Lee Loeffler Lund S. Larson Leonard Lofquist Luterancik Lascheid Lichy Logan Lynch Laufer Linn Luft MacKinnis r 92 ROBERT C. LOEFFLER A fiend for hunting . . . tall, dark Bob never let things get dull when he was around. Rifle, Ways and Means Squad, Public Address Squad, Activities Play Pub- licity Committee. CHARLES ALAN LOFQUIST "Charley,', a stellar drummer in our fine band . . . never without a joke or a car . . . "Want to skateff' Band, Intramural Hockey and Basket- ball, Orchestra. SAM H. LOGAN Any spies around?-call for your latest F.B.I. agent . . . likes to race' around the baseball diamond. Baseball. RICHARD LUF T Dick is really a sharp shooter on the rifle team and his hobby is hunting . . . plans to study law. Rifle Letter, Football, Track Manager, Honor Roll, Traffic Squad. LAWRENCE H. LUND, IR. Larry's interest is linked to golf. . . his favorite food Cuoh boyvlj steak . . . a royal fester everyone knew. Golf, Intramural Basketball, Traffic Squad, Honor Roll, Home Room Of- ficer. BERNARD LUTERANCIK A record-breaker in every part of life . . . a blue streak on the cinder paths . . , those iokes of pure corn. Cross Country Letter, Track Letter, In- tramural Basketball, Home Room Of- ficer, Home Room Program Committee. JOHN LYNCH Very, very quiet . . . like a shadow passing in the hall . . . "brainy,' in class . . . not interested in girls Cor is hePD. Intramural Basketball. SUSAN N. MacKINNIS Hungers for lunch period every day . . . future art major in college . . . right now, she'll dabble in oils, thank you. Chorus, G,A.A., Ways and Means Squad, Make-Up Squad Chairman. WILLIAM E. MADDEN Bill never 'rmaddeifsv anybody one of our best assets from Dor- mont . . . a hot wire in later life. JOAN MAGUIRE That iolly sense of humor will car- ry her far . . . polished on the dance floor . . . her wit gets along dswimminglyv. Achievement Committee, Medical Squad, Library Squad, Ways and Means Squad, G.A.A., Y-Teens. JO ANN ARLENE MAJOR Dreams of nursing . . . "jon was quite the artist . . . her infectious giggle added a pleasant touch any- where. G.A.A., Log, Y-Teens, Ways and Means Squad. RONALD T. MALL The boy with a song in his heart . . . loves sports, especially football and baseball . . . the wit of the se- nior class. Baseball, Football, Intramural Basket- ball, Home Room Officer, Traffic Squad. SUSANNE MALONEY A really energetic gal whose favo- rite sport is swimming . . . her am- bition is to make the Olympics in '52 . . . good luck, Sue! G.A.A. Major Sports Letter, Chorus, Ways and Means Squad, Activities Key, Lantern Advisory Council, Y- Teens. RICHARD MARKSON He pitches a mean game of base- ball . . . all out for sports, that's Dick . . . likes physics, so he's sci- entific, too. Baseball, Intramural Basketball. Seniors Madden Mall Maguire ' Maloney Major Markson FRANK S. MARTIN Only aversion-girls who talk too much . . . when he wasn't sleeping, he was working on cars . . . a crav- ing for meat loaf. Traffic Squad. LOIS C. MARTIN A little gal with plenty of zip . . . looks forward to camping every summer . . . delights in munching potato chips. Chorus, G.A,A., Home Room Officer, Y-Teen Bulletin Board Committee Chairman, Library Squad, Gym Squad. ' IRMA H. MASCARO A pert, little, pint-sized package . . . a flash going down the halls . . , always an artistic hair-do. Lantern, Scenery Squad. ROBERT lNI. MAY Soccer is "Baldy,sv favorite sport . . . like a sailor, he has a girl in every port. 93 F. Martin May L. Martin McAllister Mascara C. McBride SAMUEL M. MCALLISTER Samis life ambition is to get into the Naval Academy and receive a commission . . . we surely wish you luck, Sam. CHARLES FRANCIS MCBRIDE "Chucky had more points than a Gothic cathedral factivities, that isj . . . all subjects were favorites. Intramural Basketball, Activities Play Properties Committee Chairman, Hi-Y Officer, Ways and Means Committee. - . Q I 5 ' 1 ' Airs X 'I v f ' - It xt s X 5-E Leu T. McBride McCrory McCauley McCune McClain McCall McClaren A. McGhee THOMAS EDWARD MCBRIDE Tall, blonde, good-looking guy . . . "Tim" or "Tom,'-take your choice . . . the sociable, non-studious type. Hi-Y Officer, Chorus, Activities Play, Ways and Means Squad, Activities Play Properties Committee. HUGH C. MCCAULEY Spell it "U-Ev . . . for univer- sally liked, for everyone's pal . . . quiet, but friendly to all. Intramural Basketball and Hockey, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Cafeteria Squad, Baseball Manager. LUETTA MCCLAIN Can sing a pretty tune . . . would make a fine photographefs assist- ant . . . a secretarial light for a power company. Triple Trio Reserve, Chorus, Ways and Means Squad. KATHARINE KNOX MCCLAREN Nicknamed "KaKav for her famous Contagious laugh . . . usually iden- tified by a certain tan convertible . . . summers at Washington Island. Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Log, Honor Award Committee, Medical Squad, Activities Key. N. McGhee McKendry McGrael Means McKay Meell McKee Mervosh BERNICE MCCRORY Fall of fun . . . always laughing . . . a secretary after graduation . . . likes school, but wants to be on hcr own. G.A.A., Information Squad. Jo ANNE MCCUNE Soft spoken "Mac', with the gentle ways . . . one of our cutest baton twirlers . . . lovely long locks. Majorette, G.A.A. Council, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Ways and Means Squad. EDWVARD MCCALL. Our choice for a good humor man . . . serious. steady, and always ready . . . first on the wit parade. Chorus, Devotional Squad. ALBERT MCGHEE A devilish twinkle in his eye, an elfish grin . . . a prize dribbler on the "I7evils', . . . always kept the girls guessing. Basketball, Traffic Squad. 94 NANCY RUTH MCCHEE Famous for her wavy black hair ambition is to model . . . pet peeve?-being locked out of the house. Home Room Officer, Y-Teen Social Com- mittee, Ways and Means Squad, Li- brary Squad. CLAIRE McGRAEL Arizona is her other home . . . a dark-haired inspiration in physics . . . neat as a pin . . . sociable. Ways and Means Squad, Library Squad, G.A.A, Honor Roll, Home Room Offi- cer, Y-Teens. CHARLOTTE JEAN MCKAY All but hidden in the halls . . . always a smile and continually chatting . . . iaunty Jeanie- a vest pocket edition. Honor Award Committee, Library Squad, Log, Lantern, Mounty Co-Edi- tor, Activities Key. JOHN McKEE A tall, dark, dashing track-man. .. rings the bell for everyone . . . found typing a jolly class. Cross Country Letter, Track Letter, Traf- fic Squad Chairman, Home Room Of- ficer. NANCY IEAN MCKENDRY "Mac" is a future doctorls assistant . . . a .small package filled with vim, vigor, and vitality. G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Orchestra, Y-Teens, Ways and Means Squad, Medical Squad. KATHRYN T. MEANS Tall, tops-to-our-taste, twirler . . . likes knowing how people think . . . a winner in every field for friends and fun. Executive Board Secretary, Majorette, G.A.A. Council, High Honor Roll, Ac- tivities Key, National Honor Society. IOSEPH T. MEELL, IR. Mobile-minded-Meell is on the loose, all girls beware . . . a dead- eye on the hardwood . . . easily convinced. Intramural Basketball, H o n o r Roll, Home Room Officer, Ways and Means Squad, Traffic Squad, Activities Key. PETER MERVOSH "Anybody got a penciliw is his most frequent cry . . . shoulders that stretch from here to there . . . "Big Pete". Football, Baseball, Basketball, Home Room Officer. Seniors One of our foremost "Cedar Lodge" workers . . . oh, brother! for a three inch steak and gobs of French fries . . , any sport-anytime. Football, Track, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y. MARY LEW MEYER A quiet miss with a lovely com- plexion . . . nice to have around . . . a little shy, but a grand friend. Usher Squad. DONALD L. MICHELSEN Mikels favorite pastime is playing basketball . . . likes to work out tunes on his clarinet . . . hopes to enter Penn State. Rifle Letter, Cross Country Letter, ln- tramural Basketball, Band Letter, Home Room Officer, Cafeteria Squad. SALLY IANE MILLER Long, dark hair and a flair for journalism-thatls Sal . . . a new student who really made up for lost time. Publicity Committee, Ways and Means Squad, G.A.A., Lantern, Mounty, Ac- tivities Play Publicity Chairman. GEORGE MILLINGTON Handsome "Ace',, one of our great gridders . . . college bound . . . who is the lucky girl? . . . a "Speed" protege. Football Letter. DONALD IAMES MINIHAN Our "Minnow is a crack track star . . . an all around sportsman . . . suave way with the women . . . unique sense of humor. Track Letter, Football, Basketball, Home Room Officer, Traffic Squad. DOUGLAS MOLLISON A really "gone guyl' in that gob uniform . . . suave, smooth, and a ready smile . . . known as a whiz on ice skates. Golf, Intramural Basketball and Hockey. JOHN MOONEY Nickname?-"Moonv . . . came from Chicago last year to start the girls really swooning . . . pet peeve- being called "Blue Eyes". Home Room Officer, Intramural Basket- ball. JEAN MOOREHEAD Blonde and bubbling-that's jean . . . loves to putter with paints Cshefs good, tooll . . . arnbitionPw to be a kindergarten teacher. Home Room Officer, Home Room Pro- gram Committee, Scenery Squad. IOHN W. MORGAN Rarely seen without his flashbulb . . . another convertible addict . . . fried chicken suits him fine . . . his goal?-mechanical engineering. Projection Squad Chairman, Physics Squad, Home Room Officer, Loq, Metzger Miller Meyer Millington Michelsen Minihan "- aw H mines-vom wnrvens AN his QwTERi A WQSQ OW rt 'YA l f F " " : Q L K 5 ' 239' S- s IB I Qian XX, 4 ! ., --Q? K , N - RIQ, Al . .1 . X I. I t 4 . few MARGUERITE V. MORGAN With her wonderful disposition shefll never be friendless . . . casu- ally drops the wittiest remarks . . . expressive dark eyes. G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Orchestra, Y-Teens, Library Squad, Traffic Squad. DONALD C. MORIAN "Gallopinv Don is really an all a- round guy . . . not only held his own on the football field, but in other activities, too. Football Letter, Track Letter, Home Room Officer. Mollison I. Morgan Mooney M. Morgan Moorehead Morian 95 BETTY LOU MORRIS A hobby of collecting foreign hand- kerchiefs . . . wields a mean hand on the needle and thread squad . . . "ShortyD made her mad. Y-Teens Publicity Committee, Needle and Thread Committee, Library Squad, G.A.A., Medical Squad Re- serve. NATALIE ANNE MORRIS Quiet ways and a soft, .sparkling smile . . . always dressed in the latest mode . . . hobby?-that beau- tiful voice of hers. , Honor Roll, Mounty, Y-Teen Music Com- mittee, Make-Up Squad, Library Squad, Medical Squad. DAVID K. MURPHY Often seen pushing an old "heap', over a hill . . . could always be counted on for a bit of friendly ad- vice. Cross Country, Track. ROBERT LEE MURRER He always has a cheerful hello for everyone . . . Bobls a person who can shoulder all responsibilities . . . always hustling. Intramural Basketball, Honor Roll, P.A. Squad Chairman, Traffic Squad, Pro- jection Squad. B. Morris Nieman N. Morris Nourie Murphy O'Keefe Murrer O'Neil RICHARD NIEMAN Not easy to know, but weve heard he's a swell pal . . . a basketball fan . . . fond of baseball, too, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. THOMAS NOURIE Way up in the world 6'4" . . . a mad passion for steak and pastries . . . swimming, dancing, photogra- phy for his leisure time. Rifle, Intramural Basketball, Usher Squad Chairman, Cafeteria Squad, Traffic Squad, Activities Play Busi- ness Committee Chairman. IOANNE O'KEEFE Another forty-niner with a heart of gold . . . the brain behind some of the home room programs. Traffic Squad, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Log, Activities Key, Schol- astic Committee. CORINNE A. O,NEIL How envied with her naturally cur- ly hair . . . never without "Porky', . . . always dependable . . . inter- ests in Philadelphia, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Log, Y-Teens, Li- brary Committee. Oxenrider , Pischke Palmer Plantz Pardini J. Potter Patterson M. Potter 96 EMILY ANN OXENRIDER A lilting laugh and an interest in singing-that's Emily . . . dark-hair- ed, vivacious gal . . . never seen without Aspell. Chorus, Red Cross Council, G,A.A., Hon- or Roll, Y-Teens, Activities Key. PATRICIA ANN PALMER Blue eyes, blonde hair, and a pair of snappy spectacles . . . dancing is a favorite pastime . . . a secretary, then-. G.A.A., Log, Lantern, Y-Teens, Attend- ance Squad. WILLIAM L. PARDINI Like a cheer from the fans after a touchdown-very noisy! . . . doesn,t seem to be interested in girls. Football, Rifle, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Cafeteria Squad. LINDA PATTERSON Sweetness with an appetite for sau- erkraut . . . a baby grand is her joy . . . iam sessions gave a thrill. Honor Roll, Y-Teens, Information Squad. NORMAN A. PISCHKE We call him "Whitey" . . . helped our Blue Devils gain fame . . . a whiz with a paint brush . . . friend- ly guy. Football, Baseball, Intramural Hockey, Mounty. CHARLES PLANTZ A prince among the pawn-pushers . . . chemicals, bottles, and odors . . . "Cappyv is a scientist sincere. Chess, Chemistry Squad, Physics Squad. JOAN DAY POTTER Always bubbling with pep and en- ergy . . . check that New York ac- cent . . . could start a rental agency on personality. G.A.A., Publicity Squad, Lantern, Y- Teens, Medical Squad, Poster Squad. MARILYN POTTER Crazy about baseball and Mount Lebanon kids . . . "take a letter, Miss 'P, " . . . a new addition from New England. G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y-Teens. HENRIETTA LOU PRICE Her line is dancing . . . was seen parading on the field as a maior- ette , . . public .speaking suits her fine. Majorette, G.A.A., Y-Teens. JAMES P. RAUCH Spends his leisure time wandering around . . . 'Knothin' better than ice-cream-v . . . itfs the construction business for him. Rifle, Intramural Basketball, Projection Squad, Cafeteria Squad, Usher Squad, RICHARD H. REA Thoroughly disapproves of the "new lookv . . . ripe olives con- sumed in quantities . . . swimming and American history rate among his favorites. Cafeteria Squad Chairman, Traffic Squad, Usher Squad, Highest Honor Roll, Activities Key, Book Room Man- ager. ANNE M. REBHOLZ Almost a crew cut . . . such a busy traffic post! . . . good nature guar- anteed . . . hear her talkingP-con- stantly. Activities Play, Ways and Means Squad, Traffic Squad, Medical Squad, Log, Activities Play Costume Commit- tee. GEORGE REED A new student this year . . . thinks Price Rebholz Rauch Reed Rea Richards JOAN ELYCE RIEHLE A pen thafs full of flowing words . . . someday a stewardess of the sky-ways . . . blonde, curly hair, Home Nursing, G.A.A., Home Room Of- ficer, Y-Teens, Library Squad. STEPHEN FRANK RIETHOF Tricky on the ski trails . . . crazy about people fespecially the oppo- site sexb . . . another shutter-bug. Band, Orchestra. RAMONA JUNE RILEY A wonder with the needle and thread . . . designer that will be fa- mous . . . tiny waist that was the envy of us all. Rifle, Gym Squad, G.A.A., Mounty, Y- Riehle Robinson Riethof Rosfeld Riley Rosser ARTHUR E. ROSFELD Rates A-1 at making friends really enjoyed doing his Monday morning sportscast . . . sharp as a tack. Activities Plays, Traffic Squad, Publicity Squad, Executive Board President, Lcq, Lantern Sports Editor. MARY L. ROSSER "Squeekie', to her friends . . . de- lights in ice cream and cake . . . chooses music for her hobby, Library Squad, Gym Squad, Chorus. , , , , Teens, his new home is rust right . . . very, very friendly . . . interested in art. 5 Printing Squad. NANCY LOU ROBINSON ii!! V Yf N One-half of those Utwinsf' . . . lists lf' g . CHARLES RICHARDS H I U English as main reason she enjoys vs ff ' ,, Answem fo the name uf H1071 ' -' school . . . replies with, "You'll go wJ 'ff V gg Y.. main ambition in life is to get out fm." lx of School' Chorus, Gym Squad Chairman, Vtfays K' N Yr CFQYQX lntramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Activities and Means Squad, G.A.A., Home na ", , Play Properties Committee. Room Officer, Y-Teen Otiicer, A .J f as lhr S 5 i . tP"?"f. t ,X 'Q N r iv i H M i f MAN4 Rn ' A 0 41 1 Y I ll f' . X I s , -- P, s Q is 'A i 'i ., eniors . 0 . I SJ X V -KAN 'fly 97 Rumbergcr Si. Clair Run ger Sander s Russell Saunders Ryan Saxton EARL RUMBERGER "Bergen, and his women . . . the laugh that could mean anything . . . a place in Penn State. Basketball, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer. NELSON L. RUNCER Can certainly blow out tunes on that tuba . . . aspires to be a radio announcer, and what a handsome one heid make! Band Letter, Activities Plays, Studio Manager, Executive Board Vice-Pres- ident, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. MARY RUSSELL Did you ever see anyone laugh so often? . . . "Rusty,', one of the orig- inal T.A.A.C. members. G.A.A., Lantern, Y-Teens, Ways and Means Squad, Medical Squad, Gym Squad. PATRICIA LOUISE RYAN A piano pounder extraordinary . .. a trim formal leading the usher squad . . . poetry gave many a problem. Social Committee, Usher Squad Chair- man. . Schade Schroeder Schietinger Schulte Schneider Schwartz Schreiner Shave MARILYN ST. CLAIR "Saint" . . . cheering or knitting, she's always busy . . . happiest in public speaking class . . . a passion for ice cream. Head Cheerleader, Medical Squad, Decorating Squad, G.A.A., Y-Teen Oi- ficer, Activities Key. MARCIA L. SANDERS Called "Marlu,' by friends . . . fashion drawing is her field . . . anticipates Friday and English class. G.A.A., Lantern, Y-Teens, Library Squad, Medical Squad, Home Room Program Committee. MARY VIRGINIA SAUNDERS Sweet, quiet, and a ready smile . . . six-feet deep in activities . . . looks forward to being a kindergarten teacher. Activities Key, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Executive Board Secretary, Chorus Accompanist, Usher Squad. DONALD SAXTON Very quiet . . . industrious . . . friendly to everyone . . . sort of shy . . . not so interested in girls-you never can tell! 98 DEBORAH SCHADE "Cleo" was an original nickname . . . that giggle amused us . . . ah-h-, those tangled romances of hers! Chorus, G.A.A., Y-TGGUS, GY!!! Squad' Class Rank Committee. MARGARET SCHIETINCER Tops in the Triple Trio no stranger to the footlights . . . tem- peratures, hot water bottles, and a nursing career. Triple Trio, Activities Plays, High Hon- or Roll, Activities Key and Guard, Red Cross Committee Chairman. STEPHEN SCHNEIDER Not a care in the world . . . quiet until you know him . . . fond of football . . . oh, for a stuffed DOIN chop. Cafeteria Squad, Usher Squad. NANCY LEE SCHREINER Our future Sarah Bernhardt yearns to be a radio star . . . just loves public speaking . . . "versatile" apt- ly describes her.' Activities Plays, Highest Honor Roll, Newscaster, Activities Key and Guard, National Honor Society, Mounty. FRANK H. SCHROEDER Frank?-oh, you mean '6Skipv plans to follow architectural lines . . . "Hey, cabbiev . . . prefers solid to any other class. E. MARLENE SCHULTE A math slave . . . studying?- 'nough said! . . . a German lass with a flair for navy blue . . . swim- ming gets her vote. G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lantern, Y-Teens, Activities Key, Information Squad. DONALD R. SCHWARTZ Perhaps saying "ugh,' . . . a bag of popcorn and a good movie suit him fine . . . spare time spent on planes. Chorus. JERALD M. SHAVE His personality runs a long way . . . a friend indeed, with a burst of speed . . . "Ierry's" one of Miss Beck,s grim German students. ,. Track Letter, Cross Country Letter, In- tramural Basketball, Traffic Squad, Honor Roll, Home Room Ofiicer. Seniors IO ANN A. SHENKEL "Ian for short . . . South American' has a certain spell . . . a record col- lection thatjs really sharp. G.A.A. EDISON F. SHEPLER A snappy guy with lots of pep . . . well-dressed . . . smooth on the dance floor . . . have you seen that Chrysler? Football, Track, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Traffic Squad. GEORGE MARTIN SHIFFLER, JR. Can be spotted whizzing by on his motor scooter . . . if he isn't putter- ing with motors, he'll be in his clark room. Band, Hi-Y, Home Room Officer, Orches- HG. JEAN SHIRLEY Quiet as a mouse . , . her fondest dream?-to live in Erie . . . inter- ested in "French". G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Medical Squad. DONALD ALAN SHOFF Street-car passes from here, there, and everywhere . . . "Bai, blacks another shot . . . an everlasting sore thumb. Basketball Manager, Traffic Squad, Caf- eteria Squad, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Activities Key. WILLIAM E. SIGLER Crazy about guns . . . ambitfoni'- to be a doctor . . . pet peeve is room 209-don't ask us why! DIANE SIPPELL Would be happy with six chemis- try classes a day . . . heart-warm- ing smile and regal bearing . . . a Rainbow girl. Chorus Letter, G.A.A., Home Room Of- ficer, Music Manager, Library Squad, Usher Squad. CAROLYN COE SMITH A knock-out blonde bombshell . . . quite a sense of humor . . . a truly fine gal. Majoietie, G.A.A., Lantern, Mounty, Y- Teens. THOMAS SNODGRASS Photo fiend . . .some call him "Senator,' . . . spaghetti and meat- balls rate with him . . . taboo on fget this-lj women. Rifle, Usher Squad, Traffic Squad, Hi-Y. JAMES HOWARD SOOD Happy-go-lucky, carefree is jim . . . teacher's pet Cnow whofs' kidding? . . . you'll remember his devilish grin. Basketball, Honor Roll. l f f O X ' f its ,. .X - , its t .li I A is r" X X., . I ,i M X fm X -Qgie ,1 f f ,r . .'i X.. , t '-' ' ' u ill if S Nl 1 A JAMES ARTHUR SPANCLER Gives his spare time to basketball practice and bowling . .. . dreams of chocolate pie and a Cadillac convertible. Football, Intramural Basketball, Cafe- teria Squord, Hi-Y, P.A. Squad. ELAINE SPOSATO Sewing, skating, and bowling all rate her top vote . . . hopes for sec- retarial career. . . typing room often sees her in action. 1 Shenkel Shirley Sippell Siiod Shepler Slioff Smith Spangler Shiffler Sigler - Snodgrass Sposato 99 Lair BOYCE MELVIN SQUIRES Red hair?-thatls "Load" . . .always has a good story for the boys . . . plays hard-to-get-and is! DOROTHY B. STAIGER Loves to watch football and bas- ketball games . . . spends her spare time. baking new-fangled. cakes with daffy decorations. Chorus, G.A.A., Honor Roll, Lantern, Y- Teens. WARREN L. STARRETT "Parson', . . . found loafing at Man- dellis . . . one of the "Mooses" . .. "oh, to graduatei' . . . tops?-chow olate ice cream and baseball. Intramural Basketball, Traffic Squad, Cafeteria Squad, Hi-Y, Lantern, Pub- licity Squad. EDWARD J. STAWOWCZYK You can understand why people call him "Irish"-or can you? . . . a quiet, but terrific guy. Squires Stewart Staiger Stilnmel Starrett Storey Stawowczyk Strickler MARY MARGARET STEWART Mt. Lebanonls own little "Quiz Kidv . . .humor thatis on the subtle side . . . a top ranking senior. Devotional Committee Chairman, Traffic Committee, G.A.A. Major Sports Let- ter, Highest Honor Roll, National Hon- or Society, Activities Key and Guard. KENNETH L. STIMMEL Our Hextrav point man on the foot- ball team . . . famous for his blond wavy hair . . . answers to the call of "Scram',. Football, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Traffic Squad. EMILY ELIZABETH STOREY Hails from Connecticut . . . will settle for Connecticut College for Women . . . knits those beautiful socks she wears. JAY H. STRICKLER Chemicals and a hot time in the basement . . . the Stricklers of Dart- mouth . . . the way he can shift gears! Intramural Basketball, Home Room Of- ficer, Honor Roll, Traffic Squad, Ways and Means Squad. Stroble Taylor Swanson Teasdale Sweeney B. P. Thomas Tatem V. Thomas l00 ROBERT STROBLE Known as "Stein', to one and all . . . Stroble got that quarter . . . 'KYerse', and unurrv became famous words. Football, Traffic Squad Chairman, Hon- or Roll, Home Room Officer, Activi- ties Key. SHIRLEY SWANSON "Swannie', . . . unlimited energy . . . enlioened many gatherings. ,. "ready, letfs golv was her familiar cry. Ways and Means Squad, Decorating Squad, Cheerleader, G.A.A. Council, Home Room Officer, Y-Teens. CLAYTON SWEENEY "Swinn's" red hair flashes on a bas- ketball floor . . . small, but oh, what a kid! . . . lots of pep. Intramural Basketball. NANCY LEE TATEM "Tate" had a talented paint-brush . . . lateness got her sore . . . "For cryin' out loud!" G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Ways and Means Squad, Library Squad, Medical Squad. NIXON E. TAYLOR Hair of gold, emerald eyes . . . our Nicky's quite a gem . . . good looks, personality, brains - what more could any girl want? Social Committee Chairman, G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y-Teen Officer, Activities Key. RUSSELL E. TEASDALE Popular program pusher on the P.A .... a man about town?-ask the gals! . , . one of our "Children of the Moonf, Traffic Squad, Activities Play, Projec- tion Squad Co-Chairman, P.A. Squad. BETTIE PATRICIA THOMAS Can you trace that southern drawl? . . . strawberry blonde . . . just a slave to love . . . quiet, but much heard laugh. Y-Teen Bulletin Board Committee Chair- man, Medical Squad , Ways and Means Squad, Milk Squad Chairman, G.A.A. Major Sports Letter. VIRGINIA W. THOMAS "Knit two, purl two" is her chief occupation . . . ambition?-to be a uspecialv secretary. G.A.A., Mounty, Y-Teens, Attendance Squad, Library Squad, Home Room Program Committee. JOAN E. THORSTEINSON A quick smile and a zooming through the halls . . . a star in all athletics . . . you name it-she can do it. Activities Play, Major and Minor Sports Letters, G.A.A. Emblem, Highest Hon- or Roll, Loq Editor-in-Chief, Activities Key and Guard. ROBERT TILKA Tall and handsome is our boy Bob . . . ambition is to be a salesman and he,s got us sold already. Intramural Basketball. TED T. TOWNEH One of a well known pair-always seen with Connie . . . very interest- ed in garage mechanics . . . makes friends easily. Decorating Squad, Scenery Squad, Wrestling. LILLIAN TRACEY Swings a mean racket Ctennis, that in? . . . we call her "Lil,' ...En- glish is tops in her schedule . . . another college-bound senior. Gym Squad, Medical Squad, Informa- tion Squad, G.A.A. Minor Sports Let- ter. Y-Teens. JAMES UDISCHAS Ambition?-to be a second Clark ' Gable . . . really a pro at dishing up those ice cream sodas. Intramural Basketball. MARILYN UHLMAN Nicknamed "Mousie,' . . .expecting a car for graduation-lucky girl! . . . going to work after school . . . pet peeue is cliques in Mt. Leho. Chorus, Lantern, Y-Teens, Library Squad. Seniors Thorsteirrson Tracey Tilka Udischas Towner Uhlman ROSE VANZIN A little flower transplanted from Shannon . . . one of 12-9's famous twosome . , . a tricky pompadour was a continuous worry. Chorus. NANCY RUTH VARLEY Dolls from here, there, and every- where . . . an appreciation for spa- ghetti . . . to be a test-tube techni- cian is her aim. G.A.A., Information Squad, Library Squad. CHARLES VEAZEY Says his chief loves are track, bas- ketball, and wrestling . . . girls mast enter in there somewhere- they certainly like him! ROBERT K .VVACNER A tennis pro in our midst . . . plans to study business and finance at Notre Dame. H1-Y, Honor Roll, Traffic Squad, Home Room Officer, Tennis Letter. 101 F Vunzin VVagner Varlcy E. Walker Veazey H. VV alker EDWARD WALKER Already a good mechanic . . . leaoes appreciation of the works of Shakespeare to someone else . . . just a pleasure to know him. Cross Country, Track, Rifle, Traffic Squad. ROBERT VVALKER Oh, for a chocolate milkshake . . . P.A. peddler . . .perfectionP-see- ing a good movie . , . bound for Muskingum and the ministry. Activities Play, P.A. Squad, Devotional Squad, Honor Roll, Chorus. t QQ . ly? " ' Egiihit Q sp!! Q - MFA an A' EULQQ Ward I. H. White Webb J, T. White Weigand Williams Wertz H. VVill0ughby SALLY 1. WVARD Swung a mean mallet for the Court . . . could dress a snappy bulletin board . . . a permanent place on the Honor Roll. Scenery Squad, High Honor Roll, Moun- ty, Y-Teen Publicity Committee Chair- man, Activities Key, Student Court. MARY LOUISE WEBB Horses, horses, horses! . . . well known for her art C guess what "Louv paintsfll-that,s right!-hors es . . . but we looe her anyway. Medical Squad, Attendance Squad, Make-Up Committee, G.A.A., Lantern, Y-Teens. NANCY JEAN MARIE WEIGAND A small package of pertness . . . commercial subjects are her choice . . . constantly talking-but a good listener, too. Medical Squad, Decorating Squad, Ac- tivities Key, Cheerleader, Honor Roll, Y-Teens, . MERLE C. WERTZ Finds radio quite fascinating . . his 1930 Model A intrigues all... plays a mean trumpet in his spare time. Intramural Athletics, 'Band. W. Willoughby Workmaster Wilson Yetter Wissinger Zeit Wood Lem and Clem IOHN H. WHITE john's interests lie in athletics . . . definitely the casual type . . . a quiet, friendly manner that we all appreciated. Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria Squad Chairman, Honor Roll. JOSEPH TERRY WHITE We all know what excellent pic- tures Terry took and developed . . . where did he get those Hloudv tur- tle-neck sweaters. . Rifle, Log, Lantern, Traffic Squad, Cafe- teria Squad. LEON I. WILLIAhiS, JR. 'cSeat-finder", at football games . . . dating is strictly 'Klaissez faire" with him . . . technical student. Cross Country, Track, Intramural Bas- ketball, Cafeteria Squad, Physics Squad, Usher Squad. HENRY D. WILLOUCHBY, II An old time wrestler . . . whiz at making model cars . . . all wrapped up in his unewv Ford . . . talks a blue streak. Intramural Basketball and Wrestling, Cafeteria Squad. 102 WALTER O. WILLOUGHBY Walt has a liking for sports . . . his personality flashes in the feminine direction . . . pet peeue is tests iaren't they eUeryone'sPD Track, Intramural Basketball and Hock- ey, Cafeteria Squad, Home Room Of- ficer, P.A. Squad. AUDREY WILSON Interested in sewing . . . going to be an airline hostess after graduation . . . pet saying-"Oh, fishv. Chorus Letter, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Needle and Thread Squad. ROBERT C. WISSINGER Usually serious, but susceptible to fun . . . has a flair for managing . . . top performance in an easy- going way. Football Manager, Traffic Squad, Cafe- teria Squad, Honor Roll, Loq, Nation- al Honor Society. HENRY WOOD In years to come he will be a me- chanical engineer . . . right now, physics will do as his "subject of the year." Honor Roll, Usher Squad, Physics Squad, Stage Crew. VVAYNE E. WORKMASTER "Smoky'f . . . a passion for choco- late cake . . . leisure time finds him reading . . . heard saying, "Don,t just stand therein Poster Squad. JUDITH YETTER U Oh, for a boss with an understand- ing of shorthand and an aoailablc son...a working gal with a flair for blue. BETSY ZELT Dallas's gift to Mt. Lebo . . . ambi- tion is to get an M.R.S. degree in college Cshe shouldnlt have any troublef. G.A.A., Home Room Officer, Y-Teens, Traffic Squad, Ways and Means Squad, Medical Squad. LEMUEL and CLEMENTINE They usee all, hear all, and know alll, about the class of ,49 . . . fae- orite colors-maroon and white . ., ooted "most typical '49 girl and boyf, Sharpshooters, Lowest Honor Roll, Ac- tivities Spree and Guard, National Dishonor Society, Student Court fplen- ty!!J, Lebanon Stump, Senior Class Prank Committee. ' Camera Shy RONALD B. FOULDS A newcomer to our ranks from De- troit . . . food and photography are favorite interests . . . physics and trig rate high with him. DONALD HAMBLEN In a few years he'll be writing all your sports news . . . his artistic talent comes out in his metal art. BARBARA HENIPH1LL "Bobby", with a passion for spagli' etti and bridge . . . blue matches her eyes . . , calls typing her fauc- rite class. Y-Teens, Chorus, Decorating Squad. SHERNVIN IAMS DONALD KUTTLEH "Geekv-always loafing with thc boys . . . chooses blue as faoorite color, mechanical drawing as taoo- rite subject . . . French fries defie nitely tops. FRANCES OPFEHMAN A little on the quiet side, but realty a tremendous guy when you get to know him. JOHN SCHVVEIG Likes to save pennants, dimes, and truck ads . . . motors with their complicated parts interest him .. . biology rates tops. Strictly an ice cream man . . . wood shop claims his top attention during school hours . . . a green thumb gardner. - At each home game fans herded in to sec the Mountv hoopsters. 103 Jermett o SEPTEMBER Way back in September 718, us old tim- ers of the class of ,49 come ter school to start our last year in Mt. Lebo High. We wuz kin- da glad to get back-ohl We Wurn't no dum- mies-We knowed there wuz Work ahead, but We also knowed there wuz plenty ai fun. OCTOBER We sure enough had a barrel a fun at them thar feetball games. It wuz plenty cold but We didnit mind ,cause We had a great team and the games wuz mighty excitinil CThem thar snappy majorettes ,ii cheerlead- ers didnit hurt none either.l NOVEMBER We wuz mighty glad to git all fixed up in our fancy duds and drive off in our slick wagons to the Junior-Senior Prom. The boys wuz broke busted next mornin, and the gals had mighty sore feet, but we all agreed that it sure wuz Worth it. DECEMBER Shucks, We had a dandy time at Christ- mas. The chorus sung purty songs in the halls, there wuz mistletoe everywhare, We put on the M essiah, there wuz mistletoe everywhare, lots of us exchanged presents, an, there wuz mistletoe everywhere. Um-m-ml ' JANUARY Come January, come all them tests. Course Weiuns of the class of 319, We wuz pur- ty used to ,em 'cause We had took ,em many times before. Us old timers knowed how to study and study we did. Why shucks, some of us even passed that thar English test. nm 019 Timer FEBRUARY 12 A's-boy! we wuz beginnin, to feel old- er an' older. We had our Activities Assembly and a gosh durn lot of us got awards an, sech. Made us feel purty important. It was the first time that us guys realized how close we wuz comin' to grad-ja-ashun. MARCH What a month! We wuz hafin' to shell out for anything an' everything. Wfe had to order cards with our names all fancy like on ,em and invitashuns for our commencement. Colly! but they wuz purty. Kinda made us feel a bit nigh-fa-lootinf APRIL We put on the greatest durn show on earth. It was the funniest dog-gone presenta- tion to ever hit Lebo Cap. Us old timers sure wuz mighty proud of them thar classmates of our'n who put on that thar Broadway per- duckshun. We liked it fine, yes-sir-e-el MAY This here wuz it! We wonit fergit Senior Day ,cause we had more fun in them thar twenty-four hours than weid ever had. That day the world wuz ourin. We wuz the bosses and how we loved it! It werenit long now-soon we wuz gonna grad-ja-ate. JUNE After three years of workin, and havin' fun we wuz through. The gals cried a bit, and even us old timers choked up. Wie left the skool in the hands of the underclassmen, said "adios" to our friends, and set out to blaze our own trails. Classmates Cat CLEFTD For a study in contrasts Witness starry-eyed Foxie as she mixes Wallpaper paste ior stage scenery. CBELOYVP HOW We loved the tuneful tones of our Barbershop Quartet especially when they gave out with "Coney Island Baben and Dry Bonesv. Prom night found us sliekecl up in our best, swaying to the soft strains ot enchanting music. i'Double, double, toil .incl trouble, fire burn and ealdron bub- blef, The Macbeth weird sisters have a jolly time stirring up their unappctizing brew. Our snooping twosome, Mary Jane Hughes and Anne Harps- ter, searched every nook and corner for the latest ninfo' lor their VVednesday morning newscasts. After weeks of sweat and toil George, ready to collapse from laek of sleep and physical exhaustion, barely makes the dead- line for his 120C theme. Miss Pickens seems all broken up about it, tool Xi' 106 C rimy Culp ers CRICHTD It was way buck in September ,37 that this cute couple begun their long trek together on the road of lC22l'Ill1ll. Guess Who. VVhy Shirley Larson and Bob Wlissingerl QBELOVVD NVe read and reread, 'cthunkv and Hrethunk", Wrote und rewrote. Churchill was talking about precis when he said, 'cBlood, sweat, and tearsf, The kids reversed things clrastieully when the girls escorted the fellows, garhcd in their latest creations, to thc Backward Blush. Queens tor Ll clay were llowdie Cox and Ben Bain. It looks as if Spike has clruftecl some of his zzrclent fans to help him in his chores. The cafeteria holds many memories for these senior boys who made it fairly rock with their antics. 107 N Y Q X1 ..., K! X XX NV L QS 4. 0 4, And S0 the j'4P9fw.s 1 ,L ,L I Pull Up Stakes and Move on to Richer Claims . . . 108

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