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X b z 6 C 'K' X x X xmgx G ,Q Y L' I ' ' ! 4- R' ' - R , ' Q 31 1 , 0 ,- 1 - 'f -N, 1 X f 1 A , .K 1, x X X I J C75 , 6, Z l 4 ,W JQJWW- . -5X XX , CQ. , ' 4. 'X "' Q nz' ? f 'D I 'Q I H . , gm, mx l W 5 . , 'W A fb If , ' 'X ge 5' ' 5 ' "f, .f E 2 'ffffl A, X , 1 .fl5,7'2p-" 5 ? V f f 4 ' ' " y 'lf 1 fb! E v ."17!!!ll , if 4 f 1 5 5 lf? 5' v "1 A Q fi" 1g 5 lv 5' ' M1 r 2 5' If I ' X Mis X Fl . f 1 f f 1 f W f . '1 ,f ' 1 Y ' 1 fig AM . fy I ,pfr + -' -- "' X, f 5+ 1 ' Y- - q I A-J--'lg 4 k li., ' V ,f'Zg4'4i " +L. , - x S fi, 'yy "M 5' M f g 1 gn mzgesf Cribufe . . . DR H V HERLINGER E Dedlcote thls Log to one wlno nos left the scene of our Mt Lebanon lout whos devot1on ond ervlce to our schools cannot eosrly be forqotten On December 23 1945 Homrry V Herlmqer dled leovmq hrs tosk unhmshed hls hopes untulfllled Durmq hrs ten yeors os our supermtendent of schools Dr Herlmqer d1d much to promote the growth ond development not only of our bLl1ld11'1QS but what IS much more rmportont ot our boys cmd qrrls H was cr trleno Whose loss we mourn wnose n'e-mory we cherlsh ond Whose orclrnevemenl We osprre to 5 r w . 1 . , . H 11 D . . , V I S- . , , . I 1 ' , . . 1 1 . 1 1 1 W 3 I ' 50 lntense loyolty by the tons kmclled the sptnt of the cross country boys os they covered themselves wxth glory by wlnnlnq of new stote chotmp tonshtp trophy Whot ts 1t to be? lVl9d1ClH97 Musto? Low? Books 1F t e ltbrory ftlled us wtth enthustosrn for these ond mony other protesstons 6 y te o ,J t S lc. First The Inspiration, Then The Deed Mcmy people crsplre to become urns Q but few f ue 1 Ive Marg talent for CCI1Ch1I'1Q the sparkle m Hee S y on ce was I P lg Dcqm K3 ' ' I-, 0 - Kc IFS C Q V K V , , . .t 1- T. 'Q..9QZf':fC1:CIf'.Q ima cffe-ixspzrmq :eAe:t13gQ,' 1 1' ,1 .e,fA131:.Lt1 :ie'11:1tg T14 n:1r.ReSer'.', :ge ,'1::1.exf:1t Q . txex Serwcez. In Our Thoughts In Our Words In Our Deeds "The Thinker" has caused many pass- ers by to forqef their troubles and to wonder at his deep meditation They were rnore than gusi radio proararns to us. These devotional programs helped us ,ire o e . . 3 asv i b Worihier siudenis Our necrte ewelled Wlll rnde wnen we passed tlns case tllled W1ll" troplmes Symbols of aclne Jement wlnch brought tame to our cltool Ideals Are Reflected We felt a lump 1n our throats as each new star on our servlce flag took the place of a Mt Lebo graduate called by Uncle Sam Der OCIC Q GUI 9 I ,.. 'lit' L '--li c 1 A Y .' X ' S . te ::11:,at1c:t lxamts ng the faces of tztese Egcys' as C li Clark fells tzeig t, "Q t dere and '.v1:Lg" ID D15 Zllfd lll019 ff Q4 f 4 ff: J fp ,QV f f X f ' L- . H X x ,V A , 44 V W A t I fi APAZP' V - f Mi' M' 1' ' " 'I' 'f 74' 'xx' ,X 1 ' 14 , ' 'I X D' ' 1 fl I ff .wt ,LAW 1' Q.: f 'X 19,1 QM , X , , if Nl - faq . I I 'I ' . I ,, ' QV ',71?,f ' ,W ' ff r ' lj, f f' 1' f Kyo? If 1 nk lfiwif ' Q. , -. xxn 16' K. .1 4. pawn ...vw-v-f--....-A DR L E PERRY , ww 'IST' SUPERINTENDENT To most of us our new superinten- dent needs no introduction. Dr. L. E. Perry served as our high school prin- cipal until the war interrupted his activities here. So it is with real pleasure that we Welcome him back to Mt. L. to succeed his friend and co-worker, Dr. Herlinger. As a captain in the Reserve Corps Dr Perry was called to active duty in February l94l Soon he was over seas with the First Armored Corps Thus began a thrilling adventure whicn led him to Cairo n General Pattons party to Montgomerys neadquart rs as a liaison officer dur ng th Sicilian campaign and final ly to London After Col Perrys discharge from the army early last fall he returned to take the reins of our schools S as superintend nt Dr Perry begins another episode in a long and suc cessful career Mt L Extends A Hearty Welcome SCHOOL BOARD standards and progress of the Mt Lebanon schools goes to our school board Whose mem bers include Miss Miriam l-lead ley Mrs R K Conaway Mr A C McMillan Mr E S Stan ter Mrss Bertha Walp Mr Q C Hogsett Dr L F Perry Mr Beckley Smiti Miss Esther Wliinnie Mr Raymond Hecht Mr C F Mellmger Mr E H Buck M Sarnuel Scnreiner and Dr Ralpri Horsman I . " ' ' - rx I A ,L 1 X i Q ' " L ' , ' - ' . o f ' e , . ' I I Much credit for the high F . . . , . . . - Q U, Q- , L , . . J'- . L ' at " ' ' '-4-1 , Y. L A I , l2 4-wi "" if 's Dr G H our new prmmpcl seems to be emoymq H115 conference Wlth our former prmcx pal Dr Horsvncm cmd our vmce DIIDCIDCI1 MISS Ion New Adm1n1strat1ve Heads f Dukl r .JUCYWQ 'Je ' QS RLT our Non fcwveen Dr Parry Q d Mrs PM Q 1 Qld e-ms ur C C1 y 13 MISS ELLA ION V1ce Prmclpal And to Faculty PRINCIPALS A shadow darkened the canvas of our parnt rng at the death of Dr H V Herlrnger our su perrntendent Thls unhappy event caused a number ot changes ln our school systern 1n gen eral and rn our h1gh school rn parttcular D Perry became superrntendent and our own Dr Horsman advanced as asslstant to Dr Perry At the begrnnrng ot the spnnq semester Dr Glll closed shop at the Iumor Hlgh to step rnto the shoes vacated by Dr Horsman and to become pr1nc1pal ol th1s our rnaJest1c edrtrce The Hrgh School So' lost your green schedule already eh? Well that ll cost you Sc plus a slrght reprrmand from Mrss lon our vrce prrncrpal chlet sched ule maker and adnuster Mxss lon heads her rew of attendance Workers who check regular class attendance excuses electxon blanks and also make those all rmportant phone calls to the homes of suspected C77 absentees On the s1de Mrss lon sponsors the Class Rank and Achlevernent Cornmlttees and w1elds the chalk ln an algebra IV class I thmk we ll all agree that our Vrce pr1nc1pal IS truly a v1tal cog ln the Well known wheel S Bobby Grll and Tommy Horsrnan drs Our sm1l1ng secretarles, Mrss Bower, uss the 'pr1nc1ple" of the thlng Mrs Booth, MISS McMaster, keep thxngs runnlng smoothly Who Have Returned from Service RETURNED FACULTY Mt. Lebo has been well represented in World 'War ll. The services called seventeen mem- bers of our faculty, but by September l945 al- most all will be back with us once again. Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard iust name any service, and you can be sure Mt. Lebc had at least one representative in that branch. New students can easily tell the faculty :nem- bers that have recently been discharged. They have that certain "way" about them that all service men and women have. Dr. Perry, Mr. Browne, Miss McLaughlin, Miss Gordon, Mr. Grimes, Mr. Mehner, Miss Klein, Mr. Shaner, and Mr. Kelley have returned to the "old grind", and were mighty glad to have them Their experiences make wonderful listening. By September we ought to have an almost complete attendance of our veterans. Those expected are Mr. Brombericlc, Mr. Streams, Mr. Ford, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Bald, Mr. Whiplcey, and Mr, Glafka.'s hope they make iff We are proud of the fact that Mr. Luecht has been made head coach at VJ. ci I. College. Good luck, Coachl These members of our faculty have made an enviable record in the service of Uncle Sam. No wonder we are proud of them. T e an era caug t t ese former e U le Q rn s service who are Pow b tc t e swing Nl us tSittingf Mr Kelley Miss Kle S ai gf Mr Browne Miss Gordon Miss McL ug lin M S cner Mr Grimes 1 v r - f t , r - - , 1 News , A mf- - ,- H C A . fl H . . ff.t:'...C-fS C. fl, C CCI. . CA... .YT me V 1. ' i 1 , x V-. l ' ' fi- 1. ' Y l . .. C. . , .J ifl. i lflfl .L . , , ., t-4 .. , A- fl 1. , . . A . 12 X Teachers Mold Remember thot beouutul Gul Reserve Recoq n1t1on Se 'P rv1ce Here we hove Mrss Kotheryn Frobese M1ss Dorothy Grove ond M R 1ss uth Stephens os they met to complete plons for 1t Mlss Ella Trov1s 1S the sponsor of one ot Mt Lebo s newest orqomzotrons the D b e ote Club Shes been qettmq some pomters for her club members from Mr Nelson M1lls our publxc speokmg teocher All the W gl1sh prolects wosnt wosted otter lll CI Mlss Anno Thompson Mrss Normo Powell ond Mtss M one Neumorker seem to oclmrre them ot lot ork you Iumors put m on those En Hoblot Vcl Esponol'P Dont be sur d prrse lf you heor th1s quesuon commq trom Mtss R1to Roe M qqe 1ss Mory Thorpe or Mr Wllltom M1tchell our oble Spormsh teochers We oll know these tnendly forces They be l onq to our former pr1nc1pol Mr Rol h H O ors mon ond our vxce prmclpol Mlss Ello lon l-llc l-loec Hoc Whot Lotm student isnt tom1l1or w1th th1s chont' You m1 ht h Q oveleorn ed fronn Mrs Ann Robb or M1ss Morqoret Holliday. Our Future LIVES Anyone who has drssected grasshoppers wtll know Mr Sherrtck Grlbert and Mr George Dambach our arntable brology teachers Mr A S Mtescer and M1ss May Sneary put rn many long hours perfecttng the lovely mustc We all enroyed so much Here they are loolang over a new score Those groans you heard dur1ng the year were Just the Sentors strugglrng through En gl1sh Mrs Geraldrn Morgan and Mlss Mar garet Taylor rrade sure they learned rt r1ght Perhaps tts the atormc bomb and world peace that Mrs Ferne Horne Mr Krrk Tallman and Mtss lanet Ward our htstory teachers have be n talkmg about Wasnt graduatton beautrtul? Mrss Mrldred Leeper Mrss Martha Prckens and Mtss Sarah Smrth worked very hard to see that everythmg Went oft Just r1ght Preparmg our future stenograc ers to the busrness world lS the marn Job of Mr Elvrna Scherr and Mrss Tnelrra 'Warn e v o tur out many caoable ones ea a year in I I , . . Q . Q , - . . c r . , , 9 . , , ' . r , r s. .. ' " .rc .. .Q nic X F T1 f-f 17 In the Classroom Would you hke to learn the technrque of read1nq'P lt so SIQH up for the course taught by h Mrs Eleanor Rrnne who 1S shown here wrt lb lan Mrss Mable Moore our 1 rar W ll known to all chernlstry and physrcs stu e dents are Mr Iohn GIIITIGS Mrs Henrletta Tay lor and Mr Reed Rames Our future sc1ent1sts are qett1nq therr toundatron trorn thern Here are Mlss Dorothy Funk and Mrss Elea nor Drlhnqer who really drd a ternhc Job on ed many stu the1r bullet1n boards wh1ch caus dents to lrnqer ln the halls Mr Merle Burrows qolfcoach Mr Raymond s Peters rlfle coach and Mr V1ctor Doak tenn1 coach have no doubt been d1scuss1nq one ot thelr respectwe sports Mrss Margaret Brllrnqsley who keeps the q1rls 1n shape by her qyrn classes chats wrth Mrs Geraldme Adamson who has Just hnrsh ed puttxnq the cheerleaders throuqh some stren UOUS GXGTCISGS t et Frrday 1S the deadhne' You d Dont orq probably hear thxs trorn Mrss VIIQIHIG Elltott or M1ss Margery McClure shown here as they look over some old edltxons of the Lantern and the Log I u ' 1 ' 1 , . . , . ' , . . 1 I . . , , . 1 1 - 1 1 1 . 11. 11 . 1 . , ' 11 1 . . . 11 1 , . 1 ' a .' V 1 I ?,-,l ' And In Actlvltles All y u future hornehakers take 1 tice' lt you iave any problems Just go to M s Pauline PIQI1 our norne e onorni s teacner s own here with our shop instructor Mr Roy Anderson Always ready with sound 'neac l advice were the nurse Miss lane Meals ana Dr J K Kendall T hey keep us healthy and nappy With the added emphasis placed on foreign languages in re ent years Miss Louise Brown er have a lot to talk about Teaching angles and Xs kept our rnath teachers Mr Norman Goodwin Miss Anne Rightrnire and Mr Joseph Srp busy all year Sports kept Mt Lebo in the limelight this year and here are the men that put us there We all know Mr Iohn Beckert football coach Mr Donley Mollenauer track coach and Mr Mercer Clark basketball coach Men behind the scenes might be a good title tor this picture Besides their teaching du ties Mr Charles Lohr Mr Charles Schade ana Mr Robert R.1th rnade sure that we got our supplies on time l I l A o c . ,r . ' . o' . ' ' E A , i-s ' 'Q , ' c 'c 1 , Ei 7' A ' I. , . . l A . r ' ' r 'i a i ' C , ' i , Miss Marguerite Beck, and Miss Helen Zahnis- 1 , . 'I ' Leaders Set STUDENT COURT The Quys and gals you see Waiting outside Room 5 on Tuesday evenings aren't waiting for the whip, as you might judge from their faces. They're just Waiting to appear before Student Court. Despite the student's first reac- tion, he soon finds the court willing and ready to help him with his problems. The main job of the courts eight members, chosen from the student body by the Executive Committee, is STUDENT COURT to lceep the students on an even keel by show- ing them where they went wrong and helping them do better. Everything from chattering in study hall to cheating on tests is handled through the court with fairness to all. Although a relatively new development, the Student Court has found a Well deserved place in our high school life Sitting: Specht, Adams, Jackson. Standing: Jolly, Campbell, Beck. 12th GRADE EXECUTIVE BOARD Front row Samuels Taylor Gam Alderson Bernhard Fzsher Second row Harrmgtort Rustad Beck Schumm Paton MacLaren Hecht Third row Bostrum Kraemer Rzehl Fouith row Reynolds Tzmothy Borland Allen Frodey Coate McConnell Btckel Kount EXECUTIVE BOARD OFFICERS Srtting Hathaway Gray Wmters Standing Warduell Harrzngton 20 9- ' . 1 ' D , . , - Smith, deLaval, Lorentz. Critser, McClelland, Disque, Steele, ' . ' : , ' , . t f J 3 3 U J Z' The Pattern of Our School Days EXECUTIVE BOARD The Executive Board forms the student frame for our painting of the school. lt func- tions as a governing body for all school problems. The officers of the board, Harlan Wardwell, Tom Harrington, and Margie Hathaway, form the backbone of stdent leg- islation. The rest of the Executive Board is made up of the president of each homeroom and, to give a senior majority, a representa- tive from each senior homeroom in addition to the president. The Executive Board sponsors many activ- ities. The more popular ones are all school dances, including the Senior Prom, the 'Ways and Means Squad, which is always on hand at athletic events: the Boxing and Wrestling Tournaments, which thrill many spectators each springy and the finale of each semester, the Senior Assembly, when activities awards and prizes are presented. 11th uRADE EXECUTIVE BOARD Front row WIcCrory Rauch Semmer Fzrschzng Frtdaj Albo Ferguson Brody Second iovx Snlznder Pol lock Bonner Smith Krayer Busch Durkln 10th GRADE EXECLTIVE BOARD Front rovx Aungesser 'ruin Sprznger Dztme Gregory Burlhlozt 'tILCuze Second row Ott Bell E Snzzlh Walker llT6'1lS17lQ MacDonald Alclgrdzte 'lIcEtLen Third row Halen Fee Neelley 'Wungolcl Hecht t n 'Z i . . f . . 2. . . . ' ': A H , - '. , , . . ' , v A .- V .' ' 'J , . 1 . W . N ' . ' . - . - . . . . L . . . . . . . ' , '. . ' - .. , T 2? "+1,.,f . ,. B These Students Were Executive Boo rd Vffiys and Means Mary Lou Portman, Connie Meell CEA-fx: riry lolin Barry Hesy :1':Q1ly Gerry Bearer, Pat Heil, Ella Baurn Book Bath lordan Traffic Al Reynolds lnforzzpatiori Mayeite 'VVard Milk loe A. Martin, Susie DeLong Ciffeiezxx Attendance Peg Morrow, Beth Taylor Posler Mildred Eqqe Hindi Jzfffjfd Suzanne Bernhard Betsy Frank lien: Shirley Vfiolce, Ioan lffallerstedz Girls aft: Lois Hobbs Detcprfzigriq lerry G'Connor Siwirfx' if Marojie Hainaway ,1 5 , - New X. In The Foreground Committee Chairmen Medical Ioan Sgzeeztan Att-ezzaarise Eleaucr Glenn, Eleaisr Szarzley, lean Sllatis Bulletin Boara Mary Luierancik Prizitiia Dave Krzzertier Arts aria Crafts Isselyzi Camle .3,ual1t5r1u21 V1rg1i1:: Rfliarsl Library Diane Vanaiiai, Naiey Burch Schalasxi: Terri Vfceber Sara Pee Publis Address Bib Sezirtie. .3.C21ie'.'e:ie:it BQ Bxarit PuQ':11:1Iy Patty Sa:-:iii jeafifie 'faux Class Rank Peg Clertieii Mariai .llaerseti Tx , v. - f.. A1 Y,-.Ahnfw .f.fv..,,fA X QM Q I'.,,':,L..,.. ..,.fe..,. ..,.,v., f-,::Q.Q,13 if. 33,5551 4A,,,.C,g Q,,.,.hQ Qewf I,.,-,..,.v -....-a ..-.y.,, U ..... I -...s.A. 4. K 4 ,QQ p 1 V, Nsuf .,,,, , WT u"5x!4,5f." -,.-.. -0 'Aq- X lx i e , K ii, 5141: 553, Egg, X11 Qffijj' FCS, C 'xx I' 4 'if LL 1 I ' ' IJ, vc '31 1' ',4,.' ' 'l,?l1 n 'nf f f X J I ,T F? x fx-pal! iff!-7 44 ff I xgii Z! Aff' U X X' W2 N S I I lf!! X by N W, X -ff' f x, ff VW! I f W ,,? hh L, 24 X :QQ E ,ilu-. 'K , :H 'T ' ' 1, R' :ff ' -1 cfm 49 f3:5,5', ,: 114' -,f :xii-.1 LI " f.-3 .M , .,,,, V.. L 'X ffi'f,g7:g - 0-V' ,f ' "- . v . - tfifzzf-'U '53 13133- fn 55,531 gi If, ' ' .Q ," lpnjv. fglffingg :lisa f'3-:1,'- "'f':ff -wx-2-. fr-:f-.'.f2f,.:,f 4-1:2-. Tiff I' ffilfl' ,Aflac , 'du - "4' l'l V Xl, , s , " cm 'f 'NF" X f 'fit' 'J '11, '.' f W '5' 1 f,J'1,1f fx ' "f ,iff mfivagf i I fill Q' v" ff,ff,,.,,n f 1 , ,H ll Jw." '- ,f011f,ff " ' 551' , 1' .', ' ,-" , ,,"" '! V' Y I n FKwf x f . f,,. f-. , , X X ,. ,I . Q e X - , ,- X X, J. ff x ' 'GRP M' X K mfr 14115 .45 I ,fd f. f ' ' ' 79' fglfp' -K N . 'W 7 5. jffif fpv'-'Z-1 ,-1 ' L fp ,1 sW,,' .I Q ,KX f X . 'rf-,Pg X Z x 272- V gf' iff, 'lf'-.. ,X - ... f 92,35 ' ,aff XIX, , 1, WN., wg -- wf-7 ' no --MY L,-X X if' f Ay if ff?" X wx n A , , . f W , 'Il-' "n A' ' Q ff ' f, .f i :M fl, V 41,14 ri, N, I 1 xx 1 E.. V ,7p:A 1, X , ,, D , , " ' I 'V ' H52 -Ll If - 1 NWI' , L' 4' fm' 1 X X. ' ll' X If ' Liu' QM HY,Y,-,lX!1 I f ,a 11. gl: Senior The thrlll ot those senlor plc tures' Most ot us had retalces and then dectded that the trrst set real ly resembled us after all' We scotted at our own photos droo ed over those of our trrends and t1 nally traded enouqh to develop pr1vate roque qallenes for poster For once we were SGTIOUS Re alrzxnq that qraduatlon meant the end ot one phase ot our lxves we reflected 1n our faces the drsoe het We felt 1n our hearts that thts could actually be happentnq to us Stlll dazed by the tmpact we have the dlploma to reassure our selves Thts plcture should be entttled Glamour IU the Cafeterlal How ever these beauues competed w1th tood and quess Whtch usu ally Won' 1 , 1 I . tty. , . , , Events . The future might have seemed far off, but still we didn't entirely neglect it, as proven by the libra- ry's constantly used and well- thurnbed college catalogues. Those long low whrstles weren t only to cool the tea' Daughters almost unrecognrzable rn dresses and heels rnvrted therr proud mothers to an afternoons enter tarnrnent at the Senror Tea We had rnany sly Jokes about tne cafeterra food rn general but all these wer forgotten as we dm get uos ndrn A lunch er oo l Q ' l . ed like rnonarcns in our senior -- A a. ' " " 1. p l ' at that! . Dominate Already three layers under and, judging trom the determined looks on the faces ot the Make-up Corn- mittee, dozens more on the Way, the talent of these long-suffering class play "pros" still is shining through. And well Iean and Gretchen might wear that look of haughty sophistication' Those girls are seniors While the scraplng bow ing servants are underclassmen mere babies' of the War it was possible to cel ebrate graduation with the tradl tional Senior Banquet Food en tertainment and our best deeds account for our sophisticated ountenances Well rahthar' For the tirst time since the start The Scene Could we ever forget the Senror Prom? D1mly hqhted and deco rated wlth our class colors the gym was transformed 1nto a ball room rn whlch we danced the nlqht and our shoes away Wlth added flavor the can can was revrved and revrsed 1nto an act featurmq the legs that l1t erally klcked the root off at the Senror Banquet When we turned our tassels alonq wlth them our lrves were turned for at last we too had Jolned the honorable ranks of Mt Lebanon l-lxqh Schools alumm 1 I - . 11 11 . 1 1 1 1 . 1 . enum q Q BEST ATHLFTES Quai MST AROUND mos I X X , Q a 2 K xx'-L ' Q X , twxcx LDRENT2 'STELJOTE5 E HJDA5-Q 4 Tcouf-'LE BEQT LOQYXANG WsTTxE5T PF ST 1 Y wmNTERs L3 LL AUQSSURGER GREY WKYKTE-'NS CLARA Most 1..u-an muccasc PEST 5560 FSYAXN E V ldfs KSGN NX Q LAND NVE-HE. i L' . . 1 Q " J. if ' fx f I I . A , ' If, ' ' wx g 2 ' ., fi I N A 4 H f I I .sv J, . i 'i TLT' 'l ' ' - X N 1 ' l XHCLIJER- STE I , L V 'v 1 ' A - , 5 me Q V 1 W 3 'V y ,S A , . r ,, . Z I . ,n 'Q - ' L5 - 1' 1 - L 1 bg .Xli--L , ,LTE5 shi 'TX .SPF dF.LXNwM. VNU SON KJD E353-x-TMEQT' s-O 'X 465.1 DANCE Q QAYRY r- 'NTADL was ..uKE..Y'T0 JQ E ALINQHNSMI1-M gang W LL Ifxvgoff vs.,-RQ QATHPMAN RBT 6D7ZZ67f?fLOc3 Q6 7 L fs, KSU-'xomsom RUSTAD I lb H,,g,g,.4 A HARnuN-:Tow IJONNELLY smn-1-.4 S BERTHA E ABBOTT June No doubt some of those overdue shps you recelved from the llbrary were made out by Bertha but dont hold that agamst her as she really was a swell kld She was also qulte act1ve ln G1rl Reserves LOIS J ABBOTT January Tall brown haxred Lols really got thmgs done 1n her qulet way She was always ready to collect our dues as Treasurer of Glrl Reserves and was a loyal supporter of GAA JOHN R ADAMS June The Van Johnson of our class was f,h1S tall dark and needless to say handsome man We got a good look at h1m when he served as Judge of the Student Court and what we saw made us keep on lookmg' Hls volce came to us vla the PA and he kept us ln l1ne as a Trafflc Offlcer Sports held h1s mterest but as for our mterest well the 1n1t1als are J RA ROBERT AITKEN June Remember those enormous pleces counter ln the cafeterxa' They were probably put there by Bob for he worked on the Counter Squad Intramural Basketball was also a favorlte of h1s MARIAN E ALDERSON January Marlan always kept the meetmgs mterestmg as Presldent of her Homeroom and Glrl Reserves and as Chauman of the Class Rank Squad She proudly wore an Ac t1v1t1es Key and a Nat1onal Honor Soclety pm ROBERT C ALEXANDER June Alex surely d1d love to run h1m self ragged He was a member of the Track and Cross Country Teams earnmg a letter 1n Cross Country He also played Intramu ral Basketball JOHN R ALLEN June Jack served as Homeroom Presx dent and comedlan He was on the PA Squad and the Honor Roll Besxdes playmg a great Football game and earnmg two Track Let ters he found tlme to wrlte for the Log and Lantern ENIORS SARA JANE ALLEN June L1ttle Sara was that cute kxd we saw at all the school affalrs She was a member of Ways and Means and Gxrl Reserves and also went ln for GA A sports ID a blg way JUNE ANDERSON June Perhaps you saw this cute llttle mlss plckmg up stray books or taklng numbers 1n the Gxrls Gym Act1v1t1es took up much of her tlme but June was never too busy to be n1ce JOHN C AUGSBURGER January When you thlnk of Football you thmk of Johnny They Just natur ally go together He helped the Mountxes to many vlctorles and kept hls frlends Smlllng wxth hls ever ready w1t WILLIAM R AUSTERMILLER June Really somethlng to cheer about was B111 whom you all saw so football fxeld 'I'h1s handsome fel low also played Intramural Bas ketball and dld a f1ne Job on the Trafflc Squad M ANNE AUTY June Anne had that rare comblnatxon of beauty and bralns whlch IS an asset to any g1rl She was a popu lar member of the G A A and Glrl Reserves and she gave her all to the Attendance Medlcal and Cafe terla Squads ALICE MAY BAILEY June Ahce could play a rhythmlc rhap sody a smooth sonata or solxd swlng whlchever you preferred She kept 1n practxce flngerlng the keys ln the Orchestra for three years and thumbmg through the muslc sectxon while on Llbrary Squad A handy person to have around JOHN BARRY June John went for squad work m a blg way He was Chalrman of the Chemistry Squad and a member of the Usher and Mxlk Squads Very lnterested 1n music he took part rn the Fun Concert and all the Chrlstmas Choruses ' ' l I . . ' A Y - . . Q . , ' 5 5 J Y I . , . ., ' ' - , - , . . . . - .1 of pie that used to appear on the many txmes down there on the . - , . . . . , - y - u sy - - - I I I' , , , . , . . , . Ll 77 , . . . . . Y NINA STONE BARTON June Nrna helped keep the records strarght on the Claw Rank Corn mrttee and on the Attendance Squad She served as Homeroom Secretary and lent her vocal talen to the Chorus Here was a hard worker rn everythrng she set out to do BARBARA JEAN BASSETT June Always on the Job Barbara kept everythrng rn black and whrt as Homeroom Secretary Grvrng the grrls organrzatrons her support she was a member of GAA and Glrl Reserves JOAN BATES Jur-e Joan another redhead often srgn ed out your books for you rn thc lrbrary She was also necessary to the art department as a member of the Arts and Crafts Squad G AA and Grrl Reserves really counted on her too SALLY KATHRYN BATMAN June Caprrcrous Sal made a perfect Crv rlran Defense Messenger because she was always on the go Sally was a member of the Class Rank Squad and Grrl Reserves She played hard rn GAA and gave her all rn the Chorus ELLA KRAMER BAUM June Popular Ella proved her versatrlrty by berng a member of the GAA Councrl Grrl Reserves and Tr1ple Trro iWhat a vorcell She also kept her name on the Honor Roll and won an Actrvrtres Key GEORGINA BAUMBACH June Cute as Chrrstmas and wrth a per sonalrty to match George sarled her way through hrgh school A member of the Band and Devo tronal Squad she wrll be remem bered especrally for her bee u tr ful grrn SUE M BEAL June Brother' Could our Sue ever be forgotten? Thrs cute blond senror was a member of the Devotronal and Attendance Squads a Home room Offrcer and an Honor Roll student She had us all under a spell and her pep alone was worth mrllrons' Need a fr1end" Just call on Sue' GERALD L BEARER June A long llst had Gerry of clarms to fume Track and Hosprtalrtx Squad member Homeroom Presr dent and member of Natronal Honor Socrety were some of hrs achievements Perhaps hrs great est conquests were over the farrer sex to whrch he seemed qurte ob lrxrous BARBARA ANN BECK June Those smooth posters advertrsrng chool events were often the work of talented Barbara A slrghtly ter rrfrc gal she was Grrl Reserve Publrcrty Ch rrrman Homeroom Offrcer and '1 member of the Arm ed Servrce Commrttee and of the Ways and Me rns Squad RODNEY M BECK JR June Thrs handsome lad was a star on the basketball floor and baseball dramond He 'was Homeroom Rep resentitrve a member of Ways and Means Squad 'md an Honor stu dent Ask Ann she knows' BARBARA ANN BELL June The cause of that low meanrngful whrstle was Just the srght of Bar bara but naturally' Endowed wrth brarns as well as beauty she was a member of GAA Chorus Grrl Reserves and the Class Rank Squad Barbara was rndeed an eye ful and one we Wont we cant forget PAUL J BENZ June Paul was a great belrever rn th out of doors lrfe Nothrng satrsfred hrm more than huntrng swrmmrng Football and Track When he was rndoors much of hrs trme was spent rn boxrng and wrestlrng SUZANNE BERNHARD June Suzre gets our vote of thanks for the way she helped type up the Log and Lantern! and for her work on th Honor Award Com mrttee Quret and steady was thrs gal but full of the old pep that won her an Actrvrtres Key Dont worry we won t forget thrs frrend ly senror MELVIN P BICKEL June Red h rr freckles and an rnfectr ous grrn make up Melvln And they really got us Football Homeroom Offrce Honor Roll and Mrlk Squad made up hrs actrvr tres And they really got hrm 'I94 6 S DONALD M BIRCH January A future Bob Crosby Don was a real pro sax player ln our band But that s not all for Don was one of those boys who helped our Cross Country Team w1n 1ts cham plonshlp Our Spoofy also won some laurels for hlmself m the Class Play LLOYD JOAN BORLAND June The only t1me you could fmd Pork frownmg was before a test Then she was worr1ed Thls mlss served on the Ways and Means and Decoratmg Squads GAA G1rl Reserves and the Lantern Staff MARK BORLAND June Step rxght up and meet an all around athlete' Good looklng Zeke was on the Football Baseball and Basketball Teams He also helped dlrect Traffxc and was a member of H1 Y WILLIAM A BOSTROM June Every tlme we glanced at the Hon or Roll we notlced Bulls name- and why not'7 For B111 was a hard worker when lt came to studxes Thls lad managed to work hxs way to a Homeroom Offxce too LOUISE BOWLAND June Holder of the two year Chorus Letter LOUISE could usually be found ln Mlss Moores Qu1et Please room where she worked on the Llbrary Squad She was also a member of the Gxrl Reserves and an Honor student ELISABETH HAYES BRAKER June Wlth a warm hello and a smlle Ellsabeth could cheer up the most dlscouraged person She wended her way through Mt Lebo Hxgh as a member of Lxbrary Medxcal Arts and Crafts and T r a f f 1 c Squads G A A and G1rl Reserves ANN LOUISE BRANNEN June Ann was that attractlve brunette that wouldnt spare the Rod She was a member of GAA and G1rl Reserves Ann worked ln the ac t1v1t1es off1ce and sold you hot dogs and candy at the football games ENIORS NANCY RUTH BRILL J une Shes our cute dark halred mayor ette who was known by everyone Th1s l1ttle gal could strut her stuff Nan was kept pretty busy with her actlvltles 1n Glrl Reserves and G A A MARTHA ANN BROWN June The flrst thlng you were llkely to see as you entered the llbrary was a head of lovely auburn ha1r that belonged to Martha Besxdes the L1brary Squad thls aCtlV8 llttle redhead was on the Medlcal Squad GAA G1rl Reserves and Lan tern WILMA JEAN BROWN June As Secretary of her Homeroom Wxlmas blggest problem was try mg to convlnce the men of the class that slttmg on the1r laps was not one of her dutxes Thls lass served on the Lxbrary and Cafete r1a Squads and was Clrculatlon Manager of the Log VIOLET HELEN BRUNS June Vlolet was so llke her name-qulet sweet and everybodys favorlte No shrmkmg vxolet however as anyone 1n G1rl Reserves and GA A could have told you BETTY BUNJEVAC June Thxs pet1te mlss was a loyal mem ber of Beta G1rl Reserves servmg on the Soclal Commlttee Betty earned a MaJor Sports Letter m GAA As a member of the Med 1cal Squad she flxed up your cuts and b1UlSeS and was a super su pervxsor on the Attendance Squad NANCY DEAVES BURCH June Nancys motto Hard Work for Good Grades rated her the High est Honor Roll conslstently She helped us m the lxbrary and took our numbers 1n gym class She was also very enthuslastlc about GAA and G1rl Reserves WILLIAM R BYERS June Moose as he was affectlonately called was really a swell guy as well as a very good sport He cer tamly enJoyed a yoke even though he was frequently the butt of It H15 favorlte sport was basketball m whlch he was a great help to h1s Intramural Team NANCY JAYNE CALDWELL June Thls neat l1ttle package mxght have had that dangerous look ln her eye but she was one explosive we hked to cuddle up to Although she tore madly hlther and yon she managed to take txme to serve on the Cafeteria Llbrary and Medl cal Squads and to rate the Honor Ro HAZEL S CAMPBELL June Varxed act1v1t1es kept Hazel on the run Besides wr1t1ng for the Log and Lantern and loyally support 1ng Gxrl Reserves and GAA she mlght have been found rn the Gym L1brary or Medical Offlce workmg for those squads Hazel lent a cheerful note to any group she was a part of RUTH CAMPBELL June Known by her beautxful auburn ha1r Ruth was an Offlcer of Glrl Reserves and Homeroom a mem ber of the Log Staff Gym Squad and A Capella She was also an attractlve Judge of the Student Court GAIL CARGO June When Gall wasnt checklng books and puttlng them away 1n the 11 brary she was attendmg a G1rl Reserve Meetmg Could be you ve seen her name on the Honor Roll oo JANE CARPENTER June Although she mlssed the f1rst few weeks of school recovermg from hay fever Jane caught up to us xn a b1g rusl- bemg an erstwhlle member of the Armed Servlce Commxttee and L1brary Squad FREDERICK W CASSELL June Fred really stepped out when 1t came to actxv1t1es He was an Hon or Roll man a Homeroom V1ce President a Trafflc Off1cer and a real threat as an Intramural Bas ketball player Wed rather not mentlon how he worked on that c1nder path to earn a Track Man agers Letter PHILOMENA CASTE January A really great gal our lxvely Phll was always on the go Not only could she always be counted on for GAA and Glrl Reserves but she was one of the mamstays of the Ways and Means and Attend ance Squads WILLIAM A CHALLENER III June Bxll vull be remembered for hls work m lunch l1ne as a member of the Traffic Squad A Track man Chemlstry Squad and Band were some of his numerous 3CtlV1 txes He xlso earned his Act1v1 tres Key JEAN ELIZABETH CHURCHILL June Remember that busy kxd who al ways made the Honor Roll? Jean was a fme f1ddler 1n the Orchestra and a Homeroom Offlcer She was an asset to any GAA team wlth which she played after school THOMAS P CIRANNI June Tom was one swell fellow that seemed to l1ke to dlrect people He was on the Trafflc and Usher Squads rn addxtxon to belng checker on the Cafeterxa Attend ance Squad JEAN H CLARK June Jeanle with the llght brown ha1r was a member of GAA and Gxrl Reserves and worked on the Gym and Arts and Crafts Squads Her name was usually on the Honor Roll too PHYLLIS L CLARK January If you want to spl1t your sxdes Just look Phyll up ln your spare tlme Maybe youll f1nd her be hmd the desk ln the llbrary Then agam you mlght fmd her at Grrl Reserves or playxng 1n GAA sports MARGARET M CLEMENT June Peg was often seen dashmg madly from one actlvlty to another And small wonder' Her 11st of act1v1t1es 1ncluded Class Rank Commlttee Library Squad GAA and Glrl Reserves So she recelved an Ac tlVlll8S Key of course ROBERTA JOANNE CLINE June Cute and wxse was blond Bobble wxth the shlmng blue eyes Though the ldeal dream g1rl she spurned male attentlons 1n favor of hex DFIZE wmnmg collle Roberta w1ll be remembered as Secretary f her Homeroom and as everyones pa 1946 ROGER M CLITES June Wlth a fla1r for debatlng Roger really scored for those wltty re marks he was cont1nually crackmg had us m strtches Hls spec1al 1n terest was rad1o Whlle baseball ran a close second The Honor Roll c1a1med th1s tall l1vely whxz and fun Just followed IH hlS path DAVID COATE June One of the n1cest kldS of h1s class Dave d1d a sol1d Job as Log Ed1tor 1n Ch1ef The records also show that he was a Homeroom PYCSI dent Bes1des th1s he partlclpated 1n Track and Cros Country and recelved an Act1v1t1es Key RUTH MARIE COLE June Wh1le Mt Lebo was gomg all out for the war effort you probably saw Ruth1e scu1ry1ng around town as a busy C1v1l1an Defense Messen ger Tall and blond she won many frxends w1th her sweet d1spos1t1on DAVID C CONRAD June Noth1ng seemed to faze Dave as he rolled through school Although he kept th1ngs 1n order on the Traff1c Squad and was Homeroom Presldent he st1ll had tlme for Football Intramural Basketball and H1 Y COLLEEN ANN CONREY January Colleen was the lass who had us all slnglng When Ir1sh Eyes Are Smlllng Thls Homeroom Offlcer and G1rl Reserve Comm1ttee Cha1r man d1splayed her talents 1n Cho rus and GAA JACK W COTTON June Jack our sc1ent1f1c genxus tower ed over us ln mtellectual knowl edge He went even farther 1n the tower1ng bus1ness for h1s hobby was fly1ng and we do mean a1r planes He served as an Usher and played Intramural Basketball He was tall dark and well Just take a gander at Jack Cotton' CONSTANCE ANNE COUGHLIN June ThlS Irlsh las w1th the lovelJ black ha1r and blue eyes wants to be an an' hostess Connxe should be qu1te a success for shes man aged to keep a good many Mt Lebo lads up 1n the 311' 36 THOMAS COUNIHAN June Qulet Tom was well l1ked by all who knew h1m He w1ll be re membered for h1s determ1nat1on to make the Honor Roll and we were all glad to see that he d1d WILLIAM E COVENEY June B111 worked hard for h1s Qu1ll and Scroll p1n on the Lantem as fea ture edltor and on the Log as class edltor Th1s pubhcatmns hound was well l1ked for h1s own type of humor WALTER HAYNES CRAMER JR June Deacon IS one k1d whose n1ck name doesnt match h1s personal1 ty even though he was chaplaln of the H1 Y He knew hlS way around 1n the Band and 1n sports and was Secretary of the Tra1l blazers WILLIAM H CRITSER JR January B Squad Football Band Traff1c Squad H1 Y Homeroom Offlce and Class Play what does th1s all add up to" Just a wee port1on of th1s fellows HCt1Vlt1eS I calculate well all remember busy B111 FRANK WALLACE CROSSLAND Jun Not only was th1s lad a basketball star but he was the hearthrob of h1s classes All the glrls were en VIOUS of hlS curly ha1r and that smlle was enough to make anyone s1t up and take notlce WILL ROY CROWTHERS June What a Job chasmg lost baseballs' But thats the l1fe of a Baseball Manager ask B111 Play1ng Intra mural Basketball kept h1m shape and he also worked on the Scenery Squad BE'I'I'Y JEAN CULLEY June Calling all typlstsl Call1ng all typlsts' Here comes Betty Jean Lantern typlst de luxe Th1s l1ttle gal was also a member of GAA and of the Gym and L1brary Squads SENIORS 1 , , . . 1 1 1 , . . . . . , - - . . H . . ,, , . l . H ,, . . . - , . . 1 . . 5 . v - 1 . ' . , . 1 1 I . ' 1 ' 1 1 ' ' ' . , . . . 7 . , . 1 1 , E . . U . . 1 . . ,, . . . . - 1 Y 7 - . 1 . . ' ' . ' . v - ' -. - . H. In I 11 1 1 1 - 1 . . . v H , , . ' ' vv . . ' v 1 y ' 7 - . n . WILLIAM DEAN CURTIN June Thxs boy Wllh the deep laugh and the cheerful d1spos1t1on went through school wlthout a care ln the world the keeps tellmg usw B111 played Varslty Football won the Boxmg Champlonshlp two years and helped h1s Intramural Basketball Team wm the champ lonshlp ln h1s Jumor year BARBARA BROOKS CUTLER January Barbara IS one glrl who can reallx play the pxano But really' Sh accompanied the Chorus and play ed ln the Band and Orchestra too She spent a lot of tlme after school earning her Actlvltles Key and GAA emblem MARJORIE KAREN DAVIA June Popular Margle a real strawber1y blonde was always 1n demand around school Although she ratec. an Act1v1t1es Key for her many hours of servlce as a Homeroom Presldent member of the Armed Servlce Commxttee and member of Arts and Crafts she never had any trouble makmg the Hlgh Honor Roll JOHN K DAVIS June Always seen w1th a smlle on h1s face Jack was 3CtlV8 when H1 Y basketball season rolled around Qulck wltted and always ready w1th a Joke was thls popular boy of 12A 10 MARGUERITE ANNA DAVIS January A mlghty attractlve gal thats Peggy' Dldnt you meet her work mg on the Mllk Squad' Or maybe you saw her takmv charge of her Homeroom meetmgs In the gym she was plenty all rxght earnmg her Major Sports Letter GERALD de LAVAL June Blg rangy Dlp really got around ln the world of sports by playxng on the Football Basketball and Track Teams besldes th1s threw a hard rxght 1n the Boxmg Toumaments SUSAN DeLONG June Cute and popular really de scrnbe th1s llttle gal' Susy was one of the g1rls that punched youx mllk card ln the lunch lme Fa mous for her naturally curly ha1r she was active ln GAA and Girl Reserves 'I946 ANN MONROE DENIGAN June Thxs lnttle gal Wllh her bundle of charms was a swell MaJorette las the boys ln the band w1ll tell your Ann was on the Attendance Art and Crafts and Gym Squads anl was a Homeroom Offxcer DONALD T DISQUE June When anyone took plctures of the Rnfle Squad you d always see Don among the stars As Vxce Preslden of h1s Homeroom he could ull m wherever he was needed This In tramural Basketball player w ns al ways on the Honor Roll DOROTHY A DOERSCH June Brown headed Dorothy was one of the gals always 1v1ng out w1th the rlght answers at the Informatlon Desk The Llbrary Squad helped her w1n po1nts and spread that happy smlle even further Qulet but terrlflc was th1s semor ahas Dorothy Doersch' ELIZABETH DOERSCH June Puttlng her vocal chords to good use Betty spent three years ln the When she wasnt smgmg she spent much of her spare tlme 1n GAA HAROLD E DONLEY J une No one ever antagomzed Dearl Eye Donley because he was on the Rlfle Team Basketball was also h1s style-could be that he had a sharp eye for a target and a basket JOSEPH R DON NELLY June When you th1nk of fun J R s the word Th1s l1vely lad a comedlan at heart earned a Football Letter was on the Intramural Basketball Champlonshlp Te a m was the school Wresthng Champ 1n h1s Ju mor year and was a two year L t terman ln Track J R also served as Homeroom Presxdent and play ed ln the Orchestra MARGARET M DONOGHUE June Take a dash of Gym Squad a ta blespoon of Llbrary Squad one cup of Mayor Sports Letter and one half cup of Gxrl Reserves So cxal Servlce Commxttee Chalrman youll get a tasty dlsh Peggy 3 . . . ' , s ' '- . ' ' 1 . 5 . .. , R , - ' G6 . . X M , . - . U - . Q . 7 . . I .. . . . . 1 I - ' Chorus and was m the Operetta. . . -1 ' U - ., 3 - . ' CL ' 'Y r . l l . U 4 ' '- he . ' . . . . D - N .. ,, .. - . 49Qt GEORGE CHARLES DORMAN June Helpful George was always ready with some good advice. Consist- ently on the Honor Roll. George also followed his pursuits in Track and Cross Country for two years. His "in-school" activities included Traffic and Band. PAUL RICHARD DORN June Basketball was the thing' with Dick and rumor had it that he was pretty good He had the habit of putting people in good moods as many of them could tell you PAUL JAMES DUDT June Heres a very friendly person many of us found out He was in terested in chorus work and pal ticipated in several school mus1 cals Besides this he was an Ush er for our assemblies HERMAN DUEMLING June From rags to riches was Ham Virtually unknown when he first came here in eleventh grade he oon rose to be one of our most popular kids We all know by sight his suave Buick affectionately cal led Hermans Harem NETTIE F DULING June Netties hobby was driving and we still have visions of her shooting past us the car packed with kids As a member of the Library Squad this brown halred cutie stamped our books but at the same time we got a chance to find out Just what a pal she was JAMES C DUNBAR JR June You could pick him out in any crowd for Jim was noted for his neatness and good looks His fa vorite sport was basketball but he always did his share of cheering at football games and track meets JOHN P ECKENRODE January Are you looking for a hero girls? Here he is' Athletically inclined Jack spent much of his time par ticipatmg in Football Track and Intramural Basketball Being a outdoor man he spent his holidays hunting MILDRED EGGE June Here's to beauty and brains! Mil- dred was one of the most likable and talented girls in the class. A wonderful artist. she was on the Poster Squad and the Log Art Staff. Other activities were G.A.A., Information Squad, and Honor Roll. MARY ALVERDA EICHENLAUB June Never one to let grass grow under her feet Ike' was a member in good standing of Chorus the Med ical Squad GAA and Girl Re serves She also eamed a three year letter in Band WILLIAM W EICHENLAUB June Although he hasnt yet won the Nobel Prize in science Eich has been working on the Chemistry Squad for two years There is no danger of his becoming a recluse though for he really gets around PAULA J ELDRIDGE June Ways and Means GAA and Highest Honor Roll kept Paula busy at Mt Lebo Before coming here she was very active at her high school in Kansas where she received National Honor ANNE ELLIS January We re really proud of this friendly gal A National Honor Society member Anne was always willing to do more than her share As Homeroom President Class Play Committee Chairman and GAA member she was right there on 013 WILFRED ERENRICH Ju we Wee is one of those people you Just couldnt help liking because of his friendly manner He was a great supporting factor to his Homeroom Intramural Basketball Team DAVID M ESCH June Often seen driving around in an amazing 1924 Jordan Daves inter ests were mechanical and aerial for he also took flying lessons Smiling and likable he worked on the Lost and Found Squad SENIORS I MARGOT KAYE ESTEP January Margots name was always on the Honor Roll She was a wow as a member of Attendance Squad and she sported an Actxvltles Ke y and a GAA emblem too No grass grew under her feet' LOIS JEAN EVANS January Lois really took her muslc serlous ly She sang w1th the Chorus ln the Sprlng Festlval and m the Chrxstmas Program Is It any won der with that mterest and talent that she recelved a Mmor Musxc Letter? CHARLES F FEATHER June That West Vlrgxnla drawl was mu s1c to our ears when It came from Chuck Blue eyes and blond haxr were only part of the spell he wove He gave a helplng hand to the ProJect1on Squad and played Intramural Basketball MILDRED FEDOROWSKI June Some people are Just naturally good natured and M1ll1e was one of these There was one tlme bother her that was 1n homeroom perlods when she was do1ng her shorthand homework RICHARD FEENEY June Dlck IS another new member of our class and we re very glad to have hlm He has been 1n the Chorus for some tlme Hls pleas ant manner IS so 0 o mce THERESA M FERRARO June Wow' What gorgeous halr' Terry was a pro home ec student and a member of GAA She worked on Cafeterxa and Informatlon Squads In the medlcal offlce Terry could flx up anythmg even a broken heart CHARLES W FERREE June Smooth dark halred Chuck was very much lnterested ln sclence and was a member of the Chemls try Squad Maybe thls helped hxm make the Honor Roll He was a member of the Football and Intra mural Basketball Teams and Vxce Presldent of his Homeroom 946 LORRAINE C FISHER June Ramy as everyone knew her was noted for her terrlffxc smlle 'I'h1s Homeroom Secretary made a mighty cute Cheerleader and was a hard workmg member of Glrl Reserves Lantern Attendance and Medlcal Squads SARA FITZGERALD Tune Although pretty Sara spurned masculme attentxon she was known all through school for her frlendlmes and lnterest ln her many frlends Her aCt1V1t1ES 1n cluded Trafflc Bulletm Board Squad Gym Squad and GAA GERARD P FLEISCHUT June Jerry nught have had Flash as h1s mckname because of h1s great Cross Country record He played a hot clarlnet m the Band and wlelded a mean hockey stlck ln Intramural Sports He was qulte good at Wrestllng too NANCY JANE FODELL June Boo Butch Ctake your cholcel was the possessor of one of the top personalmes ln school she was a member of the GAA Glrl Reserves and Ways and Means VIRGINIA M FOX June. V1rg1n1aS cheerfulness even dur mg the hectxc test days kept her a member 1D good standlng of 12 A 6 Hard workmg and actlve she was a member of the G1rl Reserves and she worked on the Medlcal Cafeterxa and M1lk Squads ELIZABETH ALDEN FRANK January Popular? Good l00kll'1g9 Great Per sonal1ty" Lots of act1v1t1es" You must mean Betsy' She wears an Act1v1t1es Key a Natlonal Honor Soclety Pm and a GAA Letter We heard her when the Trlple Trlo performed and saw her work mg In the Actlvxtxes OfflC6 as Chalrman of the Honor Award Committee DAVID FRODEY June Daves fast talkmg got h1m on the Hlghest Honor Roll and the Pub llc Address Committee Thls plus Intramural Basketball kept hun 1n the hmelxght where we re w1ll mg to bet hell stay Dave will make a bee lxne toward succes . - l , , . . . - . U ,, . as 19 ' ' . ' 44 vv or an as , however, when it was best not to Well liked by both boys and girls, 9 . . ., , . . . 5 .- , , ' . . ' - . ' v - - , . y , . . . - l . ' , . . . . , . Y - . . . . . l , . JOSEPH B FULLER June What w1ll we do wlthout Joe to flll up the ranks of our Football Boxmg Wrestlmg and Track Squads not to mentlon Chorus and Mxlk Squad? Oh well too bad he doesnt have a brother"' EMMA MARGARET GABER Jure Now theres a glrl wxth a lxvely twmkle m her eye' Emma had plenty of pep and used xt to good advantage ln GAA Her favorxtes were Volleyball Softball and Bas ketball EARL D GARVER June You cant say Dlck dldnt get his share of sports He played A and B Squad Basketball Varslty Baseball and was a Football Man ager Dlck belonged to the Usher Squad and H1 Y REBA GARVEY June Thls Honor Roll gal was very act we durxng her lugh school days as her Actlvxtxes Key wlll prove You could always see Rebas pleasant smlle as she worked on the Log and Lantern She was also a member of the Band for three years PATRICIA ANNE GAW Jur-e Pat loved to dance and what a pro she was' Homeroom Representa t1ve Cheerleader Ways and Means G1rl Reserves GA A and Medlcal Squad kept her steppmg but these dldnt keep her from attendmg all the school affalrs GENE E GEIGER June Surely everyone remembers that super Usher Squad one of whose most promlnent members was Ge ne He probably showed you to your seat loads of txmes He was on the Honor Roll and Secretary of hrs Homeroom as well as bemg one swell guy ELMER J GEINZER June Handsome Bud really slayed us wxth h1s hot trumpet solos Al though a l1tt1e rusty at his short hand he was Secretary of h1s Homeroom for two semesters SENIORS ERNEST B GENSHEIMER June Bud had a long 11st of frlends and we know why he kept them laughlng all the tlme Track was hx sport He was Homeroom Offx cer and held a posltlon on the Trafflc Squad ELEANOR GLENN January Th1S blonde cutle efflclent always busy served as Chalrman of the Attendance Squad G1rl Reserves and G A A were lucky to snag thls smlllng member WILLIAM B GLENN June 'That glorxous wave ln B1lls ha1r had the gals fascmated He really went out for muslc m a blg way what w1th the Band and Orchestra and those hot l1cks he got 1n really heated the place up He also was a member of Traff1c Squad and a Homeroom Offlcer J EANNE A GODDEN June Jeannes v1m vlgor and vltalxty would never let her sxt st1ll even for a moment Thanks to these three Vs she boasted G1rl Re serves GAA Mxlk Squad and Ways and Means MARY GOE'I'I'EL January Hardworkmg pleasant Mary could be found almost any tlme workmg on the Llbrary Squad She proved tops as an Alde for the Senlor Tea R FREDERICK GOETZ June Be happy be gay keep smllmg' Th1S was Freds phllosophy H kept the volce of Mt Lebanon loud and clear by h1s work on the PA Squad ELAINE GOLLMAR June What was that breeze that Just passed? It must have been Elalne on her way to the Llbrary or per haps to Orchestra practlce This Honor Roll student was also a member of G1rl Reserves JOAN E GOOD June Heres a gal wxth a real w1t that was sure to cheer you up 1f you felt depressed Glrl Reserves and Medxcal and Lost and Found Squads kept her quxte busy Dzd she w1n her ACIIVIIIES Key" Natch' JOHN H GRAVES June No t1me was wasted by Johnny 1n hls years at Mt Lebo as you w1ll notlce by the lxst of varxed actxvx t1es he sported He was a Basket ball Manager Homeroom Presl dent and a Band member not to mentlon the posltlon he mamtaln ed on the Honor Roll J OAN NE ADELE GRAY January Joanne really made a h1t as one of our cute Drum Majorettes Wow' She was rlght on the beam as the Secretary Treasurer of the Executxve Board and was one of those hard hearted Judges of the Student Court She was an owner of a coveted ACIIVIIIBS Key BARBARA GRIFFITH June Tall and attractlve Barbara was well llked m her homeroom and ln school but durlng test tlme her head was burled deeply 1n books and she seldom came up for a1r When she did she took an actlve part 1n GAA and G1rl Reserves GEORGE L GRIFFITHS June H1d1ddle dlddle George and h1s flddle kept the Orchestra company for three years Ut1l1z1ng all hrs tlme he devoted 1nterm1ss1ons to helping on the Stage Scenery Squad BARBARA JANE GRIMM June Th1s fun lov1ng semor was a mem ber of the Medlcal Squad and De votlonal Commlttee wlnner of a Mlnor Music Letter and an Honor Roll student Rusty s pepsodent smlle had us all dazzled and as for her famous red ha1r well green ISHI the natural color of our com plexlons' JOSEPH W GROELL June Sports came flrst wlth Joe h played Football and Intramura Basketball He spent h1s spare time collectmg the recordmgs of popular Jazz muslcxans Few people knew Joe was an artlst but he was and good too' JEAN GUENTHER January Sweet as the candy she sold at football games Jean caught oul eye on the Attendance Squad G AA and Gnrl Reserves couldnt have got along wlthout her LAWRENCE GUILD June Larry sure cut a path wlth the Trallblazersl He was a member of the Intramural Basketball Cham pxonshxp Team ln h1s Junior year and also Homeroom Vice Presx dent ROBERT H GULLEY June A sportsman lf there ever was one Bob belonged to the Cross Country Squad and played Intramural Bas ketball He says that hls hobby lS g1rls We know dont we' JOHN B HALLAM June If youd l1ke to meet a boy w1th plenty of humor Just look p Johnny As Presxdent of hrs Home room a Football player and an In tramural Basketball star he had plenty on the ball F JANE HARBISON June Jane was another of our artlsts Practxcally all of you are mdebted to her as she was the glrl who handed out hot dogs at the park on the Fourth of July Remember? DONNA M HARMON June Tmy Donna was one of our neat Drum MaJorettes who even earn ed a Special Servxce Medal for her hard work Somewhat favormg the femmme slde she went out for G1rls Chorus Glrl Reserves and GAA RONALD FORSYTHE HARPER June Ronald told us the events of the day via PA showed us movxes led the Band as Chlef Color Guard and sang to us wlth the Chorus You mlght talk hlm into takmg you for an airplane rlde ln spare moments' 'I94 6 THOMAS I-IARRINGTON June Athletic Tom set many a Lebo las sles heart a flutter He played Val-slty Football being Co captam in his senior year This popular Homeroom President was a real threat to his opponents when play mg Intramural Basketball WAYNE S HARRISON June As Vice President of his Home room Wayne really knew all the answers This good lookmg guy really outdid himself in Chorus and he certainly had what it takes for he divided his spare time among the Usher Squad Cross Country and Intramural Basket ba FRANK B HARTMAN June As a Homeroom Officer he was tops and incidentally thats where you could usually find his name on the Honor Roll Youd never guess what his mam interest was wrestling Nothing like a little brawn to glve a neat balance BARBARA JEAN HASTINGS January As a member of the Medical and Devotional Squads Barbara could fix you up physically mentally or both She showed us that she knew her stuff as a Homeroom Officer and as Program Chairman for the Senior Tea MARJORIE RUTH HATHAWAY June Just name any activity and Margie has probably been in it Art seem ed to be her mam interest and oh' those portraits' Her sparkling wit and friendly manner made this lit tle gal mighty popular PAUL HAUS June The strong silent type thats Paul From one sport right into the oth er first he played A Squad Football and then Intramural Bas ketball Filling the office of Home room Vlce President was no easy task either JAMES B HECHT June Jim might be referred to as the "sentimental gentleman of swing," and rightly so, for he played a mighty sweet trombone for the Band and Orchestra. He was prom- inent in other fields as a Basket- ball Manager, Homeroom Officer, and Log Staff member. SENIORS ,Z PATRICIA ANNE HEIL June Pat kept slightly busy with Hospi talxty Information GAA and pardon me while I take a deep breath Girl Reserves Honor Roll and Homeroom Officer What V1 talityl PATRICIA H HEISLEY June Patty really went to tovm at Girl Reserves and GAA all three years She might have been seen washing boards and singing Wednesday Morning Chorus too SHIRLEY HEPLINE June Sweet Helpful Interesting Really nice Likable Energetic Young that spells Shirley And was she happy when her sailor came home' She also spent a lot of time writ mg letters and reading DONALD LEE HERGET June This sports fan served on the Cafe teria Squad and was Chairman of it for one year He was also a member of the Usher Squad and loved to toot his comet in the Band ELIZABETH A HERREID June Well liked Betty was really a busy girl Besides being regularly on the Honor Roll she was Program Chairman of the Girl Reserves and a member of GAA Arts and Crafts Lost and Found and Medi cal Squads MARJORIE ANN HILLIARD June Margie was quite a songbird as was proven in her Chorus work and Girl Reserve activities It was as easy to look at her as it was to listen to her LOIS D HOBBS June Dashing madly up the halls to ac- complish all the duties involved in being Secretary of Girl Reserves, Manager of G.A.A. Minor Sports, and Chairman of the Gym Squad would be competent, lively Lois. Always on the go, she rated the Honor Roll and boasted an Activi- ties Key. BESSIE HOFF June Sports really topped Bessres 11st All the school teams owe her a vote of thanks for she was one of thelr staunchest supporters Some of her favorltes were football bas ketball and baseball JOHN E HOFSOOS June Always ready wxth a QUICK come back John was the klnd of guy you lxked to krd wxth In between Jokes he served on the Usher Squad and rn the Chrlstmas Choxr BARBARA ANNE HOLDER January D1d you recogmze that smooth dancer 1n the Fun Concert and the Senlor Tea Program" Well that was Barbara a really hep httle lass Qulte the execut1ve she was a Homeroom Offlcer and Glrl Re serve Commlttee Chalrman GEORGE HORNEY June Although he came to Mt Lebo at the begmnmg of hxs semor year he really proved hrs merlt Thus as was shown by h1s work on the Lantern Staff GEORGE S HORSFORD JR June George was that good natured per sonallty of Room 210 He worked on Mxlk and Traffrc Squads at school and hked to spend every spare moment huntlng or flyxng HENRY HOWARD June Henrys lnterest rn mus1c knew no bounds' Although he excelled ln harmony hrs other subJects were always kept above par and his name was never off the Honor Roll JOAN V HOWARD June What got us about Joan was the way she lnterally waved those eye lashes of hers She was a member of the Attendance and Traffic Squads and an Honor Roll student Awfully talented Kdressmakmg was her hobbyl and awfully pretty iwe all have eyes and ln thls case we all used them'7 thats Joanll CHARLES I-IUDAK January Do you need a dog tramed or one of your prrze huntxng trophies mounted" If so see Charles H enJoyed huntlng and flshlng too so he was well qualrfxed for the realrzatlon of h1s ambxtlon to be come a forester MARTHA L HUDAK June Martha s the gal who knew all the answers and gave them wrth a smlle whether lt was on or off duty at the Informatxon Desk Those answers werent exactly hard to take elther DOROTHY HUFFORD June Sugar and splce everything nxce thats what Dorothys made of A newcomer to our Alma Mater rn her Jumor year she was hked by all who knew her By the way dld you know she cuts a mean rug as a dancer? RICHARD N HUHN June Youve seen hlm on the second floor beggrng people not to go to thelr lockers He has a way w1th everyone that has made hlm one of our best Thls suave lad also played Varslty Basketball LOIS JEAN IRWIN June What was httle Jean made of? Glrl Reserves GAA Soclal Service Committee and everythxng n1ce Thats what httle Jean was made o JANE BUCKLEY JACKSON January Janle really did all right for her self Not only d1d she receive her Act1v1t1es Key and Natxonal Honor Soclety pm but she also got a G AA emblem Is that all'l No slr' She was a hardworkmg member of the Honor Award Commxttee and a Student Court Judge MARY SUSAN JACKSON June G1rl Reserves Ways and Means Lost and Found Gym Squads and Presxdent of GAA Councll We could go on forever smgmg the pralses of sweet Sue for there was Just no stoppmg when thls lass got started But that lsnt all she also got her Act1v1t1es Key 'I946 l . . . e . , . . . . . y - . Y ' I . . , . . . . v . . - . , , . . . I , , . ' . ' sa late start was no handlcap for Bud. U I ' l . s - - -1 ' I ' ' , f! . . . . , . . . , . ' y - , SHIRLEY M JACKSON January Th1s member of the Medlcal Squad could sympathwe with you and your aches and pams Shlrley be longed to Arts and Crafts Squad too and her dancmg offered com petltxon for the pros RUTH ANNE JACOB June Three cheers for a hard worker and a real bram' Th1s Honor Roll student was elected to the Natlonal Honor Soclety 1n eleventh grade N1ce golng' Furthermore she serx ed as Homeroom Secretary ard was a member of the Band and GAA DONALD ROBERT JAMESON January What' The PA s out of order" Qulck call Don' He ll know what to do He sure looked suave m that C1Vll Axr Patrol unlform' Its surprlsmg but he stlll found txme to be a valuable asset to our Band VIRGINIA E J AN CIAR June Hundreds of serv1cemen are lr debted to Gmny Chaxrman of Th1s pretty semor also served on Ways and Means and Lost and Found and was Presldent of the G1rl Reserves for a semester SHIRLEY JEAN JEFFERY June At football games you saw her sellmg candy w1th her wlnnlng smrle and gay way Th1s pert Ways and Means member was m G A A and G1rl Reserves for thre l 0 n g years VIRGINIA RUTH JUERGENS January If your eyes were open and you thought you were seemg a dream It could have been V1rg1n1a Full of sparkle and pep she really kept golng w1th GAA and G1rl Re erves She also worked on the Senior Tea Program Commlttee PATRICIA. A KALBACK June Short blonde and cute-there was not much 1n whlch Pat was lack 1ng fexcept 1n helghtb Her actlv IIIGS conslsted of Chorus GAA G1rl Reserves and Med1ca1 Squad 44 CORINNE KAYSER January Conme was never too busy to be there when the G1rl Reserves got together She really knocked her self out m the gym and was ont of the glrls who worked so hard to make the Semor Tea a success ETHEL MAE KERN June Smllmg Ethel Mae won her Actxv IIISS Key wlth points to spare A member of the Lxbrary Gym and Class Rank Squads a Musrc Man ager and w1nner of a MaJor Sports Letter she w1ll be remembered as one of the best SHIRLEY ANN KERR January We ll always remember those love ly daxk eyes Th1s versatlle lass graced the Medlcal and Informa tlon Squads and was a loyal G1rl Reserve We th1nk Shlrley fllled the bxll rlght well VIRGINIA H KING January Telev1s1on would have been all rlght wlth Glnny as our Newscast was a member of GAA and G1rl Reserves and served on the Class Rank Squad We ll remember Gln ny and her flalr for the dramatxc NORMAN KIRSOPP January Although he enllsted 1n the Navy when he was half way through h1s semor year Norm made the most of h1s tlme at Mt L as was shown by hxs partlclpatlon on the Cafeterla Squad Trafflc Squad Football and Track Teams We mlssed Norm a lot on the football fleld MARYLEE KLINGINSMITH June Our blond bombshell surely strut ted her stuff as a MaJorette She really tr1lled a mean scale ln Cho rus Marylee belonged to G1rl Re serves and GAA too JOHN RICHARD KOUNTZ June Th1s great admmlstrator and lady klller was Presldent of the H1 Y and of hrs Homeroom Johnny was a member of the Pubhclty Commlttee too but really earned h1s laurels as a Track and Cross Country Letterman Remember? SENIORS A ' LL 1 . H . ., ' . , , . , - 1 . ' ' . , . ' . ' ll ' 79 ' A- - D . - I . . the Armed Servlce Committee. ef and Triple THU member- She . Y ' . A . , y - S ' . . ., . . . . U - . ,, , . 3 1 - , - - , , 'I DAVID W KRAEMER June Well lxked Doc was a Track Let terman Captaln of the Crow Coun try Squad and a two year Home room Officer This Honor Roll student earned an Actlvltles Key by servlng on the Trafflc and Printing Squads and on his Intra mural Basketball Team PHYLLIS KRAFT June Well remember Phylhs for the grand Job she d1d as News Edltor of the Lantem She also worked hard on the Log Staff aptly show mg her Journallstxc abxlxty Class Rank Arts and Crafts and Gym Squads and GAA kept her golng all the txme Small wonder' LAVERNE S KU'I'I'LER June It IS easy to see why Vern was so well llked Besldes belng a swell looker and havmg a smooth personal1ty she could dance w1th the best JANET EVELYN LADERER June So you llked the decoratxons for the dances well thank Janet for that dandy Job Thls attractive se mor worked hard for Ways and Means Squad and G1rl Reserves oo THOMAS LAIRD Jurt. Tom worked hard 1n school and spent just about all his extra tlme w1th sports The whole year round he was absorbed by h1s faxorntes baseball football and hockey ALVIN S LANG June Remember how he used to blush? Quiet bashful Al spent part of hls txme bemg Secretary of hrs Home room but playlng 1n the Band and on the Hockey Team w s xearey ms heart MARY LARDAS June Heres a swell g1rl who was mter ested ln sports Swlmmmg and tennls seemed to come flrst Mary was a member of GA A and m ny actlvxtxes perlods found her ln the Home Nursmg Class 946 BRUCE A LENTZ June H H T T R H H T T R Hx Y Honor Roll member Track Manager Traffic and Rlfle Squad mean one swell knd And we do mean you Bruce' ELIZABETH LICHTENTHALER Ju e We can stlll see Betsy peddllng hot dogs at the football games and stampmg those books ln the L1 brary We ll never forget her laugh 1n fact Just thlnklng of lt makes us gxggle' She was a swell kld a great senlor and a rell frlend WILFRED R LITTLE January Really rn the groove Wlll was star Football and Track man H helped plan our dances as a mem ber of the Soclal Commlttee and we bet you dldnt know he wa one of the darkles 1n the SCHIO Tea Program LORRAINE LOGAN June Peppy red haxred Lorrame really knew her cheers and why not Wasnt she one of our favorlt Cheerleaders? She not only stretched her vocal chords on those cheers but also ln Chorus Lorraine was a member of GAA and G1rl Reserves too MARILYN JEAN LOPEZ January Marllyn was one of our flVOI'lI LXECUIIVS cuties She was G1rl Re serve Secretary and almost a pel manent flxture as a Homeroom Officer Of course she had he Act1v1t1es Key GRETCHEN ANN LORENTZ January Peppy Gretch was our smlllng S c retary of GAA She earned her ACIIVIIIGS Key by many ZCIIVIIIE mcludmg Bulletln Board Squad of whlch she was Chalrman and Ways and Means HERBERT T LORENTZ June Popular Wlth all Herb contmu ously malntamed a hxgh standard scholastlcally and st1ll found time to engage ln varlous athletxcs and actlvxtxes A Squad Football Intramural Basketball and Boxxng Trafflc and Prnntmg Squads earn ed hxm a well deserved ACIIVIIICS Key 45 1 NF MARILYN A LORETTA June Cxlxformas loss was our gam be cause look what we got when 1 certam young lady clme east Marllyn went ln for many aCt1Vl ues 1n a blg way JOHN LOWERY June Look at those muscles' And no wonder for Johnny was llght heavy welght Boxmg Champ Football and Baseball Letterman and he played Intramural Basket ball and Hockey He was one swell dancer too MARY ELLEN J LUTFRANCIR June Brown halred brovsm eyed Mary Ellen was a swell addltlon to any homeroom She serx ed on th Trafflc and Bulletln Board Squads and was a member of G1rl Res rves JAMES H LYTLE June Flfty percent of th Lytle twlrs mdustrlous Jlmmy was a fam1l1a1 fxgure to teachers and tudents allke as he worked on th Usher Squad The H1 Y also counted on h1s presence at thexr meetlngs NANCY ADAIR LYTLE Tuna The femmlne half of the Lytle twms small blonde Nancy w1ll b sure to fxnd a place ln the art world When she wasnt drawmg Nancy could be seen nn GAA G1rl Reserves Med1cal Squad Arts and Crafts Squad and on the Log Staff WILMA S MacKAY June If a poster caught your eye It wa probably one of W1lmas master pleces Art1st1cally 1ncl1ned she served on the Log Art Staff and won a Two Year Chorus Letter We can say I knew her when for thls gal IS off to college to magor rn you ve guessed It ar WILLIAM G MacLAREN JR June Poundlng the skms was probably Bulls outstandmg achnevement but he also wrote for the Lantern played Vars1ty Football and was elected PTES1dCDt of h1s Homeroom fnve tlmes Busy fellow' ROBERT L MALL June Maybe Bob was the fellow th'1t prevented you from gomg up the down stalrs or down the up stalrs smce he was on the Traffxc Squad He had a f1ne volce too whlch he used 1n the Boys Chorus The Honor Roll frequently 1nclud ed h1s name PAUL A MANOLUKAS June Perhaps Paul showed you your place at basketball games or rn the aud1tor1um as a member of the Usher Squad He also played In tramural Basketball for the glory of hrs homeroom JOHN L MARKSON January Hes over for a touchdown' Thats Band1t who also starred on our champlonshxp Track Team In fact we thought so much of hxm that we elected h1m to represent us as a Homeroom Offlcer MARILYN ELEANOR MARQUISS June Th1s versatlle gal was qu1te popu lar and her act1v1t1es were numer ous You saw her 1n the Band the Med1cal offlce and at GAA games Then G1rl Reserve Socxal and Program Commxttees and the Honor Award Commxttee topped off a full schedule LOIS MARIE MARS January We dont know how she dld lt' As one of our bralmest classmat s IDIS never mxssed the Honor Roll She collected our dues at G1rl Re serves and answered our questlons at the Informatlon Desk JOSEPH ALLEN MARTIN J une Sure you knew Joe Chaxrman of the M1lk Squad He was a Rlfle man and a Trafflc Offlcer fThats a dangerous comb1nat1on'J Th1s all round fellow also belonged to the Chorus and the Devotlonal Squad TORREY ANN MASSEY June TA could stand for Terr1f1c and Atomlc Her act1v1t1es were many and varled She was a mem ber of the Cafeterxa Attendance Squad GAA and Log and Lan tern Staffs as well as the G1rl Reserve Publ1c1ty Commlttee SENIORS 'I MARCELLA MARY MASSUNG June Saldy was one of those always to be remembered Trafflc Offl cers As lf thls vnasnt enough she mlght have been responslble fo your name appearmg IH the Lan tern gosslp column HELEN C MASTANDREA June Yea team flght f1ght flght That sounds l1ke Helen g1v1ng hex all for the team Maybe youve guessed what an enthuslastlc foot ball fan this gal was She had am b1t1ons xn the commerclal fleld MILDRED C McCLELLAN June Mxckeys cheerful uf not deafen mgl greet1ng could Jerk anybody out of the blues Th1s gay gals name was among those on e Ways and Means and Armed Ser v1ce Commlttees She also accum ulated two MaJor Sports Letters WILLIAM D MCCLELLAND January B1lls motto must have been Keep Em Laughmg for he d1d Just Country Letterman was really or the beam As a member of the Student Court and as Homeroom Presldent th1s boy was really busy BARBARA N McCONNELL June Pretty blonde Mac was Tlght on the top of the plle as a GAA Councll member member of the Med1Cal and Gym Squads and as class edltor of the Log Bemg Presldent of her Homeroom twlce and Secretary once helped her wm one of those coveted Act1v1txes Keys too DONALD F MCCONNELL June Quiet but w1th that gleam m has eyes that showed the fun behlnd them was Don H1s l1st of act1v1 t1es was long and among them were Intramural Basketball Traf f1c Commlttee Homeroom Pres1 dent and Representatxve On the Honor Roll as well Don w1ll be remembered as an all round kld WILLA M MCCORMAC Tune Th1s lxttle lass was one of the real beautles of the school Endowed with lovely brown halr and a w1n mng personallty you could see why everywhere that Wtlla went the boys were sure to follow 946 NORWOOD A MCDANIEL Junm. Popular curly halred Woody was an all around athletlc wonder He was a vxtal cog on the Football and Baseball Teams and served a captaln of an Ice Hockey Team Nor would he fall down 1n soc1al actlvxtles As for glrls he wovucd them all RUTH MCMILLIN J une Ruth read all week m school and then Just for a change she read for relaxatxon Well some folks Just llke to read' It must get you somewhere because she was Honor Roll member ROBERT T MCNAUGHTON June Aye and our Bob was a bonny Scotchman' Not only dld he be long to the H1 Y and Devotxonal Squad but he was also VICE Pres ldent of hls Homeroom Besldes all this Bob was an Honor student NELSON B MCPHILLIMY June Remember the guy who wore those br1ght red suspenders" That was Nels and they were h1s pr1de and Joy Th1s all rlght mem ber of the R1fle Squad had a smllc that was really somethlng to see CONSTANCE MEELL June Hall to COHI116 one swell gal' Perhaps you remember her Chalrman of Ways and Means or as a member of Lost and Found or GA A Anyway she was a pret ty busy person RUTH W MENSIN G June Kxtzel was a slick llttle cluck' Outslde of school she emoyed you know who but 1n school her tlme was taken up wlth G A A Glrl Reserves and the Med1cal and Gym Squads ROBERT E MERSHON J unc If he travels through l1fe as he d1d ln Cross Country Bob wxll really go places He could htt a bulls eye every txme whlle on the Rifle Team and aslde from belng a member of Trafflc and Ushers he was a swell fellow and everybodys frlend . . ,A 4. tt ,. , - ' - . . V . 5 l A 1' :. I . ' . . H - M . . . ,.. ' . ,-.. . ' l l - y ' , - an - 1 H -. A t l . . - th , ' - . - ' , , ' ' at V . . that. Our speedy Track and Cross U ,, ' . . .... , ,, ., . . Y . . D . . . as A . , . . . . . U ' " ' ' ' l . . , H ". ' 1 . - " ' 1 , - ., , , - . H - yy , - ' . . - . Q . AL l ' . . S MARYBELLE MILLER J une Sweet Marybelle was one of the blg attractlons ln the Medx al Of fxce for thxs l1ttle nurse could fxx most anythlng Some of those tex r1ff1c Bulletln Boards were the re sult of her hard work too' She also was on TfHff1C and a membex of G A A SHIRLEY MILLER June G1rls' before you buy that new cutf1t see Shxrley Mlller OUT OWU fa hlon desxgner Enterlng Mt Lebanon 1n 11A she wasn t long In wmnmg a place ln the hearts of her countrymen JACK R MONTICELLO June Say Jack how do you do t Baseball Football Intramural Bas ketball Honor Roll Homeroom Offlcer and Trafflcq Gosh arent Vltamln pxlls wonderfulo FRANCES MAE MOORE June One of our mcest semors tall blond Frances had a bxg Job col lectlng attendance cards 1n th Cafeterla But 1n addltlon to thls she worked hard on the Medlcal Squad Ach1evement Commlttee Glrl Reserves and GAA WALTON M MOOREHEAD June Another one of our rabld alrplane enthuslasts Walton llked to bulld model alrplanes and supply th m wlth gasolme motors Keep your eye on h1m Mr Lockheed HOWARD MORGAN June Although he was a newcomer 1n h1s semor year at Mt Lebo How ard made hlmself known In a short t1me You probably saw h1m m the Orchestra for you couldnt mlss that blg smlle MARGARET R 'VIORROW June To tell you that Peg was Presxdent of her Homeroom and a member of Trlple Trlo GAA G1rl Re serves and Glrls Chorus xs unne cessary because anyone could have told you she was one of the best ENIORS Q' J UANELLE MOTTERN J une Pretty Wanme was a member of GAA and G1rl Reserves here In her other years af Spr1ngf1eld Hlgh she partlclpated 1n many spclts was IH the glee club and was a memb r of student councxl GERALDINE MUIA June Gerry whose beaut1ful halr was the envy of the entlre senlor class rartlclpated 1n Trallblazers and was a member of the Library and Medlcal Squads Wlth ambltlons 1n the field of pharmacy Gerry w11l always be known as tops DAVID EMERSON MUIRHEAD June Dave kept the attendance office busy keeplng track of all hls tardy sllps Thls happy go lucky fellow was Football Manager for three years Maybe Dave dldnt make stralght As but he surely had a swell t1me at Mt Lebanon GERALDINE A MULSON June If you crave exc1tement Just look for Jer1 1 Act1v1t1es J Mulson There never a dull moment whlle hes around' On GAA Councll Ways and Means and Mllk Squad be xdes bemg Glrls Sports Edltor for the Log and a Homeroom Of freer Arch recelved her Act1v1 t1es Key w1th pomts to spare JOAN NASON June Teachers and students allke would really have had 1t hard 1f lt hadn t been for Joan She took charge of devotlons 1n the mornlng and of washlng th boards ln the after noon Wa1t a mmute that wasnt all' There were GAA G1rl Re serves and the Lost and Found Squad Wow' PAUL A NESTOR June Heres one Traffxc Offlcer that kept us 1n l1ne There were few V1Olat10DS when th1s fellow was on the Job Paul served as Secretary of h1s Homeroom and managed to make the Honor Roll too GRETA JANE NICHOLLS June The lnfectlous laugh that rang down the corr1dors belonged to en thus1ast1c Greta member of GA A Medlcal Squad and Chalrman of Lost and Found Greta plans to major m commerclal scxence IH college and hopes to teach Shes bound LO succeed she always does' GEORGE E NIVER JR June Ned drlbbled a mean basketball as a member of the Varslty Team He made the Honor Roll conslst ently and was a member of the Ways and Means Commlttee WILLIAM J OBRINGER June B111 an all out doors man sa1d swlmmlng hunting and trappmg were h1s favorxtes At school he devoted hxmself to Track Squad and Intramural Basketball He dld however take txme out to be on Trafflc JEREMIAH F OCONNOR June Sports rated hlgh w1th Jerry and Intramural Basketball was near the head of the lxst Those swell decoratxons for the dances were the result of th1s boys labor and never wlll we forget that humor of h1s In publxc speakmg he shone with that extra terrxfxc vo1ce JOHN J OCONNOR JR June You never could tell when the lone arm of the law rnlght reach out for Jack was on the Traff1c Squad He also captalned h1s homeroom Intramural Basketball Team to the champlonshxp and served as Homeroom Vlce Presl dent MARY EILEEN OHANLON June Elleen kept Mt Lebanon runmng smoothly by lendmg a helpmg hand to Ways and Means Medlcal Squad and Bulletm Board Com mlttee She dldnt slxght GAA or G1rl Reserves elther DONALD G OROURKE January Don really worked hard at h1s Basketball playmg both Intramu ral and Interscholastlc That s how he developed that technlque of h1s But the gym floor wasnt the only place where Don was a qu1ckxe You should have seen hlm gettmd to h1s Traff1c post' PRISCILLA J PALLONE January One of our favorlte a'hletes Prxs took her part 1n everythmg, that GAA had to offer So lt wasnt any surprxse to us when she was awarded a GAA Sports Letter BEATRICE PALMER June Her black hair IH sharp contrast to her whxte costume Bea really was sensatlonal leading our drum majorettes down the f1eld' Al though thrs kept her busy she also found txme for GAA and Chorus not to mentlon outs1de actxvltles JOHN M PATON June Johnny wxll be remembered for h1s achlevements on the Track Team He has also been a member of the Usher Squad and of the Womens Club Dance Commxttee Hes a swell boy Just ask anyone ANN McCLURE PATTERSON June Qulet and hkable Ann was new to Mt Lebo ln IIA Her greatest mterest was the G A A sports pro gram m whlch she was really a whxz THOMAS J PEARCE June Popular suave and easy gomg are three ways of saylng Tom A member of the Basketball and Baseball A Squads h1s school act1v1t1es also lncluded Traffxc and Ways and Means DOROTHY RUTH PECKMAN June Dodo tall slender blonde' As our own atomxc bomb she served on the Medxcal Llbrary and Cafe terxa Attendance Squads and also was a member of GAA and G1rl Reserves If you re lookmg for fun the number IS Lehlgh 5286 WILLIAM E PERRY June We saw h1m on Trafflc and Ways and Means Squads heard h1m ov er the PA domg lus part ln the Devot1onal programs and we View ed h1s name w1th awe as It ap peared on the Honor Roll Yes B111 surely made the rounds both 1n act1v1t1es and scholarshxpl HELEN PHILIPS June Helen put her hobby to good use r1ght here ln school In her own words I spend most of my tlme runnlng between the basement and th1rd floor Her hobby" Rldmg horseback 1946 S EDGAR RAYMOND PHILLIPS Jr June Oh' how that boy could run' He proved hls llkmg for Track by h1s speed Eddle was a boy that one needed no coaxmg to lxke that one sure thmg JOSEPH W PISCHKE June Joe seen often around school wxth a certaxn blonde was out for Var s1ty Football and worked on the M1lk and Ways and Means Squads AS1dB from th1s Joe was really a pro at lce skatmg MARY ANN PORTER June Mary Ann was one of the buslest gxrls m 12A 6 An actxve member of the L1brary and Arts and Crafts Squads GAA and Gxrl Reserves was th1s attract1ve gal In addltxon to th1s she was also on the Honor Roll MARY LOUISE PORTMAN June It would take more than adlectlves to descrlbe Lou As a klng slzed perpetually explodmg flrecracker she somehow tamed her boundless enthuslasm enough to serve as Pres1dent of the Homeroom a member of the Ways and Means Comm1ttee and of the Medxcal and L1brary Squads PATRICIA POWELL June Our Patty was defmltely a1r mmd ed She d1d however come down out of the clouds long enough to keep str1ctly on the beam wlth GAA and Glrl Reserves JOLYN R PROCTOR June Possessmg a lovely head of blond halr Jolyn also possessed a fme voxce as her Three Year Letter ln Chorus wlll prove Other act1v1 tles of hers were GAA and the Medlcal Squad KATHERINE PURVES June Kathy had a wlde variety of ac t1v1t1es Arts and Crafts and Bul letln Board Squads, she was on the Honor Roll and the GLrl Re serve Program Comm1ttee and had a MaJor Sports Letter besxdes ENIORS 'IHERESE M QUAID June A redhead but not a hothead shes a swell glrl as anyone wxll tell you Terry was an actlve member of GAA and Gxrl Re serves and once Vlce Presldent of her Homeroom CONSTANCE J RANDALL June L1vely Soapy never slowed down as can be seen by her many and varxed aCtlVltleS These ln cluded Arts and Crafts Medlcal L1brary and Attendance Squads as well as Chorus GAA and Glrl Reserves SHIRLEY REARDON June Entermg Mt Lebanon 1n her se n1or year Sh1rley was quick to become a member of the Gxrl Re serves GA A and Med1cal Squad Clevelands West Hlgh her former school must really mlss her ROBERT E REED June Bobs mam mterest was h1s music Thxs lad played the trumpet 1n the Band earnmg hlmself a Three Year Band Letter He also served as Homeroom Secretary HELEN E REHN June Though she was a new student th1s year Helen qulckly became a popular member of her class Workmg hard she Jomed the Glrl Reserves Art and Crafts and L1 brary Squads becomlng very much a part of the graduatmg class EARL R REICHHOLD June Who was the baldy we saw tearmg down the hall? Why Earl of course Although he was sel dom found wlthout a smlle th1s happy go lucky guy was very se rxous about Golf Intramural Hockey and Basketball ALLEN REYNOLDS June Th1s curly headed athlete won honors both for hlmself and for the school as Co Captam of the Track Team and a member of the Football and Basketball Squads Just as profxclent 1n other fields, Al won hlmself a place on the Scholastlc Commxttee plus the Job of Traffxc Committee Cha1rman JAMES RHYNER June Pop' Pop' Just a minute here comes Jim now with all kinds of pop This well known Ways and Means worker also spent a lot of time working after school at a grocery store ROBERT E RICHARDS June Bobs hot sax rang out much to our delight both in the Band and in the Orchestra As a member of the Traffic Squad he kept us in lme and as Manager of Baseball he held his own in sports-but natch for after all those semois were really something and Bob was no exception DONALD ROBERTSON RIEHL June That pleasing voice you heard an nouncing over the PA and t Football games was none other than Dons He also was a sharp shooter on the Rifle Team But hold on' Thats not all Homeroom Officer Log Staff and Devotions all were on Dons list ROY W RIEHL June Roy fseldom seen without his side kickl knew his ABCs when it came to handling a plane or a rifle This fellow was the proud owner of a private pilots license and a member of the Rifle Team EVA RIETHOF June This active senior had plenty to do for she belonged to Girl Re- serves G.A.A. and the Arts and Crafts Squad. In addition to activ- ities Eva maintained a place on the Honor Roll. JUNE INELDA ROBINSON June Just call J.R. and this vivacious gal will come a-running. A leader in fashions and smooth on a dance or gym floor we all saw her at Girl Reserves or selling candy at football games. PAUL W. ROBINSON June At least some of the queer sounds coming from the band room were made by "Breezy" as he tuned up for the Orchestra. Vice President of his Homeroom. he played pro basketball and shot a mean bullet with a rifle. JAMES ROHRICH June All of u knew happy go lucky Jim for his great sense of humor He always had a smile for every body as he dashed around Mt Lebo He rated as a member of the H1 Y DONALD R ROSS JR June Our stubs say M 6 and 8 Fine Ill show you to those seats Yes that could be Don member f Usher Squad This classmate found sociability by Joining the H1 Y RICHARD W RUSTAD June Blond and blinding Dick was one boy who really got around Very popular and active he was a Homeroom President a membei of the Social and Ways and Means Committees and of the Baseball Squad KENNETH J RYAN June Could that whistle of appreciation have escaped from Ken? Knowing him wed say yes for he always was an admirer of the fair sex He was a member of the Chemistry Ways and Means and Traffic Squads His grin knocked us cold and as for his future we re play ing it safe and predicting merely world wide success GARNET K. SAMUELS June G for Girl Reserves A for scholar- ship R for Representative of her Homeroom N for neat personality E for energetic. T for tops. Put them together and you have ou. Garnet. SALLY ANN SCHAEFER June Crazy popular, cutwthat s Schaef! A class with this gal was bound to be a regular circus but she man- aged to calm down enough to be Chairman of the Social Committee President of her Homeroom and a Cheerleader. No one will forget Schaef-it's humanly impossible! MARGARET SCHENCK June This busy lass was an active mem- ber of the Band, Trailblazers, G. A.A., and Devotional Committee of Girl Reserves. Peggy worked hard distributing Lantems and shelving books in the Library. In her senior year she was Secretary of the Traffic Squad, too. 'I94 6 ' 1 na , v-.r X Q Q R223 Q Qaoohu' EMMA SCHICK January Emma was what we all should have been seen but not heaxd Consclentlous as she was she had no trouble maklng the Honor Roll and 1t Just seemed natural for her to be on the workmg end of the Senlor Tea RICHARD CARL SCHUMM June Hxs mam mterest was sports as the lecords will show Although Foot ball was hxs favorltc he was a credlt to any team he played on Dlck was qulte a boy HELEN SCUTICCHIO June Helen really knew how to get down to earth as her favorlte sport was roller skatmg She also went for muslc m a blg way and was a member of the Chorus ARLENE E SEIFERTH June Sl'Tl1llI'lg good natured Arlene was Presldent of the Beta G1rl Reserves and Homeroom Secretary She was also a member of the Log Staff and the Armed Servlce Commlttee and w s conslstently on the Honor Roll EDWARD B SENTER June Although an Honor Roll student Ted had tlme to serve on the Ways and Means Commlttee and keep you steppmg as a member of the Trafflc and Usher Squads He also chased those stray balls as Base ball Manager PATRICIA SHARPE June Pat IS just what her name lmplles w1th a capltal S A new student ln her senior year lt dldnt take her long to learn how to w1n frlends and mfluence people JOAN EDYTHE S'-IEFHAN June A statuesque blonde Joan dld f1ne work as the Chalrman of the Med lcal Squad a member of GAA Glrl Reserves and the Lantern Staff In addltlon she recelved a Major Sports Letter and served as a Homeroom Offlcer 52 GERALDINE SHORT June Brunette and very attractxve our gal Gerry was a part of the Medl cal L1brary and Gym Squads as well as GAA The feather 1n her cap though was a MaJor Sports Letter JEANNE MARR SHOTTS June Oh that glrll Attendance Commlt tee Bullet1n Board Squad Lxbrary Squad and Glrl Reserves made up part of the llst of her act1v1t1es Ask anyone about Jeanne and then be prepared for an onslaught of pralse about one of the best kids we know' J THEODORE SHULTZ June Ted could gxve that puck a nasty whack when he played Intramural Hockey and he could play Intra mural Basketball too Stlll his mterest was not entlrely IH sports He also worked on the Chemlstry EDWARD R SIEGER June Meet Ed our strong s1lent type Although a man of few words he put forth plenty of actlon on th Track Cross Country and Trafflc Squads as well as when he was a Homeroom Offxcer and an Honor Roll member HELEN WANDA SIMON June Get a load of that terrlflc smile' It belonged to none other than Helen Slmon Thls Honor student worked hard on Llbrary Squad Sports also rated hlgh w1th Helen who loved to roller skate or watch an 9XCll.1I1g football game BARBARA SIMONSEN J uno Smooth Barbara was the g1rl eve ryone notlced as she worked on Ways and Means Arts and Crafts Squad and Class Rank Commxttee Wlth that long blond ha1r and those terr1f1c clothes how could you mlss her' Bexng V1ce Presldent of Gxrl Reserves helped her Wln an Act1v1t1es Key too BARRIE H SIMONSON June Cheerful Barrle dxd fme work as a three year Track man He also played Intramural Basketball and Hockey all of whlch helped t keep h1m busy SENIORS V C Q . A . ' Y ' X, Y A U ' 1 ' , ' , .ag -: . " ,ra ' ' ' ' . , . 4 la- s H AA U ' . . 7 ' -- V -,M I' and Scenery Squads. K A Lp, W of . ,,, H3 3 ' ' , - , , . ' . ' e . , , a , W ' 1. - . ' A ' ' rl " ' , . . . . 7 ' , I I . it ' . . . . ,, 5 I Y. . , . ' ' , . L . ' . ' o 'I JAMES S SITTLER June Most of you glrls knew J1m by h1s groovy 41 Plymouth But dont get the ldea that drlvlng and wo men were h1s only mterest for he was a member of the Track Team and the Usher Squad F BECKLEY SMITH JR June Remember those deep suave oh so famxlxar tones that brought us our regular Monday mornlng Sportscastq Well heres the fellow behmd the Volce Beckley was also kept on the run as a Hockey player and Lantern Sports Edxtor and h1s name appeared regularly on the Honor Roll DONALD P SMITH June Handsome Don always stood out from all the rest when he was there on the stage wlth the Exec utxve Board He was bramy too' Natlonal Honor Soclety was only one of many awards he recelved As a member of Cross Country and Usher Squads he really de LOIS K SMITH June Lots was well known for her love ly hair and merry blue eyes You mxght have found her at any Beta G1rl Reserve meetmg or spendmv t1me wlth the Youth Fellowship of her church MARY LISSA SMITH June Smltty completely loaded Wlth her own variety of caustxc w1t was a member of the Armed Service Commlttee GAA and Honor Roll Noted for her pep and her quick temper 'she loved an argu ment and always seemed to wm But of course she would shes Sm1tty' RAYMOND E SMITH January Ray was no slouch when It came to hard work' He never neglected h1s Trafflc post or h1s duty on the Ways and Means Squad He play ed a fast game of Intramural Bas ketball and worked on the Stage Crew for the Chrlstmas Program WILLIAM H SMITH June Thls combmatnon of bra1n and brawn was a mlghty popular fel low A member of the Football and Track Squads Smitty was al so on the Honor Roll Trafflc Squad and Homeroom Offlcer were h1s other act1v1t1es 946 WILTON F SMITH June You ve all seen th1s good lookmg fellow roamlng around the halls wlth th at blg friendly grm spread across h1s face' Wllton featured ln the Band and Intramural Basket ball and as a member of the H1 Y FRANCES MARIAN SNODGRASS June Marxan certalnly knew her stuff especlally when xt came to tennxs Indeed thlS llttle gal was hard to beat Llbrary Squad GAA and Glrl Reserves headed her lxst of achlevements THOMAS R SNYDER Juno Tall md terr1f1c was Tom He was seen ln the studxo slav1ng for the Publ1c Addrex Squad and we can stlll heir his one two three testmg volce comlng to us V13 the PA Good luck Tom' ROBERT J SOMMER June Klssey well hked all around was always bubbllng over Wlth one thmg or another He played on the Football and Baseball A Squads and held down a regular post on the Honor Roll All thxs Wlth Prlntlng Commxttee and Trafflc Squad gave hlm an Actlx 1t1es Key JUDITH B SOPER June The SS Judy Soper surely was a trxm llttle craft Her blond rlgglng was somethlng to behold and the shlps bell Sald the sweetest things Gettmg back to earth though Judy was one swell kld JAMES R SORIANO June Easy go1ng and popular Jxm was energetlc enough to smg ln the Chorus play Intramural Basket ball and be an Usher He was a dandy fellow and xt w1ll be a long t1me before we forget h1m EDWIN A SPEAKER June Way at the top of the llst of fa mous bandleaders you xxlll prob ably fmd Eds name He was great ln Orchestra and IS now a very declded threat to Harry James He admlts that h1s mam mtezest IS gxrls but he really was a pro basketball player 56 md' . . . - . Z V - Y - 1 I . . '- -at 4 ' .. Vx' - ' ' , v . . ' If ' ' U 'Q " . . . . ,. . v - A K ik ' 2 ' ' C . . . . U . ., V . , - . . U ' , , , . . . . I 1 - n Y v served all the praise he got. ' XA ll ' " ' . . - , . - - . . Si '7 1 w . Y- 'il , - . v 1. I . . . K, A . , - - . u Y , a Y- , , 'YYY , - . . U A 1, . A " PATRICIA LOUISE SPEELMAN June Our Patty was endowed with the sweetest personality this side of the Atlantic. and she spread her charms evenly through G.A.A,, Girl Reserves. and the Attendance and Library Squads As for the funny stories she used to tell they were as cute is the teller who was simply one bundle of fun PATRICIA SPEIDEL J unc Having a natural flair for business Pat managed the financial affairs for the Log and punched milk cards for the Cafeteria Squad Her other interests were GAA Gul Reserves and getting on the Hon or Roll RICHARD E STANIER June Well known Dick was an active participant in many activities at school Among these Football Band and the Devotional Squad were the most outstanding And who of us can forget those big friendly arguments he liked so well to get into in h1S classes' MARY ELEANOR STANLEY June Have you ever wondered who be longed to the arm that took the attendance cards" Why Stupe did and a better girl would be hard to f1nd' Her card rated high with us HOWARD LOUCKS STEELE June Howard was kept pretty busy as Chairman of the ProJect1on Squad and Homeroom President and Rep resentative Besides playing Intra mural Basketball and being member of the Track Team How ard lent his vocal talent to the school as PA announcer DEAN STELIOTES J nuai v You just cant associate Dean with only one sport He was 1 star in Baseball Football and Basketball' All that and a Traffic post too Heres to a xeil fellow' IDA MAE STEWART June This swell senior pounded away as a Log and Lantern typist and worked hard on the Honor Award Committee Ida Mae earn ed her Activities Key and a Mayor Sports Letter in G A A she served on the Girl Reserve Program C0111 mittee 54 JAMES C. STEWART June A real woman's man. Jim stood 6 ft. 2 in. and had wavy red hair. The swimming pool and the "Rec" were his favorite haunts. and you were fairly sure to find him at one or the other JAMES F TABER June Jim was one of those rugged boys who went out for Boxing O course you all remember his changing puches out in the rind at the boxing matches' H aso was Secretary of his Homeroom and was interested in fencing NANCY ELIZABETH TAYLOR June Personality plus is what it s called and Beth has it She was on the Milk and Cafeteria Squads and was a Homeroom Officer Sounds as if shes okay doesnt 1t" NORMAN T TEMPI ETON J mu ry Norman may be another Edison His knowledge of radio and elec trxcity made him a priceless mem ber of the Physics Squad He helped with the dances as a member of the Social Committee and gave '1 super performance in the Class Play CAROLE THOMPSON June Quite the pianist Carole set more than toes a tapping Library and Information Squads both cl imec' this blonde charmer Listed as in Honor student Carole lived up to a great reputation as an awfullx swell person EDWARD C TIMMERMANN June Well liked and equally well known Bozo was always having a good tlme He liked a good game of Golf and especially got a big kick out of De Long drives Eddie served as a Football Mana ger and was on Ways and Means and Traffic Squads He also play ed a good game of Basketball DAVID H TIMOTHY June With Track and Cross Country high on his list of interests Dave helped our teams win many a vic tory and received letters in both sports Bones was one of the main attractions in the Band he beat it out on the blg bass drum He also served as a Home room President SENIORS I NORMAN F TISDALE June Norm was a great guy around Mt Lebanon We knew h1m as Hon L room Secretary and as a Golf star He played Intramural Basketball and Hockey and st1ll found tlme for H1 Y dOlngS ELIZABETH L TOLER Jun Betsy never had too much to say but she sure could slng lt 1n Chorus' ThlS qulet lass was a mem ber of the Ach1evement Comm1t te too ' BE'I'I'Y JANE TOWNSEND June Brown halr and eyes beautlful features and clothes that set the stylwthats our Betty' She served as a member of the Attendance Ways and Means and M1lk Squads She was cute she was l1vely but then th1s IS old stuff for every one knows Betty' DONALD JAMES TRAGESER June Tr1gger was one of those fellows everyone knew and llked H own band HIS school act1v1t1es 1n cluded basketball and the Traffxc Squad JAMES EDMUND TRAGESSER June J1m dldnt worry about any scratches rece1ved 1n Basketball or Wrestlmg because he had taken a course 1n F1rst A1d Nor were h1s art1st1c talents lackmg e1ther on the Poster or Scenery Squads JANET GRACE TRASK June Here IS one glrl that IS guaranteed to l1ft low sp1r1ts As Cha1rman of the Cafeterla Squad and member of GAA and G1rl Reserves her qu1ck w1t got her around MAR'I'IN TRESSEL June Oakmont s loss was our gam when Marty moved to Mt Lebanon fo1 hxs sen1or year Even w1th h1s late start he caught up to many of us ln act1v1t1es Both the Track and Rlfle Squads cla1med h1m as one of the1r own and the Lantern shlned even br1ghter Wllh h1m as a reporter 946 RANDOLPH A TROXELL June VlSlbl6 from a dlstance of two and one half m1les when vuearmg hls red hat Randy was stlll no eye sore Ever popular and a smoothy on the dance floor he was the Decorat1ng Squad Cha1rman and a member of the Ways and Means Squad and of the H1 Y FEDERICO C VALICENTI January As Co captaxn of our MOUHYIES Football Team and a great star Tank really deserved those cheers we ralsed for hlm He was a Homeroom Off1cer and a mem ber of the Traff1c Squad and Cafe ter1a Comm1ttee too LOIS DIANNE VANAMAN June D1anne held her own as Cha1rma1 of the L1brary Squad Servmg also as a member of the Honor Roll and of the Arts and Craft and Cafeter1a Squads she was fun to be Wlth and another of those lucky ones endowed wlth a personallty plus grln We ll be m1ss1ng you D1anne' MARY LUCILE VAN KIRK June Four names for a four star g1rl Gee' Chorus M1lk Squad Devo t1ons Honor Roll Homeroom Sec retary and she st1ll had t1me to be awfully DICE JOHN C VARLEY June Tall good look1ng Jack really gate h1S all on the Football Team as a two year letterman He was on 'rI'8ff1C Squad and took part 1n In tramural Sports He s a Harry James fan too JOAN F WAGNER June Th1s neat l1ttle package was reg ularly on the Honor Roll Joan also d1d a fme Job as a member of GAA G1rl Reserves Log Staff and the L1brary Squad JOAN WALLERSTEDT June Sport1ng the sh1ny p1n of the Na tlonal Honor Soclety and an Actlv 1t1es Key Joan blazed 1n modest glory A member of the varsxty R1fle Team and Cha1rman of the Devotxonal Squad her mam Job was that of L1terary Edltor of the Log Good luck Joan well m1ss you' 55 . H .. e. . . . ' . . . 1 . . . I I . . 1 , . . 11 ' " ' . e l ' played a hot guitar and had his I ' ' ' ' . . .. . - V . - I ' I - ' v, I . 7 . Y I , H . .. - - - ' A .. Q . . ., l . - ROBERT K WALTER June Remember how you looked for ward to classroom IDOVICSQ Bob helped make these poss1ble as a Pro3ect1on Squad member You probably not1ced h1m work1ng or the Usher Squad 1n Mellon Audx torxum too Besldes th1s he was an actxve member of the H1 Y WILLIAM P WALTHER June Its strange very strange that B111 never attended school very rf-ESU larly durmg the huntmg season lsnt lt" Durmg the rest of the year though he dld well as a member of the Band H1 Y and the Devotxonal Squad MAYETTE WARD June Mayette knew all the answers as Cha1rman of the Informat1on Squad member of the Llbrary Squad GAA G1rl Reserves and Make Up Ed1tor of the Lantern TIIIS semor had talent dark curly halr dreamy eyes and well space IS l1m1ted but Mayette doesnt need to be talked up for we all HARLAN WARDWELL June Our good look1ng Pres1dent of Ex ecutlve Board had a great var1 ety of 1nterests around Mt Lebo Frenchy was a member of our Bas ketball Team and rated as a really pro lSh pxtcher and Captaln of 'the Baseball Team As1de from all th1s he kept on the Hxgh Honor Roll at all tlmes HAROLD WEBB June Good personahty good look1ng good m sports IH fact good n pract1cally anythmg descr1bes Duke to a T He puttered around w1th rad1os and served on the Traffic Squad FRED WEHE January What a tall dark and handsome Trafflc Off1cer Fred made' As a Track and Cross Country runner he learned to take everythmg 1n h1s strxde And we wont forget Fred as our Homeroom Pres1dent elther LAYTON C WEIGOLD June Could we ever forget the brave voxce that spoke up each week to close the homeroom meetmgs w1th I move that the meetlng be ad Journedo That was our Layton who d1d h1s part on the Traff1c Squad and rn Intramural Basket ball H1s wxtty cracks sent us 1nto spasms of laughter SENIORS X -4 RUTH C WERNER June Although Ruth was new 1n 11A she made qulte a hit wlth us She was a real morale booster bemg one of the few members of the falrer sex m the physlcs class She also belonged to G1rl Reserves SHIRLEY JANE WICKE June Sh1rley was always 1n a good mood and had a grand sense of humor She lent her pep and personallty to GAA G1rl Reserves and A Capella Chorus Th1s Homeroom Secretary was also a member of the Devotxonal Squad RAYMOND ALBERT WILLIAMS June You saw h1m play Football so th1s lad needs no 1ntroduct1on He was Pres1dent of hxs Homeroom yet when you th1nk of Ray you th1nk not of an executwe but of a m1ghty f1ne dancer MARILYN L WILLOUGHBY June You knew blonde M1dge as head Cheerleader Chorus member and Secretary of her Homeroom Th1s popular gal was also on Gym Squad GAA and G1rl Reserve Commlttees DORA BELLE WILSON June Muslc was a first wxth Dora She was a member of the Chorus and really enJoyed It It would take plenty of hunt1ng to f1nd a f1ner g1r DONALD P WILTON June Don was always pamtxng the school red when he was on tl1e Poster and Scenery Squads Then he helped sell what he advertlsed on the Ways and Means Squad too DANIEL B WINTERS January On of the ellte' Dan was Pres1dent of the Executlve Board and a flash at Track and Cross Country A a member of the Social Commlttee he helped plan those great dances . 5 E - ' ' - ' ,N lf lx H ' - , v . H . l , . . ' r ' . . . 5 ' '- . I ' b v . . 1 ' l f I 4.6 . , . . . ., 1 2 ' . - . u . . y . . , V , I . 1 y ' s knew her. , V ll ' Yi - ,- 1 v ' , . . ., . at -. ,, . . I 1 I ' I ' . U . y, . H ' , ' , ' ' , y y 1 V' ' I . . . lc H I ' ,I X 1' U ' ' , , 1 V 1 . . . Y ' - . A . . 11 - 1 ' - -1 . s JOHN WISTUBA January John was one of those guys who really went in for athletics He played on our Football Team as well as in Intramural Basketball and Hockey And after that John still had time for the Milk and Traffic Squads THOMAS J WOEBER June Both the Lantern and the Log claimed this lad as their ace pho tographer Tom was consistently right up there on the Honor Roll and held an Activities Key Nat ional Honor Society and Quill and Scroll awards He also played In tramural Basketball PA FRICIA ANNE WOODY June Quiet but filled with fun that al ways amazed you was Pat who was Lantern salesman and member of GAA Attendance Committee and Honor Roll She was partlal to roller skating and as for us well we re partial to Pat NANCY M WYROUGH June Nancy spent three busy years at Mt Lebo Bra1ny but charming Honor Roll each year Being in terested in music she played the piano and sang in the Chorus Her other activities were Class Rank Chemistry and Arts and Crafts Squads CHARLES M YEOMAINS June 'Vlaybe you have been wondermv who stopped the mad rush t lunch every day It was probably Charles for he was a hard worker on Lunch Traffic But hed pick a Harry James recording for relaxa tion PAUL RAMON YOUNG June That West Virginia dr a w l fascl nated us and when we got a view of those chma blue eyes we knew wc were goners The work out he gave his clarinet in the Band real ly sent us Yes sir those old West Virginia mountains really lost something when Paul came to Mt Lebo JAMES A YOUNKINS III June Thmk you cant get high marks and still be 1n activities" Heres an example to disprove that theo y A Football Basketball and Track Manager and a member of Traffic and Usher Squads Jim placed on H1ghESt Honor Roll eve ry time' He really deserved his Activities Key and National Honor SOCIEIY Pm PATRICIA ANN ZWINGGI June spell Pat She helped plan the so c1al events as a member of that committee and acted as President cf Girl Reserves and Homeroom Thlough these and many other ac txvltles this peppy senior earned her Activities Key Those Who Were Not Photogenlc ELIZABETH ANN BUSCHOW August Betty worked hard on Library Squad and ln the Band where in cidentally she won a perfect at tendance medal WILLIAM CASTEEL January Bills fields of interest were varx ed they ranged from singing to deer huntmg ROBERT CHAMBERS August Bobs interest in science knew no bounds as shown by his work on the Physics Squad Scholastic honors further evidenced his mer ROBERT J GEYSER Jure Bob was a four letter man with a sport for every season Football Basketball Track and Baseball ProJect1on and Traffic Squads kept him busy too JOHN KINCAID June Back home ln Indiana might be Jacks theme song since he moved here from the Hoosier State in his senlor year HERBERT H LIN N January Herb really went for Football in a blg way When he wasnt playing the good old game he served as Usher RICHARD CLARK LISLE June Busy Dick managed to find time for H1Y and he racked up quite a few baskets for his Intramural Basketball Team DONALD D MILLER January When Don left Mt Lebanon High School he Joined up with another terrific team the Navy 7 SHIRLEY ANN MORIARTY June Shirley was a member of the L1 brary Squad GAA Girl Re serves and she had loads of Irish personality HOWARD M MULERT August Howard came to Mt Lebo from Shady Side where he was captain of the soccer team RAY LOUIS SIMMONS June Before leavlng Mt L Ray starred on the Cross Country and Track Teams and he was a real star in the Navy too WILLIAM H SMITH June Tall dark and handsome IS B111 and as you might have guessed by his size he played on the Football Team 'I94 6 a. 1 ' Y . O . . . 0 . ' Q - ' ' - . . . ' V ' , . . ., ' . 1' - - v - .Q M JZ ' ' - Nancy was on the High or Highest , . Popularity, Activities, and Talent ' H - . . Q- n . -- it. . ' . ' ' 5 5 CIQFCE 61776319 ,l"f I .J 1 "Ji f I Q F' '41 .9 AXE 2 'S 1 FX 1 vu 1,0 M X ' 01, QM 0 W9 we 0 13 I I E f 'WB M., vi W 1 ian- , P 5 A ff," ff Lf .,. -2 ':f2:...- ,J A lf v gf ,Q f 7-,f:I.f4F., J AG - I., ' AZ " ' ' ff 1 'fy I ,, --Q .fL""ei, 1 Q ' ' VM A ik f ' 9' , Jai-Ja: ful , xc , . '3 xijg . N lf 'N - ' i-., F f -N A . 'Q Af . Q X - H -, M - 5 Q - ay Lg- Lh MM v'- ' if:.iS5i!f.2' r A '?g:'i.'f1-7 QT'-:""i?g.' l ' 'i'-"5 -r- . 1 h ,gb f. . , .174 A 2 N 4 1 ,TT -Q Q '- X R 1 R5 K' Ag ,-Q3--'fl-7-' ,XA ff ri U. - lx , '3f.i.x4if Q if Rf?-3 :A ff ' -Q X K A ! 2 ixggdi' ' ' HE-3 .x-351535557 Ax f 'I ,,, ,D :L Q- N' ,v X , A 5,-I -' I -- Ng- N in ' -fini U A -'Ax ,sex i V' f -gn i -- Tx . A N L N xx wfafj. - df! T- A 7 5 N . " -. V 4 ' x W- - - -4 f "Q iv N f"s-iv. f 9 ' VP vp- A-Y M- A ' 'A . b , x'Nn,ifa T?-5 S 5 Q - TA W E N. 5 ' ' xp 'V gs? l L fx V x 1 ,, ifilx L, T 5 f FX 4, ll: Ay 4"'-f- A XF xx-:ffl 1 X ' 1 ' -ffm , if x xxx' - C X .L4 ' gh.-:J -.: M? ff A fzfffxf. '- , MQ , , Vi C gQfgf'u,m:lf,f1, U .c pi 'X . 1' AX :N Wfizi' Qi' A95 X If, ' s ' iq-..-X , if u X Ki XX " 'XX ws ' s-' .xx -. gf' xx 5:-RN x-. ZX? VI f 1"' Y I0 'ig 'x 45 M11 '5- 'QI A 1. K1dS Caper G1 c,slcedl1ow1 eyl1kec1ll1e1o 1 ey c t ee loys renl1e-C1 Snow qooo The q1rls really lel 11e1r llC1lI do we QI me Bum Demce and slacks were very much 111 ev1denCe e 1 11 Je teQ1x 5 C1 you Gee C oserUl1or1 1 e 1 e ff rley movee me olf Haag c o q 1111 CI he fec1ul1l11l Q11 Q f Q ,Y Q eRe ,101 ery V 1 , 1 . VVl11 f' ' li l Q lg E11 E1 peg, b VA Q ', " Veil, 'f1Cl', 'ici--Cculci lx ,Q veek, Vfhei elre 'Q ' - U C A ' lk this? lc lcv l ,1 A- W 'le l ff ' 1 fi, YQu"Jf2 qui xy be fl lTQotbQ1ll Hero to get xl fl 'l 11 Q- ' Tge qxls' eyes e111-g.3:1e lie Cizzgfee :xl me "lil Peeerv, ' :Germ 11 S vice. 1,40 gffr ef-u"47 . Cn Canvas , HI' V, ,-.Y ,-,.v,,N . .-,,.. ,Aux , 'N,r x..,.. .,,.,,.,,,-. 'fvrf f rm bourds T119 Cause gf itiuiy Q2.'s" N1 ,. K, S, .,.q. ,AMN and U .,.,..S.,:-..: III? TT ' f' "' " "f .. Q M Q nv-f-H3 ,- -31-A f., f' . ...,.. , .Hx M.,f..M V l ..q, V. ff ' , mmf, X v, ' . .A.,.,i S-..,.'I..'- "C " "' 'M' g..,.,, J-,f,,A::A ,f1T! 'f'V Qinff J ' 1, wr .V ' ' ' ,A ,vi I 1 f .1. ,f. AM.. V. ,...f ,Q-,::i1. , 7.- .Nfl .,m:1fge:.2:'3 .. JW .pr f11lVIfI"'y'1'q f 1 my ., . ,...,.' . V. ,fvflV.-'U-,.,.-,,,.,,,,., , f,.. ,i . .A-...., 1" " ' ' A ,,,...., ' M '1 'f A' Mis so SW'-c El , X ,A A, Mt L Hlgh 1lA1 Front row Gmgertch Bruso Caluc ta Carpenter Halpert Lorenz Mackaben Second row Culbertson Boeklen Ber telsen Walz Txlbrook Guxdlce Gaw Murphy Thud row Bullxons Helm Goucher Martm Wxllbern Barley Taylor Lewrs Shrelds Fourth row Reynolds Schmxtt Hauqhery Bleecker Cameron Albert Badke Seman llA2 Front row Hxlsenrath Schwarz Pratt Sevy Zregler Maloy Rxtchxe Second row Harpold Semmer Kenney Dtetz Lmdberq Schrep Arther Thomas Thxrd row Green Hexdemann Lamg Hrll Couqhlm Scott Bartek Fourth ant Thompson IIA3 Front row Cantle Long Campbell Bradley Gxlbert Hedgren Harmon Second row Weatherwax Lurty Pal mer Spxndler RICE Anderson Barren Perry Thxrd row Zehtuss Blanc Spal la Ftrschxng Morrtson Cook Fourth row May Hlbler Templeton Davxs l1A4 Front row Gourlcy Rohrxch Bradford Augenstexn Dcmner Conrad Noyes Second row Wxlson Ballrey Lrttle Scherer McMmn Marsh Bonner Burn ham Thtrd row Iordan Frndley Smxth Taylor Calpass Melder Lund Kuhne Kelly Anderson Fourth row Rlchard Warmck Ewxnq Iohnson Beck Brown Hxbbard Packer Nau man I 1 - : ' ' 1 1 G' 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 D 1 - . 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 . : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . : ' 1 1 1 I - 1 1 I . a 1 1 1 . I 1 . I 1 1 row: Lawler. Gill, Block. Clark, Bri- 1 . : 1 1 1 1 1 1 . : 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 - 1 1 1 . : 1 ' 1 1 ' . 1 ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 I 1 I . 1 I I . 1 1 1 1 I I 1 ' Lights llA5 Front row Herdt Slattery Dxqby Gould Buschow Kuhn Hottman Marsh Second row Skoog Iohnston Reynolds Herron Dlery Appel Albo Schoos Thxrd row Lewis Osborne Rendel Lxghttoot McNamara Hatch Gxllen Chapman Fourth row Barley Vogel Ferguson Komura Wxlson Txmberlake Bernhard Spragen IIAS Front row l-Iarrmgton Cox Frxday Stapleton R Haus Bruns K Haus Pelz Second row Hexdenrexch Nou rxe Mullen Schober Blosser Powell Grubbs Treman Thxrd row McK1nley Sxmon Roell Stolzenbach Esgar Sex bert Phxpps Fourth row Kerschbaum er McCrcry Avery Markle Rust Mc Combs Woody Stelrotes llA7 1 s Hutchxson Martm Romanuccm Blazrer Second row DeMart D Smzth Mtller Lxnn Ford Gebhardt Bell Thxrd row Armstrong Schoetfel Km card Land Duncan Luce Wenger H Howard Ballon Fourth row Feller F Myers Pollock Hardy I Vogel Zregler Iones Logan llAB Front row Hogsett Wexgand Omohun dro M Schnerder Stoll Bassett Moh ler Garber Second row Ferguson Lel.anchon Rauch Plummer Schrecon gost Farrell Landon Whxtney Thlrd row Savas Zeph Hassel Bethke R Howard A Vogel M Smxth Fourth row Atherly Luterancxk Rmqdal Brown Survmskx R Taylor M Taylor : , , ' . . . , , . : , . . , . . I . ' : ' , . , . : ' . . . , , . . I 1 1 1 1 I , ' . ' : ' , ' 1 1 1 1 .' 1 - I A 1 1 1 1 1 ' Front row: Reid, Koch, Burqesser, E1- i , ' . ' , '. ' . : , . ' . . I - I 1 1 4 : , , ' - , , . . . - . , . , . , : , ' , - 1 - ' 1 1 1 ' , . : . . . . . : . ' , ' . 1 . -1 I 1 I v Class - y Speaking before a group left many of us a bit weak in the knees. Our spirits were lifted, however, by public speaking classes, which taught us to speak with the ease of a professional Adoptmg a French famrly was somethmg ent1rely d1fferent under taken by some of our French classes Mllk macaron1 1u1ces no butter but umm 1S that meat we spy there? Schmtzelbank Wlth 1lS numer ous verses converts a usually se r1ous German class lnto qulte a fro11c Knowledge of the German language 1S adv1sed for entry rn to such f1elcls as engmeerrng and scrence ' I 1 I , u . 11 . . Sketches Diagraming may look like a crossword puzzle to some, but it's quite helpful in teaching the parts ot speech. Geruncls, participles, intinitives, nouns, coniunctions, adverbsfare We over your head? Though atom smashing may be above us we learn how to use many weird sounding things such as potassium terrocyanicle After a few days in chemistry class test tubes and Bunsen burners be came everyday obiects to us Perhaps making plans for their future 34 room lorries eguippea with elevators robot butlers swirr mg t ese boys are be orring ex perts in blueprint 'nalci g and oth er exa tina work J w A , ming pools, and ultra-violet light- .. , , l ,C ll ' F Lengthening Shadows llA9 Front row Hubbard Van Gundy Younq Pappas Scheblem Fee Boyd Crawford Second row Maquxre Cox Swaney Dalton Clsko Van Dyke Tl0f1Gl Rynewxcz Thxrd row Cobby De Iohn Petrus Tervay Short Grxv now Swmney Whltney Fourth row Mosxtes Browell Helland Lyman Se bring Backmqer Wlllxams 1lAl0 Front row V Schnelder Decker Ball Donley M Howard Rexter N Mxller Davxes Second row Iolly B Iones Brodmerkel Lose Augsberger Brent zen H111 Clark Thxrd row Duerr Ey rxch Hutchison Arnold Buzzard Kra yer Allen Martm Fourth row Evans Gxsh Stewart D1G1ovanm Shxverdeck er Busch Hunter Baldauf 11All Front row Bradshaw Zxmmerman Hlmmelnch Schoeppner Rowe Hex ther Marone Wall Second row Clowes Llewellyn Wood Seeman Moore Mclimnxs Adams Murdock Thlrd row Vaux Hess Evans Specht Funk Emery Fourth row Durkm Hxnman Erxksen Schumann Miller Murphy I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . I 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Move To The F oreground llAl2 Front row Fowler Krrk Saxton Scott Bucher Cook Husk Second row Rua qel Cooper G Wlllramson W Wrll xamson Fxsh D Robb Kunkle Brodxe Thlrd row Bowers W Robb Emery Porter Graham Hall Kroll IOAI Front row Schell Buckley Buehnq Rarlkm Thomas Campbell Rosen berq Phllhps Second row W Smxth Sullxvan Coltman Dowlmg Van Camp Kendle Horslord Rlehl Thxrd McDonnell Decker Iohnson Staggs Palmer Fourth row Haley Walker Smeal Sevy McQuxllen Denmead Portman Morran 10182 Front row Texter Chase Herron Ha crappa Wyndam McVe1qh Cameron Fellows Second row Mxller Comfort Clxllord Humphreys Bartholow Car others McCune Vetter Third row Dunbar Davrs Long Troxell Rxch ards Brown Adams Hatch Schwartz Osborne Fourth row stanley Drxon Reardon Ieannero Lund Srmonson Robmson . , . , . . . . . . : , 1 ' . , , . - , . : . ' 1 1 I 1 ' 1 ' row: Hillman, Robb, Davis, Bockstoce, 1 1 . . . : , . , , . . , , , , - 1 ' . , . . , - 1 1 . I 1 1 1 1 - 4 . . . , . 1 1 1 I I Scholastic These eminent "physicists" are finding the length of sound waves, which is only one of the many interesting experiments performed in physics classes. From the Pilgrims landing to Harry S Truman that is what our American history classes are studying Note that s Ioan1eG1llen there pointing out the various de partments of our government take your pick Surprise it s shorthand and quite beneficial it is for Mt Lebo s future secretaries for whom this is a must I . Morse code, pig Latin, Russian Subjects These qlrls of the home econom 1cs classes have become qurte adept at the art of cookmq and en tertarmnq at luncheons and dm ners W1ll you try a doughnut? Although they may not look l1ke rt these students are experr enclnq lxtes brqqest problem al qebra These classes helped to alert and sharpen our mlnds A ftne assortment of coffee bles stools and other wooden ob Jects wlll soon qrace the homes ot many parents as a result of the ef forts of boys workmq rn wood shop V v A . I . . . 1 . I . 1 1 ' 1 l0A3 Front row Pellettere Ganbaldl Sch wartz Hall 0Hanlon Murrxe Bloom Hastlngs Second row Iohnson Rui! Wrlder Rohe Arganbrxght McSteen Pnnqle MacDonald Dxxon Thzrd row Sommer Crxssmcxn Bowman Iones B Beck Wagner Fourth row Lew1s Mc Carthy Truxell Burner Carrell IDA4 Front row Mcllvane Waechter Cole man Phxlhower McDcxmel Wxbner G Braun Moslener Second row Wxllx son Alderdlce Haus Wexss Balcer zak I Mlller Mastandrea Thxrd row Dettlmq Work Stuart Schmxd New cum Lopez C Davis Seman Calhoon D Smith Rlnk McM11l1n Rees 1055 Front row Nxll Ostergaard Morns Vmcent Bradley Clark I Braun Lay Second row Karcher North Whxtmore McFerran Eby Bcxchman Rxchardson OConnor Thrrd row Sunderland Acosta Ward Gxles Benson Sterlxng Irwm Fourth row Schrader Wood roof McBeth Smalley I Schwartz 10A6 Front row Hoover Kappler Guth ne McNeely Buttlar Muskadm P Hall Second row Knudsen McEwen Bxdden Antonrazzl August Cordell Del.onga Duemlmq Thxrd row Fee Brooks Kurtz Elhs French Clarke Fourth row Keen Hofrxchter Carpen er St I : , ' '. - , . , . , , , ' . : , . ' I I - I I I , . I I ' I I I ' , . : ' , - , . , - : , . - . , . . - , . : ' '- I ' I I - I ' . . . . : . I I I ' I ' I I I I I I I Fourth row: Pentecost, Zolbrod, Iacek, . . . . . : ' , I ' . , , . . , . : , , ' , . , . . I I - I I - I . , . . . 2 I I ' ' I I I - I I . I I I I I . .I I I , ' . ' 1 . I I I I I : , ' . 1 . Life l0A7 Front row I-lull Schnexder McVe1gh Pontmq Scharnberg Ortoll Hellstrom Warner Second row Wauck Wxlholm Neelley Dlttner Brennen Brooks En lmd Thxrd row Cooper Kxrsopp Flexschauer Elam Kxrshner Landon Fourth row Hecht Barron Lang D VIS IUAB Front row Tarpley Randall Hxbbs Fantl Gambxll Koerber Guthrie D Sprlnger Second row Schutte Mc Gmcy Mensmq McClymont Hast Ed wards Thxrd row Wxethorn Glllen La Brenz Meloney Pxper Reardon Humes Fourth row Vogel Schwxnd Polson Tafel Slsler 10189 Grayble Bowen Cross Pntchard Matheny Second row Ekedahl Lucas Rhodes Sotxs Florxn Barry Iones Thxrd row Lxqhtbown Iones Howell Fmn Murdock I Smith Fourth row Lastauckas B Smxth Mxllxngton Estep Mcliendry Stearns Doubleday Halz hauser l0Al0 Fxrst row Pnersol Fatronas MacKay Mosxtes Velluccx OConnell DeGxo vannx Second row Weyers D Mxller Matthews Anderson Baum Hartle Ott Thxrd row R Stabxle Eckenrode Berg man Furlong Stark Halen Fourth row Moore Dawes Ferraro Huff 'I' ber Sherxdan Laderer : 1 ' 1 ' 1 . : 1 ' 1 . 1 1 . 1 1 5 1 1 1 U- 3 1 1 ' 1 1 i I I . 1 n 1 I , ' . ' : ' , ' , I I - I 1 . : , ' , 1 1 . Front row: Wells, Donovan, Timothy, 1 1 1 1 . : 1 , 1 1 1 1 . : ' 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 - i 1 1 1 I I ' : ' . , 1 1 1 1 1 ' . : , . ' 1 1 . 1 . I 1 1 1 1 G- Models Took Time Out To Sit l0A1l Front row I I Mxller Hahn Burns Iones V Stabxle Dxxon Beck Davxs Second row Bell Snodgrass Sexler Barron Church Sheehan Mangold Thxrd row Rchrxch 0Br1en Murton Frye Weston Weyers Fourth row Opferman Stevenson Fedele I-lxbler Kelly Ulam Hall Hewston 101-X12 Front row Caramela Fuyko Phnhps Moran Creehan Bogdansky McClel land McKee Second row Young E Smxth Ross Hoffman Goddard Rett berg Bucher Thzrd row Godden Taylor Krlmer Helmer B Iancxar Wells Dxvxne Sxmmonds Fourth row Mxtchell Stanley Erdman Thompson Long Barron l0Al3 Front row Fleet Nxchols Albrxght Iackson Gregory Petrls Duerr Eynch Glmn Second row Vcxnzxn Foster Lury Nungesser Hazel W McRob erts Hemensnyder Wardrlp Thxrd row Golden Rxchardson Dulskl Grll hth Hartman Pacellx Fourth row Woeber R Mclfloberts Grosso Scar vace . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . '- 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , . . 1 . , . 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . Z 1 1 ' . -1 1 1 . Z 1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 - For Portraits A trip to exotic South America is foremost in the thoughts of ma- ny students taking "espanol" Fun- nies, even in Spanish, take top place among these intellectual students. Cl-low's Senor Ricardo Tracy, lellows?l The idea of making everything rrom napkin rings to necklaces and bracelets has induced many a student to include metal arts in his high school curriculum How to circumaavigate he increoibl to 'most of us but it looks as if trus solid geornetry class nas figured it out it ' . ' 1. globe in 60 seconds may sound ' " e li ' ' I ' ' i X . WWE Zicfs f'N Q35 , X X V Y WT K. ,Ka N il 74 fl ' llxlfllh' A ' f , W -W'V' , '1?f1' fff ff-fi 1+ I If X. ff Q7 ',,f 7' 'lf 4 : wi 1 , fy Lf " f. , X ,M QQ fy ff f Ml -,' 'fl '- A-1'-'-" ' 'W A "7"i' ff I ,ly XVN J17 lfvxf K X. Q' Lf Q I xxx!! m xl X K 'Jay fl ,lwll ,. , 4 Q, ff: X , M X , - , I f X v H+ f , ff Q ff fx My M H X IU L M2 Q' A I I' V U XX 1' i x F J' M ' ,g ?f ,,,,,M , L XX W T77 M 1 X V ' G! X X I! W I, I fl" I" E ' , X 'I I N tf J' I v' i I I j f :nk i I. ' iv u f - w A , 7 l Q 5, t 'f lf! f ' X A l i' 3 ' V , nr wx , A . We Cohr Sports Honor Roll We proudly present these boys who were chosen by therr teammates as the most valuable members rn the1r respectrve sports Rrfle Bob Mershon Track C19-453 Dlck Prrschlnq Basketball Drck Garver Football Ierry clelsaval Cross Country B111 McClelland 76 Baseball Cl945lfDon Vollmer Cross Country Set Fast Pace --hx -,r L. A 4 Front row D Smzth Harrtszm Challener R Reynolds Rust Harper Wehe LeLanchon Second row E Smzth Albo Tunothy Phtlltps Plummer Kraemer Alerander Kountz McClelland Thxrd row Arther Hzbbard Dor man Flezschut Mershon Whttney M Brown Steger Wzlsorl Coach Mollenauer Top row Eby Prmgle Rzehl Srmth Neeley McClelland qets a work out at the Allqutppa meet Proud fathers and sons attend the Cross Country Banquet Kount edges out Barnes of Altqurppa CROSS COUNTRY Although sertously weakened near the end of the season by mjurtes and zllness the Cross Country tean shou ed real champzonshtp materzal m wmnmg anoth er state tztle A great deal of credzt goes to the boy uho uere trazltng behmcl the leaders ln the early, stages of the campatgn -Coach Mollenauer led by the tour horsemen Captam Doc McClelland and Specs Plummer the Mountte harr1ers terrorlzed Pennsylvama by wmmnq mne stra1qht meets mcludmq the WP l A L and S'ate Champtonslnp Meets Other outstandmq members ot the team were Tlmotny Dorman Alexander Ph1ll1ps and Htbbard All tl ese lettermen rounded out one of the strongest teams m our school s tnstory Altogether Mount Lebanon s cross country teams 'rave collected l1VQ W P l A L and four State Champxonsrnrs and nave won tne amaztnq total ot th1rty nme stratqht meets We re hopmq that they wlll Just keep rollmq along SCHEDULE Dual and Tncmgular Meets Langley 35 Wrlkmsburq 38 Connellsvllle 35 Ahqulopa 36 Central Catholtc Penn 40 W P I A L Chcxmpxonshxp Meet 39 Connellsvllle 43 Ahqutppa State Champxonshlp Meet Haverford 70 Upper Darby 72 Connellsvrlle 73 Kraemer, "Colden Legs" Kountz, "Ironman" Mi, L. 15 Bfemwofyd 40, Chiffon 55 3 f 1 H H , Mt. L. 20 A A. ' ' Mt. L. 17 A ' ' J ' , ' ' Mt. L. 20 ' - -- - - L ' - Mt. L. 19 ' 'A ' Mt. L. 15 ' 40 I' N , , , ' ' , Mt. L. l5 - . ' Mt. L. ' , ' ' 57 1A V3 Mt.L.e9 , 77 Fans Cheered Blue Devils 011 . . mar... I -- Cheerleaders Emery Schaefer Logan Ftsher Willoughby Gaw Hess Omohundro FOOTBALL The coachmg staff would lzke to thank eteryone who contrtbuted to the success of the 1945 football team A well balanced squad and keen cornpetzofn for startmg postttorzs were the two factors that made an undefeated season posstble -Coach Berkert As the season got under Way prospects for Mt Lebanon 1n the W P l A L race looked good At the end of the frfth game we re mamed unbeaten and untlecl lt had been a long hard pull from that flrst day at prac t1ce when the squad was noth1ng more than fxfty boys on a hot dusty f1eld Gradually thmgs began to shape up and by the t1me the f1rst game rolled around the team was a drlvmg determmed well balanced eleven They had really stood the test those frrst f1ve games And dont thmk 1t was easyl The competrtron was pretty tough that nrght at Penn but the Blue Dev1ls pulled through once more Next was our toughest contest Wtlkrnsburg It looked bad for us as the game neared the halfway po1nt But our hopes mounted as we pushed over a goal and the extra po1nt was good' Then Wllklns burg came r1ght back for a score tyrng rt up at 7 to 7 whlch was the fmal score Th1s t1e llmmated the Mounnes from the WP I AL race but dldnt stop the1r strrng of wms whlch were extended to elght games The l1ne conststed of the nds Geyser who accurately d1d the place k1ck1ng and P Augsburger and Allen who were on the re ce1v1ng end of the passes the ever cnargxng tackles McDan1el and Borland the brtllrant block ng guards Harrlngton and I Augsbur ger and the center deLaval Wrth hrs sure clefenstve play The backfreld rn turn exhlb lted the speed of Markson the deceptlon of Haus the trtckey runmng of Lowery and Val1cent1 and the superb ball handllng and passrng of Cox No wonder the Mounttes completed a never to be forgotten season undefeated - 1 1 1 y 1 1 1 - is ' ' u ' 1 1 A H 1 1 1 . , . Q . J . . 1 . . . ' I , - Q V I I . I , I - 1 T - - . . . 1 . 1 1 - 1 1 1 . 1 A 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 , I ' . 1 - 1 1 1 . - . . . 1 1 , . . , ' ' ' 1 mi ,, ,, Wa. i 4 5 14255 ' hr: , il ' X W H 'N 1 J. 3 . V f 4 .191 1-nv p D . X 6 'W 8 ' xi sf 9 W f ,W ,, '4 C 'A Q L' ' .1 ,l Q , . wg: . ' ' , P 4 W Q? P' Nw - -f Y -2 '. X? , E ,. X , Q., l 7 . , .X V 4 w,f3 1' 'P f 'L ' ' ' -. ' ' I' ' ' r Ek I , W .,,Q.g Qu M 503- .W A L' I H g 'L 7 in A 21 V ' y 1 M If iq! Q , h V . lb A tr- , I ' ' . 1 I 35,1 Nu,..Nwh M, ' ,'w. 1 , , '9 ' W A -.-' 7' , ,J Q' :JF X:e,u,.N"daL-A A 15" A ,uxfvif 1 2 1134! V pr I 4 P- D , f in ,. i', 7, , L I , ,QQ - x - f , 5 if ffr,f,x,g ,ax Q 43 Z: rw . ,' all A y, P 2 4, .'2"'i ' MTV f .k.,,f1:vff"Mf 'Va . Bfvf"2'f- xg., - -I ' z , .,,-,A -K ,.- .- ,.. " ' , -ggk, lp' '."'K" I L . at. .-K Q ., f .4 .- , ' 41 .:. ., - . 'Q- ,- . -"' il! - , , .- .150 'SJ 'pi gg' 1 U v. Ng! ' s 4 I 4" ' ' Qi? , Intramural Sports Have Banner Year WINNING BASKETBALL 'TEAM Kneeling: Gruvll. F1vixz'l111l. Lowery. Gzlllvy, Slilllfllllg Tisdale. Vrlrlvy, .'lIcNf1ur1l1zm1. BOXING WINNERS WRESTLING WINNERS Louery Backznqer Curtm McElroy Hans ovzman Sz znnazf Pschlr 'Not pzcture AIIQSIDIIIQEI Wzllmms Hallam! McQtz1lle1zJ INTRAMURAL SPORTS Tb1s year s mtramural program saw a re ord nr rn ber ot boys turn out for tbe bOX1HCJ and wrestlma tournaments and b1tter r1valry was wunessed on 1 e basketball floor as lromeroorns com eted tor e Cnamo1onsl11p Tbe basketball wrnner was dec1ded after se Jer brutal oattles The t1nal1st lrorn tea grade 'cs WA f from eleventh qraae llA lO ara t e se IO 1 e r1ter1aer was l2!5 3 DUI lfl t e C a 1ons aarre tee last breamna IEA J s aow ea e tower 5 Juruors 14 to 12 Tne b XIIWQ and wrestlmq tourr1 er1s rovrae one s l1d week ot slarr b ma Ctr n f 'IG new P ru as were Crowned 11'1 clrr ost every d1J1s1or1 C11 src omg boxers were lfwery 1n t e ec Jy rve1a 1 Qurtm 1r1t e111ddle we1al ts ana Hr us 1 t e welt r veg 1 mfr s too on a rers 1 fS 1 el aa 1aal V-Je1a twrestlers 81 II 4 O A t lllll .5 ' . ' , , ' , . . P ' . L" Q. i cf, in ' I ' J' A - J ' I C 1 , - s :i ,. .ms A :J L.A , , Y G1 1 1 1 .g . , G, . ' , .' be on r ttl co. . , . n n , , , , , ., . N , , V NW 1 .1 - . fl- til, 115 .. o Q ' 1 azri 1: p ' ,a , o 1 C cz o ,a. A orifzzii- ,'o. , o , ' 1 1 DQ 1 . X' t- I ' mn '1 - o 21 11,11 ' rlrs, ' 1 . E1 1 fl , ' ' oz '- if 11 1 e . , M- M . y LM . 1 .1.s. .fll z..u lq . ll Co, ., ,ri t:.e hart heavy wr: tlina class, ard l-l l1a.d won over the III e ' o 31 . . L1 rfrgf and Hfll'1'11lflIfl7l slug lt Z7 llc' lwrzry 11"1g1l1l df' l'. Lv Front row Cor N11 er Stellotes Garver Thomas Second roxx lVlcCombs Pearce Huhn Rustad Tlmmewmann ORourke Thlrd row Beck Badke A Reynolds Coach Clark J Adams del aval Borland Cagers Annexed Sectlon T1t1e Adams and Radzsetzch j Brentuood fzght for the ball as Cox and Nner stand by Loyal fans packed the bleachers The 1945 46 basketball squad had plenty of the uzll to win and they dld just that as the record shous Coach Clark Formrng thfs year s team was really a tough task for Coach Speed Clark Dean Stelrotes the only returntng letter man faced a m1d year graduatron whrch meant that a replacement for hrm had to be groomed clurrng the frrst half of the year Stelrotes was the member of he l944 45 A squad that started rn he openlng game Ntver Thomas Carver and Cox all up from the B sauad rounded out the team Adanes Reynolds and newcomer Badke also olayed a lo Skrmmrng through a tough 23 game schedule the Blue Devlls took several aonors mcludrng the elusfve sect onal ll Q After losmg the openrng game of tte season o Avalon by the close score of 3120 the Mounues went on to Nm rrerr next l9 contests before DQIWQ et coed rn t e nalsectror Vllga'ne Cl IK Brtage v1lle Butler Charleror Beaver F lls and Langley fell before the M unu n slaught IH that order rn the pre seas '1 ex , . 1 V - Il al .,. 4 Q J CL 3 A SQUAD ' 2 i 5 ' v "Q - x J J ' I I N., , ' V - I . ' 1 - ,, ,, . t 'A l , , , of ball. I ' O 1 l , ' ' A c i tl . . ' - L J A Q C L C C J! 5 . , A , 4 4 A , . - ay y c . 1 no fix ' . . C. a l e, ' - ,. , N , , A 1 f f v' 1 c .l o -les o - , . . f A P . u c uc-. tbttton qa'nes ln sectronal CO'DCGl1l1O"1l e locdls downed Stowe Cr ton C o ts Carne-ate Dormont Mcliees R ks and Brentwood Brentwood xt tt oa lc the wall canoe t roua t Q ' Ol FQUTU str l9 in tue tthal game t dge t e ue Devtls Q3 29 ana to t1e t e stanatnqs tor Se t1on Vll honors T ree mg ts later owever Mt Lebanon Ca et roua wrtt trnllnq 30 rrunn t n t lay ' aanne to mm t e sectt s oennant tor t e frrst trne n the last ten years F ra Crty was tte trst opponent rn WPIAL payoffs nd t e boys SGPTIOT l flashed a autclc break Q swys raornq fraareqatron that nearly blew tt e locals out of the Mclieesport ay 1 as they seorea a resoundtnq 54 JO V1 tory T te loss was not so netl rna to be ashamed of however stnee the Glossers from the Allegheny Valley came close to uosethnq hrqhly touted Sharon a week later Flrst Game 67-40 40-37 SCHEDULE Stow 0 Tvs p Crafton COI"lCpOllS C trnegle Dormont McKees Rocks Brentwood Sectlon playoff Mt L 32 W P I A L playoff Mt L 30 aw dy games Second Ga me 31 3 36-46 19 2 20-31 31 4 27 34 33 29 Brentwood 30 Ford Clty D4 Adams leaps htgh for a lay up and tuo POIVUS Dead eye Garter attempts a set shot from the corner ,Q B SQUAD Front roxx 1IcFerran Anderson letter OConnor Danes Second rovx Doubleday, Antonzatz Haus Far rell Bell Thud row IlIcCune Ott Stutderland Lurty 83 Marksort fzmshes male relay Reynolds goes over a low hurdle Wzcks makes a broad Jump Mounties Captured Cinder Crown On several occastons the 1945 track team demon strated its abtltty to come through when the pressure was greatest"-Coach Mollenauer Already knee deep in trophies, the Moun tie tracksters added several more to their steadily growing collection as, once more, they reigned supreme in Western Pennsyl- vania. Despite bad Weather and numerous injuries the 1945 team, one of the strongest in school history, won its first W.P.l.A.L. championship since 1942. Coach Mollenauer, master at conjuring up good track teams, had quantity as well as quality. For sprinters there were such de- mons as Firsching, Kountz, Markson, Mont- gomery, Donnelly, and Patong speedy quar- ter milers were Sergeson A Reynolds Huhn and Wicks easy going but hard to beat were halt milers Plummer, Winters, Timothy, and Strickler, and the long winded mile-rs were led by Richardson, McClelland, Hardy, and Kraemer Outstanding in the Weight events were Adams, Schlienger, Stacks, St Clair, Nickeson, Hahner, and Kirsopp. ln the high jump and pole vault were Provost, McLaughlin, and Allen. The season had hardly started when the "Blue Devils" won their first big meet by scoring 41 points at the annual W.P.I.A.L. Relays Carnival held at Ambridge. A week later they again showed their supremacy by dashing oft with their fourth straight Wash- ington Invitational Meet. The next big event was the Independent District Meet, which was held at Mt. Lebanon for the first time. Miraculously the sun made one of its few appearances that day, and it seemed to shine especially on the winning blue and gold clad runners. The climax of the season was reached at Connellsville where 22 schools were entered in the W.P.l.A.L. Cham- pionship Meet. The boys placed in most of the events to win Mt. Lebanon's second out- door track championship. Although co-captain and star quarter-miler Wally McKee and ace sprinter Iohn Kountz were lost because of injuries, other boys worked hard and capably filled their shoes. This is typical of the grit and determination shown all through their undefeated season. After such a successful year, congratulations are in order to Coach Mollenauer and his track champs Track Schedule 78 Clairton 49 Donora 4322 9858 Central Catholic 1812 96 Cannonsburg 48, Washington l3'r Norwin 312 84 Connellsville 43 99 Dormont 28 83 Carrick 26 Washington Invitational 59": Clairton 4412, East Palestine 35 Independent Districts 62'2 Clairton 56, Dormont 32 Wilkinsburg 32 W.P.I.A.L. Championship 4 9 Clairton 35 Connellsville 25 4 TRACK Kneeling Kzrsopp Sergeson Protost Rice B Reynolds deLa1al Huhn Hardy Hahner Donnelly Fuller Front rom Coach Mollenauer Coach Becker! Cassell Timothy W Smith E Brown Steel J Allen Mc son Hutchison S cond row Wehe Ziegler Barry Bearer Third row Winters Thomas Johnston Kount McKee Fourth row Lzttle Plummer Szeger Rawlznson Alexander Fifth row Stacks Rzchardson McClel land Smith Fzrschmg Paton Sixth row D Reynolds W Allen Dalton Dorman Hzbbard Hunter W Brown Schumm Kunkle R Reynolds Lurty 85 ' ' Mt. L. l. ' , - 1 Laughlin. lvlontgomery. Kraemer, Lose. Moore,lA. Reynolds, Adalms, .Schlienyer,' McConnaughy.. Hurley, Iliicke- Sport Scenes Extend To The Ice, Range, Dlamond Lmks HOCKEY RIFLE Th1s year Mt Lebanon became rtfle consclous W1ll'1 sportscast ers a1d1ng the cause by extra publrcrty The note was well deserved however as the team galned on last years re cord by tmtshlng tlnrd rn the WPIAL Fwe returnlng vet erans coupled wrth a good crew of new men turned ln the credrtable scores Taklng ttme out from practtce the team 1m proved 1lS morale by razzmg Annte Oakley Thts years lettermen were Wallerstedt Mershon Roblnson D Fhehl R Rtehl Drsque Furman and Bonner HOCKEY l-loclcey emerged as Mt Leba nons newest mterscltolasttc sport tlns year A group of all sta s played two games w1th K1Slil at Duauesne Gardens The Mountles won both games 2 and 2 l Here are the puck ctasers Ctront row? Smrth Hel land Csecond rowl Htnman Lang T 1 s d a l e MCDan1el Scluumm P1scl1lce McQu1llen tmrd fowl Retcbhold DlG1OVGH Rrent en Badke Dalton Powell Vogel Schedule Mlllvale Mtllvale Munhall Munhall Aspmwall Asplnwall Qakmont Cakmont RIFLE 86 Kneelmf., D R Ll I R R1 ll resscl B e R1 b n ow Stfmdmg Cond Peter uri an Harpold Halle stect N trle D5118 er 5 on tcaptr :rl Lana gerl I N r 2: , V, , ' ' - 4 ' . ' - Mt. L. 487 ' 477 ' ' - ' ' Mt. L. 492 ' 483 f , H ' ' ' Mt. L. 484 498 ' ' - , Mt. L. 496 498 ' ' ' ' ' , ' , . ' . Mt. L. 486 ' 481 - -- - - ' ' - - ' 7 ' , , Mt. L. 495 ' 476 , ' - Mt. L. 477 .496 Mt. L. 491 499 . 4 ji , iw . . 'et T mm V. 1 i s 1. F Il .I I, 7 i- .-1.ot',i'rz.M- 'll . . . Cl: : In - BASEBALL Front row Warcluell Vollmer Beck B Bearer Callahan Steltotes Second IOVQ Montlccllo llIfDll1llQl Prltzlmrcl Rustful Pharm Frue Garter Th1ICllOXN Croutlzers tmdnngut Louuy Borland Cough Clazl Broun Sommer Senter tmmdgerb 1945 BASEBALL Schedule By wtnntnq the Sectton l t1tle tor the tlurd stratqbt year the baseball t arn proved 1t was one of the best Mt L ever put on tbe fteld The Mounttes downed ntne stratqltt oppo nents deteattnq Duquesne Westvlew Crat ton and Baldwtn twtce and Munltall once Vfard Nell was added to tne schools Hall of Fame by pttchtnq a nolut no run qarne ln the quarter ftnal eltr tnattons tlve Blue Dex tls lost a close one to Mclieesport 2 l 1945 GOLF Jot o ttnued as one of t Leban s ost su cesstul flll d a c edt ole record ot stx wlns and two losses to place second tn tnetr sectton lndt vtdual o rs were captured by Ku kle GHG Lanqtord who ed 1 1 t WP tle La qtord tted I tl9 Slot e Le von CIOSK T scale Kun cree an C. a Lanq c d 87 Duquesne Duquesne Munball WestV1ew Baldwtn Cratton Westvtew Baldwtn Cratton W P I A L Quarter Fmal Mclieesport bw GOLF 454' ' ' ' ' Mt. L. l8 . L , e ' Mt. L. 5 . . . . Mt. L. lU ' . Mt. L. 8 ' ' ' ' - Mt. L. 15 t , ' , ' , - Mt. L. 6 , ' ' . . Mt. L. 9 V ' ' . ' Mt. L. 7 ' H' ' V ', - . . Mt. L. 5 . V - . Mt. L. l .L 7''.o M. ' X1 . cn nt c . - , nor spcrts, as the team cornptl- ' ' 1 nn no V Q 'I plac EIQE ite . .l.A.L. ' matcrzesz c n . for ntrd place tn 'E fte tt- nals. Here is tit, team: -x ' f A l 11, .lcd ' , '. lcle, 'T - n . , 'ri ' f r '. '7 G A A COUNCIL Slttmg IVIulxon Jackaon Mus Bzllzrlgslelf F17SC'll7lQ Lcnuzt Hobhb Stlrdmg IVIcCo'nnell Lll1IlIfO0I Culbertson Cranford Hugwtt A A H1gh11ghted GIIIS Sports TILNNIS WINNERS Sxttmg Luth CIIIIIIQ Stmdmg Sprznger Wd ezgh Hflllflllfllj Baum 88 GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION What a terr1f1c year for G A A ' At last qxrls sports came mto thelr own' Membershlp was the Iarqest m sxx years whlch provlded a great apaor tumty for a varlety of S-parte Hats, Off to Mxss Bdlmasley for her wouaerful sportsmanshxp m gym class es and G A A and also to the COur1C1I who spent so much of them tune rx ak ma GAA such a success T ey or qamzed the cheermq squad f ua par sored the roller skatma party Fun an W 19 le and the super plc y ay 1 other S heals Qaun 11 must ways have ?he1r aoad tmaes ii I' ey pamea dmners and the armual waruc m the sprmq Ifhat ,I parade of Uma Te ne was net an me S I' a I ree arades For We ars oawlma wltn Mulsarl Sava I Bem ward Loretta and Caldwell 1 4 Q. , Y "1 " A. "Z, '. zI': , 'K , '.. 1 I u I . . . ' . . . . 11, - ' ' x 'SJ 1- I' e.", " " ,z -d, Wit? C . A C 1 alf ' . arm' 11, had them with swimming ana Eiafflma A f . ' V CY, -C1 a Y . I I .Q5,,1f1.,,. Ian' i- f S ' caeaale far 'II a . .. I 1 time we aaa , 'V , .1 9 S, . - I , , fiavxir he . .. . ..: 'V .z.J: E I1 ur AHS1 mr ten IU 1 umm L I1 10 Q 1, ykfl KJ 11 1 1 ,J V 1 ir' All SMI SYNC clfi iiies Q., fuss ff ...a V1 'I' ff sf 1 at 'Q kb- e -ago 1, N .X ' Km' 'mbllg ' if Q gyjk W 4 WWW , x I I Q fl X, ' .I fl? ' df H YQ I 1 V 1 I Xgfjhll, g! 1 ll' X9 ' V' :xxx if-' '2 :"l'f" gd x 3 X S ' Q ..r 'ul' WI' Z 'f s 'll JQQA Q -N: .:. ,-49 f .f If I 90 , ' . L !l?gi5'iE?ET? -.g,7,'3 ,,7 V .Th I V., GW I f A M 1 ia , ,J 535 :- " Lis: f 7: R lf . . Yin" 1 GQYEQ . 'nib 'fm . f . u- tx . - "- J F . - E' GQ' '. X' -, N N ' J 'LII' . :N ,.-,, X N h gn F ,, I ., , fi? ,wb N . in 5. ,I ,1-'S ra ' "' u .7 L , ,l n--Y ff 1 ? "-h' 1772- ' vii. ' x A -32' - V oil 67 R- If m m .III ...K Y' :gr ' ' f -X . ' ,Aff , ' N K, " ' X L A ,' . NV , 1 4 I ' E., 'wx . : 'f A ww Q U 1 ' rr. 7 f W ll' ...fx ' , 4 , V X' 'V 14" -5 fl, f ' ,fl A f W Wk f , ' "WIT ' ffm A :-fp 'Mn 1 QA I .NJ V XZ X., K , L' ' My X tit!! 7 Nl , gr'v,6,'A1J X ' X 5' H v 1 " ' ' ' 1 1 1z1':,.'xf'::-,V .,,. '.'4, 1 LM. , MTI W t U . Q '- 55S2Z.k-7',N:f:'. . f ' , : ' 4"u'.-Cgi, K M- ifsjltb 1 s if . ' ?-p Y . 'K i.:,G3f'? I I . :N H III.: V, I ,Vx 1,ll,, , - 1 4 dl 1 Q, EJB. lx..-ll' ,1 -..X I s I Dr Y MI I . it 'An-l,,L I V 1 , Mb! , '-'nv XM A 4 x , K l 1 I I f 0, 'six I x XR wx in Y A N W. ' 9 ' 0 ' ' , ' ' ' L 4 N X 3' n , N , , 5 f .1 f My W 5 1 g M o X5 V' X . W Q . ' 1' N, NXM 4555355 Q . ', , 9 ,I .J ' ' ' "-WI hub, f ' ' X N ,iw 3 '--J ff' X Xp.. ,I u'rf -A l U N1 Ax , N-'H i Q 24, I v, - X! fi A A , ,V - .f X NX ann 4 ' lg. 1 , A HH -SQ, I. v Q A., J' "' .s,' F , 1 - nl. ,W 1 ' I .' . o . - ' 'r . r an s ' 32 5 - .."'-4' , ' , I . Q I V. 'V Z ' 9 .al , I,. 1 L., 1 , -- ax 21 K '-...'g: ,, 1 ., , .xf. i17'tf.x , W. . .Y . ,, - Y -' - . , if :-fe .',- . . L, bl-15,'54 N' . -K I 'rt 4 WG Q X ,. 1 fi. O. " ,Q .I I I fy, E" "LQ 1 . -, -A gg - FG .ANI P . -a 'q ' x x , C . .....".-'J 35 jf ' A -.N They Mad OUTSTANDING lllllOl W S lf ' T111 1 INQCV III VCO 5 1+9'1y 1 l11 Able r ll Qjf Ill'1d C UQQ C1 '19 O H19 hrqt Qemes er 1 R111 N f 11y Id lc M Illffl 11114 IN my Wyrouqh CNot 1 cz Paula Eld 1:lq9J gr 1 111 IIPY Burr: 'lops 111 scllolusuc SQ lmgmst '1OV'1 Qtucwits from 10111 S1Ol en Occ. MQVe1gl1 Flmn Burch Uuql1 Pelz Cse Ovid fowl 31101 Gurber S crpe oslcr D1v1ne lL.1Q"1lbOWI"1 9101 1 Cl lllllfd rowl Sflmos 1 1 lmvgy SLl"1OsICH Dmms Spmdler c1b1l1ty ff QS qw e out w11l1 lf S P1 1 Q sorxw ol I Olll D11 lm Om? 1111l 111 C1 YI ' r 11: Pfifg 1 Dxvlil, VJ" '.'.'i,:s1 111121- 12,1111 lrztfe rm: 111594311 1ll1A'1f t'.'wh'ff1 YVKIISE ol sscwcol. B iffy' l':f:11lQ r:11f,1 Frefl V179 gf- was llw: ,.-,l ws 111 A 'lfll 1:9 1:-: of SEPTQCYHA Ifll i1.f!'1 3 112 -51 111 FLHQQQ iff':, Cllllfl Cf Us l1fu,11i'f lli,QIll?Sl. Hff Q Hwy C119 me l11ql1f Gs: 1f111k111r,5 menilwerv f. the luxe ' gi' f QQ ls-- 1 tl end l , Q - 1 - 1 : Tyr Ycxtvfs, cr, lm I3:Qt'1 BJ , P 'ri .lazr ,1 , , N, 1,,. . V 1. , . ITlClLl 9 ': r' . ivelre N19 , 1 ' ll, l . or ' Ili, ' ' , ' , , Ylfyrn ., 7 C 1 6 1. 1 f , Ei , A- ,1 :Cr 5 1 , 4. , Bart aww, .'nl1d, Bird kufmd cmd Qlczg, irc ' , "1 lik L1I11lQI the c1lfJlO d11V:l1Cr1 of B lj GQ .wr Qmfi IQC D ' - I Headlines STUDENTS 1 iQ LQQ gl ve Q n B 1 F f Q C1 Jo DQ QU1 ems es been P V ere are 1 S L me cqcle Betsy Fra lk M get sf-ep Mcrxem Alcxereel cnc Icme Ie kson ThlS tu t ey shme Us Iclunury Com 1 en e Newt soeekers N W 0 our emwe r S YQGI' X'CIS CI QTOUD O1 'VMI' 'w'C'l' V QTQHS V O HTG qhwvo C F SQ 5 fg Q een Q Pro M ri O v Q R YA uf V 1 OWQ v QUILL AND SCROLL Listlessly l heard the girl on stage chant "The following students have been elected to Quill and Scroll: loe Smith Sue Brown Bill Carnpbell .... "Theres my na:-get l've rnade it!" Thats The sur,rise that greets a student when he is intornzea ot being elected to the Quill and S roll an international society tor high ssh ol journalists. lt isnt easy gaining this 21,2 . cs the aualiti otions are good charac- 'e W A V cement in the upper third ot the lass .ia dstinctive work in some literary field NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front row Fgqc Lopez Franl Jaclson McClelland Al clevsor Ellzs Hastzngs Bernhard Second row Younkms Rzehl Walltistedz Hobbs Houuard Eldridge Jacob Lorentz Allen Third iow Kramer Warduell Harrington Woe ber Clmllcnu Dorman Barry D Smith QUILL AND SCROLL Front row Flstrlzcr F Osborne H Osborn: cc ond row: Kunz, Hoff Erbacli. Third row: Worbcr. Svliummz 1. Collar. Coveney. Bergman. Hickman. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Notioncrl Honor Society is really tops in our sciool ard in schools all over the USA. lt rriernbers represent Mt. Lebos highest ranking students. li you hav, lots ot that gray matter Cupper third ot ycur class scholasticallyl a well- roundel personality Knot more thon three idiosyn- crasiesl, arid it you have participated in activities tor. Gt course before you are elected you rnust pass the 'zpproxal ot your teachers and cass- mate... Il, lItSi'f,I lotion held at the Seni r Reoogni ion Prograrn, is very inspiring. The olue and gold candles are lighted as the presiding ienibers ex- plain the rneaning ot tne society. eing elected to the aio ra o.icr ociet is 'ie ' ,one '-r r gc ' ot eve y tuaent, .f y u c Qc su.e lift- l the rrern ers are t. elas est! 94 ' I. I ,A U, Y l. ' . I l I , - - .I , . ,V 4, . A K - ,D 5. - , , , 3 f f r i s Q ,, ,, F ss , Y I I you may be Just the person the society is looking H I V ' L J ' l LF Wy I V C F T e l ' , e o c f t t sl ' 1 s f n M C F J , v , F Cv-I 1 C 1' B r Q N T rf I H WV SF Y . r pit: i '. Q ,A , t .ws :Nc at r s n ana o an ar is . re r J all r i b M l. Po b A Touch of Brilliance ACTIVITIES KEYS Front row Gaw Bowland Howard Clement Jacob Mc Connell Bernhard Wallerstedt Burch Second row Hast mgs Glenn Lopez Frank Jackson Conrey Gray Alder son Ellts Thrrd row Zwmggl Mulscm Hobbs Vanaman Good Portman Janctar Cntser Llttle Wmters McClel land Cutler Van Ktrk Morrow Kern Stewart Garvey Fourth row Kraemer Woeber Allen D Smzth Mac Laren Rustad Lorentz Reynolds Frodey Younktns Barry Steele Wnrriuell Kountz B Smzth Challener Dorman ACTIVITIES KEYS AND GUARDS Alderson Jackson Vstep Frank ACTIVITIES AWARDS NVere you one ot those lucky Sentors wno neord your norne onnouncecl ct the Actrvttxes Assenrhly os cr wtnner of on Actrvttres Key? T en perhaps you know how we unde cloes rnen envred you ond wondered how we toc oulcl ecrn the mnety pornts requlred to wtn such on honor Actrvttres potnts ore ecrned rn o thousand odd ond tnteresttng woys These rt. ro orowrnq orlqrncl posters for odvertrsmq d n ee to ro ktnq you brotn for CI yearbook t erre- Sorne qols earned polnts tokmq ternperotur e rn the meclrccl oftrce ond sttll others serve o G1rl Reserve Comrnrttees School otfrcers lected potnts pondennq over wetqhty student nlerns Sorne lent tnetr tolents to the orches t ond bond or worked beh1nd t e scenes ct seruor clcrss ploy Sports cle ontrrbuted e frly to the pornt column v tor1es defects no hours of workouts ond orc tt e However you dtd tt 1t wos tu ond worth 1 tle too wosnt rt? lt gave you c proud feel g toc ornplrshrnert espect ly 1 you were e of the very few to rec n e qool of two unclred C1Cl1V1l19S polnts cnc get o qucrd wrth y ur key We unclercl ssrne re oqntze CI ffecrer of the key os cr stude N o nos con totltec to hrs school ond we feel tnsprrecl to try to motch or excel hrs cxttomment - - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 - 1 " 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . , ' 1 . 1 1 1 . - 1 l 1 1 -4 1 - , , .. x 1 1 . 1 . www . ,uv V . . . l 1 1 1 1 r , rf-1 ,A ro- ., ' - Iii-f' r . or -fl Co.. HV Y, 'M - P 'ww ' ,W lr- ' .. U IX. , 1 1 '1 'W 1 f' "' ot.. . A c V . F 1.,. X. I. 1 . 1 un - , V I . I. -1 M - . I. ' A- 1 1 - v l ' ww f rn 'H ft f" 4 'ffl 15 , M , ,L ... U 1, 4 I, A .11 , 1 . . . 1 1 An nv ,ln f- , g1W,, ou, r . c.. 1 . 1 L5 1 1 . 1 1 . r- r V1 V . ,. I.. . -A U 1 A ' ' A 1A 1- r- ' , C.. V . Q' . .. . c ' ' ' ' fi 11 1 1- 111+ 1 f1 . I 1 r 1.11 .. .l. .. . . . . K-'AL v X . 1 . . cv . . , V- A oo inf 15 J Via A , 1 se 2 ' f '1 ,x x J K' I ' +4 ff x "f 1 ix 'ff 1' , 1 QQ:-ff-'6"?:'Cf,, ', , -,.-59' I . - fr rg ' V v ,M S' ,'51..g.i , -f 5 . m:55 g:l- :fa A ' 3 ' 'I a V V .. Q ip , H 1 f -L as L A ,Fil A it X, 3 . 1 X M 'M 7 ' ' Q' VQMQ' , :Lu G ly Q 1' ' E'-Q ' "" - , 1 n 5 I ft , fy 4 , A ' it , QI .. . A A f nazi' ' . -, H 9. . Q , L . 1 aff 3' W Q.: mnxx To Stage Senior Class Plays THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER BL'lllll'I Jurl. fllrrrttzcwllo thuttgfhl hw hurl Slfwrftltln ll'h :It xlllt llllllS Jim l'1't'4'r1l,uh 'ht' spot lL'l71'7I lv hut: w't'ffrt 'ul hm vlrrgttvtg rloftgfhtvr, I'f1t .Shrtrpqz who ts ztslzwwff lm ttmtltw' N411 lvrstvdt. Althoztglh tht' sctrcoplutglts was tht' msfwwftfoh mr .www jim' flfllllfl and s11ct'1l3f plotltng. zt trus rwzw'f'3lwlv's.x u stron: on the rfzztsvlus nj' lhu slflgt' c're'u'. Hlllllll ts lll1S'l-Q on-lrztrrterl Shtfrrgf In hs .:wt'w1rtry, Hurlfzzru Bassett. zrlwn Lou Portman. tht' .'4'V4'lt'l'llll 1-ry th., Ullllfllltl, had just presented him with ll holly tt-rvzzth, "Penguins with thermomvters" L'fIlISlflV7'Illll-ll AllHl'l.'Ufl Ann Pot- tvrsorz as shy u.rplrtirwd to Nr. ll'lt'1-writ' mul Dr, N" Fred Cassell. It took that humorous little trlclcstvr Blllllil. plfzgwrl by ll'ilfred Ereurivlt, lo rid Sherry of glamorous ,llorgfzv Durirt, who had become rz trifle too attractive to lIi'Zl'Sjlfl1M'7'!f!llIl, Ilure Conrad. rx X 'v 4 That chorminy British nflor, Bill llIt1cLurvh. was rz hugh stu'- cvss us the singer of "Sweat Lorraine". rflsf rf? it E f' xl H r a BAND 'Uk' Back row Hzbbs Hecht Lentz G Eyrrch Dzery Harper Clarl Karcher Second row Wzlder Graves Evans Hardle McFerran Garvey Erchenlaub Thlrd row Smzth Goddard Mangold Keen Fee Estep Albert Wllson Fourth row Clark Walker Smeal Herget Lund Marsh Pollock W!lT7llClx Vogel Snuth Benson 'VI Eyrzch Flfth row McEwen Houston Furman Young Rzclzar-ds Crrtsrr Komara Cramer Kzrk Brnclleu S1Xth row Flezschut Gelnzer Bruznt Brer man Schmtdt Younq Azchele Reynolds Seventh row Palmer Harmon Brrll Culbertson Klmgmsnuth Taylor Demgan Gray MUSIC Furmshed P1erre MUSIC Mu rc plays an mroortchl part 1h the actrvrtues ol any school and ours rs no exceptroh Durmq loot ball season our lme oafna under the chrechoh ol Mr Mrescer kept us peorved up and ehterlamecl durmq the hall by rls Colorful routmes suC'1 as the larrrous oolero rrur her T1 frlty members o t e oahd sorhl 'ferry hours dfllllflj lor the mtrroate haures they e Horus rrer Cf Jrmrra rrr R 908 and Juaqrha from the 'vreloarous harmony l t re lmrsh cl D duct lVl1ss Shefuy really knows how to get re sn, s She also arfe e or hestra W orovrdes e rr us or ou lass lays se 1 r asserores ORCHESTRA and commeheerhe ts Ne may well rake prrde 1h T G rIuS1CG1GCUVmcQ C our Qcqool Sutmg Jacel Grzffzths Donnelly Labrenz Standmg Jeannero Phzllzps Lund Gollmar Rzegel 98 - r . . -. " . . f y '. ,V I . , v ' I I I s E 1 V ' - . , . , o . , Q r . ,I 1 fa , I ,. , Q . r F . L r . l A K X- , Th, gli - ro M1211 tif , ' ' oohi o , . A- rr a or : , e Aro , , r r ' e 'lp ' " ras 'hc C V Ptah l , l The rr IC f 1 C. jo -, ...C ,. l , vw T + ' ' , . ., . g e W W ' ' 1 , ' I :. . . . CHORUS Front row Cordell A1 ery R Fvrraro Grosso Scariace Karcher Second row J Sclzurzn Toler Yohe Van Kzrk Rlch ards Bergmzm Kern Funk Moran F Schwart Carroll Thlrd row Dunbar Jones Pl11lIz11.s Vogel Willoughby Conrey Doersch Wall Murdock Bradford Eynch Bouen Fourth row Ezchenlaub Pocker MacKay Frank Koeber T Ferraro Maloney Proctor Muder Fmdley F1f'11 row Bonner Morrou, Kmg Baum Pollock S1xth row Tmzberlake Lloyd I-Iumphreys Harper W1th A Note Of Insplratlon ORCHESTRA 111111. 1111111 U1 1r C 1 1 IIIL, Hmsrmz Ill C111 5 111d1 1g, wllllxllllll BEYLSUTI Oulu ey St111d111g RUbl7lbUVl Rkllllfd 99 I . 1 . . 1 . . 1 . . : . 1 ':, , , ' . ' - , ,,.. - I -, . I. . . . . 1 . . I , A , 1 . 2 I . . ' . ' , ', - . . - V ' . - I , ', V . '- 3 ' 1 I I I SX' 1: WU 1'z1'11.1'. Sp' lc' , ll'7lll. S'tt' I: r .' . Lv ,I 'l:. 'le '1 ': 1 ' s. ' . ' 'I . L ' I ' ' . " 5. Groups Exhlbltecl Talent TRIPLE TRIO Qur Triple Trio under the direc tion of Miss Sneary has long been a favorite with the music lovers of Mt Lebanon And for good reason tool llhese nine chicks can really g Je out with the sweet and mel law' Tryouts are ield each fall and you c rn be sure that the girls chos er are the cream of Mt Lebo s crop of budding prima donnas lt isnt all g ry tnough for behind their lovely songs are long hours of practice and plain hard Work Their appearance always added to any school activ Klmgtnsmztli Bell Koerber Fermro Vogel Kmg Baum Morrow Frank Packet taccompamstl GLORIA We all look forward each year to the first regular assembly the Cnristmas program lt school but more imoortant a chance to Wit ness some local talent giving their all to a deeply interested audience ln spite of the ravages of the flu bug an ex cellent cast was a sembled to present the Christmas story in the form of a play called Gloria Each actor worked diligently and came through with an excellent show The sight to behold as it tlrrilled many of us with the beloved notes of loy to the World hind a filmy curtain the ethereal angel choir softly sang the background music After the last strains of Silent Night fell upon the hus d assembly We left the auditorium in srired Tiese scenes from Gloria re all fn ar isti cerf rmance l I N f' i lo I , ' ' ity. i - l I - means first of all an early dismissal from candlelight procession of the chorus was a . . . A ,, Be- s ' . ne c , , ' ' 'f 'A I V A' 3 1. i so - " ' " so A. J. t'.,.'c A o . lCU Growmg Clubs Came Into Focus DEBATE CLUB Do you emoy a good argument? lf so you ought to 1o1n one of Mt Leba non s newest orgamzatlons the Debate Club Under Mrss Travlss drrectxon our ctebaters spent most of thetr frrst year learnmg the rules of debattng and the essentrals of good pubhc speaklng Soon they w1ll be full fledg ed orators ready to tackle any aues tron If you heard some trery arguments om1rg from Room 214 these debaters were probably dlscussmg therr Iavo r1te sublect compulsory m1l1tary tram rng Therr frrst pubhc appearance was before the Mt Lebanon C1V1C League So successful was th1s attractron that rt IS hoped to be made an annual at farr You w1ll frnd the wlnners names mscrtbed on a plaque proudly drs played 1n the trophy case DEBATE CLUB Front row Van Klrk Flmn Second row Wyrough Dwkson Dun bar Taber Third row Sprmger Zolbrod Foster SWIIHITIIDQ partres bowhng dances YMCA movles Sounds great and 1t was Ask any H1 Y member The club was organrzed rnto two groups thrs year Mr Rarnes leadrng the Sophomores and Mr Mrtchell the Iunrors and Senrors The basketball league sponsored by the H1Y went over wtth a bang as the gym became the scene of many hotly contested games on Monday and Thursday nrghts Competrtton among the twelve teams ran hlgh rn the battle for frrst place But the Globe Trotters captalned by Don Mc Connell emerged v1ctor1ous and were rewarded w1th T shuts for therr efforts Collectlng a truckload of clothmg for Europe was the clubs outstandrng contrlbutron as they f1n1shed another successful year HI Y OFFICERS Senior Group MacLaren Hlb bard Cramer Junior Group fseatedl Ross Flezschauer tstand mgl McQuzllen Hecht I . ,,s, I - - T 1 . . I . . I . . , 1 ' 1 x . I C F . c t , . 3 . . . h if g 1 ' if . . . . 1 I - 3 1 ' - , 1 ' , . . , , . , , , . . . . . . . If If . . , ' 1 - 1 . , . . . 1 I . , - M , . . .Y J - , . Girls Blend Service and Fun GIRL RESERVES The Gtrl Reserves ore drvrded rnto three groups the Alphors or sophomore grrls whose theme for the yeor was Know Others the rumor grrls or Deltos whose theme was Know Yourself ond the sentor gtrls the Betos who took up the suhnect lfnow Your oreer The soc1ol ltfe of the Grrl Re serves cortststed of mony mterest rng speolcers ond progroms rorng mg from rugged sports sessrons rn the gym to plcnn old lorshroned smgs rn Room 5 On the lrghter srde who wtll ever forget those negt covered drsh dlnners those terrrltc GR dorncesl The Bgtas entmtrzmeri than mothns at n tm and ffl9lL'l0'Il show Vx71th the end of the wor the grrls were ogom ohle to spend o week end ot the Gtrl Reserve oomp Cgrondowono Thts year th Betos went thot IS orbout twenty ot them went ond reollly nord or gov trme Although Mother Nctture frowned on the group wrth old wrnds ond rom the ggls hrotved the weorther wrth or hot gome of mushholl The Betos tollced the trtp up so much thot the Deltos ond Alphos cont wont ttl next yeor ,N img the Alphus tszttmqt Glenn Frank zclents Adams Sezjuth McDr1mel ut Gucnlhet fslmlclmql Iopc Kerr Con the Ruognmon Spruce reu Alactsmz ALPHAS DELTAQ BETAS 1FrontP HClSll7lQS Szmmonrhs tsec WFIOIIIV Llc uellyt Emery tseconcl IOVL' Lightfoot IFr0ml Zu znggt Sharpe fsecond ond rovw MeDanzel Adams Light Aunt zs Ztcqler Crau ford tthurl IUXXP Pad er Hog row! Hathauay Sezferth Kalbaek boun Duzls Phtlhouer lthlrd rovw sett McConnell Jacob 'third IOWJ Hels Bradley Lupe ley Hobbs lO2 t 1 , H H. , , , , , H H' , M tv H , o X f-. H V o . I , t , 7 j . A ,A . , Q. 7 - A ' . ll . ll I - 1 , OT ,N . , . Q . v -1 1 1 . A W I V I r , . 1 . These January seniors assisted in OTQIUL- The crltrzem caught the three G, R. pres- -- . , I, -, ., . , w ..: . ' J 23' Y - Q ,- ' ' A , .' . 'J .- V 4, l - A tvs. ',- Q .,: '. . , .:,. - , . . ' ' ' 1 Y - V ' - 3 ' V . D V ! J - - , f:. , . News P1ctured Latest Deta1lS LEBANGN LANTERN Room 305 The average student knows 1t only as the gossrp catcn all or Mtss Elhott s En glrsh class but to the Lantern staff tts horre A stranger upon entertng 305 mrght be met w1th Where s that story on the returnrng teachers? Hey Torn wnte somethrng hu morous a column long Waere s tae typ1st'? Multlply these phrases hy one undred and youll see how a modern 1gh s hool news paper 1S born But watt a mrnute Dont get the wrong 1m pressron there s method rn thrs madness Two regularly scheduled meetrngs are held for each rssue the trrst to tear apart the prevlous ed1 t1on and the second to decrde the type of mate r1al and deadlrne dates tor the comrng paper The arttcles are assrgned wrrtten handed 1n and checked durtng the tollowrng week Three ble copy and determrnrng the makeup after whrch the paper IS sent to the prrnter Some thmg always happens to drsrupt th1s smoothly workmg system however such as a last mm ute news rtem or a prcture too b1g for tts alloted space Fmally one week after the proof reach es the prtnter s desk the P A announcer states The Lantern shmes ton1ghtl Top to bottom Harrlet Jones arldresses one of the forty flue out of town Lanterns nltzle Flo Frtday Brll Foreney and Lorrazne Fzsher look oz er the books Beckley Smlrlt shles auay from the camera whzle Tom Woeber ualts for just the rzgllt moment John Graz es Pat Specht and Cal Schumann glare at a. cut that uas engraved four tunes too large Bud Horney Mayette Ward and Phyllts Kraft collabo rate on deczdlng whe e to put that last mmute .story Mary Jo Van Gundy and Tom Ford pump our let Mr Browne for a hot sto y I ,, ,, , . , l I 1 . . 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Suggestions in the Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Mount Lebanon High School - Lebanon Log Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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