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SC QXQNKM H0 0 10 'f55Assom-X ,JU ' ' 1940-4' FAML H-Tr MX M-A jk Q AW W g'P7"'2Zr Q' : iii 'NT f'W"f nfdlh OURSCHOOL flfw2w: X . K K ,num !Cxk i -fi , WH' I 5 I I - M U r M, F. 1 - 11? S I .5 -U gm," I i Q F1 - 1 , Aff 'I ,m M- ' , 'i 0- Nil Ji MMI B 4 t W 5 .lx -1 1- I i - 1 1 KN .W H 1 W 1 --x '1 l I X N 2 '-:J N ' l f 2, i X -wr! f ww fs + X X 'x 'f-WZ' -nf l V rf -' ' ff X - X. ' ' W Ls ww - M-..+Y14:1 'Q ff AN ' l'xLL..x fu , ,,y,:,,.,L ' - mx, lr, L. F l I i E - 'lc I1 ra Y J' WI I 1 -1 '44 M 'inf J? f-V 4' 1 - .. M N g I S " --J ' U V7 gum' Figwwg ,-4mfiH' ffwff 'few wffhx Y'iW ku" F axis- Q ,MX LUSZXNCDN 4 'N-. ix 55 ff ,, 21. 1 -A sk. mb, ' Ah .Q 7, 'ig L-,,,,k"' RE. 9, U1 , T2 1 x zfflf. :T LE, Nric: 5 wi 25 He., ELAINE ALEXANDER - Editor In Chief EUNICE SMITH - Literary Editor A- -1. Y- ' V 4 - .-- I I7 ' . I ,f-Lf., 'f 5 1i',2Q'i'f Y, - , N ' . ,fr-:H 25: 'f-,I 0, V ' Q! FZ' 4 1.11, vft. 1 ' ' .IL .55 V ' . fr fn' 1 1 -. 1 E Y .1 ' V' Li .Y- ..f ' L ' - 5 gf , N I 1 iv 115' .32 ' 5 2 iff V. 1 r, . 5 . :I - 5 -I f' 5 SLIXITINCJ VOL XI 1940 41 BY THE STUDENTS OF THE MT LEBANON HIGH SCHOOL PITTSBURGH PA QCDNTILIXITS O ADMINISTRATION O CLASSES O ACTIVITIES O ATHLETICS DAN BODE - Business Manager ' I bf if H WN Mother and Dad realszung how easy nt IS to take for granted your unseltlsh love and devotlon to us we want to express our appreclatlon tor these our most treasured posses snons This has been a busy year tnlled to the brlm wnth excite ment and happnness and though we may have neglected to tell you before we really do know that ut was your love and sacrifice that made ut all possnble Oh we realuze what a hole we ve cut In your pocketbook Dad and how patnent you have been with us Mother and we do appreciate your guld ance and advice though at times they were hard to tollow So thus our book a record of our self reliance rn bltlon forth trnendshlp good sportsmanshlp all those Ideals whlch you have taught us to cherish we dedicate to you Mother and Dad 1 I I - I - I I . ' I K , , , , . J " ,A I I . I I ' , 4 -.Af -- h 4 :LQ 1 ey- 5. I . .Q A' .- ,1-- , r Viv" r L . .. - V ' ' O - A A 'Ll i, E H ,' I 1 1 Y MN . ,..,- , .- V- V i I TW. n' , V I ig 5- K .V W' W- ' ' xr., , 'rf' Prcduced by Courtesy of Curtis Publishing Co. 3- -7' m a- 1, ,V ,gs .L- L rf 'A 1 an 1 5 I 9 X ,xt 1 . wx J K , t .r , Q ., 1 f. - X ' V 1 is ' 5, .S I l, 5 N 1 :f',' ' ,L 1 .. , . i 5- KNCPN qv S S 2 an 4 3 'ix f fi R D HORSMAN, Acting Principal 0 H. V. HERLINCER: "Our forefathers, yours and mine, had a deep and abiding love for this country-it was for them to live and die by that love. Theirs was no blind emotion, but a clear and abiding and disturbing thing. It was not the size, nor the wealth, nor the climate, but a deep and lasting belief that here was an opportunity to set up those ideals liberty that men had struggled, sacrificed, and died for Ages. You, the young people of this community, have opportunities and privileges our forefathers made possible that this precious heritage is safe in your hands." of freedom and throughout the enjoyed all the lt is our belief R. D. HORSMAN: "Sometimes we do not appreciate our most privileged possessions. We have been partakers of one of the most priceless offer- ings under a democracy-a system of free public schools. When we have enjoyed the advantages of these schools we must not feel that our part in their operation has been completed. Those who have gone before ex- pressed their appreciation by assuring us that we might benefit from their experiences, now, it is our duty to repay them by protecting these privileges for those who are to follow," M715 qpqsns-vw i --f.r..- 33 -qu-as J, xg. Q H. V. HERLINGER, Superintendent C L. E. PERRY, Principal Fort Knox, Ky. March 6, l94l. Dear Friends: The Armored Force, of which l am now a part, moves on wheels and tracks. One of its greatest vehicle problems is to "Keep 'em rolling," A tank, truck or armored car cannot make its contribution unless it is kept in condition to do so. Hence my message for the Log in these strenuous times: "Keep it rolling," and to each student member of dear old Mt. Lebanon High School, "Carry onl" Sincerely, Captain L. E. Perry. EXECUTIVE BOARD OFFICERS O N Executive Board holds its regular weekly meeting. Furst Row: Lawrence, J. Murray, Leech, J. McCall, Volkay, Roberts, Edmundson, Hall, Gales Taylor. Second Row: Mcpeak, D, Flnn, McCormack, D, Copefas, l-larrus, Bossarr, Smltmans, Osbourne, Flndley, Pelz, Bode Thlrd Row: Llnnert, Felsley, E.. Murray, Hlmrnelnch, G McCall, Judge, Beers, Burns, Evans, Adams, Fourth Row: Perkins, Flunn, Charles, ReeS, Muller, Bruno, Conn Execuflve Board Officers, Bull Douglas, oreszdent, Ed Campbell, wc: oreslrienr Suzanne Craw- ford, secretary, O ELLA B. ION, Vice Principal Planning and arranging schedules for some eleven hundred teachers and students is no easy task. In addition to this, however, our busy Vice Principal supervises the at' tendance office, checks all transcripts and records, and even finds time to counsel puzf zled students about requirements for gradu- ation. Truly a vital part of our school mech- anism is efficient Miss lon. I OFFICE FORCE fLower Leftl Miss Hammerly and Mr. Smiley are kept pretty much "onthe go" with financial mat- ters and the mimeographing of all school papers. They are always willing, neverthe- less, to deliver telephone messages, answer our silly questions, or sign another "Form 27 " O ATTENDANCE OFFICE lLower Rightl Mrs. McKeIvie, manager of the atten- dance office, lends a helping hand to some members of the squad. Collecting, alpha- betizing and filing absentee cords, and checking up on late-comers make up the main duties of this popular activity, Mr. Clatka lnow lieutenant ot the Quartermaster Corps, Fort Bragg, N. CD and successor Mr. Fry study workings ot a cell. "This is America" under Misses Cribbs and Stoner goes on the air. lt's lunch time tor "Brother Rat" in Mr. Cilbert's lab. H. . ., istory in the making. - a peaceful conference among ambassadors Roegge, Zahniser and Beck ot Spain, France and Germany respectively. That rifle score and Mr. Streams' smile "aim" to please. Miss McLaughlin and editors light the Lantern of school news. Some student saved by the bell from solving Miss Smith's math problem. Miss Rightmire still has us going in circles. Miss Timko and crew personity domestic bliss in the kitchen ot the new model apartment. QQ tx Maestro Miescer gives a word of encouragement to veteran band members, Miss Frobese censors a skit before its debut over the air Mr, Anderson puts the final OK on a shop product. Snapshot l3 might mean bad luck to some English class as Misses Pickens, Elliott and Neumarker plot a test. Messrs. Whipkey and Ford and Miss Casper make use of a free period in the teachers' den, the professional library. Coach Luecht gives a few pointers to stars of the champion football team. History department's triumvirate, Doak, Peterson and Shultz, have their heads together again. Mr. Saxton and the Hi-Y cabinet enjoy a friendly fireside chat. Mrs. Morgan sends the Blue Devil out to spear a victory. IN GYM, LAB, AND CLASSROOM, TOO, . Messrs. Swartz and Brown supervise embryo chemists in preparing hydrogen, 2, Mr, Burrows, Miss Leeper, Mr. Schade, and Miss Whinnie momentarily enjoy toad tor thought. 3. A sight as tamiliar as teachers . . . and as necessary. . . Books, 4. Flora and fauna interest bioligically inclined Mr. Kelley. 5. Miss Taylor and the Executive Board cabinet plan the next week's meet- ing. 6. First aid administered by Dr. Martin and Miss Millard. 7, Coach Mollenauer has his students on the run. LOG SEES THE TEACHERS FOLLOW THROUGH 8. "Speed it up there, golsl Miss Grove meons business?" 9. C, A. A. orchers, Misses Rhodes ond McDonold oim to give Cupid competition. lO, Mrs. Hoys, Miss McClure ond some members of the Stott Log-rolling, ll. Miss Thompson goes o-morketing for supplies from Mr. Konvolinko, l2, Librorion, Miss Moore, eloborotes on "A History of Printing" exhibit. l3. Misses Hollidoy ond Potterson plon heodlines for the "Lotino Lux" with the editors. l4. Could these smiles meon thot Mr. Crimes ond the public oddress squod hove just onnounced onother victory for the Blue Devil? QQ QV fa g Z V 2 x J , . , 0 I LIBRARY I I Z Z Z Q9 47' I fi Z 4 Z . l li.-ll-1! PATTY LOU ADAM June Class Play, Girl Reserves, Honor Roll, "Lantern," Operetta Commit- tee, G. A. A. EDWARD A. AIRES June Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Cafeteria Squad, Clubs. RAYMOND AITKEN Transferred MARY MARGARET ALDERSON June Traffic Ways and Means Girl Re serves Honor Roll Library Senior Tea Committee AUDREY ALICE ALLEE June Class Play Committee Chairman Hostess Squad Traffic G A A Girl Reserves Clubs JEAN ANDERSON June G A A Cafeteria Attendance Clubs MARY JEAN ANDERSON January Girl Reserves, Hostess Squad, Sen- ior Tea Committee, Operetta Com- mittee, Class Play Committee. MARTHA JEANNE ATKINS June Attendance, Class Play Committee, Operetta, Honor Roll, Chorus, Girl Reserves. DOROTHY M BAKER June Home Room Officer Library Cho rus Clubs ROBERT B BAKER June Football Intramural Basketball HiY Clubs MAXINEI BALCH June Senior Tea Committee Class Play Committee Library Chorus Girl Reserves Clubs DOROTHY EVELYN BALL January Attendance Hostess Squad Class Play Committee Senior Tea Com mittee Clubs G A A O I I - , . I I - ' 1 I I ' . .I I I I . , , I , . ,nv-,-., Amlaihqrs ' A A ee Ii, O VIRGINIA BALLARD January Clubs. EVELYN BARTEAUX June Clubs. DOROTHEA BECK BARTO June National Honor Society Activities Award Library Chairman Bulletin Board Squad Honor Roll Home Room Officer MARYLEE BARTON June Senior Tea Committee Clubs PHYLLIS ANNE BAZLEY June Class Play Committee Senior Day Committee Traffic Girl Reserves Clubs ALTA MAE BEAL January Clubs RAY BEATTY June Football, Wrestling, Soccer, lntra- mural Basketball, Clubs, JANE LOU ISE BECRAFT June Library, Traffic, Publicity Commit- tee, "Log," Honor Roll, Girl Re- serves. VIRGINIA BELLINGHAM June Tra fic Hnor Roll G A Clubs HERBERT BENSON Transferred JOHN F BERGMAN June Cross Country Traffic B Squad Football HIY Track Intramural Basketball MARGARET D BERGMAN June Information Senior Tea Commit tee G A A Girl Reserves Clubs FT O 1 I ' ' I ' f , 0 , . . A., I I I , . I I A - ll IA h , , I 1 I I I I- , , I . W . I - 1 - - -1 I 1 - Q9 I K Vx X . . 0,4 Q Nd 11 4:25.2 4 9 Q L ". f In , LEONARD W. BERTELSEN June Usher Squad, Class Play Commit- tee, Honor Roll, Hi-Y, Clubs. LEONA RUTH BETZ June Class Play, Chairman Ways and Means, Traffic, Home Room Offi- cer, Activities Award, Girl Re- serves. MARY LOU BETZ June Clubs EUGENE V BISHOFF June Class Play Honor Roll Home Room Officer Clubs CYNTHIA ANN BLAKE June Traffic Attendance Library Home Room Officer Senior Day Commit tee G A A J DANIEL BODE June Honor Award Committee Class Play Committee Log Business Manager Activities Award Na tional Honor Society Qu ll and Scroll Qu cr INTER gem 'ren 'ro JOAN S. BOSSART June Band, Arts and Crafts Squad, Traf- fic, Orchestra, Home Room Officer, Class Play. EDNARAY BOYD June Clubs. UW, ,JJ II , ,. L viz' I MARYS novo January Class Play Chairman Social Com mittee Cheerleader Activities Key and Guard Home Room Officer Lantern PATRICIA BRADY January Class Play Chairman Ways and Means Attendance Honor Roll Bulletin Board Squad Lantern CATHERINE BRANNON June Library Traffic Senior Tea Com mittee Clubs GERTRUDE A BRANNON June Club Organization Committee Sen O if if X Ly. l,. !. I U I - F . I I , . . , , ,i i, If t "mf I I I I . . I I I , . I I I I I ' ' ' . . . I I I I - ' I . . ll Il I . , I I V 'I - n I , 0 p . . . I - , no ' 1 0 ior Tea Committee, Traffic, Clubs. i Y I 0 h, ' .4 ffuf' , 7, , Q .ll . ZZ!! I I 6 n I rs ,, , ,i.- , BARBARA ROSE BRILL June Senior Tea Committee Orchestra Honor Roll Girl Reserves Clubs. JEAN BROCK Transferred RICHARD BROSKY Transferred DUNCAN BROWN June Football Basketball National Hon Society Activities Award Log Honor Roll CLAIRE LOUISE BROWN June Secretary Traffic Committee Hon or Roll Senior Teo Committee Home Room Officer Girl Reserves Clubs JUNE LOUISE BULL June Attendance Senior Tea Commit tee Clubs SCD O ROBERT BURLINGAME June Rifle Intramural Manager Class Play Committee Usher Squad Home Room Officer Clubs. ELIZABETH ANN BUSH June Cheerleader Ways and Means Girl Reserve Officer Lantern Business Manager Home Room Officer Traffic EDWIN CAMPBELL June Executive Board Officer Basket ball Cross Country Home Room fflcer Track Log E LOUISE CAMPBELL January Operetta Committee Class Pay Committee Operetta Home Room Officer Honor Roll Chorus MIKE JOHN CAVALOVITCH June Soccer Intramural Basketball Clubs MARILYN CAVANAGH June Class Play Attendance Chairman Ways and Means Activities Award Honor Roll Home Room Officer f I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 11 11 1 1 , . I . 1 1 O - 11 11 1 1 - 1 1 - . l Ol' 1 1 1 1 11 11 - , 1 1 1 - I - ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . , . I . , . o In CAROLYN ELIZABETH CERNA June Band G A A Arts and Crafts Squad Orchestra Glrl Reserves Clubs PAULINE H CHAMBERLAIN June Clubs JAMESS CHAMPION June Band Orchestra Clubs ROBERT T CHARTERS JR January Fenclng Trafflc Commrttee Club Ro HIY ANN ALLEN CHASTAINE June Class Play Attendance Chanrman Troffuc Honor Roll Operetta Gnrl Reserves MARY PATRICIA CHASTAINE June Class Play Honor Roll Traffrc Arts and Crafts Squad Chorus Clubs E c 9' o f ' 0 61 0 S CONCETTA CIPRIANO June G A A Cubs LEONA CIPRIANO June Lnbrary Class Play Commlttee Sensor Day Commlttee Glrl Re serves Trafflc JEAN ELIZABETH CLARK June Ways and Means Glrl Reserves Offlcer Actlvmes Award Chanr man Class Play Committee Honor Roll Secretary Lubrary Councnl ROBERT H CLARKE June Football Scholastlc Commuttee Actnvntles Award Natlonal Honor Socnety Honor Roll B Squad Basketball POLLY ANN COBBEY June Clubs ED COLAIANNI January Actnvmes Key and Guard Orches tra Honor Roll Band Chorus Tenms CHM O , - - -, I I I . . ., I . . I I I . , ' , . I . I I I I I I- , , . . , . . . . I I I I I I . . . . . , . , Organlzatuon Commuttee, Honor - H H ll, ' ' I I I I I I I A . I I I I , 1 I - ? I I I I I X " A' ,7 R vb! Q94 1, 9 RICHARD DONALD COLLINS January Fencing, Sports Announcer, Intra- mural Basketball, Class Play, Hi-Y, Clubs. DALTON GEORGE COURTNEY June Wrestling, Class Play Committee, Intramural Basketball, Clubs. WALLACE COYTE June Wrestlmg B Squad Football Home Room Offlcer Lantern Intramural Basketball Clubs SUZANNE B CRAWFORD January Executlve Board Offucer Actnvutues Award Honor Award Commnttee Ways and Means Home Room Of fncer G A A Councnl WESLEY DAVIES CRONMILLER June B Squad Football Lantern Class Play Commnttee B Squad Basketball Clubs ROBERT F CROWELL January Football Soccer B Squad Bos ketball Intramural Basketball O ROBERT C. CULHANE June Intramural Basketball, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Class Play Committee, Chairman Traffic, Clubs. JAMES EDWARD CULTON June Wrestling, Intramural Basketball, Home Room Officer, Honor Roll, Hi-Y, Clubs. JEAN RAMSAY CUN NINGHAM June Honor Roll Clubs EVELYN CHARLAMAY DAVISON June Ways and Means Traffic Llbrary Class Play Commuttee Senlor Tea Commnttee Home Room Offncer ROBERT CALVIN DAWSON January Football Operetta Chorus Glee Club Intramural Basketball C'u RAYMOND HANSON DEEMER June Traffuc Sensor Day Commnttee Home Room Offlcer Intramural Basketball Clubs 7 M V H H , , - If H U I I I , . I I I I I . I I I A I I I - I I A , , . . . . H H ,l 1, , I , ,, H , 1 , I , . , , -bs. , I ' 1 , . H f. I I - 1 1 G X f CILIIJS. X ,G A A l 0. 4 I X Q , , ,V , 9 - QI' . TE I I , . - fl 'L 4, Q L 5 N F , 2 , D., x A . ,A . Z ll I I S A 'J' N ' N x 1- ROGER JAMES DE JOHN June Wrestling, Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Clubs. AMELIA DEL GRANDE January Senior Tea Committee, Class Play Committee, G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Clubs. JEANNE L DE LONG June Chorus Senior Day Committee Hostess Squad Log Clubs DONALDS DENKLE January Band Class Play National Honor Society Honor Roll Lost and Found Orchestra WALDEN DE VORE January Band LENORE VIRGINIA DE WALL January Honor Roll Lantern Operetta Class Play Activities Award Na tional Honor Society M jg fi' ff l Wit JACK DONOGHUE January "B" Squad Football, Intramural Basketball, Usher Squad, Hi-Y, Clubs. WILLIAM P. DOUGLAS, JR. January Football, Class Play, Traffic Com- mittee Chairman, Executive Board Officer, Home Room Officer, ULOQDU KATHERINE DOWLING January Class Play Committee Chorus Clubs WILLIAM E DOYLE JR June Home Room Officer Hi Y Clubs GEORGE DULABON June Football Manager Home Room Officer Honor Roll Activities Award National Honor Society 09 GENEVIEVE DULSKI June Senior Tea Committee Honor Roll Clubs O I A A I I ll ll I , 1 I - ' . , . I I I . 1 1 I ' ' ' , . 1 I . , I . , . - I . . I HL .H H 1, I . . ' I I A I I - 0 'Y ., 3 .4 . , V' . - A I I ' 1 0' ' , 1 N 7'fXXi i 0 Info If E' 1' Y -1 X f ,V-Q-.S fx TL - gl """'h ix 1 f ill' Q l I I I' S : 515, -5- r WILLIAM TANDY DUNCAN, JR. January Clubs. MARY CATHERINE DWYER June Clubs ELEONORA ECKENRODE June Traffic Class Play Committee Senior Tea Committee Llbrar G A A Girl Reserves DONALD EDMUNDSON January Home Room Officer Class Play Ways and Means Traffic Operetta Committee FRANKLIN ELLIOT June Intramural Basketball Traffic Class Play Committee Rifle Hs Y Clubs ELIZABETH ELLISTON August G A A Clubs SCD O '10 'Q JOHN D. EMERY June Usher Squad Traffic Honor Roll Home Room Officer Operetta Committee Class Play Committee. LILLIAN E ERFORT June Class Play Committee ANN E MARIE EVANS June Clubs PHYLLIS EVANS June Chorus Activities Award Lon tern Ways and Means Honor Roll Publicity Committee RICHARD EVERLINE June Home Room Officer Orchestra Class Play Committee Clubs WILLIAM FEISLEY June Intramural Basketball Traffic Honor Roll Home Room Officer Class Play Committee Clubs WILLIAM FELIX August JUNETTA FIDINGER January Sensor Tea Commsttee Class Play Commsttee Gsrl Reserves G A A Clubs PATRICIA ANN FINDLEY June Chasrman lnformatson Ways and Means Gsrl Reserves Offscer Hon or Roll Actsvstses Award Natsonal Honor Socsety DOROTHY FLEMING June Sensor Tea Commsttee Sensor Day G A A Cubs RICHARD O FORGETTE June Intramural Basketball Traffsc Cass Play Commsttee Clubs GEORGE FOSTER June Clubs THOMAS FRIEND June RAY C FRODEY January Intramural Basketball Chasrman Usher Squad Traffsc, Chah'man Class Play Commsttee hasrman Oberetta Comms-Hee Home Room Offscer MARGIE CLARE FUNK June Hostess Squad Honor Roll Sensor Tea Commsttee Operetta Commst tee Class Play Commsttee Clubs STEVE GABER June HELEN MAE GAUL January nsor Tea Commsttee Class Play Commsttee Clubs GRACE MAE GEBHARDT January Home Room Offscer Chasrman Class Play Commsttee Attendance Traffsc Hostess Clubs O i . 1 'gl D I V 1 I 1 - ' 'I I ' 9 . Y I I s v J . . . - I I ' Committee, Arts and Crafts Squad, Class Play Committee, Clubs, . . ., l . . Se ' ' , , . , . I I I ' X fl- I 1 s lssusns , l 1 FRANK A. GLENN, JR. I January Ways and Means Committee, Class Play Committee, Hi-Y, Clubs. ERNEST TIM GILES, JR. January Basketball, Football, Key Commit- tee, Class Play Committee, Home Room Officer, Intramural Basket- ball. NED GILES June Operetta Committee National Honor Society Tennis Clubs JOHN K GLESSNER June Band Class Play Ways and Means Traffic President HIY Home Room Officer RUTH MARIE GORDY June Chairman Activities Banquet Chairman Social Committee Ways and Means Activities Award Hon or Roll Home Room Officer MARJORIE LOUISE GRAHAM June Traffic Senior Tea Committee Girl Reserves Class Play Commit tee Chorus .. if RICHARD EARL GRANT January Football, Home Room Officer, Op- eretta, Intramural Basketball. FRANKLIN GRAY Transferred ROBERTA MAY GREEN January Clubs MARIAN R GRIFFIN June Senior Tea Committee Traffic Library Chorus Clubs FREDERICK GRIFFITHS January Usher Squad Class Play Commit fee Clubs DAVID K GRIFFITHS June Chairman Poster Squad Class P ay Committee Log Clubs ci. fl ' , I . 4 X , K xnxx j LL iff J 4 Xu 0 ,KX -T - A Nu- . lx 2 u r s f . 35. 5 BETTY ANN GRUBBS June Operetta Commuttee Sensor Tea Commnttee Class Play Commuttee Traffnc Gurl Reserves Clubs SONIA GRUFMAN June GAA Cubs BARBARA T HAHNER June Sensor Tea Camrnuttee Class Play Commlttee G A A Traffuc Clubs WILLIAM G HALL January Cheerleader Class Play Honor Roll Home Room Offucer Operetta Committee Actnvutues Award EDWARD HAMEL January Soccer Football Track lntramural Basketball Clubs BETSY HAMILTON Transferred DALE HAMILTON June Basketball Football Traffnc Cafe terra Home Room Offucer Hu Y FRED C HAMILTON January Football Decoratlng Squad Traf fnc Cafeterua Class Play Commlt tee Home Room Officer JOHN B HANNON June Intramural Basketball Band Sen nor Day Comrruttee Orchestra Honor Roll Operetta DOROTHY HANOVER June Clubs J ALEXANDER HARDY June Football Wrestlsng Track Home Room Offucer Intramural Basket a ELLSWORTH HARRIS June Intramural Basketball Honor Roll Home Room Offncer Clubs O JAMES 8. HARRISON January Traffic Usher Squad Class Play Committee Operetta Committee Operetta Clubs. THOMAS LEO HARTMAN June Intramural Basketball Class Play Commnttee Traffic Hu Y Clubs EDWARD B HASTINGS January Wrestlnng Chorus Trafflc Class Play Commnttee Operetta lntra mural Basketball MARIANNE B HATTON June Chalrman Bulletin Board Atten dance Traffuc Ways and Means Sensor Tea Commnttee Class Play Commnttee PAUL HAWKSHAW June B Squad Football Class Pay Chairman Usher Squad Home Room Offucer Intramural Basket a RAYMOND HEINEN JR June Class Play Commattee Hu Y Clubs Sem O PATRICIA HELLAND June G. A. A. Cubs. KATHRYN NAOMI HERN June Sensor Tea Comrnnttee Lantern Class Play Commrttee Clubs VIRGINIA SLOCUM HERON June Home Room Offscer Lnbrary Traf fc Gnrl Reserves Clubs EILEEN JEAN HILF June Cheerleader Chaurman Class Play Commuttee Traffuc Operetta Com mnttee G A A Girl Reserves LOUISE HILF January Llbrary Clas Play Commnttee G A A Glrl Reserves Sensor Tea rnmltfee Clubs WILLIAM HOFFMAN January Soccer Band Clubs XUL- , , , , X , I , . . f f f 1 r ' 1 - ' I b , , , . . ' I I - I I - 1 , I , , . I . A I , , , A . . I I I , ' l , . . ., . ,, ,, I - , - I ' ' . 3 . I ' ' r '1 1 , . . Co , . I . , , - , . I - I ' bl , , . ELIZABETH G. HOFRICHTER June Arts and Crafts Squad, Senior Tea Committee, Class Play Committee, Honor Roll, G, A. A., Clubs. MARCELLA B. HOFRICHTER June Club Organization Committee, Clubs. ROBERT HOLSTEAD June Class Play Committee Clubs DOROTHY M HOMER January Club Organization Committee HAROLD C HOOD June Track Home Room Officer Honor Roll HIY Intramural Basketball Band JEAN HOSICK June G A A Clubs f EDWARD HOUSLEY January Track, Cross Country, Traffic Com- mittee, Operetta Committee, Class Play Committee, Intramural Bas- ketball. WILLIAM HOUSLEY January Hi-Y, Intramural Basketball, Class Play Committee. BILLIE JEAN HUBER June Co Editor Lantern National Honor Society Quill and Scroll Log Publicity Committee Girl Reserves BETTY HUGHES June Senior Tea Committee Club CHARLES J HUGUS August Football Intramural Basketball Traffic Clubs JEANNE HUTCHISON June Class Play Home Room Officer Traffic Ways and Means Lan tern Chairman Social Committee O . ,, ,, . ' 1 I I . . . ' ' , s. I I I I I ' 1 1 l I , 0 4? f I . . I - 1: ,z-,I I . 4. I I I - ll. L I ' .' o . . . . ' Eoffc . , . A if . , .. 'f CYRIL J. IVORY, JR. January Cofeterna Cross Country Squad Football Intramural Basket ball Wrestlmg Clubs ELMER JACEK June Class Play Commnttee Clubs JOHN RALPH JENNINGS June Football Intramural Basketball Traffnc Band Clubs PAUL EDWARD KAPPEL January Clubs DONALD M KEAGY June Basketball Manager Rufle Natuon al Honor Socuety Band Orchestra Honor Roll BETTY LEE KEANE June Gurl Reserves Oftucer Operetta Commnttee Class Play Comn-uttee G A A Actnvntnes Banquet Com mnttee Home Room Offncer Sen 0 BAKER KEARFOTT June Rufle Traffuc Clubs ROBERT D KEENE August Football Manager Band Chorus Chanrman Cafeterua Squad Oper etta Clubs CLYDE W KELLER January Intramural Basketball BEN C KENNY June Honor Roll Band Sensor Day Com mnttee Home Room Officer Clubs ROBERT G KIRK June B Squad Football Usher Squad Class Play Commuttee Clubs C BENTON KLINE June haurman Honor Award Commut fee Actnvntues Award Nataonal Honor Soclety Football Manager og Honor Roll ff! BEVERLY CARROL KNECHTEL June Bulletin Board, Senior Tea Com- mittee, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Girl Reserves, Clubs. S. W. KOENIG, JR. June Intramural Basketball, "B" Squad Football, Home Room Officer, Hon- or Roll, Clubs. GLORIA LEONA KOHLMYER June Senior Tea Committee Honor Roll Traffic Clubs SHIRLEY JANE KRUMER June Clubs VIRGINIA ANN KRUMM June Home Room Officer Clubs MARION JANE KUEHNER June Girl Reserves Clubs R6 " s VX! A NW ALBERT CHARLES LAMMERT June Track, Cross Country, Class Play, Activities Award, Home Room Of- ficer, Honor Roll. CHARLES S. LANDAU, JR. Juno Honor Roll, Intramural Basketball Clubs. 1 EVELYN RUTH LANG June Traffic Senior Tea Committee Clubs JACK LANGSTAFF June Cheerleader Social Committee Traffic Clubs MARY ALMA LAPSLEY January Class Play Chairman Publicity Committee Ways and Means Ac tivities Award Quill and Scroll Lantern RICHARD G LAW January Basketball Traffic Class Play Committee Intramural Basketball Clubs O ' - ll A I I 1 I , . I I I I , . .fu S-f I . .. . I A ' I I . I . I H if , . I .I Q. 1 I o : 34.3 I ' 1, 0536? 4" go! 1. ri, C C C . I 0 R+ C SZIII IS MARGARET E. LAWRENCE June Class Play, Honor Roll, Operetta, Ways and Means, "Log," Home Room Officer. ROBERT W. LEECH June Track, Intramural Basketball, Traf- fic, Ways and Means, Home Room Officer, Publicity Committee. MARGARET EVELYN LEWIS January Cass Play Honor Roll Library Home Room Officer Clubs ROBERT C LINDSAY January B Squad Football Rifle Class Play Operetta Activities Award National Honor Society GERTRUDE LINSKY January Clubs HAZEL MARGARET LOEFFEL January Class Play Committee G A A SCIWIO WILLIAM H. LONGSTAFF June Basketball, "B" Squad Football, Home Room Officer, Class Play Committee, Senior Day Committee, Book Squad. LUCILLE LUCCHESI Transferred ALEC LUFT June Rifle Basketball Manager Cafe terra Honor Roll Class Play Com mittee Home Room Officer JEANE LOUISE MACKE January Senior Tea Committee G A Class Play Committee Clubs VIRGINIA LEE MADDEN June Class Play Committee Ways and Means Traffic Chorus G A Girl Reserves JOHN C MAGNUS June Band Honor Roll Home Room Of ficer Traffic Wrestling Manager Track Manager ou er N1 ll q van amy I I I I - Y , . , ' I I - I ' - b , . ,, ,. I . I . . I - -A-I I I . . . 1 . ' . 1 I I I T , , , ' , . . ., 0. 1 if Senior Tea Committee, Girl Re- -:F-'7' 'Q " .1 Q I l K 0 U X ,il , B51 ,fl . - 9 , ,,,, .,,, 5 o 35' ' . ' ' I' S A WARREN A. MARTIN June "B" Squad Football, Usher Squad, Senior Day Committee, Honor Roll, Class Play Committee. JOHN MATRAGAS June Football, Wrestling, Soccer, Intra- mural Basketball Clubs. BARBARA MATHEWS June Ways and Means Class Play Com mittee Traffic Girl Reserves Clubs ELMER N McCALL June Intramural Basketball Clubs JOHN McCALL June Track Honor Roll Cross Country Traffic Committee Home Room Officer Ways and Means WALLACE G McCLELLAND June Track Class Play Committee Ush er Squad Intramural Basketball Clubs JAMES A. McCORMICK August Golf, Track, Poster Squad, Hi-Y, Intramural Basketball, Clubs. ROBERT McCUE June Football, Wrestling, Clubs. LUCILLE JANE McCURRY June Senior Tea Committee Senior Day Committee Home Room Officer Girl Reserves Clubs MARGARET SMITH McELROY June Traffic Senior Tea Committee Lantern G A A Girl Reserves Clubs ROBERT E McELROY June Cross Country Traffic Cafeteria Track HiY Intramural Basket a I 1 MARTHA rnANc:s McFALL January Class Play Operetta Trio Bus: ness Manager Lantern og Ways and Means O BETTY JEAN McKEE June G. A. A., Clubs. THOMAS McSTEEN June B Squad Football Clubs PEGGY LOU MEDLEY June Club Orgamzatlon Commuttee Sen nor Tea Commlttee Lantern G A A Trafflc Clubs MARY ROSE MEROVICH June Club Organnzatnon Commnttee Clubs Class Play Committee MARY ELIZABETH MERSHON January Class Play Attendance Ways and Means Honor Roll Home Room Offrcer Secretary Traffuc Commut ee CHARLES P MEYER June Honor Roll Chanrman Club O gan nzatlon Commuttee Home Room Offlcer Hu Y Chrnstmas Play Clubs JANE MURRAY June Attendance, Home Room Officer, "Lantern," Book Squad, Clubs. A , DOROTHY MYERS' January Class Play Attendance Honor Roll Chanrman Sensor Tea Com mnttee Socual Commnttee EDWARD NAGEL June Track lntramural Basketball Cross Country Clubs MARJORIE NEWMAN June Attendance Class Play Commlttee Honor Roll Sensor Tea Commattee Gnrl Reserves G A A MARY JANE NICKESON June Sensor Tea Commvttee Home Room Offncer G A A Clubs VINCENT MICHAEL O BRIEN June Honor Roll Trafflc lntramural Basketball Home Room Offncer Class Play Committee Clubs 31,5 .fc f 'iff ? SCHIO S NW D I l ' fvl ll ll I I I . I . . Q , . . . . , - . . H H , , I I . 1 -I - I 1 , 0 - . I I I I I . . . , I 1 ' ' I I I I ' ' I ' ' - , . . ., . X . Q ' X , A I , ' I I 1 1 I I I . I I I . I I ' 1 7 ' . . . I O., . .- . 5 1 1 1 1 X . n Sn, of 1, Il i 2 1 ' ' A ' r ' A x ALICE O DONNELL Transferred JERALD O ROURKE Transferred MARY ANN OSBOURNE June Gurl Reserves Class Play Commut ee Home Room Offucer Clubs MARJORIE PARK June ernor Tea Commnttee Log A A Class Pay Commuttee Hon or Roll Girl Reserves MILDRED PECOVISH June Club Organlzatlon Commmttee Sen for Tea Commlttee Clubs Class Play Comrnuttee HENRY PETRICH June ccer Intramural Basketball Clubs 1 K WILLIAM H PHILIPS June Soccer Traffuc Home Room O I cer Rlfle HIY Intramural Bas ketball DOROTHY LOUISE PIERCE June Clubs JOHN RALPH PLYMIRE Transferred CHARLES 0 PRATT JR June Traffnc Operetta Commlttee Ush Commuttee Clubs WILLIAM PRUCTOR January Class Play Commnttee Honor Roll Golf Clubs CHARLES PROVOST June Band Intramural Basketball O chestra Class Play Commnttee Sensor Day Commlttee O I , ' , ff'- T , ' , . E I I u S I , . , ,, G' t - I - ' 'I l I I ' er Squad, Honor Roll, Class Play So , , I I I r- , . I ll :mal 0 CORINNE RANKIN January Class Play Commuttee Traffuc Home Room Offucer Sensor Day Commuttee Clubs JAMES L RECTOR June Honor Roll Home Room Offncer Traffnc Intramural Basketball Clubs ROBERT E REED August Traffnc Home Room Offucer Hon or Roll Hu Y Clubs VIRGINIA RICKS June Chanrman Class Play Commuttee Semor Tea Commnttee Honor Roll Clubs JACK RIDER January Class Play Commnttee Clubs LOUIS S RINGLING June Football Intramural Basketball Home Room Officer, Operetta, Cafeteria, Clubs. Seniors ROBERT N ROBERTS June Track Traffuc Intramural Basket ball Clubs ELIDE M ROMANUCCI June Honor Roll Log Bulletm Board Chanrmon Scholastuc Commuttee Traffuc Actnvutues Award FRANKLIN ROSS June Publuc Address Commlttee Home Room Offucer Orchestra Clubs SALLY RUNYON June Chalrman Class Play Committee Actnvntnes Banquet Lo Press dent Gurl Reserves Lantern Home Room Offucer HARRY D RUPPEL June Chalrman Publlc Address Traffnc ubs MARJORIE MEREDITH RUPPELT u Class Play Commnttee Band Traf fnc Orchestra Chorus Gnrl Re serves MARY RUSKELL June Publicity Committee, Traffic, Li brary, Home Room Officer, G.A.A. Girl Reserves. ED RYAN June Social Committee, "B" Squad Foot- ball, Ways and Means, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, Traffic. PATRICIA JANE RYAN June Traffic Ways and Means G A A Home Room Officer KLog Girl Reserves CATHERINE ARLENE SCHROTH June Class Play Chorus Operetta Hon o Roll Chairman Senior Tea Committee G A A PATRICIA SCOTT June NANCY SEBRING January A A Honor Roll Clubs ll Ge WW JAMES EDWARD SEIFERT June Tennis, Basketball, Ways and Means, Traffic, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. ROY SHAMBO June Intramural Basketball, Decorating Squad, Class Play, Clubs. JUNE MARGARET SHEPLER August A A Clubs RALPH SHERRICK June Intramural Basketball Traffic Class Play Clubs Christmas Play ROBERT SHORT June Soccer Intramural Basketball Clubs HARRIET ANN SIMMONS January Class Play Operetta Committee Senior Tea Committee Senior Day O r I I I .I I I f X I G ' I X Q X f - X R06 C I , - . . 4 L- I y X , I Av , , FEE . M , Committee, Girl Reserves, Clubs. .L Q M, 4 A 5 . : l l. . X : Y X S Q KARL ANTON SITTLER June Rifle Lantern Public Address Class Play Committee Traffic Clubs MARGARET M SLATTERY June Senior Tea Committee Class Play Committee Clubs BETTY MATHIOT SMITH June Chairman Senior Tea Committee Attendance Home Room Officer Clubs Chorus WALTER S SMITH June Track Cross Country Intramural Basketball Manager B Squad Football Clubs GRETCHEN LOUISE SMITMANS June Library, G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, "Lantern," JANET RUTH SNYDER June Senior Tea Committee, Cafeteria Attendance, Library, Operetta Committee "Lantern " G. A. A. JOHN SOWERS June Soccer Clubs LOUISE R STABILE June Cafeteria Attendance Squad en nor Tea Committee G A A Cho rus Clubs NICK STABILE January Home Room Officer Class Play Committee Ways and Means Ush er Squad Hi Y Clubs HELEN LOUISE STAFFORD June Poster Squad President G A A Girl Reserves Officer Class Play Attendance Art Editor Lantern LUCILLE STAHLMAN June Honor Roll G A A Traffic Sen ior Tea Committee Library Class Play Committee JEAN MARIE STANLEY June "Lantern," Senior Tea Committee, Honor Roll, Class Play Committee, G. A. A., Girl Reserves. li' l l D I I l YI Q K "' ?Ziif:x',i Seniors Neqxilel I DOROTHY LUCILLE STAUFF January Publicity Committee, Honor Roll, "Lantern," Class Play, Activities Award, Home Room Officer. JOHN GORDON STEWART June Basketball, Golf, Traffic, Hi-Y Of- ficer, Class Play Committee, Home Room Officer. MARGIE SURVINSKI June Library Chorus Clubs BRADEN SWANEY June Intramural Basketball Home Room Officer Class Play Committee Hr Y Clubs ROBERT M SWEARINGEN June Decorating Squad HiY Traffic Intramural Basketball Clubs EDWARD D SWEET JR June Track Chairman Traffic Commit tee National Honor Society Op eretta Chorus Class Play iN ,jr few , 1 . J ' ' .1 . ' I xt J yi xl . . ': VL LV I X WILLIAM TAYLOR January Intramural Basketball, Class Play, Ways and Means, Usher Squad, Honor Roll, Home Room Officer. JOHN A. TEMPLETON January Intramural Basketball, Honor Roll, Class Play, Ways and Means, Home Room Officer, Decorating Squad. KATHRYN ELIZABETH TEPE June Traffic Arts and Crafts Squad enior Tea Committee Library G A A Girl Reserves JACK LEE THOMAN June Fencing Intramural Basketball Ways and Means Lantern Class Play Committee Traffic ELVA THOMAS January Clubs PRISCILLA DEHN TITE June Class Play Committee Music Man ager Triple Trio Honor Roll Girl Reserves Lantern O , I I S . . , A 1 1 1 1 - . . . ., , . I I I ll ll . - 1 1 , 1 . . ,- , . , . I - I . I , . . , . I . . .- I I ' I - I I ' YL f ' I ' ' I J 5 1 ' '1 1 ' W 3 4 11 11 feb ff: 3 ' ' s ,b,',X ': I ' 1g, I 1, X 1 xl gf A -' J as fs. -L - V "M u 'X T T24 i Ab 0 . X Sl -I-'-r f ff 6 I I I T S ROBERT LEE TOWNER June Track, Class Play, "Lantern," Chairman Decorating Squad, Traf- fic, Intramural Basketball, WILLIAM J. H. TRUSCHEL January Honor Roll, Chairman Class Play Committee, Home Room Officer, Intramural Basketball, Clubs. WILLIAM UNDERWOOD January Class Play Committee Honor Ro Clubs HARRY URELL June Usher Squad HiY Intramural Basketball Clubs NICK C VALICENTI August Football Basketball Soccer lntra mural Basketball VIRGINIA CLAIRE VOLKAY June Ways and Means Traffic Chair man Class Pay Committee Honor l'l O MILDRED MARY VOLZ January Honor Roll, Home Room Officer, "Lantern," Class Play Committee, Girl Reserves, G. A. A. CATHERINE J. VRBONCIC June Senior Tea Committee, Clubs. WILLIAM WALLACE June Intramural Basketball Class P y Committee Clubs MIRIAM WALLGREN January Honor Roll Clubs JACK WARD June Football Publicity Committee C Editor Lantern Activities Award uill and Scroll Intramural Bas ketball BETTY JANE WAYMAN January Traffic Ways and Means Oper etta Committee Home Room Offi cer Honor Roll Class Play Com mittee 4 ry MY' N la ' il, . ' . I . I I I , - , l , . I . . . I O- . U ,H . . , I Q A , - I I I - 4 1 1 ' . I .- I I - , ' . ' - , 0 N f . ' , J A 26 N 9 Roll, "Lantern," Home Room Offi- v W f 7 ' . A I If A :J 1 ' 1 ' A I ga I ' V' T I I. . X : gl ,I ' I-.54 6 I I S 1 ' PHILIP WEISEL June Traffic Honor Roll Operetta Cho rus Clubs ETHEL WEISMAN June Senior Tea Committee Library Traffic Clubs GLORIA WEISS June Arts and Crafts Squad G A A Clubs WESLEY RIDGEWAY WELDEN June Track Band Usher Squad Class Play Committee Hi Y Intramural Basketball MEGAN KEITH WHELAN June Arts and Crafts Squad Bulletin Board Honor Roll Home Room Officer Girl Reserves Chairman Class Play Committee. BETTY WHITFIELD June Attendance, Traffic, Bulletin Board, Chairman Senior Tea Com- mittee, Home Room Officer, Clubs. iw N 1 lj, . All Er - 5 d X: HARRY E WIGHT June Home Room Officer Hi Y Clubs GRACE MARIE WILD January Triple Trio Cheerleader Quill and Scro l og Lantern Activa ties Key and Guard JAMES F WILFONG June Intramural Basketball Clubs HARLES DONALD WILLIAMS June Traffic Intramural Basketball Wrestling Cross Country B Squad Football Clubs GLENN HUEY WILLIAMS January Football Basketball Usher Squad resident Hi-Y, Class Play Com- mittee, lntramural Basketball. JOHN Z. WILSON January Chorus, Hi-Y, Operetta, Class Play Committee, Intramural Basketball, Clubs. Seniors MARY CATHERINE WOLFE Home Room Officer, Senior Day Committee, Senior Tea Committee, l Clubs. GEORGE WOLFE Transferred June ROBERT H ZIMA June Football Wrestling Intramural Basketball Christmas Play Clubs THOSE WHOSE PICTURES NOT APPEAR MARY HOUSLEY January Operetta Lantern Girl Reserves Clubs PHILIP SCHMIDT June Basketball ELEANOR ST CLAIR June Class Play Senior -lea Committee Traffic Clubs SZDIO VIRGINIA POWER WOODY June Traffic, Class Play Committee G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Operetta Clubs. MARIETTA YOUNG June Class Play, Senior Tea Committee Clubs. mln' W f N D l DO we f Q ,QHQT 1 I ' I I - .5:f.Mr+ii?':2, , It A ' ' . QL A Y r S E I 5 2141+ IN MEMORIAM Tvme has not fnlled the gap caused by the unexpected death of Ruth Fleld The passung of a chum leaves sn the classroom a temporary vacancy but un the heart of her friends It leaves a permanent emptiness W have sought new fnends hoping to fund ln them the ,oy we felt nn her Vlfe have dlscov ered that the sweetness of one nnduvndual as sn no other and that her particular thoughtful ness IS lost to her frlends attractive to gurls boys and grown ups alnke Her bubblnng laughter and lnvely vuvacnousness made her a cheerful companlon always Nor does It often happen that a alrl so young s adnnlred by so many This admlra non was founded on a strong character which has be come an nnsplrataon for those who knew her We have felt acute sorrow since her pass ang and yet thankfulness that we have known the warmth of her frnendshnp and the sparkle of her companionship . . . I e It is not often that a young girl is so ' ' i SEN 'SBSH' irst row Xl i 1 rm mr x 1 t I i Nm xg .1 ga nlgll L1 L Q rot L ilu tl Hui 3. econd row N x rt i in it x 1 t i mn uiiiggi l' it it xx rd row l it uc ilu In uv. tu 1 ix Fourth row XX in l Nch ic ci iiigtr imu III mi mmm X lim L xth row Stun Ili igomttn lxth row XI llu L L rim ox tx L icl nt Il i ulrlx mmm xt xt ll iu t t lui I lu lc art um xx Q 1 it N n ni J lhxtn lfll lll Ill ll N HHH I Ill Nklll K Our colors flymg, We 11 come through Wlth honors, glory, laurels too Concrete proof of the soying oll good things come in smoll pockoges is the Feb ruory Closs of 42 Although smoll com pored to the June closses it is not locking in its shore of outstonding personolities The fields of conquest of these per sonolities ore unlimited ronging from oth letic to intellectuol ochievement lt boosts five members of the footboll teoms A squod Bob Droke Roy Robb Bob Seiferth Ralph Cornohon ond Deon Copetos the lotter two storring olso on the bcisketboll vorsity Tommy Corr flosh of the trock teom won stote wide occloim by breoking the record for the 220 while Chuck Roberts wos leoding mon of the tennis teom Not to be outdone by th boys the girls include G. A. A. chomps Kothryn Glenn Phyllis Brooks ond Eunice Smith. Consider- ing the noture of their work we might in- clude snoppy cheerleoders Shirley Nelson ond Betty Shokespeore in this othletic group Boosting the intellectuol stonding of the closs ore consistent highest honor roll mem bers Jeonne Jordon Dorothy Huffmon ond Noncy Noyes lNotice the feminine element' We hove to foce focts fellows l Less spec toculor but still importont is the foct thot opproximotely one fifth of the closs is on the honor roll mony hove their octivities keys ond hove olreody won recognition os leoders in the school We meon leoders in the true governing sense of the word for two ore officers of the executive boord two members of the C A A council, ond severol ore choirmen or members of the responsible committees of the school. The l2 B s hove successfully begun their Senior yeor ond from oll indicotions w'll groduote with flying colors. 49- lrst raw Nl 11 lfl'lCYf1ll 11 1111111 11115151111 111 hserman 1111s 51-l1r111g 5111111 111m11 11 11111111' X Xl1x1111111' R11m1111 51mr111 110114111111 L11111' H1 '1m econd row 1111111 1r1 11 N 1111 Ill TN 11 11111 1111 1-rson 11111 1 111 1 11112 1 11 1 11111111 11 1 511p1r11 1 11l1l11111r 11 1rd row 11 1111 1 cr 1 1111n1111 1 11-11111 ll r111r ll 01 11111111111 111 111 111 1 1111 111 1x17111r 141111l11s 'N11r1l11rt 111111'-11 ourth row '11 11 111 1 111s 11111r17 111sC1 1 1111 drrelt 1 11 1111111111 L111111s lfgll 111111111 cr 1 111 111 r11111 lD111s Ov1111 11h row 511111111111111 111111m111 1 s 17 1 11 s or 1111 1ams1111 111 111 1111111 X1 1n1s 111111 1x11 11r 11s X111 11r17 1r 1x1h row 11111111111 1 1 1 11111 511111111 51'o1t r111g1r T1ge1r 5111111 XI1ll1 11111 1 11n11 11 111 1111111111 X11 101 eventh row 5 11111 1111116 I11 g 111 n111 111111 B 11111 C 51111161 X f,1111mf111 5m111l X111 1 11 1 N1ec1 111g 11111 1rst row R 111111 1 11111 11111m1r 1 11n1 111s s 11 1'n1111 511111 111 N 1141111 1 1111.1 I ll ll RIN X lr! 170 jlkl econd row 1 111111 11 1 1x1111 1 g 11 1 e 1 11111 1111 11111 1 1111 11111111 511111111 1rd row 1 1 511 111 111111111 cr 1 1 1111 aL 11 Lo 111 111111 1111111 1 1111 11s 5111k11 111.1111 -. ourth row li 1 11111 1 1111 1 11 11 111s11 1111r1 1111 1 1 111,11 X111 1 1111 use 111111 11' 11 Q1111 1 1h row 1 1 r 1 1111 111111 H1111 1 11 1 ur 1111 5111.111 11111 111111 11 1 1111111111111 lxth row R 11 11 11 1 11 1 5 SIllLkCl'll+1ll Nl lf V1 11111111 111111111 1 ll v1 11111111111 eventh raw 511111111111 1111111 ll 1111 111 1 1 111r 1'11m1 11111 1111111111111 1 X 111 1 1111111' 1g1 llnlll 11111 1111111 1 hth row lx1111.,11 111s 111111 110111111111 1 11 111111 R11111r 1111111111111 111 111115. 111 11111 11 1111 111111 1111111 Here we are, We re here to stay For one more year, Hold that l1ne' Break the tape' Sound your A' Roll the press' ln football track YTIUSIC and yournallsm the eleventh graders gave thelr all for act1v1t1es and the school The three blg B s ofthe gruduron Bell Bender and Blume held the Mounty for ward wall Thomas Bell and Rust burned the clnder track Russon R1ce,and Moreland twlrled the sllver batons Elaune Alexander bralned the yearbook whlle Don Fllnn head of publnclty put the school on the out snde map ln the ranks ot the rovlng re veallng Devnlette penners are many jovual, 11v1ngJun1ors "Bra1ntrusters" Emuly Fergus, John Se1 we hope and pray ger B111 Arther and V1rg1n1a Mulhollan represent the Class of 42 on the h1ghest honor roll two Marys Sebrlng and Con away are staunch supporters of the C A A whsle warblers Rank and Massey take choral laurels Worknng on the squads and commlttees 1o1n1ng the Clrl Reserves and H1 Y, servung on the Executlve Board the 42ers never fOll6d to support the dnves of the Log and Lantern the school s dances, and the ath Iet1c contests Thus year s workers, tomorrow s leaders, the Class of '42 pronmses the school lfS sup port, efforts, and achnevernents I 0 C O I Q C 0 C O O I 0 U Q . C F' I . 1':1 N, C: . 1:tt111l. XYI11 . Y ' 1. R, 11. 1.f . l'l'l11:, .' ' '1'1 s11 . X 'J "1 ' . 1 . 1 ' . 1' . . ' ' '. ' 1 . .ll. . S : . . .111 '21 . X' -: . C11.'5Il. XY 1. T. ll' 1 . S 11 'l'. 1l'll. R"-. l'11s11-1'. N11'1'l:1i11. K111 ' . Rl. 111-111l11's1111. Nz". 511C ll. 'I':l111. ,'1: ' . 1 ' 1l,'. Th' : . 1 '-111111. Ret . ll. llznks. 01'-' : . C1111 1 -1-k. Y. S1111' . 11 11 E. 11111111-r, A1111-'1 111. X1-'f s. .111-1111. 111-1"1. ': .' . ' .' . . - ."l. F : . 1' '-:1'. R1111. C. ll: S11 'z .. N11 3 1111, 141-: 11' . XYJI1 , ' . '. lf- s. S111 . S1-if 1. X11 ll 11: . Kr 1 . .L 2 '- . F'f : ."1 -' 1 . " : . rlll' 1. 141.11-j. 11: 'i1x. J. C 1- . .-X1 . . ,lol s1 . 111 X: . 'z 'sl1. .Xrtl 1 . R -1 . . ' ':1y, ug- . S' : " - . ':1r1' 111. 1'I1'1-rs, 11111-1 -1 . .' . .' . 111' 1' -. r. s- . ."1 - 111. 111 1. 11111-1'. XX' 1'. l ' . . 'A' S 2 .'11' . .1 y. . 11 . G lls '11, K' a1l', ..' 1 . V. ' ' . . 1-1':1ll. 11. K11 111111. K:1111-. S. 1X':11'11, Rus . 11:1r1'. . ll' . G ,' 1. F' . I 1' A1lll'I11l.', U'11 . S 1 . VK"ll': s, Pu l':1,'q 111. V1'11lf11. 1 .' '1 ' 1411'11s, S11 "'l. 111111s1'11:1l11. 11. 5111111 51 -1-'. Cl:1,'11111. 1'1 11'11s. 1111: 2. 1 S : '11 --1. 1.:1s1 111111, l':1111-1'. 511111, lJr11mm. x'0Skl!11l. K111l11cl1. 5111111-r. 01'111lf. 111112. 1111111 . 1':1i11. 111-11111 1111-. l11'1111'11. 1l:1m111. 111-in-11. 11' ke11. N1 -1' g. 'I' mls ..X 1: s. Th' I .:111:11'11. .' -1' 11-s. 'l'111'111'1'. S1 'lug-, Mzssey, XY'11 Ill 111. K:'l. li, fll' llic'1 1 . ll. 1111s-. "1 -1'. N. Collins. 01", X'1l.lI'.' . 11t'1'.'. .' . 1 1 '11',. F : 1-i11'1'. F1 'g:111. 1111 -1 1 , Z111'1-, l'z1st1'. K1 pp"l11, 111- 511. M. 111 -. S11 '. H111 S111 f'.1'111. ll -11-l 1. 1.. 11 H.C1'--1: . 511111111 . S11 11. .X. T---1:111. F'f : 1rz1l111111. 5111111-111. G1'11ss11, M1110 n1:11. K11: Y g : . 1.-'lIll. 11. S1112 11113 1 1 l111' ' 'l' -1. 1f1'l11-111'11111'. X11-Y' '1's. 1111 s. . ' ' ' 1 . S' : 11ss1111. 1111111 '. 11. 1' rl -11, 'l':11'111'. UI' 11111113 Rfss, .'1'1l1'1'. .' ' 1 . . 111' . ' ' l'li1111111, 1111 111. S111-1-111-1. 1"1':111k. lli.111. 11. ' : . S 1 s. VNV' 11 11111. l': lus. R. 11 '11, A11 . 1 '1 , ' ' 11 M- , jul -. 1111gs1-11. C llllS. W -1 ' 1 11111. E'g : I'111111-1', S1-ll ,l. Nl Sl: -N 'z , lC':111s. S111'1v1 1 -. '. K --1' Y. 'l' 1111. 11:111 -1. '1':ll1'1'. j 11s, Nlvlf . 11-1'. I I . ' ' I . I . . . , , ' ' I I 1 I T - l I I l - Q V, , 1 . 1 ' A ' I 1 I ll 4 II ' ' I ' 1 I 1 . I I - I ' , . I - - . , . . U I I Furs! row Second row 1rr4 row Fourth row Fxfth row Sixth row bex emh run I XI11 JUNIORS ..... .1-.. O O 'X f""'l ' . E Y - 5 X QMNS ' ' na s, H- w V., PN If , vw f 7 I Q ., 4 - , I - - X . Y y x 'I ,X-U-M. XIvl":1'3. X' I'-:rj-, f':v:'---'. .Xl,:v'. Xlerhfln I. XI "w, Xlfw' SMVL, XIvX:1111.'1.1Q"v, RH-x, Iivxrkf. l'4"l-wv. Xl'nUm". HHN 1 - x. Piw-xxx. .X'1I5, 'I 5"1y,. Kmffwy XX',f'v"-. F" 'mt XX ,U--xv. li15"Rw'u H U, l',vI'wv, X -wr '. HMV. I.-1'-'f.XX'-mV!-M':1':',XX kg" -. XIH-w'Uf':X1. KH '. Ii' 1' Th' . : 1lw'f-.lxwlvz-.X:.' luzz'-'K-. Ffff. I2-Lx,-E-1. IIA'-. XI' IJ-zu. I":-w.-i.l--- Ktv, K",1,-.ff 1. Xw.4,w2 llw.-q -YH"-. I 1' II Xlxiifww, 'I l.,1-fr ., FU", 1' fxwwxv, XX "'v'-, llkww. Hin. I "N, l',w'v ilw'-X' K+-- lfiy-1--. lf- 1511. II'mm"!1',, X1 1-- 'Z 5'1x,", f'.,lx.':"fXH:, I ,.:1. IZ I1H,1"1. llfffvz' XIWXN-3 v1..X"fr'-1'.H"I! " lM":7 ii'1LxXXUw-,Xw' I. .r'f,lx' lfw: ': I' XI"1'. lf Xlwliwi-r'-. fu V H, XI Uv. M' H H Tw'-'. Vu? .Xxx-A, Ilzxlh I'-E412 XIx4'.J?. K'-qv -. XIX- -. I. -4 " ': lifw-.1H::1IM". Il.-AV I.14' 1- 1' I"-fx. If' 1-Hp' Xl-41 '.,l1- .Xlvg ..X. ':- :N 1: WE F."-'vw 1rs1 row 1 llllll IIILII 1111 11 111 1 111 ll 1 11111111 111 11 lx 11111 econd row I Il 1Ix11 1111 11 1 11111 I1 1 1 1 11 1 11111111 rd row 11111 11111 1 5 UI' I1 11 I 111 ourth row Ix 111 XX 1I1 1 1 1 111 1 11 1 1 1 1t1111 1th row 11111111 r111 111111111 11I1 11 111 111 lxth row lx 11 11 1 11 Ix111p,, 1rst row NI11 1 1 111 11 1 111 1 11111 1 11111 econd raw I ll 1111 111 1,1 x 111111 1111111 1 11I111 1 1 1 I11114111 1rd row R 1 11 1I1 1111111 1111 111111111 111 111 1 1I1I11l11 1 1 1,1 1 111 ourth row Il 1 1 11 111 I1 111 11111 LII Flfth row 1 11111 1r111111 11111 1 1 7 Ix11 1I1r I11111111 1 111 111 1xth row II 11 11111 1 11 11 1111 111111 11111 1 1 1 N 111 1111111 1111 KN L1 eventh row NI II1 Il 1 1 1 1111 17 11 111111 7 11 1 1 11 1 1 XI1X11 1 Brams and brawn, brams and brawn, The Sophs are here to carry on I A toot1n for the school rcot1n for the teams and a gunnun for those As the 4l Sophs a1m skyward at fun froI1c, and suc cess Grey matter and muscles the Sophs have them both In the classroom and on the athlet1c f1eld the 43ers never fa1led to prove the1r ment and worth Placlng onthe f1rst h1ghest honor scroll of the year were Bob Pelz Ed McAn1nch, J1m Mawha D1ck Young Audrey Colledge Ph1ll1p Bray Bardarah McCandless and Jnm Montague As each new sports season advanced, the root1es turned out 1n unprecedented numbers to wr1tethe1r names 1n the athletlc h1story of the school The teams of the future w1ll f1nd '43 class members In the 52 th1ck of the fught desp1te hardsh1ps ob stacles and set backs Far from Iack1ng 1n talents mus cal ten beg1nners earned berths w1th the school s orchestra, a feat never before accompI1sh d by tenth graders Through the months the Soph1es supported upper class act1v1t1es, and many jouned Curl Reserves and H1 Y Lead1ng the1r homerooms durlng the semesters were Executuve Board members Fe1sley Perk1ns Llnnert Charles Mnller Pelz Bode, Adams Bruno, Conn Schroeder Kern Deutsch, and Carrol W1th teacher compl1ments of Talent e " Sp1r1ted"', ACTIVE , and the con f1dence of a successful year, the Sopho mores are now ready for the future O . Q . . I 0 . 0 . . . . . Q . . FI I Ii1'1'I , l'111111s. II111'I1' 1 1 . I"lsI11'1'. NI11' I'Il 'Ic. Sl111'1'I1-111. Iirntl. SI1:I"'1'. II11IIi1111s I1 I,:1111I1-1'g11Il, II11I11-1'. I,-11'1s, II1'l' 1 .VI1-11'11gs, Mill-'. '1' : . S : l1'1. X. I'I1iI111-, NI-'--. X'11g1'I. l'1'111-1'. I"'11l1f. XI- l1:1l1. FII 11111. II1-II111'. I I II:13111-s,1IIII. xI1'QlllIIl'Il, -I1I11-1111. I.:1111:11'I1i. M11 wh. ,X'I1-' 2 . I.:11111-111'1-. I,l11111'1'1, Thi 1 II:1I1I11lt. II:11g11111I. .XI1-,z 1I-1'. II-:1II' g, K11111. XI11111'1'y, Il:111'1'1'. ll1I1-s. I'. I'I1lIIi111 II:11111:111. VYAIZ. I.1'I"111'gy. 1I'l'111111111'. II1-I:1111'y. I1-I' . F . : '1" . ': I-rs. II1111sI1y, F111-. NI1L'l-Il: . I"r11s1, .X. NI111'1:111. W-I'-. ,X. SITIIIII, IYJIIIIKI Ix1 I.1-I1111:111, l'1'z1i11. I"1-r1'111'11, RIIII. Il11ss:111, XY' XY11lf1', Flf I I'1'1'ki11s. IY:I '- I 1111. II -14141 : . fl: 'I':1yI111', Y11 1111. S1-I1'11I11-1-11. I"1-I-I1'1 I 111I111 51111112 310111. IJ1II. II111'I11'1'. II1111:11'1l. S111I1'11, SCI '11-1I1'1', S' : '1'11I1. I"11'I1I, NI11111 1113 lI1'ys1'1'. Ililrs, II1':1y. NIA I:1. IIiIl1II:111. XI11111I15. i'l:1l11. IYVI1 C11II1 111 F' Z . 1 1':1.1:1s. -I111'1I:111. 'I'111I1, I'1'111'11s1. IIL1311111: Il:1111I:1II. NI11Ii1111, II1111111'1'. C'111'I11-11, Kzlll l111l, II1' -1-11. l':11'1'1'II. ICCI11-111'111I1-. I.1111gs1:1lT. M111 1II'rs. Ii11l1:111"l. II:111111111. S1'I111':1I1-1'. SI S . : "i1'sI'11g. M1 "1l'lj. ,I Ifr. I':1ccI1iz11'i11i, IIi,'s1111. II1 1111. 'I':11t1-1'-ull, C. TI 1 NI: III:111'. XI1'Ii1'11111'tI, lI:1II:1I11'1'. NI13C11II. R-11111. II11'1'I1. If. 'I'I11111:1-. ,I11I111s1111. I z I -'11 Th' Z 1',' 11I1Is, II1'I 11I7, XI' 111-. I' 1'-II. S'I I 'F R11 -'5. II11" : -1. CI. II,1'1's. I I111 ll1f1. II1'111I1-1's1111. I"i:1111I. II:1111'1'. fI1:1'I1--. IJ1' NCI1. I.1-1-. F I 111I1-. XI11I111111'. I'--ll. IIz1l7. IJ1-,I11I111. U -. f:11'1'I111, II I111. I". I'1'l1'1'. R11 N1-1 I ICsg:11'. IC1I11:11'1I-, II1'III111I:111. NI1'.X11111cI1. U:1t1's. IJ:11'1s, ' : '1XI1I1rs1111, 12 I1-1'. I.1111r1':111c1k. II:111s. II: I' '. I.' I-111:111. XI1-C1111I. II111'is. Inwls, I S' : 11 s1111. IJ -I -11'. II:II:11'. K1':,"', QVC 1111. R1 :i11. .XI1I1111. C1s111II11. R11I111'1s. SCI '1.II1 II','. '111111'1'. S : . i 11'. M11 1:14111-. II:1ss-I11:111. Nels . II: .I--. I.1s1. Srl 'J 1.. C'lz'k11. XI'f:sI4 .X11I1111. 1 1 v',LlI. ll II , . , . , .... I ' I I - I ' I I I I I - ' I - A I . . , ' e 1 ' ' I ' II ' II I I I I I I I , I I I 1 1 - I 1 1 1 I , . 11 - n - ' - - 11 . . 1 . dl 11 - - 11 - 11 . I . " . . . . . . . . . . . . .SOPHOMORES ITN! TURN I eu nd ff .lx r Hn 4 ,, , , I F 1: lem. xlwx. lm3w.xx,I.1. xx-wi-4. xx. xx xx-1. In x rug. Ihxxxx-. x1.., XI xw, Ffxvxvfv IPM--flu Il'vA".1l-rn-:X--u II'f,x'. X 'I f": IM". Ixxxl-x. N,wx.1w, lk' w.x"fx:-f. NUm..'fI. YVIY' vu II mzv:x"j I' -'f-. Hwf' .- I.'1"'.Ix.x lx, 4 .'v:f'., III'-.973 XI.-X-':'u. I1'.,x-,-II. Xf"'1x'x". Ilrxx-H. Thxrfl rfvwi I' mw. .XII mx, Ilzwtx. XI.-'--w. Ii Xlwnv. XX " 1111-. Ix "I--x. Nvxnx""'. Ixx IhAX'r:3:- Ml 'v Fxxxlrlh rf,v.x't II-x"u'.' XX---Hg XI III-'f' 'z-1 XX I' If - 'P-X. - xx, M..'wvx".Xgx1kf I-'zfxh If'-VI M ' '. N ."f. XI V37 . I.:'-' Ifxxu II -2 I.' fx, IC' 7 .M X' :xx '- Sxxi. mxv. Iixzk . I1':'r', IIVH. Ilxk-fm. XI:-I:,". 'I- -"' , XX I" f Il,,':I-I. SQ? A U me P 29 J ll 9' J X f S5 3 M' 0 0 X0 0 f' f,! , xx, f' 32 X 4 , L ll N WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENT C O OUR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Mt Lebanon Hugh Aprul 8 I94l Hello there Bully Coat' Well Aprul Fools Day us over and I m really worn out after all those pranks I pulled here at Mt L so I thought I d rest a munute to get thus epustle started Youll never guess what happened at Senuor Assembly' When the Natuonal Hon or Socuety began to call uts new candudates fcr unstallatuon qumuny cr ckets' I could hardly sut stull The requurements are out starudung Scholarshup Character Leadershup and Servuce and who could ever full those requurements better than Yours Truly So I was halfway down the alsle before I realuzed my name hadnt been called and golly after I had slupped back unto my seat and wauted and wauted I became desperate After eternuty I heard my name In a flash I was down there and I m tellun you I was proud' I couldn t belueve that now I could wear one of those beautuful keystone shaped puns but I always knew ld be a ruatuorually famous fugure someday Now people wull belueve me when I tell em what a swell guy I am cause wuth one squunt they Il know I m a full fledged member C- ttun restless so guess I II get up and at em Your Pal Blue Devul O OUR HONOR AWARD SOCIETY Mt Lebanon Hugh M y I l94I Dear Mr Blue Devul Esquure I can uust see you poppung the buttons on your vest over that Natuonal Honor Pun but you re not the only proud fellow un Mt L No Suree' You should just get a squunt at me struttung around wuth my chest adorned wuth a beautuful Actuvutues Key Of course I ll have my pucture un the Log too and uf I accumulate 200 pounts by next year I ll get a guard for the Key I ve worked hard for two years to get ut but It was well worth the trouble not only for the honor for ut us one of the hughest awards un school but for the fun I had earnung the 90 pounts Ilf you call puckung up pop bottles after the football games cartung supplues recordunq actuvutues pounts or workung my head off to keep an the honor roll funl Well I guess I ll close now and see uf Muss Moore wull let me back un the lubrary She s already kucked me aut once today but maybe she ll repent beun s I m such a prom unent student around here So I must leave you now but wull see you next June at our Log Comung out Party So untul then Bye now Bully IMuschuefl Coat O O O O O O O First row: lfiuuulln-5. lluluuut. I.:uuu'utruucu-. Smith. Noyt-s. lIl:uku. Ilzurtum. Scott. I Se and row: XX uuymzuu. Rzmkiuu, Hou-fl. lIu':uuIy. I"u'omlm-y. Bly-rs. Mc-rslzau. Nlclfzull, IlvXY:uII. St: ll. Third row: lxvrlgy. Iluwmuu. Clzurkc. Kline. Suu-ct. I,ImIs:u5. liuulc, Iluulzuluum. IDL-uuklu. I O I 1 - . , I ' I - I . . I . 1 1 - I . ., I . . . I . I . . - ' ' ' I I I . . E . I . ' I ' I I I 4 ' I I ' I I V I 'l I I I ' ' I ' . I - I . I , .... . . . . ' I . I I . . ' I ' I iT I I I ' I . . 4 ' ' ' . I ' I I V A - . I I ' . r I I I ' I I Il Il I ' ' I I - 1 ' 4 , , . , 1 I Q 1 ' ' N. , - Z I . I I t o Sec nd ro Thurd 0 I QUILL AND SCROLL The Blue Devil ond Coot moy thunk they re srnort but membershnp ln ulll ond Scroll us one honor they don t hove yet for thus IS o new orgonlzotuon IH our school An unternotuonol honorory society for om butlous lournolnst students ns thus club Eoch member IS given 0 gold pin on which is In scrubed o Qulll ond Scroll the ulll repre sentung the pounstokung core wh ch must be out forth to turn thoughts unto proper lon guoge the Scroll representlng the permo nent quolnty of good wrutung The flrst lnntuotlon wos held an the sprung of l94O In the C-url Reserve room whuch hod been colorfully decoroted with flowers ond condles Mass McClure ond Mass Mc Loughlnn who choose the members hod o very nmpresslve nnstnotnon Eoch member wos chorged wuth the keeplng of the ston dords of the soclety Betsy A Plonk Doro thy Crenner Don Bode Helen Stafford Bullue Jeon Huber Croce Wlld ond Kuttue Ruffle were the fnrst to joan the ronks of the ulll ond Scroll A Second lnltlotlon wos held ot the mud semester to odd four new members Jock Word Mortho Mclioll Ddt Stouff Mory Almo Lopsley Heres more pcwer to our future Dorothy Thompsons ond Westbrook Peglers Alplmas FOLLOWERS OF THE GLEAM TODAY -.-iw--Q.,-pw O GIRL RESERVES Don t forget C R meetlng tonnght' Swe I' Meet you at the corner at 7 15 Such are the cheery expressions that ring through the halls on certann Mondays and Wednesdays announcing the approach of another evening of tun for the one hundred elghty members of the Alpha and Beta Curl Reserves of Mt Lebanon To these members the name Girl Reserves has come to mean fun bowling dancing swimming and In terest trlps ln theur year old club room the Beta and Alpha units each meet every two weeks to spend an evening together an evenlng of fun lnstructuon guest speakers com ll. llllc Xllll munuty srngnnq games and plans for socnal service Who can ever forget the lmpresslve recognutlon servnces the Beta Barn Dance or the Cunderella Ball or the fun we had wnth Mlss Frobese and Mlss Patterson Sally Runyon as Cltt Day charrman of Allegheny County getting her picture In the papers Helen Stafford s accounts of her hnklng trup vna youth hostels Miss Rhodes and Mass Taylor on the bowlnng teams or everybody rushnng tor the overstuffed chaurs at meet zngsp Wasnt lffLJ!'1p G RL RESkRVE5 ry x tim Betas LEADERS OF THE WORLD TOMORROW xrst row l 1 xp.,l1t tx n ng th lt econd row Xl 1 1 x Ruth rx lrd row x L ourth row 11 1 1 ll 1 th row HL Nu H Y Member those neot sweoter hops lost wnnter7 Well now we hove the lowdown on the HI Y o boys orgonlzotnon of the Y M C A sponsors of those donces More fellows thon ever before hove been rounded up for the snoppy meetings ond no wonder consndernng their speokers Mr Jomes Bomford Col B H Chostoune Judge Schromm of the Juvenile Court ond Mr Bjelke of Dennnson Unlversuty Now we know why the fellows ore never oround lt seems they re olwoys toksng Interest trlps such os the one to the Buhl Plonetoruum the Mellon lnstltute or to Cornegne Tech where they were royolly entertouned ot dinner nn the cofeteruo wnth swammung ofterwords Dad you ever wonder where oll the nouse wos coming from on Thursdoy nlghts7 It wos lust some of the Hn Y boys ploy :ng boskefboll In the gym The fellows reolly hod o keen teom ond were undefeoted an the South Councul of the Hu Y Mr Soxton foculty sponsor IS I0 o lorge port responsible for the success of thus club for It ns has guudang Influence thot makes the Mt L Hu Y the populor octnvuty It us H13 CABINET R1 XX .rm Nuxtxv O O O 1 1. . , ff 1 I Q, - fl ,Q ., 1 3 F' ' 2 lzlmllxon. Frtuml. hltxxtll, XX lllzsms. NY ' . li-'g mam. K1 1, l'l11ll:ps..lw3vt-. lloxlslt-5, llzurvsnxl. Xlv' ling. l': llu-. I .1:ms. Vlxlllt-its-111. lhlttlsul. llt'1n'n. l'L1rpm'1t. lll':lp.:wl1cIn-, Krwmxl. . Stl' gt-1. Nlfflrllxnl. lhrzrll, Th' Z lizmmx, Ru-s. Nrlmtft-1. IJ l't.ptI.ns. Scl1.u'ul1t-rg. full-nu. Koln. Krnlx, Nlt-ll--uur1r:. XlrK'l:l1t-11. Nl-lU1ulx1t'k F 2 Nljjlu-I'-111. R--t-l. l'nll. hllwluv. Nllllrx. Xlt'Xl:rl1:tul, Srlr ck. lllul-lun. 1ll..x 'f Z lflmlu, lin -lgt-, Xldvlm. lxtmlt-5. lllr--In-r. l.og4m. St-1fe'rI,, nth. , , lx I I V' H I 1 V . . , ., . QV . . . ' I ' I ' ' ' l ! Q , . . . I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 l U Candrd camera "bua"? Q Assignment hand-out. O A scoop! 'The Ghost snoops ogaan U Busuness managers at work O Next step the press THE "NOSES" BEHIND OUR NEWS I LEBANON LANTERN What ll I do? But Mlss McLaugh n' Tear thus out Soy thats my as slgnment S l sand to h rn Mix t ese Ingredients well add a few dozen head aches and you have the Lantern s cnty desk at deadlune tzme Crazy you say Well maybe but look at the results We Loggers are proud of our srster publucatuon even wuth all her eccentrrcutres thrown IH be cause we thunk shes one of the nncest newsnest llttle newspapers rn the land Furst we want to extend thanks to Mlss McLaughlln and her edntors for those grand storles and scoops that made nice readung then to the Arnesens fer some n c mem rnes to Vurgnnla Volkay for those rnterestung Interviews and to Helen Stafford for some very Clever trmely cartoons But most of the plauduts belong to the Lantern as a whole and to It we say ,f H If f If ll ' ' ' - I I' fl ll ' fl Il f ' ' I - - f - If 11 V A ll - ' - - , . o, I . h , I A - l 2 'N- I . e r....o I - ' Il 'll I ' . . . . , , 1 ' I ' 1 1 - f - . , . .. I 5 A - ,. . ', I Slum, MMU f.f11, ,11.,,u ff nun rf' ,fgy I , , .lf'. f.. fx Il'I.","t,f " 1 "fl'1"l'ff!1 'Il 0 LEBANON LOG Dont move' l-lot dogs a scoop Shoot the glue to me you Buy your yearbook from me? That was the Log verbally rolling toward spoke louder than words Photographers sighted their subiects and clicked the cam era headline hunters arranged for inter views Lawrence l-leiss and Bazley depicted schcol life via our mascots the Blue Devil and the Coat and salesmen cleared their 6 please. Trea su ry throats for the great campaign Seniors were featured in their last round up and the final ded cation made What the birdie saw had to be mounted and the bodies child had to be revised and measured Fven the Blue Devil died several deaths b f re his debut as the spirit of Mt Lebanon And now long may he and all the good natured school spirited things he stands fr r live in the pictured pages of the lil Log O, ,, , ,, H ,,, . . 11 '11 lu v ' - -A the press. And the action which followed thereon identified The inkslinger's brain- . . A . i . . I Dar i , Watch the birdie Glue and cut Birds eye y w Literary mirvled Art s our work Department of he 50 our aim EXECUTIVE BOARD COM You can see them every day rushing all over the school, doing their many important jobs. Who? Why, members of the various Executive Board com- mittees and squads, of course, Sponsored by the Executive Board and Miss Taylor, these committees play an important part in our school life. Their jobs cover quite a large scope, ranging from collect- ing attendance cards to selling candy. They arrange the hall bulletin boards every week, make posters to advertise various school events, or take care of supplies in the art room. They sell hot dogs, pop, and candy at the toot- ball games and, what is more, stay to clean up the field after the game is over. They keep the traffic running smoothly in the halls between classes and during lunch, clear the halls of books and hand out tardy slips to late- comers Committees and Their Chairmen Arts and Crafts Robinson Rohrkaste Attendance Cavanagh Chastaine Book Brezger Bulletin Board Hatton Cafeteria Brown Cafeteria Attendance Mc uillen Decoration Edmundson Towner Honor Award Kline Hostess Allee Librory Barto EXECUTIVE BOARD COMMITTEES O Top to bottom Poster Arts and Crafts Book Club Organization Pub licity Public Aldrcss Llbrar O Left to right Bullctn Board Decorating Executive Board Officers Nelson Campbell Copetas MITTEES CN THE JOB They hold donces rn the gym put up decorotlons tor drtterent tunctlons serve os wortresses ot school bonquets ond dlnners or toke tnckets ond usher ot school events They moke out the honor roll every nune weeks keep trock of the OCTIVITISS polnts of every student write ortlcles for the locol popers ond help with the orgonnzotlon of clubs They help Mnss Moore an the lnbrory keep o Lost ond Found deportment tor the mony thnngs thot students lose ond run the publlc oddress sys tem IH school ond ot the tootboll gomes All these thlngs students do themselves wlth o mrnrmum of gurdonce from the teocher sponsor They do theur work promptly ond efflclently show :ng thot they know how to cooperote wnth eoch :ng the post yeor ond deserve o rousrng hond Commlttees and Thelr Chaurmen Lost and Found I Arnesen Poster Grrtflths Creps Publrcrty Lopsley Fllnn Pobllc Address Ruppel Ross Scholostuc Romonuccu Jordon Socrol Boyd I-lutchrson Trottlc Sweet Usher Stoblle l-lowkshow Frodey Wovs ond Meons Brody Betz Club Orgonuzotron Meyers EXECUTIVE BOARD COMMITTEES I Top mb tt m Trotfrc Attendonce Honor Aword Hostess Usher Lost ond Fc und Cofeterlo I Lett to rlqht Scho os c Socrol Woys or-d Meons I I - other. Members hove reolly done o good job dur- tu o o 1 , , , , r . ' tl , , , FORTISSIMO O O O O O O O O O O C O BAND O ORCHESTRA I m blue and gold and pretty bug l can play a march a waltz or a jg State wlcle I ve reaped aurte some farrfe And I m present at every football game Can you guess me? What s my name? lt you re not so good at rlddles well our school band Wleldung the baton at the head of thus splrlted organization IS A Stephen Mlescer Practlces are held three times a week to whup up a rousing march or perfect a symphonuc masterpiece Foot ball season as naturally our band s busiest tame however members must keep tuned up year round for varlous musicals pro grams What are we bragging about? Why Madam havent you heard about our or chestra? Yes the Mt Lebanon Hugh School orchestra those thnrty three Mountnes who under the smooth baton ot Mlss Mar jorre Crubbs provide a bug portlon ot the musnc tloatnng around In these halls What have they clone? Dear Madam don t you ever hustle to the l? TA meet ungs or the sensor plays? They were there wnth bells on You couldnt have massed the wonderful playing at the American Mus: cade could you? Whats that? You remember them now? That s good cause we do too See Mtss Crtbbs 1 ll fr - ll ' , , , I I l ' I - 1 I 1 . l l , I . 1 - 1 , I T help you out a bit. The answer is, ot course, - .' - ' 1 . . I ' I 1 ' h I ' I - V . . .- - 1 ' ' - V 1 I I I ll . . . . . . . . . . . JPIANISSIMO O A CAPPELLA CHOIR Soprano alto tenor or bass? unauur ed Mnss Cnbbs furst testung members of the A Cappella cborus After prelumunary do rn: sal s work auuclqly began on the select repertonre to be learned for varuous pro grams on scbedule lt badnt been done before but the group ably succeeded ID provlcllng a musl cal Interlude between acts f Young Aprnl The nicest pr gram' Yes that was the Cbrnstmas play Wby the Cblmes Rang Carcllng for sboppers at Boggs and Bubl s and an the sprung a lov ly Easter Sunruse Service were botb fun and a success and credit to the able clurcctuon of Mnss Crubbs THE TRIPLE TRIO THE QUARTET THE TRIO L c rm, tb four pr duce sume of tbe best mu tr tb s tune u e rces g tle rnusl bcb rnes m bn rec mf tc cstnnt e l rlbb muslc rcorn door f r sgcclal pr ara w TPIPLI- TRIO QLARTI-T TRIO l 1, ff - - - H I I - V O . . . , . ,, , H r - lf I 4 1 ' - I . 1 - ,I - l E . . , . - 9 , . . rx . . I s name lnwpiles, tbe triple trlo Fugltlves from a barber slrwcp, these llvrerqnq frrm tlwe rnus cal envlr :cfs gfccl wslc an reefwlrl, , o "Q , A 'nent 'lf the TrlplC lo, :bc ' reatlx 1 cal slc w I cn friz be l rl fvkes tb -sate s rn an ws f 'gtlin if iur scbgci C : - " 'Fowl l ' KHTQ lr f ' ' I- 'XX Xl 1 1' -1- e, ,. . , Ati! . , l, .v 'J l f ' "MELLOW" DRAMAS PRIDE AND PREJUDICE The June class polnts wnth Pride and also with a certain degree of due Preyu dice to their sensor class play whuch on Aprrl 4 earned :ts laurels before a packed house In the Mellon Audntoruum are lnkely to hear sighs luke lt all comes back to me now and then remnnnscenses begun to flash such as the sad realuzatuon that a few ounces of equnlnbruum were lack :ng when curtsynng practice began the frontuc wautnng for snde burns to appear with the resulting business boom of halr tonic flrms sandwnchung studies In be tween cues feeling possessed wnth that carry on splrlt as the ageing make up process begins vla wrinkles grease pannt etc brldge and solntalre games to soothe as props for the sewung scenes that bevy of male cuties entertannnng wlth thelr cho rus routune Thus under Mass Stoner s skullful durec tion the play took form brlngnng to life Jane Austnn s delightful nnneteenth century drama of realism ll ll - 11 - . A 11 11 - A - At any gathering of cast members you jangled nerves-classmates' clothes serving I ' . . A . . . . ' I f ' I YOUNG APRIL Ah thot sensutuve romontuc Young A ral oge The ploy stnll lnngers nn e mnnds of those who on November 22 wat nessed thus hustrnonuc epnc of the Jonuory closs However o luttle more than dlologue remouns beneoth the modest brow of the cost members We grods refer to them os memories such os those fnrst few weeks of reheorsol when student desks wxth ver sotnluty served os o the props the ng thrrll when we first reheorsed In the Mellon Audutonurn the stomp sessuons squeezed an between cues bolls of red yorn flvung through the our wnth the owner tronlnng close behind trylng to recloum them Coll of two rows were completed on the sweotersl the unformol slock otture of the femrnnne mem bers frnends C95 leernng ot us from the sidelines just os we stort our bug Scene the frontnc query Where sholl I pork mv gum? os our entronce cue neors thot an sone urge to pull on unvutrng rope only to fund rt lowers the overheod curtosn on the octors Add to thus dosh of fun o generous omount of work sufted wnth Mnss Stoners expert dnrectung ond mnx well the result being oll thus ond Young Aprll oo I ll . . . ,, , , . I I .,, , , , . h p . 1 - . . - e 4 I ff - ff . I . . ,, . 1 ff - H H - 1 . 1 . . . . . . , , I . . . V 4 - H ff , T 7 67 ,K ' i' "H THE PAUSES CLUBS Clubs give us a swell chance to get some relaxation, When one says they're lots of fun, it needs no explanation We have a large variety-a selection quite the best, Including every hobby fcr which one has a zest. There is everything from art work to automobile mechanics From rifle pract ce to discussions of dictators antics Here future actors get their longed for chance to practice The art of acting with some future actress Candid camera fiends spend the time in trying To develop films and snap airplanes while flying Big husky fellows with a secret yen to cook Get a chance to try it fnot saying how they lookll O Top to bottom Book Lovers Dance Red Cross Knitting Art O Left right Dramatic Photography I pi f Wi? i1 l ur, 68 l tw K use e, . if Aifliief X 5 ' V l X 5' I F' ,V l, l fi' . JV, l X i n 2' I 41: THAT REFRESH Mathematical wnzards work a hard geometry problem Whale future engmeers use the sllde rule for their solvnn Gsrls sat knuttlng a heavy scart or sweater For the Brrtlsh War Rellet Could any cause be better? Book lovers lasten to on lnterestlng talk On the latest books which mlqht be added to our stock Basses altos and sopranos get together sungung Tll good old 308 with their songs rs rnngnng You couldn t fund any better uf you traveled near or ar All In all we should agree that clubs are just the thmg To gave us some good molly fun and keep us an the swlnq LIFE P0555 69 O Top to bottom Quarterback Vuce Presudents Slrde Rule Rtfle Chorus . Left rrght Pang Pong Radio I I I ' ' I One could keep on writing 'bout the many clubs there areg ' ' ' t . I I 1 - fo GF' lx Y' 'XXL 'Z xwififx 13 Yr Kr X CZXX 5X X Q -csx ,5 X :mx A 1 -M-, may - FOOTBALL . ii,-'fit .5 ll, , i 9 1 N .. Y 'il 43 nl 'I l is 1 F, 'N fl Vx X X ,M A 9: I' 7 - . , lt f K . lla? I lax! '1 . v i To the accompaniment of "Short rah team," "Skyrocket," "Ach Tamale," "l-lot Dogs," "Candy," "Pop" and the ardent cheers of capacity crowds, Mt. l.ebanon's Blue Devils rolled to the first undefeated grid season in the history of the school. The record showed nine wins out of as many starts for the high-riding Mounties and an impressive total of 2l3 points to a mere l4 for the opposition After the poor shcwing of the weak l939 eleven it was believed that th re was little to look forward to with a squad composed principally of reserves from the previous season. But from the first encounter on the schedule against traditional rival Dorrnont until the finale of the year, the Blue Devils showed themselves to be tops in skill, spirit and co-operation. They were forced to run the gauntlet of freakish weather as they performed under extreme conditions. The first few encount- ers were played in scorching heat as the mercury played nip-and-tuck with the 90 degree mark. The next engagements were battled out on soggy, rain-soaked gridirons, while the closing contest was carried on in the teeth of a snowstorm which blanketed the field. The vagaries of Old Dame Nature failed, however, to hinder either the ability of the players or the enthusiasm of the rooters. This year the Mcunties possessed an ex tremely powerful forward wall which paved the way for the fast single and double wing back formations employed by Coaches Luecht and Kelley Several boys were es A SQUAD FOOTBALL Th rl 72 , . Q . - x. First row: Ni E ixiiiivu lli 'l. 'll' finifr-. ,limi ii:-. l"i:it.k. lliii-Iii-. lfvkvi xi i. . l"i :viii- Segiznri row: Vital lliwulis, ll-iytv, l".im. llzimzli-iii. Swim-itlz. Kimi if row: Xiu,-,,,, XI,i'-li,il'. Nlwiwv. Nli, Kilim-iliikzi. NYM-i. lXlil'.uu:. K"xr, .iwi is . pecially outstanding in the sparkling arrav of talent displayed. The center ofthe line was manned by three of the best all-around linemen ever to wear the Blue and Cold- Joe Hardy, Ray Beatty fone of the stellar pivot men of the state? and John Matragas Ralph Carnahan, who returns next fall, dominated much of the play at his terminal pastg while Bob Crowell sparked the team from the tail-back spot by his frequent COACH LUECHT forays into enemy territory, which netted him leading ground-gaining honors, An abundant supply of capable reserves made the world pleasant for Coach Luecht, who labored long and hard to achieve this per- fect season. ln closing, let's give three lusty cheers fcr Coach and one ofthe finest teams ever tc represent the Blue and Cold. FOOTBALL SCORES Opponents Mt. Lebanon Dormont O I2 Edinboro O 52 Schenley O 39 South O 3l Peabody l4 28 Carnegie Donora Washington Central Catholic Total 2 3 B SQUAD FOOTBALL st o Th rd wwf 0 l9 L W O l3 'A B O l2 c N ' 0 7 l4 l Fir r w: ,laik -. lrt-ri'cl'. Xltgw-, ll,-':-. lla: i'. ll: fir-j., "Xl: -ti llxlmmi 'vw-ni. l.':: spin' 2. li' 1'-. lP'4'. 'lkliiiritm Second row: l.: X-.'-, Nlxxii-1 IVKW' ' in XX 5.5 ,Xf .rti-. Nw", XX " :xr-, lawn. lf' A 3 ll-:U i l VOWI l'1'1U'i3 l.'1Ii'.1w R. XIiX.'ul. Nl! l"t if . .XV-in l.i'4. .' liflxf, lilm-11. fiuriu-. ll':.i3w ' 1 73 ... REMEMBER? The weatherbeaten bleachers that saw our husky heroes truumph rn the autumn of 40 could descrube a pow erful pugskln panorama If only Ed gar Bergen were here to Interpret the creaks Srnce he rsnt your reporter wnll try to be a decoy for the real McCoy and relterate the grandstand VCVIQW From left to rrght Mt L s gnduron Blue Devrls are smnlun through thelr frame up In memory of undefeated football fury Whnle cheerleaders were whooplng up enthuslasm Ray Beatty topnotch center won recognutuon as ace blocker and tackler As halfback and powerful lrne smasher both curly hatred Dean uopetas and the band played patreotlcally for the glory for the Blue and God Duncan Blown halfback proved keen competntron to ruval teams and a bug thrrl to he cheerlng Mounty mob Bob Zuma s frank grun adorned 2l5 pounds of druvlng tackle He was a great guy and an wered to Z Whule the Ways and Means Squad peddled pop Bob Drake, qunck thunk rng quarterback shone as star block er Then came Ray Robb who was never afrard to go at has opponents and break up theur end swap Speed personrfxed the lazrest fash back Hrs speed merchant tutle fol lowed hum rn track actrvltues Joe Hardys smart ploy dlagnoslng and powerful tacklrng and guardung scored plenty l"e also rated wxth has fem rnrne fans The bug three un the cen ter lane mcluded besides Moe and Beatts przazz John Matragas strong on defense and a veteran guard Floyd Lang was the hefty tackler behund the ball on short plunges Three cheers for lack rabbnt Loule Rrnglrng the halfbock that was hard and tough to tackle Harled from Langley Ralph Carnahan, end be came a champnon rn catchrng passes Leadung ground garner and spark BEATTY COPETAS BROMIN ZIMA DRAKE BELL HARDY LANG RINGLING CROWELL WARD plug of the team typrfled Bob Crow ell Red was best pal to everybody on the squad .lack Ward smart end speedster whos headlng for Notre Dame and the frghtrng lrnsh and quarterback Walter Blume alras Son ny Blumensteln the All American a 74 ROBE MATRAGA5 CARNAHAN BLUME stu blocker kscker passer are the frne and frnal performers In the pug skin parade Our team IS red hot yelled the grandstands and our season s unde feated Blue Devnls deserved thenr glowung praises r . I . . , A , I ' V . , . , , . . , , r l I T .- I x . , I . . . ,: t . , . I ll ' II 5 I. I . I . . , ' 5. . . ,, . , . . . W of lightning" on the team, Bob Bell, 1 . H rr . - , . . . I I A ' . , I . , 1 , l , . - .H r I . . . ,, ,r . , . , . . I ' I . - I Il - . V If l , I I - ' I - . . . - I . E . , I . I h . I , , - BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Opponents Mt. Leb. Avalon 20 23 Langley 19 37 Allegheny 30 22 Alumni 22 30 ' Stowe 17 16 ' Crafton 23 23 ' Coraopofrs 30 25 ' Carnegre 39 25 ' Dormont 30 ' McKees Rocks 28 ' 29 33 17 21 Brentwood fr Stowe Crofton ' Corao o us 40 14 25 Central C 19 51 30 p 31 27 ' Carnegle 16 30 Dormont 30 21 lv'cKees Rocks Brentwood Total 498 6 Won 9 Lost 1 0 W P I A L Sectron 8 game STEWART COPETAS LONGSTAFF CAMPBELL HAMILTON BROWN CARNAHAN BASKETBALL New unlforms a new sectuow a new de fense and a new coach were among the changes wrought on the 1940 41 edltlon of the Blue and Cold basketball team Al though the record of mne wns and ten losses compuled by the squad was not out standlng lt dld better the mark establushed by the prevlous year s quuntet Shortly after practnce began for th Mountles Uncle Sam stepped unto the plc ture and summoned Coach C-lafka for off: cers duty un the army Mr Fry who the preceding fall had graduated from Penn State was chosen to step unto the spot left vacant by Mr Clafka Mr Fry brought wuth hum a new defense system known as the slldlng zone Thus defense allowed for more flexlblllty and covered more ground than the old system lts furst showung In the Avalon game was nothmg short of sensatlonal as the Moun tres held thelr opponents who later cap tured the Sectucn 2 tntle to a slngle polnt an the flrst quarter After almost two months cf preppnng the squad engaged an four warm up con tests wlnnnng three of the four Prospects for the season looked exceedungly good When the Blue Devlls began s ctlonal encounters however lt was a different half ,mx plagued the Blue and Gold s ef forts from start to flnnsh The Crafton contest marked the close of Captarn Tummy C-:les playlng career as a msd term graduation dropped htm from the squad The outstandung game of the season was the surpruse 40 30 upset handed nelgh bormg Dormont In the flrst of the two game serles lt was th b st exhubutlon of the year for the Mountres as they took on a smooth technique which had previously been absent from thelr play to completely nddle th Maroon and Cray before stunned capaclty crowd The forward posts were held down by two of the finest forwards In Mt Lebanon S history Campbell and Stewart Carnahan a transfer from Langley High stepped Into the center spot shortly after the season be WINNIN INJTRAMJRAL T AM 75 ' , 40 24 ' 25 39 52 f . I . I I - . . . Y - I . 2 9 I A l - V I ' - ' e a ' . , . A . I 9 . . , . I . . A- . I . I I h - 1 . . , - I . ll ' ' Il ' I A I I A I I - I - I I , . . S . I I story. Slckness, small gyms, and a "second- " II I . . . , . 1 . Q A ' E - - lQl:n-11111542 lloxxrz. Xl:ty.x1l, lirvklvy. ' ' 5t.mfl'xl1I N-11-ull, Xlti'--tvttvyla 511, XY11yltr5. Itrlll I I Y J. T1 BASKILTBAI L A SOUAD finding l mx lil l r'rrw x A ll Tnrlr if if gan and remained there untnl the finale l'he guard posntlons were less certain as Cnles Brown Copetas and Hamllton shared most ot the detensnve dutles Longstatf early In the season proved such an excellent BASKILTBALL B SQUAD v x lx n 1 x n LIL 1 sub that he was called upon :fm the rema n :ng engagements Stewart and Campbell shared team scorlng honors as they rang up l44 ponnts apnece BOCCILR ul Q , -4 if' 'X W r A M 4 z,,f1fff:,' M Q l,n4,fQ W V lm - ' W 3 Sl- ' 3 hnxxn. lfnlvuwlxznlw. Sl x,n1 W ll:tm'lI1-x:, llnllulvn. l Ky lug: Shun, ll, 43111144-. l.-lug ' ' stall. Slmrum X Q a L A by ,. , VV f M X ' . l ly I K l"H-Y lwxi Xlhlvvnvvlwvg. lxlvlg. XY t-lt ' Q- ' l'y:1m, Ury: l'r1luns. I 1 1- T - 4 St wuml vwmt lluvlm-xx. lfvslt x. l.vms g 'gf 4 fowl. llvcwvlsmv. l'rltt'l1:ml. Xl 'lf " lhfrm-rn, .X. I"-1w1,ts. llzlxw- 2, - 'l'lm'1l rout l'-fm-lx XYln lkv, Xl W .lx ' r V ll :W lr .xflitlllx lfxuns. Kun-l '. 'lllxxlue ' k Fnmn, Smlllm. Vllmx. 2 ' A W. f s E A V , , ,sf 4 r , f At A . A , . , . . . U X. I ' r 1 1 . .l Fix. 1 I Sl suy, fvxt l':rrl1.". lint-ltlts l-1vv.wr. l'-A 'lv Scm:'d1:,w: l't':'-5. Xl. 1'n..'-N x wh. .Xsmvh llmmlzv., lxlvv. ,Xu nsum, XXVM: hlr r,w:1n,t-l- I'-1-----H l'l 'tts laws, Vu". Huw- l flat lrqv l, ll' lv- inf--null. 5' z"1'. H -4' CROSS-COUNTRY Under the direction of Coach Mollenf auer crossecountry is fast winning a place among Mt Lebanon s favorite sports Mt Lebanon opened the season with Wilkinsburg and Cannonsburg and went through four encounters before Wilkins burg defeated them in a return meet The hardest blow of the season came at the W P I A L trials The Blue Devils d twice beaten Cannonsburg but Mt Lebo s foremost track opponent edged our team by three points The following week we made another try for team championship at th Western Regionals However we could salvage only a fourth place Some of the outstanding runners were l-lousley who finished fourth in the state meet Lammert McCall and McDermott INDOOR TRACK 1941 Mt Lebanon continued its winning ways as it swept through the indoor season without a single setback however in its initial performance it was tied with Can ncnsburg For the second straight year the Mounties won the indoor W P l A L crown Mountie speedsters set three new W. P. l A. L. records. Tommy Carr leaped 21 feet, 4 inches to establish a new broad jump mark which was later broken by one inch Bob Bell placed h s hame in the rec ord bocks by virtue ofa 6 2 secord time in th fifty yard lcw hurdles and a 6 6 in the n ghs CROSS COUNTRY INDOOR TRACK 1941 L w sl SC FQ WHT Mt Lebanon Cannonsburg Wilkinsburg Mt Lebanon Conn Jnsburg Mt Lebanon Aliquippo Georges Township Wi'kinsburg Mt Lebanon Brcntwoorl Conhellsx alle Mt Lebanon S fWTCCl 'F ard J-sx af -., 'I 77 At Lebanon Conn nsburg M1 Lebanon Wulkinsburg Brentw nod D rm nt CROSS CO NTRY C INDOOR TRACK TRACK SQUAD 1940 ns! row 1 I ur 1 Second row K my I tll I ll 1 1rd row T1om1 LI 1r Il Xlcl' 611 m 111 lg:-1 ourth row 'Nl NI II m1t 1 m II ur 1 t Lammert Nlr lI'1tk1 OUTDOOR TRACK 1940 The Mountles thnn clads were equally effectlve both mdoors and out After wan nnng the W P I A L nndoor meet they went through a seraes of elght encounters wuthout a sungle defeat Thus nncluded the W P I A L outdoor crown The balance of the team coupled wnth speclal power nn the sprnnts and fseld events enabled the Blue Devlls to make thus flne record Wlthout a doubt I94Os was the strongest track team ever turned out by our school lt IS a great honor to w1n one cham pnonshup but the ab1l1ty to capture two such crowns In one season shows outstandnng coachmg and cooperatlon wnthnn the squad Bell Carr Hanna along wlth OMel1a succeeded an brnngung several sprlnt relay tntles to Mt Lebanon and nn thenr fmal ap pearance they captured second place In the state meet Carr Bell and Hanna all fun :shed wnthun the flrst fnve places of the W P l A L hundred yard dash wnth Carr wnnnlng thus event along wnth the two twen ty O Melia was the mann stay un the fueld events He d1d a great lob all year round nn both the shot put and discus The m1le relay team consustnng of Vol brecht OMel1a Campbell and Ulam brought home the Independent Dustrlct Trophy and was a pount getter all season The hurdlers namely Allderage and C Murphy ran hot and cold over the sea son but usually pulled when polnts were needed Shlelds Stueblng and H Murphy all performed capably In the half mule event The quarter male sensatlon was Vol brecht who was a consnstent strong ponnt all season Cross country developed two gocd mllers 1n McCall and Lammert The boys who performed at the puts were at the hugh jump Campbell and Suth erland d1d the pole vaultung Ulam handled the lavelnn OUTDOOR TRACK 1940 Mt Lebanon 2332! Penn Townshsp 4513 Mt Lebanon won two of Connellsvllle Relay events Mt Lebanon Dormont McKees Rocks Mt Lebanon placed an Washmgton lnv1tat1onal Mt Lebanon placed fnrst 1n Independent Boroughs Meet Mt Lebanon Wulkunsburg Washmgton Mt Lebanon Turtle Creek Mt Lebanon won W P l A L Champlonshup Shady Slde Academy Mt Lebanon 56 F' Z Stu- slug. KVXIQ-lizn. II:n111z1. fznrr. I". l'lz1m. Shit-Isl-. lf Rl 'pl 5. Il11rtI1Irl111As. I In nf , R4-ll: y, T. IIIZAYII, Ki g, If ':n1s. II, C':1n111InsII. Allllerigr, Blcfull. Th' : Fursl. ntznunn-1': XVIIIIIKIIIN. Nlu1'pI15. limln111111lsm11. li. McCall. VI. l'l:1111. ID. Capt-tits, Ima-QI1. I is, I li nv , . iw . : 1 '. F : 1 r. . o euauvr. Ii. Hn11slcy. Mclilroy. S ' I1. .Xrll er. Berg ll . liluku. j. BI pl y. Rus . . , . ' . . . . T , . . , . . . . - 1 - . . A 1 I . , - . '. . . 2 I . . . 1 1 Q I I I . . , . , , , , 3 ' I . . . .. .,... .,.....74 . ..... . ..., . . 34 ' - .... ,,,, . . . 28 I I . , . . . . . . ' I - ' ' ' ' - - I. - , . . . 72 , . , . . , . . 47 - , 42 . . . 89 - - , . . . , , . . . . 38 , Y ' ' , 57 , , , . , . . , ... 8 .- GOLF RIFLE TENNIS neelng llugltvs. ,l. Strwgiim liulmlr Kneeling: .liz-liliitt. l'lilllips. lit-:irr Kneeling: Seifert. look lx Ii H E Q 5 .. I' - mot, Luil. ,lz'urII. ' 3 ' 2 . 3 1 it -IKLII ing 1 V Standing: Kvugy. Mr- Streunh- MMA- Standing Luitli lloilx K I R I rand ng fr. in-uzirt. Nlrl urmivk. mid. nuriingmnrv Smlcrh Bm rr. 1-rrs. Lulziixnini. N I Nliicl-ls, Mr. Szixnni. Uwe-iis. ' GOLF and Capt. Kearfoot the quintet, after lasting "Forel Heck, I sliced again. Why do they have so many sand traps? Help, l'm lostl" Don't worry, it's only a member of Mt. Lebanon's golf team as he makes his way around another nine. For several years the Mounties have been trying to develop a golf team that would compare favorably with the teams in other sports. For some reason this has been a hard task, but the I9-40 season saw a de- termined squad captained by Jim Stuart, which, while it won only one of its matches, put up a good fight in each contest. We have a number of courses in this district where our boys can practice, and if more of the younger students would report there is no reason why Coach Saxton could not turn out high-rating teams. Only two veterans are remaining. RIFLE TEAM Spurred by the feeling that every Amer- ican should be able to aid in the defense of his country, the Mt. Lebanon rifle team wit- nessed a tremendous increase in interest on the part of the students. The planning of a girls' team is one of the indications of this. Under the direction of Coach Streams the first encounter, won four straight dual matches. The record, so far, assures them a better season than last year. This sport represents just another field in which the Mounties are showing improvement from year to year. TENNIS Mt. Lebanon has been so accustomed to winning championships on the tennis court that when a combination of wet, cold weather, inexperienced players and just plain bad luck brought few victories in l94O it was an unpleasant surprise. However, there is a more pleasing pic- ture because every member, including Capt. Roberts, will be back again next season. While only two matches were won against seven lost, yet in six of the losing contests only one point represented the losing mar- gin. Coach, who has turned out nine straight sectional champion outfits, who has brought the coveted Harvard Cup to our school and sent numerous players on to col- lege teams, is optimistic over this coming season's squad. ln addition to last year's veterans there are several promising recruits who are certain to help bring the Mounties back to their former championship calibre. RIFLE SCHEDULE - 1941 if X TENNIS SCHEDULE - 1940 45? ' x- Mr. L. 492 Tarentum 499 I l l,,4,. Mi. L. 2 Beaver Falls 3 Mr. I.. 493 Tame Creek 487 i f 9 M' L' 5 B"d9e""e 0 ",f 'mom 'ig Mr, L. 2 Beaver Falls 3 Mt. L. 494 Ookmont 486 J .Y V' v- .I Mt- L' A Carnegie O Mr. L. 497 Turtle Creek 494 ' li" 'I I Mr. L. 2 crefreri 3 Mr. L. 489 Millvale 469 ' , M'- L- 2 5l'C'dYSlde 3 - Mt. L, l Crofton 4 Mt. L, 488 Oakmont 491 . Mr- L- 2 Shadyside 3 Mt. L. 495 Millvale 471 52:1 iz! aw, Mt. L. 2 Carnegie 3 S GRACE - Aauuuw - Rook urst row Second row Thurd row Nl O GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The crack of a hockey stuck as ut huts the puck the thud of the mushball as ut strukes the bat the lusty cheers when a basket us made or the cageball downed are all sugnufucant sounds of the C- A A that organuzatuon whuch furnushes the athletuc actuvuty so essentual to todays outdoor gurl Because of the constructuon of the new staduum all the games were played un doors thus year but unsude or out after school sports are fun and the two hundred members of G A A know ut The C A A us open to any gurl unter ested and there certaunly are a lot of gurls that way all shapes and suzes heavy hutters who dont surpruse you when they make a homer tuny gurls who do when they smack a long low one out to rught fueld promusung batters wuth gorgeous swungs whuch never connect but large or small short or tall everybody gets a chance un the C A A and takes ut There were fuve mayor sports offered thus year hockey cageball volleyball bas4et ball and mushball and fuve munor sports tennus badm nton harseshoes tennequout and archery lopen to l2 B gurls onlyl A tennus and horseshoe star was born Katue Glenn Powerful partners Sally Mc Fall and Jane Stuart Mary Conaway and Mary Sebrung won the tennequout and bad munton tournaments respectuvely Mary Conaways unvuncuble team Duke captured furst place honors un volleyball basketball and mushball losung top honors un cageball only to Navy captauned by Joan Baserman The archery tournament was won by Euleen Hulf who shot an arrow unto the aur ut fell to earth we all know where on the target Curls sports aren t sussufued euther' Any one who has watched an energetuc game of basketball between two earnest pantung sweatung teams or a fast tense tennus match knows that those gurls are playung as hard and suncere a game as any boys would Bumps and bruuses from hockey stucks stoved fungers from catchung the fly that made the thurd out legs tured from racung up and down gym floors are all the lovung batt e scars of the C A A scars gust as cherushed as the letters or emblems they may wun Practuce makes perfect though and all the C A A memb rs keep comung back for more Evudently the cheer leaders follow thus same procedure for they practuce every afternoon durung football season untul tured legs and achung should rs rebel Who knows what future champuons are beung trauned un our mudst9 Who can estu mate the value of the experuence the fruends and the fun gauned through partucu patuon un these sports? Ask any member of the C A A F' 2 Turn:-u'. Russ, : Slufulicspt-:uu'c. Ilzusm'run:m. Sl:It'l'4uu'1l, Nlclfzull. Iluuyul, ' : . iss Xlulbuuuuzulll. Cuuuuuuuuuy. l':uv:uuu:uglu. Su-n:uu'l, St-luu'iuuu.5. Bliss Rluuulvs. 1 . . . , . . . I 1 I 1 , . 1 ' ' ' I fl A 11 A - 1 1 - - - - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ll ll ' ' ' ll . , . . ,, . . I 1 - - I 11 I 11 11 11 I I T . . . . . . ,, . ,, . . 1 1 - - cs I . . . .. 1 - , . 1 1 1 ' 1 I l 2 . Q . 1 l 1 I ' ' Il ll I . . A . N .- I - ' T I 1 1 ' I T . , . . . . C PLAY DAY From the flrst group of hesltant vas 1tors to the last stragglmg group of local partuclpants who havung f1n1shed thenr Ice cream bars, are wendung theur weary ways homeward Play Day IS tops Play Day IS just what It says a day for play' lt IS put on annually for G A A members and v1s 1tors from VOFIOUS surroundung schools Thus year there were three guests and an nnstruc tor from nuneteen schools as well as seventy outstandung athletes from Mt L makung a grand total of one hundred thnrty future champlons Thus year Play Day was based on the plan of an lnduan Pow Wow the contestung teams belng named for varnous lndlan tnbes The bug gym has entertauned many wrestlung fencung and basketball teams but never has 1t had more act1v1ty shouting laughlng, sportsmanshlp and fun than that caused by the whoopung warruors at Play Day The mad scramble for team places when Chlef Helen Hrawatha Stafford gave the offucual war whoop, the crues of delight when the temporary scalp trophy was captured from a past wlnner the qunck change from a furious basketball game to slower more dellberate bowllng are a few of the never to be forgotten thrulls of that day Play Day meant fun and soc1ab1l1ty for every member of G A A ugh ull 1 m N mx 111 11 1 1 111115, 1 ilu 1xL1!1111,m s 1 n lac llll l rm 11 X L vutt 1 Il 11111 1 mu gun um Q 11 L lx ! 2 Init 'lt 11 1 ma xx 1 L IL I I 11 t 1 N 11 nm tu it CHEERLI-.ADERS 1 ukt n Nll 1 PA SQUAD of ' ' ' A PAT RYAN 9' 1' .: ' 'K "9 , JB fa 1.5" 5 vasiti 1 sk rf? , A X- -L '1 ZW X O10 ' P 1 x x Sp B05 W b 171 A .1 - LQ! VPVXEAYA C kdnltl LX I 1 f . L 1 -" .. X xi: V, KN I 1 A Perma W X M .53 if - B ow' Ugsffigknenoru A we xc N531 1A N. , vars, Y , 1' Frrrn 11 .4 . V. bvxev, nys X K r 5 V A .L . Eff 1 Q H5 'f f QE i W' ' sf '1 1 X +"- ' A Q X X A ' x X V9 1. X - C 9 9 - in 1' 1 ., cf fggilggm ii v L U 1 ' QG?g,X3'5k 2 l ly Lg ig! Q, I . cfs?-7 T 1 f L ff ' 1 1 IQ lk, WQ fx : Wm T,fB. 5 . Q3 1 'Y QA?-M915 ff 1 '-'11 AI XXX . 'fbi-Br, J , X 1 Dre ssfzeifggtimalccgfoagg gfcl. my X G'-:"1:i111fffQ1f1,1V1f,11aff11., 1 -112 1,1,,J1 If 11-,1-,A1 1,111 ,M 532, , 53118 N 1 51-1111011 3115.11 55110017 ' gg-, 9,151 1' 1 V , ,, .n 7 X ft. W .1 E Q D' s X " I" XA? V 14 N ., 1 3 ,,,. 1 X fi: 1 ' 411' 5 X 6 i Q. " 3,4 11 gg QF"'w,C-N A 4002 X ,r - " - 25? 'Q 1 7 J 1 S21 2 J 1 1 W X XL 11Qf7?f'w11 1 5 . 2 1"M"S"'5 .Q 3 W, C Q 1 f N -ff' PF Q2 a f Xf IIJ1 I .9 Q , ., 4 A QQ? C3 F . - E'mLAwnemrSa1LLd5 K Q-35-9' , --"' I fi a 1906 N98 - A Q H '- r 0 ' ,tg v f D Q Q tgrg Z 'Gift ' F , - ,es My ' ,un I f s , VH, O-sxfgf Q XX V TL ' dflxfiiow auzzigiu v X, ox x A i A rr by h X0 6 W " " ' wi f""i" S' FW r rri':""'? Q Q QV 'S-:'?"?Nlg'MF ffrr f'f N Q I u , qfffhg e K f r f r C5 A .4 X lg Q ' f L L- P ' 1 " 6? 9 . Q B A V W, ,, 0 N I WPA 3 7' ' X QW? fx' fx "W W 9 C of f J " 2 Pong? ' l Kxf T3 ww A X-,qs -fs, x , W Q. Nm Q! x ,K 1 we ,M Q, da ff . XSS? six W ... I JQ 'U ""'w25 ,. - EU if :wa f I, E if M , ef L fa . Q 'Q ' -ai QP? ,351 A E NWI ,fx 'WH ' N WS 5 4 30" 1 fig X1 . , .QZQJ Manga: lx H I I ' I L, E Q f: : "" wwf ' ff N , gg O16 QQ E45 , ' A 'J' vu- dp 3,0 -- o . 0' A 213' X - f X PRESENTING LEST WE FORGET BLUE DEVIL Hs ya folks' By now my sensor pals are gettsng the usual I m glad yet sad feeling about leaving thss snststutson As usual I was telling the Coat although they could never FORGET us we really should get to gether a reminder sust sn case So l hunt ed up a few snapshots from my scrap book and cleared my throat sn preparation for pstchsng some forget us not snk your way thought st d be a good sdea for Bslly and me to pose for some frequently seen scenes at Mt L We re usually rather shy of pub lscsty but Seeing as how st might brighten the Log we sasd Sure thsng Dont you thsnk I look kind of Cone With the Wsndssh sn that track sketch? Tommy Carr was the only guy that could pass me up but then he s a Carr Sure dsd feel super sn that band major outrst Bslly Coat sasd hed rather have been among our undefeated psgsksn heroes but after a couple of cute she wolves start ed on my trasl who was l to belittle the marvels of a uniform Bslly Coat stsll smacks hss lsps when he thsnks about possng with that lush sun day l was reducing and only had a coke tasl and that s not a typographscal error As to that rather hasty library exit I sust had to show George D the snapshot hed taken of Eileen Hslf Though usually Ysppe Ks Asng at football games we thought maybe some of you didnt know she was winner of the C- A A archery con test Remember the tsme I crashed the Csrl Reserves Cinderella Ball to snap Ousda Mc Cehee7 She certainly was be oo tsful The gals raved so about Prsnce Charming Jsm Zock I thought we d better stick hsm sn the picture too Though C1 ssvsng sstterbug at heart the msnuet executed at the Sensor Tea was per fect' Being the only male guest at the tea I d say you fellows sure missed something And say don t you agree that the sensors look quste hsghschoolegsate sn those jackets at the sensor day lunch? Brsngsng back loads of memorses we entitled that sensor banquet psc Food for Thought Why the Chimes Rang was better hasl fellow well met spsrst Muss my hasr and call me Wsllkse sf this wasn t the year we all turned polstscally msnded and held a mock electson That s Ray Beatty castsng hss vote I stsll remember what a mean racket Mary Jane Nsckeson and Kate Tepe swung sn the psng pong tournament Dsd you hear about the stsff compets tson Benton Kline had when taking those finals? ln fact he and I were so close that I was scared sslly l d have to make the grad uatsng oratorscal declamatson Thss sumble of remsnsscsng tsdbsts hsgh school hash B lly Coat calls st my way of saysng we dsd have a swell tsme worksng and playsng together and well msss you graduates next semester Bslly C-oat and I sosn sn toasting the toasts of the future generatson the graduating classes of 40 and 4I So long' by 11 - - - ll I I I nfs .13 . 1 l I . - - . l . in JT I I ' ' ' s fd" , I f I ' ' 'L ,Il '.'+ .. . ., I - II I ll ' . ' I . , , 4 ' I I I 4 . A . . ' ' -it ' II ll , . - T I ll . Il Right off the bat, Margaret Lawrence than ever this Christmas and gave us all a - I ' ' ll - ll - - I . . , . I - ll - is ' ' I -' 1 I ' ' I - A . , , . . , . I ' A I ' I I . I A A . 11 ' ll - . , s -ss I . . 11 - ' ' ' 11 - 11 - ' ' l - 1.1 A 1 - ' ' I . . I - - - - ll ' 1 I ' ' I I Q 84 - if 1 n A.,-, ' . 1- If t7 K ,. 1 -I , . ff i If I X L X 45 ffl 3? f ,gi ff? f' ' 1 -cf J .1 gf ,NJ f f, vazi is Q Q - 0 -5' I . ' ' , .-N A ' Qs? Fi 'V 9 ,lf l f W, . 5' ,X 0 . x ' Xxdpnx ' A L x 1 v A - '1 ng, Q. 1 gif' "Y zz - ' gx 3 ix Vu .gm we 5 I7 141 . Q , LOG GOES TO.. Well, folks, here I am again-yes sirl the best picture-taker that ever possessed the power to photograph a peculiar pastime or public personage with perseverance, per- spicuousness, and perfection. Have you guessed? That's right-I knew you couldn't miss. It's yours truly Blue Devil in person. .lust thought I'd let you in on some of the shots I snapped here and there around town. You know, as chief Snooper for the Log I get around land howll, so stick with me and I'lI take you places and show you people. Ready? Let's go. A Good Time Party . . . Well, the class play's over and we've put away all our "Pride and Prejudice"- now for some fun at that dance given for the cast at the Mt. L. Woman's Club. As you can see, we are all having a good time, in fact, some of the fellows seem to have their arms mighty full-and I have to hug my camera-fooeyl An Art Exhibit . . . Now these pretty lasses are busy getting some posters ready for the P. T. A. art ex- hibit. Ahl yes, "Young April," birds, pop- pies-ah, sigh-spring! The Nut House . . . These fellows cuttin' up with chorus girl jig and baby toys aren't really nuts, not really-it's all for the sake of publicity. You know maybe they've got a good idea there-giving Hitler toy ducks to play with. It might keep him from "quacking" so much. A Musicade Rehearsal . . . In case you haven't already guessed, these two jitterbugging fiends are Betty Lee Keane and Eddie Campbell, practicing up to show the older generation how this younger generation can really swing it. They're pretty good too, but then I'm kinda prejudiced being such an expert at rug cuttin', stompin', and all these other modern scientific arts. The April Foalery Dance . . . 'A' The Track House . . . Here's a snap I took ofa few of the fel- lows at the track house. Gosh, if that's all there is to it, I think I'll join the track team pronto? A Soda Fountain . . . Just dropped into the drug store and look what I found. Looks like Billie Jean's on the wagon again-nothing like good ol' H..O. College . . . These intellectually inclined students are none other than those wonderful people who came out topmost in those "Our De- mocracy" tests here at Mt. L. They're off to take those big exams that'lI decide who is to be the lucky one to go to Pitt for four years free. They sure do know all about U. S. and citizenship. lNow I wouldn't want this to get around mind you, but there's something missing in this picture-of course-mel Guess l'll have to send my ideas to the President. I don't get much at- tention around these parts. Oh well, I'm countin' cn going to Tech anyhow.I The Cafeteria . . . Now I know I don't have to introduce these busy women, no siree. Our stomachs answer that question when we think of all that food lining our serving lines in the cafeteria. Yum-doesn't it make you hun-- QW? Here's a snap of Mr. Ball waving good- by to all the kids as they dashed off for home one night. Which reminds me, it's time for me to make my exit too, so for the whole Log Staff l'lI say . . . So long, everybody, 'til next year. " Ha! Hal April Fool! No write-up. CLASS WILL We the Senuors members of the Janu ary Class of 4l beung of sound mund fthough there are some who doubt ut? do hereby bequeath to the student body the followung artucues whuch we are unable to take wuth us lWe trued to but they caught us Ray Frodey contrubutes a braun whuch us brught to a bone for student scuentusts to study Grace Gebhardt leaves those snagged stock ung fragments on her typung chaur to a sulk factory Duck Grant lun a generous moodl wulls the lost chord on hus guutar to an up and comung musucuan Corunne Rankun offers those languud blue eyes for a glance from theml to student admurers Don Edmundson bequeaths hus beat your gums to those unable to coun an orugunal expressuon Kutty Dowlung parts wuth her posutuon as warbler wuth the Hugh Hatters Ed Hamel leaves those who saud How s the weather up there? munus a vuctum Dee Myers almost leaves her lnduan neck lace uncompleted quantutues of potato chups he s eaten to the kuddues to blow up and pop Vurgunua Ballard passes her rungs lof the three unch duameter specuesl on to Peggy Gaylord Walden DeVore departs to compete wuth Orson Welles for the deepest bass vouce tit e Betty Wayman leaves her traffuc post lusualuy before the lughts go outl John Templeton guves lfor a small feel les sons un the varuous unflectuons applucable to the vord O K Mufnu Wallgren and Bull Duncan guve no one a surpruse by departung together Bob Lundsay bequeaths hus ven for study to those unable to manufacture enough for themselves Junetta Fudunger donates her share of the cafeterua vutamuns to su ter Lulluputuans Tum Gules leaves Dottue Deutsch but he s comung back for her so you lose Lou Campbell parts wuth Drag who s left sadly sungung Louuse Du k Colluns leaves memorues of hus versa tuluty un everyone s mund Ann Summons bestows her varuety of accents to the language departments Jum Harruson offers hus huge vocabulary to Webster s revused edutuon Helen Gaul leaves a wad of gum falmost as bug as she usl under most of the chaur Glenn Wulluams favors us fortunate souls wuth one last puano rendutuon Mary Jean Anderson just lquotel leaves lunquotel Bob lcurses fouls agaunl Charters us dus pensung wuth fencung Mary Housley leaves her eyebrow pencul Frutz Hamulton bequeaths that l ne whuch appeals to the women to another hugh school Cassunova Pat Brady donates her neatty luttle slang phrases whuch are constantly beung quoted Jack Ruder leaves wuth chemustry facts traupsun happuly around un hus noggun Elva Thomas cedes her lengthy locks to Lady Goduva Bull Taylor guves hus pucture for lucky lucky posteruty to gaze upon Ed Colauannu presents cuvuluzatuon Cwhuch doesn t know ut yetl wuth a new orator Mary Lub Mershon assugns her detentuon hall dutues to another of Muss Rughtmure s Bull Housley leaves the art classes un whuch he hubernates two peruods a day Hazel Loeffel bequeaths one of the fetchung smules Cdesugned to keep her un the lubraryl to Muss Moore Bob Dawson guves extra bug helpungs un the cafeterua as hus departung guft Jean Macke leaves an habutual guggue echo ung through the school Harry Urell leaves happy about the whole thung Muldred Volz leaves reluctantly she Iukes ut here Jack Wulson bestows to tardy students a lust of trued excuses guaranteed to work Alta Beal departs from school wuth a South ern accent traulung close behund Ed Hastungs passes hus green shoes on to apprecuatuve PJ sons of Erun Cy lvory donates a pour of drumstucks lwush they were of the chucken vanetyl to the skun beaters Bull Hall presents hus megaphone to a future cheerleader Mary Alma Lapsley leaves early to avoud the rush when ut s learned she s the author of thus gem I . I - . . . , . . , . . . I I ' ' ' ' s. . . , . . . J D . l ll ll - - - .ll - ll - ' - - ' ' ' . . . on, ' II ' Il ' ll i ll A . H . . 1 . . , . 1, . . . I I I . Q, , . . '. . . . . ,, ,, I . Q 11 - H - '- . ' . . . , Frank Glenn wills the paper bags from the helpers. . . . , . . . 11 - - ll - - I . D I 11 1- -H l Q l - ' l I' . - . I K . , , . I D A I . ll ll 1 - I I l I 1 ' II ' ll . . - I ' ' ' V l l . - 1 1 - gg -- -if ... .,,,, '-IJ li.. Q. .s.--21r4,.BJ'rrz!.Ei LQILE L ,Z ' f as ' v V ,fl ' ' I X I a ' - , , .J 1 5 - 'J lt . -i 1'. Q V ' nw vii: X' -.AQ ,J LQL . ,K ,,, All' I I A A x kk, W , 4 , AUM r f,. ., -. .. A 1' -- wg- ,. .- V ,.,:,u- A -1 -- , : S ,.4 ,y-e-1" :-.r-41 - ' i'A:1":::. E, 4' '4 'f ,p 'gf - 1 r.: , gl- rf' n NYT? ,f ""',fT7' .' -""' writ . 'f 'ag 1,:,-fe: .- '.-'MI' ff 1:1--"fl f. mam' aff-was., HL' -am54.w'ilLmrfmsm5.M' -:n12ef'f1:,f.4'-d:1f':4FS.'f.'E?9 .. A 1' -5 Lv,I,fV.. ffA'i'!EE.3i!!1v:,--2.?Mv,3T?+i..,:w:-555,.vyi-aim., QMS: 'HQ' 4:3122--mr-fg

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