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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1946 volume:

The Zem Zem of 1946 PUBLISHED BY THE MT. HEALTHY HIGH SCHOOL ZEM ZEM STAFF MT. HEALTHY, OHIO voLuMs xv,u MT. HEALTHY HIGH SCHOOL FOREWORD Step ,right up folks und get your 1946 Zem Zem! It is undoubtedly the inost stupendous, c-ollossal, und liis- tOl'y-Illilklllg book of the yeur! Look at the pictures, read the Write-ups, and meet Ollie, the Owl! Yes, Ollie the Owl is llere to stuy mul Conduct you througli the various sec- tions of this IIl2lQ'I1lflC6I1t annual! So now, folks, l won't detain you from the Wonders which follow. Just turn the page and enjoy yourself! Bye 'til next year! Your faithful servant, Fuzzy Zein Zein Dedication llil rs. Van Atta To Mrs. Celia T. Van Atta, who faithfully guided many classes to an appreciation of learning, we respectfully dedicate this Zem Zem of 1946. PAGE THREE ATION BOARD OF EDUC President ...,. Vice President ....,.,,... Clerk, ...,...,4. PAGE FOUR Ellis Floy d C. F. J. ............Orv .,..........Ida B. Herbert Haupt Sudbrack f 1 . . I 3351?- 7 .l f W Steinhreeker ille Nieman Heekel A. W. NIILNER, Superintendent Ohio University B. S.-B. P. E.-NLS. Health and First Aid Coach --Baseball, Reserve Basketball Hi-Y PAGE FIVE FACULTY D. T. HILL, Principal Nfiazrzi University B. Sc. Ed. Mathematics American History RUTH E. FREDRICKS ETHEL L. FROST University of Cinfinnati Miflnli U'7iW"5ifJ? 13.14. 011113. E. B' S- Algebra I English III Plane Geometry Latin I and II Girl Reserves Civics Clientes Latinae Zem Zem PAGE SIX DOROTHY LEE GRIFFIN HORACE W. HENDRICKSON Jlllllllli l?lli7'l'7'-Yifj' Easlern Ky. State Tenfhers College H. S. in lflillfllfiflll H. A. Ifmne Economics World HiSt0I'Y Cafetm-ia Managgy English Literature Civics General Business Spotlight Club LAVERNE W. HUGHES RUTH S. KALKBRENNER Uni1'er.vify of Cinrinzmfi fbliami Uniwrgify 13. fl in Sflfifllflgy If. S. in Edumtion English I nnrl II English F'1'cnch I and ll Health Economics Physical Education Sociology French Club Girl Roscrx es C. A. A. PAGE SEVEN BARBARA KRICK ELIZABETH NICCLURE Mizzzzzi Uniwersily Wil111ir1gt'on College B. S. in Erlumtion B. S. in Ezlucalion Commercial Law Music-Vocal and Instrumental Bookkeeping Glee Club Salesmanship Orchestra General Business English x BERTA IYIAE KHLLER JOHN W. SCHWEIKERT Uzziwrsily of Kentucky Western Kenlzzrky Stale College B. A. in Education B. ff., B. S. English I Chemistry Spanish I and II Physics History IV Geography Civics Camera Club Spanish Club PAGE EIGHT PAULINE SINIYTH WILFRED THIES Uniwrsity of Cincinnati Ohio State University 13. S. in Erluration B. S. in Education General Science Physical Education Algebra I Biology Mechanical Drawing Coach-Football, Basketball, T1-ack Literary Gold Diggers MARY RUTH TRIPPLE Indiana State Teafhers College B S Typing III and IV Shorthand III and IV School Secretary-Treasurer PAGE NINE SENIOR CLASS V R ,ki ? , C Colors-Ivory and Black Flower-Yellow Rose Motto-The path of fame begins by work, and work makes life worth living. Class Officers: President ...... -M .... Len Vogel Vice President .... ..... .... B i ll Fischer Secretaryd- ............. Jim Eich Treasurer ..., .fiv B ayard Weizenecker "Vive la Senior Class"---especially .he Seniors of '46, lor we are proud of our class that has been outstanding in activity and scholarship. There are quite a few "brains" in the senior throngg nine students attained four-year averages ranging from 92W to 95.5'A.. We seniors are not only tound listed in the Honor Roll, for our class has also been conspicuous in athletic feats and in active membership of twelve school organizations. Reminiscing is always a pleasant aspect of happy memories and a resiew of our high shool life is not lacking in interest and amusement. We'll always remember "Buck" and his antics, Pat Bell's clexer witticisms, Minnie's giggle, Balder's droll observations and Paul Koch, the "hubba hubba" boy, Memories of "Myrt's frustration in attempting io record attendance of the conglamoration of busy seniors perpetually making announcements elsewhere will be remindful of the best consistent attendance of seniors ever recorded for Mt. Healthy High. How we loved those classrooms! There originally were 152 of us who, as freshies, gazed in awe at THE SENIORSQ 106 returned as sophs to begin assuming leadership and gaining retognition ourselves. A class of 67 seniors retained almost all of our junior class which numbered 12. The prospect of being seniors never quite seemed a reality, but ordering class rings and having measurements taken for caps and gowns climaxed our three-year srtuggle to play the coveted role of SENIOR! And oh! when those assemblies were over and it was announced, "Seniors may leave first!" Leaving Mt. Healthy High as graduates, we sincerely extend our very best wishes to the lower classmen for high school careers as enjoyable and gratifying as ours has been. PAGE TEN PATRICIA BELL Springdale Two lines are really no tenough To tell about Pat-'cause she's the stuff. Track-3 Class Officer-3 Clientes Latinae-2, 3, 4. G. A. A.-2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves-3, 4. Les Etudiants sans Soucl- 3,4. L. G. D.-2, 3, 4. LDOUIIEIIE Club-4. RUTH BERTSCH Monfort Heights Among the most popular and likeable to be seen, Here's Ruth Bertsch, our Basketball Queen! Clientes Latinae-2, 3, 4. G. A. A.-W2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves-3, 4. Glee Club-3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. Zem Zem Staff-4. RICHARD O. BIGLEY Mt. Healthy A football player, not very tall, But oh! how he can handle the ball! Basketball-5. Football-2, 3, 4. E1 Club espanol-2, 3. Spotlight Club-4. Glee Club-3, 4. Zem Zem Staff-4. CHARLOTTE ANN BORCHERDING Mr. Healthy Efficiency plus a twinkling smile Make Charlotte Ann, a girl worth-while. Clientes Latinae-1, 2, 3. Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4. G. A. A.-2, 3, 4. L. G. D.-1, 2, 3, 4- Glee Club-3, 4. Jo ANN BOWER Springdale Jo has that peaches and cream complexion, With a sunny smile that wins your affection. Clientes Latinae-2, 3, 4. E1 Club espanol-3, 4. Glee Clube-1, 3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. MARY LEE BREHM Springdale Still waters, they say, run very deep And Mary Lee does this counsel keep. EDNA MAE BUELTE Monfort Heights A good-natured gal in work or play, Helpful and pleasant-that's Edna Mae. G. A. A.-4. Les Etudiants sans Soucl- 3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. PAGE ELEVEN JUNE BYRD Mt. Healthy A talented artist is our Byrd, A songstress too who will be heard. G. A. A.-1, 2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club-1, 2, 4. Les Etudiants sans Souci- 4. Spotlight Club-4. DOROTHY ANN CLYBORN Springdale In a new place there can be no danger That a person so friendly will long be a stranger Clientes Latinae-4, Library Club-2. Girl Reserves-3, 4. Pep Squad-1, 2. Spotlight Club-4. Zem Zem Staff MILDRED MARY CORMACK Mt. Healthy Milly, a bonnie Scottish lass, Is the youngest graduate of the class. Clientes Latlnae-2. El Club espanol-1. Pep Squad-2. Spotlight Club-4. Zem Zem Staff-4. ELLIOTT R. CUM BOW Mt. Healthy For h": fam'us mr 's Harry known, His love for cruising is often shown. Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y-4. LOIS DOTZAUER Mt. Healthy The cheers rang out when Lois led. For a leader so sweet, good luck's ahead. Camera Club-4. Cheerleader-2, 3, 4. El Club espanol-2, 3. G. A. A.-2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves-3, 4. Glee Club-4. Pep Squad-1,2, 3. Spotlight Club-4. Zem Zem Staff-3. MARJORIE D. DOYLE Mt. Healthy A lively character is our Mag: When you're with her, life can not drag! Girl Reserves-4. Glee Club-1, 2. Pep Squad-1, 2. Spotlight Club-4. JAMES W. EICH Mt. Healthy "Itch" is a fellow with plenty of zing. At the G. R. Prom, he was our king. Football Manager-4. Class Officer-4. Glee Club-1. H1-Y-3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. PAGE TWELVE JOAN M. ESSELIVIAN Mt. Healthy We know Joan as a Zem Zem devotee. There's none more dependable and cooperative than G. A. A.-2. Les Etudiants sans Souci- 3, 4, L. G. D.-3, 4. Pep Squad-1. Spotlight Club-4. Zem Zem Staff-3, 4. JOHN G. FASOLD Mr. Healthy Jack is a boy with plenty of zip. As a basketball player, he's really a pip. Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y-3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. MARGARET ESTH ER FERRIS Springdale In any project of the senior band Margaret is sure to lend a willing hand. JOHN A. FINDLEY Mt. Healthy If you think Jack solemn or possibly shy, Remember, he's sometimes a jolly guy. Basketball-2. WILLIAM J. FISCHER Mt. Healthy Bill is one of the "Shutterbue Crew," A camera fiend who finds plenty to do. Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4. Football-3, 4. Camera Club-4. Class Officer-4. El Club espanol-2. Glee Club-4. Hi-Y-3, 4. Zem Zem Staff-4. RICHARD KENNETH GARLING Mt. Healthy Good-natured and dreamy in the hall, Gus really is hot with the basketball. Basketball--2, 3, 4. Football-3, 4. Hi-Y-4. Spotlight Club-4. OVELENE GARRETT New Burlington Quiet, but industrious all the while, No doubt she'1l beat the rest a mile. L. G. D.--4. she. PAGE THIRTEEN PAGE FOURTEEN DON O. GARROD Mt. Healthy With basketball, football, baseball, and track, Kemorles of sports Don will never lack. Baseball-2, 3, 4. Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4. Football-2, 3, 4. Track-1, 2, 3, 4. El Club espanol-2, 3. Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y-Il, 4. Spotlight Club-4. Zem Zem Staff-3. ROBERT LEE GREER Finneytown A lively character is Felix Greer. When there's fun afloat, he's bound to be near. Camera Club-4, Glee Club-2, 3, 4. Hi-Y-3, 4. Spotlight Club--4. Zem Zem Staff44. ROBERT HAMMOND Mt. Healthy "Mousie" was here a year or two But now he's wearing Navy Blue. BONNIE R. HARTUNG Mt. Healthy To the garden of knowledge Bonnie has a key. She's the efficient librarian, member of L. G. D. Camera Club-4. Cllentes Latinae-1, 2. Girl Reserves-2, 3, 4. L. G. D.-1, 2, 3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. RUTH HEISEL Mt. Healthy A cheery word, a charming smile- Our G, R. Pres. is quite ln style. Cheerleader-2, 3, 4. G. A. A.-1, 2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4. Les Etudiants sans Soucl- 4. Pep Squad-1, 2, 3. Spotlight Club-4. Zem Zem Staff--3. MARIAN HELLER Mt. Healthy As a rule Marian has little to say, But she's fun to be with when the moment is gay. Pep Squad-1, 2, 3. GENE HESSLER Mt. Healthy "Pops" is very handy with a mellow "slush pump And when he gives out. those cats really jump. Track-2, 3, 4. Cheerleader-1. Clientes Latinae-3, 4. Glee Club-2, 3, 4. Hi-Y'-4. Orchestra-1, 2, 3, 4. RUTH CAROL HOCHSCHEID Mt. Healthy Ruth's friendly nature and quiet mien Augment her ability to remain serene. El Club espanolfii, 4. ESTHER C. HOOCK Monfort Heights Es is a good sport and lots of fun. If you want a sharp girl, she' the one. Clientes Latinae-2, 3, 4. G. A. A.-2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves-3, 4. Glee Club-3. Spotlight Club-4. LOIS H UDSON Mt. Healthy Spud is a jolly girl whom we all like At the G. R. Prom, she was crowned with Eich. Camera Club-4. Clientes Latinae-1, 2, 3, 4. G. A. A.-2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4. Les Etudiants sans Souciw 3, 4. L. G. D.-1, 2, 3, 4. Pep Squad-1, 2. Spotlight Club-4. JOYCE A. KIRCHER Mt. Healthy Jers is always ready, a willing volunteer. Hel' energy would indicate a successful career. Camera C1ubk4. El Club espanol-2. G. A. A.-2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4. Glee ClubA. Les Etudiants sans Souci- 3, 4. Orchestra-1. Pep Squad-1, 3, Spotlight Club-4. Track-3, 4. Zem Zem Staff-3, 4. PAUL KOCH Mc. Healthy This popular athlete with dark wavy hair Has many admirers-for he's debenair. Baseball-2, 3. Basketball-2, 3, 4. Football-2. Track-2. Cllentes Latinae-2, 3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. NANCY LOU KOEHLER Mt. Healthy Quiet in class, chatterbox outside, Nancy's gaiety is difficult to hide. E1 Club espanol-3, 4. G. A. A.-1, 4. Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club42. Spotlight Club-4. EDITH T. KORDENBROCK Mt. Healthy Ede! Ede! is her name! You hear her yelling at every game. G. A. A.-1, 2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves-4. Pep Squad--l, 2. Spotlight Club-4. PAGE FIFTEEN PAGE SIXTEEN LORAINE FRANCES LAWRENCE Springdale Lorraine is a smiling Springdale gal, A laughing, good natured, jolly pal. El Club espanol-3, 4. VIRGINIA R. LISTERMANN Mt. Healthy As cheerleader Jinny displayed pep and zeal Which add to her charm and give her appeal. Camera Club-4. Cheerleader-2, 3,4. Clientes Latinae-1, 2. G. A. A.-1, 2. Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club-1, 2, 4. Les E-'tudiants sans Souci- 3, 4. Pep Squad-1, 2, 3. Spotlight Club-4. CHARLES L. LUECHAUER Mc. Healthy As a dancer, Charley wins our praise- His good-humor is displayed in many ways. Baseball Manager-3. Basketball-2. Basketball Manager-3. Track-2. 3, 4. Camera Club-4. Spotlight Club'-4. DORIS M. MALONE Finneytown Venus was tall and good-looking too. To Doris the same compliment is due. Clientes Latinae-2, 3, 4. G. A. A.-2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves-3, 4. L. G. D.-2, 3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. Track-2, 3, 4. JANET LEE MARSHALL Mt. Healthy Tall and low-voiced, to her task devoted. Our absences by her were always duly noted. Clientes Latlnae-1, 2, 3. Girl Reserves-2, 3. DAVE MAYNARD Mt. Healthy A carefree fellow is our Pete. He's a sharp-looking boy. He's neat! Basketball-2, 3, 4. Hi-Y-3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. JAMES WILLIAM MEGGINSGN Mt. Healthy Jim is a peppy boy, cheerful, gay, President of Spotlight, promoter ot class play. Hartwell-1, 2. Baseball-3, 4. Basketball-2. Football-2, 3. Track-1, 2, 3, 4. Camera Club-4. Clientes Latinae-1, 2. Glee Club-1, 2. Hi-Y-1, 2, 3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. 1 1 LAWRENCE EUGENE METTLER Springdale La.rry's the artist and lt's elemental That artists are skillful and tempermental. Camera Club-4. Les Etudiants sans Soucl- 3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. ROBERT B. METZNER Monfort Heights Boh's ambition is linked with song, One of the most aspiring of the throns. Track-3, 4. Cllentes Latinae-2. Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. CLARE M. MEYER Flnneytown Clare's a gal with a heart of gold An attractive blonde,-fair to behold. G. A. A.-2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves-3, 4. Les Etudiants sans Soucl- 3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. IRWIN MEYER Monfort Heights For Irwin, "Eager Beaver" might be A synonym ' As you've found out in any class with him. El Club espanol-2. Glee Club-4. Spotlight Club-4. WILLIAM MILLER Mt. Healthy At baseball, our Blll's a whiz, At math, he ls the best there ls. Hughes High-1. Baseball-2, 3, 4. Basketball-3, 4. Football-3, 4. Glee Club-2. Hi-Y-3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. JAYNE MOORE Mt. Health! Jayne's one of our sllckest chickens, Clever and cute as the very dlckens. Camera Club--4. Class Officer-3. Cllentes Latlnae-1, 2, 3. G. A. A.-1, 2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves-2, 3, 4. Glee Club-4. Les Etudlants sans Boucl- 2, 3, 4. L. G. D.-1, 2, 3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. Track Manager-2. 3. Zem Zem Staff--4. ROBERTA LEE QUINLAN Mt. Health! Bert ls chic, lively, and clever, Lots of hubba qualities thrown together. Cllentes Latinae-3, 4. G. A. A.-2. Girl Reserves-4. Pep Squad-1. Spotlight Club-4. PAGE SEVENTEEN PAGE EIGI-ITEEN ROBERT R. REARDON Mt. Healthy Beans is the jokester of the class. When he is around, things "cook with gas." Basketball Manager-4. Football-3, 4. Camera, Club-4. Clientes Latinae-2, 3. Les Etudiants sans Souci- 3. Spotlight C1ub+4. Zem Zem Staff-3. SHIRLEY REUTER Mt. Healthy Shirley is guardian of the books we read. A rather quiet life for a red-head to lead. Clientes Latinae-1, 2, 3. G. A, A.-1, 2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club-3, 4. L. G. D.-1, 2, 3, 4. Pep Squad-1, 3. BETTIE LOU RICHEN Monfcrt Heights She has talent in music, in home-making too, And she's patiently waiting for that guy in blue. Clientes Latinae-1, 2, 3. Girl Reserves-2, Glee Club-3, 4. L. G. D.-4. WILLIAM C. ROY Springdale "Shrimp" he's called for being a small boy. He has a. new nickname now--"Sailor Bill Roy." Spotlight Club-4. MARJORIE LEE SCHMIED Monfort Heights Margie! It's been nice to have you in our tlirun Your kindness surely wlll help you get along. Clientes Latinae-2, 3. G. A. A.-4. Girl Reserves-2. Spotlight Club-4. BETTY LEE SCI-IOENLAUB Mt. Healthy Betty's busy as a bee and wc must confess She really gets results from her "bee-sinessf' El Club espanolA3. Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4. Spotlight Club--4. v RICHARD WALTER SCHOLL Flnneytown Some like bright lights and city strife Dick prefers the farm and a simple life. Camera, Club-4 Spotlight Club-4. Zem Zem Staff-3. WILLIAM DALE S HANNON Finneytown Wavy hair and cheeks so red, He'l1 be a farmer-so he said. Trackgii, 4. Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y-3, 4. Les Etudiants sans Soucis- 3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. CLARENCE F. STEINER Finneytown Jim has a smile wherever he goes. A friendly lad as everyone knows, Baseball Manager-3. Football.-4. Track Manager-3. Spotlight Club-Il, RALPH STRICKER Mt. Healthy Ralph Stricker is the handy-man. Whatever it is, do it, he can. ALVIN J. SUNNENBERG Mt. Healthy Buck is a good kizl of whom all are fgnd. He has many friends, both brunette and blonde. Football 2, 3, 4. Glee Club-4. I-Ii-Y-4. Les Etucliants sans Somis- 3, 4. Spotlight Club-A. LEONARD VOGEL Mt. Healthy One of the most likeable of our men, Good humored and sincere--that's Len. Baseball Manager-2, 3. Basketballwl, 2. Basketball Manager-2, .J Football Manager-3. Class Officer-2, 4. Hi-Y-3, 4. GRACE B. WADE Mt. Healthy Although Grace is a quiet lass, She rates well with the mass. G. A. A.v2, Girl Reserves-l, 2, 4. Glee Club-4. Pep Squad+l. Spotlight Club-4. JUNE ARDINE WEIMER Mt. Healthy June is the month of smiling skies: Our June looks out through friendly eyes. Track-3. G. A. A.-3. Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4. Pep Squad-3. PAGE NINETEEN PAGE TWENTY BAYARD FRANK WEIZENECKER Mt. Healthy A gentleman and a diplomat is he. Balder's a good guy. We all agree. Football-3, 4. Football Manager-2. Camera Club--4. Class Office-2, 3, 4. Hi-Y-3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. Zem Zem Staff-3. WILLIAM F. WELLAND Mt. Healthy Bi11's a. chum on whom we can rely. His friends know him as "one swell guy." 'Track-3, 4. Glee Club-1. Hi-Y-4. Spotlight Club-4. ROBERT WESTRICH Mt. Healthy Bob is known as "Ostrich" to almost everyone. In the springtime, baseball keeps him on the run. Baseball-3, 4, Basketball-4. Hi-Y-3, 4. Spotlight Club-4. AMELIA ZIVANOVITS Finneytown For her giggle Minnie is knowng Her infectious galety makes the teachers groan. Clientes Latinae-1, 2, 3, 4. G. A. A.-2. 3, 4. Girl Reserves-3, 4. L. G. D.-4. Spotlight Club-4. . XRICHARD HOMER Monfort Heights Dick's a. boy who can't be beat. Scholastically, speaking, he's all reet. GENE IMSANDE Mt. Healthy In his senior year, Gene had to say good-bye, 'Cause Uncle Sam called to him to be an Army G. I Basketball-2. JUNIOR CLASS The Junior Class started activities with a meeting on September 30, at which the members elected officers for the year, and discussed means of making money that would provide the annual event in honor of the seniors. The juniors gave juke box dances after the games, sold refreshments during basketball games, and presented two dances. The last dance of the year "Caboose Drag" also brought a close to the money-making projects. After the traditional wrangling of deciding between a prom and a banquet, the choice of a prom was made. This highlight of social events was enthusiastically approved by the upper-classmen after attending the prom at Hartwell Country Club on May 245 the music being furnished by Vic Adkins' orchestra. , Another function of the Junior Class was the choice of a class ring. After one particular design was universally approved, the juniors left to return next year and play the role of senior, and to eventually sport the class rings they now so eagerly anticipate. JUNIOR CLASS Advisors - Mrs. Laverne Wadsworth Hughes Miss Pauline Smyth Officers - President - Roger Pierson Vice President - Thelma Bauer Secretary - Lois Wolf Treasurer - Robert Miller Abel, Anita Bahrs, Fred Baird, Roberta Barnes, Alexis Bauer, Thelma Bauer, Thomas Bissell, Patricia Bollinger, Walter Brandenberg, Wanda Breuer, Lois Burchett, Marjorie Coleman, Clayton Craig, Ida Jane Crosby, Joyce Daudistel, Jade Dirr, Jean Dunaway, James Eckerlin, Albert Ehler, Marvin Enger, Jo Ann Enneking, Jean Esselman, Hubert Fehrenbach, Doris Fennessy, William Gardner, Alberta Graybill, James Gutzwiller, Joyce Haering, Dorothy Hall, Sally Haskell, Ramona Heismann, Florence Heitfeld, Helen Hessler, Jane Hogeback, Mary Lee Homer, Mary Ann Hott, Lorraine Ingle, Marguerite Kaelin, Charles Kamphaus, Shirley Katenbrink, Ruth Kimble, Peggy Klein, Dorothy Knoop, Mabel Kordenbrock, Carol Kuhlmann, Donald Lawrence, Gloria Leibrook, Richard Linne, Alice Linz, Rita Listermann, Robert Lober, Jane Lohmeier, Laura Menke, Clement Mill, Peggy Miller, Marjorie Miller, Robert Morris, Robert Packer, Betty Perrine, Vivian Petersen, Mary Phillips, Thelma Pierson, Roger Salzman, Roberta Schmidt, Frank Schupp, William Schwab, Irvin Schwettman, Dolores Shannon, Carl Shultz, Imogene Smith, Patricia Snider, Raymond Stoffer, Shirley Swartz, Ruth Turner, Jane Ware, June Waters, James Weber, Arthur Whitt, Delilah Wirth, Shirley Wright, Richard Wolf, Lois Zivanovits, Katherine PAGE TWEN PY ONE JU IOR CLASS Abel Bissell Craig Ehlcr Gardner TICSSIPI' PAGE TXVENTY-TVVO Bahrs Bollinger Crosby Ehger Gutzwiller Hogeback Baird Brandenburg Daudistel Enneking Haering Homer Barnes Breuer Dirt Esselman Hall Hott Bauer Burchett Dunaway Fehrenbach Haskell Ingle Bauer Coleman Eckerlin Fennessy Heitfeld Kaelin JUNIOR CLASS Kamphaus Katenbrink Klein Lawrence Leibrook Linne Lohmeier Menke Miller Perrine Petersen Phillips Scihwab Scwettman Shultz Swartz Turner Ware Wirth Wolf Knoop Linz Miller Pierson Smith Waters Wright Kordenbrock Kuhlmann Listermann Lober Morris Packer Schmidt Schupp Snider Stoffer Weber Whitt Zivanuvits PAGE TWENTY-THREE Mr. Thies's Room Lewis, Nellie SOPHOMORE CLASS Of the 114 freshmen who ended the school year last June, 98 returned as Sophomores in September to continue at Mt. Healthy High School. They were formed into three home rooms under the supervision of Miss Miller, Mr. Thies, and Mr. Schweikert. Election of officers was next taken care of and the organization of the class effected. The high light of the year for the Sophomores came in February, when the class gave its entertainment for the school. The performance was a success and the year ended happily for the class of 1948. Advisers: Miss Berta Mae Miller Mr. J. W. Schweikert Mr. W. Thies Officers: Pres.--Ronald Packer V. Pres.--Joseph Neidhard Sec.--Nancy Griffes Trees.--Robert Fischer Adkins, Bea Apple, Eugene Arnold, Carson Bauer, Sylvia Baughman, Joanne Baumann, Richard Becker, Mary Beer, Eleanor Bertsch, Ann Binzer, Ralph Blum, Paul Buckmaster, Julia Clausen, Ann Dods, Robert Duncan, Juanita Duty, Barbara Eckerlin, Jean Ehlman, James Eith, Leroy Enger, Ralph Faske, Anita Felss, Jeannette Ferris, Betty Fischer, Robert Frank, Vernon Frondorf, Thomas Goldsmith, Evangeline Guy, John Goodwin, Daniel Graham, Thomas Griffes, Nancy Hanfbauer, Zita Hilton, Elmer Harp, Grace Haupt, Janet Hauer, Joy Hebel, Mary Ann Hoy, Judson Imsande, Roger Mr. Schweikert's Room " Heltrick, Robert Huy, Andrew Karches, Donald Kircher, Paul Kokemohr, Wilma Kolodizik, Eugene Kuhn, Jack Kunstman, Lois Leibrok, Coleen PAGE TWENTY-FOUR Lucke, Joan Ludwig, Harriet MacDonald, Merle McAteer, James McCracken, Edward Mitchell, Roy Moore, Ernest Muhlenhard, Loretta Neidhard, Joseph Niehaus, Rita Niehaus, Ruth I Netherland, Mar501'1e Noe, La Verne Oakley, Donald Miss Miller's Room Packer, Ronald Pansing, William Pfriem, JameS Phillips, Phyllis Pierman, Josellh Prather, Arlene Quigg, Alene Ratliff, Charles Ratliff, JOYCE Remers, Richard Rickey, Harriet Ries, Norbert Rotert, William Schneider, Ardath Scholl, Lois Schunk, Vera Schwietering, JOSEPH Sanger, Kimble Supe, Elenora Tansing, Clara Teare, Jean Telford, William Thomas, Dalt0I1 Trifilio, Leroy Ulrich. Lois Jean Van Horne, Richard Wahoff, Stephan Welland, Jean Whitaker, Dorothy Wiest, Russell Wingerberg, Donald Wolterman, Jean Zillig, Carl SOPHOMORE CLASS Adkins Be-er Duncan Felss Griffcs Hettrick Apple Bertsch Duty Ferris Guy Hilton Kokemuhr Arnold Binzer Eckerlin Frank Hanfbauer Hoy Kuhn Bauer Blum Ehlman Frondorf Harp Huy Kuntsman Baughman Baumann Becker Buckmaster Clausen Dods Eith Engel' Faske Goldsmith Goodwin Graham Hauer Haupt, Hebei Imsande Karches Kircher Leibrook Lewis PAGE TWENTY-FIVE OPHOMORE CLASS Lucke Ludwig Muhlenhard Neidhard Packer Pansing Ratliff Ratliff Scholl Schunk Telford Thomas Whittaker PAGE TWENTY-SIX MacDonald McAteer McCracken Netherland Rita Niehaus Ruth Niehaus Phillips Pfriem Pierman Remers Rickey Ries Schwietering Songer Supe Trifilio Ulrich VanHorn Wiest Wingerberg Wolterman Mitchell Noe Prather Rotert Tansing Wahoff Zillig Moore Oakley QWBE Schneider Teare Welland I FRESHMAN CLASS In the year of forty-six, Oh, I know we're very rowdy, For we're always up to tricks. fTune: "I've Been Workin' on the Railroadnj Again in '45 the Freshmen were ushered into four home rooms under the super- vision of Miss Fredericks, Miss Krick, Miss Frost, and Mrs. Kalkbrenner. The Freshmen tallied 130 strong: with 74 from Mt. Healthy, 23 from Springdale, 20 from Monfort Heights, 7 from New Burlington, and 6 from Finneytown. They presented visitors from Canada, -- the Mounty, who gave a very interesting talk and exhibition, with his dog. Their big event of the year was the "Freshman Fair" which was a big success. PI'eSid9l1t ...... .... B ob Bonn Vice President ......., .A.,.,. B ob Davis Secretary-Treasurer -,- .... Patty Rickey MISS FREDRICKS HOLT, DICK PORTER. LeROY BAHRS,HOWARD BAIRD, SARAH BAKER, BOBBIE BELL, BARBARA BEVIS, EDWARD BIGLER, ALMA BINZER, DOROTHY BOCKELMAN, KATHLEEN BONN, ROBERT BOSCH, MARILYN BOWEN, ALMA BOWER, BETTY BRAUN, DONALD BROWN, RAY BRUNS. JEANETTE CATANZARO, JOE CHAPPELL, WILMA CHRISTOPHEL, FRED CI-ARK, ARLON COOLEY, MARILYN DAVIS, ROBERT DEITERMAN, BURDELL DICK, GENE EHLER. CHARLES DIRR, MARY DOYLE, VIRGINIA ENIDERLE, CYRII, ENDERLE, MARVIN FEHRMAN, LOWELL FELLS. BUDDY FINDLEY, COLEEN FISCHVOGT, MILDRED GARRETT, AI-GA GARROD. JAN. MISS KRICK. GEESLIN, ROGER GRAY, CHARLES HAFER, WILBUR HAI-KER, WILLIAM HAUER, HELEN HAWN, PATTY HICKS, JUNE HIMES, DANNY HISSETT, RICHARD HOPWOOD, JUNE HOOVER, VERNA KAMPHAUS, JEAN KATO, HELEN KATTELMAN, DICK KELLEY, DONALD KINCAID, WILLIAM KLEIN, DONALD KLUG, MARY ANN KNOOP,MERRILL KOPP, GERTRUDE KRAMER, DORIS KUNTZ, ANTHONY LAAKE, BETTY LAWRENCE, THELMA LISTERMANN, LOUIS LOHMEIER, FRED LOTZ, FERD MAIN, LOIS ' MALLETT, HAROLD MARQUA,SHIRLEY MARSHALL, PATTY MCADAMS, PAUL MCCRACKEN, NADINE MCDANIEL, CHARLES MCGEE, JOANN MCSWAIN, JOAN MILL, WILLIAM MILLER, EDWARD MILLER, JAMES MILLER, JOYCE MILLER, SUE MOORE, PATRICIA MYERS, ROBERT MISS FROST NICHOLS, RONALD NIEHAUS, GENE NORRISH, NAOMI PACKER, PATRICIA PACKER, RICHARD PATTERSON, NANCY PETERS, JOSEPH PETREY, VIRGINA PRATHER, BARBARA PRATHER, EUGENE QUIGG, ALBERT REDDEN, NANCY REDINGTON, SALLIE RICKEY, PATRICIA RIES, MLDRED RITCHIE, HARRIETT RITTENHOUSE, CLARENCE ROTROFF, ROGER ROY, DOROTHY RUHL, DOROTHY SAND, GEORGE SANDMEYER, LOUISE SCANTLAND, DONALD SCHEFFEL, JOYCE SCHON, DONALD SCHULTZ, ROSE MARY SCHWIETERING, HELEN SEIM, DAVID SHANNON, KENNETH SHANNON, RALPH SHULTZ, JOAN SLOAN, ROBERT SMITH, ALBERT SMITH, MARY STACEY, LORRAINE STEGMULLER, JEAN STERRE-TT, TOM STOUT, ALBERT MRS. KALKBRENNER THORNBURGH, DAVID TOBERGTA, ROBERT TURNER, HAZEL VALKER, BETTY VOIGT, JOAN WADE, PATTY WATTS, JACK WEBER, EUGENE WEIS, ALEXANDER WELLER, ROBERT WILSON, KENNETH WINN, LORRAINE WUEST, LILLIAN PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN F RESHMA CLASS 2 1 Bnhrs Baird Bosch Bowen Chappel Christophel Detterman Doyle Garrett Garrod Hawn Hicks Kattelman Kelly Kopp Kramer PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT Baker Bower Clark Ehler Geeslin Himes Kincaid Laake Beers Bell Boyers Braun Cooley Craig C. Enderle M. Enderle Glass Gray Hissett Holt Klein Klug Lawrence Linz Bigler Brown Davis Fehrman Hafer Hoover Knoop Listermann Bockelmnn Bruns Dick Feiss Hopwood Kamphaus Knox Lohmeier Bonn Catanzaro Dirr Fischvogt Hauer Kato Kolodzik Lotz F RESHMAN CLASS Mallet Meyer Nichols Prather Rotroff Seim Sterrett Wade Marqua E. Miller Niehaus Prather Roy K. Shannon Stout Watts Marshall Jas. Miller Packer Quige Sand R. Shannon Thornberg Weber McAdams J . Miller Packer Redden Sandmeyer J. Shultz Tobergta Weis McCracken McDaniel S. Miller Moore Patterson Peters Rickey Ries Scantland Scheffel Sloan Smith Turner Valker Weller Wilson McGee McSwain Norrish Norrish Petrey Porter Ritchie Rittenhouse Schultz Schwietering Stacey Stegmuller Vance Voigt Winn Wuest PAGE TWENTY-NINE Senior Class Average -- 95-99 Charlotte Borcherding Ovalene Garrett Ruth Heisel Richard Homer Joyce Kircher Janet Marshall Jayne Moore Shirley Reuter Bayard Weizenecker Junior Class Mary Petersen Lois Wolf Sophomore Class Robert Hettrick - Elenor Supe Freshman Class Roger Geeslin Ferd Lotz Patty Wade Senior Class A fverage-90-94 Pat Bell Dorothy Clyborn Lois Dotzauer Jack Fasold Don Garrod Bonnie Hartung Virginia Listermann James Megginson William Miller Betty Lou Richen Betty Schoenlaub Junior Class Roberta Baird Lois Breuer Alberta Gardner Mary Lee Hogeback Clement Menke Peggy Mill Robert Miller Jane Turner Sophomore Class Ann Bertsch Julia Buckmaster Loretta Muhlenhard Richard Remers Clara Tansing Freshman Class Barbara Bell Helen Kato PAGE THIRTY HONOR ROLL Fred Lohmeier Patty Packer Richard Packer LeRoy Porter Donald Scantland Rosemary Schultz Betty Valker Senior Class Average-85-89 Jo Ann Bower Joan Esselman William Fischer Lois Hudson Edith Kordenbrock Charles Luechauer Doris Malone David Maynard Alvin Sunnenberg Amelia Zivanovits Junior Class Joyce Crosby Joyce Gutzwiller Dorothy Haering Mary Ann Homer Charles Kaelin Dorothy Klein Laura Lohmeier Mabel Knoop Marjorie Miller Robert Morris Vivian Perrine William Schupp Imogene Schultz Raymond Snider June Ware Arthur Weber Sophomore Class Joanne Baughman Ralph Binzer Barbara Duty Daniel Goodwin Nancy Griffes Judson Hoy Paul Kircher Roy Mitchell Marjorie Netherland Lois Scholl Vera Schunk Carl Zillig Freshman Class Sarah Baird Edward Bevis Marilyn Bosch Mildred Fischvogt Alga Garrett Charles Gray Donald Kelly William Kincaid Donald Klein Gertie Kopp Betty Jane Laake Charles McDaniel Joann McGee William Mill Patty Rickey Mildred Ries Joyce Scheffel Helen Schwietering David Seim Jean Stegmuller Senior Class A 'veraye-80-84 Ruth Bertsch June Byrd Mildred Cormack James Eich Margaret Ferris Jack Findley Richard Garling Esther Hoock Eugene Mettler Clare Meyer Robert Reardon William Shannon Richard Scholl June Weimer In determining averages for the Honor Roll, the usual procedure was followed: 1. Grades for the Academic subjects only were considered. 2. Grades on record books for the first three terms were used. 3. No grades were considered if any work was incomplete at the time of averaging. Junior Class Alexis Barnes Marvin Ehlcr William Fennessy Alice Linne Rita Linz Jane Lober Roger Pierson Patty Smith Ruth Swartz James Waters Shirley Wirth Sophomore Class Sylvia Bauer Jean Eckerlin Jeanette Felss Betty Ferris Charlotte Harp Janet Haupt Donald Karches Wilma Kokemohr Harriet Ludwig James McAteer Ronald Packer Harriett Rickey William Rotert Joe Schwietering Lois Ulrich Fresh man Class Alma Jean Bigler Alma Bowen Robert Davis Mary Dirr Virginia Doyle Janice Garrod Jeanette Fox William Halker Helen Hauer Catherine Knox Thelma Lawrence Louis Listermann Sue Miller Shirley Marqua Virginia Petrey Albert Quigg Roger Rotroff Ralph Shannon Joan Shultz Tom Sterrett ' ZEM ZEM AWARD 5 1 E H ELEN BARNES MILDRED BURGER JOAN HOY The Zem Zem Award, which was established in 1940, is presented each year to the seniors with the highest four-year scholastic averages. The award was created in order to recognize those students who excel scholastically, and the 1945 graduates who were honored for that distinction at the commencement exercises were Helen Barns, Mildred Burger, and Joan Hoy. Helen was valediclorian for the 1945 class, and by virtue of her scholastic achievements she received a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati, where she was recently pledged to Alpha Lambda Delta, a scholastic sorority for freshman women. Enrolled in the Liberal Arts College, she is a member of the Classics Club. Helen is studious and industrious, as evidenced by her part-time employment at the law firm of Allen and Allen, in addition to her studies. Mildred also attends the University of Cincinnati, and is enrolled in the School of Business Administration. She is receiving practical experience from her studies by working for the Van Atta Seed Company. Millie, like Helen, continues to display prowess in studies, for she also was pledged to Alpha Lambda Delta. She is a member of Glee Club, but has little time for other activities in view of her ambitious practice of attending classes and working part-time. Joan attends De Pauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, and is a member of Delta Delta Delta. She also belongs to Orchesis, a modern dance honorary group, and is star player for championship basketball teams at De Pauw. Radio Guild and the Junior Pan Hellenic Council also list her as a member. PAGE THIRTY ONE 0 1 MM v1 'Vi I REOZK Y, X N331 MXN X 1 ll" 'W""" fm: gf R ART Gllaeefi, 0 0 Ml' llll D y may 1 p- M 'fried uv ff F " W xx X 'Liu 'JIIHI I X l O .fl x 'SEQ -Jlillllllllnqll X X swf X XX f ff IIIAWJ "M 5 4' Wig 41 5 -. LB- n,.!I 11- .. i : 2. ' ' 'E' -'ni N5 G ly, f.7,j.fTf,.' I +101 I Co 0 o I OX - ,,:f'o" . Zifx r G' . Y ' I 'fr ' lg" " - vw . ff ' x ZEM ZEM STAFF Row One---Esselman, Moore, Knoop, Bertsch, Kircher. Row Two---Miss Frost, Shultz, Turner, Schupp, Weber, Clyborn, Cormacic. Row Three---Bigley, Fischer, Greer, Miller, Bob Greer .... Dick Bigley .... Joyce Kircher--- Jayne Moore ..... Bill Fischer ...... Joan Esselman ..... Bob Miler ...... ...H.. - - Miss Ethel L. Frost ..... Ruth Bertsch Dick Bigley Mildred Cormack Dorothy Clyborn Joan Esselman Bill Fischer Bob Greer -------------Editor ----Associate Editor W--Associate Editor ------------Sec1'eta1'y- ---Advertising Manager ----Subscription Manager ----Business Manager - --------------- Adviser Joyce Kircher Mable Knoop Bob Miller Jayne Moore Bill Schupp Imogene Shultz Jane Turner Art Weber "Get those ads! Your write-ups are due the fifteenth!" Alld so the familiar battle cries of the Zem Zem Staff ring out every other Wednesday. Between Wednesdays, the harried staff members go in search of the coveted advertisements and wrack their brains over the write-ups. "Pictures! Pages of pictures!" To achieve this end we upped the price fifty cents. We broke the news gently in the various home rooms and despite a few grumblings, people gave for the "cause" of more and more pictures. To think that the staff spends all its time on the annual itself is quite a mis- conception. We sponsored a dance, "The Year Book Yump, by Yimminy!", on January 19. We donated to the Red Cross and the War Chest, and we presented the Zem Zem Award, carying out the familiar tradition of other years. Ollie, the Owl made his appearance this first year of World Peace. He has scampered through the pages with great abandon and we hope you will become attached to him as we have. Ruth Bertsch was our candidate for Basketball Queen and, as you already know, she was chosen Queen of the Basketball Season. We closed the year and the work on the annual with our bang-up social fling. And so end the struggles and achievements of the Zem Zem Staff of 1946. PAGE THIRTY-THREE CAMERA CLUB Row One---Thomas, Smith, Enneking, Listermann, Kircher, Moore, Hudson, Wirth, Linz, Luechauer Row Two---Mr. Schweikert, Schupp, Hartung, Haering, Bowen, Cooley, Schneider, Stoffer, Dotzauer, Daudistel, Baird, Mettler. Row Three---Megginson, Apple, Sterrett, Weizenecker, Geeslin, Fischer, Rotert, Greer, Scholl, Reardon. Mr. J. W. Schweikertu, ,,,.,,,,---Y ---Adviser Gene Apple Rita Linz Roberta Baird Jinny Listermann Alma Bowen Jim Megginson Marilyn Cooley Larry Mettler Jade Daudistel Jayne Moore Lois Dotzauer Bob Reardon Pat Enneking Bill Rotert Bill Fischer Ardath Schneider Roger Geeslin Dick Scholl Bob Greer Patty Smith Dorothy Haering Tom Sterrett Bonnie Hartung Shirley Stofller Lois Hudson Dalton Thomas Joyce Kircher Bayard Weizenecker Charlie Luechauer Shirley Wirth This year a new type of club was added to the roster at M. H. H. S. - the Camera Club. All during the first semester Mr. Schweikert noticed the interest that many students had in photography. So, immediately after mid-term exams, he suggested to several students the idea of forming an organization to better the technique and create further interest in photography. The proposal was met with enthusiasm, and students began to file for applications for membership with Mr. Schwei- kert. Out of .hese many applications, twelve were selected to form a Board of Directors. These twelve in turn admitted nineteen other applicants into the club. The next problem was to find a place suitable to work. The storage room next to the Physics and Chemistry Laboratory was selected, and the board members started to convert it for use. Equipment was borrowed from the members until the club's finances could stand the cost of purchasing its own. Much equipment was improvised from materials found in the laboratory, and much more was made to order by the members. In order to raise enough money to purchase an enlarger, the club gave a motion picture, Battle for Russia. The proceeds were more than enough to pay for the needed equipment. Meetings were held on Thursday afternoon, and members would give small talks on improved methods of photography- Now that the club has fought past the hardest part of its career, it can look forward to more and better photography. PAGE THIRTY-FOUR LITERARY GGLD DIGGERS Row One---Moore, Richen, Bauer, Malone, Esselman, Hudson, Garrett. Row Two---Miss Smyth, Bell, Hartung, Renter, Wirth, Muhlenhard, Petersen, Heismann. Row Three---Bertsch, Griffes, Baughman, Knoop, Turner, Borcherding, Zivanovits. President ,-.,.,.. .... J oan Esselman Vice President .Y.. .... B onnie Hartung Secretary ...,.. .... D oris Malone Treasurer ............. ...... P at Bell Program Chairmanu--- .......... Jayne Moore Adviser ...,,........ .... M iss Pauline Smyth Mable Knoop Charlotte Borcherding Laura Lohmeier Thelma Bauer Doris Malone Joann Baughman Jayne Moore Pat Bell Loretta Muhlenhard Ann Bertsch Mary Petersen Joan Esselman Shirley Renter Ovelene Garrett Betty Richen Nancy Griffes Jane Turner Bonnie Hartung Shirley Wirth Florence Heisman Minnie Zivanovits Lois Hudson The Literary Gold Diggers have indeed a great reason for pride in their club this year, because of their efforts to improve the school library. In order to add to the library, money was needed and was raised by a movie "Life of Alexander Graham Bell", and also a dance, the "W, P. A." Books were obtained through careful selection by the girls of the club under the supervision of Miss Smyth. Other activities included: a picnic held early in the fall at the King residence, sponsoring a delightful candidate for basketball queen, Jayne Mooreg and, as areward for all the hard work which was put into the club during the year, a party for all the members. In May new members were elected and honored by the usual progressive supper, now a tradition of the group and an exciting climax to the full schedule of events. PAGE THIRTY-FIVE GLEE CLUB President ...,.......,,.......,,,.,,....,,,...,, Dick Bigley Vice President --- ,W Jayne Moore Secretary ,,,. ., if,. .,.. R uth Bertsch Treasurer --- ....,..,...... Nellie Lewis Advisor .....e.,,.. ,Y,,....,,...., M iss Elizabeth McClure The Glee Club this season, under the direction of Miss McClure, had a very outstanding year. They sang at the Christmas program, and also at the P. T. A. Fathers' Night Program in January. Their talents were further displayed by singing "Stouthearted Men" and "Joshua Fit de Battle ob Jericho", March 22nd at Open House. During the Lenten Season the Chorus sang at the Mt. Healthy Methodist Church on March 31st and at the Mt. Healthy Christian Church on April 7th, The H. H. S. Show Boat of '46", given on the 25th and 26th of April, was the colorful climax of the yea1'. The 1ninst1'el was composed of two parts: Part 1 being a fshort dramatic skit, "Pickininny School". Part ll with the Endmen, Interlocutor ,Black-faced tap dancers, solos, and ensembles, backed by an impressive chorus of girls in formals and boys in tuxedos, brought a close to a successful night and the highlight of the year. -'-r."ff::g1 ' ii i fl fi all if I win iris it .W 'i ,, 0 :QW . w l rl 'A limi. 1 .ff QI., fff' 'HI ' ' C liillh it":-mfin J 1,457 i sf 5 . PAGE THIRTY-SIX , .q.q in I 1 -- .,, ill if vw ,d , GLEE CLUB ORCHESTRA Row One--Fischvogt, Miss McClure, Ludwig, Main, Smith. Row Two---Porter, Graybill, Gecslin, Apple, Hessler. Row Three---Gross, Shannon, Chambers, Sand. The School Orchestra has finished its second year under the very capable direction of Miss McClure. An organization like the Orchestra augments school activities and we all welcome the chanfe to pay tribute to it. The orchestra is composed of both high school and grade school students who have the ambition and talent to qualify. They have worked rather hard and really made something of themselves this year. Besides playing at all the Basketball games, the group supplied the music for the High School Commencement Exercises and also the commencement exercises at the Springdale grade school. They did a fine job at the Glee Club Minstrel in April, and helped in putting over the show. The orchestra warranted our commendation and we know that the musicians show every indication of attaining greater fame and better skill. Anita Abel Bea Adkins Eugene Apple Sarah Baird Eleanor Beer Ruth Bertsch Dick Bigley Bob Bonn Charlotte Borcherding Alma Bowen Jo Ann Bower Don Braun Lois Breuer Jeanette Bruns June Byrd Joe Catanzaro Clayton Coleman Marilyn Cooley Ida Jane Craig Elliot Cumbow Lois Dotzauer Bob Davis Jean Dirr Virginia Doyle Juanita Duncan Barbara Duty Jean Eckerlin Charles Ehler Anita Faske Lowell Fehrman William Fischer Alberta Gardner Don Garrod Janice Garrod Evangeline Goldsmith im Graybill Bob Greer Nancy Griffes Wilbur Hafer Bob Hammond Zita Hanfbauer Helen Hauer Mary Ann Hebei Helen Heitfeld Gene Hessler Jane Hessler June Hicks Dick Hissett Mary Lee Hogeback Dick Holt Esther Hoock Verna Hoover Lorraine Hott Roger Imsande Gertrude Kopp Ruth Katenbrink Helen Kato Joyce Kircher Paul Kircher Mary Ann Klug Merrel Knoop Catheryn Knox Wilma Kokemohi Thelma Lawrence Colleen Leibrok Nellie Lewis Rita Linz Virginia Listermann Jane Lober Fred Lohmeier Laura Ann Lohmeier Joan Lucke Harriet Ludwig Joann McGee Joan McSwain Bob Metzer Irwin Meyer Eddie Miller James Miller Sue Miller Ernest Moore .Iayne Moore Bob Morris Loretta Muhlenhard Marjorie Netherland La Vern Noe Ronald Nichols Don Oakley Patty Packer Joe Peters Phyllis Philips LeRoy Porter Arlene Prather Barbara Prather Nancy Redden Shirley Reuter Bety Richen Harriet Rickey Patty Rickey Bill Rotert Joyce Scheffel Bill Schupp Vera Schunk Helen Schwietering Dolores Schwettman Bill Shannon Carl Shannon Joan Shultz Bob Sloan Shirley Stoffer Albert Stout Alvin Sunnenberg Lois Jean Ulrich Betty Valker Pat Wade Grace Wade June Ware Jean Welland Dorothy Whiteker Delilah Whitt Lorraine Winn Shirley Wirth Dick Wright Lilian Wuest Kathie Zivanotits PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN v 4 - J.. 'T--'--?' , - ww! GJ q""V1" 'Www W. M A W Row One---Westrich, Morris, Garling, Wm. Miller, Mcgginson, Bollinger, Kuhlman, Greer, Vogel Eich. Row Two---Mr. Hill, Hessler, Schupp. Cumbow, Sunnenberg, Fasold. Weber, R. Miller, Waters, Mr. Milner. Row Three---Shannon, Garrod, Fischer, Weizenecker, Welland, Maynard, Pierson. President .,.... Vice President --- Secretary ,..... Treasurer --, Advisers N- Wally Bollinger Elliot Cumbow Jim Eich Jack Fasolcl Bill Fischer Dick Garling Don Garrod Bob Greer Gene Hessler Don Kuhlmann Dave Maynard Jim Megginson - - Don Garrod ----- Jack Fasold -- Jim Megginson -,-,---- Bill Fischei Bill Bob Bob Rog Bill Bill Alvi Len Jim Art Mr. A. VV. Milner Mr. D. T. Hill Miller Miller Morris Pierson Schupp Shannon n Sunnenberg Vogel Waters Weber Bayard Weizenecker Bill Bob Welland Westrich The H1-Y started its meetings and social events with its first get-together on September 11th. Officers were elected at this session. The next thing was to induct new members to fill up the membership to twenty-five. So on October tenth, five senior and two junior boys became members of the club. Lighter activities were: a dance, the "Foot-Ball"g a hay-rideg and the famous "Hen House Party." The party was the Hi-Y's big stag evenet of the year, and was rather unique in its strange happenings. But the Hi-Y also did come constructive things. For instance, there was a donation of casii to the Camera Club. Like many other clubs, the Hi-Y paid its share of the cost of the new inter-comunication system. The main crusade of the year was a general clean-up campaign around the school, climaxed in a clean up party on the nineteenth of March. Being interested in ways to better itself, the club sent Don Garrod to Columbus for a State Hi-Y Convention. To the suburban council of Hi-Y, the club sent Don Garrod and Bill Fischer, who were elected president and secretary of the council. Jim Megginson was sent to Atlantic City for an international Hi-Y Convention. Under the guidance of its advisers, Mr. Milner and Mr. Hill, the club enjoyed a prosperous year. PAGE THIRTY-NINE GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO Row One--- Row Two--- Voigt, Valker, P, Rickey, Gardner, Goldsmith, J. Shultz, Griffes, Enger, Schwietering, P. Wade, Main, Doyle, Hauer, Findley, Hogeback Ware. Duty, Kato, P. Bell, B, Bell, Lober, Borcherding, Reuter, Cooley, Turner, Malone, Koehler, Byrd, Hudson, Meyer, M. Zivanovits, E. Kordenbrock, Wolf, Leibrook, Haupt,. Row Three---Duncan, A. Bertsch. Reis, Abel, S. Bauer, Breuer, K. Zlvanovlts, C. Kordenbrock, Bruns, Rickey, Ulrich, Moore, B. Prather, I-Ieisel, Kircher, Lawrence, R. Bertsch, Schmied, Hebel, Eckerlln, S. Baird. Row Four---Mrs. Kalkbrenner, Buelte, I. Schultz, Linne, Swartz, Daudistal, Scholl, Tansing, T. Bauer, Knoop, H. Rickey, Kokemohr, Gutzwlller, Hott, Hanfbauer, Salzman, Hoock, A. Prather, Buckmaster, Dotzauer, Heitfeld, Craig. President .,,,,,u ....... P at Bell Vice President -W --- Shirley Reuter Secretary ,,,,, -- Minnie Zivanovits Treasurer W ......... Clare Meyer Advisor -- -- Mrs. R. Kalkbrenner The Girls' Athletic- Association began the year with an initiation picnic to welcome the new members. The organization gave a dance in October and from the proceeds contributed twenty dolars to the school library. For the aunuzil election of Basketball Queen, Minnie Zivanovits was chosen G. A. A. candidate. For the past. two years an all-around senior girl has been chosen and a ring has been presented to her at the Commencement Program. In 1945, Joan Hoy received this award. The School Year of 1945-46 was indeed a successful one for the G. A. A. Organization. Anita Abel -102111 ECke1'1iI1 Joyce Scheffel Joyce Kircher Tony 3211101 JO A1111 Engel' Lois Scholl Gussie Knoop Bob Bell Alberta Gardner Helen Schwietering Wilma Kokemohr Ann Be1'tsch Ruth Bertsch Charlotte Born-herding: Julia. Buckmaster Edna Mae Bultc Lois Breuer Jeanette Bruns June Byrd Anna Clausen Marilyn Cooley Ida Jane Craig Barbara Duty Lois Dotzauer Ginny Doyle Helen Kato PAGE FORTY Evangeline Goldsmith Nancy Griffes Joyce Gutzwiller Zita Hanfbauer Helen Hauer Janet Haupt Mary Ann Hebel Ruth Heisel Mary Lee Hogeback Esther Hoock Lorraine Hott Gloria Hopwood Lois Hudson Nancy Koehler Dolores Schwettman Ruth Ann Swartz Marjorie Schmied Clara Mae Tansing Jane Turner Lois Jean Ulrich Betty Valker Jean Voigt Patty Wade June Ware Dorothy Whiteker Lois Wolf Lorraine Winn Kathy Zivanovits Carol Kordenbrock Thelma Lawrence Alice Linne Lois Main Doris Malone Nadine McKracken Jo Ann McGee Jayne Moore Arlene Prather Barbara Prather Harriett Rickey Patty Rickey Mildred Ries Harriet Ritchie Roberta Salzman GIRL RESERVES Row Row ROW Row Row Cne--- Main, Ware, S. Miller, M. Dirr, G. Wade, Griffes. Two---Lawrence, P. Moore, Gardner, Petrey, Voigt, P. Wade, B. Bell, Quinlan Netherland, Lober, McGee, Kimble, Schunk, Buckmaster, A. Prather, Wel- land, Burchett, Garrod, Packer. Three--- Miss Fredricks, A. Bertsch, S. Bauer, Reuter, McCracken, H. Turner Hartung, Baughman, Mill, Wuest, Weimer, Koehler, Meyer, M. Zivan- ovits, Byrd, Petersen, M. Doyle, Dotzauer, J, Moore, Kircher, R. Bertsch Listermann, Heisel. Four---Katenbrink, Borcherding, I. Schultz, Schoenlaub, P. Bell, Valker, P. Rickey Finflley, Scheffel, Daudistel, Hoover, Feiss, J. Dirr, Heitfeld, Salzman Hudson, E, Kordenbrock, Clyborn, Harp, R. Baird, Enger, J. Turner Leibrook, Mrs. Hughes. Five---Tansing, Schwietering, Bosch, T. Bauer, Knoop, Swartz, Luche, H. Rickey Kokemohr, J. Shultz, Ciooley, Malone, Ulrich, Fischvogt, Bowen, Gutz- willer, Schneider, Klein, Bruns, Wolf, Craig, Ratliff, Breuer, Crosby, Hauer Doyle, Haupt, B. Prather, Duncan. Advisers: Miss Ruth Fredricks Mrs. Laverne Hughes Officers: President - Ruth Heisel Vice President - June Byrd Secretary - Joyce Gutzwiller Treasurer - Roberta Salzman Not wanting to waste time in getting things going, they sponsored the Masked Marvel" in October. Again the Prom was held in December, and Lois Hudson was crowned queen with Jim Eich as king. To keep from being outdone by the other clubs, the girls sponsored St. Pat's Prance later in the year. All of the girls stuffed themselves, danced, and had a good time in general, at their square dance and pot-luck supper in February. The annual Mother's Tea was enjoyed by all on April 17, with entertainment and food provided by several of the squads. And needless to say, the Boatride on April 19 was quite THE thing. The squads carried on nobly with each having an older girl or woman as adviser in addition to a regular squad leader. Among others some of the projects dutifully carried out were: rolling bandages for the Red Cross, knitting afghans for French Relief, sponsoring dances, arties for or han children, and stuffing animals for the Children's Hospital. Members: Bea Adkins Roberta Baird Bobie Baker Sylvia Bauer Tony Bauer Joanne Baughman Bobbie Bell Pat Bell Ann Bertsch Ruth Bertsch Alma Bigler Charlotte Borclierding Marilyn Bosch Lois B1'euer Jeanette Bruns Julia Buckmaster Margie Burchett June Byrd Dorothy Clyborn Marilyn Cooley Ida Jane Craig Joyce Crosby Jade Daudistel Jean Dirr Mary Dirr Lois Dotzauer Ginny Doyle Margie Doyle Juanita Duncan Jo Ann Enger Jeanette Felss Colleen Findley Mildred Fischvogt Bert Gardner Janice Garod Nancy Griffes Joyce Gutzwiller Charlotte Harp Bonnie Hartung Helen Hauer Janet Haupt Ruth Heisel Helen Heitfeld Jane Hessler Verna Hoover Lorraine Hott Lois Hudson Ruth Katenbrink Helen Kato Peggy Kimble Joyce Kircher Dorothy Klein Mabel Knoop P D Nancy Koehler Wilma Kokemohr Ede Kordenbrock Colleen Leibrook Jinny Listermann Jane Lober Laura. Ann Lohmeier Joan Lucke Lois Main Doris Malone Janet Marshall Nadine McCracken Jo Ann McGee Clare Meyer Joyce Miller Sue Miller Jayne Moore Patty Moore Margie Netherland Patty Packer Mary Petersen Virginia Petrey Arlene Prather Barbara Prather Bert Quinlan Joyce Ratliff Shirley Reuter Harriet Rickey Patty Rickey Bert Salzman Joyce Scheffel Ardath Schneider Betty Schoenlaub Vera Schunk Helen Schwietering Imogene Shultz Joan Shultz Ruth Ann Swartz Clara Tansing Jean Teare Hazel Turner Jane Turner Lois Ulrich Betty Valker Grace Wade Patty Wade June Ware Jean Welland June Weimer Dorothy Whiteker Lois Wolf Lilian Wuest Minnie Zivanovits PAGE FORTY-ONE SPOTLIGHT CLUB Row One--- Row Two--- Row Three- Row Four--- Wade, Koehler, C. Meyer, Malone, Quinlan, Cormack, Heisel, Dotzauer Kordenbrock, Bell, Schoenlaub. Kircher, Bertsch, Hartung, Esselman, Bower, Buelte, Byrd, Listermann Moore, Hudson, Doyle, Clyborn, Schmied, Zivanovits. --Mr, Hendrickson, Garling, Metzner, Miller, Megginson, Koch Mettler Garrod, Steiner, Eich, Bigley. Westrich, Shannon, Reardon, Scholl, Greer, Sunnenberg, Fasold Welze necker, I. Meyer, Luechauer, Maynard. President .....,.... l...,.., .....-. - , .lim Megginson Vice President We Secreta1'y ....... -,- Jack Fasold M, Jayne Mooie Assistant -- ...w,...,,,. Lois Dotzauei Treasurer ........ ..,......,.,.... B ob Reaidon Program Chairmen -- -W Ruth Heisel, Doris Malone Adviser ,v....,,...,e,....,,.......... Mr, H. W. Hendrickson The climax of the Spotlight Club's activities for which our amateur thespians had been striving came at last on April 11 and 12. Preceding the production, actors and actresses were dashing hither and yon stumbling over everything and everybod losin buttons ins and lines the lnes being lost just to give the prompter doorbells and telephones were ringing of grease paint reached our nostrils. confusion and predict'ons such asg Heart", did go on and was acclaimed The club niet bi-weekly and often our candidate for Basketball Queen, Clare Meyer, and a program was given to the school at Christmas. The club owes much of its success to the excellent director and adviser Mr H W. Hendrickson, who "took over" in the middle of the year and the energetic student director, Joyce Kircher. PAGE FORTY-TWO Ginny Listermann Charlie Luecliauei Doris Malone Dave Maynard Jim Megginson Gene Mettler Bob Metzer Clare Meyer Irwin Meyer Bill Miller .layne Moore Roberta Quinlan Robert Reardon Marjorie Schmied Betty Schoenlaub Dick Scholl Bill Shannon Jim Steiner Alvin Sunnenberg Grace Wade Bayard Weizenec-ker Bill Welland Bob Westrich Amelia Zivanovits Y, g , D , Q something to doj. Wallpaper was crackling at the wrong time and the nauseating aroma Despite the breathless excitement and general "We just can't do i'.!", the show Cross My a genuine success. staged a short skit or play. A skit presented JoAnn Bauer Pat Bell Ruth Bertsch Dick Bigley Edna Mae Buelte June Byrd Dorothy Clyborn Mildred Cormack Lois Dotzauer Marjorie Doyle James Eich Joan Esselman Jack Fasold Dick Garling Don Garrod Bob Greer Bonnie Hartung Ruth Heisel Esther Hoock Lois Hudson Joyce Kircher Paul Koch Nancy Koehler Edith Kordenbrock W N X mf W WW Ss ,gli M ' v . If M """ llillullillllllilr 1 Q ,I H ' 6 .- p , 1 , f .. A ....4. 1 4 4 :,,,.... gl H veb...-.....'..---K. .HO ,'.,. , , , , , , Q.. Q.. ,-,. .3 30.5. , , J...-N,-, pg f , . . . . . . -,-, ,ff "W X .I M yu X ,s 'N UU 'Jes-41 Lil H5155-Q UI Q Q S I my N5'.'l"! 'w A Nl ill EW 5 1.1 1fvf::ffg,,,mm., a , Q A Q, X , ,Ylfwgggggxmg -1 OINKI 1 " C A"oNA 1.1. " EAKUMSA,"J ln lr mmm IZ: N4 fm.mfre1N'1' I E V' '65 ,,. it HU W Spanish Club Row One---Brown, Gray, Enderle, Wilson, Oakley, Seim, Dick, Braun, Klrcher. Row Two---Baker, Baughman, Scheffel, Hochscheid, Weimer, Supe, Brandenburg, Ingle, Harp. Row Three---Miss Miller, Himes, Bower, Wuet, Mill, Kopp, Bosch, G. Lawrence, L. Lawrence, Koehler, Kelly. Row Four---Davis, McAdams, Knoop, Lohmeier, Hlssett, Remers, Lotz, Pfrlem, Thorn- burg, Bevis, Frank. Hola, amigos! The Spanish Club started their "have fun and learn Spanish" activities with the addition of thirty-one new and eager members. These, plus the eleven already well on their way toward the goal of perfect Spanish, made the total enrollment touch forty- two. It seems that the appetite of the Mt. Healthy population proved a very valuable asset to the Spanish Club. They sold candy bars and delicious candied apples at football games. Our school spirit was raised by black and red identification ribbons sold during the basketball season. The campaign for Basketball Queen found our Spanish-inclined friends supporting Marian Heller as their candidate. As a final venture in the money-making direction, they presented "The Snowball Shuffle," which was a huge success. To end a year of busy but delightful activities, they gave a real Spanish party for themselves at the Spanish Inn. Until next year, amigos, Hasta la vista! PAGE FORTY-FIVE LES ETUDIANTS SANS SOUCIS 1 Row One---Enger, Shultz,I-leisel, Wolf, Moore, Hudson, Listermann, Esselman, Meyer. Row Two---Mrs. Hughes, Bell, Heismann, Swartz, Haering, Turner, Kircher, Byrd, Buelte, Crosby. Row Three---Bollinger, Snider, Shannon, Sunnenberg, Schwab, Mettler, Menke, Pierson. President .,.,.f,. -..-. P at Bell Vice President ..,. .......... - -f..-L0iS Hl1dS0I1 Secretary ,,,,,,, .,.........w.......,. J 0311 ESSelII1aI1 Treasurer ............ ....-...... ....... C l are Meyer Program Chairman .... ...-...e.. B ill Shannon Adviser -,-f,-,,.,.,H -Y--Mrs. Laverne Hughes Les etudiants sans soucis! However, the translated form, "the carefree students", is rather misleading because Sans Soucis is composed of a group of energetic, ingenious jeunes filles et garcons with unique ideas and an enviable talent for money- making. Ah, but who wouldn't be proficient in that field with such a persuasive meihod as a disarming piggy who smiles in such sweet and inducing manner that one can't help but contribute. This feature defrayed the cost of sending a package every week to our adopted school in Cherbourg-Lycee Victor Grignard. The contents of the weekly bundle varied from food and clothing to soap and sewing articles. This project merited mention in "France-Amerique", the French newspaper printed in the United States. The club also gave liberal donations to American Relief for France, and sponsored a clothing drive. Each member contributed his share of the expense of postage and package contentg the payment being abetted by the piggy plus receipts of bake sales, theater parties, a juke box dance, and the "Frenchmen's Creep." Social events also sparked the calendar of the Sans Soucis. Parties were given emphasis, and picnics furnished an opportunity to become expert at the game of "creepy crawlyf' But the climax ocurred when the Alumnal Banquet for all former Sans Soucis members was given. PAGE FORTY-SIX Pat Bell Edna Mae Bu elte June Byrd Joyce Crosby Jo Ann Enger Joan Esselman Dorothy Haering Bob Hammond Ruth Heisel Florence Heismann Lois Hudson Jinny Listermann Clement Menke Lary Mettler Clare Meyer Bob Miller Jayne Moore Bill Shannon Imogene Shultz Ray Snider Alvin Sunnenberg Ruth Ann Swartz Jane Turner Lois Wolf LATIN CLUB Row One---Buckmaster, Clyborn, Rickey, Hanfbauer, Petersen, R. Berstch, Zivanovits, Schmied, Daudistel, A. Bertsch, Ware, Crosby, Moore. Row Two--Miss Frost, Fansing, 1-Iettrick, Metzner, Reuter, Ulrich, Malone, Kokemohr, Hessler, Menke, Miller, Pierson, Hoy, Imsande. Officers President ....... ........... ......... J u d Hoy Vice President --- -- Ronald Packer Secretary ..... ..,... J im McAteer Treasurer --- ...... Dick Baumann Adviser ................................. Miss Ethel L. Frost Clientes Latinae has been led throughout a very busy year by a complete corps of male officers under the sponsorship of Miss Frost. The meetings, held the third Friday of the month during Latin II period, were entertaining as well as educaiional, especially the games played to increase the Latin vocabulary. When Ohio Classical Week was celebrated, Clientes Latinae presented to the entire studnt body a movie about Personality which was well received by all. Money was earned to contribute to the fund for Exocutons by a dance, January 4th, after the Madeira vs. Mt. Healthy basketball game. Hot dogs were also sold during most of the basketball season and they were welcomed by all as a source ot needed energy. From these sources we also made contribution.s to the school library, the Red Cross, and the War Chest. The high-light of the year was the club picnic held on a beautiful, warm spring day, beleive it or not! It was well attended and, as usual, everyone had a wonderful time. Active Members: Eugene Apple Carson Arnold Ann Bertsch Dick Baumann Julia Buckmaster Anna Clausen Dorothy Clyborn Jade Daudistel Tom Graham Dan Goodwin John Guy Zita Hanfbauer Bob Hettrick Jud Hoy Roger Imsande Wilma Kokemohi Jim McAteer Clem Menke Bob Metzner Ronald Packer Harriett Rickey Joe Schwietering Carl Shannon Lois Ulrich Donald Wingerberg Carl Zillig Associate Members: Ruth Bertsch Joyce Crosby Hubert Esselman Gene Hessler Doris Malone Jim Megginson Robert Miller Jayne Moore Mary Petersen Roger Pierson Shirley Reuter June Ware PAGE FORTY-SEVEN N3 i non emzszoo - and S '- CENTER DON KUHLMANN " BACK -'luv P' ali DICK BIGLEY - BACK. 1 L3 M- ECKERLJN " BACK ' 5 . I BUCK SUNNENBERG- -END u ,MQ ' I 'Xl ' 2 . 1- an E V XI4 ,::,, ,M ia ,. gg f m.. ,. .4, Q 1 ,bf 3, ' .vb A KWH 5 .,,:,,,?2,5AA:?:, ,,:,:, .1:E,if,i: Q35 MR JIM K STEINER' END sos r PAGE FORTY-EIGHT ' .Ti-HES 'E k - M BYLL. SCHUPP -END Tr' 2 Asp' 1 :V 5. BILL MlLLER'8RCK FOOTBALL The football team opened its season by playing a night game against Madeira. The team, under the guidance of Coach Wilfred Thies, had an exceptionally good season this year, taking second place in the league and losing the consolation game to Anderson. During the regular season the team lost only one league game, and that was to Taylor, the league champs. With this year's boys, and the 11ew material next year, Mr. Thies expects to have another good team. Listerman, Bob Miller, Bob Mitchell, Roy Schupp Bill Sophomores Fischer, Bob Frondorf, Tom Graham, Tom Neidhard, Joe Remers, Dick Zillig, Carl Seniors Bigley, Dick Fischer, Bill Garling, Dick Garrod, Don Miller, Bill Steiner, Jim Stunnenberg, Al Weiznec ker, Bayard Juniors Eckerlin, Al Ehler, Marvin Managersg Jim Eich and Wally Bollinger Scores: Mt. Healthy 18 Madeira 26 14 Anderson 14 18 Harrison 18 31 Greenhills 18 6 Taylor 73 33 Colerain 14 31 Sharonvile 30 Consolation: Mt. Healthy 32 Anderson 36 PAGE FORTY-NINE THEY VARSITY BASKETBALL Row One---Garling, Koch, MacDonald, Kuhlman. Row Two---Reardon, Miller, Fischer, Maynard, Eich, Mr. Thles. Row Three---Westrich, Fasold, Garrod, Eckerlln. . This year's team met with a new coach and a new style of playing. If you look at the past record of Coach Wilfred Thies, you will see that he has coached championship teams at Monroe High School, Monroe, Ohio. The boys were drilled almost every day on both offense and defense during the long, hard hours of practice. The team started with a bang tas they usually doj, but as the season progressed, this bang slowly became a tiny pop. There were times when the team looked as though it could not be beaten, as it proved during the regular season by beating Glendale, Terrace Park, and Greenhills, the three teams that took the honors at the Hamilton County Basketball Tournament. As in former years the custom had been to elect a captain of the squad, Dick "Gus" Garling was chosen to hold this title. When the season came to an end the score book showed nine wins and nine losses. With the help of this yeztr's Reserve team next year's varsity should show again a. team that is peppy and will fight to the last minute Players WE , 36 Al Eckerlin QFJ Jack Fasold QG3 Bill Fischer ICJ Dick Garling gill Don Garod my Don Kuhlniann fGj Paul Koch QFJ Pete Maynard QFQ Merle MacDonald qCj Bill Miller qGj Bob Westrich QF? Score Keeper .... ,,,,.,,,,H J im Eich Manager ....., ,,.,f,, B ob Reardon Coach .... ,.,, M r. Wilfred Thies PAGE FIFTY of play. Madeira Glendale Terrace Park North College Hill Sharonville Taylor Greenhills Colerain Anderson Madeira Colerain Plainvile Harrison North Colege Hill Greenhills Ross Anderson County Tournament Colerain Greenhills 27 31 20 21 34 28 31 26 35-O.T. 28 28 41 21 29 36 31 34 33-0.T. 30 BASKETBALL QUEEN Well, chil'en, here's what everyone has been waiting for since the first basketball game-the fourth Annual Basketball Queen election. The week preceeding the election was dsignated as campaign week, and the various organizations sponsoring candidates the clubs gave skits in order to introduce their candidates to the student body. The candidates follow: Ruth Bertsch- Jo Ann Bower ..... Lois Dotzauer--- Zeln Zem Staff ------Glee Club -----Latin Club Ruth Hiesel .... ---Girl Reserves Marian Heller Lois Hudson--- --Spanish Club ---French Club Doris Malone ---- ------------- H i-Y Clare Meyer ---.- .----------- S potlight Club Jayne Moore .------ ----.-- L iterary Gold Diggers Amelia Zivanovits ---- .--. G irls' Athletic Association The night of the crowning was January 185 the time, the half of the Varsity game of Harrison and Mt. Healthy. The candidates filed to their places on the gym floor and then Ruth Bertsch was presented to Captain Richard Garling by Robert Greer and she was crowned Queen of Basketball for Mt. Healthy. PAGE FIFTY-ONE BASKETBALL RESERVES P Row One---Davis, Bonn, Wahofi, Hoy, Wiest, Ron Packer. ' Row Two---Mr. Milner, Packer, Graham, Remers, Neidhard, Porter, Imsande The Reserves, under the leadership of Doc Milne1', raced through the season with 16 wins and 4 losses. This was a fighting team and well-organized. If expecta- tions are right, the team will be successful again next year. During the regular season they beat Colerain twice. In the tournament Colerain won the Reserve Championship. Before going into the tournament Mt. Healthy had one of the best records of the local competition. While at the tournament, they beat Harrison and Taylor which put them in the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, the team was beaten by Colerain. This put them in the finals playing for third place in the League. The Mounts then beat Glendale to win the Consolation trophy. Members Coach ,f... .,...A. M r. A. W. Milner Manager ,.., Roger Imsande Paul Blum KCl Bob Bonn CFJ Bob Davis QGJ Tom Graham CG! Jud Hoy CGD Dick Packer IFJ Ron Parker iGJ Le Roy Porter QF! Dick Relners QFJ Toni Sterrett ICJ Steve Wahoff iFl Russ Wiest KGJ NVE THEY 39 9 30 19 32 Terace Park 33 24 North College Hill 12 30 Sharonville 19 36 Taylor 25 31. Greenhills 17 25 Colerain 17 33 Madeira 18 37 Colerain 20 20 Plainville 24 41 Harrison 18 18 North College Hill 17 19 Greenhills 32 37 Ross 28 34 Anderson 30 County Tournament 19 Harrison 18 32 Taylor 29 23 Colerain 26 39 Glendale 29 PAGE FIFTY-TWO BASEBALL Row One---Hoy, Barnes, Megginson, W. Miller, Garrod, Westrich, Steiner, Row Two---Mr. Milner, Sunnenberg, Bollinger, Kuhlman, Ehler, R. Miller. Row Three---Waters, Frondorf, Fasold, Packer, Eckerlin. The Mt. Healthy baseball nine got off to a bad start this year and, although they fought hard, could not get going. In the last few games, however, they finally found their batting eyes and made the contests a little more interesting. The team was coached this year by 3- 4 4 4 4 4 4 29 -2 -5 -9 -12 -18 -23 Mr. Milner. Team 1st base ..,. ---Jim Megginson 2nd base- -.........-..-. Wally Bollinger 3rd base -.--------------- Marvin Ehler 3rd base and pitcher -------- Bill Miller short stop ------------------.. Jud Hoy outfield--- Tom Frondort' outfield ---- ----- L ex Barnes outfie1d--- ---- Bob Miller outfield--- ------ Paul Blum 2nd base ---- --Bob Westrich pitcher ---- ---- A l Eckerlin pitcher ---- Don Kuhlman catcher ---- Don Garrod catcher ---- ---- J im Steiner The scores of the games were follows: Mt. Healthy 1 Colerain 2 Madeira 0 Western Hills 1 Taylor 1 Colerain 4 Greenhills 4 Western Hills " - Called at the end of 2 innings because of rain. The schedule is incomplete. Reserves Reserves PAGE FIFTY-THREE TRACK Row One---Cooley, Hogebauk, Wolf, McGee, B. Bell, S. Baird, Leibrook, Duncan. Row Two---Mrs. Kalkbrenner, Stoffer, R. Baird, Malone, Enger, C. Kordenbrock, E. Kordenbrock, Wade. Row Three---Kopp, Miller, Sandmeyer, Knoop, Chappel, P, Bell, Schwieterinii, Kircher. it i Row One---Apple, Donn, Bollinger, l'.'eidl1ard, Wright, Lilechauer, Kircher, Oakley, Row Two--- Row Three- Ehler, Pierson, Schupp, Mill, Metzner, Megginson, W. Miller, Kuhlman, Garrofl. F'ronrloi'f, Zilling, I-lessler, Waters, Mr. Thies. --Shannon, R. Miller, Kaelin, Fennessy, Bruneman, Graham, Thornburg, Sterrett, Rotert, emers, Eekerlin, Mitchell, This, being Mt. I-lealthy's first year with a full time track eoarh. :rims us a bright outlook the fifth grade, later years of high school. THE RESULTS OF THE PLAINVILLE RELAYS Pole Vault Don Garrod-second place Broad Junfgm Watersrrfourth place Jim Megglnson--tied for third place 1 High Hurdles N101 PM , , , , Don Garrod-tied for fourth place Carl Z1H1g't'ed fm, fifth PMC" Law Hurdles 880 Relay Don Garrod-tied for fourth place , Mt. HealthyAsixth place THE RESULTS OF' THE DUAL MEET VVITH NORXVOOD Score: Norwood 633 Mt. Healthy 53. High Hurdles Pole Vault Don Garrod-first place Don Garrod-tied for first place Broad Jump Jim Megginson-tied for first place Jim Waters-first place 220 Yard Dash Bill Miller-third place Bob Metzner-first place High Jump Don Kuhlman-third place Al Eckerlin-tied for third 100 Yard Dash Art Weber-tied for third Bob Metzner-second place D'scus Jim Waters-second place Dick Remers-first place 440 Yard Dash Shot Put Al Eckerlin-third place Carl Zillig-third place Half Mile Junior Hurdles Bill Fennessy-first place Bill Mills-tied for third place Charlie Luechauer-third place Bob Bonn---tied for third place Mile 880 Relay Charlie Kaelen-second place Mt. Healthy-first place Low Hurdles Milo Relay Don Garrod-third place Mt. Healthy-second place PAGE FIFTY-FOUR for our teams in the years to come. The younger boys, as far flown as are being trained in order that they may be fine track mm-u Ill then CALENDAR September 4-The doors are flung open! Students preparing to resume studies "eagerly" welcome the first day of school. 19-"Are they really here?" "Gosh, aren't they sharp?" - Those proud exclamations of the Seniors when the class rings arrive. 21-A night game at Madeira opens the football season. 28-Another game. This time a P. M. one and at Anderson. 0ct0ber 4-The L. G. D.'s first event-Initia.ion of new members and a Progressive Supper. lNo progress.J 5-Football game at Harrison. 6-Those Hi-Y eager beavers gave the first dance, "The Foot-Ball." 11--The Girl Reserve Banquet solely for G. R.'s. fBut the contemporary ni-Y serveui. 12-First pigskin tussle at home-with Greenhills. 16-Hi-Y initiationlll! "Yeow!!" 19-Conquering the trials of oft-failing electricity, the team humbled Colerain 33-14 in a night football game-without the aid of illumination! 20-The Hi-Y members give a hayride. Huba Huba. 25-Game with Taylor. Gad! what a colorful revelation!j 26-Hi-Y Pajama Party. 27-Girl Reserves give dance with the misleading title "Masked Marvel" fNo masksl. 30-G. A. A. picnic at Minnie Z.'s house. Presentation of awards . 31-The L. G. D. members see "Foolish Notion" at the Cox and Were heard lauding "Tallulah" for days to come. November 2-Night game at Sharonville. Q 4-The L. G. D., suplied with dusting cloths, cleans the library. A supper after the work compensates for the 1.ul'4:.' alma und 5l'ln1.y l.3,l1uL3. 16-Report cards! Oh sadness! Oh misery! Oh defeat! First Basketball game of the year, at Madeira. A thrilling contest and we were victors 17-The G. A. A. sponsors a dance, "Autumn Serenade." 22-23-Thanksgiving vacation. However, we discover that anticipation is greater than realization when these long awaited turkey days are ruined by indigestion. 24-First basketball game at home. Glendale4. A Girl Reserves Juke box dance after the game. 28-29-30-All Sans Soucises madly streak to various home rooms pleading for clothes to garb "Pauvre Petit Pierre." 30-Basketball game at Terrace Park. December i 4-Game at N. C. H. A heartbreaking loss. 6- Seniors get measured for robes. Big day!! 7-Sharonville here for Basketball game. Junior Class gives Juke-box dance after the hoop classic. 8-"Frenchmen's Creep" dance by the French Club. 11-Senior Assembly that established the position of the ac- complished performers of "Fischer's Follies." 14--name with Taylor, at Taylor. 21-The Xmas assembly program in which Pat "Rowdy" Bell posed successfully as the mouse who wasn't supposed to be heardl of "Night Before Xmas." Squeak! Squeak! Game at Colerain. 22-What music! What flowers! What a date!!-The G. R. Prom! PAGE FIFTY-FIVE PAGE FIFTY-SIX 'CALENDAR January 2-Camera Club is organized. Millions of fiends are taking pictures like mad. Alumni Game. 4-Madeira here. Latin Club Juke Box dance afterward. 5-"Snow Shuffle" dance given by the Spanish Club. 7-Mrs. Moore from U. C. spoke to Seniors. Some good advice and the inside story of college life. S-Colerain game here. G. R-'s take care of the conventional Juke box dance this time. 11--Game at Plainville. 15-Movie by L. G. D. "Alexander G. Bell." 17SGlee Club sings at P. T. A.'s Father Night Program. Mrs. Sutton led Sophomore students discussion of "Family Relationships." The parents being amazed by their off- spring's unique logic Zoological show. "Oh, isn't it the cutest thing.-" Typical exclamation when animals are viewed. 18-Queen is crowned at the Harrison game. Juke box dance given by the Junior Class. 19-"Year Book Yump" dance given by the Zem Zem Staff. "By Yimminyf' 22-N. C. H. here for Basketball game. 23-25-Exams. We cease enjoying life for three days. 25-Basketball game at Greenhills. February 1-Junior Assembly-Der boys from der Mohawk vin der hearts uf dere audience. Report Cards-Many sad countenances displayed. 8-Anderson here. Junior class has the J. box in hand. 12-Girl Reserve's Square Dance. Hi-Y enjoyed it too. One of the G. R. advisors outdid herself in learning to be a "l'il yellow gal." 14-Tournament begins. Sans Soucis' Valentine Party complete with home-made ialentines. 17-Girl Recognition Service. 22-No school! Washington's birthday. George dood it. March 1-Program by Royal Mounted Police. Arf! Ari! 2-Dance by Junior Class, "The Cat's Crawl." 6-'L'ife Wi.h Father" at the Cox. 12-Sophomore Program 14-Freshman Program. The "Fair" was a grand success. 16-G. R.'s Stomp, "St. Pat's France." 19-Hi-Y dates clean the walls, lockers, and desks. Jinny's Squad cleans Trophy case. Main. "An Excellent Movie."-high pressure Sans Soucis' 23-"Su.1 Lonnet Sue" sponsored by French Club at the salesmanship. Seniors get name cards. Now they really feel like seniors. "My card, Sir." 22-Open House. Parents get enlightenment and students get wary. 25M"Guadalcanal Diary" given by G. R.'s. 31-Glee Club sings at Methodist Church. CALENDAR April lw-Movie by Camera Club-'tThe Battle of Russia." Pictures of groups taken for the Zem Zem. 3-Follo-w Squad gives two skits at the auditorium. Themes: Yep-and Super Salesmen. 6A"The Caboose Drag" by the Junior Class. It is the last dance of the year. Sob! 7-Glee Club sings at Christian Church. 11-12-Spotlight Club presents "Cross My Heart." "I'm as nervous as a frog" was the theme of every actor's thoughts before the call of "Curtain!" 18-Style show by pupils from Home Ee. 22-Easter Monday. 25-26-"M. H. H. S. Showboat of '46 given by Glee Club. A minstrel in two parts. 26-27-28-Geography Field Trip to Mamouth Cave. Fun and we learned a lot too. Many 2fACounty Track Meet at Carthage Fair Grounds. Puff, Puff. 4-Juke box dance by the Junior Class. The brains travel to Miami U. at Oxford for academic competition. 11-Miami Track Meet. 17-18-District Track Meet. 24-With the glad rags on, we step out to the Junior-Senior Prom. Nothing can better describe it than-heavenly. 25-State Track Meet. 26-Baccaulareate Service. 31-Graduation. Nostalgia descends e're we leave. Juno 5-French Club Dinner. 7-10-11AExams-Final despairing cram sessions. 14-Year's over-Last day of school. Good deal. - 1, COAT . 17,- fflllis F it MQ: t. QQNQN x f9Q,.y6lnxP51,,, 5 'if ' if -is! 'HF :- X QUAN fgQl'5l: PAGE FIFTY-SEVEN PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT THE MT. HEALTHY PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Mt. Healthy Officers 1945-1946 President ..... ..... M rs. Carl Ware Vice President .... .... M rs. C. Sudbrack Secretary ..... .... M rs. Glenn Siemer Treasurer ..... ..... M rs. Robert Wade On February 17, 1946 the National Congress of Parents and Teachers completed forty-nine years of life and growth. On that date we entered our Golden Jubilee year, the fiftieth in our history, and We hope it wil be one of our very best. Many of the specific problems that were of concern to our Founders forty-nine years ago have either been met or have been so changed in form that th-ey require new approaches. During these forty-nine years the world as a whole has learned that children are the greatest resource of any nation and that, like other natural resources, they must be understood and their growth guided by the best of research. The great challenge of today, for parents and for teachers, is two fold: Let us strive earnestly and unceasingly to make the world a place where homes may be established in peace and where children may grow to maturity without fear of war. Equally important, let us take upon ourselves the task of educating young people for adult responsibilities and of giving serious consideration to those social problems in our own communities as well as on a national scale, that tend to disintegrate the home. If we can meet this double challenge we shall bring to fulfillment the ideals envisioned by our Founders forty-nine years ago. Even more, we shall be performing services of incalcuable value to our own dear ones, to our communities, to our nation, and to the World. May our fiftieth year mark the culmination of all our previous endeavors and the beginning of still greater usefulness! Minnetta A. Hastings President, National Congress of Parents and Teachers iReprint from National Parent-Teacher Magazinel PAGE FIFTY NINE 'Yrzzfe for fzirfures war mntributfd by T. D. Esses E. J. Hader Mt. Healthy Canten Mt. Healthy Saving and Lo Mayor E. E. Nieman JOHN ADKINS Groceries, Meats, Fruits, Vegetables, Ice Cream, Soft Drinks, Cigarettes Open Evenings-A311 Day Sunday WE DELIVER Phones: DOuglas 6033, Jackson 8337 -t-. DOuglas 6188 CLIFF ARNOLD "The Plasteref' 7865 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO lt.- PAGE SIXTY 74 T My ENGM ING s J Penfechon of Depth and Cblo PA k g0268 glnclnzirll Sq or S! .:: ..... I 1 A ...un- ..., A, 4, L I -SuPeffi0fPffnHne,P1afes- ..i,i..,. it ' 0' cm BAIT AND YOUNG FISH FOR SALE BAUMAN'S LAKE F I S H I N G Lake Well Stocked-All Varieties M0ntana 1869-W North Bend Road Q1 Mile West of Colerainj ..i-. WALLY BOLLINGER'S Entertaining Orchestra 6333 Stella Avenue COLLEGE HILL Klrby 1589 .-il. ..i.. BRAUN'S TOGGERY THE MEN'S SHOP ON THE HILL Hamilton at Cedar Nationally Advertised Apparel For Men Kirby 3355 .-i... PAGE SIXTY-ONE -ti -ft.-. Compliments of Compliments of THE CINCINNATI ATHLETIC GOODS CO. CLIENTES LATINAE -,k.... ..,k.. BETTER SERVICE FOR ALL . . . Good telephone service requires more than instruments, wires and central office equipment-more even than operators, line- men, engineers and installers . . . it also requires the thought- ful cooperation of the men, women and young people who use it. Short conversations, courteous sharing of party lines, being sure of your number before calling, and similar practices are essential to good telephone s-ervice. We in the telephone industry are constantly striving to provide a high quality system to serve the needs of our com- munity, but the degre-e of satisfaction the service affords de- pends 'on how it is used. , THE CINCINNATI AND SUBURBAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY K ! PAGE SIXTY-TWO ..-t.. Compliments of DAVID CRAWLEY COORS General Contractor Builder of Good Driveways DAIRY Phone: Klrby 0286 College Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio - t - COWlpli1H6WfS of For Real Satisfaction, Ask Your D Dealer For Perfect VICHY 1063 North Bend Road BLUE ROCK Kz DELANEY STS. Klrby 3512 CINCINNATI, OHIO PAGE SIXTY-THREE WM. A. EFFLER Jewelry and Gifts MT. HEALTHY COLLEGE HILL BOWLING IS FUN! and keeps you fit for all your activities ARRANGE A BOWLING PARTY EVERY WEEK! Call D0uglas 6940 Six Modern Alleys Most Modern Equipment ESSELMAN'S BOWLING ALLEYS MT. HEALTHY, OHIO ENGER HARDWARE PAINTS, ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES, SPORTING GOODS JAckson 7032 Mt Healthy, Ohio PAGE SIXTY-FOUR Compliments of FINNEYTOWN P. T. A. it... THE FINNEYTOWN CIVIC CLUB Meets the First Tuesday of Every Month at the Finneytown School on Winton Road We will be glad to have you join us. ...t-. FRENCH-BAUER Enjoy What You Eat! French-Bauer Ice Cream and real fruit sherbert make a. delicious combination. Served in Mt. Healthy Higfh School Lunch Room 5 PAGE SIXTY-FIVE DOUGLAS 6992 FURNITURE EXCHANGE NEW AND USED We Buy, Sell or Trade Anything 7824 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO ED. RUGG See Us Before You Buy or Sell! Compliments of GIRL RESERVES -.t, Compliments of THE C. C. GROFF MOntana. 0690 MOntana 3412 JOHN C. GUMP FUNERAL HOME 3440 Glenmore Avenue Cheviot INVALID COACH SERVICE PAGE SIXTY SIX .-t... Compliments of JOHN D. HASKINS ...f..- HAWTHORNE FUNERAL HOME 7830 Hamilton Avenue Phone JAckson 7145 QMt. Healthy, OJ CINCINNATI, OHIO ...i.... PETER HERB SONS 7849 Harrison Avenue Mt. Healthy, Ohio DOuglas 6066-R FLORAL POTS AND PLANT FLOWERS We Telegraph Flowers ...t-. "lt's Always a Pleasure to Serve You" HESSLER'S MT. HEALTHY Sc to 51.00 STORE MT. HEALTHY, OHIO PAGE SIXTY SEVEN Buy Bonds and Save Now You Will Then Have Money To Spend For Future Prosperity THE HILLTOP SAVINGS 85 LOAN CO. 7507 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO HOCHSCHEID TAILORING CO. 7920 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO Suits, Trousers, Topcoats MADE T0 ORDER -.ti Compliments of The HOLLMAN DAIRY WYOMlN'G, OHIO VA1ley 2322 if-. HOLZHAUSER'S BOYS AND GIRLS: To keep y1our community healthy, encourage Mother and Dad to buy from independent merchants. Come to us for SHOES, CLOTHING, DRY GOODS and ATHLETIC GOODS. Join Our Blanket Club Smart Styles - Lowest Prices CAsk for Green Stamps! MT. HEALTHY NORTH COLLEGE HILL PAGE SIXTY-EIGHT ii... HUBER 85 McCUDDEN Realtors MT. HEALTHY, OHIO JAckson 8210 111. KORN HEATING CO. WARM AIR FURNACES Forced Air Heating Automatic Thermostat Control Sheet Metal Work 1138 Central Avenue HAMILTON, OHIO Phone: 3439 7410 Forest Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO Phone: JAckson 8797-W Compliments of KUHLMAN DAIRY ...ti ii... Compliments of LOCKWOOD HARDVVARE STORE PAGE SIXTY-NINL BILCAR SUPPLY CO PLUMBING and HEATING SUPPLIhS BICYCLES 8: REPAIRING OUTBOARD MOTORS W 1512 Kinney Avenue Phone: JAckson 9371 When You BUY, SELL or BUILD see FRED LOHMEIER REALTY C0 - SINCE 1923 - COURTEOUS, CONSCIENTIOUS SERVICE 31 ll Harrison Avenue MOntana 6164-R 2841 P G S VLNIY LUDWIG'S SHOE STORE s POINT x-RAY FITTING 5845 Hamilton Avenue COLLEGE HILL 7601 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO Compliments of MAIN THEATRE --ir.. McATEER'S PHARMACY 7603 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHI.O "Service to the Sick" Phone: DOug'las 6677-6935 McCOLLUM'S Corner Drug S tore' fFormerly Drohan'sJ Phone DOug'las 6247 MT. HEALTHY, OHIO St-op in and get a dish of Fresh HOME-MADE ICE CREAM It's Delicious - Made Fresh Daily PAGE SEVENTY-ONE -.. t 1 Compliments of MONFORT HEIGHTS P. T. A. it... Compliments of MT. HEALTHY BODY SHOP and BILL'S AUTO SERVICE fFormerly Nott'sJ 7348 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY COAL 85 COKE CO. West Compton Road MT. HEALTHY, OHIO Phone: JAckson 7765 QDavid Sunderhausj RECORDS ON SALE HERE! Stop In-See Our Latest Selection MT. HEALTHY ELECTRIC SHOP Victor, Blue Bird, Columbia, 0-Keh and Decca If It's a Hit-We Have It! Phone: JAckson 7500 7501 Hamilton Avenue PAGE SEVENTY-TWO it.- MT. HEALTHY GARAGE SUNOCO PRODUCTS 7420 Hamilton Avenue Phone: DOuglas 6971 it., 'k Compliments of MT. HEALTHY GARDEN CLUB it... Compliments of MT. HEALTHY GIFT SHOP 7620 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY HARDWARE CO. Fishing Tackle, Sporting Goods, H. Electrical Appliances C. Caldwell C. N. O'Neal JAck.son 9373 7500 Hamilton Avenue PAGE SEVENTY THREE Compliments of MT. HEALTHY HI-Y I I I 'I ,I I I Il IM I I II Il. I Ill I III4 I I, II Il! I ' I It ,I . 1' Ir. ,VI I Y 7,4 1 I LI 'u"'wl1unl'1llllIl.l Wim rn- I ' 1 'J III, IIIII I - I Compliments of CARL MULTNER GROCERIES MEATS VEGETABLES Phone: JAckson 7018 MURSET STUDIO FINE PORTRAITS 514 Vine Street CINCINNATI, OHIO HENRY NAGEL 85 SON BRIGHTON MILLS 2168 Spring Grove Avenue FLOUR AND FEED PAGE SEVENTY-FOUR Compliments of PARKVIEW HEIGHTS ORR DAIRY FARM CIVIC CLUB MT. HEALTHY, OHIO WELCOMES YOU TO MEETINGS at COMMUNITY BUILDING Third Thursday of Each Month 8:00 P. M. "ML Healthy A Good Place To Live" Help keep it that way by patronizing Mt. Healthy business concerns. E PORTER PRINTING CO. A Home-owned Concern PAGE SEVENTY FIVE PLAZA Beauty Shop PERMANENT WAVES A SPECIALTY Main Theatre Building MT. HEAIJTHY, OHIO DOuglas 6962 L. M. PRINCE CO. Opticians 4 West Fourth Street CINCINNATI, OHIO P U C K E T T the DRUGGIST '1Vlt. H ealthy's Outstanding Drug Store' 7517 HAMILTON AVE. Phone: JAckson 8794 , PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Cosmetios Greeting Cards Magazines R. W. Baird, Proprietor Compliments of RIESTER'S TAVERN CHEVIOT ROAD DOuglas 6997 PAGE SEVENTY-SIX GEO. M. ROLFES GEO. A. SCHNEIDER PRESCRIPTION OPTICIAN PLUMBING and HEATING PA1'kWIaY 1084 JACkS0n 79134 Estimates Cheerfulely Given 7834 Elizabeth Street JAckson 7644 MT. HEALTHY, OHIO TED SCHAEFER Quality GROCERIES and MEATS Fruits and Vegetables Telephone: DOuglas 6177 7607 NORTH HAMILTON AVENUE MT. HEALTHY, OHIO PAGE SEVENTY-SEVEN Compliments of Sam Schoenlaub tj Ik? Compliments of GEORGE SCHOLI. and SON INTERIOR DECORATING 7339 Park Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO JAckson 8617 Have You Tried Our Service? RALPH W. SCHUBERT REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE 3215 Harrison Avenue MOntana 4439 SCHULTES CORNER LARRY SL JOE-Proprietors BEER, SANDWICHES, SOFT DRINKS, SOUPS, CHILI, BARBECUE, ITALIAN SPAGI-IE'l'I'I Phone: DOuglas 6922 Hamilton and Mill Road PAGE SEVENTY-EIGHT SECOND NATIONAL BANK MT. HEALTHY BRANCH: 7433 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HARDWARE, ELECTRIC FIXTURES and APPLIANCES SPRINGDALE HARDWARE and APPLIANCE BPS Paints, Mirrors, Chinaware Phone: PR. 82 18 SPRINGDALE SPRINGDALE SUNDRIES fHalrry Blackman, Proprietorj Patent Medicines and Sick-Room Supplies Radios and Appliances Visit Our Complete Soda Bar Jewelry, Gift Items, Toys, Notions Complete Baby Gift Items WE DELIVER Glendale 6291 Springfield Pike near Kemper Road Compliments of Womerfs Auxiliary Springdale Civic Club PAGE SEVENTY-NINE S. S. FOOD MARKET "WHITE VILLA STORE" Quality Meats, Groceries, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 7622 HAMILTON AVENUE JAckson 7305 VA11ey 4258 ' JOS. ST OCKER 85 SONS SHEET METAL WORK ROOFING - VENTILATING AIR CONDITIONING North Bend Road Box 34543, R. R. 6, cincinnati, O. cAu. SUMME BROS. FOR YOUR Dairy Products MEL. SUMME SERVICE U. S. TIRES, WILLARD BATTERIES, ACCESSORIES, MARATHON GAS and OIL LUBRICATION Phone: D0uglas 6904 1516 Compton Road MT. HEALTHY, OHIO PAGE EIGHTY T EBBE MONUMENT CO. MONUMENTS and GRAVE MARKERS Cheonard Tebbel 1020 Compton Road JAcks0n 8708-J MT. HEALTHY, OHIO TRAPP'S APPLIANCE SHOP THE WESTINGHOUSE STORE 7512 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO JAckson 9252 EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL Compliments of William C.. Ulrich HERF F -J ONES SMART cLAss. RINGS girllj ' 0 farm. '7"S is-on .1 .i A FOR BETTER CLEANING AND SERVIUE THAT SATISFIICS WE SPECIALTZE IN sL1P covxsas .sz DRAPE3 AVHW 3722 AS NEAR AS YOUR PHONE 2828 VINE ST. PAGE EIGHTY-ONT W ALKER'S JAcks0In 7807 SERVICE STATION W- F- WEL!-AND 7833 Hamilton Avenue CONTRACTOR of PLASTERING Phone: DOug'las 6137-R 7428 Forest SOHIO PRODUCTS MT. HEALTHY, OHIO Batteries and Tires THOMAS E. WOOD Insurance FIRE - AUTOMOBILE - WAR DAMAGE Carew Tower CINCINNATI, OHIO CI-Ierry 3363 Mt. Healthy Representative: E. G. RUOFF Phone JAckson 8157-W PAGE EIGHTY TWVO Compliments of Wesley Werner Post No. 513 THE AMERICAN LEGION RICHARD WUEST Flowers For All Occasions 1032 st. Clair Avenue DOLuglas 6179 MT. HEALTHY, OHIO NICK WULLENWEBER "DOT FOOD STORE" FINER FOODS 7514 Hamilton Avenue MT. HEALTHY, OHIO Phone: DOuglas 6073 HERMAN ZUMSTEIN WHOLESALE MEAT DEALER Phone: Klrby 1062 1186 Cedar Avenue CINCINNATI, OHIO PAGE EIGHTY-THREE Finis

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