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'r W-g-',,54q,g Af:-.1 Lg... I .L:.7,, W: A . v- s 5 I 5 5 5 E T ! i n 5 5 E 5 : 5 5 ! 5 E I !l THE ZQH1 Zenl OF 1941 'ijfzlff 5 X X Published by THE MT. HEALTHY HIGH SCHOOL ZEM ZEM Mt. Healiby, Obio Volumc XII FORE WORD ' In this, the twelfth volume of the Zem Zem, we have attempted to present the yenr's recorcl in 'military style, since military training is so much in evidence today. Ifz keeping with our theme, we have used military phrases in place of scholastic terms. We hope that you will enjoy the 1941 Zem Zem. page :wo DEDI CA TION C50 every high school boy and girl who will set forth in the world this year to seek an honorable place in society, to live peaceahly among his fellow-men, and to continue his education in school or out, we dedicate this C41 .Zem fZem with a sincere wish hr his success. h MT. HEALTHY Board of Education President .....,..... ...... L . J. STEINBRECKER Vice-President ......... ...... R OBERT S. TAYLOR Clerk ......... ............................,..... I DA B. HECKEL ELLIS FLOYD ORVILLE NIEMAN C. F. SUDBRACK page four ZEM ZEM Arabic tradition informs us that a tabernacle formed of radiant clouds was lowered to earth at the entreaty of Adam to God. This tabernacle disappeared at the death of Adam but was replaced in clay and stone by Seth, Adam's son. It was not, however, proof against inundation and was subsequently swept away in the flood. Generations passed and the site of the tabernacle remained forever lost until an angel revealed a spring or well near the ancient site, to aid Ishmael and his mother who were perishing of thirst in the desert. This well was the well of Zem Zem. Here the city of Mecca was founded. Commanded by God and assisted by his father, Abraham, Ishmael rebuilt the Kaaba on the exact site of the original tabernacle. Tradition also gives an account of a stone which miraculously rose and fell to serve Abraham as a scaffold while he was at work on the walls of this building. A Pilgrims come to Mecca, the sacred city of the East, from all parts of Arabia. They walk seven times around the Kaaba in imitation of the angelic host, kiss the black stone which is said to be one of the precious stones of paradise, and drink of the waters of the well of Zem Zem in memory of their ancestor, Ishmael, the founder of the Arabic race. A In 1929 the Tatler staff sought a name for their year book. This book was to be filled with lasting memories. It was constantly to remind them of their ideals and accomplishments, of their experiences and their friendships, of the teachings which by both precept and example influenced their thoughts. Thus the book was likened to the well of memory, Zem Zem. Today Zem Zem assumes greater significance than before. We may drink of this well and be re- minded of the founders of our own nation who built as stone upon stone the principles of free govern- ment as exemplified by the Constitution. These principles have been proved in the light of history to be sound. Inasmuch as they have been founded upon natural laws-free enterprise, initiative, thrift and industry are by them encouraged. The principles upon which our nation was founded may be forgotten or disregarded. Strange phil- osophies may completely replace sound principles. Government by law may be completely replaced by a government of men. Industry and thrift may be completely replaced by indolence, inefficiency and waste. Unless we soon partake copiously of the waters of Zem Zem, in the course of a short time the principles established by our founders may have completely vanished and even the location of the well may be forever lost from the sight of men. page ive Mt. Healthy High School MR. M. DUVALL Su-perintendevzf of Public Schools Mt. Healthy Page SCVCD MARJORIE ARNOLD M. A., A. B., B. S. Miami University English I French Girl Reserve Adviser Les Pierrots et Pierrettes Literary Gold Diggers Adviser JOAN BOLLENBACHER B. S. in Ed., Miami University Shorthand Typewriting Girl Reserve Adviser EVELYN ENGSTROM B. A. in Mailaemaiics, jamcsfown College M. Ed., Urzivcrsity of Cincinnati Algebra I General Science Pep Squad Adviser page eight C. E. HOFFMAN B. S. Miami Unit-'vrsify Manual Arts Physical Education for Boys Basketball Coach Soft Ball Coach L page nine ETHEL L. FROST B. S. Miami Uniwrsify English III Latin Zem Zem Adviser Latin Club Adviser MARY I-IYLE B. S. in Ed., Miami Ul1iL'L'TSifv3' English II American History page icn HELEN HUTCHISON B. S. Ullil'l'l'5ifVj' of Cirlvilzrmli Civics IV Physical and Health Education Physiology Pep Squad Adviser Girls' Athletic Association Adviser ELAINE MCMANUS B. S. in Ed., Miami University Home Economics E. W. MUSKOPF B. S. ,Miami UfIilf0fSifj. Algebra Geometry Trigonometry Solid Geometry Baseball Coach K. A. PACK M. A., A. B. University of Kvnfucky Bookkeeping page clcvcn Commercial Arithmetic Commercial Law. General Business Salesmanship I-Ii-Y Adviser E. G. PETRICH M. A. UlIiL'Pf5if-'jf' of Cincinnati Biology Physics Geography Chemistry VELMA TUCKER S. in Music Ed., University of Cincimmti Director of Music Glee Clubs page twelve C. T. VAN ATTA S. Obio Sfafc University Economics English -IV History II I m Sociology ' .. Spotlight Club Advise? J 1 . 7: V igrvkxlfih QEIQ 1-will . 1 , . I' hpln 'Vlv 1 " A. 6? ,'q., L V 5-Q 1"' f , l A 2 , Q , 1 f 'L AN P, ,, V lu v N .N 3 ',,. A W I Ag sf 1 X f if if V,,' , ' 1 -,'dl -.,"AN L 4 T. I 1. .' :, Z. A fy ., '- 'J L 5 5 9 wc 5 5 5 74 E' F H 5 n w YA 2 J V1 ,, H 5, E E 5 Q I 'T F J 4 s 1 F fi N C 1 w r 5 5 l 5 ef S E it , W If 'R H Fl ? A-1 5 K E Fi : 5 its .cg !4Q- AE .f xx Q it . ff' , if S'-.lf g 1, , lx ' NYIXQNPIIQ 2. -..i 11' M it ffl, ,tv T-iizr' ,. 7165 F? O P? 'J' fb ZIP 5'2" fb mr! F! 35' UQ Ea UQ FE 54' sr? get '-'Ps fb UQ 95 Bu ps. S P-lui is R41-9 fb Ss :K 25 fb ETB Dc. ,-,O 5? Hur-I LN "O O 'AE P-I D Sm: NR 30 ZH EE. AS E12 2 'gm ES 2? QQ. 335 KH HSI QE' EE' DOG r 2 tif Yflerinvszr N 35' lp NA LQ 1' ,gf History of Class of "dll" you came the first day? You went into one room, possibly the senior home room and everyone laughed... that was the wrong room. You finally ended up in the freshman division of the camp under Major Generals Frost, Pack, and Muskopf.j The next fall S5 members of the group returned, ready to begin the second term of training. This year they were assigned 'to the sophomore division under Major Generals Petrich, Mitchell, and Ho- dapp. This year they would be looked up to by the new recruits. The following year, 74 members returned, ready for their third period of training. This time they were in the junior division of the camp, the division controlled by Major Generals Arnold and Engstrom. By this time they were becoming accustomed to the camp and were permitted to organize. The officers elected were as follows: Siaf Srrgvanf ..,.. ......., V ernon Grabel Assistant Sergeant ........................,... Norbert Fishvogt Svrgeanf of Records and Finance ..........., Betty Metz The junior company gave a banquet and dance in honor of the graduating class of that year. f- A K 1 . In the Autumn of 1940, 66 advanced membnersiaf the camp appeared, ready to receive their final instructions in this, the most important year of their training. They were assigned to the senior division headed by Major General Van Atta. They now were the oldest members of the camp. In June they will receive their commissions and be ready for service. Some will continue their training in college, and some will go into active duty. page thirteen 0 4' ' '-ff V: I If I l F ETHEL MAE ALLEN Monfort Heights Clieutes Latimzr-3,4 L. G. D.-4 Glce Club-4 Spotlight Club-4 PUNCTILIOUS One reason why we like Ethel is that she willingly helps when asked to do so. BETTY BAUER Mt. Healthy G. A. A.-2 Spoflfgbf Club-4 Girl Kf'sr'rws-2, 4 CALM 4 . Q Betty takes things as they come and so is not needlessly upset. This trait has made her n good companion to those who are her friends. ETHEL ESTHER BERNDT Mt. Healthy G. A. A.-4 Girl Rvswves-1, 2, 3, 4 INDUSTRIOUS As treasurer of the Girl Reserves, Ethel has shown painstaking care in keeping the books. Incidentally, she has ax good alto voice. GLEN E. BEVIS Mt. Healthy Spofliglaz' Club-4 ALTRUISTIC At the beginning of his senior year, Glen entered Mt. Healthy coming from Hamilton High. In his one year among us, he has made many friends. CARL BOBINGER New Burlington QUIET Carl is admired because he attends to his affairs and respects the right of others to attend to theirs. RAY BOWMAN Springdale Bnsltetball-4 Football-4 NONCHALANT Ray entered the class in his third year, coming from Hartwell. "Nary a worry" are the words which simply must be used to describe him. BOB BRADFORD Mt. Healthy Cheer Leader-1, 2, 3 Hi-Y-3,4 BLITHE Bob has a brand new smile for every day in the week, and is always ready for il good time. page fourteen ll 3.4 ' RUTH BURGER New Burlington Spoiligbt Club-4 AGREEABLE Ruth's quality of being agreeable without giving up her own ideas is worth noticing. Did you know she is about the youngest member of the class? DOROTHY A. CHASE Mt. Healthy Baslzefball-2, 3 Girl Reserves-1 G. A. A.-2, 3, 4 Track-2, 3 SPORTING Dot gives support to all the sports about school, either by active participation or by cheering from the sidelines. a ROSEMARY CLARK Mt. Healthy G. A. A.-4 P611 Sqzmcl--4 Girl Rcsffrves-3 INDEFATIGABLE A veritable "speed demon" in typing! Her friendly, cheerful personality would brighten the darkest day. ELEANOR DETERS Finneytown Basketball-1, 2 L. G. D.-4 Cheer Leader'-4 Spotlight Club-4 G. A. A.-3, 4 Zem Zem Staff-3, 4 Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4 EPIGRAMINIATIC Eleanor leaves us wondering how one person can manage to do so many things well, and still find time to be interested and friendly. JEAN ELLIS Mt. Healthy Basketball-2, 3 Girl Reserves-1 G. A. A.-2, 3, 4 Track-2 ORIGINAL Jean is always herself. She has generously helped to transport the teams on various occasions. And remember how she stopped that car in the demonstration last fall? HARRY ESTEL FERRIS Springdale Hi-Y-3, 4 WITTY We have learned we can depend on Harry to liven up a dull class with his jokes and sly humor. ' ALVIN FISCHVOGT Mt. Healthy Hi-Y-2, 3, 4 FACETIOUS With mischief in his eye and a fund of witticisms, Alvin adds much to the fun about school. page fifteen 9 l 4 NORBERT FISCI-IVOGT Mt. Healthy Glec-1, 2 Spotlight Club-4 Hi-Y-3, 4 Zem Zem Stuf-3 EXPRESSIVE Norb is a competent "shutter bug," and one who is capable of making any story "a good one." VERNON GRABEL New Burlington Class Ojfver-3 Hi-Y-2, 3, 4 Clierztes Lafimu'--3, 4 Spotlight Club-4 Glee Club-2 Zem Zvm Stuff-3, 4 Les Pierrofs ct Picrrcftes-4 Asslnuous Vernon's fine scholastic record is well worth mentioning, for he has maintained it while doing his share for extra-curricular school activities. SHIRLEY MAE I-IASKINS Mt. Healthy G. A. A.-2, 3, 4 Spotlight Club-4 Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4 Zem Zem Siuj-3 Glee-2, 3 CHIC Shirley is known for her good taste in clothes, and somewhat envied, we fear, for her ability to wear them well. PATRICIA ANN HAUCK Mt. Healthy G. A. A.-2, 3, 4 Pep Squad-4 Girl Rest-rtfes-1, 2, 3, 4 Spotlight Club-4 Glen-2, 3 Track-2 EXPEDITIOUS Our very popular president of Girl Reserves! Her willingness to cooperate makes Patty a splendid leader. DALE HAUER Mt. Healthy Bmsrbal l H i-Y Foofball PLACID Peaceful, easy-going. Yep! that's Dale. He never tries to cross his bridges until he has come to them. CHARLES HECKEL Mt. Healthy Baslzvfball-2, 3, 4 Softball-2 STERN Quite a man on the basketball floor. Charles has been a valu- able member of the team for three years. IRIS HEID Monfort Heights Zcm Zem Staf-3 DEconoUs After graduation with a good record, Iris now eagerly looks forward to "keeping house" in her own home. page sixteen - Y Y S - ,This hobby has been a source of pleasure and knowledge to him. 9 I I I O IRENE HOEFFER I Mt. Healthy Girl Reserves Spofligbi Club-4 L. G. D.-3, 4 AMICABLE A Her cheery smile and warm "Hello" have won Irene many friends both in school and out. RALPH KAELIN Springdale SCIENTIFIC We shall remember Ralph for his unusual interest in butter- flies His collection ma well be the env of many a zoolo ist JANE MARIE KALB Mt. Healthy Clicnles Latimze-3 Les Pierrots ef Pierreflcs G. A. A.-2, 3, 4 ' L. G. D.-1, 2, 3, 4 Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4 Spollighf Club-4 Glen'-1, 2, 3 Zem Zcm Sfaj-4 RE-SPONSIBLE We recommend jane to the person seeking an able pianist or having a worth-while piece of work to be done. MARION KARCHES Monfort Heights DEMURE Rafber reserved, but quifr Fffifllf are words we find des- criptive of Marion. MENIAL HORTON KISER New Burlington Glcc-A Hi-Y--3, 4 JOVIAL - -- I-Iorton's glowing smile is quite infectious, for it is hard to be glum and sober in his company. ' CASPER FREDRICK KRAMER Monfort Heights Baseball-1, 4 Operctta--4 Glcc-2, 3, 4 Spotlight Club-4 TRANQUIL His quiet manner and serious attitude make Casper ax good friend. He will be remembered for his splendid performance in the operetta. ' JEAN E. KUHLMAN Finneytown Basketball-2, 3 Track-2, 3 Spotlight Club-4 SERENE Close friends will tell you there is always Sl merry twinkle in ,Iean's eyes. She enjoys fun in a way all her own. page seventeen Zn ' 9411 HAZEL I. LIENENBRINK Monfort Heights Spotlight Club-4 Zem Zcm Sfnij-3 RELIABLE XVhen called on in class, Hazel seems always ready with the answer. Outside of class, she is equally ready for fun. ELIZABETH J. LINKENHOKER Mt. Healthy CONTEMPLATIVE Elizabeth gets things done with much less "fuss" than most of us. And did you know she plays the piano very well? RUTH CAROLINE LOUIE Finneytown Girl Reserves-1 Spotlight Club--4 CAPABLE Endowed with abundance of energy and good common sense Ruth will certainly achieve her goal, whatever it may be. EDWIN J. MAHLERWEIN Mt. Healthy Spotlight Club-4 INTREPID Quite a good sport, extremely likeable, Eddie is one of the most popular in the class. ROBERT C. MARPLES Mt. Healthy Spotlight Club-- 4 GENIAL Robert is to be commended for his good-natured determination in "seeing a thing through." JEANNE McGRAW Springdale Girl Reserves-4 Spotlight Club-4 Glcc-4 Zcm Zcm Staf-3 ATTIKACTIVE Those big eyes have magnetic power, especially when they dance with fun. BETTY METZ Springdale Baskeiball-2, 3 L. G. D.-4 Class Oficer--3 Spotlight Club-4 Girl Reserves-3, 4 Track-2, 3 Glen-4 Zcm Zem Staf-3 Les Pierrofs et Pierreltes--4 VERsA-rxuz Well-liked because of her ability to be an understanding listener and an interesting speaker, Betty has taken part in many types of activities. page eighteen JANET LOUISE MEYER Springdale Basketball-3 Spofligbi Club-4 Girl Rexwvvs-3, 4 Track-2, 3 Glcc-2 AFFABLE The old proverb, "Still waters run deep" applies well in Jnnet's case, for she has appreciation for many things without making Fl display of feeling. BARBARA ANN MOORE Mt. Healthy Clienies Lafinue-3, 4 Spotlight Clnb-4 Girl Rr'scr'vc's-3, 4 POISED That quiet charm of Barbara's attracts-and holds! Her especial interest is music. JANET RUTH MYERS Springdale Girl Reserves-4 SPO flight Club-4 Glu'-2 GENTLE When Janet talks of anyone, it is always with a kind word or a word of praise. Hence, her many friends. TOMMY OELKER Mt. Healthy Football-4 Spotlight Club-4 Glce-3, 4 Zem Zem Stal?-3, 4 Hi-Y--3, 4 ANIMATED If it were not for boys like our Tommy, this world would be swamped with despair. He has a way of putting everything he has into a project in which he is interested. BETTY OTTO Mt. Healthy Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4 Spotlight Club-4 Glvc-2, 3 AMIABLE Though a good student, Betty is able to succeed in work outside the class-room. Reports are that she has "gone over big" as a G. R. squad leader. BETTY PERRINE Mt. Healthy Glec RESERVED Serious about acquiring an education, Betty should be praised for the splendid effort she has put forth in her school work. LOUIS PETREY Springdale COOL-HEADED When it comes to gasoline, motor oils, etc., we recommend Louie. He has made a special study in this field, we hear. page nineteen ll 941 ' MARIAN REUTER Mt. Healthy G. A. A.-2 Girl Reserves-2, 3, 4 COMPOSED Many has been the morning that Marian has been at the front door to greet teachers and pupils arriving at school. She must have a fine record for promptness. RUTH SCHMIDT Monfort Heights Glec'-2, 3 Spotlight Club-4 SPONTANEOUS just as quick to respond to a teacher's question as to add to a bantering repartee. "Smitty" accomplishes things. JAMES M. SHEPPARD Monfort Heights Baseball-1, 2, 3, 4 Spotlight Club-4 Basketball-2, 3 SOCIABLE Jimmie is one of those fortunate boys who can take a joke as well as perpetrate one. Wherever the crowd is, there is Jim. GENEVA JUNE SMITH Mt. Healthy Basketball-1 Glec-1, 2, 4 Cheer Leader-2 Orchestra-3 Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4 Spotlight Club-4 HSPUNKYH A girl whom all the students know! One would find it hard not to respond to her cheer-fulness and pep. GAYLE SORN Mt. Healthy Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4 L. G. D.--4 Glee-2, 3 Spotlight Club-4 UNDEVIATING Once Gayle determines upon a course of action, she pursues it to the end. A friendly, dependable girl. VIRGINIA VIVIENNE SORTER Springdale Glee-4 Spotlight Club-4 Les Picrrots et Pierreftcs-120-m Zvm Staff-3 TEMPERAMENTAL Sometimes quiet and withdrawn: sometimes merry and ex- pressive: always well-liked by her friends. DOROTHY STEGMULLER Mt. Healthy EFFICIENT ' Dorothy's scholastic record may,well be described as enviable. She has clone with precision and accuracy any task that has come her way. page twenty ll il ROSELLA STEGMULLER Mt. Healthy DILIGENT A young lady who applies herself and comes through with work well-done. A happy smile is another asset. DOROTHY STEINBRECKER Mt. Healthy Cl.'mtr's Latimze-3, 4 L. G. D.--1 G. A. A.-2, 3, 4 Spoiligbf Club-4 Girl Reserves-1, 2, 3, 4 Zem Zem Siaj-4 Glee-2, 3, 4 Les Plerrofs ei Pierreffes-4 IMPULSIVE A girl of many interests. Her music makes one want to danccg her grades make one wish he too had studied, and her knitting makes one ambitious. XVALTER EDWIN STRECKER Mt. Healthy Baseball-3, 4 Hi-Y-2, 3, 4 Basleeflmll Reserve-3 STALXVART With a high scholastic rating, especially in commercial subjects, NValter will surely realize his ambition to succeed in business. HOWARD SWARTZ Springdale Basketball-3, 4 Spotlight Club-4 Football--4 Zcfm Zcfm Staff-3 Hi-Y-3, 4 CONGENIAL Howard's willingness to "lend a hand" is well known. We always have a better time if he is in the crowd. GLADYS UNGERBUEHLER Monfort Heights Spotlight Club-4 UNDENIONSTRATIVE Friends of Gladys know that although she seems quiet, she really has a lot of fun and adds her share to the good times of others. RUBY URBAN Mt. Healthy Girl Reserve-1, 2, 3, 4 Glee-4 GOOD-HUMORED Ruby is fortunate in being able to enter whole-heartedly into a party or a project which requires work. GERTRUDE VOLMER Monfort Heights ACCUIKATE We predict for Gertrude a place in the business life of our city. She is prompt, thorough, courteous. PZISC IW'Cl1lZY-0116 ll Q E. . ,f.. ., I BETTY VOSSLER Monfort Heights Track-1 IMPERTURBABLE Although her time is much occupied with interests outside of school, Betty has many friends among her class-mates. JEAN MARIE WARWICK Springdale G. A. A.-4 Spotlight Club-4 Girl Reserves-3, 4 Track-2 Glec-2, 4 Les Pierrots et Pierrettes-4 PLEASING Yes, pleasing to the eye and pleasing to be with. Jean brings joy and good judgment to the crowd, whether it bc large or small. RALPH WEBER Mt. Healthy Baseball--3, 4 Spotlight Club-4 COMPANIONABLE Not over-fond of "those school books," always ready for a good time, but with plenty of common sense, Ralph is worth knowing. Galley 4 EARL ROY WICKEMEIER Finneytown Baseball-4 Hi-Y-3, 4 Basketball-4 Spotlight Club-4 COMRADELY The good sportsmanship that Earl has shown throughout thc year is admirable. GERTRUDE WUEST ' Mt. Healthy G. A. A.-2 Spotlight Club-4 Girl Reserves-2, 3, 4 STEADFAST Quiet, somewhat serious, Gertrude is nevertheless always ready to do her part in making a new friend. CHARLOTTE J. ABBOTT Monfort Heights PERSISTENT After two years at the Academy of Mt. St. Joseph-on-the- Ohio, Charlotte entered our school. It would be well if more persons could laugh at things they don't like, as Charlotte does. BERTIE HEMBREE Springdale Girl Reserves-1 L. G. D. Les Pierrots et Pierrettes Spotlight Club-4 PRETTY Bertie has made an enviable record in French. She bewilders some of her class-mates when she launches into a long French quotation. MAURINE HOOVER Mt. Healthy Girl Reserves-4 Spotlight Cluh-4 RETIRING Maurine has proved an asset to the group of Ring Girls in their projects of the year. She entered the senior class from North College Hill. HAROLD C. MARSHALL Mt. Healthy Basketball-3, 4 Softball-3 UNEXCITABI.E Of all the boys in our class, Harold appears to be least dis- turbed by things which throw most people into confusion. NEIL PIPHER Mt. Healthy CAREFREE If Neil ever worries, he has not let others know it. He is too busy making folks glad they know him, to think much about himself. Ellie f THE JUNICR CLASS Bob Oelker .......... ........' ...... S t af Sergeant Pat Giesting ...... ...... A ssistant Sergeant Dorothy Braun ....... ........... S crgeani of Records Ralph Stehlin ........,,....,.........,.,. Sergeant of Finance With a little difiiculty this regiment organized itself into the Junior Class. It regretfully accepted the resignation of one of its advisers, Miss Arnold. Miss Hyle was appointed as the new adviser to ill the vacancy. For their first social function, the Juniors entertained the rest of the Post with a Magician show. For days afterwards the members of the Post were wondering how Rajah Kepler, the magician performed certain feats of magic. A few months afterwards the Junior Class gave a "Western Swing" dance. Was it a' success? It most certainly was! Everyone had an unusually good time and the financial results were favorable! One of the social duties of this regiment is to entertain its senior recruits. We are sure that in their Senior year, the Juniors will live up to the fine record they have set for themselves. Junior Class Roll Harold Aulick Jean Hauer William R. Peters Earl Bauer Donald Hebeler Anna M. Petersen Betty Bevis August W. Blum Mary Jane Bockelmann Dorothy Braun Edward Brennen Betty Burnett Jean Caldwell Charles Crawley Ernst H. Dasch Donald Doyle Edmund Edmonds Fred Erhardt, Jr. Paul Evers Lavera Faske Nelson Fischvogt Anthony C. Fluegeman Robert Frisch Pat Giesting Ann Gilmore Frank Gray Jean Grote Robert A. Guy Virginia Hackemeyer Jacob Haft Warren C. Hasselbusch Norman Haubner Hilda Hauer Marjorie I-Iembree Marian Herb Kenneth Hessler Norma Hessler Connell B. Himes Oscar Holzhauser Dorothy Honnert Dolores Hott Kennith Hott Gairald "Fee" Kiser Robert Klein Louis Klingelhoffer William A. Kuhlmann Alma H. Lemkuhl Jeannie Matheny Irene Mays John A. McKibben Mary McNeill Norbert Meyer Dale Miller Sherry Mitchell Roger Molyneaux Rose Marie Mullen Ruth Neuhaus Herman Niehaus, Jr. Hazel Nippert Bob Oelker page twenty-three Don Phillips Patty Porter Mary Rarol Richen Pauline F. Robinson Eileen M. Saunders Eleanor Schunk Norma Rose Schwab Edna Mae Sheppard John Sipes Beatrice Smyth Louise G. Staab Ralph Stehlin Cletus J. Stoeppel Henry Strecker Jean Tasset Vernon Telger June Thompson June Toennis Erna Mae Towner Mildred Volmer Loraine Waechter Jean E. Weber Rita XVeber Charles Weller Doris Wright Geo. Wroot Robert Youtz Aulick Burnett Erhardr Giesting Haft I-Iembree Honnert Bauer Caldwell Evers Gilmore I-Iasselbuscli Herb D. Hott Bevis Crawley Faske Gray Haubner K. Hessle K. Hott 1' Blum Dasch Fischvogt Grote H. Hauer N. Hessler Kiser page twenty-four Braun Doyle Fluegeman Guy J. Hauer Himes Klein Brennen Edmonds Frisch Hackemeyer Hebeler Holzhauser Klingelhoffer Kuhlmann Lemkuhl Matheny Mays McNeill Meyer Miller Mitchell Molyneaux Mullen Neuhaus Niehaus Nippert Peters Petersen Phillips Porter Richen Robinson Saunders Schunk Schwab Sheppard Sipes Smyth Staab Stehlin Stoeppel Strecker Tasset Telger Thompson Toennis Towner Volmer Waechter J. Weber R. Weber Weller Wright Wroot Youtz page twenty-five THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Halt! Didn't you hear the command? The recruits of the 1941 sophomore class need discipline often this year. This company is "plenty peppy". Although most of the recruits get along well enough with the officers in charge, there are a few who find it difficult to settle down to the steady grind of lessons. But after all, isn't it the usual trait of the sophomore class? We think it comes from that glorious feeling, "Oh boy, we aren't freshmen anymore!" Besides, there are some excellent students in the group and from all appearances they are beginning to take their places as leaders. Charlotte Addis Virginia Aug Marjorie Aug Mary Bauer Phyllis Bauer Jane Bender Harold Beckham Ruth Blackburn Ethel Bonn Calvin Bevis Virginia Bradford Howard Harvey Edna M. Hauck Jean Hauck June Hauer Kenneth Hebeler Edwin Heisel Stanley Henschen Jim Heismann Frank Herb Louis Honnert Jane Orr Bill Petrich Milton Pierson Jean Quigg Harold Redden Rose Reilly Edwin Richter Thelma Riley Herbert Turner William Turner Ruth Urban Benjamin Urmston Myra Waechter MR. PETRICH'S HOME ROOM Robert Bramkamp Jane Burkhart Charles Burgess Shirley Barnes Clara Catanzaro Ella Catanzaro Marcella Christophel Carol Cornelius Betty Jane Earp Donald Edgemon Eugene Eiber MISS HYLE'S HOME Walter Hudepohl Faye Jackson Estelle Jester Ruth Kalb Chester Kehr James Kinne ,ohn Kleine Edna Kock Paul Krebs Esther Kuhn MISS BOLLENBACHER'S H Doris Rodler Harold Roettele John Rolfes Dorothy Ruettinger Naomi Scheidt Ruth Schlensker William Schmidt Virginia Schmidtz Annette Epley Carolyn Fenton Ercil Fehrman Betty Jane Faske Robert Ferris Albert Fowler James Garlich Mary Goodwin Betty Gray Melba Hager Ernst Hanfbauer, Jr. Lois Lorch Norma Lewis Virginia Linkenhoker Doris Marsh Margie McCracken Alma McLean Virginia Miller Junior Mund Corinne Newton Herbert Niehaus OME ROOM Jean Schubert Donald Schrantz Norbert J. Schwab Katherine Shelton Mary Shinlever Alvera Stout James Stout Robert Stringer MISS McMANUS'S HOME ROOM Fred Walker Edna Warwick Ardeth Weber Audrey Weber Norbert Weber Jean Wilemirow page twenty-six Maurice Whited Eileen Winn Betty Wroot Joe Wurzelbacher Margaret Zoller 0 Q rifxiunpiaiicnicxjcnicviaricnjuiariaxjojoimiic oi-riot' Q 'Q Mr. Petrich's Home Room First Row: Fenton, Bender, Bonn, Fehrman, Addis, Hager Second Row: Faske, C. Catanzaro, M. Bauer, V. Aug, E. Catanzaro, Barnes Third Row: Eppley, Cornelius, Earp, Gray, Blackburn Fourth Row: Edgemon, Beckham, Fowler, Bradford, P. Bauer, Goodwin Fifth Row: Ferris, Bevis, Hanfbauer, Burgess, Garlieh, Bramkamp Miss Hyle's Home Room First Row: Koch, Miller, Hauer, Lewis, Kuhn, Linkenhoker Second Row: McCracken, j. Hauck, E. Hauck, Janke, Kalb, Marsh Third Row: Honnert, Krebs, Henschen, Kleine, Niehaus Fourth Row: Hudepohl, Kinnc, Heismann, Hebeler Fifth Row: Herb, Mund, Harvey, Kehr Miss Bollenbacher's and Miss McManus's Home Rooms First Row: Ruettinger, Schubert, Warwick, Welemirow, Shinlever, Schmidtz, Second Row: Schlensker, Riley, Rodler, Au. Weber, Ar. XVeber, Winn, Orr Third Row: Pierson, Waechter, Urban, Scheidt, Reilly, N. Weber Fourth Row: H. Turner, Richter, Petrich, Stringer Fifth Row: Roettelc, NValker, XV. Turner PRISC EWCHKY-SCVCII Wroot MR. MUSKOPF'S HOME ROOM THE FRESHMAN CLASS "You there! Back in line! Keep that line straight! Dress it up! No, this is Junior barracksg Freshman headquarters are in charge of Miss Frost, Mr. Muskopf, and Mr. Pack." Yes, these are some of the remarks made to the new, bewildered enlistees, when they are finding their way around our training camp. The entire camp enjoys the first few weeks laughing -with them, as they strive to adapt themselves to their new surroundings. However, the freshman group this year made quite a name for themselves by the showing they made on the "Hello Teacher" program over WKRC in February. Mt. Healthy was represented by a team consisting of Elmer Schnehain fcaptainj, Eugene Siemer, Gerald Ruoff, Blanche Parsons, and Luana Nolte. This team competed with a similar team from Norwood High School. Mt. Healthy defeated its opponents with a score of 1800 to 1000. Luana Nolte, who made a perfect score, received a Benrus wrist watch. Each of the other contestants from Mt. Healthy received a Schaefer Fine-Line pencil. All in all, our "Freshies" are a likeable group, and we predict they will become a top-ranking class of ,44. Thelma Angel Robert Bare William Becker Howard Bellman Robert Blount Leslie Bounds Carl Braeuer LaVerne Britz Loraine Britz Elaine Buelte Eleanor Burnett William Byrd Barbara Cornelius Louise Hoover Georgia Mae Hott Ben House William Karches Irma Kehr Arthur King Robert Kleeman Norman Knoop Harry Kyle Mary Matheny Jean McAuliffe Lillian McDaniel Samuel McNeill Samuel Petrey Shirley Phillips Alice Plummer Barbara Preising Robert Rath LaVerne Reifenberger Charles Richen juanita Rogers Janet Rolfes Margie Ruhl Gerald Ruoif Elmer Schnehain Emma Lou Crawley john Dreihs Mary Ellen Dumont Robert Eckstein Stanley Edgemon Edward Evers Thomas Fennessy Marcella Fischer james Fisher Ruth Fischvogt Paul Fitzharris Harry Flohr Elizabeth Flowers MR. PACK'S HOME Doris Meyer Anna Meyn Emma Miller Margaret Miller Margie Miller Robert Miller William Moeller Diana Moore jane Moore Marvin Mortimer Annette Mullen Shirley Nieman Eugene Noe MISS FROST'S HOME Shirley Schultes Mary Jane Shamp Mary Shannon Irene Sheppard Maxine Shinlever Dudley Shultz Eugene Siemer David Sorter Evelyn Sorter Erwin Spettel Maureen Stamper Joan Stehle page twenty-eight Donald Frank Patsy Frey Lola Geeslin Gloria Guy Sarah Hageman Robert Hayes Harvey Heinz Frieda Hempel Rose Mary Hill Albert Himes Vernon Hochscheid John Hoefler Melvin Honnert Kenneth Noe Luana Nolte Charles Norris Richard Nortman Rosemary Nortman Mary Oelker Sylvia Ott Blanche Patsons Mary Perez Rudolph Perez Dorothea Perrine Marian Peters ROOM Arthur Straub Henrietta Turner Anna Ungerbuehler Eugene Wahoff Eleanor Weber Edward Weller Marvin Wentzel Gertrude Wilger Helen Winter Donald Wolf Dorothy Youtz Mr. Muskopf's Home Room First Row: Hageman, Hill, Dumont, Geeslin, Buehlre, Hempcl Second Row: Britz, Britz, Fischvogt, Fischer, Guy, Crawley, Burnett Third Row: Evers, Hayes, Edgemon, Angel, Frey, Flowers Fourth Row: Fennessy, Driehs, Hochscheid, Honnert, Echstein, Himes Fifth Row: Fitzharris, Blount, Fischer, Braeuer, Bare Mr. Pack's Home Room First Row: Peters, Hoover, Meyn, Oelker, Nieman, Mathcny Second Row: Perez, Meyer, D. Moore, J. Moore, Nolte, Nortmann, Hott Third Row: Perez, Miller, Parsons, Ott, McNeill Fourth Row: Klceman, Miller, Karches, Nortmann, Moeller Fifth Row: House, King, E. Noe, K. Noe, Knoop Miss Frost's Home Room First Row: Shinlever, Sorter, Stehle, Wilger, Shannon, Shamp Second Row: Rolfes, Ruhl, Sheppard, Preising, Turner, Rogers, Weber, Ungerbuehler Third Row: Wolf, Shultz, Straub, Stamper, Winters, Youtz Fourth Row: Weller, Sicmer, Schnehain, Vfahoff, Sorter Fifth Row: Petrey, Richen, Wentzel, Ruoff, Spettel, Rath page twenty-nine AVERAGE or A+ Sopbomore Class Ethel Bonn AVERAGE OF A Senior Class Vernon Grabel junior Class Betty Burnett Ruth Neuhaus Mary Carol Richen Sophomore' Class Robert Stringer William Turner Ben Urmston Freshman Class Eleanor Burnett Mary Ellen Dumont Shirley Nieman Mary Perez Marian Peters Elmer Schnehain Eugene Siemer AVERAGE OF B+ Srnior Class Eleanor Deters Betty Otto Ruth Schmidt Dorothy Stegmuller Dorothy Steinbrecker Walter Strecker Iunior Class August Blum Dorothy Braun Jean Caldwell Pat Giesting Norma Hessler Louis Klingelhoifer Mary McNeill Patty Porter Eleanor Schunk Sophomore Class Carol Cornelius Walter Hudepohl James Kinne Lois Lorch Bill Petrich Honor Roll Rose Reilly Dorothy Ruettinger Ruth Schlensker F rrsbman Class Lola Geeslin Sarah Hageman Vernon I-Iochscheid Luana Nolte Blanche Parsons Barbara Preising Helen Winters AVERAGE OF B Senior Class Glen Bevis Iris Heid Ruth Louie Gayle Sorn junior Class Edmund Edmonds Fred Erharclt Virginia Hackemeyer Donald Hebeler Irene Mays William Peters Donald Phillips Edna Sheppard Jean Weber Robert Youtz Sophomore Class Shirley Barnes Bettv Jane Earp Carolyn Fenton Betty Gray Kenneth Hebeler Ruth Kalb Fred Walker F rasbman Class Thelma Angel Elaine Buelte Emma Lou Crawley Thomas Fennessy Marcella Fischer Rose Mary Hill Albert Himes Juanita Plummer Gerald Ruoff Mary Shannon As usual, averages for the Honor Roll were computed at the close of the fifth term Only subjects for which full academic credit is allowed were considered. No averages were made in cases where any work was incomplete. page thirty 4 IEZ ml I ' Richard Engelmann Joyce Caldwell Bernice Knoop Zem Zem Scholarship Prize During the spring of 1940, the Zem Zem provided that the sum of 525.00 be awarded annually as a prize to the student for studentsj of the graduating class ranking highest in scholarship during the four years of high school, provided also that he should have participated to a reasonable degree in extra'- curricular activities, and have proved himself of good character. Rules further provide that the Winning student be selected by a committee of the faculty, composed of the superintendent, the adviser of the Zem Zem, and one other teacher appointed by the superintendent. Last June the prize was awarded for the first time. It was divided among Richard Engelmann, in first place, Joyce Caldwell, in second place, and Bernice Knoop, in third place. During the past year, each of these students has continued his education in college. Richard Engel- mann and Bernice Knoop have attended the University of Cincinnati, and Joyce Caldwell has been en- rolled at Lincoln Junior College, in Lincoln, Illinois. page thirty-one Mt. Healthy Parent Teacher Association Four decades have passed since Alice McLellan Birney and Phoebe Apperson Hearst founded the National Congress of Mothers, which is today the National Congress of Parents and Teachers. Under an ever changing and ever responding leadership the organization has answered the challenges of an ever changing and demanding world. The progress of the Mt. Healthy Parents and Teachers, through the intervening years is in large measure reflected in those contributions of the presidents which constitute an imperishable record of the steady purpose of the organization towards its single aim-the welfare of children and youth. Resolutions We reafiirm our faith in the democratic form of government of the United States. We believe that education is the first line of defense in the preservation of those democratic idealsg that our schools are a laboratory for the practice of democratic living, with education for citizenship as their first respon- sibility. Therefore we recommend that the home and school cooperate to the fullest extent that our system of free public education be maintained to the highest degree of efficiency possible. Membership-142. OFFICERS 1"r0sidc'nf ....,... ...................... ....... M r s. Robert Haskins Vice-Prrsidmt ...... .......,. M rs. Merrill Eich Secretary ....... ,,,.... M rs. Ellsworth Koehler Treaszzrer ....... ........ M rs. Fred XValker A EXECUTIVE BOARD , Mrs. Carl Garrod Miss Ruth Smith Mrs. Ellis Foote Mrs. Orville Nieman Mrs. A. McCracken 1 F - 2 ?"fi1?'4'-ri ft I page thirty-two , . , V .x., ,vl w 4 X 1 R I 4 1 1' x,, 1 ,If ., A 'J'J..". 1 --1 r w, ,-. ' 1 1 ,J w r Y K, ,pa ,Lf f P, , , A ,. -' -Hr' If ,J ,px .rr',,?s L1 ,L-- 5 I 4 I 1 Ky' , v ' . , 1 .nn .f ,, -tm BA.. L., 1 Yr.,-, ,x 4.v , M - , . .Q fff- 514.11- 'f g.,.3- .,. 44 ' 4- 1 L, nl. 1-Q J . 1.-f 1, "1 L 41 ..,. -5, nv I .1.. . A '. .'. 7 yu 4 1,, 'V-' W .,.i,. -J: 'ii V' r gf-.,1..,,': Vg' ,fgl,P..J, " 1. -- ,f,. 1 X---I H mf. , 3.15.-,, - - -ir wil 1 ,.,, 1 .1-,J Q-c vg- -- n' .bm ,. , ..L, ,.. 'va- f Nr' a, " 1 .4 c-r 4 . 1. ,, 5. , X vu., 8 - ,Tuffy Aw ig. .q,, I .1 v .-,. ,. ,. -. Ein . f L. 41K , ' us -n at. fs Q lu up ji , L lr 1 .4.,.! .,.! A 1 fl . - 1 A 'x , uv 'Ai "P 1. ,, J.. ' ' if 1' N x up , 1 ' F. ,N w 1 , 1 . A, " 3., 1 ,j.. . t' Y"': 'Nx- f V N.- 1 .W , 'fu 3, . .YN m"rff" I, A., ' li - '-. .lif-.1f9,-fi-: f . ' :M--,5...+ A, . .L " 1.4. K-fm ' 'Y -A.-,I I T' J-, I, r-- ? aJf.,., I' wJ, L 1 L-X i., " LV. .,, 1 , :- s . mI- -ars-f-'Jzf-" -- -f---.I-.rv---. -, I ,I , , 1a'i,:'--.Q '..,1. :4 ,-,I--,.I.2f-T-.XI:-ff? 'gn-'IF:: gd- 51-g?ZN.'1I":: :Twp-f '- '- rg. . 1- - . I . I.- . . ,C I. 1-nirv HqQ'.91wg- 1 - -4'-' "'K-:'--"'5-- 1- P.: 1,-M' rw '- -- ' QU- ,-I'-.zu '-.1-11.-H 't-.' . - ':. ff. ' -.'- - 1 - -' . , ' 1 1' -:Y-"1-TF F -fu. ff ' '- 'H "":1. ' '--LY 'Q -4. 1 -'. 1 Y' -.- ' .' . '. ' ,, -.,,-4 A ..-L . .- 1 - ,-- .I P v. f-.. s , 1 ,frigfq-'J --7-'Ti' 'Lf :gg -5 , A 4 --'L' ,',.' --'rf2"- f,- -- 4 ' .Q,'-'ff : -- - ' ff. l.-:ff-E, 1:2- y xv- ww... f':g 2e'--- .f ' -F 'LJ'-if" I-I ' -3-'J ' ' ' 'f - . '-H,-Q-'-.' 51 -- 5---"Jr, 1 ,' 9 ' I 'Q' 4 - '- " .VL-" ff- ' - Eff- -I' I' ff- - ' . -- I i.-- ' " - 'I,': " ' + I X I '- '-'I F ' C 13: '. I ..' ' - I Qf'- --"-141' ' , I I- Z- Q XIk.X -V an - . I- 'XQXL --XI-' 7 , .I- C' ,- -I .. .. I- - 1 ,I... A 4-XX - X .. .. ...XX 4 nf ,HMM fx .f '-: XX ia. i V5 . I an X 1 4 7 ' .I'X4f. 5 .I IIT- XX I 1 -, 2' f-E-Xew- lX.IX-RX X X - . I I 121-55 1, - -I... -, -yyfef f .:-. 1 14" 1 '-, Q MII 'Q - -. ,- -lv I - XXXLX XX A X. -wav X.XI I-I -f, . I .. 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",-: fy. W I . '- 1':' .--'A rw. A X- .. u:X n.5.Ib1!f:L,.xXXL-f. -.I. X,X1-- X., ' X,'-1I,:.Q, ,X .I X - . T X.I,M.XI.-,XI' -XI ,I X . X - :X XX ' , - ,,-1 . I 1 ,.iY.,- I?-J-.T 1' Y , u '-L -'w " . - I ,--- ",g:.II+--Q: Qg.ff!.5-':y- .-nz, ,EV - I -1- . ,I X- I I I X I. I Isp: A .Q i TI ,XIII .X,.II-I - ., XL. X-.wir I -Q, .53 'I " "-1 ergz--'1-Af? MI' .J I. . "wr ' A ' " 'Z --- -. - 5 '- 5 .-X. ' . '-.1 '.. ' '. f" f" .': ' 'wax' ' t" nn!" ' " f -fl .."."N ':' E.f'f,'.:':'7 ff. L . 11 "fl I-I . '1"Q" V -I.- t :-I HI - Y CLUB First Row: Wickemeier, W. Strecker, Mr. Pack, Grabcl, Hauer Second Row: Holzhauser, Kiser, Niehaus, Edmonds Third Row: Frisch, Peters, Swartz, T. Oelker, H. Strecker Fourth Row: Klingelhoffer, R. Oelker, Fischvogt, Crawley Fifth Row: Gray, Ferris The Hi-Y, the R. O. T. C. division of the Mt. Healthy Training Camp has enjoyed a successful year. Major General Pack acts as supervisor from general headquarters, the Y. M C A The Reserve Officers' skating party, held Nov. 21 was quite a success with most of the officers and quite a number of the draftees attending. During the Christmas holidays the club held a banquet at the Central Y M C A in Cincinnati The local chapter was honored this year in the election of Edmund Edmonds as editor of Hi Y News," the branch of the Hi-Y of Hamilton County. Tommy Oelker and Frank Gray attended the state conference of the H1 Y at Dayton Ohio They brought many new ideas back to the club. Last, but not least, the Hi-Y again published the Hitch Hiker this year in cooperation with the Literary Gold Diggers. Major General ....... Staff Sergeant ........... OFFICERS Assislani Sergeanl ......... ...... Sergeant of Records. Sergeant of Finances ....... A. Pack ..Walter Strecker ..Earl Wickemeier ....Vernon Grabel .....,.Dale Hauer Charles Crawley Edmund Edmonds Harry Ferris Alvin Fischvogt Robert Frisch MEMBERS Frank Gray Oscar Holzhauser Horton Kiser Louis Klingelhoffer Herman Niehaus page thirty-three Robert Oelker Thomas Oelker William Peters Henry Strecker Howard Swartz GIRL RESERVES Staff Sergeant ..... ..... P atricia I-Iauck Scrgea-nt .......,......,., ,....,. J ean Weber Sergeant of Records ..... ....... E leanor Deters Sergeant of Finance ............ ....... E thel Berndt Ring and Key Cbairmim ..,.... ..... J ane Kalb Program Chairman ,..,..... ....,............. J une Smith Advisers ..,...,........,.. .,.... M iss Marjorie Arnold Miss Joan Bollenbacher In September the G. R. Unit of the R. O. T. C. Division organized for the year with Major- Generals Arnold and Bollenbacher in charge. They started with a banquet for the cadets to give the regular members a chance to meet old friends and the cadets an opportunity to meet their upper-classmen informally. Soon after the banquet, the workers for special awards began training. These awards Qrings and keysj stand for courage, honor, and improvement and can be earned only by constant effort toward building worth-while characters and helping others as well as themselves to get the most out of life. Some of the activities included a movie for the school, hostess party, dental relief, and knitting mittens and stuffing animals for poor children. The Ring Workers and the Hi-Y, the other R. O. T. C. Unit, held a joint meeting to discuss boy and girl relations. The resignations of Patty Porter as vice-president and Ruby Urban as program chairman were regretfully accepted. In February came the Recognition Service. Here the G. R. Cadets were officially recognized and commended for their loyalty to the organization. March brought a banquet in honor of the mothers. Next in line was the annual G. R. Prom and then the ceremonial at which the Ring and Key Girls received their awards for improvement during the year. And thus the year's activities were brought to a close-only to serve as a foundation for the or- ganization next year to "rise to greater heights". 5. WOMEN'S COUNCIL A great change has been made in the organization of the Girl Reserves this year. They are no longer a part of the Cincinnati Y. W. C. A., but instead are associated with the Y. W. C. A. in Spring- field. However, since this is so far distant, the local women, who are interested in the Girl Reserves, have formed a Mt. Healthy Y. W. C. A. Council. This is connected with the P. T. A. and is sponsoring the Girl Reserves. page thirty-four GIRL RESERVES First Row: Smyth, Berndt, Otto, P. Hauclt, Weber, Metz, Som, Deters Second Row: Miss Arnold, Giesting, Nippert, Grote, Shrimp, J. Moore, Reilly, Nolte, Flowers Mzss Bollenbacher Third Row: Hempel, D. Moore, J. Smith, J. L. Meyer, Steinbrecker, Wuest, Ruby Urban Fourth Row: Fischvogt, McNeill, Mitchell, Haskins, J. Warwick, Ruth Urban Fifth Row: J, Hauck, Caldwell, Reuter, Winn, Hoover Sixth Row: J. Kalb, Gray, Waechter, Hott, Porter Seventh Row: Moore, Hackmeyer, Geeslin, M. Bauer, Bradford Eighth Row: McGraw, B. Bauer, Wilger, Welemirow, Fehrman, Richen H. H. s. SQUAD LEADER-Betty Metz Ruth Fischvogt Betty Flowers Shirley Haskins Maurine Hoover Jane Kalb Margie McCracken Janet Meyer June Smith Dorothy Steinbrecker Ruby Urban Ruth Urban Jean Warwick Gertrude Wilger O. O. M. P. H. SQUAD LEADER-Gayle Sorn Jean Caldwell Eleanor Deters Ercil Fehrman Pat Giesting Betty Gray lean Grote Virginia Hackemeyer Mary McNeill Barbara Moore Hazel Nippert Luana Nolte Anna Petersen Mary Carol Richen Myra Waechter Eileen Winn page thirty-five G. A. T. SQUAD LEADER-Beatrice Smyth Mary Bauer Virginia Bradford Marcella Christophel Jean Hauck Georgia Mae Hott Ruth Kalb Jeanne McGraw Rose Reilly Naomi Scheidt Jean Weber Jean Welemimw c. o. D. SQUAD LEADER-Betty Otto Betty Bauer Ethel Berndt Lola Geeslin Patricia Hauck Frieda Hempel Shirley Mitchell Diana Moore Jane Moore Marian Reuter Mary Jane Shamp Gertrude Wuest CLIENTES LATINAE First Row: Hackemeyer, Bonn, Hebeler, Miss Frost, Stringer, Richen, Weber Second Row: Hauck, Hauer, Steinbrccker, Moore, Riley, R. Kalb, B. Gray, Schmidtz, Marsh, Allen Third Row: Caldwell, Thompson, Sheppard, McNeill, Giesting Fourth Row: Scliunk, Honnert, Stehlin, Pierson, Edmonds, Porter Fifth Row: Petrich, Turner, Peters, Blum, Klingelhoffer Sixth Row: Heisman, Molyneaux, F. Gray, Grabel, Bauer, Youtz "No loitering in the halls, sir! Your orders are to report at once at a meeting of Clientes Latinae, a unit of the Foreign Language Division." This organization, now in its second year, is promoting real interest in the Classics, and it looks as though it would give the French club some lively competition. OFFICERS Staf Sergeanf ......,..........r.......,.......... Donald Hebeler Sergeant ..................... .,,..,.....r.... E thel Bonn Sergeant of Finanre .,... ...... M ary Carol Richen Program Sergeant ...,.. ......... R obert Stringer Major General ......,..,...........,...... Miss Ethel L. Frost The club began the year with the initiation of new members, eligible because they were studying sec- ond year Latin. This ceremony was a great victory, but many seemed relieved when it was completed. The greatest achievement was becoming a branch of the Junior Classical League, a national organi- zation whose members "covenant to hand on the torch of Classical civilization in the modern world. They believe an acquaintance with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help them understand and appraise this world today." Headquarters of this league are at New York University. Upon joining, each member received a membership card and pin, standard among all chapters. The club received a charter, which has been framed and hung on the wall of the meeting room. Programs have included papers on subjects related to Latin and games involving some knowledge of the Classics. Ethel Allen Earl Bauer August Blum Jean Caldwell Edmund Edmonds Pat Giesting Vernon Grabel Betty Gray Frank Gray MEMBERS Virginia Hackemeyer Jean Hauck Hilda Hauer Jim Heismann Louis Honnert Ruth Kalb Louis Klingelhoffer Doris Marsh Mary McNeill Roger Molyneaux Barbara Moore William Peters Bill Petrich Donald Phillips Milton Pierson Patty Porter Thelma Riley Virginia Schmidtz page thirty-six Eleanor Schunk Edna Sheppard Ralph Stehlin Dorothy Steinbrecker June Thompson William Turner Ben Urmston Jean Weber Robert Youtz Margaret Zoller LES PIERRGTS ET PIERRETTES First Row: Steinbrccker, Warwick, Miss Arnold, Hembree, Sorter Second Row: Kalb, Grabel, Metz Les soldats! Attention! The Foreign Language Division! In our post we have, to round out our training, an interesting study of the French language and customs. "Une tres bonne division". OFFICERS Miss Marjorie Arnold ......,,......... ........ M ajor General Bertie Hembree .............., .,........., S inf Sergeant Virginia Sorter ........... ......... A ssisting Sergeant Jean Warwick .....,........ ,..... R ecording Sergeant Dorothy Steinbrecker ...,................ Sergeant of Finance Although in number the smallest part of the post, it is by no means the least in enthusiasm. The first of its activities this year was a trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum. Then followed the Christmas party, to which the Junior French students were invited. Madame Cusic spoke and told about France and its customs as she knew them. The Art Museum had proved so interesting that in January, several of the members made a second trip there. Later 21 cinema in French was presented to the school in general. Everyone enjoyed it, though we suspect that few understood the dialogue. The French department again took part in the program at "Open House". Then came the activity which climaxed the events of the year .,..,... the annual banquet. This is truly French, with the meal con- sisting of foods prepared a la mode francaise. MEMBERS Vernon Grabel Betty Metz Bertie I-Iembree Virginia SOFUCI' Jane Kalb Dorothy Steinbrecker Jean Warwick page thirty-seven e , 47? I'ii'...g-" bfi li' Q ' 1 'ZEM ZEM STAFF Our staff workers heaved a sigh of relief as a final check-up showed the finishing touches of the book to be completed! We feel that few people give our staff cadets the credit they deserve, for the simple reason that few people realize the amount of work necessary in assembling an annual. Originating a definite plan for the book, doing the actual writing of material, soliciting ads, planning for pictures-are only a few of the many things which must be done. A successful annual means a staff of energetic workers with good staff leadership. Our staff leaders are our very efficient adviser, Miss Frostg our editor, Eleanor Detersg assisted by the two members of the editorial department, Edmund Edmonds and Donald Hebeler. We feel our staff rates an extra salute this year for the fine work which they have put forth in writing this annual-a true record of the work, the good times, sad moments, fun, and achievements of our camp during the past year. It has been the custom of the Zem Zem Staff to make certain contributions. This year, as in other years, we have given to the Community Chest, in addition to presenting a substantial gift to the Athletic Association of our High School. We have also carried on the Scholarship Fund. The present staff takes pride in this recordand trusts that whoever takes up our tasks will strive to uphold it. The Zem Zem workers will round out the year with some sort of "Merry old time for all." page thirty-eight ZEM ZEM STAFF Deters Hebeler Gray Edmonds Grabel Steinbrecker Kalb Oelker Klin gelhoff er Caldwell Gies ting Peters Sipes Richen Miss Frost Weber Erhardt page thirty-nine LITERARY GOLD DIGGERS Left to Right First Row: Noltc, Riley, Winn, Miss Arnold, Metz, Caldwell, Dcters Second Row: Som, Giesting, Hembree, Miller, Allen Third Row: Kalb, Hempel, Porter, Nieman, Sheppard Fourth Row: Richen, Geeslin, Bonn, Weber, Cornelius Well, well! I-Iere's Major General Arnold of the Intelligence Department. If anyone wishes to bet ter his knowledge of the ways of the Intelligence Department, speak up. "Staff Sergeant Winn." "Here, Madam." "Sergeant Riley." "All records here and accounted for, Madam." "Very good! You may take over now, Sergeant Winn."- "Now, can I help you?" "Yes. Tell me something about this intelligence department of yoursf, "As you know, we are a small but active group. We take care of the library, repair the books and select new ones for purchase. We are, at the present moment, making a careful study of the Ameri can short story. We also review current theatrical productions. We have occasional exams to test the knowledge of the volunteers. Our Speak Up, America, at Open House was a good example. We have taken it upon ourselves to see that the intelligence of this camp is not undermined, and that the necessary literature is available. ............ Well, I go off duty now. I hope I have been of some assistance to you Ethel Allen Ethel Bonn Caryl Cornelius Eleanor Deters Lola Geeslin Pat Giesting Adviser ...........,.,...,....... OFFICERS Staff Sergeant ............................... Sergeant of Records ...... Sergeant of Library ....... .........Eileen Winn ......,Thelma Riley .......,Betty Metz Sergeant of Program ,....... .......,.,...... J ean Caldwell Bertie Hembree Freda Hemple Jane Kalb Virginia Miller Shirley Nieman Luana Nolte page forty M iss Marjorie Arnold Anna Petersen Mary Carol Richen Edna Sheppard Gayle Sorn Jean Weber page forty-one THE SUNBONNET GIRL CAST OF CHARACTERS Miranda, Daughter of Mr. 85 Mrs. Meadow K Mrs. Meadows, President of the Local Music Club .,.,. Luella Lumpton, A village maiden ...... Hiram Meadows, A kindly farmer ..,... Evalina, daughter of Mr. 85 Mrs. Scroggs Reuben McSpavin, the co11stable's son Betty Jane Earp Melba Hager Myra Waechter Bill Peters June Thompson Bill Byrd Ezra McSpavin, the village constable .. ......... Fred Walker Mrs. Coleman, wealthy music patron .. ...,,....,..,... Ann Gilmore Bob Coleman, her son . ...,.,.......,........., ..,... E dmund Edmonds Barbara Coleman, her daughter ....... .......,. F rieda Hempel Jerry jackson, Bob's chum ,....,,.. .,,.,,.. ...... L o uis Klingelhoffer Susan Clifton, the Sunbonnet Girl ......,..... .. ...... ................. I ean Caldwell Mrs. Scroggs, wife of Abijah Scroggs ......,,., .......... ....... E d na Mae Sheppard Abijah Scroggs, guardian of the Sunbonnet Girl ........ ..............,,.......... C asper Kramer Sadie Simpkins, a village maiden ,. ............... .......... ...,........,..........,.....,.. S h irley Nieman Accompanis! ....,..,,..............,........i ,.,,.. P atty Porter Dorothy Braun Mary Ellen Dumont Ercil Fehrman Lola Geeslin Hilda Hauer :P Ethel Allen Marjorie Aug Virginia Aug Arthur Straub 3' Donald Hebeler Annette Mullen at Shirley Hessler Edna Kock Esther Kuhn Jeanne Matheny Marjorie McCracken Gloria Guy Dorothy Honnert jane Moore :P CHORUS SOPRANOS Diana Moore 'P Barbara Preising Rose Reilly Eileen Saunders Eleanor Schunk ALTOS Luana Mae Nolte Joan Stehle Erna Mae Towner TENORS Mary Jane Shamp Irene Sheppard Beatrice Smyth :F Loraine Waechter John Dreihs ' Norman Haubner :P Norbert Meyer 4 James Garlich ii Tommy Oelker is Basses Herbert Turner it Dancers not in Choral Group Edna Warwick 2? Member of Dancing Group page forty-two Charles Weller AL GLEE CLUB First Row: I. Sheppard, Aug, J. Moore, Steinbrecker, Guy, Sorter, Orr, Nolte, Hager, Reilly Second Row: Porter, Nieman, Edmonds, Miss Tucker, Klingelhoifer, Thompson, Hempel, Shamp Third Row: D. Moore, Koch, Cornelius, Saunders, Smyth, E. Sheppard, Hauer, Allen, Caldwell, Schunk Fourth Row: Urban, Earp, M. Waechter, Matheny, Preising, D. Meyer Fifth Row: E. Warwick, McGraw, J. Warwick, L. Waechter, McCracken Sixth Row: Stehle, Dumont, Kuhn, Towner, Fehrman, Geeslin Seventh Row: G. Kiser, Gilmore, Walker, Honnert, H. Kiser Eighth Row: Oelker, N. Meyer, Kramer, Weller, Miller, Peters Ninth Row: Garlich, Turner, Hebeler, Straub, Haubner Squad Halt! We have just received a special communication from headquarters. "There will be Glee practice for all interested on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, under direction of Major General V. R. Tucker." The business of the group will be conducted by the following officers: Staf Sergeant ,.... ...........,............. Lo uis Klingelhoffer Sergeant ...........,..,.......... .,..... J une Thompson Sergeant of Records ....., .......... F rieda Hempel Sergeant of Finance ...... ....... E dmund Edmonds Librarian ......,.............. ..,....... W illiam Byrd Pianist ..................................................,... Patty Porter Although the Glee Club began workin September, oflicers were not elected until March, at the conclusion of the presentation of "The Sunbonnet Girl." After the operetta on March 13 and 14, the cast was entertained at a party in the school gym. On March 28, members of the cast journeyed to Amelia, Ohio to see the same operetta given by the school there. At the annual Open House here, the chorus re- peated several numbers which had been particularly popular in the operetta. Ethel Allen Ann Gilmore Esther Kuhn Jane Orr Arthur Straub Marjorie Aug Gloria Guy Jean Matheny William Peters June Thompson Virginia Aug Melba Hager Margie McCracken Patty Porter Erna Towner Dorothy Braun Norman Haubner Betty Metz Barbara Preising Herbert Turner Bill Byrd Hilda Hauer Doris Meyer Rose Reilly Ruby Urban jean Caldwell Donald Hebeler Norbert Meyer Eileen Saunders Fred Walker Carol Cornelius Frieda Hempel Dale Miller Eleanor Schunk Edna Warwick john Driehs Dorothy Honnert Virginia Miller Mary Jane Shamp Jean Warwick Mary Ellen Dumont Gairald Kiser Diana Moore Edna Sheppard Loraine Waechter Betty Jane Earp Ruth Kalb Jane Moore Irene Sheppard Myra Waechter Edmund Edmonds Horton Kiser Shirley Nieman Beatrice Smyth Charles Weller Ercil Fehrman Louis Klingelhoffer Hazel Nippert Virginia Sorter James Garlich Edna Kock Luana Nolte Joan Stehle Lola Geeslin Casper Kramer Tom Oelker Dorothy Steinbrecker page forty-three SPOTLIGHT CLUB First Row: Otto, Hocffer, Meyer, Bcrndt, Burger, Wuest, Stcinbrecker Second Row: Detcrs, Myers, Ungerbuehler, Schmidt, Kalb, Haskins, Hcid, Allen, Sorn, Sorter, Mrs. VanAtta Third Row: Smith, Hcmbree, Hauck, XVarwick, Moore, Hoover, Metz Fourth Row: Bevis, Bauer, McGraw, Lienenbrink, Marples Fifth Row: Hauer, Swartz, Wickemeier, Grabel, Sheppard Sixth Row: Oelker, XVcbcr, Fischvogt, Kramer, Mahlerwein Reveille is sounding! Spotlighters, hurry! Morning call for practice! This important division of our force, important in that it is made up of seniors and is always concerned with the production of their class play, somehow always retains an air of mystery. The Spotlighters began active duty when they learned the primary principles of dramatics. Var- ious members were given certain persons or things to imitate, and also short plays to produce. Then came the big task of selecting the senior class play. The one chosen was "Happy-Go-Luckyf, a Row, lfeterson and Company production by Glenn Hughes. It was a farce in three acts. Casts of characters were as follow: john Marsh QA manufacturer of noveltiesj ,... VERNON GRABEL Pauline QI-Iis wife, an ardent club womanj ,......,. JUNE SMITH RUTH SCHMIDT Gorden QTheir sony ....,..,,.......,......... ,......... G LEN BEVIS Helen QTheir attractive daughterj .,... ..,., V IRGINIA SORTER BETTY OTTo Cheryl Drew QGorden's fianceej ..f..., ...... E LEANOR DETERs GAYLE SORN Andy Blake QAn eccentric inventorj ...,. ......,...... T 0M OELRER CASPER KRAMER Estella Blake QA charitable spinsterj ....,. HAZEL LEINENBRINK PATTY HAUCK Tom Jackson QA college friend of Gordenj ....,,. .,.., E ARL WICKEMEIER EDDIE MAHLERV'EIN Baron Roselli QA handsome young Italian noblemanj .... ........... R ALPH WEBER NORBERT FISCHVOGT Henry Lang QA rival manufacturer of noveltiesj ..... .............,,.. J IM SHEPPARD HOWARD SWARTZ Alberta Lang QHis wife, a very snobbish personj .... ,..... D OROTHY STEINBRECKER MAURINE HoovER Marie QThe Marshes' impudent maidj ...,............4..........,,.... ,... J ANE1' L. MEYER GERTRUDE WUEST OFFICERS OF THE CLUB Major Gmcral ...... ...,...................,...,......,.................,....... M RS. C. T. VAN ATTA Sfaj Sergeam' .,........ ....... . .. ........,......... TOM OELKER Sergeant .........,......I......,.....,.,.......... .... E ARL WICKEMEIER Sergeant of Records and Finance .,.... ..,.... E THEL ALLEN Chairman, Firsf Class ............,.,..,... ....,.. J ANET MEYER Chairman, Second Class ...... ,,,...................,. .... H o WARD SWARTZ page forty-four . V .V,.. , 4 "".. 'V I.. -VV' , ., . Vx ', ' V V ' - , M V , ,D JV.. A . Nj. V 'f . 'P'4f- l'.'.- ' , V. 1 .L -' ' . x ' Qi, 1 " Q' --V' '51 V 1' "U:-1 :V-1' V. V . f-- V ., .A -V. 1 ,Jn-1' .. .zz 1 -IQ., 1, W r f .lp ,I ,L ' f ,X "-.7 -nr.. ,?"'. ,V .inf FH , . W f'7:.'.:.Vw 1, V V .f--.. .1 M .V .f --...QL '2 ,.. V'. 3 . ,,.,. .. -.- -, , 1. J-- .' V,-, ,1 1 . ' ,' .." V-,VL , ,A .V -2,1 ., 'T-,Q V- egg- , L 5-. ,U .Ip ,, , .-VV -':.f"VL-"'-' - V. . .' -"J 'V " v If! 11. T.: ,V 4 ., I, -',-,-QQV. z LV' A ,' -,vp 1. , .., KV ' r,,V -.'-. b-Sf.. 5,2 ,V. , I., j,-. I ' '.-R ' 1V,'. - ,j-N . ' ","LV ,g-,Vl.'... 4 V, '-LQLIQI H,',,f, 1 X' T'.""i- YQ.-.',Y,gm1 Q'f, H ' ':- V VV' -- --QV "Eff " V -V1-fl' Z-- V ' -4 ,E 6' V:',, 'V Y IV.-V fu-. .V,g,1V, V ' :Nerf nf E..-' ,, . 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A - "-- ' VV '-.Q 'H 1: . - '+ 1"i'f'f-.Q ' -H. .V '53 - " -1' .j".--"'5:,'1V' -,LQ ,' .V -"7 . V- . 513, VR'-14-V. i..-' I., V .gg " V ,lf -A ,, 7- " dig" ' ff' hE.2'12"-f'."'4:': V . T Y, ., , , ,, ,-.-- -1 ,Q - ,A , 'i fyi' . 6,54 Jef! r - --,,1f"." x A 'K ' , V1 'VV -QQ 1 ' if -f ' j .VZ WT , ,, 's ' . -,' -1. . " 5 4 . - -Z , 'E.:',1' f .,'.,,."'1,,ff., f . ' ' - "- - V - ' ' ' 1'n""l3? -' fi Ji' a .' :- ' V,-. ,-1, Qih V 1,113-1, ' -' 4.1-' 1-'Z.41g.' " -V V- -, V - VV.. V.-5.-A-. - V ... .3 .-- , V 'ul ,, - wg- , - .'.. QQ. -'th .l.1f ,,, , I.. ' . ' V . .- W , wgrsqnqgm -H-r:jnH,.,Mg .gl -,A . V . - . .,. .pw',,.e:- Yip. 2 . q.V ,f- .' ' -V LL' V Vg 31, .V .- ,J .V T X , :1.nIfi:,,,EV,,,-it .,dfi:l':,I 1 .WHA 5. F. -niq- ' 'V' " V V 1 ' -7 7 IPF' -' f1if":"I'.J'Q?" '-1-'T -. '..4Vi'- V- - ' Ha X , JI . 'V -5.-13V,.., .,,-1-T y- 'Vx' ' 'V ,w ' WV ..:,x-,-W. ,. . ":-1V 3V-- f V' --f V ' I- 71. 3.5 'V :aff N IJuiV'EL.i V Q A nf '1 .MTF f. 5, xHs'.1J..f-, V,,A x ,, 'L .rg - 1- - gga Sip..-E V. V " 'AV' "Vg V ml.. ,?."5'gfi 1..f" fL-'.'.ygs.?. !.- 5 V- 551 ,L',. E ' 'I' ,i"f5'11 '41 V ' ,--- ,' A. ' x , -.. Vx ' , Z". 11..-j 'HV 5-42'-..f-'.l'. 1- QE.. "-e."i. -'z 'g-gg.. .-.'. . 11-. --"- '- '- .jV:. 5' Vr' 1' . ag' "1'f'.V'T-'fp V.' 4"-'-.L JP" 1. -I". KHP- " 2' ,- " ' 2 ' I ' V 1 'P ' . " - v ' 4 .' 'V -, 1w,v 5 . 4 . V - , IV. -1 ' -' ju- :.." V . L .1 "5 0f!fs.T'V-ui' -,,-gy-7--'. 591. 3 . -'v---.-- .p K -e.,-,:- ., .-3 .- . ' L, .V.:. " 1 ",:gV,5 ' 5113 ' Vi' . 1-1'rL.f.g :lv -LF .,-5,-3, 'uf' V ...V-. , 751,213 If 1' , pg, V-.'F,f,I.4,- -Vf'V -ffl-.., :V'-:- ,- gf: ' V- E, 5 g 4-, it- -'QV ',,T-' .f..'-Q 'f- ,.- .. 4 .V. V. Jn 1. 14. .r ,. Vt.. , ., ... . 4 .1 r - I my V ' ww ..-., . VV4 .V . V-- -75 ,. 1 -25, V- . , ,V 1. 'v'..V - - VV ,VV r-SV- 1,3-nf., ., , V W. V, V,.g V- V V ,V r 5-4-V... ,, ,, +.f.-'- - f- -. V-422.4 ,al-1... V '-3? :Sm , H -,-Q'-.'m.,.. ., f .- "1-iz. ' .VV-z , -' V f Ili- -.' ' BV." ' 1 ' 5.4.5. - -PFW " 8 H' ""Z"W"" V 1 53' .-:W vf' .T F- ,Z-'J -rw ' -,:..,,-' 1341 '-I ,-"' 1- wins., , pg. ,Vi .VjVV,l-gf '.f,f,.V4- ., I 61 ' X xi I , -3. ,vi.3e,i: r'..q.o M. I V V ,V .V 9-. .i5f:xE?'g.5.-1: ,gn 1:11. NIWAVVY.. 1 V " 'jf' ',",....'3fA 1,1-A,'l3I"l,,V.a.'!?'I ' '-laLg!,V?,fg.,e.C' ir, -k5'5',f.if..9f 5 '-.if-'Q T3-. 3?,:iV, V- -ff .: , H . - .--.- mf ,V - qx, . G -A-M1 L...w.,V in A-1 ' V 511251. .h,:.1V'fii3'1' .551 I. 3g,'j,.ii- A VV- rf !?E5'Jif'.r.-iw.: V, ' if 1, 355. .- gg.- I---:Q - .-.t.-' u :ng 4, ,- , ,' , ., ,V V..-nw V,..i - '11--. V -. -V ' ', -, rlj-.Fx .H-,.-ILJV,-,4f,gt'.V. - Jr,-.V . r ,H -41,-cg 1335,--, L fi-34 'P ,f -,, - ,-,. , .,.,. L. .,,,g ,mg . V-., . V. 5. Q1 .,., V,. ,.. .V M., ',,,,.,-V-g.:.z,sf,V.n.f.-jf.-3g,,.gQ1,gH,V-,'5..,?l.,VL.g, .I-rv-,q AV, . fi? en, -lt . 13.45, Vg., V '-.I 14 - VV .- --V. VN- :-..-r -'4 - 1: 1 r u' ' V- '- . " 1- 1' 'fl , ' . 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'-rn-A .- ' -' " " VV 'V f- ' if--VV '-.'-L1's"".".4t?.-t'-v'5"- 1' -".1:fi'-'.V1w'--."f'.-1' -sf-'.V-Rv?-c ' ' , 4 .--ge-z-g.gVVV."4-2vw,-'. ,' .V "-Lf. r. in -VV-1 V' ,Jay V ,I 2,1-V '-.5r..i,..:, Q ,, -, yn- ,'- 93- p Y 2: V-fl'-."-x 41- . . . . ' - -V .-'.-V..1: 3-?r.'l'2i ,..E'f',V'y Vi'-3561 . '4,:.,.-,- .ng H., V - 53,5-"1 ra"-I :Vw 1-4 ' , V w. Cf r- 41 . .gn -,,'.-,qu n, ...Q - 3 Y "H, ,-: S, ni , 'v ,I 'inc' -. ,f '. V -V M-V-V-ff,VVm.V-11 -'Vu -1:-. 4-f.1V'- if. .V VI T 1..-'.- i -'Liu--'-A-1 f- 1.9.3.--'."-F1.'r1"-' V .'1 I"1-.1-'V-'V '- .- --As' " - 'j,'g 'V .fs-21-...-VV.,f,e. .-gV.'-rg.. 182- ".,,4." .., V5.- J-.HVJH 'L ,1-PV --gf V' 1--. F' - ' ' -JV HM: "V -,.1:' '.,"V-V'--'-4: -' '- ', q " '.V"!j5 .',"f'V?'.f:JQ'ff.,fy,L..5l jg-L JV.,-"3'j' .':,.,,-.-if 'V A" 1 T ' -V".1z5'.s,V -5" .V .5 -. q"'- - HF TIVQV' 'nfTV.'fQ,3x75Yff!-f.Z25j'2 :Hifi-iiffff.-5.,T ."V'.V','."-"lm 1" ' .-- . J -- . -.a . ,e,.+. -I .1 fp.. ... - sl- . 4 , 3., , V i r. ,!-.R'jsv1Ln,."..,-gy'-15,7 .- .,M-Y ,lu 5 V . .V ',, .- .- V-3' 3-4-9.,.V'.-:'f'f.. V. ,,g 4 V - 1 , '19, ' '-5 . , -' "fq,3Q.'f'if.rf--- If-E V I- F. -V,.... -N I ,. . . l I V , - 5'1f.'.g. -- - V ' V- - -' x V V., 1 V FOOTBALL 4 1 First Row: Hasselbusch, Swartz, Bowman, Hauer, T. Oelker Second Row: Burgess, Hopkins, Haubner, Stout, R. Oelker Third Row: Pierson, Beckham, Redden, Crawley Fourth Row: Meyer, Mr. Hoffman, Straub The first football squad at M. H. H. S. came into training before the camp was fully under way. The first weeks were tough, but as time rolled on we were jaded by incessant repetition of the same rou- tine of passing and kicking, we were caught totally unaware that our first trial was only a few weeks off. Major General Hoffman gave us first-class skull practice for the next week before taking us on the field to practice our maneuvers. With no injuries or fatigued cadets we went full throttle into our schedule with three straight victories. Later with injuries and tougher squadrons to buck, the outcomes of the following two engagements were defeats. The next trial was a stimulant, for it was a clear victory for our squadron and we can say one of the best fields a cadet could want. As invigorating as the last victory may have been, its effects did not seem to show up in our final engagement. Although an exciting trial, it ended the season for our squadron with a loss which sent the boys home woebegone, mentally and physi- cally, but with high hopes for next season. QENGAGEMENTSJ e They Sept. Harrison here 49 0 Sept. Ross there 3 8 12 Oct. Colerain there 3 2 18 Oct. Taylor here 3 2 48 Oct. Sharonville here 6 31 Oct. Greenhills there 3 0 22 Oct. Glendale there 14 3 2 Coach--Mr. C. E. Hoffman PLAYERS Charles Ashton Harold Beckham Ray Bowman Charles Burgess Charles Crawley Mana Warren Hasselbusch Norman Haubner Dale Hauer Robert Oelker Tom Oelker grrs-Arthur Straub Norbert Meyer page forty-five Milton Pierson Harold Redden James Stout Howard Swartz Nov. Nov. Dec . Dec. Dec. BASKETBALL Mt. Healthy 22 Mt. Healthy 31 Mt. Healthy 17 Mt. Healthy 24 Mt. Healthy 40 Jan. ..... ....... M t. Healthy 21 Jan. ...., ....... M t. Healthy 21 Jan. ...., ...,... M t. Healthy 31 Nov. ..... ..,.... M t. Healthy 28 ..A.... . Dec. ..... ....... M t. Healthy 35 ....... . Dec. ..... ...,... M t. Healthy 24 ....... . Dec. ..... ....... M t. Healthy 51 jan. ..... ...,... M t. Healthy 43 jan. ..,., ..,.... M t. Healthy 35 jan. ,..,, .,,.... M t. Healthy 15 Feb. .,,.. ..,.... M t. Healthy 20 ,,.............,. . Feb. ..,,........ ....... M t. Healthy 26 .............,....,............ . . TOURNAMENT GAME Mt. Healthy 12 .,..............................,.,....,....,.,..,......,...... ....... Members of Regular Basketball Team Coach-Mr. C. E. Hoffman PLAYERS Ray Bowman Norman Haubner Harold Marshall Frank Gray Charles Heckel Howard Swartz Warren Hasselbush Louis Klingelhoffer Vernon Telger Manager--Robert Brarnkamp Nov. ,.... ....... M t. Healthy 13 ....,,... .......... . Nov. ..... ......, M t. Healthy 20 ................, . Dec. ..... ....,.. M t. Healthy 20 ,.,,... . Dec. ..... ..,.... M t. Healthy 26 ..,..., . Dec. ..... ......, M t. Healthy 19 ....... . Jan. ,..., ..,.... M t. Healthy 14 ,...... . Jan. .,... ....... M t. Healthy 27 .....,.... . Jan. ..... ....... M t. Healthy 18 ............. . GAMES AWAY Nov. ..... ....... M t. Healthy 13 .....,...,... . Dec. ..... ...,... M t. Healthy 10 ....... . Dec. ..... ....... M t. Healthy 24 ...,... . Dec. ,.... .,..... M t. Healthy 33 ,....,. . Jan. .,... ,..,,,. M t. Healthy 24 ....... . Jan. ..... ....... M t. Healthy 14 .....,. . Jan. ..... ....... M t. Healthy 25 ...,... . Feb. .,... ,,..,.. M t. Healthy 31 .........,....... , Feb. ......,..... ....... ..,.... M t . Healthy 24 ........,..,,,,...... ...... , TOURNAMENT GAMES Mt Healthy 23 ...... ,.........,...... .........,........................... ....... Mt Healthy 22 ...... .,..,...,...,.........,.................,....... Mt Healthy 25 ....., ...........,.................................... Mt. Healthy 19 ...... .,.............,.......,.............................. ....... Coach-Mr. C. E. Hoffman PLAYERS Charles Burgess Ben House Fred Walker Stanley Edgmond Norman Knoop Norbert Weber Jim Fischer Gerald Ruoif Donald Wolf Manager-Norbert Meyer page forty-six Harrison 23 University School 22 St. Bernard 25 Taylor 3 3 Colerain 3 5 Terrace Park 3 8 Greenhills 17 Loveland 2 5 Kings Mills 20 Sycamore 33 Sharon 40 Ross 46 Maderia 5 5 Colerain 34 Harrison 13 St. Bernard 3 1 Anderson 45 St. Bernard 30 Earl Wickemeier Harrison 9 University School 4 St. Bernard 19 Taylor 8 Colerain 2 1 Terrace Park 2 2 Loveland 2 2 Greenhills 2 2 Kings Mills 27 Sycamore 1 7 Sharon 8 Ross 17 Maderia 3 1 Colerain 1 9 Harrison 1 1 St. Bernard 2 9 Anderson 2 7 St. Bernard 14 Anderson 19 Colerain 8 Taylor 1 7 Joe Wurzelbacher BASKETBALL First Row: Heckel, Wickemeier, Marshall, Bowman, Swartz Second Row: Hasselbush, Telger, Gray, Klingclhoffer, Haubner Third Row: Bramkamp, Mr. Hoffman First Row: Edgemon, Weber, Burgess, Knoop, Wolf Second Row: House, Ruoff, Fischer, Walker Third Row: Meyer, Mr. Hoffman REGULAR TEAM ' The Mt. Healthy basketball team got off to a good start, but did not live up to expectations. It is true that the graduation of most of the players last year knocked quite a hole in this year's squad, but this difficulty was more or less overcome by hard work. The greatest handicap this year was the inelegibility of the greater part of the team for about two weeks. Before the Christmas vacation the team was playing like a Mi. Healthy team, but after Christmas the team hit a rut. They tried hard and worked well, maybe a little too hard because they became taut and nervous. They broke this slump only once and that was against Colerain. After the Colerain game there seemed to be a general let-down and the team was right back in its slump. In spite of this, the basketball boys really deserve a lot of credit for their hard work and earnest trying. Then too, winning nine games out of seventeen isn't half bad and after all there is always next year. RESERVE TEAM Three rousing cheers for the Mt. Healthy reserve team, the first Mt. Healthy reserves to be cham- pions of Hamilton County! A team that had plenty of spunkand energy! They played eighteen games, and out of these they won nine. This is not an exceptional record for league games, but when the tourna- ment games rolled around, they hit their stride and stayed there. They defeated Colerain and Anderson, two teams which had given them good beatings during the league games, but did not have a chance in the tournament. It all goes to prove an old maxim, "He can who thinks he can." page forty-seven BASEBALL First Row: Burgess, Sheppard, Klingelhoffer, Hasselbush Second Row: Bevis, N. Weber, Gray, Haubner, H. Strecker Third Row: Kehr, Kinne, R. Weber, W. Strecker, Sipes, Mr. Muskopf The Mounts wound up a fair baseball season with two wins and five losses, the outstanding game of the season being with Greenhills. The main feature of the game Was the hard hitting of both teams. In the fourth inning Norman Haubner hit a three-run homer to make the score 6 to 3 in favor of Mt. Healthy. After acquiring this lead, pitcher Jim Sheppard coasted until the seventh inning when he was relieved by Hasselbusch. In the last half of the seventh, Greenhills managed to get three runs to tie the score at three all, taking the ball game into extra innings. In the first half of the eighth inning, Henry Strecker smashed a home-run into right center field to win the game for the Mounts. The names of the players follow. Sheppard and Hasselbusch take care of the pitching duties, with Gray doing the catching. On first base we have Walt Strecker, with Sipes and Norbert Weber playing along side him at second. Hasselbusch and Haubner take care of the shortstop duties, with Henry Strecker at the hot corner. In the outfield we have Ralph Weber, Klingelhoffer, Bevis, Burgess, and Hauer. GAMES April 8 Mt. Healthy 2 Colerain April 10 Mt. Healthy 2 Miamitown April 15 Harrison 12 Mt. Healthy April 18 Mt. Healthy 7 ....,.,. ....... G reenhills April 22 Taylor 11 Mt. Healthy April 24 Mt. Healthy 0 Glendale April 29 Sharonville 7 Mt. Healthy page forty-eight page forty-nine PEP SQUAD First Row: Miss Engstrom, P. Hauck, Clark, Weber, R. Kalb, Reilly, Miss Hutchison Second Row: L:lV. Britz, Waechter, Bradford, J. Hauck, L. Britz Third Row: Bauer, J. Kalb, Welemirnw, Hott, Christophel A new department has been organized this year. Since the morale of the soldiers is one of the greatest assets an army can have, the Pep Squad has undertaken to encourage it. The "Pep Penny Polka" brought its first public recognition to the Pep Squad This was the first dance of its kind to be given at the high school. K It is hoped that in the coming years the Pep Squad will enlarge and become stronger so that it will be able to support the games played away from as well as at home. To sum up: the purpose of the Pep Squad is to build up and develop school spirit and to support the school, the team and its cheer leaders. SPONSORS Miss Evelyn Engstrom and Miss Helen Hutchison OFFICERS Staff Sergeant ....,.......................... ...... R uth Kalb Assistant Sergeant ....... ....... J ean Weber Sergeant of Records ...... ...... P atricia Hauck Srrgeanf of Finance ........ ....... R osemary Clark MEMBERS Mary Bauer Virginia Bradford LaVerne Britz Loraine Britz Marcella Christophel Jean Hauck page fifty Georgia Mae Hott Jane Kalb Rose Reilly Beatrice Smyth Myra Waechter jean Welemirow GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First Row: Ellis, Hessler, Miss Hutchison, Haskins, Hauer, Chase Sccond Row: J. Hauck, Catanzaro, R. Kalb, Steinbrecker, J. Kalb, Nippert, Deters Third Row: P. Hauck, Herb, Aug, Guy, Sheppard Fourth Row: Oelker, Waechter, Weber, Gray, Caldwell Fifth Row: Meyer, Clark, Meyn, Fehrman, Warwick "A-ten-shun! Right face!" What's all this? Oh! Isee. Athletic Director Hutchison is putting the Girls' Athletic Association through its paces. Staff Sergeant Haskins is keeping .'em right in step, too! Here comes the Sergeant of Records and Finance. "Ellis reporting, Madam. The records are in fine shape, and we're still in the black!" "Very good, Sergeant. You may return to your position!" "Well, that's a relief! Now let's get down to brass tacks for should I say ten pins?j. Our girls are sharp shooters, all right! Look at their records in basketball and archery, not to mention the way they mow down those pins! And don't say they haven't anything to kick about! Just look at the way they boot that soccer ball around! Not bad at speed-ball, either! As for endurance, it's 10027. Those hikes prove that the girls are physically fit for service. They also know their horses. "Beauty and grace" hmm............ we rank there, too. Dance club and tumbling help immensely. And did you see them 'strut their stuff' at Open House? Is there anything we haven't got? Well, yes. We don't have those long-awaited tennis courts behind the school yet. Our tennis experts are still hoping to start on that front, too. But it's time for me to go off duty now." Major General ....... ....... H elen Hutchison Aug, Marjorie Aug, Virginia Caldwell, Jean Catanzaro, Ella Chase, Dorothy Clark, Rose Mary Deters, Eleanor Staff Sergeant ...,....... ....... S hirley Haskins Assistant Sergeant ....,.. ........ D orothy Chase Sergeant of Records ........ .............. J ean Ellis Assistant Sergeant ...... ....... N orma Hessler Sergeant of Finance ....... ....,............. Hi lda Hauer Ellis, Jean Hauer, Hilda Fehrman, Ercil Herb, Marian Gray, Betty Hessler, Norma Guy, Gloria Haskins, Shirley Hauck, Jean Hauck, Patty Kalb, Ruth Meyer, Janet Meyn, Anna Nippert, Hazel page fifty-one Peters, Marion Sheppard, Irene Waechter, Loraine Warwick, Edna Warwick, Jean :Dv Of! l KET QXDQQQCJD Mag X7 FACULTY Today, with the modern high school student coming in contact with many different adult per- sonalities each day in school, it becomes increasingly important that he come to know and appreciate these teachers as human beings. With this idea in mind, we wish to present the teachers of our school as such. . 3.,.g1 Mr. Duvall, our superintendent, spends his spare time reading the newspaper and listening to news- casts. His favorite school subjects are history and civics-subjects in which he is well read. He received his B. S. in E. degree -from Miami University, and his M. A. from the University of Cincinnati. During college days, Mr. Duvall was interested in baseball and basketball. No, Mr. Duvall wanted in early child- hood to be a detective, not a teacher. When asked how he would spend 51,000.00 if he were to win it, he replied, "Buy a Buick." His favorite movie stars are Spencer Tracey and James Cagney. He reads Shakespeare and Burns. Likes to watch baseball, basketball, and football. Best-liked song is "Home, Sweet Home." lggq-1 Miss Arnold plays tennis and reads in her spare time. The subjects she prefers are advanced French and English. Miss Arnold has degrees from Miami, having received her M. A. last year. While in college, she played, basketball, was secretary of a French honorary, and co-founder of a German honorary. Mar- jorie's childhood ambition was to be a hbronco buster," an actress, or an opera singer. Travel and charity Wouldconsume the 51,000.00 if she won it. Miss Arnold was most embarrassed when at a formal tea, she 'spilled the contents of the cup down the front of her gown. A jack Benny fan and an admirer of Greta 'Garbo and Charles Boyer. She earned her first money, one dime, for having her long curls and charming smile photographed. In the world of sports, Miss Arnold likes baseball, football, swimming, and tennis. page fifty-two Miss Bollenbacher spends her leisure time in summer playing tennis, in the winter, reading. Her favorite subjects in school are typing and shorthand. She received a B. S. in E. from Miami. While in college, she served on Mortar Board and was president of the Women's League. Yes, Miss B. always want- ed to teach. If she typed the winning slogan for 51,000.00 she would buy a black convertible with red leather seats. She likes to listen to James Melton and to watch Bette Davis and Henry Fonda. She claims that the mirror is the most useful invention to date. In the realm of sports, she prefers tennis and swim- ming. Knitting, ice-skating, cooking, and solving math problems take up any spare time Miss Engstrom may have. Her favorite subjects to teach are science and math. Receiving a B. A. from Jamestown and an M. A. from U. C., she also studied physical education at Miami. In college she helped to lay out a natural stadium. Miss Engstrom seems never to have been embarrassed,-at least she won't tell your re- porter if she was. If she were lucky to the extent of 51,000.00 she would invest the money for a trip. Evelyn likes Baby Snooks and enjoys Alfalfa of Our Gang. She likes skating, swimming, and mountain climbing. She considers the tooth-brush the most useful invention. Favorite song - "Alexander Is A Swoosef' Favorite composer-Bach. iggq-1 Miss Frost spends what time remains after work on the Zem Zem, knitting, caring for her flowers, and collecting poetry. In the field of subjects, she prefers Latin, especially Viril's "Aeneid." She re- ceived her B. S. degree magna cum laude, from Miami, where she also is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Aside from regular class-work in college, she was treasurer of the Y. W. C. A. and an officer in the Classical Club. In addition she managed to win the Bishop Latin prize. If 51,000.00 came to her as a prize, she would like to travel-in Europe, if conditions there would permit. Her most embarrassing moment came when she answered a knock at the door by knocking from inside. Favorite radio program, "Information, Please." Best-liked movie stars, Gary Cooper and Charles Boyer. In literature she prefers Tennyson and Emerson. invoi- Mr. Hoffman claims that he spends the time after school sleeping. During vacations he spends time gardening. He chooses manual arts as his favorite subject. Charlie too is a graduate of Miami, where he was initiated Phi Kappa Tau. Yes, Biff always wanted to be a teacher. Mr. Hoffman likes the music of Fred Waring and His 56 Pennsylvanians. He makes no statement as to the power of the Cincinnati Reds this year. He Hrst earned money as a "Soda Jerk." Mr. Hoffman coaches basketball and football, both popular sports at M. H. H. S. --o-o-ci Miss Hutchison spends her spare time holding night gym classes, working on an M. A. degree, reading, and bowling. Her favorite subjects in school are dancing and physical education. She now has a B. S. degree from U. C. Helen's most thrilling moment came when she won the Blazer, an award for having the most points in athletics at U. C. She had no thought of a profession when young, although she sometimes did think of being a dancer. If she were to win S1,000.00, she would faint. Her most embarrassing experience came when, driving her team to Harrison, she found herself in 'Law- renceburg. Her favorite radio entertainers are Bob Hope and Fibber McGee. She considers the telephone the most useful invention. In sports she likes canoeing, rope-twirling, and ice-skating. lava- Miss Hyle enjoys cooking, reading, and studying German. Her best-liked school subject is "good old American history." Carrying a heavy college course, she had no time for extra-curricular activities. Mary has always wanted to be a teacher. If she were to win a prize in money, she would travel. She claims that her most embarrassing moment was when your reporter asked what had been her most trying moment,-brought back memories. She reads the works of Esther Farbes and listens to Kay Kayser. Her favorite song is "I Am a Little Tea-Pot." An invention which would please her is an electric grader for class recitations. She likes to bowl. page fifty-three Miss McManus bowls, reads, embroiders, sews, and cooks in her spare moments. Home EC. is her favorite type of work. At Miami she earned a B. S. in Ed. She considers her greatest achievement in extra-class activities being president of her sorority, Kappa Phi. Elaine too, always wanted to teach, even when she played with her dolls. If she suddenly found herself in possession of an extra S1,000.00, she would .travel to the Atlantic coast states. Her favorite movie stars are George Brent and Margaret Sullavan. She puts the comb at the head of the list of useful inventions. In music she likes Schubert's Serenade. She first earned money by watching the neighbors' children. M1441 After school hours, Mr. Muskopf spends time hunting antiques, farming, and helping others. He likes manual arts and geography in the field of subjects. At Miami he belonged to Phi Kappa Phi and Alpha Tau Sigma, honorary fraternities. Earl had no thought of teaching until the day he received his B. S. degree. If he were to win 51,000.00 he would paint his Reo red. He was most embarrassed at college when he sat fishing in Thobe's pool in his B. V. D.'s. His radio is tuned to Henry Aldrich, for Coach thinks Henry is like some of us. He likes Andy Devine. Reads the poetry of Burns and novels by Buck. Mr. Muskopf coaches baseball. That takes care of his favorite sport. He first earned money setting onions and driving cows "at the dead end of Pippin Road." -1944- Mr. Pack spends his spare time, after walking the baby, reading and taking interesting photo- graphs. Interested in business, he prefers bookkeeping in school subjects. He holds an A. B. and an M. A. from the University of Kentucky. In college, Kermit participated in debating. He has coached debat- ing teams at M. H. H. S. No, Mr. Pack once thought of being a lawyer, not a teacher. Winning S1,000.00, he would pursue higher education. His favorite radio star is Bob Hope. In the cinema world, he likes Laurel and Hardy. As the most useful invention, he claims the automobile. He likes to swim, to listen to the songs of Stephen Foster, and to read Emerson. leo:- Mr. Petrich spends his odd hours reading the newspaper and working in his garden. He lists biology and chemistry as preferences in class subjects. He received his M. A. degree from the University of Cincinnati. While in college, Edward worked, studied, and played tennis. Now he prefers baseball. He used to want to be a doctor, but the Fates chose him for a teacher. Were he to win 351,000.00 he would, and I quote, "spend it on my wife." He enjoys the cartoon Mutt and Jeff. Spencer Tracey and Vivien Leigh are his choice in movie stars. He finds it impossible to choose among the many inventions which make life what it is today. .M,...3M Miss Tucker makes use of her spare moments for sleeping and playing the piano. She likes to teach music and English. Miss Tucker earned a B. S. in Music from the University of Cincinnati. An event of college days was the winning of a prize for a history of music. Always Miss Tucker wanted to teach-ever since she was six years old. One thousand dollars she would use toward further musical edu- cation. Attention! Miss Tucker has never been embarrassed! Lucky!! She likes to listen to Richard Crooks and Glen Miller. She also likes to play tennis. Her greatest ambition is to play a concerto with an orchestra. -4-0-oi After directing plays and teaching school, Mrs. Van Atta grades papers and reads. She likes to teach-any subject without preference. Hers is a B. A. degree from Ohio State. In college, Mrs. Van Atta played basketball and belonged to dramatic clubs. She hoped to be a doctor. If the 51,000.00 came to her she would "blow it in." She listens to Baby Snooks and Frank Morgan. She appreciates the new electric paper grader. Her most embarrassing moments are all censored. She enjoys reading Shakespeare and chooses "Home, Sweet Home" as her best-liked song. page ifty-four L ,,, 'Ra BAIT Q MINNOWS 114111-QRAPTS BAUMANNS ENGRQWI NG GD LAKE 13ef?5Qel?'01".fP'n4'e'ffE?F'5f1aESf0L Noffb Bend Road, zsefxucl zuff-1' One Mile West of Colerain Pike LM' pg iifyfl TZ' BITTNER BROS. 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In the course of the year, these questions have been put to each and every senior. Their answers have been tabulated and are here put down for you to see. So, plunge into these revealing items and learn some of the intimate opinions and ideas of these proud seniors you have been admir- ing with wonder-filled eyes fwell, at least you should havej all year. page fifty-eight Always Glad to Accommodate There is URGENT need for COMPTOMETER SCHOOL THEATER PARTIES GRADUATES in all industries. We offer this very desirable, Af Well paying profession to you. Short course-8 to 14 weeks.- Low cost-S65.00. We place you free of charge. THEATRE CQMPTOMETER SCHOOL 519 Main St. Cincinnati our MAin 3 123 MAin 3224 fTl1is is the only Comptometer School in Hilltep Entertainment Center Cincinnati Licensed by the manufacturers and distributors of the Comptometerj five DAVID CRAWLEY GENERAL CONTRACTOR OF BUILDER Of GOOD DRIVEWAYS Phone: Klrby 0286 College Hill KQX-n Cincinnati, Ohio page fifty-nine Service and Satisfaction Tuxedo 7296 THE DELHI FOUNDRY SAND CO. Miners and Shippers of All Grades of Fluor Spar Complete Line of Foundry Sands, Clays, and Bentonite Sayler Park Station Cincinnati, Ohio Estimates Given Phone: Kirby 0236 CHAS. J. DETERS PLUMBING, HEATING GAS FITTING SEWER TAPPING and 5670 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio The first question was: What is your great- est problem at the moment? There were about one-third as many responses of differ- ent types as there are members in the class. The largest group, 11 persons, replied, "De- ciding what to do after graduation? 6 said, "Getting a job." And we'll have to admit that is a problem. 5, apparently boys, answered, "Girls and money." Funny how the two seem to be related. 5-"School" Makes one wonder. 5-"No problemf, Fortunate, or just un- aware? 4-"Finding time to finish all that has to be done." QWe can readily sympathize with this group. As staff members we were somewhat amazed to learn just how much there is to do in getting out an annual.j fContin1wzl on a later pagznj who NICK WULLENWEBER "DOT FOOD STORE" Finer Foods 75 1 4 Hamilton Avenue Mt. Healthy, Ohio Phone: Douglas 1 85 WE DELIVER page sixty WM. A. EFFLER JEWELRY AND GIFTS X I STAR . . . Trim new GRU1-:N of charming simplicity. Yellow h'te gold filled case, 15 jewels ........ 527.75 Mt. Healthy and College Hill shop at T. D. ESSES DRY GOODS STORE 7600 Hamilton Avenue Mt. 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FRENCH-BAUER "Better Dairy Products Since 1 842" "What is your chief problem?" fContinuedj . 3-"Passing English IV, chemistry, and math, respectively, in order to graduate." 3-"Graduation in generalf' Qlividently no particular subject.j 2-"Teaching others to keep out of my business." We wonder! One person each for the following replies: "Keeping away from girls." That might have two meanings. "To achieve greater muscular bulk, body weight, and super health. fDo we have a budding pugilist in our midst?j "Marriage" "The approaching class play. fStage fright in advance, do you suppose?j "Senior English." fe JoE's FOCJD MARKET Depend on Joe for Quality Meats, Fruits, and Vegetables 7622 Hamilton Avenue Phones: Douglas 510 JAckson 7 3 0 5 WE DELIVER THE C. C. GRCDFF MILLING CCMPANY ff? page sixty-two Same question continued once more "Financing my graduation "Keeping up the payments on a car. fTl13t has bothered many, we fear.j "Deciding between Household Adminis- tration and Applied Arts at U. C." fLucky to be able to make such a choice, say we.j "Life" fWlien does that cease to be a problem?j "Trying to keep up with the news of the war." "Getting to school on time." fWell, you won't have than to trouble you much longer.j FLOWERS THAT PLEASE Cut Flowers and Gift Plants Corsages All kinds of Bedding Plants in Season Floral Work at All Times We Telegraph Flowers PETER HERB SONS Douglas 1 7 1 -R 7849 Harrison Avenue Mt. Healthy, Ohio COMPLIMENTS of LOUIS HERMANNS BARBER SHOP Fenner Crawford , Mgr. 761 6 Hamilton Avenue Mt. Healthy, Ohio fs!!- "It,s Always a Pleasure to Serve Yozf' at HESSLER,S 5 CENT TO 31.00 STORE Mt. 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S2 1 . 5 0. up--Trousers S 5.00 Nup Made to Order According to their records, the seniors have participated in twenty activities con nested with school, as follows: Baseball-7 boys Basketball-12 boys and girls Class Oflicer-2 Cheer Leader-3 Clientes Latinae-5 Football-4 Girls' Athletic Association-14 Girl Reserves-27 Glee-22 Hi-Y-11 Les Pierots et Pierettes-7 Literary Gold Diggers--8 Operetta. Cast-1 Pep Squad-2 Reserve Basketball-1 Soft Ball-2 Spotlight Club-38 Track-7 Zem Zem Staff-13 xty-tive JOHN HQDAPP Sc SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS 7401 Vine Street Carthage VAlley 0 8 0 5 Hamilton and Elkton College Hill Klrby 1040 y we HQLLMAN BROTHERS PRIDE OF THE VALLEY DAIRY PRODUCTS Wyoming, Ohio QZ HOLZHAUSEPCS BOYS AND GIRLS: To keep your community heal- thy, encourage Mother and Dad to buy from independent mer- chants. Come to us for Shoes, Clothing, Dry Goods, and Athletic Goods join Our Blanket Club Smart Styles Lowest Prices Ask for Green Stamps Mt. Healthy North College Hill Ohio VESS HOUSE B UI LDER OF MODERN HOMES Will Build to Suit Alterations Repairing 7440 Forest Ave., Mt. Healthy, Ohio Douglas 1473 PS 'v-ix Ana' now ,41 High school days are done. Their story belongs to the agesg But the faces you knew Will he always with you As they smile from these glorified pages. And when you grow old lVhen the sunshine grows cold, These pages will gain a new glory. There will leap to your eyes A gladsome surprise, As you read here the best of life's story. Like Sunbonnet Sue, May your dreams all come trueg And though you grow famous and wealthy, May you always be true To the friendships that you Have made in the schools of Mt. Healthy. C. A. HUNT Houses Investments Appraisals Lots and Farms HUBER 81 MCCUDDEN Licensed Real' Estate Brokers JAckson 8210 7520 Hamilton Ave. Mt. Healthy, Ohio Truly personal ---- What do you plan to do after graduation? This is always an interesting question. With conditions as they are, choices of what to do after high school may be colored somewhat by the fact that it is possible now to find work more easily than it has been in the past few years. At any rate, 27 fabout half of the groupj state that they intend to go to work immediately after graduation. 16 anticipate entering college in the autumn. 11 are contemplating business training. What do you consider the best age for young people to marry? 12 say that eighteen or nineteen years of age is the most suitable time. 45 select the years between twenty-one and thirty. 2 believe that it is best to Wait until over thirty years of age. page sixty-seven Modernize Your Bathroom and Kitchen with VITROLITE Estimates Furnished Contractors and Builders VINCENT KLEINE MOntana 4346-J Philloret Drive KNCLLMAN LUMBER CCD. Builders' Supplies Millwork Hardware Paints Office and Yard W. Van Zandt at Simpson IAckson 8080 WATTx3IBElq' ll ' gg fwygzsnplsnli 7 H- S-L.. n...a.- -JH' THE KQLBE PAINT co. Distributors of s ' Pratt and Lamberts Paints, Varnishes, and Enamels 2 3 1 -2 3 3 West Fifth Street Cincinnati, Ohio PA 5 3 34 1 5 3 3 5 COMPLIMENTS OF KUHLMANN DAIRY .Q Pg ysh NC? LINDEMAN DRUG DRUGS 'N EVERYTHING Douglas 1 188 Mt. Healthy, Ohio CQ5.. Leisure time activities ---- ' What is your hobby? 14 list Sports in general. 10 find dancing rnost pleasurable. 4 spend spare time in reading. 3 collect stamps. 2 give Music as their hobby. 2 are following th: craze for knitting. CMore than a fad, however, since the Red Cross is glad to have their help.j 2 spend time, and no doubt money, cn photography. As to magazines---CXVe trust this is not advertisingj - Yyhit is your favorite magazine? 10 chcose Life. 6 vote in favor of "a movie magazine". 5 raise their hands for Esquire. 4 prefer Look. 4 again speak up for McCall's. ig-Q-Q LITTLEFORD- NELSON SCHOOL OF COMMERCE N ecwe Building Fourth at Race Cincinnati A H... Q-31- QS f LUDWIG'S SHOE STORE MT. HEALTHY 8-Point X-Ray Shoe Fitting page sixty-nine it MCATEER'S BLUE RIBBON OF DRUG STORE Dependable Drugs Dependable Service MAIN THEATRE Call Douglas 780 Mi. Healthy, ohio ir 'lr MT. HEALTHY MCCOLLUNYS BRICK CORNER DRUG STORE fFormerly Drohan'sl Mt. H ealthy, Ohio Stop in and get a dish of Fresh Home-Made Ice Cream It's Delicious Made Fresh Daily ROETTELE BROS., Proprietors Pocahontas and Soft Coal A Coke and Builders, Supplies 1946 Stevens Avenue Mt. Healthy, Ohio Phone: JAckson 74 1 8 Douglas 1 2 0 6 Prompt Delivery Page SCVCIIEY BUY YOUR RECORDS HERE COMPLETE LINE Latest Decca Records-3 Sc Victor Records-5 Oc Columbia--5 Oc Blue Bird-3 Sc THE MT. HEALTHY SAVING AND LOAN CO. 7503 Hamilton Avenue Organized February 8, 1 887 Capital Stock ss,ooo,oo0.oo OFFICERS Peter Blum ,...,,.....,., ..... ,...,...,,......, P r csidcnt O Keh,13 50 L. J. Steinbrecker ............ Ist Vice-President Edw. H. Hessler ...,......., Zml Vice-President Robert F. Ahrens ....,......,.............. Secretary Harry Ahrens ...,,..... ....,,. A ss'l Secretary MT. Carl L. Spitzfaden ...,.,...........,..,... Treasurer Robert F. Ahrens ..,...,......,.....,.,.... Attorney Dnuacrons Peter Blum L. Steinbreckcr Edw. H. Hessler 7501 Hamilton Avenue Virgil B. Keeling E. G. Ruoff Harry Formes Ray Theders Meds Every Monday Evening NEIDHARD FUNERAL HOMES Mt. Healthy Westwood I os. A. Neidhard Ray N eidbard Taylors Creek E. I. Neidbard Phones: JAckson 7 8 0 0 MOntana 3 02 2 MOntana 3 5 1 5 General Interest ---- In your opinion, will the Reds have a better or poorer year this season than last? 37 are loyal to the extent of believing that the present season will be even better than the last. We surely hope this is more than wishful thinking. 20 say that the team will meet with less success than last year. fWell, there is no reason we may not hope they are wrong.j Patriotism ---- If you thought your country needed you, would you volunteer, or wait to be drafted? A good number evidently could not come to a decision on this question, for the space was blank on some papers. However, of those who did reply, the vote was more than two to one in favor of offering their services at once. page seventy-one CQMPLIMENTS OF THE MT. HEALTHY PARENT-TEACHER ASSQCIATION V le-+9-i COMPLIMENTS OF ORR DAIRY FARM Mt. H ealthy, Ohio PLAZA BEA UTY AND BARBER SHOP Main Theatre Building Mt. Healthy, Ohio Douglas 1 190 porter printing ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE . . . your printing must be good. After all . . it's a "mirror,' for your busi- ness . . . your taste . . . your reputation. That's why so many firms are swinging to . . . PORTER PRINTING CO. 7421 Hamilton Avenue. Jackson 7505 - Mt. Healthy -14-Q- . GEO. A ROLFES OPTICI AN PArkway 1084 JAckson 791 3 J 7 834 Elizabeth St. Mt. Healthy, Ohio ..,.3,g.--. Pb Yh TED SCHAEFER QUALITY GROCERIES And MEATS FRUITS And VEGETABLES WE DELIVER TELEPHONE: Douglas 79-W, Douglas 488 7607 North Hamilton Avenue Mt. Healthy, Ohio Strictly Scholastic ---- Of your four years in high school, which did you find most enjoyable? To this query, 28 replied in favor of the senior year. Uust can't help wondering how many are glad it is about over.J 16 found the freshman year had furnish- ed them most pleasure. The rest were evenly divided in their choice between the sophomore and junior years. Is either of your parents a graduate of lvi. H. H. S.? This question brought to light the fact that three students have mothers who are M. H. H. S. alumnae, and three others, boast of fathers who have preceded them in the matter of graduation from Mt. Healthy. Estimates Cbeerfully Given GECRGE T A. SCHNEIDER Plumbing, H eating5 Sewer l Tapping y N.E. Corner Compton 86 Daly Roads Phone: JAckson 7372-R page seven ty-four SECOND NATIONAL BANK Cincinnati, Ohio MT. HEALTHY BRANCH 7433 Hamilton Avenue, Mt. Healthy, Ohio Member of Federal Deposit Insurance SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. SALES E5 SERVICE 4147 Hamilton Avenue Call Your Local Representative CARL KRAMER Corporation Klrby 2 2 5 2 "Every Graduate Placed" ' QQ? Accounting Course ..,. Stenographic Course Pre-College Course ...A Comptometer Course Gen. Review Course ..,. Bookkeeping Course Professional Secretarial Training Business Administration Individual Progress-Day and Night Sessions Programs for University and High School Graduates SOUTHERN OHIO BUSINESS Douglas 3 63 -R Estimates Cbeerfnlly Given WM. J. STEHLIN CARPENTER 85 BUILDER 1037 Hoffner St. Mt. Healthy, Ohio COLLEGE Incorporated 41 57 Hamilton Ave. Klrby 1 170 page seventy-five .ME CALL SUMME BRQS. ' FOR YOUR DAIRY PRODUCTS gt-M. On the question of Dates ---- Does it annoy you very muchlto wait for 21 date? l 36 have little patience with the date who is not on time. 21 do not get perturbed at wasting a few minutes "just waiting". Do you approve of Dutch-Dating? 28 like the idea. fMight it not be inter- esting to know how many of these are boys and how many, girls?j On the question of school organization-- Do you consider a Student ,Council of benefit to a school? 1 40 express themselves as favoring some kind of student government. 17 are quite satisfied with the setup in our school as it is. f KW DRINK CQMPLIMENTS CHEZQ UP R CF SMILE R ' A UNICN5 W. C. ULRIQH BOTTLINGR wks WORKS Kirby 1613 Page seven ty-six ' SKATE IN ONE OF THE WfORLD'S LARGEST AND FINEST ROLLER RINKS THE WESTERN HILLS ROLLATORIUM Located in one of Cincinnati's finest suburbs Special Attention given to school and church groups. MOntana 0761 Three Squares west of Western Hills High School on Ferguson Road Pg Y D.-305.- For Anything in Baked Goods JAckson 7 8 0 7 W F ELLAND WEIK BAKERY PLASTERING AND STUCCO 7428 Forest Mt. Healthy, Ohio .l9.,-41... 1 3 6 1 -8 1 Shuler Ave. Hamilton, Ohio We Deliver "Fresh" Direct to Your Home WIIITAKER-MOHLER PRINTING COMPANY WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE ON i ANY KIND OF JOB PRINTING. " A Dependable Printing Service " 127 NORTH THIRD STREET :- HAMILTON, OHIO p g vent y-eight uw' eq sL,yf.'Ev3,L-5 5?.jfQ-33-lf-765 Jicqn ,S CHARACTER ACHIEVED BY CONSISTENT WORKMANSHIP AND THE EXPERIENCE OF YEARS. MADE PERMANENT IN PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY THAT IS ACCURATE, LIVING, AND ARTISTIC. FOR DISCRIMINATING PEOPLE WHO ADMIRE FINE PORTRAITS, SEE, YOUNG AND CARL STUDIO Seventh 66 Vine Parkway 2 2 7 7 REP UTABLE REASONABLE RELIABLE P8 Y 'N I Qyfx FM A ff , -1, , ,IW if X ' is A ,f .xr 1 V qfjvf fig 'NNE lf 1 'tubs XQXFX X ,,, NH f ' V Q33 X4 f' 'x v "QV ul ,X l page eighty - ginis Q ,-.,g.,,efz,4m., .f . 1 1 n X . 1 1 X ll1l ,,., ?...1.....-..... ...1i1..i..,............ N. .,..N...-,. F..,.f Y.. .ii .i-. ...Y.....i.. .li 'Ga - 1: 0 4 4.

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