Mount Carmel Catholic High School - Yearbook (Mount Carmel, PA)

 - Class of 1955

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Text from Pages 1 - 102 of the 1955 volume: -exww - -efzufmzxswfffis' ww--ffff: -fff fvzzmsww- K l 1, I fi? ' fi' , X wi ynisagfefaf f- f ',lI7'K' -fu. , silk? ffl CTA. LL?:iwKf' : "Y f f .W .mwah , L ,, , ,,,i:3,,q. , ,.,.- M, H., w ..,. , H f,,. m:,m,,g,'J.r,g::,yg- , - K' KK K , 2 ,, . Nm L,,,,,, W., M, gyyww. 1. A, K K ' 1 uf' L xii." r . S . .N K K .1 1 6 A 35 Q1 gs 'H- .:Ai5, V 'SURE 'N HE PAGES IOFTHE, A. , ' .Af 'QBW5 us.- 'KK KK 8. kk in .. 1 WB! 'WP 'ivy OH .ff lla 3 , 2 E ig S 5 2 ., :ik ,A I 5+ 5 S 5 55 E Si 3 4 '4 .L 5 z S iw Wi 'w ws H ii THE RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR LAWRENCE F. SCHOTT, V.F. Pasfor of Our Lady's Parish EEEE , E E3E E E 1i E THE RIGHT REVEREND ROBERT J. MAHER Diocesan Superinfendeni of Schools f' f f" ' f '-f' ' " , fr . fl' . WMA I , iff.. ,, ,, 134 ,.4V--W , ,,,, , ,, . f ,, , , , M' ,., , , f . iw, 211 .MM-1-f::?a:, H f Q1 1 ,M u f ? zasiwwfg' f J" wr? - f , vw we alia .af fo' "' fflv-'zffmz f -.72?l f"4'5"f"wf - - 2' iff ', ,Q P-'Ml'-' il W , ' , - f'v'f'f'1 "'2:"'.,, f4 ' fwfLf TPEQW w' fML,', xg X m21i,Tf',,'fi-ef' Aw w ' '4,., i1' +: a' ' n ' 5' .1 M' --'idk I - ei xgg f 'V igfaiffa '11 mvfffWQ?f,-mg f,,,w??5. ,1f Q ., Kzwfiwhfmifzvviz-1i4?5f.. .f-:n 'f ?KM, frffwf 12 Our understanding Principal .... Rev. Anlhony J. McGinley, A.B. Our Lady of Mounl Carmel Sophomore Religion lnsfruclor 'Way' Rev. Andrew Biberger, O.S.B., M.A. Spirilual adviser and beloved friend of all sludenls of Calholic High School 4 nm, ,le Rev. Louis Creedon. A.B. Sl. Joseph, Locusl Gap Freshman Religion lnslruclor airy r wr J.. fe 9 x 9' Rev. John M. Jendzura, C.S.Sp., A.B. Cur lvlolher ol Consolalion, lvlouni Carmel Junior Religion lnslruclor ....ancl members Of the Faculty Rev. Woodrow Wilson Jones, A.B. Sl. lgnalius, Cenlralia Junior Religion lnslruclor Dx REVEREND JAMES E. NOEL Principal lm April, I954, Falher Noel was appoihled Principal ol Calholic High School. The pasl school year has been a Jreslimoriial ol FaTher's admiriislralrive abilily, his sincerily of purpose and his influence as guide and feacher. ,rv A cleliglwlful inlerlude from class rouline lasl December was lhe few minules spenl by 'facully members in llwe enioymenf of Clirislmas Carols. Sealed: Sisler Mary Lenore, Sis+er M. James Anfhony, Sisier Marian. Slanding: Sisfer M. Sf. Aloysius, Sisfer Helen Mary and Sisfer Mary Eyangelisl. Mollier M, Clare Frances, A.B., M.A. Pre-lecl ol Sluclies Lalin Sisler Mary Evangelisl, A.B., M.A. Biology, Malliennalics Sisler M. Sl. Aloysius, AB. Religion, Mallwennalics, Lalin Sisler Miriam Consilia, B.S., M.A Englisli, Science Consuella Moclerafor Sisler Mary l.enore, AB. Religion, l-leallli, Arr, English Sisler l-lelen Mary Hislory, Malliernalics, General Science Sisler Marian, Music Cerliiicalion lnslrurnenlal Music Glee Club Sislcr Conslance Mary, AB., M.A. Religion, Englislw, Drarnalics Carmelecho Moderafor Sister Marita Denise French Student Council Moderator, Librarian Sister M. James Anthony, B.S. Business Mr. Joseph Apichella, BS. Social Studies, Athletics Mr. Robert Shuda, AB. Religion, l-listory, Latin Direct our studies and activities K ,D mv A Mr. Joseph Apichella, B.S. Mr. Robert Shuda, A.B. Through the kindness of Father Lunney, O.S.A., Sisters Con- stance Mary and Miriam Consilia had the honor of a brief informal meetinq with noted essayist Rev. James M. Gillis, C.S.P., at the Villanova Press Conference. if he "1 ,X 4-4, if L qw fa , 1' K N Q ,AA an 2 ' 3 f' 5 'i'5r is mfr , +1 ,ff KX... Each SepTernber The doors aT CaTholic T-ligh School in MounT Carmel open To welcome eager new sTudenTs who consider a CaTholic EducaTion as The suresT plan Tor TuTure happiness, pofh in Time and in eTerniTy. These Freshmen, having compleTed eighT years OT solid TundamenTal Training in The parochial schools OT This region, deeply appreciaTe The opporTuniTy To conTinue Their sTudies in an aTmosphere OT ChrisTian CulTure. Because Treedom eT religion is one oT The cherished heriTages oi American CiTizens, These men and women of Tomorrow's world shall sTrive earnesTlv during Their high school days To prepare Themselves To be sTaunch deTenders of Gods Church and Their beloved counTry. High School sTudies are quiTa a change from grade school ones. General Science, alge- bra make The lisT buf as we can noie, Lafin is always The subiecf worfhy of greaf con- :ern. N YM. yi 1' K, J if Q L ra 1 E 'IZ in E ' 'fir ef. , ' ' QM? ' 3 1 iifiilll wmM w 'if 'F fi f Q E if I I "il ' L ' V ,V jf? " . e ia il El if hard work, and four years to go .Dir llll 'TW Firsi Row: Louise Mergas, Pairicia Davis, lrene Augusiine, Lucille Cosfa, Joanne Schuch, Jacqueline Cannon, Lois Ralcus, Pafricia Colliccio, Irene Morgan, Mary Ann Burns, Doroihy Subaciocis. Alice Muldowney, Reqina Douglmerfy, Margarei Mcsarfhy. Second Row: Maffhew Bader. Ray- mond Siellmach, James Couseniine, Charles Griscavage, William Kazlouslri, Alexander Elniclri, Joseph Yosl, Tim- olhy Drucis, Clemenf Zulilouslii, Daniel Darrah. Sisier M. S+. Aloysius, homeroom moderaior for seciion 9B. seems io enjoy responses from her eager freshmen. O O Eli -N 5 8 QQE Q I in. IQKMC 1 Q lines 2 3552 is Ir. I I L 'r 'I 1 3 '.,,"c,,.7 , , X1?'i Firsl Row: Mary Swaldi, Nancy Meisfer, Margaref Rufhs, Bonifa Suliclr, Chrisline Spurr, Anaslasia Kogul, Rose Marie Mennifi, Mary Ann Rompalslci, Virginia Pllcavage, Barbara Boylan, Eleanor Lenfini, Barbara Janasld, Ann Flynn. Second Row: David Pizzoli, Ronald Ziedo, John Rydzewslci, John Shullz, Thomas Connaghan, Lawrence Joyce, John Blase, Joseph McGinn, Anfhony Slrilre, Charles Malrowslri. .- wr' Firsl Row: Mary Ann Koslowslri, Frances Zeuby, Anna Georgianna Heiser, Eleanor Kurland, Harriel Vincenaes Marie Doyle, Joanne ZULJSY. Virginia TON'-35. D0"0ll"Y Palricia Winseiwslri, .luaniia Walsh, Alice Slulz, Narcrssa YOlKUP, Mary ANN Eveflr Lofella Dudllnslflr Wlnlffed De Manicor, Palricia Byrnes, Mary Ann Laughlin. Gallagher, Lorraine Kulrla, Mary Crawford. Second ROW! -1 ' , fn, A is 325 li Q li? z 'fga me r l Q H lilml Vs-'91.- E Ill! is ll" 4 Firsf Row: Elizabelh Blase, Anna Mae Augusfine, Mary Henrie, Angela Ficca, Marie Kalinoslci, Ann Berrigan, Ellen Kleman, Pafricia Dallozia, Mary Ann Coleman, Cecilia Owzarelr, Elgie Kosvilch. Second Row: Ellen Dormer, Eleanor Procopio, James'Reichwein, William Dwyer, An- lhony Brennan, Myron Fleming, Sfanley Pefrovich, Calhea rine Chillis, Rosemary Burns, Mary Kroulch. Third Row: Andrew Megosh, Francis Revenis, Michael Andruscavage, Edward Dormer, Marlin Manney, Roberf Novicenslcie, Henry Cariosa, Thomas Boblick, James Lubcski, Joseph Boliclr, Richard Godin. ll' Firsf Row: Gloria Klassen, Mary Louise Concavage, Lenlini, Roberf Wasilewslci, Michael Palriclr, Ronald Bose- Sandra Morrison, Mary Kaczmarek, Alberla McLaughlin, vich, Richard Cannon. Third Row: Michael Srief, Richard Mary Cheddar, Barbara Rooney, Maryann Beierschmiff, Guinan, Roberr Dunn, Kennelh Scalar, Thomas Fallaf, Rosemary Mannion. Second Row: Joseph Kaninslxi, Pelcr John Gel-rify, Michael McGee, Francis Whalen, H I lllHllIa-1131 , :E .I mr B I'lllI'!? 'Q I ,urn :airing I8 - LtT k U P!LI2RIf1S YLHCK ,ati vuuunrn nu li runLs:L1,Aug,,4 yi rn: nrzn mv: Q C iL.nnnous zxrnzss K mn Yu Yncig CUHHDN FAITH lil! LUYE TDVAHI TN! VIRGIN HIJ51' HD Sisler Mary Lenore seems pleased wifh responses from her English Class in 9C. -is 5 f B 'I B E f l f s WW or ' me-V General Science can be fun, especially when one gels his furn for a class demonsfraficn. Here Angelina Fica, Anna M, Berrigen, Joseph Boliclr, Roberf Novicenskie and Elizabelh Blaze prepare a lesson on solufions. Panel Discussions on Reading of Good Books: Mary Anna Biersclwmiif, Pafricia Wisnewslzi, Juanifa Walsln, Gloria Klas- sen, Harriet Vincenzes. Dislinguished members of +l'1e Sfudenf Body rigluf from ihe s+ar'r are William Dwyer, 9Ag Rose Mary Mannion, 9Cg David Pizzoli, 98, who were elecfed by iheir classmafes 'lo represenl' flue Class of I958 on llwe Sfuclenl Council for the currenl year. f E i J 1 i S OPHOM fi lllfl lmpv li' tio xiii 'rx The second year of high school life brings new inferesls and deeper appreciafion of our s+udies. Biology presenls in brighfer lighf, lhe cle+ails of G-od's Crealion, while Geornefry helps +o develop pre- cision in our menfal skills. Church His+ory impresses us wifh +he lriumph of our holy Religion lhrough i+s perseculions and glories of l'wen+y cenfuriesg while fhe sfudy of fhe founding and deveiopmenl' of Pennsylvania rnalces us keenly apprccialive of This, our Keyslone S+a+e. H is also in our Sophomore year 'rhalr we make 'rhe all imporlanf decision abou? our course of sludy for our Junior and Senior years. Upon This decision may depend fhe success or 'failure of a lifefime. Qfi. if Y' fa 53 V. ' ' ! Q' ' is S Le 4 .ii wi , as 3 ad y is -'is Q Firsf Row: Mary McGinley, Margarel Benfield, Virginia Darrup, Aurelia Picarella, Barbara Cero, Frances Fanella, Kalhryn Brophy, Rose Marie Woicilc, Carol Purin, Frances Moleslri, Julie Keninilz. Second Row: Marcia Andrulewicz, Joe Poliha, Roberi Chango, Thomas Weldon, William I iulzen ' W1 R' l " if mv si X ifqPfl FEI 1-q Reichwein, John Kalch, Ronald Schullz, Palriclz Amarose, Marie Corona, Ri+a Pegorelli. Third Row: Joseph Horan, Ronald Fracolosi, Bernard Kane, Roberf Zava+slci, John Diak, James Kerprich, Charles Pallco, Jerry ODonnell, James Hancock, Vincenl Covas. Chaucer's "Can'rerberry Tales" 'comes +o life in The Sophomore classes as fhe pilgrims fell +heir sfories. Lefl io righf are Paul Beddo as 'rhe Squire, Roberf Kerprich as ihe Knighfg Margaref Forli as lhe Prioressg Nancy Sheehan as The Sfudenig Lawrence Tyson as fhe Monlrg Eleanor Dei- irey as fhe Wife ofBa+hgWal1er Januslcy as lhe Merchanlg John Polifza as fhe Innkeeper. 2 Y 3 -i V Rm: Mfiinxss 5 voiw sqyng fm, HSM- H15 To gon somnulg-rf x., ib- Firs'r Row: Anna Marie Swarlz, Anne Kealy, Marie Dor- aslci, Mary Ellen Devine, Joann Krivilslrie, Cynlhia Kur- land, Bernice Orloski, Joanne Rusinlro, Mary Ann Ciocco. Dolores Clauser, Carolyn Polls. Second Row: Charles Q V' , f if Snell onlmk kdm f gi Sisler Mary Evangelisl' seems +0 enjoy responses from her Biology Class in I0-B. Sophomore Represenla+ives 'lol 'fhis school year are Cynlhia Chesney I0-A and Virginia Darrup I0-B, who found lime from fheir school day +0 meel' fhe camera man. Veluches, Thomas Shaulinslxi, Roberf Darrup, Roberl Za- valslzi, Gerald McCann, Ralph Pupc, William Lieloy, Jerome Marcheffi, Ronald Ochs, William Bilder. gs T iv Q M 3 Sfiagsk. -L Minules especially for Our Lady are lhose we know as Rosary Time each af+ernoon. Echoed reveren+ly ihrough ihe buildings are +he vbices of ihe senior boys as ihey repeal for us +he beauliful prayer and in chorus comes our happy responses. L E S s l 5. Firsl Row: Cynfhia Chesney, Mary L. Toclorowslri, Rose Marie Pelrovich, Evelyn Wysoczanski, Virginia Bolichick, Regina Fallaf, Alice Keiser, Nancy Sheehan, Margare+ Forli, Eleanor Cellille, Barbara Bolick. Second Row: James Mannion, Charles McAndrew, Waller Janusliy, Louis Wolcoski, Anfhony Waralrsa, William Pofochney, John Polilza, Lawrence Tyson, William Meisier, Michael Kafch. 11 H. e ev I can E - ieer A Q X " me Z X sig vw., . -1, 5 ig E Edu! lllllllll y Sw M, az, EE 1 . . ,ww I 'Q EE! lllfx' Pc' i Ugg we 4. ,emi l Q Firsl Row: An+oineHe PfZyl9ylSlRi Lorraine Poiocheny, Doroflwy Olearniclr, Palricia Reed, Joan Moleslri, Ann Marie Moleslri, Fabianne Kiefer, Joan Dixon, Concelfa Mariano, Barbara Clauser, Mary Osopovich, Eileen McNeIis, Eleanor We cioniwmll, AND OLQ M f SIMM 1 llliliililcrg llmlrtf 3371,:f.,1RYr,., X Dellrey. Second Row: Franl: Zabolney, Gerald Hollisfer, Alfred Ford, Thomas Brinlrasln, Roberf Sewell, Reber? Cress, Raymond Kane, Edward Rooney, Leon Poliles, Joseph J. Lawler, Paul Beddo. Sisfer Helen Mary fool: a minufe from acfivify period +o clweclr progress of fhe zine drive. Nr ,XJA J Sophomore Class in fhe annual maga- 'W Katalog 5 wwo"w4 gbqfkz 53 I if u x Q if w fr aff, V- - , . ,1 ik? W M ,,. .www X lx 'E . V 2 I ig 1 2 L 2 A X 9 L A S 5 QW 1' S Ah ' 4 1 if L 1 ' 3 ', I me ' ff If . 1 f -N51 ,, M, ,-,.,, , ,:,Mm,, ,mmf I ,W yi, f 'Q wiuQ+'f"" lflllb' , Firsl Row: Mary Jane+ Moran Palrlcua Amarose Virginia Byrnes Second Row George Migash Paul Shamanslcy Zapofoclry, Mary Ann De Gaeiano Kalhryn Gulnan Vmcenf McFadden Huber'r Kealy Daniel Daya John Michaline Miclralifis Mary Alice McDonnell Margaref Maley Joseph Begns John Horan Thomas Kane Joseph Corcoran, Caral Mafulewiez Lorraine Paz ol: Mary C Shulfz Russell Barella Algebra ll is a favorile sub- iecf on fhe Scienlific rosler- This slucly of Roberl Wro- bleslci, Rulh Dixon, Russel Bar- rela, as lhey check wilh Mary Oneferlzo is jus? a sample of everyday inferesl. Juniors have no fear of rheir inleresls being neglecled when Sfudenf Represenfaiives Jos- eph Begis and Anna May Walsh are in command of af- fairs. gag ' 5 a 1 H- L gh "Lf" D - r 1 kr e Firsr Row: Marie Carloclr, Elizabelh Lenlini, Margarel' Tighe, Margaref Savage, Sarah Neary, Mary Frances Delaney, Regina Silcoslnie, Rosalie Greco, Sarah Ferler- man. Second Row: Virginia Yuslxalis, Ann Weldon, Anna Marie Trylong, Diane Sirilxe, Raydel Radzai, Carole 2, E! Manney, Monica Saulcaiiis, Karhleen Doyle, Rosalie Cillo. Third Row: Anioinefie Guarna, Julia Fauolari. Margarel' Connolly, Cecilia Zubey, Cafherine Dooley, Enrica Sol- +opie+ra, Eleanor Shosh, Anneire Blazina, Anna Marie Zuech, Joan Schaffer, Veronica Angelo. 4 Larin Ill and IV is laugh? by our Prefecl' of Sfuclies, Morher Clare Frances. Here Morher supervises Concefla Fannella's explanalion of rhe diagrammed sen- ence on ihe board. nmffsff' s 1 'V 5 1 C ,rw L.a me fm ,xy,,- ,N X ,, . .V Falher Jones, one of our new 'Friends and inslruclors al Ca+holic High comes +o us fwice each weelc. We need much more room fhan lhis small space +o +ell you aboul Fa+her's slimulaling inslruclions and our deep apprecialicn of his priesfly influence upon our ideals. Firsl Row: Gloria Procopio, Elizabelh Swilzer, Jacqueline Jurgill, Helen McHale, Mary Alice Kane, Anna Sincavage, Joan Dougherfy, Mary Alice Rooney, Mary Lou Purin, Theresa Morgan, Jacqueline Henry, Palricia Dixon. Sec- ZSEHIIIII F n i...w-'ew' Sisler Mari'ra Denise spares nolhing +o encourage our keen apprecialion of lhe French language. Here is Sis+er giving iusl a wee momenls' pause while 'the CONSUELLA gels fhe annual picfure. ond Row: Joseph Moran, Roberf Wrobleslri, John Kerpricn, Anfhony McGinley, Richard Gidaro, Roberf Marinelli, George Quinn, Thomas McSurdy, Paul Horvafh, James Moralelli. ' K 5' N' ,Q 1 1 f x . I x il J! QI l I is as a , . .z 3 I ,... ck, , 3 ,,.. ., ,figs l f ir' - 2 A Y' :S ,- 4 1 ' li 'U M E 5 we ,jf lp- fa 'Ill Inn :ull 2.,gif WI dilv lf' 'wiv for the SENIORS there was the final exam . . . L l On' .- v 'Q.f,qygf":L' a Q if bfi' I' fx '-fx ru ins. ,rirvlun 'Nh' y e ,,V.. yi L ., 5 S I X 1 ...fy 1 f Sm 21 611155 0Mwrs PAUL LEONARD POTTS "Smokey" Our Lady Scienlific Good-nalured . . . pleasinq personalily . . . has a way wiiii women . . . rare sense of humor . . . quarlerbaclc deluxe . . . one ol lhe biq four. Foolball I,2.3,4: Baslcelball 2,37 Baseball 3,47 lnilialion Com- millce 4: Prom Comrnillee 3: Consuella Sfall 43 Ciass Presi- dcnl 43 Science Club 3, Senior Play. LORETTA THERESA PURIN "Rolla" Sf. Peier Academic Popular . . . honor sludenl . , . laslidious . . . speedy . . . vcrsaiile . . . good dancer . . . a weakness for Jerrys . . slubborn buf sweel. Cnernislry Club 3: Baslcefball 3: Prom Commillee 3: Glas: Club 3: Consuella 43 Senior Play. GEORGE ALOYSIUS KROUTCH "Crunch" Our Lady Commercial One of lhe qayesl and williesl sluclenis of C.l-l .... seldom soon wilhoul Mc .... safe driyer??? . . . has a superb per- sonalily . . . carefree . . . conslanf mischief seeker. Prom Commillee 37 lnilialion 31 Choir l,2,3y Carmelecho Slall 47 Senior Play. JOAN MARIE MANNELLO "Joanie" Si. Mary Scienfific Ilaluraliy curly hair . . . personalify plus . . . sociable . . . well lilced . . . a woman driver . . . hails from Kulpmonl. Baslcelball 3: Glee Club 37 Prom Cornmiflee 31 Science Club 3, Consuella 4g Class Secrelary 4. His Excellency. our Mos? Reverend Bishop, graciously granied our Class Officers fhe honor of an informal cha? with him. A minufe for fhe camera was also included. . ,K l , if y ii 2 , L I ,,.,, if i .sz . r 'ls s y A 4? .., " , ' z ii' K PATRICIA ANN ANTONIO "Pal" Sl. Peler Academic Beauly and brains combined . . . neal coillure . . . slylish wardrobe . . . swell dancer . . . liked by all . . . Liz's besl iillerbugging partner . . . popular. Prom Cornmillee 3: Science Club 3: Glee Club 3: Carmel- echo 3, 4: Senior Play. MARCELLA ELEANOR AUGUSTINE "Marcy" SI. Peler Commercial Everybody's friend , . . always smiling . . . iillerbug lover . . . good baslcelball player . . . lilies lhe good old Gap a lol "WONDER WHY?" Glee Club 3: Consuella Slalsl 4: Baslcelball 3: Prom Com- millee 3. I' G LI . I a .ft ' -'se Fl' 21" L A ,A V , ' 'i 'i .. -. , Z 'di Q' X i E' 2 .fi il s I I i 'Wits A 'Yi' 35" i ai, .si .... . X RICHARD ALEXANDER AUGUSTINE "BuIch" Our Lady Scienlilic Finds leisure lo his lilcing . . . parlial lo lhe Alumni . . . pesry buf pleasanl . . . good dancer . slow and easy . . agreeable . . . capable baslcelball manager. Foolball l,2.3: Baskelball Manager 3: Chemislry Club 3. JOSEPH BERNARD BACH "Cosmo" Our Lady Scienlific Thrives on praclical iolces . . . iillerbug experl' . , . never a dull momenl . . . good looking . . . well liked . . . WHAT A TEMPERI . . . a gridiron man. Foolball I,3,4: Baslcelball 3: Baseball I,2: Science Club 3: lnifialion Commiflee 4: Senior Play. - ma i F' --,,1,u l Q- . 5 T QKT . 5 . V xiii.. ,,kk, .V .. K . rr' . "" s ygcgf K Iraa 3 K . L .l,,. ARLENE ANN ANUZIS "Leenie" Our Lady Commercial Tall and willowy . . . lull of lun , . . easy on Ihe eyes . . . winning personalily . . . parlial lo 'Ihe Alumni ...mischievous . . neal appearance . . . everyones pal. Prom Commillee 3: Carmelecho 3.4: Vice-Presidenl Youlh Council: Senior Play. PIKE 1: ll n PLEASE LOSE LID The pause lhal' refreshes came anylime lhal could be ranged belween bells. Joseph Bach, James Murdle and J- , . . e Richard Dunn seemed disappoinfed aboul lhe flavor for one KARL JOSEPH BEIERSCHMITT "Bier" Our Lady Scienlific Johnny on lhe spol . . . second home Rowell's , . . depend- able driver. . . has a way wilh women . . . neal dresser . . . always ready wilh an answer. Foolball l,3: Science Club 3: Prom Commillee 3: lnilialion Commillee 4: Consuella Slall 4. I g y , 1 W I -Q llflill a f ig' ' .n g-,a 5 .gan 'qs .,: S I 'QUFPK PATRICIA ANN BEIERSCHMITT "Bier" Our Lady Commercial Thai special sparkle . . . insrigalor of mischief . . . expressive eyes . . . class live wire . . . shorl bul sharp , . . dancing feel' . . . one of lhe "Big Four." Youlh Council Secrelary l,2,3,47 Youlh Council, Show I7 Prom Commillee 37 lnilialion Commillee 47 Baskelball 3,47 Glee Club,37 Consuella Slall 47 Senior Play. PATRICIA ANN REGINA BERGER "Palsy" Our Lady Scienlilic Nalurally curly hair . . . one ol Ihose "women drivers" . . . loves lo dance her cares away . . . everyone's friend . . . works up in The Summil . . . never in a hurry . . .willing lo hel . Libliarian 27 Glee Club 3: Science Club 3: Consuella Slali 47 lnifialion Commillee 47 Senior Play. PETER DOMINIC BEVIVINO "Pele" Sl. Peler Scienlific Ambilious . . . friendly . . . dark wavy hair . . . unaware ol his allracliveness lo The opposile sex . . . courleous . . . generous . . . high ideals. Science Club 37 lnilialion Commiflee 47 Prom Cornmilleeg Senior Play. 'Wg J' . I . s c ssili I Marie Hirsch could be 'found aiming 'the business end of her camera af any unsuspecling viclim for almosl' no reason al all. However, 'Ihe "Consuella" gave her hobby opporlunily a plenly. srsssivc PATRICIA ANN BURNS "Pai" Our Lady Commercial Pleasing personalily . . . popular wilh lhe opposile sex . . . slaunch defender of lhe Rams ...always smiling ...dancing feel . . . good sludenl. Cheerleader 3,47 Prom Commillee 37 Consuella Slail 47 Glee Club 37 Baskelball 3i Youlh Council l,2.3,47 Senior Play. X' 'IV i AK 1 47 'rss Q Y is ... ,,kL . I" , A I IA1- .,,: 1. ,, J ..Q--,, ,, k qi. 51 Wien, Q, My ...avg essxnggggizaffw' i..w.,a, li i,,, ,355 'Zl- Egg? BERNARD MAURICE JOSEPH BLASE "Bushy" SI. Joseph Scienlific Honor sludeni . . . hails from "Good Gap" . . . keen sense of humor . . . "Hof Rod" . . . Presidenl deluxe . . . likes French . . . never serious . . . has a smile for everyone. Science Club 37 Baskelball I,37 Consuella Slafl 47 Magazine Drive 3,41 Represenlalive Sludlenl Council 37 Presidenl Slu- denl Council 47 Science Fair 27 Senior Play. JOSEPH ANTHONY CHANGO "Joe" Sl. Peler Scienlilic Capable caxplain ol The loolball leam . . . always leasing . , . devil may care allilude . . . favors an alumna . . . every- one's friend. Science Club 37 Prom Commillee 37 lnilialion Commillee 47 Foolball l,2,3,47 Senior Play. g Earl wx. ae W "':"V i "'7'. JOHN THOMAS ci-iunci-1 5 , "Bubba" Sf. Joseph Scienlilic One of The lwo Gap-pers. . .always seen smiling ...pleasing is-Q, porsonalily . . . always leasing . . . good sludenl. N Foolball 2,3,47 Baskelball 2.3.43 Science Club 3: Consuella iiii 3 Slall 4. 5 ff- .- a we if Ve-N-. .Y- s. ,f wir. K.. .. - C, QE K ' Es' ,Q on ,zf r, -le CAI U' K .. i 5 if ,. ,,, I 7.5.7, I I - Eager to share the benefits ELIZABETH LUCY CIOCCO mul.. Sl. Peler Commercial Sociable . . . easy 'lo gel' along wilh . . . inleclious giggle . . . spilfire . . . flirlalious eyes . . . perl and peppery. Glee Club 3: Consuella 4: Prom Commillee 35 Baskelball 3. JACQUELINE LOUISE CLAUSER ' "Jackie" Sf- Mary Scienlific One of The rah, rah girls. .. always wears a smile... a good lhing in a small package . . . never a dull momeni . . . knows how lo have a good lime . . . has many beaus buf is lrue lo her one and only. Cheerleader 3,45 Science Club 33 Consuella Siall 4. JOHN WILLIAM CODDINGTON "Bill" Our Lady Commercial Sporls a crew-cul . , .always having lun . . . willy ...won- derful personalify . . . liked by all . . . one of The big four. Fooiball l3,3,4g Baskelball 3,41 Prom Commillee 3: Vice-Presi- denl of Sfudenl Council 41 lnilialion Commiifee 43 Choir l,2.3: Sludenl Manager 2: Senior Play., CHARLES THOMAS COLOHAN "Skipper" Our Lady Commercial Weakness for girls . . . composed . . . iolly . . . all who know him like him . . . perfecl genileman . . . headed for success THOMAS HENRY CREAMER "Tommy" Si. lgnalius Scienfific Quiel and bashlul . . . liked by everyone . . . neal dresser . . . good dancer . . . one of lhose hcl' rods from Cenlralia . . . lravels wilh a cerlain Mary Alice . . . loals al' Reed's. Foolball l,2,3,4: Science Club 3: Consuella Slalil 4. JOSEPH JOHN DADURA "Joe" S+, John Scieniific Class clown . . . always ready for an argumenl . . . one ol 'lhe Rams . . .a friend lo everyone. Science Club 3: Foolball I,2,3,47 Senior Play. Q v Z ig' 1 ., .. I ,. A W1-3 .1 y , I ' of our Catholic Education RICHARD DANIEL DUNN "Dick" Our Lady Scienlilic Handsome . . . one ol lhe big leur . . . Calholic High's Jim Thorpe . . . allraclive lo lhe opposile sex . . . never alone . . . lulure jel ace . . . flashing smile. Baslcelball I.2.3.4: Baseball 3.4: Foolball l.2.3.4: Consuella Slall 45 Senior Play. JOHN STEPHEN ELNICKI "Nick" Our Lady Commercial Deslined lo be a clenlisl . . . has an eye lor mischief . . . superb hallbaclc lor our Rams . . . a perpelual lease . . . always has a smile lor everyone. Prom Commillee 33 Foolball l.2.3.4g Choir I.2.3.4: Baseball 2.3.4. CONCETTA MARIE FANELLA "Connie" Sl. Peler Academic Cameraman's dream . . . popular wilh lhe opposile sex . . . has many admirers from I2A . . . lulure nurse... whal aboul il "Doc"? . . . conslanlly seen wilh Pal and Liz. Prom Commillee 33 Scienlilic Club 3: Glee Club 3: Consuella iSlaFl 4: Treasurer ol Sludenl Council 4. WILLIAM ROBERT FRACALOSSI Sl. Peler Scienlific Beau Brummel ol llie class of l955 . . . owner ol lhal "Crazy Aulo" . . . perpelual leaser . . . awails lhe Acliyily Period Ihe enlire day . . . why? So he can lake The I2-A wasle baslcel lor a walk. Chemislry Club 3. .j .f. ? A ssus 0 J 8 ...ivy -we M MARY LOU DOUGHERTY "Lou" Our Lady Scienlilic Pleasinq personalily . . . shining blonde lresses . . . peaches and cream complexion . . . prefers Coal Township lo Ml. Carmel , . . Johnny-onelhe-spol. Baslelball 37 Glee Club 3: Prom Commillee 3. Science Club 3: Consuella Slall 4. HELENA MARIE DULIS "Enie" S+. Mary Scienlilic Sponlaneous smile . . . la plus pelile . . . happy qo luclcy . .. sincere . . . sympalhelic lislener . . . small gal wilh big ideas . . . eals al Rawls. Gloe Club 3: Prom Commillee 3. , I ..,, .5 1,192-ii "f '45 VA ..., it Y? L '. A I H . l H A .s r A ..- ..,. I ii : f ' l': il 'fi' If ' ' - Sisler M. James Anlhony. former Edilor-in-chief of lhe "Con- sueIIa." again is 'found within ils pages. This lime in lhe role of Teacher of our Business Deparlmenf and Homeroom Ad- viser 'for IZA. MARGARET MARY GAUGHAN "Margie" Si. lgnalius Commercial Neal dresser . . . dependable . . . quiei? . . . ready smile . . . lrue friend .. . honor sludenl' . . . headed lor success. Baslcelball 3: Prom Commillee 3: Carmelecho 4: Science Club 4. KATHRYN ANN GILOTTI "KiHy" Sf. Mary Commercial Cuie . . .dependable . . . always ready lo help . . . siaunch defender of lhe Rams . . . weakness for alhlefes . . . per- sonalily plus Glec Club 3: Oraiorical 3: Prom Treasurer 3: Carmelecho 4: Baskelball 3: lnilialion Commifree 4: Science Club 4: Senior Play. I' G U G me S LORRAINE AGNES GLOWACKI "Lorrie" Mofher of Consolaiion Commercial Shori and cuie , . . always smilinq . . . never lale wifh lho bell . . . prefers blonds??? Prom Cornmillee 3: Consuella Slaiil 4: Youlh Council 2. MARY JANET FRANCES GOSDOCK "Janel"' Sl. Ignaiius Commercial Seldom heard . . . good sludenl . . .dependable . . . charm- incg smile . . . excelleni pianisf . . . luminous eyes Glee Club 3: Prom Commiflee 3: Carmelecho Shall 3.4: Senior Play. in , X wr -N 1 e ff Q' M W ,c , s 'F f ,gli Yi. l si i H it N is W4 y, s,s: The school year leff wifh us many beauliful memories hmes when we proudly displayed fhe colors of our Couniry Church and School as symbolic of fhe aims of our Calholic Educalion. PATRICIA JOAN GRACE Our Lady Commercial Pulchrilude and personalify plus . . . nalurally wavy hair bcauly and brains combined . . . one of "THE BIG FOUR . . . innocenl expression . . . carneraman's dream . beauh lul penman. Glee Club 3: Prom Comrnillee 3: Baslcelball 3: Youlh Council l,2,3,4: Senior Play. f A efiege -' V , sw S E ff f irii ii ,fb gf rr, ae ' ' ir rf , , 4 x 3 " . 1 - as 4 Q .r.,a5i???i4 TJ "' ' . L, gi, gk .Ve- DOROTHY ANNA HAFFEY MDM.. Our Lady Commercial Pelile and quiel . . . hails from Connorsville . . . brown hair and sparlcling blue eyes . . . lilies people wilh a good sense of humor. . . has a liking for Shamolrin. Cilee Club 31 Prom Cornmillee 3i Consuella Slall 4. will will Tony Wolcoslrie proved himself a vigilanl and dependable manager for lhe 'leam during our senior year. The needs of every player were anficipafed and mel wilh Tony's alerl alfenlion. EDWARD JOSEPH HVIZDA "Eddie" Sf. John Scienlific Handsome and good sense of humor . . . feminine magnef . . .a lrue Ram . . . one of The big four . . . gridiron siar . . . pleasing personalily . . . self-assured. Sludenl Council 2,41 Fooiball 2,3,41 Baslcelball 31 Baseball 3,41 Presidenl oi Science Club 3, Prom Commiliee 31 lnili- alion Commiilee 41 Carmelecho Slaii 4. i "'- . , , 53. ,gyy i ! 'Rf MARGARET ANNA ROSE HANCOCK HPe99YH Our Lady Commercial Ellicienl lypisl . . . makes friends easily . . . lols ol lun . . . a sense of humor . . . popular . . . personalily plus . . . allrac- live . . . honor sludenl. C-lee Club 31 Prom Commillee 31 Carmelecho Slall 3,41 Sludenl Council Represenlafive 3,41 Senior Play. MARIE THERESE HIRSCH "Marie" Our Lady Scienlific Pleasing personalily . . . iolly . . , humorous . . . a genile and welcoming smile . . . blushes easily . . . special ailrac- lion for blue gowns . . . plans,lo leach school. Science Club 31 Glee Club 31 lnilialion Comrnillee 41 Con- suella S'ral'l 41 Senior Play. 'in me gg!! EUGENE ROBERT HORNBERGER "Horny" Holy Cross Commercial Tall, clarlc and handsome . . . resembes Dean Marlin . . . nalurally curly hair . . . wonderful dancer . . . malses feminine hearls flulfer . . . plays hard lo gel, Prom Commillee 31 Baseball 2,3,41 Baslcelball 2.4. CAROLYN MARIE-JOHNSON "Johnny" Sl. lgnalius Commercial Honor sludenl . . . personalily plus . . .bundle of pep . . . aliracled lo The opposile sex . . . our own Palli Page . . . cule hairdo . . . prelly blue eyes. Siuclenl Council Oiclicer li Carmelecho 2,3, Edilor 45 Cheer- leader 3,41 Prom Conrnmilfee 31 Oralorical 3,41 Baskelball 31 lnilialion Commiflee 41 Senior Play. i si . Y 3:5 is Q i are K DIANE CHRISTINE KAMINSKI "Diane" Holy Cross Commercial Slylish wardrobe . . . personalily plus . . . peaches and cream complexion . . . llirlalious . . . popular wilh The opposile sex . . . prefers lhe alumni . . . innocenl expression . . . curly hair . . . shori and sweel. Prom Commiliee 3: G-lee Club 3: Carmelecho 4: Youlh Council Show I: Senior Play. FRANCIS DANIEL KEHELER "Francie" Our Lady Commercial The quiel lype . . . blushes easily . . . has a smile lor every- one . . . hails from The Merriam . , . everyone's friend . . . good loolcer . . . has a cerlain admirer from I2-AI. Vaseball 2.3: Prom Commillee 3: Youlh Council 3. 522 " , -. irililf -- ez, J, V: .ffexff-in ygirpzfmvcfrfzf. ' L"3liiii':i'l-' 'gy " l'n: " sifmsffffsfgiyyaka gisfffffsif sf "" 'if fl' rf Y M ni '1 '5 i mi ,gil J: I W 1 3' . sum, roi? ' ' Knowing that being a good Catholic THERESA MARIE KOVALICK "Therese" Sf. Mary Commercial Peppy and cule . . . sweel' hairdo . . . beauliiul smile . . . generous . . . has many admirers ...good dancer and skaler . . . allracled lo Phila .... always seen wilh Carolyn and Joan. Cheerleader 3.4: Glee Club 3: Baslcelball 3: Prom Commil- lee 3: Senior Play. ANNA MAE ELENOR LANDY "LancIy" Our Lady Commercial lnfeclious giggle . . . blonde lresses . . . seldom serious . . . everyone's friend . . . good naiured . . . works swiftly and surely . . . happy go luclcy. Carmelecho 4: G-lee Club 3: Baslcelball 3: Prom Commilloe 3. JOHN MICHAEL LAWLER "Johnny" Sf. Ignalius Scienlilic Drives a lwoelone Mercury , . . good-nalured and agreeable . . . hails from Cenlralia . . . goes wilh a cule girl named Kay . . . ambilious and apprecialive. Science Club 3: Prom Commillee 3. JOHN MacELRATH "Jingles" Sl. lgnaliu. Scienlilic Minialure ron . . . never hurries . . . Cheddar's moral supporl' . . . The lnlranlry's dream man . . . hopes lo slrilce il rich lhe easy way . . . hails from Cenlralia . . . good sporf. Science Club 3: Prom Commillee 3. JOAN MARIE MARIANO "Joanie" Sl. Peler Commercial Honor sludenl . . . dependable . . . ambilious . . . sociable . . . beaulilul dark hair and eyes . . . pearly while ieelh . . . pleasing personalily . excels in shorthand . . . consulls Lizzie for her answers. Glee Club 3: Prom Commillee 3: Carmelecho Slall 3.4: Sludenl Council I,4. CHARLES WILLIAM MATUKATIS "Charlie" Our Lady Commercial The class wil' . . . imilaies Jerry Lewis . . . has a load of friends . . . loolcs quiel-buf, oh, myl . . . has an answer 'lor everylhing. Prom Commillee 3: Baseball 3,41 lnilialion Commillee 4. I . ' ' . lj ii' QL '1i,:L ,, gg' 'ff fy tsfiftitts s ' I H N, GERALD .1oHN MATZURA Xi iii 'ii - :P "Jerry" 4 I Our Lady Commercial Q I Gods g't to the opposite sex . . . winning smile . . . witty 1 'X . . . happy go luclcy attitude . . . tlirtatious . . . personality , I i - 1 l' 1 I - 3 1 5 , if -at 2 5 3, no f X t ,ge 3 1 necessitates being a good citizen MARIE IRENE MCGINLEY "Red" Our Lady Scientific A saucy redhead . . . spunlcy . . . mischievous gleam . . . loquacious . . . has an answer tor everything. Basketball 33 Glee Club 31 Chemistry Club 41 Carmelecho 2,3141 Prom Committee 31 Senior Play. GERALD DANIEL McSURDY HMC.. Our Lady Commercial Fun-loving . . . has a good time wherever he goes... seldom seen without George , . . Mr. Penny ot I955 . . . always seen at Marie's-we wonder why?? Prom Committee 31 Initiation Committee 41 Choir I,2,3. ANN MARIE MULDOWNEY "MuIIy" Our Lady Commercial Lovely to loolc at . . . independent . . . Irish wit and Irish temper . . . captivating smile . . . honor student . . . the great wise one ot the big tour . . . loves tinal buzzer. Glee Club 31 Basketball 3,41 Carmelecho Statt 41 Prom Come mittee 31 Youth Council Show 31 Senior Play. JAMES RICHARD MURDZA "Slim" St. Peter Scientific Happy-go-luclry . . . loves to eat . . . always willing to help . . . loaded with school spirit . . . staunch supporter ot the Rams. Consuella Statt 41 Prom Committee 31 Chemistry Club 3. plus . . . baseball comes betore girls. Prom Committee 31 Baseball 314. JOHN WILLIAM McANDREW "Jake" OUI' I-GCIY Commercial Good loolning . . . tlirtatious . . . never seen without Jerry and George . . . manages the Pine Burr.. . tun when JaI1e'S around . . . his chiet interest is girls. Prom Committee 3. - an. . - 'ww I f I 'i KZ , 'IV 3. 1 . igy 1, J " ' -,s, r I 'K' '29 f we w Q, if 3? 1 2 fi L tsrs 1155551 , -...aff Physics students Henery Zuech and Thomas Creamer were in- tent on checking their ther- mometers tor accurate read- ing ot freezing and boiling points of water when we flashed our camera. 25 .M ', -wgg, J 1 er' 1 -is , as s I W. if MARILYN MARY NOVICENSKIE "Jazz" Our Lady Scieniilic Personaliiy plus . . . always laughing . . . never qlum . . . has loads ol school spiril . . . loves Buiclss. Science Club 3: Glee Club 33 lniliaiion Commiliee 4: Con- suella Srail 4. JOAN KATHLEEN PATRICK "PaHy" Our Lady Commercial Beauly and brains . . . blonde curly lresses . . . 'lrue friend . . . Hlooiball player's dream" . . . slaunch defender ol lhe Rams . . . peppy cheerleader. Baslcelball 37 Glee Club 3: Cheerleader 3,41 Cermelecho 47 Prom Commillee 31 lnilielion Commiliee 43 Senior Play. iziiziztci' '5239 1 1 1 vi' K c 55 ap A-i -.i 33255935 c si " Q' l fs- lex' 4. If 4 ' ' aigeae , X i , 3 x WM . 5231. 5 '.x-' ya -wi' -:.7'1!?4- , ' . ,... c refs-is 'S .l i l , ,,. I -' Le garcon-Paul Polls inviles French sluclenls fo dine in his chic resfauranl-"Que desirezvous Messeurs Mademo Gif' 'i iselles," says he lo French pafrons Marie Hirsch James F-H sei Mm" my MARY JO PEDRON "Bubbles" Sf. Mary Commercial Flirlalious . . . beaulilul red hair . . . beauly and brains combined . . . knows every dance crealed . . . one of lhose women drivers . . . lrue lo her one love even lhough she has a frail of admirers. Baslcelball 37 Carmelecho Shall 4: Glee Club 3: Prom Com- rnillee 3: Senior Play. ANNE THERESA POLITZA "Anne" Sf. Joseph Academic Blue-eyed blonde . . . oulslanding ariislic abilily . . . calm, sedale and refined . . . has an ambilion io be a designer . . . a lrue lriend indeed. Carmelecho Sialil 4: Science Club 3: Prom Commillee 3. ' -i' 6. ' I' L '- J' "E I f. V? L. ir . I1 , .N 1 4 I .. H , W Ms y , . ANTHONY RALPH PROCOPIO llTonYll Sl. Mary Scienlilic Always smiling . . . loads of school spiril . . . hails lrom Kulpmonl . . . neal dresser . . . a pal ol Henry's . . . well remembered by Freshmen . . . loves school. Science Club 3. ELIZABETH MARIE PROCOPIO "Liz" Sl. Peler Commercial Fred Aslaire's dream dresser... neal coillure . .. lan ol lhe Rams . . . popular wilh oul-ol-lown boys . . . slaunch supporler ol our dances . . . always laughing and borrowing. Prom Commillee 3: Cilee Club 31 Baslcelball 3i Carmelecho Slall 4. RAMONA JEANETTE PROCOPIO "Mona" Sl. Peler Scienlific Honor sludenl . . . darlc eyes . . . pleasing personalily . . . always wilh Shiclc . . . pel word "who" . . . ardenl rooler ol lhe Rams Science Club 37 Glee Club 3: Consuella Slall 4: lnilialion Commillee 4. Jusl having finished culling slencils, lhese compelenl Com- mercial Sludenls, Marcella Augusline, Elizabelh Procopio and Palricia Grace, speedily run off copies ol our Chrislmas Carols in preparalion for lhe closing hours of lhe school days ol l954. WILLIAM WALTER REED "Whopper" Our Lady Commercial Seldom seen bul always heard ...class comedian . . . lulure owner ol Lanqis's , . . len o'cloclc scholar . . . never worries . . . overybody's lriend. y y L yyyyl X' ' I iii 3 i K 4 fs. " ff." Qi' m, l S Q fc 31 i iii : if lli'l f 'ffff iiii .,,...11.. . -.1,l,, 4 aim .f ':ie:,.lM.e of ANITA THERESA PUPO "Anila" Sl. Peler Commercial Allraclive brunelle . . . sweel and sincere . seldom seen wilhoul Anne ...headed lor Washinglon . . .capable lypisl . . . qualifies lo be admired. Glce Club 3: Carmelecho Slall 47 Prom Cornmillee 3. HUBERT STANISLAUS REMASH "HerIry" Molher of Consolalion Scienlilic Posilive brain . . . one ol lhe leam . . . good dancer . . lols ol lun . . . slick dresser . . . allergic lo pep rallies . modern "Daniel Websler." Science Club 3: Foolball 3,45 Senior Play. 44 MILDRED MARY ROUSHINKO "Millie" SS. Peler 8: Paul Commercial Allraclive . . . prelly eyes . . . neal . . . likes Tall blonds .. .drives a Ponliac . . . sparkling sense ol humor Prom Commillee 3: Youlh Council l,2,3,4: Glee Club 3: Consuella Slall 4: Baskelball 3. MARY ANTOINETTE SCICCHITANO "Schick" Sl. Peler Commercial Sparkling eyes . . . woman driver . . . Colgale smile . . . everyones pal . . . eflicienl . . . masler of The business field . . . honor sludenl. Glee Club 3: Prom Commillee 3: Carmelecho 4: lnilialion Commillee 4: Senior Flay. . ,, .s 45- B 42? , f f' ' K' 4, -'i' A. .,.. , . 'r-.,is .gwfaac wr -af IV I El fiM,.3,Q,5.1" yy W K F Vg 3 J i'ii 'iii'i'i' I E ' . ,agg,. an fr" mf AK Wfllf, ' . J,1 .4 I 3 srls ,r,,,s,,s,s,,s, . il e I is .. 7 3. .1 K 5 K .g K s N-'f i W' k'-- . '3 firm, . w . i .-,, 1 2 L r 'fi sal rf ,gifrl as R n , . ,Ld . 1,.,.,,,., . ' r I rf , Q Q. A . A f f ,H , i cg fe We dedicate our future lives JAMES SEBES "Seize" SI. John Commercial A modern Daniel Boone . , . pleasing smile . . . always good lor a slory llishl . . . one of Horny's clan . . . French scholar . . . a woman's man. ANNA MAY THEADORA STRIKE "Anne" SI. Casimir Commercial Personalily plus . . . prelly . . . wonderful wriling abilily . . . lovely dimples . . . one of lhose woman drivers . . . keen sense ol humor . . . slylish wardrobe . . . hosl ol friends . . . always blushing . . . prefers men from Penn Srale Uni- versily. Senior Play: Glee Club 3: Consuella 41 Prom Cornmillee 3: Oralorical 3.4. DANIEL LOUIS TAMBURRO "Louie" SI. Peler Commercial Drives Sl. Peler's slalion wagon . . . lond ol a special fresh- man . . . spends much lime al Allas . . . blushes easily. JAMES LEON WALSH "Jim" Our Lady Commercial Drives a blue DeSo'ro . . . fond ol neighboring lowns . . . Casanova 'type . . . fall, dark, and ?????. Prom Commillee 3: lnilialion Commilree 4: Choir I,2,3: Senior Play. THOMAS JOSEPH WASILEWSKI "Doc" SI. Casimir Scienlific Facull'y's nighlmare . . . always smiling . . . prelers under- classmen . . . llirlafious . . . never worries . . haunls dance halls Science Club 3: Foolball I: Senior Play. ANTHONY JOSEPH WOLKOSKI "Tony" Sl. Peler Scienlific Newesl addilion lo lhe ranks of Calholic High men! . . . sharp dresser . . , smoolh dancer . . . lun lo be wilh . . "Whal a Smile" . . . lall. dark, and so dislinguished. Manager 4: Baseball 4: Consuella 4. ' ,,. ,1,2 ,Lf,: D 'Wax ' it 'fe xdia an 2 43 he if as 'i ffl: K BERNICE SOPHIE YAKUTIS "Berniece" Holy Cross Scienlific 'Nonchalanl . . . curly lresses . . . companionabie . . . ready 'lo smile . . . dignified . . . iulure Miss Nighlingale. Prom Comrnillee 3i Science Club 33 Glee Club 31 Consuella 4: Senior Play. ANNETTE MARY ZACKER "Toni" Sl. Casimir Scienlific Pleasing personaliiy . . . cule . . .always smiling . . . rooler of lhe Rams . . . special inleresl in Ml. Carmel . . . lulure. Florence Nighlingale to the love and service of God and Country JOSEPH PAUL ZANELLA Ever-preseni smile . . . nalurally curly lresses . . . wonderful pcrsonalily . . . everyones friend . . . slcaling fiend . . . special inleresl in lhe Navi' 'V r : - ' " ' "Zeke" Sf, Pefer SCleI'1'l'lnC K R Fun loving and carefree . . . good sporl . . . slaunch sup- , Dorler of the Yankees . . . loves lhe final buzzer. w i i .Q iii J 7 Science Club 3. - 5 Ross Mme ZEALBERG f m A X i. i "" "Rosie" - V -,'f Q , . Holy Cross Commercial M . - ii 2 ir 5' 4 1 is Glce Club 3: Prom Commillee 3: May Queen. GERALD ALEX ZSIDO 'ale il l K 5' ' .4 5 ' I ' ' "Jerry" Sl. John Scienfific Fond of his falhens "coal lruclcl' . . . winning smile and per- A M sonalily . . . Zelre's besl' pal . . . glislening while leelh . . . L i i .INS never seen wilhoul' his glasses lin clossl. in 1' ' 6 N ' yn HENRY JOHN zuEcH - , gl 1 s f' "Henry" ls- 'L Z W S+. John Scienlific J Q, Blond and bashful . . . a smile for everyone . . . gridiron guy 1 - , , . . hol rod demon from way back . . . fun 'lo be wilh . . . J J laugh a minule if' iii ii V yi. Foolball 2.3.41 Science Club 3. l' ..i Sisler Miriam Consilia sleals lime from "CONSUELLA" piciure faking fo give these seniors some advance good news. If musl' have been a surprise holiday or al leasl an early dis- missal. 'if i 'P ev L. J' L 1355- LM. N Aff If Ties Our natlon's versatile The program of exlra-curricular aclivilies is 'filled and varied lo suil the inleresl' and personality of each sluclenl. For lhe athlete, lhere are lhe leams-foolball, basketball, and baseball: for 'lhose whose dramalic 'lalenfs seek expression is planned lhe annual play, while lhe school publications give ample scope to 'rhose who would develop iournalislic lendencies. Bul' inlerwoven like a slrong warp 'lhread lhal 'holds all aclivilies in lheir true perspeclive, are 'those all imporlanl ones such as +he May Procession, our Marian Pilgrimages, lhe annual relreaf, Stations of 'lhe Cross and weekday attendance al' Holy Mass. character is reflected f i xX' fi :fx My 1 23 D x ls' ,aw i . .cv 5 , M t.. RW 4. -H V ,, . vi 'mf-' JUNIOR GLEE CLUB Firsf Row: Marie Carloclr, Jacqueline Henri, Sarah Fefferman, Virginia Yuslralis, Rosalie Greco, Anna Marie Zuech, Mary Frances Delaney, Kafhryn Guinan, Regina Silcoslrie, Mary Alice McDonnell. Second Row: Eleanor Shosh, Carol Mafulewicz, Anfoinefle Guarna, Julia Fauolari, Anna Tamanini, Anna Mae Walsh, Margaref Connolly, Kaihlean Bressi, Sarah Neary, Virginia Zapolochy, Veronica Angelo, Mary Lou Purin. Third Row: Mary Jane? Moran, AnneHe Blazina, Margaref Corcoran, Mary C. Byrnes, Enrica SoHopie+re, Rosalie Cillo, Kalhleen Doyle, Raydel Radzai, Cecelia Zubey, Pafricia Dixon, Michaline Miclraliiis, Mary Alice Rooney, Theresa Morgan. in the vigor Piich-harmony-lone-qualify-all blend io- geiher in The beauliful musical produciioris of our Junior Girls' Glee Club. lmporiani evenls, such as Senior Play and Gradualion are highlighiecl by The appearance of rhese melody malcers, rrairied ro per- feclion by Sisler Marian. Pianisi and accompanisf for our musical numbers is Mary Alice McDonnell, '56. I Ux".y?Q5mg5f- J- fiziii.. . 4 , N.. were i,ff,S?w'1f ,r.e 1 'fx' " . is 1- f , - ,V .- fl, D 4- 'U Y ' ' Q .iipaiffi 'iff "Q .' "g".5" Vryztfiic 7? filter 'TE- 51" 'S .fin 4- ' , v Gqi'-'si9'5.arag1 ,ss M fy, 0333. H 'f sag P'-Que 9531, , 'ai- fgf fin ,A , lflil ' lg, 2?"m5f of our musical expression ll is lmporlanl lo keep focused on our alerl and lalenled direclor, Margarel Connolly, '56, The magnlflcenl performances of our charming Glee Club is llwe resull of llwe skillful and Hreless lraining done by Sisler Marian, our music insfruclor. iss -..ullfff 3 i f v 49' 1.1 Meel ihe edi+ors of our paper, THE CARMELECHO-sealed, l. +o r.: Joan Mariano, Carolyn John- son, Kalhryn Gilofli, Pa+ricia Anlonio. Sfanding, l. lo r.: Margarel Hancock, Marie McGinley, Edward Hvizda and Joan Pafriclc. Carmelecho Prornolion ol lhe Calholic Press lakes a very praclical aspecl in lhe monllnly publlcalion ol: our paper, The Carmelecho. The paper allains a Two- loid purpose, lirsl lhal ol informing our sludenls and maintaining inleresl in school evenls, second- providing a channel lor self-expression and The de- veloping ol iournalisric lalenl. The Villanova Press Conference was a splendid opporfunily io meer Sisier Conslance Mary, moderalor of our cuisfand- ing school paper. V i 5 r 5 X 'N May we presenl Carolyn Johnson, ediior- in-chief of THE CARMELECHO. Caro- lyn noi only heads lhis imporianl school proiecl, buf belongs 'lo our cheering squad, allends all school lunclions and mainlains her rank among 'rhe honor sfudenis. The willingness and enthusiasm displayed Proudly we hail Anna Polilza, lalenfed ari edilor of our paper. Besides lreeping +he pages of THE CARMELECHO vifalized wilh her crealive slrokes, Anna finds lime for arf conlesls and keeps her place as a splendid sludeni. Time lo deliver lhe lafesl edilion of lhe paper lo lhe eager sludenfs in The home rooms. En roule on This happy mission are: Diane Kaminslri, Mary J. Gosdoclc, Anna Mae Landy. Mary J. Pedron, Elizabelh Procopio. Anila Pupo, Arlene Anuzis and Anne Marie Muldowney. ,. nf-wfy-. -'r- 'T E17-' , - T '- N rg, ,, . we as M -be T -f .,,, N A in K ' '-at i " ' .. , N- JL ' 'V 1... js we 'L -5 A ,ge M M T , 'me L . - . ,, A A E ,' ,f Y , r Wilh greai pleasure we infro- duce our Ediior-in-Chief of +he "Consuella" I955, Loreffa Purin. lnferesied in all fha? perfains 'ro her Alma Maier, LoreHa has managed +o be a Hrs+ lwonor sfudenf and slill flnds Hme for +l1e dulies of Class Officer, "Consuella" Sfaff and Senior play. xxmkm .A Our Sfaff knows how +o work and how lo relax. as one can see by ine expressions of our Aclverfising Managers, Anneffe Zaclxer, Pafricia Berger, Bernard Blase and James Murdza. 5 'IA N No group has worlzecl more zealously for a school proieci fhan 'these our assisfanf ediiors, Anna Mae Sfrilre, Bernice Yakuiis, Joan Mannello and Con- ceffa Fanella. in our response to the calli Ig I I , 1 X ,L V ,iq iff. X i 1 j f KA 'r ' 1 ' 4 V N .. f .ing 5 Here are our generous and capable 'lypisfs whose willing service made possible The copy worlc of our book. Left lo righl: Palricia Grace, Mildred Roush- inlxo, Palricia Burns, Marcella Augusline, Theresa Kovaliclc, Loraine Glowaclri, Elizabelh Ciocco, Palricia Beierschmill. -of the Catholic Press is 2 J s ,sss, s .J ff' i xi if li , HA s W w ,, I E - s... l ry, I .,,, ni i From lhe lirsl school day of Seplember unlil Gradualion nighl we are ever aware ol lhe honor ancl responsibilily ol publishing a yearbook, represenlalive ol The high ideals and slandarcls of our Calholic l-ligh School. Lilerary elllorls, financial problems, hours of lyping and eclilinq all combine lo malce a boolc ol happy memories ol high school clays and win for our Alma Maler's publicalion lhe dislinclion ol All-Calholic l-lonors. ex Ns ,,.,..-""" perlecl-lhe besl bool: ever published so lhinlr Gerald Mcsurcly and Mary Louise Dougherly as lhey beam approval over lhe pages of THE CONSUELLA l955. sd' The T954 CaTholic l-ligh Rams oT The gridiron didn'T have a vicTorious season, buT They were a success. The mark oT a man on The grid is noT wheTher he won or losT, buT how well he played The game. The Rams were ouTplayed by beTTer Teams, buT came TorTh wiTh some brillianT vicTories and ouTsTanding individual perTormances. The worlc OT Dick Dunn, senior end, won him All-ConTerence and All-CounTy TirsT Team recog- niTion. l-lis spiriT and deTerminaTion in a losing cause was Truly magniTicenT. Joe Change, CapTain, and Joe Bach were Towers oT sTrengTh in The middle OT The Ram de- Tense, where Things geT The roughesT. Joe Bach was a Thorn in The side oT Shenandoah CaTholic as The Rams upseT The AToms, 3I-6. Paul PoTTs, Co-CapTain and quarTerbaclc, proved himself an adepT Tield general and cap- able passer. Eddie l-lvizda was The man wiThouT whom no Team can exisT. The Triple ThreaT-passer, runner, and lciclcer, as well as a powerhouse on deTense. Joe Dadura plugged away Tor 48 minuTes of every game, needing no replacemenT or resT. ThaT spealcs Tor iTselT. Bill CoddingTon developed inTo an all around good end, buT was parficularly good on defense. They didn'T geT around righT end. John Elniclci was The TiTTh man in The Ram bacldield called upon To play half-baclc or Tull- baclc, his value To The Rams was immeasurable. John Church, l-lerlcy Remash, l-lenry Zuech, and Tommy Creamer, capable reserves. could be puT inTo a ball game wiTh no noTiceable change in eTTecT. The Rams gave iT all They had. Who could ask Tor more? .. . n.4,.-A.. M,,f:.Ame.- We.- And again, by our keen athletic determination 5:5 HENRY ZUECH HUBERT REMASH Cenier Lef+ End im " WA D D 1 A 1 JOSEPH BACH Righf Guard 'L' DICK DUNN Leff End JOSEPH DADURA BILL CODDINGTON V Lefi' Guard Right End ir, .- 2 ,. ,, W EDWARD HVIZDA Leff Helfback -nf --nm 1 JOHN ELNICKI -Q-D: Right Helfback gf I M lil mg- ,1 5 -x "' ff I A'V AA My A if i,, 5 vi ' ,, k 5 DDD D 6 Tom CREAMER 3 Leff Guard Q x 5 3 x ,I E qfqrwk- .,,.,i'm .!i1"iif'5Fef1+,..i v - - ,.g,Q,1,1rfx9"Mi is ,..4-.4 Top Phoioz Eddie Hvizda, hard-running "Ram" ieff haifback, fakes handoff from Paul P::Hs and slices off iackle wifi: Joe Shulfz, Joe Bach and Joe Chango lead- ing flu- way. Bcflom: Hvizda again iaices off around Reading C.C. righi end. He is siopped 'for no gain by a swarm of opponenis. Reading won, 20-0. uw ' L M , -"nf'Lfs'V . .Sv " H ' . ..., bp V M 'Luigi if ,IN A. ,Y K - ' -I E I 954 FOOTBALL SCHEDU LE Away-Kulpmonl High School, .Sept Away-Pollsville Calholic .. Sept Home-Reading Cenlral Calh., Sept Home- Away- Home Away- Away- Home Soulh Scranlon Calh... Minersville High .,,.,. -Marian Calholic ,.... Shenandoah Calholic Lebanon Calholic ..,... -Hazel Twp. High .... Away-Danville High. .... .., 58 Ai .Oct .Oct Oct ,Oct Oct Nov. .Nov. Won C.H. Vs. I0 0 I2 I8 6 26 26 0 20 6 26 I0 I3 37 I7 32 6 24 3I 7 28 0 I2 4 0 8 I2 I3 49 I03 203 2 Losl-8 I 1 I954 SQUAD OF RAMS Firsl Row: Bill Coddinglon, Joe Chango lcaptl, Joe Bach, Bob Duni, Joe Daclura, Bob Marinelli, Dick Dunn. Second Row: Paul Polls lco-captl, Joe Shullz, John Church, Henry Zuech, Vince McFadden, Bob Kowilslri, Huberl Remash, Billy Bilder. Third Row: Eddie Hvizda, Charlie Griscavage, Milne Lavelle, PaulSl-lamanskyg Joe McGinley, Jerome Marchelli, Paul Beddo, Ronald Schullz, Bernard Kane. Fourlh Row: Aloysius Callahan, Joe Api- chella lcoachl, Bill Connelly. The Senior cheerleaders who have given lheir loyal supporl lo our leams for lwo seasons are, I. lo r.: 4' Theresa Kovaliclci, Joan Palriclr, Jacqueline Clauser, Palricia Burns, Carolyn Johnson. .li sa fn-.1 v,L,, bt O 3 ...,4f .cf Jn, -C' 6 . ' v : 5 3 Q1 'I '4 1 gf fs if 'lx -'W' 4' al' ' 'e -i , 'A ., - , 4 if s L I-r X, 'qs -L s ,V . E. .nik " . vs 4 , X352 ,A 4 ,, '-1. I .3 Rx X if "' s ff both in pigshin contests .f 5:-zz: , K 1 'la . W, vs ben' Capl. Joe Chango, laclmle, one of Calhe olic l'ligh's oulslanding linesmen, was chosen fo head ihe learn of I954 by his own feammales. fs "' 'ff 's '1-gf! - iv. N R Qrg W -, 4 lf. LE . I' sw cs. v g-..,.h' -I , o,5,, L, ,...vA Coach Apichella and his assislanls, A. Calahan and F. Richards, discuss s+rafegic plays for forlh- coming game. Capf. J. Chango and Co-Cap'r. P. Polls lislen alienfively. . WA ! fr Wi Q, K i 5 is ' P f . ... H A ifill fi fx'-7 :V I The lypical scene in ihe Chapel before a game: lhe Senior players and cheerlead- ers aslcing for spirifual guidance. Speedy Jerry Boyle, Ram high scorer, drives lhrough lhree Shamolrin Sf. Ed's players lo score on a lump shol. Jerry was a lhorn in lhe side of 'fhe opposilion all nighl. CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Mounl Carmel, Pa. I954-55 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE I954 November Tues. 30Ih December Wed. Isl Mon. 6lh Tues. 7'rh Thurs. 9Ih Mon. l3'rh Tues. l4Ih Fri. I7lh Tues. 2lsl Wed. 29th I955 January Tues. 4th Thurs. blh Fri. 7lh Tues. lllh Fri. I4lh Tues. I8lh Fri. 2Isl Tues. 25+I1 Thurs 27Ih Fri. 28+I1 February Tues. Isl Fri. 4+h Tues. 8+h Fri. Illh Sal. I2lh Tues. I5+h Tues. 22nd .,.,.. Hazle Township .. Con-Ccn High ,....... Sl. Joseph, Ashland Im. Hearl, Mahoney Cily Sl. Joseph, Girardville .. Kulprnonl .. ,... Sl, Joseph, Ashland . SI. Gabriel, Hazleton .. Hazle Township .. Alumni Sl. Gabriel, Hazlelon . Kulpmonl' . ......, . Lancasler Catholic . Harrisburg Calholic Sl. Edward, Shamolrin , Delone Calholic .. ,. . Yorlr Calholic . ,. Im. Hcarl, Mahanoy Cily Sl. Joseph, Girardville ., Pollsville Calholic . Lebanon Calholic . Pollsville Calholic Lancasler Calholic .. Harrisburg Calholic ,. Delone Calholic .. . Sr. Edward, Shamolrin . Yorlr Calholic ......... . Away Home Away Away Home Away Home Home Home Home Away Home Home Away Away Away . .. .... Away Home Away Home Away Away Away Home Home Home Home Upper pholoz Caplain Bill Coddinglon scores on driving lay-up as Charlie Griscavage 'follows up. Lower pholo: Dick Dunn leaps high lo faire lap-off from Sl. Ed's player. Charlie Griscavagc, frosh whiz, Bob Darrup, and Bill Coddinglon move in for possession. and on the Basketball Court CaTholic T-ligh's BaslceTball Team o.T I954-I955 was a well balanced club, buT laclced The Tall men needed To have a winning season. Our biggesT man was Diclc Dunn, who Tried hard buT couldn'T geT possession oT The ball Trorn 6'6" Charlie Philips oT York, or The 6'4" 5Tausser Twins Trom ST. Ed- ward's. Bill CoddingTon played inspired ball every minuTe oT every game. Jerry Boyle and Bob Dar- rup will Torm a nucleus Tor nexT year's Team, buT boTh boys have already shown Their abiliTy on The 54-55 edilion oT baslceTball Rams. Jack Church, who wITh Diclc Dunn and Bill Co'ddingTon is playing his lasT season Tor The Rams, was a dependable per- Tormer. These boys all conTribuTed To The TuTure oT baslceTball aT CaTholic High, which is a comparaTive newcomer To The sporTs program. Their eTlorTs will bear The TruiTs OT vicTory in years To come. Here is CapTain Bill CoddingTon of The 54-55 Ram baslreT- men. Bill was a consTanT inspiraTion To his TeammaTe for his deTermined will To win and his undying loyalTy To CaTholic High. The I954-55 Rams did noT compile e winning record, buT They never quiT, and TuTure CaTholic High Teams can derive inspiraTion 'from Them. PicTured from leTT To righT, kneeling: Paul Shamanslry, Bob Darrup, Charlie Griscavage, Jerry Boyle, Vince McFadden. Slandingz John Church, Diclr Dunn, Bob Marinelli, Bill CoddingTon, Bob Duni, STan PeTrovich, and Coach Joe Apichella. WW ia if 5 T 'ea " x,,nf1l, W T ,NI fy, j -1 V T -Y ' 1 "'.'i..-l - ' ,, C i M- if s..1 ffr Qg T T 1 T 1f cg f X N ff' ff L jg lf! 3 N +""" , T ' Y R i X, ' 'eg N , 5 , .f rl, ' ' ii T T Y ' if i it 1 f " ' x slim L ,vw S L ,QQ T . Q , , " A M. , ' gg, s , .f , , 1 My , , is if 1 .fr ,X T, T .. A T ies f 'C T 1- l'sr rf I I ' T 'V C 7 'f 5 H if N53 ' f , if xy T se. '.-' 'Y 2' AQ V we 3 ' 5 'I A 7 9 ii., ' v T T' 1- ' l X 1 T 'x'K""""N"'P'i X9 ' ff, x NA- fix, , if X T Q w x X 'T VN X . H it T Q - T 2' x i T li T T T U if ' X ' TW w isp mi? Clif' ' ?l' f AA I -' fi' 1 , 5' 'X "i ,3 Q - sal'-3 T ISM 5 .. .r . X 41, ' ' s. M 1 sa, 1 LJ- L ,"'-ff , -" LW f QI., '52 -, .N i , fl' 1 'X 'l .' 0' "' -I , 5' 1 B t I ' 'I iq. v nr gg f 5 ' X ' as ' T -Q ii , I . XC is T2 - , ?' 1 T, ' 'X 'fa V l T f L' -,A , X' 'I w 3. ii 5 ix W 5 T i 1 in i ca V ,, 'af' or 1 --fm fi1a,'f:"'-111 W lf, so ,,,ewf ,, ig,gYzggggg5g.e,,f..,,1 r as r f 'F Le lgiff r TL - 41--In-:wwfrzv W. 3,,,fSgpr .is ' 'W-L ww, 111:14 , fm N Q i Q, W,... Us KIM as 'dl iv ii- V.-,A MQ. 1- The exasperaled Coach IP. Bevivinol is annoyed as he becomes entangled, while lhe amused sludenls Il.. Purin, 7ff P. Berger, P. Burnsl come 'fo his aid. Charles IJ. Welshl is surprised ai lhe coach. '11 fp I in ' Enix 2 I 1 ri 1 M is f X 1 'E'-P Karen IP. Gracel and Miss Broolrs IA. Muldowneyl. ,fix A? 1, .- x 'fl.,. 5. A Miss Brooks IP. Anloniol commenls on lhe moon effecl crealed by' Bob IT. Wasilewshil as Woody IP. Pollsl bal- ances ihe ladder. .131 .'g..',f., Mr. Wadsworih Hue Principal IB. Blasel is declaring his authorify fo Miss Broolzs IP. Anioniol and Miss Marlowe IJoan Pafriclnl. Keren IC. Johnson, and Miss Brooks IP. Anfoniol. MISS .4 I Q f Q Lf I if . 4 I I I f L ' 2 V0 f- i I rr rii I gf igrii fi sd iiif I I f I A . e V - .. r,.,,, ang I I , fi:" . ..f"!f-. 'gf':,, ' ' , ' ,Ly Q I I I 5 "Mr N: f K f , 'fe - z :N 1' i I U A DMSMII' T I l'n If OUR 1 e I I BROOKS Sue IMary J. Gosdoclrl and Milly ID. Kaminskil. Woody IR. Dunnl disfracf Hue sludenis. Freddy IJ. Da- dural, Karen IP. Gracel, Diane IK. Gioloflil, as Miss Audubon IPa+sy Bierschmiifl iries lo persuade 'them io use flue school bend for iheir dance. Q r Z Q X. sv fi .. ,, is v I 1, I or The eniire casf and sfa lm P ge crew Ia e Iime ou? for an informal iciure. A DANCE WITH OUR MISS BROOKS Miss Brooks. .Pafricia Anfonio Anne Marie Muldowney Miss Marlowe, , .Joan Pairiclc Mary Jo Pedron Karen ......... Pafricia Grace Carolyn Johnson Miss Audubon ' Pafricia Beierschmiif Marie McGinley Mrs, Lewis ..,. Bernice Yakulis Mrs. Beniley, .Anna Mae Sfrike Mrs. Smi+h..Mary Scicchiiano Audrey 4,..,,, Carmela Greco Theresa Kovalicli Diane ,.....,... Marie Hirsch Kaihryn GiloHi Milly .,,4 Mary Janei Gosdoclc Sue ,....., Jacqueline Clauser Diane Kaminslmi Sally ..... Margarel Hancock Lorefla Purin Bonnie .,.,..... Arlene Anuzis Pafricia Berger Lisa ........... Pairicia Burns Sonya Poiochney The Coach ..... Pefer Bevivino Joseph Chango Mr. Wadsworih. .Bernard Blase Huber? Remash Woody .,.,..,. Richard Dunne Paul Poffs Bob .,..,.,...... Joseph Bach Thomas Wasilewslni Freddy. . .William Codding'Ion Joseph Dadura Charles ....., George Krouich James Walsh i t , , r I I x Karen IP. Gracel holds commiflee meeiing for ihe dance while members lA. Anuzis, S. Pofchney, M. Hancock, R. Dunn, J. CI auser, J. Bachl look on. QP lu' A run 243 . so 1 5 ' 1...,v I I I ' '61 i 'ii' 1.-Qif g I .f.,.,f-, . ni' V W Ky! ff. ,IQ 'X Miss Brooks IA. Muldowneyl is panic-sfricken as Mr. Wads- worfh, +he Principal IH. Remashl crashes inio ihe room when fhe Coach IJ. Changol is carried in by Woody IR. Dunnl and Freddy Coddinglonl. The ladies from ihe Taxpayers' associaiion IM. Scicchifano, A. Sirilre. B. Yakufisl are horrified. Audrey IT. Kovaliclrl and Diane IM. Hirschl refuse Charles IG. Kroufchl as dancing pariner. Miss Marlowe IJ. Pafriclrl and Miss Audubon IM. McGin- leyl discuss iheir plans. 2 SES? il 1f l No even+ of our scholasfic year was more impressive fhan fha? of Sludenl Council lnsfallaiion ceremonies. Most fiflingly we assembled before Our Lord in lhe Blessed Sacrameni +o pledge our loyal supporl' fo ihose sfudenfs, who had been elecled 'ro lhe governing body of lhe school. Briefiy, buf eloquenlly, our Principal, Fa+her Noel, reminded us of 'Phe seriousness of fhe dulies assumed by our officers and our responsibiliiies in cooperaling wilh fhem. A IB?-ff NXX Student Council For The pasl six years lhe Sludenl Council has lunclioned ehfeclively al Calholfc High. The orlicers elecled from lhe Junior Class each May have proved lhenwselyes worlhy oi lhe lrusl placed in lhem. Allhough lhey are proud lo be so honored by lheir schoolmales, lhey are also coqnizanl ol lhe responsibililies lo be borne in lhis capacily. Especially lo be conqralulaled are lhe oilicers ol lhe pasl year: Bernard Blase, Presidenly William Coddinqlon, Vice-Presidenl: Concella lzanella, Treasurer: .loan Mariano, Secrelary, and Sisler Marila Denise, our lzacully lvloderalor. -if The lop piclure shows Joan Mariano al 'the serious business of record- ing Magazine Drive refurns, as Concelle Fanella carefully checks amounls. Below we see Malgarel' Hancoclr, and Edward Hvizda, Senior Repre- senlalives, fairing lime ou? from a brief conference. To 'the lefl are Presidenl, Bernard Blase and Vice-President, William Coddinglon, giving a surprise announcemenl 'lo us. Freshmen Day The TlrsT social evenT oT The school year was marlfed b Th ll' lr' ' y e ro TC :ng Tun oT Freshmen Day. Ever since The memorable day oT Thelr own inlTlaTlOn baclr in SepTem- ber, WSI, The Seniors loolced Torward To The day when They would have The privllege oT exacTlng The duTilul homage oT The green Freshies, The hIghllghTs oT The aTTair were a Terrace Dance The evening beTore, Then The hllarITy oT The acTual iniTiaTlon sTunTs OT The Fresh- men aT school The Tollowing day and Tinall Th d l' h . v e eng T- Tul Tramp Through The auTumn woods Tor The TeasT of roasTed weenles and marshmallows. M Solemnly and aware of our seniorship, we filed inio Church on Wednesday, November lwenfy-'Fourfh for lhe impres- sive and happy ceremony of lhe Blessing of Class Rings. "O God, pour forfh Thy blessing upon lhese rings." Wiih lhese opening words of be-nedicfion by Fafher Noel, our rings became sacramenfals, soon placed in our lceep- ing +o inspire us io follow closely The high ideals of our Cafholic herifagc. Ring Day slrilces a solemn lone in The lile of a Senior. Al lasl one is deemed worlhy io wear rho symbolic seal of Calholic l-ligh School. For- cvor lhis ring, lolessed and received al lhe Allar Rail, shall remind us ol lhe honor and dulies ol a Calholic High School Educalion. Ring Day lime sel aparl each year lor an annual relreal is dislinclive ol a Calholic High School program. Here is realized lhe necessily ol lemporary wilhdrawal lrorn everyday aclivily lor The serious lhouqhl ol lhe means of allaining lhe salvalion ol our immorlal souls. During lhe lew momenlous days ol our annual relrear, each sludenl probes inlo lhe inner deplhs ol his spiriluai lile lo dis- cover how well he is execuling lhe Divine Plan lor his earlhly soiourn, ln lhe medira- live rnornenls ol silence he communes per- sonally wilh Almighly God, and in l-lis Sacrarnenlal Presence implores lhe grace lo know The vocalion he should choose in lile lhal will insure happiness in lhe nexl. "Laudamus ie. Benedicmus le. Adoramus ie, Glorificamus le. Grafias agimus +ibi propler magnam gloriam +uam." In +ru+h do we fhanic God for His abundanf blessings upon our daily lives, especially are we grafeful for our Calholic Educa+ion which affords momenls such as our annual refreal. Here Joan Mannello, Marilyn Noviecenslci, Con- ceHa Fannella, and Mary Lou Dougherfy 'Follow closely fhe beaufiful Mass for lhe feas? of fhc Purilicafion. Senior refreal days remind many of our boys lhal 'fhe blessed and familiar privilege of serving in +h sancfuary is drawing +o a close. Here Joseph Chango Karl Beierschmdf Edward H izda and Anfhony Procopio kneel wilh Falher Noel al Benedlchon of fhe Mosf Blessed Sacramcnf HR Our Annual Retreat ll was lhe good lorlune of 'fhe Class of '55 lo have Fafher Anlhony Kane as our guide and lnspiralion for lhe days of Senior Relreal. Falher Kane, now paslor of S+. Francis Parish, Gellysburg, had been Principal of Lancasler Calholic High School for fhirleen years, and from his weallh of experience wilh sludenls of our age, he gave 'lo us 'the sound advice and salulary inslrucfion lhal will solve lhe many problems 'lhal challenge us loday and will besel us in The lulure. 'ffl f reegga if 'iili an , Y lrrei . ,.i,,,,,a i,, ' f 5 s S 1 ,M , r, 1 2 11+ r ll' , E2 591.143 In mf 1 pee' ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,,, ,..,,,,,. , .454 ,,,, ,,,e r Q f ',f-', I-Yrrnfffimfxmmfns, I air, fl 7 I r 8 V' K 'NL The all imporianf hour of lhe graceful promenade came and wen? all 'loo soon, bu? H was a lhing of beaufy and our joy forever. A pause from a dreaming walfz and a pose for ihe camera by Thomas Creamer and Mary Lou Dougher+y, Joan Pafriclx and Edward Hvizda, Mary Jo Pedron and Gerald Mafzura. Sf: ,, S. A yr. H 5 :LL Q' l f "':' ' K r - a, e -4 WW ' by T? , ,rrr.,, ig egg 'errll 3 Q - ffl W aaaa h p 0 e ei C c 1' W1 "'ff'f-Jfmf . , -, QL af ' A L .l - fu g??1f'M:?f. --L-: I V 0 One enchanled evening lhal' folds sollly and fra- granlly inlo The loveliesl page of high school memo- ries is lhal ol our Junior-Senior Prom. 'Twas a beauliful dream come Jrrue, when all allufler we glided Iighlly Through lhe nighl so long anlicipaled. Beaulilul gowns, heavenly music, exquisile corsages lrom gallanl -escorls, all sei in a background ol a fairyland dance world, shall linger like a haunling melody, long eller lhe song of our high school days is done. vel 1 "1 ,X f y.. P . 1 I y -f,., , L. J- A sf 3' ,, , ff in-1' ,V,,,- ff XY' 1-2 s L...e'.4h.s ,A 4 sms., ,, - ,. Ie? , i7'r " M 'i ' gi 'e L' ,-,. 1 - ve. . . ,A . . . as , I+ so . ,, 7 . -1. 1 . , 9 se ,-. ' 1 ' A' , i , -Q . fi.: , V, '-,,. VW ,.f , I 4 lv i f Y , v. l X' hw 1 - J' 4 5 '71, lf' ' 'iisu ' fi 'Ei f ff 'i J sw' my ' , f Q5 Us Y If x A ,' f r- Y R y is -5 4 vii , ' r Q is lg' ,Q - ragga. , The covefed honor of presenfing a corsage +o Our Lady belonged fo Joan Pairiclr. The Wishing Well, ihe bif of "make believe," was indulged in by happy couples like Joan and Eddie-Remember! The firsf imporianf visif of Prom Night is lo ihe Convenf Chapel where we beg God's blessing on fhis happy evening and ihen false a bow for our admiring Sisler Teachers. 4 I 4 fe i he rs Q 4 ' ,tr Y S , fi n 9 l Again We greet Our lady Maylime is Mary's lime, and al Calholic High no aclivilry is more irnporlanl' lhan our solemn and lradilional May procession. The early days of lhe New Year begin ils rennole preparalion by The elecrion of a senior girl for fhe honor ol crown- ing Our Lady, and lhe lirsl' Sunday of May marlcs The beaulilul fullillmenl of lhose preparations. As 'rhe evening Angelus rings on lhe firslr Sunday of May, ils 'rones are mingled wilh lhose of our voices singing praises lo her who is Queen of Angels and of men, and our own dear Queen ol May. sii, i, g ak -ff, O 5 ,A J f 1 . ' Q ' Q lm 9 l XxXN4 if 'M is wg The Class of l955 elecied ' 'li' if Rose Marie Zealberg 'lo ihe il 1 X l disiinciive honor of crowning K Our Lady on ihe evening of the annual May Procession. H 1 , v i sz 1, if X X lr .A sf, 'V 4 4 'f Y 'A r rr N-1'-y r u, ,ig ff, Je ' ' 4 s V3 '- 19? 5' : .. ff ,.r use u 1,5 1 ' 'wr x , ' - fc: , ., i ' bi . I w p v , x .447 A is r 93 s 'I' -. 1- .J ,ful li if u, S X I' ' 1 , I, sw. ,f ,J if 2 : ' V K i I ' ,WAYYL K ' . Vi l. i fl . 4 4 u r 1. f'4Q'v' V M A .e- 4 4 4 wr May Queen, Rose Marie Zealberg wirh arrendanfs lleff +o righil Marie Hirsch, Lorraine Glowaclzi, Mary Janei Gos- doclr, and Joan Mariano, who formed rhe courf of honor in our annual Mayiimc iribure fo Our Lady. ln +he radiant freshness of The new May, we came io gaiher around Our Lady's Shrine and beg her io accepi' our diadem of Springfime flowers. Here in 'lhe presence of her Son in His aliar dwelling we promise io be ever frue children of Heaven's , Queen by following closely her counsels and her ways. g ,www , TOWO AN PAWCKA ANN Special congra'rula1'ions io 'Hmese honor sfudenfs who for 'four years have main'rained a general average of 9070. Qorxcm MARGARET MARY GAUGH AN MARY JANET GOSDOC K '-'la h ,11E i MARY ANTOINETTE scfccl-urANo ANO MW JOAN i 6 1 v Af lasi lhe hour has arrived for fhe Class of I955 'io receive 'From +he hands of The Righr Reverend Lawrence F. Scholl, Ll..D., V.F., ihe covered diploma of Calholic High School. I4 s P23 Q H The Class of l955 was honored in hav- ing Calholic High's mos? inreresied and generous Adminislrafor, Monsignor Scholl, +o preside ar ils Gradualion Exercises. The solemn consecraiion of our Gradu- afing Class +o fhe Sacred Hearf of Jesus is rhe special concern of our Diocesan Superinfendeni of Schools, The Righ+ Reverend Reber? J. Maher. Monsignor Maher repeals with us ihese beautiful and impressive words . . . our lasf ones as sfuclenfs of a Cafholic High School. Reverend James E. Noel, Principal, presenls lo Monsignor Scholf, fhe candid.-:ies for diplomas and reads ihe lisl' oF awards on Gradualion nighl. School day's lasl hour has slruclr. Happily and yei regrel- 'fully we sfep from lhe siege, members of Calholic High School's Alumni rafher ihan fhe sfudeni body. Gracluarion Nighr marlss rhe end oi four happy years ai Calholic l-ligh School, where we learned fo pray and worlc and play, and prepare for Jrhe years beyond ihe classroom. This nighr, always so far in ihe disranr iurure, has come ai lasi. Wifh feelings of bofht ioy and sadness, we approach lhe laeaulilul lasl hour ol our school days, and as irs rnomenls speed away and lomorrow's world wilh ils respon- sibililies and opporluniries crowds upon us, we beg Gods blessing and Our Lady's counsel for all The lulure years. - M . ,Mm W ., ,,,.,m..,. V --MM fw--Q.-fm, , ,Nm ..,,.-M... 5 ,,.......p1....-..,,.,,L., il Q --W-+-1: ,.m...:W . rl-141-qw wsu.. ,... sf.,-..., ng -Q-1-.... W0 N v -. --. 'hmm -4-.K 3 --4.-....-..f. 3 ...Q,.,. ,. ,,.,, T, ,WMM .s ,, -M.. ' 4f,.,g12g ' 1 , . , .. 7 b ' f I QSM ' . .L V, H ,wpv.,, V A X Q,,.,,u A K ' wx N- N . at ff 'm ' if ""5""l A . .M A A x ., 5 1 , , h .m,,.. f ... ..,, N Q K , .M-1 X A in A, ..,,, ,Q M 1 1 .mm :Sz Q .-5-M..m,,,,,,.. , qt an-. ..,+,..,. Q... ...M ...MF . fk,....w. ...W if Q .....,N.. 4 r xx X X Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend C.S.Sp. Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend Reverend HONORARY PATRONS RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR STANLEY A. DOBINIS RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR LAWRENCE F. SCHOTT, V.F. Ladislaus Alachniewicz, C.S.Sp. Reverend Andrew Biberger, O.S.B. Reverend Leo A. Beierschmitt Reverend Leo A. Bierster Reverend Joseph Ceponis Reverend Reverend Louis A. Creeden Francis Dinkel Reverend ' Reverend Charles A. Donbrowski S.T'D., Louis S. Dougherty Reverend Stanislaus J. Grondziowski, Reverend Reverend Michael E. Homola Reverend John Jendzura, C.S.Sp. Reverend Reverend Woodrow W. Jones Reverend John J. Kealy Reverend Joseph P. Kealy Reverend Vladimir Nicholas Levitzky Lizak Alphonse T. Marcincavage Anthony McGinley Michael M. Menko Daniel Menniti James E. Noel Joseph J. C. Petrovits, J.c.D. Patrick J. Phelan Francis Pohl Anthony Racaitis Joseph J. Skibinski, C.S.Sp Peter Stief, S.T.B. John J. Suknaic Francis Szumierski, C.S.Sp. Stephen C. Zajac Joseph B. Zydanowicz, C.S .Sp FRIE NDS OF CATHOLIC HIGH MR. AND MRS. MICHAEL CHEDDAR JOSEPH B. DUFFY, M.D. MR. VINCENT SHOVLIN, ,Sl DR. AND MRS. JOSEPH WASILE MARGARET R. REICHWEIN, '52 WSKI CATHOLIC HIGH ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OUR LADY'S HOLY NAME SOCIETY OUR LADY'S SODALITY OUR LADY'S YOUTH COUNCIL ST. PETER'S HOLY NAME SOCIETY STUDENT COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC HIGH SECTION 11A SECTION 11B SECTION 10A SECTION 10B SECTION 9A SECTION 9B SECTION 9C 8I PERSCNAL PATRONS Joanne Andrulevich, '54 Mr. and Mrs. John Kistner Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Antonio Mr. and Mrs. John Kovalick Mrs. Helen Anuzis Mrs. Kripplebauer Marie Augustine, '51 Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Kroutch Mr. and Mrs. John Augustine Lawrence Barker Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beierschmitt Mrs. Mary C. Beierschmitt Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Francis Berger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bierowski Mr. and Mrs. Fred I. Blase Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bodnar Mrs. Clara B rant Mr. and Mrs. George Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bridy Mr. and Mrs. James Burns Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cannon Jeannette Chapman, '53 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chapman Adrienne Cheddar, '54 Mrs. Elizabeth Church Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Ciocco Mr. and Mrs. William Coddington Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Corbaccio Mr. and Mrs. John J. Corcoran John J. Corcoran, Jr., '53 Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Cosgrove Mr. and Mrs. William Creamer Mr. John Dulis Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Elnicki Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Fanella Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fracalossi A Friend A Friend 7 Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kurland Mrs. Catherine Lagerman Mr. Edward Lavelle, '51 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Linenmuth Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Long Mr. and Mrs. Albert MacElrath Mr. and Mrs. John Maley Mr. and Mrs Francis Menapace Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mannello Marceline Mannello Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Mariano Mr. and Mrs. James Martin Mr. and Mrs Joseph Matsko Mr. and Mrs. George McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McManaman Leo P. McManaman, '53 Mary and Margie McMurtrie Mr. and Mrs. Tullio Melchiori Dr. and Mrs. Francis Menapace Mr. William Menapace, '51 A. B. Michalitis Augustus A. Mutter Mr. Mary T. Nash, '51 Eleanor Nolan, '53 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Novaksoki Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Novicenskie James Gallagher, 35 Mary Catherine Garvey, '49 Francis Garv CY Mr. and Mrs. John Garvey Mrs. Florence Gaughan Dorothy Gibbons, '52 Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Gilotti Mr. and Mrs. George Gosdock Anna Graff Mary Graif Mrs. Mary Greco Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Groody Mr. and Mrs. John Haey Barbara Halaburda, '54 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hancock Mr. William Hancock Dan Hempstead Mr. and Mrs. A1 Heromen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hvizda Dr. and Mrs. William J. Jacoby Lt. William Jacoby, Jr., '43 Mr. Patricia Mr. Mrs. Agnes Olearnick and Mrs. Anthony J. Olshefskx O'Neill, 'sz and Mrs. Stanley Ozlonski Virginia M. Parsick, '54 Mr. and Mrs Clem Patrick Mr. and Mrs Anthony Politza Mr. and Mrs Samuel Procopio Mr. and Mrs. Felix Pupo Mrs. Edith Purin Mr. and Mrs. Edward Remash Dorothy Roushinko, '53 William E. Rufling Wilfred Saukaitis, '53 Christian Paul Schneider Miss Mary Schober, '53 Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Maurizio Scicchitano and Mrs. Anna Semchock and Mrs. Walter Sentkoski, Jr. Louis Sheehan, '52 Clem Shultz Dr. and Mrs. M. E. Snocznski Miss Carmella Vittorio, '53 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walsh, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Worobel Mr. and Mrs. Bolick Yakutis Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Johnson Mrs. Josephine Zanella Mr. and Mrs. Larry Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zuech Mrs. William Kehler Mrs. Anna Zukowski BUSINESS PATRONS, 510.00 Kessler's Leading Jewelers Mount Carmel, Pa. BUSINESS PATRONS, 35.00 Chick and Jeeps Pool Room Locust and Center Streets Centralia, Pa. Gallagher's Shoe Store Mount Carmel, Pa. Hosiery Mill Store 22 East 4th Street Mount Carmel, Pa. Kerstitter Jeweler Mount Carmel, Pa. Kramer Beer Distributor Phone 750 Mount Carmel, Pa. Laconis George Ogden and 2nd Street Girardville, Pa. Langis Candy Shop Mount Carmel, Pa. Little Bear Market South Oak Street Mount Carmel, Pa. Louis Yuskoski Mount Carmel, Pa. Mayls Grocery Store West Park Street Centralia, Pa. Miles and Company 1021 Chestnut Street Kulpmont, Pa. Rhoades Florist 1463 Chestnut Street Kulpmont, Pa. Sophia's Dress Shop Mount Carmel, Pa. Stecker and Company Typewriters and Student Supplies Mount Carmel, Pa. Compliments of Hat Box Mount Carmel, Pa. Mount Carmel Dental Society 53.00 Barker Bakery Parry's Market 209 South Oak Street Mount Carmel, Pa. Mount Carmel, Pa. Tom Cuff Gulf Service Sgras Service Station Strong, Pa. Route 122 83 Brennan's Cleaners 900 Chestnut Street Kulpmont, Pa. Brosius Service Store 140 South Oak Street Mount Carmel, Pa. Carmen's Toy Shop 921 Chestnut Street Kulpmont, Pa. Connaghan's Music Store 26 North Oak Street Mount Carmel, Pa. Sammy Commodaio Market 1131 Scott Street Kulpmont, Pa. Compliments of Famous Lunch Frank's Market 251 West 3rd Street Mount Carmel, Pa. The Gift Shop 15 West 3rd Street Mount Carmel, Pa. Concalves Store Fine Meats and Groceries 506 Locust Avenue Centralia, Pa. Eleanor Kropp Beauty Salon Mount Carmel, Pa. Novie's Delicatessen 5th and Walnut Street 352.50 KarloW's Grocery and Confectionery Store Mount Carmel, Pa. Krehel's Tailor Shop 1002 Chestnut Street Kulpmont, Pa. Hotel Loeper Ashland, Pa. N and S Cut Rate Store 3rd and Chestnut Street Mount Carmel - Atlas, Pa Rose and Nick Sacco Ringtown, Pa. Soferoy Cleaners 1235 Chestnut Street Kulpmont, Pa. Tony's Cigar Store 909 Chestnut Street Kulpmont, Pa. John Wardrap and Son Hardware Merchants Mount Carmel, Pa. Wood's Grocery Store Locust Gap, Pa. Worhach Hotel Mount Carmel, Pa. 582.00 Narcissus Gift Shop Mount Carmel, Pa. Sample Shoe Store Mount Carmel, Pa. 84 COMPLIMENTS CIF THE DIAMOND COAL COMPANY ul' GRECO BROS. ATLAS -If Phone: 1540 Refreshing 5 STAR COLUMBIA BEER Brewed by COLUMBIA BREWING CO. SHENADQAH, PA. BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 -k V.F.W. CHARITY FUND MOUNT CARMEL, PA. GEORGE J. BACH BEER DISTRIBUTOR COLUMBIA 5 STAR BEER Coal Region's Best Brew FOR QUICK AND COURTEOUS SERVICE Phone: 844 MOUNT CARMEL, PA. P. A. STIEF 8: SONS The Region's Leading Outfitter to Men and Boys ir A Licensed Agent for the Pennsylvania Plan A NEW TYPE CLUB join Today! 'A' 9-1 3 North Oak Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. JOSEPH J. STUTZ AND SON Funeral Home 'k 416 Locust Avenue CENTRALIA, PA. Compliments f GUINAN'S DEPARTMENT FRED ALEXAQIDER on .rac r General Masoirytanrltgoncrete Wfork With Stores in 512 W. GIRARD STREET Mount Carmel, Shamokin Atlas' Pa' Mahan0Y CRY GLOWACRI BROS. GROCERY 'md 414 EAST AVENUE Berwick Phone: Mount Carmel 471-R Compliments of LORD'S DRESS SHOP MOUNT CARMEL, PA. PETER WYSOCHANSKPS Grocery Store MEYER STREET Centralia, Pa. CENTRAL ROOFING AND HEATING i St. Clair, Pa. CATAWISSA MONUMENT WORKS Manufacturers Since 1 8 70 District Manager, SAMUEL MARIANO Phone: Mt. Carmel 857-R Compliments of MILLER BROS. SHOE STORE 'A' 22 South Oak Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. MANNELLO BROS. Service Station 455 CHESTNUT STREET Kulpmont, Pa. Compliments of A. ROCKEFELLER CO. Electrical Machinery and Supplies 5 South Oak Street Phone: 190 PITINGOLO SELF-SERVICE MARKETS STANDARD DRUG STORE 4, 151 SOUTH OAK STREET 142 3 Chestnut Street Ph0ne2 Mr- Carmel 661 and 1 3 1 0 Scott Street KULPMONT, PA. KATCH'S FURNITURE 'A' STORE "The market where prices 224 SOUTH OAK STREET Tnet-,, Mgunt Carmel, Pa. hone: 1 1 10 Mount Carmel, P Compliments ofthe PINE RIDGE MINING CO., INC. Compliments of FRANKRS CAFE HIGHWAY, CONNORSVILLE, PA. ALBERTINI MOTOR CO. Chevrolet - Pontiac - Buick Guaranteed O.K. Used Cars MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Compliments of MELDOT'S CHILDREN SHOP 134 SOUTH OAK STREET Mount Carmel, Pa. W. C. HACK 85 SON Depenzlahle Hardware General Electric and Philco Appliances MOUNT CARMEL, PA. KING MUSIC HOUSE Everything Musical 24 NORTH OAK STREET R. Compliments Of NESBITT'S CUT-RATE Boys' Clothing Mount Carmelis Newest Menls and PETE'S CLOTHING SHOP ,gf Peter J. Mehok . ' Lay A1UaJ,l, Shoo Per week Wfhere Quality Is Higher 206 SOUTH OAK STREET Than Price Mount Carmel, Pa. Phone: 1460 SHIMOCK'S FURNITURE STORE 241 SOUTH OAK STREET Congratulations to the Class of "55,' from Mount Carmel, Pa. CO' l Congratulations to the Class of "SSH Compliments of l from CLAUSER CHEVROLET KULPMONT, PA. GERTRUDE'S DRESS SHOP 1000 CHESTNUT STREET Kulpmont, Pa. 89 JGHN J. CULLEN MINING Sc TUNNEL CCNTRACTING COMPANY -A' Guarantee Trust Building MOUNT CARMEL, PA. HIGGINS FUNERAL SERVICE Funeral Directors and Enzbalmers Funeral Home and Licensed Lady Undertaker Ambulance Service 'A' 38-40 South Market Street I MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Phone: 499 ADRIENNE'S Dresses of Distinction ir 2 1 S South Hickory Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Phone: 566 LOSTON'S SERVICE STATION THE MOUNT CARMEL ITEM if Extends Congratulations to the West Center Street Class of 'fsse of Catholic High CENTRALIA, PA. HODRICK'S HARDWARE Comglizents 0 E APPl"mfe Center VALISH FURNITURE FIFTH AND OAK STREETS STORE MOUUY Carmel, Pa- Mount Carmel, Pa. ATLAS HARDWARE CO. 'A' 30 North Oak Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Phone: 1 0 5 3 'A' PETER P. PATRICOSKI, Prop. 9l ST. MARY'S ROSARY ALTAR SOCIETY "Always the Bestv LOUIS GROSSMAN SONS DEPARTMENT STORE Kulpmont, Pa. ST. MARY'S HOLY NAME C,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, of SOCIETY BILLIARD ACADEMY Kulpmont, Pa. Best Wishes to Class of "55,' 18 South Oak Street Compliments Of MONARCH LAUNDRY Shamokin, Pa. LEON F. HIGGINS Paperbanging - Painting 'k Best W'ishes to Class of "SS" from LOCUST GAP, PA. Phone: Mount Carmel 240-J Ashland, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of N55 79 ANTHRACITE FIRE COMPANY Mount Carmel, Pa. Dining Room, Coffee Shop, and Cvmtlimenff Cocktail Lounge of HOTEL MOUNT CARMEL MEEHEN9S MARKET Third and Oak Streets Mount Carmel Pa Phone: 693 Mount Carmel, Pa. ' ' Compliments THOMAS W. HUGHES of INSURANCE T.V. Life - Automobile - Fire - Accident Mount Carmel, Pa. Health - Bonds BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF "SS" n from 1013 MURDZA 'A' TRUCKING MOUNT CAR MEL, PENNSYLVANIA SHOVLIN SC MAY Bowling E5 Lunch 33 SOUTH OAK STREET Mount Carmel, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of "55" from BURCH DRUG STORE HALEY'S FLOWER SHOP 4th and Maple Street 'A' 49 South Oak Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Phone: 1652 Mount Carmel, Pa. "Flowers For All Occasio s Compliments of POTTS BROTHERS Wholesale Tobacco Candy, Cigars and Soda Fountain Supplies 'lr MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Phone : 8 3 J. F. DELANEY FUNERAL DIRECTOR fLady Assistantj 50 SOUTH HICKORY STREET Mount Carmel, Pa. J 86 H SALES 85 SERVICE John J. Fracolossi ATLAS, PA. 93 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of "55,' 'k Compliments of MT. CARMEL BLOUSE CORPORATION Mount Carmel, Pa. ' 't HOMIAK' UNITED MEN'S SHOP VU' S ALFRED A' SILVANO Mount Carmel, Pa., U.S.A. . . . "NUF SED" enis Clothing E5 Furnishings . Geo. Homiak and Geo. Bekech Mount Carmelis Popular Price Store lk Compliments to the Class of N55 MOUNT CARMEL, PA. ne: 1339 Good Things to Eat BRADLEY'S INSURANCE AGENCY Mount Carmel, Pa. Phone: 3 2 1 i' Bonds - Insurance - Real Estate Congratulations to the Class of "55" from LOIS DONDERO if Magazine and N ewsdealer 94 Quality Since 1 898 MOUNT CARMEL LUMBER COMPANY Builders' Supplies - Paints and Glass Mason Supplies - Lumber and Millwork Vine and Railroad Streets MOUNT CARMEL, PENNA. Phone: 3 94 Congratulations to The Class of 195 5 engler's Diesel Service SC Sales CUMMINS DIESEL SPECIALISTS 2nd and Orange Streets ,k Mount Carmel, Pa. Phone: 1261 HOLLYWOOD BOWLING Best Wishes ALLEY to The Class of 1955 MOUNT CARMEL, PA' LANGIS CONFECTIONS GABLE'S Plumbing - Heating Automatic Stokers ROWELL' S CUT-RATE Patent Medicines, Greeting Cards, Gifts, Candies, ir Magazines Soda Fountain and Luncheon Servic PHONES: 4, Ashland 479-R 1 29 East Fifth Street Ashland 1049-J MOUNT CARMEL, PA. i

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