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A I A Joseph J. Connolly 73 W. Center St. Elysburg. PA 17824-9634 THROUGH SEVEN CENTURIES.. FROM MOUNT CARMEL, Z JAY' PALESTINE TO MOUNT CARMEL PENNSYLVANIA . . . lhe Scapular devo+ion has spread. ln 'the year I25l, Mary, as our Lady of Mounf Carmel ap peared +o Blessed Simon Sfoclc, +he greai' English Carmelife General of The +hur'reen'rh cenfury Through him she besfowed on all manlund a sign of salvafion-her Scapular. In +his, 'rhe year of 'rhe seven hundred+h anniversary of Marys Scapular profecfion, we, fhe s+uden+s of Mounf Carmel Cafh olic High School, dedicale our I95I CONSUELLA fo fhe Queen of Mounl' Carmel- ALL GOD'S CREATURES FAR EXCELLING, KEEP US 'NEATH THY SCAPULAR DWELLINGI gaj?,vfQi ' ' - ..,..--.. - -.,.....--, 4 sa f W yxg un qw.. .M .-,.- mm 52:2 f ff p . KR X X X N x X X jx K L x X X L., x Y x X l N K X' X KL x Y S x 5, .J .W THE CONSUELLA PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF I95I OF MOUNT CARMEL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL MOUNT CARMEL, PENNA. CONTENTS In+r d ' I Cur I A I 2 Exir I Sen Fin' I ...,... 64 28 52 Ad ....... 5 As F sixfe fI'1e w sI'1aII 5 ' ,N RAI x n ,-.. L s . u ,-1...--- X . 4h,.,, 7"'x. 113' 'ilgjh ! I X - f f-. f AY' 'x XX ,fl 'fn W 1' r' 1'-W , ' QPQRMEL CATH0Lf1C1 Jmxite' si xx Qx 4 ' I ,..-4' A-1 ,ga ' S331 4 . 15 I 11 51 'i7fX'T 2 ' 4 ,Q Q X ' 61 415 U 41? 113 NN 17? f-'D 'iii' lliif' V NJ lf- . , f -xs... 4 X , fd' 4751, .1 ,.ff"' J V me 5 G 'N O The Harrisburg Diocese fs hori- ored in having for Ms Eoiscopai Leader, fhe Mosf Reveren d George Leo Leech, whose gehiie- hess, sceoiariy inieiieci, sincere ih'eres' and zeaious priesiy spirii' has ehdeareo him fo aff of us. THE MOST REVEREND GEORGE LEO LEECH, D.D., J.C.D. BISHOP OF HARRISBURG Ever our ieoder and iaiheriy guide, as weii as a compe+eh+ shepherd of The Harrisburg Diof cese, Bishop Leech has aiways mahifesred GH ihfense ihieresf in 'rhe spirifual and cuiiurai progress of our high school. otect 'T The dynamic personali+y of Fa+her Scholl is evidenced in all his underfakings, whelher il' be in arranging a schedule of spirifual benefifs or a 'ienieiive acrivify program, GUR LEADERS . . . .Y 'Q 1 L. THE VERY REVEREND LAWRENCE F. SCHOTT, V.F. Pasfor of fhe Church of Our Lady The Very Reverend Lawrence F. Scholl, The be- loved and esreemed pasror ol +he Church of Our Lady, is indeed a leader of youfh-Friendly, encour- aging, concerned in our inreresrs. He is a leader in morals-inspiring us wifh deep fairh. He is a leader in educalion-giving of his lime and eilorr To develop a complere, sound, Carholic educarion. A debr of gralirude is, indeed, due ro Farher Scholl' on rhe parl of all our sludenrs for 'rhe guidance and inspirarion which he has so zealously QIVGU. The Mosr Reverend George L. Leech presents a silver loving cup +0 Margaref Mary Reilly, repre- senfafive of Mounl Carmel Caiholic High School in lhe annual Harrisburg Diocesan Oraiorical Con- fesf, sponsored by our Bishop. ,4f THE REV ROBERT J MAHER RIGHT REVEREND MONSIGNOR JAMES F CLARKE Daocesan Supernn?enden+ of Scl'1oo's Pas+or Ememus Mary Protect THE REV JOHN J SUKNAIC Principal THE REV. WILLIAM J, FITZPATRICK Former Principal Leisure limo is reading time for our priesis. Fafher Scholl finds an inferesfing wrife-up on the Sevenfh Cenfenary of fha Scapular of Our Lady of Mounf Carmel in a recenl OUR PRIESTS Always an inspiralion and guiding force 'rhroughoul' our school life, our priesfs have proved lhemselves veri+able srorehouses of wis- dom and advice, and, in so doing, have endeared fhemselves lo each and every member ol our sludenf body. Their words of encouragemenf and lheir kindly i l 1 r' ,i A '-4 issue of Yhe "Tablet" while Fafhers Fifzpafrick, Sulrnaic and Campion look on. deeds in our behalf have ever served lo lead us onward and upward in our scholaslic ellorls, en- abling us lo slep forward wich confidence, our lailh slrong wilhin us, inlo 'haf greal world of Jromorrow, where each musl laflhlully play his parl. SISTER M EVANGELIST CIM Mary, Protect CUR SISTERS Mofher M de Lima aids Joseph Burge and Bernice Walsh in The selechon of malernal for a rhesus on The Scapular. ' Apparenrly fhey have found a wealfh of informafion in The November-December I950 issue of The Scapular. i 1 Q -.fy-fvws Nine blue-robed Sisfers, Servanls of ihe lmmaculaie Heari of Mary, whose mofherhouse is localed in Wesi Chesler, Pennsylvania, and fwo black-robed Sislers of S+. Casimir, whose mcfherhouse is in Chicago, Illinois, serve on fhe 'Faculfy of Mounf Carmel Caiholic High School. The Scapular is an infimaie par? of The habir of bofh of lhese Sisferhoods. These compeieni' leachers endeavor lo furfher Chris?-lille zeal as well as a high slandard of educaiion among +he sfudenis of Cafholic High. For your unselfish guidance, for your excellenf 'rash of moulding our characiers, for your eager concern in all our underfakings, for your share in our Caiholic educaiion, The sfudenfs of Mi. Carmel Cafholic High will be elernally grafeful. ,Mary is Snap lar Mf. Carmel Catholic High School is growing! Now we are ihree hundred iiffyl Our siudenis, who come 'From fwelve difierenf parishes, follow an experily supervised curriculum and a wide varieiy of exfra-curricular aciiviiies. Three courses are offered fo our siudenis-ihe academic, lhe scieniific and fhe commercial. Our Alma Maier seeks 'ro mould her srudenfs along 'rhe lines of praciical 'lhinlcing by offering a four-year Religion course, complemenfed by English, sciences, languages, social sludies, maihe- ma+ics and business. Wifh ihis cullural baclx- ground our siudenis are well qualified fo meef +he demands of The world of iomorrow. S l Q 3 Wvrks in and With lls 9 CB 45 ,CX XX .-sf g '55 l ff O 09:1 5 :UN- M 50.1 ,401 " 5 , Y l Q E7 G IHIQ E V . Q J iV1 f"'f"4Qh-Q 4 ANG 3- f -E' , ' 5 'K -r if X I V7 ,V V. 4. 5? x 1 6 Q ' 1 Q v , n if 6 55115311 Y f-if i?'iiF.1 f,tQ.4,g3e!gi1lsi Ee A 13.1 oil It J, " ' 5 2 - ff U? " f, ,w f , -. 1 r , , I ,..,,,.A ., A ,E . . -r 4 ' L4 +4 , -f , ,f Tj. 2? ,rn '4 V I I K ' 4 I in ' U get :' an 1, E9 fl! 'I , 1 8- , Q'-4 .F ,Q f Nil ,r ' i jv1 ivxu' ,i U Mac 42441 ,Vuhft e K . 1 f I, "?r' 'U Y J ,X ti W' . ,li ' Q 1? F ' :ff 'vi ., fix k Y ,,,., 4 "s JJ W2 5fQ4,F . x- ' ? , 4 f-9 ' 3 2 ljtr-fm., MMV if 2 'fps-e as! ,tl tl! ,fl .Stl QW .gf 3, aw I Q . 5 ' 4 fe' sf ffm- .. I. I The Algebra I Class finds flue lex? book foo infer- esling fo pay affenfion fo flueir classmafes, George Rollo, Ronald Ferdoclr and Harold Blase, who dis- play flueir abilify fo mulfipy polynomials. .. .. .,. The Lafin scholars of IA, Shirley Rowland, Rose- marie Baliciluick and Rifa Deia, coniugafe Lafin verbs wifh qreaf facilify, Our Fresluman Class, flue largesf in flue luisfory of Ml. Carmel Cafluolic I-Iiglu, will fondly remember in flue years fo come fluaf luappy day, Sepfember I, l95O, wluen we. flue class of I954, enfered flue sacred porfals of our Alma lvlafer. Freshman Weelc came-we were welcomed-af leasl, ac- cepfed by our upper classmen, flue Seniors of I95 I. Tluen on lo serious sfudy wluere we discovered new and inferesfing fields. Tluis imporfanf year is a fime for malcing new friends and gafluering new experiences. May we follow in flue lradifions of our worfluy predecessorsl OF I94 EW FIELDS 9 11: av 5, 33:7 53 iw at fi Q . V. X . fg i 4. . , 5 as H ll F19 3 'B FRANCIS A. CHANGO Represeniafive IOB ,.....,-x MICHAEL J. ARNOLDI Represenhiive IOC S" , Y. EDWARD J. PATRICK Represenhafive IOA ., .r--Qs"0Qxz l Ayr fl, ,. nr-V f M lf .xl 1,1 x ! , 1 M yy ffw Jfgy , X- Q.. 3 Ijf ffl C J -.1 'N'-A NL. A .54 3 Sig' H2214 ugllr - -1 4 I 1 . yy 1'f'3.,',fL fl ' I , .NZ f,vuY1'3K- Q' ww qi 1 1 f I k 31 wa - dis mf A ik!-' ,ff J . 1: I 9' 4 ,ry-V if 1 , , f X XX "Q Geomeiry is a "mus9" for all members of the "foolish wise" class. This rypical sophomore group, supervised by James Hirsch, is busily proving fheorems wilh accurafe precision. The Sophomore Class is rapidly becoming experienced in 'rhe more advanced siudies. Biology and geomeiry prove 'ro be very iascinaf- ing. Sco'r+'s novels add +o 'rhe sophisricafion of 'rhese Sophomores. The diliiculi bui inieresiing subieci-Laiin-inlrigues as if did ihe Romans of old. Sophomore year passes all 'foo quickly. A year older and wiser, ihese boys and girls realize how forlunale 'they are ro have chosen Mounl Carmel Cafholic High as lheir Alma Maier. J-71 -QP' These aifenlive sophomores wafch The beaufiful Benedic- gion lhrough sighf and hearing Lessons lilre rhis on 'lion service in film, and hear a recording of inspiralional produce a deeper apprecnahon and undersfanding of fhe Gregorian music-ihereby gaining knowledge oi rheir reli- wondrous ceremonies of our Calholic Religion THE CLASS OF I953 IN ACTIO MATTHEW J. BACH Represenfafive IIA BARBARA A. McSURDY RepresenIa'rIve IIB Q RONALD F. MOYER Represenhiive I IB 2, , ' o i Ei. Q T 'iw '- K . div- 'al 'i'?j.', . 1, .M 1 ' - x Vx '- Y .-.23 ?'5x5tr- M H:-:Rm A JL XMQL-,, -!. J M, , ,ga s , L M 1 Ii xv- 1 f . 1, x , r ' Z! 1 , y .id fly 03' k ,x., 9, fn , K 51 ' h, if. -1 HED '- MX N Charles Dickens' characfers and scenes from "The Tale of Two Cifiesn come +o life under 'fhe creaiive abilify of Joan Ponoiaski, Irene Fruef. Maffhew Bach, Rosemary Beaver and Francis Goncelves. Enlering new horizons in educafion, Juniors pursue lhe sludies oi Their choice. Many choose 'rhe Commercial Course 'ro prepare 'rhemselves lor business: o+hers pre- fer lhe Scienliiic Course lo augmenl Their knowledge of mafhemalics ancl science? or +he Academic Course in preparalion for higher sludies. lmporlanl also is 'rhe social life of lhe hard-worlcing Juniors. The responsibilily eniailed in sponsoring lhe Promy prepares lhem fo shoulder lhe various aclivifies of coveled Seniorhood. French ac+ors. Mais oui! Louis Sheehan and Marie Pefrici dramaiize "Touiours L'Amour" before a group of inrerested Juniors Our Junior mafhema+icians sfruggle fo comprehend fheir puzzling algebraic symbols and formulae. Difficulfies are easily surmounfed by lhis ambiiious group. I . - Q Q OUR SENIORS PREP RE FOR THE FUTURE Dorolhy Boylan, Paul Schneider, Margarei Mc Donald, Michael Sassani-our young "Physic+eers -delve info +he myslerious world of science. Our graduaiion year! There is magic in ihese words. Long and arduously have Mary Pohar demonslrefes a few fine poinls of The mimeograph-a feafure aliraciion of our Commer- cial course. Aiier an enioyable siudy of The Romanlic Age, fhese sfudious Seniors are fascinaled wiih ifs exquisife poelry. we prepared for 'rhis greai evenl. Through apologeiics we have been nourished spirii- ually. Our languages, English, Laiin and French have irained our minds To Think quickly and accuraiely, while malhemafics, +oo, has sharpened our reasoning powers. Physics has inrroduced us fo 'rhe world of elemenis. American l-lisiory has broad- ened our knowledge and increased our love for our couniry, and our commercial 'rraining has developed precision. Truly we eniered 'ro learn, now, we go forih 'ro serve. X4 Tr Um 5 uw +,.,h.,.c N r . R f"'5 vs .J Xen 'WERS "TB gf. 3 ,J L. I fag "r Mary' Kadgc Here rhe spollighi is focused on our varied ex'rra-curricular acfivilies. Freshman Day, ever green in our memories, serves lo bring abou? 'lhal' ESPRlT DE CORPS so necessary for success in any endeavor. Our sporfs increase our abilily fo answer 'Phe challenge of lhe fufure by develop- ing skill, accuracy and sporismanship. The Forensic League, sponsored by our Bishop, de- velops poise as well as leadership. Our dances, whefher held on our gaily deco- rafed lerrace. or in some dimly lighled dance hall, afford many hours of recrealion, where all may learn lhe ads of sociabilify, grace and courfesy. Our High School Relreal' is an invila- 'lion from ihe Mas+er,Who said:"Come apari and resl' awhile." Then ii' is fhai' our plans are laid, our forfilicaiions buili for fufure days when duly calls us from rhe proleclion of our Alma Maier. l 1",j V. FM' l 1 V , . . "-Q ff 7: ' 1 60 as With lls C0 Play if I X 4195 ,wa il M r P 9- if? N, , 2.-.Q Q . 43. 'hu X. 41. 1 -J + aw J i THE CONSUELLA STAFF 'When The slrall of The CONSUELLA was chosen, ideas blossomed lorlh and eagerness was 'rhe lceynole. Suggeslions and hinls were given in order lhar we mighl have ihe besl CONSUELLA ever. Plans were formulaled +o overcome lhe ever-presenl financial problem. Remember The barn dance, 'rhe slcaling parly, lhe Chrislmas dance? Days and weelcs sped by while amaleur Maureen Daly's wrole caplions and copy worlhy ol our line pholography. Typisls vied wilh one anolher lo produce accurale manu- scripls. Our capable edifors read, reread, de- leled or expanded as fhe occasion demanded. Our combined eFFor+s have been an endeavor lo mirror our cherished school memories. l-low well we have succeeded is lhe slory ol lhe l95I CONSUELLA. Our frio of fypisfs, Florence Moncavage, Eleanor Bugler and Regina Rolko, diligenlly proofread +l1eir manuscripfs for our I95l CONSUELLA. 2' lifll N. Rifa M. Connaghan, our effi- cienf business manager, han- dled our finances wirh The finesse of a Wall Sfreef broker. To win "All Cafholic Honors" Co-edilor, Thomas Malinoslri, is lhe aim of our versafile pul his sramp of approval on Edifor-in-chief, C ele sfa R. fhe work of his associafe Schoppy. edifors. L54 '-tif. B The l95l Consuella sfaff-lsranding, l. fo r.l: Mary Fauolari, Rifa Connaghan, business manager, Regina Rolho, Florence Moncavage, James Daclura. Thomas Malinosii, co-edilorg Celesfa Schoppy, ediforg Margaref if McDonald, Agafha Malinoslri, Joan Cosia. lSeafed, l. to r.l: Marie Alexander, Mary Gaughan, Rosella Joyce, Mary Theresa Hollisfer, Ann Marie Joyce, Joan Osopovich. X HAPPY MEMCRIES ,s Freshmen memories! Weary and ex- hausfed, Kafhleen Berger pauses for resl' before falling lhe senior's boolrs lo his homeroom. Mae Scheuren, dressed in fypical Fresh- man Day affire, does noi seem +o mind being a "green" Freshman. "Seniors are wonderful!" says Jacl: Joyce as he emerges from his dog house on our Terrace during Freshman Day Exer- cises. Rosemary Pechulis and Margie Shosh pose sweerly affer having shined 'the honorable senior's shoes. Freshman Day Hop! Freshmen, Sopho- mores, Juniors and Seniors unile and mingle regardless of sralus. Freshmen Barbara Osfroslu and Eleanore ONeul look rarher sol emn as ihey prepare fo delnver ihelr Freshman speech Ore or me lqhfer acrrvn sallvl C C H lsrna Freshman Weelc Soonsored by ou semors Fresnmaw Day was a gala occas on for all Near lo The hearls of all o usl Chrlslmas lrme w lu Hrs loys and happmesf me rl ma Ca fwrv ci aw um own car D semmallen cl we 'nab S ml ameng .ur uoew Af Chrlslmas fume our enchanhng Glee Club gave a beauhful and harmonious rendnhon of fhose loved carols F5 1 x le' 33 'ff ALL I Qur l-ligh School conlinues ils march of progress wilh lhe voice ol The sludenls Q. Q l 2 l S l Q g E Fafher Scholl congrafulafes Ronald Trefsgar, vice- presidenf of fhe Student Council, for his oulsland- ing work in sponsoring our Terrace dances. being heard in lhe Sludenl' Council Or- ganizalion. The ollicers for l95O-l95l, elecfed by our sludenls, were: President Thomas Malinoslxi, Vicefpresidenl, Ronald Trelsgarp Secrelary, Regina Rollco, and Treasurer, Marie Alexander. During The year, lhe Sludenl Council discussed many mallers of inleresr and imporlance 'ro 'rhe sludenl body, spone sored several dances, and handled olher aclivilies as well. Our Public Address Syslem is a gill from lhe Sludenl Council. xy LI E CF DUTY President Thomas Malinoslii addresses fhe sludeni body by means of our newly insialled Public Address Sysiem, a gif? 'lo our Alma Maier from ihe Sfudenf Council Organi- zarion. Our Siudenf Council al work! lSfanding, l. fo r.l: Rose- mary Pechulis, Mary Lou Shamansliy, Francis Chango. Edward Pafrici, Michael Arnoldi, Michael Sassani, Ronald Moyer, Ronald Woods, lSeaied, l. io r.l: Celesfa Schoppy, Regina Rollno, Ronald Trefsgar, vice'presidenlg Thomas Malinoslii, presidenfg Marie Alexander and Mal- lhew Bach. This energeiic group meeis every Monday afiernoon fo discuss ways and means 'for The beiiermenf of our High School. The Sfudenf Council Organizafion males 'for a grealer democrafic spirif among our youih. 5 'Anil' WE LIVE OUR FAITH Fir" F .W and ferefmgz 5. our Cavnof fmfen Program is our annual re'real. Under The capa- ble spirilual clireclion ol Reverend Joseph P Keel, our own alumnus, we drove lo lceep Close f i To fne Divine Teacner, in-erepy comfng ro e deeper realizalion oi lhe meaning ol .ile and ifs purpose. The Forensic League, sponsored io, l-lfs Excel- lency, George L. Leech, Bishop of l-larrislourg, also provides an excellenl opporluniiy lor dis- serninaring rhe Cerhofic philosophy ol rhoughl and living. Our conlriioulion lo lhe Calholic Press is lhe puhlicarion ol our Consuella. Through If we pulo- lioze rhe religious, moral, eflucahonal and social slandards ol our high school. His Excellency, George L. Leech honors fhe winners of rhe l95O Forensic League by posing wirh fhem after ihe Orafcrical Finals, which were held in Mounf Carmel. ,Q.. -2-at . IV, x. Our Rerreal Masfer, Reverend Joseph P, Keely, gives +he final conference fo fhe boys before imparfing The Apos- lolic Blessing. 1 ,lr Daily Mass, celebrafed by Farher Kealy, marlred ihe beginning of each day of Refrear for all our sfudenr body. During fhe Mass, fhe group used fhe dialogue Mass leaflefs. lL. fo R.l Norman Coulson, Yorl: Cafholic: Lor- raine E, Mazur, Lebanon Caiholicg His Excellency, Bishop Leech: Margarel M. Reilly, Mt Carmel Cafholicg Jerome Minnaugh, Harrisburg Cafholic: James Covelsi, S+. Edward High School. aff? rs-Jr I l. X a.,5 X'!9 ,'4 I-its X Ef'9e"9 Boylan. Regina Rolio and Paul Schneider proudly display Copies of The CONSUELLA during Carholic Prem Monlh, 37 T. Malinosli feigns a nervous breakdown, while J. Silcoslri examines him. A. Bach, A. M. Joyce, M. Alexander, F. DeTTrey, M. Augusfine, M. Sessani, J. Cosia, and W. Menapace look on wiih much anxieiy. . . . Tor year and year since I937 The sTudenTs OT lv1ounT Carmel CaTholic l-ligh School have capalaly displayed Their arfis- Tic and dramaTic abiliTies in The producTion OT opereTTas, minsTrels or sTraighT dramas. This year we are presenTing "The PerTecT ldioT," a Tarce in Three acTs by Eunice and GranT ATlcinson. Under The capable direcTion OT our dra- rnaTic ar'risTs, The Reverend W. J. l:iTzpaT- riclc and Miss Mary McDeviTT, The Technique OT acTing and expression has made qreaT sTrides. Behold! here are The highlighTs. Confusion reigns in The Tennyson household as A. Malinoski admifs several more of E. Lavelle's friends who plof To make him a social success. Enfering are A. Cuff and R. McGill. As siTuaTions go haywire in The Tennyson family, so does E. Lavelle as he feigns a nervous brealr- down. J. Silcoskie Tries To defermine The cause of his case. Michael Sassani G-.A Marie Augushne 'iff' -iii' 4,4 f.,, Si' uf- 'Q In an affempf fo mahe J. Dadura, sfar afhleie, pass his exams, and T. Malinoshi a social success, F. Defferey calls a meeiing of his feen-age crowd af his home. "THE PL Y MUST GO O " Joanne Coda Edward Laveile 1i Thomas Malinoslri ifa Connaghan "ilu-.,,, if J The Courl of Honor for Our Lady includes Mary Gaughan Roselle Joyce, Ann Marie Cuff lMay Queenl, Mary l.or raine Januslry, Dolores de Manincor, and Celesla Sclwoppy. xt Ann Marie Cuff, our l95l May Queen, offers homage lo our heavenly Queen. AYTIME IS MARY TIME IN M. C. C. . Our lovely May Procession is brouglwf lo a close by Solemn Benedlclion of llwe Mosl Blessed Sacramenl. 1 4 A 1 I f . The pupils of our Grade and High School sing 'rhe praises of Our Lady during fhe oufdoor crowning of Mary, Queen ol May. Every day is lvlary s Day al Moun? Car- mel Calholic l-'ligh School, buf one day in lhe monlh ol May we sel' aoarl lor special homage.. .our May Processon Day. Bolh Grade and Hon Scnool sludenls parlici- pale in lhis glorious lrpure Lo Mary on The lirsl Sunday in lvlay every year, expressfnq in hymns and prayers lneir love lor Our Lady. ll is on lhis impressive occasion lhal our seniors voice lheir personal consecralion and pledge lidelily lo lheir beloved Lady of Mounl Carmel. ln addilion fo honoring Our Blessed Lady, our Senior Boys recile a beaufiful Acl of Consecralion fo fhe Sacred Hearf. "Now ihe Live-Long Day ls Done" is sung by our sludenls as our lovely May Procession comes fo an end. T' N 5 Y ss "Hs "'r'f fheir dancing +alen+s for fhe benefif of ihe under- graduefes. The annual Junior-Senior Formal is easily lhe mos? popular social evenl of Mounl Carmel Carholic High School. l-lours of serious plan- ning, followed by days of arlislic decoraing, mixed wilh eager anlicipalion served 'fo change l-'loly Cross Audilorium inlo a verilable lairyland, LTZ ME Time our for refreshmenisl Joseph Burge serves Regina Rolko a refreshing drink. Apparen+ly fha oiher couplon are enjoying fheir dance loo much +o pause. while The sofl lighls and lhe enchanling music added lhe finishing Touches 'ro a nighl of magic. The "Snow Ball Dance" held during lhe Chrisl- mas holidays was also a gala affair, while our own gaily decorared lerrace lends ils own magic alrnosphere in 'rhe good old summer lime. ARGUND AGAIN "How lovely!" exclaim admir- ing guesis as Roselle Joyce and Joseph Connolly sei ou? for fhe Prom. 'fi ,-7 '5 -4' 2?T'. f l .li i ff A ? .-, f , 3 X , . N- -'SC 'V l , 1 ROW I: Roberf Thurner, Joseph Kaminslmi, Henry Richie. Schneider, Louis Sheehan, Richard Pefruskevich, John Joseph Silcoski, Ronald Trefsgar, Roberl Smilovich, Francis Krouich lmgr.l, John Hancock lmgr.l. ROW 3: Roberf DeHrey, Edward Jalko lco-capfaini, Joseph Pulaslri. Devers, William Menapace lcapfainl, Francis Novacosli. ROW 2: William Taxweiler lmgni, Edward McFadden. John Beierschmilf, Edward Lavelle, Leon Mareslri, Thomas Marlin Gildea, Francis Rooney, James Brill, Richard Devers, Francis Bach, James Dadura, Coach Pezelslii. E ER MORE WE'LL GIVE 44 SENIORS Wm. Rlenapace Bob Devers Hun. Trefsgar Ed. Jatko Joe Silcoski Bula Thurner Francls Dettrey Joe Pulaski Yfnce Shovlin Jim Daclura Bob Smilovich Ecl. Lavelle Position End Center Back Guard Back Back Guard Back Tackle Tackle Back Tackle Linemen: Menepace Levelle, Jailio lCl, Devers. Senior Class. They did much fo hold fheir own againsl a Deflrey, Smilovich, Dadura. Backs: Trefsgar, Thurner, iough schedule, exhibiiing a line spiril, excelleni sporls- Silcosli, Pulaski. These eleven players represenl 'lhe l95l manship and splendid feamworlz. THE PLAY'S THE THI G Alfhough Ml. Carmel Cafholic High has en- gaged in sporfs since i'rs early days, alhlelics became an essenfial par'r of our curriculum under ihe pasforale of Fafher Scholl. Wilh +he ap- poinlmenf of Mr. Joseph Pezelski, an alumnus of Villanova, 'ro our facully was esfablished a prece- denl, for lvlr. Pezelslci is lhe lirsl Teacher-Coach The Rams have ever had. Under his direclion and ihe capable suppori of Mr. Narcavage, our sub- coach, fhe groundwork was laid for fuiure cham- pions. Sieve Darrup and Meri Gildea combine efforfs fo haul down an advancing Allen- iown baclr. Pefruskevich is closing in. Q., "Smiling Joe" Pelelski, our capable afh- lefic direcfor, also serves on Cafholic High facully, leaching Irigonomelry and advanced algebra. Q I950 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE MOUNT CARMEL CATHOLIC They We Sepf. Norrislown Cafholic ..., . . , 0 6 Sspf. Lancasier Cafholic .,......., 3l I3 Sepf, SI. MichaeI's IWilkes-Barrel.. 6 6 Ocf. Reading Cenfral Cafholic .... IB 0 ii? Od. Lebanon Caiholic ........., 39 I3 Ocf. Alleniown Cenfral Caiholic. . .27 0 Ocf. Sou+h Scranfon Cafholic 4.,... 6 I9 Od. Harrisburg Cafholic ..,...... 53 0 Nov. Shenandoah Cafholic ........ I2 34 Nov. Poffsville Caiholic ,.,. .,,.. I 9 I9 I ,fx f 1 The facial expressions and elongalsd forms indicafe fhe This shof caugh+ one of Ed JaIko's vicious fackles AI' rough and rough baffle fha? Took place befween 'Ihe Rams left, Joa Silcoski, an api defender, is abou? Io help sink and Reading Calholic. Pefruskevich is making ihe Iackle. Ihe Viking back fo fha Iurf. "We've go? +he 'leam" chorus ihese fine-spiriled cheer- Marie Mosella, Rose Rooney. ZND ROW: Dorofhy Gib- leaders as +hey lead +l1e'Rams fo vicfory. IST ROW ll. bons, Joan Doyle, Chrisfine Rooney, Anne Joyce, Rose fo r.l: Pairicia Dunn, Joan Cosfa, Marie Alexander, Anna Marie Darrup, Shirley Rowland, Nancy Boylan, Jean Haney. The Blue and Gold Rams successfully began fhe season wilh a smashing vidory over Norris- lown, 6-O. Skipping To Lancasrer, Carholios eleven mer rheir firsi' fooiball reverse. Back home, Ca+hoIic's fine playing was marched wi+h a TD by Wilkes-Barre's Tying 'rhe score 6-6. De- feaied rhrice by Reading, Lebanon, and Allen- +own,1'he Blue and Gold swung back inlo The win column by downing Scranron I9-6. A loss ro Harrisburg, a vicrory over Shenandoah, and a wham-bang lie wifh Pofrsville broughl ihe grid- iron season fo a close. Good work, boys! C9153 f 1 . Q Q . "Bowser" Rooney is hanging on as he is being laclrled from behind in a iaunf around The end. Whose ball is H7 Jafko endeavors 'lo unfangle ihe melee. PGINTS MAKE THE SCORE ec Dec an an an an an an e e e e e BASKETBALL SCHEDULE I950 I95I S+ Josephs Ashland S1 Josephs Glrardvllle Lancasfer Ca+holuc Sf Edwards Shamolun Delone I4-Lebanon Cafholuc S+ Edwards Shamolun Harrisburg Ca+hol1c Lancasfer Ca+hoIlc York Ca+hollc Lebanon Ca+holuc Harrisburg Cafhollc Away Away Home Away Home Away Away Away Away Home Home Home 'fr 'I' Y Joseph Slcoslr The p 'the Rams IV' Leo M Mena ancs No cosk R be I McGl r Pe elslm Co ch sf o s M honey o as M lnosk James Dadufa our CI555Y Cen X Fr n s DeHrey J s ph Snlcosk a d Robei G eco er 1' D . lo- . ', , . , nl . . 1 x -st 'I I J . 5- T , , 4, Q . A J . 9-. ', ' " 'L-X J . IZ- ..,.....,..,....,.. ' J . ' ....,.,.. . J . 20- . ', ' ..... . J . 26- ' ' ........ ., F b. 2- ' ,...,.,r.. I , F b. 6- ' .............. . F b. 9-Delone ...a.,.............. Away F b. 13- ' .. .a.,a. . ' , Pb. 23- ' ' ,,r..,.. . 2 A 'Q 1 ff E if . x yy IL. 'ro R. Top Row: William Taxweiler IManagerl, John Beierschmiif, L c min, James Dadura, Fr I va i, o r il, M . z I I a Fir R w: Jame a , Th m ai i, I ' a ci , o e ' i, n r r . T ' '.g,.':v1 ' it 'Os' 1 :Mlm l l '- 2 Q-u .xx 4 E A crucial momeni in a game wifh Lancasier Calh- olic. Silcoski is shoofing while Menapace and Malinoski are coming in againsf Lancasier. A close conlesf - whose is if? Nova- coslri, McGill, and Dadura male a flying leap inio +he air. I Q ff . , l r L I There seems io be a lo+ of arms while fhe expecfanf players walch lo see if ihe shoi is good. 1 l Tne roo5g'ersofMour1TCarnne Caro fc P-"gn oegan 'ner geiond year o' 'ne ooao: on De- :emoer r0'n a' SY Joseon s, Asn and, Tne ing ffve was neaoed Dy fnree sencrt, Jfrn Daoura a' cen'er, Joe Sf coskf ao guard, and Tom Ma 'n- ear c a,"g Forward. Jack B'erscnrn"' I-'GCI me ofner guard oosffon wnf'e Screarner Nova- cosnl rounded ou' 'ne team af forward. Tne Rams drooped fne "d Per oy a 47-20 score. ano from 'nen dropped ive more exnblrfons. In fne flrso Cen+ra1 Penney yan'a Ca?no!Ic League garne wI'n Lancasfer Ca4noLc, Tne defending cnarnps fook a sizeable Lead In Tne Firsf period and coasfed ro vicfory. In a wfd. free-scoring con+esr wifln Delone, rlne Rams came our second best af rne gun by a 63-52 score. Lebanon Ca'noNIc was surprised wlrb a 9-5 firsf guarrer, bu' sowly overcame rhe deficlr wrrn ine Lina! 50-29 courf. Tne hoop season reacned The cnmax when M. C. C. H. emerged vrcrorious and fri- umonanr In an exhiblrlon wlrh Sf. Pefers 'Big Flve. Yes, The score was 55-50 in favor of us. Our unsuccessful season is In no way Indicaflve of rne fine spirif dispiayed by our quinref. Berfer days are coming! Oops! missed! Beierschmiif fries in vain fo block Lebanon L Cafholic's shof. X x x Q .vi 1 Im-.. ?'x". 5, -2.4.1 P-Q' Q , I 's s'.,., .I - 9 15 A I L Q- 51 v' 4.- 4" K y Pracfice males perfecf. In ihis I pracfico session, McGill, ag- gressive forward, iries a fap-in. if QQ-'ri , Ns" G' 1" I Qgy 455 1, I -- ,..-, 5 I i .mag sew' M , as . xx if A 'W Q s 11 A 1 ,T K X 55" b Mary ' likeness Af lasf 'fis come-our gradua+ion year! Sixfy- seven eager seniors face fhe iulure, buf we also view in refrospecl lhe memories of our lasf school year. Wirh Wordsworfh we can fruly say, "The music in my hear? I bore long afier if was heard no more." As fhe greaf day approaches when we shall bid farewell, we are conscious of ihe debl' of gralifude we owe fo our loving par- en'rs and 'leachers from whom we have acquired so many Ioffy ideals. We are conscious, foo, of ihe magnificenf educaiional and culfural background which are ours as a resuli' of our Cafholic fraining. This, fogeiher wifh fhe ever forlifying power of our Fai+h, encourages us fo go forfh fo accepf fhe challenges which lie ahead. God granl fhaf we may be irue Chrisiophers. passing on lo ofhers The greaf herifage which is ours! wh' 16? Szfcr With ll 011 Our Way -gl' ' X. xx x , . ,ff Y. --L 'Q' ffv. 'YN'-vi' 'K , 1 M T ',,,,-- ,,,..n- "' ,W .. Alta . F. 1 Tv? E2 ',,..- JOSEPH JEROME PULASKI Saini Joseph "Babe" Scienfific Auburn hair . , . flashy fies . . . dressed 'fo nrlm degree . . . rnalres feminine hearis Ilufier. Presi- deni 4: Sfudenf Council 3: Glee Club 3, 4: Fooi- bell I, 2, 4: Baseball 4. MARY LOUISE FAZZOLARI Saini Pefer "Frizzi" Commercial Honor Sfudenf . . . pleasing personaliiy . . . brown eyes . . . inielliqenf . . . loyal friend . . . many admirers. Class Officer 4: Siudeni Council Officer 3: Consuella SMH: Glee Club: Science Club. CLASS CFFICERS AGATHA LOUISE MALINOSKIE Mofher of Consolaiion "Aggie" Commercial Honor Sfudeni . , . Prefiy . . . Peiiie . . . Precious . . . desires io become e secreiary in New York . . . affracfed io servicemen. Class Officer 3, 4: Con- suelle Siaff: Glse Club: Science Club. MICHAEL FRANCIS SASSANI Sain? Pefer "PisIeKa" Scieniific A poienrial barber or slwoemalner . . . wavy hair always well groomed . . . friendly . . . lceeps love- Iile secret Presidenf 3: Siudeni Council 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Foofball 2, 3. CELESTA RITA SCHOPPY Our Lady "CeIes+e" Academic Honor Siudeni . . . enviable complexion . . . infel- Iiqencia plus . . . charming personaliiy , . . very dependable. Class Omcer I, 2: Siudenf Council Officer 4: Glee Club: Dremaiics 2: Prom Commif- fee: Librarian I, Z, 3, 4: Consuella Edifor 4. of X' 5.11, A J fi 4,0415 ,iq UVA" 4 ii uf- f lf" lj. " uf. ""' Y I .'f1l',' -A y CLASS OF l95l Saint Peter "Alex" Academic Honor Student . . . here, there and everywhere is our Alex po ularit lus ever bod 's - . . . p y p . . . y y triend . . . most dependable and helptul, Class Ofticer I, 2, 3: Student Council Otiicer 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Dramatic: 2: Cheerleader 3, 4: Science Clubs 3, 4: Prom Committee 3: Consuelle Staff 4. WARREN JOHN ALTOMARE Saint Peter "Orgie" Scientific Staunch supporter ot I-Iibernian's descendants . . . tavorite pastime-billiards . . . haunts Karlow's . . . possesses untailing good nature . . . looks quiet, so does a woman . . . excels in languages. especially FRENCH. Glee Club 3, 4: Science Club 2, 4. DIOMIRA THERESA ARNOLDI Saint Peter "Dee" Academic Spirited . . . little but mighty . . . intectious qiggle . . . does the unexpected . . . impish tendencies . . . just loves sweaters . . . tull ot vim . . . good student. Glee Club I, 2, 3: Dramatics 2: Science Club 2, 4: Prom Committee 3. MARIE CATHERINE AUGUSTINE Our Lady "Auggie" Scientific Definitely loquacious . . . has no use tor clocks . . . attractive blonde coitture . . . host of friends . . . endless romances... rarely out ot sorts . . . dancing blue eyes. Glee Club I, 2, 3: Drametics 2: Science Club 2, 4. ANN CHRISTINE BACH Our Lady "Annie" Scientific Colgate smile . . . inquisitive . . . cheery person- ality . . . goes along with the fashions . . . humorous chatter . . . always on hand . . . optimistic outlook . . . sensitive . . . co-opera-tive. Glee Club I, 2. 3: Dremetics 2: Science Club 2, 4: Prom Committee 3. VIRGINIA BARBARA BATTISTA Saint Peter "Ki-Ki" Academic Co-operates cheertully . . . iolly nature . . . loves parties and good times, but finds time tor worlr . .. contiscates everything interesting . . . lost without a mirror. Glee Club 3: Science Club 2, 4: Prom Committee 3. DOROTHY ANN BOYLAN Our Lady "Dot" Scientific Winsome smile . . . happy-go-luclcy attitude . . . SyIvia's henchman . . . undemonstrative but alert . . . never without a problem . . . Genes cousin, 'nutt said. Glee Club I, 2, 3: Drametics 2: Prom Committee 3: Science Club 2, 4. EUGENE ANTHONY BOYLAN Our Lady "Genie" Scientific Positive brain in Physics . . . Class's live wire . . . constant smile . . . lrnows all about current events . . . shows his nationality through his green socks . . . teigns shyness. Glee Club 3, 4: Science Club 2, 4: Prom Committee 3. f6af!'af six 1 FW' -we . ,LU CLWI J' l' L ff? f J f MM! ' ll WOM f ff ' fffglllons MoNicA sueien ofher of Consolafion "ElIie" Scienlilic Tall and willowy . . . has an exceflenf lasfe in clothes . . . iusf loves gray Mercurys . . . very amiable and sociable . . . gif? of parlance . . . ex- irennely generous. Glee Club I, 2, 3: Science Club 2, 4, Prom Commiffeeg Consuella Slaff 4. JOSEPH FRANCIS BURGE Sainf Ignelius "Joe" Academic Hails from Cenfralia . . . flaming red hair and bushels of freclrles . . . academic girls' handy man ... seldom seen oufside of school . . . definifely an "o.k." kid. Glee Club 3, 45 Science Club 214. ANN THERESA BURNS Our Lady "Annie" Commercial "La Pefife Fille" . . . profifs by whaf she sees and hears . . . loyal fo all . . . good sludenf. Consuella Sialif 4: Glee Club I, 21 Dramaiics 2, Science Club I, 2. LUCY FLORENCE CIOCCO Sainf Peler "Lou" Commercial Scinfillafing brown eyes , . , fallcs wifh her hands . . . dainfy and pefife . . . fulure Florence Nighf- ingale . . . I-launfs M.O.C .... Wonder why? Glee Club I, 2, 3, Science Club I, 2. MOUNT CARMEL RITA MARIE CONNAGHAN Our Lady "Reef" Academic This Irish iassie favors "Green" . , . flair for The arfisiic . . . keeps The cosrnefic business ro-wing . . . happiesl when enferfaining . . . unusualaaarfies . . fine business acumen. Consuella Sfalif Mflee Club I, 2. 3: Dramefics 3: Science Club 2, 4: rom Commiffee 3. JOSEPH JOHN CONNOLLY Our Lady "Koons" Scienfific Ouief, buf oh, my! ...second home-Ashland . . . smoofh dancer . . . prefers ou?-of-fown girls . . . snappy dresser . . . well-groomed . . . Our Lady's lady's men. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2, 4. JOANNE MARY COSTA Sain? Pefer "Jo" Academic Honor Sfuclenf . . . pep personified . . . amafeur Doris Day . . . acfive in all sporfs . . . Sf. Pauls organisf . . . hails from Ailes . . . lilred by bofh boys and girls. Consuella Siaff 4: Glee Club Direcfress 2, 3, Cheerleader 4: Science Club 2, 4: Dramefics 2, 3. ANNE MARIE ELIZABETH CUFF Our Lady "CuITie" Commercial Good iudqmenf and appreciafion of value , . . enfhusiasfic supporfer of school acfivilies . . . has a hos? of friends. Consuelle SlaIT 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Science Club 2. df' 14 aJ4"'f'N VW JAMES GERALD DADURA Sain? John "Jimmy" Scienfific Honor Sfudenf . . . quief buf acfive member of fhe class ...shows an unexpecfed humorous side af limes . . . inlelligencia plus , , . nice fellow fo have aruond. Class Omcer I, 2: Glee Club 3: Fooiball 2, 3, 4: Baskelball 3, 4: Science Club 2. 4. DOLORES ISABEL DE MANINCOR Sweel smile gracious manner unexpecled humorous femperamenf ardenf Trq Ian lair and slim never becomes ruilled or excxled . . . inseparable from Eleanore. Class Officer 2: Glo Club I, 2: Scie ce CIW, 4. 1 ,jig ml 0-fence! ANTHONY BARTHOLOM EW DEROMEDI Sainf Pafer "AnIhony" Commercial Possesses a quiel nalure . . . a friend Io all . , . oh! Ihal innocenf expression . . . how would Alias gel' fhe "Hem" wifhoul Anlhony? . , . neal appearance. Glee Club 2, 3: Science Club I, 2. Saini Peier "Dolores" Scienlific nf-2.4 FRANCIS THOMAS DETTREY Our Lady "DucIry" Scientific The Ierm "small buf mighIy" applies Io him . . . blushes easily . , . allracfed Io public high's pulchri- Iude . . . always has a "hi" for everybody. Glee Club 3, 4: Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslrefball 3, 4: Base- ball 3, 4: Science Club 2, 4. CLASS OF I95I ROBERT DEVERS Our Lady Scienlilic Nonchalance personified . , . 'lavorile Iune "Ru- dolpl-I" . . . malzes himself Icnown in any class . . . snappy dresser. Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: Bashefball 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Orchesfra I, 2: Baseball 4: Hislory Club I, 2. ' ANNA MAE CATHERINE DOYLE Sain? Joseph "DoyIie" Commercial Rosy cheeks and wavy black hair. . .warm laughler which easily escapes . . . pleasing pe'sonali+y . , . loves To slrafe . . . hos? of frfends. Consuella Siaff 4: Glee Club 2: Science Club I. 2. PATRICIA HELEN DUNN Our Lady "Pal" Commercial Sweef voice . . . charming personalify . . . happy- go-luclry , , . fwinlclinq green eyes . . . loves fo dance . . . sincere friend. Glee Club I, 2, 3: Dra- malics 2: Cheerleader 4: Science Club I, 2. MARY ELIZABETH GAUGHAN Sain? Ignatius "Mary" Commercial Honor Sfudenl . . . lr'sn 'ass wifh darlr curly locks . . . affains high raring in shorrhand . . . poelry 'Flows from her lips easfy , . , a real friend, Class Ofiicer 3: Consuella SMH 4: Glee Club: Librarian: Science Club. MOUNT CARMEL MA RESA ELEANOR HOLLISTER r y "Holly" Academic n r nl . allraclive curly loclxs . . . willy r s . . . lilred by all . . . winsome smile . . . der proleclfoi ol lhe shamroclc. Consuelle flee Club premalics 2: Science Club r 52. ' :om gY 'Mr LORRAINE ANN JANusKY u dy "Jan" Commercial Honor Sludenl . . . sincerely inleresled in every- lhing . , . deslined lo allain lhe goal she slrives for . . . enioys serious conversalion . . . lriendly. Glee Club: Science Club I, 2. EDWARD JOSEPH JATKO Seinl John "Eddie" Scienlific A personalily lhal's lops . . . neal as a pin . , . co-caplain ol Rams . . . persislenl in his romanlic allilialions. Glee Club 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslrelball 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3, 4: Prom Com- mille 13: Dream Game 4. ANN MARIE ELIZABETH JOYCE Our Lady "Joycie" Academic Honor Sludenl . . . slighl bul mighly . . , pearly leelh . . . Irish colleen . . . peppy . . . loyal . . . lriendly , , . a polenlial Florence Nighlingale. Consuella Slall 4: Cheerleader I: Dramalics 2: Glee Club Direclress I, 2: Librarian 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2, 4: Prom Commillee 3. ROSELLA ANNE JOYCE Sainl lgnalius "Joycie" Commercial Honor Sludenl . . . peaches and cream complexion . . . blushes easily... neal and orderly . . . willing, and capable . , . underslanding . . . amiable dispo- silion. Glee Club 2, 4: Hislory Club I, 2: Cheer- leader 4: Consuella Slafl 4. FRANCIS WALTER KALINOSKI Molher of Consolalion "Kali" Scienlilic Good lhings come in small pcalrages . . .has a good word lor everybody . . . happy-go-luclry allilude . . . able lo gel in lhe perlecl wise craclr al lhe right lime. Glee Club 3, 4: Baslrelball 3, 4: Science Club 2, 4: Baseball 4. MARGARET MARY KLEMAN Our Lady "Marg" Commercial Diligenl , . , pleasanl manner . . . perseverance ...eager lo help . . . quiel and reserved , . . cule hair-do . . . Jaclrie's lriend. Consuella Sleff 4: Glee Club I: Science Club 2. EILEEN CECILIA KOVALICK Assumplion "Koval" Commercial Honor Sludenl , . . considerale . . . Sonia Henie on wheels . . , happy-go-luclry . . . excels in bool:- lreeping , , , chic hair slyle . . . easy lo gel along vvilh . , . capable and eager. Consuella Slaff 4: Glee Club: Science Club. CLASS OF I95l EDWARD GEORGE LAVELLE Our Lady Dagwood Sclenhllc I1 U77 Q e5"l 'I eyes our pr de and oy nd spensaoe o the Va sly dance? ny sure a yhme oo+ ball 3 4 Baskelball 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 Baseball 3 4 Scnence Club 2 4 Huslory Club 2 THOMAS JOHN MALINOSKI Mofher of Consolahon Tommy Scuenhflc Aqreeable personahfy a sfar IH every c ass Ierror on ne baslcelba courf honor sludenf Class Omcer I Z Sfudeni Councll 3 4 Science Club 2 4 Consuella Co Ednlor 4 Baskelball 3 4 Baseball 3 4 SAMUEL ERNEST MANELLO Saml Pefer Sammy Scnenirllc Manages fhe Greelcs always ready 'ro lend a helpung hand school sfarfs 8 30 lor eve ybody buf Sammy Class Ofllcer I 3 Glee Club 3 4 Science Club 2 4 Baseball 3 4 Prom Commll' fee 3 MARGARET THERESA McDONNELL Sami Joseph Margve Sclenhllc Honor Sfudenl peaches and cream complexion sweel dlsposxfuon ranks hugh nn scholashc clrcles lops IH Malh lasl bul noi leasl lo loan our clan Consuella Sfaff 4 Glee Club 3 Sclence Club 4 Oralorlcal 3 ROBERT EDWARD McGlLL Our Lady lchabod Scuenhhc Slow an movmg haunfs M O C everyone s buddy one of S+ Palrncks followers glrs parhcularly affracf lchabod sensmve soul Glee Club 3 4 Foofball Manager 2 Baskelball 3 4 Science Club 2 4 Baseball 3 4 WILLIAM JOSEPH MENAPACE Sam? Peler Chaz SCIOIIIIEC Bug brown eyes fhe a+hIe+e of 'rhe class enloys life popular wnfh fhe gurls co caplann of varsnfy Glee Club 3 4 Dramahcs 2 Baseball 4 Foofball I 2 3 4 Baskelball 3 4 Scuence Club 2 4 Dream Game 4 FLORENCE CATHERINE MONCAVAGE Our Lady Flossle Commerclal A bushel of vlm and vigor wnfh never a dull moment conslanf lnne of charter capable woman drnver never lallnng a fruend Consuella Slalf 4 Glee Clubl 2 3 Scaence Club ANNA MARIE MOSELLA Saml Peler Muuy Commercial Tall dark and alfrachve sell assured and flnrfa hous gay compamon capable cheerleader wude vanefy of mleresfs makes frlends easuly Consuella Staff Glee Club Cheerleader I 2 3 4 Scuence Club .agnocqdhaf WV' aa-J., call-J En.--J I J' MARY THERESA HELEN NASH Saml lgnahus Neslne Scuenhllc Honor Sludenf pnfy fhe qlrl who sxls IH baclc of Nashue mrschnevous parhal fo Ashland rneloduous vonce habuluel sneezer sense of humor Glee Club I 2 3 Dremahcs 2 Sclence Club 2 4 Prom Commlllee 3 JOAN ANNE MARIE OSOPOVICH Sami Joseph Ossle Academnc Honor Sludenl Tres Pehfe as our Ossle lceeps fhe Gap CLEANER one pride and 'oy her auburn hanr good nafured Consuelle SfalT4 Glee Club I 2 3 Science Club 2 4 Prom Commllfee 3 JANET VALDIMIR PASCHKOWSKY Sami Pefer and Paul Janef Scnenhflc Sweel and enferfannung sludlous and ambuhous versaflle dusplays lreen unleresl an doclors enloys Isle Glee Club Sclence Club 4 MARY ANN POHAR Assumphon Merle Commerclel Keen sense of humor frequenl vlsulor on 'rhe roller rlnlx underslandlng lund and slncere loves fo laugh always ready lo enloy a good lzme co operahve sludenl Glee Club Science Club MOUNT CARMEL REGINA IRENE ROLKO Sem+John Jmka Commerclal Shorf and blonde excellenl lypusl sweel sm: e carrres responsrbnlnfy well lrlreable won er hy shes seen nn fown so o en? Sludenf Councll 4 Consuelle Slefl Dramahcs 2 Glee Club I 2 3 Science Club ROSEMARY THERESA ROONEY Our Lady Porlrey Commercial Curly blonde harr and rosy cornplexlon srnllmq eyes unlumrled capacnry of pep exlenswe Wardrobe cenler of alfracllon Glee Club I 2 3 Cheerleeder2 3 4 Scuence Club SYLVIA MARIE SOPHIA SAWICKI Mofher of Consolahon Sylvne Scuenhfic Whnmslcol dreamer exfremely qusel' em peramenfal slncere symparhnzer aflends fo delalls delermlned always ready wnrh an answer une per fe lemme excellenl' pen manshlp wheres Dol sos Sylvua Glue Club I 2 3 Science Club 2 4 PAUL JAMES SCHNEIDER Our Lady Mlssen SCIBYHIEC Screnhhcally mnnded well mannered quuel' buf energellc owns a posmvely drvme Ponhac nonchalan+ al ays dependable Mo++o S lence IS Golden Glee Club 3 4 Foolball I " '...1- f RAYMOND PAUL SCHULTZ Our Lady a Commercual Good lh ngs come uru small packages humorusf carefree has 'rhe car of flue school cafpenfer deluxe unlecfuous gugqle allable usposufuon Scuence Club I 2 Glee Club I 4 I JACQUELINE ANN LOUISE SCOZ lSaun+ Peler Jacluue Commercual Always ready wulh a helping hand dependable Marques lruend 'rhe quuef subfle 'rype good narured Consuella Staff Glee Club 3 Scuence Club I 2 PATRICE ANN MARGARET SCULLY Saunf Joseph a Academuc Munuafure newspaper knows fhungs before fhey happen ellicuenf sales gurl un Woolworfh s hankers affer heckers hudden lrush humor enuoyable companion Glee Club I 3 Scuence Clu 2 4 VINCENT PAUL SHOVLIN Our Lady Vunce Scuonlufic Proud possessor of his own bowling alley good nafured habufual clock wafcher leases fhe gurls TOUJOURS Glee Club 3 4 Foofball 3 4 Scuence Club 4 Awwfw W CLASS or u95u -f' JOSEPH ROBERT SILCOSKIE Our Lady Googsue Scuenfufic Ver afule arhlefe srnoolh dancer fypuca hugh school boy capable Youfh Councul Presu den? Class Omcer 2 Glee Club Foofball I 2 4 Ba kefball I 2 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Dre Game 4 ROBERT JOSEPH SMILOVICH U4 Saunf Joseph Smulo Commercual Fun loving noted for hus corny uokes hau s The Good Gap regular fellow e class humorusl goo sporl' Foolbell 3 4 Baskelball 3 4 Glee Club 4 THOMAS BENJAMIN STANCAVAGE Saunf Pefer Hukey Scuenfufic Slow and easy unusually qu el' nafure seldom seen aller schoo af one fume shy expressuye bown eyes easy come easy go Glee Club 3 4 Scuence Club 3 4 ANNE MARIE SWEENEY Joseph Anne Commercial spoken . . . rad'anl' smile . . . socially 'nclined . courleous . . . sincere and co-operafive . . . never turns aside, even from hard work . . . Rose Marie's friend. Consualla Sfaffg Glee Club. J' MOUNT CARMEL Our Lady "Foozy" Scienlific Alfifudinous 6' I" . . . iailhlul cuslomer of +he Greeks . . . loolcs quief, in appearance only . . . manager de luxe . . . helpful. Glee Club 2, 43 Afhlefic Manager 3, 4. ROBERT EDWARD THURNER Sainl' Peler "Bob" Scienfific Nonchalanl , . . sense of humor . . . chic dresser . . . fine afhlele . . . experl pianisl' . . . hobby of arriving lafe. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Fooiball I, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2, 4. RONALD EDWARD TREFSGAR Our Lady "Chick" Scienlilic A regular casanova . . . bowlie lanalic . . . excel- lenl alhlele ...sociable and well-Iilred . . . "Dream Game." Sludenf Council Officer 4: Glee Club 3, 43 Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4. BERNICE THERESA WALSH Our Lady "Bernice" Academic Hibernian descendanl . . . enlhusiaslic , . . P-E-P has she go? il? Yep, you bel . . . converls sludy period info lunch . . . Fred As+aire's only compefilor . . . wim, wigor and wifalily. Glee Club I, 2, 3: Science Club 2, 4. ROSE MARIE CATHERINE WALSH Sainl' Joseph "Rosie" Commercial Honor Sludenl . . , apprecialive and undersland- ing friend . . . sincerily plus charming personalify . . . loyal . . . all rhis can be said of "Rosie.': Consuella Sfaffg Glee Club, Science Club, .L ' -.- I " - LII M I kllynv 'ly i 'pl If. y J ' .. a if ,I MARY ANN WY'SOCHANSKY Assumplion "Wishie" Academic I I Wishie has a share in all lhe Iun . . . always smiling . . . her one dependable assel, her vehicle . . . Pulchrilude . . . nafurally curly lresses . . . wonderful pal. Class Officer 3: Glee Club 3: Science Club 2, 4: Prom Commiffee 3. Anlhony Deromedi, Roberl Thurner, Paul Schneider and Joseph Silcoski spend happy leisure momenls browsing in our library. 'x 'S rl 1 " in l V, f 4 A, X D ' 'K-.'. U' , ."'. V 1 U 3 ffl, Happy Graduahon memories Include Mass and Holy Communlon on our Commencemenf Day . . . And Chen Zzrawell Through ihe porlels of Our Laclys Church pass the Gradualing Class of I95I! Affer fwelve years of Calholic fi 13, Aw Fam 4-19 ...l ffdlfllhg fhxs happy group as well lorhfled To face fhe fufure. g3C"ND'u 3-D34 .4 T5 Q, 4 35's E-L .' I tu, ff? fu ova fvw PVP CV VV rw L 'vw fx w X r CWC! 6' 1 FWF! CW' Af w f-uf Ll CUVWW Crm w K www M N A rc Fr w fw U '1 nf-f fd fx Q L, 4, N V I' fx l'i'I'lHH V 1 3+ x, F LU 4 x 1 TCF 'vw df w mmafw Tm Yu 1 mmm Wm cf F A an D CLT ' Y . . l REA' Qcvifvi ','f's'3'C' Jam? F. f r-O Jw, R' "-' 1: F. fin " VF, K Y". vw E. f 'CV' ' if Fx. D AXIEIF' E'A'1'f"i' 1. Jive f1AY'.f,-.-K: L,,3,,Y' xl PAY, LM A. "'x 1' .'.' -I 'fi NWT NT I' ?fwfyf"'1 NE" Law- 'Jn gfa' S: f :iffy " '11 ,Av 1 5' f 1"Q"'4'1,'1'g, 'ffl ,fj ','--A Liif 3' "Uv 1 V' L1 1- .-f' -, vm: . Q. J. 56, 3' fV-" '1 :' ,ii w Qffl., .,.C.f. E". 1' 1 . Q '. E31 I L 1" f V. LV vu ',".Ff"1 '.A' ,. v. .5 Rf'-f:'gf" 1 Q 'I 'K x. p..3..3:,. L1i.'."i"1 Liv 77, f !"- 2.7.5. N M". V: '. f. 5v'A:""if'E 3L." 2'-vff"ff"U Pri' f1,Sigrwf5'L Mfg M'gf',9 QQ-qi S'::T'Rf" C, 221353 WH. 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F' wi' Mr. and Mrs. lhomas unn Mr and Mr Edward Dunn Mldred Duzularhs Margarel Faughnan Mr ano Mr Nrck Fazzolarr Mr and Mrs Felux Fenler A Frrend A Frrend A Frrend Mary Theresw Frye Mary C and Elenore Garvey M and Mr Chare Ga n re An hony Gaugnin Jarne Gaughan John Cwghan Mr and Mrs Jo eph Geurv Mr and Mrs Edward J Grldex Fhzaoelh Grldea Mr a d Mrs Anlhony Gonca yes Edward Graham John Graham Dorolhy Greco Lucy Gr co Mr and Mrs George l-laa Mrs Ella l-lalmen Mr and Mrs Roberl l-lerlzoq Jac and Alvce Fhqgrns Bernard Wu lrarn l-lod lclc Mr and Mr Wrllram l-lolrs' r M1 s Anna F-lvllr ler and Famr Marre C l-loneclrer and Mrs Peler l-loroscha lc an Mr Mchael l-lvzdn and Mrs Wnllmam Jacoby Wralam Jacooy J ano Mr Waller Januslfx a cl Mr S ephen Ja e s Baroer Shop r a d Mr Arlhur oyfe and Mrs Bernard Joyc and Mr Charles Joyce Lawrence R Joyce Jr V alma John on r and M l-loner e Ama Ke e and fl rn Mr a d M Johw Kenna M arn Kung l'ATll0 l Mr and Mr and Jane A Bernard Mr and Barbara an n aho and Mrs l-larry V Klein M Vlncenl Kleman Mrs Anson A Klnsrher Knoolauch Kophnger Mr John Kovaxclc Kramer Mrs Enoch Kroulch Mrs Leon Kurland M M chael Lavelle Mrs John Lavelle Mrs lnomas Long Mrs Anno Manley F 3 Anlhony M nd an an GPG an a eer an Mrs Charles Malrnoskn T Manney Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs lohn Mannion Fred Malfro Roberl Maurer Thoma McAndrew Jame McCullron Thomas J McDonnell McGee Mrs James McGee John T McGill Mr and Mrs John McG1ll Mr and Mrs Franlc McGraw M nd Mrs Palrrck McGuvre Fleunor and lrene Mcl-lugh Mary C McLaughlin Mar Ellen McManus Jose Mrs Mrs ran Fa QW M ll a o Mrs Rooerl McLauqhIrn and Mrs Waller Medallrs oh Meehan and Mrs Joseph Mersrer and Mr George Megosh A na Menapace Calherrne Merzrnger EP ri HU HF Mrs Mrs r s Mohan l-lenry Mrler George Mnler Leo Mulum Vlflllam Munnlg Raymond Moclc Monahan M Chesler Monr vaqe ro Moncavage d M F anlc Moncavage aha Mr Rayrn nd Moncavaqe D . . 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MOUNT CARMEL I AMUSEMENT COMPANY WURLITZER AND SEEBURG MUSIC SYSTEMS 229 SOUTH OAK STREET MOUNT CARMEL and Phones: 1094, 1297 REFRESHING 5 STAR COLUMBIA BEER i' B1ewed bg COLUMBIA BREWING CO SHENANDOAH PA . , I Compliments of SUNBURY COCA-COLA COMPANY SUNBURY, PA. Compliments o CLOVER HOSE FIRE COMPANY MOUNT CARMEL PENNA GLOWACKI BROS Quality Meats and Groceries 414 EAST AVENUE Phone 471 R Mount Carmel Pa HI WAY SERVICE STATION Atlantic Gas and O11 PETE ANDRULEVICH LEN FEUDALE d TONY PATRICK Strong Penna 18 WEST RAILROAD STREET , . : ' , 0 - Compliments of General Auto Repairs Pool Room an 2 Proprietors Mount Carmel, Pa. , . MOUNT CARMEL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION STRONG FIRE CO ir C omplimenfs Of GREEN'S DAIRY Try a Can of Our Sklpper Dock Clamblsque It 5 Delzczous ONE CNN SERVES 5 390 Per Can ASHLAND PHONE 9 Z CONIf7IlHl1'lIfS of N. AND S. CUT RATE MARKET THIRD AND CHESTNIUT JOHN BOYLAN LOCUST GAP PA Alwajs llF1l61ld of Cafholzr Hzgla FICCA BROS C01lO1dtll1tlf6 the Class 51 SHEARN BROTHERS Geneml Coal Haulzn Cl 83 WIDX ALLEY COAL MIRARCHI S B ARBER SHOP M i' cz l ' as ,k . U 1' A Mount Carmel, Pa. 9. ' ' . 'A' i Y Q , X Conzplirfzcnls of I A i' I A. . ,U - , of 3 if if ELMER "BUTCH" DELCAINIP ATLAS, PA. Complinluutx of Crmzfwlirzzwifs of 1 A 4 . g , Phone: Ashlan 5-R A 'A' . 'las, Pennn. 1 7 P Compliments THE EISENBERG AND O'HARA CO. School Uniforms 1 3 1 5 MARKET STREET Philadelphla Pa Complzmenfs IDI E HOUR CHARITY POOL Complzments VA RANO S WAREHOUSE Seventh and Oak Streets Mt Carmel Pa . , . of of - 3 MT. CARMEL, PA. 0 , , Compliments Compliments of of HOSIERY MILL STORE HERMAN LUDES Complete Lme 0 Men s Wfomen s and Cbzldren s Hosiery Co pl 22 East Fourth Street ELMER THURNER NIOUNT CARMEL PA Mount Cm mel s Newest Men s and Boys Clothzng Store PETES CLOTHES SHOP PETER J MEHOK M a s an I C 37 SOUTH OAK STREET LANGIS CANDY SHOP KULICK S GROCERY STORE d r ATLAS PENNA 7 . If Mount Carmel, Pa. 3 9 - 9 9 m iments 'k of Mount Carmel, Pa. , . , 7 9 7 ' 9 loin errh ndi e d Sui lub Phone: 1460 Mount Carmel, Pa. Complimvnt' Compliments of Of 9 Thir and Oak S reets Mount Carmel, Pa. ' . The Pemzvyli anza Plan IOIN TODAY WITH S100 BE ELIGIBLF TO WIIN S63 00 THIS SATURDAY A NEW TYPE LLUB EXLLUSIVILLY AT P A STIEF AIND SONS Outfittew to Men and B035 1 I3 INORIH OAK STREET C01llpIIlllLI1fS' 0 JOE SPLITTS BAKERY Pzev Cakes, Rolls and Bread SHAMOKIN PIZNNA J ANDH Sales and Seufzce if SLIENJTIFIC, 'MOTOR TUNE UP Phom ll-I-4 Second Floor Rooms 201 203 POPULAR FINANCE CO INC Personal Loans SAM REIVIERT Manager Gufnramtce Trust Bunldmf, TULIN BROTHERS F1 uzfs and P1 oduce Wflaolesafe MAHANOX CITY PA LEW S B ARBER SHOP ' It Pays to Look Well Locust Aw. nug Lentl ill 1 I ood Lurl and Good Htalth to A!11lu Cnadmztec BEN RIEMER S STORE IIS South Oak Street 'Vlounl Llrmel Penn1 fy I . . , ., . J 1 ' 5 . I . , I . . - N . 1 C ' ' , Y I O - y . . f r., J . 1 S- ' ' " I Phone: 654 9 . v If A 'K' 1' ,J -9 i' , , . . ' - -, I '. 'a i -1 ' f . Q A a P I' A . . ' t 3 . I 'I N In '- . 2 , 1. LEON F. HIGGINS Papmban nz, and Pauzfzn LOCUST GAP PA Phone 125 R2 Success to the G1tlfI'llClf6'5 1:10111 Yom Nezglabm 13 Clveuolef Deale1 CLAUSER GAR AGE 1149 Chestnut Street W C HACIx Sc SON Dependable Hmdu me Geneml Elecfrzc and Phzlro Applzances 8 North Oak Street Mt Cfarmel Pa ' 8 U X ir , 1 . - y v - . .L Phone: 63001 Klllpmont, PQI l 6 , Co pl E R BASTRESS COMPANY Lumber and Buzldzng Matermls T 1 ph Mt c 1150 Mt Carmel, Pa 3 U LOUIS YUSKOSKI Meats and Groceries MOUNT CARMEL PA PARRY S MARKET Turkey s Clnclz ens Fresh Sausage 123N thOkSt C pl PETER BUDICK Co pl NESBITT S CUT RATE ALBERTINI MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet Pontzac Buzck GUARANTEED OK USED CARS A fl f LARGE SELECTION GM PARTS 218 224 W Thlrd Street Mt Carmel, Pa E'l!67'j'l70dA',S ncle . . . m iments Of O O , , . ' 9 t ' bl . . ee one: . arme or a reet . . Mount Carmel, Pa. omw iments of . i' 'Q ,Y ' 'k Il Jorizell General Mo ors Servic' m iments 'A' Of 'A' a , ' . . . 73 Compliments CRYSTAL PEPSI COLA EOTTLING CO Wlay Tal c Less Wfhen Pepsz s Besf PHONE 630 MT CARMEL PA EAT AT SHOVLIN 85 HOV ANES MOUNT CARMEL s RECREATION CENTER Tasty Lunches T012 coco and Confeftzon Bowlmg MOUNT CARMEL Of 'A' 'J if I - , 3 w ak x y . .L 4 , , ,' 'k Oualzfy Since 1898 MOUNT CARMEL LUMBER CO Buzldevs Supplzes Lumbew and Mzllumlz Mason Supplies VINE AND RAILROAD STRILIZTS Telephone 394 Mount Carmel Penna N . V' . 0 . ' . 9 , - . o - ' 1 - 0 Paints and Glass 0 ' ' : . , . Compliments GEIST BERKANSKI POST 91 Mount Carmel Penna Of AMERICAN LEGION HIGGINS FUNERAL SERVICE Funeral Directors and Embalmers Funeral Home and Licensed Lady Undertaker AMBULANCE SERVICE 34 40 South Market Street Mount Carmel, Pa Telephone 499 Complzments WOOLWORTH STORE Mount Carmel, Pa HODRICK S APPLIANCE CENTER CENTRAL FOOD MARKET S lz rl H PHONE 1209 HPTH AND OAK STREETS ' Q . . . 1 R dios, Refrigerators, Ranges, Washers, t in s an ousewares KESSLEBJS Leadmg Jewelers for Graduatlon G1ftS C Follow the Croud of Alert Buyers 38 50 South Oak Street Phone 3 8 8 Mount Carmel Pa BRUNO BEVIVINO LUMBER CO Seventh and Maple Streets Mount Carmel Pa PHONE 425 J J F DELANEY FUNERAL DIRECTOR 50 South Hxckory Street Mount Carmel Pa PHOVE 450 i 1' , JJ i' : , . fLlldJ' Assisfanfj , . , . 1 ' 1 I TYE AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Sales and Service DE SOTO and PLYMOUTH CARS PHONE: 1 75 Second and Grape Streets Mount Carmel, Penna. Compliments of SAINT PETER'S YOUTH COUNCIL Mount Carmel Pa BUCKLEY AMUSEMENT ENTERPRISES State Theatre, Mount Carmel Capltol Theatre, Shamokln Majestlc Theatre, Shamokm Elks Theatre, Mahanoy Clty REINER BROS Buzldmg Supplzes 428 SOUTH MARKET STREET Mount Carmel Penna 8 , . i , . PHONE: 822 fOflre and Resirlencej TOY S APPLIANCE STORE Con pl E r F fth S FREIHOFER S BAKER CO 1462 STANDARD DRUG STORE BRECKER S CAFE T CIR3 MfMd Locust Gap, Pa rh Sr 9790 r R GUINAN AND COMPANY Mount Carmel Mahanoy City and Shamokin S5 9 , i,m,,,fS 35 as i treet Mount Carmel, Pa. of i' , Your Gvm'raI Elvvtric and Crosley Dvaler Phone: 9 lu' ou vfiorfs i' os 0 frn Drug Slow , Fif and Oak reets Phone: Moun Carmel, Pa. U ir KLAUS HOTEL GEORGE MOYER Contractor and Buzlde1 E J MADDEN o k B Co pl LEO BRADLEY 85 SON SEWELL'S C001 Hfmlmg PINE BURR BARBECUE ATLAS PA LOCLST GAP PA I IG dFod Complzmenfs KRAMER S BOTTLING WORKS Manu acturers 0 FULL FLAVORED BEVERAGES Cor. Market and Center Streets Mount Carmel, Pa. Phone: 5 6 0 86 'A' . l Proprietor Bl f , rick, Cement if if Locust Gap! Pa' Phone: 60322, Kulpmont m imenfs of 7 ' t us oo o Of , 'X 'A' LESTER R WEHRY Real to1 ea Ins WOOLWORTH BUILDING 677 Co pl t MR SCMRS SHULSKIE 6 Co pl VARANOS MEATS AND GROCERIES Kulpmont, Penna HALEY'S FOOD MARKET Locust Gap, Pa Complzments o JOSEPH BLEWIS Fzrestone Home and Auto Supplzes 133 SOUTH OAK STREET MOUNT CARMEL PENNA Congratulatzons The Class of 1951 JOHN J CHAI MAN REED'S DAIRY STORE AND LUNCHEONETTE Mount Carmel, Pa Gen 1' l uran 'A' Phone: Mount Carmel, Pa. m imen s of , i' 301 South Market Street Mount Carm l, Penna. , , . m imenfs of ' to 9 ir . ' J Proprietor i' F7 TADDEO'S BODY WORKS Atlas Pa : 1232 s P JEPKO o 107 Chestnut Street KULPMONT PA Cont, ratulatzons to e G1 aduates FRED ALEXANDER Stone Contractm ROSSI CAFE ATLAS PA A M MATULEWICZ 13 2 South Market Street McFADDEN'S DAIRY PRODUCTS MOUNT CARMEL Extends Congratulatzons to e Class of 1 9 5 1 ATLAS PA Mount Carmel Catbolzc High Compliments Of , . Phone Mount Carmel CO. Compliments K . . , wnerl if o 0 ' tb ir , PA. ' tb of a ' - 88 Compliments IOSEPH ZECOSKIE Tax Collector MOUNT CARMEL PA CATHOLIC WOMEN S COUNCIL CITY APPLIANCE CO Mag tab Sales Sem zce 44 West 3rd Street 1105 Complzments PURCELL S GROCERY Centralla P The MT CARMEL ITEM Extends Congratulations to the Class of1951 Mount Carmel Catholic Hzgla Of 3 o Compliment of 9 r 0 - V1 ' 'A' MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Phone: Of 9 of ir ' , a. 29 s i 1 1 4 E Compli1ne1zfs Of ATLAS FIRE COMPANY Atlas Pa GREEICS BILLIARD PARLOR ir Famous For Hot Dogs and Ham burge1 s SOUTH OAK STREET MOUNT CARMEL PA GEORGE EACH Bee1 Dzstrzbutow COLUMBIA 5 STAR BEER just Phone 844 Complzments ALTOMARE STORE Atlas Penna i' , . u l . i . . z ' A ' l j 'k of l 'I' 5 i I for Quick Delivery Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania MT CARMEL LODGE No 665 LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE Extends Then' Best Wishes and Congratulatzons to the Class of 1951 MOUNT CARMEL PA REA and DERICK Thmrd and Oak CUT RATE DRUGS Complzments MT CARMEL DISTRIBUTING CO 9 i' , 0 Compliments Of Of i' Compliments of GERTRUDE'S DRESS SHOP 1000 CHESTNUT STREET KULPMONT PENNA SCHELL'S FLOWER SHOP S h O Flowers For All Occasions MOUNT CARMEL PA 64 BARKER BAKERY CHAR1 ES D MENAPACE Bread S O k St Co mplimenfs of EDWARD DUNN justice of the Peace MOUNT CARMEL PENNA 'Alwajs the B ' LOUIS GROSSMAN 85 SONS MOUNT CARMEL PA Depaz tment Store MRS BONI NICOLETTI MAURER'S WAYSIDE DAIRY Golden Guernsey Milk A F I L VICTORIA THEATRE MOUNT CARMEL PA i u 'k 9 ' , I ' ' est ' 208 out ak Street 'A' 'A' , . Phone: 5 ' e Compliments of Energy Imparting Non-Fattening , Essential Food 37 South Locust Street 209 . 'VI . a reet L ount Carmel, Pa Mount Carmel, Pa. Compliments of Also if ul ine of Dairy Proriucfs and Ice Cream ' ' ' 92 T MT CARMEL MOTORS 230 SOUTH OAK STREET I1zter11atzo1zal T1 ucks Kazser and F111 61 Cars Parts Sales and Servzce MOUNT CARMEL PA REED S MILK AND ICE CREAM All Wag s Good Plan Yom Outzngs LAKEWOOD PARK WM J cosm Atlas, Pa POLISH AMERICAN LIBERTY CLUB 122 North Oak Street Mount Carmel Pa 1 T ' 7 T 'A' I f T . l A Z l A 'A' T if T - r wk 'k Satisfaction Guaranfeerf SHAMOKIN, PA. T 4 ' . - T T at ' T T T f T T T T , I , . 93 ASHLAND 85 SHAMOKIN AUTO BUS CO MOUNT CARMEL, PA Phone 6 3791 Kulpmont Chartered Bus Servzce to Any Pomt zn Pennsylvama I You Should Lzke to Make a Charter Trip-Call Us for Detazls Meats and Grocerzes BOYLE S CONFECTIONARY LOCUST GAP PA LOCUST GAP PA Complzmeuts MT CARMEL BREWERY, INC 94 if 1 'A' 0 if ' Compliments Of . 9 'A' 'k Of Compliments Of FRANK DEVINE Insm ance MOUNT CARMEL FRANK S CUT RATE Compliments Of S H I M O C K ' S Furniture Wfallpapw Paznt 241 South Oak Street MOUNT CARMEL PA TAMANINI 86 SON Food Market HERB S ACCO GARAGE M pl h x t 62 HERB S SERX ILE STATION 9878 t H O MOSER i' 'k , PA. , . C0"1Pli"1v'1fS Compliments of of ' A. F. . - f Mount Carmel, Pa. . Complimvnts of 3 ' Complimvnts a e and C errj S rcets Phone: 5 of and , I is . . 0119! A las, Pa. Co pl SMOKEY'S POOL PARLOR E rFfchStet Pe Co pl me ts 0 CORTELLINI SHOE SERVICE MOUINT CARMEL PA MORATELLE'S AUTO BODY VVORKS AUTOMOBILE MACHINE SHOP 2 MOUNT CARMEL AUTO SUPPLY t' ANN S DRESS SHOP 210 SOUTH OAK STREET 1170 YOUR B ARBER SHOP C l IC ED KOGUT P p to THE ATLAS CAFE THOMAS W SHUDA Ca e Locust Gap Pa m iments of Complim nfs of 1 as i r e Mount Carmel, nna. Phone: Mount Carmel, m i n f I 350 o umbia Avenue A las, Penna. 'A' 1 , I A , ro rze r Compliments to the Class of '51 from Mount Carmel 'k Mr. and Mrs. F. Roszkowski Pennsylvania Proprietors l Ori, inal Equipment Lines 'A' 'K' , . Sb LOUIS C DONDERO Maga me and News Dealer 17 19 South Oak Street Mount Carmel, Pa HOOK S CATERING SERVICE Competent E czent Catering to Lodges Clubs Organ: ations Churches Banquets Dinners Lunches and Clam Bakes 250 South Walnut Street Mount Carmel, Pa 97 0 Z . i' 9 JOHN HOOK, Proprietor 'A' 9 3 .Z I .9 I 9 . 9 ' 'A' HALEY'S FLOWER SHOPPE Flowers For All Occasions if Day Phone: 803 N'y,ht Ph : 419-W 49 West Fourth Street Mount Carmel, Penna Compliments of KOSTAS CAFE if FIFTH AND POPLAR Compliments of MR AND MRS LOUIS PIZZOLI Alas, Pa CHARLES H REITZ Attorney at Law W t h r CONNAGHAN S MUSIC STORE RCA V f 6NrhOkSr c 899 BLACK DIAMOND SERVICE STATION Seventh and Oak Streets Mount Carmel Atlantzc Products Expert Lubrzcatzon KD 3 d N ghtj 1 v one i, . . ll es T ird S reet Mount Carmel, Pa. ik 1 i' ic or - Zenith a ' an i Radios Kelrirmfor Refrigerators, Ranges, 'A' Home Freezers Kerosene White Gas 2 or 11 ree Phone: JOE'S RESTAURANT Thlrd and Maple Streets Mount Carmel, Penna WILLIAM ZELUS Florzst MOUNT CARMEL PENNA Wh p What W GALITSKI S GROCERY STORE Meats and Groceries 21 R MOUNT CARMEL PENNA W H YODER All Forms 0 Insurance 1 BJM t224 KATCH S FURNITURE STORE 1226 8 CHARLES A FEIFER BLACKIE S SHOE HOSPITAL D D S CENTRALIA PA MOUNT CARMEL PA The Graduates of 51 'A' "Flowers is er ords Can Never Say" i' Q 'A' Phone: - . . Your Dol ars ll f ore a f ak 9 'A' 27 EAST SECOND STREET 224 South Oak Street ne: Mount Carmel, Pa. Phone: 91 Mount Carmel P Compliments of Compliments of ' 9 to 9 ' 9 En HAT BOX tPla o tCa JAY JEWELERS KATHRYN VEITH MOUNT CARMEL PA 16 MM Sound Projectms Fzlm Rental Lzbrary 16 MM Sound and Szlent 8 MM Szlent MT CARMEL PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLY 117 119 NORTH OAK STREET MOUNT CARMEL PA DR W A SNYDER C om plzments Optometrzsf Third and Oak Streets SOCIAL CIVIC CLUB Mount Carmel, Pa. MOUNT CARMEL, PA T I ph 400 OO joy Our Conveni t Pa-ymen n ir 219 South Oak Street M un rmel, Pa. , . - , , Of 'A' ce one: Congratulatzons To All the Graduates rom the SHIMKO BROTHERS Owners o Good Rlch Mllk an Ice Cream R01 al Typewrztm s f Student Supplzes STECKER'S BOOK STORE Vzctor Columbza Decca and Capztal Records MOUNT CARMEL PA Best Wzshes LEONARD J KRAMER Distributor o Fme Beers 131 N Walnut Street Mount Carmel P 750 MARTINEZ 86 BRODERICK Strzppzng Contractors Ashland, P . V v I Standard and Por able 'A' . D, . , d 'k 'k PA. 20 North Oak Street Phone: 16 'k ' if i' ' 'A' , a. 3. ne: O Compliments HOLY NAME SOCIETY MOUNT CARMEL PA MAY FAIR SOFT DRINK Complzments Bottles WQRKMEN SUPPLY Phone 9771 STORES WAI TER SCI-IL LSKI O Of , . if Of 7 oz 12 oz. 32 oz. af ir AMERICAN A LEGION FRIEND AUXILIARY Complzments Complzments Jomnwio GAUGHAN' YOUTH t COUNCH. Locust Avenue Mount Carmel Penna LEINTRALIA IA if of of OUR LADY'S ' ir SAMMY AND LEONARD CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF 1951 SPRING BROOK PARK Route 42 Between Numldxa and C3taWlSS3 Free Pzcmc Grove Swzm Skate Rzd es MEKOSH BROS M g GEORGE HALAMA SASSANI td th Sh Pffchp SHOE SHOP 3 0 SOUTH HICKORY 1794 R MOUNT CARMEL IO4 'A' ., ana ers Compliments of Pretzels - Pickled Meats Sal e in e ell Peanuts o a o i s i' 'k e: - LET US SOLX E YOUR PROBLEM Cm tts and Rug: Tiles and Cabznefs All Work Guoarfmteed 411 Wforlz Installed B1 Om Ou Utfbarzrcv GEM LINOLEUM SHOP MOUNT CARMEL PA Complzma nts o JOHN WARDROP 85 SON Hmdwme Merchants MOUNT CARMEL PA FRANK QUIN 81 Co Impoz ters 0 Clazuch Goods and Relzgzous A1 tzcles 'A' 46 North 9th Street Philadelphxa, Pa. You Art Alum: R tll11f0CJO XVIHJ Our Sllllt TCM CUFF G llf S lil and Lulnzfufron WTOUNT CARMEL PA Phone 828 Fomplum nfv o ANTHONY V MISCAVAGE 4 NORTH OAK STREET MOUNT CARMEL PA Dr Francls J Menapace Dentzsf 33 East Th1rd Street Mount Carmel, Pa. D , - A X 4 . . .M L, u ' ' ,. ' ' ' ' ' 'K .p, L K V G I. 1 'vu' " 1' " ' g ' , ' ' 'n A , - Firvsfonc Tin-s and TIllla'S A 1 , . , ' ' W e f A ' , . f . i' i' 1 ' , - U . Q . i 'k KARLOWICH CAFE 'A' 138 South Maple Street MOUNT CARMEL PA GEORGE N KERSTETTER Ieweler L t t MOUNT CARMEL PA Compliments of VETERANS FOREIGN WARS Mount Cm mel Penna RED CROSS NATURAL BRIDGE MILLER BROS SHOE STORE VALLISH S Fme F111 mtzu e MOUNT CARMEL PENNA HENLEE S Mount Carmel, Pa Ladzes Wfem mg Apparel NUNN BUSH FREEMAN ir MOUNT CARMEL PA OF 'A' 16 'as Fifh Street A 9 3 'I' A' Shoes For All the Family C6"'P"""""S of 7 'I' i' . , F. ,A v . .1 :W h r ch f 1951 ANTHRACITE FIRE CO f ATLAS HARDWARE CO MOUNT CARMEL PA Bes is es o e Class o if No. 1 MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Compliments 0 if Compliments Of KANMAK MILLS INC. Chestnut Street Kulpmont Pa 'lr CENTRALIA NEWS AGENCY Locust Avenue Centralla Pa i' A FRIEND " G I F T S H O P GEORGE D MILLER Books Wfagn mes G1 ts Stationary Gredmg Cards For All Ocraszons 15 WESI' THIRD STREET MOUNT CARMEL PA KAZLAUSKAS GROCERY Gr over :es Ounlzty M1 nts 529 EAST THIRD STREET MOUNT CARMEL PA Phone 480 R Call and DLI11 F1 5 Ser ure 1235 W CHESTNUT STREET Phone 4201 Tailoring R1 unmg Pressmg Alhratzons KULPMONT SAFEWAY CLEANERS 85 DYERS Clothes Made to M asme Complzmenis DR J B DUFFY KING MUSIC HOUSE 24 NORTII OAK STREET LIOUNT CARMEL PA Phone I l 10 Compliments PINN INN EAST FIFTH STREET MOUNT CARMEL PA STELLATO S BEAUTY SHOP AU Bmmlns o Bumly Work 247 EAST FOURTH STREET Cenffalla, Pa. MOUNT CARMEL, PA Phone 644 : ' :I 9 N l 5' ' . .v , . , . t t A-4 . E1,'1'7'-Yfhiilg Musical . .. L ,P . .. i . of if Of O I l , . . , If , Y, . it i' YO? K PP Complzments GALLAGHER'S SHOE STORE 3 1 North Oak Street Mount Carmel, Pa NORTH S JEWELRY STORE A Good Place to Buy Watches Dzamonds and Iewelry EXPERT REPAIRING AT PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD 1 08 South Oak Street Mount Carmel, Pa Electrlcal Contractor A ROCKAFELLER CO and 8 South Oak Street POTTS BROTHERS Wholesale C011 ectzonerg MOUNT CARMEL COYNE S CAFE LOCUST GAP MAIN STREET Florsheim ri endorf . of 'k if if 6 lby Arch Preserv Tweedie Mount Carmel, Pa' , ik ' 1 'A' . , PA. 'I' 9 'ff ir 0 C01I1pIl7ll61IfS Complirrzenfs JACK McGINLEY'S SHA MOKIN PACKING HOTEL COMPANY al' Locust Avenue and Mam Street CHIEF Centraha Penna Brand PRINTCRAFT CARD COMPANY INC and Personal Cmds Prmtcraft Bulldmg 1425 East Elm Street Scranton 5 Pennsylvanla LOCUST GAP CLEANERS P1ess111g LIIIITIIIT 3 Alter zfzons of of K 'k ' C! 33 1 ' V , 0 Com 71161106 111 ent A 1111011 1lC67lI81lt 3 , , 4 I pl . I I Ou um um 40 q umlc to mm gow Q 0 our spermm QL QIpU'i6'llLL LH f l' SHIHH L M 160711111 H ,HOC U lllq I HH JP i mt m 0 wwf 1 I tml L1 1 f 1 au fg5 9' CAMPUS Pu13.L1sH1 3 ,....,..,m,..,. YEARBOOK SPECIALISTS Niwvonx WASHINGTON AR 'I' o ENGRAVING c LETTERPRESS ' OFFSET bv- I A X ,, J- 'HI 4 2 W 1 I 'S XX f , gm 1 , Ju '- ,VA ff if , tbl A I I 1, V I 1 Elf 4 uk I CHL v Alu J gf iw A u and cnkffff UU xv pu 1lf'lff Qfurapu: L 222

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