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Q.. 'ww my M., N. '---.rg -w- W, vi. , 3, W 'W-H" , an 5 ,f T. , ""fxi"?' '-.1 'lbw' nn? . nfnwmf' -wg vpi- Y "J yq .3um. .,,,...q.u-M.. .-. .w. . We w Y 1' r'1 V. O T ' V V . r K . 4 vs, n "1 .,, .QQ N A 1,0 L In R ' R f .,, QM.- wtf -'--Q fu' I 5 ' -rn ' -ll' -' N . o-'n4A""",D P ' -'S :MC- Q, , I r, .., N. N s f Q. . ' .1 '55 D .W .. - F Published by SENIOR CLASS JOINT SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania - . 'E--v"-"' N . I b.N:s..1i -fin i . , -.Q.. I I aww.. .. ,L CARNIELIT uwxin urn: LMS. 5.1 KS Q in My QC It N. Foreword We have decided to give our YEARBOOK an entirely new look. Through this renovation we are able to give you a greater number of enlightening articles and informal pictures. The following pages contain a record of the past three years, we have spent in our high school. Our annual has many recollections of the activities and sports in which we have participated. Here the memories and records of our high school lite unfold before you. The CARMELITE will hold for us. in future years, the friends we made and the many things our class has accomplished. We sincerely hope that whenever you glance through this history that you will remember all the happiness and experiences we have shared together. lt F-1 our greatest desire that you enjoy the contents here-to-come. Thank Heavens, 3:30 2 Just think! Tomorrow is Saturday. Still Sleepy. J00? l ff Managing Editors P. Fracalossi and R. Reiner YEARBOOK STAFF Managing Editors: Pat Fracalossi Robert Reiner Literary Staff: Patricia Neifert, Co-Editor Ronald Walker, Co-Editor Joyce Mosello Isobel Kulick Carol Murin Sylvia Ferrari Jerry Coniff Sports Staff: Robert York, Editor Robert Grossman Photography: Robert Andruscavage, Editor Art And Layout Staff :Anna Mae Babilya, Editor Marilyn Baynham Elaine Kropp Typing Staff: Berdine Carta, Editor Barbara Chesney Joan Sebastian -I--A Carol Shuder Literary Staff Co-Editors P. Neifert and R. Walker Francis J ablonski Advertising Staff: Mary Roszkowski Gerry Serovich Felicia Chesney Joan Sebastian Business Advisor: Mr. Walter Chesney Editorial Advisor: Mr. George McFee A dvcrtising Staff Left to Right: G. Serovich, M. Roszkowski, n and F Chesne J. Sebastia , . y. Xe.. A 1 K Art and Layout Staff Editor Typing Staff Editor Photography Staff Editor SPONS Staff Ediflfll' Conten Introduction Foreword S Staff 1 Contents S S Supt. and School Board Dedication 1 Faculty Sophomores 1 Informal Shots ccce S SS S SSS Art and Home Ec. Classes S S SSSSS Homecoming S S- Cheerleaders S Majorettes Pep Rallies Football Band SS Concession Stand S S Juniors CS SS Sr Cross Country Harvest Festival S SS Dramatic Clubs Carpentry Machine Shop Si Christmas Pageant S S SHS Evening Dances 1 S SSCSSSSCSSSS Yearbook Staff Informals SS DSSSSS Basketball S 1 SS SS ,SSC ,SS Gym Classes S SSSSSSSSS Sadie HaWkin's Dance S Wrestling. SS S S SS 1 Intramural Sports 1 1 Senior Informals SSS Field Day S Track SS 1 SS SSSSSS1 Activities and Clubs S Honor Societies Baseball S SS S S Prom Career Day S Graduation Seniors S 4 43 to the rightg pass 8 twice to the leftg 24 to the right CLICK. Let's clear the hall - homeroom time. Senior Class Officers 81 Senior Superlatives S 83 Senior Directory 1 85 Senior Class Officers S SS S 89 Senior Informals 90 Advertisements S S- , 110 Gerald A. Beierschmitt The task of supervising the Mount Carmel Joint School System is given to the SUPERIN- TENDENT. In 1934, Mr. Gerald A. Beierschmitt was elected school superintendent by Mount Carmel School Board. With the forming of the Mount Carmel Joint Senior High School in 1951, he was again made superintendent. Located in the Roosevelt Junior High School he is supervisor to the schools and re- sponsible for education requirements. Mr. Beierschmitt is well - qualified having an A.B. degree from Holy Cross and an A.M. degree from Bucknell. The enormous job of running the Mount Carmel Joint Senior High School by setting school policies, providing necessary funds, and making appointments, is given to the MOUNT CARMEL JOINT BOARD OF EDUCATION. There are members on this board and they are elected for six year terms. In 1951 the school boards of Mount Carmel Borough and Mount Carmel Township signed a ten year contract, bringing into being the Mount Carmel Joint Senior High School. Today through the tire- less work of the Mount Carmel School boards and their fine faculties has placed Mount Car- mel on the list of Accredited Secondary Schools of the Middle Atlantic States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and twice Mount Carmel High School has received the rating of excellent by this same evaluation committee. First Row, Left to Right: A. Lesanski, S. Kerestes, M. Pachuta, J. Warholyk, J. Car- bacio, J. Serovich. Second Row: G. A. Beierschmitt, W. Penman, F. Kaminski, V. Hinkle, T. Schultz, A. Pizzoli, M. Tanney, C. Menapace. 5 Jj wr Our advisors, Mr. Joseph Kozlowski and Miss Helen Carroll. DEDICATIU We Would like to DEDICATE this yearbook of the class of 1960 to our loyal and industrious class advisors, Miss Helen Carroll and Mister Joseph Kozlowski. They have given us invaluable assistance with the many under- takings of our high school career. We desire to express our appreciation for the many tedious hours of labor spent by Miss Carroll and Mister Kozlowski for the benefit of our class. We know their efforts have required them to make sacrifices, and We hope that We will prove to them that their Work Was worthwhile and has aided us in reaching our goals. Mr. McHail speaking. Well known to all of us iere at Mount Carmel Senior High School is Mr. Vincent McHail, our be- oved principal. Mr. Mc- Hail has been associated with our school since 1928, when he became teacher iere. In 1933 he was ele- vated to the position of orincipal where for the oast 26 years he has been liligently running our al- 'na mater. His duties are numerous and tedious. He .s responsible for the guidance of students, the 'naking of schedules, the naintaining of conduct ind a host of other duties which arise during the school year. Besides these Functions he also serves is an instructor, teaching trigonolnetry and solid geometry courses f o u r times a week. Yet, de- spite this rigorous rou- tine, Mr. McHail takes an 0ur Faoult Miss Ada D. Bahner, A.B. Bea- ver Mrs. Alexander Mr. Timothy E. Barnes, A.B. Susquehanna U., M.Ed. Penn State Mr. Frank S. Bartos, B.S. Buck- nell U.g M.S. Bucknell U. Miss Kathryn E. Billman, A.B. Albright College Mr. Charles A. Boleske, A.B. Harvard U.g A.M. Columbia U. Mr. Harry W. Boyer, Kansas City Tech. Inst., Penn State, Bloomsburg State College Mr. Gerald R. Breslin, A.B. Bucknell U.g A.M. Bucknell U. Miss Helen A. Carroll, B.S. gloomsburg State, M.S. U. of a. Mr. Walter S. Chesney, B.S. Bloomsburg State, A.M. N. Y. U. Miss Ruth M. Evans, A.B. Sus- quehanna U. Mr. John B. Hogan, Beckley College Miss Virginia Kachel Mr. Charles T. Karlow, B.S. Albright Collegeg M.A. N. Y. U. Miss Leona Kauffman Mr. Louis Kleman, A.B. Mt. St. Mary's Mr. Joseph W. Kozlowski, B.S. Bloomsburg State, M.S. Buck- nell Miss Mary R. Mayan, B.S. Tem- ple U.g M.Ed. Bucknell Miss Marie G. McCarthy, H.B. Boston University Mr. George A. McFee, B.S. Kutztown State College Mrs, Kathryn C. McHail, A.B. Susquehanna U. Miss Catherine M. Scicchitano, A.B. Immaculatag A.M. Penn S. Mr. Jacob P. Sebastian, B.S. Penn State, M.Ed. Penn State Mr. Paul Semicek, Director of Instrumental Music Mr. Michael Terry, A.B. Villa- nova Home Visitor Marie Gallagher, B.S. Blooms- burg State Nurses Mildred Ambrose, R. N. Anna Marnell, R. N. Kathryn Horan, R.D.H. U. of Pa.: B.S. Bloomsburg State Mr. McHail is presented an apple as a token of his esteem by Pat Neifert, President of the Future Teachers of America, Mt. aw 0 si active interest in the wel- Pl H I M M M H 1 I I fare of each student be- s 'in i..-i B1 Hi il rfiil fore and after graduation. , ', 'I 'V,"f,ljl, -, ll 'f ' l", 1 1 1 We are sure that there is not a single student in Mount Carmel High School that fl tiiwiimf"'14:'1'fwill-lI li 'I HIL was not come to Mr. McHail for advice at one time or another, nor do we feel that ti 'i"'i.iQ'Qifi"1'i 'I o Hr, it L :here is any graduated student that is not indebted to Mr. McHail in some way. He QW ,"fQ,jQj',""1j,,,1,,W" N' 'MMP' s truly the perfect example of what a high school principal should be. 7 Our ENGLISH DEPARTMENT has a staff of five instructors: Miss Virginia Kachel, Mister Charles Boleske, Miss Ruth Evans, Mister Gerald Breslin, and Miss Ada Rahner, head of the department. The Sophomores are taught the proper use of the English language and the study of the various rules of grammar. Some of the classics read are: LORNA DOONE, SILAS MARNER, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, KIDNAPPED, MOBY DICK, and AS YOU LIKE IT. During the Junior Year, visual grammar is taught and their vocabulary is enlarged. Sometime throughout the year a number of the American Poets are studied. These include Poe, Emerson, Whittier, Longfellow, Thoreau, and Holmes. The literature from the earlv American colonies up to and including present times is also taught. With the coming of the Senior Year, work concentrates about outstanding English writers. The plays of Shakespeare arc read, while the poems of Chaucer, Milton, Keats and several others are studied. The remaining time is spent in creative writing, com- positions, themes, grammar and vocabulary study. Miss Catherine M. Scicchitano, A.B. flmmaculataj, A.M. 4Penn Statel: Mr. Louis Kleman, A.B. fSt. Mary'sl. nl SO thiq iq French., Our new Sophomore English teacher. FRENCH and LATIN are the two lan- guages taught in our school. The French class is under the supervision of Miss Cath- erinc Scicchitano, while Latin is taught by Mister Louis Kleman. Latin is begun in the Freshman year and continued through the Sophomore session. Many of the famous Roman works of litera- ture arc reviewed while much of the Roman culture and government is dwelled upon. A background in Latin serves as a very useful l'oundat.ion in the study and understanding of many modern languages, our own very much included. French first appears in the Junior and sails through the Senior term. French I consists of' learning the basic grammar afi pronunciation. During the Senior Session the pronunciation and vocabulary are in- creased and improved upon. This year the LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT received a spe- cial recording device to enable the students to improve their pronunciation. By pre-record- ing and then listening to their own voices the pupils enable themselves to correct their own faults. Miss Ruth Evans, A.B. fSusquehannabg Mr. Charles Boleske, A.B. fHar- vardj, A.M. fColumbiaJg Miss Ada Bahner, A.B. Clleaverlg lVlr. Gerald Breslin, A.M. fBucknellJ, A.B. CBucknellJg Miss Virginia Kachel, A.B. 8 QBeaverJ. The primary purpose of AERONAUTICS is to acquaint some Senior boys with a few of the elements that compose the Science of Aviation. These elements include Civil Air Regulations, Aircraft Identification, Code, Navigation, Meteor- ology, and the History and Development of Aeronauties. Aeronautics, as it is taught, is not designed to be a pilot training course, but rather, a familiari- zation course based upon several skills, each of which will further a military or civilian career. I Mr. Glenn F. Menges, B.S. fBloomsburgJ Mr. Joseph Kozlowski, B.S. CBlooms- burgj, M.A. lBucknellJg Miss Kath- yrn E. Billman, A.B. 1AlbrightJg Mr. Vincent McHail, A.B. fBuck- nellj, A.M. fBucknellJ. With great emphasis on nuclear science, MATHEMATICS is now more essential for students wishing to further their education in the fields of chemistry, science, nursing, and advanced mathematical training. Ac- ademic students are required to have two years of algeb1'a, one of plane geometry, one of physics, one semes- ter each of solid geometry and tri- gonometry. The General and Corn- mercial students are required to have at least one year of algebra. The High School's Mathematics Depart- A lecture ment is composed of three members, Miss Katherine Billman, head of the department, Mr. Vincent McHail, and Mr. Joseph Kozlowski, Under their competent guidance students develop skills of accuracy, speed, precision, and concentration. Our SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT is com- posed of Miss Ruth Evans, Miss Leona Kaufman, Mr. Gerald Breslin, and Mr. Charles Boleske, head of the department. The subjects involved in this department are World History, American History, and Problems of Democracy. World History is the study of civilization from ancient times up to the present day. American History is the study of our country's past and p1'esent. All historical events are thoroughly covered during the course of the year. American His- tory instills in the student a better understanding of his country. Study of the Problems of Democracy helps stu- dents to become aware of the fact that they are a part Ruth Eans, A.B. 1Susquchannab3 Mr. Gerald Breslin, A.M. QBuck- of 3' hvmg democracy' It 15 th" Study of 3 form of ncllb, A.B. iliucknelljg Mr. Glenn Menges, B.S. QBloomsburgJ, government in which thel'0 is 21 1 I'Y'0S0Ht21tiV9 EOVCYYI- Mr. Charles Boleske, A.B. tHarvardj, A.M. QColumbiaJ. ing body, This subject covers al' phases of our dem- Alert students at the map "'-'-sr Left to Right: Miss Leona Kaufman, A.B. fSusquehanna,, Miss ocratic system. wwafaifbf Left to Right: Miss H. Carroll, Mr. J. B. Hogan, Mr. W. Chesney. The purpose of a high school education is to de- velop each pupil for a rich, full and useful life. COMMERCIAL EDU- CATION is concerned with the basic skills, un- derstandings, and atti- tudes needed by all re- gardless of occupation. It is concerned, not only with personal, social and civic growth, but with those interests and com- petencies that give breadth and depth to occupational preparation and activity. The Commercial edu- cation program provides for an exploration of fields of learning of in- terests, of abilities, and of occupational opportuni- ties. Business subjects such as typewriting and bookkeeping provide la- boratories for the person- al and social growth of pupils' skills and in social and occupational attitudes and habits. "Ask the teacher" "A teacher at work" The SCIENCE CURRICULUM of Mount 'armel Joint Senior High School 'is divided nto three different departments: Biology, my Miss Marie Mc-Carthyg Chemistry, under Vlr. Timothy Barnes, and Physics, with Mr. loseph Kozlowski as the instructor. The science courses are provided for ,hose students who show an interest in ,he scientific field and who wish to obtain i broader and deeper understanding of acience. We, the students, are very appre- -iative of our fine science department. 10 3 "No help from your neighbor" "Helpful Advice" 95 I v-., ,fd Mr. T. Barnes, Miss M. McCarthy, Mr. J.Kozlowski nl .lfwi ' N I' Q. 3 s 5 2 Q 3 2 Miss Mayan and Mr. Karlow view some muscles The high school VOCATIONAI, SHOP consists of the three divisions taught by the shop teachers. Mr. Jacob Sebastian, the director, instructs in vocational drafting and blueprint reading. Vocational carpentry is taught by Mr. Frank Bartos, and machine shop by Mr. Harry Boyer. Miss Mary Mayan and Mr. Charles Karlow are the PHYSICAL EDUCATION and HEALTH EDUCATION instructors. Both boys and girls receive gym twice a week and health instructions once each week. .ik- . iw- 5 S r ,Q , .A ix . Mr, Bartos, Mr. Boyer, and Mr. Sebastian keep busy S if "Knock 'em cold, Tom" A school is rated by the achieve- ments of its students. In this re- spect, as the record shows, Mount Carmel ranks high as many of its stu- dents have not only gone on to college, but have also attained recognition on the type of faculty which encouraged these youths during their most impor- tant training period: that is during their high school years. A closer look at this group of teachers indicates that it is an un- usual faculty - dedicated to its pro- fession. This is indicated by the fact that over half of them have gone beyond required training for teachers, and have earned Master's degrees in different subjects. Our faculty has received its training from many dif- ferent institutions. Background of such variety gives our high school a valuable cosmopolitan scholarship. The students of this class wish to acknowledge and thank this faculty that has had the patience and ability to guide and teach us during our years in Mount Carmel High School. We know that our appreciation will deepen as we later come to realize the actual worth of our education. 'H possible. Mr. Terry at work. fi Asking for advice. One of the attributes of our high school is a smooth functioning well-equipped LIBRARY. Its importance is increased by the lack of any other in Mount Carmel. The library, established at its present site in 15148 has grown in number of volumes from four thousand to almost five thou- sand. Any student wishing to do research on some subject, will be able to acquire further knowledge from the many reference books and the five different sets of encyclopedias. Those who have no assignments can read from the eighty different periodicals or one of the latest fiction books. The library has been furnished with the College Blue Book and a great number of college bulletins, which list information for pupils planning to further their education. Available also are books on various occupations and careers which may help the undecided student to "make up his mind." Our library has helped us, who have used it, to gain intelligence through reading. 12 One of the many privileges our school extends to the student body is a DRIVERS TRAINING COURSE. This course is available to all students who upon reaching the age of 16 express a desire to get a license. Students taking this course will find that while under the expert guidance of Mr. Terry, they have developed the best driving habits 5 Quality is our most important aim. Mrs. Martina Alexander is in charge of HOME ECONOMICS. The girls taking this course are given training in cooking and serving as well as instruction in the fundamentals of home management. Under the direction of Mr. George McFee, the students enrolled in this course provide posters, scenery, and other art work for the school as well as acquiring a tlfor- ough knowledge of art 'md its basic fundamen- tas 'QM 1' Yearbook takes shape A., Careful! Watch that stamper! And that's how you do it. I . 4 fu .4 You thoupfht he was at school? The nurses, Miss Mildred Ambrose and 'Irs. Anna Marnell and the dental hygien- nt Miss Kathyrn Horn help to keep the ealth of the students on a high level. The urses do this by assisting with the medical xamination every year, and the dental ,ygxienist by cleaning' the teeth of students ,nd aiding: the school dentist in checking or cavities. If anything unhealthy is dis- overed in a pupil, the parents are notified ,s corrective steps may be taken. In case if sickness at school parents are immedi- .tely notified and the pupil sent home with , responsible adult. A first aid box is :ept in the Home Economics room. if fl s si THE BAND, under the competent leadership of Mr. Paul Semlcek takes an important part in the musical activities of our school These programs include concerts and football games. This year the b 1nd received new uniforms, which were financed by the Band Parents Organization Look, mom, no cavities! it . K-fs .. ...W cfs-M A sa. tl ,nil The home and school visitor for the Mount Carmel Joint School System is Mrs. Marie B. Gallagher. Because of the tendency to- wards truancy in many school districts, a home and school visitor is needed. When pupils are reported absent, her duty is to call at their homes and consult the parents concerning the reason for their absence. Proper measures are then taken if a pupil is truant. X ik: . XSL 1 ES L. 3 "' ?x,ms1s.,.. Miss Kathyrn Horn, Miss Mildred Ambrose, Mrs. Anna Marnell :jj 1, f , at 4? mtv 4 pf' , am " yi-VN Q cl Go - ahead Taste it FORWARD!! March You nvod a key to start the car 0:5-ix X X From Chaucer to Keats Af I4 Now pay strict attention Busy at work 'Q Seated: F. Morgan, Presidentg B. Greco, Secretary: M. A. Lubeski, Treasurerg D. Strawn, Vice President. Standing: Mr. J. Hogan, Miss L. Kaufman. SOPll0MORE CLASS HOMEll00MS If you will pay close attention to the ribs." The class of 1962 began its days at M.C.H.S. during a very hot and humid spell. But this didn't dampen our spirits as everyone looked forward to the excite- ment of greeting new teachers and personal- ities. We will all remember the aimless wan- dering in the corridors during the first few weeks of school and the helpful ad- vice which the hall patrol members gave us. Our first major money-making project was the Christmas Card Campaign. This project, under the very capable leadership of our class advisors, Miss Kaufman and Mr. Hogan, netted a considerable sum of money for our class. In addition to sponsoring several dances during the school year, we sold fruit- cakes and candy prior to the Christmas holidays. These activities helped the mem- bers of our class to become better acquaint- ed with each other. I'm sure we will always remember the sometimes hectic but always interesting days welve enjoyed during our Sophomore year at Mount Carmel Senior High School. 15 Bottom Row: G. Filohoski, A. Feddock, S. Dormer, B. Doyle. Second Row: R. DiCinque, S. Hamulla, B. Greco. Third Row: A. In-umm, E. Fellin, S. Henrie, C. Gengler. Fourth Row: T. Hindmarch, W. Hayes, J. Elgin. Fifth Row: E. lleroniin, R. Greco, L. D'Angel0. Sixth Row: B. llemkowski, J. Glodek, B. Credito. Seventh Row: J. Forti, R. Hancock, Miss Carroll, T. Hodrick. Bottom Row: C. Homola, E. Justin, R. Kraft. Second Row: G. Kaminski, I. Koronkiewicz, B. Kendter. Third Row: M. Kovalick, J. Joraskie, S. Kotch, A. Hogan. Fourth Row: J. Jurnsick, M. Horwath, T. Howells. Fifth Row: M. Kogut, A. Kosvitch, D. Krah. Sixth Row: D. Klinger, Il. Hudick, T. Howells. Seventh Row: R. Kessler, Miss Evans, F. Joraskie. 1 Bottom Row: J. Mathias, M. Lubeski, S. Kulick J. McElwee. Second Row: M. Liptock, M. Miscavage, I. Murin. Third Row: M. Mihalick, E. Mirarchi, E. Manney. Fourth Row: S. Maurer, A. Messa1'g'e, E. Miller. Fifth Row: R. Kruskie, R. Lawler, C. McGee, F. Morgan. Sixth Row: F. Lubeski, J. McGovern, K. Miller. Seventh Row: J. Lukens, J. Masinic, C. Maurer. Eighth Row: J. Moncavage, R. Mazur. Eighth Row: R. Profit, J. Orzechowski. Seventh Row: R. Rudock, M. Paulson, R. Mychak. Sixth Row: J. Palorick, S. Pascavage, F. Radzai. Fifth Row: L. Osinski, M. Repella. Fourth Row: R. Ochs, J. Nester- rick, F. Reiner. Third Row: A. Rhoades, R. Ostroski, J. Patrick. Second Row: D. Potochney, J. Mychak, T. Patterino, M. Olshefski. Bottom Row: R. Raynal, L Olshefski, M. Olearnick, A. Paskevich. .-ff". 'op Row: J. Shosh, R. Shutt, L. Slotterback, L. Sosnoski. ,ixth Row: R. St-icchituno, V. Schickley, E. Swaldi. Fifth low: R. Shopinski, K. Stalvinski, S. Sinkovich, C. Stankie- Iivz. Fourth Row: V. Suchoski, A. Tokach. Third Row: . Strzyzewski, B. Rupinski, Jean Seicchitano, Joan Scicchi- emo, C. S2IC2I.V2lQ.1'0. Second Row: M. Stief, D. Strawn, K. lzxntell. Bottom Row: ll. Santos, G. Schultz, B. Sentkoski, I. Snyder. First Row: L. Tarchie, M. Yadinski, M. Williams, Miss E. Olshefski. Second Row: P. Womer, N. Yarnall, C. Yeager. Third Row: M. Womer, P. Way, R. A. York. B. Yokemick. Fourth Row: R. Tamecki, J. Zsido. Fifth Row: C. Yuskoski, L. Varano, V. Volonoski, A. Zanella. Sixth Row: S. Zosh, J. Tigrhe. Seventh Row. R. Wy- socki, M. Yasenchack, J. Walakavage. Eighth Row: R. VVilliams. IUMEROOM 303--First Row: A. Boylan, S. Chango, S. Confair, R. Erown, Mr. Kozlowski. Second Row: M. Brella, L. Chesney, C. Camp. 'hird Row: F. Burnt-zeski, H. Burge, R. Casari, M. Bednarchick, B. liunchine. Fourth Row: A. Akoluitis, F. Alareon, C. Berkoski, A. An rewleski. Fifth Row: F. Brosh, M. Bednarchick, N. Bonjo, E. Arnoldi Lixth Row: H. Augustine, R. Brown, J. Bush, B. Bubnis. "Ah, dry - up, will ya." Combination of leisure and study ri: ' ss: 'rs , yd, Seo you latvr, I irollzl go in hvrl- lllzmy sinh--limi :ivlivitivs :xml p1'o5:r:ini are' ol'l'4-roll to thx stumlcnl lu-siclvs vlass Thv structure of the frog: is composed of many parts in the library. 1- work, suvli :is ol'l'icv work in lliv prim'ipzil': officc, or litcrzxturv and U. 'v rc-port g'z1th01'ing 5. Now girls, this is whai l wanl you to do Don't tell me anything about lmsvlmll -sk, Cell block check ,V A-4 to fs ey. ,ss ' I VAQ Homeroom period: teachers nightmare. School begins at 8:25 A.M. with the ringing of the tardy buzzer. The teacher in each HOMEROOM reads a verse from the Bible. Following' this the students recite the Lord's Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flagz These exercises take five minutes. At 8,30 Mr. Mcliail makes necessary announcements concerning the events for the day and week. At 8:35, the buzzer rings zigrziin, and the students pass to their first period class. This class lasts until 9.29, the second class begins at 9:31 and ends at 10:29. The third, and last morning class, begins at 10:30 and ends at 11:25. The afternoon schedule is as follows: fourth 12:30-1:29, fifth 1:30-2:29, sixth 2:31-3:25. Students pass through the hulls orderly and quickly. Stationed in the halls at frequent intervals are the members of the hall patrol whose job is to keep traffic from congesting, moving in the right direction, and to keep the noise and confusion down to a minimum. , . I pledge allegiance -.xx .A's..-as Progressive Education 175 'I9 Eating lunch: During the lunch hour which lasts from 11:30 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. transported students are given the use of room 1043. This room, which makes it convenient to eat in school,is provided with chairs, tables, and milk and soda machines. Although this room makes eating convenient and inexpensive, many students prefer to huy their lunches at one of the many nearhy snack liars. After eating the students spend the rest of the hour engaging in a variety of activities: those who are conscientious use the remaining time doing homework or studying for an examination, others find it a good time to "rewind" hy going for a ride with some of their friends, the car enthusiasts pass the time discussing and demonstrating their automobiles. But by far the majority of the students spend their time social- izing. The girls, and a few hoys, find this a convenient time to freshen-up. A number of the faculty members eat in the home economics room. The teachers spend their hour in much the same manner as the students, that is, "unwinding." A few husy teachers find this a suitable time to correct papers, check homework, etc. All in all the lunch hour is one well- spent. WIP? "Down at Langis'." "Enjoying yourselves boys? "Still thirsty Joe?" 20 vi 'tls it good Barbara?" Hard-working boys ul girls X ..--.5 j t -.4 Creativity at work The ART CLASS, under the supervision of Mr. George Mclfee, is held every afternoon from 2:30 until 3:30 in room No. 1043. A limited number of students with artistic ability and interest are accepted in this particular class. Some of the problems that confront the students are contained in the various media of drawing and painting, ceramics, modeling, silk screeningrg and jewelry and metal work. Throughout the year the students are engrag'ed in silk screening posters for the various school and community activitiesg in constructing scenery for the school's dramatic functionsg producing' the covers for the school publications and in partaking in the decoration of the prom. The student enhances his own art appreciation through a better understand- ing of the use of colorg through the various materials he comes in contact with the satisfaction of a job done both good and aesthetically. The HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of the Mount Carmel Joint Senior High School is under the direction of Mrs. Martina Alexander. This class meets each day from 2:30 until 3:30 in room No. 102. The students, composed entirely of girls, are taught six major fundamentals pertaining' to Home Economics. These fundamentals a1'e child carey creative sewing, foodsg family financeg home nursinpjg and the relations between the school, home and the community. Students are encouraged to develop individual skills, rather than the old ideas of simply serving and cooking: Their ultimate aim is to become gracious, efficient, homemakers in any walk of life. i 'vw rw Q Masterpiece 21 What is your verdict, Mr. McHail'? ft- UTHE QUEEN AND HER COUR'l"' - Left to Right: Pat Fracalossi, Helen Paskevich, Carol Buhay, Carol Smith, Elaine Kropp. The lioineconiingr queen and her court were honored by riding on open cars in a parade to the stadium and around the field. The girls were attircd in knitted suits and each wore a corsage which she had received. The Queen wore an orchid. 22 "Cheerleader in Disguise" NB ,.. N if Y . ' Q xx' W Y .49 X' ' , af' -e X 1 Yr' F5 K i , A J! X r "A Queen Is Crowned" "Flowers for Motheru w The annual Il0MEI'0lVllNG CEREMONY was held on ' Friday, October 550. at the Mount ldarinel, Kulpniont football 1 game. The exercise began with a procession of the queen and her court escorted by the football team. The crowning: was staged at the center of the field. The football co-cap- tains then crowned the queen and presented her with a bouquet of flowers. The Mount Carmel Rand then played , the song t'lVlother" in honor of the football players' mothers, I who were seated in a section of bleachers reserved for them. Each mother wore a chrysanthernuni corsage, which was presented to them before the graine by their sons. Gifts were then presented to the Il0I110K'UIlIlIlL.f Queen and her court. r-N ,vi h iff I 'i X L it HP' Front. Loft to Right: Mary Rozkowski, Joyce Mosella. Center: Michaeline Halcovich. Rack: Isobel Kulick, Louise Ilutnick, Irene Wojick, Maureen Yasavage, Sylvia The Rock n' Roll Cheer Ferrari, Sandra Strike, lrenv Moleski. CHEERLEADER Eva-ry school has its chcc-ring' section which is usually led through its paccs by a group of girls known as CHEERLEADERS. Our school is no cxccption. At thc end ol' thc junior year tcn girls are chosen to serve as the chet-ring: concession ol' the school hy individual and group competition. Whilc their major task is contained in leading' the pep-rallies and student hotly in cheering for thc various sports held in the High School throughout thc year, they also perform a number of other tasks. RL-l'orc each game they stripe the town with the red and white, school colors. They also solicit thc merchants of the coni- munity for ads which appear in the football progranis. These girls may also bc sccn marching with the band during their proceedings. ,.. ,.. .3 A A ., Hup-2-3-4 Here come the boys! Irene, stand up s 9 x I Ray Tornadoes! 23 il X I I fr" 1 iw 'ln-M ,Aj -1' f .it AN gnfw if W 'W X. nag HH? L gf x E I Q Q . , W f A 5 Hn? z x m K wil U . Q Q 1 , lz i Q15 , l PN 1- S - K x I E A: ' 5 , wi V ' QA "' - 9 f Q rg? K f9Q'f4'f5 S f1 X .-w ,i,,' 'fx K K+ A n . 1, 14. Don't over do it boys! , ,Vg :- Lu-N E... V if is 'if f mf I ik ,pf f QE fi Q e 1 e i i Y' 42' 0 5 m K wp? . ,QQ Q x f .X 5 ,1 x - R X U-' Q H "fr ' L 1 ' , J f f ' lf' HJ 4 emblx e X . ,. 4 Q T I 5 L 4f i r 1' A Mr, Terry gives advice. nf ....i. ,. il .yi W , 1 W K A, l Lwfvwwwqw M -fi. , , , Y ,f1Li,,f'r1SfW'pi'.-' '34-TQ? ' 6 eg f :nm-'B' M5 .- vw, M N f ' ., A,.a'- A, f gl . wwe qw . yy k A Nw A 'A .1 . A A. -n ,ff - ,A , K '-nffg A X , v if Al -e fa' A? ' M -f f 4 -4:5 T-'lk J' f e : il. ' F- X .- ' '?""'q'k'f5fl.f f wwf' I 1 'laik --if 3' Y 5 ,L E R W 7' , V - ' 'Rf' nf 'E ' , ,' '.f.-,fyf .vf., '?'rf-um , .. . ' M y 'Z Q' Y We . Oy A .-rin Q-N - i A A -Efitgi my QRS mai' Ni, ATM, if .W is 'A Ae Slatii T! ef' W ' e x ' A 'A' 14 "6 l wi, ESQQEWMF ' Q I f ff W -.V .M I "P .v , ' . A, Q K Y , . X e 3 , A ,,. , . . A k Xp ai A , Q . .WI :R Tar -w ,, 'M f " . fi' s I , , 'i gp' " ' .A , I . 'Q A -f ' ,Q , I " ,, ffl J lj ,, are k1 . - 1 , A W--M -, - 5 -R We -. - - K M q L b ' A K I ,.w,,, 7 -- ' ' ' ..1- em .f 4. K- , X ' ' . f 0' 1' I Vx, A? ' W ,ini V. A ' . .. E "M - ' vw -, . . .yy 14-ff . xl Vi. , is .X Va 5 A ' .- 1 -- - ' I ga Q. I .. . 3fZa"'I,'??LQ Q Play nice, boys! 26 ,M Wi Calisthenics anyone? 5 li. is Next stop, showers Wrona, Terry, and Karlow watch that play On Tuesday, August eighteenth, over one- hundred candidates for positions on Mt. Carmel Senior High School's Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman FOOTBALL teams turned out for their first day of PRACTICE. Under the gui- dance of Mr. Terry, the head coach, Mr. Wrona, the assistant coach, Mr. Karlow, the Junior Var- sity and Freshman coach, and their Co-Captains, Richard Morris and James Trione, they began what for the next four months would be a daily ritual. Their training schedule each day began with a drill in calisthenics followed by either laps or one-hundred yard wind sprints, avoiding heavy contact work until the squad was in top condition. After a few days of light work, they began their first contact work with the line- men knocking one another around, each fighting for that shining varsity berth. Training became more intensified as the squad journeyed to Minersville for a scrimmage and later to Elys- burg to battle Labanon Catholic. A very good showing was given against both of these teams and in the opinions of their followers, another good season would be added to the already heavy laurels of Mt. Carmel High. 27 vgw v a 'W . ee b:,:,. C ' in .Hifi at A . b. uf, A A M, i a 3 .x ,- - .- First Row: P. Markle, S. Bolick, J. Milun, R. Horoschak, T. Bonjo. Second Row: R. DiRienzo, R. Kautter, R. Royer T. Trione, R. Morris, J. Scisly, B. Habowski, R. Miskell, W. Rockwell. Third Row: S. Olshefski, T. Kulick, E. Kovack G. Mickalitis, L. Cuarna, C. Greco, W. Repko, J. Rupinski Fourth Row: J. Menapace, E. Sheblski, C. Maurer, A. Mount Carmel 7 W. Hazleton 6 Mount Carmel 24 Tamaqua O Mount Carmel 6 Mahanoy City 6 Mount Carmel 6 Berwick 0 Mount Carmel 37 Kulpmont 0 Mount Carmel 30 Coal Twp. 12 7 Bagashinski, F. Morgan, D. Mychack, T. Hodrick, E. Mc- Fadden. Fifth Row: N. Bonjo, R. Wysocki, J. Stabinski, R. Moratelli, R. Battista, P. Zenyuh. Sixth Row: A. Kos- vitch, W. Repko, J. Tamacki, J. Coyne, R. Barkafski. Seventh Row: K. Stabinski, F. Buraczeski, L. Taylor, V. Yuskoski. Mount Carmel 6 Pottsville 12 Mount Carmel 22 Ashland 6 Mount Carmel 14 Shenandoah 0 Mount Carmel 34 Sunbury 6 Mount Carmel 13 Shamokin 21 All wet, Buddy? 28 Trione, some help over here. ress and Company 1Studcnt managcrsb Vince Luskusky, Mike alichik, Robert Doyle. 'l'om Cress, Andy Takach. Oh! for a longer arm. Go Man - Go! Almost intercepted. The boys take a rest. A late rally brought MOUNT UARMEL High a tight opening 1952! football win over WVEST HAZLE- TON in their Southern llivision encounter at the Stadium, 7 - 6, before a good - sized crowd. Trailing bv Ki-0 from the first quarter, quarterback ltichie Kautter tossed a 120-yard forward pass to Steve Bolick, right half, for the tying touchdown and Stan Olshefski, left tackle, place-kicked the extra point for the clincher in the final period. l l Plenty of Blocking MOUNT FARMEI. lligh's football team re- mained unbeaten and untied under the Southern llivision by carving their second win against previously-undefeated 'l'AMAQllA. The Ned Tor- nadoes scored in every period. Three touchdowns were made by Bolick on runs, and the other came on a pass, Kautter to Menapace. The final score was 224 to 0. MOUNT CARMEL HIGH and MAIIANOY AREA battled to a 13- 43 tie at Mahanoy City. Coach Mike Terry's REID 'l'0RNAlD0l'lS had to come from behind to gain thc deadlock. Nlahanoy scored first in the opening period. Thus the tussle continued until the final quarter, with I ss than a minute to go, Bob Royer connected with .loc Menapace on a 58-yard forward-pass play to stalemate the issue. I s . 9 , , - ' 1 , 1 .... Y 4 M .S 4 5 K ,idx . U .- mf!! " wa N .fn ",k A Ure 3, U4 A,2, f df-0 "'Ay QA"'N- Q, .Wk X I k ful fi: 5337 A ff? If, 'r F. .J '5 nl i Sr Q 'Ki G X-'E' x M' 'Q- S Q . ,,.n- Nw 4 ' f . .X , F a me ff gk? 4 dj 5' x fxvfiggk B N W f I A NJ Q 9 4 6 , E K V K :K- ' ix ., ' ' A L , Q D The Drummer boys THE BA D OUR BAND, under the direction of Mr. Paul Semicek is composed of fifty-five members. The band has practicec diligently for many hours to perfect their routines, drills and music. It is because of this constant improvement tha1 we feel certain they are now one of the finest bands in the region. Most of the band instruments are owned by th4 school, and are distributed to the students by Mr. Semicek The band has participated in many events, such as the Hazelton Competition, where they were awarded first prize They have also appeared at Harrisburg, Rolling Green Park Knoebels, and made a TV appearance during the half-time of the Eagles vs Rams football game at Philadelphia. These accomplishments make us proud. During the '58-'59 season, a group called The Banc Parents Organization was formed for greater band-com- munity relationship, and has been a great aid in raising funds for their new uniforms. And the Band played on The Big Brass Learning a couple pointers. Our CONCESSION STANDS at the "Silver Bowl" are under the competent direction of two members of our faculty, Miss Catherine Scicchitano and Mrs. Martina Alexander. These stands are located, for your conven- ience, right inside the main gates as well as underneath the home bleachers. Delicious hot and cold refreshments, which include hot dogs, coffee, candy, soda, and pizza pie, are sold before and during the games with most of the business taking place at halftime. Those who serve at the concession stands are students of the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes. Medals are awarded on class day to those students who voluntarily gave their services. A gold medal is awarded for three years of loyal service, a silver medal for two years, and a bronze medal for one year. It there is an excess in profits for the year, a party for all the workers is held after the football season. Concession Stand workers. Row One: Carol Adzema, Shirley Greco, Carolyn Repko, Cynthia Guarna, Debbie Andreano, Elaine Bridy, Miss Scicchitano. Row Two: Phyllis Paskevich, Ines Newton, Ruth Ann Owens, Dolores Karpovich. Row Three: Betty Sharer, Mickey Patterino, Elaine Kropp, Carol Sahutsky, Tom Marnell. Row Four: Cecilia Mains, Anna Mae Babylia, Charlette Glessman, Peggy Joyce, David Stein- hart. Row Five: Cynthia Jablonski, Sarah Bressan, Louise Stallmack, Barbara Rimokaitis, Anne Marie Matulevich. Row Six: Janice Kuklinski, Frances Jablon- ski, Judy Sewell, Pat Glaudel. Row Seven: Virginia Gissel, Maria Socoloski, Loretta Rompolski, Eileen Fracalossi. Next please. Watch your change. 33 1- Left to Right: Leonard Guarna, Anna Marie Pachuta, Miss Billman, Mr. McFee, Janet Williams, Carol Adzema. JUNl0R CLASS HOMERO0M U 1' x3 ' Now Madam, we have a fine selection of magazines here. . . " 34 Lots of Work and some fun was the for- mula for our Junior year. From the com- bined efforts of our class advisors, Miss Kathryn Billman and Mr. George McFee and the entire class, one of the most successful magazine campaigns of the high school re- sulted. A Junior Assembly consisting of class talent was held throughout the year. Much time and work was spent decorat- ing the prom. Night after night of painting and committee upon committee helped make it the success that it was. These accomplishments, along with studying and active participation in all school activities, will remain in our memories throughout life as a happy and successful junior year. IOMICROOM l02iFirst Row' F Rridv F Ri nh' . . .. ,, i. ael, D. Xndreano, Miss M. Mayan. Seeond Row: J. Braggan, R. frown, 1, Adzeina. Third Row: C l-lelgrio, W. Albertini l. Barnes, l'. liowes. Fourth Row: J. Hereoski, R. Adams, I. llarkofski, ll. llodnar. Fifth Row: R. Battista, P. Bel- onti, ll. lloleh. Sixth Row: M. Caldonetti, T. Bapjushinski, vi. lialiellik. IOMICRUOM 201-First Row: Arlene Galazin, Cynthia luarna, liarlwara l"rederiek. Anita Gunther, Mr. Boleske. leeond Row: t'hristine lliliienzo, Helene Geeosky, Shirley lreeo, Virginia tlissel. Third Row: Flileen Fraealossi, ionita llesloek, Connie llel'aulis. Eleanor Ferrari, Beatrice Ieorgge. Fourth Row: Anna Mae Elmerle, Veronica Cash- nere, Mary Ann Pllgrin, llatrieia Claudel, Marv Lou Fineato "ifth Row: Charles Cole. l.enord Guarana,- Charles Dak- haw, Robert. lloyle, Michael lloyle. Sixth Row: Francis 'iaeeo, Joseph lluroviek, Anthony Cavaleski, Charles Greco. HOMEROOM 202-First Row: Cynthia Jalmlonski, Mary Kramer, Carol llelt, llelen Koliilis, Miss Hillman. Second Row: Carol Lutman, Anne Hummel, Ceeilia Mains, Carol Herovieh. Third Row: Annette llolmel, Rose Ann Kalinoski, Mary Karlow, Frances Kaminsky. Fourth Row: Donna lloran, Mary Ann Karlowvieh, Mary Ann l.uta, Marie llorn- herger. Fifth Row: Ric-hard, Tom K0l'ZlllZll'0li, Vinee Leskushy, Joseph Lapinslii. Sixth Row: Frank Hornungr, Francis llonieker, Paul Hoffman. Seventh Row: Alexander Kozlowski, Edward Kovaek, Daniel llutko, John Manello. Eighth Row: Thomas Marnell, James Magennis. HOMEROOM 203- First Row: l.ois Maurer, Virginia McCoy, Ruth Ann Owens, Loretta Rompolski. Second Row: Barbara Ann liimokaitis, Diann Repko, Carloyn liepko, Barbara Murdock. Third Row: Mary Ann Nevis, Inez Newton, Phyllis Paskavieh, Theresa Prezekop. Fourth Row: Joseph Ronento, Ann Milin, Ann Marie Matulevieh, Ann Marie Paehuta. Fifth Row: Charles Moleski, Joseph ltosse, Dennis Novaek, Andrew Fanka. Sixth Row: Edward Mm'- Fadden, Ted Moneavagfe, R. Moser, W. Ostroski. Seventh Row: S. Matukaitis, J. May, ll. Myehaek, R. Moratelli. Eighth Row: J. Menapaee, R. Maniman. and Es O HOMEROOM 204-First Row: I.. Sarfire. B. Schlegel, Miss l.. Kaufman, B. Sarfire, C. Rushoe. Second Row: L. Stanvavage, J. Sabol, M. Socoloskie, J. Sewell, C. Sahutsky. Third Row: J. Spurr, M. A. Rumin, L. Ruths, R. Scott, C. Scivchitano. Fourth Row: D. Scanzoni, L. Slotterback, E. Slotterlmzwk, D. Steinhart. Fifth Row: R. Rowe, M. Suchoski, F. Suputo, F. Shannon. Sixth Row: J. Stabinski, L. Sharer, C. Sassuni. HOMEROOM 301-First Row: C. Yakup, R. Zedanowich, M. Swinehurt, C. Wz1rsz1vag'e, M. McCarthy. Second Row: P. Yt'2lf.l'0l', N. Zeigrenfusc, M. Yoka, E. Tietsworth. Third Row: C. Zimmerman, W. Tanner, J. Williams. Fourth Row: J. Tunic-cki, li. Taylor, D. Wydra, V. Yuskoski. Fifth Row: R. Zamboni, F. VVolfc, D. Wilkinson, K. Wagner, P. Zcnyuh. Sixth Row: A. Veluvhes, D. Weinkle, D. Tresco. Seventh Row: D. Tresco. R. Walsh, R. Wargo. X... 5iSw?5E'5??f.',, 'w 1 fj'255?5ff?51f i if if ' vhzzzim 36 I believe I understand Y. 'W-. is Hard at work. Indulged in bookwork. K 1 . . Q N L I s- , ir' ' -. Q, NN' Must be pleasant work Blow to circulate the oxygen E Q W M Q ll ,vf5'W isle 3 ll' f I fig 4, JT! It won't explode John Our silk screen Crew filmfffp il S gs "Oh Say Can You See" Have bus - can travel 37 5 ll L ' . - l As autumn comes upon us and our foot- ball team begins to limber up, another, sometimes unseen group, the CROSS- COUNTRY TEAM, begins its 'preparation for the grueling test of endurance ahead. Pictured above is the Mount Carmel Joint Senior High School cross-country team for 18059 and its excellent coach, Mr. Gerald Breslin. As seen from the top to the bot- tom the runners are George Hornberger, Paul Wagner, Tom Cress, Vincent Sentko- ski, Paul Kotch, William Grossman, coach Gerald Breslin, Daniel Bodner, Steve Ma- tukaitis, John Menapace, William Zamboni, and Charles Elko. Cross Country is a sport which demands much of its participants, endurance and spirit being the chief requirements of a good barrier. It is not an easy task to run the two and a quarter mile course especially under the pressure of competi- tiong and the only thing that can be said about these boys, who gave their time and effort to bring Mount Carmel a winning cross-country team, is praise. Congratula- tions are also given to the coach, Mr. Gerald Breslin. Hey! Wait for me Always on the move The Mount Carmel Joint Senior High School CROSS COUNTRY TEAM of 1959 was formed alound a nucleus of six senior squad members. These six senior barriers, Paul Wagner, George Hornberger, Tom Cress, Charles Elko, Paul Kotch, and Vincent Sentkoski, who gave their all for a successful season are examples of fine school and competitive spirit. Three of the six are honor students and, besides cross country, all are active in the various other school clubs and organ- izations. U6 Low Score Wins Mt. Carmel 18 Allentown 37 Mt. Carmel 25 Pottsville 30 Mt. Carmel 18 Lebanon 37 Mt. Carmel 31 Reading 24 Mt. Carmel 19 Berwick 36 Mt. Carmel 39 Williamsport 16 . 5 Mt. Carmel 24 Berwick 47 -3 5. ,M Bloomsburg 49 District 4 Meet Second to Williamsport Come on Charlie Hup - two - three - four The Cross Country Season was one of the won three medals in All-Conference Run at most successful M.C.H.S. has experienced. Be- Pottsville. Steve Mutukaites won 5 straight sides winning four dual meets and one triangular races at the beginning of the season. meet, the team placed second in District Meet and LETTERMEN Seniors Hornberger, Geo. Elko, Charles Wagner, Paul Cress, Thos. Kotch, Paul Juniors Matukaites, Steve Budnar, Dan Menapace, John Freshmen Zamboni, Bill uf if The Stagzehands play an important job at the high school. They run the stage for each perform- ance, concert, or assembly, run the motion pictures, set up the sound systems for dances and at sports events. They give much of their spare time build- ing scenery for the many productions. These "be- hind the scenes boys" cle- serve a lot of credit for their work. W. Repko, T. Bonjo, T. Bccking, P. Wagner, and M. Balichik test the 16mm projector. 39 i 5 4 44 First Row: J. Sebastian, C. Shuder, S. Bressan, Row: P. Wagner, R. Grossman, E. Henninger, S. L. Stellmach, D. Glejzman, I, Wojcik, M. Yasavage, Ferrari, I. Moleski, S. Bolick, G. Hornberger, C. V. Taylor, E. Vistoski, V. Stanavage. Second Row: Elko, J. Menapace. Fifth Row: W. Repko, E. M. Hogan, C. Forti, L. Hutnick, M. Roskowski, Andrulevich, C. Murin, P. Neifert, J. Mosella, J. P. Fracalossi, M. Halama, G. Serovich, S. Knarr, Pollard, R. Penman, G. Coniff, P. Kotch, E. Kropp. M. Patterino. Third Row: T. Ladika, J. Kuklinski, Sixth Row: C. Glessman, F. Jablonski, F. Chesney, M. O'Gara, I. Kulick, T. Becking, T. Bonjo, R. York, B. Carta, M. Halkovich, R. Royer. J. Breslin, K. Greco, M. Bubnis, R. Reiner. Fourth The DRAMATIC CLUB is composed of the annual operetta. Proper speech and students interested in dramatics. Members poise is stressed by these amateur thespians. display their ability in plays, pageants and ,x lo A session in Junior English Library Concentration inwf""" out vocrrlo AL DEPARTME ln August of' was authorized to 1919 the Mount Carmel lligxh School offer VOC'A'l'l0NAl. CLASSES. lt was also decided that this course would run for three yt'2ll'S. Today. the Mount Varniel shop classes are still functioning' et't'icicntly, and adniiralmly under the COIN- ' 2 Calmastian, and the metal pctent leadership ot Mi S and wood working instructors, lVlr. Boyer and Mr. llart es. Mr. Boyer, a graduate of' Kansas City lVlechanical lnstitnte. l'enn State and lil0OlllSllLlI'g.1' State Teachers College, takes great pride in his students in his metal shop and their accomplishlnents. Through his indi- vidual attention he instructs caeh student in the rudi- lnents and necessary skill of each tool. Upon each student in the shop is impressed safety and true value ot' the tools they are learning! to use. That is, they are "tool making' tools." and with a knowledge of such tools as the lathe. they can take their place in world of machines. the. The metal shop morning' class conipri is divided into classes. Thi Zed of sixteen boys who are in their sophomore year, and the afternoon class coin prized of thirteen boys in their junior and senior years The wood workin gg shop teacher is Mr. Frank S Bartas, a graduate ot' Bucknell, who has a ILS. and lVl.S. from the institi skills in woodworking the correct wood for Througrhout the shop, fruit. The shop has a As each student Course similar to the a knowledggenient to The "Year Hook" gwzntleinen, lVlr. Sahas Frank Bartas. lte.llis students are taught the as proper handling of machines the job, and fine workmanship safety is a keynote, and hears fi ne safety record. graduates after completing' tl metal shop, he is equipped with lveconic a fine carpenter. says hats off to these fine thret tian, Mr. llarry Boyer, and lVli .ms M 42 ,A C'C'UI'Z1t0 Illl'8.Sl1l'0IllEl'lt VVatch that thunilm, Varl. Ar X The annual CHRISTMAS PAGEANT of the Mount Carmel Senior High School was entitled "A Christmas Fantasy." Eight impressive tableaus made up the pageant and music was furnished by the Glee Clubs and a special chorus, under the direction of Mr. Barnes. The scenes were: "A Present For All," "A Christmas Rall," "Wonderful Toyland," t"l'was the Night Before Christmas," "Santa's Arrival," "The Angels Rejoice," "The True Christmas," and "Unto Us a Child ls Horn." These eight tableaus were under the direction of Mr. George McFee along with a student assistant, Patricia Neifert. Costumes and drapes were made by Mrs. Martina Alexander. Those assisting in painting and scenery construction were Tom Bonjo, Kathy Greco, l'aul Wagner, Bill Repko, Anna Mae liabilya, Elizabeth Justin, Pat Fracalossi, Barbara Chesney, Ceeila Mains, Mike Baliehik, Debbie Andreano, Phyllis Paske- vieh. Soloists for the musical numbers were: Carol Murin, Donna Rothermel, Mary Ann 1 Rrilla, Elaine Rridy, Ruth Penman, and Inez Newton. Accompanists were John Breslin and Evelyn Teitsworth. Debbie Paints . . . Elizabeth Paints . . . Cecilia and Barbara make properties Tommy and Butch build the Scenery 'We had rehearsals to try and perfect our movement. Our dress rehearsal was a long one. Last minu The day of the performance was quickly approaching. Change were made. Nothing seemed to go correctly. Th might be a good sign . . . 44 irst Row: M. Balichik, W. Repko, S. Knarr, M. A. Bubnis, G. Serovich, P. alama, A. M. Babilya, A. Paskevitch, L. Tarchie. Second Row: Mr. G. cI"oe, C. Zimmermann, M. Baynham, M. Pepe-lla, S. Hamulla, A. Patterino, . Miscavagv, J. Mathias, S. Kotch. Third Row: D. Mychak, J. Scicchitang, Patrick, M. Olshefski, C. Hamulla, J. Jaraski, R. York. Fourth Row: . ay, I. Murin, M. A. Kovalivk, L. Osinski, I.. Olshefski, B. Greco, S. Chango, Why How D0 You DO? , Andreano. Fifth Row: P. Wagner, T. Backing, T. Bonjo, M. A. Lubeski, . Stief, E. A. Chango, J. McElwee. Twas the night before Christmas Between scenes there was mass confu n "What do V do now?" "C V - c k th e ligh. " "No cur- tain now - we're not ready." Hmmm? Johnny wasn't so good this year The Toy Soldie. 45 ffl.-if 'figf AllVlll.lNlYlf., Stiff: G. Serovich, B. Chesney, J. Sebastian, F. Chesney. an uv if ottom Row: S. l"err:u'i, C. Murin, I. Kulick, P These 'ue the people who nuke up voui YEAR them this publlcition would not have been pos- siblc. 'lhrough the com- binul mffort of e'1eh indi- vidual and each staff We were able to place to- gether a nlelnory of the years you spent in high school. Many long hours have been spent in writing and re-writing articles, pho- tog'raphing', gathering ads, and laying out the book. We feel our effort has been a successful one. Mos o Second Row: G. Coniff, M. Patterino, R. Walker. BOOK STAFF. Without Y' , - ' if Ymubook Tv ns s First Row: F, Jablonski, B. Chesney. Second Row: Stl lt-tlllll, C. Shuder 'YP lVlanag'ingr Editors: R, Rei lilracalossi. A A Lay-Out Staff: E. Kropp, M. Baynham, A. Bxbilyl NC M...-.-.: J Sports Editor Sports Co - Fdltor R. York R. Grossman 'KS' I 43 NJ' Q Q! r fr 'lbrv .1 K My RQ 44 Front Row: B. Battista, C. Greco, R. Royer, R. Brosius, E. Kovack. Back Row: N. Bonjo, T. Hodrick, A. Bagashinski, R. Grossman, B. Varano, Mr. Menges. 'NN .ff s W-3. if 'X E4 Well just don't stand there and watch it! It won't come down f f as T . . Ax.wA Q . T KES fm, i 1 K Q is 1 .-nav' wx 5 5-X seg, . . X Wh Afnglw Q ' N, . R, L. A Q X :S Pill:-xxx . ,RT m :J - VQPMAS xx.: it k i 6 1 r I 1 Q Q? ll X5 .X 1 f 0 .ik s fi 7-J 11 41 is i i A H N fa - LH , . 6 f Wi I it 5 Q Y 6, F fi: v W . sffif fefif - A- Q: f. 1,- N -. - -X .9121 X P G I A T W 2 lisa gi was siiai'-I Kelis' k X E. 'QQ X Q Q 3 E ,,--N 0 Q. :- Bottom Row, Left to Right: Coach Charles Sacavage, Bob Horoschack, Persh Markle, Bob DiRienzo, Tom Kulick, Rich Morris, Vince Sentco- ski, Coach Joe Paskavich. Second Row: Steve Matukatis, Dan Confair, Robert Rowe, Joe Ponen- to, Jim Tameski, Dan Hutko. Third Row: Tim Barnes, John Menapace, Ben Hooper, Bob Shutt, The 1959- 60 varsity wrestling squad of Mount f'armcl Joint Senior High School was undoubtedly one oi' the finest the school has ever had represent- ing it. Based on its record of eleven wins and two losses and its triumph in the invitational tournament at Bloomsburg State College, it was one of the out- standing teams in the region. Under the able direction and with the willing and experienced assistance of Mr. Sacavage and Mr. Pcskcvich, and under the leadership of the two out- standing Co- Captains, Pershing Markle and Robert DiRienzo, our wrestling squad was always able to carry itself well, acting according to the principles of good sportsmanship and with the ideal of main- taining the favorable athletic reputation of our high school. SENIOR WRESTLING RECORDS Weight 127 133 I45 1511 165 180 Unlimited Unlimited ay, A ,, ,,,i4yf' M QW ha, ,We as J 54 Name W L D Paul Wagner 0 1 Vince Sentkoski 9 5 Robert Horoschak 7 7 1 Pershing Markle 16 1 Robert DiRienzo 10 3 2 Thomas Kulick 14 2 1 Stan Olshefski 14 2 Rich Morris 0 1 camo Mike Hutko, Bob Wysocki, Bob Dixon, denate, Francis Profit. Fourth Row: vich, Jim Hutnick, John Susko, Jim Gralowski, Bill Toy, Bob Peaseachick, ell, Andy Kosivich. Top Row: Jim Mike Cal- Tom Sero- McFadden Tim How- Orezzicies Art Thurner, Den Stutzman, John Rowe, Jim Rowe. Atta Boy Stan Come on - let's have a takedown Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount WRESTLING SCHEDULE lnrniel -123 s 'ztrmel 2.9 'urmel 29 'ztrmel 16 'nrmel 41.3 'ztrmel 5.3 'urmel 25 'zarmel 28 lztrmel 333 larmel 28 'urmel 45 Tztrmel 29 'zxrmel 10 Q Y vu Wrestle Lewisburg Central Columbia Milton Selinsgrove Mahanoy Joint Rloomsburg' Southern Area West Snyder Danville Coal Twp. Sunbury Berwick Shzlmokin S it 5 Pin 'eml Pin 'emi ' xt Nxstxhsx Intentional arm strain On the mat Roll 'om over, Toni Just a little more pressure for a pin. wish-fl up by Dan. Vinvv adds smut- p Dux puts on the pressure Y if SI r ,4 f, 1 , 5, .3 ' 5 . it ii ,u f is Pilot to control tUXVOI' - OVQI' I S Zi ig --W.. vs?-1 -X . 2 -1 Now let mo soo - you pick one Gotta como back tomorrow ,R nr , - . Q.,- s. Lot us study the situation ww. ,,,v- J .sl 1 . Vs 58 , "' Q V Study and c-oncvntration L0t'S Dig' This Disk For A Spin IELD DAY ib- The Grand Arrival Ladies On Parade The ceremony begins with the court seated around the queen. The Co-captains of the track team crown the queen and present gifts to her and her court. As thc meet begins, the royal group view the pro- ceedings from their make- shift throne. At the close of each event it is the duty of the queen to present each victor with his award. A Raving Beauty Each year during the month of April, an interclass track meet is held at the high school stadium. This annual event is known as FIELD DAY. A Queen and Court are chosen to reign over the meet, which for many years has been a big event. The Queen, a senior, and her court which consists of two seniors, two juniors, and two sophomores, are elected by the student body. The Queen and her attendants are all attired in ballerina length gowns. Draped around the queen is a long red velvet cape held by the cape bearer. An added attraction is the wreaths of white flowers and the bouquets which the girls carry. The Queen carries a bouquet of red roses. The Band marches to the stadium with the Queen and her court following in open cars. The cars with the impressive court ride to the entrance of the stadium. As the band plays the procession moves down the field to take their places at the throne. Left to Right: Carol Adzema, Michaeline Halkovich, Natalie Washeko, Court Attend- ants: Glenn Menges Jr., Train Bearer: James Darrup, Co-Captaing Carol Kramer, Field Day Queeng Jim Beierschmitt, Co-Captaing Elaine Kropp, Crown Bearerg Francis Menapace, Co-Captaing Linda Novak, Sylvia Ferrari, Bonnie Bright, Court Attendants. 59 First Row: Coach Gerald Breslin, Len Guarna, Pershing Second Row: Charles Greco, Joe Stabinski, George Horn- Markle, George Mickalitis, Steve Bolick, Bob Royer, Paul burger, Stanley Olshefski, Joe Menapace, Charles Elko. Wagner, Bill Repko, Richard Brosius, Coach Glenn Menges. Third Row: Frank Morgan, Gerry Scisly, Jim Trione. "They fly through the air with the greatest of ease." A minor adjustment 60 Novice meet - Won by Juniors Interclass meet - Won by Juniors Mount Carmel 88 Bloomsburg 34 Mount Carmel 79 Coal Twp. 16 Mount Carmel 96 Danville 31 Penn Relays - Seventh in Mile Relay Heat Lebanon 631g Mount Carmel 54 Potts- ville 4115 Mount Carmel 85 Sunbury 24 Southern Conference Meet - Won by Mount Carmel 0 Checking the equipment, boys ? mi ,xg -' ,nu .... . "'HP4'At low is the weather up there, Joe? PRACK SCHEDULE AND RESULTS Jovice meet - Won by Juniors nterclass meet - Won by Juniors lount Carmel 88 Bloomsburg 34 flount Carmel 79 Coal Twp. 16 Iount Carmel 96 Danville 31 'enn Relays - Seventh in Mile Relay Heat lebanon GCSE! Mount Carmel 54 Potts- ville 4155 Iount Carmel 85 Sunbury 24 outhern Conference Meet - Won by Mount Carmel District Four Meet - We came in third Ready, boys ? R -..-rw Breathless and exhausted. but still 9 aa-'U' JUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB- First Row: IC. Rridy, P. Paskevich, C. Lutman, M. L. Finn-ato, L. Rompolski, V. Gisscl, C. Jablonski, I. Fracalossi, H. Rimokaitis. Svcond Row: M. Luta, IC. Tiotsworth, A. Gunther, M. Karlow, C. Warsavago, A. Matulcwicz, L. Mauror. Third Row: R. Prezkop, M. IIornb0rg'0r, P. Glaudel, M. A. Nc-vis, R. Suchoski, A. Hummel, M. Swim-hart. Fourth Row: D. Repko. Fifth Row: S. Greco, C. Adzema. C. Guarna, C. Repko, J. Sahol, A. Pa- Chuta. SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-First Row: G. Svrovich, I. Wcmjcik, S. Forrari, V. Taylor, M. Yasavagc, P. Nvifc-rt, C. Murin, D. Glojzman, L. Sta-llmach, C. Smith, S. Bressan. Svrond Row: L. llutnivk, A. M. Ba- Imilya, M. A. Ilartosivwivz, B. Chcsncy, R. Carta, M. Ilalkovich, M. Raynham, J. St-lwastian, C. Shudl-r, I. Kulick, J. Most-llo. Third Row: M. O'Gara, I. Moll-ski, M. Halama, M. Roszkowski, S. Knarr, F. Chvsney, F. Jablonski, A. Butvla, R. Suchoski, E. Visotski. Fourth Row: S. Rushoc, P. Cillo, C. Ozlanski, K. Greco, M. A. Bubnis, P. Fracalossi, T. Ladika, J. Clark, M. A. Slottvrlmack, ll. Shuhiak. Fifth Row: C. Forti, T. Gragilla, L. Miriello, C. Mihalik, E. Sharcr, D. Shiposh, S. Strike, R. Ponman, C. Buhay, Mr. Barns-s. Sixth Row: M. Hogan, E. Andrulcwica, J. Pollard, E. Kropp, H. Paskcvich, S. Smith. -..-.. -Hn SOPHOMORE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB- First Row: L. Osinski, M. Yadinski, S. Kotch, J. Mathias, S. Changgo, D. Strawn, M. Bvdnarc-hick, L. Porchic-, R. Rynall. Second Row: E. Justin, M. Kovalic, R. Greco, L. Olshvfski, B. Rupinski, D. Santos, C. Sacavagfv, A. Pascavafre, J. Schivitano. R. Kraft. Third Row: A. Drumm, R. Ochs, A. Mvssarge, I. Murin, R. Sincaski, G. Shultz, R. Ostroski, N. Snyder, R. York. Fourth Row: B. Kendtor, C. G0ng'l0r, S. Henrio, J. Pat- rick, M. Olearnick, A. Rhoadvs, J. My- chack, I. Kornchavage, M. Rvpolla, S. Hamulla, S. Confair. Fifth Row: J. Joraski, C. Hamulla, J. Schicitano, S. Maurer, N. Yarnal, IJ. Potchney, S. Kulick, A. Hogan, P. Wzxy, L. Chesney, R. Brown, Sixth Row: Mr. Barnes, A. Lerch, R. Hurningy M. Olshvfski, M. Lubeski, G. Kaminski. J. McElw00, M. Brilla, C. Camp, A. Feddock, E. Fullin. H I 'J First Row: R. Royer. R. Brosius, R. Kautter, G. Scisly, J. Sawicki, J. Trione, R. McFalls. Second Row: W. Rockwell, J. Rupinski, R. Morris, S. Olshefski, R. Zamboni, W. Repko. Third Row: Mr. C. Karlow, G. Hornberger, D. Noval. "s,-f ZS First Row: F. Honicker, A.Takach, M. Kramer, Miss McCarthy. Second Row: E. Swalding, F. Hornung, H. Burge. Third Row: T. Marnell, K. Kautter, R. Shapinski. The members of the Biology Club, with Miss Marie McCarthy as their advisor, are interested in familiarizing themselves with the anat- omy and functions of animals and with the structure of plants and flowers. They are usually students with an avid interest in science who wish to further their learning in that field. This is accomplished by the very capable advisor who exemplifies science by her intense enjoyment of it. 64 Bottom Row: J. Sawicki, B. Zarko, R. Morris, G. Hornberger, E. Henninger, C. Elko, A. Vin- cenzes, J. Breslin, S. Bolick. Second Row: J. Rupinski, A. Murin, G. Mickalitis, P. Bowes, W. Albertini, T. Barnes, L. Sharer, D. Novack, W. Senkowicz, K. Stabinski. Third Row: W. Blusius, R. Horaschak, T. Marnell, D. Stein- hart, T. Hindmarch, R. Royer, V. Sentkoski, R. Zamboni, S. Sinkowicz, C. Maurer. Fourth Row: Mr. T. Barnes, R. Lee, A. Kozlowski, J. MaGinis, S. Matukaitis, J. Menapace, C. Mo- leski, D. Noval, R. Grossman, F. Wolfe, D. Wilkinson. Fifth Row: G, Coniff, S. Olshef- ski, J. Hamulla, P. Kotch, R. McFalls, D. Malick, R. Reiner, R. York, W. Repko, J. May. Sixth Row: R. Kruskie, F. Morgan, N. Bonjo, D. Wydra, C. McGee, R. Wysocki, P. Markle. The Mount Carmel Joint Senior High School Glee Club is under the direction of Mr. Timothy Barnes. The students are selected for membership at the beginning of the Soph- omore year. The club members participate in assembly programs and provide Baccalau- reate, Commencement, the pageants, and the operettas. Members meet weekly for practice at a set time. The Hall Patrol, under the direction of Mr. C. Karlow is composed of fifteen senior boys who are assigned to watch the corri- dors for violators of certain school laws such as gum chewing, going up the wrong steps and going to lockers between classes. These violators are given tickets and must appear before traffic court each Wednesday to receive their sentences, which is usually polishing the auditorium brass or cleaning the lockers. The Future Nurses Club is composed of those students who plan to go into this field and who wish to obtain a broader knowledge of it. Miss Leona Kaufman, the advisor, provides the members with infor- mation and illustrations of nursing schools and hospitals. Future Nurses, First Row: Gloria Filoho- ski, Sally Maurer. Second Row: Arlene Galazin, Beatrice George. Third Row: Miss L. Kaufman. ...- NV First Row: G. Coniff, P. Neifert, C. Murin, P. Mar- kle, J. Sansoni, D. Noval, S. Olshefski, A. Murin R. Brosius, J. Trione, E. Henningfer. Second Row Mr. Barnes, R. VValker, R. York, R. Reiner, R. Zales- ki, G. Hornberger, C. Elko, R. Zamboni, M. Masci- antonio, Il. Maliek. Third Row: T. Barnes, I Moleski, A. Milun, J. Menapace, S. Bolick, J. Magennis, J. Hamulla. W. Blusius, C. Lastoski, R. Mr-Falls, M. Patterino. Fourth Row: A. Pryzblin- ski, I". Glodek, T. Prezyklop, V. McCoy, C. War- savage, J. Braggen, P. Pryzie, H. Gekoski, C. The Hi-Fi Club, under the direction of Mr. Barnes, aims to increase the appreciation of students for classical and semi- classical music. Of course it is not limited to this type of music alone, many different records of all kinds are played on Mr. Barnes' Hi- Fi set at every club meeting. NSY Ozlanki, E. Visotski, V. Stanavage. Fifth Row: R. Lisiewski, R. Schreffler, W. Senkowicz, G. Mikali- tis, J. Rupinski. J. Pillar, J. Pollard, H. Paskevich, R. Penman, A. M. Oras, E. A. Oras, C. Mihalik, L. Mirello. Sixth Row: A. Mesargr, H. Kobilis, M. Petro- via, E. Andrulewicz,M. A. Bartosiewicz, B. Carta, C. Glessman, E. Kropp, V. Taylor, S. Smith, M. Horn- berger. Seventh Row: W. Tanner, H. Witkoski, J. Sawacki, C. Smith, R. Kolinoski, C. Buhay, J. Brad- bury, D. Horan, G. Pesarchik, M. Joyce, D. Karpo- vitch. This club is enjoyed by all who join and is very entertaining as well as educational. Officers: President - Steve Bolick, Vice - Pres- ident -- Ronald Walker. The library club, under the direction of Miss Edna Olshefski, is composed of eager young' ladies studying' to be library assistants. The girls learn to repair books, and how to use the library in general. They learn about the Dewey- Decimal System, the card catalogue, and the placing' of fiction and non - fiction books. The library club is also open to all those who wish to learn the fundamentals of the library without nee- cessarily being' library assistants. Officers: President -- Renee Brown, Vice- Presi- dent - Carol Rushoe, Secretary - Louise Sarfine, Treasurer - Bernice Sarfine. First Row, Left to Right: L. Stancavagfe, C. Mains, E. Bianchi, R. A. Brown. Second Row: A. M. Pachuta, D. Shiposh, D. Repko, C. Sahutsky. Third Row: E. Andrulewicz, R. Brown, C. Scicehitano, B. Chesney. Fourth Row: Miss Olshefski, E. Fellin, M. A. Bubnis, This year Mr. Mellail organized a club for those idents interested in Mathematics. The groups meet- Qs involve a discussion and explaination of various lthematieal problems. While there is considerable .erest in the club it is wished that more students uld avail themselves of its opportunities. rst Row. Left to Right: C. Elko, F. Wolf, D. Wein- -, R. Zaleski, Mr. MeHail, Advisor. Second Row: R. ossman, G. Hornberger, R. Reiner, R. York. Third w: P. Koteh, R. Zamboni, D. Noval, D. Mychack, Hamulla. F. Chesney. SOPHOMORE BOYS' SPORTS CLUB-First Row: R. Greco, l.. Varano, C. Stank. Second Row: R. Kruskie, F. Buracheski, Mr. G. Breslin. Third Row: N. Bonjo, T. llodrick, W. Repko. There are three boys sports clubs with a total membership of over 100 boys. The Sophomore club is under the leadership of Mr. Breslin, the Juniors under Mr. Karlow, and the Seniors under Mr. Terry. During the meetings the boys discuss and participate in sports such as football, basketball, track, wrestling, and baseball. Films of the football games are shown during some of the meetings. Besides these activi- ties the members learn about other sports and the necessity of fair play. 66 Future Teachers of America, Officers: Presiden Isobel Kuliekg Vice President, Timothy Barnes, Secre tary, Marilyn O'Gara: Treasurer, Patricia Neifer The Mount Carmel chapter of the F. T. A. wa instituted in 1958 by Mrs. Mellail. Advisor of the elu is now Miss Evans. The purpose ot' the elub is t interest students in the teaching' profession and t teach them about it. FUTURE TEACHERS- First Row: I. Kuliek, P. Ne fert, C. Murin, Miss Evans. Second Row: E. Bridj S. Ferrari, M. Baynham. Third Row: I.. Sharer, Vl Albertini, D. Wilkinson, ll. Steinhart. Fourth Row J. Coniff, P. Bowes, T. Barnes. Fifth Row: P. Markli R. Royer. 'figfiw' . ll lilif ii! M' JUNIOR BOYS' SPORTS CLUB-First Row: E. McFadden, J. Stabinski, R. Battista, A. Bagushinski, P. Belfonti, G. Beeoski, R. Maratellii, ll. Hutko. Second Row: D. Treseo, D. Confair, F. Cioeco, C. Dakshaw, D. Tresko, V. Yus- kowski, Mr. Karlow. SENIOR BOYS' SPORTS CLUB-First, Row: R. Brosius, W. Blusius, S. Bolick, B. Zarko, J. Trione, J. Sawaeki, li. Witkoski, E. llenninger, A. Vineenzes. Second Row: J. Coddingrton, M. Halama, R. DiRienzo, B. Habowski, R. Horosehak, J. Rupinski, J. Sansoni, G. Mikalitis, P. Markle. Third Row: A. Murin, T. Moser, J. Milun, R. Grossman, R. Jablon- ski, J. DiCinque, R. Pesarehick, J. Mena- pace, R. Morris. Fourth Row: S. Ol- shefski, R. Miskell, W. Rockwell, Mr. M. Terry. fficers: President, Charles Greco, Vice 'rcsidt-nt. William Albertinig Secretary, conard Guarnag Treasurer, Edward Ko- ack. The Travel Club is one of the most active lubs in the school. Its members are taught ie customs and manners of foreign lands. lr. lioleske, the advisor, gives the high- ghts of his trips around the world. A rip to llershey, Pennsylvania to see the Je Capades is the main event of the year. 'his year they also traveled to Penn State iniversity to see the Gymnastic meet. The Audio-Visual Aids Club is under ie direction of Mr. Kozlowski. He in- .ructs the members on the proper way to pcratc movie cameras, slide projectors nd tape recorders. The knowledge of iis type of equipment gained at the meeting will prove to be very valuable, mr it might. lead the participating student do a useful and interesting hobby as well s direct him in the choice of his ca1'eer. liDIO-VISUAL CLUB-First Row: R. loroschak, J. Stabinski, R. Rattista, J. rione, S. liolick, R. Moratclli, R. l7iRienzo, J. lilusius, K. Stabinski. Second Row: E. lenninger, ll. Wcinkle, R. Rowe, F. Wolfe, . Barnes, A. Koxlowski. ll. Steinhart, G. cisly, li. llabowski. Third Row: H. Wit- oski, E. llcromin, R. Mychak, R. Wysocki, . Sinkovich, F. Morgan, J. McGovern, J. awicki, V. Yuskoski. Fourth Row: A. 'incenm-s, .l. Coddington, B. Zarko, B. Pemkoski, C. Maurer, C. Relgio, A. Bagu- hinski, J. Rupinski. Fifth Row: R. Mis- ell, R. Morris, J. l5iCinque, J. Sorochka, 1. liakshaw, W. Rockwell, R. Scicchitano, '. Moser. IAJORETTE CLUB-Girls who are in- trested in becoming our future baton Nirlers join this club to be instructed by lose who already passed the test. This lub is turned into a lot of fun. Excellent irection is given by Miss Mayan, who pro- ides information and illustrations of the nack of twirling. The girls meet in the ym to prove their theme of "Practice lakes Perfect." 'irst Row: Mary Lou Rednaryzk, Judy Lpurr, Lorraine Ruths, Corinne Forti, Dot llejzman, Anna Marie Pachuta, Margaret logan, Eileen Visotski. Second Row: 'lary Womer, Margaret Williams, Ester Rianchi, Carol Lutman, Concetta Scicchi- ano, May Anne Rumin, Joan Nestrick, lose Raynall. fHEERLEADER CLUB-The cheerlead- r club is open to all girls who plan to try ut for cheerleader and to the cheerleaders. 'he club meets every time a club period is eld. The meetings usually last about a half our. In this time the girls acomplish learn- ig many cheers and the motions to them, 'ith the assistance of Miss Mayan, the club ponsor, and the cheerleaders. First Row: L. Ilutnick, M. Halkovich, S. ltrikc, M. Yasavagc, I. Moleski, I. Kulick, . Worcik, S. l"errari. M. Roszkowski, Miss flayan. Second Row: M. Elgin, B. Mur- lock, M. Karlow, I. Newton, R. Scott, C. flains, L. Staneavage, A. llobel, M. Yadin- ki. Third Row: S. Sacavage, P. Zedny- iick, M. Yakup, E. Matty, C. Santell, E. Vlillcr, J. Strczcski, l'. Yeager, M. Swine- iart. PHE PINOCHLE CLUB, under the di- 'ection of Mr. John llogan, is composed of .hose students who appreciate a fine game mt' cards and who acquire a feeling of accomplishment from matching wits with vther students in the club. The meetings uf this club take place periodically at which .imc the members are instructed in fine 'ard playing and are given an opportunity .o olav a few games. SENIOR TRAVEL CLUB-First Row: M. A. Slotterback, S. Bressan, L. Stell- mach, P. Pavloski, E. Sharer, D. Shiposh, F. Chesney, R. Chesney. Second Row: Mr. C. Boleske, R. Grossman, A, Brosius, P. Cillo, C. Schetroma, S. Rushoe, J. Clark, E. Klinger, R. Andruscavage. as . ii F First Row: R. Horoschak, S. Bolick, J. Trione, E. Henninger, J. Soroschak, A. Vincenzes, H. Witkowski, K. Stabinski. Second Row: H. Hudick, B. Byannie B. Zarko, R. DiRienzo, T. Moser, R. McManiman, S. Sinkovich, R. Morris. Third Row: T. Howells, A. Rhoades, A. Hummel, A. Drumm, IS. Slicgcl, C. Helt, R. DiCinque, P. Holubowick, C. Maurer. Fourth Row: P. Britt, A. Akelaitis, V. Volinoski, F. Radzai, C. Yuskoski, R. Lawler, A. Karlovick, R. Walsh, J. Fallat, P. Kerestski. 060 1 IXL PUBLICATION AND CARMELITE WEEKLY - Our two high school pub- lications are the Carmelite Weekly, which is published in the Mount Carmel Item, and the IXL, which is pub- lished three times a year, for Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and Graduation. Each week sophomore, junior, and senior girls gather the cur- rent news of the school and give it to the editor who se- lects the most important news. The Carmelite ty- pists type the material which is then sent to the Item office. The editor of the IXL gives out assignments to stu- dents interested in writing. It is composed of many inter- esting editorials. These two periodicals lead to an avid interest in journalism. IXL REPORTERS -- First Row: M. Mihalik, S. Smith, S. Strike, V. Taylor, M. Yasavage, G. Serovich, I. Wojcik, E. Visotski, R. Suchoski, M. Roszkowski, P. Fracalossi, I. Moleski, M. Yadin- ski. Second Row: S. Ferrari, M. Halama, L. Hutnick, J. Mosello, E. Sharer, D. Shiposh, I Kulick, P. Neifert, M. O'Gara, C. Murin, A. M. Oras D. Karpovitch. Third Row: B. Chesney K Greco, B. Carta, M. Halkovich, L. Stellmach, C. Ozlanski, C. Mihalik, L. Miriello, T. Gragillai Li Olshefski. Fourth Row: E. Bridy, V. Gissel, C. Adzema, C. Repko, C. Shuder, J. Sebastian, T. Ladika, M. A. Krakowski, E. A. Oras, A. Butela, S. Knarr, M. A. Slotterback. Fifth Row: Kovalik R. Ochs, I.. Osinski, P, Cillo, M. A. Bartosiewicz, E. Andrulewicz, J. Pollard, M. Bubnis, M. Baynham 7 D. Glegzman, S. Bressan, M. Miscavage. Sixth Row: D. Strawn, S. Henrie, M. Olearnick, J. Patrick, Ci Forti, F. Chesney, P. Glaudel, L. Stancavage, B. Geslock, E. Fracalossi, M. Socoloski, I. Przekop, L. Rompolski, D. Santos, B. Rupinski, I. Murin, S. Kotch, J. Mathias, B. Greco, S. Chango, M. Hogan, F. Jablonski, E. Kropp, H. Paskevich, J. Clark, C. Smith, A. Missarge. I I I S l A I IXL TYPISTS, ARTISTS, AND MIMEOGRAPII ERS - First Row: S. Ferrari, C. Forti, M. Yasav- age, P. Neifert, C. Murin, D.Karpoviteh, II. Glejzman Second Row: A. M. Babilya, M. A. Bartosiewiez B. Chesney, B. Carta, M. Halkovich, M. Baynham, J Sebastian, C. Shuder. Third Row: A. Messarpje M. L. Bednarcyzk, J. Bradbury, F. .Iablonski Fourth Row: D. Novak, J. Breslin, C. Belgio Miss H. Carroll. I I I I RIFLE CLUB-The Rifle Club is mostly composed of boys who go for the out-door life. They're in- structed how to handle their equipment in and out of doors. They are also informed of' the correct tech- nique of hunting. Films are shown of the various ways of handling' your equipment. Excellent direc- tion is given by Mr. Menges, who provides lIlI'0I'IIIiI.- tion and illustrations of the subject. I Fill! Akyy IIIIIII RH IIIIIII Ilft TIIIIIIII, II I I I I I WyIIIIIIs I Ii I I I lIIIgIIsIII I I I II XI I l I IIIIIII. I' I I I II I II II I I S III I I ll I If I I k QI I. I Ix I I I II I II II II I II I I II II II II IIIIISIIII I I I I I I I I I. I I I I I II I I II III I II I I I I I I I I I I I XI I I I II I II II II I II III I I nh If I I I I I I I 'II I I I II II I II I I II VI I I I I I I I yl I I I I II I NI II I MA QUE s GAVEL First Row: Miss C. Sicicchitano, M. Halkovich, berger. Third Row: J. Sebastian, I. Wojcik, M. P. Wagner, S. Ferrari, G. Coniff, P. Neifert, T. Roszkowski, M. Yasavage, E. Visotski, C. Smith, Bonjo, J. Mosello, I. Kulick, C. Murin. Second L, Hutnick, M. Halama, I. Moleski, R. Penman, Row: R. York, T. Becking, P. Fracalossi, W. G. Serovich, S. Knarr M. Patterino. Repko, R. Grossman, R. Reiner, C. Elko, G. Horn- Masque and Gavel is composed of those students their speech in and out of school, and their participation whose speech is truly commendable. The society is in dramatic productions, as Masque and Gavel is the designed to promote clean, correct and beautiful speech. honorary society of the Dramatic Clubs. The members are selected by their grades in English, The Golden Key is an honor society for those students Evans, is proud of the members inducted at the February not taking the academic course. The requirements for initiation ceremony. These students will serve as models membership are high, and these seniors are to be com- C for others in all they do, during and after their school mended for their scholarship, participation in school days. affairs, aptitude, and initiative. The adviser, Miss Ruth M. Halkovich, C. Murin, S. Olshefski, Miss R. Evans, F. Glodek, B. Carta, J. Sebastian. 69 ATIU AL H0 llll SIICIETIE Seated: R. York, C. Elko, Miss K. Billman, G. Hornberber, P. Kotch. Standing: R. Reiner, E. Sharer, R. McFalls, P. Fracalossi, D. Noval, R. Zamboni, I. Kulick, R. Walker, J. Hamulla. To belong to the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors a senior can attain during his high school career. Members are selected by a committee of the 'iculty on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. These seniors have many opportunities to QUILL A Quill and Scroll is the International Honorary Society for high school journalists. To be a member of this society, a student must be scholastically in the upper half of his classg he must have done distinctive work in some phase of high school journalism: he must be recom- mended for membership by one of the advisors of journal- obtain scholarships and financial assistance for their college education by taking competitive tests, writing essays, and in other ways. Advised by Miss K. Billman, the society is very active in group affairs. ll SCRULL ism in his school: and, he must be approved by the society's executive officer. Seniors who wear the pin of Quill and Scroll have a right to be proud of their accom- plishments in high school journalism. Miss Helen Carroll is the advisor of this society. Seated: P. Fracalossi, G. Serovich, J. Breslin, R. Reiner. Standing: S. Ferrari, M. Roszkowski, M. Halkovich, B. Carta, J. Sebastian, C. Shuder, M. Sabol, I. Kulick, I. Wojcik, J. Mosello, Miss H. Carroll. 3 70 ATl0 AL ATHLETIC SUCIETY First Row: C.Elko, T. Bonjo, J. Menapace, S. Olshef- ski, R. Royer, P. Markle, Mr. G. Breslin. Second Row: J. Milun, B. Varano, T. Kulick, G. Hornberger, W. On May 23, 1958, a National Athletic Society chapter was established in Mount Carmel High School. Eligibil- ity for this society is open to all those boys who have earned a letter in one of the major or minor sports, and whose rank is in the upper-half of his class at the end Repko, G. Scisly, R. Grossman. Third Row: P. Kotch, R. DiRienzo, R. Kautter. of the first semester in their senior year. Mr. Breslin is the faculty advisor. The officers are: President, Stanley Olshefskig Vice President, Pershing Markle: Secretary, Joseph Menapaceg Treasurer, Robert Royer. Candlelight services IL., .. S Gerry receives the Masque and Gavel song 1 l l Jerry speaks to Masque and Gavel Newly elected Candidates l 71 BA EBALL I ACTIO Playing consistently good BASEBALL, the Red and White, under the coaching of Mr. Theodore Andrulewicz, captured the championship of the strong North Schuykill League in its first try. The mound core, consisting of Jim Darrup, Jake Dermedi, Jack Slotterback, and Sam Williams, pitched the "Big Red" to fourteen consecutive winning games. Jake Dermedi led the pitching staff with 6 victories and 2 defeats. Sam Williams followed with 4 victories and 1 defeat. All four of his victories came by way of shutouts. He had an 8-0, 2-hit shutout over Ashland, a 5-0, 1-hit shutout over Mahanoy Twp., a 4-0, 3-hit shutout over Shenandoah, and he finished the year with a 2-0, 4-hit shutout over Shamokin in the District IV Playoff. Jim Darrup and Jack Slotterback were both undefeated for the Red and White, Darrup having a 3-0 record, Slotterback a 2-0 record. In league competition Mount Carmel won 13 and lost 2, finishing one full game ahead of Ashland and Mahanoy Town- ship who were tied for second place. As for post season games, we defeated Shamokin 2-0 in the District Four Playoffs but lost to West Snyder 7-1 in the District Four-District Elevei Playoffs. Mount Carmel ended up with a team batting average o 1339, while.outscoring their opponents 161-51. Sam William and Jerry Scisly had the most hits on the club, both gathering 26 apiece. Jacko Sawicki led the team in the most runs depart ment by crossing the plate 15 times. Sam Williams, who lef the team with a .441 batting average, was followed by Jackl Sawicki with a .385 batting average, Jerry Scisly with a .38 batting average, and Jim Darrup with a .379 batting average Mount Carmel as a team ended up with 190 hits in 18 games At the end of the season, the Tornadoes lost eight seniors but they have six lettermen coming back, so we can lool forward to a fine team next year. Our boys ended up with 1 team record of 15 wins and 3 losses, the best record compilet in the past few years. To the head coach of our fine team "Pop" Andrulewicz, we give our heartiest congratulations "a job well done." The Lineup Batter Up 72 First Row, Left to Right: Bob Pesarchick, CF, Tom Beierschmitt, Manager, Rodger Clark, Manager. Second Row: John Rupinski, RF, Ed Shebelski, LF, Jerry Scisly, C, Jim Darrup, SS, Rodger Williams, IB, Jack Slot- terback, 3B, Sam Williams, P, Jacko Sawicki, 2B, Clem Stank, IB. Third Row: Bob Bar- ret, LF, Lloyd Varano, CF, Ernest Swaldi, RF, Al Tresco, CF, Jake Dermedi, P, Norm Bonjo, C, Ron Grossman, Manager, Jim Howells, 2B, Theodore Andrulewicz, Coach. . ,MX W ,j...M .f -f Ax P 1 ff -vi: kg-1. .Q ,Q qm,.N...,.1 . sf ,P EW AVN S . . sg ,xi S x, x ,xx-W X 3 X W., ,... . Q ww. . F . . -Nc. A.. gg' . . HW .,. v X 'Sig fig.: my . Lkh-' Y fiiig ' X Q ' S w- 23. .. 9.,. fl ASV. Nz f f 1 1 . , ...... ,ms Q W' -F' g r f -- aj, -Q. N : A,,.m+' fx ' ig Q x .1 Q' k v .. xywf 1.1 . . ew- '- 13. ' 'W M- Wx -- f Q I L Lg . .... .Sm -Mi A . . Q5 f .Q A qw .Q S, .. K may QM. M,b,.,x..Mf. --N41 TQ? .. . . 0 ' wif XT Z? ff x 7 1 Q .. is K N. . xi. 'xx .K Y- -X- . M A K kkk' Q1 sf- fm ' Q X . Q, 'X X "-. . sw' - wk. ,. -V+., wi 'ara' F 5 M is Q Y X X 5 A Q 3 5' X z A56 3 5? m A Q gr gf Q 'R W . . 3 Q . ,Q 3 'S X IGHT T0 REMEMBER , ,,,, ,f""'i ,Z Ns Will we ever be finished on time? Advice from the wise. Round and round the wheel goes. A chair for a queen. lt was all like the story, but Walt Disney could not have done better han the Juniors who participated in helping PREPARE FOR THE PROM. The clean-up and decorating' committee really deserve a big handg and, if it iadn't been for Miss Carroll, Mr. Mclflee, and lVIr. Kozlowski, the three .dvisors of' the committee, the prom could not have been as successful as it vas. We'll never forget the help they gave in preparing for the prom. The spectators in the balcony admired the beautiful prom. I'm sure 'tThe Hass Slipper" will be a prom long remembered by the students as Well as the aculty. Tape, please. A4 Disneyland is back again "Oh Dear" 75 Thu- fluwvi' shops in tniwii wtwt' Iwiing' l'llSl'll'Kl. fl0l'S2lj,Il'r :tml lwiitnlyiliit-iw-X in-rv lvvim: tuiwli-i't'1l hy the tlnxt-iisg tht- lu-:titty xlilipx :ilitl thi- lim-ln-rs nt-vvi' haul in IIlllt'll lvlwiii-wx. l'Ix'l-i'y-'iw haul :x hzxiiil in gvttiiig: rvzuly t'-lr thif lug t-vt-nt, tlit- Xltltmt Fm'- mt-l .li-int SENIOR l'llllXl, l'4ut-iitx ilillrft think tht-y wmilrl lim- tlii'-filull it: in-itll:-i ilitl tht-il' vliilil- rvlx, ltlli iii tlit- viill thi-lv ii-'iv x'm'i'y ll-xx' mi tht- l'21Sll2llly list. t-i l'x't-iyliiitix --ilipii--1-. th-ttilip :ln-wi-fl thi tht- pit-iii xvzix rt-:illy :i strziiii. 'l'lwi-t- xvzxx Nluiy' , xxhtl -taiitv-l :it IQ, ami :it 8. Ntill ixzixrft iwfmly. lhviv tlit-rv xxaix llnh who, nt T u'lliit'lt. xxxxx lu-iiiu lillxlitwl up tht- Ntziirs hy Mutlitw. llv Qlllxl xxxt-ilu-tl llil- I':ilviily 4'JlI', tn Fatlic-rs mls-light, Nltrtlil-il lli--muy, llmx miuiltl ht- l'Vl'I' 1:4-t t'lt-:iii in llllly :xii hwiii ,' Xu-l L-xii--XX xxlizit hi' tvlls hcl' limi' hi- IU-lull! til l,itIt tip thu l-lli'4:li:v. This might swulirl iivrimlililv lilll l'm mv it hup pvm-cl to mziiiy tltlilfn imp wi puttin -wmmz. limit lu'tl1sqn11i'z1g'4-tl. .M Njflll lim lhlll xx:i-- :it llzurv-l:xli1"N hmlst-1 ht- xxzis t-lt-xiii. lilx :i multi-i 1-t tzivt. ht- ltmlgl-.I 2ll1S4lllllt'lj' liziiitlvvixiw-I :mtl llzilx .lzili-f. it-zitlx' :xt lzwl, luukwlnxil'Xlivw1illi-wlHui til' it Xtwiylllmlf Vimlt-1' s-lla :mtl l'i'im't- l'lizii'iiiiliul Nfl--1' thi- it :ml 1'-fllml nf lfziiiiily pivtitll-f.tl1t-y xw1l'ttI'I' iii lllll-'. fl-':ini:1i1tl shiny mr. .Xt Inxi. lil-if Nltlmzinill lmll in-iv Nim- 1'0liL-vutl. It XY'lXlI'l iwt-i lm Xlziiy .lzmv :mtl litlli tli-luggli. 'l'hi-y hzltl tw xxzilli ivil - thv l'it-in, lmilt gil gill thum- l pc-oplv stniimlirig thi-iv iii-t xiziitimg' fm Milne- pt-nr, l lllllltillllllillt' girl wi' lilly ti- tiilil litflis-vv it ui' riot. fllziry .lzxiiv :xml lhll- mmltf tht- Nt--pg thi-y nlimli1't trip mivt-. l,lll'li mix with llivm, 'l'litfy xxvrt- lm-iitlilvfx xxhviv tht-y wullwtl ilitn A X W I ' thv lmlli-tmm. Wt-lv th:-5' llll'ilIlllllgl' ui' wzw this ' nlonunt to llnuinl 501 lwzititiliil mtviii tht' plxil-if xxliflll- thi-y Wullltl spviisl , tht-ii' piwun vw-riiriul lmilt :it tht- lit-:iiitit'ul mzuiikin ul' t'imlw'm-llzi iii thnx vt-ritvi' ul' tht- rtmilil 'l'ln- waxy Shu i'vx'ulx':-ll. it at-vim-tl lilw Jin- xxzix inviting' :ill tu t'Ul1l4' :mtl viiiuy llll'lllAl'lYl'N. Uh in-Vt-li't tht' murals lll'2llllllllll. Hin Nlt'l"t-n- :mtl hir t-tmiptitt-vit staffs will-lwtl hzirtl tu ziwllxiiplifli tht-ft' xx'uii4l1-:mils offs-ci i it N 4 4 uv ' mg put X it t it 'S -". ii ' ' 'z' ' :imsu ', jus like- tht' stutvitx. " c-y 4 -1 '- 1 , Q Cinderella Fill'er up ,Hi 3: x A as 1 ,fi ' Arc- you sleepy Pat? Hungry, Miko? 76 The CROWNING oi' the PROM QUEEN is the climax ol' every prom. Two weeks before the prom the senior boys hold an election and vote for the girl of their choice. The name of the queen is a closely guarded secret until the moment of the crowningx Each candidate must have the following' qualifications: she must be a senior, she must be attractive, popular, and sparkling with personality. Last year's queen was Miss Catherine Lucas, mem- bers of her court were Misses Beverly Maurer, Patricia Guarna, Carole Boyle, and Sandra Falkie. Our queen was crowned by 1958's choice, Miss Carol Pesarchick. ln keeping' with our theme, "The Glass Slipper," and in addition to the prom queen, a Senior girl was also chosen Miss Cinderella. She was Miss Teena Pulaski. After the announcement of her name, Miss Pulaski was presented with a glass slipper and was escorted to her beautifully decorated carriage in which she was then drawn around our Fairyland for all to see. ' if e' -Q. The Prom Queen, her court and Cinderella - Sitting: Cinder- ella, Teena Pulaski, Queen, Catherine Lucasg Court, Carole Boyle, Beverly Maurer. Standing, Looking on: Carol Pesarchick, Pat Guarna, Sandra Falkie. Congratulations, Catherine. l,et's run, Saml. XX To you, Miss Cinderella. 1. What's so funny? But, I do: t wanna dance! 77 w Boys, the Army can offer you The seventh annual CAREER CONFERENCE, sponsored by the Mount Carmel Rotary Club and the Mount Carmel Area Joint School District, was held on March 31, 1959. Career Day consisted of a general assembly of students in the Victoria theatre at 9:45 a.m., and two series of classroom conferences in the after- noon. Maxwell E. Hannum, a representative of the National Association of Manufacturers, addressed the assembly with the subject, t'The Clock and the Calendar." John Hoch, Dean of instruction at Bloomsburg State College, posed the question, "Where Do We Go From Here ?" The students were also addressed by Mr. Vin- cent McHail, principal of the Mount Carmel Joint Senior High Schoolg Mr. Gerald Beierschmitt, super- intendent of the Mount Carmel Joint School Dis- trictg and by Mr. Albert Ross of the Kulpmont School District. There was a brief musical interlude be- tween the speeches. Guidance conferences were held in the afternoon. From the many fields available, each student had a choice of two in which he or she was the most interested. Several of these fields are: The Armed Forces Auto Mechanics Beautician Police Work Nursing Secretarial Work Dentistry Medicine Teaching Telephone Journalism The art of the bcautician . . . DI'2lfI'12itlCS Pharmacy The respective conferences were conducted by mem- bers of those par- ticular careers. Career Day prov- i ed to be a highly in- formative and Valu- able aid to the stu- dents. Sail the seven seas v . 5 i F Q . 13 X. ,. 5'H6'Nfs .WW A 1 1"'P 'G' I 11,1 Q1 Ab i Q X N xi l'4-f mn .., x 'K Q 5 ,al S x ,., S Xb R -:xx KN? V X Q L? S Q A N Xu ...W 's ' A 4 W.. if . 5 . ' 55' 5 W? fgllxx lgi AX 3 A- pw M5 i X ,r lb- f Qs- Sf' ig. X WN, .W ,ww . ,..,W,.q.... pina 1 v giqvqi , if annul .nissan I -mfv rw Mm ww i 5 A 5 paula ' QQQIQ 1 f, fkff pw N QM- -1, .Wm Q 1 1'- f W ll lllll Joseph Menapace, Michaeline Halkovich, Sylvia Ferrari, Sandra Strike September of 1957 marked the date of en- trance of the Class of 1960 to Mount Carmel Joint Senior High School. After a hilarious initiation at the hands of the seniors, we gradually adjusted to our studies and our money - making campaigns for our class treasury. The class got off and winging on the right foot as we enjoyed a success- ful card campaign. To further augment the class treasury, we also held a few dances through- out the year. As Juniors we returned to our wonderful high school and almost immediately embarked on our magazine campaign, which was a resounding success. Participation in-class assemblies, school plays and pageants, and a few dances of our own made the days pass so quickly that before we knew it, Junior Prom time had approached. The Prom with its "Cinderella Theme" turned out to be one of the most gorgeous and wonderful af- fairs ever held at our school. Soon we are seniors and we enjoy our rather lofty status here at school. Our football season was one full of thrills and when it was all over, the boys had left behind them a very impressive record of 8 wins 2 losses and 1 tie. Although Thanksgiving meant the end of pep-rallies and parades, it marked the beginning of basketball. In December we held our Christmas Pageant. Before we knew it, February had arrived and it was time for the much' awaited initiations into the different Honor Societies. March brought our operetta, "Gypsy 'I1roubadour" which was so much fun preparing and performing, As the days grew few we looked toward Commencement and Baccalaureate with mixed emotions. And so with these last two ceremonies we conclude our high school days. In leaving we will take with us many fond memories of our school which we will always cherish. We will also leave with the self-assurance that our past experiences in the classroom has helped to prepare us to more fully meet the demands of today's world. 81 X'F':"'r ffm -,N Ky Cuiest - Tom Banjo, Mzlrgrzxret Szxbwl Runner - up- Robert I's-sznrn-hiek, Michzwlim- Ilullmvivh -v'v"' --... 'V' if ff' e R f I fil- er 4 - N, I du' Hes! Dancer - Earl Henninger, Pat Fracalossi Runner - up- Bill lla-pkn, Irene Moleski Best Dressed - John Rupinski. Fzlthy Greco Runner - up - Robert Royer, .luyee Moselln 82 Handsomest Boy - Robert Royer Prettiest Girl - Vicky Taylor Most Popular - Joe Memxpuce, Mickie Halkovich Runner ' UD ' Ge0l'L50 Mi4'k11litiS, M1111-l'1ll'0t S21b0l Runner - up - Paul Wagner, Sylvia F0l'I'iIl'l Most Pleasing Personality - Paul Wagner, Sylvia Ferrzlri Runner - up - Jerry Scisly, Ruth Penmun Most Uourteous - Jerry Coniff, Joyce Mosello Runner - up - John Breslin, Elaine Kropp ,ZF nf' Xl., Most likely to Succeed - Robert York, Carol Murin Runner - up - George Ilornbcrgcr, Isobel Kulick Best Student - Charles Elko, Isobel Kulick Runner - up - George Hornberger, Elizabeth Shafer f I n l Q is fi iii S If 'N si' ' -rn nr Friendliest-Mike Hulama, Elaine Kropp Wittiest - Tom Kulick, Virginia Sl,2lll1lV2l.f,I0 Runner - up - Paul Wagner, Cm-nl Smith Rumwr - up - PM Nvifvrt, Jvrry Sviwly anie?i4?ki1Mi3haeI G e u n - Q Spoldts Clilb 1, 2, iii. griiiif a'fl"""e' Andruelewica, Eleanor M. Genial disposition - inlet - shy Glee Club , 3: Travel C ub 1: Cheer- leader Club 2: Dramatic Club 2 3: Volleyball Intramurals 2: Hi- Fi Club 3: Li rarian 3: Carmelite Reporter 3: IJXL Reporter 3: Christmas Pageant Andruscavage, Robert T. Ace Photographer - Liked by all Biology Clu 1: Photo rapher assem- bly 2: Stagecraft Club 2: Yearbook Photographer 3: DJ at Dances 3: Trave Club 3. Artman, John H. Hails from the Ga - Likes to hunt Boys Sports 2: Riflje Club 3. Babllya, Anna M. Artistic ability - Boys delight - Centralia gal Basketball Intramurals 'l, 2, 3: Volley- ball lntramurals 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Cheerleaders Club 2: Prom Com- mittee 2: IXL Artist 2, 3: Christmas Pageant 2, 3: Stagecraft Club 3: Yearbook Staff 3: peretta 3: IXL Reporter 3. Bartosiewicz, Mary Ann E. guiet Manner - Sweet disposition ravel Club 1: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: IXL Reporter 1, 2, 3: IXL Artist 1, 2, 3: Hi-Fi Club 2, 3: Student Council 2: Carmelite Reporter 2, 3: Librarian 2: Christmas Pageant 2. Bsynham, Marilyn J. Amiable - Cute - Sweet disposition IXL Artist 1, 2, 3: IXL Reporter 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Carmelite Reporter 2, 3: Travel Club 1: I-li-Fi Club 2: Sta ecraft Club 3: Carmelite Typist 3: Christmas Pageant 2 3: Future Teachers of America Club 3: Operetta 3: Art and Lay-out Staff o Yearbook 3. Becking: Thomas R. Stage and - Drives a Buick - Practical joker aft Club 1 2 3 rts and Stagecr . - 2 Spo Games 1: Volleyball 1: Masque and Gavel 3. Bluslus, William A. Quiet - Small in stature - Hunter Pinochle Club 1: Sports Club 2: Hi- Fi Club 3. Bolick, Steve M. Terrific personalitg - Great athlete Glee Club 1, 2, 3: ramatic Club 1 2, ag Hi-Fi Club 1, 2, sg sports Club 1, 2, 3:0 eretta 3: Football 1, 2, 3: Basketball. 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2, 3: Prom Committee 2: Christmas Pageant 3: Baseball 3: Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3: Basketball ntramurals 1, 2, 3: Bonjo, Thomas G. Handsome - Active stage hand Basketball 1: Football 1, 2, 3: Dra- matic Club 1, 2, 3: Stagecraft Club 1, 2 3: Sports Club 1, 2, 3: Stage hand 1, 2, 3: Prom Committee : Letterman's Club 3: Intramurals 1, 2: Masque and Gavel: National Ath- letic Society. Boyd, Norman D. Shy - Reserved Manner Travel Club 2: Rifle Club 3. Bradbury, Jean H. Likeable - Blond - Lo?uacious Travel Club 2: Basketball ntramurals 2: Hi-Fi Club 3: IXL Typist 3. Breslin, John R. M.C.I'I.S.'s Liberace - Happy go lucky Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3' Biology Club 1: Travel Club 2, 3: Mimeographer 1, 2, 3: Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 3: Operetta 1, 3' Quill an Scroll 3: Carmelite Weekly Ty- pist 3: Dramatic Club Pianist 1, 2, 3: Operetta Accompanist 3: Christmas Pageant Accompanist 3: Assembly Pianist and Organist 3. Bressan, Sarah M. Faithful friend - Sweet natured Travel Club 1, 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: I-li-Fi Club 2: IXL Reporter 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2, 3: Christmas Pageant 2: Volleyball Intramurals 2, 3: Basketball ntramurals 2, 3. Broaius, Alfred J. Carefree - Content - Seldom seen Nature Club 1: Travel Club 2, 3. Brosius, Richard J. Basketball whiz - Track star - Friendly Basketball 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2: Student Council 1: Sports Club 1, 2, 3: I-Ii -Fi Club 1, 2, 3: Rifle Club 1, 2, 3: Hot Rod Club 1, 2, 3: Hall Patrol 3: Intramurals, 2, 3. Bubnis, Mary Ann , , , ., xl- ,. ...Tw-qgjqzs -15:3-,,-,FR-,mn-f --:i2.,:-12:1-www , .-,....:.-..,:g.-.-.,-Vwvxevwi, -- l0ll DIRECT Demure - Sweet natured - Cute Travel Club 2: Volleyball 2, 3' Li- brarian 3: Dramatic Club 3' Stage can Club sg ea ketbali a: Glee club 3: Operetta 3: IXL Reporter 3: Christmas Pageant 3. Buhay, Carol A. Flirtatious - Natural blonde tresses Basketball Intramurals 2, 3: Travel Club 2: Glee Club 3: Hi-Fi Club 3: Christmas Pageant 3: IXL Typist 3. Butela, Arlene Petite - Polite - Sincere Travel Club 1: Glee Club 2, 3: Cheer- leader Club 2: Carmelite Reporter 2, 3: IXL Reporter 2, 3: Volleyball 2. Carta, Berdine M. Tiny - Shy - Honor student Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Future Secretaries 1: IXL Reporter 1, 2, 3: Carmelite Reporter 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2, 3: Vo leyball Intramurals 2: Christmas Pageant 2 3: Prom Committee 2: Hi-Fi Club ag IXL Typist 3: Year- book Typist 3: Progqram Seller 3: Operetta 3: Golden ey: Quill and Scroll: Yearbook Solicitor 1. Chesney, Barbara L. Efficient - Trustworthy - Nice disposition Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Stage Craft Club 1: IXL Typist 3: IXL eporter 1, 2, 8: Travel Club 2, 3 Christmas Pageant 2, 3: Basketball Intramurals 2: Li- brarian 3: Program Seller 3: Band 1. Chesney, Felicia M. Ardent band member - Amicable Band 1, 2, 3: Band Treasurer 3: Future Secretaries 1: Travel Club 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2, 3: Carmelite Reporter 2, 3: IXL Reporter 2, 3: Basketball Intramurals 2, 3: Volleyball Intramurals 2, 3: Christmas Pagieant 2, 3: Advertising Staff of Year ook 3: Librarian 2, 3. Cillo. Patricia M. Dependable - Black curly hair Glee Club 1, 2, 3: IXL Reporter 2, 3: Carmelite Regorter 2, 3: ravel Club 2, 3: Basket all 3: Volleyball 3. Clark, Judith A. Thoiiightful - Pleasant - Jovial Hi- i Club 1: Glee Club 2, 3: Travel Club 2, 3: Volleyball Intramurals 2: Basketball Intramurals 3: IXL Re- porter 3. Coddington, James R. Carefree - Friendly - Loads of fun Track 2, 3: Volleyball Intramurals 2, 3: Basketball Intramurals 2: Short Wave Club 2: Hot Rod Club 2: Sports Club 3. Coniff, Gerald W. Courteous - Well liked - Good student Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 1' Hi-Fi Club 1, 2, 3: student Council 1, 2, 3: Christmas Pageant 1: Cap- tain of Card Campaign 1: Captain of Magazine Campaign 2: Prom Com- mittee 2: Operetta 1, 3: Yearbook Staff 3: Future Teachers of America 3: President of Masque and Gavel: Chairman of Name Card Campaign 3. Covaleski, Fred S. Drives a Chevy - I-Iails from Atlas Boys Sports Club 1: Automobile Club 2: Rifle Club 3. Cress, Tom Water boy - Nice to know - Small Pinochle Club 1: Track 2, 3: Rifle Club 3: Football Manager 2, 3: Short Wave Club 2: Volleyball Intramurals 2, 3: Cross Country 3. DiCinque, Joseph A. Ladies man - Comical - Outdoors are olleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3: Sports Club 1, 2, 3: Rifle Club 3. Dillienzo, Robert J. What a buildl- - Never serious - I-Iigh's wrestler Wrestling 1, 2, 3: Football 2, 3: Rifle Club 1, 2, 3: Sports Club 1, 2, 3: National Athletic Societg 3: Basket- ball Intramurals 1, 2, : Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3: Track 2, 3: Base- ball 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Dillienzo, Victor M. Auto enthusiast - One of the shop boys Rifle Club 1, 2, 3: Sports Club 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2: Dramatic Club 1: Glee Club 1. Elko, Charles J. Intelligent - -Dry sense of humor Pinochle Club 1: Track 1, 2, 3: Dra- matic Club 1, 2, 3: Volleyball Intra- murals 1, 2, 3: Prom Committee 2: Hi-Fi Club 3: Cross Countg' 3: Christmas Pageant 3: National onor Society: 'National Athletic Scholar- ship Society: Masque and Gavel: Glee Club 3: Operetta 3: Math Club 3. 0llY Evans, Charles Seldom seen after school - Mechan- ical whiz Rifle Club 3. Evert, Carl I-l. Unusual - Boisterous Pinochle Club 1: Hot Rod Club 2: Boys Sports Club 2: Rifle Club 3: Shop Boys Refinishing Club 3. Evert, William Curly hair - Quiet - Small stature Sports and games 1: Rifle Club 3. Fallat, James S. Friendly nature -- Calm - Pleasant Band 2, 3: Radio Club 2: Auto Club 2: Pinochle Club 3. Ferrari, Silvia M. Pretty c eerleader - Personality plus - Sweet Class Vice President 1, 2, 3: Student Council 1, 3: Field Day Attendant 1, 2: Card Campaign Captain 1: Maga- zine Campaign usiness manager 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Cub 1, 2, 3: IXL Artist 1, 2, 3: Carmelite Regorter 2, 3: Carmelite Editor 3: IX Editor 3: IXL Reporter 1, 2, 3: Stage Craft Club 1: Volleyball Intra- murals 1, 2, 3: Cheerleader Club 2, 3: Prom Committee 2: Christmas Pai- eant 2, 3: Basketball Intramural , 3: Concession Stand 2: Future Teach- ers Club 3: Oneretta 3: Literary Staff of Yearboo 3: Quill and Scroll: Masque and Gavel: Cheerleader 3. Forti, Corinne E. Attractive majorette - Reserved - Likeable Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2 3: Bas- ketball Intramurals 2, 3: Ma'orette Club 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2: IJlL Re- porter 1, 2, 3: Stadium Usher 1, 2: Christmas Pageant 1, 2: Dramatic Club 2, 3: Travel Club 2: Prom Com- mittee 2: IXL Typist 3: Majorette 3. Fracalossi, Patricia A. Attractive - Well poised - Good dancer Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Stagecraft Club 1, 3: Secretary of Stagecraft Club 3: Concession Stand 2: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3: Cheerleader Club 2: IXL Re- porter 1, 2, 3: Carmelite Reporter 2, 3: IXL Artist 2: Homecoming At- tendant 3' Basketball Intramurals 2, 3: Volleyball Intramurals 1 2, 3: Card Campaign 1: Christmas Pageant 2 3: Prom Committee 2: Operetta 3: Yearbook Editor 3: National Honor Society: Masque and Gavel: Quill and Scroll. Garcia, Michael P. Jgyial - Able hunter - Unpredict- a e Sportsman Club 1: Automobile Club 2: Rifle Club 3: Volleyball Intra- murals 2, 3. Glelzman, Dorothy M. Cute - High's strutter - Sunny disposition Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Volleyball Intra- murals 1, 2, 3: Basketball Intramurals 2, 3: Majorette Club 1: Carmelite Reporter 1, 2: IXL Reporter 1, 2: Prom Committee 2: Hi-Fi Club 2: Dramatic Club 2, 3: Christmas Pa- geant 2: Majorette 3: Carmelite Typ- ist 3: IXL Typist 3: Travel Club 3. fglfiililla, Charlotte il . I. r a erina -- ways ging Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3: Mglsurette Club 1: Travel Club 2: Basketball Intramurals 2, 3: Volleyball Intra- murals 2: Hi- Fi Club 3. Glodek, Francis M. Science fiction fan - Imaginative Wrestling 1: Sports Club 1, 2: Hi-Fi Club 3: President of Golden Key Honor Society 3. Goodlunis, Marilyn L. Blond personality - Pleasing per- sonalit Glee Club 1: Cheerleaders Club 1 2' Bridge Club 3: Band 1, 2: Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2: Basketball Intra- murals 2. Gragilla, Theresa A. Neat in appearance - Gentle - Kind Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Cheerleader Club 1, 2: Volleyball Intramurals 2: Prom Committee 2: Christmas Pageant 2: Bridge Club 3: IXL Reporter 3: Carmelite Reporter 3. Greco, Kathleen A. Future model - Vivacious - Pretty Travel Club 2: Dramatic Club 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Secretary of Glee Club 3: Vice President of Sta Craft Club 3: Volleyball Intramural: 2 3: Bas- ketball ntramurals 2, 3: Christmas Pageant 3: Operetta 3. Grossman, Robert J. Jester - Confident - Mathemati- cally inclined Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 1 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2 35 Basketball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Volleyball Intra- murals 1, 2, 35 Pinochle Club 15 Boys Sports Club 1, 2, 35 Christmas Pag- eant 1, 2, 35 Student Council 15 Co - lege Prep Club 15 Hi-Fi Club 1, 25 Card Campaign Captain 15 Prom Committee 25 Magazine Campaign Captain 25 Math Club 35 Travel Club 35 Operetta 35 Masque and Gavel5 National Athletic Scholarship Soci- ety5 Yearbook Staff 35 Track 35 Base- ball 3. Habowski, Bruce J. Strong and sturdy - Carefree - Likea le Football 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 1, 2, 35 Baseball 35 I-Ii-Fi Club 15 S rts Club 2, 35 Basketball Intramurallii 1, 2, 35 Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3. Halama, Margaret A. Pert and pretty - Pleasant - Re- served Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 1 2, 35 IXL Reporter l, 2, 35 Camielite Reporter 1, 2, 35 Stage Craft Club 1, 35 Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Basketbal Intramurals 2, 35 Cheer- leader Club 25 Concession Stand 25 Operetta 2, 35 Prom Committee 25 ghriitmas Pageant 2, 35 Masque and ave . Halama, Michael A. Studiy shy - Happy go lucky -- Auto fien Hot Rod Club 25 Sports Club 3. Halkovich, Micllaeline A. Peppy cheerleader - A- 1 personal- ity - Ty ical teen Student Council 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Class Secretary 1, 2, 35 Carmelite Reporter 1, 2, 35 IXL Reporter 1, 2, 35 IXL Editor 35 Carmelite Editor 35 IXL Typist 35 Stagecraft Club 15 Volley- bal Intramurals 1, 2 35 Basketball Intramurals 2, 35 Field Day Attend- ant 1, 25 Yearbook Solicitor 1, 25 Operetta 2, 35 Christmas Pageant 2, 35 Prom Committee 25 Cheerleader Club 2, 3' Cheerleader 35 Golden Key: Quill and Scroll5 Masque and Gavel. Hamulla, John M. Devilish - Cordial - Independent Pinochle Club 15 Volleyball Intra- murals 1, 2, 35 Hi-Fi Club 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Sports Club 25 Prom Committee 25 National Honor Soci- ety5 Math Club 35 Christmas Pageant 3. I-Ienninger, Earl D. Class cut-up - Good dancer - Perpetual tease Sports Club 1, 2, 35 Basketball 15 Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Bas- ketball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Hi-Fi Club 1, 25 Student Council 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 35 Operetta 85 Christmas Pageant 35 Dramatic Club 3. Hogan, Margret J. Twirls for .C.H.S. - Pretty blue eyes - Friendly Glee Club 1, 25 Majorette Club 1, 25 Majorette 35 Volleyball Intramurals 1, 35 IXL Artist 15 Basketball Intra- murals 25 IXL Reporter 2, 35 Stadium Usher 1, 25 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Christmas Pageant 2, 3. I-Iolubowica, Paul J. Tacltfig - Seldom seen after school Emllgball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Sports Club 15 Basketball Intramurals 2, 35 Travel Club 25 Pinochle Club 3. Hornberger, George M. Brainy - Fun oving - Mannerlg Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Pinochle Clu 15 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Spzmrts Club 25 Cross Country 2, 35 Trac 2, 35 Prom Committee 25 Hi- Fi Club 35 Glee Club 35 National Honor Society5 Ath- letic Scholarship Society5 Masque and Gavel5 Operetta 35 C ristmas Pag- eant 35 Math Club 8. Horoschak, Robert P. Rambunctious - Amiable - Carefree Wrestlin 1, 2, 35 Football 2, 35 Volleybag Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Bas- ketball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Boys S rts Club 1, 2, 35 Pinochle Club 15 Clie Club 2, 35 Prom Committee 25 Hi - Fi Club 2, 3. I-Iutnick, Louise M. - Rah - Rah girl - Green eyes - Liked by all . Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 IXL Re rter 1, 2 35 Carmelite Reporter 1, 21:0 35 Cheerleader Club 2, 35 Cheerleader 35 Volleyball Intra- murals I, 2, 35 Basketball Intramurals 2, 35 Christmas Pageant 1, 2. 35 Stu- E lllll DlllECTOIlY dent Council 25 Operetta 2, 35 Con- cession Stand 25 Stage Craft Club 15 Prom Committee 25 Masque and Gavel. Jablonski, Frances M. Short'n sweet - Amiable - Loqua- cious Glee Club 15 IXL Reporter 1, 2, 35 Majorette Club 15 Volleyball Intra- murals 1, 2, 35 Basketball Intramurals 25 Carmelite Reporter 15 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Prom Committee 25 I-Ii-Fi Club 25 Travel Club 35 IXL Typist 35 glearbook Typist 35 Concession Stand Jablonski, Ronald J. Easy to get along with - seldom seen Hi - Fi C ub 15 olleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Basketball Intramurals 1, 25 Pinochle Club 15 Travel Club 25 Rifle Club 35 Sports Club 2, 3. Joyce, Margaret K. Good natured - Sincere - Talkative Travel Club 25 Basketball Intramurals 2, 35 Hi-Fi Club 35 Volleyball Intra- murals 2, 35 Concession Stand 3. Kalinowski, Stanley J. Sportsman - One of the shop boys Sports Club 1, 25 Rifle Club 35 Base- ball 35 Volleyball Intramurals 3. Karpovitch, Dolores J. Mischievous - Lively - Zealous Glee Club 1, 25 Stadium Usher 1, 2, 35 Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Basketbal Intramurals 2, 35 Cheer- leader Club 15 Pinochle Club 25 Car- melite Typist 35 Yearbook Typist 35 Concession Stand 35 Hi-Fi Club 35 IXL Reporter 3. Kasenych, John A. Centralia fellow - Quiet Boys Sports Club 2, Rifle Club 3. Keretski, Peter G. Everybody's friend - Cool! - Jolly Sports and Games 1, 2, 3. Klinger, Eleanor V. Obliging - Basketball whiz - Friendly Travel Club 1, 2, 35 Volle ball Intra- murals 1, 2, 35 Basketball Intramurals 2, 35 Program Seller 3. Knarr, Sandra M. Beautiful complexion - Well groomed - Ambitious Dramatic Club 35 Masque and Gavel 35 IXL Reporter 35 Stage Craft Club 35 Glee Club 35 Christmas Pageant 35 Basketball Intramurals 35 Volleyball Intramurals 35 Operetta 35 Thespian Honor Society. Kopyecianski, Arthur Curly, blond hair - Silent type - One of the Atlas crew Sports Club 1, 25 Rifle Club 35 Volley- ball Intramurals 2, 35 Shop Boys Re- finishing Club 3. Kotch, Paul R. Nice to have around - Honor student - Clever Basketball 15 Boys Sports Club 1, 25 Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Card Campaign Captain 15 Magazine Campaign Cap- tain 25 Track 2, 35 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Prom Committee 25 Hi-Fi Club 35 Cross Country 35 Math Club 35 National Honor Society5 Athletic Scholarship Society5 Operetta 35 Christmas Pageant 35 Baseball 35 Glee Club 3. Krakowski, Mary Ann G. Friend to all - Quiet - Sincere Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Carmelite Re orter 1, 2, 35 IXL Reporter 1, 2, 3' Sltage- craft Club 15 Future Teachers of America Club 2, 35 Hi-Fi Club 35 Volleyball Intramurals 2, 35 Basket- ballt gntramurals 25 Christmas Pag- ean . Kropp, Elaine M. Adorable -- Full of fun - Helpful Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Travel Club 15 Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 35 Field Day Attendant 1, 25 Cheerleader Club 25 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Basketball Intra- murals 2, 35 IXL Reporter 2, 35 Car- melite Reporter 2, 35 Prom Committee 25 Magazine Campai n Captain 25 Concession Stand 25 Hi-Fi Club 3' Homecoming Court 35 Volleyball Intramurals 35 Operetta 35 Conces- sion Stand 35 Queen of Hearts Can- didate. Kuklinski, Janice M. Giddy - Capricious - Sociable Glee Club 15 Majorette Club 15 Vol- leyball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 IXL Re- porter 1, 25 IXL Artist 15 Basketball ntramurals 2, 35 Travel Club 2, 35 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Stadium Usher 25 Concession Stand 3. Kulick, Isobel M. Faithful Rah Rah girl - Intelligent - Friendly Stagecraft Club 15 Student Council 15 Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Card Campaign Captain 15 Operetta 2, 35 Prom Committee 25 Cheerleader Club 2, 35 Cheerleader 35 Future Teachers Club 2, 35 Basket- ball Intramurals 2, 35 Dramatic' Club 2, 35 Carmelite Reporter 2, 35 IXL Reporter 2, 35 Christmas Pageant 35 Yearbook Literary Staff 35 Masque and Gavel5 Quill and Scroll5 National Honor Society. Kulick, Thomas J. Clown -- Easy going - Shuns school Wrestling 1, 2, 35 Football 2, 35 Sports C ub 1, 2 35 Basketball Intra- murals 1, 2, 35 Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Base- ball 35 National Athletic Honor Soci- ety. Kutza, Thomas J. Disc Jockey - Easy going - Romeo Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Biologg' Club 15 IXL Reporter 1, 2, 35 Volley all Intramurals 1, 25 Hi - Fi :Club 2, 35 Disc Jockey 35 Color Guard Ladika, Tanya L. Thoughtful - Friendly - Talkative Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Future Secretaries 15 Band 1, 2, 35 Christmas Pageant 1, 25 Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Card Campaign Captain 15 Student Council 25 Dramatic Club 2, 3' Bas- ketball Intramurals 2, 35 Future Teachers Club 25 Hi-Fi Club 25 Prom Committee 25 Operetta 25 IXL Reporter 2, 35 Magazine lCampaign Captain 25 Literary Club 25 Program Seler5 Carmelite Reporter 3. Laskoski, Carl R. Red wavy hair - Easy going - True pal Sports and Games Club 15 Sports Club 1, 2, 35 Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Basketball Intramurals 2, 35 Rifle Club 25 I-Ii - Fi Club 3. Liptock, Michael Short - Quiet - Troublesome Boys Sports Club 25 Rifle Club 3. Lisiewski, Robert J. Tease - Jovial - "Rip's" buddy Pinochle Club 15 Boys Sports Club 25 Hi - Fi Club 35 Volleybal Intramurals 2, 35 Basketball Intramurals 3. Malick, David N. Happry go lucky - Quiet - Amiable Foot all 15 Wrestlin 15 Sports Club 1, 25 Track 15 Vollefball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Basketball ntramurals 1, 2, 35 Hi- Fi Club 35 Glee Club. Markle, Pershing W. Perpetual tease - Easy going - Likes sophomores Football 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 1, 2 35 Track 1, 2, ag spam Club 1, 2, vol- leyball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Hi-Fi Club 35 National Athletic Scholarship Society5 Future Teachers Club 3. Masciantonio, Martin J. Trumpeter - Shy - Quiet Sports Club 1, 25 Hi - Fi Club 35 Band 1, 2, 3. Mc Falls, Richard K. Dependable - Droll -- Good looking Sports and Games Club 15 Volleyba Intramurals 1, 2 35 Basketball Intra- murals 1, 25 Prom Committee 25 Boys Sports Club 25 Hi-Fi Club 3' Glee Club 35 Hall Patrol 35 National Honor Society. Mehlbaum, Raymond J. Centralia boy - Quiet - Shy Boys Sports Club 25 Rifle Club 3. Menapace, Joseph D. Mr. President - Answer to a maid- en's prayer - Tease President of Class 1 2, 35 Football 1, 2, a- J.v. Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 35 Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Basketball Intramurals 1, 2, 35 Boys Sports Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Prom Committee 25 Christmas Pageant 35 National Athletic Scholar- ship Society. Mickalitis, George A. Sharp dresser - Good looking - iet ggotball 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 15 Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2 35 Basketball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Hi-ri Club 1, ap spam club 2, Dramatic Club 25 Glee Club 3. Mihalik, Charlotte A. Pleasant - Sincere - Neat Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Travel Club 15 Cheerleader Club 25 Prom Committee 25 Christmas Pageant 25 Hi- Fi Club 35 LXL Reporter 35 Carmelite Report- er . Mllun, Joseph P. Red Tornado - Unconcerned - Hails from Atlas Football 1, 2, 3, Sports Club 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 1, Track 1, Volleyball In- tramurals 2, 3. Mlnnlch, Robert D. Good worker - Drives a Pontiac Boys Sport Club 1, 2, Rifle Club 3. Miriello, Louise Dependable - Agreeable - Sincere Travel Club 1, lee Club 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader Club 2, Prom Committee 2, Christmas Pageant 2, I-Ii-Fi Club 3, Carmelite Reporter 3, IXL Report- er 3. Miskell, Robert L. Has a hot station wagon - Tornado center - Carefree Football 1, 2, 3, Sports Club 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Track 5, gi, Baseball 3, Sports and Games Moleski, Irene L. Cheerleader - Pretty eyes - Good dancer Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Stagecraft Club 1, Hi-Fi Club 1: Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Basketball Intramurals 2, 3, Cheer- leader Club 2, 3, Carmelite Reporter 2, 3, IXL Reporter 2, 3, Operetta 2, 3: Concession Stand 2, Christmas Pageant 2, 3, Prom Committee 2, Cheerleader 3, Masque and Gavel. Morris, Richard L. Red Hot Tornado - Jolly - Shuns School Boys Sports Club 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, G ee Club 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, Basket- ball Intramurals 1, 2, Co-captain Football 3, Hi - Fi Club 3. Mosello, Joyce E. Real cute cheerleader - Sharp dress- er - Personality plus Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Stagecraft Club 1, Volleyball In- tramurals 1, 2, 3, Basketball Intra- murals 2, 3, IXL Reporter 1, 2, 3, Carmelite Reporter 1, 2, 3, Cheer- leader Club 2, 3, Student Council 2 ,Corresponding Sec.J, 3 fRecording Sec.l, Concession Stand 2, Easter Pageant 2, Operetta 2, 3, Magazine Campaign Captain 2, Prom Commit- tee 2, Cheerleader 3, Christmas Pag- eant 3, Quill and Scroll, Maeve and Gavel, Literary Staff of Year ook 3. Moser, Thomas A. Witty - Likes horses - Boisterous Sports and Games 1, 3, Stage hand 1, 2, Travel Club 2. Morin, Albert F. Always with the boys - Ladies' man - Shuns school Baseball 1, 2, 3, Sports and Games 1, 2, Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Basketball ntramurals 1, 2, 3, Travel Club I, Pinochle Club 1, Glee Club 2, 3, Hi-Fi Club 3, Sports Club 3. Murin, Carol V. Talented vocalist - Faithful - Affable Travel Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 3, IXL Reporter 1, 2, 3, Carmelite Reporter 1, 2, Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Basketball Intra- murals 2, Easter Pageant 2, Operetta 2. 3, Student Counci 2, Golden Key, Masgue and Gavel, Carmelite Typist 3, I L Typist 3, Yearbook Literary Staff 3,1-Ii-Fi Club 2, 3, Future Teachers Club 3. Neifert, Patricia C. Infectious laugh -- Witty - Zealous Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Stage Craft Club 1, 3, IXL Repor- ter 1, 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 3: Carmelite Reporter 1, 2, Olperetta 1, 2, 3, Travel Club,1, Vo leyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Prom Committee 2, IXL Typist 3, Masque and Gavel Vice President, Yearbook Literary Editor 3, Basketball Intramurals 2, 3, Future Teachers, Treasurer 3, Name card Captain 3. Noval. Daniel J. Quiet - Handsome - Intelligent Student Council 1, 3, College Prep Club 1, Glee Club 1, 3, Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Intramural Basket- ball 1. 2, 3, Card Campaign Ca tain 1, Prom Commitee 2, Sports Club 2, Hi - Fi Club 2, 3, Baseball 3, National Honor Society, Christmas Pageant 3. 0'Gara, Marilyn Suny disposition - Poetic - Well liked Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Sta e Craft 1, Cheerleader Club 2, Hi-Fi Club 3., Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Con- cession Stand 2, IXL Reporter 1 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Carmelite Weekly E . we lllll DIRECT 2, 3, Prom Commitee 2, Christmas Pageant 2, Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Secretary 3. Olshefski, Stanley All-around guy - Makes that Kick - College bound Footbal 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Wrest- ling 1, 2, 3, Intramural Volleyball 1, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, Glee Club 1, Sports Club 1, 2, Prom Committee 2, I-Ii-Fi Club 3, Golden Key Honor Sgciety, National Athletic Scholar- s ip. , Oras, Anna Mae Petite - Friendly - Faithful to Eleanor Ann Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader Club 1, 2, Hi - Fi Club 3, Concession Stand 3, IXL Reporter 2, 3, Operetta 3. Oras, Eleanor Ann Petite - Friendly - Faithful to Anne Mae Cheerleader Club 1, 2, Hi- Fi Club 3, Christmas Pageant 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, IXL Reporter 2, 3, Concession Stand 3, Operetta 3. Ozlanski, Carol Quiet - A good friend - Neat Stage Craft Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, IXL Reporter 2, 3, Cheerleader Club 2, Carmelite Reporter 2, 3, Prom Committee 2, Hi - Fi Club 3. Palembas, Ronald Unusual - Sharp? - Talkative Travel Club 1, 2, Gun Club 3. Palovick, Gerald Clown - Just loves school - Mr. McHail's buddy Wrestling 1, 2, Volleyball Intramur- als 1, 2, 3, Hi-Fi Club 1, Sports Club 1, 2, 3, Basketball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Travel Club 1, College Prep 2. Paskevich, Helen Boy's delight - Flirtations - Qgxiet Glee Club 1, Future Nurses 1, ra- matic Club 2, 3, Hi-Fi Club 3, Student Council 1, IXL Reporter 2, 3, Carmelite Reporter 1, 2, 3, Card Campaign Captain 1, Cheerleader Club 2, Magazine Campaign Captain 2, Prom Committee 2, Basketball Intramurals 1, 2, Volleyball Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, Homecoming Court 3. Patterino, Michele Flirt - Pixie - Tease Dramatic Club 2, 3, Hi-Fi Club 3, Basketball Intramurals 3, Stage Craft 3, Yearbook Literary Staff 3. Pavloski, Patricia Keeps to herself - Nice to know Travel Club 2, 3, Librarian 3, Volley- ball Intramurals 3. Penman, Ruth Lively - Short'n sweet - Pretty voice Cheerleader Club 1, Hi-Fi Club 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 3, Oper- etta 3, Basketball Intramurals 3, Volleyball Intramurals 3, Masque and Gave Honor Society 3. Pesarchick, Geraldine Deep voice - Obliging - Affable Cheerleaders 1. 2: Hi-Fi 3, Pro ram Seller 3, Basketball Intramurag 3, Volleyball Intramurals 3. Pesarchick, Robert Strong - Handsome - Likeable Hi-Fi Club 1, Wrestling 1, Baseball 2, 3, Basketball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Rifle Club. Petrovia, Marguerite Jig: black tresses - Pretty - Like- a e Cheerleaders Club 1, 2, Hi-Fi Club 3, Basketball Intramurals 3, Volley- ball Intramurals 3. Pinamonti, John Likes health class - Built - Hot rod Boys Sports 1, 2, Games 2, Wrest- ling 2, Rifle 3, Volleyball Intramur- als 3. Pivarnik, Thomas Shop boy - Likes work - Helpful Pinochle Club 1, Boys Sports and Games Club 2, Rifle Club 3. Pollard Judy Small - Nice smile - Quiet Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Future Nurses 1, Hi-Fi Club 3, Christmas Pageant 3, Carmelite Re- orter 2, 3, Prom Committee 2, IXL Reporter 2, 3, Basketball Intramur- als 3, Volleyball Intramurals 3. Pryzie, Phyllis So nice - Meek - Smile for all Glee Club 1, 2, Hi-Fi Club 1, 3, Cheerleaders Club 2. Przybylinski, Antony Bowler - Quiet - Yankee fan 0llY K -.-.-, -nv ww- -f-,--W-5---n1W!5fvwnvw Pinochle Club 1, Sports Club 1, Senior High Bowling League 1, Basketball ntramurals 2, 3, Volley- ball Intramurals 3. a - tuious- apy o uc geiim' lgobfit H 1 if Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 'lliavef Club I: 2, Glee Club 3, O eretta 3, Hi-Fi Club 3, Yearbook Editor 3, Christ- mas Pageant 3, Student Council 3, Masque and Gavel Honor Societly, Na- tional Honor Society' Qxuil and Scroll Honor Society, Mat Club 3. Repko, William Quiet - Likes dancing - Tornado Football 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Wrest- ling 1, 2, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Stage hand 2, 3, Hi-Fi Club 1, 2, Stage Craft Club 3, Volleyball Intramura s 1, 2, 3, Basketball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Prom Committee 2, National Ath- letic Scholarship Society 3, Masque and Gavel 3, Christmas Pageant 3, Hall Patrol. Rockwell, William Carefree - Likeable - Big Red Tornado ' Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, Track 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Boys Sports and Games 1, 2, 3, Volle bal Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Basketball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Hall Patrol Roszkowski, Mary Aiwa s smiling - Vivacious - Sharp cheerleader Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Stage Craft Club 1, Cheerleader Club 2, Cheerleader 3, Student Coun- cil 2, 3, Carmelite Reporter 1, 2, 3, IXL Reporter 1, 2, 3, Yearbook Solicitor 1, 2, Concession Stand 2, Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 3, Volley- ball Intramurals 2, 3, Basketball In- tramurals 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Quill and Scroll, Masque and Gavel. Royer, Robert Handsome - Shar dresser - Built Football 1, 2, 3, Blasketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Basketball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, College Prep Club 1, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Sports and Games Club 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 3, National Athletic Honor Society, Co -Calptain Basketball team 3, Future Teac ers of America Club 3. Rupinski, John Sturdy Tornado - Well dressed - Jester Pinochle Club 1, Glee Club 2, 3' Boys Sports and Games 1, Football team 2, 3, Baseball team 2, 3, Travel Club 2, Hall Patrol 3, Basketball In- tramurals 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, Boys Sports Club 1 2, 3, Prom Committee 2, Hi-Fl Club 3. Rushoe, Shirley Quiet - Conscientious - Boy shy Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Travel Club 1, 3, Cheerleader Club 2. Sabol, Margaret Really cut - Doesn't like to talk - Neat Secretary Club 1, Prom Committee 2, Travel Club 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 3, IXL Typist. Sansoni. John Lots of fun - Content - Jocular Sports Club 1, Intramurals 1, 2, Band gi:lrgr3Guard 2, 3, Wrestling 1, Travel u . Sassani, Arthur Never serious - Very pleasing per- sonality Sports Club 1, 2, Intramurals 1, Hi- Fi Club 2, Rifle Club 3. Sawicki, John Never hurry, never worry - Drawls - Likes the girls Sports Club 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Track 1' Baseball 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 1, Hot Rod club 2, Basketball Intra- murals 2, Hi-Fi Club 3, Rifle Club 3, Glee Club 3, Schetroma, Carol Efficient - A good friend - Nice to know Hi-Fi Club 1, Travel Club 2, 3. Schreffler, Ray Nonchalant - Seldom seen - Shy Pinochle Club 1, 2, Voile ball Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, Basketball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1. Scicchitano, Marshall Never a dull moment - Neat to know - Unconcerned Sports Club 1, Hot Rod Club 2, Rifle C ub 3, Wrestling 1, Volleyball Intra- murals 1, 2, 3. Seialy, Jerry Lanky - Masculine Tornado - Flir- tatious Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, Sports Club 3, Track 1, 2, 3' Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Hall Patrol 3, Basketball Intra- murals 1, 2, 3. Sebastian, .loan Neat - Seldom heard - Conscien- tious worker Majorette Club 1, Travel Club 2, IXL Typist 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Glee Cub 1, 2, 3, Basketball 2 3, IXL Reporter 2, 3, Stadium Ilsher 2, Program Seller 3, Volleyball 2, 3, Librarian 2, Yearbook Advertising Staff 3, Prom Committee 2, Carmel- ite Weekly Typist 3, Bridge Club 3, Name Card Captain 3, Operetta 3, Golden Kei' 3, Quill and Scroll, Masque an Gavel, Yearbook Typist 8. Senkowicl, William Shy -- Quiet -- A good student Pinochle Club 1, 2, Basketball Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, Hi- Fi Club 3, Christ- mas Pageant 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Volleybal Intramurals 1, 2, 3. Sentkoaki, Vincent Little wrestler - Kind of cute - Collegiate Glee Club 1, 3, Wrestling 1, 2 3, Boys Stports Club 1, 2, 3, College Prop. ub 1, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 3, Operetta 3, Volleyball Intramurals 1, 3, Cross Country 3. Serovich, Geraldine Ungredictable -- Tall and graceful - nthusiastic Glee Club 2, 3, Majorette Club 2, Con- cession Stand 2, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 2, 3, Prom Com- mittee 2, Editor IXL 3, Editor Car- melite 3, Carmelite Weekly 3, Quill and Scroll, Maslue and Gavel, Op- eretta 3, Volley all Intramurals 3, Baskgtball Intramurals 3, Ad Solic- itor . Sharer, Elizabeth Smart - Pleasant - Seldom heard Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Librarian 1, 2, 3, Libra Club 1, 2, Travel Club 2, 3, Volleyball I, 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 2, 3, IXL Repor- ter 2, 3, Concession Stand 2, 3, a- tional Honor Society. Shebelaki, Edward Unconcerned - Shuns studies - Seldom seen Baseball 1, 2, 3, Boys Sports Club 1, 2, Rifle Club 3. Shipoah Darla Faithful librarian - Drives a '59 Chevy - Talkative Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Travel Club 2, 3, Student Council 1, 2, Secretary Club 1, Librarian 2, 3, IXL Reporter 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 2, 3, Card Captain 1, Usher at Stadium. Shubiak, Dorothy Seldom seen, seldom heard - Soft spoken Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Hi-Fi Club 1, 2, Travelers Club 3. Shuder, Carol Studious - Boys' delight -- Pert and Pretty Hi- i Cub 1, Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Travel Club 2, Carmelite Reporter 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 2, 3, IXL Re rter 2, 3, Operetta 3, Proglram Sellgr 3, Basketball 3, Yearbook yp- ist 3, Carmelite Typist 3, Volleyball 3, IXL Typist 3, Quill and Scroll. Slotterback, Mae Tall - Long, beautiful hair - Likes boys Hi-Fi Club 1' Travel Club 2 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Girls' Volley- ball 2, Girls' Basketball 2, 3, IXL Reporter. Smith, Carol Naturally curly hair - Witty - Carefree Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, IXL Reporter 1, 3, Cheerleader Club 2, Prom Committee 2, Operetta 2, Christmas Pageant 2, 3, Carmelite Reporter 3, Hi-Fi Club 3, Student Council 3, Masque and Gavel, Home- coming Court 3, Operetta 3, Travel Club 3. Smith, Sandra Kiniland sweet - Helpful - Con- n fll-Fi Club 1, 3, Travel Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, Prom Committee 2, IXL Reporter 3, Christmas Pageant 2, Operetta Cast 3. l E l0ll DIRECTURY Snyder, James Muscle bound - Cheyenne haircut -Always with Weasel Sports Club 2, 3, Rifle Club 3. Sorochka, John Silent type - Nice friend - Reserved Pinochle Club 1, 2, Audio Vision 3. Sosnoski. Catherine Likes fishing - Smile for everybody - Popular Hi-Fi Club 1 2' Basketball Intra- Emgals 2, 3, Volleyball Intramurals Stanavage, Vwinia Unusual - itty - Boisterous Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1 2, 3, Pinochle Club 1, Cheerleader club 2, Hi- Fi Club 3, Carmelite Reporter 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, IXL Re orter 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, tgperetta 2, 3. Stanton, Olga A good disposition - Polite Hi-Fi Club 1, Stadium Usher 3, Glee Club 3, Reader's and Writer's Club 3, Basketball Intramurals 3. Stellmach, Louise Genial - Nice personality Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader Club 1, Hi- Fi Club 2, Traveler Club 3, Dra- matic Club 1, 2, 3, IXL Reporter 1, 2, 3, Carmelite Reporter 1, olleyball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3. Strike, .Sandra M.C.I-I.S. Cheerleader - Brimful of personality - Neat Student Council 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Pinochle 1, IXL Reporter 1, 2, 3' Carmelite Reporter 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, Cheerleader 3, Class Treasurer 3, Basketball Intramurals 2, 3, Volley- ball Intramurals 2, 3, Operetta 3, Quill and Scroll, Masque and Gavel, Prom Committee 2. Suchoski Leonard Has little to say - Reserved - Evades girls Sports and Games Club 1, 2, 8, Pinochle Club 1, Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2. Suchoski, Rosemarie Sweet - Agreeable - Reliable Glee Club 2, 3, Cheerleader Club 2, Hi-Fi Club 3, Basketball Intramu- rals 2, 3, Volleyball Intramurals 2, 3, Carmelite Reporter 2, 3, IXL Re- porter 3. Taylor, Vicky Nice personality - Noted walk - Extensive wardrobe Glee Club 1, 2, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Majorette Club 1, 2, Volleyball In- tramurals 1, 3, IXL Reporter 1, 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2, Yearbook Solicitor 2, Carmelite Reporter 3, Hi- Fi Club 3. Todisco, .lean Wizard athletic - Reserved - Pleas- ing personality Biolo y Club 1, Volleyball Intra- murals 1, 3, Glee Club 1, Travel Club 2, Hi -Fi Club 3. Tomol, George Big tease - Indifferent to school - Mischievous Sports Club 1, Hot Rod Club 2, Rifle Club 3, Shop Boys Refinishing Club 3. Tostannwski, Bernard Small in stature - Inquisitive Pinochle Club 1, Intramurals 1, Sports Club 2, Travel Club 3. Trione, James Red Tornado End - Good looking - Carefree Boys Sports and Games 1, 2, 3, Co lege Prep Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, Basketbal Intramu- rals 1, 2, 3, Pinochle Club 1, 2, 3, graffic Patrol 2, Christmas Pageant Urbanovvicz, David Quiet - Unconcerned - Seldom seen Sports Club 1, 3, Hot Rod Club 2. Varano, Bruce Shy - Basketeer - Flamboyant Basketball 1, 2, 3, Basketball Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Intramu- rals 1, 2, 3, Sports Club 1, 2, 3, Baseball 3, Ath etic Society. Vincenzes, Albert Curly hair - Bashful towards girls -Aways ready for a good time Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Sports Club 1, 2, 3, Basketball Intramurals 1, 2, Vol- lelyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Rifle C ub 1, 2, 3, Hunting and Eishlng 1. Visotaki, Eileen Friendly - Courteous - Twirls for I-Il. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Majorette Club 1, 2, 3, IXL Re- porter 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Intramurals 1. 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 1, 2, Carmelite Reporter 3, O eretta 2, 8, Majorette 2, 3, Prom Cbmmittee 2, Masque and Gavel. Wagner, Paul Rlefular guy - Ready smile - Like- a e Basketball 1, Track 1, 2, 3' Stage Craft Club 1, 2, s, Basketball Inm- murals 1, 2, Athletic Club 1, Prom Committee 2, Stagehand 1, 2, 3' Dra- matic Club 3, Boys Sports Club 2, Cross Country 2, 3, Masque and Gav- el, Wrestling 3. Walker, Ronald Brain -- Short - Humorous Volleyball Intramurals 2, 3, Yearbook Co-ed 3, Band 8, National Honor Societyl, Hi-Fi Club 3, Vice Pres- ident i-Fi3. Witkoski, Henry Great trumpeter - Garrulous - Amiable Band 1, 2, 3, Sports Club 1, 2 3, Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Bas- ketball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, Travel Club 1, 3, Hi -Fi Club 2, Biology Club I, Hot Rod Club 2, Rifle Club 3, Color Guard 1, 2, 3, ?rShestra 1, 2, 3, Stage Craft Club Wojcik, Irene Bouncy - Cheerleader - Peaches and cream complexion Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Stagecraft 1, Cheerleader Club 2, Cheer eader 3, Volleyball Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, IXL Reporter 1, 2, 3, Carmelite Reporter 1, 2, 3, Concession Stand 2, Operetta 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 2, 3, Masque and Gavel, Quill and Scroll. Woytanis, Daniel Hot rod -- Likes girls - Unconcerned Sports Club 1, 2, Hot Rod Club 2, Rifle Club 3. Yasavage, Maureen Very neat - Petite cheerleader - Boys' delight Class Treasurer 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 1, Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Car- melite Reporter 1, 2, 3, IXL Reporter 1, 2, 3, Field Day Attendant 1, Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 3, Operetta 2, 3, Masque and Gavel. York, Robert Collegiate dresser - Loves to tease - Brain Track 1, 2, 3: Boys Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Intramurals 1 2, Basket- ball ntramurals 1, 2, I-Ii - Fi Club 1, 2, College Prep Club 1, J. V. Foot- ball 1, Prom Committee 2, Boys Sports Club 2, Olaeretta 2, 3, Christ- mas. Pageant 3, athematics Club 3' Natlona Honor Society, Masque and Gavel, IXL Regorter 3, Sports Editor of the Yearboo 3, Yuschoek, Stephen I-Iails from Centralia - Shop boy - Quiet Boys Sports Club 2, Rifle Club 3. Zaleski, Bob Tall and dark - Perpetual tease - Indifferent - Enjoys loafing College Prep Club 1, Pinochle Club 2, Prom Committee 2, Basketball In- tramurals 2, 3, Glee Club 3, Volley- ball Intramurals 2, 3. Zamboni, Robert Class cutter - Easy going - In- dustrious College Prep 1, Glee Club 1, 3, Vol- leyba l Intramurals 1, 2, 3' Basketball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Card Cam aign 1, Magazine Campaign CBPCIIII 2, Prom Committee 2, Sports Club 2, Student Council 2, H1-Fi Club 3' Baseball 3, Math Club 3, Hall Patrol 3, Christmas Pageant 3, National Honor Society. Zarko, Bernard C. Rambunctious - Allergic to studies - Boogie Bear Track 1, 2, 3, Volleyball Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Sports Club 1, 2, 3, Basket- ball Intramurals 1, Stagecraft Club 1' Audio Visual Club 3, Glee Club 3, gllriatmas Pageant 3, Pinochle Club s. Q sv? ,... Just :1 little more polish, fella. wqwfxx Last minute instructions at Franklin Field Philadelphia. 1 gf' . , ,..::-. :Y s s X f ,eggs . -kip ! ,K-ls: M E b " Q, . x f X f .- Rfy. L L, Do a neat Job girls. W e , - if L i ing 'A f x.. ,-'-ii Q 1 . K -...L,N, was-Q, Y.. Check the copy! Are all the pictures in place 'Z Where's page 22! No N Happily we put together the lXL's. My but 's not over due 89 uw . , ,xo V W, y ,, .gf Q 1 fi S .L ichael E. .Americk Vocational 90 Eleanor M. Andrulewicz General Marilyn J. Baynham General Robert T. Andruscavage General Thomas R. Becking General Helen Jean Bradbury General ii! as: Q 4 k . X xl . 'W Rez. :f3?i:ll John H. Artman Vocational i ' iff -,. J , I x William A. Blusius General John R. Breslin Commercial x-Z Anna Mae Babilya General Stephen M. Bolick General Mary Ann E. Bartosiewicz General Thomas G. Bonjo Norman D. Boyd General Vocational Q 'Qui Eta Sarah M. Bressan General E ix Q 4 V A .4 Alfred J. Brosius Richard J. B ' roslus Mary Ann Bubms G l enera General General Carol Ann Buhay Arlene N. Bllflela Berdine M. Carta Barbara L. Chesney General General Commercial General Judith Ann Clark James R. Coddington Gerald W. Coniff General General Academic Robert N. DiRienzo Victor M. DiRienzo Academic Vocational 92 K X, X 4 " 4 A! Z iii an W. , we X. . X' W Felicia M. Chesney Commercial lllll '11 he cu O- F0 O o 4 N ..- co rn FT' .-. Vocational Eisgef? awgsg i Charles J. Elko Academic Patricia A. Cillo General Thomas P, C1-ess Joseph A. DiCinque General Commercial Charles Evans Carl Evert William Evert Vocational Vocational Vocational James S, Fallat Sylvia M, Ferrari Corinne E. Forti Patricia A. Fracalossi General General Commercial Academic G ,z r if X X 'i -. . Q. - , 1 .., e Charlotte J. Glessman Francis M. Glodek Marilyn L. Goodlunis General General General Bruce J. Habowski Margaret A. Halama General General 4 'F X 1 Michael D. Garcia Dorothy M. Glejzman General General l Theresa A. Gragilla Kathleen A. Greco General General Michael A. Halama Michaeline A. I-Ialkovich General Commercial Robert J. Grossman Academic Air John M. Hamulla Earl D. Henninger Academic General 95 Margaret J. Hogan General Paul J. Holubowicz Academic Ronald J. Jablonski General Robert P. Horoschak General George M. Hornberger Academic Margaret K, Joyce Stanley J. Kalinowski General Vocational 96 Peter G. Keretski Eleanor V. Klinger General General Louise M. Hutnick Frances M. Jablonski General General 'IF . if A P Dolores J. Karpovitch John Kasenych Richard H. Kautter General Vocational Academic .kf Sandra M, Knarr Arthur Kopyscianski Paul R. Kotch Mary Ann Krakowski General Vocational Academic Academic 97 Elaine M. Kropp Janice A. Kuklinski Isobel M. Kulick Thomas J. Kulick General Commercial Academic Academic Carl R. Laskoski Michael Liptock Robert J. Lisiewski General Vocational General 96 633 Richard K. McFalls Raymond J. Melbaum Academic General 98 4. 'Q lllLln 'Q wifwf ' 1 1 J - '15, .Zia 'xx ' - 1 7: Im' 15. ..3.-.:,. ,. -40' 'rl J, . he Thomas J. Kutza Tanya L. Ladika General Commercial David N. Malick Pershing W. Markle Martin J. Masciantonio Academic Academic Academic if Joseph D. Menapace George A. Mickalitis Charlotte A. Mihalik Joseph P. Milun Academic Academic Commercial Vocational 99 Robert D. Minnich Vocational 100 ik of Louise Miriello Commercial Thomas A. Moser General l Robert L. Miskell Irene L. Moleski General General Albert F. Murin Carol V. Murin General General Stanley E. Olshefski Anna Mae Oras General General Richard L. Morris Joyce E. Mosello General Academic Patricia C. Neifert Daniel J. Noval Marilyn M. 0'GaI'a General Academic General Eleanor Ann Oras Carol A. Ozlanski Ronald A. Palembas Gerald M. Palovick General General General General 'I01 0' Helen Paskevich General Michele A. Patterino Patricia M. Pavloski Ruth M. Pemnan General General General Marguerite Petrovia John P. Pinamonti Thomas M. Pivarnik General General Vocational 102 Prefix XQWE. J .,-5-ty lx ,, 1 Robert E. Reiner William Repko Academic Academic Wil -1 Geraldine M. Pesarchick Robert F. Pesarchick General General Qf: fi-Q' Judith C. Pollard Phyllis A. Pryzie AYlth0I'1Y T- Przyblinski General Commercial General 13' Nr 'Quan' William C. Rockwell Mary M. Roszkowski Robert D. Royer John R. Rupinski General General Academic General 103 Shirley M. Rushoe Margaret L. Sabol John H. Sansoni Arthur D. Sassani General Commercial General General Raymond F. Schreffler Marshall D. Scicchitano Gerald F. Scisly Academic Vocational Academic Geraldine M. Serovich Elilabeth Y- Shafer General Academic 104 John J. Sawacki Carol J. Schetroma General General 'kr Joan M. Sebastian William J. Senkowicz Vincent P. Sentkoski Commercial General General Edward T. Shebelski Darla J. Shiposh Dorothy M. Shubiak Carol J. Shuder Vocational General General General 105 Mae Ann Slotterback Carol A. Smith Sandra J. Smith James M. Snyder Gcneral General Commercial General Virginia M. Stanavage Olga M. Stanton Louise A. Stellmach Academic General General Victoria L. Taylor Jean M. Todisco Commercial General 106 i ix John K. Sorochka Catherine L. Sosnoski General General ., ',-. . - . wg i Znn . nl l e Sandra M. Strike Leonard J. Suchoski Rosemarie H. Suchoski General General Academic George G. 'Fomol Bernard M. Tostanowski James J. Trione David S. Urbanowicz Vm-utimml General General Vocational 107 Bruce P. Varano Albert E. Vincenzes Eileen K. Visotski Paul H. Wagner General General General General V Maureen M. Yasavage Robert J. York Stephen P. Yuschock Commercial Academic Vocational Robert J. Zamboni Bernard C. Zarko Academic General 108 Ronald J Walker Henry E Wltkoski Irene C. Wojcik Daniel W Woytanis Academic General General General I i A 1.51, ' Robert J Zaleskl Sewing Circle Motto: "Our leader, Godg our aim, Perfectionf Flower: White Rose Colors: Turquoise Green and Ivory Class song: GRADUATION DAY Tune: "The These High School days will soon be a memory That grows sweeter through the years. We'll go our separate ways, each remembering, All the smiles and even the tears. We'll not forget the ones who have guided us, There is so much we'd like to say. Dear Friends, it's time to part, So keep within your hearts - The memory of this day. The joys of High School days, and the friends we ve made Are the things we'll all hold dear. The hours we've spent with you, All the di .ns we've shared, Will stay with us year after year. And tho h we leave you now, keep us in your thoughts And may Rod be with us, we pray. We need His Helping Hand, and may He Bless us all This GRADUATION DAY. ,,..--Q-W--Sw-'W lf-A--2:3 ANTHRACITE FIRE COMPANY MARKET AT 3RD MT. CARMEL, PENNA. JOSEPH G. ZECOSKI S 1- GENERAL 4 Y . ,4 INSURANCE , f X TELEPHONES 40-42 WEST FOURTH STREET OFFICE 1056 MOUNT CARMEL, PA. RESIDENCE 102 P. A. STIEF 8K SONS THE REGION'S LEADING OUTFITTER TO MEN AND BOYS FOR OVER 65 YEARS Formal RenI'aI Service 9-I3 NorI'I1 Oak SI. MI. Carmel, Pa. A LICENSED AGENT FOR THE PENNSYLVANIA PLAN. THE FINEST BUDGET SYSTEM EVER DEVISED JEPKO'S TV - Gas and EIec+ric AppIiances I33-I35 Sou+h Oak S+ree+ Pyrofax Bo++Ie Gas Mouni' Carmel, Pennsylvania NESBITT'S CUT RATE Mount Carmel's Original Cut Rate FOURTH AND OAK STREETS Mount Cormel, Pennsylvonio J' an gi , 1 For Smari' CIo'rI1es See PETE'S CLOTHES SHOP 206 Souih Oak S+reeI' Phone I460 JOIN OUR SUIT CLUB MELDOT'S CHlLDREN'S SHOP S S O xx 'Q LA, 1 I LI ,-3: ' Q h ' I , x .f-- .L f J Ml I34 SouII'1 Oak Sfreei' MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Telephone II84 LOUIS GROSSMAN SONS "Always +I1e Bes+" Sou+h Oak Sireef MOUNT CARMEL, PENNSYLVANIA MOUNT CARMEL MOTORS INTIIIIATIOIAI. HARVESTER 230 SOUTH OAK STREET MOUNT CARMEL PHONE 614 'II4 TCM GENERAL PHOTOGRAPHY Specialist in School Photography 3Il W. 3rd. St. Mt. Carmel, Pa. I' 179147 -Wm? For Good Italian Food Try MATTUCCI'S WILLCW CAFE LA PIZZA OUR SPECIALTY Phone 9728 Willow M . C l ELEANOR KROPP Bf21d1ffy'S BEAUTY sALoN Insurance Agency 136 west Third sneer Mount Carmel, Pa. Insmwmw Phone l86l Bonds Rm! Eymte 3 West Avenue, Mount Ca mel Phone 321 I ,V by -TTL f 'oi' E4 I I F5 Iv G Q' Q ALIY6' ' " BILL 8. HANK's GARAGE S - YY ., . x F " ,- I7-I9 Sou+h Willow Sfreef One Block Easi' of 'I'he Sfaclium V' .5 I. ' ...AE ' ' I' QT!! px A I' I1 X s' N 1j?W '1 I 'Z -Q , 'f . .fl "Q-TSQ4 W Q If -.isa-2 56 N ,.,. .. Suv 65" Wi ffffwwm Suiiimiun 'T 3-U5 JJ3 F33-J Q3 0 VETERANS OF FGREIGN WARS POST 2110 CHARITY FUND I N '4 Maurefs Wayside Dairy Phone 479 F6 G55 GTSQJ3 E585 E355 C3335 635.5 5,363 9.9123 QE 5.445 3.545 E'-MD 6? 5 ' HIGGINS FUNERAL sERvlcE fe gg Nothing Overdone 5 95 Nothing Undone W s 59 40 South Morket Street Phone 499 sg Mount Carmel, Pennsylvonio eQ3Q7?'QCf'.2'?AQQ2?AQQ.??AQE262Q2?AQ9'?i9Q'?i99'?i9Q'i'i99-91199-?i3S2s AMERICA LEGIO WRlXul'IfIfl R Se' Q 2. X 4, he S 4 o X Mu :www CUMMU ITY FU ll Lumber and Builders Supplies MOUNT CARMEL, PENNSYLVANIA I' jg f NNN' X '-1 " .1007 fil",' C l g Mglfvyflkr-I' A ia 5 -2-. 5'..: Q. 5 Z E3 , 5'-7 E QVC Zi 4 S' Z C N "X'4c:'fT7T' x X We 5 N 4 G Q S W N My W 5 Slip EE 322 E 7 20 Q 5 5 2 9 3 E E 2 5 "' . 5 T 35 0 7s G25 Q' A4632 U, QQ! 5' cn 'S Ladies's Wearing Apparel South Oak Street Mount Carmel, Pa. 'G ""t"?"l Vx I N' S ll - Q f' 5 1' Q- Q.. Q.. Q- Q- 5- Q- Q, 5- 5- ii it 209 South Oak Street Fine Baked Products C. D. MENAPACE W. R. MENAPACE R. C. MENAPACE R ' egice l UU, s"" " . ,K Qs :', ld ' l, J' f 'IV' 'f I' sgeilfkbi iyi' 'I' ff' SXNNS-.:i2QiLJ55L X' . STANDARD DRUG STORE CIALX Q, R I 'QS P ,I 5 2 U' vi 04- sk Sickness is a sufficient misfortune in itself without adding to its seriousness or prolongation by inferior medicaments. This pharmacy realizes its great responsibility when entrusted with your doct0r's pre- scription. We permit no commercial con- sideration to influence us in our purchase of quality drugs, and adhere strictly to our policy of accurately compounding for you just what your doctor ordered. 1 -fommiifmf g ml inxiw - R. GUINAN el U lf awe Mount Carmel 81. Shamokin Mahonoy City Berwick tj:-:-I-I -:-::::-:-:- f'I'-iii i'o e,,X i'4 NEWS AGENCY 12: G2-eil? :Sz I I l7 South Oak Street El ll Mount Carmel, Pa. l:' l:' i l Telephone 44 fi Third and oek Streets fi ri 4 l l Mount Carmel, Pa. ll A - " ff J 3 3 ' l l l,l ,VJ :H - A l Q vt X I l P Mil.,-..1v.vh 'Q 1 i l f , .5 na ,, i l Cx on J 'l C. my ex -if l j - x x x ? -ff, Q-9 xl C U J' , Y"-1 i i 'V' i i Ar!-rd, ii l l l l 1 2- ee- iff 5 2 l - S l i 'i A Ld. l l l l I ' i l l 2 a a i l f Rust-Oleum, Waterlox g A A Wallpaper Paints 7 PAINTS AND WALLPAPER I9 North Oak Street V l A .X . , 'f ,.Qr efN' - ' i ...-'- 5--S ...E- ?i Storm Windows Awnings T. sci-wuz Prop. MOUNT CARMEL, PA. PHONE l39b D. A. Kessler Construction Co., Inc Q if CULM RECOVERY 1 ROAD CONSTRUCTION 1 ROAD MAINTENANCE 'A ,Q ' I' 1 sTR1PP1NG f": I ' RILILINI f GRADING ur' -also X .. - - 9 ' ' QOL. +1 EXCAVATING H ""' 1, Off? and Residence: 124 East Avenue, Mount CarmelAAPhone 213 Yard: Third and Pine Streets Phone 19 ----...............,...-,,, Sagem Ja. STATIONERS 20 NORTH OAK STREET SINCE I875 - THE REGION'S STATIONER F5-3 GZSSIS GN-6 G32-.5 636.5 1235.5 E355 Qi-65 5,365 3.345 5.6627 5,5627 5,345 83? 5 Q CONGRATULATIONS TO A FINE GROUP OF STUDENTS THE CLASS OF 1960 V6 Q 'TVX ' m ,, A .2 ,X 1 ' clli 3 95 -JE1mIuflmGH f"""w.1X5g f If 'fax fiof' jf ' I DAL 5 ART STUDIO 5 KULPMONT, PA. C Your Friendly Photographers, sg 6 Ed and Pl'1yIIis Dallabridy 5? GIWAQ Q7?AQ E259 E252 E259 6259 ESQ! QAQQ GSK? QQ QTQQJ GND 95 Elyielafsgif- S 5411- . A 91 c' MARGO JEWELERS I08 Sou+h Oak Sireef .L T J 5' 'T r 'B MT. CARMEL, PA. m J r T W Phone I69 31 jg, fi . . FQ." sr' g J ' Q93 - Q M Your CENTRAL SUPER MARKET In l ll' Kiki " G WET JM Where Oualiiy ls Higher Than Price 130 - I32 S. Oak Sireef MOUNT CARMEL, PA. ROCKAFELLER 8. co. :'RV'N DA'-'-ABR'Dj E - 3f"""" P Electrlcal Contractors PHONE I90 ' A Q i T Q 6-a SOUTH OAK STREET - E . l P T 4 VVYVYT T T5 Vi'l'a-Var Paini' and Varnishes - Phone 779-J 28 N. POPLAR STREET E. R. BASTRESS Q SEVENTH AND OAK MOUNT CARMEL ITEM Extends Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1960 Mount Carmel. Pa. PHONE 580 Fireston TOWNSEND Tires 4927! awk!! 8' Bone,-ies "Your Dollars Buy More o'DoNNELL d 6, 224-- ff Accessories glial ' T 'iii - it i f -I I x iii. LlL....l l X V Q , N I I 1 ,,1, 1 . . - A bl. , and Market St. Mt. Carmel 'I25 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 11 1 1 VL, ,. , ROTHERMEL FUNERAL HOME ? e e i r:e " e ---W 1 1.1 1 1.1 1 I 1 1 1 t 1 ' U 11 00 0 U Rl Xl wr N4 wi Kd Nl Nd .0 30.9 N64 MGA fi fx ik lk ik lk iN IN M 0 WILLARD A. ROTHERMEL, Proprietor I20-122 South Market Street MOUNT CARMEL, PENNSYLVANIA oe 0 M Xl Xl wi Nd mf K4 XX! Kd Q4 2119 i904 110-x VN fm fi fx IN di IN IN A 0 SCHELL'S FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP Flowers and Gifts for Every Occasion CORSAGES ARE OUR SPECIALTY 208 Sou+l1 Oak Slreel' Phone 564 KESSLER'S . . . Leading Jewelers DIALEODNDS ., r WATCHES fl 1 , Follow the Crowd of Alert Buyers , f Q1lQl2 E5?7 z 38-40 SOUTH OAK STREET 127 L X R sHlMoc:K's ,I 4 S - FURNITURE STORE 1, - F .L Q , f 241 south oak sffeef ' gl l 'Q' -' , kt Z Mount Carmel, Pa. ll 5 -' ' 4 ' as Q A: BURCH'S DRUG STORE Mount Carmel, Pa. ,. I . lt 5 lfii-1I1Puuil . I S3511 li? HOSIERY MILL STORE 22 East Fourth Street Mount Carmel, Pa. Q5 tit, W va Q Q QERXQQLQZQ POTTS BROS. WHOLESALE 20 E. Fifth Street Mt. Carmel, Pa. Phone 83 128 W. C. HACK 81 SONS Dependable Hardware General Eleclric and Philco Appliances 8 NORTH OAK STREET MOUNT CARMEL Philco TV Coaxial Cable Hoolc-Up Insralled Promprly Where All Good Fellows Gel' Togefher J. I 'A' or l ACADEMY I BILLIARDS 9 lkllklff L- - --- 1 I8 Soufh Oak Sfreef J. NEWBERRY CO Mt. Carmel, Pa. MILLER BROS SHOE STORE NU""'B"S" MISS Teens Red Cross Play Poise I I i I O I Q U O Third and Oalr SI'reeI's MOUNT CARMEL NaI'uraI Bridge Freeman SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Why Take Less When Pepsi's Best Crystal Pepsi Cola BOTTLING CGMPANY Telephone 630, Mount Carmel -in ' S U "-""-------div. STAR LANE HOSIERY 4 ,........... Arihur W. Grossman l928 Harold M. Grossman I923 Norman K. Grossman Sydney M. Grossman l926 DOCS BARBER SHOP Specializing in Flat-tops I4 West Third St Mt. Carmel f' 4 fi I ti- EY' in f I t , .-fan 'fu qi ,- - 1:1 I, X" WORKMEN'S SUPPLY CO. 21 South Oak Street GALLAGHER'S SHOE STORE 21 North Oak Street Quality Shoes Mt' Carmel' Pa. Florshein, Emma Jettick 'Everything for the working man." Twedie, Ruggie Phone 1019-J 4566 Dzmie' RUQ9ieS Q x dy x A use ' Q YODER x Tw - my INSURANCE AGENCY W 'few f ??r"cf :NH ,S W. H. YODER . . . WM. W. YODER -. .T P M I All Forms of Insurance I34 North Oak Street MOUNT CARMEL, PA. ........-Q. 27 E. Second St. MOUNT CARMEL, PA. Telephone: I226 SHOVLIN'S AND MAYS BOWLING AND RESTAURANT " Y If gg: NJN? , 4- South Oak Street Phone 475 010012 frmwvms- rw mm'- BRI DY MOTORS xi ,SQ ! xx I 'f .,. f - I- -l . fi , I In 0- Oldsmobile and Cadillac Sales and Service R. J. BRIDY, Proprietor Phone 232 Fifth and Locust Streets MT. CARMEL. PA. MIRIELLO'S SERVICE STATION Gas - Oil - Lubrication Body 8. Fender Repair Work 550 W. Third St. Phone I 706 Auto Painting II BOLSTRUM'S TIRE SEVICE , "iff ' .1 10 ' ,n-, I f TVA xx S5 if QL tk A 2 N lf I I'f3'x1'- I If l- ': I if I V' Iifgtg IRI' I M 5 , I 'RP acc: Taft? I IQ-ui' D' -'fii ' rn1"', ' MX.. L' xg., I' 5th 84 Spruce Mt. Carmel, Pa. KING MUSIC HOUSE Everyfhing Musical 24 NORTH OAK STREET 'Q N QI Phone I I I0 Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Timothy Barnes Gerald Beierschmitt Charles Boleski Walter S. Chesney Victor B. Dall John B. Hogan Charles Kulick Vincent McHaiI Mildred Ambrose Theodore Andrewlevich Ada D. Bahner Kathryn Billman Mary Bordell Dora E. Bridy Q-N A X ' 'ss A 4, fbqiixl 2 xi iv' c X W KX ., f X: , 5 , 2 Z-4 -Z . f Ask .- u . l 1 P 1 N Y" A U: I I. , l I i- ly l 1 fl 'S' fi' fin :ll: ':'l::,- i, SESS: ,fsiiratlcag-. gE:22ggggg'..!.ngv'.?' .--222-----2.-:as-S 'lll" p....4 l...l Anthony Carroll Helen Carroll Ramona Cecil Miriam Connaghan Tom Cuff Anne M. Coyne Kathryn A. Devlin Regina Doherty Mercedes Donohoe Anna M. Dunnigan Ruth Evans Marie Gallagher Martha Y. Handerahan Anna C. Hollister Kathryn Horan Emily L. Howenstine Bernadette Q. Jones Virginia S. Kachel Leona R. Kaufman Regina K. Kiley Louis Kleman Roman Koropchak Joseph Kozlowski Helen Kramer Anna Marnell ni 2 ' 23 A A ,. 3 3. L4 4? l Q lfb Martha Lachowicz Evelyn Lonis Al J. Masciantonio Mary Mayan Marie G. McCarthy Theresa McDonnell George McFee, Jr. Dorothy B. McGuinn Glenn Menges Martha C. Perginski Elizabeth D. Quinn Dorothy Sadusky Adeline A. Sedar May C. Schappie Florian Schiavone Regina Shovlin Natalie Swaboski Michael A. Terry Thomas Vernon Alice Walsh Marie Walsh Grace Wardrop , w, - B uw- . . ,. f -,,,.,4,'A' 4: ' 'H . .5 3. -2' Q: ' .LL 'ff K . . 9, f . - ' I A ' ' Qigfflit n ' z ' EW, - - z., ' ' A ,Q -- . n AM - 5.5,-A .1- 1 .T- H Q,- ' ' iv - f ' 9 .2151 .f . Q 1 . , 'x' ' ' I ,fn I 5 , 1 ' AA'-'U L' ' 1? Q N " ff: 1 Q 5' , fi ,1-M . Vi-fy n ff ' M INTER IATE air ' - Q 5 nPublIshors-Monufoctgxqgrs ' Yearbooks-Yearbook COQIGTS . v Diplomas-Graduation Announcements V f Fqctory - Home Office jj Kansas City, Mo. ' - - u.s.A. U 195.1 "'- xk. . 1, . , f 1 :ef Y'-I V - ' P: I-: , ' r wi ,gi , , ' r "W, "Els, V- . : 53' LJ? E -wig. -AV? , ,CQ qwgmg, .,5f.l,..:' x Q Vg' wh I cfm- ,.4 x. ,: , 1 fkffizf '., 11,-41' "1 , x J ., . '-ra . L. I w- ' ill '- 41-1' ,ai . xfihn. , fa-Q 321+ ' 'ffl -P 23,4 f w 11- -x f rl., - . 3' mf ' H + , ff? , M sf. 'A ne- 'ff ' ' ,151 A uv 15. wx. -"""' 355 -1-v-ae. - 4,-, ,. ,, ': Q1 5? Ti" - 3, ..,. "1-i'?l5?':5 7 . "?1'lf5S.1 1 3-112- ,f in . ' 'T-34Q' .1, - 'fan 'wil , ., ., H114 , 1- ' if J" ,va if. g. ., - . ff. , .fv- +.,, , , f gr 'Ir ' , .a,.- ,-2-Q , Q .f ,Q " ' n X' -gef- ' .,.+t':5- .1 I' .F ,T 'ZW 1 Q 1? fx . - lu - ,- ' fs . .e ' ' ' .Ffa it 'F f Mg nz " ,Nw -.., ., . 31, 1 , Wy... 4" U. , 4'-. , B .. 1- 4. 5-, .4 ' rs 1 , iff, ' M 1v,:' -v -1, 1 ., V ".,vr 'A 'fi ' .vc 1 'fri ,in . rffi . ,, --.55 ' I :gym ' Mi' ' ' . Qq Y nfl - f 59, .Q S' if ' . 1 Y.. '. 5, -T1 15, ,SW ie? 'YEA ' . f 4 R -,- 4 Q, ' 32 .51 'Tig 'DX 1? . 4,, ,.,, 7 "rl --J -1. 5-f. f . 1' 11 nf- ,-'-Q-'X , , f , Xn5,v,,-SIL M fw we 1' ""'4vTI,' i sql 1 -0 g ' 2 g.?'I?,:-'Q-W Y .4 :5f":r7:, . ,' WM" NH 1 ,. F ..a2,,.,k5g:i,g?sq1- 1-3'j7tm.'fW ' 1 5 ig.-'z Q-1'i,s,,s3! ,gi . ' 3139 1 ' dxf'-I A" ' z'W:rI'Qf'f'. 'f-. ,L ,Q ..-Q , 2 .. , Q f -IW W1'1Y . ' ' 'J +9 -A-A 1' 1 -4 711 '- . Y ch 3 ! iw., V M f 1, 'NY -ff.. Q "V+ g,.,Jv""" , , I ',,,,! J V r 1 We ,,', .W , W .ggf ' Y 'K X4 ...-43,7'qQ'-W-:.fw'f' ,M A . , ,wr-2-gw' , "' , Lum,-agikvm 13",453f': 'W' 11' 4f:4Fysi3aL'1" msn " Arif" .1w'fw2,w-'-Wm':'4,.w-'H W- , ,,4f-wg, -,sY.,a,S2 W .M-f V, ,A x - iw' A 'ff --www- 11.5" e "ms" 4' w ps I 'Inf 9? Y i 'WI QW- K v 1 N Q ' W a ,Q w-1 P Y -1 N F , . I . fn 1 5 nfl , n rw 1 'H -Y 1 -f ww -,Q 'w f ' K X Q V A M ,5 - V ,. x' Q. , 'egg' A K A N , , w P. 3. f 'z13.QErf-5. ew ? 4'ff's3tMJ"V , Y D 1' Ji' 55 . -, I .wh 54 " A-GRY? -ag. It 35, .V , fffr'-'v:"" " -- Y pf 1153 552-'I-1.zi5f"r?s"g2'zsv:1:e-25 EQH-1 -ii?-WH-:'1nf.:z'r5: 1- 1- 1- 1' f ---71, ,, .'-, - px, V -. ,-kk.: Q 4.A,,,f,,-p., ,. - N-

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