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N W'-ICK 4 O .I 3 Acme 0 Z' 0 2 -NOQEJB Q Lawrence' s Wm VAN wvcx 5 Xfvfy 4 OM Acme JN 9 je 4? 3 - 1 WESTERN'S leadership in the high school and college annual field has been tested bythe yardstick of proven ability and consistent performance over a period of forty-five Years. Our services include the assistance of a special annual depart- ment, abundant moclern equipment, and the help of a staff of expert craftsmen. WESTERN ENGRAVING 81 CULURTYPE 00. 1953 ounfaineefz unfczineefz Published by Mount Baker High School Associated Student Body Editor ,, Assistant Editor Business Manager ,. . Advertising Manager, Circulation Manager General Adviser ,,,, , Finance Adviser ,. Mike Gritfen Shirley Ziegler Annette Parberry .--,.,.,,Bill Philliber -.-.-.-,Vernon Aarstol E Mrs. D. B. Griffen rnest Wellenbrock The "Mountaineer" is a book which would be incomplete without a picture of the mountains near us. Mt, Shuksan is on the opposite page. it is a prize winning picture, made by Mr. Vance Bronson who is teacher of photography and adviser to Mount Baker's Ski Club. ez, ivy: ,385 ff' if M701 f , vis. f""'-.11- 41" ,Y R' jp I, ,Q an 1-L83 Q-'W' 'MA " 'Sv-o 1 ozewozb . . . The entry, by this year's graduating class, into the whirl of high school life as 7th graders coincided with the entry into the Mount Baker school system ot a man who in six short years has built up to an amazing degree that intangible but immensely valuable asset, public relations. While making innumerable improvements in the physical plants of the grade schools and high school he has made it a par- ticular point to develop a spirit of co-operation in everyone-stu- dents, teachers, parents and just plain friends of the school. This com- munity pride has served to bring our district to the attention of state- wide newspapers and national magazines. Yes, things have surely changed since '53's seniors walked into Baker's halls with six long year ahead of them. So, to Mr. William l. Castles, superintendent ot Mount Baker schools, we dedicate this annual. Note: Turn to page 24 for a list of some achievements. WILLIAM I. CASTLES Superintendent of Mount Baker School District Rememberfyou are not teaching subiects fyou are teaching boys and girls H" minisfhafion ang Efaculfxi Through Yhe shadows of the maples we see a corner of The "old main" high school building and the beginning of The new annex, eastward. Picfure-R. Boren ' Q.- If 1-'As A ff fa 3334- ivx S. l ff-f. 2,-3 " ar J Y . .ff ff f. qN"rxTf' I 6 I 1 Ig, w Q ,Y ,M ii 4 w, 4 , S "f 8 -' ' -' K fa 3 W t f ixty. F as 5 W f " k fini f . A 'Hr' - , E X' C aculhl ancl Ernest Wellenbrock Principal, Mt. Baker High School Thomas Winsor Vice Principal, Mt. Baker High School Delores Jackson Secretary Henry Zender Chairman of the Board Page eight Row lc Alnita Adams, Samuel Kelly, Marion Bell, Roy Ericcson, Daisy Griffen, James Bemis. Row 2: Marie Carver, Ve-Ina Bowen, Helen Sutton, Vernon Hagen, Muriel Mclnnes, Robert Tisdale. minisffzafion Robert Pettigrew Director Clarence Nyhus Clerk Robert Gay Director Homer Blickenstaff Director ' -.ef .J 3 Row l: Willie Lou Robertson, Duane Berentsen, Dorothy Massie, Glenn R. Ziegler, Mary Lutz, Edris Warner. Row 2: Ruby Taylor, Robert Niegeman, Christine Olson, Vance Bronson, Grace Winsor, Winifred Ristine. Page nine Page ien CZSSZS Mount Baker's famous geranium window with unidentified seniors in foreground. .SY l X , iw, ,y I 'fe 'Q Qin eniofzs Vernon Aarstol Birdean Braithvvaite Richard Adams Darlene Couch Ray Beers Ray Buckenmeyev .lim Butler Charlene Cox Roy Chase Dean Dickinson Ward Crutcher Carole Dempsey John Giarde Shirley Elmore CAssinkf Russell Herrin iw., Q wt ew X , 1 s Q A,L. A 1009 ex H M'4-NWA Mak: 3 mx. . J 'ww vnu- Q A f'.f:ifiPf M W Af, Q w iig nk gi xv, NNN ,A-'xl' iw J WF zkrry, asm Ak. -ff. l eniofzs Vlike Griffen Gail Galbraith Ronald Morgentltaler DeWayne Rogers Bill Philliber Benita Rauda Ted Birclwall Lila Scott Connie Sehrt Calvin Raper Lola Duling SENIOR Ward Crutcher Carol Ellis Leon Golden Miss Warner Bob Pettigrew OFFICERS Vice-president Secretary President Adviser Treasurer 5925 'L , 2 . ., X 'wi f X 51-1' X , , uniofz Glass D. Christian, E. Straka, F. Zobrist, S. Bailey G. Kelly, D Smith, K. Gay, B. Decker D. McCollum, N. Copes, L. Melo, A, Bodtkc P. Buckenmeyer, J. Compton, P. Orr, B, Barr J. Phillips, B. Leavitt, D. Hamilton, E. Hanson JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ygwf' f Klaiccr l Mlnc D Francis Dresident Lane Ehle Treasurer Clara Jean Phillips Adviser Mr. Kelly Vice-President Fred Zobrist Secretary Lee Burgess 1 .wwf ws B Jimmy S Conger A Johnson W Rhode Page sixteen J Warner L Hughes uniofz Glass L. Anderson, D. Holmes, S. Ziegler, H. Williams M. Sanford T. Sinnes, J. Bauma, W. Dougan W. Blockely, B. Varang, J. Ciro, L. Riclmer K. Solene, V. Grappe, L. Burgess, P. Beuzenberg D. Malcng, J. Name, N. Leavitt, D. Vancleryaclwt I.. Murray, M Tlieisen, H. Cochran, M, King . C. Putnam, I.. Verkisf, E, Meyers, C, Quimby R. Erickson, N. Boze 'nn BAK Q' Y 19-. . ' A '. 5 -. , . M f A i var l .... 1 ' ii - i, f Jwfw ei Qi-r3..Q i Page seventeen Chase, H. Maleng Denson, J. Blickenstaff Jensen, M. McCarty Allen, B. Olmstead Hack, D. Ward Hayes, E. Strofz Haug, H. Stuart Crepe, D. Scutvick Zobrist, B. Howell Jensen, L. Lindstrom Zaddack, L. Rivord Hoines, K. Leavitt Storm, P. Emberton Brown, R, Joyce McCollum, W, Harding Scott, V. Frates Needham, M. Dustin Kvamme, T. Townley Timmons, D. Jacoby Larson, J. Sehrt Minge, S. Ruchty Salisbury, M. Sanford Nunamaker, D, Beard Mayhew, B. Prendergast Fekety, R. Turcott Young, B, Henifin Swanson, D. Pefley Brown, P. Harrison Hammer, J. Vanderyacht Nimamaker, P. Gunter Rainey, M. Alex Smith, D. Dougan Krumdiak, D. Rathjen Morse, B. Kelly Munn, M. Pomeroy Smith, W. Larson Learon, D. Hendry Chase, H, Heykamp S:ni1l1, B, Harkness MacDonald, J. Linde Adams, R. LaVeilIe Warner, C. Myers ws O OWLOQZ las Q' -pr 'il sf as ' D. Giarde, Qlklfff Ailuij xfl H. Zencler, C. .loudry 3 Page nineteen 'nlnflz Qfzaae Adviser Secretary lreasurer Rresidenl Vice-President Row l: B. Decker, T. Unger, J. Nims, J. Holdl, D. Jacoby, F. Smith, N. Ziegler, M. Kramer, C. Nylwus, P. Grillen, B Atlwearn, L. Kuipers, L. Calvin, R. Hockett. Row 2: E. Maleng, J. Mezo, P. Alex, T. Bay, C. Mello1l, J. Copes, A. Dixon B. Missvaii, M. Murray, K. Zenclcr, L. Crapv, R. Mullen, K. Kvammc. Row l: R. Bakke, J. Conger, J. Buckcnmeyer, D. Roll, B. Sudclulli, h. railoi, J. QUIllGIl, K. Jolmsoli, A. luuoll, L MacDonald, D. Hanneman, G. Tyler, G. Howem. Row 2: K. Maleng, B. Lovelace, E. Ray, C. Moors, B. Orr, H. Dvora cliek, M. Jolinson, M. Fullner, L. Farley, L. Francisco, J. Moore, R. McCollum, VV. Beebe. Row l: G. Bakke, J. Joudrey, R. Bowlway, G. Sevier, B. Ryan, F. Russell, C. Ramsclen, R, Klancler, R. Littlefield, B Berlier, R. Pearson. M. Roberts, V. Place. Row 2: K. Rorik, G. Hayes, C. De Vissclwer, L. Gay, P. Spreadborouglw, C SI. James, M. Kirsglwman, J. Crary, J, Barter, J. Scotvick, D. Needham, Page vwenly NINTH GRADE CLASS OFFlCERS Mrs. Bc-ll Thelma Bay Judy Scutvifk Ray l-locket? Marloric Murray giglzfln Qfzabe EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Vice-President C. Hall Aclvrser R. Ernccson President T. Compton Secretary R. Dyck FW" Pow l: K. Leavitt, L. Tltompson, D, Brown, D. Frasla, D. Davis, D. Barter, N. Hannaman, B. Smith, H. Goode, D. Hitchcock, J. Rucltty, H. Johanson. Row 9: J. Young, H. Straka, G. Nelson, J. Starlcoviclw, A. Denson, S. Galbraith, J. Jimm D. Betts, D, Calvin P. Buckenmeyer, E. Welrlzer, B. Dcsffamp, M. Peflcy, O, Sunni-s, Row l' P. Mitchel F. Straka, R, Jacoby, VV. Cooper, T. Compton, D. Braitlwvaite, V. Chase, G. Denny, J. Zencler, D Cooper, R. Wtlliarrts, J. Williartts, E. Johnson. Row '2- P Slioemalcer, B. Kelley, K. Verlcist, S. VVilliam5Un, D. Crvgg, l Dtzkman, C. Muller Vt Num, L lov, J. Hoclcett, D. Cooper. Row In P. Butler, G. Hedberg, G. Leavitt, K. Gates, R. Nelson, J. Vanderyafltt, R. Smart, P Nylms, J. Stewart, R. Burpee, J. Rensick, D. Needham. Row 2. J Harkness, M. Cltase, C. Hall, S. Jorflon, J. Lawson, E. Stamey, l. Ntenaluor, P. Mellidt, R. Dif.k, A Ryan, S. Rogers, B. Blockley. , A Howell, 4 . Bronson, Wltt-1-It-r, G. Kravf-r, S. L, Halclerson, M. Knipers Page twenty one evenflz Qfzabe Row l: D. Butcher, W. Hetterly, L. Wheeler, J. Nyberg, S. Galbraith, B. Olmstead, C. Larson, A. Allison, B. Sweitzer, V. Brock, J. Thomson, G. Wickwire, G. Knaus. Row 2: R. Howern, L. Larson, T. Watson, W. Pettigrew, R. Thompson, S. Gordon, N. Turcott, P. Sherrin, P. Wales, R. Gay, D. Johnson, E. Verkist, P. Impero, J. Rathjen. Row l: B. Meyer, J. Nlinge, S, Knight, H. Pefley, B. Garling, S. Clarlc, A. Spreadborough, E. Hachman, S. Richner, N. Giaicle, C. Grappe C. Beers, J, Brown. Row 2: D. Kaess, R. Nelson, R. Lovelace, C. Denson, L. Hoffman, J. Fuller, G. Jacobs, J. Bowhay, D. Anderson, J. Wahl, B, Brown, L. Crutcher, J. Johnson, J. Solberg, J. Sevier, L. Jacoby. Row l: D. Ryan, J. Orr, R, Stone, D. Adkinson, A. Chase, lVl. Todd, R. Derrick, J. Nesbitt, E. McGiIlivray, E. Cregg, G. Farley, J. Lamoureaux, A. Theisen. Row 2: L. Colfer, G. Espeland, D. Beard, M. Monaghan, P. Mezo, A. Anderson, J. Kirschman, T. Tidmarch, L. Lind- slrom, D. Hamilton, T. Kveveri, L. Sanford, W. Rouleau. Page Twenty-two 'M SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS C. Beers Treasurer N. Giarde Secretary R. Niegemann Adviser J. Fuller President L. Larsen Vice-President Glassfzoom anclias Mr, Ziegler with "sprouting" young 9th grade farmers R, Klander, J. Joudry, R. Hockott, D. Hanneman, B. Ryan, P. Griffon, F. Russell, B. Bcrlior, R .Bowl1ay, E. Maleng, B. Lovelace, L. Kuipers, K. Kvamm, T. Unger. Mr. Nicgcmann and a busy group of 8th graders R. Dyck, D. Davis, G. Leaviti, P. Buckenmeyer. Mr. Erifrson supervising study B. Blocklcy, V. Chase, A. Howell, C. Miller in form-cirouncl liiglnlu grade girls' Lliorus willw Mrs. Bow:-n al piano. Page twenty-three onofzs - achievements - wahds Page twenty-four A "flash back" composition showing a few steps of progress-New Deming Grade School: Bus Fleet: Lighted Field: Stainless Steel Kitchen: Mt. Baker Tree Plantation: Band in large city celebration: Large Cafeteria Dining Hall, banquets, etc.: New Art Room in New Addition: New Addition to Maple Falls Grade School: New Home Economics Kitchen: Bleacher: Risers for Chorus Room: Complete Junior Band. Not in picture-Fish hatchery and game management area: modern heating plan for school: bus garage storage and enlargement of bus repair facilities: R.C.A. sound system throughout high school plant: Beacon changed to printed paper: Annual expanded: new system of accounting of A.S.B. funds: renovated Harmony School to provide for class room space: Acme School Gymnasium-Auditorium given accoustical treatment: expanded High School curriculum-elimination of study halls: school credit now given for activities formerly considered "extra-curricular." Added following school services: l. Audio-Visual Educational Supervisor 2. Girls' and Boys' Counselors 3. Full Time Librarian Added Education for Handicapped Children Program. r"--- ., , - K .. w-'vcr E Q A ""' 'V ll ' fl . . ...Y AQ, ,,,. , 5 .-,, 135.55 ."'lw:eI'i'm'.Q"Jig1mgw-Zxwem MU .'jl!lllllN: .n - A 1 , "' ' 7-A., 3' . -.w1m-an-mm-w , -1-luv ggnpgm x 1 Hb H11 I 1 iql.-i H ..r 0140715 Ronnie Morganthaler Michael Griffen Valedictorian Salutatorian Student speakers selected by faculty and senior class: Benita Rauda Bill Philliber Connie Sehrt John Giarde Gail Galbraith Honcrz gociefni lSENlOl2Sl Page twenty-six Row ln B. Larsen, C, Dempsey, L. Scott, B. Rauda, L. Duling, S. Elmore, A. Parberry, P. Sperry. Row 2: F. Failor, C. Sehrt, V. Aarstol, L. Golden, M. Griffen, Mr. Bemis, adviser, C. Raper, J. Rauch, B. Philliber, R. Morganthaler, G. Galbraith Hanoi gociefxl Row l: N. Klander, V. Grappe, J. Phillips, P. Beuzenlourg, T. Sinnes. Row 2: K. Gay, E. Hansen, E. Meyer, M. King, L. Anderson, D. Smith. Boys not in picture-L. Richner, W. Rhode, J. Bauma, F. Zobrist. Formal initiation was held before the A.S.B. meeting Friday, January 30, in the auditorium. The 1953 enrollment is greater than any previous year. On most occasions the sophomores are well repre- sented but by the time they are seniors the number of members has been reduced a great deal This year almost every person who was in Honor Society as a sophomore is now receiving a torch pin. A trip is being planned tor the torch members. Jim Bemis was adviser ot the Honor Society this year. Eighteen torch pins were awarded to sen- iors, l6 two bar pins to juniors and 24 sophomores received one bar pins. This is the second year that the Mount Baker Honor Society has been a member ot the National Organization for Secondary Schools. Being a member ot this Society does not de- pend entirely on high grades, but good scholarship standards and an honest ettort of each student to do his best. Each year the torch bearers take an educational, as well as entertaining, trip. Row 1: D. Scutvick, R. Allen, R. Minge, D. Jacoby, H. Maleng, J. Hayes. Row 2: J. Vanderyacht, C. Myers, J. Swanson, S. McCollum, B. Olmstead, D. Ward, P. Gunter. Row 3: S. Ruchty, J. Smith, D. Giarcle, M. Crape, S. Jorden, T. Townley, N. Hoines, C. Brown, M. Feckety. Page twenty-seven onofzs - - awafzds- - achievements Cal Raper-Bausch and Connie Sehrt-Arion Music Larry Richner-State Mr. Glen Ziegler-Honorary Lomb Science Plaque Award President of F.F.A. State Farmer Delegates who were elected by Legion Auxiliary and Student Citizen Com- mittee to attend "Boys and Girls Evergreen State" at Ellensburg: Shirley Elmore Assink Mike Griften Ronnie Morganthaler Annette Parberry High Magazine Sales Poems published in 'Xnnual Anthology ot National Poetry Associationw Won National Scholastic Art Award- man of the year' Nancy Ziegler, Claudette St. James, Huberta Dvorachek, Betty Missean Tillie Sinnes, Erlene MacDonald Harry Cockran Pacific Slope Press Delegates-Gail Galbraith, Mariorie King, State Leaders Conference at U. of W.YBarry Kramer, Larry Gordon Scott, Mike Gritfen Richner, Bill Philliber, Mr. Wellenbrock Page twenty-eight onofzs COMMITTEES VVAYS AND MEANS H, Howell, S, Balloy, J. Scutvuck, Mr WL-lip-nbrock, arivxser, R. Morgamhalor, J Randy L. Ehlc. CHIIENSHIP R. Joynv, l SIGN, l. Gay, l, Anderson J. B-Nunn, l Golden, Mr. Zivqlor, ad vusvr, QONSTKTUTION K. 'Wulf-rug, S. Imglor, G, Galbranh, l., Rwclwnvr, C, Rap:-r, Mr, Bc-uns, advisor M Llusrin PROGRAM U. lilckvnson, J PlnHlps, K Johnson, C Purnmn, Miss Rolv13rI5on, aflvnscr. BUDGET N Luavnt, A, Hang, A Parburry, C hills, Mr, Windsor, adwsor, S. Elmore l Murray, G Bakklh If , Page vwcnfy-nine A. S. B. OFFICERS Veriean Grappe, assistant treasurer, Jonlyn Larsen, business manager, Mike Griften, vice-president, Bill Philliber, president, Shirley Elmore, treasurer, Darlene Couch, secretary, Mr. Winsor, adviser. G. gfudenf Gounci Student Council, legislative body of the school, meets once a Week to discuss business of the school, and to take action on recommenda- tions sent in from roll rooms. Business is enacted much more efficiently and quickly in the council meeting than can be done in regular student body meeting, and has therefore nearly taken the place of student body meetings. The vice-president pre- sides at council meeting, and the president takes charge of A.S.B. meetings. At the nominating convention held in the spring of the preceding year three candidates are elected for each office. Officers are then elected by secret ballot. D STUDENT COUNCIL Row I: Jonlyn Larsen, Bill Philliber, Mr, Winsor, Darlene Couch, Mike Griffen, Shirley Elmore. Row 2: Hazel Pefley, Duane Fresia, Louise Zender, Carolyn Putnam, Janice Barter, Mary J, Fekety, John Bouma, Walter Larson, Mozelle Kramer, Kenneth Johnson, Barry Kramer, Franklin Adams, Kim Maleng, William Cooper, Mildred Zobrist, Mildred Pefley, Arlene Chase. age thirty 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I l I l 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 I I I 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, I, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, I '- I I 'I 1: 'I I, 1, 1, I, 1, :I II I 'I 'I 'I Romlalful 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I, I, I, I, 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I, I, I, I, 'I 'I I, I, 'I :I I :I l 'I 1. HI JINKS COURT Princess Phyllis Beuzenburg, Prince LeRoy Murray, Queen Louise Zender, King Bob Pettigrew, Princess Charlene Joudry, Prince Roy Salisbury. Btli Grade King and Queen Claudia Hall, Laverne Halclersen. Il y Tolo King and Queen'-Sharon Mc- Collum, Deny Scutvik. ,. I1' Junior-Senior Prom King and Queen- Leon Golden, Shirley Elmore. le ,I F.F.A. Chapter Sweetheart- Clara .lean Phillips Page thirty-one Vtlflltdl Mike Griffen, Editor, Bill Philliber, Advertising, Annete Parberry, Business Manager, Vernon Aarsiol, Circulation Few people know of the work that goes into a school yearbook. This year's staff of thirteen members, plus Mrs. Griffen, adviser, and Mr. Wellenbrock, finan- cial adviser, have worked hard to turn out an annual which will meet the dead- line date as well as student approval. In addition to this, in itself a big iob, the staff took on much outside work in their daily sixth period class. Decorations and posters for several banquets held in the school cafeteria, and the cartoons and pictures for the school activities calendar were among these proiects. Page thirty-two ANNUAL STAFF Row l: Peggy Sperry, Lola Fae Duling, Calvin Raper, Tillie Sinnes, Delesta Smith. Seated: Vernon, Aarsfol, Bill Philliber, Mike Griffen, Annette Parberry, Shirley Ziegler. fDale Holmes, Junior, and Delores Jensen, Sophomore, not in picture.J inset: Carol Ellis. eacon Q66 Jonlyn Larsen and Gail Galbraith, second year journalists, were co-editors ot the Mount Baker Beacon. With the help ot Diane Liberty and Charlene Cox, sports editors, Peggy Sperry and Laura Hughes, circulation and exchange, Fred Zo- brist, FFA reporter, and Millie Zobrist, Terry Miller, Mike Gritten, Gordon Scott and Bill Mills, who reported all the stories and news happen- ings around the school and community, Miss Eclris Warner is the adviser. In the past six years, I4 issues of the paper have been printed each year. Eleanor Meyer, Marjorie King, and Lane Ehle, business managers, have traveled the country side getting ads in order to publish a tour page paper Ads are 31.25 for IO inches on contract, and 51.35 for one inch in a single paper. On October 7, the staff spent the day at WWCE, Herald, and Cox Brothers printing plants. At the college the group heard Mr. Edward Weeks, Editor of the Atlantic Monthly, speak on National Newspaper Week. Seated, Bottoww Row. G. Galbraith, Co-Editor, J. Larsen, Co-Editor, D. Liberty, Jr. High Sports, M. Zobrist, Reporter, M. King, Business Manager, E. Meyer, Business Manager. Top Row: l. Ehle, Business Manager, Miss Warner, Adviser, G. Scott, Reporter, P. Sperry, Circulation Exchange, C. Cox, Sr. High Sports, M, Griften, Reporter, T. Miller, Reporter. Not in picture: L. Hughes, Circulation Exchange. Page thirty three' Gcfzvzaes Of organizations, departments, clubs and service groups Page thirty-four Group of band girls dancing the Highland Fling dk, X I wa, wma ..- . un,.-,.., , V. x f n 1 5 sw 75' '. I4 Q gli' its fm Q 4 F vi K, Y, W S B . Jef- A I l ,, ,, f .yi 'Ravi f 4 V ' , kc ' X nf Q , '11, ff, , fx gy . ' N l 4, ' . n?,',x I ,J ,L 49 5 L S B A I l b B -Q s N N, J ' A s , , : ' 1 .J. .-v. I , arf fx K 'T Q ni' A 4 Y V f VW' 5 A M 5 I 4 6 I il. H I ' " ls A K 3 ug ' ' H 4 : N.. 'i "A M ' -wi , if-il A ' A -W , - 8 A ,. iff" 4 ' 5 I K. X 'J fa: ', Ar V 5' -fa gi 4 ' ui I. nl 'f 9 S Us a 'fn ,. ., I Ar! ,, ff H f Q, . 'wx Q AU lk f U- g' ai' ' 'Y H Us W lf I Q ' 1 ,ff lst A4 . 1 f 5 W ,K 1 Y' Q A 3 J s-A n f -Aff 1, Z V' an . A n , W 4 ., 4 ., -4 . m, L ,,5, - J ':- - ' 4 f uf- K' 11, ,..fl:V,W . V up A1 -I Wfggsf'-2-3lv,-wfge,g,Q In A' 1 wi-r.f1'?"' U 'NIJ - .1-t,.f7,N,,v .., -. 'ff .vgxgy .1 K L -x , 'cyl 9 .. ' ' ' .fs A J, 9 - f 3 -55" rf' nf fl I .VM 1 , f J , 'fl ' 'M r .4 ', Y + :- v v .. by 8 L',v h si hx l 'i VL ,:,,-:A f 3 - Ml" W Q, , - mf ,, Hr f ., j.', ' ff ,. .Z- fff 0' , fly , ,,. , W. , -.W - - ff- .fun ..a.w,. X ' 'P .Q f . .Mx ,gf ,V 91 Hu., I ' as f. .,bwE..'af-Q' ' E, , E , , 1 , K r f'- , 4 4 1 X w ' ,.,a1' v o vm.. x 'P f , W ' v f Q .hi ,. K 1 3 Q --A V J. ' 'V 5 v .v 1, ' 'Kr I . , fs 1 W., I ww"- , ' qs -If 1 It LILYTLS VL-rivan Grappi' Colin-it Moors .liiily Sfnitli .Indy Lrary Mary Liu- Diistiii lln-lina Bay K LAWNFTS Connie Selirt llitiviicii VVlieelL-r e Dirlcsta Sniitlt Sliaron McCollum Arlene Larson Mildred Zobrist Gloi ia Hayes Janice Barter l-lobert Decker Huberta Dvoracltcle Fonalcl Pearson Vennetlt Joltnson Agnes Dixon Carman Hack Lois Gay Connie DeVisscI'ier Clarice Nylius Mary Kirsclinian Karen Warner Sue Jordon Marilyn Kuipcrs Bonnie Kelly Lewis Mezo Band Officers, lett to rigltt D. Christen, vice president, D. Liberty, treasurer, T. Tovvnley, librarian, L. Scott, secretaryg J. Scofield, president. Page tltirv, Six ALTO CLARINET Carole Dempsey Joanne Swanson Judy Scutvick BASS CLARINET Donna Maleng Grace Carver Mfirlorlc King OBOE Wilna Blockley Tamara Townlev TENOR sAxoPHoNes PASSOON Arlene Bocltke Lorna Anderson l-toll Stuart ALTO SAXOPHONES RARITONE SAXOPHONE ElRae Hanson Kenneth Ronk mf. galzefz Willie Lou Robcrtsot' The Activities 19524 September L3, i952 Tlwe Everson Fal Festival September 20, 1952-filwe University o Washington-Idaho game November 2l, 1952 Participation in tbl annual Hi Jinks November 23, i952 -Featured in the Roto gravure Pictorial Section ol the Seattle Times. Marcia lo, i953fffTbe Nortlwvvest Division o the Music Educators National Conter ence UJRNETS lion B1-ard Barbara Storm Russell Mullen toni Mvzo Nancy Bow Bill Deck:-r lfei1110tl1 Solano Pny111oncl Balglw lolwn Holvli VKLNCH HORNS Foss Alli-11 Carol Brown Jol111 Bliclciwstfiil Gary Tyler Gordon Balalw Jerry Niins Nariorm Murray Walter Larson nee f gan Jf the Band 1953 ipril 93, 24, 25, i953 lhe Northwest VVasl1i11gto11 Music Educators Associaf tion flay 7, i953 The Cer1ter1nial Festival ftay QQ, i953 Spring Concert. 'erforinccl at Football and Basketball games he Band received invitations to the follow- IQ parades and events: Toppenish Pow Vow, Toppenish, Robert Burns Birthday Celebration, Seattle, Rhododendron Festival ort Townsend, Strawberry Festival, Bur- ngton, Governors' Co11ver1tio11, Seattle, eafair, Seattle, P.N.E Exhibition, Vancou' er, B. C. r VPOMBONES Carolyn PL1t11a Dean Christen Katl10r111e Gay Norma Hoines Frank Sinitli Roy Chase Eddie Malenq John Marzo H1 BARITONES Henry Maleng lloyd Koipc-rs BASSES Dick Rathien Joe Scofield Jack Quillon Dale Moors Lloyd Suuton l DRUMS Clint Mclai1Ql1lii1 Lila Scott Diane liberty Dorothy G1ardv Nanny Ziegler 'VMPANI Max Bee-rs N Drum Maior - Connie Sehrt Prlfll? tlnrly si-vi 11 ZS WLS C. Sehrt, M. Griffen, R. Beers C. Putnam, L. Anderson Row l: R. Buckenmeyer, A. Bodtke, T. Townley, G. Galbraith, L. Kuipers. Row 2: B. Pettigrew, N. Walker, J. Guillen, B. Phillips, R. Herrin. Vespers program was presented in the usual Christmas theme, December 22, at B:l5 p. m. To lend variety, a scene of Bethlehem was painted as a background. Members of the Dramatics class portrayed scenes of the Christmas story. Narration was given by Connie Sehrt and Mike Griffen. Both senior and lu n io r chorus sang several numbers, and solos were given by Lorna Anderson, Carolyn Put- nam, and Ray Beers. Don McCaully presented a special Cornet number. Row lg C. Putnam, L. Anderson, A. Parberry, D. Sperry, L. Murray, M. Herrin, N. Woods, C. Cox, P. Shoemaker. B. Jinnney. Row P: C. Hall, B. Smith, D. Cregg, J. Lawson, C. Bronson, S. Nyhus, S, Williamson, L, Zender, D. Brown, A. Ryan. Row 3: 0. Kuipers, R. Beers, T. Miller, L. Murray, M. Griffen, J. Butler, L. Zadclock, R. Herrin, J. Payne, J. Little. . l Row l- J. Diclcman, L. Lindstrom, E. l-lachman, P. Wales, G. Denny, G. Craver, A. Denson D. Barter, A. Howell. Row '21 Cv. Rensink, P. Mezo, S. Jordan, P. Wheeler, V, Chase, P. Buckenmeyer, B. DesCamp, M. Peffley, B. Kelly Row 3: .l. Orr, L. Lee, J. Starkovich, C. Miller, E. Stamey, M. Chase, M. Nims, M. Kuipers, L. Wheeler, S. Knight. Page thirty-eight usic CQ CONTESTS FESTIVALS SPECIAL PROGRAMS FIRST CHAIRS IN BAND A. Howell'--Piano Soloist-contest. B. Rauda-Piano Soloist-contest. D. Rathien-ist chair Sousapi-none. .1 , 3--.........,.. L. Anderson-All Northwest Cltorusg Bassoong 3 Superior ratings in voiceg Soloistf Ist chair Festival Band. D. Beardeist chair Cornet Sectiong ist chair Festival Band. C. Putnam-Ist chair Tromboney ist chair Festival Bancig Band Solo- ist--contest. V. Grappe-ist chair Fluteg Piano Soloist--contestp Festival Band. C. Moors-Piano soloist--contest. T. Townleyf-Oboeg Festival Band. L. Scott--ist chair Drum Section. E. Hansen-ist chair Sax Section. H. Maleng -ist chair Baritoneg Festival Band C. Brownfist chair French Horny Festival Band Schri All N. A. Bandg ist chair Ciarinetg Drum Maiorg Festival Band Flute Sextette-Contest: V. Grappe, C. Moors, J. Crary, M. Dust n J. Scofield-Ist chair Festival Band T. Bev, J. Smith Page thirtyenine ll 3 5 it 9 .55 gl i e f as 3 S fir E igm 5 :" ' efg5f1:gi : , 1 xt 'A x, F E x. FLUTES Sue Nyhus Patty Wales Janice Nyberg CLARINETS Patience Wheeler Sue Jordan Bonnie Kelly Marilyn Koipers Dorothy Cregq Arlene Howell - .'i Page forty l .,s.,,,.,.., CU ai 3 fl Cu 3 cv ID FD -1 ui ily l l l ll lt ll lt ll tl SCHSDL I J. Conger lon groondl L. Richner R. Morganthaler unlofz H gan Margie Chase Caryn Grappe Larry Culver Duane Fresia Beverly Sweitzer Jean Lamooreaux Robert Hovvem Phyllis Sharon Sandra Galbraith Susan Knight Phillip Rathjen Jean Bovvhay 'lancly Watson Arthur Anderson Pat Impero Telrner Kveven ALTO SAXOPHONES Carolyn Bronson Elaine Hachrnan Exronne ltllcGilllvray BASS CLARINET Muriel Nirns Dick Braithwaite Grace Craver Bill Blockley Doug Betts Edith Cregg Billee Jean Gerling TENOR SAXOPHONES Wayne Rouleau Verna Brock Jeannette Kirschman Pat Mezo l ,,Q', 5. I 6 Us E' i l , i 2 l l - l ga l l l l l in rcluznrswl H CORNETS John Williams John Ruchty Allen Johanson lolleen Miller Joe Johnson Gaul Donny Larry Larsen Riggs Nelson Chcstvr BCL-rs Gay Jacobs Jontomas Wahl 34. WML.. ,W W, K' WN uniofz H5914 gan Mike Monaghan Jerry Wickwire FRENCH HORNS Ola Sinnes Jim Brown Christine Larson Doug Board TROMBONES Terry Compton Joe Harkness Jim Stuart Lance Hoffman Tom Gay Steve Gordon Dennis Hamilton Charles Vlforkman BASSES Bob Burpee Earl Johnson Jack Fuller Bob Thompson i Q 5 BARITONES Gary Hedberg Roland Stone DRUMS Ralph Vllulliams Janice Vanfluryac, Donald Ryan Bill Brown Ronlcc Derrick lil Sandra Williamson 5 Km Q. my Q - L. Page forty-one All Dwarfs Back Row: O. Kuipers, R. Beers, J. Butler, J. Little, T. Miller, H. Stuart, T. Townley---"Snow White" F. Smith. Front Row: D. Bonner, A. Johansen, T. Riclwner, P. Alex, T. Watson Q. Herrin "Prince Charming" E. Eldred, M. Leavitt. l I l U4 S "Old Fashioned Cinema," songs and music from modern films and snatches from Walt Disney's "Seven Dwarfs," composed the theme for the Hi ,links show. Perhaps the most unusual feature of the evening was the double performance of the "Seven Dwarfs." The animated figure characterization by one group of students, center stage, while Big Dwarfs O. Kuipers, R. Beers, J, Butler, J. Little, B. Rauda "Too Young "Annie Get Your Gun" T. Miller, H. Stuart, F. Smith to Kiss" -AA. Bodtke QQ lf-A it "Annie Get Your Gun"eO. Kuipers, L. Murray, R. Herrin, M. Griffen, "Bye Bye Blues"- Stage Crew-B. Phillips, R. Herrin J. Little, R. Beers, A. Bodtke A. Bodtke, M. King C. Raper, J. Payne Page forty-two t iii 'wx art Gviwvtpy Sni-f1y,Dopoy,Siriepy, Happy,Basi1tUi. Queen D, Liberty Narrwtors Connie Si-iwrt, story, Snow Whitt-, Lorna Anderson, Mirror, M i k e Griffon, Queen, A r t rf n r' Bodtke. 0 gn L narrators, soloists and group singers "filled in" with words and songs, from spot-lighted side stage right and ieft. Seven Little Dwarfs were recruited from time Deming grade X sct1ool's fifth grade class and were directed luy Mrs. Dorothy i Anderson. The entire show was directed by Miss Robertson and .assist- ant director, Mrs. Griffon. 'fVVoif" intwrpri-tuvir dinfw "One Night of iovvn Danu-rv BQ-mta Vatic-nce VVi1r-Q'-ie! Rauda, Mike Griftz-n Soloist if-trolyu Vutnmn ro sw 4 . , , -. i ittmi ii flirt iiwiiium-fi Moyri- Stmi f Wann-r, N VVaiiri'r, "One Nigiitt ot Lou-H B, Qnilda, F, Smitit, P XNititr'li'r D, fnitcit, J Hiitii-v t Hi Litini, i, H Pwtttqri-fy' IJ. Ciowriw, G Galbraith, B B Olmstead, J Setwrt, O. Kuipers, A Larson, M Miirrily, 1 Si-iurt, V ters, V Miiier O Sinnes T. Townley, Sperry, K. Gay, R, Beers, C. Putnam. Page igri ,f tiwrvr- Connie Sehrt 'zamafic 7-alenf Dean Dickinson We present . . Students who have appeared in various programs through the year, locally and in county ancl city festivals. Darlene Couch As this goes to press this group is rehearsing and hoping to pre- sent the play "You Can't Take it With You," in a modern manner. Terry Miller aan Phillips Bob Pettigrew Tamera Townley Lorna Anderson 'zamafic 'falenf Gan Galbraith Ronnie Morganthaler Much discussion and perhaps doubt may prevent production es a 'Reading Bar" is new and novel, at least in the Northwest. Directors and possible mem- bers of cast-Miss Robertson and Mrs. Griffen. Mike Griffen fMore about this in next year's annual.J Benita Rauda Neil Walker Arlene Bodtke Carolyn Putnam Joe Scofield F' -'W cience 1 SEP Mr rw i 0 xnuua-n X ,. 3 fn 1 ,. sf N SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Left To right: vice president, W, Kirschman, president, R. Morgamhalerg adviser, Miss Massiep treasurer, B. Brairh- waiteg secerefary, V. Grappe. Page forty-six Under The supervision of Miss Massie The Science Club is a successful organizaTion in which The school Takes pride. Among The Science Club's year's acTiviTies were Trips Taken To The UniversiTy of Washingfon for The MaTh-Science Day and also To The snnelTer and foundry in Tacoma. Science Club open house was held April 29, aT which Time The sTudenTs exhibiTed and explained proiecTs They made during The year. STudenTs of maTh and biology, from Miss Mclnnes' classes, also parTicipaTed in open house. The TradiTional crazy house was sponsored by The Science Club aT The annual Hi Jinks. As a means of raising money Tor The club's acTiviTies and equipmenT, noon movies were shown. Working on her own Time, Miss Massie has seT aside Tuesday night as Hobby NighT, for sTudenTs who wanT To do exTra Work or receive exTra insTrucTion. Any sTudenT who is Taking a course in Science auTomaTically belongs To The Science Club. cience Top Row: R. Chase, L. Richner, D. Francisco, K. Solene, B. Kramer, D. Christen, H. Cochran, L. Murray, J. Scofield, L. Ehle, C. Sehrt, G, Kaess, Bottom Row: D. McCollum, D. Adams, J. Ciro, D. Hamilton, L. Hughes, E. Meyer, J. Phillips, P. Gunter, S. Bailey, V. Grappe, L. Scott, P. Beuzenberg, J. Orr, B. Barr. Top Row: W. Crutcher, D. Needham, V. Aarstol, J. Wolfe, D. Rogers, J. Rauch, D. Rogers, D. Vanderyacht, B. Varang, S. Conger, J. Bouma, G. Kelly, D. Holmes. Bottom Row: W. Rohde, H. Williams, W. Blockely, J. Larson, B. Braithwaite, N. Copes, J. Warner T. Sinnes, P. Orr, A. Parberry, B. Leavitt, F. Zobrist. Top Row: C. Kelly, L. Burgess, R. Herrin, L. Mezo, W. Kirschman, C. Raper, R. Morganthaler, M. Griffen, L. Golden, B. Philliber, D. Moores, J. Giarde. Bottom Row: J. Monaghan, A. Bodtke, K. Gay, E. Hanson, D. Maleng, L. Anderson, H. Wallin, A. Johnson, G. Galbraith, M. King, D. Smith, D. Dickinson. Page forty-seven P H O T O G R A P H Y Photography class picture taken by Harry Cochran Photography class, a new course offered for reg.Jlar credit this year, has an active schedule including Entering high school photography contest, studying cameras, building developing equipment, learning pro cess of development and enlarging, and studying picture composition, s MM, Swans by Dean Christian Mountain picture taken by Mr. Bronson Page forty-eight . D. Hanneman and R. Berlier vorking at hatch- -ry. l. Const-rvat io n lass room. l. VV. Beelne in- pecting fish rogs, F, Russel ooking on. l. Class at fish iatfhery. S. Mr. Bronson incl part of class. i. J. Howen and Moor working in protect. . Class inspect- iq shakes. i l "1" I' This year the conservation class participated in many activities. A program on forestry, timber management and recrt-a tion was presented to the PTA. Hatching silver salmon and silver trout was one phase of work. The capacity of the hatchery was raised to 500,000 this year and improvements consisted of a new filtering system, control valves for regulation of water and two new troughs. Another of the class's activities was the study of oil refining, United Game and leading oil companies proviclecl much free material for this proiect. Land was purchased for exten-sive planting, setting up and opening a bird management area. Page forty-nine Pace fiftv 7. ?. Q. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row L. Richnei, J. Rauch, D. Rogers, J. Giarde, C. Quimby, F. Zobrisf, D. Rogers, L. Ehle. Mezo, N. Walker, B. Harding, R. Needham, R. Klander, B. Prendergasl, R. Decker, D. Pefley. Hanneman, R. Kvamme, R, LaVeiIle, H. Williams, D. Jacoby, J. Moore, D. Needham, C. Morse. Allen, J. Bouma, D. Vancleryacht, F. Russell, L. Kuipers, R. Turcott, B. Decker, J. Hayes. Ryan, D. Rathien, J. Joudry, R. Minge, B. Varang, B. Phillips, L. Lindstrom, G. Goodwin. E. Ray, B. Barr, B. Leaviff, D. Ruff, P. Griffen, W. Rhode, E. Maleng, B. Chase. Bowhay, G. Seviere, B. Lovelace B. Berlier, P. Ermerton, L. Verkisl, I. Unger, B. Henifin. Hockeff, J. Blickensiaff, K. Kvamme, K. Maleng, R. Littlefield, D. Dougan, D. McCollum, J. Mezo I. D. Hanneman ancl R. Berlier working at lwatclt- ery. 2. Conservation class room. 3. VV. Beelne in- specting f i s lt eftgs, F. Russel looking on. 4. Class at fislt liatcltery. 5. Mr. Bronson ancl part of class. 6 J. Howirn and l, Moor working on project. 1 Class inspect- ng shakes. vga, Q-mf i v 'H Tltis year tlie conservation class participated in many activities. A program on forestry, timber management anal recrest tion was presented to the PTA. Hatclttng silver salmon and silver trout was one phase of work. The capacity of the hatchery was raised to 500,000 this year and improvements consisted ot' a new filtering system, control valves for regulation of water and two new troiiglts. Another of the class's activities was the study of oil refining. United Game and leading oil companies provided miirlt tree material tor this project. Land was purchased for exten-sive planting, setting up and opening a bird management area. Page forty-nine 5 Page fifty ?. ?. G. y Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row L. T. D R B E R R Richnei, J. Rauch, D. Rogers, J. Giarde, C. Quimby, F. Zobrist, D. Rogers, L. Ehle. Mezo, N. Walker, B. Harding, R. Needham, R. Klander, B. Prendergast, R. Decker, D. Pefley. Hanneman, R. Kvamrne, R. LaVeille, H. Williams, D. Jacoby, J. Moore, D. Needham, C. Morse. Allen, J. Bouma, D. Vanderyacht, F. Russell, L. Kuipers, R. Turcott, B. Decker, J. Hayes. Ryan, D. Rathien, J. Joudry, R. Minge, B. Varang, B. Phillips, L. Lindstrom, G. Goodwin. Ray, B. Barr, B. Leavitt, D. Rutt, P. Griffen, W. Rhode, E. Maleng, B. Chase. Bowlway, G. Seviere, B. Lovelace B. Berlier, P. Ermerton, L. Verkist, I. Unger, B. Henifin. Hockett, J. Blickenstatf, K. Kvamrne, K. Maleng, R. Littlefield, D. Dougan, D. McCollum, J. Mezo ?u.fu.'ze 'l'RRllMlllll5tHl Vt. itwx H' ltlutvtlll mmiui all amefzica .V 3. I F. F. A. OFFICERS B. Phillips, W. Rhode, J. Giarde, L. Richner, F. Zobrist, J. Rauch Another successful year for the FFA Chapter was culmin- ated by the election of Larry Richner, Chapter President and prominent member of the Junior class, to the presidency of the State Association of Future Farmers of America for the coming year. The election was the final event of the annual convention of Pullman. Other convention highlights were the parliamentary procedure team's tie for second place in the state contest, the winning of the top three places in the FFA quiz by John Giarde, Walter Rhode and Fred Zobrist, the awarding of State Farmer Gold Keys to Larry Richner, Fred Zobrist, Walter Rhode, John Bouma and Dwayne Rogers, and the election of our adviser, Mr. Ziegler, to the degree of Honorary State Farmer for his years of service to the FFA organization. Our judging teams placed first in poultry, potatoes, crops, the dairy contest at Vancouver, B. C., and won numerous honors in other livestock contests. Combined with a first in the local Parliamentary Procedure Contest and a second in Public Speaking by Fred Zobrist, the chapter won the Kiwanis trophy for the second consecutive year in county competition. State awards received were the Master Chapter, Best Chapter in the Northwest District, Gold Emblem Farm Safety Award and the "Best Chapter" for the entire state, A Silver E. yr Emblem was won in national competition. Dairy cattle, poultry and shop projects were exhibited at the Northwest Washington Fair winning many blue ribbons. For the first time in many years six boys exhibited poultry at the Washington Junior Poultry Exhibition at Seattle in October. Other activities varied widely, including placing seconcl in a tractor driving contest at Chilliwack, B. C., the starting of two new cooperative dairy projects by Mr, and Mrs. Teeples and John and Arnold Richardt, the growing of I2 acres of sweet corn and 20 of grain, making up Christmas baskets for needy families, maintaining of over 55,000 in the thrift bank, participation in numerous programs for community organiza- tions, and the spreading of commercial fertilizer on the school grounds with our newly purchased spreader. The recreational highlight was our annual parent and son banquet, an event of early fall, where nearly 300 people enioyecl the traditional barbecued salmon and the western theme with real sage brush and a background of western music. Other recreational activities included fishing trips to British Columbia and Lake Tomyhoy, numerous basketball and softball games, square dancing parties, and the "Sweetie Picnic." is l F.F.A. PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE TEAM K. Maleng, W. Rhode, J. Giarde, L. Richner, F. Zobrist, L. Ehle Page fiftyvonc 'fufufze afzmefzs 0 Qmefzica :gig-,E RIFLE CLUB -Nz Row ln R. Berlier, J. Boon B. Prendergast, D. Roge J. Rouch, D. Rogers, Hanneman, R. Klander, Lindstrom. Row 2: R. Decker, B. Ha ing, K. Kvamme, T. Ung R. Kvamme, J. Joudrey, Sevier, G. Goodwin, Mezo, J. Blickenstatf. Row 3: E. Maleng, R. Ra jen, J. Hayes, C. Quirnl F. Zobrist, J. Biarde, Chase, D. Jacoby, B. Deck oe 0. if in ,ul " BASKETBALL TEAMS Row T ldownlz F. Zobr H, Williams, J. Haynes, Maleng, D, Jacoby, Goodwin. Row 2 ldownjz B. Philli B. Prenclergast, J. Gian R. Kvamrne, T. Unger, Belier, K. Kyamme. Row 3 lclownbz J. Boun C. Morse, B. Leavitt, D. Di an, B. Ryan, J. Joudry, Mezo. Row 4 fdownjz D. Han: rnan, R. Klander, B. Deck J. Moor, R. Deckere, Needham. Row 5 Cdownbz D. Roge W. Rhode, D. Rogers, Barr, D. McCollum, B. LO' M lace, Row 6 ldownl: R. Needha L. Richner, B. Harding, Quimby, E. Ray, G. Sieve Mr. G. Ziegler--"Ag" Instruct Mr. G. John- Student "Ag" D-3lRY JUDGING TEAM POULTRY TEAM structor from Washington Ste J. Giarcle, W. Rhode, J. Rauch, L. Richner F. Zobrist, J. Rauch, W. Rhode College wr Ma. l IURTINEST Al THIRD Page fifty-two 1 ganquef vc Mr. Ziegler supervising salmon bake-VV. Rhode and Waitresses n cowgirl outfits Thiesen Zi gler, Smith, Denson, Giarde, Swanson, P. Emberton, beside hirn. Hayes Bodtke Townley Maleng Anderson, Scutvick, Kirschman, Crary, Nyhus, . i . .W . I .3 Ward,l Olmstead, Zender, Kelly. B, Prenclergast, D. Smith, R. Chase, M, King. Dishwashers--N. Ziegler, B. Phillips, B. Lovelace. Banquet scenes L, Rivord, A. Larson, N. Hoines, G. Galbraith, D. Couch, S. McCollum, J, Smith, Ml Griffen J. Lime O. Kuipers T' Miller- V. Grappe, L. Hughes, D. Liberty, L. Scott, N. Leavitt, E. Meyer, M. King, A. Johnson, I ' J. Barter, N. Ziegler. This year Mr. Ziegler, his "Ag" boys and student teacher Mr. John came forth with an unusual theme for the FFA banquet. It was the "Annual Round Up." Guests entered the chuck wagon through a can- vas canopy and wagon wheel arrangement. Inside the chuck wagon they found a corral in one corner decorat- ed with saddles and blankets. Cowgirl waitresses, with buckskin aprons made of crepe paper and wearing IO gallon hats led them to tables decorated with niniature corrals, cattle, and pungent sage brush ob- tained from the agriculture department at Sunnyside, Washington. Background music and entertainment numbers in keeping with the theme was supplied by a group of boys which often assist musically for FFA affairs, "The Ridgerunnersf' composed of Jack Little, Orville Kuipers, Mike Griffen and Terry Miller. Also in keeping with this year's theme was Rose Zender's solo of "I want to be a cowboy's sweetheart." Approximately three hundred guests were served salmon, barbecued by Mr. Ziegler and his boys. Num- erous other delicacies made up the sumptuous dinner. Page fiftyrthree 7. H. Q. Being an honor chapter last year the FHA worked harder this year to accomplish more activities and to fulfill the eight pur- poses of the club. These activities were car- ried out under the guidance of Mrs. Lutz, the new adviser. Attractive cowgirl costumes were worn by girls serving at the FFA Father and Son banquet. Lila Scott won first place in the cherry pie baking contest. A pie social and a pie eating contest was held later in the cafe- teria between the FHA and FFA. The FFA was the winning team. In October an initiation for new mem- Canclicl 'Tasters"-D. Couch, D. Liberty, Officers and Adviser fPleasant Peopleb-Mrs. Lutz, T. Townley, M. King, M. Theisen S Galbraith, T. Townley, M. King. Ziegler, C. Phillips, S. Bailey, G. Galbraith, D. liberty. Row l C. Brown, C. Moors, T. Tovvnley, D. Maleng, Cf. Hayes, C. DeVisscher, D. Giarde, P. Buzenberg, A. Larson, M. Sanford. Row 2 L. Scott, H. Dvorachols, J. Barter, J. Scutvick, B. Storm, J. Warner, N. Hoines, C. Denson, V. Grappe, W. Blockley. Row 3 F. Hanson, K. Gay, D. Jensen, C. Dempsey, N. Zeigler, J. Chase, M. Kirshman, L. Gay, S. Bailey, S. Ziegler, J. Swanson, N Cope-s Page fifty-four 35. H. G. Row J, Bottom, M. Fekety, J. Larsen, M. Fullner, A. Parberry, M, Johnson, S. Bowhay, L. Rivord, B, Howell, D. Leaton, L. Sehrt, L Francisco. Row 2: D. Couch, B. Suddeth, B. Braithwaite, D. Ward, B. Olrnsteacl, E, Failor, M. Thicsen, L. Hughes, D. Hamilton, J. Ciro Row 3: G. Galbraith, L, Doling, B. Raucla, N. Klandcr, M. Kramer, C. Phillips, A. Turcott, E. Straka, C. Joudry. Row l, Bottom: M. Crape, M. Zobrist, J. Smith, C. Timmons, N. Leavitt, D, Smith, C. Mellott, J. Copes, V. Frates, T. Bay, L. Crape, P. Alex Row 2: A. Bonltke, M. King, M, Murray, B. Missean, A, Dixon, H. Jensen, K. Warner, J. Crary, S. Jordon, M. Dustin, D. Liberty. Row 3- P Spreadborouglw, C. St. James, A, Haug, C. Myers, E. Strutz, S. McCollum, J. Vanderyacht, B. Kelly, C. Nyhus, A. Johnson, E. Meyer bers was held in the cafeteria with the bers. Officers Were: Diane Liberty, presif mothers attending. dent, Marjorie King, song leader, Shirley Zie ler, treasurer, Marlene Theisen, secre- Lorna Anderson brought honor to the Q . . , . . . . . , tary, Jean Phillips, historian, Gall Galbraith, club this year by being chosen Regional , . ' p I t dL H h t ar ramen arian, an aura u es, re or er. song leader. Numerous other activities were held Mrs' Zlegler was Chosen Chapter mom' throughout the year. One outstanding event er al G meeting lasl Sprmg' was the trip to Ellensburg, where state reg- The 1952-53 club consisted ot 93 mem- ional convention was held. Page fifty livi wif. .5 Kala .. wi... eiui, Row l- F. Zobrist, R. LaVeille, L. Richner, D. Vanderyacht, R. Morganthaler, J. Giarde, D. Rogers, W, Rhode, Row 2: C. Quimby, J. Bouma, J. Rauch, M, Griffen, B. Kramer, J. Hayes, D. Jacoby, Mr. WellSnbf0Cls, 6ClViS6f l Jmhfvwvv J . CUM 5 .595 cgi YQ e 8 W E. Knights of Baker Officers: J. Giarcle, Vice-President, D. Rogers, Secretary, Mr. Wellenbrock, Adviser, R. Morganthaler, President, D. Vanderyacht, Treeasurer. At right: S. Conger, B. Philliber, B. Ryan, T. Unger. Twenty of the busiest boys at Mt. Baker are the Knights of Baker, advised by Mr. Wellen- brock. Among their duties are ticket taking, ticket selling, and handling of crowds at all home games during the year. Their members also comprise a Fire Duty committee which, after learning how to handle all types of fire extinguishers througha out the school, assists in fire drills, taking over various safety iobs. An initiation dinner and ceremony was held February 24 for the new members elected from among the pages to bring the membership up to the requirement. Much credit is due to Mrs. Alnita Adams for the way ushers serve at all big public programs. Mrs. Adams has been adviser of this club for ll years, and this year Mrs. Marie Carver was her assistant. A new proiect the club has in store for the future is the pur- chase of red corduroy uniforms. Row I: E. Meyer, A. Johnson, N. Leavitt, M. Sanford, S. Elmore, L. Duling, C. Ellis, J. Larsen. Row 2: D. Ward, C. Joudrey, B. Howell, M. Crape, P. Beuzeriberg, L. Zender, B. Braithwaite, J. Chase. Row 3: C, Phillips, S. Bailey, S. Ziegler, A. Haug, B. Kelley, S. Jordon, R. Zender, M. Theisen. Page fifty-six qui. eiut PEP GIRLS Mrs. Sutton, adviser, Darlene Couch, president, Carole Dempv sey, treasurer, Vc-riean Grappe, secretary. Enthusiastic school spirit was promoted by the thirty-three members of the Pep Club this year. ln order to be in this club, one must be a good school citizen, have pep and school spirit, and attend a certain amount of school games. New Pep Club sweaters were pur- chased this year, half of the money com- ing from the magazine sales, and the other halt from the Associated Student Body. These sweaters have the number of years in the club specified by chevrons, and the Pep Club emblem on them. New collars with the girls' names were bought by each member. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are the girls who make up the Pep Club. ws, D. Liberty, president, Miss Mclnnes, adviser, L. Scott, vice president, C. Dempsey, secretary, E. Meyer, treasf urer. ,- lr Row 3' D. Maleng, A. Haug, E. Hansen, S. McCollum, N. Leavitt, B, Kelly, S. Jordon, S. Ziegler, M. Dustin, S. Bailey. Row 2: K. Gay, C. Brown, M. Fekety, T. Townley, D. Liberty, D. Smith, C. Ellis S Elmore, L. Hughes, V. Graiiptr, A Pnrlii-rty, L Futnatn. Flow l: E. Meyer, A. Johnson, C. Dempsey, L. Duling, D. Couch, M. Herrin, B. Pauda, L. Scott, B. Larson, B. Braitliwaitv, Page lilty suym n 0lIS fettefz ...... Row l: L. Richner, F. Zobrist, W. Rodhe, J. Giarde, B. Leavitt, D. McCollum, D. Dickinson. Row 2: G. Kelly, B. Philliber, L. Murray, R. Adams, D. Holmer, J. Compton, L. Ehle, L. Burgess. Row 3: L. Golden, R. Chase, R. Pettigrew, R. Allen, R. Joyce, C. Kelly, B. Phillips. Row 4: D. Moors, H. Stuart, R. Salisbury W. Larson, W. Kirschmari, V. Smith, R. Rainey, D. Scutvick. Elected by the Boys Letter Club to serve as the 1952-53 officers are: president, LeRoy Mur- ray, vice-president, Lee Burgess, secretary-treas- urer, Larry Richner, sergeantaat-arms, Walter Kirschman. Two ot the high points in the year's activities tor the Boys' Letter Club are the initia- tion ot new members and the Lettermen's ban- quet held in the spring. This year's initiation tor new members consisted ot cleaning up the school after the annual Hi Jinks program. Those who didn't arrive tor the clean-up were later put to work selling T-shirts during noon hour. Among the activities in which the Girls Let, ter Club participated, the Boys Letter Club ban- quet was the most outstanding. This banquet in honor ot the boys, is given by Pep and Letter Club Girls. Mr. William Fisher ot Lynden, presi- dent ot the Athletic Association, was the main speaker. Other activities were th Initiation Party honoring new members, selling at home games and "play day." Girls Letter Club otticers were Mrs. Sutton, adviser, C. Dempsey, president, E. Hansen, secre- tary, J. Larsen, vice-president, V. Grappe, trease urer, Row l: E. Meyer, N. Leavitt, E. Hansen, D. Smith, A. Bodtke, M. King. Row 2: V Grappe, C. Putnam, K. Gay, A. Parberry, P. Sperry, J. Larsen. Qifzls feffeft. Glulu Row 3: Mrs. Sutton, E. Straka, L. Anderson, S. Elmore, C. Ellis, W. Blockely, D. Maleng, D. Liberty, L. Zencler. Row 4: L. Scott, N. Klancler, R. Zender, L. Duling, M. Herrin, C. Dempsey, B. Braithwaite, J. Phillips. Page titty-eight 05' YELL AND SONG STAFF Yell--Arlene Bodtke and Louise Zender YELL AND SONG STAFF Chosen last year by the student body to lead yells and songs at football and basketball games, were Louise Zender and Arlene Bodtke, yells, and Tamara Townley, Donna Maleng and Lorna Anderson, songs. School soirit was developed by these girls along with the enthusiastic support from stu- dents. Red pleated skirts were worn to match the band uniforms, bv both groups. White V necked sweaters, with dickies to match the skirts were chosen by the yell leaders later in the yaer, Black blouses were worn bv the song staff. Manv new yells and songs were presented bv this staff. Q,-,. Song-Lorna Anderson, Donna Maleng, Tamara Townley SKI CLUB Mount Baker's Ski Club under the leadership of Mr. Bronson has completed a busy year, mak- ing a total of 10 trips to Mount Baker. On eight of these trips skiing instruction was given by the Bellingham Jaycees. Working for a more active organization in the future the following changes are being considered by the club. Dropping the inactive members, instruct the new aspirants to have equipment and plan to make trips, issue Ski Club patches, and organize a team of three or five to have active competition with other school clubs. FAMILIAQ SKI SCENE AT MT. BAKER LODGE Ski Club Officers- J. Quillan, J. Larsen and Mr. V. Bronson, adviser Pix Courtesy Mr. Bronson Page fifty nine Page sixty Pofzfs Senior High Teams Junior High Teams Girls Classes "Kirschman and Scufvik waiting for the rebound that didn't come." -Courtesy of Bellingham Herald. 4 K w , , my , Q , fr ,Q a i W Q 4 ' 2 1 f Y L? 'fiis I ,W Q 3 lg fi w x L. Murray Sept. 19-Mount Sept. 26-Mount Oct. 3-Mount Oct. lO-Mount Baker Baker Baker Baker. . Bottom Row, left to right: D. Dickinson, L. Golden, G. Kelly, J. Butler, B. Phillips, W. Rhode, F. Zobrist, D. Moors, R. Salis- bury, W. Larson, H. Zender, M. MacCarthy. ounfaineefzs . ,. Concrete .- ...Vancouver College . Nooksack .. Blaine Page sixty-two B. Leavitt, B. Chase, R. Allen L. Ehle Middle Row: J. Blickensfaff, J. Hayes, V. Smith, R. Rainey, T. Mezo, R. Allan, R. Joyce, D. Scufvick, J. Nace, J. Giarde, W. Kirschman. Top Row: G. Kaess, B. Pettigrew, L. Ehle, L. Burgess, L. Murray, B. Leavitt, B. Chase, D. Holmes, D. Adams, H. Stuart, H. Wil- liams, J. Compton. fzibifzon gqua Oct. 17-Mount Oct 24-AAount Oct 3l4AAounT Nov. 7-AAounf Baker Baker Baker Baker D. Adams Lynden Ferndale Bellingham "B" Meridian W. Kirschrnan J. Butler, l.. Golden, D. Holmes, L. Burgess Page sixty-three eniofz 1111 igl. gaslzeflnall W. Kirschman, D. VanderYacht, D. Adams, W. Larson, R. After getting off to a slow start at the first of the yeah Duane Berentsens qLHntetclosed the gap at the end of the season to end up with Whatcom county's third place honors. ln the playoff with the Bellingham Red Raiders the Mountaineer squad was beaten out of a diwrkt beHh by I4 pohns. BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER Salisbury 39 37 45 47 49 45 48 42 60 51 Lynden Name Nooksack Meddwn Ferndale Lynden Name Nooksack Mendmn Ferndale Row l: Coach D. Berentson, l.. Murray, D Va.nclerYacht, W. Larson, L. Golden, R. Salisbury. Row 2: V. Smith, R. Erickson, W. Kirschman, D. Scutvick, D. Adams. Page sixty-four Middle Row: J. Blickenstaff, J. Hayes, V. Smith, R. Rainey, T. Mezo, R. Allan, R. Joyce, D. Scutvick, J. Nace, J. Giarde, W. Kirschman. Top Row: G. Kaess, B. Pettigrew, L. Ehle, L. Burgess, L. Murray, B. Leavitt, B. Chase, D. Holmes, D. Adams, H. Stuart, H. Wil- liams, J. Compton. fzi9ifzon gqua Oct. l 7-Mount Oct 24-AAount Oct 31-AAount Nov. 7-AAoun1 Baker Baker Baker Baker D. Adams lynclen Ferndale Bellingham "B" Meridian W. Kirschman J. Butler, L. Golden, D. Holmes, L. Burgess Page sixty-three eniofz. H gaslzefuall W. Kirschman, D. VanderYacl1t, D. Adams, W. Larson, R. Salisbury Atter getting oft to a slow start at tbe first of the yean Duane Berentsens quintetciosed the gap at the end ot the season to end up with Whatcom county's tnud phcebonom.lnthe pMyoH whh Wm BdHngbaW Red Raiderstne AAouruaineer squad vvas beaten out of a dmtnctloemh by lA poinm. BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER BAKER Lynden Name Nooksack Meddwn Ferndale Lynden Name Nooksack Mendmn Ferndale Row l: Coach D. Berentson, L. Murray, D Va.nclerYacl'it, VV, Larson, L. Golden, R, Salisbury. Row 2: V. Smith, R. Erickson, W. Kirschman, D. Scutvick, D. Adams. Page sixty-four eniofz. 1111 iglz gaslzeflmll Players Dick Adams Ron Erickson Walt Kirsclwman Val Smith Denny Scutvick LeRoy Murray L. Golden, L, Murray, D. Scutvick, V. Smith, R. Erickson Points Ave. 349 16.6 153 8.5 177 8.3 125 6.0 99 4.7 23 1.9 Walt Larson Roy Salisbury Leon Golden D. VanderYaclwt Lee Burgess Jim Butler ints Ave. 1.8 1.5 .2 .O .5 .6 Row 1' Co ach R. Nigemann, L. Munn, L. Sutton, R. Rainey, B. Turcolt, J. Blickenstaff, J. Nace, J, Linde. Row 2: J. Nunamaker, T. Mezo, D. Rathien, B. Chase, L. Burgess, R. Nlinge, J. Compton. Page sixty-live gpofzfs gnaps qv slxly Six Adams and Sunlvch ofBeIllngl1am---caught in a "crucial" moment Photo-Courfesy Bellingham Herald Aclims anzl Szlmfclw of Brill- inglmm caught in a "crucial" moment Photo Courtesy Bclllnglmm Herald Scutvuck walls lor rebound Knrscluman shows grace onnw lrmson "defying gravity" Eason uf Bellingham P11070 Comm-sy of Bcllmgr hun H1-rald Aflaans VVa11ung Adams and Kirschnmn posing hu son agmn defies qrnvlty ofzfs gnaps Small pictures are scenes from the exciting Mount Baker-Beliingham game played at Lyndon Page sixty-seven Standing: L. Burgess, J. Compton, L. Murray, E. Salisbury, R. Erick son, D. Scutvick, J. Nace, H. Zender B Chase Kneeling: Mr. Berentson, B. Philliber, J. Butler, L, Golden, manager, R. Herrin, manager. April April April April 7fConcrete lOfFernde-le l4fBaker at l7fBaker at eniofz High gaselmll SENIOR HIGH BASEBALL SCHEDULE at Baker April 24--Nooksack at Baker at Baker May leBaker at Meridian Bellingham May 7--Meridian at Baker Lynden May 8--Baker at Blaine Bage sixty-eight Top left: J. Butler, right, R. Erickson, L. Murray Bottom left: L. Golden, right, B. Philliber Row l: C. MacLaughlin, R. Pettigrew, O. Kuipers, L. Richner, R. Allen, B. Phillips, T. Mezo, R. Joyce, B. Hennefin, Row 2: K. Kvarnme, manager, D. Francisco, L. Ehle, V. Smith, D. Brown, L. Sutton, C. Raper, H. Stuart, J. Hayes, N. Walker. eniofz T ac April 25-Northwest Relays at Sedro-Woolley April 30-Meet at Ferndale May 8---County Meet at Ferndale May lo-District Meet at Sedro-Woolley V. Smith J. Hayes, B, Phillips, O. Kuipcrs, R. Allen B. Hennefin, T. Mezo, R. Pettigrew L. Sutton, D. Francisco, N, Walker, L. Ehle, L. Richner Page sixty-nine uniofz H 'fooflrall ages . 34 2 i . '19 i Row 1: Halderson, J. Moor, E. Maleng, R. Hocket, R. Mullen, P. Butler, O. Needham, R. Gates, T. Unger. Row 2: R. Braithvvaite, T. Compton, J. Zender, J. Holdt, L. Kuipers, J. Stuart, G. Leavitt, R. Smart, H. Gudde. Row 3: L. Calvin, J. Guillen, G. Tyler, F. Smith, B. Ryan, B. Athearn, B. Jacoby, C. Ramsden, P. Griffen. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Nooksack O Baker 42 Meridian O Baker 13 Lynden 20 Baker 19 Custer 12 Baker 6 Fairhaven 7 Baker . 7 Ferndale 12 Baker 14 VVHATCOM COUNTY CHAMPS Coach Bob Tisdale's Cougars rornped over the Blaine Cublets to win the sec- ond consecutive Whatcom County Championship in the iunior high league. Play- ing in a division of East and West Side leagues, the Cougars had to win the East Side title before playing Blaine for championship honors. uniofz High gaslzeflmll Back Row: R. Smart, G. Tyler, J. Quillen, F. Smith, D. Braithwaite, B. Athearn, J. Holdt. From Row. Manager, G. Bakke, J. Zender, R. Mullen, R. Bowhay, M. Roberts, L. Halclerson, T. Compton, V, Place, Manager Page seventy 1 T K 1- 'J 'l J Q Q. f A S 1 "K ' -f .pf uniofz. H 7-'zaclz R. Pearson, E. Raye, G. Sevier, B. Ryan, J. Quillan, F. Smith, T. Compton, L. Halderson JUNIOR HIGH TRACK SCHEDULE JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL SCHEDULE April 22-Track meet at Ferndale April 9v Baker at Lynclen May 6fMeet at Ferndale April 23-Nooksack at Baker May I5-County track meet April 30--Baker at Whatcom uniofz High gaselyall Row I: P. Mitchel, D. Fresia, G. Leavitt, L. Kuipers, R. Mullen, E. Maleng, K. Gates, D. Hitchcock, F. Straka, R. McCollum, R. Hocket, K. Ronk, A. Johanson, G. Bakke. Row 2: B. Athern, J. Quillen, L. Calvin, K. Johnson, R. Smart, B. Berber, H. Gudde, J. Mezo, B. Lovelace, J. Holdt, G. Tyler, J. Moore. J. Moore. Page seventy-o Qifzls' E. MacDonald, L. Gay, C. De Visscher, K. Zender, C. Moors, M Johnson. L. Murray, N. Ziegler, M. Kirschman J. Scutvick, B, Missean, L. Fran cisco, P. Alex, J. Copes, C. St. James, J. Barter, J. Crary A. Turcott, T. Bay, G. Hayes, M Fullner, H. Woods. P. Spreadborough, M. Kramer, H Dvorachek, C. Nyhus, B. Orr, L Crape, A. Dixon, M, Murray. Page seventy-two A familar scene between quarters at a game Yell loaclr-rs nn actnon Sew-nth grade boys "set 'cm up" during a P.E, period Uroppmg In a hook Councrnud piaycrs walch thn- scufflu Sandia gfzofzfs uv sovvuty tlx ainfenance l lll LIBRARY STAFF Front Row, left to right: C. Quimby, O. Kuipers, E. Straka, J. Krumdiak, D. Liberty, J. Neal, C. Myers, J. Smith, C. Ellis, P. Sperry, Mrs. Bowen. Back Row: D. Rogers, D. Couch, B. Rauda, M. Herrin, B. Suddeth, E. Failor. CAFETERIA STAFF Seated: R. Morgenthaler, B. Philliber. Standing, Bottom Row: Mrs. Ristine, C. Kelley, D. Leaton, J. Butler, G. Kaess, D. Dickinson, H Wallin, C. Jouclrey, Mrs. Stewart, A. Larson, Miss Mclnnes. Back Row: J. Compton, M, Alex, W. Kirschman, J. Rauch, J. Little, J Nace, W, Crutcher, D. Moore, D. Brown, R. Salisbury, J. Linde, W. Larson. Page seventyffour ainfenance OFFICE STAFF S. Elmore, C. Cox, J. Larsen, C. Myers, M. Sanford, N. Leavitt, C. Phillips, C. Ellis, L. Duling, M. Herrin, Miss Jackson, secretary -a SCHOOL BUs mummy is .....s Q K. Lin 'KX BUS DRIVERS derman, C. Hagen, L. Sfonc, l-l, Sweit7cr, E. Howell, E. Hunt, W. Rislinc, J. Hold! Page scvcnly-live Page seventy-six GIGSSQGOWIS 9tl'1 Grade "In Research"-M. Pefley, E. MacDonald, study at first tableg M. Kirschman faces camera at secondg M. Murray at lefty at slwelves, J. Scutvick, A, Turcott. Advanced Math. Class-Row ln Philli- ber and Sehrt comparing answersg Rauda doubts Gunter. Row 2: Cram- er measures, Gay looks for advice. Row 3: Aarstol and Griften deep in unknown, while Anderson smilingly awaits solution. Row A: Orr knows his "rule"g Miss Mclnnes assisting Beersg Riclwner iust bored. 3rd Period Typing Class-Busy Typist in foreground: D. Maleng, A, Larsen, N. Hoines, W, Blockley, J. Ciro, W. Kirschman, G. Kelley. Mr. Hagen supervises skilled cabinet makers-H. Stuart, B. Varang, J. Nun- amaker, D. Needham, J. Payne, D, Adams. anbib glwfs filliza Mr lnnvs wxlli liar college niatli glassy Bull Mills, Ponniv Morgan' vlmlor, Calvin Rape-r Miss Mclnnes also tr-arlws lnnoloqy anrl otlwcr acl vnnrr-fl nialli clnssos lal-Inq a ronrsi- in flqurcs and fads in flu' Eltlw qracle arithmetic class. Mr. Winsor also toaclics a fllncln-nt rlrivinq course and is flue .4 vim principal of Ml. Baker. foinnn-rfml -,nlyli-cts arm- mnglit liy Mis fl-flnnz, Plxluri-cl in Ono of lwr slworllmnrl ilassr-s arm Eleanor Hanson, Lili Sfinlr, Peggy Buckcn rnoyvr nnfl Jumivllv Caro, Anniml plans wifli instmclor Mrs, Crillvn watcli ilu' :lays pass. In pirluri-1 Nlra, Griffon, Vvrnon Aarmml, Bull Plnllllacr, Dolr-sm Snnfli, Slnrlwy fmqlcr, lillw Sinnvs, Poqfgy Sgwrry lon Iaclclvrf Miko Griffon, nncl Dalf- Holmes, Tlw annual staff wlurlw is nmclf: up of arf stuflonts or fornirfr ar! sluclrfnls, lmvf' A spvcial prog:-ct of ki-wining Tl1v Sfllool :ali-nrlnr up to rlalc. :sw I Page seventy-seven Glassfzoom Ganbicls I Page seventy-eight I-fir. Bemis expressing concern over the explanation of the i952 lzallot. H3 teaches State History, Economics, Junior English, Ameri- ctn History, and Sociology. Stutlents of American History class "filling in" their ballots. Juniors deep in thought. Mrs, Taylor is the instructor of World History, Current Problems and Geography. "Miss Warner and Mr. Eisenhower" Journalism, English, Bookkeeping, and the publication of the Beacon arc- tiie many activities of this class- YDOIWT. Meclianical Drawing Class Mr. Bronson also is tlte instructor of Conservation, Pltotograpliy a n Cl Aritltrnetic and adviser of the Ski Clulw. Vrenclt and English are taught by Nlr. Kelly. interesting displays of French pictures on bulletin boards are arrangerl by members of the classes. Mira, Luiz, Home Economics teacher and F.l-LA. adviser, is clewionstrat- ing the use ol a steam iron. Besiclcs lrcing tlie Senior Higlx liaslei-tluall coacli Mr. Berentson has classes in science and conduct near tlw aquarium is lacing explained. 616591009245 We h RMK gs A Page seventy-nine l4'lO7Z.9GSl707Z.9 Annual Community Social Event Which Raises Money for Band Uniforms Page eighty Row l: Chefs, Al Gordon, Pastor Crary. Hostesses in Scandinavian Peasant Costume: Mrs. M. Putnam, Mrs. B. Pettigrew, Mrs. Chase, Mrs. E. Williams, Mrs. T. Bakke, Mrs. A. Bakke, Chef, Norman MacCauley. Row 2: Scene in kitchen, mothers preparing trays. Girls preparing to carry trays to tables. Mrs. E. Williams oversees them. Band boys in white shirts and bleach ties shown mingling with crowd in dining room. Serving at the fourth annual srnorgasbord December 6 was not completed until 9:30. More than lOOO persons were served, compared with last year's 560. A number of persons had to be turned away because food was not sufficient. "More than 50 percent of the money taken in can be called profit," says Miss Robertson. Proceeds are being used for additional band uniforms. As in other years, food was furnished by parents of band and chorus mem- bers and friends of the school. Cooks in the kitchen were mothers of band members. Girl band members helped in the kitchen while boy band members, coached for their duties by Miss Robertson, served coffee and dessert, and took care of guests' needs at the tables. -Courtesy of Mount Baker Beacon. -RA mil 1 S 5 r Yay A N. K I -1 M K L., -Q' ldv' sw if in QB Q, M5 ? J' ,. .A Q . 1- , 28 - f, if if vi eniofz Glass acfivilies RONALD MORGANTHALER Valedictorian President of Knights of Baker President of Science Club Torch Honor Treasurer of Honor Society Evergreen Boys State Basketball Manager Band Maanger and Stage Hand Chairman Ways and Means Committee Science Club Track Nominating Convention Stage Force THOMAS MICHAEL GRIFFEN Salutatorian Vice President Student Body Editor of Annual Torch Honor Knight of Baker Boys' Evergreen State Chairman Nominating Convention Operetta-"Desert Song" Play-"Date With Judy" Hi Jinks Productions Music and Centennial Festival Science Club Beacon Staff Speech Contestant-K. of P. Track National Scholastic Art Award Pacific Slope Press Conference Vespers ANNETTE PARBERRY Business Manager of Annual Chairman of Budget Committee Evergreen Girls' State Torch Honor Girls' Letter Club Pep Club F. H. A. Science Club Nominating Convention JONLYN LARSEN A.S.B. Officer-Council Torch Honor Co-Editor Beacon Letter Club Pep Club Usher Club Ski Club Secretary Science Club F. H. A. Song Leader WALTER KIRCHMAN Football Basketball Baseball Science Club Vice President Jr. High Student Body Treasurer Operetta-"Desert Song" DELBERT NEEDHAM Science Club Ski Club Nominating Convention , Track DICK ADAMS Basketball Football Baseball Science Club Beacon Staff Page eighty-two BILL PHILLIPS Football Track F. F. A. Letter Club JACK LITTLE Hi Jinks Vespers Chorus Photography Centennial Program BIRDEAN BRAITHWAITE Science Club Treasurer Pep Club Letter Club Ski Club Usher Club Program Committee DARLENE COUCH A.S.B. Secretary-Council Girls' Club President F.H.A. Vice President Citizenship Committee Pep Club Usher Club HANNA WALLIN Cafeteria Girls' Club Science Club Library ROBERT PETTIGREW Letter Club Hi Jinks King Senior Class Treasurer Football Track Vespers Music Festival Science Club PEGGY SPERRY S. H. A. Letter Club Annual Staff Beacon Circulation and Exchange Manager Science Club Torch Honors Hi Jinks BILL PHILLIBER A.S.B. President Torch Honor Letter Club Prince at Hi Jinks Student Leaders Conference Advertising Mgr. of Annual MC Junior-Senior Prom Student Graduation Speaker Science Club Knights of Baker Nominating Convention ROY CHASE F. F. A. Science Club Band Football CAROLE DEMPSEY President Girls' Letter Club Vice President Girls' Letter Club Pep Club Torch Honor Band CALVIN RAPER Junior Class President Roll Room President Science Club Torch Honor Hi Jinks Play-"Date With Judy" Adv. Math. Hi Jinks Prince Annual Staff Constitution Committee Student Leaders' Conference Stage Crew Bausch and Lomb Science Award VERNON AARSTOL Torch Honor Science Club Letter Club Circulation Mgr. of Annual Nominating Convention Beacon Staff TERRY MILLER Beacon Staff Chorus Hi Jinks "Desert Song" Vespers Science Club Ski Club CAROL ELLIS President Usher Club Pep Club Girls' Letter Club Honor Society Science Club Senior Class Secretary Budget Committee LOLA FAYE DULING Honor Society Annual Staff Pep Club F. H. A. Science Club Girls' Letter Club Usher Club JOHN RAUCH Torch Honor F.F.A. Secretary Knights of Baker Ways and Means Committee High Salesman in Magazine Drive Science Club DIANE LIBERTY President of Pep Club President of F.H.A. Treasurer of Band Girls' Letter Club Science Club Beacon Staff FRIEDA FAILOR Honor Society F.H.A. RUSSELL HERRIN Baseball Manager Ski Club Chorus Science Club Lab Assistant Hi Jinks Production Operetta Stage Crew NEIL WALKER F. F. A. Track Science Club Hi Jinks Vespers Centennial Program RONALD MILLS Science Club Ski Club BENITA RAUDA Chosen Good Citizen Torch Honor Superior in Music Contest National Scholastic Art Award Princess of Hi Jinks Pep Club F. H. A. Ski Club Hi Jinks Vespers Operetta Science Club Graduation Speaker JOHN PAYNE Baseball Stage Crew Track Football Vespers Hi Jinks TED BIRCHALL Science Club Ski Club GAIL GALBRAITH Beacon Co-Editor eniot. Glass aclivilies BARRY KRAMER Student Council Science Club State Dairy Farmer Track State Farmer CONNIE SEHRT Torch Honor Society Band School Production Science Club Student Speaker for D-AIR. Music Festival-Centennial DEAN DICKENSON Science Club Ninth Grade President Student Council "Desert Song" Hi Jinks Letter Club Program Committee LOUISE ZENDER Hi Jinks Queen Yell Leader Letter Club Usher Club Vice President Vespers Chorus Ski Club Science Club LILA SCOTT Honor Society Treasurer Pep Club Vice President Band Secretary Hi Jinks Princess Girls' Letter Club F.H.A. Reporter Voice of Democracy Speaker Standing Committee Chairman F,H.A. Parliamentarian Torch Honor Pep Club KVOS Reporter Ski Club Vespers Hi Jinks Pacific Slope Press Conference ROSE ZENDER Letter Club Usher Club Vespers Chorus Ski Club Science Club CHARLENE COX Hi Jinks Vespers Chorus Operetta Office Worker LEON GOLDEN Senior Class President Honor Society Football Baseball Science Club WARD CRUTCHER Vice President Senior Science Club RAY BUCKENMEYER F. F. A. Science Club Photography Dramatic Productions CLIFFORD KELLY Football Baseball Science Club Chorus "Desert Song" Boys' Letter Club Hi Jinks JOHN GIARDE F.F.A. Treasurer, Vice President Rifle Club Basketball Knights of Baker Treasurer, Vice president Student Council Football Letter Club Science Club Parliamentary Procedure Team A.S.B. Parliamentarian JAMES WOLFE Student Council Track Science Club Class Photography Band SHIRLEY ELMORE A.S,B. Treasurer Evergreen Girls' State Secretary Honor Society Pep Club Usher Club Student Council Girls' Letter Club Science Club Deming Reporter JIM BUTLER Baseball Football Basketball Track Hi Jinks F. F. A. Vespers Science Club Boys' Letter Club MARALYN HERRIN Treasurer Junior Class Pep Club Letter Club Chorus Hi Jinks Vespers ORVILLE KUIPERS Track Hi Jinks Band Chorus Operetta Science Club RAY BEERS Chorus Hi Jinks Vespers Operetta Photography DALE MOORS Football Boys' Letter Club Band Science Club Operetta JAMES MONAGHAN Ski Club Science Club Photography JOE SCOFIELD President Band Stage Manager Science Club "Desert Song" Photography DEWAYNE ROGERS F. F. A. Knights of Baker Track Science Club DON ROGERS F. F. A. Rifle Club Science Club Photography Basketball JORDAN ORR Science Club Student Council Basketball Page eighty three 4...-..-..I-.I..-..............,...........I-..I......-....-....-...-...,.............,.....,.!. I : . ! 1 Abbott Sisters' Beauty Shop 3 i Specialists in Permanent Waving T Hair Cutting and Tinting T 1316 Cornwall Phone 647 Q 1- -. -..-..-.,.- -.......- .... - .... -...- ,... ...-..-..-...-....-... l I STYLED CORRECTLY-PRICED FAIRLY g VICTOR'S I i Ladies' Apparel Q I Phone 841-1325 Cornwall Ave.-Bellingham, Wash. I E- ,... - ..,. - ,... - .... .. ..,. - ,.,. - .... -...- .... - ..., .. ..., .. ..,. -...... .... -..-.,-..,-....- l I E 2 l l IRELAND 8. BELLINGAR I ! i "INSURANCE" l T l I 1423 Cornwall Avenue Bellingham, Washington 5 I l 2- ..,. - .... - .... -...I-...... .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... -...-.......... .... -.........-l ! s I BEST WISHES TO STUDENTS AND l i FACULTY OF MT. BAKER HIGH I 5 T I. c. PENNEY co. I I Bellingham, Washington I 2- .... - ,.,. -. ....-..- .... - .... - .... - .... - .T.. -.,.... .... ......... .... - ..,. - .....-....-I I 5 - l H. I. "TED" STUART i i CHEVRON STATION Atlas Tires - RPM Motor Oils I 220 Elm Street Bellingham, Wash. 1 i l g- .... - ..,. -,...- .... - ..,. - .... .. .... - .... -I... ..,. .. .... - .... - .... ... .... .. .... .. .... .. ..,. ...MI l Bellin ham First Federal ' I 9 i i Savings 8. Loan Association i Home loans - Insured Savings Next to American Theater l l I . . 5 Bellingham, Washington I -I..-....-....-........I.......-...I-.................-I...-I....................I.......-..........- I VIENNA CLEANERS, Inc. , CLEANERS AND HATTERS "A Complete Cleaning Service" ' l 5 Phone 265-206 E. Magnolia-Bellingham, Wash. l- .... - .... - .... -...- ...I - .... - .... - .I.I - .... - I... - .-.. - ..II - .--. - --.- -.I- .-.. - I-.I - .I.- ! E E IIowAIzn's Stop 8. Shop Market I Railroad 8. Magnolia Bellingham, Wash. I I- IIII -.- ,,,, - III, - ,.,, - ,.,, - III. - III, - IIII - ,III -..- .,,, - ,,., -..- ,.,. - ,.,I - I,.. - II,I. T ! I l TIIoNIPsoN's VARIETY I l Everson, Washington - I ! I .g...-....-....-....-....- - -. --.- .. -..-- ..-,.......g. Page eighty-four ?..-...-.I..-1.1-II-..,.-.....-...........-....-.....-.....-....-..........-...........-.. 4. EVERSON DRUG COMPANY "Prescription Specialist" A. G. Edler, Prop. Everson Phone 6-3481 -IIII,Iiitiiin.-uniiiiiiiinilInilirnlnn.-IIII1Im,I.I.1.II.-IIII1IIII1II.LmI1 EVERSON MERCANTILE Shoes and Clothing Groceries - Frigidaire -N..-Ititi 1- -.IIII..IIII.-Inn.-,,,,1IIII1IIn-'III1II.I1II.I.- 1 1 lim.- Compliments of HllDA'S SHOP-RITE Everson, Wash. Phone 6-3141 -nII1IIn-IIu1uII1Im.-IIu.-IIII1IIIn1IIIiiiiII-IIII1un1IuI...IIII1IIniun-IIn.- Oliver Tractors and Machinery New Idea Farm Equipment EVERSON IMPLEMENT C0. -uin-Im1IIII1IIII1IIIiiuu.--III,IIII1IIII..IIII1IIII.-tin,nn-:III-1IIII1IIII-IIII1 C. S. KAlE CANNING C0. Processing Frozen Berries, and Canned Pears, Beets, Carrots, and Blue Lake Beans in Whatcom County for 41 Years -IIII-mI1-.I.I.-II-I-IIII-mi-III..-IIII-I-T11I1II-1IfII-.IIII...IIII.-Im-un--III--III1 SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY W A l K E R S Phone 6-3231 Everson, Wash. i -IIII1II-I..IIII1IIII-III..1IIII-III.,Im-..IIII...mi-:III1nu1III.,In-iIvII...IIIIiIIII1 HlNOTE'S HARDWARE Furniture and Appliances Everson Phone 6-3301 i-IIII-1IIII.1 T - .1 linIIinninII.1mIvrIlI1IIII:-IIII.1nIIITIIII1IIII-1IIII1 coIvIPIIIvIENTS or DOCTOR JOHNSON DENTIST F-nniuitl -IinluulInI1IIII..IIII1Im,IwiIII..-IIII-IIII-IIIILIII1 ..II-I- 0'NEAll'S SERVICE eRocEIzIEs - oAs - LocKERs Next to Green Acres Cemetery 1201 Northwest Road Phone, Ferndale 3636 4..-....-....-....-....-....-....-....-,,..- - -....-....-....-....-....-....-.. I. unit 1 1ur-im.inn,in-1rinlnu..im1n.1.m.-mi.-ii-1.1 MT. BAKER CAFE "A Good Place to Eat" Deming, Washington 11.1.1 .- .-111it.11mi,ituluii1....illil..-min.-nn.-W-nn.-nn.-Mn- Compliments of CLARK FEED 8. SEED Pets and Pet's Supplies,-,.1nn...nn1itn1un1nn...pI1iii-1iin-uniim- THE CAMERA SHOP Next to Avalon Theatre Cameras, Films, Photo Supplies, Movie Cameras, Proiectors, Screens, Dark Room Equipment, Viewmasters and Reels. 1it..-.in1un.-111111-1.11141111111'it1.1.11-ii..-iivi.1nnL.u1iiii1im.-iq.-nu- BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL GRADS ,6i.l.....g -mu.-,-1mt-itit1.11.1im,vm-I-..1.....iim1..1u,.1iiii.- .- -mi1im- Congratulations Mt. Baker High School SANFORD'S BARBER SHOP JOHNSON'S SERVICE Chevron Gas Groceries - Meats - Cold Drinks School Supplies Open Every Day, 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. Phone Deming 1812 1t.ii,.-m...m...iin...inlnnlviiiinit1.0.1.mi....i....i.....-,.,- EDWARD 8. JOHNSON Nugent's Corner Service Phone Deming 1310 Rt. 2, Everson,mi-multi111.1ui-in11011i.i-.-it111ii-I1in.-.uii1iin1mi1i.i1- Nooksock Valley State Bank Everson, Washington - Deposit Insurance Deposits insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation up to 510,000 for each depositor .-im, -unitin- Arden Farms Company Everson, Washington Arden lce Cream at Your Dealers irliiulnnluui 1nii1nn1un.- 1 ii-.mi .1u.imi1nn....nn.1uii...nn.-nn,nn...nniuu...,....-iii..-nu1m.-mi-1 .-...ln 1 KAtHEmNE's APPAREL l Dresses, Skirts, Hose and Sweaters -..-.- .... -...-..- .... -..,-..-...-..- ..., -...-..-..-,.- Congratulations Seniors i CEDARVILLE SERVICE i l CHARLES AND CLARA MacDONALD i -..H-...N-1...-....-....-....-.1-I-..n-,...-ni.-mi1.m1ti.-im..-1...-1 -M-...... i MT. BAKER MOTORS Chrysler-Plymouth Automobiles l and White Trucks 119 Grand Avenue Phone 5900 L -..-...- .... -..... ..., - .... -..... .... - .,.. .. .... .....-...- ,... - ..,. -...- .... -....-....- . . I Greetings From Your Friendly l Sears Roebuck 8. Co. g BELLINGHAM -.......-,,.- .... -...-,.,- .... - .... -...- ,... - .... .. ..., -..- .... - ..., -...-....-....-l Bellingham's Only Complete Sportswear Shop news Mews snor 3 CLOTHES OF DISTINCTION I Phone 340 Bellingham, Wash. Q -....- .... - ,... -..,,- ..,. -...,-....- .... - ..., - .... - .... - .... - ..,. - .... - ..., -....- .... -....t-l Bsst vvisHEs PAUL MUELLER Jeweler 1305 Cornwall Ave. Bellingham, Wash. 1 - .... - ..,. - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .,,. - .... - .,., - .... - ..,. - .... - .,.. - .... - ,... - ,... ---Q ATKlN'S SHOE STORE WOMEN'S AND MEN'S FINE SHOES E Next to Manning's-At the Florsheim Sign I - .... - .... - .... - ..,. - .... - .,.. -...- ,... - .... - ,... - .... -...- ..., - ,... - .... -..- .,.. - .... -I l DlEHL MOTOR CO. Sales-FORD-Service i Cornwall 8- Champion Phone 335 E - .... - ..., - ..., .. .... ....- .... - .,.. - .... - ..., - .... .. ..,. - ..,. -...- .... - ,.,. .. .... - ..,. -...-l l BELLINGHAM BAKING CO. I Makers of Buchan's The GOOD Bread zooi stare street Phone 913 .-,..- .... -...- ,.,. - ..,. -,,.-.,.- .... - .... - .... - - ,.., -..- .... - .... - .,,. -...-,4 Page eighty-five Peoples Trading Post T -iii.-I...-I-I--in--mi-itn-nu--I----in-rm-un-u-.--m-- --.- -m.--m- ..,. - ...- -.-.-- ---- -u + -1...-Kirin-1.1uniNI-1rrir-uiiliiir.-ii-I.-,iii-nu,uw.-im.-mi-im-ii..-lm I BAL - JON I 1316 Cornwall Avenue Bellingham, Wash. i Gifts, Cards and Floral Designing I Lakeway Floral and Gift Shop A 106 E. Magnolia'-Bellingham-Phone 352 Foundations - Infants' Wear I SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. Paints - Varnish - Lacquer i Super Kemtone Kem Glo Q 1323 Commercial Phone 77 I- --,- - ,1-- - -.-. - 1-,. - ---- - -.,- - ---. - llrr - l1.1 - 1-., -1- -1-1 - -1-1 - -..1 - -1-1 - -1-- - 1.1f I . CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES s VICTOR BOWHAY l Mt. Baker Highway Phone 9393 -- "'f - -"' - -"' - "" - --'- - '-" - '--- - -'-- - -'-- - ---- - ---- - -'-- - '--- - -"- - ---' -'-H- '-'- - -'-- -i I f STARK PIANO COMPANY Conn and Olds Band Instruments Your Complete Music Store Phone 261-Bellingham-210 W. Holly St. i 111.11111inlu',mlnir--ru.-uniRaimi-N..1r.i.1mI-,Illini IYNDEN CHAMBER OE COMMERCE iriuiilrnilmi1ui.,nnlunluii11111111111 ru..iiii1mi11...-nr.-n..1iI.i1.iu -latina,im,ii-rl..-111:111un,M1nu,im, -.....1ni-.-i-1.1untill-i-lnnluuiuuimiiim,im,M1i.i.1iiu.-.iii1iili1i.Ii1im- I i,iin.-iin-I.i,.....uri..riu1IIu1I.ii1im-im-uri-mi1mi1.m-mi-it Your Cleaning Bills Are Less When Garments Hold Their Press DoN't HESITATE-PHONE 48 CORNWALL CLEANERS -iiuinai...iiii...ii1:1inii-.liII1ii'11IIII1Nii1nii1iiniifit...Iin-uri-mitiniiiivii QUALITY CLOTHING For MEN AND WOMEN G A G E' S Bellingham Lynden -rui,un1uu1 1nn1nu1iivi1riu1im-.uii...mi..m..-ii...-ur.-ililiivnliqil GIBBS GARAGE General Auto and Truck Repairing Tires - Batteries - Accessories - Hardware Route 3, Bellingham . . -uulmil Lim,.miuiiiuii1im-........n..1.m.-i-n.-I-Ii1iiu1I.i.1iui1ii..i ASHE MOTOR CO. Oldsmobile Rocket - GMC Trucks SALES 8- SERVICE Bellingham, Washington idmin.. ... 1 111.11 DEMING FOUNTAIN ICE CREAM - SUNDRIES Deming -ii-I.-11.14 ..- 111nl..1, 1 1.11.1 i Deans Chevron Service Bensolfs Service I Compliments ot Dean Postlewait Carl Benson T 110 State Street-Bellingham4Phone 3749 Cornwall and Champion phone 6304 5 RPM MOTOR Oil - SUPREME GASOLINE - llxl -M.- IIII - IIII - I'I' - IAII - Iqll b IIII - IIII u- yll' - IIII - Illl - yvl' -. Ivlv i- I'II - I'I' '- Iqll - I ACME STQRE Van Zandt Richfield Service E , , Jack and Laura Myers I Currin Loggers - General Merchandise GAS - on - GROCERIES - BEVERAGE E Acme, Wash. Phone Deming 708 Van Zandt Phone Deming 304 Q.- .... - .... - .... -..... ..,. - .... - .... - .... - .... - ..,. .. .... .. ..., - ..., - ..,. - .,I. -- .,.. -, ..-- ,,., - ..., - ,.,. - .... - .... - ..., - ..., - .... .. ,,,. - .... - ..., - ..., - .,,, -,,,,-,, I Maple Falls Store CLIPPER STORE l GENERAL MERCHANDISE GENERAL MERCHANDISE I Maple Falls Washington Feed -- Hardware - Lee Work Clothes !u1w---Iw1wIl1 vlll 1 vrlv 1 v-I1 1 vvlf 1 vvvv 1 -Ivv -H11 Ivlf 1 vvll 1 rlli 1 IIII - ilul 1 iviu -- ufir 1 vivr 1 -ivi 1 viii 1 :iii - fuvi - IIII - uluu - IIII - IIII - Illf 1 Iiv' 1 vvlf 1 IIII - 'III 1 'III 1 'Iv' - 'I" - "" '- "" 1""1"' I I wp 7044 Qzeea Best Wishes From S PUGET SOUND PULP 6- TIMBER CO. +I- --.. - -... - -I.. ---n- .--- - .--- - ---- - .I.- - .--- ----I- I--. - .-II - --'- - ---- - ---- -r-I- I--I - .-.- - I--- - .-I- - ,-I- - ---I - -I-r - -I-I - Ir-I - '--I - ---- - --r- - f-'- - --I- - --I- - ---I - ---- - I-I- - ---- - ---- --I-I--I -1- Page eighty-six 1M11itit1.1.I1tt...-nn.11w1.m-.m1un1lm1u-.1m....m1uu1.mi.-..n1m.- 1ltn1 1 1.11.11:u1.m1-m1uu1uu1un.1.m1nn1I-n1lm1 1l.l.1i..i- 11041 1 1 1im.1vrv-1.111111 1 n1m-1 1 1 1 1uu1.m- : 1.1.11 1 1 1 1 .-nn.1m.1 1 1 11.11 1 1 .--1.111111- A1.m1.m.1nni1ltvt1nn1nt-1.l-11m1nu11m1lm1mt-....I-....1.t..1....1tt '!' . . I Belllngham First Federal 8. loan Q HOME LOANS-INSURED SAVINGS Next to American Theatre, Bellingham 10,1 .... .-H1 .... 1-m1u- nuln 1 fnnn vnu-nu-1 nvuu - usun -un-ww-In--H11-nu-I Bellingham Business College 2nd Floor Douglas Bldg.-Phone 617 Bellingham, Washington HUSKY SAYS . . . Congratulations, Seniors, and Good Luck! i Husky Auto Stores l Bellingham J. J. Newberry I Bellingham Drug Kruo Evergreen Service Station 5 611 DUPONT STREET e The place to save 3 ways-Better Gasoline . . Better Prices . . Better Service . . Better 2 Drive ln! ....,.-....-.,..-....-tt-....-....-..............-...,-......................-....-..,- I I d ' l Map e Grocery an Service 1 LOCKERS 1 Fresh Meats - Vegetables - Beverages - Sundries I Phone Deming 502 Wickersham, Wash. -.,..-..t- -.I,.-..,-....-....-....-....-I..-....- .... -...,..........,...,..-....- PARK onocsnv l I On Lake Whatcom ' GAS, Oll AND PICNIC SUPPLIES T Fred J. Zobrist 5 Rt. 2, Sedro-Woolley, Wasl1.4Deming 46011,-1....1....1....1.1It1'-I.1M1t.t..1.m1mt1nu1-4. MocDOUGALLS 8. SOUTHWICK HAGEN 8. HOGBERG PAINT CO. Here's ca Share of Sunshine's Value Every Day! afzigald Qfamogemyed 775666 I WI-IATCOM DARIGCLD Bellingham lynden .-uu1.tn1vm.1m11m.1n11111.11nn..un1uu...nn.1vm1nn-uu11m1M1M.1 MADES MOTOR SERVICE Chrysler - Plymouth - G.M.C. Trucks Everson, Wash. Phone 6-3l2I -I-1.1.1111 m1..n.-itit1.11.1I-1.1-H..-itH1.1111ni-1n...1tm1ltvi1..n1nt11....1 lyle's Chevron Service l20l CORNWALL Atlas Tires, Tubes and Accessories Chevron Supreme Gas and RPM Oil Bellingham, Washington Phone l355-J i Kendall Grocery 8. Cold Storage Deming, Washington Glacier Star Route Phone Deming 5304 . -ln.1.4.11itit-uu1im1ml1un1lm1m.1itit.1-m.1lm1im1m.1m.1u-l1.m1 Bonners Grocery and Service Curtis Bonner Van Zandt Phone I2l3 H1..1.11.1W1ut.1...1.m.1mv1tm1uu1.m1m.1 1nu1vu.1.t...1m BABYLAND MARTINSON'S BEN'S MEN'S SHOP Page eighty-se fmt. ens golvilz SCHOOL CUSTODIAN gig iv- R... 'I I I .T I II II, ' , I I I , I I I , ' ' I 'I ,I I I I I ' 'I I 'I , I I, I, I, I' ' I I I I, I, I, 'I 'I I 'I 'I I I , I, :I I :I I, I, I I, 'I I, ' I I, I I, , I 'I I, 'I I, I 'I 'I ' I I ,l I ' I 'I 'I Mr. Solvik is not placed at the end of this book because he comes at the end of our thoughts. This is a page which is always left on which to say "thanks." It seems a fitting place for "Jens." The many efforts to make us physically comfort- able during school hours are due to him. His timely bits of kindly philosophies scattered here and there, his cheery sense of humor and his ready sympathy for those in trouble have given added pleasure to every day. acknowledgments Jukes Studio-"Mountaineer" photographer Mr. Bob Martin-Mr. R. Clift Western Engraving and Colortype Co., Seattle Mr. R. Boren--Deming photographer Mr. V. Bronson-Faculty photographer Mr. W. I. Castles-Superintendent of Mount Baker High School Mr. E. Wellenbrock-Principal of Mount Baker High School Mr. T. Winsor-Vice Principal Bellingham Herald Seattle Times University of Washington and all others who assisted in production of the "Mountaineer." Page eighty-eight N 4 in 5 9145:-u 4 ., n'v-- Tj- e'3.' Y . 4. - V 1. . .,,,. n 4. ,L 4 3".,.:-.f J' F , ,Y T-" .af4 xy' E 511.4 5. 4 rf -ug-if K, ,PH ra., ,nl fr: ww, ff 1-1-Hai? "" .ty 5,1-wg A, .. , , .. H I! n .sn 1 rf lx vfnzx 1 .N 3 h.'i"4f' , ,x as Tr, xx Pi., .. . : if-Z, .V L .Q '- F 15315 ' af"-' .".J1li, .- Y ...... ,ff .. hw " 5 df., ,L ad! T0 IE Saxon Q -KenJa ""--s.-"y,! I DT KCSSLJQYTO LPKE Saxon W sfxf- 'H' .., ,A, 5 ,..f" -:.'P"'ff7 KX .

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