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1 ,Q ,Z-3 , ' , V 5, 'iw-gg. A QQ-,-.' 1-5-fir'-nj:-nf' ' 'Q2'.,'3jg,:g ' gg.. W. 'SL X V -- . r -wk? 1, -.' fx u . 1 Y , cfm' I 'si 0 x .gg ' Qpf. t X , if Q ' 4 . A --- 1 f I , ,r'J' ,l if N.. ,-I' Il-'L X. - . , v 1 R -,gf xx x .AX . ZX Q 1 .fe ff :V L' ' ?wZff2Q'HfQ!l4E.'Q3?f .iv 1 S, 3:- Y 5 Q. .. I. L ," ,N ' it r .fu 4 -" , . -.. . n iflis' uv l . 4 .., . -.4 , P . Hu? V? X ,W .,v, I -9-5-. . -- 4 ,r - ,- 'A N ,.:'-,, I 1. 'f -7' , F' ., ,, , lv . M 'Q- - , ., , 4 V' , 1 I , J. JJ 4 L 'U .+ 0 a n f .Mi .3- ww Fr - -,. ' M ' x 'E X .,-.,- 1: a " ' IT: '-?,ff'3-ij w - ' , W. 1 9 "'w--t-at "N :J ,r 5 'H-w,192'7a! , fin 'fi r ' 4 4 + x. .J . . . ..,v.- -1 1.- . I - ll ,,'.v. ' .-.' 5 .lf -.-.L.i5g?, . , .-1 v- ' , r .3:,. :g'.,:2',. ii. .niet W . -.A 'ngz :aw H2 4 , ,-.. , fy:- e ..... P FLUr.r Annual Publication oi the Senior Class MOUNTAIN VIEW UNION I-IIGI-I SCHOOL Mountain View, Calif. G m Editor. .,.u.u. ,...u,u ....... H r y raha Busino Man lean T om so S M hp Bkld FOREWORD "Variety is the spice of life"-cmd so is Scotch humor. Both are the keynotes of this book, cmd We dare you to find cmy- thinq dull in it. So there! DEDICATION In sincere appreciation of his good nature, delight in his spontaneous humor, and real Wonder at his clarinet p1aying,we dedicate this book to MR. LYLE F. CAMPBELL "1 u new 'r t-rrfx ' Ht PC 4-...Q Nagar Gr. There are times in the lives of all of us when FAREWELL is the saddest of all sad words. There are other times when there lingers about this word, FAREWELI., a golden touch of joy, hope and happiness because of a task well done and an anticipation of what the future holds, the beginning of new ventures. I imagine this is one of those times of mixed emotions for all of you. You people who have spent these years in the Mountain View Union High School have had experiences and formed associations that will ever remain pleasant memories. Yet, you would have no desire to remain here always because there is much yet to be done. Life is one continuous preparation to live. It is our sincere hope that this school has helped you in this preparation, that its ideals have become your ideals and that they will ever be a part of you. May your graduation be, in truth, the realization of a task well performed, bringing with it that indefinable, inner glow that can only come from this kind of a realization. It has been my privilege to have known you only during this, your last year in high school. I am deeply grateful for having had this privilege. I am appre- ciative of the many, many things you have done to make this, my first year, in our high school, such a pleasant one. I wish for each of you the highest success in whatever worthy endeavor you undertake and hope that your lives will be filled with joy and happiness. If I were to add anything at all in the way of advice I think it would be in the words of Iohnson, "If a person does not make new acquaintances as he passes through life he will soon find himself left alone. A person should keep his friend- ships in constant repair." It has been said that the most powerful and the most lasting friendships are usually those of the early season of our lives, when we are most susceptible to warm and affectionate impressions and now is the most fertile time of your life for the forming of these friendships. Napoleon once boasted that he made courtiers and that he never pretended to make friends. Napoleon fretted away the last years of his life in exile on an island alone, neglected, and in despair. I think one of the finest gems from the mind, heart and pen of Emerson is, "The only way to have a friend is to be a friend. We take care of our health, we lay up money, we make our roof tight and our clothing sufficient, but who provides wisely that he shall not be wanting in the best property of all-friends?" Charles R. Crooke. MR. FLOYD E. WILDER, Vice Principal MISS MARION V. LITTLEFIELD, Dean of Girls MR. CHARLES R. CROOKE, Principal MISS HELEN A. COLEMAN, Mathematics MR. MALCOLM D. AITKEN, Science MISS LOUISE G. SCI-IMIDT, English MR. WENDELL GRUBB, Manual Arts MISS SYLVIA V. DOAK, Physical Education MR. W. NORMAN B N ocial Science 1 MISS MERCEDES PEARCE, Art MR. LYLE F. CAMPBELL, Music MISS HELEN FROELICI-I, Music MR. IAMES B. LEI-IAN, Social Science MISS EDNA M. WILBUR, Languages MR. EDWARD A. SMITH, Languages MISS ANN M. MYLNE, Science MR. IRVAL C. CARTER, Mathematics MRS. DEENE L. DOWNEY, Home Economics MR. I-IARRYf EDWARDS, Languages MISS MARION A. BIRKLAND, Commercial MR. STANLEY ANDERSON, Physical Ed. MISS RUTH FREEMAN, School Nurse MR. THEODORE E. MANEELEY, Languages MISS THELMA POMEROY, Speech Correct'n MRS. CAROL R. BYRD, Librarian MISS BERNICE IELLI, Office Assistant MISS WILI-IELMINA BARNI-IISEL, Secretary CO Book I Book II Book III Book IV Book V N'l'EN'l'3 Introduction - ---- Classes - - - Organizations - - - - Athletics - - - Features fs r-CEU rLA0' Q THE HIGH AND MIGHTY iWith acknowledgment to Longfellow for his help? Under the spreading "moriarboard" The Mighty Senior stands His face is creased with secret woe Diploma in his hands. A little Freshman, soul condemned Comes whistling gaily by His innocence is quickly squelched By the Senior's bloodshot eye. If I could live my life again Without the Worry in it I'd live once more my Senior year And worship every minute. ---Harry Graham. JR! DUATES TONY BARHILE ELIZABETH DAVENPORT MAX BELLEW DAISY HALL ANDREW IANOVICH IRENE LAMBERT ROBERT KIRKISH ISOBEL MENDOZA KENICHI KUBOTA IEAN IVIOCKBEE Pcxqe Tnn X. RALPH MARTIN BETTY NISI-IIMURA ROBERT MASTIN ALICE NOUGUES FRANK NODA ANNE RADISICI-I DAVID NORDBERG ADELE RODRIGO IACK RANDALL NELL SWENEY Page Eleven JRADUA' ES I l Ilili SPILY IJIITSUKO TSUCHIYA UNO ABHAHAIVISON EDNA BIRKETT VIHGIL COCJPER QOTHY I-llllili YHRD HAHA IOYCE COHRIDAN EDWARD HENDERSON BARBARA CMDCURTONI l 11:1--'l'w1-Ivf' RENA FORNO DONALD HOLT DORTHA FORMWAY HAROLD HOWELL AYAKO FUNABIKI FRANCISCO HUFANA NAN GRAHAM MITSUO IKEBE RACHAEL GARVICH HARRY GRAHAM Page Thirteen Q-RADUA'l'ES 'rlfdfg A v -3 ,... 53 LUCILLE HARDIN ROY IWATA KIMIKO HIGASHIUCHI NATHAN KIMURA IRENE HOFFMAN HARRY KIYOMURA CLARA KAMADA MITSUO KODAMA RUBY KEETON GEORGE KONOSHIMA Page Fourteen CONNIE LEORKE IOHN LINDVALL HELEN MOLINARI IACK MCCARTY LENA PACHETTI JOSEPH MARTINEZ IOSEPHINE OGATA VVILSON MARUYAMA DORIS PINTO HENRY MILO Page Fifteen GU- DUF' ES DORIS PRITCHETT MASAO MIYASHITA IUNE REDWINE CHARLES MQORE CLEO REESE TSUTOMU MURANAKA FTLAUDINE SHERMAN FDWARD MYLREA MARY SUEKI SAM NAKAMOTO lhlqvf filxlm -11 EVELYN SUGAI CHARLES OGATA IEANNETTE THOMPSON ABE PICKER MARION THOMPSON MILAN POPOVICII NADINE VINCENT GINGO SAKAI RUTH WHITING IOHN SEITZ Page Seventeen JI ADUA' ES JS, 5- L XR xt " 'X an I qv- 9,4 ITTTIIFR WIICSTROM AUSTIN SPENCER HARUKO YAMAIII MELVIN SILVA ANN ZEC KAORII 'I'AKANf"D IAAZISARU TAKESHIMA RICHARD UHRHAMMER DANIEL VAN de SANDE BILL WILSON TOM WITI-IERSPOC SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS February Graduates: Mr. Smith Iurie Graduates: Miss Pearce, Miss Fraehch and Mr. Aitken I'.iq,.I'iqI1tiwi .J Name Tony Barrile ,.... ..., Max Bellew ........,..,.. HOROSCOPE Known As Banana ..... ,,... . ...... .,Moxie ....... . Description Nice Fellow .......... Dapper ............... Elizabeth Davenport ......,,.,.. Lizzie ........, ,,,,,,,,, T all ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,4.,,.x,,,, Daisy Hall ...,............. v....... D aze .,..... Dizzy but nice .....,,,.ll,, Andrew lC!nOViCh .............,.. Andy l......., ......... Q uick-tempered ,,,,,,,,.,,,4 Robert Kirkish ..,..,, ,,,.,,,, K irk ,,,,,A,4,,., ,,,,,,,,, H usky ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, KeniChi Kubota ...Y.,... ........ K enichi .....,.... ......... U nassuminq .,..,.,.. Irene Lambert ....... Ralph Martin ..,....., Robert Mastin ....... Isobel Mendoza ......... ....,.,. lean Mockbee ....... .. Betty Nishimura ,..... Frank Noda .........,...., ,....... David Nordberq, .... . Alice Nouques, ....... Annie Radisich ......... ........ lack Randall ,........ Adele Rodrigo ...,... Peter Spily ............. Nellie Sweeney ......... ........ Mitsuko Tsuchiya ............. Uno Abrahamson ................ Edna Birkett ........... Dorothy Burr .....,... Virgil Cooper ......... Ioyce Corridan ..,,..... ........ Barbara deCurtoni .,........... . Dortha Formway, ...... ....... . Rena Forno. .......... Ayako Funabiki ....... ......., Rachael Garvich ...,... ........ Harry Graham ....,.. Nan Graham ......... Fred Hara ...r...,.... Lucille Hardin .,....,.....,......... Kimiko Hiqashiuchi, ..r..... .. Irene Hoffman .......... Edward Henderson., Donald Holt ............... .,...... Francisco Hufana .....,,,,..,,.., Roy Iwata ....,.......,... Mitsuo Ikebe, ..,.. Lamb ...,..... Mah-tin ......... ........ Izzy ........, Full of fun ......., . Forward ,,...,... Athletic ..,.... Sarcastic ........ Ieame ........ ......... T omboy .,.,...,,.,,,, .......,,...Betty....,,. Frankie ......... .....,.,, Dave .,,....... ,.,,.,.., Alice ....... Annie ......... ....,.. . . Ligsy .,........ . ,...,,,, Dell ..........,, Pete-ah ..,....... Nell ......... Mxts .....,.., Uno .......,. Edna .,..... Dottie ......... Coop ...,,..... ,..,...,, Ioycie ......... .,.,,,,,, Peek.. Dot ...,... Reen .....,r Yako ,..,... Rae ......,., Hank .....,.... .,....,,, ........Nan........ ........Fred........ Lu ,.... ...... Ask Sammy .,..,..,,. ,,,,,, .Queener ............. .Ambitious ......,... Stout r...... ......... Unobtrusive ......r Politician ........ ....,....Smal1........ Fat .,,........,........,. Good-natured ....... Smart .,..,,.,,..,., ....,....Pessimist.,...... Debonair ........ ..........Cherub1c.,....,........ Chatter "I don't know" ...,...,"l-lello, babe" ......."It's all right" "Hey, Irene" .fCensoredl "Do ya mean it" .,Why?,. Tee-hee" ........"Nuthin' impawtant "Now, fellows" ......."Oh, yeah" Hsuren ,. My Sammy" ........"Hi, yah" "Where's Ginna" "Oh, shut up" "All right" ........"I-Iello, fellows" "I don't think so" "I no meant it" "Go away" nseeyf "Huh-h-h-" Pay your dues" "All right" Little-blq Shot ..............,,. "Come on, Spencer" Poetic .......,......... Forward. ......... Busy., .............. Good Sport ....... Industrious ..,.,... Man-hater t?l ......,. Outspoken .....,.,, Nervous.. ..,................. lnferiority complex ......... ........"Shucks" .,Don.t,, "Hello" "Not me" "Say, Kimiko" "O. K." "Pure me" "Oh, no" "Yah?" lmltaior ..............,..,,........,. "Is that a fact?" -Klmlk ........, .......... G ood-natured ....... ........Hoif......., ............He-man......... Don ......... Cisco .......... ........, . ........ Roy. ..,...., Popeye, ,.,.,.... .......,. Serene .........,,..... Ed .......... Silent .,.,....... Contented ....... Friendly .......... Big Stuff ..,,..,.. ...,,..."What's the answer' "What for" Hello, boys" HYSSU U ISi1encel I guess so" .1 .1 Do it ma-self" Page Nineteen Name Clara Kamada ....,... Ruby Keeton .......... Nathan Kimura .....,... Harry Kiyomura ....... Mitsuo Kodama ......... HOROSCOPE Known As .......ClaraY.....,..,,., .......Ruby....... .......Nay..,..,... ,,......Hare....... .......Mxts......... George Konoshima .....,........ Shrimp .r..,.. Iohn Lindvall .......... Connie Leorke ..,..... lean Love ..........,..... Ioseph Martinez ....... .......Tarzan..,..,, .......Con,......., ..,....Ieanie....,.,.. .......Peppy........ Wilson Maruyama ...........,.. Will ,.,...,.. lack McCarty .......... Henry Milo ...........,...,. Masao Mlyashlta ...,...,, Charles Moore .,....,.,,. .......Mac......,., ...,...lunior,........ ....,..Mas,.,,..,.. Helen Molinari ,,............,..... Molly ........ Tsutomu Muranaka .....,...... Edward Mylrea ....,... Sam Nakamoto ......... Charles Oqata ...,..,. Iosephine Ogata .,,.... Lena Pachetti ........ Abe Picker .l....,.l.. Doris Pinto .............. Milan Popovlch ....,.... Doris Pritchett ........ Iune Fledwine .....,., Cleo Reese ........... Gingo Sakai l........ Melvin Silva ....... Ladies -man ......... ........ Cholly ........,..,... .....,.Ape......... .......Lena,....... ..,..,.Abe......... .......DOTlS.,..,.. .......Pritch,.......,. .......lunie....... Clee ......... Ging .........,. Mike ............. Stonewall ..,.,..., Iohn Seitz ................... ....... ' 'President". Claudine Sherman ........,..... Deanie ........... Austin Spencer ....... Spence l....... Mary Sueki ......... .,... . .Mary ....,. . Kaoru Takano .........., Masaru Takeshima .,............ Tak .......... Richard Uhrhammer ..,. Daniel Van de Sande ....... Nadine Vincent ................v.. Ruth Whiting .......,,. Esther Wikstrom ....... ...,...,H1zzy........,. .Dan ......... .Cook ....... .......Ruth1e........ .......Esther,........ Bill Wilson ...,..,,,......,. ,...... B . W ....... Tom Witherspoon ...,...,......., Tom ............ l-laruko Yamaiii ..,....,. ....,.. H aruk ......... Ann Zec ......,.............. ........ Z ec .......... Ieanette Thompson .............. lane .......,.... Marion Thompson .........v...... Tommy ........ Page Twenty tContinueclJ Description ,,,,,...,Demure........... ........l..ousy driver.... Easy-goinq,....... ..,....,Optimist...........,..... Trying to grow ..,............ .........P1ump....... .........Genial.......... .........Star....... .........Actor,.,,,,,...,, Scientist C?l........ .. ..... Lanky ........ ., Ambitious....... ...,,,...Chubby........... Sax-tooter..,,....,.. . .,..... Ouarrelsome ......... ...... . Noisy.......,.......,,. Chunky............... B1uffer............. Proqressive........ ...,.,...Reticent,..,.......... ..,......Red-haired......,., Slim.............. .,,.....,Dreamer.......... .........Tennis-star....,.,.. ........Unloquacious.....,.. ........Carter Chatter ......."lt's O. K." "Oh, rats" "Scram" don't know" "Oh, nuts" "Sure" uh" .1 Comin', Rena?" H Oh, sure" tCensoredl "That's good" Einstein says--" ......."Who knows?" think so" n Mo-o yes" "Rats" Aw nuts" ,. Say, brother" ,Booze-hound .....,... .,.,... ' 'Where's Betty?" "Aw-W-w-w" "Oh, shut up" Come on" Well, I guess so" "Ooof" Sure I can" "Is that so?" "Ah-h-h-h" Oh, go away" No-o-o" Diclya do your math? Woman-hater..,...,. fellows" ........Petite..,.,..,.......... ...,,,."Hey, lean" Well-groomeclw... a wise guy" ........Sensitive.,......V.,.. llnaudiblel ...,....Harmless,.......' "Yah" Scholarly...,.... .,.,.....Ask Lehan........ .........Funny???.....,. ....,....Po1ite,.............. . ........ Helpful ...,........... ...,..."What'd you get?" Phooey" fl Who, me?" ......."How's this?" 1: Hey, you" .........Very Blonde......... ........"Gee whiz" ....,,...Anti-"Skitch"......... ,,....."Well, good" WiseC?D-cracker........ Unqood Puns wish I knew" it out" .,.,.....Underweight t?l..,.........."Say, lack" ,.....,..Brunette................. "Hel1o, Ed" CLASS WILL We, the Senior Classes of 1937, do leave the following to anyone who might need or desire them: l, Tony Barrile, will and bequeath to William Steach my starring position on the 30's. I, Elizabeth Davenport, will to Nancy Hall the care of my little brother. I, lames Maxwell Bellew, do bestow upon lames Castle my "line." We, Daisy Hall and Irene Lambert, will to any low senior girls our private Monday-morning feeds I, Andrew lanovich, bequeath to Senior Bill Smith my queer manners and temper. I, Robert Kirkish, bestow upon Tony Spily my knowledge of Spanish IIIZ. I, Kenichi Kubota, will my perfect necktie-wearing attendance to school to Eddie Kirkish. I, Isobel Mendoza, will a few of my nicknames to Virginia "DuBarry" Ielavich. I, Bob Mastin, will to lack Barkley my seat next to Ieanette out on the front steps. l, lean Mockbee, will my good behavior in typing to Helen Cavin. I, Frank Noda, will and bequeath to Masao Nakano the care of my girl friends. I, Betty Nishimura, bequeath my permanent to Toyoko Nakamoto. I, David Nordberg, leave Virginia under the careful guidance of my sister Carol. I, Alice Nougues, will a little of my good sense to Betta Lee Barnes. I, lack Randall, will and bequeath to "Red" Steach my position on the football team. I, Annie Radisich, will to Shirley Stalford my ability to remember to bring a pencil to school. I, Adele Rodrigo, bestow upon Peter Gonzales my unusually loud voice. I, Ralph Martin, leave my highly developed mind in Econ to Mr. Lehan. I, Nell Sweeney, will to Harry Kiyomura my ability to catch the 7:21. l, Pete Spily, do hereby bequeath my various positions on the baseball team to Dave Tripiano. tTake good care of them, Trip.J I, Mitsuko Tsuchiya, do bestow upon Fumeyo I-longo the job of amusing George Matsuba. I, Uno Abraharnson, do will my model "A" to Mr. Carter. It's better than a V-8, Mr. Carter! I, Edna Birkett, do will my ability to collect class dues to the next treasurer of the next senior class. I, Dorothy Burr, do will my ability to stay away from the marines to Laura Navarro. I, Virgil Cooper, do will my communistic propaganda and red socks to Betty McPheeters. I, Ioyce Corridan, do will my combination fountain pen and pencil, which lean Love lost, to Glenn McManus, who is supposed to have it. I, Barbara deCurtoni, do will my poise around school to Lucille Maritz. Some poise! I, Dortha Formway, do will my love for basketball to Barbara Ann McPheeters. We, Rena Forno and Connie Loerke, do will to everyone the Army, Navy, and the Marines. I, Ayako Funabiki, do will my weekly dunking in the swimming pool to Yoneko Kagawa. I, Rachel Garvich, do will my extensive technique with the Freshman boys, the ones with suspen- clers, to Geraldine Fricke. I, Harry Graham, do will to the Student Body the wolf at my door. I, Nan Graham, do will my beautiful teeth to Bob McCarty. I hope you take good care of them, Bob. I, Fred Hara, do will my success in staying away from girls to George Hori. Pretty hard job, isn't it, George? I, Edward Henderson, do will my lone touchdown to Don Lawson, and boy, does he need it! I, Kimiko Higashiuchi, do will my enthusiasm for swimming to Mitsuye Yamamoto. I, Irene Hoffman, do will my Mae West profile to Lee Hutton. I, Donald Holt, do will my second-hand razor blades to my little brother for that beard of his. I, Harold Howell, do will my ability to act innocent to anyone who might have a guilty conscience. I, Frank Hufana, do will my special style in boxing to Armond Poncini. I, Mitsuo lkebe, do will my nickname "Popeye" to anyone who can knock Ioe Louis out like he did me. I, Roy Iwata, do will my ability to ride a motorcycle to Prof. Smith. Also my ability to take spills. I, Clara Kamada, do will my ability to break ping-pong balls to lane Okada. I, Ruby Keeton, do will my quiet disposition to Irene Rutan, I-Iere's hoping it won't affect her ability to attract attention. I, Nathan Kimura, do will my headache from Physics to anyone who intends to take it. I. Harry Kiyomura, do will my ability to stay away from the girls to Alto I-Iigashiuchi. I, Mitsuo Kodama, do will my terrible grades in Physics to Advisor and Professor Aitken. I, George Konoshima, do will my six-foot-two to Bill Henderson. Page Twenty-one CLASS WILL tContinuedl I, Iohn Lindvall, do will my ability to keep off the girls' feet when dancing to Charles Ielavich. Can't help it if they have Garbo feet, Charles. I, lean Love, do will my very fine speeches in public speaking to Dick Atkinson. Yes, Mr. Edwards. I, loseph Martinez, do will my good'sportsmanship to Eugene Huber. I, Wilson Maruyama, do will my love for women to all women-haters. I, Iack McCarty, do will my knowledge f?l of the Einstein theory to Virginia Thompson. I, Henry Milo, do will my marvelous Latin ability to Marjorie Mason. I, Masao Miyashita, do will my glasses to all of you people who think you know where you're going. I, Helen Molinari, do will my success at being locked out of band to all you early birds. I, Charles Moore, do will my iob on the stage to Earl Paullus, who will probably make a good stooge, I, Tsutomu Muranaka, do will my ability to take care of Mikiyo to Iunichi Ishimaru. I, Edward Mylrea, do will my ability to make the biggest mound of dirt outside the window to Bill Smith. I, Sam Nakamoto, do will my queening ability to Elmo Ramsey. I, Charles Ogata, do will my tenderness to Tony Ciriscioli. I, Iosephine Ogata, do will my inquisitiveness to Mildred Lawson. I, Lena Pachetti, do will my job in the office to anyone who has pull enough to get it. I, Abe Picker, do will my athletic ability to Tony Spily. I, Doris Pinto, do will to Shirley Stalford my twin-like appearance. I, Milan Popovich, do will my pull with Edward Anderson Smith to Eddie Puppo. I, Doris Pritchett, do will my horse Toby to Clyde Shearer. I, Iune Redwine, do will Stanford University to Iean Ellsworth. You ought to go out there some- time, lean. I, Cleo Reese, do will my terrific forehand drive in tennis to Ieanne Cancilla. I, Gingo Sakai, do will my favorite sport-doing nothing-to Eddie Kirkish. I, Iohn Seitz, do will my ability to get A's in library to Peter Gonzales-and here's hoping you don't try to drive the wagon like I did, Pete. I, Claudine Sherman, do will my boyish bob to Dorothy Rhein. Does Shorty like it that way, Dot? I, Melvin Silva, do will my favorite excuse-"Had to work"-to Walter Hernandez. Don't over- work it, Walter. I, Austin Spencer, do will my pull with Miss Coleman to Fred Facciolla. I, Mary Sueki, do will my ability to polish the apple with all the teachers to loel McPheeters. I, Kaoru Takano, do will my excellent managed football team to Stan Anderson. I, Masaru Takeshima, do will my job of helping the Geometry students to Virginia McCluskey. I, Ieanette Thompson, do will to lack Barkley my membership in the Scholarship Federation. He'll need it. I, Marion Thompson, do will my memory to Miriam Ellsworth so that she won't go to study hall when she should be in art. I, Richard Uhrhammer, do will my four joyous years in math to Miss Coleman's A freshmen-if any. I, Dan Van de Sande, do will my ability in baseball, particularly at the plate, to lack Barkley. I, Nadine Vincent, do will all my friends to the incoming Freshmen. I, Ruth Whiting, do will my ability in art to Marie Hobbs. l, Esther Wikstrom, do will my charming personality to Iuanita Reichel. Not that you haven't got it already, "Dictionary." I, Bill Wilson, do will my "honorary" position in the orchestra to "Menace" Moore. I, Tom Witherspoon, do leave the school. I bet Mr. Gibson is glad. I, Haruko Yamajii, do will all my afternoon classes with Mrs. Downey to anyone who needs them. I, Ann Zec, do will my pet seat in the Creamery to Marlon Davick. l, Evelyn Sugai, do will my bed in the gym to Frances Nakamoto. I, Peter Ianovich, do will to Tony Ciriscioli my ability to sit in study all noon hour and talk to Shirley Gleason. Page Twenty-two , , LOW SENIOR CLASS Under the leadership of Miss Birkland, this class has climbed to the top. In their sophomore year they won the Scholarship Plaque, and most ot their boys have shown themselves up brilliantly in different sports, the star ot the class beinq Tony Spily. They always seem to relish the Pina Pona Booth at lunior Carnivals. Several members of the class have proven outstanding in Dramatics and were cast in major roles of the Senior Play, Christmas Play and other dramatic pro- ductions. The officers of the class are as follows: President ............ ....,... T ony Spily Vice-President ..,......... .....,,.,. L eo Silva Secretary-Treasurer .......... ........,,.. H elen Cavin Council Representative ..,.,t. ...... , ,Glen McManus Page Twerttythree HIGH JUNIORS High Iuniors at last-and verra, verra, hard worrk, too! Credit must be given to these hard-working students for the successful Rodeo Iunior Carnival spon- sored by them in part. They have had a few stars on the football team, such as Tony Ciriscioli and lack Barkley, and the basketball squads have brought to light more "star stuff" among the boys. They have made an A-l showing on the Scholarship society and are hoping to have a greater number in the organization next year. Class spon- sors are Miss Wilbur, Miss Mylne, Mr. Carter, and Mr. Grubb. Lupe Enriquez has brought honors to this class by winning first awards in the recent County Typing Contest. The officers of the class are as follows: President ..........,.... ..,..., 7 ...Peter Gonzales Vice-President ............. ,............ H enry Shultz Secretary-Treasurer .,....,,, ,......, M iriam Ellsworth Sergeant-at-arms ...,............. ...... V irginia Thompson Council Representative .....,... ...........,........, T om Iob Reporter ....,.,,.....,...,.,.,.......... ...,.,. B ob Straub LOW JUNIORS HOOT MON! Upper classrnen at last, and do they feel goodl This class has improved greatly under the sponsorship of the new Physical Education teacher, Stan Anderson. During the previous year they took possession of the California Scholarship Federation Plaque for having the largest percentage of their mem' bers in the society, They haven't shown any outstanding ability as yet, although several of the boys have shown themselves in sports and other activities. However, one stu- dent has shown great artistic talent, and is the art editor of this "Blue and Gray." The program they put on for the Student Body was well planned and pre- sented, despite the fact that it consisted largely of outsiders. The officers of this group are: President ............,...... i........r..,,. L ucille Maritz Vice-President ...... ....... K ochici Yamamoto Secretary .,..,,... ........ G enevieve Moon Treasurer ....,....................... ....,,............ A nnie Rose Council Representative ......... ........ V irginia Campbell Sergeant-at-arms .V...,...,..... ....,.. S tan Anderson Page Twenty-four Page Twenty-five HIGH SOPHOMORES It doesn't sound like much, but this class must be given credit for sponsoring a successful Freshman Reception. They haven't shown much ability in the way of sports as yet but quite a few of the boys are taking part with enthusiasm. They have a few talented members in their midst who have entertained the Student Body quite often. Some of the members have shown themselves as out- standing members of the Scholarship Society. The patient t?D sponsors of this class are: The Scotch director, Lyle F. Camp- bell-The Great Civics teacher, W. N. Gibson-The Girls' Gym teacher, Sylvia Doak, and the Homemqking instructor, Deene L. Downey. The officers of the c are mentioned tvery considerate of usb in the space below: ' K Presidehii ......,. ........ M ildred Lawson Vice-Presi nt ....... ....... W alter Funabiki ' Secretary ...... fn: ..... ..........,.................... I oel McPheeters I Treasurer ......................r. ..r..,..,.. Anna Schutte ' Council Representative .......................... Katherine Doust K - , 'ln LOW SOPHOMORES At last these enterprising students have passed the Frqshfstagel This class has not entered many of the social activities of the school, bulhave afforded the Student Body entertainment in the highest degree by presenting three of the Palo Alto Community Players in an assembly program which was highly appre- ciated. Mr. Edwards, the advisor, may well be proud of them. And again we come to class officers: President .,....,...... ................. M arie Hobbs Vice-President ....,......... ...,,.... T sukane Myashita Secretary-Treasurer ........., ....... F rancis Peabody Council Representative ....... Kenneth Wilkins Page Twenty-six if .TX r f L Xs X 'Ii V V X i - S a Paqe Twenty-seven HIGH FRESHIVIEN Not quite the jade color they were nine months ago, but still pure Frosh! They have weathered nothing more than one year of High School, and still forget that homework is the backbone of this great institution fOh woell but, ably guided by Miss Coleman, Miss Schmidt, and Mr. Lehan, they have shown a great deal of school spirit and unquenchable energy. A few of the boys went out for football and basketball and the ability they showed is nothing to be sneezed at. At their present rate it will not be long before they will be the mainstay of our sports. More officers: President ......,......,. .,........ D orothy Hoffman Vice-President ......... ........ C harles Uhrhammer Secretary ...,....... ,.,.......... B arbara Berry Treasurer ...,..,.,............... ,....... E laine Marcetti Council Representative ....... ........ I uanita Reichel LOW FRESHMEN Freshmen to the core, they have had a hard time getting started. This is not surprising, when you realize that their noble advisor, Mr. Smith, unable to stand the drop from being advisor to the High Seniors, went out and attempted to com- mit mayhem or worse on a motorcycle. But now that our esteemed Professor is back in the saddle, and considering that the Low Freshmen have three and a half years in which to catch up, their hopes look much brighter, and they will undoubtedly graduate eventually. And the last of the officers fWell, finel: President .,.,,,..,.., ..,,...,....,.... P at Daley Vice-President ......... ....,... I ames Alexander Secretary ........,.. ....... K atherine Giaya Treasurer .............,,........,.... ....i... M adeleine Saylor Council Representative ...,..,.. ..,.i........ B ob Lawson Page Twenty-eight 1 . A . 5254? rC'40 Page Twenty-nine ORGANIZATIONS 3. ,,,qm BLUE AND GRAY STAFF TOP: BOTTQM: F"ilY'I Hurry Gnjxhnnx flnss Ffriwwr Ri'IIkUC'IIfI VINQTIIITTJIHI PWISINOSS Mnnnqfar Ymwneiicl Tlmmupsou Snapshot Edlior . MGX F30l1f2w' ,-Xwi'.wf1t1S:1uc'q Tx1l!lf'1GF'I' Iuhu 343111 3110115 Eiilxl! PFIDI I'YIIUVlf',l ,-X11 ffdmtfzr . Lwrillfi Mum: Art AfiX'1Si,FI IVIINI4,f"Vi4f'S Pwxxu ?'fw1tx1:i P11121 Hi-thzirfi UhThCIl"l1IIlpI Vciwulty Synmxsful . Mmifm Puklfm, P41qL1'Tl11!Iy my COUNCIL This year, the Council, under the able guidance of our new Principal, Mr. Croolce, has much, besides the usual routine of ng bills and passing a new law has always backed the Annual may it continue to do so! SCHOLARSHIP Under the duo leadership of Miss Helen Coleman and Mr. lrval Carter, the Scholarship advanced steadily this year. They gave the Freshmen the heartiest of welcomes and presented a few programs to the school. The Groups most out- standing event was the gay Scholarship Banquet. Page Thirty-two GIRLS' LEAGUE The Girls' League had a big year of it under the direction of their new Dean, Miss Littlefield. They presented quite a few dances and programs. Officers of the league are: Miriam Ellsworth, Marion Thompson, Doris Pinto, Edna Birkett. N . ,, ,. Hamm ,,... .f, BOYS' LEAGUE While the Girls' League is rather disgusted with the Boys' League for not par- ticipating enough in the school's social events, they are proud of them for keep- ing the school's athletic record untarnished by defeat. Officers in the League: Andrew lanovich, Keith Wilson, Mr. Wilder, sponsor, Max Bellew, Peter Spily. Page Thirty-three BAND Here comes our Scotch director and his Rio Grande Ramblers Clunior Carni- val stuttl. They have done quite a bit of successful entertainment and their out-of- door concert was enjoyed by ma y ot the townspeople. And as for the Iunior Carnival -ah Weell , x ORCHESTRA This year, as last, the Orchestras big affair was the concert at the San lose Auditorium, and was, oi course, directed by that never-to-be-qotten-rid-of Scotch Maestro, Lyle P. A tew of its members were chosen for the Operetta orchestra and fine work they made of it, too! Page Thirty-four GIRLS' CHORUS The areatest work accomplished by the Girls' Chorus under the leadership ot Miss Helen Froelich was their splendid cooperation in the presentation of the operetta. The incominq Freshmen greatly increased the number of members this year, addinq new spirit to the aroup. , I 40' BOYS' CHORUS There has been some new talent discovered in the Chorus this year in the form ot Freshmen. Their able assistance in the operetta, "Rose oi the Danube" proved this to the satisfaction of all. Miss Froelich is the director of the Boys' as well as the Girls' Chorus. Page Thirty-five .Q .Q E331 L34' , Qu 4 W? if at se ,Y 5 Y, l . l A CAPELLA The A Capella Choir has developed into a much larger group this year, and has been highly successful in presenting programs, as was evidenced by their brilliant performance in the San lose Civic Auditorium. OPERETTA HOOT MUN! -The Rose ot the Danube was presented by the music depart- ment ot this school on March 10, l937, under the capable directorship of Miss Froelich. This operetta combined Mystery, Romance, and Comedy in a delightful way. Page Thirty-six SENIOR PLAY Boy, was this production a hit! This year's Senior Play showed what happens to people who envy kinqs. The members oi the cast, under the able direction oi Mr. Edwards, were well chosen, both for their personality and acting ability, and they received the Whole-hearted support oi the school. 2 2 CHRISTMAS PLAY King, i ,, . , ,,,,,, Austin Spencer Devil ,i A , ,,,,,Rohert Kirlcish Favorite. i,,,,, loseph Martinez Mary ,i i,Helen Cavin SDY ,,,... H , .. ,.i,,, Ralph Martin loseph , A, H A, ,,,,, ,,,,,Glen McManus Angel ...,,,,,,, .. i,,,,V,...,,, Annie Radisich Angel, ,,,, ,, ,, , ,mlvlariori Thompson Three Wise Men, ,,,,,.. Tom Witherspoon, Peter Ianovich, and Wilson Maruyama Page Thirty-seven and to further thei EAGLE STAFF Under the double leadership of Mary Zanetti and Max Bellew the staff of "The Mountain Eagle," sponsored by Mr. Edwards, was highly successful this past year. There was quite an addition of members to it and they published an ex- cellent Christmas edition of 'The Eagle." Their motto was "Always Be On Time," and they lived up to it in true news- paper style. Although Max graduated in February, the paper forged ahead l sp enclidly, and when the "Register-Leader" was taken over by Mr. Walter Keene, the section devoted to the High School was "dress ed up" in splendid style. The members of the staff deserve the mention we give them in this p lication, r enthusiasm and ambition, we name them below: Editor, Mary Zanettig Assistant Editor, Dick Atkinsong Art Editor, Arthur Gray: Boys' Sports, Don Lawson, Girls' Sports, lean Ellsworth, Program Editor, Iean Love: News Editor, Dorothy Hoffman: Scholarship, Carol Nordbergp Office, Norma Varisog Extra News, Helen Shearer, Reporters, Bob Straub, Peter Gon- zales, Dorothy Rhien, Marie Hobbs, Virginia Barkley, Beverly Kogelschatz, Madelain Popovich, Gladys Nagao, Lillian Baumer, Claire Ianovich, Nancy Sutter, and Claire Grennan. Page Thirty-eight Sian 7, Ho? Dogs Jahovich, Moore 81 Myirea 8. Sho' Wharf? Kink Posies Ask Jane BU1T6?TSr-ss 21? S Sf ,, Q' "' 7 i 32 i'l5' sv Fish Story by T. S. W.,2 Okiahorrva .Three Wise Guys Farher Time Hof air, and T045 hi QT "T ve GG? You Uhder My Skin" .. Luriihl Thrrrc Smart Sabi . Three Mum Pa'sll'.!! Bob Masiiri - Baci: Namrcl .W, N. G.-DIMM! PCIQQ Thirty-niuri I l'lLEI'lC FOOTBALL Marking down seven consecutive victories on the records and with an un- blemished Win and lose column, the Mountain View High football team, with Stan Anderson as their coach, climaxed one of the greatest scoring seasons in the school's history with an overwhelming victory over Santa Clara, which ran their total of points to the amazing sum of 249 for the entire season as against 12 made by the opposition. The team was co-captained by lack Randall and Pete Spily. The line, which was never outcharged, paved the Way for the backs, who scored the touchdowns. Graduation is taking eight out of the starting line-up: lack Randall, Pete Spily, Andy Ianovich, Sam Nakamoto, Ed Henderson, Iohn r V l 0 Seitz, Bob Mastin and Ed Mylrea. However, a group oi likeable prospects tor next season are available. To Stan Anderson goes the credit for molding a high-scoring football machine which will leave an indelible mark in the annals of our High School Football history. LEAGUE GAMES Mountain View ......,.,.,...,. 20 Los Gatos ..,... ..,.,,, O Mountain View ..,.,ri.....,,,. Campbell .,.,.. ,....., 6 Mountain View ..,,..,...,...,. Gilroy ....,ri. 0 Mountain View .iirirri.,,r.,iv 46 Fremont ....,.,.......,,,. 0 Mountain View .,,..,.......... Santa Clara O Page Forty-one TQNY SPILY IACK BARKLEY PETER SPILY End Half-back Full-back TACK RANDALL WALTER HERNANDEZ ED HENDERSQN QLICITYQTATUGCIQ Tackle Tackle IOE QUERANTES BOB MASTIN IOHN SEITZ Tackle Guard End STAN ANDERSQN ED MYLREA ANDREW IANQVICH Coach Center Guard UNLIMITED BASKETBALL M. V. L L .45 Los Gatos L L L.l5 M. V.LL LL LL38 Santa Clara LLLL3U M. V. .42 Gilroy .L L. L21 M. V. L L L LL5l Live Oak L LLLL.l7 M. V. 40 Fremont L l9 M. V. L L L L23 Campbell L L L19 Coach, Stanley Anderson, Pete Spily, Tony Spily, "Andy" Ianovich, Pete lanovich, and "Pep" Martinez. Manager, Eugene Huber. I THIRTIES BASKETBALL M. V. LL27 Los Gatos L24 M. V.L U27 Santa Clara M26 M. V. 25 Gilroy L L LL L13 M. V.. L L L20 Live Oak L LL LLll M. V. l8 Fremont L LLLL 22 M. V.L L LL LL 9 Campbell L ..L.L.24 Coach, lames Lehanq Harry Kiyomura, Sam Nakamoto, Tony Barrile, lack Barkley, and Keith Wilson. Manager, Ercole Pecorelli. PCIIjPl'lOIlY-fOLl1' TWENTIES BASKETBALL M. V .,,v.... ,, w..... 25 Los Gatos , , . 8 M. V .. , Y.w .. , , 2 9 Santa Clara ,, 35 M. V ..,,Vw,w.,A,V,,V,., 24 Gilroy .,,,V,,.,..... l7 M. V ..,.A,, ,,,V...V,,, 2 7 Live Calc .,, ...... 18 M. V... .. ,Y,, ...23 Fremont ,Y,,,, ,,,,, l 2 M. V... .. ......,..... 27 Campbell .,l9 Coach, Iames Lehany Walter Funabiki, Shige Fujii, Eugene l-luloer, Tomo Kanzaki, and Masaru Takeshima. Manager, "Pep" Martinez. HV V TENS BASKETBALL M. V ...,..........,.... 26 Los Gatos ........ 7 M. V ..,................ 21 Santa Clara .... 5 M. V ................... 20 Gilroy .....i........ 8 M. V .........,....,.... 28 Live Oak .......... 22 M. V ...... ........ l9 Fremont .......... 5 M. V ...,... .....,.,,.. l 6 Campbell ...... .20 Coach, Iarnes Lehan, George Konoshirna, George Hori, Dave lmai, Alto Higashiuchi, and Ienichi lshimaru. Manager, "Pete" lanovich. Page Forty-five Y' r f.. '-' ay- '..,,.K U.- 3 r. 47 ,'- 1 ,,., ,Q y,. 1, ,'r.,.,, .,-v ...4-.,, v , .,.-ga. 'B ...voo- A gg. W - -eg 7,7 . i B M, H -, :...i....:y 1- BASEBALL At the time ot this writing, no games have been played. But the Eagle's Base- ball Nine, with the coaching ot "Stan" Anderson may be haPDY to know that apparently another championship team is in the making. With such veterans as "Mits" lkebe, "Dan" Van de Sande, Walter Hernandez, Sam Nakamoto, Harry Kiyomura, Tony Spily, and "P9pDY" Martinez, the season's outlook is promising. Again the Annual goes to press before any of the track meets take place. Among those who showed remarkable ability in the 1936 S. C. V. A. L. meet were Sam Nakarnoto, record-holding hurdler, HPGPPYH Martinez, star broad- jumper, and Pete Ianovich, record-holding miler. With these record holders, the Eagles should come close to taking the S. C. V. A. L. meet this year. The 110 champions seem headed to victory again this year, as in last. TENNIS , While tennis is not one of the major of the sports in our school, and although it does not draw the crowds that our other sports do, the tennis coach, Iames Lehan, has more than unusual talent to work with. The mainstays of his swift, speedy, and efficient team are Richard Uhrhammer, Harry Kiyomura, Nathan Kimura, and other excellent players. Page Forty-six Page Forty-seven GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Swimming began the sports this year, and was efficiently managed by Ieanette Thompson. The G. A. A. held an inter-class meet, which was won by the Iuniors. Sports continued well with an exceptionally successful basketball team of over 50 members, Bella Martinez managing the girls. At the end of the season some 21 girls received G. A. A. blocks which are worth l0O points. Mary Escano and Bella Martinez won their first chevrons. The girls ended the season with a play-day with Los Gatos. The Mountain View teams won both of the well-played games, after which refreshments were served. In other phases of the school's activities, outside of sports, the G. A. A. was active this last year. After several weeks of practice they presented a program to the San Iose County Hospital, and to show the Girls' League their progress, re- peated the entertainment during a rneeting. They managed a wonderful noon-dance on St. Patricks Day, and, with the aid and support of the Girls' League, gave various other successful dances throughout the year. Miss Doak, who will not be with the girls next year, has ably managed the G. A. A. for the past eight years, and many will regret her departure. Page Forty-eight Page Forty-nine FEATURES SAD TALE Tickerv. TickBf'Y, Tickle. The Mousemn the Bickle. I-Ie found, anon. g 'Haart his tail was gona- Thurd:B io ih6b1md6 Qi the Sickle. 'F vl- l:l.,.x be -uv "-V-. "zu .5 , . w .,. ,.. -R. Non? Mouse FI. 'F sa- SEPTEMBER: "Sadder Wnnrds Were Never Writ, Than These Penned Here " SCHOOL OPENS, to the larnentations ot lioth teachers and pupils Teachers not raver-anxious to see the pupils: Pupils not averfanxious to see the teachers. OCTOBER: And more Freshmen inaugurated into the ,treat school ot M. V. U. H. S. NOVEMBER: Tlwrnlisqivina and the Football Dgrnce were scattered through this month. DECEMBER: And the Girls' League brings horne the bacon or, rather, the tin cans, irr their annual hotvstuii Tin Can Dance! And Sandy Clawz brinqs a welcorne respite to the stooaints in the torrn ot Christmas vacation, which was en- joyed by all attenclinq! And Mr. Edwards directs the drarriatics class to a brilliant perlorrnance of a more brilliant play, in which rnore than one actor triurnphed. IANUARY: Thunclerous applause unseats the very rafters trorn their rniahty seat as twenty-two ot the senior class qraduate, rnovina the whole works up a notch. Puae Fifty-tw FEBRUARY: Well, when the Iuniors last year hung up a record by netting an amount oi money heretofore unheard ot, tolks nodded wisely and said that it could never be done again. But this year's Iunior Rodeo Carnival surpassed even last year's. Hot stuff, these luniors. MARCH: The music department pulled the pin and really slung an operetta this year! "Rose ot the Danube" was really somethin'! APRIL: The opening of the baseball season in March had nothing on the Class ot l937. They wound up and slung a Senior Play across the plate that brought down the houseg a Senior Play to immortalize Senior Plays. MAY: The orchestra and choir Went to San lose this month, and held a swimming party later on. The Girls' League scored a hit with a May Party for the mothers oi the girls, and colortul was not the word tor it! TUNE: This month seventy ot the cream of the school weigh anchor Cand dor1't ask how much it weighsl and head tor college or work. The high school is apt to sutter next year, since many of the graduates participated in athletics and dramatics, and stood high in the Scholarship tederation. And so, like the school, l think l'll close! Page Fifty-three THE RADIO AMATEUR By Iune Redwine The Radio Amateurethere will never be anything quite like him, I hope! There seem to he three Classes of them. First, the ones who come forward full of confi- dence, all ready to throw the gags of a "Major Bowes" or a "Budda" right back at them plus interest. Doulotless, this type has a fawning father or mother sure that little sonny boy or daughter will floor everyone'--so what does our amateur do? He steps up to the "mike" and proceeds to floor no one but himself. So instead of sailing ahead to fame and fortune he sails straight for oblivion--which perhaps is best after all. Others come forward with not quite so much assurance and not quite so eager to show the master of ceremonies their wit, but ready to try anything once- -do or die stuff. Sometimes these fail, but more often they are good enough to keep the gong quiet, which, l imagine, is the main thing. Page Fifty-foul' Then there is the third type that cannot be gotten rid of no matter how much one tries. He is the poor soul whose teeth can be heard clicking and chattering as soon as his name is called. I often wonder just why he is there, but I have yet to find a good reason. He is certain to get the gong after about two minutes, whereupon the guy who dishes out the gong says he is sorry-but I wonder? Personally, I don't care for any kind of radio amateur at present. I will admit, however, that they were interesting at first, though now they are just another thing radio fans have to put up with. "Knock-knock," "Mouthies" and other radio fads had the politeness to fade out when they got tiresome, but our little amateur clings to the bitter end, and boy, is it bitter! There may be amateurs and more amateurs, but I prefer my radio entertain- ment professional. f . Y F S Page Fifty-five GABRIEL We always name our cars, and so When Daddy bought the last one, l chose "foe Rambler"fffMa said "No, This auto is a fast one." Amos or Andy wouldn't do. Nor Brown Eyes, Hank or Tilly. Nor Hermes, Caesar, Em or Lu. And "Car-Car" sounded silly. By Katherine Doust And so we thought of all the nice And finer things it boasted. Of floating power, new low price Our brains we fairly roasted. 'Til we were out one morn. l knew his name should Gabriel be I-le has the loudest horn! 3 MY POETRY AND ME By Helen Cavin This day and age is getting me: I cannot speak a word of Greek The teachers when they say And writing poetry makes me weak "Now boys and girls, please settle down But our assignments are to Write Our tasks are small today." A pesky poem every night. Page Fifty-six I'm not a Whitman or a Poe I'm just a girl, l'll have you know And now that you have a line on me l'll do my best at poetry. But no name seemed just right to me OUR SCHOOL BUS At school we have a bus Which always stops for us. If it cannot come on time It is no fault of mine. It comes in early mom Taotmq its loud old hom. By Tatsuo Niki The motor sure can purr, Like some cloq saying "G-r-r-" We like her because She Works without a pause Except when out of gas, Which make us late to class. Page Fifty-sever THE ART OF EATING SPAGHETTI BY Margie Baron At the famous "Lucca's" Restaurant, one of the outstanding pastes served is spaghetti, and these are the ways in which various people consume it. Cver in the northern corner of the room we see a puny little fellow, wearing horn-rimmed glasses, bent over a large dish of this Italian delicacy. He is the type of fellow who takes a large amount on his fork and twists it around and around in his hand, so that nothing is left to fall off the fork. He finally manages to get the portion into his mouth, and after his swallowing it, we see an expression of satisfaction appear on his face. Now glancing about, we see an individual hunched over a steaming dish, vigorously cutting away. After succeeding in this operation, he attempts to con- llaqe Fifty-Oiqlit Vey a few pieces to his mouth. Having covered half the distance between the plate and his mouth, three-fourths of the small pieces fall off his fork. Quickly lowering it, he glances shyly around him to see if anyone has noticed his mis- fortune. After several attempts at this, he gives up in disgust and turns to the next dish, muttering to himself. At another table we see a man, undoubtedly of Italian descent. He eats his spaghetti with a carefree and hCIppY-go-lucky air. He picks out a long piece and wraps part of it around his fork. He then transports this to his mouth, sucking the rest of it up with a noise not unlike the musical note of an ardent soup-eater. After having watched these three distinct types of spaghetti-eaters, I have come to the conclusion that in spaghetti-eating, as in all fine arts, there is a right and a wrong way of doing it. Page Fifty-nine lg THE MCRNING GLORIES By Kemchx Kubota The morninq glories blow In the world of dew Receiving their simple dew-crown And yet no other wonders Ccrn excel their beauty. They in I'lf'llt,1T9 possess it clone. Purge Sixty ALVISO By Virgil Cooper Alviso! Alviso! City by the slough The arms ot integrity are reaching out to you They come irom the city beside the mountains blue The city by the name of dear old Moun- tain View. The tides may iill your streets with water Making you row son and daughter To school, a mile and a quarter Even if you hadn't oughter. Santa Cruz and Halt Moon Bay Martin's beach and Monterey None oi these can half compare To your pure and salty air Alviso! We salute you Greetings from old Mountain View. ISLE OF MY DREAMS By Betty Nishimuxa Iapan, how I wonder what you are, Little island, small and far, Land of our fathers fair and free The Isle of the Rising Sun. Iapanese maidens with parasols Strolling 'neath the fragrant cherry blos- sorns In the shadow oi gorgeous Fujiyarna Little island of Iapan, let me know you more! Page Sixty-one FANUCOI ci SONS OfficialAAAGara-ge Y Pontiac Sales ci Service Phone 2312 PLEASE NOTICE: Were it not for the advertising the merchants of this vicinity so generously gave to us, we would have been unable to give you as large an Annual as we have. Please show your appreciation of their support by patronizing them in every possible way.-Iohn Seltz. PEARSON AUTOMOBILE COMPANY .4 14 jgivao LET Pill lI'P 383 CASTRO STREET PHONE 517 Mountain View, California Page Sixty-two cuban J ox:-:J LHUIIDR Etflf-IIIIIIIG CU. 954 VILLA STREET PHONE 559 Business is rather dead where our ex-president, lack Randall, works! ! ll Congratulations TI-IE BLUE STAR CLASS OF 1937 Shoe Renewing You Will Be Greeted With a Smile At The Grocer That's Worth While Y L A W S C N ' S G R C C E R Y Dm 564 G. T. Arena 296 Castro Street 172 Castro Street Pinto: Did you ever take chloroform? Schultz: No, who teaches it? WINES Phone 537 FANCY LIQUORS M I L A N I ' S 295 Castro Street Imported and Domestic Groceries Fruits, Vegetables, Meats Mountain View Cqlifomiq Page Sixty-three We Handle The Finest Quality EATMORE FRENCH CUSTARD ICE CREAM "It's Richer" K N 1 G H T is Free Delivery Prof. Aitken Cin cateterialz Do you serve lobsters in here? Mrs. Sinz: Sure, sit right down, we serve anybody! GRowER's The HARDWARE VILLA LAFAYETTE Y EDOUARD BATTINI . . . fin gourmet . . . Fishlflq TCIClCle and . . . for Gracious Dining . . . Camping Equipment 207 Miramonte Avenue Mountain View 835 160 Castro St. Phone 7l4 Teacher: How dare you swear before me? Pupil: Pardon me, I didn't know you wanted lo swear first. To Our Future Customers . . . We Extend Congratulations Page Sixty-tour Mallory Hats Arrow Brand Shirts I A C O B Y ' S Florsheim MEN'S AND BOYS' FURNISHINGS Edgerton Shoes CLOTHING AND SHOES Shoes 142 Castro Street Phone 500 'Dictionary": What do they call guys who qo to college, but don't graduate? 'Skitch": Professors! Class of 1937 Good Luck soon LUCK TO You Class of 1937 New York Lite Insurance Co. F I V E G T E N M A R K E T IAMES M. GRAHAM, IR. 543 Hope Street Phone 783 Where Do You Buy Your Meats? You know our name CIT Do you know our merchandise? BERRYESSAS MARKET Mountain View B R A U N I S Phone 521 DEPARTMENT sToRE "Menace": Did your watch stop when it hit the sidewalk? Milo: Sure, did you think it went clear through? Dick Hook Del Loqan HOOK ci LOGAN INSURANCE - RENTALS Our Policy Is Good Insurance Phone 2418 257 Castro Street Page Sixty-five V E G L I A ' S Clothes And Shoes For All The Family SILK DRESSES OF ALL KINDS WE CARRY LARGE SIZES 284 Castro Street Phone 4551 Kate: Do they have Iuly Fourth in England? Hopkins: Of course not, dopel Kate: Then what comes after Iuly three? Los ALTOSHPZHARMACY Compliments of SPANGLEPI MORTUARY D R U G S AGENT Fora LENTHERIC U ' PARIS - TOILETRIES Q, 4 ,,.. Z Ifligggn LQsA,1i,1to5 Q',': , i1 'a 'l I E tttts rsa y, ttt me at triple t -. f-su, wr fmlyi , SILVER SEAL , CHEAMERY I I - We Manufacture Our Own I C E C R E A M 895 CASTRO STREET Fountain Dairy Products Phone 546 Ross and Ormand Newfarmer Hizzy: Where men hesitate, only fools are certain. Bill: Are you sure? Hizzy: Yes, lad, certain of itl SUNNYVALE Q LOS ALTOS Dealer In Ford Products 492 CASTRO STREEI' TELEPHONE M. V. 533 MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. Page Sixty-six REDWINE MOTOR CO. 890 Mercy Street ALLIS CHALMERS TRACTORS - FARM IMPLEMENTS Phone 734 Hank: You know, when I came to this town, I was absolutely broke, and yet it didn't hinder me anY. Lawson: How come? Hank: Simple! I was born here. Congratulations B L A N C O ' S CLASSOF 1937 THEATRE UNIVERSITY YOURS CREAMERY for 222CastroStreet PhoneZ416 ENTERTAINMENT I. V. MA-NFREDI OLDSMOBILE 66-8 "Is Always Ready" GRAHAM GARAGE INSURANCE Phone 2410 350 Castro se. Mrs. Aitken: But didn't you feel the thief's hand qoing into your pocket? Prof: Yes, but at the time I thought it was my own. CAbsent-minded, as usual J Success to Class of 1937 FELLOWS of SPENCER Smiling Associated Service 596 Castro Street Phone B15 Page Sixty-seven Phone Mountain View 539 MILL WORK AND BUILDING MATERIALS SHOPKE 6. BURKE LUMBER and HARDWARE Highway at El Monte Avenue Mountain View, California Mr. Gibson: Torn, give me Lincoln's Gettysburg address. Tom: You can't fool me, he never lived in Gettysburg. THE NUT HUT Salted Nuts - Roaster Fresh WAGNER'S DRUG STORE THE REXALL STORE A Safe Place to Trade O lOl Mountain View Corner Castro and Villa Sts. Phone 2423 Wiring Motors A R M A N I N I VALLEY ELECTRIC DRUG STGRES Co. Drugs, Sundries, Stationery Glenn W. Wilson and Soda Fountain Phone 2413 Radios Appliances Phone 635 Mountain View Daniel Van de Sande is the sort of person who will get far in this world. It someone chases him. MURRAY'S BEAUTY SALON CASTRO STREET Near Dana 0 Phone 2251 Page Sixty-eight MOUNTAIN VIEW Phone 529 199 Castro Street 329 Castro Street Phone 507 C . M . E V E R E S T 0 Mountain View, California HARDWARE l I PRINTER Miss Schmidt: Where is your pencil, Virgil? Virgil: I ain't got any. Miss Schmidt: No, no, that isr1't right! l have no pencil, you have no pencil they have no pencil. Virgil: Gosh! Well, who done away with them, then? FORMWAY MACHINE SHOP QV? Walnut I-Iullers Repair and Construction Oxy-Acetylene and Arc ESCANO'S GROCERY, BAKERY and QUALITY MEAT MARKET P. O. Box 591 Phone 2322 Sterlin Road Mountain View, California The Shop for Better Haircuts RICO'S BARBER SHOP 0 W E L D I N G Almond Avenue' Los AMOS 280 Castro Street, Mountain View Phone Mountain View 4251 A. Rico Louie Givich Policeman ito Public Enemy No. 883297: So you object to riding in this car just because it has a radio, do you? Public etcetera: An' how! I don't like da stations youse quys is tuned tol MELLOS MEN'S SHOP AIR BASE CREAMERY Men's Clothing and Furnishings 765 Ccslro St' M' V' 824 ' COMPLIMENTS Cleaning - Pressing - Alterations 259 cqsim street Phone 2591 Mm Sheet LOS MOS Page Sixty-nine Compliments to the Class of '37 LIVE AND LET LIVE By Making TRAFFIC SAFETY A Personal Problem Chief-of-Police Louis L. Gray 765 Castro Street Phone 2212 THE D E L U X E ' BEAUTY PARLOR Mountain View, California ll ll Miss Doak: Waist? Frosh: Thirty! Miss Doak: Neck? Frosh tblushinql: Now and thenl Compliments IIMMY GREGORY Los Altos Service Station WILLIAM L. GARLIEPP -lOl HIGHWAY- 0 Fruits - Honey - Vegetables T H E Plymouth De Soto GIRL'S SHOPPE DEPOT GARAGE Los Altos Phone l2 EDLA REPAIRS - PARTS - ACCESSORIES P'OP:'e'0' TIRES - TUBES - BATTERIES 237 Castro Street Terms If Desired DEPENDABLE USED CARS Nowadays a woman looks in a mirror to make sure her hat isn't on straiqhtl the 360 Castro Street Phone 2402 Main Street, Los Altos pm-,neg MORTON'S ' FURNITURE CO. QUALITY MEATS Free Delivery Mountain View, California Page Seventy AUTOGRAPHS MM MMG AUTOGRAPHS - X544 OLfJ'e.'hv.eCe'-f-1.2. CW-71-j E Wd YK s s V. .Lv ,V uf Mi llliagygbmyr ,,,-V,l,,. K .Ji Nl QV .. Vi' ,V v. Vuggm Fw.. iv V 1. V - , ' V L' -' HV- .LV V V45-' "" V7 1 P4-Pi '-Lf"-.1 Q 1515. - 1' .,?' -f .1 " 'V ' -' 'F-V,"'?? '-H. .A Q' ' ' ' 5 'f""-' J ' "3Qfs1sF Shir- if-ffl If ? My 55" an ff-T7 'Ji Q' ' "' 1-JL . - .' 'Xia VL'-'T'wj, ,sf-2 ff'-. 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Suggestions in the Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) collection:

Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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