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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1936 volume:

ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE SENIOR CLASS M O U N T A I N V I E W UNION HIGH SCHOOL MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA EDITOR ------ MARION THOMPSON BUSINESS MANAGER ----- BOB MASTIN SPONSOR ------ MARION BIRKLAND Blue and Gray ANNUAL PUBLICATION MOUNTAIN VIEW UNION I-IIGI-I SCHOOL Mounfain View, California June, I936 FOREWORD ANOTHER YEAR HAS COME AND GONE LEAVINO BEHIND A HOST OF MEMORIES, THE MOST VIVID OF WHICH WE HAVE TRIED TO RE- CORD IN THIS VOLUME THAT THEY MAY BE AN UNFAILINO RECOURSE IN RECALLINO THE EVENTS OF THIS YEAR IN THE TIME TO COME. IT IS THE SINCERE HOPE OF THE STAFF THAT "FEW WILL READ THESE PAGES WITHOUT PROFIT: NONE WITHOUT PLEASURE." bb bb bb IN ADMIRATION OF COACH COOK SYPHER-THIS "BLUE AND GRAY" IS DEDICATED TO HIM IN SINCERE APPRECIATION EOR HIS FINE COACHING AND UNSELEISH COMRADESHIP THROUGHOUT HIS FIVE YEARS WITH US. HIS DEPARTURE IS OUR LOSS BUT WE WISH HIM THE SUC- CESS HE DESERVES IN HIS NEW POSITION AS ASSISTANT COACH AT SANTA ROSA JUNIOR COL- LEGE. TO HIM WE SAY-"AD ASTERA PER ASPERA." rs :J D7 CONTENTS BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK THE MAIN ENTRANCE H - HI- - - - CLASSES - AFFAIRS ATHLBHCS IV - - -FEATURES 1 w 1 Y 4 1 School Daze Sherman Frick The life ol lhe sludenl is a hard one indeed, The law ol assignmenls is lorcelully decreed: He has no lime lor lun or lor lrolic, His lile is in danger, like one wilh lhe colic. Firsl il's one leacher and lhen il's anolher, Each slorms and slews and creales a big bolher. ll's "Now, why didn'l you do lhe homework l gave you Il you wanl a 'B,' you'll have lo be lhorough." The nexl one says, "Whal do you do all lhe lime? To gel up lo an 'A' is a long, long climb." They don'l slop lo lhink lhal each one is lougher' Thal lhe lasl one who has iusl finished making you suller By lhe lime you have finished wilh all your classes, You have read enough books lo go and gel glasses: Because if you sludy each one lill you lire, You're sure lo go blind, and I am no liar. AMY STALFORD Dean of Girls-Lalin-Hislory DELBERT BRUNTON Principal-Psycholoqy- Hisfory CLARENCE SYPH ER Physical Education ANN MYLNE Science ISABEL BECKER Music IRVAL CARTER Malhernalics MALCOLM AITKEN Science EDNA WILBUR English-French MARION BIRKLAND Commercial EDWARD SMITH Spanish RUTH FREEMAN Nurse THELMA POMEROY Speech Faculty FLOYD WI LDER Vice-Principal-Commercial H ELEN COLEMAN Mafhemafics DEENE DOWN EY Domeslic Science HARRY EDWARDS English-Drama+ics- Public Speaking WENDELL GRUBB Shop LOUISE G. SCHMIDT English SYLVIA DOAK Physical Education LYLE CAMPBELL Music NORMAN GIBSON Hislory, Civics MERCEDES PEARCE Ari WILHELMINA BARNH ISEL Secrelary DORIS AWALT Librarian THIS PAGE IS SET ASIDE TO EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION OF CAPTAIN BRUNTON, WHO HAS BEEN OUR CONSTANT FRIEND AND ADVISOR. AND WHOSE WISDOM, GENEROSITY AND HELPFULNESS HAVE MADE OUR FOUR YEARS IN HIGH SCHOOL A VALUABLE PREPARATION FOR LIFE. AS HE LEAVES US, WE WISH HIM THE BEST OF LUCK WHEREVER HE MAY BE. THE CLASS OF I936. Seniors FEBRUARY CLASS BRUNTON, THOMAS BURKE, ELMER BU RROWS, JANE CANNON, EVERETT HOFFMAN. JOHN HOLTHOUSE, ARMAND HONDA, TOSHI INOUYE, RUTH KANKEL, CHARLES MAROVICH, MIKE IO Seniors MCMANUS, ALFRED MENDOZA, CLARENCE NICHOLAS, CAROL ANNE PUPPO, JOHN JUNE CLASS BEALES, FRANK BELLEW, HARRY BEWLEY, KATHERINE BILBAO, ANITA BURROWS, MARJORIE CABANO, INEZ Seniors CALZADO, ANGELO CAMPBELL, LUCILLE CARDOZA, JACK CLIFFORD, ROBERT DURAN, ISAIAS ERICKSEN, PAUL FRICK, SHERMAN FUJII, MARION FURNARI, FRANCES I-IALDORSEN. GRACE I2 Seniors HAMASAKI, CHARLIE HOBBS, MYRTLE HOFFMAN, CAMILLE HORI, IRENE IKEBE, MASOHIKO ISHIKAWA, TAKEO JOHNSON, HARRIET KING, MARGARET KING, WARD KONOSHIMA, TOSHIKO Seniors KORTES, CAMILLE LANZ, MARY MARCELLA, JOSEPI-IINE MARSHALL, HENRY NAGAO, MARY NESLER, PATRICK NOUGU ES, RENEE PECORELLI, ERCOLE PETERS, COLIN PETERS, NAN I4 Seniors POPOVICH, RUBY POTTS, ROGER RADICH, KATHERINE RADISICH, MARION RALSTON, DICK SATO. TOM SCI-IULTZE. EDNA' SHIBUYA, MASAOO TSUCHIYA, TOMOKO VIDOVICH, LOUIS OTHER SENIORS Seniors WAITS. GRACE WATKIN5. JANETTE WILSON, GLENN YAMAJI. KAZUKO YAMAMOTO, SACI-IIKO EMILY I-IUFF ORDWAY MANNING PETE GLUMAC DICK WI-IITTINGTON JIM STRAUB I6 Q Dramatic Snaps I7 Class Will Class ol February, I936 We lhe Class ol February, l936, being bodaciously lelched in lhe head, bring lorlh lhe lasl will and leslamenl. To lhe lacully we bequealh our old lesl papers, so lhal lhey may remember lhe inlelligence ol our class. To lhe nexl senior class we do will and bequealh our exceplional scholarship record. I, Thomas Brunlon, do hereby beslow upon lhe boys' chorus my vocal lalenl. lNol lhal lhey need il.l I, Elmer Burke, beslow upon Pal Nesler lhe care ol my girl lriend. I, Jane Burrows, beslow upon Mary I-lalliburlon my slenderness and pelile mariners. I Everell Cannon, do will and bequealh my snappy advances and sex appeal lo Glenn Wilson. I, Eddie Carney, beslow upon David Tripiano lhe lender care ol Lucille Marilz. I, John l-lollman, bequealh my lillle sisler lDorisl lo lhe care ol Peler Spily. I, Armand I-lollhouse, beslow my lavorile hearl lhrill lo lhe care ol lhe Kienilz Brolhers. I, Toshi I-Ionda, do will and bequealh my pull wilh Miss Coleman lo Ordway Manning. I, Emily I-lull, do will my dramalic abilily lo Camille I-lollman. I, Rulh Inouye, do will my abilily in Public Spealcing lo Jim Slraub. I, Charles Kanlcel, do will and beslow upon Caplain Brunlon my sense ol humor. I, Milce Marovich, do will and beslow upon Mouse Duran my drag wilh our library leacher. I, Allred McManus, do beslow upon Max Bellew my abilily lo wear luxedos al school dances. I, Clarence Mendoza, do will and beslow upon Janelle Walkins my abilily lo dance lhe "dime jig". I, Carol Anne Nicholas, beslow upon Barbara de Curloni my singing abilily. l, John Puppo, do will my lcnowledge ol loolball lo Coach Sypher. I, Bill Sharp, do will and beslow my wisecraclcs lo Kalherine Good. Class ol June, I936 I Frank Beales, do beslow upon "Peppy Marlinez my llal leel lor is il your leel, FranIc?l I, I-larry Bellew, will my posilion as presidenl ol lhe sludenl body lo l-larry McCandIess. lDon'l lorgel lo serve lowels, I-Iarry.I I, Kalherine Bewley, will my horsewomanship lo Gwen Larson. l, Anila Bilbao, will my charming lriends lo lhe new lreshmen. I, Mariorie Burrows, will my even lemper lo Pele Janovich. I, Inez Cabano, will my cule eyebrows lo Geraldine Friclce. I, Angelo Calzado, will my glasses lo Ed Brown. I, Lucille Campbell, will my leminine appeal lo Fern Slonebarger. I, Jaclc Cardoza, will my megaphone lo Mary Escano. ll woncler whom you will be rooling lor, Mary?l I, Dominic Ciriscioli, will my loud voice lo Pal Nesler. lMaybe she will be able lo hear you now, Pal.l I, Roberl Clillord, bequealh lo Melvin Silva my abilily lo do physics. I, lsaias Duran, will my much borrowed lounlain pen lo Arlhur Gray. I, Paul Erilcsen, will my mellow voice lo Joseph Alves. I, Sherman Friclc, will my sense ol humor lo Mary I-Ialliburlon. I, Marion Fujii, will my lcnilling lo Jaclc Randall, hoping lhal he will lind il inleresling. I, Frances Furnari, will my willingness lo give advice lo lhe lovelorn, lo Joyce Corridan. I 8 Class Will Grace Halderson, will my sweef disposifion To Wanda Sfern. Charlie Hamasaki, will my "way wifh 'rhe women" 'l'o George Konoshima. Myrfle Hobbs, will my abilify fo play 'rhe piano for fhe Boys' Chorus 'ro Jeaneffe Thompson. Camille Hoffman, will my secref passion for Bob Sfraub fo Mildred Lawson. Irene Hori, will my heighf fo Lola Johnsfon. Masohiko lkebe, will my abilify 'ro drive a car fo anyone who knows how. Takeo lshikawa, will my abilify fo run fhe hundred yard dash fo Harry Graham. Harriel' Johnson, will my lovely figure l'o Doris Hoffman. Margaref King, will fhe handkerchief fhaf l cried info when fhe navy leff, fo 'lhe Y. M. C. A. 'ro keep and cherish. Ward King, will my good grades in economics fo Helen Molinari. Toshiko Konoshima, will my place in fhe scholarship sociefy +o Fred Facciolla. Bessie Koos, will my soufhern drawl fo Kimiko Higashiuchi. Camille Korfes, will all buf one of my boy friends 'ro Barbara de Curfoni. Mary Lanz, will my blond hair 'ro Frances Mena. Ordway Manning, do bequeafh my place on fhe foofball 'ream fo fhe one and only Afkinson. Josephine Marcella, will my unusual walk 'ro Jean Love. Henry Marshall, do besfow upon Josephine Marfin my love for Kirby von Leuwen. Mary Nagao, will my place in fhe cafeferia 'l'o "Shorfy" McManus. Palrick Nesler, will my air-cooled car fo Tom Job. Renee Nougues, will my love of French +o Lucille Mariiz. Colin Pefers, will my frequenf and confidenfial 'ralks wifh Capfain Brunfon 'ro Mary Zaneffi. Nan Pefers, will my nickname "Mudnose" 'ro Bobbie McPhee'rers. fNOl' fhaf l don'f wanl' if, Bobbie.l Ercole Pecorelli, besfow upon Bill Orr my baskefball abilify. Ruby Popovich, will my fun in Spanish fo Sue Frofhingham. Roger Popovich, besfow upon William Garliepp my fronf seaf in English. Kafherine Radich, do besfow my charming smile fo Virginia Barkley. Marion Radisich, bequeafh my dreamy eyes fo June Redwine, hoping she will gel' her man. , Dick Falsfon, will my abilify fo pifch horseshoes wifh Capfain Brunfon fo Eddie Kirkis . Tom Safo, will my abilify +o draw +o "Bubs" Ramsey. Edna Schulfze, will my helpfulness around school 'ro Virginia Thompson. Ed Sharp, will my 'renor voice +o Jack Briggs. Masago Shibuya, bequeafh my Sequoia loyally fo Virginia Wafers. Jim Sfraub, besfow upon my brorher all my girl friends. Tomoko Tsuchiya, will my abilify 'ro polish fhe apple fo Tom Wifherspoon. lNo+ 'rhal' he isn'f already quife accomplished in 'rhe arlxl Janeffe Wafkins, will my grades in civics 'ro Jack Brownlie. Grace Waifs, will my abilify in physics 'ro Howard Chamberlin. Dick Whiffingfon, will my abilify in physics fo Howard Chamberlin. Glen Wilson, bequeafh my posifion as sfage manager 'ro my brofher. Kazuko Yamaii, do besfow upon Max Bellew my abilify +o bake po+a+oes. Sachiko Yamamofo, do besfow upon Ann Zec my long name. I9 NAME Frank Beales ,.A, Horoscope OTHER'S OPINION FAVORITE EXPRESSION Noisy .................... Anifa Bilbao ........ .......... G ood sporl ,,,,........ Harry Bellew .......... ....,,,... P reffy smoofh ........ Kafherine Bewley ...,,,, ....,,.., S how off ,,,,.,,....., Angelo Calzada ......... ........,, N ice fellow ..,,,,,. Lucille Campbell ......, ..,,..,,.. T om-boy ......... Inez Cabano ,,..,... Lofs of fun ,,.,. Jack Cardoza .,....... Dominic Ciriscioli ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Roberf Clifford ....... Isaias Duran ,,,.. Paul Ericksen ,,..... Sherman Frick ......... Marion Fuiii ........ Frances Furnari .,s. Grace Haldorsenn. Charlie Hamasaki ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Myrfle Hobbs ......,,, Camille Hoffman .,.,.., ,,,,,,,,, Irene Hori ,...,..,,,., Masoiko Ikebe ..,.., Takeo lshikawa ....,,. Harriel Johnson, Margaref King .,,.... Swell guy ......,,. Ouiel'???? ............ ........,,,Sweef " A liffle foo much., " Good singer .............,...... " ..,,.....,Funny Cule ........ Noisy ......... Dynamife ,,..,,, Swell ..,,.,.,,.. Greaf girl ,,,,.., Smarf ........, Liffle ,,..,..,,........,. 4Teacher's pel' ......., lnfelligenf ..... Husky ........, O K ....,.,,,.......,.., uv ,- vi I. lv FATE Ah, come on" ................,,..........,...,....... Cop Who is he? ".,,,,,, ...,,.,,,.. ,........ 4 B usinesswoman Whose The babe?" .s....,.....,,. .,........ A cfor's second Gef a horse" ....,,,.......,...,,,....... ....... B ronc-busfer Whaf's fomorrow's lesson? ",,,, .. . .... Prime minisfer Gel ouf of my way" ........,... .,,.... Gym 'teacher I fold you so "., ......,...., .,,, ,,,...,,,, T o e dancer Lef's give fhree cheers ",,,, . .. .... Radio announcer Don'f pesfer me" ................. . ..,, Hog-caller You can'f have my gal" ...., .,...,. R iof leader Say. kid" ..,...,,,,..,,....,,,.,. ....... L afin feacher Le'l's hum" ...,,....,,,..,,,. ....... B ing Crosby 2nd Where's CharIie?".... I'm hungry" .........,...,, . Gee, I don'f know" ..... . - I I Hi, Toofs ,,,,,..,,,..... Why?" ........ OK, OK" Side show enferfainer ,,.,,.,Cook Secrefary Nighf club dancer Professional foofball player Piano player Do fell "...,.. ..,,,. .......... G o geffer Imagine fhaf" .,... .,...,.... H ousewife Oh, shuf up "... .... . .. ....,....,,...... Orafor VV'ho said fhaf? "s,,.,.,. ...,,....,............,..... P rofessor The firsf four years are fhe hardesf"..Reporfer Lef's dance" .....,....................,............... Flower girl af weddings Lef's go over fo Oakland" ............,...,. Vice-presidenf I won'f ".,. .....,.,,......,.....,......,,... ,,,,,,..., N e ver can fell I'II bife" ..,.,...,,,. Oh. pshaw" ........ . Criminy sakes" ,,,,,,,,,..,, , Darling" .......................... . How's 'lhe sifuafion?" .... . I wish I knew fhis" ....... . And how" ,,,,,...,,,,,. , Come on, girls" ..... Hey, 'Cap' " .,.s..,,,,, Come on. BuI'ch" .,..... Nol' me" ,.,..................... Isn'l' he adorable?" .......... You wouIdn'f kid me?"... Oh, I like him" ,..,,.,.,,,... Oh yeah?" ..s.,.,,......, . Scram, frosh" ..., . Phooey" ,......,.. And how" ..,,,,........... . Where's Sherman?" .,,,. . Nof very funny ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "Aren'f I funny?" ,,,,..,,,,..,,, Heaven's sake, Bump" ..,.. Holy cow" .,,...,,,,...,,...,,,. Ward King ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,A,,,,,,,, G ood sporf ,,,,,,,, " Toshiko Konoshima ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, A II righf ,,,,,,,,, Camille Korfes ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, F orward ,,s,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mary Lanz ,,,............ Ambifious ...,.....,.............. Ordway Manning .,,....... ......,.., T rying fo be funny .......,.. " Josephine Marcella .s..,. ........, S arcasfic ..s,.,,,........ " Henry Marshall ,,...,,,,s, ,,,,,,,,, A Im' on fhe balk, " Mary Nageo .Y......... Good nafured ........ Pafrick Nesler .,,,........, ..,.,...,, B ashfuI?7?? .,,,,, Renee Nougues ......,., .......... B usinesswoman Colin Pefers ,,,,,,,,,,, The boss ,,v.,.,Yw,, Nan PeI'erS ................. ........., M an-hafer ..... Ercole Pecorelli ..,,..,,, ,,,,,,.,. K een guy ,,,,,,,,, Ruby Popovich ,..,,.. Unobfrusive. Roger Polfs ,,,..,,,,,,,, SiIen+ ,,,A,,,,A,,,A,,, " Kafherine Radich ,,.,,,, ,,Y.A,Y,, A gk her --,..,,,,,,-,,.,,, lVl6I'lOh Radlslcll ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, G ood nafured ,,,,,,,, Dick Ralsfon ,,,,,,,,,,, I-Ie-man ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TOFT1 SBIG .............. Indusfrious ,,,,,,,, Edna SCl'lUI'l'Ze ..,,.. Ambifious YYY,,.,YY, Ed Sharp .............. Tough guy .,.......,.... Masago Shibuya ..... Jim Sifub ............ Lofs of fun ,,,,,,.,,,,, Tamaka Tsuchiya ,,,,, All righf ,,,Y--,,,.,,,, I-OUIS VICIOVICI1 ........ .,,,...... F ashion Plafe .,... " Ja neffe Wafkins ,,,...... Grace Waifs ........s.. Dick Whiffingfon .... Glen Wilson ,,,,,,,c,,,, Kazuko Yamaii ..,...,, Sachlko Yamamofo ,,,...., ,,,,..,,, Genial ..,.,...... SmaII???? ..... Large???? ..... Sheik .,,....,........... Good cook ,,..,..., Nice girl .....,... lfs all rlghf ,,,,,.,ss...s Oh gosh" ,,,,.,,,,,.... A "Whaf's doing?" .s.. . Aw, you g uys"... Gee ,,,,,,.,...... Lef's eaI"' ........ Me?" ....,.... . 20 School nurse ..........Waifress Dog cafcher Sunday school feacher Judge Red Cross nurse Aucfioneer ...,.....,Operafor U. S. Presidenf Model Coach Tap dancer . ....... Barber Bar fender Congresswoman Fancy diver ,,..,.....Jazz king Secrefa ry of Labor ,.,...,Firsf of fhe 'lhree sfooges , ..... ...A ---------Q Cook Milkmaid Wife Playboy Firsi' Lady Follies King Kong Dog cafcher Baker .......Singer LOW SENIORS lTop Rowl Silva, Moore, Crane, Janovich, McCarTv, Nordberg, Barrile. lMidclle Rowj Kirkish, KuboTa, Noda, Mendoza, Billbao, Bellew, Spily, Randall. lBoTTorn Rowl Nishimura, Tsuchiya, Davenporf, SmiTh, Larnberl, Hall, Mockbee, Radisich. Low Senior Class Due To The big demand oT The members OT The low seniors in oTher acTiviTies There has been very liTTle class acTiviTy. MosT irnporTanT To Them, perhaps, was The pur- chasing oT Their senior rings. Max Bellew, lsabel Mendoza, Nellie Sweney and David Nordberg Took The sole responsibiliTy oT selecTing The rings, and we mighT say, did an excellenT iob. This year They Took charge oT The bar aT The Carnival and worked hard To make iT a success and Their eTTorTs were cerTainly rewarded. Regarded mosT ouTsTanding in The class are The boys who parTicipaTe in sporTs, namely, Andrew Janovich, Jack Randall and PeTer Spily. These boys were Top-noTch in TooTball, baseball and The laTTer also in Track. Also, we mighT add To Their proud lisT, Charlie Moore, who is much in demand as liTe guard Tor The girls. The low seniors will be graduaTing soon, buT They will have leTT behind a record ThaT will noT soon be TorgoTTen. 2l High Juniors The Class of '37 had an exceIlenT year. They are now upper classmen and The TalenT OT various members is beginning To show. In Their TirsT semesTer wiTh Daniel Van de Sande as presidenT, plans Tor The annual Junior Carnival were sTarTed. JeanneTTe Thompson was appoinTed general chairman and was assisTed by a capable sTaTT. In This semesTer The class was awarded The scholarship placque Tor having The greaTesT percenTage OT sTudenTs in The C. S. F. More Than one sTudenT disTinguished himself in The arT deparTmenT. When The second semesTer rolled around iT broughT wiTh iT Ralph Davis as presidenT oT The class. In The course oT evenTs as Time wenT on one oT The leads in The opereTTa was held by a high junior. In aThleTics They were genuinely proud To win The inTer-class Track meeT and To have more Than one represenTaTive on our various TirsT sTrings in The respecTive sporTs. The carnival was puT on in This semesTer and surpassed all previous records in proTiT. This leaves a goal Tor The carnival class. The sTudenT body, sTudenT councils and league oTTices were Tilled by juniors in no mediocre number. ATTer a year such as This, we Teel They can and do look Torward To a mosT evenTTuI senior year. Low Junior Class They are now upper classmen. Teeling very wise and imporTanT. True To Their colors, They Took a big sTep Torward in all acTiviTies. Well may They be proud oT The boys Their class gave To sporTs, namely: Tony Spily, an all around sTar1 George Tv1aTsuba: Harry IvIcCandIess7 Masao IvliyashiTa: Glen McManus, Their iovial presidenT, and George Sanchez. They were second highesT in The school Tor scholarship, I IVO oT Their class being on The scholarship socieTy. They have held This place since enTering high school and hope To do even beTTer nexT year. Their booTh aT The carnival was boTh novel and successful, and Their amaTeur hour Tor an assembly program was a rioT. A comic one-acT play, "They Clean The ATTic." was also presenTed To The sTudenT body, The casT consisTing oT Barbara de CurToni, Mary Escano, and Harry Graham. IT is only a small class buT iT shows whaT can be done by cooperaTing wiTh each oTher. OTTicers Tor The pasT semesTer were: PresidenT, Glen McManus: vice-president Irene Axell: secreTary-Treasurer, Mary Escanog reporTer, Ivlasao MiyashiTap council nepresenTaTive, Tony Spily. 22 HIGH JUNIORS-lTop Rowl Davis, Kimball, Iwala, Konoshima, Kodama, lkebe, Crane, Henderson, Kimura Abraharnson, Kiyomura, Janovich, Alves, Hara, Cooper, Graham, Eaton. lSecond Rowl Hufana, Aitken, Higashiuchi Funabiki, Burr, Porno, Formway, Birkefl, Pinto, Becker. lSea1edl Love, Hoffman, Larson, Gallardo, Corridan Graham, Kamada, Good, Hardin, Garvich. HIGH JUNIORS-lTop Row Ieff fo riqhfj Muranaka, Wilson, Nakamofo, Marfinez, Van de Sands, Picker, Wifher spoon, Marayama, Takano, lSecond Row! M. Thompson, Zec Oqafa, Takashima, Spencer, Popovich, Mylrea, Silva Uhrhammer, Seifz, Reese. lSeafedl Vincenf, Molinari, Sherman, Redwine, Pacchetli, Prifcheft, Wiksfrom, Burr J. Thompson, Yarnaii, Sueki. LOW JUNIORS-lTop Row lei? fo righlj McManus, McCandIess, Sanchez, Spily, Mohrmann, Queranfes, Miyashila Malsuba. lSecond Rowj Abe, Sugai, Viarisio, Axell, Davick, Piper, Loerlme, Shaw, Mena. lSea+edJ Shiraki, Nishiura Bailey, Zaneffi, Miss Birkland, deCur+oni, Cleal, Marcelfi, Escano. 23 High Sophomores IT is The duTy oT each sophomore class To give The Freshman RecepTion To oTTicially "bring ouT" The Treshman. This year iT was a gala aTTair which The class may well be proud oT. The decoraTions, diTTerenT Trom any ever used beTore, were paTTerned aTTer CocoanuT Grove. - As always a greaT inTeresT was Taken in Shakespearean plays, and under Miss Wilbur's able direcTion The "MerchanT oT Venice" was produced Tor one oT Their class meeTings. They again showed Their dramaTic abiliTy in an assembly program. This Time iT was a good old melo-drama, "The Villain STill Pursued Her," puT on by Miss Mylne's and Mr. Grubb's advisories. The casT was as Tollows: Jack Screwhice, The hero -Morris Beddoe: Emaline l-landouT, The heroine-Virginia WaTers7 John l-landouT, her TaTher-l-lenry SchulTzeg Lina l-landouT, her moTher--Virginia Thompson: George Graburn, The villain- Ted l-lopkins: Jim SpyriT, deTecTive-William STeach: Mary lnnigin, housemaid-Eloise l-larrisong Lizzie Leaping, liTerary genius-Jeanne Cancilla. ThroughouT The year They had several swimming and advisory parTies. They are looking Torward To nexT year when They can say, "VVe are The upper classmen." Their oTTicers Tor The year were: PresidenT, Jack Brownlieg vice-presidenT, Bobby McPheeTersg secreTary,i Virginia WaTers: sergeanT-aT-arms, Bob STraub7 Treasurer, Mary l-lalliburTon. Low Sophomores The period oT adiusTrnenT ThaT comes To every sTudenT when he Torever leaves The "green ranks" and becomes a sophomore has been successfully weaThered by Mr. Sypher's class. There has noT been much class acTiviTy buT The Tew Things They did were well done. Their candy booTh aT The carnival was paTronized by pracTically everyone. A Tew oT The girls in The class who were inTeresTed in sporTs worked hard during pracTice and were rewarded by receiving G. A. A. blocks. Their nexT goal is Their M. V. block. Their oTTicers Tor The year were: PresidenT, Joe Barberag vice-presidenT, Lucille MariTzg secreTary, Lorena Mylreag Treasurer, CloTilda Thozag council represenTaTive, Dick ATkinson. 24 HIGH SOPHOMORES-lSlandinq, lcfl To righll Mr. Grubb, Gambcrla, De Gennaro, Beddoo, Hower, French, Lawson, Kaliferna, Loveioy, Ealon, Kawarnolo, Garliepp, Hansen, Harris, Fujii, Ciriscioli, Hopkins, Grifall. lMiddle Rowl Cuffer, Gray, Herero, Armanini, Enriqucz, Janovich, Groshong, Harrison, Ellsworth, Cancilla, M. Ellsworlh, Budd, Clifford, Barnes. lBo+lom Rowl Miss Mylne, Barkely, Hernandez, Anqlim, Case, Dysarf, Cory, Enriquez, Abe, Kaqawa, Kanzaki, Ikebe, Hutton, Frolhingham. HIGH SOPHOMORES-lSTanding, lefl To righll Olcomolo, Smilh, Paullus, Shearer, l-loshida, Quilici, Dursl, Slrail, lnouye, Sfillens, Wilson, Sreach, Schulrze, Honqo, Duggan, Chamberlin, Pinlo, Mr. Carler. lMiddle Rowl Orr, Job, Walers, McClusky, Navarro, Johnsfon, Rose, Naqao, Mcpheelers, Mclzheelers, Slephen, Brownlie. lBoTlorn Rowj Miss Wilbur, Wylie, Marlin, Thompson, Slonebarqer, Slern, Toda, Shinla, Nishimura, Brown, Kodarna. LOW SOPHOMORES-fSlanding, lefl lo riqhll Aposlle, Moya, Barbera, Kokilchi, lshimura, Garibaldi, May, Luchefli, Afkinson. lMiddle Rowl Mr: Sypher, Domingo, Huber, Terarnura, Kirkish, Marilz, Marlinez, Blaquez, Chalet lBoflom Rowj Traverse, Sueku, lnouye, Kubofa, Van Der Aar, Thoza, Gernello, Rose, Nordberg, Mylrea. 25 l 4 High Freshmen When The presenT class oT high Treshmen enTered high school They were all pre- pared To Tace The big. bad iuniors and seniors, so They dusTed oTT Their digniTy and puT away Their giggles in moTh balls. They Tound ouT ThaT The upper classmen weren'T such ogres as They had been led To believe and began To relax and enioy Themselves somewhaT. They were peppy and puT many oT us To shame by Their aTTendance aT school dances and sporTs evenTs. NOT only did They make us proud oT Them by Their aTTencl- ance, buT They Took parT in These evenTs and worked wiTh a will To make bigger and beTTer successes Tor Their new school. We expecT greaT Things Trom Them and Trom all The signs so Tar we cerTainly are noT going To be disappoinTed. Their oTTicers Tor The year were: PresidenT, WalTer Funabikip secreTary, KaTherine DousTg vice-presidenT, RuTh Job: Treasurer, Joel lvlcPheeTers7 council represenTaTive, Dick McClure. Low Freshmen We are accusTorned To raTher ignore The class oT Treshmen who come in aT midyear buT This year They have raTher puT one over on The veTerans. They have been so busy doing This and ThaT and coming To and Taking parT in our school aTTairs ThaT we are simply Torced To siT up and Take noTice. They have done more in a shorT Time Than some classes have all year. The TirsT Thing They did was To pop up and sign Their names on The doTTed line Tor The Scholarship SocieTy and managed To keep enrolled Too. They Took a Trip To The PaciTic Press To see The wheels oT indusTry go round and round. They organized Their class very soon, elecTed oTTicers, collecTecl dues, and sTarTed doing Things. OTTicers Tor The year were: PresidenT, KenneTh Wilkins: secreTary- Treasurer, Virginia True: council represenTaTive, GerTrude Burr. 26 HIGH FRESHMEN-flop Row, Standing, lett to rightl Mr, Campbell, Copel, Garnlen, lzu, Gonzales, Kientz, Koos, Holden, l-leying, Griggs. lTop Middle Rowl Abe, Draga, Gellang, Hori, Ishida, Hernandez, Holland, Bisso, Joseph CBottorn Middle Rowl Doak, Davis, Forrnway, Jensen, Knofloclr, Ashton, Brown, Kappellas, Lane, Bordi. lBottorn Row F. Kagawa, lwata, Y. Kogawa, Beatty, Barkley, Lawson, Johnson, Knox, Job, Doust, Fricke. i HIGH FRESHMEN-flop Row, Standing, lett to rightl Puppo, Mena, Tripiano, Witherspoon, Volarvich, J. Mcilheeters, Rhein, Ramsey, Thompson, llop Middle Rowl Ogata, Martin, Smith, Niki, N. Small, McGlynn, Yearsley, McCanlle McGlynn, J. Small. lBo'ltom Middle Rowl Milovina, K. Nakamoto, Gibson, Poncini, McGavern, F. Nakarnoto, Mills: Maus, Yoshida, Downey, T. Nalcarnoto, G, Nakamoto. lliottorn Rowj Yamaiil, Nakano, Mack, Okada, Tawara Okarnolo, Thoza, Shearer, Schutte, Oetiin, Okurnura, Ruton, Ogata. LOW FRESHMEN-llop Row, Standing, left to rightl Edwards, Antolcu, Farley, Grcich, Jelovich, flop Middle Row Francia, Fountain, Miuahara, Bloss, Rute, Peterson, Carrera, Malatesta. lliottom Middle Rowj Ralston, Miuashita Furusho, Wilkins, Popovich, True, Peabody, Ortega, Ravizza, Reese. fBottorn Rowj Pritchard, Olives, Blasquez, Kodoma Nozawa, Musso, Burr, Gore, Hobbs, 27 l THE SHGP ZPCUU Z A T I O N S f""',,.J -EL",-",..... ,. - :ln-,, ,dll- i 4-41 JACK CARDOZA JANE BURROWS MARION THOMPSON ROBERT MASTIN HARRY GRAHAM CAMILLE HOFFMAN NAN PETERS JEANETTE THOMPSON MAXWELL BELLEW JACK RANDALL HARRY BELLEW MISS BIRKLAND Blue and Gray Stall Marion Thompson ......,,,,,,,, Edilor-in-Chief Roberl Maslin ,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Business Manager Jaclc Cardoza ,,L,,, Nan Pe-Jrers, , Jane Burrows .,... , ,L,,,,L,,,,,,, Ar'r Edilor , , S+a+is+ician Jolie Edilor Jaclc Randall ,,,,w,S,,, Adverlising Manager l-larry Graham .a,,,, .,L.,,.aL,,,,,,,,.,... C arloons Alfred McManus LL,,,, Ass. Adv. Manager Camille l-lollimann, Jeane++e Tlwompsona, ,,,,s,,,,,,s,,,Class Eclilor ,Girls' Sporfs Edifor Maxwell Bellew r....,,, . ,, Snapsl'1o+Edi+or l-larry Bellew ,,,,,,,., Miss Birlcland ,,,,...,s Miss Pearce. .,,,, , ,n,,,,sSpor+s Ediror ,,,,..sFacul+y Advisor ,....,,Ar+ Advisor Council This year has been one oT The mosT progressive years oT This sTudenT body, led by CapTain BrunTon, and Two sTudenT body presidenTs, Harry Bellew TirsT semesTer, and Henry Marshall second semesTer. The sTudenT body now being ouT oT debT, more money is available Tor much needed improvemenTs. The members oT The ExecuTive Council are as Tollows: FirsT SernesTer Second SemesTer Harry Bellew ,,,,Ys,., . .,.. s,,. P residenT ,,,,.,,,, ,,,s,,, H enry Marshall Jack Randall s,,,,s..,,,s.,.. ...,.... V ice-PresidenT ,s,,...,..,s,,,.,.s........ Jaclc Randall JeanneTTe Thompson ..,.s,s,,,,,,,,, SecreTary ....o..........., JeanneTTe Thompson Henry Marshall s,s,,,.,,,,,,.,.,,,.,..,,., Treasurer ,,,,,,,,.,.....,,Y..,,, Ordway Manning Richard Madison ,.,..,..., Manager oT Boys' AThleTics. ..,.., Tom WiTherspoon Lucille Campbell ,,,,..,, ,Manager oT Girls' AThleTics ,.,,,s.,.. Lucille Campbell PeTer Janovich ........... .,...A A dverTising Manager ,,,,...,,c..,,,,, PeTer Janovich Marion Thompson ,,,,...V. EdiTor oT "Blue and Gray ".,,,,,,, Marion Thompson The council also consisTs oT a represenTaTive Trom each class. Girls' and Boys' Leagues The Boys' League enioyed a very successTul year, under The leadership oT Jaclc Brownlie and The guidance oT Mr. Wilder. The League backed To The uTmosT The various school acTiviTies and promoTed one oT The mosT successTul worlc days in years. The Tollowing are The oTTicers oT The Boys' League: Jack Brownlie, president Jack Randall, program chairman: Jack Cardoza, secreTaryg Mr. Wilder, sponsor, The Girls' League has had anoTher prosperous year under The supervision oT Mrs. STalTord, our Dean oT Girls, and Nan PeTers, presidenT. OTTicers compleTing The council were: Jane Burrows, vice-presidenT: lrene Axell, secreTary, and Josephine MarTin, Treasurer. The TirsT social aTTair was The Tin Can Dance iusT before ChrisTmas. Several inTer- esTing programs were arranged and given Tor The girls. Camille HoTTman was in charge OT all The social evenTs oT The year. 30 FIRST SEMESTER COUNCIL-lTop Rowl Splly, M. Thompson, McCarly, Masfin, Capl. Brunlon, Frlck, Marshall, Axell, Cardoza, Yamamoto, Wilson. lBof+om Rowj V. Thompson, Witherspoon, Randall, Bellew, J. Thompson, Janovich. SECOND SEMESTER COUNCIL-lTop Rowl Spily, Manning, Maslin, Capt. Brunfon, Yamamoto, Spily. lSec:ond Rowl McGlynn, Moore, V. Thompson, Cardoza, Wilson. fBoHom Rowl Wilherspoon, Randall, Marshall, J. Thompson, Janovich, M. Thompson. LEAGUES-lTop Row, leff 'lo rlghll Mr. Wilder, Maslln, Randall, Brownlie, Cardoza. lBoTlom Rowl Axell, Mrs. Slalford, Pelers. 3 l Band The band, under The direcTion oT Mr. Campbell, who was assisTed by Carol Ann Nicholas, Camille CorTez, and Rena Porno, played as usual Tor The TooTball and baskeT- ball games and several assembly programs. IT rendered communiTy service by playing Tor The CommuniTy ChrisTmas ParTy. BoTh Mr. Campbell and The band asTounded all by coming TorTh wiTh a series oT popular numbers. The annual spring concerT was held on The TronT lawn and was very much enjoyed. Orchesfra The orchesTra's ouTsTanding perTormance OT The year was The opening oT The Civic AucliTorium in San Jose. OTher performances were an exchange wiTh Los GaTos and a spring concerT aT which They were assisTed by The band, and mixed chorus. They will make The lasT appearance aT The commencemenT in June. Operena The opereTTa This year was The charming GilberT and Sullivan "l-l. M. S. PinaTore." TryouTs were held and The casT was chosen Trom The besT voices in The school. Some parTs were so close ThaT Two people were chosen Tor The parT-one Tor The grammar school perTormance and one Tor The high school perTormance. The ouTsTanding parT was ThaT OT Donald Lawson as Sir Joseph PorTer. l-le sang in The English accenT and was The hiT oT The show. l-Tis cousin, played by Toshiko Konoshima, was very amusing also as a Tussy liTTle old maid always peTTing and pampering Sir Joseph. The CapTain's lovely daughTer was charmingly done by Barbara de CurToni and Mary ZaneTTi. Tom BrunTon played Dick .Deadeye-such a Tough characTer ThaT he enTerTainecl The whole audience wiTh his comical songs and gesTures. The enTire casT was as Tollows: SBarbara de CurToni Josephine Corcoran ....,. ..,s.... I Mary Zanew Ralph RacksTraw ..,.,,.. ..,, M ax Bellew CapTain Corcoran .,,,,u,, ..,..... P aul Erickson UTTIG Bu++efwp uuuubuuu bbbbbbcs 3 i5,,"Q.3,53',1:"'a Dick Deadeye ,u,u,u,,. ...,. T homas BrunTon BoaTswain ..,,,u..,.. ...,. R oberT Anglim Cdrpenfer ....s,,,,., Earl Paullus Sir Joseph POrTer ....,...u,..,.,. ,..,. D onald Lawson Cousins. SisTers, AunTs cucc..,ccc ,... G irls' Chorus Seamen ..V.,u.....V,...,.....,u...... ....... .,... B o ys' Chorus 32 BAND-iStanding, left to rightl Randall, Graham, S. Frick, Kankel, Thompson, Mylrea, Beddoe, Nordberg, Forno Milo, Campbell, Kortes, Jurian, de Curtoni, Job, Schutte, Gonzales, Johnson, Lawson, Kaliterna, Pinto, Shearer Moore. iSittingl Apostle, Wilson, McGlynn, Brownlie, Formway, McClusky, Clifford, McGlynn, Ellsworth, Eaton Wylie, Clifford, Hall, Thoza, K. Frick, Duggan. ORCHESTRA-1Standing, left to rightl King, de Curtoni, Johnson, Job, Campbell, Duggan, Wylie, Hall, Nordberg S. Frick, Mylrea, Shearer, Kaliterna, Pinto, Lawson, Moore, Graham, Clifford. lSittinql Gritall, Calzado, Wilkins Stonebarger, Thompson, McGIynn, Kagawa, Thoza, M. Ellsworth, Sherman, McGlynn, Burrows, Schutte, Burrows Stern, Formway, Schultze, Wilson, Kortes, Brownlie, Clifford, Eriksen, J. Ellsworth, Konoshima, K. Frick, Doust OPERETTA CAST 3 3 The Girls' Chorus The girls' chorus made Their TirsT appearance aT a Girls' League meeTing. They were raTher in need oT polish because of The early daTe oT Their appearance. They improved rapidly, however, and by ChrisTmas made an excellenT showing in The com- muniTy program. The girls' chorus Took a prominenT parT in The opereTTa, "PinaTore," Taking The roles oT Sir Joseph's "SisTers, Cousins, and AunTs" and displayed The careful Training They had undergone. The leading 'Female roles were played well by Two members oT The chorus, Barbara de CurToni and Mary ZaneTTi. Near The end oT April The chorus disTinguished iTselT in The annual spring concerT wiTh oTher deparTmenTs. The Boys' Chorus The boys' chorus consisTs oT TiTTy voices under The direcTion OT Miss lsabelle Becker. Their TirsT program was Tor The sTudenT body aT one of The meeTings. They sang, "There's a Long, Long Trail Awindingf' and "Keep The Home Fires Burning." They were in The opereTTa also, having The parTs of members oT The crew. They sang many enjoyable songs in The Spring concerT and alTogeTher spenT a proTiTable year as well as a pleasanT one. Mixed Chorus The mixed chorus represenTs TwenTy of The mosT TalenTed vocalisTs oT our school. They have been very acTive This year. They have, in previous years, sung occasionally Tor assembly and league programs buT have been heard of very liTTle oTherwise. This year, Though, They have clone some really big Things. They have awakened many oi The sTudenTs inTo realizing The excellenT musical deparTmenT we have. Their TirsT imporTanT appearance was The singing of ChrisTmas carols puT on wiTh The CommuniTy ChrisTmas play. Their nexT appearance was in coniuncTion wiTh an evening OT one-acT plays. They puT on selecTions Trom "Carmen" by BizeT. Mr. Campbell's orchesTra accompanied Them. The cosTuming was lovely, iusT The correcT background Tor The colorful songs oT ThaT popular Spanish opera. On May sixTh They aided Mr. Campbell in his band and orchesTra concerT wiTh a Tew vocal numbers. 34 GIRLS' CHORUS-fllow I, leff lo rlqhf1 Beafly, Kubola, Peabody, Marllno, Navarro, Case, Hobbs, True, Kamada Toda, Thoza, l-laldorsen, Rulan, Kaqawa. lRow 21 Nakamolo, Kaqawa, Suekl, Vlarlsio, Axell, Barnes, Cory, Popo- vicn, Kodama, Baron, Hansen, Knox, Suqai, Bordi. lRow 31 Becker, Yoshida, Rose, Schrecklnghausl, Prllclward, Jano vich, Kanzaki, Cancilla, Mylrea, Gernello, Van der Aar, lwala, Okarnoio, Okamura. lRow 41 Okada, Burr, Olives Koos, Garvich, Vlncenf, Barkley, Rlweln, Kirby, McPheefers, Lawson, Oelien, Volarvich. BOYS' CHORUS-lllow l, lefl To rlgn+1 Becker, Dursf, Ralsfon, Small, Mlyashila, N. Small, Furuclwo, Funabiki Oqala. lllow 21 Ciriscioli, Holland, Francia, Grifall, Alves, Cooper, lmai, Knoflock. fRow 31 Noda, l-lerrero Okamofo, Janovich, Muranaka, Draga, lnouye, Kirklsh, Spencer, Wifnerspoon, Hobbs. lllow 41 Davenporl, Milovlna Van de Sande, Nesler, Davis, Sharp, Abraharnson, Paullus, Maruyarna, lullici, Kodama, Angllm, Fuqi. CRow 51 Volar vlch, Klenllz, Triplano, Barbera, McGavren, Scnullz, Splly, MIXED CHORUS-lRow I, leff Io righl1 Graham, Burr, Loerke, Forno, Cardoza, Bellew, Yarnail, Zanefll, Slone barger. lRow 21 Sugal, Hobbs, Barnes, King, Wllherspoon, Grifall, de Curloni, M. Ellsworfh, J. Ellsworlh lRow 31 Randall. Erickson, Mvlrea, Lawson, Anglim, 35 Eagle STaTT The "Eagle" sTaTT was oTT To a good sTarT during The TirsT semesTer under The direcTion oT Josephine MarTin. We were unTorTunaTe in losing her aT The beginning OT The second semesTer. She was replaced by MyrTle Hobbs, previous assisTanT ediTor. Harry Graham became assisTanT ediTor. We also losT Johnny Puppo who was boys' sporT ediTor. He was replaced by PeTer Janovich. The TeaTure evenT oT This semesTers' sTaTT was The Trip To The Journalism Conven- Tion in Berkeley, which was a greaT beneTiT in improving our paper. Among The speakers we heard were Sam Hayes, The RichTield ReporTer, and RoberT C. EllioT, a San Francisco Chronicle ReporTer. As we were unable To prinT a school paper, Mr. SmiTh oT The RegisTer-Leader was mosT kind in prinTing our arTicles in his paper. STAFF EdiTor-in-chieT ..,,.,.,., ,,.,,,,,,,,,, AssisTanT EdiTor .......,. AcTiviTy EdiTor ............ Boys' SporT EdiTor ,........ Girls' SporT EdiTor ......... Fashion EdiTor ......... .......,........ .........,,...... ..,.... ....... Advisor ............................................... . ................................. . .MyrTle Hobbs .....s..Harry Graham ....Marie Hobbs ........PeTer Janovich Claire Janovich Mary ZaneTTi Harry Edwards ReporTers ................ Isabel Mendoza, Bob EaTon, Virginia WaTers, Harry McCandless, Mary HalliburTon, PeTer Janovich TypisTs ...,..,,. .,.,,..,..,.............. C amille HoTTman, Jane Burrows Typing Team Due To The Annual going To press aT This Time, we are unable To lisT The resulTs oT The STaTe-wide Typing ConTesT To be enTered by The M. V. Team on May I4-Th. The Team is composed oT Two classes: Novice, Those wiTh Training since AugusT, I935, who have made a minimum raTe oT 40 words neT per minuTe, and The AmaTeurs- Those who have received Training since AugusT, I934, making a minimum record OT 50 words per minuTe, The highesT speed OT The year was made by our amaTeur TypisT, Grace Haldorsen, who has gone up To The 85 word mark already, wiTh compleTe accuracy. Mariorie Burrows, also an AmaTeur, runs a close seconcl, wiTh 75 words and ouTsTanding accuracy. A meeT wiTh The SanTa Clara Valley Teams is on The schedule Tor The laTTer parT oT May. 36 EAGLE STAFF-Hop Row, left To righfj Hoffman, Hobbs, Edwards, Janovich, Gray, Sato. QBoHom Rowl ZaneHi Janovich, Mendoza, Hobbs, Graham, McCandIess. TYPING TEAM-fTop Row, leff fo righfl Radich, Radisich, Furnari, Graham, Higashiuchi, Miss Birkland, Frick lBoHom Rowj Korres, Radlsich, Haldersen, Burrows, Funabiki, Tsuchiya, Yamaii, Nishimura. 37 SCHOLARSHIP Hop Rowj Silva, Uhrharnmar, Popovich, Hara, Kodarna, De Genaro, Funabiki, Yamaiii. lMiddle Rowl Miss Coleman, Johnson, Miyasl-iifa, Groshong, Thompson, B. McPheeTers, B. McPheeTers, Kirkish, Corridan, Hori, Burr, Yakashima, Carter. lBoTTom Rowj Radich, Radisich, Clifford, Tsuchiya, Fuiii, Good, Shiraki, lshikowa, Yamamolo, Okada. Scholarship Boom! WhaT's The daTe? Boom! February 29Th Carnival nighT. Boom! Rolling, Thunderous noise and loud, exulTanT shouTing! Where is iT all coming Trom? Boom! Can iT be-why yes-iT is The Scholarships concession. Who would Think ThaT our ToremosT scholars, Those supposedly sober and book-absorbed individuals, could in- dulge, wiTh such reckless abandon, in The Thrilling sporT of bowling? BuT aTTer invesTi- gaTion all "doubTing Thomasesn are obliTeraTed and The TacT esTablished1 iT is noT "Scholarship Tor Service" enTirely, buT also, "Scholarship Tor EnioymenT." Yearly Calendar '35-'36: Freshman parTy, Oc'rober IO, I935: Book Week, Novem- ber I8-22, I9353 Bowling Concession aT Carnival, February 29, I936: Excursion To Pacific Press, March 26, l9367 Excursion To lvlurison Labeling Co., April 2, I936: WaTsonville ConvenTion, April 25, l936: Excursion To UniversiTy oT CaliTornia, lvlay 9, l936. We may applaud aThleTics and clramaTics. We may acclaim achievemenTs in many lines, buT in The lasT analysis our educaTion is based on scholarship. Think oT The silenT hour oT The nighT and The sTudenT's lamp. There you have, perhaps The besT symbol Tor a school's purpose. Those of you who have gained clisTincTion on This page represenT endeavor and perseverance To a marked degree. Your disTincTion is more deTiniTely marked because you were willing To work Tor ThaT success single-handed and under The sTrain oT silenT endurance. You rank high in qualiTies ThaT liTe demands and preparaTion Tor liTe is your aim. When many passing phases OT school have been TorgoTTen, your ideals will remain To us as a permanenT goal. 38 SENIOR PLAY lSfandinq, left To righll Bellew, Cardoza, Frick, Whiffingfon, Edwards, Duran, Marshall, Ericksen, Beales. lSea'redl Radich, Wafkins, Korres, Hoffman. Drarnatics The drarnalics classes This year have done a grear deal of excellenl work. They have done a greai many more plays and had more inleresl shown 'rhan ever before. They pul on iwo evenings oi one-acl' plays. The firsl sernesler class did "Sparking" and "The Valiant" The second sernesler produced "A Message from Khufu," and "The Monkey's Paw." Two more one-acl plays were slaged for Senior Nighr-"Rich Man, Poor Man," and "l-lave You Anylhing io Declare?" The senior play, "Cock Robin," was differeni from previous years. The scenery and aclion were more elaborale +han usual. ll was really quire an advanced 'rype of play for high school buf was done very well neverlheless. The advance whispers were exciring-people wondering whai kind oi play il was, who killed who, and why, and was ii modern or period? Everyone was inleresied, buf lhe whole plol was keplf a secrel unlil The nighl of 'rhe play and no one was disappoinled. I+ was a play wirhin a play in which a man was killed in full view of hundreds of people in The audience and lhe remainder of The play was Taken in solving il. The casl was: Ca rloHa Maxwell ,,,,..,, Richard Lane .....s,..,, Maria Scolr.. .K....s George McAuliffe .,.,,.... Hancock Robinson ...,.. Alice Monlgomery ...,, l-lelen Maxwell ....,.,s,,.. Clarke Torrence ...,,,.., Julian Cleveland .,....... Dr. Grace s....... ....... Henry Briggs .....,.. John Jessup ,....,. 39 ...,.....Camille Korres ...............Max Bellew ,..,.Ka+herine Radich ,,,..,s,,l-lenry Marshall .s.s,.....s,...,Paul Erickson ....,Camille l-lofliman ..,....JaneHe Walkins ...,,,m.,..Sherman Frick Richard Whiilinglon A ....,........ lsaias Duran .......Frank Beales ,........Jack Cardoza THE GYMNASIUM A T H L , E ,S 4,-.' X , . , v E,-up ,, - ,- ,rw W, .5 mf, Ar- M 333'-H V frhwx ,W f Yfffn A' ff , bm ,Aww f. My fq , -. f .. ,.11f!Lg1,. 4, 1 ' fl -, V ,M , f ail' 64 ,WL w W S mu", P f f m W cg. Q4 9. . 'Y 5 . z . A u?'iff,,.1p.5'-a.'.T,,a.. 2 . ' f Y 9? . . f ' 1 Q gfifefzr '- , . - , K Q , . I ,.:-si, I., fx: . v ' rw , I 1 -. ' ,r - I 1 1,-.Jw V mv. .I ,- 'V V.. I ' -"' bf - W FOOTBALL QTop Rowj SeiTz, Tripiano, Kirkish, Chamberlin, ATkinson, Hamasaki, J. WiTherspoon, KieniTz, Ramsey. fMiddle Row, Queranfes, T. WiTherspoon, T. Spily, Bellew, Mylrea, Shearer, Ciriscioli, Hernandez, BrunTon, Sypher. QBoTTom Rowj Randall, Masfin, Barkley, Brownlie, Vidovich, Janovich, P. Spily, Henderson, Manning. Foofbal l For The Third Time in The pasT Tour years The lvlounTain Eagle TooTball Team came Through To win The S. C. V. A. L. Championship. AlThough mosT OT The boys on The squad were lighT and inexperienced, The TighT and cooperaTion They displayed made up Tor Their lack of size. This, wiTh The excellenf coaching of "Cook" Sypher, Turned ouT The sTrongesT Team ThaT lvlounTain View has had in The pasT Tive years. Under The leadership OT CapTain Vidovich, The boys swepT Through Their league games like real champions, holding league compeTiTion scoreless and Themselves scoring 94 poinTs. The boys played clean, hard TooTball, l::oTh oTTensively and defensively, and were a crediT To The school. Boys who have played Their lasT game OT high school compeTiTion and who will loe missed nexT year are: CapTain Vidovich, The besT cenTer in The league: Charles l-lamasaki, The besT end in The league: Tom BrunTon, a valuable running and blocking back: Bob lvlasTin, alThough The lighTesT man in The league, was an ouTsTand- ing guard: T-larry Bellew holds his own wiTh any Tackle in The league: and Eddie Carney, lvlarovich, and Sharp all conTrilouTed in developing The Team. AlThough The losses look heavy, MounTain View rooTers will be glad To know ThaT Tony Spily, Andy Janovich, Brownlie. l-lenderson, Barkley, SeiTz, QueranTes, l-lernandez, Mylrea, Torn and Jack WiTherspoon, KienTiTz, Ciriscioli, PeTe Spily, and Jack Randall are reTurning nexT year as a sTrong nucleus Tor anoTher championship Team. 4l KIRKISH HENDERSON P. SPILY BROWNLIE COACH SYPHER T, SPILY VIDOVICH BELLEW 42 BRUNTON WITHERSPOON MANNING HAMASAKI MASTIN RANDALL JANOVICH BARKLEY 43 I Bunf Dan. 2. Spily. 3. Warmln U , 4. Shdin into Third. 5. ll Duce. 6. Coaching Third. 7. Firsf Lap. 8, Ge? Se Over The Top. IO. .... Breaking e Tape. l2. Firsf Hurdle. I3. 5 feet 6 inches. I4. Home Sfrefch Q P Q P W A H Th I5. Work Day. 44 U NLIM ITED BASKETBALL lTop Rowl Sypher, Vidovich, Hernandez, Mylrea, P. Spily, Beales, Brunfon. lBoHon'i Rowj Masfiny Marfinez Janovich, T. Spily, Seifz. Unlimited Basketball The unlimiled le-am made up of vererans won i+s second conseculive championship 'rhis year. The boys received lheir careful Training and fundamenlals from Coach "Cook" Sypher and bofh 'rhis and 'rheir cooperafion wilh each olher showed in lheir leam work lhroughoul The season, leading Them on 'ro viclrory. Every game was swifrly and clearly played. No Jream loegrudged fhem 'iheir vicfories for lhey were hard- and well-earned. The Jream, of which we may well be proud, was as follows: Caplain Andy Janovich, Pele Spily, Tony Spily, Louis Vidovich, Peppy Marlinz, Bob lvlaslin, Ed lvlylrea, John Siefz, and Waller Hernandez. Mounlain View .,,, 22 San+a Clara ...... 24 lvlounlain View ,,,, 32 Sanla Clara .s,,.. I7 lvlounrain View ,,.. 49 Los Galos .,..,.., I7 lvlounlain View s,,, 28 Campbell ,,,.,.., 20 Moumkain View s.., 30 Live Oak ,,..,..... IO Fremonr forfeiled lo Mounrain View 45 Thiriies The I3O's came Ihrough wi'rh flying colors for Ihe iirsi lime in a number of years. Through Ihe +eam's cooperalrion Ihey were able Io give us a season of'goocI, snappy ball. To add io Jrheir Iaurels of championship 'rhey cooly and calmly deieaied all ihe P. A. L. schools. The congraiulaiions go Io Coach Grubb and Capiain Pele Janovich and Ihe boys on Ihe Team: Ed Carney, Ralph Davis, Mike Marovich, Yuki Imai, Dan Van de Sande, Richard Urharnmer, Jack Barkley, and Naihan Kimura. SCORE OF LEAGUE GAMES Mouniain View .,......,o ,...............,.... 2 I Sania Clara ....,.,,, ,,..... I 8 Mouniain View .,.,,...o. ..,.,,, L os Gaios .,,,,,, Mouniain View .......... ...,.., L ive Oak ...,,.,.. Mouniain View ....o.,Y,o .....,,,..,o..,.o. Sania CIara...... Mounaiin View Campbell .....,,, Freernoni forieiied 'ro Mouniain View Twenties The I2O's, wiI'h a veieran five, came 'rhrough and won 'rhe S. C. V. A. L. Cham- pionship ior Ihe sixih consecuiive year. The games were iasi and exciiing from be- ginning 'ro end. The boys who siariecl mosi of Ihe games were: Capiain I'-larry Kiyo- mura, Sam Nakamola, Tony Barrile, Wilson, and Pecorelli. The boys wish Jrhe iuiure iweniy 'ream iheibesi of luck and hope lhai 'rhey make ii seven consecuiive cham- pionships in a row. i SCORES OF LEAGUE GAMES . Mouniain View ..., 2I Sania Clara ...,,. I7 Mouniain View ..., 2I Campbell ........I3 Mouniain View ,,., 3I Live Oak .......... 27 Mouniain View .... 22 Sania Clara ..,... 24 Mouniain View ..,. 32 Los Galos ........ 23 Mouniain View .... 28 Sania Clara ...... I4 Mouniain View ,.,............. 27 Freemonf .....,....., ...IO Tens The Mouniain View I IO's Team aiier a disasirous season Iasi year came back Ihis year wiih figh+ and courage, and played greai baskeiball 'ro win Ihe S. C. V. A. L. championship. Under 'rhe able coaching of Mr. Grubb a fine ieam was produced. Led by Capiain Jack Cardoza 'rhe Ieam showed fine cooperaiion and played fasi and snappy baskelball. The 'ream was as follows: Capiain Cardoza, Beales, I-Iori, Ishimaru and Funabiki. SCORES OF LEAGUE GAMES Mouniain View .... IO Sania Clara ...... 9 Mouniain View .... I3 Campbell ........ 9 Mouniain View .... 22 Live Oak .......... Il Mounlain View .... 22 Sania Clara ...... I3 Mouniain View .... 20 Los Gaios ........ I2 Mouniain View .... 28 Sania Clara ...... 2I Mouniain View ................ I7 Freemoni ................ I6 46 '30 BASKETBALL TEAM-fTop Rowj Grubb, Nakamoio, Wilson, May, Sanchez, Barkley, Uhrhamrper, Brunfori lBoHom Rowj T. Witherspoon, Van de Sande, Davis, Janovich, J. Wi+herspoon, Kimura, Ciriscioli. '20 BASKETBALL TEAM-fTop Rowl Grubb, lwaia, Kar1zaki,Wilson,Yamamo1o, Pau!is, Schulfz, Lawson, Fuiii, Marfinez Brunion. fBoHom Rowj Popovich, Nakamoiko, Barriie, Muranoka, McCandIess, Kiyomura, McManus, Kodama, Takeshima 'I0 BASKETBALL TEAM-fTop Row! lwafa, Garliep, Duran, lshikawa, Mr. Grubb, Maisuba, Huber, Janovich fBof'rom Rowj Sfeach, Hori, Funabiki, Cardoza, Beaies, lmai. 47 Baseball As Napoleon lell al Walerloo so did lhe viclims ol Ivlounlain View. Il broughl lhe lourlh conseculive championship in baseball lo lvlounlain View I-Iigh. As all lhe boys were velerans il did nol lake long lo gel in shape and slarl winning wilh a bang. In lour years lhe Eagles won lwenly-eighl conseculive league games wilhoul a loss. The boys were in high spirils all ol lhe lime and played lasl-moving, lirsl class ball lhroughoul lhe season. Three velerans will be Iosl lor nexl year and lhey are: Pele Spily, chuckery Andrew Janovich, cenlerlieldq Jack Randall, lhird base. The boys will miss lhese lhree bul lhey wish lhe learn all luck lo carry onl Il was Coach Sypher's lasl game also, and we wish him lhe besl ol luck al Sanla Rosa. The line-up was: Tony Spily, calcherg Peler Spily and Andy Janovich, chuckers: I-Iernandez, lirsl base: Ikebe, second base: Jack Randall, lhird base: "Peppy" lvlarlinez, shorl slopg Van de Sande, Kiymoura, Nakamola, Pele Spily and Andy Janovich were lhe oullielders. LEAGUE GAMES Mounlain View .... I8 Fremonl .......,.. I Mounlain View .... 9 Sanla Clara ...,,, I Mounlain View ,,,, I5 Los Gales ,,s..,., O Mounlain View .... 4 Campbell ........ I Mounlain View ,,,, I4 Live Oak ,....... 4 lvlounlain View ..,. I9 Fremonl ,,i...,.., I Track Since lhe Annual goes lo press belore any ol lhe scheduled lrack meels, we cannol wrile anylhing aboul lhe aclual meels. Bul we mighl venlure lo say lhal, wilh our line new lrack, nolhing should seem impossible. i The "Iighlweighls" wilh many ol lhe velerans back should come close lo cham- pionship and lhe "unIimileds" allhough handicapped by Iimiled numbers on lhe leam, should make a good showing in lhe annual S. C. V. A. L. meel. Tennis Unlorlunalely lennis is also a Iale sporl. While lhe leam hasn'l played any malches yel, lhey have shown during praclice lhal lhey are rounding oul in good shape and give us every reason lo believe lhal lhey will come oul on lop, under lhe able coaching ol Mr. Grubb. 48 BASEBALL TEAM-lTop Rowl Srnilh, Schullz, McCandless, Randall, Volarvich, Wilson, Kienilz, Takano, Manager llvliddle Rowl Nakamofo, lkebe, Barkley, Kiyornura, Ciriscioli, Hernandez, Martinez, lBoHom Rowl Coach Sypher ' Kimura, Van de Sande, Spily, Janovich, Spily, Reese, Nakamolo, Uhrhammer, Manager. TRACK TEAM-lTop rowl Kimura, Kodama, Barkley, Spily, Martinez, Marshall, Shearer, Nakamofo, lwafa, Job llvliddle Rowj Argo, lnouye, Gonzales, Paullus, Uhrhammer, Spily, Bellew, Pin+o, McGIynn, Ishikawa, Mr. Grubb Furosha. lBoHom Rowl Safo, Hopkins, Holland, Cardoza, Polls, Clifford, Peccorelli, Armanini, Wilson, Beales McCandless. TENNIS-lLefT fo rightl Kiyomura, Peters, MeCandless, Paullus, Gonzales, Randall, Barkley, Uhrhammer, Noda, Kimura 49 Girls' AThleTics Girls' sporTs are becoming more and more imporTanT in The school's curriculum. This year our baske+baII Team wenT To Palo AlTo High School, where members aTTended a play-day enTered by several surrounding schools. Besides The usual Tennis, baskeTball, volley ball, baseball, hockey, and swimming, Two new sporTs were inTroduced, archery and badminTon, which aTforded The sTudenTs much enioymenT. This year There was an inTer-class volleyball TournamenT. ATTer playing games wiThin The classes The besT Team OT The class was selecTed. On The nighTs given To volley ball aTTer school These Teams played OTF Their games. The TournamenT was won by Period 2. ln The TirsT semesTer OT The school year a girls' parTy was held. Some girls dressed as boys and escorTed oTher girls and Teachers. A mosT inTeresTing program was planned by Lucille l-lardin aTTer which There was dancing. The evening was such a success Thar The girls unanimously voTed To make iT a yearly aTTair. As This is being wriTTen a Tennis TournamenT is being conducTed Tor Those inTeresTed in This sporT. ln The TirsT semesTer RuTh lnouye was presidenT oT The G.A.A., Tollowed by Lucille Campbell as The second'semesTer presidenT. Under Lucille's dircTion, The G.A.A. planned and conducTed a successTul concession aT The Carnival Tor The TirsT Time since The G.A.A. was sTarTed. More and more blocks and chevrons have been given ouT This year, proving The growTh and expansion oT The organizaTion. ATTer mosT of The aTTernoon had been spenT in vigorous exercise, reTreshmenTs were served. This was Tollowed by "sTunTs" by all schools parTicipaTing in The play day, aTTer which The gym was converTed inTo a dance Tloor. Concerning hockey: This year, spiriTed discussions were held wheTher The Third period class was beTTer Than The TourTh period class. The conclusion was reached ThaT To prove anyThing one way or anoTher The game musT be played. The nighT was selecTed and The game began. A valianT TighT ensued and The vicTory weriT To The Third period class. 50 GIRLS' SPORTS Archery-lTop left. Left to righfl Campbell, Wiksfrom, Marfinez, Birkeff. Baskefball-lTop right. Top Row, left To righll V. Thompson, Formway, Barkley, Martinez, Escano, Miss Doak. lMiddle Rowl Wylie, Baron, Ellsworlh, Okada. lBoHom Rowl Mcliamolo, Sherman, Campbell, Sfonebarger, Navarro. G. A. A.-lCenl'er. Top Row, lefl fo ri hll Miss Doak, Axell, Campbell, Mendoza, Wylie, J. Thompson, M. Thompson. lBo-Hom Rowl Sweney, Escano, Funaiilci, Ellsworfh, Sherman, V. Thompson, Kamada. Swimming-lLower leffl. Tennis-lLower right Top Row, left lo righfl Corridan, Higashiuchl, Tsuchlya. lBollom Rowl Redwine, Funabiki, Kamada. 5l TI-IE BACK COURT if I 'E I-le Changed I-lis Mind Kafherine Good "I-lello, Joe. Where ya' goin' in such a big rush? Oh, Oh, l'll bef if's fhe new girl friend I heard you had. ls if serious? Oh, so ya' boughf her an engagemenf ring, huh? Say, fhaf's bad. You're sure she loves ya' fhough? Well, fhaf's differenf, or maybe again if isn'f. I-Iere's a nice lookin' place. Lef's drop in for a minufe: I gof somefhin' fo' fell ya'. I-lere's an empfy fable: lef's sif. I-leyl waifer. O.K., freaf's on me: order up. "Well, as I was sayin', ya' know fhe beaufiful blonde gal I was goin' wifh a few years ago? Lef me fell ya' abouf her. She was a sfenog for some big banker upfown, and boy did she puf on fh' dog. She was a swell dresser, l'll have fo hand if fo her for fhaf, and she sure had fancy manners, foo. All fhe ofher girls I used fo go wifh, I used fo fake fo Tony's Spagheffi ioinfg buf her, we couldn'f afford fhe Waldorf, buf she always knew some expensive place fo drag me. She said she liked fea. Teal Now I ask ya'. We used fo go fo some English fea ISI shoppy. If was so quief fhere fhaf ye' could almosf hear 'em droppin' fheir I-I's. "Every fime we wenf any place she had fa' fell me whaf fork fa' use, or how I should unfold my napkin, or I shouldn'f wear my red fie wifh my blue sox. She fold me fa' say 'pahdan me' insfead of 'excuse me,' and how I should escorf her down fhe sfreef. Nexf fhing I fhoughf she'd be havin' me kissin' her hand like in fhe movies. 'Nof me,' says I, 'I'm no lounge Iizard.' She finally faughf me all fhe manners she knew, and we'd have gof along alrighf if she had sfopped naggin' af me. I sure gof a liberal educafion fhough. "You say ya' remember her now, and sl'ie's a Iof like your girl friend? You're sure ya' know who she is? I guess ya' never mef my wife in fhaf case, 'cause I didn'f marry Blondie, and my wife and I are livin' happily ever affer. "I-Ieyl Where ya' goin'? Oh, you're goin' fa' gef your ring. Well, so long." 5? Calendar SEPTEMBER-Several Teachers showed signs oT TainTing when mosT oT The sToodinTs ex- pressed delighT in being back in school . . . OCTOBER-Miss Birkland's advisory presenT- ed a mosT worThy assembly program in The Torm oT an amaTeur hour and a play. .. NOVEMBER-Three Things This monTh: Thanks- giving, Thanksgiving vacaTion lwhich everyone hared To Takel, and The winning oT The S. C. V. A. L. championship by The TeeTsball squad. No True sTudenT oT This school doubTed Tor a insTink ThaT They would win iT, buT iT was good To have iT "in The bag" . . . DECEMBER-And Sandy Clawz. And anoTher vacaTion. And The annual TeeTsball dance . .. JANUARY--More local TalenT Mr. Ed- wards puT on Two one-acT plays and Miss Beck- er had several selecTions Trom Carmen, which were sung by members oT The chorus. 54 Calendar FEBRUARY-The only Thing OT much impor- Tance This monTh was mid-year graduaTion, and I 'spose ThaT was pre-TTy imporTanT To Those doin' The graduaTing . . . MARCH-The big TeaTure Tor March was The opereTTa, "I-I.M.S. PinaTore," and if l do say iT myself, iT was preTTy colossal . . . APRIL-Ah, The seniors broke down and had a dance. Bee-yoo-Ti-Tul aTTair, leT me Tell you .. MAY--This monTh we had The Music NighT program, wiTh The band and orchesTra, led by U. Gezz I-loo, and The mixed chorus, under The direcTion oT Miss Becker. Gorgiss ahfair! JUNE-Need I say whaT This monTh brings? No more school, no more Teachers, no more books, no more noThing Tor Three rnor1Ths. See you someTime in The TuTure. PS: Also The band concerT . . . 55 'S SNAPS I. Spring Fever. 2. Boy Scouf Manning. 3. Waifing af the Sreps for Davie. 4. Ladies' Man, Janovich. 5. Hamburger King, 6. Getfing Rough. 7. Van de Sande's Canine. 8. Going Some Place? 9. HE-ya, fehas! IO. Whar Form. II, Kissie. IZ. lse-a-Muggin. I3. The Lover. I4. Senafor. I5. Remember? I6 Love's Old Sweef Song. I7. Hasn"r Grown Up Yer eh as-Kimble. l8. Pubhc Enemy No. I. 19. Wha+'s Doing? 20. 6-60 or Flghf. 21. The Boys. 22. Sfudious Fresh. 23. Looking for Jack? 24. Sweet Sixfeens. 56 OROWERS' I-IARDWARE FISHING CAMPING TACKLE EQUIPMENT I6O Casfro S+. Phone 7I4 ChaHy: "I-Ie's so romanfic. When he addresses me, he aIways caIIs me 'Fair Lady'." CaI"ry: "Force of habit my dear. I-Ie's a sireei car conduciorf' Whenever I see Daniel Van de Sande walking To school on a cold morning, his ears remind me of Ihaf popular diHy, "Red Sails in The Sunset" PEARSON AUTOMOBILE COMPANY ICHEQVROLETJ 4'4"--lgggif 383 CASTRO ST. PI-IONE 5I7 Mounfain View, California 57 VEGLIA'S Clolhes and Shoes For All The Family A SILK DRESSES GF ALL KINDS WE CARRY LARGE SIZES 284 Cas'rro S+. Phone 455I Our barber looked a+ a young man's sleek hair and asked if he wanfed if cur, or ius+ The oil changed. Complimenfsof SPANGLER MORTUARY Garage, Machine Shop and TWU 'V "' Z K2 i Service Slalion "N'7"', A-,. Q 13. 1-'-af f , fi ir all A A A mg 5 - . . 'ia Official Garage Firsf Aid and Tow Service 895 CASTRO ST. Phone 546 Phone 2312 Miss Schmidl was heard 'ro say al lhe hobby show: "I iusl' play lhe violin for my own amazement" For Slandard Oil Producls See KANKEL and WOODS 58 Success fo Class of '36 FELLOWS 81 SPENCER Smiling Associafed Service 596 Casfro Sl. Phone 8l5 Why is a flapper like a bungalow? Shingled on +op, painled in front and no a'r'ric. Good Luck You know our name Class of I936 Do you know our merchandise? EIVEKTEN BRAUN'S M A R K E T DEPARTMENT STORE O Where do you buy Your Mea+s? THE af MOUNTAIN VIEW FUEL BERRYESSA'S MARKET COMPANY Moun+ain View FOR COAL AND WOOD Phone 52' Phone 2519 Do you know +he Scofchman who drank rea for 20 years, buf had +o qui+ because lhe lea leaves wore our? SLJNNYVALE Los Amos MARK TU BAN Dealer In Ford Produc+s 492 CASTRO ST. TELEPHONE M. V. 533 MOUNTAIN VIEW. CALIF. 59 Dick Hook Del Logan l-l O O K 84 L O G A N INSURANCE - RENTALS Our Policy ls Good insurance Phone 24I8 257 Casiro S+. Farher: "Well, son, whal happened when you asked for a raise?" Jim Siraubz "Why, he was like a lamb." Fafherz "Wha+ did he say?" Jim: "Baa." PAULDlNG'S THE DEPTSTORE BLUESTARSHOE R E N E W l N G Dry Goods Shoes Fancy Shoe Cleaning and Dyeing Mouniain View l72 Casiro Sf. G. T. Arena MOUNTAIN VIEW THE CREAMERY GIRLS' SHOPPE We Manufaciure Our Own EDLA POLAND lCE CREAM Proprieior Founlain Dairy Producls Ross and Ormand Newfarmer 237 Casiro Sli' Spring: The fime of year when farmers and golfers srarl' fheir spring plowing. Traffic Lighiz A li'r+le green lighi ihaf changes +0 red as your car approaches. R l Church and Caslro Sis. CK ESPINOSA Auio Eleciric Service Phone 2I4I 60 MOUNTAIN VIEW I-IARDWARE Phone 529 I99 Casiro S+. Miss Mylne: "If you wanied To gel siar 'Fish oulr of oysier beds, whai would you do?" Jeanne Cancillaz "Change The shee'rs." Wiring Moiors Complimemks VALLEY ELECTRIC CO. Glenn W. Wilson A I R B A S E Phone24I3 Radios Appliances ARMAN I N' MELLo's MENS sHoP DRUG STORES Drugs' Sundries' Sfai-ionery Men's Cloihing and Furnishings and Cleaning - Pressing - Alierafions Soda Eouniain Phone 635 Mountain View 259 Casiro SI. Phone 259I Archeologisis have discovered dice used by prehisioric Nebraska Indians. Maybe +ha+ is a lip on how Ihe red man Iosf This couniry. REDWINE MOTOR CO. 89OMercySI'. ALLIS CI-IALMER TRACTORS - FARM IMPLEMENTS Phone 734 6I Mallory I-Iafs Arrow Bra nd Shirls J A C O B Y ' S Iv1EN'S AND BoYS' FURNISHINGS CLOTHING AND SHOES I42 Caslro SI. Phone 500 Mrs. Gibson: "Norman, do you Ihinlc of me aII Ihe Iime7" Mr. Gibson: "WeII dear, nearly all 'rhe lime, buf I clo Spend a IiHIe Time wondering who Ihe Republicans will nomina're." Congra+uIa+ions CLASS OF '36 You Will Be Greefed Wifh a Smile AI' The Grocer ThaI"s Worfh While LAWSON'S GROCERY Dial 564 296 Casfro S+. GREENOUGH SERVICE STATION SHELL PRODUCTS GASOLINE OIL and LUBRICATION 402 Caslro S+. Phone 2524 Class of '36 GOOD LUCK TO YOU Read The Mercury Herald - Examiner LOMAS NEWS AGENCY Bump Pefersz "Jane, I am going 'ro a man Jrhal succeeds where olhers fail." Jane: "How's Ihal, Bump?" Bump: "I am going Io a banlcrupfcy lawyer." We Handle The Einesl Qualify E A T M O R E FRENCH CUSTARD Ice Cream . . K N I G H T ' S Irs Richer Free Delivery P H A R M A C Y 62 WINES Phone 537 FANCY uouoizs M I L A N I ' S 295 CASTRO STREET lmporled and Domeslic Groceries Fruils, Vegelables, Meals Mounfain View California Book ageniz "Young man, you need 'rhis book. H will do half of your high school worlc for you." Tom W.: "Fine, l'll fake lwo. vi MOUNTAIN VlEW N A P P E R ' S FOOD CENTER VARIETY STORE 5 - lO- l5C STORE Nolhing Over49c C A S H G R Q C E R Y Mounrain View 23l Caslro Sl. W. l.. and E. B. Ericlcsen, Props. E R l C K S E N ' S MEAT MARKET KARL'S CUSTOM Oualiry Meals and Poullry M A D E S H 0 E S Dick Schroefer Where Sryle and Oualily Reign a+ Popular Price Phone 56l 338 Universily Ave. Palo Alio Miss Mylne: "Virgil, whal would become of a siiclc of sodium if il' were lei? in ihe Chemisiry lab?" Virgil: "Somebody would 'rake ii." WE EXTEN D CONGRATULATIONS 63 if wAeNi5R's DRUG STORE MOUNTAIN VIEW THE REXALLSTORE PASTRY SHOP A Safe Place 'ro Trade All Kinds of C C it d VH S+ FANCY PASTRIES i Phone 2423 Phone 623 I86 Caslro Si. Marion: "I Ihinlc lhal I will lalce up horse back riding. II will increase my social s+anding." Ed: "I don'+ know aboul Ihe social part buf il sure will increase your sland- ingjl J. C. PENNEY CO. PaIoAI'ro LOS ALTOS THE HOME OF VALUES Complele Oulfirfers for 'rhe Family R E A I- T Y C O ' READY TO WEAR ACCESSORIES SHOES lvlen's and Boys' Clofhing QUALITY AT A Main S+. Phone Los Alios l SAVING Culier "I am noi going Io school anymore." Bob Slrauloz "Why noi?" Culiez "I can'+ learn anyihing. The Ieachers keep changing Ihe lessons Iv1URRAY'S BEAUTY SALON cAsTRo STREET Near Dana ,Phone 225I i 64 Wha'r's The Use? Roger PoHs Wha+'s The use lo worry? You've noi gol long To slay: Why noi' 'ralce 'rhings easy As you pass along 'rhe way? 'Twill do no good +o worry If lhings are going wrong, You may as well be pleasanl, Meel reverse wi'rh laugh and song. Wha+'s lhe use fo crilicise? Whal's 'rhe use lo lcnoclc? Wha+'s 'rhe use 'ro ridicule, Or al' some one lhrow a rock? Don'l' appoinl' yourself a censor, No maH'er whal' you do, This greal loig world was never made For iusl a chosen few. There's none of us +ha+'s perfecl, There's none or few can say Thal we never sfray or wancler From 'lhe slraighl and narrow way, So when you s'lar+ lo hammer Some poor soul who's gone aslray 'Twill do no harm lo slop and Think You loo may lose your grip some day. Wha+'s fhe use +o lciclc one Who's ius+ abou+ +o fall? lf you do no'r care +0 help him Don? menlion him al all. You will find, if you lake nolice, Thar whal l say is lrueg While 'rhere may be laullrs in olhers, There's a flaw or 'rwo in you, 65 The Lowly Rel. Dick Ralsion The fans have a hundred eyes: The lowly ref bul' 'rwog Bu? The releree's whisile does The worlc While The fans can only boo. The fans will howl and rani and rave: The ref is very quiei, Bu+ ye+ one worcl of sass io him Will cause a loaby riol. The noisy fans see fouls galore, Bui The referee lcnows his bizz: So close your irap and play 'rhe game And lake whai he says, as is. 66 Autographs Autographs Printed by dorm, Sweat 31 Zeus, Co., inc

Suggestions in the Mountain View Union High School - Blue and Gray Yearbook (Mountain View, CA) collection:

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