Mountain View High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Mountain View, AR)

 - Class of 1964

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Mountain View High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Mountain View, AR) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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, Y , I-Nay, V V fn- -1-v 'vm ' 121-r 1'-rmwwif 'vc ' 1'-" ' ff Y '2f5'm'. f, FM- . 7if?w Lpk -, 3,-.,s,w3: wg.--t-,ve.Y1,,1-,'1f ,, ,,,wfzW,g4g,.:w-..:f-n rr, y, y , V -nr-J ."'w:-Qqfy .JM f5,v'i?'w'-.4 'Fda-'f-' fcwasivg V. f.v','nf-Vw".-4f':',, Mg 'z 'mf ,' ' V I :'f.,1l'f2"f,17wf' gg if ff Jr aff: 1,12 Alix : 1' . , a 'li' .ygfn .QUQQR-m1'4.-W'-,,v?.1,-5-ff.-:,,:f. L,-rm, Qwum, .1-4,35 vf 'V ' H-g Q- A -. f V - f , ww' --"W-'.' ww' IL.-f'-5'a1,, , , , X' I, - Q, .1 'V 1 Az. ,P- ftffvpj. :3 , , V ' 1 ' " '?f'f?"M5LQ2?1w1X"f.mL .e , . , , ' 3g Jf,Q,j,.G,f2'f ,gg f . 4 ' . . fw J-fl",' - . . la ,j,'f,-'ff 'I , V , ,N L , V.,.,f7f21if, - .V - 4. - , f I 4,1 .ff f A I f -. ' , A, 'f' 1 - w, . f L41 th 3 55. K 1 F49 avr'-r awww 'aff' 1 f w , '39 xy, vs .1 ' - -qrwnzgg-f,.ff. K -ggi' ' z 5' ' ' I' 'l1l 'Evan ffrlrr 4-41 'qar-wffmuznunwugvf W'L'-wQ.J,gL:JQ:,Q.J,1,,'1' 1,1 -lbQQ3s,l,,u.i '-25.'aZl63dtll'r3kxi7 Q Lf-LSL.LwSff'Iv.'?fl.i ' '- '-'37"'t Annual Staff 2 We, the annual staff, sincerely hope that you will enjoy your YELLOWJACKET now and in years to come. May it hold memories that will never be forgotten. Mrs. Sue Gammill, Sponsor Jane Foster, Editor Eddie James Long, Business Manager Ann I-Iinkle, Assistant Business Manager YELLOWJACKET MOUNTAIN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL Mountam VIGW, AIKHHSHS Jane Poster, Editor 1 ,N , MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 3 Gen 317 Inde MID-i E V I Stewart Memorial Building E Stewart Memorial Library and Office nearing comp1eti011 Stewart Memorial Cafetorium - Serves the ,school as a cafeteria and also as an auditorium. U In Memoriam With pride, we the annual staff, mindful of the recognition and prestige he has brought to our school, would like to dedicate the 1964 YELLOWJACKET in memory of Mr. Ray C. Stewart. Mr. Stewart was superintendent of Mountain View School for three years. During these years with us, he devoted all of his time and efforts in helping young minds to learn and grow. I-le has given us lasting and unforgettable gifts of knowledge and friendship which we consider to be priceless. Through his untiring efforts two new buildings were added to the campus this year, the new library and the new cafetorium. They are standing reminders of Mr. Stewart's devotion to-Mountain View School. To the teachers he was always ready with advice and able assistance in matters that required prompt attention. To the students he was loyal, interested in their welfare, and friendly with everyone. His good sense of humor will always be remembered by the students, the faculty, and the community. The loyalty and devotion we felt for Mr. Stewart was not only be- cause of his successes, but also because of his sincere and personal interest in each student and teacher. S THE 1964 YELLOWJACKET STAFF .Q , fm 42 2 ai Q X Superintendent's Message To the Annual Staff and Sponsor, I would like to express my appreciation for the op- portunity to write this message. At this time I have not seen this year's Yellovvjacket but I am sure from past editions that the student body and faculty will spend many pleasant hours looking through this book recalling and reliving events of this year. For this We thank you. To the student body I can truthfully say you have been a most cooperative group. I want each of you to know that my position here is one of service to you. Feel free to call on me While you are in school or after graduation for any help I might be able to give you. To the graduating seniors I would like to say a word of encouragement to you to give your best no matter what field of endeavor you choose, because unless you have given your best you can take little satisfaction in whatever you may have been able to ac- complish. You will find that the, greater your service to mankind the greater your reward in happiness. S. L. Inlow, Superintendent of Schools Cooks Lillie Franks J oycie Dodson Clara Sutterfield Dollie Henderson Elsie Scott n Bus Drivers l RiCl'13l'C1 Gillihall Jghn K, Taylgf ' Clyde Allcorn T, O, Palmer J. W. Berry J. D- Smith Absent when pictures were taken Nelse Foster Elby Cavandey JQNIFVII' MRS. GLENDA DUNCAN Her assistance is greatly appreciated by all" MR. MARLIN SCOTT He works above and beyond the call of duty , 3 Q' 1' if MR. VON DEAN JEEEERY B.S.E. Bethel College Coach High School Faculty MR. GLENN MOR RISON B.S.A. University of Arkansas Senior High Science MISS LETHA BREWER B.S.E. Arkansas State Teachers College Senior High Social Studies MRS. SUI-3 GAMMILL L B.S.E. Arkansas State Teachers College Commercial MRS. WILLEEN VIA B.A. Arkansas College Senior High English MR. BENNY RISNER Arkansas State Teachers College Senior High Math MR. DONALD GENE LEE ' B.S.E. Arkansas State Teachers College Librarian "Oh, what a gathering!" Elementary Faculty MR. JCE A. STEWART B.S. Arkansas State Teachers College Sixth Grade MRS. JUDY STEVENS Arkansas College Sixth Grade :t f, MRS. CARCLYN INLOW B.A. Henderson State Teachers College Fifth Grade MRS. IRMA DEAN GRIGSBY Arkansas State Teachers College Fifth Grade MR. FLOYD BIRCHEIELD B.S.E. Arkansas State Teachers College Fourth Grade T MRS. FLOYD BIRCHEIELD B.S.E. Arkansas State Teachers College T Fourth e Grade 1 W WI 'M WV U wi I , 7-7 Y , ,W , Mmm 7 MR, COLEMAN CAMMILL B.S.E. Arkansas State Teachers College Junior High Science MR. DELBERT COPELAND Arkansas State Teachers College' Junior High Math No Photo MRS. LANELL JONES B.S.E. Arkansas State Teachers College Junior High English MRS. ERNESTINE EULBRICHT Arkansas State Teachers College Junior High Social Studies MRS. MARGARET KEMP B.S.H.E. University of Arkansas Home Economics MR. RUEL RICHARDSON B.S. Arkansas State College Agriculture h ,VV High school band performs at one of school's assembly programs. The band in- cludes Garry Hopper, Ricky Barnes, Robert Hood, Barry Storey, and LaMar Wallace. ,. Q WW! fs N0 1P if it J f 4 x4 Mfwzzfx f , . f f f x f'4f'w' f,:Jfff f' , f W Q ' f 7, , gif " ,, JWQWX wfngf V 4, , ,,,, ,,f,,, t x , , 3 13 1, 5 R2 ' .'-:'-ixif iF-1-Fffk - ' tl f fm'W5f57f if ff H mf, gc V+ KZWMMW K AW ' f 1 Q , gif as , nuff' X f Qassssh X-.Ei it A K rw QS , ,,,. - :Xl T K i "Ei I ,4 , 5 ,WW ,,fW.Qf f: f,w4yw44Q, ' fwfiwgg U ,rm I . 1 wg s 5 fl 4 'L .mmf rug, .c Mg ,..,..-., fy,-V-f "I used to have freckles" I'm dressed up an' Waiting for a date" "Oh, those crash diets" ' 'XWVWL ' f , if 2 w ,Wy ff' : 1 . 4-M94 f W f . ,W ,Wag . 1 1 , Jw' V V , '25 4 ' ,fjfj ,M f -' MXH 'Q -. , ry I N ff ff fd f X f f ff ,, 4 f 4, if if f , k ff :Q I . 5 , ,wlofyffjf 2 ,, , M17 V MXX? f f f f ,Z f 6 f 5 i 5, V, , 'I i if 'ff , if ' i "Look Ma, HO cavities" "Look! I can Walk!" Do you remember when We used to Wear BANGS????'?? "Different h a i r - do. . Same face" Seniors I955-56 if TY WX ' 5337279 lWTL""f9Xf,fw' 1 gf ' X ,,,a,,, 1 j 71, " .34 Cs r f if x V Q' 22", -' .Q Q S Af .,. 1 M -af ,f , f Q 4 ' fi A , f A 1.jj.'- ,, - if , 3 X X .,:, 1 L .L ,- fi 1 "Do you remember those good times we had in the fourth grade???" t MRS. PAYE BREWER Arkansas State Teachers College - Third Grade MRS. OPAL DAMPF B.S.E. Arkansas State Teachers College Third Grade MRS. MAYE MASSEY B.S.E. Arkansas State Teachers College Second Grade MRS. GLADYS RORIE B.S.E. Arkansas State Teachers College Second Grade MRS. NEAT RISNER Arkansas State College FITSF Grade MRS. SARAH BOLIN Arkansas College FITSI Grade Primary Faculty fm? if Xxx, 4 5' ,fin GUY BUCHANNAN Basketball l,2,3, 49 FFA 1,2,3,4. LEON BURNS FPA 2,3,4, Officer 4g Basketball l,4g Baseball 2g Class Play 3. ALLEN BRIGHT EFA l,2,3,4g Class Play 35 Paper Club. MELVIN CLARK FFA 1,2,3. ELIZABETH EASTRES C la s s officer 3,4g Beta Club 3,4g Class Play 3g Annual Queen 4g 'Paper Staffg An- nual Staffg Basketball l . DWIGHT FORD FFA l,2,4, Officer 4g Who's Who 4g Fire Marshal gClass Play 3g Baseball 2g Pep Club 2,3. L-47"-M,:n :.:.....a.- --sw - - President, Leo Sutterfieldg Vice- President, Larry Shipmang Secretary, Elizabeth Eastresg T r e a s u r e r, Nona Warreng Reporter, Jane Poster. Senior Class bias-..,.. W-- Q,-. ,,.Qr'i nw , WY Hy M , I'll tell you ........ some of these seniors?????" CAROLYN JOHNSON Fl-IA l,2,3,4, Officer lg Basketball l,2,3, 4g Class Officer lg Annual Staffg Class Play 3g Pep Clubg Who's Who 4. LONNIE JONES EEA l,2,3g Baseball l,2,3g Play 3. PHYLLIS LANCASTER Class Officer 25 Basketball l,2g FHA 2,3,4g Class Play 3, EDDIE LONG PFA l,2, Officer lg Who's Who 4g Pep Club 2g Class Play 3g Fire Marshal 5 PTA 4, Annual Staffg Fire Marshal . GAIL MCCLUNG FI-IA l,2,3,4g Pep Club 2. MARY LOU MOORE FHA l,2,3g Class Officer 3. LELAND NICHOLS FFA l,2,4g Baseball 2,3. R. L. POGUE EEA 2,3,4, Officer 4g Basketball l. TERRY POCUE 4-H Club l,2,3g FFA l,2,3g Baseball3g Class Play 3. gl JANE FOSTER FHA l,3,49 FTA 41 Girls' State 4g Annual Editor 4g Who's Who 45 Class Officer 45 Library Club 4- JOE NEIL POSTER U LINDA EOLL LARRY FREEZE FPA l,2,3,4, Officer 1,25 Class FHA l,2,3,4g Pep Club 2g Class FFA l,2,4g Class Play 3g Annual King 3g Pep Club Play 35 Homemakers Degree 3. Play 35 Basketball l 2. 2,3,4g Baseball 2 "For They Conquer Who Believe They Can" JANETT HARDIN PHA l,2,4g Annual Staff 4. WANDA HENDERSON FHA 1,2,3,4, MARTHA HEDGES Fire Marshal 4g Class Play 3g Bas- ketballl. WARREN GLEN HESS FFA l,2,3,4, Officer 1,25 Class Play 3g Who's Who 4. GEORGE WAYNE I-IINKLE FEA l,2, Officerl,2g Basketball l,2,3,43 Baseball 2,3315 Beta Club '2,3,4, Officer 35' FTA 4, officer 4g Fire Marshal 4g Paper Staffg Annual Staff. MYRTLE Housrou FHA 1,2,3,4. , :ilu E l f - mf- hi ,, :rv ff 1 , flin.,-,tub J' will ,2,,,.,,,, -------f-M-may -v--ff 3335! ik 'mg- Qi N Q ,. Seniors "Friends We are 'athered to ether on , 8 S this sad occasion . . .... " '- - 1 A 1 --f. - - i ...:.:rf:ansu.u.1nnzw.1.1:,: ' -:L,,.,L..,, ... ,-A... L- , .,, BILLY SUTTON FPA l,3,4. BOBBY THOMPSON FFA l,2,3g Class Play 3. ZELDA THOMPSON FHA l,2,3,4g Class Play 3g Class Officer l. SHIRLEY TROTTER FHA l,2,3,4,0fficer lg Beta Club 2,3,4, Officer 25 Class Officer 2g Class Play 3g Paper Staffg Annual Staffg Fire Marshalg Choral Club 4, Officer 4g FTA 4. BONITA WALLIS FHA l,3,4g Pep Club 2. PATSY WILSON FHA 1,2,3,4. ALPHA WILSON FHA 1,2,3,4. DONALD WOODY FFA 1,23 Class Play 3g Firelvlarshalg Library Clubg Annual King 4. NONA WARREN Class Officer 1,3,4g FHA l,2,3,4g Basket- ball l,2,3g Class Play 3g Choral Club 4, Officer 4. LORRAINE ROBERTS FHA 1,2,3, Officer 35 Beta Club 2,3g Class Play 3g Bas- ketball 3g Annual Staffg Paper Staffg Homernakers Degree 3. ROGER RORIE FFA 1,2,4, Class Officer 1,25 Basket' ball l,2,3,43 CIHSS Play 3g Coach Peanut. CAROLYN RUTLEDGE FHA l,2,3,4g.Officer 3,4g Beta Club 2,3,4, Officer 3,4g Paper Staffg Annual Staffg FTA 4, Officer 4g Who's Who 45 Class Play 3g Homemakers Degree 3. CARL SARTIN 4-H l, FFA 2,3,4, Class Play 3g Fire Marshal 4. CARY SHANNON FFA l,2,4g Contest 1,25 Class Play 3. IVAN SHAW FFA l,2, Officer 2g Contest 23 C l a s s Officer 3. LARRY SHIPMAN FFA 2,3,4g Basket- ball lg Fire Marshal 45 Library Club 45 Class Play 3g Class Officer 4. BOBBY JOE SISK FFA 1,2,3,4, Officer 4E Basketball l. LEO SUTTE RF IE LD C1338 Officer 14- FFA l,2, Officer,2i Beta Club 2,3,4, Qf: glcef 3,42 Annual Btaffi Paper Staffg OYS' State 33 Out- afanfilng Student 35 h0S Who 45 Fire Ig13sSSah24g FTA 4, a . may 3- ,3,4,Class Seniors CI-lEROKEE??'?'?'?'7'?'?'? L. Billy Adams Kennard Avey Sandra Billings Larry Burns Susie Burns Marsha Burton we .ir, .,,,W,V, . ,. V.,,. .,,. ir,r t i.rrr. . , WW ,, ,, ZW ,ire f Wh, I Rosa Lea Cantrell Beverly Cash Donald Chitwood 5, 1' ' 'f ,, I f 'J' I 'W S' 6-fy, If ,,,V f I X fi 'f if ' I x 5 Corlene Collins Mary Beth Cowell James Cruise Carolyn Dearien Marilyn Dearien Hinkle Decker lva Nell Franks Eugene Gilbert Dianne Greene Junior Francis Sutton Danny Scott Gayle Stevens Howard Stewart Barry Storey Michael Looney Linda McCallister Jack Oyler Ireland Nichols Clyde Parker Judy Passmore Shirley Pierce Jerry Price Rebecca Roush Junior All dressed up and no place to go Class Mary Ann Hastings Sue Henderson Ann Hinkle X Life is God's gift to us, what we make of it is our gift to Him." Motto Donald Chitwood, President, Barry Storey, Vice Presi- i Gary Hopper Keith Johnston Janet Lancaster dem? Judy Sutterfield, Reporter, Beverly Cash, Treas- ufefi Gary Woodard, Reporter. Jerry Lancaster Jimmy Looney If P f .N :iss ,, rx, t QQ ., X -t is , X x ' W s -C' , x ,Wx ,AM X A 15 1 if we ,,k. ,WW .NVQ ,,,., . 5 ,,,.., t X I, rpm, f , all - 2 0 5' AQ X ag, ' as 5 ydfltgx F s. , X ff ,f X D ,N M, 64 In Sophomore Cla s Connie Ackerman Vera Allen Randy Bangs Linda Barnes Ricky Barnes Ricky Billings Carolyn Brannon Karon Branscum Stephen Brown gym is 1 . f 2, Q' X 1 xx X si 5:51 ,A ,W f!Q?B 5 4 "w' S r f 1, -V n. fm ' t 'Y f .,, if ' , ,Q .R E v f 5 1 Aj -f" K 41 f If 1 1 , X f 1 K W Q, f fn f f ff sq, X X we , f 44' .1 X X X ff N 2 as Q M tsNw K .Q "' 4 f M' f s g J , 9 57 Q, f 1 4 7 f 1 ., - X A f MST? xx X if ' ff S' xx ,X iff, 1 , v f N V V41 ,SO X 3 I -fl XX I ard President Jimmy Hinkle, Vice-President Ronnie Burroughs, Secretary Pat Franks, Treasurer Randy Bangs, Howard Patrick Reporter. Paul Broyles Ronnie Burroughs Toni Burton Cheryl Cain Rose Carter David Cates Clyde Cavendar Gwenith Corter Eddie Cowell Aaron Ray Davis Charles Deskins Oliver Dodson Connie Duncan Gail Farren Laura Foster Pat Franks Betsy Garven Sammy Gill Genna Lou Hardin Betty Henderson Jimmy Hinkle Robert Hood Tommy Jason Barbara .lessen Marilyn Johnson '-uv gl Class L l T In the good old daysl Gary Woodard Glenda Whitfield Linda Whitfield Dianne Whitfield Floyd Wallace Judy Sutterfield Winston Taylor Pat Teague Maxine Thompson Maxie Woody Gilbert Woody 1 .E2E:E....."'5,."x"m." 'ML V"2E'.PdiglShn1.s."f""Ym3..x" - ' nib!-Ima..-L' '?"vl4,5--.,.-2:r.l4.'a4 :rf ,.....-...............--. .... ............ ........... -.....- ,,..,.., . .,... 49 L VT? if Qgggiigrx y X KSN 7 Wi X c ,il :M 4,L:.LZ4v' uA4JL'x-e,.l.44L'.1.L.1sfTu.LJ.A -L."'1Z FIRST ROW: Left to Right, Jerry Richardson, Vice-Presidentg Danny Porter, Presidentg Norene Canard, Sec- retaryg Nicky Barns, Reporterg Gary. McClung, Treasurer. Freshman lass "Initiated Into Senior High" r XX Nm- , Q 7 ., ,.4, XM 1 410533 ' .7211 1' is ,f ,f Q, X . M sf ' is bi Tf"':"i:fi .L .4 . mil f fra f , ,. fy . , Z9 f . Q 5 f , .W V, ay' V , wr 4' Q 1 5 4 Hr sg - f A7 l ' f. 1 P 1 VJ mf mf wan s r ,, ff N s 1 I .H f -uf , ' h qjygbf .I X . , . Z cifhiiai Q 'il ,. xg, his 5 4 3 'Z "'?'W R iaa, , is 1 f A XX Q. 5' A ll ' , z ' ., ' - 'c Q - N X Ei 1 X .c , i , Lonnie Baker Knox Bell Andrew Barham Nick Barns Brenda Blackwell Gary Brewer Buddy Brown Carolyn Broyles Brenda Burns Gregg Burr David Campbell Shelby Canard Norene Canard Annette Collins Lisa Conley Marjorie Corter Robbie Nell Cruse Terry Decker Lonnie Depew Patsy Fulks Karen Green Pamela Hinkle Tim Honea Sherry .lessen Dale Kemp .......w.--... i.....-, ,..,... - -,.,-M.,--..........--1.,.,,,Y In l963 - l964 Larry Jones Danny Kirby Allen Lancaster Paul Lancaster Susan Lancaster Pat Lauderdale Rodney Luther Kathy Miller Jerry Mitchell Jane Moody ,J Ohl Those giggling girls! Q97 W, ,Tx it M stiff f X U- 7 if W, 44 f f - fl.: fa 5 gg Jimmy Nesbitt Francis Parker Howard Patrick Ronnie Perry Q N ! X SN . X X Wav Norman Pitts Z R N7 Jimmy Purdom f XS N7 Dorothy Ramsey Boyce Rorie Gwennith Stewart Claude Sutterfield Edd Sutterfield W Mary Sutton Rita Sue Teague Dale Ward Charles Whitfield Erma Sue Wilson Curtis Woody Kenny Wyatt Judy Younger Lillie Younger X 'ill A ' ,WV We gm Us ,, . , W ff Q-N ,,f tg , ,, fi' I "ESQ J Q- 55115 . is M f 4 If X Z f X Q ff, N fs f ff? X ' aasteis S ' , Q f M ff ' ff 3 f W 1, iii.. 15.1, f:.ZffZ ' X .rw ,,,5Xv,,,,,X -.,...X,,. ,,,X XCX ,,Wf1:,.,,i.,Xg XN"4"fX 97' If 1 N ,f , X Q ,f :Xe ,wa ,, f , r. XXX , .X ,, C f X , Q Q,.. ,,..X .' X jg , 9 ' 4453 X3 'Q 'Mai' 1 A N J il" il f, 5 ' iii-4 Q 'X '1'JS'? , Z' ,J '3 'ia J J ff ff, . i 'f'..lf5 D ,H if UI' L if ,g 75. .,...aXX. W, , ,W WL f X N M Johnny Akin Lena Ausburn Rayell Ausburn Ritha Lou Backham Sharon Berry Ralph Branscum Charles Campbell Bill Canard WHX X X X0 x, ,W 2 al W. I xi , , 5 x X Eighth Grade Danny Cates ,yn XX W "f J .' , X gf :gay f, Z , W WM , , X f X2 f, f mfs L, xr , , X f y s X Q X f ff X w gf X IQQQQWWI.-B151 ,,,. NN 7 J Glen Fulks Negha Fulks Dwight Gilbert James Henderson , X x !,3 x A d X X Q , N , "School days, school days, good ld Pauline Holmes Nancy Hinkle Keith Jassen Charles Lawerence Jesse Lawrence Iva Dean Lawson Nancy Leonard Peggy Looney Gloria Kirby Bruce Lancaster Sue Lawerence Dorthy Looney Tommy Looney Carolyn Mabry Linda Maloy Douglas McCarty' Garry McClung Dennis Mitchell Dorthy Newlands, Betty Jean Nichols Barbara Patrick Ronnie Perry Danny Porter Robert Prince Jerry Richardson Jimmy Richardson Wanda Sanders Janelle Shannon -.v af, - 'MQ l t f 1 LJ Z "2-:Y .fi Q f . ,, if . f C 1 X x . w' A X. S , V ' H Ji, 'JS '43 " f f l Qi 'QT ,f g if Qt if Alvin Smith Leona Smith Jerry Younger 1? L 1 ' i sv., , N A, xi- . , 55 ali? f- ' f -X vw 1 mv. f Q, A ,v,!5z:zfa,+ ' A AQ VZ, - 'xgsrsfiif Ns. 4 M 4, A. I I xg ,c ,, Oh just a little ole class reunion. Now girls, smile for the man. ' 31 Mama-H 1 ul -. I ' slifgflf gg I K W: lu . , " . X, ',-1.5 ,g li .R A 4 A M , I. 'ag 4, - . fail Q si 5 3 1 "'. 1 W fg iss, 4 V 'sn' 1 We Q .- L - ,M 'v J B A s X If G X Q 6 2, ff .J Wa' My A f s , , X V My I 'Q- i , 5 x Q 2 Qs :if H P, 2: K, X ' :l ff. W , ,iw , as 1 g lend . . , Q 'le K 5 ga Q 'Y ' 1, X, . 4. sg, W, X X fd 2 f X In , xe1"5 l al x - .. we X 5 1 , . NN .ala ' ,L , K I N -at . X, A gn N4 , fr .4 X 7452221 J lf 54-'fs-z- f 'ff' V +1 f ". 'i ' , fl, 'Q 4: f 3 f ,Q f ef r ,N X1 Seventh Grade James Adams Troy Atchison Ronnie Avey David Beckham Dottie Berry Linda Berry Jerry Blackwell Ronald Blackwell Gladys Brewer 2 Q5 5' ,ma Dana Brown Karl Burr Sylvia Carter Ella Cavender Paul Chism James Clark Johnny Corter Lavell Craig Paul Craig Allen Ferren Brent Foster Joan Foster Nancy Green Johnny Greenway Brenda Henderson James Floyd Henderson Larry Henderson Leon Hill Terry Hinkle Rhonda lnlow Mrs. Jones' "impossibles" Mr. Gammill Mr. Copeland, Sponsors Linda Luther Willa Fae Mclntire Jeanne Moody Shirley Murial Bobby Nichols Garilyn Partee Linda Price Roger Price Contemplating? 7 7 ? 7 7 7 7 4 Deloris Prince Barbara Ramsey Janet Richardson Pat Scott Betty Simmerman Jerry Shannon Johnny Smith David Stoltz Timmy Storey ,, .,,1ki2 df ' ff ,Ak I C so XX f X v E .J , 4 U i lffif Qumg f X ,i 7 ff , X totr X f 9? . ff, A ttr.,,, W X W' 1 X 3 K 4 3 X iw T3 ,J S S Carolyn Trotter W lg James Walker 6 1 7 5' x fail f is 5 Ya, ' 'J if N ' I A Shirley Ward 'S A of I fqi Freddie White , nf f f k F J f" , 3 3 Q, 'Q if . - , Q ' t , , N , v , I Q, 3 fzafsf -email l 1, r XV' Judy Wrinkle Mickey Hendricks ,,.. ,r..,J . r4,..,,,, f inin J ' ' 1 it WHT. ,W , fri. V If I Mrs. Steven e , 6 . 1 ff V' A ' -Q. X 2 ,, gy W, .. . " , '4 ' if-'f 4, , 3 1 - :q:,:f5'.?:Xx 'ff 1 , 7, ,KN 3. . . , uf 1 t gui!-fhfvvfx ..f.1f, L f , i, 1ff,.,,x .. Q ., ,, ,f , ,I ..,,s- .X ,Q 1vx 4 ,f ' UA X V' 371' Iifflxx 17351521 V, f H , HWY- - i ,fi-ffistii.. :.. '.f,r1,Z 1 ,W Nw, ,,,,,,V, X ,, ,V , I ,,, M ,f . 'n 5 1? sw Z 4 Z , i 1:71 . . s , v k le fi, Q ,Q wx 2 Ei t Q K X. fs? i M, f ' 'wiv I . H . ,fm , ,W X, M Barbara Allen Francis Brown Andy Burr ' Rosa Lee Canard Loy Ray Clark Patricia Clark ' Sixth Grade "Y 77 A 5, 5,3 , , 7 -1 I. A ,vw wwf!zffilutfiaf-:limi x xRs.mi.-:- ' , Brenda Deatherage Darrel Freeze Linda Gowens , I f I, an ff-afwg 4 5 . egg ,, ' if-nessF"' JW I I rf: New 1 A Q . 2 Q . ,1 ffm Danny Halk Linda Henderson Kay I-linkle Dexter Holmes s 31- 1 X X 1, xx X ,- fy X , , x Q . , ' ' 'Zi ' 1? i ., f , , f T-gg, ff. - xgrsf f I ' 3 f ik Q ' ,, I Q X is - 1 , sf' tfx A y 13 - i I. t f i 'R A si 'wwf 4 , , .K 3 Q. x :Lx NO LHOIO tx ,, M , , , f ff! , bf . i 1 ,, ' X Ft f for ., A t , be Sf 5 I ,,y,O,fZH, , f li' H " iZr??3:2Q , N P M A i , -A ' 4 1 -A bf 1 .V 1 u' xx NO PHOTO llf R i ' 'ii aenn ' Ti' f R a AVAILABLE , Ai rnn, 1 y y y A AVAILABLE Terry Ivy Eulena Jessen Edna Jones Leland Kisor Douglas Looney Billy McClung Ronnie McClung Roy Middleton Edward Morgan Larry Morgan Rebecca Nichols Brenda Poff Emmie Price Linda Scott Randy Sloan Bill Snowden Maureen Warren Darrell Adams Qphoto not shownj Buefard Brown Qphoto not shownl Genice Motes Cphoto not shownl - F---M -Y -- +L L-iii.- - ---Y .. - u..,x:ipM,5-L.:-Y--- Gerald Ivy Jimmy J essen Linda J essen Lewis Jones Lois Jones Danny Kemp Tommy Lauderdale Steve Lawson Ricky Livingston Kay McCarty Audrey Mclntire Jerry Mclntire Wanda McMahaw Jimmy Mitchell James Mullins Danny Nesbitt Dollie Northcutt Kathy Patrick Pamela Pitts Ruth Ann Prince Johnny Rhoda Lois Sanders Larry Smith Lona Faye Smith Ronnie Smith Kelly Storey Perry Sutterfield Dennis Taylor Geneva Taylor Mike Tinkle ls ,,,, iilir, Q ' X ' S ,W - i Qi fgyfjwi gi 2 ' ' 5. 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'V Q.. .f . 6,171 Q lnlow's Fifth Grade Denise Brightwell Peggy Condrey Craig Cook Marsha Dobbins David Gibbs Elaine Gowens Harvie Hill Carla Jones Deloris Lancaste Q 'i Qs. 'KX X 1 fi K 'XQQV ,.i.Q,.K,7, 4 x -Q 2 x g fu 3,1 .fwgligizl i . "ff , V .. 1 V' . . 1 ' .,. , 5 .ig ff-N Q.-1 7. A 'T A 1 5, Q A-"7 qyffffxw " K . - - i , ' i K 't 1 "c um . ' f 'V 'W , A 5 Q -A QV A. g ii, 2 fifgy, f K f-1 2 st 1 fairs- 'ffc5'e:'gfM isis ,. f' 'iffafe , qw . ,V ig? aj? , 4 u S , ,ssi segi.gieee T iseies .liii S is ieil is ,W ,i N,,, It , H NOPHOTO i ANAILABI B ' d H QCIEQ A V5 Q fi S w. 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Mr Birchfield teaching a fourth grade Terry Lauderdale Kirk Leonard Donald Martin Joy Moody Jimmy Mclntire Gearline Morgan Tim Middleton Cathy Nichols Tommy Northcutt Charles Oliphant Bennie Price Johnny Richardson Virginia Simmons James Sutterfield Brinda Stewart Stephen Taylor Elizabeth Whitley Jane Williams N Doris Atchinson William Allen Louise Ausbron Steven Blackwell Jana Sue Beckham Mary Annette Bittle Phillis Brown Melvin Chism Mitzi Carter Grade -' 'a 'SW Xf D' l, 9' 4, 'Q' ..... , Q fa T N ,f X N J' . -N , .W K ,, K,,,..f" . 4 X f H Q vm, ,S jfs 9 1 K A i X Thomas Carter I , M U Barbara Condrey j f? Ao iQ ff ii, Brenda Foster f ' 'f Ricky Goodman M 'J ' K ' 52542 WS. .- ,,,. Brenda Henderson Donald Hightower James Halk Frances Jessen George Looney 1 f I ' f X X 1 X -ff if 7 V ' ,Q I J Q , ,, f f , 51 i 'f ,Q -,asf iw! f I 9 if 1 ,-A 'wry-1 o Photo s- Z S ,f 1 if w f,ff'V. Nl , f H, ftp' , ff ' J f K , Afiwmff, pf J I 'fp .W , V .1-Q. 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NOPHOTO NO P14010 , , L AX but LXBXLL L xx XII nat E . ,JI Q , x 1 ,' Q? as g , --' X Virginia Kay Hinkle Lance Johnson Ronnie Lee Kirby Bobby Leonard "Mrs, Risner giving individual help to ' students" Connie Meyer Miriam Miller Ronnie Morgan Randy Nichols Helen Ann Oyler Danny Ray Poff Ernestine Price Rocky Price James Ramey Carl Ramsey Beth Richardson Tommy Rutledge Helen Smith Patsy Sullivan Naomi Sutton J Becky Ward Brenda Kemp -, No Photo Debbie Henderson - No Photo 7 Mrs. Nlassey's Second Grade ,,. ff R x f X ax Judy Anderson j j f Shirley Ausborn Qg' 1 T f f Q W X X X, fi w f N , X 'Q Donald Beckham 'Mark Branscum Vernon Brewer Darlene Broyles Terry Caldwell Judy Clark J - t . 1 ,aa -4. T to X 5 f' , ff ee. Aki , fl I J 'ZQT iplfqiii fi ffztaf f 1 - l 5 X. . 'S ffl? 7 SQA e ' ASYKW 'r,d lllli ' T A ., 1 X 1' ' ', 3 1 0 J' 2. , I A 2:4 4" 1 X. 1 f 5 . - 1 , t, , E 4 1 5 1 zilfg 1 .1 'fc x l , h sl. se f 4 J I Q. Trigonometry?????'? T J Dale Condrey y I as if Ralph Carter to f Q ' I ,I al , fx f vw. , yi --ef Janice Cavender U , ' S Jerry Foster X fl I I A zifsa of - Q s .,, .X t EY-we - if o f X J W fi S' ' te Jerry George ji Glenda Gillihan Ronald Goodman KM 'f R he P Michelle Kisor J l, l 1 X f J l ,S xw PWM T l 4 'I l f , i I h xg J 2 Q .X l Mark Luther . f Buddy Meyer i y f X J Bobby Mitchell f as t V fmt - Janice Nesbitt ll' S pa Roger Parson A J' X 'f V I 1 If size!! gif 4 2 ? J. C. Prince i f' y ' , Tresa Rlsner. ' it 1 Gary Scott i 1 A Palma Storey A , j - t J Sherry Stewart all Q. N .' - , g Y Troy Stevens , P ' A Tommy Taylor V A . 2 i""" ' 'J-, 'ii Randy Thomas 1 7 .L f - I I X f lr , lf l f T is . Darrell Wallace . S if N I XX it ,f Delmar Woodard f 3 ea J I ly . ' or . X , ee? J -" ' N, s 'uf .,,, ' gf 'jc W 'ff ,A il, 5 tif' - ' ff it l, 'PI'ef1mi Q - PF S -H 2 l 1 f, J. 5 i r 1 i X Y Fil, I Q4 "Mrs, Bolin leading her students in song." l Z 1 A 1 Keith Adams , Max Baldridge Mrs. BoIin's First Grade , ,Q Q Q as 4 i .px 1-H . 'a L ,.f55:,:,1:3+.,,x ,xfgfm 4551. it ,,ff..1.f r N ,svn 1 lay, X X ,Q 1 M ,aff t x Y K ' XS Darlene Brown ' X Ramona Brown Debra Carter ,B . ,E l 1 1 XG i l gr l Linda Clark Q 5 M X S tw g l Bobby Condry y J A Darlene Corter X , 1 X L I . I X, 6 E J s o a 1 i James Day u y J A X Carol Ann Dearien y S 'ay 'r Pauline Deatherage ' W, Ruth Engle J K Janice George MN! 5 hi . i,r N X Q f iiri X J -. . fm, ,Align X , if 5 5 M X' Clever Hill is ' L A f I M Tommy Hill , 'M ' K 7 Ur r M J K- J . Q - ff f, -QR I U K Q r 'j Amanda Lou Kemp Q jg K 3 Y Q y -3, Virginia King ,, f fy 41,5 xt ' ,P 24 Sammy Lawrence ag Eg ff 525-tt g ,, x, K 43 X1 1 , -1' 1 Barbara Looney W P K . J . j Dwight Mitchell W M V Linda Morris 'IVAN 4 r Ruth Nichols f 1- , A, , , if V Wanda Northcut " Bill Oliphant fm , f cw. Q I f,. . ..,-jgs 4 . Ch . . P k fr Q f , , . T y Q ristine ar s V X, V , M, W L K ,A X I S rm 3 David Price ,A , ,P E ' 5 . f' P fuk XQWQWA 1 I , K1 Jimmy Prichard A ,V 1 .4 L - ww S , JJSP 1 I Rhonda Rhoda W 5 'H' 45 f f f , fr Q Paulette Shi man f , 'f 1 m S . p zfifff , ' zz' :fy , fy ' 3 ,Ju . fb. i 1 Q ,, 4 K? JM, J 'Af . 'Q ff Nancy Simmons if 5 M A 52 V Garry Joe Stewart ' f Nopworo Novuorro Evelyn Taylor it " ,, I I f, " A -we 'M AVAILABLE ,avmtnanns L . . . H 1 pina nr V ,-as 7 Lois Williams - No Photo D ff gp ,x W ,f Earl Ausborn - No Photo J ,.1'.. f JN"'f , .1 by ,I f Ag J, J I . N0 l Basketball stars! !!!? I don't know where it came from but I like it. ia G6 Girls, Today's assignment!!! .....,,, .,,, .l.X,l. I , lamv WW""'M I , I 'W IIIW, ,,,, q X f ,, ,Ny I -lif ,f I , I ,fs 'z J . V, ' f 'ff gd SIM, Zfz Aw? 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X xv X W' xxx ' fwf X ffff' X T- xx Kxix ff Mp, x S mffw SX X A fy fwff Q X- k - , ,WL -Nw , Q X M 53 X f WW 7" ,WW x .Q N.-:Xrfx-x ' Wf . f My ,215 . . 5-M L KSN- .rx , K fx , -X 'H I X A x A - I ' - XwtQi'SU"' f if xg, Q I , jr x My LW k x Q J Q ' , - -4 V -- ..5,..-ig-9,WL-1-,:w7.-..'1t.53R114.'..1w'mm-iq.-,Q ,.,, ..,, W XX W . X i ctuutaeo BEST ATHLETES Dianna Green - Donald Chitwood Who's Who MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Jane Foster - Leo Sutterfield E 5 ig Miss Mountain View High School "ln School Clothes" HVVE GOT THE SUN GRINSH Miss Mountain View High School "ln Mr. Mountain View High School "ln School Clothes" "PM TlRED!!" Casual Clothes" "MY FEET HURT!!" Mr. Mountain View High School "ln Casual Clothes" "ANYONE EO R STUDYlNC?? ?" 4 'T MM l 9, iliiifkl e miie ...- l X 'I -J A 1 ,flgl li on 1 ', e ' iv 69 51,1 x -is Q M , E .ng H--f BEST ALL-AROUND Ann I-Iinkle - Leo Sutterfield It k Who's Who FRIENDLIEST Beverly Cash, Rickey Billings - ,y ww . 1 .,,, Q., meek I963e64 BEST DRESSED Ann Hinkle - Ronnie Burroughs BIGGEST FLIRTS P Karon Branscum - Dwight Ford Wm -'x Honor I--' Students Seniors i954 LEO SUTTEREIELD, Valedictorian GEORGE WAYNE HINKLE Co- Salutatorian E ELIZABETH EASTRES LORRAINE ROBERTS Co- Salutatorian Co-Salutatorian IQ63-64 MOST PGP ULAR Marilyn Dearien Don Chitwood Carolyn Johnson WITTIEST Q Carolyn Rutledge - Eddie Long S Mrs Via, Sponsor "The purpose of this organization shall be - the promotion of the ideals of honesty, service and leadership among high school students of America, to reward meritorious achievement, and to encourage and assist students to con- , tinue their education after high school. E2 o. E 2 s Beta Club FIRST ROW: Left to Right is, Ann Hinkle, reporter, Marilyn Dearien, treasurer, Beverly Cash, secretary: Hinkle Decker, Vice-President: Mrs. Via, Sponsor, Leo Sutterfield, President, Carolyn Rutledge, Business Man- ager, Shirley Trotter, Assistant Business Manager: Elizabeth Eastress, Editor. SECOND ROW: Maxine Thompson, Dianne Green, Judy Sutterfield, Carolyn Dearien, Linda McCallister, Sue Henderson, Mary Beth 1 I Q 3 I 3 Cowell. THIRD ROW: Keith Johnson, George Hinkle, Pat Franks, lva Nell Franks, Susie Lancaster, Connie Duncan, Cheryl Caine. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Jessen, Lillie Younger, Jane Moody, Vera Allen, Gilbert Woody, Paul Lancaster. FIFTH ROW: Randy Bangs, James Cruse, Charles Whitfield, Kenny Wyatt, Rodney Luther, Claude Sutterfield, and Jimmy Hinkle. 5 l Iwi' E Q-. 1 G 4' x Ivfw HO? ,bo O I O,- if' 2 n-., 'Q --at X all fj - fi" I lo -e Q- -1' 0 o 'V LARRY SHIPMAN, "FHA Beau" FIRST ROW: Sue Henderson, Secretaryg Beverly Cash, Pianist, Janett Lancaster, Song Leader, Mary Beth Cowell, Song Leaderg Ann Hinkle, President, Carolyn Rutledge, Vice President, Judy Passmore, 2nd Vice Presidentg Pat Teague, 3rd Vice President, Rebecca Rhoush, Historian. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Dearien, Maxine Thompson, Marsha Burton, Dianna Green, Carolyn Dearien, Linda Barnes, Connie Ackerman, Shirley Trotter, Linda Foll, Par Franks. THIRD ROW: Jannett Hardin, Bonnita Wallace, Erma Sue Wilson, Sandra Billings, Kathy Miller, Lillie Younger, Carolyn Brannon, Myrtle Houston, Jeannell Shannon, Susie 62 Future Homemakersof America Lancaster, Sherry Chain. FOURTH ROW: Rose Carter, Pat Lauderdale, Veria Allen, Regina Foster, Jane Moody, Francis Parker, Linda McCallister, Carolyn Broyles, Betty Jean Nichols, Marjorie Corter, Toni Burton, Karen Branscum. FIFTH ROW: Alpha Wilson, Patsy Wilson, Nona Warren, Gayle Stevens, Judy Sutterfield, Dorothy Newlands, Brenda Blackwell, Patsy Fulks, Barbara Patricks, Iva Neww Frands, Gwennith Stewart, Connie Duncan. SIXTH ROW: Mary Ann Hastings, Susie Burns, Francis Sutton, Dorothy Ramsey. Jil bg Mr. lnlow, Sponsor They Seek the Teaching Profession With Open Hearts and Minds! Future Teachers of America FIRST ROW: Left to Right, Gayle Stevens, treasurer Ca'l R ld R t -Sh' l Trotter secretar lO yn ut e ge, epor er, 1r ey , yg Judy Sutterfield, Vice-Presidentg George Wayne Hinkle, President. SECOND ROW: Judy Passmore, Ann I-linkle, Beverly Cash, Linda McCallister, Pat Teague. THIRD ROW: Leo Sutterfield, Carol Jane Foster, Carolyn Dearien, Gilbert Woody. Mrs. Jones , Director "For They Delight J Our Hearts With Song" .-,hw-,,,,,,,.,,,..,,..., .. , , ,f 4 The Larkettes ,A FIRST ROW: Left to Right is, Beverly Cash, Pianistg Nona Warren, Vice-Presidentg Shirley Trotter, Presi- dent, Carolyn Rutledge, Treasurer, Secretary, and Re- porter. SECOND ROW: Nancy Hinkle, Janet Lancaster, Judy Passrnore, Carolyn Trotter, Pam Hinkle, Gayle Stevens, Pat Teague. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Mabry, Lisa 64 Conley, Janet Richardson, Mary Beth Cowell, Robbie Cruse, Karen Green. FOURTH ROW: Lillie Younger, Barbara Jessen, Corlene Collins, Jane Moody, Pat Lauderdale, Dorothy Looney, Anette Collins, and Connie Duncan. F 'avg'-. -n 26 -? . D - .S 5 "21"'f,-so b ,-,vi f g 5' UU. . 0 Q51-'94, '7 Q Ao T7 , Y S ZW 4' 'L' , by' 1 , L.. Ja : - Future Farmers oft merica : Q Ruel Richardson, sponsor. FIRST ROW: Left to Right, Donald Ch1tWood, President, Roger Rorie, Vice-President, Leon Burns, reporter: James Cruise, Treasurer: R. L. Pogue Dwight Ford. SECOND ROW: Michael Looney, Jimmy Looney, Larry Freeze, Boyce Rorie, Allen Bright, Joe Foster. THIRD ROW: Winston Taylor, Cary Shannon, Billy Sutton, Sammy Gill, Larry Shipman, Tommy Jason, Ricky Barnes, Jackie Hess. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Purdom, Jerry Mitchell, Jimmy Hinkle, Carl Sartin, Cary Norman, Ronnie Perry, 1 CAROLYN JOHNSON "FFA Sweetheai t Terry Pogue. FIFTH ROW: Allen Lancastor, Clyde Cavendar, Norman Pitts, Billy Adams, Robert Hood, Aaron Davis, Larry Burns, Nicky Barnes. SIXTH ROW: Danny Cates, Danny Porter, Charles Whitfield, Jimmy Nesbitt, Rodney Luther, Dale Ward, Danny Kirby, Larry Jones. SEVENTH ROW: Kenny Wyatt, Randy Bangs, Ed Sutterfield, Ricky Billings, Paul Broyles, Carl Sutterfield, Leland Nicholas, Jerry Richardson, David Campbell. We Mr, Lee, Sponsor "Their Help Makes l Finding A Good Book Much Easier Library Club LEFT TO RIGHT: David Campbell, Danny Scott, Larry Shipman, Donald Woody, Dwight Gilbert, Mr. Lee, Linda Luther, Garilyn Partee, Jane Foster, Pat Lauderdale. 66 H "Helping Make Our School A Safer Place!" l r l i u l I 1 SL. Fire Marshals le l FIRST ROW: Mr. Glen Morrison, Gary Woodard, Barry Story, Jack Ooyler, Keith Johnson. SECOND ROW: Gail Ann Stephen, Martha Hedges, Shirley Trotter, Rosa Carter, Mary Hastings, Genny Lou Harding. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Looney, Gary Shannon, Eddy Long, Leo Sutterfield, Larry Shipman, lrland Nichols, Carl Sartin. FOURTH ROW: Danny Scott, Eugene Gilbert, Donald l l l Q a I i S i I l l Woody, Dwight Ford. FIFTH ROW: Floyd Wallace, Leland Nichols, Clyde Parker, Howard Stewart, Stephen Brown, Gilbert Woody. SIXTH ROW: Roger Rorie, Randy Bangs, Charles Whitfield, James Crewes, Rodney Luther, Hinklet Decker, George Hinkle. SEVENTH ROW: Jimmy Nesbit, Ed Sutterfield, Paul Broyles, Larry Jones, Danny Curby, Aaron Ray Davis. y Watch your diet . I'm looking forafellow! The very latest FASHIONS! rc, f N WV Q ' nz y W, , , T . .V xg X f 1 - , 'w .. wiv 7 , jf , i 1: f , 'V -"lg ,. f ff M ' aww w , , , My 4- 4 I . X sr M at X7 s T 4 . Zbbii. ' L f C4 ,px ,. jf ' fx ' .4 ,' Ns f xi C ,vi ' 4 X, 10 J i. JXQ, I :V I H ,,., .Q ' A Q h, 1 I V , A , f'f f , V tl., I ' Aa' A K Q. , , l X 'V 1 it W nb f I . , ' S51 ,Z 'fa ' f The Three Stoogesl- The faithful three . . "W 6251 W A ., 1, N Ex ' Z MARRlAGE?'Z?????'? School day cronies. l F Aren't they cute? Just Wait till I grow up. Do you have fever with those FITS? DIMPLES I I I hu Bringing Us News and Views From Around The Campus Is The Campus Chatter Staff FIRST ROW: Leo Sutterfield, Elizabeth Eastres, Editorg McCallister, Judy Sutterfield, Ann I-linkle, Mary Beth Shirley Trotter, Assistant Editorg Carolyn Rutledge, Cowell, James Cruse. THIRD ROW: Keith Johnson, Business Managerg George Hinkle, Assistant Editor, Hinkle Decker, Carolyn Dearion. SECOND ROW: Dianna Green, Marilyn Dearien, Linda Senior Boys LEFT TO RIGHT: Boyce Rorie,Ronnie Burroughs,Roger Bangs, Larry Burns, Hinkle Dearien, George Hinkle Rorie, Larry Freeze, Jimmy Purdon, Jimmy Hinkle, Coach Jeffery. Donald Chitwood, Jerry Mitchell, Guy Buchanan, Randy 1 The senior boys, under Coach Jeffery's guidance, develop skills of the game and sportsmanship for those important games ahead!" Sponsored by TI-IE CHITWOOD GROCERY hh.. Senior Girls Coach Von 'Dean Jeffery. LEFT TO RIGHT: Karon Corlene Collins, Toni Burton, Connie Duncan, Iva Neil Branscum, Pat Franks, Carolyn Johnson, Marilyn Franks, Susie Lancaster, Cheryl Cain, Sue Henderson, Dearien, Dianne Green, Gwen Stewart, Marcia Burton, Maxine Thompson. "The senior girls start the season off with a bang!" Sponsored by C. K. LANCASTER gl SONS and THE NEW ROYAL' DRUG STORE "Backing The Senior Girls All The Way!" e ,f ROGER RORIE DONALD CHITVVOOD SPONSORED BY UCHITWOOD GROCERYH - ST, JAMES, ARKANSAS QQ if Senior Boys Show Their Stuff! JIMMY P URDUM 4 12 GUY BUCHANNAN SPONSORED BY X "VONDA'S SHOE STORE" HEETTER QUALITY SHOES FOR LESS IVIONEYY' W, Q5 GEQR A LARRY BURNS l GE WAYNE HINKI-'E VONDA WALLACE, OWNER 71 Junior Boys MW Coach Von Dean Jeffery., FIRST ROW: Left to Right, Ralph Branscum, Jerry Richardson, David Campbell Johnny Greenway, Denis Taylor, Douglas McCarty, Brent Danny Porter, Nicky Barnes, Dwight Gilbert. Foster, Jimmy Mitchell, Danny Cates. SECOND ROW: i "They face those big games with assurance - and - hope!" Sponsored by THE STONE COUNTY LEADER M... DIANNA GREEN, Forward I I L MARILYN DEARIEN, Guard "Senior Girls Play Tops!" R X' CORLEEN COLLINS, Guard MARSI-IA BURTON, Guard SPONSOR ED BY UVA "THE NEW ROYAL DRUG STORE" E N' PAT FRANKS, Forward LLL FRANKS, Forward IIQUALITY MERCHANDISE AND FINE SERv1cEvv GERALD CAIN, OWNER 73 Peanuts FIRST ROW: Left to Right, SECOND ROW: ' Ronald Brightwell James Keith Williams Gerald Ivy James Henderson Mike Tinkle Kelly Ivy Jessie Lauderdale David Dodson Louis Jones Terry Ivy Johnny Rhoda Larry Henderson Coaches: Roger Rorie, Donald Chitwood "Coaches Rorie and Chitwood teach the peanuts the fundamental skills of the game." M.. Junior Girls LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Trotter, Betty Simmerman, Linda Luther, 'Jeanie Moody, Janett Richardson, Kay Garilyn Partee, Robbie Cruse, Karon Green, Dorothy McCarty, Von Dean Jeffery, Coach. Looney, Annette Collins, Norene Canard, Brenda Burns, "The Junior girls relax and get ready for those BIC games!" Sponsored by THE RED BUD ELCRIST, Mountain View, Arkansas -f ---,,,..v- , . . H- Af9vj?W72Y'in, WZ! ' . iff? f vm' hw f W f ,ef f Qwfzwm qw vf '- , ,gpfwf ff fxfrwgfg 3g Q, .lag fr: N wma at fix is rewvrsws ixsiizs WZWWV G W5 -w . iw Jim, f , , x 'Hx fhwfs fwff sg Eg Q35 1-15 X + Q , M X X .Q .wwis t i ,i 7 f X M + M by ff is, 1 ,W , YQ W 4 as N s puffs N W f mifiwfsif- fff XX .J gy X ws iw , 'V f f ,ste C Q, , : if C 'f f, fy H A S , , ,Q f f -2 X XX ,,,A6fW ,f , f f f 5, af X Q ,f ,ig f I X 1 w xX X M fn f ff f 4, XXX ,,,,V, , , 2 ff Q , 1 , f ,X f f i N N , f ff ' ' Macaw K ii f ,ffwtiffff was ff, ., , fu , f f 4, f 1 - f X f i ,zz ,fmff x I ' W , , V , Z f whfwmr f f :diff-00+ N N W 'QF ' , N -ag X A, , 15,l.y,,,f, W 5 53 - 4 Z 'Z f"f'lii YQ' ff sf fig 'fig , I '- V: 4 5 fi , N lg Nfl. ' . , . 752' X at ff fs sex, A 1:-. f: ff X f sz:-ss-4 , N51 ' ' A 'Wy viii' GW f f f .S sz 44, ' , f N S' . 'wwsf-M -1 2 :gi i sas: f ff 1 X " Q fi: X- Ib-fWf'f 0 144:32 ga-,,1"-1, - fiifwf' QNQSISX X52s:1Ns?" f . , fo Jax. X wars -955 www H - A., ff ,am fs ww s Miss, ,f X a 1 ' ffagsw, X Sxapxxi X X . ' ' 'MW K- firm Xsff N X xx g., v 1 ff','.,y,f.v,j New sfvglij 33 xg gtg ,Q VEC: 5-1 -K fine wise N953-. 'ffigr fs sigma N- 'flf fit A ix X N 'I , ivyf,5,,f,f f WW f Wi-93':q:syXN - Yfgeml X N mx. Y - ,, .f R4:.QcM4,.J,.1."S"O V 'f-J fC3ZfU"fCf,'fW' ' ' ?f,,., I ,- 7, " 1764. f All Y E1 it 1 l l V A junior of long ago. f W it f its ix it viii X... . . , .K Y, .x,.,, ,,,, , ,,,f , ii N Xfsx ,G 5 5, 477 f ix f f ff K i ,ffifjzglg ki Q A x xx x X -.f: i QQ ii S W . K 5 X ' . j C X a A, -- 5:52. v -rgiggxgq I y x if ,. 'cm ss .i ,7 f f , gym, X 5 4 y ,Vff f ,,,, !,,, f V gg f ,W I used to use that greasy kid stuff .... K 1 X , Q ff 3 to l he's just faking . ' J Smile you're on Candid Camera. i w L r 1 l Excuses, Excuses, Excuses I get the wrong size every time. Wish I could find a target. -1 i l il Dreaming? Look out Carolyn when 1 grow up. Gayle's side-kick 1 N , l l bn.. heerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Teague, Beverly Cash, Mary Beth Cowell, Linda Jessen, Dorothy Ramsey, Sandra Billings, and Janett Jeffery. Cheerleaders practice yells for that big game coming up! mm:ati at f -V WE INVITE YOU TO SEE AND DRIVE-- CHEVELLE BY CHEVROLET "A NEW CONCEPT IN AUTOMOBILE SIZE AND STYLINGH T "MALIBU 3 SEAT STATION WAGoN" "WE FURNISH COMPLETE ONE-STOP SHOPPING FOR ALL OF YOUR AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS." Lackey Motor Company "YOUR FRIENDLY CHEVROLET DEALER" I PHONE 269-3211 I '1 VISIT Youngs Lumber Company FOR ALL OF YOUR LUMBER NEEDS "WE SELL STERLING 12-STAR PAINTS"l "THE FINEST SERVICE YOU'LL FIND ANYWHERE!" MOUNTAIN VIEW, ARKANSAS V . I E f f W 5 E v s 5 f x 3 5 1 1 z L 1X iiii Flu:-f-V+ Church of Chri st WILTON FERREN, MINISTER MOUNTAIN VIEW, ARKANSAS OOMPLIMENTS OF White River Production Credit Association FINANCE ALI.. FARM NEEDS MOUNTAIN VIEW FIELD OFFICE 1 MARIE GOODMAN, CLERK HOWARD WHITFIELD, MGR. R I COMPLIMENTS OF Mack Farm Dairy sei- FM, DAIRY v s sr I 1 MAIN STREET BATESVILL E, ARKANSAS Stone County Gas Company PHONE DAY PHoNE NIGHT co--9- 3450 LP-GAS SYSTEMS 269-3417 SAVE GAS - SAFE - PREVENT FREEZE-UPS THE MODERN FUEL WI-IEREVER YOU ARE TAPP AN RANGES AND A COMPLETE LINE OF GAS APPLIANCES M. c. DEARIEN MOUNTAIN VIEW, OWNER at OPERATOR A ARKANSAS j E W' Best Wishes I. B. Kramer Candy Company From Wholesale Eddie :S Dave's Esso Station . . Candies -- Cigarettes Notions "The Sign Of Happy Motoring" Hwy. Jct. 9, 14, 66 Mountain View Arkan Tobacco -- Cigars School Supplies Phone RI 3-2150 200 West Main St. ' sas Batesville Arkansas First National Bank DRINK- 1 1 "A Service Institution Since 1910" "The Friendly Pepper Upperf' Batesville Arkansas Harrison Arkansas ' LH -A LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH. . . Dearien Realty 81 Insurance MR. gl MRS. J. A. DEARIEN MOUNTAIN VIEW, ARKANSAS A PHONE 269-3479 J " "NATION WIDE ADVERTISING FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE" I It I SEE US FOR ALL OF YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS 'ndejtzildqnt 1. lnsuram AGENIQ, , OLD RELIABLE STOCK COMPANIES 'ssnvlt vou 1' T I T I I "WE SELL THE WORLD AND INSURE WI-IAT'S ON IT" VISIT THE First Baptist Church A The Lackey Store O. K. Barber Shop Home of Quality Merchandise Barbers: At Modest Prices For Over 50 Years Leslie Sutterfield Authorized Frigidaire Dealer Clois Richardson "See Us When You Shop" Mountain View -Arkansas Phone 269-3741 Mountain View Arkansas Western Auto Associate Store Compliments Of Mountain View, Arkansas Brewer Motor Company Headquarters For Where You Can Buy-- Truetone Radios Falcons Sporting Goods - Household Needs Fairlanes . Automobile Accessories Galaxies Wagons Phone 269-3438 Mountain View Arkansas Mrg Sz Mrs. I-I. C. Brewer, Owners h xg-gk i -. .HS Il- Q , For Complete . Shop At The Friendly Place In Town Automotive Service Stop At The Sign Of The Flying Red Horse The Piggly Wiggly out , Tho Fodoral Dooosotlnsuraooa Corooranon Q gb ' Q . IV Q wAsl-uncrron, u. c. . -' G FOR EACH DEPOSITOR I 00 mxuuim msunmcz A' i 9 N A or '-G 5' 7h0bQ1ilaf t , , , QFSERVX6' Dannze s M ob11 Station Phone 269-3282 Chester Passmore, Owner Mountain View Arkansas Mountain View Arkansas . . "When You Want To Relax Bank 0fMOUHf:4G1H View Meet Your 'Friends At "Serving Stone County" Busters' Recreation Parlor For A Friendly Game Of 'Pool Or Snooker." C. L. Decker Mountain View Arkansas Mountain View Arkansas II H LH Drink "Coca-Cola" Drink "7 UP" am. grim DRINK WF ff ,A gg 9 . . . O ? "Enjoy That Refreshing New Feeling" 'TT-Z - O Q Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Arkansas 7-Up Bottling Company R. M. Ellis, Mgr. Batesville Arkansas Harrison Arkansas fc N G : Foremost Dairies, Inc. '-' ,J-1 , X5 "For Those Who Think Young" Fine Dairy Foods Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company . No. One In The Ozarks Phone 7-2501 Harrison Arkansas Batesville Arkansas LH W f Compliments Of . . I Crossbow Dru Store Monroe C11n1c g Dependable Prescription Service "Only The Best For Less" Howard Monroe, M. D. Pk Pk ak ak wk G. L. Hollister, M. D. I Phone 269-3253 Mountain View Arkansas Mountain View Arkansas L I Lancczstefs Gro-Market I I , W h 1 tf 1 e 1 d s Complete Line Of Choice Meats "Shop And Save" Free Delivery DrygOOdS Ladies' Ready-To-Wear Phone 269-3214 Bernice Whitfield Avice Bangs Mountain Home Arkansas Mountain View Arkansas , lr' lack White's River Fishing Resort Compliments Of Boats Guides , Motors Balt Pat's Beauty Salon Located On Highway 5, Allison, Arkansas "Beauty ls Our Business" 8 Miles North-Of Mountain View Phone 269-3737 Mountain View Arkansas Compliments Of Compliments of Dr. R. E. Bell, D.D.S. Row Auto Parts :S Company Tuesdays And Fridays Phone Rl 3-5243 8 A.M. To 5 P.M "Selling Auto Parts Since 1922" Phone 269-3360 Batesville Arkansas i l - Compliments Of TRY-- H Grocery Mutual Of Omaha Hospitalization Plan Mountain View Arkansas Non-cancellable Policies ' I Phone 269-3400 Eddie Walker Compliments Of A Sutton 6 Bangs Mountain View Motel A Independent Service Station East On Highway 66 Junct. Hwy. 9 81 14 ' Mountain View Arkansas Mountain View 5 Arkansas Compliments Of H euers Shoe Store ci- M ercantile "Quality Merchandise" Mountain View Arkansas Flatwoods Missionary Baptist Church Nile T riplett, Pastor Woody's Electric Service Radio 81 TV Service Electrical Wiring Glen Woody Phone 269-3358 Mountain View Arkansas Rocky Bayou Craftshop "Gifts Of Quality" "Handmade By Arkansas Craftsmen" Member Ozark Foothills Handicraft Guild Mountain View Arkansas IXLQRU 991 com W4' llif If lAJll'fl.ff Have An R C! Batesville, Arkansas Compliments Of Compliments Cf Sims Grocery M.F.A. Insurance . . . "Where You Buy The Best . . Edwin Luther, Agent For Less" B . 'A' i' 'lr Batesville Arkansas Mountain View U l I I Arkansas Compliments Of For Fun And Relaxation . Bowl Batesville Federal ci Loan Co. Af Batesville? New and Modem , Cooper Lanes Batesville Arkansas I Batesville Arkansas Compliments Of Skinny's Barber Shop ROuAOCraigOlO 4 Professional Hair Cuts 81 Shoe Shine Batesville Arkansas Open 8 a.m. To 7 p.m. Compliments Of Compliments Of poweu Motel Padgett Lumber Company . . Batesville Arkansas I Batesville Arkansas H Dewey Rowe. Inc. Paul Wright M en's Store Phone R13-2736 See Our Large Ivy Department For Young Men P. O. Box 646 Batesville AIFK3-1'1S9-S Batesville Arkansas Compliments Of Army 6' N GVY Store D S lOl East Main Street o ins tore Phone RI -3-4460 "Surplus 81 Sporting Goods" Allison Arkansas ' Batesville Arkansas I-I IG Ideal Bakery Step I-I ln Shoes From "Ideal For Every Meal" M onday's Shoe Store I Batesville Arkansas Batesville Arkansas Harris Style Shop "Women's Fine Apparel" Batesville, Arkansas 250 E. Main Phone Rl 3-3171 North Arkansas' Largest And Most Complete Store For Women Batesville Federal Savings 6? Loan Assn. "Where Your Savings Grow With Safety" Batesville Arkansas Freeman Office Equipment Company "Authorized Underwood Sales And Service" 16 Walnut Newport Arkansas BOOSTERS Gowen's General Store Mr. Kenneth Mariott Staff Of Mtn. View General Hospital Mr. C, C. Martin Mr. John Bagby Mr. 81 Mrs. Cullen Storey Mr. Garland Johnson Mr. Glenn Morrison Bill Foster's Garage Ozark Cafe Mr. Olen Love P. X, Cafe Mr. Coleman Gammill Mr. Willie Morrison Mr. H, H. Avey Mountain View, Arkansas Kent's Phillips as Brakes- Ignition-Motor Tune Up-Wash Phone RI 3-5566 1308 E, Main Batesville Arkansas Compliments Of 6 Thompson's lewelry Store Batesville Arkansas BOOSTERS Earnhart's Cafe I-Iuddleston Men's Store Burt Hardware Earnest Talburt Realty Agency Miller's Store Beauty School Of Opportunity Snapp Furniture Company Skinner's Jewelry Store Big Joe's Pawn Shop Batesville, Arkansas C0ml31imeUfS Of I Compliments Of STONE COUNTY AUTO PARTS NORTH ARKANSAS FARM SUPPLY, INC, Mountain View Arkansas Batesville Arkansas C0mPliments Of Compliments Of HI KLAS PAST RY SHOP MASSEY'S DRY GOODS gl CLOTHING Batesville St. Louis St. Arkansas Mountain View Arkansas COH1plI1'I161'ltS Of Compliments Qf GLORIA'S BEAUTY SHOP HORT ONS FURNITURE STORE Mountain View Arkansas Mountain View Arkansas Compliments Of Compliments Of CITY DRUG STORE . . . . SAM'S MOBIL SERVICE STATION Batesville Arkansas Batesville Arkansas gx J i " Compliments Of Compliments Of JOHN DEERE COMPANY NORTH ARKANSAS FUNERAL HOME Batesville Arkansas Mountain View Arkansas Compliments Of Compliments Of HOPPER TEXACO SERVICE STATION CRAIG VARIETY STORE .... Mountain View Arkansas Mountain View - Arkansas Compliments Of Compliments Of SIMMONS AUTO SUPPLY JG AHEHQAEEQSTER Mountain View Arkansas Mountain View Arkansas "Better Schools Make Better STREET AUTO 8: TRACTOR SALES Communities" I A Plymouth - Valiant A. L. FARRIS Allis-Chalmers Equipment ..... Sales 81 I Service Stone County- School Supervisor Batesville Arkansas .4 I E utograph 42, 'ml' asm WALSWO RTH Lilhoqrnphed 6 Bound by wALswoa'n-1 Mmexm. Mo.. U. s. A. 9 , X ffzef M fn awp, ' utograplno f , , , . 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Suggestions in the Mountain View High School - Yellowjacket Yearbook (Mountain View, AR) collection:

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