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-,4w...+1g - Y x H fr , 5 ' ' f 1 . l ' A - . aw' -1 .fam K M A 5 AFM ,,. 3 r ' ,, .MJ v ,434 -' xg -5'L4:,,E ! , L xuifal qv fs, ,M Y ef K Q" A fr' 'V' aww 4, 1 Am- V4 Q 1 1,21 ,Mr A in W ,w ,. fm. M - E 5 . . -W 1., , Q H'-f-M nw, ELL' NLQQYQ 91 'writ gn 'F1'g"r""1?TTFf1,:'s 11 111: '1 fffh 1 1 1111, 1 V x,,...,,, U4 'V' i ,. ' I .1 vu ,A 1, , in 2 " nl ll A .. 1111 Q 'nyf f--in--fr 1-, -J ' :Lv x ,- i Z qt. . A r ..,-'-.,:-. 1' an if ,N , . . .11,., --..w:., , 1 'I 1 H, .. , w '1 - ' .V X 1 1 , ' ,11"f",4,L111sA ,fs 3 .. K. ' A s A ' i 1 I .1 1 f.,1111.3.1,r':1,:Q:1:1'.-1'1 1 -' .1 1513 N1-1 ,., 111 , 1 1 V 11 , 1111! 1: f1-1,1,,,,':1,1!-.'. .f.j,f,g" i-1 , ,- -ul . . .' - - 1 1. 21 1' ' M1 K.. v ' , -' 'N' 1 :1 V, 1 I 1, 1 ,, 11 1 1 . f 'L , V: A -' 1 i ' 1.f'!1:,L" 1A I - 'fgjw 'Q .., 1 "1 11' 4 "1 A, 1 ' Q 9 -1. ,A f- , M .., .M -XV, . M 1 , x 111, ' 'L '- 13, N1 -1' 1 ' .-1 , Q 'Ni' ' X11 1 91 11 1 1 1 , . X Y r 1 .1 'VST' 411, I 1 : if . ?li!g5'- .fe 5: r H.. 1 .1 4 4 1 n I l 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 U ,,1l L5 ' an-vga: 1 1 I,-,., ,, 1 ff'Sf5'x'f""'Wf4U1f111111 "WJ M ' 1,2719- .g1.., X' 1 03,5111 r '1 ' -1 ff!!-rm -- ..11 ...U , '11 ww 1, 1 1 4 11254 1455 1' 1 ' 11+ 1k L 1, -1 I H 1 M, ra x"'1g 1' " B 'QM Hu V ,gn L1 ik' 'rl' : 'll 1 x ' t Tblh I 1 r W 111 1.. 4:-. , . ,,,' 11 'vimmg Q N 1-1 11,712 ,. 1 1-',9'?'.12':,7? '44-1:4 .gin . -1- , --- 1,... B T lbw... 1 I I 1 ,a111,,w 1 N I-1 1g11,s:921ag1111111, 1 1 1: !ri,+:'ie3g.1-5' 1 A r 11?--dvr-was LA V 1 I A 21,1 i1iii1f""1. 'f4:1s-1-w:"'5 . . K7 55 1: l, f E+, ,., u L Q nan-uq 1- V- .- ' " -was--av . W 1 r 'Wu " I . . ! . ! 6 Q in ,iff Q52 rm . 1 f Qin: X1 ,i1w',E' A: 1 - 1-vt' Q-1 ' ' '. . ,1 , ,mv 1 11 ' M1 H r -N: 1 14 . X .:i" . 1: M16 ' Y' ttf 5 af' . ,, + 2 ,F 1 11+ 1 . 1. Ll A 1, 1 . . ,:. Q5 km.-:lg I'-1-,x11hx.:,,gr 1.1:: ' 1 M' X . fn . A... 5.11- 'E 1 1 1 f 1 ' I., if 9, 'Ibis Y f f 7 . 1 ."'.Bg-?KW',:1.. N .im g , . W, hw. r,-,..--rf' ,- " Q Y '7' Av" 'ww ,QFQ vt ' 1- 'hw 1-xn12:"" " Q - Y? -'-'awwfr-. .,-1, ,Q-A R .. A .. . l A if' M In--'fS1V1'g:,?jQQ'."2g'l'?"" wr: , m.,u,. A,Lii'?ElgyA L "' 'A' K , ' . : 'fr-0'-WP? ' ' H Q, 1- -,ef Q. 'r'f- fnvzffis , , ""'-'0"'Qr ,,....w Jw .. ,, , . , , A - W,,f, ,my . I V Z .:'-'41-NVQ 41. - ' ,T ' -. -.-- 4M..,,,-, 'V ' f..'Q.'Mj3iC1 , V in ,A-alike! ,ku . f if ,A NV V 3,1 'N 4 M N " 3 "1 1 , A 4' ' -unhf! 1 an Y ' ' ' f"" ' -it WA f- , . -- ,J . - . , ,fm ' K ' Pr ,wil-.g?"' 'Q . -af' " "W --ww- ' M , 1 If H-"rw N in 'K ' ,, ww J f. if .. wi-I-gp W' . .2-v J-ei JL, H ,. Vp' .K 'xx 3 N "' Q l ,- wg: , '. I , bl f-3MM!'Ml4....-Q, mms - A F. wawdwubglw I F - W-W vw! 1-" ' . V '5 -, - -+- MJF", W -f WY ' . Q,-www? W ' . 33+ F , fu' ' I, -,-,.- 1 44, ' A qu -an--N-9 ' , , , . ..., . ' W ,Pwr f 'Sv Confents ConTenTs SDOMQ0 Orgcmizdrions-232 People- 'IA AcTiviTies- 4118 Index-280 X1 ,,,' Opening ...Q 'K - wma-fr-f-uw ,.. i T . SFA'N7-?:155'?'i"""?.' ' 4 0 f. I. 05' 1 are .. .Q L Q.'fr' W 'MW'-""' ,.,...f-1-"""' ,,' v U1 A 6 - ' K Q 5'Y4-l'BlWG Y'.Z'nk!ff5 Q Qznwww LUJUXBZJZJZZJMMQ ywwff 6241619 A BuII'5-Eye View fill? WQWWZ 1 yldvqwwwfkdow Opening 2 2 Opening Mah-, Viewing The Individual an pe-ning I? 4. 1? iv ' di 1 -1 H' ,:'k XSS O. N I. mt xl K A A ?,m5:L,. Q :te V: T Q. E Q... fl. is Ei W mis was an N 'NE QQ is xg as 'S' 'UN is .. X Nm YN YE 2 L Q i -. iv K Expanding Views W... ,rr -v A., , . , ,.qn F? buf- .lu ., L, Liz' ' ' .J-, "W , in 4 Q vb, ,, ,. . Nw- j fa A W ,. Ji, -I Opening A vu -IW 'qvt I . i' People Giving Tneir Views - 1 ffl' Opening i L i t gi - i f i , ' 'iwlai ' if Below: Mr. Dove Bocon proudly shows off his first cor: it Qu- wos his obsolute pride ond joy. Left: Mr. Bacon leisurely owoits the pilot, while on vocotion with his fomily in beautiful, sunny Howoii. i Above: The proud father-of-the-bride spends a few quiet moments alone with his newly wed daughter, Karen. Below: Mr. Bacon, who has sponsored yearbook staffs for eight years, works zeaiously to meet another deadline. i ismieitztsnaixl l QQIFFF' M 'One Gt The Most Valuable Department l-leads" A teacher for twenty-two years, Mr. Bacon received his formal education from Brockport State Teacher's College in New York, and first taught at Brockport High. In 4963, after moving to Arizona, Mr. Bacon accepted a position at Mesa High, where he advised the year- book for four years. Then, feeling the challenge for adventure, the Bacon family moved to Tehran, Iran, where Dave taught Eng- lish and advised the yearbook at the Tehran-American School. Two years later, the family, consisting of his wife of twenty-six years, Rita, and two daughters, Lin- da and Karen, moved back to Mesa, where, in 4976, Dave received the English Department chairmanship at Mountain View. Mr. Curlett has described Dave as being 'tone of the most valuable department heads" on his staff. Even though Mr. Bacon keeps a busy schedule-he teaches at M.C.C. and has published four workbooks and several articles- his wife describes him as being Ha devoted family man." With his family, Mr, Bacon has traveled extensively, including over half of the U.S.. much of Europe, Israel, and Iran. So, it is with great pleasure that we dedicate this book to a man who has been invaluable to our staff- Mr. Dave Bacon, who has himself advised yearbook staffs for eight years. Dedication X XXX Q, XXXXXXXW W X YN X XX ,X X V XLXXQ Xi AX X XXXXX X X ' X X X07 MX, X, XX X, XXX XXX- AX ww U' 2, X X.. X X XXXXX H X: XWXJXWX ix " X5 .X -W... 17 X11 :a '1 1: :' X w,"X'Jr3 1 X X5 NXT'-I X? H MTA! .X'X, AX. MW Xyfx VV X X U X w,.f,.,f. W X XV' Xu, I W wg X, 'ffffii .1 if '- In 3- X Sf lj iff' NX W L "X W . X-. f !'fXXiff'X3 vi W X.gAfX X. X .XX X X 5 'ff X XX 31 Qi' ,XX X, , M FI?-'SN . Z1 -XJ X- 'X 145,12 ,X-.rx FX 'X X N... X X ff- fr' f-3 ff' frm' f f .-. XX X. ,, , XXX? LX X5 X if XXXX XX XX XX P X ..f :gr Xmg X Vg. 5fai'X.,.g2 Xxx. W ' 'iff XXV mfg X22 N-fi XXX-'QKXXS L3 XXX Yfrvi , 743'- XX fy: 'J ,X XfX5iXX'9WW:X21 X X X ww W2:iX1,: XX XX X D X4 fF"Y-X X ,,-, . H X. ' X ' 1555: EX Ss' XX: S2 X, -Xa XXX X X XM ,XXX , X X X X X X X 1 XW X X X X X XXX, . MVS-X TE X" XX XXX XXX X "2 X. .l. hal 1. X XX is XXX 7 XXXX- XX ...., Wi iffz xv Q X XX 31-. X X 3 ' Xfy X X , XX-X .XX XXX X X X X X X X XX XXX XHQXXXXX XX X X X U XX XX X, ,N,, X 'N 55 'XXX' M 'tug X TQ ",J? XXX 'Xi g 5 XX X. .X 3 .X X--'XX 'XX X 'XL X" 1X:X 'X XXX XX? X X XX XXX ,X X A X D LX ' M X-X 1 X ' ' XXX' ' ' -+ MN' N X XX ,X X XXVXXNX XX X X XJ X XXQU X XXX 'XX' X X XXX X XXXNX' XX!-X' X X' XX X . X C X X I X X XX X X XX Xu- XX LXXX XX A +'X X XX XM X 1 WXXXX XX XX ZW ,X XXX 2 X 'I 'I "X ' X Pr N WX. "'Wi-W' W 'f X, "elf Vi X" AX Y I '- f X ' X W W fftw M .XX XXQXAMKH A XXYZE 'f X f X "XX , 'A A "'X""""iXJ1,X L X, X. , K 1 Y?-. P' " X. X, 5 M X gg, gf fiitf' X' X V- A ' -' S X 'X 5 r 3X51,.,... Y .X X-3,5-'4g5f 'Y ' H-123-15' ' X 'iff 'Eff A-X' -I X X ' 'XJ XXI," X tk X 5 ,X X X ,X X XX ,.,,1-.MMU X 1 ff kMX'5.?jyg,DV?i3'3,fXfX:mC3V Nj XJQPXVK ' " " A PXJ' F -X XX FX XLXJJP X3 'X-X'XXQX7" X X NX X WX XX X X 'X XX 1 X? 'X X W M X X V XXXU XXXJX X ' XXX: XX A-X tnce Austin 0 Anna il o Gregory sem- Pnl :at 0 Patricia Bryson Bdlderrama 0 Luanne Barney 0 Susan lip Blahakv William Bomar 0 Joseph 0 Sonya Christensen 0 Christopher nl Jaohelle Gibsons 0 Eddy Mauzy 0 Wendy Cochenour 0 , . Jdleton v Terri Deroy Maxwell B. Cox Ill 0 Debbie Larson G 9 Dawn West 0 Jim Demarbiex 0 Holly Frazer D JosephEgan liam Frierson 0 Cha emsman 0 Shirley Cleinman 0 James Ha lichelle Turley' Steve :rd 0 Patly Nicoll 0 lCl'liegO U tsor 0 55 ' rlene Berge 0 John Gay 0 Benjamin Y ll ' Kathy D ches 'Beth Hale! Amy ileon 0 Tracey 0 ,Annette 0 Kim s Gose 0 J 3 . il . A 1 Melanie . Martinez 0 rock' Amandr yPhoenix0 bert Savastano N-gi, s ' Donna adie 0 qrnthia Brmwy A 0 Jim Tisdale 0 'ala 0 Tom Guest 0 0 Arlene Kivett 9 forothey Nadeau 0 Burdell Moody v Jim Brady 0 Marylou avez 0 Frank Copley! Susan Currie 0 Jody Hebdon 0 Ann 'Sorman 0 Kimberly Harker 0 Scott Hellwig 0 Robert I-liesetv mson 0 Duane Kaise r 0 Jett Cox' Jimmy Kolhepp 0 James 4 fi 1 f N 5 i -155 1' ill Cruising Main is o popular ocliviiy among many Mouniain View siudenis. Acosla, Mary Addington, Michael Akins, Colleen Albertson, Carmaleid Albrighl, Troy Alexander, Ty Allen, Danny Allen, Diane Amador, Nicholas Anderson, Kalhleen Anderson, Michael Andrews, Paul Ausiin, Larry Avery, Lori Bailey, James Baker, Jamie Seniors .J Balderrama, Anna Baldonado, Gary Bonkson, Terry Bargas, Evangeline Bartel, Brent Basehore, Sara Bates, Susan Bates, Tamera Bauler, Richard Beaclle, James Beaird, Brian Beavers, John Beavers, Lori Beckley, Dennis Beckstead, Kelly Bell, Jeff Bell, John Bell, Robert Belnop, Scott Benson, Kimberly ' Seniors rv", . J 1 f X 'ie ini x l l xv Yi X intl, . if age 5 J ' i 'xl Janel Wade and Marc Oxborrow are irying To persuade their Teacher To get into The spiril of punk rock day. Beniz, Kelly Berfi, Gregory Berge, Nancy Bisbee, Kari Black, Jeffrey Blackhursi, Mary Blahak, Philip Blakesley, Carol Blakesley, James Blokker, Timoihy Boheneok, Lynne Bolar, Stacey Bolin, Kimberly Bomar, William Bonfanle, Joseph Bowan, Leslie Seniors Bowman, Lori Boyle, Joseph Boysrer, David Brahm, Darin Brandner, Steve Brenn, Parricia Brewer, Camille Bribiescas, Tina Brimhall, Douglas Brirnley, STeve Brocar, Brenda Brown, June Brown, Rhonda Brown, Susan Bruneau, Sfeve Brunner, Cynthia Bryan, Roberl Bryanl, Michael Bryson, Palricia Buchanan, Cindy Buckley, Slephanie Busfield, Audrey Buller, Cheryl Buller, Nina Buller, Norman Calderone, Dianne Caldwell, Sharon Calveri, James Camp, Allyn Campbell, Cya Campbell, Dennis Campomenosi, Deann Canlerell, Cary Carlos, Terri Carmichael, Donald Carpenler, David Seniors Carras, Jarnes Case, Brendon Castillo, Sylvia Caslillo, Andres Cavolaski, Tammy Cervanles, Michael Chaira, Anlhony Chaney, Margaret Chee, Norla Chrislensen, Sonya Clarkson, Sharon Clay, Eddie Cline, Lorella Cline, Tambra Cochenour, Wendy Colby, Carrie Colernan, John Collins, Pairicia Connelly, John Conn, Sieve Seniors One of The events of The Jr. Miss Pageant was lalenl, which Kari Bisbee displayed very suc- cessfully. Coppo, Joseph Cords, Sleven Cornia, Gary Coslon, Lexie Cox, Maxwell Cravall, Angela Cronk, Jennifer Culp, Richard Cummins, Brian Curl, Lawrence Currie, Bruce Daly, Karen Danforlh, Peler Decker, George Decker, Jane Degroff, Ken Seniors Delk, Mdry Delorenzo, Loretto Delporle, Ed Demorbiex, Jdmes Derndris, Wendy Derko, Dovid DeRoso, Terri DeRoy, Terri Dickenson, Trocy Dickerson, Slonley Diehl, George Dillon, Denise Dingrnon, Dernoris Disbrow, Morgorel Domenick, Dedro Dougherty, Debbie Seniors Sieve Brdndner prdclices diligenlly, for he enjoys ploying The drums for The group "TwisTed Sky." if H. ' Q QE -A 1' nj, F 1 Y , reg, xii .SF- For some students, socializing in the parking lot can be the most exciting part of the day. Dow, Grant Dowd, Carol Driscoll, Kathleen Drozcl, Edward Dubrul, Debra Dueck, Leonard Dumont, Michelle Dupree, Beth Duranti, Jim Durney, Edith W? " as - . , , Dyches, Kathryn f Eaker, Teresa 1, - ' , 2 XV, , ,, ,E 3 er ' - Ebert, Theresa Eckert, Charles Edick, Christine Nl all Echeverria, Xemena Seniors J Edison, Mike Edwords, Beth Edwords, Dono Egon, Joseph Elkins, Kothy Ellington, lvlory Elliott, Bill Embury, Lindo Englond, Robert Eskew, Lynn Evons, Rdymond Evons, Rick Evenson, Jeonne Forlinger, Chorles Fovozzo, Joe Fdysdk, George Ferreird, Lino Fett, Trocy Fischer, Lynnette Fitzpdtriok, Jdrnes ' Seniors David O'MalIey came To The pep assembly prepared and ready for anything, especially the Sr. Toga Pariy. .xi x XX X . Flake, James Florian, Dale Flowers, Sandra Foarde, James Fornwali, Rhonda Fosler, Michael Foulk, Sandro Fournier, Edward Franklin, Darrell Frazier, Connie Frazier, Holly Freemole, Joni Frias, Theresa Frick, Bill Frierson, William Froncek, Francis Seniors Frosl, William Frye, Julie Galleniine, Michelle Garnrnel, Shelley Garcia, Andy Gardner, Mark Garn, Brad Garney, Michael Garrison, Jodi Gay, John Gebbia, Pauley Gels, Barbara Geisheimer, Kalhleen Gibbons, Jeshelle Gibson, Charles Glauser, Marcia Seniors ' 4 l X if is-flax X GAQK Roberta Nelson and Jeff Rogei lake finne out from Their siudies io greei each olher. l ' l x K l ..l The voice of Miriam Heap, our alhlelic com- missioner, is heard as iT echoes through The gym, announcing The nexl skit. VY? Glenn, Russell Glover, Troy Godwin, Pamela Golden, Charlolle Golden, Deborah Gomez, Angelica Gomez, Gloria Gonzales, Sandra Gonzalez, Adriana Goodman, Harrell Goodolf, Fred Goudeau, Darrell Gary, Lynn Gray, Theresa Green, Lisa Griffin, Roberl Seniors GuesT, Thomas Gunderson, Quincy Gurller, Karl Gulierrez, Rosalba Gulierrez, Rose Habighorsl, Cheryl Hackworlh, Sleven Hale, Elizabeth Hale, Rebecca Hall, Brenl Hall, Shirley Hanclgis, Mallhew Hanlon, Elizabelh Hansen, Timo Harrell, Sharianne Harris, Lisa Harsh, Connie Harvey, Gregory Haslip, Amy Hasslache, Sally Seniors X :ii Nab" Hatfield, Diana Headrick, Nathan Heap, Miriam , Heater, Carol Hedges, Thomas Hedgpeth, Timothy Heil, Emmaly Hemberger, Donna Taking in the view and watching the crowd puts a smile on Camille Brewer's face. Henry, Roger Henry, Sharon Herd, Julie Herderick, Glenn Hewitt, Cheryl Hey, Dan Hicks, Kevin Hill, Terry Seniors Hillger, Kimberly Hinds, Michael Hobbs, Sieve Hoffman, Mark Hoffman, Vonnie Hollis, Mary Holub, Jeff Hon, Wendy Horslmann, James Hossack, Dianne Hubler, Dan Hualin, Jana Hugney, Yvonne Hull, Cnrislopner Imricn, Mark Ingals, Jeff Seniors pane, A IR ,kv so . . is 1 Inkel, Duwoyne Irwin, Trocy Jockson, Jennifer Joehnig, Ellen Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Alon Ann Anno Bob Johnson, Doyno Johnson, Keith Johnsion, Poul Jones, Aoron Jones, Christopher Jones, Sherri Jones, Vicki Koiser, Dorlo Kosprzyk, Anthony Kegerreis, Shellie Keilh, Bernice Keller, Judy Seniors J ' Seniors Kelsey, Ted Kempion, Dennis Keni, Lisd Kernogis, Cnrisiine Kescoli, Marcello Kidwell, Penny Kime, Edwin King, Douglds King, Poirick King, Todd Kircn, Coinleen Kleinmdn, Lyndci Kluck, Tdnyd Koellner, Lindo Koiuld, Edword Krdmer, Siephen Krick, Cdrlend Kroeger, Greg Kucndn, Jornes Kueber, Christine Grant Lyon wos one of the few people who had the opportunity to meet Borry Gold- woter when he come to Mountain View to speok. Kunosek, Andrew Kurus, Peter Lofler, Lindo Loine, Bill Lambert, Sheri Lombright, Gregory LOMOYTG, John LOMOFTG, Robert Lornporeilo, Steve Loncoster, Jomes Loncirith, Louro Lorsen, Debro Lorson, Lorson, Lorson, LOFSOPI Debro Edwin Gory Steve Seniors Lawrence, Douglas Laws, Sieve Lawson, Kim Leach, Sherry LeCiair, Taunia Lee, Kerry Leek, Lisa Lefebvre, Jim Lerdali, Mark Leslie, David Levine, Seth Lininer, Eldon Lloyd, Eric Lock, Gary Lofgran, Carol Lundbiom, Craig 1 ,:-,K if These girls Thoughi They'd be safe here waiching The dance contest, but the pho- iographer found Them again. Lunt, Leisa Lupinacci, Robert Lyon, Gary MacMillan, Robert Madden, Sherri Maggs, Ricky Major, Stacey Major, Tonna Marsh, Allen Marsh, Keily Marshall, Trudi Martin, Lisa Martin, Roger Martinez, Genevieve Martinez, Monica Martinez, Patricia Master, Steve Matteo, Florence Matthews, Cris Maulain, Duane Seniors Maxwell, Viclor Mayhew, Laurie McCain, Karen McCormack, Ross McCormick, Cindy McCracken, Carol McDaniel, Gene McDaniel, Sheila McDermol'r, John McDonaIcl, Jim Mcliaaaen, June McFarlancl, Cynlhio McFarland, Michelle Mclnnes, Kimberly Mclnlosh, Parn McNulty, Michael Meagher, Richard Mehan, Debby Melcher, Vincent Merrill, Kalhleen Seniors I' Koly Driscoll prepores for the Sr. Togo Porly scheduled To happen or The pep ossembly. Merrill, Polrick Meyer, Corlo Michoel, Debbie Middleton, John Miller, Jomes Miller, Liso Millel, Sheri Mills, Michoel Milslone, Pomelo Mitchell, Joy Milich, Milon Mize, Lindo Moffoi, Roger Mondeou, Richord Monson, Richord Monlijo, Fronk L Seniors ' Moon, Todd Moore, Michelle Moroles, Gregory Morrow, Rondy MOrsTC1ir1, Ken? Morlensen, Kolhie Mosscrop, Duson Mucho, Lori Mumford, Kim Myers, Tommy Neimon, Trocey Nelson, Adele Nelson, Deon Nelson, Lynn Nelson, Roberio Nicholson, Anneile Seniors gsllff 9 gives: Q ...J Gt? Becky Oelke, along with many others. pro- vided music for The sTudenT body during a pep assembly. Nicholson, Bruce Nickell, James Nicoii, Paiii Nicolls, Eric Nims, Craig Noderer, Martha Noe, Elizabeth Norton, Twila Nuciforo, Sharon Nunez, Diana Oelke, Rebecca Ogden, Melinda Ogilviei John Okulovich, Evelyn Seniors Oldham, Sherri Oliver, Joann Olsen, Darrin Orcull, Syndee O'Dell, Paula O'MaIley, David Osife, James Osife, John Owens, Dewayne Owens, Michael Oxborrow, Marc Palazzelli, Bob Palmer, Rodney Palomino, Chrislina Papineau, Dana Parker, Kalhy Seniors y is 3, .l ' if l is .Ji - A super summer excursion To The lake will provide daredevils like This To watch. 'YQ Parker, Rich Pasquali, Roberl Passarella, Frank Pauly, Milchel Paynfer, Paige Pearce, Judy Peavler, Blake Pena, Lydia Pena, Olga Penninglon, Beverly Pelers, Julie Peterson, Ivlilchell Phillips, Judy Pickell, Jolene Pineda, Moses Pollard, Tammy Poncedeleon, Richard Porter, Brett Potter, Mark Potter, Tarnra Prather, Steven Preuss, Tod Puebla, Cathy Purdom, Susan Rangel, Sheryl Ransom, Sheryl Raptis, Michelle Ray, Donald Redondo, Tami Renoll, Kim Retelny, Lori Rhoades, Albert Seniors Rilchie, Kevin Rivero, Mory Robedeou, Pciul Roberli, Morionn Roberrson, Steven Rogel, Jeffrey . lg s- K - aszfffi, -Q 1. xx., A . 4 X '- ' ' ' - -ff:-. l Q " ', , .-451-wV?'f2+?5SQI"?w4 X .. Ed Delporle shows Tho? Tience ond diligence. Rojos, Ambrose Rollins, Jeffrey Rool, Hope Risondich, Cindy dfGfTlOQ leQUll'SS DG- Ross, Suson Rowon, Polricio Rowe, Nichole Rowley, Sheilo Seniors Rubio, Heclor Russell, Mark Ryan, Charles Ryan, Denise Salus, Gerald Salza, Theresa Samaniego, Lori Sanlacruz, John Saunders, Kathy Savasrano, Paula Schisler, Johanna Schneider, Susanne Schrage, James Schuh, Arlhur Schultz, Thomas Searle, Roberi Segovia, Anihony Senn, Kevin Shand, Becky Shaw, Scolr 1 SAO I 1 Rl Seniors M' J luv' Q' Shaw, Susan Sheldon, Richard Sherling, Marcie Shope, Jeffrey Shopteese, Mary Siewers, Lisa Silkin, John Silver, Sundae Silvestri, Lisa Simonovic Zvoni ir , m Simpson, Danielle Singleton, Tracy Skouson, Keith Slade, Darin Slade, James Slaven, Ronda Smigel, Christopher Smith, Aleta Smith, Kevin Smith, Leanne Seniors Smilh, Michael Smiih, Randall Solano, Maria Sornoay, Siacy Soio, George Spencer, lvlarlha Sprouse, Julie Siaclaon, Saundie Stahl, Janis Stahl, Susan Siapley, Renee Siarks, Tina Sieinhoff, Dan Stephens, Laura Siirling, Philip Sliih, Vicioria Sione, Marshall Siraziscar, David Sullivan, Brad Swanson, Scoii Seniors Swartz, Elizabeth Sweeney, Laurie Swiatkowski, Paul Szarwark, Susan Tanner, Denise Tanner, Vicki Taylor, Barbara Teasley, Monty Teter, Gilbert Thiel, Christine Thomas, Robert Thorton, Theresa Tidweii, Tina Tinkham, Cindy S Seniors ' Seniors Tippeis, Tom Torres, Tomos Tree, Evon Trejo, Terri Trommler, Kristi Tucker, Fronk Tucker, Mork Tucker, Todd Turley, Connie Turley, Gorrh Turley, Michelle Turley, Thomos Turner, Pom Upfon, Robbie X. Vandamme, Denise Vanherpen, Johanna VanNorman, Kevin VanParys. Jeffery Vaughan, Ronald Vaughn, Patrick Venn, Randy Vensor, Rebecca Vujicic, Angela Wade, Janel Wade, Pam Wager, Sherri Seniors Wahleim, Chuck Wakefield, Roger Walker, Cynthia Walker, Lisa Walsh, Kevin Ward, Vicki Washburn, Peggy Watkins, Donald Watkins, Jennifer Watkins, Lisa Watson, Lyman Webb, Lani Weinberg, Marc Weisenberger, Sheryl Seniors Welch, Cindy Wells, Vic Wende, Anthony Wencie, Lorelio Werner, Becky Wesolowski, Joseph We-si, Down Wesiberg, Sheri Westbrook, RTIODCIO While, Williom Wilkes, Moriso Willcurl, Loro Willioms, Dono Willioms, Dovid Seniors Williams, Gail Williams, Holly Williams, Kimberly Wilson, Jamie Wilson, Julie Wingler, Teresa WinTers, Shelly Wisniewski, Theresa Wix, Tanya Seniors The Common Goal We've come TogeTher from many places, some farTher away Than oThers. We've SGGD old Gnd fOfTllllOl' fGC9S and have goTTen To know one anoTher. We're This year's Seniors, The class of '84. We've been Through some hard Times: YeT, we've had a loT of fun. We look upon This school, wiTh an all around view. We've Talked To compleTe sTrangers, and people ThaT we knew. We've worked our way To The Top, These lasT eleven years. Some of us had a carefree life, buT oThers had many fears. We've reached our firsT goal, or so, iT has been said. There's a huge world awaiTing us, and a whole new life ahead. As we leave This school, and The life ThaT we have had. We leave wlTh many memories, some happy and oThers sad. When we Think abouT our school years, and all The people ThaT we knew. We'll Think of all The good Times. ThaT we had aT lVlounTain View. For some of us, school years were fun: For oThers, jusT a formaliTy. The year of '84 was special, for C5raduaTion became a reallTy. Woods, Dove Workinger, Louro Workmon, Tomi Wright, Leo Wyckoff, Steven Wygle, Kimberly Wynn, Thomos Young, Debro Young, Liso ZOITIOFO, Debbie Zowocki, Mork Zoiiinger, Suson Zunigo, Sheri The Toro Seniors A 4 -5,1 Juniors: A Proud Trddiiion Junior Closs officers- Sfonding: Treosurer, Sieve Geiseg Seofed Qfrorn leff To rignfj: Vice-Presidenf, Cindy Doherfy Presidenf, Troy Hoicn: Secrefory, Anneffe Borogino. ' Junior Officers 's . I V 4 While busily working on his ceramic pol. Tony Poslhuma looks surprised To see ' his teacher standing There watching him. I 5 ' if Tinia Robedeau glancex back lo see who called her name. a xv. I zrlllm l X I i LA,i ka f i Abele, Jeannie Adraklas. Stephanie Alexander, Lane Aldred, Rhonda Alexander. Tracey Aley, Ron Alfers, Jeni Allan. Marc Allen, Sandy Alvarado, Isabel Amick, Patrick Anaya. Henry Anderson, Steve Andric, Mira Arellano, Debbie Armijo, Joe Arriaga. Tony Arriaga, Chris Arriela, Joe Ashe, Arlene Ashmore, Joanne Alwell, Shane Aufrey, Mary Ayers, Bob Ayolle, Kim Juniors Bailey, Margy Bailey, Mike Bailey, Tina Baird, Todd Baker, Robert Baker, Scolf Ballard, Johnny Barnes. Tracy Barneil, Tom Barron, Ron Barry, Rita Bates, Markay Beaudry, Tammy Beck, Bridget Beebe, Sonja Behrens, Kelly Behring, Ken Bell, Dave Bell, David Bell, Marcia Bell, Mark Bell, Mark Bell, Sieve Bellows, Diane Benka, Lisa Berg, Mark Beuzekom, Mike Biggs, Kevin Bisdorf, Lisa Blakesley, Troy Blanseli, Sieve Blare, Dove Bloom, Jim Boragina, Annette Bouchie, Joe Boyd, Carol Bradley, Lorrie Brandon, Jackie Branning, Kurl Bredsholl, Robin Juniors 6 A ik? While Lonnie Pace's allenlion is direcfed elsewhere, Amy Welling and Maria Feily walk 'ro The locker cages in The normal fashion. in l of 'i l. Y i X . , is.,- ki . bg, 4- '1 , sg m Q :f Y Q I 'J' Xl A li , .. Q . ' f V - 5 , ,. fi., ,M ,L i X l .M - , I J ,YQ l la ., J QW LK, F :1 L .1 2 5 l s :. ' 1 ., fi QQQ 148. Sy , Kevin Losey quickly gets his books together while waiting for the bell to ring. Breshini, Annette Brewer, Nancy Bright, Russ Brimley, Matt Broodston, Julie Broberg. Dianne Brown, Betty mi. ' at.- 'Q I R N' .X I yt 1 , K,X 'I fi X' 115 During their lunch hour, many students like Marla Sterling and John Sickles find time to stand on and around cars and gossip with their friends. "" ' W5 1 tr H ,. N' X - th x MS A if i Y ' . -'15 Q-. X , in V - - 'lf JA . ,X Aa I xxx!! .rr ' , 2 5 f Brown, Christinia Brown, Dave Brown Debby Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Kathy Brown, Norman Brown, Tamara Brundage, John Buchanan, Steve Buchanan, Bob Buczynski, Susan Bunchman, Trip Burgdort, Tina Burger, Angel Busc, Michele Busfield, Mark Butler, James Butterfield, Steve Cahill, John Juniors Calcaterra, Steve Calvert, Edwin Camden, Ricky Cameron, Cheryl Cameron, Clay Camp, Karla Campbell, Kevin Caroccio, Paul Carpenter, Rachel Cartwright, Mike Cassaday, Jeff Castillo, Arthur Castillo, Rosa Caza, Jean Cervantes, Danny Chalk, Benny Chambers, Mindi Chase, Dana Chee, Willy Chiappetta, Regina Chisholm, Steve Christen, Stan Christenberry, Tammy Christensen, Nancy Cirone, Mark Clark, Brenda Clarkson, Connie Clay. Sherri ' JL.lf'llOfS Qbessw 'T-V - -1. ' 'st' if Sometimes students can be interested by what is happen- ing in class, but sometimes they wish they were at any other place but school. A a, ,f f' ,' f .1 1 M, My ss, A Stephanie Dickerson sits and wonders what the rest of her V , day will be like. I -Q 1 ay .V T ' i it wr, 'i ll xf Hz: 1: il' .4 y o ils V,- 40' , . -ul Cline, Brenda Cloyd, Steve Cluft, Jamie Colby, Pat Coleman, Duree Collins, Steve Conaway, Tammy Contreras, Dennis Cook, Yvette Cooper, Cody Cooper, Jim Cooper, Patty Coovert, Terry Copley, Bob Corriveau, Penny Coston. Judy Cota, Veronica Couch, Rolland Cousins, Lori Cox, Jeff Cox, Melody Craig, Ken Crandall, Doug Crawford, Ted Cronk, Karen Crook, Lisa Culp, Heidi Cunningham, Audrey The rock n roll band Twisted Sky practices diligently, for they want to sound perfect for their next performance. Juniors Curry, Kim Dalthorp, Todd Domron, Amy Dana, Kim Dash, Ronald Davidson, Mike Davis, Brenda Davis, Melanie Dean, Jeanne Decker, Mike DeCourcy, Mike De Haan, David Deines, George DeMarino, Gail Deming, James Demke, Mike Depierro, Scott Dickerson, Stephanie Dieringer, Nadine Dixon, Candy Dodge, Penny Doherty, Cindy Dominique, Bill Domon, Ron Dooney, Debbie Doorbar, Shauni ' Juniors ,-,---M After a long, satisfying lunch, students meander toward their classes, wherev l 'K Junior Jim Johnson suppresses a smile as a friend tells him a joke during class, er they may be. li w ,Ll A, V Sandy Stahl expresses shock as she realizes her chess oppo- nent has just put her in checkmate for the third time. 1 .f i l X N I , 1 "g 'f I An... N . .L 4 I' Nl Doorbar, Sherri Dougherty, Paul Doyle, Martin Dreaver, Lisa Dressler, Maxine Drinkwater, Steve Driscoll, Laura Dunkeson, Tammy Dunn, Jeff Dunn, John Dunshie, Terry Durney, Ellen Edick, Donald Egan, Kent Egan, Mike Ehlers, Corry Elberts, Joe Elliott, Kathy Esmeier, Melissa Espinoza, Mike Esqueda, Marisela Esqueda, Richard Esqueda, Tony Evans, Kathryn Everett, Ray Everlith, Missy Farrell, Stefan Fenning, Cyndie Ferguson, Paul Ferreira, Susan Fetty, Marie Figgins, Kim Fiske, Sheila Fitch, Laurie Fitzpatrick, Mary Foucher, Barbara Foulk, Vincent Franzmeier, Troy Frazier, Veronica Fredrickson, Jo Ann Juniors From, Melanie Frost, Debbie at X Fuller, April Gallant, Dan Gann, Betsy Ganser, Teresa Garcia, Connie Garcia, Mike ll ,itil Gardner, Jim Gardner, Scott fu Garnier. Audrey Garrett, Jeff Gasswint, Gretchen V il ,lx l X' " ,Ll f Gehring, Julie ' Gibbs, Donna 2, Giebels, Marcus 'M x ' , wifi is 'Q .rift is if Giese, Steve Gillespie, Bill Goff, Suzanne Juniors -N- .-'- X N. N , , 41, K ,is , X,-f , gy, if - f, Yi, '. ' , s fit 'if 1 . bv . -f 2 'ls Sometimes a full day of school is just too hard for Dina Darger to handle, so she takes short naps whenever she can find time. I l Sally Hewitt looks very surprised when she turns the corner and sees who is standing there. Gomez, Cindy Gomez, Lisa Gonzales, Maria Gonzales, Sabrina Goodman, Julie Goodman, Shanna Gorman, Teresa Gose, Tom Graville, Pam Gray, Don Green, John Grenke, David Griggeory, Lori Gross, Janet Guest, Jeff Gulley, Carmen Gunderson, Brandy Guthrie, David Gutierrez, John Gutierrez, Maria Haarmann, Debbie Haarmann, Julie Hagerty, Karen Hall, Gingi Hanley. Greg Hansen, Juliana Hansen, Ron Hargadin, LaDonna Harmon, Pam Harris, Leslie Hatch, Troy . S Juniors Horin, Bruce Howiree, Julie Hoymoker, Rick Hedlh, Jerry Heotwole, Lorry Hebdon, Jody Hebert, Ron Hecker, Sondro Hedges, Bonnie Hedgepelh, Lori Helsing, Cord Helton, Sfuorl Henderson, Suzonne Hendrickson, Poul Hennessey, Jim Hensley, Tino Herd, Wes Hermeroih, Karen Herren, Denise Hicks, Polricio Hill, Jonice Hill, Ricky Himmelsboch, Eric Holguin, Alice Hollond, Clarence Holmes, Cory Holmes, Giselle Hoopes, Dovid Juniors . 3 rwbl, ,Qi - Brondy Gunderson ond Troy Holch poy close olfenlion os their J 'reocher lectures To The closs. '1 , 4 dx 3 , 'l . i Amir.- ,- 'All Lg Afier o long, hord doy of school, Jeff Pe-Hy is reody To hop on his motorcycle ond go home. ' ,I x l . r , - new .. f I.: ,nv Tis? P il? 1 'fax .K 1 is I During lunch, many juniors find time to sit and relax while listening to the radio and talking to Horibe, Yoko Houston, Lori Howard, John Howard, Robert Hoy, David Hudson, Sandy Hughes, Jim Hughes, Shari Hughlett, Carla Hulette, Shannon Humble, Brian Hundley, Sterling Hurier, Victor Hymore, Melanie Hyslope, Gerald Ibarra, George lngerson, Chantal Ink, Angie James, Kris Jamieson, Craig Janaan, Rose Jarvis, Sandy Jeffery, Alan Jensen, Carl Jewett, Bill Johann, Susie Johnson, Carol Johnson, Chuck Johnson, Darrick Johnson, Daryl Johnson Donna Johnson Jim Johnson, Juanita Johnson, Karleen Johnson, Laura Johnson, Scott Jones, Cary Jones, Frank JUF1lOl'S Kaiser. Marilyn Kaminsky, Kevin Kammerer, Kurt Kaufman, Sandy Kaup, Troy Kearns, Tracie Kehrer, David Kemp, Ron Kempton, Steve Kerley, Sandy Kessler, Kim Kieffer, Brenda Kimball, Tracy King, Tammy Kirch, Kerry Kirk, Maureen Kisiah, Cindy Klein, Mark Kleinman, Laura Klingensmith, Jennie Kohlhase, Leslie Kollenborn, Shea Kosisky, Joe Kotsur, Brian Kotula, Denise Krall, Jon Kramer, Margie Kreuzer, Dean Kruck, Kim Juniors 5 V s NM X K if 4 s 5 fx '9"E Jeff Cassiday catches the crowd's attention while playing his fiddle to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." , .5 S lk -'P l W . XX ,I - be K-f aa' SW Y. ., . , W L ., 1 s z M w J , . Q i ,f hill , lv, .1 1 1 ii ' cfx T- T' , . , .- khy A Q ,,,s l , " Q ssf5f'slZ. 1 .1 .s 1 'Ti ' f ' , S w .ig gy ' s A f CATAI INA W if ,.....-1-M v N . . f f ga 1: 'XV' :: z Z his ,, .. 'ns J." ' -' i .:,l s 1 A 5 i A14 4. , g 5 ,F 3 Lisa Mauzy enjoys hearing the good and the bad points about her newspa- , Q ' . per articles from her fellow classmates. is , -S s 3 X 41 i V M151 4' .......i .A While Melanie Lientz, Tanya Wix and Janet decides to be different by making a funny Gross smile for the photographer, Stacey Powell face. an - , ' I , x -' ,r A ' . ,Xt tl Qi ti' , If i-f Krugen, Doug Lacey, John LaFortune, Carol Lakey, Pam Lambert, Dave LaMorte, Jeff Lancaster. Barbara Lancaster. Karen Larson, Dru Larson, Kristine Larson, Kyle Latourrette, Allen Lay. Tamie Layton, Jay Lee, Danny Lee, Terry Leek, Mike Leivas, John Leonard, Lisa Leonard, Terry Levine, Randy Lewison, Janice Lieng, John Lientz, Melanie Likley, John Linsenmann, Ruby Lock, Greg Loper, Suzanne Lopez, Rene Lopez, Sandy Lower. Steve Lukehart, Staci Lunsford, Gayle Lynch, Maria MacGregor. Dirk Maffucci, Bob Magallanez, Zina Magnee, Joanne Juniors Malloy, Carol Malo, Donna Manues, Elaine Mariage, Abbe Markovic, Marcia Marler, Regina Marshall, Andy Martin, Elena Martinez, Joe Martinez, Sylvia Mastalsz, Pat Matheson, Diana Matthews, Shelly Mattice, George Matty, Mark Mauzy, Lisa Mauzy, Rick Maxwell, Darren May, Terry Maynard, Ken McCleary, Shannon McClelland, Blynda McCune, Bonnie McDavid, Denise McEarchern, Julie McGhan, Mark Mclnnes, Darryl Mclntyre, Shanell McKeon, Dave McKean, Kathy McKinley, Mike McLaughlin, Phil McMinn, Regina McPherson, Darren McWilliams, Rita Meiley, Steve Juniors f . ,g .1 V . .Q ,.,, R Ni- . i.f 'H 'P I?'il'1 K it I . ' if-i' 1 .4.' ,. X. ,. , 51' as N Qi 'ee - . - ,: i -s X ., K. R ?1 .L :. .-:mf "1 me as 1. Many juniors look very unhappy when going to class, but April Fuller and , Barb Wisniewski seem to slowly progress to class with smiling faces. 5 P' , 1554 'Q Audrey Cunningham stops for a short drink while on her way to "Rock around the clock." 61 is s.ii i R l t l Between classes, Toro juniors casually stroll to their lockers before going to their next class. is ,lr A 4 if .L Mendivil, Armando Merrill, Dave Meseroll, Jim Metzger, Todd Micheau, Chris Micheletti, Deanna Micheletti, Lindy Miculs, Benito Miller, Terry Millett, Kelly Mills, David Mills, Donald Monkman, Jeff Moon, Brandon Moon, Diana Moore, Marjorie Moreno, Lisa Morey, Lisa Morren, Toi Morris, Helen Morris, Robyn Mortensen, Jeff Mortensen, Ken Mortensen, Paula JUDlOl'S Mott, Pam Nelson, Chris Nelson, Shane Newbold, Dwane Newendyke, Scott Newland, Suzie Newrock, Carla Nichols, Brandon Nielson, Robert Nino, Clara Nissen, Ralph Noble, Michelle Nocella, Bill North, John Northey, Debbie Northey, Mark Nossett, Jim Nowak, Susie Nunez, Donna Nybo, Cheryl Oakes, Stacilee Oldham, Kathy Olson, Tim Oltmann, Jennifer Ornales, Mike Orta, Angela Ortiz, Magdalena O'Bryant, David Ostrom, Chris Owens, Bobby Pace, Lonnie Paredes, Joe Parker, Mark Partel, Kathy Patrick, Mike Patt, Mike Paul, Chris Poynter, Coral Pearce, Gary Pennell, Missy Perez, Monica Juniors ,I ,N il-ss axis. ,.s. ' -r ,p Nl t .1 - it ' x . Q f ls X f 2 its -if l l C- '51 Meanwhile, back at the ranch these three cowglrls QDebbie Haarmann Marla Sterling and Julie Haarmannj take a short rest before glttln back to tendin' them cattle 5 ,, r"""""'-sq, L? 2 4... Q l ,. ,i 'SQ 'S 4 s Z X i X 4 gi I nr , x ti These funky Toros boogie to the beat of the song at the fantastic Hello Dance. M- w.-'-f-'--- --"M" ' I 1 -an Many Juniors find it very easy to lounge around between classes, especially on "Sweats Day." Perkins, Karen Perkins, Lola Perkins, Sharon Perrault, Stephanie Peters, Kelly Petty, Jeff Pfeifer, Jill Phair, Debbie Phillips, Jennifer Phoenix, Kathy Pickens, Liz Plucinski, Susan Pohl, David Pollock, Dawn Porter, Gary Porter, Steve Posthuma, Tony Powell, Kristine Prather, David Pratt, Steve Price, Sheryl Priester, Chris Prince, Lisa Puebla, Leo Purinton, Jeff Purner, Margaret Quotskuyva, Lee Rails, Cherrielynn Rapp, Dan Juniors Rathburn, Rob Rathburn, Rosa Ratkowski, Tammy Reardon, Chris Reece, Dave Reed, Mary Reh, Terri Reheis, Judi Renninger, Randy Rentera, Fred Ressler, Keith Retelny, Eddie Reynolds, Sandy Rhodes, Chance Richards, Toni Richardson, Kathy Richeson, Lisa Rinck, Robert Ritchie, Renee Riutta, Jim Robedeau, Tinia Roberson, Tony Roberts, Renae Rodriguez, Benji Rogers, Elizabeth Rogers, Sandy Roget, Judy Rollins, Anne Roosen, Gloria Rouse, David Rubio, Frank Ruby, Leslie Russell, Greg Salasberry, Lisa Salyers, Deanna Sampedro, Louie Sandbank, Tamara Savastano, Robert Juniors , P: ii ,.. sit l X , 2 i I N, WW Lisa Leonard spends her lunch hour munching out and doing some last-minute cramming for her exam she has to take in her next class. R 7 , V 'F x-F i ,L - " 'S 9' is ' L 9. Q? u ' K fi , H' 'Vx l x . f e M. - 7' Q, , i 4 'a JJ: T7 K 5 it ,sl 'X if U AX ,V -rt I f f rg 1 W ,. - ,MXH X .st as f 4 'ft sw , . A s , f iff 9' X7 aa. luv 1 i ,, 4, V I . ""Il'l.I- 1 i .5-l i. Y Q. if up 4i, !p. Q -i 1 -1 'EPM 'S WI The image of Teresa Gorman is caught on film as she sfrolls casually across campus beiween classes. , viii sr wi r f . F . 3' ' xl v lralw 1 . l Rich Edwards shows some embarassmeni as he sees who's G loving lips he's jusi Tasied in The "TasTe Your Mommy Tasie T si." f ' S A ' wt if Ss 4 l H li ICO! ll CU!! 'ml wwf I ll K WWI: l . ' X lG'i5'?'Ti'if:1"'l xi l Saxon, Leasa Schaefer, Ed Schaer, Bill Schafer, Vickie Schieber, Darla Schmitz, Mai? Schneider. Brigeile Schoeller, Debbie Scholz, Ann Schroeder, Pal Schultz, John Schwan, Laura Schweppe, Laura Scoll, Angie Scoll, Brad Scoli, Charlene Searles, Rich Secondo, David Senila, Debbie Shaw, Mike Sheldon, Beverly Shelion, Carey Shepherd, Brian Shields, Laura Shill, Shauna Shimel, Bob Shinn, Dana Shipley, Mike Shrader, Denny Juniors Shumway, Becky Shumway, Belinda Sickles, John Simpson, April Sims, Bonnie Sims, Sandy Singleton, Donna Skabelund, Doug Skiles, Stacy Skousen, Dayna Slade, Scott Slaven, Lee Ann Slim, Dove small. Keith smigel. Make smnn, Blu Smith, Dan Smith, Evelyn Smith, Jeff Smith, Kevin Smith, Kimberly Smith, Linda Smith, Paul Smith, Ron Smith, Shelly Smith, Sue Smith, Suzie Snodgrass, John Soo hoo, Brent Spielman, Michael Spilsbury, Laura Spotten, Blake Spraggins, Pat Spurling, Lisa Stahl, Sandy Standage, Marcia Juniors Junior Toro, Steve Anderson, proudly displays his love for Tina Bailey, by wearing a T-shirt, "Steve 81 Tina." 1.-SJ' , - - , A . ,.,,,,., .3 W W 4 iyl L 4, , K ,X , ,- . ,f , . Xl. 1- Lg, .L ,Q ,. U- ,I l , gt . Q-i s -1 QQ, 5 1, eg. - f X -. Q nf, f , I1 mm . . ,lm l V lm.. mu ,xi um mx 1 " i xi 1 fi , , u 169' is I -: z-:fs S A S ggi". QC? X .4 ff w ,, ,s, 1 V , -s 1' o Q ' 1' X -s,l . 'X g ' fuss.-J XL 's '. FW if fx ,vi , Q S f ' ri Sf Blnl - - f,,M,.s,,.,., Ms, V- X ,-k,f1,X.s.s , . . , ff-. , T , Doing exercises is part of Mike Thomas's and Clarence HoIIand's regular routine for weight training. ki -J ii I lt- ur" q A I i 1 This unidentified junior listens attentively to her teacher, for following directions is one of the most important tasks in I Home Economics. Standage, Scott Stankovic, Janene Stanley, Kriss Stauffer, Tammy Steinhoff, Paul Sterling, Marla Steward, Lisa Stoker, Steve Stubbs, Mike Student, Lisa Suladie, Cindy Sutton, Jeff Svee, Terri Swanholrn, Chris Swanson, Jerry Swenson, Kris Tackett, Mickey Tackett, Ron Taylor, Rene Taylor, Richard Teeter, Sharon Tempel, Kim Tennant, Brian Tepner, Debbie Thelander, Krista Thomas, Mike Tiffany, Jana Tilton, Lori JUi'1iOTS Timmons, Kathy Tippin, Scott Tisdale, Jim Tom, Tommie Tomlin, Tracy Torres, Armando Torres, Margaret Townsend, Denise Townsend, Lisa Trekas, Athena Trommler, David Trussell, Susan Tryon, Morgen Tucker, Tom Twyford, Margie Tyler, Lisa Ulmer, Chad Valdez, Christina Valimaki, Greg Vance, Whitney Vanderbeck, Jane Van Norman, Jackie Vega, Jeff Velasquez, Christina Vickman, Todd Vonbehren, Tyson Vranas, Richard Wahlheim, Pete Wakefield, Nancy Walbrun, Brenda Walker, Gary Wallice, Orville Wallis, Don Warren Susan Washington, Rubin Wayman, Lori ' Juniors T' Q milk: l ,V-m xl -ff-fe Lara l, 'E' - 'Q 'K W .N .. . I : Q - l 1 .Fx Q Q. Y 'N ,,y if w C ' K T cr v -V 765- ' '. A 1 f ' u. K . I ' x ,. ., " i f I ' - '1 i - ,-k- W in . ,g ' W t J ' s g - A X fs ,yy i x 5 5 -xl "tx 1 fi MAX , , , . 5 X Waymire, Shelly Weatherford, Tommie Webb, Tammy Weeks, Dave Weight, Wendy Weldon, Jim Welker, Amy Welling, Amy Welshenbough, June Wendt, Jackie Wendt, Jeff Wendt, Lenore Werner, Tom West, Barbara West, Jim Westbrook, Andrea Wheeler, Greg Wheeler, Kristi White, Ellen White, Gayla White, Larry Whitehead, Andrea Whitesheep, Roselynnda Whitemore, Julie Wldder, Nancy Wight, Joel Wilbrink, Berwyn Wilcox, Deborah Wilden, Pam Wiley. Jeff Wiley, Kevin Wilhelm, David Williams, Cheryl Willis, Steve Wilson, Jeff Wilson, Steve Wimmer, Raymond Wisniewski, Barb Woealer, Terri Young, Philip Zawacki, Susan Ziegler, Cheryl Zint, Bill Zint, Bob Juniors ' Sophomores . Ivlovin' Up Sophomore Closs Officers-Sronding: President Bob Pofhier. Seofed Cfrom Ieff To righrj: Vice-President Por Tropio: Treosurer, Koren Woods: Secrefory Rod Smifh. ' Sophomore Officers gy F 'D N . , i .bu Q' ', l, il I it V 1 , D key or ' . it L , Doing homework con become very monotonous, so every now ond then Morty McMurry tokes time to lough ot jokes told by his fellow clossmotes. 'W R Q N 1 5 ff W its 3 A , is L35 divx! ,jfs - at .fgiif 1.5" I Q.: -glsgsfv ' 1 . ..x.. i'f vo, ., , gf I .,.," '1 Abele, John Adoms, Cosey Adoms, Holly Adams, Sherri Addington, Valerie Adroktos, Deon Aiello, Liso Akins, Joe Albertsmon, Wendy Alldn, Eric Allen, Mornie Alvoroclo, Edwin Alvis, Mitchell Amoyo, Jovier Amstutz, Rolond Anderson, Betsy Andrews, Rolph Andric, Mike Archer, Jock Arelldno, Shoron Armento, Junior Armstrong, Suzie Arnett, Bill Arney. Christine Ashcroft, Lucy Atwell, Shdnnon Bogby, Clint Boker, Doug Boker, Gory Boldwln, Amondo Boll, Jorgeno Bolthrop, Gorri Dee Bonkson, Eugene Bonto, Duke Bcirgos, Nick Borker, Gino Bornett. Angelo Borr, l-lorry BGSSGTT, Chod Bossett, Chorles Sophomores Bassler, Gram BaTes, Jennifer Beck, Charlie Beebe, Nancy BeerT, Traci Behrens, Karla Bell, Mike Benka, Tammy BenneTT, Anne BenTIey, Lisa Berkley, Rick BerThoId, Kim Biakeddy, Chalyise Bickes, Mary Biller, ScoTT Bilodeau, Laurie Birchum, Arr Sophomores .5 1 5 sf., 1-rs.. '1 - '- - 1 vs, .s , WQ Q ,.,, ,. , , " " ' T 1 N5 A X W , lVlosT Sophomores have enough homework To keep Them busy during class, buT Dave Toma- shek sTiIl finds Time To kick back and relax insTead of working on his drafTing assignmenT. my sr, X i 'T ., I ,.,, q ssi , . B .em , 1 A V4.4 16, Q X , I . 'B B, H., . as Y Q, 5 .f 'X In .iss sh- 3 5 5 ,B A gggcggcc ,T My QQf +A Q VT While some sTudenTs direcT Their aTTenTion To Their Teacher, ofhers like Rosa yi Vileri siT wiTh smiling faces as They daydream abouT ThaT special someone. N K7 ,lf K I as E T ,ef B f in ,af il 'Tl Z T i N 1 ,E . 2 ,, x , , 'Q ff 19 t 6 1 'N si A fn A 574 'X J X 'E fi , ff l F , 4 P- Ss M f Q While his teacher is lecturing, Mark Ellington sits quietly and patiently await- , ' L ing the sound of the last bell that signifies the end of the day. 7 , x l " l 'ml Black, Lisa Blaine, Jon Blaker, Terry Bliss, Mark Bloomer, Bill Bolin, Dan Bolland, Mike Booth, Darren Booth, Tim Bosley. Scott Bradshaw, l2aeJean Brady, Cheryl Bragg, Caree Braley, Mark Brandner, Mark Brandon, GiGi Brenn, Jody Brewer, Byron Briggs, Dan Broughton, Karla Brown, Kim Broyles, Michelle Bruce, Bobbi Bruce, Michele Brummett, Jessica Bruneau, Mike Brunet, Kathy Bryan, Kathe Bryson, Mike Buckland, Dan Buckley, Jennifer Budge, Bryce Burger, Sherry Burk, Nathan Burnes, Missy Burns, Brenda Sophomores Burr, Kyle Butler, Dahra Butler, Kevin Butler, Lisa Butler, Robert Butterfield, Sonja Caccamese, Renee Cacey, Theresa Caldwell, Mike Call, Michelle Cambern, Hazel Cambern, Jay Campbell, Jerry Campbell, Paula Campomenosi, LeAnn Carey, Erin Cariveau, Billy Carmichael, Penny Casner, Penny Cassavaugh, Kevin Cavolaski, Shelly Challis, Tracy Charlson. Mark Chase. Rhonda Chavez, Emilio Chesser, Shawna Chiappetto, Mary Chinski, Chris Chiren, Paul Christopher, Claudia Cirone, Scott Clark, Alison Clifton, LaDonnda Cline, Deanna Clouse, Dean Cloyd, Barbara Cluff, Betsy Cocca, Dorrie Coffey, Kent Cofoia, Tracy J ' Sophomores : Aff xW N. 'HH Eg g S C- ft' 'fa u ix, , - km . B . ' I Barry Winters grins shrewdly while someone informs him of how rude it is to wear a hat in class. . r B A as u "7 ' dst ffm., ' 'kr '51 L :lil ' if Y I ' x l l , , Q . , , mv, 1 for-25 B V s--. 1 f 917' , x . 4' NLT? f 1 , - fi Q , i ng, ei B1 i ' fi ' ,l, A,, ,, . ,, 5 J A ' I .4 1x , .- X ,,,,. RTS 1 i , , WW, 4. Q n ' I' Y C , X 1 at 'X 1 A 52: g, . . ilk E 1 Q 35 ' Many Sophomores, like Scott Lovins, sit in class with puzzled looks on their faces because they find it hard to comprehend what is going on around them. . W Y Xml ' 5 4 All Ox.. si. r Colbrunn, Sandy Cole, Tom Comparin, Jeff Conklin, Carlene Contreras, Theresa Cook, Kamina Cooper, Jeff Cooper, Laurie Copley, Fronk Corbett, Larry Cosgrove, Mary Cota, Virginia Cote, Ted Coury. Sam Cramer, David Crane, Susan Crilley, Brenda Crompton, Debbie Cronk, Lyn Crow, Debbie Cullen. Gladys Cunningham, Kathy Curd, Peggie Currie, Susan Curtis, Chris Dani, Joe Darger, Scott Dawson, Steve Decker, Eveie DeGracie, Dan Dejno, Mark DeLaney, Christine Sophomores ' DePriesT, Brenda Derka, Wayne Derka, Wendy Deschner, Felecia Despain, Kalhi De-Veaux, Craig Dickenson, Kelly Dillon, Allison Dobbins, Tracie Domann, Don Domon, Wesley Doyle, John Drumm, Debbie Duby, Brian Duffus, Mark Dugan, Daniel Duke, Carines Durham, Teresa Dzik, Ann Ebert, Bill Edwards, Jeff Edwards, Jim Edwards, Tammy Egan, Marlin Egan, Mary Elkins, Jessica Ellington, Mark Elmer, Bob Ergenbrighl, Becki Esber, Brad Esqueda, Jorge Evans, Beverly Evans, Kevin Ewald, Lisa Fagaly, Faith Fankhauser, Kara Sophomores 47 N E I sell If 4-4 'i , ' i f ' ,jf , ifl fffiw rf i .Q 5 , E . A , V -'Tp' E 6' 4 ,N , ,XF N we 'l i . x 1 Me. N. - : X ,.-, . it' si I ' A B is ' li E! ., Q K , . 3 - f E xl 5,3 1 , . Ni 3 ' E f it .lr i i . , Q i f X s WR 31 i , s- -a 3. ,, ff : ,,k Qzi kg. J im., A isi s- Q . . - , ., K - rn ,fi ai , J' N ru ' kk i '. l , ,lilisya 35,11 i3'.,,,sW'f, ' ai , Hiding behind a bookshelf, John Haro finds a comforlable spot on The floor To read his book wilhoui any inlerruplions. I -C' 1 5. li. .1 Ax 2 Q MIM.. we-v L . av P I 5 Q, Q 3 A J, s Y , if Q ,- Q U ' . E K my Q i ., .5 K j h Q ' YH! A Niuiiuhi X X fa T fiiiffg h . . l p Q Instead of asking for help like her friend suggested, Cheryl Schwanbeck wants to try and figure out the term paper assignment all by herself. f . . X l i. A ,W i : l EI Fedorick, LeAnn Fiacco, Gordon Fisher, Benny Fisher, Dawn Fisher, Mike Fisher, Pat Fisher, Patrick Fleming, Michelle Flinn, Sharon Franklin, Larry Franzmeier, Stacy Frasier. Jim Frazier, Kevin Frias, Gonzalo Frias, Greg Frihart, Tammy Frisby. Daniel Frogge, Tina From, Valerie Fruge, Carrie Fulton, Karen Gaddie, Lisa Gaddie, Lora Galloway, Tracy Gammons, Ernie Garcia, Robert Garn, Dana Garner, Melody Gatrel, Todd Gay, Cheryl Gee, Penny Sophomores Gianguzzo, Larry Gibb, Colin Giiilland, Robyn Gobbeil, Steve Gonzales, Paul Gonzalez, Gloria Goodolf, Regina Goodwin, Barb Gordon, Linda Gorman, Eugene Goudeau, Karen Graham, Crystal Graves. Barb Gray, Sue Greaves, Denise Green, Eric Greear, Coury Greene, Jeffrey Greenhoitz, Dawn Griffin, Catherine Griffin, Lisa Griffin, Quintin Griffiths, Randy Griggeory, Wayne Guice, Lisa Gulden, Sharon Gunnell, Bob Gurney, Helene Gutierrez, Anthony Hahn, Ron Hale, Kim Sophomores I . f , ' s I . A slight disturbance in The media center catches Shelaine McLachIan's attention, so she looks around to see what is happening. 5 .Q 2 A' xii Q ' 3 I' i 5 ri if ii E . ,I 'f ' ' ik w S: 1 , .l, 'iii iii fl ss ,gifs k 4 ',, 'Y X Q 1 1 is 5 , 5 , Q 5 1 N' Q I 5 , 'lf if , fa ' '01 1 Many Sophies, like Bill Arnett, like to spend time in the media center watching the Juniors and Seniors as they casually sit around and gossip. Harnmons, Erica Hanley, Tracy Hardin, Evelyn Hargadin, Wanda Harker, Kim Harlow. Scott Harmon, Kelley Haro, John Harris, Camille Hartley, Shelley Hartzler. Kaylene Harvey, Kelly Hassell, Todd Hatfield, David Haveman, Walt Hayes, Debbie Hazlett, Mark Heath, Dennis Hecht, Gary Hedgpeth, Rosalind Heft, Ron Heil. Gilbert l-lerderick, J.D. Hernandez, Roland Herron, Doug Hewitt, Sallie Heying, Mary Hicok. Gary Hiesel, John Hiesel, Robert Higgins, Karin Sophornores Higgins, Lisa Higginson, Brian Higginson, Bruce Hill, Bill Hill, Cristina Hines, Paula Hodges, Robyn Hogue, Lisa Holman, Greg Holsinger, Gene Hopkins, Steve Hopkins. Ted Horky, John Houghton, Denise Houston, Donna Howard, Daniel Howe, Denise Hudlin, Clint Hudson, Marc Hudzietz, Steve Huff, Sherri Hughes, Tony Hughlett, Deanna Hull, Brett Hyslope, Janell Jackman, Joan Jackson. Georgia Jackson, Ginger Jackson, Lee Jackson, Tom Janisch, Nancy Jaquette, Jim Sophomores While Lori Jaynes and Tim Stubbs look off in the distance, Danna Smith looks up at the sky 1, , iw - 4 .1 . Q. S. j,' .2 trying to figure out what is flying through the air. his fm 't ist ? D lik e J ff 'tx Wai? Q Q I r i .,k ,. Y 4 U pn Q A l' r ff A fn, 3 is v ws M ,O - t K' v , list '71 Yi R E .. S" z . 1 While enjoying some free time in class, Kevin Butler sits quietly ond listens ds one of his friends tells o story, I-Wt : IWW ' . J ' . l . QQ tt ,, - t X if X Ph 4' nl ' in v X. , - f' ' 45 is t A 4 ,E ,v,. , 'S , ,,, Nqr 'sf J 1 J . f A X fl .9 lx K' Q' , ,sf X, M x W X ' ,gigs Yi i 3 l Jdynes, Lori Jensen, Richard Jessie, Dovid Jimenez, Krystine Johnson Andy Johnson Ann Johnson, Dorin Johnson, Rod Johnson, Shirley Johnson, Suson Johnson, Theresa Johnston, Sherry Jones, Bryon Jones, Chorles Jones, Cheryl Jones, Debbie Jones, Jeff Jones, John Jones Tereso Kdiser, Duone Kdiser, Scott Konnenberg, Wesley Korzen, Lorilie Kdsprzyk, Sylvid Keehr, Holly Kegler, Glen Kellern, Kelley Kelly, Jody Kelly, Koren Kelly, Mdureen Kempf, Tino Kempton, Kip Kerrigdn, Mdrk Kescoli, Shoron King, Merrill Kinndmdn, Beth Sophomores Kinnear, Kathy Kinney, Kim Kirsch, Laurinda Knudson. Rhonda Kobie, Meredith Koehler, Joe Kolhepp, Jim Koncar, Stuart Kraemer, Lynn Kramer, Barb Kreamier, Tari Kubitz, Jim Kunasek, Karrin Kuntz, Tom Kurus, John LaHaie, Jim Lama, Ross Lambert, Ken LaMorte, Stacy Lambright, Marvin Lane, Marla Lanham, Barbara Lantz, Chip Larkin, Wendy Larson, Julie Lasher, John Lawnon, Krista Lawson, Candy Layton, Michelle fx ' . its i ... ....a1,,,,.. N Nix y X .., X Tina Rnein and Tracy Beert sit and talk while they wait for students to come and order Merry Messages for their sweethearts. ggi I i : 'AQ' rf Layton, Mike . L . r Q LeBaron, Elise Lee, Carmen Lee, Danny Q, is Lee, Kevin if L X ,haw we e Y ' Legge , ames Q f' W xi F L 1 C ,Jim ' Sophomores 'Yi l, issue .. wi ki 5eg.,...,,,f The noisy classroom doesn't seem to bother Scott Perkins, who concen- trates heavily and steadily on his very long English assignment. n 4 2 ' L" :ffl L ' . 1 Lx, E .., , '4 , I 'll' 'J , 3 if Fist' ' R' , s l K ' Leonard, Marsha Lewicki, Mary Lewis, Donna Lewis, Mark Lientz, Cass Liestrnan, Carla Lindseth, Chris Llzdas. Diana Lloyd, Chris Lloyd, Jeff Lock, Jeff Loeffler, David Loehr, Richard Loehr, Robert Lofgran, Mary Lott, Laura Lovins, Scott Lower, Toni Lozano, Tom Ludington, Eddie Lundquest, Kurt Lutz, Dan Maffucci, Jill Maine, Trina Major, Dawn Malone, Rusty Mancini, Mike Manske, Ralph Manuel, Leon Manuel, Tami Mara, Scott Marino, Kelley Marion, Koren Markham, Darwin Marsh, John Marshall, Bobby Sophomores Marshall, Dawn Marshall, Kimberly Martin, Brad Martin, Sherri. Martin, Stephanie Martindale, Don Martinek, Larry Martinez, Gilbert Martinez, Henry Martinez, Jim Martinez, Mike Martinez, Rosemary Matteson, Max Mauldin, Darren McBride, Christy McCleary, Karrie McDonald, Lisa McDonald, Tim McEnore, John McGee, Rosemary Mclnnes, Cynthia McKenna, LeAnne McKernan, Susan McKinion, Robbin McLachlan, Shelaine McMinn, Julie McMullen, Dana McMurry, Marty McNulty, Jim Mci?eynoIds, Steve McWilliams, Joyna Sophomores 2 3 ffts to l xnxx , li' ,f .jf ,ff f' t I glial 6 44 , X Bob Shuart, the lead singer for Twisted Sky, pauses to catch his breath while the other band members keep on rockin', i 4 S 1 i il .-XXX 4 , -l--1 :af fi-1 ..,' sl ' Q-EQ: ' fb' A , I 54, 2 A ,H E. ' .1 . A 65' 'N , ' v ' ' 1 'l . U, . , 'idx l t. ', 1 Y" 1. r S 5 e , X f i . , ic i l i , A-5 - I ,. i- ,. V, 1' .. :Hi , 5- ' I , S : 'X J :- g, Sure that he just heard the teacher call his name, Pat Fisher looks bewildered and wonders why his name has been called and what he has done wrong. swf' x .ffm Y 151 :r g il ' ' f 'Q . XJ , - i , I ,iv ' . i- h W 5 Ji N r Meade, Jonita Meinert, Tim Mendoza, Joe Merldith, Pam Merrill, Mike Merritt, Melissa Messmer, Cindy Meyer, Sherri Micheletti, Gino Milano, Ray Miller, Laurie Miller, Lorenza Miller, Scott Miles, Greg Mills, Denice Mills, Richard Mills. Terrance Milstone, Stephanie Milts, Ronda Miranda, David Mitcoff, John Moen, Mark Molina, Marie Montez, Gracie Montierth, Lori Montijo. Melissa Moody, Jim Moody, Keith Moore, Steve Morales, Cindy Morales, Pat Mortensen, Andrea Mostowski, Shellie Mulera, David Mumford, Mike Murphy. Kathleen Sophomores Murphy, Pat Murray, Jana Mutchler, John Nakai, Felicita Neiswender, Tammy Nelson, Glen Nelson, Madeline Newendyke, Craig Newman, Rich Nicastro, Pat Nickell, Julie Nicks, Julie Nicks, Shelly Nicoll, Greg Nielosn, Chris Noe, Lourie Norris, Doug Norton, Diane Norton, Treck Olson, Fred Orcutt, Mike Orona, Ruben Ortega, Sarah Ortega, Tommy O'DeIl, Vickie Osborn, Stephanie Osborne, Sandra Osorio, Fritz Otto, Jon Overton, Kathy Owens, Todd Owsley, Lisa Oxborrow, Jill Ozik, Jan Paap, Tom Palmer, Robin Pancoast, Tammy Pariza, Diane Parker, Bill Parker, Monica Parker, Robert Parry, Troy Parsons, James Pasquali, Jolene J ' Sophomores U 'li i ,ME 1' X 5 I Sw, . , iiit is 13..- a. H 5 3-A i A81 . ' Q, r 5 ,. .V 15 ., W A " r .1 i lil , 5. Q R il Ish, 1. f ,, - J. v. 'l Q r i in Rochelle Tribby enjoys socializing with the class and laughs at the funny things that are said during their free time. til XX If x , .,r X l E. an 3 Q f . -4, lr l fit, i ,Q I m if P I ri, - C ,, : , J it'i J ' X, W3 lg 41 ,. K si Q.. Ib IVV .X A L . 1 fo ' gimfiit . 3 . 5-4 i 1 iff- ,, r, 3 A .45 ' Q Q 'J is W, I K X, 1 ,fi f fr -ff W- ,. 5 at HP rar 'l " 5 E ilu 4 , i IX K i , l X x ' i 35, .., if E. 'Q ' l 3 x cl i K 4 ' L As Mark Brandner casually walks Toward The Sophomore locker cages he Takes Time To look at The familiar surroundings of Mountain View, i 2 ' 1 ' 'L .Xj sf as 4 n T' 1 w fi 1 ,qv ' X wif mifvvv i' ' x -. l 1 Passarella. Joe Passrnore, Diego Patrick. Michelle Paliea, Darrell Paifea, Sieve Patterson, Greg Paul, Janice Paynter, Sluarl Peavey. Lana Peden, Glen Perkins, Keith Perkins, Scott Perlman, Brenda Perri, Lisa Peters, Slefanie Pelllf, Dan Pierson, Julia Pinkerton, Bonnie Pitchford, Rod Parco, Mary Jane Porter, Todd Pothier, Bob Porter, Evelyn Powell, Sheila Powell, Wendy Prechlel. Laura Prince, Robert Pulzalo, John Quindry, Michele Quirk, Lisa Quoiskuyva, Anna Sophomores Raffuse, Joe Rahn, Kelly Rangel, Charlene Rapier, Donna Rasberry, Tom Ray, Christine Ray, Jeff Rector, Dawn Reeb, Mark Reeb, S.R. Reinhardt, Andy Rettig, Rhonda Rhein, Tina Rhoades, Charlie Richardson, Jennifer Richardson, Karen Richardson, Tammy Roberson, Terri Roberts, Kathy Robinson, Janine Rodriguez, David Rodriguez, Wilma Rosati, Mike Ross, Andy Rost, John Runzo, Scott Rusk, Paula Russell, Robert Sabin, Andy Sage, Bob Sakmar, Julian Sanchez, Maria Sanchez, Pat Sandhurst, Chuck Sandie, Wende Sanofsky, Pauline Saunders, Lanae Schenk, Phyllis Schuh, Carrie Schuster, Linda Sophomores .f l .- - n.,. ,- 5 4' 1 i sl' ,il .L "JH Raef' ' . , - 19' N l , -w 5 Q ' S.. Q-BR ' ,mmf X rg -I wr ,Q q Q s 5 Walking at a slow pace and not looking very happy, Dan , 1 f gf Dugan realizes that he has almost reached his classroom. X , fi X S- I . ' . Vw :TSW 5 'L ' il . J I , I X A 5 X I FY"-Ass' - A K Nu x rm lx Q I Y , , s P : , r-li , f X 'Tll'QM1 j it ng X l m . in rr l A , 9 ' A R ,is 6 I I -Q 1 I Q., . fi f Z if f i i , E J ..l-. 'ss 'S' i . i sf 7 . S 'QI f X ,mg One of the things Ron Stewart enjoys doing most of all is playing real loud X . x x an .-4, 3 ,fs rock and roll on his very own electric guitar. Q i ' , 'V' , .tyt - R, x .-49" : Schwanbeck, Cheryl Scott, Michael Sears, Richard Secondo, Karen Seely, Kris Seiferth, Jim Self, Bobbi Shearin, Steve Sheets, Nathan Shill, Lori Shreeve. Todd Shreve, Ken Sickmiiler, Kim Sikora, Heidi Simms, Barbara Simpson, Jerry Skousen, Shauna Slade, Darwin Slaven. Julie Slim, Laverda Smith, Smith. Smith. Smith, Smith, Smith. Smith. Smith, Smith. Smith. Smith, Colette Danna Dawn Greg Kathi Laverda Liso Nathan Rod Sheryl Tim sophomores Smyers, Randy Snider, Angie Snodgrass, Steve Snowden, Shaun Sobal, Melinda Solano, Fernando Somody, Debbie Soo Hoo, Garran Sorgen, Bruce Southerland, Wayne Spangler, Karol Springer, Mike Sprouse, Carol Squires, Mike Stafford, Charlotte Stonkovic, John Stapley, Randy Stauss, Robert Stein, Eric Steinwinder, Karen Steinwinder, Kim Stevens, Todd Stever, Richard Stewart, Chris Stewart, Ron Stewart, Tracy Stirling, Lorrie St. Louis, Rhonda Stole, Shawn Stroder, Mike Streib, Laura Stubbs, Tim Student, Dorothy Sutherland, Bob Swaba, Maureen Swanson, Trevor Sweodor, Chris Sweeney, John Tackett, Brion Talbott. Bill ' Sophomores fr :ff sa' 'V 0 While on her way to class, Melissa Montijo stops to listen and watch the people conversing in the hallway, B ss ' e 1 ' 1 wt ni' f T ' T it ww Qs., :V 11 , ,X il M' T ff' X .cyl A Q, .. E ll RUR I i Afier being asked a difficulf quesiion by her Teacher, Kelly Dickenson siTs and siares Towards The froni of The room while she Thinks of The answer. Tatum, Debbie Tawzer, Moria Taylor, Craig Tebrich, Tricia Thiele, Kim Thomas, Craig Thomas. Greg Thomes, Robin ThornTon. Michelle Thorpe, Brady Tilfon, Kristi Tippeis, Shawn Tomashek, Dave Townsend, Tracey Travers, Will Tribby. Rochelle Tropio, Pat Trujillo, Maria Tryon, Bob Tubbs, Bill Tuccino. Jerry Tucker, Linda Tucker, John Turley, Jo Ellen Turley, Kelly Tuxhorn, Donna Tyson, Angela Ulanski. Joselle Valdez, Anna Valelunga, Reggie VanParys, Jackie VanParys, Jim VanWagenen, Sherri Vaughan, Susie Vaughn, Aaron Veloz, Maria Sophomores Vening, Michele Vensor, Tommy Vickers, Todd Vifen, Ross Vofh, Sheila Wagner, Lynne Waking, Ginny Walker, Chris Walsh, Rilo Wang, Jo-Wen Warwick, Brian Warwick, Emile Watkins, Garry Watkins, Liz Weatherford, Jason Weber, Julie Welch, Laurie Wells, Cynthia Wells, Denise Wells, Marie Wesl, Irma Wesl, Theresa Weslberg, Cindi Wheeler, Kim Wheeler, Sieve Whiie, Heaiher While, John Whitlock, Jared Wilbrink, Sylvia Wilkes, Kyle Williams, Cindi Williams, David Sophomores After a very long and tiring day of talking with friends, doing some school work,and causing some commotion: Coury Greear finds time to kick back and relax. - K-., may A 1 .yn . 'T' . M4-N Williams, Paul Williams, Wayne Williams, Willi Wilson, Dole Wilson, Kim Winegardner, David Winters, Barry Wittenburg, Mark Wolsieffer, Janis Wood, Eric Woodard, Jim Woodhall, Tava Woods, Dan Woods, Karen Woodward, Ken Worthington, April Wyatt, Ron Yevdich, Violet Young, Jack Young. Mark Young. Rod Zack, Carol Zaharis, Chris Zamora, Sandra Zettel, Chris Ziebell, Marti Ziemer. Mark Zollinger, Jenny Sophomores iw. , Qi- .N . me-.Qs r 3+ -- smsgs.-fwgsm gsiiifl-sr-:is ss. - c ,-g, From The lVIounTain Top Finances have always been a headache for Those who look afTer The well being of The schools. This year The Mesa Public School Board had To Try To mainTain The high sTandard of learning while under The handicap of a budgeT cuT. Led by new PresidenT Dr. John Cran- dall, The board also sTrived To make The summer school program self-supporTing To ease The crunch of funds. IT wasn'T easy To keep The inTeresTs of The schools aT hearT wiTh a major financial sefback, buT Their efforTs are appreciaTed. 5 Jfifkfkx '17 ff? . ,.s-sL , . A -. s T L '1 xi:-' w mv is A 1 K- ,. ',.- W.A- Q if' ,Q ,. g SChQQlHigOGfd'?Tii'i1- or f Dr. J0h0fiC'0f'dQl9ff f Dr. George SmiTh T,ii,1gSuperirgrendent.s Dr. George Zaharis Associate SuperinTendenT T Donno Green Clerk I A ii Mgrilyn Wilson r wg e n f I Boc1rdqMembQf 1 R -r za and 1 -L .L - - X X Y we is g K A eg, . -. , , N:.,, . . X .x-W L, N. A es iiifiisf ' Dori Anderson d Boord Member e CordonDriggs f Board Members r A-M lv rr A ..' nggolqgord G ,4-,.q rw .i m qty- K x V M 'gn va 1.f 1 1 an R. S 93. .T 'X ..s N M-,dd M Wifh a congenial affifude Assisfanl Principal Dale Charles daily wel- comes a myriad of sfudenfs info his office. T Sandra Caldwell is a person who can gef along wiTh almosf anbody and her love for people shows in her Type of work. lVlrs. Caldwell believes in going To where The kids are To communicafe wiTh Them. Her office is always open and she has a willingness To lisfen. Besides being involved wiTh The kids aT school, lvlrs, Caldwell's privaTe life is very rewarding also. She enjoys Tennis, house decorafing and fashion design, as well as sewing The cloThes ThaT she designs. DiversiTy is The key To happiness and success in Sandra Caldwell's life. J AdminisTraTion "H-Q, Jean Marsom gives approval for anofher Toro acfiviTy. She devofes many exfra hours To improve The qualify of our school. The bullefin board is an imporTonT source of informafion for The school. Mr. Curleff checks for any fufure evenfs. Because Secrefary Arlene Kiveff is and always will be an organized person, she has The siTuaTion under conTrol. At The Top Mrs. Caldwell and Mrs. Reynolds pause a brief moment as they discuss the important news of the day. iw .4 f Secretary Dona Ortlund knows the key to success is in cutting the red tape that so often slows down the administrative process. ,il S Principal James Curlett is found catching up on the newsworthy sports activities of the Toros. Ernie Hawkins is most likely to be seen cheering on the team at a footboll, basketball, or baseball game. Before becoming our Athletic Director, Mr. Hawkins was the Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at Camelback High School. Mr. Hawkins says he feels comfortable at Mountain View and perhaps a look at his personality reveals the rea- son why. He is not afraid to be different or say what he thinks. And his underlying strength is de- termination. Mr. Hawkins may be new to us, but the example he sets is an established tradition. Administration Behind Every School 4' - tif: f :un Serenity in the middle of hurried activity is the trademark of Mrs, Mrs. Ethel Lancaster is hardly ever seen without an optimistic look on Betty Bracamonte, an Attendance Clerk. 1 I A Francelle Johnson is o woman as diverse as the student body at Mountain View, where she is the Head Attendonce Clerk. She enjoys traveling, ond lost year she went to Toiwan on vacation. She said the fruits and vegetables taste better there than in America. lvlrs. Johnson felt that it was 'ton exotic experience." Besides going to Toiwon, lvlrs, Johnson has visited Hawaii and Jo- pan. Someday, she hopes to visit Israel. Undoubt- edly, she will take the smile with her that warms hearts all over the world, breoking language bor- riers as she goes. Office Personnel her face, lifting the spirits of her fellow workers. Head of Audio'VisuaI, Martha Ellentuck orders films to better the learning level of the students. Suson Taylor takes a break in the Faculty Lounge from her job as Attendance Clerk. An easy chair will often do wonders to revive o tired mind and weary body. 1!!'f'5. A questioning look crosses Secretary Sandy Campbell's face as she makes sure she has the facts straight. Betty Callahan straightens books and repairs the damaged ones in order to keep the Media Center a valued learning resource. Media Center Clerk Marjorie Major makes out a book order. Her job requires a lot of clerical work. Y' . K Working as the Registrar in the office, Debbie Peterson is not sur- prised by any new happenings that may develop. Unlike many people, Ann Fagan is completely happy with her first career choice. She is our school librarian, and she enjoys her job very much. When she is not reading, she plays tennis and likes to hike in the mountains. The reading Mrs. Fagan does at home helps her better inform the students at school. Mrs. Fagan thinks the dif- ferent types of people that come into the Media Center are interesting and she enjoys talking to them. She likes her job because of the security she feels in working with things and people that interest her. Office Personnel v K ja- 3 A - -.f1"f. C. Xi , wg is .-g ws Vgf.'2"3f...,,Q',K ,,. .. K Cafeieria personnel, Rowl: Elaine Combs, Emma Munoz, Delia Wallen, Marie Crandall, Mary Guerrero, JuaniTa Williams, Mavis McDermoTT, PaT Colby, cafeTeria manager, ClaudeT Barry, Barbara Aaker, and Dianne Rischmueller. Shields, BeTTy Green, Louise Wood, Row 2: Bernice Boragina, Frances Cano lnnamoraTo, securiTy guard, looks reflecTively aT The quieT campus while classes are in session. 'f A L I l AfTer a long and resTful weekend, Ray Munoz is back onTh ' b, DeVelODlhQ The body Ghd The FTTIDC To The fullesT ready and waiting for whafever may come up. e JO poTenTial are The by-producTs of The disciplined life ThaT Chuck Johnson leads. He spenT ThirTy years in The Marine Corps, where physical fiTness is sTressed. Chuck runs Three To four miles on week days and Twelve To fifTeen miles on SaTurdays. Mr. Johnson develops his mind by going To nighT school To geT a degree in criminal jusTice, in addi- Tion To a Two year degree he already has in psychology and counseling. Chuck Johnson, in general, is a well rounded person. Supponive Personnel Those Essenliol Elemenls Bonnie Corlson sTdys ouT of The heof To cool off ond relox for o momenf before hedding bdck To The girls' locker room. 'HRX Cuslodions. Row 1: Bobby Dovidson, Donold Jdrvis, Mono lvlorles, Alon Koenig. lvlorvin Peierson, Frdnk Deveoux. Joyce Keiger, Rod Rugh lnsTedd of using The Telephone os d meons of communicofion, Cono lnnomordto makes use of his woikie Tolkie. l l "Never does o person slond so Toll os when he bends down To help someone else." Thdf is The bosic belief of lvlr. "Lucky" Boldwin, one of our securily guords. His repuToTion proves ThoT he pufs This philosophy info ocfive procTice. He feels, in spile of his ouThorify, he hos been oble To be o friend fo The sTudenTs he somefimes hos To disci- pline. l-le redlly loves ldlking To kids ond Tries To shore from his experience somefhing ThoT mighT encouroge sludenis To mdke wise choices. As Lucky sfofed, "Everybody needs some help." Supporfive Personnel VViTh A Personal View lvleefing The academic and personal needs of The sTudenTs is The basic goal of The Counseling Deparf- menT. The beginning of Their success lies in knowing ThaT academic excellence does noT make a person superior To someone wiTh a lower grade average. lnsTead, The counselors encourage us aT our specific academic levels To work To The besT of our capabili- Ties. All of us need This kind of guidance and supporT. Carolyn Jenkins works in The counselor's office answering phones, Typing IeTTers, and preparing schedules. She also has The job of keeping The office in some meThod of organizafion. , . '.,l- W T Efrxxjiiwijl ., .V Q fig, ysrsl.. -. .ui ms, -. 9 is., ga, 1 .. , x 5 . 3,543 ' 209 A , , 'few V . - H' For Mr. Bill STock, Chrisfian faiTh is The mosT impor- Tanf Thing in his life. His personal inTeresT in The welfare of young people led him To be a counsel- or and also The youTh direcTor of his church. There have been many rewards for lvlr. Sfock in his work and because of This, he feels greaT saTisfacTion wiTh his job, his family and life on The whole. ' Counseling Deparfmenf TNT' 1, QW The look of saTisfacTion and joy on CaTherine CahilI's face demon- sTraTes ThaT she acTually enjoys her job working as The Career Cen- Ter Counselor. Thinking over deep philosophical and inTeIlecTual maTTers is counsel- or Roberf Miller. Psychologlsf Carol Reynolds breaks inTo a beauTlful smile afTer a conference. ,Aff Q r Mr. Dan Griego counsels wiTh a smile. He's always willing To help ouT, even if iT Takes a liTTle biT of exTra Time and efforT. . 1 ', X 4 Don'T be deceived by MargareT Miller's serious expression. She is usually seen wiTh a smile on her face. H19 W an x. 11-M Pam PraTer, Career CenTer Technician, chuckles aT The ThoughT finishing anoTher long week. Counselor Joe Diaz smiles delighTedly as anoiher successful sched- ule change is compleTed. 5 Judy Wood, who works as a Special EducaTion counselor, is a very acTive lady. LasT summer she was one of four adulTs ThaT accompanied The Mesa Schools Trip To Europe. Some of The places They visiTed were Germany, lTaly, SwiTzerland, and France. ln addiTion, Mrs. Wood enjoys Trail riding and horse shows. She raises her own beef, pork, vegeiables, milk and eggs. She joked ThaT she rarely needed To go To The grocery siore. Her easy going personaIiTy is evidence of a saTisTied life. Counseling DeparTmenT To Expand Cur View The Foreign Language DeparTmenT, guided by chair- man Rey KarTchner, seT many goals for Themselves. One of Those goals was quickly achieved in ThaT a Foreign Language Club was esTablished. This club, which included members from all Three foreign lan- guage classes CSpanish, French, and Germany, was creaTed in an efforT To educaTe The sTudenTs in The culTural background of The language ThaT They were sTudying. The effecT of mingling TogeTher wiTh The oTh- er sTudenTs made Them more culTurally aware. OTher goals of The deparTmenT included geTTing The sTu- denTs more involved and exciTed abouT Foreign Lan- guage, boTh Through The Foreign Language Club and Through in-class acTiviTies To promoTe confidence in speaking a foreign language. The deparTmenT mem- bers were sure Their efforTs were successful. Ms. Amy Hull, who Teaches Foreign Language, is a woman who values her privacy. Being a single, working parenT allows liTTle Time for her To be alone, buT as an undersTanding moTher she helps ouT by keeping The children on an occasional weekend. Her childeren are The joy of her life. She also enjoys playing and wafching all kinds of sporTs and sewing cloThes for her children. Ms. Hull graduaTed from ScoTTsdale High School and furfhered her educaTion aT Arizona STaTe Univer- siTy. She began Teaching in 49711 and has been here since our school opened. Ms. Hull feels ThaT sTudenTs now-a-days need To push Themselves more Towards Their sTudy habiTs. Foreign Language DeparTmenT Smiles, fun classes and Teaching Foreign Language help Cynthia Mayne To make her day pass a liTTIe easier. Using a podium as a leaning posT Mr. Felix believes in lisfening To whaT his class has To say. W' if li T NjR."""""'f The Grammarian Point Gt View Every student has to meet the English requirements to graduate, We are fortunate that the English Depart- ment is constantly striving to modify the English courses to meet the needs of all students. They do this by trying to improve the auality of each English course offered. They also supplement the English program with media experiences such as the Old Globe The- ater Company's production of Two Gentlemen of Verona. Some of the Advanced Placement and Eng- lish Literature classes took a midday field trip to Scotts- dale to see this Shakespearian play performed by a professional company. Variety is the key to a dynamic program and considering there are over 20 different English courses, our English department certainly has variety. Esther Middleton is not content to sit back and watch the world go by. She gets involved in the community through action, like being the coor- dinator of the Mesa Childrens Theater. Ms. Middleton is very proud of her Mexican heritage and loves Mexican food of all kinds. She sells Mexican sweet bread to her friends and fellow teachers. Ms. Middleton also gets involved with her students by making the materials herself that they will use. Her classes use a lot of reading and vocabulary skills to promote learning abilities. Be- ing patient provides encouragement for her stu- dents. English Department V S i The very pleasant Miss McGovern almost always has a smile on her pretty face for anyone who could use it. if Mfflff. :iffy Mr. David Bacon, hard at work as usual, begins to prepare himself for another busy day full of work, Ms. Sandra Bouiey puts alot of work into helping her students on an individual basis. . A A 'x.?'! Af,-.ii 'i' rig, M..,,. My Looking up from answering her students question, Mrs. Tina Myers patiently poses for the photographer. Mrs. Doris Carlson sneals in a smile as she reads over a students work to correct any mistakes. Mrs. Mary Decker points to a critical piece of information to help the student better understand the story. If you were to see someone bouncing around with happiness flowing out of her it would most likely be Pam Crawford. Mrs. Crawford enjoys working with the Mesa Public Schools and feels this is the best school system. Mrs. Crawford looks at her students as if they were her own kids. She feels her science fiction classes help students find out who they are. Mrs. Crawford is family orient- ed and supports all of her children's activities, as well as the Mountain View activities. Being in- volved for the caring of people is why Mrs. Craw- ford leads a satisfying life. English Department ' F 4. Yunnan Mrs. Nelson siTs back and relaxes afTer a long hard day, afTer grad ing many papers. Chris Rilling is one of The original Teachers aT MounTain View. Mrs. Rilling said ThaT she is proud To be a Teacher here because of The qualiTy of The sTudenTs and The Teachers. She likes The Eng- lish curriculum because iT offers boTh required, basic, and special inTeresT elecTives for boTh sub- sTance and varieTy. When Mrs. Rllling was asked her likes and dislikes she said, ul like jokes, puns, and humor in The world. I don'T like people who are mean or who lie." Mrs. Rilling enjoys Teaching and has been Teaching for several years. ' English DeparTmenT is Miss Rebecca Kimbrough pleasantly looks on while Leslie Kolhase continues writing her English paper. M' As we can tell, Mrs. Dawson has had a very good day, by the pleasant smile on her face. Ai S Mr. Michael Jackson observes a student completing an assignment before the period comes to an end. ,iv 1' ir l s Mrs. Norine Thornhill and student Scott Baker find time during class to discuss jokes and puns. . ' ' ess s. 5 ki- ,U- - K - H is . -, rsi s Q - Y - sa Q Q 5 1 i wx rrsu g l 9 K 1 - K was X V s S .3 if x 1 " ,.- f S Mr. Saggio is our only creative writing teacher, but he also teaches science fiction. He loves to read and write so much he considers it "as natu- ral as eating or breathing." Mr. Saggio thinks of himself as a good writer and proves this through a weekly column in the Mesa Tribune, 'lThere's a Worm in my Apple," which humorously ap- proaches school and education in general. ln teaching his classes, Mr. Saggio deals with here and now and he prepares students for the events of today, This kind of instruction carries over to all areas of life. English Department in deep ThoughT, Cheryl Yafes plans for her Home Economic sTu- denfs busy day ahead . . . I f l T Miss Susan CuTaia came To us from The ciTy of RochesTer, New York. Miss CuTaia graduaTed from Arizona STaTe UniversiTy, and finds her job very rewarding. She was The H.E.R.O. Club spon- sor, and also TaughT classes in Housing and lnTerior Design. ln The afTernoon, she observed The H.E.l?.O. club members aT Their various places of employmenT where she checked on Their effi- ciency, responsibiIiTy and efforT. Miss CuTaia found ThaT, by giving her sTudenTs TrusT and re- specT, she received The same in reTurn5 This gave her a chance To geT To know her sTudenTs much more. Among Miss CuTaia's many inTeresTs and hobbies are swimming, waTer skiing, cooking and arT. I Home Ec. DeparTmenT -'Y I Q sv is . . A l I l 1" Q ' ,.' -Q 4' an 4 if Pam Hull pauses a momenT from her busy work schedule To Take a long and peaceful break. 14 L 'Q Ms. Richards waiTs paTienTly as one of her sTudenTs finishes Their Home Economics projecT. Sewing Teacher Pam Ornelas smiles wiTh relief knowing ThaT her day is coming To an end. 1' e - K n 24. . Concerning The Redl World Mrs. Pom Ornelos discusses The basic principles of sewing closses I ond ll wiTh her sTudenT, Denise McDovid. Ms. Pom Hull Tokes Time out of her busy doy To send o hoppy grom To one of her ouTsTonding sTudenTs. 3' fl l 5 Q . if Mrs. McInTire looks Through her sTock of fovoriTe cookie recipes. The Home Ec. DeporTmenT This yeor hod o wide vorieTy of ocTiviTies ovoiloble for dll sTudenTs. One of The de- porTmenT's mojor gools wos To provide o sTimuloTing home economy progrom To encouroge sTudenTs To reolize The usefulness of The progroms ond by doing so, expond The deporT'menT. l?eolisTic survivol skills such os consumerism, Time monogemenT were sTressed olong wiTh oTher bosic skills. Trying To involve The communiTy, The deporTmenT broughT in guesT speokers, using Them os resource persons To speok To The closses. Some of This yeors ocTiviTies included The BreokfosT Ploce, boke shops, ond H.E.TQ.O. week. All in oil This seemed To be o very producTive yeor for The Home Ec. DepT. Ms. Goyle Richords is o humon reloTions Teocher. She is orginolly from Indiono where she ToughT for Two yeors, buT she didn'T like The climoTe so she come To Arizono, MounToin View is very forTu- noTe To hove her. She hos been here now for four yeors. She soys ThoT she reolly enjoys iT here. She TreoTs her sTudenTs wiTh respecT os if They were odulTs. She soys respecT is very imporTonT, Then her sTudenTs con reloTe To her beTTer. One reoson she reolly enjoys Tedching l-lumon ReloTions is be- couse she feels she geTs The inside sTory on how her kids feel. She olso Tries To be open wiTh her sTudenTs: ThoT woy They con be open wiTh her. So once ogoin we ore very lucky To hove Mrs. Rich- ords wiTh us. She is o very ledgeoble ond skillful Teocher. Home Ec. DeporTmenT The Tradesmen's Ways The classes offered in the Industrial Arts Department provide a chance for students to be imaginative in a practical way. After students have finished with their special projects they have a chance to compete in contests. They compete in architecture, woodwork- ing, and welding in an Industrial Arts and Home Eco- nomics fair. This gives them a chance to demonstrate their abilities. Industrial Arts introduces the students to technology, its equipment, knowledge, and skills. Ex- perience of this kind, along with academic knowl- edge, helps to build a well rounded person. Rick Pommerenk teaches three periods of graph- ic arts and two periods of drafting. He enjoys teaching graphic arts because it is a progressive field of study. lvlr. Pommerenk tries to relate to students and he feels that it comes easy to him. He wants to show students that there are good professions in graphic arts and he does that by bringing in speakers from related occupations. He feels that he should give students ideas other than his own. He has been in Arizona all his life. He was also in the Navy for four years. He just gradu- ated from Arizona State University last year. He likes teaching here although he has been here for only one year he plans to stay a long time. He thinks Mountain View has a very good graphic arts program and is proud to be working in it. Industrial Arts Department --'sy' . , s X .- x- . s Mr. Ellis takes advantage of peace and quiet outside of his class room to finish his work. I silt . xx! lvlr. Richardson confers with Kathy Oldham about the basic principles of plastics. ls it behind door number one? or door number two? Mr. Higbee very questlonably asks. I -.1 U 1 , . Mr. Richardson patiently listens while one of his fellow teachers ex- plains some very important business. c Mr. Ken Brackney, tries to explain to his students the fundamentals of drafting. Mr. Ellis thumbs through an old stack of papers trying to find a lost assignment. Because Reed Robinson likes woodworking, his job as a woodcrafts teacher seems like more of a hobby. lvlr. Robinson's goal for his students is to be successful and he feels they can achieve that by motivation. The most important thing to Reed is his family. He is a scout master and loves to go hunting and fishing. He looks at life with an opti- mistic outlook. He tries to get the most out of everything he does. He also tries to help his stu- dents the best way he can. He thinks it is very important that his students have fun in wood- crafts but that they should understand it, too. industrial Arts Department v Wilh A Lillie Help ConformiTy To The individual learning levels of The sTu- denT is The basic concepf of The Learning Resource DeparTmenT. The PersonaliTy and AdjusTmenT Class gives individualized insTrucTlon To sTudenTs wiTh normal inTelligence who have noT been successful in a normal classroom siTuaTion. ln This class, The work is planned daily in a self-insTrucTion packeT geared To The sTu- denT's abiliTy levels wiTh The opTion of one-To-one help. The Learning Disabilifies Class provides remediaTion for sTudenTs wiTh a disorder in undersTanding or in using spoken or wriTTen language. This remediaTion helps The learning disabled sTudenT parTicipaTe in regular classes and in sociefy aT large. The crediTs received in The Learning Resources classes apply Toward graduaTion. W' 354-uv --vow' 'A' N 7' f ix! . ,g A fi! x -L , 'fi T 1 nu ' W 1 :T ,s'1?3l"""' -, av.. ....... 3, tk L Lsf-A,- ' " :X IQ Q r ...Q-ww. .,.,-...Q-...A-'-' Tom lvlyers is a man who is noT afraid of new experiences. He proved iT lasT summer when he and his wife Toured over 800 miles in California-by bicycle! They firsT goT inTeresTed in bike Touring a year ago when They began riding Their bikes To work. Mr. Myers is a vegeTarian and he aTTribuTes ThaT To The reason ThaT he was able To make The Trip. While Touring, They averaged from elghT To Ten hours a day, visiTing Sacramenfo and The Napa Wine Valley. Since They enjoyed The Trip To California so much They plan To do some biking in Canada along The ST. Lawrence River This sum- mer. Learning Resources Bruce Kunde breaks info a smile as he and his sTudenTs enjoy The fresh air on a beaufiful sunny affernoon. Miss Gayle Gibson, one of our Learning Disabillfies Teachers, smiles as Jack Young finishes his asslgnmenf. Barbara Vaine always has Time away from her busy schedule To smile and give a friendly hello To anyone who comes info her class! room. l Dominic Scafaria, Special Ed. teacher, finds it hard to smile after a tiring day. ,N gf" Q- r ' 1 Barbara Vaine enioys the warm afternoon sun before she and her class return to the room ,..., Tom Myers goes over the weekly assignment with Frank Jones. ix' Learning Disabilities teacher Gayle Gibson has talents and interests that are widespread. She enjoys anything from cross country skiing to help- ing the handicapped. Miss Gibson received the Rotary Award for her work with the handi- capped. This was a highlight in her life because the award was one of sixty-three given interna- tionally. As a result of this, she left in January for Sydney, Australia, to attend Macquarie University for a year. While there, she represented the Unit- ed States as a goodwill ambassador to Australia. Miss Gibson feels people from one country get- ting to know people from another country is the best way to promote world peace. Working with people is the focal point in Miss Gibson's life. Learning Resources The Anolyhool Angle Mr. Anderson enjoys discussing grodes with his siudenfs Mr. Joy ScoTT is very inTeresTed in cors. Being on ex-drog rocer, in his spore Time he enjoys rebuild- ing old cors. BUT cors ore noT his only inTeresT. He olso enjoys doing Things wiTh his children. He hos one doughier, Aliso, ond one son, Coury. Some doy he olso hopes he will be oble To Trovel. Mr. ScoTT sold ThoT This is o greoi ploce To Teoch ond The sTudenTs here ore The besT he could hope To work wiTh. ' Molh DeporTmenT .Na ffm. .J gl 1 , , l If , s, . f 33. . '. , tx .ii sl ly . . , Q , ' . 1 I F - K Math teachers, Mrs. Webster and Mr. Riden, try to provide a warm atmosphere for all students and other teachers. "I really hate being interrupted while trying to grade these papers." it's a bird, it's a plane, it's the head of the Math Department. The Math Department is one of Mountain View's lar- gest departments: there are nine teachers serving approximately 4200 students in 43 different courses. One of the math department's goals was to provide a mathematics curriculum which would attract students who can beneit from further studies and evoke in them a positive attitude toward learning mathematics as a lifelong pursuit. All students are encouraged to sign up for one ofthe math classes offered. Many educational opportunities are opened for those who study math. mmqulqgu-...vm A person who always looks on the bright side of things and thinks that life is exciting is Keith Can- ham. Mr. Canham is quite active: he plays the violin, rebuilds pianos, built his own house, and sponsored our bike club. Mr. Canham feels that students are lucky because the staff is so dedi- cated and in turn he feels that the staff is lucky because the students have alot of spirit. i'Life is what you make it, and always look on the bright side of things," are Keith Canham's mottoes. Math Department ' Mr. FosTer and Laurie Polen make lasT minufe adjusTmenTs on her assignmenT before The Tardy bell rings. TalenT musT be Ed Bufford's middle name. Affer all, noT many people can play The NaTional An- Them . . . on a comb. lvlr. Bufford was The NaTion- al PresidenT of The DisTribuTive EducaTion Clubs of America during his college days, making him well qualified To be The D.E.C.A. sponsor aT MounTain View. He encourages his sTudenTs To compeTe and parTicipaTe in school and school-relaTed ac- TiviTies in order To gain experience. His prompTing To be The besT one can be has planTed goals in many young minds. This TalenT of lvlr. Bufford's is more valuable perhaps Than any of his oThers. ' Business DeparTmenT Even Though Dave LindsTrom's class is working diligenfly To finish Their assignmenfs, he Takes a momenT To share a joke. DemonsTraTing dignify and decorum, business Teacher Ed Bufford never loses his poise, grace, and sTyle. Sonja Fullwood aTTempTs To compleTe The aTTendance as she is inTerrupTed by one of her fellow Teachers. WiTh A PracTical View STudenTs are noT The only ones who eaT junk food: Carol Kish also likes munching ouT on M8rM's while proof reading Typing assignmems. Chris Jaime conTemplaTes The grading scale she will use for her impending assignment ThaT is soon To be Turned in. Tom FosTer scraTches his head in disbelief aT his unruly class. X Providing opporTuniTies To find effecTive buying meTh- ods, exploraTion of various business careers, and de- veloping saleable skills were some of The pracTlcal goals of The Business DeparTmenT. The deparTmenT exisTs To imparT knowledge, aTTiTudes, and non-voca- Tional skills needed by The sTudenTs To go on in Their life afTer high school. They also provide The sTudenTs wiTh vocaTional aTTiTudes, knowledge, and enTry level skills required in occupaTions in business and for helping The sTudenT advance sTeadiIy in business-orienTed careers. Led by DeparTmenT Chairperson Carol Kish, The busi- ness Teachers Tried To help Their sTudenTs undersTand The imporTance of knowing The "ins and ouTs" of a business. ith N 'J' . K , n ' . Mrs. Helen Pogal is one of The many immigranTs To Mesa from The EasT, leaving behind a far from boring life To enjoy a new life here. Mrs. Pogal and her husband owned an anTique sTore in The fooT- hills of The Pocono MounTains in New Jersey. They TaughT school in New York during The week and Then commuTed To New Jersey To run The an- Tiaue sTore on weekends. Mrs. Pogal says ThaT iT was very Tiring To drive The long disTances every weekend buT iT was worTh The Trouble, Because of The demand for rare anTiques, They Traveled To Europe almosT every summer. Mrs. Pogal espe- cially liked To go To England as The people are so nice and The area is so green. Mrs. Pogal likes Arizona very much and she is glad To be here. She TaughT mosT all business courses and was also in charge of our sTudenT sTore. Business DeparTmenT PO 4 v-- .K N, s -h The Physical Phase The P.E. DeparTmenT had seT high sTandards and goals for Their deparTmenT This year. The goals sTressed ThaT The individual have The opporTuniTy To parTicipaTe in a varieTy of vigorous acTiviTies ThaT sTimulaTe body func- Tion and increase The degree of physical fiTness: in Turn, This leads To greaier menTal alerTness, The acTivi- Ties should also provide The sTudenT The opporTuniTy To improve flexibiliTy, coordinaTion and balance. The de- sired ouTcomes of These acTiviTies should be efficiency of body movemenT. A physically fiT body should give The person a feeling of safisfaciion. jill? f f N.. MAKE '--ar .. Mr. Dennis Pipes is a man you can really look up To. Even Though he is well over six feeT Tall, he makes each sTudenT feel big and imporTanT in his own righT. Coach Pipes likes iT here and is happy as long as his program is effecTive and he feels his sTudenTs are successful. He also feels ThaT having a good relaTionship wiTh his sTudenTs is imporTanT. He enjoys geTTing close wiTh sTudenTs. One of The mosT rewarding Things To Coach Pipes is To see his sTudenTs laTer in life, and ask how They have pro- gressed. Coach Pipes enjoys working here and enjoys The faculfy. PE Deparfmenf l Miss Armenia finds Time To prepare for her nexT class during a break. T Taking a break beiween classes, Mrs. McCormick finds Time To shower. Coach Kipp Tries To Take a break before he sTarTs his busy schedule. , ...K 5 K T1 1 I 9, W j . , N T T X... I si' ds Coach Shill is trying to make plans for his upcoming baseball season, .2 ln deep discussion with a student, Coach Snow discusses his grade, Mrs Shields tries 'lo maintain order in her class as they take a test. fin Mrs. Wilson is showing her class a new exercise they'll be learning. 33115. "llnl-- 'V 3' f' -- , N a""'-gg, f Q: aiawfgrij-5' - ' ' 'Wj',?:" 'KK ' sim Quik V ' 'W' , X Sum t i Q 3 1 bf Q 5 li .. v t Nt .ff , ., lf you have seen someone new dancing around lately it's probably the new dance Teacher Ame- lia Zlamal. Miss Zlamal likes working here and is very impressed with students. She sees a lot of talent here and feels the students are very sup- portive of each other. Besides teaching dance classes she also sponsors the dance club. Miss Zlamal has lived in Arizona about seventeen years. She went to Maryvale High and she has her degree from A.S.U. Along with dancing, Miss Zla- mal also enjoys snow skiing and crafts of all kinds. PE Department Mrs. Hogan relates to Suzi Shaw the joys of Nl-l.S. wr u Relating to others is something Hillarie Combes does well. She can transfer written knowledge into everyday use which helps her classes tre- mendously. Mrs. Combes' wide selection of books and novels creates special views and ideas for students. Mrs. Combes teaches tutoring as well as college prep reading and reading technology. These classes did in future careers and development. Reading Department NY ff Grading papers can be very tedious and Ms. Vickie Selzer takes a break by munching on a chocolate cupcake Kim Hubbard watches over her tutors and their clients as she pre pares to give both groups a pep talk about semester grades Qtnwm ""'f -. L ...L im. A New Look AT Reading Ms. SGIZGT GTCIGS Genevieve Marfinez if'l COl'l'eCTif1Q VTWTSSDGIIGG WOTGS. Mrs. Hillarie Combes flashes one of her congenial smiles as she pre- pares To Take The affendence. Trying To make sure ThaT 'iJohnny can read" is The primary goal of The Reading DeparTmenT. LasT year fifTy-five percenT of MounTain View's sophomore class was Tesfed To read below The ninTh grade level. The Reading DeparTmenT is aTTempTing To remedy The sifu- aTion by a vasT number of reading courses. Applied Reading is a course designed for sTudenTs who did noT pass The ninTh grade reading requiremenf for gradu- aTion. College Prep Reading is for sTudenTs who wanT To increase reading proficiency. The Tuforing program is The mosT helpful To The whole sTudenT body. This program is designed To help sTudenTs who are having difficulTy in a class. These classes will hopefully help all The sTudenTs To raise Their reading abiliTy. "Reading is essenTial," mighT be someThing you would hear Joyce Hogan saying. She loves all kinds of books and has been an avid reader all of her life. Besides enjoying reading, Mrs. Hogan published poeTry and wroTe sTories for True Ro- mance magazine. She noT only likes To read she also does crewel embroidery, inTerior decoraTing and anyThing To do wiTh beauTifying. Mrs. Hogan's goal is To see her sTudenTs apply Their skills. Reading Department Sound lVlind Sound Bod . . Q. X3 Richord Griffin woifs for The coming of onofher leisurely weekend ,.fk..!K Q ,H Being o 'reocher provides Jim Brody wiih excel- Ieni opporiuniiies To do whof he likes The mosi- meeiing people ond moking friends. Mr. Brody Teoches driver's Ed ond does nof Toke his Teoch- ing lighily becouse ii is such o serious subjeci. lVlr. Brody feels ihoi whoi is Ieorned in closs ond in The simuloiors rnoy preveni occidenis on The streets. He helped cooch Vorsiiy fooiboll which he olso enjoys very much. Mr. Brody keeps ii oil 'rogeiher by being wifh his fomily os much os possible. ' Sofefy EdfHeoIih Deporfrneni The Agrarian lnsighT Robbie UpTon and Mr. WaTkins discuss a hard class ossignmenT. "Don'T Try To Tell me ThaT you were sTudying ouT in The pig pen and you dropped your homework ossignmenT in The mud." is Mrs. Carla Brubaker explains a daily assignrneni' To one of her classes. 'f ,N f Being one of only four women in The sTaTe of Arizona To Teach agriculTure, Mrs. Carla Brubaker is also The only woman who has ever TaughT agri- culTure here, Too. She has won awards in public speaking and in 4978 she won The American Farmer Degree, which is The highesT degree for an F.F.A. member. Mrs. Brubaker feels Thar classes in agriculTure are imporTanT since They provide hands on experience for The real world. She really enjoys Teaching here and plans To sTay a long Time. . . VocaTional Ag. DeparTmenT From Under The Microscope Mr. vonLobenSels ond Mr. ATkins chuckle over The ocTing debuT ThoT Mr. ATkins mode os geneTicisT Gregor Mendel. Loughing opprehensively, Mr. Tollefson surveys his rowdy cioss. S Al Providing on olTernoTive To The usuol science ciosses is osTronomy ond geology Teocher Al Joeckel. His cunning ond shoro mind mokes his ciosses more inTeresTing. The mixed loos, field Trips ond cioss IecTures help The sTudenTs To beT- Ter opprecioTe The universe oround Thern. Sorne- Tirnes lvlr. Joeckel geTs his ciosses up eorly To observe The sky Through o Telescope. AT Times he uses phoTogrophy os o Teoching olde. Mr. Joeckel ond his geology ciosses look for minerols ond pon for gold. l?ecreoTionol osoecTs ore The by-producTs of lvlr. Joeckels ciosses. J Science DeoorTmenT l Mr, l-lersT oTTenTively eyes o sTudenT's unusuol loo Techniques. Mr. Richord Howkins exploins The flower's onoTor'ny To o sTudenT. T Mrs. Lemcke smiles as she brings out DNA models for her classes. X Mr. Ron Adams plays matchmaker with the gerbils. Ms. Meade is amused by a joke told by a student stalling for time. 191-Q... Dave Tollefson disproves once and for all the theory of spontaneous generation to his doubting biology Class. Dick vanLobenSels is not o man to hide his talent under a lot of hair . . . even if it is on his upper lip, His mustache cannot compete, however, with his expertise in Biology, which will take him next year to the new Dobson High School in lvlesa. His train- ing started in his youth, when he brought toads and snakes home as pets. Since then, he has been drawn to desert biology, which he now has the privilege to be team teaching with Ron Ad- ams. This is a new course and provides students with the opportunity to understand and take an interest in the animals of the desert. Science Department ' S . . . New DevelopmenTs Appear ln The usual scienTific manner, The Science DeparTmenT is always in The process of change and improvemenT. SensiTive To The needs for more challenging science classes, The deparTmenT responded wiTh classes like deserT biology and advanced placemenT classes for biology and chemisTry. A compleTe meTeorological sTaTion on The roof became operaTional. The second semesTer curriculum changed To The benefiT The sTu- denTs by individuallzing iTself To accomodaTe The needs of The acceleraTed and also The slower paced sTudenTs. The science deparTmenT has meT our chal- lenge. To creaTe an inTeresT in biology ThaT will be ex- panded in furTher sTudy is a goal of Shirley Meade. Ms. Meade is a biology Teacher and loves Traveling, hiking and anTiques. Ms. Meade has Traveled To Europe and all over The UniTed STaTes as well as going backpacking in The Canadian Rockies and exploring in The ruins of The YucaTan, a province of Mexico. The opinion she has of her sTudenTs and all sTudenTs aT Moun- Tain View in general is ThaT They are exTremely good and mosT of Them seem posiTive, cooper- aTive and realisTic. She enjoys The sTudenTs and Their aTTiTudes. J Science DeparTmenT if O new WiTh force and deTermlnaTion, Mr. Rex Rice sTresses To his class The imporTance of physics in our modern world. W ,lf 5 Mr. Hynes helps a sTudenT balance The difficulT equaTion ThaT kepT him up very laTe The nlghT before. Mr. Rice asks his class to "take him on" in a boxing match. Q- um Mike Hynes make a double check on his class attendance. Mrs. Lemcke expounds on the basic theories of meiosis and mitosis. ,J ,, . 1, X 5 xi it f- r :W '- . ..-.s - ek I f , six X gg: MEL , It W -1 , I if V s Q Y 1 'fi I ' f fp, 5 H Q' ' offs: if ti 'film' iw . K ll J' XXX!" ,' fix - f I Biology teacher Ron Adams points out some of the possible living environments that animals have to his students. ?' 1 ft s Hiking, trailriding, backpacking in the wilderness, raising cattle and marine engineering are just a few of Mr. Eugene Herst's hobbies and interests. Along with boating safety, he served as a law enforcement officer on the Colorado River. Mr. Herst likes to teach his college-prep chemistry and advanced-placement chemistry classes. Preparing students for college level science courses is a goal that he set for the past year. He finds the students attitudes most willing to ad- vance their knowledge in science. Science Department U ifi fxcs is 33'-if ,Q its x ' as l .5 V' sgmvsiigftfff sei :fi 0 ,i-yi! K ,F f S A View CDT PasT And PresenT Like many oTher deparTmenTs, The Social STudies De- parTmenT Tried To revise The curriculum in order To beTTer insTrucT sTudenTs. Classes like Free Enferprise have been revised and weeded of irrelevenT subjecT maTTer. The sTudenTs are pre-TesTed To deTermine The amounf of learning Taking place. The Social STudies DeparTmenT, led by Jess Parker, confinued To explore The possibiliTies of specialized social sTudies classes. The Teachers, realizing The challenge of providing ap- plicable knowledge, have sTarTed To meef The chal- lenge. in-. , lh 4 KenneTh Haddad is a loT like many oTher middle- class Americans, excepT ThaT he plans ahead. A Teacher who is very updaTed on currenT affairs, he does his parT To cuT fuel consumpTion by riding a moped To work. Mr. Haddad Teaches American HisTory, American Government and Free Enfer- prise. ln his classes, his sTudenTs increase in aware- ness of currenT affairs and consider alfernafives They mighi need in The fufure. The nexT Time you see a moped going down The sTreeT, Think of Mr. Haddad. Social STudies DeparTmenT r -.......,,.,.,.,. Mr. Sonius IisTs all The excuses he knows of for laTe homework. The lkbhnud S1 Mr. Dodez finds enough Time To help Sandy STahI wiTh her homework. Mrs. O'Haver Thinks ThaT her sTudenTs did very well on Their TesT. Mr Fredericks draws a smiling crowd of sTudenTs while Teaching. While mosT of us blew horns and Threw confeTTi on New Year's Eve, Wayne Vala spenT The holiday in a big hole in The ground . . . The Grand Canyon. Mr. Vala said iT was a really greaT place To be on New Year's Eve. Mr. Vala likes backpacking, Traveling, reading and snow skiing. Mr, Vala hopes ThaT his Arizona HisTory sTudenTs will devel- op an awareness of The land and iTs people in order To beTTer undersTand Them. To The sTudenT Trying To undersTand The life around Them, They have good insTrucTion from Wayne Vala. Social Studies DeparTmenT ' v iw "' 'J 's r ff .ill-P A long-awaited silence brings a smile To Dr. Jardine's face. L i,,iei lliaA Taking facTs from The pasT and making Them real for sTudenTs is someThing HerberT Hillman does well. As he says, "l've lived over half of The period from The Civil War To The presenT." lvlr. Hillman is The senior member of The faculTy and his life is a walking hisTory for sTu- denTs who believe The pasT only lies in books. Mr. Hill- man owned a business school in Nebraska and he has "TaughT more shorThand Than anyone else." He has wriTTen shorThand sysTems for many high schools, col- leges, and banks. lvlr. Hillman feels The school's sTrengTh is The uniTy beTween The faculTy and adminis- TraTion. Social STudies DeparTmenT Mr. Moore leans on his podium for supporT during a lecfure. we X W Q Q , Y -I ... ,vgvr 5 Us-M - V -T! xy! Mr. Sonius gives some facTs abouT Russian culTure. The Civil Vllar provides a lecTure for The sTudenTs of John Kleiner 37 an- f ah. Ms Armento exclaims, What do you mean the Xerox machine just broke down'P as she strolls into the Audio-Visual room. Mr Volo shows on the map some of his favorite backpacking sites. He also hopes that others will share his enthusiasm. fx .A I ix in Q ' 'Hr . Q .5 V I , . Y 4 5 kv i. t , 4 fx A- "'i 'ii ' i ' y is iii' Q - Q , if Jqii ' n rzgx A Q rjtg ' it if fig I W L X ,Q . Q t 3 if . .5 54. .X , ' 'gill' . ftiiii guys 'i'f'YR' big i. . .- . M 5 ' ' K s'ii ' r' - .,g.,yfi1i .: f f. .. Q-:f,g,,'y :Q ' 3 i fn! - - " ' ' at ir 1' . :li - - , 1.55 A-55, .Q . 7 ff? f'? 1 ii' - - tiisflf?-T3?.:i2-v sf- si- r is qi., IN, 1 tui.'224,g5' flfwf:ssfT1ff2vf.... V WNW? f 1 -' il r T? 1 i f. .. i -V sg, Ee ff- :,g?5-8 - . gl -- 5,5 :usa-mis-'ai-'a, gc . ' '- . Mr. Sessions' "moment of silence" is interrupted by a student One of the new faces among our faculty was social studies teacher Cass Saverlno. Mr. Saver ino moved recently from New York when he was offered a job here. lvlr. Saverlno likes to scuba dive in California and he and his wife also raise samoyed dogs Qalso known as sled dogsj to compete in dog shows. He thinks our active stu dent body is impressive and that this school "has class." But Mr. Saverlno also believes many stu dents work just enough to get by and not up to their capabilities. The challenges to work harder will hopefully be met by the students who care about the learning process. Social Studies Department 4 Piciure-Perfeci Performances! The Visual ArTs DeparTmenT seT high sTandards besides superior quaIiTy To bring This year To a remarkable end. For The pasT Two years, The deparTmenT has received NaTional CiTaTions from SchoIasTic Magazine Inc. for excellence in arT. In addiTion, They have achieved greaT recogniTion wiTh Their ChrisTmas and Spring ArTs Shows. They parTicipaTed wiTh The Music DeparTmenT in combined choralforchesTrafarT exhibiTs. The high- lighT of The year was The NaTional ScholasTic ArT Com- peTiTion in February where regional and naTional judg- ing and exhibiTion were provided. l M- 4-am.-so ,gf Every Time The camera clicks, anoTher inTeresTing faceT of Carol Panaro is revealed. She has The capabiliTy To bring everyday experiences To a visual arT form. Since high school, Mrs. Panaro's camera skills have enabled her To enjoy The ouT- door life she has so IiTTle Time for. Because Mrs. Panaro appreciaTes originaliTy, she believes pic- Tures are personal and They reflecT one's inner self. She is The sole phoTography insTrucTor and Mrs. Panaro Thinks her ToughesT job This year was To geT her dark room enlarged. She hopes To accomplish This someTime in her near fuTure. ' Performing ArTs DeparTmenT Mr. Burdell Moody commenTs on a painTing done by Lynne Eskewin lnsTrucTing a sTudenT on The poTTers wheel is Mr. Thomas G-uesT. BeTween classes, Bill Cummins examines This sTudenTs arf projecT. -1'-'ON Mr. "Tough direcTor" Rader relaxes affer a very inspiring rehearsal, Joseph Lloyd prepares some music for his mighiy "Thundering Herd," X. Mrs. Nadeau calls local merchanTs in search of props for The nexT play. , ,gy 3 If-V K' T' NK X if . , 'Tl , as 'T To presenT The performing arTs in a manner ThaT will bring pride To our school, communiTy, and The sTaTe of Arizona and To furfher TransmiT The joy of music and drama To all who parTicipaTed were The major goals of The Performing ArTs DeparT- menT, The all-school musical L'il Abner proved challenging To boTh The drama and music de- parTmenTs. Anofher one of Their challenging goals was The regional and all-sTaTe judging wiTh The band, orchesTra and choir. A supreme exam- ple of school spiriT aT The fooTball games was The marching band. The achievemenTs of The Per- forming ArTs DeparTmenT, from Jazz Ensemble, To Pop Chorus were very honorable. During a choir prachce Las Palomifas are lead by Mr David Perry To BarT Evan's ears, The harmonizing sound of human voices is close To heaven. His favorife form of relax- aTion is playing a varieTy of music, usually on his guiTar. Mr. Evans has varied inTeresTs, buT They mosfly deal wiTh The oufdoors. His backpacking skills have led him Through The Grand Canyon, The SupersTiTions, and The Cascade Mounfains in Oregon. More Than anyfhing else, Though, Mr. Evans really enjoys working wiTh The sTudenTs and The faculfy, where his greaT dedicafion has paid off. Performing ArTs Deparfmenf ' Ed ucators 0 Puff Ba pairs ' I- Jr. Miss P Assemblies r 0 Faculty Intramural V Parties 0' of the Aug After Gal Bowl-a-thon ng -ev Students 0 Drop 0 Educators 0 Puff Ba Assemblies Intramural V of the Aug Bowl-a-th Students Puff lntra of the Bowl - Studi Puff irs 0 H Jr Miss Pa 0 Faculty Parties' After Ga Feve lntramu ofthe F 0 Fad c s, VSGK v Sw Christmas Nlmework 0 Roller Skating 0 so Basketball 0 Doughm. 0 Honors As Miss Pageant 0 F Intramural Football 0 Li'l Abner 0 Faculty Dance-a-thor Volleyball 0 Sadie Hawkins 0 Pizza Parties 0 Concerts 0 Homecoming 0 Powder 0 Class Floats 0 Pep .Food Drive 0 Senior Trip 0 Class Movies 0 Teahouse ' Christmas Assembl ies fies G Foreign Exchange l Week-Mesa 0 Japanese tb Homecoming 0 Powder ace 0 Class Floats 0 Pep Food Drive 0 Senior Trip 0 Class Movies 0 Teahouse tv' Christmas Assemblies ies ' Foreign Exchange Week-Mesa 0 Japanese P Homecoming 0 Powder rgce 0 Class Floats 0 Pep Food Drive 0 Senior Trip 0 Class Movies 0 Teahouse V0 Christmas Assemblies X, ies 0 Foreign Exchange 'Week-Mesa 0 Japanese in Homecoming 0 Powder T T T J p ,ice 0 Class Floats 0 Pep Food Drive 0 Senior Trip 0 T ' ltlli J iii J T J'f2ClassMovies0Teahouse g , pppl ChristmasBowl-a-thon lrnean uance 0 Parnes 0 I-oreign Exchange Students 0 'uisin9 ' uin ' iri" pe" ll' 'v l .lf i 'dr' 'fo' mblie fre lomf ine l tml 1 or .gr gi lk. BAT. Q-C4 l-.--...a Da...:e1 Jai.- rIoL.s ' - ep- ,si .Jig , 4 Skiing 0 Rodeos 0 Food Drive 0 Senior Trip 0 Intramural Sr. Prom 0 Blood Drive ' Class Movies 0 Teahouse of the ?z VI gi' -3' .. fax i I Dewoyne Owens A 5' Kon Busbee , srkh 5 ldv.. P . fi ,ggi . 41 E' 1 ,, R- as i 1 Y '12 4 5 s 4 - - . .J 2 M War 3,1 ,'--Ari D .qx ,, 'QL I 2, 'S 4, F' :Qin jc' "-- EI! j ,Z - K Pr' :iff N .- i 1 ix 5 W U x . ' 1 'via ,M A 54,51 If -: tg ,ftp Nt! I S E' 1' .v .wif 'ff 11, ,www ,q,l."-,rf-V1 P1-L25 ' -yn f9..6"fws ,I ff A 4532? gre -' 'STE S4-if Homecoming Candidates A NighT To Remember Affer The gome, mdny ceIebrdTed The 7-6 vicTory over McCiinTock oT The Homecoming Ddnce which wos spon- sored by The Senior Closs. Holly Frozier wos The choirperson of This greoT evenT ond helped compIeTe o memoroble evening. Though The vvdiT for porTroiTs wos long, The quoIiTy of The picTures mode woiTing worThwhiIe. Everyone enjoyed The vorieTy of music which wos pioyed by porTroiT, o well- known locol bond. Winn v Cou les ore en'o in refreshmenTs ofTerTokin oresT Homecoming M90 el D J Y Q Q from The donce floor. Below: Borb Giese ond Tony Ureo ore hoving o romonTic evening while They donce Their heorTs owoy. iq s' Above: "Vou may have gotten me down," says David Hoopes, "but you aren't taking this ball away from me!" Below: "Watch it buddy, that's my leg you got there." 'J x .9 .ti is N - -.Q . x .fx b .,,- J s 1-f if i +A' 32 1 .LQ , it :Emo an Above: Couples are certainly enjoying themselves dancing to the boogie beat at the Homecoming Dance. Below: Debbie Larsen and Darrin Olsen get put intp place for their portrait, W. r X. "gi Homecoming x . . afx, nr.- qi' .g ,K N Ki 'w , Ni is Y Qui' 1 4. Nx 4.1-fhgf Q 'L ' ,f.a.- . ' 'gwlef-1-f V ' 250 5 ,' 1 K , 4' 335' 6 9 J , J in 4 I g ' f X 425 X ,f -V X. 1' vifwgv . 1' 1. , ' V I 1- h l' .1 i J. N .5El'fl:b'h'ikl-F "' fv- I- XX Toros Said, Filled Way Once again, The Toros sTarTed The year off on The righT fooT, wiTh record aTTendance aT boTh The "l-lello Dance" and The T'Hello Assembly." AT The dance, The music was supplied by Disc Jockey Larry Sirrine, and was no less Than fanTasTic! The dance, sponsored by The cheerleaders and The pommies, was an overall success and also a loT of fun! The assembly, which was held in our own gymnasium, proved To be very exciT- ing, and was also a greaT source of encouragemenT for The varsiTy fooTball Team and Their coaches. John STrader, a MounTain View alumnus, reTurned To delighT us wiTh his impersonaTion of Elvis, wiTh songs like "HearT- break HoTel" and "Jailhouse Rock." The mood of T'The 5O's" was conTinued wiTh a version of "BeTTy-Lou" by The pommies. All-in-all, The year could noT have had a more exciTing beginning. Above: Kerri Lee and Mike Mills prepare To "dance The nfghfaway."RIgh1: Ken MorTenson gives a quesTioning look as Lisa Harris asks him, "Don'T you jusT adore my new glasses'?" .... l-lello" ln A Fun- lu-4 Above: Greg LambrighT and Michelle Turley show us The besT way To geT 'jouhked ouf. "BeIow.: They're jusT pracTicing before The guys arrive! ' . -is 1 5 Q JK 'W 5 5 is x I Above: Varsity Cheerleaders boogie downto The beat of The king himself. . .Elvisl Below: Yes, folks, even mighty Toros get kind of tired and need to take a little break now and then. Above: All tough Toros have To start out small. . . just like this little guy. Below: Our swingin' pommies and cheerleaders get down to the tunes of The 50's. ' i P ' .... Left: The Toros were there when Elvis came fo life in our very own gym. MT. View alumnus John Strader set the mood of The fifties with the songs of "The King." L1 Hello Assembly 'iKeep Your Life BeauTiful "Our Consfffufion is The supreme law of The land. "These were The Keep Our CounTry Free!" opening words of STudenT Body PresidenT GranT Lyon aT The dedi- caTion of The Freedom Shrine on SepTember 47, 4980. The Free- dom Shrine was creaTed by The Exchange Clubs To sTrengThen ciTizen appreciaTion of our Ameri- can heriTage. This collecTion con- sisTs of 28 documenTs among which are The ThirTeenTh Amend- menT and The ConsTiTuTion of The UniTed STdTes. The Freedom Shrine, which represenTs The spiriT of freedom, was dedicaTed To MounTain View by SenaTor Barry G-oIdwaTer. SenaTor GoIdwaTer has served more Than TwenTy years in Congress and ran for The PresidenT of The UniTed STaTes in 196-41. Also aTTending The ceremo- ny were The PresidenT of The Ex- change Club, BriTT Ripley: Dr. Ron- ald FrosT, also wiTh The Exchange Club: and Mayor Don STrauch. In closing, SenaTor GoldwaTer IefT a very paTrioTic idea ringing T Through our minds. He challenged us To "Keep our lives beaufiful and keep our counfry free!" PresidenT of The Exchan e Club BriTT Rl Ie Ma or D Q , ' 'p y, y on STrauch, and SenaTor Barry GoldwaTer, waTch as S.B. PresidenT G-ranT Lyon gives his opening speech. Freedom Shrine mg ........--- Leh: Jazz band direcTor Joe Lloyd conducts his musicians wiTh a paTrioTic song, "God Bless America." Below: KaThy Timmons ea- gerly waiTs To meel SenaTor Barry GoldwaTer as he greeTs The sTudenTs of Mountain View. A-ug . T .S Above: Senator Goldwater proudly adds to Sergeant Vercel- li's awards with a medal representing heroism. NIIZTV ' Freedom Shrine. Plght: Senator Goldwater explains to the student Above. Student Body President Grant Lyon welcomes Senator Barry Goldwater as he arrives at our school to dedicate the United States body the historical background of the Shrine. Freedom Shrine FuTure Farmers, Homeroom Kick CDTT AnoTher Year The Second Annual Kick-Off Barbecue, held before The firsT home fooTball game againsT Tempe High, Turned ouT To be a greaT success and was filling Too. The barbecue was sponsored by The FuTure Farmers of America and has quickly become a TradiTion for all spiriTed Toros and Their families To enjoy. AfTer The fooTbalI game, The sTudenT body was inviTed To boogie and bounce, rock and roll, punk and freak ouT To The sound of The music. Everyone celebraTed our vicTory wiTh much exciTemenT, Thanks To This fanTasTic dance sponsored by Home Room Council. J Us Tommy STauffer, Ernie Gammon, Gary HechT and PaT Colby serve The meals. V Kick-Off Barbecue . .iL'5,.,.' FuTure Farmer of America member Lindy MicheleTTi helps ouT wiTh The Second Annual Kick-Off Barbecue by collecfing TickeTs aT The door. A "fuTure" farmer of America enjoys some hearTy viTTles wiTh his special friend before The game. ,- JV, .rs -fuk: :A X '!.v... ,:,'-H5 S."-ra ui .'-EL T. 4 ' f ,.x.,g,lv .wa r 1, -u,f'- .vm f - Q 5 -" V W' K -f l Junior Miss: TalenT, Poise And PersonoliTy! 'THow The WesT was Fun" was The Theme of Mesa Junior Miss PageanT, sponsored by The Kiwanis Club. SaTurday, OcT. ll, 4980, ThirTy-nine girls compeTed for The TiTle. EighT of These girls were from our school. Judging of The girls was based on TalenT, poise and appearance, physical fiTness, and scholasTic and civic achieve- menTs. The TalenT porTion of The program was held Thursday, OcT. Q. The conTes- .4 I Maureen Evans, a conTesTanT from WesTwood, and AnneTTe LunT a Senior Toro, perform a physical fiTness rouTine To The Theme, "How The WesT was Fun." S, N tl 'Q J ' Junior Miss PageanT - TanTs had The privalege of choosing Ten girls To perform Their acTs on pageanT nighT. Janel Wade and Kari Bisbee were The Two chosen from our school. On SaT- urday evening, each conTesTanT demon- sTraTed her physical fiTness abiIiTy and her poise and appearance. Left AfTer evaIuaTing each confesTanT, judges carefully Tally Their poinTs before announcing The lucky winner! Above: Tracy SingIeTon displays her TalenT by singing, "My HearT Belongs To Daddy." K ' -W r-all Number "23." Holly Frazier, shows her enthusiasm at the pag- eom dumg me phV5'CG' mness Fjomof' of The M950 pfogrom- Sheri Zuniga receives S100 scholarship for poise and appearance Eight of our Senior girls were contestants in the Junior Miss Pageant. Front: Marci Glauser, Tracy Singleton, and Janel Wade. Bock: Kari Bisbee Annette Lunt, Sherry Mlllett, Sheri Zuniga, and Holly Frazier. Each of these girls represented Mt. View with pride. . n Experiencing New, DifferenT Culfures Our Foreign Exchonge sTudenTs come To us frorn Jopon ond Turkey. Hokon Alfinel wos from Turkey ond Yoko Horibe wos from Jopon. They boTh enjoyed Their sToy here oT MT. View ond would like To corne pock somedoy. Hokon Alfinel reolly isn'T much differenT Thon us, even Though he is from o differenT porf of The world. A couple of Things noTiced by Hokon while he wos in The sToTes wos ThoT sTudenTs swiTch closses here insTeod of The Teochers. ln Turkey iT's jusf The opposiTe. Gos ond food ore oloT cheoper There. When osked if he noTiced o difference in Americon girls ond Turkish girls he replied, "Yes, They're beouTiful herel" Hokon is olso o very beoufiful person. Yoko Horibe wos very inTeresTing To Tolk To. She sold ThoT in Jopon The Teochers swiTch closses insTeod of The sTudenTs olso. One Thing she found so differenT in The U.S. is ThoT we hove so much spoce. She soid ThoT in Jopon iT is very crowded. Ofher Thon ThoT. she soid There reolly isn'T much difference. She is o very nice person ond is doing very well, even Though she speoks liTTle English. We olso hove our very own Foreign Exchonge STudenT, Julie Herd. She wenT To Jopon over The summer Through The A.F.S. progrom ond sToyed in o Town coiled Yofsuko. One ospecT of her visiT ThoT wos mosT memoroble is ThoT she sow Fvhere The porno wos dropped. All in oil, she hod o wonder- u ime. Foreign Exchonge STudenTs 66211166 ! Our Joponese foreign exchonge sTudenT Yoko Horibe siTs quie1ly woifing for her nexf closs. Lower Left: Here sils Hokon wifh his hosT Cindy McForlond. Below: Julie Herd Tokes o breok befween closses. 1 l - I I l iii.,- Ef 'L C, Q 1 i r.L..:.-fifth, 1 X '+'x'Afh i:sM....m', Turkish foreign exchange siudeni l-idkan Aiiinei reldxes while enjoy- ing The scenery during his lunch hour. Q X il r uf 5 Harrie? i "" M' ww ---uv-Qxsul 484' A Mm .,.--are "- ', . li is eviden? Thai hosless Loni Webb and Yoko Horlbe ore becoming very close friends. xk W xy 'i fake? . Our foreign exchange siudenis. Front: Hdkdn Allinei Uurkeyj, Yoko Horibe Uapanj. Back: Cindy McFarland, Lani Webb, and Julie Herd, Foreign Exchange Siudenis An EducaTional, CulTural Exchange. On Monday, SepTember 2QTh, ThirTy educaTors walked Through The halls of MounTain View High School, sur- veying The Teachers, classrooms and our general way of life. This may noT seem Too exTraordinary unTil one noTices ThaT all ThirTy of These people are Japanese. These educaTors, who were senT here by The MinisTry of EducaTion in Tokyo, made a sTop in Mesa To exam- ine our school sysTem. ThroughouT Their Tour, They vis- iTed locaTions from BriTish Columbia To San Francisco, California. While They were in Mesa They visiTed The AdminisTraTion CenTer, Rhodes Junior High, WashingTon and MacArThur ElemenTary Schools, Parkway School for The Handicapped and MounTain View. Mesa was specifically chosen by The MinisTry of EducaTion as an ideal spoT for observaTion. As They arrived aT our school, The educaTors were welcomed by The adminisTraTion sTaff. They also had The chance To Talk wiTh exchange sTudenT Yoko Hor- ibe, who is here from Japan, and senior Brian Cummins who spenT lasT summer in Japan on an exchange ba- sis. This observafion program has been a successful means of exchanging educafional ideologies. Above: Reading Teacher Hillarie Combes Takes Time ouf from her Tuforing classes To chaf wiTh This Japanese inTerpreTer. Above: Japanese educafors are serenaded by The lilfing Tunes of The orchesfra sTudenTs as They make a quick sfop in The music deparTmenT. ' Japanese Educafors 'Tx 'X Above: EducaTors waTch as This sTudenT presenTs his side of The debaTe during Drama class. Below: AnoTher Japanese educaTor explains To a sTudenT his purpose in coming To ob- serve us and our school sysTem. ,' 'Q-A it X5 l ' 95 5' ' -5. V . QYS-X gina. . K. : 'V .qt 1 , Li I f-1 V ,' R 2 1 . R " ' 'W' li l .' 'ifil .... V "i .. T .l 1'l, 5, in - N: -7 w7""M' ' l J ' Above: This Japanese educator listens attentively to Principal James Curlett's opening words concerning our school, Left: One of the Japanese educators takes time to talk with students in the library. Below: The group's tour guide, Fumiaki Takhashi, listens to Mr. James CurIett's words of welcome, shortly after their arrival. ' Below: These educators secure some memories of their trip with photos of the chorus classes. Japanese Educators ' 1' ak, X x 's Q5 22 S i i 1 X. Rl ,f"x p'. 9 ' Toros l-lave Classic Spirit The pep assembly, which was held on Friday, October 47th, was The culmina- tion of a super-spirited week. This week was an assortment of silly socks and smack-'em day, ,oepped-up punk- T rockers and teased-out hair, and last, but hardly least, no-sweat day, when, obvi- ously, everyone wore Their sweatsuits. All of this silliness was in preparation for a fantastic pep assembly that was held on The day of The game against Mesa High. The "Taste Test," which was sponsored by The cheerleaders, was auite enjoy- able, as we watched ten, Tough Toro football players taste Their mommies' lov- ing lips. The class competition "Wheel- barrow Race" was held by The Pep Club, and The Sophies reigned victorious. The assembly came to a close with a visit from The mysterious "Pillow People" and our own Mountain View version of The Bunny Hop, with cheerleaders, pommies, band members, and crowd Taking part. Above: The cheerleaders Try to figure out how Mesa's cheerleaders must have felt on game day, as They song. "Where o' where is The Jackrabbit team?" Below: Senior John Coleman Tries to figure out exactly what for l whoj he's just tasted in the "Taste Your lvlommie Taste Test." Right: The pep assembly was invaded by strange, but extremely funny. little guys for are they girls'?j from another world. Spirit Week Teahouse of he AUQUST Moon If you like M'A'S'H you'll like Teahouse of The Augusf Moon. IT is a funny sTory ofa bumbling miliTary uniT Thaf musT Americanize a small Okivaivian village afTer The Korean War. The problems all begin when CapT. Fisby Qplayed by John lvliclalefonj is given a Geisha girl qSTephanie Buckleyj. MaTTers are oomplicaTed by his side-kick inTerpreTer, Sakini qlVlarTin Eganj. His sfuffecl- shirT commanding officer Col. Purdy QTim Parsonsj sends a psychiaTrisT in Uoaa Kingj To clear up The mess. The whole Thing geTs ouT of hand when The villagers begin To make sweeT boTaTo brandy insfeacl of crickef cages as They were Tolcl To clo. I sy ' ' Again Colonel Purdy qTim Parsonsj caTches Capfain Fisby CJohn Middlefonj doing one more Thing againsT milifary rules. IT seems like CapTain Fisby jusT can'T bring himself To say no To anyThing. ' Teahouse Of The August Moon In accordance wiTh Capfain Fisby, The nearby villagers show Their exfreme grafifude by giving him giffs. Capfain Fisby jusf can'f ever seem To geT away from his Geisha girl, fSTephanie Buckleyj who was given To him, 1. .61 TWH 57 The villagers look on as they are learning about new ideas and ways to Americanize their small Korean village. The villagers, along with Captain Fisby, are very interested in their new guest, who has just arrived. is Martin Egan portrayed the role of Sakini who was the interpreter to the audience and to Captain Fisby. Here he is setting the mood for the audience as the play begins. Captain Fisbv listens in disappointment as the villagers try to help him realize what he is doing wrong. Teahouse Of The August Moon Creofive Phofogrophy Student Photography , HE. By: Jeff LOMOr?e By: Kim Curry By: Tom Wynn -0' sp.: 15 ,jp Am! Hn , r f 9 .r , , BY5 MQW AUf'9V Gold Key Scholastic Wlnner by Beth Hanlon Blue Ribbon scnoucsnc winner by sob shame: 4-0 ftp Student Photography ,n . fi. r Q. U Km aw . I ' A , ,Ll 'J Art Students 3 Receive Many High Honor X X Once again the Art Department brought forth much talent as exhib- ited in the 4984 Scholastic Art Award Contest held at the Fiesta Mall in February. This regional show was sponsored by the Valley Na- tional Band and conducted by the Scholastic Magazine. Seven Toro artists were blue ribbon finalists. More talent was displayed as twelve students were presented with the Gold Key Award and hon- orable mention. The art Students were assisted by Mr. Burdell Moody, Mr. Tom Guest, Mr. Bill Cummins, and Mrs. Carol Panaro. -By Susan Trussell ' Student Art -By Becky Shand -By Debby Mehan c ll. , .',, ' 1: I. -By Roy Martinez -By Mike Davidson i . , , I Y' QS S1udenT Ari ffffiu 3' , y , . ,., ,A,, T. , If S 2. 1 V- I 2 E UThey Call It Basketball'?!?" On January 27, 4984, the Super-Seniors reigned victo- rious once again. The site was the Mountain View gymnasium and the sport was Powderpuff Basketball. Trailing the Seniors with a close second were the Soph- omores, and the Juniors placed third. The game spirit was boosted by the presense of our lovely Powderpuff cheerleaders. These "girls," who were portrayed by some of the student body's loveliest young men, cheered, danced, and jumped their way into our hearts. The half-time entertainment was provided by the Senior cheerleaders, as they boogied to "Don't Stop 'Til Ya Get Enough." ' 1 V If r An eager sophomore searches for an open teammate to receive a pass. Powderpuff Basketball ' Senior and sophomore team members wait expectantly for the tip of the ball as the second of three powderpuff basketball games begins. I '1- Above: Senior cheerleaders QJim LeFebvre, David Hoopes, John Coleman, Andy Castillo and Jim Delvlarbiexp boogie down for half-time entertainment. Below: Enthusiastic Juniors fTrip Bunchman, Mike Patrick, John Dunn. Ronnie Barron, Gary Porter, Richie Edwards, Steve Kempton and Brian Kotsurj say "hello" to the seniors. ,g 5 Q. --.5 7:1 ' Q- bove: Senior Liso Horris chorges Toword The basket or Two more points. Below: Junior Joner Gross Ieops ugh in fron? of the sophomore receiver To moke o ynomic steal in the lost seconds of The gome. Leadership Found Here This summer, some twenty-two students from various genders and grades attended instructional work- shops. Anytown, a workshop that is organized much like a summer camp. ran for a week and taught inter- personal skills, communication, and leadership. Seven publications staffers attended Publications Camp in Flagstaff where they learned the ins and outs of publi- cation. The next workshops were Giris State and Boys State and took place in Tucson and Flagstaff. The purpose of the workshops was to establish a mock government, elect officials and work out any prob- lems. The Air Force Academy in Colorado also spon- sored a workshop that acquainted students with the academy and provided information on advanced sci- ence programs. The other Colorado workshop was called Senior Scholars Facing American Youth and gave some forty students the chance to experience what the real college learning process is like. Air Force Academy Summer Science Seminar par- ticipants Quincy' Gunderson and Theresa Salza. The 4980 Girls State Participants were fFrontj Shan Harrell and Adrienne Gonzalez and qBacky Theresa Salza and Jonel Wade Leadership Workshops v N 1' anim.,- 1Q80 Anytown Participants Qleft to rightj: Mike Beuzekom, Susan Warren, Jim Duranti, and Mark Lerdall. Not Pictured: Kim Bolin, Ron Franck, and Teresa Frias. 4980 Boys State Delegates: Quincy Gunderson, Kevin Senn. and Jim McDonald. gf 2 ,AL 54, s., Q N--f-H W -ins. - 4 , Y -45 S, ' .f s Qi HQ ' 'l,a-S336 I ' , Publications Camp-Front: Pam Mclntosn QYrbk.j, Gail Williams fNewspaperp, Jolene Pickett Olrbkj. Back: Melanie Leintz QYrbk.j, Cindy Suladie fYrbkQ, Annette Boragina qvrbkj, Not pictured: David Leslie QNewspaperj. SJ Leadership Workshops Twenty-eight teachers participated in the faculty Muscular Dystrophy Dance-a- Thon, held at JaramilIo's on November '10, 4980. Each of these teachers showed their concern for M.D.A. by dancing for eight continuous hours. When asked how they felt the teachers replied with many strange answers. Ms. Richards, "Abso- lutely GREAT!" Mr. Scott, "Fine, why?" Mrs. Thornhill, "I feel fantastically gratified just like Henry David Thoreau." Mrs. Griffin said, "Are you for real?" and Mr. Bufford replied, "Oh, I feel great! I feel like l'm doing something for others." Teachers G65 Above: Mr. Adams and his partner make an effort at the country swing Below: Mr. Scott borrows a straw hat for the picture. Physics teacher Rex Rice demonstrates an extraordi- nary move with partner Melissa Turnbull, Faculty Dance-a-thon I Dance For Muscular Dyslrophy in ,A .i- :W ffxx s, farm. 5' The faculty here al school has plenly of spirit and pride, They display This by giving The Toro sign, Gayle Richards, Iefl, and Denise Griffin, right, learn a new disco step Together. Faculty Dance-a-than ' Fw- t v , W., , The more popular styles of footwear of 1980-81 left to right: Topsiders an-'ff I Fashion brand named pants from left to right: Joraache baggies, Levis, Jordacne jeans, and Sasson jeans, ' Faas-n-Fashions Above: Western wear was a highlight of 1980-81, as Kim Curry is demonstrating, Below: Dressed in a Iacey blouse, blazer, and bag- gies is Steph Perult. Sherri Doorbar is wearing Sasson cordoroys. A New Wave Of Fashion Rolls In As the eighth decade of The century began, so hap- pened the New Wave! The high Tide fads of this year were Punk Rock, rollerskating, and mechanical bulls. Styles of 1980-1981 were a combination ofthe past and future, conservative yet daring. Students were dressed in everything from button-down collared shirts, blazers, and designer jeans to baggie, bright, unmatched outfits. From head to toe fashion was noticed. For looks, com- fort, and at Times warmth, There were Topsiders, Nikes, Ponys, Cherokees, and Crayons. Some of The more pop- ular brand names were Hang Ten, O.P., Lightening Bolt, Izod, Jordache, Sasson, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Levis. Western wear hit base as cowboy hats and boots be- came neat accessories for Those "urban" cowboys. Chris Evans models an outfit consisting of a taylored blouse and Sasson jeans. Chris displays gold jewelry, which was very stylish. . :'if"tt. 1' 1 if' 113 5 ' 4 2.545 ASM ? 9' r as ,s 3 K L M s ass sf tg? iw 3. K W, , 'fix s . sw 1.5 E if , as N., s sm S F . W fa s 5, is ss F is s X f 'iii in 9' 'WS 1' lk Fads-n-Fashions es Armin. . . f yr RN if N100 , . wif Q 'axis' iv , Werner, Lindo Ferreira, Debble erd. Row: Patricia Mgrflnez, Sharon Clsen, I my Bacon 1Ib. Buifer 4Ib. Cake Max 99 Candy Bar 30 2.49 48.00 86 2.49 pac Dongs Sugar Gunde X MOVIE ACTOR Clint Eostwood Chevy Chose Robert Redford Mott Dillon Morlon Brondo MOVIE ACTRESS Goldie Hown Borboro Streisond Jone Fondo Solly Field Brooke Shields FAVORITE MOVIE Stir Crozy Nine to Five Coddyshock Airplone Somewhere in Time TV. ACTOR T.V. ACTRESS RADIO STATION Alon Aldo Lucille Boll KZZP Lorry Hogmon Victorio Principle KDKB Greg Evigon Corol Burnett KUPD Gilligon Lindo Evons KNIX Scott Bolo Suzonne Sommers KOPA FEMALE SINGER SONG Pot Benotor T-n-T Borboro Streisond Keep on Lovin You Olivio Newton-John Ereebird Donno Summer Every Women in the World Lindo Ronstodt Hit me with Your Best Shot GROUPS SOUL ROCK COUNTRY Commodores Styx Chorlle Doniels Bond Eorth, Wind 81 Fire ACXDC Ook Ridge Boys T.V. SHOW M'A'S'H Dollos Dukes of Hozzoro Mognum P.l. Dynosly MALE SINGER Kenny Rogers Bob Seiger Jackson Browne Billy Joel Lorry Gotlin POP Queen Air Supply Fovorites fill A A Musical Magician Senior Troy AlbrighT received The honor of performing in The All-American Band sponsored by McDonald's resTauranTs. Ev- ery year, Two ouTsTanding high school musicians are chosen from each sTaTe. The oTher parTicipanT from Arizona was Tony LaBounTy from Tucson. These Two members performed in The Macy's Thanks- giving Day Parade and aT Carnegie Hall in New York CiTy. Troys parTicipaTion in The Jazz Ensemble and as a drum major for our own Toro Band has helped him To accomplish This greaT feaT. iffy 3832? !, -c 315: IV fr, 2 ,-,L-f-lgegx 188 Troy and Tony are welcomed To New York by Miss U.S.A. and Their direcfor, .401 A local news sTaTion films Troy A!brighT's deparTure from Sky Harbor. McDonald's Band Troy Albrighfi 4980-4984 MT. View Toro Marching Band Drum Major. Troy AlbrighT receives giffs from his fellow band members Practice And Talent Pays Cff REGIONAL BAND: Flutes: Bonnie Pin- kerton fPiccj, Pat Mastalz, Laura Wor- kinger, Sheila Voth, Diane Norton. Oboe: Liz Noe, Paul Dougherty, Kara Frankhauser, Shelly Hartley, Steve Snodgrass. Trumpet: John Rost, Phil McLaughlin, Aaron Vaughn, Steve Moore. Horn: Brandon Nichols. Bari- tone: Nathan Sheets. Trombone: Doug Crandall. B. Bone: Troy Albright. Tuba: Dan Briggs. REGIONAL ORCHESTRA: Violln: Can- dy Lawson, Michelle Call, Karen Woods, Seconds: Judy Reheise, Beth Hale, Liz Brown, Laura S., Kim Harker. Viola: Susie Nowak, Sharon Guildin, Janna Tiffany. Cello: Penny Dodge, Jennifer Bates Diana Hassack. Bass: Ar- lene Ashe, Jay Layton. Piccolo: Cheri Hewitt. Oboe: Shari Harrell. Bassoon: Seth Levine. Clarinet: Holly Williams. Percus- sion: Jeff Lloyd. Horn: Bill Arnet. Tuba: Marc Hudson. REGIONAL CHORUS: Tenor: Bren- dan Case, Seth Levine, Terry Mills, Mark Tucker. Bass: Steve Gobbell, Casy McDermott, Michael Mills, Rod Johnson, Robert Bryan, Todd King, Roger Moffat, Michael Spell- man, Ty Legg. Alto: Kathy Kelly, Marci C-lauser, Christine Powell, Becky Werner, Suzanne Black- hurst, Debbie Phair, Tina Rhein, Jo Ellen Turley, Staci Oakes, Jennifer Buckley, Lisa Harris. Soprano: Stephanie Buckley, Beth Hale, Mi- chelle Turley, Leslie Harris, Kari Bis- bee, Candy Lawson, Karen Woods, Nancy Brewer, Rebecca Hale, Michelle Call. Regional Music Try-outs were held the first week in February at East High School in Phoenix. Students from all three grades competed for the honor of going onto State Competition. QW if is N5 F . S K' s I Q ' 1 2 , ' - lf W N . Q W xx .. K , mg.-KK, 1 .., 1" x, x is NH, Q- H k W' I .Q 6 W . . ' K ' x ' Q way il' .. ,,rQ'3w A F A R. W - j sm W ' 'K .. -X ., XK Q fe' K , M A , ' N 7 KK K f'-N9 :1...f' .K U .. i - "k' . M Q- 4 :film k., ' f"'lfKL1 ' k K' , K . .. Q 8 MN-vw 556 ' ufxy as Q ' A VK QR " Y . Q K- ' tl N- x B L ' K' . Q? F.. ,M . I x . A U, Tv .Lx , .X - ww w: f Y K J -- Q ,. 'N ,. . N .,,g-- ,si .,. ' 4 - x 5 . ,- . A , x -. B k X . x .Q K 1 Sw ,Q my . " . ,ci K , J ,ffg , if K S x J N Q -. . ,X ,Q X M Hx ' x v? no W ' A . .X . 4 ,V .Rf-4' .1 hery 0 Cross Country 0 Track ' r 0 Football 0 Tennis 0 Swimmi 0 Fans ' If 0 W lrmy' gi ,Q 1 I M is 0 Swimming 0 Baseball 0 Gy " 'f.. olf 0 Wrestlf' 1 0 Softball 0 Basket. ,N oss Counts Track' Badminton ' N l 0 Tennis 1 , .fimming ' Baseball 0 Gyr. Fans 0 Golf 0 "'ostling 0 Softball 0 Basken., - rchery 0 Cros ,untry 0 Track 0 Badminton 0 Volleyball er 0 Football 0 -ennis 0 Swimming 0 Baseball 0 Gymnastic ull 0 Sport Fans ' Gf " f Wrestling 0 Softball 0 Basketball nastics 0 Archery ss Country 0 Track 0 Badminton tball 0 Soccer 0 Foc..,.1ll0 Tennis 0 Swimming 0 Baseball 0 Volleyball 0 Sport F X' 0 Golf 0 Wrestling 0 Softball ball 0 Gymnastics 0. tery 0 Cross Country 0 Track all 0 Basketball 0 Socce. 1 Football 0 Tennis 0 Swimmin 3 Badminton 0 Volleyball 0 ' 'frt Fans 0 Golf 0 Wrestling Ing 0 Baseball ' Gymnastic: Archery! Cross Country Tiling 0 Softball 0 Basketball 1 soccer 0 Football 0 Tennis intry 0 Track 0 Badminton 0 Volley' 'I 0 Sport Fans 0 Golf tis 0 Swimming 0 Baseball 0 Gyml tics 0 Archery' Cro' I0 Tennis 0 Swimming U Baseball w gymnastics 0 Archery Above: Led by the Toro kicker, the specialty team starts off the kick-off. Below rlght: Coach Parker shows displeasure over an officials call. With the help of his blockers, David Hoopes finds a hole and charges his way through it Pride, Spirit, Love Supports Toros School pride was the key to the Varsity's success. Although the team was physically small, speed and confidence were on their side. Having equal talent in both offense and defense allowed the team to be well balanced. There wasn't just one outstanding player, the boys owe the Central AAA Division Championship to a team effort. It was during the toughest game of the season, which determined the championship, when our defense held McClintock to one touchdown, breaking the Chargers offensive record and creating the best defensive game in Mountain View's history. School pride and spirit were behind the Toros once again when they went to the playoffs. After an exhila- rating comeback, the boys tied the score, 23 to 23, and the game went into overtime, but Tempe went on to win. , ' Varsity Football 'lm' Determined for a first down, Quarterback Jim Duranti carries the ball. Row 4: John Dunn,eRon Norrhey. Rich Taylor. Mike Faysak, Andy Castillo, Gerald Greg Burfi, Andy Kunasek. David Hoopes, Coach Jess Parker, Jay Guest Mark Lerdail, Kevin Van K L N . 225 L-fi Fred Mike gag , -Q. Q if ' KN 'L 'Y 41 -:r FUDS Steve Porter, Scott for determi- Searle, Pat I A: Ross McCor- Mike McNulty. Senn. Row 5: Mike Bryant, Froncek, Scott Baker. Steve VOrSiTy FOOTDGH Junior Defense Rough, Tough And Reddy The seoson ended wiTh five wins ond Three losses. ToughesT gornes were wiTh Chandler ond The cooches felT They hod o sTrong defense, Though The ployers. on The overoge, were ci bii They were quicker ond more experienced. There d high number of juniors who hdd only one yecir's ploying bdckground. Some of The mosT voluobie ploy- ers were Bill Brown, Troy l-ldTch, ond Croig Jomleson. Q.. ' ,. c fi .Q or 'H , . . - M - ff ,Q 'ku-'s H ZA V xg NXAXTN xogxvrxy ,QNX gh lk, y WTA-QV"'. .m,9m,,, .ww 'sph-is fi, --'ii ,T Y 53' T N- - 'K XXV 1 ' T , v , .. . nz Q . ,KEY S., x, F M gi kMtis4'wkj only ..v,Ti.3g6Til'! 3 , x f - c c , 3 Q .X it k.uV.,QV,3Pil , X Above - Trip Bunchmon chorges wiTh power To moke o Touchdown. Lefi wiTh o bursT of enThusidsrn, John Kliener mokes his own poTh in order To TTTOKG d firsT down. , .5 ,:lwvJ".jg7Q,,,.?4.:-A'q.r:,f' 1 Af Jr Football team, Left to right, first row: Lurs Sampedro Todd Vlckman Muke Patt Errc Hummelsbach Ron Dash Frank Rubro Jrm Kolhepp John Lervas. Ronnie Tackett, Scott Depierro Second Row Trap Bunchman Cass Lrentz Steve Anderson Make Esprnoza Jeff Dunn Dan DeGracle Craig Jamieson, Troy Hatch, Ron Wyatt Thur Drlnlfwa Dan Walhs. Jim Gardner. Brion Humble. Stuart Helton n Bull Brown Dave Rouse, Dave Mills, Steve Garrett Roland Couch, Kurt Kammerer. sy, f'f-R- Runnung frantically to make a touchdown at a home game us Kevrn Kamrnsky gig -FA KAQQ'-' I1 ,B '. lgw Q5 J K. y, J.V. Gridders The Junior VarsiTy Fooiball Teamfled by head Kayle Hows and assisiani Don Kramer, used a naiion of hard work and swear To Tackle a season. Each day The Toros "puT forih a loT of and showed Their fighling spiriT," siaied Kramer. The ouisranding ground gainers included Scoii Bosley and Kim Sicmiller, Chip Laniz, Scoh' For Varsiiy Runzo and Mike Mancini were The backbone of The offensive line. Dean Clause and Kim Sickmiller were key Iinebackers on defense. The Team's record of wasn'T as imporiani as The developmeni of essary basic skills. 'Everyone gained a wide experience," said Coach l-iawsi "Vile had a poinTing season, buT a loT of fooiball was Taughi learned. The group of boys is prepared To move on To varsiiy, and To become asseTs To The Mouniain View fooiball program." This year The Toros avenged Their only '79 defeaT by bearing W - . esiwood 20 O rv. Pociboii n anxious A acceleraies speedily down The leaving The defense open-mourned, Below: Shawn STole oro punTer, displays his classic experilse by blasiing The ball inTo The opponents Terriiory. Running-back Kirn Sicmiller cdreens post Row 'L Lolo Frios Stuort Poynter. Alvorodo, Tony Armento. Greg Frio F' N15 G if 2: gaining six points. ow A: Jock Young. Ken Johnson Greg Mike Nicois R Mike Mortinez. i?ow 5: s Scott Bosley, Eugene Bdnkson, Shown Stole ton, Jeff Lloyd. Stuort Koncor, Bili Bloomer, Deon John Mitcoff, Keith Moody, Robert Packer, Gene Hoiisinger, Rick Berkley Kevin Frozier Jeff Edwdrds, Todd Hossel. -di ae '70 90 99 G94 B41 'rs se 40 Q f. rx Q. if -. 50 ll 21 Q2 20 S2 26 'ag 5531: i'-Q ,,, nur f' X IQ' 40 42 a7ra4.r'74 as 72 if ,is--1? :rv F24 '15 4 Bl :,,1 J V. FOOTDOII ' Enthusiastic Linksmen Take Third in ST Boys' Golf Sonius, that was each and practiced after when they competing, result was improvement for player and for the team as o whole. The team, which consisted of eleven players Qthough only five played in each matchp, was led by the performance of outstanding players: Senior Greg Harvey and man Jon Baker. The group's main goals the Yuma Invitational, which they did, and divisionals and State Championship. tered their efforts on the Westwood matches, whlchrhave always been cause of the two schools' talent and Coach Sonius took great pride in leading and feels quite satisfied with their season. Mike Damke's breathtaking swing would make even Arnold Palmer QOSD Boys' 3, X his warm-up shot ball before he swings A 1,79-'st X X he .5533 1 'flfws ,,i.F , Jim Tisdole Tees off foward The fcarcwoy green. -ln' rf, 3+j,Q,,?,:: -4.3 . RL fig. , sf Q? ,lg 5 Row 2: Mark Potter, Mike Coach Dove Sonius. Boys' Golf i If mlllh il N M Q ,hw KX. g A' my ff 4 312' rono W o rg: I K I. V A,f' fr. ,' w - Jaxx '-'i Q f M 3: ffnf 1, . 'Q 'lui bf' 7,1 IFTWG -FS R.- J i 1 jg .sffff Sf' .-' -' ' l Shane Atwell, running in his lucky cap, gives it all he's got as he furiously sprints towards the finish line. Over The River, The Canals .. y Although injuries held theBoy's Cross Country Team from their ultimate goal of going to state, the team placed eighth in divisionalsl The overall season perfor- mance was very inconsistent, with outstanding runs being given during some meets, and average show- ings during others. The practices consisted of twelve to fifteen miles a day, six days a week. The Junior Varsity team record was nine wins and three losses to the Varsity's six wins and six losses. Coach Jackson said, "There was and outstanding Junior Varsity team which makes prospects for next year's season very encouragingq Promising individuals included Andy Johnson, Todd Gatrel, Brian Tackett, Dave Mckoen and Julian Sakmarf' This year the most valuable run- ner, Mike l-lindes, broke the Mountain View course re- cord with a time of 44:43 for three miles. The previous record was held by a Chandler runner, Able Fernan- dez, with a time of 45:07 tor three miles. ln the boys' first home meet against he races against the clock to help his victory. ,J 1 .X lws good form as Boy's Cross Country Soccer A R To win WGS Cooch Scoforio's his for Th when Two of seven gomes GNU oihe their proved ond members were inTerscholosTic kickers didn'i would hove omouni of give their Soccer fogerher. To be G por? Of The firST ieogue much 'WSIS shows his control. Senior, Jim Beodle Joe Coppo Row 1: John Bell, Zoron Younge. Lorry Horreii, Mike Hoyt. Joe sey. Cass Lientz, Jim Weldon, Dom Scoforio Ct-ieod Coocnj, Mark Anderson Qcssistonr coochj. Jovier set. Brandon Nicols, Ddvid Reece, Sensor Crdrg Lundblom Senior Duson Mossorop .4 4 roces To me boil vigl. K 'wif' ie' .writ ,,,,.. .,.,,.,.....- .1 K it N fr .- .. ,A . ., iv-r x Rr ff Soccer ' 203 Todd Tucker sfecris . r ' LA . S. 1 M - X' ' X ' 4 s., I It . I D-.f 5 4 ' ,fu . ,7 , '- , . , X -.4 .Q , .., X A , , of fglie 'JN- Q I I fm 'K 'lp-Qu , 3 fn " ' ii'-QA H " 5 9 W T1 I I N av" Si, O Chandler Wolf guns it from outside the ke el w Gero e y. B o 1 id Hyslope, Pet Brod Sullivan. Rocky Colveri, Sieve Larson, Coach Pipes Schroder. Scot? Sfondcige, Dirk MCC-Bregor. Tony Kosprzyk GWB irmfvkwg 33 E1 ii-'fo , amiga Qmr in? TW' rm 432 IE' ' T22 5-'fr 1 - .4 Above: Scott Stondoge chdlks up another needed the Toros. Below: After foking out his defender, heim flies up with cz ten-foot jump shot. Toro Defense Holds 'Em Bdck According to Dennis Pipes, versity bdsketbolicodch, "Dedi- cotlon ond discipline ore the keys to success. You've got to be dedicated to your tdsk. As for discipline, l believe thot kids wont, love, ond need it." Keeping thot philosophy in mind, Cooch Pipes worked to improve everyone's possing. dribbling, ond shooting skills. Offensive ond defensive skills were olso on integrol port of the grueling two-hour practice sessions. One of the mejor highlights of the sedson wos winning the consolotion bracket in the Tri-City Clossic with victories over Tempe and McClintock. This seoson's heort- bredker wds cigdinst Westwood. The Toros were convinced thot they hod o key upset, but lost d close bottle in over- time. Whot they locked in offense was mode up for by the formiddble defense. The Most Vdiudble Pidyers of the sed- Scott nge. Next yeor's six returning K I i ' xt: 3, 1, . , Q r 1' Above: down the fdst ogrle Drik McGre- gory. S Varsity Bosketboll uv lr Q Q 4 41, 10 . 1 I - lv'- 1 5 as mb? I4 T A I 4 9 lun or varsrry Team .' H "NES 1 QOID To develop '31 says Coach VarslTy fense asked least Ten rn an ball quickly. were Q AF I SIOPIS hem X l L. ,I 1 n by lvlrke Squares w s surrounded, Below: opponenls sv '43, " 33 .,, 1 opposrng Team proves To be no Threal To The mlghfy ' ' ho ea ' I slly makes Q baskel even Newendyke dodges be- The ball down The courl. 1 AN32 Y.. v., iv- , .'- .Ss T V. ,Y an 5" ' ' g:. .,,,j ., Ja A .. Q ,'o ' 'ull 1 xexx. 'i'W.' if 6 4 ei A K QA. ,fl Leoving oll the Chondler Wolves be- hind hirn, Croig Toylor leops into the oir, reoching for The hoop To get Two points. Even wilh The opponenfs surrounding him, Scot? Newendyke slill monoges To get obove them ond mokes o boskel which enobles The Toros to pull forther oheod, 2 " ' -,,,,,.,.po""" - Q SPF in wi. ' any . " R ' s 0 Qx ' 1: x ' rffdf' 4...,5W,... is vgjb 5 ig. " ' 'nw I, I M Griffin anxiously looks on as The referee runs over To Roger Russell and his adver- Belowz While showing off his slfenglh, Andy Castillo flips his opponent over his back. . The match, David and technique lo C... S 1 '-sf M J b wfvkifi 5 Left: An all of ke ham To Take down has Trczfegicclly places him- no norm, goes in for the kill. using s 'E .-ff.. ,..,,.f 5 sv ,N if " ?N ' w v ,na um Y in is, xg ve Vorsify Wrestling fx xx f X , fb , M N !,el' 'f X mm,? y "F", -1 E. - ,, U O 'Hung match. In Cl hom e match, Kip If N New C hem T shows WN Junior Varsity Wrestling Team, left to right. first row: Dan Frisbee, Kim Hale. Jim Kolhepp. Kip Kempton, Daryl Johnson, Steve Sherin, Shaun Tippits. Martin Doyle, Dave McKean. Second row, left to right: Mark Z is 4' Y 'ff Q, af 3 Rleb, Dan DeGracie, Dean Clause. Mike Davidson, Chris Swanholm Gary l-licok. Todd Hassell, Steve Willis, Jeff Sutton, Andrew Sabin Wrestlers that are not pictured are: Charlie Beck and Mike Patt. Above: After a challenging match, a Toro wrestler proudly pins his man. Left: Like the charging Toro he is, Chris Swanholm uses his shoulders, arms and body to try and pin the enemy. iv. wrestling w 1 v I n-, .1 n -4-4.-,. U. , .L A. . ... -.V A. A. . .. . .. ..,. . . -.... . . . .. . ..... - .. .. . . .. . ... . Two: Kenneth Johnson, Joff Vego, Jonn Morsn, Scofr Biiier, Don Roy, Randy Srooieyl David Joisio. DiQ1ono'Nowrfooloi Kfrnuornl Mike Patrick. Trip Bunchmon, Greg Burfr, Pete Donforih. Mark Hcsiett, crgerj, Cooch Alon Moore. Cooch Mike Jackson. Row 'rhreez Keiih Ressler. Steve Meilly, Jeff AE ff' X-2, . Q' . Spring Sports Goals Are Reached: Golfers Place Fiflh ln Sfafe Tournamenf Qualifying for sfafe was The girls' major goal, and They reached iT. On November sixTh and sevenfh, The golf Team compeTed in The sTaTe meef. placing fiffh ouf of Ten Teams. AnoTher Team goal was To gef The mosf ouT of Their season. Therefore The girls accepfed all decisions and ke-pT high aTTiTudes Throughouf The year. allowed Them To work and improve as a Team. "Being The new girls' golf coach, I didn'T know whaT To ex- pecT," said Coach Shill, His encouragement Teaching. and supervision guided The girls Through The safisfying season They achieved. OuT of The eighf Team mem- bers, There were Three ThaT were ouTsTanding: Mary Grace Rivera, Laura Sfephens and Dianne Hossack. All of The players showed greaf improvemenf ThroughouT The season and Coach Shill was quiTe impressed wiTh - Q 4 ,f -rs , sq u . A . V - TM- ,m.'5 37 fs T 4. ' -af C 1 T Q0 The Qreaf rGDDOrT befween The Qirls and Coach Shill y, as T S T , 5' i K 5 - r r ! ' T 4 , , T Their overall abiliTy. Mary Girls' Golf Above: ConcenTraTing on The ball, Laura STe- phens posiTions herself for a crucial shof. -s s. 1 f T L1 is A , v , ' , In an exciiing home meeT, Dianne Hossack drives her way To a winning match. Filled with anticipation, Mary Grace Rivera in fently watches the ball move toward the hole Q.-v Girls' Golf Team, first row, left to right: Amy Welling, Lani Webb, Mary Grace Rivera, Second row, left to right: Julie Broadston, Tava Wooclhall, Dianne Hossack, Laura Ste- phens Above: Showing ner form, Dianne Hossack tees off. Lett: Lani Webb keeps her eye on the flying ball. Girls' Golf Toros Valley Will' Volleyball is fast becoming a more popular sport. When asked why, Coach Schlick replied, "The players are show- ' a ing lot enthusiasm." The attitudes of the girls were didn't complain. even after long. strenuous season, the girls stayed really The team practiced three hours the volleyball team was to win five games or their goals, Coach the team had the pest and they 7"-Q-,lf Paula Oilizell, defending the blocks a spike a Chaparral Varsity Volleyball S. 'N as Shelly Raptis strategi- Daly waits patiently for the ball. a point. ,vs S k Spnke And Spunk a, ff 'H GY' lrlisl 5 ?,,,,nn-airy. g 15? - if. N 5 N S .A Xl , .... V, 'Q A fgnvu 'Q -.Stagg - 3? - ' ' V' H+: I 4' A155 5 5 gg? xt , X v 1' 5 'Q .wa . Y I - FL. at 1- "ata "-'--'---- -.-b-. ,-,.,,,.,,,, M W V Sl' prepares for the team. contact with the 4' 4 I O Q' Top Row, left to right: Stephanie Peters, Liz Brown, Sue Spencer. Joanne Ashmore. Cindy McCormick, Diana lvloon, Stacey Major, Lanae Saunders, Julie Gehrlng, Tammy Ratkowski, Lindy Micheletti, Karen Hermerath. Sherry Burger, Cheryl Williams. Bottom Row. left to right: Kathy POSKQII, Pauline Sanotsky, Kim Figglns, Meredith Kobie. Giga Pena, Jessica Brummett, Deanna Mlcheletti. Kelly Harman, Kelly Peters, Sabrina Gonzales, Gingi Hall, Tommie Tom. y g Kathy Roskell strains to reach a low birdie while Stephanie Peters waits anxiously in the background for the return. K1 . ' .fi 2 if A - 3 W... 4? 5 ui Determination Drives Team Up Even though there were no returning players, the bad- minton team didnt give uphope. One ofthe season's goals was to win four out ,ot their eleven matches. They fell one short, winning only three. The other was to do better than last year's team, This was accom- plished bysdetermination and hard work. In the two- hour, five-day-a-week practices, Coach Shields stressed a few fasic skills such as footwork, the girls' strokes, endurance, and court sense. ln order for the girls to play, they must challenge each otherg the win- ner then switches places onthe ladder. When it comes time for a game, only the 'top twelve play. This year. six girls went to divisionals: Cindy McCormick and Kim Figgins, singles: Stephanie Peters and Kathy Roskell, doubles: the other team that went for doubles was Lanae Saunders and Tammy Ratkowski. Badminton QM' 9' 5 . N5 y N :- 'X' 'YQ -ff . SX Tigfksif ' fx Ka' " i 1 - ., 'v IN ,Sk endur S , S ' 1 I ,Q X I +1 R5 E if K -X S X, Sf. :Rf Xb? Kg g X B . , t ' :' M N X xg w. gy -x . k Team picture - Top row, left to right: Lori Griggeory, Mary Autrey, Donna Singleton. Sherri Doorbar. Mary Cosgrove. Middle row, left to right: Audrey Cunningham, Pat Schroeder, Coach Armenta, Kelly Marsh. Bottom row. left to right: Kathy Elliot, Nanci Wldder. Maria Trujillo, KlmuKessler, Martha Noderer. Not pictured: Audrey Busfield. Towards the finish of the Yuma meet, Audrey Busfield is seen with a look of agony on her face as she pushes herself to i r 3 Kelly Marsh and Kim Kessler competatlvely run in the Yuma meet. building not only their endurance but their speed also ,-" ,-'JI' The The been cmne. hef M' for Tony Richards swings one player swings as her ba? makes confac? with the bali. , ' 1932? Du-.- 4WMw , sf ,Q- in . ,,, -, ' . ss.- . M MSR Q A fi 5:31 8 I 3 L , ..-Ong,-f"'f" V? 1 Y s weffeh as X After hifhng The ' Girls' Varsify Soffball base W wtw-n,, ll Q. l Sharon Henry follows thru with a throw. Above: Girls Vorsity Softball. left to rightz Marty Ziebell, Tony Richards. Michelle Dupont, Kim Temple, Jane Smith, Renee Stopley. Bobbi Bruce. Second row: Girls Varsity Softball, left to right: Coach Mary Weber. Linda Tucker, Sharon Henry. Sherrie Zunigo, Janet Gross, Gretchen Gasswint. Stacie Major. ond Kaylene Hartzler. Below: During the second inning, third out, a dedicated Toro team member tries desperate- ly to receive the bali, but unfortunately she trips and misses and an opposing team member runs quickly past ond takes the base much to her surprise. They played fifteen games and then came the divlsionals then state. 0.4 'Y' 7? si A , ,, LJ- Z- Sharon Henry, a senior, concentrates on hitting a home nrun. Girls' Varsity Softball J.V. Toros: A Reol HiT! Th , ,, I ..v""'T E .f-I fig' , ' 1135.559 " TT lvicClinTock ond Q Teom wos mode up of Twelve sopho- Two juniors. They ended The seoson winning ond losing eleven, buT They hod o O Of. 79 3 . Their Tough- mosT dlsoppoiming mosT ouTsTonding win Godls for The Tedm were To funclomenrols of The sofTlooll wos quoTed os soying. p siTive dTTiTude our he n WC! Ted The ond on feeling of The game. Alfhough The sed- record wos somewhcn dlsdppoinfing, The provided vdludble moving up. .N I ,Q X -x l'O d o , her best shoT os she swings QT The -, , 1 ,1 1 I- 4" .ta irqm., N Nfl, J - f "1 'mmf-' ,,., i,,,1-,,:,. Y' F" if 'ywgisi Zn. Q f ,L . X- is rv! f""'3""" 1 r , X .Q ' 4 ' i . . Top row: Coach Saunders. Barb Graves, Coach Tosi. Bottom row: Sims. Cheryl Brady, Missy Hines. the third strike, which In a home meet against Chaparral. Coach Abbodesso stands by third base and gives his players the okay to run to another base. I I 1 . -fqgtifif' f' 1' sl ,iq ,. .-it fi 1' Everlith on r pitches game. A .W 1 7 I. v, - dx ' ,A Y V, ,rf is , , ,, W1'-rs-'-A The girls wait patiently as their turn at bat arrives again. J.V. Softball Girls' Spring Sports These are pictures ofthe girls' spring sports teams, which include track, varsity basketball, junior varsity bas- ketball, gymnastics, tennis and archery. Other sports coverage will be in the forthcoming supplement. Top right: Girl's Track. Row one: Lori Houston Kathy Lewis, Lisa Gray, Cheri Hewitt, Jodi Gar- rison. Meredith Kobie, Debbie Hunter, Mindi Chambers, Ronda Milts, GiGl Brandon, Alice Holguin, Julie Gehring, Row two: Liz Brown, Dani Simpson, Diane Bellows. Camille Brewer. Joni Freemole, Kelly Marsh. Martha Noderer. Audrey Busfield, Audrey Cunningham. Pat Schroeder, Lori Griggeory, Sharee Barton. Row threei Laura Klienrnan, Susie Johann, Cindy McFarland, Duree Coleman, Coach Ar- rnenta, Sherri Doorbar, Cyndy Gomez, Tricia Coryea, Connie Clarkson, Mary Cosgrove, Mary Autrey. , Bottom right: Girl's Junior Varsity Basketball, Row one: Sheryl Brady, Bonnie Hedges. Row two: Renee Caccamse. Lanea Saunders, Marie Wells, Julie Nicks, Karla Broughton, Mar- sha Leonard. Row three: Coach l-laws. Kay- lene l-lartzler. Stephanie Martin. Cheryl Schwonbeck, Karen Herrnerath. Middle right, Girls' Varsity Basketball, Row one: Missy Everlith, Toni Richards, Sharon Hen- ry. Row two: Paula O'Dell, Mary Grace Rivera, Lisa Harris. Row threei Coach I-laws, Jeannie Abele. Janet Gross, Mary Shopteese, Shelly Raptis, Coach Sessions. Spring Sports ' , V A, 'Av , , J, RW . f- ' V A. fir Q K 51 Kr s X i X I ' if " , it K ' 1: .Nw 'lr xg I 'Li ,Q -il 1 A - we my 'M if Xi ' Y S x wg, , , .i f - J .A i , ,ey ll eff, t f-5 4 , MN Q X V1 an l it QQ J ff! N pw- N vm J .K rx I 1 ,t Y L , 4 v fri is . rig' I , 3 4 Q r , Q- s we 1 ..2"' s ' X 1: l f, , lx y 5 A c , Q 3, --f 1 'J' R' x L.. "l 't E f i . L xlib N '." ' ' iS?25i7- 'frif W .- l - xafwi ..kk is K I Q., L i S -- 5 - 5. '15 h-- :xr sz, W ' . 34 is E. L ,..w.,r h s Q. .Q Li 'A l ,5 ,- v I :ear 5 , hi ,W g .. 'f G ' s ,"'5 N 1' 'Q Q -5'-4 5 1 X 'i' ' ' It A ii ,Li Xiu K l T. 1 l i if 4 S K ' qv, L li ' 1 gPo S 4 ' '.' f L YS f L li W N. . f Qf fb ' A .1 I if ' hx si I , , cl, My ,. X , In 1 A , 5, eg YW 16 ' I , L 1 H s i., My H . ' r f n. . s f . .. .l 55 fi, f iflifik r if ' W' 1 fx Q L, X 'Y I fn! 1 . ' 1 r Q ' 1 2 Q L. K , , T 1 "Q 2 ' s 1 X V 'qgf 753 A fi J 5 , W v K ' X Y 15 . f + V .n', S lui " 9 :L 1 K - 'ww V ' 'I A. 'L " m . 3? S S - .L -lv 5 --P Girls Gymnastics team: Top Row: Janis Wol- sieffer, Denise Townsend. Coach Kathy Clark. Tina Tidwell, Suzie Smith, Jackie Vanlslorman. Middle Row: Camille Harris, Felicia Deschner, Kristi Wheeler. Debbie Dooney. Krista The- londer. Lynne Wagner. Bottom Row: Debbie Dubrul, Rita Barry. Linda Lafler, Kerri Lee. Middle left: Girls' Tennis: Kneeling: Jacque Wendt, Robin Palmer. Rhonda St. Louis, Dayna Skousen. Peggie Curd. Kathy Roskell. Standing: Coach Butfor, Julie Broadston QManagerj, Cheryl Nybo fManagerp. Tammy Tom, Sue Spencer, Leslie Kolhase, Margie Twyford, Bobbi Bruse, Stephanie Peters, Cin- dy McCormick. Bottom Left: Archery, Row one: Diane Shine. Kim Figgins, Kelly Peters, Deanna Mitchelletti. Row two: Pauline Sanofsky. Belinda Shum- way, Kelley Harmon. Stacy Skiles. Row three: Gingi Holi, Jennifer Zollinger. Lindy Mitchelletti, Debbie Crow, Debbie Somody. Spring Sports Homeroom Council 0 Las Palomilas 0 F.B.L.A. 0 ViewPoi Mecha 0 Las Mariposas 0 LaVista 0 H.E.R.O. 0 Los Cant Language Club 0 B.S. Club 0 Lizards 0 Pep Club 0 Dr Intramural Council 0 Homeroom Council 0 Las Palomit Maids 0 Premiere 0 Mecha ' Las Mariposas 0 LaVista 0 H. Indian Club ' A.F.S. 0 Orchestra 0 Jazz Band 0 D.E.C.A. Drama 0 F.FA. 0 Stage Crew 0 I Figgacione 0 Las Ba Palomilas 0 F.B.L.A. 0 ViewPoint 0 Las Cancionistas 0 Tor LaVista 0 H.E.R.O. 0 Los Cantantes ' Bicycle Club v Cli Cheerleaders ' Encore 0 lndian Club '.A.F.S. 0 Crchestra Drama 0 F.F.A. 0 Stage Crew 0 l Figgacione 0 Las P """""' ""-"""" "-""' """7"-""3""3' v rew 0 I Figgacione 0 Las Banderas 0 Intramural Counc Las Cancionistas 0 Toro Band 0 Mat Maids 0 Premiere Bicycle Club 0 Click Club 0 Madrilenas 0 National Ho .F.S. 0 l l t y t r r stratp Jazzif 'ft 1 0 TA. wreign La -FA ' "7f9Wz l ' Fi99l t We is ' 'nfffl ViewPoitnLv Las 0 BanaQftMat Maids antantes 0 Bicycle Club 0 Click Club 0 Madrilenas ' ndian Club 0 A.F.S. 0 Orchestra 0 Jazz Band D.E.CA. 0 Figgacione 0 Las Banderas 0 Intramural Council 0 Ho ncionistas 0 Toro Band 0 Mat Maids 0 Premiere 0 Me OT tM d 'Pr Las Cancionistas oro Band a ai s erniere es 0 Bicycle Club' Click Club 0 Madrilenas 0 National 0 F.FA. 0 Stage Crew 0 l Figgaciane 0 Las Banderas F.B.LA. 0 ViewPoint 0 Las Cancionistas 0 Toro Band 0 M1 .O. 0 Los Cantantes 0 Bicycle Club 0 Click Club 0 Madrile reign Language Club 0 B.S. Club 0 Lizards 0 Pep Club eras 0 Intramural Council 0 Homeroom Council ' Le nd 0 Mal Maids 0 Premiere 0 Mecha 0 Las Mariposas P" 's 0 National Honor Society 0 C.O.E. 'wreign Language Club 0 B.S. Club . cil 0 Homeroomy 0 Mecha 0 a D bvifgki r Society 0 C.0 E. 0 Cheerl uage Club 0 B.S Club 0 Liz ral Council 0 Homeroom Cou 'remiere 0 Mecha 0 Las Maripo s 0 rtional Honor Society 0 C.O.E. 0 -reign Language Club 0 B.S. Club 0 Liza eroom Council 0 Las Palomitas 0 F.B.LA. 0 Jlechci' - 4c5...unposas . a sa Business And Economics Bottom row: Lisa Silvestri, Lisa Spurling, Chris Nelson, Christine Jaime CSponsorj, Sonja Full wood QSponsorj, Sherri Wager, Chris Kernagis, Second row: Karen Mclnnes, Lisa Richeson. Linda lvlize. Third row: Tracy lrwin, Gayle Lunsford, Demaris Dingman, Sharon Clarkson, Annette Lunt, John Osife, Dwane Mauldin, Darrin Olsen, Sheri Westberg, Sonja Beebe. This Club, Future Business Leaders of America, raised money to send members to regional competitions and state conferences by showing a Walt Disney film to an elementary school and holding a type-a-thon. The purpose of this club is to help develop competent, aggressive, business leadership, and to create more interest and understanding in the intelligent choice of business oc- cupations. The Home Economics Related Oc- cupations club had a Skate-a-Than to raise money for cerebral palsy. HERO also had an aluminum can drive for the Children's Hospital. This club was very organized, more so than last year, and consisted of out- going and spirited members. HERO was a very active club. Three of their most important goals were to exceed S500 in scholarships, to be a successful club, and to be the num- ber one club of the year. HERO cer- tainly had a tremendous year. Bottom row: Lexie Coston, Chris Kueber, Susan Cutaia QSponsorj, Sherri Lambert, Brent Hall. Second row: Wendi Leonard, Beverly Pennington, Kathy Saunders, Hope Root, Jayne Decker, Anna Johnson. Third row: Tammy Pollard, Denise Ryan, Lisa Green, Marisa Wilkes, Diane Okulovich. Susan Cutaia, HERO sponsor, looks puz- zled as she walks to her next class. FBLA and HERO Sandy Foulk, Marcella Kescole, Teresa Wingler. Fourth raw: Dale Florian, Paige Paynter, Nichole Rowe, Michelle McFarland, Diane Allen, Pauley Gebbia, Grant Dow, Helping People Sitting row: Sherry Leach, Susan Bates. Patricia Bryson, Paul McAndle, Kimberly Wygle, Coleen Atkins, Pam Wade. Kneeling: Marilyn Benally, James Lancaster, Ambrose Rojas, Dave Woods, Robert Griffin, Phillip Stirling, Debbie Larson. Standing: Todd Moon, Dana Edwards, Patrick Vaughn, Sponsor: Frank Hudson, Gary Larson, James Foarde, Jay R. Mitchell. W g g 1 - V., sr, . ., ,V - A -, . K, k gl' - ,M ' . , A , h , . ,. . - ' -' . . .J L x ' , X - . L 'ik . - -, .. fi "if . . 4 W' . A , , .,. . , . t , sf, ,I . Bottom row: LaDonna Hargadin, Penny Kidwell, Vice-President Lisa Martin, Sponsor: Mrs. Lora Mclntire, President Deanna Micheletti, Secretary-Treasurer Kathryn Lee, Gayle Lunsford. Sec- ond row: Linda Lafler, Fail Demarino, Ann Davis, LuAnne Barney, Dana Shinn, Wanda Hargadin, Diane Shinn, Cary Holmes. Third row: Margaret Chaney, Patty Brenn, Lisa Morey, Theresa Contreras, Sylvia Wilbrink, Susan Warren, Abbe Mariage, Deanna Salyers, Crystal Graham. Many students don't know what VICA stands for. VICA is Visual Industrial Clubs of Amer- ica. This group consisted of twenty-two spirited members. This club had a unique fund raiser-a Car Bash: Halloween candies were also sold. They held an Employer-Employee Banquet in April and also had a VICA Skill Olympics Contest in May. The activities in this club greatly increased over last year. The Youth Arc Club, sponsored by Mrs. Mclntire, is made up of 20 enthusiastic members. The purpose of the club was to have fun by working together and help the retarded youth. Members must have empathy and understanding for the re- tarded. By holding a bake sale in Nov. and a dance in Dec. students were able to socialize and communicate with each other. 9 ,1 Ms. Mclntire looks bewildered as she plans th ' e upcoming events for Youth Arc. Youth Arc And VICA From PicTures To Pedals One of The new clubs on campus This year was The Bicycle Club. To join The club, one musT have his or her own Ten-speed bicycle which is used To go on 25-30 mile bike rides every five weeks. The Twen- Ty members sTrove To promoTe safe bike Touring, and hoped To reach Their goal, which was To go on a Two-day Tour of approxi- maTely 450-200 miles. "PhoTographers are special peo- ple," said Ms. Panaro. The Click Club Tried To prove This by provid- ing a slide show abouT The club in May. To be a parT of This club all one had To do was have an inTer- esT in phoTography. The club's goal was To promoTe phoTogra- phy on campus, and by doing so, The Click Club hoped iT would be The besT and mosT creaTive club on campus. The club held many fund raising evenTs, The profiTs from which They would use on The darkroom. Some of These evenTs included delivery message grams for all holidays, Taking old-fa- shioned phoTographs aT The Sen- ior Fair and selling posTcards aT The "CelebraTe YouTh" Fair. All-in- all, The Click Club proved Their poinT abouT being special peo- L Q . 4 -L K . nf 9 W. an Er .ui g R' An I' an 5 . v ' 5,35 :K S' 'S 0 AU r g T 1 T ,Vg u avg, TW 'li . M 24. .Q Y 'ln 1 K s I' . ,wi li fs?-lil , l5'3',s Bicycle Club: FirsT Row: Laura Prech, Holly Keehr, Mark Kerrigan, Susan Trussell. Second Row: Chris CurTis, Julian Sakmar, STan ChrisTen, Bill Jeweh, Todd GaTrel. Third Row: Jeff Comparian fPresidenTQ, Mike OrcuTT Qvice Presidemj, KeiTh Canham fSponso0, Jeff PeTTy, Jim JacqueTTe. Chris LindseTTa. ple. 19 K K' 'i's..Ll-if s Click Club CpicTured from lefT To righTj: FirsT Row: STan ChrisTen. Second Row: KaThryn Evans, Sandy Flowers CSecreTaryj, Mary AuTrey, Paul ChiTen, Ms. Panaro CNurse RacheTT and Sponsorj, Jeff Lamorl, Phil Blahak, Lane Alexander, Carry Jones. Third Row: Cindy McFarland, Holly Williams, Mike Edison, Kim Curry fPresidenTj, Audrey Cunningham, Donna Nunez. Ted CoTe, Ken Morlenson, Lori HousTon. Susan Trussel fVice PresidenTj. ' Bicycle and Click Clubs Experiencing Slopes And Sprints Track Club: Front Row: Cyndy Gomez, Pot Schroeder, Mary Cosgrove, Audrey Busfield, Leasa Saxon, Joni Freemole, Kathy Elliot, Martha Noderer, Kim Kessler, Lisa Gray, Maria Trujillo, Back Row: Kathy Anderson, Sherri Doorbar, Laura Kleinman, Susie Johann, Lori Houston, Audrey Cunningham, Mary Autrey, Coach Armenta, Donna Singleton. Ski 8a Outing, pictured from left to right. First Row: Ty Alexander, Dan Lee, Cindy McFarland, Andy Castillo, Kerry Lee, Mike Bryant, Kathy Anderson, Jacqueline Van Norman, Cynthia Doherty, Evangeline Bargas, Jeannie Abele, Stephanie Perrault, Stacy Oakes, Tracey Alex- ander, Susie Nowak, Second Row: Doug Brimhall, Jim Flake, Scott Belnap, Ken Mortenson, Susan Purdom, Miriam Heap, Lisa Leek, Nina Butler, Kelly Beckstead, Tom Wynn, Jean Killy, Greg Lambright, Third Row: Greg Berft, Jay Guest, Moses Pineda, Roger Martin, Kevin Van Norman. Darrin Olsen, Orville Bean, Debbie Larsen, Michael Mills, Casey McDermieson, Kevin Senn, Andy Kunasek, Fifth Row: Marcia Standage, Mike Orcutt, Eric Green, Bob Pothier, Tom Lazono, Scott Mara, Pat Tropio, Lisa Bentley, Mike Rosati. Ski 84 Outing-Track Clubs Keeping Up Cn The Year The members of LaVisTa sTaff were very dedicaTed To produc- ing an eye-pleasing annual. The sTaff Took a loT of Time and hard- earned efforT To puT TogeTher This yearbook. They puT in approxi- maTely six Thousand hours of work: if The sTaff were geTTing paid minimum wage for Their ef- forTs, They would be 849,500 richer. They also co-sponsored a very successful Sadie Hawkins dance. For The firsf Time in This school's hisTory, The book will con- Tain a supplemenf ThaT is de- signed To cover all of The spring evenTs. is . f -. NA. While Typing a capTion for The faculTy secTion, Kim Dana makes a misTake and finds iT amusing. , .AS N if T vt' AfTer The compleTion of our biggesT deadline new advisor Debbie Hale askes, "And jusT whaT am I supposed To do nexT?" ' K I -'wfprgvfflfis U as s il., Q., 'iii-5, i f ' he ,v W Adrienne Gonzalez CYearbook Edifory looks very relaxed as she makes a final check of The layoufs before she sends Them in To The company. SiTTing: Clubs Ed. Melanie LlenTz. Copy Ed. Cindy Suladie, AcTiviTies Ed. Suzi Shaw, Yearbook Ed. Adrienne Gonzalez. SporTs Ed. AnneTTe Boragina, FaculTy Ed. Jolene PickeTT, Senior Ed. Pam lvlclnTosh. Kneel- ing: BeTh Rogers, Karen Cronk, Lisa Tyler, Kim Mumford, Bill ZinT, Tom J ' LCJViSTCJ 1 .Ax Vensor, Phofo Ed. STeve Bruneau, Jeff LaMorTe. Kim Curry, Under- class Ed. Kim Renoll. Sfanding: Cindy DoherTy, Kim Dana, Renee RiTchie, Donna SingleTon, LayouT Ed. Max Cox. Rhonda FornwalT. Brenda Clark, Sherri Doorbar. The Viewpoint staff was de- signed to keep The student body well informed about school events and To prove articles that students in which would be inter- ested. The newspaper reported on many unusual articles, from cruising Main To having pop lea- galized in schools. Some money The News making activities included The selling of carnations for Home- coming, bakesales, and co-spon- soring the Sadie Hawkins Dance, ln order to have become a View- point staffer, one must had Taken Journalism l, and accepted many responsibilities. , f ,A f va I x X 1 4- 4 Y' 'J' MTU if .ix Evelyn Smith and Lori Bowman are happily celebrating The fact that They have just completed another deadline. Both members worked very hard to make The many dead- lines. Bottom row: Scott Newendyke, Denny Shrader. Jeff Wiley, Maureen Kirk, Jim Carras, Mark Zawacki, David Leslie. Top row: Lisa lvlauzy, Julie Herd, Gail Williams, Sponsor Susan Dawson, Evelyn Smith, Lori Bowman, Jana Tiffany. Ewff F K ig, ,sa ff in --wif Q, , .. W, . Gail Williams exhibits into deep Thought about an article for the newspaper. David Leslie, is busy at work mixing chemicals in The darkroom. vmwpdm STudenT Council SeTs Cools - Senior Cldss PresidenT Cindy McForIond fin- ishes up some Iosf minuTe business. 5 Connie Frazier, Sfudenf Body Vice Presidenf, presenfs on ided To The council. STudenT Council WhoT, exocTly, does o STudenT Council do? This group, which con- sisTs of fifTeen sTudenTs from dll Three grode levels, ond sponsor Down Lemke, is o hord working ond busy club. STudenT Council is one of The few clubs ThoT hos o closs period everydoy for Their meeTing. During This hour, The council hondles The plonning of oll school ocTiviTies, The possing orde- clining of money ond ocTiviTy re- quesTs, ond The moking of ci beTTer school. During The yeor, The council sponsored mony school ond com- muniTy relofed ocTiviTies. Home- coming flodfs, Chrismos windows, ond closs movies were jusT o few, hondled by closs officers. The STu- denTs Council held o Porenf Ddnce The funds from which were puT inTo o finonciol did progrom To help sTu- denTs wiTh finonciol difficulTies. The council olso sponsored o needy fomily oT Chrisfmos, by helping wiTh food, cloThes, ond ofher holidoy needs. The members were chosen by The sTudenT body. Eoch closs voTed for iTs own closs officers, ond every sTudenT voTed for The sTudenT body officers. ,ivf x 1 ,,. in K 1- K ,su - .gk 5 . .T A 4 x A 94 , . g 4 l . .. ifgmbeat K.-'5 'K , l . ., - Al' , . :S 5' . , . . 9 fi i A nv' 1 Q we fs. s. - Troy l-loTch CJr. Closs Pres.j, POT Tropio CSoph. Closs Vice Presj, ond GreTchen G-osswinf QPubIic l'2eloTionsj Toke Time ouT from The council meeTing To oTTend To Their individual dufies. 1. .. ,C i ,.w,5.:, t ' W Qi fw- ..,,ff ,, in :ws -17, .-ig . M i t ws ,,,, ,A ,ei gg. 1 is N flwrw " L . i .. x ..v. ' 3 1 V LJ-E ww f if i an " X A hi wg? ., Qi 6 ia' , 2 3 ' G' 'xl ti ,Ef f A - Q if - iwsisi--if em - V r 1 tg, wt air. ' "' will ' ' +744 wg t i i . i A' 'Q' i it . it -2 J1gfLxxu."?.,gY5n'F i, wx' gn, 1" FTE-M MJ' may 1: , ,, .,r.,, ,in N i, LM.. M 'I it i "g.1QQfgQf?3 , .33 :ig fir ,N AJ X M' 'A-' -' 4: . ,Wa u .W -.:, B- i iiinliit M' iifzffinwwai 11, Q 'i W 1 W f' pigfiiiiw i'fM,ti:3 ' 'ull' 5:95 I 3 1 ',11EEz"L Si' f , fisigfm ' " 'S'f?afiff-, ' 1 ' " , WW?ii3xr'isii'LIe'i2 -' it ifiiii' iifigi7F'H:1a23fma, 1 ir iz Qui. - -'--" 4 ff:-5 ffj A, ML L. Student Body Officers-Standing: Treasurer Tom Turley, Public Relations Gretchen C-asswint, Traditions Commissioner Doug Brimhall Secretary Snerri Zuniga. Miaale row: Inter-Club Council Susan Purdom, President Grant Lyon, Athletic Director Marian Heap. Front sitting Vice-President Connie Frazier. , 153252 DECA, which sfands for Dis- fribufive Educafion Clubs of America, is a club for sfu- denfs inferesled in careers in managemenf, markefing, or merchandising. This club has been a very acfive chapfer since The beginning of The markefing and disfri- bufive educafion. Some of Their acfivifies in- cluded parficibafing in a Leadership Developmenf Conference in Phoenix: Re- gional Compefifion af Tri- Cify Mall: Sfaie Compefifion in Anaheim, California: and a Regional Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Siudenfs compefed in dif- ferenf career areas, such as general merchandising, ad- verfising, and apparrel. Managing And Markeiing Top row: Ed Bufford QSponsorj, Joe Wesolowski. Second row: Cheryl Bufler, Renee Siapley, Julie Wilson, Cathy Kirch, Darin Brahm. Third row: Tina Bribiescas, Syndee Orcuff, Mark lmrich, Scoff Swanson, Ray Evans, Eourlh row: Yvonne I-lughey. Fiffh row: Carrie Colby, Aleia Smiih, Kalhy Pueblo, Darrell Goudeau, Theresa Frlas, Monica Martinez. Sixfh row: Barb Taylor, Char- lofle Golden, Lori Wilcufl, Siacy Somody, Re- becca Vensor, Lorella Cline, Suzy Zollinger, June Brown, Kalie Pena, Bofiom row: Lori Samaniego. ' V , 'Qi' Top row: Darin Brahm, Chris Smigel, Miich Pauly, Tony Urrea, Joe Wesolowski, Leo Pueblo, Jeff Rogef, Jim McNulfy, Toni Armenia, Renee Sfapley, Suzy Zollinger, Sfacy Somody, Norman Bufler, Vickie Jones, Lorella Cline. Second row: Carrie Colby, Alefa Smllh, Laura Landrifh, Rebecca Vensor, Barb Taylor, Maria Sanchez, Dana Shinn. Jon Freemole, Vonnie Hoffman, Taunia LeClair, June Welshenbaugh, Anna Balderrama, Monica Marfinez, Third row: Ed Bufford QSponsorj, DECA Carol Malloy, Julie Broadsfon, Denise McDavid, June Brown, Cheryl Bufler, Cafhy Kirch, Barb Gels, Tina Bribiescas, Theresa Eberf, Shan- non McCleary, Cheryl Nybo, Margie Twyford, Shari Hughes. Boffom row: Pam G-raville, Jackie Wendf, Renee Rifchie, Pele Danforlh, Charloffe Golden, Lori Wilcuff, Darrell Goudeau, Lori Samaniego. Julie Wilson, Syndee Orcuil, Theresa Frlas, Katie Pena, Cathy Pueblo, Yvonne Hughey, Scoli Swanson Thinkers And Doers Top Row: Maria Solano, Linda Mize, Jana Hudlin, Duane Mauldin, John Osife, Aaron Jones, Sue Spencer, Maggie Disbrow, Denise Dillon. Middle Row: Judy Phillips, Carmaleta Albertson. Saundie Staddon, Terri DeRoy. Sherrie Westberg, Stacy Bolar, Lisa Watkins, Kathy Elkins, June McFadden, Lisa Silvestri, Sherri Wager. Front Row: Mrs. Kish QSponsorj, Terri DeRosa. Brenda Brocat, Tracy Irwin, Ximena Eche- verria, Gloria Gomez, Rosabla Gutierrez, Trudie Marshall, Christine Kernagis. Front: Ms. Joyce Hogan, Mrs. Amy Hull, Row 2: Chris Theil CSL Repj, Suzi Shaw V.P.j. Suzie Newland QJr, l?ep.j, Tony Kasprzyk CSec.j, Amy Haslip QPres.Q, Laurie Mayhew Greasy, Theresa Salza QHist.j. Row 3: Timo Hansen, David Johnson, Roger Moffat, Craig Lumoblum, Darren Olsen, Debbie Larsen, Beth Hale, Julie Benzer, Troy Al- bright. Row A: Edith Durney, Lisa Miller, Julie Herd, Janel Wade, Kim Hillger. Becky Hale. Susan Purdom, Athena Trekas, Steve Wilson, Bruce Hatin. Row 5: Tracey Alexander, Suzie Smith, Pam Harmon, Suzy Blackhurst, Pam Milstone. Kim Bolin. Kevin Smith, Marion Hapkins, Tim Parson. Row 6: Quincy Gunderson. Jeanette Abele, Lena Ferreira, Vicki Ward, Dani Simpson, Stan Christenson, Marc GieBels. Terry Coovert, Ken Craig, Suzanne Henderson. Have you ever wondered what C.O.E. means? Just ask any member and they'll enthusiastically reply that it means Cooper- ative Office Education. The following are the club officers: President: Terri DeRosa: Vice President: Duane Mauldin: Treasurer, Stacey Bolar: and Secretary, Sheri West- berg. The club's fund raising activities includ- ed selling pretzels, M8cM, Reeses Peanutbut- ter Cups, and on November eighth C.O.E. sponsored a Bike-a-thon. National Honor Society is a group of people who have and maintain a 4.5 or better grade average. The N.H.S. sponsors the Christmas Dance and plays an active role in the school and the community. This year they sold concessions in the stands during football games. They also did volunteer work such as aiding the elderly and at the mental health hospital. This year's goal was to get more of the members involved. An enthusiastic National Honor Society member. Tracy Alexander, also a Cheerleader, shows her spirit, I Making sure that he and his partner are doing the same dance, Steve Wilson boogies to the beat. N.H.S. C.O.E. More Than JusT Yelling The cheerleaders did a IoT more Than jusT cheer enThusiasTically. They seT cerTain goals for Them- selves, which included geTTing more people involved in school acTiviTies and raising spiriT. BuT Their goals also exTended ouTside of The school boundaries. The cheer squads worked wiTh pa- TienTs aT a nursing home and sup- porTed The UniTed Way. They also helped wiTh The Mayor's YouTh CommiTTee YouTh Fair and marched in The MiniaTure Parade. Closer To home, The cheerleaders sponsored a parenT nighT for The fooTball and baskeTball players, and supporTed girls aThleTics. The VarsiTy cheerleaders, spon- sored by Ms. Gail Gibson, aTTend- ed Cheer Camp This pasT summer and received a superior raTing. The VarsiTy squad has excelled in all areas of cheerleading. BoTh The Junior VarsiTy and VarsiTy squads have achieved Their goals and managed To increase sTu- denT's school pride and spiriT. 'si The 1980-84 Junior VarsiTy Cheerleading Squad: BoTTom: Shelly Nicks. Middle: Charlene Rangel Michelle PaTrick. Kamina Cook, Sarah OrTega, PaT Morales, Susan Johnson. Top: Tina Kemp Camille l-larris, Janell Hyslope. NoT picTured: Sponsor Gail Gibson. 4980-81 VarsiTy Cheerleading Squad: FirsT Row: Dina Darger, Maxine Kerri Lee CCapTainj, Tracey Alexander. Third Row: Mike Mills. Brendon Dressler, Susan Brown qCo-CapTainj Tina Tidwell, Second Row: Suzie Case, Shanell MclnTyre, Jeff RogeT, ScoTT Belnap. NoT picTured: SmiTh, Holly Frazier. Kristy Wheeler, Jackie VanNorman, Pam Harman. Sponsor Gail Gibson. Cheerleaders l Could Hove Donoed All Year! Bottom row: Debbie Northey, Lisa Leek, Row Two: Tammy Potter, Shanna Good- man, JoD Hebdon, Sonja Christensen, Kim Benson Qfootball captainj, Kathy Parker ffootball captainj, Twila Norton, Jenny Jackson. Row three: Michelle Turley, Becky Warner, Suzie Novak, Row four: Kari Bisbee, Renae Roberts. Top row: Lisa Leonard. Not pictured, Kim Hubbard QSponsorj. J. What is a Madrilena? Madrilenas could be defined as a group of sixteen enthusiastic girls. This group consists often seniors and six juniors. They started Their careers in January, 4080, with many long hours of practice. As the summer came around, each of these girls attended a five day pom camp in Ma- libu, California. By the Time football season came, each of These girls showed perfec- tion in Their performances. The pom line also shows pride and spirit in pep assemblies. basketball games, and parades. There is a lot of Time, effort, and money involved in being a Madrilena. One of The pommies guoted, "lt's alot of hard work, but iT's worth I ,, Dance Club had a successful year with The help of Their new dance instructor Amelia Zlamal. They performed in many different places such as Whitman Elementary School, The Youth Festival, The ASU Dance Sympo- sium, and at Poston and Fremont Jr. High Schools. They attended various dance per- formances and workshops in order to make a better club. This club takes a lot of time, practice, and great Team work. They did many different and unusual Types of danc- ing, from ballet to jazz and rocking out. This year was a really great year and The Dance Club hopes to have more like it. Top Row: Ms. Zlamal CSponsorj, Karen Kelly, LuAnne Barney, Lisa Leonard, Renee Ritchie, Cheryl Shwabeck, Steph Martin, Traci Beert. Karol Spangler, LaVerdo Smith, Julie Larson, Lisa Hague, Val Adding- ton, Andrea Mortensen, Dawn Smith, Lisa Benka. Middle Row: Chris Stewart. Julie Haarmann, Julie Nickell, Brenda Clark, Marnie Allen, Terrie Hill, Patty Brenn, Tracy Stewart, Michelle Layton, Tina Rhein. Tracy Challis, Heather White, Dianne Calderone, Cindy Morales. Carrie Schuh, Pam G-raville, Jody Brenn. Bottom Row: Kelley Harmon, Pat Sanchez, Cindi Williams, Susan Bobbe, Carla Meyer, Karin Higgins, Felicita Nakai, Donna Rapier, Lisa Redondo, Penny Casner, Chris Nelson, Lisa Spurling, Kris Seely, and Marcia Markovic. Pom-Dance IT Takes Time! "This group could be The best ever, if They work To Their full poTenTial," said Mr. Rader earlier This year. They had many outsTanding leaders in The orchestra, which were a big contribution To The capability of The group. PosiTive aTTiTudes are a must in a large group such as This, which consists of eighty-eight members, most of which were strings. The members were auditioned by Mr. Rader firsT before enTering The orchestra. Three festivals and an in-sTaTe Tour were just a few of The activities in which They parTicipaTed. Pop music was one of The main Types of music played at The festivals, which were used To build playing skills for state contests. All in all, This was a very productive year for orchestra. s- -P . : .., . ,LE .T r. 'UF ' Umm-rv l During a daily session, the French horn section join together in practic- ing Their repertoire of holiday tunes. Orchestra Above: Jay Layton carefully reads his music, while plucking away at his base during a practice. Below: With a look of determina- tion. Rick Monson practices for an upcoming performance. First Row, from left to right: Debbie Northey, Elizabeth Brown, Judy Reheis, Kari Bisbee, Stephanie Lizette, Ellen White, Andrea Whitehead, Second row: Becky Oelke, Sherri Clarckson, Hiedi Kulp, Susie Nowak, Benito Miculs, Brenda Davis, Third row: Jeff Cassaday. Steve Brandner, Arlene Ash, Dianne Hossack, Rick Maggs, Dick Rader QSponsorj. H iam First row: Judi Reheis, Kari Bisbee, Wendy Weight. Second row: Mark Northey. Third row: Michelle Call, Benita Miculs, Jeff Cassaday, Miriam Heap, Becky Oelke, Kim Harker. Playing together in unison are Rhonda Fornwalt, Liz Noe, and Holly Williams. Practicing her cello while participating in group session is Dianne Hossack. Orchestra 1 v 5 f ' Vw W0fLiv"Q:5ffCM3a ' pgqj pvgf up wikis ' if-B , - . V , xy 'X""PFf'fL3 'iffy L,-ivy KEEQ4 K L LJQ 1 rv- 1' . , ' U 'uf' 12.3.35 V, 123'-J ,, ' . ? Q '1'Ni 'x4Qa1s.'ff,W- Ufigfxx, f,g,., 5f,5-gg' Qv "" J A., , ff- 1 M .Qs U, , f..1 M., 'VM' ' Xia . V PM f1,?xgg,3g5Q, g,g 5,,fy 535 H551 fl ?1 w fifkxii.-F' kj'M..,:C5f,C11-.Al Yi 1 '.,,g.Vx X. ,,-VA. A N. b A .kv-,BTINHI ji-as -xn,i,xA,,mtlQli 'fiksx ,yi ILA X Aw.-. X 0-vii, 1 fx ,Ur X! Nt'-L4 I itmgu-V,1iN,'i,W, '-- 3 1 l' Orchestra Debbie Northey, Nancy Brewer, Betsy Cluff, Kim McGinis. Maria Towser. Norihey, Brandon Nicoils, Doug Crandall, John Schuliz, Mark Parker, Kevin b Campbeli, Joe Lloyd Qflonduciory, Dan Jay Layion, Mark Tucker, Arlene Ashe, Pai Tropio, Seventh row' Dick Raaer , qConauc1ory, Gene McDaniel, Brice Buage Brananer, Jim Johnson. Chris Linseih. i i I I i E i i 5 i i G c 1 -he M's . ..pmi': ii V ntwfbwerv Wmiiw' ffaff if 3' iff' A ri? W ' 7 "f i i Q J 'ri fi A 'Wm ,JS Ui 1- .. -f M il' wi y Q- ' Q 18- ' V QL i WM i fffllmifvi 3- X ' Wi i'V'rz-,.-f ' -iQ 1,4 ii . , .K Q LQ, -f V 'Fa' 7 h I L X gl, if -P Uglif yu ' :M ,4-,fx .,, ' lv A ,', lui ,' :W 'fx Q fi' iA.W 'f lx I, - ' y ff' ' Vg' 4.1 H pi, ' ...W 1 I. vi' h - 5 O-A !' '- 15 -WMXQALA l""""""""" W"""W . ' ,i 4' ff V 1' Vg .. UW . , Wi , .jggi,.Wi,i ii M... .. STriving For Excellence Two of The most important goals for The Toro band was To strive for excellence and stress Toro pride. The band did so by recieving a superi- or raTing at The A.S.U. Band Ddy FesTival. They ex- pressed Their "Toro pride" by performing aT all pep as- semblies and football games. Other perfor- mances included The Veter- ans parade and The Phoenix Rodeo parade. The size of The band increased This yeor over previous years. IT now consists of a hundred and forty-Three members, in- cluding Las Bandoros flag Twirlersj, Three majore Tes, and The Madrilend pom line. The band, under The direc- Tion of Mr. Joe Lloyd, had ggggg gg excelled in all areas of First row: Shari Harrell CPresidenTj, Cheri Hewitt QSecreTaryj, Holly Williams Ureasurerj, Liz Noe fSenior Rep.j, Second row: Steve Hackworth QSenior Repj, Troy Albright CDrum Majorj, Steve Wilson Cvice- . 41 ' l ...-...L marching and performing. All in dll, iT was a very suc- cessful yeor for The band' Presb, Roberf Russell QSophomore Rep.j, Nathan Sheets fSophomore Repj, Larry Harrell qJunior Rep.j, Brandon Nichols CJunior Rep.j. l .g ... ,, L li' I......,,., I QQ.- NQUHUAIII VTEW . .. ,-.mummy First row: Joe Lloyd Qconductorj, Brenda Clark QMaiorettej, Troy Albright QDrum Majarj, Kara Frankhouser fMajorettej. Ellen White fMoloretterJ, Dick Rader QConducTorj. Second row: Denise Herron, Lynette Fischer, Cindy Fenning, Rae Jean Bradshaw, Shield Voth, Shari Harrell, Kim Brown, Shannon Atwell, Rene Taylor, Mary Ellington, Bonnie Pinkerton, Brenda Walbrun. Kathy Brown, Melanie LlenTz, Stacey Powell, Laura Schwann, Laura Precfall, Sonia Butterfield. Third raw: Steve Snodgrass, Carol Bladsley. Liz Noe, Shelley Hartley. Linda Klienman, Leslie Bowman. Kim Curry, Rhonda Fornwalt. Cheri Hewitt, Diane Norton, Paul Dougherty, Tinia Robedeau, Seth Levine. Tanya Wix, Lorl Bowman, Carmen Gulley, Ron Hebert, Holly Williams, Kris Stanley. Fourth row: Evelyn Smith, JoEllen Turley, Anne Bennett. Sharon Flynn, Tracy Kimball, Mark Kerrigan, Berwyn Wilbrink, John Snodgrass, Jim McDonald, Steve Wilson, Kevin Casavaugh, Terry Dunshle, Cheryl Willlams, Roger Henry, Jack Archer, Chris Hull, Tom Schultz, Dwane Newbold. Fifth row: Mark Chanbeton, Joe Dani, Elena Martin, Margaret Purdom, John North, Chad Bassett, Lynn Shape, Joe Dani, Rick Monson, Tony Wende, Steve Hackworth, Phil McLaughlin, Mark Zlemer, Todd Metzger, Mike Decker, Aaron Vaughn, Robert Russell, Steve Melley. Brandy Gunderson. Sixth row: Darrin Mauldln, Lisa Black, Sally Hewitt, Tari Kreamier, Sheryl Ziegler, Bill Arnett, Brandon Nicolls, Mike Mumford, Troy Darry, Mike Splelman. Seventh row: Jeff Lloyd, Sieve Brandner, Tom Post, Gene McDaniel, Tom Tucker, Bryce Budge, Janet Gross, Jim Johnson, Tod Preuss, Chris Llnseth. Dan DeGracle, Eighth row: John Schultz, Mark Parker, Rodney Young, Tim Smith, Paul Robedeau, Betsy Gann, Darrell Franklin, Eric Greene, Craig Deveaux, Nathon Sheets, Doug Crandall. Ninth row: Larry Harrell, Steve Robertson, Doug Skabeland. Marc Hudson. Dan Briggs, John Howard, Brlan Tennant, Kevin Campbell. Tenth row: Susan Trusell, Melanie Hymore. Kim Mumford, Kim Renoll, Connie Garcia, Lyn Crank, Kathy Evans, Stacey Sklles. Julie Hawtree, Sue Stahl, Shelley Mathews, Wendy Hon, Gloria Roosen, Kris Larson, Sue Gray, Kim Lawson. Toro Band The MaT Maids, led by sponsor Tina Myers, had a busy year supporTing boTh The J.V. and VarsiTy WresTling Teams. These 40 girls, whose job iT was To assisT in Timing of The maTch- es, scoring, and oTher Things, also helped wiTh The publiciTy side of WresTling. They needed cerTain qualificaTions including learning ref- eree signals, rules and regulaTions. Timing and officiaTing proceedures and mainTaining a 3.0 grade over- age. The MaT Maids were kepT quiTe busy. The WresTling Cheerleaders are ex- acTly whaT Their name suggesTs. They were responsible for a number of Things This year. "The cheer- leaders' main purpose is To make wresTIing a more known and popu- lar sporT," sold sponsor Tina Myers. To be chosen as a WresTIing Cheer- leader, The girls had To show The qualiTies of enThusiasm. These girls musT aTTend all wresTling meeTs, and mainTain a 3.0 grade average. Their spiriT and enThusiasm have in- creased wresTling's populariTy. fi-1'-',i.-31 ii,yW,A ' MaT Maids, picTured above from lefT To righT. FirsT Row: Barbara Collins, Hope I?ooT, Kim AyoTTe. Second Row: Michelle Buse, GeorgeTT Jackson, Gladys Collins, Kim Kruck, Third Row: Julie Haarmann. The MaT Maids consisTs of Ten enThusiasTic members. Not picfured is sponsor Tina Myers. WresTling Cheerleaders, piciured above from lefT To righT. FirsT Row: Laurinda Kirsch, Maria Solano, Second Row: Pam Wade Julie Nickel! Jane Murray, Sheryl Weisenburger, Jennifer WaTkins, Tina Rein, Cindy Morales, Third Row: Shawna Chesser. , MaT Maids-Wrestling Cheer Encore was auiTe busy This year as They sang Their way from place To place. Being on Tour as much as They were, The group became close in many ways. The group was made up of Senior guys and girls who noT only have To sing buT musT also be able To dance. This group, under The di- recTion of Mr. Dave Evans, is The mosT choreographed choir in The school. Some of The evenTs The group parTicipaTed in were The Madrigal Dinner and The Madrigal lnviTa- Tional aT NorThern Arizona Univer- siTy. They were insTrucTed by clini- cians Paul Salumunovich and Dr. Charles HirT. The group was also honored wiTh an inviTaTion To per- form aT The Arizona Alliance for The ArTs aT Tucson. AnoTher of Their performances was aT The MounTain STaTes FesTival. Many of The members sang aT The All- STaTe Choir audiTions, Too. Encore will, no doubT, conTinue To be a highly respecTed choir. Say IT WiTh. Encore member Brendan Case geTs caughT Michelle Turley concenTraTes on The move- menis To a new dance during Encore. in The middle of a long noTe while pracTicing. L rj. 41 ...Q Encore Choir: FirsT Row: Becky Werner, Casey McDermiT, STephanie Hale, Mike Mills, Paula O'Dell, John MiddleTon, Marci Glauser, Debbie Buckley, Greg Lambrighi, Lisa Harris, Marc Weinberg, Roger Moffai, Larson, Jim Flake, Lori Sweeny, Third Row: Brendan Case, Cindy Suzy BlackhursT, Susie Johann, Robbie Bryan. Second Row: Becky Walker, Mark Tucker, Michelle Turley, Mr. Dave Evans, ScoTT Belnap. Choir A Song Taking Turns singing and sharing The music are PaT MasTalTz and James BuTIer. Los CanTanTes, The largesT mixed choir in The school, has had a suc- cessful year. The choir, which consisTs of juniors and seniors, is under The direcTion of Mr. Dave Perry. This group is of The finesT qualiTy, since each and every one of The members was audi- Tioned lasT spring. Los CanTanTes, which is a Touring choir, visiTed many differenT areas across The sToTe, some of which included Tucson, Bisbee, and The STaTe CapiTal aT ChrisT- mas. The group also parTicipaTed in The ChrisTmas and MounTain STaTes Fesiivals. Many of The group's members also Try ouT indi- vidually and make The All-STaTe Choir. Mr. Perry, who has been Teaching for quiTe some years, feels This is one of The finesT groups he has ever had The privilege of dlrecT- ing, and he hopes ThaT choirs of The fuTure will be able To maTch Paula O'Dell, John MiddleTon, Mike Mills and Michelle Turley pracTice a new song. The qualiTy of This one. Los CanTanTes: Row 'l: Michelle Turley, Suzy BlackhursT, Paul Robi- deau, Sharon Robinson, Tracey SingleTon, Becky Hale, Seth Levine, Sherri Millet, Cindy Walker, Connie Frazier, Richard Vranas, Donna Johnson, Debbie Larson. Row 2: Tanya Kluck, Mike Spialman, Becky Oelke, RoberT Rinck, Lisa Gomez, Mike Mills, Lisa Harris, Brendon Case, Renee Richards, Doug Skabelund, PoT Schroeder. Donald Ray, Carol Johnson. Daryl Johnson, Lena Ferreira. STephanie Buckley. Row 3: Mr. Dave Perry, Kari Bisbee, Melinda Ogden. Todd King, Leonna Bendure, Janel Wade, Tom TippeTs, Diana Moon, Robbie Bryan. Jamie Cluff, David Wilhelm, Paula Mortenson. Jeff Cox, Marci Glauser, Casey McDermiT, Karen Daly, Dianne l-lossack. Mike Buze- kom, Lisa KenT. Choir K OX gf HN, XWK ,X Xa C if J l, K1 CulTural T'Making a difference around The world" was The moTTo of The A.F.S. Club. They made The difference by promoTing undersTanding beTween various counTries. They raised aT IeasT Three Thousand dollars, To send a MT. View sTudenT on a foreign ex- change Tour and To bring foreign exchange sTudenTs To MT. View. They shared wiTh The exchange sTu- denTs aT MT. View, our knowledge of life in Arizona and The U.S. Parenfs were much more involved This year, and new AdulT ChapTer Pres. Bar- bara Herd was no excepTion. The Indian Club fulfilled iTs goals This year by providing recreaTionaI, edu- caTional acTiviTies for Those inTeresT- ed in Indian culTure. The club also heighTened The sTudenT body's awareness of Indian TradiTions and cuITure. The membership of The Indi- an Club increased during This sec- ond year of exlsTence. Members were able To conducT many suc- cessful frybread sales and parTici- paTe in social and aThIeTic acTiviTies wiTh The Indian Clubs from The oTher Two high schools. Field Trips and guesT speakers were also on The program during The year. TradiTions PromoTed This years indian Club consisTed of TwenTy-five members. Which are picTured below from lefT To righT. Firsf Row: Maddeline Nelson, Anna QuoTskuyva, Edwin Claverf, FeliciTa Nakai. Bernice Keifh. Second Row, from lefT To righT: Paul Andrews, CaThy Andrews, Sopo Blake- day, Doug Norris, Kimberly Williams, Maralyn Benally, Karen Jones, Third Row from lefT To righT: Sheryl Ransom, Liland QuoTskuyva, Norrine Thornhill QSponsorj, Lauren Jardine fSpon- sorj, Ted Kelsey, Mary ShopTeese, Dawn Hero, Jeff Jones, Tami Manuel, James Osife, Darryl PaTTea, STeven PaTTea, Rubin Washingfon, Rosilyn WhiTesheep are noT picTured. FirsT Row: Sfephanie AdrakTas fHisTorianj, Kim Hubbard QSponsorj, Hakan AlTinel QForeign exchange sTudenTj, Julie Herd fPresidenTj, Suzie Newland QSecreTaryfTreasurery, Cindy McFarland QVice-PresidenTQ, Second Row: Susan Purdom, Debbie Mehan, Sandy Kerley, AThena Trekas, Sylvia Kasprzyk, Maryann RoberTi, Kris Swenson, Jackie Brandon, Third Row: KaThleen Murphy, Rene Lopez, BrigeTTe Schneider, David O'MaIley, Karol Spangler, Robin Bredshall, Marcia Bell. CynThia Brunner, KaThleen GeisheimeT. and Janel Wade noT picTured. indian Club-A.F.S, The Foreign Language Club has changed very much: The club now consisTs of Three languages-Spanish, French, and German. The purpose of The club is To Teach The culTure of The languages, an imporTanT facTor i slighTed in class due To a shorTage of Time. To be a member of The club one musT have crediT in one of The Three languages. The group is divid- ed up inTo Three quarTers-Spanish f quarTer, French quarTer, and Ger- . . man auarTer. The Spanish auarTer l had some visiTors from Guaymas, i Mexico, who gave a volunTeer as- sembly in which The dancers per- V' formed for The school. Each mem- ber had a dancer To escorT around T school and spend one day and one a nighT aT his house. None of The l dancers could speak English, There- T fore The members had To TranslaTe in The Spanish language. This was STephanie PerraulT and Jeannie Abele, Two Explaining a lesson To his class is Mr. JUST one Of The m0nY eV9nT5 The members of The Foreign Language Club. KarTchner, Foreign Language Club span- QVOUD DOVHCTDUTGG in dl-Wing The sor, year. v. - If- X FirsT row: Rey KarTchner QSponsorj, Candy Lawson QSecreTaryj, STeve Giese QCouncilj, Tina STarks CCouncilj, Jeanne Evenson CCouncilp, Ken Craig Ureasurerj, Amy Hull fSponsorj, Second row: Shanna Goodman, VicTor Hurier, KaThleen Murphy, Karla Camp, Angel Burger, Mary Hollis. STephanie PerraulT, Sherri Zuniga, Susan Purdon, Kim Benson, Becky Werner, Kim Lawson, Holly Keeher, Missy Pennel, Karen HagerTy, Suzanne Henderson, Veronica Frazier, Jeannie Abele, Theresa ThornTon, Lisa Leek, Susie Nowak, Evangeline Bargas, Audrey Cunningham, Lisa Owsly. Maria Trujillo. Third row: Barb Goodwin, CaThrine Griffin, Penny Carmichael, Laverdo SmiTh, Chris Sweador, Karen Baker, Barbara Lanham. Craig Newendyke, Casey Adams, Mary Lewicki, Tracy Cofoid, Tammy Neiswender, RiTa Walsh, Denise Howe, Richard Stever, Jim Hennessey. Kelley Harmon, Peggie Curd, Dave Merrill, Bill Frierson, FourTh row: Susie Johann, Robyn Morris, Linda Kleinman, Theresa Johnson, Laurie Bilodeau, Michele Vening, Sharon Gulden, Hazel Cambern, Jody Brenn, KaThryn Evans, Julia Pierson, Shauna Snowden, Kim Harker, Lorna Prince, Anne BenneTT, Sharon Flinn, Kelly Haruey, Theresa Salza, FifTh row: Leslie Harris, Liz Brown, Mary Reed, Paula MorTenson, Janel Wade. STephanie Buckley, AnneTTe LunT, Kim McLanes, KaThy Merrill, Leslie Ruby, Bonnie Caroll, Cindi WesTberg, Demaris Dingman, Donna Nunez, PaT Schneder, John Haro, Greg Holman, Trevor Swanson, Tony Williams, Sixth row: MiTch Ramsey, ArT Birchum, Sara Basehore, Bonnie Hedges, Fred Olson, Jackie Brandon, Mark Ziemer, Mike RosaTi, Dan DeGracie, Karrin Kunasek, Susan McKernan, Sylvia Kasprzyk, Cindy Morales, ScoTT Cirone, Garran Soo Hoo, Sieve Gabbell, Jo Ellen Turley, SevenTh row: Mark Ruga, Isabel Alvarado, Karol Spangler, Kevin Senn, Craig Lundblom, Ron Vaughan, Debby Mehan, KaThy Dyches, Leslie Kolhase, Pam MerediTh, Melissa Esmeier, Susan Szarwark, Todd Meizger. Foreign Language As The Year Grew On! . Officers-Front: Mark Braley QJr, Sentineij, Toro, Steve Wyckoff QV- Presj Pat Colby QTreas.j. Middle: Dianne Calderone fPres.j Nancy Widder QJr. Pre-sq, Lindy Micheletti fJr. Reporterj, Lori Delarenzo fSec.j, Sandy Kaufman Ur. Treasg, Top: Shane Atwell Qreporterj, Nathan smim, emo Micheietti, Doon Houghton, Steve vvyokoff, Poi DWG Demcn C5e'Tfi'Te'5' Steve C'0Yd Off T' 90591 Todd DG'T'TO'D CJ'- Colby proudly display our Toro. Vice-Presj Bottom: Steve Wycoff. Second row: Dianne Calderone, Lindy Mi- cheletti, Todd Dalthorp, Steve Cloyd, David Dehaan, Shane Atwell. Sandy Kaufman, Pat Colby, Kevin Lee. Third row: Angie Vujicic, Barbara Foucher, Steve Prather, Tony Robertson, Denise Tanner, J.D. Herderick, Nathan Smith, Lori DeLorenzo. Fourth row: Shannon F.F.A. x . Atwell, Amy Hasiip, Craig Cowan, Ken Tanner, Steve Master, Andy Johnson, Mark Braiey, Nancy Widder, Penny Gee. Top row: Steve Dawson, Cherrie Rails, Mickey Tackett, Tinia Robedeau, Rob Upton, Evelyn Hardin, Brian Beaird, Carla Brubaker, Bruce Watkins QSponsorj, Double CulTure This year's MECHA Club was a revised version of last year's Mexican Club. With a new name and a new sponsor, The club's membership was larger and more active. The group's A5 members, led by sponsors Burdell Moody and Gayle Richards, were much more ac- tive Than in previous years. By involving Themselves in Cinco de Mayo celebra- tions and Taking a Trip To Hermosillo, Mexico, The group grew closer togeth- er. MECHA set certain goals, including Those of promoting friendship and serv- ing Their school and community. Their goals were based on building amiTy and creating cultural awareness. This gas a very productive year for ME- HA. The main purpose of this year's I Figga- cione is to have fun while enriching Their lives by learning to appreciate The cultural arts. To be a member, one must be interested in participating in various cultural activities with people who appreciate The fine arts. I Figga- cione has broadened its depth in membership To include more Than just Those students in The A.P. English classes. The club's plans included aT- tending plays such as A Chorus Line, The Elephant Man, and a visitation To The Phoenix Art Museum. Row 1: Sponsor Burdell Moody and Gayle Richards. Row 2: Gracie Motez, Magdalena Ortiz. Linda Ortiz, Maria Gonzalez, Martin Delgado, Zina Magallanez, George Soto, Lori Saminiago, Row 3: Susan Warren, Karen Lancaster, Lisa Gomez, Gloria Gomez, Mary Lujou, Mary Shopteese, Terry Miranda, Carla Newrock, Kathy Lee, Row A: Veronica Cota, Katie Pena, Monica Martinez, Virginia Cota, Rebecca Vensor, Rosemary Mar- tinez, Anna Balderrama, Leasa Saxon, Row 5: Eric Moreno, Eddie Chavez, Tommy Vensor, Jesse Pena, George Esqueda, Joe Arrieta, Row 6: Mike Espinoza, Ruben Orona, Javier Anaya, Henry Anaya, George lbarra, Raymond Martinez, Row 7: Mike Cervantes, Robert Garcia, Diego Passmore, Michael Scott, Sluggo Warwick, Dan Bolin, John Leivas. Danny Cervantes, Sonny Howard. I Figgacione: First row: Kathy Roskell, Rebecca Hale, Loretta Wende, Kevin Senn Qvice Presidentj, Tony Kasprzyk Ureasurerj, Susan Purdom CPresidentj, Theresa Salza QSecretaryj, Laura Workinger, MariAnne Roberti, Sherri Harrell. Second row: Kim Mumford. Suzi Shaw, Jim Beadle. Jim Flake, Suzy Blackhurst, Brian Cummins, Marc Oxborrow, Roger Moffat, Kathy Dyches, Janel Wade, Stephanie Buckley. Tom Turley, Lori Bowman, Dianne Hossack, Lina Ferreira. Third row: Debbie Larsen, Pamela Milstone, Julie Herd, Joe Coppo. Troy Albright, Doug Lawrence, Debbie Mehan, Jenny Jackson, Kim Bolin, Lisa Kent, Kim Mclnnes, Annette Lunt, Edith Durney, Jeshelle Gibbons, Becky Werner, Laurie Mayhew, Fourth rowi Sponsor Mike Elliott, Kevin Smith, Mark Tucker, Quincy Gunderson, Craig Lundbloom, Chris Hull, Scott Belnap, Rod Palmer, Darrin Olsen, Jim Carras, Marshall Stan, Fred Goodolf, Brendan Case. MECHA 84 l Figgacione Clubs Improvisation Anyone? The Jazz Ensemble consists of '19 outstanding members. Row one: Roger Henry, Jack Archer, Terry Dunshie. JoEIlen Turley, Jim McDonald, Row two: Troy Albright, John Schultz, Doug Crandall, Brandon Nicols, Larry Harrell, Row three: Steve Robertson, Tony Wende, Rick Monson, Phil Mclaughlin, Row four: Steve Brandner, Jeff Lloyd, Bryce Budge, Mark Tucker, and director, Joe Lloyd. Ak X. s, 10" Organist Bryce Budge keeps on playing as he also scrutinlzes the music that he is presently sight-reading. Jazz Band The Jazz Band performed a vari- ety of concerts this year. They held three festival concerts, an out-of-state tour and various ele- mentary and junior high school concerts. The group also played at the 40's and 50's dance for parents. The major goal of Jazz Band was to learn the basics of jazz performance and improvisa- tion.'xX Drummer Jeff Lloyd carefully watches the director, while keeping the beat. Jim McDonald and Terry Dunshie wait patiently for a signal during the rehearsal to begin playing. Music With The MaTadors The desire To learn more about music was what iT Took to be in the Matador Band. The group's basic goal was To become better musicians, while The purpose of The band concentrated on music education. The many perfor- mances of The band helped Them To fulfill Their goals by improving key skills in ,I 7, FA Tuba player Robert Rinck holds on tight during a well needed rest from playing. Ter musicians. individual and group music. Mark Kerrigan, BrenT SooHoo, Sylvia Wilbrink and Lori Biladeau practice earnestly To become bet- Director Joe Lloyd conducts The mem- bers of The Matador Band. KY First row: Penny Curd, Susan Johnson, Shannon Atwell, Vicki Tanner, Cindy Fenning, Marie Petty, Gloria Gonzalez, Susan Currie. Second row: Cathy Canier, Sherry Cavolaski, Charlene Conklin. Terry Rober- son, Carolyn Ritchie, Holly Williams, John Hero. Sally Hewitt, Dawn Greenholtz, Kathy Brown, Wilma Rodriquez, Susie Armstrong. Third row: Lanae Saunders, Kathy Griffin, Theresa ConTreas, Jonita Meade, Heather White, Trish Tebrich, Frederick Osorio, Tammy Staf- ford, Mark Kerrigan, Brent Soohoo, Sylvia Wilbrink, Lori Biladeaue, Kevin Cassavaugh. Fourth row: Chris Walker, Don Marindale, Colon Gibb, Mark Tranter, Kevin Losey, Pat Colby, Tom Ortega, Craig Deveux, David Guthrie, Joe Koehler, Mike Bryson, Nathan Berk, Dar- rell Franklin, Lisa Black, Rhonda Fornwalt, Bob ShuarT, Tom Schultz, Darren Slade, Mary Cosgrove. Fifth row: Mr. Rader, Tom Cole, Sandy Levine, Cass Lientz, David Williams, Jim Sieferth. April Simpson, Lori Wayman, Rosemary McGee, Jay Layton, Greg Smith, Robert Rinck. Mr. Lloyd. Matador Band Music Mokers Show Their Tolent Los Concionistos, o group of forty two junior ond senior girls, presented entertoining ond educotionol con- certs. Representing Mountoin View High School in d positive, musicol monner wos Their bdsic gool during the post yeor. One quolificotion wds necessory to be o member of this group. Ecich girl hod to possess good sight reoding obilities. This choir focused on o more serious mu- highlighted on to Iedrn more sic educotion. They building their desire ond oppreciote the ort of fine mu- sic. Mlrsf' hs- ,fly . . ?'?-.sf While rehearsing o chorus song, Junior Cord Helsing con't help but lciugh ofter hedring someone dround her hit ci wrong note, .ei N' 1: There is nothing like singing o duet, os illustrot- ed by Tereso G-dnser ond Kris Swensen. Los Concionistos Los Concionistos. pictured from left to right. First row: Bev Sheldon, Trocie Keorns, Christinlo Brown, Angel Burger, Connie Gorcio, Shonno G-oodmdn, Koren Cronk, Sondy Kerley, JoD Ann Hebdon, Second row: Lciurindo Kirsch, Lindo Tucker, Robyn Morris, Cdro Helsing, Debbie Dooney, Sherri Mdrtin, Tereso Gdnser, Lduro Spilsbury, Lenore Wendt, Roche! Cdrpenter, Kim Tempel, Morie Bierly, Corleno Krick. Third row: Lisa Higgins, Corol Boyd, Kelly Neil, Susie Johonn, Connie Clorkson, Regino McMinn, Louro Kleinmon, Mcircio Stondoge, Wendy Hon. Stocy Skiles, Jondon Rose, Kris Swenson, Noncy Christensen, Mr. Evcins. Q, xo..q Chorus members Rochel Corpenter, Louro Spilsbury, Mory Hollis ond Louro Kleinmon show concentrotion ond enthusiosm os they sing their fovorite song. Song, Dance, And More ww-rx aa. v . A '69 Q' S 'iw v Miss Chaikens, a sTudenT Teacher, dis- cusses The Techniques of music. As a member of Premiere, Senior KaThy Dyches willingly pufs forfh her abiliTy inTo sing- ing. Premiere, a choir ThaT was made up of 20 junior and senior girls, performed all Types of liTeraTure, including jazz, pop, renaissance and classical. "Premiere is in freauenT demand To perform ThroughouT The communiTy and aT choral fesTivals," said Conducfor Dave Perry. included in This year's perfor- mances were The AMEA ConvenTion in Tucson, The MounTain STaTes FesTival aT Arizona STaTe UniversiTy, and various concerTs on campus ThroughouT The year. AlThough They were busy, The choir grew in Their abilify and close- ness. Premiere has added much per- sonaliTy To MounTain View. A ... Three Juniors sTarT The day off wiTh nice smiles. , f . A s vm, , v -- .X S' ., L :,.,.5.s.:, 'I ggsvggiwkssffvsfftsil L 5 "'.1',y'i -. . ' ., Tfgfs- . K .His f 0 Q iW34?a'.,. i " ' fb fx-4-e ss Premiere-FirsT row: Sandy Sims, Lorrie Bradley, Shanell Mclnfyre, Jamie Cluff, Kafhy Dyches. Second row: Pam Harmon, Mary Delk, Morgen Tryon, Carol Johnson, Donna Johnson, Debbie Mehan. Third row: BeTh l-lale, STacey Oakes, Wendy Weighf, Judi Reheisi, Debbie Phair, Mr. Perry, Mary Reed, Nancy Brewer, Janel Wade, Leslie Kolhase, Adele Nelson. Premiere Singing To Success Los Trovodores is o chorol group consisfing of mole membership only. As d newly orgdnized group This yeor, They gdve on odded dimen- sion To MounToin View's chorol sound. The members puT forTh Their True obilify in order To represenf -The school in o posiTive mdnner. The group's exfrd efforT poid off in Their performdnces. Los Polomifos, on The oTher hdnd, consisTed of sophomore femoles - forTy-five To be exdcf. These girls performed concerT liTeroTure of chorol fesfivdls in The communiTy, os well ds of Mounfoin View. WiTh plen- Ty of Trdining, hdrd work, ond co- operdfion, Los Polomifos proved To become o very successful choir. Los Polomifos performed severol Times wiTh The Nufcrocker Bdllef of The Gommoge Cenfer ond of The Mounfoin STdTes Fesiivol of A.S.U. in The spring. WiTh The help of Mr. Per- ry's leodership The group exponded iTs musicdl dimensions ond hod d very ouisfdnding ond performing , Q .A .. - , ., ..,,-., ,,. l Los Trovodores, picTured leff To righf: Firsf row: Chris CurTis, Kenf Coffee, Mike Coldwell, Richard Seors, Rod Smifh, Sfeve Gobell, Morfin Lombrighf, Rod Johnson, Mork Chorlesfon. Second row: Brenf Holi, Merrill King, Chuck Sondhursf, Ty Legg, Ddvid Winegordner, Shoun year Tippefs, Jeff Cooper, Terry Mills, Mike Speilmon, Mr. Perry. Q Row 4: Deonno Hughleffe, Sheilo Vofh, Julie Nickell, Tino Rhein, Jennifer Buckley, Susie Voughn, Michelle PoTrick, Deone Norfon, Liso Benfley, Shellie Nicks, Kdren Woods, Showno Chesser. Row 2: Renec: Toylor, Morni Allen, Chris Sfeworf, Penny Cosner, Julie Lorson, Troci Beerf, Liso Higgins, Suson Johnson, Kim Wheeler, Showno Skousen, Sfephonie Osborne, JoEllen Turley, Michele Bruce, Shoron Gulden, Alison Clork, Michelle Coll, Mr, Perry, conducfor. Los Trovodores ond Los Polomiios XE Las Mariposas, pictured from left to right, first row: Rhonda Knudson, Carmen Lee, Dawn Marshall, Erica l-lammons, Vickie O'DelI, Kris Seely. Second row: Dawn Fisher, Teri Kreamier, Donna Rapier, Jill Oxborrow, Chris Sweador, Charlene Rangel. Third row: Amanda Baldwin, Lisa Redondo, Lori lvlontierth, Lora Gaddie, Lucy Ashcroft, Shelley Hartley, Theresa Casey, Cynthia Wells, Shellie Mostowski, Janell Hyslope. Fourth row: Tracey Stewart, Dahra Butler, Brenda DePriest, Tammy Richardson, Jorgena Ball, Karol Spangler, Leann Fedorick, Jennifer Richardson, Terri Roberson, Dana Gain, Liz Watkins. Obviously there is doubt and confusion where these students are concerned: nobody said I it would be easy, but really, Teach, can you run that by me one more time . . . real slow? Las lvlarlposas, a newly-created choir, consisted of forty sophomore girls. These girls were auditioned by their performances on a singing solo and their sightreading abilities. The choir began with the goal of im- proving vocal and sightreading techniques and providing entertain- ing and educational concerts. Their performances included the Moun- tain States Festival, the Major Work Concert and a Christmas Concert. This choir had a very successful and productive year, as they sang their way into the hearts of their listeners. Although they were busy, the mem- bers expanded their musical hori- zons and singing abilities. Sophomore Tracey Stewart smiles through her musical number while still holding the tune. Getting quite emotional but giving it all she's got is sophomore Lucy Ashcroft. Las Mariposas ' 'tPeppers" Carry Cn Tradition Spirited sponsor Cheryl Nelson poses with a friend on "Cowboy Day" during spirit week. VNNV Devoted "pepper" Athena Trekas helps a student before the class competition be- gins. The Pep Club, like all other clubs, had certain goals this year and a purpose. Their goals were to sup- port school activities by advertising sports and events, to participate in pep assemblies, and to help other clubs. Their purpose was one of pro- moting school spirit in many different wdys. The club and its members were kept busy with participation in pep assemblies for varsity football and basketball teams, and making and holding the run-through poster for the varsity football team after half-time. The Peppers also contin- ued to fill the Toro suit with a myste- rious, spirited students who attend- ed many sporting events through- out the year. The Pep Club, led by sponsor Cheryl Nelson, led the school in spirit and pride, and kept up the tradition of supporting sports from football to badminton. Pep Club: First Row: Jeff Poget, Terri DeRosa fPresidentj, Cheryl Cindy McFarland, Kris Swenson, Leslie Ruby. Third Row: Hope Root, Nelson QSponsorj, Athena Trekas QSecretaryj, Ed Kotula. Second Jackie Brandon, Gloria Gonzalez, Not Pictured: Lisa Silvestri. Row: Karol Spangler, Barbara Cloyd, Gail Williams, lvlark Tucker, Pep Club Cn And Cff The STage! Who were Those mysTerious peo- ple behind The curTains aT The end of every scene? They were The STage Crew, Their job was serving The audiTorium, assemblies, and oTher performances. While doing all ThaT, They learned abouT lighTs, sound, seT design, and consTruc- Tion of The sTage. Their group numbered few buT Their accom- plishmenTs were many, as was proved by The success of The Or- egon Mime Co. and Teahouse of The Augusf Moon. A large club, The Drama Club consisTed of 450 members from The drama classes or anyone par- TicipaTlng in a TheaTrical acTiviTy. The Task of Two major produc- Tions was The goal of The Drama Club, which They fulfilled success- fully. The club also did a special ChrisTmas show for Marcus School and Parkway. To geT The money ThaT was needed for The produc- Tions, The drama people sold candy, cookies, and snow cones, and sponsored dances. if Ins- W X.. A is i Q ,. i, 5 lk , K T eg gg , g ii Sr . 1. gs, 1- 5 ll l Melanie Hymore and Joane lvlagnee dance Happily in a play for The Drama Club. ,Jw I YI' ,.g . mn Picfured from Top To boTTom: Karla Camp, Chuck SandhursT, Regina Marler, Dianne Bellows. Sponsor, DoroThy Nadeau, Bob MacMilIian, John Sweeney, RoberT Rinck, Suzanne Micheau, Bob LaNlorTe, Darrell Franklin, STuarT l-lelfon, Laurie Sweeney. NOT picTured: Gregg Thomas. Adrienne Gonzalez. The background music was performed by Karla Camp, Regina lvlarler, Melinda Ogden, and Tom Tippels, Dawn Pollock and Diane Bellows ham iT up for The children during The Chrisfmas play. Sfage Crew And Drama Club Spinning Spirii g s BoTh The IVlajoreTTes and The Flags E performed wiTh The Toro Band aT 2 fooTbaII games and aT fesiivals. The Flags, or Las Bondaras as They were named, consisTed of sixTeen members, and There were Three , majoreTTes. 1 L E MajoreTTe, Kara Frankhouser, performs her MajoreTTes, picTured above. Top: Brenda Clark, BoTTom: Kara Frankhouser, Ellen WhiTe, rouline al a fooTbaIl game. Las Bondaras. FirsT Row: Sue Gary, Shelley MaThews, Connie Garcia, Gloria Roosen, Lyn Crank, Kris Larson, Kim Renoli, Kim Lawson, Second Row: Sue Trussell, STacey Skiles, Sue STahl, Wendy Hon, Melanie Hymore, Kathryn Evans, Kim Mumford, Julie HawTreI. Las Bondaras-MajoreTTes They Give The Toros A 'lBoosT" e ee The BoosTer Club as everyone knows, is a group of parenTs who geT TogeTher and cheer for The fooTball players aT The games. BuT, ThaT is noT all They do. They also puT ouT fooTball programs and plan The fooTball banquet The group geTs TogeTher To raise money for Themselves and for The cheerleaders, pommies, sporTs Teams, and sTudenT funds. The BoosTer CIub's goals was To raise five Thousand dollars To be conTri- buTed among Those groups men- Tioned above. BeTween Two hun- dred-forTy members The club was able To raise all The money, To be a member each parenT had To donaTe from one To one hundred dollars. So as you can see The BoosTer Club did noT only supporT The fooTball players, They also supporTed oTher groups. Some enThusiasTic boosTer club members waTch over The Toros aT one of The home fooTball games. This Mgumqin Vi9w booster wgfches Closely Mr. Bisbee expresses his opinion To The umpire Holding her breaTh for The field goal is Ms. as The games inTensiTy rises. OFT The DGUGITY CON- MOVSOFTW- A member of The boosTer club enjoys a hoT Cup of Coffee during O game' WiTh TenTion hovering in The air The boosTer club members paTienTly awaiT The Touch down. BoosTer Club ' The purpose of The Homeroom Council was To operaTe like The U.S. SenaTe, in ThaT They used The sysTem of checks and balances. The Home- room CounciI's purpose was To moniTor The STudenT Council, a Task They progressively worked on. Reg- ular meeTings were held To organize and plan several dances and fund raising To sponsor Two S250 scholar- ships To worThy Senior class mem- bers. To become a member of The council, one musT have been elecT- ed by his or her homeroom as a re- presenTaTive,whose main duTy was To keep The sTudenT body well in- formed. STarTing off wiTh new advisor Ms. Ar- menTa was The lnTramural Council. which was esTablished To geT sTu- denTs involved in recreaTional ac- TiviTies oTher Than aThIeTics To in- volve The whole sTudenT body. Some of The acTiviTies offered during lunch were ping pong, frisbee fooT- ball, sofTball and super sTars. The Ten council members made Their sec- ond year of exisTence successful, in ThaT Their goals were achieved. ,,f' - I Intramural Council picTured from lefT To righT. FirsT Row: Jodie Garrison. Second Row: Greg Morales, Jim DeMarbiex. Third Row: Jeff Ingalls, Mary Grace Rivera, MonTe Teasley. FourTh Row: Lori Samaniego, Bill FrosT. FifTh Row: Ms. ArmenTa. r f v Homeroom And lnlramural Council VVe're Big Bod Seniors is aw fi Pl K AJ4 fx -an-sei Lizards, pictured from left to right. Top Row: Roger Henry, Chris Sonigel, John Shultz, Rick Monson, Steve Hackworth, Tom Shuitz, Tony Wende, Mark Parker, Bottom Row: Jim McDonald Ureasurerj, Steve Robertson qPrimo Lizardj, Philip McLaughlin QSecretaryj, Larry Harrell Cvice Pres.j. 5 I SWA Dressed in Toro attire, Albert Rhoades. thinks about an upcoming chariot race, No, this is no ordinary sheet, this is the new wave of the 80's. Best Senior member Kathy Anderson and Lizard member Jim McDonald, Toga to pep assembly. Best Seniors An Cbverview In The News , .1 va: T ArT Work J in J h G 4 1 43259 .,: ,A o n reen H, V Oz.-,',:gffVa.E Q Q' X 1 1? ' w 3 3' 5 ,- FifTy-Three Americans were Taken hosTage aT The U.S. Embassy in Iran on November 4, 4979. They were re- ' ' ' A leased January 44, 4984, righT afTer Ronald Reagan had been sworn in as PresldenT of The UniTed STaTes. . 1 ,, x W'-1" f Q 9, K- 1 . ElghT men losT Their lives in a rescue aTTempT of The 5,5 fifTy-Three hosTages in Iran. 4 T V . I I 9 T 4 1 A X 4 lx , Y. lib ., 4, l If f- s. I ss The UniTed STaTes governmenT loaned The ChrysTler CorporaTion 4.5 billion dollars, in hopes ThaT They would geT back on Their feeT. am Q, Y K A E A. v The DrafT RegisTraTion was reinsTaTed in July. y V F V" ,N- .Af 'N T - . x c,,. - N ' ' Las Vegas was hiT wiTh bad luck as The MGM Grand 99" "ll and HilTon HoTels wenT up in flames. A fr' A -A y 4 , -Q, r , Af' 4 - The makers of "Dallas" kepT The world in suspense for ,. J y 4,s,s six monThs, To laTer find KrisTen Shepard Clvlary Crosbyj y y 'H' 'T was The one "Who shoT JR." ' 'f' 'A' ' T Science An unknown amounT of moons and rings were found - around JupiTor and SaTurn. E E- 'I 141 ' Befween AugusT 4-4 4, Hurricane Allen desTroyed is f homes, crops: and killed 272 people. ' ,uf v v ' gsm ' in T if On SepTember 49, a TiTan missle silo exploded in rural "' f c Arkansas. g ,T A MounT ST. Helens erupTed on May 48Th, shooTing M M,,,,.,,.. 3 S4,300,000,000 Tons of ash. ' 5-2 gr . ' 'in The worsT earThquake To hiT Europe in ce-nTuries killed over 3,000 people in lTaly. News , 43 its. Q X35- Sports The U.S. Hockey team unexpectedly defeated the Soviet Union Hockey team at the Winter Olympics. The Philadelphia Phillies WOr'l their first World Series. The Oakland Raiders defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 27-'10 in Super Bowl XV. In a rematch against Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran quit the fight as he walked off in the middle of the 8th round. Eric Helden-five gold medal winner of the Winter Olym- pics. The 1980 Summer Olympics were boycotted by the U.S. and other countries due to Russia's invasion on Afghanistan. 'A xlitifs gig K . "Y if' A ii: if gg '1 9 ..,. ,fr g 'i X I ' K ' i s .V ff- S8273 U :' 1 r . - ' 4 1 if 6 y .. .h Y g N. 'x X s. -' 'E John Green Late Greats John Lennon, a former Beatle, was shot and murdered on December 9, 4980, at the age of 40. The master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, age 80. Mohamed Reza Pahlavi, 60, twice the Shah of Iran. Jesse Owens, the 4936 winner of four gold medals in Track, passed away at the age of 66. Steve McQueen, 50, terminal chest cancer. Mae West, America's oldest sex symbol, 87. On January 26, vaudeville, nightclub and film comedi- an, Jim Durante died at the age of 86. Jossip Broz Tito, president of Yugoslavia, passed away three days before his 88th birthday. .- "7"E4 42' 'Nw ' ,N , S N. .428 J,- Raymond Martinez 26 ."" xi' News Mod 60 W 737 Wffzaewiim ,Zim WWW' ff5fQwMvwf??-QMMZM Q-W4 Q69 l 37716 365+ KW 0 bf wif Q QW ffffifgfiii Q iKZiM ffiifvkffgscaf 53 ZYMQQWEQQMQMAQ igvxg if mizaiiwg QQ ge d + in aww 2199? 'ff-4 Siem 2: X X? Dwwi-w,:lwMQSwLLg3MmwmmumxoJU. MLV-wwjbwwvmamdiwwfimi 'f7NMm-QJwxiA,ewQJUAAwfD1fwwLmYiJ'fb125MUNYb? wywewqmywmwmwywwmwf wowv-4ywi3g,g,wM0wi1llQMpnwAp Qw3wff4Ww Wwgvfgmw Q W Iussf-izizhflhs X AUTOS X For Sale: 4984 CHEVY A-WHEEL DRIVE truck loaded with extras. P.S., P.B. AM-FM 8-track stereo: royal blue with silver interior. If in- terested callg 573-4954. 'engine not included. One nice BIG piece of JUNK. Make offer!! D6 you like CORVETTES? rm no? willing to sell but I am offering rides. CADILLAC: comes with wide back seat. Fits six comfortably. Need a truck for about 2007 Why not rent. Included is a full size ice chest. FATE RENT-A-CAR. 4967 FORD PICK-UP. Runs good down hill. ANNOUNCEMENT BOXING TOURNAMENTIIIIIII This event will take place on May 42, 4984. WHO: Sugar Ray Goodman and Roberto Frost. WHERE? Mt. View hallways. WHY? Natural causes. -.X Want to be a POMMIE? All ya gotta do is buy a pair of bloomers and dance around in curiers at 6:30 in the morning. Ads Looking for a place where the ex- citement and the most interest- ing events occur? Contact the math department. FREE SIBLINGS: Don't take up too much room and don't eat much. Have had all vacinations! Com- plete with feed and cage! See front office of the Mt. View Zoo. Four bags of chocolate bars were taken from an automobile parked in the WEIGHT WATCHERS of AMERICA parking lot. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep at night because you didn't have the guts to burn a locker'??'? Have you ever tried to deface some school property and just couIdn't do it without feeling guilty'?'?'?'?? Do you hafta force yourself to put graffiti on the ramps???'?'? Well here's your answerlllllllllllll The book that taught American teenagers all over the world to be . . . THE SU- PREME VANDAL "How to be One in Ten Easy Steps." Order yours before they're gone! Just call . . . 4-800-555-9796 IN CONCERT-IN THE MOUNTAIN VIEW STADIUM-GRADUATION NIGHT ' 'BIRDMAN' ' this will definately be me con- ' cert of the century! Don't be QQ eq washing your hair when you 'AI'-6 could be there. Be there or be ' v ' , ' sauarelllll 'admissionz outra- xii 2 - Qeous! -I'Ux,.,fq Q3 Gr -ii' sag .f .. M J., S-frygfslql WANTED WANTED: By Mt. View Toro Mesa Jackrabbit. Dead or alive. Preferably DEAD!!!! Three week vacation from school . . . How about it, staff? One, huge, gorgeous, tan, hairy, left leg to play football with. See 470 for details. WANTED AND NEEDED: At least five fine looking women to help out in the darkroom. Contact B.B. Bruno or Meathead. New English teacher. Old one worn out!!!l An automatic sprinkler system to be installed in the Junior locker area in case of rare locker fire. Contact any Junior class officer. Refs for football playoff game!!! No experience needed. See Coach Parker immediately. One pair of flat bottom jeans . , . See C.B., or S.S. A "1O" ora "Ll" with O 6-pack ll!! A new crop of guys! Nice looking charming MEN Qmustache prefer- ablyj to star in the movie feature 'lA MIRACLE ON BROWN ROAD!" See any of the female popula- tion, anytime. LOST AND FOUND Lost: One can of hair spray, ree strawberry lipglosses, one tu of 'l-Bored? Lonely? Can't sleep nights? Acid indigestion? Heartbreak of psoriasis? Or that unbearable itch?????? Well Call - Dial-a-Pal at A pre-recorded message will make your life alittle easier to bare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'I-BOO-258-apal CALL NOW ZITS FOUND: Contact Sophomore Humane Society. Lost: One brownie button. If found please contact Abigail Stri- kenhimer at her home. Q211th and VanBuren!!!j " if you find the chest to pin it on, send that also. Found. One weird President. Owner please contact the NUT HOUSE! Lost: SANITY .. . Last seen in the Physics Department. Lost: My, "TURKEY OF THE YEAR" medal. Mr. Rice. Lost. Iranian student. Last seen crawling near the cafeteria. lf found, please execute. One piece of used bubble gum in real good condition. No flavor left but still very juicy. PERSONALS I will not be responsible for any debts other than my own. Denise T. Hey Lucky, see you in the parking lot at lunch. A curious Sophomore would like to know why the Senior guys all got so friendly when Homecom- ing nominations came around. Good question! Curious Senior would like to know why silly, little Sophies keep asking such dumb questions. 'SAtE5'-XX To the Yearbook photographers: XHit Me Will! Your BGS? x'SHOT." lOne semester final test: comes Me- w'th ans erke .SeeJ. Be dl ,K. Hikks Orig. Kungsekl G e-Z,.Ee6use me cheerleaders-but -"' didn't pigtails go out of style with Pearl Drops tooth polish, and one set of Clairol Steam rollers. ln des- perate need of items. Please contact any J.V. cheerleader. Found: One Cross Your Heart bra Csize 3oFj: showed up after the Dec. 24st party. lf yours, con- tact Frank. A pair of red shorts and some big yellow shoes. Must sell l've gone DISCO! Contact M. Mouse, Ana- heim, California-between O-5. One outrageous laugh-followed by a sore tum-tum. Contact K. Mumford. One line of space in classified ads. poodle skirts? Yeah-I thought so! To an all-American C-uy: "Hey Mark" ya wanna pick-up that piece of paper? Thanx! 'to the tune of Mickey Mouse Club' 'LM-E-L Clove ya like a buddyp A-N-I-E Qeven though you're nuttyj When ya gon-na leeaavve???????????" Love-Peace-n-La Vista Ads N Acknowledgemenfs X I Mrs. Dawson Ron ChnsToph cllos J La Visio Sfoff 4 ., iw, - . .. -Q-. . -f -1,-I1-w,:1.fm1,.w.n.. W,,. imivzzssvsxz:szifsff 2 1 ff +3 Q .YS - Q Q ' K gwqgug Q, 9316 X--1 -W . vi .. in -e-Lx-Lia.: ., A. Iszsizg-lie xl Q NX .li R X - QQRXQNQ N X W i1fff4flv??4E?Q'ExeSSYNEEQ Q" X 0 u N . ---- 11-- .mX. Ww fu YQ? X X W RWQW XX gm SQ M wsmsgi A-,,A . W A--' "'. mr-W X v x wk mfs ,ftx hm.AA E xxx. is - "lt looks like we've made it! "We met all our deadlines, reached all our goals, and are getting our first supplement! We have set and made many high standards that are not going to be easy to keep! We have really made a great name for ourselves which l'm sure we are all proud of. Reaching our goals sure wasn't an easy task! We went through a whole heck of alot to get where we are. We waited for weeks until we finally got interviews back from teachers and pictures from photographers! During the worst time of our deadlines we were ready to walk out and call it quits, but we stuck together and worked with what we had, right up to the very end. And here we are now, looking through our book, remembering those funny and special moments in room 323. l will always remember you, staff and Mrs. Hale, because you made my senior year Great! Your friend forever, Adrienne Gonzalez is VISTCJ ,0.Ak.b., Lum, GLM! QD. He,-I-A P1 lfwrwcia- ,lk l bum mb g- -'W' 'Bama ann lndgx ilbele-Cloyd A A were Jeanie so 223 237 2 3.255.230 . . . . 4 Abele, John 83. 222 Acosta. Mary Helen 47 A Adams. Casey 83. 200. 255 Adams, Holly 83 Adams. Sherri aa Addngton, Michael 47 Addington. Valerie 83, 245 Adraktas. Dean 83, 497 Adroktos, Stephanie 59. 254 Alella. Lisa 83 Aklns. Coleen 47 Aklns. Joe 83 Alberto. Jae 495 Albertsrhan. Wendy 83 Ab6flSOfl. Carmaleta 47. 243 Albright. Troy 47. 488, 243. 249. 254. Aldred. Rhonda 59 Alexander. eerie Alexander, Lane 59. 236 Alexander. Tracey 59, 237, 243. 244 Alexander. Ty 47. 44. 56. 244 Aley. Ronald 59 Alters. Jennifer 59 Alger. Ronni Allan. Eric 83 Allan. Marc 59 Allen. Danny 47 Allen. Diane 47, 234 Allen. Marnie 83. 245, 262 Allen. Sandra 59 Altiiel. Hakan 464, 465. 254 Alvarado. Edwin 83. 497 Alvarado. Isabel 59, 255 Alvis. Mitchell 83. 497 Arnadar, Nicholas 47 Amaya. Javier 83. 257 Arnick. Patrick 59 Amstutz. Roland 82 Analla, Sandra Anaya, Henry 59. 257 Anaya. Javier 203 Anderson. Betsy 83 Anderson. Kathy 47. 237, 269 Anderson. Michael 47 Anderson. Steve 59. 78, 494 Andres. Terry Andrews. Catherine 254 Andrews. Paul 254 Andrews. Ralph 83 Andrlc. Mike 83 Andric, Wa 59 Arbuckle, Donald Archer, .lack 83. 250, 257 Arellano, Deborah 59 Al'6ll0t'l0. Sharon 83 Armenta. Antionette Arrnenta. Erneterio Armenta. Junior 83 Armenia. Monica Armenta, Tony 497. 242 Afl'l'lll0. Joe 59 Armstrong. Sue 83. 259 Arnett. Bill 83. 94. 250 Amey. Christine 83 Arriaga. Anthony 59 Arriaga. Christopher 59 Anieta, Jose 59. 257 Ashcroft. Lucy 83. 263 Ashe. Arlene 59, 247. 249 Ashmore. Joanne 59. 224 Atkins. Colleen 235 Atwell, Shane 59. 200. 204. 256 Atwell. Shaman 83. 250. 256. 259 Austin. Larry 47 Autrey. Mary 59. 224. 225, 230. 236 Avery. Lori 47 Ayers. Robert 59 Ayotte. Kim 59. 254 B Bagbv. Clint 83 Bailey. Margaret 50 Bailey. Michael 60 Bailey. Pat 47. 493 Bdey, Tlna 60 Baird. Todd 60 BGKBT. Doug B3 Baker. Gary 83 Baker. .iarnle 47 Baker. Jon 499 Bdier. Karen 255 Baker. Robert 60 . Bdrer. Scott 60. 493 Balderrama. Anna 48. 242. 257 . 237 BQld0l"tCd0. Gary 48' Baldwin. Amdida 83. 263 Bail. lorgena 83. 263 Ballard. .Johnny 60 Balthrop. Garrl D. 83 aarikson, Eugene ea. 497 Bankson. Terry 48 Banta. Dick 83 Banta. Victor Bargas. Evangeiie 48. 237. 255 Bargas. NCK 83, 497 Barker. Gita B3 Barnes, Tracy 60 Barnett. Angela 83 Barnett. Tom 60 Barney. Luanne 57. 235. 245 Barr. Harry 83 Barron. Ronald 60. 476. 493 Barry. Rita 60. 234 Bartel. Brent 48 Basehore. Sara 48. 255 Bassett. Chad 83. 250 Bassett. chuck 83. 203 Bossier. Grant 84 Bates. Jennifer 84. 248 Bates. Markay 60 Bates. Susan 48. 235 Bates. Tarnera 48 Bauler, RlChGfd 48 Beadle, Jim 48. 56. 202. 203. 257 Beaird. Brian 48. 256 Beatty. Kelly Beaudry. Tarrirny 60 Beavers. John 48 Beavers. Lori 48 Beck. Bridget 60 Beck. Charie 84. 244 Beckley. Denris 48 Beckstead, Kelly 48, 237 Beebe. Nancy 84 Beebe. Sonia 60. 234 Beerl, Traci 84, 244, 245, 262 Behrens, Karla 84 Behrens, Kelly 60 Behring. Ken 60. 203 Bell. Dave 60. 84 Bell. David 60 Bell, .left 48 Bell. John 48. 203 Bell, Marcia 60. 254 Bell. Mark 60 Bell, Michael 84 Bell, Robert 48 Bell. Steven 60 Bellows. Diane 60. 230. 265 Belnap. Scott 48. 237. 244. 252. 257 Benally. Mariyn 235. 254 Bendure. Leanna 253, 484 Benka. Lisa 60. 245 Beka. Tamara 84 Bennett. Anne 84. 200. 255 Benson. Kim 48. 245. 255 Bentley. Lisa 84. 237. 262 Beritz. Kelly 49 Benzer. Julie 243 i Berg. Mark 60 r aerge. Charlene 49 Berkley. Rick 84. 497 ' Berthold. Kinberly 84. 248 Beuzekom. Nike 60, 479. 253 Biakeddy. ChdYlS9 84. 248 Blckes. Mary 84 Blerly. Marie 259 Biggs. Kevin 60 BUST. Scot 84. 200 BIOGGCU. l.aurle 84. 255. 259 Birchum. Afltlll' 84. 255 i Blsbee. Kari 49. 23. 462. 463. 245, 247, 248, 253 Bisdorf. Lisa 60 Black, Jeff 49, 493 Black, Keri Black. Lisa 85. 250. 259 Blackhurst, Mary 49, 243. 252. 253. 257. 484 Blahak. Phil 49. 200. 236 Blain. Douglas Blaine. Jon 85 Blaker, Terry 85 Blakesley. Carol 49. 250 Blakesley. James 49 Blakesley. Troy 60 Blansett. Michael Blansett. Steve 60 Blare. David 60. 495 Bliss. Mark 85 Blokker. Tlrn 49 Bloom. Jim 60 Bloomer. Bill 85. 497 Bobbe. Susan 245 Baheneck. Lynne 49 Bohlor. Rick 209 Bolar, Stacey 49, 243 sem. Greg io. 237 ' f Bolin. Dart 85. 257 Balin. Kim 49, 479. 243. 257. 484 Balland, Nichael 85 Bomar. William 49, 498, 499 Bantante. Joe 49 Baath. Darren 85 BO0th. Richard Booth. Timothy 85 B0l'GQll'l0, Annette 58. 60. 479, 238. 276, 278 Basley. Scott 85. 496. 497 Bouchle. Joe 60 Boult. Bill Bowman. Barry Bowman. Leslie 49. 250 Bowman. Lori 20. 239. 250. 257 Boyd. Carol 60., 259 Bayle. Joseph 20 Bradley. James Bradley. Lorrie 60. 259 Bradshaw. Rae Jean 85. 200 Brady. Sheryl 85. 229, 230 Bragg. Caree 85 Brahrn. Darin 20. 242 Broley. Mark 85. 256 Brandner. Mark 85. 99. 474 Brandner. Steve 20. 24, 56. 247, 249. 250 258 Brandon. Gl Gi 85, 230 Brendan, Jackie 90. 254. 255. 264 Brcnning. Kurt 60. 206 ' Bredshall. Robin 60. 254 Brem. Brenn. Lynita 85. 245. 255 Patricia 20. 235. 245 Breshlni. Annette 64 Brewer, Byron 85 Brewer. Camille 20. 34. 230 Brewer. Nancy 64, 249. 264 Bribiescas. Tina 20. 56, 242 Brierley. Stuart Briggs, Dan 85. 249. 250 arighi. Russell or Brimhall. Doug 20. 237, 244 Brimley, Matthew 64 Brirnley. Steve 20 ' Broadston. Julie 64. 245. 242. 234 Broberg. Diane 64 Brocat, Brenda 20. 243 Br on Karla 85. 230 ought , Brown, Betty 64 Brown. Bill 64. 494, 495 Brown. Christina 64. 260 Brown. David 64 Brown. Deborah 64 ' ,'8rown. Elizabeth 64, 224, 230. 247, 248. '255 " Brown. June 20. 242 Brown, Kathleen 64. 250. 259 Brown, Klrrlbefly 85. 248, 250 Brown, Tamara 60 Brown. Rhonda 20 Brown. Susan 20. 457, 244. 484 Broyles. Michelle 85 Bruce. Bruce. Bobbi 85. 227, 234 Michele 85, 262 Brurrtmett, Jessica 85. 224 Brundage. John 64 Bruneau. Mike B5 Bruneau. Steve 20. 478. 238. 276. 278 Brunet. Kathy 85 Brunner. Cynthia 20. 254. 484 Bryan. Bryan, Katherine 85 Robert 24. 252. 253 Bryson. N4ChG9l 85. 259 Bryson. Patricia 24. 235 Buchanan. Bob 64, 494 Buchanan. Cynthia 24 Buchanan. Steve 64. 499 Buchlerrl. Arthur 495 Buckland. Daniel 85 Buckley. Jennlter 85. 262 Buckley. Stephanie 24. 470, 252. 253, 255. 257 Buczynski. Susan 64 Budge. Bryce 85. 249. 250, 258 Bunchrnan. Trip 64, 476. 494, 495 BUl'Qd0l'f. Tina ei Burger. Angela 64. 255. 259 Burger. Sherry 85, 244 Burk. Nathan 85. 259 Bumes. Melissa 85 Burni. Brenda 85 Burr. Kyle 86 Buse, Michele 64. 254 Bus Busfield. Audrey 24. 56. 225. 230. 237 field . Mark 64, 474 Butler, Cheryl 24, 242 Butler, Dahra 86. 263 Butler. James 64. 253 Butler. Kevin 86. 93 Butler. Lisa 86 Butler. Nina 24. 237 Butler. Norman 24. 457. 242 Butler, Robert 86 Butterfield, senie ao. 250 auriemeia, Steve ei, 495 C Caccarnese, Renee 86, 230 Cacey. Theresa 86. 263 Cahil. John 64 Calcaterra. Steve 62. 495 Calderone. Dianne 24, 245. 256 Caldwell. Michael 86. 262 Caldwell. sharon 24 Calhoun. Chris Calhoun. John Cal, Michelle 86. 247. 248. 262 Calverl. James 24, 204 Calvert. Edwin 62 Cambern. l'l0ZBl 86. 255 Cambern. Jay 86 Camden. Ricky 62 Cameron. Cheryl 62 Cameron. Clay Camp, Allyn 24 Camp. Karla 62. 255. 265 Campbell, Cyd 24 Campbell. D6t'l4'll5 24 Campbell, Jerry 86 Campbell. Kevin 62. 245. 250 Campbell. Paula 86 Carnpornenosi. DeAnn 24 Carnpornerwsi. LeAnn 86 Cantrell, Cary 24 Cantrell. Michelle Carey. Erin 86 Cariveau. Wiliam 86 Carlos. Terri 24 Carlson. Stanley 57 Carmichael. Donald 24 Carmichael. Penny 86. 255 Caracclo. Paul 62 Carpenter. David 24 Carpenter. Rachel 62. 259 Ccrras, James 22. 202. 203. 239, 257 Carrleri. Al'llhOflY Carroll. Bonnie 255 Carter. lrvln Cartwright. Mike 6. 200 Case, Brendan 22. 244, 252. 253, 257 Casner. Penny 245, 262 Cassaday. Jett 62. 70, 247, 249 Cassavaugh. Kevin 86. 250. 259 Castillo, Andy 22, 476. 493. 208. 209. Castillo. Arthur 62, 493. 208. 209 Castillo. Rosa 62 Castillo. Sylvia 22 Cavolaski, Shelley 86. 223, 259 Cavolaski, Tammy 22 Caza. Jean 62 Cervantes. Daniel 62. 257 Cervariles. Michael 22, 257 Chaira. Anthony 22 Chalk. Benny 62 Challis. Tracy 86. 245 Chambers. Mlndi 62. 230 Chanbetion. Mark 250 Chaney. Margaret 22. 236 Chapman. Kelly 223 Charlson. Mark 86, 262 Chase. Dana 62 Chase. Rhonda 86 Chavez. Emilio 86. 257 Chee. Norla 22 Chee. Wakely 62 Chesser. Shawna 86. 254 Chiappetta. Mary 86 Chlappetta. Regina 62 Chlnskl, Christine 86 Chiren. Paul 86 Chlsholrri, Steve 62 CN460. Paul 236 Christen, Stan 62. 236. 243 Christenberry. Tammy 62 Christensen. Nancy 62. 259 Christensen. wtya 22. 245 Christopher. Claudia 86 Clrone. Mark 62 Clrone. Vincent 86. 255 Ciuchta. Chris Cldfli. AllSOfl 86. 262 Clark. Brenda 62. 238, 245. 249, 274 266 Clarkson. Connie 62. 230. 259 ClGfliS0l'l, Sharon 22. 234. 247. 249 Clay. Eddie 22 Clay. Sherri 62 Clifton. LqDOnl'lda 86 Cline. Brenda 63 Cline. Deanna 86 Cine, Lorella 22, 242 Cline. Tarnbra 22 Crouse. Dean 86. 496. 497. 244 Clayd, Barbara 86. 264 23' LJOYC. bT9V6f'l 0-3. 250 Cluff. Betsy 86. 249 Cluff. Brenda 223 Cluff. Jarnle 63. 223. 253. 259 Cocca, Dorrle 86 Cochenour. Wendy 22 Cockemorn. Mark Coffey. Kent 86. 262 Cofold. Tracy 86. 255 Cobrunn. S600 87 Coby. Carle 22. 57. 242 Coby. Patrlck 63. 160. 256, 259 Cole. Tom 87. 197. 259 Colemarl. Duree 63, 230 UUSI1, KOI1 04, 'IYO Davldson. Mlke 64. 211. 175 Davls. Ann 235 Davls, Brenda 64. 247. 248 Davls, Melanle 64 Dawson. Steven 87. 256 Deal. Jeanne 64 Decker. Evele 87 Decker. George 23 Decker. JGXG 23. 234 Decker. Mlke 64, 250 DeCourcy. Mlchael 64 DeGracle. Dan 87. 195. 211. 250. 255 DeGroft. Ken 23 t Edrer. Teresa 25 Eate. Murray Ebert, Theresa 25. 242. 248 Ebert. Wian 88 Echeverrla. Xknena 25. 243 Eckert. Charles 25 Edck. Christine 25 Edck. Donald 65 Edson. we 26. 193. 236 Edwads. Beth 26 Edwads. Dala 26. 235 Colemdt. JON1 22, 107. 169. 176. 177. 193 Coils. Coils. Coins. Coils. Coils. Barbaa 251 Loree Gladys 251 Patrlcla 22 Steve 63. 195 corpaerr. vrckl Cornpaln. Jeffrey 87. 236 DeHaarl. Davld 64. 256 Delrles. George 64 Deho. Mark 87 Delaley. Chrlstlrle 87 Delgado. Antorllo Delgado. Math 257 Delr. Mary 24. 261 DeLorerlzo. Loretta 24. 256 Deborte. Ed 24, 45 Edwads. Janes 88 Edwads. Jett 88. 197 Edwads. Richad 77. 176, 193 Edwads. Tanrny 88 - Egal. Ddiel . Egal. Joseph 26 Egan. Kent 65 Egan. Math 88. 171 Egal. May 88 Corlawoy. Tammy 63 Corlkirl. Calene 87. 259 Corlrl. Steve 22 Corlrlely. John 22 Contreras. Dennis 63 Contreras, Theresa 87. 235. 259 Cook. Kanino 87. 244 Cook. Yvette 63 Cooper. Cody 63 Cooper. James 63 Cooper. Jeffrey 87. 262 Cooper. Laurette 87 Cooper. Patrlcla 63. 243 Copley. Frarlk 87 Copley. Bob 63 Boppo. Joe 23, 202. 203. 257 Copper. Kala Corbett. Larry 87 Cords. Steven 23 Cornel. Keary Cornla. Gary 23 Corrlveau. Penny 63 Coryea. Patrlcla 230 Cosgrove. Mary 87. 225, 230. 237. 259 Coston. Judy 63 Coston. Lexie 23. 234 Ceta. Veronlca 63, 257 Cato. Vlrglnla 87. 257 Cote. Ted 87. 236 Couch. Roland 63. 195 Coury. Sam B7 Comlns. Lorl 63 cowm, cmrg 256 Cox. Jett 62. 253 Cox, Maxwel 23. 238, 276. 278 Oox. Melody 63 Crdg. Ken 63. 203. 243, 255 Craner. UONSI 87 Craldd. Doug 63. 249. 250. 258 Crcne. Ronnle Crane. SUSC1 87 Cravatt. Angela 23 Crawford. Theodore 63 Crley. Brenda 87 Crornptorl, DBDOTG1 87 Cronk. Jemlfer 23 Cronk, Kaen 63. 238. 259. 276. 278 CTUY, Lyn 87. 250. 266 Crook. Usa 63 Crow. DGDOTUI 87. 231 Cuerl. Gladys 87 Cm. Held 63. 247. 248 01.39. Mark Cm. Richard Currlrnirls. Brlal 23. 257 Curlnhglan, Audrey 63. 73. 225. 230. 236. 237. 255 Cumirlgharn. Kathleen 87 Curd. Peggle 87. 255. 259. 231 Curl. Larry 23 Currle. Bruce 23. 200 Curle. Susan 87. 259 Curry. Kim 64. 172. 183. 236. 238. 250. 276. 278 Curtis. Chrlstopher 87. 236. 262 Cyrus. Allce D Ddthrop. Todd 64.' 256 Ddy. Karen 23. 32. 216. 217, 253 Darrlrorl. Amy 64 Dana. Kim 64. 238. 276. 278 DC!1fOfTfI. Pete 23. 200. 242 Darlgler. Debble Darli. Joe 87. 249, 250 Darger. Daryl 87 Darger. Dho 66. 244 Dary. Troy 250 ' Demablex. James 24. 176. 177. 268 DeMalrlo. Gd 64, 235 Demals, Wendy 24 Demhg. James 64 Demke. Nlre 64, 198. 199 Deplerro. Scott 64. 195 Deprlest. Brenda 88. 263 Deremldl. James Derka. Davld 24, 208 Derka. Wayne 88 Derka. Wendy 88 DeRosa. Terrl 24. 243. 263 DeRoy. Terrl 24. 243 Deschrler. Felecla 88. 231 Despah. Kathy 88 Deveaux. Craig 88. 250, 259 Dlal. Duane Dickenson. Kelly 88. 103 Dickenson, Tracy 24. 56 Dlckerson. Mlke 199 Dlckerson. Stanley 24 Dlckerson. STSDNUTIS 62, 64 Diehl. George 24 olerrnger, Nadine 64 Dlllon. Alllsorl 88 Dllon. Denlse 24, 243 Dlrlgman. Demarls 24, 117. 223. 234. 255 Dlsbrow. Maggle 24. 243 Dixon. Candace 64 Dlxorl, Ron Dobbhs. Tracle 88 Dodge. Penny 64, 248 Doherty. Clrldy 58. 237, 238, 276. 278 DOMGYI, Don 88 Domenlck. Dedra 24 Domon. Ronald 64 Domlrllque, Bl 64 Domon. Wesley 88 Dooney. Debble 64. 161, 259. 231 Doorba. Shdtli 64 Doorba. Shelli 65. 183. 225. 230, 237. 238. 276. 278 DOUQTSTTY, Debble 24. 57 DOUQISTTY, Paul 65. 250 Dow. Grant 25. 234 Dowd. Carol 25. 223 Dowdy. Renee Doyle. John 88 Doyle. Math 65. 210. 211 Dreaver. Llsu 65 Dressler. MGXY19 65. 244 Drhkwater. Steve 65. 195 Drlscol. Kathleen 25. 39. 223 Drlscol. Laura 65. 223 Drozd. Edward 25 Drurrlrn. Deborah B8 Drbnl. Debra 25, 231 Duby. Brlarl 88 Duoy. Kevin Dueck. Leonad 25 Duttus. Mark 88 Dugan. Dallel 88. 100 Duke. Cannes 88 Duke, Thomas Dunars, Dlanne Dumont. Andre Dumont. Mlchelle 25, 227 Durlkeson, Tammy 65 Dunn. Jeff 65, 195 Dunrl, John 65. 176. 193 DlI'lSNB,, Terry 65. 250. 258 Dupree. Beth 25 Egal. Mchael 65 Ehlers. Carry 65 Eberts. Joseph 65 Elrlns. Jessica 88 Elrirls. Kathy 26. 243 Eilgton. Mak 85 ' Eington. Mary 26. 250 Elott. Kathy 65. 225. 237 Elott. Wlom 26 Ekner. Bob 88 Ebberry. Nltchel Emmy. Lhda 26 Engelrha. HGTCSS Engald. Robert 26 EfxfbTtQIT. Rebecca 88 Esber. Bradey 88 Eskew, Jorrl Lym 26. 146 Esmeler. Melssa 65. 255 Espiloza. Llsa Esphoza, Nike 65. 195. 257 Esqueda. Enrique Esqueda. Jorge 88. 257 Esqaeda. Marlsela 65 Esqueda. Ricardo 65 Esqueda. Tony 65 Evals. Beverly 88 Evals. Kathy 65. 236. 250. 266. 255 Evals. Kevh 88 Evals. KliSTi19 183. 218 Evals. Raymond 26 Evan. Rick 26 Evenson. Jealne 26. 255 Everett. Ray 65 Everith. Meisa 65. 217. 228. 230. 229 Ewdd. Usa 63. 88 F Fagaty. Faith 88 Falkhauser. Kao 88. 223. 249. 266 Fainger. Chdles 26 Farel. Stefan 65 Fate. Brad Fate. B501 Favazzo. Joe 26 Faysdr. George 26. 193 Fedorlck. Lealn 89. 263 FSNYTQ. Cynthla 65. 250. 259 Fergusorl. Pad 65. 203 Ferreira, Lirla 26. 243. 257. 184 Ferreia. Susal 65. 253 Fett. Tracey 26 Fetty. Dorothy 60. 65. 259 Flocco. Gordon 89 Flggns. Kinberly 65. 221. 231 Flscller. Lyrlnette 26. 250, 185 Fisher. Fisher. Fisher. Flstler. Fisher. Benny 89 Dawn 89. 263 Mchael 89 Pat 89 PClfTiCk 89. 97 me. snare as rum. mule as rnzparncu. James 26 Q Croya-Gonzalez Foumler, Edward 27 ' Franck. Ron 179 Fronklln. Ddtell 27. 250. 259. 265 Frankllrl, Jr. Larry 89 Franzmeler, Stacy 89 Frarlzmeler. Troy 65 Frasler. James 89 Frazler, Conrlle 27. 240. 241. 253 Frazler, Holly 27, 151. 152, 163. 244 Frazlet. Kevh 89. 197 Frazler. VGTONCO 65, 255 Frealckson. Jo Ann 65 Freenlole. Jonl 27. 230. 237. 242 Frlas. Gorlzdo 89 Frlos. Gregory eo. 197 Frlas, Lolo 197 Frlas. Theresa 27. 179. 242 Frlck. Bl 27 Frlerson. Wlam 27. 255 Frlhort, Tarlrrly 89. 223. 249 Frlsby. Dallel 89. 211 Froage. Tlrlo 89 From. Melonle 66. 249 From. Vderle 89 Frorlcek. Fralcls 27, 193 Frost. Debble 66 Frost. Wlcrn 28. 268 Fruge. Carle B9 Frye. Jrle 28 Fuler. Apr! 66. 72. 223 Futon. Kaen 89 cs Gaddle. Llsa 89 Gaddle. Lora 263 Galboslna. Jll 223 Gallant. Danlel 66 Gallentlrle. Mchelle 28 Galloway, Tracy 89 Grommet. Sheley 28 Gammons. Emest 89. 160 Galn. Betsy 66, 250 Ganser. Teresa 66. 259 Garcia, Andy 28 Gacla. CONUB 66. 67, 250. 260. 266 Gacla. Michael 66 Gacla. Roberto 89. 257 Gardner. Jlrn 66, 195 Gather. Mak 28 Gather. Scott 66 Gan..Bradey 28 Gam. Dana 89. 263 Ganer, Melody 89 Gamey. Mchael 28 Garnler. Audrey 66 Garett. Jeff 66. 195 Garlson. Jed 28. 43. 57. 230. 268 Gasswlnt. Gretchen 66. 227. 240. 241 Gatrel, Todd 89. 200. 236 Gay. Cheryl 89 Gay. John 28 Gebblo, Pauley 28, 234 Gee. Penny 89. 256 Gehrlrlg, -110109 66. 221, 230 Gehron, Tony Get. Barbaa 28 Gelshelmer. Kathleen 28. 254 Glarlguzzo. Lawrence 90 Gbb. ,Coln 90. 259' Gbbons. Jeshele 28. 257 Gbbs. Donna 66 Gbson, Chales 28 Gbson, Kely 223 Glebels. Marcus 66. 243 Glese, Barb 152. 242 Glese, Steven 58. 66. 117. 254 emma. Robyn-90 Glesple. Wlllarn 66 Glauser, Macla 28. 163. 252. 253 Glenn. Russel 29. 56 Gllnlak. Benjamin Glover. Troy 29 Gobbell. Steve 90. 262 Fitzpatrick. May 65 Fldre. Jim 27. 237. 252. 257 Flernlng. Mlchele 89 Filn. Sharon 89. 250, 255 Flores. Darlrly Florlal. Dole 27. 234 Flowers. Salad 27, 236 Durarltl. Durarltl. Durham. Durney. Durney. Dyches. Jaqule 223 - Jim 25. 151, 179. 192. 193 Teresa 8 Edith 25. 243. 257. 184. 185 Ellen 65 Kathryn 25. 255. 257, 261 Dzlr. Am Dzk. Jon Foarde. James 27. 235 Footracer, Norma Fomwolt. Rhonda 27. 238, 247. 248. 250. 259. 276. 278 Foster. Mchael 27 Foucher. Babaa 65. 256 Forlr. SGTCY 27, 234 Four, Vincent 65 0 Godwlrl. Pamela 29 Goff. Suzanne 66 Golden. Charlotte 29. 242 Golden. Gomez Gomez. Gomez. Gomez. 'Deborah 29 . Angellca 29 cynay 67. 230. 237. 248 u GIONC 29. 243. 257 Llsa 67. 253. 257 Gonzales. Karen Gonldles. M010 67, 257 Gonzales, Pad 90 Gonzales. Swrhd 67, 221 GOTIZUSZ. Adldld 16. 29. 56. 178. 238. 265. 278. 276. 277 Gonldel. Gloria 90. 259. 264 Indav OD A 282 Index Gonzalez-Knapp Gonzalez. Javler Gonzalez. Sondra 29 Goodman. Harrel 29 Goodman. Julie 67 Goodnan. Shanna 67. 245. 255. 259 Goodolf. Fred 29. 257 Goodolf. Reglna 90 Godwin. Barbara 90. 255 Gordon. Llnda 90 Gorman. Eugene 90 Gorman. Teresa 67. 77 Gose. Thomas 67 Goudeau. Darrell 29. 56. 242 Goudeau. Karen 90 Graham. Crystal 90. 235 Graves. Bmbara 90. 218, 228. 229 Gravlle. Panela 67. 242. 245 Gray. Donald 67 Gray. Usa 230. 237 Gray. Lynn 29 Gray. Sue 90. 250 Gray. Theresa 29 Greaves, Denise 90 Greear. Coury 90. 105 Green. Llsa 29. 234 Green. Eric 90. 237. 250 Green. John 67, 270. 271 Greene. Jeffrey 90 Greenholtz, Dawn 90. 259 Grenke. David 67 Grlemsrnan. Joseph Griffin. Catherine 90. 255. 259 Griffin. Lisa 90 Grlffln. Qulnth 90 Grltlin. Robert 29. 235 Grlftlths. Randy 90 Grlggeory. Lorl 67, 225, 228. 229. 230 Grlggeory. Wayne 90 I Gross. Janet 67. 71. 177, 217. 227. 230. 250 Guest. Jett 67. 195 Guest. Jay 30. 193. 237 Guce. Llsa 90 Gulden, Sharon 90. 248. 255. 262 Gdtey. Carmen 67. 250 Gunderson. Brandy 67. 68, 250 Gunderson. Qulncy 30, 178, 179. 193, 209.243, 257. 184. 185 Gunnel. Robert 90 Gwney. Helene 90 Gurtler. Karl 30 Guthrie. David 67. 259 ' Gutlerrez. Anthony 90 Gutlerrez. John 67 Gutierrez. Marla 67 Gutlerrez. Rosalba 30. 243 Gutierrez, Rose H Hoummn. Deborah 67. 74 Haarmann. Julie 67. 74. 245. 251 Hablghorst. Cheryl 30 Hackworth. Steve 30, 209. 250. 269 Hagerty. Karen 67. 203. 255 Hdtn. Ronald 90 Hale. Elizabeth 30. 243. 261 Hale. Kim 90. 197. 211 Hde. Rebecca 30. 243. 252. 253 Hd. Beth 248, 184. 257 Hd. Brent 30. 234. 262 Hall. Glngette 67. 221. 231 Hd. Shlrley 30 Hammons. Erica 91. 263 Hmdds. Matthew 30 Hariey. Gregory 67 Hcnley. tracy 91 Hanlon. Elzabeth 30 Hansen. Jullana 67 Hmsen. Roma 67 l-krlsen. Tlrno 30, 243. 184 Hardh. Evelyn 91. 256 Hargadln. Ladonna 67. 235 Hargodn. Wanda 91. 235 Hdker. Klrnberly 91. 247. 248. 255 Hatow, Scott 91 Harmon. Kelley 91. 221. 231. 245, 255 Harmon. Pamela 67. 243. 244 Hao. John 88. 91. 255 Hcrrel. I. Lary 203. 250. 258. 269 Hclrel. Shdlanne 30, 178. 248. 250. 257. 185 Hdrts. Cofnllle 91. 244. 231 Harris. Leslie 67. 255 Hurts. Lisa 30. 177. 252. 253. 230 Hash. Constance 30 Hartley. Shelley 91. 250, 263 Hdtllef. Koylene 91. 218. 219. 226. 227. 230 Harvey. Gregory 30. 199' Harvey. Kely 91. 255 Hosip. Amy 30. 243. 256. 184. 185 Hasselt. Todd 91. 197, 211 . Hasslacher. Sally 30 Hatch. Troy 58, 67. 161, 194. 195. 240 Hotlield. David 91 Hatfield. Diana 31 Hath, Bmce 68. 243 Haveman. Walt 91 Hawtree. Juie 68. 250. 266 Hayes, Debordt 91 Haymaker. Rlcky 68 Haynes. Cinlee 222. 223 Hazlett. Mark 91 Heodrlck. Nathan 31 Heap. Mrlam 29. 31. 237. 241. 247. 248 Heater. Ccxol 31 Heath. Carol 31 Heath. Dennls 91. 197 Heath. Jr. Jerry 68 Heatwole. Larry 68 Hebdon. Jod 68. 223. 245. 260 Hebert. Ronald 68. 250 Hecht. Gary 91. 160 Hecker. Sandra 68 Hedges. Barbara 68. 255 Hedges. Thomas 31 Hedgpeth. Lori 68 Hedgpeth. Rosallnd 91 Hedgpeth. Timothy at Hedund. Robert Heft. Ron 91 Hell. Ernmaly 31 Hel. Glbert 91 - Helntz. Krlstlm Helntz. Robert Helwlg. Scott Helmlck, Greg Helslng. Cara 68. 260 Helton. Stuart 68, 195, 265 Hemberger. Donna 31 ' Henderson. Suzanne 68. 203. 243. 255 Hendlckson. Anthony 68 Hennessey. Jin 68. 203. 255 Henry. Roger 31. 57. 250. 258. 269 Henry. Sharon 31. 216. 217. 227, 230 Hensley. Tha 68 Herd. Julie 31. 164, 165. 184. 238. 243. 254. 257 Herd. Wesley 68 Herderlck. Glem 31 Herderlck. James 91. 256 Hermerath, Kcren 68. 220. 221. 230 Hemandez. Roland 91, 197 Hero. Dawn 254 Herren. Denise 68. 258 Herron, Doug 91 Hewltt. Cheryl 31. 230. 249. 250 Hewitt. Sallie 66. 91. 250. 259 Hey. Dan 31 Heying. Mary 91 Hlcks. Kevh 31 Hicks, Patrlcla 68 Hlcok. Gary 91. 197. 211 Hiesel. John 91 I-lesel, Robert 91 Higgins, Karin 91. 245 Hlgglns. Lisa 92. 259. 262 Hlgglnson. Brian 92. 197 Higglmon. Bruce 92 Hil. Bll 92 Hlll, Cristina 92 Hlll. Jack 31. 80 Hll. Janlce 68 Hll. Rlcky 68 Hll. Terry 245 Hilger, Klmberly 32. 243. 184 Hilz. Alice Hlmes. Geottry Hlmmebbach. Erlc 68. 195 Hnds. Nike 32. 200 Hlnes. Paula 92. 218. 219. 229 Hobbs. Steve 32 Hodges, Donald Hodges. Robyn 92 Hotfmcn. Bruce Hottmcn. Mak 32 Hoffman. Vonnle 32. 242 Hogue. Lisa 92. 245 Holguin. Alce 68. 230 Holguin. Anlta Holand. Benson , Holland. Clarence 68. 79 Hollis. Mary 32. 255. 259 Holman. Gregory 92. 255 Hotnes. Caroine 68. 235 Hohtes, Glselle 68 Holslnger lt. Gene 92. 197 Holub. Jett 32 Hon. Wendy 32. 266. 250. 260 Hondcer. James Hoopes. Davld 68. 153 Hoopes. David 176, 192, 193. 208. 209 Hopkins. Marlon 243 Hopklns. Stephen 92 Hopkins. Ted 92 Horlbe. Yoko 69. 164. 165 Horky. John 92 Horstmann, James 32 Horton. Nlchelle Hossack. Dlanne 32. 214. 215. 247. 2 253. 257 Houghton. Denlse 92 Houston. Donna 92 Houston. Lorl 69. 236. 237. 230 Howard. Daniel 92 Howard. John 69. 250 Howard. Randall 257 Howard. Robert 69 Howe. Denise 92. 255 Hoy. David 69 Hoyt. Michael 203 Hubbard. Stacl Hubler, Dan 32 Hudm. Cllnt 92 Hudin. Jana 32. 243 Hudson. Marc 92. 250 Hudson. Sdidy 69 Hudzletz. Steven 92 Hutt. Sherri 92 Hughes, Anthony 92 Hugtes. Janes 69 Hughes. Sharl 69. 242 Hughey. Yvonne 32. 242 Hughlett. Carla 69 Huyleft. Deanna 92. 262 Hulette. Shannon 69. 218 Hull. Brett 92 Hull. Christopher 32. 250. 25 Humble, Brian 69. 195. 203 Hundey. Joseph 69 Hunter, Debra 230 Hunter. Frances Hurler. Vlctor 69. 255 Hymore. Melanle 69. 250. 265. 266 Hymore. Robert Hyslope. Gerald 69. 193. 204. 263 Hyslope. Janell 92. 244 lbarra. George 69. 257 Imrlch. Mark 32 hgals. Jeff 32. 209. 268 rngerson, cnqma 69 Ink. Angela 69 lnkel, Duwayne 33 Irwin. Tracy 33. 234. 243 J Jackman. Joan 92 Jackson. Georgia 92. 251 JOCKSOD 92 . Ghger Jackson, Jennifer 33. 245,257 Jackson. Lee 92 Jackson. Jacquett Tommy 92 e,Jkn236 Jaehnlg. Ellen 33 James. Kris 69 Jamieson, Craig 69. 194. 195. 203 Jannan, Rose 69 Janisch. Nancy 92 Jaquette. James 92. 203 Jarvls. Sandra 69 JQUf9gl1r Alfred Jaynes. Lorl 92. 93 Jeffery. Alan 69 Jenkhs. Mark Jensen. Carl 69 Jensen. Richard 93 Jensen . Rob Jespersen. Todd Jessle. Davld 93 Jewett. BIII 69. 236 Jlrnhez. Krystine 93 JotKrin.Susle69.2 is EEE? . Alan 33- . Andy 93. 200. 256 Ann 33. 93 Anna 33. 234 Annrncrle J0hnsonBob33 55555335 J . Carol 69. 253. 261 Charles 69 Dah 93 Dorrick 69 Daryl 69. 211. 253 Davld 243 Dayna 33 Donna 69. 218. 253 Jim 64, 69. 249. 250 30. 237. 248. 252. 48. 255. Johnson. Juanlta 69 Johnson. Karleen 69 Johnson. Kelth 33 Johnson. Ken 197 Johnson. Laura 69 Johnson. Pamela Johnson. Rlchard Johnson. Rodney 93. 262 Johnson. Scott 69. 195 Johnson. Shirley 93 Johnson. Susan 93, 244, 259. 26 Johnson. Theresa 93. 248. 255 Johnston. Paul 33 Johnston. Sherry 93 Jones. Aaron 33. 243 Jones. Bryan 93 Jones. Cary 69. 236 Jones. Charles 93 Jones. Cheryl 93 Jones. Christopher 33. 57 Jones. Debra 93 Jones. Frank 69. 127 Jones. Jeffrey 93. 254 Jones, John 93 Jones. Karen 254 Jones. Sherrl 33 Jones, Suzette Jones. Teresa 93 Jones. Vlckle 33. 42. 242 K Kaiser, Darla 33 Kaiser. Duane 93 Kaiser. Marilyn 70 Kaiser. Scott 93 Katt. Ronald 193 KCTWTSKY. Kevin 70. 195 Kammerer. Kurt 70. 195 Kannenberg. Wesley 93 Kerry. Donald Karzen. Lorllle 93 Kasprzyk. Anthony 33. 204. 243. 25 Kasprzyk. Sylvia 93. 223. 254. 255 Kaufman. Sandra 70 Kaup. Troy 70 Kearns. Tracle 70. 260 Keehr. Holly 93. 236. 255 Kegerrels. Shellle 33 Kegler. Glen 93 Kehrer. David 70 Kelth. Bemlce 33, 254 Kelem, Kelley 93 Keler. Judy 33. 57 Kely. Jody 93 Kely. Karen 93. 245 Kelty. Maureen 93 Kely. Mchael Kelsey. Ted 34. 254 Kemp. Ronald 70 Kernpf. Chrbtlna 93. 244 Kempton. Dennls 34 Kempton. Kb 93. 197. 210. 211 Kempton. Steven 70. 161. 176. 193 Kennedy. Jeffrey Kent, Llsa 34. 253, 257 Kerley. Sandra 70. 254. 259 Kemogls. Christ 34. 234. 243 Kerrlgcn. Mark 93. 236. 250. 259 Kescoll. Marcella 34. 234 Kescoll. Sharon 93 Kessler. Klm 70. 225. 237 Kldwel. Penny 34. 235 Kletter. Brenda 70 KI. Byron KM. Joyce Kknball. Tracy 70. 250 Khte. Edwin 34 Klng. Brenda Klng. Douglas 34 Klng. Merrll 93. 262 Klng. Patrick 34 Klng. Tamara 70 Klng. Todd 34. 253 Klnnarnan. Beth 93 Klnnear. Kathleen 94 Khney. Kin 94 Klrch. Cathy 34. 242 Klrch. Kerry 70 Klrk. Maureen 70. 239 Klrkpatrlck. Llnda Kirsch. Laulnda 94. 218. 228. 229. 251 259 Klsldt. Cynthia 70 Klein. Mark 32. 70 Klelnman. Laura 70. 237 Krelnman. Lynda 34. 250. 255. 259 Kllener. John 194 Klngensmlth, Jennie 70 Kllngensmlth. Jlll Kluck. Tanya 34. 253 Knapp. Brlan Knudtson Joe Koble, Meredith 94, 221. 2 Koehler. Joseph 94, 259 Koelner. Linda 34 Kohhase. Leslie 70. 121. 231. 249, 255. 261 KIWUGSBH. RTTOOCQ 94. 203 ' so Kohepp. Jin 94, 195. 211 Kolehbom. Shea 70 Konca. Stuat 94. 197 Kopllec. Aron Korica. Laura Koslsky. Joseph 70 Kotsur. Briar 70. 176. 193 Kotda. Derise 70 . Kotila, Edwad 34. 57. 264 Kraemer. Lynn 94 Krd. Jon 70 Kraner. Babaa 94 Kraner. Margie 70 Kraner, Stephen 34. 57 Kreanler. Tai 94, 250. 263 Kreuzer. Dean 70 Krlck, Carleno 34. 260 Krlck, Pail Kroeger. Greg 34 Kruck. KI11 70. 251 Krugen. Doug 71 Kubltz. James 94 Kucham. James 34. 40 Kuaon. Lori Kueber. Cttlsthe 34. 234 Kmasek. Andy 35. 193. 237 Kunasek, Katrin 94, 255 Kmtz. Tom 94 Kuus, John 94 Kuus. Peter 35 L Lacey. John 71 Larler. Linda 35. 235. 231 Latortunel Carol 71 Lahaie. James 94 Laine. 8ll 35 Ldrey. Pqrnela 71 Lana. 94 LCITDQTT. 71 Lambert. Kenneth 94 Lanbert. Sheri 35. 234 Lahbridrt, Greg 35. 156. 237. 252 Lomofignr, Morvh 94. 262 Ldnorte. John 35. 56 Lanorte, Jeff 71. 172. 236. 238. 276, 278 Lanorte, Bob 35, 265 Lanorte. Stacy 94 Lcmpaela. Steve 35 Laicaster. Barbara 71 Lancaster. Janes 35, 235 Laicaster. Kaen 71. 257 Landrith, Laura 35, 56. 242 Lereavre. .nm oo, wo. 111. zuu, zuv Legg. ry 94. 262. 289 Loggoir. Jomos 94 Lelvas. John 71, 195, 257 Leonard. Lisa 71. 76. 245 Leonard. Marsha 95. 218. 230 Leonard. Terry 71. 80 Leonard, Wendi 234 Lerdd. Mak 36. 179. 193 L9S39. David 36. 179. 239 Levlne. Randy 71 Levlne. Seth 36, 189. 249, 250. 253 Lewicki, Mary 95. 255 Lewis. Donna 95 Lewis. Mak 95 Lewlson, Janice 71 Lieng. John 71 Uentz. Cass 95, 195. 203. 259 Llentz. Melaile 71. 179. 238. 250, 276. 278 Llestman. Carla 95 Llkley. John 71 Llndseth, Chris 95. 236. 249, 250 Llrisenmann. Ruby 71 Llntner, Eldon 36 Lizdds. Diala 95. 249 MUSDOII. Jf. Dennis Math. Math. Math. Math. Math. Math. Bradey 96 Elena 72. 250 Lisa 37. 235 Roger 37. 193. 237 Sherri 96. 260 Stephanie 96. 245. 230 Q Mathdde, Donald 96. 259 Mathek. Lawrence 96 Mathez. Genevieve 37. 135 Mathez. Gbert 96 Martinez, Henry Mathez. Jamie 96, 197 Mathez. Jesus Mather. Joseph 72 Mathez. Nice 96. 197 Mathez. Monica 37, 242, 257 Mathez. Patricia 37. 184 Mather. Raymond 175, 257. 271 Mather. Rosemary 96, 257 Mathez. Sylvia 72 Mastdsz. Patricia 72, 253. 189 Master. Steve 37. 256 Masters, Lloyd 5 KFIUGSSFI-NIUSQTOVG Mendoza. Francisco Mendoza. Joe 97 Meredith, Pamda 97. 255 Merril, Alan 73. 209. 255 Merrill. Kathleen 38. 255 Merrl Mchoel 97 Merrl. Jr. Frank Merritt. Melissa 97 Merritt. Patrick 39 Meseroll. .lanes 73 Messmer. Cynthia 97 Metzger. Todd 73. 250, 255 Meyer. Carla 39. 245 Meyer. Sherri 97 Michael. Debble 39 Mlcheau. Suzanne 56. 265 Mlcheletti. Deanna 73. 221. 235, 231 Mchelettl, Gho 97 Mchelettl, Lindy 73. 160. 221. 255. 231 Mlculs. Benlta 73. 247. 248 Middleton. John 39.78. 170. 171. 252. 203 Uoyd. Llod y . Lloyd. Lock . Lock . Lock . Christopher 95 Eric 36 Jett 95. 197. 250. 258. 189 Gay 36. 209 Gregory 71. 208 Jeffrey 95. 209 Loertler. David 95 Loehr, Richard 95 Lorgran. Carol 36 Lotgran. Mary 95 Loper. Suzanne 71 Lopez. Rene 71, 254 Lopez. Sandra 71 Lasey. Kevin 61, 259 Lott, Laura 95 Lovhs. Scott 87. 95 Lowe. Mchele Lower. Steven 71 Lower. Tonl 95 Lozano. Tomas 95 Ludhgfoh. Eddie 95. 203 Lujou. May 257 Lukehat. Staci 71 LUNG. Chris Lundblom. Craig 36. 203. 243. 255. 257 Lundquest. Kurt 95 Late. Mala 94 Late. Tin Laihan, Babaa 94. 255 Lantz. Chip 94. 196. 197 Lakin. Usa Larkin. Wendy 94 Lasen. Debble 35, 153. 237. 243. 253. 257 Larson, Candy 248 Lason. Debra 35, 184. 235. 249. 252 Larson. Dru 71 Larson. Edwin 35 Lason. Gay 35, 235 Lason. Jule 94. 245. 162 Lason. Kristine 71. 250. 266 Lorson. Kyle 71 Lason Lasher . Steve 35. 204 . John 94 Latourette. Alen 71 Lawnon. Krista 94 Lawrence. Douglas 36. 257 Laws. Steve 36 Lawson. Candace 94. 254. 189 Lawson. Klrn 36. 250. 255, 266 Lay. Tanmy 71 Layton. .hanlus 71, 189. 246. 249. 259 Layton. Michael 94 Layton, Nllchelle 94. 245. 249 Lazona. Tom 237 Leach. Sherry 36. 57. 235 Lebaon. Eise 94 Leclak, Taunla 36. 242 Lee. Carmen 94. 263 Lee. Dan 71. 237 Lee. Dailel 94 Lee. Kattryn 235. 247 Lee. Kerry 36. 151. 156. 231. 237. 244 Lee. Kevin 94, 256 Lee. Terry 71 l Leek. Lisa 36, 237. 245. 255 A Leek. We 71 Lundsford. Gayle 71, 234. 235 Lunt. Annette 37, 162. 163. 234. 255, 257 Liphocci, Alvaro Luplnaccl. Robert 37 Lutz, Daniel 95 Lynch. Maria 71 Lyon. Grant 35, 37. 151. 158. 159. 241 M Moc9f990f. Dirk 71. 204. 205 MocNIai. Robert 37. 57. 265 , Macphee. Craig Madden. Sherri 37 Matfuccl. Jil 95 Matfuccl. Robert 71 Mogalanez, Zina 71. 257 Maggs. Ricky 37. 247 Mognee. Joanne 71. 265 Mater, Christopher Maier, Kevin Maier. Wilian Mane. Trina 95 Major. Dawn 95 Major. Stacey 37. 221. 227 Major. Tonna 37 Maloy, Carol 72, 242 Malo. Donna 72 Malone. Rusty 95 Mancini, Mike 95, 196. 197 Manske Il. Ralph 95 Maiuel. Leon 95 Manuel, Tanl 95. 254 Manues. Eldne 72 - Maa. Scott 95. 199, 237 Monoge, Abbe 72. 235 Marino. Kelley 95 Malon. Karen 95 Makhan. Dawh 95 Makovlc. Macla 72. 245 Maier, Regina 72. 265 Mash. Allen 37 Marsh. John 95 Marsh. Kely 16. 37. 225. 230 Andrew 72 Bobby 95 . Dawn 96. 263 . Kimberly 96, 218. 219, 228. 229. 276, 278 Marshal. Tmdl 37. 243 EEE? Matheson. Diana 72 Morreo. Fkarence 37 O Matteson. Max 96 Matthews. Cris 37 Matthews. Shelley 72. 250. 266 Mattice. George 72 Marry. Mak 72 Mourh. Darren 96. 250 Maucin. Duane 37. 234. 243 Mauzy. Eddy Mauzy. Lisa 70. 72. 239 Mauzy. Richad 68. 72 Maxwel. Daren 72. 195 Maxwel. Victor 38. 56 May. Terry 72 Maynard. Ken 72 Mayne. Cynthia 116. 117 Mayhew. Louie 38. 243. 257 Mc Arde, Pad 235 Mc Bride. Christhe 96 Mc Can. Karen 38 Mc Cleay. Karrie 96 Mc Cleay. Shainon 72. 242 Mc Clelaid, Blynda 72 Mc Cormack. Ross 38, 193 Mc Cormick. Cindy 38,221,231 Mc Cracken. Carol 38 Mc Cine, Bonnie 72 Mc Dailel, Clllton Mc Daiel, Gene 38. 56. 249, 250 Mc Daiel. Sheila 83. 38 Mc David, Denise 72. 123. 242 Mc Dermleson, Casey 237. 189 Mc Dennott. John 38. 252. 253 Nc Dondd. Jim 258 Mc Dondd. Lisa 96 Mc Eachem. Julie 72 McEnore. John 96 Mc Faland. Cynthia 16. 38. 164. 165. 230, 236. 237. 240. 254. 264 Nc Farland. Michele 14. 38. 234 Mc Gee. Rosemay 96. 259 Milano. Raymond 97 Miles. Gregory 97 Miler Miller. Miller. Mler. tiller. tiller. .James 39 Laurie 97 Lisa 39. 57. 243 Lorenza 97 Scott 97 Terraice 73 Milett. Kely 73 Miilett. Sheri 39. 163. 253 Mils. Dave 73. 195 Mills. Denlce 97 Mils. Donald 73 Mis, Mchael 39, 189. 156. 237. 244. 252. 255 Mills, Rlchard 97 Mills, Jr. Terrance 97. 262. 189 Mlstone. Panela 39. 243. 257 Nistone, Stephanie 97 Mlts. Ronda 97. 230 Miranda. David 97 Miranda. Teresa 257 Misura. Cindy Nitchel. Jay 39. 235 Nltcoll, John 97. 197 Nltlch. Mian 39 Mze. Linda 39. 234, 243 Moen, Mark 97 Maltat. Roger 39. 243, 189. 252. 257 Molna. Maria 97 Mondeou. Rlchad 39 Mankman. Jeltrey 73 Monson, Rick 39. 246. 249. 250. 258. 266 Montez. Gracie 97. 257 Montlerth. Lori 97. 263 Mantljo. Frank 39 Montljo. Melissa 97, 102 MOOdY. Jiri Moody, Keith 97. 197 Mc Ghai. Mark 72. 209 Mc hnes. Charles 72 Mc hnes. Cynthia 96 Mc hnes. Karen 234 Mc hnes. Khberly 38. 249. 257 Mc htosh. Pam 38, 179, 238, 276, Mc htyre. Tod 72. 244, 261 Mc Kenna. Leanne 96 Mc Kean. Dave 72. 200. 211 Mc Kean. Kathleen 72 Mc Kernai, Susan 96. 255 Mc Klnlon. Rabbit 96 Mc kinioy. Nichael 72 2 Mc Khney. Jamie Mc Lachlan. Shelalne 90. 96 Nc Loughln. Phi 72. 250. 258. 266. 189 Nic Ninn. .ue Mc Nhn, Regina 72. 96. 260 Murry. Matin 83. 96 Mc Nilty. Jin 96. 208. 209. 242 Mc Ndty. Mchael 38. 193 Nic Pherson. Daren 72 Mc Wlans. Rita 72 McDchlel. Nike McDonald. Jm 38. 179. 266. 250 Ncbondd. Thi 96 McFadden. June 38. 243 McMilen. Data 96 McReynolds. Stephen 96 Mcwlians. Jana 96 Meade. Jonita 97. 229. 259 Meaater. Richard 38. 174. 175 Mehai. Debordi 38. 254. 255. 257. 261 Meiey. Steve 72, 250 Mehert. Tin 97 Melcher. Rlchard Melchner. Vhcent 38 Mencivi. Armmdo 73. 195 Moon. Brandon 73 Moon, Dlaia 73. 221. 253 Moon. Todd 40. 235 Moore. Marjorie 73 Moore. Michelle 40 Moore. Steven 97. 189 Morales. Chdy 97. 245. 251. 255 Morales. Gregory 40. 268 Morales. Pat 97. 244 Moreno. Lisa 73 Nlarey, Lisa 73, 235 Moreno, Eric 257 Monen. Toi 73 Morris. Helen 73 Morris John Morris, Julie Morris, Robyn 73. 255. 260 Morrison. Keven Morrow. Monty Morrow, Randy 40 Morstdn. Kent 40 Mortensen. Mortensen. Mortensen. Mortensen. Mortensen. Andrea 97. 245 Jeffrey 73 Kathie 40 Ken 73, 236. 237 Paula 73. 253. 255 Mosscrop. Dusan 40. 203 Mostowskl. Shellle 97. 263 Mott. Pariela 74 Mucha. Lori 40 Mrk. Anon Mulera. David 97 Mullns. Buck Murnlord. Kim 40. 57. 238. 250. 257. 266. 276. 278 Murnlord. lyke 97. 249. 250 Muphy. Katrleen 97. 254. 255 Murphy. Mary 248 Murphy. Pat 98 ' Murray, Jana 98. 251 Musgrave. Guy Ann 099 Olsen. 257 14 Index lvlurchler-Schroeder Mutchler. John 98 Myers. David Myers, Jock Myers. Tammy 40 N Nakal. Feicita 98. 245. 254 Neeth. Veronca 223 Nei. Kely 260 Neknan. Tracy 40 Neiswender. Tammy 98 Nelson. Adele 40. 261 Nelson. Chrls 74. 234, 245 Nelson. Dean 40 Nelson, Glen 98 Nelson. Lynn 40 Nelson. Madeline 98, 254 Roberta 28. 40, 57 Shane 74 Newbold. Wale 74. 250 Newendyke. Craig 98. 255 Newendyke. Scott 74. 206. 239 Newland. Susie 74, 243. 254 Newmal. Rick 98. 197 Newrock. Carla 74. 257 Nicastro. Patrick 98 Nchols. Brandon 74, 189. 203. 249. 250. 258 if Ncholson. Annette 40 Ncholson. Bruce 41 Nickel. James 41 Nckel, Jule 98. 245, 251. 262 Nicks. Julie 98. 244, 230 Nicks. Shely 98. 262 Nlcoll. Greg 98, 197 Nicol. Patti 41 Ncols. Eric 41. 193 Nielso. Heather 223 Nelson. Christopher 98, 255 Nelson. Robert 74. 209 Nlrns. Crdg 41 Nno. C160 74 Nissen. Ralph 74 Noble. Nichelle 74 Nocela. Wiarn 74 Noderer, Matha 41. 224. 225. 230. 237. 248 Noe. Elizabeth 41. 247, 248. 250. 189 Noe. Louie 98 Norris. Douglas 98. 254 North. John 74, 250 Northey. Debra 74. 245. 247. 249 Northey. Mak 74. 193, 247. 249 Norton. Diane 98. 250. 262. 189 Norton. Treck 98 Norton, Twlla 41. 245 Nossett. James 74 Nowdr, Susan 74. 189. 237, 245. 247. 248. 255 Nuclforo. Sharon 41 Nunez. Diana 41 Nunez. DOITIG 74. 236. 255 Nybo. Cheryl 74. 242. 231 O Oates. Staclee 74. 237. 261. 189 O'8ryan. Dave 195 Oelre. Rebecca 41. 247. 248. 265 Ogden. Melinda 41. 253. 265 Ogilvle. John 41 Okdovlch. Diane 41. 234 Olaiam. Kathy 74. 124 Oldham. Sherrl 42 Olver, Joan 42 Olsen. Scott 195 Olson. Frederick 98. 255 Olson. .fm 74 Olson. Tlrn Oltmann. Jennifer 74 Orcutt. Syndee 42. 242 Orcutt. Mchael 98. 236. 237 Omdes, Mite 74 Orta. Angela 74, 257 Orona, Rzben 96 Ortega. Rose Ortega. Saal 98. 244 Ortega. Thomas 98, 259 Ortiz, Lhda 257 Ortiz. Magddena 74, 257 O'Brya'lt. David 74 O'Del. Paula 42. 216. 217. 230. 184. 252. 253 uuell. vickle 98. 263 O'Mdey. David 27. 56. 254 Osbom. Stephanie 98. 262 Osborne. Nichele 223 Osbome, Sandra 98 Oslte. James 42. 254 Osife. Jr. John 42. 200, 234. 243 Osorio. Fritz 98. 259 Ostram. Christine 74 Otto. Jon 98 Overton, Kathy 98 Owens. Bobby 74 Owens. Dewoyne 42. 193 Owens. Mchael 42 Owens. Todd 98 Owsley. Lisa 98. 255 Osborrow. Jill 98. 263 Osborrow. Mac 19. 42. 257 Ozir. Jai 98 P Paap. Thomas98 Pace, Lonnie 60. 74 Palazzetti. Bob 42 Pdner. Robh 98. 223. 231 Palmer. Rodney 42. 193, 257 Pdomino. Christina 42 Pancoost. Tanmy 98 Pqnlneau, Data 42 Paredes. Joseph 74 Pariza, Diane 98 Polen. Laurl 130 Pollard. Tammy 43. 234 Polock. Dawn 75. 265 Poncedeleon. Richard 44 Parco. MaryJane 99 Porter, Brett 44 Porter. Gary 75. 176. 193 Porter. Steven 75. 193 Porter. Todd 99. 197 Post. Tom 249. 250 Posthurna. Anthony 59, 75 Pothier. Robert 82. 99. 237 Potter. Evelyn 99 Potter. Mark 44, 199 Potter. Tarnra 44, 245 Powel. Chrlstlne 25. 189 Powell. Sheila 99 Powell. Stacey 71. 250 Pawel. Wendy 99 Prather. David 75 Prather. Steven 44. 256 Pratt. Stephen 75. 203 Prechtel. Laura 99. 236, 250 Preuss. rod 44. 250 Price. Sheryl 75 Prlddy. Robyn Prlester. Cristina 75 Prince. Alison Prince. Lisa 75 Prince. Robert 99 Puebla. Cathy 44. 242 Puebla. Leo 75. 242 Pulzato. John 99 Purdorn. Susan 44, 237. 241. 243. 250. Ddrh 42, 153. 184. 234. 237. 243. Parker. Kathy 42. 245 Pdker. Mdk 74. 249. 250. 266 Parker. PUKSY. Monica 98 Rich 43 Pdkef. Robert 98. 197 Pdker. Bl 98 Parry. Troy 98 Parsons. James 98 Pasons. Tin 170. 243 Partel. Kathryn 74 Path. Rodney Pasquall. Jolene 98 Pasquol, Robert 43 Passaela. Fcncis 43 Passarelo. Joe 99 Passmore. Diego 99. 257 Patrick. Mchael 74. 176. 193 Patrick, Mctlele 99. 244. 262 Part, Mite 74. 195. 211 Pattea. Darell 99. 254 Pattea. Steven 99, 254 Patterson. Greg 99 Pau. Chris 74 Pad. Jcnlce 99 Pauly. Mtch 43. 242 Paynter. Cord 74 Poynter. Paige 43, 234 Paynter. Stuart 99. 196. 197 Peace. Gary 74 Pearce. Judy 43 Peavey, Lama 99 Peavler. Blake 43 Pedeft. Glen99 Pena. Jesse 257 Pena. Katie 43. 242. 257 Pena. Olga 43. 221 Pernel. Melssa 74. 203. 255 Per-moron. Beverty 43. 234 Perez. Monica 74 Perkins. Karen 75 Perkhs. Keith 99 Perkhs. Perkhs. Perkhs. Perkhs. Lola 75 Rondd Scott 95. 99 Sharon 75 P9ffTlG'I. Brenda 99 Perrault. Stephalle 75. 183. 237. 255 Perri. Usa 99 Peters. Peters. Peters. Jule 43 Kely 75. 221. 231 sterarrle 99. 221. 231 Petersen. Mdk . 254. 255. 257 Purhton, Jerrrey 75 Pumer. Margaret 75 Q Qulndry, Michele 99 Qulrk. Lisa 99 Quotskuyva. Leland 75. 254 Quotskuyva. Louaina 99. 254 R Raffuse. Joe 100 Rain. Kely 100 Ralts. Cherrle 75. 256 Ransay. Nitchel 249. 255 Rmget. Chalene 100, 244. 263 Rangel. Sheryl 44 Ransom. sneryl 44, 254 Rapler, Donna 100. 245. 263 Rqap, Dm 75. 195 Raptis, Michele 44. 216. 217. 23 Rasberry. Terry Rasberry. Tommy 100 Robert 76 Rathbun. Rose 76 Ratkojuskl. Tamyra 76. 221 Ray. Christhe 100. 248 Ray, ,Donald 44. 253 Ray.5Jeffrey 100 Ray,' Jenlse Reardon. Christopher 76. 204 Rector. Dawn 1111 Redondo. Llsa 245. 263 Redondo. Tarnl 44 Reed. Mark 100. 211 Reed, S. R. 100 Reece. David 76. 203 Reed. Jonathan Reed. May 76. 248. 255. 261 Reega. Mak Reh. Theresa 76 Rehels. Judl 76. 189. 247. 248. 261 Relnhadt. Andrew 100 Rennhger. Andew'76 Renninger. Daren Renal, Kin 44. 238. 250. 266. 276. 278 Peterson. Mitchel 43 Pettit. Dal 99 Petty. Jeffrey 68. 75, 236 Pfelfer. JI 75 Phair. Deborah 75. 249. 189 Phips, Jemlfer 75 Phbs. Judy 43. 243 Phlbs. . Kathleen 75 Pickens. Uz 75 Pickett. Jolene 20, 43. 56. 179. 238. 276. 278 ' Pierson. Juia 99. 255 Plneda. Jr. Moses 43. 200. 237 Phkerton. Bomle 99, 250, 189 Pltchford. Rochey 99 Plucinskl. Susm 75 Plunkett. Jay Pohl. David D. 75 Renterla. Fred 76. 193 Ressler. Keith 76 Retehy. Lori 44 Retehy. ll Edward 76 Rettlg. Rhonda 100 Reynolds, Sandy 76 Rheln, Tha 94. 100. 245. 251, 262 Rhoades, Abert 44. 266 Rhaades. Challe 100 Rhodes. Chalce 76 Rhodes. Emer Rlchads. Tonl 76. 217. 226. 227. 230 Richardson Rlchadson. Richardson. Rlchadson. . Shaon 184 Richardson . Jennifer 100. 263 Jlrn 193 Kaen 100 Kathrhe 76 Rlchadson, Tanmy 100, 263 Richeson. Llsa 76. 234 Rlcney, Carolyn 259 Riey. Roger Rhck. Robert 76. 253. 259. 265 Ritchie. Keven 45 Ritchie. Renee 76. 238. 242. 245. 276. 27 Riutta. Jhl 76 Rivera. Mary Grace 45. 214. 215 Robedeau. Paul 45. 56. 250. 253 Robe deau. Paul 45. 56. 250. 253 Robedeau. Tlnla 59. 76, 250. 256 Roberson. Terri 100. 259. 263 Roberson. Tony 76. 256 Robertl. Marlain 45. 254. 257 Roberts. Kathy 100 Roberts. Renae 76. 168. 245 Robertson. Steve 45. 250. 258. 266 Robinson, Jailne 100 Robinson. Robert , Rodriguez. Davla loo Rodriguez, Wllma 100. 259 Rodlguez, Victor 56 Rodrlquez. Benll 76. 161 Rogers. Elizabeth 76. 238. 276. 278 Rogers. Harold Rogers. Jeffrey Rogers. Salad 76 Roget. Jeff 28. 45. 242. 244. 264 Roger. Jufith 76 Rojas. Ambrose 45. 235 Reins. Anne 76 Rollns. Jeffrey 45 Roosen. Gloria 76. 250. 266 Root. Hope 45. 234. 251, 264 Rosandlch, Cindy 45 Rasatl, Nllchael 100. 237. 255 Rose. Janaon 260 Rosekel. KGtl'l199h 221. 257. 231 Ross. Andew 100 Ross. Susan 45 Rost, John 100. 189 Rouse. Dave 76. 195 Rowan. Patricia 45 Rowe. Nchole 45. 234 Rowley. Sheia 45 Rowley. Steve Rlbla. Fralk 76. 195 Rublo. Hector 46 Ruby. Leslie 76. 255. 264 Runzo. Scott 100. 196. 197 , Rusk, Pada 100. 249 Russel. Greg 76 Russell. Mark 46 Russell. Robert 100, 203. 250 Russel. Roger 208. 209 Ryan. Chaies 46 Rym, Denise 46. 234 S Sdmh, Andrew 100. 211 Sage, Robert 100 Sakma. John Saknar. Juliar 100. 200. 236 Salasberry, Llsa 76 Sdlas. Osca . Solus. Gerdd 46 Salyers. Deanna 76. 235 Sdza. Theresa 46. 178. 243. 255. 257 Sananlego. Lorl 46, 242. 257. 268 Scrnpeao. Lus 76. 195 Sanchez. Marlo 100. 242 Salchez. Patricia 100. 245 Saldaank. Tanara 76 Sanalurst. Charles 100. 262. 265 Sandie. Wende 100 Sanford. Suzalne Salofsky, Pauhe 100. 221. 231 Saltacruz. John 46 Saunders. Kathy 46. 234 Saunders. Lanae 100. 221. 229, 259. 230 Savastano. Paula 46 Savastdio. Robert 76 Saxon. Leasa 77, 237. 257 Schaefer. Ed 77 Sahaer, Bll 77 Schafer. Victoria 77 Schelenberg. Roland Schelske. Ann Schenk. Phyls 100 Sctieber. Dclla 77 Schlsler. Johalna 46 Schmitz. Martin Schmitz. Matthew 77 Schrnltz. Mchael Schneider. Brigitte 77. 254 Schneider. Susanne 46 Schoeler. Debra 77 Scholsberry. Laura 248 Scholz, Ann 77 Schroge. James 46 Schroeder. Patrlcla 77. 225. 237. 230, 25 wSchuhWut 35252 750. 245 Schultz. John 77. 249. 240. 258. 266 Schatz, Tom 46. 250. 259. 266 , Schuster. Llnda 100. 218. 228. 229 Schwan. Laura 77. 250 Schwanbeck. Cheryl 89. 101. 245. 230 Schweppe. Laura 77. 161, 217 Scott. Angela 77 Scott. Bradley 77 Scott. Charlene 77 Scott. Mchael 101. 257 Searle. Robert 46. 193 Searles. Rlch 77 Seas. Rlchard 101. 262 Secondo. Davld 77 Secondo. Karen 101 Seely. Krlsth 101. 245. 263 Segovla. Anthony 46. 56 Selferth. James 101. 203. 259 Self. Bobbi 101 Senlta. Debroah 77 Sem. Kevin 46. 179, 193. 237. 255. 257 Setty. Davld Shand. Becky 46. 175 Shaw. Nlchael 77 Shaw. Scott 46 Shaw. Susm 43. 47. 57. 134. 238. 243. 2571 276. 278 Shearln. Stephen 101 Sheets. Nathan 101, 250. 189 Sheldon. Beverly 77. 260 Sheldon. Rlchard 47 Shelton. Carey 77 Shepherd. Brion 77 Sherh, Steve 211 Sherlng. Macle 47 Shields. Laura 77 Shl. Lorl 101 Shll. Shawna 77 Shlrnel. Robert 77. 173 Stitn. Dano 77, 235. 242. 231 Shlnn. Dlane 235 Shlpley. Mike 77 Shlpmon. James SNDDY- 0909103 , Shope. Lynn 47. 250 Shopteese. May 47. 254. 257. 230 Shrader. Dennls 77. 204, 239 Shreeve. Todd 101 Shreve. Kenny 101 S'huart. Robert 96. 259 Shumway. Beinda 78. 231 Shunway. Rebecca 78 Slckles. John 61. 78 Slckrnler. Km 101. 196. 197 Slebersma. tleldl Slewers. Llsa 47 Slrora. Held 101 Slrh. Jotn 47 Slver, Sundae 47 Slversmlth. Gary Slvestrl. Llsa 47. 234. 243. 264 Sknms. Barbara 101. 229 Slrnonovlc. Zvonlmlr 47. 203 Slrrpson. Aprl 78. 259 Slmpson. Datlele 16. 47, 223. 243. 230 Slmpson. Jr. Jerry 101 - Sins. Bonnle 78 Sins. Sanaa 78. 260 Shdeton. Donna 78. 225. 237. 238. 276. 278 Slndeton. Tracy 47. 162. 163. 253 Slrdaelund. Doug 78. 250. 253 Skles. Stacy 78. 250. 260. 266. 231 Skousen. Dayna 78. 231 Skousen. Shawna 101. 262 Skouson. Keith 47. 193 . Dah 47, 259 Dawln 101 . James 47 . Scott 78 Slaven. Jule 101 Slaven. Leeann 78 Slaven. Ronda 47' Sin. Dave 78 . Slm. Laverdo 101 Srnd. Kelth 78 Snigel. Chrls 47. 242 Srrdgel. Mlchael 78 Smith. Dana 92. 101 Dawn 245 Don 101 . . Colette 101 Evelyn 78. 238. 250 Dm 78. 101. 259 Jave 227 Jeffery 78 Jeffv Kathryn 101 Kevh . Kevh 47. 78. 243. 257 3353 53553553355 Smith. Kifberly 78 Sftlth. Ldverdq 101. 245, 255 Cl I ll ll ll Smith. Srntth. Smith LUKJI II IU HI Llnda 78 Llsa 101, Mlchael 48 Sfhlth: Nathan lor. 256 Smith. Srnlth. Smlth. Smith. Smith. Smith. Smith. Smlth Srrith: Smith. Smith. Smith Sme. Paul 78 Arta 47. 242 Randall 48 Rodney 82. 101. 262 Ronald 78 Sheley 78 Sheryl 101 Steve Susan 78. 231 Suzle 78. 243. 244 Tlm 101. 250 Wllllam 78 y rs. Randy 102 Sneed. Mlchael Snlder. Angela 102 Snodgrass. John 78. 250 Snodgrass. Steven 102. 250. 189 Snowdon. Shaun 102 Sobal. Mellnda 102 Solara. Femanda 102 Solano. Marla 48. 243. 251 Somody. Deborah 102. 231 Somody. Stacy 48. 242 Soohoo. Brent 78. 258. 259 Soohoo. Gorran 102. 203. 255 Sorgen. Bruce 102 -S Soto. George 48. 257 sauthanaha. Wayne 102 Southworth. Laurle 223 QWRJIKUWBKI, YUUI HY Szarwark. Susan 49. 255 T Tackett. Brlan 102. 200 Tackett. Mlchael 79. 256 Tacketf. Ronnle 79. 195 Taboff. Wiliam 102 Tana. Terrle Tanner. Denlse 49. 256 Tonner. Kemeth 256 Tatner. Vrckle 49. 259 Tatlxn. Debora 103 Towzer. Marla 103 Taylor. Barb 49. 242 Taylor. Craig 103 Taylor. Rene 79. 250. 262 Taylor. Rlchard 79. 161. 193 Taylor. Stephan! Teosley. Nonty 49. 265 Tebrloh. Trlcla 103. 259 Teeter. Sharon 79 Ternpel. Klmberly 79. 227. 260 Tennant. Brlan 79. 250 Tertnlson. Bl 199 Tepner. Deborah 79 Teter. Gbert 49 Thelander. Krlsta 79. 231 Thlel. Chrlsthe 49. 243. 184 Thlel. Klrn 103 Thomas. Cralg 103 Spangler. Karol 102. 245. 254. -255. 263 Spencer. Sue 48. 221. 243. 231 Splelman. Mlke 78. 189. 250. 253. 262 Spllman. Ronald Spllsbury. Laura 78. 260 Spotten. Blake 78 Spragglns. Patrlck 78 spflnoef. Mlke 102. 197 Sprouse. Carol 102 Sprouse. Julle 48 Spurflng. Llsa 78. 234. 244 Squlres, Mchael 102. 206 Staddon. Saundle 48. 243 Stafford. Charlotte 102. 259 Stahl. Janls 48 Stahl. Sandro 65. 78. 142 Stahl. Susan 48. 57. 250. 266 Standage. Marcla 78. 237. 260 Standage. Scott 79. 193. 204. 205 Stankovlc, Jatene 79 Stankovlc. John 102 Staley. Krlss 79. 250 Stqoley. Randall 102 Stapley. Renee 48. 227. 242 Starks. Tlna 48, 248. 255 Stauffer. Tammy 79. 160 Stauss. Robert 102 Steh, Erlc 102 Stelnhoff. Dan 48 Stelnhotf. Paul 79 Stelnwlnder. Karen 102 Stelnwlnder. Klmala 102 Stephens. Laura 48. 214. 215 Sterllng. Marla 61. 74. 79 Stevens. Todd 102 Stevenson. James Stever. Rlchard 102, 202. 203. 255 Steward. Lisa 79 Stewart. Chrlsthe 102. 245. 262 Stewat, Ronald 81. 102. 101 Stewat. Tracy 102. 245. 263 Stlrlng. Phlllp 48, 235 Stlth. Vlctarla 48 St. Lads. Rhonda 102 Stoker. Steven 79 Stole. Shawn 102. 196. 197 Stone. Marshall 48. 257 Stroder. Mlchael 102. 209 ' Strazlscar. Davld 48 Stretb. LQLIG 102 Sttbbs. Wie 79 Stubbs. Tlm 92. 102 Student. Dorlhy 102 Student. Llsa 79 Sdodle. Cynthla 79. 179. 238. 276. 278 Smvat. Brad 48. 57. 204 Sutherland. Robert 102 surtah. Jeffrey 79.211 Sutton. Steve Svee. Terrl 79 Swaba. Maureen 102 Swanholrn. Chrls 79. 128, 211 Swanson. Jerry 79 Swatson. Scott 48, 242 Swanson. Trevor 102. 255 Swafz-Osborne. Elzabefh 49 Sweador. Chrlstlna 102, 255. 263 Sweeney. John 102, 265 Sweeney. Laurle 49. 56. 252. 265 Swenson. Krls 79. 260. 264 Thomas. Gregory 103. 265 Thomas. Mlchael 79 Thomas. Robert 49 Thomes. Robln 103 Thomton. Mohelle 103 X Thornton. Theresa 49. 255 Thorpe. Brady 103 Tldwel. Tlna 49. 244. 231 Trffany. Jana 79. 189. 239. 248 Tlton. Krlstl 103 Tlton. Lofl 79 Tlrnrnons. Kathy 80. 158. 229 Tlnkhan. Clndy 49 Tppefs. Nell Tppets. Shawn 103. 211. 262 Tlppets. Tom 50. 209. 253, 265 Eipph. Scott 80 Tlsdole. Jlm 80. 198. 199 Tom. Tanmle 80. 220. 221. 231 Tomashek. Davld 84. 103 Tomln. Tracy 80 TUTSS. Torres. TOITSS. Armando 80 Magaret 80 Jr. Tomas 50 Townsend. Elzabeth 80 Townsend. Denlse 80. 231 Townsend. Tracey 103 Tawser. Sherri 249 Tratter. Mak 259 Travers. Wll 103 Tree. Evan 50 Trejo. Terrl Ann 50 Trekas. Athena 80. 243. 254. 264 Trbby. Rochele 98. 103 Trornrnler. Davld 80 Trornrnler. Krlstl 50 Troplo. Patrlck 82. 103. 237, 240. 249 Trout. Jatet Trout. Wayne Trulo. Mala 103. 225. 237. 255 Trussel. Susan 80. 236. 250. 266. 174 Tryon. Morgen 80. 261 Q' Tryon I. Robert 103 Tubbs. Bl103 Tucclno. Gerald 103 Tucker. Fratk 50 Tucker. Llnda 103. 227. 260 Tucker. Mak 50. 249. 252. 257, 264. 189 Tucker. John 103. 200. 201 Tucker. Torn 80. 250 Tucker. Todd 50. 240 Turley. Connle 50 Tuley. Gafh 50. 200 Tulev. Joelen 103. 189. 250. 255. 258. 262 rulay. Kely roa Tuley. Mchele 50. 189. 156. 245. 252. 253. Tuley. Thomas 50. 241. 257 Tlxner. Panela 50 Tuxhorn. Donna 103 Twyford. Made 80. 217. 242 Tyter. Llsa 80. 238. 276. 278 Tyson. lltltskl. Angela103 U .losele103 - 5ChUl"l-WSIGOPI Ulmer. Chod 80 Upton. Robble 50. 137. 256 Urreo. Tony 152. 242 -,V Valdez. Anna 103 Valdez. Chrlstl 80 . Valdez. Joe Vallrnakl. Gregory 80 Volelunga. Reglnald 103 Vance. Whltney 80 Vandamme. Denlse 51 Vanderbeck. Cralg Vanderbeck. Jane 80 Vanherpen. Johanna 51 Vannorman. Jocquellne 80. 237. 244 Valnorman. Kevln 51. 193. 231. 237 Vanparys. Jacquellne 102. 223 Vanparys. James 103 Vanparys. Jeffery 51 Vanwagenen, Sherri 103 Vaughan. Ronald 51, 255 Vaughan. Susanne 103. 262 Vaughn. Aaron 189, 103. 250 Vaughn. Patrlck 51. 235 Vega. Jeffrey 80 Velasquez, Chrls 80 Veloz. Marla 103 Venlng. Mlchele 104. 255 Venn. Randy 51 Vensor. Rebecca 51. 242. 257 Vensor. Tomas 104. 200. 238. 257. 276. 278 Vickers. Todd 104 Vlckman. Todd 80. 195 Vldaurek. Chrlstopher Vldouek. John Vlten. Ross 104 Vlferl. Rosa 84 Vonbehren, Tyson 80 Voth. Shela 104. 250. 262. 189 Vranas. Rlchard 80. 253 Vulclc. Angelo 51. 256 W Wade. Jonel 19. 51. 162. 163. 178. 243, 253. 254. 255. 184 wade. Pam 51. 235. 251 Wager. Sherri 51. 234. 243 Wagner. Lyme 104. 231 Wd1lf19lI'h. Charles 52. 204. 205 Wahlhelrn. Peter 80. 204 Wakefield. Nancy 80 Wakefleld. Roger 52 Waklng. Jlnny 104 Walbrun, Brenda 80. 250 Walker. Chrlstopher 104. 259 Wdker. Cynthla 52. 223. 252. 253 Waker. Gary 80 Waker. Llsa 52 Wallce. Orvlle 80 Walls. Dan 80. 195 Walsh. Kevln 52 Walsh. Rlta 104. 255 Wang. Jo-Wen 104 Ward. Vlckl 52. 223. 243 Waner. Nlchael warren. Susan 80. 179. 235. 257 Warwlck. Brlat 104 Warwlck. Erhlle 104. 257 Washburn. Peggy 52 Washlngton. Rubln 80. 254 Watklns. Donald 52 watklns. Elzabeth Watklns. Gary 104 Watkins. Jennlfer 52. 251 Watkins. Llsa 52. 243. 263 Watklns. Uz 104 Watson. Lyrnan 52 Wayman. Lorl 80. 259 Waymke. Sheley 81 Weatherford. Jason 104 Weatherford. Tanmle 81. 168 Webb. Lai 52. 165. 215 Webb. Tanrny 81 Webber. Jula ' Weber, Jule 104 Weeks. Davld 81. 193 Weldst. Wendy 81. 247. 248. 261 Wehberg. Mac 52. 252 Welsenberger. Sheryl 52. 56. 251 Welch. Chdy sa Welch. Laule 104 Weldon. James 81. 203 Index 285 Welker-Zuniga Welcer. Amy 81 Weivg. Amy 60. 81. 215 Wels. Ann . Wels. Cynthia 104. 248. 263 Wyckoff. 5teven 256 wygle. Klrrberly 55. 235 Wynn. Thomas 55. 237. 172 Y Z Wels. Denlse 104. 229 Wels. E llabefh Wels. Marie 104, 230 Wels. Vlc 53 Welshenbaugh. June, 81. 242 Wende. Tony 53. 250. 258. 269 Wende. Loretta 53. 257 wende. Sands Wendt. Wendt. Wendt. Jackie 81. 242. 231 Jeffrey 81 Lenore 81, 260 Werner. Rebecca 53, 245. 252. 184. 189 Werner, Thomas 81 3 Wesolowskl. Joe 53. 242 West. Bcxbara 81 West.Dawn 53 West. Irma 104 West. James 81 West. Theresa 104 Westberg. Clndl 104. 255 Westberg. Sherl 53. 234. 243 Westbrook. Andrea 81 Westbrook Rhonda 53 . Gregg 81 255, 257. Vevdich. Violet 105 Young. Young. Young. Voung Debra 55. 105 ' Janette 126. 197 Llsa'55 Mdk 105. 203. 250 Young: Phllb B1 Young. Rodwey 105 Young. Sylvia Yomgknve. Lori iii . Kimberley 104. 262 . Kristi 81. 244. 231 Steve 104 Wtife. Elen 81. 247. 248. 252. 266 Whlfe. WNfe. White. Gayla 81 Heather 104, 245. 259 John 104 White, Lawrence 81 Whlle. Wlllam 53 whltehead. Andrea 81. 247 Whlfesheep. Roselynnda 81, 254 A Whitlock. Jared 104 Whitmore. Jule 81 Wldder. Nancy 81. 225. 256 wlgm. Joel ar Wbrlrir. Berwyn 81. 250 Wlarlnk. Sylvia 104. 235. 259 Wloox. Debordw 81 Wlden. Panela 81 Wley. Jeffrey 81. 239 Wley. Kevin 81 wluelm. Davld 81. 253 Wlces.-Kyle 104 Wilkes, Marisa 53. 234 Lorl 53. 242 2 gi 3. Cheryl 81. 220. 221, 229. 250 Wllams. Clndl 104. 245 ' Wlans, Data 53 Wlclns. David 53 Wldns. Davld 104. 259 Wldns. David wlams. Gai 54. 57. 179. 264. 239 Wlams. Holy 54. 57. 189. 236. 247. 249, 250. 259 Wluns. Krnberley 54. 254 Wlclns. Pau 105 Wlams. Wayne 105 wlans. Wilian 105 WIS. Stephen 81. 211 Wllls. Wayne 105 555555 . Janie 54 .Jeffery 81. 199 . .tulle 54. 151. 242 Kknberly 104. 161 Ronald Steve 81. 203. 243. 250 Wlf. Wlom wknmer, Raymond 81 whegardner. Davla 105, 262 Winder. Teresa 54. 234 Whfers. Bury 86. 105 winters, Shely 54 Wlsnlewslil. Barbua 72. 81 wlsnlewskl. Therese 54 Wlffenburg. Mark 105 ' wlx. Tanya 54, 71. 250 Woehler. Ten'y 81 Wolford. Jerry Wolsleffer. Joris 105. 231 wood. Erlc 105 woodcrd, .lm 105 woodxd. Tava 105. 215 woods. Dm 105. 197 Woods. Dave 55. 235 Woods. 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Richard 138 Hows, Koyle 128. 143. 196, 197. 230' Herst. Gene 138..141 Hgbee. Mr. 124 I-ilrnm. Herber1 144 Hogm. Joyce 134. 135. 243 Hlbbcxd. Klm 134. 245. 254 HI. Amy 116. 117. 243. 255 Hu, Pam 122. 123 Hynes. Mlke 140. 141 hnanarato. Cono 112. 113 Jackson. We 121. 200 Joeckel, Al 138 Jaime. Chris 131. 234 Jache. Dr. Lauren 144. 254 Jarvis. Donald 113 Jenkils. Carolyn 114 Johnson. Chuck 112 Johnson. Frmcele 110 Karfohner. Rey 116. 117. 255 kerger. Joyse 113 Becky 121 kipp. rmomy 132. 193 ksn. Cdol 131. 243 raven. Arlene 108 Kruner. Don 136. 196 Kmde Bruce 126 Lcncaster. Ethel 110 Lloyd. Joseph 147. 158. 249. 2 . Coach 229 Ma . Mcxjorle 111 Males. Mona 113 Mason. Gem 108. 267 Mayne. Cynthia 116 McCormick. Sandra 132 MCDerrnott. Della 112 McGovem. Mary 118 Mchflre. Lora 123. 235 Mead. Srirley 139. 140 Mddeton. Esther 118 hier. Margaret 115 Moody. Burdel 146. 257. 174 Moore. Alm 144 Munoz. Emma 112 Mlnez. Ray 112 Myers. Chrlstha 119 Myers. Tom 126. 127 Nadeau. Dorothy 147. 265 Nelson. Cheryl 120, 264 O'Haver. Donna 142 Ornclas. Pa-n 122. 123 Ortknt. Dona 109 Pcnao. Caal 146. 236. 174 Pdter. Jess 142. 143. 192. 193 Perr. Davld 147. 253. 261. 262 Peterson. Dftable ' Peterson. Mcrvh 113 Pipes. Dennis 132. 204. 205 Pond. Helen 131 Pmmerenk. lick 124 Prater. Pun 115 Kloher. John 144 Koerdg. Alcn 113 1 . 197 50 258, 259 Aaker-Zlamal Radar, Dick 147. 247. 249. 250. 259 Reynolds. Cao! 109. 114 Rlce. Rex 140. 141. 180 Richards. Gayle 122. 123. 181.257 Richardson. James 124. 125 Rlden. Chuck 129 rmng. cms 120. 168 Rischmuller. Diane 112 Robertson. Reed 125 Rugh. Rod 113 Soggla. Plchard 121 Savorlno. Cass 145. 195 Scarorla. Dorrinlc 127. 203 Schick. Coach 216. 217 Schuartz. Coach 195 Scott. Jay 128, 180 Selser. Vlckle 134. 135 Sessions. Greg 145. 266. 230 Shelds. Barbara 112 Shlelds. Jem 133 Sril. Norm 133. 214 Smlth. Dr. George 106 Snow. Jack 133 Sonlus. Dave 142. 144. 199 Stock. BU 114 ToYl0f. Suscn 110 Thomhll. Nome 120. 121. 254 Tosl. Coach 229 Valne. 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