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yJ 1 V r V v. A XQ- ' xK X ' s . , ' r-N ro " X- xv ' - ' S}j ' , . m sv J 1 0- r 1 ' J- : -.s ' .4 V . AJJ ci c a - ' .y M d . Ob f ' 0 : , V.-Y . -_V• ' - r - ' ,V; vA ' - -, (- " Y, . r3 j ' vy - ' V, t " t :). r ,1 cz. r r ' C:: C " .x .--x. ' r N " ' -r- UJX ' i I a 1 r y pLAJLc JVJiAUi OA oJI Bicent oc 2iiyuJ - Ja- 4) oJ c i . Ji(y - A uCjJiA -ijj:Xjuuue y CelebrationC This year, as our country celebrates its 200th birthday, we, the students of Mt. View High School, would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our debt to two centuries of Americans who have given their time, their efforts, and even their lives to maintaining a nation founded upon the unalienable right of man to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness . I ' j L tC ( ' ' , - ( , LVX_AJ - 0 --HZ) (J (. ) , ■r JrK_ u ' Always growing, always changing. -Always striving for success, knowing that we must struggle with our defeats. Taking pride in who we are - and what we are . wX cil X L V; ■v-l- ' -H ' V V . i ■ . Oh V iy f( L a UALXi - ' Ji 1 ' M s 5 11 V . - 7 } . 1 IBS oH |W62 i - : Free to choose our friends, to dress as we wish, to pur- sue our individual goals, to set our own standards . Realizing that freedom implies responsibility and that we must establish personal values by which to live. Free to choose our friends, to dress as we wish, to pur- sue our individual goals, to set our own standards. Realizing that freedom implies responsibility and that we must establish personal values by which to live. 9 - . -rir- w r Vi w j r , nrxf mm j« " -I •». » Happiness is , . . walking to class with your favorite person, beating El Monte in cross-country and football being first in line at lunch . being able to open your locker on the first day having a duck named Thor. ' t hM U ' yr ; v4 V yCLK.-4c. ,;. y (TTL (, 10 l s students we are continually being exposed to many influences at school, from our teachers to our class- nates and friends. In a year when so many are honoring a country, we wish to honor someone who we feel repre- sents what our nation is all about. Virginia Peckham operates the student store on campus, and thus comes in contact with almost all of the students , She brings to her job a warm and friendly personality, a belief in mutual trust, and an obvious liking for her job. She cares. Mrs. Peckham, we, too, care. Thanks. Linda Jo Vogel Jose Jesus Lopez Q introducing the 1976 Mr. and Miss Photogenic. 1 1 ft 4 » 15 Viking Spirit 16 . O ' V v " " M YA ' . ' . J Prevails in 76 Homecoming 75 ly f r v. " s-Mt: .V ... A As the night of homecoming appmached, tfie final touches were put on the preparations for the evening ' s festivities. Voting for the King and Queen narrowed tlie list of candidates to the final ten. The float committee, headed by Gina Gonzales and Sandy Earnest, spent many hours planning and decorating. That night, as the gun sounded ending the first half, the Varsity trailed Arroyo 7-0, but our spirits weren ' t dampered as we cheered for our favorite candidate as the princesses arrived in antique cars. They were escorted through an archway of bailoons, and the moment had arrived. As the words, " Queen Terry Galindo " , echoed over the loud speakers, the lights went out and the crowd was treated to a spectacular display of fireworks, including the spelling of the queen ' s first name in fireworks. Afterwards, Miss Galindo was crowned by last year ' s queen Alma Reyes. A proper finale to the ceremony was provided by the football team, for trailing 7-0 with only 11 seconds left in the game, QB Jim Morris completed a pass to Joe Wriqht to set up a TD pass to Tom Calderon, climaxed by a two-point conversion pass to Troy Tillett to win the game. Later that night we danced to the sounds of Villa as Danny Chavez was announced homecoming king witli court of Bill Gil, James Trujillo, Antonio Raigosa, and Tom Calderon. Thanks to Mr. Castruita and all the others who helped to make tliis year ' s homecoming a super night to remember. I ' ) Pep Rallies and Assemblies Soloist Sid Rementeria at a pep rally, ' kaau cm i tkhS ' ' 2: m Patsy Grady performing at a pep rally. Band and choir playing and singing at Christmas assembly. , f « AA_ Guitarists play " Morning Has Broken, " t WHITE ICftt OaMITF Viti Spring semester elections assembly. , iMKI J«OI3TIHWi [ I Early Calif. Days Cinco de Mayo i .A.A, I jV ' jScve " ' Voi, S J ?uncj ' Monica, Mrs. Rey, and Caria giving a sales pitch to sell candy apples. ' ■ Seniors receiving best decorated booth award. Mr. Martinez and Mr. Contreras in the swing of Cinco de Mayo. Classes competing in sack race. Folklorico performing at Early California Days. Cinco de Mayo and Early California Days, two events the commission sponsors yearly, proved to be a great success. On each day the different classes and clubs set up booths and sold various things to raise money. Early California Days was highlighted by a costume contest and square danc- ing. Los Camperos was the band playing at lunch- time for Cinco de Mayo. The student body and faculty enjoyed both events. funri: 1975 Cinco de Mayo Queen Gracie Lopez and her court Margie Galvan, Adele Camerena, Doris Cano, and Virginia Batrez. Sadie Hawkins This year ' s Sadie Hawkins dance turned out to be a great success, thanks to the efforts of the sopho- more class who sponsored the dance. It is a tra- ditional dance held during the Thanksgiving season, and the girls ask the guys, buy the tickets and pay for the dinner. The dance was held in the cafeteria from 8-00 to 11:30 and those who were there were entertained by the sounds of Watts Tower. Some of the booths at ttie dance were a jail , a marriage booth and a honeymoon hotel . Christmas Ball Queen Gina Gonzales On December 19, the senior class sponsored this year ' s Christmas Ball which was held in the gym. The senior class did an excellent job decorating and spent many hours preparing for the dance. The faculty members in attendance chose a queen and court based on their dress and appearance. It was a memorable affair for all who cameo COURT AND ESCORTS: L TO R- Ross Ballesteros, Theresa Rodriguez, Guy Richard, Lucy Martinez, Gina Gonzales, David Torrez, Jo Anne Del Rio, Peter IVlendoza, Carol Rios, Richard Sanchez. Miss School mmi Miss School Spirit court. Our annual Miss School Spirit was announced on February 6th during half-time of the Monrovia basl etball game. As each princess and escort walked to the middle of the floor the announcer gave a short background on what each girl had done during her years at Mountain View. The princesses were announced first-Sandy Earnest, Yolie Hernandez, Linda Vogel, Janet Mitchell-and then Queen Melanie Auzenne. As each princess ' name was said the oirl ' s mother gave her a single yellow rose with the queen receiving a red rose and a purple and gold basketball signed by the Varsity basketball team. After the game all danced to the sounds of Body Heatwho dedicated a special song for the queen and court. 24 Garrison (35) goes for the ball, while Sanchez (25) looks on. Valadez (13) drives for a lay-up. Spirit 76 Last year ' s Miss School Spirit, Doreen Geldrich, places the cape around this year ' s queen, Melanie Auzenne. Princess Sandy Earnest and Mr. James Earnest Princess Yolie Hernandez and Mr. Manuel Hernandez Princess Janet Mitchell and Mr. Herbert Boettcher Princess Linda Vogel and Mr. Leonard Vogel 25 Bank of America Certificate Award Winners -i-;- 9e). Bank of America Plaque Winners -s A ' ts .ibers.; Arts Cscar AgL-ila. ' Scie-csVc " , ' £-.-s-2.-.ic5 Paula Fainier Vocational Arts r „„_ij ■_ ' •--- C.S.F. Gold Seal Bearers SITii ' . 3- 3a ' ' .ickel, Li .ica- Ac. " a. ' , Leticia Z- ' rz ' a.zz, Oc-a : -i-es. ' .•QJ j «% i I 28 Fall Semester A.S.B. President Bill Gil A. S.B. Vice President Terri Lira ?;■■ ' . Spring Semester ACD n .J . cu •.• A. S.B. Vice President Yancy Miller A.S.B. President Sherri Lira 29 Fall Comm Linda Vogel A.S.B. Secretary Susan Blume Commissioner of Finance Gary Sanchez Commissioner of Activities Kim Casperson Commissioner of Assemblies Alan Kano Commissioner of Girls ' Athletic; Commissioner of Boys ' Athletics Ray Albrechtsen Speaker of the House Melanie Auzenne Commissioner of Pep . • ' ■: Donna Magnuson Commissioner of Properties Melinda Peters Gary Nickel Commissioner of Scholarship Commissioner of Publications Gina Smith Commissioner of Publicity Marl Trinkley Virginia Craft Commissioner of Records Comm. Spiritual Moral Devel. Kathy Moore Corresponding Secretary Gilbert Garza Commissioner at Large 30 ion ' 75 Since early summer the commission had been working hard on various projects in addition to its normal functions of making proposals and passing bills. It was responsible for purchasing the marquee that hangs above the cafeteria and for making plans to paint the Alma Mater of the gym wall . Homecoming was a great success, largely due to the efforts of many of the members. During Christmas tlie com- mission sponsored a can food drive for needy ■amilies. Sid Rementeria Commissioner at Large f Dan Oropeza Senior Class President Lupe Nunez Commissioner of Seniors Yancy Miller Junior Class President Robin Adams Commissioner of Juniors Gloria Jimenez Sophomore Class President Boys ' and Girls ' State ; Bill Gill Boys ' State Kim Casperson Girls ' State Towards the end of school last year, the faculty selected two juniors to attend Boys ' and Girls ' State, and Bill Gill and Kim Casperson were chosen to represent our school . A week after school ended , Bill traveled to the University of Sacramento to spend one week learning about the various governmental functions. Included was a trip to the capitol which required 24 buses to transport all the guys. Another activity was a talent show in which a young man with a deteriorated hip got up on the stage and sang, moving everyone present to tears. Every day they had a recreation period, and Bill ' s team won the flag football championship with a record of 5 wins and no losses. The trip was sponsored by American Legion Post 261 of El Monte. As Bill said, " It was an experience I ' ll never forget. ' From June 30 to July 7 it was Kim Casperson ' s turn to travel to the University of Sacramento for Girls ' State. There she learned a lot about government and especially how the Senate and Assembly propose and pass bills. Over 500 girls attended and as Kim relates, " The girls taught me that friendship is everlasting. " The most special part to Kim was vespers . It was at night when the whole city came together to talk about the day, sing, and just get to know each other better. Kim said, " Itwas sad to think of all the friends I made that I may never see again. " 1 Wlf Bill in front of the state capitol. Kim and friend pose for the camera. 34 House of Representatives BACK ROW: Sergio Sandoval, Monica Balsz, Tom Fuentes, Yvonne Perez, Sandra Arroyos, Howard Rayon, Terry Macias, Melanie Auzenne, Terry Galindo. 5TH ROW: Ken Santos, Richard Salido, Frank Lujan, Irene Casanova. 4TH ROW: Greg Cavillo, Adrian Aguilar, Steve Sanchez, Oscar Agullar, Jeanne Brown. 3RD ROW: Mike Netzel, James Trujillo, Don Evans, Kenneth Grund, Margaret Modarelli, Yvonne Jaime. 2I 1D ROW: Lupe Duran, Theresa Rodriquez, Carmen Salas, Sarah Oloniendi, Veronica Jaso, Lucy Martinez. 1ST ROW: Jodi Carrillo, Lourdes Barrera, Ray Albrechtsen, Darlene Villanueva, Lisa Menesis, Edith Sevilla. The House of Representatives is made up of students from their second period class picked by their fellow students in that class The meetings are held to discuss topics of interest to the student body. The representative then goes back to his second period class and reports on what was discussed. This gives the stu- dents in the class an opportunity to voice their opinions, which the representative then takes back to the meetings. Ray Albrechtsen Fall Speaker of the House Cindy Guenthart Spring Speaker of the House Ti £r Senior Officers S P r I n Theresa Rodriguez Vice-President President - Danny Oropeza Yvonne Caste Ian Treasurer This year the senior class worked hard and participated in many activities. A few seniors got together for Homecoming and planned a float party to make the school ' s first homecoming float. Also the senior class sponsored the Christmas Ball which was a great suc- cess and manned a booth for " Early California Days. " The senior class was looking forward to the Senior Luncheon and graduation night at Disneyland. Good luck class of " 76 " . Miss Gloria Acosta Sponsor Dee Dee Davidson Vice-President Lina Saucedo Secretary Donna Acevedo Secretary Lupe Nunez Senior Commissioner Mrs. Yvonne Russel Sponsor 38 Yvonne Castelan Treasurer Steve Sanchez Senior Commissioner President-Antonio Raigosa Photogenic Runners-up Chris Forest 39 f Senior Richard Sanchez Donna Acevedo Most Talkative David Torrez Annette Gonzales Most Friendly y wmm ' Mm Oonna Acevedo Ralph Adame Annette Aguirre Tommy Acevedo Oscar Aguilar Ray Albrechtsen Nancy Alfalla Steven Anderson Roxanne Alley Sonia Apodaca Julie Arenas 42 Mary Ann Arroyo Melanie Auzenne Tracy Baker Monica Balsz Rosie Ayala Arcelia Barajas Kathy Barry Timothy Beauchamp Lena Baca w - ISk m 1 k Ted Barry Anna Bel is 43 Sandra Bellows Laiir P-=44rTn — Evelyn Bolanos JoAnne Caponigro David Carney Gracie Bouvet George Carmona Kim Casperson Louis Bernal Brenda Bilskie -i4tt0- ' 44 Leticia Coronado Ruth Coronado Yvonne Castelan Lupe Chavez Monica Cruz Robert Chaney Donna Cornell Dee Dee Davidson Ronald Dean Daniel DeBellls JoAnne Del Rio 45 ■i. ♦iji •• . ' t M ike Escoto Sandra Earnest Norberto Espejo ' - Maria Durand Randy Eiisalda Anthony Estrada IMorma Estrada Sylvia Estrada Chyrel Evans Maria Fallon 46 Lesly Feola Lamar Flores Earl Frederiksen Larry Frimpter Mary Ann Garcia Robert Garcia Rosa Garcia Sylvia Garcia R ichard Flores Terry Galindo Christine Forest Lucy Garcia ' 4 W ' Maria Garza Bill Gil Annette Gonzales Gina Gonzales M ike Gleeson Kenneth Grund H ' l a 1 ■ J 1 WBl ' % V 1 4 Elizabeth Gutierrez Valerie Gomez Cindy Guenthart Marie Gutierrez Pam Hardman Lavonna Harrington Bret Hawman Robert Hempel l - Elizabeth Hernandez Michael Heithe Caria Hernandez Gloria Hernandez i Maria Hernandez Teresa Hernandez Yolanda Hernandez Paula Hess Donald Hines 49 Harry Hollman K w.. H M Uk Norman Huelsmeier Cheryl Ingraham Mary Jasso Ronald Jones Elene Jordan Elizabeth Juarez Alan Kano : ■ r r " y Kevin Kee Sherri Lira Terri Lira 50 Henry Lopez Sergio Macias John Macias Debbie Manderville Mike Martinez Ricliard Meza Lucy Martinez " J l ■j ■ n ifl 1 1 j H R PIH H k. ' f ' f- V " ■■-- :■ ' A Geraldine Mercado_ Robert Meza 51 Gregory Mikkelson t Rosemary Navarrette Lance Nece Lori Miller H - v z Vv . . 4,. Yvonne Moya Carrie Nazar Rick Negrete Caria Miller Anthony Munoz Janet Mitchell Gilbert Navarrete Susan Nelson Lupe Nunez Sabina Pappalardo Gary Nickel Leslie Patterson Michelle Phillips Virginia Pompa Antonio Raigosa 53 George Ramos Josanne Reyes Barbara Rcismus; Vicky Reynolds Alex Raya Carroll Rios John Reyes " V u Elizabeth Rivera Genevieve Rivera Raymond Rodriguez ThereS? Rnr riq|]P7 Mike Rogers 54 i " J i i u • 1 ' 1 } Uinda Rohrback Chuck Rose Elizabeth Salvador Denise Sanchez Sonia Sanchez Steven Sanchez Yvonne Ruiz - (1 Nicky Sanchez Martha Sandoval Carmen Salas Rosemary Sanchez Lina Saucedo u « k. Tammy Settles Jeff Short Jim Shubin Larry Silva Art Silvas Betty Smith Mark Smith Tim Stokes Rick Tackett Hfc« Wayne Thomas Kevin Thompson Troy Tillett Robert Torres Anthony Valizan David Torrez Ricardo Valdez Debra Vare la St 1 xM 1 W .. ' i. iJfJik. ' ■PK ' r Eir M Albert Vargas Tommy Vasquez Connie Velasquez Maria Velasquez Linda Vogel Darryl Walker 57 Mark Warm Joddi Watkins Christopher Wick Mark Wilson Robert Woodall Cynthia Briones Cecilia Cabrera Danny Chavez Ruben Cruz Gilbert Garza Vivian Ochoa 58 Theresa Roarick Lorraine Rodriguez Camera Shy Alex Aguilar Jose Aguinaga Richard Almanza Diane Alvarado Arthur Alvarez Ricky Apodaca Cutberto Arrellano Manuel Arias George Becerra Richard Blanton Edward Buxton Sandra Callejas Ramon Cancel Rudy Casanova Cesar Coley Ken Crisvvell Steve Davis James Dew James Edwards John Ferrel Eugene Flerro Jackie Flores Debbie Freeman Peter Galardo David Galvez Anna Gamarra Andrew Garcia Roberta Garcia Anthony Gonzales Jerry Gonzales William Guardado Alvaro Gutierrez Marciso Gutierrez Bruce Hemsworth Paul Hernandez Carol Kendall Richard Ledesma Johnnie Levario Deanna Lopez Steve Maestas Steve Marquez David Martin Eddie Martinez Mary Martinez Jaime Medina Juan Mendez Michael Mora Olga Mora Helen Moran Harold Morris Jimmy Morris William Muro Deverie IMavarrette Richard Netzel Steven Nichols Lupe Nunez William Ogaz Jose Ortega Ronald Paredes Donald Patterson Ruben Perez Gary Pino Evelyn Preciado Gary Rico Drusilla Rivera Genevieve Rivera Diana Salas Denise Sanchez Richard Sanchez Yolanda Sanchez Alejandra Santaella Armando Soliz Tony Sotero Dail Spencer Timothy Stokes James Trujillo Lucia Vaporis Carol Vargas Anthony Vasquez Jesse Vega Patricia Velasquez Joe Wright Vivian Zepeda 59 f, ' m Drama Club BACK ROW: Cheryl Ingraham, Chyrel Evans, Robert Hamond, Stacey Shreve, Richard Johnson, Mike Settles. FRONT ROW: Lucy Ibarra, Sherri Hetrick, Lyie Evans, Bill Harty, Estella Renteria. SITTING: Mr. Robert Condon, Sponsor. M.E.C.H.A. BACK ROW- Mr. Ted Martinez, Sponsor. 3RD ROW: Carol Vargas (Treasurer), Lupe Chavez, (Chairman), Pat Velasquez, CiR v-HLIIman. Martha Lopez, David Bernal (Sargent-at-Arms), Elaine Zabala, Oscar Martinez. 2ND ROW: Margaret Moreno, Patty Soils, Deanna Lopez, Bertha Castaneda, Rosa Garcia, Rosie Ayala (Secretary), Ernie Herrera (Advertisement). FRONT ROW: Eddie Chavez, Terry Rodriguez, Camille R odriguez, Joanne DelRio, Maria Fallon, Evelyn Bolanos, Martha Sandoval Chairman). (Co Folklorico BACK ROW: Miss Pat Duran, Evelyn Bolanos, Maria Garza, Lucy Hernandez, Lulu Hernandez, Alicia Monies, Leticia Pena, Laura Garcia. 2ND ROW: Lupe Hernandez, Rosie Ayala, Lilly Hernandez, Sylvia Estrada, Betty Ann Gaytan. FRONT ROW: Martha Sandoval, Virginia Gutierrez, Elizabeth Hernandez, Ana Garcia, Estella Renteria. NOT SHOWN: Co-sponsor, Mrs. Cecilia Sandoval. 1 1 ■ S I •VV w ' i H F v ' ' V ' 1 j WB • r ' Y kVH ' B B V , ' " ' 1 1 Hf 5 , j ' 4 H. ' v 7 fl 1 ' ' vc H E i i ■ - 8N »r- B B ' - i J Folklorico is a Mexican-American dance club which came into existence last year. Sponsored by Miss Duran and Mrs. Sandoval, and Norma Arambula, a student at Mt. View, along with Miss Maricella Crespo, an E.S.L. aide, they help teach dances to the 25 club members. The group has performed for the Association of Mexican-American Educators and at Mt. View ' s Christmas Assembly in addition to tlieir yearly appearance at the school ' s Cinco de Mayo celebration. The costumes in which they perform ar e made by the students themselves. They practice four days a week for an hour at a time and seem to enjoy every minute of it. Members perform at the Christmas assembly. 65 K.M.V.H.— T.V. Production WMte FRONT ROW: Dale Sam b ' ano, Tony Coley, Jerry Douillard, Mike Martinez, Ray Albrechtsen. The T V and Radio club, headed by Mrs. Pat Carratello, produces the noon time radio show and the bi-monthly newsroom. This group also produces specials, comedies and educational and college information. The Booster Club was unavailable for a picture. They have helped the school in many ways, in- cluding buying jerseys for G.A.A., donating for Pband uniforms, and were responsible for printing the programs for football games. The officers are Tas follows: Martin Goorey, President; Lankin 0. Kee, Vice-President; John Rossel, Treasurer; Richard Lee, Ways and Means; Eileen Goorey, A Recording Secretary; Felisa Montano, Correspond- ing Secretary . BACK ROVJ; Rex Welch, Carol Lee, Esther Blackburn. FRONT ROW: Midge Morrison, Joan Kiertzner, Mitzie Gildersleeve. NOT SHOWN: Paulene Clark, Darlene Blanton, Felisa Montano, Yvonne Russell, Luz Marquez, Harriet Lowe, Connie Ibarra, Jean Woolen, Sandy Ingrahm, Betty Sanders, Mary Galvan. 64 C.S.F BACK ROW: Lance Fisher, Miss Pat Duran, (Sponsor), Evangelina Martinez, Sid Rementeria, Gail Smitti, Dan Dennis, Linda Vogel, Gary Sanctiez, 2I )D ROW: Jesse Ramirez. Donald Mines, Lindy Rohrback, Melinda Peters, Kathy Moore, Grace linuma, Susanne Blume, Linda Jillson The purpose of the California Scholarship Federation is to encourage scholarship .nonq students in high school . Membership is by application only, and the grade requirements are an A minus average or better. The goal of every CSF member is to become a sealbearer which is accomplished by being a member of CSF for four semesters out of six, one semester of which has to be in his senior year. Becom- ing a sealbearer not only opens many doors for scholarships, but also helps high school students greatly in achieving their life goals. S s e e m c e o s r) t d e r BACK ROW: Gary Nickel, Susan Blume, Linda Vogel, Gary Sanchez, Kathy Moore, Lucy Vaporis, Elaine Shrum, Don Mines, Evanqelina Martinez, Janet Mitchell, Tina Overton, 2ND ROW: Jes5« Ramirez, Oscar Aguilar, Leticia Coronado, Monica Ramirez, Mel inda Peters. 1ST ROW: Russ Gorman, Lance Fisher, Mike Defer, Yancy Miller, Dan Dennis, Juan Ramirez. 65 Lettermen BACK ROW: Hector Paredes,Uacko_Romero, Jack Lopez, Steve Paz, Gilbert Adame, Art_| !ava Larry Rosalez, Adrian Aguilar, Rick Jimenez, Juan Castaneda, DjLnay--C4iait£z. 5TH ROW; Danny Macias, Carlos OrtiZj SilbeJEEamo David Torrez, Mike Martinez, Eddie Martinez, Manuel Martinez, Jose Olmos, Sal D ' Amico, Mike Garcia, Mike Earnest, Freddie Ortiz, Joe Wright, Javier Mendez, Everett Pacheco, David Flores. 4TH ROW: Tom aidgron, Kevin Kee, Jerry Gusman, Richard Bojorquez, Vince Lopez, Danny Sifuentes, Steve Marquez, Alfonso Romero. 3RD ROW: Jeff Short, Ralph Adame, Jesse Ramirez, Russ Gorman, Lance Fisher, Rick Tackett, Remijio Olmos, Kalvin Melvin, Jose Raigosa, David Nava. 2I )D ROW: David Martin, David Carney, Steve Rodriguez, Cisco Guevara, Daniel Oropeza, Daniel Dennis, Mike Defer,_Ariton io Ra |qosa. FRONT ROW: Kenny Kee, Randy Blount, Mark Warm, Dale Spencer, Charlie Gil, Ron Jones, a:k • Sponsor: Mr. Ken Morlmoto 66 Officers: Mark Warm, (STANDING), Vice President; Dai! Spencer, Treasurer; Tom Calderon, President. MISSING: Danny Chavez, Sergeant -at -Arms. G.A.A. BACK ROW - Tpi-p a R oarick. Terry Galindo, Monica Ramirez, Susan Blume, Yvonne Moya, Monica Cruz, Donna Cornell, Lorrie Palmer, Teresa Lopez, Jea nnie Brow n, Rosa Barrera, Sonia Delgado, Julie Arenas, Olivia Moya. 3RD ROW: Sheri Lira, Vicki Urban, Paula Painter, MelanTe Auzenne, Grace linum a. Linda Jillson, Debbie Pezzola, Lulu Hernandez, Olivia Muro, Kathy Moore, Carol Kiertzne r, Janice Cloninger, Karen Lenerd, Yolanda Casillas, Denise Diaz, Linda Nickel. 2ND ROW: Nancy Eason, Connie DeAnge l is. Becky Salazar, Victoria Tangdit, Kathy Criswell, Cindy Van Haasen, Heidi Gonzales, Liz Messier, Barbara Evans, .Canii lie Rodriguez , Sonia Lugo, Becky Herr, Maria Ortez, Anita Estrada, Virginia Craft, DeeDee Davidson, Donna Magnusen, Dianne Alvarado, Caria Hernandez, Carmen Galindo, Becky Moreno, Margaret Modarelli, Kim Lira, Cathy Cuevas, Sheryle Hillman, Terry Lira, Lisa Sullivan, Cheryl Leak. FRONT ROW: Renee Galvan, Debbie August, _ Lori DelR io, Janet Mitchell, Robin Adams, Rachel Mejia, Jodi Carrillo, PatS iiiarT icki Hill, Melody Mitchell, Nettie Gonzales, Gina Smith,_ JoAnne Ramirez, Jody Nusbaum. BACK ROW; Monica Cruz, Corresponding Sec; Donna Cornell, Historian; Carla Hernandez, Vice Pres.; Terri Lira, Secretary; Cheryl Leak, Treasurer. FRONT ROW: Paula Painter, Publi- cations; Robin Adams, Sgt.-at-Arms; Sherri Lira, President; Rachel Mejia, Publicity. F F I C E R S V Sponsor: Ms. Carmen Rey 67 Viking Scroll Ilk ▼ i f M Kelley Autrey and Gary Nickel, Co-Editors Mrs. Bettye Grelling, Sponsor BACK ROW: Donna Cornell, Gary Nickel, Kelley Autrey. 2ND ROW: Cisco Guevara, Terri Lira, Donna Smith, Norma Arambula, Mari Trinkley, Chuck Rose. FRONT ROW: Ray Albretchsen. NOT SHOWN: Larry Frimpter, Lance Nece, Tony Valizan. 68 chess Club Sponsor: Mr. Frank Mosher The Chess club is open to any Mt. View student who would like to play chess. In the past few years the club has played in tournaments and done well. The Creative Writing Club works hard each year to provide the school with a creative writing book which is published and sold at the end of tlie year. It is made up of poems and stories written by the members of the club and any Mountain View student or staff member who wishes to contribute. BACK ROW: Nick linuma, Joe Connelly, Steve Mount. 2I I D ROW: Dean Nines, Ron Jones. FRONT ROW: Edgar Sevllla, Donald Mines. Creative Writing BACK ROW: Manuel Martinez, Don Mines, Tom Delgado, Mrs. Carratello (Sponsor), Rick Negrete. 4TH ROW: Greg Hernandez, Rick Chacon, Dan Dennis, Sherry Nelson, Robin Adams, Rocky Quiroz, Earl Freeman, Debbie Kemp, Leslie Gonzales. 3RD ROW: Susan Blume, Vicky Urban, Gail Smith, RojEinary Sanch ez. 2ND ROW: Loretta Arellano, Julie Dieguez, Patty Herrera, Cindy Guenthart, Eddie Can( l fBB| Si f-Mitch Dorsett, Patsy Grady. FRONT ROW: Olivia Jimenez, Laurie Stirling, Vicky Mouck, PauTa ManTmorT f 69 Yearbook BACK ROW: Jack Lopez, Robin Grossman, Gina Smith, Grace linuma, Margaret Modarelli, Robin Adams, Liz Salvador. FRONT ROW: Janet IVIitcliell, Yolie Hernandez, Frank Lujan, Bonnie Pompa, Bret Hawman, Lina Saucedo, Lorraine Rodriguez, Gracie Bouvet. NOT SHOWIM: Mark Warm. Mr. James Wigton Yearbook Advisor Yolie Hernandez-Editor Janet Mitchel l-Co-Editor 70 Staff Gina Smith Activities Editor Robin Grossman Clubs 0 rgs. Editor Jack Lopez Underclassmen Editor Mark W.-l had fun taking pictures for the staff. Too bad I won ' t be back next year. Grace I .-3rd hour was one of my best classes and I hope it will be just as much fun next year. Frank L.-We were one big happy family that used to argue a lot and laugh a lot. Janet M.-A lot of time, effort, and fun on the annual staff. Gracie B. -Yearbook was a lot of fun and I ' d like to wish all the staff members next year lots of luck. Gina S .-It was a lot of work and time ,but it was fun. Robin G .-It was a lot of hard work but I ' ve en- joyed being on the yearbook staff. Margaret M.-lt was a lot of work but it was fun. especially teasing Mr. Wiggy. Bonnie P. -This year was a good year. We had good times and bad times. Yolie H .-It was a great challenge and an exciting one but I ' m glad we finally made it. Jack L .-I hope everyone enjoys the annual this year. Robin A. -I enjoyed working on the staff this year and will be looking forward to one more year of fun and hard work. Lorraine R .-It was fun being on the staff. It was something different. Mr. W.-Whew! It ' s over. (Thanks, staff.) Bret H .-I ' ve enjoyed knowing everyone in year- book and hope to still be friends in the future. Robin Adams Sports Editor Frank Lujan Fac. Admin. Editor 71 The 1976 Mountain View High School Marching Band BAND MEMBERS: Tracy Bal er Rachel Hernandez Brian Blanton Ken Hill Tom Delgado Bill Hillman Sharon Edgeworth Jason Ho Ken Grund Mike Hopper Carlos Guevara Alfredo Luevano Brandon Gray George Paar Mike Hammond Chris Sanchez Robert Hammond Gary Sanchez Donna Harris Henry Shattuck Bill Harty Elaine Shrum Mike Heithe Laurie Stirling Gary Henry Roger Thompson David Hernandez TALL FLAGS: Kathy Barry Nikki Goorey Laurie Fike Barbara Lee FLAGS: Eileen Boyer Patsy Grady Laura Fountain Susan Nickel MAJORETTES: Cindy Gutierrez Debbie Shubin Sid Rementeria Natasha Shubin BANNERS: Vickie Hill Victoria Tangdit L iz Messier DRILL TEAM CAPTAINS: Leticia Coronado Linda Jillson 73 Mr. Dennis Royse Band Director . A Drill Team and Banners % , 6 7e " _ BANNERS: L TO R- Connie DeAngelis, Liz Messier, Victoria Tangdit, Vickie Hill. DRILL TEAIVI OFFICERS: BACK ROW-Linda Jillson, Alice Forbusii, Donna Magnuson, Leticia Coronado. FRONT ROW-Katiiy Moore, Vikki Phillips, Virginia Craft. BACK ROW: Connie DeAngelis, Liz Messier, Alice Forbusii, Heidi Gonzales, Sheryle Hillman, Diane Hibler, Donna Magnuson, Lisa Sullivan, Yolanda Casillas, Jody Nusbaum,2ND ROW: Olivia Muro, Katliy Moore, Barbara Evans, Victoria Tangdit, Kim Lira, Becl y Herr, Vikki Piiillips, Debbie August, Janice Cloninger, Carol Kiertzner. FRONT ROW: Linda Jillson, Anita Estrada, Lori Garcia, Vickie Hill, Pat Salazar, Virginia Craft, Becky Salazar, Lorie Del Rio,Jodi Carrillo, Leticia Coronado. NOT SHOWN: Mrs, Kay Jennings, sponsor. ' ■ • Tall Flags . r: m M, k. f - .■■• LEFT TO RIGHT: Laurie Fike, Kathy Barry, Barbara Lee, Nikki Goorey. Flags r - l ' ' " •i C5« -5.-. . ' tSj i LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Nickel, Patsy Grady, Eileen Boyer. 75 Majorettes - . : - LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Shubin, Natasha Shubin, Cindy Gutierrez. ? tijcz:_r. - - Majorettes performing at basketball half-time. Soloist: Sid Rementeria 76 Sones " , Miss Ramona Torrez Sponsor: Cheerleaders Songs BACK ROW: Joddi Watl ins (Head), Lindy Rohrback. 2ND ROW: Josanne Reyes, Annette Aguirre. FRONT ROW: Diane Del Valle. 77 Pep Club BACK ROW: Janice Goddard, Chauncey Navarro, Denise Mcintosh, Terri Wright, Melody Mitchell, Grace linuma, Linda Jillson, Mrs. Smith, (Co-Sponsor), Mrs. Carratello, (Sponsor). 3RD ROW: Terry Barnett, Gloria Soliz, Bridgett Wright, Margaret Modarelli, Jo anne Cuevas, Vivian Ruiz, Jana Wick, Regina Rodriguez, Rosemary Luna. SITTING ON WALL: Jennifer Hernandez, Rachel Hernandez. 2ND ROW: Mary Suarez, Conchita Medina, Betty Gaytan, Dolores Bernal, Beth Blackbyrn, Martha Espinoza, Crystal Ormsby, Cheryl Merritt, Crystal Leiterman. FRONT ROW: Karen Smith, Susie Chudnofsky, Olivia Jimenez. ,:■»■ 78 OFFICERS: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Terry Wright, Sargeant-at- Arms; Janice Goddard, President; Lisa Meneses, Secre- tary; Susie Chudnofsky, Publicity. NOT SHOWN: Cathy Cuevas and JoAnne Cuevas. A Cappella and Mixed Chorus A Cappella: BACK ROW- Richard Blanton, Ken Hill, Mike Hammond, William Portillo, Alfredo Luevano, Henry Shattuck, Ken Kee, Kenneth Grund. 2ND ROW: Linda Vogel, Chris Forrest, Laura Fountain, Nick Sanchez, Kevin Kee, Rheta Gunther, Nicki Goorey, Vicki Reynolds, Ada Hocking. FRONT R iW: Rosemary Sanchez, Robin Adams, Chuck White, Robert Hammond, Mark Smith, Lauri Fike, Laura Stirling, Tracy Baker, Sponsor: Mrs. Adele Winslow. Mixed Chorus: BACK ROW- Beth Blackburn, Rosemary Delgado, Conchita Medina, Stacy Shreve, Isela Vargas, FRONT ROW- Bill Harty, Cathy Cuevas, Victor Williams, Thomas Cuizon. 79 ..iW ' THERE ' cMTRY HERE ' LiiCK TO TEAKS class Officers Fall President Yancy Miller I Sponsor Mr. Howard Rosine Sponsor Mrs. Rose Gernon Spring President Frank Lujan - r ■;.» -- « i«« 3SSSiK,«„ : ' SSi nr : i J -,i " : ' Vw TS»1-- FALL OFFICERS: Treasurer - Monica Ramirez, President - Yancy Miller, Commissioner - Robin Adams, Vice President - Mark Gomez, Secretary - Patsy Grady, SPRING OFFICERS: President - faan k Lujan, Se cretary -_ Camille Rodrigu ez, Vice President Manuel Hernandez, Treasurer - Ramdna Keygj, X:ommissroner - Sid Rementeria. 82 k(K - Pnhin A TIf: Mitch Aguirre ■ Inhn AlvaraHo Y vonne Amava ragon ' j rma Arambula _ Sam AiX Jnieqa I pri-pHa ArolUnrt- Pedro Armenia Arturo Arteaga Kelley Autrey John Baltierra Frank Barrera r ' yifl Rplti-an Dolores Bernal Henry Bernal Floyd Borquez Donald Boyer _ChjLU _Brown James Brown .Jeanne Brown Judy Burk Karen Burnham Karl Byrne Rita Calvillo Art Camacho , Gilbert Camarena Tnny namarena tty Campos Raul Cancel Eddie Cano Matt ITarney " " WlarLO uarreon Jodi Carrillq y Richard Carrll I o Yolanda CasTllas " Kevin CaspersorT Donna Castaneda f lnria Cast pneHa ,gick Chacon Crisanta Chaidez _£te«W+e-G-havez Oynlhia-CiUfotd _ Janice Cinninger Tim Coats Carlos Coley 83 Wesley Conklin Gary Crawford «i-A unne Cuuvas Paul Cuevas Salvatore D ' Amico Josie Davl Mike Defer Sonia Delgado Thomas Delgado Diane Del Valle Ddii Dyilllis Louie D Julie d " Frank Dimascio Joey Dom lnnucg Mitch Dorsett Mike Doucet Jesse Duran John Equihua Martha Escarzega Martha h ;pinr 7 " T ' Mike Estrada Yvnnnp F ;traria Laurl Fike Mark Firestone Lance Fisher Scott Flemming David Flores - I i7fl Fl(nrp ; _ _Mi Mc Fo Udacw- Alice Forbush 84 I =vv : Laura Fountain Earl Freeman Annette Galindo Kenee ijaivan Juan Garay Mona Garcia 85 Mike Hafkenscheid Michael Hammond _ Paula Ha mmond Kell ianne Harris Larry Hayes Gary Henry Greg Hernandez Lulu Hernandez ManiiPl Hprr|andp7 Mike Hernandez Saul Hernandez A Er nie Hp rr° ' ' — • " Patricia Herrera Robert Herrera Ken Hill ■ PynthiT Millmai-i. Ada Hocking April Holman Vicky Houck JVIaria Ibarra Jorge Jasso Linda Jil Ij op. Oh via Jinienez Kick Ji m enez Carlos Juarez TjeDDie KenTp " Debbie Kiertzner IMadlne Lepere Marylou Lerma ' y 86 Alfonso Lopez Andy Lopez Anthony Lopez Martha Lopez Rachel Lopez Vincent Lopez Evelyn Loya avid Lucero Frank Luj an Rafael (VTaCT s Patric ia Madrid Donna " Richard Malone Eileen Martinez Israel Martinez Luis Martinez Manuel Martinet ' 1 im McCatterly Rodney McGregor Paul McQuown Hector Medina Kal vin Mel vin Bernice Mendoza Connie Mendoza Irma Mendoza Ken Mendoza Peter Mendoza Rudy M ercado Sandy (VferrTlt aria Meza 87 Yancy Miller " Kuben Mol inar Kathy MoQ. David Ma Lisa Navarro Steve _N aary Nelson Sherry Nelson Norma Obriant Rueben Ochoa Remijio Olmos - Ifrflfi OntivprQ5; Alex Ortega Tina Overton Everett Pacheco Joe Pacheco Lorrie Palmer Ron Paredes Mellnda Peters Ron Petzak Tim Pino Alan Pulley Raquel Quiroz Jesse Ramirez Manuel Ramirez 88 Monica Ramirez Yolanda Ramirez — ' Howard kayon Sid Rementeria Joe Reyes Ramona Reyes Darlene Reyna Gabby Rios Manuel Rivera _Lorraine Rlt nli Alberto Rodriguez j, , y ppdriguez. Camille Rodriguez Regina Rodriguez Tony Rodriguez Leroy Rogers John Rhorback Dodd Romero Jose Romero Allen Ross Steve Rossel Susie Rueda Ken Russell Sonia Sabedra mlos-SaLazat. Pyit Sala7ar , Gary Sanchez Juan Sanchez Roberto Sanchez Sylvia Sanchez Vivian Sanchez Patrick Searle Joe Serna Tony Settles k . 89 Susan Sevilla Maria Sierra Daniel Sifuentes David Silvas Gail Smith Nancy Smith Deborah Sotelo Walter Speare Laura Stirl ing Cynthia Stirrat Steve Stokes Demetrio Tabangcura Hector Tejeda " T io T " ' r9 ' i Phill ip Tnrrp ; Theresa Trpvinn Vicki Urban Lazaro Valle Cammi V.aiies ' Tony Vanillo A l l V u iliqu L ' ll R;;iil Va ' irinp.? Chuck °|fl ' " ° ' Terry Veneaas _ ' -i ' -|jf fin iirn — Robert Villalobos Arron_ViLLipa£uia Riidvyillapandf) - arerTWallach Alan Werdermann Dirk Will iamson Lorene Woolen Bill Wright Jerome Wroten Esther Yanez 90 John Ybarbo Camera Shy Phyll is Young Annette Yule Kent Harty Jessica Avila Rosa Barrera Steve Barry Anthony Briones Karen Burnham Gilbert Garza Brad Hawman Ada Hocking Carolyn HolquLP — Jodie Hollman John Kight Lorraine Krepton Martha I Prma Robert Lerma Michael London Mike Mala Rachel Mejia Katherine Moore Peter Negrete Christopher O ' Connors P eter Rincon oe Sanchez Manuel Sanchez Enedina Sandoval _Sandra Segura Annette bierras Norma Soliz Carol Trujillo Joe Venegas Donna Villanueva Marilyn Villareal Richard Zayas To l g_ mi -V.t C.U X soy W ) C j...,o ,, ' TOP " — . :_( T r ' l x? ' ' r. ; X -si; you s o P h o m o r e s Class Office FALL OFFICERS: Treasurer - Bill Harty, Vice President - Vicki Hill, Commi loner - Margaret Modarelli, President - Glorji Jimenez, Secretary - Heidi Gonzales. mi ,uk J Fall President ' Gloria Jimenez Sponsor Mr. Victor Chavez Spring President Adrian Aguilar 92 SPRING OFFICERS: Secretary - Cathy Romero, President - Adrian Aguilar, Commissioner -Gina Smith, Vice President - Jack Lopez, Treasurer - Denise Diaz. Maifgie Acevedo Gilbert Adame Adrian Aguilar Jesus Aguilar Saul Aguilar Adeline Albitre David Allen Kathy Allen Oliva Alvarez Jessie Amaya Jodi Ansley iVIellnda Aparici o Jimmy Aragon " 3 jy Fred Arellano Marcario Armenia Corina Armendariz Sandra Arroyos Jebbie _ Auqust ' - Harold Baca ' i Charlene Beyer Eileen Boyer Colleen Burgess 9! Bob Burton Paul Bustamonte Robert Calhoun Paul Cappel Liane Carmona Gloria Carrion Irene Casanova ieo ' Gerry Castaneda Juan Castaneda Salvador Castaneda Manuel Castro Rudy C sUa. ' iVIike ' Chaidez Ed Chavez Linda Chavez Mona Chavez Steve Colgate Joe Connel ly Rosa Coria Henry Coronado Irma Cortez Larry Cota Kelly Cronin Lorraine Cruz Modesto Cruz Joe Cuey aA — Lisa Davidson , J Rosalie Deaguinaga Coni Richard Delarosa Roy Dean Ceasar Deleon Carol Delgado Lilli Delgado Lorie Delrio Denise Diaz Sylvia Dieguez Mary Dominguez Lupe Duarte Don Dykes Nance Eason Sharon Emmons 94 Paul Escoto Karl Escarzega Benny Estrada David Estrada Barbara Evans Donald Evans Lyie Evans Dale Fike Alfred Flores Anna Flores Eddie Flores Laurie Flores Mark Forbush Ernie Freeman Carmen Gal indo Lorie Gallardo Refugio Gamboa Alice Garcia Ann Garcia Lillian Garcia Lori Garcia Mike Garcia Roger Garcia Sylvia Garcia Sylvia Ann Garcia Esmeralda Garciano Betty Ann Gaytan Cindy Gomez Irene Gomez Louie Gomez Mark Gomez Alice Gonzales C II Heidi Gonzales George Grady Brandon Gray Terry Greene Sandy Griffin Laura Griffith Robin Grossman Armando Guerrero Richard Guiliani Joe Guindazola Ignacio Gutierrez 95 Steven Gutierrez Robert Guzman Robert Hammond Tracey Hardesty Bill Hardy Donna Harris Philip Hempel Elizabeth Hernandez Jackie Hernandez Dean Hines Linda Hoekstra Jack Hough Des Huey Debbie H ughes Norma Ibarra Nick linuma Susan Jaime Yvonne Jaime Ray Jaramillo Memo Jasso Loretta Jauregu Frank Jimenez Richard Johnsor Kenny Kee Uauria Kessler Jerry Key Carol Kierlzner Norma Lara Cheryl Leak Ronnie Lebreton Lucy Ledesma Barbara Lee Crystal Leiterman John Lem Laurie Lennig Bernice Lewis Ramona L Iggett Patsy L in ares Kim L ira Jul ie Lockwood Hector Lopez Jack Lopez John Lopez John D. Lopez Theresa Lopez Alfredo Luevano Pat Luevano Sonya Lugo . Linda Lujan Lynn Lujan Jose L una Victor Luna Danny Macias Debbie Maci as Jorge Macias David Maldonado Tony Mancil las Larry Mandervi lie Robert Manderville Cathy Mares Georgina Marin Armando Marquez Debbie Marquez Clara Martinez Eddie Martinez Evangelina Martinez Juan Martinez Oscar Martinez 97 Yolanda Martinez Carol Mata Arnold McCarley Dennis McKee Carlos Medina Elisa Melendez Joanne Melgoza Javier Mendez Liz Messier Tina Mestas Manuel Meza Hani Mikha Khalld Mikha Donna M iller Ann M iner Phillip M ireles Melody Mitchell Margaret Modarelli Madine Montelongo Annette Montoya Jul ie Moj Alex Morales Art Moreno Margaret Moreno Becky Moreno Thomas Morrow Doris Mosher Olivia Moya Debbie Munoz Nina Munoz Olivia Muro Carmen Naranjo Annie Natividad Art Nava Jimmy Navarrete Chancey Navarro Rosie Navarro f P Valerie Nece Ruben Negrete Linda Nickel Margaret Norris Maryann Nunez Brent Nunez 98 Jody Nusbaum Pam Nye Phillip Ochoa Steve Ogaz Jose Olmos V David Oropeza Freddie Ortiz Carlos Ortiz £MaOrtiz Maria Ortiz Angle Pacheco Hector Paredes Steve Paz Leticia Pena David Pencil le Randy Petitt Penny Pezzolla Loretta Pitford Gustavo Pizarro Bernice Posada Ralph Potter David Prewitt Vincente Quintera Jose Raiqosa Diane Ramirez Isabella Ramirez Joanne Ramire z John Ram irez Gil bert Ramos Raul Ramos Richard Reyes Tr.m Ppyp | Denise Reyna Danny Reynolds Lydia Rico Albert Rivera Dan Rivera Mike Rivera Ray Roderick Armando Rodriguez Barbara Rodrigucr Gary Rodriguez 99 Hector Rodriguez Steve Rodriguez Dale Rogers Alfonso Romero Cathy Romero Christina Romero Jacob Romero Jaime Romero Larry Rosalez IVIIke Roste John Ruiz Jul ian Ruiz John Russo Art Salcido Dale Sambrano Marian Sanchez Christine Sandoval Paf " finrinval Sergio Sandoval Jim Sarabia Steve Sesate Edgar Sevilla Bill Shattuck Marina Sheldon Elaine Shrum Debbie Shubin Natasha Shubin Roy Sierras Gina Smith Janet Smith Rick Snyder Frank Sotelo Mary Speare James Stidger Lori Strohl Lisa Sull i van Frank Sutley Ron Swenson Victoria Tangdit Cindy Taylor Mikie Telarraja Robin Thomas Roger Thompson Mark Tilsher Fel ix Torres Ron Torsy Anita Valdez Alfred Vargas 100 Elane Zabala John Walker Madine Varela Kenny Vogel Henry Velasquez Delma Velasquez Victor Vasquez Debbie Vasquez Craig Vasquez Manuel Valenzuela Dave Worden Chuck White Jana Wick Dale Wilson Camera Shy Vivan Alvarez Thomas Amaya David Arevalo Frank Armenia Jeanne Autio Hortencia Avila Luz Barajas Jayne Bates Steven Brown Carol Caven Juan Chaidez Elissa Claudio David Cornejo John Correia Jesus Corral Donna Davis John DeL aCruz M ike Dew James Earnest Wil liam Edwards Stella Esparza Conchita Espinoza Dolores Galindo JoAnne Gomez Manuel Guerrero Lori Gunther Vincent Holguin Gloria Jimenez Mark Johnston Ricardo Jurado Larry Lewis Connie Lopez Celso Martinez Patsy Martinez Eddie Mathis Bruce Medina Pablo Meza Maria Mora Gloriann Okein Diana Perez Vernon Pledger Dionisia Ramirez Andrew Rodriguez Evelyn Rodriguez Sandra Rodriguez Rebecca Salazar Jesus Saldana Rosemary Sandoval Roger Smith Patricia Solis Elaine Stewart Joseph Sties Yolanda Tel les Jav ier Torres Leonard Valdez Mark Valdez Jesus Villagran Angle Villanueva Darlene Villanueva Maria Vil lasenor Patricia Weber Ivy Zepeda 101 class Officers -. W k. •■ ■ • • H 2:. r " i «t r» I F r FALL OFFICERS: Commissioner - Caron Salazar, Secretary - Karen Arvizo, President - Benny Batrez, Vice President - David Hernandez, Commissioner - Diana Savala, (NOT SHOWN) Treasurer I Kathy Criswell, m e n SPRING OFFICERS: Commissioner - Karen Arvizo, Treasurer - Beatriz Lopez, President - Franl Calderon, Vice President - Juan Raigosa, Secretary - Christine Gomez, Commissioner - Josie Barajas. Fall President Benny Batrez Sponsor Mrs. Ruth Winchester Spring President Frank Calderon 102 6a Arnold Aceves Linda Aguayo Rosemary Aguilar Sammy Aguilar Beatrice Aguinaga Vincent Aguinaga Lorraine Agulrre Richard Albitre Debbie Alexander Jeff Alley Lori Alley Ann Almonte David Alvarado Darlene Amaya Debbie Anaya Audrey Andrews Benjamin Aragon John Arenas Richard Arguijo Eric Arias Lorrie Armendariz Gilbert Armenta Jesus Arteaga Karen Arvizo Laurie Autrey Dolores Avila Liz Baca Marlene Ballesteros Becky Baltierra Joiitl Bdrdjdi Robert Barajas Carlos Barcelo Danny Barela Teri Barnett Ray Barreras Russell Bates Benny Batrez Brian Batts Mary Beard Margaret Becerra Ralph Beserra Howard Black Brian Blanton Craig Bogan Edward Brown Vivian Brown Jackie Burks Warren Burnham M ' . • 103 Tim Byrne Danny Calderon Gilbert Calvillo Mike Camacho Gisela Campano Nelson Cancel Mike Cano Maureen Cardenas Tami Carney John Carrel I Gilbert Carrillo Richard Carrion Eddie Cavazos Joe Cerda Isabella Charles Stuart Chase Susan Chudnofsky Bil ly Clippert James Coley Lon Coley Linda Contia Mike Cordova Tim Cordova Ruben Cortez Denise Cosby Noa Cossio Kathy Criswell Cathy Cuevas Tom Cuizon Vincent Davi Mark Davidson Raul DeAguinaga Chris Delgado George Delgado Rosemary Delgado Samuel Diaz Joe Dorado Earl Dowers Victor Doval ina John Duarte 104 POP AAO " y .Wu ] Robert Duchess Mike Duran Cheryl Eastland Sharon Edgeworth John Edwards Tracy Engeike Jesse Equihua Joe Espinoza Bobby Esqueda Frank Estrada Susan Estrada Debbie Farri II Dolores Fernandez David Figueroa Scott Fike Dee Fisher Bernardo Flores Danny Flores Mike Flores Paulina Flores Debbie Forrest Valery Frutos Mike Fuentes Tom Fuentes Anna Gaircia Cynthia Garcia Linda Garcia Maria Garibay Noreene Geoghegan Christine Gomez Helen Gomez Martin Gomez Debra Gonzales Eddie Gonzales Joey Gonzales Joseph Gonzales Manuel Gonzales Elena Gonz ales Lisa GonzaTe Rene Gonzalez John Greaves Carlos Guevara 105 Natal ie Guil iani Mario Guitron Virginia Guiterrez l-|p|pn ' " T ' ' " ir Mil e Guzman Terry Hale Chuck Hall Norman Hanscom James Hardgrave Sherry Harty Cindy Hatler Malcum Hayes Sidney Hayward Kim Helms Corina Hernandez David Hernandez Jennifer Hernandez Jimmy Hernandez L il lian Hernandez Lucy Hernandez Rachel Hernandez Ramon Hernandez Syl via Hernandez Tom Hernandez Victor Hernandez Bebe Herrera Chris Herrera Dena H ibier Bill Hillman Jason Ho Mike Hopper Kelly Hoskinson Bill Huerta Jeff Hunt Lucy Ibarra John Jaquez Ruben Jaso Veronica Jaso Paul Jimenez Anthony Juarez Carol Juarez Irene Jurado Ken Kobashigawa Mark Krafi Armando Lauria Doug Leak Irene Ledesma Karen Leonard 106 Scott Lepere Roman L imon Karen Locken Joe Longoria Tony Lopez Beatriz Lopez J? e,A A. Henry Lopez Irene Lopez Michael Lopez Minerva Lopez Robert Lopez Yvette Loye Don Luman Rosemary Luna Cynthia Lundriqan Mike Machunis Henry Maclas Hugo Macias Angel Maestas Joe Maldonado Joe Mancillas Phillip Manzanarez Victor Mariscal Carlos Marquez Randy Marsh Liz Martens Richard Martens Crisanto Martinez Dal ia Martinez Fermin Martinez Henry Martinez Henry Martinez Lori Martinez Bertha Matamoros Denise Mcintosh Conchita Medina Elsa Medina Susie Medina Kirt Melvin Tony Mendoza Liza Meneses Cheryl Merritt Bernardo Meza 107 Maggie Meza Joe Molina Yolanda Mol ina Dorothy Mol inar Christina Monteith Ali ce Montoya Monica Moreno Cenona Morrow John Moss Rosemary Moya Barbara Munoz Victor Munoz Robert Natividad John Navarrete Victor Navarrete Ramon Navarro Lorena Mina Becl y Negrete Mil e Netzel Tony Nieblas Sharon Nieblas Mary Noriega Daniel IMunez Mike Nunez Daniel Nye Sarah Olamendi Crystal Ormsby Marco Orona Dale Oropeza Liz Ortiz Lorraine Ortiz Joe Ottrando George Paar Diana Padilla Antonio Pappalardo Mario Paredes David Parra Leticia Perez Yvonne Perez Elaine Peterson Walter Pettit James Pierce Adriana Pizarro Cheryl Prewitt Mii e Puente -foflAUd Quintero Juan Raigosa i»a I it 108 Bob Ramirez Elias Ramirez Juan Ram irez Mima Ramirez Rick Ramirez Larry Rapp Fred Rasmussen ft « f r O Estella Renteria David Reyes Frank Reyes Jeanette Reyes Dana R ico Jeanette Rico Yvonne R ico Connie Rios Rich Rivera Stephanie Rivera Brian Roberts L isa Robles Randy Roche Gabriela Rodriguez Irma Rodriguez Joe Rodriguez Johnny Rodriguez Linda Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez Debbie Rogers Ismael Romero Veronica Ruiz Vivian Ruiz Caron Salazar f?andy Salazar Eddie Sal ido Richard Salido Art Sanchez Chris Sanchez Gilbert Sanchez Raul Sanchez Elva Sandoval Gina Sandoval Kim Sanford Grace Sanlil Ian 109 Kenny Santos Jackie Sarabia Ray Saucedo Diana Savala David Schuster Adrian Segura " Tat Serrato Mike Settles Editha Sevill a Stacey Shreve Dan Stiubin Alma Silva Jerry Silva Vincent Silva Frances Silvas Cynthia S impson Vincent Slom inski Karen Smith Robert Smith Roxann Smith Steve Smith Javier Solis Gloria Soliz Leslie Speare Mary Suarez Mary Sutley Anna Taumavaile Mary Taylor Lupe Tejeda Becky Tejeda Eddie Telarroja Nick Telles Gordon Thompson Mark Thompson Cindy Tillett L inda Torres Ricky Torres Larry Trujillo Jul ie Turner David Valdez Gladys Valentine Becky Valle Cindy Van Haasen Isela Vargas Manuela Vargas Carol Vasquez Irma Vasquez Oscar Vasquez _Rachel Vasquez Yvonne Vasquez Fernando Velasco Marco Velasco Jose Velasquez Lorraine Velasquez Jess Ventura Laura Vil lag ran Rebecca Vil lalobos Sandra Villanueva . Diana Villasenor Donna Villanueva Colleen Walker Mark Walker Richard Walker 4, fl no Monty Will iamson Woody Periann Bridget Wright Terri Wrighit Patricia Yeager Camera Shy Daniel Aurelio Armando Banda Rosa Barragon Lora Burnett Elvia Castruita Fel ix Ceballos David Cuevas Michael Derryberry Joel DeSalvo Elizabeth Diaz Stephen Duran Josephine Escobedo John Eubanks Anna Flores Jessie Garcia Oli via Garni ca Patricia Godina Maxine Gomez Anthony Griego John Guzman Kathryn Hem pel Robin Hollmann Humberto Jacquez Ronald Ledesma Rosa L inares Joseph Mack ie Debbie Martinez Dolores Medel Jose Meza Pam M iller Steve Mount Ruben Navarette Loretta Neal Raymond IMegron Vincent Oliv ia Eddie Ortega Virginia Ortega Gilbert Ortiz Rufus Ram irez Michael Reaves Ernie Reyes John Reyes Paul Reyes Robert R. Rodriguez Juanita Salcido Susie Saldate Mark Settles Rosana Sifuentes Roseann Smith James Soliz LadisI ad Suarez Linda Tangd it Marcia Tolentino Mary Torrez Paullase Tovar Henry Valadez Rick Vasquez Ruben Vigil Victor Williams 111 •■«k s e it ifo V , A ' ' i7 .r ' :; Mf rV ' teV ' ' A ' Varsity Cheerleaders :j53 i f Melanie Auzenne-Head Monica Ramirez- Co- Head Steve Stokes 1 ' s - - .«; Terry Galindo Teresa Roarick Kirn Casperson Chris Brown 114 JV Cheerleaders } Gina Smith Nettie Gonzales Melody Gina Margaret, Debbie, Grace Nettie Melody Mitchell-Co head Grace linuma-Head Janet Mitchell-Mascot Margaret Modarclli Debbie Kiertzner. 115 Mission Valley League L TO R: David Flores, Everett Pacheco, Raymond Rodriguez, Coach Ralph Hernandez (KNEELING), Sal D ' Amico, Richard Flores, David Silvas, Ricardo Valadez. 116 Junior Everett Pacheco IVIission Valley League Champ - ' 74, ' 75 ' i? Raymond Rodriguez Team captain 3rd place league fuials : aRd6 Cross Country Champions R icardo Valadez 8th place Legg Lake Invit, The 1975 Varsity cross country team took its first M ission Valley League Championship in Mountian View ' s history with a perfect dual meet record of 8 wins and no losses. Setting the pace for the varsity team was Everett Pacheco, a junior, who for the second consecutive year, captured the Mission Valley League individual championship, thus making him the number one runner on the all-league team. Over the past two years Everett has won 16 straight dual meets and this year set a new Mt. View course record with a time of 9:38. He was also selected by his teammates as the Most Valuable Player of 75. Team captain, Raymond Rodriguez, a senior and another outstanding runner, was also selected to the all-league cross- country team and was voted Most Improved by his teammates. Others working hard for this championship team were David Flores, Ricardo Valadez, David Silvas, Sal D ' Amico and Richard Flores. JCt fi ' David Flores 2nd Team All League Varsity Scores MV OPP. 17 Gladstone 40 20 San Gabriel 35 22 Keppel 33 16 Monrovia 47 18 El Monte 43 21 ' Arroyo 34 23 Schurr 32 24 Rosemead 33 «r -if. K ' Sal D ' Amico David S ilvas R i chard V ' wn-:-: 117 JV Cross Country r V T ' : S K L TO R: Phil Garcia, Rick Tackett (Captain), Lance Fisher, Daniel Sifuentes, Remijio Olmos. NOT SHOWIM: Kalvin Melvin, Manuel Hernandez. The JV cross-country team finished the season with its best record in Mt. View history as the runners were victorious in seven of eight dual meets. Rick Tackett, voted the most valuable runner, led the team all season with his consistent running and placed 8th in league finals at Mt. SAC. Other runners contriubting a strong effort were Manuel Hernandez (8th place at Legg Lake Invitationals), Daniel Sifuentes, and Lance Fisher. The JV ' s get off to a good start against Rosemead. 118 Rick Tackett, Captain Most Valuable Frosh Soph Cross Country The Frosh Soph cross country team had a good season, winning three of seven dual meets. The leading runner for most of the season was Edward Martinez, who placed 2nd at league finals and was the team ' s Most Valuable Player. Doing a fine job for the team were A! Romero, Brandon Gray, Paul Escoto and Javier Mendez, who placed 7th at league finals and ran for Varsity in several meets. Edward Martinez - MVP ■. BACK ROW: Tony Juarez, Javier Mendez, Brandon Gray, Richard Martens, Jose Olmos. FRONT ROW- Rufus Ramirez, Edward Martinez, Steve Rodriguez, Al Romero, Paul Escoto. 119 Varsity Football 1975 t .4 . ' ik: , : BACK ROW: Ralph Adame, Danny Chavez, Richard Ledesma, Kevin Thompson, Greg Hernandez, Charlie Gil, Anthony Gonzales, Albert Vargas, 3RD ROW: Dave Carney, Steve Paz, Alex Raya, Mike Heithe, Antonio Raigosa, Mike Earnest, David Martin, John Baltierra, Jesse Lopez, 2ND ROW: Terry Macias, Mark Warm, Steve Marquez, Kevin Kee, Willie Guardado, Bill Gil, Troy Tillett, Darren Wallach, Dirk Williamson, David Torres, FRONT ROW: Danny Oropeza, Jim Morris, Mike Martinez, Joe Wright, Paul Hernandez, John Reyes, TomCalderon. r Mr. Casper Head Coach VARSITY SCORES MV OPP. 14 Ontario 8 27 Gladstone 6 13 San Gabriel 56 7 Keppel Monrovia 35 25 El Monte 16 8 Arroyo 7 6 Schurr 24 6 Rosemead 15 Record: 5 wins, 4 losses denotes leagt je games Mr. Kleine Defensive Coordinator 2Q Mr. Chavez L inebackers I 1 Mr. Morimoto Offensive Line Mr. Granados Defensive L Ine I lit I L i. y,TV,f Mr. Dalton Offensive Baclcs Guardado (24) leads blocking for Gil (5). Carney (27) prepares to tackle an El Monte back. Eluding a Rosemead defender, Tillet (19) makes a fine run. Managers-BACK ROW: R. Bojorguez, V. Lopez, FRONT ROW: J. Ybarbo, B. Estrada. SEASON HIGHLIGHTS The varsity football team playecJ several fine games this season as tliey producetd the first winning sea- son for Mt. View by (defeating five of their nine opponents. After winning both pre-season games, the Vikings lost lopsi(Je(J games to Monrovia m6 San Gabriel but showed determination and pride to bring back victories against Keppel, El Monte and Arroyo. The win against El Monte was the first for a Viking varsity football team, and it was exciting for the players, coaches and fans. Against Arroyo the team played the most thrilling 11 seconds of football in the school ' s history to score a last-minute victory for homecoming (see page 19 for details). The team victories had to share the limelight, how- ever, with several individuals who set personal and school season records. Tailback Bill Gil seta single season rushing mark as he gained 443 yards on 103 carries and scored 4 touchdowns. Split end Joe Wright caught 23 passes for 389 yards and two touchdowns, while QB Jim Morris completed 60 of 130 passes for 730 yards and 9 TD ' s. The defensive unit was outstanding also as two of its players were named to the 2nd team All-League, Albert Vargas for his fine play at defensive tackle and Charlie Gil who played well at safety. Linebacker Danny Chavez set a single season record for most tackles as he totaled 109 tackles on the year. 121 Awards 1975 ■■■ . I Albert Vargas 71 All League 2nd Team - Defensive Tackle Most Valuable Player Charlie Gil «99 All League 2nd Team - Defensive Back Most Improved Player Ralph Adame - GPA 3.6 Rick Chacon - GPA 3.6 Co-Captains Danny Chavez Jim Morris 122 ■ M Ralph Adame C Ontario Players of the Week Troy Tillett SE Gladstone Mike Heithe OT San Gabriel Albert Vargas DT Keppel Danny Chavez MLB Monrovia A Dave Carney LB El Monte T? ' V Charlie Gil DB Arroyo Steve Sanchez DT Schurr David Torrez LB Rosemead 123 Varsity Volleyball BACK ROWrCarIa Hernandez, Linda IMickel, Monica Cruz, LuLu Hernandez, Coach Rey. FRONT ROW j jr iille Rnriri giip:?, Yvonne Dee Dee Davidson. With their fine spirit and excellent display of teamwork, the Varsity volleyball team put together the best win-loss record they ' ve had in three years of GIF competition. Highlights of the season included victories over Arroyo and El Monte in the first round of play. Outstanding players for the Vikings were Yvonne Moya, MVP, with her great sets, LuLu Hernandez with her fine spiking form, and doing a consistent job of serving were Terry Galindo, Caria Hernandez and Monic a Cruz. loya. ' ■. ' . " .■■ iv.viSJ ' f?! 124 Yvonne Moya - Most Valuable Player JV Volleyball BACK ROW: Coach Jennings, Cheryl Leak, Olivia IVIoya, Denise Diaz, Liz Messier FRONT ROW; Julie Arenas, Lorrie Palmer, Joanne Ramirez. The Junior Varsity volleyball team played well all through the season. Like the Varsity team, the JV ' s recorded tfieir best win-loss season in three years. The JV ' s, led by MVP Liz Messier, displayed good teamwork as they came from behind in 65 percent of their matches to tie their opponents and go into a deciding third game. Serving consistently for the Vikings were Julie Arenas, Annette Galindo, Cheryl Leak, and Renee Galvan. Demonstrating the combination of " Bump, set and spike " were Olivia Moya, Denise Diaz, and Lorrie Palmer, Joanne Ramirez, voted the Most Improved Player, also did a fine job on the court. 12S JV Football BACK ROW: Coach Chavez, Art Rodrigue , Jerry Guzman, Danny IVIacias,( Freddie Ortiz)) Adrian Aguilar,, Cecil Rama?, Art Nava, Mike,Hammond. (Gilbert T amop Alfred Flores, Coach Dalton. 2WD ROW: Kenny Kee, Randy Blount, Roger Smi ' th, Carlos Ortiz,)GiIbert Adame, Jack Lopez, Gary Sanchez, Hector Par.edes, David Nava, Mike Walden. FRONT ROW: Larry Rosalez, Juan Castaneda, Mark Forbush, Andy Lopez, Mike Garcia Frank Lujan Ralph Potter, ()oe Reyes JJacko Romero Joe Connelly. - ' After losing two close pre-season games to Ontario and Gladstone, the JV ' s came back to win their next five games in a row. Leading the JV ' s through those wins were Gil Adame who improved every game at quarterback; Art Nava who proved to be the hardest hitter on the team; Gary Sanchez with good running and fine catches; and MVP Mark Forbush who had many great, game-winning catches. The team was well-disciplined, highly spirited and all the players worked hard, even in defeat in the championship game against Rosemead. The JV ' s played hard and never quit, which exemplified tlieir fine attitude. JV SCORES MV OPP. 13 Ontario 16 14 Gladstone 16 2 San Gabriel 8 Keppel 7 31 Monrovia 8 EI Monte 6 2 -Arroyo 12 Workman 6 2 " Schurr 12 Rosemead 27 Garcia gaining valuable yardage. Co-captains Nava and Adame with Coach Dalton. Lopez hangs on for the tackle. 2b Frosh Football BACK ROW: Coach Wigton, Tom Fuentes, Oscar Vasquez, Ray Saucedo, Eddie Salido, Armando Lauria, Martin Gomez, Victor Dovalina, Nelson Cancel, Ben Batrez, Tom Hernandez, Coach Platis. 2I 1D ROW: Steve Smith, Victor Mariscal, Joel DeSalvo, Mario Paredes, Greg Calvlllo, Mike Duran, Brian Blanton, Tony Pappalardo, Bill Hillman, Randy Roche, Joe Rodriguez. FRONT ROW: Randy Marsh, Dan Shubin, Jose Espinoza, Robert Barajas, Tom Castaneda, Johnny Rodriguez, Vince Davi, David Reyes, Chris Sanchez, Robert Rodriguez. This year ' s frosh football team came upon a disappointing year as they finished the season with a one-win and eight-loss record. The lone win came against our arch rivals, the El Monte Lions, as they shut them out 12-0. Leading the team in rushing this year was quarterback Tom Hernandez, with 205 yards on 49 carries. Co-captain Carlos Guevara also had a good season rushing as he scored two TD ' s for the offense. The leading pass receiver, David Reyes, had 4 receptions for 83 yards and two touchdowns. Pacing the defensive unit was the Most Valuable Player, co-captain Randy Roche with 54 tackles, safety Mario Paredes with 5 interceptions, and doing a fine job as defensive linebacker was Kenny Santos. Also contributing to the defensive effort was Eddie Salido and Oscar Vasquez. IB t»Hn nu I u f 1 1 ■ MVP Randy Roche driving for yardage. QB Tom Hernandez on an end sweep. 127 GAA BACK ROW: Coach Nelson, Donna Cornell, Sherri Lira, Rachel Mejia, Debbie Pezzola, Sonia Lugo, Vicki Urban. FRONT ROW: Becky Moreno, Susan Blume, Grace linuma, Paula Painter. r 7! ' 4i!i ' iWij Jl f i | 5» mm S- Donna Cornell, Coaches ' Award Senior, 3 years Varsity Sherri Lira, Most Valuable Player Senior, 3 years Varsity Paula Painter Most Improved Player US Tennis ft»i -»»»,,... SBl- lt Karen Leonard shows correct way of serving. Season Summary The Varsity tennis team did an outstanding job this year as they improved upon last year ' s effort in many areas. Although they managed only one team win, the team always fought to the end and never gave up. The players worked very hard this year, attending practices each morning before school. Sherri Lira, voted the most valuable player, completed her tliird year on the varsity team, as did Donna Cornell, who recieved the Coaches ' Award for her leadership and positive attitude. Botli Sherri and Donna reached the second round of play in singles competition at the league playoffs. The JV squad consisted entirely of first-year players with little or no playing experience. However, tlie team showed great dedication which resulted in a winning performance against Monrovia. Carmen Galindo, MVP, played consistently in every match, and the doubles team of Cindy Van Haasen, the most improved player, and Dianne Alvarado also did a fine Job throughout the season. BACK ROW: L TO R - Cathy Cuevas, Karen Leonard, Carmen Galindo, Gloria Solis, Coach Acosta. FRONT ROW; Wane Cindy Van Ha lsen, Teresa Lopez, Bridget Wright, Rosa Barrera. 1 9 Varsity Senior Earl Frederickson (51)-6 ' 3 " Most Valuable Player Honorable Mention All League Junior Joe Sanchez (25)-5 ' 9 The 1975-76 season saw the varsity finish with an overall 12 win-12 loss record. It was a successful season for the team, considering that only one letterman was a returnee from last year ' s squad. Two of the highlights of the year for the varsity were: (1) highest point total for a Mountain View team - 84 points against Sierra Vista; (2) best defensive effort in a 45-37 win over El Monte. Leading the team in scoring was Tim Coats with 247 points, followed by Earl Frederickson with 225. Coats and Frederickson also led the team in rebounds with 169 and 134, respectively. Fred Valadez ' record setting 16 assists against Schurr helped him move into 2nd place in Mountain View records with a total of 146 assists. 1J0 Senior Fred Valadez (13)-5 ' 2y2 " Most Inspirational Honorable Mention All League Junior Charlie Gil (41)-5 ' 11 " Basketball statisticians- Ron Jones, Nick Sanchez. NOT SHOWN: Manager Tony Vallzan. UL ' ' 1 BB K. T l ra K V r v H B ' ' . B 4II Senior Steve Davis (45)-6 ' 2 " Senior Mark Wilson (15)-5 ' 10 " Coach- Ray Fields ' r-Jaa- S 131 Junior Greg Garrison (35)-5 ' 10 " Junior Tim Coal J.V. Sophomore Basketball STANDING L TO R: Mike Folden, John Ybarbo, Freddie Ortiz, Coach Harrington, Armando Rodriguez, Dirk Williamson, Allen Ross, Noa Cossio. KNEELING: Kuben Castaneda, Joe Reyes. NOT SHOWN: John Alvarado. Team leader Folden setting up scoring play against Keppel. The JV ' s played well during the season in spite of what their record shows. Leading the team in scoring were Armando Rodriguez MVP and Mike Folden, each averaging 11 points per game , Others doing a good job for the team were Dirk Williamson, Allen Ross, and Freddie Ortiz. The Sophomore team played consistently all season as they finished league play with an 8-6 win-loss record (the best record by a Mountain View sophomore team) and giving them third place in league standings. Leading the team in scoring for the season were David Malclonado, with 168 points, and Alfred Flores with 167 points, both averaging 12 points per game. Other team leaders were: Jose Raigosa with 36 steals, Alfred Flores with 149 rebounds, and Carlos Ortiz with 46 assists. All team members played well and contributed to the successful season. pj-,. !s BACI ; ROW: David Malcfonado, Alfred Flores, Henry Velasquez, Steve Paz. |_ Uuijuwi 2ND ROW: Steve Ramos, John Lopez, Jacko Romero, Jose Raigosa, Coach - Oxl., »-o i Davis. FRONT ROW: Mgr. Mark Kraft J3e " Cue a|; Mark Gomez, Mike GarcHaT I Lee Wikoff, NOT SHOWN: Carlos Ortiz. " " " " " 5 a, - 132 David Maldonado-MVP Freshman Frosh Soph Basketball ■ - --i ' J L TO R: Juan Raigosa, Danny Flores, David Reyes, Joe Ottrando, Oscar Vasquez, Tom Hernandez, Bob Duchess, Roberto Barajas, Monty Williamson, Vince Davi, Coach Dalton. Joe Ottrando scoring on the fast break. The 75-76 Fresh Basketball team did a fine job all season as they closed league action with 8 wins and 6 losses. MVP Tom Hernandez and guard Joe Ottrando led the team all year with their consistent play and high scoring. Displaying both offensive and defensive skills were Bob Duchess, David Reyes, and Monty Williamson. Coming off the bench to do a good job were Danny Flores and Oscar Vasquez. All members played well. The Frosh Soph team completed one of the best seasons in the history of the school . A positive attitude by each team member was the main contribution to an excellent team effort. Individuals leading the team were Lynn Lujan and Art Salcido. Each player on the team saw action in almost every game. Art lalcido (with the ball) Most Valuable Player BACK ROW: Mgr. Ray Regron, Chuck Hall, Ed Salido, Benny Batrez, Art Salcido, Mike Camacho, Coach Casper. FRONT ROW: Lynn Lujan, Richard Bojorquez, Craig Bogan, Steve Rodriguez, Mike Rivera, Chris Herrera. NOT SHOWN: Richard Salido. 133 Soccer Jesus Aguilar (lO)-lst team all-league. Selected to 1st team CIF (3-A Division). Sanchez stops goal attempt. i- 3_ ' VARSITY: BACK ROW- Coach Martinez, Javier Mendez, Arturo Arteaga, Roberto Sanchez, Jesus Aguilar, Rafeal Zavala, Juan IVIendez, Alvaro Gutierrez, Coach Ontiveros. FRONT ROW- Felix Ceballos, Jose Luna, Ramon Hernandez, Hector Paredes, Angel O ' Cana, Ricardo Valadez, Gustavo Dettmer. n - tUtlll_H.lmhi Aguilar moves ball toward the goal. Ceballos (2) on the attack. 134 The soccer club, playing Its first year in the Mission Valley League, ended Its season with a 10 win-9 loss overall record. The team performed well and looks very promising for the coming years. The majority of the players are now in their second year playing as a team and will be returning lettermen next year. The highlight of the season came in the Montebello Invitational Soccer Tournament, where the varsity squad won the fourth place consolation trophy by beating Workman and Webb High Schools, losing only to Alhambra. Leading the varsity in scoring were center- forward Javier Mendez with 12 goals and right-winger Gustavo Dettmer with 9 goals. Jesus Aguilar was selected the most valuable player, while Dettmer garnered most improved honors. Bernardo Flores received the most valuable player award for the junior varsity. Guevara shows kicking form. m ■m;-yf ' ' • ■• ■ ' t ' ' - Olmos moves to block a kick. A varsity player moves ball down the field. JV ' S: BACK ROW- Kalvin Melvin, Remijio OInios, Alex Morales, Mike Hafkensheid, Jose Olmos, Henry Bernal , Cojch Ontiveros. PROMT ROW- Carlos Guevara, Sergio Sandoval, Bill Hillman, Bernardo Flores, Mike Duran, Lance Fisher. 135 G.A.A. Varsity S. Lira drives down the court for an easy lay-up. BACK ROW: Kim Lira, Caria Hernandez, Monica Cruz, Donna Cornell, Cindy Van Haasen, Connie Rios, Terri Lira. KNEELING: Sherri Lira, Pat Cordova, Becky Moreno, Kathy Criswell. TheGirls ' Varsity Basketball team is already showing great promise for the future. Five players returning from last year giving the team inspir- ation and direction were: Donna Cornell, Monica Cruz, CarIa Hernandez, Sherri and Terri Lira, all of whom made up the starting lineup. Players on the bench deserving recognition for showing great skill and ability were: Pat Cordova, Kim Lira, Kathy Criswell, Becky Moreno, Connie Rios and Cindy Van Haasen. With the starting lineup graduating this year, these girls will return to next year ' s squad in hopes of a starting position. Criswell demonstrates ball handling ability. Asst. Coach- Ken Morimoto Head Coach-Gloria Acosta 136 Basketball Cruz drives four-on-one against EI Monte. Cornell is fouled from behind but scores anyway. «sl»a in ' T. Lira scores through heavy traffic. Moreno scores 2 on an easy lay-up. 137 JV Basketball BACK ROW: Rosemarie Moya, Gabriela Rodriguez, Teresa Lopez, Lorrie Palmer, Kathy Barry, Terri Wright, FRONT ROW: Jacl ie Sarabia, Diane Alvarado, Lourdes Barrera, Rachel Mejia, Karen Leonard. Not Shown: Lu Lu Hernandez, Jennifer Herna ndez, Coach Small. The JV squad had a commendable season this past year. Having only one returning player and twelve rookies, they improved in skill and playing ability as the season pro- gressed. The team captain, Lourdes Barrera, shared her knowledge of the game and in- spired the team to " hustle " and thus made it possible to have a well disciplined team on the court. LuLu Hernandez goes through the lane for two. 138 Captain Lourdes Barrera setting up the offense. JV Wrestling BACK ROW: Coach Dave Smith, Victor Mariscal, Chuck Zambrano, Frank Sutley, Gilbert Adame, Adrian Aguilar, Freddie Navarro, Coach Jim Wigton. FRONT ROW: Dan Shubin, Gilbert Carrillo, Tom Castaneda, Mario Paredes, Juan Castaneda, John Carrell. The Junior Varsity wrestling team narrowly missed posting a perfect season as they lost a close match to Rosemead, 18-20, to end up as league champions, sharing the title with Arroyo and Rosemead. The JV ' s participated in two tournaments, and several wrestlers distinguished themselves. At the Baldwin Park Novice tournament, medal winners were: Freddie Navarro (157 lbs.), Tom Castaneda (106 lbs.). Memo Jasso (136 lbs.), and Juan Castaneda (123 lbs.) . At the Arroyo Frosh Soph Tournament, Mario Paredes (115 lbs.), Adrian Aguilar (148 lbs.) and Frank Sutley (168 lbs.) all were undefeated to win individual championships at their respective weights. Aguilar capped a fine season on the JV ' s (he was voted the most valuable wrestler and had a 9-3 win- loss record) as he placed fourth for the varsity at the league finals. Other wrestlers with fine season records were: Mario Paredes 11 wins-2 losses, Freddie Navarro 10 wins-2 losses, Steve Maestas 6 wins-1 loss, Frank Sutley 9 wins- 3 losses. " " ' " " " " ' " JV WRESTLING SCORES Freddie Navarro (157 lbs.) Co-captain MV OPP. 43 Sierra Vista 21 41 ■-■-Keppel 14 56 El Monte 12 28 Arroyo 20 30 Schurr 24 18 Rosemead 20 63 San Gabriel Adrian Aguilar (14B lbs.) JV Most Valuable 4th place Varsity-league finals leaaue finals Steve Maesiis (123 lbs.) Co -captain Varsity Senior Gary Pino (123 lbs.) League Champion, 17 wins-8 losses 4th place Baldwin Park, Santa Fe tourn. The varsity wrestling team finished the season with a five win-two loss record in league which put them in third place behind Arroyo and Schurr. Highlights of the season included first time wins over cross-town rivals El Monte (48-20) and Rosemead (39-21). Individually, Mt. View varsity wrestlers captured 19 medals in tournament competition, including seven medalists at league finals. Senior Dave Carney, the most valuable wrestler, led the team as he won 24 matches and placed 6th at the CIF prelims. Gary Pino became only the second wrestler in Viking history to win an individual league championship as he was undefeated in league dual meets. Also hav- ing a fine season was Senior Mike Heithe who finished witha 16 win-9 loss record and placed in three tournament. Coach Dave Smith I K . Senior Kevin Kee (168 lbs.) Co-captain Senior Terry Macias (194 lbs.) Jack Lopez (141 lbs.) 4th place La Puente Tourn. 140 Senior Albert Vargas (238 lbs.) 4th place league; 2nd La Puente Tourn. Art Nava (136 lbs.) 3rd place league; 2nd La Puente Touin. Wrestling Senior Mike Heithe (178 lbs.) 2nd place league; 16 wins-9 losses 4th place Northview, La Puente Tourn. I Memo Jasso (130 lbs.) Rick Jimenez (106 lbs.) 8 wins-7 losses 2ncl place Baldwin Park Tourn. 4th- La Puente Tourn. Henry Coronado (98 lbs.) 5 wins-3 losses-1 draw Dale Fike (115 lbs.) 7 wins-7 losses Mike Roste (115 lbs.) 2nd place league Senior Dave Carney (157 lbs.) 2nd place league, 24 wins-6 lossos-1 draw 3rd-Santa Fe, La Puente, Morthviow Tourn. i 141 1975 Mission Valley BACK ROW: Antonio Raigosa, Greg Garrison, Cisco Guevara, Willie Guardado, Alex Raya, Robert Hempel. FR Maestas, Mike Folden, Daren Wallach, Troy Tillett, Jeff Short, Bill G il, Freddie Navarro. NOT SHOWN: Mark Warm. The 1975 Varsity Baseball team captured their first league title and advanced into the 2nd round of CIF play-offs. The Viking defense played well but was overpowered by number one ranked Damien High School, 8-3. Robert Hempel was selected to the 1st team All League. Hempel will return to this year ' s team along with Troy Tillett, who batted .375 last year, with Antonio Raigosa, Jeff Short and Bill Gil expected to give the 1976 squad a strong nucleus. Top players from last year ' s JV team include: Freddie Navarro, Greg Garrison, Mike Folden, Cisco Guevara and others who will round out the varsity squad. ONT ROW: Warm. Steve i J-?- .-,S?- ,sJ • » •).. T AiMj.v.awiV SiS i - ' i ■)L ' ;. .. " ' •- ii -e-i ' :i ; is-- ir -i ii 1 « ' ' ■i. " i : ife ' -- . " :■ i ■« " ;: ' Troy Tillett-Shortstop Hit .375 last season Hon. Mention All League-1975 M2 Bill Gil-Centerfield Expected to provide leadership League Co-Champions • if ■ ; ■ ' 3- ' x • Managers - Benny Estrada, Ken Grund Coach Ken Morimoto Robert Hempel - Pitcher 1975 1st team All League at 1st base Antonio Raigosa - Catcher Should provide team with great stability. Jeff Short - 3rd base Excellent throwing arr sr 14! Coach Chuck Bruno uiL ' JV Baseball r M t ' ' ; Infielder - Jacko Romero Pitcher - Gilbert Adame BACK ROW: Coach Art Harrington, Jose Raigosa, Jack Lopez, Gilbert Adame, Steve Paz, Tom Calderon, Steve Mazar. FRONT ROW: Larry Rosalez, Danny Macias, Juan Castaneda, Art Nava, Jacko Romero, David Torrez, Richard De La Rosa. 144 Steve Paz at bat. Catcher - Jose Raigosa Frosh Baseball l ' 4 $ 8V5 IWC Wj- " - ' »7 ' ; ' ;-; ' «; ,- % Outfielder - Ralph Becerra -K J Following the tradition of past Viking teams, the fresh- man baseball team entered the season with a positive attitude and hopes of being the best team in the IVIission Valley League. Bright spots for the team were pitchers Frank Calderon, Ken Santos, Richard Carrion and out- fielder Ralph Becerra. Pitcher - Frank Calderon BACK ROW: Coach Vic Chavez, Mgr. Sam Aguilar, Frank Calderon, Bob Ramirez, Ken S.intos, Richard Carri i., , ' .!.l u.i) ' Juarez, Manuel Gonzales. 2nd ROW; Chris Herrora, Mgr. Frank Reyes, Bill Hillman, Mike Fuentes, Juan Raigosa, Ricliard Silido, Roberto Barajas, Bob Duchess. FRONT ROW: Robert Natividad, Carlos Guevara, Dan Shubin, Fred Rasmussen, Gilbert Carrillo, Ralph Becerra. MOT SHOWN: Bernie Meza. 14S GAA Softball The 1975 Softball team had a good season as they became the first girls ' team to reach CIF playoffs. Their season record was 5 wins and 2 losses, giving them a 2nd place finish in league. Capturing all-league honors for the team were Lucy Garcia-pitcher, first team; Sherri Lira-shortstop, second team; Diane Alvarado and Camille Rodriguez- outfield, second team. With eight players re- turning, the Vikings are looking for another successful season and, hopefully, another berth in the CIF playoffs. J Dee Davidson Varsity Coach - Eileen Gotchal JV Coach - Margaret Small BACK ROW: Bernice Lewis, Theresa Lopez, Denise Diaz, Caria Hernandez, Lorrie Palmer, Cheryl Leal Kathy Criswell, Jackie Sarabia. FRONT ROW: Karen Leonard, Rachel Mejia, Lourdes Barrera, Becky Moreno, Laurie Lennig, Jennifer Hernandez. 14h Lorrie Palmer Carmen Galindo LSilV. _J«E lte_ il Rachel Mejia Joanne Ramirez 147 1 T- - Jackie Sarabia Becky Moreno ' " « ' ' I4 SS« ' Kathy Criswell Cheryl Leak 148 1975 CIF F S Track Champs Behind the efforts of four outstanding individuals, Mountain View captured the first place trophy in C .1 .F . Frosh Soph track finals last year, iVIike Earnest com- pleted an outstanding freshman year as he won the pole vault with an effort of 14 ' 0 " . Also placing first in his event was Everett Pacheco with a time of 156.9 in the 880, Second place finishers were David Flores in the mile (4:30 .4) and Javier Mendez in the 440-yard run (50,6), Everett Pacheco - 880 yd. Javier Mendez - 440 yd. run. Mike Earnest - Pole Vault David FlorKS - Mile 149 Varsity I P.9 ©,? J., -. M! snoPB BACK ROW: David Silvas, Pete Contreras, Richard Flores, Everett Pacheco, Ray Rodriguez, Manuel Hernandez, Sal D ' Amico, Rick Tackett. FRONT ROW: Remijio Olmos, Ed Martinez, David Flores, Joe Pacheco, Javier Mendez, Ricardo Valadez, Lance Fisher. fjjl -ii Richard Flores Sal D ' Amico Coaches - James Contreras, Ralph Hernandez, Ted Martinez, Dave Smith. 150 Track WEIGHT-MEN: BACK ROW - Steve Sanchez, Albert Vargas, Albert Rodriguez, Juan Mendez. FRONT ROW - Martin Gomez, Armando Lauria, Jesse Lopez, Danny Chavez. Earlier this year, Mike Earnest, and the members of the varsity relay team, Everett Pacheco, Ray Rodriguez, David Flores and Sal D ' Amico, were invited to participate in the Sunkist Invitational track meet. Earnest placed fourth in the high school division of the pole vault with the height of 14 ' 0 " . Coach Contreras is expecting a fine season from Troy Tillett (100yd. dash), Javier Mendez (440), Mike Earnest (pole vault, 330 LH), Everett Pacheco miile, 2 mile, 880), and David Flores (mile, 2-mile), Managers - Joe Rodriguez, Mike Puente. FROSH SOPH: BACK ROW - Steve Rodriguez, Jose Olmos, Brandon Gray, Jesus Aguilar. FRONT ROW: Ruben Sanchez, Feli CebaUos, Alphonso Romero, Remijio Olmos. 151 GAA Badminton BACK ROW: Christine Gomez, Sherri Hetrick, Nadine Lepere, Vicky Urban, Tina Overton, Helen Gomez, Linda Nickel, Lucy Martinez Liz Salvador, Sherri Lira, Lena Saucedo, Laura Griffith. 2IMD ROW: Mary Ann Garcia, Valerie Gomez, Lamar Flores, Nance Ea ' son, Melanie Auzenne, Robin Grossman, Anna Garcia, Maria Ortiz, Vikki Phillips. FRONT ROW: Conchita Medina, Mary Jasso, Yvonne Estrada, Gloria Carrion, Rachel Lopez, Linda Gomez, Leticia Perez, Liz Martens. NOT SHOWN: Donna Cornell, Nancy Walker, Susie Nickel, Lil Hernandez. Varsity Coach - Carmen Rey JV Coach - Lis Smoot 152 Melanie Auzenne Last year ' s badminton team had a fine season as graduating senior Alexandria Garciacano won a 3rd place medal in the league finals and was voted the Most Valuable Player. Another graduate, Linda Mitchell, won the Coaches ' Trophy and was captain of last year ' s team . This year Mountain View is starting the season with 32 new players. The skill potential looks great and attitudes are extremely good with the girls willing to work hard. Coaches Carmen Rey and Lis Smoot are looking forward to the new sea- son and have high hopes for success with the teams. Vicky Urban Mary Jasso Anna Garcia 153 Nadine LePere Helen Gomez Linda Gonnez Valerie Gonnez Rachel Lopez Robin Grossman 154 JV Frosh Soph Tennis ' 1 ::] - il J T i j_ -4 J li T 1 I IT d ii ' + -.T, ■f-HI y-»-TF=y- ;.= Tli BACK ROW: Mark Gomez, Dan Dennis, Art Moreno, Celso Martinez. FRONT ROW: Albert Rivera, Roger Thompson, Jesse Ramirez. A large group of talented freshmen make up the Mountain View tennis team for the 1976 season. The Frosh Soph team will be led by Joe Ottrando, Monty Williamson, Keith Casperson and others. These individuals are also expected to play for the Junior Varsity team. The JV ' s will be anchored by Art Moreno, Dan Dennis, and Mark Gomez. With so many young players, the future for Mountain View tennis looks bright and promises to be more exciting in seasons to come . BACK ROW: Joe Longoria, Ruben Castaneda, Keith Casperson, Monty Williamson, VInce Davi, Joe Ottrando. FUOIXIT ROW: Ed Brown, Mike Settles, Carlos Barcelo, Mike Guzman, Stewart Chase, Tom Cuizon. 155 Varsity Senior Rick IMegrete Junior Gary Sanchez This year ' s tennis program at all levels will be young and inexperienced, but very competitive with a great future ahead. The varsity will be led by the only senior on the squad, Rick Negrete, and juniors Mike Defer, Gary Sanchez and Manuel Martinez. Newcomers Rick Chacon, a junior, and sophomores Randy Blount, Albert Rivera, and David Worden will round out the team. 1t rtf ' 11 II i 4J-=i Junior M iko Defer ise Junior Manuel Martinez Tennis L , Coach Mike Kleine Junior Russ Gorman J ■I ' I i r . ' i Sophomore Dave Worden mw¥ J ' Coach Don Davis Sophomore Randy Blount 157 00 ' , : rv£ uo 4 _ictbL . ■ojbA O UvvX! l_!(;Lcv . AJ ' I Art ' J .H I Mr. Walt Little Miss Betty Morton Department Head Mrs. Cecilia Sandoval Mrs. Gereldine Hobbs Business Education 161 _ s English Mr. David Benscoter Department Head Mrs. Linda Smedley Mr. Gary Platis Mrs. Pat Carratello Mr. Carl Fabrizio Shammas Mr. Hector Estrada Mrs. Ruth Winchester Mr. Kobert Condon Mrs. Crandolyn Smith IbJ Mrs. Maureen Smith Instructional Aide Mrs. Carlotta Swift Instructional Aide Mrs. Betty Kupfer 16J F o r e • I a o n L a n a o U a V-s. Tcrot Bovis f i _ crr-s ' Ei ! Is ?3.=-::;a Djr=r Mrs. Lois Horsley Department Head Miss Ramona Torres Homemaking 165 Industrial Arts Mr. Lee Haeberlein Department Head Mr. Glenn Hundley Mr. Fernando Nicotera Mr. Relfe Patterson Mr. Ralph Hernandez 16 ) Mr. Howard Rosine Department Head i 1 Mrs. Rose Gernon Mrs. Virginia Gutierrez Instructional Aide I e n c e Mr. R.C. Stepp 167 Mathematics Mrs. Yvonne Russell Department Head Mr. Donald Davis Mr. Ronald Page Mr. Ken Morimoto Mr. Jesus Lucio Miss Kazuko Sato Mr. Jim Wigton Mrs. Ann Garcia Instructional Aide Mrs. Janet Laich Instructional Aide Miss LudI De Alvarado Instructional Aide Mrs. Isabel Rodriguez Instructional Aide 169 Special Education Mrs. Virginia Samuels Department Head 1 Mr. Teodore Martinez Music Mr, Dennis Royse Department Head Mrs. Adele Winslow 171 Mr. Ray Fields Department Head Mr. Robert Casper Boys ' P.E. Mr. David Smith Mr. Michael Kleine r . I . f-n— r—r J. J J i A i i J -J I » 172 Girls ' P.E. Mrs. Carmen Rey Department Head Mrs. Kay Jennings Miss Gloria Acosta Miss Eileen Gotchal 173 Social Science (iMtKl - Mr. Russell McFann Department Head Mr. James Dalton Mr. John Sciacca c.. Mr. Arthur Harrington Mr. Frank Mosher Mr. Drew Simpson 175 Media Center Mrs. Mabel Sandys Librarian Under the direction of Mrs. Sandys, the Media Center operates as the hub of the school, provid- ing over 7,000 books and 400 pieces of audio- visual equipment for use by the students and staff members. Here students can find a cheerful en- vironment for study and research. Mrs. Wright is the Regional Occupational Pro- gram counselor at Mt„ View. She counsels and directs students into ROP classes, which give students an opportunity to learn a specific skill or trade. Mrs. Judy Walz Library Assistant Mrs. Carolyn Wright ROP Counselor 176 Maintenance Cafeteria Staff BACK ROW: Gonzalo Galindo, Felipe Arias, Louis Castro, Jim Taa, Jacl Hool , Ron Griffin, Richard Ramirez, Gerald IVlartin, IVlary Gapper, Salvador Hernandez. FRONT ROW: Bill Dunkel, Rita Enriquez, Paul IVlcKeel, Floyd Eliott, Tony Torrez, Don Wasilchin, Nick Sigariaki, Leonard Harmon, Alfred Bobbin. Mr. Floyd Eliott Asst. Dir. Buildings Grounds Mrs. Mary McDonald Cafeteria Manager BACK ROW: Ardythe Gilbert, Lois Giuliany, Cleo Gainey, Sarah Harris, Juanita Paul, Rita Marin, An ' L.i Murillo, Carol Chaote, Margaret Navarrette. 2ND ROW: Carol Bender, Bea Fuentes, Viola Smith, L ■. ■ ' ■ ■. Bair, Abigail Macias, Maria Nakaishi. FRONT ROW: Barbara Large, Margaret Villa, Margaret Hernandez, Rachel Hernandez. 177 Principals Mr. Fernando Ledesma PRINCIPAL «.■ :Sy Mr. Re Welch ASST. PPrrjCIPAL-INSTRUCTIOlM Mr. Fritz Grayson ASST. PRINCIPAL-STUDENT SERVICES Mr. Rudy Castruita ASST. PRINCIPAL-ACTIVITIES Office Staff Mrs. Maxene Stavang Principal ' s Secretary 1 , Mrs. Barbara Higbee Instruction Office Mrs. Anna Gittings Swithboard I Mrs. Darlene Chi Ids Guidance Ms. Lisa Bigardi Guidance Mrs. Yolanda Mor Activity Office 179 Counselors T tta « (••MOiWI kJ - " j ' m jimK ii ? ' V Mrs. Barbara Young Speech Therapist Mr. Gordon Keith Counselor Mrs. Olga Gutierrez Counselor Mr. Harvey Henson Counselor ■■ftO Mrs. Dorothea McWulty Counselor Mr. Gerald Robinson Identity Counselor Mr. Bob Settle Work Experience Mr. Paul Hanna Attendance Mrs. Margie Gonzales Attendance Mrs. Mary Lawshe Nurse Mrs. Diane Daniels Nurse ' s Office A t t e a n n d d a n c e N u r s e O f f 181 Mrs. Dolores Kinman Attendance Mrs. Ana Montenegro Attendance District Administration Dr. James Sheridan Superintendent ' ' fF k. J-. Jack Williams Asst. : .pi. - Business Dr. Eugene Platz Asst. Supt. - Instruction Dr. Mathan McCray Asst. Supt. - Personnel Board of Trustees L TO R: Mr. Ralph Gutierrez, Mrs. Patricia Galceran, Mrs. Joyce Mitchell, Mr. William Durkee. NOT SHOWN: Mr. Gary Campbell. ' V A If i« ;. ji Mr. William Durkee Mrs. Joyce Mitchell Mr. Ralph Gutierrez Mrs. Patricia Galceran 183 ( M ■P» ™% V- _g;.- ; ... " ' -- ' HR: wmmmm m " ' fft ' riaTi " K 1 . .J - M: .3Ai tt k Mdilft 9 4 H -JKjF-, j : , ' . T " 1 ' ■ ' wfef vii C 5e859 gSBSt ' (H ft - £3 . AL ' S BARBER SHOP 2310 North Durfee Ave. El Monte, Calif. 91732 V • I -; mm i y-j::i-- ' V ' s. ONT 11401 Garvey Ave. El Monte, Calif. 91732 448-7681 y DOUG ' S PLACE 11721 Valley Blvd. El Monte, Calif. 187 Joe S Gene ' s Liquors Your Favorite V ' .ne: and Liquors Keg Beer ICE C BES Groceries f v service Phone .i-ia-iDCO JOE TOLOSA GEME TOLOSA 10839 RUSH S ' Ro M A Tv,,E- tu MONT E, CA .F. 1 oaplop Shakey ' s 11420 East Valley Blvd. El Monte, GalJ,fprnia AURORA ' S BEAUTY SALON 1912 Durfee El Monte, California VIVIS NUMERO UNO HAIR DESIGNS 1912 N. Tuitir Ave Orange. Colif 92665 {7141 637.3511 637-993J 11116 Romono Blvd. El Monte, Colif. (2131 4424523 442-9346 United State Notionol Hointyling Chompien 1970-1971 1972-1973 VIVIS NUMERO UNO Men ' s Women ' s Scientific Techniques in Hoirstyling Design • Beord Designing FREE CONSULTATION teel- California Bank . ExHfle [ifornia 16: Telephone (213) 333-7777 Ranch Office (213) 333-7378 P. O. Box 2037 La Puente, Calif. The Ducks With the Most on the Coast Wholesale Only RIVERSEDGE FARM 263 San Fidel Avenue La Puente, California RICHARD WOODLAND Manager Res. 333-5320 WARD DUCK CO (Locally Grown Duck Products) Frozen 93Sb Pre-Cooked 1 ib Fresh (Mln. l day advance order) 93 lb. Eggs (when available) 2 doz. -FREE RECIPES- Public Sales Entrance 263 San Fidel Ave, La Puente For Information Call 336-4934 EFFECTIVE APRIL 1 OPEN FRI. THRU SUN. n AM to 7 PM t N Valley Blvd. S en Proctor 189 Glendale Federal Savings and Loan Association 10952 Valley Mall El Monte, Calif. 91731 Compliments of Big D Enter-Out Burgers 11629 E. Valley PARKER JEWELERS 10951 Valley Mall El Monte--442-3700 Sam Wahl Joyce Mitchell ' Good Luck Eugene and Gracie ' Johnny and Lorraine ' A Big Thank You, Students " Mrs. Peckham, Student Store The Price Is Right-Mr. C, Good Luck Gracie-Mr, Lucio J.V. Cheers-Grace, Melody, Margaret, Gina, Debbie, Nettie " We enjoyed cheering for You! " We may all march to the beat of a different drum, but we are all on the right foot. Valkyrie Drill Team-75-76 Prescriptions Drugs EL MONTE DRUG (213) 448-9871 Werne Cowel 3822 N. Peck Rd. El Monte, Calif. 91732 uim ..--- 7731 " TO PARTS r,g3 n n [Durfe !250 [!£l Mdnte; Calii ac LL jdn Tn ' IV " ' , ' :a riaJii ' L ' oarrii sisodatiaci " if lK The Real Italian Pizza and Complete Italian Dinners Open Tuesday thru Sunday Lunch . Dinner CINO ' S RISTORANTE 442-2155 steaks - Pizza Beer Wine Food to Go 10221 E. Valley Blvd El Monte, Calif Giovannino Esposito Military • Professional • Police Uniforms a Accessories emsroiderv - Rubber stamps - Business Cards Engraving - Nameplates, Desk Plates Green ' s MamG Plate (_k . Cx Unitorm C enle Phone J.42-7130 11B37 Vauley Blvd. EU MONTE, CALIF. Circle Service Texaco 43868 Santa Anita El Monte, California 191 v. " ) ' V ' Index Acevedo, Donna 38,42 Acevedo, Margie A. 93 Acevedo, Tommy 26,42 Acevei, Arnold 103 Adame, Gilbert 93,66,126, 139,144 Adame, Ralph 42,66,120, 122,123 Adams, Robin E. 31,33,67, 70,71,79,82,83 AgaLiyo, Linda 103 Agiiilar, Adrian 32,35,66,93, 126,139 Aguilar, Alex 59 Aguilar, Jesus M. 93,134, 135,151 Aguilar, Oscar 26,27,35,42, ' 65 Aguilar, Rosemary 103 Aguilar, Sammy R. 103,145 Aguilar, Saul 93 Aguinaga, Beatrice H. 103 Aguinaga, Jose 59 Aguinaga, Vincent R. 103 Aguinaga, Jose 59 Aguinaga, Vincent R. 103 Aguirre, Annette 14,42,77 Aguirre, Lorraine 103 Aguirre, Mitchell R. 83 Albitre, Adeline 93 Albitre, Richard 103 Albrechtsen, Ray 30,35,42, 64,68 Alexander, Deborah H. 103 Alfalla, Nancy 42 Allen, David 93 Allen, Kathy 93 Alley, Jeff S. 103 Alley, Lori A. 103 Alley, Roxanne M. 42 Almanza, Richard 59 Almonte, Ann R. 103 Alvarado, David J. 103 Alvarado, Diane 59,67,138 Alvarado, Johnny J. 83 Alvarez, Arthur 59 Alvarez, Olivia 93 Alvarez, Vivian 101 Amaya, Darlene 103 Amaya, Jessie R. 93 Amaya, Thomas 101 Amaya, Yvonne W. 93 Anaya, Debbie 103 Anderson, Steven 42 Andrews, Audrey 103 Ansley, Jodi M. 93 Aparicio, Melinda 93 Apodaca, Richard 59 Apodaca, Sonia 42 Aragon, Benjamin 103 Aragon, Jessee M. 83 Aragon, Jimmy 93 Aragon, Ronnie 42 Arambula, Norma 68,83 Arciniega, Sam S. 83 Arellano, Cutberto 59 Arellano, Fred 93 Arellano, Loretta 69,83 Arenas, John 103 Arenas, Julie 42,67,125 Arevalo, David 101 Anas, Eric W. 103 Arias, Manual 59 Arguijo, Richard M. 103 Arvizo, Karen A. 32,102,103 Armendariz, Corina 93 Armendariz, Martha L. 103 Armenia, Frank 101,155 Armenta, Gilbert 103 Armenia, Maracio 93 Armenta, Pedro 83 Arroyo, Mary Ann 43,78 Arroyos, Sandra 14,93,35 Arteaga, Arturo 83,134 Arleaga, Jesus L. 103 August, Deborah 67,74,93 Aurelio, Daniel M. Ill Autio, Jeanne M. 101 Autrey, Keiley 68,83 Autrey, Laurie A, 103 Auzenne, Melaine 24,25,30, 32,35,43, .7,114 Avila, Dolores 103 Avila, Hortencia 101 Avila, Jessica 91 Baca, Harold S. 93 Baca, Liz 103 Baca, Lena 43 Baker, Tracy 43,73,79 Ballesteros, Marlene 103 Balsz, Monica 35,43 Baltierra, Becky 103 Baltierra, John T. 83,120 Banda, Armando 111 Barajas, Arcelia 6,43 Barajas, Humberto 133 Barajas, Luz M. 101 Baraias, Josefina 32,102,103 Barajas, Robert R. 103,127, 145 Barcena, Danny 93 Barcelo, Carlos 103,155 Barela, Daniel 103 Barela, Tony 93 Barnett, Teri L. 78,103 Barragon, Rosa 111 Barraza, Audrey 43 Barraza, Audrey E. 43 Barraza, Claudine 93 Barrera, Jimmy 93 Barrera, Lourdes 35, 93, 138 Barrera, Frank 83 Barrera, Rose M. 67,91 Barreras, Ray A. 103 Barry, Kathryn 43,73,75,138 Barry, Steven L. 91 Barry, Ted 43 Bates, Jayne 101 Bates, Russell G. 103 Balrez, Benjamin 31,102, 103,127,133 Balls, Brian R. 103 Beard, Mary E. 103 Beauchamp, Timothy 43 Becerra, George 59 Becerra, Margaret 103 Bel is, Anna 43 Bellows, Sandra 44 Beltran, David 83 Beltran, Laura 44 Bernal, David 62,93 Bernal, Dolores, 78,83 Bernal, Henry 83 Bernal, Henry 135 Bernal, Luis 44 Beserra, Alex 93 Beserra, Ralph 103,145 Bentancourt, Louis J. 93 Bilskie, Brenda 44 Black, Howard D. 103 Blackburn, Beth 78,79,93 Blanton, Brian W. 73,103,127 Blanton, Richard 59,79 Blood, Daniel 93 Blount, Randy 66,93,126, 156,157 Blume, Susanne C. 30,33,65, 67,69,83,128 Boqan, Craig A. 103,133 Bojorquez, Richard 66,93, 121,133 Bolanos, Evelyn 44,62,63 Bonilla, Ruby 93 Borquez, Floyd M. 83 Bouvet, Gracie 44,70,71,190 Boyer, Charlene 93 Boyer, Donald 83 Boyer, Eileen 73,75,93 Breckenridge, Jance 44 Briones, Anthony 91 Briones, Cynthia 58 Brown, Christine 83,114,9 Brown, Edward L. 103,155 Brown, James L. 83 Brown, Jeanne M. 35,67,83 Brown, Steven 101 Brown, Vivian C. 103 Burgess, Colleen 93 Burk, Judith C. 83 Burks, Jackie 103 Burnett, Lora 111 Burnham, Karen A. 83 Burnham, Warren E. 103 Burton, Robert 94 Bustamonle, Raul L. 94 Buxton, Edward 59 Byrne, Kari 83 Byrne, Timothy W. 104 Cabrera, Cecilia 58 Calderon, Daniel J. 104 Calderon, Frank 32,102,145 Calderon, Tommy 19,44,66, 120,144 Calhoun, Robert 94 Callejas, Sandra 59 Calvillo, Greg 104,126 Calvillo, Rita 83 Camacho, Art R. 83 Camacho, Michael D. 104,133 Camarena, Gilbert A. 83 Camarena, Tony 83 Cancel, R.iul 3. 83 Campano, Gisela I. 104 Cancel, Nelson J. 104 Cancel, Ramon 59 Cano, Edward 0. 69,83 Cano, Michael A. 104 Caponigro, Joanne 44 Campos, Patty R. 83 Cappel, Paul 94 Carmona, George 44 Carmona, Liane 94 Cardenas, Maureen 104 Carney, David 44,66,120,121, 123,140,141 Carney, Tami L. 104 Carney, Matthew S. 83 Carrel I, John 104,139 Carreon, Mario S. 83 Carrillo, Gilbert 139,145 Carrillo, Jesse G. 104 Carrillo, Jodi L. 35,67,74,83 Carrillo, Richard A. 83 Carrion, Gloria 94 Carrion, Richard 104,145 Casados, John A. 83 Casados, Marie 104 Casanova, Irene 35,94 Casanova, Nick 104 Casanova, Rudy 59 Casillas, Yolanda 67,74,83 Casperson, Keith W. 104,155 Casperson, Kevin W. 83 Casperson, Kimberlee 9,30, 34,44,114 Castaneda, Bertha C. 62 Castaneda, Donna M. 83 Castaneda, Geraldine 94 Castaneda, Gloria 83 Castaneda, Juan 66,94,126, 139,144 Castaneda, Ruben 104,132, 155 Castaneda, Salvador 94 Castaneda, Thomas E. 104, 127,139 Castelan, Yvonne 45,38 Castelan, Mario A. 104 Castillo, Linda D. 104 Castro, Manuel 94 Castro, Rudy 94 Castruita, Elvia 111 Chaidez, Michael 94 Cavillo, Greg 35 Cavazos, Eddie D. Caven, Carol J. 101 Ceballos, Felix M. 111,134, 151 Cerda, Joe 104 Chacon, Enrique 69,83,122, 156,157 Chaidez, Crisanta 83 Chaidez, Juan 101 Chaney, Robert 45 Charles, Isabella 104 Chase, Stuart A. 104,155 Chavez, Alfredo P. 83 Chavez, Danny 19,58,66, 120,121,122,123,151 Chavez, Edward 62,94 Chavez, Linda 94 Chavez, Lupe 45,62 Chavez, Mona 94 Chudnofsky, Suzanne 78,104 Claudio, Elissa A. 101 Clifford, Cynthia C. 83 Clippert, Billy 104 Cloninger, Janice L. 67,74, 83 Coats, Timothy L. 83,130, 131 Coley, Carlos 83 Coley, Cesar 59,64 Coley, JamesiM. 104 Coley, Jose J. 104 Colgate, Steve 94 Conklin, Wesley R. 84 Connelly, Joseph T. 69,94, 126 Contreras, Pete 151 Contia, Linda C. 104 Cordova, Michael S. 104 Cordova, Patricia A. 83,136 Cordova, Timothy 104 Coria, Rosa 94 Cornejo, David M. 101 Cornell, Donna 45,67,68, 128,136,137 Coronado, Leticia A. 26,27, 44,65,73,74 Coronado, Henry 94,141 Coronado, Ruth 45 Corral, Jesus D. 101 M Correia, John 101 Cortez, Irma 94 Cortez, Ruben 104 Cosby, Denise D. 104 Cossio, Noa 104,132 Cota, Larry 94 Craft, Virginia R. 30,67,74 Crawford, Gary G. 84 Cnswell, Kathryn J. 67,102, 104,136 Criswill, Ken 59 Cronin, Kelly 94 Cruz, Lorrai ne 94 Cruz, Modesto 94 Cruz, Monica 21,45,67,124, 136,137 Cruz, Ruben 58 Cuevas, Catherine 67,79,104 Cuevas, David 111 Cuevas, Joanne 78,84 Cuevas, Joe L. 94,132 Cuevas, Paul S. 84 Cuizon, Thomas J. 79,104, 155 Damico, SalvatoreJ. 66,84, 116,117,151 Davi, Josephine 84 Davi, Vincent 104,127,133, 155 Davidson, Dee Dee 38,45,67, 124 Davidson, Lisa 94 Davidson, Mark A. 104 Davis, Donna L. 101 Davis, Steven 59,131 DeAguinaga, Raul 104 DeAguinaga, Rosalie 94 Dean, Ronald 45 Dean, Roy E. 94 DeAngelis, Connie 67,74,94 Debellis, Daniel 45,64 Defer, Mike 66,64,65,84,156 DeLaCruz, John 101 DeLaRosa, Richard 94,144 Deleon, Caesar 94 Delgado, Carol 94 Delgado, Chris J. 104 Delgado, George R. 104 Delgado, Lilli 94 Delgado, Rose Mary T. 79, 104 Delgado, Sonya 67,84 Delgado, Thomas 69,73,84 Delrio, Joann 23,45,62 Delrio, Laura 67,74,94 Delvalle, Diane 77,84 Dennis, Daniel E. 65,66,69, 84,155 Derry Berry, Michael 111 DeSalvo, Joel C. 111,127 Dettmer, Gustavo 134,135 Dew, James 59 Dew, Mike 101 Diaz, Elizabeth 111 Diaz, Denise D. 94,67,125, 92 Diaz, Luis 83 Diaz, Samuel 104 Dieguez, Julie A. 69,84 Dieguez, Sylvia 94 Dillwith, Anna 45 Dimascio, Frank J. 84 Dominguez, Joseph D. 84 Dominguez, Mary 94 Dominguez, Ronald 46 Dorado, Jose 104 Dorsett, Mitchell L. 64,69, 84 Doucet, Michael R. 64,84 Douillard, Jerrv A. 64,84 Dovalina, Victor 104,127 Dowers, Earl F. 104 Duarte, John 104 Duarte, Lupe 94 Duchess, Robert C. 105, 133, 145 Quran, Jess 84 Duran, Mike 105,127,135 Duran, Stephen E. Ill Durand, Lupe 18,35,46 Dykes, Don 94 Earnest, James 66,101 Earnest, Mike 66,101,120, 149,151 Earnest, Sandra 19,24,25, 33,46 Eason, Nance 67,94 Eastland, Cheryl 105 Edgeworth, Sharon M. 73,105 Edwards, James 59 Edwards, John H. 105 Edwards, William D. 101 Ehsalda, Randy 4fa Emmons, Sharon A. 94 Engeike, Tracy 105 ' 92 Esqueda, Bobby D. 105 Equihua, Jesse M. 105 Equihua, Joe 46 Equihua, John L. 84 Escarzega, Karl 95 Escarzega, Martha 84 Escobedo, Josephine 111 Escoto, Michael 46 Escoto, Paul 95,119 Esparza, Stella 101 Espejo, Norberto 46 Espinoza, Conchita 101 Espinoza, Joe 105,127 Espinoza, Martha C. 78,84 Estrada, Anita, 67,74 Estrada, Anthony 46 Estrada, Benny 95,121,143 Estrada, David 95 Estrada, Frank 105 Estrada, Michael R. 84 Estrada, Norma 46 Estrada, Susan F. 105 Estrada, Sylvia 46,63 Estrada, Yvonne R. 84 Eubanks, John L. Ill Evans, Barbara 67,74,95 Evans, Chyrel 46,62,64,78 Evans, Donald A. 35,64,95 Evans, Lyie 62,95 Fallon, Maria 46,62 Farrill, Debbie K. 105 Feola, Lesly 47 Fernandez, Dolores 105 Ferrel, John 59 Fierro, Eugene 59,190 Figueroa, David 105 Fike, Dale 95,141 Fike, Lauri L. 73,95,79,84 Fike, Scott 105 Firestone, Mark H. 84 Fisher, Dee 105 Fisher, Lance C. 65,66,84, 118,135,151 Fleming, Howard S. 84 F I ores, Alfred 95,126,132 Flores, Anna 111 Flores, Anna 95 Flores, Bernardo 105,135 Flores, Danny 105,133 Flores, David S. 66,84,116 117,149,151 Flores, Edward C. 95 Flores, Jackie 59 Flores, Lamar 47 Flores, Laurie 95 Flores, Lisa 84 Flores, Mike 105 Flores, Paulina 105 Flores, Richard 47,116,117, 151 Folden, Michael A. 84,132, 142 Forbush, Alice E. 74,84 Forbush, Mark 95,126 Forest, Christine 47,79 Forrest, Debra 105 Fountain, Laura D. 73,79,85 Frederiksen, Earl 47,130 Freeman, Deborah 59 Freeman, Earl G. 69,85 Freeman, Ernie 95 Frimpter, Laurence 47,68 Frutos, Valery 105 Fuentes, Michael 3,105,145 Fuentes, Tom 35,103,122 Galindo, Annette Y. 85,125 Galinod, Carmen 67,95 Galindo, Dolores 101 Galindo, Terri 5,9,18,19,35, 47,67,114,124 Cillardo, Lorie P. 95 Gallardo, Peter 59 Galvan, Renee 67,85,125 Galvez, David 59 Gamarra, Ana 59 Gamboa, Refugio 95 Garay, Juan M. 85 Garcia, Alice 95 Garcia, Andrew 59 Garcia, Ann M. 95 Garcia, Anna 63,105 Garcia, Cynthia 105 Garcia, Eriinda 105 Garcia, Jesse 111 Garcia, Lillian 95 Garcia, Lori 63,74,95 Garcia, Lucille 47 Garcia, Mary Ann 47 Garcia, Michael 66,95 126 132 Garcia, Mona L, 85, Garcia, Phillip J. 85,118 Garcia, Robert 47 Garcia, Roberta 59 Garcia, Roger 95 Garcia, Rosa 47,62 Garcia, Sylvia 47 Garcia, Sylvia A. 95 Garcia, Sylvia Ann 95 Garciacano, Esmeralda 95 Garibay, Maria 105 Garnica, Olivia 111 Garrison, Greg T. 24,85,131 142 ,30.58.91 Gaytan, Betty 63,78,95 Gaytan, Randy G. 85 Geoghegan, Noreene 105 Gil, Bill 19,28,34,48,120, 121,142 Gill, Charles 66,85,120,121, 122,123,130 Gill, Tom 85 Gildersleeve, Annette 64,85 Gilpin, Vernon B. 85 Gleseon, Michael 48 Goddard, Janice L. 78,85 Godina, Patricia 111 Gomez, Christine 102,105 Gomez, Cynthia 95 Gomez, Helen 105 Gomez, Irene L, 95 Gomez, Joann 101 Gomez, Louie 95 Gomez, Mark 82,85 Gomez, Mark A. 95,132,151 Gomez, Martin 105,127,151 Gomez, Maxine 111 Gomez, Theresa 85 Gomez, Valerie 48 Gonzales, Alice 95 Gonzales, Annette 18,48,67 115,190 Gonzales, Anthony 59,120 Gonzales, Debbie 85 Gonzales, Debra 105 Gonzales, Eddie 105 Gonzales, Elena 105 Gonzales, Estella A. 85 Gonzales, Gina 19,23,32,48 Gonzales, Heidi L. 67,74,92, 95 Gonzales, Jerry 59 Gonzales, Joey 105 Gonzales, Joseph 105 Gonzales, Kathy A. 85 Gonzales, Leslie A. 69,85 Gonzales, Manuel 105,145 Gonzales, Rhonda A. 69,85 Gonzalez, Lisa 105 Gonzalez, Rene 105 Goorey, Nicolette 73,75,79, 85 Gordian, Geraldine A. 85 Gorman, Russell E. 65,66,85, 157 Grady, George K. 95 Grady, Patricia A. 20,69 73 75,82,85 Gray, Brandon 73,95,119,151 Greaves, John 105 Greene, Terry 95 Griego, Anthony 111 Griffin, Sandra 95 Griffith, Laura 95 Grossman, Robin M. 70,71, 95 Grund, Kenneth 35,48,64,73 79,143 Guardado, William 59,120, 121,142 Guenthart, Cynthia 26,32,35, 48,69 Guerrero, Armando R, 95 Guerrero, Manuel 101 Guevara, Carlos 73,105,127 135,145 Guevara, Francisco 66,68,85 142 Gui chard, Ricardo 85 Guiliani, Natalie 106 Gui liani, Richard 95 Guindazola, Joe 95 Guitron, David 85 Guitron, Mario 106 Gunther, Lori A. 101 Gunthcr, Rheta L. 79,85 Gusman, Jerry G. 85,126 Gutierrez, Alvaro 59,134 Gutierrez, Cynthia 73,76 Gutierrez, Eliazbeth 48 Gutierrez, Ignacio 95 5 Gutierrez, Marie 48 Gutierrez, Narciso 59 Gutierrez, Norie A. 96 Gutierrez, Steven R. 96 Gutierrez, Virginia 63,106 Guzman, Gina L. 85 Guzman, Helen 106 Guzman, Jerry 66,126 Guzman, John 111 Guzman, Michael 106,155 Guzman, Robert 96 Hafkenscheid, Mike A. 86 135 Hale, Terry 106 Hall, Charles 106,133 Hammond, Michael A. 73 a 79,86,126 Hammond, Paula 69,86 Hammond, Robert H. 62,73, 79,96 Hanscom, Norman 106 Hardesty, Tracey 96 Hardgrave, James 106 Hardman, Pamela L. 48,65 Harrington, Lavonna 48 Harris, Donna 73,96 Harris, Kellianne 86 Harty, Kent 91 Harty, Sherry 106 Harty, William 62,73,79,92, 96 Hatler, Cindy I. 106 Hawman, Brad 91 Hawman, Bret 49,70,71 Hayes, Lawrence L. 86 Hayes, Malcum D. 106 Hayward, Sidney C, 106 Heithe, Michael E. 49,73, 120,123,140,141 Helms, Kimberly S. 106 Hempel, Kathryn J. Ill Hempel, Philip A. 96 Hempel, Robert R. 49,142, 143 Hemsworth, Bruce L. 59 Henry, Gary 73,86 Hernandez, Caria B. 21,32, 49,67,124,136 Hernandez, Corina T. 106 Hernandez, David V. 73,102, 106 Hernandez, Elizabeth E. 96 Hernandez, Elizabeth 49,63 Hernandez, Gloria 49 Hernandez, Gregory 69,86, 120,142 Hernandez, Guadalupe 63 Hernandez, Jackie 96 Hernandez, Jennifer F. 78, 106,138 Hernandez, Jimmy 106 Hernandez, Lillian 63,106 Hernandez, Lillian C. 49 Hernandez, Lucy 63,106 Hernandez, Lulu C. 63,67, 86,124,138 Hernandez, Luz 96 Hernandez, Manuel H. 82, 118,151 Hernandez, Manuel 86 Hernandez, Maria 49 Hernandez, Michael H. 86 Hernandez, Paul 5,59,120 Hernandez, Rachel E. 73,78, 106 Hernandez, Ramon 106,134 Hernandez, Saul 86 Hernandez, Sylvia 106 Hernandez, Teresa 49 Hernandez, Tom P. 106,127, 133 Hernandez, Victor R. 106 Hernandez, Yolanda 0. 1,24, 25,33,49,70,71,196 Herr, Becky S. 67,74,96 Herrera, Aurora 86 Herrera, Barbara L. 106 Herrera, Christopher 106,133, 145 Herrera, Ernest G. 62,86 Herrera, Patricia 69,86 Herrera, Robert 86 Herrera, Sylvia 96 Hess, Paula S. 18,49 Hetrick, Sherri 96 Hibler, Diana 62,74,96 Hibler, Jaedena 106 Hill, Kenneth 73,79,86 Hill, Larry W. 86 Hill, Vicki 67,73,74,92,96 Hillman, Cynthia K. 62,86 Hillman, Sheryle 67,74,96 Hillman, William H. 127,135,145 Hines, Dean E. 69,96 Hines, Donald E. 26,27,33, 49,65,69 Ho, Jason S. 73,106 Hocking, Ada 79,86,91 Hoekstra, Linda 96 Holguin, Carolyn K. 91 Holguin, Vincent 101 Hollman, Harry T. 50 Hollmann, Jodie A. 91 Hollmann, Robin L. Ill Hopper, Michael A. 73,106 Hoskinson, Kelly E. 106 Houck, Victoria J. 69,86 Hough, Jack 96 Huelsmeier, Norman H. 50 Huerta, Bill 106 Huey, Des 96 Hughes, Deborah 96 Hunt, William J. 106 Ibarra, Lucy 62,106 Ibarra, Maria 86 Ibarra, Norma 96 linuma, Grace R. 67,70,71, 78,86,115,128,190 linuma, Nick 69,96 Ingraham, Cheryl R. 50,62 Jacquez, Humberto R. Ill Jaime, Susan 96 Jaime, Yvonne 35,96 Jaquez, John C. 106 Jarargjllo Ray 96 Jaso,tt% f ' ta if. 96 Jaso, Ruben V " . 106 Jaso, Veronica 35,106 Jasso, Jorge 86 Jasso, Mary J. 50 Jasso, Memo 96,139,141 Jauregui, Loretta D. 96 Jillson, Linda I. 65,67,73,74, 78,86 Jimenez, Frank 96 Jimenez, Gloria 31,91,101 Jimenez, Olivia 69,78,86 Jimenez, Paul R. 106 Jimenez, Rick J. 66,86,141 Johnson, Richard 62,96 Jones, Ronald C. 50,66,69 131 Jordan, Elene 50 Juarez, Anthony 106, 119, 145 Juarez, Carlos E. 86 Juarez, Carolyn 106 Juarez, Elizabeth L. 50 Juardo, Irene M. 106 Jurado, Ricardo 101 Kano, Alan T. 30,50 Kee, Kenn eth K. 74,66,96, 126 Kee, Kevin K. 32,50,66,79 120,140 Kemp, Deborah 69,86 Kendall, Carol J. 59 Kessler, Laura V. 96 Key, Gerald A. 96 Kiertzner, Carol 67,74,96 Kiertzner, Debra L. 86,115, 190 Kight, John E. 91 Kobashigawa, Kenneth 106 Kraft, Mark J. 106,132 Krepton, Lorraine 91 Lara, Norma J. 96 Lauria, Armando A. 106,127, 151 Leak, Cheryl L. 67,96,125 Leak, Douglas, W. 106 Lebreton, Ronald 96 Ledesma, Irene 106 Ledesma, Richard V. 59, 120 Ledesma, Ronald 111 Ledezma, Lucy 97 Lee, Barbara 73,75,97 Leiterman, Crystal 78,97 Lem, Johnny 97 Lennig, Laurie L. 97 Leonard, Karen M. 67,106, 138 Lepcre, Nadiiie, L. 86 Lepere, Scott A. 107 Lerma, Marllia D. 91 Lerma, Marylou C. 86 Lerma, Robert J. 91 Levario, Johnnie J. 51 Lewis, Larry W. 97,101 Leyva, Mike 87 Liggett, Rainon.i 9 Limon, Elizabelli A. 87 Limon, Rorri,! ' . ic 193 Linares, Patsy E. 97 Linares, Rosa M. Ill Lira, Kim 67,74,97,136 Lira, Sherri 3,27,29,30,50, 67,128,136 Lira, Terri 10,28,50,67,68, 136,137 Locke , Karen R. 107 Lockivood, Julie A. 97 London, Michael S. 91 Longoria, Joe L. 107,155 Lopez, Alfonso J. 87 Lopez, Andy A, 87,126 Lopez, Anthony R. 87 Lopez, Beatriz 102,107 Lopez, Connie 101 Lopez, Deanna D. 59,62 Lopez, Debra 50 Lopez, Hector 97 Lopez, Henry 107 Lopez, Henry M. 51 Lopez, Irene 107 Lopez, Jack 66,70,71,92,97, 126,140 Lopez, Jesse 51,120,151 Lopez, John D. 97,132 Lopez, John M. 97, 132 Lopez, Martha 62,87 Lopez, Michael 107 Lopez, Minerva 107 Lopez, Rachel 87 Lopez, Robert 107 Lopez, Theresa A, 67,97, 138 Lopez, Tony 107 Lopez, Vincent P. 66,87,121 Love, Ginger 51 Loya, Evelyn R. 87 Loye, Yvette 107 Lucero, David J. 87 Luevano, Alfredo 73,79,97 Luevano, Patricia 97 Lugo, Sonya 67,97,128 Lujan, Frank C. 32,35,70,71, 82,87,126 Lujan, Linda D. 97 Lujan, Lynn P. 97,133 Luman, Don 107 Luna, Jose J. 97,134 Luna, Jose Marie 78,107 Luna, Victor 97 Lundrigan, Cynthia 107 McCafferty, Tim 87 McCarley, Arnold 97 McGregor, Rodney W. 87 Mcintosh, Denise A. 78,107 McKee, Dennis J. 98 McQuown, Paul A. 87 Machado, Lia B. 51 Machunis, Mike 107 Macias, Danny 66,97,126, 144 Macias, Debbie 97 Macias, Hugo 107 Macias, Jorge 97 Macias, Sergi 51 Macias, Terry J. 35,51,120, 140 Maciel, Rafael C. 87 Mackie, Joseph 111 Madrid, Patricia M. 87 Maestas, Angel 107 Maestas, Steve L. 59,139,142 Magnuson, Donna J, 30,67,74, 87 Maldonado, David 97,132 Maldonado, Joe 107 Malone, Richard 0. 87 Mancillas, Joe 107 Mancillas, Tony 97 Manderville, Debbie A. 51 Manderville, Lawrence 97 Manderville, Robert 97 Manzanerez, Phillip 107 Mares, Cathy 97 Mann, Georgina A. 97 Marquez, Armando 97 Marquez, Carlos 107 Marquez, Debbie 97 Marquez, Steve 66,120 Marsh, Randy R. 107, 127 Mariscal, Victor 107, 127, 139 Martens, Elizabeth E. 107 Martens, Ric iard E. 107,119 Martin, David 59,66,120 Martinez, Celso 101,155 Martinez, Clara S. 97 Martinez, Crisanto 107 Martinez, Dalia D. 107 Martinez, Debbie A. Ill Martinez, Eddie L. 59,66,151 Martinez, Edward 66,97,101, 119 Martinez, Eileen C. 87 Martinez, Evangelina 65,97 Martinez, Fermin G, 107 Martinez, Henry E, 107 Martinez, Israel 87 Martinez, Juan 97 Martinez, Lori 107 Martinez, Lucy A. 23,35,51 Martinez, Luis 87 Martinez, Manuel 66,69,87, 165 Martinez, Mary C. 59 Martinez, Mike A. 51,64,66, 120 Martinez, Oscar 62,97 Martinez, Patsy 101 Martinez, Yolanda 98 Mata, Carol 98 Mata, Michael 91 Matamoros, Bertha A. 107 Medel, Dolores M. Ill Medina, Bruce 101 Medina, Carlos E. 98 Medina, Conchita 78,79,107 , Medina, Elsa 107 i -;Medina, Hector 87 " Medina, Jaime G. 59 Medina, Susan S. 107 Mejia, Rachel R. 67, 91,128, 138 Melendez, Elisa 98 Melgoza, Joanne 98 Melvin, Kalvin 66,87,118, 135 Melvin, Kirt L. 107 Mendez, Javier 66,98,119, 134,149 Mendez, Juan M. 59,134, 151 Mendoza, Bernice 87 Mendoza, Connie 87 Mendoza, Irma G. 87 Mendoza, Kenneth D. 87 Mendoza, Peter M. 87 Mendoza, Tony J. 107 Meneses, Liza A. 35,78,107 Meneses, Liza A. 35,78,107 j ercado, Geraldine 51 - ercado, |liJiyJ7i ' = Merritt, Cheryl A. 78,107 Merrill, Sandra E. 87 Messier, Liz 67,73,74,98, 125 Mestas, Tina, E. 98 Meza, Bernardo 107,145 Meza, Jose L. Ill Meza, Magdalena 108 Meza, Manuel 98 Meza, Maria E. 87 Meza, Pablo A. 98,101 Meza, Richard M. 51,64 Meza, Robert 51 Mikha, Hani J. 98 Mikha, Kalio J. 98 Mikkelson, Gregory E, 52 Miller, Caria J. 52 Miller, Donna L. 98 Miller, Pam A. Ill Miller, Yancy 29,31,65,82, 88 Mina, Lorena P. 108 Miner, Ann E. 98 Mireles, Phillip G. 98 Mitchell, Janet R. 89,24, 25,52,67,70,71,115,196 Mitchell , Melody E. 67,78, 98,115,190 Modarelli, Margaret M. 31, 33,35,67,70,71,78,92,98, 115,190 Molina, Joe A. 108 Molina, Yolanda A. 108 Molinar, Dorothy J. 108 Molinar, Ruben R. 88 Monteith, Christina M. 108 Monlelongo, Nadine M. 98 Monies, Alicia 63 Monloya, Alice A. 108 Montoya, Annette J. 98 Monloya, Julie 98 Moore, Katherine M. 30,65, 67,74,88,91 Mora, Maria D. 101 Mora, Michael J. 59 Mora, Olga 59 Morales, Alex 98,135 Moran, Helen 52,59 Moreno, Arthur 98,135 Mareno, Margaret M, 62,98 Moreno, Monica R. 108 Moreno, Rebecca 67,98,128, 136,137 Morris, Harold 59 Morris, Jimmy D. 19,59, 120,122,121 Morrow, Cenona C, 108 Morrow, Thomas W, 98 Mosher, Doris L. 98 Moss, John H. 108 Mount, Steve L. 69,111 Moya, Olivia 67,98,125 Moya, Rosemarie 108,138 Maya, Yvonne I, 52,67,124 Munoz, Anthony C. 52 Munoz, Barbara J. 108 Munoz, Debbie 98 Munoz, Mina M. 98 Munoz, Victor 108 Moro, Olivia R. 67,74,98 Muro, William D. 59 Maranjo, Carmen 98 Natividad, Annie 98 Matividad, Robert 108,145 Nava, Arthur B. 66,98,126, 140,144 Mava, David 66,88,126 Navarrete, Deverie 59 Mavarrele, Gilbert 52 Navarrete, Jimmy T. 98 Navarrete, Johnny 108 Navarrete, Ruben B. Ill Navarrete, Victor N. 108 Navarrette, Rosemary 52 Navarro, Chauncy 78,98 Navarro, Freddie 88,139,142 Navarro, Lisa R. 88 Navarro, Ramon H. 108 Navarro, Rosie 98 Nazar, Carrie J, 53 Nazar, Steven J. 64,88,144 Neal, Loretta 108,111 Nece, Lance L. 52,68 Nece, Valerie L. 98 Negrete, Becky 108 Negrete, Enrique 26,52,69 Negrete, Peter V. 91 Negrete, Rick 156 Negrete, Ruben 111 Negron, Raymond 111 Nelson, Cancel 127 Nelson, Gary L. 88 •-■ Nelson, Sherry L. 69,88 Nelson, Susan J. 53 Netzel, Michael S. 35,108 Netsel, Richard G. 59,64 Nichols, Steven G. 59 Nickel, Gar y H. 26,27,30,32, 53,65,68 Nickel, Linda 67,98,124 Nickel, Susan A. 73,75,88 Nieblas, Anthony J. 108 Nieblas, Sharon 108 Noon, Donald M. 88 Noriega, Mary 108 Norris, Margaret 98 Nunez, Clara 88 Nunez, Daniel 108 Nunez, Lupe 31,33,38,53,59 Nunez, Mary A. 98 Nunez, Mary J. 108 Nunez, Peter B. 98 Nusbaum, .jolynn 67,74,99 Nye, Daniel J. 108 ..,, ' :. Nye, Pamela 99 Obriant, Norma 88 Ochoa, Phillip 99 Ochoa, Rueben A. 88 Ochao, Vivian S. 58 Oconnors, Christopher 91 Ogaz, Steve 99 Ogaz, William E. 59 Olamendi, Sarah M. 35,108 Oliva, Vincent 111 OIkein, Gloriann 101 Olmos, Jose 66,99,119,135, 151 Olmos, Remijio 66,88,118, 135,151 Olmos, Silvester 53 Onliveros, Alfred 88 Ormsby, Crystal L. 78,108 Orona, Marco 108 Oropeza, Dale A. 108 Oropeza, Daniel A. 31,38,53, 64,66,120 Oropeza, David 99 Ortega, Alex J. 88 Ortega, Jose D. 59 Ortega, Virqina M. Ill Ortiz, A lfredo 33,66,99,126, 132 Ortiz, Carlos 66,99,126,132 Ortiz, Elia C. 99 Ortiz, Elizabeth A. 108 Ortiz, Gilbert P. Ill Ortiz, Lorraine 108 Ortiz, Maria 67,99 Otero, Arlene 88 Otlrando, Joseph L. 108,133, 155 Overton, Tina L. 65,88 Paar, George C. 73,108 Pacheco, Angle 99 Pacheco, Everett 66,88,116, 117,149,151 Pacheco, Ramiro J. 88,151 Padilla, Diana 108 Painter, Paula S. 26,53,67, 128 Palmer, Lome J. 67,88,125, 138 Pappalardo, Antonio M. 108, 127 Pappalardo, Sabina M. 53 Paredes, Hector 66,99,126, 134 Paredes, Mario 108,127,139 Paredes, Ron 88 Paredes, Ronald 59 Parra, David 108 Patterson, Donald W. 59 Patterson, Leslie M. 53 Paz, Steve 66,99,120,132,144 Pena, Leticia 63,99 Pencille, David L. 99 Perez, Diana 101 Lerez, Leticia 108 Perez, Ruben L. 59 Perez, Yvonne 35 Peters, Melinda 88,30,65 Peterson, Elaine I. 108 Petitt, Randy 99 Pettit, Walter D. 108 Petzak, Ron R. 88 Pezzolla, Debbie 67,99,128 Phillips, Michelle A. 53 Phillips, Victoria L. 53,74 Pierce, James 108 Pino, Gary E. 59,140 Pino, Timmy 88 Pitford, Loretta 99 Pizzarro, Gustavo 99 Pledger, Vernon 101 Pompa, Virginia L. 53,70,71 Potrillo, William 79 Posada, Bernice 99 Potter, Rafael 99,126 Preciado, Evelyn 59 Prewitt, Cheryl A. 108 Prewitt, David 99 Puente, Mike 108,151 Pulley, Alan 88 Puzarri, Adriana M. 108 Quintero, Maria 108 Quintero, Vicente 99 Quiroz, Raquel L. 69,88 Raigosa, Antonio 19,32,38, 53,66,120,142,143 Raigosa, Jose 66,99,132,144 Raigosa, Juan J. 102,108, 133,145 Ramirez, Bob 109,145 Ramirez, Diane L. 99 Ramirez, Dionisia M. 101 Ramirez, Elias 109 Ramirez, Isabelle 99 Ramirez, Jessie A, 65,66,88, 155 Ramirez, Joanne 99,67,125 Ramirez, John J, 99 Ramirez, Juan V. 65,109 Ramirez, Manuel C. 88 Ramirez, Mirna A. 109 Ramirez, Monica A. 9,32, 65,67,82,89,114 Ramirez, Ricky 109 Ramirez, Rufus 111,119 Ramirez, Yolanda M. 89 Ramos, Cecilio 88,126 Ramos, George A. 54 Ramos, Gilbert 66,99,126 Ramos, Raul 99 Ramos, Steve 132 Rapp, Larry W. 109 Rasmussen, Barbara 54,89 Rasmussen, Fredric C, 109, 145 Raya, Alex 5,54,120,142 Rayon, Howard L. 35,89 Reaves, Michael E. Ill Regron, Ray 133 Rementeria, Sid Y. 20,31,32, 65,73,76,82,89 Renteria, Estella 62,63,109 19d Reyes, David C. 109,127,133 Reyes, Ernies 111 Reyes, Frank 109,145 Reyes, Jeanette M. 109 Reyes, John A. Ill Reyes, John M. 54,120 Reyes, Josanne C. 54,77 Reyes, Joseph C. 89,126,132 Reyes, Paul 111 Reyes, Ramona 82,89 Reyes, Richard T. 99 Reyes, Thomas T. 99 Reyna, Darlene T. 89 Reyna, Denise 99 Reynolds, Danny 99 Reynolds, Vicky A. 54,79 Rico, Dana M. 109 Rico, Gary M. 59 Rico, Jeanette C. 109 Rico, Lydia L. 99 Rico, Yvonne 109 Rincon, Peter S. 91 Rios, Carrol L. 23,54 Rios, Connie 109,136 Rios, Javier T. 89 Rivera, Albert J. 99,155,156 Rivera, Daniel 99 Rivera, Drusilla L. 59 Rivera, Elizabeth 54 Rivera, Genevieve 54,59 Rivera , Manuel 89 Rivera, Michael 99,133 Rivera, Ricardo 109 Rivera, Stephanie M. 109 Rivoli, Lorraine M. 89 Roarick, Teresa D. 9,59,67, 114 _ Roberts, Brian G. 109 f Robles, Lisa A. 109 Roche, Randy E. 109,127 Roderick, Raymond 99 Rodriguez, Alberto R. 89,151 Rodriguez, Andrew 101 Rodgiruez, Armando 99,132 Rodriguez, Arthur R. 89,126 Rodriguez, Barbara 99 Rodriguez , Camille M. 62. » T7;S27S97T72r Rodriguez, Evelyn 101 Rodriguez, Gabnela 109,138 Rodriguez, Gary 99 Rodriguez, Irma R. 109 Rodriguez, Joe M. 109,127, 151 Rodriguez, Johnny 109,127 Rodriguez, Linda 109 Rodriguez, Lorraine 59,70, 71,190 Rodriguez, Raymond 54,116, 117,151 Rodriguez, Regina D. 78,89 Rodriguez, Robert 109,111, 127 Rodriguez, Sandra 101 Rodriguez, Steven 66,119, 113,151 Rodriguez, Theresa E. 23,35, 38,54,62 Rodriguez, Tony 89 Rodgcrs, Debbie L. 78,109 Rogers, Leroy R. 89 Rogers, Mike 54 Rohrback, John R, 89 Rohrback, Linda R. 26,55 65,77 Romero, Alfonso 66,119,151 Romero, Catherine 92 Romero, Dodd A. 89 Romero, Ismael 109 Romero, Jacob 66,126,132, 144 Romero, Jose A. 89 Roalez, Larry 66,126,144 Rose, Charles M. 55,68 Ross, Allen L. 89,132 Rossel, Steve J. 89 Roste, Mike G. 141 Rueda, Mirna S. 89 Ruiz, Veronica 109 Ruiz, Vivian M. 78,109 Ruiz, Yvonne M, 55 Russell, Donna M. 109 Russell, Kenneth R. 89 Sabedra, Sonia 89 Salas, Carmen R. 35,55 Salas, Diana 59 Salazar, Carlos 89 Salazar, Caron 31,102,109 Salazar, Patricia A. 67,74,89 Salazar, Randy 109 Salazar, Rebecca 67,74,101 Salcido, Arthur 133 Salcido, Juantta 111 Saldana, Jesus Jr. 101 Saldate, Susie 111 Salido, Edward J. 109,126, 133 Salido, Richard 35,109,133, 145 Salvador, Elizabeth C. 55,70 Sarnbrano, Dale R. 64 Sanchez, Arthur 109 Sanchez, Chris 73,109,127 Sanchez, Denise L. 55,59 Sanchez, Gary R. 30,33,65, 73,89,126,156 Sanchez, Gilbert 109 Sanchez, Juan C. 89 Sanchez, Joe 24,91,130 Sanchez, Manuel 91 Sanchez, Micky 55,64,79,131 Sanchez, Raul 109 Sanchez, Richard 23,59 Sanchez, Roberto 89,134 Sanchez, Rosemary 55,69,79 i Sanchez, Sonia 55 Sanchez, Steven C. 7,32,35, 38,55,123,151 Sanchez, Sylvia 89 " Sanchez, Vivian A. 89 i Sanchez, Yolanda 59 ' ' - Sandoval, Elva 109 Sandoval, Enedina 91 Sandoval, Gina B. 109 Sandoval, Martha C. 55,62, 63 Sandoval, Rosemary 101 A V Sandoval, Sergio 35,135 " - V Sanford, Kim 109 Santaelia, Atejandra 59 Santillan, Grace E. 109 Santos, Kenneth M. 35,110, 127,145 Sarabia, Jacqueline K. 110, 138 Saucedo, Lina 55,26,38,70 Saucedo, Raymundo 110,127 Savala, Diana 30,102,110 Schuster, David L. 110 Searle, Patrick L. 99,185 Segura, Adrian 110 Segura, Sandra 91 Serna, Joe F. 89 Serrato, Patricia 110 Settles, Mark J. Ill Settles, Michael W. 62,110, 155 Settles, Tammy L. 56 Settles, Tony L. 89 Sevilla, Edgar S. 69 = .,_ Sevilla, Editha D. 35,110 Sevilla, Susan S. 90 Shattuck, Henry 73,79 Short, Jeffery C. 56,66,142, 143 Shreve, Stacey G. 62,79,110 Shrum, Elaine 65,73 Shubin, Dan J. 110,127,139, 145 Shubin, Debbie 73,76 Shubin, James H. 56 Shubin, Natasha 73,76 Sierra, Maria T. 90 Sierras, Annette 91 Sifuentes, Daniel 66,90,118 Sifunetes, Rosana 111 Silva, Alma R. 110 Silva, Jerry 110 Silva, Larry L. 56 Silva, Vincent 110 Silvas, Arthur J. 56,64 Silvas, David R. 90,116,117, 131 Silvas, Frances E. 110 Simpson, Cynthia L. 110 Slominski, Vincent S. 110 Smith, Betty 56 Smith, Donna 68 Smith, Gail 65,69,90 Smith, Georgina 30,32,67,70, 71,92,115,190 Smith, Karen L. 78,110 Smith, Mark A. 56,79 Smith, Nancy J. 90 Smith, Robert 110 Smith, Roger 101,126 Smith, Roseann M. 110,111 Smith, Steve W. 110,127 Soils, Javier 110 Solis, Patricia 62,101 Soliz, Armando 59 Soliz, Gloria 78,110 Soliz, James D. Ill Soliz, rjorma 91 Sotelo, Deborah L. 90 Sotero, Tony R. 59 Speare, Leslie M. 110 Speare, Walter J. 90 Spencer, Dai I E. 59,66 Stewart, Elaine M. 101 Sties, Joseph 101 Stirling, Laura 69,73,79,90 Stirrat, Cynthia J. 90 Stokes, Steve A. 9,16,90,114 Stokes, Timothy L. 56,59 Strohl, Lori E. 100 Suarez, Ladislao 111 Suarez, Mary C. 78,110 Sullivan, Lisa M. 67,74,100 Sutley, Frank 100,139 Sutley, Mark D. 110 Swenson, Ronald M. 100 Tabangcura, Demetrio 90 Tackett, Rickey W. 56,66, 118,151 Tangdit, Linda 111 Tangdit, Victoria 67,73,74, 100 Taumavaile, Anna L. 110 Taylor, Cindy 100 Taylor, Mary 110 Tejeda, Guadalupe 110 Tejeda, Hector 90 Tejeda, Rebecca 110 Telarroja, Eduardo P. 110 Telarraja, Mike 100 Telles, Nicholas 110 Telles, Sophie A. 90 Telles, Yolanda 101 Thomas, Robin E. 100 Thomas, Wayne L, 56 Thompson, Gordon R. 110 Thompasn, Kevin A. 56,120 Thompson, Mark E. 110 Thompson, Roger J. 73,100, 155 Tillett, Cindy A. 110 Tillet, Troy D. 19,56,120, 121,123 Tilsher, Mark 100 Tolentino, Marcia 111 Torres, Eddie J. 90 Torres, Felix 100 Torres, Javier 101- Torres, Linda L. 110 Torres, Phillip 90 Torres, Richard 110 Torres, Robert 26,57 Torrez, David A. 2,23,57,66, 120,123,144 Torrez, Mary E. Ill Torrez, Rosemary M, 18,57 Torsy, Ronald 100 Tovar, Paullase 111 Trevino, Theresa 90 Trinkley, Mary A. 30,68 Trujillo, Carol J. 91 Trujillo, James P. 35,59,19 Trujillo, Larry P. 110 Turner, Julie A, 110 Urban, Vicki L. 67,69,90, 128 Valadez, Alfredo F. 24,130 Valadez, Henry 111 Valadez, Ricardo 57,116, 117,134,151 Valdez, Anita 100 Valdez, David P. 110 Valdez, Leonard 101 Valdez, Mark 0. 101 Valentin, Gladys 110 Valenzuela, Manuel 101 Valizan, Anthony E. 57,58, 131 Valle, Lasaro A. 90 Valle, Rebecca 110 Valles, Consuelo, C. 90 Vanhaasen, Cindy 67,110, 136 Vanillo, Tony 90 Vaporis, Lucia E, 59,65 Varela, Debra A. 57 Varela, Nadine M. 101 Vargas, Albert 57,120,121, 122,123,140,151 Vargas, Alfred 100 Vargas, Caroline 59,62 Vargas, Isela G. 79,110 Vargas, Manuela 110 Vasquez, Anthony 59 Vasquez, Arthur 90 Vasquez, Caroline 110 Vasquez, Craig 101 Vasquez, Debbie 101 Vasquez, Irma T. 110 Vasquez, Oscar 110,127,133 Vasquez, Rachel A. 110 Vasquez, Raul 90 Vasquez, Rick A. Ill Vasquez, Tommy R, 26,57 Vasquez, Victor 101 Vasquez, Yvonne M. 110 Vega, Jesse C. 59 Velasco, Fernando A. 110 Velasco, Marco A. 110 Velasquez, Charles 90 Velasquez, Consuelo P. 57 Velasquez, Delma 101 Velasquez, Henry 101,132 Velasquez, Jose L. 110 Velasquez, Lorraine 110 Velasquez, Maria T. 57 Velasquez, Patricia R. 59,62 Venegas, Joe 91 Venegas, Terry 90 Ventura, Edward C. 90 Ventura, Jess G. 110 Villagran, Jesus 101 Villagran, Laura G. 110 Villalobos, Rebecca 110 Villalobos, Robert 90 Villalpando, Rudy 90 Villanueva, Angle 101 Villanueva, Darlene 35,101 Villanueva, Donna 110,91 Villanueva, Sandra F. 110 Villareal, Marilyn 91 Villasenor, Diana L. 110 Villasenor, Maria E. 101 Vogel, Kenneth 101 Vogel, Linda J. 24,25,26,27, 30,33,57,65,79 Walden, Mike 126 Walker, Coleen 110 Walker, Darryl D. 57 Walker, John F. 101 Walker, Mark A. 110 Walker, Richard A. 110 Wallach, Daren A. 90,120, 142 Warm, Mark 5,58,66,70,71, 120,142 Watkins, Joddi B. 16,58,77 Weber, Patricia A. 101 Werderinann, Alan E. 90 White, Charles P. 64,79,101 Whitley, Alicia Y. 58 Wick, Christopher J. 58 Wick, Jana 78,101 Wikoff, Lee 132 Williams, Victor E. 79,111 Williamson, Dirk A. 90,120, 132 Williamson, Monty K. Ill, 133,155 Wilson, Dale 101 ' Wilson, Mark A. 58,131 Woodall, James R. 2,58 Woody, Periann 111 Woolen, Lorene J. 90 Worden, Oavid 101,156,157 Wright, Bill L. 90 Wright, Bridjett A. 78,111 Wright, Joe D. 19,59,66,120, 121 Wright, Terri L. 78,111,138 Wroten, Jerome E. 90 Yaeger, Patricia A. Ill Yanez, Esther 90 Ybarra, Yolanda 111 Ybardo, Edward 111 Ybarbo, Johnny 91,121 Young, Phyllis D. 91 Yule, Annette B. 91 Zabala, Elaine 62,101 Zambrano, Charles Jr. Ill, 139 Zayas, Richard 91 0 Zayas, Ruben 111 ■ Zepeda, Vivian 59 195 I would like to take the bye and good luck to all faculty here at Mountain would also like to encou I commend the staff on a made up the staff have pula lot of ideas, time, and effort into producing tnis book. ., ' to |iy mom and dad fo lout the year. We did " " ich I think were I would also lik ix, Mr. Walt Lil A.Y.C . repres( a little easier f work went into hing of all was i . ' all of you enjoi as much as the staff d I ehj together. - " - " ' - -■ X V " %j S ' % ' % _ . p J y -a r ' 0- j i- v j. y ' T v,Vs,V%, 3 ' , r r -P c c A ' t ' - c . a o, u n ( T -a . ,6 S- " a r n ! ;ic ' - -iW ' -x- ' s i ..■ Q c -V A i- " A o o o V-. ■ Pw - V. ' " N V A G V 5 - -j ' :cey 3a- 1 l fi fz: A f X ■ . }i ' - i nncmjv l o c - 1 •• ' O 5 A ,n - r •5 7 77 77 77 . ' ' ( cynr ' ' ' vn . J ' ?7.l ' fi " - {F ' 1 ,. OKlPiVfA 4o O _AJu:S JUxj i. Jl Qa X i- S: % r A . A ' o s: ; . ' ' . (v: CN A r ' ff I ' it A J . ' A n x ' • V - ' K O ' ■, ' IV rX J V ' I b a JLtt7E •••-N . «r.t.(li C V I ca r ' ' f U L.I Ji-6 IJZ. 9 rx rrv. b-X ' ■ ' -K- ' t - Pf ■■ ' ' V- - c- ' u -v. Aoc- ' i KlO. -ivi - ' L 6M cl -biL ' t2 Pin Lo . i- ' ' C-- Ly i ' ■r- ■, t y 1 J P.V-- y f I -■ ' ' -• " ' ■ " .■. ? 1-A J ' J,. i!. ■ ■■{ ' I :1 If; • I •v- ., ■- . hk • : « ■•■, ,:. .- . ' ■ ,UJ : ' " W? " ; . ::. ■ ' ■S.rf - ' ■ ■ ■■• ' i ' ; ' !■: ' .■ i - iill. ' i -V . i..i ' - ' .-., . : ; V; .•■ ■ ' VRfr ■ ' .■•■.;..

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