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-' ' M . 'VF 'i,.y,f,1 -f 'gl-TuliJ3i.1:f-h?r1g?1zC"F5EEw,b?d . ' 'W' ' "W .sir U ,af .ai 1 , JF ' Q 1-f :sw-w " M- -. - wwf n 1 .- wq H V, s 2' f,-1 su ' 14 ,fi-Im. "-r Iv, v 4. -3 ,Ku ' f ' f , 1,. ,J - ,, , xg ,,,,,t.,.,,, ,g.1,,:f-, . , . .H :W -- ., V + ff QL " 1 " I gm-A ,. , 4-La . , - ' - A '. Y .. .bm - ff "' " 1. ' ' 'iw -s1'.r::v3T . '-f 1' if 'f "' --M' ,fin 5, , ., , ,., -. ,M 1 t V A, . ,. W X , . VK ,Lg ei ,af T.. .W- Wrnl - V ',,v,i" ' . E5'f?2'.". 'xii ' w,hTl"'3-?'f5,v g " 51332 f , E 4 r .fl'f'b- Him- M 4, if -34153-w 1T"':, , Q22 'v'xs::1 , 1 'Yf,I,T'Qgf' 42 H. , 11:1 . Y " Hivgi u , H.. , .::, Wm, 'Q W, " x gn, --53: 1 df' ' 3? 1 J-.uw 6' :QQ ' .TVN .V -J k ' JI., 'W 295 fi? W -' W-My " gf. , E VL.. ', -,-B' -"mi, 'r 5: A3 4. '7 . pig. 2 ,,N.,k,a .f...-.-.M -' -5.-. aggqlfgjgh ,4 A , . V ff '-If ' Q' Sf' fl ' ik 55442: F 'ff' W , af 11 - 5,5 ! , .W , gg: ,, - .- 147 , . , , f' -,if - . ,:,.-mv, - mlm' . . . v 'E g "faQJ555F:iv'?bl3?1'aqqi', W ,riilfgil A-I--.ff .1 ,v .IW H 90 'W ,3, ' ,fl I X TV' 1 . . ': 4",,. Z""2z'fF5'Q- W""',Yff'r:1CL.Lf' T . ffl "WJ f'gf4?2g1,, ,f-:, b, -A w,,+. 'V'f.y..z1,,,, V V E,-3, V, ,V 1 , .gQ,1.,-,.E53,i3.,:1-..,Y,.,1 N . . V ., U . y ' WY? 'WL ' fih s 3. i6?11'f' J5" -. faint Wr"'??-fr" IH: 'if'-31-I'33J ' fir,-' 3' , -.wp.i1Q,Lcf-4-. M iL,f2.f'1?gA '. 21541 ,ny , - 5, " nagvi, ,, fgW,g':.,! kw gz,ggf r,21Q., . ,g:v:.- 7 ',5Lf,f': j?',t'mkjT'."j,,.':,J,2g'Qg If:-YA: .ww my V1 yi, :-1-'dw-, -M-M x -: " . A. 34, '-1, ' ,. Ny, 3.. - rZ:wq'v5?f' i1f54.k fff w w, 5 ' m ,V A 'J' f Zvi , 2 -Jam.,-'V-I-:Rfr'?A,. y- 1254 1:15-'JSF -ev fx . K- - i"Q",'l"fn ,, . . ,fmfvv-f-,g1YlfQ,,1, ' ? Q" s 4' qw ' 'qvf--4, V ,iw ' -1 3 ,W A " f, -, ,"'r jj'-,,j,Lf,g, ,-' IRL , ' LM 1.,..,a-., - X 'ef' if 'Harpy-, g Q. . 1:1 , 3.2 Q 'M :J W5--1 Q". , ,ji ,jg .E?g"51:- Y am, + 'gr V FffF2 fLf" -QQ, lifif 'Q ff' 5 M.. J 'gf 19:1 . -My ..-Yriggrg' -5, . 1 1' M. 1 .. J. ,4 -. ,,, ,V , . -- ' fv -.-':' 1 1-H K ' 3.9. , Tx , ' - 1 :'.: 1,"3'r 'iv S" :LIL ,bi " ,, "w:,'a. " ,, ,A jr- ww- - ,iw a. 1 , g 'f.'-A '35-.. ?sf+V"F""' - ':" W" V A Us, ,f ANZ" f9v?'T?4f'H"f4?fEirIfe1f', - M31 '-2' " W I N V, u1,,, .l.,qq. f. N ,V 4 V. n V V. f- . ' -,.a'r:,f,,f, ,, ,Qu , . ' , , V J,- . ,-.g,.f 5 '3 , .-,r . . Q' - if ,mcfk-if: 1 ff' '1 ' we V- ff' ' 'M s is on 'r-im ' A MQ5l.uaQawc- W ' ' E i 5 5 S E 2 E v E Q 5 Z s E 5 3 5 5 5 ANY I N ff I 2 X fW"f?",Q f4fE.'Ey 2 RN 1 W T7 0 f g :im fx - -fx V ,Q ',- f - K A 3 ,514 1, - 3.x: 'Xnlzz1. L J,-1j -'rw A I 'PfI?': fy' , The 1946 Lakes CUUQ THE 1946 LAKES Be Strong ! Be strong! We are not here to play, to dream, to driftg We have hard work to do and loads to liftg Shun not the struggle: face it, 'tis God's gift, Be strong, be strong! Be strong! Say not the days are evil - who's to blame? And fold the hands and acquiesce - O shame! Stand up, speak out, and bravely, in God's Name. Be strong, be strong! MALTBIIQ D. BABCOCK Published by THE SENIOR CLASS MOUNTAIN LAKES HIGH SCHOOL MOUNTAIN LAKES, NEW JERSEY JUNE, 1946 Mr. Atherton Noyes, jr. CPresidentj, Mrs. H. M. Wilson Mr G C Willard, Mrs. Paul Farnham, Mr. J. A. Tompkins fDistrict Clerkj M E. W. Anibal fSupervising Principalj, Mr. Charles Klem fVlCE Presi denrj, Mrs. David Blattner, Mr. William E. Hansen Mr E H Conarroe. MR. ATHERTON NOYES, JR. . Prefidenl MR. CHARLES KLEM . . . . Vice Preridenl MR. JOHN A. TOMPKINS . . Diflrifl Clerk MRS. DAVID G. BLATTNER WILLIAM E. HANSEN ELVIN H. CONARROE GORDON C. WILLARD MRS. PAUL FARNI-IAM MRS. H. M. WILSON In Appreciation To the Board of Education, our teachers, parents, and friends, we, the Class of 1946, wish to extend our appreciation for the outstanding cooperation given us throughout our school career. We are grateful for the innumerable significant contributions which you have so freely bestowed. Many times we have needed help and you have aided us, needed encouragement and you have encouraged us, needed inspiration and you have inspired us. For this we thank you. We wish to add a special notation in expression of our sincere appreciation to Miss Blanchard who has given generously of her time and effort in the realization of this yearbook. Dedication To Miss Marion Vincent, our loyal advisor and understand- ing friend, We dedicate our yearbook. During our two most important years in high school Miss Vincent has, through her guidance, inculcated in us a sense of responsibility and fair play. By this dedication we are attempting to show our appreciation for her continual sympathetic concern and sincere interest. CO, QQ? pi x ' n M' ,t 2,6 -2 , O W 43QF6rtf-Qi, X Q2-,ff Qmrpf 73, 96, fi kb? OQQQ5 44? M Z 635, Q4 wfxi X of 1103 , 19 -9 x , 'WW lfzfffzz 91,15 'Q 4347, 'Wx 651420 QZ95' 44, , ,,.J 01,,6,,90MC6f 1.1 M ,161 ff 4. 64' All 47 447, fr' 4 1 ,M 4 19400 ' , flj 1 4 li' A377714 I 41 C295 A115 0 If Z lsy, I' f1fr,- ANTHONY M CIA ' . ' RDI Cojambfsf-2:9 O!! fwqcffnyl 5,f,,,-Wlbll 4-'11 cm gZZgtd'7'fA5f-1t0 Tc-aclze rs i+V't': 1 f1af4,f"'VfVf 000,275 "Gif 2 I ""' 4, yn Miss QRACIN 4.2. 4143 1:C41,'n-myZ'Z'fwl,bMOSTUF MISS LILLIAN NAS 4: 0- of fm F ' 8 l7ll'0 A ' , H0505 , LS 'ffm of 1l4,,,,,f M T .IIXILY6 ontclair State Tc-aclwers College, BA.: Columbia, MA. L SCHOFIELD EN ' HAYD Priufll"'1 . CO' , BS., ll UnivC'?1ty'M-A- COYE? Univixfsltyy lum la I HUGH T' DA Y Scicnrr' Lehigh, BA' I ATHERINE mf CEHELAN Sari l H Spieflff New York Y Umverszryr B'S v QV 'SF +2+Y'Q- Q- Q, Q52 es Mi Y, 5966 A 9 S H IZQIIELE W Uifniltorising' QNIBAL ' . umbia 0:5 x f K W , ,Y 1 W M W e5'o46Y' 0 f A l, wb Q- wh gxdbql ,, m k pg 96 vw' 509 - 7' ke ' ikgky it 5 0009 0.6653-2'm Y.- ' I M W7 , .gs xx " "' 1 Q I' I 0454 S CG' N00 XRENE DU ,L QQXAX ,bo - N 'AW . NO' K" Secretary N M55 MERLE YNUXNG ,xx-5533210 Economws as Olqsvpg A X W , Ployszcal Education . N oi Qawmce, - West Vkgfxrfxa Uqfwefgkws XBSYVICKSX 'GTX U " ns., MS, fx M 15' E' QS' Qy ',,s,C:W'Q 9 41 . M CW . iw Q1 6900 ' Qgtti yt?- XCXX Comm ok QXQWQ. 'bif- SOYX' Y- Qgiw e,14W4bXh U., 09696, QIXYSB N vwcww EYQNX 1,a1,1ws 4, MDWW X smom Sadat! sow? 5,5-Q 5,5 Odweiswl- 'imjixexs ED M' NK Amo Frencb and Spams CoXXeg,e, 5.5.3 Co- YSNWE A155 HE LE-N Regklered IIIIIQIFKER MR Se S. MEUR THOMPSO . N . Lwgurian B A K amz: msgs' AM- Xumbh, NLP.. U Divegsxty 0 41.059 Qu 5 94-,ew e 54" x60 X2 5-.. lfdflnr-iff-C'l12ef AUm'ji1le Edjffllll' A,l'.lf.lfdIlf Editmis Plwlngrafllvvy Edifom' Ar! Ecfilfn' . . Spmis' Edllm' Typjzzg Edifnr Bnfizzeff Edilor . MARJORII-l ANDERSON RICHARD BATIE FRANCES BOSTELMANN ALICE BUTTERWORTH EVELYN CASE ELLEN DLLEYER BARBARA FORD EVA GALT ANN HARRIS DOROTHY HEANEY DIANE HIMMER WILLIAM LEIKARI ALLAN MAIER Iiililur-in-Chief UUR OTHY DUPILKA 1. Tull Run: Nliirtcns, Mila, llmtclmann, Van Dcuscn, Singer, Leikari, Wight, M.iiur, Tyner, liranv. Siwuiil Row: Galt, Nelson, Heaney, Rust, llurruwx, Wickwirc. Simmons, Butterworth, Case, Ford, Willard. Botlom Run: Ziugcr, Morris, Bowen, Macclitle, DuLcycr, Dupilka, Miss Blanchard, lulimruil. lliytrm, llruukfiulml, Himmcr. THE LAKES STAFF DOROTHY DUPILKA . GRACE ZIEGER, EMILY DAYTON . JEAN NELSON, HENRIETTA RUST ALFRED IOHNSRUD, ARTHUR FRANZ JANE BROOKFIELD ARTHUR SINGER DORIS MAECHTLE MARJORIE BOWEN JOSEPHINE MARTENS LYNN MILES JOAN MILLS OLIVE MORRIS DEAN NOLL JEAN SIMMONS HILDA STOCKS RICHARD STOUGHTON HOWARD TYZZER ALLAN VAN DEUSEN JACQUELINE WICKWIRE MACLYN WIGHT PATRICIA WILLARD E .......... , ......................, lll if5fi5if3ff5f3f3535353f5f3f5ff5f5f5f3f5Q5r:.-::':':'M'Z': fd , -' IQD1 A ' ZEMJJQX fi 6 Z Q. AXXYQ .N b 1 Hai ' ' QB ":':':':':' , GTE- g iiiii Ivo! ww , W 30.9 O gt., Q 1-nfsrmssms i 'll' E W-Tl, P gg ' If P L., 1' The 1946 ref: ' N- ,L s. nd? '7' -. :ml MARJORIE ANDERSON .lf WEB ANCONA I anrier . . W walk . . . hal, are 61 fra-zy?' Hop committee 2 Junior Prom 3 Testimonial Dante committee 3 My W 4 Senior Ball committee 45 junior Fire Depart- J 10' ,A :ff zm3 . Qing, M llll e .. lf'x f vw-A+, """ 1, y,".a.i.,-xfx.- 'W I - f v -- jf .X I "- lf l 'A - '1"n ll T' .'-M A 1.15 K fi l - 1 i '1 3 gl Q A ' L, i l 'll 1- ff . 1 - lx , h , 'T-A '-1 lv-Y RICHARD BATE "Dirk" . . . fall, good looking . . . friendly Jmile . . , willy . . . second Eddie Riekenlmcker . . . pleamnt . . . splendid reading terlaniqne . . . ar! obilily . . . a mrefree, mmol manner. , ment 3, 4, Football 3, 4. Stage Craft club 23 Senior Ball committee 45 Score Board committee 3, 4g Intramural sports 53 The Lakcs staff 4. 8 peedin g Zephyr "Andy" . . . fall, dork and felifitom . . . znzprediclable . . . culinary artift . . . ben party hosiery . . . three into fingernails . . . tha! boy next door. A Cappella Choir 3, 44 Librarians Club 4g The Lakes staff 45 Testimonial Dance commit- tee 3. PATRICK BOARDMAN Ex-priwzle Pol . , . red hair and freck- lef . . . plorid and unexrited . . . common Jenie . . . bzznler and barrier . . , bard working . . . "Long live zlae Irish!" Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Cross-Country 2, 33 Moun- taineer 3, 45 Senior Ball committee 4g Testi- monial Dance committcc 33 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Varsity Club 3, 43 S.G.A. lg Class Presi- dent l. Lakes K X Qt ww ll 5 ll fx 'Tm yfxf-4ll 07, fl , wif' vcr T-3"':i iff:-f L. LY! KW K xv gix, xx FX Q .sb 'YWZKLN K 1 X 1-f", '-if' I 7V . f -'Mffh - "Z,6'Q2zlwef-X W ,lwfj WW Q 6 . ...Q -gg. ,i Wm, MAR JORIE GR B115-' - 1 - "Peggy" ..., rnmll, dark, and Cute W WU . , 5 ' L . . , Well' , ' . . . flu! !1If,L'L'flflll,f giggle . . .Home , 'If-'ff l""H' lbjnk .fbe'J gfziel . . . rozzfciefzljolzf and Q ' Art b 1, 2, 3, 45 3 depezzdable . . . 1eu'i11g'J ber bobby CJ' SPO" ' 3- 5 and .rhe zwearf if zrell. , SC 5 C Club 2. 3: NM50, JI I A Cappe la Choir l, 3, 45 The Lakes staff 45 H n Society L4: Studcm Court 49 Cmnt . Testi: 10 al Dance committee 35 Dramatic ui: ' I5 'llc Lakes staff 45 Soph nor Ulu 9 i!1If2ri2mS Chll-lb 3, 45 Girls' sports 1, comn c 25 junior Prom com it' , ' cn- X41 Glrls Wllltc lcffff 45 Semof may 'o . committee 45 Testimoni e com- Commluec 4' uttec .5 Football Dance c n rec 45 Sen' r MJ Play 25 Class Vice-presic ' , Cla s P c ' nt xg Z 35 Girls' white letter -ll 1 r Play 1 11, it A-c . 5, -O: Youth Governmcpt, . I . . . fdZ10l'Il6' lyp- D ' " if UI . . . dmzcing . . . fn!! of whim, lfqf buf' ll E B E zriger, and what if lakes . . . chewing ., 10 ,O I J, 1 gif gum . . . flirlnfiom . . . bangs, green 1 - -5 ' ' ' . mud EJ! ' llian . . . nz 1 11- 9165 dvd d""Plf'f' ' '- l A Cappella Choir 2, 3. 45 Sophomore Hop 4 urn .. . , are Il J le X I U I ', , 5 committee 25 junior Prom committee 35 Tes- Aff Club 1- Z' ' 49 Ph? P Cpmm ' timonial Dance Committee 35 Librarians Club tee 25 junio m ommi tc 5 Senior Ball committee 4' stimonial D cc committee 35 vcr 3' 45 The Lakes SMH 4: Girls' Sports f' The La s s ff 45 Girls' sports l, 2, 3, 45 Girlyyg' e letter 3. 5, 45 Football Dance committee 45 Moun Mountain Lakes H i gh School so lwllillfll 957' 5, if l liwbl ov The 1946 Lakes 4' 40 S ,Lipfgfl UTTERWORTH '9il My ' ' . , rolled 01'6l' kerflvie J if5 by midnight oil . . . camp- good argument . . . cl friend neither W f LM ' Wizig and sports . . . nezfer lacking cl Nx 11, Z-1:-5 In Ill V1 B Uil ll forgetting nor forgotten. Girls' Sports 1, 3, 45 S.G.A. 15 Dramatic Club 3, vice-president 45 Service Club 3, 4g Moun- taineer 3, 45 The Lakes staff 45 Senior Play committee 45 A Cappella Choir I, 3, 45 Jun- ior Prom committee 35 Tcstimonal Dance com- mittee 35 Girls' White letter 45 Band 1, 35 Orchestra l. RICHARD CONARROE "Chit" . . . bell bottom trou.fer.r . . . "0lly" . . . friendly and understanding . . . lalne-blafk hair . . . individu- ezlirtif . . . thumb lrrweler . . . that .rpurkle in his eye. A Cappella Choir 2, 35 S.G.A.-1, 25 Testi- monial Dance committee 35 junior Prom com- mittee 35 Sophomore Hop committee 25 Intra- mural Sports 3. x ll I if ts .s ir lx K ,f l's.r fail. 0' fri' ' 1 A f 1, 51,5 i L 4' X51 gl, i f 1'- lf ,. t f -. cw te EVELYN CASE Middleufest fan . . . "Hi, kids" . , . a zoonzan driver and iz good one . . . zuell-groomed . . . always on the jo . . . originator of gmninzar ruler . raven lorles and creamy foinple n. Girls' Sports I, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic b , 45 Christmas Play committee 35 Se ay com- mittee 45 A Cappella Choir l , 45 ervge Club 3, 45 Testimonial Da commit 35 Senior Ball committee 45 e L kes s aff Food committee 3, 4. , MIL HEIIHQ' T . tall id Jlei r . ure ' . . . de rnzi d but 1 d nm er . . ' cle lai ef. . ' ly 'nded . ongbl a '1 r 4ZgQ1ll7Idg d d. t B 1 , 3, 5 c cstr 1, 2,3 A ella oir 52,3 45D ticC btr re 45 untai r ' , 4 e L' s ta ub E45 Cl sccreta y-tr as r 1' o 09 c m' t 3, ' es ' onial nc e mitt la ejQGirls' orts 1, , , I tt ffyafXf.f79 'R' ' as fm.. kixpj 4'-Ng? 1 X l.,f..m6f11N-lf 6 ,A G 1 1 v Vi ,Aa -L- 5 'Q l aiigz ELLEN DeLEYER "Curly" . . . h - - l 011 zvheely . . . telephone t'0II1'6t'5t1fl0Ildll.fl . . . athletic , . . Min Ezvizzgk headache . . . happy- gn-llzrhj' . . , ezfer'j'h0dy'J pal. Librarians Club 3, president 43 junior prom committee 34 Sophomore Hop committee 23 Testimonial Dnncc committee 39 Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA FORD "F0r'die" . . . Heat and 'well dreffed . . . Kent Sfhaol . . , feminine . , . tangential and friendly . . , laughter . . . noted for good lookf . . . Hubba Hnhhaf Mountaineer 3, 4g junior Prom committee 35 A Cappella Choir 2, 55 The Lakes staff 45 Sophomore Hop committee 21 Girls' Sports 1 -. 3. 4. Q7 Q 1 C Q Y X4-1 YP- ? sw 1.912 EVA GALT "Eoe'l . . , Jnbtle fide-Jlblillifzg euayf . . . independent , . , "A" .ftndenl . . , Jfienre and maIlJ enlbmiaft . . . alb- lefic . . . fonfirmecl Pl'0Cl'cZJ'lllIdl0I' . . . tall and good looking. Band lg Orchestra lg Service Club 3, 45 Mountaineer 3, 43 Dramatic Club 4g Testi- Mountain Lakes Hi gh School NORMA GIFFORD "Biff" . . . blonde bair ana' png nofe . . . tba! bandbox look . . . feminine and aIt1'av1i11e . . . dancing blue eyef . . . obangeable perfonallty . . well- libecl . . . ber brotbeazr. A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 45 Service Club 3, 45 Librarians Club 3, 4g Tcstimo ial Dance com- monial Dance committee 3, Food Committee mittee 39 Football Dance C ' we 4: Ticket 3, 44 Librarians Club 3, 4, Girls' Sports commlttcc 3. Ccord D com ' ec 2. 1, 2, 3, 4. ' ' 'J ' . ul W ,QJ Ji. E qw, - WARR PGGIFFORD A I 1 "War"' . ,'-.fcZl1l0l member of a fa- D ,,l9,, l . l ga j gj I , , fon f milji ,lj . ahfonclilionecl jallop Qwbdt Ubkdmpl . ' 7m,e1?0'1YfnQ, . .alU70p0! 'ellldiff . . . ldZj' good ' 'g J jj .W,i'I-Igbj 4 Jjfg gy? lf' looblf . . . I enlal, r ree manner oben 1 n ,fo bn binfgjfff C9 . . . Uvffdfldlfl dfbl9fe . . Uflll' .fgllr I 01l lj fog' fly l . f g ng uv nrle Sam. A lm Hel . oorball l, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 3, 4, Basket- ' ,Ml ,lg Club 3' . ,rvi-C b 3 3 Girl ' bil 51 45 V3"'UY.ClUb 314 .,,l' 'rf V . 3 iSop more p c niitte 2 Jf .' O A lux, ior Pr 1 P1111 c 35 T 0 ial ncc ' 1' ' z ' 35 A p a r 2, , 4gTl1c XV If ' La ff l 151 gj 2 gilbllllll HUT at 5 it . ,"2, 't Eau 4,11 I W K yn' 1 1112 l ll 351 if SIB . S xr -X .-ld 7 5 5 T . f fz.. .7 . 3, f , " rg- N' 'Z 4 I ,. 'git x-.1 ...Wal-1'-Q, . .qflixsiswal WESTON HASKELL D RC9I'HY5 od! do "Wei" . . . frieme iufellefr . . . "Dol" .. fp ' ng hr on eyebt .. ko thoughtful and referred . . . good peppy azd rh erfn . . . :amid ra fl' looking Jmilf . . . flide rifle! and for- ...' 1 weak: for c xml IQ d dan 5 mulae . . . phobia: femalef . . , mg. "0'f071t600l'dl73 'eater .U. D.L.c':W. 8:10 and 3:27. fun ng . elfudexzgahle I 1 . . . Scoreboard committee 45 Int m ortsvfy N Sophom Comvfftec 25 Girls' ports 2, I ' 3, 45 t 'ncer 2, 3, 45 Service Club 3, 45 , juni om c ittcc 35 Testimonial Dance com ttcc Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 Libra- , rians C15 5 Senior Ball committee 45 Foot- 0 , Q ball Dance Committee 45 Tlmc Lake N . Cheerleader 4. C EY . DIANE M R Q " i ' . . J 1 niet, "Di" . . . rapt ' the eerl deff X J . 'nf ' 65 . . . 71 ode! rail- 0 f . . allra ' and oem: Hifi . . ' aw? '. .Jhiny fhoef . . . Hi-Y i w 'om . . a' zkzir for or 1 1h r .wavy hair and brown eyef X X dan ' . . 'az . . 0? ' . T 3, 45 Cross-Country 35 A Cay a l Cad li Y CBP i 43 Bfi A00111- Choir 2, 35 junior Fire Depa enl 9 I C013 VHKHHUC Cl y 4SCw15Pl3 H1.Y 3, 4, 5 Lib ians 1, , 3, Cappell kv Ch ,3, rtClub ,ELM tae O f K Cra ub 1, , 45 ' Play 25 ior 6x co-ch' n 35 i ntaineer , , s K ball comn1iK!t , Testiykl I ommitt S.G.A. 5 - l I 'll M 2 N f Z.. rel rr JENKINS . baseball addirl . . . ou Ihe side of the lau' . . . likeable and popular . . . Jeroud Arthur Mur- ray . . . azfersiou to homework . . . Fergurorfi favorite fudge duffer. Baseball 2, 3, 4g Basketball 4g Intramural Sports 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Senior Club 4. ,Jie VW ff' WILLIAM LEIKARI MQ! fTBill" , . . red Jhirl and straight hair ' i . . . likeable . . . haunler of the hallx . . . Jarrafrir quipf . . . one of fhe jeu' Ji l male Serzfiee Clubber! . . . gll7I fau- V f 4 rier . , . "variety if the Jpire of life." I ' ak Service Club 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 3g Testi- ' monial Dance committee 3, Junior Prom com- K X7 Z mittee 35 Football Dante committee 4, Score Board committee 43 Tlme Lakes staff 4. K fx f'Qf5xFQ i l B7 ' ik l l iff? r- 75 K X La.-sz Wh I l N .WN OMF lllilflli .' X 1 kiwi x fr xfxx ' L if f , , .lg l lllk 2 ll irq fl-' S a ,J 24 ' .cc- 97'51sf"'3:Z7?fffeef 5-3 The 1946 Lakes ALFRED JOHNSRUD "Al" . . . rzzarzagerial . . . photogra- fleild . . . 61001771071 .f67Z.l'E . . . Hi-Y head . . . tha! swagger . . . honest and dependable . . . humorous . . . Ely Culberlforz the ferorzd. Class Treasurer 2, S.C.A. 3, 4, The Lakes staff 4, Football Program committee 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, President 45 A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, Stage Craft Club 1, 2g Stage Crew 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, Manager 3, 43 Baseball Manager 3g Sophomore Hop committee 23 Intramural Sports 3, 43 Varsity Club 4, GEORGE LITTELL "Bub" . , , long, lanky, and lazy . . Yellowflorze . . . three letter man . good loohirzg . . . rle r . . ell? bays . . . alw b g. 'Basketball 1, 2 Bas , 3, 4 ootball K - 'Y 3, , Cappe a 'r 1, 2, 3, 45 K ' Fire Depart , Band 2. -.Jb"" i el tfff ,lov 445-2 - - . 'ss 1551 I ' .C- I ,g . fi 5. 4.451 x lv EW' J 7 N 5 Z X Ao li ""' 7 ,,. 4J AJ--1 WV DORIS MAECHTLE "Mac" . . . gorgeouf dinzplet, hlue eyef, and flim figure . . . farnouf foo!- hall fan . . . puzzled exprenion . . . haggy gym Juit . . . eneryone'f friend . . . one reafon why Mother getr grey . . . "What'll I do?" A Cappella Choir 35 Librarians Club 45 Serv- ice Club 45 The Lakes staff 45 Girls' Sports 3, 45 Food committee 45 Testimonial Dance committee 35 Junior Prom committee 3. JOSEPHINE MARTENS "fone" . . . patience and induftry . . . friendly . . . "I-Ii!" . . .faithful rooter at all garner . . . indefatigahle .rpirit . . . A Cappella alto , . . rnufic and china dog collecting. A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 45 Librarians Club 2, 35 Mountaineer 35 Dramatic Club 35 Junior Prom committee 35 Testimonial Dance committee 35 The Lakes staff 45 Food committee 3. ALAN MAIER "Al" . , . oertatile .rportfrnan . . Jatirical humor . . . sharp car . . . Hi-Y partief . . . 4th period brunch . . . well-rnannered man ahout M.L. Basketball 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Football 45 Varsity Club, Vice-president 45 junior Fire Department 45 Student Court 3, 45 A Cap- pella Choir 35 Orchestra 35 Testimonial Dance committee 35 Senior Ball chairman 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Youth Government 35 The Lakes staff 4. LYNN MILES Tznk urua l Je tion " ' . . . l -in ' QQ' ...cuteaxah n. .no X daily ti the .0. . . ants r1de.7l' . get Ca l oir . A lex 'I ' y . . . it rhu . ,ileikkfir .f J. Hop mittee eil '7 lil ill Service ' 91 W . Ag ,W , r Q 6 ROBERT MILLER "Bah" . . . hlizfh and bland hair . , . hnnling . . . Bzih'J gunz-rheufing pal . . . ronfrienlioiii and rongenial . . . hafehall . . . impirh grin and frerklef. A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 junior Fire Department 45 junior Prom committee 35 Intramural Sports 3, 45 Food committee 45 Baseball 2, 3, 4. OLIVE MORRIS Bright hair, qllfk hlmh, ana' a lively Jlep . . . failorf, a .fpefially . . . lunch- lime jillerhiig . . . pajama partie! . . . rliitinetive reading wife . . . every boclybf Olly . . . Sorry, zhif is the lafl of the Morrifef. Linc and Color Club 45 Sophomore Hop com- mittee 25 Junior Prom committee 35 The Lakes staff 45 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 Testimonial Dance committee 35 Senior Ball committee 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4. ll ,X I i F 'L L l ur 1 vw " "x"g?'-Z-.4 i I , 1 2 55 . Q all ry L if L. JOAN MILLS Camping rripi' . . . alwayy remember: the Jalt and llldlfbff . . . artful hiftory rharl maker . . . iriin and anziahle . . . .rfrawherry-blonde hair . . . yodeling . , . gym rlaff geninf . . . hunting with Howie. ' S.G.A. ,25 Testimonial Dance committee 35 Senior 'Ball committee 45 Class Vice-president 45 Line and Color Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Hop committee 25 Junior Prom committee 35 Librarians Club 1, 2, 45 Mountaineer 2, 35 The Lakes staff 45 Food committee 4: JEAN NELSON "jeannie" . . . nzodellr fgare . . . let- lerf from Bill . . . reierved . . . grate- ful on ice , . . feminine . . . outrland- zng .rerond Joprano . . . hoalx and the Jhore . . . "H0lcha!!" Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Service Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Librarians Club 3, Food committee 3, 45 Senior Ball committee 45 Testimonial Dance committee 35 Sophomore Hop committee 25 Senior Play committee 45 Mountaineer 3, 45 The Lakes staff 45 Creative dancing 15 555 rffflifl 61 6Sf aww 1911! sf i'L'iicVf'i ff ' 'Q 1 li 5 3 fil l L1 ll10 , lulll x i i S '- '.f , ,J DEAN NOLL "Demo" . . . top from man . . . popu- lar . . . full of fun . . . smooth dancer . . Iwo-term treafurer . . well man- nered, good looking . . . Daffl Boone creafiom . . . "pug, puff." Track 2, 3, Co-captain 45 Cross-Country 3, Captain 45 Sophomore Hop committee 25 Jun- ior Pro committee 35 Testimonial Dance C015 itt v5 Senior Ball comm tee 4' Junior Fireliglep rxment 3, ' Class T as r r 3, 45 l'lge,lLIXa staw ' I i a gf it ,if5'ffi" . ' ' A f ' . . . 'ju' Ne . . ' IC dl 3' ' . . 5 . . . S' an .gl . . . 1 51 o ,. . H peer '. al yi fn . e 4 rifgjqeo d ' ipxli . M. I i ount er 2 tant itor 3, E br n xl 5 chic Crea ive, nc' 5 Girls' , ' I' 2 , 4 omo op committee 25 t X I ub 2 uae tary- easurer 35 Chairman T Ktimo n - committee 35 Service Club 2 3, 5 C la Choir 15 Librarians Club 4 The L es staff 45 S.G.A. 45 elim sa is tori if -no Cyp HENRIETTA RUSTSD QD 4 Q95 M' "Sag" . , , dark eyef and lovely rofg CS, 45,9- plexlozz . . . Cbriflmaf rard Jalefman X:-Q-yy OJJ9, . . . Molnzmjzleer neun edilor . . .J-X Q Q5 poised, smooth, and Jopbiflirafed . . . -'XX 'SQ Mountaineer 2, 3, 45 Librarians Club 3, 45 4 ,LT E: Service Club 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 A Cap- 5 C55 ' pclla Choir 45 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 45 Sophomore ON Hop committee 25 junior Prom committee 3: Q1 Football Dance committee 45 Testimonial Dance C sfjx committee 35 Senior Ball committee 45 Christ- 'Z mas Card chairman 45 Class secretary 45 The Lakes staH 4. 0 if ,M , fe, ARTHUR SINGER . l "Maw" , . . '46'J prefid 2 . . . 9711- NT flooding .fportf writer . . . lllfdf'-'U ay- ing leader of ' I f lflerf . . . J . . blue eyes . . . mible . . . yi . full of fun . . . What ay? Class President 45 C1 s - S' e 5 S.G.A. 45 Mountaineer 2, , 45 s 5 staff 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 as 1, 2, 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4 i-Y 3, 5 , Orchestra 2, 35 A istant ager Footba 5 Cross-Country a age 5 Senior 5, l com D, mittee 45 Dance 49 l Q ' i l i Y s A - ,aw A. 1 x - Y " av -Q Q5 Q FRED STIEFLE , "Stief" . . . fecond Lou Gelarig . . . apropof rernarkf , . . bafketball .rkoef . . . veleran driver . . . Bobbe . . . long eyelafker . . . good Jportrmanfbip. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club 3, 45 Basket- ball 3g Band 1, 2, 3g Scoreboard committee 4g junior Prom committee 3. We Q ' RICHARD STOUGHTON "Di k" . . . friendly and joking . . . faQQP1,dzr'irature.r . . . 9:02 ffholar . . joint owner of the jallopy . . . deep dark eye: . . . "fun don? bend f O01 -,H W, rack 2, 3, 45 Cross-Country 2, 35 Junior Fire Department 3, 49 Varsity Club 3, 4: he Lakes staff 49 Sophomore Hop committee - junior Prom committee 33 Football Dance W, mmittee 4g Senior Ball committee 43 Testi- monial D nce committee 3: Band l, 2. fl S Weil fgwq I 5 C ' l l - ll Q iq! E lb-rn IH. ll 4-i l1i2'iv::ulnlllli - z " ' 5 m x lf ' ' V 'fl'f ' L....JTIf?:--ll 1ll5 " - IW WHIIH 'P The 1946 Lakes HILDA STOCKS "Hilda" . . . qaiel, rule, and fullured . . . like: lall Jailorx . . . .rlaeepifla .fmile . . . owner of a lange appelile . . . penril Jketelaer . . . trim appear- ance . . . The auburn laair if natural. Librarians Club 3g The Lakes staff 44 Senior Ball committee 45 Testimonial Dance Commit- tee 3g Junior Prom committee 3. is liz Z T ulksyla r 0 entator of P A 11 - d . . M1 . .... cr J quntr an . . . ' in 'ent ma Mgfen dire le... er a wo w d . . 1 ie ec country Varsit b 4 Senior Ball J' - ' I . .A. JW , 3, 4- , 3, 45 Cross- committee cstimonia ance committee 3. ngllll. I' ll"ll'l - I im- H I no 1-2. ws sz-fr 5 fx ' 'st' io A , ' ll: I ll I HOWARD TYZZER Happy-go-lurky Howie . . . Isb-ie-bibel hair-do . . . ramping and fishing fiend . . . migbty Serviee Club member . . . bonorary Hoffire boy" . . . deoilisb sense of humor . . . spur-of-the-mo ment addict . . . brotherly wolf. Track 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Junior Fire Department 3, 45 Varsity Club 3, 45 Junior Prom committee 35 Testimonial Dance com- mittee 35 Service Club 45 Senior Ball commit- tee 45 The Lakes staff 45 Cross-Country 35 Football 45 Football Dance committee 4. I JACQUELTNE WICKWIRE "Wick" . . . nail polisb and records . . . evilisb . . . neoeba dull moment . . . bose parties! . .' . faux pas . . . Wb t a bouse! ' A Cappella Choir 2, 45 Dramatic Club 35 MountaindQrA2, 3, 45 Servr Club 45 Libra- rians Club 45 The Lakes aff 45 Sophomore Hop committeel-25 junior Prom committee 35 Testimonial qancefcdmmittee 35 K ball Dance committee 45 Girls' Sports OF LGX t 2,3 H, t sae, 4, vi , 22 t fi ALLAN VAN DEUSIQAOJI 7 "Al" . . . tonscientious and depend- able . . . witty quips . . . leader of S.G.A .... popular and versatile . . . finder star . . . well groomed . . . Football 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 S.G.A. 1, 2, Treasurer 3, President 45 Class President 25 Testimonial Dance committee 35 Sophomore Hop committee 25 junior Prom committee 35 Senior Ball committee 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, vice- president 45 Junior Fire Department 45 Band 15 Stage Craft 1, 25 National Honor Society 3, 45 The Lakes staff 45 Youth Government 35 Varsity Club, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Student Court, President 4. MACLYN WIGHT Baseball minded . . . Bowling Green . . . tbis boy sold bis rar . . . an ever- suffering P.A.D. student: nominated for best sport . . . infeftious grin . . . individualistic personality . . . tbree letter man "Call me Tex.'f 2, 3, 45 Footb ll 3, 45 Basket- 45 Va 'ty Cl , 45 S.G.A. 25 com ' e 35 Intramural Se i all com tee 45 The Lakes sm? 'YH A Jimi. xl ' Q W OS 1 1 Qyxwsy 'X9' PA I RD Pal" . t re 111 lflaied 1' file , od- LN Ja- l.Ll1keJ ' 1 . . ef ' nl is-yard rooperalive l :jx I . . . . Je' zotberfr .razrtf and forks . . . flmf cliffereul foncb. Girls' Sports 1, 2, 5, 45 Girls' white letter 45 Service Club secretary 2, 3, president 45 S.G.A. secretary 3, vicc-president 45 A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, secretary 45 Band 1, 25 Orchestra 1, 25 Mountaineer 25 The Lakes staff 45 Sophomore Hop committee 25 junior Prom committee 35 Testimonial Dance committee 35 Senior Ball committee 45 Football Dance committee 4' S ' mittee 4 5 cmor Play com 5 Cheerleader 2 3 ' 3 . , , 4, Class secretary , Student Court 45 Youth Government 5. O s Lakes High School 55 r Q N GRACE ZIEGER HC ' !V 00kl6 bln I . . . JJ and lovel bl eyex . . . ' y ue atbletzr . . . efztlamiaxlir Young Peoplefr leader . , . inlaerenl intelligence lm rl' . . . en mg flow of laughter and good cheer . . . a fri al JIKZIHICZ7 en . A Cappella Choir 5, 45 Dr Cll ' amatic Club 4' ristmas Play 4' Se ' , , mor Play committee 45 Testimonial Dance committee 35 Senior Ball committee 45 Librarians Club 4- mitte - , Food Com- e 4, S.G.A. 45 The Lakes staff 4. M ountam CALENDAR September 5 Back to the old grind after a lazy summer. Dick Weaver's beard shocked everyone. The jalopies jammed the front driveway. 21 Our initial assembly. The cheerleaders, in their new uniforms, displayed finesse and originality. The Seniors proudly exited first. 29 The social life of the school got underway. The Seniors sponsored a football dance. October 12 The band made its debut at the pep rally for our first hpme football game. The Food Com- mittee hawked its wares-bunless hotdogs. 18 Mr. Rhoads arrived with photographic equip- ment for Laker pictures-1, 2, 3, smile, please. 19 First issue of our printed "Mountaineer"-good news. First report cards too-well-? 23 The magazine campaign ended after we had signed our parents up with renewals for six years hence. 27 Second step of M.I..'s social life. The girls dragged the fellas to the Junior's Sadie Haw- kins Dance, featuring the debut of the 'Dream- sters. Those two Rainbow characters, Ed Meade and Al Vogt, kept us in stitches. 27 That "wanted, dead or alive" look-the Seniors got their individual proofs. November 1 The day after Hallowe'en-need more be said? 10 Our home game with Franklin had an added attraction-the harriers held their East Orange meet between halves. Dual victory for M.L. 17 Our final football game with Wharton. jackie's party was crashed by the conquered foes. 21 The first formal Junior Prom in several years- Oh where, oh where, can the Senior girls be??? December 16 The Christmas season was ushered in by an im- pressive candlelight concert given by the A Cappella Choir under the direction of Miss Bair, who presented an inspiring violin solo, "Ave Maria." 21 What a day! The Dramatic Club scored a big hit with their rewritten version of "Peace on Earth." Half day session. The Seniors decor- ated for their sensational Ball. january 4 The whole school turned out for our first bas- ketball game. We mourned the lack of Mac and Giff. 8 The new librarian, Miss Mostue, arrived. 18 The Seniors stayed up all night, but finally came through with their source themes. Many of us went to see "Carmen," Fergie's had a party after the Dover game. 25 Mountain Lakes migrated to Boonton for our first annual battle. Thank goodness we didn't all have to go by bus this year! 26 The Sophomores sponsored an informal "Win- ter Wonderland" dance. Phil Graf entertained - at the piano. ' ' February 22 The whole town came to school for our home game with Boonton. Mid-winter vacation- no school. Whoopee! March 15 The Sophomore Hop! We all had a wonderful time-there was a big battle for souvenirs. May 10 "The Charm School" was produced. The best yet. 24 The Choir gave "The Forest Prince" for its spring concert. The audience was delighted. June 7 O most horrible day! The Senior exams began. The Seniors practiced sobbing gracefully down the aisle in between times. 14 Graduation. Whew! There were many flowers and numerous hands to shake. 12-22 Senior Week! The Testimonial Dinner, open houses, pajama parties, moonlight dips, free om loafing-wonderful! ! ! Label Peter Ancona Marjorie Anderson Richard Bate Frances Bostelmann Patrick Boardman Peggy Bowen jane Brookfield Rosie Burrows Alice Butterworth Evelyn Case Dick Conarroe Emily Dayton Ellen DeLeyer Dot Dupilka Barbara Ford Art Franz Eva Galt Norma Gifford Warren Gifford Ann Harris Weston Haskell Dot Heaney Michael Hickey Diane l-limmer Bob Jenkins Al johnsrud George Littell Doris Maechtle Al Maier Josie Martens Lynn Miles Bob Miller .Ioan Mills Olly Morris Jean Nelson Bill Leikari Dean Noll Sug Rust jean Simmons Art Singer Fred Stiefle Hilda Stocks Dick Stoughton Bob Tweit Howard Tyzzer Al Van Duesen jackie Wickwire Mac Wight Pat Willard Grace Zieger Miss Vincent Famam For remarks lunches hair tonic emotions GI hair Cut petiteness father's raincoat chewing gum evading the issue hair excursions individuality "curly" hair voice smile lankiness poetry complexion curly hair jewelry obstinacy plaid shoe-laces five o'clock shadow blonde hair devilishness business-like manner aloofness blue eyes yellow car her "Dad" chatter blond hair accent blush figure pranks track walk words of wisdom blue eyes going steady suits pea-jacket the right answer friendliness looks her parties shyness music wit class of '46 Weaienefi' chickens her collie planes food running sewing food flirting plaids "Winnie" Olly week-end hikes Tues. night movies dogs Pete science microscope her brothers Boonton girls wool socks test tubes chocolate corny jokes new clothes 'baseball i' photography old clothes marshmallows morning snacks giggling spicy foods blushing fishing "Chic" pumpkin pie Air Corps wings red flannels long nails peanut butter The Dreamsters Pollard hill big rings pigeons lab manual flirting blondes nail polish baseball "Fleur de Lis" having fun foreign foods SENIOR Allergic To dancing Co-joy's Kremel short hair Ireland bridge shifting gears P A D lipstick cheese formalities "umph-pah's" writing letters science ' homework - poetry poison ivy party-lines Mountain Lakes girls dachshunds barber not men talking not eating ..No,, double exposures motion cigar smoke trafiic signals lunchlines going steady women formal dances being alone Eddie 5th period study second place quiet "Are you hurt?" nightmares speed color charts oral recitations dates English brunettes sitting up straight P A D Latin dull people interruptions U mall y Seen with the boys onthe "ll6" 10,000 ft, up talking with Mr. Willing "bratting" in "the" gym suit at Ferguson's collecting articles in Herbie's room hitch-hiking in dungarees with a full car with the gang laughing pacing tYPm8 on the telephone loafin' in Denville Center en route to station dancing asleep in class in conference with Mac with a camera leaning with dimples at practice with books writing letters with "Bub" in dungarees on the "116" with Babs hall wandering in first place with alumni making a deadline with a guitar with Barbara reading novels running to school reading morning T in trouble on the prowl with a boy on the sportsfield on the go laughing Room 102 ENCYCLOPEDIA Wanlr to Be game warden history teacher flyer Spanish expert doctor costume designer traveler photographer Russian linguist farmer missionary journalist glamour girl journalist graduated engineer doctor photographer in the Navy grade school teacher chemist psychiatrist railroader model man electrical engineer forest ranger secretary engineer nurse in Randolph Macon engineer geologist singer nurse in the Air Corps forester journalist a Spaniard sportswriter big league player dress designer in Merchant Marine chemist engineer engineer happy college hero at Ohio statistician missionary helpful Probably Will Be poacher out of date movie star chaperon army Sergeant decorated changing citizenship in the dark Cossack canned admiral muckracker taxi driver torch 'singer in Who's Who brakeman ' Congresswoman photographed Sergeant's pet fugitive from kindergarten morticnan psychoanalyzed engineer Betty Grable II mouse photo-hound home on the range on boss's knee man about town a good one in reform school with "Bub" camp fire girl married chorus girl gremlin up a tree fan dancer auctioneer referee beachcomber cut-up a cartoonist chief cook and bottle washer A.W.O.L. pin-up boy hotel hostess . love of the campus seamstress converted interrupted n Theme Song Old MacDonald Had a Farm Out of This World With My Head in the Clouds How Many Hearts Have You Broken? When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Dark Eyes Song of the Open Road Dentyne Chewing Gum Take It' Easy Ohio Bell Bottom Trousers Bicycle Built for Two The Story of Two Cigarettes Stardust Scatterbrain 6 Ft. 2 Eyes of Blue Michigan You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby It Can't Be Wrong School Days Chattanoogo Choo-Choo Sing a Song of Sunbeams I've Been Working on the Railroad Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Please Don't Say No Smile Lazybones Sweet and Lovely Pretty Kitty Green Eyes Come Josephine in My Flying Machine Yatata, Yatata Take Me Out to the Ball Game I'm Happy When I'm Hiking It Had to Be You The Dreamer Ain't Misbehavin' Breathless I'll Be Seein' You I Don't Care Who Knows It Dream Two in Love Sophisticated Lady Paper Doll Morning Papers Careless Here You Are This Is a Lovely Way to Spend an Evening Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here Music Makers Are You Having Any Fun? The Marseillaise 'Q OH, 0 If tifilgfiflfcgifoo -'1 O ' 41,1 ifosszs o,i,ofv WIIO, Max! Popular WARR GIFFORD BABS BOSTELMANN Bjhof! F 6 ,- BROQ-f'f'11e3 Max! Cougrnial Class Musician Cuffs! ART SINGER ART SINGER LYNN MILES BARS BOSTELMANN PAT WILLARD MAC WIGHT He WA .rl A161 JAN RR GIF We E BROOISCQRD .... BLD Clan' Dev-I BOB JENKII ROSEMARY BUIQQOWS WHO ? W, W .A .,,L..,-V-,.,,mp,,,w.f 1 Mos! Likely to Succeed PAT WILLARD AL VAN DEUSEN Clam Flirt Class Artis! Vcrxatile HOWIE TYZZER. JANE BROOKFIELD PAT WILLARD ROSEMARY BURROWS DICK STOUGHTON AL VAN DEUSEN A W :ff l M is f 5 x E x i Dance' 5 Bcit NCLB ' 98954 pkwx .. HE A 901 Class Wit NA PETE ANC? ER GRACE zxuG BOB JENKINS v 2VW2:lX3Y'iS Y,o9'aQ,koY' X Q15 . -1, We, o Q 9 SWGYWQOQ' bgxoigb my FO 731, - 51 Sw XJ fg f i V! I' J 1 Y I L, -I Q 1. 61" .,..,v-i , m,,.M4A1 ' 4 di' in f R A ,, , A ,Q pq Q' 54,1 ,. W, , Ns N- . 'W' vs , A Q" 4"+"fg Q1 4" 5. f,--5 Ni'-X ' 4 1, A I ' X - . , ,S f -gf , Wk ,. - yy, Q 37, n ff M 5 3 W' A i wi, 1 , 'x 'V , 3, ,L74 :ff , .. ' . "" Ff Zt,f9'g ,"g V " X. ,f QWM :ff , ,, ,. H - :. 5: L' V 1 g fi-flvv 1E2:..I:..'5?:E?l59-' ..,. , . Haj fy . f 1- ." ' :uf ' :Z" ,Wf. , f :ef My 1- '- ' ' V L f ,.. ,: , . , Last Will and Testament We the superlative class of '46 in desiring to so honor and enrich the diverse characters, classes, and faculty of this noble polymathic hall of pedanticism do hereby will and bequeath these lower specimens of the human race our most exalted and individualistic characteristics. 1. Pete Ancona wills his ready wit to 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Martin Ward. Margie Anderson leaves the "116" to that certain person in Boonton. Dick Bate bequeaths his five drops a day to Fred Kollmorgan. Pat Boardman leaves his G.I. haircut to Ray Perine. Babs Bostelmann wills Joanne Davis her vibrant personality. Peggy Bowen leaves her knitting needles to Ilse Schindelbeck. Jane Brookfield leaves her athletic ability to Audrey Leek. Alice Butterworth surrenders her taste for plaicls to Ruth Corkill. Rosemary Burrows bequeaths her dimples to Anne Hermes. Evelyn Case leaves the blue Ford to her sister Marion. Dick Conarroe left his slacks and bobby socks to don the Navy blue. 12. Emily Dayton leaves the baritone 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 all band parts to Adelaide Parkes. Ellen DeLeyer wills her letters from the class of '45 to Lorena Strain. Dorothy Dupilka leaves her red slacks to anyone who can get a pair like them. Barbara Ford entrusts her congen- iality to Margie Kingsland. Art Franz leaves his car to next year's track team. . Eva Galt imparts her ability to put things off to the other procrastinators. Norma Gifford leaves her good grooming to Ruth Anne Kingsland. Warren Gifford leaves a hard-to-fill position in the football backfield. Ann Harris leaves her one blonde eyelash to Corinne Petry. Weston Haskell surrenders his chem- istry lab to Jack Curtis. Dottie Heaney gives Patsy Pillsbury her love of dancing. Diane Himmer bestows her cheering ability on Izzie Singer. Bob Jenkins wills his aversion to homework to Craig Schoonmaker. Al Johnsrud bestows his camera on Joanne Humphrey. 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Bill Leikari leaves his red shirt to Noel Cobb. George Littell gives his long legs to George Fisher. i Doris Maechtle gives her baggy gym suit to Jane Riker. Al Maier leaves his all-round good sportsmanship to Firm McClure. Josephine Martens wills her aversion to make-up to Joyce Lilliendahl. Lynn Miles bequeaths her perpetual motion to Sally Bennett. Bob Miller leaves his blush to Joan Ogden. Joan Mills yields her accent to any- one who can cultivate one like it. Olive Morris leaves her letters from the armed forces to Vivienne and Jane. Jean Nelson won't leave those letters from Bainbridge. Dean Noll confers his track records on Tommy Papst. Sug Rust gives her "line" to Sally Randall. Jean Simmons leaves her sarcasm to Lois Breckley. Art Singer yields his love of sports to Al Vogt. Fred Stiefle leaves his plaid shirt to the laundry. Hilda Stocks bequeaths her artistic ability to Maye Bowen. Dick Stoughton wills his shy, friend- ly smile to Tom Murr. Bob Tweit bestows his love of the Cinder Track on Walt Atkins. Howard Tyzzer gives his Dramatic Club "clinches" to George Hoth. Al Van Deusen leaves his coiffure to Phil Graf. Jackie Wickwire leaves her nail pol- ish to Diane Peasback. Mac Wight leaves P.A.D. gladly. Pat Willard leaves her pep, vim, and vigor to Jeanne Morrison. Grace Zieger bequeaths her sense of humor to Jiffy Scott. Michael Hickey leaves his model railroad building to the D. L. 8: W. Thus the paragon and phoenix of all Senior prerequisite and prerogatives to ensuing and much inferior classes. classes, the class of '46, relinquishes 9.--n A Chairmen of Senior ctivities rum . W . Svnior Balf Chairman ,,,,.,,,,...., ,,..,,,, ,,..,,,,Y.,,..,Y... Magazim' Campaign Chairmvn ,,,,,,,,,, A Foolhafl Daufv Chairman ,..,,,,,,., Foml Chairman ,,,,, H ,,,,, ,,,, , , Chrixlmax Carzl Chairman ,, ,,,,. ,, Ari Erfilor of lhc Lakes YY,..,,,,,.,.,,,, Phologmphy Eiliior of thc La kcs Srnior Play Chairman ,Y,..,.,,.,,.,,YY, Hilda Stocks, Ali Al Maier ce Butterworth Norma Gifford Lynn Miles Sug Rust jane Brookfield Al johnsrud Pat Willard xlf 11 f ' W zum: wr 'ik ian X W uf' ,P i -f 1 .', af. Psy! off! ,Q 'sn ,, , R ,' , O ,D " Anogpuv We l,, 'L 'filf -fffalwffflfv xi A fs, 2 ff, azfrn , , fl Url f A X 0 W :fx A, 4, 4' n'W:"x' x - , 'Z :y 1- .1X17Q,',fQ":f Wai, H A V4 jf 'I f' 5Og.'ff' - I 6: ' 4 A-1 I f 'Il s , If 1 iq y - Y if - Y,,f,,,, , ,, f .......... .. . '.'.1'r'.'.'.'. . . U LU W n n I 3 A f A fd .J f 7 ' ' . X' y x v ' g X f , Q' f X X , Q Y 1 "' l r J' dj x , .1 I , ff v I , 554 'f 'Q Qi 4. f 4 . -. 144' A' ,I f'E?,L,t' ' J kk '65 V 1 A ul Top Row: Haines, Ward, Haskell, Adams, Orvis, Jones, Eberhardt, Van Duyne, Scheckel, Smith, R. Perine, Bessemer. Second Row: V. Carter, Gregory, Sperry, Tonking, Tegtmeir, Kingsland, fintrudcrj, Breckley, Davis, Leek, Evans, Strain, Scott, Humphrey, Jewell, Beck, Barstow. Thirxl Row: Riker, Perine, Petry, Leone, McDougall, Lilliendahl, Hermes, Wilcox, Templeton, Case, Schindelbeck, Ingram, Gwyn, Gocller. Bofiom Row: Murr, Schoonmaker, Hoth, Sccrbo, Barnes, Meade, Golds- worthy, E. Carter, Vogt, McClure. OFFICERS Wilcox, Vice-Presidentg Hermes, Secretaryg Miss Blanchard, Advisorg Murr, President, McClure, Treasurer. THE JU IORS Act Five Carr: Class of 1947 Director: Miss Blanchard Srene Scene Scene Sfene Sreue I I. Il, II. IV. V. The Class of '47 enters the portals in September, 1941. Magazine sale a success! The eighth grade prepares for Senior High School. "Freshman Leap" ideas but no de- velopment. Students become mem- bers of clubs and the choir. As Sophomores, a Sophomore Hop and cake sales are projects. Girls and boys outstanding in athletic development. The junior Year is a big year for dances: The Junior Prom, a Sadie Hawkins Dance, and the Testimon- ial Dinner and Dance for the Class of 1946. Proudly they sport two cheerleaders and many varsity men, keeping up their splendid class and school spirit. 'N9'3'W'f V2 rf ' i i ,- . , M., , ,, ,Law tr ,ul-wfuwa1fav..'swfaq.--' X t ,W wwe f , . ,, THE SOPHO ORES A ct Four Carr: Class of 1948 Director .' Scene I. Srene II. Steve III, Scene IV. Miss Callaway Fledgling seventh graders sneak through the Senior Door. Class or- ganizes, directed by Miss Kerr. As eighth graders the Class ot' '48 make plans with the help of Miss Callaway, new class advisor, keeping in mind that next year the class enters high school. The Christmas party becomes a reality. Members enter school organizations and participate in many athletic ac- tivities. It's wonderful to be a freshman! '46 has seen the Sophomores taking a part of increasing importance in M.L.H.S. life. Cheerleaders, sports leaders, and class leaders have done much to make the Class of '48 a noteworthy group. 7.017 Row: Willard, Weaver, Higgins, Shaw, W. Golclrick, Talmaclge, Har- rington, Brown, Cobb, Curtis, Parry, Ford, Knollhuff, Thompson. Second Row: Binner, Stone, Kingsland, Singer, Pillsbury, Bennett, Klein, Smart, Randall, Carter, Shure, H. Goldrick, Ogden, O'Neill. Third Row: Peas- back, Grimison, Stapley, Myers, Gabrielson, Rockefeller, Bonneson, Morri- son, Papst, Crosby, Bowen, Ryan, P. Lynch, R. Lynch, Scott. Boflom Row: Sweigart, Christensen, Button, Coe, Dreisbach, Walker, Shaw, Graf, Blades, Woodward, Carroll. OFFICERS Crosby, Treasurer, Bonnesen, Secretaryg Miss Callaway, AdV1S0rg Papst. President, Morrison, Vlce-President. OFFICERS Carrier, Treasurerg Franklin, President, Miss Phelan, Advisor, Ferrniuolo, Secretary, Yac- cnrino, Vice-President. Top Row: Rose, T. Littell, Templeton, Salmon, F. blones, Moulton, Shar tuck, A. Patrick, Tasker, Gwynn, Barlow, Kugelmeyer. Svuwlil Row Larsen, Straight, Van Orden, Knill, Noll, Pisar, Delchamp, Waltlroii, Kopf, Rystcdt, Housby, S. Bennett, Matthews, Spies. Thin! Row: Betcher Wagiier, Seymour, West, Beauchamp, Miller, Gibb, Ferraiuolo, Franklin Carrier, Yaccarino, Armstrong, Ritz, Mnrnngelo, Corkill, Parkes, Carr, E. Farnham. Bollom Row: Doushkess, Thompson, Flannagan, Kimber, Gray, Conover, Carruthers, -I, Patrick, Hornblower, Prince, Byrnes Fischer, Atkins, Tegtmeir. THE FRESHMEN Act Three Ct1,l'I.' Class of 1949 Dir'erfm'.' Miss Phelan Steve 1. The fall of '43 welcomes another group of awe-struck seventh graders. The class organizes and becomes familiar with the workings of the school. Scene II. During the second year in the high school, '49's members advise new seventh graders, take advice from present freshmen, and await with anticipation their entrance into sen- ior high. They entered into the social life of Mt. Lakes with a class party held in the music room. Scene Ill. Now Freshmen, the class has at- tained one goal, sighted another, and is planning to assume its place in high school. Active in many sports, represented in numerous extracurricular activities, and shin- ing scholastically with honor roll students ranking high, they are al- ready rising to that place. 1 ' , ae 5' Y V .rf 4 -1 fm r-iamfaazr.-Wi . . , V A 1 . . . , . , , - -- . . EIGHTH GRADERS Act Two Carl: Class of 1950 Direrfmn' Mrs. Thompson Scene 1. Steve II. Introducing the First class to grad- uate in the fifties. They began par- ticipating in high school activities with members in Art Club, Moun- taineer, Band, and sports. Brim- ming over with school spirit, the members of the class cheered the team to victory, attended school activities, and presented an assembly on South America. Now well -acquainted with the school, this class made itself better known in social, athletic funde- feated football teamj, and extra- curricular activities. A class Hal- lowe'en party was held which met with widespread approval from its attendants. At mid-year, the class was handicapped by the loss of its able director, Mrs. Thompson. T017 ,Rouw Meinke, Parry, Kollmorgan, Pack, Byrnes, Miller, Oxchufwud Beattie, Hamilton, Perry, Thomas, Farquhar, C. Gwyn. Mirliflr' Ron' Guild, Nordstrom, Christensen, Bonnesen, Blattner, Gwyn, Richard. 50ni l1CkS0f1, Pllfkfi D-IYKOYM 5Cl1ildmHDH. Creamer, McLeod, Leone Matthews. Ftrs! Row: Hervey, Drake, Capen, Farnham, Milkey, McClure Pillsbury, Kingsland, Brewer, Doolittle, Belirbohm, Allen, Wilcox. . vm xl p OFFICERS McClure, Treasurer, Milkey, Secretaryg Pills- bury, Vice-President, Kingsland, Prcsidentg Mrs. Thompson, Advisor. To Ron Noyes, Pcnsback, Dcnnin, Lundquist, jones, McKittrick, Len- hcardt Housby, Headden, Pingpank, Drake, Atkins, Armstrong. Scrum! Row Barnes, Betcher, Bomboy, Bostclmann, N. Cass, Rose, Anibal, Kingsland Flynn, Knollhuff, Lund, P. Cass, Evans, Dunkel. Boffom Row: Wilson Dahlberg, Cullman, Capcn, Murr, Miller, Strain, johnson, Smart, Rorke Wasson, Rogers. OFFICERS Strain, Treasurerg Miller, Presidentg Miss A. McManus, Advisory Johnson, Vice-President, Smart, Secretary. SEVENTH GRADERS Act One Carl: Class of 1951 Dirertor .' Scene I. Miss McManus ............ ........,.., .,................ Another seventh grade begins its wanderings through the maze of halls in commencement of its long trek which will culminate in 1951. They began their stay in the high school by participating in numerous extracurricular activities including sports, the Mountaineer, Art Club, and in the social life by attending the informal dances. The Class of '51 has begun its secondary educa- tion with an indefatigable spirit. Good luck, newcomers. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The S.G.A., our student government body, orig- inated in the high school's opening year, 1936. Ever since that auspicious date, it has been function- ing efiiciently and successfully. The President, Vice- President, Secretary, and Treasurer constitute the Executive Committee, the Council consists of repre- sentatives of the homerooms and presidents of the various organizations. The Service Club and the f as ai' 2 Q ,:. salts -rte i x ,gi 'r i 1-tea? Akr , af K . mi S.G.A. OFFICERS Willard, Vice-President, Van Deuscn, Presidentg Mr. Smith, Advisor, Templeton, Secretaryg Murr, Treasurer. Top Row: Singer, Pabst, Simmons, Bostelmann, Farnham, Kingsland, Leone, Goeller, Klein, johnsrud. Bottom Row: Mr, Smith, Zieger, Himmer, Willard, Murr, Van Deusen, Templeton, Miller, Hermes, Randall. recently organized Student Court, the legislative and judicial branches of our "government" respectively, are placed under the jurisdiction of the S.G.A. and are guided and supervised by its officials. One of the main transactions of the Council, the sale of S.G.A. tickets, was conducted as usual this year, and a great many were sold to parents interested in sports as well as to the students. Other S.G.A. activities include the sponsorship of assembly programs and the proportionment of the Council funds among the school organizations. The S.G.A. is very grateful for the efiicient and generous guidance of Mr. Robert J. Smith, the advisor for the last two years and the first few months of this past year. Among his many innova- tions was the introduction of the Student Court into the high school Student Government system. We welcome Mr. Hayden Schofield and are look- ing forward to many more successful years under his able guidance. His unstinting effort and the students' willing cooperation will enable our Student Govern- ment to continue functioning successfully, efiiciently, and smoothly. i 1 r Top Row: Miles, Nelson, Bostelmann, Singer, Tyzzer, G. Willard, Grimison, Leikari, Gillen, Rust, Wickwire. Secoml Row: P. Willard, Maechtle, Case, Butterworth, Galt, Dayton, Klein, Strain, Gifford. Botlom Row: Heaney, Barstow, Hermes, Leone, Goeller, Ingram, Humphrey, Kingsland, Templeton, Breckley. OFFICERS Hermes, Vice-President, Singer, Secretary: Willard, President, Mrs. Thompson, Advisor. SERVICE CL B The Service Club, as its name implies, has the objective anc purpose of giving helpful assistance toward the smooth running of the school management in numerous ways. Its membership includes students from the Sophomore, Junior, and Senioi classes, this year's members were chosen by the faculty. Among the chief responsibilities of the Service Club is the maintaining of order in the corridors and lunchroom. Member: also sell and collect tickets at athletic contests and conduct thc soliciting of funds for such organizations as the Junior Rec Cross. This year a small group from the Junior High School has taken over the duties of the fifth period lunch hour. We are greatly indebted to our advisors, Mrs. Thompson and Miss Mostue, who took her place at midyear. Their patience and helpful advice have enabled us to complete another success- ful year. LIBRARIANS' CLUB The Librarians' Club is composed of high school students who are interested in gaining theoretical and practical knowledge of the library. The members check books, shelve those returned, type, file, and fulhll other responsibilities associated with the libra' ry. The members further render aid to the teacher in charge by taking attendance in study hall and collect- ing absence slips. As leader of this capable group, Miss Mostue has ably succeeded Mrs, Thompson, who splendidly sponsored, directed, and trained the club for many profitable years. The high school is ex- tremely appreciative of the efhcient and kind services which the student librarians give so freely. Top Row: Leone, Gwyn, Goeller, Simmons, Rust. Svromf Row. Barstow, Breckley, Humphrey, Scott, Templeton, Wilcox, Zieger, Anderson, Maechtle, Dupilka, Galt. Botfom Row: Gifford Heaney, W'ickwirc, Burrows, Mrs. Thompson, DcLeyer, Kings land, Mills, Bowen, Himmcr. Pre I sident D Andi SCSFCIJT-Leyerf Treasu Y, Anderson ref, R. Kin 88 MOUNTAINEER EDITORS Johnsrud, Business Manager, Miss Nast, Advisory Sim- mons, Editor. T017 Row: Higgins, Bostelmann, Nelson, Heaney, Richardson, Nordstrom, McLeod, Klein, Smart, Dclchamp, Leone, Doushkess. Second Row: Wick- wire, Burrows, Humphrey, Gwyn, Strain, Leek, Davis, Randall, Hermes, Templeton, Galt. Bottom Row: Butterworth, Himmer, Wilcox, Miss Nast, Simmons, Rust, Dayton, johnsrud, Singer, Grimison. THE M UNTAIN EER For the past four years "The Mountaineer," our school newspaper, has existed as a popular and prominent activity. Nineteen forty-five has marked the Hrst time in which the staff has achieved a printed issue. Not only has this stimulated the subscribers interest, but it has also spurred the staff to maintain higher journalistic standards. In this way the members gained greater and more valuable experience than formerly. The paper is issued about six times per year and has a circulation of approximately four hundred students, alumni, townspeople, and servicemen. The staff consists of about thirty-five writers, typists, and executives. Under Miss Nast's supervision, "The Mountaineer" hopes for increased popularity for its current news articles, enter- taining features, and complete sports coverage. With the support of the student body, the paper will attain an ever increasing standard of excellence. N ATIC AL HO GR SOCIETY The National Honor Society has had a local chapter in Mountain Lakes for eight years. The selection of new members is made by the existing members and the faculty on the basis of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. This honor group, consisting of junior and Senior students, is chosen each spring. Membership in the organization is one of the highest honors a Mountain Lakes High School student can receive, and such membership is coveted. The members of the Senior Class who were elected in their junior year are Alfred johnsrud, Allan Van Deusen, and Frances Bostelmann. The names of the members of the Class of '46, elected in their Senior year, have not been announced as the Lakes goes to press. Al Van Dcusen, Babs Bostelmann QPresi- dcntl, Al Johnsrud, Mr. Schofield tAd- visorl. GAMM HI-Y The Gamma Hi-Y of Mountain Lakes is an organization interested in community as well as school problems and service projects. During the year they have supported the Youth Government program, sponsored the victory clothing drive, and started a Hi-Y basketball team to play against other clubs. The organization's many worthy projects all contributed to the high score won in the county wide efficiency contest. Under the able direction of Mr. Dickieson the Hi-Y has maintained the high standards of previous years. Top Row: Maier, Singer, Hickey, Orvis, Higgins, Pabst, Littcll. Bollom Row: Talmadgc, Vogt, Scheckel, johnsrud, President, Van Deusen, Tweit, Ford, Brown. i Ii' i' I .,-f , Fi, ,'L, - ' if- r E3 .. 5555.21 'T o f 4 7m,A . ,af V . Frances Bostelmann, President of the Dramatic Club Top Row: Ryan, Hoth, Rust, Heaney, Case, Tyzzer, Bowen, Nelson, Ingram, Himmer. Srcoml Row: Scheekel, Riker, Sperry, Zieger, Galt, Barstow, M. Case, Gwyn, Rystcdt, Fcrraiuolo, Carr. Bollom Row: Morris, Butterworth, Willard, Dayton, Bostelmann, Miss Kerr, Miller, Gibb, Beauchamp, Kopf, Knill. DRAMATIC CL B The Dramatic Club, with Miss Alice J, Kerr as its advisor, is one of the most interesting and educational groups in the high school, Membership in the club not only affords an opportunity for participation in many phases of theatrical work - acting, stage production, make-up, properties, and costumes - but also a chance to observe progress and development in similar organizations. The Program Committee sends representatives of the group to nearby localities to witness high school plays and Little Theater productions, and to attend various lectures on the Drama. These representatives report in turn to the club, thus the group as a whole benefits from their ideas. The Christmas play is the most ambitious offering of the Dramatic Club, and this year's selection, "Peace on Earth," was received with great enthusiasm. The Dramatic Club will continue to function in a most success- ful manner under the capable hand of its advisor and energetic members. " he Charm School" The Senior Class production of "The Charm School," by Alice Duer Miller and Robert Milton received thundering applause and ovation upon its presentation in May. This delightful comedy, concerning a young automobile salesman who inherits a girls' school, proved to be an excellent vehicle for the class's talents. When the play opens, the young salesman, Austin Bevons QDick Batej, is living on the top floor of an old-fashioned New York house with his friends, David MacKenzie CPat Boardmanj, a law student, George Boyd fl-loward Tyzzerj, an expert accountant, and the twins, jim and Tim Simpkins QDean Noll and Dick Stoughtonj, who have never done any work. In the opening act Austin learns from Homer johns QAI johnsrudj, his aunt's lawyer, that she has died and left him a girls' boarding school. It is expected that the school be run in the same manner as previously, but Austin believes that the school should teach girls useful things such as the way to be charming. Upon his arrival at the school Austin meets Miss Curtis Uean Nelsonj, secretary to the president, Miss Hays Qane Brookfieldj. Miss Curtis, a llighty woman who is always trying to help the Senior Class, is in direct contrast to her superior Miss Hays, who is stern in her ruling of the school, but loved by all. The Senior Class consists of Elise Benedotti fOlive Morrisj, president of the class and johns nieceg Sally Boyd fDiahe Himmerj, Georges sister, Muriel Doughty CEvelyn Case-jg Ethel Spelvin fBabs Bostelmannjg Alix Mercier fLynn Milesjg Lillian StaHford fPeggy Bowenjg and Madge Kent Qjackie Wickwirej. Dotsie, a junior, is also in the cast. This production could not have been made possible without the untiring efforts of Miss Kerr, as directorg the competent assistance of Miss Callaway, who aided with the art, and Mr, Wikander, in charge of the stage setting. T. ,.,. Top Row: Randall, Nelson, Bostelmann, P. Willard, Heaney, Rust, Gifford, Burrows, Wickwire, Bennett I. Singer, Klein, Himmer, Martens, G. Willard. Second Row: G. Littell, Butterworth, Tegtmeir, Barstow Humphrey, Scott, Goeller, M. Case, Dupilka, Zieger, Anderson, Mills, E. Case, Davis, Strain, Leek Third Row: Rockefeller, Riker, Schindelbcck, Grimison, Ryan, Miss Bair, Breckley, Templeton, Wilcox Dayton, Bowen, Morris, Miles. Botlom Row: Higgins, Carrier, Barlow, Doushkess, Goldsworthy, Atkins Van Duyne, T. Litrell, Moulton, A. Singer, Hoth. C PPELL CHOIR The A Cappella Choir, artistically directed by Miss Bair, has achieved importance not only in the school but in the community as well. Its semi-annual concerts with the traditional candlelight processional at Christmas time and the beautiful strains of Tchaikovsky in the spring always delighted an auditorium full of interested listeners. The membership of the choir is composed of fifty-two mixed Voices and half as many reserves who in future years will make up the regular choir. Members attend weekly rehearsals, and before con- certs they are found practicing diligently every eve- ning in the auditorium. The spirit of the choir, inspired by the director, is what has enabled the group to sing difficult selec- tions beautifully, maintaining the praiseworthy standard of the Mountain Lakes A Cappella Choir. Top Row: Parry, Brown, Strain, Templeton, Willard, Miss Bair, Higgins, Rose, Sweigart, Farnham, Petry. Scconrl Roux: A. Parks, Dayton, Miller, Grimmison, Butterworth, M. Parks. Bolfom Rau: Kopf, Milkey. JU IOR FIRE DEPART E T One of the most community-minded organiza- tions of the school is the Junior Fire Department, composed of several of the older boys who are interested in the protection of the community from fire. This volunteer group practices on Sunday after- noons under the supervision of the members of the regular Hre department. The boys have learned the techniques of handling the hose, fighting fires, and driving the fire trucks. The junior firemen assist at all fires and are on call during the day when the regular volunteer firemen are out of town at work. The community appreciates this voluntary interest and work toward its welfare. , , .- I .lx AB if ,s Under the skillful direction of Miss Bair, the band has greatly enlivened assemblies, pep rallies, and basketball games during the year, This group is small, but the instrumental sections are well balanced. Next year the band will miss the two senior members who graduate, however, the grade school will compensate for this loss. Their repertoire has been increased, and with diligent practice under Miss Bair's instruction, the band has learned to hit those bump notes with real precision. Tap Row: Hickey, Stoughton, Maier, Van Deuscn, Ancona. Botlom Row: Schoonmaker, Litrell, Tyzzer, Noll. 7--vi , , . 3. v V .W Tofu Row: Morris, Bostclmnnn, Himincr, lians Miss Callaway Brookfield Mills Cabrielson, Leek. llotlrim Row: Malrangeloj D B Pillsbury, Uelcliamp, Bowen, W'1lCox. The Line and Color Club, with jane Brookfield as president, Carol Evans as secretary, and Miss Callaway as advisor, has had a fruitful year in its many activities. The fourteen enthusiastic members have journeyed around the country-side visiting exhibitions of artists and have attended several lectures by people eminent in the field of art, In the fall the M.L.H, artists sketched many land- scapes. These drawings were exhibited during National Art Week. The art club has cooperated eliectivcly on all stage decorations and make-up work for school productions. The objective of the Line and Color Club is to stimu- late interest in creative art, and under the energetic and inspiring guidance of Miss Callaway has achieved this end. ICR ART CL B The object of the junior Art Club is to develop an understanding of and to stimulate an interest in creative art. Each member chooses any unit of work he wishes to do with the approval of the faculty advisor, Miss Callaway. Some units of work for the current year were puppets, backgrounds for living picturesg Christmas cards in block print, etchings, and hand drawingsg figures and animal painting, and ceramics. Any creative phase of work may be done by the junior artists, who number thirty-two. By her intense interest and help, Miss Callaway has developed in her students a sense of appreciation and has created a desire for originality in their art work. Tofl Row: Lund, Wilson, Strain, Ping- pank, Capen, Flynn, Knollhuff. Middle' Row: Rogers, Behrbohm, Brewer, Cass, Smart, Dahlberg, Cullman, Gwynn, Day- ton, Rose. First Row: Wasson, Hervey, Capen, Parry, Miss Callaway, J, Kings- land, N. Kingsland, Anibnl, Rorke, Murr. l E 5 as AE .Q b WW VISTXFI SE ' mc T0 GCN, umm GUART fo oo 'ff YARDS W ii 'fin . wx 'ily film L ,nw fi' :WSL IU UU DOWN QUARTERS YARDS TU SG gp 'QP' 'W 1' A , Tis Q., Q 35? gf .. , I 15 , It M 5' V : ii? VV It V, ,,,.ui!!Wm'L kv ,'.,L , J MM K nj 3 ,.., M- W , 1. 1 - Y ff x. ,A if A pf -wf ,ff Q- N ' 0' :X ' S1- ff 6 X 2Lw 3 ' I X L 77 SEQ ,, 1 2 ,142 , an , .n I z .U :. +x .' x X .' " '- '. wr .' xx -. T 3 .' S 4 f 'x f A "U f ? 4 QQ 5 K xxx I4 K fy :A 5' L S QL 3 NX 'N' xx f X f' A ' Z 75 Z ?:4e-1-5 - 754 1 Q ' 5 ff ef 5 '22 K 'Q YQ ' 5 Q . f xy' ' L71 xl n ' f f f' 4 2 ' N K A 9 - -ig? -N +5- 06 ,W V ' -9- ? Q' Z3 r T666 if 2 X lf! f f' qv FOOTB LL The 1945 gridsters of Mountain Lakes High School completed their season with the best record ever achieved hy a local eleven: five victories, one defeat, and one tie. Once again this year the Lakers' offense was propelled from a modified T-formation. A speedy alert hackfield quartet composed of Tom jones, Firm McClure, Warreii Gifford, and Al Maier spear- headed the locals' attack. Martin Ward Tom Murr. 'loe Eherhardt, Ben Tonking, and George Littell pro- tected the middle sector of the forward wall, while Al Van Deusen and Mac Wight guarded the flanks Tl f A mroughout the season Howard Tyzzer lead Coach Ciardi's parade of capahle reserves. r XX W! TOM MURR C0-Cuplain NX Tyucr Franlillni Bums' A . Q E. , Tegrinxcr, uhug, Moulton, Toll lfmlfil ueagrtthgiardi, icrflill xslt, Conogfxeflitlxiixlilcziiizzii, 0 '- ' - ' 1 v , ar , 311121 Doushlwss' Carrsziix Seusen, Lam, E'l'J?Ji1kinS,l Wlght 0 1 Row: Ward utr, Vogt. BQHOYW 1 l , ' Cure Gifford, T- Jones, Mg 13.44 The Lakers were co t ' d - 5 A ' .cap aine by Warreri Gifford hard-driving backfield ace, and Tom Murr, whose aggressiveness and determ' ' .. mation sparkplugged the forward wall. Coach Ciardi's constant guidance and direction, throughout the : f ' f season, proxed invaluable The outstanding contest of the pigskin campaign occurred on November 17 at Hamilton Field, Dover, when the Orange and Blue upset a highly favored Wharton eleven, 6-0. An aerial from jones to Gif- ford in th- r ' ' ' c second period resulted in the game's only score, Prospects for next year are bright with six var- ity lettermen returning and qualified replacements available. QJQ X X fp W1 g lgly N K if , FOOTBALL SCORES 1 Cf 7"CfV' M.L . ,,,.,,,,,,, 6 Morristown Prep ,,uu,u,uu 0 S5 Egbert M.L S ' t B d ,, ,- iv1,L, ,,O,,, Riigkavfxaii ,,eue,,u,eeu,,,e,,u,. 39 f JM M.L. ,, Netcong . ,,,,,,, i,uu,Yu,YY, X cc M.L. N N t ,, ,, M.L. eeeeee eeeee F ffflifiil an 14 O M.L. , , w,h3fl0I1 REE? EIEFORD 0' U 11111 6 l 5 O O X 145 W1 E ff! li N y 5 5 y, , iffy 1- ' 'X i 5 , or as S iii Siamliug: Coach Ciardi, Lirrell, T. Jones, Maier, McClure, Miller, Singer, Golds- worthy, Jenkins, Johnsrud fM3H1gCf,. Swomf row: W'il1ard, Carrier, Spies, Brown, Matthews. Frou! TOM!! Meade, E. Jones, Byrnes, Doushkess. wi MAC SINGER BOB JENKINS V ASKETBALL The 1946 basketball squad of M.L.H.S. encountered several severe handicaps at the very start of the season. Only three varsity lettermen returned from last year, and these had very little varsity experience. Further- more, the Locals were hindered by constant illness early in the season and by being forced to frequently relinquish the gym- nasium to other school organizations. Under these adverse conditions the Orange and Blue commenced their fourteen game cam- paign. Coach Ciardi formulated his starting BUB LITTELL AL MAIER quintet around George Littell, Al Maier, Firm McClure, Bob jenkins, and Art Sin- ger, with Bob Miller, jim Goldsworthy, and Tom jones as varsity reserves. Although the team started slowly by losing its first four contests, constant improvement was evident as the season progressed. Of course, Coach Ciardi's perpetual direction and guid- ance cannot be overestimated. A jayvee squad composed of Brown, Willard, Meade, Spies, Carrier, and Hoth achieved a commendable record and gained valuable experience for future seasons. BOB MILLER FIRM MCCLURE COACH CIARDI SCORES 41-mmmalli . ' rapsr, H 1 smith, Hlckey' Cum' F 1. 3315: ,gisirolh Dreisbach, Cobb, Gray' ran CROSS COUNTRY The 1945 cross country squad completed its season with an undefeated dual meet record. This included victories over Kearny, Passaic, Newark Central, Seton Hall Prep, and East Orange. For the first time this year, three meets were scheduled at home and were held on the local sports field. In addition to the five aforementioned dual meets, the Lakers also participated in the State Meet at Elizabeth, in which they finished ninth out of twenty-six schools, the New York Invitational Meet at Van Cortlandt Park, where they placed twenty-fourth in a field of forty-eight, and a triangular meet with Trenton and Thomas jefferson, in which the Locals were defeated by the two larger schools. The Lakers were spearheaded by Captain Dean Noll, who captured hrst place in eleven out of thirteen dual meets during the past two years, Bob Tweit, one of Coach Willing's leading harriers for several seasons, and Tom Papst, a sophomore who was one of the outstanding members of the team in his first year on the squad. Supporting this trio were Art Franz, john Smith, Noll Cobb, Frank Dreisbach, John Carroll, and Mike Hickey. Two freshmen, Wesley Gray and Walter Atkins, were also on the squad gaining experience for future seasons. Coach Willing's able supervision during the past few years has been the foremost contributing factor to the excellent teams. Because the local harriers were the only Group I cross country team in New Jersey, they were forced to compete with much larger schools, nevertheless, they achieved an undefeated dual meet record and gained recognition throughout the state. V.. Mountain Lakes Mountain Lakes Mountain Lakes Mountain Lakes ..................,,.,.. 24 Mountain Lakes M. L. Jayvee ............... ...,,....... 2 3 M. L. jayvee .......... .,.......... Kearny .................... Passaic ................,........ Newark Central ...... Seton Hall Prep ......... East Orange ......,,,...... St. Michael's Jayvee Good Counsel .....,..,... Noll, Van Deusen, Smith, Tyzzer, Coach Willing The 1946 winter track team of Mountain Lakes High School was once again recognized as one of the outstanding teams in the state. Spearheaded by a speedy relay team comcposed of Captain Dean Noll, Al Van Deusen, Howar Tyzzer, and John Smith, the- Lakers competed in dual meets with Seton Hall Prep, North Arlington, Kearny, and Ferris High School of Jersey City, and also partici- pated in the Grover Cleveland Meet in New York City, the Philadelphia Inquirer Meet at Philadelphia, the Millrose Games, the New York Athletic Club Meet, the National High School Meet, and the North jersey Championships. In addition to the relay team, the Locals were represented by Tweit, Boardman, Papst, Dreisbach, and Carroll in the mile, Tyzzer an Smith in the half-mile, Van Deusen, Noll, and Cobb in the 440, Ford, Tyzzer, and Sweigart in the dashes, and Curtis in the hurdles. In the field events'the Lakers were led by 'Ward and Moulton in the weights, and Noll in the high jump. Coach Willing's perpetual guidance and super- vision was the foremost factor in the molding of a winning team. The squad and coach are to be commended for their outstanding performance, despite the fact that they were without a track, and were forced to com- pete with larger schools. Noll, Tweit, Smith, Papst, Franz, Cobb CAPTA1 N DEA N NCL I. WINTER TRACK Papst, Cobb, Hickey, Curtis, Gray Dreisbach, Carroll Top row: Littell, Bonnesen, Maier, Noll, Stoughton, Franz. Second row: Tyzzer, Eber- hardt, Boardman, McClure, Murr, Stiefle, Mr. Ciardi. First row: Mr. Willing, Jenkins, Twcit, Curtis, Jones, Iohnsrud, Van Deusen. VARSITY CLUB During its second year of existence the Varsity Club has gained recognition as one of the most active organizations in the school. At the club's initial meeting in the fall the following officers were elected for the year 1945-46: President, Warren Gifford, Vice-President, Tom Murr, Secretary- Treasurer, Al Van Deusen. However, with the departure of Gifford into the armed forces, Tom Murr succeeded to the presidency and Al Maier assumed the duties of vice-president. Later in the year it was voted by the club to establish cross-country as a major sport and have it stand on an equal basis with football, basketball, baseball, and track. The following method of awarding charms was originated: three-letter men will be presented with silver charms upon graduation, two-letter men will receive gold- bronze charms, single-letter men will be awarded bronze charms, and a boy who has participated in a major sport for four years without earning a varsity letter will also receive a bronze charm. Last spring the club sponsored the showing of a film in assembly on the 1945 World Series. As a result of this and other activities, the treasury has been greatly increased during the past year. The purpose of the Varsity Club is to closely knit all varsity members and to further athletic competition in school. CHEERLEADERS This year as in former years, the cheerleading squad has succeeded in instilling sportsmanship, a sense of fair play, and enthusiasm in the sports participants and fans of Mountain Lakes. A new goal was set and attained in the establishment of a treasury this year. The funds, amounting to more than 3550, were attained by the girls through the sponsorship of a sports movie and the sale of skull caps bearing the traditional school colors. The first assembly of the school year found the energetic girls resplendent in new uniforms. At this gathering new sub- stitutes were chosen. These were Lynn Miles, Dot Heaney, lean Morrison, Sally Bennett, joan Ogden, Mary Louise Kopf, and Judy Bennett. During the course of the year many original cheers were inaugurated and executed with much skill and technique by the cheerleaders. At various times the new cheers were introduced at the pep rallies, which were conducted this year as usual. No game could have been complete without the spirit and enthusiasm which the girls roused in the spectators. BABS BOSTELMANN PAT WILLARD DI HIMMER fCaptainj AUD LEEK JOANNIE DAVIS 1zzY SINGER Mass EWHYS WHITE LETTER Girls' Sports This year a greater interest was shown in girls' sports than formerly. Due to this increased enthusiasm a majority of girls participated in at least one sport during the school year. The first popular activity in the fall was hockey. After strenuous practice, tournaments between classes were played off. These culminated in a close junior-Senior game which was finally won by the former. The captains, in collaboration with Miss Ewing, selected the eleven most outstanding players to form the Hockey Honor Team. Basketball season opened with a fine turn out. Each class was divided into two sections, a blue team and an orange team. Separate orange and blue games were staged, the orange in each class playing the blue of the same class. The proud winner of the tournament was the Senior blue team, followed by the Senior orange and Freshmen blue teams who tied for second place. The winter season continued with volley ball. This year a more decided response was made to the well-liked sport. Intramural volley ball was played by the four upper classes, each of these competing with the other three. The juniors emerged victors in this contest. Many badminton players made high scores in another of the indoor games. The "singles" and "doubles" provided ex- cellent opportunity for the proficient playing of the partici- ants. P Spring once again ushered in the baseball season. This proved to be one of the most popular of all athletic activities. Softball concluded the sports for this profitable year. During the year many Senior girls achieved their blue letters, In addition to this, the white letter awards were most noteworthy. Frances Bostelmann, jane Brookfield, Alice But- terworth, Emily Dayton, Ellen DeLeyer, Diane Himmer, and Patricia Willard were the recipients of this hard-earned honor. jane Brookfield was the only girl in the history of the school to obtain the white letter in her Junior year. Sports have been important to the girls in the present Senior Class. This was one of the most successful years and will continue to be so in the future. Top: Bostelmann, Willard, Brookfield, DeLeyer, Himmer. Botlom: Dayton, Butterworth. mwwasfs CHAMPIONSHIP HOCKEY TEAM T017 row: Kingsland, Templeton, Strain, Ingram, Breckley. Bottom foul: Riker, Wilcox, Leek, Davis, Perine. HOCKEY HONOR TEAM To row: Davis Da ton Brookfield, Tem P , y , - pleton, Perine. Boilom row: Leek, Wilcox Himmer, Bostclmann, Zieger. BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Top: Brookfield, Willard, Dayton, DeLeyer, Mills. Botlom: Bostelmann, Butterworth, Himmer. ORANGE BASKETBALL HONOR Top row: Morris, Ferraiuolo, Goeller. Boltom: Grimison, Kopf. .va - ' fs. Q, 1 WM K 2-A "?'3i'wgvM 5' Q na MA, J, 1 Nutographn .- 1 ,Q ,..-Mfnm-.., Q.-P Q.-mm.n.iuww1,uQ..4.uw.... 1 " " 9.4 .,,, 'fl QT , 1. 4 5 . : -.uf 2- - . " gzk. 'J -93? ' '74f1,.2f 5 .- 'Tlx L -fi 1, Qw .- .V . - A ' gf3gQ 'W W 'R ,Em 5 X - ', 11 2 , + .' "vi" 119 - . in ar,3eg1:,.: ' 'fs V ,if 5 V ' fiff' 'WZ . X ,ing 'asf 1443231513 ,. ,QQSTSM lf?" gall , -,1g,,3f' L?: ' A Q, .. 4.5 QQ, Vu-. as -1- :vb 4, gt: A. : vu' .Y Q 1 ,Y A 354 if . ,tsvw - Ypjn' ' Q fPE' ,iii1I 1 Q fly? zl, f.ff1,14.f?4 ' "" +419 , ' V' -:J -Sv fff. ' I div V .N,:'g.,1,iI -":a1Hf,A " -L,L.f'Qlii , 1 , ,131 1 fn-gijya ,f'1??2'Q5-ii' ' V , A, -'7v.11p-L .,,f:1 :-if 5 2132+ if Gm' . ,QW-'Airs' aw vi xqggx ' ' ,gg 'uk' , V 11,1 V 4.1 .LQQ315 - viz.-.' f if ' 'gin' -his ,ff SY-1'' QQ . L, K4 K A -ww sp' . 3.3 f , .,sqq,', M b-'fha wr. A, ' li 153815 5215?-'qu' W',1,.vf1gQf-gin -fyzugx 'fa .ff 4592 ."f"QE , F Yury 3 ' J-'f'f'N n. ' , ww? 434. .gffgi " HJ: T Pi '-4241-f .z,,w:1 V 1' "I v Q: 1-mln" ' . f 2135159 l 5-1Z'1f:?' - K -1. fm: ' -1 -I ,Q4,dML. . 15211, . 2 .,Wl, .-QM" -Qfwfgk-I V fffgzfiif if , F .gsm .L-fini: A K '44 uf' . ,-1.11 JFS ' - I , , ,,1:2,' ' . 1 . ww -A , C23 i V Eff: 'X 'ff-f 5 '-, .'-471241 wx 551, if W EW' Qhkawfxa I J'jQ,,5-715 1 Lahpn- , P "K N 'l' f , " 5-?42?M5Y?i?f ' 3:55,-ga., L- '- '11 , y vff , 1

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