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THE ANNUAL STAFF OF THE SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS THE 1948 HOLLY HAWK EDITOR ' S NOTE Dear Fellow Students, Here it is— that 1948 FIolly FIawk, and just for you! We hope it is exactly what you wanted. My staff and 1 have really had fun these past four months. After your fine cooperation, we think you should have a wonderful time, too. So take your annual and look from cover to cover. Your 1948 FIolly Hawk wants to keep alive all those memories of Mount Holly High. Won’t you let it? Tommy Lee CONTENTS DEDICATION FACULTY CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES Page Two DEDICATION The Senior Class of 1948 proudly dedicate our yearbook to the beloved B. Riley Fowler, teacher of agriculture at Mount Holly High School. Mr. Fowler is a man of many characteristics. A wide assortment of interests, ranging from photography to aviation, makes him a man of great versatility. His many activities are overshadowed only by his devotion to Mount Holly High and its students. Few teachers have held the respect and esteem of their pupils, that have been Mr. Fowler’s. Therefore, it is fitting that, we, the Senior Class of Mount Holly High, should singu- larize this man, as a lasting tribute to one whom we all love. P age Three Miss Jean Campbell Bible, Arts and Crafts Mr. L. H. Church Principal, English Mr. F. O. Drummond Superintendent, English Miss Lillian Dunn History, Economics, Library Mr. B. R. Fowler Agriculture, Student Council Miss Frankie Holley Algebra, English, Annual Adviser Miss Virginia Isaacs Band, Girls ' Chorus Miss Helen Norris Mathematics, Spanish, Girls’ Chorus Mrs. L. T. Sisk English, French, Dramatics Miss Frances Spratt Home Economics, Best Foot Forward Club Mr. Dick Thompson Coach, Civics No Picture Miss Myldred Lipscomb English, Latin Miss Mary Etta Montgomery Commerce, Girls ' Physical Education Mrs. Clyde Loftin Biology, Physics, Drivers’ Education Page Four SENIOR OFFICERS Bob White, Treasurer Jack Jolly, Vice-President Yates Springs, President Margaret Jackson, Secretary MASCOTS Lanny Cross Betsy Thompson Page Five SENIORS Anita Stewart Bailes “Nita” Beta Club Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer of Junior Class, Girls’ Chorus, Office Worker, Annual Staff. Raymond Max Beckham “Beck” Football, Debating, Agriculture, Physical Education, Bus Driver. Billie Jeannine Carter “Bill” Football Sponsor, Girls’ Chorus, Annual Staff, Art, Band. Bill Caston “Bill” Basketball, Physical Education, Al- lied Youth, Future Farmers of America. Ernest D. Cauthen “Dug” Football, Boxing, Tennis, Swim- ming, Wrestling. Sarah Slie Clark “Sally” Library Staff, Vice-President of Sophomore Class, Student Council, Beta Club, Annual Staff. Norman Eugene Cox “C ox” President of Future Farmers of America, Baseball, Football, Physical Education. John Frank Dameron “John” Football, Wrestling, United States Navy, Physical Education. Page Six SENIORS Wilbern Franklin Davis “Fishhook” Glee Club, Treasurer o£ Future Farmers of America, Boxing Team Captain, Mount Flolly Golden Glove Champion in 1947, Wrestling. Tommy Lee Everhart “Tommy” Freshman Class President, Future Farmers of America President, Beta Club President, Annual Editor, Bus Driver. Thomas V. Franklin “Pauncho” Freshman Agriculture Class Secre- tary, Dramatics Club, Debating, Foot- ball, Basketball. Bob Gabriel “Slick” Cheerleader, W restling. Boxing, Basketball, Football, Track. Betty Jean Gaddy “Betty Jean” Art and Spelling Club, Social Club, Arts and Crafts Club. Paul Robert Greene “Cooney” Bus Driver, Manager of Football Team, Debating, Driver’s Education, Physical Education. Geneva Hager “Gen” Beta Club, Student Council, Senior Marshal, 4-H Club. Paige Nelson Hall “Sonny” Future Farmers of America Treasurer and Reporter, Beta Club, Student Council, Football. Page Seven SENIORS Robert Hall “Robert” Dramatics, Band, 4-H Club, Future Farmers of America. A. C. Hollar, Jr. “Lute” Football, Wrestling, Physical Edu cation, Monogram Club. Joan Howard “Jo” Band, Allied Youth, Future Home- makers of America, Football Sponsor, Annual Staff. Margaret Jackson “Squeakie” Senior Class Secretary, Spanish Club Secretary, Beta Club, Librarian, Art. Jack Jolly “Tiger” Football, Basketball, Boxing, Mono- gram Club, Beta Club. Bill Loftin " Bill” Beta Club Treasurer, Student Coun- cil Vice-President, Junior Class Presi- dent, Debating Club, Boys’ Chorus. David M. Loftin “Yogi” Football, Wrestling, Physical Edu- cation, Monogram Club, Boys’ Chorus. Vertie Pearl Loftin “Brown Eyes” Secretary of Future Flomemakers’ Club, Nurses’ Aid, Playground In- structor, Basketball, Softball. P age Eight SENIORS Emily Rae Luckey “Em” Annual Staff, Class Reporter, Girls’ Chorus, Librarian, Basketball. Billie Jean Mattox “Mattox” Cheerleader, Girls’ Chorus, Drama- tics, Music Appreciation. Bill McClain “Bill Mac” Mohosco Staff, Monogram Club Secretary, Cheerleader, Beta Club, Baseball. Melvyn Lee McDaniel “Giggles” Freshman Class Pieporter, Debating, Boys’ Chorus, Baseball. 1 Ienry Demarcus Nantz “Fizz” Captain of Basketball Team, Mono- gram Club, Golf, Football, Basketball. Naomi Nixon “Nehi” Football Sponsor, Annual Staff, Mohosco Staff, Beta Club, Greggettes Club. Bessie Preslar “Bessie” 4-H Club Secretary, Future Home- makers of America, Arts and Crafts Club, Softball. Franklin Lafayette Rankin, Jr. “Frank” Sophomore Class President, Piano and Voice, Debating, North Carolina State Beta Club President, Governor of North Carolina Boys’ State. Page Nine SENIORS Bobby John Rhyne “Watermelon” Cheerleader, Football, Monogram Club, Boxing, Captain of Baseball Team. Peabl Robinson “Mopie” Football Sponsor, Spanish Club, Basketball. Betty Jo Sisk “Shorty” Dramatics, Student Council, Vice- President of Senior Girls. Everette Yates Springs “D oc” Captain of Football Team, Senior Class President, Monogram Club President, Allied Youth Vice-President, Beta Club. Oliver Jones Stack, Jr. “Pete” Student Council, Baseball, Captain of Football Team, Boxing, Monogram Club. Lee Talton “Norwood” Debating, Dramatics, Wrestling, Band, Annual Staff. Charles Taylor “Choo-Choo” Football, Physical Education, Boys’ Chorus, Monogram Club, Future Farmers of America. Clara Dolores Ward “Flirt” Beta Club, Football Sponsor, Annual Staff, Class Reporter, Senior Marshal. Page Ten SENIORS James E. White " Jim” Football, Monogram Club, Physical Education, Manager of Basketball, Boxing, and Baseball Teams. Robert M. White “Bob” Football, Baseball, Wrestling, Senior Class Treasurer. Tommy Lee Whitesides " Wheatie” Band, Bus Driver, Art Appreciation, Drivers’ Education, Student Council. Glenn Williams " Pete” Physical Education, Football, Linked States Navy. Ralph O. Wilson, Jr. " Ralph” Boys’ Chorus, Sophomore Class Re- porter, Art Appreciation, Drivers’ Education, Band. Sarah Wilson " Sarah” Beta Club, Annual Staff, Debating, Student Council, Library Staff. Evelyn Jean York " York " Beta Club, Student Council, Office Assistant, Librarian, Secretary of Senior Girls. Page Eleven SUPERLATIVES Most- Deserving Sarah Wilson Billy Loftin Most Likely to Succeed Sally Clark . Frank L. Rankin, Jr. Best Dressed Sally Clark Ralph Wilson Most Athletic Vertie Pearl Loftin Jack Jolly Most Popular Dolores Ward Yates Springs ES Best All-Round Joan Howard Yates Springs W ittiest Billie Jean Mattox A. C. Hollar SUPERLATIV Most Talented Dolores Ward Frank L. Rankin, Jr. Best Looking Dolores Ward Demarcus Nantz Most Studious Betty Jean Gaddy Frank L. Rankin, Jr. CLASS HISTORY Poets are fond of referring to life as a great sea or ocean. Very well. 1 hen what are the rivers that supply the sea but the colleges of the country? And tracing the colleges back toward their sources we find each one originating in the junction of the little streamlets issuing from the schools of the land. Our own class history indicates such a riverlet, one that has (lowed steadily along until it Iras reached the meeting place appointed by the course of study. It may be traced down through the classes to a certain day in September 1936 when we presented ourselves at the rooms of Miss McFee and Miss McCormick. We knew not what the years to come held in store for us. As the stream expanded we had emerged into the second grade under the guidance of Miss Goldie Kale and Miss Ida Rankin. Each year the course of our riverlet changed and we found ourselves flowing to a more prosperous future. 1 he realization of school activities came to us in the sixth grade. Our first basketball tournament was held and some of our bovs went out for football and other sports. I his attitude stayed with us until the night to which we had been looking forward for so long a time: the night we graduated from Junior High to Senior High. As freshmen our class was increased bv a number of students coming down from Lucia. Our leaders were Mrs. Hill and Miss Montgomery. An honor was bestowed upon six of our students. They were chosen Beta Club members. This was the first time that freshmen had been chosen as members. Having mastered (we thought) the school, we reentered the next year under the leadership of Miss Lipscomb and Mr. Sigmon. By tire time we had a party in the bee hive, we knew full well that we had much more to learn at dear old Mount Holly High. With Miss Norris and Miss Lipscomb as our sponsors, we found ourselves the next year following the tradition of jolly juniors with vague contacts of the dignity before us for the coming year. Our ingenuity blossomed with the inauguration of the first annual I Iarvest Lestival. After many months of hard work came the long-awaited Junior-Senior Banquet at The Ship-Ahov in Charlotte. By the time we became seniors, the cost of broadening our knowledge had narrowed our number to forty-seven, under the guidance of Miss Norris and Mr. Lowler. This year our minds have become more mature, and we are seriously thinking about entering the turbulent ocean of life. At the first of the year some of us had not fully decided which boat we would take; but whatever our destination we are determined to “strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and high. Sarah Wilson and Tommy Lee Everhart Class Historians Page Fourteen LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class of Mount Holly High, being of sound and disposing mind and memory and about to enter into a new phase of our lives do hereby make, and declare the following as our last will and testament: First; to our Superintendent, Principal, and our beloved teachers we return all the unsolicited advice, information, and reproofs which shall at the time of our departure be in, upon or about our minds and memories, feeling that anything given away so freely and abundantly must be of little value and not worth retaining in our minds and memories. Anita Bailes wills her ability to get out of third period study hall to Patsy Thomas. Billie Carter leaves to Barbara Davenport her typing technique hoping that she can use it to an advantage. To Frances Hollar, Sally Clark bequeaths her artistic ability and her place on poster committees. Betty Je an Gaddy nulls to Jack Hinkle her quiet and timid manner. Geneva Hager leaves to Eunice Arrants her well-groomed hair. To Slim Williams, Joan Howard wills her place on refreshment committees. Margaret Jackson bequeaths to Dewitt Beatty her petite ways. Vertie Pearl Loftin nulls here love for athletics to Ruth Campbell. To Jo Ann Fuller and Perk Kale, Emily Luckey leaves her nice, quiet disposition. Billie Jean Mattox bequeaths to Margaret Jones her ability to get a man. Naomi Nixon nulls her secretarial ability to Barbara Derr. Bessie Presslar leaves her love and friendship for her classmates to Dorothy Clemmer. Pearl Robinson bequeaths to Betty Jane Stroupe her dark, dashing eyes. Betty Jo Sisk wills her tremendous height to Rachel Smith. To Rachel Wilson, Dolores Ward leaves her position as office worker and her delight in interrupting classes. Sarah Wilson wills to William Luckey her argumentative tendencies and her speaking ability. Jean York bequeaths her ability to work around Mr. Church to Peggy Stack. Max Beckham leaves to Wells McConnell his shyness and timidness, realizing his desperate need for it. Bill Caston wills his stuttering to Hugh Kistler. As Ernest Cauthen always makes it a point to be on time, he wishes to leave to Don Fox an alarm clock in order that Don may carry on where he left off. Norman Cox bequeaths to Jack Loftin his championship as heavyweight boxer. John Frank Dameron nulls his love for aggravating and teasing the girls to Don Putnam and Ralph Edwards. To Jack Lawing, Wilbem Davis nulls his left jab so he can use it in his next fight with Billie Short. Tommy Everhart nulls to James Overcash his studious manner. Thomas Franklin leaves to Henry Smith his ability to start fights at the Fruit Basket. To James McManus, Bobby Gabriel bequeaths his good looks and ways with the girls. Paul Green leaves the licks he gets from Mr. Fowler to Charles Helms. Robert Hall wills to Mason Carver his good looks. Sonny Hall leaves his ability to build boats to Perry Spittle. To Wayne Wallace, A. C. Hollar bequeaths his sly and clever manner of getting away with a lot of mischief in Miss Lipscomb’s room. Clyde Howie wills his excellent grades in English to Don Fortner. Jack Jolly leaves to Joe Abernathy his valuable position on the football team. To Jim Putnam, David Loftin bequeaths his love and admiration for all girls. Bill Loftin nulls his best and most eloquent speaking voice to Milton Craig, Jr. in the hope that he will combine it with, his already humorous line and charm many an audience. So that Betty Craig can take sunbaths in the winter as well as in the summer, Bill McClain leaves her a sunlamp. Melvin McDaniel nulls to Richard Lawing his comical giggles. To Frankie Cloninger and Herman Pressley, Demarcus Nantz nulls his position as chief soda jerker. Frank Rankin leaves his well-rounded and well-developed personality to Eugene Ellington. Bobby Rhyne bequeaths to Nottie Jefferson his ability to get along in French. Yates Springs nulls his love for football to Bovd Lawing. Pete Stack leaves his ability to stay in school an extra year to play football to Bill Painter. Lee Talton bequeaths to Eugene Luckey his technique of one-arm driving. Charles Taylor wills his high averages in all his subjects to Henry Smith. Jim White leaves to Mike McIntosh the ever perfect way in which his hair stays in place. Bob White bequeaths his ability to work algebra problems to Billie McKinney. To Bunky Carpenter, Tommy Whitesides leaves his bus. Ralph Wilson wills the good looking girls in Cramerton to John Jolly. Pete Williams bequeaths to Harrill Black his love for racing. We make, constitute, and appoint our beloved sponsors, Helen L. Norris and B. Riley Fowler, to be executrix and executor of this our last will and testament. In Witness Whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names and affixed our seal this the 22nd day of January, A.D. 1948. Dolores Ward and Bill McClain Page Fifteen CLASS PROPHECY A great and worthy task the prophet has, but so unrewarding; for, though prophecy is permissible, it usually is erroneous. With this fact in mind we swing wide the door of the future, and take a glance at what the Senior Class of 1948 have made of their lives. Established in a flourishing business in the little city of Belmont, we see Lee Talton and Tommy Whitesides, the own ers of the most modern electric repairing and appliance company. They will fix milady’s lights anytime, but they give special attention to night calls. Then we find Ralph Wilson, distinguished graduate of Wake Forest College, as technical engineer on the new super construction bridge over Dutchman’s Creek. Well, anything would be better than its present condition. What’s this we see? A boxing ring? Oh, of course, and the blond fellow in the middle is Champ Wilbern Davis receiving just one more trophy to add to his crowded shelf. This brings us right up to the subject of kitchen shelves. Here we see the happy young housewife Pearl Robinson, busily stirring up a delicious little meal for Ernest Cauthen, who has just come in from a grueling day supendsing his new printing company. All of a sudden we hear great shouting and praise. We see that it is Jack Jolly and Yates Springs, our professional football stars, that the crowd is clamoring for. Pete Williams, the charming and popular public accountant, has as his assistants in budgeting and balancing, Demarcus Nantz, who charms all the women with his good looks, and Charlie Taylor, who courts them. Dolores Ward is the efficient secretary of a large business firm in Gastonia, but we do not know whether she is an asset or a liability; for, she has distracted the minds of all the men on the floor from their business. After finishing from State College, Tommy Everhart will come back and revolutionize the Agricultural practices of the County with his theories on gentlemen farming. We see A. C. Hollar living the life of ease, holding classes on the art of “How to Shorten a Teacher’s Patience,” or “Ten Easy Ways to Be Expelled.” Vertie Pearl Loftin has made a success as a Phvsical Education Instructor in a near-by town. Armed with her charming smile, Billie Carter has won her way to the top by her pleasant manner, and is head buyer of a large department store. Melvin McDaniel has set up an information bureau, the motto of which is, “Ask anvthing. We guarantee an answer.” Since he asked so many questions in high school, it is your turn now to ask him. What is this? All the young crowd is heading for John Frank Dameron’s Soda Shop. He knows who spends the money, and he knows his sweets. Tentatively we visualize Frank Rankin as a great and noble brain surgeon with a hospital named in his honor; but knowing him, he is probably burning the midnight oil on some other great project in oratorv or music. Clvde Elowie will undoubtedly take up politics with his gift of gab. After years of study and training Sarah Wilson is reforming all the heathens in South America as well as the politics of our own country. Max Beckham and Bill Caston, having organized a musical group called “The Hedge Jumpers” with petite Margaret Tackson as their vocalist, have taken over all the time formerly monopolized by “The Briarhoppers” on WBT. Bobbv Gabriel felt he just had to go to Paris; so he obtained a job as foreign correspondent to the Mount Holly News. He is now getting up-to-the-minute information on French “affairs.” Betty Jean Gaddv with her quiet manner is completely capturing the affections of the children of the Orthopedic Hospital. With an eye to the world of busy men and women who are always in a hurry, Bobbv Rhvne and Norman Cox have opened a helicopter taxi service. Their slogan is “We land anywhere on a dime for five dollars.” One of the busy people scurrying about is Anita Bailes, a lady politician. Her platform is, “A man for every woman.” She is the efficient manager of the whole party. Geneva Hager and Bettv Jo Sisk have opened a beauty salon and charm school in Hollywood, where they cater only to select clientele. Robert Hall, because he is so small and quiet, has made a success of being a private detective. We bet he could tell you who shot John. Going on, we find that Naomi Nixon, who had a fondness for commercial subjects, has become a highly qualified commercial teacher. All will be hearing about, and possiblv seeing, the new broad way dancing sensation, Joan Howard, who thrills the crowds with her interpretation of “Young Love.” Bill Loftin has become an important criminal lawyer, and may soon be on his way to Washington where he will walk off with top honors in that field. Next we see David Loftin, content with his position of football coach and physical education instructor. Bill McClain, having had early experience in mechanics— well after all a car is a car— now owns and operates his own garage and gas station. Jim White and Thomas Franklin, quiet, unassuming young fellows, have astounded the world of science with a drug especiallv made to combat “School Daze.” Emilv Luckey will sell the stories of her loves to a famous magazine, and then live handsomely off the profits. We find Pete Stack, peacefullv resting by the fire after a hard day of chasing licenseless hunters. Since he is chief game warden in the Virginia Mountains, he can afford to. Paul Green, realizing his thinness to be an asset, lost a few more pounds, then joined the circus as the world’s thinnest man. Bessie Presslar is an excellent Home Economics Instructor in an accredited school. While working in his shoe store, genial Bob White never loses his temper, even if the ladies try them all without buying any. The customer is always right, you know. Influenced for so many years by her “other home,” the school, Jean York decided to make it a permanent proposition, and is now a teacher of higher mathematics. This brings us to the end of the role of the illustrious seniors of nineteen hundred and forty-eight. We close the door of mysterious doubts and fears, hopes and weaknesses, joys and sorrows and leave you with the visions of greatness and grandeur that this class of ’48 will attain. Sally Clark, Class Prophet. P. S. Our mystic prophet, Sally Clark, may be found at the door of the Art Museum in New York, welcoming guests to another of her lovely art exhibits. Page Sixteen CLASS POEM I WISH YOU WELL When these happy clays have passed, And friend and friend have parted, When you begin your way at last, Upon the roads the Greats have started, I wish you well. No matter where your steps may lead, And though they sometimes falter, May God’s love smile on every deed, Lor though your life may alter, I wish you well. Whether you have wealth or fame, Whether you he great or small. If you contribute but one small thinv, J O 7 And thus you benefit us all, I wish you well. Margaret Jackson, Class Poet. Page Seventeen JUNIORS Joe Abernathy Dewitt Beatty Rebekah Brown Ruth Campbell Burmah Carpenter Shirley Caston Frankie Cloninger Bette Craig Milton Craig Barbara Davenport Barbara Derr Doris Drumm Ralph Edwards Eugene Ellington Donald Fortner Donald Fox Jo Ann Fuller Doris Gantt Jeanette Greene Eloise Hankins Jeanette FIarkey Velma Harkey Emma Hartsell Glenn FIartsell Jack FIinkle Frances Hollar Edward Jefferson John Jolly Margaret Jones Patsy Jones Page Eighteen JUNIORS Joan Kale Robert Hugh Kistler Boyd Lawing Jack Lawing Richard Lawing Jack Loftin Doris Lowe Eugene Luckey William Luckey Wells McConnell Mike McIntosli Billie McKinney James Overcash Bill Painter Herman Pressley Jim Putnam Iris Ramsey Betty Rae Rhyne Martha Sigmon I Ienry Smith Rachel Smith Peggy Stack Betty Jane Strolipe Patsy Thomas Bobby Trent Carolyn Watkins Bobby Wells J o Ann Williams Rachel Wilson James Wyatt No Pictures Eunice Arrants Faye Barr Mason Carver Dorothy Clemmer Annie Lee Height Charles Helms James McManus Donald Putnam Perry Spittle Colleen Stirewalt Page Nineteen SOPHOMORES Nancy Abernathy Sylvia Abernathy Lorenia Auten Nancy Barrett Carolyn Beach Nancy Beatty Patsy Beckham Delbert Broughton Richard Campbell Enoch Carpenter Jack Carpenter Eunice Caskey Jo Ann Caskey Neva Mae Boughman Dorothy Cope Anne Craig Jimmy Cross Charles Davis Gene Dellinger Charles Drumm Suzanne Drummond Bobby Farris Kenneth Frazier Willie Garrett Boyce Gray Peggie FIager Alton FIearn Beatrice Helms Margaret Helms Harold Helton Paul Helton Harold Hilderbran Dennis Hollar Carl Howie Roscoe Howie Mary Jo Hoyle Geraldine Huffstetler Bruce Ingle Sue James Betty Jordan Frances Kendrick Betty Laye Puoe Twenty SOPHOMORES Margaret Laye Billy Lee Le Jean Loftin Dostey Maddox Charles Miller Doris Miller Veral Moore Betty Mullis Marlene Nantz Jackie Nixon Greta Price Lavon Pryor Jean Rhyne Jimmy Rhyne Edith Rick Bonnie Riddle Patricia Riley Charles Roberts Joe Roberts Pauline Roberts Elizabeth Robinson Charles Sherrin Jack Sigmon Reid Sipe Ralph Smith Mildred Stilwell Gloria Stroupe Sarah Thomas J. P. Thompson Maxine Thompson Vivian Wagstaff Jean Walls Esther Ward Martha Ward Nancy Waters Sue Whitner Frances Worthey Elizabeth Wiley No Pictures Wilbern Beatty Bob EIuffstetler Billy Johnston Fred Parker Jerry Pryor Patricia Pryor Page Twenty-one FRESHMEN Billy Jo Abercrombie David Abernathy Jean Abernathy Ray Abernathy Darrell Auten Jennie Ballard Doris Barrett Jack Barrett Bobby Bishop Billie Bostic June Blanton Mureill Broome Paschal Broome Ann Brown Clarence Brown Bobby Burgess Mack Bynum Ray Campbell Thomas Cauthen Kay Chandler Mary Ann Clegg Jack Clippard Sara Cloninger Delores Coleman Joyce Crouse Varnelle Davis Doris Ann Dunn Jon Edwards Buddy Farris Frances Farris June Fortner Betty Foster Henry Fowler Bette Garrison Betty Greene Nancy Greene Futher Hall J o Rita FIarkey Betty Hart Joanne Helms Irma D. Helton Mary L. Holdsclaw Barbara Hollar George Howie Margie Huffsteller Dorothy Huitt Carl Jackson Rachel Jones Page Twenty-two FRESHMEN Bennett Kistler Huey Koon Rachel Lanier Nan Lathan Max Lawing Donnie Luckey Clyde Martin Eunice Martin Zellie Maxwell Pat McDonald Bobbie McKinney Lois McKinney Louise McManus Bobby Miller Carl Moore Reid Morgan Christine Mullis Jewel Mullis Loretta Norris Joan Norwood Lonnie Norwood Ann Painter Patricia Patterson Mary Neil Payne Roger Price Delores Rhyne J. W. Rhyne Max Riley John Robinson Juanita Sample Ann Shelton Jo Ann Sigmon Charles Sipe Gerry Smith Ola Smith Charles Stewart Ruth Stone Douglas Van Dyke Donald Waters David Wright Lowell York No Pictures Andy Carpenter Gerald Guice Paul Howie I ouise Montgomery Milton Morris Dorothy Smeltzer Ted Waldroop Page Twenty-three Ictlvitied ALLIED YOUTH Mr. Fowler, Adviser OFFICERS Yates Springs Vice-President Anne Craig President Betty Jane Stroupe Treasurer Wells McConnell Secretary DEBATING Miss Dunn, Adviser First row: Frank Rankin, Jr., Gerry Smith, Emma Flartsell, Jack Barrett. Second row: Anne Craig, Miss Lillian Dunn, Sarah Wilson, Bill Loftin. Page Twenty-five STUDENT COUNCIL B. R. Fowler, Adviser First row: Delores Coleman, Barbara Hollar, Betty Jo Sisk, Maxine Thompson, Sally Clark, Esther Ward, Frances Hollar. Second row: Norman Cox, Tommy White- sides, Delbert Broughton, Milton Craig, Lowell York, Bob Miller, George Howie, Luther Flail. MONITORS Joan I Ioward, Iris Ramsey, Jack 1 linkle, Jean Rhyne, Jean York, Sue James. Page Twenty-six HOLLY HAWK STAFF Miss Frankie Holley, Adviser Emily Luckey, Typist Naomi Nixon, Typist Tommy Lee Everhart, Editor Sally Clark, Art Editor Dolores Ward, Class Editor Joan Howard, Club Editor Sarah Wilson, Photographer Lee Talton, Photographer Anita Bailes, Assistant Editor Franklin L. Rankin, Jr. Assistant Business Manager Billie Carter, Business Manager BIBLE CLUB Miss Jean Campbell, Adviser CHAPLAINS AND SECRETARIES Frank L. Rankin, Jr., Shirley Caston, Jo Ann Sigmon, Bette Craig, Doris Gantt, Dolores Ward, Miss Campbell, Anne Craig, Svlvia Abernathy, and Norman Cox. Page Twenty-eight BETA CLUB Miss Myldred Lipscomb, Sponsor Officers: Billy Loftin, treasurer; Anita Bailes, secretary; Tommy Lee Everhart, president; Frank L. Rankin, Jr., vice-president. Second row: Geneve Hager, Frances Hollar, Jean York, Rachel Smith, Margaret Ann Jackson, Billie McKinney, Dolores Ward. Third row: Martha Sigmon, Sarah Wilson, Margaret Jones, Jo Ann Fuller, Naomi Nixon, Beue Craig, Peggy Stack. Fourth row: Barbara Davenport, Pat Thomas, Rachel Wilson, Doris Gantt, Barbara Derr, Betty Jane Stroupe, Sally Clark. Fifth row: Wells McConnell, Yates Springs, Jack Jolly, Billy Painter, Billy Mack McClain, Sonny Hall, William Fuckev, Joe Abernathy, Milton Craig. Sixth row: Miss Mildred Fipscomb, Jack Foftin. Page Txventy-nine GIRLS ' CHORUS Miss Virginia Isaacs, Director Miss Helen Norris, Pianist First row: Nancy Greene, Christine Mullis, Billie Jean Mattox, Joyce Crouse, Vivian Wagstaff, Elizabeth Wiley, Jo Rita Harlcey, Bonnie Riddle, Beatrice Helms, Margaret Helms, Nan Lathan, Eunice Martin, Betty Garrison, Carolyn Watkins. Second row: Mary Ann Clegg, Sylvia Abernathy, Sarah Cloninger, Ruth Stone, Margaret Laye, Pat Riley, Nancy Waters, Mary Neil Payne, Marlene Nantz, Peggy Stack, Betty Foster, Ola Smith, Rachel Lanier. Third row: Miss Virginia Isaacs, Nancy Abernathy, Jean Abernathy, Jewel Mullis, Nancy ' Beatty, Louise McManus, June Fortner, Ruth Campbell, Betty Jordan, Annie Lee Heights, Betty Lay, Dolores Rhyne, Miss Helen Norris. BAND John Jolly President Suzanne Drummond Librarian Margaret Helms Vice-President Robert Hall Sergeant-at-Arms Sylvia Abernathy ... .Secretary-Treasurer Miss Virginia Isaacs Director First row: Miss Virginia Isaacs, Sylvia Abernathy, Dorothy Beatty, Paul Dunn, Patricia Gardner, Patsy Rhyne, George Wilson, Hurdell Lawing. Second row : Ralph Hamilton, Margaret Helms, Bobby Lentz, Violet Smith, Suzanne Drummond, Frank L. Rankin, Jr. Third row: Carolyn Williams, Martin Holloway, Dennis Hollar, Lewis Wallace, Tommy Whitesides, Jimmy Gowan, Donald Lawing, Robert Hall. Page Thirty BUS DRIVERS First row: Paul Greene Max Beckham Kelly Stone Burmah Carpenter Tommy Whitesides Tommy Lee Everhart Glenn Hartsell Second row: James Wyatt Billy Lee Roscoe I Iowie Page Thirty-one BEST FOOT FORWARD CLUB Miss Frances Spratt, Adviser Seated: Veral Moore, Jo Ann Fuller, Barbara Derr, Barbara Davenport, Sarah Thomas, Betty Hart. Standing: Lorenia Auten, Patsy Beckham, Doris Gantt, Gerald- ine Fluffstetler, Doris Drumm, Bobbie Farris, Jo Ann Caskey, Gloria Stroupe, Jean Rhyne, Frances Kendrick, Nancy Barrett, Loretta Norris, Faye Barr, Ann Painter. DRAMATICS CLUB Mrs. L. T. Sisk, Adviser Seated: Betty Mullis, Rachel Smith, Eloise Hankins, Le Jean Loftin, Ma rgie fluffstetler, Frances Farris, Pauline Roberts, Margaret fones. Standing: Carl Moore, Billy Lee, James Wyatt, Rebekah Brown, Joan Williams, Jeanette Green. Page Thirty-two FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Mr. Fowler, Adviser First row : Huey Koon, John Edwards, Andy Carpenter, Charles Sipe. Second row : Roger Price, Charles Drumm, Boyce Gray, Ray Campbell, Sonny Hall, Jack Lawing, Billy Fee, George Howie, Mike McIntosh, Gerald Guice, Mack Bynum, Pat McDonald. Third roiv : Darrell Auten, Paul I lowie, Charles Stewart, Jack Carpenter, Bob Miller. Charles Davis, Carl Howie, Paul Helton, Luther Hall, Ray Abernathy. Fourth row: Wilburn Beatty, Harold Helton, Harold I lilderbran, Enoch Carpenter, Charles Sherrin, Clarence Brown, Milton Morris, Buddy Farris, Jack Sigmon, Wayne Wallace, Paschal Broome, Lavon Pryor. Page Thirty-three MOHOSCO Mr. F. 0 . Drummond, Adviser Rachel Wilson, Joan Kale, Billy Painter, Betty Jane Stroupe, Milton Craig, Joan Williams, Jo Ann Fuller. DRIVERS ' EDUCATION Mrs. Clyde Loftin, Adviser Kneeling: Greta Price, Mary Jo Hoyle, Joan Norwood, Jack Clippard, Charlie Stewart, Joe Abernathy. Standing : Suzanne Drummond, Shirley Caston, Martha Sigmon, Buddy Farris, Bertha Clemmer, Mrs. Loftin, Pat Thomas, Paul Greene, Glenn Hartsell, Clyde Howie, Charles Helms, Doris Barrett, Elizabeth Robinson. Page Thirty-four FOOTBALL First row: Bob Huffstetler, Pete Stack, Donald Fortner, Bobby Rhyne, Burmah Carpenter, Mike McIntosh, Wells McConnell, Wayne Wallace. Second row: Jack Hinkle, Donald Fox, Bob White, James McManus, Charles Taylor, Ted Waldroop, Demarcus Nantz, Lavon Abernathy, Ralph Edwards. Third row: Tommy Franklin, James Overcash, John Jolly, Robert Kistler, Edward Jefferson, Ralph Smith, Jim Putnam, David Loftin, Eugene Ellington, Bobby Trent. Fourth row: Lavon Pryor, Jim White, Donald Putnam, A. C. Hollar, Jack Jolly, Charles Miller, Yates Springs, Dewitt Beatty. Page Thirty-six RESUME OF SEASON Mount Holly 0 Mount Holly 27 Mount Holly 0 Mount Holly 6 Mount Holly 24 Mount Holly 12 Mount Holly 7 Mount Holly 26 Mount Holly 7 Mount Holly 19 Mount Holly 7 Alumni 12 Kings Mountain 0 N. Charleston 27 Monroe 6 Lowell 6 Bessemer City 6 Cramerton 19 Belmont Abbey 0 Wadesboro 0 Bishopville 0 Lincolnton 20 Yates Springs Captain Bob White Co-Captain Paqe Thirty-seven BOYS ' BASKETBALL First row : Charles Drumm, Jerry Pryor, Henry Smith, Ralph Smith, William Luckey, Edward Jefferson, Jim McManus. Second row: Herman Pressley, Thomas Franklin, Donald Putnam, Demarcus Nantz, Jim Putnam, Harold Helton, Jimmy Cross. Third row : Lavon Abernethy, J. P. Thompson, Andy Carpenter, Jack Lawing, Alton Helton, Charles Sipes, Carl Howie, Roger Price. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL First row: Joan Kale, Betty Jordan, Patsy Jones, Martha Ward, Rachel Wilson, Jo Ann Caskey. Second roiv: Nan Lathan, Jean Abernathy, Anne Shelton, June Blanton, Jean Walls, Pat Riley. Page Thirty-eight WRESTLING Dick Thompson, Coach First row: Bruce Ingle, Lee Talton. Second row: Burmah Carpenter, Donald Fortner, Edward Jefferson, Jack Lawing, Charles Davis, Charles Sherrin. Third row: James Overcash, Dewitt Beatty, Carl I lowie. BOXING Dick Thompson, Coach First row: Ralph Smith, James Overcash, Burmah Carpenter, Edward Jefferson, Jack Lawing, Jim White, Donald Fortner. Second row: Bobby Rhyne, Jim Putnam, Wells McConnell, Pete Stack. Page Thirty-nine GIRLS ' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss Montgomery, Adviser Page port y BOYS ' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Dick Thompson, Coach BASEBALL Mr. Dick Thompson, Coach Page Forty-one MONOGRAM CLUB First row: Jack Lawing, Charles Taylor, Charles Sherrin, Jimmy Rhyne, Bob Huffstetler, James Overcash, David Loitin, Wells McConnell, Henry Smith, Pete Stack. Second row: Ralph Smith, Bob White, Jim Putnam, Jack Hinkle, Jack Jolly. Third row: John Jolly, Billy Painter, Donald Fox, Robert Kistler, Donald Fortner, Mike McIntosh, Donald Putnam, Dewitt Beatty, Wayne Wallace, Edward Jefferson. Fourth row : Sonny Hall, Yates Springs, A, C. Hollar, John Frank Dameron. Tommy Lee Everhart, Bobby Rhyne, Jim White, Demarcus Nantz, Burmah Carpenter. GOLF TEAM Frank L. Rankin, Jr., Demarcus Nantz, Jerry Pryor, Wells McConnell, Jack I Iinlde, Roger Price. Page Forty-two CHEERLEADERS First row: Billie Jean Mattox, Anne Craig, Jo Ann Fuller, Joan Kale. Second row: Billy Mack McClain, Jimmy Cross, Bobbv Gabriel. SPONSORS Billie Carter, Joan Howard, Dolores Ward, Naomi Nixon. Page Forty-three i eatured Pete Williams and Barbara Derr Innucif an J Q, f ueen Page Forty-five President of N. C. Beta Club Frank Lafayette Rankin, Jr. President of North Carolina State Beta Club Governor of North Carolina Boys ' State Page Forty -six MOUNT HOLLY EAST STARS MOUNT HOLLY BOYS IN ALL-STAR GAME First row: Jack Jolly, David Loftin, Pete Stack, Burmah Carpenter. Second row: Yates Springs, Bob White, Jim Putnam, Jack Hinkle. Page Forty-seven North Carolina Allied Youth President Bette Craig, Junior Class East Star Coach in Gaston County All-Star Game Coacei Dick Thompson Page Forty-eight HERE AND THERE ALMA MATER Fame to the name of Mount Holly High The finest high school in the land. And her might we will praise Til the end of our days, She’s our Alma Mater grand. Sing while you cling to Mount Holly High; May her memories never die Loyal sons we will be ’til eternity. Hail to thee, Mount Holly High. Page Forty-nine Power to You, Class of ’48 We’re proud of you . . . Proud, too, of the chance to serve a new generation of young Piedmont citizens. Our best to you as you move forward to make your own place in our free economy . . . where your own will and ef- fort are the measures of achievement. DUO POWER COMPANY Compliments of the Class of 1947 Page Fifty Compliments of Mount Holly Junior Chamber of Commerce PURPOSE AND AIM To build better men for a better America. To train our youth for service. To promote constructive civic projects. To uplift the community in which we live. To work with and for local, state, and national governmental leaders for the common good of all. To uphold the freedom of our Constitution at all times. Mount Holly, N. G. Page Fifty-one C J D N » G : 0 Compliments of GLOBE MILLS CO. Page Fifty-two Compliments of WBT Pioneer Radio Station of the South Compliments of IVEY ' S Charlotte, North Carolina BEST WISHES S. H. KRESS GO. BEST WISHES BLACK’S FLORIST Mount Holly, N. C. MASSEY-CLARK CO. DEALERS IN HARDWARE AND BUILDING SUPPLIES Mount Holly, N. C. Phone 168 Page Fifty-three FAIR CRIMES, Inc. 415 South Tryon Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. Sporting Goods DROP IN Juanita’s Beauty Nook Mount Holly, N. C. Compliments of S A Electric Company Dealers in ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Compliments of Central Barber Shop STOP AT CENTRAL SERVICE STATION “Hi Are Means Finer Gasoline’’ ★ Best Wishes from MOUNT HOLLY FURNITURE CO. ★ Page Fifty-four Compliments of Shell Service Station NUMBER 2 Catawba Heights, N. C. Compliments of WALLACE FURNITURE STORE Stanley, North Carolina HOLLOWAY Jeweler WATCHES, DIAMONDS AND JEWELRY Expert Watch Repair McConnell cash GROCERY Phone 9104 GROCERIES FEEDS VISIT R W for BEST SHOE REPAIR Stop at Shell Service Station Number l WRECKER SERVICE Compliments of HAMMACK-DERR HARDWARE Stanley, North Carolina Compliments of VICTORY CAFE Mount Holly, North Carolina Page Fifty-five BEST WISHES HOLLAND’S DRUG COMPANY The Complete Drug Store Mount Holly, North Carolina CHEVROLET? The Leader RIVER VALLEY CHEVROLET CO. Compliments of SUPERIOR MILLS, INC. Mount Holly, North Carolina Page Fifty-six Compliments of MOUNT HOLLY LION ' S CLUB Mount Holly, North Carolina Page Fifty-seven Compliments of HOLLY FLORIST Mrs. J. A. Carter, Prop. Compliments of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 9136 Cathey-Campbell Grocery FANCY GROCERIES Fresh Vegetables and Meats Compliments of GASTON COUNTY DYEING MACHINES Stanley, North Carolina Best Wishes from PAUL DERR “Quality Merchandise ” Mount Holly, N. C. Compliments of CAREY FURNITURE Phone 206-W Compliments of QUALITY STORE Mount Holly s Leading Department Store Page Fifty-eight Authorized Sales and Service at JcujliA. Tyiokfiiu, dnxL. PHONE 23 BEST WISHES KENDRICK BRICK KIID TILE CO., Inc. Build for the Future Mount Holly, North Carolina Page Fifty-nine Compliments of AMERICAN YARN AND PROCESSING COMPANY SPINNERS and MERCERIZERS Mount Holly, North Carolina Page Sixty Compliments of RANKIN DEPARTMENT STORE “Buy where you get the best“ Mount Holly, N. G. Best Wishes GflSTOn HOLLY THEATERS Page Sixty-one Compliments of SOUTHERN DVESTUFF CORPORATION Page Sixty-txvo » ' MU t j :3 -r : ' ' Compliments MOUNT HOLLY FLYING SERVICE PLEASURE FLYING— CHARTER TRIPS Student Instruction Richard Mauney Bill Rhodes WILLIAM RHODES COMPANY Heating and Air Conditioning 4229 WILKINSON BOULEVARD Phone 4-4514 Page Sixty-three Compliments of Summey Drug Company Mount Holly s Leading Drug Store “WE FILL ALL DOCTORS’ PRESCRIPTIONS” Phone 9 Compliments of STANLEY MILLS. INC, Stanley, North Carolina Page Sixty-four n- rK-mfr- ' - ■ smm STOP AT Meet Your Friends At Rhyne Service Station CHARLIE S DRUGS Stanley, North Carolina Mount Holly, North Carolina Compliments of P. H. ROBERTS AMERICAN TEA Hardware COMPANY Fine Foods Since 1925 Mount Holly, North Carolina ★ Compliments of BEST WISHES FROM HAIV8EL BODY SERVICE THE HOLLY GRILL WHEEL ALIGNMENT AND BALANCING Mount Holly, North Carolina W recks Rebuilt ★ Stanley, North Carolina Page Sixty-five Photography by (bsdmjnJi, SiudioA, Charlotte, N. C. patronize OUR ADVERTISERS Page Sixty-six AUTOGRAPHS

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