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'Yr I IIIGIIIIHI 1 NUI HERIION 4 SCHUUL swwvww, TABLE OE CQNTENTS INTRQDUCTION . . . . .SPORTS FACULTY. . . . . ACTIVITIES CLASSES . . . .FEATURES H 1939 GATE AY PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF MOUNT HERMON SCHOOL, MOUNT HERMON, MASS. rQlRliZXX!Ql3lD Through lloocl amfl storm - ancl quarantine, has the Class of I939 survivecl, each year represenlecl hy a classilieatien, each. Classi- liealion a slep Lowarcls gracliialioii. l low relenllessly has Lime passecll l low relentlessly will il. as year lolloxvs year. nearly ellseure with an CVCI'-ll1lK'liCHlT1Q log lhe long ancl xyinclme reael el memories separating us lrom what are now avlualilies. This issue ol the "Ce1liewa1y'H is mol lor the present: it is ellereel lor lulure years W as a meclium roimecling the lwo encls of the reael. memories ancl one-lime realilies. ll' lhis lpoolq aicls in lulure reminiscing. we on the Hcraljewayw lgoarcl shall have aeeoimnlislmefl our laslc. D IDIIQAUQN For a decade has he faithtuuy served the Church and the campus, aiways a friend, nine years a pastor, and eight years a Bihie instructor. Next fan he will not he at Moiint I lermon. As we here have liked and respected him, so, unquestionably. will those who, in the future, are to he his associates, like and respect him. Each of us has proicited much from associations with him: he has instilled into our minds a knowledge of friendship and religion which enriches us now, and which, with the extension of time, is certain to develop into a more-easily-seen significance. To this man, Lester P. Xvhite, who shares with us the sorrow of departing from what to him and his family has heen a home for ten years, we, the Class of 1959, dedicate this issue of the HGateway.,, LIGHTS ON HERIYIONS HILL VXIIM-11 IIre evening sImrI0s are IaIIing 0,1-r IIN- m fmuu nifxin gray, XVIM-n IIIQ IIrrusI1c-S siIver caIIing Sxw-vIIy mc-Ili nu-ay: XNYIIPII you rIare not I1r0aI: IIN? siIc'rrf'z-. 'I'Irat II14- x'erIIvy ln1IIs, TIM-n II1QrQ shines aII1warI II10 sImrIows I,iQIrIs Irrum II:-rmorrls I'IiII. XXVIIPH IIIO nmon in g0IfIvu spIz-r1rI0r I.iquicI Iig5I1I pours cIrm'11, I51rIIrim1 in u radianfe It1DfIE'I' Rivvr. III-lfl, rmfI lmvni XNYIIOII IIN' Slnrs draw IW-I IJ:-Fore Iwr. sIIvr1l, p:IIr-, :UNI SIIII, VIIIM-rr IIrc-re mingIe Irer gIory I.igI1ls Irom Ihfrnmnys IIilI. VN'Irs-n IIM- sI4ie-s IIN-ir IIoocIs are pouring IXIHI IIN: IIIQIII is IuIz1czI4g XXVIIUII lIrrr angry wir1rIs are roaring 'IIiII lIn- slnrs 5I1rir1I4 Imm'I4: XNIN-11 tlre rIarI4 cI0ufI5 gIoom Iiko rrmmlf-rs, I"mrrnIvss IIIIIIQF of III, Pr-frm-IrrI sI1ine across the IumuIt I,igIrIs on IIUFIIIUHVS IIiII. SIIII in cIz1yS IIIEII Iii' In-Fore us, XYIrvn IIN- slams am- IurigIrI: SIIII wIrvn sI0rmfr'I0ucI5 gr1II1rrr oyvr uf, I7arIf-rrirrgj IIN- IIIQIII. SINIII IIN- IIQIII of IYIPTHIOYIYS IYIIOIIKISIIIIDS our rm-rrrvrir-s SrrII fImII gIvaru avross IIIE' I-aIIoy I.iuI1Is on II:-rrrmrfs IIIII, I XX'Iil.I.INITI'ON Ii. AIKEN ' L M50 A W SX X X X , ,wjgi fn MG fix' UE EHNE ,K G -as "'- V X 3 Y 2 N- X A H? ,df J asa! UE SFIW Q W ? x, X X 5 TH Y cuuuuiuien AIDMIINHSTHRATHQN APPRECIATION OUR years ago a group of "new studentsu went through the intricate process of registration at Holbrook Hall, meeting, among others, Headmaster David R. Porter. From the ranks of the unclassified we have steadily risen to hecome, at long last, mighty Seniors. Soon we graduate-receiving from the same man who welcomed us to the campus four years ago a diploma, therehy terminating the end of those four years. We are the first class able to express deep appreciation of the careful guidance through four years that Dr. Porter has given, for we are the First class to have entered as freshmen under Dr. Porter as Headmaster. To those mighty men and women known as the faculty, we are unahle adequately to express our admiration for their perserverance, their fortitude, their continual hopefulness, their knowledge, and their generosity. In classroom and on campus they have given freely of advice, encouragement, and friendship. ln their homes they have entertained us and acted as housemasters and neighhors. May the future surprise the faculty hy giving them bigger and better'-and more conscientious, Hstudentsu than the class of 1959 had to offer. Svuiml: cs.cittllll.,t4IUt'tS6'I'l..l.N,XXVtltti1mS.XyIll"litON.V?ltCl' uc Siruirtingi: .l. Srtiwancta. Boeing, E, E. Miller, C. S. Hatt Mac wer STUDENT CQUNCIL HERMGN tias, as every ottier Worttiwtiite institution, some form ot govern- mentat organization which is essential for its tuest interests. The Stuctont Council acts as a necessary intermediary group toetween ttie tacutty anct ttie stuctent tnocty, taarmoniousty bringing together their different opinions. tt utilizes its ctisciptinary power tor ttie promotion ot gooct citizenstrip, wtiicti is essentiat for ttie continuation of our ctemocratic icteats in a ctiaotic, strife-torn wortct. This year the Councit proposect to ttie actininistration many worttawtiite suggestions emanating trorn ttie stuctents. as for exarnpte, an increase in the numtuer of contests on our intersctiotastic attitetic sctiectute. After ctuc consicteration ttie suggcstect ctiange was adopted, ttreretoy increasing our attitetic program to four intersctiotastic contests in eactr sport. This increase was matte possitnte try ttie cooperation ttiat ttie stuctcnt tuocty ctisctosect in our fait season. To the stuctent body and ttie faculty. ttie Student Councit expresses its gratitude for ttie wtaoteetaeartect cooperation given it ttirougtiout ttre yearg we sincerely hope ttiat the succeecting Council inherits ttie same cooperative spirit. . I E We p , , trtt j Sa. JOHN D. BASSETTE. Ph.B. Instructor of Mathematics Head of Shadow Lalce Lodge: Yale 1913: Alpha Chi Rho: New England Association ot Mathematics Teachers: Teacher of Class ot 1939: Memlser ot' Faculty since 1935. FRANCIS C. BAYLEY, A.B.. BD., Ph.D. Assistant Head of fwotticmatics Department Head of South Farm House: Co- Chaiman of the Board of Advi- sors: Coach of Traclc, Cross- country: Diclcinson College: Drew Theological Seminary: Columbia University: Phi BCH! Kappa: Kappa Sigma: Honorary ot Pieria: National Council on Religion in Higher Education: Connecticut Valley Mathematics Teachers' Association: Memlncr ot Faculty since 1933. PAUL E. BOWMAN, C11.E,. MS., PhD. Instructor of Chemistry Lehigh University: University of Cincinnati: Sigma Chi: American Chemical Society: New England Association of Teachers of Chemistry: Member of Faculty since 1936. JAMES E. COVELL Instructor of French Brown University: Faculty Ad- visor of the Chess Cluln: Mem- tmer of Faculty since 1935. GROVE NV. DEMING, BS, Instructor of History Connecticut State College: Theta Sigma Chi: Honorary of Hay- ward: Memloer of Faculty since 1910. HARLAN BAXTER, A.B. Instructor of Latin Head of North Crossley: Coach of Football, Hoclcey. and Traclcz Dickinson College: Sigma Chi: American Federation of Teach- ers: Memher of Faculty since 1926. FRANK G. BISSON. BS. Instructor of History Head ot' Camp Hall Residence: Springlielcl College: Director of the lntc-rest Groups: Coach ot Soccer, Tennis: Memlner of Faculty since 1936. BEULAH W. COOPER Dietitian Mereclith College: Honorary of Lyceum: North Carolina State Home Economics Association: Memloer ot Faculty since 1932. JAMES F. CUTTER Instructor of Itiattiematics Massachusetts State College, 1937: Kappa Sigma: Adelphia: Maroon Key: Coach of Football. Swimming: llonorary of Good Government: Honorary of the Class ot 1939. FRANK E. DUNN, Th.B., A.B. Secretary of Alumni Association Boston University: Harvard Di- vinity School: Executive Secre- tary ot Northfield Schools: Mem- lmer of Faculty since 1938. HARRY A. ERICKSON, A.B., ALBIN E. FRANZ, A.B. A.M. Inspector of Buildings I i E l'h ns mctor of ngls Clarlc University: Loecridion: Yale University: Harvard Uni- versity: Faculty Advisor to the HERMONITE: Chairman of the Mt. Hermon Church Missionary Committee: Director of Debat- ing: Honorary of Good Govern- ment: Member of the Publicity Committee of the Northfield Schools: Member of Faculty since 1929. MELVIN L. GALLAGHER, B.A., MSM. Director of Choral Music Carleton College: Union Theolo- gical Seminary: Mu Sigma Tau: Honorary of Lyceum: Member of Faculty since 1955. ELLIOTT V. FLECKLES. BSS.. M.A. Director of Library College of City of New Yorlcg New Yorlc University: Delta Kap- pa Epsilon: Honorary of Pieria: Advisor to Schauttler Associates and Riding Club: Progressive Education Association: Member of Faculty since 1929. ROY R. HATCH Head oy' Science Department Harvard University: Cornell Uni- versity: Faculty Member of Cum Laude: New England Associ- ation of Physics Teachers, Pres. 1928-29: New England Asso- ciation ol: Chemistry Teachers: Member of Faculty since 1900. AXEL B. FORSLUND, B.P.E.. M.A. Head of Department of Physical Education Springfield College: Columbia University: Coach of Soccer. lloclcey. and Traclc: Member of Faculty since 1929. THORLIEF M. HENRIKSEN. BS. Assistant Physical Director Springlsield College: Coach of Swimming, Football, Baseball: Honorary of Hayward: Faculty Advisor of the Commuter's Club: Honorary of the Class of 1939: Member of Faculty since 1955. Member of Faculty since 1925. CHARLES H. HOPKINS, B.A. BD., PhD. Instructor in History University of Redlands: Yale University: Delta Alpha: Pi Kap- pa Delta: Alpha Phi Gamma: Alpha Gamma Nu: Faculty Ad- visor ot the Hilcing Club: Ameri- can Church History Society: National Council on Religion in Higher Education: Member of Faculty since 1937. U T kky.. if K . . s b p v u. , A I t 1 I THEODORE C. HORTON, BS. Jnstrucior in Bihie and English Yale University: Coach of Soc- cer, lloclcey, and Basehallg Chi Phi: llonorary of the Class of 1959: lvlemhs-r of Faculty since 1937. JAMES G. JOHNSON, BA., MA., 'l'h.1V1., PhD., T1u.D. PAUL S. IVORY Instructor in English ilowcloin College: Theta Delta Chi: lsarully Aclvisor of the ljuhlic Speaking lntorest Group: h1vmhc-r ol' Faculty Symphonic Trio fre-llistlg lvlomlmc-r of Faculty since 1958. EDXVARD Ki-NYE, BS.. MD. School Doctor Cornell University: Jersey City lvlcrliral Ccntcrr flntf-rnshiplg lxflcmhar of Faculty since 1958. EISIE S. J.XC'KSON. BMX. Instructor in Eriglish llillstlalo Coll:-gc-3 Pi Beta Phi: Honorary of Pic-riag lvlemher of lfarulty since 1918. ERNEST N. KIRRN.-NNN, BS. MA. Instructor of German College of lim City 01' New Yorlag Columlnia University: Di- ploma mln 1'Univc-rsite :lo Stras- bourg: Stuclcnt lnsigniaz Honor- ary of Haywarciz Dc-utsclle Tafel- runcleg Memlmc-r of Faculty since NELSON A. JACKSON Henri of Alrilhoinuiics Depart- inc-ni Diroctor 01 Srholarshipg Bates Collcgcz Columhia Univcrsity: .Xlpha Tau time-pm llonorary of Picria: Faculty F14-mhc-r of Cum l.aur1e: National Council ot. lxlathamatirs Tvarhc-rs: New Englanrl .'XSSOf'1ilt1OI't ol lvlathe- matics Trai-hc-rs: Conn:-cticut Xyalloy Association ol lvlathe- matics Toachvrs, Pros. 1035-'56: lvlemlacr ol Faculty sinru 1918. GEORGE JJXURENCE. Instructor in Bihle 1931. Instructor of Scicnccs lvlcrcer University: Southern Yale University: New Englancl T1'1co10,qira1SeminarygYa1e' Uni- Association of Chcmistry and vcrsity: National Association ot Physics Toachc-rs: Harvarrl Grad- lxiilnlical lnstructors, lxlorcer nate School: Coach of J. 1... Rouml rlwahleg Faculty Leaclcr ot Footloallz Coach of Baslacthallg HDL." Cluluz Faculty Aclvisor of Honorarv of Goofl Government the lntcrnational Cluhz Faculty Club: Jxlcmlocr of Faculty since 1V1f'm1Jer of Cum Laucleg 1X'1em- 1955. lncr of Faculty since 1956. I ,Q W 1 ' -Q WILLIAM HALEDGARD B.. . Instructor of Englisli Harvard University: SCIWOO1 Dra- matics: IVIemIJer ot I7acuIty since 1937. EDGAR J. LIVINGSTON Cosliicr Member of Facutty since 1936. Seminary since 1952. PHILIP A. MANGANO, BA.. MA. Instructor of Frencli unit History I'IeacI ot Cottage I: Yatc Uni- versity: Roctiester University: Coactr of Fencing: New Engtanct History Teactiers' Association: Member ot Facutty since 1935. PRUDIE R. MOORE. BS.. MA. Instructor of Englisli, Burvaii of College Council CoIIJy CoIIege: Ractcittt-ez PIU Beta Kappa: FacuIty IVIemI9er ot Cum Laucteg Atptma Dt-Ita Pi: Ptii Gamma Mu: Honorary ot Lyceum: Member ot FacuIty since 1927. IIORACE II. MORSE. AB.. IVI.A. llvmt of the History Department IIarvarrI: Ptii Beta Kappa: I:acuI- ty Ivlemtaer fctwairmant ot Cum Laude: New EngIanrI I'Iistory Teactiers, Association, V. Pres. 1951, Pres. 1932: I'Ionorary ot Pieriag Member ot FacuIty since 1906. CARLTON W. LHOMMEDIEU, BA., MUSB. Organist, Instructor of tktusic oml Latin Yate University: PI1i Beta Kap- Pa: I'Ionorary ot Pieria: IVIQ-mtaer of FacuIty since 1926. FREDERICK S. MCVEIGII. BA. Instructor in Frencli 114-act ot South CrossIey: Wits Iiams CoIIeQe: Phi DeIta '1'I'ieta: American Association ot Teactw- ers ot Ivrenctr, Director 01- Itos- ton Ctiapter tor 1937-'SSL Coach ot Cross-country and Track: IVIemIJer ot I:acuIty since 1935. ORVIL E. MIRTZ, AB., 'I'I1.B, Instructor of txtnttiemotics Xvc-stminstc-r CoIIege: Princeton Ttieotogicat Seminary: Cornvtt University: Heact ot Cottage IV: Kappa Ptii Lambda: Tau Gamma Dettag I7acuIty Actvisor ot ltme Ritte Ctutui Honorary ot Pieria: Coacti ot Soccer, Base-tzaII, anrt I,JasIcetI:aII: Member ot Faculty since 1955. MILLIAM M. MORROW. AB., M.EcI. Instructor of English Head of Oa1cnoIIg VViIIiam ancI Mary: TempIe University: Phi Beta Kappa: Kappa AIpI1a: Nu! tionat CounciI For Teactiers of EngIisI'1: New EngIanrI Associa- tion ot Teachers ot Enggtistiz FacuIly arIvisor ot Lower Certi- Iicate Group: AcIvisors IEOFITIII Mc-mtuer ot Facutty since 1931. XV. IIOXVARD NIIBIDCK BS. AM. lnstruwlm' of History unrl Gt-ru-iv ul Science IVIemIJer of ttme Boarct of A11- visorsz Bowrtoing Harvarctg Zeta Psi: Teacher ot Ctass of 1941: Coach ot .I.I.. I7oottJaII and Bas- I4ettxaII: Coach ot Track: IVIemt1er ot I7acuIty since 1936. ALFRED H. PETSCHKE Worte Superintenrtent of West Halt University ot Ittinoisg Pi Kappa Phi: Honorary at Gooct Govern- ment Ctuhg IVIcmIoer of Facutty since 1936. GEORGE POHLIVIANN, AB., BST. Instructor in Bihte University ot Rccttancts: Univers- ity of Hawaii: University of Catitorniag YaIe University: Stanford University: Atpha Gamma Nu: Ka Patta Pattag Actvisor of Student Church Councitg Heart ot Center Cross- Iey: American Federation ot: Teachers: Ctass Teacher ot' 1940: IX'IemIJer ot Facutty since 1935. CARROLL RIKERT, AB. Director of Vtfortz, Superinten- dent of Property Harvarct Universityg Topiarian CIuI1: Heart of North Farm House: Facutty Advisor of Stamp Ctutag Honorary of Good Government CIuI:z: IVIemIaer of Facutty since 1917. CYRIL G. SARGENT, IVIA. Instructor of Mathematics Brown University: Head of Overtoun IIaII: Board ot Ait- visors: Honorary of Lyceum: Ivtcmher ot I:'acuIty since 1935. RICHARD SCHVUINGER Instructor of English New Yortc University: Cotumhia: Aftvisor to Camera Ctictcg New Engtanct Teachers Association: Ixftemher of Facutty since 1937. ARTHUR D. PLATT, BS., IVI.A. Director of Permissions, Instruc- tor of Mathematics Trinity Cottegei Cotumhia Uni- versity: Detta Phi: Facutty Act- visor GATEWAY, Bicycte CIIIIQ: Nationat Councit of Ivtathematics Teachers: Connecti- cut Vattey Section ot Association of Ivtathematics Teachers ot New EngIancI: IVIemher of Facutty since 1928. GORDON F. PYPER. PIu.P:. Director of Bureau of Recorfts unct Actmissions Instructor of Piiotogyz Brown Uni- versity: Sigma Chi: Actvisor to Forestry Ctuhg Artvisor to IVIicIcIIe Cortiticate Group: Facutty mem- her ot Cum Laucte: Honorary ot' Lyceum: Ivtemhcr of FacuIty from 1926-128 anct since 1932. FRANCIS P. ROMAN, AB.. MA. Instructor of French, German, anft Latin Harvarrt Cottegeg Harvard Graft- uatc Schoot of Arts anct Scie ences: H.U.13. Ctuhg Coach of Tennis: IVIemIoer of Facutty since 1937. MARION L. SARGENT. AB. Instructor of English anct French Vxfheaton Cottegeg Honorary of Lyceum: Member of Facutty since 1935. LOUIS E. SMITH, AB., IVIA. Heart of English Department Gettysburg: Yate University: Yate Graztuate Schootg Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Gamma Dettag Hon- orary ot Pieria: New Engtand Association ot EngIish Teachers: Former Reacter for Cottege En- trance Examination Boarctg Mem- Iaer of Facutty from 19094916 anct since 1917. ALUMNI COUNCIL IIE Boarct of Atumni Counset- Iors is composert ot twenty-one men, of wtwom tour are annuatty etectect to serye ai perioct of tive years. rtqtae purpose ot ttie Boarct is expressing. as representatives, ttie teetings ot tI1e Atumni in matters ot sctwoot interest. Ttwe Boarct meets ttiree times a year, pcriocts cturing wtaictm constructive criticisms anct otaservations are macte, Annuatty. ttie Boarct tiotcts a Iuanquet at vvtaicti tI1e Seniors are introctucect into ttwe Atumni Association. THOMAS DONOVAN, AB. Instructor of EngIisIz Dartmoutti Cottegc: Ptii Beta Kappa: Ifacutty Ixtemtncr ot Cum I.aurte: Rearter ot Enptisti wittx Cottege Entrance Examination Boarct: Honorary ot Pic-ria: Mem- IJer ot Ijacutty since 1930. JOSEPH STAPLES, AB. Yate. 1933: Beta Ttmta Pi: Teactier of Ctass ot 1942i University ot- Paris. 1938: Facutty Actvisor ot Navigation Ctutng Ivtemtaer ot' Facutty since 1938. NOT PICTURED MRS. XVILIIELMINA L. DONOVAN, AB., MA. Instructor of Ifngtistw New Yortc State Cotti-gc: Cotum- tmia: IX"IemIJer ot Iracutty since 1938, ik CIIARLES D. TI IOMPSON, AB., MA. Instructor of AIutI1emntics and Economics Princeton University: Cotumtnia Univcrsityg Ptmi Its-ta Kappa: Facutty Ivtemtaer of Cum I.auctc: Nationat Councit ot Ixtattie- matics Tc-actwersz Inctian Eco- nomic Association: Presirtent 1033-19311: Inctian Statisticat In- stitute, V. Pres. 1933-34: Ifconoinctric Society: American Iffonornic Association: Ntemtver ot Facutty trom 193-1-1037, anrt since 1933. CHERILLE FLECKLES Instructor of French University rtc Grcnotnte: Ixtax- wett Teactucrs Training Sctioot: Clllm Lauctez Ix'IC'1'T1I'l9I' of Fill'- utty since 1938. SIC LESTER P. VVHITE, A. Bn M.A., BD. Clmptain Instructor ot- Bitwte: Ctartc Uni- versity: Yate University: Tau Kappa Atptaag Itoarrt of Actvisors: Itonorary ot Ptiitomattiean Liter- ary Society: Ixtemtmer of Iracutty from 1929-1939. 1 GLADYS H. FORSI UND, A.B. Instructor of Ittuttwnmtics Xvtueaton Cottegeg Honorary of I'IaywarrI: IVIemIJer ot I7acuIty from 1932-1935, anct since 1939. WILLIAM WILSON Instructor of English, Office Records Benttey Sctloot of Accounting anct Finance: Facutty Member of Cum Laurteg Beta Tau AIpI'1ag I-Ieact of Nvoocttanrt Cottage: IVIemI9er ot Ijacuttv since 1935. SONG OF HERMON A song of Alma Mater we will sing, lcind friends, to you, And give to dear New England all the praise and lionor due: For on tlie terraced laanlcs of old Connecticut so grand. Lies Hermon's campus, lnroad and green, the fairest in the land. CI IORUS Loyal sons of Hermon may we ever lyeg Living not alone for time, lnut for eternity. To Alma Materls standard may we lceep our liearts a-tune, Hurralul Hurraln for Hermonl All liail to the Maroonl The dear Maroon it proudly floats o'er llc-rmon's wooded hill, The eclloes loud of students' sliouts the verdant valleys Fillg No spot on earth lay liall: so green, to memory half so dear, As wliere, lneneatli Monaclnoclfs gaze, stands Herman luold and clear Her motto, "Learn as if your life on eartlw would endless lac, Yet live as tl'lOUgl'l tomorrow uslwered in eternityf' And as tliro' life, with toil and strife, our journey we pursue, May we lne guided in tlie riglit lay Hermon's teacllings true. LEO PHILIPS, '95. ki. EDD !! W V- J-L47 QLMSES 4? Eg Q Q obo . x' CLASS TEACHER O Blix anfi ixirs. Basselie. who iiavc been our Companions tiwrougiw time many joys and few sorrows C'XlTCtl'iCHCf'fVt :turing liie process of viaiss Qrowlii, we are only aiuic- to offer our siiifere apple-rialioii. ,Ns advisors itiey have marie many vatuaiute suggestions: the sucress ot eaciw rtass party was marie possiiuie only ivy the Careful attention time nltasseties spent on preparalions, anci line meetings he-ict at their home with ttic eiaiss enteriziinment Commiilee. So. as Competent acivisors, gracious tiosts, anct as Companions tiiroiigii the tour years. they have won line respect anrt gratiiiicie felt by earti memiuei' ot itie Class. Our associations with NIL and twirs. Henriksen and Fir. anct Bits. Cutter have tween most worttrwiiiie, and for tiieir friencisiiip and guictance, we wish to express our tiianiis. JOI IN IRA YIXNI 7IiXN'.-X'I'ER Hnlilvlin S9-33 OHII1 Slrvvt XXIOOKIIIEIYUII, N, Y. F00iImII '55, '36 fin, '57 gnu. ,318 l'I'I,l Co-Capt.: BasQIJaII 136, '57, '58 QU, '59, B5SkoibaII '56, '5rfHy.'5gq1n,'5oqHJ Capt. CIass PrcsirIr'nt '3T. ,3S, J39: PIlII0l'I1?lIIII'IlIl, CI1apIain. R. BR.-XDITORIJ IIL'RNI'IAIXI Il' My-IIIIUK' igllfkku 204-OS Forty SCConrI Ave. I7JaysicIG, Y. PI1iIomatI1can '30, Sowrvlaryg In- rrosscz '33 V301 IjfmlIJaII I36, '33 '38 fIIass Secretary: Serretary of Norllx CrossIey. ALEXANI BROS L. AI,IiX,'NNI'JIjR ",-tim" EnrIif'oIl. Nvw XIOIIQ Bash:-tIvaII ,30 IIII: II0rmonitc I3oarfI 339: I3Iaycrrs V503 PIriI0ma, tIrc-ag CoII '30, EDXYARD B. IXPPIZIQUEST HT I.. V1 160 I'IiQI1w00cI fxve. I.oonia, N. ,I. Lyceum: Hcrmonito Board I38. 39: SIrauIIIor Assrmvizrifrs ,3S, ,393 BasI:ettzaII 139: Ivnnis '38, 539. IIOXXUXIQIH I? ISNKER UlIllIl'll'H 232 IIarr1son .Xvcx New IIrunswivI:, NMI. IntvrnationaI IIIIIII 130: Naviga Iron QIuI5 JO: Irrnnis 33: Nvfccr 38 30: Skiing 35. ISU: c,UI'I1 I.aucIrr: Sahrlalorian. FREDFRICIK FIUXV.-XRD BI-XLYICIQ IR. HITHWIH sm - 58111 Si. Norltl Bergen, N. ,I. I Ivrmonite BCHIIFIII IntvrnalionaI CIuIJg RiIIc- CIUIIQ Navigation CIutJg I:0otIJaII V391 Cum Laude. STUART .IONICS HlOlIf'QyH fm I.0tIrr0p Nrr-vl IJIYIIIOUIII. IXIilSSil1IIllSi'IIS I7IriIumatIre-an IST. '39, "BU Ijrvsi- rlm-nl: X158-I-,fC'Sl4If'III UI N-rnni' fIIn-sz gwrvtary' of fxrrisslefyz I,nrrr1sSf' 138 I74mlI1nII '50 f FDC.-XR AI .ITXQXNDER POI .I OCK "Polk" 56 Bay Str:-vi Slalvn IsIanrl. N.Y. I IuywarcI '39, Sevvrf-tary: AIIIII-liz' ASSH., SPFICIIITYI CRISIS? 'IIF!'il5lIT1'lI Sr-nior Coirrmenrr-rrrvrml Cornrnil- tm-: fiross-Countrx' '38 Y30 IXIan- ag:-r. I IOVVARI5 ,NI MY HHOU 'ia H 145 Lcrngvir-w QXVO. Ifonia. N. I. Ilic-ria: 5I1auIIIvur .Nssoriatvsz Tennis Izlaskc-lI1aII. ROBERT ARCII IIIHXID I-I1'r'Iric' 84 BeccI1woorI Ava. Xvalertown, Ivlass. Ijicriaz Tennis '3T'. ,381 Soccer 38: Navigation CIuIJ Prvs.: GOII I39. .IKXFK IBRONK II.'N'l'CfI IEIOR "Bukit" IQiQIgewoofI VII:-rmrjv Ctrappaqua. N. 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Iwi! 159 Prinfo Xvzxlliiigforcl, Conn. miilnmrxizilliizlnz TBQSTQQTTJUTT '59 U Tc-Unis '59, I-'RXNK D. BROXVNING JR HH:'fm'r1i0H .Icwf-ll ffily. Conn. TrC'Hl'TDQ '59g Lacrosse TXITEXIIHQOI .3193 Nzivigniiou Clulng Rinr- CTUTJ STUART MAI .COLM BENNETT HS1l'U7ft2H 2 Summer St, Crt. Nalmnt, TVTQSS. Fooibau 358: Sking '59 ITU Eicriag Track 59. ROBERT MARSH THLXKNEY "IM," 204 Txlain Sircf-i Xvilliamslown, Mass. A Capczua Choir '59g CTee CTUTJ V593 Skiing THQ T593 FOOTTMTT '58 ERNEST LEEBOLTON llrriiv Norl i1TicTcl. TVIEISS. Vx'II.i.T,fXfNI FREDERICK IERJXNNLXN HGOIIOVKIT 5pmzLyH Corilrc TsTamT Cjyslor Ebay, N. Y. Pliolography CTuTJ3 Tntcm:1tionaT Clulqg Ricling CTUTJ: Mnnagc-r of Golf '59. THOMAS Il. BROWN JR. UTOTTIH Crrntml Canovanas Qzinaninaiias, Puerto Rico Rino Club: Ehicyrlrr CTLITM Swim ming: Tn-nnis, THEODORE HALT. BUCK F051 957 Xvimfr Aw. Dre-xol TTiTT, Penn, Footlmu 157 TTU, ,553 THD Co- Cnpig Skiing T58 '59 Capt.: Siucicul. CounCiTg Lafrosseg Haywzxrcl. Cl IARLES E. BURROXNS "Chuck" 534 Pulliam Manor Rd. Pelham lVlanor, N, Y. Trail: ,37, ,38 flll, ,395 Foolliall .38 llllg Xvroslling '39 llllg Pliilomatliean, Vice - Presiclcnlg Forfrstry Cluln, Vice-Presiclcrnl. PAUL BUTTEREIELD Plllll 112 Fremont Sl. Lowc-ll, lxlnss. Tennis, l-loclcvyg lloolluallg Cliess Clulmg Ouling Club. GEORGE Tl IEODORE CANDY Hcupl' Aslitaloula County Unionville, Oliio Basketball '56, '37 Cllj, l38 QHJ: Cross-counlry ,323 ll-ll: Secretary of Pieria: lxfliclcllr- Crossley, rl-mas! urerg Basclaall Y37. LLOYD STANI CARNE "Dull" E. Norllilficlnl, Mass. 'llennisg Comrnulcrs Cluliz. lTRANKl.lN COIT l3U'Ill.liR JR. "B i" ll Emylmorry lnno llarringlon, R. l, Fe-nringp Socfcrg Vllcnnisg Emncl. DAVID NNN CANPE-El.l. HIDIIUCU 162 Pmucon St. llarllorrl, Conn. X 519' .Q srwsr s QiJ9"icsToR Rlliiiorfxs ciixiaims u llarlmi 'n gQgrrnxifXy5', 1:7 c Jn. X l lx xp , 5" X r-' X xxx Hfvirrbicn T20 Easl Ttli Sl. llouston, Texas Cross Counlry V385 Oulrloor 'llracli 138, 1393 Debating Sofic-ly V395 Swimming '3T'g lntcrnaiionnl Clulu l3T. 338, JQHN CARPENTER US0rm1Oi'H 309 Allen Slrvfjt Syracuse. N. Y. Forestry Clulm '38, ,39 President: Outing Clula ,393 Fencing V391 Stamp Club 3 3 -nnis '39 WMC I i 0 CLASS DE ,- 1 9 3 9 CLINTON ROIBEITI' CARl .lSl "Bali" lx'llLll'lI'Oi', ljoollaall ,38 Baslrvlball '39 llaywiirclg Fllracli 139. .lANlEi N.XTl IANIEL CARTER Hlirnu 17 Franrc-sta Ave. XV. Somervillv, Mass. A Capf-lla Clwoirg Tennis: lncloor Traclig Glen Clulw: lvlilraclo. CLASS OF 1 9 3 9 .IUDSON FAIRCI IIID CHAPIN HDoctor String" W 201 Ilamillon Rcl. Riflgewoofl, IN, .l. Playersg Aviation Cflulmz Slciing ,363 Trail '30 LEONARD If. COPIZN Ulllunnn 178 Bay Slate Rrl. Boston, Nlass. lnternational Cluluz Clap Club: Fencing V393 Golf '39. TI IOINIAS XV. CARTER Usailoru 145 Centro Ave. New Roclwllcr, N. Y. Cross Counlry '38 fI'Ilg Choir 45 Glce Clula '38, ,395 Players ,393 Bancl '38, ,391 Dickenson. l3l,,'S3lfl .l. IQI UXVARD CHACE Ulqussn I I30 falling Xyoocl Ave, llclroil, Ixlicali. Hcrriionilm' '31 '38 llfvylg Pieriag Sofirc-r Y3f', '38 llllz Sllllillllillfll' Assoriules '37, '38, V393 Hoclcey '37, '38, '39, ROI5IjR'l' NV. CLARK HB1 If' J Ivlillis, Ixlass. Clioirg Glcve Clulup Players: Foot Imll Manager '3S. CIIARI.li5 VAN NVYLICK COPPUS Hclmrlicn NVall1uselt Rd. Princelon, lxlass. Ricling Clula, Presiclcntg Diclcer- son, Vice-Pres.: Football l36, '37 '38, ,391 Iloclcey '36, '37, '38 '39: Tennis '39. IIAROLD XY. CASE JR. "Cowen Elluowooels, N. II. I Uirglaerson. Pres. 3 Ruslwl Imll lx Ian, ager '38 V391 rl-eniiis V38 XVARREN I IERIIERT CIIAFFIZIL Upicklesn Blain St. Qxlorcl, Ixlass. lluslivtlgall ,39 II I l: :X Gipvlla lflioirg Cleo Club: Plmilmnallu-nil. CI I.VXRI.IiS AI.I5IiR'II COLEMAN HBUJH I Uli Ballard l Drivi- XYVSI l larllorfl, fionn, l loflcvy 3 Slwaulller l'XSQ0I'Iilll'S2 lwmllmall: le-nnisg Drill-ismwii. ,IC JI IN NORMAN FUBISACIT Ucublzieu Dover, Da-Iawurv Travlc '38, Bancl '34, 319. DON JOHNSON CURTIS "Curl" , 1439 Norttrampton St. HoIyoI4c, BLISS. I'IaywarfI: F00tI':aII ,381 Skiing J38, ,391 GOII 138, Tennis JAMES I. DAVIDSON ..Iim,. 56 Nvztrren Suffer Neeriimm, Iviass. Band, Lyceum. LESLIE P. DURGIN JR. Les 706 VXI. I.inc0In Ave. RoyaI Oak, NIic'I1. A Capr:IIa Ctroirg GIQQ CIuIvg Good Govcrnmc-nt. ROBERT Vv'EI.LINGTON ELSNER 3 . 'Arm' 7I2'IVIain Street S. Nveymouttl, Mass. PI1iIorr1atI1ean: C1Iee CIuIJ ,393 Ctmoir ,391 Soccer ,393 Track '39. XVIVI. JOSEPH FERNANDEZ "Bull " Q16 INIagnoIia Ave. IVIt. Vernon, N, Y. BilSL65tIDHII 138 QIIJ, '59 CIIAIZ I'1ootI:aII ,37: BascI9aII 438, '39, CI IARI .ES COOKSON GETINIAN HCILLUYR " 50 Centvr St. fjnctorxia, A Capfflia Ctioir ,3I-I, V303 GIQ-Q CIUIJ I38, 139: Sofcer ,302 Unt- rIoor Track V38 339: BasIwtImz1II 138. RUSSEIJ. PEJXSE DALE HIIorIeuy I' I9 Vfarrc-n Ter. l.LJI'lgIIl'XiIIlJVV. NIIXSS IJasI4c-lImaII ,39 QIIJL Ijicrinz In-n nis. INNDREXV XV, DEIANIIJXN "Put, Put" S AtwoofI New Britain, Conn. Sofrtcwr '34, '36, ,37, '38 139 fl IJ Capt, Clfissif-al Qrrtws- tmp ,3fl, '35, '36, ,3T Prvs.. .381 Ctiurcti CounfiI ,371 Intvrnation- aI CIuIv '36, '36, '31 438: fftroir ,34. ROBERT F. EHINGER "Bob" Kings I'IigI1wi1y Dover, DcIz1wnrs- BasIcetImII '39 CHI: CFOSS COLIN' try: BaseIQaIIg IjI1IIOlYlZltI'lC8I'1. JERRY A. ENIERY "ferry" Groton, Vt. RALPH O. FUERBRINGER Ufvrtlyu 5743 DrexcI Ave. Chicago, III. Cross-Country '38 QIIKJ: Ttw Iltnyvrs 136, Y37. Y38. 439: PI-tw IntvrscI1oIastic Dvtmting Squad CIJFTON IJTXYIS CIISON "Gil" Ccnlvr Sirvvt AsI1I1urnImrn, IXIIISS. IT0otIJaII '38, V391 Swimnringg '38, '39 CIIJ, Lacrosse '38, ,393 PIM'- ors '38, 339: A CapeIIa Ctioir '36, '37, '55, IV IIIiIQIIIfIQ'I' CYIQ.-XNDXGE III MHm'IJi0H 'SI XX,ilI'IIXY6"II IQcI. XXII-fl IIiIrII.orcI Conn, I'fmlIm.iII3 Xnwily 5nn'1iQri PIIIIQ. IIIAIIIIHIIIQ InrI1mr IIIQICI: CJuIcIO0r Imv'Iq. IXNIIQS Cf C'7I2II'4FIN Nfrnzw ff? C2uniI Sl. .'XIIJuny, N. Y. II.1s4-ImII 151 Hwmruiilv 57. '38, 30 Igiifiili-as NIElI1ilQl'TQ I.yf'f'LIIT1 50 Iiwzssiirrxr: fmII-wax' '50 Busi- fIi'5S AIiIIklilL1!'I'I NI'I1illlIIIC'f AXSSO' rmli-Q W JU QIIN' M I-.5 I FII .XR I I'IL'IQ II.XIQCTI2Ii.'XX'IjF IR. HIZUIV' Sl IIIUUII I.ftIil'. Sv. Iklurx Ckuunlry IT? IIII: Skiing 'TW II II: fIuIfIuor iI'rm'L: Hor- ni nil Ib I N I .I I' 'mmI 'i': fum I.aurIv. X z1IvrIir'I0riqIii. IZI DXXIXIQI J I-LXYI' I LXRRISON "lil" 326 INIIII IIIII Ave. IIrirIgvporI. Conn. .I If-I1z1Ii'rsI CIUIJQ Piczriang FOOKIJGII 3r1, ET, 58: Swimrning I39 IXIan- 'xgvrg Ixwrossn 31 I39. IIIfIQIIIiIQ'I' ,X IIXYIBIQOUCK. Ill. 'Allw-If' Ill! fIy'w'Ivy' .Xu-. Grant Nails-n IsIz1ncI, NUI. Iiiniur I.:-ngiiv .353 SOCCM I39g FXYIIIIIHIIIU 50: IIz1sc'ImII 59: In- Ivii1ulmi1uI fIuI1: f,um I.ziucIc, .IOI IN IiI DXXQXIQD I I.'XX'II-1XND R4-II TLT II:1nIoi'cI IJIGCC XVc1sIIIvIcI, II. cm ing 130: GoofI Government "I If-rmon Knights I. ROIEIZRI' INI.XI.'IQICIL GR,-XY UIIUIII' SIIUIIIUII. XIVIIIIIJIII Qlump fiIuIm ISU: .Iunior Imfigllr' ,Il'I1I1I4 3491 I5z1sLziIIqaII 50. XYICNI DIQI I I'I 'INXFI IIXKIICIQ Hxvm.. L73 SIIVI-1 SI. IIic'1'IlIii'IrI, IXIIIXQ. N ,T-, .vim ,Uv I .ii . ,TTT .TH -TU: vii I U CYIIM fII1iI1 J JF H 'X I I pf-II., I Imir J 1 1 I mm in IXI111 ig, I JI 1 an-' f'. f3IfCIIlK2If NIXNN II.XIQIQINCTI'ON flwnziw NIJ XYinrIImin IQII. XX1IIlin.unIie I unix. III'I'III45Il IXIIIQIIIQI IJI4'II1II1'f IlllI'I Il 'X .Ii'inIn-isIiip f miiiiilltw-3 ISIIIHIQ CIHII JH N. ,IOI IN II.XIQ'I' Uxffllffilw 152 ArIiiigIon .Xxwx .In-rsoy f,iIy, .I. Cross KNIIIIIIIFY ,533 Skiing 'TI IIl4Ix 'SIP IIUGO XYXI. II.'XYIf'I' IR. Hfuiwvn ff? NI:irIi'nw .Xu-. XXV-aI I'.i1uIvxx'umI. ,I. CIOQ5 I wilniixz C511 Iivilmp ImfIa. IQOIEI-.IQ I IDIi.XN III'.I4I.IN 'IIII-u1i.I' SiIIiinf1n IIi1ix'1'iiiIy Diinmqiir-lv. IJI1iIipImw IfI.inrIs PIiiIr1g 50:1 vi' II I I 3 SXVIIIIIIIIIII VIAIIICIQ. '34, I LAVVRENCIY GEORGE I IEINRICI I Hlfcirzcw 65 Psroaciviow Tc-rrace 1 IVIf:ricIen, Qonn. Swimming ,3?-Sf 505 I'5ir'yfIo CIuI'J: CI1oirg RiIIc CIuIJg CIC- CIuIJ. al in I' ' - If P . ff I 1 aging lx , , , ' 1 . v - I Lidyrxjgro LAIEWEL1. 5 , 'lhiiiilu Ho1.Vf11'fI" I .-W' lf' QQGEBLPLZ Su " I5 Crm nIa,,N. Y. 'l N, r-' - 3 1 - Swirfllnirqq. 'M 5" I.. ' ,. Q' I, , F4 , 1 I JAMES ANDRENV HILL HI, ,. UTI, YVOocIFieIcI, StratI:ieIcI Rd. Bridgeport, Conn. fy? a I ,I , 'I Y.,-,fx L ,Vx jxnyw 1 FREDEEMIQK QfCAR HQWE, "Freddi'e'i J if if I 3337. 'gIAve.a - Ixqingnl is, Winn.. A ,f CyIk1ssicaI5 OfCIlPSI,T2J-',?B, '59: II"IocIcey 138, ,595 erinisx. Ly- ceumg4Croes'Coun'fvy ,3Q.' . s 5, 'W EDVVARD HERIEST C A S Lilclic 1767 UricIvrr'IiII Avo, New York City Ifzlsr-I1aII: IjoolIJzxII: IIor'Iwy: Sm'- L Q F CCI. I I'-- 'J ' fl ,M-,fir fr , I 4' 'I I ' if 3' , fn 1 I L, f I iyrfv CII:NRl.IfS PUIINEY IIICKS 1 ,,-' 3 9 "QP," I ,N" ,H Q64 Bay Stale IQII. I 1+-' Boston, IX'Iass, I ,K 3 M J Carnvra CIic'Is: Srioncv CILLIU: I 'X ff Swimmingg cjlIIf?l'lbf'l'g Printers. , , A ' l ff 1 I P fi rift' f I, .f"7'if'!11 i I PAUL LL HILL I J. fljvv1bLARD3 mon? N I - 11 .'CfJlICll,' .Q fl J-v ,f 'i 1 'IBU 5045 VXIOICOH I' XX al I kia ig, "yi X Chicago, III. X -Sjjiqghxrmt n, Y. 'V N BasI4itIfaII '58 fI'Ig,H,59 IL!!! IootIJaII: asIcetIwl2aII!3kSIciingg n' F t I I '39: Pars f '58, ,391 niss THC . OO 'E3Iee CIuIvT lI.5?ceum. xxx J , x 1 I fl!! ,XXL S. DVVIGIIT IIOXYARD XVARREN HONVE HDULQH Roxbury, Vermont IO5 CI1UfCIl SI. Jr. League: II5nseIuaII ,573 I'IocIcey Xvare, IVIass. I58, I59. PIayQrs ,593 Tennis l59. J" M' 3 CLASS OF 1 9 3 9 XL ji Ra i ff v , ,f V I' ' V ' x -, ' IEEE ' x F' ERNVIN fifibifljyfyw ' ' gg' x , f' 1, 'nf HI- H 'ln J ,f -5 j ' Now'A't'laven,''l ' XR.-mmg,'xsv, '38,.fl'lj, '3cVfiiy Captain Tennis '36, '37, '38, '30gj'7X Capella Clioir '38, '30: CIOC Club '56, '37, '58, '39, XVILLIAM PRESTON MACCONNELL ltfac 14 Grove St. Vtfcstlooro. lvlass. ROBERT XV. KELLOGG, JR. "Bob" 50 liclgewoopl .Xwx Longmeaclow, Flaws. Tennis '39: lntcrnational lflulw '38, '39: Baslcctlvall '3S: Naviga- tion Clul: ,393 Scliaulllcr Asso- ciates '39, RICI IARD J. KOONS "Dick" Q68 lxflorrison Avo. Staten lslancl, N.Y. Larrossc '38, '39 ll'lJg Footlmzrll '3S: A Capella: Lyceumg "Fli- lzaclon. EUGENE MURRAY LOCKETT "Gene" 107 lvlonroe St. New Britain, Conn, xwsiiing '58 im, '39 fm, Rifle Clulv '38, '39: Quting Clula '3B: Slqiingp Golf, FR.-XNCIS RICHINIOND NCGREGOR "Bloc" 19 Youngs Aviv. Nvcst Vxfarxvicli, R, l, liootlnall '35, '36 fl'lJ, '37 fllJ. '38 ll'lJ 5 Xvrestling '36, '37 tl'lJ, '38 tlll Captain: llaywarcl '39 President: Players '38, '39: Cap! tains Club '38, PAUL BREVVSTER KNJXPP "Btlll'Jl" 316 gxracluiny St. Fulton, N. Y. Glee Clul: '39: A Capt-lla '39, Swimming '39: Coll' '39, JOHN H. LETZ "IoJm1iiv" 192 Coflzir Avo. tlfickf-mack, NJ. Pieria: Gateway Boarrli Gif-Q Clula '38, '39g Srlizuilllvr Asso- ciates '37, '38, '39 llrvs.: A Cir pella Clioir '38, '39, ENERSON F, LONG "lluvy" 4831 iiyinn ikiwi, Staten lslaiiicl, N.Y, l,yrt0urn: Gateway llmonrcl, lfclilnr- in-Clwiotg A Capella Clioir '38, '39g Glee Clulw '38, '3fJg llvrinon- ite Boarrl '38, '39, flfoyl. JOHN I.. "Alon" 37 XX 'Ne-wton SHELTON Mnrl .EOD flluc Haflrlam, Conn. Jr. Leagucg Footlnall .385 Srivnrtc Clulx 158: lsorvstry ljlulm ,582 Cum lnurlu. IIONVARD T, MESSER ,.I-Iowmd., Union, lvlaine Trnnkg Cnm lx ,nlf In. JOHN I IENRY JN IETCAI .FE 66 Barnett St. NCNV llilVCfl, QJTOIJII. Haywarcl. Uvrnmnile '38, '50 flfcyl Ass. lirlitor, tfclitor-in- Cllielig Gateway: Dvldatingz Trn- nii '58 'Su JOHN XX'rXl-t..'XCE MURRAY Ulollrzrzyu 2583 Ttlx Ave. New Yorlc City Lyceum, Basketball '38, ,595 Traclc V373 Tennis l35. l-EXX'IS F. NELSON ULeu'ic H 142 llollanrl St. Somrfrwillrf, lxlass. Cvoofl Covwrlnwc-11tg Hcrrnmtiio Boarcl .317 lriclitorfixx-Cllivl lP1'0 lvml lKf'y'l: fx Capella fflxoir JST, '39 '30 Pres.: Class of V39 Song lmarlc-r: Footlmall 37. 33. CI L-NRI JS .'XLPmER'l' P.-XJ .IOCLX JR, HPnHyH 3.2 Elm St. lxlarllmro. News. A Cape-lla '39 Rirlingg lxlulu 'HOL ylilcarlo 503 Ulf-t' filulu V503 Nav- igation Club '30, lIIjRI5liR'I' lN't,"XYliRS Hlnwryr S3371-1 math Sl, Nvxv Yorlc filly iam-r fl IJ '11 '30, '17, ia, '30, Vvyrcstlinpf fl lb V303 lJt'IH'lIlLf lvlanagvr EBT. WH. lluvlwy WSU: Qjulxloor lravlg 39. IICJVWXIQID fYll'lRlQlI.I. 15019 109 lxlzun St. Gfjfllfllll, l Fc-mtirlg '39 ti, lil.lO'l' NILIJQR "Balt" lfast XXYllllSl0Il l.UIlg.1 l5lilI11l, NJ. Xvl1T"l,I'K'SlIll'lll. ol tlw ixtlllvtic Xbs.: bluclvnl c,0LlIl4'll1 bovvvr 35. 511: XX. rs-alling 38. 39 lllli Tract '58, -393 Difglacrson. TSRUCIL I I. MYERS "limit" 13 Nvaslxington Rel. l'arlin, N, J. STANLEY UNI JIQRXYOOIJ NC DRTII JR. HSIHILH rlxllt' Bl1lIlSL' llriarfflrllu fxlnmn. N. Y. Soccvr V383 Ulm- Ctlulm "Sf 1311: X Capclla'38.'13'Jg lxliliaclug Kills Klub 'W '3- , w,.,. ROl5liR'I' Ii. lUX'I'lQlCli 'April H lrui Roaml qi?l1Ji'cw0llElQl', Flainc: SWJIIIIIUHLI '36, llorlu-y ABU, Play V349 lwr l Or lin f lula Ti 3 ara: 1, Q Ir. XVII.I.IfXM ID. PENXVJXRDEN Hpurzl' 51 Parlq Drivcf Boston, Mass. l7!ilSE'lJilll '37, 130: I"4rJollJalI VST. ASH: I.ym'vum: Vllm Ijlayffrsz lids- Ln-Ilmll 37. TNI. C'fI,7'I"I'IiR PERRY HCYILIIH -10 Ihlrkwr Sl. lfcwiw, IYII. llfiywnrcli Coll 458, V501 glaiing '39 Full Fl-vnnis ,553 Ciuling fluli ,ZS LfII:XRI.FF VVFITKS PIIYIQCIY HSlIOI'IyH 100 gn. Ivlnin SI. ixliclcllcilmury, XII. l.y1'0urn: lloflwy V59 XYINII IROI' XViXI,TER PIPER Xl' inn 26 Ilnrlurr Sl. Ke-emu, N. I I. Trncliz Vvlwsllingz Tennis ILXROID CZ,fXRl.AND PURINTON HI3HI'I'H XX 'PSI ll0NVflOII1. lxglilillff lx ciilflPllilxcjlIOIliQ4 lIOf'lif?y1 Clif?- ' cfllllil l CI'lI'IIS. , ,u I -P .715 :V 1 1.165161 ,5dRiiiQNiE, l A binfinlillrzicv I I il Sluiurjllvilsif Ni fl! lllartlxslono, Ixlzxss. fsrnss Country 137. 3383 Incloor lmrilq V535 Good Covernmeni. iecmriiw ROY P5120 'APM' OI Ixleflron' ,Xvcn I.ynlvrool:, I.. l., Nvw Ymlc Rille fjlul: '59, V503 I?c'nm-ing V383 Carncra Climl: :X Capella '38 '30, I3ON.'XI.I"7 II, IIIIIQIPS Hllrnfiw 50 Su. Cvnlvr .Xvcx lQm'l4x'ill0 C cfnlvr. lYjifilil'IiUll - Clmpluinz gliiingj -1 lylainixgziig ll0I'II'II7I1l,l'lJ3UilI'Ll1 CLIF: l rinnis. IQICI IXRI 3- C PIERCE HIJIVLH linlivlll. Sizunp filulxz l.m'mssc-1 Ilmuclmin- lun: N1 i. CI IQXIQIITS XX'.'XI.TER POXVILRS I I Igllfi V I 262 Xvilson :Xu-, lQIIl'Ill.Ul'fl. Swiminingjt l'4cJrc'sIry Clulwg GOOCI Governrncnt. ADJXINI GEORGE QUANDT .I R. INIIUIIH I6 Ixlorriion XVL-llivrsnvlrl, Conn. Slxiing '33 ,503 Fl-Onnis T391 Ixlnn- ngvr Iiasvlmll ,301 Ijuivyflc- Clulm '57 159 '50 Prnsiclrntz OLItIDQ Club 317. '38, I39. R.'XI.PI'I IQITNZEIAII-NN HPr'v1'LyH Alsleacl Cvnlor, N. I'I. lizxsvlmllg Sowvrg SI4iinQi Vvlrcs- iling Illl, Ixlanugcr. J U ART! i1.'a'?gi'Ihf3g JE ,I Xxx 2' , I ' A JA , f .wir L . : 39. If 11 So cum? J Q ' II' uiygyiing S832 vyqs' Y Nl 3 .LXCK 'lf ROGERS Milam" 'HM Ixiiiplf- Road Iniiglriivurlmv. Ixlass. Foollmll VST: Swimming '571 Ski! ing. C'IIARI.I-QS XX'II.I.I.'X5I RQSE Uf,'lHIl'llt' H 356 Ixlziillzxncl .xvct VW-sl Ifriglc-xvoocL N. ,L Junior Lx-11511101 Rini" Club 56. 'S' 54 '30 I fi K' ,I I. iyroreu H pry! ,,,, I' f lf 7 X ', , iff 1 I Hhilir I" i I I. Y. Class 'yi-iiiiis .393 rl-vnnis '38 3595 Slkimg Ss. 4591 SLI CII-In. 1. NVARREN EDXVARD RIXON Ushwicfz H Ixiolmont 1XpIs. XVITIIQ Plains, N.Y. Frm vr "il '56, '57, '53 IXIIIIHIQPTI IAUIIVIIIQ JO, J. IIIIQ Lacrofw '31 '58, ,301 Clos- CIUIT '55 '59: Cflwir Y30. PIIILIP IIANSON ROGERS. JR. Phil 125 Lurv Street Imvf-II, Mass. PI:-riag T1-unisg Norkey. FRANCIS R. RUSSELL Hflfiiiu Rllisr-Ilx'iIlv Road SLIINll'l'l0I'lfl, IVIQSS. A Cap:-Ha '58, '59 Yice-Pros. Ulm- fluiu 158, 759: Form-r '55 Y-v 7 v Y' , .JW II: XXI'l'SIlll"IQ 39 II: In lf-rnzilionnl Klub 30, X ifv-Prev Ry YFI ND EDCLXI2 . f"I'IIPIiIT . f Ti of KI Ny ipu 3K Qum-n Strevi I I :X vric vn, Conn. Srioiiro lflui: ,395 Fencing '38, UU V591 Focmiffr KS. V391 If-nnis 35. CLASS OF 1 9 5 9 QIIARLES CUTTER RYDER IR. Hcfmrlien 34 Annan St. Dorchester, Mass. Junior League: Som:-r '57: Ten- nis 57. RICI LNRIU FRNNCIYS FCI INILI .LHR Hinlfku Blain 51. Qvnterbrooli. f, onn, Sorter '38, V591 H0L'I4e'y '3fJIxlIii1- agerg Vlennis '58, 30: Players ,392 Haywarrl. TI IEODORE FRANK SCHXVANDA ..TGd,. Stafford Springs, Conn. Riiilomalixeang Golf ,158 ,593 Hovkey '55, ,393 SOFCS-r '38, 1593 Cum Laude. XN'iLBERT F. SHAIIBAZ UVWII " 30 Kirkland RJ. South Xveymouth, Nlass. li'll0T1'HlfiOl"lEAI Club y57, ,158 MU R RAY KENDRICK SMITH HF1IlSk H 194 Migiiwooci Ave. Leonio, N. J. SIWOXII-HK'Fi6SSOCi?1tSS2 Fan Tennis: Inrioor 'I raclcg Spring Tennis. RAYMOND SNELL JR. ..Ray,, 60 Van Ness Ave. Greenwich, N. Y. XXX-XLTER B. SPENCER "XVaIt " I TT TXlarvr'T N4-xv IIilYC'l'1, Conn. Calf-waxy Tloarclg Student Church Comm-il '28, '39: Executive Com- millw of the Church ,58, ,591 A KTZIIHUHII Choir '58, ,592 GTCC fflulm '58, ,593 Cum Laude. DXYICI IT CTODDARD SIUXUFFER "Im+zgl1r" 102 f our-gc gxve. NKWN' llPI'llHSXYilSk, J. Forvslry CTTUI1: Tennis 2717, !38, ,391 NEIL- Club: Soccer '57, JOHN STONE fuck 25 Addison St. Hartford, Conn. Sovrvr: Hockey, Txlanagerg Han- Llirrnflfxllxlag Dickersong Lacrosse, ROBERT KENT STU! ILMANN "Bump" QT! gouih Jamaica Plain, Blass. PM-ring Tlnmrlgcj' 39 UTM .Tunior League. PJXUI. SUNDHERG JR. llpflllli, 19 Pint' gl. Xxvinrfsor, YL Diclcvrsonz Sxvimmingg Golf: Baclmirxton, DAVID H.'NIl. STAUFEER IUKIVK' H72 four-gc AVO. Nvw Tymlllrlswivli, T:-:mis TXT. TN. ,301 Skiing ,381 flu-ss filulm ST, ,351 Soccer '51 HARRY R. STENGLE. HKTIISOVU Pc-rrysvillc-, Pa. Lyceum: Orvlu-sirn: Tnfros 1 Fonilmuz T1-nnii. GEORGE STORY Inch IT T.0Tmnon St, XX'inr'T1f-slvr, Floss. Vivo-Prvs. of Pivria '39: Secre- tary of Class of ,592 Horlccy '38, '59g Tzvilsrxbnll '58, '59, ROBERT G, SUGDEN JR. Hsuggivu 46 FTnrr0w Hampton, Ya, Cross ffourxlry '3T: Skiing ,JS Lnrroisv V393 f.T10ir 303 Navign lion C Tulw 59. ART! IUR TJXYLOR "rx,-r' ,HY "', .. GTS Cf-nlral AVO. Txlurlrl Coofl Cove-rnrnvnt 1 Churfh donnc'iT 58: Tjoolluaxll 130: Base- Tmu TSS. V301 gluclcnl Dcafoni Uuloxvay Tlourrl. XVII.I-IAIN'I E. TJXYLOR 35 ConIPy BIoomIIoIfI, N. ,I. Picrin '39 Prrisicivntg Vlqvnnis '37, ,381 Golf V323 Vine-Pre-S. South Crossley. DONAI D STUART ULIN firm 166 I'IzIrvarcI gt. Boston, NInss. Swimming 139 CHI: SOFCCI '391 II'ltPI'l'I?ltIOI1IlI CIUII. XVARRITN VAIIZ VAN IUYK "Van" 313 N.TlI1 Fi. Prospmsl IJMIQ. IJIIIIO: I'I00tIJf1II: ISnsc'ImII: For' vslrv CIUIQ. IOUI9 'If XKXN YOORI IITIT9, JR. ,JIU 46 I:aIr0n0r St. North TI0l1ElXVGl'lLIiI. N. Y. Tennis: Camnrn CIuIu: Printing CIuIu: I3arIrnint0n. IIOXVJXRIU CIARKSON XVI IITCONIIIE IR. "VVlirz" 34 KIIIFIUKIIPI' St. SOInvrviIIv. IYIQISQ. CIIOIFI GIF? KEIIIIY PNISCIHFAIII IIPI3 rnon Knights: Orvtwstm. ,ININIF9 NPI SON XX'II.I.IiXfN'IS IR. Hfilnn I0 I3irc-I1I1rooIc RJ. Ijr0nxviIIe, N. Y. I5asIcetIwaII ,37 Capt., ,333 KIIJ '39 KIII Capt.: I5asaIuaII .38 fHI, y3Q fHI Capt.: Sofcor '39 QHI: Student CounCiI ,323 '39 PI'CS.2 I.yCcum, ,IOI IN ROLAND TRUELSEN, JR. Hfonriion 91 Tower Struct Vfoinzester, Mass. Stucient Counr'iI ,39, Srfcrctaryg CIassicaI Orrnestra '38 Concert Iviastvr, ,39 PrrsicIc-nt: CI1eniIIe ,393 Prvsident of North CrossIvy ,391 I.yC9l1IH Society. NNf'II.I.Ii'XIN'I C. VAII. 'iI?fII" 209 IXIorIimQr AVP. Riiltitlitorci, Igaclminton, JOHN ROFIEYN VAN OST Ufflclen 370 Prospect Ave. I IIaic1IQPnsa1r'I4, J. St'Imx1IIIvr zxssociatc-sz Riding Club CIN CIUI1 IYIORTIYIIYR II. XVITLLS, JR. "Kimi" -4 Iimntwooci RfI. Arlington, IVIEISS. t'IocIcey ,353 CIIJ, '39 ftII: Tefl- nis ,383 Good Govomment. HENRY EIJXVIN VVILCOX "XViIIm" REID. NO. 1 IX'IicIcIIotown, Conn. .X CJOPPIIEI ,305 I.yCeum ,591 Soc- C.-, '39, Tmms '58, '59: IX'IiIcacIo. J. RODNIAN XVIISON "Rod" 03 fIoIumIJia gi. Ili xtisnw fIiIitn 'ISE ' L, ,E . BJISOIJIIIII PIlIIOTIiilIIIf'ilI'lI B0SkCt4 ImII, Forvstry CIHIJ. WILLIAM HALL BUKER "Bill " 9 Grove St. SI1cIInurne FaIIs, Mass. PI1iIomalIu-ang BasJietI5aII '59g Hermon Knights: Tennis ,595 Band. ALTON FREDERIC DOWNER HTonic" 8 Nvarrcn St. SI1oIJmurnc I7aIIs, Mass. Orchestra. ROBERT LEMPERELIR INICRIURTRIE UNIUCH IISOIIPYLIC Place Gorham, N. II. ROBERT XV. PELL 'AB If' O 685 South Center St. Orange, N. J, Riding CIuImg Swimming. JAMES EDWIN SPAULDING "Jimmie N NortI1lIeIcI, IxIass. Commuters CIuIv '56, '57, '58, ,595 Base-IuaII ,581 Incloor Track '59g Outdoor Track '59. CLASS OF 1 9 5 9 NOT PICTURED NEIL E. TURNER Hswedeu 7 Twinetiurst PIace SoulI1IJricIge, Mass. A CapeIIag Indoor Track: GIee CIuIo: Skiing. RICHARD H. CAUM "Colm" Sunnv IVIcarIow Farms AIlo0na. Penn. RICI IARD PETTENGILL GOSSELIN 51 BIaJ4e St. SpringTieIcI, INIass. Choir: GIee CIuIag Badmintonz Spring Tennis. PAUL ERNEST IYIEIER IJPZIUIYI Q9 Xvashington Ave. Arlington. N. J. WARREN E. REDD Hxvarrenu 1446 Union St. Brooklyn, NY. FootIJaII '59 QHJ. MARSHALL FREDERICK STOCKWELL 'iltlibe " 88 Suiiolk St. SprinIIeIrJ, Mass. 0 Q Q CLIFFORD WM. WOOD "Cliff" 97 Chestnut Sr. FIorence, IVIass. Navigation CIuI9g Aviation CIuIy. JOHN XVESIASY XVRIGHT J . Hlolmnien IVIerrimacIc, N. H. Hockey '58, '59: Outing CIuIa '57, ,585 Dickerson, Secretary' Track J58. JACK K. DABAGIAN HDOITTQH I9 XViIIiam St. Summit, N. J. Di-Iaalingg PIayc-rs: PJasJcetIJaII: GOIIT. DOUGLAS KIIJP HDOUQ., CI1arIcmont, IVIass. MALCOLM CURTIS PECKHAN IAPQCR H 190 S. Xwiker Sr. Taunton, IX'Iass. I7aII Tennis, Hockey fI'IJ: Spring Tennis. IIUGH L. SMITH HSmiIty" 57 Greenway St. Hamdcn, Conn. lf, XVALTER G. SUTTON ..WGlt .. 4722 I'IomeIarcI BIVCI. Eric, Penn. Skiing: Sctiauizger Associates: Golf. JOHN G. XVRIGHT 'ilackn Gt. Barrington, Mass. Junior League, Skiing J58. RICHARD L. YAKE "Dick" 59 EIston RCI. Upper IVIontcIair, N. J. Swimming '59, Tennis '59. MICHAEL ZALUZNY "Mike " South Vernon, Vt. commuters CIUID ,56, '57, '58 Soccer: BaseIJaIIg Hockey, TracIc OF Class Officers: Joseph NV. Sch Wanda, President: C. Gunn Vice-Presicle nt: VV. Hamilton Members of the Junior Class inolude the following: D. E. Alter, Alven, A. P. Arnold, A. S. Arnold, R. B. Barrows, W. P. Bartlett, Bauer, Benediot, Bentley, R. D. Birdsall, R. F. Birdsall, Bisig, Blalceslee, A. H. Bolton, Bosworth, Bowman, Bunten, Burdge, T. V. Burlce, J. P. Burrows, Burtt, Callrins, Carmean, G. Carr, Chandler, J. F. Chapin, Cole, S. V. Colegrove, Conde, Cunningham, Curtis, Cowan, Dalton, Davis, DeMore, Dietz, Duggan, Elmquist, Fielden, Finefroolr, Ford, Forsaith, Fox, Freeman, Fritts, Gale, Gallup, G. Garrison, J. D. Garrison, Gerry, Gilloert, Goheen, Gooden, Gordon, Graham, Griswold, Gunn, C. F. Hall, W. B. Hall, Hamilton, Harrington, T. G. Hart, Harwood, Hayes, Helrlring, Hettinger, W. A. Hoffman, H. R. Hofmann, W. A. Howe, Howland, Hull, Hungerford, Jaoohs, Jameson, M. W. Johnson, W. A. Jones, Jordan, Katz, Kidder, Knowlton, Kuhner, Kunz, Kurtz, Larsen, Law, LeVee, Lewis, Lihhy, Littwin, Malool, Marrow, Marvin, E. W. Miller, R. C. Miller, J. Milton, N. Milton, Moore, Moreton, Munger, C. K. Murray, J. W. Murray, Mylohreest, Nims, Nordine, 0,Neil, R. B. Paddoolr, Parker, Paulison, Pelser, Peterson, Phipps, C. W. Pierce, Polhemus, Provoost, Pruyn, Randall, A. A. Ratlubun, S. N. Rathloun, Reynolds, Rioe, Riohards, Romary, Rosario, S. W. Ryder, J. NV. Sehwanda, Shelton, Shields, Shirley, Sirman, G. P. Smith, W. E. Smith, Spear, Spohn, Stearns, Suoltling, Sutherland, Tanner, J. F. Temple, Terry, W. H. Thompson, Tihhetts, T ie, Tryon, Tyler, Vanlngen, D. H. VanVoorhees, Waldau, D. E. Vtfehster, Whatmore, Wheeldon, J. H. Wheeler, Whiffen, A. D. Whitehead, R. A. Whitehead, Wight, Wiliman, Williamson, Winne, Witzel, and C. W. Wood. CLASS 1 9 4 0 Secretary: S. Ratllliun, Treasurer. X 5. 1 V CLASS Class Officers: Cliarles S. Hall, President: T. F. Kellogg, Vice- Among those included in the roster of the Sophomore Class are the following: Aird J. D. Alter, Anderson, D. T. Baker, S. Bartlett, Beattie, R. O. Bolton, Bottum, Brigham Bryson, W. P. Burrows, M. M. Butler, Chamherlain, C. E. Chapin, Chase, R. A. Clark Clayton, Clifford, Condit, Cutler, Darrone, Deyenney, DiFaaio, Dirlcs, Doolittle Douglass, Duerlc, Dunlclee, Easton, Ellis, Finoh, Fisher, Forrest, Franz, Frinlc, Galt Georgens, Gihloons, Gilford, Gilman, Gilmour, Goehel, Grant, R. T. Gregg, W. K Gregg, C. S. Hall, R. S. Hall, B. D. Harris, R. C. Haslurouclc, G. M. Heathoote, Hewitt Hayworth, C. P, Hill, J. R, Hollmann, Hopkins, Hara, Howard, Haar, Keller, T. F Kellogg, Kempf, King, Kirk, Kuhn, LeRoy, Lostritto, MaoDermut, lvlaclc, Magoon, Mattern Meigs, Moyle, R. W. Nash, J. D. G'Brien, W. F. O'Brien, E. C. Paddook, Parlts Perkins, Pierre, Potter, R. S. Quandt, Redd, Rohertson, C. M, Rogers, Rowe, Ruclcman J. F. Ryder, Samuel, Sargent, Sohaefer, Sehumann, Sehwadron, Scovil, Searle, Slieclclen Shuttleworth, l. D. Smith, J, M. Smith, Stanley, Starr, R, T. Stevens, R. W. Stevens N. E. Stone, Stull, T. R. Temple, C. D. Thompson, S. L. VanOst, Walpole, R. S, Warrl R. C. Vvlatson, W. W. Watson, Waymouth, K. O. White, l. C, Whittemore, R. A Williams, and Wisner. CLASS The Freshman Class Group ol the school is Composed ol: Alulaott, D. E. Aclams P. M. Adams, P. M. Allen, Ball. R. NV. Barrows. J. L. Burlce, B. D. Carr, L. E. Clarlc, Crntty, De-Normanclie, Dixon. Dndley, R. F. Durgiu. Field, Grady, Griffiths, Grode Harlow, Harmon, H azen , Huclsins, B. A. Johnson. R. M. Johnson, Kalland, Lehrolte LeMoine, M. T. Lewis, lYlcl.oan. lvleekintosh, Mntis iiii, C. K. lvlillcr, R. L. Miller, H. J Mitehell, H. H. lvlitchell, lvlorris. lxloscoe, Oliert, Ognri. Pennimnn, R. M. Penwarcleri L. A. Piper, Plurnrner, Powell. Prindle. Pypor, Restin, Rice. Rnhl, Salisloury, Sarvis Sehoedler, A. B. Sehwande, Sharp. Simpson, D. S. Smith, E. M. Smith, H. O. Smith H. O. Spaulding, C. M. Story, J. E. Thompson, Tilden. Tuttle, C-. B. Watson, Wehh D. Webster, Whiteomh, Whitehelrl. XV. J. Vxfilliams. and W. F. Wood. i A 35 f?cf QX ff-f M gif f N -Mu' 14' ,-, X 3 J a s J, Q N S i,i, f p GQ 0 , L- Q13- .f f 4gi?? THLET QS x 1 FQQTBALL RESULTS 7 1V1ass. State Frostr 19 15 Vermont Academy 20 7 Williston 6 Firsi row: Pau1ison, Hoffmann, Vanctewater, Buda, Cartiste, J. Garrison. Socoml YAOIUI Clolqeffrl, R.Qdd, Spcar, Befljrick, Fox, C. F. Burrows, 1V1cGregor. Third row: 1X'1a1oo1, L. R. VX7i1son, Burnham, Manager R. W. Ctartf. SQCCER RESULTS 1 VXfi11ura11am 1 O Deertietrl 2 5 Wittiston 1 First Voir: T. Kettogg, S. N. Rattitnun, Ditanjian, XV. A. Jones, Truetsen. Svcoml row: Russett, J. SCI1XV8I'1f1Fl, Ctiace, P. F. Smith, G. VV, Smith, Nlaycrs. Tfzirfl row: Griswotct, Hayes, Nlanager Rixon, Heltin, Granclagc. CRQSS-COUNTRY RESULTS QQ Wittiams Frosh 55 25 Cushing 50 15 Amherst Frostr 40 First row: Fun-rtgringer, Tilwtvctls, Moore, Candy, XV1rvo1vr. Svcoml row: Bowman. Hargreaves, Becker. Nlanager Pollock. IGH-LING under the ahte teadership of Coaches Henriksen, Cutter, Baxter, and Huston, a crew of raw material was very ettectivety moulded into a win- ning comhination. Although this team tost two ot its three games, the true vatue is when one studies its Fighting spirit, and its victory. After tasting defeat at the hands of a much heavier Mass. State Freshman LTHOUGH only one letter-man answered the . rott catt, Hermon coaches, Forstund and Bisson, attempted again the tastq of turning out an invincihte team. They did not exactty succeed, hut they put on the hetd a team that had what att coaches pray forH tight. The varsity, huitt around Captain Detanjian, HE Hermon running department added another stripe to its atready-tong tist this last fatt, when her harriers once again emerged undefeated from a tough schedule. With onty one tetter-man in the ranks, Her- monites, not witting that the Hermon record of no defeats should fait, turned out and were moulded hy HIS age-otd sport again shared the winter-sport spotlight, as toyat Hermonites fottowed the hastcet hurters through victory and defeat. Captained hy Dutch Vandewater, the Hermon quintet-a team ot Fighters'-finished its season at Wittiston and evened the count of wins and tosses hy defeating the Blue and Gotd. Atso in its Hrst contest with Withraham, Her- BASKETBALL RESULTS Q4 Withraham Q5 29 Deemeld 57 25 V erm ont 58 Q5 Vxfittiston 22 First row: Brooks, P. M, Hitt, Pycrhrictc, Vande- watcr, ,L N. Vvfittiams, Chattce, Fernandez. Second row: Atcxandcr, Candy, Date, Burdge. Cartistc, Ehingcr, hftanager Case, team, and again at the hands of a Vermont team which left no chances unused, Hermon toot: the Field determined not to teave it undefeated, and, hehind the Fighting leadership of coecaptains Buck and Van- dewater, it teft with a victory over its tong-time rivat Williston. Miich praise is due this team and its very ahte coaches. turned in a 5-1 victory over Williston, lost Q-O to Deertietd, and tied Withraham,Fa record which is a very good one for a rootcie team which had practicatty everything hut experience. However, tive of these never-say-die hooters are returning to give their att for Hermon next tau. , Coaches Baytey and McVeigh into a smoothty running tiretess aggregation. The victims of this welt-hatanced team were Cushing and the Frosh teams of Amherst and Wittiams. There was no man who regutarty ran in the No. 1 positiong accordingly our hats are ott to every man in this group. mon was victorious. Although it left the Deerfield game with the short end of a ctose score and dropped the third encounter, a hard game, to Vermont, the tinat game, atready referred to, saw Hermon hang up the victory over her otd rivat Wittiston. We att praise Mr. Mirtz, who took over and carried on the wortc of Mr. Huston. OACH Cutter, altliouglm tianclicappecl try ttme loss of most of last year,s varsity, turned out anotlaer winning team ttiis year. This team consisterl mostly of average-type swimmersg lout, when tlae crucial moments came, tlie luoys went Way atpove average to return wittr LD-lVlAN Wiiiter lmrougtit luaclv to tlae campus again one ol tier most popular sports-lwocltey. Coocl material was clearly revealecl in intramural com' petition, ancl from tlsiese games Coaches lforslunrl, Baxter. ancl Horton proclucerl a last, ancl aggressive team ol lxlaroon pucltsters. Captain Boeing, center ol HAT slaiing grows more popular eacli year is inrlie caterl lay tlwe increasing group ol? slciing entlulsiasts. Vxfitli two varsity men returning, ancl with tlae invalu- alqle lwelp ot Coaclaes Burnett ancl Bisson, tlais yearys varsity clisplayerl its talents at liotli ol its meets ancl ITH luut one letter man reporting, Coacli Benny, a new memluer of ttie Hermon stalnt, moulclecl a powerful group of grapplers out of the newcomers to ttiis f0lIQl1'ill'lfl-lllINlJlC sport. Altlaougti ttie memlyers of ttie varsity clicl not luring laome ttie bacon in every contest, tlwey never lost tlwe faitli ol anyone, luecause tliey never stoppecl Iigliting. Left lmy a win. The First meet was with tlwe Mass. State Froslq, wlaicli turnecl out to lie a pleasing victory for the lvlaroon. The otlier sctiools competecl against were Springlielct, Deertielrl, and Gardner. tlie only returning varsity line, ltept tus men on their toes lay tus cleceptive playing. Four games were on ttiis year's sclaecluleg luut luecausc of prevailing ice concli- tions, only tlwree coulcl lye playecl. The games were against Deerlielfl, Vxfilliston, anfl Vermont Aeaclemy. cluring lTUIllIflGI',S Day events. Captain Buclc, main- stay ot tlae varsity, provecl tus worttm in every contest. Coacla Bisson luelpepl out wlaen ttiere was no snow on tlwe Hill lay talting several ot tlae group to territories wliere snow coulcl lne touncl. Captain Ctiuclv Burrows. anct strengtlienerl luy Herln lxlayers, Gene l-ocl4ett, ancl Vyfynn Pyper, our grunt- ancl-groan artists split even in a tour-game sclaeclule. It is with extreme pricle tlaat we point to tlwis scrappy team, especially lyecause two montlus ago tliey lqnew nottiing of tlde intricate tactics of tlie wrestling art. WRESTLI G RESULTS Amherst Frosli 8 16 V2 Loomis 15 V2 15 Sullielrl 16 First row: Ruclaman, Russell, C. F. Burrow lvlaclc, Loclcett. Second row: N. Milton, E. E. Miller, Manager Howlandli Hoffmann, Mayers. SWIMMING RESULTS 56 Suffield I0 39 Mass. Slate I:rosI1 Q7 First row: Yan Ingvn. PQII, Gilsfm 5I'1cI0cIcI. LIIII1, XXVHYIIIUIIIII, I.iItwin. Sccoml mfr: IXImmgor Harrison, Robertson, KaIIamI. C. FI. Row-rs, ,'XIvvn, 5I1cIIon, HOCKEY RIQSULTS I WiIIisIm111 Q I Vormonl 3 I IDQcrIIeIcI Q Filet l'UIl'I Cc-rry. C. XV, Ijil-rw, IJm'I4I1a1n. Vlqrum-Ise-n, Sc'c'omIr'n1:': INIanugc-r Slum-, SILlIlIl'l'1ZlI'll'1,XXvQII5, Fox, Bovirmg. .I. Uurrisrm, I5Iz1I:c-sIee, FIanagCr bc'Im0IIr'r. SKIING RESULTS 400 XViII1sIon QTQ 576.8 Putney 395.8 R. D, I7nircIsaII, TyIvr, IInrgrn-avvs, R. IT. BircIsnII II. IT. SmiII'1, PJUCIQ, Perry, PM-attic, Bbkncy, Camxuan, Manager I:'I1eIps. FENCING RESULTS 5 Loomis 12 1 1 Yate Frostl 14 15 Wittyrahalil O Klteetillg: Srttliptie, Butter. Slumfing: Liefetrt, Kiftrter, Ctmnftter, Manager Hager, Satistuury. Pruyn, BADMINTON First row: Sunfttworg, Grit:FiLt1S, Jameson, Ketter, Second row: Provoost, XV. A, Jones, txftr. Ptatt. Suctcting. TI1fl'f1l'K'IlUI Xyilit, Culuptbvtt, Arctlitbatct, Gossetin. R. C. Pierce. BASEBALL RESULTS 5 Mass. State Frostq 7 1 1, Vkfittiston 4 0 Vermont Aractemy 8 O Deerljietct Academy 9 First row: C. C. Davis, txtatnie, Vvttwitcomtoe, SL-ituert, JotmSl,on, Harvie, Gtazivr. Sonoma' row: J. N. Vxfittiams, Stewart, Bevan, txtannger Price, Atwooft. Vamtewatvr, T. Bultce. N its second year of major-sport competition, this fast-growing favorite afforded vaiuabie experience for many. With only one veteran returning, the men of the sabre, foil, and epee completed a very praise- worthy season, winning two and iosing two of its matches. Coach Mangano, a very able mentor, de- ADMINTON in only its second year in existence has already captured the interests of many Her- mon men. Membership is open to both faculty and students, and many matches were held that reveaied the speed and talent required to participate in this game, one of the worlds fastest indoor sports. This HE basebaii squad, representing one of Hermon's oldest sports, gave a very favorable showing in its varsity-game competition. A strong fielding and hitting team was developed by the abie coaching staff of coaches Henriksen and Prior. Briiiiant examples of ITH the heip of coaches Forsiund, Bayiey, McVeigh, Nibiocic, and Baxter, the tracic team this year witnessed a fairly successfui season. Captain Rouse kept his men tuned up and in front ati season. Bin Thomson led Hermon to victory over Deerfield Academy in the eariy part of the season. Defeat by OUTDOGR TRACK RESULTS 74 Deerfieid 45 46 Mass. State Frosh 71 Hermon interschoiastics 7th Place Massachusetts State Relays Q Firsts First row: Manager Detwiier, E, VV. Carpenter. Zimmermann, A. E. Long, Rouse, Vvr. J. Thomson, Giannoia, Poihemus. Second row: Warden, Knowles, Morriii. C. G. I-1311, Shemeld, BLIIFOXVS. serves much praise for his team,s accomplishments, and stands an exceiient chance of being rewarded for his tireless Work, because he is losing only two of his ten iettermen. We are proud of this, our second varsity team, which was captained by Liefeid. sport provides an exceiient opportunity for ati tennis piayers and others to keep in condition during the winter season. Badminton has offered to many Hermon men the chance to obtain keen and cieanienjoyment in this winter-season sport. baseball strategy were exhibited in the contests against Deerfield, Wiiiiston, Vermont, and Mass. State Freshmen. Captain Siebert displayed unusually Fine teamwork at the initiai sack, and pitcher Stewart was baciced up by a Hawiess combination of lcieiders. Mass. State Freshmen did not discourage the team, as it retaiiated by running away with the honors in the Mass. State reiays. Competing with fourteen other schools in the Amherst interscholastic Meet, Hermon took seventh piace through the good woric of Car- penter, Thomson, Poihemus, and Morriii. HIS year's lacrosse team although composed mainly of recruits, quicldy revealed its persevering qualities hy ptaying hard and ctean halt in each of its three major contticts. Captain Eaton was the First de- fense man and hactchone of the team. Coach Putnam helped the players in every way, reatizing that the 'N its second year ot varsity competition, the golf squad completed another successful season under the guiding hand and help of coach Daggett. Taking all comers at the Northfield course, the Hermon ctuh- Wietders defeated such strong opponents as Suthetd, Bay Path, and Nichols Junior College. Although HE Junior League otters to att hoys sixteen years and under the opportunity to participate in regular varsity sports. This organization is as carefully coached as any varsity sport, and produces many future Atl- Hermon tettermen. Regulation equipment is used, and varsity games are ptayed with outside schools. Morrnt OACHED hy the very capahte Mr. Bisson and captained hy the versatile Ben Gunn, the tennis team quite effectively defended the honor ot Mount Hermon in her interscholastic sport endeavors with the traditional schoot rivals of Deerfield and Williston. Chosen from an unusually large and proficient squad, majority of the men were raw recruits, he started with the fundamentals, and from them he produced a unit that hetd its own against Deerfietdys First and second teams and against Wittiam,s Freshmen. Lacrosse is a comparatively new sport, hut it has already gained wide popularity. Hermon gotters are handicapped hy tact: of an avait- ahte course for consistent practice, they proved hy hard and sincere work in the pasture near North Crossley that, Klwhere there is a will there is a wayf' If the future Hermon gotters wort: as diligently as these men did, winning teams Witt he inevitahte. Hermon may he duty proud of these athletes, for they win more than their share of their outside games with Bratttehoro, Greenfield, Eagtehrootc, and Deerfield Academy in Basehatt, Foothatt, Soccer, Hockey, Bastcethatt, Tennis, and Lacrosse. the memhers of this All-Hemuon Team had a hard hut triumphant struggle to the top. Coupled with their outside engagements, the individuats ot the team also strove mightty hut inettectivety for the student-master school championship. TENNIS ' RESULTS 5 Williston 4 5 Springfield Frosh 4 O Deerfield 9 7 Vermont Academy 2 Holland, A. D. Rice, Gunn, Manager Mixer, S. N. Rathhun, Hoetzer, T. Burtt. LACROSSE RESULTS 5 Deergeld Seconds Q 7 Williams Frosh 10 5 Deerfield 1 I First rom: Fox, Noonan, Uinman, S. Jones. Eaton, NIacDonaM, Haweeli, Nliclzcl, Reitz. Socoml row: Nlanagcr Deevey, Truelsen, C. F. Hall, Burnham, VV. H, Thompson, Boulton XV. Mngill, GM. M. A. Davis. Gouf RESULTS 4 Bay Path 2 V2 Nichols Jr. College 5V2 5 Bay Path 5 Sealed: Solomon, NV. Cv. Buckley. Standing: Kay, Holmes, McKee, XV. J. Gray. JUNIGR LEAGUE -Uwe sporls pzlrlirtipalecl in Ivy llxis group of younger boys wr-re: lfoollmll. sowe-r, lmslwlrmil skiing. IIOFLUSY, swimming. Younis. Inasr-lnall anfl lacrosse. i COACHES NOTI IER year passes in the hactrgrounct, hut not without tonct memories ot the moutcters ot our many sport teams.-the coaches. our teams have at- ways heen known to Fight harct anrt ctean, anct to cto their hest in every contest. This wittingness anrt determination to Fight tor Hermon,s icteats is stimu- tatect hy our coaches who have set anct maintainect the high stanctarcts ot which Hermon rtemancts. We, the ctass ot y59, tate this opportunity to express our appreciation anct ,Qratitucte to a group ot men who strive to otter att their tcnowtectge ot sports to aint us in forming winning teams. tins! row. htr. Cutter, Baxter, Sli. ttf-initsi-ii, Bti, Forstunrt, Dr. tiny tr-v, Nr. Ftangano, Str. ttisson. Niffirzit mir: Ntr. Ftrix eigh, Str. ttoiton Nh. tiurnett, Btr. Nih- toit. Nr. Ivory, Ftr. Laurenie. Nh. Roman. THE CAPTAINS CLUB HE Captains Ctuh, in its seconct year ot existence, is cornposert ot the captains of att the varsity teams. The purpose ot the ctuh is to act as an actvisory hoarct to the coaching statt' anct to create more interest in the athtetic program ot Ntount Hermon. This year has proven a successtut one with an increase in varsity competition ctue targgety to the Stuctent Councit anrt the Captainys Ctuh ettorts. tway the Captaiifs Ctuhs in the tuture he as succcsstut as this year in aicting sports tite at Hermon. ing, Yzinrtcwater, Gunn. Fvlkfitltl l'lIH'f tjvfetll, St1E't'ttCtit, t,ottir'1nus..t. N. Vfittiams, C. F. ttiuiows, Moore. l:H'St TOIIAI tillltkti, Vt-fLICtFC'Fl, BOC- r 42312: gf ' f222?iggZfE ' f"V ffgflgf. 1 ' JL -C11-ff ff 2 47 fl ,ff if f1fli,,r1ff' f 5 ff -,f fa f - ' , 221 ' f f ' - N iqT.fYN,f: UG R Xf5':"l"'?WY5ez,x'X L Z 5 EQ, 9 7 o 4 SW-ww . L ' -9 k zl-.. x, - 2 'N 1- ,..- g Q . 1 593' BL! LL THROWEF45 f A En lN 1 w 7 4 - I X ..f- . -,-, :jQtf:3QNdgg' 46: 'Q 4, "tx E 1 4 f' T , fa 'I "WN X I j Ego' 5.323 I N . gy gf' Ng' 'Tg+vX? NE I Q ' v xx R k X , 1 C s E 4 A iisv 1 x' R1 i-wqzfsw X ' , - x x ' x YF , .7 -S 14 - - f i k . 144 M. rl T32 -X ---M ' gp , .ff .N 4 , if VIN' ""' NHTURE LUVER5 K4 ! -1 -4 7- n f. I ,Y ,,': ' x- 6-,4 4 ' ' 'f' E' 1125 1. L Y Q 31111, A - , - g' ' RW ' ' :i- - - ' 5X 5' N N X -4-:1:f:zf" xgmx,-Q its Y' L' N X . M A . 5 N . . - .-1 , M., ' 5 ,113 0,13--57' , - yr- , - 5 Z 5 me f Iwuixm X ,lg L M.. fp c T ,' -' ' ' ,, f - fl'l4 ' x .. Q Z7 SL K , M, , 2 5 S in Z X HC. gwrlaws i,,-fx THE CLUB CQUNCIL F1-full. CHIC, Cam-, S. ,Tom-S, McGregor. THE GQOD GOVERNMENT CLUB lim! nur: czilllilfll, P. F. Smith, J. Nihon, Gale, BIT. LillII'4'l1K,ilT, BIOOU2, rl.. SLCVCYIS, Ijfuyll. Turn ll run" X I 7 ' N 11 . T. Jo xfxson, an and, XX cub. 1 . Taylor, ZYUINUII, l,. Durgin, Xrvhccler, Peterson. 'ffxirmf rmr: Hamilton, Condo, Dcitz, Pouxemus. G, XY. Smith. B. Harris, Bentley. HAYWARD SOCIETY T Illxl mtv: Sfxvluhvlsl Cullum Pm-11y, Txlmcrcgor m " ' Tonuvlq, I, ISHFIQO, C urlisfrr. Swrf1nl row: Hawk, Xvilm-I, Srlxlu-Her, Slxvdden Rrmmry, Rvslin. rl-IITII! TUUFI TXIULKZIIIQU. Illllhllllll, CKJIICCH, LIUIIUS. IVD4'lX'1Ufl'. 'ttttf ctutn Couneit fame into session ttiis year witti a ctetermination to improve ttle etutms. tvtany ex- eettent icteas emergect trom a taeuty-stuctent Committee. Besictes ttwe ctetuates, song test, anrt taastaet-tmatt games, ttme etutgs eonrtucteft open torums on dittterenl vitat questions. Atttiougta ttiey tiave tiact some seltnaetis, HE Gooct Government etutm twas enjoyect unottier sueeesstut year ot traternat Cooperation aint ot inleretutu Competition. tnvilations to join ttme soviety were extenctezt at ttwree times cturing ttie year. anrt new memtuers were reeeivert. At trequent intorvats tt1e Goo Coos openeft ttieir meetings to ttsie entire sluctenl. tmocty anct presentect variert topics tor ctiseussion. AYVXUXRD has enjoyect anottier suevesstut year ot traternat rompanionstwip. Sinre ttwe time ttie society was tounctert tuy ttarry ttayxvarit, ttmirty-itiree years ago. ttwe etutn twas striven to tive up to its motto, Hprogressft Vt-tie sofiety has tween prominentty aftive in ttie Ctutu ctetmates. tmastvettuatt games. anct song test. tt YCEUNI. ever strengttiening an atreacty ittuslrious tdistory. tiact among ttwose in ttwe Ctutm ttmis yearw ttie presictent ot ttwe stuctent tuocty, the presictent ot the Attwtetic Association. ttwe presictent of North Crosstey, and the presictent ot the Ctutw Couneit. A good tnastcet- tnatt team was txarety ectgect out in ttme semi-tinats of ttiey are cteterminect to pustw onwarct. The etutns. wtrietm are one ot ttsie otdest anrt most rtweristiect tractitions among ttle students at tvtount ttermon, are tigtuting towarct a more Construetive anct turiggtwler tquture. Ttie past is tteieir pastg ttie tuture is ttieir opportunity. For ttwe seconct consecutive year ttwe memtmers of ttwis etutu, interestect in potitieat tvetterment. won ttwe interctuty taastcettnatt Ctiampionstaip anct atso ttwe annuat interetutb song test. They partieipatert in ttme etuty ctetuates. anot they strove at att times to tmetter Hermon tor tuture stuctent generations. has atso Coijperatect eonstructivety to promote ttwe generat xvettare ot ttde sctioot. Hayxvarrt is prouct of ttme enthusiasm anct triencttiness ctisptayect tmy its memtuers. tt ptans to Continue its spirit ot Cooperative- ness, and Witt matce ettorts to remain one ot ttie most active etutns on ttie twitt. ttie etutn games. At ttue annuat Song tjest. tiycium retuctantty gave up ttae tong-treasurert prize Cup. A certain amount ot organization tootc-ptaee resutting in a strong Lyceum, a ctutu weteteet togettwer in group tettowstnip. att tor one. and one tor att. LYCEUM SOCIETY First rout Citations. firant, tP1lK'?ltt't'tft, trrivtsvii Scott,-t-.t'tart, .'Xpptequest, ttxxtitrov, Cirittittis. Seromt roir: C. Pierre, 0'Noit, ,t. ttmurroxvs, Davictson, Koons, Stengtc, Gerry, Dougtziss. txtatoot. Ttwirft rou': Xvtwiteomtv, .t. Nturray, F. ttorne, E, Xvittiamson. .t. N. Xvittiams, XV. Penwarrten, ttnoc-ina. P. ttitt. S in previous years, tjieria has once more hene- ttteft trom such activities as the inter-ctuh hastxethatt games, ctnh ftehating. anct the very success- tiit song test. one ot the many actctert teatures ot this past yearys wortx is the tqeen spirit which the ctnhs have ctisetoseit in the inter-ctntv schotastic competition. HIS yearts flvrmoiiile Rvflflfft has snccessttntty com- ptetect the 52nd votnme ot the Herinonili' ctcspite the numerous ohstactes which it was torcect to over- come. A new system was inaugurated wherehy the Hermoniie xvontct hecome a more personat part ot tite on the Hitt. At present. the next ycarts hoard is ptana N tflflfi. txtonnt ttermon Schoot received its charter to the Cwlllil halide Society, The Finn Loiirte schotarship group corresponds to the cottegge Phi ttela Kappa. txtemhers are etectect trom the Senior ctass on N forwarding its titerary program, Phito teets that much has heen accomptishert in training its mem- hers in the art ot Ctocution. tn this and in other activities ot the ctuh this year, the Phito spirit and sense of cooperation has truty heen par excellence. Through trienrtships ctevetopezt. every Phito meintmer At the ctose ot each martcing period, the standing in- dicated that Pieria was among the teaders. The revived Program Committee has provided many diversitted programs for the memhers of the Pieria as Wett as for their guests. ning to extend this ptan in producing the tirst issue of Votiime 53, Which, as usuat, Witt he distrihuted on registration day. The Cotumhia Schoot of ,tournatism award of a mertat to the Hermonile tor standing third in its ctass in the annuat competition is a source ot encouragement and a cause ot gratittcation. the tnasis of their stnnior and Senior records, onty those who have tween on the Hitt tor two years heing etigihte. Honorary and tacutty memhership, atso, is possihte. now sincerety hetieves that it is this sociat vatue receivcct that witt he ot the most signitficance in the tntnre. No statement concerning the ctuh woutd he comptete without mention of the whote-hearted assist- ance rendered to us hy our adviser, Mr. White. The ctnh teets deepty indehted to him. PHILQMATHEAN SOCIETY First row: Vantvytc, tt. B. Barrows, Burnham, C. Burrows, Str. Vfhite, S, ,tom-s, J. Schwanda. C. Murray, Griswotct. Second row: Etsner, Chaffee, Atexancter, VV. Thompson, Gramtage, Hettin, Spear. Third row: T. Schwanda, Pautison, Vandewa- ter, Ehinger, Butter, htactver, G. Garrison. PIERIA SOCIETY I:ll'Sf row: Gunn. Alnxy. Czlncly, lXfl'I1ibil-ld, IH1'IIH'iVli, Lvlz, Alvvn. Svwunrl I'fJlI'.'qIIill'I'iDUlOI'!. ciIl3CC Harrison. IX. Silwjillxlli. G. 5mill1, IIllIlQC'TI.Ol'lI, Hlirrf Vout' Nlllllllllillifl. VX'aIpolc'. Smiklx. Dulcx P. Rngjvrs, Pmnnc-ll. ,l. VJllTlQK'. THE HERMUNITE Sifling: Erirlasnn. Nelson. fXIK'YiUllIl'I'. Ivin- Cahfe, F, Baum. J. Sfnwancla, R. Pm. Barrows, Sluu. Sfumfing: Pruyn. R: ix, cihlflib4.'XI7ITICfIllC'Ft, Long, Du-iz. l'L1e-rl,xring1r'r Ivrry. CUM LAUDE SQCIETY Silling: H. Haslxrmwk, 1X'1acl.voJ. SPPIICCT. lf. IBUUCT, Slilllllillfjf lgl'l'Iil'f. NIPSSPT, 5f'llXVi1l"lflil, Iidf- n. P. MLN. DEBATING Silling: ixirzlcaifs, Daizajian, Cariclas, Fuerbrin- ger, C. Bower, Stearns. Sifinilingz Hamiiion, Robertson. C. F. Hall Nr. Erickson, Pruyn, Niarrow. Terry. THE HERMQN KNIGHTS Siliingr T. T. Smith, Nlorolon, Haviland, Cro- sivr, Harrington, Russeii. Slumling: Xvlwilcomlm, Gooding, Buiccr, Tyler. lirimis: Biolieslnc. PLAYERS first row: R. B. Barrows, iVicGregor, Scott, True-iss-n. Sitiineiior, J. Chapin. Srwoizil wiv: G. XV. Smiiii, S, D, Howard, Ale-xaniii-r. Xviiiiamson, VV. Penwarcicn, Fuer- Ibriiiger, F. Pierce. lNCE last fall the Dehating Team has had one ol its most active seasons in recent years. Approxi- mately twenty students participated in Five intramural and three interscholastic dehates. The outstanding feature ot this year was the addition ot Cushing Academy to our estahlished schedule of clelmates with HE tlermon Knights, consistently upholding the high standards ot previous years, have produced their host elntorts in trying to provide a comliination ot a generous quantity of smooth, relaxed swing for the heneht of the average dancers and a little close ol the lrl-H the realization that a good dramatic in- terest is essential to a well-roundecl school lite, the Players have achieved much this year in advancing dramatics at Hermon. Brother Rat was given in December with the help of the women on the campus, who very graciously played the necessary feminine roles. The Knight of the Burning Peslle, hy Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, a farce of the Eliza- l938-i939 has heen one ot the most active periods in the history of the international Cluh. Under the enterprising leadership of Dr. Johnson. Dr. Thomp- son, and President Charles Bower, the memhers have enjoyed many entertaining and enlightening meetings. Perhaps the one event which has hrought the cluh into Contact with the student limody as a whole is the spon- Amherst and Deerfield. The Delmating Team was alnly coached hy Mr. lfriclcson and lxlr. Vxfhite, At the end of the regular season the societies presented a vigorous program ot interclulm deluates lor the coveted cluh- deloating cup. heavier, excitalnle swing lor the 'jitter-hugs., lxluch time and Worlc have lmeen spent in the development of this hand, and the success of next year,s organization has heen well considered, in that halt ot the memhers are undergraduates. hethian Age. was presented in April. Both were well- tinished products. There were also the usual interesting class plays in the spring. The Seniors gave The Rise of The ltloon, hy Lady Gregoryg the Juniors, In the Zone, lay 0,Neillg the Sophomores, A Night at an Inn, hylaord Dunsanayg and the Freshman, Highlights of Hermon Life. soring of lnternational Vveelcend. an innovation at Hermon. Students from China, Japan, Ceylon, and Bulgaria spent the two days on the campus, tallcing in chapel and assemhly and informal groups. The international Clulu, made up of students interested in World attairs, functions for the henetfit of the Whole school. INTERNATIONAL CLUB First i'rili': l lurnilton, D. rlqhornpson. ,larnz-son. Dr. lolinson, C. Pmwer, Spohn. Yan lngen. bccoml row: lXellogg, ta Bauer, Baller Kempl, Marrow, lxlr. Thompson. Tlrirrt row: R. Xvliitelieml. E. Paddoclg, Terry, tllin, D. Smith. HE clloir during 1958-1939 continued with its policy of concentrated improvement. Togetlier witti tbe Seminary Estey Cborus lbe cboir presented tbe annual Candleligbt Services at tbe Seminary and on the Hill. With an unusually small nucleus from tbe previous year, Mr. Gallagtier brougbt ttie group rapidly up ttie scale of improvement to a position HIS year tlwe Glee Club bas probably tiad tbe largest membership in tbe leristory of tbe group tbat is made up ot ttie Cboir and a number ot additional men. ln ttie First tew monttis of ttie year tbe group devoted its time to Hautts Soldiers Ctiorusg Sliortlnin' Breadg and tbe Reapers' Song. It also learned tbe Tall HE Student Cliurcti Council is composed of repre- sentatives from all religious groups on tbe Hill. Meeting once a montb, ttie Council is a clearing bouse for student religious and social projects, some of wliiclu are worlced on by ttie group itself, ottiers being allocated to otber religious or social organizations. This year members liave been in ctiarge of forums with HE Scbautller Associates under tbe leadership of Mr. Flecltles bas been successful in creating a more active student interest in tbe sctiool library and in reading good boolts. lntormal meetings every otlier Weelc consist of bool: reviews and literary discussions, wbicll bave proved mucti wortli wbile. The Associates well wortb its name. Regularly, on Sundays, tbe cboir performed effectively and reacbed its pealc at ttie Sacred Concert in May wben, in cooperation Witb tbe otlier members of tbe lVlount Hermon student body, tbe annual program was broadcast over tbe Colonial Networlc. Pine Trees, a scbool song written by Mrs. Gallagher, tbe wite ot tbe Clubts splendid director, and taugbt it to tbe student body. Working in collaboration witb tbe Seminary cborus, tbe Glee Club produced tlle Gilbert and Sullivan Comic Qpera, tbe ltflikodo, wtiicti was given on Commencement Weekend. cbapel and assembly spealters, attended conferences in nearby communities, collected old clotlies from stud- ents and distributed tbem to Nortbtield and Greenfield agencies, planned and conducted various services, in- cluding tlxe Easter sunrise service, and talcen part in the drive for money for tbe Far Eastern Student Relief Fund. included in tloieir program tbis year tlie visiting of many surrounding libraries, tbe study of tlieir systems, and tbe assimilation ot proFitable ideals for tlie campus library. As a purely social aspect ttie members liave beld a few banquets away from tbe Hill. SCHAUFFLER ASSOCIATES First row: Terry, R. Kellogg, Applcquest, Mr. Fleclcles. Letz, Stearns, Marrow. Second row: rl. VanOst, Batctu-lor, Robertson, Sutton, Ford, Cliace, Almy. Coleman. i CPKDHQ Fzrsi row: Spf-nrcr, tturnitton, Pero, XV. E. Srnittm, Liefctct, txtartvc-r, Nr. Cwattagtlor, Knapp. Parker, Terry, ttagrvr. KX. S, Arnotct, Batctlctor, Vtftiitctomtae. Sc-coma' row: Stearns, VN7itciox, Burtt, Russctt, Kirtq, T. T. Srnittm, ,t. Srtiwancta, P. Smittx, Pzitiorta, Xvtxeetcr, Titmtwtts, Satistnury. Etsner. Tfnirff row: Ctiattoc, Bisig, Boeing, North, Net- son, Purinton, Lotz, Dairronc, Tuttte, L. Durgin, R. XV, Clark. Fuinlli row: VV. Q'P1ricn, Btatcney, Sugctc-n, Koons, Long, Rixon, R. A, Ctartc, J .Carter Turner. THE GLEE CLUB First row: Purinton, tttntnvy, Spencer, ttugc-r, ttamitton, Pero, NN. Ovttrivn, Terry, Ntr. Gut' tzxgtier, Stearns, R, XrX'7t1ttf't1CZHt, Copnn, A. S. Arnotrt. J. Srtiwnnrtn, txtactvf-r, Uisig. St'f'0l'l.ll Voir: Satistmury, t5Ot'il'1Q, XY. Smitty ttzitioca, Lie-frtrt, ,l. Yzinost, Russrtt, tj. tj, Smith, Etsnor, ttairtu-tor. Xxqiitcomta, Le-iz. Tita- tJ0ttS, Pburtt. Tfiiril row: Kirtq. XxX'7tN'l'ti'T, Sugctcn. Nelson, R. A. Ctartc, L. Durgin, Long, Koons, R, VV. Ctartc, Rixon, J, Curtvr, North, T. T, Smittm. CHURCH COUNCL l'll'5t l'OU'f ttilllllttlill ,t0t1l"lb0I'l. lllltlt mann. fi. XY. Fmilti, Spotm. NPVIIVII! Voir: 5pm-iirvr. tri-i-iiizin. Dis-i7, tjiuvn XV. t.n-xxis. THE FORESTRY CLUB fix! 1'1111f: B. ,IOIIDSIOII 1I:1r11'11l1'1, I1ow1z11111 I Il 5Ill111I. 1 5111111111 mrrf: gEH1l1IK,'I, XX, 1.1'w1e, fX1e1c'1.1'1,111, THE SCIENCE CLUB 11.1 row: XY. Lewis, 1I1m'1111111. NIL I.a11rcnf'c Ronmrx' ID N1111l11 501111111 1'011': IIa1I1. 51111I41i11g, IIILZIQS, IXVIIIC 11041, A. XV11i11-111-1111. 71111111 r1111': R. XV. Stow-115, 112111. I71:1nz. THE NAVIGATION CLUB 511117111 R. KCIIOQQ, Smi1I1, ,'Xr1'1111mI11. 131-nxx'a1rcIen. IJ. Bam-r, IXI11 S1upIcs. 5l11n11i11g: H. P, BaI1er, C. XYo1111, 11. O. 51111111 XXI1111111101Q, SLIQKIPH, C1II11'r1, ISIUNVIIIIIQ. N spite of tbe damage done to tbe forests by tbe recent lsiurricane, tbe Forestry Club, under tbe able leadersbip ot Mr. Pyper made excellent progress in tliat it marlced, for purposes of identibcation, prominent trees on tbe campus witb tbeir Latin and Englisti HE Science Club is one of tbe many new activity groups organized on tbe Hill tbis year, tts purpose is to promote a tqeen interest in science among tbe students. To ttris end, under tbe auspices of tbe club, a sbow case in Silliinan Laboratory bas been used to display many articles of scientiliic interest. Fl-be group bas purposely been kept small so tbat none but tbose HE Navigation Club, sponsored by lVlr. Staples, is a new organization on tbe Hill, one wbicb bas made rapid progress in its year of existence. The old salts at Hermon meet bi-weetcly to discuss problems and to delve into Fields witb wbicb tbey bave bitberto been unacquainted: for example-into tbe bistory of strips, into tlie requisites for cruising, into tbe subject HE Commuters, Club was created primarily to bring tbe day student closer to tbe activities on tbe Hill. Tbis year tbe club bas made an effort to accom- plisb tbis goal. Among ttre interesting activities a party was arranged witb tbe day students at tbe Seminary, wlricb was a long stride forward in tlne social rela- tions between tbe two scbools. Tbe Commuters, Club names, and also gained practical experience clearing out tbe fallen trees about Sbadow Latte. ln tbe clubys bi-weelcly meetings eacb member was given an oppor- tunity to report on some valuable topic ol bis selection. students most lceenly interested in science could par- ticipate in tbe projects and attend tbe meetings, in wbicb tbe faculty adviser, Mr. Laurence, bas given demonstrations of some new scientific metbods. As a furtber recommendation tbe club is a member of tbe Amercan lnstitute of Science and Engineering Clubs. of longesbore and elf-sbore navigation, into tbe matting and tbe use of compasses and parallel rules, and into tbe topic of small-boat racing. It bas bebincl it tbe spirit necessary for a successful club, and its members be- lieve tbat it is destined to become one of tlie foremost interest groups at Hermon. is deeply indebted to tl1e sclaiool for granting it per- mission to use ttie Social Hall in tbe afternoons, and also for reconditioning tbe room in tbe basement of Recitation. Tbe Club lilcewise wisbes to acknowledge its gratitude to Coacb Hendrickson for bis. able leader- sbip as faculty adviser. First row: Nlattern, Powell, Franz, R. Nliller. E. M. Smitti, Rutrl, F. Stone, G. Pyper. Second row: ll. O, Spaulding, R. F. Birdsall, R. F. Durgin, Field, R, Cbapin, Came, Stacy, R. C. Miller, Ttiirrl row: Nims, A. tl. Bolton, Zaluzny, J. Spaulding, Fritts, Dunlclee, N. Stone, Hopliins. forirfti row: R. D. Birdsatl, lvlarsball, Tie, R. Bolton, Fincti, lvlr. Henrilqsen. tttS has been the thirct successtut year ot the tvtount Hermon Rifting Ctub. This organization. which startect in thc tatt ot 1056, has risen in both size anct stancting. This yearys tvtount Hermon Ricting tntti Bicycte Ctub a very ctetinite neect at tvtount ttermon. tt gives to att its members an es- peciatty excettent chance to be out in the open getting reat exercise. The poticy ot the bicycte Chit, is to go on at toast one ride a Weetc on awednesday, Saturrtay, or a Sunctay atternoon. tt the weather permits, there HE tVtount Hermon Camera Ctictc, which was organized severat years ago, made notabte strictes this season. Outstancting accomptishments were the increase in membership anct major actctitions to the dartq-room equipment. The wort: of the ctub has con- sistect ot preparation for a print competition and the the tvtount Hermon Ritte Ctub began tour years ago, it has increasert in poputarity as one ot the interest groups on the Hitt. tn the tatt severat trips were made ctown to the river, where the boys taint down a barrage on the Waterfront. During the winter Ctub has cxperiencect many enjoyabte timesg consisting of overnight trips to the cabin, gym-cam, jumping periocts, anct an overnight trip to the Putney Youth Hostet. are often two rictes cturing the wceti. The Bicycte Ctub tries to ottter two or more overnight rides a year. txtem- bers Witt tong remember the overnight rides to Putney, Vermont, antt the East Cotrain, tVtassachusetts, Youth Hostets. matting ot the ctartqaroom improvements. The activities participated in by the members have been ittustratect tattcs anct ctiscussions on various phases ot photography at the weetcty meetings. Frequent trips to the cabin were atso tatten by att the members ot the ctub uncter the joviat teactership ot Mr, Schwinger. months, rtiscussions and tectures from Nationat Guardsmen tootq the ptace of actuat shooting. The rituat ot the spring season began with the rebuitcting ot the weather-wrectcect range. This year severat out- sicte matches with neighboring schoots were schectuted. THE RIFLE CLUB First row: Brigham, ttunt. St-cond rout tjmisig, t.orttu-tt, Pero, .t. Schwanrta, t toinricti, Third row: Simpson, Richarcts, Cunningham, Lex ee, ti tjaucr, Browning, THE RIDING CLUB Parlzer, Georgens, Coppus, Sl1LIlll!?N.VOfll1,Xxllli'i'l- don, Clayton, Mr. I7Im'I4Ir-s, PQ-II. Oguri, C, K. Miller, J. Vanost, Ellis. THE BICYCLE CLUB Brown, R. Hastnrourli. IVIr. Platt, Ilager, Ivloylcn Kiclcler, C. I'IiII, E. NI. Smittl, D. Tyler, Ilvin- riCl1, Suclcling, Fleigs, A. Quanrlt, A. S. Arnolcl. C. D. Thompson. Stn-Iton, R. Quanclt, Ptlipps. C. IVI. Story. THE CAMERA CLICK Furs! mu? C0lf'QfI1X'l'. Slmrp. SIXIIXYIIIQII' Sargvnl, R. I1 Birflsall. SLWYJIIII Voir: XV. lj. Ilmrrows, I-luflqings, Ilop- Lins. Cjldvrt. I.. Xfixnxvrmorlwvs. Heinrflm, Clay' ton, G. XX atson, R. Iloru, Ilifts, Ilnslun. ALMA MATERS HILL Xvtien in sitenve tails ttwe twitigtit Over cziinpiis, watt anct green. Anct ttie groiips that niarti the ctaytiggtit Ttweii no more are twearct or seen: Stitt tienefitti ltie slartil, tieavens tn the iiiiifiiiys pate ractiant tiggtit, Hermmiys ever c'tim'ig3etess tueanty yxctcts its tiislie tu ttic nigtit. Cciimrix K. Ciuiiciirrix, ,Uri NDER ttie putistwect anct experienccct tiatfin ut Ltr. Pant tvory. the Ctassicat orctiestra has rtone its stiare in the prninutifiii ut a love tor gmuct innsir as ai necessary part ut a txtriunt Herman ectucatifin. At Christmas time the ciirtweslra entertainect ttie rtwirs ot Blount ttcrmon anct Norttinetct Seminary at their annuat tea, After the Ctiristmas tiotictays it presented a Concert for ttie tpenetit of the stuttent taocty. To top Ott its yearys wort, it tietpect in the presentation ot Gittaert anct Snttivanis The ixlikufto. CLASSICAL ORCHESTRA tiirsl row: Rirtiarcts, Vtiruetsen,Xvtwilvointm, tintcer. Second row: Downer, Hungertorrt, N. Burtl. GATEWAY BOARD Tilt! l'0ll'f ,lOl'll'l TfUClSK'I1, sports: Vvtaltcr B. Spencer, .lr,, photography: ,lohn lX'lCtc'Z1tl-4-, history. Second row: .lamcs C. Grittxin, lpusiness manager: lxtr. Arthur D. Platt, advisorp Emer- son F. Long, entilor-in-rihivl. Thin' row: ,lohn H. Letz, art citi- torg Arthur Taylor, filfllltyl Punt If Smith. seniors. N promulgating this ectition ol the Hcatewayfy the Boarcl has triecl to iiiclurle all Ot the principal acfomplishments anct experienves ol' the Class. Vvye hope that we have succccnterl. Within these Covers the Class is uniteft lvor the last time. lvlay this puhlication prolong those Clays to Come when present clay Classmates are forgotten, ancl close tricncls merely vague memories. -Our sincerest lhanlxs to those who aiclecl in malqing possilmle the procluction ot this volume, namely-Mr. Arthur D. Platt, Nr. Louis lf. Smith. hlr. Rolnert XV. Kelly, and tlenry Marrow ttypistt. SI-IADOXV LAKE FEATURES THE BRAINS lliis lwre: s potent Stull. hcvoocltxye, lxlr. Cliipsft llanrtsome Ul.ouieH ls l1e elifgilJle7 Ur. Polilnian. Lflilflff HIUHVCH. ltmeliincl closest floors. Posint. l.:-t s see non Clover ,lolinson HBS." CLASS HISTORY HE saga of tlwe class ol 1950 began in tlwe autumn of 1055, a New Englanct autumn witlw tlwe lirst tInts of tall llecliing tlie trees ol our new Alma lvlater. Uur arrival, a matter ol course to tlwe upperclassmen, was a laig step for us allg anrl our last tour years have proverl tldat it was a stricte in tlwe riglit, ctirection towarrt a goal that we liave only now attainect. Uur welcome was consummatecl ollticially anct warmly lay Dr. Porter, just tlien commencing lmis thirst lull anrt prosperous year as Heaclmaster, ancl Billy Wymaii, Presictent ot tlwe Sturlent Council. Altliouglm we ctirl not lqnow it at the time, we came to a new lVlount Hermon, lor parlors liact lneen aclctect to two ot tlie Crossley sec- tions, nine new teacliers also were aclrtitions to tlie Scllool, tlie laanct was liirst to lnlare into existence tldat year. anct tlsie Snow House was to lie actcterl to tlie SFl'N7Ol,S property for the recreational use of tlie stuctents anct faculty. Soon enouglm the stern reality ol' meeting tlie worla liour. lbefoming acquainted wtli tlie peculiar clivisions ot' Gaul, anct ctiscovering restrictions. as well as incli- rtontally malcing tlie acquaintance ol Hpopn in ttie store taugglwt, us that tlme generally nappy Hermoniteys lille laas olmligations ancl plenty ol liarcl worlc. We well rememlner our lirst leelale ettorts to rencler tlxe Alma ltlaler lit lor tlwe trainect ears ot Mr. Gallagher and the lirst time that we ltunlcecl rule Q21 f. at a tlieme conlterence. Anotlwer notalnle lirst of tlie year was tl1e concert given lay tl1e Little Symphony of Boston at Nortlm- OFF THE RECORD lntcnsix c rtscarch. Solitude. V l.azy nothingl .lust clrctuningl rw ,. f A 'VA-4" K 'S 1 Cale Society. I ' xi The hecli with the Sc-ml K if ,-l: . kid' . 5.5 ! Keen lyoys. Deep in a clrcam. HH Q Now what? l'laill This new regime. held. The most dreary Five miles in the world separate lVlount Hermon and the Seminary, hut the trudge is a lalnor of love and has its own reward. flt has heen said that the Northfield Schools are a co-educational institution with a Fivevmile hyphen.l Quiet Halloweyen and a joyllul Thanlcsgiving holi- day, spent in the traditional Cooper-Vxfest Hall style, presaged the enchantingly heautilul candlelight service of Christmas music, followed lay the Christmas holi- days themselves. Again the lordly seniors triumphed with their play, The lxlilley Vlfvay. We hidecl our time, little lcnowing that we would raise our funds lay ignominiously selling hot-dogs. The loiggest time that we had as a class that year was at the First lreshman party in the history of the Northfield Schools. Assisted lay lVliss Wright and C-wen Cooper, the girls put lVlarquand Hall into festive garments, and we visited the Slcinner Gym to see the classic struggle of Uldarvardn and HYale.H Afterwards tlre Sem counterparts of the Hermon Knights played for the dancing, the grace of feminine charm malcing this affair memoralnle and enjoyalnle. But the routine was not unlarolcen, lor, just helore we left for spring vacation, the worst lloocl in the recorded history of New England swept clown the Connecticut River Valley, marooning the Seminary and causing untold damage and sultering in nearhy communities. slohn Vandewater was chosen as our First president AT PLAY Two laps. l.asl-not least. hlr. Etlnlfl IXIIS. Pecliinl. Fuspc-nclecl Animation. ,, KS 5 ...Ib .. 5 - Six l M lxlacle it. 1 vii-arious lacro e Rvverie on the Sliulcnt Councilg we particpaiecl to the luest ol' our almiliiy in the Sacrecl Concert: anrl we whistlecl the catchy tunes ot H.ixI.S. Piriuforv, monumental procluclion that it was. Facecl with the prospect ot' hecoming prep-school hoys cluring the summer vaca- tion anfl not lieingj just freshmen. we sloughecl oll' treshmanship ancl clonnecl the sophomoric rohcs. Back again to the grincl that seeniecl alreafly a lrienrlly part ol our lives. we louncl lille seeming hetter. A new calvin was huilt this year lor our recreational use. this aflrlingg marlqeclly to the enrichment ot our stay on the llill. But this was the year ut the Scarlet lxlenace to parties ancl interscholastic games. Scarlet teyer gjrippecl the campus, hut the rnorale ol' the stuclent horly was not impairecl in the least. anrl we Mtoolc itll with equanimity. rlqhanltsgiying must and clicl go lvorwarcl in its irreproachahle style. With the arlclition ol' the game room in the social hall, we realized another means of spending our leisure time. lfarlier in the year we were engrossed in the party rallies ancl political cliscussions, hut alter the country relusecl to concur with our Repuhlican majority, we seitlecl flown to the many ancl cushioned activities of ecoiioinir' royalists. This was the last year of teaching lor Mr. Stephen Starli, a Hermonite tor torty years ancl a lriencl ol us all, even though we were almost the youngest of the young at that time. To celehrate the hunclreth anniversary of the lnirth ol D. L. Moody, Northtielcl and Harmon did the un- usual. Mr. lVloocly,s life was clramatizeel hy Mr. 10 HQURS Time marches on Lab. Nvhistle while you worlc. Boiling Water. Bottoms up. Honey. You clon't sayl Twice a year. Time on my hands. Bodley's hoys, Rohert Burdick and produced through the ellvorts of hoth schools. This spring We returned Dutch Vande- water to the Council and added Jim Williams as the Councilman-at-Large. Next fall stern reality, in the form of the grim senior class, splashed us in the face as We were unceremonif ously pulled through the muddy reaches of Shadow Lake, picturesque hut Wet. The fall party Was notahle, and We surged through the latter part of 1937 with a zest inspired hy the lvlassarhusetts autumn. On leave in Florida, the ,lack- sons made their ahsence felt, and We later waved them oil to Europe. A snowless Founders Day proved a douhle hlessing in that we enjoyed hlessed rest and were also provided later with a slci-day, complete with Bavarian slqiers, dancers, and yodellers, and a light snow fall. For the entertainment of the student hody we presented a drama of tragedy and pathos, The Valiant. Not a prize winner, this play was widely acclaimed for its sympathetic and dramatic interpretation ol a con- demned prisoner. For the First time in Hermonys history. the Amherst interscholastic Tract Meet was held on the Hill. Per- fect weather gave the participants the advantages ol our superh equipment, and they all voted to come haclc the next year. ln the heauty ol Hermonls reawalqened spring, we now saw visions of next year's lite. Lying in the pung- ent shade or strolling to class, we speculated on our senior days and the privileges and attainments we had worlced so long for. ln such a vein closed our junior year. Returning to school, we could not hut compare our well-hlled-out and well-dressed selves to the shadows of three years loefore. Ruling the roost, we looked for- ward to the rope pull and mountain clay. The fates, however, had something else in store for us in the form of a hurricane and llood. Long will Hermonites mourn the loss of their famous pines that cathedraled the clriveg time alone will etface the storm's scars. But we did have our fall excursion in the form of a trip to Springfield College. Upon our arrival, we were shown around the campusg then we trelclqed to their puelolo, where lunch was enjoyed. rlourneying haclc OUTINGS lxlrs, Porter, Law of satiety. How long, Mr. Bassette? Then we were Juniors . . . Food, hut no mountain. Mill: maids, Loolc, long pants. Two pans. individually, we were privileged to visit many of the colleges that cluster ahout the Connecticut and also to visit many of their teams in practise, With the higgest social season of our stay at Her- mon hefore us, we commenced with a party in the gymnasium at the Sem. The Halloween motif pre- vailed, and the success of the party hoded well for the rest of the year. Later we danced in the Y Building after a dinner in West Hall. The hair-raising movie featured at Camp Hall was the last attraction. Trolling the Turkey Song to the tune of A Tisket, A Taslzet, we, the seniors, said farewell to one of the loest Hermon traditions. It was last, and hy far the hest. Amidst a hurst ot' hazy heauty, the Estey Chorus and our own A Capella presented the candlelight GONE WITH THE Xou Iie there sliII and sitent tn the windin Your roots are torn asunder from their moorings But yesterday you feIt and hreathed the tziting hour rich, green tutt of ptumage reached un! I you hut had some earthty voice to teII ot Ot' decades past hut not forgot, white ctass Of famous men whom you have seen, of others Ot winters I3IeaI: and summers tuII, of drought, Yet though you rest now on the ground, your You are for always Gods own tree: hut may WIND TO A FALLEN PINE Y Q entrance way: Your trunI4 no Ionger towers, your Ioranches 1 cease to sway. in the sodg Your Iite on earth has ended, you seeIc the peace ot God. autumn air: Your huge. Intact, shaggy hody rose as it it had no careg daunted toward the sIiy2 You were the pride of those you Icnew, you awed aII passers-hy. history hack. Ot how you grew so taII, and why the woodsman spared his axeg try cIass of youth Havevcome and gone heneath your arms, guided Ivy His truthg wise and good. Of great events and memories intaid within your wood: ot wind and gate: All this and more you woutd disctoseg you'd teII a lhritting tate. wort forever done. No more to feet the sptash of rain, the soft. warm rays ot' sun. I Ixeep for mine. The memory of thy great past, of you, oh faIIen pinet service to the assemhted students and friends. Such triumph is unrecapturat:Ie, hut untorgetahte. Back from vacation, we engaged in another party in the Seminary gym with internationatism the prevait- ing spirit. This year there were no dance crazes to spread their freatcish pall over our dances, with the exception ot a tew scattered jitterhugs, and all had a good time soherty gIiding to the tunes of the Hermon Knights. But the second party ot the winter season was ditterent-it featured a night hasIcethaII game with Vermont Academy. Dancing hefore and afterwards, andIwhat spirit and cheering we unteashed for the girls. And then our Iast spring. AIways the hest time of the Hermon year, it capped the cIimax of tour springs. Atternating Ioetween pIeasant and Iethargic retaxation and dynamic energy, we toot: the Iast senior parties in our strideg we partootc of the sumptuous Ioanquets of the spring season, particuIarIy the senior Inanquetg We vivaciousty gave our all in a Sacred Concert, and at Iast Commencement Week-end Ioomed ahead. The monumentaI and amhitious performance of the IVIiIzado added to the atready-perfect programg the teeting of sadness mixed with the joy ot accompIishment toot: possession ot us as we prepared to Ieave the gates for the Iast time as students. We are departing, confident that we have ptayed the game, are Ieaving an un- ettaceaIDIe martc on our Atma Mater, and we have matured and received much at Mount I'Iermon. CLASS BALLQT Best Dancer Most Uriginal Best Dressed Best Natured Best Vocaloulary Class Sage Class Scrouger Class Mimic Class utougliyn Most Popular Most Atliletic Most Handsome Most pious Most Versatile Most Capalale Most Modest Most Respected Most Qptimistic Most Lilcely to Succeed Worst Punster Heart Brealcer Mexican Atlmlete Most Conscientious Biggest Benetactor Favorite College Favorite Disease Favorite Distr Favorite Urcliestra Favorite Actress Most Dignitied Ist Choice Cliuclc Cvetman Huey Long Don Plielps .lolrinie Truelsen rlolinny Metcalfe Howie Balcer CENSORED Jud Cliapin Bull Fernandez Jolinie Truelsen .lolcin Vandewater ilaclc Boeing Fran Russell rlolnnie Truelsen Stewie Jones Bela Carlisle Ted Buclc Senator Carpenter rlolinie Truelsen Ed Harrison rlolcinny Letz Ctiuclc Getman Howard Messer Mr. and lVlrs. Bassette SlVllTH rlumpin' Spots FlSHll Jan Savitt Ann Corio 2nd Choice l.eWie Nelson Levvie Nelson Ctiarlie Coppus Senator Carpenter George Candy Boln Hargreaves Ferlaie Fuertnringer Fred Bauer Ted Buck .laclc Boeing Brad Burnham Walt Spencer Howie Vvlliitcomb rlolin Metcalfe Bolo Etiinger tlolinie Truelsen Huey Long Boln Hargreaves Ferlnie Fuerlaringer Sliet Slietlield Lie Lieteld Bolo Hargreaves D. L. Moody Swartlimore Flunlcitis C-len Ciray Sally Rand President and Vice-President of HCate Societyn 5rd C tioice lVlort Wells Paul Hill Paul Smitti Casey Stengle Richard Pierce Rod Wilson Bill. Taylor Gene Loclcett Art Taylor rlolwnie Truelsen Don Curtis Howie Baker Cieorge Candy Bill Brannian Paul Hill rlaclc Boeing Dr. Porter Lewie Nelson Stewie ,lones .laclc Boeing Ed Pelloelr' Bull Miner Vassar Heart Troulole Cliarlie Barnett Hecly Lamarr AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS i , 24- -n..-.."l

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