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' 1 I 2? Qfif ,ff 'JN an MMVMM MQW pf-ff4-Blvd., ' LWMwf?"m 'Wwe a A J, JJli 45lZffg5jk ' NMX'W' 1f2'LQk I Ay Q J A fn - WL RAHXM7 MMU gy fix . M5 M ff Y if YQ . A , , 'U,f3Q0L l SM ff W M W MQWQ in WMH' ' 'JKVKJYE wgpxamw Q x if +3 he ,A KNO? 'Q X' BL I , A ' L Q Li K 5i,1f n 'W A LK My M . 44, Qu -2, xy l , O 'I 'r f R ,xt 'fra U, X- X fr- xl 4 . Y 1 x'. 1 1 ., 1'!-"f",, X Q . ,. L 4 JNL ' 'M 'X N N M .Lew - wk X xr' b ' X Nl K - if 'VE-I f N x f F 1 F KL, -'U X- Zi' .4 'J K X Tk " Illia! 'AL V K1 x-Af' "V "" , , "' ' X F .OSL X JJ ' cfkfl ir t 1K,hLlLf- ---X N- QW, 1 k IW' Q1 LIE?-f aj 1' N T FK YQ Q 'LNYQAH tk . Y V 1 Q L' X if . ,X 'mx 'C Q C' L' 5 ' . lx 5 V J P7 fffgm 5 K! I ' K! . f I Q H VN w N - YL 5 if L Q XJ . L . I' RJ 'f :I - yftfiig 7. , A ff A y J JJ ff f 4"' MQ- Y X" 5 by W v K4 47tgf ' ' ' 'X 1 , as I D U '17 ' ' , V +. Jy, 'ff gf Q 4 yy ,ff ,Lf '15, L7 nj' , r V -X E iff if Q ' Mk" fflfff 4 ., X. 1 1 1 R . - f ,.- . ,-Q ' 1' ,,, fx'-'L ,W F 4 , " 7Lft1,f, -., , 6514 1 , T K X ,-x "7 A www ,WAX A L ' 4x in NV Q6 XX af .I ,W Q 1 wr 'M V' NN x. Q .V Mx L UU X51 A w fx M L NAT' N NN ZZ I C' 1,' 1 ,. k 'v , v J "kd, - 'ff fqfy . xf' , '44- IQ Xing L 2 4 P' 4 ,. f - Q , x, . f J ' 'Ri x . ff - ' 1 . K .4 x X . M f X , I Y I vu A -X 51 rp' ' 1 X W ffl YN. X, I-Y: ' X1 F ' V V I X- ' f . x Lf M I X . ' , M , A li ' 1' E v -' N I A 1 . A f L . ' 10 ' ff W fx 921,51 V milf 0 1 gf hx L lr t Mp! l ffl! .xox lf VL XJ , 2111113 W' JY .J M 1 0 M X XX N0 sy ll YQ X X VU- ffjl X Y xv F4 A v f. V, D .x. M f f , if 1 4 will ,fvL'!J?x!1 lvl ' ill vd A74 Fw x ,N ,XI I A' 1 A f' Alf? X124 ,Q Xl' ii ,IYJCI ' ,J b P Q 1 ' I' . Y , r w 1 535193 if 1 Sig YJ JA F35 xi J M f Q rx qjx -xx ' A 525 X gg 1 wwf f 7 j , my V 'ml X .VIV ti Q., 'N . 1' vl- ,fvja K ,,, A K ,W , f f Q V I ,..f ' l X qwmyf A' x .' " . my .Y , X'. 1 If xy Q - fl K ,J U X'-V y 7 1f"X Y rl 17 f"', V' I IJ" , VA ,W 1 X Y ,N ,L AJ I Lf ' K5 nfl 1 4 .1 4 , 5 -"X ,fx V 1 ,Z-'ZITQV I Mp JZ 4 '94, I I4 4 'Z4-Z qmffffliffffify W7 76044 .flfk R -,Cqfx-A 153-2,5 lalolo 'Weed MOUNT DIABLO HIGH SCHOOL CONCORD, CALIFORNIA Q 1 19 y ' I ,g Edilor ..... 'I Assisranl Eclilor . . nf . . Adverfising Manager . . ..... Kay Olander . . . Anne While . . . Don Wilson . . . . Russell Goebel I STAFF - DIABL X ' L Business Manager . A V l Subscriplion Ma ii . Assislanl Subs riplion . . . . . . . Jann Reeves nager Q . . Marlene Sfinemelz Rosalind Fowler Sf I A ci we W L ee! . ll- -U ' IWO l I y Piciure EdiIoQ. . Ari Edifor .... . X I y i i. . .... . . Duncan Chivers R- i I Boys' Sporfs Eclifor . . QV. . . . Sieve Paflerson It X ' ' U Girls' Sporfs Edifor .... effe Fairfield in 'I Clubs Edilor . . . . . Roberfa Laffin X-I Junior Class Ed-wx . . .. . . . Nila Sexfon il 'X L ' Sophomore CI . . . Janel' Tod V . ' 3 lx Freshmen Class E r . . . .X. . . clcie Bass gl 'L Assisfanl Phofograp . . . , . .x . Guy o Y 'ii i X Senior Names .... Suzefle anwill, Glaudefle ip s li ai 'N Assisfanfs . . . 'F-I ' W o, Jim Bale , Robin Qluqsfon. H A Wrenella Dor -- , Joyce V rue Terry, QI f Nina Vowels, Jim 'HT-'life Dick nlcus, C Elrod, ' A y Don Mendez, Clnarlo. Me ne, Dee rp ree, X ' -X Burl Paulson, Lyle Sau H- 'ck sey, Jim Kiger - 3 3 l' mssoox X F' Ecliior ............ . Russell Goebel Assislanl Edifor . . I 5 5 Ii Rf.: . . . . . . . Glenefle Fairfield , 4 0 , f ffjf we fue? 1 V, A7 Q X f X, f .fx ,, Q 2 1 ff' VX7 X i' , l U74 Yffdf fl UQ' l 'E' C ' 4' f X2 fl "7 , f .M ,f' ff, ff jxf xgf, fygf 2 L , Q. do ,LM AW if ii ,3,2y,w cf' , Nl 'VHA xx if .,f l A I QLQAZ ff In Memoriam KENNETH MICHAEL HOUGH Born: Oclober 3, l938 Died:Oc'rober lo, l954 Gradualed from Palo Allo lvlililary Academy wilh lhe highesl honors ol lhe class .... Enlerecl Ml. Diablo l'-ligh School as a sophomore and was lorced lo quil school in lhe middle of lhe second semesler, because of illness. Today he would have been a member ol The Junior Class. ac'rivi'ries. elders. s N O QQQWWW advertising. page 8 page 22 page 30 page 58 page 80 page 96 page118 foreword This is Mr. Diablo High-born I9Ol. Through a half cenlury of progress and adiusi- menr, irs many buildings lsome of which are far from Jrhe mosi modernl cenrer campus life io meer modern srandards. This year Mr. Diablo srudenrs exfended a hand of approval Toward 'rhe new judiciary sysfern complele wiih Chief Jusrice, prosecuring commiriee, and judiciary commiriee, and rhus siudenr governmenf fools a signiiicani slride. The Siudeni Body Consliruiion underweni a "laceIil+ing" iob in order rhar rhere mighl be more class parriciparion in acriviries. To enliven inreresr in baslqerball season, musical enferfainmenr was premiered by 'rhe "5rrawhaHers" in rhe Gymnasium. Mr. Diablo was a pioneer ol ihe VVes+ern high schools in irs aifempr lo record 'rhe school's year on a Teleboolc. Even The seniors were no longer conieni To hold ro The 'rheme of rheir annual Senior Varieiy Show. They presenied an Exlravaganza, "Carnival Capers." Our rich heriiage Tom pasr Diablo years has been enriched rhis year, 54-55, and changed by The life process of adding new lradirions 'ro rhe old iradiiions. Baskeiball crowds sway fo The ioyful nofes of fhose "crazy" Srrawhafters. KP 'TW' dedication aff 6 S .1 as K We caughf fha fini smile of a fafhcr March 29 when Mr. Har? Ch Falrclough learned of the arrlval of his 8 pound baby daugh-lor. El 6' Q, Modern ideas which have been pul lo praclical use in Diablo school life 'roday-on lhe campus and in aclivilies-are fhere, greally 'rhrough 'rhe ellorls of Mr. Harl Fair- clough. Under his leadership. +he Rally Commilslee has profiled from his refreshing ideas. The card s+un+s . . . our song leading Devileffes . . . changing league rules 'ro permil bands al baskefball games . . . all 'rhese were 'rhe resull of his eflorls. ln whafever field he parficipalesz as a leacher, adviser. or coach, he does so wifh lhe u+mos'r enfhusiasm and imaginalion. As a lolcen of our apprecialion, er ore, we dedicale lhis iablo f WWQ Aft, My '55 'ro Mr. l-lar+ Fairclough. W fc 5 u 2 i I Q , , 5 I I ' 5 . A 1 X I? if Q sgiik N , N Q H VM fs 'Aw . -1 f 1 was 53: H,- A-'3' g05ga2'?i?w1-r :ar iisfff wg? Q I I I E . num, ..,. f 'I 3 LX if X Q , it Qi 2 , KX -L. 31 E5 vm ily ii I ' A Si' 55 if, - , Jr K, ' A A . Q A I - ' 'Qi' "fi: W, ,igwz . -4- -N . 1 QI jr' 1 . IW Qs- Xawifixvw, K, . .W EEQEIN , Q ,A I I. James W. Denl, superinlendenf of lhe Ml. Diablo Unified School Disfricf, sils al fhis desk far inlo lhe nighls planning for lhe lulure schools of lhe disfricf. superin'renden'r's message The school year I954-55 has seen conlinued growlh in lhe Ml. Diablo Unilied School Dislricl and a large increase in lhe number ol high school sludenls. lo meel lhis growlh new schools are needed. Nexl lall 400 Diablans will be lranslerred lo lhe new high school in lhe norlhern parl ol our dislricl. As lhe years roll on, new high schools will be conslrucled in lhe Claylon Valley and Ygnacio Valley areas. Ml. Diablo l-ligh School will conlinue lo be a large school as lhe new campuses are being developed. ll is expecled lhal lhe presenl Diablo enrollmenl ol Ferd Kiesel, personnel and inslruclion assislanl superinlendenl, and Owen Cook. business and fransporlalion assislanl superinlendenl, may well wrinkle brows over the problems ahead. 2,200 sludenls will increase lo 2.800 or more wilhin lhe nexl len years. By lhal lime lhere will be live high schools in our dislricl, and many new adiuslmenls will have had lo be made. ll is hoped lhal lvll. Diablo l-ligh will conlinue lo mainlain lhe lradilionally high slandards ol sporls- amnship, scholarship, and cilizenship which have pre- vailed lhrough lhe years. Ml. Diablo musl be lhe "big brolhern ol our new schools and conlinue lo sel lhe example lor lhe resl ol lhe dislricl. The Board of Truslees have only smiles for the future. They are, silfinq lefl lo righl: Mrs. Clark Wigef, Mr. Arnold Biork,'Mr. Oscar Larson, presidenlg Mr. Harmon Welsh and Mrs. Doris Loveridqe. F'T . 1. Q foxfx, 6 nf.,-,Q Y .J if C1-AQ M-VY, f,.1L,v Y v X., C1-f 4q1i .f.C'7',4xLw vc. Q-1, Y L 1-fb K-f X CLC?-1 li K i-v'L,CQi 2 MX EMW. ffl Xfwftl x wVL L,,x.fCi,f QR Qui USN" Q:fJ1fc Q C1 ML i A' ' LL , X! x 4-VD W S4762 463 fx V LQ fx f 4 Wvq LVM ' LJQXAJAZ0' UE! JVVXQ-J J Q2 ,DL M we wwa U , VXGNV! GL, VCQWMX MJ Q5 C'-Q -'Nwvfbfkoy LJ CLK xt'-,Q fl, v"f"'1' M5 ' we mf' xnxx f",ff. ' - l , H N 1 M' Fill .3 X M-...N..k...,, N, Mx-W,-...Q 'I' 'Ill , 'E I, ' 5, l A ' . W vw , f X A L15 k ix - 1 X 2 3 i. it IQ' - .H 2 Q N, ., 5.,?1gi .q,4i H Aff- Q4 N Q' 6: f 5.6 li vc., N s t v Fr S rf QV .1 L X-k ' , s , N.. - H .fran ,. R " f K .YL-A Q 'Q fl' .ff, .L""h'f?'?-5 ' .."' ww-ff - V -if . sv v g A I 'Y 5+ -v "T!'W."" . 55:7 fy I . lv .' 'yu fig l A ' 1 , ' W . 45, s ,' - . V , :., .15 -,:, ., .. " " ' 'X JE: 1 A ' if ja -.., A- 2 . W A - V .,, .I .. .I B 44-1 A M A k li 'X 1 N . N '1 4 I w 4 X Mym News reporlers inlerview Vice-Presidenl Richard M. Nixon al lhe polirical rally held Kool noles inspired lhis year's baskelball games under Mr. James in The Diablo Gym Oclober IB, Sludenls in charge of class piclures show off physical allribules during lhe slack lime. A bird's-eyc view ol Diablo's "jewels" Mr, James Denl sils in conference wilh archilecls and confrac- tors planning lhe new Pacifica High. I 2 Arnold's balon. rl ,+- s- I S Dan Pin1enlel's car is being zwnr-In nzifrr by aulomolive onlhusia from lhe aulo shop class. Miss Mariorie Silva and Mr. Morlon Ely elecled faculty represenlafives, sal in on administrative and slal'l meelinqs lhis year and brouqhl lhe word back lo The faculty. S 5 Af, . K ' ' is . M 3 F ' " f wglt gg Q R Q, 5 X- yy, a,x,,rh . A YY N As fy X W Wgfgfd-11 . Q S' 1 J 5, . gg x . 4 , K- 'Q W 'N . ,:-q S J MQ! , ' ' .px .S Qbclx A 21 :Ai: V:-if K by 1 if b K 2 ' ' f 5 15 ', RY' ' ' f N 1 i H952 .ia . Q' ff' ., VXJKF iw: ,f f,-3' 'fy-'fs sf "' 9 , 'Q 'Ai ln sw,-ff -an Q' F 52535 ,ASL ' 1- ga :Qu UQ-xg, ,AQ v ' 41 "' E ' si iw 1. -ii-15 ' Y Q? -,ff S in ig L gvw-Q as ,Nl 'ww Behind The scenes of ihe ferm play, members of lhe makeup "work deliqenfly" fo rqady the casf. Enfire casl of "The Man Who Came To Dinner," lakes a final bow, Drama class puls on The Chrisfmas pageanl for fhe assembly. Diablo Scrap Book composed of various club acts made up the Clubs' Assembly. Bank ol America has pr'-sen'ed lhe following awards lo: Tom Ready, liberal arlsg Jay Terry, fine arlsg Maralyn Marshall, science and mathe- malicsg and Janice Daly, vocalional arls. Janice Daly a sludenl and gourmel, received The Home Economics award in March. In December, Kay Olander, a popular person- alily around our campus, and yearbook edilor, was presenled wilh lhis year's Daughfer of lhe American Revolution award. Dick Small, lhe composer of "Scream and Honk" holds his lamous trombone, The "Young Man Wilh A Horn," Jay Terry, is also vice-presiclenf of The Senior Class of '55. Fred Hanson won fhe privilege of compeling in the Bausch Lomb Science Scholarship Award. The Varsifonians, Diab- lo's own dance band, spoiliqhf Dick Small and his famous from- bone. Couples af the fresh- man dance, "Harvesf Moon," were in semi- formal moods. BI' Chrisimas formal couples posed before ihe candy canes with Bilf Leafh adding 'Phe Iosf-man look io the group. E 5 ki? C95 I The besf sporfs clothe: wer wor fo Yh in- E I'l E formal dances. When Dick Small or Jay Terry were singled wiih fheir horns, all dancinq sfopped and "their pub- lic" iusf iisfened as the couples did here. The '54-'55 crop of dances ieafured iive enfernbles and bands, and each had a record aiiendance. Mosr irosh iooic advaniage oi rhe gei- aciiuainied 'rherne of ihe firsi dance, "Le+'s Dance." Fooiioali fans were invired To ihe firsi +wo- hour offer-game dance, "Roo+ers' Rhyihmf' Before Chrisimas ihe Sophomores used fheir imaginarions io change rhe Gym info a 'ipopf perminr Palacefi Diablos Varsiionians made ihnir dance deioui shorily afrer ihe Jrurn of The new year a+ 1-he Sadie Hawkins Dance. Laier ihey played for +he Valenrine dance, "Cuoid's Capers" and ihe Block Us annual dance, 'Nighr of Knighisf' April 22 saw 'rhe Juniors pay hornaqe ro sorinq ar rheir prom, "Garden in rhe Rain." The year ended v,iih The Seniors' Grand Bali, "Fanfa5ia." I7 'UW W www 'I M: fr mug- pw 'ON -an f Q ' W t l 'Rf ,UBB ' :Siva ,aw ,Q . WPS SQDHDTEW9' fs... Q..- --is.. The school work coordinaior, ihe man wiih a iob in his files is Mr. Milan Wight The face back of ihe "voice with a smile" af ihe swifchboard belongs fo Mrs. Verlene Wesfbrook. Year affer year after year, Diablo's flowers have been planfed, frees pruned, grass mowed and fhe fall leaves gafhered by fhis same man-Mr. Luigi Pino. Compleled in 1950 was lhe ullramodern gymnasium whose soulh side carries lhe name Girls' Gym, and whose norfh side carries The name Boys' Gym. 'rhe clays of our years were spen A campus is somelhing lilce a lairground al leslival lime. One remembers The people, bul one also re- members lhe buildings which housed lhe people and lheir acrivilies. So il is wilh Diablo. Each building cups a memory for you. Maybe for you and you il's a lab in lhe Science Building, or a The pioneer Diaboliles will remember ihis building as tlw xrlmnl in lhe early l900's, lf is now almosl solely used fo house lhe dislricl ad- minislrafors. A new addilion lo The campus, lhe English Building was complefed in I936. The school en- rollmenf Thar year had risen ro a new high of 65l sludenfs. lool room in lhe Shop Buildings, cr a cerlain room in rhe Academic Building which delighls your personal lasle. Or again Theres an exercise room in lhe Boys' or Girls' Gym where you found physical lilness, or you enlered your own commercial world in lhe Com' mercial Building, or you found lilerary pleasure in lhe , X V The greenhouse, the latest addition to the Diablo campus, was built during the summer of l954 to house future campus shrubs and flowers. fe... English Builclinq. Or aqain. il might be llwal the Pxcl- ministration Building haunts you for various reasons. Whatever il' is which reminds you ol this year, you can loe sure one of these buildinqs was a "prop" as il has been lo school-generations before you. The Commercial Building was added to the Diablo campus in l940 due to increase of student population. Unique in modern design, the Academic Building completed in I950, is one of DiabIo's most attractive in student opinion. The Science Building was compounded in the gay '20s. Wood and Metal Shops built in 1950 streamlined our campus a bit more. WW, ,Y N , 4f ffwMfJfm27 Jfyyw fu ,Z3Caf444AfbJMfvffL. za H JWWKQLZW JQJ 9 X counselors.. SENIOR COUNSELORS Mr. Pau! Sfoner, Mrs. Eloise Honeff JUNIOR COUNSELORS Mr. Jack Ferrari, special Mrs. Dororhy Henderson, Mrs. Ioia O'Gradv SOPHOMORE COUNSELORS Mrs. Vera Monroe, Mr. Norman Kesfner Miss Evelyn Mumma, Mr. Elmer Sundquisi, special FRESHMAN COUNSELORS Miss Helen Courfrighf, Miss Margaref McCradie Mr. Jack Smullen MR. MARTIN OLAVARRI Head Counselor ROW I, leff io right: Mr. Orville Beufel, lndus- frial Arls, Mr. Harry Kublin, lnduslrial Arfs, Mr. Fred Mohr, lnduslrial Arls. ROW 2: Mr. Slanley Miller, Industrial Arls, Mr. Joseph Rulzavina, lndusirial Arfs, Mr. Anfhony Vidalr, lnduslrial Arls. ROW l, lefi Commercial, Miss Miriam ofhy Jacobus. Commercial. mercial' Mr lo righi: Miss Helen Courlrighf, Miss Leora Bishop, Commercial, Robbins, Commercial, Miss Dor- Commercial, Miss Barbara Kemp, ROW 2: Mr. Milan Wighf, Com- Curfis Woodruff Commerciali Miss Dorothy Dodge, Commercial, Mr. Pau Sioner, Science, Mr. George Barber, Com- mercial. facl ROW l, left io righi: Mrs. Dorothy Henderson, Science, Mr. William Toaspern, Science, Miss Ruih Nivens, Maihemaiics. ROW 2: Mr. Alex Gorbenko, Drivers' Education, Mr. Rufus Johns son, Science, Mr. John Rienharf, Maihemaiics, Mr. Jonalhan Warren, Science. 1,- ,,.. 'lll 'P in ,.,,.,.,."""', Q ,... . " f i3 1g ,, .,.: - xrgt , ....,.,,. r .. - 1 ,fy 3 A it 'll' 1 , -- ROW l, leff io righl: Mrs. Eloise Honei, Eng- lish, Miss Rosemary Wiegner, English, Mrs. Mary Lumpkin, English. ROW 2: Miss Catherine Yoell, English, Miss Alma Couchman, English: Mr. William Riggle, English. enum: an TY ROW I, lei? lo right: Mrs. Helen Lum, English, Miss Margarel McCradie, English, Mrs. Hildred Garrison, English. ROW 2: Mr. Charles Oakley, English, Mr. Jack Ferrari, English, Mr. James Pierce, English, Mr. Elmer Sundquisf, English, Mr. Harold Godchaux, English. ROW I, leff fo righf: Mr. Waller Kelson, Sci- enceg Mr, Roberf Fulfon, Drivers' Education, Miss Margarei Muff, Science, Miss Joyce Waud, Homemakingg Mrs. Virginia Newcomb, Homemaking. ROW 2: Mrs. Elvera Curless, Homemakingg Mr. Norman Kesiner, Drivers' Educaiiong Mr. George Pedraui, Drivers' Edu- caiiong Mr. George Armsirong, Drivers' Edu- cafion: Mrs. Adah Head, Homemaking. ROW I, lefi lo righl: Miss Marge Silva, Ari, Miss Frieda Haas, Language, Miss Miriam Rob- bins, Languaqeg Mrs. Norma Lavelle, Lan- guage, Mrs. Vera Monroe, Social Siudies. ROW 2: Miss Ruih Galindo, Language: Mr. George Prall, Music, Mr. Jack Biedermann, Ari, Mr. Aldo Bianchi, Ari, Mrs, lola O'Grady, Language, Miss Hilda Ransom, Music. --i fe Qpwnlxs . ROW I, lei? lo righi: Mr. Archie McEwinq, Mafhemalicsg Mr. Jack Smullen, Malhemafics. ROW 2: Mr. Hari Fairclough, Maihemafics, Mr. Loyd Moore, Maihemalicsg Mr. Darrel Wesiover, Mafhemalics. CUC fn , S. ik , F3 a LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Jessie Falconer, Girls' P.E,g Mrs. Belly Nikkel, Girls' P.E., Mrs. Bar- bara Colvin, Girls' P.E., Miss Belly Hawk, Nurse, Mrs. Shirley Krueger, Girls' P.E., Mrs. Jean Cumming, Girls' P.E. ROW I, lell' lo righl: Mrs. Belly Courlney, Social Sludiesg Mrs. Norma While, Social Studies, Miss Joan Murphy, Social Sludies. ROW 2: Mr. Morlon Ely, Social Sludiesg Mr. Fury Dalla, Social Studies, Mr. Leslie Dunnells, Social Sludiesg Mr. Henry Guslafson, Social Sludiesg Mr. Lawrence Muckey, Social Sludiesg Mr. George Perry, Social Sludies. facully ROW l, leff lc righl: Miss Elhel Brubaker Librarian, Mrs. Marion Early, English. ROW 2 Mr. Terry McDaniel, lnduslrial Arlsg Mr. Rober Klinq, Commercial, Mr. Donald Johnsfone, In duslrial Arls. Miss Myrlle Williamson, nn piclured. " 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. James Millard, Boys' P.E., Mr. Les Williams, Boys' P.E., Mr. Charles Karp, Boys' P.E,g Mr. Orval Sleffen, Boys' P.E., Mr. Anlhony Maze, Boys' P.E. , ' 'Timm M-- cuslodians BUS DRIVERS-ROW I, lefl 'lo righl: Jean- elle Davis, secrelary, Bilie Whifney, Flor- ence Harvey, Willa Keith, Myrlle Beau- champ, Marlha Websler, Mary Phyllis Brad- ley. ROW 2: Kennelh Gilliam, supervisor, Orville Gray, Bill Moore, Jerry Barry, Les Eddy, Wally Lee. CUSTODIANS-ROW l, left 'lo righl: Ed- ward Roberfs, Alberl Lupori, Mary Flefcher, Joe Somogyi, John Pulas. ROW 2: Luigi Pino, Frank Lieby, Fred Haviland, head cus- lodiang Lynn Sfucker. SECRETARIES, left lo riqhl: Eunice Malhe- son, Rose Widmer, Thelma Pimenlel, Dollie Millan, Pauline Bechfold, Olive Beelar, Kalherine Johnson, Mickey Bozarlh. COOKS, lefl 'lo right Barbara Meeks, Flor- ence Olander,Juani1a Swanson, Erica Goll- lieb, Helen Leunser. -JL BILL LEATH JAY TERRY CAROL STONEKING DAVE HARMECEK Senior Class Prosidenf Senior Class Vice-PresidenT Senior Class Secrelary Senior Class Represe fa? e seniors "No loiTeringl" were orders issued by Senior Service members in low bass voices as well as in mezzo-soprano. They waved Their arms, sTopped underclassmen To issue ciTaTions, or scared liTTle Trosh, in performing Their duTies as guardians of The campus byways. Now somebody has blown The whisTle on Them. Senior loiTering days are no more Tor The class oT '55, BuT They had a busy, Tun year wiTh Bill LeaTh as presidenT: Jay Terry, vice-president Carol STonelcing, secreTary-Treasurer: and Dave l-larmecelc, represenTaTive. Then They had advisers To consulT abouT The eTiqueTTe or The price or The order Term. These included: lvlrs. BeTTy CourTney, Mr. LesTer Dunnells, Mrs. Eloise l'loneTT, lvlrs. Virginia Newcomb. Mr. Charles Karp and lvlr. Charles Oakley. They also had counselors who prodded Them inTo The correcT schedules-Mrs. l-loneTT and lvlr. George SToner. On The social side They had banqueTs, varieTy show, picnics, career planned days. and a Senior Ball To remember. One oT Their members was inviTed To apply Tor a spoT on ThaT Top coasT Team which plays Tor The Shriners in Los Angeles in The Tall, one Dan Colchico. This was a year They will remember. MRS VIRGINIA NEWCOMB MRS. ELOISE HONETT MRS. BETTY COURTNEY Senior Adviser Senior Adviser Senior Adviser MR. CHARLES KARP MR. LESLIE DUNNELLS MR. CHARLES OAKLEY Senior Adviser Senior Adviser, Chairman Senior Adviser 1. my s- sf- I if? X V S it , f - 'FHS fs? , tiff Y. Af . vii!!! 'gg' Q x J-A Hnv L X x may .1 AQ . , ,,f.-aw E FS Mx ,Q A - . 1: SR 1 x Ni k S X lr ' "" 3 ' X k .. N Q f ii 1 ,www ali' . XX AQ5 a . gf ? V if ' X 5 ' V AW if QQ? E ff? , Mx X .R A x ,3 I, -fwf., 1 n . it 1L -- : .N - W ' A Y.: .. W ' I 5'Ne I K R abid S, . .W E vb X iii' if L5 xx NN Wx ,f ffggzf Q ,Mk 2333 HT " , 1 Z ,-, ,ZW - f 3 31::::"L ,w :fa X , , .- L 'v Y' . cr ,,- A A?-N Xmi ' is? It 1 K.. it -16 o Sify ff' ghif. 4 ,Y 5, X .,. L V , JK xf MQ ', , A Q1 if , maj? A?Bf1Q7Qjf4'L54Eg, 155515 Y , . ff 'Zim V715 Ag , is - .mf K- X i X QQ il eel X A X V ,Z SX N ., Q A B .. - ' M . x , .5 it W my 1 24 A -fs F55 ???Q:L,f,Q3ig .W x 255' ap: A ,..,.... ,333 9 ,Q Z, f' 'Z X, , 5 2 ,,,, -V 1- .fx Q x it A in Q, gm .AE A ' Q . S . x x ,, "fl . -f K gg, -'-' ' 1 -Qs. ' -' ..,, Fi.- Gf ' ,s-.- ' . I k . X :a-z.Es:, 1 : I if X N: ..,.. ,. . XM i ' - Ei , x -5 Y i f f 3, , , i M fa 'Q L X 59' N TM . .. , ':!j.f.- WE' , ,. -' ,-e:. . : Wg' , 1 :.' :: 4,57 4 Qi " T 'Zag . ff x .', N X 1 x f -Q Q 1 wiiwsiq ms' af' 4, .J L. K V, f 41. .,g,. 1 H V . T, W 1 S ' f nv W 5. . X A ,ig P . .A i -r XM N gays: b 'aaxgif mms- ,, . Sy , X:x, A ,, 1 sf Km?-.f 1 may A fa- 14+ . . X X AS S8609 S A Q J ' "'f""' as f ,AW mf' ww, iq N T 'R 5 ft k Qx X WHL I .M ,z Qi 5' , 3, vp' F- ' ' :cf ff '- ,, if W ' . , ' -.arg . if-' 1 V Q K x 'A Q P- ,V A, ,EL .,., N, CL: v ww " Q 12 31 1 . , 1 Q .5 15. 1 5 , 4152 . we ,y x Aa Arg? - E gf ill ' , Y Y L, xx Q 4 K , .. if A 'I 4 . 246' K, a v fm . -'F ',"zr',.: ' W ' s 1 A i2-?Ew4 - 1 -.21 ' X 1 'N' Q XF, W I ,asf V A i KES? E C M , ,.3,ff,B,gMi Fi sk My 3.2 555 165 -3.15 jg, ,:h EZQSSQ' 'T iff" If , L- 4 Wifi 1 , -Sie Y 'X ' A f 1 40 - ' , He' ag., x x nv ..,.1 , 'MDR ' F 25.9 W wswxk Q? -,, ,y ,A W I 555: my .5 - ,E jfv..gf4V- -, ,L Y, fl 3 1 w ff-s L f XX ww cw? ,Re i 2 ' .avid ' A Q- L k ,Rig , .:.,... , W4 .aw " A, aw, 1 L , N' , . A -Q. AM ,Un 6 75:1 V , 14 if-1113 W Si: v ff M 1 3 . H f . W. 5 R 'S K i f x i XSS, I MA? MN' A 4 ,- we X X lf wi? 9? N mv i 4 Fig, V V -va, 1-,. -ff: A 5. Q ..,, f M QW. WQQBQYJW E .k X xx warg Lf ' Rf. mx :GSE A i 2 f wud I -F., QS an I Y fb E, , 'M N 4 ,, Q f ' Y M f ' Q if -9 ff : ' M N . N x X' D6 ,K x . Wvifcgggif., 1 ,, f M 1 EY Egtmf Q :W , - X fx S ., , Y XM - f X Q11 ' vi 'fvssgi f gg gsv. QQ X S. -"' . X H W X X Q + A 5 6 ig gg 5 X he.. h w:-' ,M gx X X K 5 it H ff,g,.1,gg ' E fl, V Q R, X ,1 , , X S., ..., W ,ff W 1 4 m w . L faffwv , -, -we f my QR ' YL ' ' I ,5,g,J gi -MH 1 Q, MM: W H X A ,?2f1w.::?X.. We 1, 6 x,.,QM ATE, 5.1 4 v E ....., I K! -. P fi 2 1225: , W: ,, . K 5 21,1 X w , . , m -a..-an .ui x new 2 ' V : X xiw M590 x 4-Sy 832557 5 SNR I . f V 0 , M 1 'Ti' H gwgx X M., . mgqr , Q A a 'YK M Q me Hg, A P K 'I' 1 Y Y gef- " ff , F A , A Q K Q9 . V .Q M , A -ff Q sJ" la Q W I f Bill Jackson Diablo News Charlie Johnson Band Orchestra Woodshop Walter Kaiser A Varsity Gymnastics Vice President of C Jim Kelly Football Swimming Block "D" 42 .S,F. Jerry Jackson Charlotte Louise Johnson Senior Ball Steering Committee Modern Dance Water Ballet Mary Taeko Kanagaki F.B.L,A. G.A.A. Honor Society Mary Louise Kennedy A Cappella Choir Commercial Club Mariorie Jeffrey F.B.L.A. Commercial Club Senior Sales Barbara Jordon A Cappella Choir Ensemble Sales and Finance Committee Marg Keith F. .L.A. G.A.A. Commercial Club Geraldine Kennon Senior Variety Sho Chairman Sword and Baubhe Sales and Finance Committee W William Jeffrey Advanced Band Beverly Justice G.A.A. Modern Dance Pep Club Noel L. Kello g Chess and Checkers Club Machine Shop lV Auto Shop James F. Kiqer Senior Student Adviser Psychology X Senior Banquet Committee Vikie Lynn Jewell Rosalie Justice F.B.L,A. Margaret Ann Kelley Girls' Representative Modern Dance Dance Committee Charles Kirkwood Woodshop Senior Service Mechanical Drawing gsm fi Charlene Lepins Diablo News Senior Sales Pauline Lorenger Chorus Judy Macey Rally Commillee Sword and Bauble Dance Commillee David Marlzle A Varsily Turnbllnq House of Represenlalivcs Senior Service Bob Lichli Senior Service Hi-Y Track Rosalyn Loving Senior Variel Snow A Cappella Choir House of Represenlalives Joan Machado Junior Class Secretary Senior Cabinel A Senior Picnic Cornrnllle' Enedine de Anda Marquez F.B.L.A. Secrelary Senior Service Sales and Finance Commillee Bill Lillorno Baseball House of Rcpresenlalivcs l.W.E. Shirley Ann Ludricks F.B.L.A. G-,A.A. Hosless Club Henry Maior, Jr. Aulo Shop Maralyn Marshall C.S.F. President Rally Commillee Dance Commillco Barbara Logan Commercial Club G.A.A. l.W.E. Janel Rae Ludwig Hosloss Club Junior Rod Cross F.B.L.A. Charles Manery James L. Mason Diving Pholo Club Trent R. Logan C.S.F. Gymnnslics Senior Sludenl Adviser William Vlncenl Macchi C.S.F. Senior Sale-s Senior Service Suzelle Mae Manwill G.A.A. F.B.L.A. Yearbook Sidney Mason A Cappella Choir Ensemblrr 5 P 44 3 s ? I F QE Margaret Edith Matheson A Cappella Choir Domitilo "Don" Mendez Industrial Arts House of Representatives George Moorhouse Football Baseball Diving JaLMurphree ymnastics Football Auto Shop Norma Jean Matlock F.B,L.A. l.W.E. Sales and Finance Committee Shirley Ann Mierzwik F.B.L.A. Sales and Finance Committee Diablo News Franco Jesse Mora l.W.E. Woodshop House of Representatives Charles Nance Dolores McCreary Anna Mary Miller Senior Student Adviser A Cappella Choir Secretary GAA. Jim Morehouse Gymnastics Auto Shop Patricia H. Nelson Cap and Gown Chairman F,B.L.A. Sales and Finance Committee William J. McGregor Student Council Basketball Block "D" William John Miller A Cappella Choir President Ensemble Sophomore Service Ann Catherine Moresco C.S,F. Commercial Club Cap and Gown Committee Ralph Nichols Sherry Lyn McGuire Senior Announcements Committee Senior Variety Show Rally Committee Isabel Mims G.A,A. Cabinet Rally Committee Commercial Club Robena Morris F.B.L.A. Sales and Finance Committee Honor Society Margaret Faye Nicklaus GAA, Language Clubs Rally Committee 45 Richard Noerenberq naslretball Baseball Block "D" Kay Louise Olander Diablo '55 Editor Modern Dance Senior Cabinet Lynda J. Parker Orchestra Sword and Bauble- G.A.A. Patricia L. Paulson Junior Class Representative Band G.A.A. 46 Lloyd Gordon Novinger Band Orchestra Football Janice Shirley Oldershaw Music Club Ensemble I Junior Service Bill Parscal Tumbling Machine Shop Welding Shop Jeanne Pergrim G.A.A. Sa les and Pina nce Committee Diablo News Wayne Novinger Band Norbert Olivera Metal Shop Band Track Stephen M. Patterson Football Block "D" Diablo '55 Gordon Peterson Track Band C.S.F. Executive Co rnrnittee Daniel F, Null Turriblinq Band Dance Band Pat Oseletto F.B,L.A. Senior Banouet Committee Sales and Finance- Committee Burt Paulson Diablo News Editor Track Junior Class President Joan Elaine Phillips Sales and Finance Committee Sword and Bauble House of Representatives Secretary Bettie Odom Modern Dance G.A.A. Hi Powers Dan Owen Football Basketball Term Play Edward Mathias Paulson Block "D" Orchestra Track Claudette Phipps Diablo '55 GAA. Paula Pierce Music Club Choir Sue Ellen Price Senior Boll Commillem' Senior Service Modern Dante Fred Ramey Band Honor Sociely Melal Shop Marline Jane Reilzel G.A.A. A Cappella Choir Alberl P. Pierson Block "D" Swimminq Lydia Ann Promessi Junior Service Modern Dance F.B.L.A. Thomas J. Ready Sludenl Body Presidenl Block "D" C.S,F. Nancy Marie Ricelli F.B,L.A. Parliamenlarian Senior Sales Sales and Finance Commirlee Dan Pimenlel Silver "D" Socicly Band Aufo Shop Roberl Quigley Baseball Bill Reed Baslcelball Slagecrall Charla Rider GJNA. Spanish Club Book Club JoAnn Pincliney Cv.A.A. Don Quigley Swimmlnq Track Tennis JoAnn Reeves Diablo '55 Subscripli GAA. Waller Rieger Baslcelball Baseball on Manager June Poller A Cappella Choir Glvc- Club GAA. Diane G. Racine Commissioner ol S Aliairs C.S.F. GAA. Cabinel Mary Ellen Regesler Commercial Club Sr-nior Servicr- l,W,E. Jerry M. Robbins F.B.L.A. Treasurer Sales and Financi- Commillee Honor Society ui 47 ld fv- F15 Wm ' ' i , ,,.f 'io-ef 5 Jerry Robinson Baseball Waldlnq Shop Molol Shop Harry Rulh Diablo News Paqe Ecliloi ior B1ll Cornmillec Sen K House of Roprescnlalivv-. Richard Anfoney Savage Maxwell F. Scruggs Diablo News O.W.E. 48 William E. Rood Boys' Represenlaliye Block "D" President Foolball Kalhleen Sal? Sword and Bauble Secrelary Junior Slalesrnen Secrefary Senior Variely Show Joyce Caroline Schaefer Dance Commillee Modern Dance Diablo '55 Cherie Ann Seaman Program Commissioner Sword and Bauble Sales and Finance Commillee Dolores Marie Rose F.B.L.A. Senior Announcemenls Chairman Junior Prom Comrnillee Mary Sanliago Transfer from San Ramon High Chorus Cafeleria LaVerne Scharper G.A.A. F.B.L.A. A Cappella Choir Terry Seeno Gymnaslics Senior Service Spanish Club George Rose Helen Ruslames Senior Service Commercial Club Junior Service Spanish Club Don Sanlos Lyle Saunders l,W,E, Track Diablo '55 Cross-Counlry Sharon Rae Schwarlz Linda Kafhleen Scofl F.B.L.A. Band GJKA. Senior Ball Cornrnillee Vivian O. Seib James Servenli G-,A,A. Commissioner ol Sales l.W.E. and Finance A Cappella Choir Bleek "D" Secretary Senior Sludenl Advise' fi?-Q 1 J md' had ,Ni X .H - XM NS .-.4 Maya, Q ,N ! ,, '., , . Q. W fi? ij, - . 1- ., ,g w, z ,v N 5 -J w. w. .,., 'ze U ,mu Carol Sloneking Semin' Clnws Sv: ivlriiy Sr-iiior Sluilenl Auviserr C.S.l-, Patricia A. Tale Snlvs :mil liimiii Yloiiiiiiillm- l,B.l.A. Quill "D" Soi iiilw' H L Valorie Louis Terry G.A.A. Diablo '53 Ari Club Billie VaDare Trimble Head Sonqlcallf-i Modern Dario- Seriior Service 50 George Ward Sfoner Hr-ad Yell Lender Bnskelball Siiirlrinl Couiifil Owen G. Taylor Diablo Nrlwa. Janel Elaine Tod Modern Duncr- Seriior Ball Corririii Diablo News Phil Turner Diablo News Piiolo Club C.A.P.C. Carl .l. Slruby Yell Leader Block "D" Gvrvinusslics Flora Terrell GAA. Coiriiiii,-rciril Club Gail Vernell Tollefson Rally Coriirriillec- Senior Service Housc' ol Represenlniiven Ed Ulrich Foolball Basketball Baseball J. Manuel Taranqo Dfablo News Ausfin Terry Barbara Tomilson Rally Comrnillee Senior Service House oi Represenlalives William Karel Van Baqqen 'Dance Cornmillee Senior Service Senio' Sluclenl Adviser Ben Tarver lramlflr Sludenl Jay DeWiH Terry Dance Band Foolbnll Senior Clase. View Pisuir Jane! G. Tompkins Senior Service Senior Ball Commillee Educalion Club Helen Vasquez GAA. Choral Commercial Club 5 nf X 010 .xx W' 5 2 3 mf: ...-...L M... QA ' - "2 wig 2 ' .4 '- " wi , 1 fn , ?Q'Bff"f?u fr ,fy ff? ' Nix- ..,4, 'wif A-.a F Don Wilson Diablo '55 Aclverlising Manager Senior Variely Show House ol Represenlafives JoAnne Woerner Sales and Finance Commiilee Commercial Club 52 Mabel Wilson A Cappella Choir G-lee Club Drama Dwane Woods Glaws Mary Youles I. .E. Glee Club Bill Winniford Term Play Drama Everefl Lee Wrighf Grefa Younqberq Presidenf of G.A.A. Rally Commiflee Senior Announcements Commiflee Hlrrisll' Zimmerman Drama Robin Lou Winlerhaller Transfer from Ohio Cheerleader for 3 years A Cappella Choir 4 years Wilma Geraldine Wrigh? 6.A.A. Sales and Finance Commiffee Commercial Club Roberl Youni Machine Shop IV David Elmon Wiseman Silver "D" Sociery Science Club Chemislry X Deanna Adel Wylie 6.A.A. Commercial Club Senior Announcemenls Commillee Camera Shy seniors whose faces do no? appear in lhe senior album are from Ieff fo righl: Mike Faia, Lee Fisher, .lack Waflerson. ROW 2: Belly Burch- field, Pa? Esluesla, Eladio Marlinel, Maureen Shea, Vivian Mabry and Mar- garet Ingram. Making lhe Senior Banquel and Career Day a success were Carol Kochevar and ffalhy Laub bancuelg Julie Fore and Bill Macchi fnol picluredl, Career Day. C.S,F, Gold Seal Bearers are Cathy Laub, Julie Casagrande, Maralyn Mar- shall, Virginia Vaughn, sealed, Carole Dawn Lee, Fred Hanson, Waller Kaiser, Kay Olander, slanding. -bu! ill . X- rim' . I- 4 wx as-.., .,-5, ,, ,,..,, a v wow SENIOR TRAFFIC COMMITTEE lin Ihe crosswalkl: Bill Kran, Jay Terry, Julia Casagrande, Margarel Kelley, Gary England, Kay Olander, Gordon Pelerson SENIOR LOITERING COMMITTEE - ROW I, lei? Io right: Carole Souder, Nina Vowels, Carole Lee, Bill Gahr, Barbara Harlinq, Bill Van Baggen. ROW 2: JoAnn Reeves, Carl Sfruby, Dick Small, Cherie Seaman, Jackie Bass, Gloria Bolognia, Bob Lichil. ROW 3: Rosalind Fowler, Carol Kochevar, Jerre De Rosa, Diane Racine, Neal Essary, Sfan Lauderbach, Earl Humphrey, James Kiqer, Phil Chavez, Sid Simms, Russel Gobel, SENIOR BUS COMMITTEE, lefl fo righl: Marqarel Hamill, George Rose, Bar- bara Tornilson, David Merkel, Bessie Fleming, Tren? Logan, Belly Chrisp, Julie Fore, Bill Macchi, JoAnn Vreonis, Karen Farrow, Waller Kaiser, Virginia Vaughn, Sandy Coleman, Pal Spangler, Carol Sloneking. ON BUS: Billie Trim- ble, Roberfa Lallin, Robena Morris, and Mary Reqesler. SENIOR CABINET - ROW l, leff lo righl: Virginia Vaughn, Roberla Lallin, Bessie Fleming, Joan Machado, Kay Olander, Sherry Shoulls, Gleneife Fair- field. ROW 2: Shelby Higgins, Dan Col- chico, Bill Van Baggen, Slan Lauder- bach. SENIOR STUDENT ADVISERS-ROW l, lefl fo righl: Jay Terry, Bill Leafh, Bill Rood, Sid Simms, Sid Smifh. ROW 2: Belly Chrisp, Diane Racine, Yvonne Blyfh, Barbara Harling, Carole Lee, Glenelle Fairfield, Gerry Kennon, Paffy Slrvorak, Anna Miller, John Bengslcn ROW 3: Bill Macchi, Sherry Shoulis, Virginia Vaughn, Carol Sfonelring, Bes- sie Fleming, Julia Casagrande, Mar- garel Kelley, Carolyn Hand, Dick Small, Kay Olander, Karen Farrow, James Kiger. ROW 4: Tren? Logan, Gary England, Neil Francis, Roy Hill, Bill Van Baqgen, Gordon Peferson, Jim Ser' venfi, Dorsey Allison, George Sloner. SENIOR COUNCIL - ROW l, leff fo righf: Diane Racine, sludenl adviser for senior ball commilfeeg Jackie Bass, sen- ior ball chairmang Virginia Vaughn, senior ball vice-chairman, Pal Nelson, cap and gowns chairman, Glenefle Fairfield, cap and gowns vice-chairman, Carolyn Hand, senior sales chairman. ROW 2: JoAnn Donaldson, senior an- ncuncemenfs vice-chairman: Grelchen Lais, co-chairman senior picnic, Carl Slruby, co-chairman senior picnic, Do- lores Rose, chairman senior announce- menfsg Gerry Kennen, chairman senior yariely show. - 1 . in s L S55 bifiix. Ns A ii. , LX .QSM A :V Q .NK 'Q X, J' , O w C T - , J i .ilk Xu 4 W Q 3 Wa X A . isa .5 4 ws. 5 I, f . f sm A X3 X, gg, -Lys x wx. 5' hr . ,gk 3 - ., V . . iw 'W X. ,mm , x i 1... mg . , Q Qw- if H EW, M bra . 3 1, 1' ,-Zi,-. , S 5 , .. .. X f ,Q 3 g K Q ww - ' ' , - if 1 :ia , ' - 1 - -I 'E '. ' ',. - :-1 lf' Y . Q X f,j55,::5??:l .fy 1-2, Q ,:,::- " if Ziff 9 'Y V fi? uw' fff. . 5 c -. . A M 1 ' :"2' H- Q uh Q if l 1.-Z1g,,:gw 4,-.5 1 Q S ' ii-f-93: EE Qs W7 'M SL 1 J 'i gtfg-I F f f 1:-Q-4 f ' W' -QQ L I - .- .-' " .W . Q 5 xi K ima 3' , -fi ' K "Q My E A ' " 3 3 Gs,','LQ'ff'Tk " - Ki S 4., Ep ff' ww' Vfift. S Q f ww - Q Silk 5, S S 5 Q if n 1-1: QQ M X 'W '5' W1 W is xlxlgig . . N, Q l 2 .. rm 35.90. Eprvwcw ' W ax ,.,. N Q ,R mg' gg 5 Rffi! gs gg s XX Q 4, s -s? . 7 , ,- ,. ' , X K X, My ,Q Q ah! .M- RV , M V 235, Q , gr F1 W, x 593219, .,.'je9:.J,,f' 4 Y , F at gg ' W' ,QW TNWV, V1 L W1 A . we ' '- " X M-....,,, 5g25Q'?f , -. , 'if iiwfiiy EST? Qif'k'3Qf-,lfqffkkf .f e - f I " , f:g.,xQ,TN Q. I . ,Y W V, W . E 5 2i?3,,NQe:.h,,g:E',Y 1, V f v, ,:. :VX 5 FLT N ,, :STI rggilifgs M' 1' 423: Y Eff 1 ' Wa. Yigi-RQX W KQH F 1 'Y M' ' - H52 4 if we - , Q, x ., wgxu. , x X fn W v ., :Sw t "Yi wi 7 T M mm, 3 I . fi x 'X A x 3323 if . A xx. ,A YV ,jf 4'w-ASME-:P N , .WX M 5 .K,,W.Q!XM . ' M iezfig W M. 'bp '1 'JP 1 'D l.,.A,Q521WwL6l6' 4zZ9QW1yW?fi'M0Q9 X W ,QM JMUMgi3MmLQ Q M WMMHM ,Qwfffwfy E .I WAYNE LITTLETON BETTY GARRISON SHARON CHRISTENSEN BOBBIE GARVERICK Junior Class President Junior Class Vice-Presidenl Junior Class Secrelary Junior Class Represenlalive iuniors JUNIOR SERVICE-ROW l, left fo riqhlz Sue Mauser, Sara Clark, Phil Ogden, Frances Sands, Dixie Baumrucker, Nancy Norlhcuif, Mareela Sherward, Sharon Chrislensen, Bobbie Gaverick, Lorrie Omania. ROW 2: Judy Holbrook, Tamra Cummings, Dorothy Sievert, Belly Garrison, Barbara Halverson, Sally Fawcell, Belly Kissinger, Loretta Thompson, Diane Tolles, Judy Pelerson, Par Rideouf, Virginia DeBennedelfi. ROW 3: Leon Chauvet, Dave Monfgomery, Ralph Johnson, Ed Ruff, Don Parke, Dick Alford, Tom Barclay, Wayne Liltlelon. MR. LOYD MOORE MRS. HILDRED GARRIS1 MISS ROSEMARIE WIEGNER Junior Adviser, Chairman Junior Adviser Junior Adviser ROW I, leff lo righf: Carol Adams, Anila Cabe, Nancy Chrislianson, Lucille Bass, Sue Boofh, Ulunah De Hearf, Marylin Connors, Barbara Brehl, Ph llis Brown, Gloria Do- miguez, e e r, Alice Cole. ROW 2: Adele Bischel, Phyllis Car- fer, Shirley Allis, Eslher Harrell, Sarah Clark, Rose Kinney, Dolly Chavez, Rulh Fall, Beverly Jones, Berry Howe, Ramona Hernandez, Frances Rubio. ROW 3: Tom Bar- clay, Harley Carlin, Floyd Collon, Wayne Lifflelon, Dick Brown, Mike Carlsfon, John Bomben, Pal Barry, Bob Camble, Arlhur Crowel, Jim- mie Allen. ROW l, leil' lo righl: Virginia Claussen, Dixie Baumrucker, Sharon Chrislenson, Adrienne Bush, Bobbie Garverick, Virginia De Benedefli, Slephanie Brown, Gwen Barron, Elma Becker, Marva Celenski, Vir- ginia Brown, Diane Cannady. ROW 2: Sue Chrisliansen, Darlene Bald- win, Beverly Chrisliansen, Barbara Bryanr, Arlene Collefl, Jeanelle Dalion, Tamra Cummings, Sandra Biork, Linda Crellar, Burahn Cheek, Judy Blackslone, Carol Dielz. ROW 3: Bill Crummelf, Jerry Brillon, Cleo Crosgrowe, Leon Chavef, Tom As- pland, Don Anderson, Earl Bois- sonor, Raymond Agoslino, Ken Craddick, Lauren De Larenli, Jim Case. 'rl ROW l, lefl fo riqhl: Inez Carvalio, Marilyn Conner, Lois Hilder, Bev- erly Bly, Joan Agoslino, Toni Ar- aenla, Barbara Jensen, Nordine ameron, LaVon Chandler, Roberl Burfon, Sue Frazer, Virginia Amer- son, Rose Marie Di Maggie. ROW 2: Joselle Como, Sarah Clark, Jean Barfneck, Laurel Eschmann, Judy Jones, Wanda Brislol, Virginia Auqesline, Julia Allen, Belly Allen, Janice Bouguennec, Delores Chris- lock, Beverly Bispo. ROW 3: Tony K Domin uez Arvin Bolen Charlie 9 . . Caulk, Sonny Cortes, Ken Affolder, Ronald Cauldura, Richard Cole, Glenn Biles, Royce Dal'lon, Jim Bennerl, Dick Bankus, Sian Berqum. Trouble-shooling and herding "losl sheep" was a lop exlracurricular iunior course al Diablo lhis year. Junior lraiiic conlrol was formed of lhe class slalwarls who sleered lhe herd of sludenls 'rhrough lhe riqhl doors and up Jrhe correcl slairs. Collisions were few and cilalions almosl nil, which speaks well lor auihorilalive voices and junior diplomacy. Head whislle blowers were Wayne Liillelon, presiclenlg Belly Garrison, vice-presi. 6l ROW I, lell lo righl: Susan Broome, " Judy Kiar, Tresia L. Hardlisch, Bar- bara Halverson, Pegg Garrell, Sally 5 Fewcelle, Marilyn Hagood, Belly ' Garrison, Judy Gloeker, Jackie .. Jones, Virginia Lola, Rulh Jensen. ROW 2: Roy Johnson, Bill Parker, 'If Ron Franks, Dick Emery, Bill Hamer, Brooke Jacobson, Jack Cole, Jerry Duarfe, Richard Foreman, Le Roy Jimno, Carlos Marquez, Jerry Har- per. ROW 3. Sid Holl, Lawrence Durbin, Bob Haggard, Al Bower, Tim Kennerly, Warren Joseph, Gary Baily, Jack Huqes, Dormand Han- son, Vernon Ford, Bill Johnslon, Roberl Aldrad. ROW I, lefl lo righl: Evelyn Sfeven- son, Louise Porlis, Beverly Reynolds, Kalherin Kuralorri, Marcelene Kuhne, Lorrie Omana, Anna Men- del, Sandra Kilcoin, Janel Loe, Susie Neely, Marqarel O'NieI, Frances Radclill. ROW 21 Peler Shelley, Mike Lucero, Raymond Laro, Bob Maynard, Alberl Shouy, Allan Robins, Jimmy Skaoqs Ed Ruff, Larry Larson, Ken? Hopkins, Jim McLaughlin, ROW 3: Rickey Rezenles, Jim Friese, Jim Gorden, Jim Webb, Ted Yoker, Bob Mara, Richard Macsalka, Bob Slringer, Wayne Essley, Ron Loveridqe, David Pierce, Danny Eslrada. ROW I, Iell lo righl: Frances Sands, Diane McMullen, Nancy Norlhcuff, Charlolle Masne, Mary Lee Peson- en, Donna Lambardo, Belly Kis- singer, Mary Peler, Arlene Ludricks, Peggy Perkins, Mary Morlon. ROW 2: Diane Kulander, Marsha Mani, Margie Reger, Sharon Lavada, Sandra Mellon, Wareen Ridley, Joan McGregor, Pal Kemper, Janel Smilh, Judy Liggil, Darlene Laugh- lin, Gaye Salel, Judy McKeen, ROW 3: Ken Pelerson, Ron Murph' ree, Cliff Mores, Jerry Walsh, Phil Ogden, Jerry Nourse, Danny Per- syn, Don Palmer, Wayne Bossard, Ron Rchrer, Don Parke, Ray Man- lon. rlenlg Sharon Chrisliensen, Socrelary-lreasureri and Bobby Garverick, Junior Class ropresenlalive. Furlher "service" came lrorn lhosze who served lhe Sludenl Body as well as lheir Class: Jerry Walsh, sludenl body vice-presidenl: Bill Sobolka, grounds commissioner, Virginia De Be-nedelli, member ol lhe Devilelies: and Lorrie Omania, yell leader. On lhe undisciplined side ol lhe year were lhe Junior Assembly, lhe Junior Prom and lhe Junior Carnival. The Classmen made lheir lirsl slaqe appearance cl lhe year ROW I, lefl lo righl: Mary Walden, Gail Mclnlyre, Barbara Smilh, Sue Mauser, Irene Lee, Barbara Wesl- broolr, Kalhleen Schimmin, Pal Thomas, Diane Tolles, Lorella Thompson, Carolyn Taylor. ROW 2: Monica Freedley, Judy Williams, Myrna Smilh, Anlonelle Argenla, Frances Rubio, Ramona Hernandez, Mary Tarango, Barbara Wilson, Judy Sour, Judy Tale, Belly Worl- man. ROW 3: Manuel Leal, David Monlgomery, Rod Newhall, Gene Smifh, Bob Puller, Luis Mancini, John Rossi, Ronald Neal, Don Mall- son, Don Myers, Junior Omania, Pal Marichick. ROW I, lell lo riqhl: Yvonne Fleschmann, Doris Dorlxbach, De- lyle Greene, Marqarel Higgins, Sandra Johnson, Jackie Flaming, Barbara Enes, Lorella Fisher, Lor- raine Haviland, Vickie Harvey, Wanda Doxier, Carol Harlly, ROW 2: Rego Piva, Gordon Dodson, Bill Armstrong, Addison Hunl, Bill Gibbs, Cliff Ferriera, Bill Keeble, David Marlin, Jim Lea, Jack Good- rumn, George Lindrolh. ROW 3: Larry Haller, Clarence Massey, Monle Manwill, Bobby Bickford, Danny Eslrada, Fred Luevano, Dick Dorsey, James McAlpin, Jack Ger- hard, Charles Hamplon, Ronald Guersinc. ROW I, lell lo riqhl: Gene Findley, Belly Hulchinson, Bobbie Fleminq, Barbara McLawrence, Pal Jameson, Janice Norenburq, Pal Rideoul, Judy Pelerson, Olive Monlori, Mar- gie Frazer, Georgia Slevens, Char- lene Noe. ROW 2: Harold Hay- worlh, Casey Randall, Lynn Roberls, Tom Gibson, Max Kelly, Mike Erwin, Terry Rapp, James Rowskisky, Don Lulh, Clark Kenl, Richard Le Va, Bill Fawlhrope. ROW 3: Mike Na- 1 none, Babe Guerisoli, Jack Preslcn, Wayne Kinl, Tom Holmes, Bob Pelers, Gilberl Jara, Bobby Green- way, Douglas Enix, Dick Snedden, Forresl Lea, Jack Humble. nl lheir annual assembly. ln il Rod Newhall assumed lhe role ol an I 890 whnwbonl Capl-lin, and Frances Sands, Jerry Wralsh, and Sharon Chrislienson made a smash hir wilh lheir version ol Oop Shoop! The Prom was a sprinqlime niqhl lo remember, while al- The Carnival, lhe Campus Sweelhearl was crowned in lhe lradilional fashion, The Clai- worked like "l.illle Devils' lo make lhis a gay allair lor everyone. Thal slurdy crew known as lhe advisers were lvlr, lloyd Moore, chairman' Mrs, llildred Garrison, and Miss Rosemarie Wieqner. we fl? ROW l, lefl lo riqhi: Joan Sl. Pierre, Ramona Skinner, Joyce Wal- ley, Joan Sullivan, Jean Thalcher, Elizabelh Scoll, Myrlle Whillacker, Thelma Walkins, Marlene Skook, Deanna Savage, Evelyn Thomson, Carma Williams, Bonnie Secrisl. ROW 2: Fred Simarro, Bob Tempal- lon, Bob Marlell, Ed Voiqhl, Dor- lhy Sieverl, Peqqy Smilh, Lou Ann Reynoldmen, Belly Holden, Don Powell, Ken Possanua, Booker Spears, Bernie Wilils. ROW 3: Gor- den Wesl, William Underwood, Bulch Johnson, Dave Sousa, Bill Sobolka, Ron Scarbourgh, Claude Shaver, Jacky Waxman, Tom Tru- man, Johnny Sanches, Dick Waler- man, Jay Wallen, Pal Shockey. ROW I, lell lo riqhl: Mary Mc- Clean, Cherene Rolson, Nadine Robinson, Jerre Sapp, Joan Pear- son, Lynn Phipps, Janada Riddle, Sandra Leminq, Deanna Penn, Mari- lee Lamberf, Susan Onslol, Barbara Miller. ROW 2: Judilh Ludwig, Janel Pills, Joan Rodman, Belly Krafl, Barbara Resales, Joyce Mere- dilh, Pal Murphy, Rosamund Reece, Judy McOuiIlan, Barbara Taylor, Rulh Scruqqs, Ossie Poe, ROW 'lt Norberl Mall, Jimmy Salas, Bill Quigley, Roberl Ruden, Bob Malh- ews, Peler McDole, Ralph Rodeen, Don Morgan, Derek Pearce, Bob Kenl, Bill Moore, Dale Pallerson. ROW l, lell lo riqhl: Carol Wash- inqlon, Slarlene Smilh, Pal Vidiskv, Diane Van Schack, Kalhy Zima, Di- ane Trevino, Sharon Woodvard, Anila Shaffer, Carol Tweelon, Belly Welzel. ROW 21 Bill Snedden, Don Wallers, Kinq Tolles Eugene Mel- chior, Don Winlers, Corky Traverso, Glen Todd, John Young, Billy Tye. ROW 37 Bob Wagner, Waller Mc- Gide, Howard Kennerson, Ron Wal- lers, Ralph Svoboda, Marvin Wil- liams, John Tonelli, Bob Miller, Tom York, Jim Thibodeaux. So lhis is lhe way lhe iunior girls keep lheir while bucks clean! Mr, Jack Criqui makes sulfuric acid for hil Sfrong-armed laclics are necessary when a Mr. McEwing's Yhird period Geomelry Class fourfh period Chemisiry Class. wrong-way Corrigan inferferes wifh lhe Junior has a bird-walcher! Traffic Conlrol in lhe Academic Building. I N Junior Carnival commilree members can laugh Hislory need not be dead if fhe speaker is as Junior Prom commillee members design an now, buf lhe clean-up comes laler. alive as Gerald Hamer in Mrs. Vera Monroe's evening with a smile. U.S. Hislory Class. X 1 I 65 'irvwfw im 5 mi, SHEILA BRADLEY CLINT MclNTOSH ROBIN KLING STEVE BORDI Sophomore Class President Sophomore Class Vice-president Sophomore Class Secretary Sophomore Class Represenlalive so homores SOPHOMORE SERVICE-ROW l, lefl to riqhl: Charles Laws, Sleve Bordi, Gary Espinosa, Clinl Mclnfosh. ROW 2: Joy Dean Gainer, Claudia Carzino, Sheila Bradley, Jo Dee Sobolka, Jewell Sanders, Billie Garret, Gayle Meese, Janice Whisler. ROW 3: Pam Slremel, Paffy Hansen, Sharon Abboll, JoAnne Bufler, Marqaref Sheels, Barbara Racine, Pal Erwin, Priscilla Vidisky, Nancy Brolsch, Isabel Cafambay. ROW 4: Nancy llanen, Kathy Wilson, Diane Clark, Calhy Kelley, Robin Kling, June Garlick, Carol Groene, Ann Ready, Judy Giles, Edifh Carlslon. ROW 5: Carol Bucher, Sherrie Morlensen, Jayleen Dickerson, June Morgan, Linda Acree, Joyce Cox, Lana Meadows, Connie Meek. MISS DOROTHY JACOBUS MR, JACK CRIQUI MR. HAROLD GODCHAUX Sophomore Adviser, Chairman Sophomore Adviser Sophomore Adviser W K Q x.,i---l,- ' T N 4 if J if r wx- i gas RW dai' . , N ,,5gx'jR1'?1f - y , , ef -refyj , V ' as R R ROW l, leff lo righf: Carol Coop- er, Carol Acree, Eva Broome, Isa- bel Calambary, Kay Calkins, Ann Bahls, Nancie Brofsch, Carol Clark, Carol Bucher, Adele Bouchard, Penny Band, Sharon Abbolf. ROW 2: Bob Beasley, Bob Chrisman, Mar- lin Allan, Jim Anderson, Dave Armslrong, Frank Coffman, Don Campbell, Bill Brown, Doug Ander- sen, Gary Alherron, Alfred Bolden. ROW 3: Darrell Adcock, George Baldocchi, Richard Cadenasso, Sieve Carvaial, Bob Carr, Keilh Chambliss, Bob Bradford, Richard Chilcoal, John Cline, Jerry Burgel, Jim Barrell. 7 M-ff 1,4 -J H X7 ar ROW I, lefl lo righl: Nancie Allen, Dolores Buffo, Trudy Blyfhe, Sheila Bradley, Sue Bordeaux, Jo Anne Bufler, Judy Adams, Marcy Brech- lel, La Juana Balll, Peggy Baker, Sharon Bredlove, Biva Bosen. ROW 2: Alice Brooke, Bernice Bankslon, Ginnie Cordero, Virginia Berg, Lin- da Acree, Carolyn Adams, Edith Carlslon, Diana Clark, Joyce Cox, Shirlene Capeland, Rufhi Crain, Mar Burlon, Carol Carzino. ROW 3: lzennelh Boyer, Jerry Aspland, Roy Andrews, Elwyn Archibald, Sleve Bordi, Harrold Barlke, Sleve Ackerman, James Bolden, Dan Bry- anl, Johnny Boyd, Jim Bliss, Jack Beard, Olis Carler. ROW I, leff lo righf: Owen Car- dinel, Connie Cavanah, Carole Carbaugh, Diana Bondi, Nancy Car- roll, Linda Cassin, Claudia Carzino, Anila Conley, Alice Clark, Dorofhy Cree, Jerry Dickinson. ROW 2: Jer- ry Clarke, Waller Bennell, David Cooper, Michael Carpenter, Dick Bolcerek, Donald Cook, Philip Carl- son, Donald Bass, Chuck Cales, Mike Cordua, Jerry Carler, Bob Anglin, John Barns, ROW 3: John Crews, David Claire, Don Cima, Earl Clark, Donald Barron, Don Coleman, Ronaldo Crenna, John Chernoh, Bob Cielinski, Don Bo, Ron Calaldo, Steven Burks, ElJay Halch. "ll's a Wornan's World' lhe sophs cried ihus year and elecled Sheila Bradley prexy Clinl lvlclnlosh gol' lhe vole lor vice presldenl Robin Klnng secrelary lreasurer and Sieve Bordi, class represenlallve The sophomores wulh lhe mollo Feed lhe mulhlude galhered logelher 'lheur candy ROW l, lefl' fo righl: 'Dorolhy Grammonl, Sylvia Garrigan, Mar- garel Dallon, Anello Evans, Vir- ginia Gallarda, Nancy Halhcoclr, Judy Hass, Alice Flori, Bobbie Dickerson, Judy Giles, Pal Hansen, Barbara Derby, Joanne Fosler. ROW 2: Eddie Duarle, Sam Fear, Ralph Elkanger, Bob DeHarl, Bob Davis, Willard Henderson, Wayne Duarle, Eugene Earls, Roger Free- man, Angelo Ferranli, Gene Dall- mann, Jack Dunn, Ronnie Heller. ROW 3: Chef French, Max Hankins, Larry Delucchi, Richard Guneo, James Dalfon, Bill Gainer, LeLand Berlinoia, Waller Flelcher, Jerry Dubbs, T. J. Elam, Keilh Green, Jim Dirlrs. ROW I, lefl' fo riqhf: Janel Gard- ner, Pal Erwin, Sharon Dougan, Darlene Enochs, Gail Duckhorn, Al- ice Gay, Dianna Daigan, Mary El- len Espinosa, Dora Lou Harris, Al- frelfa Gibson, Wanda Funderburg, Lois Hanson, Janel Davis. ROW 2: Roy Guy, James Ha as, Bill Gwin, Ken Gonderman, Bob Harris, Wil- liam Harvey, Auqusl Harlman, Joe Hagood, LeRoy Gideon, 'Danny Hamm, Ray Decirlo, Carl Ellis. ROW 3: Donald Douglas, Lewis Esfes, Clarence Dullum, Charles DeFrales, Jim Frazier, Ken Elling- son, Abe Garcia, Jim Gonsalves, George Darrow, Dennis Haller, Vanuel Gouveia, Dan Driskell. ROW I, Ieff lo right: 'Darlene Ful- lon, Paf Droll, Rachel Cullison, Syl- via Hanson, Louise Flinlf, Gail Galbrailh, Dianne Evans, Carol Groene, June Garlick, Allison Fer- rier. ROW 2: Billie Garrell, Bar- bara Grice, Gerry Hall, Jan Fosler, Joy Dean Gainer, Doris Bonderman, Molly Lee Hawkins, Beverly Fair- field. ROW 3: Gary Espinosa, Diane DeMello, Eugene Gonzaga, John Halley, Tom Engalhardf, Leo Easl, Gilberl Gulfry, Tom Duncan, Ralph Dominguez. bars sandwiches and peanuls and doled lhem oul belween second and lhird periods from 'lhe brunch slands They edmnmslered 'ro lhe bodies and broughl energy lo lhe The Soph Troupers pul on a hui varuely show al lhe Sophomore Assembly. Gary Espmosa and has panlomume lenms game is one of lhe year s sounds lo remember. ROW l, lell lo righl: Eddie Mabry, Mary Larson, Ann Learned, Claudia Herren, Mary Laurence, Julia Jack- son, Edilh Horninq, Charlen Kronl, Berla Keeble, Nancy llanen, Judy Hildebrand, Judy Lamonl. ROW 2: Jerry Lively, Bob Lopez, Vince Mas- lracci, Chuck Johnslon, Bill Jones, Darryl Jones, Pele Hills, Garry Kerr, Ted Byan, Ronald Hillsman, Rich- ard Kilowski, Dennis Johnslon. ROW 3: Ron Kunslal, Leonard Del Monle, Charles Hansen, Slan Kirkwood, Larry Ferris, Joe Himsl, Bill Smilh, Johnny Mackey, Jim Slonelrer, Den- nis Mason, David Kirkham, ROW l, lell lo riqhl: Marion Mc- Laurin, Palsy Kaiser, Nancy Hill, LaJean McElroy, Sheila Hughes, Nancy lmhof, Gayle Kran, Raenell Irish, Calhy Jones, Rulh Larsen, Jane Labson, Laudemia Maher, Gerlie Law. ROW 2: Belly Hunlly, Belly Jordan, Nancy Manning, Marlha Makinen, Barbara Hines, Lindred Jones, Charlene Johnson, Judy Mallory, Frankie Lewis, Pearlie Keys, Ann Mallos, Janel Higgins. ROW 3: Jim Kapsalis, Kyle Kellogg, Richard Kupka, Gary Maderas, John Hoeferl, Jerry Hunl, George Manlove, Merle Marshall, Clinl Mc- lnlosh, Bruce McCorkle, Warren Moore, Barry Lacy. ROW I. lell lo righl: Robin Kling, Calhie Kelly, Margie Snedden, Al Misenhimer, Shirley Johnson, Joyce Mabry, Jill McCumber, Belly Lar- sen, Kaye Krowel, Elaine Lyons, Rosalie Johnson, Zealenea James. ROW 2: Alan McRae, Richard Pel- rie, Charlene Manwill, Mary Mc- Eachnie, Belly McCarly, Sharon Johnson, Sandy McClain, Ala May Lucero, Dorolhy Holmes, Larella Owens, Billy Mason, Len Lanfranco. ROW 3: Terry Tenney, Mike McKin- ney, Gordon Maylone, Zane Hunl, George llanen, Homer Johnson, Max Lein, Wes House, Rod Moore, Wayne Price, Charles Laws, Joe Plall, Burl James. 4 .nay .hi Come Chrislmas, lhe sophs gave a lheme dance "Pepperminl Palace" wilh candy canes, while lree and lhe Jumping Jaclcs live-lunes. They pul lhe school in a holiday mood for lhe closing dale on December I7. The advisers for lhis ingenious group were Miss Dorolhy Jacobus, and Mr. Jaclc Criqui and Mr. l-larold Godchaux. W , cbfoif -,MJD fi K W ffQ7.fsee,zJ ROW l, left to right: Josie Smith, Reta Marlow, Jo Ann Morris, Kathy Siino, Betty Ray, Pauline Reeves, Connie Richardson, Barbara Put- nam, Ann Rutherford, Pat Ouinting, Claire Pease, Karla Mosca. ROW 2: Ronnie Nash, George West, Terry Neff, Jim Raber, Jerry Narberes, Ray Near, Ronald Nelson, Eddie Spencer, Don Shaffer, Art Spessard, Ron Smith, John Peterson. ROW 3: Alan Ludlam, John Nunes, Ray Montero, Forrest Reynolds, Philip Multord, Charles Shepard, Ray- monds Riccobuono, Larry Stone, Bob Shum, Loyal Miner, Ted Plumb. ROW l, left to right: Penny Mills, Nancy Mitchell, Thelma Shultz, Pat- sy Shoclrley, Geneta Spessard, Shir- lev Nichols, Bessie Parlchurst, Jew- ell Sanders, Lana Meadows,Saundra Nelson, Maudie Stone,Susan Moore. ROW 2: Kathleen O'Connor, Frances McNally, Edwlna Swett, Gail Rightmyer, Mary Anna Smith, Nellie Neary, Helen Mills, Marlen Shat- ter, Joyll Norwell, Arlene Moore, Janette Stubbee, Janette Spencer. ROW 3: Warren Schneringen, Gar- ry Relentes, Don Petrich, Art Par- gament, David Stafford, Jerry Por- ter, Gene Powninq, Gene Nixon, Tony Prieto, Manuel Marquez, Keith McKenzie, Bill Hubbard. ROW I, left to right: Sanda Mc- Lean, Pat Madison, Jacquelyn Phipps, Judith Patterson, Gloria Sponable, Bonnie Paul, Gayle Meese, Pam Strumel, Susan Sweeny, Nola Phelps, Wanda Pinter, Lorna Robbins, Judy Nelson. ROW 2: Michael Nash, Dave Skinner, Nor- man Mickey, Ted Tahira, Gerry Reynolds, Mel Redfield, Dennis Murphy, Bob Simmons, Gary Rod- qers, Roger Smith, Ray Rogers, Dale Ortega, Bob Small. ROW 3: Nor- man Nunes, Carrol Roges, Dean Lattin, Wayne Kelly, Jim Scott, Da- vid Rawlinson, Jeffrey Moore, Don Richards, Eddie Nance, Sydney Schwartz, Joe Sinz, Wayne Norris, ROW l, left to right: Darlene Wal- ters, June Morgan, Charlotte Quig- ley, Kathy Watson, Connie Temples, JoDee Sobotlra, Annie Ready, Mar- garet Sheets, Barbara Ravine, Janice Whisler, Janice Vanicek, No- reha West, ROW 2: Harold Touch- stone, Edward Zicketoose, Keith Tate, Dennis Porsell, Jerry Under- wood, Dennis Slate, Frank Virtue, Paul Poindexter, Carl Sanders, Rich- ard Tatro, Santa Maria Lee, Harold Trepagnier. ROW 3: Joe Nicholas, Garry Manwill, Gerald Mix, Eddie Spencer, David Tommela, Nick Ostrich, Melvin Mims, Cooper Mil- ler, Merlyn Semm, Babe Katrones, Billy Robinson, Richard Tonetti. ROW I, lett to right: Lula Odom, Pat Postelle, Hope Siino, Joan Palmer, Mary Weisinger, Mary Zarlrer, Jeanne Trevorrow, Earlene Van Deventer, Zelda White, Wanda Woods, Margaret Weight, lda Yamamoto, Charlotta Yodir. ROW 2: Robert Vincent, Jim Towell, James Terrell, Bob Taylor, Grant Tod, Clyde Thompson, Michael Wells, John Turner, Bob K. Wil- liams, Alan Torres, Bob Williams, Jerry West, Curt Thrasher. ROW 3: Earl Ward, John Wyzard, Larry Ver- worn, Glynn Kiger, David Turner, Ward Shideler, Dave Morris, Eric Romo, Robert Verduzco, Phil Ro- sales, Don White, Paul Trost, Jerry Thomas. ROW l, left to right: Judy Thatcher, Phyllis Williams, Judy Rasmussen, Cilla Vidisky, Doris Moneypenny, Glenda Whitman, Vivian Wildes, Elaine Westwood. ROW 2: Connie Meeli, Diane Verworn, Nancy Ward, Freda Stephens, Ellen Thompson, Toni Torpaclra, Penny Tilghman, Virqinia Webb, Frances Thibodeaux. ROW 3: Deloras West, Pat Zimmer- man, Richard Wiegar, Lee Vaughn, Phil Young, Danny Vasque, Anthurt York, Richard Wallis, Donna Van Pelt, Billie Toole, Barbara Toole. Mr, Miller and his Sophomore driv- ers check over the car before they drive it. R so A 'ta i il --av.-1 Is H a mystery, murder or romance she's reading to fha class? She cerlainly has undivided afienlion from lhe sfudents. If's rally fima in fha Quad noon. Can you find your- Sl Mad confusion . . . frusfrafing wailing . . . qleeful faces . . . harried wailresses . . . all fhis spells brunch lime ai Diablo Fascinaling one-celled mailer lurks benealh The micro- scope of Mrs. Dorofhy Henderson's Biology Class. Whefher or no? fheir scepfres show "fha force of femgoral power" is quesfionable, buf fhere Yhey are, fhe Fres man King, Brad Hill, standing by ihe Freshman Queen, Roberfa Berglund. The afiendanis ar: Sheiia Bradley and Carol Buc er. 5-m Ifs a Wednesday noon, and ihe Diablo News is iusf off ihe press Famlllar newshawkers are seen behind The win- dow casings. 73 ALVIN ALLTSON PAT ELKINS JUDY SCHROCK ROBERTA BERGLUND Freshman Class Presidenl Freshman Class Vice-Presidenl Freshman Class Secrelary Freshman Class Represenlalive freshmen FRESHMAN SERVICE-KNEELING, lefl lo right Don Clark, Ed Zelinski, Gary McElroy, Ronnie Meyer, Elvin Slubble' field. STANDING: Charles Dean, Roger Russ, Ralph Page, Bob Bolcerek, Bill Bruce, Larry Slafe, Nelson Burchfield, Gary Burkharl, Ronald Byrd, Bernie Bayne. MR. FURY DALLA Miss RUTH NIVENS MR. WALTER KELSON Freshman Adviser Chairman Freshman Adviser Freshman Adviser ROW I, left to right: Oval Atnip, Pat Anderson, Janelle Barrett, Shir- ley Birdwell, Marie Bankhaad, Shar- lynn Barton, Doris Boyd, Elin Biork, Carol Bigby, Joan Bedford, Olia Benassini, Pat Bailey. ROW Z: Don Baumrucke, Larry Armstrong, Tom- my Acree, Bud Barton, Al Allison, Thomas Alfaro, Gary Burkhart, Richard Burkett, Brent Byars, Gail Bachman, Richard Bailey, Paul Baker. ROW 3: James Arnold, David Barber, Gerald Baptist, Larry Ball, David Biddle, Charles Abitz, Gary Bell, Joe Boyd, Ernest Car- vaial, Don Bales, David Bicknell. ROW l, lett to right: Wanda Boyd, Merle Byrd, Carroll Blood, Yvonne Bisso, Roberta Berglund, Wilma Brady, Peggy Bruce, Judy Bryan, Clara Bryan, Charlene Boose, No- C, elle Canonica, Jayne Christen. ROW 2: Dwight Brown, Bill Brady, Dale Brazil, Mike Booth, Bill Bruce, Charles Buckley, Bob Bolcerek, Don Clark, Don Chernoh, Gary Cart- wight, Alfred Burton, Rodney Clark. ROW 3: Gale Borem, Bill Churche man, David Brochbank, Robert Byrd, Ronald Byrd, Kenneth Brewer, Wayne Butts, Gerald Clough, Joe Bristol, Donald Brothers, Kirk Bow- man. ROW l, left to right: Esther Carl- , "K - son, Lois Clements, Caroline Casil- 'N' las, Frances Chandler, Peggy Casey, "' - Phyllis Bly, Sylvia Christensen, Jane Brooks, Mary Ellen Bennett, Virginia Brown, Linda Brehl, Carole Burton. ROW 2: Pat Fletcher, Pat Elkins, Pat Elliott, Pat Fambrini, Merridy Dally, Gerry Gaiarian, Pat Eeds, Grace Day, Judy Eachus, Jerrie Crowe, Linda Fisher, ROW 3: Jimmy Do- ran, Harold Flud, Timothy Cam- eron, Jerry Fryar, James Chrislock, David Doran, Jerry Foster, Charles Foreman, Lester Davis, Don Lopez, Larry Day, Jim Dellaqnese. The busy, bouncy, contused group ot students who entered school last September adjusted themselves quickly: then set about to elect otticers. When the huzzas ot cam- paign speeches and the electioneerinq cards were cleared away, the leaders ot the class ot '58 were AI Allison, president: Pat Elkins, vicefpresidentq Judy Schrock, secretary-treasurer: Roberta Berglund, class representative. Frosh service under Bill Sobotka's iunior direction, tidied up the campus, and emptied ROW l, lefl' lo righl: Palsy Dumpif, Marianne Davison, Mary Ann Dor- sey, Jackie Danna, Pal Dozier, Deana Fosler, Barbara Cordischi, Barbara Ervin, Nancy Dallon, Mari- lyn Dallon, Lana Cummings, Lucy Dominguez. ROW 2: Dona Collen, Glenda Cowden, Shirley Conn, Linda Crewse, June Corfen, Clara Duvall, Joyce Decker, Gay Davis, Carole De Frales, Deanna Durbin, Carolyn Drewry, Linda Curlis. ROW 3: Chad Duckhorn, Sully Frumenli, Tommy Cole, Norman Fisher, Leon- ard Essley, Dick Evans, Charles Cook, Tom Ewing, Roy Fields, Ger- ald Fink, Bill Cooke. ROW I, leff lo righl: Connie Es- frada, Palricia Doherty, Cynlhia Dickey, Beverlee Dulra, Margaref Gibson, Janet Garriques, Nedra Feslon, Janice Evans, Mary Foster, Karen Fleshman. ROW 2: John Dar- ner, Connie Clark, John Gideon, Joe Felix, Dewey Dye, Jim Dem- milf, Duncan Connor, Earl Edwards, Bill Farmer, Bill Garrels, Kennefh Ferriera. ROW 3: Bill Galloway, Danny Foskel, John Flinl, 'David Dawell, Waller Danqine, Jim Gavin, J. A. Denlon, Ron Douglas, Ser- vilio Galli, Dale Fosler, Charles Doan. ROW l, lefl fo riqhl: Rifa Hesler, Judy Hawkins, Darlene Hennessy, Phyllis Gonsalvas, Janet Grell, Nancy Sue Grubbs, Amy Glinas, Sandy Harrison, Dorolhy Hinlon, Nancy Holly, Sharon Kilcoin, Con- nie Hornback. ROW 2: James Galll, Arlhur Jacobsen, Diego Haro, Russ Hagerslrane, John Jordan, David Holmes, Charles Jones, John Irvin, Arlie Himsl, Floyd Harrison, Carlos Hamm, Charles Clark. ROW 3: Howard Joseph, Jim Funkhouser, Cecil Henry, Jerry Hall, Charles Holbrook, Brad Hill, James Halley, John Golshall, John Himes, Len Hubbard, Vance Harlzell. llwe noonday lraslw cans-nol one day bul every day. llwe annual douglwnul 'leed for llwe lillle lwousekeepers was a siglwl lo see. On November 24, llle Freshman King and Queen, Brad l-lill and Roberla Berglund, were crowned al a ceremony in llwe quad al noon, llwen llie royal couple reigned al llie "l-larvesl Moon," class dance, llwal evening. ROW I, Iefl lo righl: Alma Kirk- wood, La Vonne Klein, Nancy Hen- drix, Virginia Halverson, Dolores Harcourr, Elizabelh Marshall, Don- na Jarvis, Marfha Jordan, Char- Iofle Kenney, Barbara Johnson, Shirley Mullanix, Sharlene Henry. ROW 2: Jacquelin Jewell, Pearlene Johnson, Nancy Johns, Marilyn Hanson, Jimmie Rae Jones, Claudia Jackson, Carol Juslice, Carolyn Jusfice, Linda Jordan, Carolyn Johnson, Rila Kabal. ROW 3: Gor- don Knapp, Don Hanson, Frank Johnson, Mike Hoaglin, Dell Jen- sen, James Kenf, Dan Kroger, Joe Johnson, Charles Hoff, Jud Kirby, Ari Kapsalis. ROW l, leff lo righlz Janice Lloyd, Geraldine Lee, Jackie La Planle, Judie Lasell, Nedra McPefers, Mary Hufford, Shirley Hair, Lorraine Lin- vill, Judy Lalfer, Carolyn Lehmer, Calherine Lively. ROW 2: Dennis Machado, Vernon Kraff, Donald Lindrofh, Robert La Poinle, Gary Lindsfrom, Richard Nisonger, Har- ley Smilh, Francis Shulh, Kennelh Smilh, Roger Lern, Peler Schimpfle. ROW 3: Raymond King, Doyle Ken- nedy, Roberf Kirchen, Clifford Ko- lander, Marc Slephen, Paul Mc- Elhaney, Dale Jackson, Dick Lin- ford, Edward Lewis, Larry Juslice. ROW l, Iefl' fo righl: Karen Mello, Gloria Monles, Belly Newman, Pal Medlen, Karen Murdoch, Joy Ma- chado, Carol Masferson, Donna Payne, Nancy Logan, Carolyn Mc- Gill, Kiersli Lundeberg, Velda Malison. ROW 2: Jay Markham, Ken Mompellier, Roger Moore, Bill Mohn, Ronald Meyer, Scofl Olson, Jay 'McCoy, Jeff Morgan, Paul Malheson, Braden Morel. ROW 3: William McKean, Gary Miflen, John Oliphanl, Bill McNamara, Bernard Payne, Don Oliphanl, Bill Marshall, Mel Pape, Donald Osl- lund, James Mayfield, Eugene Or- lega, fl an ' .A fs. 95 il-1+ AK? l I e. . 4 'm Ay as-. V : vw Jeff Morgan and Linda Curlis were chosen Freshman Typlcals by lhe Diablo News slaii and made lhe fronl page "spread" ol lhe November lO edilion. Class advisers for lhe group were lvlr. Fury Dalla. Miss Rulh Nivens, and Mr. Waller Kelson. 77 f .CA i ee ei ,rx .W S4151 Iii? 2 ai ROW I, left to right: Dianna Mil- burn, Sonia Main, Nikki Lonac, Dolores Moody, Hatsy Nakagaki, Nancy Parkhurst, Marie Melendres, Rose Marie Mouzakis, Betsy Ohran, Lynne Norton, Anne Loratte Patton. ROW 2: Janet Parker, Berta Mar- low, Barbara Newsom, Juanita Page, Alyce Noerenberg, Pearlene Meeks, Charmetta Mann, Anne Matheson, Diane Morris, Maureen Morgan, Nancy Martin. ROW 3: Michael Moore, Floyd Martin, Mark Manlove, Jim Nelson, Jay Nichol- son, Bob Patterson, Gary McElroy, Michael Moore, Russell Lord, Harry Osbourn, Marvin Morris, Ernest Keys. ROW l, left to right: Kaye Neal, Judy Neville, Sharon Scott, Phyllis Robertson, Bonnie Mills, Janice Meek, Tanya McLean, Paula Mills, Katherine Nicklaus, Charlotte Schwartz, Shirley Parker, Nancy Parker. ROW 2: Richard McKinney, Stanley Moore, Michael Sletle, Kenny Richardson, Chuck Persyn, Henry Pellett, Earl Phipps, Michael Price, Tom Perry. ROW 3: Ken Rob- bins, Kenneth Nolen, T. C. Meeks, Ralph Page, Charles Moss, Richard Sautter, Kenneth Mitchell, Joe Lola, Tommy O'Neal, Richard Molinar. ROW I, left to right: Diane Quinn, Judy Schrock, Darla Roberts, Vicki Pratt, Penny Perry, Deanna Sheldon, Janet Pimental, Sandra Segler, Pat Putnam, Ruth Robertson, Barbara Silva, Wauda Sanders. ROW 2: Rose Mary Pierce, Barbara Pena, Theresa Pollock, Yvonne Pellett, Carol Petrie, Nancy Pierson, Gloria Ray, Mae Snyder, Barbara Robbins, Joy Penclrak, Alice Mary Riley. ROW 3: Ralph Planti, Larry Pliler, Snooky Santiago, Stuart Shoults, Alan Ries, Neal Satre, Philip Shull, Sonny Pratt, Dennis Salet, Roger Russ, Lee Schipper, Ronnie Peterson. ROW l, left to right: Joyce Ran- dall, Diane Ramey, Helen Sipes, Alma Quinlan, Janice Reynolds, MaryAnn Schaller, Joy Richardson, Phyllis Reniti, Harriet Rideout, Linda Silva, 'Donna Reaves, Mary Beth Slate. ROW 2: Ralph Shaver, Bob Shaver, Gary Shideler, William Specht, Dan Cline, Chuck Davlin, Guy Ray, Gene Shook, Randy Propps, Bobby Skoggs, Larry Perna. ROW 3: Franklyn Peterson, Larry Slate, Frank Piuirnenti, Jim Scott, Darvl Phillips, Marlan Shanks, Ever- ett Prewett, Richard Rice, Roy Santa Maria, Tommy Moneypenny, Leroy Skinner. ROW I, lefl fo righf: Kafhy Warren, Phyllis Thornlon, Virginia Smith, Lawalle Schielar, Marie Verworn, Mary Jane Sfoneking, Pegciy Webb, Peggy Yoder, Realha T ompson, Linda Perry, Kay Snow, Janice Um- lauf. ROW Z: Carol Spangler, Lidia Tiscareno, Carolyn Rano, Pafricia Sadowski, lnelf Spears, Doroihy Smifh, Connie Willbur, Mariorie Woriman, Faye Vargus, Barbara Zimmerman. ROW 3: Bob Wood, John Wesl, Mark Tweelen, Daniel Rubin, Dale Welch, Marvin Selburg, Sterling.. Sfevenson, Robb Loren, Bob W ile, William Wilson, Monle Slover. ROW I, leff io righl: Kala Tarango, Judy SnEder, Shirley Wrighf, Judy Taylor, lixabelh Warren, Eleanor Sprinkle, Nancy Wesi, Frances Van Dyke, Marianna Womack, Janice Touchslone, Kimiyo Tahira, Frank Sioddard. ROW 2: Sue Tyler, Janice Siark, Visia Timmerman, Carol Thomas, Gail Rogers, Pa? Young- green, Carol Snyder, Margie Tarver, Judy Vannalla, Janice Wallace, Penny Sweeny, Sandra Thomas. ROW 3: Howard Tullis, Don Wilson, Kennelh Webb, Paul Slebrifz, Bry- anl Winn, Ronald Woodyard, Ari Willlse, Anlhony Thomas, James Websler, Bob Towers, Gary Vernier, Ronald Treece. ROW I, leff io righi: Ruby Smilh, Eillen Volland, Myrlle Woolen, Charloffe Weyrauch, Darrell Wil- Iiams, Rowena Young, Brendaward, Beily Vargas, Claudia Waldrof, Marilyn Sfark, Linda Ferreira, Joan Zwicker. ROW 2: Waller Ross, Nel- son Burchfild, Bob Tarlen, Ronald Whilaker, Bob Roslrie, Clifford Wil- son, Jim Zuur, Ronald Tibulski, James Theobald, Edward Zelinski, Bill Suler. Our Freshmen are busy in Mrs. Lum's English I Class. ,4 r WMV I' Y 1 aw 1 QW fb ff b qv V f ff W?f1,ND5f W Q5,Q.J-JN:-INS Ag, WSGMNKMDNX student council TOM READY Presidenf PAT SHOCKEY BETTY JO BASSETT JIM SERVENTI CHERIE SEAMAN Vice-Presidenl Secrelary Sales and Finance Commissioner Program Commissioner Bill Rood, boys' represenlafiveg and Marqaref Gail Garavenfa, clubs commissionerg Burl Paul- Diane Racine, social affairs commissionerg and Kelly, girls' represenfalive. son, first semesfer public relafions commis- George Stoner, head yell leader. sionerg and Virginia Vaughn, second semesler public relalions comm ss one '. A- ' h,1,,,M, 'A BILL MCGREGOR DAVE HARMACEK STEVE BORDI Buildinqs Commissioner Senior Represenlafive Sophomore Represenlalive BILL SOBOTKA ROBERTA GARVERICK ROBERTA BERGLUND Grounds Commissioner Junior Represenlalive Freshman Represenialive r 2 K' .,Qs Burl Paulson and Virginia Vaughn, semesler edirors of ihe Diablo News, pose for fhe birdie fo commemorare ihree semesfers of aciive work in Journalism. The angelic looking devils of the Journalism ll class smile as iheir "pifcher is fook." All, fha! is, excepi ihose iwo in back They re al ways advertising' Working behind that new Journalism office parhhon is fhe Diablo News Siaff. Looks a lifile crowded doesn'+ li? Don 1 lei ihem kid you ihey're just all spread ou? ai fhe momenf. These are the sfaff members responsible for fhe bi-monfhly School Publlcahon diablo '55 Sealed looking over The Dummy for Diablo '55 are Kay Olander, edilor, and Mrs. Helen Lum, adviser. 1 ,235 Q f P. i The fun-loving bul hard-working occupanls of fiflh period 53 AC were a group of sludenls whose main obieclive was ihe successful com- pleiion of a 56.000 piclorial siory of ihe school year-your Diablo '55. The Diablo '55 slaff includes from lefl 'lo righl: Don Wilson, advertising manager: Duncan Chivers, arf edilorg Rosalind Fowler, piclure edilorg Jo Ann Reeves and James Bafes, subscriplion managers: Kay Olander, edilorg Guy de Jong, sfaf'l pholoqrapherg Anne While, assisfanl ediforg Glenelle Fairfield, Telebook and girls' sporlsg Sieve Palferson, sporls edilorg NOT PICTURED: Russ Goebels, man- aging edilor, Telabook co-edilor. There are 'lriangles and triangles, buf This one is a human one formed Look for fhese iunior faces on lhe nexl year's slaff page for lhey are of sfaff members, assislanls and adviser in lhe Quad one fine day. class members of Yearbook l. ,wav , if A E 3 gi gf Cv W 225' if w Q wig g XS 5 31 aw , we , A X E WN? I E an V 1 , X, A f S f5V 'N A 4 ' ' QP' if 9 if M f' S Q 'W W "' S Xp SW "' Q M "' ,S gg, W W' rw 'V M W fag-f M my W x my -wi 6 S . AA X wa W K' V K . .-... SEX K W g s 2 : ' ' Q , s-Nia, 5 " if fi A vi X , ji xi., V K if -jg ,7 at 13, if 49: 4 r 1 rx , M K 3 N ., Q M Q- X , W' gg 'aw NY, ' Ax siwzv VARSITONIANS DANCE BAND ROW I, lefl lo righf: Sid Smilh, Jim Barfneck, Bob Small, Gil Johnson, Alvin Allison, Danny Null, Mr, James Arn- old, inslruclor. ROW 2: Dick Small, Bill Leafh, Chuck Johnson. ROW 3: Raynell Irish, Casey Ran- dall, Jay Terry, Gene Smilh, Warren Moore. Ml. Diablo High School Band. ROW I, lefl lo righl: Charlolle Maslne, Peggy Smilh, Roberta Lallin, Sharon Levada, Virginia Claussen, Ted Granland, Bill Bruce, Larry Larsen, Keilh Chambliss, Ted Plumb, Bill Jeffrey, Ron Walfers, Larry Boyd, Bill Whisler. ROW 2: David Mon?- gomery, Barbara Bryanl, Pafly Skvorak, Margie Reger, Ronnie Heller, Ted Tahira, Sandra Thomas, Robena Morris, Wayne Novmger, Dennis Greenway, Lee Vaughn, David Barber, Ova Lee Alnip, Larry Ferris, Keifh McKenzie, Jim Dirks, Pal Barry, Gerald Clough, Bob Williams, Pele Shelley, Jim Daber, David Morris. ROW 3: Alice Harris, Karen Ward, Diana Clark, Richard Kifowski, Diane Kulander, Dennis Powell, Roger Smilh, Don Parke, Ralph Planlz, Jim Barlneck, Roy Jchnson, V ...N we We , W' W a....,....,.,. orchestra The Devil Maiorefles. LEFT TO RIGHT: Belly Sue Chambliss, Head Mayor elle, Nancy llanen, Sandra Mellon, Judy Hclbrook, Jerry Duarle, Harold Hayworlh, Darlene Laughlin, Judy Giles, Nancy Logan, Lynne Norfon, Phil Young, Danny Null, Jimmy Allen, Bruce McCorkle, Rego Piva, John Nunes, Tamara Cummings, Mike Barry, Linda Scofl, Dick Small, Don Lopez, Jerry Chrislock, Dan Pimenlel, Dan Eslrada. ROW 4: Jim Cheney, Elma Becker, LaVon Chandler, Brenda Ward, Junior Omania, Gilberf Johnson, Nordean Cameron, Leland Berlinoia, Roger Russ, Mr. James Arnold, inslruclorg Joe lnch, Janice Whisler, Jerry Reynolds, Merilee Lamberl, Casey Randall, Wayne Kinl, Jeanelle Dallon, Karen Farrow, Jerry Aspland, George Moorhouse, Bob Bradford, Ronnie Nash, Carl Cook, Gene Smilh, Jay Terry A Q., ilu When one becomes a leader in The Diablo sports whirl, he has the privilege of wearing BILL ROOD AL BOOT fhe red sweafer of Ihe Block D. president vice-presidenf JIM SERVENTI JIM BATES secretary-Ireasurer sergeanf-af-arms Oulsfandinq Rally Commiflee members are: ROW I, lefl Io righl: JoAnn Donaldson, Grefa Youngberg, Anna Men- dez. ROW 2: Carolyn Hand, Julie Casagrande, and Sherry McGuire. Rally Commillee advisers: Mr. Alex Gorbenko, Miss Miriam Robbins, Miss Joan Murphy, and Mr. Darrell Westover. These members of 'rhe Rally Committee kepl Diablo's high spirits soaring. Maralyn Marshall, firsl semesler presidenl of CSF. These menlal sparklers earned fhem selves membership in CSF. Miss Rulh Galindo and Miss Elhel Bru- baker, advisers, are missing from lhe piclure. Fred Hanson, second semesler pres- idenl of CSF. Pal Shockey, presidenf of Junior Slafesmen. Nol all Junior Slalesmen are lun- iors! This group is composed llhe besl polilical minds of Diablo, Mrs. Norma While, adviser of Jun- ior Slalesmen. Jay Terry, presidenl of Sword and Bauble. The Sword and Bauble Sociely looks like a casl for lhe Big Show. Il ver Well could be for lhis is The school': dramalic honorary sociely. Mrs. Calherine Saveri, adviser of Sword and Bauble. GALLO ROMAN CLUB ROW I, lefl lo riqhf: Marcia Mani, Virginia Cordara, Claudia Herron, Calhy Kelley, Mary Belh Lawrence, Robin Kling, Ida Yamamalo, Sue Sweeny, Marilyn Hagood. ROW 2: Jane? Pimenial, Diane Kulander, Roberfa Berqlund, Jimmie Rae Jones, Vickie Harvey, Jane? Carlslon, Diana Clark, Marqarel Sheefs, Sue Bordeaux, Pal Slremel, Judy Lamanl, Sfephanie Brown. ROW 3: Kalhy Walson, Nancy Rideouf, Linda Curlis, Mary Ann Schaller, Belsy Ohian, Jackie Gewelf, Alice Bolden, Judy Vannalla, Dianne Robison, Yvonne Pellell, Kay Kurolcri, Jewell Saunders, Dimmi Maher, Barbara Racine. HOSTESS CLUB ROW I, lefl fo righl: Carol Pelrie, Mary Ann Schaller, Belsy Ohran, Joyce Schaefer, Elnora Good, Jerre De Rosa, Joan Phillips, Judy Ludwig, Cherrene Poison, Vickie Harvey. ROW 2: Linda Cassin, Joann Vrenois, Barbara Miller, Sue Onsfock, Par Vidisky, ly DANCE commmee ROW l, lefll righl: Carl Slruby, Joe Sisson, Jerry Walsh, Diane Racine, Roger Lee, Beverly Bollman, .ludy Macy. ROW 2: Mak are? Sheels, Ann Ready, Dona Colfen, Carolyn Hand, Joyce Schaefer, Jerri De Rosa, Barbara Racine, Calhy Kelley, Sharon Abbcll, Margaref Kelley. ROW 3: Ronald Baldwin, Nancy Norlhcull, Maralyn Marshall, Julie Casagrande, Jay Terry, Kalhy Wafson, Dick Small, Dorsey Allison, Nancy llanen, Pal Keeble, Gail Garavanfa. EDUCATION CLUB ROW I, leff to right: Dona Coflen, Brenda Ward, Sue Price, Joyce Schaefer, Jackie Bass, Gretchen Lais, Marilyn Haqood, Gerry Kennon, Margaref Kelley. ROW 2: Roberla Lalfin, Deanna Sheldon, Nancy llanen, Marcelene Kiihne, Laurel Eschmann, Pal Elkins, Kay Kurofori, Beffie Fletcher, Jerre De Rosa, Joan Phillips, Jay Terry. ROW 3: Julie Casagrande, Suzy Neill, Diane Trebino, Jane? Loe, Jeanelle Dallon, Rosalind Fowler, Belly Chrisp, Marilyn Marshall, Charloffe Johnson, Carole Souder, Mrs. Belly Courtney, Adviser. ROW 4: Carolyn Hand, Janice Daly, Olive Monlari, Judy Tale, Sharon Levada, Dick Small, Bernard Ebert, Neil Francis, Tom Blackwell, Ann Miller. COMMERCIAL CLUB ROW l, lefr lo righl: Rose Mary DiMaggio, Hope Seeno, Nadine Robinson, Virginia Auguslin, Dolores Chrislock, Zealina James, Shirley Wrighl. ROW 2: Alice Flori, Dolores Buffo, Mary Ellen Reqesler, Barbara Logan, Loraine Larson, Janice Beck, Wrenella Dorlzbach, Belly Slanley, Mary Viera, Darlene Laughlin. ROW 3: Darlene Van Shack, Louise Lluiff, Mariorie Jeffrey, Sandra Biork, Sandra Coleman, Sandra Kilcoin, Anna Mendei, Flora Terrel, Geraldinn Wrighl, Belly Allen. ART CLUB ROW l lefl fo righf: John Crews, Sandra Eggerl, Ken? Barber, Bill Chase, Carol Harlly, Duncan Chivers, ROW 2: Bessie lileming, Bobbie Fleming, Ken Pelerson, Mr. Jack Biedermann, Douglas Silker, Miss Mariorie Silva, Nancy Broach. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA ROW I, Ieff fo righl: Sharon Lee, Palfy Ellioff, Penny Mills, Pal Medlin, Darlene Ennex. ROW 2: Nancy RiceIIi, Barbara Bowman, Palfy Tale, Rosalie Jusfice, Jerrie Robinson, Norma Maflock, Jane? Laller, Sharon Schwartz, Shirley Ludricks. ROW 3: Nina Vowels, Sherry McGuire, Dolores Rose, Alene Esles, Enedine Marquez, Nancy Hursl, Mariorie Jeffrey, Joann Vreonis, Nancy Broach. SPANISH CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Ready, Francis Rubio, Mary Tarango, Romana Hernandez, Gwen Barron, Bill Macchi, Belfy Flelcher, Nancy lfanen, Belly Chrisp, Julie Fore, Sharon Abboff. CHESS CLUB ROW I, Iefi Io riqhf: Alice Harris, Bill Mohn, Doyle Kennedy, Bob Tarlen, Kiersly Lundeberg. ROW 2: Paul Websfer, Lesfer Davis, Ari Jacobson, Bill Whisler, Bob Kiichen. STAGE CREW ROW l, leH1o riqhl: Chuck Shepard, Warren Schneringer, Sian Kirk- wood, Paul Gwynne, Jim Thibodeaux. ROW 2: Jim Frazier, Maureen Shea, Laura Klein, Jerry Robinson, Don Mendez. JUNIOR JOURNALISTS AND MISSING STAFF MEMBERS ROW I, leH lo right Judy Gloekler, Deanna Penn, Margarel O'Neil. Lee Ree Akhursi, Sharon Levada, Gail Salef. ROW 2: Anna Mendez Joan Rodman, Warrene Ridley, Wrenefia Dorizbach, Cleo Elrod, Jo- Ann Reeves, Joan Agosiino, Virginia Augustine. ROW 3: Peggy Per- kins, Janada Riddle, Marilyn Calderwood, Ray Agosfino, Juanii-1 Sexfon, Jim Blackburn, Barbara Resales, Arlene Collefie, ROW 4: Charlie Hampron, Larry Larsen, Ronald Scarborough, Dick Alnip, Dick Bankus, Bobby Pefers, Ray Avansino, Joe Inch, Tom Holmes. PROJECTIONISTS ROW I, lefl To riqhl: Mr. Rufus Johnson, Laurence Durbin, Rav Riccu- buono, Brook Jacobson, Jerry Clark, AI Esirada, Servilio Galli, Tom York, PHOTO CLUB SCIENCE CLUB ROW I, Iefl lo riqhl: Gail Duckhorn, Carol Carbaugh, Tom Blackwell, ROW I, lefl lo righl: Judi Jones lsecreldryl. Suly Neil, Laurel Eschman, Belly Chrisp Mary Larson, Gerry Hall. ROW 2: Sandra Eggerf, Jeff Moore, Ed ROW 2: Trenf Logan, Braden Morel, Ralph Planh, Gordon Knapp, Jim Lowell Ronald Anderson, Barl Blakesley, Bill Mohn. Nelson, Kennelh Smilh, ROW 3: Don Bufler, Fred Hanson lpresidenll, Philip Shull HIY ROW I, Iefl lo righl: Danny Eslrada, Jack Dunn, George Manlove, George Bardocchi, Larry Delucdi, Tim Rocobona, Bill Drayco. ROW 2: Jack Hughes, John Dunn, Clarence Massey, Monly Manwill, Bill So- bolka, Jerry Berger, Bob Bicklord. Joe Felix, Warren Joseph, Gerry Lanier. JUNIOR RED CROSS ROW l, lefl lo righl: Joyce Cox, Ufunah De Hearl, Peggy Garrefl. ROW 2: Pal Vidiski, Vicki Harvey, Cherene Polson, Shirley Ludwig, ROW 3: Linda Cassin, Joann Vreonis, Bar- bara Jensen, Adele Bischel. ROW 4: Barbara Miller, Shirley Ludricks, Donna Van Pell, Lou Ann Wayment. If 4 v' , 7 , 7 I W if , Nw yi! yah ,4 L! X f Y 1 , 1 W If 2 2 M, J Y My Lf! A .1 IJ? Q ITNZV W W mg 0 ZLX iw? A yy ORV STEFFEN CHARLIE KARP ANTHONY MAZE H d Fo 'ball Coach J.V. Coach J.V. Coach football Slarling lhe annual lhree-game praclice series, Diablo played lhe lirsl game againsl lhe Alameda l-lornels. The l-lornels were loo slrong lor lhe Devils, and won by a 26-6 score. Aller lalcing lhis shellaclcing, lhe Devils wenl lo visil lhe Cardinals ol Sanla Cruz and won 32-I4. For lhe lasl ol lhe lhree-game series, Diablo played hosl lo lhe Berkeley Yellowiaclcels and lied wilh lhem I2-IZ. League play slarled wilh Acalanes. The Devils won lhe game by a score ol 25-6. Playing Pleasanl l-lill Rams lor lhe lirsl lime, lhe Devils leam proved loo lough lor lheir lillle brolhers and look lhem lor 27-6. Playing Las Lomas lor lhe lirsl lime in compelilion by league, lhe Devils loughl hard lo win from lhe Knighls by a 7-6 margin. Nexl Diablo played hosl lo Anlioch, bul lhe game didn'l go Devilward lhis lime. The Panlhers roasled lhe Devils 33-O. For lhe big league game againsl Pillsburg, and lhe lasl ol lhe league series, lhe Devils losl 46- l 3. The slanding al lhe end ol lhe season lold ol lhree Devil wins and lwo losses. JIM MILLARD HART FAIRCLOUGH ALEX GORBENKO JONATHAN WARREN Trainer Varsily Backfield Coach Head Frosh Foolball Coach As sl f Fr sh Foolball Coach sporls menlors ---.q , Y A, ,.,f.4 . rf V , gk. ,Q ' " 1. wk'-Q X! X S WH X -W. J ,-xywmg X ,Q ,, WM M' .L V. 4" W1 ei- 1 Q X gg , . Q in X, My xx 5 ,ff M, if 3x .5 X fb A 2344 4-,xt WNY 1 Q , EW' - , Mg WNW -'Ti-Q , 'lf-w X. . .3.X - . w 4 if '1 1 , Q + . x 4. aw it X. A -Q ,QM 'l uv M S a 2 , Q' Q R' .MQ L lie FMX- SE' 11. Q 555515 , fu . fx Q 5? Q gm A h I ' 3' . R swgglgf W . f x. ' ,N f zx, .-w lw mel? QV N 1 1 , , W f .1 Q M A , ,l , , 4 x 'Qu , ,451 fy' F 'ix 9 ' , - gs LS, x :'1',.: ..., Pj ' , ' S , X ' ' 355' ' as X. H ' ,. 353 5,53 , , J 'Q A 1' , r M V , . K ,fx W , r 'f y X. r M V K, 'W tg! 'Q N 'J 5 ,A A. . -, , A " AM i me-X fhI.p-ugh: fxfigkigffywwi V Ayn, igba-6,44 Y C 1- ,A - Q mv r :WM M A X AM 1 sw 2 fs fm ff- 2' f IM 53- A"' W J 1 W 1: Kwes, H-fsrmgri M? - 2 fn1:Tf3ffw'H- ,.sA "HM f 1 ' . iw gifqwki Q f W agigf . Q . eg ,yr A ,M V ' 0 o 1 gf, 5 , ,. ' H 1 6 ' N .Q , QQ- ff 1 .. aw - , , A . , X 'Q Q 2 A ' 3 ,. X wa .fc ' I Q 5 L' N W-1' sv V 5 c 4 S 7 ' H h ., R5 7 , I X 'fy' mf Q ' f f' Q 'I ,' 'Q 6 is Q. Q W 0 S x A Q , Q.: 3 4, 1- - , - Q 4, Nfl 1 '5 Iv ' M Jo , xml A V f . . V fx.. 'Vi , L . - Eff-f X'f.?W- A, M M 'fw-H 1 M x-y X W K w A r 'k ' M, . w X if . . ' j ' X N ' f 'z 5 .Qs - 'F Y vf .yr X . 4 1 fi A Ri 6 :V A x .X , KN, 34 Xt .X X' - H .5 : W 0 N if XXX .N K xr xx Q P A 3?" W . SH P. f X8 900595 .x wx' Q srggixiig. .pw SN: Mx wk W XM. XX., X N x Axxf Q X. x, .W -. -, 4 A - x ' . if ,S - - xx , , x X , A A 4 . , X H h ex, x f MV K , lm . 9 ' A .. X 5 , Q iff .fm ,M ww -wrwy 1 X K N -A gg K 3 SMMN 5 y .xwfwx x X " r'x X , x.y.,, .X , 1 X Q ,1 t ff t Via- .1 x. iv. "N., i ..h, 4,1 .13 f, .-.AN --1 - v Ya - Q' , x 'f x xx 1,-X KM , K, I Q Q. 6 .,i' ,v.x.k ,1.W ? 5-23 , 550: 5 Mk- A Y . -Q ggi. '90 5 W, ug 'fi' '?'C-is 12551 x x nfs, .i .40 - 1 o Q. ' ' ' 'iffy 6 Y 61" A1 ff, fx J ' ' . .K Q . V Q Am' P . n Q f fhvh' f Q -w f,' , W 3' U' QA, W Y ag ,., , Q ,. Q , , 'WG - , M531 2 5 A ' Q., Lg , xy xx gg f Q, c W ,m 'Q ,V Q 1 V M x N ' A if : A " x L A nfl .Eff , Mfr, x A , Q 'A q xmvgxxfgv , an ,Q ss? , l J , M My 3 , V -W DP . 'hw X2 .x trffrxwixyx K. .- g -Q: 5 X1 Q , Us - vvvwvvlv "HUP W Mm pq L--T-,191 vm--Q-:Q--.- 1....."". - 1 ' -..., ZB,T",....'Z!.,f. --L:.:.:.1 N J ROW I, lei? lo righl: Assislanl Managers Harold Feinberg, Jay Wallcn, Harold Hayworlh, Roy Hill, Allen Crowell Dick Brown, Don Smilh, Cliff Mores, Joe Sisson, Head Manager Jim Servenll. ROW 2: Jim Blackburn, Glenn Fisher Cliff Hayden, Bill Parker, Gordon Dodson, Jim Bafes, Bill Dewifl, Russ Snooli, Jay Terry, George Moorhouse ROW 3: Coach Orval Slelfen, Rego Piva, Dorsey Allison, Jerry Walsh, Tom Ready, Earl Humphrey, Shelby Higgins: Marvin Williams, Jim Kelley, John Wingfield, Al Ecol, Assisfanf Coach Hari Fairclouqh. ROW 4: Ed Ulrich, Bill Lealh Bob Warren, Hugh Gaunr, Sieve Palferson, Sid Smilh, John Davis, Frank Gonzaga, Bill Rood, Dan Colchico Don Mallson. Coach Orval Sleflen lalks il over wilh co-caplains Dan Colchico and Shelby Higgins. scoreboard Ml. Diablo 6 Alameda 26 lvll. Diablo 27 Plensanl l-lill 6 Ml. Diablo 32 Sanla Cruz I4 lvll. Diablo 7 Las Lomas 6 lvll. Diablo I2 Berkeley I2 Ml. Diablo O Anlioch 33 lvll. Diablo 25 Acalanee , 6 lvll. Diablo I3 Pillfsburq 46 ive ROW I, leff lo right John Crews, Phil Rosales, Bob Crews, John Tur- ner, Frank Coffman, Earl Ward, Ron Franks, Bob Cielinski, Alan Torres. ROW 2: Merle Marshall, Don Boe, Don Cook, T. J. Elam, Roy Johnson, Don Pelrich, Ken Pelerson, Ed Zickefoose, John Pelerson, Douglas Enochs, Bill Harvey, Manager. ROW 3: Dick Bankus, Melvin Mims, Rod Alnip, Joe Hagwood, Don Wallers, Dick Emery, Bill Brown, Loyal Miner, Denny Coffee, Mike Carlslon, Dick Kupka, Jack Wax' man, Manager. ROW 4: Ted Plumb, Bob Lopez, Earl Sanders, Red Wesl, King Tolles, Gerald Hamer, Tom Truman, Paul Trosl, Warren Moore, Melvin Williams, George Darrow Danny Devil is hoisled lo lhe shoul- ders of two lriurnphanl foolball players. Coach Maze congralulales Ken Peterson, caplain ol lhe Junior Varsily team. Represenlalives of lhe Frosh leam, Tom Alfarc and Mike Mealey, lallr as well as lislen lo Coach Gor- benko. frosh ROW I, lefl lo righl: Sian Moore, Charles Foreman, Diego Haro, Al- vin Allison, Oliver Pralf, Paul Van Broclrlin, Philip Shull, Gary Vernier, Berry Lacie, Manager, ROW 2: Charles Jones, Richard Linford, Harry Osbourn, John Wesl, Roberl Roskie, Richard Nisonger, Dale Welch, Slerlinq Slevenson, Gerald Clough, Jim Gavin. ROW 3: Jay McCoy, James Chrisllock, Paul Malheson, Dud Buffa, Gerald Bap- lisl, Brenf Byars, Joe Felix, Bill Bruce, Bryan? Bolen, James Barlon. ROW 4: Russell Hagerslrand, Gary Lindslrom, John Gideon, Earl Phipps, Jeff Morgan, Guy Ray, Bill Marshall, Mike Mealy, Tom Alfaro, Paul McElhaney. Bw- kwl 1' W1 'fa , a DICK NOERENBERG Cenfer RON BALDWIN wwmrxivwq +-M,-vvm and dr:-ppimq flvo mf flvoir qarwm. Oufsfnrvdfnq pffxyfw'-. for ffm: Red five: were Sid SVTILHW, Hs'-my Hrmwcv , fwrwpwfnfwzvd fmrfv m ffm umawcmn, RwyJfvf'lV1'ml'v, whim Lwflw nhowcd good ha-.kofbafl know how Thin your. varsHy'baskeTbaH HW- Rui Dr-mfr, had .1 gfmd 51'-anim HHS year, Tym-3 A-aL1mw f fr rw. md gmaf Wrxf-,Pv, cmd Jim Brwwks, Sid Simms was anoiher spwflhqhfod pfayffr, iwwrf- M- v S'-nw of Cwarfw Civarfiv Karp! up-andmomirmq iuniwrs wifl be Marv Wirfl. r HENRY HAGWOOD guard ED ULRICH forward BILL DeWITT forward quard JOE HAGNVOOD guard ROGER LEE guard TED PLUMB Cenfer ROD ATNIP forward D AVE STAFFORD forward bs baskeTbaH vw ww , rm N fw'f1 '.- XL 1 ' AX 'wr A rx' r' r 1' L I' "O, ' - ' H r- 7. - rw, -ru wr- - , ,W . A 0 ,..z nqwnr ,-m ITN f, v vu . . rf wf SID SMITH cenfer DAN VASOU EZ forward I04 In BASKETBALL MANAGERS D' kl k h k d B'II r I fh b llf ih D il . V h Row L len ,O right Dennis uc co ss oc e as i s eas e a or e ev s d ig h AC?h Mason, Ed Lewis. ROW 2: Rich- f ard Waxman, Dick Bolcerek, D Cl ' BVS SITO. Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo scoreboard ,, ,Encinal 38 Diablo U.C. l3O's 5l Diablo 47,. , , .,,,, rr,,, , .Lowell54 Casllemonl 54 San Lorenzo 37 ., V ,i,, Livermore 37 ,U.C. l45's 32 ,Las Lomas 42 Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Diablo Pleasanr l-lill Anlioclw , Pillsburg , Acalanes Las Lomas Pleasant Hill Pilisburg , Acalanes 2 1 if aj g -N J AUS f N Q 2 N ,W 'S - :A . 'EJ M 5 .Hwy su. 11 , 3 5 ,.,- E T"T'sN 1 F M' I FXR' il f a 'E' H 'Q 1 x X X in f.3g.,l'1W 51? js fax 1 iii www 1,v1f.W1,M. 1 M f 0 fm:ggigifilgiigvie.:xx 71113 If V'wSl55?H3 is ., Q, ,A K, ,Aw .sg- W, 4 , . 5 'LE by XSS gg ' Q ,WE 1.5 , I fx , W 'X N. 5 A W X 3? - N , Mx EK I 5 '93 R Y J Y 'iv"'u.1z.. " X 'K , kd 91' l I F :Ei Pi! A iw 2 gt waz fd F555 ,-.YM 5434! S F! 5 f a, wgvgt, if Y ff-ww 5 I - , .JJ RON BALDWIN ROGER LEE ED ULRICH DAN COLCHICO cenler field second base Ief? field firs? base RAY AVANSINO DICK LaPLANTE BILL LITTORNO JERRY ROBINSON shorf siop pilchsr calcher pifcher s c o r e b o a r cl Diablo John Swell, I.,,. 3 Diablo Anfioch Diablo San Ramcvn -I ---" O Diablo Las Lomas ,, Dlablo Anllocll " O Diablo Pillsburg ,, Diablo Jolnn Swell ,,,,, 7 4 D. bl A I Diablo Pillsburq , , 6 la O Ca alles Diablo Las Lomas I Diablo Pleasanl l-lill Diablo Pleasanl Hill, , I2 Diablo Acalanes ROW I, Ieff fo righf: Verle Sidwell, Rod Afnip, Jerry Walsh, Jerry Robinson, Roger Lee, Bill Liflorno, Ed Ulrich, Ron Baldwin. ROW 2: Aff Parqamenl, Dave Slaflord, Dick LaPIanfe, Dan Colchico. Georae Moorhousa, Dorsev Allison. Rav Avanxino. GEORGE MOORHOUSE righl field DORSEY ALLISON Yhird base 3 3 3 3 I O 2 "B" BASEBALL TEAM ROW I, Iefl lo riqhl: Jim Raber, Geo. Boldocci, Roy Andrews, Sleve Bordi, Mel Pope, Charles Jones, Arlhur Williams, Tom DiMaggio, Wall Flelcher. ROW 2: Dick Bolcerek, Bob Pefers, Jack Dunn, Bob Lopez, Larry Hollinger, Merle Marshall, Dave Craig, Alan Torres, Dennis Slale. baseball Diablo's '55 Baseball season opened wilh lhe Red Devils winning lwo oul ol lheir lhree praclice games played. The Devils splil a pair wilh John Swell winning lhe lirsl l4 lo 3 while losing lhe second game 3 lo 4. Ron Baldwin wilh lhree singles and Ray Pivansino wilh a horne run and a single, led lhe Devils hilling allaclc Their second win came againsl San Ramon 8 lo O. 4 J 1 li 'l ri f Dan Colchico wilh a home run and Dorsey Allison wilh lwo singles led lhe leam lo viclory. Y, ln league compelilion Diablo delealed a slrong Anlioch learn 4 lo O. Sophomore Rod fy Alnip, Devil's pilcher slole lhe show by lhrowing a no hil no run game. This was lhe Lvlfl second one ol his career. , Xyf The second league ouling proved loo much lor lhe Devils. Jusl belore press lime lhey f V' wenl clown lo deleal al lhe hands ol lhe leagueelavored Pillsburg Pirales 6 lo 2. Ron fy xy' Baldwin led lhe Devils al lhe plale wilh a lriple lhal day, , 7 ' X ii? l ff ff xy A lx li lf' xx 26 BASEBALL OACHES 'Ui BASEBALL MANAGERS DiabIo's Varsily baseball 'team sizes up Pills- STANLEY MILLER LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Ross, Laurence Durbin, Carl Ellis. burq's warm-ups. "CY" MAZE K . li v.,,. D E is ikslairs when firsl basemen lose lheir eyesighf fhey make "umps" our of fhem, Danny Colchico. Ed Ulrich calls 'rhem as he sees lhem. The counl is lwo and lwo and lhe "Mighly Casey" is af lhe bal. Dan Colchico is our as he bifes ihe dusf. Looks as if Jerry Walsh didn'f quife make if back lo firsl base safely. 31 y . s l . qgfhx Al Boo? lets go wilh a mighly heave. Go, go, go, Tom Ready. Jerry Chrislock clears the bar like a flying Slifl. Jim Brooks fools a hur- dle in fho Alhambra meal. The seniors did if egainl They took fha lnlercless Relay pennanl for J955. .rs he lels go of his pole. . JS. 2 I Rego Piva is up and over VARSITY TRACK. ROW I, lefl lo righl: Bob Lichli, Bob Earls, Tom Holmes, Ron Cook, Shelby Higgins, John Chernoh, Gerry Lanier, Bob Warren, Harold Hayworlh, Dick Walerman, Rego Piva. ROW 2: Brooke Jacobsen, Don Cam- bell, Loyal Miner, Bill McGregor, Tom Ready, Roy Hill, Jim Servenli, Ben Hrbecek, Dan Vasquez, Ed Paulson, Phil Young. ROW 3: Ray Agoslino, John Turner, Ron Loveridqe, Don Mallson, Sleve Pallerson, AI Bool, John Davis, George Darrow, Dick Brown. ROW 4: Ron Calaldo, Richard Kupka, Jim Keller, Miller Cooper, Cliff Mores, Jim Brooks, Mike Carlslon, Dave Monlqomery, John Wyzard, Lee Sanla Maria, Bill Sobolka, Rod Moore. The sprinlers are gel. ling sel for The I50-yd. dash. Track The relurning lellermen, Shelby Higgins, Jim Brooks, Dave Krowel, and Harold l-layworlh who wilh Dick Brown ready lo lill in, will lorm one ol lhe be-al relay leams in lhe slale according lo coaches Hari Fairclough and Cry Slellen. They have already lurned in xr lime ol I:3l.6 which breaks lhe school record. l-larold Hayworlh besides anchoring lhe relay leam will run bolh dashes. l-le lurned in early season limes ol I0 llal in lhe IOO-yd dnsh and a lime ol 2l.8 in lhe 220. Jim Brooks and Dave Krowel who placed one, lwo, in lhe high hurdles al lhe counly meel lasl year, are lrying lo repeal il again. Bolh also run lhe lows, and Dave is delending counly champ. The B relay leam made up ol Donny Collee, "Babe" Guerisoli, Gil Johnson, and John Tonelli have broken lhe school mark wilh a lime ol 45.9. Tom Barclay, lop B hurdle, is capable ol lilling in. John, like Harold in lhe varsily, has broken lhe school record in lhe I5O- yard dash wilh a lime ol I 5,5 and lied lhe record lor lhe 75 ol 8.l. B dislance men Don Parke and Marc Slephens have broken lhe record lor lhe 660 and lhe I 320 resloeclively, Don has run lhe 660 in l:32.9, while lvlarc, a lreshman, lurned in a lime ol 3136.0 lor lhe lhree-guarler mile. Roy l-lil! ol lhe varsily is running lhe mile in lhe 4240's which is good early season lime. Coach Orv Slellen gives John Davis some lips on lhe shol-pul, Diablo's Romulus and Remus, lhe Crews lwins, wind up for lhrowinq the discus. DIABLO "B" ROW I, lefl lo righf: Dick Kiloski, "Babe" Guerisoli, John Tonelli, Gil Johnson, Tom Bar- clay, Denny Coffee, Don Parke, Gary England, Lyle Saunders, Rich Tonelli. ROW 2: Sonny Prall, Clinl Mclnlosh, Earl Phipps, Jim Gon- salves, Richard Cadenasso, Jerry Wesl, Norm Mickey, Ed Lewis Vince Maslraci, Gary Vernier, ROW 3: Bob Campbell, Mel Redfield David Morris, Roqer Smilh, Mark Slevens, "Junior" Omania, Bob Crews, Bill Tye. ROW 4: Gary Bap- lisl, Abe Garcia, Ron Nash, Jerry Porler Dan Krooer, Bren? Byars, Dan Foskel Mike Moore, Jim Chrislock, John Crews. Coaches Orv Steffen and Harl Fairclough. --Q. 'Y 1 rfs 4-sa... 'N s i. ii News 5 ,IJ VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM ROW I lefl fo rlghi Roberl Vlncenl Wayne Lifrlefon Terry Rapp, Dave Sousa, Henry Cureron, Wayne Kini, Warren Moore, Arvin Bolen, Mike Navone, Pal Mahoney, ROW 2: Jack Waxman, Toni Trueman Barry Lacy, Danny Mason, Edward Zickefoose, Louise Mancini, Jim Ma- son, Ted Tahira, David Marlin, How- ard Kennerson. Bufch Johnson. ROW 3: John Malhews, Stan Leuderbach, Doug Anderson, Gordon Dodson, Ray Tierney, John Benqslon, Dcn Garlingfon, Al Pierson, Bill Harvey, Harold Borfke, E. J. Wallace, ffl!! I ' COACH LES WILLIAMS . Wi iifi - . ffl ill My ,wil ,flflf K' UQ, K '13 any Don Garlinglon gives an exhibifion of Ihe iacknife. fl, ,I 1, 7710 Diablo's swim Ieam hard al work in prepar- afion for fhe nexl meef. Harold Feinberg proves phofogenic even from an ungainly posifion such as lhis. le I I . dw X - ll MP , Qi Ur swimmiihfg The l955 Red Devil Swimming learn under The helm ol Coach Les Williams expecls lo win Ihe counly crown. The leam beal' Acalanes for lhe firsi lime in Ihe hislory ol lhe swimming leam. Some of lhe slandouls lhis year are Don Garling- lon who's a iunior diver: Howard Kennerson who swims 'rhe lwo hundred free slyle: and Page Pierson, breasl slroker. Many of The swimmers have befiered records al lhe meels. The B leam's slrenglh lies in lhe following perform- ers: l-larold Feinberg, who swims 'lhe 50 and lhe IOO free slyley and Mike Navone who will move up lo lhe varsily leam nex year. The B's have a lo+ ol slrenglh and deplh, and Coach Williams has high hopes for 'rhem also. "B" SWIM TEAM. Row I, left lo righl: Bill Johnslon, Kirk Bowman, Wally Shoulfs, Lee Schipper, Bill Hubbard, Diego Haro, Bryan? Bo- len, AI Allison, Chuck Foreman, Bill Bruce. ROW 2: Harold Touch- slone, Gerald Clough, Bob Wil- liams. Marlan Shanks, Paul Poindex- ler, David Cooper, Jimmie Zuur, Harold Feinberg, Bari Blakesley, Bruce McCorkle. Page Pierson demonslrales his maslery of fhe bulfer- Ily slrolre. TUMBLING TEAM ROW I, liff lo right: Ernie Carvaial, Kan Monpellier, Jay Markham, Richard Lin- ford, Frank Johnson, Frank Coffman. ROW Z: T. J. Elam, Marlin Allen, Don Cook, Keith Tale, Pele Hilfs, Phil Carlson, Wal? Kaiser, Alberl Schaux. ROW 3: Gilberf Jara, Steve Carvaial, Jerry Dubbs, Terry Seeno, Ken Peterson, Eddie Anderson, Jerry Brilfon, Carl Slruby, David Markle. Don Cook and Wal? Kaiserbdo handslands on fhe parallel BTS. The fumblers unifs fo form this group pyramid. Don Cook lbolloml, Jay Markham, ann Wall Kaiser form a handsland pyramid. 'rumbling JIM MILLARD fumbling coach The MI: Diablo I-Iigh School Gymnaslic Team under lhe direclion of Coach Jim Millard slarled wilh a lirsl win Friday, March 25, againsl' Richmond and Pleasanl' l-lill. The score was Pleasanl Hill 22, Richmond 695.72 and Diablo 79lf2. The "A" Team was scheduled for six meels and Ihe "B" Team live. The Championship meeis were held May I3, I4 and 20. Five of lhe meeis were played in ihe home gym. The schedule for The meels was as follows: Friday, March 25, 7:00 p.m.-Richmond-Pleasanf Hill-Diablo al Con- cord, B Meel. Thursday, March 3l, 7:00 p,rn.-James Lick-Pleasanl Hill-Diablo al San Jose, B Meer. Friday, April I, 7:00 p.m.4CarlmonI-Pleasanl I-Iill-Diablo ai' Concord, A Meer. Friday, April I5. 7:00 p.rn,-San Maleo-Pleasanl Hill-Diablo al Con- cord, A and B Meer. Thursday, April I9, 7:00 p.m.--Sequoia-Pleasanl I-lill-Diablo al' Con, cord, A and B Meel. Friday, April 22, 7:00 pm.-Sanla Rosa Junior College-Diablo al Concord, A Meef. Friday or Saiurday. May I3 or I4-Championship "B" Meal al Univer- siiy of California if possible. Friday, May 20, 7:00 pm.-Championship "A" Meel al Carlmonl. David Markle exhibifs lhe breaihfaking lechnique cf a gianl swing. ALEX GORBENKO Coach The MT. Diablo Tennis Team under The guid- ance of Coach Alex Gorbenko has Three veT- erans reTurning Trom Ias+ year: Neil Francis, Herman CorTes. and Fred l-lanson. AlThouqh Tennis doesn'T draw Too much aT- TenTion aT Diablo, Teams have been organized Tor aT leasT Tive years. The eighT men on This year's Team who hope To bring The champion- ship home To Diablo have played TwenTy maTches This year. tennis Six members oT The GOIT Team under Coach Charles Karp's pro insTrucTions have Two years' experience behind Them. BurT Paulson is The only graduaTing senior. I f ROW I, leff To righlz Charlie Clark, Ralph Planh, Gordon Knapp, John Wes? g 0 Joseph Warren. ROW 2: Bill Moore, Neil Francis, Fred Hanson, "Sonny" Cordes 4- , .. A The firsf sfep in any Tennis malch is hands across The nel. Pal Shockev and Jerry Nourse can drive in The Quad wilhoul dislurb- ing a divof. The golf Team is lefl lo riqhlz Coach Charles Karp, George Lindrofh, Pal Shockey Burl Paulson, Gene Powning, Sid Schwarh, Jerry Nourse. Coach Charles Karp and Burl Paulson, capfain. pu- Every girl from lrosh +o senior invariably can be found dancing, exercising, balring. hirling, fumbling, or swimming for an hour of an educalion-of-a-differentnalure-physical educarion. To succeed in rhis parficular class one musf have brawn, enfhusiasm, and sornelimes a spiril of compelilion, as well as a brain. P. E. 'rhis year offered every redsblooded Diablo girl alrnosl every sporf shorr of golf, hockey, and fooiball. They were under The super- vision of Miss Jessie Falconer, and four newcomers: Mrs. Barbara Col- vin, Mrs. Shirley Krueger, Mrs. Jean Cummings, and Mrs. Belly Nilclcel. girls Modern dance in clyrn, has become quife the Ihinq, Self-creafed composifions are fun. WT' A l .i K un. . 4 In an inadive momenf, ihe modern dance girls pain? a picfure of peacefulness. Exhausfed and fired, side sfrokers sirefch across fhe cool blue pool. Mary prepares for a swing worfhy of a golf pro. porls Things look different from behind The scenes as The pircher warms up! Oh, io be able lo swim! Beginners hold on to the rope, while receiving in- sfruclions from Mrs. Bar- bara Colvin. Round and around lhey go, where fhev slop nobody knows. Swing your parlner lo and fro, "dose-do" and around you go in folk dancing, firsl period. Righl leff, right left, swing swing, slrefch, slrefch. This is fhe roufine for fhe body mechanics class. Girls who have earned fheir Block D lhrough G- A.A. aclivilles are as follows-ROW I, left lo righl: Deanna Wylie, JoAnn Donaldson, Janice Bouguennec, Dolores Chrislock, Carole Lee, Judy Pelerson, Isabel Mims, Grela Youngberg, ROW 2: Darlene Laughlin, Belly Allen, Charla Rider, Peggy Smilh, Lois Hilder, Karen Ward, Anna Miller g. a. a. G.A.A. goes info aclion. A L. ,Z we A- li If ,.,.,,,.w-+V w- Y tg 5 if 2 ,,. s- " i I W e- ,M,,...w I iii - -if arg, ,,,r,, ,, A-W-'f5,f?i""' Wi in G.A.A. lhis year slill mainlains a good raling on lhe popularily poll as one of Diablo's largesl clubs. To become a member, a girl has bul io undergo lhe lradilional procedure lcnown as "inilial'ion." Head alhlele was lvlrs. Shirley Krueger, while chief alhlelic enlhusiasls were Grela Youngberg, presidenl: Carole Dawn Lee, vice-presidenl: and Darlene Laughlin, secrelary. The G.A.A. members' year was highlighled by lhree main evenls: lhe March Play Day: laier, a Dodge Ridge journey inlo lhe snow, and an "awarding" May Banquel. A school of capable mermaids headed by Mrs. Barbara Colvin climaxed 'lhe year wiih lhe Annual Wafer Baller Show. Members of G.A.A. Cabinet are as follows-left lo righl: Genela Spessard Playday Chairman, Carole Lee, vice-presidenlg Grela Youngberg, presi denfg JoAnn Donaldson, Awards Chairman: Isabel Mims, Scrapbook Darlene Laughlin, secrefary-lreasurerg Deanna Penn, Program Chairman fiiii - Si? u F Q x x Q W if 5 'X wr ,W if QU EFL N-XL fsf ' 'K f M K x ff 1 if "SIop, loolc and Iis'ren," is Ihe Signal for Ihese Slall members as 'rhey fill up wilh Signal Go-Farther Gosoline al' 4 CORNERS SIGNAL SERVICE localed al 4 Corners, Concord. Ph. MU 2-9978 I ESTATE CLEANERS E- W- SHARPE Service and Qualify Phone MU 2-0400 phone MU 5.3261 N68 Solano WGY Concord' Calif- ZOI9 Salvio Slreel Concord, Calif. DIABLQ SPORTS CENTER CANDY KITCHEN "CompleIe Sporling Goods SIore" FOR FINE CANDIES 2057 Salvio Sheefpllolle MU 2'08'8 Concord' Camp Porl Chicago I-Iighway Concord, California CHARLES BARBER sHoP DAVE Smfvljgcf-bHiC,?ERV'CE 2I I9 Salvio Slreel Phone ID 9-8586 Concord California 2980 Willow Pass Road Pilfsburg. California Ihese Lillle Devils are on Iheir way wilh Flying A gasoline from Ihe Ianlcs ol GEORGE MANOS' ASSOCIATED SERVICE STATION al Willow Pass and Parkside Slreel, Concord. Phone MU 2-9832. A once-in-a-liieiime Ihrill is enjoyed by Jerry Smifh and his friends as he gels ready 'ro lake Ihis Ford Thunderbird for a drive. A wide variely of beauiiful Fords are found ai HOWARD EDDY MOTORS 2395 Willow Pass, Concord. Phone MU 5-445I ESTATES REXALI. DRUG DAYLONG 84 STINEMETZ mo S I W Phone Mu 2-0655 d C H V RICI-IFIELD STATION o ano ay oncor , ai ornia MU 2-QQ44 Claylon Road and Easf Slreef Concord, Califo we HAVE IT CURTIS SI-IOE SERVICE 2892 N. Main Sfreel Walnuf Creek U66 S I vJn Esiales Shopping Cgnier d C H oano ay oncor , an o CUT AND URL BEAUTY SALON C.MU5-3200 Q ' CONCORD SIGN COMPANY 2gZEm5:liildSSillgelsallsiy-Half. COCiolnncgorZt?nCUdliEiUii1ria 2224 Broadway MU 2.0530 Conc d JOE'S MOB LE SERVICE For Pickup and Delivery Service-I-IEmps'read 2-8600 308 Wesf IO+h Slreel Piflsburg, California Molor Tuneups, Washing, Waxing Wiih lheir pennies clulched in Iheir hol lilile hands, Cleo, Marlene and Dick wail for JoAnn Io open lhe box olliice so Ihey can see Ihe "pi+cher" now playing al Concord's ENEAN THEATRE localed on Granl Slreei Phone MU 5-7623 Manager, Mr. Sian Pooley Port Chicogo Morket I IO Main Slreel o Phone 32 COMPLIMENTS! Sid's Cryslal Pool Service Slalion Geary and N. Main S+. Walnul Creelc "Oh, loolc af all 'rhe 'pur+ies'," exclaim Diaboliles as lhey browse 'lhrough 'rhe new BROWNE'S DEPARTMENT STORE locared al Salvio and M+. Diablo S+ree+, Con- cord. Phone MU 5-5l8I. Yearbook l members are gafhered oufside lhe "corner drug sl'ore," L 84 S DRUGS in Gregory Gardens where you gel lhe finesr in prescriprions, household arlicles, and friendly service. Phone MU 5-5l33. "Hey, don'+ I loolc cure?" exclaim Diaboliles as rhey scan Jrhe lerrilic buys found af M. F. GREIF 84 CO. Gregory Gardens Shopping Cenfer, Gregory Gardens. Phone MU 5-7286. JoAnn, Cleo, and Joyce casl some wislful glances al rhe chic spring fashions found al KAROL KAY'S on Salvio S'rree+. Phone MU 5-8366 PCYN-l'ER'S JEWELRY ZIZ9 Salvio Slreer OK RUBBER WELDERS Complele Tire Service YE 4-33l I MU 5-5333 Concord 277I N. Main Slreel Walnul Creelc Beede's BEN FRANKLIN 2002 Salvio Sf. Concord PI'ione MU 5-8292 BANK OF AMERICA 2I I8 Willow Pass Road offers ccngrafulafions I-Iamilfon-Burneff Oil Co Disfribufors General Pefroleum Producfs Mulberry 5-8526 Mf. Diablo and Laguna Sfs. Concord, Calif. KELLY'S MARKET 2836 Clayfon Road MUIberry 5-8634 +O+I1e Class of '55 cowemrumriows sENioRs MARGARET'S LINGERIE SI-'IOP Concord 206I Mf. Diablo Sfreef California MR. B's FOUNTAIN I965 Mf. Diablo Sfreef 9 I Concord 0 California CONTRA COSTA NASI-'I YE 4-6796 I82I Mf. Diablo Blvd. Walnuf Creek, Calif. ESTATES I-IARDWARE gl VARIETY MU 2-O7I2 2 I 58 Solano Way, Concord, Calif. F WALNUT CREEK T632 MAIN STREET ewelry. vsuowsrons 4-2795 camemsC'7'gWs COM PLIMENTS of SOUTH BERKELEY CREAMERY Phone YEIIaws+ane 4-937i I723 Mf. Diablo Boulevard ARNOLD'S RADIO SERVICE eRANsHAw's FLowERs '960 Em SIM MU 5-7238 . . I883 Mf. Diablo Sfreef Concord California THE GLASS SHOP Accessories - Parfs - Scoofers - Bicycles I645 EAST STREET :: CONCORD MU2'02'4 BILL'S 8: DON'S CYCLE SI-IOP KANDY KANE B.S.A. Sales and Service POUNTAIN an corras SHOP Sharpen Lawn Mowers MUIberry 5-5035 2I35 Salvia S+. Mu 2-9909 2064 Concord Avenue Concord, California P. L. KELLER CO. "Since l9I3" Conqralulafions Class of '55 SATTLERS' ol CONCORD HARDWARE FURNITURE APPLIANCES 230I Willow Pass 2304 Willow Pass Mulberry 5-7660 Concord Phone MU 5-8547 Phone MU 5-8I 36 MEL'S SERVICE STATION ASSOCIATED GAS Corner of Gran? and Salvio Slreer NOR and BILL Aufo Specialisfs Bill Banker? Nor Shields ' Phone MU 2-0442 MU 2-9963 Concord I30I Galindo Slreer Concord Tl-IE DIAMOND MATCI-I CO. JERRlCO'S Phone MU 5-4454 Generafors and Slarlers Concord California 2353 Concord Blvd. MU 5-53I0 CONCORD SAFETY CENTER WheelAliqning O Brakes 0 Wheel Balancing Phone MU 2-9459 CONCORD STATIONERY 2285 Willow Pass Road I950 Ea-,I Slreel Concord Phone MU 5-8802 Concord CLARICS HOBBY SI-IOP MEN'S SI-'IOP MU 5-8447 2295 Willow Pass 232I Salvio Slroel Concord Concord California smrg FARM INSURANCE GARDEN IVILI 5-84I3 3450 Claylon Road Riley Smilh, Dislricl Manager GROCERY AND MEAT MARKET QUALITY MEATS I-Iiqh School Avenue LIFE, AUTO AND FIRE INSURANCE Mrs. N. E. Graham f Wyman E. Graham V40 Concord Blvd. MUIberry 5-7620 Concord, Caliiorni BOLTON'S BELLA VISTA DRUG 2243 Willow Pass Road ID 2-4I I6 Pillsburq CONCORD DRUG STORE Everylhing for Ihe Office 2068 Salvio MU 5-8552 l Office Equipmenl O Office Supplies SI Iioners 0 Prinlers O Gills I-IOLBROOK DRUG STORE 6 Musmsi MUH009 T Pacheco and MI. Diablo Slreef 3395 Porl Chicago Highway Concord California El Monte Merchants Association EI Monte Merchants Association is a civic-minded group which possesses the will to serve and help. Early in Concord's expanding days, the merchants moved out on Clayton Road and tool: a typical "American chance" on having the trade tollow them. Today the center is nestled in the midst ot many housing proiects. The trade did lollow them. The following Association members would lilce to express their congratulations to the graduating class ot I955. ADAMS MEN'S SHOP Geo. Adams EL MONTE CLIFF'S SHOE REPAIR Clitt Broyles EL MONTE ASSOCIATED SERVICE E. Canonica EL MONTE BARBER SHOP W. Parlcs EL MONTE DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Irma Nall EL MONTE HARDWARE AND PAINT Doyle Raines EL MONTE LIOUOR STORE "Mac" McKinnon EL MONTE MEAT MARKET AND LOCKER SERVICE Roy Ellingson EL MONTE PHARMACY Cy Pastriclr EL MONTE SUPER-MARKET "Lucky" Conyers EL MONTE TV 8: APPLIANCES J.Jones - O. Hartung EL MONTE VARIETY STORE A. Hurst- R. Narberes EL MONTE WASHRITE Ed McCarrolI I-IANDY'S APPLIANCES Norm Handy HERB'S UPHOLSTERY SERVICE JACK AND JILL SHOP Mrs. Brix LEE KINTANA STATE FARM INSURANCE LEE'S SHOES Lee Russ M. A. ROTERMUND MARY LOUISE DRESS SHOPPE McCOY'S ICE CREAM Don Thoza PAYLESS CLEANERS J. Sutherland RIGGS TOYTOWN W. T. Riggs CHINESE KITCHEN Yee and Leong WADSWORTH FURNITURE CO. Max Wadsworth It you come by sizes, sevens. or ones and twos, the service is always the same at DANNELLY'S on the corner below school, Solano Way and Broadmoor. It's a Chevron Station, and boasts all the courtesy that emblem personities. Phone MU 5-38I2. UNITED STEELWORKERS C Qnro rd MU or AMERrcA Pittsburg Local I44O, C. L. O. WILLOW PASS GARAGE 2900 Willow Pass and Parlcside VILLAGE CAKE SHOP I665 Contra Costa Highway WILLOW PASS LAUNDROMAT Third and Willow Pass Road Concord SNACK SHACK I9I Parlcside Street Concord California PHIPPS HARDWARE 2638 Willow Pass Road ID 2-2438 Pittsburg PHIPPS AUTO SUPPLY 2640 Willow Pass Road Pittsburg California R E A D ' S HOME FURNISHINGS and TELEVISION MAPLE AND OUTDOOR FURNITURE I 365 Galindo Sfreef MU 5-449I DUKE NORRISI-I'S TEXACO SERVICE MU 2-9875 2785 Granf Sfreef Concord CONCORD RADIATOR WORKS Cleaning ' Repairing ' Recoring ' Rod Ouf Gas Tanlcs Cleaned and Repaired AII Worlc Guaranfeed 90 Days MU 2-9398 22 I 8 Broadway Concord ACME AUTO REPAIR Cecil Kissinger - Ben Manion Clayfon Road and Main Ave. ' MU 5-8495 MAGIC OVEN BAKERY CAKES FORI ALL OCCASIONS DONUTS and SNAILS MU 5-4392 2365 Concord Blvd. I-IULL REALTY Real Esfafe and Insurance 2 I 85 Concord Blvd. MU 5-4378 PorfCI1icago I I 7-W Congrafulafions 'ro The Class of '55 TONY'S TOGGERY 2I49 Salvio Sfreef MU 5-75I5 TOVVNE SI-IOPPE WOMEN'S APPAREL 2I69 Salvio Sfreef Concord. Calif. CARNEY CLEANERS 2272 Willow Pass Road Piffsburg, California SAYLOR'S DO-NUTS YE 4-9954 28I6 Norfli Main Sfreef Walnuf Creelc EARL'S MUSIC STORE Records ' Music ' Insfrumenfs I-II-El Radios ' Tuners ' Amplifiers Record Players ' TVs P. A. Sysfems fo Renf or Sell Honesf Experf Service 2 I Years in Concord I9I9 Salvio Sfreef MU 5-5252 BASSETT 84 CARLSON TEXACO SERVICE I0fI1 and Monfezurna Piffslourg I-IEmpsfead 9-9408 O. K. RUBBER WELDERS 2I50 Concord Avenue Concord MU 5-3 I 72 BLAINE'S MEN'S SI-IOP MU 5-5424 2I25 Salvio Sfreef Concord, California NICK'S NEWS STAND 205I Salvio Sfreef MU 5-6850 CANDY ' SOFT DRINKS ' SMOKERS' SUPPLIES RANDALL SIGNS I308 Galindo Sfreef Concord MU 2-9660 CONCORD AUTO GLASS Phone MU 5-3674 2254 Concord Avenue Concord, California MAIN AUTO REPAIR 2830 NorfI1 Main Sfreef Walnuf Creelc YE 4-3445 " :-533 I Q aw- ' 3001658 Elsewlwere is Nowhere The Siarfire, found only al LEHMER'S, is nor lilcely Jro go unnoiiced in The show window. One day lasl spring Carolyn Lehmer inviled high school friends lo window shop in her dad's agency--Galindo al Concord Blvd. Phone MU 5-448I, Concord. The shoe you-love-+o-buy comes from SUTTON'S SHOES, 2I76 Solano Way in Concord. There is no squeezing inlo eilher space or leaiher when you size your glass slipper in This homey shop. Phone MU 2-0907. Maurice and Jerry gel Jrheir logs cleaned al CONCORD CLEANERS. Be il spor+ or formal dress, This place is The besl. Try +heir service. 2028 Salvio Sireer, or phone for a driver, MU 5-8524. FITZPATRICK CHEVROLET has rolled ou+ i+s red carper +o nine Diablo slrudenrs who are admiring rhe new Bel-Air hardrop converr- ible. Galindo af Laguna Sfreel, Phone MU 5-8564. , ,4, V ,k,, M, ,,,,,p -:UD-s i ,A , ,.,,- V , ie. ,i.,i.,, , . ..-.-B.. .Vs , L by ...W , ' ff, K I 'z 1 J: v i is TEX, W: . Ji, W' T vii E . Iocaled ai 2I33 Concord Avenue Members of Ihe Diablo '55 Slalil lake Ihe Ierm "curb service" Iilerally as lhey wail for a delicious hamburger al KIRKS' DRIVE IN Iocaled al Ihe Arnold IndusI'riaI Highway and Pacheco Road. BLASINCVS DRAPERIES 2295 Concord Boulevard Concord California I G A MUIberry 5-842I Phone 33 t A 2091 Salvio Slreel Concord, California Porl' Chicago California FOOD CENTER GARDEN EQUIPMENT COMPANY Porl Chicago Phone 87 California Concord IO Meadow Lane California JAMES DE LUXE CLEANERS EQUR CQRNERS UNION SERVICE MU 5-7332 Oak Grove and Monurnenl Blvd. 2265 Willow Pass Concord, Calilornia MU 2-0973 Concord, California LAI LA'S "Don'I slick me," says Nila lo Sleve as 'rhe girls enhance Iheir dresses wilh corsages crealed by Don Galloway ol LAlLA'S FLORIST WALNUT CREEK ELECTRIC Fufure homeowners gel The inside sfory on foday's modern conveniences af WALNUT CREEK ELECTRIC, locafed af 2235 Norlh Main Sfreef, Walnuf Creek, where you'll find all sorfs of elecfrical equipmenl and gadgefs. Phone YE 4-7682. KITTY BAR EL Momrc BAKERY Walngzcgreek 3523 Clayfcn Road Concord Concord California F. SILVEY, Realfor MANGINI DRUG 2 I47 Salvio Sfreef Concord Calilornia MUlberr 5-724I Y Moocian roeeERY I929 Ml. Diablo Sfreef Concord, California Mens, W0rf1en'S and Cllildrerfs Apparel 126 Main Sfreef Por? Chicaqo RICK'S I8c I-IAMBURGERS FRENCH FRIES IOc Phone MU 5-4850 LICHTl'S PHARMACY Founfain School Supplies Phone 6 Porf Chicago JOHN F. BALCK Realfor I624 Confra Cosfa Highway Pleasanf Hill TUNNEL MOTORS 2350 Salvio Slreef Concord Phone YE 4-443 I I839 Mf. Diablo Blvd. Walnuf Creelc l MAGIC OIL COMPANY . . . And Away We Go, our fanlcs filled wifh Magic Qualify Gasoline from fhe MAGIC OIL COMPANY, Clayfon Road and Oakland Ave- nue, Concord. Phone MU 5-6I68. B 81 J FABRICS A perlecl heaven for The modern clolhes horse land whar girl isn'+l is B AND J FABRICS, wilh wide variely ol malerials suired 'ro your parlicular Iasre. Locared al 2I20 Concord Blvd. Phone MU 5-7I77. RUSS MORGAN CHEVRON SERVICE Only ar RUSS 'MORGAN'S CHEVRON STA- TION, 2380 Willow Pass Road, Could Jim Wesl-of-Ihe-Pecos" Bales pose as Napoleon, and s'riII receive excellenl service. Russ indulqes Dialolo sluclenls. MUlberry 2-9897 Eff I CHARACTER CANDY Ice Cream Visil' our slore Phone YEIIowsIone 4-432 I I902 Locusl Slreer, Walnur Creelc. WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY Phone MUIIoerry 5-83I9 2255 Willow Pass Road Concord POPLIN'S MOBIL SERVICE "Free Pickup and Delivery" Call MUIIoerry 2-IO46 Easl Slreel and Salvio Concord SUPERIOR WELDING Where service is a business, nol a sideline" Phone MU 5-8632 Broadway and Harrison CONTRA COSTA TRAVEL SERVICE Airlines' Sleamship ' Rail ' Tours ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD NO CHARGE FOR OUR SERVICT MUIberry 5-7I I4, 2303 Concord Blvd., Corizord, Cali Complirnenls ol BALES MILL 81 LUMBER CO. Phone MUIberry 5-8734 925 Monumenl' Blvd. Concord, Calif V -.. --- -- .., ., i,- SI'I ELL CI-I EIVIICAL CORPORATION Shell Poinf Planf Phone Gladsfone 8-3222 Piffsbu rg California GRAI-IAM'S Since I9I6 WILLOW PASS GROCERY Willow Pass Road and Parlcside R O N AY N E SALES AND DEVELOPMENT, INC. Real Esfafe and Insurance 2275 Willow Pass Road MU 5-8521 Concord ANN RENE'S SLENDERIZING SALON 2359 Concord Blvd. MU 5-8872 Concord CONCORD BEAUTY SALON Melberfa Laughlin I-laircuffinq and Perrnanenf Waves a Specialfy 2032 Ml. Diablo Slreef MU 5-5IOO MODERN PLUMBING 81 SHEET METAL WORKS MU 2-92Il 2350 Willow Pass Road Concord, California ROYAL MOTOR SALES DODGE - PLYMOUTH Sales fhrough Service Classified Used Cars 2I95 Concord Ave. MU 2-934I STODDARD TI-IE JEWELER Diamonds ' Walches ' Jewelry 2068 Salvio Sfreef MU 2-9l28 PAUL BECCARO GROCERY 2l8I Salvio Sfreef MU 5-7626 OAK PARK PHARMACY Prescripfion Specialisfs YE 4-2923 l56I Oalc Parlc Blvd. Walnuf Creelc NOURSE AND COFFEE 2345 Willow Pass Road MU 5-59I I or MU 5-7l7l Insurance ' Real Eslafe ' Nofary BROWN'S MUSIC CENTER Buescher Band Insfrumenfs Everyfhing for fhe Musician 2224 Concord Blvd. Concord, Calif. Congrafulalions. Class of '55 MQFARLAND FUNERAL CI-IAPEL LEE'S Sl-IOES Men's, Women's and Children's 2349 Willow Pass Road 35l3 Clayfon Road OLlVER'S Sl-IELL STATION Clayfon Road and San Jose Sfreef MU 2-2253 Concord, Calif. PLAZA Sl-IOE SERVICE 2Ol3 Granf Sfreef Concord California ljist of Advertisers Acme Aulo Repair, Ann Renes, Arnold's Radio Service, N. E. Bales, Bank ol America, Bassel 81 Carl- son Texaco Service, Paul Beccaro Grocery, Beede's Ben Franklin, Bill 8: Don's Molorcycle Shop, B 84 J Fabrics, Mr. B's Founlain, Blaine's Men's Shop, Blasing's Draperies, Bollon's Bella Visla Drug, Browne's Deparlmenl Slore, Brown's Music Cenler, Candy Kilchen, Carney Cleaners, Charles' Barber Shop, Clark's Hobby Shop, Concord Aulo Glass, Concord Beauly Salon, Concord Cleaners, Concord Drugslore. Concord Radialor Works, Concord Sign Co., Concord Slalionery, Conlra Cosla Nash Co., Conlra Cosla Travel Service, Cryslal Pool Harware, Curlis Shoe Service, Cul 8: Curl Beauly Salon. Dave's Shell Service, Daylong 8: Slinemelz Richlield Slalion, Diablo Sporls Cenler, Diamond Malch Co., Duke N'orrish's Texaco Service, Earl's Music Slore, Edy's, EI Monle Associalion, El Monle Bakery, Enean Thealre. Eslales Cleaners, Eslales Hardware 81 Variely, Eslales Rexall Drug, E. W. Sharpe Insurance, Filzpalrick Chevrolel, Food Cen- ler lPorl Chicagol, Four Corners Signal Service, Four Corners Union Service, F. Silvey Reallor, Gar- den Equipmenl Co., Garden Grocery, George Manos' Associaled Service, The Glass Shop, Gra- ham's Markel, Granshaw's Florisl, Hamillon 81 Burnell Oil Co., Hokey's, Howard Eddy Molors, Hull Really, IGA Slore lPorl Chicagol, James' Deluxe Cleaners. Jerrico's Generalors 8: Slarlers, Joe's Mobile Service, John F. Balck Reallor, Kandy Kane, Karol Kay, Keller's Hardware, Kelly Markel, Kirk's Drive-in, Killy Bar, Laila's Florisl, Lee's Shoe Slore, Lehmer's Oldsmobile, Lichli's Pharmacy, L 8: S Drug Slore, Magic Oil Co., Magic Oven Bakery, Main Aulo Repair, Mangini Drug, Margarel's Lingerie Shop, McFarland Funeral Chapel, Mel's Associaled Sla- lion, Men's Shop, M. F. Greil 8: Co., Modern Plumb- ing, Modern Toggery, Russ Morgan Chevron Slalion, Nick's Newsland, Nor 8: Bill, Nourse 8: Colzlee, Oak Park Pharmacy, O.K. Rubber Welders lConcord. Walnul Creekl, Oliver's Shell Slalion, Phipps Aulo Supply, Phipps Hardware, Plaza Shoe Service, Pop- lin's Mobile Service, Porl Chicago Markel, Poynler's Jewelry, Randall Signs, Read's Appliances, Rick's, Rineharl's Jewelry, Ronanyne, Royal Molor Sales, Shell Chemical Corp., Concord Salely Cenler, Salllers' ol Concord, Saylor's Do-Nuls. Sid Cryslal Pool Service Slalion, Snack Shack, Sodaro's, Soulh Berkeley Creamery, Slale Farm Insurance. Sloddard's Jewelry, Slyle Shop, Superior Welding, Sullon Shoes, Tony's Toggery, Towne Shoppe, Tunnel Molors, Uniled Sleel Workers, Village Cake Shop, Walnul Creek Eleclric, Weslern Aulo Supply, Willow Pass Garage, Willow Pass Laundromal. Professional cards appear for the following: PHYSCIANS AND SURGEONS C. L.Ackerman, M.D. R. l. Davies, M.D. D. H. Johnson, M.D. G. L. Kline, M.D. J. E. Mason, M.D. F.J. Morley, M.D. R. S. Pebley, M.D. R. R. Pinger, M.D. J. P. Swilzer, M.D. DENTISTS R. G. Brink, D.D.S. R. L. Fulgam, D.D.S. K. R. Krey, D.D.S. R. e. uqhi, D.D.S. c. F.lv1iIls, D.D.S. ATTORNEYS William J. Bells Tom J. Coll Wroy F. Reneghan C.P.A.'S Hall Forsey J. Paul Wesl OPTOMETRISTS Aloysius F. Laube Kelvin H. Pierce A. R. Reinke PHYSICAL THERAPISTS H. S. Low J. Slarr ofyjjfyf MW QM! U Ui' o9r clPhs df Q My YM A M Gfvv Un fy iQfQ?Wj!W M W K if W Wifi wif W WW My M MWQW M WM W M WSW MNXEQ Bw ixg V X X ' v WIN Wfj J? f QW V JA HL fi fy! W ff! autographs linkin ig 7 LJ ff I y A , 4 V 1, pam L fy E7 ffm KKWJSU K J , ' L ! Q f ifcql gig Ay' 5 T - I QXWA Hom wb ff K ff mi? x :J xx Q P x X f ,v-' Llfyq 2 I ff 1 ' 4 .fafffd ff IH A gl' ,, lil! 449' W ' Fw 112 AW xg ,Q MM! f 6 V A WH if A i HW A UW 1 NU if Up, Ma K P 'J A 'Q ' ff J YQ' N X M- Q V N5 T Ll' J U 'J X bg N YL' . UL A u X Aw , f ' A1 X v ' A ki K W w A -Of 2 ki My ' J V X3 u A - Q7 1 ,, 'sz r I XM ,L Y WL L N X 5 Y Qs ,X AJ W W 3' , K Y gf X v, F, R , A , X Ng 5 dbx -5 HJQA ik X! W ,X A 5 ,W kg X Xfii 'x TQ xi X 'IK , x, CI u tog ra P h S 7 ,W v - f N ML 'UL Mffw. M S CMA 5 NJ if Ceijiai CN N MA, C' 4QAVWwW4f gi JM Q gggwv Qwffff Xkyfjxz aw Qs L .xxx xx, x ' - - L H 'Q , RJ ir . xi U .ad 'EMM MW M JZMX7 ff JJ QL? 2 E A' lmffdi 4 u,5i WML!!! iiiti 2 AFM f?fZZ2fwwwMf Q E ' f M Yxigb gggx? X vi FF" :ff 5 5 QegPg Rx K 0 jg Q f abby W ffffi 1 Z MZYQW4 ff!!! if M fylmpfffwf if , Ml fly ' gf I IL!J6nM M 2,1 'li r ,fm , ELL M X wif X rv f i If 1 I iv ff i"'L2'f M fiffm, 0674! My W 4 if if f K ucknowle gments Lederer, Slreel 81 Zeus Co., lnc.-Bolo Ozias Prinling and planning California Ari and Engraving Co.-Earl Evans Engravings l-lal Malson, Pliolograplwers-Hal, Don, Tep a Pliolograpliy and palience S. K. Smilli Co.-Bill Relclnin Covers Cardoza Binding Co. Binding Adverlrise rs Eacully Members Miss Marjorie Silva-arl adviser Mr. l-larry Kublin-recording adviser Mr. Rufus Johnson-recording eguiprnenl Sleve Burks-Telebook recordings F1 P f MM wfff M0 WW Qygmmg Qjlff Mail fs2'Q'Z'l. 7?.M. ,1 WMMMWQ ,fm Lfmsz. J JK 'U f ,MC W 1010 673,14 'C-V X., JO jd' fu, A U 6,4907 Jyfg J? if T27 ff 'W Iliff xiyifyw ,Y 9 yy rg MVS Xggfv of N gb Q30 of ,ff w WI "'MMJ A W W0 x,Q,,,,L,,,,.a, ju . fu-'CIT ,mm Efcbvv WA' . QV 14:1-T .OW OH' Q 6 FQTH TM QQWQJLCZXU QRSXQVEJ fhgwkgaxw yu af Qmwgxj AM:-,SSN , I W i 4-0, Ln. pk 'Q ' V, VLQLV JW Q., fffc x Y 'XXQXQLLYE XX. Twin. Vw- Jw ov gm X gg Il, ff If A I V7 M ML. vffm ,L 1 ,'4. ff,Lpf ,inf ,E WI, . Q ,M 6 ' ,,-.J ,M xml! L4 . l fx xf 37yX,Q-' . in , g y ifX,XJxL,i-'ll .XX,FfXiQX,rX,'x.kSLL' rf ,X ,V ' 2 , ' Axfv ! 1 U-, 1, ' ,XL xl' 11 0,1 JTJJWK' SALQMLLX bf,'flff! I fji, SY ,Q It UQ ,Ly X Ll-x,i,LK I wgqj H .n fu" ' Xi fx' Wk" ' 0 L-MAIN 4-4 5 , XXV , tn KJ., , f A , MA IL L, X .Q K-Ax , to-, . I ' X L I ,. ff? L gbj XYNRJK' ,ji I I gf I NxJx,,"'1KK5 Xi J' ., 'M A X Ll , XIX J E N5 X QP F1 I Xb gf RJ Ns IN wg X ' NSE 53 '.- .-HW: ,... A-M--h -.-zsaggi t 'Q-meg, , S f. I :N 5? f77L1yiX cw 1 y' x fd! ! , 1 qdvylivy cA,, K-5 , Qc, A Q, 21, K If 'ix ,-, V' F D kr,,x xv .x In VL. kg 5 q,....,, Q if I iQ G , -2 iff- Rv, s.,.YL X Nj x in Awvigifjji R3 , M X . ah . ', Z. .V ' J H V vwffnp ,QD NRJJ , X 'Q Y , .X xr :As - In-,I M ,j-,Q JD -1- P -V al 'I 1- gi' 1 JJJ -, ,., H xq "F F rv , ir 1 , Pri 'N 'U L N- - Xp If ,QM f LJ-L 'f - ff M' Q 1 ' , ' W! .hub I 4 Q rf 2 N XF., .Y ff .YZ Nr: "r ffZiS?',l!g lx A I' ,4,4sF'n if Mk? 'f P. JL ff l',f1'JAl XJ !f 4 Q 1 I l 4 ' ,I f. ' if ll X A 1 Q fx jr! . qv, I Lf' yu - x 1. I X vi I f "?xX, , tw 5 xi VW T .fbij Nz X iii? Egwb ,Y gk bg bfi . if

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