Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN)

 - Class of 1947

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Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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CX LIBRIS we, the Senior Class of Hlorristown High School Present The 47 ITHKHH Editor BILLY WHITE BALES Sponsor MHS.W C HUDDLESTON Business Mznsgsr-LoU1sE GREENE M.HS Edxtor m chtef BILLY wr-urs BALES Busmess Mwwqef LOUISE GREENE -4+--1 Sponsor MRS HU DDLESTON 434, M-ofa I? 'Um xi TONI DOKA Advertlslnq Edltor BETTY PRESSLY Advertlsmq Edltor IIMMY BIRELEY Advertlslnq Edrtor IEAN ARCHER Clrculutmg Editor ED BOWMAN Sports Edltor BETTY LESTER Literary Editor BILLY Crcnq Club Edxtor PETE NEBLETT Snapshot Editor BOBBY ATCHLEY Ioke Edrtor IMOGENE LONG Art Edxtor MP I r Y' ' E A ' mfr, I ' , 1.1. A . Icwyfi -"jg .-514 ,l,hm,'.kA't4, " !f,'.?Q,,4, .. v e -W , E X 1 71 ..., K 'X L' 1. fi 211 W ICHTIO11 K pil D V 2,1 f fo J . V! Q . ,' - 0 J f' V . jx , .Kx,! QN.Mvf, . XX r , mv- Ill. 1 ,.L1L. , x. -L 1' -: wutw this mrxi N ' Hx' Mxillrlz f '1,.. 'N,, ,. uf, .,,, , .imxmjf 3' X 'N nz: niu: - 1X11f.' gmt p.1.U.4' 5-. ':g::L 11. 'I1I1fW'f .inf :H .:.1 :g ' 1 gi11.1f.'.' ff1'Y.TM'1. H Q 1 --1-:t3 fi :Em PI- .1"x1 'fi fi .' " xIl.I fx 'uf 'This ff :Lf ' hw ..1 4 IUHO'S IUHO BEST ALL AROUND Ed Bowman and Iecxn Archer CUTEST Bobby Ioe Robertson and Irma Relland Byfjfyj if BEST LOOKING Imogene Long and Iunmy Bueley 1 pm A 1" A f' - of ,ff IIIHO S IUHO WITTIEST Wayne Woods and Rebecca Wmlhams MOST ATHLETIC Mary Rader and Clcmky Smxth MOST POPULAR Peggy Hale and Henry Lee Carter 'Wir ' , L X af CHLEIDDHR SEPTEIVBER Wrth our summer vacatron over we all trudged back to dear old M H S for another nme months of hard study tAm l k1dd1ng'l For the frrst event for the year the 7 G 6 club had a prc n1c at the peach orchard for the graduated members of last year The Sub Debs had a hay rrde to Swan s and from what we hear they hunted n hunted and never could f1nd any tomato JUICE' OCTOBER October opened up wrthabang' tBang that 1S'l What w1th all the 1n1t1at1ons by H1Y Screwballs G1rlBeserves Sub Debs and 7 61 6 clubs we hardly knew what those thmgs were that were roamrng these famrlrar halls The 7 dt 6 club had a campfrr p1cn1c at the lake to welcome tn the new members lt was of the cold type nrght but we drdnt mmd really The Pep Parade came and vtent but was a good show wrth all those chorus grrls n all At last the Screwballs came out of seclusron and threw a dance at the hut There were plenty of boys but no grrls' After the Central Hrgh game the 7 61 6 club had a brg dance rn the gym for everybody lt was a ralny ntght and all the mud outsrde Nas tnsrde the next mornrng But we drdnt really mmd moppmg the gym floor all day Saturday' Halloween came rn the form of a clex er dance at the hut by the Sub Debs The decorat1ons were of the clever type and everybod3 really had a gay t1me NOVEMBER The H1 Y hayrrde came off wrth two wagons full of couples and plenty of food CBefore rt started that 1S'l The Sub Debs had a ba k ward party and showed the males a good t1me Wrth all the football games rn November nothmg else much happened Mrss Cam marr1ed the sheriff ana now M H S has plenty of protecuon' Then Krlroy passed through' By the way drd you see htm? DECEMBER Basketball season started 1D December and all the grrls were wrdows once more From being football wldows to basketball wrdows' Then came the most clever H1 Y banquet wtth everyone havmg a good t1me Then we got out for the Xmas holrdays Durrng the holrdays the 7 61 6 club really got 1nto the Splfll by havrng the annual dmner dance at the Lrttle Dutch an rnformal dance at the hut and a tea to celebrate the 20th cennrnersary of the club wrth all past members mvrted On Xmas Eve the Sub Debs had a brg party at one members home wtth dates mvrted What wrth a frsrt from Santa Claus and a full moon outsrde they musta had a good t1me' By the way boys where drd Ja get them lrttle red bow tres? Hm mm' TANUARY Wrth the holrdays over we trudged once more back to dear old M H S wrth thoughts Chor rrble thoughts that 1S'l of semester exams Frnally after strugglmg hard we managed to get through and the lucky ones passed and the unlucky ones are st ll strugglmg' The Beta carnr val came and everyone had a good t1me FEBRUARY The Curl Reserves had the1r annual banquet at the Krngmyer Hotel Everythmg was clever and the grrls and therr dates had a good t1me all dressed m formals n all Stunt nrght was held and as usual everythrng was as funny as ever' APRIL The Senror Play was put out ln Aprll The H1Y had rts annual Sprmg hayrrde and plen ty of couples and food' The 7 61 6 had a hayrrde to the dam and those who drdnt have 1t bad CSpr1ng fever of course? had a good t1me The Sub Debs had a sharp prcnrc at the lake and all had a gay t1me wrth therr dates neverythrng' MAY Warm weather f1nally arrrved and as usual everyone began crammg for exams agam Sprrng football pract1ce was well under way by thrs t1me tWont the grrls ever get a break'l The A OA Club had 1ts annual prcnrc and everyone had a clever t1me 'even rf the food was all gone by the t1me we got there'7 Then came exams' Wrth tears IH our eyes we sard goodbye to dear MHS for another three months of vacatron tAll except those of us who were lucky enough to graduate? , . . . . 1 1 . 1 . -rf . - , . 11 . 11 1 1 1 . 9 . . . 1 1 . , . 7 1 . 1 , . . . L . - u X . . 1 1 . . 7 . , , . C - . , . 1 1 . 1 . . . . . , no ' . 1 - I 1 , . .1 . . . 1 . . . X. . 1 1 ' I . , 1 . - . - - 1 ,, 7, . . .- t . . . . . 1 . . . 1 1 1 . . . 1 . . 1 . . 1 1 .1 . . - - . . . 1 FHCULTY MR CARLT VANCE AB MA wfwj ang? 19,2 Wwfgjmi Wm W 5 wdfla-f:.1f W 1 Superintendeni , . . J fl , X V Vg fftify wifi nl I ' I -:"" - J FHCULTY MR R I. ISENBERG Mathematxcs BS Carson Newman College MR H G BRAY Industrial Arts MISS BIVA SMITH 15' Enqlxsh B A Tenn State Teachers College Umversxty ol Tennessee Duke Unrversxty MISS GRACE CATRON Hxstory Math and Latm A B Tenn State Teachers College Carson Newman College MR W S MURRELL Mathemahcs Hrstory BS Tenn State Teachers College MRS ELAINE HUDDLESTON Commercxal Department Tenn Polytechnic Instltute FHCULTYjfZ" 764 MISS MAE SMITH Home Economics A B Maryville College Unxversxty of Tennessee www!! Vw! M "3" MRS I W MASSEY Lunch Room Supervxsor ec Umversxly of Georgia MR I S FISH Voccmonal Agriculture B S UhlVefSllY of Kenlucky Valporaxson Umversxly Eastern Sgal Keniucky Slate MISS DEANIE MILLIGAN Secretary Furman Umversdy MRS LENA CARTER Physlcs Chemlstry BS Cumberland Unxversxty Georgetown 'Alix A6 MRS. BEN SHAVER English. History-BA. Maryville College X, -h Q A I J QQA FHCULTEffE?ww MISS PAULINE ABERNATHY Spanish. English MISS ONA MU'LI.INS English-A B Tennessee College Umversxly ol Chxcaqo Unxversxty of Tennessee MISS ELIZABETH KNIGHT Music B S Tenn State Teachers College "9"'!5- MISS EMILY RUSSELL Bxble MISS ROBBIE THOMPSON Bxoloqy B A Tenn State Teachers College 14.1. --4AA?,qycA.4.f '-11,42 AV C-144.1 rv A.A'Cf"-4 lg fyffu did!! H LOCK HT THE FUTURE Hello yes th1s 1S Rebecca W1ll1GmS Morrrstown ca'l1ng you say? Ot course I ll walt' Hello Mrss B1va' How IS everythrng w1th you? Are you st1ll teachrng Englrsh? You re not? Why? Oh I see you had an offer from the Matnmonlal Bureau' Well let me tell you a tew of the news rtems l know about the old krds of the 47 class l guess you heard Anna Mae last nlght on the rad1o drdnt you? She really made a wonderful speech d1dnt she? There s no doubt that she ll w1n the com1ng electron tor Sena tor Drd you know that Lou1se Greene lS her campa1gn manager? Wart a 1n1nute Mrss Brva there s someone at the front door Well 1t s about trme you got here' l sent that su1t to Bones about three months ago to have that button sewed on How much w1ll rt be? Three dollars? ? Good gracrous 1ts a good th1ng 1t was 1ust a button Tell Bones 1t s hrghway robbery but l haven t got Bob Lowe to sew my buttons on tor me Hello lVl1SS Brva you st1ll there? Who are you talkmg to? The garbage man at the back door? Who IS 1t? B1lly Wh1te Bales? ? Mrss Brva there must be some m1stake who would have thought B1lly Wh1te would end up thls way What that he s the Pres1dent ot the Garbage Collectors Club You say he s takrng up money tor a new garbage truck? Mrss BIVG IS hmnne Brreley st1ll the coach of the Hxgh School football team? Who are they plCIYlI1q th1s Frrday mght? The Sherwood Eleven? What has our team come to? Suppose you tell me some of the th1ngs you know M1ss B1 a Whats thot? V1rg1l Elhson IS head ot a Flymg Company and George Conway and B ll Kenney are the two ma1n p1lots' They say W D Taylor tmanced the company lS that correct? What about Archer don t tell me she s st1ll play1ng basketball you say she s helprng to run a Florrst Shoo' l71d yo11 knofv lrma He1land1s model1ng tor Watson now? Ah yes' Wat son s lS really com1ng up 1n the world Last week they put out a two page catalog and Irma was on the last page 1n the bath1ng surt adds' Ton1Doka 15 now a prom1s1ng arch1tect1n Kansas C1tf He wrote m the other day that he was consrdenng g1v1ng up th1s kmd of work and go1ng1nto the hash house buslness Elsre Slome and V1rg1n1a Lester are now nurses rn one ot the b1ggest hosp1tals IH Knoxvllle Tenn Mrss Blva have you read Conway Smrths latest book How To K ll A Duck ln Ten Fasy Shots He wrltes books as a s1del1ne 1n hrs med1cal pract1ce l bought a new dres today and guess who had desrgned 1t? Betty Lester l thml' old Su1c1de Hale owns an automob1le 1nsurance agency she took out a SlU OOO pol1cy last week on her old automob1le She needs 1t' rdna Felknor lS runn1ng 1n the beauty contest lor M1ss Dandehon ot l957 Worley Greene and Henry Lee run a brg tarm on the outskrrts ot Mornstown Guess what? Pete Neblett 1 now a photographer of Lrte Magaz1ne Clanky Sm1th and Bobby Spoone are pro tess1onal ball players Phyllts Hawkrns lS the organrst at the Methodrst Church Mary Bader has been rec.ogn1zed as the best guard rn .A mer1ca and Medra Lane plays on the All Amen can G1rls Basketball Team They play here ton1ght l cant attord to m1ss 1t Roberta Cosson and lrnogene Long are models tor the covers of the Polrce Gazette Io anna Schettler IS st1ll at Wake Forest after lU years she says she needs only 5 more credrts to graduate Franc1s Hanks and Margaret Hughette are work1ng1n Lee lohns Beanery lve bcen at1end1ng Charlre Murrells dancrng school here lH New York The name ot the school IS Where the El1te Feet Meet ' 'Betty Sue Lane Dons Hurley and Betty Presley are runnmg a beauty salon 1n St Lou1s They specrahze 1n toot message and mud packs Stanley Prrce lS runnrng tor gover nor ot Tennessee lm sure he w1ll w1n srnce he promrsed that everyone w1ll have chew1ng gum tw1ce a week whrle he s rn ottrce Robert Noe and I C Fuller run a da1ry and are really puttmg out some good products Iuhus Lasn1ck1s the Ed1tor of Th1s Weeks Scandals Have you read that latest scandal about Lew1s Warren and Helen Graves? Well as bad as l hate to leave you Mrss Brva l fear our three m1nutes are up Thanks for callrng Goodbye P S l do hope Mlss Brva drdnt reverse the charges The advert1s1ng busrness hasnt been so good lately 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 , 1 . . 1 1 . 1 1 . , 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 . . , , 1 11 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 - 11 .1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 11 . . 1 1 , 1 1 1 11 1 1 - 1 11 1 1 1 1 , ' . 1 . 1 . . , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1- . 0 . 1 . s g 1 1 V 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Av 1 1 1 1 Y 1 1 1 I 1 1 . , . 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 T ' L 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 . 1 1 1 1 f 1 X , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 f 1 1 , , . , 11 1 .... 1 1 I 3 11 1 1 1 1- 0 4 1 1 1 . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Y V 111-1 t 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . I I A .F V 1 1 1 - .J J 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 L - . 1 1 1 1 11 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 CLHSSES Semor Sponsor Mlss Brva Snuth SEIDICDR CLHSS FFICE-IRS ff Q! dm Frrst Row Iecxn Archer M ss Bwa Smrth Annu Mae Pettrgrew Second Row Henry Lee Carter B111y Whxte Bules , MQ r Y J F . I A V X WN ,FJ ,ijt fy r X- W f, fl i' ,YM XV Y 1 in ' N . , f jl r x tk h Q 'N S A y 1 -Q... for 130 :vvavt .K A 8 Q A f ,E x 'www 'd X X ' -- . i ' ' , . ' BOBBY ATCHLEY lii-Y li-lv Illitor cu ITAKHA, Swivwlaulls, Clivorlomlw. I , I ' l " 3' ,iz ' , t , ' ' U .l' , NN' w' R ' I- . X , IIMMY BIRELEY ' N Anlvorlisiriq lfliilur l'lAKllA, llurri- nirio sliill '4'f', Survwlmill Club '46 '47, Foollxill '44 '46 '46, Brrskcil- lwrll '46 '47, Biolciqy Cluli '45, 'l'r-mis. Moriwqriirri Clulu '45, View Pros. Iiiriivr' Clriss '46 Military Drill '-Ili, LOYD COLLINS ll ll BILLY BEETS , , - X . X 4 r Nil ', 'X 77 ':N. xxjbf' , . vmxxh. ' ' Ny xx xl. ' ,' A xx EDWAR'D cum? Nz' 'l , Gm Cm '44 '45 '4s,' Bond Mx '46 '46, Opmelln '46, Comriiigrcioly Coursv '47, Virlory Corps,'45. I X x u SEIIIORS -Q-""' uw up BILLY WHITE BALES lnlfll ill 45, 46, lnillrii ul l'l'AK- llii, ifiirri 'flllfx Stull '46 fx.O.A., l'.l',A. Viv lirfis. '47, 'l'if-cisriwr lr. :'lfISS '46 'l'I"fXSI1IUI Sr. Clfrss r i '4'f, Liliri Clim '46, Prws. liioloqy C"l1il '45 Preis. Sriciriislr Clulm '46, Pros., lifwlz Cliili '47, lli Y '46, '46, '4'f', 'fwrzrrizs fiillll LOUISE CHANEY B-'ilcz Flul- '46 '47, llorrin llworioiii- ivs Cliili '45, Sl3llIIlSll Clulu '45 '46, Lkzrirrii-rcixl C' urs-X '46 '47. IEAN ARCHER Cqilflilflllfbll Erlilrvr l'l'fXKllA, Bvlfr Cliili '46 '47, Sm: '47, Svc. lr. 7 Class, Viw Irfrs. Sr. Clfiss, Bris- kwtlw ill '46 '47, Cffpl. '47, Sprin- islz Cliil' '45 '46, Prws. '46, Girl liwservw '45 '46 '47, Prefs. '47, l'liirri':ri 6'fill '47. HENRY LEE CARTER Srrowl .ills '45 '46, ILPA. '44 '45 '46 Prifs. '45 '47, l'rfi:a. Mur- rizslwwri Dislrifl Clliiplvr' '45, Ol- fi iril f3'i:'w Crfrivfiritiori '46, AID. A., Pr-'si'l:-ril r. Class, Pruzsiririril Sl. FI iss, lli-Y, '46 '46 '47, lliciloqy lliirri w me .mill 47. GEORGE CONWAY Eicwlcbqy Cliili '45, Glww Cllili '45 '46, Mililrlry Drill '46, A.O.A. '46 '47, Air Aqf? Clrili '46, "You Name Il Xlivfx' I-'ly Il '47, ROBERTA COSSON ,,,,.,,,,, Lml Nrvwzs -l-l lla fllu Alf, Olll5 ,U I.. I ' .L 'l. ' 'l' 144 .N . , l ,, ,, , -, , 1' N 4' ls vw , , l .3 ,, R. C. CROSBY 1, fax.. . ,, ,,,X pg .,, 1, 1 X' A NES x'e. ,L ,, . , lfrflllvllllll 'flfv -lla 41 limit 'll .H f , lxf., ,. , , fm Ilia, 1X.ll..f'X lb -lf lxwlffly . , L, .1 lllIl', ll1'Y, Svrvvwlwll 'flfj '47, A I. C. FULLER BILLY CRAIG l Hlwloqy xlulu '45, Srjrwwlulls '45 '13 "7 lliY'1'x Cilllli Wlfv, UWT '46 '47 Morlofyrruu xlislm Clulw '45 '46, V1 '-'llwrll '-lfv '48, Clulv Fflilwr WAK- l l!X '-17, IUNE FRANKLIN l11l:11sl'1'x'wl frcwm Hlwfwsvillo, N. C., llwmw lk' Club 4f, SEIIIIORS Sh sy, f"'W-. Jfl v MARY SUE COWAN I Cl flu? 'Vw 'flfv l Ly 1 I I '-155 WW, ll'lc1 C'Tll1ll lfu If l1 1 mf: '-l','. ff 1' ' , . Y 1. U. fu Il , EDNA FELKNOH Girl llesvrvfwa 'flfn 'Lib lf , H11 l1 . f,,,,. Clulf LL, llb, .wpfPl1 Qlulu 1 Q., -.- v , yy Umm fflllal Alf. HENRY COWAN Glfw Cllulw '-lfu, 'flii 'lf 1 TONY DOKA Aclvwflirzimg lfrlilwr llAlllxA ll1Y '-15'-16'-17 l'1" '4 l' llfill 'll VIDA GREGG HELEN GRAVES 1 111121: 1',.11 -111 '11' S11.111S11 C11111 '11'1 5111, H111 1Qf:4f11.'f1:s 'A111 7113 '47 21111 111 1511311116111 111 kN11SS 5111 11111111 1" 1'11:11 '-1-1 '-1,1 5111, 1,1111 -111, 1'.1111"1 1 1 1".11:111 3111 f1". PEGGY HALE " 5111 C1112 11.1 -1' 1'11" '-17 C1111 11-1-:111'.'fk: '-131 1111 Q-11111 511111 111--1 1'11111'-111 11'lZZ11'111-1.11111 '-111, .11,1X',.-1, 1111111111' 1.11111 5111, 11-111 C1111 '-111 -1", 111151112111 '-115 131 111111.21 141L11' '-111 11111111 F11111 '-111 1111 ':".1'Y.::i11 If 1.','11 1'1y 1111 PHYLLIS HAWKINS 11111 111111-11x'111: '-111 5111 S1IllI 13111111 111.11 xw1111 111 '+111 '-1", 3111111 11111 k11'.1'1 -111 '-111 '1'11'11:1 '15, 111c111111v -111 0111111111 -151 111 111 .1111 1111. LOUISE GREENE 1 r 1..11111 111111 -1-1 -111, I11111s. 411 11111111115' L'1'.11X '-111, G111 1,1,.11,. .,. 13111501 vos 1111 1111 111, 111111111511 M1111 '111, 11.11111 '-151 V113 '-17, 9211111 ki1L111 '45, O11111- l'f1.' 11 11v'x O1 'l O11'11v1'1111 '-15. BARBARA HARVILLE ,1 111111 '-111, 11111111111 51111111 111, F1151 II N 111111111 1 IIAKHA '-17, SEIDIORS awww 'is fb WORLEY GREEN ' 1 .-'1.'.:'1. -111 1' ,fa 111 5111 3151 -111 11111.1111,' "11111 'f1'1 7111, M111- ':' flu.. 1 -1' 1'.1'.f1. -111 5111 5111 ... FRANCES HANKS 1" fl 11151-1111.'111V1 '111 111111-ryy V11111 -1'1 1-M1111 '11'1, 111111111 1'1'. 1111111 '-211 -1'1 231 . '-1'1, 1T1111111f111'i111 111 :1 31' 1 1 . 1' 11 KA? 11: hw 1 If 1 'N 1 'N 1 11 NZ? 5.1 1 'J111 1 N, 11, FANNIE IO HALE L11-11 11111 111111111 1'11 1,11111'4l1, 71" -111, 111.1 :y U1111- '11-1 HURDLE HAYES 111011 111 V111 7111 '46, 111111111511 C11111 -111 1111. IEAN HAZELWOOD MARGARET HUGHETT liomv H'0noi1iic's Clulu '45, Biol- oqy Clulv '45, Commmviirl Course '47, MILDRED JOHNS Cldss Bcrsketlvcrll '45 '46, Home EC. Clulu '45, Secreiciry, Sing Siriq Glfeo Clul: '45, Oporettcx '45, Spun- isli Club '45, '46, Girl Reserves '46. CHARLIE HODGE EMERSON INMAN SEIDIORS gf? '9"'Qnr -ff Fvv IW? Q 'N-Q-N 3' Ng .ly I I I 1 l I P 1 lf, GEORGE HIGGINS F.F.A. 44 45 46 47, iwv. 46, Rep. '47, Hoprosfiiiiirtivv :rt Slirifv F.F..'X. Convvriiiori, Biolcnriy Clulw '45, Football '46, l-li-Y '47, Svivw- balls '47, Bcrnfl '44 '45, SARAH RUTH INIVIAN Home Econcwmics Club '44 '45 '46, Build '44 '45 '45 '47, Spzmisli Club '46 '47, Girl Rvscirves '45 '46 '47, BQIQ Club 546 '47, OIClIIXSlIKI '44 '45 '45 '-171 -I, - .X . -Y K K S. G. HELTON DORIS HU'RI.EY Spmisli Cluln '45 '46, llum-H EC. Clulu '44 '45 '46, Vuiuro Ilomo- mffcfrs nf Iirrifwifo '46, Ccmiriwi- Cifrl Coiirsv '46 '47, I LEE IOHNS BETTY SUE LANE 4111111 1"'1'v""'411'40"1'4,C11"l'4111l11 '47, 11111111 111 CT1111, '45, Seaw- Awf 1 M1111 fm, BETTY LESTER 'f 5. E5 C'1u11 '411 '46 '47, Viwn Pros., C111 Rosvrvos '45 '46 '47, Hioloqy 1311111 '45, 1411111 C11111 '45, Sprin- 1s11 1711111 '46, "You N-1111v 11 Wmv 1'1y 11" '47 SOP., 111f'fllI'Y Fdilor Q11 1'1'1'X1f11A, .KC fx. '17 Pms., Hur' 111' 1110 31111, f7rv11HS1r11 '45. 3 'L 1' 1 ' Ei ,' , 1 - ,.' JJ. . 1' , 4 , sl -' 5 I' If .Af 11' I J 'I 4 ' 1 Q. A 1' r BETTY IO LANDRUM C3111 1ifX:w1vf-s '45 '46 '47, C100 4111111 '45 S111 DU11 '45 '47, Uiwloqy F11111 '44, Om re'-1111 '45 '46, '1'1f1111is i'11111, 11'1:111 1'1', l,'1u11'44 '45, Prws., 111113111111 1111 '4'1. MILDRED LEE Homo EC. 4711117 '45 '46, Hioloqy L711111 '45 '46, CIN' C111111 '45. FRED MCDANXEI. I f 1 Y 1 ' O I J CLARABELLE MIDKIFF lllilllf' l.v, flulv 4,u, l.ll.A, 47, Girl llmawrvrfs '45 '46 '47, Sula Delu 4b 47, Cwlfw Llulw '47, S1J1IIllSll l'lulN '4fv '46, , , f,- - , PETE NEBLETT lli-Y '46 '47, Fufltlmll '45 '46, Suczpslwt lklilwr ITAKHA, B9l.I Flulw '46 '47, ANNA MAE PETTIGREW Spcmisln Club '45 '46, Pros. '45, llomo lla Clulv '45, F,ll.A. '47, Prffs., LXFT41 Clulv '47, Scxcrwlcuy of Svuior Class. HELEN CHARLES MURRELL Gill Hvzawxvvs '45 '46 '47, Sprmislx Flul' '45, ."l,O,!X,, llu11isuu0 Sfuff '47, PAUL PEOPLES lvlililluy Dull 4.1, Plpfl, 44 45 '46 '47, Biizlwngy Clulx '45, JSEIIIORS fi P11 'PSN BETTY MURPHY ROBERT NOE Blolnqy Clulv '45, EPA, ,I ffl' I l, 'J .4-' 'J , lf lx DEAN MILLS 35,111 '45 '46 '47, SUE NOE llfmlcffllv :ll '47, I BETTY PRESLEY Gm Hwsmvwrs '45 '46 '47, ll1lI'I1 ,, , , C f X-luv bluff 47, lllxull ugnlrlcswl' 4b QQ,-D Chill '45 Iwlv Nw iiqu 1:l '45 '47, Vllwxwlllg '4fH, lilfrlufly ClllllW '45, Spciulisll Cflulv '45 "Hi, Aflvl fisiuiq l'flilf1 l'l'AKll.7l, STANLEY PRICE I'-I'-A' '43 H111 3111 '17, U, S. A111151 411 Alb. 1 VIRGINIA RUFFNEH -' I Sg111D1111'411'-1" SI1IIIIS1'1li1Il1W 451 ROY SHOCKLEY 111111111 '44 '46, 14111111111' P11111 '45 '46 Air A1111 li1L111 5111, BOBBY ROBERTSON 111111111111 5111 3111 '46, G100 4:11113 '44 V111 U16 Sv1'vw1u111s '-16 '47, ' 1 asv 1 1 ll EDNA SEALS S1111111511 L11l11s U15 'Alfa Vivo Pros., 111111111 1f1', kN1lI1I V15 '-113 '1'1o11s111'v1, 1'11111111v1'si111 KNOIIIISW. SEDIORS nil? 'nv-o if 'VN st. gm-M 'Dr -2' IC!! 'ti 'S IRMA REILAND . 111. 1 6- 13 'i111l1, Sf1I1l1511 Cf1ll11 4.1 111, -1.1 1:11111'-111-- 1111111 '47, G11111 CT11111 111 1 fp.: '41, - 1- I 1--1 , '1'1f1111i:a 1111111 f 1 1 K 2 If , 1. gv 1 I ,fo 1 A-f 1, ,y '.l F Ll, I-. IOANNA SCHETTLER 1 f X -,L 1Ii1I1i11'l 111,111 A:s11v111+- N C' 11111 , . f.1 1 N11 1, J ' , 1' -1, 1'Ms 1 11.11. f1111,115vr 111 C111 1.1 111's111'.'1:s '-111 31" liiq " 11111 1 , 1,' f11l11 -111 1111-1111s11 V1111- 16, 131,10 41111, '. 11. '. rw 16, 1.11.11 111111 01:11 f1f1 -11, 171' 111111 S1111 11 '46 517. AY l 7 f f. , Al ' f ' ' Iv, MARY RADER 1115141211-1111 '45 D115 '47 Chl Rt Sfws 2111 H111 517 .'11,1'r V. , 1 1, " 11 I1r111111 V1 , 11118 1 1 4 X1 P I 11111 4b. PAULINE SAWYER COY SHOCKLEY ros., Sp1111is11 ELSIE SLOME Gill Rvsorvrv '45 '46 '47, Home lkx Cluls '45, F.ll.A. '47 Viva Prus., A.O,A. '47, Buskfvllmll '45, Glue Clulx '45, MARY STEWART Hioloqy Cluln '45, Elmo Er. '45, A.O.A. '46 '47, REBECCA WILLIAMS A.O.A., Lfxliu Club '45, Bela Clulu '46 '47, Glee Club '47 V. Prus., Spczuislm Club '46 '47, Biology Club '45, Hurriccno Stuff '47, Girl Re- svrvos '45 '46 '47, "You Numfv ll We Fly ll" '47. BOBBY SPOONE lfoollmll '44 '45 '46, Buskellwoll '44 '45 '46, CKIIIIXIIII, lli-Y '43 '47, '46 Sql. cxl gums, '47 'l'r0c1s, Moni- qmu Clulu '44A'4E3, uuiur Basket- lmll lvfuu '45, Siuq Sinq Club, Suouly lou '46, 'l'muus Timm '46 '47. GENE WHEELER PEA. '45 ',47, 'IYGCIC 'foam '46. L I, , ' 1 l ll 'K S' jk, 7' . x , K I 4 F 5. ,J xg xl . I qxf' ll i X . X I X XX' X SEIIIICRS aisiilm 43 Nm. ,nm VY! --'-,wmv J .?"Y CLANKY smm-I - 5 2 Footlmll ' ' 6,,QrWu'iu '46, Roslcrwtlmll ' JJf'Svrwwlw.11l '46 '47, Mouoq ' Clulv '45, lllolofzy Clulv '4 Cl1 Club '46, "You Nuufv It VVP Fly ll" '47 l'liY '45, Mllilrzry Dull '45 LEWIS WARREN 1 'ff . ' f "xr ' -' , X .1 , ' . ' CONWAY SMITH ' - Iootlucxll '45, IVIUIIOQIKIIII Cilull '45, Svrmvlmll Clulu '45 '46 '47, A.O,A. '46 '47, Hi-Y '45 '46 '47 SGT. at Arms '47, Glf-Q Clulu '45 '47, Bi- rnlocgy Cfllllb '45. CATHERINE TAYLOR 'l'I'CIIlSI0fI'kICl from lVluu1y lllull f-1 .V 1 ,. oczlool, D xrlrlmlfw, Bum Llulw 47, Lcliu iflull '47, SDlIlllSll Clulv '47. 444 WAY OND WILLIAMS Buskotlmll '45 '47, SGIIIORS BFVERLY WOODS 1 Llul Hom Fc y, u u w S Q 0 h 1 'NX ED BOWMAN IH WAYNE WOODS rnwl f V7 EZ- 724.41 CONNIE REED bloloqy Club 45 A O A 48 41 u Club 46 4! Iiomx lc un pf fa' Q, 22,-dk t , ,,,, ,, .BOM O H '46 '47, , P ,. . '51 1 '45 '-lf, PIO . '45 Lp fr Cub ' x Iqoollnfzll '45 '46, A11 Afgf'-fT111If '46, FQ' 1 :Hrs '-lb '-17. 0 3 ,, X Q , X ma ' MQLC11' 45. LHST IIIILL HDD TESTHIIIEIIIT STATE OE TENNESSEE COUNTY OE HIXMBLEN C ITY GE MCBBISTOWN Wc THI SENIOR CLASS of MGBBISTGWN HIGH SLHGOL Cat last we made rtl berng of trred sound rnrnd wrthout thc rnfluence of any rntoxrcant tsuc h as rrroonshrne or homebrew or dopel do here by declare thrs our Last Wrll and Testament lmrrst wr do hereby wrll all our nanres and chew rnq qurn to be found on the desks to our faculty Ser ond we wrll to the succeedrng Senror Class the wonderful servrce of Mrss Brva as our Senror Clqgq sponsor and Mrs Huddleston s help rn puttrng c thc annual Thrrd we now prrnt the Senrors makrng therr Last Vlfrll rn whrch most have none Stanley Prrce wrlrs hrs love for Martha Erances Helton to Ersty Clara Brlle Mrdkrff wrlls her bear fuz bangs to Katherrnr Hale B C Crosby wrlls hrs looks and way wrth the worne n to Lea Lawrence Bebecca Wrllranrs leaves the nragreran and wrlls her knowledge of Jokes learned rn 2nd perrod Me chanrcal Drawrng to any fool grrl that wrll get rn a class of boys Conway Srnrrh leaves Brta rn the care of Clrfford Bob Iowe frnally leaves school and hrs 8 year terrn to lack Haynre Brlly Whrte Bales leaves the Senror Class wrth the best annual rn hr tory Henry Lee Carter leaves Iane Chrrstmas to any b ank fool that Nant her George Conway leaves the Aeronautrcs class to Mrs Carter Hurdle I-Iaye I aves hrs drplorna to work rn the harnl ur rer tand Bones Atchley and VV D Taylor wrlls therr Clrarle 7Xtla course ro Buddy Nabers and Lynn Russell Ea ley Charles Hodge wrlls Betty Nowlrn to Elrzabeth on Ernerson Inrrran leaves hrs bed rn the Hrgh School Iulrus Iasnrck wrlls the Hurrrcane and Beta Club to any rrrart fool Pr te Neblr tt leave the school rn good condrtron by leavrng hrs srster Boba rt Noe wrll hrs stolen Englrsh books to any one who frnds thern Gene Wheeler wrlls hrs fourth semester rn 3A Geor retry to Bryan Purkey Reese Wrllrarns wrlls hrs abrlrty as a farmer to Mr Irsh Boy Shockley wrlls hrs left nanded hanrrner to Mr Bray Beverly Woods wrlls her abrlrty to get tardy ex cuses to any lucky cuss Brll Crarg wrlls hrs knowledge garned to Sonny Greene Henry Cowan wrlls hrs abrlrty to be a hobo to Bay McGrnnrs Loyd Collrns wrlls hrs left handed nronkey wrench to Brchard Hale S G Helton wrlls tne holcs rn th doughnuts back to Mrs Massey Ered McDanrels wrlls hrs razor to Erosty Holt Brll Keeney wrlls hrs snrrle back to the monkeys Worley Greene wrlls nothrng to nobody for he never had anythrng Lee Iohns wrlls a box of 'Whrte Gwl cr jars to Alfred Hrggrns Ed Clark wrlls hrs produce to Henry Noe Kathleen Estes wrll her srnrle and good trnres to Evelyn Pettrgrew Peggy Hale wrlls her strawberry short cake to Tookre Ianres Mary Sue Cowan wrlls all of her A s she nrade rn Hrstory to Georgra Caldwell Betty Murphy wrlls h r abrlrty to take Sho thand to Gerry Chaney and Brllre Noe Edna Eelknor wrlls her arnbrtron to get her lessons to anyone' Lot of good rt wrll do them Eannre Io Hale wrlls her dancrnj abrlrty to Bun ny Ha Nkrns Betty Presley vxrlls the advertrsrng busrness to Margaret Ann Catherrne Taylor wrlls her arnbrtron to be a doc tor to Myrtrs Brggs Boberta Cosson leaves her walk to Grnny Buffner Mrldred Le lea es her Geometry book to some one who can get rt better than she can Lewrs Warren leaves hrs leather racket to the blank of a blank who stole rt Imogene Long wrlls that poor lonesome arrl Mrd dre Krrk to Lee Iohns CMay he ever rest rn peacel Betty Io Landrunr leaves her lrttle srster to any oo Wayne Wood leaves hrs well known cat called Veoowh to Brn Carver Llanky Srrrrth wrlls that he wrll leafe Helen Charles Murrell wrlls her path rn the clouds to Ianrs awyer Betty Iester wrlls all of the knowledge garrred rn Mechanrca Drawrng to Davrd Peoples Mrldred Iohns leave her shop abrlrty to any Iun ror tThey all n ed thernl Medra Lane wrlls her hardwood abrlrty to her srster Irma Berland leaves a lot of tears over Frank Ersher . , 1 N . . N . . V U J V . r V 1 N I A I ' E N V . ri Q j , , ' -1 . . .1 y, A , - . - , . . L , 1 e ' , . I , . I l 1 4 'I 1 but D . , , , . , tr ' 5 I . , N I , I . I l 4 , n , l 3 V 1 D 1 . 3 f , 1 , . . ' L w I . , , . l 7 , 1 ,,. ' , 3 I , I I ' ' . , K . , , - Q - - Y and Delores. - - . , K A L 1 ' ' ll . . X . , J 1 X , i . I 1 1 V S 1 V f ' 'c- - s . f1 . , , . 1 , . I r, ' S , . , K e V . , H 1 ' s . , I ' ' . A , . s I 'fs . s r ' - I ' C S h , .. ,, r, ' . 1 . , . . , I A -1 I1 1 1 ET rl fr V ' '1 K 1 .- , , , . . . .: g , r . . 1 , i . S . - Q V KJ . v , , 2 ' s : . . . 1 V L . 2 s ' - . . , ' I . 3 I . I . ,. LHST IUILL HDD TEISTHIIIEZHT Kfont ue-dj f '-ff. 1 . 1 JUIIIOR CLHSS OFF ICEIRS President ,I L, W, I , ,F , FRANK FISHER I Vice President so ,, isis ,, I L IVIIKE CARVER I- Secretcrry ,I , MARGARET ANN WILLIAMS X Treasurer I , A - BILLY DAN WALKER V , 4 Sponsors L , W I MISS ONA MULLINS X ll MRS. BEN SHAVER OXI- I Q A N3 il . ,xx l . X5 "K: N rf wb? X?-fp, 12522. W yu We 1 1. 5 , Xi J X Q Dick neu j Hugh Boyd I A fl! we luck Brooks lecnetie Brooks Ruih Bryant Lloyd Burnell Georgia Caldwell Mike Carver Gereldine Chaney Mary E. Coffee Iucmitu Crider Almedu Dinkins Lynn Easley Polly Ellis 4 I v vf 'Om- N E ex rd K yx Y V Q K5 J UIIIORS Ienny Ruth Mullins Buddy Nabers - Henry Noe Louise Noe N1 .X x 5 Buddy Noe OYQQ Betty Nowlin Betty Rae Parker Lola Fay Parvin ? 'IM Q41 'IK if 1 l l ,fl nv . ' 4 ,U f David Peoples ' V Ierry Ponder 1 JJ Fioretta Price A I ' Buddy Rouse 5 . 'Y' l S' , wg ' , 0 L' 'try' 40 - X V . xi N ,wk :BAL W Ianis Saeyer R ' Barbara Schettler Anne Smith hx , Katherine Smith E -4 X N P xy f' Q ' W lack Spoone Billy Stump Dorothy Swan N Mary Sue Swain r' - f ,f Betty Lee Taylor J X Bland Tomlinson ' x ' Esco Trent ' A' x X f Billy Dan Walker X J , . J . A -A . 4 S . s R' . l X ' f - .4 -- 'A V. Neue Burke Williams 4, Y B Margaret Ann Williams , ' 'N Margaret Ellen Williams " y ' Delsie Wilson N ' x 3 3 X N vb ' T X I w se, X Willie Kate Withers Kenneth Wolf Graham Vance Alden Vaughn If 1 ' .t- ' 49 1 y f 7 f -ASHA ' I 471 Q.,-,,d11,,j,f"A'1I" SCPHOIIIOREI H s Frrst Row Ann Murphey Mxldred Krrk Betty Io Reynolds Iune Bra Jsto-1 Katherrne Hale Anna Walker Peqqy Landrum Mrs Huddleston Second Row Evelyn Smrth Pearl Wxllrams Betty Allen S rah Qmrth Barbara Lowery Fourth Row 'harles Davis Kenneth Pack Donald Dyer Dennis Beckner ., A e Y A D X Q 7 Third Row-Ralph McKinne,y. Tommy Pugh: Paul McDanie Iimmy Cfzxrson, Edward Moor? - n v ' 1 I .v J- df ny wk, "L if at V no .3 fl I 7 s x lu r 1' 5 A Y w Q ,X - X x Xxx X ,f t JYWB . gp-"F Iean Ashley Mary Faye Bacon Anna Mae Bell Aqnes Breeden lean Bruce Amy Lee Buhler Elite Mae Ford Manone Frazrer Mrldred Hale Dolores Harris Dorothy Helton Charlotte Howall Lee Iamaqtn Vlfqlfllll Dorothy Io Ann Long Betty Marshall Betty Baxey Dorothy Moyers Betty Moyers Betty Io Padgett Vrrqmla Pack Evelyn Petttqrew Bobble lane Qulnton Edlth Sawyer Bebe Seal Beldon Shoun Betty Lots Slemons Dorothy Stmes Mary Temlm Dorothy Travls Bobble Faye Wall Ellen Wall Barbara Whrtten Mary Ruth Bacon GIRLS BOYS Margaret Brabston Shrrley Brady Marlene Delores Brooks Lxda Frances Burnett Betty Holt Cantrell Geneva Carter lane Chnstmas lane Cope Margaret 'Dxnluns Nola Mae Fme Lu'a Maud Goann Thelma Hanks Nora Hawkms Dorothy Horner Dorothy Iarnagm Ella Ruth Lampkm Margaret Long Iuamta Marshall Dorothy Martm Alma Moyers Brlhe Noe Ina Peoples Kathryn O Dell Kormne Neblett Thelma Pxerce Iamce Purvxs Iean Rhodes Doris Russell Ellen Ryan Charlotte Smxth Peggy Ann Southerland Dorothy Stanley Grace Templxn Ixmmxe Ruth Whetsell I B Bruce Harold Bumette Ben Carver Doc Dlckerson T I Elkins C T Greene Gale Hammett Vxrqrl Lee Harvel Kennetn Lovm Robert McCoy Carroll Moore Mxlton Moore Ned Moore Buddy Portrum Carson Rhodes Tommy Rose Charlxe Senter Bobby Skeen Tommy Stapleton Edward Wolfe David Adams Billy Allen Claren e Bxble Eugene Cavm Iohn Collms Vtrqll Elllson Brlly Ioe Franl-:lm Ioe Fry Floyd Grahcm Iack Hayme Verhe Horner Marvm Marlon Avery Mayes Brlly Nelson Harold Parker hm Pott Rob rt Rmes Bllly Thompson Charles Walker Bllly Waller Francrs Lee Wllder Ellxs Wmstead Kyle Wrsecarver Bllly Rouse SOPHOIIICREC B's . . . . Martha I,-,dimes Hehon Crampton Helms I. P. Hel'on F REI SHIHEI1 I-Ts FIRST ROW Ora Van D1 ksr on Ho e Ann 'iaplelow Maine Sue Dyer Ruth Ann Hopper Martha Honeycutt SECOND ROW Margaret Caldwell Shxrley Smxth Daxsy Lowe Belva Vaughn Ednh Har vxlle Mary Elkms THIRD ROW Mrs Murphy FIRST ROW Shxrley Smrth Ann Stapleton Belva Vaughn Betty Iune Marsh Wanda McDonald Anne McClanahan Beatrrce Shultz Ometa Musser Wetona Lowe Darsy Lowe SECOND ROW Maxme Lovmq Lulabelle Russell Carolme Kelley Wanda Travrs Iuamta Rmer Beatnce McDamels Henrietta McDonald Helen Seals Katheryn Repass Wrlma Prerce THIRD ROW Betty Lou Wood Ora Fay Mrller Barbara Roach Betty Monroe Iean Paschal Bobbre Mayes Betty lean Marsh Peggy Wrlmuth Agnes Moysers Iune Purkey FOURTH ROW Helen Young Maryln Iacobs Barbara Rodgers Ann Wallace Ioan Sprres Rose mary Perryman Mary lane Wrllxams Lrllre Belle West Irmmre Lou Travrs FIFTH ROW Mrs Murphy Mrs Hale FREISHIIIEID Carter Cleo Hurley Eugene Iones SECOND ROW Claude Irnks Brllre Frank Bryant Everett Purkey Bully Akers Bully Goan Bxlly Beckner Bruce Harvrlle Doyle Bumett THIRD ROW I E Harris Wade Cowan Robert Hale Buddy Drckerson Chappy Crarg A Q Allen Bxlly Hodge Grant Housley Ioe Ben Burke Earl Colhns FOURTH ROW Henderson Hurley Buddy Buchanan R C Frelder Hubert Bunch lames Colhns Everett Iohnson I C Inman George Hale Carol Marshall FIFTH ROW Mrs Hale Mrss Crews Mrss Snoddy FIRST ROW-Lee Bishop. Allen Hoover, Stancil Ford. Donald Wolfe, Eddie Cross, Pat Baxley. Iames FQ'SS'?Q' " FIRST ROW Arta Fay Flowers Orvella Brady Edith Fletcher Margaret Caldwell Ora Van Drckerson Mattxe Sue Dyer Ruth Ann Hopper Martha Honeycutt Edxth Harvrlle SECOND ROW Mary Elkins Mane Brown Efhe Axkens Lourse Davis Carolyn Bell Vera Hlp shrre Peggy Franklm Betty Hutt Mary Kate Cross Barbara Carpenter THIRD ROW Altreda Broyles Ann Graves Geraldme Goiorth Mary Katherme Fowler Betty lane Hendrrck Mary Frances Iackson Mane Hux Geneva Davrs Rebecca Fme FOURTH ROW Mary Belle Branden Nell Easley Beverly I-Ixls Edrth Allen Edrth Comwell Anna Lou I-Irpshxre Imogene Cole Hrlda Croxdale Ernestme Caton FIFTH ROW Helen Hazelwood Lena May Fox lean Fuller Dons Bacon Emma Hux Paulxne Cot tey Manorxe Burnett M fit Fnesnmen FIRST ROW Davrd Rupley Charles Lampkm Paul Lwmgston Bob Smith Iohnny Potts Charles Robertson Sonny Luttrell SECOND ROW Wayne Noe Bob Reagan Harold Rerland Dean Maqqard Ioe Wall Tommy Lester Brlly Stevens Davrd Rrchardson THIRD ROW Brlly Pease Harry Sams Fred Rymer Bobby Mxmch Donald Stmes Kenneth Mrlls Frank Spoone W C Mrlls Donald Martm FOURTH ROW Iohn R Gouge Mrs Hale M1ssC ews Mrss S ddy I C Manor Fred Smard Flea! pu 1 My by I VN W , . W , - . , . . ' X' . 'u Ani . . . ' . ll' X 78:6CLUB PEGGY HALE BETTY LESTER TOOKIE IAMES ANN MURPHY BETTY LEE TAYLOR IEAN HOHNER IRMA REILAND IAN PURVIS BETTY NOWLIN AGNES HIHLE IANIS SAWYER PEGGY ISENBERG MRS HUDDLESTON The 7 61 G Club had a successful CPD year as usual Startrna oft trrst wrth a tarewell party at the peaeh orchard for the old members then a pronto at the lake lor the new members Then thete was a danee alter the Central qarne whrch proved to be of the muddy type Chrlst oraanrzed Then annual banquet was New Years Eve and most clever Ahl Yes' We tart od oft the new year wrth a bana and we do mean bana' After the G1rl Reserve Banquet we had a dance Then the camprna tnpl nuff sardl We ll never forget those meetrnas the r1des rn Hale s truck The HCNQRARY MEMBERS Malors and all the swell tune we had together ex B 5 an 3 WE 1 rnas Day we had a tea for all the old members dating back to l927 when the clublwas ltrst CLUBS HIY Fxrst Row Mr Vance Buddy Portram Charles Hodge lack Brooks Bob Spoone B111 Whrte Bales Tom Doka Harold Dyer Pete Neblette Bzlly Dan Walker Mr Bray Second Row George Hggrns Henry Lee Carter Lee Lawrence Stanley Drckerson Davld Peoples Bobby Skeen Tommy Pugh Euqne Cavrn Brlly Rouse Graham Vanve Buddy Nabers Al Snyder Thrrd Row-Charles Walker Mrke Carver B1ll Cralq eBn Carver Fourth Row lack Spoone Drck Bell Clrtford Grll R C Crosby Donald Dyer Frank Fisher Hugh Boyd Floyd Lawless Conway Smrth Bobby Iones Tommy Ienkrns The H1 Y got off to a successful start th1s year by 1n1t1at1ng mto the club some new members Th1s brought the membersh1p of the club to th1rty nme We had a Hayrlde and then the annual H1 Y banquet and also completed some proyects Some oi these were cndmg m keepmq the campus clean d1str1but1nq repa1red toys to the needy at Chnstmas and also voted to help elrmmate steal mq m the schools The H1 Y has also attendmg the mqht church S9I'V1C9S The H1 Y club of 46 47 has been a club that was a worthwhlle as Well as helpful and lt shows that the members were worthy of such a club 1 QQQUX s NM lean Archer Helen Allen Iune Brabston leanetle Brooks Margaret Brabston Dolores Broo cs Shirley Brady Lida Burnett lane Christmas Roberta Cos-on Iane Cope Betty Cantwell Margaret Collins Polly Ellis Edna Felknor Rita Ann Fowler Louise Green Helen Graves Dorothy Godwin Vt illaree Galloway lean Horner Katherine Hale Peggy Hale Martha Frances Helton Agnes Hale Mildred Hale Betty Io Hurley Bernice Hawkins Charlotte Howell Phyllis Hawkins Sarah Ruth Inman Peggy lsenberg Mildred lohns we we GIRL RESERVES Sponsor MISS ABERNATHY Co Sponsor MRS SHAVER President IEAN ARCHER Vice President LOUISE GREEN Secretary BETTY PRESLEY Treasurer MARY RADER Reporter Y, - , A-,Msgs -,W-A ,FWWYVK 4 EDNA FELKNOR Tookie Iames Mildred Kirk Betty Lester Mary Elizabeth Line Ioan Long Rita Lorino Delores Lorino Betty Sue Lane Barbara Lowery Virginia Lester Peggy Landrum Betty Io Landrum Stella Grace Medlin Clarabelle Midkilt Helen May Helen Charles Murrell Ruth Mayes Beatrice Mink Ieannie Ruth Mullins Ann Murphey Betty Marshall Betty Nowlin Kathryn O Dell Betty Oliver Betty Io Padgett Virginia Pack Gerry Ponder Ian Purvis Bette Presley Ina Peoples Betty Rae Parker Betty Io Reynolds Mary Rader Irma Reiland Doris Russell lean Ann Rhodes Ioanna Shettler Elsie Slome Sarah Smith Dorothy Swann Betty Lois Slemmons Charlotte Smith Peggy Southerland Ianis Sawyer Evelyn Smith Anne Smith Kate Smith Bebe Seals Dorothy Stanley Lynn Tumer Betty Lee Taylor Dorothy Travis Margaret Anne Williams Rebecca Williams Anna Walker Pearl Williams Margaret Ellen Williams Iimmie Ruth Whetsel Barbara Whitten Delsie Wilson Dtygt ts Qlwyh? BETH CLUB First Row Betty Rae Parker Barbara Schuttler Rebecca Wrllxams Helen Charles Murrel Betty Nowlm Peggy Hale Peggy Isenburg Rnta Lormo Betty Lee Taylor Second Row Geroldme Channey Margaret Ann Wxllxams Helen May Mary Elizabeth Lme Agnes Hale lean Horner Barbara Harvxlle Helen Graves Sarah Ruth Inman Third Row Anna Mae Pettrgrew Lounse Channey Cathenne Taylor Conme Reed Georgia Cald well Stella Grace Medlm Beverly Woods Ruth Mays Barbara Harvel Helen Graves Sarah Ruth Inman Fourth Row Billy Stamp Grahm Vance Bully Whrte Bales Richard Hale Lynn Easley Hugh Boyd Pete Neblett Mrs Huddleston lean Archer Iulxas Lasnxck Mary Sue Cowan The Morr1stown Hrqh School Beta Club held 1lS th1rd annual Beta Carn1val Ianuary 31 1947. A delegation was sent to the Beta Convention in Nashville, March 7 and 8. Several projects were sponsored by the Beta Club and fifty dollars from one event was presented to the Misic department. cf Iuhus Lasmck Agnes Hale leon Horner Frank Frsher Tookxe lames lack Spoone Auf-yr HURRICHDEI STHF F Ixmmre Irreley Mtke Carver lack Brooks Brlly Dan Walker Betty Presley Rebecca Wrllrams Charlie Murrell Peggy Hale leon Archer Betty Lee Taylor Betty Nowlm Paqqy Isenberg Iams Sawyer Rxta Lormo Lee Lawrence Davrd Peoples Mr W S Murrell .6- The Hurmcane Mormstown Htqh Schools s udent newsy aper was 1ssued to lrteen tunes durmq the 1946 IQ47 school year Each 1ssue averaaed 96 paaes and was the larqest vol ume of Hurr1canes ever pubhshed The Hurncane wh1ch IS puhhshed every three weeks completed 1ts most successful of twelve years ol pubhcahon by 1ssu1nq a spec1al qraduatlon lssue Under the quxdance of luhus Lasmck Ed1tor1n ch1et and Agnes Hale Assoc1ate Edltor The Hurncane has kept the students of M H S and M I H S lntormed of all school GCllV1llGS and sports The Hurrlcane purchased a 95600 motorlzed and automatlc mterlayer merneoqraph ma chlne th1s year rnakmq the oraan1zat1on one of the best equlpped papers mthe State of Ten TIGSSGG The Hurrtcane was entered IH the Tennesee Press Assoc1at1on contest the Nat1onal Scholast1c Press Assoclatlon Crltlcal Servlce and the Qulll and Scroll Cf1l1CGl Serv1ce The latter two orqantzatlons sponsor natlonwlde contests tThe results were not recelved at press t1me D In lxl will BICLOGY CLUB Fxrst Row Mxldred Kirk Betty Io Reynolds Ann Murphy Agnes Breeden Iean Bruce Ellen Ryan Lee Iarmqcm Anna Mae Bell Edrth Sawyer Peqqy landrum Second Row lane Cope Ruth Lambkm Mary F Iuamta Noe Bobble Faye Wall Sarah Smllh Miss Thompson Third Row Dorothy Hormer Ruth Bulant Veldon Shoua Dorthy Martm Ellen Wall Dorothy Stmes Ann Walker Dorothy Iamoxqm Barbara Lowery Bacon Dorothy Travrs Bebe Seal Betty Marshall Margaret Long lean Ashley Delous Harns Vu-gmra Pac Fourth Row Frances Rhea Mlldred Hate Geneva Carter Bobble lean Qumton Mane Dmkms Shnrley Brody Marlene Frazler Betty Maxey Louame Moyer lean Ann Rhodes Betty Cant well Frith Row Barbara Whltten Irmmle Ruth Whetsel Elhe Mae Ford Evelyn Pettrgrew Martha Frances Helton Llda Bumett Nola Mae Fme Srxth Row Kenneth Lovm Irmmy Potts Tommy Pugh Harold Burnett Bobby Skeen Dorothy Iean Long Betty Lots Slemons Donald Dyler Billy Allen Seventh Row Crampton Helms Charles Davls Edward Moare I B Bruce Charles Senter Bxlly Rouae T?W'5Yl ' , YY X '. Net se, . . . . . , . , , k. : . . . . . 1 I 1 I I ' . . . : . , . . . . . . . : , . , . . , . " . SEIIIIOR . . . Furs! Row Mr F1511 Worley Greene George Hlqgms Henry Lee Carter Gene Wheeler Bxlly Wlute Bales W P Bell Ir Carson Rhodes Second Row Loyd Collins Harold Parker Floyd Grahm Bully McGlamery Reece Wxllxams Thxrd Row Ixmmy Carson Vxrqxl Elhson Clarence Bxble Allred Fuller Tommy House Esco Tren! Fourih Row Paul McDaniel Kenneth Pack Ellxs Wmstead Rober! Noe I C Fuller Henry Noe Buddy Rouse Frith Row-Tommy Stapleton. Francis Wxlder. Carroll Moore Hubert Blaxr, I. B. Bmce Loyd Barnett. Paul Peoples, David Adams. Fxrst Row-Conme Second Row Mrs Thxrd Row Iultus Pete Neblette H . . Reed Peggy Hale Ieanette Brooks Mary Stewart Carter Bxlly Whtte Bales Lynn Easley Rxchard Hale Betty Nowlm Betty Lee Lasmck Frank Fisher Harold Dyer Hugh Boyd Conway Smith lack Brooks Worley Greene B111 Keeney Taylor, helen Charles Murrell, Rebecca. Williams. Tookie Iames. Mitre Carver, R. IC. Crosby. SDHP SHOTS Xe 15:3 eM,,"v Y-'v -Q5 A W' 'R A J... ,? . Q . La ., at ..,,,... ..,., . if mfr Q 3 W wif 'M I 4 W ff" 'iw ,, If wa - A f 2 'MM ffl ww? ' f 162 0 54W SCREUJBHLLS FIRST ROW-Charlre Hodge Mike Carver R C Crosby Tom Doka SECOND ROW Henry Lee Carier George Hlggms Clanky Smith Tommy Pugh Bobby Spoone Billy Crcng THIRD ROW' Bobby Ioe Robertson llmmy Brreley Davxd Hxgqlns Ed Bowman Conway Smuh Mr Bray Sonny Green FOURTH ROW Floyd Lawless Ben Carver Clxfford Grll lack Spoone ff JMD f 5' ,swim-05 ff ff YL' '7 K 724711 yi 6144-df SUB DEIBS Vrrgmm Rulfner Peqqy Landrum Clarabelle Midkrli Betty Rae Parker Mrs Huddleston Margaret Ellen Wllhams Betty Io Landrum Roberta Cosson Fxoretta Prxce Mildred Ktrlr loanna Schettler Cortnne Neblett Barbara Schettler We kept the old school Splfll up QVJ And d1d all vt e could do S' We had the partles and the fun We also hved 1t thru Qur hayrtdes really were the stuff Our Halloween party took the cake CAnd who d1d Gmny brlnq? 'P 'Pl Our Chrtstrnas party ranq the bell ln lots of ways because The old Sub Deb qanq was there And Had was Santa Claus Our ch1l1 supper tn the Sprma A hayr1de followed too We ventured down to ye old lalte And the couples pttched the woo And as we br1r1q1tto a close The past year s fun rex 1ewed We want the Sub Debs 1n future years To do as We have do od B R P I ,f V I flu .M . ' 1" , f 1 . -s . fn .X . . A, fl F 1 - Our dances were the thing ' 1 L D t X M X gg.. . fr I lr - l . l L K N1 1 ,, 1. . ' I x ' ll. 7 ll I , . ll ll , - 1 . Y. , LHTI11 CLUB Fxrst Row Barbara Whxtten Charlotte Smlth Ian Purvxs Aqnes Breeden Second Row Miss Catron Crompton Helms Harold Parker Ben Carver Bxlly Rouse loan Long Betty Cantwell Margaret Bruce Delores Brooks Ixmmy Potts Nola Mae Fme Shxrley Brady Marvm Marxon President CHARLOTTE SMITH Vxce President CRAMPTON HELMS Treasurer HM POTTS Report r T SHIRLEY BRADY Our club was orqamzed at the beqmmnq of the school year We meet on the f1TSl and th1rd F1rclays We try to conduct our meetmqs m a Way that w1ll help us soc1ally and also 1mprove us m culture We plan to take part IH the Carmval and also m Stunt Nught We had a very approprlate and mterestmq Clmstmas program V rf Q1 t secretary f ee a Chili e IANICE PURVIS JMDJQJ 1 wfff f Q7 I A1 .,' 1 .ff I I . Q ' a . Qi BUG BMJ? Mk ,4- K th ll Ch im ih H11 ih tt l I qySthDt ky Wy X 'V ff ffwbafw f 6 !g.,Mf4CfwZ pw-of! dl'-I Ain! ,4QmM1J I ' hi N, X 'E 5 Tk. QU I , .X-521 .H-au.. . M4 , .MAJ D J ' O'D I ne ris as, Miss Abernathy. Mar u Frances e on. Doris Russell. M ' S Dy B y L ' Slemmons. Char otte S 'h. Icmis Purvis. Peg mi . o Long. 1 ' 1Mf r' jr, 9 M r L' M f L , 4,-4. efieapewddeef f9ev2e,,4Q fee ,ff FIRST ROW Harold Burnette Robert McCoy Polly Ellls Wxlloree Galloway Ieanette Brooks Margaret Ellen Wxllrams lean Horner Ianxs Sawyer Peqqy Hale Betty Nowlm Lea Lawrence SECOND ROW Ioe Fry Rxta Ann Fowler Helen May Betty Io Hurley Katherme Hale Charles Walker Rebecca Wxllnams Rxta Lorma Toolue Iames Ed Bowman Bxlly Whxte Bales THIRD ROW Kormne Neblett Grance Templrn Thelma Plerce Ellen Ryan Mrs Buhler Delsxe Wnlson FOURTH ROW Anna Peoples Thelma Hanks Bully Waller Mxlton Moore Hugh Boyd Dxck Bell Clanky Smrth R C Crosby Cathenne Smnth SPHIIISH CLUB FIRST ROW Mnss Abernathy Ioanna Schettler Barbara Schettler Tommy Ienkxns Bobby Iones SECOND ROW Bland Tomlmson Mtldred Iohns Anne Smxth Margaret Anne Williams Mary Ellzabeth Lme W A Woods Bully Dan Walker THIRD ROW Anne Lane Prences Rhea Medra Lane Catherxne Taylor Betty Ohner Stella Grace Medlm LEFT SIDE Vnrgxma Ruliner Fxoretta Pnce Wxlma Russell Paulme Gregg Almeda Denkms Wxlhe K Wxthers I E McClanahan RIGHT SIDE Peggy Hale Rebecca Wllhams Graham Vance Wayne Frankhn Buddy Noe Lee Iohnes I I. Purkey 4 fi ir A ,. I I pi" .fel 1 4,4 All If f ,.,, ,v-741 I FIFTHIROW-Kathryn O'Dell. Miss Abernathy, Buddy Porlrum. lack Brooks, Al Snyder. Virgil Harville. Lynn Easley. ? .N 5 1 ., ,K X- 'L I S K. 5 ,- -L1 'Q a LM I-IIR HGEI CLUB O F F I C E R S Commanding Officer ,W ,W .msaag ,,,. ., W ,- MRS. CARTER Squadron Leader Tm.. - 4- a-,,.?..-., HELEN MURRELL Operations Officer E. Y. ,- .Y .- BETTY LESTER Leading Chief W., . - IACK BROOKS Transportation Officer g,.-,,4.,.i-,,,.,, ,, PEGGY HALE Communications Officer -,7.i, ,.f-,1.,,, REBECCA WILLIAMS Intelligence Officer ,W Y. A, WV- ,. f,7.. GEORGE CONWAY The "You Name lt, We Fly lt" Aeronautics Club was organized in September of '46. There are ten members in the club and are are: Rebecca Williams, Betty Lester, George Con- way, Bill Keeney, Pe-CJQY Hale, W. D. Taylor Frank Hodge, lack Brooks, and Clanky Smith. The club sponsored many programs during the year including: The Silvertone Singers, the movie, "Silas Marner," and several hillbilly programs. This club was one of the few Aeronau- tics clubs in the South to be given a link trainer by the Army Air Corps. The club was given flying lessons at the White Pine field by Robert Harris. IIIHIIUHL TRHIIIIN G Presxdent COY SHOCKLEY Vxce Presxdent BILL FOSTER Treasurer H C CROSBY Instructor H G BRAY Classes ln Industrlal Arts were started aqam lost fall wlth more boys and QIFIS wantmq to take the courses than could be accommodated There are two classes 1r1 Mechamcal Drawmq and four classes ln woodworkmq There are a total of 110 boys and qrrls takmq e1ther drawmq or shop There was an lnterestmq exhlblt on dlsplay of the proJects the group had made durmq the frrst Semester lt was emoyed by the people who saw rt There was an estlmated crowd of 300 who saw the dlsplay Some of the proJects on d1Sp1GY are m the prctures above All of the proJects were made are not m the p1ctures W! kts 9 'C 6 T ,V ,, 0 ,L secretary ,-,,il01Qd-lQo,,iffQfQ1,a iirrrsn srwnsn IIIHNUHL TRHIDIDG EXHIBIT Qllili J JR HI LHTI11 CLUB FIRST ROW Barbara Roach Ann Wallace Betty Monroe lean Paschal Rosemary Perryman Betty Io Padgett Dorothy Stanley Lou Travls Mrs Taylor Robert Allen Smlth Iohnny Potts Tommy Lester Davxd Hupley Donald Wolfe 1 L I SECOND ROW-Mary Frances Iackson. Katherine Taylor. Artie Fae Flowers. Arvela Brady. Iimmie YM' CIVICS CLUB FIRST ROW Carolyn Kelley Iuamta Lovm Edxth Fletcher Peggy Franklxn Dons Lee Beverly Hxll Iuanxla McDonald SECOND ROW-Claude Imks Grant Housley Doyal Bumett Sunny Luhell Everett Purlcey Bruce Harvxlle W C Mills David Rxchardson THIRD ROW Bully Beckner I C Inman Bully Sievens Mrs Medlm Charles Robertson Tommy Lester Chappy Cralq Bxlly Hodge my-W JUIIIOR HI Y FIRST ROW Iohnny Presely Bobby Younq Ixmmy Iones Phllxp Franklin Don Nebblett Irmmy Sxkes B111 Helton SECOND ROW Harold Rerland Tommy Frxeson Everett Purkey Bxlly Stevens Charles Robertson Tommy Lester Chappy Crarg THIRD ROW Claude lmks Robert Hale George Hale Prof Strange Davxd Rlchardson FIRST ROW Barbara Roach Ann Wallace Betty Monro Wanda McDonald Helen Seals Beatnce Shultz Onerda Musser Mary Kate Cross Marxorre Burnett Rebecca Fm SECOND ROW Barbara Carpenter Kathleen Repass luan ta Lavn Barbara Rogers Imogene Cole Anna Lou Hrp shxre Iune Purkey Mary Belle Branden THLRD ROW L na Mae Fox Peggy Wllmuth Edxth Cornw ll Dons Bacon Edrth Allen Helen Hazelwood Beatnct HOIIIG GCODOIIIICS CLUB FIRST ROW Betty Iean Marsh Arta Faye Flowers Orvella Brady Mary Katherme Fowler Betty Iune Marsh lean Arthur Paschall Rosemary Perryman Vera Hipshrre Agnes Moyers Emestme Caton SECOND ROW Ellre Ellen Akxns Marte Brown Mary Frances Iackson Ilmmy Lou Travxs Dons Ann Lee Mary lane Wrllrams Lulabell Russell Hxlda Croxdale Wetona Lo we Henrretta MacDonald THIRD ROW Allreda Broyles Geraldme Golorth Bobble Mayes Ann Graves Betty Lou Wood Beverly Hrll Nell Easley Emma Hux FOURTH ROW Ann Ruth McClanahan Carolyn Bell lean Huller Betty Hedrrck Wanda Travxs Iuanlta Ryner - . , 2. . . ' . ' . -- 9 I . I . , S I . I . 1 ' . McDanlels, Mary Ellen Jacobs. -A I I I I I I ' I I I l I I . u T I . 1 . I I I I I . . W I 1 I . I . I Q J UIIIOR F F FIRST ROW Mr Fush Huber! Bunch George Hale Evert Iohnson Carroll Marshall Cleo Hurley Earl Collms Pat Baxley THIRD ROW Roy Lee Blshop Bnlly Pease. Henderson Hurley Wade Cowan Iames Collms Frank Spoon Donald Wolfe SECOND ROW-lFred Sinard, Robert Hale. Donald Slines. Stancil Ford, Kenneth Mills. I. C. Maner, MUSIC J'a'D 'J SQ' 'sv THIRD PERIOD CHORUS FIRST ROW Rebecca Wrllrums Betty Rae Parker Helen Charles Murrell Peggy Southerland Irmmre Ruth Whetsel Mrss Kmght Ann Smrth Betty Lots Slemmons Martha Frances Helton Dot Long Froretta Prrce SECOND ROW Nelle Burke Wrllrams Myrtrs Rrggs Shxrley Brady Delores Brooks Bemrce Hawk ms Dons Russel lane Christmas Kathryn O Dell THIRD ROW Iams Sawyer Dorothy Helton Elite Mae Ford Betty Allen Iune Brabston Kate Smrth Delsre Wrlson FOURTH ROW Irma Rerland Marvm Marlon Mary Coffee Pearl Wrllrams Evelyn Smrth Stella Grace Medlxn Iune Brabson Bobby Ioe Robertson FIFTH ROW Hubert Blarr Clrfiord Susong Herbert Harvllle George Harper T G Elkms Vertre Homer Euqene Cavm yi' X' WJ!! K SJ A nf Mx 5th PERIOD GLGE CLUB FIRST ROW Lourse Noe Betty Sue Lane Betty Io Landrum Clarabelle Mxdknlf lean Horner Ruta Lonne Ruth May es Beatnce Mmk Marqaret McMurry SECOND ROW Edna Felkner Katherme Hale Sarah Smxlh Mary Frances Canter Georqxa Clad THIRD ROW Brllre Noe Polly Ellrs Phxllxs Hawkms Mary Noe Mary Sue Cowan Fanme Io Hale Betty Murphy FOURTH ROW Mrss Kmght R C Crosby Tom Doka Conway Smrth Cllflord G11 Floyd Lawless Henry Cowan well, Geraldine Chaney. Mary Helen Moone. I I X, 2fI1fl3fkM04.J,1fi. ily A I , Jin LM K BHIID ae Margaret Ann Williams Joanna Schettler Lee Iamlgan Rosemary Renyman Louise Greene Dean Mills Billy Beats Konnne Neblett Johnny Hale Peggy Southerland Betty Io Hurley Ruby Ahce Moore Polly Elhs Sara Ruth Inman Lucille Ryan Bob Smith Wayne Easley Richard Potts Barbara Whitten Rlchard Perry Vlrglnla Ruflner Mabel Sue Loudrum Mmldred Kxrk Eugene Cavm Carroll Moore Charles Lamplun Sonny Greene Ina lean Peoples Btlly Black Artie Faye Flowers Howard Rades Dean Maqqard Ilmmy Sykes Tommy Ienklns George Harper Kay Greene Hugh Boyd Richard Bell lean Paschall Vxrgmla Pack Betty Presley Charles Pratt X I I - I I I I I I I I I I . I . I I I I I I . I I ' I I - . I . I I . I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I . . ' I I I SPCRTS COHCHEIS If " COACH CHARLES STRANGE COACH W G SILER ASS1SfCII1f Coach Head Coach slflk Legg Yi are Q Auf NNW Q 'mt A SR we wwe! l PM IQWHIWI Y 43 'su Q53 I x IIIORRISTOIUII HURRICHHES Under the d1rect1on of Coach Petre Sller and Coach Strange the Morrrstown Hurrlcanes completed a rnost successful year ln football conslderlnq the strong schedule the Hurrlcanes faced they dld exceptronally well rn wlnnma elqht and losrnq three All dunnq the season the Hurrlcanes were sparked by the outstandmq play of Capt Clanky Smlth who made second team on the All East Tennessee Team At the annual football banquet 21 players were awarded letters of these only 8 w1ll be back next year SEASON S STATISTICS Fxrst downs. 125 Net yards rushmg 1843, untmg average. 302 yards. Forward passes at temuted lD3. completed 41 Yards gamed passing, 593 Average yards klckofis 44 8 INDIVIDUAL YARDAGE Player Txmes Carrxed Yards 156 787 C Smith B Robertson W Woods R C Crosby E Bowman M Carver B Bales F Frsher MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS 32 Sevier Sounty 0 13 Erwm 12 24 Iohnson Cxty 7 8-Central 32 7 Rule 0 6 K H.S 33 63 53 45 38 27 B 5 328 234 165 5 218 83 50 14 1948 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS 45 Newport 0 19 20 Bristol 0 Everette 13 Starr 6 Lenolr City 19 I 'X Vzaef V- 'Q' '- fn fl I j y Q sister t - . ,, X! . ,, Q Q . H X by 0 ...r. M., ,,,.. , ..,.- ,5 I b K 'K+ Sy- S! My g Q N .es K1 1 , ' my I A ,Q . X ' .Q " 'R f . ,. ,' I 5 -if ages' y eq e, owl' " QA If 'aw Lf v 5' Q I A W I , Q 5 A .....t.,,t I-'V t ' N 1 ev, q Q lx W ..r 'Egg 5,5 vt' af, 5 ' . 1 V ss t- , ,ts ia? , t ' T' 1 ' W N t ' 1 I 45" no ex 1 1 A 7 'ta f Q I I as ' n ' 1 4 . I: .5 fy 4 ss I f M. -M f df R , N454 """"? ' , Q 1 , ' .M .X 5. I I A 1 I he N an A I. l Q ui 4 4 - W , . . ,, . H , . , Average 5 0 52 44 37 58 30 83 28 Munn F OOTBHLL LGTTEIRIIIED EJ 'Q xg? 4 J A fe 54' ramsw W www WGS, Capt Clanky Smlih Mxke Carver Talne Woods Tommy Pugh Ed Bowman Ixmmy Blreley Bobby Ioe Roberison Davxd Hxgqms ai., Bobby Spoone Charhe Hodge Henry Lee Ccmer Kenneih Easley FOOTBHLL LEITTEIRIIIEI1 BddyB h Bbbylo Gog Hggi Wol y G ee Blly Wh! B P t Nebleite BHSHEITBHLL BOYS FIRST ROW R C Crosby Frank Frsher Captain Bobby Spoons Clclnky Smrth AI Snyder SECOND ROW Herbert Hurvxlle Ed Bowman Iunmy Brreley Buddy Nubers Raymond Wrlhams The Morrrstown Hurrrcanes enJoyed a most successful season under the supreme coach ma ol Petle S1ler Captarn Spoone and Co Caotaln Crosby led the scorrnq Wllh the rest of the team close behlnd The l-lurrlcanes had SIX letter men to return from last years team and four came up from the B Team From the ten boys out thrs year, frve w1ll return VVe are look ma forward to an excellent season next year 1 . . . , , 1 . 'L I 1 . . . . If . If . . . . . . . . 1 si BHSHGTBHLL BOYS B TE-IHII1 FIRST ROW lack Brooks Mxke Carver Kenneth Pack Hubert Blaxr Floyd Lawless SECOND ROW Ben Carver Paul McDamels luck Spoone Bobby Iones Iunmy Carson vu., ugh 10089 fe- NXN YKN www NX me--s R' GIRLS BHSHGTBHLL FIRST ROW Betty Lee Taylor Pearl Wrllrams lean Archer Medra Lane Mary Rader Charlotte Owens Betty Lots Slemons Coach Strange SECOND ROW Katherme O Dell Dorrs Russell Polly Ellls Wxllxe Ann Lane Ann Murphv Sue Noe THIRD ROW Shlrley Smrth Delores Brooks Jeanette Brooks The MOIflSlOWH Hurmcanettes had a very stranqe season thls year wmnmq 70 percent of the1r qames Coach Stranqe has ended another year at Morrrstown l-hgh The f1rst strmq QIFIS who returned from last year s team were Rader Owens Taylor and W'1ll1ams as lop guards whrle Lane Archer and Slemmane lead the scorma 5 W w was --2-:fe -N W 5 A y nw: 1 iz X, em, , ii: ' Nw A 1- ..,, , t' Q er - ,SKQX . N .. "W Qs ., , A fx 13 4 7 ,. . .6 .ego r b A N , gg M A S X Q 'M' I 1 I I 1 I 4 - - - . , . , I . . tg I I I . . N , . . , 1 . I . . - - - A ' V I I . F . , , A . wi ,Q MMY CHEEIR LEIHDC-IRS yN F Bbbylhhly Th dR A Mrphy ' Q W K' x QFD 9, x - 'ww lf' 'mmwvv 1 ix W X W , ,fs ,, rj N x , XX, P - w NX Ll X I Q Second Row-Bet! owlin. Tookie Iames. irst Row-lack Brooks. o c e . Leu Lawrence. ir ow- nn u . :ge ., .- 13,6313 ,, .,. 1: .1'-- , ffkfimg Q . 'Q an 1 ,'- wgsf ,Aw ,fx K I, 5, 4 iN Wi? X i 2 5-253' 3: .., i ' Eff: GUESS IIIHO W A rm 'g -'-sw-S QSM 11" V' k Y 31' .4 .55 Q' I -, , . K X Ni v:. :. .. , . 1 AK' gi my ,gf 'fr 'ww BETH CLUB caRn1vnL SIIHPS L 5 f s , X ' Q fd ' ..-"V ---.. A a A "Wx I We V ,Q ,X v in . W , 5--.., QS' QSSSAQKA X,-,. .- J -'R JOKES X . W 1 .' v.- l fxfp- 'Iv x l ' it I '. 1 , , V M 1 x I' , V .' ., . V Q mm T ,, .. , HDVEIRTISEIIIEIITS Collgratulauons to the YY .nltus und Pl llu Class of '47 74 okf a ca 5 Congratulations To The Class of 1947 From IHC itll' 21801116 E B Fisher nt Doury Products Gregory s Grocery O I l ll . . " , Agar Compliments of I Strlplm s Grocery Best Wrshes George W Holloway Helm C1oth1ng 6, Shoe Co Freels Drug Store REXALL PRESCRIPTIONS Arnold Automohve Supply Chambers And Dr Holt DeBusk Shoe Store ow mmol wore 203 W Mcun I XV1 W ARNOLD liUYI1PhII1UIHS of ' . . , . Cwllplllmsxmts of ' ' . Vim Phu: To Meri-1 Your 1 xiends N Dr. O Y J Bos' V 'shes VY , H, ,uk :N ilkml . E - In 0 w CLIFTON S MORHISTOWN TENNESSEE Walters Mcmufacturlng Co Smce 1927 COMPLIMLN rs OF I B DICK K0 yrcxlulul 1 In CLASS or 1047 CASH AND HAUL Wholesale Grocery Compcrny I O Mum1fc1ctt11mr:: of Stokors cmd Special Mzrchimes Q I 'fm korg", A A' xl' THE FRANKLIN STUDIO FLOWER SHOP IEFFERSON CITY TEN'N FALL 121i MEET ME AT THE CORNER DRUG STORE Tlph wM COH01 ltulltlons To The Class of 47 from YOUR newspaper Qllu ,iHu111sTuiu11 S5111 EAST TENNESSEE S FASTEST GROWING NEWSPAPER IN Bthl-I AP JHOU kF 1947 Sherman Turner Compliments of 'Crocxtivo Photoqruphyw Morristown, Tenn. J 3 Bryan Sanders e e one 93 145 . Qin St. ' 1 ' r . W b L C. V I . 9 1 r O 'YQ 8 5 O I 5 I ff e o ave ,fic 1 u ooo or' 'I h LABS OF 47 WALNUT WOOD CARVING CO Th R mw Y Wells Harrell Co D tG At y I W CB1l1l Paxton QOMPLIMENT OF NOVELTY FURNITURE CO Conqmtulcxtious 'Q T Q ,. . . , MJ C Now That You Have? 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