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Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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-.. -' X ,-,,, , - A-, ,wg i .V V 'fg'5!ifffff ' ff-Pia . "ff-L 319142415 , . ',,,, , 5 , if Y 'QB ,V if nr xl. . .3- ,' f -1: ee, 4. gh, . . A rl Q ' . 5 ' Y ' ,.. at K Wg- n . 1 , . . r I ' ns ' ' X, , Q, a 9 f N ' Pla ' ' -fs ' I . . fig, P 4 v m fwfr np V . MY' 'Q 4 , ,. 'mf' F, f f f Q:-4.4-wg., r. , .1 .IQ , :J 'K x - fi? Qi F25 Q I-N'tyg:l?..,,' Ly? . f, V Sffi- ' ,Q QF iffy' :Nu -5, . V' fr Hgwf-A, .., x- . GS 'J '5'f'iWiLZ",5 - ff 'WI N, ,3,-I.-43. cnt, P5 5jgg7'Qigj,fNQ.i41t4gi ' T .1 , ., 1p'f'3,,'1Qf--fvf, in - .. Ap' ,+R ,fpffki-e'HQ-' . f 4 rg W mdiizffmmzi' W . 4 ,.!,, Q . f 'S ix 1 E1 F i" K, 's 5 5 9 5 55 5 4 2 ,Q E r K il 5' if Y 4 3 GH 7 Hhrlg, UU Q26 ninth? fraud? W KM zcedenf Wzesswfv Eimilimm 1llfl,MM1L HT - IT KHA iris. 1 CALENDAR AUGUST Charged with total ignoranceg proved guilty and here we are in school to stay, until the permit system gets in good working order. SEPTEMBER Clubs are organized. ALL those brilliant people who are eligible for Beta Club: Didn't know we had so much genius C?J around here. 7 Sz 6 begins the school year with a picnic at Havely's. Perhaps they were interested in the method used to purify the city's water. Shades of my ancestors!! My mistake, it's just those initiations again. OCTOBER Hi-Y never fails us. The annual HAYRIDE! Nuff said. The witches really had a good ride this year with both the 7 Sz 6 and Sub-Debs giving parties. I can't understand it. Another hayride! I wonder why they're so popular? This time it's the F. F. A. The annual Annual work gets under way with John Helms supervising. NOVEMBER Basketball practice has begun. Keep your fingers crossed. New version--Snow White and the Seven Wolves! 7 8: 6 take top honors at Stunt Nite. The question is-Who are the WOLVES? Stunt Nite was a lot of fun. We have the Hi-Y to thank for that. Half day holiday! Scrap, scrap, and more scrap. Hup, two, three, four! Band, Military Drill, and WAC's parade on Armistice Day. I just LOVE holidays. Especially if there's a turkey concerned. DECEMBER What's colder than a cold pebble? Liquid air! We know it's so because "seeing is believing." The 17th is here at last, and so is the Hi-Y Banquet! Do wehrate! Two Xmas programs, thanks to the Girl Reserves and the C orus. The Girl Reserves, Hi-Y, Sub-Debs, and 7 SL 6 rejuvenated the cafeteria. Makes eating a pleasure. Am I kidding? Mrs. Massey definitely made eating a pleasure when she took over the cafeteria. Mr. Vance decides that we need one week to prepare for Santa Claus and one week to get over the feasting. JANUARY Time Marches On--it is now 1944 and SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Majors is now Huddleston! The old year was ushered out and the new year ushered in by the 7 8z 6 Banquet and the Sub-Deb party. Some fun, huh? Several are suffering from chills and fever. Both excellent symptoms of Examomania. Mr. Strange has taken over the difficult job of coaching our teams. Pret- ty swell of him, isn't it? All the girls are happy to have an opportunity to show off their glad rags. At the tea for "Majors Huddlestonf' IT KHA lxki CALENDAR FEBRUARY The great day finally came. The Girl Reserves Best-Date Banquet with Tessie and Buddy, the cutest couple. I've come to the conclusion people like to eat--the Boy Scouts also have had a Banquet. More fun! The Music and Home Ec. Departments sponsor the Carnival. Betty Lou Burnett reigns as Queen. Gangway ---- here come those girls who rush home for the mail! Poor post- man, I'll bet he gets AWFUL tired. Martha Webb wins D. A. R. Citizenship Award. MARCH Mrs. Massey entertains all the clubs who helped to fix up the cafeteria. For the first time in history we have the District Tournament at Morris- town High. Also, WE WIN!! Boys' team goes to Maryville to play in Regional Tournament. Luck wasn't playing on their side but aren't we proud of them. Basketball teams present trophies in chapel. The 7 8: 6 polishes the old ones so they'll be as bright as new. The Sub-Deb Club becomes a member of the National Confederation, After many hours of grueling practice Cyou aren't supposed to laughb the Senior Class presented "And Came the Spring." Howard Hill kept his reputation of always producing a SUCCESS! , APRIL Football practice begins. History is made ---- 55 go out for spring practice! Another queen is crowned! This time it is Elaree Hartman as F. F. A. Queen. The climax was the banquet held in the cafeteria. Rabinof comes to Morristown. "Play fiddle, play!" "Words and Music" is quite a success with Marjorie Ewing and Red Rey- nolds playing the leads. Girl Reserves have their annual Mother Daughter get-together. This year it's a Silver Tea. F. F. A. sends delegates to the State Convention at Nashville. The ggcise is finally, conclusively, absolutely, irrevocably fixed. CWe EJ. Jr.-Sr. Banquet. It was really swell. Hope the Jrs. get as good a feed next year. MAY Military Drill and Band parade again. Last of the Hi-Y activities for the year--picnic at Havely's. The Beta Club is celebrating their release with a picnic. Everyone seems to be celebrating. The Dramatic Club expressed their joy in a hayride. Paper Staff and Annual Staff have a joint banquet. Yum! Yum!! E. E. Patton of Knoxville speaks, the mercury rises, we melt, but it's all worth it because this is IT. 'lhis is the END. FINIS KIM Sponsor MRS. W. C. HUDDLESTON STAFF JOHN E. I-IELMS III JOHN DOYLE WALLACE Editor-in-Chief Business Manager MKLLIGAN me Eamon LLY HSSEY FLOYD TUTTLE' FYHRY EDYTOR SPORTS EDITOR MARTHA WEBB I-IRT EDITOR DEBHCATEGN 'Ihe Senior Class of 1944, with sincere respect and genuine affection, wishes to dedicate their annual "effort" to Mr. Vance, who has encouraged us all through our years in high school, and who has shown a modicum of forbearance in meting out punishment for our misdemeanors. WI-IO'S WHO IN M. H. S. MOST POPULAR BOY Johnny Wallace BEST ALL ROUND BOY James Bruce CUTEST BOY Floyd Tuttle BEST PERSONALITY James Bruce MOST HANDSOME BOY B1lly Russell MOST POPULAR GIRL Ruth Massey BEST PERSONALITY Martha Webb CUTEST GIRL Carolyn King BEST ALL ROUND GIRL Carolyn Kirk MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL Doris Long FAGU HEY 1,vf! l"l-fasiei' M1 ITAKHA if MISS ANNIE TURLEY MRS. G. W. DUDLEY MRS. LENA CARTER MISS MAE SMITH Secretary Librarian Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, Home Eco- University of Tennessee Meteorology-B. S. nomics A. B. University of Alabama Cumberland University Maryville College Georgetown University of Tennessee MR. R. L. ISENBERG MR. FRANK THORNHILL MISS ONA MULLINS Muthumatics- B. S. Spanish, English --B. A. English Carson-Newman College Maryville College Tennessee College University of Chicago University of Tennessee MISS GRACE CATRON History, Math. and Latin Hiwassee College Tennessee State Teachers College Carson-Newman 5' - IT KHA EXW MISS BIVA SMITH MISS LENORE MURDOCH MR. W. S. MURRELL English--B. A. Home Economics, Mathematics, Tennessee State Teachers Biology--A. B. History--B. S. College Tusculum College Tennessee State Teachers University of Tennessee East Kentucky Teachers College Duke University College MRS. J. W. MASSFY Lunch Room Supervisor MRS. W. C. HUDDLESTON MISS ELIZABETH KNIGHT MRS. FRANK VAN PELT Commercial Dept. Music--B. S. English, Speech Arts--A. B. Tennessee Polytechnic Tennessee State Teachers Institute College 3 MR. J. S. FISH Vocational Agriculture- University of Kentucky Valparaiso University Eastern Kentucky Statm- ITAKHA WE DON'T CALL THESE JOKES, BUT HERE THEY ARE!! An annual without JOKES Is like a field full of oats. fit ain't got no cornj Deanne M.- Do you file your nails? Sophia S.- Goodness no! I just cut them and throw them away!! Carolyn K.- I want some alligator shoes so bad! Doris L.- What size shoe does your alligator wear? Marriage is an institution, love is blind. Therefore marriage is an in- stitution for the blind. Tessie P.- Is my face dirty, or is it just my imagination? John Helms- Your face is clean, I don't know about your imagination. Betty Jo- Did anyone ever tell you, you were handsome? Bruce-Why no, I don't believe they did!!! Betty Jo- Then where did you get the idea? Johnny W.- Pop, can you write with your eyes closed? Mr. Wallace- Yes. Johnny- Then close your eyes and sign my grade card. Money won't bribe an official, won't buy the esteem of your fellow men, can't establish your social position, won't help you win the love of a girl ----------- CONFEDERATE MONEY we mean!! Buddy Gibson- I've been trying to think of a word for two weeks. Murrell W.- How about fortnight. Mr. Fish- Waiter, this steak is terrible, will you get me the manager? Waiter- It's no use, he won't eat it either. Marvin Wisecarver- I'm just a beginner when it comes to making love. Billie H.- Well I'm waiting for you to begin. Dot L.- You know, I think there is soap in this hamburger. Red R.- That's right, that's to wash it down! Floyd Tuttle- I think you are getting much thinner, Mary Ruth. Mary Ruth- Yes, I have lost recently, you can count my ribs! Floyd- Can I? Gee thanks!! Edd Harrell- Can you bake angel cake? Martha W.- You bet your boots I can, the last 3 guys who ate my cake are angels! J. W. Shipley was trying to buy peanuts in the dime store the other day and the girl was so busy selling candy that she didn't pay much at- tention to the peanut customers ---- J. W.-Say, when do you wait on the nuts? Clerk- Hold your horses I'll take care of you right away! Charles B.- Have you heard the joke about the balcony? Jo Anne- No. Charles- It's just as well, it's over your head! GLASSES MISS BIVA SMITH Senior Sponsor ii IT KHA ggi JAMES BRUCE F. F. A. '41 '42 '43 '44 V. Pres. '42, Sec. '43 '44 Hi-Y '42 '43 '44 Sec. '44 Dramatic Club '42 Track '42 State 2 mile relay champ Cheerleader '42 '43 '44 Chief Cheerleader '43 '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 Pres. of Production '44 Beta Club '43 '44 Pres. '44 Hurricane Staff '44 SENIORS J. L. COSSON JACK HARBIN Basketball '43 '44 Science Course Victory Corps '43 '44 Military Drill '43 '44 JOHN E. HELMS III Ed. in-chief of 1944 Itakha HiY '42 '43 '44 V.4Pres. E. Tenn. Hi-Y '43 Dramatic Club '42 '43 '44 Latin Club '42 Spanish Club '43 Beta Club '43 '44 Monogram Club '42 '43 Tennis Club '42 '43 Tennis Team '41 '42 '43 '44 Captain Tennis Team '41 '42 '43 '44 Basketball Team '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Senior Plays '43 '44 Sport Ed. of Hurricane '44 FRANK JOYCE A. 0. A. '44 Mil'tary Drill '44 Victory Corps '44 Commerical Course JOHN REYNOLDS Dramatic Club '41 Sinz-Sin! Glee Club '43 Screwball's Club '43 '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 Sour Notes Glee Club '44 O BILLY RUSSELL J. W. SHIPLEY Basketball '42 '43 '44 Military Drill '43 '44 Captain '43 '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 Football '42 '43 Sing-Sing Glee Club '42 '43 '44 Monogram Club '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Military Drill '43 Screwball's Club '44 A. O. A. '44 HIX SLAGLE Latin Club '42 Orchestra '41 '42 Military Drill '43 '44 Band '43 '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 Senior Play '44 FLOYD TUTTLE Hi-Y '42 '43 '44 Pres. '44 Dramatic Club '42 '43 '44 Pres. '44 Latin Club '42 Golf Team '42 '43 Capt. '43 '43 '44 Victory Corps Air Div. Sec. 5 Treas. '43 Pres. '44 Basketball Team '43 '44 Mgr. '44 Spanish Club '43 Debating Club '43 '44 Tennis Club '43 Screwball Club '44 A. 0. A. '44 Hurricane Staff '44 Monogram Club '43 Senior Play '44 Sports Ed. of 1944 Itakha JOHN WALLACE tin Club '42 nnis Club '42 Y '42 '43 '44 Trcas. '44 State Treas. '44 chestra '42 '43 anish Club '43 ctory Corps '43 '44 lrricanc Staff '44 amatic Club '44 litary Drill '44 0. A. '44 nior Play '44 sincss Mzr. of 1944 Itakha E . MARVIN WISECARVER F. F. A. '42 '43 Military Drill '43 '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 Commercial Course 4--.....-as 'sl 7.4.14-,"' "5-.,'1X TA SENIORS RUTH ATCHLEY Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Latin Club '42 Consul Hurricane Staff '42 '43 '44 Dramatic Club '43 '44 Tennis Club '43 Spanish Club '43 Debating Club '43 '44 Sing-Sing Glee Club '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 ,ng -.a BETTY JO BALES Operatta '42 '43 Latin Club '43 Girl Reserves '43 '44 V. Pres. '43 Sing Sing Glee Club '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Hurricane Staff '43 '44 Debating Club '44 Spanish Club '44 Beta Club '44 Orchestra '44 Band '44 7 85 6 Club Sec. '44 Snapshot Ed. of 1944 Itakha Q. fA1'Ts ff MARY MARGARET 4 H Club '42 '43 Girl Reserves '42 '43 Latin Club '42 Spanish Club '43 Sub Debs '44 Hurricane Staff '44 Pres. of Jr. Class '43 Sec. of Sr. Class '44 BELL '44 1 AGNES BRYAN tin Club '42 I Club '42 '43 la Club '43 '44 Treas. '44 :tory Corps '43 '44 mmercial Course SHIRLEY BURGNER BILLIE CANTER MARY JANE CANTRELL VONA CANNON Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Sing-Sing Glee Club '42 '43 Home Ee. Club '42 '43 Home Ee. Club '43 Tennis Club '42 Home Ec. Club '42 '43 Sub Debs '42 '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Sing Sing Glee Club '42 4 H Club '42 '43 Girl Reserves '42 '43 Hurricane Staff '44 '43 '44 Band '41 '42 '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Orchestra '41 '42 '43 Debating Club '43 '44 Victory Corps '43 Sec. '44 Tennis Cluh '43 Hurricane Staff '44 7 6 6 Club '44 Dramatic Club '44 V 'I . I bv -W -- air 5 iW'5JXQTE:55fzF3 1 fair in IT aavaigbgf MARY NELL CHANDLER FRANCES CRAWFORD SENIORS Latin Club '42 4-H Club '42 '43 Sing-Sing Glee Club '42 '43 4-H Club '42 '43 Home Ec. Club '42 '43 '44 Home Ec. Club '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Home Ec. Club '42 '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Latin Club '42 Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Beta Club '44 Hurricane Staff '44 Operetta '44 LEORA ELLER Orchestra '41 '42 Home Ee. Club '42 Sing Sing Glee Club '43 Commercial Course VIRGINIA EPPS Girl Reserves '42 4 H Club '42 '43 Sing Sing Glee Club '43 Treas. Sec. of Jr. Class '43 MARJORIE EWING Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Latin Club '42 Tennis Club '42 Spanish Club '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Sing Sing Glee Club '44 Operetta '44 JANE FAGG GEORGIA GARRETSON LOUELLA GOBBLE MARY RUTH HALE Transferred from Kerners- Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 4 H Cluh '42 '43 Valedictorian ville, North Carolina Latin Club '42 Song Leader '43 Orchestra '41 Girl Reserves '43 '44 4 H Club '42 '43 Sing Sing Glee Club '42 '43 Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Dramatic Club '44 Sub Debs '43 '44 Home Ec. Club '42 Tl'08Slll'f'l' '42 Debating Ciuh '44 Sing Sing Glee Club '43 '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 Pl'08l'8ll1 Chairman '43 Sing Sing Glee Club '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 President '44 Operetta '44 Tennis Club '42 Latin Club '42 Sec. Hurricane Staff '42 '43 '44 Operetta '43 Beta Club '43 '44 Spanish Club '43 '44 Pres. '43, V. Pres. '44 7 Q 6 Club '43 '44 Pres. '44 Sing Sing Glee Club '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Senior Play '44 Circulation Ed. Itakha '44 IIARGARET HARRISON rl Reserves '42 '-I3 '44 me Ec. Club '42 '43 all Sin! Glee Club '42 '43 4 eretta '44 :tory Corps '43 '-24 es. ol' Community Servir 43 '41 xx . W .. L .x ,- ,,-.,,, .. H --.CLI ,Lil i 5 3 I X' A uh. wb V. .v .mx .' ig 'Sk , y x- S J EAN HASKINS Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Home Ec. Club '42 '43 Sing Sing Glee Club '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 1 'H . lQ.i.,,-,,,, ..,.., W 'SN ' SEN IORS BILLIE IIISEY MARIE HAYES Latin Cluh '42 Home Ec. Club '42 Sp11n'sh Club '43 4 H Club '43 A. 0. A. '44 Senior Play '44 Hurricane Staff '44 Literary Ed. of 1944 Itakha Latin Club '42 Bela Club '43 '44 Girl Reserves '44 FRANCES KARR Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Latin Club '42 Tennis Club '42 '43 Spanish Club '43 Sub Debs '43 '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 V. Pres. Sea Division '41 A. O. A. '44 V,ce Pres. of Sr. Class '44 CAROLYN KING I Club '42 '43 V. Pres. '43 me Ec. Club '42 xketball Team '43 '44 'tory Corps '43 '44 itary Drill '43 CAROLYN KIRK HELEN KNOX DORIS LONG DOT LIVINGSTON Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 4-H Club '42 '43 Sing Sing Glee Club '42 '43 Spi1n'sh Club '43 '44 Hurricane Staff '43 '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 Speech Arts '43 Dramatic Club '44 Sub Dehs '44 Senior Play '44 Club Ed. of 1944 Iiakha Girl Rrserves '42 '43 '44 Transferred from Burling- Latin Cluh '42 Spanish Club '43 Debating Club '43 Beta Club '43 '44 Victory Corps '43 Dramatic Club '44 Sec. '44 V, Pres. ton. Iowa Home Ee. Club '44 Sing Sim! Glee Club '44 G rl Reserves '44 Military Drill '44 Victory Corps '44 Hurricane Staff '44 Sub-Debs '44 Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Latin Club '42 Mlitary Drill '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Spanish Club '43 SuhDebs '43 '44 e. 18- I X sg-b 1 IT KH i7'3seae?- RUTH MASSEY PEGGY ANN MAY Valedictorian Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Tennis Club '42 Sec. of Tenn. 8: Kentucky Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Conference '42 Orchestra '42 '43 Hrme Ee. Club '42 '43 '44 Hurricane Staff '42 '44 Latin Club '42 Sing Sing Glee C'ub '43 Spanish Club '43 Sec. '44 F. F. A. Queen '42 Sub Debs '43 '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 Beta Club '43 '44 V. Pres.'44 Victory Corps '43 '44 7 8: 6 Club '44 Dramatic Club '44 Senior Play '44 SEN IORS DEANNE MILLIGAN ELOISE MARTIN Home Ee. Club '42 Victory Corps '43 '44 Commercial Course CHARLOTTE MULLINS Sing Sing Glee Club '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Home Ez. Club '43 Spanish Club '43 '44 Operetta '43 Basketball '43 '44 Girl Reserves '43 '44 Trras '43 Drzrrafic Club '44 A. 0. A. '44 Salutatorian Monogram Club '42 '43 Cheerleader '42 '43 '44 Lat'n Club '43 Sec. Dramatic Club '43 '44 Hurricane Staff '43 '44 News Editor '44 Girl Reserves '43 Jr. Pres. Beta Club '44 Spanish Club '44 Debat'ng C'ub '44 7 8z 6 Club '44 Senior Play '44 Adv. Mgr. of 1944 Itakhn Senior Play '44 r r 'MARY NELL MURRAY Home Ee. Club '42 Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Sing Sing Glee Club '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Commercial Course MARGARET NUE Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Home Ee. Club '42 Sing Sing Glee Club '42 Spanish Club '43 '44 Sub Delzs '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 NELLE RUTH PORTRUM CHRISTINE REAGAN VIRGINIA PRICE G'rl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Sing Sing Glee Club '42 '43 Orchestra '41 '42 '43 7 8z 6 Club '42 '43 '44 '44 4 H Club '42 '43 Treas. '42 Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Latin Club '42 Prog. Chm. Dramatic Club '44 Sub Dehs '43 '44 Operetta '42 '43 Beta Club '43 '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 Sing Sing Glee Club '42 '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Military Drill Hurricane Staff '43 '44 Major uf Girls' Twirling Dramatic Club '43 '44 Squad '43 Treas. '43 Band Majorctte '44 Hurricane Staff '44 Military Drill Spanish Club '43 Beta Club '43 '44 Tennis Club '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Senior Play '44 IEANNE REILAND Reserves '42 '43 '44 n Club '42 Sing Glee Club '42 '43 :ry Corps '43 '44 ors Club '44 lr. 8 Treas. ' ,ting Club '44 b. A. '44 JO ANNE SAWYER Operetta '42 Hurricane Staff '42 '43 '44 Editor '44 Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 7 5 6 Club '42 '43 '44 Sec. '42 Treas. '44 Cheerleader '42 Latin Club '42 Tennis Club '42 Sing-Sing Glee Club '42 '43 Spanish Club '43 Victory Corps '43 '44 Dramatic Club '43 '44 Treas. '44 IT KH 355, 7 SENIORS BETTY JO SAMS Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Latin Club '42 Home Ee. Club '42 Sub-Debs '43 DOT SCARBROUGH Band '40 '41 '42 '43 '44 Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Orchestra '42 '43 Home Ee. Club '42 S'ng Sing Glee Club '43 '44 Sub Debs '43 '44 Sec. 44' " 1 X We PATSY SILER SOPHIA SMITH MARTHA WEBB Operetta '42 '43 Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 Latin Club '42 Treas. Home Ee. Club '42 Sec. '42 V Pres. '43 '44 Girl Reserves '42 '43 '44 SingSng Glee Club '42 '43 Tcnn's Club '42 Sing Sing Glee Club '42 '43 V. Pres. '44 Beta Club '43 '44 7 8: 6 Club '42 '43 '44 Spanish Club '43 '44 Spanish Club '43 '44 Pres.'44 V. Pres. '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 Sub-Debs '43 '44 Treas. '44 Golf Club '43 Tennis Club '43 Spanish Club '43 Hurricane Staff '43 '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 Speech Arts '43 Dramatic Club '43 '44 Beta Club '44 Band Sponsor '44 Senior Play '44 Military Drill '43 '44 Victory Corps '43 '44 Hurricane Staff '44 Pres. of Sr. Class '44 D. A. R. Award Art Editor of 1944 Itakba MAXINE Sl-l0UN Sing Sing Glee Ciub '41 '42 Spanish Club '43 - ITAKHA lX! i THE FUTURE Scene: A house in Morristown on a spring day in 1954. Why, Jo Anne Sawyer! Come right in. Such an unexpected surprise! It'S not everybody who has the Editor of the National Geographic drop in for a visit. You're what? Oh-- writing an article, "Who Was Who Ten Years Ago." Well, I'll be glad to give you the lowdown if I can. Yes, isn't that a grand portrait of Betty Jo Bales? It's one of Ruth Atchley's best works. It's called "Concert Pianist." Morristown is cer- tainly proud of Betty Jo and Ruth, too. Let's see 1944--why that was leap year. That reminds me- you re- member Virginia Epps and Leora Eller, don't you? Well, they gave a love- ly shower for Carolyn King Milligan and then, to everybody's astonish- ment, were married at a double wedding the very next day. That was some time before Shirley Burgner gave her heart to the navy. She has a lovely new home in Jefferson City right across from the college. Her daughter is one of the star pupils at Miss Deanne Milligan's Exclusive School of the Dance for Select Young Ladies falso rug-cutting, j itterbugging, conga and rumba instruction for all cats that are strictly in the groveb. Georgia Garretson, you know her latest boogie-woogie book out-sold Hazel Scott's by 64.5 copies, plays for the pupils on Thursdays. Guess who dropped in to see me last week, Helen Knox! Just the other day I finished her amazing biography of John Helms III, the world's billiards champion, entitled H27 Years Behind the Eight Ball." She told me that she won that contest sponsored by Harbin's Cuestick Corporation, and had been crowned Miss Cue off 1954. She said the honor was conferred on her by Billie Canter, Jack's number one secretary. He recently raised her salary so she wouldn't leave his company for the Maybelline Mascara people who are begging her for a contract. Knox promised me if I would go to New York to visit her, she would have a dinner party just for me and invite Charlotte Mullins, the Metropolitan Opera star and her ac- companist, Frances Karr, and Mary Nell Murray, the world's typing cham- pion, and Pat Siler, the famous model Cyou know the Jantzen and Cat- alina Companies almost had a feud over whose contract she would acceptl. She said we would have popcorn from Eloise Martin and Frances Craw- ford's famous Grand Central Station stand. They use corn grown exclu- sively on Marvin Wisecarver's farm. Then we would visit Mary Nelle Chandler and Mary Jane Cantrell's "Watery Grave Aquarium," or go to the Ritz Theatre to see J. W. Shipley and Hix Slagle, who are giving lectures and demonstrations on "Unsuccessful Strangle Holds." At all times Sophia Smith and Margaret Noe, who saw duty overseas as Red Cross nurses in the last war, are on hand in case one of the holds is successful. Wasn't Admiral Tuttle simply wonderful in the battle of Flat-foot- floogie Bay in January 1945? It was the last really important battle of the war. It was about that time that Dot Scarbrough made her first good- will tour to South America. Mary Ruth Hale really did her part as Pres- ggi? all ITAKHA lliitiiis 5 ident of the War Committee by getting "Zeke" Cosson to donate his en- tire junk yard to the scrap drive. She is still being president of everything and doing a wonderful job. Oh, it's time for Margaret Harrison's "Fancy Foods for Fancy Folks" program. I never miss it. Yesterday She gave a super recipe for "Spiced Spinach" contributed by Miss Peggy May, the head of the Home Ec. De- partment of Vassar. Just after this program the comedian who hires Jean Haskins and Clara Jenkins to laugh at his jokes comes on, followed by Betty Jo Sams' unusually funny show. At 4:15 Christine Reagan, the famous blues singer, is doing a request number on Kate Louella Gobble Smith's hour. She is going to sing "The Canning Factory Blues" or "The Sour Apple Waltz". Could you stay long enough for us to take in Tessie fpronounced Tay-sab Portrum's latest picture? She's so good in technicolor-- the only star with the five-toned hair. Marjorie Ewing, her press agent has done wonders along that line of publicity. She has Jeanne Reiland design all her clothes and insists on having Perry Jolly as her photographer. They're featuring a short made from Virginia Price and Dot Livingston's new book, "The Antics of Peculiar Animals." The authors themselves are ap- pearing in the film. At last, the mail has come. Here's a letter from Mary Margaret Bell. You know she sets the copy for those penmanship books grammar school kids struggle through. Look at the headlines of the "Gazette and Mail". No doubt their star reporter, Maria Doka, wrote this up: "Frank Joyce, the foremost research chemist, and Agnes Bryan. the math wizard have just invented a soundless motor, they call it the E-Z Going. Billie I-Iisev is to include a discription of it in her new dictionary which is guaranteed to contain 500 more words than any other one on the market." I do believe that's Mrs. Q. Horton Jr. driving the ambulance up the street. As first lady of our town, she has an important social position. Just the other day she gave a lovely luncheon for Martha Webb, the fa- mous magazine illustrator. I got it straight from Jane who got it straight from Martha that Billy Russell, the great basketball professional, didn't play his last scheduled game because he was in Canada trying to stop his good friend, "Red" Reynolds, from dyeing his hair so he could join the Northwest Royal Mounted Police. Next Wednesday she is giving a tea for Maria Hayes, the only lady member of the President's cabinet. Since Maria is in town, Maxine Shoun asked her to talk to her classes at High School on Friday. That's the day Doris Long is going to lecture on "Cul- tivate, Don't Harrow Your Speaking Voice." She's on her way to visit Carolyn Kirk in Chicago. Carolyn has made a small fortune posing for Curley-Q Shampoo ads-- of course she doesn't touch the stuff. And speak- ing of red-heads, Vona Cannon has just taken a position as James Bruce's secretary- you know he always did prefer that color. His dairy farm is famfius. His slogan "Milk-Shakes from Jitterbugging Cows" is known the wor d over. John Wallace is a shoe salesman. It's the only way he can get a first choice on leather. Yes, he ought to be home any minute now. Ruth Massey . . WAJSS.-iii?" 'fi Wm IT KHA vkvsikci JUNIORS RAY BEETS HARRY CANTWELL VERNON COSSON ED DAVIS BOBBY BRUCE H. C. EVANS BOBBY GASS DONALD COWAN DAVID DICKEY JACK FISH BOBBY HARRELL J. D. HODGE TOMMY HORNER RALPH JONES J. C. LANE BILL RADER EDD HARRELL BOBBY I-IORNER LESLIE JULIAN STANLEY PRICE J. E. SINARD MAX SLOME EUGENE SEALE GORDON STU BBLEFIELD L , , EY? ' ':i'L,HX J UNIORS BOBBY SEAL RUFUS STAPLETON COY SIIOCKLEY C. T. VANCE, JR. nlTA KH ,, , . ., ,-,L,,, .,... - -,,, 3 V SX fs li S" Q ,lgxi 1 ff? , xx X. BRANDON ASCOTT NEIL WILLIAMS RAYMOND WILLIAMS KATIE BEWLEY BILLIE BOYD NORMA JEAN CARSON RUTHELLEN CREWS MARGARET DRINNON EDWARD WOOD LOUISE BLACK JULIA CRUZE BEULAI-I CRIGGER br -V N..- 4.-Af .--- - V , , ...W ,- 'T:'fa4 QU fi A IT KHA J UNIORS BESSIE ELLER MARGARET FORD SARAH GRIGSBY LOUISE HARMON KATHERINE HARVILLE GLFNNA HUNT NORMA JEAN ELLIS BILLIE GARRETT DOUGLAS HARRELL JUNE HALE JUANITA INMAN ANNABELLE JOINER JOYCE LOFTON DORIS McCURRY KATHERINE MILLER HELEN MOORE RUTH JAYNES KATHLEEN KINNICK JIMMIE McKINNEY LILLIE MAE MOSS lj' I ITAKHA I , JUNIORS MARYMAC MUSSER MAXINE PERRYMAN HELEN SHULTZ ELIZABETH PEARSON EVADEANE RUFFNER BARBARA SMITH MARGARET SMITH POLLY SMITH MARTHA SOLOMON LOIS STRANGE MARGARET WILLIS MAGGIE SMITH CAROLYN SMITH JEANE STRATE BARBARA TUTTLE M l'i1A,iruiAr E' M SOPHOMORES A First Row- Sue Stapleton, Elizabeth Brown, Norma Jean Rhoton MiSs "Majors", Frances Spires, Mary Margaret Long, Josephine Allen. Second R0w- Harry Jones, Lynn Range, Buddy Gibson, Charles Bire ley, Charles Purkey, Buddy Haynes, Billy Smith, Shields McDaniel. Q A ,W r. ,-, 4-,km-,,m,M N - ITAK1-IA SOPHOMORES B Tv- ' f ' First Row- Mary Lou Trent, Peggy Rouse, Tony Doka, Billy Horton Billy Massengill, Louise Killion, Maxine Thompson, Virginia Greene, Re: becca Midkiff, Florence Hoover, Grace Matthews, Thomas Weaver. Second Row- Pete Noe, Herschel Ford, Carolyn Sawyer, Mary Flo- rence Fisher, Ann Elizabeth Noe, Ellaree Hartman, Christine Carter, Dorcas McMurray, Marjorie Harbin, Dorothy Amos, Billie Rae Stykes. Third Row- Miss Murdock, Britton Lowery, Hermina Dickerson, Edna Fae Raines, Marion Moore, Nell Bryant, Irene Hazelwood, Anna Ruth Bacon. Fourth Row- Juanita Whetsel, Harold Dyer, Charlie Hodge, James Edgar Hurley, Samuel Hunt, Murrell Weesner, Gary Strange, Betty Lou Burnett, Jewel Fullington, Charlotte Owens, Herstine Wade. Fifth Row- Betty Jo Scarbrough, Clarence Smith, Harvey Johnson, Bobby Cain, Buddy Moore, Warren Hale, Edward Pack, Joe Smith, Mary Bruce, Irene Turner. Sixth Row- Irene Long, Lester Wilkes, O. C. Swanson, Dean Taylor, J. E. Kirk, R. C. Crosby, Bobby Robertson, Fred Hammond. Seventh Row- Leota Purkey, Miss Grace Catron, Bobby Strange Bobby Spoone, James Crider, Joe Lester, Maud Ellen Honeycutt, Pauline Willis, Lucile Scott. l -'-'W "" ' ""' ' "'A"""'W"""i ""'T' x " " H 'F . F RESHMAN GIRLS First Row- Mr. Charles H. Strange, Miss Helen Franklin Baker, Beverly Woods, Evelyn Pettigrew, Betty Sue Lane, Clarabelle Midkiff, Erma Reiland, Katherine Harrell, Pauline Sawyer, Margaret Hughett, Peggy Tullock, Betty Jo Landrum, Mary Nell Covington, Edna Seals, Geral- dine Hickey, Miss Janie Horner, Mrs. Hugh M. Taylor. Second Row- Gerry McKay, Doris Hurley, Jean Archer, Connie Reed, Doris Cohen, Edna Felknor, Barbara Harville, Anna Mae Pettigrew, Nina B. Loyeday, Cleo Sipe, Mary Frances Hanks, Elizabeth Blizzard, Modena Danie s. Third Row- Doris Pettigrew, Geneva Brady, Mildred Lee, Sarah Ruth Inman, Mary Rader, Fannie Jo Hale, Dorothy Swann, Betty Stroud, Ro- berta Cosson, Dolores Horner, Roberta Collins, Betty Lester, Peggy Hale, Helen Murrell, Mary Sue Cowan, Tommy Cain, Helen Graves. Fourth Row- Betty Murphy, Louise Chaney, Lynda Turner, Sue Noe, Juanita Chaney, Vida Gregg, Imogene Long, Elsie Slome, Phyllis Hawkins, Imogene Smith, Louise Greene. . W.. 4 z QLHA KH F RESHMAN BOYS First Row- Miss Helen Franklin Baker, Frank Hodges, Paul Peoples, Charles Willoughby, Billy White Bales, J. C. Fuller, Jack Boyd, Norman Hammett, Edward Clark, Roy Shockley, Billy Parrott, Miss Elizabeth Snoddy. Second Row- Billy Beets, Billy Benson, Wayne Woods, Billy Johnson, James Bireley, Bobby Weidman, Dean Mills, Kay Greene, George Higgins. Third Row- Harold Ford, Wayne Epps, Henry Lee Carter, David Long, Robert Noe, James Robertson, Pete Neblett, Worley Greene, Wayne Brooks, Charles Cluck. Fourth Row- George Conway, Billy Dean Keeney, Billy Massey, Fred Rogers, Julius Lasnick, Billy Craig, Mack Chandler, Jr., Henry Cowan. Fifth Row- John Rupley, Ray Shiflet, J. C. Sunderland, Clay Butler, Billy Helms, Conway Smith, S. G. Helton, Louis Warren, Harley Johnson. Two of a kind Well-beaten path "Ye-olde-Editoi"' Leg Art - - plus "Gran-Ma" Zu - Zu Noon '6Pro" beckons His admirers Twelve O'elock P. M. mt Q 'DUTQL 9 V .S 2 R Q . u', .6 -"""' s,aisi. . i i alla. f "Sunset and evening star" "Messy" Massey Adolph Schickelgruber "Gypsy Rose" The three stooges Ignorant 'lhe lake - - period. "Legs" Startled. "The only flying ?" "Jeanie" "Fat" "Smoocher" Love at first hug "The Desert Song" Murrell's misery "Hail the conquering hero comes" AMPUS SHOTS If-.W 'W 'H S GRGANEZATEGNS First Row- Mrs. Lena Carter, Frances Karr, H. C. Evans, Charlotte Mullins, Ralph Jones, Evadeane Ruffner, Ruth Jaynes, John Wallace. Second Row- Tommy Horner, Carolyn Smith, Billie Hisey, Mary- mac Musser, Elizabeth Pearson, Ronnie Smith. Third Row- Jeanne Reiland, Margaret Willis, June Hale, Katherine Miller, Katie Bewley, Gordon Stubblefield. Fourth Row- Francis Housley, Jack Fish, Floyd Tuttle, Max Slome, David Dickey. A. O. A. President ..........,..................... ....................,. ........................... J o hn Wallace Secretary ..,...............,.... .........................,,.. R uth Jaynes Treasurer .,...,........ ........,..... F rancis Housley Reporter ............,.,. Katie Bevvley This year has been a very successful year for the Ancient Order of Alchemist. The club has taken part in several activities during the school year. We sponsored some very interesting picture shows, presented an excellent stunt in stunt night, and sponsored a booth at the carnival. We were happy to have Mrs. Carter as sponsor of our club, and she has proved herself most capable. E , . I -. ..,.,k N 7' ' V J X - First How- Marie Hayes, Louise Lampkin. Agnes Bryan. Helen Knox I-Luth Massey, James Bruce, Mary Margaret Bell, Martha Webb. Second Row- Tessie Portrum, Mary Ruth Hale, Deanne Milligan, Patsy Siler, Maria Doka, June Hale, Katie Bewley. Third Row- C. T. Vance, Jr., Betty Jo Bales, Julia Cruze, Katherine Miller, Jeane Strate, Juanita Inman, Margaret Drinnon. Fourth Row- H. C. Evans Jr., Bobbv Seals, Joyce Lofton, Christine Iieagan, "Majors", Leora Eller, John E. Helms III, Francis Housley. Q BETA CLUB Sponsor . , rrr. I . . ,IJIr,,,..i,,,,rrrr,.,,,,...,rr,,,,.,,r,,,,,,..,,.....,,.. Elaine Huddleston President ..,,,,r,,,...,,...,.,.,,,,,...,,..,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,. James Bruce Vice-President .,J,.,..,..,.,,,....,,...,,,..,. Ruth Massey Secretary .,i,.,,,.,i,,,.,,,r, Helen Knox Treasurer ,,,, Agnes Bryan At each meeting we were---B-ored by the program and E-ntertained by the thought of getting out, T-rapped into staying: and A-pproached for money. Naw, this ain't true ---- anything to be silly, I always say. Instead we had educational programs, refreshments, projects, activities both in the carnival and stunt night, refreshmentsg we had the annual Xmas party tHug'e Success due to Mrs. Bruce's cakel and refreshments at every meet- ing as I believe I have said before. Also We were sure enough martyrs to the cause, because we didn't go to the National Convention since it would use up gasoline unnecessarily---but the National Organization, of course, foresaw this and was a martyr to the cause, also, by not liaving a Nat- ional Convention twhich is beside the pointll We also, by the skin of our teeth, contributed to the National Beta Club Educational Fund ll We, land this is the most important anyhowj had gobs of fun due to 'tMaiors" being' our sponsor ----- orchids, gardenias and daisies to herli --.1xT' ' X ls v MJ 7 fm IT KHA ihfiesiii First R0w- Mr. W. S. Murrell, C. T. Vance, Jr., Hermina Dickerson, Betty Jo Bales, Jeane Strate, Shirley Burgner, Deanne Milligan, David Dickey, Billy Horton, Jane Fagg, Jeanne Reiland, Barbara Tuttle. Second Row- Buddy Gibson, Murrell Weesner, H. C. Evans, John Wallace, Ruth Atchley, Floyd Tuttle, Francis Housley, Marjorie Ewing, Ronnie Smith. A DEBATING CLUB Sponsor ..................,.............,....,.........i............................................ Mr. Murrell President .................................................................... Barbara Tuttle Vice-President .......... ......................... R onnie Smith Secretary .................................. Shirley Burgner Treasurer .................. Murrell Weesner This year's debating activities began in October with the election of officers and the announcement of the year's subject: "Resolved: That the United States Should Join in Reconstituting the League of Nations." The purpose of the Debating Club is to enable its members to acquire an excellent speaking ability. The Debating Club has debated in the different history classes in school and in the surrounding towns. We have gone to the state tourna- ment which was held at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville April 14. lil ITAKHA M5555 First Row- Mr. Thornhill, Christine Reagan, Carolyn Kirk, Helen Knox, Charlotte Mullins, Jeane Strate, Shirley Burgner, Deanne Milligan, Ruth Atchley, Ruth Massey, Jane Fagg, Ruthellen Crews, Barbara Tuttle. Second Row- John E. Helms III, Vernon Cosson, John Wallace, David Dickey, Floyd Tuttle, Patsy Siler, James Bruce, Jo Anne Sawyer, Mary Ruth Hale, Nelle Ruth Portrum, Leslie Julian. DRAMATIC CLUB ' OFFICERS: ' President ...............,..,..... ...,.......,.......,.......,.. .,........,... F l oyd Tuttle Vice-President ..,...o .,.,...,...,......,..,........,.......,..,..... H elen Knox Secretary ........... .................. J eane Strate Treasurer ....... ....... J o Anne Sawyer Sponsor .......................,,,.. Mr. Thornhill The Dramatic Club, even tho' we had a late start in the year, atc- complished a lot. Did I say a lot? Well anyway we did give a play and that is going some for the Dramatic Club. The play was a great success. We gave it to the whole school to give them a chance to see what great actors wekwere!! At least we made some money as we charged each person a nic el. We met twice a month at the different members' homes and had a swell time. 'P'-gplgl to FR g,iP74fTQQT'M' is ITAKH First Row-- Junior Berry, Edward Woods, Bobby Bruce, Warren Hale, Neil Williams, James Bruce, Mr. Fish. Second Row- J. C. Fuller, J. E. Sinard, Paul Peoples, Brandon Scott, Henry Lee Carter, Floyd Collins, Charles Morgan Cluck, Dean Taylor, Billy Hugh Parrott. Third Row- Harry Jones, Samuel Hunt, Joe S. Carter, Stanley Price, Wade Collins, Wayne Epps. Fourth Row- George Higgins, Reese Williams, Donald Cowan, David Long, Worley Greene, Harold Ford, Donald Lee. F. F. A. President .,......,.......... ..,.,......................, ,.............. W a rren Hale Vice-President ........ ...... ............. ................... N e i l Williams Secretary ............... ................,.. J ames Bruce Treasurer .....,.... ....o..... E dward Woods Reporter .......... ......... B obby Bruce Advisor .....,.......... J. S. Fish Elaree Hartman was elected our queen for 1944 and Neil Williams acted as chairman of the social committee. We had three socials, includ- ing a hay ride and the annual banquet during this year. The F. F. A. basketball team with Warren Hale as captain has en- joyed a good season in '44 and Won several games. We played Newport, Rutledge, and Washburn, besides our local engagements. Completing 64 farm enterprises with total receipts amounting to S511,665.61, the club had a successful year financially. Henry Lee Carter sold four Baby Beef calves at Fat Cattle Show and Won 5549.50 in prizes. QM' I - as ' 'H f LITLAKH A L, First Row- Mary Lou Trent, Charlotte Mullins, Ruth Atchley, Max- ine Perryman, Virginia Price, Frances Karr, Mrs. Carter, Mary Ruth Hale, Carolyn Kirk, Martha Webb, Dot Livingston, Evadeane Ruffner, Billie Garrett, Frances McKay, Peggy May, Shirley Burgner. Second Row- Christine Reagan, Jeanne Reiland, Herstine Wade, Juanita Whetsel, Irene Long, Betty Jo Scarbrough, Mary Margaret Long, Josephine Allen, Frances Spires, Helen Shultz, Martha Solomon, Barbara Smith, Elizabeth Brown. Third Row- Pauline Willis, Pete Noe, Mary Margaret Bell, Mary Nell Murray, Jean Haskins, Sue Stapleton, Sophia Smith, Katherine Miller, Marie Hayes. Fourth Row- Margaret Noe, Leota Purkey, Sara Grigsby, Louise Black, Margaret Harrison, Joyce Lofton, Patsy Siler, Betty Lou Burnett, Deanne Milligan, Nelle Ruth Portrum. Fifth Row- Irene Turner, Ruthellen Crews, June Hale, Katie Bewley, Helen Knox, Jane Fagg, Mary Florence Fisher, Hermina Dickerson, Bar- bara Tuttle, Ruth Massey, Jo Anne Sawyer, Jeane Strate. Sixth Row- Georgia Garretson, Dot Scarbrough, Margaret Willis, Elizabeth Pearson, Ruth Jaynes, Ann Elizabeth Noe, Carolyn Sawyer, Marjorie Ewing, Betty Jo Bales, Maggie Smith. -U . GIRL RESERVES l'l'9Sld9Dt ..,..,,.,.........,............,,....,E....,,.......,.,.,...E.....,...,.,.,...,... Mary Ruth Hale Vice-President ............,..,..,.....,,....,.....,...,,..,.,...,,,,,,,,,, Martha Webb Secretary ....,........, .,..,...,,,.,..,..,,. D orothy Livingston Treasurer .,,,,...,,,...,........,..,,..,,,, Deanne Milligan Sponsors .,...,...,..,.,. Mrs. Lena Carter, Miss Biva Smith The Morristown Club of the Girl Reserves has accomplished quite a few worthy projects this year. We were well represented at the State Conference at Bluff City this year by seven representatives from our club, had our annual best date banquet, and also the Mother-Daughter Tea. First Row- Vernon Cosson, Ro-bert Harrell, Floyd Tuttle, James Bruce, John Wallace. Second Row- Charles Gibson, Billy Horton, J. Edgar Hurley, Murrell Weesner, Bobby Spoon ton. Third Row- C. T. Vance, Ralph Jones, Bobby Gass, H. C. Evans, Clarence Smith, Eugene Seal Fourth Row-- Buddy Haynes, Tommy Horner, Leslie Julian, J. D. Hodge, Tony Doka, Harolc Helms III. After 25 years of Hi-Y in M. H. S. We, the members of the '44 club, have had one of the most war, the Hi-Y still came out tops among all the other clubs. During the first part of the year we had a hayride which was a great success and everyone en to work and put on a Stunt Night with all the Junior High and Senior High School clubs taking from this profitable venture was given to an unfortunate girl who had been severely burned and nated five bucks to the Red Cross. Realizing the need for a Junior Hi-Y Club, We organized one ann fit of their school. As usual, our Hi-Y Club proceeded to work on the "stopped-up" goose and did a of 1943, we had an informal banquet at the Hotel Kingmyer. Although not consumated on as lavis this banquet proved to be a 'tslick-shindig" and a Wonderful time was had by all the Hi-Y mei While we were out on Christmas vacation the Hi-Y Club was busy painting the cafeteria. l and pale green and now the old cafeteria has taken on an aspect of newness. To help out in the 1 fort, the Hi-Y bought a war bond to be donated to the school. The Hi-Y also bought three servict boys and girls in the armed forces who have graduated from this school. On Good Friday the clul teria and in the gym. Last, but not least, the Hi-Y had their annual hay-ride to close out a succe announced. mce, Jr., J. C. Lane, Tommy Whitting- Dickey, Bobby Atchley, Bobby Cain. irdon Stubblefield, Edd Harrell, John years in our history. In spite of the roughly. After the social We got down nty-five dollars of the money cleared vere in such a generous mood, We do- 11 ten dollars to be used for the bene- Jb of repairing it. Then, for the climax is has been the case in former years, their dates. attractive color combination of cream man and to do our part in the war ef- which will be listed the names of the nderful party in the high school cafe- and the officers for next year were HI-Y CLUB President t,e,,reet.., .. .. Floyd Tuttle Vice-President J . . Bobby Harrell Secretary eeert James Bruce Treasurer tt,tt .. t,tt John Wallace Sgt. at Arms .,,... ., Vernon Cosson J jf i'piaa.kii A First Row- Lynn Easley, Charles Willoughby, Francis Galbreath, Mike Carver, Billy White Bales. Second Row- Kay Greene, Pete Neblett, Tommy Jenkins, Bobby Jones, Buddy Nabers. Third Row- Julius Lasnick, Jimmy Bireley, Billy Johnson, Conway Smith, Graham Vance. Fourth Row- John Rupley, Billy Helms, Billy Craig, Charles H. JUNIOR Hi-Y President ....,,,.,, 2 rrrrrrrrr.. Jrr.J..llllrJrr...,........,,..,,,l,,,,....,,,,, g ,.,,,....... I Billy Helms Strange. Vice-President ....,,,,.,,..,,...,............................. Billy White Bales Secretary ...,,,,,,,lllll,,,,,..,.,.,..........,l.,ll, Pete Neblett Treasurer .,......,,.,.... John Rupley We are proud of the fact that this is the first Junior Hi-Y Club ever to have been organized in Morristown. Although rather inexperienced in the beginning, we soon buckled down to business and have accomplished several thingsg among which are: participated in the Senior High Stunt Night with a play, raised money for our Hi-Y treasury to be used in the betterment of Junior High and had several socials, including a party in the gym and a hay-ride. The hay-ride, which was the high-light of the club's year, was held on April 14 and the "Hi-Y-ers" and their dates had a swell time. However, the most important accomplishment of the club was the painting of the wash-rooms which was paid for and done solely by the Junior Hi-Y Club. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Strange and to Mr. Thornhill for their interest and aid to the club. K a J .. , . lr ITAKH A Lil.. - -,.,e..,.- LEX, First Row- Mrs. Lamar Griffith, Della Mae Smith, Doris Pettigrew, Frank Hodges, Bobby Weidman, Jimmy Robertson, Charles Willoughby, Hay Shiflet, Elizabeth Blizzard, Modena Daniels, Hon. Charles H. Strange. Second Row- Billy Johnson, Julius Lasnick, J. C. Sunderland, Norris Miller, Fred Rogers, S. G. Helton, Robert Noe. Third Row- Billy Dean Keeney, Mack Chandler,Jr., George Conway, Clay Butler, Bernard Cole, Louis Warren, Billy Craig. n JR. HIGH civics CLUB President ,o,..,..,,,..,o..o..o....o,o...o,..,..o...,..,..,.....o..,..o...,.,......... Charles Willoughby Vice-President ..,........................ ..............,..................,.... B illy Craig Secretary-Treasurer ,............... .. ..,........... Julius Lasnick Reporter ........................................ Billy Johnson Program Chairman ............ Bill Dean Motto-To Live Above Vice, Sin and Crime Colors-Orange and White We entered stunt night sponsored by the Hi-Y of M. H. S. and won first prize for Jr. High. Our treasury was materially aided by the money which we made from the booth that we sponsored at the High School Carnival. Good use of our funds was accomplished when we contributed to the charity drive during Thanksgiving. Finally, we led the clean-up drive for Junior High. x 1 li xvl it 'F ' First Row- Ruth Massey, Mary Ruth Hale, Jo Anne Sawyer, Deanne Milligan, Shirley Burgner, Nelle Ruth Pcrtrum, Christine Reagan, Mar- tha Webb, Marie Doka, Vona Cannon, Mary Margaret Bell, Mary Florence Fisher. Second Row- Floyd Tuttle, Helen Knox, J cane Strate, Barbara Tuttle, Patsy Siler, Betty Jo Bales, Carolyn Sawyer, Vernon Cosson, John Wallace, John Helms III, Mr. Murrell, Leslie Julian. HURRICANE STAFF The staff was elected in September and thus far we've done some work and had a lot of fun twhat with Mr. Murrell running in and out, hid- ing coke bottles, losing the one good stylus, and yelling for the over-worked correction fluidlj. The bi-monthly Hurricane plays an important part in our school life cause what would M. H. S. do without this chronicle which contains news of all school activities, both large and small, some static, and even hum- orous jokes ? We are optimistically entering three of our spring issues in the State Press Competition Contest and hope for the best. mill, it if we A SBBQQXTF First Row- Billy Massengill, Ann Elizabeth Noe, Carolyn Sawyer, Mary Florence Fisher, Bobby Strange, Murrell Weesner, Hermina Dick- erson, Gary Strange. Second Row- Miss Catron, Lois Strange, Juanita Whetsel, Herstine Wade, Anna Ruth Bacon, Mary Bruce, Betty Lou Burnett, Florence Hoover. I SOCIETAS ROMANAS President ,rrr.o,......,,...,,,r...................,..,o,...r,.,.,.........,...o........., Murrell Weesner Vice-President ,,,o.o..........,i........,.....,...,,.............. Hermina Dickerson Secretary ..,........... B....,,.o,.o......,.oo....,. M ary Fisher Treasurer .........,,. .o..,.o..,o.... B etty Lou Burnett Reporter .io............. Ann Elizabeth Noe Sponsor .,.. Miss Grace Catron Our club was organized at the beginning of the school year. The first act of the "Societas Romanas" was the election of the officers. Meetings are held in class every other Friday. The programs have been on a Wide variety of interesting topics and were throughly enjoyed by all. We are very proud of the fact that we won second prize in Stunt Night at the High School. Although not affiliated with the Junior High Latin Club, we are planning on having a party with them which will climax our year's work. k 5' ll I V 1 il H---4 sara ITAKHA 1 . cccc . , , s Tommy Horner, Edd Harrell, Bobby Atchley, David Dickey, Max Slome, Bobby Spoone, Thomas Weaver, Bill Rader, Charles Hodge, Billy Horton, Leslie Julian, Bobby Strange, Harvey Johnson, Floyd Tuttle, J. E. Kirk, J. D. Hodge, Gordon Stubblefield, Billy Russell, Miss Knight, Brit- ton Lowery, Eugene Seale. SCREWBALLS President eeoe....,orreeee....,,,,,,,,e...,.eeeeee..........,,,,,,..........,...,,,,,,....,,,.,,,.,, J. D. Hodge Vice-President ,,r,...,,,,,,,,.J,,,,,..,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,.,..,,,,,,,, Tommy Horner Secretary-Treasurer .,,.........,... William Horton Sgt. at Arms ....,, Vernon Cosson The Screw Ball Club of Morristown High School was organized in November 1944 under the name of Pied Piper, but was later changed to the Screw Ball Club. Its first president was Leo Lowery. The club was or- ganized for the purpose of promoting better school morale and for the pleasure of boys. The membership consists of twenty-five "males.', Several members have dropped out since the club was reorganized and better attendance has been the result. The Screwballs intend to remain active next fall and are looking forward to another successful year. The club is sponsored by Miss Elizabeth Knight. X- . - - . ITAKH First Row- Margaret Noe, Carolyn Kirk, Martha Webb, Deanne Milligan, Betty Jo Bales, Jeane Strate, Shirley Burgner. Second Row- Ruthellen Crews, Elizabeth Pearson, Mary Ruth Hale, Charlotte Mullins, June Hale, Sophia S. Peterson, Polly Smith, Maxine Shoun, Barbara Tuttle, Sarah Grigsby, Frances Hunter, Katie Bewloy, Julia Cruze. Third R0w- "Good-Buddy" Thornhill, John E. Helms "300," "Deme- rit" Cantwell, Buddy Julian, "Bo" Harrell, J. C. Lane, Bobby Cain, Lester Wilkes. u CLUB ESPANOL President ,,.,,,,...,.,,.e,,.,,,,.,,o,,,,,ee,.....,,,,,,,,,.....,,,,.,,o,,o...,.,,,.,.,,.,,,. Martha VVebh Vice-President ,,.,.,,.,,..,,,,.., ,,...,..,,,,,....,.,,,,.. S ophia Smith Secretary o,,,C,,,,o,,.,,,,,,.,,,..,,,.oo,,,oo Barbara Tuttle Treasurer ,,,,..,...,,,,,, Jeane Strate The purpose of the Spanish Club is to improve our knowledge of prac- tical and conversationaltilj Spanish. We have had several meetings which were held once every two weeks in our classroom. Interesting programs were the fashion and refreshments refreshed all those bearing up under the enormous strain of the mental task of paying close attention to them fthe programs, I meanll J, U I' I ' SX iii . First R0w-- Herstine Wade, Jeanne Reiland, Mrs. Van Pelt, Leota Purkey, Rebecca Midkiff. Second Row- Thomas Weaver, Bobby Cain, Bobby Gass, Tony Doka. Kmembers not picturedj Britton Lowery, Lucile Goan, Norma Rhoton, Clarence Smith, and Elizabeth Brown. SPEECH ARTS President ccc,ccBccccc....ccBc.....c4..................,.,........ccccccc,ccccc,cc, ,.ccA.cYccccc,cccc.. B ob Gass Vice-President ,,ccc,r............,..... ..c,7ccc,,,... H erstine Wade Secretary-Treasurer ....,ccc....ccccc,r. Jeanne Reiland This club was organized in November 1943. We have as our sponsor Mrs. Frank Van Pelt. On March 31 the class very skilfully presented two one act plays un- der the keen direction of the sponsor. The proceeds were given to the athletic society of the school. - IT KHA We ,XX First Row- Mary Margaret Bell, Georgia Garretson, Dot Scarbrough, Elizabeth Pearson, Dot Livingston, Huddleston, Katy Webb, Ruth Jaynes, Ruthellen Crews, Peggy May. Second Row-- Margaret Noe, Peggy Rouse, Mary Lou Trent, Doris Long, Carolyn Kirk, Virginia Price, Frances Karr, Evadeane Ruffner, Mar- garet Willis. SUB-DEBS President ,,........,.....,l... .....,........,..........,,......,,,,.oooo,.t D ot Livingston Vice-President ..o,,.o .,,oo..oo.,,...oo,,....oo......oo..,.o..,..oo.,... R uth Jaynes Secretary ..,......,o,o...,o....oo, tooo..,,.oo.,...,...loo. D ot Scarbrough Treasurer ..,o,o,....,,o..o..,o.oo,,...,.,oo,.o,...o.. Katy Webb Reporter .,.....,...l..l. Elizabeth Pearson Sponsor Mrs. W. C. Huddleston The Sub-Debs have had lots of swell times, mixed in with work on several projects. We painted the cafeteria tables, bought new salt shakers, volunteered for Red Cross, OPA, and Ration Board work. Some of our members also helped with the health examinations here at school. This has been the best year our club has ever had! l rrv ' ' . r .Mr H T 7816 President ,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,, . .,,, w .,....,,,.,, .. ..,,.... ..., M a ry Ruth Hale Vice-President ......... A..,.. ...7.7, ,......V ,, , ....... P atsy Siler Secretary .,,,...,,.,..., .... ...,.. B etty Jo Bales Treasurer Jo Anne Sawyer Crank ..,.....,ee,.....,. ..........,.,.. P atsy Siler Fan Belt ....rrrr.rr,rrrr.r ..... R uth Massey Rear View Mirror Windshield ee,e.....,.,, .,e,e... Steering Wheel ...... ...... Running Board Backseat Driver Hubcap ........ev,..... Stop Light ....e...ev Rumble Seat ...,... Rear Bumper ,.w,eeeerr rr,e.l.. Hemlock Tree .e.l..,.....eeerrre.., Back Door ..o.....r, Biddie Fisher Batty Bales Mary Ruth Hale Carolyn Sawyer Majors Shirley Burgner Barbara Tuttle Deanne Milligan Jo Anne Sawyer Tessie Portrum Jeane Strate They always said "birds of a feather flock together"--and the 7 8x 6 Club is made up of 13 "flocking" hens. We're real proud of our past year's record--carrying off first prize in the stunt night--supplying silver polish and elbow grease to shine up the M. H. S. trophies--helping to dress up the cafeteria--making cookies and candy for "Uncle Sam's Men"--a clever booth at the carnival--even down to cooking for the Hi-Y boys. But we've had loads of fun with an occasional party now and then and we've all stuck together for better or worse. We only hope that the future 7 8: 6 gals will have as much fun and love ole M. H. S. as we did. MEJSHG Ea ERMMTHC5 Johnny Purvis, - Drum Major Christine Reagan, - Drum Majorette Jane Fagg, Patsy Siler - Sponsors Mabel Sue Landrum, - Mascot Billie Garrett, Margaret Ann Williams, Mildred Kirk, Virginia Ruffner, - Twirlers Hermina Dickerson, Charles Willoughby, Mike Carver, Wayne Wood, Jack Fish, Sonny Greene, Billy Benson, Tommy Jenkins, Sarah Inman, Billy Horton, Joe Lester, Francis Housley, Betty Lee Taylor, Billy Beets, Buddy Nabers, Hix Slagle, Betty Jo Bales, Jack Boyd, Robert Wilmuth, H. C. Evans, Elizabeth Brown, Dean Mills, Billy White Bales, Jeanette Brooks, Betty Jo Hurley, Harvey Johnson, George Higgins, Betty Jo Scar- brough, Stella Medlin, Betty Lou Burnette, Ann Smith, Kay Greene. M.H.S BAND Another school year is finished and We can look back now with plea- sant recollections on many events of the year. The high school band at the first of this year was almost "whipped", having lost not only its band director but also almost all of its veteran members. With nearly all hope gone for a good band season, Miss Elizabeth Knight, for two years music teacher at Junior High, came to the rescue. She welded the band, made up almost completely of beginners, into a group of which our school can be justly proud. The following captains were selected over the various sections. Harvey Johnson- Trombonesg Donald Zorn- Percussiong C. T. Vance- Brassg and H. C. Evans Jr.- Reeds. On Armistice Day, the band made its first public appearence. The group marched through the main business district and afterward played a short concert. With football abandoned for the year, the band brought pep to a fine basketball team by playing at all important home games. The band has been honored by having three of its members selected for the annual band clinic at Johnson City this year. 'The student body should be indeed proud of their band for, by over- coming many difficulties, they brought to Morristown High a real school spirit. - IT KHAlXiEtj 1 Z: f .V K A: .. Q. W 4 1 , ' -A First Row- Miss Knight, Betty Jo Bales, Billie Boyd, H. C. Evans, Jr., Betty Lee Taylor, Sarah Ruth Inman, Francis Housley, Joe Lester, Samuel Lasnick, Harvey Johnson, John Doyle Wallace. ORCHESTRA Under the capable direction of Miss Elizabeth Knight, the high school orchestra has been moulded into an organization worthy of the A-1 school it represents. Being completely a volunteer class, these students have gone a long way since early October, when they first met as a group. Late in the first semester the orchestra played for Stunt Night and followed that by playing for the crowning of the High School and Junior High School royalty at the school carnival. With a few appearances "under their belts," the orchestra was primed for one of the most important oc- casions of the year, the Senior play. It was generally conceded that the orchestra had never sounded better than it did on the night of the play. With the school year fast coming to a close, the group played for the outstanding event of the year for the Music Department, the annual oper- etta. Every member of the cast, chorus, and orchestra turned in a credit- able performance and everyone attending had a very enjoyable evening. Ending the year by playing for the junior high and high school commence- ments, the orchestra departed looking forward to another fine orchestra in the new school year. ' ln ITAKHA T-ag? NELL BRYANT, Carnival Queen SCHOOL CARNIVAL One of the high points in the school year of '43-'44 was the high school carnival sponsored by The Music and Home Economics Depart- ments of Morristown High School presented on the night of February 24. Over six hundred citizens of Morristown packed the gymnasium to See Harvey Johnson and Nell Bryant crowned The High School Carnival King and Queen, and Carl Haskins and Louise Noe crowned The Junior High King and Queen. After the impressive crowning, a command preformance was given by local talent featuring Juanita Whetsel, Sonny Greene, Bob- bie Pearl and Jennie Rhea Britton, Ralph Jones, and H. C. Evans, Jr. The high school attendants were Betty Lou Burnett and Bobby Cain, Barbara Tuttle and Dick Gaut, Ruth Jaynes and Tommy Horner, Herstine Wade and Floyd Tuttle, and Sophia Smith. The Junior High attendents were Bobby Pearl Britton and Herbert Harville, Mary Ann Long and Billy Ray Young, Clara Bell Midkiff and Donald Zorn, and Billie Inman and Walter Harrell. Following the Reces- sional, "Aida March" played by the Morristown High Orchestra, the as- sembly dispersed to enjoy the remainder of the carnival. And it truly had all the elements that make up a real carnival--Bingo, fishing booths, guessing games, cake walks, fortune telling booths and even a freak show. A few highlights of the evening were a girls' basket ball game between members of the school's leading boys' clubs, boys' boxing matches, and Tec- nicolor movies. All those attending will remember the carnival night aS one of the most enjoyable times of the '43-'44 school year. '- X .. . -,..- ,W - .. . nw.. . .H - gs Y 'ifgw gs, iq Egfgj, ,Y , . jill , , MI., isps? X I l I .. .-, ,-. F., vw A THIRD PERIOD CHORUS First Row- Rebecca Midkiff, Mary Lou Trent, Norma Jean Rhoton, Jewell Fullington, Leota Purkey, Miss Knight, Juanita Whetsel, Lillie Mae Moss, Florence Hoover, Mabel Myers, Virginia Greene, Mary Margaret Long. Second Row- Shields McDaniel, Bobby Robertson, Edward Pack, Charles Hodge, Charles Purkey, J. E. Kirk, Charles Bireley, Hershel Ford, Marion Moore, Maxine Shoun, Juanita Dennis, Essie Eller, COMBINED CHORI "Words and Music" by Bert Horswell and Adele Lee was presei was set in Barton College, was centered about the presentation of matic department. However, as the head of that department was stri4 attempted to write it, only to find that their classical training was come to the rescue and all ends happily. The cast of characters: Fernando Fussbutton ...... .,.,....,. B illy Horton Samanthia Highnote .... ,............. aria Doka Mary Allen ..........,.........,.,............. Marg orie Ewing Anastasius Longword i....,. ..... R aymond Williams Christine Reagan was in charge of the dances. K , v . ITAKHA Blix , Lyn- M, fawreee, D . , rr,Lie1 I ' . , A R FIFTH PERIOD CHORUS First Row- Billie Boyd, Pauline Willis, Irene Long, Peggy Rouse, Ruth Jaynes, Katherine Miller, Carolyn Sawyer, Christine Reagan, Dorothy Scarbrough. Second Row- Marjorie Ewing, Maxine Perryman, Helen Shultz, Elaree Hartman, Bessie Eller, Georgia Garretson, Miss Knight fsponsorj, Maria Doka, Annabelle Joiner, Shirley Burgner, Ann Elizabeth Noe, Mary Fisher, Doris Long, Ollie Faddis. Third Row- Glenna Hunt, Margaret Harrison, Billie Garrett, Mar- garet Ford, Joyce Lofton. Fourth Row- Buddy Haynes, Britt Lowery, David Dickey, "Rosy" Hodge, "Sargint" Jones, Tony Doka, "Q" Horton, J. Edgar Hurley, Vernon Cosson, Donald fducky Lee, Ronnie Smith. ZSENTS OPERETTA 2 combined choruses and orchestra on April 21. The story, which .l operetta, that was traditionally written by the head of the dra- L severe case of measles, the Dean of English and Dean of Music ent to write a modern musical show. The secretaries of the Deans John Warren .....,...,..,............,........ John Reynolds Washington ...,,,.,,..,..,..,,,......,..,,....,.. Ronnie Smith Girls quartet ..B,.,..,,.....,,,..,,........ Margaret Willis, Katherine Miller, Ruth Jaynes, Margaret Harrison Boys trio ,,,,,,,.,,......,....l...,..,......,.....,,...,. J. E. Kirk, Billy Russell, J. D. Hodge eorgia Garretson and Juanita Whetsel were accompanists. lxl IT KHA gi SENIOR PLAY "And Came The Spring" Tremendous Success From the standpoint of theatrical artistry, as well as financially, no play ever given in Morristown takes precedence over the production, "And Came the Spring," which was presented by the High School SGIUOI' Class Thursday afternoon and Friday night, lVlarch 23-24. It was in every re- spect a huge success and a most scintillating triumph. Howard L. Hill coached the play and his reputation for never having staged a failure cer- tainly suffered no backset in this amazing production. The play as it pro- ceeded through three acts and six scenes held the capacity audience thrilled and rapt. The stage setting was beautiful, due to the hearty co-operation of Weesner-Reams Co. along with Mrs. Henry Medlin and Trobaugh flo- rists. It represented the living room of the Hartman family. In the back- ground was a railed stairway leading to an upper floor. Charming furni- ture was scattered around the room, alive with spring flowers, beautiful draperies, mirrors and delightful prints. The audience gasped when the curtain parted. But no production can be a success without the proper cast, and there is no question about the cast in "And Came the Spring." It was superb, and in the opinion of this reporter few professional productions could have gathered together a finer, more talented cast. There were seventeen in the cast and each one deserves great commendation for his or her flawless work. The story was a fascinating one, a story that might happen in any average American family. The Hartman children, two girls and one boy, along with their friends, experience the usual adolescent emotions, which are of tremendous importance to them, even if a bit comic to adults. The action centered around the 15-year-old Midge Hartman, in her efforts to help every one with whom she comes in contact, from her sister and broth- er, her friends, to her newfound love. The results of her "inferference" in the lives of those around her produce a long range of laughter and tears. Unusual situations develop and complications which seem to be impossible of solution are eventually worked out to the general satisfaction of every one concerned. In other words, the story is an intriguing one, which held the audience breathless until the final curtain. Billie Hisey, whose "Midge Hartman" was a personal triumph, prob- ably attained highest honors, not only because the part itself was so fasci- nating, but because of the truly professional manner in which she played the part. Her name was on the lips of every one who saw the production and amazement was expressed at the clever manner in which she por- trayed the lovable hoyden. Playing the difficult roles of Mr. and Mrs. Hartman, older character- izations which are always difficult for young people, were John Wallace and Nelle Ruth Portrum. These two astonished the audience by their poise, grace and dignity: they were the perfect, understanding parents in an adolescent world of heart-breaks, misunderstandings, and restlessness. Floyd Tuttle, in the role of the studious young Hartman son, whose ambition was to write the great American novel, certainly deserves tre- ITAKI-lAl ' mendous honor for the deft manner in which he played the part, especially in the transition from a "greasy grind" to a young man of the world. Ralph Jones played the part of Buzz Lindsay in a delightful manner, he was unquestionably a"natural," and his dilemma in trying to choose between the two Hartman girls was played with understanding and charm. To Buddy Julian goes tremendous credit in the part of Keith Nolan, a stage-struck young gentleman who falls for every pretty face he sees. He did the part delightfully and with an appreciation that would challenge many a professional. The audience was thrilled with his performance. Edd Harrell and Patsy Siler played the parts of Freddie and Gabby, two of Midge's friends whose time was spent rushing from one jitterbug engagement to another. Their fresh youthfulness and irresistible charm endeared them to the entire audience. They were typical modern kids, lov- able and carefree. The elder Hartman daughter, Virginia, was superbly handled by at- tractive Deanne Milligan, who not only looked the part, but played it with amazingly realistic appreciation. At one time when she was supposed to weep, the audience swore she actually wept, a perfect example of a real actress. In contrast to Virginia's natural sweetness was the clever, gorgeous glamour girl from New York, Carollyn Webster, played by Ruth Massey. Looking exactly like Veronica Lake, she swept through the scenes with devastating results, until you wanted to slay her. But this charming, very lovely blond young lady deserves stellar honors for her amazing deline- ation. She was really a knock-out. Edna, the maid, was played by Mary Ruth Hale, and though the part was not conspicuous, it was handled in a strikingly professional manner. Her personal beauty, and the smart manner in which she served the Hart- man family breakfast, probably brought her lucrative offers from this servantless city. Her love affair with Clancy, the gardener, was an en- tertaining side-light to the general love-interest of the play. Clancy was played by John Helms III, who gave his usual good performance. His ex- perience in dramatics stood him in good stead, he always gives a con- vincing account of himself. Mr. and Mrs. Fields were played by Hix Slagle and Charlotte Mullins, The parts were in dramatic contrast to the sweetness and charm of the Hartman couple, and these two young people made the most of their ren- dition in a most commendable manner. Carolyn Kirk did the part of Christine Myers, the female athletic product of the high school. She acted the role with unusual robustness and force and brought quite a few laughs by her relentless energy. Eugene Seale had the part of Alan Fields, a meek, unassertive young chap, and he played the role with understanding and appreciation. The messenger boy was James Bruce, who looked the part of a young, lrandsfmme, aggressive Western Union employee. He gave quite a lift to t e pay. Special praise is extended to Miss Elizabeth Knight, who was in charge of the High School orchestra, which played before the performance and between acts in a most pleasing and entertaining manner. All in all, the production was a great credit to the Senior Class, the class sponsor, Miss Biva Smith, and to the dramatic coach. People in Morristown will not soon forget this outstanding production. The high standard of High School plays was most impressively maintained by this 1944 presentation of "And Came the Spring." ui ITAKI-IA !,'! LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1944 We, the members of the Senior Class of Morristown High School do declare this our last groan and grumble, and we do hereby state our last few feeble requests the first of which is open the DOOR and let us get the heck outa here!! All kidding aside we kinda hate to leave old M. H. S. The first squeak comes from---the door as Ruth Atchley walks IN for once ---- she says she leaves her splendid i?J attendance record to David Dickey. Marjorie Ewing after pondering over her possessions gives her shot note book to Sarah Grigsby. Jean Haskins leaves her chewing gum and jaw exercises to Betty Brown. Agnes Bryan, Leora Eller, and Mary Margaret Bell make a little present of their quietness and leave it to Billie Boyd!! James Bruce leaves his ability to woo to Lil Abner Qand he expects him to use it on Daisy Maej. Billie Hisey wishes to will her un- ceasing supply of answers to everything to Maggie Smith. As We slowly start to struggle up the steps we bump into Jane Fagg rushing down them--incidentally she leaves all her permits to Ruth J aynes and Ruthellen Crews. At the top of the stairs is Betty Jo Bales, fighting the temptation to slide down the banister, ---- she leaves her ability to make noise to J eane Strate!! Meandering down the hall we meet Frances Karr, who leaves her Veronica Lake "hair do" to Frances Hunter, and Dot Livingston whose gay laugh goes to Barbara Smith. Also, Mary Nelle Chandler, Billie flong eyelashesl Canter, Clara Jenkins and Frances Craw- ford leave their "English Class Conferences" to Margaret Willis and Eva- deane Rufner. In the office getting tardy permits are Deane Milligan and Shirley Burgner, who leave their swing shift schedules there first period, gone second etc.J to Carolyn Sawyer. Ruth Massey leaves her artistic urges in History class to Bland Tomlinson. Mary Nelle Murray leaves her brown eyes to Biddie Fisher. Jeanne Reiland leaves her diet of orange, lemon, lime, grape, strawberry, grapefruit and cherry juice to---anybody who can take it. Tessie leaves Cand you all will never guess what this is going to bel-- ---HER COMB!!! to Marymac Musser Cshe throws in her powder puff for good measurell. Red Reynolds leaves that grand personality of his to Bo Harrell. Billy Russell leaves one of his super gigantic shoulders to Tommy Whittington and the other to Bob Gass. Jo Anne Sawyer and Patsy Siler P i L l IJ is ITAKHA rises leave their shorthand book to anyone who can FIND it!! Dot Scarbrough and Martha Webb leave their gocd shapes to the holders of raffles No. 15 and 16 Cyou lucky winnersb. Sophia Mary Smith says she wants every- body to be happy so she leaves her high soprano voice to everybody in the Junior Class except the boys who don't want to ruin their beautiful bass voices!! Floyd ,Tuttle reluctantly leaves his seat in typewriting fthis word is used instead of typing by request of Mrs. Huddlestonl class and the excellent view of the paper room land inhabitantsj to Dick Gaut. Carolyn King leaves her littleness to Lois Strange. Knoxie leaves her droopy socks to the knitting mill to be retreaded. Peggy May and Margaret Noe leave their cute smiles to Peggy Rouse and Mary Lou Trent. Johnny Qheep big hunka many Wallace leaves his ability to pester, tease and hit girls to C. T. Vance fthe youngerl. Eloise Martin leaves her A's is shorthand for the book in the office, also Virginia Epps leaves her good grades to Julia Cruze, June Hale and Katie Bewley. Frank Joyce leaves his good deportment to Gene Seale land we might add, he needs itl. Charlotte Mullins and Va. Price leave a "purseful" of letters from just every old place to Libby Pearson Csomething to read anyhovvb. Marvin Wisecarver leaves all his charms to Bobby Seal. Georgia Garretson leaves her tomboyishness to Barbara Tuttle. Marie Hayes, Maria Doka and Betty Jo Sams leave their ability to make friends to Herstine Wade and Irene Turner. Jack Harbin, Hix Slagle and J. W. Shipley pass on their fights in class to Jackie Fish and Tommy Horner. John Helms III leaves his speech making ability to H. C. Evans ---- but Betty Jo wishes he'd leave her alone Cwrit by handj. Christine Reagan leaves jam cause jelly don't shake like that. Mary Jane Cantrell leaves her sage remarks to Katherine Miller. Doris Long leaves that Be-u-tiful accent fthat Northern broguel to Joyce Lofton! fwhat am I saying?J Carolyn Kirk and Vona Cannon say they positively won't leave their red hair to anyone because they might need it sometime so instead they leave their tempers to Donald Duck, who lost his recently!! Mary Ruth Hale leaves her crushed ribs ffrom Majorsb to Maxine Perryman and Jack!! Maxine Shoun and Margaret Harrison leave their sophistocation to Helen Lord. Louella Gobble leaves her Hurricane hit locker to Frances McKay. J. L. Cosson leaves his good looks to Edd Harrell, and Miss Biva Smith leaves her broken chair to the junkman. fWell, we tried anywayh. The above is our last Wish, we tearfully bid adieu to High School as we for the last time decend the dearly beloved steps choking back our sorrow CHAD and rush for a seat in Grandma's car and a ride to town. It is therefore needless to say---WE ALL LEAVE, PERIOD!! ' - IT KHA Emi CORNEY JOKES Outsider- Are you leaving high school? Ruth A.- What the heck! Do you think I'm going to take it with mel? We know a man who always looks down in the mouth---but he isn't sadg he's just a dentist! Billie Canter- What are you taking for your cold? Va. Epps- Make me an offer. Women take to good-natured men. from. Here is how to tell whether your goldfish are boys or girls: To the water in the goldfish bowl add one-half bottle of sulphuric acid. If he comes floating to the top, it's a boy, and if she comes floating to the top it's a girl. Mr. Murrell fto new maidj- You brought me the wrong shoes, can't you see that one of them is black and the other is brown. Maid- Yes sir, but your other pair is just the same. Inductee Officer- Where was your father born? J. L. Cosson- In Chicago. Inductee Officer- Before the fire? J. L. - NO, sir---behind the sofa. And then there was the moron who cut the earth worm in two so it wouldn't be lonesome. Buddy J .- There must be some mistake in my test grade--I don't think I deserved an absolute zero!! Mr. Thornhill- Neither do I, but it'S the lowest grade I am allowed to give you. Jeanne R.- ftalking over the phone to blind dateb I'm sorry, but I don't accept dates with perfect strangers. Voice- Don't worry, I ain't perfect!! Mr. Strange- You say you were once hurt while playing basketball. Any scars on you? Billy R.- No, but I'll be glad to give you a cigarette. It seems that one day a student was having some trouble about taking a plate in the cafeteria. Mrs. Massey- I have offered you 5 Plates, what is Wrong ?---aren't they good enough for you to take or don't you like what we have to eat today? Harry C.- Oh yes, they are very good looking and I like what we have today. Mrs. Massey- Then take a plate and move on. Harry- What, and loose first place in the line!! Christine R.- What happened to the man who stole a calender? Margaret Noe- He got twelve months. Mrs. Vance- I must say that you do not look as well dressed as you did last year! Mr. V.- That's strange they're the same clothes! Everybody laughed when Mrs. Huddleston sat down at a typewriter in typing class. Some dumb fool had removed the chair! 51 . yi ATHEJETECS First Row- Thomas Cole, J. D. Hodge, Leslie Julian, Tommy Horner, Second Row- Mr. Strange, Vernon Cosson, Floyd Tuttle, Billy Rus- sell, Charles Bireley, Bobby Horner, Edd Harrell. BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM This year, in spite of rationing and other war obstacles, M. H. S. developed two of the best boys' and girls' basketball teams in years. As usual our teams played one of the toughest schedules that could be main- tained. The boys won the district basketball tournament and the girls were the runners-up. All the credit for the development of these splendid teams goes to "Coach" Charles Strange. Before "Coach" Strange took over, Bill Bricker, an employee of T. V. A., started the teams in practice. Mr. Bricker would have made an excellent coach but his job forced him to move out of town. Mention should also be made of Mrs. W. C. Huddle- ston, secretary and treasurer of the team, and Floyd Tuttle, business man- ager. All of the business transactions for the basketball teams were made entirely by these two. The boys' basketball line-up: CGD F. Tuttle KFD B. Horner QGJ V. Cosson KFJ C. Bireley QCD B. Russell Bobby Horner, forward, played a fast moving game. It is his first year of basketball and he certainly turned in some nice games. Charles Bireley, forward, was one of the most essential players on the team and made some very beautiful jump shots. Bill Russell, center, was our spot man and usually high point man. Bill was also Captain of the team and this was his third year of basketball. "Baldy" Cosson, guard, made many a break shot that put our team ahead. This is "Baldy's" second and last year of basketball. Floyd Tuttle, the other. guard, played an excellent de- fensive game and made some nice long shots that helped in the tight spots. This is also Tuttle's second and final year. "Red" Hodge, Junior Cole, and Coy Shockley were the best substitutes a team could desire. 5 fkiifwfi- JA? 1 ik X., E A KQJIAKH A ffl -VQTQY First Row- Maggie Smith, Katherine Harville, Lois Strange, Norma Jean Carson, Carolyn King, Irene Turner, Coach Strange. Second Row- Sue Stapleton, Herstine Wade, Charlotte Owens, Ollie Faddis, Charlotte Mullins, Josephine Allen. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM "Coach" Strange also developed an excellent girls' team. The girls had a smooth, fast team and, as it was mentioned before, they were run- ners-up in the district tournament. The usual line-up was: fFJ Turner KGJ Faddis CFD Carson CGD Harville CFD King IGJ Smith This year the girls' squad had several experienced members. Among those were Irene Turner, who played the position of forward. You could always depend on her to be high point girl. The captain of the team was Norma Jean Carson, who always turned in a good game in spite of diffi- culties. Next is litt'e Carolyn King: although small, she never failed to give a good account of herself. Ollie Faddis was voted the most valuable player in the tournament and she certainly did a good job of guarding. Katherine Harville played a smooth game and was very efficient. Maggie Smith was an excellent guard and kept her opponents from scoring. Last, but not least, our girls had some swell substitutes. They were Charlotte Owens and Lois Strange. To end the year both squads had a banquet in the cafeteria. Those lettering were Irene Turner, Norma Jean Carson, Carolyn King, Ollie Fad- dis, Katherine Harville, Maggie Smith, Charlotte Owens, Lois Strange, Herstine Wade, Charlotte Mullins, and Josephine Allen. Boys lettering were: Bill Russell, Vernon Cosson, Chas. Bireley, Bobby Horner, Floyd Tuttle, Jr. Cole, J. D. Hodge, Coy Shockley, Tommy Horner, J. L. Cosson. Leslie Julian. Next year's captain will be Charles Bireley. JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Bobby Horner, Tommy Horner, J. D. Hodge, Coy Shockley, Thomas Cole. These boys won the class basketball championship of Morristown High School in the class tournament conducted during the months of Nov- ember through February. The tournament produced several good teams but the Juniors proved the best of the field and won the title with ease. TENNIS TEAM Although sports as a whole have been curtailed this year, the call for try-outs for the tennis team was responded to with enthusiasm on the part ofthe students and more than twenty boys took part in the tourna- ment which was to determine the five top players of M. H. S. When the smoke had cleared away, the following players remained: Bobby Crass, Buddy Gibson, J. L. Cosson, R. C. Crosby, and John Helms III. The courts were put in good condition and a new net was furnished the school by the athletic association. More interest was shown in tennis this spring than in the past several seasons and scarcely a day passed on which the courts were not in use. The difficulties of transportation had prevented most schools from continuing their inter-scholastic tennis and so it was almost impossible to secure matches with other teams, even though great effort was made to do so. However, just when it began to appear certain that no matches would be held, the grand news arrived that a match with the V-12 team at Carson-Newman would take place. At Jefferson City, although the sail- ors won, we had a lot of fun and didn't do so badly after all. The only match in which M. H. S. was victorious was the No. 1 doubles played by Helms and Gibson, the score being 6-4, 7-5. Several of the other matches were close, alsog especially the No. 1 singles in which Helms was defeated in three close sets, 6-3, 4-6, and 6-1. All of the M. H. S. team was new with the exception of Helms who had played on it for the past three prev- ious years and finished this spring. The rest of the boys will be back next fall and can be expected to do a good job with the '45 matches. Following are the players and their positions on the team: No. 1-Cap- tain Helms, No. 2- Gibson, No.3- Cosson, No. 4- Gass, and No. 5- Crosby. ME LET!-RRY DRI LL First Platoon- Ralph Jones First Squad- J. D. Hodge, Tony Doka, Gary Strange, Harry Jones, Bobby Strange. Second Squad- Harold Dyer, J. Edgar Hurley, Hix Slagle, Bill Fox, Billy Massengill. Third Squad- Britt Lowery, Ray Beets, Murrell Weesner, Joe Smith, Don Hawkins, Billy Horton. Second Platoon- Bill Rader. First Squad- Tommy Horner, Ronnie Smith, Buddy Moore, Edward Pack, Wade Collins, Reese Williams, C. T. Vance, Jr. Second Squad- Charles Purkey, Lester Wilkes, Bobby Cain, Bobby Seal, Joe Lester, Lynn Range, Warren Hale. ' Third Squad- J. E. Kirk, Coy Shockley, Bobby Spoone, Dean Taylor, James Crider, Charlie Hodge, O. C. Swanson. 3 S ii 3 MILITAF LL Third Platoon- Neil Williams. First Squad- Edd Harrell, Samuel Hunt, Billy Johnson, Billy Massey Second Squad- Gordon Stubblefield, Hurdle Hayes, J. C. Lane, David Dickey. Third Squad- John Wallace, Ed Davis, Frank Joyce, Marvin Wise- carver. Company Commander- lst. Lt. W. S. Murrell. Platoon Sergeants- Ralph Jones, Billy Rader, Neil Williams. Squad Leaders- Corporals J. D. Hodge, Frank Joyce, J. E. Kirk, Chas. Purkey, Sergeant Tommy Horner, Corporals John Wallace, Edd Harrell, Gordon Stubblefield. - ' ITAKHAlXl 1 WHITTAKER-HOLTSINGER Headquarters For Sporting Goods Honoring our boys in the Service: 1 William H. Massey 2 Cecil F. Mynatt 3 William D. Price 4 Shirlie E. Ham 5 W. Sentor Roberts 6 Earnest F. Horner, Jr. 7 Jacob E. Hanks, Jr. Best Wishes to the Senior Class-1944 KNIGHT LIVE STOCK CO., Inc. and STOCK YARD SUPPLY CO., Inc. President .,....,......,,........s..,..... Charles H. Knight Sec.-Treas. Miss Lilla Mae King 209-214 West Main Street Morristown, Tennessee EX? ITAKHA Compliments of GLUCK BROTHERS hw. Morristown, Tenness e Furniture Mfg. Since 1883 Compliments of HALE BROTHERS - new ITAKHA lbiltifga-H25 f Compliments of Tennessee Gas Company Compliments of HOWARD CLEANERS Compliments of KEITH IMPLEMENT CO. Compliments of ARCHER'S GROCERY Best Wishes of Morristown Hatchery Compliments of PERRYMAN'S Quality Jewelers Main St. Morristown, Tenn Compliments of GALBREATH'S BAKERY TROBAUGH'S FLORIST Best and Leading Florist EVANS BOOK STORE School and Olffice Supplies Morristown, Tenn. Stationery Engravin g Congratulations, Class of 1 9 4 4 CLIFTON'S, Inc. Best Wishes of O. L. McMAHAN k Compliments of HOOKE 8z DAWSON The Woman's Shop ITAKHA iXii 5 R. M. ROGERS 8: CO. Clothing Headquarters for the Lad and his Dad Compliments of MORRISTOWN GAZETTE AND MAIL DRAPER 8: DARWIN BETTER MONEY VALUES LESS FOR Compliments of M. J. P O S T E R Morristown, Tenn. 1 :1 L I IjAJ q In ITAKHA Compliments of MORRISTOWN KNITTING MILLS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '44 WALTERS 8z PRATER General Contractors M ITAKHA lXifSf "Best Wishes to Graduating Class of '44 Morristown High School" THE BERKLINE CORPORATION Morristown, Tenn. Compliments of HAMBLEN COUNTY MOTOR COMPANY Best Wishes to Class of '44 From A FRIEND 1 lil ITAKHA Compliments of WELLS-HARRELL Compliments of CASH and HAUL Best Wishes of P. TAYLOR,S STORE l Compliments of Stetzer Funeral Home ANDERSON'S ELECTRIC COMPANY Everything ETectrical Compliments of JOHNNY'S FLOWERS Compliments of Donaldson 81 Donaldson Best Wishes of WEESNER-REAMS PORTRUM'S MARKET Battle Creek Foods Compliments of ARNOLD',S STORE Compliments of J OHNSON'S STORE Compliments of CROCKETT'S GROCERY ' til ITAKHA 23455555 Congratulations Hamilton National Bank Compliments of BANK OF COMMERCE A StrorifrE7ECen3y Bank Best Wishes Compliments of of H E L M'S WESTERN UNION Compliments Compliments of of American Legion Auxiliary P E N N E Y'S Compliments Compliments of of ROBERTS and TURNERS FREELS DRUG ,STORE DRUG STORE Buy that good Gulf Gas Compliments J. F. Debord, Distributor of CHARLES STORE GULF REFINING CO. Phone 687 Compliments of Dr. H. Hokanson, N. D., D. C SHEELEY'S MUSIC sToRE S,,ecia,iSt ' Naturopathic and Chiropractic GERSON BROS. Clinic Morristown, Tennessee WILLIAM J. BARRON ITAKHA lXla3e i Compliments of LITTLE DUTCH LUNCH Morristown's Finest Restaurant Compliments of DOGGETT-ANDRE HARDWARE SUPPLY CO. The Modern Hardware Store Phone 86 Compliments of BURKE 8: HODGES LUMBER CO. Everything for the Builder Compliments Compliments of of WALKER'S BARBER SHOP WALTER L. THOMPSON ITAKHA lilies' Compliments of HASSON - BRYAN HARDWARE COMPANY Compliments of MODERN UPHOLSTERED CHAIR CO. SOUTHERN FURNITURE COMPANY 106-108 Main Street BEST WISHES TO CLASS Morristown, Tennessee OF '44 H. W. DICK, Owner From BEST and ICHEAPEST- THE ITAKHA STAFF Place to Buy Furniture Buy Bonds ALL THE TIME DIXIE WAREHOUSE sl BIG FIVE WAREHOUSE Fagg Bros. 8a Boblitt, Owners 1 I -EMM ITAKHA Qififaigsf gg 3 L WHEN YOU THINK OF J?0RuJFJRiAHTS THINK OF YOUR OFFICIAL "RECORD" PHOTOGRAPHERS KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE STUDIO SECOND FLOOR Rvhifmml' M4 95,,,,.,.,,.,L, A-' , wa? wwe' O-J,4,J J

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