Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN)

 - Class of 1940

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Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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K5 K , I KK ,Q -' fm-Hg 2... fff'-1,21 .. 'k v L - ,K 'nm X' , '51 .. . .K -Q, , . 4 . , xy. .. -Q ff-F w . -' 1 . ' L Jil: KK . K- lb. .5 : K K K- -K KKK KK K . , K. K , K 1'g..TKKK KK -V " E - Q. - - K .K KK., - -. , ,51. K KK KK - ,K KKKKK - .:KK.K x K .:g,, K.K K - KK-K.-K KK A 1, ,5xKK-KKK . '-:- N' . .. "5 f' T 4 " ' ' ., .- ,gig .. ' . ' ' f 'T- 5-as 1 iff' ., ,LK 1S'5K..K,,K ,K -.QQ .K KKK K ck KKK , K- , K.KK K. K K .K,K BK., .. , K K L. K. .K 5. ,SY .,K A K ,g3.KKK.-, ..RiyK,cf f .K K i K . wg. . K K X K 5 .Ky . ,K 4 Kr' ggi, -. K ' '--N Riiv. ka. - -4- . .. - ,.g - ' .- , .-A S .Y .- 5: I Nif. ,A -, f ,Q-f. l- - -.,,..1. 5-,, ., - , Pre-iw 'r - ' Nr. . ' f - ' .. ig M 1 2 Km . K K . K... .MKKKK .- . Q KK K gV,, K ...--.KKKK L . M . .Q - - - ---- - PMN .. . -,151 N W Q, ' x i' . Q' '- K- ln'- - . 1 . . ' 1 ' L' - - "H ' ' ,f. .- . '. 'Q - iiiwiiivsif' -- N- . . --. ?3f.f--gf 1. . S. s - - ' ' A Y b ' Ri ' -' -4 - - -' f . ' .' . N Y ,, ' - ' . , - L' - ' 'ij is f 'ff L -.QQ 'ir -- ' 'ff-X -'Q' YQ339. 3 1- '-.JA - ?qi?? -' " "-.- ' - " " . 1 -1 1- , gpg - K - -gm -LQHEAG . . Ki - ,S K K. .K . - - . .. A K K -,.. ,.'. - XK -A , K ibn ,ii-,KK K -. . . - K ug - ,K 'f.....,-A Ei..-,K N19-I in 1- , '. ,X 33-,.K,K -"Hv'K- . fx: .' .. ., ' '- ' ' X- . -14,3 . i . , g gi KKK . . .X x 3.3-E .Ex x5.,j 5 . -. KKK . -Q.. qw, ,f-5.5 . My -N sg' N, - -- 4.5---Sf. ,..I . . .13 --195-45 . , - - K , - . - - Q - A - .. - Q - 4-"5-'f M K " Q" in i "'w--- ff Ni ' ' 94 in x'-5'33Qj,3l --- L"' - sm-A - - J - ' --N. . X-- ,. A " - ' - VDH- -, -v . ., - - -. .-- K 4-3,,:,K1 M --gy . 1 , K1 5. -Q, EKKKK--,V K .K 4 .y y - , .K . if K Af K f ,5- K . .K .K ,I .. ., K- . -1, - - .K - - KK Eggs-2533:-ii.: wgnqg T L. 33 -'IK fwff .' r- . ,K--, f- ,S -LF ,gy xiwm Wff- -' . - 1.1, -1 1 " 1-5. j f EK-figkx. ,, - K ' . 8 A sgkksn. L K - f K K -. .. "Q A ' " 'ixflsfki W A . ' 3 V- --:vi -17' ' i .f 5' K. 'Qs' :Wx -4:14 " 9 -T X , .- - 'Q' J' - if ' Lazgypx K f f- '- - -nib T' ' 'A .l"N . . Q k -' . V A - V "? "e1q' -H .I--:fi g YN. , ' V Tis? Ti' HQ. I' f- ,'- ' - X H 1 . -. - K ' .. . .4, KK -ini If '- 'kavxu s ., - ,, , - .Q A , xsug , - w .. , -- .. I -f .-. - .., .f-X4 . .. JF , .,.. V. K -,, -.-,. H... K gg.. . K K K X ,. ,1, -Y -K 1.-., .f -- ' ,- K K, K, -.Wk Q- . -K KK .K ,- TQN, KK K- -.5 ,IKK 1 Q ,SKK 1-,,KK Ks K K K KKK I.-gtk? , KKK , MK K , .K ,,.KKKK K K,yKv 5. .,.KK.k.K . K .NA . +:KhK . wx Kia., -1 h "-,,KKK, N K: ,4 .x, KLKK K KK K - , . - 'Q ' 5 wiKKKKKKgE KKK, ,KKK K KK KK K KK K ,.- Lf, . ' , KK K- . K -:gil K ,-M K. KK K- Q , -K f .. ., K KK Z5-KKK K ' K KK-xg.-K -,f." -.Af.f - Sigg f- ' S KK G- K ,-. 1 - ,- K ,'.K Kj K -if - KK - 1 K.-'KK - ' xl K : :IK-KK - -w. Kim ff- K , K K-.5 -K -' 35 ,3 KK MKKKK ' KK x y . K- K K .- K. KK Fifi. - - - . . . 1 - 'W . . - " . .- --. - . .x -- Jw -' -ff5Q?"59'i h '- Q H . - '1 ' 'Q' 1? X ' -2.6 - ' X - N . 3 . 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KK: X , K K. . --. 4 KK K K,5KK K KKK, KKK K KK K p. - - ' ' A' ---- - 1- -- . f - ' -f -. - ' - - sg - .- K sw- K -530, ,N " 3-., - K - . - 1. ,,- K, .,,.5,, . - - - K . -g.K if .- . K - 1. -'WEL . .fi -L ' -'mv ' ,KJ 'L ':, , K' k g K 1 f Q - '- -Q.. - Q V. ,H 51- ,af , 'X - . ' - f x' 'MM'-P .Q A-W I " , . K M-,IK X,, . --' '- --. - ' ,, , -' K- . ,Z-: .Q SM -.AKg1K ' , -s, ' . X' 'g.K S --9... ' -' jg Y' V' A' .,,. -f -. '- - M - "it: '43 1 xp - Q. . ' f'-L 'M-if " " ., - - " "xf'x X A 55 x 'IPYSR-I :ix ' 1 - Q .K Kb, KK .. -. . , .4K.K -K K - -, 'KK KKKK . !K K K . ,i f , v.yn: KKK . K , .K , K K K K ' . K bww , .. - fl '..-W-,F w. . -Ak .. 2 . ' -- . 3 ,r -.vs K . - -. , 4.1 -,ugxw . a -. 5 Pii- -5 ' ff ', 1 fi .K -. 'Z ' x -- 'fp . -1, 555 ..-.-, ' L K, -" - . H 7 '1 M : ui - -. 5.3 M "--RQ., K .- -Kyg 'K -5 ' - K Z Q ' K N wk, , ,K - 3 X -., -5f. . a,.5,qf2-gg K 5, 'KF K ,K K ff-KK K K KK? x. .,,K KK K KNKKK Ky K KK ,- . , ,, -ASK 'K K,KK KKK K-K K SK. -1 QKK L?-KKKKK 1' ,K . w " - 7" - Q - .Q K . KKK . .K :K - ,,,, .KKKKK - 3 ,..Q,KKKK K -- T-K,K K K,..4.KKKKK A- K ,KKK K K K KKKKKKK4 KKK-.:,.,K .. KK ,Sy , K KK...K' ,KI ,K KK di g. QKK K KKKKK 7 KKK 1 . -- .1 73 5' - 1-QIQ Vt' A-'Q-glib. ' 'f- M- . 5 '-f 5 -' 'N' 1 31.55 W- '- . i HQ ., ' ..-. K - ,5 YK V KKKK KK Q 'k,,'.-,MK -K5 ---55:3 KKK.-' -i:KKK ' - KKf1fgfQK5f KK ,.. K . 2K 9 KK-. K- KK K. K K K KK gpg KK - XKKKLKKK Q K-,, KK - KKK KJKKQM -,5,,..K :.,.KKK ., K. .K H , . ggi! A ' - - 1, .-' - r x ' -' ,P , "' . g ' . x J "' ff 'L ' b ?'xn:4kk"1--, A in -. , Q,-.K KK --. KKK ' " K K - KK --XSRKQ K .K i,. , KKKKz.K' , - K .5--K.f- K ' K:K '2. K f'x , A Ky , . K ' KK 2. ,- , 'K K 5- K ' f K K . 1 .KK , , Q - f,K.',K K KKKK .KK KK K K.KK. K, K KK KKKK K . KKK K-KK K K..K K- K K , K ' - K K' 4 ,KKK -13,2 ' ,Q L .KK-' -131K K. , K ' K . .KK :Q , ' -- Ks-E v ,K 2 -' PISSQK '35-7, .. ' , ' " Kg ' "-f -f.: ' ,f - K'N" :LK A-Q-5.5 3,2 .RK 4'-N-iw-'. H 3 rr. , 5 '.f""1Kg:KK ' fK ' g.,KfK -ly., ju fm. N 3--3,', r -, f 29-, . K: ,A , 'H' - if 'Sh-img' -- " . ' f, . - ? t" -X. 'L -2- ' if" - ' . 1, .Ki--, ' - 1 1: SWQM - X., -in - - , -- , " - ,. Taxis' shy-in 5'--,,,,' . Q ' . -fy s' .- f' f , A -Fl.. 5.--:.f. . ' f wfff' L '55 'Q"5f "Asif ki -. A-R,..... f ,. -. .1'f"-'Y , 2 .1-S ' Q -. ,, 'l ' K ' - ,iv 0 -1. .- " .- - ' jg: KKK -.?3.KKKKKT .--Q KK K K K if XKKKKK QKKKKK K KKKQH K K,K .,,. KKKKKK - a- v"'5 , .- 1. ., . ,-.+. f. ,.- 'U '-K -A U- 11, X, A ..--wmv ..g- . Y 1. , - . - + ..e- ' . H- 5 , .- . -... .ff - 'fffifagg' if' -' '- - ftwf'-21,5 'g ,Z -1 S ., 'f--' 1 '.,.,, .' 5' ' Z "1 ' . .' Y' "" 'Y53 1 ' 32 , - f ' ' ' f.f3,,., .. r- Y V kfssh, DEQ. ' T'- .... , K .5,MKK K, K.,K,KK ,R KK . KS.. .Q :K ,, 'X .--., "'gg-N, -K, '1 'e' ' F N. -.-, '- 3 'V T E' g.:i5?5i1553 , ki "'f.'2L', ' 4 K 1f - K K 1 . - , Y L--SEN 'PLM - - 5 .. KKKK ,QKQKAKKKK-...KKK K. KK EK KK - K 3, KK ,PKK 5523 KKK KKKK K KK.-N1 L --KK K KEQKKKS .K K..K f,?KKJ4KK- gKfKi4pkKK --- Kimi - K5.,KKK -K KK K :KKK ,wg , -.KKKWK K 1.K- - . 1 " --, Q , 7- . K 'Af- -155. 1' '-K:"i - f 4 ffgpij-'2 e-ig K-I---we-. .3414 - - Tiff - ' "1 ' iii"'4'4i1 -4 " wi i f Q.-ix .. . -.ik S. yn--.ff . .. .K M iKS5WXK3 . ' M -Q 'l.Q.xz.g,Q-Y,?,z.KKQ-,. A qua.. ww ! 5 1 4 5 i 4 S ! 2 5 i E P 5 S 1 1 S 5 A 5 4 .1 I 5 1 i L R u K n e ,, . R N x E 5 r R Q, -1 E 1 1 vt x . ! X Lani' ' Ai ' 'L li K-'Liazlx "R W was g vo 'V66 QQSNOFL O? who X64 CNN 64 CVP99 YN 66 FOREWCJRD Lest we forget, in the swiftly passing years, all the fond friendships and happy times we have had at M. H. S., we have collected this record of our last days together. V M R54 CORDIE XN7I'1'T DEDICATION To Mrs. Witt, who with sincere kindness and faithful service has so nobly inspired as, we gratefully and affectionately dedicate the 1.9110 "Itakha". ANNUAL STAFF ROBERTA FARM ICHINEL. EDITOR' RN' CNE? AMARY LOUXSE snows ' A ASSISTANT EDIT. FLO PULL LATERARY sun. CLUB DONALD BALE5 A LY N N ADVERTISHQ G MGB. A541 CHARLES V I num l II' I , .ll 1 I-- i"' 1 ..- u SUPT. C. T. VANCE MISS NOLA HODGES History A. B. Tennessee College M. A. Columbia University MR. K. C. SHEETS Commercial Department A. B. Carson-Newman Boyd Business University Bowling Green College of Commerce MR. N. C. KELLEY Industrial Arts H. S., M. E., University of 'Tennessee MISS ONA MULLINS English. Economics. and Commercial Law A. B. Tennessee College Chicago University Columbia University MISS MARGARET TROBAUGH English and Mathematics A. ll. Queens College University of Tennessee MR. R. L. ISENBURG Mathematics B. S., Carson-Newman College MR. J. S. FISH Vocational Agriculture li. S. University of Kentucky Valparaiso University . Eastern Kentuckv State Normal M ISS AILENE SIMMONS English and Spanish A. ll.. Ilrennu MRS. G. W. DUDLEY Librarian University ol' 'Ponnossoo Univcrsity of Al:1h:imu MR. M. L. BLACKWELDER Music - B. S., State Teachers Collepre Northwestern University MR W G. SILER Director of Athletics and Physical Education University of Tennessee Delevsare and Illinois lndmna University MISS ANNIE TURLEY Secretary MISS RUBY YEARY Clothing, Textile. and Biolngy A B Tusculum College Columbia University MR. J. 0. HARVILLE Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics State Teachers College University of Tennessee University ol' Michigan MR W S. MURRELL Mathematics and History I3 S Stale Teachers College MISS MAE SMITH Foods, Nutrition, and Biology A. B., Maryville College University of Tennessee MISS MILDRED SHEFFEY Latin English, and History B S State Teachers College M A University of Tennessee MRS. CORDIE VVITT Emrlish B. S., Pcnbmly College MRS. K. C. SHEETS Commercial Department A. B., Carson-Newman B. S., University of Virginia Howling Green College of Commerce FAREWELL Wfe say farewell to our Alma Mater W-lith tears and sighs of regretg Wfe fear we haven't conquered all, That there is much to learn yet. VVe know we have been protected By Her guidance through trials of despairg But we face a hungry evil world, Our souls to be beaten unfair. VVe will often think of the Grange and Black And the thrills of the pounding cleatsg Years will pass and thoughts return Like the vision of merchant fleets. Gur lives will be rocked on the waves, Some will sink and some will surviveg And after all of our trials are over Wie turn to Herg Her name will revive. The spirit of love for our neighbors NVe will thank our God for the part' Y 1 She has branded in our lives forever A symbol engraved on our hearts. -Homer Bray W Miss ON.x llIlTLl.lNS SENIOR SPONSOR .ln rccognitioii of her iutc-rest in and her loyalty to the Class of IQ4O :mel in appreciation of her untiring service and wliolesomb advice, we Q,'l'ZllCfl.llly clcclicntc this space' to Miss lllullius. DOROTHY ALTOM "A girl of cheerful yesterdays :xml uouliclunt tomorrowsf Nickname-"Dottie" Favorite Expression--"Gush l" Pnstime--Reading and walking. Ambition-'To be ll famous DhCIl0I.'Cl'1l1ihUl'. WAYNE AILEY "The light, that lies in womuifs eyes has been my heart's undoing." Nickname---"'Shine" Favorite ExpressionY"Thut heals me !" Pastimeglieingr with Mary. Ambition--To be ai shcik. J OE ALLISON "Let tomorrow Hike cure ol' ilsul!'." Nicknamef"Joc" Favorite Expressione-"'F00." Pastimeve-Sleepimr. Ambition-V To be a main. ALBERTA ARCHER. "Ever in ll cheerful mood nrt, thou." Nickname-"Bert" Favorite Expression-"I don't. pzivc u 1-2-3 .... " Pnstime-Eating: and dancing. Ambitionf To marry a good-lookimr man with lots of money. VIRGINIA BRYANT "Her school life is lived: thu world uwuils hv.-r." Nicknunme--"Goof" l":1vorite FXIYl't'SSI0ll"-"Si'lU0t. !" Pnstime-fTalking'. Ambition--To bc slim. DONALD BALES "A scholar, an uthlctc, n louder." Nickname-"Donald 'Duck" Favorite Expression--"I'll he hound! Pastime--Listening: to swing: music. Amlmition--To mnlic a millfon. Il. J. HELL, Jr. "Lot the world slide, lot the world go: an fig: for 11 care, and n fix: for n woe." Nickname---"Kaywood" Favorite Expression-"Oh, gosh!" Pastinic--Kidding Mau. Ambition-Goodness knows. VIRGINIA CAIN "VVho broke no promise: served no provntc und: gained no enemy: lost. no friend." Nicknan1e"Vii'5rie" Favorite Expression-"Aw, Shucksl" Pnstinie--Dancing and slcehing. Ambition --To make nionov. HELEN GANTER "True to hor word, her work, liur l'riemls." Nickname ---- "Di-opsy" Favoriic Exprcssion---"Oh, yeah?" Pnsainwn -Sewing. Ambitione-Benutician. HENRY BLACK "A cheerful xrrin will lot you in wht-ru the knock is ncvur heard." Nickname-- "St0o" Favorite Expression---"Ai1i't I a lady killer?" Pnstimw--Gossipingr. Ambition-To make bigger sodas. ELMER BLACKWELL "He will make his own opportunities." Nickname-"King" Favorite Expression-"Shoot the sherhert to me, Herbert. Pustime-Playing some kind of game. Ambition-To coach. ILEEN CARMICHAEL "The true lass in known by her quiet nature." Nickname+"June" Favorite Expression-"Oh, heavens!" Pnstime-Hiking. Ambition-Nurse. KOBERTA CARMICHAEL "Her life is busy and earnest." Nickname-"Bert" Favorite Expression-"Oh, lewd l" Pastime-Playing the piano. Ambition--Typist. CLIFFORD BRYAN "Men of few words are the best of men." Nickname-"Cliff" Favorite Expression-lSilencei Pastime-Reading. Ambition-It is yet to be decided. CONRAD CAMPBELL "He scarcely speaks a word, but when he does it is worth being heard." Nicknamee-"Conrad" Favorite Expression-"Shoot" Pastime-Farming. Ambition-A successful farmer. LUCILLE CARTER "Shy and sweet, and hard to bent." Nickname-"Cile" Favorite Expression-"Goodness !" Pastime-Reading. Ambition-To be a success. MARIE COLLINS g "A cordial smile for overyoncg und thus our hearts sho has won." Nickname-"Marie" Favorite Expression- ? ? Y ? Pastimeslieing friendly. Ambition-To be a good housekeeper. STEVE CAMPBELL "We can live only once, so lel.'s go." Nicknam1k"Stew" Favorite Expression-"Try anything once." Pastime-Smiling. Ambition-Ace pilot. SAM CANTRELL "If work interferes with pleasure, my advice is -- give up work." Nickname-"Jeep" Favorite Expression-"Why, Miss Hodges. I didn't . . Pastime-Serving demerits. Ambition-To Ltradunte. SARAH CARSON "In scholarship sho ranks so high, her classmates look and sigh." Nickname-"Carson' Favorite Expression-"Aw, shucks, 'twern't nothing." Pastime--Talking. Ambition--To be an old maid. y MARY ELLEN DOUTHAT "The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as being heard." Nickname-"Vassie" Favorite Expression-"Uh." Pastime-Reading' and going to the movies. Ambition-Secretary. DALLAS CANTWELL "Time is not so short, but that. there is always time for courtesy." Nickname-"Dallas" Favorite Expression-"Sure." Pnstime-Reading. Ambition-Farmer. G. L. CARTER, JR. "The aim, if reached or not, makes grreat the life." Nicknamew"Geox-ge Ln Rome Carter, Jr." Favorite Expression-"Uh." Pastime-Working. Ambition--To be n successful farmer MARY LOUISE ELKINS " 'Tis one in a million who outshines all the rust," Nickname-"Elkie" Favorite Expresion-"You know." Pastime-Doing things. Ambition-A brain surgeon. VIRGINIA ELLENBURG "It is well to think well." Nickname-"Ginny" Favorite Expression-''Dmzyroncl" Pnstimcisewimr. Ambition--To make Clarence a good wife. J. WILEY CHARLES "Hzippineess is cheaper than worry, so why puy the higher price Y" Nicknamc+"Hi-bru" Favorite Expression- "Aw, now." Pastime-Waiting for Beckr. Ambition-AHusband of some pretty chicken. li El TH C 0 R BE'l"l' "Alas! Alas. I soc thou art in love." Nickname-Q "Fatty" Favorite Expression--"Now look here . Pustiine- Playing his fiddle. Ambition-To bc in-iportnnt. M ILDRED FINE "A dainty air, a figure neat, with pretty hair and mighty sweet." Nicknamef-"Mittie" Favorite Expression- "Er sumpin'. Pustimm'-Pushing Mack's T-Model. Ambilion--Stn-noi:rapliur. -y M ILDR ED GA RRETT "Herc's ai girl with in heart and at smile- that nmkcs thc bubble of life worth while." Nickname--"Mittie" Favorite Expression--"What do ya know?" Pastimee-Jitterbuggimt. Ambition-Tom's wife. GLA RK CAV ETT "Full of fun and sarcasln, Clark never lots any- lhim: worry him." Nickname-"Clark" Faorite ExpressionB"Foo." Pastime--Talking. Ambition-To be tall. HARRY FRANKLIN "My mind to me a kingdom is." Nickname-"Penanner" Favorite Expression-"Well patch my hritcheslu Pastime-Athletics. Ambition-Electrical Engineer MARY LESLIE GENTRY "She's all my fancy painted herg she's lovely: she's devinef' Nickname-"Lucy Mae" Favorite Expression-"Aw, chec!" Pastime-Flirting. Ambition-To be beautiful. SARA PAT HALE "I have no carts -- I never had glad." Nickname-"Sury" Favorite Expression--"Hush !" Pastime-Sleeping and Eating. Ambition-Lady of leisure. FRANCIS GEORGE -- My chief joy is licinp: "There is no elevator to success. Take the stairs." Nicknan1ef'Frank" Favorite Expression-"Sh-sh-shootZ" Pastime-Dating C. G. Ambition--To rate first with n redhead. THOMAS GRAY "The warmth of genial courtesy: the calm of Nickname---"Tommy" Favorite Expression-"Well, uh . . Pastime-Girls . . . ijust lookingj Ambition-To marry n rich widow. EDITH CAROL HARTMAN "Jolly, sweet, and friendly." Nickname-"Gabby" Favorite Expression-"You silly thingl' Pastimc-fTaIking. Ambition-To be a stood wife. WILMA HEFNER self-reliance. "It is good to lengthen to the last a sunny mood." Nickname-"S nooks" Favorite Expression-f'Pook I" Pastimc- Basketball Ambition--Typist. HAROLD HALE "Everything comm to those who wait, so why hurry T Nickname-"Brownie" Favorite Expression-'fl don't know . . . " Pastime-Sneezing. Ambition-To win an argument with Miss Hodges. MACK HALL "If life grunts me time enough, I'll see this world yet." Nickname-"Mike" I Favorite Expression-"That beats a hog's rootm'." Pnstime-Sight-seeing in his T-Model. Ambition-To have lots of fun. FLO HILL "A maiden lovely as S11ring's first note." Nickname-"Spin" Favorite Expressionf"Sure, 'null"Z" Pastime-Reading poetry. Ambition-To he a second Dorothy Thompson. WILMA HOLDWAY "Variety is the shine of life." Nickname--"Dipsy" Favorite Expression-"I'll knock ll slut outta you' Pastime-Making' love. Ambition-To be somebody's wife. BOB HARMON "VVithin his hcurt prrv,-at mysteries ol' the are hidden." Nickname---"Humphy" Favorite Expressionn iCcnsoredJ Pastime--'I'1lkiny,r io Lois. Am':it'on-JI'o bc an All-American. IQLWOOD I-IASTIE "A'ove our life, we have a steadfast friend." Nickname-"El" Favorite Expression---"Sec'?" Pastime--Playing: Baseball. Ambition--Tn be a foreign correspondent. DOROTHY HONEYCUTT "Idleness has no part in her life." Nickname-"Dot" Favorite Expression--"'Gosh !" Pastime--Listening to radio. Ambition-To be xrood. IMOGENE JACKSON "I migrht be better il' I could, but it's awfully lonesome being mood." Nicknamew"In1o" Favorite Expression-"'O'h darn!" Pastime-Eating. Ambition-Somql:ody's sweet little wife. FRANK HENRY "Some poor ripsnw lost his voice: Frank Hemp found it." Nickname-"Frank" Favorite Expression-iCensn1'ed5 Pastime-Loafing. Ambition--A successful business man. ARL HOLT "And o'er that broad brow were wrouzht. the life of t.!:oufrht." Nickname-"Minnow" Favorite Expression-"Come straight with itl" Pastimc---Studying agriculture. Ambition-'To be an agricultural teacher. BERNIECE KNIGHT "She's quiet: she's shy: but there's mischief her eye." Nicknamcw-"Pat" Favorite Expression-"Heck !" Pastime-Going to movies. Ambition---To he somebody's wife. ANNA LAURA LANE "Never trouble until trouble troubles you." Nickname-"Lane" Favorite Expression--"Aw . . ." Pastime-Talking. Ambition-Secretary. ED D H OLT "I live for those I love and the good that I can do Nickname-"Speedie" Favorite Expression-"By the way with itl Pastime-Talking' to pretty girls. Ambition-To be a track star. CARL JACOBS "I go to prove my soul." NicknamH"Whimpy" Favorite Exprssion-"Nevermind," Pastime-Messing around. Ambition-To be an air condition operator. ADDIE MAE LONG "As a basketball player, she's hard to beat, she's very clever and mighty sweet." Nickname-"Bud" Favorite Expression-"Aw, shoot . . Pastimwworking. Ambition-To get along in life. MARIE McKINNEY "Eyes that see her find it hard to turn away." Nickname-"Marie" Favorite Expression-"Shucks !" Pastime-Eating. Ambition-To be a good cook. REMINE KNISLEY "To he serious is a crime: let me have jolity all the time. ' Nickname-"Re" Favorite Expression-"Huh!" Pastlme-Blowing his nose. Ambition-An engineer. DICK LANE "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine." Nickname-"Dickie Boy" Favorite Expression--"Why, mercy me . . Pastime-Just pewing around. Ambition-To sing with Sunshine Sisters. GLADYS MORRISON "She is loved by those who know her best." Nickname-"Lashear" Favorite Expression-"Well . . ." Pastime-Dating Carl. Ambition-To be Carl's wife. BOBBIE NOE "If e'er she knew an evil thought, she spoke no evil word. Nickname-"Bob" Favorite Expression-"Heck, Fuzzy!" Pastime-Eating and reading. Ambition--To he rich. JUNIOR LEE "His mind his kingdom: his will his law." Nickname-"Hot" Favorite Expression-"Mildred Fine." Pastime-Playing baseball. Ambition-To stop stutturing. BILLY LINE "Good nature and good sense must ever join." Nickname-"Billy, the lion killer." Favorite Expression-"Great day!" PastimeListening to the radio. Ambition-Successful locomotive engineer. EVELYN NOE "There is no better religion than to be happy." Nickname-"Shorty" Favorite Expression-"Shoot!" Pastime-Reading. Ambition-Secretary. VAUGHTIE PIERCY 'The only way io have a friend is to bt one Nickname-"Speedy" Favorite Expression-"VVell . Pastime-Playing her horn. Ambition-Music teacher. DAVID LITZ "Music hath charm to sooth the manage bu lst! Bo still my heart!" Nickname-4'Fuzzy" Favorite Expression-"Oh cupld what a complex ion l" Pastime-Singing, Ambition-To be u second Nelson Eddx HERMAN LOVEGROVE 'Silence is deep as eternityf Nickname-"Herman" Favorite Expression-"Well, Ill be Pastime-Reading. Ambition-Somel:ody's boss. HENRIETTA RAMSEY "Anxious to learn and be fuuldly tluu and xull ing to work." Nickname-"Cassey" Favorite Expression-"Good flow' Pastime-Selling tickets Ambition-Florist. MARGARET ELLEN RHINES "Sho seems as happy as xi Shore." Nickname-"Mapzgie" Favorite Expression-"Gully Moen Pastime-Reading. Ambition-Nurse. CLAUDE MINK "A good strong: characttr xxith oonfldencc and folu, Nickname-"C. Mink" Favorite Expression-"Food night' Pastime-Cross-word puzzlee Ambition-Teacher. BILLY PEOPLES "ChoicLst thinyrs in life come in emall lwatkagu Nicknamei"Bi'l" Favorite Expression-"Get him to tell you Pastime-Datin Peggy 1: . Ambition-To have fun and to loaf REBECCA SUE RIGGS "Good and beautiful with suite that matth lex goodness." Nickname?-"Becky" Favorite Expression-"Oh my goodness' Pastime-Music. Ambition-Louis' wife. RUTH PURKEY i'She is sweet and lovable in hu own guest may Nickname-"Ruthy" Favorite Expression-"0h!" Pastime-Chewing gum. Ambition-Homemaker. E. C. PURKEY "The quiet mind is richu than a cxovsn Nickname-"E, C." Favorite Expression-"Good Ellef Pastime-Going: places. Ambition-A gentleman WILBUR PURKEY "0 grant me honest fame or grant me none." Nickname-"Perk" Favorite Expression-"It that so Y" Pastime-Having, fun. Ambition-To be an engineer. WAN ETTA RIGGS "Art is right hand of nature." Nickname-"Sukey" Favorite Expressioni"Good night nurse!" Pastime-Drawing pictures for Who's Who. Ambition-To be an artist. DOROTHY TALLEY "DOI'0fhY iS Witty Mid hHDDy'iro-lucky, and has u million dollar smile." Nickname-"Dot" Favorite Expression-"Heck l" Pastime-Flirting. Ambition-To get married. CHARLES RYAN "Silence is the essential goodness of happiness." Nickname-'iCharlie" Favorite Expression-"Oh, heck I" Pastime--Reading. Ambition--To be a skilled laborer. WANFORD SEAGLE "An honest man is the noblest work of God." Nickname-"Seagle" Favorite Expression-"Well . . ." Pastime-Loafing. Ambition-To be a farmer. MU RIEL TA LLEY "She is a jovial comrade: she laughs wherever she goes." NicknameF"Suet" Favorite Expression-"Oh, Moses l" Pastime-Laughing. Ambition-To be a doctur's wife. MILDRED TURNER "Mildred is always smiling. giving joy to those who meet her." Nickname-"Mid" Favorite Expression-"Why, good night." Pastime-Smiling. Ambition-To be good. LYMAN SMlTH,JR. "Lyman is the jolliest of boys, and leave it to him to make the noise." Nickname--"Louse" Favorite Expression-"Dnn't you know?" Pastime-Making cracks at Mary Leslie. Ambition-To be "the man who comes around." LESLIE SUSONG "High erected thoughts seated in a heart of courtesy." Nickname-"Leslie" Favorite Expression-"Shoot!" Pastime-Loafing. Ambition-Time will tell. MAE VINYARD "A quiet worker, working well." Nickname-"Mae" Favorite Expression-"Mercy me." Pastime-Reading. Ambition-Nurse. Willa SENIOR CLASS PHOPHECY A carnival arrives in town. I am excited. I visit it the Hrst night. I espie the fortune teller's tent. I step ing am invited to sit down. I address the Gipsy wom-an, "Madam, I am about to be graduated from high school. Wionld you tell me what each member of my class will be doing fifteen years from now P" She gazes into the crystal ball for a minute. Forms begin to appear, and the lady begins: "XYhat's this I see here? It is what was formerly occupied by Freel's Drug Store, but now it is .the Corbett Drug Co. It is managed by Keith Corbett. Keith has employed G. L. Carter, who is still looking important. IVhat do you suppose Donald Bales is doing? He is owner of a hospital, and Francis George and Remine Knisely are his assistants. The nurses in this hospital are Berniece Knight, Margaret Rhines, Mae Vinyard, Ileen Carmichael, and Evelyn N'oe. Donald, Francis, and Remine should have good business with these girls as nurses. Vaughtie Piercy has taken Mr. Blackwelder's place in high school, teaching music. Billy Peoples is now owner of the largest funeral home in town. VVayne Ailey is owner of -a radio station in Morristown. His announcers are Charles Ryan, Conrad Campbell, and Elmer Blackwell. Imogene Jackson con- ducts a "Kiddie" program on Saturdays over this station. She always did love children. She is still single, but still looking for a husband, and hoping to find one soon. One of the favorite programs on this station is the one in which Dick Lane and David Litz are starring. They are the two most popular boys in Morristown and are real artists. Sam Cantrell is sitting in the chair once ocupied by Hal Noe. He is owner and operator of the Morristown Ga- zette R Mail. He is destined to be a millionaire. Employed on the XVPA are Lyman Smith, Leslie Susong, john Xhiilliams, joe Allison, Bob Harmon, and Homer llray. This is the kind of work they like, because they always did like loafing. The crystal shows someone leaning over a wash tub rubbing clothes. Wfearily she lifts her head, and brushes back a few strands of h-air which have fallen into her eyes. IN-'ho do you think this is? She was formerly Gladys Morrison. just a sample of what married life will do for you. In Morristown Dorothy Iiloneycutt. Ruby Iarnagin, and Helen Canter are operating a beauty shop. Steve Campbell has been a candidate for govenor of Tennessee for three successive terms, but thus far has never been fortunate enough to be elected, despite his ability to talk. Head of the street cleaning department is Fr-ank Henry. H. I. Bell, Jr., ran for mayor of Raytown in the last election, and was unanimously elected. Edd Holt is manager of the New York Yankees. Clarence Honeycutt is a lawyer in New York, and his wife is the former Mary L. Gentry. Rebecca Sue Riggs has been married for some time, and she has only two children. The lucky guy? You ought to know. Mildred Turner is a clerk in the 5 X Ioc store, owned by Harry Franklin. Teachers in high school are: Thomas Gray, Elwood Hastie, Claude Mink, and Mary Louise Elkins. Dorothy T-alley is the coach, and Mildred Fine is commercial teacher. Mary Ellen Douthat is dress designer and buyer for one of the most prominent shops in Morristow'n owned by Lucile Carter. In the "Old Maid's Home", recently built, are Alberta Archer, Emma lglutler, Muriel Talley, Sarah Pat Hale, and Henrietta Ramsey. Henry Black is a frequent visitor here. Chillie Paxton is owner of the Coca Cola factory, and has for his wife the former Wfilma I-Ioldway. Some of the secretaries are: Mary Dickerson, Anna Laura Lane, Vifilma Hefner, Roberta PEGGY WALTER "A mighty spirit fills that little frame." Nickname-"Shorty" Favorite Expresssion-"I mlon't know." Pastiine--Readinfz. Ambition-To be tall. BURCHELL XVRIGHT "Happy am I: from care I'm free: why aren't they all contented like me?" Nickname--"Burchell" Favorite Expression-"Thankee" Pastime-Talking. AmbitionvA successful business man. JOHN WILLIAMS "Not afraid of work, but not in sympathy with it." Nickname-"Red" Favorite Expression-"Shucks." Pastime-Loafing. Ambition- To get out of M.H.S. HAZEL WILLIAMS "The force of her own merit Nickname-"Banty !" Favorite Expressiong"Glory! Pastimes 4Talking. Ambition-To get rich. makes her way." GEORGIA WILLIAMS K "If music be the food of love, .... play on." Nickname- -"Georgia Tech" Favorite Expression-"Good ni5zhtl" Pastime- Playing in the band. Ambition Dietitian oiymusician. EMMA BUTLER " 'Tis the songs you sing, and the smile you wear.' Nickname-"Em" Favorite Expremion-"My goodness l" Pnstimc--Playing her fiddle. Ambition--Somebody's cook. ATHLEEN DEARING "For she is just the quiet kind, whose nature never varies Nickname--"Kitten" Favorite Expression-"Good gosh !" Pastime-Riding a bicycle. Ambition----Stenozrapher. MARY DICKERSON "A true lass is known by a quiet nature." Nickname-A"Beau" Favorite Expression-"Gosh !" Pastime--Going places. Ambition--'Fo be a carpentelds wife. v lltlllllll Carmichael, Kathleen Dearing, and Marie McKinney. Four very prominent farmers are VVilbur Pnrkey, Billy Line, Dallas Cantwell, and XVanford Seagle. In Hollywood are Burchell Wfright and Mack Hall. It seems that Burehell is now a very famous comedian and is very popular. Mack doesn't seem to be doing so well, as his last picture was a complete flop. Georgia XN'illi-ams is a dietition in a large hospital in New York. Anna ll. Conkin is now in England dancing before the king. Flo Hill is head of the Red Cross here. She has as her helpers Dorothy Altom, Marie Collins, and Sarah Carson. Clifford Bryan, E. C. Pnrkey, Clure Hodge, and Harold Hale are pilots. Fire Chief in Morristown is Junior Lee, and Chief of Police, Carl Ja-cobs. Virginia Cain is now married to a millionaire and is making 'an around-the-world cruse with Virginia Ellen- burg as her companion. J. XVi1ey Charles is president of the U.S. His wife is the former Hazel Vifilliams. Employed as his private secretary is Virginia Bryant. It seems that Vtfanetta Riggs is hired to cheer up the president. when he is in one of those 'blue moods, by making wise cracks and telling him jokes. Mildred Garrett is married also and lives in California. NVhen the Gypsy had finished, I arose and went out of her tent with my head full of visions and wondering if what she had said would come true, but only time will tell. -Peggy XValter TO A CLASSMATE Twelve long years we've worked together, Sometimes qnarreling, sometimes gayg From the first grade to the ending lVe have come a long, long way. O'er the years our friendship strengthened. And it is, within my heart, A living treasure, to be present Long after we two shall part. A kind and understanding friend Is worth his weight in goldg And you have been this friend to me. Yes, I have oft' been told f That old friends are the best of friends And I believe it true, For never will I find a friend That quite surpasses you. -Flo Hill lliililili LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF '40 State of Tennessee County of Hamblen City of lllorristown late, the Senior Class of Morristown High School, being of sound mind and being about to leave this High School, hereby make and declare this, olur last will and testament. FIRST: XYC. the Graduating Class, do hereby bequeath to our honorable successors our multitude of virtues and our goodly vices. Although our success- ors are endowed with a surplus of brains, we pass on to them our vast intellectual viewpoint. This viewpoint, I might add, is more than national, it is more than international: in fact. it is universal. To the distinguished members of the suc- ceeding class, we also bequeath our genius in the realm ot' sponts. Quite true we got licked in basketball, we got licked in baseball, we were no good in races, we were trimmed to a frazzle in tennis, and we spent a week in the hospital after each football game. lint does this indicate that we do not know how to play? Nonsense! lflow rediculous! All that it indicates is that the other fellows were much better than we were. SECOND: W'e do hereby bequeath to the future Seniors all the exquis- ite carvings with which our desks are adorned. lt is our last wish that these precious relics be treated with due admiration and respect. THIRD: To the faculty of Morristown High School, we will all the wads of chewing gum which are to be found under the aforesaid desksg since throughout the past year, the faculty has seemed to covet and look with longing eyes at the -aforesaid wads of chewing gum. FOURTH: Lyman Smith wills ALL his girls to the Junior boys. Hurry, boys, two girls will not last long! FlliTl'l: The graduating Hurricanettes leave their most extraordinary record to next year's team. Now. girls, don't win a game and ruin this record. SlXTH: Wie find the remainder of the Seniors tearfully but graciously fiinging wildly their most cherished possessions to any and everyone: john Viiilliams' quiet, unassuming manner to Marvin Horner: Steve Camp- bell's red bow tie to Geo. Xilliittington I Sam Cantrell's popularity with the teachers to lilmo Ailshie: Virginia Cain's winning personality to Ann Holder: Rebecca Sue Riggs' and Yauglitie Piercy's important positions in the band to Perry Doka and james Young: Billy Peoples' supertiuous weight to Louis Helton: Peggy l1Valter's cuteness to .llalene Hales: XVanetta Riggs' artistic touch to Helen Lamong Donald Hales' intellectual power to johnny Crosby: Harry liranklin's, Wfayne Ailey's, Bob Harmon's, and Elmer lllackwell's ability to play football on next year's baekiield to lien l-lutfine, Fred Brown, tl. D. Allen, and Edwin Hornerg Alberta Areher's ability to iiirt to Betty Ann Tuttle: Clifford Bryan's gift of gab to Polly Drinnonq Gladys Morrison's clean unused history book to Marjineal jackson: Roberta Carmichael's liippancy to Laura Slusherg Imogene Jacksons un-used lipstick to Helen Grubb: Mildred Garrett's battered baton to Hallene Balesg Keith Corbett's wonderful cooperative spirit to Bobie Painter: Thomas G:ray's and Carl Holt's bold manners to David Hodge and Wfallace Barrett: Marv Leslie Gentrv's and Mary Louise lilkin's ability to debate to Charlotte Gass and Virginia Ann Taylor: Flo .Hill's coquettish ways to Helen Kingg Homer Brays' lllllilll-l lofty aspirations to Benny Stuart: Muriel Talley's giggles to Marv Helen Fergu- son: Georgia Xliilliams' marvelous voice to Peggy Taylor: G. Il. Carter's neat appearance to Roswell Evans: Marie Mcliin11ey's and Dorothy 'l'alley's pleasing ways to Betty lVill Portrum and Velda Anderson: joe Allison's line of love- making to Birdegg Harris: and last but not least, my friends, Frances George leaves Ch-arlottc Gass to anyone who wants her. ..-Eh! To what height will not generosity soar? Wie hereby appoint Miss Mullins as our lawful executor of this, our last will and testament. According to the true intent and meaning of the same, we hereby declare utterly null and void all other wills and testaments by tis heretofore made. -J. llfily Charles WILD ANIMALS INHABITING THE WILDS OF M.H.S. Flu N K Don IlISl'I'llCfIlS Plzysicolaz A small animal with a beet-red epidermis. lt goes around mumbling unintelligibly and selling tickets to football games. Usually found in the tropical foliage of the gymnasium. Subject to the mania of wearing tennis shoes and wanting others to do likewise. Chief natural defense is squirting a dark brown liquid from mouth. Liquid is derived from chewing weeds. Prinrifnzlusi A lmge animal usually wandering up and down halls and in oflice. llas fur on top of head in shape of sugar bowl. Subject to sudden tits some call laughing. usually at own jokes tIol7 originl. Has very well developed right arm put to use on bad student. flI.Yfl'IlFfIlS Cllt"lIlf.YfI'fIlSZ A short, beet-faced animal characterized by fact that it usually Hirts with girls and gives demerits. ls very accura-te with automobile. Can hit a cow nine times out of ten. llas peculiar language unlc-nown to linglish teachers. Pupil Modellaz A now extinct animal prone to cater to teacherfs every demand. Shuns path to picture show, dance or football game. XVhen not found in M.H.S. jungles, he is usually at home. Sometimes called liookius XNf'orinola, Feeds mostly on square roots, latin verbs. and class notes. Reward offered for any found. Jlloufliius I.0m1t'1It1: lly all means not extinct. biped characterized by huge vocal chords. Spends most of its time trying to convince students it is not deaf aml dumb. There is now not a doubt of the former. Yery handy in case of tire. Not to be confused with Mouthiers Never Stoppius, a peculiarly postured animal that exercises constitutional right of freedom of speech by telling of experiences of a deeper jungle called Queens College. z'fllfllItlIJiIl.V Illlllgilltlfillllll A huge quadrepcdic animal with four arms and a scotch plaid face set off by lavender and yellow. Sometimes appearing in two's. If seen, either change brand of liquor, quit going out for football, or clon't get any more demerits forcibly removed. P1t1j'FI'l0.f Footlmllaz Inhabitiug the hills of M.H.S. and the footballius Held. ls brawny and spends time sticking up for its rights with its left. Is very tough and tries to convince people it is not a sissy. lt al-so tries to knock its brains out in games between its fell-ow animals and judging from its mentality it succeeds. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is coincidental and purely unintentional. -Remine Knisley ITHHHH SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senior Class of 1940 presented, on May third, the popular Broadway Hit, "Young Aprilfi This play was a sequel to "Growing Plains," a play pre- sented by the class of 1938. The story centered around the adolescent love affairs of the two young Mclntyres. Their heartbreaks -and conquests were hilariously funny. The play was directed by Howard Hill and special stage settings were prepared to make "Young April" an outstanding performance. C A S T Professor McIntyre Mrs. McIntyre --- George M clntyre .... - - - Terry McIntyre -- Brian Stanley --- Diane Gilmore --- Bert Parsons .... Stewart Miller --- Mrs. Miller --- Vivian ...... Jane ....... Elsie- ...... Mildred .... Lula .... Dutch .... Pete --- Donald Bales F lo Hill Remine Knisley Rebecca Sue Riggs Mack Hall Roberta Carmichael XVayne Ailey Steve Campbell Virginia Cain Mildred Fine Mary Leslie Gentry Mary Louise Elkins NV-anetta Riggs Muriel Talley G. L. Carter, Jr. Joe Allison MARY HELEN FERGUSON GEORGE WHITTINGTON PEGGY TAYLOR PERRY DOKA MARJINEAL JACKSON ELIZABETH HAUN CLAQHEHM CONRAD HALE BETTY WILL PORTRUM DAVID HODGE HALLENE BALES HELEN LAMON Velda Anderson Edwin Horner Wallace Barrett Gladys Bacon ITHHHH CLASS OF 1941 tl UNICR CLASS POEM Sincere and proud is the Junior class Of stalwart boys and winsome lass: May they seek victory in every way. And bring honor to our school each day. The future is theirs in this dear school, And you may be sure they'll follow the rule: Tempests may blow and shower-s may come, Hut their spirit is here. one and one. W'ith ambitions great and spirits high Their motto is "to do or die3" :Ks the lion roars their laurels will soar, And we pray for that spirit evermore. Dear God, we have a little prayer That we would like to ask this hour, That You would help us work each day That we might star in the greatest play. The greatest play is the play of life Mixed with -turmoil and bitter strife, And we know that with Your kindly aid All our problems would seem to fade. lN'e would love to know that all -these years, XVe'll never regret with bursts of tears, And that this dear class so sound and sane XVill know they have not worked in vain. -Robert Gratz Mary Nell Arnold J. D. Allen Ed Bryan Virgrinia Craw ford Pollv Drinnon Roswell hvzins Ben Hulfinc Mary Ruth Easley Charlotte Gass LeRoy Hyder Paul Jacobs Mary Lillian Hoover Merle Johnson Tom Pope I-la 5' wn nl Rouse Helen King ITHHHH Mervinu Davis J. D. Franc isco Marvin Horner Catherine Forge? Ann Holder Fred Inman Robert Painter Mary M. Holt Mary Etta Jones Cecil Rhincs Lynn Sheeley, Jr Helen Keplinger Anna Mae Long Benny Stuart Robert Gilbert Bobbie Mathis Lenora Milligan Joe Ewing Mary A. Noe Lois Perry man Bonnie G. Williams Vanita Shanks Laura. Slusher lllllllll JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ruth Lester Ralph Williams Edward Harris Betty A. Tuttle Marjorie Moore Kathleen McDonald Virginia A. Taylor Betty Speck Nellie Tomlinson Grace Miller Sue Turner Prvsidvuf- - - - - - - Lynn Sl1eeley,jr IVil't,'IDl'l'.Yidl'lIf - - - Hallene Bales Svcrvhzrj' - - - - - Wfallace Barrett 'l'1'vasurv1' - - Marjorie Moore llllHHH JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY A grave and weighty responsibility is entrusted to the historian who is called upon the chronicle the annals of such an important group as our Junior Class. especially since in a very short space we must condense actions worthy of a volume. Many important events occurred during 1939. but perhaps many of us will longest remember it as the year in which we enrolled at Morristown High School. Having passed through our Sophomore year with safety,4we have been able to enjoy our junior year without that tinge of sadness which the Senior must in- evitably feel when he or she reflects that this is the last year to be -spent in High School. VVe are proud of our class, both as a group and as individuals. It is ably represented in all branches of athletics, and we have done our part in all school activities from music to debating. Among our number are some of the best students in high school -- also "school beauties" and "Romeos." Our history is still in the making. It rests in the hands of the members of our class. Our hope is not to let it rest, ibut to have it live and grow into a history of task-s and duties well performed. And we shall strive to show our- selves worthy of those whose intiueuce and leadership, h-as meant so much to us. That we may make next year the very best in our high school career, is the wish of the Junior Class of 1940. -Viroinia Ann Taylor b . ITHHHH Mary Katherine Honeycutt Steve Doka . Virginia Rader lflazel McDaniel E. A. l'oe Evelyn liesterson James Line Robert Harmon Florence W'illiams Margaret Susong Virginia Sargcant Chloe Shoun M ac Joyce JUNIOR B CLASS HISTORY In 1942 wc hope to be graduating and going out to take up our tasks in life. XVe are now Junior B's, but we will be Seniors then . . . . . we hope. If it had not been for the help of our teachers. we could not have gotten this far. Of course our parents helped, too, by making it possible for us to come to school. Soon we shall have the pleasure of marching across the stage to re- ceive our diplomas. Each day brings us nearer that time when we shall make our parents and teachers proud of us. In our class are students who take part in the many school activities. We have talented musicians, football, basketball, and tennis players in our group. l'Ve are very fortunate in having one in our class who has composed music him- self, the student director of the iband. As we choose the road that leads to our destiny, let us travel over it in success and happiness. -Evelyn liesterson lllllllll GIRLS Home Room Teachers - - Miss Smith and Miss Yeary Almeria Harding' Christine Paxton .Katherine llell lflarriet Blackburn Mary Cain Mae Campbell Mary Cantwell Ruth Chandler Sarah Catherine Conkin Mary Lucille Corbett Lois Cline Mary Ellen Crawford Mary Stewart Duncan Katie Sue Ellis Majorie Felknor Imogene Fowler Gladys Garrett :Xda Gentry Helen Grubb l-larriet Hale Hazel Harmon Virginia Hefner Pauline Hicks Lucille Johnson Agnes Mayes Laura Mae McDaniel Marie Mitchell Pauline Odom Eleanor Rader Aileen Rayburn Clara Richards Majorie Rogers .-Xudery Spangle jean Taylor Elsie Treece Mary Cox Wiallace Dorothy XValter Carolyn NVilliams Dorothy W'illiams M-ary XVheeler Faye Jacobs CLASS OF 1942 Home Room '.liC2lCllCl' - - Miss Hodges Ray Bradley Earl Broyles Francis Charles Ralph Charles Fred Cole Paul Corbett Billy Creech lolildred Hayes Cecil l'l0ward Charles Hyder Lawrence johns Ivan Leonard .Xlfred Meliinney Harold McNabb Harold Miller Pete Newman jimmy Penland NN". T. Pierce Blake Piercy George Price D. C. Purkey lflenry Reagan Harry Roddy jack XVice CLASS OF 1943 Home Room Teacher - - - Mr. lsenburg J. XY. Arwood Glenn Blackwell Bill Cameron Paul Farmer Xkfarren Garrett Bill Gregory K. B. jones Jack Kreis Keith Lowery Sam Mclilhaney R. L. McCnrry Ralph McKinney Jimmy Miller Kenneth Morrison R. ll. Newman Edwin Rader Jackie Turner fl Clem Tomlinson 5 Charles Wloods. Margaret Allison Mary Lou Boatrnan Pearl Cosson Lillian Campbell Marie Easley Florence Faddis Ruth Graham Yivian Graham Grace Harville Marie Hanks Elizabeth Horner Nancy McMahan Mary Frances Peoples Edith Purkey Marion Roddy Mildred Rayburn Almajean Smith ' R WHO'S OUTSTANDING STUDENTS DONALD BALES Valedictorian G. L, CARTER Salutatorian PEGGY WALTER FRANCIS GEORGE VIRGINIA GAIN ADDIE MAE LONG ALBERTA ARCHER MILDRED FINE ILEEN CARMICHAEL REBECCA SUE RIGGS STARRING MARY LOUISE ELKINS Best All-around Girl DONALD BALES Best All-around Boy DICK LANE Wittiest HALLENE BALES Cutest MARY LESLIE GENTRY Prettiest KEITH CORBETT Most Individual Most Handsome I WAYNE AILEY Most Popular Boy ROBERTA CARMICHAEL Most Popular Girl EDWIN I-I0 RNER. Biggest Flirt ITHHHH , WHO ITHHHH 1111111111 GIRL RESERVES jlnlifllrlllf ---- --------------- 1 710 H111 l'irf'-Prtxridcnl - - - - Mildred Garrett S1'r1'rfu1'.1' ' ' ' ----- llallene Hales 'l'1'i't1.m1'1':' - - - Mary Louise lillcins .9f70Il.Y0l' - -Miss Mullins x Mary lillen Doutliat Dorothy Talley Mary Ferguson Muriel Talley lilizabetli lelaun l-lelen Grubb Carolyn W'illian1s Agnes Mayes liatlierine Bell Mary Lucille Corbett Sara Conlcin Mary Stuart Duncan Mary Cox Wallace .lean Taylor Virginia Sargeant Hazel xVllllZ1l1lS llenrietta R-ainsey Imogene Jackson Marie Mclsfinney Georgia Xllilliains Lois Perryman Aileen Rayburn Catlierine liorgey Ann Holder Betty VVill Portruin Peggy Taylor Mary Nell Arnold Xlianetta Riggs Alberta Archer Virginia Cain ,Helen King Rebecca Sue Riggs Vauglitie Piercy Peggy VX-falter Gladys Morrison Gladys Garrett Virginia Ann Taylor l'anline lliclcs Charlotte Gass Majorie Moore Anna ll. Conkin Mary Leslie Gentry Polly Drinnon lietty Ann Tuttle Mary Louise Elkins Roberta Carniicliael Flo Hill Mildred Garrett Hallene Bales Sarah Pat Hale Marjorie Rogers Lucille Carter Helen Keplinger Mary Cantwell 5 llonnie Grace xvllllZllllS llarriet lelale Yirginia Crawford Mary Ellen Crawford Pauline Odom Lillian Campbell Mildred Rayburn Betty Speck Bobbie Matliis jewel Housely Imogene Sniitli Nancy McMalian Mary Frances Peoples Katie Sue Ellis Virginia lillenburg , lllllllll - HI-Y CLUB P1'r'.ric1'm1f ---- 1'ffl'-P1'vsz'0'v12f - Sr'1'l'g'f1II'-X' - - 'l'n'us11rv1' - - Sponsor - - M Clark ll. Cavclt Robcrt ljZlllllCl' Billy Veoplvs Steve Campbull Robert llzlrmun Mack Hall Paul Corlmctt. Qlr. Remine linisley ,lack Willoughby Q Lynn Sbeelcy, jr. 1lZll'Vll1 Horncr lllakc Piercy liclwin Horner - - -Toe Allison - - - - Dick l.anc - - Stn-vc Campbell licitll Corbett r. Yzmcc ' Robert Gilbert Ro-swell Evans Billy Campbell ll. bl. Boll, jr. -I. NVilcy Charles Lcslie Susong Donald Hales Lyman Smith flfmn Pope George Xflfliittington limlwarcl llarris Robert Gratz FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA - - - Dallas Lwntxull nxidvui - - - Conrail Campbell S1ua'hrl',l' ' ' - - G. l,. Cartcr, jr. 7lI'f'tINlll'4'I' - - lvl-pnmr - .'Ilf'f'1'.N'0l' john Bewley Ernest Bruce -I oe Ewing liarl Gentry lluwarcl Litz Herbert Kinley Glenn Hickey Roy liraclley Ben Huffine Harry ,Inman Paul May Alfred lllcliiimcy J. T. Nw - - lVilhur Pnrlcey - ---- lfloycl FOX Mi, l. 5. l'1sl1 W. 'l'. Pierce ll. G. Sullivan Gcurge Susong listas NV-atkins Allison Xlfilliams Paul lfarmer R. ll. Newman ,lack Turner Cecil Rhines bl. XV. :Xrwoocl ll. bl. Bell lN'allace Barrett Ralph lllisecarvei llillllil BETA CLUB l'rr.c1'r1'r1lf ---- - - I "f4'c'-Pl'1'Jilft'llf - Sa'r1'i'h11'y - - - 'l'1'rr1.v11n'r - - SPUIISUI' - Mary Alice Noe Rl-ary litta Jones Mary Nell Arnold Roberta Carmichael Alberta .-Xrcher lletty Speck Mildred Fine Peggy X'Valter G. L. Carter, jr. Virginia Cain Yanita Shanks Dorothy Altom Charlotte Gass Virginia :Xnn Taylo - - - - - - - - -ti. L. Carter, Jr. - - J. NViley Charles - - - - Virginia Cain - - - Alberta .-Xrcher - Miss 'lirobaugh LeRoy llyder Mary Louise lilkins Rlajorie Moore Peggy Taylor Francis George Donald Hales NVallace Barrett Keith Corbett Thomas G-ray Remine linisley il. XViley Charles Lyman Smith, jr. David Hodge r ,Xddie Mae Long Mary Ellen Douthat The Bela Clnb has had a very successful year. In September we received about fifteen new members, thu s increasing' t-he membership from thirteen to twenty-eight. In March nine delegates were sent to the State Beta Club Con- vention which was held in Nashville. Virginia Ann Taylor, Virginia Cain, XVallace llarrett, and G. L. Car ter represented the Morristown Beta Club by holding an open forum at the Andrew jackson Hotel. Virginia Ann was elected Vice-President of the State Convention for next year. They were accompanied by Bliss Trohaugh, our -sponsor. lllllllll LATINAE STELLAE onsul - CQUIISIII' - .-lvdilv - - Qllll1'.N'f01' ---- C'i'11sr'n' und Prawiur 'l'riIm1u' - - - Ll'17l'lll'I. - - Sjvvllxol' - Lillian Campbell Nancy Mcalahan .lean Taylor Pauline Oclom Virginia Sargeant llilclrecl Rayburn Katherine llcll iss - -Jean Taylor - - - - Paul Corbett - Mary Lucille Corbett - - Katherine Rell - - Pauline Oclom - - - .lack lirics Mary Cox XYallace Mildred Slieffey .Xileen Rayburn Mary Lucille Corbett P-aul Corbett Charles Wloocls .lack lirics Harold McNabb Marie Easley Illlllllll HURRICANE STAFF Sponsor - - Mr. Murrcll lfditor ..... ........ P eggy Taylor .A1.v.vt. Editor ...., --- Yirginia Ann Taylor l21i.vi1ivx,v .liUlIlIlQ't'l' --- ............... Dick Lane .-lxst. Birsiiivsx illgrs. - -- LeRoy Hyder, jack lireis Exclimiyc Editor ..... ..... ...................,. R e mine Knisley Ilroduction illaiiugvrs -- ,,- Harold Miller. Marvin Horner, Tom Pope Sports Editor ....... ............................. R . G. Allen Lifvrary Editor --- --- Mary Leslie Gentry Sorivty Editor -- .... .... R larjorie Moore l7id You 1x'nofuE' --- --- --- -- ................ Clark B. Cavetl f.iil'C'lliUfilI.Q' AlllllllIkQ'l'l'.V - -- Polly Drinnon, Betty Ann Tuttle .flr.'ist.v ............................ ........ H elen Lamon, Wlanetta Rig'gS Stvizril Ciittvrs Elizabeth Haun, joan Taylor, Henry Reagan. Geo. Xv'lllttll1g't0l1 Rvfvortvizv .... Betty Speck. Mary Louise Elkins, Betty W'ill l,0I'lI'lllll, Hallene llales, Yirginia Cain, Catherine lforgey, Dorothy Altum, Sara Pat Hale, Flo l-lill, Mildred Garrett. L lll-lllllll gl. lViley Charles Charles Paxton Mary Louise Elkins Roberta Carmichael Marie McKinney Katie Sue 'Ellis Esther Horner Dick Lane R. G. Allen john Crosby ,lack Moody Robert l'lZll'l'llOl'l Xlrayne Ailey MONOGRAM CLUB Elmer Blackwell Harry Franklin Joe Allison Donald Hales Edwin Horner G. L. Carter, Jr. il. D. Allen Mildred Garrett Yirginia Cain Virginia Ann Taylor Virginia Ellenburg I-Iallene Bales Betty VVill Portrum Mary Leslie Gentry Polly Drinnon Virginia Crawford Mary Margaret Holt Mary Ellen Crawford Addie Mae Long Peggy Taylor John XVillian1s Anna B. Conkin Jack XVice Ben Huffine Fred Brown Ivan Leonard ITHHHH DEBATING CLUB ll 1 furgv- T1'r'i1.v1l1'v1' - C 011011 ----- Mary Louise Elkins Virginia Cain Peggy Wialter G. L. Carter, jr. Keith Corbett Yirginia Ann Taylor Alberta Archer Vaughtie Piercy - - Mary Louise l llcins - G. L. C-arter, Jr - Mr. Murrell Elizabeth Haun Mary Leslie Gentry Charlotte Gass Marjorie Moore Virginia Bryant Mary Nell Arnold Rebecca Sue Riggs This year has been one of the most successful that the Debating Club Ida ever known. The club was officially organized soon after school began and had enrolled a membership of Fifteen. Those debating the affirmative side of the question, "Resolved: The Federal Government Should Own and Operate the Railroads." were Virginia Cain, Charlotte Gass, Virginia Ann Taylor, and G. L. Carter.: negative debators were Mary Leslie Gentry and Mary Louise Elkins. Our affirmative team composed of Charlotte Gass and Virginia Ann Taylor were adjudged the best afhrmative team in District 6, and then they were allowed to enter the state contest. As we won over fifty percent of the debates, we hope that next year we will have just as successful a year as the past. llllllllll 7 8z 6 CLUB l'1'xIzI'f'l1i ---- I'iff'-P1'4's1'cfz'l1t - SL'Cl't'ftIl'.l' - - Trvcmzrrr - Sponsor - llullcnc llzxles llctty Speck Polly lDl'llll1Ull Bcity XYill Vortrum Virginia Cain Virgilliu Ann Taylor - Marjorie Home - - - -lflz1lleneBz1lex - Roberta Carmicllael - - Virginia Cain Miss Ruby Yeary CZltl1Cl'll1C Forgey Roberta Carnliclulel Mary Leslie Gentry Rl2l1'jO1'lC Moore Betty Ann Tuttle Peggy Taylor ' i SCREWBALL CLUB Dick Lane Tom Pope joe Allison Remine linisley H. Bell Marvin Horner Edward Harris Clark Cavett Lynn Sheeley. -lr. Billy Peoples Edwin llorner Elmer Blackwell Keith Corbett Leslie Susong Robert Painter George Wlhittington Blake Piercy Mack Hall Steve Campbell Lyman Smith, Ir. Although the newly organized "Screwball Club" is -small in number, it is quite large in the aims these lovely young gentlemen set as their goals. Through their long and hard labors, these earnest boys, in their love for the club, have given every etfort to attain their EIl11lJltlOllSf?5. Each boy has consentrated fully on this new work which is now being carried on. VVe are sure that in the future this assemblage of dear, sweet, wholesome young lads will carry on their un- finished t-asksf Fl. ITHHHH M. H. S. BAND The M. II. S. Band. just three years old, under the direction of Mr. XY. D. llatlies, is experiencing its most successful season to date. Starting three years ago with thirty-six members. this band has grown into a line marching band of seventy-two playing members and four twirlers. This band was placed on the field during football season, giving a large variety of drills and designs while filling the stadium with music. K From this band a concert band of approximately fifty members was selected through an examination and trained for summer contest and concert work. At the State Contest held at Johnson City, April eighteenth and nineteenth, the Bl. H. S. Rand made a superior showing, winning over half of all first divi- sions given. Ratings are as follows: Billy Peoples.I.: E. A. Poe, Jr., I.: Yaughtie Piercy, I.: Louis Bean, I.: Robert Gilbert, I.: Hallene Bales, I.: a sextet includ- ing Rebecca Sue Riggs, Vaughtie Piercy, Peggy Nlialter. Billy Peoples, Louis llean, Elmo Ailshie, I.: a quintet composed of Rebecca Sue Riggs. Mildred Gilbert. Robert Gilbert, Peggy XValter, Mary Frances Oney, Il.: Harold Miller. Ill.: Anna Ray Gilmore, IV.: and the band getting a rating of II. which was highest of all class B bands represented. Those with a rating of l. will attend the National Contest in XVest Palm lieach. Florida. This year the ll. H. S. liand, which is eligible to attend the National Con- test. ltas chosen instead to play at the XYorld's. Fair in New York. VX-Ie think our band should be the otiicial band, not only for our High Sc-hool. but also for the state of Tennessee. ITHHHH i CHEER LEADERS ick Lane. Betty XYill P0l'tl'llll'l, Mary Louise Elkins, Esther Ilornei' jack Kreis, and john XVilliz1ms BAND TWIRLERS Virginia Aim Taylor. Milmlrcd Gzlrrctt. llallcnc Bzllcs Wm W aol-'. M. I..'H1..xc1:wlc1.n llfllllll MUSIC DEPARTMENT This year the Music Department has had a very successful year. A great deal of talent has been discovered and is now being developed. In the fall, a group of the chorus and orchestra were selected to sing in the li. T. E. A. in Knoxville along with the three hundred other students from East Tennessee high schools. This group, together with thirty others of the most interested members of the chorus, formed the A. C. A. C. Club which gave, throughout the year, several programs which were at L. M. U., -the Kiwanis Club, the Rotary Club, and a formal program at the First Methodist Church in Mor- ristown. The club also entered the Choral contest at Knoxville this spring at the L'niversity. Ufticers were: Addie Mae R. G. Allen-Yice- President: llelen Grubb-Secretary: Edward Harris-Treasurer. The choral class of ninety students have also been very busy during the year. Besides giving several programs in chapel, the entire chorus presented a miustrel at the Carnival, staged the very successful operetta. "Tulip Time," and attended the liast Tennessee Music Festival at Johnson City. .-X great help to the Music Department this yezuiiinancially was the Stephen lfoster play. "lVeep No More My l.-ady." presented by outstanding citizens of lvlorristown, together with the Chorus and Orchestra. After playing to a large enthusiastic audience in Morristown, the play was presented to a large crowd at the high school in Newport. The all-school Carnival held in the High School building, February twenty- ihird, was a trentendous success. .-Xlmost one thousand people came, spent money freely and enjoyed a hilarious evening. lt was opened with a "bang" by the Chorus and Orchestra presenting a Minstrel Show. Each P. T. .-X. in Morris- town presented some form of entertainment, such as: from Junior High, faculty basketball game, bingo, and a floorshowg from Sherwood School, photograph gal- lery, "Spidora." and a candy booth: from Rose School, advertising display. freak show. and refreshments: from Robertis School, fish pond, a, candy booth, and a bazaar: from lligh Schoolia cake walk, a lunch counter, and a moving picture. All schools made a profit of three lmndred fifty dollars. The Orchestra -this year with a membership of forty-five is the largest we have had in the history ofthe high school. It has played for all the indoor programs held in the high school during the year. The Orchestra accompanied the Chorus to L. M. U. and gave a very interesting program. www ORCHESTRA ' lllllllll l i "TULIP TIME" This year in the operetta. which was an overwhelming' success, we journeyed to the heantiful tulip land of l9lolland with a group of American botanical students. 'l'-here we were fascinated onlookers while two of the -students, Ned and Dick, fell in love with two charming Dutch maidens, Christina and liatinka. Even lovely Anna captured the dignified, educated Prof. McSpindle who was later to he mistaken for a tulip thief and arrested. To our delight theipieturesque Dutch villagers sang and danced for us, accompanied by the orchestra which played exceptionally well. ln the end everything' turned out happily, and we regretfully took our leave with a feeling- that om' time had not been foolishly spent. D Q . llillllll "TULIP TIME" CAST No better choice could have been made in the selection of the Cast of Tulip Time." -Each part 'wus deligghtfnlly portrayed by the following studuits nhuh provided entertainment for those who attended this annual operetta K-The Blll'Q'0l'Il?lSfCl' ....... 4 ............. Keith Medlin Christina ........ ...,.... l .ois -Perrymnn Prof. Ivifspimiug- ...... --- Lynn Sheeley, slr. lxatmka .... ---- ..... ------ Dick ..--- .... - Ned - - ..... .... - - :Xnnn --- --- K llans - --- - llelen Lamon Edwin Horner David Litz icorgia XVilli:nns lfKlWIlI'll l-larris ITHHHH - - ti. L. L.xR'r1iR, ju. HIGHLIGHTS OF F. F. A. The Morristown Chapter of Future Farmers of America witnessed the most successful year in its history. The chapter"s secretary, G. L. Carter, jr., was elected State President at the thirteenth animal convention held in Knoxville. He was chosen from a group of 0,633 boys of the 210 chapters in the state and will serve at the fourteen-th annual convention. G. L. will be one of the two ofiicial state delegates to go to the National Convention -at Kansas City, Missouri, for two years 114340-415. Dallas Cantwell, the president of the chapter, was recommended by the state for the American Farmer Degree, the highest degree that can be had by a F. F. A.. member. Dallas is also president of the Boone District of Future Farmers of America in upper East Tennessee. lYilbnr Purkey, treasurer of the chapter, received the State Planter's Degree, the highest degree offered by the state at the thirteenth animal convention. COACH W. GQ SILER llillll FOOTBALL ' t 'Hurricanes this year have enjoyed one ofthe most successful seasons in several years. Theyywon eight, los-t three, and tied one game during the season. The real team work started with a defeat of Chattanooga-and continued down the line. including the game with Knoxville Trojans. ,M. H. S. defeated linox lli for their iirst time in history. to the tune of 9-GQ in their hardest fought most exciting, and best played game during the year. Petie Siler's squad reached their ambition' . . Although neither the High School nor their opponents chalked up many points during the season because of many close games, the Hurricanes made a splendid showing with 176 points to their credit while opponents scored only 90. Captain of. the team was Wayne Ailey. blocking back, and Co-Captain was Roh Harmon wing' back. Morristown had one of the fastest' 'backfields in the state. 'l'he. other two. backs w'ho helped to give the team this standing' was llarry Franklin! and Elmer Blackwell. Excellent linemen were: Bales. end: Antrican. tackle: Horner, guard: Black, eenterg VVice, guard: Hufline, tatkle, and Brown. end. Other men on the lirst team squad were: john Crosby, Arrtluir Ailey, J. D. Allen. 'Charles Paxton, Bo Leonard, Robert Gratz, Joe Allison, Claude Horner, Ed Bryan. llllillll CARMICHAEL, HOLT, ELLENBURG. PORTRUM, ELLIS RADER, V. CRAWFORD, M. E. CRAWFORD, DRINNON, BALES GIRL'S BASKETBALL TEAM This season's girl cagesters were captained during the first period by Addie Mae Long. It was later taken over by Hallene Btales to end the year with a not altogether successful season but one of much fun. excitement, and experience. Our forwards for the season were Bales and Portrnm who were backed up by Virginia and Mary Ellen Crawford. Drinnon and Carmichael worked splendidly in the center positions and Holt, Ellenberg, and Ellis as guards gave the oppon- ents a tough fight. Rader and Taylor are to be congratulated on the fine sports- manship -and hard work on the court. The members of the team were small and were forced to work hard against their larger opponents, but they always made a eomback with precision and speed. The whole team is to be congratulated for-the Hne cooperation, fighting spirit, and li-ard work. lVith the remaining ability of this year's team plus the high spirit and am- bition of the newcomers. everyone is expecting a very successful season during ,41. lltqllllll BALES, BLACKWELL, MOODY. HORNER, AILEY, PAXTON, FRANKLIN, ALLEN BOY'S BASKETBALL TEAM The boys of '40 left a splendid record as a hardwood team with a number of tight and exciting' gaines. The team was eaptained hy R. G. Allen, guard, who did an excellent job of both defensive and offensive work. The other first team guard was played by Harry Franklin. Donald Bales, all-round athlete. operated in the center position. while lllaekwell and Ailey were ehallcing' up points as forwards with a great showing. Charles Paxton and Ed I-lorner worked in a mnnher of the tightest games with precision, and Claude Horner and Sam Cantrell came through when most needed with up to par defensive play. The team lost a majority of its games, but not one until the last whistle was blown. They built np a reputation of being the cleanest, gamest, and most earnest team of any in M. H. S. history. lW HHHH 1 TENNIS TEAMS I llllllllll TRACK TEAM SPORTS GIRLS TENNIS: Mildred Garrett, Polly Drinnon, Mary Louise Elkins, Gladys Garrett, Mary Leslie Gentry, Peggy Taylor. BOY'S TENN IS: Sam Cantrell, Tom Pope, Remine Knisley, Lyinan Smith, Ir., Harry Franklin, Edward Harris, Elmer Blackwell, R. G. Allen. Robert Harmon, George xvllltllllgltlll. TRACK: Jack Xllice, Edd Ilolt, Jimmie Pendleton, Cecil Howard. Harry Roddy, Edwin Horner. K. B. Jones, Donald Bales, llarry Franklin, Ben Huffine, Robert Harmon, Elmer Blackwell, R. G. Allen, D. C. Purkey. y GOLF: R. G. Allen, Elmer Blackwell, Robert Harmon. Charles Paxton, Sain Cantrell. ITHHHH -Q:JOKES:- Jr. Lee to Mae's 'brother--"Liste son h l money Brohher-"What do you want me to do?" Jr. Lee-"Well, I'll give you a quarter if you will get me a lock of your sister's hair." Brother-"Give me a dollar and I'll get the whole wig." n , ow woud you like to earn some pocket on Homer Bray-"Did your watch stop when -it dropped on the floor?" Elmer B.-"Sure, did you think it would go on through ?" Dick L, Con crowded street carl-"Madame, would you like for me strap?" Lady-"No, thank you, I have one." Dick-"Then, would you mind letting go of my Adlam's apple?" to get you a Birdegg H.--"I put a tack in Mr. Murrell's chair today." Marjorie M.--"I'll bet he won't sit down in a hurry." Birdegg-"Neither will I." Leroy H.-"Why are those bees flying around so frantically?" D. Bales-"I guess they 'have hives." Mr. Harville--"Sam, which is the most important, the sun or the moon?" Sam C.-"The moon." i 2 Mr. Harville-"Now, why did you say that ?" i Sam C.-"Well, the' suin, shines in the daytime when .its already brigiht and the moon shines at night when we need it most." Miss Hodges-"Keith, did you think of your lesson today?" Keitih-"Yep." - Miss Hodges-"Did you study it?" Keith-"Nope." Miss Hodges-"Did you read it over?" Keith-"Nope." Miss Hodges-"Well what did you do?" Keith--"Think of it." Miss Mullins-"What were the Phoenecians famous for?" Betty s.-'fB1ands." Mr. Pope-"So you got kicked out of sdhlool for poor eyesight." Tom-"Yep, I mistook one of the teachers for a co-ed." Mac H.-"I don't object to the school. It's the principal of the thing." Miss Trobaugh-"I'd like to try on that hat in the window." Clerk-"Pm sorry, thatfs a mousetrap, but we can copy it for you." Mr. Murrell-"What are three results of the 'battle of Saratoga?" '53 Shine A.-"Some were killed, some were injured, and some weren't hurt at all." ITHHHH Remember! 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Service 5 8: 10 -- Compliments of -- CLIFTON'S Inc. Jewelers Since 1893 -- Compliments of -- LYNN SHEELEY Pianos -- Compliments of -- CROCKETT'S GROCERY DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Pasteurized Grade A Milk Phone 11 We Appreciate Your Patronage -- Compliments of -- -- Compliments of -- A Friend FRANKLIN'S CAFE "Just Wonderful Food" JOHNSON'S BEAUTY SHOPPE " C0Il1l1liIHel1iS Of -- Let us have your head in our DONALDSON 31 DONALDSON business Insurance -- Compliments of -- BURKE and HODGES HOLLOWAY and SMITH Insurance Service Phone 477 ITHHHH -:JOKES:- Tom P.-"Say Rosewell, may I borrow your pen?" Rosewell E.-"Sure thing." Tom P.-"Got a piece of paper I can use?" Rosewell-"Reckon so." Tom-"Going past the mailbox?" Rosewell-"Yeh." Tom-"Wait till I finish this letter, will you?" Rosewell-"Okay." Tom-"Want to lend me a stamp?" Rosewell-"Uh-huh." 'Dom-"Thanks. Say, w1h:at's your gir1's address?" Salesman-"I have something there which will make you more popular, make your life happier, a-nd bring you a host of new friends." H. J. Bell-"I'll take a quart." Bobie P.-"Why are you running?" Marvin H.-"To stop a fightf' Bobie-"Who's fighting?" Marvin-"Me and another guy." Mr. Harville in ticket office-"I want a ticket to New York." Agent-"Do you want to go 'by Buffalo?" Mr. H-arville-"Certainly not, I want to go by train." Miss Hodges-"Warren, why are you late for school?" Warren-"I didn't 'have time enough to get ready." Miss H.-"'Dhat's funny. I usually 'have plenty of time." Warren-"I know, but I al-ways wash." Miss Hodges-"Allow me before I close to repeat the immortal words of Webster." Betty Ann-"Pm going to get out of here if -she is going to start oln the diction-ary." Customer in Stop and Shop-"I want two tuna fish." Q Sam C.-"You'd better stick to pianos." Roberta C. is so dumb she thinks a micrdbe is an Irislh nigwhtie. Elwood H.-'QI-Iave you been up before Mr. Vance ?" H. J. Bell-"I don't know. What time does he get up?" Stranger-"Are you a college man?" Birdegg-"No, a 'horse stepped on my hat." "Eyes right!" thundered the Lieutenant at C.M.T.C. "You're wrong!" came 't of George Whittington. ' Doctor-"Ask the accident victim his name so we can notify his family." Nurse IA few minutes laterj-"He says 'his family knows his name." he voice ITHHHH "Watch The FORDS Go By" HAMBLEN COUNTY MOTOR CO. Ford Sales and Service GOODYEAR TIRES mmilrhwl . v I mgwmwa uw:W:uuw' " Compliments 0f " East. Tennessee's he Most Progressive LAMON'S FOOD MARKET ' School of Business Knoxville, Tennessee -- Compliments of -- J. B. DICK and CO. , 5, 10 sf 25 -- Compliments of -- HILL 8z MAYES GROCERY CO. -- Compliments of -- MORRISTOWN CHAIR CO. "We Seat the South" ---Compliments of--- AUGSBURG PUBLISHING CO. ITHHHH MOODY STUDIOS PORTRAITS PHOTOGRAPHY COMMERCIAL PHOTO FINISHING FRAMING We are glad to have had a part in making the 1940 "ITAKHA" "Just Over At Greenevillen -- Compliments of -- -- Compliments of -- PARKS-BELK P E Ti ICE CREAM "A Health Food" "Home of Better Valuesi' ---Compliments of--- MORRISTOWN KNITTING MILLS R. M. ROGERS 8: CO. STETZER FUNERAL HOME "The Man's Store for over 40 years" Funeral Directors 8: Embalmers Dependable Clothing and Shoes Ambulance Service Fashionable Furnishings ITHHHH ---Compliments of--- WALNUT WOODCARVING CO. SAVE THE COUPONS C 0 M The Best Part Of The Meal I SERVICE COAL CO. "Quality Coal" Phone 500 -- Compliments of -- DEONY WILLIAMS Produce Send it to the laundry MORRISTOWN LAUNDRY Co. Dry Cleaning - Rug Cleaning -- Compliments of -- SOUTHERN FURNITURE CO H. w. DICK, Mgr. W mfisai "Say It with Flowers" and "Say It with Ours" ITHHHH -:JOKES:- Claud M., lTen years from nowl-Doesn't your wife miss you when you come in at three in the morning?" Carl H.-"Occasionally, but usually her aim is perfect." Marc H. drove ihis T-model up to the curb. "What model do you call that?" asked an on-looker. "R.F.D." said Mac - "Rescued From Dump." Bobie P.--"May I have the last dance with you?" Bug R.-"You've just had it." Mr. Kelly, absent-minded as usual, went to a store to buy a bottle. He saw one I upside down and exclaimed, "How absurd this jar hasnlt any mouth." He turned it over and was once more astonished. "Well, the bottoms gone too!" Miss Trobaugh-"Homer, you can't sleep in this class." Homer B.-"I could if Shine wouldn't snore so loud." ' Mr. Fish, making his first attempt at growing chickens, was fhavien-g a slight diffi- culty. He wrote the following letter to the Dept. of Agriculture: "Something is wrong with my chickens. Every morning-I findtwo or three lying on -the ground cold and stiff with their feet in- the air. Can you tell me what is the matter?" A few days later the answer came. "Dear Sir: Your chickens are dead." Hi Bru-"I once saved a man's life, but I didn't get a medal for it." Preacher Horner-"How so?" Hi Bru-"Well, a gentleman, considerably intoxicated, came home to his apartment P and turned on the hot water to take a bath. He would have burned to death, only I was the janitor and there was no .hot water." Hoxie Hill-"When you ca-me around .the curve I sadd to myself, "forty-five at least." Miss Simmons--"Well you're a-way off. It's this hat that makes me look so old." Lyman was takimg his oral entrance exams for the Naval Academy: Officer-"Now, where is the mizzen mast?" Lyman-"I don't know. How long has it been mizzen?" Traffic Officer-"What do you mean knot stopping 'at a stop light? Let me see your license." Miss Smith-"Well, go ahead and look. It's right on the front of my scar." Leslie S. was on a luxurious ocean liner watching a magician do tricks. The magi- cia-n Said he was going 'to do a trick he had never before done. 'He rolled up Ihis sleeves and made several fancy gestures. Just then the ship's boilers blew up. Five minutes later Leslie came up and swimming for .dear life, muttered, "darn clever, .darn clever." WHHHH ---Compliments of--- HASSON-BRYAN HARDWARE CO. We are here to serve Electrically MITCHELL ELECTRIC CO. Telephone 81 -- Compliments of -- WEESNER-REAMS CO. Furniture Since 1906 -- Compliments of -- -- Compliments of -- DRAPER 81 DARWIN STORES Q. HORTON Nothing High but the Quality SHADDEN MODEL SERVICE STATION Complete line of Gulf Products W. S. ROUSE, Operator ELECTRIC SERVICE 200 East Main Street Phone 181 Morristown, Tenn. Refrigeration Repairs and Service MARSHALUS D. H. MAYES TOURIST COURT Sandwiches Dinners Groceries and Meats Phone 12 - Phone 9134 -- Compliments of -- FRANKLIN CAFE "Just Wonderful Food" WALTER'S MACHINE SHOP General Machine Work and Welding Phone 198-J ITHHHH ---Compliments of--- GALBREATH'S BAKERY LITTLE DUTCH LUNCH -- Compliments of -- "Your Friends Eat Here" ATLANTIC 8: PACIFIC Tea Co. We Deliver Phone 177 A Quality Foods Plenty of parking space -- Compliments of -- -- Compliments of -- J. W. ARNOLD Sz CO. WHITTAKER-HOLTSINGER Outfitters HARDWARE CO. For Women and Children See Us for Your Sporting Goods ---Compliments of--- CASH AND HAUL WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. ITHHHH MAR K E T "EVERYTHING FRESH FQR THE TABLE" f6hNKlCv -- Compliments of -- MOORE MOTOR COMPANY Dodgel8z Plymouth Dealers For 19 Years I . , ' 00 6009 F0 2 MORRISTOWN, TENN. compliments and Best Wishes of B-T CHEVROLET CO. C. D. TROBAUGH ,. -- Compliments of -- WALKER,S BARBER SHOP Oifer 70 Years Of Continuous Service ---Compliments of--- Vernon Hale L. H. Corbett J. C. Austin Dr. S. H. Hay Dr. French Wampler Booty Horner Helm Clothing Sz Shoe Co. John Williams Sam 'Cantrell P'eople's Memorial Willard Johns H. J. Bell ITHHHH U S E SINCLAIR H-C GASOLINE 'YSQLX OPALINE Soul And MOTOR OIL "F or Your Motor's Sake" T E. B. FISHER, Agent Telephone 386 -- Compliments of -- WALKER'S BARBER SHOP Over Seventy Years Of Continuous Service We have served you electrically for 23 years -- May we continue BETTIS ELECTRIC SHOP -- Compliments of -- J. D. KREIS Texaco Products -- Compliments of -- P. TAYLOR'S ITHHHH Saluting the Graduates of 1940 The Housekeepers of Tomorrow Cook with Gas - The modern way TENNE.SSEE GAS COMPANY --- Compliments of --- CHARLES STORES COMPANY EDITH'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Featuring Air Conditioned Permanents Phone 605 Visit DRINK J. B. NEILL'S DAIRY Grade CAD Natural Milk K Pasteurized Safe Milk for Babies IN BOTTLES --- Compliments of --- W. R. TONEY 'llllQL5XNG1LlE. lllmless O 00? QUALITY 0 QQ' 9, ,g . JYIOIQIQISTOWN, TENN. ' www 21i3g4gE.------ ....... S ........ f .Kg .gas n I , I CQ 22096122 e V : .EN AVING PANY 5 5 ' E : l , . E 5 ' I 5 : f o I -' : I ' l . ,Q , : I ' : I ' 4 I I ,y w a jilakers gf 5 li!Qs 's-flff E Mglzesf Quabfy 5 . iff? Designs and Plafes : E fbr College and School E 1 E " ' Annuals 1 L? I' KNQXVILLE TENNESSEE I t ffgmgj ' """ 'f ""' 'if:::'f:7'fTt nj ' . ' '21 JJ' KQQ QQ V.Q QQQQ V-QVQvQ 1-Q VQ v,KfK4yQ QQVGQVV- Q Q :EV V- 1-VQ,rxiV'svnVv"aeV QV "K Q: ' Vw.-VK ' , , V -'QQVA .- . . ,, .- K, ,, .-,KM , V . T' :""" ' Xvfgs K 5 1 f,K, j K ' . V Q V V V , g """'f" " j.: Q-f-Qazijqg' 'L k "1 , f VV 'x-Vi'-1?!S?'N-. f"- I'-V? ig? . . ' ,- ,Q - ' Lf ulex ' 'D ' i .Vxiiqllk V ' '-V ,-41-:HAYES-2-xi.s-eW?E . ' W2 .K 'I?"'f5' V"f 5' , , V5 V- -- ' V V V. 1' . ,' QKKV-.Q:'Vfga .Q .g-V,eSQ.V,-W,-.VVwf.,K ' ,-:'qx.V'1'fiSV-iq.-.-.D-1, jfwf, " -V K V J' f :A .QV V -F 3"lf'i6xbiKf V, "QQ VV 1 -V '1'M"" ""3""' A E' -' VV . 3' A' " QQ .f --Va-.--.2-. V Qi x, -SKK-RES" ' N Mif'3?4V!Bi2V 'm""!95'5'V"-5TY"' - 'f"U" " .J V Q: T ,.1" ',i"i '. . LV V ,, ,'-K ' V K V' , VV .2 "V , ' - V, ., . 'V' -.' , 1 ' - KQ K KW-M Q.QQ - Q VQQQ g,Q..., ,K.QQ.KQQ,3w,g,,,-4, . 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Morristown Hamblen East High School - Itakha Yearbook (Morristown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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