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CO-EDITORS Flora Lee Hanger Ernest Martin FACULTY ADVISOR John A. Kinnaman Andrew S. Thomas Memorial Library Harris Harvey College, Charleston, W. Va. THE HARVEYAN 1957 MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE Charleston, West Virginia 31703 MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE ALMA MATER In the shadow of the mountains By Kanawha ' s river Our beloved Alma Mater Proudly stands forever. Vines which cling to walls so stately Cooper dome above thee Winding stairways, leading upward We will always love thee. To the hours we spent in gleaning Wisdom, knowledge, learning To the days of toil and play our Thought will e ' er be turning. Morris Harvey, Morris Harvey True we ' ll ever be. Morris Harvey, Morris Harvey Hail, all hail to thee. Arriving for a year at Morris Harvey . . . 1 Some wait for house mother to issue room assignments . . . 2 While others enjoy " coffee time j 1 1 1 J 1 i ' Vv v ' r L l fr " 1 ffflr ' ■ 1 V lOvViu Vv v | It yCZl i V j. •V.:VU«I 9 i v yiD I J|N Wf( £+ ( m xs g| Vfct 3 SCIENCE Upperclassmen register in the Reception Hall . . . 4 Meanwhile freshmen are counseled by Mrs. Cammack. 5 Anxious student body watch MH beat Marshall . . . 6 And for the first time in 22 years. 7 Some study in the library . . . 8 Others work in the lab. 9 A Halloween party was held in the dorm . . . 10 Followed by an informal session in Dot ' s room. 11 Officers greet rushees at tea . . . 12 Then decisions and pledges are made. 13 School fun lasts from September breezes to Autumn leaves . . . 14 To December winds, snow and the inevitable snow-ball batttes. 15 Gary works with little gadgets Carolyn works with little girls . 17 We had our share of Queens . . . 18 But only the one King. 19 Christmas plans are made at the dorm . . . 20 wmiMrHB January and semester exams await our return. 21 Spring is here and . . . 22 Fancies turn to thoughts of graduation. 23 President Leonard Riggleman 24 ■■■■ ADMINISTRATION Stella Cooksey, Director of Student Welfare, and Judy McCutcheon, Secretary. T. F. Goldthorpe, Assistant to the President. 25 Thomas J. McGinnis, Director of Admission and Records, and Martha Davisson, Mary Frances Freeland, Carolyn Johnson, Betty Martin, Mary Lazenby. Winton Houck, Development Office. Belford Roberts, Assistant Business Manager, and Jeanette Booth. Bursar ' s Office: Nella Berlin, Laura Lykins, Ruth Milom, and Helen Jones. 26 Dr. C. E. Roth, Director of Evening School, and Ginger Nesbit, Secretary. Kitty Getz and Clara Cline of the Veterans-Placement Office. Cleo Mitchell, Mary Ann Dixon, switch- board operators; Nancy Harrah, Mail- room clerk; and Verna Lilly, assistant switchboard operator. 27 Dr. P. E. Roller, Natural Sciences Dr. O. J. Wilson, Humanities DIVISIONAL CHAIRMEN Mr. Ralph Brabban, Professional Vocational Education Dr. Frank J. Krebs, Social Sciences 28 John Lambros, Henry Wolfe, Donald Banschbach, and Ewing of the Music Department. Harold Lois Kaufman, Alfred Moroni, Irene Lewis Crooker, and Lois Price (front), part-time instructors from the Mason College of Music. 1 11 mill ILI J ■ Irene Sawyer, Ralph Brabban, James Rowley, and Nyana Rowley, of the Education Department. C. T. Miller, Jr., Hayden Sawyer, Maude Cammack, Virginia Williams, Robert Lesley, and O. J. Wilson, of the English Department. FACULTY Eloise Newlon, Ruth Layne, Joan Badger, and Frank Badger, of the Library. Working in close harmony are mem- bers of the Music Department. Left to right: Donald Banschbach, John Lambros, Henry Wolfe and Harold W. Ewing. Leo C. Shinn, of the Moth Depart- ment. W. H. Walker, of the Chemistry Department. G. C. Lazenby, of the Chemistry Department. FACULTY Front row: Evelyn Harris and Marshall Powers. Second Hazel Koontz, Luther Koontz, Dr. Lin Chaio, and row: John Young, Frank J. Krebs, and John Kinnaman C. H. Logan, of the Business Administration Depart- of the History Department. ment. 30 Ervin Mancil, of the Geography Depart- ment. Front row: Eddie King, head of the athletic depart- ment, with Jean Grace, and Vernon T. " Sparky " Adams. Second row: George King, head basketball coach, and Frank Kovach, all of the Athletic Depart- ment. Vida R. Babcock of the Nursing Administration, and students. Robert Baylous, and Emma Jean Thomas of the Physical Education Department. Part-time faculty members of Morris Harvey College. V if w v ' d IK -M -iBr ilk WV at, ‘ rv 1 sX | u i i £H| i n tp V y. mBm O % Left to right: Flora Lee Hanger, secretary-treasurer; Gray Ferguson, sergeant-at-arms; Ray Holdren, presi- dent; and Bob Paskel, vice president. STUDENT COUNCIL Serving as the official connecting link between the student body and administra- tion is the annually elected Student Council. The Council is made up of four officers and two representatives from each class who initiate and regulate most student activities. Those fortunate enough to be a member of this governing board find themselves in a helpful position, both from their own and the college ' s viewpoint Traditional projects of the Council in- clude the homecoming activities, Sadie Hawkins Day, May Day festivities and the publication of the Student Handbook and Student Directory. In addition, the group plans and supervises many post-game mixes and other social functions. By .its close contacts with the Panhel- lenic Council and other organizations, the Council contributes greatly to the solving of campus problems and at the same time discovers student reaction to pertinent questions. Seated: Mrs. Evelyn Harris, sponsor and Ray Holdren, president. Standing: Bob Paskel, Sylvia Simms, Frank Martin, Clark Hawley, Flora Lee Hanger, Gray Ferguson, Judy McMurrer, Ray Goode, Jerry DeHainaut and Paul Swartz. 32 panhellenic council Co-ordinating and regulating the activi- ties of the nine Greek letter organizations on campus, the Pan-Hellenic Council is one of the two most important student govern- ing bodies at Morris Harvey. Each semester the Council, in joint ac- tion with the administration, formulates the rules and dates for rushing, bidding, and pledging. It also compiles lists of those students eligible for Greek member- ship. This year Pan-Hell worked jointly with the Student Council in the homecoming activities and with the speech department when the latter held its third annual invita- tional forensic meet here in December. Three Council officers and two repre- sentatives from each organization comprise the membership. Officers are elected dur- ing the latter part of the spring semester. At the time the Harveyan went to press, the Council had begun a Greek Week for the local groups. Panhellenic officers discuss a forthcoming project. Left to right: Archie Snedegar, vice president; George Park, president; and Mimi Mendel, secretary-treas- urer. Seated: Harriet Ware, Maurine Mendel, George Park, Ann Park, Mrs. Cammack, Faculty advisor. Standing: Dr. Kinnaman, Faculty advisor; Louise VanNetta, Don Hable, Ben Cork, Bob Evans, Sally Leonard, Judy Mc- Cutcheon, Ann Christian, Ed Maslow, Nada Hupp, Janice Hanway, Archie Snedegar. 33 Ray Holdren and Mimi Mendel study on the library steps. Ray is a senior; Student Council president; past president of junior class; member of choir; Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity; Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic honorary; and Alpha Psi Omega. Mimi is a senior; secre- tary of Pan-Hellenic Council; vice president of Sigma lota Chi sorority; and vice president of the Art Guild. WHO ' S WHO Harriet Ware and David Parker discuss his column which appears in the weekly school paper. Harriet is a junior; president of Sigma lota Chi sorority; member of Wesley Fellowship and Choir. David is a senior; president of debate club; feature editor of The Comet; member of Blackfriars; Alpha Psi Omega; and Pi Kappa Delta. He earlier attended Emory University. Clarke Hawley listens while Joanne Rutroff presents an impromptu concert in the reception hall. Clarke is a senior; president of senior class; secretary of The Comet board; member of Alpha Psi Omega, national dramatic fraternity; the Blackfriars; and was candidate for the Rhodes Scholarship. Joanne is a senior; 1956-57 Home- coming Queen; past secretary of the Student Council; member of the choir and Newman Club. Attended Victoria College. Robert " Bob " Paskel, studying in the library, solves a problem with a slide rule. He is a junior; vice president of Student Council; member of Independent Student Association; basketball team; and Chi Beta Phi scientific honorary. Attended Potomac State College. 34 Sally Reaser, practices those " ever-present " scales in Dr. Wolfe ' s studio. She is a junior; secretary-treasurer of the Tempo Club; member of the Music Educators Na- tional Conference; choir; and Methodist Student Move- ment. Julia McCutcheon and John Sticklen look at a list of contributors to the college building fund. " Judy " is a senior; president of Phi Kappa Kappa sorority; member of F.T.A.; and Pi Kappa Delta. Earlier attended West Virginia University. John is a senior; member of Phi Sigma Phi fraternity; Alpha Psi Omega; Pi Kappa Delta; Debate Club; and production manager of the Black- friars. Attended Colorado School of Mines. Flora Lee Hanger and Ed Morris look over pictures to be used in the Harveyan and Comet. Flora Lee is Student Council secretary; co-editor of The Harveyan for this year and the previous one; secretary of the Sigma lota Chi sorority; member of the choir; F.T.A.; W.A.A.; Blackfriars; Wesley Fellowship; Ushers Club; and Yoke Fellowship. She is a junior. Ed is a junior; editor-in-chief of The Comet for the current year and the previous one; secretary of Kappa Sigma Kappa; member of the Black- friars and Harveyan staff. Anne Spencer Park and Ralph Simpson take time out from their busy schedule to talk with a Harveyan repre- sentative. Anne is a senior and, president of Alpha Mu sorority for current and previous year. Ralph is a senior- official identification-registration photographer; Comet photographer 1954-55; Harveyan photographer; presi- dent of Art Guild; member of F.T.A.; and Zeta Kappa fraternity. 35 WOMENS DORM COUNCIL Shown at a house meeting is the governing body of the Wo- men ' s Residence Hall. Sitting on the floor are Nina Stamper, vice president and Becky Frazier, secretary. Seated on the sofa are Ke llen Burdette, representative; Helen Smith, president; Norma Ward, rep- resentative; Frances Jones, sergeant-at-arms. MEN ' S DORM COUNCIL Pictured at an informal meeting in the Reception Hall are the officers of the Men ' s Dorm. Left to right: Marion Miller, John Osborne, president; Herb Scites, James Petry, Carlos Cook, Don Pippin. 36 ww rwoo f F0R Governor 1 The Young Republicans cheer on one of their candidates at a school-wide rally held before the general election. Belford Roberts displays his lovely basket of flowers which he re- ceived on November 7, from several of his friends (?). A state representative displays one of the " Ike ' " dresses several of the MH co-ds wore at an affair sponsored by the State Republican Committee. The Students for Stevenson officers are shown looking at one of their latest posters. They are: Dickie Powers, vice president; Mary Ann Sprouse, secretary; Jim Wilson, and Bob Paskel, president. Scenes from Antigone ' full-length Blackfrior production. Upper row: Mary Ellen Parsons, Joe Hash, Helen Vig and Marjorie Smoot. Middle row: Mary Ellen Parsons and Jack Sticklen. Bottom row: Bill Marshall, Mary Ellen Parsons and Helen Vig. 38 Looking over the last edition of the Comet are this year ' s staff. Left to right: Ernie Martin, associate editor; Dave Parker, feature editor; Ed Morris, editor-in-chief; Mr. Douglas Wetherholt, faculty advisor and Bob Rickard, business manager. THE COMET Working hard to meet the early deadline is the 1957 Harveyan staff. Seated: Mimi Mendel, art editor; Flora Lee Hanger, co-editor; Frances Jones, typist; Virginia Martin, feature editor and Ed Morris, news THE HARVEYAN editor. Standing: Marshall McMillion, photographer; Clark Hawley, typist; Anna Lee Pullins, typist; Dr. John Kinnaman, faculty advisor; Ernie Martin, co- editor and Richard Hill, photographer. 39 ALPHA PSI OMEGA Seated: George Moose, vice president; Joe Hash, president; Eddie Cox, secretary-treasurer. Standing: Nancy Trotter, Ed Maslow, Prof. C. T. Miller, spon- sor; Sylvia Simms, Clarke Hawley, Allen Jones, Jon Sullivan, Jack Sticklen, Jane Martin, Bob Rickard, Louise VanNetta. PI KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta officers discuss a Forensic Meet with sponsor, Dr. J. 0. Wilson. Left to right: Archie Snedegar, Allen Jones, David Parker and Dr. Wilson. 40 Wesley Fellowship members enjoy a pre-Christmas dinner at the Rose City Cafeteria. Left to right: Tom Greenwood, Harri et Ware, Louise VanNetta, Betty Rupert, Suzanne Williams, Gene Waggy, Frank Greenwood, Dr. John C. Trever, Dean Parkins, treas- urer; Bonnie Waggy, president; Sterling Evans, vice president; Drema McClung, secretary; Miss E. Virginia Williams, sponsor; Jack Waggy, Barbara Waggy, Wanda Samples, Marie Gunter, Jewelldean Skeens, James McCullough. WESLEY FELLOWSHIP First row: Joann Ciccarello, Mary Steinhilper, Sara Brandon, Jane Kohlbecker, Sally Crimmins, Margie Smoot, Judy McMurrer, Stepheny Lang. Second row: THE NEWMAN CLUB Anthony Lombardo, Sam Feretti, Jim Malloy, Mike Dayoub. Third row: Mr. Donald Banschbach, faculty sponsor; Joe Cielensky, Clarence Dunlap, Jack Murrin. THE TEMPO CLUB Left to right: Jean Chandler, Bob Brown, Merewyn Davis, Jim Swain, Sally Reaser, Dick Davis, Bob Melton, Gerald McCallister, Mr. Banschbach, faculty advisor; Minnie Kirby, Carolyn Bullington and Marshall McMillion. M. E. N. C. First row: Joann Rutroff, Betty Rupert, Thelma Allender, president; Pat Kelly, Sarita Matney. Second row: Mary Margaret Walters, Carrie Campbell, Jerry Mullins, Doris Chapman, Anna Ruth Sterne, Sally Reaser. Third row: Bill Wandling, Marshall Mc- Million, Bob Melton, David Howard. The 1957 version of the Morris Harvey Band under the direction of Mr. Donald Banschbach. THE BAND Mr. Donald Banschbach, direc- tor, chats with the " excellent foundation " of his marching band; Gary Ritchie, John Trent and Bob Bryan. r m J If I n 3 A I 1 H PS l! The Harveyan photographer catches the band in one of its frequent practice sessions. Choir officers for 1957 confer with President Bob Melton, sitting at the piano. Standing: Mr. Ewing director; Betty Eskin, librarian; Julia Fuller, vice president; Carrie Campbell, secretary. Dr. Henry Wolfe watches as two choir members, Joanne Rutroff and Anna Ruth Sterne, practice a piece of music. First row: Marilyn Adkins, Jo Ann Rutroff, Peggy King, Carrie Campbell, Nova Cox, Virginia Pendle- ton, Rayma Ramsey, Sarita Matney, Virginia Martin, Kay Warren, Mimi Mendel, Mr. Ewing. Second row: Delores Hintz, Minnie Kirby, Judi Jarvis, Jerry Mullins, Thelma Allender, Anna Sterne, Pat Kelly, Frances Jones, Betty Rupert, Nancy Copenhaver. Third row: Louise Pruett, Julia Fuller, Margie Smoot, Laura Robinson, Sally Reaser, Louise VanNetta, Betty Eskin, Mary High, Mary Walters, Flora Lee Hanger, Harriet Ware. Fourth row: Dick Davis, James Swain, Robert Brown, Gerald McCallister, Louis Reinacher, Gray Ferguson, Albert Sahley, Bill Wandling, Sam Hodgson. Fifth row: Ray Holdren, Wayland Burgess, Charles VanNetta, Allen Jones, Robert Bryan, Bill Cook, James Harless, Robert Melton, Marshall Mc- Million. 44 Margaret Jackson points out specific details about one of the paintings on exhibit to Frances Whited, a member of the Art Guild and ‘Gray Fergu- son. THE ART GUILD Left to right: Ralph Simpson, Wesley Walker, Frances Jones, Frances Whited, Mimi Mendel, Frank Floyd, Miss Keane, sponsor; Bess Gough- nour. 45 1 Hkflu 1 ' l : s MB -i, L , F. T. A. President Bobbie Shamblin presides at a weekly meeting of the George S. Laidley Chapter of the Future Teachers of America. Education professors looking on are Mrs. Irene Sawyer, Mr. Ralph Brabban and Dr. James Rowley. DEBATE CLUB Dr. O. J. Wilson, sponsor, gives his group of debators a few points as they prepare for a Forensic Meet here at MH. Preparing to leave for their first " barnstorming " tour, spon- sored by The Greystone, are Bill Holfinger, Dr. Wilson, George Martin, Allen Jones and Archie Snedegar. 46 Jack Sticklen, production manager. Joe Hash, Jr., veteran performer. Wilbur Cox, business manager. Clarke Hawley, senior make-up artist. Pictured above at one of their weekly meetings is a part of the Blackfriar membership. This organization is the largest on campus. The Blackfriars Club is planned for all students who have an interest in the thea- tre. It concerns itself with recruitment of young men and women, both experienced and inexperienced in dramatics, with ar- BLACKFRIARS ranging for tryouts with the cast director of each production, with scheduling off- campus productions and with cooperating in any way possible for the promotion and advancement of theatre arts on the campus. CHEERLEADERS Kneeling: Jo Ann Mullins, head cheerleader, and Dotty Stone. Standing: Emma Frazier, Mary Margaret Bowden, and Becky Frazier. MAJORETTES Left to right: Judie Graley, Nancy Blair, Carrie Camp- bell, Anna Lou Hall, Frances Jones, and Jean Shinn, head majorette. mm rm ii INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS South Dorm, Intramural Football Champs. Southern Seven, Intramural Basketball Champs. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Greek Basketball Champs. ! • gy;4,-;.sk. . 1 B i n | 1 n » — • minium Luther Stover, senior standout for the Golden Eagles, adds two more to make his total against the Thunder- ing Herd 34 points. BASKETBALL Morris Harvey ' s 1956-57 basketball record had all the appealing elements of a popular novel — a new coach, a mediocre team, and a startling victory over its bitter- est rival to write a happy ending to the story. The latter event occurred, quite con- veniently, the evening before the Harveyan went to press when the Eagles beat Mar- shall College, 82-79. This was the first such victory in 22 years The Eagles were decidely a hot-and- cold team this year, playing sensational ball at times and sub-average at others. George King, in his first term as basketball coach, got his charges off to a good start as they beat a favored Toledo team, 73-62. They had no more than begun celebrating this feat when they in turn were downed by the Quantico Marines by a score of 80-68. Next came a 93-67 win over Concord and a 81-69 loss to West Virginia Wes- leyan. Glenville was trounced 89-78 by the Birds only to come back later and down the locals, 83-78. Other losses were to Anderson (89-68), Alderson-Broaddus (77- 75), Marshall (99-75), Steubenville (78- 66), Bethany (81-67), West Virginia Tech (100-91 and 105-58) and Potomac State (81-67). Wins came over Davis Elkins (92-63 and 87-70), Concord (104-89), West Liberty (78-70), Wesleyan (97-79), Alder- son-Broaddus (80-73), and Balwin-Wallace (96-83). The final standings were: 1 1 won, 11 lost. The big gun for Morris Harvey this year was senior forward Luther Stover. Preparations for George King Day. M 50 Luther Stover Senior, forward Bobby Sholes Freshman, guard Paul Green Senior, guard Vince Tyree Junior, guard Davey Hoffman Senior, guard Dana Kirk Junior, center Bob Danner Freshman, guard Mike Dayoub Junior, center Jeriy Chandler Junior, forward Harold Miner Junior, forward Robert Paskel Junior, center Bob Davis Freshman, guard Frank Martin Junior, guard Eddie Hartman and Roger Parker talk things over with Coach Eddie King during spring football prac- tice. FOOTBALL The stands were a thunderous roar and banners rose high as the gun sounded ending the most amazing contest in the girdiron history of Morris Harvey. After being outplayed and outclassed for 57 min- utes, the Golden Eagles finally combined the hard-running of Dickie Powers and Ray Jones along with the perfect ball-handling of Joe Cielensky to click off three fast touchdowns in as many minutes. Delos Fisher converted all three extra points, thus posting the eighth consecutive victory over the Golden Bears of West Virginia Tech. Morris Harvey scores its first touchdown of the season against Middle Tennessee and goes on to win 6-0. Preceding this victory the Golden Eagles were keeping their record on an even keel by closing the door on Middle Tenn, 6-0, in the season ' s opener on a 44-yard run by freshman Dewey Ballangee. Next came the highlight of the season as far as the squad was concerned, the trip to the sunny peninsula, where Tampa shut the Eagles out 1 6-0. Shortly after this loss was filed away in the mind of Coach Eddie King, the Eagles came face to face with the traditional foe and rival, Marshall ' s Big Green, and to save all the adjectives that may be used, the Thundering Herd topped the Eagles 25-13. The Golden Eagles then trounced Eastern Carolina 28-0, but lost the home- coming game with Eastern Kentucky to the tune of 13-7. Weak Waynesburg concluded the Eagles ' home schedule and left with a 49-0 bruising to the MH homestands on a successful note. The team then traveled to Baldwin-Wallace for their final game and at this time MH was still in contention for a possible bowl bid to the N.A.I.A. Alumi- num Bowl at Little Rock, Arkansas, how- ever; the Yellow Jackets of Berea, Ohio, had other plans and so walloped the Gee- Birds 30-0, thus leaving the Eagles with a 5-4 record and ending another season of that greatest of all autumn sports. 52 Left to right: Fred Skaggs, Ben Ross, Jackson Christian, Philip Marshall, Robert Nesbit, Tom Crutchfield, John Bieletti. First row, left to right: Jim Thornton, John Konstan- tinos, Roger Parker, Ray Jones, Joe Cielensky, Eddie Hartman, Larry Powers, and Ronald Dowdell. Second row: Dewey Ballangee, Jack Dent, Jackson Christian, Scott Jarrell, Clyde Ross, Jim Wilson, Bill Haynes, Bernie Scott, John Bieletti. Third row: Ben Ross, Dave Lowe, Delos Fisher, Kenny Higgonbotham, Bill Cather, Jim Stec, Ed Finchum, Fred Lipscomb, Oley Grose, Ralph Moran. Fourth row: Fred Scraggs, Marshall Smoot, Bill Chandler, Dana Kirk, Jim Sovine, Tom Crutchfield, Bob Nesbit, Jerry Cook, A. J. Sexton, Jim Lowery, Philip Marshall. Fifth row: Dick Mos- tardo, Roy Hoblitzell, John Johnston, Manager Kermit Kinder, and coaches Verlin T. " Sparky " Adams, Frank Kovach, and Eddie King. 53 HOMECOMING! Joanne Rutroff, Homecoming Queen of 1957, is shown as she rides along the parade route. Driver is Jim Gibson. Miss Rutroff receives a huge bouquet of mums from Mr. A. W. Cox, President of the Board of Trustees, at half-time. The crowning was the highlight of the evening. The parade on Capitol Street. In the foreground are Cars and floats prepare to leave Columbia Avenue the senior attendants, Judy McCutcheon and Patty for the long trip up town. Hendrickson. Class attendants and senior candidates for Miss Morris Harvey and Miss Senior sit on Reception Hall steps. First row: Alice Wilkerson, Patty Jo Wall, Patty Hendrickson and Jean Shinn. Second row: Joann Rutroff, Shirley Crist and Janie Woods. Third row: Ju dy McCutcheon and Dotty Stone. Queens of past years, attendants, the new Miss Morris Harvey and escorts watch the homecoming game. MAY DAY Queen Janice Cokeley, Maid of Honor Sue Sheets, President Ray Holdren, attendants and escorts, flower girls and crown bearer watch as various groups per- form for them at the annual May Day festivities. Dancers from the Modern Dance class perform for the " royalty. " Ezra Boehm, outgoing Student Council President, escorts Queen Janice Cokeley to the throne. Form- ing an arch with flowers are Bill Gunter and Barbara Ross. David Parker portrays President Leonard Riggleman in a play written by Dr. 0. J. Wilson. Others in the picture are Archie Snedegar, Neale Shahan, Caron Lopinsky, Clarke Hawley and Bob Johnson. " ADVENTURES IN MEMORIES " MH students having leading roles in " Adventures in A important decision made by President Riggleman Memories " are, left to right, Ray Holdren, David is depicted here in a scene by Howie Miner and Parker, Jean Parkins, Jane Martin, Louise VanNetta David Parker, and Janice Cokley. An important faculty meeting prior to the moving of MH to Charleston is the scene shown above. The production, staged by the Blackfriars and Alpha Psi Omega, was presented at the Alumni Banquet. 57 SADIE H AWKI NS DAY Featured character of the day is Virginia Martin who has portrayed Sadie Hawkins for two years. Bob Pratt, Tony Lombardo and Allen Jones compare beards in connection with the Beard Growing Contest. " Mammy " and " Pappy " watch as Sadie Hawkins finally gets her man, one of the Scragg boys, Jim Gibson. Dogpatch characters invade Morris Harvey. Paul Schwartz and Pat Kelly were crowned " Li ' l Abner " and " Daisy Mae " after an all-stu- dent election. Jim Gibson " works out " on the lawn in preparation for the " Sadie Hawkins Day " race. " Ooh it tickles " says Juanita Belcher to John Atkinson and Stew Barnes. 59 First row: Freda Harris, Mary Steinhilper, Sara Brandon, Drema McClung. Second row: Carolyn Bui I- ington, Gladys Stanley, Anna Lou Hall, Minnie Kirby. Third row: Katherine Stewart, Ann Park, Mere wyn Davis, Virginia Canterbury. ALPHA MU Jack Lawhom, Panhellenic president, presents the Alpha Mu ' s with all of the scholastic awards at the Annual Assembly. Pictured below are three of the members of the spring pledge class. They are Sara Brandon, Anna Lou Hall and Mary Steinhilper. Freda Harris, Alpha Mu secre- tary, is entertained during her morning coffee by dorm-mates Becky Frazier and Ethel Mahaf- fey. Alpha Mu Sorority wos organized at Morris Harvey College, October 14, 1925. Founded on the mythology of the Greek Muses, the goddesses of the arts and sciences, it was called Alpha Mu — " Sisters of the Muses. " Among the activities of this organiza- tion are the Christmas Dinner Dance, the Sweetheart Swing, the Spring Formal and Alpha Mu officers pose in their formals for the Harveyan photographer before attending one of their formal affairs. They are Katherine Stewart, pledge the Fall Fashion Tea. The women of Alpha Mu were ac- corded two honors by the Panhellenic Council for the 1955-56 school year They were the Social Award and the Scholastic Award. The Individual Social Award was won by Mary Jo Wood. This organization also contributed their services to the Y.W.C.A. Volunteer Service Bureau. mistress; Virginia Canterbury, treasurer; Ann Park, president; Merewyn Davis, vice president; Freda Harris, secretary. 61 First row: Ernie Martin, Bill Wandling, John Hughes, John Lawman, John Cottle, Charley McCollam. Second row: Richard Hi IT, George Teel, David Neff, George KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA Spaulding, John Carte. Third row: Bill Holfinger, Ray Holdren, Ed Morris, Jim Rupert, Archie Snedegar. Showing a prospective pledge, Ray Goode, about Planning the first rush party of the season are Ernie Kappa Sigma Kappa are John Carte, George Teel, Martin, Bill Holfinger, Ed Morris, Floyd Stephens. Ray Holdren, George Spaulding. 62 Kappa Sig officers posing for the Harveyan photo- grapher are Ed Morris, secretary; Charlie McCollam, treasurer; Jim Rupert, chaplain; George Spaulding, Now in its tenth year at Morris Harvey, the West Virginia Gamma Chapter of Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity was es- tablished here in 1947. It is the only na- tional-international Greek organization on campus. There are 61 other chapters of the fraternity throughout the United States as well as in Canada, New Zealand, Eng- land and Australia. Service to the college has always been a chief aim of Kappa Sigma Kappa. Cur- rently the local group has among its active Panhellenic representative. Seated is Ernie Martin, president. members the Student Council president, g co-editor of The Harveyan for the second year, vice president of the Panhellenic Council, drum major for the school band and editor of The Comet. Also active in intramural athletics, the fraternity is holder of the Greek basketball crown. This organization plans at least one major dance each year although general attitude keeps most social functions intra- fraternity. Pledge Richard Hill discovers here that even the best in- tentions do not always go ac- cording to plan as he nearly splashes his first " customers. " Looking on is John Cottle. The customers are Liz Hale, Patty Wall, Lynn Hoffman. 63 First- row: Mary Susan Griffith, Linda Mason, Shirley Kryzak, Joann Ciccarello, Alicia Begley, Judie Graley, Kay Warren. Second row: Marie Gunter, Mona White, Lynn Hoffman, Helen Vig, Nancy Casto, Pauline Huffman. Third row: Barbara Morris, Barbara Waggy, Laurie Robinson, Jane Kohlbecker, Nancy Murphy, Patty Wall. Fourth row: Patty Hendrickson, Connie PHI KAPPA KAPPA Menefee, Pat Kelly, Nina Stamper, Dwanna Mullins, Jane Martin. Fifth row: Carolyn Hanley, Jerry De- Hainaut, Marjorie Smoot, Judy McCutcheon, Nancy Trotter. Sixth row: Betsy Souleyret, Bobbie Shamblin, Stepheny Lang, Sally Leonard, Judy McMurrer, Janie Woods. 64 Shown serving guests at their annual tea are Mrs. Betty Sears, Alumni president; Ginny Martin, Nancy Wiseman, Con- nie Menefee, Marjorie Smoot and Bobbie Shamblin. Below is the Phi Kap entry in the annual homecoming parade. Wl ICA P unit LULU S YS Phi Kappa Kappa is the largest sorority on campus. It was organized in 1928. An active organization, the Phi Kaps sponsor many campus activities, some of which are: Howdy Day, Twilight Tea, the Hawaiian Rush Party, Sock Hop, the Mother ' s Day Tea, Party for Honorary Members, B owery Party, Style Show for the student body, party ' given by pledges for actives and the White Rose Ball spring formal. Phi Kappa Kappa women are also active in civic affairs. Each year at Easter they give a party for the children at Hillcrest Sanitarium. On campus they helped with the forensic meets and ushered for the Blackfriars ' spring production. Honors are constantly being accorded the women of Phi Kappa Kappa. Two grad- uating seniors, Judy McCutcheon and Virginia Martin, were elected to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities during their years at Morris Harvey. Six of the nine members of the 1956 May Court were Phi Kaps and for the second consecutive year they won the May Day Sing. Patty Jo Wall was elected Miss Senior and Patty Hendrickson and Judy McCutcheon were attendants to the Homecoming Queen. Patricia Kelly was elected Daisy Mae, repeating an honor that she received as a freshman. Lynn Hoffman and Patty Hendrickson sell programs at a basketball game. This project is an annual affair for the Phi Kaps. Planning for their next meeting are this year ' s officers, Jerry DeHainaut, vice president; Judy McCutcheon, presi- dent; Patty Hendrickson, treasurer; Bobbie Shamblin, secretary. First row: Joan Ritchie, Janice Hanway, Lois Goodall, Jean Chandler. Second row: Elaine Berry, Violet Aid- red, Ruth Chewning, Frances Derrick. Third row: Nancy Wiseman, Mary Kay Montgomery, Paulina Hudnall, Mikel Smith. PHI LAMBDA TAU An Arabian Night was the theme for the annual rush party and some of the Phi Lambs are shown above with prospective pledges. Helen Vig and Jane Kohlbecker get in the act too as Lois Goodall and Janice Hanway present them with their souvenirs from the party. 66 Phi Lambda Tau Sorority, which was founded in 1929 at Barboursville, has as its objec- tives the improvements of the social, intellectual and the moral life of its members. The Phi Lambs ' activities during the year include the annual Candlelight Tea, Sadie Hawkins Day Dance, the Dog Patch Drag, the annual Spring Formal, the Christmas Party and the Arabian Nights rush Party. The Sorority is represented in F.T A., W.A.A., Panhellenic Council, Choir, French Club, and the Ushers Club. The Faculty sponsor for the sorority is Mrs. Vida R. Bab- cock. Officers are Joan Ritchie, president; Elaine Berry, Mary K. Montgomery, Nancy Wiseman, Pam Hudnall, Linda Markham and Lois Goodall. Phi Lambs hold Bowling Party for the pledges. Pledges are Mary Kaye Montgomery and Nancy Wiseman. PHI LAMBDA TAU 67 )L. „ t : “■ r m First row: Dr. James Rowley, Curtis Mullins, Jim Ferrell, Dan Harrah, Skip Morris, Mike Mooney, Bob Evans, Coach George King. Second row: Charles Carpenter, Joe Beavers, Mike Burch, Joe Hash, Bill Lucas, Raymond Salamy. Third row: Jack Sticklen, Sam Putinsky, Arlie Roberts, David Wallace, Jim Dolan, Dick’ Lord, Bill Facemeyer, Bill Gunter, Bob Parsley. Fourth row: Bob Pratt, Dick Leach, Charles Bourne, Ben Cork, Herb Scites, John Beiletti. PHI SIGMA PHI Phi Sig officers studying the manual are getting ready for their new pledges. Charles Carpenter, sergeant-at-arms; Dan Harrah, Panhellenic council representative; Sam Putinsky, vice president; Arlie Roberts, secretary. Seated are George King, sponsor; and Bob Evans, president. Mrs. Ann Williamson Ballard, wife of Gene Ballard, was crowned Phi Sigma Phi Sweetheart for 1957 at the annual Christmas formal. The Phi Sigma Phi fraternity was founded October 20, 1929, at Concord State Teachers College and Beta Chapter was formed November 14, 1929 at Bar- boursville. Their goals are uniting men stu- dents, instilling a spirit of Campus fellow- ship and promoting the interests of the college. The events sponsored by the organiza- tion are the Turkey Hop, the Bunny Hop, Christmas Formal, Spring Formal, Dinner Dance and numerous stag parties for mem- bers only. The Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity boasts the most active alumni association on campus. Upon graduation the members can still keep in active touch with the chapter on campus by associating themselves with this organization. 69 First row: Tony Lombardo, Fred Ranson, Jon Sullivan, Buddy Lawson, Danny Holley, Norman Brown. Second row: Ed Maslow, Bob Rickard, Gray Ferguson, Jerry Tully, Ed Cox, Bill Morris. Third row: Charles Dean, Bill Cook, Paul Legg, Charles Berlin, Jim Gibson, SIGMA DELTA PHI John Childress. Fourth row: Arthur Forren, John Vawter, David Baume, Charles Buxton, Pat Reams, Allen Jones. Fifth row: Bill Estes, Don Thompson, Don Smith, John Louderback, George Moose, Bob Bryan. John Childress, Ed Cox and John Louderback work Ed Maslow, vice president of Panhellenic Council, on the Sigma Delt float for the Homecoming parade. explains some phase of Greek Week to one of the committees. 70 Discussing plans for the coming Sweetheart Weekend are the officers of Sigma Delta Phi. First row: Gray F erguson, treasurer; Norman Brown, chaplain; Ed Maslow, Panhellenic council representative. Second row: John Louderback, secretary; Bill Estes, vice president; Don Thompson, president; Bob Richard, social chairman. Boasting the largest membership of all Greek organizations on campus, the Sigma Delta Phi Fraternity is a leader in all phases of college activity. Their members are represented in all phases of sports — football, basketball, base- ball. They have members in Blackfriars, Student Council, Panhellenic Council, Art Guild, Band, Debate Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Pi Kappa Delta, and Future Teachers of America. The Sigma Delts sponsored six annual events beginning with the first Welcome Dance of the year and continued with their Thanksgiving Dance, the Plymouth Rock Dance, and their Christmas Formal, Spring Dance and their Sweetheart Weekend, which is the only one held on campus. This consists of a full weekend of activities cli- maxed by the crowning of Sigma Delt Sweetheart. Each year the fraternity presents the Gary M. Keener Memorial Award to the brother contributing the most to the school and fraternity. Faculty advisor for the fraternity is Luther V. Koontz. Sigma Delts enjoy a game of bridge in the Eagloo. 71 First row: Sarita Matney, Nancy Shumate, Carrie Campbell, Betty Jane Rupert, Sylvia Simms, Kellen Burdette. Second row: Julia Propps, Rayma Ramsey, Mary Margaret Walters, Mimi Mendel, Drema Harvey. Third row: Patricia Nutter, Thelma Allender, SIGMA IOTA CHI Pledge captain, Sarita Matney, tells the other pledges to be sure and know their pledge manual. Left to right: Mary Walters, Sue Johnson, Pat Nutter, Judi Jarvis, Nancy Copenhaver, Nancy Shumate, Rayma Ramsey and Betty Rupert. Virginia Pendleton, Louise VanNetta, Sue Treen. Fourth row: Sue Johnson, Leah Collins, Judi Jarvis, Nancy Copenhaver, Ellen Moore. Fifth row: Harriet Ware, Flora Lee Hanger. Mimi Mendel has troubles when her umbrella won ' t come up. Mimi, Thelma and Carrie are doing a soft- shoe routine for the rushees at the Sigma party. 72 Noting on important date on the Sigma calendar are the 1957 officers: Mimi Mendel, vice president; Julia Propps, protectoress; Tilly Al lender, pledge mistress; Drema Harvey, treasurer; Louise VanNetta, Panhellenic representative; Ellen Moore, Parchment editor. Seat- ed are Harriet Ware, president; and Flora Lee Hanger, secre- tary. Beta Nu Chapter of the Sigma lota Chi Sorority was founded in 1936 and is the oldest national sorority on campus. The purpose of Sigma lota Chi is to aid in the social growth and character development of its members. The Sigmas ' activities include a Christ- mas party, the Shamrock Dance, Mother- Daughter Banquet, Alumni luncheon, Little " Sis " party, and the Spring Formal. One of the highlights of the school year is the crowning of " King Shamrock " at the March dance. Sigma members are very active in al- most all campus organizations. They are represented in band, Tempo Club, Wesley Fellowship, Yokefellow, Ushers Club, F.T.A. Art Guild, Majorette Corp, Chi Rho Fellow- ship, Blackfriars, Alpha Psi Omega and the Philharmonic Choir. Among the honors received by the wo- men of Sigma lota Chi are the following: Secretary of Panhellenic Council, Secretary of the Choir, Secretary-treasurer of the Stu- dent Council, President of M.E.N.C. and for the second year Mimi Mendel and Flora Lee Hanger were selected to serve as Mammy Yokum and Tobacco Rhody for the annual Sadie Hawkins Day festivities. Flora Lee Hanger was appointed co-editor of the Harveyan for the second consecutive year. Harriet Ware, Mimi Mendel and Flora Lee Hanger were elected to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities for the 1956-57 year. Becky Frazier and Harriet Ware help Flora Lee Hanger alter an evening skirt getting ready for the annual Shamrock Dance. 73 ZETA MU EPSILON Mrs. Grace Martin Taylor, new sponsor for Zeta Mu, joined the Morris Harvey faculty from the Mason College of Music and Fine Arts. Mrs. Ann Christian who is the president and the Wyonia Cummings and an unidentified alumna work only member who returned from last year. on the Zeta Mu float for the homecoming parade. 76 Zeta Mu Epsilon was founded at Stephens College for Women, Columbia, Missouri, in 1921. The sorority has interna- tional linkage, having sisters in England, Japan, Korea, and Africa. The objectives of the sorority are to establish a perpetual bond of friendship among its members and to broaden moral, social and intellectual life. The Mu Chapter, in cooperation with the alumni has adopted o French orphan, Suzanne Pin, whom they are supporting. Social activities of the sorority have been on the traditional basis, consisting of the Annual Homecoming Luncheon for ac- tives and alumni, the Western Rush Party, Tea, and the National Sorority Birthday Party. Shown above is Suzanne Pin, a French orphan, who was adopted by Zeta Mu last year. Studying their pledge manuals for one of the frequent pledge tests are the Zeta Mu pledges, Annie Davis, Peggy H. Bell, Sandra Conklin and Martha Craigo. First row: Alice Wilkerson, Emma Frazier, Dotty Stone, Iris Mack. Second row: Ann Harmon, David Hoffman, Dean Parkins, Liz Hale. Third row: Frances Whited, Dorthea Boggess, Paul Green, Bert Morris. Fourth row: David Bedinger, John Konstantinos, Frank Martin, John Johnson, Vince Tyree. Fifth row: Bob Melton, Marshall McMillion, Roger Houck, Eddie Hartman. Sixth row: James Potts, Jim O ' Dell, Charles VanNetta, Bob Paskel, Carlos Cook. INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION Jim O ' Dell supervises while Frances Whited, Leah The ISA float which featured a live Great Dane Collins and Charles VanNetta prepare the float for passes along Kanawha Boulevard, the parade. 78 Senior Class officers are shown discussing plans for May Day. Left to right: Clark Hawley, president; Jerry DeHainaut, student council representative; Bert Morris, vice president; Joan Rutroff, secretary-treas- urer; Ronnie Evans, sergeant-at-arms. 79 SENIORS David Lee Acord History. Violet Aired English; Phi Lambda Tau 4. Raymond D. Abogast Education; Basketball 2; Baseball 2; In- tramural 2, 3, 4. Sarah Evelyn Ash Social Science. Barbara Brandenburg Barnett English; Humanities. Garnett B. Bowyer Education; Sigma Delta Phi 3, 4. T. Michael Burch Business Administration; Phi Sigma Phi 1, 2 , 3 , 4; Intramural 1, 2 , 3, 4. Kellen D. Burdette Social Science; Sigma lota Chi 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; Dorm Council 4; Student Affairs Subcommittee 4; Young Demo- crats 4; May Queen 4. 80 SENIORS Gloria Jane Burgess Education; Phi Kappa Kappa 2, 3. Ruth Chewning English; Phi Lambda Tau 4 . John A. Childress Social Science; Sigma Delta Phi 2, 3, 4; Choir 4. Ann Christian Education. Bernard D. Cooper Education. Sidney Copley Education. Benjamin Wilson Cork Marketing; Phi Sigma Phi 3, 4; Pan- hellenic 4. Thomas Allen Crutchfield Marketing; Football 2, 3, 4. 81 SENIORS Jerry DeHainaut English; Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2, Treas. 3, V. President 4; Choir 1; F.T.A. 3, 4; Student Council 4; Attendant to May Queen 3. Frances Derrick Education. Dennis J. Dickson Business Administration. Bill Randal Estes Education; Sigma Delta Phi F.T.A. 4. 2, 3, 4; Robert L. Evans Business Administration; Phi Sigma Phi 1, Treas. 2 , President 3, 4; Student Council 2; Panhellenic 4. Ronald G. Evans Business Administration; Phi Sigma Phi 3, 4; Harveyan Staff 3, 4; Comet Staff 2 , 3, 4; Sgt-at-Arms Senior Class 4. T. Sterling Evans Sociology; Wesley Fellowship 1, 2 , 3, 4. Julia Margaret Fuller Sociology; Wesley Fellowship 1, 2 , 3, 4; Choir 1, 2 , 3, 4. 82 SENIORS Paul E. Green Education; ISA 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Billy J. Gunter Business Administration; Phi Sigma Phi 1, Secy.-Treas. 2 , President 3. Russell Hansford History; ISA 3, 4. Bill Hanshaw Pre-Medical; Kappa Sigma Kappa 1, 2 , 3, 4; Chi Beta Phi 3; Comet Staff 2 , 3; Blackfriars 1; Debate 4. Freda Harris Religion; Alpha Mu 3, 4; Wesley Fellow- ship 2 , 3, 4; Chi Rho Fellowship 1, 2 , 3; Alpha Mu Secretary 4. Joe Hash, Jr. History; Phi Sigma Phi 1, 2 , 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 2 , 3, President 4; Blackfriars 1, 2 , 4 , V. President 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. Drema Dell Harvey Social Studies; Sigma lota Chi 1, 2 , 3, Treas. 4; FT. A. 4; Panhellenic 3. Clarke Hawley Business Administration; Senior Class President; F.B.L.A. 1, 2; Blackfriars 1, 2 , Sgt.-at-Arms 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 2 , 4 , Secy.-Treas. 3; Student Council 3, 4; Debate Club 2 , 3; Comet Board Secretary 3, 4; Homecoming Parade Marshall 4. 83 SENIORS Potty Hendrickson English; Phi Kappa Kappa 2, 3, Treas. 3; F.T.A. 3, V. President 4; V. Presiden t Junior Class; Blackfriars 2; May Queen 2; Young Republicans 4; Attendant to Homecoming Queen 4. Basil A. Hensley Religion. David K. Hoffman Business Administration; ISA 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2 , 3, 4. Ray Holdren English; Kappa Sigma Kappa 1, 2 , 3, 4; Intramurals 1; Director Variety Show 2 , 3; Blackfriars 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 1; Band 1, 2 , 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 , V. President 3; Junior Class President; Pi Kappa Delta 4 , V. President 3; Tempo Club Chaplain 2 , 3; Comet Staff 1, 2 , 3; Student Council 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 2 , President 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4. Nada Hupp Education; Alpha Mu 2 , 3, 4; Panhellenic 4. Nella D. Johnson Social Studies. Bill Jones Education; ISA 3, 4; Basketball 1; Base- ball 2 , 3 , 4; Intramural 1, 2 , 3. Frances Mae Jones Education; Choir 2 , 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; Young Democrats 4; Majorette 2 , 3, 4; M.E.N.C. 3, 4; Harveyan Staff 3; Art Guild 4; Wolf Girl 3. 84 SENIORS Patricia Kelly Education; Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2, 3 , 4; Daisy Mae 1, 4; Sophomore Class Secre- tary; Panhellenic Council Secretary 3; Attendant to Miss MH 2; Choir 1, 2 , 3 , 4; String Ensemble 3, 4. Mary Lemons Social Studies. Sally Ann Leonard History; Phi Kappa Kappa 2 , 3 4; Pan- hellenic 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, Publicity Chair- man 4; Young Republicans 4; Black- friars 3, 4; Attendant to May Queen 3. James E. McCullough Religion; Wesley Fellowship 4. Judy McCutcheon Sociology; Phi Kappa Kappa 2 , V. Presi- dent 3, President 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta Secy.-Treas. 3; Panhellenic Council 4; Ushers Club 4; May Court 3; Homecoming Attendant 4; Who ' s Who 4. Edward Stephan Maslow Speech; Sigma Delta Phi 4, Secy. 3; Blackfriars 2 , 4 , President 3; Alpha Psi Omega 4 , Secy. 3; Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4; Panhellenic 3, V. President 4; Debate 3; Comet Staff 2 , 3 , 4; Harveyan Staff 3; Antigone 4. Ernest J. Martin, Jr. Social Studies; Kappa Sigma Kappa 3, President 4; Harveyan Co-Editor 3, 4; Comet Staff 3, Associate Editor 4; Men ' s Dorm Council 4; Pre-School Conference 4. Virginia Anne Martin Education; Phi Kappa Kappa 1 , 2 , 3 , Publicity Chairman 4; F.T.A. 4; Choir 1, 4; Harveyan Staff 2 , 3 , 4; Comet Staff 2 , 3, 4; Blackfriars 4; W.A.A. 2 , 3; Panhellenic 3; Sadie Hawkins 3, 4; Who ' s Who 3. 85 SENIORS Jerald McCallister Carl Thomas Meador Biology; Choir 1, 2; Academy of Science V. President 1, President 2; Debate 4. Maurinc K. Mendel Art; Sigma lota Chi 1, 2 , Pledge Mistress 3, V. President 4; Art Guild 2, President 3, V. President 4; Comet Art Editor 1, 2; Harveyan Art Editor 3, 4; Ushers Club 3, 4; Junior Class Secy.-Treas.; Panhellenic Council Secy.-Treas. 4; Yoke- fellowship 3, 4; Choir 1, 2 , 3, 4; Who ' s Who 4. Barbara Arlene Morris Business Administration; Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2 , 3 , 4; Cheerleader 2. Bert F. Morris Education; ISA 3, President 4; V. Presi- dent Senior Class; Comet Staff 4; Intra- mural 3, 4. John Robert Mosby Education. Bill O ' Neal Political Science. Anne Spencer Park Psychology; Alpha Mu 1, 2 , President 3, 4; Ushers Club 3, President 4; Majorette 1; Pre-School Conference 3, 4; Miss Zeta Kappa 1; Attendant to Miss Ply- mouth Rock 3; Panhellenic 2 , 3, 4; Stu- dent Sponsor 4; Who ' s Who 4. 86 SENIORS George H. Park Psychology; Zeta Kappa 1, 2, 4, Presi- dent 3; Panhellenic 2, V. President 3, President 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Round Table 3; Who ' s Who 3; Pre-School Conference 2, 4. David Lambert Parker History; Debate Club 4, President 3; Feature Editor Comet 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; Blackfriars 3, 4. Dean Parkins Business Administration; ISA 3, V. Presi- dent 4; Wesley Fellowship 3, Treas. 4; Sgt.-at-Arms Junior Class. Joan Ritchie Religion; Phi Lambda Tau 2, Chaplain 2, Treas. 2, President 3, 4; Panhellenic 2, 3, 4; Blackfriars 1; W.A.A. 1, 2; Wesley Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Ushers Club 3, 4; Chi Rho Fellowship 3; French Club 3. Joanne Rutroff Education; F.T.A. 4; Social Chairman Newman Club 3, 4; Secy. -Treas. Student Council 3; Attendant to Homecoming Queen 3; Miss Morris Harvey 4; Secy. Senior Class; ISA 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; String ensemble 3, 4; Comet Staff 3; Who ' s Who 4. Herbert L. Scites Social Science; Phi Sigma Phi 3, 4; Chairman of Youth for Eisenhower Com- mittee 4; V. President Young Republicans 4; Intramurals 3, 4. Ralph Leroy Simpson Art; Zeta Kappa 1; Historian 2, 3, 4; Comet Staff 2, 3, 4; Identification- registration photographer 1, 2, 3, 4; Harveyan Staff 2, 3; Art Guild Historian 2, 3, President 4; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Black- friars 3, 4; Chess Club 3; Who ' s Who 4. Donald V. Smith Social Science; Sigma Delta Phi 2, 3, 4. 87 SENIORS Helen L. Smith Education; W.A.A. 3; President Dorm Council 4. James R. Sovine Education; Football 3, 4. Nina Jean Stamper Education; Phi Kappa Kappa 3, 4; Choir 3; W.A.A. 3; Dorm Council 3, V. Presi- dent 4. Floyd R. Stephens Business Administration; Kappa Sigma Kappa 1, 3, 4, Chaplain 2; Debate Club V. President 1, 2; Ministerial Association 1, President 2. John McLaughlin Sticklen Speech; Phi Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 2 3, 4; Blackfriars 2, President 3, Production Manager 4; Debate Club 2 , 3 , 4; Who ' s Who 4. Luther Stover Education; Basketball 3, 4. Harry J. Stuck Business Administration; ISA 3 , 4. Robert E. Tweedy Accounting; ISA 3, 4; Intramurals 2 , 3 , 4; Basketball 1 . 88 SENIORS John E. Vawter Business Administration; Sigma Delta Phi 2, 3, 4; Band 2. Bonnie Jean Waggy Religion; Wesley Fellowship 1, 2, V. President 3, President 4; Chi Rho Fellow- ship 1, 2, Secy. 3; Ushers Club 3. Gene T. Waggy Chemistry; Chi Beta 1, 2, 4, President 3; Wesley Fellowship 1, 2, 3. Patty Jo Wall Education; Phi Kappa Kappa 3, 4; Choir 2; Attendant to Homecoming Queen 3; Miss Senior 4. CLASS OF 1958 Ed Morris, Comet editor, plans a story on the Junior Prom as Dave Bedinger, vice president; Bob Paskel, Archie Snedegar and Frank Martin, president; give him the facts. 90 JUNIORS Marilyn Adkins Wayland Burgess, Jr. David Bedinger Norman Brown Virginia Canterbury Linus Chambers Gerald Chandler Joe Cielensky Merewyn Davis Delos Fisher Carolyne Flesher Becky Frazier 91 JUNIORS James Gibson Lois Goodall Flora Lee Hanger Carolyn Hanly Daniel Harrah Bill Haynes Delores Hintz William Holfinger James King Dana Kirk John Konstantinos Ruth Layne 92 JUNIORS Donald Lewis Iris Mack Marshall McMillion Ethel Lee Mahaffey Frank Martin Bob Melton Harold Miner George Moose Ed Morris Tom Morris Jo Ann Mullins John Osborne 93 JUNIORS Robert Paskel Julia Propps Anna Lee Pullins Patrick Reams Sally Reaser Louis Reinacher Robert Rickard Betty Jane Rupert George Russell Raymond Salamy Bernie Scott Bobbie Shamblin 94 JUNIORS Carolyn Smith Archie Ray Snedegar Betsy Souleyret George Spaulding Edward Squirts Dotty Stone George Teel Donald Thompson Vincent Tyree Mary Margaret Walters Ike Ward Harriet Ware 95 JUNIORS Nancy Pat Wood Robert Wylie Raymond Zopp Sophomore Class officers are shown posing for Harveyan photographer. Left to right: Judy McMurrer, president; Thelma Al lender, secretary; Sylvia Simms, student council representative. Second row: Nancy Trotter, vice president. Third row: Jon Sullivan, treasurer; Charles Carpenter, sergeant-at-arms. CLASS OF 1959 97 SOPHS Thelma Allender Manuel Arvon John Beiletti Nancy Lea Brooks Carolyn Bullington Carrie C. Campbell Charles Carpenter Guy L. Carter Jo Ann Ciccarello Charles Clark Carlos Joe Cook Wilbur Cox 98 SOPHS Sally Crimmins Shirley Crist Francis Dayfield Charles Dean Mary Ann Dixon Mary Ann Eskew Gray Ferguson Emma Frazier Frank Greenwood Emma Jane Hansford Janice Hanway Peggy Lou Hager 99 SOPHS Anna Lou Hall James Harless Ann Harmon Roger Houck Allen Jones James Kelley Anthony Lombardo John Louderback James McCoy Judy McMurrer Rosalie Madison Ellen Dixon Moore 100 SOPHS Ralph Moran Bill Morris Mary Myers Mary Ellen Parsons Virginia Pendleton James Perks, Jr. Helen Petry Alson K. Price Sam Putinsky Arlie Roberts Clyde Ross Claudia Sanger 101 SOPHS Robert Stamper Carol Sue Stone Sylvia Sue Simms Jon Larry Sullivan Nancy Trotter Joan Webber Frances Whited Ray Williams Hughllyn Wilson Alice Wilkerson Nancy Lee Wiseman Louise VanNetta 102 CLASS OF 1960 Freshman officers arrive for a meeting, their first of the year, with their new maroon and gold beanies. Left to right: Paul Swartz, president; Ray Goode, Stu- dent Council representative; Barbara Jo Waggy, secre- tary-treasurer. Absent when the picture was made were Dickie Mostardo, vice president and Roy Hoblitzell, sergeant-at-arms. 104 FROSH Judy Arbogast Dianne Arnett Gene Baker Dewey Ballengee Joann Bays Alicia Begley Juanita Belcher Charles Berlin, Jr. Mary Lou Blankenship Sara Ann Brandon Frank Brizendine, Jr. Jim Caldwell 105 FROSH Carolyn Casto Nancy Casto Janet Lea Cavender Thomas Charmont Leah Collins Bill Cook Nancy Copenhaver Nova Cox Bob Danner Annie Davis Judy DeBoard Dale Dillon 106 FROSH Julia Dulin Clarence Dunlap Pauline Fox Edna Gandee Ray Goode Judie Graley Richard Hill Roy Hoblitzell, Jr. Lynn Hoffman Danny Holley David Howard Paul Huffman 107 FROSH Michel Husson Harold Hutchinson Scott Jarrell Norma Jarrell Judi Jarvis Peggy King Young S. Kim Jane Kohlbecker Clarence Lawson, Jr. Paul Legg James Mann Phillip Marshall, Jr. 108 FROSH Linda Mason Sarita Matney Jerry Mee Skip Morris Mary K. Montgomery Paul Morton Dickie Mostardo Jerry Mullins Ann Murrey David Neff Bob Parsley Charlotte Pauley 109 FROSH Don Pippin Bob Pratt Babette Prosser Rayma Ramsey Laurie Robinson Patricia Setser A. J. Sexton, Jr. Jean Shinn Nancy Kaye Shumate Fredrick Skaggs Barbara Smith Marjorie Smoot 110 FROSH Mary Ann Sprouse Mary Steinhilper Anna Ruth Sterne Paul Swartz Sue Treen Barbara Jo Waggy Shelby Westfall Mona Kay White Susannah Williams William Wandling James Wilson Janie Lea Wood 111 Multitudes of hours Pilfered away, by what the Bard who sang Of the Enchanter Indolence hath called " Good-natured lounging, " and behold a map Of my collegiate life. The Prelude Wm. Wordsworth

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