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EX LIBRIS COPYRIGHTED BY TOPSY O ' DELL Editor RAYMOND FORBES Business Manager f I g HARVEYAN 1933 PUBLISHED BY The Student Body OF MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE BARBOURSVILLE WEST VIRGINIA 2-093 S DEDICATION cpcp I N recognition of his leadership in business, civic, and church activities, his clean sportsmanship, Christian character, and magnetic personality, and in grateful appre- ciation of his interest in and support of Morris Harvey College, the Harveyan Staff of 1933 affectionately dedicates this volume to MR. R. R. STEELE FOREWORD epcp F OR many years Golden Eagle Teams have carried the colors of Morris Harvey Col- lege in athletic contests. It is fitting, therefore, that the Staff of 1933 should choose such a theme for this book. Through it we have tried to give you an eagle vision of a year ' s activities at our Alma Mater. If, in these pages, you may find joys, pleasant mem- ories of friends and school, and happiness in the years to come, our labors shall have been rewarded. ORDER OF BOOKS Cpcp BOOK I CLASSES BOOK II ACTIVITIES BOOK III FEATURES BOOK IV ATHLETICS THE STAFF TOPSY O ' DELL - - - JACKIE ROGERS - - - RAYMOND FORBES - - ROBERT TALLEY - - - CARL MILLER .... GORDON SANDERS - - EMMA MARGARET DOSS - SHIRLEY COLE HUGHES - WILLIAM WADE - - - MR. CALDWELL DUDLEY Editor - Assistont Editor Business Manager - Asst. Business Mgr. Advertising Manager Art Editor - Class Editor - Organization Editor - Athletics Editor - Advisor LEONARD RIGGLEMAN PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE A.B., Morris Harvey College; A.M., Southern Methodist University; Graduate Student Northwestern University and Michigan State College. HARVEYAN 19 3 3 ASHBY C. BLACKWELL Vice-President of the College and Professor of Chemistry A.B., A.M., Randolph-Macon College; Graduate Student Princeton University and University of Chicago. MARGARET HYNES Dean of Women A.B., Randolph-Mocon Women ' s College; M.A., Peabody College. A. J. WALTON Dean of the College and Head of the Department of Religion A.B., B.S.L., International Christian Col- lege; Graduate Student Bible Seminary of New York and Department of Education, Columbia University. ROBERT L. LASLEY Head of the English Department A.B., A.M., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. HARVEYAN 19 3 3 ALPHA L. OWENS Professor of Modern Lqnguages A.B., A.M., University of Kansas; Grad- uate Student University of Chicago, Mid- dlebury Spanish College, University of Porto Rico and The Sorbonne, Paris; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. P. E. ROLLER Professor of Mathematics and Physics A.B., Friends ' University; M.A., Univer- sity of Colorado; M.S., University of Ne- braska; Ph.D., University of Colorado. C. LEE SHILLIDAY Professor of Biology Ph.B., M.S., Ohio University; Graduate Student Ohio University and Cornell University. HARRY F. KING Professor of History A.B., Morris Harvey College; A.M., West Virginia University. H ARVEYAN 19 3 3 FLORENCE HOWARD Instructor in Religious Education and Education General Assembly Training School for Lay Workers; Union Seminary; Ohio University; A.B., Morris Harvey College. GENEVIEVE GARRETT NILAN Professor of Music Diploma in Piano and Voice; B.M., Hol- lins College; Student, Alfred Y. Cornell. VIRGINIA WILLIAMS Instructor in English A.B., Randolph-Macon Women ' s Col- lege; A.M., Vanderbilt University. MENDELL E. BEATTIE Instructor in Physical Education and Freshman Basketball Coach Ph.B., Elon College. HARVEYAN 19 3 3 J. R. WEAVER Head Coach of Football A.B., Centre College. WALTER H. WALKER Director of Athletics A.B., B.S., Morris Harvey College; M.A. Ph D., West Virginia University. L. J. MITCHELL Bursar FRANK DICKINSON Chef HARVEYAN 19 3 3 HARVEYAN 19 3 3 BOOK I. CLASSES H ARVEYAN 19 3 3 ROBERT L. LASLEY CLASS Motto: " Know Thyself " Colors: Purple and White Flower: Chrysanthemi Ernest McCoy Paul Phillips - Topsy O ' Dell - Joe Fry - OFFICERS - Preside Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Dr. Robert L. Lasley Faculty Advisor Lawson Adkins B.S. Sue Amole A.B. Mendell Beattie A.B. Lacy H. Burns A. B. Mary Jo Carson B. S. Eddie Chaffin A.B. Elmer Dickinson A.B. Joe Fry A. B. Ray Gray B. S. John Jackson B.S. CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES Cecil Lambert A.B. Jackie Rogers B.S. Antje Locke A.B. E. Kyle Sawyers A.B. Clarence Mason B.S. Edward Smith B.S. Ernest McCoy A.B. Walter Stanley A.B. Elizabeth Thurmond Moore A.B. Louise Swann A.B. Topsy O ' Dell A.B. Sallye Turner A.B. Walter Overstreet A.B. Amie Varner A.B. Beltran Phillips A.B. Hobert Vaught B.S. Paul Phillips A.B. Argel Warner B.S. Gatha Ramsey A.B. Grace Maxwell Young A.B. Minnie Jane Reinwald A.B. VERNA SUE AMOLE OAK HILL, W. VA. PHI KAPPA SIGMA Blackfriars 1, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Comet Staff 1; Assistant Cheerleader 2, 4; Polyglot Club 2; Phi Kappa Sigma President 1; Student Council 2 , 4; the Morris Harvey Singers 2, 3, 4; French Club 4; Music Study Club 4; Rosa Harvey Student Government Council President 3; Class Secre- tary 3; Y. W. C. A. 2. MENDELL E. BEATTIE PITTSBURGH, PA. KAPPA PSI NU Thiel College ' 23 , ' 24, ' 25; Elon College ' 26, Ph.B. Degree; Football 1, 2 , 3, Basketball 1, 2 , 3; Baseball 1, 2 , 3; Edinboro State Teachers College, Sum- mers ' 21, ' 28; Morris Harvey College, Student Instructor 4; Freshman Basket- ball Coach 4; Track and Tennis Coach 4. HARVEYAN 19 3 3 LACY H. BURNS HUNTINGTON, W. VA. alpha sigma phi Davis and Elkins College I, 2, Debating I, 2; Alpha Sigma Phi Froterni M„ ms Harvey College S. 4; Life Service Group 3, 4; Debating jlgm MARY JO CARSON WILLOW GROVE, W. VA. PHI LAMBDA TAU, CHI BETA PHI SIGMA 4 ' d Vr Tre ° surer 3 ' P " ' Student B„dy V 4 Y w ' C A I 2 s " . d Ta ' ' - ' -V-Treos Physics 3 Chi Rot,-, du c r-i ' 2 Student Assistant Mathematics Club 2 3- P M M A 3 ™ ' Charter Member Gamma Chapter 4 Poly Club 2, 3, Pan-Hellen,c Cauncil af Sararities, Secretary-Treasurer 4 harveyan 19 3 3 r THOMAS EDDIE CHAFFIN KISTLER, W. VA. PHI SIGMA PHI Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4. ELMER DICKINSON BARBOURSVILLE, W. VA. Football 2, 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3; Blackfriars Dramatic Club 2; Debating Club 4; College Stage Manager 2, 3, 4. M ARVEY AN 19 3 3 JOE FRY RONCEVERTE, W. VA. ZETA KAPPA Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Varsity Club 3, 4; Class Treasurer 4. RAY EDWARD GRAY SCARBRO, W. VA. PHI SIGMA PHI Polyglot Club 1, 2; Varsity Club 2 , 3, 4; Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity ], 2 , 3 , 4; the Morris Harvey Singers 2 , 3 , 4; Football 1, 2. H ARVEYAN 19 3 3 JOHN A. JACKSON, JR. RONCEVERTE, W. VA. ZETA KAPPA, CHI BETA PHI Football 1, 2; Zeta Kappa 1 , 2, 3, 4; the Morris Harvey Singers 2; Chi Beta Phi 2, 3, 4; President Student Body 4. JAMES CECIL LAMBERT HUNTINGTON, W. VA. Life Service Group 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2; Library Assistant 1931-1932, Summer School, and 1932-33. ANTJE LOCKE MILTON, W. VA. Y. W. C. A. 1 ; Blackfriars 2; Polyglot Club 2, 3; Junior Class Representative to Rosa Harvey Student Government Council 3. CLARENCE MASON SETH, W. VA. ZETA KAPPA President of Sophomore Class. HARVEYAN 19 3 3 ERNEST McCOY OAK HILL, W. VA. PHI SIGMA PHI Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Tennis 1, 2; Varsity Club 1 , 2, 3, 4, President 4; Phi Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2; Polyglot Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3; the Morris Harvey Singers 2, 3, 4; Comet Staff 2; Blackfriars 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Class President 4; Elected Most Representative College Man 4. TOPSY O ' DELL PEACH CREEK, W. VA. ALPHA MU, CHI BETA PHI SIGMA Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, Secretary 2; Blackfriars 1, 2; Polyglot Club, President 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Comet Staff 1, 2, 3; Alpha Mu Sorority 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; College Cheerleader 3, 4; Rosa Harvey Student Government Council 3; Pan-Hellenic Council of Sororities, President 4; Editor Harveyan 4; Class Secretary 4; Chi Beta Phi Sigma, Charter Mem- ber Gamma Chapter 4; Elected Most Representative College Woman 4. BELTRAN SHERWOOD PHILLIPS BELINGTON, W. VA. PHI SIGMA PHI Broaddus College 1, 2; Marshall College; Phi Sigma Phi, President 4; Black- friars, Vice-President 4; Student Representative to American Country Life Conference 4. PAUL L. PHILLIPS BELINGTON, W. VA. PHI SIGMA PHI Glenville State Teachers College 1, 2; Canterbury Club 1, 2; Debate Club 1, 2; First Place State Collegiate Debate Team Contest 2; Phi Sigma Phi 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Sigma Upsilon 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Debate Club 3, 4, Secre- tary 3, President 4; Vice-President Senior Class 4; Second Place State Col- legiate Debate Team Contest 3; French Club 4. HARVEYAN 19 3 3 GATHA GAE RAMSEY LEANDER, W. VA. JACKIE ROGERS MINDEN, W. VA. CHI BETA PHI, ZETA KAPPA, SIGMA UPSILON Zeta Kappa Fraternity I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Sigma Upsilon 2, 3, 4, President 3; Chi Beta Phi Fraternity 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 4; Poly- glot Club, Secretary-Treasurer 2; Class President 2, Class Treasurer 3; Comet Staff, Feature Editor 2, Editor-in-Chief 3; Harveyan Staff, Business Manager 2, Associate Editor 4; Member Student Council 2, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-Captain 3; Student Assistant in General Biology 2, 3, Botany 3, 4, Forestry 3. WALTER WILLIAM STANLEY CINDERELLA, W. VA. PHI SIGMA PHI Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity ], 2 , 3 , 4; Polyglot Club 2 , 3; Debating Club 1. VEDA LOUISE SWANN BARBOURSVILLE, W. VA. ALPHA MU Class Vice-President 1; Blackfriars 1; Sigma Upsilon Play Cast 1, 2. HARVEYAN 19 3 3 SALLYE ELIZABETH TURNER BARBOURSVILLE, W. VA. Concord State College 1, 2; Basketball 1; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Hikers Club 1; Standard Normal Graduate 2; Morris Harvey 3, 4; Polyglot Club 3. ARGEL JAMES WARNER BUCKHANNON, W. VA. PHI SIGMA PHI, CHI BETA PHI, SIGMA UPSILON Phi Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Chi Beta Phi 2, 3, 4, President 3; Sigma Upsilon 2, 3, 4, President 4; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Blackfriars 1 2, 3; Football 1, 2; Vice-President of Student Body 3; Polyglot Club 1, 2, 3; 4-H Club, President 3; Comet Staff 1, 2, 3. i MINNIE JANE REINWALD HUNTINGTON, W. VA. GRACE MAXWELL YOUNG CLENDENIN, W. VA. Pierian Literary Society, Standard Normal Graduate Morris Harvey College 1914; Later Attended Marshall and Morris Harvey; Teacher in Clendenin High School. HARVEY AN 19 3 3 CLASS OF 1934 Motto: " To Strive, to Seek, to Find, But Not to Yield " Colors: Green ond White Flower: White Rose Raymond Forbes - Ralph Bird Wanda Clark OFFICERS - President Vice-President Sec ' y-T reas. MEMBERS ROBERT BAYLOUS RALPH BIRD WANDA CLARK FLOYD CONANT HARRY COPLIN ROBERT EASTON JENNINGS FAST RAYMOND FORBES ELLIOTT GIBSON GERTRUDE GOTHARD GERALDINE KIDD RUSSELL KILGORE JOHN B. McCORKLE RAY MARTIN DOROTHY MILLER KYLE MORRISON VIVIAN SANSOM BERNICE SPENCER ALVA T. STEWART OKEY SUMMERS ROBERT TALLEY HARLEY TOWNSEND WILLIAM WADE HERBERT WAGNER JUNIORS WANDA CLARK Surveyor, W. Va. FLOYD CONANT Leroy, W. Va. ROBERT EASTON Minden, W. Va. GERTRUDE GOTHARD Barboursville, W. Va. JENNINGS FAST Charleston, W. Va. RAYMOND FORBES Oak Hill, W. Va. GERALDINE KIDD Omar, W. Va. RAY MARTIN Coeburn, Va. DOROTHY MILLER Barboursville, W. Va. OKEY SUMMERS Huntington, W. Va. ROBERT TALLEY Milton, W. Va. HERBERT WAGNER Park Hill, Pa. HARVEYAN 19 3 3 H ARVEYAN I ? 3 3 ■■ CLASS OF 1935 Motto: " Onward and Upward Colors: Blue and White Flower: Sweet Pea OFFICERS Richard Defibaugh - Cecil Rimmer - Emma Margaret Doss - Clarence Scott - President Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Dr. Alpha L. Owens Faculty Advisor GOLZA ADKINS PAUL AMOS EUGENE ARCHER MELVIN BAILES MAY BEAL JEAN BIGGART MARY LOU BRADY MARGARET BURDETTE CURTIS CABELL LIONEL CANTERBURY MAUDE CHAPMAN MEDA CHAPMAN BYRON COON WILBUR COX J. EDWARD DAVIS GENEVA DAVIS ELEANOR DAWSON RICHARD DEFIBAUGH CHARLES DICKINSON EMMA MARGARET DOSS HOMER EGGLESTON A. C. FORSYTH, JR. MEMBERS CHARLES GATEWOOD ELSIE GEREN LOUISE GIBBS SYLVIA GOTHARD FRED GRIFFIN RUTH HEROLD ALETHA HINCHMAN TOM HOLSTEIN SHIRLEY COLE HUGHES TRACY KITTLE THOMAS W. LONG DORIS LUSTER MILTON S. LYCAN JOHN ARTHUR McDONALD RICHARD MALLORY NELL MARTIN ADOLPH MARUSHI THOMAS MEHEN CARL MILLER JAMES MURRILL VIRGINIA MURRILL DELSIA NOE ALICE NUTTER LAMBUTH NUTTER LLOYD NUTTER FRED OXENDALE SAM POLITANO JENNINGS ROBERTS ANNA MAE RICHMOND CECIL RIMMER HOWARD RUTTER GORDON SANDERS CLARENCE SCOTT BRONEY SEWENSKI AVA MAE SYCAFOOSE EMORY TAMPLIN KENNETH VAUGHT MARGARET VITEZ JOHN WATKINS PAUL WATKINS ELMER WILSON EARL YEAGER HARVEYAN 19 3 3 SOPHOMORES GOLZA ADKINS Hamlin, W. Va. EUGENE ARCHER Parkersburg, W. Va. MAY BEAL Reedy, W. Va. JEAN BIGGART Huntington, W. Va. MARY LOU BRADY Barboursville, W. Va. BYRON COON Seth, W. Va. WILBUR COX Charleston, W. Va. GENEVA DAVIS Prichard, W. Va. ELEANOR DAWSON Ashland, Ky. RICHARD DEFIBAUGH Parkersburg, W. Va. EMMA MARGARET DOSS Huntington, W. Va. LOUISE GIBBS Frankfort, Ky. SOPHOMORES T RUTH HEROLD Cowen, W. Va. TOM HOLSTEIN Hurricane, W. Va. TRACY KITTLE Sandyville, W. Va. NELL MARTIN Barboursville, W. Va. ADOLPH MARUSHI Rossmore, W. Va. DELSIA NOE Marmst, W. Va. SAM POLITANO Point Marion, Pa. ANNA MAE RICHMOND Inez, Ky. CECIL RIMMER Belle, W. Va. GORDON SANDERS South Portsmouth, Ky. EMORY TAMPLIN Racine, W. Va. MARGARET VITEZ Cleveland, Ohio HARVEYAN 19 3 3 SOPHOMORES RUTH HEROLD Cowen, W. Va. TOM HOLSTEIN Hurricane, W. Va. TRACY KITTLE Sandyville, W. Va. NELL MARTIN Barboursville, W. Va. ADOLPH MARUSHI Rossmore, W. Va. DELSIA NOE Marmet, W. Va. SAM POLITANO Point Marion, Pa. ANNA MAE RICHMOND Inez, Ky. CECIL RIMMER Belle, W. Va. GORDON SANDERS South Portsmouth, Ky. EMORY TAMPLIN Racine, W. Va. MARGARET VITEZ Cleveland, Ohio WARVEYAN 19 3 3 H ARVEYAN 19 3 3 Colors: Green and Gray CLASS OF 1936 Motto: " Green But Growing ' Flower: Blue Bonnet OFFICERS Jack Lee - Alice Kirk - Helen Nelson Christine Burns - Paul Barnes - - President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer - Sergeant-at-Arms Mr. Mendell E. Beattie Faculty Advisor JOEL ADKINS CLARK ANKRUM PAUL BARNES HAZEL BARRETT COSBY BLACKWOOD MARY BLACKWOOD HAROLD BRASH MARY BRONAUGH JESSIE BRUMFIELD FRED BURGESS GOLDEN BURGESS CHRISTINE BURNS ERMA CARR NOEL CHRISTIAN SHELDON CLAY JENNIE MARIE COOKSEY CLARICE COON SCOTT CRAFT ORCELIA DAVIS FREEMAN DIRTON HUBERT ELLISON GRAHAM ESTLER LEIGHTON FARLEY NADELL HAGER MEMBERS ROBERTA HASH HALLIE HATFIELD BEATRICE HENDERSON ARTHELIA HILLEARY THOMAS J. HOPSON ROBERT H. HUGHES JOE W. JARRELL CLAIR JARVIS MASON JEFFRIES RUTH JERNIGAN RALEIGH JIMISON ADAM JOHNSON EARL JUSTICE ALICE KIRK JACK LEE MAISIE LEGG IVA LOCKE CHARLES McCLINTOCK MABEL McCLINTOCK MAX IE McCOMAS Charles McDaniel MILDRED McKINNON LUTHER MARTIN J. T. MOORE JUNIOR MOORE LEWIS MORRISON BOYD MYNES HELEN NELSON GROVER O ' CONNOR KATHRYN PANCAKE E. O. PETRIE, JR. OPAL ROBERTS MARY ROGERS GEORGE ROWE SAM SEE CHARLINE SHANNON FREDERICK SMITH EDWARD STAFFORD CLYDE STARCHER BERT STALLINGS RUBY STEWART DORA STUART C. J. SUTER MICHAEL TIERNAN SARAH THORNBURG DOROTHEA UPDYKE LAMBERT WATSON ROBERT YOAK FRESHMEN ▼ JOEL ADKINS Hamlin, W. Va. HAZEL BARRETT Henlawson, W. Va. MARY BLACKWOOD Milton, W. Va. HAROLD BRASH Glen Morgan, W. Va. CHRISTINE BURNS Russell, Ky. ERMA CARR Fort Gay, W. Va. NOEL CHRISTIAN Beckley, W. Va. SHELDON CLAY Greenbush, Minnesota JENNIE MARIE COOKSEY Prichard, W. Va. CLARICE COON Van, W. Va. SCOTT CRAFT Watergap, Ky. CRCELIA DAVIS Reedy, W. Va. HALL IE HATFIELD Barboursville, W. Va. JOE W. JARRELL Prestonsburg, Ky. MASON JEFFRIES Lewisburg, W. Va. HARVEYAN 19 3 3 FRESHMEN T RALEIGH JIMISON Milton, W. Vo. RUTH JERNIGAN Charleston, W. Va. ALICE KIRK Paintsville, Ky. JACK LEE Peach Creek, W. Va. I VA LOCKE Milton, W. Va. LUTHER MARTIN Hinton, W. Va. MAX IE McCOMAS Madison, W. Va. HELEN NELSON Madison, W. Va. GROVER O ' CONNOR Dayton, Ohio EMSEY O. PETRIE, JR. Barboursville, W. Va. MARY ROGERS Parkersburg, W. Va. GEORGE ROWE Fort Gay, W. Va. SAM SEE Louisa, Ky. CHARLINE SHANNON Louisa, Ky. EDWARD STAFFORD Barboursville, W. Va. SARAH THORNBURG Huntington, W. Va. DOROTHEA UPDYKE Barboursville, W. Va. ROBERT D. YOAK Barboursville, W. Va. HARVEY AN 19 3 3 BOOK II. ACTIVITIES STUDENT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL JOHN A. JACKSON, JR. President of the Student Body RUSSELL G. KILGORE Vice-President of the Student Body MARY JO CARSON Secretary-Treasurer of the Student Body ADOLPH MARUSHI Sergeant-at-Arms SUE AMOLE Senior Class Representative JACKIE ROGERS Senior Class Representative FLOYD CONANT Junior Class Representative RUSSELL G. KILGORE Junior Class Representative ELEANOR DAWSON Sophomore Class Representative EARL YEAGER Sophomore Class Representative CHARLINE SHANNON Freshman Class Representative EARL JUSTICE Freshman Class Representative HARVEYAN 19 3 3 PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL OF SORORITIES Topsy O ' Dell - Shirley Cole Hughes Mary Jo Carson - OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-T reasurer Alpha Mu JERRY KIDD TOPSY O ' DELL REPRESENTATIVES Fhi Kappa Sigma SUE AMOLE SHIRLEY COLE HUGHES Phi Lambda Tau MARY LOU BRADY MARY JO CARSON MARVEYAN 19 3 3 Ml THE BLACKFRIAR PLAYERS OFFICERS Ernest McCoy Beltran Phillips Sue Amole - Clarence Scott Directors Business Managers Alice Kirk Jennings Fast SUE AMOLE CLARK ANKRUM HAZEL BARRETT ROBERT BAYLOUS MAY BEAL HAROLD BRASH MARGARET BURDETTE CHRISTINE BURNS MARY JO CARSON NOEL CHRISTIAN WILBUR COX MEMBERS SCOTT CRAFT ELEANOR DAWSON RICHARD DEFIBAUGH HUBERT ELLISON JENNINGS FAST TOM HOLSTEIN SHIRLEY HUGHES RUTH JERNIGAN ALICE KIRK JACK LEE ERNEST McCOY Arthur McDonald - President Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Mrs. A. C. Blackwell Miss Margaret Hynes JUNIOR MOORE VIRGINIA MURRILL GROVER O ' CONNOR BELTRAN PHILLIPS SAM POLITANO GATHA RAMSEY CLARENCE SCOTT CHARLINE SHANNON CLYDE STARCHER AMIE VARNER ROBERT YOAK HARVE YAN 19 3 3 THE MORRIS HARVEY SINGERS Genevieve Garrett Nilan Director ACCOMPANISTS Elizabeth Thurmond Moore SOPRANO SUE AMOLE LOUISE GIBBS RUTH JERNIGAN ANNA MAE RICHMOND MRS. LEONARD RIGGLEMAN DOROTHEA UPDYKE TENOR PAUL AMOS EUGENE ARCHER JENNINGS FAST ERNEST McCOY Arthur McDonald HOBERT VAUGHT Amie Childress Varner ALTO RUTH ALEXANDER MARY JO CARSON EMMA MARGARET DOSS ISABEL MURRILL MRS. HOBERT VAUGHT BASS PAUL BARNES SCOTT CRAFT HUBERT ELLISON RAY GRAY EARL JUSTICE LEWIS MORRISON CLARENCE SCOTT KENNETH VAUGHT HARVEYAN 19 3 3 WESLEY STUDENT ORGANIZATION OFFICERS Elmer S. Wilson President Jennings Fast Vice-President May Beal - - - - - S ecretary-Treasurer A. J. Walton .... Sponsor MEMBERS CLARK ANKRUM THOMAS HOPSON BELTRAN PHILLIPS MELVIN BAILES CLAIR JARVIS E. KYLE SAWYERS MAY BEAL J. C. LAMBERT FREDERICK SMITH LACY H. BURNS LEWIS MORRISON OKEY SUMMERS JENNINGS FAST WALTER OVERSTREET ELMER S. WILSON FRED OXENDALE HARVEYAN 19 3 3 TOPSY O ' DELL Editor JACKIE ROGERS Assistant Editor RAYMOND FORBES Business Manager THE HARVEYAN STAFF ROBERT TALLEY Assistant Business Manager CARL MILLER Advertising Manager GORDON SANDERS • Art Editor EMMA MARGARET DOSS Class Editor SHIRLEY COLE HUGHES Organization Editor WILLIAM WADE Athletics Editor MR. CALDWELL DUDLEY Advisor OFFICERS Topsy O ' Dell President Jerry Kidd Vice-President Ruth Herold Secretary Louise Gibbs - - Treasurer Mrs. Genevieve Garrett Nilan Sponsor LOUISE GIBBS, ' 35 RUTH HEROLD, ' 35 JERRY KIDD, ' 34 ACTIVE MEMBERS IN COLLEGE TOPSY O ' DELL, ' 33 ANNA MAE RICHMOND, ' 35 LOUISE SWANN, ' 33 NADELL HAGER, ' 36 RUTH JERNIGAN, ' 36 PLEDGES ALICE KIRK, ' 36 MAX IE McCOMAS, ' 36 HELEN NELSON, ' 36 MARY BINFORD LELIA NUTTER FIFE NELL JIMISON McCLUNG ALUMNAE IN URBE ALYCE THOMPSON SMITH BETTIE ALLEN VALLANDINGHAM TRUBY VANCE HARVEYAN 19 3 3 LOUISE GIBBS RUTH HEROLD RUTH JERNIGAN JERRY KIDD ALICE KIRK MAXIE McCOMAS HELEN NELSON ANNA MAE RICHMOND LOUISE SWANN TOPSY O ' DELL HARVEYAN 19 3 3 PHI LAMBDA TAU SORORITY OFFICERS Mary Jo Carson Mary Lou Brady - Virginia Murrill - Emma Margaret Doss - - President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Miss Florence Howard Mrs. Charles R. Morris Mrs. Ashby C. Blackwell Mrs. Raymond H. Curry MARY LOU BRADY, ' 35 CHRISTINE BURNS, ' 36 MARY JO CARSON, ' 33 WANDA CLARK, ' 34 EMMA MARGARET DOSS, ' 35 IRENE EASTER, ' 34 ARTHELIA HILLEARY, ' 36 MILDRED LUCILLE McKINNON, ' 36 MERLE MARTIN, ' 36 MARY LEE MITCHELL, ' 32 ISABEL MURRILL, ' 32 VIRGINIA MURRILL, ' 35 OLIVE RIGGLEMAN, ' 32 VIVIAN SANSOM, ' 34 MARGARET VITEZ, ' 35 ANNE WILLIAMS, ' 35 WOODALL, ' 35 Sponsor Patroness Patroness Patroness HARVEYAN 19 3 3 MRS. A. C. BLACKWELL EMMA MARGARET DOSS ISABEL MURRILL MARY LOU BRADY FLORENCE HOWARD OLIVE RIGGLEMAN MARY JO CARSON MERLE MARTIN MARGARET VITEZ WANDA CLARK MARY LEE MITCHELL NELLE WOODALL HARVEY AN 19 3 3 PHI KAPPA SIGMA SORORITY OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor Patroness Shirley Cole Hughes Eleanor Dawson - Mary Varner - Dr. Alpha Owens - Mrs. C. L. Shilliday MEMBERS IN SUE AMOLE ERMA CARR GENEVA DAVIS ELEANOR DAWSON COLLEGE SHIRLEY COLE HUGHES MARY ROGERS SARAH THORNBURG DOROTHEA UPDYKE AMIE VARNER FAYE BRYAN LOIS BRYAN MEMBERS IN URBE MABEL VARNER MARY VARNER HARVEYAN 19 3 3 mmmmm SUE AMOLE ERMA CARR GENEVA DAVIS ELEANOR DAWSON SHIRLEY HUGHES MARY ROGERS SARAH THORNBURG DOROTHEA UPDYKE HARVEYAN TJ EPSILON EPSILON CHAPTER OF CHI BETA PHI National Scientific Fraternity National Order Founded 1916 Epsilon Chapter Established May 19, 1923 OFFICERS Floyd Conant - Raymond Forbes Jackie Rogers - John B. McCorkle Hobert Vaught - President - Vice-President - Corresponding Sec ' y - Recording Sec ' y Treasurer FRATRES IN FACULTATE A. C. BLACKWELL L . j. MITCHELL C. L. SHILLIDAY A. j. WALTON W. H. WALKER RALPH BIRD FLOYD CONANT HARRY COPLIN RAYMOND FORBES JOHN JACKSON RUSSELL KILGORE FRATRES IN COLLEGIO RAY MARTIN JOHN B. McCORKLE JACKIE ROGERS EDWARD SMITH HOBERT VAUGHT ARGEL WARNER H ARVEYAN 19 3 3 ALPHA CHAPTER OF ZETA KAPPA National Social Fraternity Founded at Morris Harvey College, March 14, 1923 OFFICERS Robert Talley Cecil Rimmer Russell Kilgore - Floyd Conant - - President Vice-President Secreta ry T reasurer FRATRES IN FACULTATE A. C. BLACKWELL RALPH BIRD, ' 34 FLOYD CONANT, ' 34 BYRON COON, ' 35 HARRY COPLIN, ' 34 RAYMOND FORBES, ' 34 JOE FRY, ' 33 HAROLD BRASH, ' 36 C. N. FANNIN, ' 24 JOHN T. FIFE, ' 24 W. V. CHRISTIAN, ' 24 FRATRES IN COLLEGIO ELLIOTT GIBSON, ' 34 ROBERT HUGHES, ' 36 JOHN JACKSON, ' 33 RUSSELL KILGORE, ' 34 TRACY KITTLE, ' 36 RAY MARTIN, ' 34 ADOLPH MARUSHI, ' 35 PLEDGES TOM HOLSTEIN, ' 35 FRATRES IN URBE LAUREL MAY, ' 32 FRANK HAGER, ' 27 CLARENCE MASON, ' 33 CECIL RIMMER, ' 35 JACKIE ROGERS, ' 33 SAM SEE, ' 36 ROBERT TALLEY, ' 34 EMORY TAMPLIN, ' 35 CARL MILLER, ' 35 MURICE BECKETT RAYMOND WALKER HANSFORD WELCH HARVEYAN 19 3 3 Top Row PROF. A. C. BLACKWELL HAROLD BRASH FLOYD CONANT BYRON COON Second Row RAYMOND FORBES JOE FRY ELLIOTT GIBSON TOM HOLSTEIN Third Row JOHN JACKSON TRACY KITTLE ADOLPH MARUSHI CLARENCE MASON Bottom Row CECIL RIMMER JACKIE ROGERS SAM SEE ROBERT TALLEY BETA CHAPTER OF PHI SIGMA PHI FRATERNITY National Order Founded at Concord College, October 14, 1927 Beta Chapter Founded 1 929 Beltran Phillips - Richard Defibaugh Clarence Scott Paul Phillips - OFFICERS EUGENE ARCHER LIONEL CANTERBURY EDDIE CHAFFIN NOEL CHRISTIAN SCOTT CRAFT RICHARD DEFIBAUGH ROBERT EASTON JENNINGS FAST ACTIVE MEMBERS RAY GRAY JOE JARRELL EARL JUSTICE JACK LEE CECIL LINDSAY ERNEST McCOY TOM MEHEN KYLE MORRISON - President Vice-President Secretary T reasurer JAMES MURRILL GROVER O ' CONNOR BELTRAN PHILLIPS PAUL PHILLIPS GORDON SANDERS CLARENCE SCOTT WALTER STANLEY ARGEL WARNER HARVEYAN 19 3 3 Bottom Row PAUL PHILLIPS GORDON SANDERS WALTER STANLEY ARGEL WARNER ■I HARVEYAN 19 3 3 Top Row EUGENE ARCHER NOEL CHRISTIAN SCOTT CRAFT RICHARD DEFIBAUGH Second Row ROBERT EASTON JENNINGS FAST JOE JARRELL JACK LEE Third Row CECIL LINDSAY ERNEST McCOY GROVER O ' CONNOR BELTRAN PHILLIPS fiwiwaBR i DEBATE TEAMS Affirmative Team JEAN BIGGART ELMER DICKINSON Negative Team CLARENCE SCOTT PAUL PHILLIPS ... e 3ate ®9 9age In a nunr| ber of intercollegiate debates with colleges of the West Virginia Intercollegiate Speech Association The Attirmative team engaged in non-decision debates with West Virginia Wes- leyan and Marshall Colleges. The negative team met Salem, West Virginia Wesleyan, Marshall, and Shepherd Colleges. In the state debate tourna- ment the affirmative team defeated West Liberty Teachers College and the negative team defeated Concord College. Each team placed third on their respective sides out of the nine colleges represented. HARVEYAN 19 3 3 BOOK III. FEATURES HARVEYAN 19 3 3 BOOK IV. ATHLETICS martin McDaniel dirton marushi 1932 FOOTBALL SEASON Nine defeats in nine games was the record of the Golden Eagles for the 1932 football season. The Golden Eagles opened the season on September 24 against Thiel College at Greenville, Pa. They made a good showing, holding the strong Lutheran eleven to a score of 19-0. All three touchdowns came as the re- sults of breaks of which the victors made the utmost. Until late in the final period it was an almost even contest between two stubborn defensive lines. The climax of the season for the Eagles came on September 30, when they played Marshall College at Fairfield Stadium. Huntington sports writ- ers agreed with Morris Harvey rooters that the Red and Gold warriors out- played their ancient foes the greater part of the contest. The Methodist line was clearly superior to the forward wall of the Green. But a superior K. VAUGHT FARLEY WAGNER TAMPLIN POLITANO BARNES ROBERTS FORSYTH passing attack enabled the Herd to win, 13-0. In the second Quarter the Eagles were pounding at the opposing goal line and believed that they had scored but the referee ruled otherwise. Morris Harvey encountered Bluefield College at Bluefield on October 8 and lost, 12-6. In the early part of the fray the Eagle backs, particularly Canterbury and Rutter, made long gains. But within a few minutes both ot them were forced from the game by injuries, thereby greatly weakening the team. The Rambling Reds made most of their gains on passes. McDonald blocked a punt and the Eagles recovered the ball on the Red two-yard line, Wagner taking the ball off left tackle for a touchdown. A smooth running Glenville College eleven handed the Eagles their worst beating of the season October 14 at Kanawha Park, Charleston, knif- ing and battering their way through the Red and Gold line for a 38-6 victory. Morris Harvey ' s only score came in the fourth quarter when, on a power O ' CONNOR CANTERBURY McDONALD RUTTER GRIFFIN HOLSTEIN YEAGER BLACKWOOD play through the center of the line, Canterbury carried the ball 35 yards for a touchdown. Superb punting by O ' Connor and consistent playing by Canterbury and Wagner in the backfield were other bright spots in the game. The Golden Eagles met the Salem College Tigers in a charity contest on Washington Irving Field, Cl arksburg, October 21, and lost by a score of 15-6. Morris Harvey scored in the latter part of the fourth quarter as the result of two long passes. They advanced the ball 70 yards in two plays. Wagner threw a bullet pass to Roberts from the 30 and the latter ran to the Salem 43 before Fagler brought him down. Wagner on the next play threw a beautiful long pass to Martin who caught the ball, running full tilt for the Salem goal. Displaying a marked reversal of form the Eagles held the undefeated University of Dayton eleven to an 18-0 score at the Dayton stadium on the SMITH JUSTICE McCORKLE LEE BAYLOUS MEHEN MILLER McCOY night of October 28. A new combination was used in the line and it showed up particularly well. Griffin ' s work at center was especially noticeable. O ' Connor made a favorable impression upon the home town fans by his punting. He got off H kicks successfully for an average of 35 yards. Some of them traveled 60 yards. Sloshing through the mud on a rain-soaked gridiron, West Liberty College pushed over two touchdowns to win from Morris Harvey, 12 to 0, at New Martinsville on November 5. The Eagles came within inches of scoring in the final period after recovering a West Liberty fumble on its 45-yard line but was held for downs. Keen disappointment greeted the home-coming crowd which braved the low temperature and biting wind at King Field on November 1 2 to see Morris Harvey play Transylvania College from Lexington, Ky. Believing that the Eagles would win they were shocked to see the visitors emerge victorious by a score of 7-0. Four times in the third period the Eagles had the ball within the 20-yard line but were unable to score. Wagner and Rutter bore the brunt of the Eagle attack. The feature of the defensive work was the stellar performance of Griffin at center. Morris Harvey closed the 1932 season at Latrobe, Pa., on November 18, by losing to the Bearcats of St. Vincent College by a score of 25-0. A strong aerial attack in the closing minutes of play gave the victors the majority of their points. After the close of the season Cosby Blackwood was chosen as a guard on Pat Beacom ' s All-Conference team, while Joe Miller was named a guard on the United Press All-State eleven. VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD OF 1933 Back Row: — NUTTER, RIMMER, YEAGER, POLITANO, Student Manager; ROBERTS, O ' CONNOR, TAMPLIN, WAGNER. Front Row: — FORSYTH, Student Manager; GRIFFIN, McCORKLE, MARUSHI, FORBES, Captain; RUTTER, BAYLOUS, HOLSTEIN, DR. W. H. WALKER, Coach. EAGLE RECORD Morris Harvey Freshmen - - - 17 Morris Harvey _ _ _ _ _ 15 Brockman ' s Lunch - - - - 50 Morris Harvey _ - - - - 47 Brockman ' s Lunch - - - - 22 Morris Harvey - - - _ _ 29 Alumni - - - - 41 Morris Harvey _ _ - - _ 29 Marshall - - - - 56 Morris Harvey - - - - - 25 Pikeville - - - - 33 Morris Harvey - - - - - 40 Davis and Elkins - - - - 50 Morris Harvey - - - - - 24 St. Thomas - - - - - 45 Morris Harvey - - - - - 35 West Liberty - - - - 42 Morris Harvey - - - - - 40 Bluefield - - - - 37 Morris Harvey - - - - - 47 Concord - - - - 30 Morris Harvey - - - - - 38 Glenville - - - - 64 Morris Harvey - - - - - 39 Pikeville - - - - 37 Morris Harvey _ - - - - 51 Rio Grande - - - - 43 Morris Harvey - - - - - 31 West Liberty - - - - 32 Morris Harvey - - - - - 41 Glenville - - - - 63 Morris Harvey - - - - - 25 Rio Grande - - - - 31 Morris Harvey - - - - - 33 Bluefield - - - - - 40 Morris Harvey - - - - - 51 Marshall - - - - 52 Morris Harvey - - - - - 30 New River State - - - - 44 Morris Harvey - - - - - 45 Salem - - - - - 41 Morris Harvey - - - - 34 New River State - - - - 30 Morris Harvey - - - - - 23 Concord - - - - 42 Morris Harvey - - - - - 63 HARVEYAN 19 3 3 MORRIS HARVEY FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD OF 1933 Back Row: — JACK LEE, Student Manager; JIMISON, MYNES, CLAY, BURGESS, PETRIE, KITTLE, M. E. BEATTIE, Coach Front Row:— HATFIELD, MARTIN, JOHNSON, CRAFT, DIRTON, Captain. SEASON RECORD Kanawha College - Varsity - Barboursville C. Or O. Betsy Lane, Ky. - Prestonsburg, Ky. - Kanawha College - Logan High School - Hurricane Independents Huntington Hardware Hamlin High School - Huntington Red Men - Hurricane Independents Hamlin High School - Capital City Commercial College Huntington High " B " Barboursville C. O. Milton High School - Guyan Valley High School - Huntington High " B " r Milton High School - Barboursville High School - The Freshmen won six 1 7 Freshmen - 1 5 Freshmen - - - - - 1 6 Freshmen - 22 Freshmen - 19 Freshmen - 31 Freshmen - 31 Freshmen - 32 Freshmen - 22 Freshmen - 22 Freshmen - 21 Freshmen - 37 Freshmen - 24 Freshmen - 33 Freshmen - 20 Freshmen - 21 Freshmen - 19 Freshmen - 1 2 Freshmen - 1 5 Freshmen - 3 1 Freshmen - 1 6 Freshmen - r games, the records of which were lost. 24 17 21 17 27 41 27 31 29 26 14 43 20 32 31 22 32 36 33 35 32 HARVEYAN 19 3 3 GOLDEN EAGLE TRACK SQUAD OF 1933 Back Row: — RUTTER, MYNES, JUSTICE, MURRILL, ELLISON, SCOTT Middle Row:— JARRELL, BIRD, BRASH, JEFFRIES, COX, PETRIE, WADE. Front Row: — Politano, Student Manager; MEHEN, SANDERS, MILLER, BARNES MARTIN O ' CONNOR M. E. BEATTIE, Coach. GOLDEN EAGLE BASEBALL SQUAD OF 1933 Back Row: — WILSON, GIBSON, CRAFT, SMITH, ROBERTS, JOHNSON, LEE. Middle Row: — DR. W. H. WALKER, Coach; SEWENSKI, McDANIEL, GATEWOOD, HOLSTEIN FRY, TAMPLIN, FORSYTH, Student Manager. Front Row:— BAYLOUS, CHAFFIN, ROGERS, HATFIELD, WAGNER, GRIFFIN, RIMMER. HARVEYAN 19 3 3 ' THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE ' " The Liberal Arts College " Character building through edu- cation is the main objective of a Chris- tian college. It reenforces education at the weakest point. " " Narrowing grooves of specializa- tion require corresponding emphasis on broad culture, if democracy is to succeed. " " Liberal arts training is centered about the student and teaching rather than about subject matter and re- search. " " Ability to think clearly is a neces- sity in this day of complex social life. It distinguishes the superior from the mediocre man. " These quotations apply to Morris Harvey, a standard four year Liberal Arts College, now approaching its Fif- tieth Anniversary. Its scope of service is increasing with the years. MORRIS HARVEY COLLEGE LEONARD RIGGLEMAN President BARBOURSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA HARVEYAN 19 3 3 HUNTINGTON ' S OLDEST AND LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE Anderson ! Newcomb ; HUNTINGTON - WEST VIRGINIA f | ! Natural Gas j Compliments of . . . EMMONS - HAWKINS I c i 1 1 HARDWARE j CLEAN CO. ECONOMICAL HUNTINGTON - WEST VIRGINIA DEPENDABLE 1 i Where Courtesy and Service Meet THE j 1 j United NATIONAL STUDIO 905 Vz THIRD AVE. Huntington - West Virginia j ! Fuel Gas Co. i 1 Official Photographers to the j 1933 HARVEYAN j X GREYHOUND 601 VIRGINIA ST. CHARLESTON, W. VA. There’s just one way to make the trip to Chicago World’s Fair IF YOU WANT TO SAVE MONEY— AND SEE THE COUNTRY ! S ' fl[ " HAT ' S to go by Atlantic Greyhound bus. First of all, the III cost is far, far less than other public transportation — about one-third the cost of driving your own car — even less than gasoline and oil. Second, these modern buses are amaz- ingly comfortable — stopovers can be made at interesting places, round trip tickets allow liberal return privileges. And it ' s truly a wonderful Exposition. Life, color, excitement — two years of education packed into one week. For complete information call at the local Greyhound office, or write for pictorial folder to MM HARVEYAN 19 3 3 I I I j j j I I I I I I I I I I j I I j i i i i i ! i i i j j i i i i i i i i i i CONSULT YOUR ELECTRICAL DEALER ON the ease and convenience of electrical appliances for HOUSE CLEANING Published in the interest of the Electrical Con- tractors and Dealers by Appalachian Electric Power Company I S YOUR house equipped for easy operation? Think for a moment of all you must do to keep it clean and attractive. There are curtains to be washed and ironed . . . slip covers that must be laundered . . . furni- ture and draperies to be cleaned . . . floors to be swept and polished. All these things can be done in half the time and with much less than half the labor by using electrical appliances instead of old-fash ioned implements Call on your electrical dealei to-day and ask him to show you the newest models . . . vacuum cleaners . . . washing machines— irons and floor pol- ishers. He will gladly demon- strate the latest improved de- vices and you will be surprised at the present low prices of these labor saving machines. HARVEYAN 19 3 3 LITHOGRAPHING COMPANY DESIGNERS » PRINTERS OF FINE COLLEGE ANNUALS KNOXVILLE. TENN U.S.A. fersonaf co-ope ufon ai f fie staff the jofan i rp a cf aes pni ip of ffe - a ? n af s a aef n te - of of r service. - l M ARVEYAN 19 3 3 OUND managerial policies and long, 1 successful experience have provided q adequate us with sufficient equipment personnel, and ample resources to render dependable service as artists and makers of fine printing plates. That you will be secure from chance, is our first promise. JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 817 Wast Washington Blvd., - Chicago, Illinois In the foreground - Ft. Dearborn rejected in Grant Park on Chicago ' s lake front. Illustration by Jahn Ollier Art Studios. H ARVEYAN 19 3 3 V

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