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The Rimrock 1970 Eastern Montana College Billings, MontanaThe greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that outlasts it. William lamesI'm not walking down there!12Fall Activity 14 Fall Sports 31 Winter Activity 48 Winter Sports 65 Spring Activity 82 Spring Sports 99 Royalty Division 117 Organizations 129 Faculty 169 Underclass 185 Seniors 227 Index 253 Fall Activity 14 Fall Sports 31 Winter Activity 48 Winter Sports 65 Spring Activity 82 Spring Sports 99 Royalty Division 117 Organizations 129 Faculty 169 Underclass 185 Seniors 227 Love is that pebble You see along the roadside. You step over it And then come back to pick it up. It fascinates you, You wonder what makes it like it is. You start to throw it away. And then decide to put it in your pocket, To show to someone else. 16 jim StarrShine Boy Shine!.Senator Mansfield L.A. DedicationPeace To be glad of life because it gives you thechanceto love and to work and to play and to look up at thestars To be satisfied with your possessions but not contented with yourself until you have made the best of them. To be governed by your admirations rather than by your disgusts, To covet nothing that is your neighbor's except kindness of heart and gentleness of manners. To think seldom of your enemies, often of your friends. These are little guide-posts on the footpath to peace. 19Drama Presents: "Roar of the Grease Paint,Tijuana Brass Joshue White EntertainmentGlen Yarborough Al Hirt More. . .24Thank Goodness for Mini's Nick Dick 25I remember those grey days of December-youth, When thesnows werecoming but somehow never came. And I thought of my life as a search for truth. When love was my own and girls were a game. I remember their smiles and their innocent beauty, When they were afraid, and so soft and so weak. When to make love was my only duty. And when afterwards they could not hear to speak. I remember thinking it could never end. For that was a necessary part of the game. But they were able to bend. And I remember that somehow-the snows came. Gregory R. WhiteChristmas '695 FALL SPORTS1%9 Yellow jackets, first Row, left to right Coach R I Lee, Charlie lit , Tim Morrow, Larry Clonmgei, Arlie Nelson, Mike Collins, Ted Warren, Monk Semansky, Dan Skilly, Richard Dean, Ion Simonkh, Larry Ziegler, Trainer Chuck Springer Second Row |oc Higgins, Nel Dnnkwalter, Ken Yatch, Stan Bileckli, Mike Handly, Mike Smith, Jim Dow, Larry Hanh, Paul Snyder. Wayne Smith, John Keidorow-ski Ihud Row Steve Conover, Bill Hill, Jim Anastasi, Mike foisted, Dan Harrington, Ken Zigsworth. Steve McGuire, Lynn Ahrens, Max Collins, Darrel Bneso, MkV Beedo. Defensive Coach Stan Kon-dacki Fourth Row Jim Kohles, Dave lynch, Jerry lone- . Tom Cambell, Steve Olander, Tracy Gilmore. Z B Houser, Jay Wildfong, Doug Watson. Ken Schubert, Managers Bob Wolfe, Jim Strickland fifth Row Randy fcker, 8ud Jelly, Id LaCasse, Bob Barone, John Cali-grone, Glenn Roach. Jim Dorn, lairy Noonan, Bob 8erry. Perry Deschamps, Tom Johnson, Assistant Coach Glenn Iverson Final Football Statistics Season Record E.M.C. Opponents 17 22 Kearney State College 3 14 Northern State College 31 28 Chadron State College 10 •33 Western Montana College 20 •6 Carroll College 30 •6 Northern Mont. College 21 •6 Rocky Mountain College 13 •6 Montana Tech 0 35 Colorado State College •conference game Season Summary EMC Opp lotal First Downs 139 114 Not Yards Rushing 1093 1159 Net Yards Passing 1165 910 Punts 52-2744 50-1652 Fumbles lost 17 17 Penalties 40-448 51-605 Field Goals 5 0 Pay Kicked 18 13 Safeties 2 1 Total Points 145 156 32E.M.C. Yellowjackets More left: Head Coach, Robert E. lee accepts congratulatory handshake at midfield from Rocky's Head Coach, Rose, for Eastern's victory over RMC Below Dave Hill sets his sights on the goalme against Colorado State34Kight Ted Warren sprints on a wide sweep Left EMC cheerleader, Imciy Marquardt displays her disgust at unfavorable score Below left Quarterback. Mike Smith unloosens a long bomb under heavy pressure ot North Dakota defense Jackets Finish Second in Conference Right An interne determination characterizes fMC linesmen Below Bodies fly in a Hurry of action against Colorado State far Right Larry Ziegler (15) throws interference for Larry Clonmger (39) who is returning a punt  38 ' Fierce Competition, a Desire to Win left Ted Warren is seemingly blocked oil Below Guards pull, crowds scream, bodies collide Football 1%9 Right Halfback, Bill Mill is brought down after substantial gam'Jackets Finish 5-4 on the Season Right Unidentified E M.C. linesman manhandle-his Rocky opponent Belovs Mike Smith search es for an open receiver as his protective pass pocket sets up far Right leading scorer (60 points) and ground gainer (over 500 yards) Randy Ecker rambles into the pit against Chad-ron State.I E.M.C. WrestlingLettermen for 1969-70 Don Blankenship won 3 lost 8 Tom Stetzner 1 8 Tim Zody 8 1 Bob Nedens 4 10 Cary Ihompson 3 4 Mike Matthews 6 3 Al Jimison 2 7 Emery Stevens 4 6 Steve Olander 6 6 Monty Haselhuhn 6 8 John Hill 1 9 Larry Noonan 3 4 The wrestling team battled matmen from Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho and Montana. There are hopes for a future Frontier Conference. Of the fourteen dual meets Fastern finished the season, 11 losses-3 wins. Other Wrestlers Include: Vic Uffleman 2 1 Ken Shubert 1 2 Ken Verley 2 3 Cary Preston 2 2 Tom Domme (wrestled exhibition) Wrestling 150 pounds and up the team gained experience in upper weights. Steve Olander and Monte FTaselhuhn showed much improvement. Tim Zody had an 8 in 1 record, one of the best light weight wrestlers on the teamE.M.C. Judo and Karate45C-C Runners Advance to Nationals letiermen shown above are-l irst Row, letl loR.ghi Haul Hamhorsi, Don Blankenship, Haul Carpenter, Wayne I ggum, Chris Southworrh. 1969 cross-country runners advanced to the National NAIA Cross-Country Meet in Oklahoma City after gaining the NAIA District 5 Championship. There they finished 20th out of 56 teams. The EMC. Harriers polished off a 19-1 season by Allen Markuson Bask Row lim Downs. Glenn Beall. Ken Devenes, Malcom Bailev. Mike Hlarlky, Phill Elrelmon capturing their fourth consecutive conference title They remained undefeated in conference action and placed five runners in what is considered the top six of the conference. )im Downs finished off his distinguished career at Eastern 46Fall Soccer Front Row, left lo Right Domonn Stilletti, Joe Cox, Gregg liene-man, Tom Montgomery, Jim White Back Row Jae Ho Park, George Dixon, Frank Votapka, Gary Votapka, John Nordlund Not Pictured lerry Kessler, Jahn Goiigoski, |ohn langeliers, Joe H.irhello 47Spring came early, but left quickly. 50A Bit of Tradition 51Work 52I Give!!! More. . . 53It's not like an apartment, but not quite a home. It's a surrounding but you never feel very settled. Dorm life is unique, college life even more. The real dorm and the real college are created by individuals, buddies, and friends sharing common experiences. Meeting a roommate - at close range. .. Vending machines that devour your last dime - and jam . . Fresh spring evenings and football games on the dorm lawn . . A 7 A.M. phone call on Sunday morning.... Forgetting to sign in, sneaking out .. A bucket of water layed against a door And Saga's soggy food Laughing all night Burning popcorn QUIET HOURS ?? A dip in the ditch . . . The kegs been raided Fire drills, and the line for the john Roommates that are in bed by 9 p.m.—and up at 5. .. Waiting for the party to begin A little consideration... a lot of patience... A big smile the challenge of being a student This is College Life.56Eastern is a combination of academic and relaxed atmosphere. Grassroots63Then Came Hopes of SpringSPORTSBasketball Naia District Champs emc 95 dickinson 81 emc 80 dickinson 68 emc 96 Westminster 79 emc 87 hiram scott 97 emc 80 boise 71 emc 103 Westminster 77 emc 84 bemidji 64 emc 81 Cleveland 91 emc 71 u of akron 96 emc 76 youngstown 96 emc 92 gannon 96 emc 85 boise 100 emc 103 montanatech 87 emc 118 rocky 98 emc 114 northern 92 emc 106 hiram scott 74 emc 94 western 92 emc 94 montanatech 82 emc 90 cof gt falls 86 emc 109 western 93 emc 88 c of gt falls 93 emc 105 rocky 96 emc 88 northern 90 emc 114 carroll 93 emc 116 carroll 94 (1) Mike King and Fred Johnston head toward the showers with coach Harkins after victory over Great Falls for NAIA Championship.(2) Pete Berta, 5-6 Guard, makes a quick grab from Carroll player. Berta is an alert playmaker. (3) Mike King, 6-1 Guard sets up for a strong lay up shot. (4) Dan Retzner, 6-0 Forward-Guard is a great driver and one of the top point makers.(1) Greg Pauley. 6-1 Forward demonstrates his strong jump shot. (2) Roscoe Dudley, 6-9 Post stretches long to block a hook shot attempted by a 7-1 opponent.(1) Ralph Winland, 6-5 Forward-Post, reaches for rebound against Great falls. (2) Ron Hunter, 6-6 Post moves the ball down court in a clash with Hiram Scott. (3) Steve Bell, 6-6 Forward, readies to spring. He is one of the notable jumpers on the team.(1) Fred Johnston, 6-5 Forward demonstrates his pivot ability while going up for a shot. (2) Kendall Hartman, 6-3 Forward with a good basketball sense pulls in a pass. (3) Cal Winslow, 6-2 Guard keeps the ball from Hiram Scott. (4) Mike Harkins, 5-10 Guard gets ready for action. Basketball meant to Retzner (left) to Dudley (1) in a united effort against Westminster (2) and in singular defense against the Czechs by Bell (3). ■f determination e 1969-1970 combined qualities ot spiritstudent excitement and ended in ultimate .Eastern at NAIA NationalsThe loam exhibited a spectrum of effort and emotion. Coach Harkins (above right) offers encouragement from the bench. Left, Steve Bell adds an extra inch to recover the ball. Far left, Ralph Winland hangs on the needed seconds to get the jump, tastern was overcome by only a small marginLeft to Right: Front Row, Mrs. Burnett, Jerrie Morstein, Sherri Morstein. Jan Ricci, Ann Schile, Susan Shaw, Peggy Hanel; Back Row, Shirlee Albrecht, Sherry White, Jane Schile, Susan Mundale, Renee Haefer, Darry Smith. Girl's GymnasticsGirls exhibit various skills: (2) Sue Mundale concentrates on free floor exercises. (3) Susan Shaw practices front scale on balance beam. (4) Jane Schile goes into a back bend on the balance to right: First Row-Bob Anderson, Tom Zoeller. Second Row-Charles Nitholls, Die k Erickson, Leo lapito, FTavo Harness. Third Row-Tom Perry, Jim Baracker. Gymnasts Qualified for NAIA ChampionshipCharles Nicholls (1 and 5); Tom Perry (3 and 4) and Bob Anderson (2) were returning letterman who qualified for the Nationals. They ranked 14th, 15th, and 19th, respectively, in the NAIA finals. The team had a 6 win-4 loss season and ended9th in the nation. The team voted Bob Anderson. Outstanding Gymnast; Dave Harness, Inspiration winner; and Dick Erickson, Most Improved. Tom Perry will be captain. I ■i-i i 'A .» .v ; ; £? - '•; -.. ♦ ' V- si J .. ■• -. ' .3 ' Y - ';. • : • ? « They Cared87 i -89Spring came very slow to Billings this year, but a few of the more fortunate managed to squeeze a little into their busy schedules. Tans were few and far between and it seemed umbrellas were on the top of the list for the ten most wanted and needed things at E.M.C. this spring. Ai Catching the rays. 90"i love her completely, seeing her makes an intense, dizzying feeling travel right up through mo till it reaches my mind and seems to convert the whole of me into a living spirit, capable of total awareness and understanding, when i'm with her, i am complete, there is nothing more we are a world in ourselves and i feel this overwhelming desire to protect hor-ihis precious being who is mine ' spring 9293SPRING SPORTS(from left to right) Mike lanouette, John Kiedrowski, Paul Goligoski, Jerry Kessler, Mike Lang, Tom Montgomery, Gary Votapka, Jae Ho Park (coach), Scott Balsam, Dave Warne, Dennis Conner, John Gologoski, Frank Votapka, Jerry Jones, (not pictured- |ohn Langeliers. Wally Neibauer.)Of the only two teams that played soccer in the Frontier Conference, EMC beat Carroll College, 3-1. It was a rebuilding year, complete with several injuries, that ended in a 1 win-5 loss record. One highlight of the year occurred at an invitational tournament at Washington State. After playing three hours straight in a 2-2 tie, EMC lost in a sudden death play-off. |ohn Goligoski was the team's lop scorer.(Left Above) Front row: John Morrison, Keith Blackman, Greg Munson, Mike Wilondek. Back row: Mike Oliver, Dr. Spechalske, Russ Clark, Ed Becker, )r. Eastern golfers matched abilities with players from MSU, Rocky, Casper JC, Northern and Dickinson, among others. Keith Blackman (far left) and Mike Oliver (Left) demonstrated strong golfing ability in the tournament matches. 1 9 6 9 f 103 N O (J OFront row: (left to right) Rod Temple, Leo Lapito, Gary Scheidecker, Lari Ueland, Paul Carpenter, Al Keiter-ling, Don Blankenship, Al Markuson, Steve Goering. Back row: Gary Rankin, Ross Elliot, Greg Pehlke, Frank Alman, Bill Ehresman, Jim Ashcraft, Ken DeVries, Coleman Caldwell, Coach MikeMullowney.Track Eastern tracksters proved strong contenders in the Conference. The E M C coach, Mike Mullowney, singled out the distancemen Paul Carpenter, Ken DeVries, and Don Blankenship, sprinter Al Ketterling, and weightmen Ken Flatness and Cary Rankin as assets to the team. Paul Carpenter won every 880 and mile race he entered, placing him near the national rank ings. Below left: EMC's Leo Lapito tries to outdistance his compeittors in broadjump at the Frontier Conference Meet. Below: High-hurdler, Steve Berger is in strong contention to win this race. 105Track. . . Left, Al Markuson-fooling around in the ol' steeplechase pit. Below, Al Ketterling-head-on into the wire. 107. Field —Bill Murnrneret Right: Does he need a ladder? Below: Gary Rankin, EMC’s distinguished shotputter.1970 Yellowjacket Baseball First row (I to r), Craig Audet, Gary Evans, Mike King, Jim Vanfossen, Jim Baker, Mike Schulte, John Roman (manager). Chuck Springer, (trainer). Second row: Virgil Aldous, (manager), Greg Booras, Butch Pres- ton, Larry Grmde, Bill Berg, Jim Pirtz, |ohn Polzin, Grant Froman. Third row: Coach Stan Kondracki, Randy Fcker, Frank Votapka, Greg Peckovich, Vic Buckingham, Gary Skinner, Tom Caranza, Gordy Avar. emc5dickmson3 emc2blackhills16 emc3mmol8 emc7western1 emc3rocky2 emc7carroll1 emc4 arroll3 emc10montanastate6 emc2montanastate3 cmr4norihcrn3 emc4northern2 emc4montanatech2 emc 11 montan at ech6 emc2blackhills13 emc4chadron11 emc4chadron6 emclOrockyl emc2western1 emc14western10 NAIA Area Regional Playoffs emcOcentralwashinglonlO emc 2easternoregon7Team Captures Conference Title "Fielding will either make us or break us," commented Coach Stan Kondracki before leaving for the regional NAIA tournament in Meford, Oregon Though it left little to be desired (61 errors in 21 games), their hitting averages compare to the best in the school's history. Leading that average was Mike King (.403). He also led the pitching with a 1.06 ERA and a 6-1 record for the year EMC boasted a 15-8 season record. Surprisingly, this was a rebuilding year for Eastern Fastern placed four players on the All-Conference Team- Berg, Booras, King, and Vanfossen. Above: All-Conference pitcher, Mike King boasted a perfect 6-0 record in regular league play. Right: jnn Vanfossen throws a Rocky runner out on his attempted bunt. Far Right: Gary [vans slides under Rocky's All-Conference catcher, Tom Hannah, to score for EMC. 112• _____'Jackets Travel to Oregon for Regionals Far right: a sequence of pictures shows the form of Jim Pirtz. Right: Mike King steals home on a past ball. Below: Jim Baker demonstrates his ability to field and bunt. Miss EMC Barb Feiden 118 and MoreHow at out if I swing from a tree?Miss Cisel Hall Kitte Brien 120Miss Apsaruke Hall Mary Jane Downs 121Miss IK Duchess Colleen Kleffner 122Miss Sophomore Class Terri Van Houdt 123Miss Petro Hall Ann Jones 124 -----■ fMiss Spurs Mary Ann Jacobson 125Sweetheart Queen: Nancy Dunagan and her Court- Row two, left to right: Marcie Riley, Sharon Allen; Row three: Launie Nelson, Linda Robertson, Carol Baslaugh 126 _ iHomecoming 1969 127 King Tom Stetzner Queen Kathy MacRaeMiss Rimrock Hall Vicki Kamp Miss Judo-Karate Gaylene EvansORGANIZATIONSSenior Class Officers 130Junior Class Officers 131Sophomore Class Officers From I -R Monte Martello. Tern Van Houdt Rack l.-R Jim Pfistcr. Clyde Olson 132L.-R. Gory Votopka, Becky VVjrno, Dennis McCluskie, Ka Melcalte, Marsha Ferguson Freshman Class OfficersFront L.-R Miss Shaw, Mary Dunbar, John langeliers, Dennis Conner, Bruce Blaylock, Miss Prchal, Scott Balsam, Nick Cladis Back t.-R. Ray Metcalfe, Jim Downs, Pedro Hernandez, Becky Bilden, Paul Kladescher, Jerry Kessler, Cart Ucland, Cary Votapka, Jack Jepson, Don Healow, Debby Cowan Middle I -R. Dave Warne, Dick Elmore, Chris Berger 1 Front t.-R. Tim Prather, Satan Smith, Roberta Ricci Middle l.-R. Chris Ross. Gary Scheidecker, Ben Taylor, Scott Baker Back L.-R. Dave Warne. Mr. Norden, Mitch Huffield, Mr. ClausenStudent Union Boar- Back I -R Dan Mackey. Mr Norden, Mr Gee. Mark Radley, Ken Ferro, Mr Clauton Front I -R launie NeKon. Mitch Huflield, Jennifer lynch. Bob Sretz, Gary Schiedeckcr, Michael Spurzem,GloriaKroll, Tim Prather. Jan (Conner137 LISjtck I R lom llornung, Mike Hermamon, l)»fk Holland. Gar lliberg, James Kaercher, |im Ihompson. George ( hnsiensen, George Kdlcr, Mark Radley; Bob hmlrerman, Kw hard Ucsth, Raul C lavadelscher. Milch llullicld, Nick (ladis I roni I K Mr Hoheisel, Adv., Gary Scheidec ker. Dick llmorc, Gerald Stillarm, Dave V arne. I red Vansteeland. Don Kirkendall 138Back I -R John Hickey, Joe Michaud, Paul Singer, Mike Colbtese, Phil Angel. Joe Murphy. Cal Wilson, Gary Votapka. Doug Schenkel Front L -R Dan Logan. Rod Hern. Ken feno. Panel Curry. Ron Hrubes. Jim O'Brien, Bob Walters, £d BissellBack I R Jan Hoppes. Linda Baumgardner. Nancy Vee ey, Marsha Isler, Vickie Silton, Cheryl Meyer, Rita Deegan Third Row I R Linda Youdenan, Connie Prill. Miss Bieber, Becky Bilden, Marcia Metcalfe, Sue Bromenshenk, Susan Mont , Marilyn Sicbbins Second Row I R Monica Peters. Mary Weber. )an Munson, Nancy Vanover. Lula McQuire. Joannie Ruck man, Nancy Rollins, laume Nelson Front I R Sally Schuett, Mimi Doering, JoAnn Seney, JoAnn Dassinger, Susan Vachal, Mary Ann Jacobsen, Holly Croymans, Linda Larsen Spurs 140IBacW l -R Mrss Shaw. Dixie Cowan. Mary Sheet ey, Linda Youdenan. I tonl I R Sharon Madsen. Connie Pntt. Chns Ross. Sandy Rodrich. Lauia Strand Back L.-R. Gerald Kindsfather, Bill Dow, Bill Laber, Guy Dodge, Robin Podbielski, Dominic Silletli, Verlora Gunderson. Dr. Norcutt, lots Kranzler Front L.-R. Bobbie Sparr, Peter Warren, Cheryl Young Art Club i i j i i i i i I I ! j I Katoya Back L.-R. Don Kirkendall, Terry Jesse, Bob Timberman Middle L.-R. Janet Strickland, Lorna Veraldi, Edy Schuster, Sid Burgess Front L.-R. Carol Brown, Bonnie Brenner, Barb DiamondBack I R George Carter, Leo lopiio. leah McCracken. Or {vane. Dr McKinley, Paul Carpenter Front I.-R Pat Adarm, Daryl Schmidt. Patty Dernbach 144History Club Back I -R George Cordum. Mr Nolle. Barbara Nolle, Jerry Kessler, Jim Lyons, Judy Jones. Gjry South, Leonard Redding. Phil Gierke Front I -R Mike Hermanson, Pal Kallem, Rande Simon, Bruce Goddell. Er k Krueger 145Interdorm Council Hack l.-R Bob Anderson, Dave Harness. Leo lapilo, Mr Marlin I roni t -K Linda Larsen, Phyllis lones, Dorolhy Doblcr, Susan Mont . Mary YounRbauer 146I -R Dive Harney, Casper Burgess, Boh Anderson, Pal Fnman, Jeff Johnson, Mr. Caselton, Leo Lapito Rimrock Hall Council 147Back I R ImdaMaap,. Gail Bramard, |an Coon. |ulo loin-.. Mary Ann (,win front I R A dele Bonnet. Dorothy DoWer, Karen Sorenson. Theo Morion, |udy fussier Cisel Hall Council 148Apsaruke Hall Council 149 Front l.-R. Mrs. McSwcyn, Terri Van Houdt, Cathy Cahill, Betty Little, Lenette Jones, Kathy Godbout, Sandy Bassette, Jan Hoppes, Irene Dixon, Janet Munson, Phyllis Jones. Back L.-R. Lorraine Larsen, Susan Vachal, Sid Burgess, Mary Kay Donovan, Sandy Wertman. Deloma Harden, Chris Oakland, Joyce White, Mary Youngbaucr, Karen Krockcr, Linda Larsen, Patty Voile, Susie Mundale, Linda Croymans, Vikki Riggins, Pat Mullin I Petro Hall Council It's not like an apartment, but not quite a home. It's a permanent surrounding, but you never feel very settled. Dorm life is unique. The real dorm is created by individuals sharing common experiences: Meeting your new roommate-at close range... Vending machines that devour your last dime-then jam .. Fresh spring evenings and football games on the dorm lawn A 7 a.m. phonecall on Sunday morning. . Soccer games in the hall with a barof soap .. 8 p.m. study breaksthat turn into the lateshow... Late shows that turn into all-nighters. QUIET HOURS! (???) Water balloon attacks on drowsy sun bathers... The john at 7 a.m. Roommates that are in bed by 9 p.m.—and up at 5 A littleconsideration.. a lot of patience... A Challengeof living together. Back I -R Mr Hannah, C heryl Hoesd, Rosemary O'C onner, Carol Boslough, Don Bidwdl, Rosalyn Kaplan, Trudy Downer. Diane Svend-son. fan Strickland, Sandy Overgsdal, ludee DeWitl From I R Wally Guptill, Dan Roadhouse, Richard Sonar. Tim Christie. Randy Rose 152 Back L R Dave Krueger, Roger Van Wagon, Ron M Arthur, Bill Harper, Larry Kaufman, I ranees Miller. Rusty Barrett Middle l.-R |im Bronson, 8ob Banks, Mel Grayson, Jim Warden. Don Paustian, Mike Mat , Greg Vjnberg. George Caselton, Dale Miller, Keith Armstrong, Sam Doll, Greg Callahan I ront I -R Carl Klein, Scott Gallrs. Dave Robinson. Stan Hoggatt Mr McMillan, Mr Miller 153Back L R leff Johnson. Chris Berger Middle Rov. Steve McGuire, Frank Votapka. Bill Summers, An Kveseth, Lester Bishop, Fd Anker, Scott Balsam. Terry Mercer, Vic Buckingham Front I R Cary Voiapko Bob Ferdmo, Dick Erickson. Joe Palm Not pictured Grant Fro-man, John Langliers  Phi Alpha Theta ■ 155 Back I R Mrs. Lauson, Unknown, Rosemary Clavadetscher, Unknown, Tammy Feldncr. Addla Hummell, Carole Johnson, Unknown, Carol Vargo front I R Rosemary Larsen, Unknown, Muriel Solie, ludy Srblerud, Carol Hamilton Kappa Delta Epsilon 156Deseret Club i L, Back I. R Robert Aggar Larry Helleger Diane Colburn Roxanne Molt loan Partridge CregGray'on Phil Angel from I R Coleen McCann Linda Bnnkerhofl Anne Gordon 157Kappa Phi Kappa Back I -R Ceorge Cordum, Keith Kohnke, |im Peterson, |ohn Addington, Don Kukondall. Gary Armstrong, Dewey McCullough Middle I -R Jerrv Taut, Unknown, |ohn Pint , Doug Schenkle, Ron Rubes, Ron Haley, lyle Hedin front L.-R Brad Anseth, Unknown. Unknown, Rich Dcsch, UnknownOutstanding Seniors Who's Who Cecelia E arsnworth Adella Hummel Robert Seitz Karen Buchanan Pal Andrews Pat Kallem Id McLuskie Linda Robertson Diane Carric o Beth Painter Carol Vargo Ruth Doyle Jimmie Ashcrah Lucille Krause Susan McLuskie Donna Lampi Cheryl Elliot lamce Ricci Loma Veraldi Dennis Conner Bonnie Ayre Margo Lane Sister Evangelist Teague Carol Lynch Rita Healow Gary Scheidecker David Waddell Ann Schile Malcom Bailey Leah McCracken Bruce Blaylock Iruci DownerEd McLuskie, F. W. Editor Erick Krueger, S. Editor Gary South June Elliot Pat Gibb Gary Ford Cheryl Meyer Betty Bloom Coleman South Steve Berger Jens Selvig Topper Whitworth Sharon Brogan Dave Clark Bruce Greenwood Robert Klein Scott Mott Dick Pfister Judy Prochorchik Pat Moffitt Gloria Norman Aaron Stansberry Duaine Van Dyke Susan McLuskie Mike Thompson Penny Doss Dward Farquart D.Clement Parkwurst Robert Amick, AdvisorCy Jamison, Editor Debby Olson Gary Votapka Mary Kay Ferriter Linda Rider Barb Luscher Dennis Schang Fred Wolff Judy Prochorchik Jens Selvig Dave Clark Steve Swoboda Debbie VanTine Jan Conner Rose Armstrong Rosalie Swoboda Nancy DunaganWe apologize for not being able to identify all the members, therefore, we are leaving the picture totally unidentified 162 Little Old Ladies We apologize for not being able to identify all the members, therefore, we are leaving the picture totally unidentified. 163 Back L.-R Randy Johnson, John Havener, Terry Kerr, Rodney Bros Third Row Willy Korber, Roy Dahl, Gordon Clark, Jack Knight, Allen Saylor Second Row Val Scaholm, Monica Peters, Di ie Sollivan, Teresa Morgan, Vivian McNaney Front L.-R. Georgia Brown, Bonnie Bishop, Phyllis Shelhamer, Myrtle Anderson. Marie Bonine Rodeo ClubBack L.-R. Ed Auker, Bruce Bochy, Kim Peterson, Dr. Barnhart, Ted Rcineke, Dr. Henning. Middle l.-R. Dr. Milstead, Bryon Bauer Kathleen Speech, Patty Gartsga, Mary Jacobsen. Beth Painter, Bob Garretson, Mary Chamberlain, )an VanHovcn. Front L.-R. Jan Ricci, Kim Mettes, Ann Shile, Sue Stanard, Nancy Runge.Back L R Coach Mullowney. Ross Alexander, Glenn Bealle Ken DeVices, Mike Hladky, Larry llanft, Mike Brenner, Jell Johnson, Carl Ueland Middle I K Cal Winslow, Perry Wolf, Brad Nimmick, Ron Hunter, larry Noonan, Rod Temple, Paul Barnharst, Bollom L -R Malcolm Baili-v, Wayne Eggum, Paul Carpenter, |im Downs, Jerry Jones, lynn Ahrens. Man Bulocki. Ken igsworth 166WRA Back I -R Jackie Christensen, Linda Lundby, JoAnne Fink. Phyllis Kipp, DianeWelbe, Linda Maag. Dorothy Kamerzel. Front L.-R Joyce Miller. Sue Ward, Bonnie Morrow, Carol Kipp, Tanya Ronga, Myrna Koegle(mm m msxMm Board of Regents From left to nKhi A A Arras, |r., M.F Richard, Mrs Marjorie W King, John 0 French. Superintendent t Public Instruction Dolores Col burg, Governor Forrest H Anderson, Attorney General Robert L. Wood ah I, Mrs. Harriett M.loy, I I Heberly, Fred H Midke, Boynton G. Paige President He UfPfP ment He; Head Bio-|epanment '.Vayne I Milste 'i;lcal Science William A. Carrison. Head De parrment of Psychology George H. Gloege, Head Dc Charles f.v p tment of Physical Sciences Uh D- p.itti Williar Stannard, Head ; artm ni ol Math Melvin W. Roe, Acting Head Department of History Svein Oksenholt, Head of Department of Foreign languages touis W Veraldi, Head Depart ment of Business C Paul Thompson, Head Department of Fine Arts Walter Terris, Head of Speech and Drama Department W Oj«j -Jotty OJJ| 'JpOiCOiy ps qwfj JOJJ JOiSV ' UJ|3 'uowpuy ’b !"M 'uwispuy umofiojd mv »uiuv 'w soa jjjiujv 30SVVBodcn. NrncWc-Jan, Brof Speech (, Drjm.J ssoc Burke, Borbcig, Chailci IDir nantia’. Aid Placement Buicher. Kic ijard I ., Asi Prof ffgli'h Cooper riB '•t- ‘M -• n Marj—-■ MMliM Helen, Instructor 0 . Prof booDuncan. Lawrence. Asst Prof. Political Science Ellon. Eugene W.. Prol . Chenwv trv Evans, Maurice, Assoc Prof Math Fargo, Mumtaz, Asst Prof. History - Assoc Prof forester, Richard l„ Dir Of In tor mat ion fox, C lawrence, Inst. Philosophy Fox, ially, impart- lime Speech Drama Horkin . Harrv I (Mike), Assoc Prof. P.E., Head Basket ball Coach , Larry Drama Hokes, Kenneth, Assoc. Prof. Business Maurice, Assoc Prol. Of German Hicks, Leon I., Asst. Prof. Music Hoheisel, William F , Prof , Biology 9 0 9P Iverson, Glenn, Assoc. Prof. P.l Wrestling Coach Johnson, Glen. Prof. Philoso John, floranae G Reading Clincian Thomas G Ki-nn ed’ Prof Frl Jussila. Neil, Inst An Kittock, Charles E., Asst. Prof Ed. Registrar layman. Chemise In-. Robcit. £., Asst Prof.. PF McCarn, Jerry. Asst Prof., P E. I lead football Coach Mclllutli, Terrance, AsM prof. Art 'McMillan, Mist, Business a«r K„ In'lluftor McRaK Robni Physic 4 Menges, Rosemary. Piof Mjlh •rs, Bru« K , InMi Inst, ., tcono nics Miller, Ficc' K, Assoc. Piui. Speech-Drama Moses. History Nakayama. Gail, Inst German H. Assor. Pro!Olson. Morion, Asst. Prof., Ed. Pork. |ao Ho. Inst Pf Mi Peterson, Oliver W., Prof. Moth Plonk, Wilium C.. As$i Prof. French Redding, Robert A., AsSOC. Pro!., Physical Sci. Powell, Tom It., Asst. Prof. English Prchal. B. ticol Sci. Schlaght, Reuben J., Prof Business Shelton, Fred Business Shaw, |ohn, I mi PE Schoenthal, Norman, Prof Biology _ .... - Small. Alton. P Prof English Signori, Victor, Oir. Adm Spoja. Joseph G„ Purchasing Coordinator kc. Frank M„ n. Dir of Ai Soulsby. E ducat  Srcele, ? of. Ai Waltnei. Rithjrd H, Assoc Prof. Socioloxy len amm Warren, Peter W. An W,Merman C. iugene F s-Assoc. Prof hrVo, T'ances, Imi, EdiK rfon Ziegler, James D . Pro!.UNDERCLASSMENAaboe, Rick Adgard, A Abel, Margante Acland, A. Adams, Delphia M Adler, Thomas J. Ahrens, Lynn R Albrecht, Shirlee K Alexander, Duane Alexander, Steven Amundson, Norman Anastasi, James Anderson, Rit hard Anderson, Robert Anderson, Susan Anseth, Brad Archer, Michael Archer, Timothy Armstrong, Gertrude Armstrong, Keith Armstrong, Sharon Armstrong, Stuart Arnold, Gail Asay, Billie Ashton, LaVerne Ashson, Doug Atkinson, K ( Attkins, Bill I I 1 Aubrey, Bob Audit, Craig Badgett, Mary Badgett, Robert Badura, F d Bailey, Harold Bair, James Baker, Patric ia Baker, Scott Baldwin, Diana Ballard. Bob Bandy, Kris Banka, Mike Barker, Jim Barnhorst, Paul Bartlett, Arthur Bassett, Sandra Batt, Bonita Beall, Athur Beaudette, Gerry Beaudette, Tom Beaudoin, Denise Beaumont, Phil Beaves, Linda Beck, Ray Becker, Serina Beede, Curtis Beggin, KathleenBell, Mike Bellon, Ray Bender, Roger Benner, Mike Bennett, Tom Bonoit, Shelly Berg, Mary Berger, Chris Bergstrom, Evelyn Berst, Bruce Bertleson, Judy Berzel, Monte Besich, Carol Best, Beverly Bidwell, Arlis Bidwell. Donald Birdinground, Alexander Bishop, Tom Black, Marilyn Blackborn, Kathy Blackman, Brenda Blades, Larry Blain, Smoky Blank, Floyd Blankenshop, Don Blaylor k, Bruce Blith, John Blomberg, Mary Ann Bloom. Betty Bochy, Kevin Bogar, Don Bogonovich, Charlene Boh I, Ron Bonner, Adele Book, Gayle Borrows, Verna Boschert. Mary Boskovich, Bob Boslaugh. Carol Boule, Kathy Bovy, Bev Bowcut, Lee Boyle, Carla Brabec. Darrel Bradley, Rose Bradley, Teresa Bradshaw, Karen Brandt, Bev Branning, Jan Braser, Kenneth Bredeson, Jeff Breitbach, Brute Bren den, Sam Brewer, David Brewington, Ralph D Brey, DianaBriggs, Stuart Brock, Teresa Brockel, Gary Brockway, Janet Bromenshenk, Susan Brosken. Rena Brost, Chely Brown, Deanna Brown, Donald Brown, Jean Brown, Margaret Brown. Robert Brunsvold, Linda Bryson, Larry Bryson, Tom Bublit , Dwight Buck, Barb Bucy, Warren Burkle, Alvin Buerkie, Lorin Buerson, Tom Burckhard, Betty Bures, Patricia Burgess, Mary Sidney Burns, David Burr, Micki Butler, loyce Butt man, ClaytonBuzzas, Karen Buzzell, Linda Buzzeili, Lois Byrd, Jim Byrd, Mary Cahill. Catherine Calvert, Tom Campbell, Donald Canagey, Herb Canter, Kathy Cantrall, Leslie Cantrell, Richard Carlson, Debra Carlson, Don Carlson, Lmda Carney, John Carpenter, Carl Carpenter, Paul Carranza, Thomas C arrier, Dale Cascaden, Rion Cassidy, Joseph Castleton, George Chamberlain, Mary Charbonneou, Pat Chevallier, Martha Christensen, Dianne Christiansen, JackieChristie, Tim Ciba, Patty Cladis, Nick Clark, Dave Clark, Frank Clark, Gordon Clark, John Cleary, Alice Clemes, Wendy Cline, Kevin Coghill, Lyle Coldwell, Linda Cole, Barb Collins, Charles Collins, Linda Colney, Renee Commins, Nancy Compton, Ellen Conatser, Jar k Conover, Steve Conroy, Carol Conter, Tim C onlreraz. Bill Cook, Dennis Cook, Keith Cook, Roger Copps, f dward Coulter, Leona Coulter, Mary Cover, Robert Cowan, Debbie Cowan, Dixie Cox, Mike Cox, Philip Crabtree, Shan Craig, James Cromwell, Randy Croyans, Linda Crum, Donald Cummins, Ronald Curry, Robert Dacus, Marsha Dailey, Deniece Dale, Bill Dalke, Mary Dallon. K. Damm, Donna Damm, Kenny Danielson, Bob Danielson, Richard Dann, R B Dassinger, Donald Dassinger, JoAnn Davies, Thomas Davis, Carol Ann Davis, ElaineDavis, K Davison, Michael Dean. Richard Debmeke, Dave Deegan, Rila Deering, Carol Delaney, Paul DeMeyer, Chuck Demos, Thomas Desch, Rich Detienne, Helen J Detienne, Theodore Dever, Chester Dev itt, Randolph Devries, Ken Dewitt, Judy Dick, Cheryl Dickinson, Eleanor Diede, Caroline Dill ion, Billie Dipasquale, LoRae Disel, Carl Dixon, Irene Dockery, Kevin Dockter, El dor a Dodge, Guy Doering, Muni Doles, BrianDoll, lames Dolven, Coe Donehoo, Evelyn Dorsey, Patricia Douglas, Dona Downer, Kenneth Downs, Mary J. Drake, Dale Drake, Dorothy Driscoll, Elaine Driscoll, Kathy Driskell, Eugenia DuBray, James Dukart, Terry Dunagan, Nancy Dunbar, Linda Dunbar, Mary Dwyer, Terea Dyk, Lorna Dyk, Mary J Eastlick, Lillian Eastlick, Scott Eaton, Elliot Eby, Mark Ecker, Kandy Edwards, Mary Egan, Kathy Egan, Lori Ehli, Pally Eilek, Debbi Eisenman, Roy Elliott, Georgia Elliott, Randy Flmore, Carmen Elmore, Dick Emborg, Dick Emett, Dave Enger, Duane Erickson, Larry Erickson, Tony Etchart, Janeen Evans, Barbara Everett, Donna Fabian, Mary Ann Fagan, Colleen Fareas,Jackie Fames, Larry Farrar, Jane Fay, Irene Ferguson, Marsha Ferriter, Mary Kay Feyhl, Jo Fighter, Norm Fillenworth, John Fink, led Finnicum, LarryFion, Brad Fischer, Joan Fischer, Judy Fishell, Dale Fitzgerald, Robert Fladmo, Cherie Flatness, Kent Fletcher, Dan Flynn, William K. Foottie, Thomas Ford, Gary Forsyth, Shelley Frank, Mel Frankovic, Peter Fredricks, Bob Freeman, Myra Frette, Kent Frickel, Jack Frizzell, Regina Fry, David Fry, Rosita Frye, Betty Galahan, Robert Gallagher, Mike Galvin, Carmen Carding, Ed Garr,Gary Garrison, RobertGarritson, Bob Gaudet, George Gentry, M. Gentry, Mark Gerber, Paul Gesser, Bobbie Gilbertson, Kenneth Gilliam, Anno Gilmore, )im Glueckert, Richard Goehnno, Steve Gollehon.Greg Goodell, Bruce Goosen, Norm Goughnour, Joan Grace, Lillie Graves, Mike Graves, Richard Green, Rachele Gregori, Bill Gregovich, Bonita Griffith, Mike Grinde, Karen Grooms, Gerry Gudmundson, Alan Guenthar, Tim Guenthnar, Pns ilia Gunderson, Velora('.win, Kenneth Habets, Funice Haddow, Ross Haefer, Renee Hageman, Don Hageman, Glenn Hageman, Lynn Haggem, Dennis Hagler, Susan Haigh. Linda Ham, Teresa Hall, Linda Hall, Tom I lalverson. Laurel Hamman, Paula Hammerstrom, Carole Hampton, Gwenda Hancock, )av Hanft, Larry Hanig, Donna Hanley. Beth Hanley, Mike Hansen, Brenda Hansen, Janice Hansen, Paul Hanson, Carol Hanson, Irving Hanson. LeslieHanson, Linda Hanson, Mary Hanson,Paggy Hanson, Richard Hanson, Richard Hanson, Ronnie Harden, Deloma Harness, Dave Harr, Dianne Harsch, Randall Hart, Paul Hartman, Gordon Haruing, Lana Harvey, Mike Hatfield, Gary Haughian, Theresa I lavener, John Havens, Verondi Hawkins, Cecil Hayden, R. Donnie Hayes, Walton Healy, Thomas Heffner, Mike Hefty, John Heggem, Donna Heggem, Lorraine tieilig, I ana Hein, DianaHeine, Jeanne I Jeinnch, Cheryl Hemphill, Rebecca Hendricks, Tim Hensel, Linda Herman, Judy Hermann, Shirley Hermanson, Mike Herrmann, George Hert, Les Heydon, Lila Higgins, Kathrine Highbarger, V illiam Hill, Bill Hill, Keith Hills, Milas Hladkey, Mike Hobby, Sandy Hochhalter, Jack Hoesel, Cheryl Hogan, Susan Hogemark, Linda Hoiland. Peggy Hoklm, John Holland, Dick Holm, lynclle Hoppes, Janice I lorning, KarenHorton, Ronald Horton. Tom Hosley, Sandra House, Kayleen Houser, Zimmie Howard, Garland Howe, Marvin Howery, Mary Fllon Hrasky, Althea Hrubes, David Hubbard, Charles Huber, Peggy Hudson, Blanche Huggins, Kathleen Hughs, James Hull, Cleve Hunter, K Vivian Hustad, Don latopim, Jerry Ingram, R Inman, Mary Inman. Michael Istuanffy, Barbara Iverson, Jim Ivie, Karen Jackson, Dale Jackson, Kenneth Jacob, DebraJacobs. Barbara Jacobson, Cathryn Jacobson, Mdry Jacobson, Richard Jacox, Karen James, Harold Jamison, Al Jamison. Delos Cy Jamison, John Jansma, Diana Jarolimek, James Jarussi, Gene Jarvi, Larry Jatzeck, Linda Jelle, Kathleen Jensen, Melvin Jepson, Joe Jessee, Terrell Jochim, Linda Johannsen, Sharon Johnson, Aaron Johnson, Carole Johnson, Cynthia Johnson, Doug Johnson, Jeff Johnson, John Johnson, Kimberly Johnson, PatriciaJohnson, Roger Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Yvonne Joki, Mike Jones, Bob Jones, Claude Jones, Jerry Jones, Lennette Jones, Paula Jones, Ronelle Jones, Stephen Juel, Allan Julian, Jerry Juneau, William Kaiser, Steve Kamp, Vicki Kane, Patricia Kannmg, Ralph Kapptie, Darell Kaufman, Susie Kauk, Donna Kautz, Bonnie Keats, Rit hard Keenan, Char Keiser, Richard Kellogg, Lonnie Kelly, Terrance Kelly, TracyKeltler, Bill Kent, Martha Kent, Martha Keoll, Dave Kcranen, Arloa Kerr, Duane Kerr, Duane Kerr, Terry Kessler, Jerry Ketterling, Al Keup, Maxine Kiedrowski, Tex Kilbourne, Tom Kindel, Harry Kindsfather, Gerald King, Mike Kipp, Carol Kipp, Merlin Kirk, Barbara Kirkendoll, Donald Kirsch, Marlaine Klein, Rex Klepich, Joyce Klesh, Paula Klopcich, Max Klusmann, Daniel Knieger, Darlene Knight, JohnKnight, Linda Knudson, Stove Knuth, Mona Koart, A. Koliha, Carley Kolison, Kandy Korber, William Korell, Terrill Korrell, Lexie Kortum, George Korterba, Bob Koyama, Harry Kragness, Kay Kramlich, Harold Kranzler, Lois Krause, Marie Kreitzberg, Terry Krokker, Karen Kroll, Bonnie Kroll, Francis Kroll. Gloria Kruegar, Karen Krumenacker, Diane Krumh euer, Gordon Kuhbacher, John Kundle, Craig Lab, Thomas Lacasse, EdLackey, Darryl Lambrecht, Debra Lande, George I andsrud, Sailv Lang, Kay Langstle, Mona I arising, Caroline Lapilo, Leo Larrick, Vickie 1 arson, Linda Larson, Lorraine Lavelle, Shauna Lechner, Mike Legerwood, )an Lee, Bob lee, Dan Lee, Don Lee. Linda Lee, Nancy Lefor, Elaine Lefor, Gary Lefthand, Eymard Leggett, Joan Leischner, Patty Leivestad, Elvin Leming, Larry Lesmak, Sue Lewis, Darryl LLindell, Tom Liston, Pat Lochenmaiger, Dick Locke, Dean Logan,Laura Logan, Randi Lohrenz, Tom Loken, Fdwma Long, Gertrude Lorenzen, Donna Loting, Dennis Louhit, Debra Lubke, Margaret Lucht, Gordon Lufborough, Jerry Lufborough, Lynne Luhman, Thelma Lunde, Gary Lunes, Jane Lux, Deborah I undy, Flla MacDonald, James Madison, Eva Madsen, Karen Madsen, Sharon Magilke, Deborah Magnuson, Corrine Majerus, GergianMaki, Mark Mancuso, Tim Marcimak, Elaine Markegard. John Markuson, Ron Marler, Bob Marshall, Sandy Marlello, Monte Martin, Gary Martin, William Mason, Dan Mason, Dan Mason, Dave Massey, Dennis Mathews, Joe Mattern, Janice Mattix, Joyce Matz, Bonnie Matz, Frank Matz, Mike Maurer, Tom Maxwell, Tom May, David McCatthee, Ed Mccleary, Diana McCourt, Dan McCracken, Carol McCullough, DuaneMcDonald, Bill McElliotl, Bill McGhan, Mac McGarvey, Kathy McGhee, Sherry McGuire, Kathy McGuire, Steven McIntosh, Michaela McIntyre, Kathy McIntyre, Rick McKathen, Liz McKay, Ward McKenna, Leanne McLaughlin, Ann Me I aughlin, I inda McLuskie, Dennis Meehan, Dennis Merchant, Cathy Meredith, Susan Merkason, Allen Merrick, Kathy Metcalfe, Marcia Meyer, Charlotte Meyer, Cheryl Meyer, I inda Michaud, Joe Mihalovich, Ken Mikemi, TomMikilhalm, Margarette Miller, Linda Miller, Robert Miller, Taffy Miller, Teresa Miller, Wendy Milligan, Bill Milligan, James Milligan, Richard Mitchell, John Mitchell, Wendy Mock, Sally Moe, Karen Moffilt, Patricia Mogle, Bruce Montgomery, Linda Moore, Jan Moore, Sherwood Moran, Roger Morger, Val Morris, Lynn Morrison, John Morrow, Bonnie Morrow, lleen Morrow, Mary Morton, Theo Moser, I awrence Moslet, RichardMott, Scott Muhlbeier, Jean Muhlbeier, Jude Mullen, Pat Mundale, Susie Munson, Janet Murdock, Robin Murphy, Jay Myers, Julie Mvhre, Redgena Naylor, |udy Nedens, Harry Nedens, Robert Nelkess, Vivien Nelson, Jan Nelson, Launie Nelson, Linda Nelson, Nikki Nelson, RoAnn Newby, Barbara Neyenhuis, Gary Nichwaner, Donald Niemi, Kathy Nilsen, Biend a Noonan, 1 any Norcott, Rachel Nordahl, Linda Nose, RobertNoyes, Carla Nullail, Lynda O'Bannan, Dan Obie, Edwin Odenbach, Charlene Oliver, lorrame O'Loughlin, I rank O'Loughlin, Moreen Olsen, D. Olsen, Don Olsen, Doug Olson, Bonnie Olson, Cheryl Olson, Clyde Olson, Debbie Olson. Mark O'Rourke, Kathy Orth, Dale Otis, Ihomas Oit, Gary Owen, Brute Owen, Diane Palmer, Jerry Palmer, Linda Palmersheim, Marilyn Parke, John Patton, John Paul, IhomasPaulson, Donna Paulson, Gary Paulson, John Paulson, Wayne Payne, J. Payne, Mike Pehlkc, Greg Pelatt, Bob Penn, Ken Penniman, Georgia Perrine, Dave Peter, Robert Peters, Monica Petersen, Doug Peterson, Carol Peterson, Jim Peterson, Joel Peterson, Karen Peterson, Merrie Peterson, Ric Peterson, Spencer Pettit, Mitch Petty, Gary Phillips, David Pierce, David Pierce, Delno Pierce, Marie Pilch, KennPint , Joan Pirami, Joe Pirtz, Diane Pollan, Mike Pomkvar, Linda Pool, Jennifer Poore, Greg Powell, Funice Powelson, Jeanie Powton, Rhoda Preston, Gary Pric e, Dana Price, Linda Price, Mary Prill, Connie Prindle, Gary Prit ler, Jolynn Pruett, Calvin Pruett, Wes Ralston, Jay Ramich, William Rankin, Gary Rankin, Gary Rasmussen, Pam Raw, Bruce Redfern, Margaret Reich on be, Greg Reid, JanetRhines, Larry Rhodes, Curt Ricci, Roberta Richards, Chris Richardson, Charlotte Rickard, John Rickard, Tricia Rider, Linda Rielly, Daniel Rioter, Marie Riggins, Vicki Rimpe, Scott Roadhouse, Dan Roberts, Lawrence Robertson, Janice Robinson, Dave Robinson, Mike Robinson, Roy Rogers, Charles Roggenbuck, Lana Rose, Randy Ross, Nancy Ross, Tim Roth, Raelyn Rouns, Daniel Ruckman, Joan Rude, Doug Rump, DonnaRussel, Ken Russell, Sharon Rynn, Joe Sabeffelmann Salx e, Cindy Sandberg, Ellen Sanders. William Saubert, Thomas Saxton. James S haefer, Carol Schaefer, James Schanz, Dennis Schanz, Sandra Scheidecker, Gary Scheie, Paul Schenk, Kathi Schermerhorn, Barry Schile, Jan Schiller, Sonia Schillinger, Jeanne Schladweiler, Carol Schneider, Nancy Schneider, Roger Schott, George Schrompf, Don Schrotenboer, James Schubert, Kenneth Schultz, Jimmy kSehwend, Carol Seack, Bill Seaholm, Valeric Seitz, Dick Seitz, Sally Selvig, Jens Semansky, Monk Seney, JoAnn Shaffer, James Shaw, Susan Shay, Gary Sheeley, Mary Sheldon, Mike Shenkle. Douglas Sherman, Pat Shotwell, Rk hard Sihlerud, Judy Siemers, Joan Sigurdson, Bruce Sillitti, Frances Simmons, Max Simon, Alyceann Simon, Rande Sims, G D Sinclair, Judy Singer, Paul Sipe, Doug Sitton, VickiI Sjoberg, Stephen Skarr, Gary Skilestad, Susan Skinner, Gary Skinner, Lynda Slade, Dale Slane,Gary Slayton, Ron Sletton, Carol Slovard, Karen Small, Margo Smith, Bud Smith, Charlene Smith, Darcy Smith, Dennie Smith, Edward Smith, F ranklin Smith, Janice Smith, Joyce Smith, Judy Smith, Peggy Smith, Perry Smith, Sally Smith, Susie Smith, Thurman Smith, Wayne Snyder, Paul Sokoloski, LynnetteSoldierwoU, Marvena Solie, Muriel Sorensen, Ken Sorenson, Karen South, Gary Southworth, Chris Sparr, Roberta Speich, Cathleen Spillman, Annette Spandel, Don Spurlock, Bonnie Spurzem, Mike Spurzem, Shelley Stanley, Barb Stem, Kathleen St ell in g, Charlotte Stenerson, Randy Stephan, Joyce Stephens, Kenneth Stephens, Rick Stetzner, Tom Stevens, Emery Stevens, Kathy Stevenson, Gerald Stewait, Debbie Stief, I inda Stilt's, Ed Story, Billie leanStrand, Iinda Strieker, Richard Strissel, Billie Sirobbe, Duella Strommer, David Strong, Al Struckman, I inda Stuart, Charles Studdart, Pat rit ia Sundsted, Cheriee Svingen, Peggy Swanson, Georgia Swanson, Stu Swanzi, David Swedelius, Tom Swoboda, Steve Tade, Mike Tadsen, V alt Talbot, Ron lange, Patrick Taylor, Barb Taylor, Bob Taylor, David Taylor, Phil Temper, Donna Teyler, Bob Thaut, Terry Throckmorton, Ann aThompson, Chris Thompson, Judy Thompson, I aRae Thompson, Richard Thomsen, Jim Timberman, Bob Tompkins, Larry Toner, Bob Toomey, Douglas Torske, Patty Tracy, Dennis Tran, Tharn Tan Trang, Keith Trowbirdge, Karen Turf, Stephanie Turner, Larry Turner, Loureene Tuss, Ken Ueland, Carl Uffelman, Victor Ulrickson, Dorothy Ussin, Linda Vachcl, Susan Van, Roger VanBerg, Randy VanDyke, Walton VanHoudt, ferry VanHoven, JanVanNice, James VanSteeland, Daryl VanSteeland. Fred VanTeicht, Karen VanTine, Debbie VanValkenberg, Mary Vegge, Don Veverka, Nancy Viall, James Vinner, Mark Volf, Patricia Vonlaven, Joyce Votapka, Frank Votapka, Gary Vtanish, Marka Waggoner, Carol Wagner, Hazel Wahl, Georgiann Walker, Diana Walker, James Walshe, Mark Walter, Diana Walter, |im Walter, Wayne Walton, Jane Walton, William W'ard, Mary Warne, Dave -Warne, Rebecca Warren, Marilyn Waierland, Luther Watne, Harold Watne, Ron Watson, Roger Webber, Mary Webber, Rita Welch, Klaes Wendland, Nick Wertman, Sandra Wertman, William West, Debra Wetzel, Ralph While, Richard White Bear, Daniel Widup, Ruby Wiedeman. Linda Wigen, Clinton Wilcoxen, Stan Wilder, Nancy Wilder, Scott Wildin, Arthur Williams, Russell Williams, Sherry Wilson, Anne Wilson, Calvin Wilson, MorryWilson, Ralph W ilson, Vicki Wmans, Norbert Wmchell, Dennis W mslow, Calvin WI at men, Stan Wohler, John Wojtowick, Donna Wolf, Allen Wolfe, Perry Wolff, F red Wood, Kathy Wood. Michael Wright, Dan Wrighlson, Jerry Yates, Mimi Yost, Dennis Youderian, Linda Young, Kathleen Young, Mary Young, Michael Youngbauer, Mary Zabrocki, Carl Zeeck, John Zent, Jim Zent, Tim Zimmer, Penny Zody, 1 imSally Zupan Wally Guptill Sally Zupan was the end, but then we found Wally Guptill so here they are. We of the Rim-rock staff would like to apologize for any misspelled names or any thing of that nature.Pat Andrews Billings, Montana Philip Angel Sidney, Montana Elizabeth Ahern Billings, Montana Gene Albright Billings, Montana John Almas Havre. Montana Sister Aquinas Billings, Montana James Armstrong Billings, Montana Rose Armstrong Kalispell, Montana Jimmie Ashcraft Billings, Montana Ed Auker Glendive, Montana Bonnie Ayre Billings, Montana Malcolm Bailey Billings, Montana 228Gary Baker Billings, Montana Ann Barker Billings, Montana Paul Barnhorst Billings, Montana Janice Bartram Billings, Montana Brian Bauer Hardin, Montana Shirley Baumgartner Billings, Montana Barbara Baxter Billings, Montana Ed Becker Billings, Montana Phil Bertmo Columbia Palls, Montana Kathryn Blankenship Hardin, Montana Ray Blehm Billings, Montana Kimerie Bobier Great falls, Montana 229Bruce Bochy Billings, Montana Martha Braun beck Miles City, Montana Bob Brewer Geraldine, Montana Jim Bridger VMnnett, Montana Linda Bnnkerhoff Baker, Montana Susan Broers Conrad, Montana Guy Brown Billings, Montana Ron Brown Billings, Montana Karen Buchanan Choteau, Montana Darla Bustos Billings, Montana Marion Butts Broadus, Montana William Byars Billings, Montana 230 Lois Caauwe Billings, Montand Diane Carrico Billings, Montana Marie Carroll Billings, Montana Richard Case Basin, V voming George Castleton fcrueka, Utah Larry Cecil Billings, Montana Russ Clark Billings, Montana Vonnie Clark Billings, Montana Shelia Claudson Cody, Wyoming Rosemary Clavadelscher Billings, Montana Carol Comstock Livingston, Montana Patricia Conroy Billings, Montana 231 -James D. Conroy Billings, Montana Jo Ellen Conwell Anaconda, Montana Nancy Cook Billings, Montana Doug Cowper Laurel, Montana Margery Cozzens Cody, Wyoming Shelia Rae Cremer Miles City, Montana Laura Oeswell Harlem, Montana Darrel Curry Baker, Montana Theresa Daem Joliet, Montana Dee Ann Dale Ryegate, Montana Susan Daly Belfry, Montana Linda Danielson Fairview, Montana 232Diane Lynn Desmul Billings, Montana Eileen Dorsey Anaconda, Montana Mike Doss Billings, Montana Karen M DeYoung Livingston, Montana Trudy Downer Townsend, Montana Jim Downs Scobey, Montana Margaret Downs Scobey, Montana Kuth Doyle Glendive, Montana Mel Drasson Billings, Montana Joe Dnckell Billings, Montana William G. Duke Billings, Montana Mary Ecker Great Falls, Montana 233Avis Edmonds Billings, Montana Cheryl Elliott Billings, Montana Carmen Ellmore I lelena, Montana Carol tlvsass Harlowton, Montana Dan Elvsass F roid, Montana Dick f mbry Billings, Montana I la el Erickson Columbus, Montana Sister Evangelist Billings, Montana Sherri Evans Billings, Montana Cecelia I arnsworth Anaconda, Montana John Fawcett Butte, Montana Tammy feldner Billings, Montana 234Ralph Felton Billings, Montana Douglas Fisher Billings, Montana Bill Flynn Anaconda, Montana Judith Forseth Billings, Montana Jack Foss Glasgow, Montan Darrell Fox Laurel, Montana Gary Fox Billings, Montana Betty Garfield Circle, Montana Janice Garfield Circle, Montana Fugene Gurney Billings, Montana Gordon Gildroy Billings, Montana Ron Maffey Anaconda, Monta 235Mary Hailstone Billings, Montana Bill Hammond Billings, Montana Janet Hansen Great I alls, Montana Helen Harrington F romberg, Montana Joe Hartman Billings, Montana Kita Healow Billings. Montana Susan Heidner Wolf Point. Montana Elaine Hill Billings, Montana Kathryn Hmer Harlowton, Montana I mda I tofeldt Chinook, Montana Judy Hogemark Helena, Montana Stan Hoggatt Billings, Montana 236Dan Holyk Sc obey, Montana Jim Hrubes Lindsay, Montana Ron Hrubes Clendive, Montana Christine Huffine Lewistown, Montana Adella Hummel Billings, Montana Greg I lunt Sheridan, Wyoming Phillip Huskins Broadus, Montana Nellie Israel Jolliet, Montana Barbara Jackson Sidney, Montana Greg Jac kson S obey, Montana Karen Jacobsen I airfield, Montana Katie James Billings, Montana 237Peggy Jangula Billings, Montana Lorraine Jensen Dagmar. Montana Tammy Jensen Billings, Montana Alta Johnson Billings, Montana Carol Johnson Square Butte, Montana Gary Johnson Billings, Montana Mike Johnson Billings, Montana Ann Jones Garland, Wyoming Dianna Jones Williston, North Dakota Larry Jones Butte, Montana Donna luhl Billings, Montana Kuby Kane Butte, Montana 238Kathy Karp Billings, Montana Richard Karp Billings, Montana Robert Kent Lewisiown, Montana Dale King Billings, Montana George Knutson Billings, Montana Jorja Kober Billings, Montana Edward Komac Billings, Montana Louise Krouse Billings, Montana Donna Lampi Red Lodge, Montan. Donnie Lande Billings, Montana Margo Lane Billings, Montana Rosemary Larsen Billings, Montana 239 t. - Robert laurence Billings, Montana Beth LeCoure Butte, Montana Warren LeVang Scobey, Montana Sabra Lindgren Billings, Montana Candy Lohr Carter, Montana Bonnie long Billings, Montana Vonnie Longo Billings, Montana Gordon Luke Whitefish, Montana Lola lyle Butte, Montana Carol lynch Shelby. Montana Deanna Lyons I aurel, Montana Linda Maag Glasgow, Montana 240Roland Marney Belfrey, Montana Arlene Marshall Moccasin, Montana Sharon Martinez Billings, Montana Larry Marvin Billings, Montana Robert Ma zoliru Butte, Montana Ronald McArthur Billings, Montana Dave McCarter Billings, Montana Joe McCracken Culbertson. Montana I eah McCracken Culbertson, Montana Meldoy McGahan Livingston, Montana Richard McGarvey Nashua, Montana Robert McGarvey Nashua, Montana 241Dean McGinnes E airview, Montana James McKelvey Billings, Montana Ed McLuskie Billings, Montana Susan McLuskie Butte, Montana Lynn McMillan Miles City, Montana Connie Mettes Billings, Montana Maria Metzger Billings, Montana Peggy Miller Lewistown, Montana Vernadine Miller Billings, Montana Eva Mane Milroy Miles C itv, Montana Rosemary Moe Billings, Montana Danette Morgan Hinsdale, Montana 242  t Pat Money Cut Bank. Montana Joan Mooer Glendive, Montana Gary Monson Billings, Montana Gayle Morris Great Falls, Montana Pat Morris Columbia Falls, Montana Vivian Munson Billings, Montana Lynda Nash Columbus, Montana Donna Nelson Billings, Montana Jule Jones NeVille Billings, Montana Keith NeVille Billings, Montana Ruth Newell Billings, Montana Henry Nilson Billings, Montana 243Carol Nisbet Billings, Montana Connie Nybo Billings, Montana George O'Brien Billings, Montana I’aul O'Dea Miles City, Montana Carolyn Oehmeche Chinook, Montana Dan O'l eary Helena, Montana Cynde Olson Great Falls, Montana Biuce Owen V hitetail, Montana April Padgct Billings, Montana Berry Padget Billings, Montana Marilyn Palmersheim Billings, Montana Dan Paustian Ranchester, Wyoming 244Vicki Pehlke Glasgow, Montana Richard Person Roundup, Montana Cynthia Petersen Billings, Montana Neil Peln Moore, Montana Connie Phillips Billings, Montana Merry Pinkerton Billings, Montana Janice Polanchek Billings, Montana Susan Powers Otter, Montana Darlene Praast Greenaugh, Montana Earl Pressler Butte, Montana Kathricia Pugh Forsyth, Montana LaVonne Pust Glendive, Montana 245Peggy Redman Ismay, Montana Jim Reno Billings, Montana Erika Rosser Billings, Montana Janice Ricci Billings. Montana Rich Robbins Billings, Montana Linda Robertson Malta, Montana Bob Ralhs Roundup, Montana Larry Reed Billings, Montana Leonard, Redding Hardin. Montana Doug Roness Glasgow, Montana Marilyn Rose Billings, Montana lonva Ronga Ontario C enter. New York 246James Rosen beck Superior, Montana Phyllis Rowlon Moshy, Montana Don Rummell Billings, Montana Robert Rundle Glasgow, Montana Bonnie Rupp Billings, Montana Claudia Rupprecht Joliet, Montana Mark Rupprer ht Joliet, Montana Nancy Rye Billings, Montana Michele Rynn Roberts, Montana James Sackett Moccasin, Montana Louise Sassen Wolf Point, Montana 247 Beverly Saxton Livingston, MontanaMike Sexton Butte, Montana Ann Schile Great I alls, Montana Linda Schlekewy Billings. Montana Harold Schober Bridgcr, Montana Dennis Seaton ( hoteau, Montana Jo Selvig Billings, Montana Roberta Seyler Billings, Montana Shirley Shaw Billings, Montana Bob Siet Billings, Montana Marcia Sietz Billings, Montana Cheryl Simonson Billings, Montana ( alvin Sonith Billings, Montana 248Dennis Smith Poison. Montand Garnett Smith Great falls, Montana Arran Stansberry Helena, Montana Ken Stephens Great Falls, Montana John Stevenson Butte, Montana Arthur Storfa Great Falls. Montana linda Strand Culbertson, Montana Billie Strissen Billings, Montana lohn Swallow Billings, Montana Mary Joan S illat Billings, Montana Barbara lallent Forsyth, Montana V ayne Teyler Billings, Montana 249Michael J Thompson Billings, Montana Vicki Thompson Helena, Montana Greg Van Berg Laurel, Montana Dan Vander Jagt Billings, Montana V illiam Van Fossen Anaconda, Montana Carol Vargo Billings, Montana David Vill Billings, Montana David W added Billings, Montana Juanita Walker Billings, Montana Willene V allis Lavina, Montana Betty W alters Lewistown, Montana C arol Wallers Billings, Montana 250Linda Walters Billings, Montana David Ward Billings, Montana Theodore W atson Billings, Montana Jean Weather by Billings, Montana Gloria Wester Billings, Montana Jewel Whit beck Billings, Montana Cheryl White Lewistown, Montana Richard W ilcox Billings, Montana Robert Wilkerson Billings, Montana C.l. Wilson Billings, Montana JoAnn Wilson Flaxville, Montana Clarence Wiprud Dutton, Montana 251 I—Donna Witham Billings, Montana Cynthia Wallerman Columbus, Montana )im Worden laurel, Montana Carol Yanc Billings, Montana Jeanette Yates Fishtail, Montana Rae Yudysky Billings, Montana 25?£ 222i?! g Jill. ill! IDunbar Mars 19$ Can. Cary 197 DniK Inm 19$ Garre ton. Soli 16$ D»l, lorn 19$ Cannon. Robert 197 Dil,M«v| 19$ Canrtvnn. Bob 196 111 Cavil k. lillion 19$ Cartvga Pally 16$ fovthck. StOIt 19$ Gaudn, C eor ge 198 faton.llbol 19$ Ceniry, M 198 I by. Mill 19$ Gentry. Mark 198 leker.Mjr, 2)3 Gerber. Paul 196 Uk« .Rjn Jy 195,110.32 Getter. Bobbie 198 tdmondv, Aviv 2)4 Cibb. Pam 149 IdwiiA.Mm 19$ dbcrtion, Kenneth 198 t gan. Kathy 19$ Caidroy. Co’don 33$ Igan. lO» 195 dWam. Anne 196 I ggum,Wayne It 6 dmore fim 198 Ihli. Fitly 19t dmoie Iracy 13 fhrcvman.BB 104 Gloeckert Richard 196 frlek.Debbe 19$ Goering Steve 156 104 tufimjn. Roy 196 Gohgovkr. lohn ICO flUot, Row 104 Cohgovkr. 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Suggestions in the Montana State University Billings - Rimrock Yearbook (Billings, MT) collection:

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