Monrovia High School - Monrovian Yearbook (Monrovia, CA)

 - Class of 1956

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Monrovia High School - Monrovian Yearbook (Monrovia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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..,,.L., -,.... aa? '.:-,' , - ,..f. 1 ,.-.'. -.-,R:A-fufw b,-. --f A-.-.44.A --AA g 'Q' Y, ,N - - ' ,fm wucmu f - , f Awww more v M 5 yy, , 1 j QWQMJ' 'THI5 Any S ,, dv 5 RJ QF :wx 095 af! ALM?-6,705 PITKQN' 1 WA, W M ,W uk , W wwfwww ' W T MW 2 Wfff 2?ffQ5 QF L YJ is ' K My W E33 Xigfsix ffff7fZf,jffi w,fW S? M3 N fiwfzffjyjfi. 353 MN' - ?QrwW5vQ x MPWQM 1 W f W x si W 3:-f-Egg S Qqgjgiigi E EX H ." Q 36731 Q1 EQQ-4515 x Q27 Eg fn I .,, Y 24 gf M v , g Wu. S I Q . . U ' g 1 :X I K . 22, ' . 1 A E: 1 X L+ 5 A , .. Q . .: ' -, ,- . ,- 5 A . -. V . Q , . , 1114. 2,,,9f-A-if .. . -..,-- A ,. - , ,, - ' -. W f,. , - . - ' 1 Qg.QjgQijE iiA,'-:Q j ijt- A151-QQQfJi1i1Q,lg jlzjgglg, 3, K 1.1 V, Ag451QQ:,.1Q,Q1 iggif-g jf-I f Qgfil ,Q 2: ' V 'Alligis iliiii iii i lv 5 12 315 V- 1 ., - 55'- lllll V . . - Lim! fvvjf 7Mcfpa0?Zm4 , QZ? Y fi ,fffififm fo 'fZ'! 4.60, 6 1 J 'f ik Xsfogf WW M K 470127 Azw'f744,y,f,f M9 M nf flvffmww , 47 'ffwffwf ' 0- 'e"7 ,M M 2 EUMW eww ff WB' QV yfwbf f 7 JW!! my fig? ij, 61 vdfiym W M M S , 5 ,f N JSNQEANQZM7 fwfai WWM5mm5WMM MW? Q M' W ,5w,,,,.,f MIK an 12011 214 QBQWM FSM ,O I c UM WJ wfjwv k EXW 5 f?w i1f?5 b 51 ,Jays i ,pl V Q ff I 'xilffl P f FQLVUSU A5 ' l ,'Q:HL,-,frfflff iff, WJ Vf"f "b ., WJQQJ MW Wa 250 . Liz gjev-Fyievxm Wd My ..-- ., rwiwikwyk Aw '! av Q, 5 1 2, iz, Zwfffyf Gfflgfew 'SX Z 4 6595 O98 Pcfc, 'a O '21 ,"e'5' lc ""' 5: '- p2f'f"'f"'Jf N H? lmf iff ' f , -, f O , 172 W,.4.3I'Jjw My dw? K 62444, 1f'uwjA'WZW'. C971 ffm fwiffwy fifty :Q M fi 1L'If' 09 'W JWWMM 140 'Ai Zafamf WMJL P 1 Ciggd 1 ,Q4,l40fZ7' clyj! pf 'buf 3 '59 42,1211 WZL 0 fi 457, 0fl,r 'I 5067 ' My j 0 I , 1' -775 rv . 'LW !9Q swf' W ff JWWU r ' . , ff' ffffffffa Y widwl ' td M ff WM Qiwijwyfifmw' 'MWWQYMPL wM"Qf W : ' y Q t ,f s WW ff A M PN Q", GF" It ' - QW' N9 5.53 H' ,xg W ,f 47 I'-1: .V 'As 'rms GLX r-fu" DA - ,ea A 9 Af ,fd 'K-,rs 01 4 0 .N cc 0 5 0 at x 3" S"'? tl 9 1 'B f 3 ' 1 A .4-Weis ,X"l109"b3?Nq3?-94 ! in Q15 9 X' ' 17,0 Aw" I f I n W, dl A .I ' A - - 1 , I m , I V-, W l - 0 V I 4 f11z:,,iif,3Z fI,fffI?5A5 SSI 5 72f"Q?fMff4" Q "ls S I? , 563 IRiQ3IgI3RI MIIW gig I IVICDNRCDVIAN 'IO Thy N-xx km-iX"x A X-' X4 ,. KWH - x Iv' ki XXX. C YSL Q.-x X Nxf. - fltff' r'-K '54-.X-, P507 '.A.P. Cgx,vA CAI Q- 5 'xLqC'1-', tl . K 4 Y C50-fc'-I .Y kvxfnv ,414 MQNROVIA-DUARTE f HIGH SCHOQL fgujw I MONROVIA, ALIFQRNIA ALMJR C 0 Cm wap M' J QQ NL EDITOR -IN - CHIEF - CAROIYN STINSON BUSINESS MANAGER - HOWARD KUI-INERT - 'I f ffnf UUR TUWER, ULD AND FAMILIAR EIIEWUNDATION I In EVERY STATE THE EDUCATION 04" ITS YOUTI'I. ARISTOTLE I . ' . - . MJ, I ,- IIUR SIICIAI SCIENCE BUILDING, A MCRE RECENT AIJIIITIIIN e. ,k,.qk,xQ, -,nfz U., - v 5 Q . f if 2 fy, '1 'iam nik 4' Brenda Vaughan and Izo Linrins give some new stuclenfs a four of our campus Hn, sf . Jw Y- sij "rm . r 'ggi sw s vffh 'Ns' is 114' ,nj H . 0,14 A 4,-f, HS ffga 1 ,, -1, -Z, -vfn' .a' K., n 1 'H K' 4' -'lynx jt, V. Q . my - . . M- A -1+ Q . 242' Q 4, rx Q- rg 13:2 ""'f2n,,"' . :.'-, fg nwyf. if 'M' :,.',Wn,f 4 , M fffg., :f. i .3-. 1 . V. . .. .. - ' -" 'JP . -v"n."l , V." TA" ,"!"'1 -' ' f','- Q'wg" " e., yn' .1 -3-diffs ,4..s,'v ..,n,1x,.,, ,Q . .A .V , ', I-Ly! "1 A ' .'.'1 ' ,nzezw-w A rf 41- " - lp -- -'Y 4- s: fa, .,,'- AQ-.' . ' 5 W: :ww ' ..-1's1,.,Pz.54' 3 ' ,.. .v f s ' 4" ' Q ,- 'tv 3-'Vi jf-4,.,:f 'fam' 9 , , - Y af., X ,o Even during The summer Poul Atlas lec1dsThe woy for new students. . . . INUUIRING FRESHMEN 'H-V1 .a , vm-, . . 'M' ,ik 't 5 .1 '. Ol' 8 Q -ffv 1 ,.' -cs., Q , 5 .aqui W 7 i- 'v,,.4 ms, 1 X . i 010' Miss Moyer ond Mrs. Holmgren help disfribufe program cords which decide our fate. - UUR NEW PRUGRAM CARDS AND e To compare schedules To see if we'll be among friends. CLASSES WITH FAMILIAR CLASSMATES K Q . li - UUR ACIIUAINTANCES UF LUNG-STANDING AND D We wind up Hi-week with The most popular dance of The year. NEW FRIENDSHIPS WE MAKE DURING HI-WEEK .1 ,As- Zz 5 f L 3 1 1-Q: Affer 0 vrip around the campus . , , ,- ,-,5 L.. -1-1 4. - W 'mf' " - Kita, i . . - x p Q 'r 4 , 'V 4 ' 5 ' 42, if 1 1 ...,, ? ' s r. i - . ,. Y . -... . fit .rv 2 'SN J' if """ ui-ss...-. 'bs x 7' X r ' 4'4n" ",Ki'." I ' ' 1,5 Qu g n, , . hu ' Q' 14: ' ' "' V s . . . Ronnie Green tells Jim Tiner about our Wildcat spirit and traditions. Perhaps we should explain about our using mobiles as a sort of leitmotif in this, our 1956 Monrovian. By doing so we may be able to convey our thoughts behind the theme of our yearbook. We have used mobiles to illustrate the new, the modern, the ever-changing designs which are taking place within our world. We know that with the addition of our new buildings our school is also changing. However, there is something of the familiar we want to keep, because our old traditions have proved themselves through long use, and we refuse to part' with possessions on which we place great value through long acquaintance. For this reason we have a combination of the new and the old - the new swimimng pool and the old, familiar tower, the inquiring freshmen and the well-informed seniors. lt is to this combination of the new and the old thai' we wish to direct and dedicate our i956 Monrovian. i 4, 1 n t i ggxvi li P - TABLE QE CCD TEINITS ADMIIXIISTRATICDIXI . , . T4 STUDENT LEADERS . . , 56 CLASSES , . , 26 I I CDRGAIXIIZATIQNS 71II ATHLETICS I , . IO6 EEATUIQES . . . IAS ADVERTISING . . . I61I Fx Qixi ADMIIXIISTRATIQN We sz-of i i 1-Ufcllvwl-V V, ' BJ' Actively engaged in plans for the new Duarte school is our superintendent, Mr. S. C. McCIintic. SLJPERINTEIXIDEIXI X Perhaps the busiest man on campus This year has been our superintendent, Mr. McClinTic. In addition to his usual job with the public relations of our school, he has been working setting up plans for the new high school in Duarte. Monrovia-Duarte High School operates smoothly and profits greatly under the guidance of Mr. McCIintic. Our VIP's discuss the Monrovion. it I PPIIXICIPAI Known as the handsomest man on campus, Mr. Williamson, our principal, is also called our number one rooter, as he yells loudest of all at every game, whether football or baseball. His effervescent personality and warm smile have helped many times to cheer us before going to class for that final examination. Thanks to Mr. Williamson for guiding us through this year at Monrovia-Duarte. ,I W. I NW.. ei.abeJ'ia.Ax.,,,..,.,Q we in QMQQM Q, T.:-Q M989-Akin seal?-1-Qfso-uf-A,lv5fQmi-'vw-i,Q A-,..,9..,'K"r-.h.L.4 . lt'-'2l""""" ' SW' silk Nxt Wglfw dxlm-X Mr. McCroy and Mr. Williamson - wonder what they're planning. .- ,.,, ,yy--,, ,.y.i g I-I ie il Nl b f1Q ELA.. . ,ff fr I SX. kit VICE - PPIIXICIPAI A very large part of the job of our vice- principal, Mr. McCray, is acting as adviser to the A.S.B. government and having a hand in many student functions. All the organizations, from the A.S.B. to the clean-up club of the week, center their activities around his office. Our gratitude to Mr. McCray for making the year '55-'56 one to remember. ,. ff - . fmiisiu. Wffif-f .if N - : If , ' In ' I I , x -if G, w 59 47 551 . A l ,E 3 . XX , .J -If "'1"u H .nauepjlv it ' - 1.. . ,, , . . gf V"xL2q,. I. ff ' .0 gl," ' if ' I HU, . 'ff J' 'Nfl V' .r? I gi 214. 3, 4-are Hlrii 14.2 ,gf ff .Y:,. u' ,L .au -Aww:-a' - DEANS AND CCDUIXISELCDRS za" 'L Miss Ruth Foreman, dean of girls, and Mrs. Theresa Timko. "Well, you'II have To Take another year of lab science to complete your course, so I suggesT you forge? about faking arts and crafts." Have you heard Miss Cummens or Mr. Groul' say something like this? Many of us have, and we have all profited by sug- i- -. 1- , Q - . l- 1- 2'- ip' l l J J ix J l --. 'N-an-1. ,,.f Miss Clytis Cum anal Miss Martha Lemus, Or' Q f . , nn rou oys counse or mens, Qffls Counsel , , We W4 Hfiltik WQTMW FHCE PERSQNNEL U V Row 1: Mrs. Ann Fox, Mrs. Vera Morgan, Mrs. Edith Harthan, Mrs. Theresa Timko, Mrs. Nell Coger, Mrs. Mabel Smith, Mrs. Sandra Bateman. Row 2: Mrs. Estella Peterson, Mrs. Kathryn Larson, Mrs. Margaret Bottelson, Mrs. Audrey Hebert, Mrs. Shirley Boettcher, Mrs. Dorothy Brown. Row 31 Mrs. Muriel Chamness, Mrs. Mildred Boyer, Mrs. Jessie Cook, Mrs. Ruth McCargar, Miss Gloria Higel. "May I help you?" asks the smiling secretary, Thomas Griffin directs our night school of one hun- and we know that this pleasant person to whom dred and twelve classes, and Mr. H. L. Danforth we have run for information will sincerely do her sees to it that we spend all school rnoney wisely best to give us the help we want. Meanwhile, Mr. and well. 1 if K . -Q., RWWWL w i . .. ,, -LQ.. 1 . Q 3 . -Q L 'Sf h .N U . ' 't . P jr fjfil 5-f, W ,G g V . , s -We-xg X 5 . f. --1 2 -Q-.,. , i X Q, i E ' "' K Ml' lll0mOS Griffin Mr. H. C- Dfmlollh CAFETERIA STAFF .l i . -4 I " Y, ? P 9 l "f , . rl I 1 N.- , . ' l 'l 9 ., tl Row l: Coler-Dork. Row 2: Lee, Kilgore, Scott, Pfcelzer, Etcheverry, McMahon, Erickson, McMullin, Nciggas. Row 31 Kirk, Stauffer, Brown, Wittman. Row I: Mrs. Vondrak, Mrs. Stamotis. , . "l'd like a pineapple sherbetf' "White milk, please." These phrases and many like them are familiar to our cafe- teria and Kitten Koop staffs, for they are the people who keep us from starving at snack time and during lunch. The efficient service they give us helps us to work better. At both first and second lunch we always find these ladies friendly and helpful and the food they serve tasty and nutritious. b r. i mink ru Q0 9610 fudge G l956?" Our attendan tale. were on the morning of Jan and courteous with sixt behin stand, but our bus driv ATTENDANCE CDEEICE "Where were you on the morn We depend on the efticie ncy of staff members to keep our records straight. THEY know where you uary 5. Mis Phyllis lewis Mis Mary Boumgaitn GUR NURSE "Mrs, Yenney, may l go see the nurse?" Our school nurse is a very po ula p r person, not only because of her friendly personality, but because we run to her for bandages for our cuts and ad- vice for our aches and pains. Mrs. Sharloonda and her assistant, Mrs. Smith, keep us phys- ically fit. Mrs. Sharbondo and lza Lintins. BUS DRIVERS How they can keep so calm, cool, collected, y screaming individuals d them is often more than we can under- ers do it admirably. Messrs. Charles Rupert, William Miller, Harold Horton, Leslie Yeats, Freder' k M ic olloy, Orlan Miner, E. H. Adams. ing of January 5 ce office records could tell the ei, Mi Clovis Smitl FACULTY I ix I1 H Who said the world isn't round? f , ef - . ,Q, x lu B C At the beginning of this year our teachers Mr. Omer Bailey Miss Georgiana Beck Mr. Dwight Boehm Mrs. Ethel Brelos Mr. Harvey Brubaker Mr. Joe Burcham B55 lll0l8B. F . Howls of Ivy. . THE' ,-. were honored to have visiting teachers from Burma, lndia, Germany, and other countries spend a day at our school. A farewell party for their dear friend, Mrs. Helen Adams, a beautiful Christmas party, weekend trips, and educational meetings, in addition to success in teaching us to become capable citizens, made the year pleasant for them. Miss Bernice Carpenter Miss Dorothy Clemmons Miss Gladys Coblei Mr. Max Cramer Mr. Robert Culp Mr. John Daniels ,i 1 cy. . FACU LTY We can do without books, but not without cooks. iss Madeline Emmert Mrs. Eleanor Farrell s. Hedvig Finkenbinder Miss Kathryn Geddes I3 gi Ji I 4 Mr. G. Wesley Davison Mrs. Patricia DeMerre Miss Edith Dort Miss Mabel Drummond Mr. Charles Dunson Miss Vivian Elmgren Mr. William Finder Miss Amie Gilbert IX What do you feed it? Mrs Morgciref l-lcmey Mr.Wlwcilen Hickey Mr Alvin Kolich Mr.VVillic1m Koort ' Q 'X 'Q 3 X f with ' ' J Mr.Allen Maxwell Miss Lois Moyer P -. Miss Marion Michel Mr.AnTl1onyMolodovviTcl1 Mr. Frcmk Pilmer Mr.George Reufer Mrs Joyce Reyes Miss Bernice Rogers Eclvvcircl yon or e'!"i J gf or J lHl M C H lik M Jlw Hlh MissGlc1clys Mrs.Murie o mgren iss ryssie oc iss r o ri ui on Mr.Arrhur Longdon Mrs Glcidys Lee Mr Robert Long Mr Alon --f-3 3, A ttffl it 5 ,-,Q , I Q V r A ., ' f...-t ' Q' I ,lf g"s , f ' . ' wif to ,f t HL 1 fl f ,ff ' V '.x X1 X Kenneth Scheel Mrs. Jean Schultz Mr. Harold Scott Mrs.VivianSharbonda Mrs. Eva Silva Mr. Arthur Smith . Virgil Stevens Mr. James Stewart Miss Lillian Stone Mr. August Swyke Mrs. Theodora Taylor Mrs.Thelma Thompson Miss Angie Verenis Z Mr. Claude Walker , ki Mr. Richard Wilkinson .. Mrs. Elizabeth Thornton Mr. Chester Ullom Mr. William Yocum i Q s,. i c 5' Q: 1 'W P ! fix -5 . Q I J! T f X A ff.-f My, what odd costumes wear in 4' Emroy Walker Miss Gladys Walker Mr. Virgil Ward Mr. Rolland Watenpaugh Mr. Robert White l Charles Willette Mr. Jut Williams Miss Leona Wise Mr. Everett Wood Mrs. Thelma Yenney c twill T4 Q X 1 I-B ls 3 7' Qt I 1' -- V' -r .-.wax-al., ., A - - Q CLASSES 'V Q2 SEIXIICDRS SEIXIICDRS SEIXIICDRS Looking back over our four years at M-D, we realize that we have seen the beginning of a new high school in Arcadia, now our friendly rival, the addition of two new buildings on our campus, a swimming pool, and new audi- torium seats, and for the future, a new high school in Duarte. We have had the privilege of being the first grad- uating class to have the senior barbecue, and have had our turn at old traditions of sitting on the senior wall, attending the senior breakfast and the senior assembly, and presenting the senior gift. We have enioyed for the second time the junior-senior prom, and now as we are ready for our grad- uation, we recall with a bit of nostalgia the exciting school elections and wish the best of luck to our new school leaders. With our old traditions and new additions in mind, we hope our future is as enjoyable as our life has been here at M-D. Sheldon Ewell, vice-president, Sue Halley, secretary, Lue Halley, treasurer, Pete Johnson, president. Senior Representatives: Choin, Davis, Black, Taugner, Lintins, Reynolds, Castellano, McGehee. Row 2: Farris, Jirnerson, Kramer, Walker, Romney, Dominis, Oxloby. Row 3: Adams: Dooley, Martin, Warren, Carter, u,l 0. 'fl M. ,iv u I 'u ilu Us lf-- 8Q.i5s1r I Q1 SENIORS 4: Q. LARRY ADAMS BARBARA MCCREADY TEVVART ALDRICI-I CONSTANCE AMBORN KIM ANDERSON CATHERINE ARBOGAST .TEPHEN AUSTIN AROLD BATEMAN a. I QNX i THERESA AYALA BARBARA BATES ,J SENIORS SENIORS BARBARA ANDERSON PAUL ATLAS SYLVIA AYON ANNETTE BAUER P 'T A .- Q Mr, WesIcy Davison cmd Mr. Arthur Langdon, co-sponsors JERRY BALDWIN ROBERT BANNER PATRICIA BECKER JERRY BELOTE Q X X . K X , JACOUELINE BARNETT JOANN BIASOTTI 'd 3 HAROLD BLACK MARILYN BRIDGES DANIEL BRYANT LALIRIE CAMPBELL BARBARA CASWELL f DARLENE BLACK WAYNE BROOKS ANNIE BUNN NANCY CANTRALL TOM CERVENAK hz, ,X WILLIAM BORNT MARTHA BROTHERTON KARIN BURMEISTER ALLEN CARTER JANICE CHALETTE PHYLLIS BOWER DONALD BOWMAN RICHARD BOYEF BETTYE BROWN PAUL BROWN RONALD BROWI' JACKIE CARNEY DENNIS CHASE 42.-2 ,Bw ' If L. 'f "lf"'I it Who! enthusiasm os we get our weekly Wildcats! JOHNNY CASADOS PAULA PEGGY CHATFIELD GAIL CH I V! fy. 1 L .0 I OIN ,sa AROL CHRISTIE ANN CHURCH DONALD CLARKE JOHN COBBE LESLIE COLER-DARK MARVA COLLINS HN CONTRERAS LAVERNE COOK BONNIE COVERT JAMES COVVAN ROSEMARIECUNNINGHAM JUNECZERWINSKI - .1-.-, ' I sg- D I' fysfln' ,, ws, ., ' A 3 L- S RICHARD DANE KAREN DAVIS L Ik cIc1ctsIIko1Ivem-- must be seniors! A'-J. J I Ll I I ,. OBERT DECKER LA RUE DEMING PATRICIA DENKEVVITZ JANICE DeNOON CHARLES DIBIAS AYLE DONIINIS FRANCIS DOOLEY LINDA DOUGHERTY DOUGLAS DRAPER RANNEY DRARER JAX I 1 l VINCENT DeCHELLIS LUCY DILLEHUNT RALPH DUDLEY SL . .JA JUDITI-I DUNCAN GLENN EDWARDS RICHARD EILES JACK ESRY JAMES EUBANKS SI-IELDON EVVELL BOBBYE FARRIS BEVERLY EARRIS MARIE EERRELL SIEGERIED EISCI-IER - e ' "td -64 MILDRED FOWLER TERRY GIBONEY Instead of glving It Io IIIC teacher, he eaTsi1! BEVERLY GAEBEL TOM GILLROY 1 --fzfff GEO RGAN EO LTS WILLIAM GARNER JILL GAST LYDIA GONGAWARE DOTTIE GOODMAN f 4 BRINTON FORD DON GERI-IARDT GARY GORMAN ,qv JAMES EVE DOUGLAS HUGHLENE FOREN' DAVID GIAUOU CHARLES GOULI Ix IANITA GRANILLO KENT GRECHANUCK ATHERINE HALEY LLIE HALLEY EDDIE GREEN SUE HALLEY RONALD GREEN JUEL GREWER RAY GRIFFITH MEL HAMMER CAROLE HANSON GARY HANSON 'Q III ,I it "' A BARY HARBOTTLE MARILY HARDS LEROY HARKLESS DLAND HARRISON NILLIAM HEALEY KAREN HARTHAN KENNETH HEBERT msprng... MARGARET HARTLE SUE HATFIELD JENEANE HAYNES DEANNE HAYWORTH DIANE HEFNER LINDA HENDERSON WILLIAM HICKOK JUDITH HILDRETH JUDITH HILE JAMES HOWELL SANDRE HUBBARD A I' I GLADYS JENKINS EDITH JENNINGS TOMMY JEVVELL MARILYN JONES MARILYN JIMERSON SHIRLEY ANN JONES :fx EVORA HINTZ SANDRA HODSON ROXANN HUBINGER ELIZABETH JESSEY PATRICIA JOHNS SHIRLEY ARLENE JONES CARONIA HOLLAND DONALD HORTON DANNY HOUSTOP DENNIS JACKSON FRANK JACOBS JOSEPH JAQUA CI1lvoIrynsn'Ydeod yetbu7II1mcorsureIy Is! EDITH JOHNSON PETE JOHNSON LEWIS JOHNSTOIN DIANNEJOUROMSKY YVONNE JULIEN SHARON KEBERT Q LN I3 KELLEHER JAMES KESTERSON CLARENCE KIRCHEFER MARY KLEPPER HARRY KLINGER MARY KAY KNAGGS 1 1' is your Iufe' BARRY KUSTNER NORMAN LAWSON ROBERT LEE IZA LINTINS VIRGINIA LORIMOR PHILLIP LOTHYAN l 1 xi I I I , I I T,- , 1 CAROLE KIRKHAM MARYAN KOVIAK CAROL KROHN DANNY LEMOS EMIL LUEDERS r x..T WILLIAM KING LOUISE KRAMER Q1 .V . M I HOWARD KUHNERT PATRICIA LENZIE CAROLE LYNCH . MYRNA KINKADE BEVERLY KROENER CAROL KU RTNAKER VIOLET LINN EDOUARD LYON S CORINNE MCKEE AUDREY MEYERS 'Phu A ff I JOAN MAHER RODERIC MANDY RONALD MANWARREN BARBARA MARS GARY MARSH JOAN MARSH BARRY MARTIN MARY MARTIN WILLIAM MARTIN BARBARA MATEJZEL BEVERLY MATEJZEL KENNETH MATTIC For seniors only? JANE MCLACHLAN MARILYN MCNUTT PATRICIA MCREYNOLDS VIRGINIA MILES ROBERT MILBRANDT BRUCE MILLER SHEILA MCGEHEE BARBARA MCGRANE JULIANA MELTON JERRY MILLER CLIFTA McKAY ROGER MERKAM DUKE MILNER 'Q fl Q 4 4 GERALD MISSICK ALLEN MOXLEY CARMEN MITCHELL CAROL MITCHELL DESIREE MONGAR GLORIA MONTGOMERY CAROL MULLIGAN SHARLENE NELSON WILLIAM NELSON EDWARD NIETER vgunsx Q l -XV X N x x ' ,IW pXxX1 :SIX NN IOMAS NOAH SUSAN NOEL JESSE NORTON Mereorolognsfs checkmg the pluvnometer CLIFFORD NUTT MARABETH O'LAUGHLIN DONNA ONKIN LUCIA ORAVETZ THOMAS ORRELL DIANE O TOOLE OU JEAN OXTOBY NANCY PANKNIN DAVID PANKOPF PAT PANKOPF PHYLLIS PARIS JUANITA PARKER I ANNETTE PARR ANTHONY PETROSKE LYNN PARSON JUDY PHILLIPS CHARLES PRINCE MARVIN PULIN JAMES QUIGGLE LAWRENCE RICKABAUGH X rf T LINDA RAGSDALE PATSY RICKS OWEN PATOTZKA BRUCE PATRICK WILLIAM PATTON SHERRY PECK ? CHARLES PHILPOT ROBERT PINGER FRANCES PINK JUDITH PO RENEE QUERY JOYCE REED CHARLES ROBERTS fw-Q L High Noon! RAYMOND REYES ANITA REYNOLDS MARGARET ROBERTS KENNETH ROGERS - W, RITA RHODEP LINDA RUSS 245'-. . if 3 SCOFIELD CHARLES SCOTT EDITH SCOTT YN SIFERS THOMAS SLATTEN BESSIE SMITH SNYDER EARLINE SPERL PHYLLIS SPRIGG N SANDERS MICHAELSATTERFIELD MARY SCHIPPER ROBERT SCHLAX Q . JEAN SCOTT ELLEN SHINDLE CAROLE SMITH RONALD STACY USD v Iv.- LARRY SCHUBERT VIRGINIA SCOTT NORMAN SHRIVER JAMES SMITH PETER STANDISH .1 .i ANN SCHURR JACK SEYMOUR RUTH SHIRK DIXIELEE SMITHHART MICHAEL STECK ww1III-I:R6- ',1f R.-11 .. 1 IVA 7 SI VT I x f KATHRYN STEIN ALEXANDER STUEBNER CAROLYN STINSON YVONNE STULL SUZANNE STURGEON GERALD SULLIVAN SHIRLEY TILLER EDWARD URBAN I ul Our Senior MIxer where spf1gIIeTIi ruled supreme ANTHONY TOSTI GWENDOLYN VADEN .... EDWARD TOWN MARY VAN HORN ,rs LLOYD STOVALL MARJA STRAUGHAN DIANE STUDEBAK ROBERT SWARTZ LYNITA TAUONER RICHARD TAYLO BARBARA TERRELL JUDITH TREYDTE BRENDA VAUGHAN .IO ANN THOMAS LA WAIXIDA THOMAS WILLIAM THOMPSON MICHAEL LIHLEIQ NEAL VOORHEES x PAUL TURVILL SANDRA VEENBOER Q? .sv -R -3- SYLVIA VOYLES SUSAN WALKER WILLIAM WARDLOW RUSSELL WARREN ARTHEA WATSON CAROLE WEAVER JZANNE WEDBERG ANDREW WEINBURGER MAXINEWEINEELD NANCY WEISS ALTA WEST THOMAS WEST MARILYN WHITSON DOROTHY WOLF RONNIE WOLFE LEONA YETSKO SUE YOCUM JUDITH YODER GEORGEWINCHELL RICHARDWINKLER MELBA WOOD GEORGE WOODGRIET MARY WRIGHT PATRICIA ZAMBETTI .V , is fault! ROSE YACKA CHESTER ZISK EDWIN YERMAN EDWARD ZUBOK 1 X SEIXIICDR MEMCDRIES V R4 Sllj . " Q!! Ms 0' 1- ' 2275 C J fy RQ Lyllbgfdthtc ytfin , L 2 '41 A hi . C' . ' 4 1 9 . SEIXIICDR MEMCDRIES 4' N1 wi 4 Q A. w- 4 . Q 5' QS' J MQ' ' -Alf' On' .l,AQ'A I A xa Q ,212 A an .I A4 ' -El JUNIQRS This has been our mosT enioyable year aT M-D. We have finally reached The rank of upper classrnen, boughT our senior rings and aTTended one of The biggesT and most an- ticipated dances of The year, The iunior-senior prorn, NexT year we will be siTTing on The senior wall and helping To lead our school on in iTs Tradifion of being The greaTesT school. 'Q s , Jerry Finch, Treasurer, Jane MarTin, secretary, Terry Morgan, prvsiilvny Dudley Lang, vire-presldenl. Sponsors Mrs. Mary McKesson and Mrs. Theodorn Taylor Row l Amway, Aiifrlvrlir-irle-, Benzango, Bennifr, Boyrl, Bioolw, Brirlgr-s, Baron, Austin, Burnell. Row 21 Albo, Anderson, Ayslor, Birnri, Blair, Bockmiller, Alva, J. Barnes, Anlhony, J. Bell. Row 3: Bowser, !Xfl4l:.s, S. Bell, Bennett, Boslcy, fxsliury, Bloern, Biddle, Biggs, Beselne, Bvlin. Row 4: Borg, Allen, Baines, Berglors, Allingham, Baltcison, Borden, D. Bell, Burton, Brewer, JL 1 go. Q. Row lr Clmavcz, M. Casleneda, V. Casleneda, J. Edwards, P. Edwards, Deffenbauglw, Collon, Davls, Doyon, Bucher, Coler-Dark. Row 2: Cox, Cooley, Elllolf, Caudull, Delloisblanc, Dawson, Cllodalc, Dsson, Dyke, Doggell, Caddy. Row 3: Campbell, Daes, Cook, Brown, Connolly, J. Carver, Cowan, Day, S. Carter, Carpenter, Clwlldress, Dernoresf. Row A: Eller, Druce, Cluoin, Cookmglwam, Cannady, Connor, Darden, Colllns, Edborg, Ehlers. MEMURIES 0E NEW CLASS RINGS Row 1- Hay, l-larf, Halley, Cooper, Henderson, Bender, Grossman, Harlwlclc, Hatfield, Glldden, Gorda, Falling. Row 9: Fomrslcr Flnclm, G. Evans, Hagar, Guslafsson, Hamilfon, Gordon, Engllslw, Hwrney, Gcrfen, Hardun, Gruber. Row 3: Harlgraves, Hall, B Evans, Hagan. Row 41 Goff, Espinoza, Fenlress, Elllson, Hargrove, Earns, Hawes, Fauna, Orondzllc, Fnedman, R. English, Groves. tgt. Q- l vd- Rowz Reyes, Shalclnagle, Pterce, Pfab, Rolne, Peterson, Pewders, Pryor, Reed, Shipley, Prather, Rtce, Pius, Schanbacher, Lundborg. Row 21 Higbee, Duarte, Stubbe Safter, Schoewvald, Russell, Seckcta, Racliey, Post, Shepard, Radtke. Peat, Pollard, Schvveisthal, Scholl. Row 3: B. Semth, Magee, Styles, D. Styles, Allen, Srmmons Ramsey, Schu'et, Peiersen, Swlley, Sanclezs, Peters, Soper, Scott, Rirle, Row 4: Ollyas, Rtley, Salacltn, Dtclcinson, Ball, Rodgers, Stanley, T, Smutlt, Ray, Rowbotharn Porhammer, Relph, Prrce, Roberts, McNabb. .. . UF THE IUNIUR-SENIUR PROM AND .. . Row l: Tuttle, Tomasian, Tucker, Strauss, Barnett, Wolfe, Turner, Simpson, Webb, Westbrook, Wenvevberg Tressel, S. Thompson, Unclezwoocl, Suvert, Torrl. Row 2. Sulhyan, Svvope, Topper, Tubbs, Vaughan, Wrreman, G. Whtte, Sturgeon, P. Thompsot, Squire, Vatl, Taylor, Stay. Row 3: Couplancl, N. Sn,rler, Zapp, Tatum, Trefel, Towle, A. Whtte, C. Snyder, Watcllovv, Wrlkrnson, Steffen, Vrllalobos, DeSplenter, Vigil. Row 4: Thomas, Swanson, Stuart, Thetler, Ware, West, Tatt, Wallace, Wrcklman, M. Whtte, Sursse, Wtdrig, Torrey. rn- rf-'- "' 3 O fy,-5 . ATA v .- Q. Rovv l. Jaffe, King, Holden, Leo, Lefebvre, Kistner, J. Joltnson, Hill, C. Louritson, lngrorn, Hggins. Row 21 Levinson, Henan", Hebert, Byerly, Klotz, Lovvrcncc, Heitrnon, Lgvvrcnz, Hulcl, Long, Hogue. Row 3: Harvey, B. Joltnson, K, Louritson, Koss, C. Jones, Kellogg, Kelly, Hoelcsemn, Long, N McGee. Row 111 Kultncrt, Lacy, Knefolkornp, D. Jones, Howard, Knisley, Jerosz, Chonnell. DREAMS 0E THE SENIUR YEAR. Row l. Legg, McCoy, Newcomer, Lilburn, Macltoclo, Johnson, Petit, Leliner, Muller, Lounsbeiry, J. Mclntire, Payne, Poscltol, Mngrunrl, Lonniorc, Motfilt. Row 2 Logon, Mnnwerlsr, Muscot, Lincoln, Oltnmns, Little, Martin, Lynde, Leg, McKinn, Meyer, No lot, B. Miller, McGee. RCW 3. Misncr, Jo'gCnsen, M, McKinley, Miller W. Mills, Z. Olson, J. McKinley, Mortensen, R. Mclntire, Olmsteod, P. Mills, Poaker, Moore, Miller, Moinwol. Row A. B. Olson, Pepper, Levvis, Mooney, Mullingur Everett, B. Miller, Murtinez, Loe, McBride, Moeller, Bartlett, Morgon. I f i ,NN SQPHCDMCDRE What a year This has been! We certainly fun. Our sophomore assembly was a Tremeri hit, and We became skillful at finding our around campus. Even ihough many of us were frocluced To an annoying puzzle called geon we had a great time at all M-Ds games and da Now We can hardly wail for our junior year The thrill of being upperclassmen. Gloria Farris, secretary, Gaye Tucker, Yieasuier, James Barkley, president, Nelda Rankin, wee-president. X Q- ,fi Q i. i i if is s -H , 4- P-1 QV hw!! if QW , 165 E f Y Vfw I' C3 ' Q , 5 ,.. 7 , A '42 M -Q. 'EW . .94 I 1-I M" yi di., if NT! " ' lil ' a ll ll ll I vgfl '3 7-xi . Tami: xi' 'Vx 1 . P ,, " -v 1 -Ify - 59, 2 IZ' A 3' I.. ' :-I-YI 'X -41 nf' Ain , - us- A. s. . . Fi K. vnu . -4 '. Y". Ax -Q. 'W if V wi 9 :J ff' '?'4, , .4 . 'M' ,.: v., " A v- -C4 .ff .. 51 5 NI.. ' v' QQYQV Q! 0 l R.. , 1 X C. :ff ':. -Y . Q'.'K1.f"E :3"pi U v., Q-A x . .L an ' E ' s di w 9 Vamgpwkn Y ,.un,4mw , Q Qcs .A 'r ,Sci kLx4.'?,,m. 1 f I 9 3 FRESHMEN Well, now we have seen it all - every side of M-D from Tlie freshman Tea, long ago in September, To the cold nights of football games, cleaning The big M, dances, and rnosl excihng of all, A.S.B. elecflons. Now as we sing The Alma Mater, learned in Freshman Problems classes, we have the feeling that This is our school. , 1 nr , MLUSLJ . 1' D! QQ - JC 9 Y xcof Us 99 W 'IT pmslclc-nl Maureen Wallhg, secrelaryg Carol Henderson wc fiv of ..J I Q W -4- '- A . v I T' 'fx 'fx 'G' muy' J bid fr i gt,-of-'fr xv r -A-.DQ N tic WA .JV 'W-.?, LM" an-1.14 1 mu .ni A 3. st 00 fi- 4 J: c X f3.f""' VX ny x '1 . 5 ii J .f aa-gif? Q 591 f ef 519 'fer it J?-. 'Z D f 4 a LY J nu ' 11 '.-, wx.-af .s 0- F W7 fin km r- Ql af is '10, -5 .."L.U.x .D P- " . ,.-vw -"2" u Q .5 env' ' 'bu ,Lg-. J F 'fs I 11,51 mm, Wi! A , 2" I 4, -an Q X' ,- X ' , .. lx f 5 Q-L. f-x Q if ' 'W I I IUIVX. ' xx l , -I :AM 1,41-' 1-- .Nx ,, H! - N 'xx ,U ,' .4 .5 x , V, .ly X' .xv41n ,x Q. - , U- ' ll, , - 5 ' -,Q f , J 1. 'Nq...g ',. I , .qv -V '01 , ! 'G' A-7 r - ' N"L "," w-. -.e., ' r, , -.' f"x-,f , 4 - N 7 , '.. 44 ' 1' A 9 ' ," gr 1 J - ,X E- ,,:,Vg3,-, ,' 5 ji: ' I fy-i.E5'!'hQ 1: 7 'lf""'n N ,. r STUDENT LEADERS . I . - ' rf - , fl is I, ,f ' A V. .'.,l0 , In x . , J Al A, S. B. PRESIDENT Top man, Ed Zubok, A,S.B, president A tole of tvvo Willies - Q . - lt during this past year you ever searched tor our A.S.B. prexy, Ed Zubok, likely as not you tound him seated at his desk in a corner ot Mr. NlcCray's otfice. From there he came forth to preside over all Cabi- net meetings and to take part in many ot the activities ol MAD, as he was a member of Monarcs, Pep Commission, Assembly Committee, Junior Statesmen, and Speech Arts. l-le has received many awards in the oratorical field, being named Speaker ot the Year and vvinner of the American Legion speech contest and the Bill ot Rights Speaker Award. " . . . and in conclusion, l want to say . , " Ed and Dick discuss important affairs of state - girls? I x 1 . , lj ,xy f X ,tl gg VICE - PRESIDENT Known around school as the strong, silent type is our ASB. vice- prexy, Dick Eiles. Besides attending many student conferences as part of his iob as veep, he has participated in numerous school activities, being a member ot Concert Choir l, Monarcs, Scholarship Society, and Key Club. He also was one of the representatives sent by M-D to Boys' State last summer. As tor his athletic prowess, he has lettered in A, B, and C basketball and J.V. and Varsity baseball, earning membership in Lettermen's Club, where he holds the oftice ot - guess what - vice-president. He didnt win this for being fourth-string water boy Row I1 Jones, Oxtoby. Row Q. Boint, Zubok, Harkless, Bonner Clarke Draper Row 3 Carter Seymour '92 llig- 10" HQUSE CDE REPRESENTATIVE 3 gs! gil A nl? hi XT' Row 1: Seymour! Jones,f5Turgeo:? Stein, Jimerson, Weaver, Hatfield, Row 2: While, Samuels,QETeTs, Bornt, Harkless, Clarke, Draper, Zubok. S The hub of M-D is The House of Represenfalives, where us To have a smoothly managed campus. This year A.S.B many issues of importance To our school are debated and Vice-president Dick Eiles presided over the House, or in h vofed on. Oul of seeming chaos come policies That help absence Speaker of The House Ranney Draper presided. BUYS Ei GIRLS' STATERS STUDENT CQURT Goebel, Z b k . . 5, Mr. Oliver. Row 21 DYke' Kellehe U O ' Dmpef, Eiles Row 11 Covert, Jimerson, KUGQQ is I' ..--ann CCDMMISSICDIXIERS 5 3 i Q 3 S 2 S Wear Row l. Mis Marlin, Vw , irlison, Rcilrlvyin, Wong, Stark, Floinc, Woclcill, Reedall, Pop ell Borlrr-s, Mi, Oliver Row fl' Wrinl Dahl, Burhei, Cook, Boclvniller, Mclnlne, Dries, Ferguson, Julien, Day, Hagan, Fun, Row 3' Vllunsrh, Searisl, Ferrell, Ocheliiee, Taylor, Fenlon, Squire DvSriIcnrvr, Brown, Sriller. Commissioners With Mr. Mitchell Oliver as their sponsor, The Commissioners have lust linisherl another year ol keeping The halls clear, handing our blue slips, ancl lreezing in Cold hallways. They were rewarded vviih several lielcl lrips around lhe Sourhlancl. Left To right: Gloria Day, Phyllis Borlrrnillei, linda Ragsclale. Row l- Creswolcl, Ferguson, lolrnslon, Mclnine, Loiinioie, llleeclall, Farris, Pooperl, Carney, Carson, Pierce. Row 7 Sallvy Pnrlfllo, Farr, Ragsdale, Sininions, Julien, Carter, Yolslro, Hensvn, Connolly, tools, Uinrlin, Mi. Oliver. Row 3: Spann, Meyer, Woorlgrifi, Jolinsion, Bvsvlxu, Jones, Taylor, Ocliullrev Waicl, Day, Franklin, l-lays. i ....-- , GIRLS, LEAGUE 'fit trw ra- s uh......f K.. . .. 4 Anita Reynolds, secretary, Susan Walker, treasurer, Beverly Goebel, vice-president. Gayle DorniniS. Plesldenll The first Girls' League assembly this year was a beau- Date with Dad" to entertain their fathers. Congratulations tiful fashion show presented by McBratney's. ln the spring, go to Mrs. Eleanor Farrell and Mrs. Patricia DeMerre, Girls' in addition to honoring their mothers at the annual Mother- League sponsors, fora successful year. Daughter Banquet, the girls sponsored for the first time "A ,f B. Farrislgxtobyj, Goebel, Lintins, Walker, Lee, Weclberg, Fenton, Mitchell, G Farris, Dolwluaf Porrmey, Reynolds, Yoder, Hartwick, Kovirxk, Kinlcarle, Nelson t ."".:3-C BUYS' LEAGUE " ,4--"' W .CO is ij Q' - 0 'f 0 V ' up-J -ns f We Ron Stacy, president C L r Sei Novvn, yrcermfswpm rg my 600,90 W f pon gmw D 1 O fL'5r,,, ' ' . OdQ"f', vrmxgw. I mllyfwool up Tulvrlll A welcoming party for Freshman boys in September the Snovvf An amusing faculty-student basketball game was frrst on the calendar of actlvtties for the Boys' Gnd a profitable League play, George Vtlashington I BO 5' Leggue gpon- Slept Here," were other unterestung events of the year. Lea we thrs year. In December tue y Q 1 nce, 'Sleighbelts in sored a very beaututut Chrustmas ca tv m. Tnrvilt totrniton, Town Q Ure rv In Vow 1' NN Mf1vrvrvwc1 ma M- -row Rawt I Gr -rr tvNOmx41vrt'lHtuthw Swv nl N, mm A-751' , , fy.. . . A W?l'Q,'-'ik v I 4 s s if X , . 1 f. A . , 1 h J- U f 11' m ' A A . . "o' 1' 1' ' '.- . If' 'f 2 C' I .4 rf N. V,-K.: 1, e "M-, f bw:-f.' ff' -s ,. v"'lvf p- . .- ,..4 2... ' r hm gjw . 1 .,... Q.waS5'35M -W. - Q ' . 1-1 . , AA Q. 1 qw- ' - ,Q ,K 1 .1-n-, N' f' 4 . WN x -,Q V . ,uf k k H " - is ' ff' N , , N., .4 , .wsrgx Ng 3 g 41 0 I I I 21 3 1 .1 YELL LEADERS V Carol Mulllgon She MAJQRETTES s..., g ggi!! - , ,gil-N... l G e Tucker, Mfifilvn Jimerson ila McGehee, Beverly Gaebe. GY Sandy, Sheila, Carol, Gaye, and Beverly, M-D's five prancing maiorettes, with their beautiful white satin out- fits and their snappy routines, contributed a great deal of color and spirit to pep rallies and games throughout the year. One ot the girls, Carol Mulligan, placed fourth in individual competition at Baldwin Park in December. Mrs. Betty Thornton, Majorette sponsor, has devoted much ot her own time to the development ot the group. our marquee. 'N ,CDMMISSIGIXIS PEP "One, two, three - upl" came the order from Roxie Hubinger, and our card section spelled out "Hil" or displayed some skillfully planned card trick. lt was our pep commission that made those clever plans to promote a terrific card section. Row 1: Gaebel, Sturgeon, Hubinger, Straughan, Jones Row 2: Foley, Atlas, Zubok, Dudley, Draper, Bornt. PUBLICITY "Mangle the Moors" and "Whip Whittier" signs made our halls seem alive with spirit this year, for our publicity committee was on the alert to let us know the news about coming events. Row 1. Warren, Johnson, White, Zubok Hadley Bornt Sa l , , , mue s. Row 2: Dyke, Reynolds, Wood, Bergfors, Childress, Prather. MARQUEE When M-D was having a football game or a concert or Willie Wildcat wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Jim Moss kept everyone aware of our activities through the words he placed on Jim Moss tells the world what we're doing. 5 PEP CATS PEP CATS PEP CAT r 5 Q I .,n Row l, left To right Austin, Benzango, Schweisvlinl, Hnwes, Baron, Pefir Henson, Gill, Hamberg, HaTfielcl, Rice, Paris, Childress, Lynde, Kuss, Machado Connolly, Strauss, Reed, Carver. Termed The besT in several years, This year's group of Pep CaTs has Truly served M-D vvell, These sixTy perf girls, dressed in vvhiTe cosTUmes and carrying green pompons, have represenTed M-D aT many band evenfs ThroughooT The year. November was a busy monTh for The Pep CaTs. They placed second in The WesT Arcadia parade and The following SaTurolay placed fiTTh, TogeTher with The band, in Their di- vision of The annual Long Beach Fesrival, Sue Halley, vice president, Brenda Vaughan, president, Louise Kramer, Treasurer Lynita Taughner, secrerary, P CATS PEP C ATS PEP CATS F. QM as .,,. . - . - Pow P, loft Yo IIQTTT: Tuchclum, Posclwuf, Slvmdle, Brown, Wolfe, Diffenbough, Multum, Llommous, Domlms, Mrs, Yonney, Yoder, Haynes, Knoggs, Tucker, Fmus, Duy Punkopf, Reynolds, Bohn Cmwtm, I You Tcxugncv VrQ1ugTmn,Klf1mE!r. is Mrs. Thelma Yumwey uno Mrs. Betty Thornion .Q MARCHIIXIG B Q Q t 5 AND MARCH C ' 1 I 'ili- Qu- Vaul Brown, Pon Stacy, C1 70 i.- Secretclryy Eff Yerrnan pubfmry rom motor 101. Orion Dvosldem, k ' V . fit :1 I' Lmry Amon, Bob Burtlett, Alan Bunn, Don Btma, Noel Burdon, Darryl Bmnhum, Ellen Lharuif, Alber' Thomas Cray, Qohert H'1rlts,I5f1vlrt Housh, Larry Hubbell, Bull Knley, Marland Koons, Runciy Le-rwrmon, Mnchael Loc, Bob Mrtbrondt, Robert Mrtlw, Lie-orqv Mongol, Albert Steven Schnpper, Sum Shafer, Sharon Shutvr, Dowd Vflclcn, larry Wrugjstrutt, ffl Y:-rrvrfm, hum-s Mnlutr-Ilo Sporting brcrnol new green West Point una' represented its school well cut many to our drum major, Ron Stacy, who led the fifth place in the Long Beach parade, and another year ot outstandrng success and fx BAND MARC!-iIINlC3 BAND Robbin Blontquist, Alan Boult n XX ti 0 , n tony Boyd, Priui Brown, David Brubaker, Contieius, Noiinnn fouplrind, Lois DcBovy, Qichard Drury, Ceraidine Cordon, Sant Jenson, kaioi Johnson, ludine Johnson, B'uce Johnston, Lewis Johnston id Lorman, Wrriti-i Mirntv, David Martin, Margaret Mdtelzei, Robert Mclean Moss, You Oison, Hunnihui Pink, Judy Potter, Kathrern Romsey, Robert Russell, Srllasvn, lirny S'nrth, Dunne Stacy, Ronald Stacy, Garland Surnrall, Raiph forms, the band, under the direction of Mr. Max Cramer, marching events during the year. Much ot the credit goes band to a second place vvin in the West Arcadia parode, C1 a fourth in the Corona competition. The band has achieved truly deserves the gratitude ot every student. Inf IIB!! Pon Stacy. Another Tommy Wrriiceiiy MADCQUIIXIS W . . Row lz Scott, Covert, Weislg, lOxtobyl Kinkade, Paris, Jimerson, Sturgeon,7Jones,l2omney. Row 2: Peck, Farris, Yoder, Knaggs, Walker, Miss Foreman, DOmIr1IS, Kramer, Goebel, Nelson, Meyers. 4 I xg 4 ' Ushering tor the freshman tea and doing the traditional decorating tor all home football games filled the lazy autumn days with plenty ot activity for the Madquins. ln January they treated themselves to the annual Madquin-Monarc party. The year was climaxed by the impressive and exciting "tapping" ceremony in May, when the twenty new members were chosen to wear the white Madquin sweaters tor the coming year. i s Myrna Kinkade, presiclentg Bobbyc Farris, secretary-treasurer, Calories, Never heard of them! .' li fi" 3 5 3: , .' 72 MCDIXIARCS Row T: R Town, Bornt, Stuebner, Gerhardt. A gaily decorated float, which they co-sponsored with the Madquins in the homecoming parade, was the special pride of the Monarcs this year. The boys also devoted Friday afternoons to decorating the goal posts for all home football games. The Monarc campus clean-up in October was another successful ac- tivity tor this honor club. 1 Z 'l eyes, Edwards, Zubok, Seymour, Johnston, Green, Yerman, Clarke, Johnson, Banner, Harkless. Row 2: Mr. Williamson, Stacy, Atlas, Eiles, Carter, Draper Town, sergeant-at-arms, Stuebner, vice-president, Clarke president, Johnston, treasurer. Party time. 1--1. 74 QRGAIXIIZX-XTICDNS GLX " -4..'X tri ' 1 1 I I I I 5 I 5 Pow l Pototzko, Ashbury, Frost, Lynch, Kiri- nom, Holden, foivrgtiv, Smith Row P Miss Gilbert, Melvviil, fclvviiiils, limi, Riistellrlno, Hubinger, Hefner, Rickcibimgli, Row 3, Hulk- les s, Cliutfield, Sums, Martin, Swuitz, Norton, STAGE CREW Arrnyeol in their inultieltuecl sinocks ond orlcing Under the direction of Mr. Joe urcliorn, M-D's stage crew set up ottroctive toges for ctll auditoriunt performances. Row l Mi lluiiliiirn, Kirin-K, Kiilxlwiiin, Hugun ik-luitti, Mtkown, iynn, Snytlli Flow 17' Hiirclin Ruiiivviitm, Mtiinw il, Rial-ulutiiiqli Norton Quiggle AAXILHNP, Oiivll, Lwilvn Pow 3 Ducllvy, Alclridi Roqvis, Hutitiins, biuvvs, Sowvls, Moxlvy, THESPIAN OFFICERS O 1 ll With nigh enthusiasm and notable talent, M-D's stors of the future this yectr joined their sponsor, Miss Amie Gilbert, in presenting in the toll "George Washington Slept Hereug O lovely pcxgeont ot Cnristnwos, "Promise of Peclceug ond scenes from "Our Town" in February. mo Clintfie-lrl, Paosivy. . 1 Melton. V Mmspilluiit, Mmlmr Swurh. 'N .,,..,.eA. Sums, Costellc VVASHIIXIGTCDIXI SLEPT HERE Owen Patotzka, Peggy Chatfield, Bob Swartz, "Washington Slept Here" was The opening producrion of The Thespians for This year. Peggy Chatfield sTarred as The dominaTing wife of Mr, Newton, portrayed by Barry Martin. Mr. Newton had .Q .U .emi 4. The ill luck To purchase an old house in which Washington was supposed To have slept. Mr. Kember, The janitor who belonged with The house, was portrayed by Robert Swartz. Sharlene Nelson and Jack FrosT played The iuvenile pcrrts of Madge Fuller and Steve Claridge. The part of Uncle Stanley, The NewTon's rich uncle, was played by Owen Patotzka. Being lighf comedy, "Washington Slept Here" provided an enioyable evening. Barry Martin, Peggy Chatfield SEIXIQR FREEDCDIXA IXN. N. l If e,,,,tN l if- W 5 ,. ,A r Jus- -. --A Ling, 'sf -Q - 1 . -, . A ,min--.ds fin. Corol Snyder, Owen Potozkn, Berry Martin, Paula Cosfellono ond Julie Melton. vvwq, This yeor's Posodeno Ployhouse confesf ploy for The Thespions wos "Senor Freedom." Telling The story of the hordships of o soldier who wos blinded in ci revolufionory woir of some South Americon country, if won The opprovol of The sfudenfs of M-D. The sforring choroclers were Julie Melfon, Borry Morfin, Corol Snyder, Owen Potofzko, Bob Svvorrz, ond Poulo Cosrellono. Corol Snyder OW i en Poiofzko, B Berry Marlin ond Bob SWUHZ' ond Julie Melfofwl any Mmlmf PGUlG Castellano 1 ff.-v ,iw va, 1, r v f ' A ff - . AMN! ' I T. 1 f Kai, Q is ,,- v wff ,Q MQ x CCDNCERT CHCDIR I I sl Row l: Tucker, Covert, Snyder, Jimerson, Simpson. Row 2: Kinkade, Hatfield, Logan, Noel, Martin. Row 3: Eiles, Clarke, Edwards, Ray, Carter. Row 4. Harkless, Patrick, Manwarren, Anderson. -..., rain 3 ls it going to be a success . - - C3 Under the skillful direction of Mr. Chester Ullom, Concert Choir l has completed a very successful year. Together with Concert Choir Il, members of Concert Choir l won great praise at Redlands, Whittier, and San Mateo music festivals. Choir l also sang at a Cham- ber of Commerce installation and a Sierra Madre Womans Club meeting. Concert Choir I will long re- member the spring show, the trip to San Mateo, and the Fourth of July celebration at the Coliseum. I . or Q 'Q I., i'-JV ,E ii W1 1 9 xgf 9 A I M 1 '. :Q 'V In QP' , L, sz' 3 ,ge W as . i "fl g 1,5 1 fr- i"i Sx,' ... , JK. i. , 1 'E is 55 i Q Q ,Y -f S xg, x L sr 5 y , .Y Q S 'f '3 W W HfrawW iv W" wi 'V X.if w if vw 'W V K A 'EP' Q15 ff. rr v " fQ,N "i",iY N' is! Q mul Wu: if If - 'fir A w h 4 'x + 4i ? a ' 5 'W 1: as an it ' I ,, x , , ' x A . 4' .'.'7t3Gv v. I Y Q Y g: AQ ff yy., 'Q if Q' it 2 at as Q y w , .. ' sf E EY B Q sf 'hr N- V V . -,LL Wi' , 41,1 Q9 X ' Q 9 7 if ,E vi Q 'af V w w yqixv, ' Y 5- ry lg, tbl V Q'-SQ? Yay v 'Sv md KQV 'W F ,V 75 1,9 " Y 41 V fy 5 sf 'i f ' il 1' Q." vi' f 'S Gb Q V Q V 'QV v W sv -ftv X ' V V FQ, Q55 ,LA ,LW .,, 'Q X4 YY, V ' vi if Syl W tr V ' Y .g if rar " fc! x- fm, v 4 4' yy' , f E, Q Q- ,P 4 Q 5 V ,, 84 Row li Lett, Mellon, May, Wand, Walters, Ellis, King, Pohorely, Nerby. Row 2: Poister, Calland, Eckeman, Von Hentschel, Hebert, Austin, Stueve, Grant, King Wright, Deitch. Row 3: Henderson, Keen, Wilson, Dayton, Slater, Peat, Hayden, Harris, E. Collins, Campbell, Burnell, Selby, Row 41 McDaniel, K. Smith Boiano, l, Ellis, Herman, Mattingly, Singdale, Fisher, Crawford, Bright, Moore, Edwards, McLachlan, JLJNICDR GIRLS GLEE CLUB KEYBCDARD CLUB Many ol our talented girl singers begin their singing The Keyboard Club promotes interest in keyboard instru- experience in our school in the Junior Girls' Glee Club under ments and helps future professionals gain stage experience the direction of Mis, Heclvig Finkenbinder. We get Cl chance by arranging programs so that different members Qf the club to enroy the fruits of their efforts at various times, especially can perform for each other at meetings. Mr, Jut Williams is at tht assembly at which they sing their favorite songs rlrtsirlr-tpndqimlqqlvigfgr, lor us Raw l karlson, Larson, Pnnl-in Hartwirlc, Fenders, Walsh, Mriteizel Row 1' Mr Williams Kvlly, H Ainrc-, lrolts, Ramsey, Lothy rirv, V Aince Row Qt Pricv, lb e-rti: v, lktikt,-r, Caebvl, lilboiq, llvters. 4 R R D bbs, Mrller, Johnston, Reegler, Row 1: Bohaek, M. Collins, Paghella, Brooke, Shafer, Cahletter, Wingert, De Polo, Mrs, Frnkenbinder. Row 21 Shoe , ouse, a i ' ' R 4: F lclin, Baldwin, Pfaft, Pollard, Shank, Ames, Ma Worroll, Feltus, Allen Boop, Alvarez. ECDYS' GLFF CLUB zalrc, Beseke. Row 31 Caldwell, Willett, Schoonover, Shepard, Rome, Hass, Standish, McKinley, West. ow ran Boys' Glee Club is entirely a preparatory group which lasts for only one semester. Alter that one semester' of prep- aration these boys, ninety per cent of wlronw are lreshrnen, go into Mixed Chorus, where their voices are used in the male sections. Members of the Boys' Glee Club participated in our Christmas program and in "Make Way for Music," our spring show. Next year will find the nwaiority ol these boys going on to Mixed Chorus and our Concert Choir l or Con- cert Choir II R ? D n or C rtrr ht, Coleman, Bonaparte, Llrausse Pans, Devin, Foley Row 3 Calhoun Row lf Torlxelson, Atlasson, Gould, Salter Dooley, Nolan, Mency. ow ave p r, 0 Q Wright, Hegg, Sowers, Roberson, Blacksher, Pirner, Re-ya. i 5 X 15 g. !1flQ.Q93'BQil3t3:9'3Q 1,3 'Q its 7,39 isis! 's :EQ 1- .A ' 9 R maj X' f?'? x f""""'W' ,Q 155,46 Q 5, in B 1, ,.,aA :ji AM ' 35 .g,'v'99.L,.Mg' A -Q. NJ '1f ,4 '7"53'W3.f fi? ,' gr ,Z ' fw:.4,,,,,:,4 in .Al 1.1-fa: f fi'-'e',.51"w '-1 'v ,, 'Q f, QV "' ' Q f45gg.'.2,.-.Qff,':'f2 .1aW,'?" .' WK? -' -.VY f--411111 in 'mx x .'1 I A I B d P I Brown, Dovrd Brubaker, Noel Burdon, Dorryl Lorry Amon, Bob Bortlctt, Bob Belden, Alon Brmo, Don Brmo, Robbrn Blomquist, Alon Bouton, ntrony oy , oo Bu Hub Wc Pot rnlrunr, Ellvn Clrrrrok, Albert Contreras, Nornron Couplunal, Lois DeBow, Rrclrorfl Drury, Ccrcilclrno Gordon, Tlromos Cray, Pober! Harris, Dnvrrl Houslr, Lnrry bl-ll Surn Jonson Karol Jolrnson Lurlrnc Jolrnson, Bruce JoI'nston, Lewis Jolwnston, Brll Kiley, Morlonrl Koons, Randy Lemmon, Michael Lou, Ed Lorrnon, rltor Mont:-, Dovrrl Mortrn, Morgan-t Motcrlcl, Robert Mplcon, Bob Mrlbrondt, Robert Miller, George Mongor, Albert Moss, Yov Olson, Honnrbul Pink, Judy tor, Kotlrffrrne lhrrnsc, Robert Flusscll, Steven Sclrrpper, born Slruler, blioron Slrofer, Dovrrl Srllosorr, Lrory Srnrtlr Dnfrnc Strrgv Ionrrlrl Siuty, Ocrrlunql fiurrrrrlll, Rolplr Voclon, Lorry Wogstoll, Ecl Yorrnon, Jorncs Militello. CQIXICERT BAND Slrortly crftvr' the close of tlre footboll seoson, flre Concert onnuol bond concert, the proceeds going to tlro Pep Col fund Bond begun its relreorsols for otlrer nwsicol oppeoronces lor' Uniforms. Tlre bond olso gave perlorrnorrces of nearby tlrrouglroot the yeori Tlre first big ottroctron wns The spring schools, ornong tbern being Nortlrview, Clifton, ond Royal rnusig Iestivctl in Morclr. Following tlris, tlie bond gove its Ooks Mr. Mox Cromer' Mr. I-Iorold Scott Row l, left: Werner, C. Hayes. Row 2, left: Coats, Moore, Mongar. Row 3, left: Greve, Williams. Center: Taylor, Ccons, Porter, D. Hayes, Hale, Norton. Right front Hentch, Olson, Smith. Standing: Potter, Carney, Mr. Scott, Coplyn. ORCHESTRA Continually progressing in ability from September to June, our orchestra has'been very active under the able instructions of Mr. Harold Scott. Because of several of its members being chosen to play in the San Gabriel Orchestra and in the State Honor Orchestra, we have reason to be proud of our orchestra. The entire orches- tra presented a highly enioyable concert in the spring. JUNIOR BAND Day after day, scale after scale, the Junior Band members work conscientiously to attain perfection. lt's an obscure position they occupy now, but they are in- spired by the thought of some day becoming members of the Concert Band. Some fortunate ones have already had the honor of performing in the Marching Band. Their director is Mr. Max Cramer. Left to right: Stacy, Talley, Morelli, Lemos, Mr. Cramer, Lawson, Potter, Kelly, Burdick, Hanley, Burnham, Hubbell. wmom-s comrrbute Christmas cheer. One box down. Four to go. SIDELIIXIES 315 7. ur i' 4 "'IW' New suglwts und nc-W figureS. ,QM 6 Mrlx Frurtor vwvvr had N 50 goof! f ix, 4 9 si' O 89 gi' 4 , . in llll!i"f ,f ,f ,.- I. Busy as usual This year, the Paletteers have contributed much To campus life, both within their own group cmd throughout the campus. They made two sketching trips to famed Disneyland, Took a dip in The ocean at Del Mar, and decorated a prize-winning float for the Homecoming Parade. The at- tractive Christmas posters with appropriate sentiments in many languages in the halls and the lovely blue and silver decorations at the Faculty Christmas, dinner were made by Palatteeritteiribers with the help of Miss Clemmons, their sponsor. The Palatteers have had a very enioyable andfprosperous year. Y - ZZ i in .4 N , .- ff., i '- " , , A Q4 ' T Fifa A, -fs""'4" ,.- M fm-if - war .A ff, "-. ' 4' ' .,,,,,,,,c,3, af.. . 1- ',--' ,' . A .. , . A 1 , A g Ai - AQ.. V T' P ' 3'--.."' - -.2 f, -' ""' , ' 5- ff wg, 1 -it .- 1 X, ' T Wa. K 1 ET ' 'ay g 4 ,K ,wie il' Kb , f s 5, , V . . . K Q., i 9 K V,... , , u ts . , wifsiir Ji, .Lk px ,'. W .. cfm. . . T.. ., - . e YY: T f Sitting on slhwni Sullivan, Lilburn, Lintins. Sitting on chairs: Allen, Yoder. Stanbg igqtthyliss Clemmvns Q, T , H K -u 2 v ,V V4 T J ' mr , . -+G . f -wi ' 4'1"ff-'T if " , .. 1 .A ' I , ' x T me 4 - , is , I ft . lf. T I 1-Q it H K n K PALHItk S IE ? nw I Kvlwltmvv, Huw-w lmf' flrmlvrwwrw Hmmm, Ffqwv f' Mwsiilemmmms PMN I NWQU, Twyrln-, I, In-w4I11', Hmm-r Hvviwvx Hxricurmnw Simkllcwh-, Flow 'w lmlms, Knxufm rm, -Onvuy, f'XAm!u-H, IM' kivdw. Hwvwmvw n,Mmv, lovvby Nvwrmm K l:1urwY2orw,OMvm iw., li "WS I' ' ,sy Q. g N: t. Disneyland wonders. Puletteers' prize winner. XX .-1 K ini 91 """"lli -nL.g,,,,Q 'ld a-X is 'A lx .,l,.. FUTURE NURSES If you fall down and sprain your eyebrow, don't fret. Just find yourself a future nurse, and she will fix you up in a iiffy. These girls, who learn nursing skills from our nurse, Mrs. Sharbonda, this year gained practical experience by visiting Children's Hospital and the Civil Defense Office. Row lr Mrs. Sharbonda, Chick, Bell. Row 2: Farris, Dougherty, Pink, Haley, Jenkins, Aclcles, Kelly. FUTURE HGMEMAKERS Deep down in her heart, every girl is iust waiting for some Prince Charming to whisk her away to his castle. You can be sure our own future homemakers are preparing to be the best cooks and seamstresses around when the eventful day comes. Row I: Holland, Payne, Terrell. Row 21 Harthan, Phillips, Collins. Row 3: Austin, Brown, Larsen Pirner, Sampson, Miss Verenis. 41' .Jan 6 x QQ' bv FUTURE TEACHERS of society, these students who plan to be teachers in the future have banded together for mutual protection in a club called Future Teachers of America. They visited the University of Redlands and U.C.L.A. this year for observation of teaching methods. Row lg Sturgeon, Veenboer, Moffitt, Gill, Hartle, Carney, Kroener, Mrs. Lee. Row 21 Jones, Carter, Lynde, Little, Wunsch, Cormier, Kebert, McKinley, Childress. Necessary evils or useful members LGS BUENCDS VECINOS By studying Spanish customs and lit- erature Los Buenos Vecinos are making a step toward creating mutual under- standing in the world. They are also gaining really inside information this year of how people live in Spain be- cause their president, Ramon Peraita, has lived there. On their annual field day recently Los Buenos Vecinos went to Padua Hills. Row l: Peraita, Wennerberg, Hartle, Hart, Roine, Miss Rogers. Row Q: Castellano, Deem, Modie, Lewis, Strathmann, Hartgraves, Radtke. Row 3: Hoeksema, Price, Lauritson, Kelly, Terrell, Albright Fisher, Chatfield. I SCIENCE CLUB Chemistry, physics, astronomy, bot- any, and anything which generally per- tains to science provided topics tor our science club members to talk about at Friday meetings. For turther knowledge on these and other topics some ot the members visited the Science Fair in Los Angeles. Row lr Mr. Dunsoryiatotzka, Stinson, Martin, Mr, Ward. Row 21 Porter, Cox, Secketa, Blacksher, Amborn, Davis, Kuhnert, Blount, Plagemann. RADICD CLUB Instead of collecting scalps, sports trophies, or stamps, members of the Radio Club, tamiliarly known as radio hams, can show you collections of rather expensively printed cards from other hams at vast distances, who happen to have been using the ether waves at the same time as our own radio hams. Sponsored by Mr. Swyke, the Radio Club members are also studying electronics and radio engineering. Hebert, Burton, Holmes, Choin, Mr, Swyke. Row 11 Haynes, Wood, Vaughan, Straughan, Johnson, Strauss, Parr, Miss Mayer. Row 2: Reynolds. Hubinger, DeNoon, Hayworth, Ford, Stein, Childress, Martin. CIVHQETTES The Civinettes began their year with the traditional in- duction of officers, and in October the girls carved pump- kins for sanitoriums and had a bake sale in downtown Mon- rovia to help finance the proiect. In December they deco- rated the traditional Christmas tree in the Main Foyer, and they climaxed a full year of activity with a noon dance in June. CNWANS A homecoming float in September and the annual Toys for Tots campaign in December represented many hours of purposeful work and coeoperation by the Civitans. Dur- ing the Christmas season the Civitans sold fruit cakes to aid in financing a Christmas dinner for the boys at the Leroy Home and also to pay for the Civitan April dance. Row l: fatatgka, Peck, Barkley, Carter, Johnston, Mr. Ryan. Row 2: Lyons, West, Hutchens, Healey, Ririe, Pankopf. si i yf' naw' JU Tn-s Row 1: Mr. R. Oliver, Zapf, Reed, Woodgrift, Mr. Scheel. Row 2: White, Roine, West, Jones. Reegler, Vaden, Kelly, Hill, Becker, Spcmn, Snyder. Row 3: Wright, Garber, Fenton, Paschal, Edwards, Pryor, Bockmiller, Clelland, Klotz, Zubok. Row 4: D, Taylor, Stanley, Lorman, Calkins, Winkler, Watson, J. Taylor, Shupp. JUNIQR STATESMEN With its motto, "Make Democracy Work," M-D's chapter of Junior Statesmen of America has been active in many phases of service to the school throughout 1955-1956. In September many of the members worked in the Junior Statesmen booth at the county fair at Pomona. They also conducted an extensive campaign for the Community Chest collections, and later in the year they learned how to write bills and resolutions. SCHGLARSHIP SQCIETY The Scholarship Club is one of our busiest clubs. Mem- bers ushered at Go-To-School Night, truly a great service, for they guided "lost" parents to their destination. Their final fling at the "Final Fling," our mid-semester dance, and their annual ditch days certainly make it worth the effort of changing that "B" to an .4 ' f . 1 4 22 . 7.51 Row 1: Higbee, Treydte, Mitchell, Choin, Oxtoby, Radtke, Leahy, Lundberg, Castellano, Stinson Row 2: Mr. Long, Knaggs, Schurr, Vecnbocr, Boslef, J. Kuhnert, Schubert, Patotzka, Wright, Kelly, Goebel, Miss Elmgren. Row 3: Secketa, Price, Martin, Horton, Chase, Bornt, Draper, Fentress, Yerman, Esry, Brewer, H. Kuhnert. f. i S s t i l L CQLJILL 8 SCRQLL Each year those students who qualify through fulfilling the required amount of iournalistic work are initiated into Quill and Scroll at the home of Mrs. Thelma Thomp- son. Our new initiants will long remember the ritual which made them members of this organization and the scavenger hunt which preceded it. Row li ypdqg Leahy, Covert, Koviak. Row 21 Walker, Uhlm lfurvillj' Kuhnert, Swope, Mrs, Thompson. KEY CLUB Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and Mr. McCray, the Key Club has engaged in nu- merous activities this year, including dinner meetings and selling cakes at the Monrovia Day Parade and the Kiwanis Kapers. Row I: Green, Draper, White, Mr. McCroy. Row Samuels, Stuebrier, Eiles, Everett, Clarke, Atlas, Ast Dudley, Anderson, Ewell, Fauria, Lincoln, Di Bias. I-tl-Y-TRI-HI-Y CCDLJIXICIL "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and commu- nity high standards of Christian character" is the purpose of the Hi-Y-Tri-Hi-Y Council. At its induction and re-dedication service this year, Reverend Carl Doss, father by adoption of twelve children of different races, presided. Miss Gladys Walker is spon- sor ofthe Hi-Y'Tri-Hi-Y Council. Row I: Bowden, Burke, Lemire, Mulligan, Holt, Stark. Row 2: Edwards, Laird, Payne, Hartle, Smith. Row 3: Moore, Sturgeon, Harvey, Miss Walker. DeBoisblanc. Row 3: Bornt, Grondzik, Warren, Hadl AVIATION CLUB STudying air' Travel and ayiaTional navi- -aTion, learning The fundamenTals ol llying, Ind gaining a realization ol The importance l aviaiion were some ol The goals That pT The AyraTion Club members busy This -ar, Reopened by Miss Beck and Jim Moss r Sepfember, The AviaTion Club was added T our club lisl again and shows signs ol eing a very aCTive Club. M l Rumi l'iinkrrrrr Mirlwr r-no Tm in Liwrrrrllo Voifer rgenriiriri Row L' l'rir1ir' Li Rvrrrrarr MrrrT iran' Mrk luv: lcisquvz luppi-r Rrnlirn, Miss Bi-il MLM Cie WEATHER BUREAU No maTTer what period of The day you TISS by ThaT liTTle Ncubby hole" in Upper jience, There will be aT leasl one member I The VVeaTher Burr-au Taking his reading. JT if a neophyre should calculaTe wrong, ICR Esry, Gale Choin, Connie Amborn, or on Horton will be There To correct The Come uTaTions DW l Mi lliinson, ll ihrigrirr Filrirbirrr, Seymour! lxhorn, rrriirs, Wrriilri, Hint: Hriynex, Oxrolry Row I' Kihcise Jnsali l'r1loV1M1 Moss, r sili-r lhirrliorwl idol Yerman, Jbol- Row .T Borrrl, ll lliwrri-r Taylor Fi-rro, Marvin, orlorr, Tifrsillfisry. Q UBRARY CLUB The library Club, sponsored by Mrs, 1Tricia DeMerre, is u group ol book-happy 2ople. This year They even had a par'Ty To hich They came dressed as Characlers in nolcs. During The year' members ol This .Jb become acquaimed with The fundamen- ls ol library pracme and help prepare e aTTr'aCTive library displays of books. W l Mis lh'Mvrri', Birrlvsvr' Vrfrrir Brilvs, Sams W 1' lri-ssl-I Urrru' Morris Sliwi-rws Vrlrrrir' lilirrnrrrrr ,Ray lfnw 3 Miller, 'dy lm Yi' rijvr lvrio Nelson, llrams g-.4 Row 1- Mcnweiler Ingram Hawes Bell Lche Soft R 2 . , , , , y, er. ow 1 Mr. Davison, Porhammer Bowen, Rogers, Boyer, Wicklman, Gerfin. Being a member ot the Camera Club this year meant a lielrl trip to the LA, Times in January and also a party during the Christmas season. The photographers, presided over' by Stewart Bowen and sponsored by Mr, Wesley Davison and Mr. John Hulihan, have learned how to make all sorts ol pictures this year. SPEECH ARTS Tho pages ol history record the stories ot many men who accomplished more with words than many men did with all their brawn. Speech Club members realize the importance of cultivating skill in speaking. They encourage students to enter and support all oratorical contests. This year the two main contests they engaged in were the Amer- ican Legion Oratorical Contest and the Lions Club Contest. Row l Mr. Morris, Hcrrkless, Zubok, Filwarrls, Brown Raw IT Baker, Klctl, Tu "Remember now thy Creator in the days ot thy youth." The Crusaders help us as students to remember this familiar Bible passage. They are constantly striving to bring Christian fellowship to our school by acting as examples ot' good Christian young people themselves. During the year a re- treat hike and a lormal banguet were some ot their m any activities, Cirruquv, Noel, Wollir POW Qi Burton, Vlfrrirlivll, Scliupp, lcrylor, Flirie, llagwrr, Pow lr Lefebre, l?rrnkin, Brown Erlwirrrl DQBOW, Mrs, Michel. Row 2' Minnix, llabinsnn, Crowley, Wirrtsclr, Nvlsori Freeman, Lrawlord, Blomgren, s, L' Nelson Rrrrni-tt, ikirrrwy, Hi-llilt 0 ings nyi ,X r-uv's,x""' "'1 I I fi gl ,qi ,ai 5 Q ray Q Xf'f'N Row l lang, Moysvs, fubanlrs, Holmes, Hentsch, King, Munoz, Story, Meyers, Row 2: Hrclcok, Knefellcamp, Norton, Bornt, Wetzel, Bonaparte, Dirl-ey, Doggett. Row 3' fhannell, laylor, Sanger, Jewell, Mrs McAllister, Row l Dougherty, Miss Emmeir, McKay, Smith, Warren, Grossman. Row 2: Oxtoby, Mrtchell, Taugner, Ferro Post Kelly Row 3: Scott Green, Franlrlrn, Betts, Row l: Mr, Mannrng, Woodgrifr, Schlax, Ray, Rood, White, Radrke, Fischer, Chilcoat, Christensen. Row 17: Carter, Anderson, Stacy, Green, Draper, Lincoln, Healey, Harrrson, Rrrie, Fauria, Mr. Grout. Row 31 l-lutchens, Morgan, Miller, Duettey, Bornt, Warren, Town, Watson, Hadley, Grondzik, Gorman, Stuebner. AUDIQ VISUM CRFW Audio Visuals new home is in the cafeteria annex. The boys have had a busy year, showing approximately 395 miles ot educational tilms. The crews are well Trained and directed by Mr. Eugene McAllister. ll? RED CRCDSS CQUIXICIL Filling boxes to send overseas, promoting the annual Red Cross drive, and making toy favors for hospitals at Christmas time were only a few ot the activities ot this year's Junior Red Cross chapter. President Bessie Smith, viceepresident Pam Warren, and secretary-treasurer Clitta McKay have worked To- gether throughout the year to keep the club at its stan- dard ot serving school, community, and country. USHERS v 'x Row T Strirk, Holt, Srrrinn, M T206-rlcill, A, Peerloll, Purrfoy, Ellis, Wrngert, Grossmun Rome, Cvrrinillo, DiiBow Row 7 Porter, Hcirtle, Ponknrn, Hornberg, Fueglern, Bowden Hurki- Mulliqun, le-nwiri-, Rortt Row 3 Tionvrg, Goebel, Mortensen, Wolker, Laird, lovelunrl, TN-nt, Hiiiyey, Blrick, Weller Row A, Mrs Yenney, Johnson, Sturgeon, Knight, Ri-rnirigton, Vow:-rs, Llc-lnncl, Turk:-r, Kciulrnun, Lorrrnore, Blornqren, Beseke, Fisher VVoi'hli-r, lc-ntorr T X-1 G, A A CATSKILT RACCQUETEERS After school on Thursdoys our tennis cour"s beccirr very busy with girls in white shorts ond blouses hittir bolls with expert strokes. These girls were the mernbeu ol our Cotskill Rcicquetteers, who were being instructa by Mrs. Brelos, Pow T Oliver, Goebel, Tucker, Block, Sturgeon, Wnilkey lhntfrel flower, Ver-nbor-r privy 7 porin-, Tlrinlnrn, llrirrlry llrirtlrriri, Mrs Hrs-lu Pryor',K9rr1nrllo, ihoin MAJCDTQETTE CLUB The Mcijorette Club, under the gurclcince of M-D's five regulcir mciiorettes, hos practiced mony hours offer school lecirning the essenticils of twirling ond prcincing, The purpose of the club hcis been to crecite on interest in mctiorette Work cind to develop the skill of prospective rnciiorettes. How T 4 Mullqfin, Snrin, M. Mrrlliigrrri, Burke Strirl-, Poppert Porno Pow QT Mrilirlwfi, lollirrs linieriuon firiirbi-l, Tirrli rr Fenton, Mills, Mis Thornton BlCDCiK NA "The pick of the crop" is a phrase that fits these athletes to a With the high standard of having to earn 400 points in sports to ioin, it is an honor to belong to Block M. Mr. Dink Walker sponsors this group. Row l:VSeymour, Mr. Walker, Johnston, Row 7: Eiles, Anderson, Bornt, Thompson. ' CIRCXE NA Girls can't earn fourteen hundred points toward membership in Circle M by playing tiddly winks, but our Circle M members all say those evenings spent playing volleyball after school were worth the effort, for Circle M banquets, induction of new members, and fun at Mrs. Yenney's cabin make up forthe work. Raine, Spann, Powers, Fisher, Goebel, Walker, Tucker, Coffman Reedall, Mrs. Yenney. LETTERNAEPJ CDFFKIERS The Lettermen Club is composed of two hundred and two athletes who have earned a letter in a sport. At their club meetings Lettermen Club mem- bers watch movies of football, basketball, track, and other sports. The club is sponsored by Mr. Verl Murray. Lewis Johnston, president, Bill Bornt, sergeant at arms, Dick Eiles, vice president, Ranney Draper, secretary-treasurer. '41 vviiocm wiiocrit wiiocfg Row 1: Covert, Mitchell, Vaden, Bockmiller, Smith, Koviak, McNeil, Cleland. Row 21 Mrs. Thompson, Brangham, Uhler, Lang, Martinez, Klotz, Fentress, Shriver. Insanity isn't a requirement, but it certainly helps - at least that's the impression left with most passers-by if they should happen to catch a glimpse of the inner workings of the WILDCAT. However, few realize the work that goes into each issue of their high school paper, the search for facts and their verification in rooms full of musty, mystic volumes such as MAD, SNAFU, and YOU TOO HAVE AN EXPLOSIVE PERSONALITY, and the numerous hazards encountered, wad- ing through the partially submerged WILDCAT office and 'w. Editors Paul Tu ill and Gwen Vaden . ,Rc f vw va- continually tripping over Joe Pitkin's shadow. But under the watchful eyes of adviser Mrs. Thelma Mary Jane Margaret Rear Thompson, the staff has managed to survive the trals and tribulations of producing the weekly sheet. Serving nobly under Editors-in-Chief Gwen Vaden and Paul Turvill were Bonnie Covert, Rosemary Leahy, Mary Ellen McNeil, Ronny Swope, Michael Uhler, and Susan Walker. Seeing to the business end of the 'CAT were Peggy Hartle, Maryan Kovia k, Carole Jones, and Norman Shriver. Mrs Thompson, adviser, and Linda Brangham SUR WILDCAT ,Y . ,l, 'xx---. 'F !' Lag.-.M MGNRGVIAIXI xxlw Carolyn Stinson, editor From the first meeting called by our editor, Carolyn Stinson, last summer, our record of M-D's i955-56 year has developed amid the usual anguish, sweat, and tears of staff members and in spite of Miss Geddes' inability to prognos- ticate sunny weather. We had our laughs lGayle Dominis, Mary Lundborg, Carolyn Stinson, and Mary Kay Knaggs classifying senior picturesl and our wails of dismay lGary Theiler and George Winchell seeking misplaced sports copyl. Cliff Goff holds the record for doodling longest at the doodling dummy, and Gayle Dominis kept the Bestest votes secret for a longer time than we have ever managed before. Doug Draper almost drowned to get pictures of our swim- ming pool, and Denise Hartgraves threatened quick death MGNRGVIAIXI I .. r......... M .- arY KaY Knaggs and Howard K h business manager U neff, to anyone touching her pictures for Features. Two of the Monrovian staffs handsomest members, Howard Kuhnert and Dennis Ray had their problems also. Howard and our two photographers, Jack Esry and Jim Manweiler, made a pre-dawn trek up to the Big M to get a panorama picture of our community for the advertising section, and Dennis made treks all around the campus to schedule sports pic- tures. Editor Carolyn reigned over this uproar with the help of Assistant Editor Mary Kay, who suggests we get a special elevator built up to QOM. These experiences have welded us into the Monrovian Staff, working for you all year and presenting now - the '56 Monrovian. 3 ea E Miss Kathryn Geddes - at ease "XA Q 1 J. Dennis Ray and George Winchell, sports editors SUR MQIXIRCDVI!-XN "FQ: i 106 NW: ATHLETICS QW Vi Z 1- M' 'X s : iz- wi ' s as f-ers . 's ais vs ,-YA " .Q 1 c Q . Fi! NSE t ' -5 1, .g-,QQ Ass r pf -ry , swf -2 Q 1 as., " .fini ' vi .. ., Q , so is 4- ,1 ., fr- I, s x S' x sl08 r s 'i,:55" , . .ig i 1393" Ui KDS VBALL ROW I: Scott, DrPoaIo, Larter, Ross, Adams, Hayes, Brooks, Lincoln, Fauna, Thompson, Lacy, Cumberland. Row IP: Jouromsky, San Migutl, Burton, Long, Sowers, Martin, Hadley, Harris, Gorman, Anderson, Miller, A. Green, Dooley, Row 31 Warren, Harvey, Samuels, R. Green, Doggett, Mtkcii, Lewis, Brown, Harruson, Rune, Cobbe, Burden, Town. Bob MGYEYS, JBI'I'y Finth, Eddie Fisher, Harold Miner, Eugene Sidebotham. I - L X x. ,X XY' . Although finishing its league games threeewin and tour-loss record, the proved to be a stubborn, hard-playing opponents. Under the skillful coaching John Daniels and Mr. Al Katich, the with a Varsity foe to of Mr. squad gained invaluable knowledge and playing ex- perience during the season. Next year's team, using the sophomores and juniors among 'these players as a nucleus, should be one to watch. VARSITY 0 . vw C0 CO Ron Green O-cop,-Om AN ef? Cover Cooches Richard Wilkinson, John Doniels, ond AI Kotich 3 ?U i Avo 'VX CATS Ron Green, Wildcat of the Yeor. In Af P Wildcats of the Week: Row 11 Dooley, Gorman, Town. Row 2: Johnson, DiPooIo, Green, Carter. 5. fy' 2 1 ' ' rf I '. 22 , i 'S M i Dc1nweNs and crew look on. 'r ,,v35.,.a.:. 4 . Kenny Rogers, mon behind the scene ,fl HALFBACKS F LA. gif J Allen Carter, Kim Anderson, James Mikell, Ernie Johnson. 0 . mes Harvey, Kenh Limo' :L-2 CQUARTERBACKS n, Ed Town, B511 Thom CENTERS Pson, Robin pine Alon G ' reen E ...Av 4 Ill FULLBACK3 --. - - John Cobbe, Harve John Fquric - Io Howcfd Adams' Carmen DIPOC 1 y Brown, Fred Durd en, Wayne Brooks ENDS , Mike Son Miguel, G cry Gorman, Frank Dooley. Q ...1..i...--Y--7 --- 1- ,4 la - -p V "l...""QlI,Q 1. 11' x----M -' V ,. . , N? v K . q,.,-Amfff.-. ,W - Xu -1 'Qs' A, Q, vu """ S!" K I - -' ' '- P 4' "fu" he Q '31 x 1 ' x Y Q. S 'L . lk m X . . ' ' W' ' v"" X 'A N . '-L J " V mjgvrsk 'Lv, L 'gd ' Q Y fi: H4 Msirigix . 5,5 N . R 1, 9 A . . .fgu if-i.:mgi,' .'- C ,Q W t , ,X 'gag x . SW 1. N'f',4j.gL2 , 'if '25-,'L 6' - Y Q Q f5'vl5t"L -- , . 1 E. ft Q W- l L "' -A-A ' gf.-. . frm. X, 5 ,Qwf,.. -auiyh Elsa. ,gk-L?-.a I 4 . , ', ,U y . , w A , 1 Mr, xv?-wx f-A-Y fx - H. J - - A A f- - N. 55: ' f gx 'xp' TC 9--Z." fyix, " 'Y E bl' ' , iq'-Q3-Tj 'gfk JN . Q . V 1: ' ' ' nd - Q, Q I Q , ' fi " W . ' ax' ' S 'N w .. , P L 4 ' --Mevph ,, 'f ., 4+-.H ' 5.9, KT- mx, 1. '1- Mgr! C 4, 44.-1 N- -- .' NHC x- " -'lj-ii x k ' NP -if ' A-lug 'Y A f ,- - lx ." TSW ' . -I V- 1'-11 ' ,Q ""'.'..'MIfiQlf fLf:Ll."f -M--iff --- --,,......7Y...? - ..., - -.....-1 -v f f i . A ,-- im - ...- -L' v -,- A-A ,....ii.. ,f -A ff A-'-iifili "U 9' ""'i-'7-' U 1.43" f If - ' 1' 7435 ' K L ,", blff? Q. -- ' vi ' "1 5 4 ' -.-- - A ' . A . ..,.... ...Mm --AQ-Mi ,..- ., , - - 6 AIS- M V QM.,-, ,..'l-............l.x ., -'- ' -W - 'fig' ' f 'W' 27 ' " -4 Q? " X -A X 1 7 , Sw , W Q I V N .N M , . . : Q MT.,-.2 ' N. grgh 5 -eff ' zggrw- 4 'Q P tl 'V ' 4' . 4 x -4' wi 1, P -gh A Nw k A Wg DN-XA K a WL ' , -. ' - . 4-af, ' -'iff' , 1 f Q "2 B fd , . sk , I f 1 ' 'X - 6 3. " x 'E 4 ,Lf b V - . -, - . f -,x -.. , 4 4' f KK' ' .K , .QA . f V11 'r " "" W 's J-fi, ,sw +6 .ff-.-1 nn A- , 5 ag. f'l '1 "'v. M . K J ' v ,. W, F 'J ll Q T ,Y ,af FW 1 .5 Q 4 it 'Q x. . .X Nm. SQ., 0 . Qs 'Es Q B E E Coach Alan MacAdarns Two highlights of The Bee TooTballers' games This year were a 20-6 win over Their cross-Town rivals, Arcadia, and a l3-13 Tie wiTh Alhambra, The TirsT game in M-D's hisTory ThaT The Bee Team had noT losT To Alhambra. AIThough The Bees finished This year's compe- TiTion wiTh a record of 2-A-l, This does noT Tell The enTire story, for They losT Two games by one poinT and a Third by five poinfs losing decisively only To The league champions, El MonTe. 'wav-5"Q!' , Y Row lr Brown, Cowdill, Kuefemeyer, Druce, Wunsch, Rockwell, Smith, Gruber, Amon, Calkins, STuarT. Row Q: Ross, Buckley, Franklin, Ray, Jackson, Pierce, Rowborhcim, Loe, Ellison, Welch, Thornton, Nielson, Kozlowski. Row 31 Murrell, Mgr., Crow, Mgr., Prrner, Barkley, Orrvll, Sowels, King, Qhausse, Weber, Norton, Wesl, Grauque, Whne, Sillasen, SCOTT, Mgr. Thar 5 all, broTher! M, D. ball carrier mapped. CapTains Jim Barkley and Dennis Jackson ll Hnmes ll- "Champs" is the magic word describing this year's Cee football team. The mighty mites completed their third straight undefeated season. Speed was the essence of this year's team, which featured fast, hard-running backs and quick, agile linemen. Coach Dink Walker instilled in his team the spirit which distinguishes a cham- pionship team from a good team. Coaches Dunk Walker and Bill Koart ua, 24 A, wz, A41fQgi:.??4?'4g .3 1 99 cite? y2"f,"Ff Row l DcCuit Handy Becker Bima Reyes Zapf Allen, Aster, Johnston, Coffman, Lewis, Clements, Karelius, Lalone. Row ?: Stacy, Burdick rox Nt: rniy L rlcBoisblanc Jon s Wong Damewood, l-lovvser, Cash, Tarabek, Albright, Banker, Durkee, Exstrom, Talley, Koleman M l F l Oll Ciondzik D Lan Wolfe, Anthony, Hand, Downer, Tornberltn, H. Lang, Schurr, Chilcoat, B. deBonsblanc Clements rambles for Cats, tp A Captain Ray Reyes CRCDSE CCDUNTRY hnqi""' "1 A'-is. i J ..- 'Z-1, Jessie Oaties, Earl Collins, Dan Ellison and Jerry Sullivan. - Jesse Oaties, Dan Ellison, and Earl Collins led the Varsity distancemen to a sensational upset win over the highly favored Arcadia High to highlight This year's cross-country season. Coach Verl Murray's squad fin- ished third place in league standings with a 4-2-1 rec- ord. Jesse Oaties set a new record over the 1.75 mile course with a time of eight minutes and fifty seconds. Th J.V. team was less successful with only a I-5 record. JV Cgpfgin Varsity Captain Ramon Peraita D00 Ell'50fl Q Coach Richard Wilkinson J it BASKETBALL 2 Fisher mg' Swebner ROW mgr Carter BOYD' k Oanes Mme" Kullbom Eiles r on Grondzi 1 johnson M09 ROW den Miller Mcnwmren Captain Dick Eiles Hutchem DU' Mr Wilkinson With a 6 win 8 loss league record the 55 56 basketball team never quite reached its full potential The Varsity was definitely hurt by the loss of one of its top players Bill Bornt in mid season The team s top scorer this year was Ron Man warren who averaged 17.7 points a game and might have been the league's high scorer but he missed a few games because of illness. Leading the team throughout the season was Dick Eiles, who was one of the best all-round players in the league, as shown by his shooting, ball handling, and defensive work. The Cats played many close and exciting games, such as the two Arcadia games, the first a 61-60 heartbreaking loss, and the second a 61-58 win. Coach Richard Wilkinson did a creditable lob of coaching his aggressive team his first year at M-D. VARSITY Hop Sfueloner Ernie Johnson Jesse Ocmes Bfll Bornt Ss Duck Eules Ron Monworren Tom Grondzik Terry Morgan Q 1" ACTICDN 'V H195 Works Apudw slvov Born? drives for Icy-in. T Monwcrren makes Icy--in, 120 Grondzik gains two. Eules Qonnocvs cxqmmsv Kffppvl 3 Llipmin Bob Borllett J. V. Qu Z JV BASKETBALL Row I: Burton, Brewer, Sowers, BarTle1T, Sun Miguel, Hays, Row 2: Howard, Vore, Coach John Daniels should be commended for The iob he did in coaching The J.V. basl4eTball Team. He Took his Team of inexperienced baskeTball players and Through endless drill and hard work developed Them into 0 V. I Siren Fenvress, Taylor, Einesl, Bailey. li l is X I :X gilt ll ly ,I ,ll lllifss Team of good players. The Teams willingness To learn and work is shown in Their being ready To pracTice aT 6:45 every Schoolday morning. The spirit greaTly aided Them in winning their share of The games during The season. Ugh EE Our Bee basketball team finished a rather unsuccessful season of l win and 13 losses in league tilts. However, several of the losses were by close margins. The inexperience of the team in general and injuries to key players during the season were two factors that greatly handicapped the team. Larry Schubert was chosen captain for his fine play and leadership. Coach Bill Koart did a remarkable iob in coaching his players into a tine basketball squad by the end of the season. 5 9 7 .iq W1 -1 . ,J ,I . 4- l l A ' , c s ROW l' Theile Stecklmgl Wo fr oudill, Avery, frmnklm B QS off, S h ranng l C Uberl' 5eYmOur. n ROW 2 Meyers mgr Hordn I in i. . it 25 L Coach Virgil Stevens CEE First the Cee Football Championship and now the Cee Bos- ketball Championship - our Cees finished their league games with 12 wins and 2 losses. The championship was the result of splendid teamwork throughout the season, the individual scoring being always equally distributed. The five players who con- tributed most towards the championship were Jesse Mency, Robert Graves, Bob Downer, Ricky Aster, and Bob Coffman, who was elected captain. Coach Virgil Stevens did an excellent job of coaching his Cee team to its championship. ,, - l CEE BASKETBALL D Wngr, Grondzilc, Lolon Row Q: Herrera, PY'el' e, Carroll, Collmon' o - r. R W l- Fisher, Graves, MenCYlKgr0l6 Blake, Clemefllsf Kmg mg 0 ' derson, ' CooleY, Wolfe, Aster. All ' cadm .. ,... mhnur1Cl5 Ggomsl Al 44 Captain Bob Coffman P f Coach Virgil Stevens DEE The Dee baskelball Team played several Thrillin g games louT Their wins were placed Too far aparT To garner Their sec- ond consecufive league championship. The Team was led confinually by Bill Lewis, who for his fine play was chosen Team capfain. Coach Virgil Sfevens guided his Team superbly Throughouf The season. ison, Blake. Row 2: Tiner Ou , mgr, Row l: Lewis, Drumheller, Bockes, Becker, Ruan, Handy, All' Anderson, Albin, G ld Captain Bill Lewis X. ' Q - I T I y K , Sfarn, Jenkins, Bonfield, Philpof, Bill Lewis goes up TRACK Head Track Coach Verl Murray and his assistants Dink Walker and Virgil Stevens year in and year out produce top track teams. This year was no exception. Murray, coaching the hurdles and sprint- l R I h, David Roberts and rs this year had Ranney Draper, Pau ep I 9 1 Jerry Sullivan. Outstanding distance runners Jesse Oaties and Ear Collins were coached by Coach Stevens. Coach Walker was in charge ot field events and produced Ernie Johnson in high iurnp, David d F ed Ricks d ' and shot putters Ron Green an r C h . OOC Ven MUWGY Roberts in broa gump R 1: . ow Stacy, Harrison, Roberts, Drape, Comer Joh , , FISOH, Green Row 2 SO A wers MCB 'd Th N2 Ld D d ur en, Hayes. Row 31 Jackson, Wri hy Ek, .4 g I H e ompson SWV, G . ' , tzer, rondzik Relph Bmwn ' 1 , Gould, Q , c V H is OYS, San Miguel,Lett, Ricks, Oaties, Shot Putter pon Green Mllef Jesse I ll i Q-ur--v-1 .g-7. uv-1v"-' -- ,1J,f. 1 yup M I Q1 6719 '1 Q 1 Q I t l Q' . J " , . 1.-ig -.Q 1 tv. - 1 MM-dlb .. -.:4' - ,,-: ' , VARSITY 'QNX nn. if "I 'i 'ji S David Roberts leaps lv Varsify sprinters Roberts, Relph, Draper. -vb. 6 . ,X K, 3 in is N 'S' ,, . ., i- . Jerry Sullivan skims the highs 4.5.1 Bee Sprinfers Jackson, Mikell, and Sowells Middle distance runners Ellison, Collins and Reyes , 9? N --,Q V vw v- so 'f , ,ao High jumper Ernie Johnson i 0 . , 5. Y' "oz Q 1 ' ff Q 1 'h'-v v .1 'if' ,NMQ A I ! ji!! , . , 'Qi' QP: ,,,,,, hmmm ' -el BEE Row I: Mikell, Sowells, Houston, Johnston, Reyes, Jockson, Polk, Ross, Russell. Row 2: Roy, Druce, Boiley, Ellison, White, Loe, Brown, Rood, Fisher. Row 3: West, Boyd, Nelson, Amon, Eller, Swanson, Steckling, Agoin, this yeor's Bee trock teorn wos in the midst of o bottle for the leogue championship. Leciding the Bee teorn were such performers as Louie Johnston in the high iump ond brood jump, Dennis Jockson in hurdles, Don Ellison in 660 ond 1320, shot putters John Druce ond Dennis Roy, ond o strong reloy team of Archie Sowells, Bob Polk, Jomes Mikell, ond Dennis Jackson, Shot Putters Dennis Roy ond John Druce , o A l s k 0- uv. -Q-fsfrhie Louie Johnston flies Pole Voulter Tom Grortdz i 5 l Q A J I I 1 2. fb, 'ir Pjf- ' - l 1'., i 'L 'Kuff' 3 -O u 1 Q xv, x 'I' ' - w , K .It F ' 1. 7,51 7 as CEE A - 19 -W 1 ,, , Ilia V Sprinter Roger DeCuir Vx Row 1: Howard, Aster, Miner, Bima, Weber, DeCuir, Russell, Thomas, Zapt, deBoisblanc Lewis, Landeros, Row 2: Mency, Fisher, Wright, Miller, Schroeder Herrera, Gustafsson Crowl, Van Horn, D, Lang, Parsons, Hardin. Row 3: Pentz, Downer, Anthony, Talley, Oller H, Long, Graves, Stacy, Munoz, Handy. As usual the Cee track team proved to be one ot the Pacific powerhouses. The discovery ot many new track talents was pleasing to head coach Murray. Outstanding performers this sea- son were sprinter Roger DeCuir, high iumper Bruce Johnston, broad jumper Alan Bima, shot putter Bill de Boisblanc, hurdler Mason Miller, and 660 runner Ray Reyes. Shot PUHGV Bill deB0iSbl0HC Coaches: Stevens, Murray and Walker ,L-4 GULF NWN .Q I R w I- Robinson, Schonnwald, Miles, J. Nagy, Philpot, Bockcs, Story. Row 0 Bassi, Talley, Sfrlcker, Sccketa, Klotz. This year's golf team under the expert guid- ance of Coach Leonard Morris played many fine matches. The team's best players during the season proved to be Ron Schoenwald, who shot an excellent three-over-par 73, and Ralph Seck- eta, who shot a six-over-par 76. Other members of the team were Jon Bassi, Fred Stricker, Louis Miles, Ernie Howard, and Bob Klotz. 2: S. Nagy, Howard, Po fl Sqhoen weld drfv Ss YU ll il Coach Leonard Morris Lfnksm On R l 0 ph Seckera BASEBALL Cecil Anderson scoops up ball Coach Al Kanch As The yearbook goes To press, Coach Al KaTich's boys have sTarTed slowly, having losT Three sTraighT games. The pitching problem is hurTing The Team, buT solving iT should enable The boys To win Their share of games. ReTurning letfermen Cecil Anderson and Danny Lemos will prove To be of greaT value on This year's in- experienced Team. Eiles makes throw Row I. Finch, mgr, Penders, Seday, Anderson, Reynolds, Albo, Lemos, Caudill. Row 2: Meyers, mgr., DiPoolo, Hart, Knisley, Gerhardt, Eiles, Blount, Fentress, Sideborham, mgr. 'F A VARSITY DWUOXO XX Sqops bu BM Seduy Prfdrer Don Gerhard! U mobs QTO rrd9V Lemos snnrr-s fly Cleo Bfoum makes fcrvclr First baseman Tom Penders l. V. Mateizel makes catch Infielder Harold Funchess As this is written, the J.V. diamond boys have done well under their new coach, Bill Koart. Coach Koart has taken this group of boys and turned them into a team that has vvon two of its first four games, beating Citrus and Covina. The team is a young one and during the sea- son should improve greatly under Coach Koart's watihful eye. Row 11 Thomas, Wright, Wong, Funchess, McKinney, Albin, Guill, Bourbon, Patton. Row 21 Butz, mgr., Grondzik, Santiago, Carroll, Matejzel, Franklin, Damewood, Brubaker, Arndt, Dortch. Catcher Bob Damewood Coach Bill Koart TENNIS Pritchard, Kelley, Schubert, Esry, Hufchens, Kiley, Burdick, Sipe, -4 if 94 Q , ' Q I X L Q 5: Tom Hurchens and Larry Schubert 1 v , E.,-i5,.,:i143 w il --wrap. uv- ' f 7 8 K I ftkdg, x 'L -sc 5 ri-nw 1- zu: ,ry , xg zJi,-gegexff' ' c A ,lg 1 af rl -:fl i',.:g Coach Robert Oliver did a wonderful iob of coaching this season. Coach Oliver's Varsity was led by returning Iettermen Tom Hutchens, Larry Schubert, and Jack Sey- mour. The team's younger players improved steadily throughout the season and should be watched as the players of tomorrow. ,, Kiley and Sipe muy Q 3 F' . if VARSITY lit! 1' We ,I 'ii Jack Esry prepares to slum .-...l .. 4-1-1 UQ ta- .. H 1 ,fav 'fs ' 5 3 r 3 ,Q , if i Mg. L 1 ' A siii fs ga. u au, "'F'Fr E 5 fig 3 ?i'9 x 1 ., . 1 -o u s a an n w 1 9 -4 rn 9 my an n as I -0 Q o 1 s s o n an- an sv annaaafsurmo-01 focnnnnunxfgf-nf' A an nn Q-at-george-ingot? 1lQC lI,sa q,,.Q.,,,,,,L:, yqg. 4-u n Q V 4 ar. Q u a o o i KUQ-r'Oftsd-riiyjv -' Q, , 91141 " "9ii't"f'9" 'W 'ij -- 7""f1'.".i' Hghbdhf --cd . .ellllllil X z i Fav' 'W N A if Bill Silen This year's tennis teams had a very large turnout. Coach Robert Oliver cut his Varsity down to nine players. The remainder of the players fought it out tor the top nine positions on the J.V. team. One ofthe leading J.V. play- ers oluring the season was sophomore Pat Kelly, who showed much promise. George Grizenko and Condi Oliver Row If Deem, Bowden, Gould. Row 2: Evans, Hahn, Jordon, Grizenko, Siren, Neff. f'f+'4 I 1 GIRLS' ATHLETICS 3 1 7 VY.. .ln-up P"7 4 Mrs. Thelma GYM TEACHERS -- A True friend To every gurl ns Mrs Jessle Cook Mrs Yenneys secretory Many s The fume she hos given out C1 solely pin or helped fund cr lost gym shoe for some frcxnfic 'ofhlele IH The gurls gym l S L -Y-Y , . FCDIXID MEIVXQRIES GF . .. l . I J i 5 5, 2 Q 31...-.v-... ..-,- . Wip- '15 A ..... , , ,Xu ,L , YM.. , mr ki sm. ' W. -5 8338" DRESS CHECKS I ' 3 I 5 4 ,J WRX 0, 9 xg CQWBELLS WM x W bw Elma N yy Q AJ' Jybifv ypfbq MW .V--""" . ,----' "X x 'A ,,x.f"""" -NW 1 up ' - ,,--4""" "" P' 4 l' ' ' fi Q , Vw 'xv -H!! l..,....!:333l-':,i2L!,!!ll5E!2L' b. Q v ,M 0 , r, ' J 1.7 GYM .. . , -ll ff, X Z. ,ZA ,ff S . N 5 -12+ 'A 2, f 1 A ' 1 141 x 'X I 15' gnsr- ' x' Ng S " Y s , 'Q Ill-35 vgllllf ' 'QRIQUS 'Afnggxf .'lll'g.,. . X:-..,... . Q.n"luua 4,."lhznn nK,"lilu: lnrT.5lllz ,vs xxilll A Q x - 'Q' K O 1' Q55 1 . s'k .4 X, 'Q ull: 0 s" sl ' f 1 1 "!:s'::".' .Q,l"..l. nnasl'f - fm. N' X. j I!! , kg FEATURES 144 BRAINS Beverly Goebel Ed Zubok SPIRIT Roxue Hubirmger Don Gerhordt -Xu sriL,,, PERSQNAUTY Gayle Dominis Ron Green Qu, LQQKS Sue Hatfield Bri! Edvvmrds .. --uv' Q JW' .Andi 145 4 .Lg .5- ""---...QQ 7 CLASSES 0 Who? lrrssusrrble draw does Cl duty oil engme have? lAsked by cu gnrll X Our fuwue secvemm-S Wont vh.-y look cme on 'iw bosses Vmps? 'L-3' Q , U 1. , x I I Manx Busy hands and smulung faces ore olwn 5 resent un the lwomemokmg classes. y D Modern Qducovuon provudes 'ms and cmfrs ms well Us sohd subyecfs. ' 7 CLASSES To these sold geommvy boys Hug pvoblem looks cosy. 1 vnris, Konmns, fA1urWymf'l', Ivnd nw your Polk' Dllll1YUUfSIl1l1Ll'rVNg!1SM fun ng. If you ovvn vvomivvvm abou! We msldvs of cn C bnology us for you. sfudcnvs. Buenos dwos, cm woli kncwn phrase fo ml! Spfmwsh 4 CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES fgsnsk Rmwwntbr-r tlm "good old days," when our Fmsltrwm Problems teachers began fhnngnnq us mto poltslwed ladies and gvntlemvn, 8 ww? 1-'HQ-.4 A--aui'MM Y Vtlbert you ptck up your Wlldcut, gust think of bow much work tbvse boys put tnto the mtntmg of it. My these boys look Lmrd cnt work. I suppose they mo desugnmg som? fabulous botldtng, CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES The obiect in this speech is to see who can capture the attention of the class. This is CI class to promote safe and sane driving. L .Lf CIW 1 -K OUT CIIVI S e In Senior problems classes students are preparing to enter the modern world. 14 1 . Tho Fwvvnl Hmg, our sock hojb. Uwe perfect W to vrwrl We sfww-SYCV You know, CRAZY! Isn't This the perfect way fo smrt Whe school year? M.-5 Ngo-W QAQMQQ-K l f T 5 f Dancing is a cusTom ThaT has been passed down Through The years. True, sTyles and dance sTeps have changed considerably, buT Then as now The pasTime is enjoyed by all. And judging by The TurnouT Tor The ChrisTmas dance, pidured above, The MadiTes are all for carrying ouT The cusTom. Below is picTured one of The many noon dances We had This year. l 151 ASSEMBLIES During our assemblies on Thurs day, anything could happen from a trip olown the Colorado River to a concert by the Marine Band. And remember what fun we had when Montebello put on the exchange as- sembly- with its fabulous dance FASHKJI R!-XLLIES Tfhe league meet- ' either, with The spring fashion band. Dont forge ings show for The girls and the films of The Pan-American Road Race for The boys. This years assemblies have A d ' fer- cerfainly been varied an in esfing. I r,, l-al :W 4 . Q x if '-huge! -ang, U rl. nag HERE fl 1 Books Creole C1 world Mrs. Von Hoote in themselves. They should be treasured always. rm goes To Mc1cey'sg we go to Mrs. Fox. T' . 'xi 9-'F 'Auf' Keeping Track of lexfs used by 1880 sluclents is quile C1 iob . THERE - Q ,Mg .y,-gi ' ' K Pi-we 1' ,Emu gg k:.iL1,,g -- A quick view of Jim working "down under 0.803 71 'in 'i During the break for snuck Mcdutes head for the Kitten Koop 1, 3 Paw N51 ff A nf , ,A ,I 'l x . ,:,1,mL Line up , .QLD TRADITICDIXIS VVhaT makes a school grea Mosf people would say iT's Tl buildings, The landscaping, Tl Teachers, and The sTUdenTs. B people usually forgeT The liTT' Things ThaT give a school pa sonaliTy. lT's The TradiTior Take, for instance, our sing lunch on Friday, our Friday " flag, and in fooTbalI season, o- Tabulous card secTion. Yes, Tr diTions make a school live. n Pep Commission-These are The sTudenTs ThaT are responsible for The planning of The card Tricks ThaT make our half Times so colorful. E LUG: ..-Q' Ik , Q. ........--- IX rrudmmw -sw "mf uwmkmg Evmyoml Hopf-s ww wxll Move' mow folvlqn v1S1TOrs :vw Nw fuIUlv ,.....- . ....--- .....- sl' -w-. X ,.. Ozw mf our oldvst Vmdmons, but one emoyeld grflmly by parents :Hui wninfwms UW-P fm ., --f Look lwlfo Omni wow niovww wt, hm Hu- rvsults ma wr Mm The Spun! 09 our MVOOI WMU pr:-Hy prxrlrcges ii COVUPS H1 ...f- 157 1- AND NEWEST Y S N-v 'N-4,..-an X . X 1 , The idea of our new swimming pool started long ago. At first our hopes were slight, but gradually they came into focus when finally the memorable spring clay came on which we took part in The ground-breaking ceremonies that meant our dream was coming true. We have watched the object of our dreams coming closer and closer to reality every day until the grand moment came when we took our first plunge. ...P , , . . 4 . -Y ,-AH - 'v' ' .' :Q 'N X' i 1 Y - - -f fvfi, P" ' -if-3?' ' " ' i - 2 r"' i 2 ' Me. -ef . , -1- fvq' . xx. , '- . -, f 'ads A Kia- ,. Tl. l 1 , fs. s f , Z5 -'- ala. Si u, ' l '1 i 5. 4 at Y Q x -1561 ADDITIQIXIS They loolf Within This post yeor we have seen These chonges modernize our campus so Thcif we may keep The best of The old ond odd The much-needed new nite nnfl they feel nice n is i I N . V1 l 0 0 if QUE NEWEST Morilyn Jones Beverly Goebel Princess Princess Sherry Peck Brenda Vaughan Princess Princess BEAUTIES CAMPUS TRADITICDIXIAL , SVT I. CAMPUS MCDDERIXI iv Q, P First swim in our new pool. For The Seniors This is one lost look CIT our school, our Hcompus modern," which hos only recently come info being. For The sfudenfs who will remoin, This is o look of some of lhe scenes To which 1hey'll return in Sepfember. For everyone if shows our Mon- rovio-Duorfe High School - cz combination of the new ond The old. A view of The more modern port of our cornpus. lx Elf.. 4 mi Q 1'?1'YY'1' .JZ gf W sq i : is 1 Av, W at ,, i ,, cf, N4-:ggi Us ff' vfs .4 ' M ri ' sauna K- iii --4. -V T' Www ,. 5 1,1 Rf 11 D , K-+ . Q, ' .. wM'f'--' mv! 7' ,.,L Egan .. Q , .- , . -uf wuiwfiff .I N . Y--wx neg , , 'L , 'J x If '57 4' ' f 4- . mv A --.- -5 1 ' ..,.. A m-.. , Q" fif- ... XS 51 . '..., .. uh n,4.w-Q N. Sinn-, - -, -I .LLM V ,--' 41 1' K Q' 4 u..,,,kp by W an-x xhg .'f!1?'v Iw- V . ,-ff K F ' ' 3' I It S4 ' ' ' pa 4 . + bl i ,L 'bf Q e , A X, ansdcfgiz Q . Q A ww.. ,Q A' xl - ' ' '-f-f ' A ,Wg . . .. '. ,, 4 1- 'f,,. N , - M " ' 4 A . "1 1' --.K--.. JM., g 'Nw A .... Q F ff " ,ZF -f ' 1 ' i 7 Ei A www ' - - bf--.zwfg ' L- H - , - A ff. x my hr. ' J ' kefgf " 'W gl ' N . Lux ' if . ' 4. k , . J c' L. ' N 5 . . 4 1 -4 u -UL , .. 1 1. ,On sm SL- 7' NNE, '-:I . QQ nf Q 'Vin ws- 3 ' -4 1 vfgif, ' A 555981417 gy ...Q TO'- ,yung . ' A 'ft H h A Ni w"mb of " it gf 1... V f Q J. wasbwsff' ' , t if, I Qsgiigff, 1 A1 !:w?rQ,g32gg-iff Vggx . ,av mf i Wal f Q 2 5 Q2 W ,I ,f f f .. Q! A w w 1 ' 1' V .X 33 'Q K 11 V4 .fo A uw..-Q' Q- .ww N' f ' .- 1 ' Of' 3 'Y' Y ' f by . . 'bf .. "K fi, , - ' i' 5 , '-' , . x 3.5 z . A .r .29 -W -. . ' ., Eat -,..-, .-, -:u...T,- Q10 .1 v ,. -.r .1- . ' ' ' svn, in 5.-W .. 1 A-:Mon -un.. ' " ' .. - Y o 10? N Q, ' A ll , C1 V vm .9-1 f- 1 1' 'inns M - f' r' Q - I qt .ni - 1- A -A,,,,. f ,. -F 4 Y, tvs 4 '19-X. - L ' " Q ' if , . - ' " "J . ,.- ' 7 -'lil ' 14, -' gmt., Ifft . ' x H' ': Ji ll ,Q 'H . nn.. 1 -F' 1. 4' sv? f 4:4 .gr 'f L.- l gi .. , . A , . A 4, -.2 , xg I " xxwpb y F . .-'ff 5 .. 'E' KW. C. 5 "I ' E Fu- Q ,, ' r' 1 .,1:. 1 M-- WSFA - ,W 2.14 5 if - In fff'g3 A?5l,Af- . r Y' , Q Q' . ' X 3 'A " 'i I Q-1-is Q 4, " 11-' f H W M ,b .1 'sir-5, ' A, any X r - ,Q . ' I' 0 Q N' . b as ' Q m -Lf i s F WF I '-0' I A .X ' li Q . X I - 'f f L il. ' - . I ,n . . Q 5 I . 'L ' n Ygfzxf 'xx . .. g'lQ4, 1 2 A 6 ,, ff!! . . ,A . . rw' 'LI ' 1.- ee- - Q '- Y? Q j Q ik we A '4' aux: .,,. , 1 ,N ' +. W - an., Fin CLIFFORD T. NUTT 245 W. Foothill Monrovia, California i. ill-4-' . .. MJ V ' A5 BILL POER Chrysler-PIymouTI1 202 S. MyrTIe Monrovia, California LONGPRE PONTIAC 335 W. Huntington Monrovia, California HENDERSON OLDSMOBILE 333 E, Huntington Arcadia, California 7 TRI CITY MOTORS 420 W. Foothill Monrovia, Colifornio Ju N ' a V 1 ls BECHERER BUICK Lincoln-Mercury-Contineniol 840 VV. Huntington Monrovio, Colifornio ARTS YARDAGE SILCOTT HUDSON SALES 5l5 S. MyrTle T23 S, Myrtle Monrovio, Colifornio Monrovio, Colifornio i1.'X ...4 .41 Y! lv-1 luuuw 1 x-1 ,. ,.t ' Q lr, Q 'G yr . 'S If .n a . ' W k, N GERALD KIRVEN Appliances 211 S. Myrtle Monrovia, California CAROLINES 422 S. Myrtle Monrovia, California MONROVIA CAMERA AND GIFT SHOP 410 S. Myrtle Monrovia, Cailfornicl PIUS FURNITURE 624 S Myrtle Monrovia, California LARRY WRIGHT MOTORS DeSoto - Plymouth 925 W. Foothill Monrovia, California 9 1 km Y h A T 2' .a BURGER HOUSE 531 W. Huntington Monrovia, California 5 1 BLOCK S CLOTHIER 411 S. Myrtle Monrovia, California 24 BAKER S PHARMACY 302 S. Myrtle Monrovia, C PARK WAY SHOE REPAIR 403 S. Myrtle Monrovia, California alifornia MMIII mf FOOTHILL PRINTERS 507 W. Foothill Monrovia, California CLAUDE CHESS RADIO STORE 332 W. Foothill 'T Monrovia, California ORANGE JULIUS 901 W. Foothill Monrovia California -Qbfi ,M4 ,K I 1 A f , x Qi 1 ,ff f' I mfr rfjffifff allfhl jg frflf CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! Hcvvrng a party? Or o rnalf after school? With 31 Flavors Ice Cream, you can'T lose! IT's IT'sTI1e best Ice Cream in a malt or a shake. For your party, Iwow abouf an Ice Cream cake? Bern and Bill Rega 3I FLAVORS ICE CREAM II I I E. I-IunTingTon Dr. Monrovia, California I f AZTEC BARBER SHOP 309 W. Eoollwrll Monrovia, California 5 BETTER 'QQ' YTVY1 if 357' u W1 4 v- , v . 4+ v 1 X., ,L A - Y , kj as . 'N I 1 4 fqq- K f '.'l! 7-1- ,l Jll' , .4 . 'U ,, , 1,,, Q w n Q . ' , 'wr 44' ' Q14 ' an HN . , . , v . s 9 , . 1 y . 'Q' M ' , 1 i .P wil N S .UNA ' 5 x Q,v,1'f Xe MPN 'lt KI' 51 T 15 R ii! '7 r A UTI 'L MONROVIA STATIONERY SHOP JOHNSON MUSIC COMPANY RESS SHOP 414 S. Myrtle 5IO S. Myrtle 4I2 5. Myrtle Monrovia, California Monrovia, California Monrovia, CCIIIIOVVTIU THE FASHION JAY'S REGAN'S TOYS 417 S. Myrtle 902 W. Foothill Bank of America Bldg. Monrovia, California Monrovia, California Duarte, California .5 ff gal 'f IIIITI itll-LI ,F all 1:45 as 5 ' to . -Q Q J f, Q 'LM rsffl.. FOOTHILL MEDICAL BUILDING P. J. LE FOHN, TAILOR TATE-O-NUT DONUTS PHARMACY STORE FOR MEN 600 W. Foothill 504 S. Myrrle Monrovio, Colifornio MOHFOVICI, CC1lifOl'niO ANDERSONS STATIONERY SHOP BAIN'S 521 S. Myrtle 418 S, Myrfle Monrovio, Colifornici Monrovio, Colifornio i 1605 E. Huntington Duorfe, Colifornio BUD MlLLER'S MOTOR PORT Ford Soles ond Service T33 W. Colorodo Monrovio, Colifornio y "' I J -SAL E B . 7 f 1 I Elf q . A.. , - A. Q ---I .1 l, 4. . 1 1 I g . INV! fy v 'fx 1' ff' A ,rr II 1 Q 5 N oz 1 N I 1 6 fig. X ivx 1 ,ff 4 ' ..,. if HKE 'W CARTER MOTORS REED'S APPLIANCES JACKSON'S SPORTSMAN SHOP Dodge-Plymouth T19 W. Foothill 1525 E. Huntington 209 E. Foothill Monrovia, California Duarte, California Monrovia, California HEALD AND ROBINSON BOX JEWELERS CAMERA SHOP SAFETY DRUG 518 S. Myrtle 420 S. Myrtle 408 S. Myrtle Monrovio, COlifOff1lG Monrovia, California Monrovia, California 40- - N44 qlg' fs 'ill CII DECKERS JEWELERS MONROVIA KNIT SHOP MODEL MART 512 S. Myrfle 106 S. Myrfle 112 E. Lemon Monrovia, California Monrovia, California Monrovia, California MORRIS and GREEN ART PANKOPF MCDONALD and O'BOYLE MEATS TEXACO SERVICE CHEVROLET Mayflower Markef 621 W. Duarte Road 201 W. Hunfingfon 2543 Peck Road Monrovia, California Monrovia, California Monrovia, Cailfornia L WALTER'S MENS STORE CARPENTER'S SANTA ANITAN 4I5 S. Myrtle 125 W. Huntington Monrovia, Colifornio Arcodio, Colifornio You Don'f Hove to Look For fo Find GOOD JOB OPPORTUNITIES i in oi WONDERFUL PLACE TO WORK Divisions of CARRIER CORPORATION MONROVIA SPECTROL DAY 5 MGHT PAYNE Avif-mow ELECTRONICS Divisions of CARRIER CORPORATION A? x X , i my - .1 X if 1? 1 W ,. - -U QF .. fy , v . -,p w , - A , ,,. .,- W., V A I, N J V A Y HA U .- . . his A 4'3.. 1 fx -.. V I . ,,x-,,, -:K A' -1 "31- 3, Lf' ' fr '!gf7'fg.:,.-,', HEEEQVQQ Liu , VQWQEL MM M0 Ugbffw Ziff' Y M DM W, NAWUMQJWX V' ff W JMJZL W fy 5 MMMWWW, WWA W X Wwwawff M 97? ff My X' ff wi! ' dwg, LW!! Ajyvjjfmg MQWW ZW W Wmmiw jg? W W jvgMfM HgQQuvQu PUR 53 A ffm? ffl M Nwiwiyfbf MgyyVJ ? KV dv C cy V7 5' sf QL' gf Y 5 V MJ 3 W 55,65 Hmmvw PUH ff-wfi ,fc,zW, gf? WLQJX M! fgfi 4,71- WM, M pid iz, iff K7 5 rf "' mmm LuHwfWL+ 67?l10IllZEI' H'eIlfl,0IZ . . PUBLISHERS OVYEAR aooxsrol THE DISCRIMINATING QI' ZIEIIFAUOA i7f0ll5E .M0l1V0l'l'll Cjafikrrzia - -.zzsuyryagrf 4. , :r+.... .....1, "-?2"'g',-'T ,,-fr-v. ---4.13 . .a 1.-,M -, T.. , . ff:-,p ,- ::- -.f - -f--I wr - ' -,..', V ,,., ,r ,, f--f--. , U., ,, K , a u, ,,..- ,,':,,,,- -,.V..,, -Avg.. .11-. V-- -J- - -fy f 5,4 ,Q-,2ELv+.,sZz: W, QL, ., -5' ' 4-'ff H- 13,,,-areal-..,,,.:n54.N1Lf,,Q:.-a',E.:,f51: i fx., ,-,, . . ..., M.- 1317? T M" " FE J - -r M' "'i -- 1 -, , ' - f Q ,- ' f1,gs3?5 mm V . w N. ., ,' g v V I , . ,,.:. f:JA:E,5f-'g:.r,.3'E' 3.1, , . A . . . A ' -7? ir: N f 3 . . wg , -y f' , A , tf' ' A .V Mig: ' s V V V V - -' Q Q5- Tf, ' A ' f- x .J P ' 2 . . . W Lf' I K K . ' "" . - "Pl uf, - ' f V , 'Ez iw- A E ' , - 4 K 52232 I , 'fx ' , gg: 1K .. 'Nxt A X 1 I as-f 'M' - : . V Y P , A 11111. n.,,,,..-by-xxx - . V V sig? V V ' ' . 17'-V 6 , X f ., X - I if all I - R '92-, keg 1 c.. V C, 124, 5' ,xr 1 gli ' f-Ze. L C-N3 Q rg - ' C , Y Qffx --fib . . 1:6311 k... 5 Y Q. ,. f i 5 ' i is -, ? i" 'fi '3f.f 9 f fqxfuw f - 3 15' "3' '5 1

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