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-«ja . ' RA VEIINGS DEDICA TIOM To the lady behind the counter . . . who spent one whole summer redecorating and paneling our union . . . who gives many long hours each day so that our union may be open . . . who always keeps the cards handy . . . who cooks delicious food for banquets . . . who tolerates noisy smoke-filled union parties . . . who tolerates students ' gripes and blasting juke box . . . who shares our hopes for a new student union . . . who is the teacher of the most sought-after course, Unionizing 101 . . . We of Monmouth College gratefully dedicate the 1959-1960 Ravelings to Lorraine Azdell. ■ K THIS IS MONMOUTH Monmouth means many things to many people. To some, it is just another place to play, to others it is a place to make new acquaintances, and to still others it is a place to exercise real intellectual curiosity — a chance to grow. College is often bewildering to the freshmen, a social scramble to the sophomores, a mad whirl of activities and offices held to the juniors, and a time of taking final stock and preparing for the future to the seniors. These four years we spend in college are a period of preparation and a proving ground for what each of our futures is to hold. Monmouth can not claim that it has the best facilities or that it is the best atmosphere for everyone but many of us have found a place for ourselves and answered some of our questions. Surrounded by its quiet aspect and timeless traditions, we have worked and enjoyed ourselves as we come to the close of another year. who aw we? The men and women who make up the student body of Monmouth College come from varied backgrounds and far across this country and foreign lands. In the melting pot formed on any campus, students exchange ideas, discuss prob- lems that are vital to all young people, and simply have a good time together. Monmouth is no exception. We become identified with our circle of friends, con- fide in one or two " kindred souls, " and, whether we admit it or not, begin to look for a future mate. From this conglomeration, each of us adding our own individuality, comes what we know as Monmouth. WE SOUGHT TO ANSWER OUK CRITICS Our generation has been called the " Beat " generation, the " silent " generation, and just a bunch of crazy kids trying to stuff themselves into telephone booths. But in colleges across the country, students like us have been seeking to answer our critics in discussion groups, and by engaging in constructive efforts for both the college and community. At Monmouth, capable student body officers have led us to realize the importance of student leadership. We have questioned with faculty and advisors the school policies that we don ' t understand. By tackling some of the problems that confront young people everywhere, we have made an attempt to face up to the world we live in. We have given of our time and money to sponsor worthwhile campus and community projects. But probably most note- worthy, many of us have striven and succeeded in our way to answer our great- est critic — the critic within. TO WE WELCOME A CHANCE TO EXPRESS OURSELVES The years we spend at college are trying and difficult ones — a period between adolescence and adulthood. To many of us, the new-found freedom of being away from home and the watchful eyes of parents, is welcomed and yet a little frightening. In preparing ourselves for a useful future, we include the development of our personalities and social graces as well as the development of our minds. This is all a part of learn- ing to express ourselves as unique individuals. Monmouth offers another opportunity for expression through the creative and performing arts. The artist, the dancer, the contributor to " The Piper, " the actor, and the musician — all are striving to express through their mediums their inner feelings. 11 WE PREPARED OURSELVES ACADEMICALLY. . . Whether we like to admit it or not, our main purpose here in college should be to prepare us academically for the future. Many of us were undecided when we entered college as to what field should become our life-work. Choosing a major is perhaps one of our biggest decisions as underclassmen. After the choice has been made, comes the real work — assignments to prepare, papers to write, tests to study for and to pass. Then the library or lab becomes our second home. As seniors, some of us went into the Monmouth schools to reverse the roll of teacher-student. We Monmouthites have noted the emphasis placed on seminars and independent study programs in the curriculum, the longer library hours, and the change to a 5. grading system. Whether we were aware of the rising academic standards or not, Monmouth is looking forward and seeks to prepare her students for the technological and social age we live in. 12 ■F 14 WE TOOK THE PRESCRIBED BREAKS . . . As everyone knows, college students simply can ' t study all the time. The social aspects of our world were an integral part of this last year. Sometimes we just procrastinated and took ourselves to the Union — at other times we partied seriously. A ten-minute break in the Union frequently meant an all evening bridge game. Often we used more originality in dressing for the costume open house than in writing the theme due the following Monday. Rain on the night of a formal meant a great disaster. Whether we just talked in the car in front of the dorm or dressed for dinner and a show in Galesburg — we had fun! y nj •. ■- 16 -.J SgSPff — WF JV07E9 CHANGES OH CAMPUS Often students complain that Monmouth never changes — the college will never proceed with the building plans for the Student Union, new science building, new dorms, or the rules will never be changed. This year witnessed the building of a new men ' s residence hall, Graham Hall, the development of which is pictured here. Student Council discussed ways of financing the new Student Union and architects were consulted for plans. The sought-after cigarette machines were in- stalled in the Union and even the girls ' dormitory rules were altered in conjunction with later library hours and l:30 ' s after formals. Surely we cannot complain that time stands still! 17 . !|Ms ■ p- 18 AND THEN THERE WAS THAT FATEFUL DAY LAST SEPTEMBER Probably the outstanding event of the year was the " tornado " which struck our campus on September 26, 1959. Many of the giant trees, which were among Monmouth ' s few claims to beauty, were twisted and broken in a matter of minutes. The next day, bright and sunny in contrast to the blackness of the day before, was spent in a concerted effort by the whole student body to help clean up the havoc left by the storm. The picture below is dedicated to the Monmouth Power Company by the few who did try to continue studying — but the majority of us found a good excuse for bridge marathons or just plain partying. The campus landscape will show the effect of that day for a long time to come, for such trees are not quickly replaced. 19 WE LOOK FORWARD BY ANALYZING OUR PAST.. With the ending of another school year, it is time to reflect on what we have accomplished this past nine months. We wasted valuable hours around the bridge tables or in just plain " goofing off, " but many of us found the satisfaction gained from really applying ourselves to our studies. A course that promised to be dull opened up new vistas on a different tangent, or we may have accidentally stumbled on the basis for a whole new range of interest. To the college student, the passage of time does not seem of concern because we tell ourselves that we have such an unlimited supply. Actually, these four years go by all too fast and with it the opportunities that a college such as Monmouth offers. When we leave Monmouth for the last time we are supposedly prepared for the niche in life that we have chosen — be it office, lab, classroom, or home — how well prepared depends on the foundation we laid for ourselves during our college years. 20 FACULTY THE DEANS OF MONMOUTH COLLEGE Dean Elwood Ball Dean Hugh Beveridge Dean Jean Liedman 23 A DAY WITH DR. GIBSON 24 ALUMNI OFFICE STAFF Row 1: Del Bowker. Row 2: Elain See, Feme Cramer, John Coporon, Grace Thompson. Kay Engle. Jutta Lama, Marilyn Nickols Judy Calhoun, Dave Fleming 26 w» v Church Relations Dr. John Simpson Registrar Dorothy Whaling, Margaret Beste Linda Free, Gloria Hopper, Mr. Smith, Gloria Hartley, Don Kettering 27 Harlow Blum, Art Martha Hamilton, Art ify 1 Newell Beatty, Business Adm. GARY Deen, Business Adm. James Herbsleb, Business Adm. Garvin Davenport, History Albert Nicholas, Education 28 Frank Phillips. Education Charles Wingo, Education Eva Cleland, English Adele Kennedy. English ■Hi Kenneth Meyer, English Allen Morrill. English Irene Kistler. Home Economics 29 L Dorothy Donald, Modern Language Fred Mullett, French mm. Erika Blaas, German Harold Ralston, Psychology and Greek Bernice Fox, Latin and English Momcile Rosic, Russian Mary Maule, Spanish 30 Elaine Edwards, Music H. A. Loya, Music N A 7% ' " David Nott, Music Grace Peterson, Music Samuel Thompson, Philosophy Mary Flemming, Physical Education Charles Larson, Physical Education 31 Joe Pelisek, Physical Education Donald Rhodes, Physical Education Carole Widule, Physical Education Robert Woll, Physical Education Charles Speel, Bible and Religion Stafford Weeks, Bible and Religion Milton Bowman, Biology Robert Buchholtz, Biology ■ g - - ' Mm K 1: il L Floyd Rawlings, Chemistry Ben Shawver, Chemistry Garrett Thiessen, Chemistry Donald Wills, Geology Lyle Finley, Physics James McAllister, Physics John Ketterer, Biology Mrs. Paul Cramer, Mathematics Carl Gamer, Government Mary Crow, History Paul Cramer, Math Douglas Spitz, History Jean Liedman. Speech Parker Zellers, Speech Madge Sanmann, Sociology John Lama, Speech Mary Hutehens, Rhoda Engle, Ann Bradford, Lois Blackstone, Librarians Mrs. Harriet Flanagan, Mrs. Lorraine Azdell, Mrs. Rubie Bush, Union Managers Mrs. Burgess, Mrs. Lauder, Mrs. Shenk, Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Barnard, Housemothers C 7 .a Rip Fulton. Saga Food Service Paul Bunn, Supt. Buildings and Grounds Gertrude Lewis, Nurse 35 ACTIVITIES FRESHMAN WEEK Will the line ever move? WE ARE THE FRESHMEN The rough tough SWAF Committee Can you pop up like toast? 38 Chris Barber has a " mighty fine hand " . I ! 3 Bi rning the Knox Siwash! ■ - M0X WEEKEND Let ' s get tough. Yea-a-a-a Monmouth! 39 HOMECOMING i— « 40 ' ©lblitip. a nurr: OM e fo a lb Soul 4 ; TL HE BDY5 MET MONMDLJTH The 1959 Homecoming started with a par- ade down Broadway with elephants, skunks, and the traditional kilty ba nd. The rain dam- pened Monmouth ' s spirits in their loss to St. Olaf, but uncertain footing did not hinder the freshmen from winning the annual tug-of-war. The day ended happily with alums and stu- dents dancing to the music of Tex Beneke ' s band. Lovely Barb Divinsky reigned over the dance with attendants Nancy Van Natta, sen- ior, Joan Bartek, junior, Tamara Frazier, sophomore, and Patricia Johnson, freshman. 41 THREE MEN ON A HORSE The first Crimson Masque produc- tion was a comedy in three acts. The fine casting and acting made the play a very enjoyable evening and a big success. 42 LOST HORIZON " Lost Horizon " , the second Crimson Masque production with its Oriental theme was centered around a Shangrila in the Tibetan Mountains. The beautiful scenery was designed by Nancy Acheson and the actors worked very hard to make the play a success. 43 Girls don ' t go to the Sig. Ep. house, Fred! How did you manage to sit with five girls, Dean Ba. SENIOR WEEKEND cT That annual senior weekend " jam session " in the union. Was the food good? 44 SCHOLARSHIP 9 AY Alpha Lambda Delta taps 14 girls. 45 CHRISTMAS COMES TO M.C. 46 f 1 ' ! ft 47 l RICHARD THE THIRD Congratulations to Crimson Masque for a wonderful performance. This play starring Parker Zellers as Richard III was reported by critics to be one of the best plays ever to be put on at Monmouth. 48 RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK Rev. Smucker, the speaker for the week, is a man of strong convictions about the role of the church in our secular society. He appealed primarily to the thinking stu- dent and spoke on an adult level which He was able to meet the apathy of a con- siderable part of the Monmouth commu- nity. f } 49 Homecoming Queen, Barbara Divinsky, is a member of Phi Beta Phi Sorority, where she served as president. An active member of the student body, Barb has served as Student Body Secretary, a member of Pan-hellenic Council and Vice President of Pep Club. She is a member of Sigma Omicron Mu, and Tau Pi and reigned as Sigma Phi Epsilon Queen of Hearts. 4 O One of Monmouth ' s peppiest cheerleaders, Chris Work, reigned over the Monmouth Re- lays this year. Chris is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Pep Club and PE Majors. She has been active in the Pollywogs and the college choir in the past as well as a reporter for the Oracle. -»: ..... 8£ 9 --• . » " Lf • ' 7 . Chosen as the Sigma Phi Epsilon Queen of Hearts for 1960 is attractive Audrey Larson, the fiancee of Bruce Nehmer. Audrey has been active in campus activities and in her sorority, Kappa Delta. She has been a mem- ber of the YWCA, Politics Club, and Soci- ology Club and sings with the college choir. ■ ' :; ¥ m K The TKE ' s have chosen striking Mary Bullard as their Sweetheart. She is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority and the fiancee of Paul Ford. Mary has been active in the YWCA, and the Sociology Club while a student at Monmouth. £•;■ ■ The Theta Chi Dream Girl for 1960 is viva- cious Patti Baird, who is engaged to Charlie Link. Patti is a Monmouth Girl and has taken an active interest in college activities. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority and is active in the Pep Club and the YWCA. A Cheerleader Nancy VanNatta is a mem- ber of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. She has served on the Woman ' s Governing Board, the YWCA Cabinet, and is a mem- ber of the Pep Club. Nancy reigned as both ATO Sweetheart and Queen of the Monmouth Relays last Spring. This is her third appearance on the Homecoming Court. »$ Joan Bartek, secretary of the Junior Class, is a member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority, in which she has served as secretary. She is the feature editor of the Oracle and a member of the Publications Board and the Pep Club. She was elected Junior Home- coming attendant this year. 4 A member of Kappa Kappa Gamma So- rority, Tammy Frazier is the secretary of the Sophomore class. She is a member of the Pep Club and the YWCA. Active in Crimson Masque, Tammy was sophomore attendant of this year ' s Homecoming Court. -T- ' This year ' s freshman attendant on the Homecoming Court is Pat Johnson. Pat is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority and was tapped for membership in the honorary Spanish fraternity on the Monmouth campus. ORGAN 12 A 7 IONS mmmm ——— STUDENT BODY OFFICERS D. Hellison. B. Divinsky, D. Denniston, D. Doan, R. Griffith. STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: D. Denniston, B. Divinsky, D. Doan, N. Potter. Row 2: J. Lips, S. Adams, R. McQueen, B. McRoberts. Row 3: L. McGaan, J. Link, F. Brundage, J. Maclean, H. Young. Row 4: P. Kraus, A. Mathews. Row 5: B. Clark, S. Nichol. J. Bartek, D. Lachel. Row 6: L. Frautschy, G. Heaton, G. Cook, R. Boekenhauer. Row 7: D. Filburn, M. Loya, J. Greer, P. Muntzel. Row 8: J. Reasner, J. Parsons, E. Bain, J. Millen. 59 STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE Clockwise: Donn Denniston, Dean Liedman, Joan Bartek, Nancy Acheson, Mary Bullard, Dean Ball, Joan Schilthius, Reverend Weeks, Dave Norton, Don Helli- son. Nelson Potter, Dr. Gibson. STUDENT SOCIAL COMMITTEE Row 1: Pat McClinton, Gladys Slebos, Jan Miller, Joan Conner, Judy Hartley. Row 2: Merv Loya, Alan Campbell, Al Christie, Fred Brundage, Ralph Griffith. 60 STUDENT UNION COMMITTEE Row 1: Nancy Van Natta, Joan Conner, Karen Harr, Mrs. Azdell. Row 2: Ralph Griffith, Donn Denniston, Stan Chism, Mr. Smith. STUDENT AFFAIRS Row 1: Miss Kennedy. Ann Toal, Mickey Mason. Row 2: Joe Renwick, Guy Welch, Dean Beveridge, Dr. Gibson. Mr. Ralston. Row 3: Roger Boek- enhauer. Dean Ball. PRESIDENT ' S ADVISORY BOARD Row 1: Dale Doan, Dr. Gibson, Joan Schilthius, Audrey Tenhaeff. Row 2: Fred Brundage, Dick Bivens, Ed Clark, Clair McRoberts, John Millen, Don Elliot. AWS BOARD Row 1: Anita Slebos, Karen Sund- berg. Dean Liedman, Joan Schil- thius. Nancy Acheson. Row 2: Judy Reinsberg, Nancy Van Natta, Karen Huchison. Momoko Doi. 61 Row 1: R. Walters, G. Craig, N. Acheson, G. Cook, J. Kelley, S. Smith. Row 2: A. Buchanan, C. Home, L. McGaan, M. Reid, J. Russell, M. Nolen, J. Calhoun, M. Hall, H. Simpson, S. Walters, C. Rowland, L. Griffin. RA VELINGS Up and at ' em early on Saturday morning . . . where is that picture . . . doesn ' t anyone know who this girl is? . . . what happened to the lay- out for page 68? . . . where are all the erasers? It ' s lots of work, but we have fun preparing a yearbook that we hope you all will enjoy for years to come. Gretchen Cook, " Editor Editor Gretchen Cook Assistant Editor Glenna Craig Layout Editor Janet Kelley Copy Editor Lynn McGaan Picture Editor Steve Smith Sports Editor Ray Walters Art Editor Nancy Acheson Senior Copy Melinda Hall Photography Jim Calhoun Merrill ' s Studio 62 Row 1: M. Reid, J. Bartek, N. Potter, T. Oggel, J. Brasel, K. Harr. Row 2: B. Bollman, A. Buchanan, A. Mathews, S. Irvine, A. Mack, J. Hanburger, S. Adams, M. Hunter, N. Huff, L. Grazulis, P. Wood. Row 3: B. Nehmer, B. Sadler, J. Stankrauff, D. MacMaster, D. Arnold, R. Lemon. ORACLE Pictures by Jim, editorials by Nelson, free movie and pizza tickets, the latest campus gossip, sports news, and the happenings on MC ' s campus! It ' s all there in the Oracle. -girl Nelson Potter, Editor 63 PIPER STAFF J. Maclver, E. McDougall, M. Bozarth, J. Irelan, M. Hansen. K. Nelson, S. Perine, T. Oggel. PUBLICATIONS BOARD Ellen McDougall, Piper Editor D. Hellison, J. Bartek, G. Craig, G. Cook, Mr. Meyer, Mr. Corporan, W. Jahn, N. Potter. 64 YWCA CABINET h m Row 1: C. Kemmerer, B. Woll, K. Sundberg, Miss Widule, Mrs. Gibson, L. McGaan. J. Stafford, B. Clark. Row 2: J. Lips, J. Robb. S. Perine, J. John- son, M. Henning, N. VanNatta, P. Baird, K. Domer, J. Kelly. YMCA CABINET Row 1: Dr. Gamer, P. Moye, T. Parks, J. Morris, P. Muntzel. Row 2: Boekenhauer, L. Kinzer, D. Chamberlain, R. Sauer- man. Row 3: J. Babinsky. T. Calhoun. The Y ' s play an important part in the life of Monmouth College students. Association meetings are held by both groups and on alternate weeks the girls hold dialogue meet- ings where discussions are held on the real meanings and problems of Christian life. The " Y " is also responsible for the Wednesday chapel programs. 65 THE CHORALE The Chorale worked long and hard behind the scenes with Mr. David Nott this year to produce beautiful and inspiring music. A select group, the Chorale, had a tour of its own and participated in Pi Alpha Nu ' s " Sequence in Sound, " the " Messiah, " and chapel services. The larger group, the Monmouth College Choir, had a more extensive tour to the east coast during Spring Vacation. On campus, this group sings for the monthly Ves- per ' s services. Row 1: Mr. Loya, M. Loya, L. Turner, K. Harr. Row 2: R. Easdale, M. Mason. E. Graff, G. Cook, J. Hill, K. Deen. Row 3: A. Peterson, D. Harriss, J. Renwick, B. Beste, B. McKelvey, T. Park. D. Filbrun. THE CHOIR giiiiiiii::::::- ,,..i ' Row 1: J. Pinney, C. Abrell, G. Goetzinger, K. Bowman, K. Harr, R. Easdale, D. Mrk- vicka, J. Grove, M. Hansen, J. Hill, C. Christman, K. Deen, J. Patterson. Row 2: K. Crissey, G. Phelps, M. Mason, P. McMahon, E. Graff, B. Sprague, J. Sluka, C. Dettman. G. Cook, L. Irvin, L. Turner, S. Reed, J. Biddle, P. Smith. Row 3: D. Clark, L. Chris- tiansen, H. Phelps, D„ Smith, T. Park, B. McKelvey, B. Gamer, J. Schillinger, D. Croc- kett, D. Filbrun, C. Home. Row 4: D. Arnold, D. Harriss, J. Renwick, J. Millen, B. Beste, B. Hemphill, N. Potter, D. Jones, A. Peterson, J. Morris, B. Feiertag, G. Hoffman. 66 : , . , . , » " ' i ' „ PI ALPHA NU The Music fraternity tries to promote interest in music both on campus and in the community. This year a plaque will be given to the student who has made an outstanding contribution to music on the campus. Each year they present " Se- quence in Sound, " a musical variety program. MESSIAH The combined forces of the instrumental and vocal music departments once again united at Christmas-time to produce their annual presentation of Handel ' s " Messiah. " Anyone from the college or community who wished to participate was welcome and the results were excellent. jl A BUSINESS MAJORS INCORPORATED This organization is for those interested in business in the world of today. Anyone interested may become a member by purchasing a share of stock in the corporation and thus is entitled to vote. ■w?;.WE Row 1: Mr. Beaty, L. Pultz, B. Anderson, E. Wentland, W. Sanders, D. Edson, S. Ather- ton, R. Kenney, D. Denniston, J. Nelson. Row 2: S. Smith, J. Klusendorf, K. Cox, D. Doan, B. Singer, C. Link, R. Lundal, Mr. Johnson, W. Hurh, Mr. Hardin, R. Lefort, R. Heath, J. Kofoed, B. Morrison, R. Sauerman, S. Hunt. GOSPEL TEAMS The members of the gospel team provide religious services for churches near Monmouth. They try to extend Christian work from the Monmouth campus to the community. Row 1: R. Easdale, O. Lunn, K. Harr, C. Anderson, C. Clark, M. Heiss, J. Hartley. Row 2: W. Ireland, J. Grove, J. Randall, M. Johnson, J. Johnson, S. Chism, J. Millen. Row 3: C. Rassieur, R. Milnes, W. Stevenson, P. Amann, B. Sadler, Dr. Speel, Rev. Weeks. 68 POLITICS CLUB Politics Club is for those stu- dents interested in political life. They are known as the Young Democrats and Young Republi- cans and have been active this year in several ways. Row 1: S. Prescott, C. Work, A. Larson, J. Connelly A. Slebos, M. Bozarth, N. Lee. Row 2: R. Lemon, T. Weeks, B. Nehmer, D. Dieckman, B. Romine, J. Parsons. D. Bowers, P. White, D! Graves, L. Manning, Dr. Gamer. I.R.C. Row 1: J. Brasel, F. Aberlin, R. Kenney, J. Sholes, B. Chandler, R. Juhl. Row 2: B. Sprague, J. Russell, M. Nichols, P. White, S. Petefish. IRC discusses world problems and global trouble spots. Monthly meetings are open to anyone interested and vari- ous conferences enlighten those interna- tionally conscious political students. CLIO CLUB This is the club for all avid his- torians. Membership is open to anyone interested in the movies, slides tours, arid outside speakers that enrich the club ' s program. Row 1: Diteh, Gittings. Rothaus. La- vigna, Harr, Lunn. Row 2: P. White. Brasel, Chanberlin, Mr. Spitz, B. Irelan, Hellison, Arnold, Shelton, Craig. 69 CRIMSON MASQUE PES ATE TEAM These students represent Monmouth College at the debates in this state. They are always trying their best to come home with the honors. ORCHESIS Girls in this organization strive to express feelings and emotions through the dance. This spring they put on a talent-filled dance show with the theme as South Pacific. 70 GERMAN CLUB These students learned more about the German country and the people there. One of the year ' s highlights was a Christmas party complete with a tannebaum. SPANISH CLUB El toro may have rammed his way through the china shop, but this is no reflection on the Spanish Club. The only requirements are strong interests in the country, its people, its customs and good rolling r ' s. CLIO CLUB HEW! c « For intellectual interest this group sponsors various speakers and events pertaining to history. On the social side they sponsor the Turkey Trot each year which benefits the whole student body. 71 mi BETA Row 1: D. Smith, J. Renwick, R. Smith, T. Weeks. Row 2: J. Opdyke, B. Barr, J. Schilthuis, C. Bryden, V. Lukasz. Row 3: Mr. Bowman, Dr. Buchholz, S. Hunt, E. McDougall, J. Hill, J. Briggerman, S. Nickel, N. Guilinger, N. Glenn, Dr. Ketterer. A.C.S. Row 1: T. Lee, J. Wagenknecht, Dr. Rawlings, B. Nelson, B. Feiertag. Row 2: F. Wackerle, K. Knox, T. Davis, R. Bivens, T. Weeks, H. Young. Row 3: P. Brown, G. Moberg, G. Boehmer, J. Kutkat, L. Kohn, D. Stevenson. Row 4: J. Gren, Dr. Shawver, J. Schillinger, C. Lowry, M. Hunter, R. Juhl. Row 5: J. Seago, M. Constant, Dr. Thiessen, R. Nelson, P. Nicklin. vers club K. Follett, C. Hatman, R. Eichin, L. Moore, Mr. Nicholas, J. Cal- houn, D. Doan, J. Conlon, J. Ba- binsky, E. Clark, T. Calhoun. M CLUB Row 1: Wendling, Herriott, Goff, Glotfelty, Harlan, Singer, Buda, R. Smith, Margetis, Hagg. Row 2: Ellefsen, J. Nelson, J. Phillips, C. Lanstrom, Edson, Suffield, Cooper, Elliot, Wallem, Rhodenbaugh. Row 3: Frantz, Bo- rine, Muller, McRoberts, Griffith, Leisman, Russell, Lundal, Wentland. Row 4: Reasner, Parson. Billups, G. Larson, Rineberg, Lachel, Ford, Johnson, B. Anderson. Row 5: Coach Larson, Renwick, Wirth, O ' Brien, Hild, Sprout, P. Anderson, Brooks, Rager, Pronga. The M Club consists of those men who have received a letter in one of the varsity sports. Their activities include concessions at the games and presenting a track queen each spring. pep CLUB The Pep Club is the loyal support of the MC teams. They try to promote more school spirit and their activities include a union party each year and a tapping of new members each spring. -- ' r. . Row 1: B. Nelson, Thornberg, Elliott. Row 2: Sundberg, Baird, Richter, Mason, Kelly, Connor, Higgins, T. Frazier, Tracy, B. Clark. Row 3: Matchett, McDougall, Gately, Root, Rowland, Mount. Schilthuis, Miller, Hill, Work. Perrine. VanNatta, Bartek, Soliday, Grimm, McGaan, B. Speer, Woll. 73 polly woes Row 1: Baldwin, Swift, Mell. Row 2: Cochran, Pires, Frost, Gillespie, Rasmus- en, Clark, Probert, Downs. These girls work extremely hard on synchronized swimming and water stunts. In the spring they help the Barracudas and Dolphins put on a Water Show. If they pass all of their water tests, they earn the coveted bracelet and become members of Dol- phins. DOLPHINS Into the blue depths of the Monmouth swimming pool spring synchronized girlish dolphins. This hardy, but slightly water-soaked, group plunged in, perfected kicks and turns and were the mainstays of the spring Water Show. Row 1: Fink, Root. Row 2: Pearson, Kimmel, Anderson. Row 3: Harr, Kelly, Lips. BARRACUDAS 74 The men ' s swimming group is known as the Bar- racudas. Their public exhibition of talent is their participation in the spring Water Show. Row 1: Lipe. Cheetham, Dietz, Tippey, Sindular, Brewer. Row 2: Carrol, Bingaman, Pultz, Dermis. RIFL€ CLUB R. Claycomb, J. Shoals, E. Wentland, J. Sego, J. Gren, F. Stewart. W. A. A. OFFICERS Row 1: Downs. Richter. Mason, Kelly. Wis- miller. Row 2: Root. Grimm. Brown. Slebos. P. S. MAJORS Row 1: Hartenburg, Goff, Larson, Phillips, De Groot. Mason. Row 2: Petefish. Slebos. Work, Root. Downs. Rowland. Row 3: Mell. Johnson, Russell, Nelson. Hagg, Yeoman. 75 ETA SIGMA PHI Under the leadership of Miss Fox, the classics honorary met once a month for programs concerning Latin and Greek. The requirements for member- ship are two years of college Greek or Latin and a 4.0 av- erage in the language. Last year three members, B. Cole- man, J. Conner, and L. Mc- Gaan attended the National Convention in St. Louis and Lynn McGaan was elected as National Secretary. SIGMA DELTA PI Sigma Delta Pi is the Spanish honorary fraternity. This year they only have three members, Patti Johnson, Judy Lamb, Judi Randall. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLA VERS The National Collegiate Players is the honorary dra- matics society. Membership is limited to those who have par- ticipated in various theatrical activities and also have a 3.0 all-over grade average. 76 !Lj -- e j_ _n- PI GAMMA MU This group was newly or- ganized this year as the social science honorary. They hope to be more active in the future. PHI ALPHA THETA Phi Alpha Theta is the honorary for those interested in history. The requirements are twelve hours in the history department and an all over average of 4.0. SIGMA TAU DELTA The national honorary English fraternity is a group of about 25 members who meet once a month to read to each other their own original papers and give criticisms on them. This group also spon- sors the annual freshman writing contest. 77 SIGMA OMICHON MU Row 1: Slebos, Woll, Divinsky, McConnell, Hutche- son, Ditch, Charvat. Row 2: Dresmal, Stafford, Feier- tag, Boekenhauer, Heath, Potter, McKelvey, Gamer, Rassieur, Doi, Lee. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Row 1: Lips, Anderson, McGaan, Buffo. Davis. Row 2: Home, Clark, Mack, Simp- son, Huff, Hunter, Hall, Grove, Stewart Gillespie, Frautchy, Matthews. Hemphill, Holcomb, Schil linger. BLUE KEY Row 1: W. McKelvev, Dr. Shawver, Mr. Larson, Dean Beveridge, R. Smith. Row 2: R. Griffith, D. Denniston, K. Rager, D. Hellison, J. Hornaday, N. Potter, D. McConnell, R. Gillogly, D. Doan, R. Boekenhauer, C. Rassieur. TAU Pi Row 1: J. Stafford, M. Doi, A. Toal. Row 2: S. Charvat, B. Divinsky, K. Hutchison, J. Schilthuis. Sue Perrine Tau Pi Outstanding Freshman 79 The MACS provide social functions for the unaffiliated men on Monmouth Campus. At their regular meetings, they often have speakers and they also have a formal each spring. MACS OFFICERS President Dave Norton Vice President Harry Young Secretary Don Filbrun Treasurer Ed Clark Harry Young 80 Row 1: M. Armstrong, B. Bridgford, J. Hartley, F. Anderson, S. Brown, A. Goss, C. Meredith. Row 2: C. Christman, G. Gall, M. Mueller, C Baldwin, N. Nichols, M. Bur- pee, N. Huff, A. Buchanan. Row 3: M. Brady, S. Reid, L. Chrysler, P. Nicklin, B. Pat- terson, D. Blair, J. Schilthuis, S. Hunt, M. Doi, M. Cochrane. UNAFFILIATES Happy times are here again . . . Unaffiliates gather . . . Smiling Schilthius, Senior Class Secretary . . . Patti and Alice on the stage . . . Toni and Bonnie busy debating . . . and fun and hard work on our Homecoming float . . . Cheese Spreads . . . Christ- mas Party . . . lots of fun! . . . our winter formal, " Mist, Music and Moonbeams. " Joan Schilthius OFFICERS Coordinator Joan Schulthius Program Chairman Julia Briggerman Florence Anderson Secretary-Treasurer Judy Ballard Social Chairman Alice Goss Sports Toni Brown 81 GREEKS PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Row 1: L. Solidav. B. Clark, A. Tenhauff. Row 2: N. Lee. B. Divinsky, N. Acheson, J. Stafford. INTERFRATEHNITY COUNCIL D. Thompson, R. Kenney, S. Wilson, C. McRoberts, D. Russel l, P. White, Dean Ball, B. Wendling, R. Boekenhauer. 83 ALPHA XI DELTA I love the rose of Alpha Xi, I love . . . her Ghost- ville capers in the cave . . . The Sweet Taste of Victory with a winning float ... a formal in Autumn Amber . . . Pledge Christmas party with Harding kids . . . Letters from Jan Brownlee in distant Hong Kong ... I love her gold, her true double blue. Nancy Lee OFFICERS President Nancy Lee Vice President Anita Slebos Recording Secretary Kathy Oliver Pledge Trainer Anita Slebos 84 ACTIVES Row 1: Opdyke, J. Rothaus, A. Tenhauff, M. Bozarth, J. Maclean, N. Lee, A. Slebos, S. Matthews. Row 2: V. Lukasz, L. Stewart, K. Oliver, C. Lavinga, B. Galloway, K. Hutchison, J. Liska, J. Irelan, G. Slebos. B. Ahlenius, P. Kraus, J. Douglas. PLEDGES Row 1: S. Petefish, K. Moore. J. Connelly, C. Davis. D. Schweider. Row 2: P. Smith. L. Grazulis, D. Furrv. J. Pires, B. Craft, J. Schubert, L. Poor, M. Hansen, S. Foreman, J. Krell. 85 KAPPA DELTA " Diamonds are a girl ' s best friend " ... in a flair of white roses and diamond shields, the KD ' s start a new year . . . Judy Stafford, KD president, " Y " vice- president ... a Viking float with uke music for Home- coming . . . Barb Clark, Panhellenic president, KD rush chairman . . . Sue Nickel, Linda James, Jan Som- mers in Crimson Masque productions . . . Pep Club officers Jean Kelly and Joan Connor . . . another senior class graduates . . . " Remember the girls of KD, remember when you ' re away ... " OFFICERS President Judy Stafford Vice President Martha Schmidt Secretary Judy Lamb Treasurer Sally Roehm Pledge Trainer Martha Schmidt Judy Stafford 86 1 ) • •J • ACTIVES Row 1: Mount, Larson, Sommers, Lamb, Stafford, Richmond, Elliott, M. Schmidt. Tueckes, White, McRae, M. Bullard. Row 2: Kellv. Glenn, Henning, James, Gebhart. Pearson, J. Johnson, S. Schmidt, Nickel, Randall, Batek, Fink, Reed, P. Smith, Buffo, Hill, Connor, B. Clark. PLEDGES Row 1: Trout, Irvine, Riddle, Mell. Row 2: Downs, M. Johnson, Grove, Rasmusen, C. Clark, D. Bullard. Row 3: Goetzinger, Gillespie. Frautschy, Mrkvicka. Bullington, Swift, M. Jones, Sievers, Shogren, Teal, Stewart. 87 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Nancy Acheson How ' d you like to be a KKG . . . Nancy, Tammy, and Pat in the Homecoming Court, Tammy as sopho- more secretary, Gretch guiding the Ravelings staff, Chris and Nancy as cheerleaders, Mickey president of the rah-rah girls, Ach heading A.W.S. . . . wear the blue and blue — be loyal and true. es OFFICERS President Nancy Acheson Vice-President Carol Kemmerer Secretary Carol Macari Treasurer Barbara Woll Pledge Trainer Gretchen Cook 88 Row 1: N. VanNatta, S. Sears, J. Kelley, B. Woll, C. Kemmerer, B. Barr, M. Hall, N. Acheson, C. Macari, G. Cook, C. Bryden, M. Peters. Row 2: G. Craig, P. Grimm, L. Killey, P. McClinton, C. Work, B. Speer, K. Deen, S. Ensminger, L. Nielson, M. Mason, L. Soliday, P. McMahon, L. McGaan, D. Sippel, K. Sandberg. K. Harr, A. Toal, B. Coleman, T. Frazier, J. Lips. Row 1: N. Miller, M. Finn, P. Morse. B. Claassen, J. Anderson, M. Hanzlik, P. John- son, S. Smith. Row 2: M. Schmidt, C. Home S. Prescott, K. Ottsen, S. McCormick, S. Probert, G. Lohner, L. Ansell, C. Veith, M. McLouskey, E. Hartenberg, M. Reid, J. Temple. 89 PI BETA PHI Picture a girl in wine and blue . . . Barb as Homecoming Queen and Joanie as Junior attend- ant . . . Joan as Junior class secretary and Karen as frosh secretary . . . Doug as editor of the Piper . . . Linda and Pat as cheerleaders . . . Karen as president of the YWCA and secretary of Crimson Masque . . . Barb capable secretary of Student Council . . . pledges presented a Twelfth Night Formal . . . Scholarship Trophy . . . Wish I were a Pi Phi. OFFICERS President Barb Divinsky Vice-President Jan Miller Secretary Patti Baird Treasurer Arlene Dresmal Pledge Trainer Bobbie Baer X i ■ Barb Divinsky 90 ACTIVES Row 1: Ditch. Dresmal, Baird, Baer, Divinsky. Robins, Miller, Gittings, Sundberg. Rowland. Row 2: Tracy, Morrill, Domer, McClure, Adams. Richter, Bartek, Root, Wissmiller, Perrine, Gately, McDougall, Hallenbeck, Thornburg. PLEDGES Row 1: Matthews, Griffin, McFarland, Patterson. Row 2: Sheese, Walters, Mack, Had- ley, Lyndrup, Russell. Row 3: McMaster, Irwin, Turner, Irey, Dettman. Wissinger. Nolen, Sprague, Fisher, Hamburger, Bowman. 91 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Old Alpha how we love you, with . . . repeated high scholarships . . . winners of Homecoming House Decorations four out of five years . . . Christmas Dinner Dance . . . Captain Rhodenbaugh . . . For dear old Gold and Blue. OFFICERS President Ralph Griffith Vice President Paul Ellefson Secretary Finnie Stewart Treasurer Don Thompson Pledge Trainer Denny Rineberg Ralph Griffith 92 ACTIVES Row 1: F. Franz, D. Bergstrom, R. Lundal, R. Langley. Row 2: Stewart, P. Ellefson, R. Griffith, D. Thompson, D. Wirth. Row 3: L. Weckwert, B. McBride, R. Singer, J. Nelson, B. Herriott, G. Johnson, D. Wherry. B. Markel, B. Frazier, B. Jornlin. Row 4: W. Guthre, F. Adams, E. Jones, P. Lipe, R. Riggs, J. Stankrauff, B. Berendt, L. Kinzer, D. Rineberg, D. Speer, R. Gamer, E. Wentland, R. Boekenhauer, D. Thorstensen. PLEDGES Row 1: H. Fultord, W. Werner, R. Goodale, A. Christie, D. Smith. Row 2: W. Mammen, D. Pannabecker, N. Hodges. D. McMaster. M. Happ, L. Wahl, D. Brooke, D. Rhineberg, J. Kriegsman, R. Bradley. N. Thornton. B. Ardell. 93 SIGMA PHI EPSILOM " Straight from the Heart ... " ... Illinois Gamma, proud of . . . Paul White, IFC President . . . Fred Brundage, Senior Class President . . . Nelson Potter, Oracle editor . . . their initiate class of 15 men . . . Top honors in house scholarship . . . an exciting evening in a Las Vegas at- mosphere at the " Casino " ... a very suc- cessful year presided over by the Queen of Hearts, Barbara Divinsky . . . the red door, always a sign of Sig Ep hospitality. Nelson Potter and Fred Brundage OFFICERS President Nelson Potter Vice President Fred Brundage Secretary Bruce Anderson Treasurer Richard Bivins Pledge Trainer Larry Williams 94 ACTIVES Row 1: R. Rosin, N. Bullington, T. Davis, K. Knox. Row 2: L. Montgomery, P. White. F. Brundage, N. Potter, R. Bivens, B. Anderson, R. McQueen. Row 3: D. Jones, D. Dieckman, K. Wendling, L. Flemming, D. Buda, T. Weeks, S. Martin, L. Arnold. J. Hostletter, J. Glotfelty, L. Williams, R. Vessel, L. Kohn, J. Parsons, R. Pierce, L. Man- ning. PLEDGES Row 1: K. Bowdish, J. Mitchell. D. Strickler, R. Lemmon, J. Stevens. Row 2: A. Larocco, G. Boehmer, L. Moore. H. Phelps, B. Bolcomb, L. Williams. Row 3: G. Huffman, D. Bates, B. Winslade, R. Kolconay, B. Grave, J. Gibson, J. Kutkat, J. Whipple. B. Dunk, J. Schillinger, M. Constant. 95 TAU KAPPA EPS I ION " All hail to our fraternity " . . . sing the men of the fraternity for life with . . . famous " Salty Dogs " at the rush party . . . Ralph S. Goat . . . homecoming float honors again . . . Donn and Don leading Student Council as Pres. and Treas. . . . Halloween, Streets of Laredo, Holiday parties, . . . four class treasurers . . . Red Carnation Ball . . . cherry and grey with the skull and crossbones . . . " so here ' s to Tau Kappa Epsilon, thy name will never die. " Roger Smith OFFICERS President Roger Smith Vice-President Charles Rassieur Secretary Donn Denniston Treasurer Don Hellison Pledge Trainer Paul Ford 96 ACTIVES Row 1: D. Harriss, B. Beste, J. Brasel, M. Loya, B. Irelan, J. Morris, L. Johanssen. Row 2: D. Hellison, D. Denniston, J. Wagenknecht, D. Sauerman, R. Smith, R. Walters, L. Huber, G. Yeck, K. Nelson, J. Renwick. Row 3: H. Ferguson, K. Rager, P. Muntzel, P. Ford, P. Brown, B. Thoresen, J. Allen, D. DeForrest, P. Moye, L. Pronga. Row 4: G. King, C. Rassieur, G. Johnson, B. Bruington, F. Wackerle, J. Brewer, F. Aberlin, D. Peterson, J. Hornaday, G. Meloy, D. Smith, D. Lachel, T. Matthews, R. Kenney, J. Rohrbach, S. Wilson. PLEDGES Row 1: M. Pronga, S. Chism, D. Arnold, S. Flanagan. Row 2: J. Sindelar, D. Clark, J. Tippey, D. Burroughs, D. Van Treese. Row 3: B. Hemphill, F. Flanagan, D. Ache- son, L. D. Gibb, B. Barr, G. Moberg, J. Millen, L. L. Gibb, B. Chandler, P. Peacock. 97 THETA CHI The " Chi ' s " have done it again — with . . . Dale as student body vice-president . . . Brandy, the world ' s largest puppy . . . Lots of lettermen . . . the " Riviera, " and a wide-open house . . . stars and hard work at the Little Theater . . . more I M tro- phies . . . the Barbary Coast — " closed by the Vice Commission " . . . Oxbow and the Dream Girl Formal ... " I dream of the girl . . . " OFFICERS President David McConnell Vice President Skip Schmidt Secretary Scot Hansen Treasurer Dale Doan Pledge Trainer Chuck Hild David McConnell 9 98 ACTIVES Row 1: P. Kempin, R. Milnes, C. Goff, D. Schlosser, Brandv, B. Campbell. B. Hubbard. Row 2: D. Doan, C. McRoberts, H. Schmidt, D. McConnell, Mr. Mullet. C. Hild. Row 3: A. Campbell, B. Feiertag, F. McDavitt, J. Greer, P. Orednick, C. Strube, C. Lanstrum. J. Hughbanks, G. Phillips, R. Goetz, P. Munson, L. Greer, D. Elliot. Row 4: J. Klusen- dorf, D. Russell, W. Sanders, W. Jahn, C. Borine, J. Reasner. G. Welch, G. Anderson, D. McCaan, C. Link, P. Lohner. B. Campbell. D. Nelson. P. Aniann, J. Gibson, P. Swano, P. Anderson. PLEDGES Row 1: B. Reinsberg, L. Polz, C. Hild. P. Smith, D. Peacock. Row 2: B. McClure, D. Carroll, W. Jaeger. D. Bradshaw, D. Liesman, S. Washburn, D. Engle, T. Wilkison, D. Larson, D. Eichin, J. Simkins, C. Demas, P. Killey. 99 SPORTS 9 A ■ -j i i « - £F 85 -j A - ? JM| 9V 1» 1 ■•, B ■ jggb - FOOTBALL Max Akerman Ron O ' Brien •■.-,4 Bob Cooper Row 1, left to right: D. Buda, P. Brown, P. Moye, B. Cooper. Row 2: R. Nelson, P. Margetis, D. Edson, D. Elliott. Row 3: B. Rhodenbaugh, C. Lanstrom, R. O ' Brien, G. Larson. Row 4: F. Franz, H. McDaniels, K. Rager, C. Hagg. FOOTBALL Although team and spectator spirit seemed to drag toward the end of the season, the raw potential was there. There was no one particular star this year but there was much team work and many gains made by the team as a whole. Many returning lettermen and a group of promising freshmen, coupled with a determined spirit and drive, could keep the Scots ' record on the decided upward. 102 Joe Suffield Chuck Hild Denny Buda ff in i « » rail Bill Rhodenbaugh Row 1, left to right: T. Bollman, D. Liesman, H. Billups, P. Vecchi. Row 2: D. McCann, J. Phillips, M. Akerman, P. Anderson, C. Hild. Row 3: D. Russell, P. Ford, G. Johnson, D. Wallam. Row 4: B. Smith, J. Suffield, D. Lachel, G. Willman. Monmouth 8 Grinnel 6 Monmouth 20 Knox 28 Monmouth 8 Beloit 9 Monmouth Carleton 24 Monmouth 8 Lawrence 14 Monmouth 14 St. Olaf 27 Monmouth 8 Coe 22 Monmouth 8 Cornell 34 Gary Willman 103 BASKETBALL SCORES Monm outh 80 Carleton 59 Monmouth 69 Knox 89 Monmouth 105 St. Olaf 61 Monmouth 91 Carthage 57 Monmouth 61 Bradley 86 Monmouth 68 Grinnell 69 Monmouth 69 Lawrence 62 Monmouth 68 Coe 90 Monmouth 74 Ripon 65 Monmouth 72 Knox 80 Monmouth 96 Grinnell 69 Monmouth 93 Lawrence 61 Monmouth 60 Coe 67 Monmouth 88 Ripon 75 Monmouth 84 Carthage 71 Monmouth 76 Carleton 73 Monmouth 86 Cornell 64 Monmouth 63 St. Olaf 65 Monmouth 75 Beloit 66 Monmouth 77 Cornell 85 Monmouth 64 Augustana 83 Monmouth 63 Beloit 67 104 105 w 1 J Ken Mueller • ' BASKETBALL The 1959-1960 Basketball season started out with a roar but halfway along the way it fizzled to a whisper. Our first games showed brilliancy, one of which was the Bradley game which was not the pushover the Braves had expected. McRoberts was fourth highest scorer in the conference with Reasner and Mueller eighth and ninth respectively. Though the end of the season proved dismal, the Scots will lose only two seniors while many of the other teams will lose more of their top hoopsters. Row 1: B. Winslade, D. Arnold, B. Reinsberg, T. Wilkinson, D. Peacock, D. Burroughs, Coach Bobby Woll. Row 2: C. Munson, G. Hoffman, S. Hudgens, D. Brooke, A. Christie, R. Goodale, D. Bradshaw, M. Happ. WES SCOTS Dave Arnold and Terry Wilkinson led a very prom- ising group of Wee Scots to a season ' s finish of four victories and two defeats. They accumulated 427 points to their opponents 401 points. With this to their credit, there will be room for them with the Fighting Scots next season. 107 TRACK Row 1: Renwick, Edson, K. Nelson, Moye, Best. Row 2: Coach Chuck Larson, Martin, O ' Brien, DeGroot, Parsons, Lachel, Borine, Bowman. Our track team this year boasts some outstanding veterans and a good front line but there is a definite lack of depth. Among those outstanding cindermen who are returning will be: Ron O ' Brien, hurdler and broad jumper, Joe Renwick and Paul Moye, middle distance men, Ken Nelson, pole vaulter, Glenn Brooks, sprinter, hurdler, and broad jumper, Darrell Edson, shot put, discus, broad and high jumps, Carl Borine, a triple threat man and others. If injuries don ' t hit us, we could present a watch-stopping team. SWIMMING With winning form the swimming team dived into the pool, missed a few strokes, gasped for breath, and crawled out the other side in the lower depths of the conference stand- ing. Jack Brewer ' s illness toward the end of the season further hampered matters but though defeated, the spirit of drive and determination was always evident. Just as evi- dent was the lack of spirit and pep on the part of the student body. Row 1: Ellefson, Lundall, Herriott, Brewer, Frazier. Row 2: Coach Dusty Rhodes, Jones, Lipe, Adam, Best, Thorstenso n. 108 Coach Pelisek, J. Phillips, L. Pronga, Borine, Carroll, B. Anderson, Knox, Davis, Klusendorf. WRESTLING The wrestling team this year was a picture of paradox. While M.C. ' s grabblers won their own quadrangular meet and finished an unofficial tie for first place with Cornell, as they won all their con- ference dual meets, they finished seventh in the Conference Meet. One of the main reasons for this reversal was the sudden rash of injuries which befell the team prior to the meet. Considering that this meet was the exception rather than the rule, the matmen have a bright prospect for next year. The champs at the Quadrangular meet 109 BASEBALL I i ti9 a • 9 »• Row 1: Sprout, Phillips, Griffith, Mell, Margetis, McDaniels, Greer. Row 2: Greer. G. Phillips, Elliott, Suffield, G. Larson, Cooper, Rager, J. Nelson. Allen. Steerike — ! Baseball has begun. Monmouth has high hopes that the strikes will be against the rest of the conference and not against them. Eleven returning lettermen including Bob Cooper, one of the conference ' s best catchers, should prove a diamond for M.C. Coe will be the team to beat here in the southern district. 110 t . izp r v J im 7 - t With Roger Smith, Terry Oggel, Bob Singer, and Ed Wentland as returning lettermen and Bill Irelan, Dave Smith and Naomoto Nabeshima as three promis- ing newcomers, the golf team may well enjoy a season of success not seen for two decades. After their tour of Dixie, they are ready to attack the Midwest Con- ference with renewed vigor. GOLF TENNIS The snow was slow in leaving Mon- mouth but soon the familiar plop-plop of the tennis balls took the place of the silently falling snow. Frank Adam, intra- mural champion two years in a row is now eligible for varsity competition. This top- ranking singles player together with re- turning veterans bring good tennis back to Monmouth. Wallem, P. Peacock, B. Reinsberg, W. Reinsberg, Kempin, (missing) Adam, Lohner. Ill STUDENTS FRESHMEN Carol Abrell Jerry Appell David Arnold Nancy Batten Lynne Chrysler Donnalee Blair George E. Boehmer Beverly Bollman Ah! the Carolers! ' Tis Christmas time again! Robert D. Bradley 114 Margaret Brady Doug Brown Anne Buchanan Margo Burpee Richard H. Burroughs Ruth Ann Cable James Caughron G. Bernard Chandler Stan Chism Carol Christman Margaret Wood Hugh Phelps Jane Pdxes Linda Poor Melvin Pronga Jean Rasmusen Susan Reed Mary Catherine Reed 115 Betty Claassen Carol Clark Dean Clark I Robert Claycomb Margaret Cochrane Marc Constant Carol Dettman Dick Eichin Looks like Seminar paper time again. Don Engel ■WHUHB MI James Falkenhain ? Mary Finn John Flanagan Linda Frautschy Anaclare Frost James E. Gibson Daryl Gillespie Gail Goetzinger Jean Grove Grace Hall Jane Hamburger Marilyn Kay Hansen Mary Hanzlik Judy Hadley Elna Hartenberg Judy Hartley Dick Heil 117 Margaret Heiss Bill Hemphill George Hoffman Robert Holcomb Bill Holland " What ' s so funny, Sandy? ' ' Jan Hood Carolyn Horne Steve Hudgens Kay Irey Sharon Irvine Lucy Irwin 118 Wes Jaeger Mary Lee John Judith Johnsen Martha Johnson Mary Jane Jones ROLFE KOLCONAY Janet Krell Pat Johnson Dennis Larson Rodney Lemon Richard Lovett Liwy Lunn Janet Lunsmann Lynette Lyndrup Ann Mack Bob McClure 119 Karen McMaster Connie Meredith Priscilla Mell John C. Millen Nancy Miller Jon Mitchell Gary Moberg Pat Morse Margaret Mueller Karen Nelson 120 V Grace Phelps Dale Peacock Dave Petersen Janet K. Patterson S— C— 0— T— S Karen Ottsen Mary Ann Nolen ■MHHM Margaret Nichols Russell Marshall Anne Matthews Kathryn McLain 121 _ ,,.-.. v Sarah Ann Reid Beth Riddle Don Roegge William Romine Joellen Russell William J. Sadler Jack A. Schillinger Marilyn Schmidt mm June Schubert James L. Seago Gary See Shirley Service Mary Sheese Nancy Shelton Marilyn Sievers Hallie Simpson 122 Jan Watson Steve Washburn Sue Walters Laura Turner Virginia Trout Jane Temple Juanita Teal Eleanor Swift Don Strickler James Stevens Duane Steinke Barbara Sprague Sharon Smith Judy Sluka 123 SOPHOMORES Fred Aberlin Susan Adams John Allaman Paul Amann Carol Ann Anderson Daniel Anderson Florence Anderson Pete Anderson Marjorie Armstrong EDWAh? Bain Judy Ballard 125 Q ■ lfjk NOREEN BATEK Bob Boughan Jim Bennett James Brasel Sonja Brown Bill Bruington Gail Buffo Deeks Carroll Patronizing the Scots Student Supply Barbara Coleman W HB Carol Ann Davis Dick Deforest 126 Judy Douglas Sandie Downs Ardith Elliott Dennis Faust Studying! In the Union? I Donna Fink Colleen Fisher Sandra Foreman Dana Fury Betsy Galloway Anne Gebhart Alice Goss Jerry Greer 127 Larry Greer Pam Grimm Nancy Guilinger Bill Guthrie i ♦ k ' Robert Hamilton i fF John Hostettler Careful, Dr. Morrill! Bob Heath Leslie Higgins Bill Hubbard Skip Hunt Bill Irelan 128 Lars Johansson Jean Johnson Jean Kimmel Lloyd Kinzer Ken Knox Pat Kraus John Kiegsman Don ' t get the wrong one, Ginny! Bob Langley « } Carol Lavigna Mervyn Loya Patsy McClinton Judy Lips 129 M I ■■ ' — flrft Harold McDaniel Bonnie McIlrath Larry Manning Glenn Markle Jerry Mell Larry Moore Jim Morris Phil Muntzel Peggy Nicklin Linda Ndhlsen Judy Opdyke Terry Park 130 Dale Peterson Watch the director, everyone! Robert Pierce m m Ronnie Raih Barb Richmond Dick Rossen Sybil Root Joan Rothaus Karen Sandberg David Sauridsen Melinda Schneider 131 mm . - ■ ■ Judie Randall Tom Schmitz Melinda Schneider Carol Schweider Lillie Sievers Bob Smith Stephen Smith Bruce Stavenhagen Don Stevenson A Viking Ship sails down Broadway Curt Strube Audrey Tenhaeff They ' re doing the hokey pokey! 1 « " - V Linda Thornburg Don Thorstenson Marilyn Tracy Dick Vessel Tom Weeks Guy Welch John Whipple Larry William Harry Young Keith Graham 133 JUNIORS Bonnie Ahlenius John Allen Amy Amesbury Charlene Baldwin Judy Maclean Richard Bivens ■ 1 Roger Boekenhauer Paul Brown Tom Calhoun Barb Clark Janet Connelly Ken Cox Betty Craft Richard Crockett Karen Domer Rosalie Easdale Darrell Edson Paul Ellefsen Bor Feiertac Joint Y Meeting on Marriage wmni ■ Don Filbrun Larry Fleming Chris Work Robert Gillogly 136 OX Hopes for Victory Lesley Griffin Jim Hughbanks Bob Jornlin Gary Johnson Jean Kelly Ron Kenney James Klusendorf John Kofoed Lance Kohn Dennis Lachel Janet Long Vira Lukasz 137 Daniel MacMaster Mickey Mason Shirley Matchett Sue Mathews Typical Sunday Afternoon at Monmouth Betty McClure 138 Lynn McGaan Lynn McKeown Clair McRoberts Gilbert Meloy Beverly Nelson Dave Norton Terry Oggel William Morrison Jerry Parsons UHPf " The Rum-Runners ' Lucille Owen Robert Patterson 139 LOEETTA PAWLEY Sue Petefish Suzanne Prescott Louis Pronga Lee Pultz " Well, will you look at that ' John Reasner Carole Rowland Robert Singer Debbie Sippel Gladys Slebos 140 Dwight Smith Linda Soliday Charles Stewart Paul White Stan Wilson Janet Wissmiller Fred Wackerle Ken Wendling Don Yankovic Kay Young Dean VanHorn Monmouth chemists at work. 141 • ■ SENIORS Nancy Acheson Becky Barr % F Carol Bryden Bruce Anderson Dave Bowers Susan Buck Tom Cheetham Audrey Larson Bobbie Baer John Brewer ij W I Dennis Buda Patty Baird Fred Brundage Neal Bullington +rk4i John Wagenknecht _ Richard Sauerman 143 Nancy Classon Gretchen Cook Bob Cooper Glenna Craig ZOLTAN CSAVAS Carolyn Davis f " rt DWIGHT DlEKMAN Home at last! Barb Divinsky Dale Doan Momoko Doi Arlene Dresmal 144 Sue Ensminger Fred Frantz Blair Frazier Bob Gamer Jack Glotfelty Dean Graves Melinda Hall Scott Hansen Don Hellison William Herriott 145 Charles Hild Won Moo Hurh Judy Irelan Janet Kelley Carol Kemmerer Larry Kuhn " Is that so! ' Nancy Lee 146 Richard Lefort Judy Lind Charles Link Peter Lipe Paul Lohner Carol Macari John MacIver .V Stan Martin Bill McBride Dave McConnell Jan Miller Louise Mount Kenneth Mueller Ken Munson Jim Nelson Kathy Oliver John Penney Marilyn Peters Chuck Rassieur 147 ■W— — — " !» W. " ' .. ' ' I ' . ' I ' . » JHJ. ' Will he make a slam " William Rhodenbaugh Ralph Riggs Alice Robbins Warren Sanders Don Sands Joan Schilthius Barbara Sears Adin Slaughter Anita Slebos 148 Margaret Smith Mary Ann Smith - -7 Jan Sommers 9 At Allan Sprout Judy Stafford Jack Stankrauff Joe Suffield Karen Sundberg Jan Tueckes Nancy VanNatta Ray Walters Ed Wentland £fc " GST ' ' iM mi mk Richard Wherry Gary Willhardt Don Wikth Howard Ferguson 149 SENIOR MEMORIES And Lambie talked her way through all four years East meets West in our international class 150 An inanimate view of our cheerleaders l« As another senior class launches forth from the halls of Monmouth, they unconsciously leaf through the memories of the last four years. The agonizing hours before the first finals . . . the triumph of pseudo-mature sophomores over the incoming class . . . the hectic race of com- pleting a major and holding office . . . and the luxury of Senior Sluff. Each class participates in similar activities through the four years but usually manage to maintain its individuality — the last of the Sunnysiders, the year ' s-end blasts, the unique Faculty-Night-Out entertainment and on and on. A new sophomore transfer? Joo-ey to the World! That handsome championship basketball team Don ' t they strike fear into every heart? 151 l SENIOR INDEX ACHESON, NANCY art AWS, president; Panhellenic Council; Dolphins; Pollywogs; Spanish Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma, President; Ravelings. ANDERSON, BRUCE business Business Majors Incorp.; M Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary. ATHERTON, SCOTT economics ACS; Business Majors Incorp.; Rifle Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon; YMCA. BAER, ROBERTA English Pi Alpha Nu; Choir; Chorale; Pollywogs; WAA; Pi Beta Phi; YWCA. BAIRD, PATRICIA enclish Band; Clio Club; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Pi Beta Phi; YWCA. BARR, BECKY psychology Sigma Omicron Mu; Tau Pi; Tri-Beta; Eta Sigma Phi; Band; Choir; Dolphins; Politics Club; Pollywogs; Rifle Club; WAA; Young Re- publicans Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA, Secretary; Oracle; Gospel Teams; Campus Chris- tian Students. BELL, CHARLES economics Business Majors Incorp.; Politics Club; Young Republicans Club; YMCA; Oracle. BERGSTROM, DAVE business Eta Sigma Phi; Barracuda Club; Business Ma- jors Incorp.; Clio Club; M Club; Alpha Tau Omega. BOWERS, DAVE business Business Majors Incorp.; Choir; German Club; Politics Club, President; Sociology Club; Young Republicans Club; Alpha Delta Phi. BREWER. JACK physics Barracuda Club, President; M Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon. BRUNDAGE, FRED economics Senior Class President; IFC; Business Majors Incorp.; Choir; Politics Club; Rifle Club, Presi- dent; Young Republicans Club; Sigma Phi Epsi- lon, Vice President. BRYDEN, CAROL chemistry Tomahawk; Tri-Beta, President; ACS; German Club; Pep Club; WAA, President; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA. BUDA, DENNIS ACS; M Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon. CHEMISTRY BULLINGTON, NEAL geology Crimson Masque; Dramatics 136; German Club; Rifle Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Oracle. CARRELL, TERRY physics Eta Sigma Phi; Band; German Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHARVAT, SALLY English Sigma Omicron Mu; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tau Pi; Tomahawk; Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary; Clio Club; Unaffiliated Women ' s Assoc; YWCA, Secretary; Freshman Advisor. CHEETHAM, TOM business Barracuda Club, Secretary; Business Majors In- corp.; M Club; YMCA. COOK, GRETCHEN psychology Pi Alpha Nu; Choir; Chorale; Clio Club, Sec- retary; Home Economics Club, Vice President; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA; Ravelings, Ed- itor. COOPER, ROBERT physical education M Club, Secretary; P.E. Majors Club; Theta Chi; YMCA. CRAIG, GLENNA history Phi Alpha Theta; Clio Club, Secretary; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA; Oracle; Ravelings; Gos- pel Teams. DAVIS, CAROLYN chemistry Sigma Omicron Mu; Alpha Lambda Delta; ACS; German Club; Unaffiliated Women ' s Assoc. DENNISTON, DONN business Student Body President; Sophomore Class Pres- ident; Junior Class Treasurer; Student Union Committee; IFC; Blue Key; Eta Sigma Phi, President; Pi Alpha Nu, President; Business Ma- jors Incorp.; Politics Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice President; YMCA; Gospel Teams; Chorale. DIECKMAN, DWIGHT physics M Club; Politics Club; Young Republicans Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Oracle. DIVINSKY, BARBARA elementary ed. Student Body Secretary; Junior Class Secretary; Panhellenic Council; Sigma Omicron Mu, Vice President; Tau Pi, Vice President; Dolphin Club; Pep Club, Vice President; Pollywogs; Rifle Club, Secretary; WAA; Pi Beta Phi, President; YWCA. DOAN, DALE economics Student Body Vice President; Blue Key; Sigma Tau Delta, President; Business Majors Incorp.; Choir, Vice President; Politics Club; Rifle Club; Spanish Club, President; Young Democrats Club; Theta Chi; Veterans Club, President. 152 DOI, MOMOKO INTERCULTURAL AWS; Sigma Omicron Mu; Tau Pi; Tomahawk; Pi Alpha Nu; Unaffiliated Women ' s Assoc. DRESMAL, ARLENE psychology Sigma Omicron Mu; Dolphin Club; Rifle Club; WAA, Secretary; Pi Beta Phi; YWCA. ENSMINGER, SUE engush Pep Club; Spanish Club; WAA; Politics Club; Young Republicans Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA; Ravelings. FOENS, ROBERT psychology German Club; M Club; Politics Club; MAC ' s. FRANTZ, FRED business Business Majors Incorp.; M Club; Spanish Club; Alpha Tau Omega. GAMER, ROBERT government Sigma Omicron Mu; Phi Eta Mu; Pi Kappa Delta; Sigma Tau Delta; Choir; Forensic League, Secretary; IRC, Vice President; Pi Gamma Mu; Politics Club, Vice President; Young Republi- cans Club, Secretary; Alpha Tau Omega; YM- CA, Secretary; Oracle; Gospel Teams, Secretary; Campus Christian Students. GITTINGS, JEAN history Clio Club; Politics Club; Spanish Club; Young Republicans Club; Pi Beta Phi; YWCA. GLOTFELTY, JACK economics Business Majors Incorp.; M Club; Politics Club; Young Republicans Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon. GRAVES, DEAN geology ACS; IRC; Politics Club, Vice President; Rifle Club; Young Republicans Club. GRIFFITH, RALPH economics Student Body Social Coordinator; Junior Class President; Senior Class Vice President; Student Union Committee; IFC; Blue Key, Secretary, M Club; Alpha Tau Omega, President. HALL, MELINDA chemistry Tri-Beta; ACS; Dolphin Club; Pollywogs; WAA; Young Democrats Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA; Ravelings; Freshman Advisor. HANSON, SCOTT economics Band; Clio Club; Crimson Masque; Dramatics 136; Forensic League, President; Spanish Club; Theta Chi, Secretary; Oracle; Ravelings, Editor. HARLAN, BILL chemistry ACS; Band; Barracuda Club; German Club; M Club; Alpha Tau Omega. HELLISON, DON history Student Body Treasurer; Freshman Class Presi- dent; Blue Key; Phi Alpha Theta, Vice Presi- dent; Clio Club, President; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer; Oracle. HERRIOTT, BILL business Business Majors Incorp.; M Club; Politics Club; Spanish Club; Young Republicans Club; Alpha Tau Omega. HILD, CHARLES business Business Majors Incorp.; M Club, President; Rifle Club; Theta Chi. HURH, WON MOO German Club; Pi Gamma Mu. business HUTCHISON, KAREN English AWS; Sigma Omicron Mu, Secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta, President; Tau Pi; Eta Sigma Phi, Secretary; Pi Alpha Theta; Sigma Tau Delta, Vice President; Pep Club; Pollywogs; WAA; Alpha Xi Delta; YWCA; Gospel Teams; Campus Christian Students. IRELAN, JUDY English Tomahawk, President; Pi Alpha Nu; Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary; Clio Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Or- chestra; Alpha Xi Delta; YWCA; Gospel Teams, Vice President; Campus Christian Students, Secretary. JOHNSON, GEORGE business Barracuda Club, President; Business Majors In- corp.; Rifle Club; Alpha Tau Omega. KELLEY, JANET history Phi Alpha Theta, President; Clio Club; IRC; Pollywogs; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA; Ravelings. KEMMERER, CAROL psychology Pi Alpha Nu; Choir; Chorale; Orchesis; Sociology Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice President; YWCA. KUHN, LARRY business Tomahawk; Crimson Masque, Vice President; Forensic League; German Club; IRC; YMCA; Gospel Teams; Campus Christian Students. LAMB, JUDY Spanish Sigma Delta Pi; Dramatics 136; Pep Club; Span- ish Club, President; Kappa Delta, Secretary; YWCA; Ravelings. LARSON, AUDREY education Choir; Clio Club; Politics Club; Sociology Club; Spanish Club; WAA; Young Republicans Club; Kappa Delta; YWCA; Gospel Teams. LEE, NANCY education Panhellenic Council; Dolphin Club; Politics Club; Sociology Club; Spanish Club; WAA; Young Republicans Club; Alpha Xi Delta, Presi- dent; YWCA; Ravelings; Gospel Teams. LIND, JUDY psychology AWS; Pi Beta Phi; YWCA; Freshman Advisor. LINK, CHARLES business ACS; German Club; M Club; Theta Chi. 153 LIPE, PETER economics Barracuda Club; Business Majors Incorp.; Soci- ology Club; Alpha Tau Omega; YMCA. LOHNER, PAUL physics IFC; Clio Club; German Club, President; M Club; Theta Chi. LONG, JANET biology Spanish Club; Unaffiliated Women ' s Assoc; YWCA. MACARI, CAROL English Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary; Band; Orchesis; Politics Club; Spanish Club, Vice President; Young Democrats Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Secretary; YWCA. MACIVER, JOHN economics Business Majors Incorp.; Rifle Club; Spanish Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Oracle. MARTIN, STAN psychology German Club; M Club; Sociology Club, Presi- dent; Sigma Phi Epsilon. McBRIDE, BILL business Business Majors Incorp., President; IRC, Presi- dent; Pi Gamma Mu; Spanish Club; Alpha Tau Omega; YMCA. McCONNELL, DAVE mathematics IFC, President; Sigma Omicron Mu, President; Phi Eta Mu; Blue Key; German Club, Vice Presi- dent; Theta Chi, President. McKELVEY, BILL physics and economics Blue Key, Vice President; Tomahawk; National Collegiate Players, President; Pi Alpha Nu, Vice President; Band; Choir; Chorale; Crimson Masque; Dramatics 136. McRAE, JEAN education Dramatics 136; Orchesis, Vice President; Kappa Delta; YWCA; Freshman Advisor. MILLER, JAN English and sociology Student Union Committee, Secretary; Pi Gamma Mu; Pep Club, President; Sociology Club, Vice President; Pi Beta Phi, Vice President; YWCA. MOUNT, LOUISE sociology AWS; Dolphin Club, Secretary; Pep Club; Polly- wogs; Sociology Club; WAA, Vice President; Kappa Delta; YWCA; Gospel Teams. MUELLER, KEN business Sophomore Class Vice President; Business Ma- jors Incorp.; M Club; Spanish Club; Theta Chi. NELSON, JIM economics IFC; Business Majors Incorp.; M Club; Alpha Tau Omega. PAINTER, KEN chemistry ACS; Rifle Club; Spanish Club; Theta Chi; Vet- erans Club. PENNEY, JOHN chemistry ACS; Crimson Masque; Rifle Club; Men Around Campus. PETERS, MARILYN home economics Band; Crimson Masque, Dramatics 136; Home Economics Club, President; Orchesis; Politics Club; WAA; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA. PETERSON, ALVIN psychology Pi Alpha Nu; Chorale; IRC; Politics Club; Young Democrats Club; Men Around Campus, Vice President; YMCA; Gospel Teams; Campus Christian Students. RASSIEUR, CHARLES religion Sophomore Class Treasurer; Sigma Omicron Mu; Phi Eta Mu; Blue Key; Phi Alpha Theta, Sec- retary; Forensic League, President; Pi Gamma Mu; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice President; YMCA, Vice President; YMCA, President; Gospel Teams; Campus Christian Students. REINSBERG, BOB economics Freshmen Class Vice President; Business Majors Incorp.; Choir, Secretary; M Club; Theta Chi. RENWICK, GALEN biology Committee of Student Affairs; Tri-Beta; Pi Al- pha Nu; Band; Choir; M Club; Tau Kappa Ep- silon; YMCA. RODENBAUGH, BILL business Junior and Senior Athletic Representative; M Club; Alpha Tau Omega. RIGGS, RALPH chemistry Sigma Tau Delta; ACS; German Club; Alpha Tau Omega; YMCA; Oracle. ROBBINS, ALICE education Pi Alpha Nu; Orchesis; Pep Club; Pollywogs; WAA; Young Republicans Club; Pi Beta Phi; YWCA. SAND, JOHN biology Tri-Beta; Rifle Club; Men Around Campus. SANDERS, WARREN economics ACS; Business Majors Incorp.; Choir; Theta Chi; YMCA. SANDS, DON ACS. CHEMISTRY SAUERMAN, DICK biology ACS; German Club, Vice President; Tau Kappa Epsilon; YMCA. SCHILTHIUS, JOAN religion Senior Class Secretary; AWS, Vice President; Tau Pi, President; Tomahawk, Vice President; Clio Club; Crimson Masque; Dolphin Club; Dra- matics 136; German Club, Secretary; Pep Club; Pollywogs; Rifle Club; Unaffiliated Women ' s As- soc; YWCA; Gospel Teams. 154 SCHMIDT, HENRY government German Club; Politics Club; Young Republi- cans Club; Theta Chi, Vice President. SCHMIDT, MARTHA sociology Dolphin Club; Dramatics 136; Pep Club; Politics Club; Polly wogs; Sociology Club; WAA; Young Republicans Club; Kappa Delta, Vice President; YWCA; Gospel Teams. SEARS, SUE sociology Home Economics Club; Sociology Club; WAA; Young Republicans; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA; Dorm President. SLAUGHTER, ADIN English Sigma Tau Delta; Band; Forensic League; Span- ish Club. SLEBOS, ANITA education AWS; Sigma Omicron Mu; Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice President; Phi Alpha Theta; Politics Club; Spanish Club; Young Republicans Club, Secre- tary; Alpha Xi Delta, Vice President; YWCA; Ravelings; Freshman Advisor. SMITH, MARGARET Choir; Alpha Xi Delta; YWCA. ENGLISH SMITH, MARY ANN mathematics Dolphin Club; Pollywogs; Rifle Club; WAA; Pi Beta Phi; YWCA. SMITH, ROGER E. biology Junior Class Vice President; Senior Class Treas- urer; Committee of Student Affairs; IFC; Blue Key, President; Tri-Beta, President; M Club; Rifle Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon, President; YMCA. SOMMERS, JAN speech AWS; National Collegiate Players; Pi Kappa Delta; Crimson Masque; Dramatics 136; Foren- sic League, Secretary; German Club; IRC; Pep Club; Rifle Club; Kappa Delta; YWCA; Ravel- ings; Gospel Teams; Freshmen Advisor. SPROUT, ALLEN M Club; Alpha Tau Omega. BIOLOGY STAFFORD, JUDY English Sophomore Class Secretary; Pan Hellenic Coun- cil; Sigma Omicron Mu; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tau Pi, Secretary; Sigma Tau Delta; Clio Club; Pep Club; Kappa Delta, President; YWCA, Vice President; Ravelings; Gospel Teams; Campus Christian Students. STANKRAUFF, JACK English IRC, Secretary; Politics Club; Young Republi- cans Club; Alpha Tau Omega; YMCA; Oracle. SUFFIELD, JO English German Club; M Club; Politics Club; Sigma Chi. SUNDBERG, KAREN English AWS, Secretary; Panhellenic Council, Secretary; National Collegiate Players, Secretary; Band; Clio Club; Crimson Masque, Secretary; Drama- tics 136; Pep Club; Politics Club; Spanish Club; WAA; Pi Beta Phi, Vice President; YWCA, Presi- dent; Ravelings; Campus Christian Students. THOMPSON, SUE economics and Spanish Sigma Delta Pi; Business Majors Incorp., Secre- tary; IRC; Politics Club; Spanish Club; Young Republicans Club; Unaffiliated Women ' s Assoc; YWCA; Ravelings. TOAL, ANN English Freshmen Class Secretary; Committee of Stu- dent Affairs; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tau Pi; Pi Alpha Nu; Sigma Tau Delta, Vice President; Choir; Crimson Masque; Dramatics 136; Spanish Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Oracle. TUECKES, JAN sociology Orchestra; Clio Club; Dolphin Club; Dramatics 136; Home Economics Club; IRC; Orchesis; Poli- tics Club; Pollywogs; Sociology Club; Young Re- publicans Club; Kappa Delta; Unaffiliated Women ' s Assoc; YWCA; Oracle; Gospel Teams; Campus Christian Students. VAN NATTA, NANCY sociology Student Union Committee; AWS; Orchesis; Pep Club, Cheer Leader; Sociology Club; Spanish Club; WAA; Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA; Oracle. WAGENKNECHT, JOHN chemistry ACS, President; Band; Tau Kappa Epsilon; YMCA. WALTERS, RAYMOND business IFC; Business Majors Incorp.; Clio Club; Crim- son Masque; Dramatics 136; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Ravelings. WENTLAND, ED economics Business Majors Incorp.; M Club; Politics Club; Rifle Club; Sociology Club; Spanish Club; Young Republicans Club; Alpha Tau Omega. WHITE, PAT history Clio Club; IRC; Spanish Club, President; Kappa Delta; YWCA; Oracle. WILLHARDT, GARY English Sigma Tau Delta; Clio Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon; YMCA. WIRTH, DON economics ACS; Band; Barracuda Club; Business Majors Incorp.; M Club; Politics Club; Rifle Club; Young Republicans Club; Alpha Tau Omega. YECK, GEORGE psychology Band; Choir; Politics Club; Sociology Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon; YMCA; Gospel Teams; Campus Christian Students. 155 STUDENT INDEX Aberlin, Fred 69, 97, 125 Abrell, Carol 66, 114 Acheson, David 97, 114 Acheson, Nancy 60, 61, 62, 83, 89, 143 Adam, Frank 93, 108 Adams, Susan 59, 63, 91, 125 Ahlenius, Bonnie 85, 135 Ahrens, Margret Akerman, Max 102, 103 Albrecht, Sydney Allaman, John 97, 125 Allen, John 78, 106, 110, 135 Amann, Paul 68, 99, 125 Amsbury, Amy 135 Anderson, Bruce 68, 73, 95, 109, 143 Anderson, Carol 68, 78, 125 Anderson, Daniel 125 Anderson, Florence 74, 80, 125 Anderson, Gary Anderson, Gerner 99 Anderson, Janet 89 Anderson, Peter 73, 99, 103, 125 Ansell, Linda 89 Appell, Gerald 114 Ardell, Robert 93, 125 Armstrong, Marjorie 80, 125 Arnold, David 63, 66, 69, 97, 107, 114 Arnold, Lewis 95 Arnstrom, Paul Atherton, Scott 68 Babinsky, Joseph 65, 72, 78 Baer, Roberta 91, 143 Bain, Edward 59, 125 Baird, Patricia 55, 65, 73, 91, 143 Baldwin, Charlene 74, 80, 135 Ballard, Judith 125 Barkhurst, Virginia Barr, Rebecca 72, 89, 143 Barr, Robert 97, 133 Bartek, Joan 56, 59, 60, 63, 64, 73, 91 Batek, Noreen 87, 126 Bates, David 95 Batten, Nancy 114 Bell, Charles Bennett, James 126 Berendt, Robert 93 Bergstrom, David 93 Best. Robert 66, 97, 108 Biddle, Joyce 66 Billups, Harry 73, 103 Bingaman, John 74 Bivens, Richard 61, 72, 95, 135 Blair, Donnalee 80, 114 Blum, Lila Boehmer, George 72, 95, 114 Boekenhauer, Roger 59, 61, 65, 78, 79, 83, 93, Bollman, Beverly 63, 114 Bollman, Thomas 103 Borine, Carl 73, 99, 108, 109 Boughan, Robert 126 Bowdish, Kenneth 95 Bowers, David 69, 143 Bowman, Karen 66, 91 Bowman, Tom 108 Bozarth, Margaret 64, 69, 85 Bradley, Robert 93, 114 Bradshaw, Dwain 99, 107 Brady, Margaret 80, 114 Brannan, Donald Brasel, James 63, 69, 97, 126 Brewer, Jack 74, 97, 108, 143 Bridgford, Bonnie 80 Briggerman, Julia 72 Brooke, Richard 93, 107 Brooks, Glenn 73 Brower, Jimmie Brown, Douglas 114 135 Brown, Paul 72, 97, 102, 135 Brown, Sonja 75, 80, 126 Bruington, William 97, 126 Brundage, Fred 59, 60, 61, 95, 143 Bryden, Carol 72, 89, 143 Buchanan, Anne 62, 63, 80, 115 Buck, Susan 143 Buda, Dennis 73, 95, 102, 103, 143 Buffo, Gail 78, 87, 126 Bullard, Donna 87 Bullard, Mary 54, 60, 87 Bullington, Anita 87 Bullington, Neal 95, 143 Burkitt, William Burpee, Margo 80, 115 Burroughs, Richard 97, 107, 155 Cable, Ruth 115 Calhoun, James 62, 72 Calhoun, Thomas 65, 72, 135 Campbell, Alan 60, 99 Campbell, David 99 Campbell, William 99 Cargill, Richard Carlson, Raymond Carrell, Terry Carroll, George 74, 99, 109, 126 Caughton, James 115 Chamberlin, Don 65, 69 Chandler, Bernard 69, 97, 115 Charvat, Sally 78, 79 Cheetham, Thomas 74, 143 Chism, Stanley 60, 68, 97, 115 Christiansen, Larry 66 Christie, Al 60, 93, 107 Christman, Carol 66, 80, 115 Chrysler, Lynne 80, 114 Claassen, Betty 89, 116 Clark, Barbara 59, 65, 73, 83, 87, 135 Clark, Carol 68, 74, 78, 87, 116 Clark, Edward 61, 72 Clark, Dean 66, 97, 116 Claycomb, Robert 75, 116 Cleff, Virginia Clements, Leon Cochrane, Margaret 74, 80 Cole, Morgan Coleman, Barbara 89, 126 Conlon, John 72 Connelly, Janet 69, 85, 135 Conner, Joan 60, 73, 87 Constant, Marc 72, 95, 116 Cook, Gretchen 59, 62, 64, 66, 89, 144 Cook, Karl Cooper, Robert 73, 102, 110, 144 Couch, David 102 Cox, Kenneth 68, 136 Craft, Betty Jean 85, 136 Craig, Glenna 62, 64, 69, 89, 144 Crissey, Kaye 66 Crockett, Richard 66 Crnkovich, Steven Csavas, Zoltan 144 Cummings, Jan Davis, Carol 78, 126 Davis, Carolyn 87, 144 Davis, Thomas 72, 95, 109 Dawson, Eugene Deen, Jon Deen, Karen 66, 89, 126 DeForest, Richard 97, 126 DeGroot, William 75, 106, 108 Demas, Carl 74, 99 Denniston, Donn 59, 60, 68, 79, 97, 144 Dettman, Carol 66, 91, 116 Dieckman, Dwight 69, 95, 144 Dietz, Mike 74 Ditch, Barbara 69, 78, 91 156 Divinsky, Barbara 50, 59, 78, 79, 83, 91, 144 Doan, Dale 59, 61, 68, 72, 79, 99, 144 Doi, Momoko 61, 78, 79, 80, 144 Domer, Karen 65, 91, 136 Doug-las, Judith 85, 127 Dove, Timothy Downs, Sandra 74, 75, 87, 127 Dresmal, Arlene 78, 91, 144 Dube, George Dunk, William 95 Easdale, Rosalie 66, 68, 78, 136 Edson, Darrell 73, 78, 102, 108, 136 Effland, Robert Eichin, Richard 72, 99, 116 Elder, Grace Ellefsen, Paul 73, 93, 108, 136 Elliott, Ardith 73, 87, 127 Elliott, Donald 61, 73, 99, 102, 110 Enchelmeyer, Carlotte Engel, Donald 99, 116 Ensminger, Sue 89, 145 Enyedi, Betsy Evans, Michael Faulkenhain, James 116 Faust, Dennis 127 Feiertag, Robert 66, 72, 78, 99, 136 Ferguson, Howard 97, 136 Filbrun, Don 59, 66, 78, 136 Fink, Donna 74, 87, 127 Finn, Mary 89, 117 Fischer, Colleen 91, 127 Flanagan, John 117 Flanagan, Stephen 97 Flanagan, William 97 Flemming, Lawrence 95, 136 Foens, Robert Follett, Kent 72 Ford, Paul 73, 97, 103 Foreman, Sandra 85, 127 Forrest, Pamela Frantz, Fred 73, 93, 102, 145 Frautschy, Linda 59, 78, 87, 117 Frazier, Blair 93, 108, 145 Frazier, Tamara 57, 73, 89 Frost, Anaclare 74, 117 Fulford, Howard 93 Furry, Dana 85, 127 Galloway, Elizabeth 85, 127 Gamer, Robert 65, 66, 78, 93, 145 Gardner, David Gately, Elaine 73, 91 Gately, Harvey Gebhart, Anne 87, 127 Gehl, Robert George, Wilford Gibb, Larry D. 97 Gibb, Larry L. 97 Gibson, James E. 95, 117 Gibson, James L. 99 Gillespie, Daryl 74, 78, 87, 117 Gillogly, Robert 79, 136 Gittings, Jeanne 69, 91 Glenn, Nancy 72, 87 Glotfelty, Jack 73, 95, 106, 145 Goetz, Richard 99 Goetzinger, Gail 66, 87, 117 Goff, Carl 73, 75, 99, 106 Goodale, Frederick 93, 107 Goss, Alice 78, 80, 127 Gould, Gary Graff, David Graff, Ellen 66 Graham, Keith 133 Graue, William 95 Graves, Dean 69, 145 Grazulis, Linda 63, 85 Greer, Jerry 59, 99, 110, 127 Greer, Larry 99, 110, 128 Gren, Joseph 72, 75 Griffin, Lesley 62, 91, 137 Griffith, Ralph 59, 60, 73, 79, 93, 110, 145 Grimm, Pamela 73, 75, 89, 128 Grove, Jean 66, 68, 78, 87, 117 Guilinger, Ancil Guilinger, Nancy 72, 128 Gummerson, Agatha Gustafson, Linn Guthrie, William 93, 106, 128 Hadley, Judith 91 Hagg, Claire 73, 75, 102 Hall, Grace 78, 117 Hall, Melinda 62, 89, 145 Hallenbeck, Jean 91, 128 Hamburger, Jane 63, 91, 117 Hamilton, Robert 128 Hansen, Marilyn 64, 66, 85, 117 Hansen, Scott 145 Hanzlik, Mary 89, 117 Happ, Michael 93, 107 Hare, Wilbert Harlan, Willard 73, 145 Harr, Karen 60, 63, 66, 68, 69, 74, 89 Harriss, Richard 66, 97 Hartenberg, Elna 75, 89, 117 Hartley, Judith 60, 68, 80, 117 Heath, Jerome Heath, Robert 68, 78, 128 Heaton, Gloria 59 Heil, Richard 117 Heiss, Margaret 68, 118 Heithaus, Carole Hellison, Donald 59, 60, 64, 69, 79, 97, 145 Hemphill, William 66, 78, 97, 118 Henning, Marilyn 65, 87 Henry, Patricia Herriott, William 73, 93, 108, 145 Higgins, Leslie 73, 128 Hild, Charles 73, 99, 103, 146 Hill, Jane 66, 72, 87 Hill, John Hill, Patricia 71 Hodges, Norman 93 Hoffman, George 107, 118 Holcomb, Robert 78, 95, 118 Holland, William 118 Hood, Janice 118 Hornaday, James 66, 79, 97 Home, Carolyn 62, 66, 78, 89, 118 Hornsby, Michael Hostettler, John 95, 128 Hottle, Eugene Hubbard, Willis 99, 128 Huber, Lawrence 97 Hudgens, Stephen 107, 118 Huff, Nancy 63, 68, 80, 118 Huffman, Gary 66, 95 Hughbanks, James 99, 137 Hunt, Edwin 128 Hunt, Susan 68, 72, 78, 80 Hunter, Mary 63, 68, 72 Hurh, Won Moo 68, 146 Hutchison. Karen 61, 78, 79, 85 Ihrig, Ronald Irelan, Judith 64, 78, 85, 146 Irelan, William 68, 69, 97, 111, 128 Irey, Kay 91, 118 Irvine, Sharon 63, 87, 118 Irwin, Lucille 66, 91, 118 Jaeger, Wesley 99, 119 Jahn, Mary 119 Jahn, William 99, 64 James, Linda 87 Johansson, Lars 97, 129 Johnsen, Judith 119 Johnson, Gary 73, 97, 137 Johnson, George 93, 103 Johnson, Jean 65, 68, 87, 129 Johnson, Martha 68, 87, 119 Johnson, Patricia 57, 76, 89, 119 Jones, David 66, 95 Jones, Earl 93 Jones, Mary Jane 87, 119 157 Jones, Richard 108 Jones, Samuel Jornlin, Robert 93, 137 Joyslin, Florence Juhl, Russell 69, 72 Kelley, Janet 72, 89, 146 Kelly, Jean 65, 73, 74, 75, 87, 137 Kemmerer, Carol 65, 89, 146 Kempin, Paul 99, 111 Kenney, Ronald 68, 69, 83, 97, 137 Killey, Linda 89 Killey, Phillip 99 Kimmel, Jean 74, 129 King, Gaylan 97 Kinzer, Lloyd 65, 93, 129 Klusendorf, James 68, 99, 109, 137 Kniss, Robert Knox, Kenneth 72, 95, 109, 129 Koch, David Kofoed, John 68, 137 Kohn, Gerald Kohn, Lance 72, 95 Kolconay, Rolfe 95, 119 Kraus, Patricia 59, 85, 129 Krell, Janet 85, 119 Kriegsman, John 93, 129 Kuehn, Doris Kuhn, Lawrence 78, 137, 146 Kitkat, James 72, 95 Lachel, Dennis 59, 73, 97, 103, 108, 137 Lachel, Raelyn Lamb, Judith 76, 87, 146 Landstrom, Charles 73, 99, 102 Langley, Robert 93, 129 Larocco, Allan 95 Larson, Audrey 53, 69, 87, 143 Larson, Dale Larson, Kennis 99, 119 Larson, Gary 73, 75, 102, 106, 110 Larson, Roger Lauridsen, David Lavigna, Carol 69, 85, 129 Lee, Nancy 69, 83, 85, 146 Lee, Timothy 72, 78 Lefort, Richard 68, 146 Lemon, Rodney 63, 69, 95, 119 Lenington, Ann Liesman, Dale 73, 99, 103 Lind, Judith 61, 146 Link, Charles 68, 99, 146 Link, Janet 59 Lipe, Peter 74, 93, 108, 146 Lips, Judith 59, 65, 74, 78, 89, 129 Liska, Janice 85 Lohner, Paul 99, 147 Lohner, Virginia 89 Long, Janet 137 Love, Mary Lovett, Richard 119 Lowry, Carol 72 Loy, Phyllis Loya, Mervyn 59, 60, 66, 97, 129 Lukasz, Vira 72, 85, 137 Lundal, Ronald 68, 73, 93, 108 Lunn, Olivia 68, 69, 119 Lunsmann, Janet 119 Macari, Carol 89, 147 Maclver, John 64, 147 Mack, Ann 63, 78, 91, 119 Maclean, Judith 59, 85, 135 MacMaster, Daniel 63, 93, 138 Mammen, Wayne 93 Mann, Donald Manning, Larry 69, 95, 130 Margetis, Peter 73, 102, 110 Maikle, Glenn 93, 130 Marshall, Russell 121 Martin, Stan 95, 108, 147 Mason, Mary 61, 66, 73, 75, 89, 138 Mason, Tom Matchett, Shirley 73, 138 Mathews, Susan 85, 138 Matthews, Anne 59, 63, 78, 91, 121 Matthews, Thomas 97 McBride, Phillip McBride, William 93, 147 McCann, Richard 99, 103 McClinton, Patricia 60, 89, 129 McClure, Betty 91, 138 McClure, Robert 99, 119 McConnell, David 78, 79, 99, 147 McCormick, Susan 89 McDaniel, Harold 102, 110, 130 McDavitt, Fred 99 McDougall, Ellin 64, 72, 73, 91 McFarland, Patricia 91 McGaan, Lynn 59, 62, 65, 73, 78, 89, 138 Mcllrath, Bonnie 130 McKelvey, William 66, 78, 79 McKeown, Lynn 138 McLain, Kathryn 121 McLaughlin, Michael McLoskey, Mary Alice 89 McMahon, Patricia 66, 89 McMaster, Karen 91, 120 McQueen, Rodney 59, 95 McRae, Jean 87 McRobeits, Clair 59, 61, 73, 83, 99, 106, 138 Mell, Jeiold 75, 106, 110, 130 Mell, Priscilla 74, 85, 120 Meloy, Gilbert 97, 139 Meredith, Connie 80, 120 Merry, William Millen, John 59, 61, 66, 68, 97, 120 Miller, Janet 60, 73, 91, 147 Miller, Nancy 89, 120 Miller, Raymond Milnes, Ronald 68, 99 Mitchell, Jon 95, 120 Mitchell, Robert Moberg, Gary 72, 97, 120 Montgomery, Leslie 95 Moore, Don Moore, Kay 85 Moore, Laurence 72, 95, 130 Morrill, Janet 91 Morris, George Morris, James 65, 66, 97, 130 Morrison, William 68, 139 Morse, Patricia 89, 120 Mount, Louise 73, 87, 147 Moye, Paul 65, 97, 102, 108 Mrkvicka, Donna 66, 87 Mueller, Kenneth 73, 106, 147 Mueller, Margaret 80, 120 Munneke, Allen Munson, Courtney 107 Munson, Kendall 99, 147 Muntzel, Philip 59, 65, 97, 130 Nabeshima, Naomoto 111 Nehmer, Bruce 63, 69 Nelson, Beverly 72, 73, 139 Nelson, James 68, 73, 93, 110 Nelson, Karen 64, 120 Nelson, Kenneth 75, 97, 108, 147 Nelson, Richard 72, 99, 102 Nichols, Margaret 69, 80, 121 Nickel, Susan 59, 72, 87 Nicklin, Peggy 72, 78, 80, 130 Nielsen, Linda 89, 130 Nolen, Mary Ann 62, 91, 121 Nordquist, John Norgart, Jerry Norton, David 60, 139 Nunnikhoven, John Oakley, Frank O ' Brien, Ronald 73, 102, 108 Oggel, Terry 63, 64, 111, 139 Oliver, Kathryn 85, 147 Olsson, Shirley O ' Neill, Michael Opdyke, Judith 72, 85, 130 158 Orednick, Paul 99 Osborn, Clifford Ottsen, Karen 89, 121 Owen, Luiclle 139 Painter, Kenneth Pannabecker, Dan 93 Papineau, Jordon Park, Terry 65, 66, 130 Parker, Wayne Parsons, Gerald 59, 69, 73, 95, 108, 139 Patterson, Elizabeth 80 Patterson, James Patterson, Janet 66, 91, 121 Patterson, Robert 139 Pawley, Loretta 140 Peacock, Dale 99, 107, 121 Peacock, Paul 97 Pearre, James Pearson, Janet 74, 87 Penney, John 147 Perrine, Sue 64, 65, 73, 79, 91 Petefish, Elizabeth 69, 75, 85, 140 Peters, Marilyn 89, 147 Petersen, David 121 Peterson, Alvin 66, 147 Peterson, Dale 97, 131 Peterson, Dean Pfaeffle, Walter Phelps, Grace 66, 121 Phelps, Hugh 66, 95, 115 Phillips, Eugene 99, 110 Phillips, John 73, 75, 103, 109 Pierce, Robert 95, 131 Pinney, Judy 66 Pires, Jane 74, 85, 115 Piatt, Ann Piatt, Herman Pogue, Charles Polz, Laddie 99 Poor, Linda 85, 115 Potter, Nelson 59, 60, 63, 64, 78, 79, 95 Pratt, William Prescott, Suzanne 69, 89, 140 Probert, Sara 74, 89 Pronga, Louis 73, 97, 109, 140 Pronga, Melvin 97, 115 Pultz, Lee 68, 74, 140 Rager, Kenneth 73, 79, 97, 102, 110 Raih, Ronald 131 Raistrick, Philip Randall, Judith 68, 76, 87, 132 Rasmusen, Jean 74, 87, 115 Rassieur, Charles 68, 78, 79, 97, 147 Read, Jack Reasner, John 59, 73, 99, 106, 140 Reed, Sally 66, 87 Reed, Susan 66, 115 Reid, Mary 62, 63, 89, 115 Reid, Sarah 80, 122 Reinsberg, Robert 111 Reinsberg, William 99, 111, 107 Renwick, Galen 61, 66, 72, 73, 97, 108, 148 Rhodenbaugh, William 73, 102, 103, 148 Richmond, Barbara 87, 131 Richter, Karin 52, 73, 75, 91 Riddle, Beth 87, 122 Riggs, Ralph 93, 148 Rineberg, Dennis 73, 93, 106 Robb, Jane 65 Robbins, Alice 91, 148 Roegge, Don 122 Roehm, Sally Rogers, Henry Rohrbach, John 97 Romine, William 69, 122 Root, Sybil 73, 74, 75, 91, 131 Rosenbalm, Norma Rossen, Richard 95, 131 Rothaus, Joan 69, 85, 131 Rowland, Carole 62, 73, 75, 91, 140 Runion, Jack Russell, Davi d 73, 75, 83, 99, 103 Russell, Joellen 62, 69, 91, 122 Sadler, William 63, 68, 122 Sand, John Sandberg, Karen 89, 131 Sanders, Warren 68, 99, 148 Sandine, Clifford Sands, Don 148 Sauerman, Richard 65, 68, 97, 143 Sauridsen, David 131 Schaper, Jack Schillinger, Jack 66, 72, 78, 95, 122 Schilthuis, Joan 60, 61, 72, 73, 78, 79, 80, 148 Schlosser, Richard 99 Schmidt, Henry 99 Schmidt, Marilyn 89, 122 Schmidt, Martha 87 Schmidt, Susan 87 Schmitz, Thomas 132 Schneider, Melinda 131, 132 Schubert, June 85, 122 Seago, James 72, 75, 122 Sears, Sue 89, 148 See, Gary 122 See, Lance Service, Shirley 122 Sheese, Mary 91, 122 Shelton, Nancy 69, 122 Shogren, Suzanne 87 Sholes, John 69, 75 Sievers, Lillie 132 Sievers, Marilyn 87, 122 Simkins, Jeffery 99 Simpson, Hallie 62, 68, 122 Sindelar, James 74, 97 Singer, Robert 68, 73, 93, 111, 140 Sippel, Debra 89, 140 Slaughter, Adin 148 Slebos, Anita 61, 69, 78, 85, 148 Slebos, Gladys 60, 75, 85, 140 Sluka, Judith 66, 123 Smiley, Maureen Smith, Dale 93 Smith, David 72, 111 Smith, Dwight 97, 141 Smith, Margaret 66, 85, 141 Smith, Mary 149 Smith, Peter 99 Smith, Priscilla 87, 132 Smith, Robert 103, 132 Smith, Roger 72, 73, 79, 97, 111 Smith, Sharon 89, 123 Smith, Stephen 62, 68, 132 Soliday, Linda 73, 83, 89, 141 Sommers, Janette 87, 149 Sours, Floyd Spears, David 93 Speer, Barbara 73, 89 Speer, Jean Sprague, Barbara 66, 69, 91, 123 Sprout, Allan 73, 110 Stafford, Judith 65, 78, 79, 83, 87, 149 Stankrauff, Jack 63, 93, 149 Stavenhagen, Bruce 132 Steinke, Duane 12 3 Stevens, James 95, 123 Stevenson, Donald 68, 72, 78, 132 Stewart, Ann 78, 87, 123 Stewart, Charles 75, 93, 141 Stewart, Lynda 85 Stohl, Samuel Stickler, Don 95, 123 Strube, Curt 99, 133 Suffield, Joseph 73, 102, 103, 110, 149 Suffrendini, Peter Sundberg, Karen 61, 65, 73, 91, 149 Swano, Peter 99 Swift, Eleanor 74, 87, 123 Szatmary, Alexander Tauck, Gilbert Teal, Juanita 87, 123 159 Tempero, Lloyd Temple, Jane 89, 123 Tenhaeff, Audrey 61, 83, 85, 133 Thompson, Don 83, 93 Thompson, Susan Thoresen, William 97 Thornburg, Linda 73, 91, 133 Thornton, Nick 93 Thorstenson, Donald 93, 108, 133 Tippy, James 74, 97 Toal, Ann 61, 79, 89 Toal, Raymond Tornquist, Richard Tracy, Marilyn 73, 91, 133 Travis, Glen Trial, Larry Trotter, Thomas Trout, Virginia 87, 123 Truelove, Vie Tueckes, Janice 87, 149 Turner, Laura 66, 91, 123 Van Horn, Dean 111 Van Natta, Nancy 56, 60, 61, 65, 73, 89, 149 Vantreese, David 97, 123 Vaughn, Sidney Vecchi, Peter 103 Veith, Carol 89 Vellenga, John Vessel, Richard 95, 133 Wackerle, Fred 72, 97, 141 Wagenknecht, John 72, 97, 143 Wahl, Lewis 93 Walker, David Wallem, Richard 73, 103, 111 Walters, Raymond 62, 97, 149 Walters, Suzanne 62, 91, 123 Waltz, Catherine Washburn, Steven 99, 123 Watson, Janice 123 Weckwert, Louis 93 Weeks, Thomas 69, 72, 95, 133 Welch, Guy 61, 99, 133 Wendling, Ken 73, 83, 95, 141 Wentland, Edward 68, 73, 75, 93, 111, 149 Werner, Warren 93 Wherry, Marvin Wherry, Richard 93, 149 Whipple, John 95, 133 White, Patricia 69, 87 White, Paul 83, 95, 141 Wilcoxen, Frank Wilkison, Terry 99, 107 Willhardt, Gary 149 Williams, Larry 95, 133 Willman, Gary 103 Wilson, Edna Wilson, Stanley 83, 97, 141 Winslade, William 95, 107 Wirth, Don 73, 93 Wissinger, Kay 91 Wissmiller, Janet 75, 91, 141 Woll, Barbara 65, 73, 79, 89 Wongstrom, David Wood, Margaret 63, 115 Work, Christine 51, 69, 73, 75, 89 Yankovic, Donald 141 Yeck, George 97 Yeoman, Larry 75 Yerkey, James Yogi, Elbridge Young, Harry 59, 72, 133 Young, Kay 78, 141 160 . ( -v :;

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