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 - Class of 1954

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. .w n... V L I 0 . ' 'L , ' 1: .. -.... . v ---...-... 'Ni -----....,,.., ,s 3 JJ-I V 1 W mfg lt 'lu vi Q - . 1 1 3105 1 I Cn- '1 fax 1 ' 4 1 . ,. . -v-l...L...z , Q I ' ? . '. A - 1 fr 1 ,rx ' RQ an N + may M QE - 'J un2ulml:mwuuvvasw2V1w-+MgwwwwM 'N 1 ,,,,, W 1 1 ' HM, 'ff' I ,Q-, X QCACTL ll! 011 I sArx1CL to N11111 r Hwh School ..1dd1t10ntotQdrhxrw Orfumc rcul clmsf Q e 1 sa adxlsor for the Natlorml Hormr Some tx Crm Q CJIHU U Cl Q 2. fl 1-A 1 1 S Q iike tcmx T1 Ul mru Im r 1 1 0 en 1 u bc hool IX. lrH1 Z Q I s I VV ' cierdiCzxt1-H115 1954 Rusilvr T.O NHHS Ixdillm-1' tbrhm-1'ym1z'sw ul In' A' ' '.,C . ' '2 nZ,f'.,Sh'12ifw.'l"YI,'CiZi5 ff: ' ' . I V mg N man .tlwSvn1or .mx Sh' has alan .'L1p"x1:u1-dtlxn' p11hl1i'2xl1OH of tha' R1 , 1'x' H4Jc:H14'.1.. W- 4 f1hi5n1z'2H1f1 1. p wg, 11- .lm "l21TiUI14lI1fi Kjlliflfllfil' 1 th'tin1Q and -ff rt shi- 11.19 wp' I !1L'lI51H:j'l?1L' 51116 -mfs 31 'lil 1' gh ff 5 n1'4ffnl'a 7 ff ' 1171 U Ulfffllfx School Opt-nvci Freshman Initiation Senior Skip Day State FHA Convention fHuronj SDHSPA Convention fBrookings1 Hornecorriinjg Events National FFA Convention fKzinsa Senior Homecon'iing1Skip Duty Halloween Party District FFA lvleetinmg Uviillerj District Declamzition Contest flviillerj Thanksfgiving Vacation Music Concert Christrrias Vacation Senniester Tests FFA Banquet Conference B.B. Tourney flvioliridgej State FHA Officers Meleting fffioux Fallsj Sweetheart Ball Junior Play District FHA Rally flwiillerl Sectional B.B. TourneyfHuron1 Music Festival fHuronj Sioux City Livestock Judging Career Day Music Contest fAberdeenj Senior Play State FFA Judging Contest fBrookingsj State FFA Convention fBro0kings1 Homemaking Style Show Junior-Senior Prom Bacculaureate Service S4-nior Breakfast Class Day Activities Confimencement Exercises Semester Tests 0 1 - I , X 41.51 " li X A M 1 4 1 Sept, 1 Sept. 18 br-pt. ZZ Oct. 1-Z-3 Oct. 3 Oct. 8-O Oct. 12-13 Oct. 19 Nov. Z Nov. ld Nov. 18 Nov. Z6-Z7 Dec. 8 Dec. 18-.1an.4 J'an.14-15 Jan, Z8 Ian. Z9-30 FC1J. 5-6 Feb. 10 Feb. Z4 Mar. IO Mar. ll-12-13 Mar. ZZ Mar. 26 Mar. 31 April 8-9 April Z1 April Z6-Z7 April Z6-Z7 April 30 May 12 Iviay 16 Iwiay 19 Nlay 19 Iviay ZO Nlay Z0-Z1 .5 'Q' I 1,, I 4135 4: mf? I lf Jaw 14 ew fail ,WD .WM W w 1Kf1ef ,I MQ b i Q A -an f . ..., ,. ,fly- Eczrc! of gyocca lfion fsff' Seated: L. N. Trotman, Irene Glennon, Art Hibbison, William Beaner, Alice Cahalan, Dollie Bushfield. Standing: E. M. Kindred, R. H. Murray. u,9erUi50r5 R. H. MURRAY SUPERINTENDENT REX JORDETH PRINCIPAL B. S. Northern State Teachers College B. S. Northern State Teachers College M. A. University of South Dakota Geometry, Chemistry, Algebra II, Junior Advisor. University of Colorado Guidance I, IV, Freshman Advisor, Boy Scouts. 6 cgfuclenf Gmac! Roux 1--l-. Hancock, freshrrian representative, K. Canfipbell, secretary-treasurer, M. Kuestermeyer, junior representative, E. Stubsten, sophomore representative. Row Z--Mr. Jordeth, advisor, A. Yost, senior representative, R. Wangsness, vice,--president, J. Knippling, president. The Student Council, which is selected by the student body, has been active in school affairs, and raising money for extra-curricular funds. This year the Student Council had charge of the Homecoming festivities, which consisted of coronation, pep fest, parade, carnival, and dance, which turned out to be a great success. At Christmas time they decorated the tree and planned a talent show, which was enjoyed by all. The Student Council officers are elected in the spring from the Sophomore and Junior class and the rest of the members are selected in the fall of the following school year. A7AI'7L0l'Lt6lI"g 526116 8I"5 Row l--Bernice Murray, first grade, Rose Herred, first grade, Alice Bottum, second gradegllsther Kiel, second gradeg Phyllis Alleman, third grade. Row Z--Marcella Seeman, fourth gradeg Irene Meyer, fifth grade, Velma Walker, sixth grade, Katherine Haigh, seventh grade, Art Henrickson, eighth grade. M6 WEN 1 HK J J if if Fi' I -,, TIN X it i li N-9, T321 QP'- X if GORDON POLLACK 'POLLOCK' "I-Ie's little, he's wise, but he's a terror for his size." F.F.A. 1-Z-3-45 Glee Club Z-3-43 Boxing 2-3: Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Op- eretta 2. ROBERT SISK 'BOB' 'School does fill the gap between nights." Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-45 Bas- ketball l-35 Queen Attendant Escort 4. ELSIE SCHILLING 'ELSIE' "Not too serious, not too gay, a very nice girl in every way." Library Club Z5 F.H.A. l-Z5 Hoofbeats 3-4. WILLIAM BEANER 'BILLY' 'Fuccess is not meas- ured in inches." F.F.A. l-Z-3-4. DERLA DANBURG 'JEANNIE' "Chew, chew, clackety- clack, here comes Derla down the track." Library Club 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-Z-3-45 Glee Club l-Z-3-45 De- bate lg Declamation 1-3-45 Gregg Club 45 Band 3-45 Jun- ior Play 35 Operetta 2-35 Vocal Solo l-2-3-45 Octet 1-3- 45 Office 2-3-45 Pep Band 3-4. KATHLEEN CAIVIPBELL 'KATHLEEN' 'That innocent look will never dieg but, boys, it's all a lie." Band 1-2- 3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-Z-3-45 Annual 3-45 Junior Play 35 Queen Attendant 45 Cheerleader 45 F.H.A. 15 Library Club 25 Sextet 25 Student Council Sec- retary and Treasurer 45 Swing Band Z5 Clarinet Quar- tet Z-35 Pep Band 15 Operetta Z-3. l0 3-4g M Club 3-4. .-S. eniord PEGGY FRASER 'PEG' "Ask me, l'll have an answer." Declamation 15 Glee Club l-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus l-2- 3-45 Library Club 2-35 Projection Club 2-3-45 Band 3-45 Operetta 35 Junior Play 35 Pep Band 3-4. JOYCE STAUFER 'JOYCE' "She has a quiet look, but so has dynamite." Glee Club 1-2-3-45 lvlixed Chorus Z- 3-45 Declamation 15 Library Club Z-35 Operetta 3. DARWIN WALKER 'DARWIN' 'Big and tall and that's not all." Football 2-3-45 Basketball l-Z-3-45 Track 1-2- 3-45 Band 1-2-3-45Glee Club l-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus l-Z-3-45 Instrumental Solo l-2-3-45 Brass Sextet 35 Op- eretta 35 Boy's State 35 Band President 45 Boys Quartet 2-3-45 Swing Band 2-3-45 Annual 3-45 Projection Club MARLENE MCCOOL 'MARLENE' "She exposes the theory that all women are talkative." Glee Club 1-Z-35 Library Club 2-35 Band 2-35 Gregg Club 4. 6'-' be ',-' 1 m QC' in 5 ?'S is" ROSELLA VLASEK "ROSlE" 'I don't care how you pronounce my name--it will eventually change." Glee Club 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Library Club 25 Office 2. SARAH AMES 'SALLY' "Lively, peppy, concentrated fun," Band 1-2-3-45 Glee Club l-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-45 Operetta 2-35 Library Club 2-35 Librarian 35 Pep Band I-2-3-4. DOLORES BEATY 'DOLORES' 'Generally speaking, she's generally speaking." Band 2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2- 3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-45 Octet 3-45 Band Librarian 45 Declamation l-35 F.H.A. 15 Pep Band 2-3-45 Swing Band 3-45 Operetta 2-35 National Honor Society 3-45 Girl's State 3. ROBERT SLUNECKA 'BOB' "A Romeo that has his Juliet." Glee Club 3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 F.F.A. 1-2- 3-45 Vocal Solo 3-45 Junior Play 35 Quartet 35 National F.F.A. Chorus 45 Projection Club 45 Boxing Z. . X l KN 'Y-M G- 3 W 6' 35.-r - "' JANE HARE 'JANE' "All these studies are too deep, X- be l,-Q +R. .. ti ' Lf-1 ' C' Y K vo 5 ,nl -M 'Q-'Y 9 5 please go away and let me sleep." F.H.A. 15 Hoofbeats 25 Glee Club 15 Mixed Chorus 1. 5 CHARLES HARGENS 'CHUCK' "If you eat your crusts, you can have curly hair too." F.F.A. l-2-3-45 Boy's State 35 Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus 25 Code Class 35 Horse Opera 15 Boxing 2-3. ETHAN HANKS 'HANKS' "There's a far away look in his eyes5 he's looking at his feet." M Club 2-3-45 Foot- ball l-2-3-45 Basketball I-2-3-45 Track 1-2-3-45 Hoof- beats 45 Hoofbeats Editor 45 Boy Scouts 1-2-3-45 Shop 4. JERRY KNIPPLING "KNIP" "Oh, what we wouldn't do for those dimples."Annual 15 F.F.A. I-2-3-45 F.F.A. President 45 Glee Club l-2-35 Operetta 2-35 Class Presi- dent 25 Student Council Vice-President 35 Student Coun- cil President 45 Mixed Chorus 1-2-35 National Honor Society 3-45 National Honor Society President 45 Queen Attendant Escort 45 Football 1-2-3-45 Basketball 1-2- 3-45 Track l-2-35 M Club 2-3-45 Junior Play 35 National Athletic Society 3-4. RENA WILSON 'MAXINE' 'I love the Navy." Library Club 25 Hoofbeats 3. BETH PARMELY 'BETH' 'A quiet girl ----------- SOMETIMESI' Glee Club l-3-45 MixedChorus 3-45 De- clamation Z-35 Library Club 2-35 Operetta 3. ll 67' " I? C7 5 f 45' ,Nr till 'x S X ff 5 2 CLARA MAE HANKS UHANKSY' "She's Quiet ----- - in school." Wessington Springs High 1-2-35 F.H.A. 1-2-35 Phys Ed. 1-35 Glee Club l-35 lvtixed Chorus 1-35 Library Club 3. HELEN EGAN 'HELEN' 'Artistic ability and common sense practically insure success." F.H.A. l-45 F.H.A. Treasurer 15 Gregg Club 45 Glee Club l. SHIRLEY ANN SCI-IWEIGERDT 'SI-IIRLEY" 'Life with- out laughing is a dreary blank." Band l-2-35 Glee Club 15 Mixed Chorus 15 Declamation l-2-35 Junior Play 35 Library Club 2-35 Office 3. WILLIAM MCKOWN "BILL" 'It isn't what you do5 it's what you get away with." Football l-2-3-45 Track 2-35 F.F'.A. 1-2-3-45Glee Club 1-25 Mixed Chorus l-25 M Club 3-4. RUTH SMITH 'RUTHIE' "She has musical talent as well as intellectual ability.' Student Council 15 Declama- tion 2-3-45 Glee Club Accompanist 3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Projection Club 3-45 Gregg Club President45 Piano Solo 2-3-4. ARDEAN JOHNSON "ARDEAN" "A queen of them all in more ways than one." Glee Club l-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus l-2-3-45 F.H.A. 15 Band 1-2-35 Hoofbeats 45 Annual 1-2- 3-45 Operetta 2-35 Student Council Representative 35 Junior Play 35 Class President 4: Queen 4- GEORGE MCKAY 'GEORGIE' 'When I feel like work- ing, I lie down until the feeling goes away." Orient High 15 Football 2-3-45 Basketball 1-2-3-45 Track 2-3-45 Annual 3-45 National Athletic Honor Society 2-3-45 F.F. A. 2-3-45 F.F.A. Treasurer 45 M Club 2-3-45 Class Pres- ident 3. RONALD CAIWPBELL 'RONNIE' "He'll reach his goal.' Football 1-2-3-45 Football Captain 45 Basketball 1-2-3- 45 Track 1-2-3-45 Declamation 1-2-35 Junior Play 35 Operetta 2-35 Band 1-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 M Club 2-3-45 National Athletic Hon- or Society 2-3-4. BERYL BLACK 'BLACKIE' 'A man among men is hc, but among women he's rather be." Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Ivtixed Chorus 1-Z-3-45 Football 1-25 Junior Play 35 F.F. A.5 1-2-3-45 Track 3. ARLENE RASKE 'ARLENE' "Let's have fun while we can." F.H.A. 1-35 Glee Club 1-45 Band l-2-3-45 Library Club 2-35 Gregg Club 45 F.H.A. Historian 35 Pep Band 2-3-4. rv-. lm SP Q- ,L V iv" fi -. Q ,- 350 1- 5 ,v Q. rv-X ' 'Dm Sv- RICHARD TERRY "RICH" "Worry never worries me." Football 1-2-3-45 Basketball 1-2-3-45 Track 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Nfixed Chorus 1-2-3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 M Club 3-45 Hoofbeats 45 Brass Sextet 3-4. ARDITH HERMAN "ART" "High school days are full of delight, but you can have more fun on a high school night" Band 1-25 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Nlixed Chorus 1-2- Q-'-' , N -f I 3-45 Library Club 25 Annual Staff 2-3-45 Rustler Editor X 5' 45 Octet 2-3-45 Junior Play 35 Operetta 2-35 Cheerleader 5, 45 Queen Attendant 45 Saxophone Quartet 25 F.H.A. 15 Class Secretary 81 Treasurer 15 Class Vice-President 45 Student Council Representative 25 Pep Band 15 Nation- al Honor Society 4. MARLYS JONES 'JONSEY' "It's better to have .1 red head than no head at all." 1-'.H.A. 15 Glee Club l-2-3-4G Library Club 2-35 Operetta 35 lwlixed Chorus 3. -1' DONNA CAMPBELL 'DONNA' 'Life is short so 1et'S Q4 be merry5 it's too dull in a cemetary." Glee Club 1-2- 3-45 Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Band 2-3-45 Dertlamation 1-25 Junior Play-Assistant to the Director5 Library Club 2-35 Pep Band 2-3-45 Librarian 3. Q fa ,, ' V. ,nm ,aww je fb 5' fr- -1 , 311 5 - ma, . 15 -' Qs: ss' ".' l ffiffi -Q f Q tv A' ,A . F P" --9 TDM A ..'24:f 1 W he 5- 17' BERNADINE FAWCETT 'BERNIE' "I'm out for a good time5 I dare you to come along." Band l-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-45G1ee Club 1-2-3-45 Operetta 2-35 Swing Band 35 Pep Band 2-3-45 Band Secretary 35 Vocal Solo 1-2-3-45 Octet 2-3-45 F.H.A. 15 F.H.A. Historian 15 Li- brary Club 2-35 Library Club President 25 Annual 3-45 Gregg Club 45 Student Council Representative 15 Queen Attendant 45 National Honor Society 4. THOMAS ROGERS 'TO1'v1Iv1Y" 'To work or not to work-- THAT is the question." Declamation 15 Glee Club 1-2- 3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-45 Annual 3-45 Vocal Solo 3-45 F.F.A. 1-2-3-45 Junior Play 35 National F.F.A. Chorus 45 Projection Club 4. LAUREN VAN ROSENDALE 'LAURNIE' "I'm just the man I'm looking for." Glee Club 1-45 Mixed Chorus 15 Basketball 1-35 Football 2. MARION SMITH 'SMITTY' "All work and no fun is no life for me." F.H.A. 15G1ee Club 1-3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Library Club 25 Office 3-4. MARK JOHNSON 'MARK' 'Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of Seven-Upf' Football 1-2-3-45 Basketball 1-2-35 Class Secretary 81 Treasurer 35 F.F.A. 1-2-3-45 F.F.A. Re- porter 35 F.F.A. Vice-President 45 Track 2-3-45 Queen Attendant Escort 45 Best Spooner 3, ARDESSA YOST 'DRESS' 'Ready to work, ready to play, ready to help in any way." Wessington Springs 15 Glee Club 1-3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-3-45 Phys. Ed. 15 De- claniation 1-2-3-45 Library Club 2-35 Library Club Sec- retary 81 Treasurer 35 Librarian 35 Annual 3-45 F.H.A. 15 Operetta 35 Gregg Club 45 National Honor Society 3-45 Student Council Representative 45 National Honor Society Secretary 4. 13 0' V sr 3 ,A 404 'ii' MARETTA SCOTT 'SCOTTIE' 'She has an idea in mind, but who is he?" I-'.H.A. 1-2-3-43G1ee Club 1-2- 3-43 Nlixed Chorus 2-3-43 Band l-2-3-43 Pep Band 2-3-41 Junior Play 33 Operetta Z-3j Declamation 2-3-43 Hoof- beats 43 F.H.A. Vice-President 33 F.I-LA, Reporter 43 F.H.A. State Chorus 23 Office 43 Gregg Club 4. EVERET ROMBOUGH 'ROMBOUGH' 'When he fell, he fell hard, and it wasn't in football or basketball." Band Z-3-43 Glee Club 3-43 Mixed Chorus 3-43 Brass Sextet 2-3-43 Class Secretary 81 Treasurer 43 Band Vice-Presi- dent 43 Swing Band 33 Operetta 33 Pep Band 2-3-4. YVONNE FAWCETT 'EVIE' 'Men are just a joke-- llove to laugh." F.H.A. l3 Glee Club l-2-3-43 Mixed Chorus l-2-3-43 Band l-2-3-43 Library Club 33 Gregg Club 43 Gregg Club Vice-President 43 Swing Band 33 Pep Band 1-2-3-4. Y' NANCY JOHNSON 'NANCY' -A ring on the finger is V' TN' PEARL FISHER 'PEGGY' "Her hair is her crowning glory."'Glee Club 1-2-3-43 Mixed Chorus 2-3-43 Band 2-3-43 Librarian 2-33 Junior Play 33 Library Club 33 Hoofbeats 33 Hoofbeats Editor 3 fL,ast Semesterh Octet 33 Operetta 33 Queen Attendant 43 Pep Band 2-3-4. LORRAINE OLIGMUELLER 'LORRAINE' "A sunny disposition is the soul of success." Fairview High 1-23 Highmore High 3g Mixed Chorus 1-2-33 Glee Club 1-2- 3-4. ROBERT DIXON 'BOB' 'Studying 'Ag' isn't the only way to raise cane." Football 3-43 Boxing 1-2-3-43 Track 2-3-43 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-43Glee Club 1-2-3-43 M Club 3-43 F. F.A. 1-2-3-43 F.F.A. Sentinel 43 Class Vice- President 33 Operetta 2-3. HOWARD BLACHFORD 'HOWARD' "Don't look at me girls, I'm bashful." F.F.A. 1-2-3-43 Boys Glee Club 1-21 Mixed Chorus 1-23 Class Secretary-Treasurer 23 Code Class 3. MAXINE CAMPBELL 'MAX' 'Who else can say so little in so many wordsi' Glee Club 1-2-3-43 Iviixed Cho- rus 3-43 Declamation 23 Library Club 2-33 Junior Play 33 Band 2-3-43 Pep Band 2-3-4. ADELINE DIEDE 'ADDIE' 'Men may come and men may go, and I'll go with them." Girls Glee Club 1-2-3-43 Mixed Chorus l-2-3-43 Band l'Z'3-42 F.H.A. 13 Library Club 2-33 Swing Band 3-43 Pep Band 1-2-3-43 Junior Play 33 Gir1's State 33 Operetta 2-33 Brass Sextet 33 Octet 3-42 Sextet 1-2. 14 Honor Society 4. worth two on the phone." Band 1-2-3-43 Glee Club 1-2- 3-43 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-43 Library Club Z-3-43 Li- brary Club Reporter 3-43 Annual 3-43 Gregg Club 43 Gregg Club Secretary 8: Treasurer 43 Operetta 2-33 Oc- tet 3-43 Librarian 2-3-43 Pep Band 1-2-3-43 National M age ' W! 5 35- vc.: 'PV ,4 fx I ,J I ' If '55 7? 7? X 3 xt. A but X7 , N 'U' 12 ear endow Rowl D Beaty K Campbell D Danburg W Beaner Row2 R Terry D Walker E Hanks R Sxsk L VanRosenda1e QVLLOI' LCQPJ xr' Left to Rlght A Yost student councxl represent atxve A Herman vxce presldent E Rombough secretary treasurer A Johnson presxdent 15 LN, BERNADINE and BERYL -- Cutest laugh. ARDITH and RONNIE - Flashiest clothes. ARDESSA--Most likely to succeed. .TERRY--Most likely to succeed, most handsome. PEGGY and GORDON--Most talka- tive. RUTH and DARWIN--Most talented. GEORGE and ARDEAN--Cutest couple. ARDEAN--Most beautiful, wittest. HELEN and BILL--Most Bashful. PEGGY--Best dancer. MARK--Best dancer, best athlete, biggest wolf, wittiest, most mis- C aynv-gf: . ADELINE Blggest flirt ento, KATHLEEN--Peppiest JANE--Most mischievous ,IQ QP' ' ,Mf 'fn I X ,j, . "1 4 99" .WT 'W sf 1 51,5 s"' f n 1 Ln' IT 'F 5 U .Q 1 u . , 5, xg '. ' 1- Q W . , , 'J 2,3 to A 1, , . my 1 VI f' ' Q-- hx 49 Darol Biddle, Joyce Brachvogel, John Crater, Audrey Creager, Carol Calahan. Graham Darnell, Ronald Davis, Shirley Davis, Lorraine DeRou- chey, Mavonne Diede. Patricia Faust, Tex Fulton, Barbara Gaudig, Bobby Lou Glennon, Marjean Haberling. Dorothea I-Ialbig, Ellen Kay Hal- big, Barbara Hall, Wayne Hoch- halter, Shirley Holm. Stuart Irwin, Mildred Johnson, Mavis Kuestermeyer. 5x1 55 Q? fe .rl 2' .n J ' 'V' ' 1... , v , Jw if ti ag, 0 'F if ,, ' gr 'L K ' ' 3 -fel '. 2 F3 h rv f : 7 ' . r- 2 5 L ' - HQBQ , lr- I n S 1 - 4 WI!! 1 fu T sr ' -.-'in' Qi 'C 421- Q gi, ..,. . xi E-f MY. 'W ' J , 1 'if-,fx . -3 g- YD' -O . - in M1 ':- f :L 2'--' lb , V .1 if 'ww- x. Qt- .il is 'L inf bmiom ? 'E g Y lvffw , 'D- 'D ,Y ,- .7-, 1, e .A If 3 'Q uv- V., ':.f Q E 'N 72 9' T i ,,. Qs. as I , t A 1 3 lg' fy. gn 1 Sharon McCoo1, Judy lvIcKay, Darlene lktiessner, Doris Morris, Patricia Ondricek. Betty Porter, Loretta Rosemore, Hazel Schilling, Kathy Seaton, David Simons. Richard Sorensen, Beverly Sty- miest, Dwight Throop, Donna VanDerWerff, Dorothy VanDer- Werff. l zu t vp- f ' 9 Q 5 K' 1 'tb V' 4' V. 3 Roger Wangsness, Rosemary t., fy if :M Wangsness, Kenneth Werdel, l lf-,A Y if ,ii Delores Wheelhouse, George X .i' A X Wilson. .l. . I y H A I 'jf' .G f 6 , f vp - 5 fa ,',, - ' "7':i' 1 N' Kathleen Yost, Le-RoyZemlicka. S- Not Pictured: Lowell Porter. Cfliwl Kgffiufl em fam Sealed: Rosemary Nllirwsri S Presiclentg Millie Johnaon, Sec-,urer. Standing: Kathy Seaton, Vice-Preejidentg lwiavis Kuewteriieyer, Student Council Representative Q7 Erlafielle Abrogast, Betty Bertsch, lvierle E-ertsch,Richard Byrurn, Imelda Campbell. Miles Campbell, Valores Camp- bell, Daryl Chard, lviarilyn Collins, Deanna Ellis. Alice Fanger, Robert Fisher, LaVonne Fechner, Keith Fulton, Mardell Gerdon. Marcie Haberling, Wayne Hab- erling, Arlys Hemmingson, Arnold Johnson, Barbara Jones. Kentner Jones, LeRoy Jones, Donald Joy, Jeanne Kerber, Francis Knippling. Y 'fix ., Xxx 6 0 as Q f Dv' X ? .ry x 9 S 'X - 1 5. Y' ' .iq , . l I . v 9 " . lil' Y xp 7 P! ' , PM Q- Y 5 fr iq 14, ,Win I ,X I, ff L-' , 0 , . - Y Q-. Y' "' ,,-- 0. X 'P AG f .SDP OWL 0re5 ' n' sv- CN ,.-5 2 'ip T ...N 3 if np. V Y' , ' 5. Q, - W Q' .f -15125 ,i 1 Ss. ff R 9: .75 fs T- ts. 'V A , v F, X up-. Pls. 7 fn . 1' 0, a. X U- ' 1 vs A Y .jg , Q 5 9 1 U. vs by ml 4 X-H vx a 4-Q 'x Jw ' Q p ,v 0 1? f fl ff we .. s v' .. 5. rx D X12 'W ff fi? . 'xi' if N. 2 " Y - 'Q 'Y fl 1 4- 2, , T 1' f ,- .X xgzfl 10111011745 swf, n cffg., o,,..,, SEAT ED: Audrey Sornrner-Vice President, Ranionzx Sivertson- Seerf-1.111 81 Treasurer. STAND- ING: Ci:-ne Stuhsten-Student Council Representative,Eddie Sivert-sen-President Darla Lewellen, Nilas McKin- ney, Mary' Miller, Carolyn Morrison, Jack Nelson. Donna Nielson, Arlys Pollock, lwlarilyn Raske, Donald Rosen- dale, Kay Rowen. Vernon Sehilling, Doris Sehxlllz, Eddie Sivertsen, Ramona Sivert- sen, Katherine Shea . Paul Smith, Audrey Sommer, EllAQt'I1L'StL1lJSICH, Janice Walker .Lnnes ffalton. Lowell Warren, Betty Wiese, Thomas Winsell, Glenda Year- ous, Jerry Yost, Joyce Yost. Sl r' Doxh Arm:-Last .Tfr y Baxwdon Do ma Bert ch Smrlcy Bertscn Rob rt Blachford Ro1a1f1 Blxcblord Wma Borab Betty Bro r Karen Ca pbell Iviarlenc Colhn Carole Cotton LL 0nCrOssn1an Marllxn Danlflson Russell Herbert Dlck Sharon Ebel Wxl 11am Enver Mary Jane Gabrmel Albert Gaudlg Carolyn Gross Dwame Haeffner G ne Haeffner Larry Hancock Kelth Hanks Sandra Harden Derwln Herman James Holtz Ronald Jenmngs Jack Jones Marjean Jones Iviarwn Kxttel son Dana Kuestermeyer " -5 ' Y- S- nl .AN It B' cv cv- 93 Y ZZ 'L Q -Q., 'L is., 1 2 T 3, t- pf wr- X Q 40" wr' if u-of tx f 49. if ai- if .AAL 'A j'8:5AI'I'L6l'L I f V' " '. 1, , V' 1' ' r , . . .Q 2 is , I ' S , " 2' I, ' . I f 2 A L' ' ' N L M- p Jw .4 ' X - "' br, 15. -n A 'Q . is Kay' I'gJg3gf,og?,:N A 'P is ' ,rl rn an 9' A 2 .A ' R' 1 ' f- " W ts .- , , ..,. A rl .Q , ,1- X - x '?' HK V 3 ,f 1 ' , 3 . . y Q- .p .- eq 9'-. , C Davis, Jane DeRouchr-y. x.,..." 'lg-r Xt' ' 1' f slr-:Y , . 1 1 - ,yn ' I I y 1 I ' x Q 7 in .' fs 6 . ,is .U f, -' I 0 l v - Y X, I . :J I nw J , - ' X , fl' 1 X -.. X.. b Axe ' I n Lg, I - I A , ,, . e , 1 N, .5 Q 'K' "' o .0 j " KP ' i 4--s g- 1' -u 37 W' xx: ,rw Nga , I M A K if r ff "" NJ . 1 r V 1 N 5 -fx, s 3 1 1 Y ' D ur '3 ' f fx . VJ li- as as X n , uf- ,y b xt F , ' . - , 'T ' ' " -' ' 5 4? ' 'V 1 s ,, no 1 , 1 0 I f- Y ' ' x I , 4? ..-- ' " - -f PH , X 9 P 5' , .f- x' S x,iq nt, 6'3" : . ' ,Av X 6 . I I 1 f id"- -Q"lv 1 . ls ,- w" " ' ' xi l x '-, .1 J gi l l x 'Q 'ar' if ff ,,,,. also ,. CN nw at Q. ' , if' "' '- "' ' xv' ,,x vu-' V57 - VI 1 A . ii 7 a 1'U.ll111I'11 in r' ' ' ' I I' X B fa A ' ? A ii. ar Q xo K X"""' lf., f. nlalfx I N 3 i ,, 4. 1- a J ,2 , . I - ' l 2 .. I: 2.- 1 r ' ' v-.Pa , NN' .Q Q , me 5 , U se. I 4 -v. ii so- ' Y x. ""' P ,E , , if - f ' Q i I g 5' Vat' ' vc ' . Y ur,- X v- f 1' -1' , . '-2' . ,. 1' CA 55 Clan rj Seated: Kenna Seaton, Secretary- Treasurer: Bonnie Sivertson, President. Standing: Ronnie Jennings, Vice-Presidentg Larry Hancock, Student Council Repre- sentative. Z3 Anna Lou Laity, Madonna Mc Carl, Gary McCoo1, John Meek, James Menning. Richard Moen, Eugene Moncur, Sharon Nash, Linda Nedved, Gary Niederauer. Patricia Nuhring, Jeanette Schlichte, Kenna Seaton, Kath- leen Shea, Donald Simons. Francis Sisk, Michael Sisk, Bonnie Sivertson, DeMaris Sorenson, James Taylor. Wanda Throop, William Troth, Frank Trotman, Barbara Van- DerWerff, Mavis Vens. Doloris Walton, Darrell Wangs- ness, Roger Wheelhouse, Douglas Williams, John Wilson. Leland Wilson, Neil Yost, Not Pictured: Carol Wilson. CQQAM Qu e 5 Z Row 1-J. Aaneson, B. Neclved, D. Davis, A. Campbell, A. Flunecka, J. Glessner, J Titus B. Hanks, M. V'alsh. Row Z-B. Jacobson, M. Peterson, V. Roesler, M. Briden- bauvh, M. Thornburg, D. Berreth, L. Jones, E. Shock. Row 3-K. Klages, J. Schweig- erdt J. Callahan. B. Jones J. Baker, D. Dean, D. Sommers, J. Beaner, H. Jones Row 4-Mr. Henrickson, teacher, W. Osborn, C. Droppers, R. Holtz, R. Hochhalter D. Rodman, J. Campbell, B. Nuhring, J. Kittleson Row 1-L. Kuestermeyer, J. Kindle, G. Gabriel, C. Arbogast, M. Droppers, K. Haigh J. Enger. Row Z-D. Boldt B Hurlbut N Jundt B Smsk J Hitch S Meek L Lxlly A. Arbogast. Row 3-Mrs. Haigh, teacherg R. Decker, M. Osterberg, C. Stymiest, J Lowther, V. Rosemore, G. Dean, G Wallman L Hanks euenf Qu e pd ta joozlaff Row l: W. Hochhalter, L. Zemlicka, D. Joy, E. Hanks, D. Walker, G. McKay, R. 'Vangsness, K. Werdel, M. Johnson, R. Campbell, B. Dixon, B. McKown, J. Knippling, T. Fulton, Rgw 2: R, Jenningg, E, Sivert- sen, T. Winsell, D. VanRosenda1e, D. 'Vangsness, K. Hanks, J. Bawdon, J. Meek, L. Porter, J. Jones, R. Davis, F. Sisk, J. Yost, R. Terry, M. Bertsch. Row 3: D. Williams, R. Davis, R. Sorensen, N. Yost, R. Blachford, B. Blachford, L. Crossman, M. Sisk, G. Niederauer, E. Moncur, L. Hancock, D. Herman, K. Fulton, FT. Trotman, A. Gaudig, L. Warren, B. Fisher, D. Chard, B. Enger. Coach Schroeder's football squad was built around 12 returning lettermen. Having won the conference two previous years Miller's grid men were out to make it three in a row, however, the Mobridge Tigers shattered the Rustlers hopes with a Z0-7 victory. The top game of the year was the Homecoming battle with the Pierre Governors which Miller won 13-7. Graduating lettermen are E. Hanks, D. Walker, J. Knippling, R. Campbell, G. McKay, M. Johnson, B. Dixon, B. McKown, R. Terry. There will be seven grid men returning for the '54 Squad. There Opponent Date We They Huron Sept. ll 7 Z0 Gettysburg Sept. 18 14 0 Faulkton Oct. 16 2.3 7 Mobridge Oct. Z3 7 Z0 Winner Oct. 30 20 6 Here Opponent Date Vlf They Ipswich Sept. Z5 32 0 Wessington Springs Oct. Z 7 Z6 Pierre fl-lomecomingj Oct. 9 13 7 Gregory Nov. 6 Cancelled Total Points of Games Opponents Miller 85 points V 123 Average 10.7 Average 15.4 Z6 Zgafefgaf R Campbell J Jones .I Kn1pp11ng G McKay T Fulton V Hochhalter .T Meek M Sxsk F Sxsk K Hanks E Hanks The Rustlers bu11t around flve returmno lettermen came through w1th a fa1r season In conference play the Rustlers tled for f1fth place wxth Plerre havmf a 3 and 4 record In the hollday four team tournament at Flandreau M111er was beaten ln the flrst round by W9SS1HgtOH Sprmvs 56 to 47 and ln the consolatlon Game Redf1eld defeated Mlller 47 to 45 In the CSDC tournament Mlller fell to Mobrldge '15 to 38 ln whxch Mobr1dUe went on to wln the CSDC CI'OVLl"l Graduatlng lettermen are R Campbell I Knxpphng G McKay E Hanks Team Parkston Wesslngton Onlda Lemmon Mobrldge Mllbank Huron Faulkton Hlghmore Ipswxch Wxnner Plerre Hlghmore Gettysburg Redf1eld Park ston Sprlngs Wessxngton Sprlngs Redf1eld Mobrldge Wlnner Huron M111er Opponent 4 Team Tournament Conference Tournament Sectxon IV Tournament Total 1136 pomts Average 51 6 pomts Z7 Total 1225 pomts Average 55 7po1nts 1- 43 "TXT Flandreau 34 55 ' ' 36 37 ' 79 60 44 54 ' 42 45 ' 40 56 46 64 74 71 ' 53 64 ' 51 54 ' 69 53 ' 50 52 ' '40 49 62 43 ' 67 64 67 69 ' ' 47 56 ' 45 47 ' 38 55 ' 51 49 58 72 Z? gwleigaff surf w 34 4 96 W4 Rovvl G IvICCool C, Nxedcraucr R Blachford D WlIll3IT1S N Yo t A Caudxg B Blachford L Han cock L Wllson Row Z I.. Warren K Fulton T lnstll R borenstn D Van Rosendale L Crossman G Darnell J Yost L Jones R Jcnmngs D Hr rmlxm Under the dlrectxon of Mr Murray and Mr Jordeth the httle Rustlers fought to get a 5 8 recoru The feature game for the httle Rustlers was wlth the Ree Helghts A team m an overtxme 37 37 wxth Ree He1ghts wmnlng the toss 39 37 The httle Rustlers showed good prom1se for a better season next year Team Mlller Opponent Ree He1ghts A Wesslngton Sprmgs Omda Faulkton S13 Lawrence A Hlghmore Ipswxch P1erre Ree Helghts A Hlghmore Huron C Redfxeld Total 420 pomts Total 449 polnts Average 35 polnts Average36 6 poxnts 28 as 77 s , . , A A wif' 1 FSE I g I 51 Q' A - ' L - -A . 7 . 1 xg, A 3 g ,I 3 .. A -A Q f ..,B,'.1i,. Ylzgilfwzg I , UM f .,...,,3:, ' :.l1A7Lg., a L2 S 4 4 U ff 31 . 9 gs 1 " f A it , 5 g, 3 i "- ' " " 7 - ' ' 46 36 ' 37 Z8 28 30 . " " 55 33 ' 15 37 ' 35 41 ' 33 39 ' -- '- 37 39 ' 39 43 " " Z9 Z8 ' 32 Z8 21 X f F4 gl-Q ji 1 1 X ' W ,T , Q x 44 'ei Fi ' r 'f J 1: Q, ja. nit! ' V I e- 1 ' ,.' -ww r , 3 YI P " 6 .a DX RRQG' 7 ,. 4 F . f - , .Q . - ,, ' ' -1 r , -Y A t X ' . .M f ,,, X x g x Q K 0 N . , 53 l . .4 . 1 H . ' " 1 - H .. ,Q .-,,- . -,.. 14.-. . Til 'Us-.I L. , ., ,. V ,yylm ts mq -? ,. .. ,, .ig fwn 4 1 I ,VT t up ,xyzjgg lift: -www ,..:,.Ir. r K ,rfrx , 36:1 M- 'fa ' . Q., --M fi Vw -M ., p'f,, , f :v,' ' gn ,-.. X, ' " ' ' 4' uw.-'ff -f' 'Q'-.'-.x-'a -1' .zrvhk-21,5 , Q x X V " x ' Rowl F Trotman L Warren J Meek T Wmsell K Fulton E Slvertsen D Hermen L Hancock G McC0ol F Kmpphng R Davls N Yost R Jennlngs RowZ G Moncur B Gludlg B Blachford L Jones R Terry K Werdel D Rosendale D Joy G McKay T Fulton M Sxsk VV Hochhalter Row 3 D W1ll1ams G Nlederauer L Crossman J Bawden R Campbell R Klang-sness M Johnson K Hanks D Wangsness F S1sk R Blachford L Porter J Yost R Sorenson Mlsslng J Jones E Hanks The 1953 Mlller Track Squad parhcxpated 1n the Redfxeld and Plerre Relays the Conference the B g 4 and the Reglonal Track meets Four members qual1f1ed for tha .State meet at lxfhtchell They were R Wlnsell 100 yd dash M John son High Hurdles Tex Fulton D1scus and R Davis Mlle Run Graduatlng, Letterman arc C Schultz and R Wmsell The followmg mon track letters ln 19-13 M Johnson G McKay D Walker W Hochlalter I Fulton E Hanks R Davxs J Kmpplmg and R Terry WCM Joy J lf. e ms ormr oacm cnolcmr cu 1 . Hanks R Carnpbcll M lolmson lxlxssln hhiy 1 k Club IS conipo-and ol boys x mr 111 thle tlc lc It 1 11 ln llc consxsts of nlnctccn crnbtrs 1 luucl lor lettcl dm 1 s xnclmr ln txu nn tm rmnma ms 30 i 0 VI, V ' . sa 77 M. ROW l--J. Knippling, W. lxlr'Koxxn, R. DIXSOH, K. Werdel, W. Hoclxlmlier, R. Daxis. Roux .1--'I, I-'lllnmv D. , . M5 'k, R. T rry, M. Sfk, L. P 1' ,C 1 l Sl ' -l' .RJ 3--D. W. lkvr, R. W. r1ygf.m'f.f., E. ', - ' ' 1 -- . - I- gl--G. lv ' '. ', L. Z 'lTlllL"'.i. "M" JW ' 2 I g a -' - ers in foctl. Il, lmskellmll, . cl I 'z lx.'l'l1is club ' ' m- " 1 "un -'ftz 'Ng - -. ZAQQPLQJQPJ A. Herman, A. Sommer, K. Campbell, I... DeRouchey jwirird K. Seaton B. Hall M. Diede 2 x 35 Sf f i -,fxk JW KT 72 hm NV f QM 1 fl! 2 gg! lf 2' , , KN! A I if 5 Clarinr-1s:Row 1--B.Hall, D.l Scott, R. Sorvnsvn, A. Hr-xnminw 1 M. Collin5,C1. Yvaroue. Frm-rin F1 Tromhones: E. Arbogast, ,I. Nfflwfv D. Throop, E. Rombouph. B.n'itlm Obovz R. Glcnnon. Flutv: I. Cdmgnl ,v Mlm 1, lt Cdmplu-ll. Row Z--K. Czannpbell, I. Walker, IW 1, li. I..fwIl,wr1, ld. Jon:-5. Row 3--N. Johnson, A. Raske- Ilw."..: S. lNlCCoul, M. Cdrnpbell, C. Arbogasl, S. AYT1f'S . Txf. "1" wr., ld. V1-nf., NI. Halle-rling, D. Walkvr. Tubas fx R. l..l -nc-sg., lvl. Czxnupbell. Bass Clarinet: D. Bc-aly .1-ll. Sdx f1'i :mm-5: D. SfWI'l'Y1"OH, A. SOTT1l'T1t'I'S, K. Joni-5, Y Favvrertt, P. Fruzvr, B. l-If .Q 1 Il Cw"s.1Y:C3. ,lm1nings, B. OSl1orn,K. Haigglm, J. Hzdfh, S Hardvn, R. Moa-n, B. lm.. QL. Aram .1 '. R. T1-rry, A. Dlf'dl', D. Arlnoggast. STANDING POrCussiOn: R. Fish:-r, l'. lf.-.l.1'r. l . CJr.flrirc'k, D. DliI1lDL1Tgl,B. Hurlblxt, F. Nivclvraucr Glocl-xc-nspiel: D. Campllf-ll. Diru or: MM Pr,-trik. fffwu ,:ZN,r,,f,,,- C,K4ru11f Cxlnarffljn r. Pm-I rik U. Hallnu, B. Hall, K. Cairnplnvll, J. Wdllu-r. , X g K x giiv- - --3.11 I ,.- v wtf! P Q G. f' vi I ' W I ,W 5,11 P2 1 Tj 'W' N 'A 3 F7 GY ' , ", . . .. .. 1 Q x 9.-,fra .-xl F l , -f , v A 1 F Q?-, .-,, '. -mf 1 ,gy 1319 I E 4 'A "" 1 - ' " C Q X 'Q 'if . . xv P A vi' U I Z N' - I ,f 0 VN, - f 1 X ,, J ! fi ,ffl A '-T7 if I f " 1' zg- -Q' al rv . - . q a if xg! 1 w1 w Z ,- W YN' 'Slug - AT' 1 I 5' H f f wiv ff , 6 39 ' 9 1 7? . U ei , lil Row 1--J. Wilson, B. Black, I... Wilson, D. Arbogast, Mr. Petrik. Row Z--R. Terry, J. Crater, R. Dixon, E. Stubsten, P. Srnith, M. Carnpbell, T. Rogers. Row 3--L.. Jones, R. Sorensen, B. Fisher, M. Bertsch, G. Darnell, G. Pollock, K. Jones. Row 4--E. Sivertsen, E. Rombough, B. Sisk, D. Walker, R. Campbell, E. Hanks, R. Slunecka, J. Nelson. The "A" girls glee club and the "A" boys glee club sang in the music concert in December and attended the Music Festival at Huron. These glee clubs make up the Mixed Chorus. Row 1--R. Sn1itli,accOmpanistg N. Johnson, R. Clennon, S. Ames, B. Jones, M. Scott, K. Rowen, Marilyn Collins, M. Kuesterrneyer, C. Gross, Marlene Collins, M. Johnson, C. Morrison, D. Campbell, J. McKay. Row Z--Mr. Petr-ik, D. Morris, R. Sivertsen, D. Danburg, P. Fisher, D. Halbig, B. Hall, E. Arbogast, M. Campbell, A. Yost, B. Parmely, J. Kerber, A. Sonfimers, J. Staufvr, K. Cainpbell. Row 3--A. Diode, B. Fawcett, P. Fraser, Y. Fawcett, R. Vlasek, M. Smith, M. Haberling, J. Vl'al':er, J. Schlichte, M. Vans, R. Wangsness, D. Wheelhouse, I. Campbell, A. Johnson, A. Herman, D. Beaty. ,ga 17 " 3 r U KY lx LIN'-M3151 - ,f :Wei fr' 1 'J l .1.. H H Wmxec! Cjlaorm Row l--Mr. Petrik, J. McKay-accompanist, M. Gerdon, A. Fanger, A. Laity, B. VanDerWerff S. Bertsch, V. Campbell, J. DeRouchey, D. VanDerWerff, D. Lewellen, A. Raske, D. VanDerWerff Row 2--M. Haberling, D. Bertsch, J. Brachvogel, C. Wilson, C. Cotton, M. Gabriel, S. Davis, K Yost, N. McKinney, M. Danielson, D. Sorensen, F. McCool. Rov: 3--M. Kittleson, D. Walton, S Ebel, M. MCCar1, B. Brown, M. Diede, L. Oligmueller, W. Throop, S. Nash, D. Ellis, L. Nedved A. Pollock, K. Campbell. Row 4--S. Harden, N. Borah, P. Ondricek, S. Holm, D. Miessner, E Halbig,lv1arlys Jones, M. Raske, M. Iviiller, B. Weise, K. Shea, Marjean Jones, J. Yost, B. Sivert- sen, D. Kuestermeyer, G. Yearous. Row 5--L. Hancock, D. Herman, E. Moncur, B. Blachford, D Chard, G. Wilson, M. Sisk, K. Hanks, L. Crossman, R. Blachford, A. Johnson, R. Wangsness, J Bawdon, D. Biddle, F. Knippling, R. Moen, L. Rosendale, VJ. Troth, R. Wheelhouse, J. Taylor, S Irwin, W. Haberling. WLM? g cf SEATED B Fisher B Hall D Halbxg D Beaty K Jones R Wangsness R Glennon M Campbell E Rombough M Haberhng D Walker R Terry A Dxede D Arbogast STANDING D Campbell Mr Petr1k The Swlng Band conslsts of selected members who played at school partles and other socxal gatherlngs The numbers consxsts of both old txme and popular musxc SEATED K Campbell R Blachford J Glessner A Arbogast C Arbogast K Haxgh J Hatch B Blachford W Osborn G Jenmngs B Jones G Abrogast STANDING F Nlederauer B Hurlbut W Troth Mr Petrxk B Band consxsts of students trylng tolmprove then' playxng abxlxty and become members of A Band 38 . all' g - ,-,,-,,, .- -e.. , , z . ' , . , . ', . , . , . , . , . , . , . ' , . , . , . ' , . . : . , aa ng all 1 f- - 5 "am'1'!V: : . , . , . , . . . , . ' , . , . , - . . ' , . , . . : . ' , . , . , . . M I ' - ' I I I. tl 1 gi 10 will !'t AN ii . L9 - lf O L i1L""n X u- 'i 0 ' 9 P 4 Vllfllflldf ,iam SEATED--N. Johnson, typist, A. Herman, editor, B. Fawcett, typist. Row 2--K. Seaton, Assistant copy- reader, M. Johnson, typist, B. Hall, assistant artist, K. Campbell, business manager, R. Wangsness, assistant editor, A. Johnson, artist, J. McKay, typist, D. Walker, music editor, T. Rogers, photographer. Row 3--Miss Vatne, advisor, A. Yost, copyreader, A. Laity, freshman editor, M. Haberling, assistant music editor, D. Halbig, assistant business manager, L. Grossman, assistant photographer, P. Faust, assistant photographer, W. Hochhalter, assistant sports editor, L. Warren, sophomore editor, G. McKay, sports editor. Miss Vatne, the advisor, and the annual staff have worked hard completing the annual which includes all the school festivities and gala events. Four members represented Miller at the SCHSPA meeting at Brookings, October 3. Five members went to Aberdeen to the Annual Work shop which was sponsored by the Midwest Beach Company. flllef' X954 K SEATED: R. Terry, E. Hanks, editor, A. Johnson, K. Seaton. STANDING: Mr. Nilsson, advisor, E. Schilling, H. Schilling, P. Onclricek, A. Creager, S. McCool, G. Darnell, M. Scott, B. Gaudig. School began in August last year, August 31st to be exact. At that time not one person signed up for journalism. Mr. Nilsson ran violently tearing his hair out and wondering how a paper could be published without a staff. A meeting was held and thirteen recutals were taken into the fold. Out of this group were selected editors, assistant editors, proof readers, typist, and reporters. This staff published "The Hoofbeats' on biweekly basis at the cost of 75 cents a prescription. At the turn of the semester our staff unanimously voted to hold original duties except our editor and assist- ant editor who reversed their positions. Editor pins were awarded to Ardean Johnson and Ethan Hanks. Five members attended the State Press Meeting in Brookings, on October 3, 1953. H P' TTT' fs, 5 ,Af if I Q8 Cfdifj Left to Right--D. Simons, R. Slunecka, W. Troth, R. Moen, D. Biddle, David Simons, E. Stubsten, L. Crossman, C. Wilson, K. Jones, Mr. Henrickson, advisor. Under the direction of Don Henrickson, code class was opened to any student who was interested in code. This class meets every night after school hours. There is no credit given for this class, per- sons participating are taking it for their own benefit. rofbcfion This club is made up of nine students who are trained in the care and the operation of the projector and the films that are shown. Ruth Smith is treasurer and mailing clerk. Row 1--P. Fraser, R. Smith, B. Glennon. Row Z--E. Stubsten, G. Darnell, Mr. Henrickson, advisor. Row 3--D. Biddle, D. Walker, R. Slunecka, I. Nelson. igufure omema em of .fgmerica Row l--C. Callahan, K. Campbell, Secretary, Kathy Seaton, Vice President, S. Bertsch, Treasurer, D. Wheelhouse, Historian, A. Creager, President, M. Scott, Reporter, M. Diede, Parliamentarian, C. Gross. Row Z--M. Gabriel, V. Campbell, H. Egan, Kenna Seaton, M. Kittleson, D. Nielsen, M. Danielson, D. Bertsch, J. Yost, S. Nash. Row 3--Miss Sickles, advisor, S. Ebel, Kathleen Shea, M. Jones, Kathy Shea, B. Weise, D. Walton, J. Schlichte, B. Bertsch. The Future Homemakers of America is an organization of students who are studying homemaking in high school. Delores Wheelhouse, who is state parliamentarian, is the first girl from Miller to be a state officer. Two Nliller girls are also districtofficers: Mavonne Diede is district president, Delores Wheelhouse is district secretary. Mavonne Diede attended the national convention at Columbus, Ohio, last summer. Anyone who has one unit in junior or senior high school homemaking, or is taking homemaking now is eligible for membership in the F.H.A. Pictures l,Z,5,6: Child Care Unit flelome EC Ill Pictures 3,41 Installation of new F.H.A. members. .4-LX ,se ,,.. A 4iQ lslit , Q l jufure armem of .America Row l--G. McKay, E. Sivertsen, R. Dixon, Mr. Gronlund, advisor, T. Fulton, J. Knippling, Id. Johnson. Row 2--J.Wilson, J. Menning, R. Wheelhouse, G. McCool, D. Arbogast, V. Schilling, G. Pollock, T, Rog- ers, H. Blachford, C. Hargens, W. McKown, J. Taylor, W. Troth, E. Moncur, N. Yost. Ro '.1. 3--B. Black, L. Yemlicka, V". Beaner, V'. Haberling, K. Fulton, G. Wilson, F. Knippling, K. Jones, M. Bertsch, D. Simons, R. Jennings, S. Irwin, J. Nelson, B. Gaudig, Row 4--B. Blachtord, D. Simons, 'J. Biddle, K. Wer- del, A. Johnson, J. Walton, D. Wangsness, R. Wangsness, R. Slunecka, R. Blachford, J. Bawdon, D. Throop, D. Williams, M. Campbell. The FFA Chapterhere in Miller is a very outstanding one. Arden Gronlund, the advisor, and the officers, .Terry Knippling, Mark Johnson, Eddie Sivertsen, Tex Fulton, Bob Dixon, and George McKay, do a very fine job of keeping the organization going. This chapter takes in a large part ofthe judging schools and always has several teams ready to go to Brookings at contest time. Two of the members, Thomas Rogers and Robert Slunecka, were chosen to sing in the National FFA Chorus at Kansas City this fall. This year, as every year, they sponsored a Parent and Son banquet. Fund raising projects included a Donkey Basketball Came and selling popcorn. Pictures l,3,4: F.F.A. Banquet Pictures Z,5: Shop Picture 6: District F.F.A. Meeting as A -f"""Y 4. ahonaf .J41!0nor .Shady mmzfrfmels ws Rowl R Smlth A Herman B Fawcett N Johnson R Glennon Row 2 Miss Mlller advlsor J Kmpp Img R Wangsness A Yost D Beaty D Halbxg Student members of the Nat1or1al Honor Soclety are elected by the faculty on the baS1S of character scholarshxp leadershlp and servlce Seven semors and three JLIDIOTS are members Jerry Kmpplmg Ardessa Yost and Dolores Beaty were chosen 1n thelr Jumor year The other seven were chosen thls year Meetmgs were held once a month and awards were gzven to students excelhng 1n character scholarshlp leadershlp and servlce Rowl M Scott M McCoo1 R Smxth H Egan N Johnson RowZ A Raske Y Fawcett D Danbury, A Yost B Fawcett The Gregg Club wlth Nhss Mxller as the1r adxxsor study offlce procedure one Frxdxy a month Top xcs of general xnterest to future secretarxes are dlscusscd at these mzetlngs 44 I 3 H ,, l ha. :F--,W l , A 5 ki' ., Mus" Q : . ' , . , . , . A , . . : ' ' , ' g . ' - I , . , - , . , . l . . . . Y ., ,, , ' . . , Q H , , , I V . . . Q . . V ' - V h , Y l ' I' M' I - 1 - . - H l - 1 - A - 3 - ' . - ' "' , - ' H y -Q . ,A . h .Q . - CL W, cm Row 1 N Johnson B Jones M. Dxede M Scott M. Johnson B Gaudlg B Bertsch Row Z Mxss Vatne advlsor D Lewellen M Mlller K Seaton D Neilson C Callahan D Schultz Row 3 V Campbell D Danburg A I-lemmmgson K Shea B Porter D Ellls J Yost The L1brary Club IS composed of twenty one g1r1s from the sophomore Jumor and semor classes The club has four regular meetlngs and one socxal meetmg each semester The offxcers are Presxdent M1111e Johnson Vlce Presxdent Kathy Seaton Secretary Treasurer Barbara Gaudlg Reporter Nancy Johnson and M1ss Vatne adv1sor The club s project for the year was preparlng grade school books for c1rcu1at1on Seven of these gxrls work 1n the hbrary durmg thexr free perzods SEATED A Yost R Slvertsen R Glennon K Shea STANDING Rowl R Smith B S1ve1-tsen D Morr1s C Cotton M. Collms M Scott M Iviller M Dlede D Danburg Row Z K Seaton J Schhchte M Vens Mr N1lsson advlsor K Jones L Jones B Troth P Smxth G Stubsten Twenty one students reported for declamatlon thls fall Wmners at the local contest held November 10 were R Glennon K Shea R Sxvertsen a.ndA Yost Each of these contestants recelved an excellent ratmg m the dxstrlct contest at Miller November 18 1953 Mlller t1ed wlth P1erre for second place 45 ' u, ' ,jbecfamafion ' I I o OIHQCOIHLIZ HOTYTPCODWIN dCtlXlTlCS hewan Thursday OCtOlJfT 9 wlth th: onc art ph, Dcspl ratf- Dosnwund 5 Daslarcily WC cd Folloxxln hc p1a5 Amin xn Tohn on was rrox ned Rustlnr Quun Ofl9'J3l1"!1l1C Coxon ulon ci rcnuonu 5 r xttnnfhntw vu rx lx xthlu n C nwmvl P 1 Sher Ihrnfnm F mutt m1Ard1Lh an Ain r I me Coron xuon the A ments xc 1 0 thc 5: xoolhousc for num ani nm p he ar: 0 p If rn Q OI nfi vnu J mn qui on and 1 cnflants in wax o ilmnts Fm mt 1 foo as nm. r 1 L ion mv Mlllcr ci Co :rn no 9 f' CORONATION GROUP, LEFT T0 RIGHT R Tcrry, R 51-jk, P Flshm R Campbell, K. Campbvll, B, A Johnson, C Campbmll, J Wnax er, B. Fawcett, M Johnson, A. Herman, J Kmpplmg, D Xrbogast 46 X A Jfwu J, if , wllll , ,W pfrzwf. ' Rustler Queen Ardean Johnson and Attendants Peggy Fisher, Ardith Herman, Kathleen Campbell Bernadine Fawcett. Floats: Fifth Grade, Queen Float, Driver's Education, Boy Scouts, Sophomore Junior. -Q omior pfay Row l--G. Darnell, Mr. Petrik, advisor, W. Hochhalter, T. Fulton. Row Z--M. Kuestermeyer, E. Halbig, M. Haberling, M. Johnson, R. Glennon, B. Hall, J. Brackvogel. Row 3--S. Irwin, K. Werdel, G. Wilson, D. Biddle, R. Wangsness, R. Sorensen, P. Faust. Not Pictured--K. Seaton, D. Wheelhouse. The Junior Class Play, "The Thursday Iviurders' was presented February Z4 by 15 members of the Junior Class. Two tourists are tricked into buying a turkey farm from Gussie. To make matters worse she didn't even own the farm and there are only half as many turkeys as there was supposed to be. The turkeys disappear and Z people are killed. The suspense builds as everyone wonders who the murderer is. The murderer is Chris, the owner of the turkeys. The tourists decide to start on their way to Hollywood again. Just as they are wondering about what will happen to the turkeys, a tourist walks in with a dead tur- key and the whole thing starts all over again. Mr. Petrik directed the play. -s 1 rv . , Q ' I fill .El-il"ix" ....'. 1 Junior-Ngiznior ganquef ana! Hom . Qi I-N75 N 0 1' f - Mi" KNI sh ,Q .gig I P? 'L - W 5 J I 1 wmv " ,M ,W . 1. . . , ,, ..,,. J- 2,3 K aw x 1 1 r 'Q-'ff f ' '61 X? :A 4 Q if , , wx I 5 -ii--""'+-n if ' , E. xl Q 3 if 5 in i f a . Mau 4 .v . , ix' -4' 5,1 'J Q . Prom Night Little Rosie Babies? Mr. Petrik Business Section Chinamen lf. Dr. A. A. Anderson Chiropractor Cvambles Ben Franklin Store Green Lantern Botsford Lumber Co Dr. R. P. Glennon Dentistff Biddles Cabins Graham and Son Jewelry John P. Bushfield Attorney at Law Hand County Implement B lac hford Sport Shop Habicht Dept. Store City Meat Market John C. Hagin M.D. Coast to Coast Hy Glessner, Prop. Hand C ounty Bank Coffee Cup Cafe Hayes-Lucas Lumber CORN' Chrysler-Plymouth Garage Herbert A. Heidepriem Attrs .nv at LTV Deluxe Court C. E. Hull Insurance and Real Estate Dew Drop lnnr Halbig Oil Co. ,,.,..--Q Dwight and Hoffman Grocery Irene's Beauty Nook D- X Service Station Frank Merxbauer, Prop. Istas Brothers, Miller Bakery Fairmont Frozen Foods J. C. Penny Co. Farmers' Elevator Jones Drug First National Bankft J. W. Johnson Dept. Store f'--W tg' I slat A Partying Bob and Ardessa Pals Halbig Cousins Coach Long Ago 'YS 'U"x 'fa if . Look Alikes? . Initiation . Uncle Sam? '? . Cutie! . Donna 81 Miles . The McKays . Little Ladies I4- I T 1 5 Porter's Gas Kindred Garage and Appliance Nlelhoffs Supe r Mark et Quality Cleaners C. Harris, Owner lvlidwest-Beach Company Ray' s Service Station Nli ller Beauty Shop Reck's Furniture Store and Funeral Horne lxiiller Cornrnunity Oil Co. Rev Electric Cooperative Ass'n. Miller Freezing Plant Rancho Western Wear Nliller Rexall Drug Sisk Standard Service Miller Livestock and Auction Co. Smart-form Corset Shop .M Miller lviachine Shop Stobbs Oil and Sales CO. Miller Press? Snow White Lunc h Miller Tire Shop Tri-State Insulation Co. Namanny Cafe Osliorn's Super lxiarl-cet Wilber's Feed and Seed Store S. B. Wilkinson, O. D. lvlerrill W. Pzingliurn, NLD. Walt's Market Pantry Lunch D, C, lvK.ilSll Attorney :mt Law Prince-:ss Thezitrm- 71-iigler lx'13tur Co, Pugh's Elle-ftric .M-ns :und Cariiplwll Lmekr-r 2 gf , 3 Qu' Il M. ,.v 8. Smiles Mmm Mmm WOW lv1arilyn7 '? 7 14. George Ardean Rosella G br' S' 4'ix an ood? L Nc I Q., In Q 'Q .. , uf, V1 ' -M is Ji . -, x "1 1 .1 . " J in 6. Q 'A 'Ffa 1. rf C 'I X. Ex 55 - 'f , ,Lk 5 : 5 S 1' -.. u.,,, ye what 1 tg was .."3n.,, 4,-. ' Ln ' .1 fp -T3 ,Aff ,..A, 1 J '-"f ,, ,. f E. 15' ra X '. - mf- 1 -. 5' ., . '3 f 4, L .',w ,fir P fx V - , Mg 'X A A ff yy." " N ,-vf-Ai.,-Q ,,f-n ,-w.vf- wg? 1 '-:ff -d"'Ww , wx WP 4- 1:'f"7.-L ff'

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