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D. QMQZLJMLJLQJ School Song - - l959 Cheer, cheer For old Midland High, Shake down the thunder from the sky, Send our volly cheer on high, Shake down the thunder from the sky. What though the odds be great or small, Old Midland High will win over all, While her loyal sons are marching Onward to victory. Rah! Rah! Rah! Onward Midland, onward Midland, Fight right down that line, Toss the ball right in the basket, One goes sure this time. ' Rah! Rah! Rah! Onward Midland, onward Midland, Fight, fight, for your Fame, Fight, fellows, fight, fight, fight, We'll win this game. Half W XML MMM fill of QM 'Z7' !?,6 Seni0r's Farewell May, l9l6 Farewell, Farewell old Midland High School! Four happy years we've spent with you We go to hunt for harbors new. And now out on life's stormy waters Q3 From chums and classmates must we sever And all the joys of High School life We leave behind, as out we journey To take our places amid the strife. But fear not, dear old Midland High School That we will ne'er remember you For all your joys and strifes, and struggles With tender memories will we view. Wfwsff 697 'P lg in 'ws lq Q I N w N X XXX 1 xXx-N X , x X XX i it .pi-Q2 I-I ggi f"'-2. 59' 514' 4 X E 224' ,:f E? ... .- f,,,v'Z N X x f? 52? -2 gif, 2 J r Published by the Senior Class and Class Representatives Midland High School Midland, South Dakota 1 x X X X x X X - X Q1 N will FX 1-1.13 --W N ,f zg,,,'2j94-1 X-.,fs.X!--'..'f..-5 f 2 Z X ij 5 X! mga n 4 Foreword THE CLASS OF 1959 .......... as the most recent group to be numbered among the ranks of MHS Alumni, believes that each class holds the same feelings toward its -Ima mater as we. Thus in an attempt to bring them closer to us, and the school closer to them, we have turned to the written and pictorial history of our school. Our work was fascinating. The material loaned to us by so many people made the selection of the historical markers difficult. WE COULD NOT HOPE .......... to publish a complete memory book . We have tried only to present our school--YOUR SCHOOL--as it is now, and was then . T I' n T ll 1 l - I l .lvl - . l A' S T V ' wi ldv iii .- V T ii h If y y ., ,', I',q MJ 4 pi l t' r p if M f " hx -l will 5 :ji ll f ' ISM", lxl,lf ,l l I l my Qi '-' Ill l H vi U ii ll? . i 1 1yl,1I' ll T , , H . T em i 'Cir ' l lml lt it W ' W l ' HAM 1' l l 'flu ' flfl lllivllk l ill 'jill 'i all T lygliy lll i' 1 llllv Tl' :ll W l" if , We 'rl 'Vll V -fl f',, MMT i-Pri? gi l l I i . -Qi x. Arif Q7 iiiur.. Dedication T0 ALL ALUMNI .......... who have traveled "up the hill"---a hill of knowledge-- l e of memories traditions defeats and victories, but a so on , , happy days, pleasant associations, and lasting friendships. TO ALL FACULTY .......... present or past, who have striven to impart the fundamental ' ' ' ' f the facts and to guide and Lnspire their students to aim or "top" and to do it honestly, courageously, and with regard for their fellow man. TO ALL PARENTS ...... whose loving care an gui 1 g member of the MHS family a more abundant, richer life. d 'd'n influence has given to every TO THE COMMUNITY .......... which, without its support, the school would be unable to attain its goals or achieve its purposes . THE CLASS OF '59 .......... dedicate this anniversary annual as a tribute to all of you who have, through fifty years, trod the halls of MHS and who have ' ' 'nformation and so willingly contributed pictures, money, i erha s most valuable of all, your enthusiastic support of P P I this proiect. May this annual bring many happy moments of reading, looking, and remembering. WE LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Nemec, K . Olesen, D . Coffey, R. Hunt, President, J . Saucerman, Secretary, R. Prokop, Advisor, J . Nemec, J . Hunt, C. Snoolc. CC 9 Ggfl.-zcdfnf gylrvjffnfcl liium . . ywowzofv llflfilfliflillj . . fl 6114, VIYQVLOOA. I fer xf.. f 1 ...N -W-f-M-ef N-f 4 The STLDENT COIN- CIL was organized with Superintendent Prokop as advisor, Roy Hunt President, and Joy Saucerman Secretary- Treasurer. Three mem- bers are chosen from the senior and imior classes, two from the sophomores , and one from the fresh- men. The council was responsible for the Christmas party and sending students to Driver's Conference. SEATED: Left to Right: C. Nemec, R. Hunt, M. Gillaspie, Editor, L. Nemec, Co-Editor, J. Fosheim, B. Dinsmcre, R. Abel. STANDING: K. Abel, Mrs. Haddock, Advisor, L. Merkle, S . Dennis, G . Wheeler, S . Meyers, T. Fosheim, K. Wheeler, C. Snook. As in previous years, the ANNUAL STAFF is composed of all the seniors plus two members from each ofthe lower classes. The Viking is entirely self supporting . Funds were raised through local ads, the pageant, and sale of annuals. OFFICE SECRETARIES, Maureen Gillaspie and Laurel Merkle assist Superintendent Prokop with the administrative duties. 4 x R. X.. X H . Sirk Z! .X f 65, - 'A' K' " sw-- 'Q V ,X:x twig'-.ext xxx , , 'H I M fjff'0w,1'1 7 ,, t ww Ml A A , 1 t i ENG if i I X 3 i ,Q ' t xi-'QSX--H Ib jr lx V ',. gif , Qilvi A , j lk o 3 ,wi 'NX -if X i I .isle-r sxX,,g.hY-XM f X h i X 5 M iff? 1 7, I E Wi Vt i w Y if W +4214 ,XX X Xe Xx xf' i 522- 4 1,2 HGVISOU ' ii i, so X? , . , s Six ' V no 'Z , If ' fi ii' ' XXX 'l 6 If Af' Table of Contents r i ' f , W Faculty page 5 S A , Seniors 9 V! Underclassmen I7 ' 'I , Sports 21 i Activities 27 V Grades 43 t Alumni 49 , X! X X .XM WS X XX Ni7 1 SUPERINTENDENT R. F. PROKOP MRS. ROBERT PROKOP First Semester Genera Science Biology Algebra Office Second Semester Genera Shop Biology Algebra Office LL ,Aff mi1fLi5limrfz'01fL . . . . First Semester Second Semester Genera Business Business Arithmetic English I English I English II English ll English lll English lll Chorus Chorus LHZZZS M11 glfllilflf fAr01f19 gmc ancfzz, im, imlfion. MRS. ELSIE HADDOCK RONALD MARSHALL First Semester Second Semester First Semester Wor d Geography Wor d Geography Government Business Arithmetic Bookkeeping Economics Typing I Typing I and ll English IV Journalism Journalism I and ll U. S . History G irls' Physical Education Bays' Athletics Second Semester Int. Re ations General Science Speech U . S . History Boys' Athletics x, W ',::'....."r--s ,........--- """',...."Z--""""' ,,,,..,....- ,..........-Q ,..........---s fmue,isw4.t-:zf..z for A LUCILLE STICKLER MARY MARSHALL Grades 7 8 8 Grades 5 8. 6 BOARD OF EDUCATION Superintendent R. F. Prokopy CorolScl1illing, Treasurer Mctlwildc Dinsmore, Arlene Pefoske, Harold Joy, president NOT PICTURED: Zone Zeiman, clerkj Cliff Phillips Kennerh Anderson . Q Z E . Bi am! ckwfffion OLGA MEYERS THELMA FULLER Grades 3 81 4 Grades l 8. 2 1 v---..... ...ss lst and 2nd Grade Room 3rd and 4th Grade Room 5TI'1 and 6th Grade Room 7th and 8th Grade Room Shop Room P . T. A . Panel i Typing Room Mrs. Prokop's Room jfibclfthy A678195 141557 I LL. i'M'A'i3'fe :Q: Working On The Viking Voice My 3mm The power of a man increases steadily by con- tinuance in one direction.---Emerson . N, 'lc X X , nf 71 I ' Me X1o5N'0 i"'xxZ..""... nb -15 09" , ' V Nr x I Q 1 A " 0 4 EL ' CAN NK Q 50 Ei G -f U Q1 ,VOMQA yF6Ll"Z5 . . grardmafpd Amid! Mm fwyoe 0 f0lfVLOl"l"0M!- MAUREEN GILLASPIE "Eenie" ANNUAL EDITOR Chorus l,2,3,45 Accompanist 45 Library 1,25 Annual Staff 1,3,45 Editor 45 Newspaper 1,2,3,45 Class Queen 25 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 One-Act Play 25 Declam 1,35 Pep Club 1,2,35 Class Ot1icer1,2,3,4 ..... LAUREL MHTKLE "Peanut" NEWSPAPER EDITOR One-Act Play 25 President 1,3,45 Annual Staff 2,45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Girls' State 35 Newspaper Staff1,2,3,45 Editor 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Declam l,2,35 Library 1,25 Class Queen 15 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 D . A. R. Representative. Sponsored by THOMAS E. GILLASPIE MARGARET FLOM "Peggy" Pep Club l,2,3,45 Chorus 'l,2,3,45 Secretary 35 Student Council 2,3545 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Newspaper Staff 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Typing Contest, Quinn 3,4 .... GLORIA DENNIS "Sadie" Pep Club l,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Annual Staff 45 Library l,25 News- paper Staff 2,3,45 Girls' Physical Education 4. ROBERT ABEL "Bob" Newspaper Staff 'I,2,3,45 Basketball i,2,3,45 Class King 15 Senior Play 1,45 Junior Play 35 One-Act Play 25 Grade B .B . Coach 35 Vice President 35 Annual Staff 45 B . B . Captain 4. . . LEROY HUNT "Roy" Annual Staff 1,45 Class King 35 Student Council 2,3,45 Council President 45 Newspaper Staff l,3,45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 One-Act Play 25 Class President 25 Boys' State 35 Football 2,35 Basketball l,2,3,4. Sponsored by THE OKATON STATE BANK WILMA ABEL "Kay" One-Ac? Play 25 Chorus i,2,35 Library l,25 Newspaper Staff 2,3,45 Declam 25 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Pep Club l,2,35 Annual Staff 45 Treasurer 'l .... JUDITH FOSHEIM "Judy" Chorus l,2,3,45 Secretary 15 Class Queen 35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Cheerleader l,2,3,45 Newspaper Staff l,2,3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Girls' Physical Education 4. BLAINE DINSMORE "Dinny" Newspaper Staff l,2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Baskefball l,2,3,45 Football 35 Track l,2,35 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Boys' Stare Alternate laffended session, 35 Class King 4 .... CHRISTINE NEMEC "Chris" Chorus l,2,3,45 One-Act Play 25 Class Queen 45 Srudent Council 2,3,45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Vice President 45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Declam 1,25 Newspaper Staff l,2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Girls' Stare Alfemafe 35 Girls' Physical Education 4. sponsored by THE STROPPEL HOTEL l959 SENIOR CLASS LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Abel, Kay Abel, Christine Nemec, Maureen Gillaspie, Blaine Dinsmore, Roy Hunt Judy Fosheim Sadie Dennis Laurel Merkle Peggy Flom, Mrs. Elsie Haddock, Sponsor. Class Poem We are fifty years down the line ln this new year of '59 And in this good old Midland School, Ten good members have passed the rule. First of all comes Bobby Abel And on his sweater he has a label. Very active, but a little small, He won this letter in Basketball. Kay Abel with her background so fair Will be off to a salon to work on hair. Fix it up plretty, and comb it nice. lf it isn't too difficult, she'll follow advice. Sadie Dennis with her bright remark In her happy daysf sang like a lark. Now with a diploma that she has won A good job will be waiting for her to come. Blaine Dinsmore, a comical clown Never in a lake will jump to drown. He'll be a mechanic and work on his car And tend to his farm, that's better by far. Peggy Flom, a girl of delight Never too often did she get in a Fight. Yet she is quiet, quick and smart, Has to life given a good start. by Blain Dinsmore Judy Foshiem, as all can see ls as happy as can be. A neighbor has won her heart And soon, she hopes, they will never part. Maureen Gillaspie with knowledge and cheer Works an so easily her last year. Of all the twelve terms she has gone, l know she never was in the wrong. And now Roy Hunt we must mention The home guard gives him a small pension. He studies a little now and then, He is the tallest of our ten. Laurel Merkle, Editor will be Of the New York Times, you wait and see! She to the Eastern states will go Make Midland's name famous, that l know! Christine Nemec with a mind of her own Does her work willingly without a groan. Through a nurse's school she will get her training Then to a hospital her desire will be aiming. Now that we are gone from school, Our little "cherubs" will join the rule They will pass the twelve years too, Start their youngsters as me and you. THE SENIORS OF 1959 AS THEY APPEARED WHEN THEY STARTED SCHOOL IN i947 FRONT ROW: Left to Right: G . Dennis ill, L. Merkle ill, L. Foster ill, D. Massey ill, A. lllian ill, D. Rhodes 121, K. Calhoon ill, M. Gillaspie ill, M. Calhoon 121, D . Dunsmore l2l. BACK ROW: R. Huntfll, L. Fosterflj, B. Dinsmore ill, R. Sheeley TZQ, L. Merkle Ui, E. Langaas T2l, J . Peters ill, B . Ugland ill. Four of the original class attended school together throughout their l2 years of school . Here they pose as high school graduates with their first grade teacher, Mrs. Noble. Class History When the old school bell rang out for the first time in the fall of l947, twelve little first graders excitedly entered the halls ofthe Midland Independent School. They were Maureen Gillespie, Laurel Merlcle, Karol Calhoon, Anita lllian, Donna Massey, Leola Foster, Leslie Foster, Roy Hunt, Gloria Dennis, Blaine Dinsmore, John Peters, and Bobby Ugland. Mrs. Frances Noble was their teacher. The second grade was under the direction of Miss Chamberlain. Bobby Ugland dropped out and moved to Pierre. Joining the class was Charles Holden. Mary Lou Hagen enrolled in grade three while Charles Holden and Leola Foster dropped out. Mrs. Frances Noble again was the teacher. The fourth grade gained Sharon Whistler. Charles Holden reioined the class and Gloria Dennis left to attend school in the country. They also lost Leslie Foster. Mrs. Whidby lShawl was instructor. In the fifth year, the same group retumed and a new student, Donna Bedner, entered . Mrs . Haddock and Mrs . Zane Zeiman each taught a half day. Miss Betty Anderson was the sixth grade teacher. Charles Spradlin ioined the class and Donna Bedner moved to the country. The students had their first male instructor, Mr. Fred Beers, in grade seven . The last grade school teacher was Mr. John Bride. That year Donna Massey and Karol Calhoon attended a country school. In the fall of 1955, 12 green Freshies started their climb for a higher education. The Midland Eighth Grade group was increased by Donna Massey, Judy Fosheim, Margaret Flom, G loriakDennis, and Christine Nemec who came in from the country. Bobby and Kay Abel came to MHS from Murdo, and Gene Jones transferred from Floydada, Texas, at the beginning of the second semester. Johnny Peters dropped out in January. Mr. Leighty was the class sponsor. Laurel Merkle and Bobby Abel were Camival King and Queen Candidates. In the Sophomore year Mr. Heilig was the class sponsor. Twelve freshmen were initiated in October. Seven of the class and one freshman took part in the One-act Plays. The cast was thrilled to win a plaque for first place at the regional contest. This first place gave them the opportunity to enter the state competition at Mitchell. The name of the play was "I'm A Fool," and was under the direction of Mrs. Clay Bumpass . Due to illness, Anita Illian was forced to give up her studies. The second semester Donna Massey became Mrs. Dean Neilson . Gene Jones and Maureen Gillaspie were Carnival King and Queen Candidates. The busiest year in school came when they were Juniors . The responsibility of the Camival and Prom fell on their shoulders. Roy Hunt and Judy Fosheim were Carnival King and Queen candidates. December 11, was set as the date for the Junior play, "Here Come the Brides," under the direction of Mrs . Prokop. The theme of the prom was Candyland. It was held April 18. Hal Stewart provided the music . Government Day in Philip was attended in April by the class. Laurel Merkle was chosen Girls' Stater with Christine Nemec as alternate. Roy Hunt was chosen Boy Stater but Blaine Dinsmore, alternate, attended. Mr. Prokop was the class advisor. Gene Jones left MHS early in the Senior year to attend school in Philip. First prize in the Free Day parade for having the best High School float was won by these Seniors . They also received first prize for the best float in the parade. This netted them S15.00. Christine Nemec and Blaine Dinsmore were Carnival King and Queen candidates. The Bingo Stand won second prize at the Camival . On October 25, the Senior Class and their sponsor Mrs. Elsie Haddock, journeyed to Brookings to attend the South Dakota High School Press Association Meeting. College Day in Pierre was attended on November 21 . The annual staff, which consists of the entire Senior Class, sponsored an Alumni Banquet and Fifty Year Pageant depicting the 50 years at MHS . On April 15 they presented their Senior Class Play, "Off The Track ." lt was under the direction of Mr. Marshall. The Class left for Skip Day on May 8 and returned on May 9. Baccalaureate was held on May 17, and Commencement May 22 . The graduating class of 1959 consists of Bob Abel, Kay Abel, Judy Fosheim, Gloria Dennis, Margaret Flom, Laurel Merkle, Maureen Gillaspie, Christine Nemec, Blaine Dinsmore, and Roy Hunt. Roy, Laurel, Maureen, and Blaine are the only ones who have been classmates during the entire twelve years . TWELVE YEAR STUDENTS--Maureen Gillaspie, Roy Hunt, Blaine Dinsmore, Laurel Merkle. Class Will Be it remembered that We, The Senior Class of Midland High School in the Commonwealth ofSouth Dakota, being of sound mind and memory make this our Last Will and Testament. After payment of our just debts and graduation charges, we bequeath and devise the following: To the Juniors, we will our ambition and our long skip day. To the Sophomores, especially the boys, we will our ability to get along with the teachers. To the Freshmen, we will our good behavior. I, Blaine Dinsmore, will my '47 Chevy to Ruby and Vincent to drive to school next year. I, Sadie Dennis, will my wisecracks to Ruby Dinsmore . l, Peggy Flom, will my quietness to Dick Coffey. l, Judy Fosheim, will my diamond to Shirley Sammons. I, Bob Abel, will to Tom Lammon my ability to crawl through the office window. I, Laurel Merkle, will to Beverly Sheeley my ability to remember where I put all the newspaper material. l, Maureen Gillaspie, will my office job to anyone brave enough to attempt it. Christine Nemec, will to Audrey my ability to keep Leo under control. Kay Abel, will my brace to any underclassman who is willing to wear it. l, Roy Hunt, will to Dick Coffey my ability to get into fights with the coach. I, If Prophecy It was the year T969. Graduates of the l959 Senior Class of Midland High School held a reunion at the Mrs. Ernest D . Nemec ranch 8 miles north of Midland. Mrs. Nemec is the former Laurel Merkle, who is home on vacation from her iob in New York . She is traveling editor of the famous New York Times Magazine . One ofthe first to arrive were Mr. and Mis. Leroy Hunt. They just drove in from Washington D . C . with their five children. Roy is head Draftsman for the new White House and Mrs. Hunt is the former Christine Nemec who is supervising nurse at the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington . Mrs. Morris Sandal arrived in her battered up old pickup. She is the former Judy Fosheim now living in Hayes. Gloria Dennis and Margaret Flom arrived at l:45 in their chartered airplane. They are both secretaries at the Transcontinental World Air Lines. Blaine Dinsmore pulled up in his 1947 Hot Rod. Blaine is head mechanic at the Nowlin Garage. Maureen Gillaspie and Kay Abel arrived together by car. Maureen is Dean of the Women's Dormitory at Black Hills Teachers College. Kay is head beautician at the famous Sheraton Johnson Hotel in Rapid City. Last, but not least, to arrive was Bob Abel. Bob, a famous baseball announcer, was late because he had to announce the last game of the World Series to his Yankee fans . incidentally the New York Yankees defeated the Milwaukee Braves in the best of 7 games for the World's Championship . At the close of the enioyable two-day reunion we parted, hoping to meet again in future years . xfimggr loaf ..... VL fafma momenb . .. ffniom and loaf ..... ? waste time oi the fountain ..... read Ann Landers look natural ..... become engaged .... puff on Dcd's pipe... kj' Wife.- it'--.T 'Q 12 f s K it Assembly looks like a busy place. The World Geography students hope for "A's ack ,j'CLCA.fl.0VL5 .... A . Z y L0 LVL fA0 Lanc 5 0 lflflfllflf 0616 UM . . K vw-mass., -MW.. ws t .,, ""'r:Pw L. K, o , if vu 0 an Animal specimens are examined by a few "biologists" and Mr. Prokop. Questions puzzle the International Relations Class. Mrs. Haddock shows Kathryn how to do it. The Typing I Class gets set for a time test. my V . Al.- leli, 1 ' 2 2 . I - 0' ,,,,...,..- ' l1sf"'I . 1 i was H, ,f- W., . ssrs .. MN - .2 ' ' ' . ,.i1,, K WW, f,iA , .Q .K ,,, iw. .. ..f.,. V S Qi 4 -..., , ..,.,. . 'wmv' A-J ' Sponsored by ERVIN SHEELEY, your STANDARD OIL AGENT TWD f X TEDDY HUNT SONIA MEYERS We DICK COFFEY Treasurer JOY SAUCERMAN TOM LAMMON lmsszaw vu'Cn!mmnx'nuwilr4ls!'n SHIRLEY SAMMONS ANI-I-A IL'-IAN KIT BRIDE ffm JULVLLOVJ BEVERLY SHEELEY LESLIE FOSTER Secretary President MRS. PROKOP, Sponsor MARY LOU FOSTER T r S r r IX JERRY NEMEC Vice President LARRY LARS O N , ?'g,..,:.. fQ rf,s. e1,efr , .'s2IIw',!I'II.'x. - f S- . Qsfixyrfgs . f zz! V ,ei-,':f1',I,'jfHfI'I? ef S' K' "jim-IQ! ' . Q 1 i'iIIf:If 'Z'I7'f .W 52-11: . I . X.. . 'IN 5 I LEO NEMEC II 3 ai' Sponsored by C. E. McKlNLEY INSURANCE AGENCY KAY WHEELER PATTY NEMEC MARGARET SCHILLING CAROL SCHOFIELD GENE SNOOK MR. MARSHALL, Sponsor EAQ 0lfVL0l"Q5 FAYE HUNT NELDA JONES A Vz Q W 8 Q ww "Q 'ld' A nf ,wx ' --QQ - 'i'o N 2 ' -v-f",,. 1L?'o lA,', v - , ' - ' 7 ' 53 ,g ff i A 32 F fig 4? s 5 A' ' .. 5 E? ::,,,. f 3 33 3 23555 S f 1.5 ff' A 1 Z I f 5' 5, :if 5 "3 Ti ' V Q' ' A -sv T , EF" V W" ., K-,vm 1-f 9 - ,. .ff 1' f f f ff , f f,. 1. . ,,.. . . M. X .,,, 1 new Q -ff 1 H 15,1-Us 3 mf- 5 QV f 'W 1- - 'gf' U,11Hfzizs.- ' :ff - ?'?: A pi: A , A , 3, 1 ii - 'L 'Q--sm U V ' 'Y 1' Vfiiffili U 2,m:,9f:aQ115mX+Q,,. ' -' , ,, ,E . Q- -i my 1 1 J 4 gn-up CARL SNOOK Presidenf I n if . - s3 I 1 3 iie I Q l 1 DANIEL ROOT LARRY ROOT me Ejl"815AIfIfL8IfL JEANNENE JARMAN Vice President 2 Wa 'hull' I 'EL S A,i , ggi LARRY NEMEC , ii 'Rii v L 'WR m i ROGER SCHWALM GALE WHEELER Secretory 5 ' if - jziffj, I I fr V A- I , ,.,. iiiiii I ii kai, , I QW ' 3 ML, I 4 L V1 if I I F mg. ,-,,,- 55 ., 'L rwfs?1 lrs5 ,--"1 'S PHILIP MEYERS Treasurer 3 .r--,.. ur we wr "I " I P' x ,g ,S +I A 'IM QNem'f:f" 1 at X W xx Q xg A 4 Q , . W . f. I3 1 inks We 'i' M ., g fish H I N +3 Qs ww wig ng N 1 ,-1 iff aw I fi' :w,L,..z- If . vfiwgeiggs? f21gv5'2 Sk MARY ANNE CONKLIN AUDREY NEMEC RUBY DINSMORE EDWARD FLOM RICHARD NEMEC , ee gi I 4, ab . pf ' I ,K I Ni! A my 5 H h , . - f::" is ,'.- ps :mx 152251.--1-eq ,N . I ,Q I I an 1 J ,I M Vis 2 ,Pk by H - W., I , V I W gg wa 2:1 see: 1 rr, -f ,Q " - an rig fff I , .. ' max'-i -.1 JAMES FOSTER , 5, ,Mfr 1 , f- i-1111 , - hi I '33 cr:-f-:' 5 :Z rr.-gk re- DAVID CALHOON Superintendent R. F. PROKOP, S ponsor A Q WD 6, i I .V S N 1916 .... ef? FRANK MILES LEONARD WALKER 52045 . .. Wang my cenfmry M L61 Ulm? Som-f. .. During the early years of MHS participation in sports, basketball games consisted of intramural contests held in the upstairs portion ofa structure then located at the site ofthe Standard garage now owned by Harold Joy. It was not until 1921, under the direction of Mr. R. V . Eckman that interscholastic sports were inaugurated and became a vital part of the high school activity . The school supported eleven-man football teams during the 20's and early 30's with the exception ofa few years when no contests were scheduled. The fall of 1938 ushered in the six-man team with Art Jones as coach . In this first year the squad completed an undefeated season, outscoring Kacloka, Philip, Okaton, and Wall. Changing to an eight-man game in 1956, the Vikings continued in this division until 1958-'59. No team was organized during the current season. MHS has sponsored basketball teams each year. ABE B. Abel, L. Foster, R. Hunt, B. Dinsmore, D. Coffey, R. Marshall in Z?a5LeIfdaf ..... Basketball, the only sport in which Midland High School participated during the l958-'59 term, was coached by Ronald Marshall. Twenty boys reported, including Five lettermen. During the season, the Vikings won 6 and lost lb. Contests consisted of IO conference games from which Midland emerged in Fifth place . The record was 3 wins and 7 losses . Two games were lost by l point and one by 2 points. In a Thanksgiving tourna- ment at Quinn, November 28, the Vikings won the opener with Wall in an overtime 42-39 contest, but lost to Quinn in the finals. The District toumament, February 26-28 consisted of seven teams, creating a bye which was drawn by Midland. Philip defeated MHS in the first game, and in the play off for fourth place, Interior squeezed by the home team by a one- point margin . Co-captains for the '58-'59 season were senior guard, Bob Abel, and junior forward, Leslie Foster. Highest scoring players were Roy Hunt, Blaine Dinsmore and Leslie Foster. 'N wsu . COFF DINZ F UZZ Saw-f , 2- " ww- , P1,,,, , . 1-W, ,'1. v -as 'we' 1 l w Y w w Y 4 Y Y N L. Rooi, J. Nemec, T. Lammon, T. Hunt, D. Calhoon. POP EYE LOUSE BLJM i i CAPTAIN JUDY CHEERLEADERS: LEFT TO RIQHI: J . Jarman, P. Nemec, S. Scmmons, J. Fosheim. SECOND ROW: B. Sheeley, G . Wheeler, K. Roof, R. Dinsmore, A. Nemec, M. Foster. THIRD ROW: C. Schofield, K . Olesen, G . Snoolc, S . Meyers, T. Fosheim, K . Wheeler, M. Schilling. FOURTH ROW: A. llliun, C. Nemec, S. Dennis, .l . Anderson, L. Merlcle, J . Soucermon. is. 5 SHIRLEY A JEANNENE PATTY S .. Jecnnene Jurmon , Puffy Nemec, Shirley Sommons, Judy Fosheim yfIfL0lfL CHEERLEADERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Jarman P Nemec S Sammons J Fasheim SECOND ROW B Abel E Flom T Hunt D Calhoon, C. Snook. THIRD ROW: J. Nemec T Lammon K Foster R Hunt B Dlnsmore L Root R H Marshall Coach FOURTH ROW: L. Nemec, D. Coffey, P. Meyers, Manager L Larson J Hunt The year for the first time, "tryouts" for cheerlead- ing positions were held. Any girl wishing to participate could demonstrate her ability. A cheerleader was then chosen by each class. Judy Fosheim, Shirley Sammons, Patty Nemec, and Jeannene Jarman were elected . Judy, a senior, served as captain. A Pep Club was organized to assist the cheerleaders in yelling and to assure them of their support at the games . Practice was held after school. Action photos picture the district tournament game with Philip Ulightl, contest with Presho lost by two points fBelowlp and the win from Interior fLower Centerl . Lettermen, all who participated in MHS athletics, boys. The cheerleaders traditionally prepare the and faculty were honored guests at a banquet held tdale decorations and favors . A short program followed in St. Philomena's hall. the meal. Talks by students and members of the This event, held annually during the past nine faculty were given. years, is planned and sponsored by the mothers of the an in aflrdfic acfiuifiw. GIRLS' BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Left to Right: L. Jones, S . Ellis, N . Schofield, M. Nemec, S . Hanson, J. Schwulm. SECOND ROW: S . Joy, B. Schilling, J. Saucerman, M. Foster, J . Jarman, L. Anderson, S . Anderson. THIRD ROW: E. Haddock, Coach, M. Schilling, K. Wheeler, K. Olesen, T, Fosheim, S . Meyers, G. Snook, J . Anderson, J , Fosheim, B . Sheeley. FOURTH ROW: R. Dinsmore, P. Nemec, A. Nemec, G . Wheeler, C. Nemec, S . Sammons, K. Root. "High School Hoboes" invaded the homes of Midland residents during the early years of MHS history. A warm spring day, near the end of the school term, ushered in this "big event." Towns- men were warned by advance notices stating the date of the "invasion." Students and faculty, equally enthusiastic, entered into the spirit of the day. Sometime before noon, these hoboes dressed in rags and tatter., visited the homes of the villagers to find delicious ' hobo fare" ready and waiting. Assembling in a shady area along Bad River, the picnickers spent a wonderful day, shared a bounti- ful meal, and departed with pleasant memories. The "best dressed" were awarded prizes for their efforts. This traditional event was abandoned near the end of the 20's and other activities took its place . "Hark, hark! The dogs do bark! The hobos are loose in the town . Some in rags, some in tags, And some in velvet gowns." .A47A065-.j6lfLg:5- ULQQVLJ . . . WLGLVCA 6!0bUlfL dA? 190985 .fi idlfory. Carnival day with merrymaking and booths, started in l932, is now an annual MHS activity. Held since then, during the autumn months and somewhat changed in form, it has come to be a gala event that is anticipated by stu- dents and community. Per- haps one of the more important modifications is the election of royalty. In the fall of l935, Clara Fosheim, now Mrs. Roy Roseth, became the first car- nival queen. The following year a king was elected for the first time.. ln l958, Sonia Meyers and Jerry Nemec, Jr. reigned. It is interesting to note that Sonia is the niece of Mrs. Roseth . jf R f,'1 1 All King Jerry and Queen Sonia leave the Royal Court s anuewtunmmfimf is Queen Sonia crowns Sr. Princess, Christine Nemec ,. it 7 A 1, Sonia Meyers and Jerry Nemec, Junior Candidates, were crowned Carnival King and Queen for the yea: i958-'59 at the annual event held since 1932. Attendants were KLEFT TO RIGHTJ Elves--Harlur Schwalm, Budd Woitte. FIRST ROW: Gordon Hunt, Suzannah Marshall, Queen Sonia, King Jerry, Shar Stroppel, Delilsiie Slammons. SECOND ROW: Audrey MAOJKQWJ fA8IfVL8 :5Qf:5 5f6LgQ luv' Ili Q 1 m, Woodland elves search for King and Queen. emec ffreshmonj, Kathryn Olesen fsophomorej, Christine emec fseniarj, Blaine Dinsmore fseniorj, Jerry Hunt tphomorel , Larry Root ffreshmani NOT PICTUZED: Junior xlimer. Each MHS class nominates its candidates for the honor. .the coming weeks the classes sell votes. The winner is termined by the number of tickets sold. Mm attendants await traditional ceremony Dick Coffey gives present to Kang Jerry or fwenlfy-Miro! coronafion . vt is I , vi V -1 W Q' 5 Queen Sonia and King Jerry happy over their victory, pose for the Camera. gr, wfmx Everyone ovidly watches during the TV skit. Joy Saucerman, wearing Pearl Maclsen's Prom dress, and Sonia Meyers modeling Mrs. Winifred Zeimann's block "creation," typify the 2O's. Laurel Merkle models Hattie Nordstrom's wedding dress during the i920 Style Show. ,fdmicf mvwic om yoageoanlfry Fifty years of MHS were reviewed March 7, i959 through a Pageant produced by the members of the annual staff, assisted by the entire high school. With narrator Bob Abel, providing at historical background, cowboy scenes of the olden days, styles through the years, square and modern dancing, skits and imitations carried an audience through a half century of memories. With director Mrs . Prokop Maureen Gillaspie enacts a typical i in the 20' if Tina Fosheim models basketball bloomers worn S S sf-ff:-W ,.v,,,f up ws l Mrs. Taggor1's graduation dress is worn by Gene Snook . ca' mmm mea! JCAUQK Jaw. and accompanist Mrs. H . J . Madsen, the high school chorus provided appropriate theme music. The artistic and constructive talents of Roy Hunt and Leo Nemec created interesting backdrops. Elsie Haddock, annual advisor, and Maureen Gillaspie, editor, were in charge of the production. John Gillaspie opens the Memory Album revealing a 1900 wedding scene portrayed by Gene Snook, wearing her grandmother's wedding dress. Judy Anderson dons "tie and taiIs" to become the groom. Hawaiian dancers, Kit Bride and Patty Nemec, help re- veal the bombing of Pearl Harbor and usher in the World World II era. first day-of-school scene of l909. The cowboys of 1902, dressed in western garb, sing around the campfire. mm, , K ff, Q fx f' A Chinese Pagoda decorates the head table. 5 fo s Q. we Dancers swing to Hal Stewart's music. i Punch servers, David Calhoon and Mary Ann Conklin wait for their First customer. SZ The 1959 Junior-Senior Prom was held May l. The Juniors decorated the Legion Hall with Chinese murals and lanterns to carry out the theme of "Shangrila." Students go "round and round" during G rand March . angrifa 50ffilfLg LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Nemec, Michael and Maureen Gillaspie . x A Chinese wishing well serves as a punch bowl. Panels of Chinese dragons decorate the walls. Aigleggizlfd Aloring 0l"WL6L A Torii enhances the banquet entrance. Mrs. Haddock and Mrs. Prokop pose in the riclcshaw BACK ROW: Left to Right: A. Illian, J. Nemec, L. Larson, T. Hunt, B. Sheeley, S. Meyers, S. Sammons, T. Lemmon, J. Saucerman. SEATED: M. Foster, L. Nemec, D . Coffey, L. Foster. Kit Bride is not pictured. Quarreiing maids, Sonia and Shirley, are "af ii" again. vmiom yoredenf ZAR OI' UQ H Joy--as Dorina Apple, and Anita--as Flossy Kissinger, await fhe curtain cali On the night of performance, Mrs. Prokop applies make-up to Ted Hunt for his role of Obediah Bartlett. Leo Nemec, disguised as a woman, furns to receive lost minute instruct- ions during dress rehearsal. Sonia Meyers and Shirley Sammons pause in their house cleaning duties to lend an ear. "An Apple For Eve," was presented by the Junior Class on November 21. The three-act comedy was com- posed ofthe entire Junior Class, and was under the direction of Mrs. Prokop. Parts were portrayed by Anita lllian, Flossie Kissinger, Jerry Nemec, Ted Wyatt, Lan'y Larson, Officer McGonigle, Ted Hunt, Obediah Bartlett, Beverly Sheeley, Sally, Sonia Meyers, Maudie, Shirley Sammons, Tabitha, Tom Lammon, Slug, Joy Saucerman, Dorinda, Mary Lou Foster, Eve, Leo Nemec, Johnny, Dick Coffey, Bill Apple, and Les Foster, Omega, Kit Bride, Sis Judkins. Beverly Sheeley lmpersonates Bill Apple . 1 Dick Coffey plays the shy Hillbilly Bill Apple. Joy as Dorina Apple, and Sonia as Maudie, review their lines. if f 'HPQWA1 rrwsv sw - in sv-.-1 .l SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAST: Left to Right: Bob Abel, Leslie Foster liunion, Roy Hunt, Christine Nemec, Leo Nemec ljuniorl,Laurel Merkle, Sadie Dennis, Margaret Flom, Judy Fosheim, Kay Abel, Maureen Gillaspie, Kathryn Oleson lsophomorej, Blaine Dinsmore . 'Maman Garino quiets the bambino. P-GPEYSS T Q? mior pfaiy UM Mm jaw 77 "Ott the Track," presented by the Senior class on April l5, was directed by Mr. Ronald Marshall, speech instructor. The cast consisted ofthe entire senior class and three underclassmen. The three-act comedy took place in an old railroad station, where the oassengers took refuge after the derailment of the train. Station handy man, Bob Abel, Stokes the stove mr 'izs1mmawwssi i FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Audrey Nemec lfreshmanj, Kathryn Olesen lsophomorel, Karen Root lsophomorej . SECOND ROW: Jeannene Jarman lfreshmanl, Mrs. Prolcop, Coach, Gale Wheeler ffreshmanj . WAS gyoomom sibecfamafion Qfogram Five girls, under the direction of Mrs. Prokop, participated in the declamation program. Jeannene Jarman and Kathryn Olesen won the local contest and entered competition at the District Conference meet at Interior in November. Both girls were awarded a rating of "good." Included in the group were an Italian woman and her KGY Abel, GS dUU9l1fefAf1f0niG, SNCES bolosfw daughter, a henpeckecl boy, three happy college girls, a . r y snobbish rich matron, a nosy old lady, and the mysterious s i Mr . Posenby . felled' 5 lfblflfbljlflafflgklf. Some sleep, some grumble, during long wait. .M .. ,... Dick Nemec, Gale Wheeler, Audrey Nemec, Ruby Dinsmore Larry Root Gale Wheeler, Ruby Dinsmore, Audrey Nemec, Jeannene Jarman . Jeannene Jarman, Gale Wheeler. Audrey Nemec, Ruby Dinsrnore jre5Aie5 ecome Wx if WAS The annual initiation took place September i9 at MHS . Fourteen freshmen were initiated. All day each ninth grader wore the "crazy" costume assigned him by the Sophomores. At noon the "freshies" paraded through main street and that night they were required to attend Kangaroo Court. The sentences ranged from egg shampoos to molasses foot-baths. At the end of a grueling clay the freshmen became official high school students . Larry and Diclcy Nemec Mr. Marshall , .4 . :e: '3?.i.::iik:: :wif :iii ff Mrs. Haddock, Senior Sponsor, pose's with the class after receiving a lace table cloth as a gift. CAlf'Li5fVlfL6L:5 agioirif O Mrs. Meyers' Third and Fourth Grade room celebrates Christmas . High school teachers look pleasant--vacation is here. Mrs. Fuller's First and Second Grades wear happy smiles--it's Christmas! Grades 5 S. 6 and Mrs. Marshall enjoy gift exchanges. .gc l x ,,.. , I 4 'W .. . ?K,W,R. Y X, linw' I , s.ssmm 'mm' f 1 ' 1'f'fWHf"f "s' :V 2 il The Badlands Conference Sweepstakes cup was won by five students who represented MHS at the Typing Contest held at Quinn, April 23. A first-place medal was received by Shirley Sammons and third by Sonia Meyers in individual typing for first year students. Shirley Sammons and Joy Saucerman were awarded second in team writings . In second-year competition, Maureen Gillaspie placed third in individual work . Margaret Flom and Maureen Gillaspie received second place for the team. LEFT TO RIGHT: Maureen Gillaspie, Margaret Flom, Sonia Meyers, Joy Saucerman, Shirley Sammons. Cfadj any recognized acfiue nfvwfenlfa, tificate, S50 bond for winning essay, Journalism award, and SDU certificate for ranking in the upper TOCX: in state and first in MHS . Laurel Merkle, salutatorian, fright, was given a S25 bond cs second-place essay winner, Journalism award, SDSC recognition certificate, and school award for outstanding leadership during high school , years. Eight boys were awarded letters by Coach Ronald Marshall LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Coffey, Blaine Dinsmore, Bob Abel, Roy Hunt, Ted Hunt, Tom Lammon, Leslie Foster, Larry Root. K 'sn sew, K V , Zim L' . V J ' il il I i 4 vlg. '1' " my an :F f V, , Judy Fosheim, Shirley Sammons, Patty Nemec and Jeannene Jarman earned . . cheerleading letters . ii H. 6 . lx s 40 5 1 S I C iii mln' arf T 5 N 5 'lv qi 'Y if Y X 'T Maureen Gillaspie, valedictorian Cleft, re- ceived the SDSC scholarship and recognition cer-- 'S' if W1 453 1 s -31555 M"af7sfiYN'l?v J f E35 . L. .s N4-Miki Requirements of three "A's" and one "B" were attained the first semester by three Soph- omores, Judy Anderson, Gene Snook, Kathryn Olesen. One Junior, Joy Saucerrncri, main- tained the standard . Laurel Merlcle, Christine Nemec, and Maureen Gillaspie were Senior Honor Students for the semester. FIRST ROW: Left to Right: C. Nemec, K. Olesen, M. Gillaspie, L. Merlcle. SECOND ROW J Saucerman G Snook J Anderson ling wnom 5cA0!0wfic adiglfaw I he sf si S if s o w e Maureen Gillaspie, and Robert Abel were awarded the American Legion Good Citizen- ship School Awards . Scholas- Honor, and Leadership were the qualities upon which the awards were based . These are an annual presentation to two tic ability, Courtesy, Courage, members ofthe Senior Class . Blame Dinsmore and Laurel Merkle represented Midland High School at the annual sessions ofGirls' and Boys' State in June, i958 Laurel was also selected as the Haalcon CountyD.A.R. candidate. She was required to write an essay entitled "What the Constitution Means to Me." L .E -2 FRONT ROW: Left to Right: L. Nemec, T . Hunt, D . Coffey, J . Nemec, P . Meyers, L. Larson. SEATED: C. Nemec, R. Hunt, B, Abel,-L, Merlcle, Editor, B. Sheeley, Co-Editor, M. Foster, B. Dinsmore. STANDING: ROW THREE: J. Soucermon, K. Abel, E . Haddock, Advisor, A. Illion, S. Samrnons, K. Wheeler, C. Snoolc, K . Bride, J. Jormcn,D . Root, S . Meyers, R. Dinsmore. ROW FOUR: C. Schofield, G . Wheeler, P. Nernec, M. Schilling, T. Fosheim, K. Olesen, J . Fosheim, M. Gillespie, J . Anderson, G . Snook, S . Dennis, A. Nemec. OULVVLGLAZJF5 eofif ing oice, C2A0ri5Liem proud ,Q Afoecia, mmic FRONT ROW: Left to Right: Mrs. Prokop, Director, A. lllion, F. Hunt, A. Nemec, R. Dinsmore, J. Jarman, N . Jones, K. Bride. ROW TWO: P. Nemec, G . Snoolc, S. Dennis, T. Fosheim, S . Meyers, K. Olesen, J. Fosheim, C. Schofield, L. Merlcle. ROW THREE: G . Wheeler, J. Soucermon, M. Schilling, M. Gillespie, J . Anderson, B. Sheeley, S. Summons, M. Foster, C. Nemec. Bridging a half-century of grade school days, active boys and girls continue to develop in much the same way as did their predecessors. "Tackle," skating, sliding, and the spring marble "feveH' affect them one and all. Mae lSmithl Lovald, gently and ef- ficiently trained the minds and guided the footsteps of lower grade pupils during the early years of Midland's school "on the hill." Representing two generations are lrwin Russell QRight--second pupil--First Rovb and son, Tom, lBelow--sixth pupil--Center Rowj . LZVLIIOIA Cffizww . . .. . q ' v Q NAD s :fx ' yorogrwj rom ' A i Wivfg V LlfLliCLl'I'5 gtk X . 1 B N , 1' . is-2fll:lll""i++llfL ,, M "l will study and get ready, and perhaps my I, V chance will come." ---- Lincoln. l 'ui' 43 :tl km wi . I V , 91 . ' lnull, VAA, il, ,,,, I -2 2 : ..,. 3 This Page Sponsored 1 .MTVFAIQA HARCLD JOY IH SALES on fs. 1-'MII kv-it View ' F Qs 'M MQ' 'Ei 'Nl' :bg i .iff M , ,ff-- A M I ' bi -TT A LEFT TO RIG HT: R. Merkle, S . Anderson, T. Hunt, C . Hagan, S. Joy, L. Jones, S. Larson Dennis, S. Ellis, J . Foslweim, E. Fenwick, B. Schilling, R. Marsha Q., .gm IOVQIUULVQII fl? WL88 . - , sf .l' 'jf ii' SERVICE LEFT TO RIGHT: S . Hansen, N . Schofield, L. Anderson, T. Russell, J . Sclwwolm, R. Gillespie, M. Nemec, H. Dennis. Al. -Q' ' ' Sponsored by and DON'S STANDARD CORNER REPAIR SERVICE SHOP LEFT TO RIG HT: L. Jones, M. Nemec, S . Joy, N . Schofield, S . Ellis flie fanfare Alfwceddfmf CHEERLEADERS: M. Nemec, L. Jones, S . Joy, N , Schofield, S. Ellis. SECOND ROW: T. Hunt, T. Russell, R. Merlcle, E. Fenwick, J. Foslweim, Coach R. Marshall. THIRD ROW: H . Dennis, R. Gillespie, C. Hogan, S . Larson. GRADES 3 8. 4 FRONT ROW: Left To Right C. Roof, D. Marshall, J . Gillespie, W. Schwalm, L. Snook, C. Pefoske, L. Schwalm, P . Haddock. SECOND ROW: V. Fosheim, M. Schofield, P. Schofield, Jim Thin Elk, J. Thin Elk, E . Berfleson, F . Hansen, B . Pefoske, G . Sheeley, M. Gillespie, L. Joy. THIRD ROW: B . Schilling, L. Bentley, P . Edsfrom, J. Foster, K. Hunt, D. Williams, M. Jones, C. Hunt, S. Larsen, Mrs. Marshall, teacher. 5 8. 6 BASKETBALL: CHEERLEADERS: Leff to Right: C. Hunt, B. Pefoske, J . Foster, D . Mtrshall. SECOND ROW: M. Jones, S. Larson, B . Schilling, J. Thin Elk, K. Hunt, V. Fosheim, G. Sheeley, R. H. Marshall, Coach. THIRD ROW: L. Joy, L. Snook, C. Roof, F. Hansen, P . Haddock, W. Schwalm. 1 I l 6 4 l. , 1 l- GRADES 38. 4: SEATED: D. Marshall, D . McKinley, M. Schofield, C. Williams, L. Hunt, G . Root. SECOND ROW: K. Anderson, J. Schofield, M. Williams, E. Gillaspie, D . Hunt, M. Gillaspie. THIRD ROW: G. Root, M. Larvae, R. Fosheim, J. Thin Elk, J. White Buffalo, G . Phillips, T. Schofield, P . Donovan, V . Dinsmore. FOURTH ROW: J. Gillaspie, S . Yanish, M. Edstrom, M. Sheeley, V. Miller, C. Woitte, W. Thin Elk, T. Hunt, A. Bertleson, Mrs. Olga Meyers. i 1 . - s A - f GRADES l 8. Z SEATED: B. Woitte, R. Woitte, D. McMillan, H. Schwalm, T. Donavon, G. Hunt, C. Gillaspie. SECOND ROW: S . Stroppel, D . Sommons, M. Marshall, B. Ellsworth, S . Marshall, D. Yanish. THIRD ROW: J. Bertleson, D . Phillips, L. Edwards, E . Metz, D . Donovan, W. Anderson, D. Myhrwold. FOURTH ROW: S . Stroppel, A. Bentley, K. Miller, J. Schofield, R. Fosheim, D . Finn, M. Schofield, K. Hanson, Mrs. Fuller. Joe rings opening bell of i958-'59, Freshie Larry Nemec in red flannels. August September October October November November November November November November November November December December December December December December December December January January January January January January January January February February February February February February February February February February February February March April April April April April April April May May May May May May May Calendar of Events 29 l9 24 25 4-5-6 I I 20 21 21 25 27-28 28 l 4 5 9 16 18 l9 I9 5 9 I3 I4 20 23 27 30 3 3 5-6 6 9 IO i0 I7 I7 20 23 26-27 28 7 I4 I5 i5 I5 2l 22 23 I 5 8-9 17 20 22 25 School starts Freshman initiation Annual Carnival. Jerry Nemec, Sonia Meyers, royalty. S .D .H .S . Press Meeting at Brookings S .D .E .A . Convention Veteran's Day Presho basketball game, here, won College Day--Pierre Junior Class Play "An Apple for Eve" Philip basketball game, there, lost Thanksgiving vacation Quinn basketball tournament Assembly Belvidere basketball game, here, lost Wall basketball game, here, won Blunt basketball game, there, won Draper basketball game, there, lost Christmas Program Quinn basketball game, here, lost Christmas vacation starts Classes resume Belvidere basketball game, there, lost Interior basketball game, here, won Health clinic Assembly Wood basketball game, here, lost Presho basketball game, there, lost Quinn basketball game, there, lost Philip basketball game, here, lost Magazine Sales Begin O'Neil Photo Company Wall basketball game, there, won Open Bible Church Party Wood basketball game, there, lost Seniors take Batson Tests Magazine Sales end interior basketball game, there lost Blunt basketball game, here, lost Draper basketball game, here, lost District 30 Basketball Tournament School Pageant Navy Interviews Senior boys Marine Representative here Senior Class Play "Off the Track" Lutheran Church Party Assembly Athletic Banquet Typing Contest, Quinn, First place. Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom Government Day Skip Day--Black Hills Baccalaureate Class Day Exercises Commencement School Picnic and School's Outl ll Viking Five at District 30 Tourney. .---"""" ,s Juniors pose before pageant. viva -nw ., ,- ,W X rf Kay Abel snaps her self on Skip Day. King and queen of carnival Bob Abel and Prom date shown lead the royal court. participating in march . School patrons and students at school picnic. ju Lilre deginning . . Prologue Before the turn of the century, when the west was still the "wide open spaces" of rolling hills and great expanses of prairie, the town of Midland was founded. In l89O, Charlie Russell came from Buffalo, New York, to Pierre, during the capital boom in l888 and '89, In the spring of l89O, soon after the territory was closed as a reservation and thrown open to white settlement, Mr. Russell organized a company, plotted a site, and called the town Midland, because of its position midway between Pierre and the Black Hills. He opened a store and later a hotel which was operated by Mrs. Emily Hall, mother of Mrs. Jennie Russell. Mrs. Hall had orig- inally settled at the Nowlin site. Wagon loads of goods were freighted from Pierre to stock the Russell store . Customers were ranchers, cowboys, and many Sioux who traveled the Spotted Tail Trail from the Rosebud reservation. ln those days, Mr. Russell said his doors were never locked and nothing was stolen until the railroad brought hobos, civilization, and the need for law and order. Mr. Russell and Jennie Hall were married in i895 and their daughter Grace was the first white child born in Midland . She was also one of the first two graduates of Midland High . Life in this "promised land" seemed ideal to the few early settlers. A dream of prosperity, plenty of game, wood, water, and sunshine was the bright hope of the future . ln the midst of this peaceful existence, during the month of Q November, came rumors ofa Sioux uprising . Scouts warned the pioneers that the path of the war party would perhaps head through Nowlin. Settlers, including Mrs. Hall and her three daughters, one of whom was Mrs. Jennie Russell, spent a cold and fearful night on the banks of Bad River. About fifty families gathered at Midland and began the long sixty-mile wagon train trek to Ft. Pierre and safety. Spending the nights sleeping on hay and under cattle sheds, and the days traveling their weary way, the party arrived, after three days, at Ft. Pierre where they remained until the spring of '89, when Mrs. Hall returned to Midland and opened the hotel which she continued to operate for seven years. One of the disastrous. events of the early day was the blizzard of May 5, 1905 which wrote a tragic story across the pages of the westem ranch life. Beginning as a rain which lasted two days, the storm came suddenly, sending temperatures below zero. Bewildered livestock drifted into creeks and draws and were covered with snow or died of exposure and cold. ln the same year, another blow struck the pioneers . On July 4, Bad River flooded its banks causing ranchers along the river to flee their homes in the dark hours of the night or early moming . Lives were lost and much property destroyed. i Q.. l 3 A symbol of those early days were the cowboys, many of whom are well known. They became members of our present community. Of these rugged individuals, Mrs. Emily Hall wrote in her account, "l found them to be the most generous and kind hearted class of people I have met." Mrs. Bastion, early hotel owner in this area, gives almost the same opinion. These cowboys rode the range and took part in the spring and fall roundups. Tom Jones was one of the very early foreman of the wagons. Many an evening was spent around the campfire after a meal prepared by the chuck wagon cook . Through the severe blizzards, droughts, floods, and prairie fires, these hardy pioneers continued to live, laugh, and share their sorrows. Many memories of those days are still alive in the hearts and minds of our people. Although Midland was named in l89O, it really had its start in the fall of 1906 when, on December 16, the railroad was extended from Pierre. This began the homestead caval- cade which lasted until l9ll when one of the driest yeals in the history of the west river hit the country and sent many back east. In about T919 much of the north side of main street was destroyed by fire. These buildings were later replaced by the C . E . Murray Store and the Legion Hall. Arriving on that first train was Julia Talledge, still a resident of Midland. Julia worked in the Nationcil Bank for many years, and since has held positions at the state capitol at Pierre and county offices in Philip. :. 'iw ln the very early days there were no churches and pioneers worshiped in their own homes in the way which best met their particular need . The Presbyterian Church, now the Lutheran Church, was completed in 1906 and a few years later the Catholic Church was built. In I948 the Open Bible Church was established . A Methodist congregation also had a build- ing below the school hill. Reverend Weiruch, Ft. Pierre, was the pastor for many years. Reverend Tell was another early minister ofthe Presbyterian Church . A pioneer Sunday School superintendent, Mrs. A . Beiler, inspired many a youth with Christian ideals. Those recognizable in the photo are: Milbum Fose, George Taggart, Frank Dinsmore, George Minard, Mrs. Beiler, Oscar Lane, Forrest Buchanan, Ronald Robertson, Cecil Fose, Glen McCracken, Burton Beiler, Hall Snow, Roy Abrahamson, George Anderson, Wulf Reinschmidt, Unidentified, Melvin Ravenscroft, Gale Fose. The scene of much of Midland's school and community life was the "Opera House" constructed in about 1908 at the approximate site of the present Irene Long home. Echoing voices of the past, this building held memories of home talent plays, dances, movies, bazaars, Christmas programs featuring the huge community tree, high school basketball contests, proms, dramatic pro- ductions, and graduation exercises. Destroyed by fire in l926, the loss was keenly felt, For students and community were deprived of a meeting place until the present Legion Building was erected in l929. iolfwem .... dozifcfkr ZLAQ fizfnre. Midland, at one time, boasted an orchestra, and for many years, a band, under the direction of V . L . Ferguson . A ibVI'6lW7, . . . 2l'C'0lf1fl05 Ha K There were no schools of any kind in the country. ln 1904, Mrs. Bastion, who lived east across Mitchell Creek taught Hazel Jones, and in 1905 and '06, Grace and Ruth Russell were also included in this private school. In September of 1906, a regular teacher was secured and school was held in a building located where the Masonic Temple now stands. Miss Ball continued to teach this second term. In 1908, the school was moved to a building called the Hanson Hall located iust south of the Stroppel Hotel at the present site of the Joy garage . Miss Nina Duryea and Mrs. Schroder taught this school. Work had begun on the present structure which was completed in 1909. Classes first met in this build- ing in the Fall of 1910 with 53 pupils enrolled For the first session . Prof. Hanson was the first superintendent and Gladys Hall the first principal. The photo shows the first high school, during the term of September 1912 to May 1913. This included grades 9, 10, and 11 . There was no graduating class until 1914. 52 1 s Organized December 3, l909, members of the board of education were Mrs . D . W. Bastion, C. E. Murray, J . C. Russell, M. C. Sherwood, J . E . Calhoon, and W. C. Kroclc. Early students were no doubt much im- pressed by the arrival ofthe "Horseless " Carriage " age . One ofthe First auto- mobiles to arrive in Midland, a Reo owned by Charles Coyne lbankerl, must surely have caused a sensation. W L 'Wm . r ir.yixxsstLi. '---.. l ,, ' My ,A E r'u.uf. at! J 2 ,gt BACK ROW: Mrs. A. sealer, Mrs. R. w. Marrqrra. FRONT Rovvr Brrrrorr sealer, Alarrce Mrrrrrrd, R' Dr. Minard. While Homecoming Days were not, as yet, even a dream ofthe future, colorful parades were early introduced in the community and exhibited decorative talent and ingenuity . Midland High School proudly graduated its first class in l9l4. lt was composed of two girls, Grace Russell and Blanche Voshall lpictured on page 91. The class of l9l5 had only one senior, Hazel Jones, who later in the 20's returned to become a high school teacher in the local school. - The Jones' ranch was the scene of many an outing supervised by Mrs. Charles Agee, who was a leader ot girls' activities. Enjoying this particular "Fun-fest" are lLeft to Rightl, Ruth Russell, Esther Jones, Blanche Voshall, Lorraine Harren, and Hazel Jones. Occupying the driver's seat are Mrs . Charles Agee and Grace Russell. "Small-fry" Ralph Jones seerrs to have sneaked into the front of the wagon for this pose. Some of the faculty members of this period were Una Cullen, Clement S . Fox, George Johnson, Nina Duryea, and Alice Mason . Cpfl' is New ,M 1 Wwbmm Zim. m..4M.,MW. x W ff QZQFM S - :sau s ef Roy Abrahamson I 251, Ruth Russell I 171, Christine Ray i'181, Esther Jones i'19j, Geneva Anderson l'191, Alice Abrahamson C191, Mary Willoughby, Jennie Calhoonl'171, Mrs. Weiruch Nora 1917 Abrahamson '17 Anna Nelson Esther Jones '19 Myrtle Anderson Delia White E new 1917 r Right--Audrey Waldo . ji Q, y , y J .. V w Archie Rogers '18 Garrett Rogers '17 Flag-draped chairs and Christine Ray, symbolizing the statue of Liberty at the 1918 graduation exercises, brought a note of sadness to the closing years ofthe 1900's. World War I was a grim reality and the senior boys, John Larsen, Frank Miles, and Archie Rogers enlisted and were not present to receive their diplomas. Garrett Rogers, Ernest Elrod, and other graduates had already joined the armed forces in service of their country. During this period, it was necessary for women to take over many tasks . One of these chores, that of school ianitor, was assumed by Christine Ray and Audrey Armstead. They, as well as many other young women, helped by assisting with Red Cross Activities. Frank Miles '18 MUFQCYET Ruth Russell '17 Hazel John Larsen '18 Rusell '18 Hightshoe '19 , my me 1 A L 1 ,E 5 err-L' 31,3-SZ' We W' 1 Audrey 19 Christine ly. 1 .1 ' ' ..,, ..V- r - K K 5 5 I . fix- -I8 55 y 7 M6204 The roaring 2O's, an age of many revolutionary ideas, brought the Charleston, Clara Bow ofthe silent movie, sack dresses, and the increasing popularity of the Ford Regular activities, such as proms, were carried on in much the same manner. Larger classes necessitated the holding of these social events in the available Hotels. An autumn picnic, which became an MHS tradition for a number of years, was begun in the 2Ofs. Styles in which the fashionable hobo appeared are displayed by Margaret Armstead and Sadie Hoveland, graduates of 1921. -. A,-pa 1-1-V.. - .v ' , -Q if .ug 1 -. Q1 e ...Q-ffl' i i , ' '1 ', -'A L' dis .jxphiigx v Ad-3,3-Q' Qs FRONT ROW: Left to Right: Carson Teeney, Harold McKean. KNEELING: un- identified, George Taggart, Ole Flom, Oscar Lane, Roy Abrahamson, unidentified . BACK ROW: Mr. Dillon, unidentified, Edsal Murray, Aldace Minard, Cecil Fose, Clarence Schofield, George Minard, Superintendent Eckman, Harvey Madsen. vis, 1. 2? wit A W ,, ,U V I ' lflgti- tj ,N me 'ln TQ? 'lk we -2 .. if "4 its 31 ,fkfjs ifivit' 5 hi Even the faculty resort to rags. FRONT ROW: Left to Right: Ethlyn Bailey, Hazel : , y Jones, Lottie Engles. BACK ROW: Roy Powell, Superintendent O'Conner, Mrs. O'Conner. Ralph Jones, a new member of the S . Dakota Board of Regents, was once just a hobo. Wil MORE HOBOES Unidentified Fa e Taggart, James Stanford, Ralph Jones. Reminiscences of this period often include the name of R. V . Eckman, who is largely responsible for the organizing of basketball and football as interscholastic sports which have continued to be a part of MHS history. Alumni always include pleasant memories of amusing incidents occuringon the trips taken by the teams. Conveyance to nearby towns along the railroad was by train, and to the interior by means of automobile. Both boys' and girls' teams were included. Games would be scheduled to fall on consecutive nights so several games could be plaved during the course of one trip, if rail transportation were used. Automobile iaunts were often spiced by breakdowns, or car-sickness caused by non-freezing preparations placed in radiators. Hot bricks, or charcoal burners warmed the cold feet of many a basketball player during 56 the days "before heaters." SEATED: Myrna Blackmore, Vera Rogers. STANDING: Sadie Hoveland, Maxine Young, Margaret Armstead, Dorothy Elrod, Dorothy Ferguson, Lila Ray, Myrtle Fennfos, Grace Rogers, Pearl Madsen, Hazel Elrod. FRONT ROW: Vera Kessler, Essie Whisler, Myrna Blackmore. BACK ROW: Hazel Whisler, Dorothy Elrod, Lila Ray, Eckman Hazel Whisler, Pearl Fennetos. 1 N ....-A ,LJ'if'4.z A E ... SEATED: Dorothy Elrod. KNEELING: Angie Snow, Vera Rogers Esther Anderson, Myrna Blackmore, Vera Kessler, Essie Whisler FRONT ROW: Harvey Madsen, Stewart Weiruch, Aldace Minord. BACK ROW: Dick Kessler, Harold McKean, Eclcman, Carson Teeney, Ralph Jones. lrwin Russell, George Minard, Milburn Fose, Bernard Smith, Oscar Lane, George Taggart, Lloyd Braley, Lynn McCracken. Waiting at the Station! Pearl llllon, Dorothy Armstead, Amelia Reimann, Minnie Reese, Esther Anderson, Dorothy Schwalm. Football Miss Schade, coach, Dorothy Armstead, l'lEl'09Sl 1926 Elsie Madsen, Dorothy Schwalm, Emelie Geofge Minord Reiman, Minnie Reese, Esther Anderson, Nathan Calhoon Pearl Madsen , lusmwss ,f Dorothy Armstead, Pearl Illian, Harold McKean, Dorothy Ferguson, Edsal Murray, Aldace Minard, Dorothy Elrod, Harvey Madsen, Myrna Blackmore, Angie Snow. Class plays gained importance during these years, some of which were ably directed by Mrs. Lou llg. Having the distinction of editing the First newspaper of MHS was the class of '22, with Faye Taggart as editor, Dorothy Ferguson and Eva Waldo, associate editors, Alclace Minard as business manager, and Ralph Jones, assistant business manager. Ethel Fennefos, and Chris Scott respectively, acted as social and athletic editors. lone Davidson, Bob Grady in o Tom Thumb Wedding . its-F R Eva Waldo, Ralph Jones, Pearl Fennefos, FRONT ROW: Ole Florn, Harvey Madsen, Harold McKean, Edsal Murray. BACK ROW: Myrna Black- Grace Doud, Simon Elrod, Faye Taggart, Lila Ray, Warren more Margaret Heuer Angie Snow Minard, Hazel Whisler, Ethel Fennefos, Charles Schofield, Vem'ROgerS, Aldoce Minordl Vero Clms SCOH' Kessler, Esther Fosheim, Essie Whisler. K , sk., M, Artie Elrod, Supt. Reddick BACK ROW: Miss Gilchrist, Miss Peterson, Miss Jacobi FRONT ROW LillisMcDonald Elsie Madsen, Laura Coshun. l 926 1923 V F George Minard, Milburn Fose, Elsie Madsen, Grace Rogers Pearl lllian, Lillis McDonald, Betty Williams, Emelie Reimann Florence Scott, Lena Ray, Laura Coshun, Nathan Calhoon Mabel Willoughby, Sherman Burns, lrmo Ferguson, Ida Peterson CLASS OF 1924 James Stanford Dorothy Armstead FRONT ROVM Margaret Agee Margaretliuchanan Etta D Mae Stondlford Dorothy Doud Carol Joy SECOND ROW MY"le Fennefof Lumlle Henn Lowell Henn Frank Dinsmore Clarence Schofield Nowlm Jacobson Burton Beiler Bernard Smith Lloyd Braley George Taggart SECOND ROW Milburn Fose George Mildred Creamer Margaret Coshun Dorm G roup LEFT TO RIG HT: Clarence Petoske, Meta Steinberg, Rupert Nelson, Mildred Tiederman, Mrs. Gulbrandson, Irene Roberts, Gladys McKillip, Orville Bentley, Jean Gulbrandscn, Conrad Sandal, Frances May, Hazel Petoske, Mrs. Moss, Ruth Calhoon, Bob Ugland, Rena De Young, Paul Sandbo, Russell Haerer, Philip Bucholz, Charles Stahl, Willis Drew, Gordon Calhoon, James Gulbrandson, Frank Oviatt . SPRING FESTIVAL Helen Sickels, Ellis Beckwith, Harold Norby, Kenneth Olson, Roy Howes, Florence Winters. SEATED: Verl Funston. FACULTY: Superintendent E. B . Norby, G . I. Brende, Helen Smith, Margaret Beiler, Principal. The high school newspaper, having been discontinued during the later 20's, was again started and was now called "Hill Top Flashes." It was edited weekly by the Joumalism Class, and published through the courtesy of the Midland Mail. In I934, the paper became a member of the SDHS Press Association at Brookings, S . Dak. Scott Lovald placed first in the T934 State contest for editorials and also received, in 1935, a bronze medal for placing among the first ten in a Quill and Scroll Joumalism Contest. Scott also was selected as one of the high school iournalists to cover the SDEA meet. 60 as ., J., ' sr E- ? .. ll? " , 1 . 2 535.5 ,L M.: . fAe30Q The 30's--times of drying winds and crop failures had far-reaching effects upon the schools. Yet, in spite of this, these were years of accomplishment and advance- ment. Dormitories, begun in I934, were maintained during this time. One of the teachers, or a patron, was appointed dean for each group md cooks were engaged to prepare the meals. G leanings from the Hill Top Flashes indicate the success of this project, both as a service to the students, and as a source of pleasant memories. Social and study hours were arranged. The girls assisted with the dishes while the boys carried water and sawed wood. The school also boasted a chorus, or- chestra and band which were very active and performed on many occasions. They attended the annual Music Festival, at that time sponsored by one of the Hickory Stick clubs . In I934, the band and orchestra were under the direction ofV . L . Ferguson, while G . I . Brende, high school teacher, directed the chorus. ' - f ' X it V ,,', -. ., ' r . , . . - , 2 ii:m'4sw v1fzf12's e asel ' z 4s's4sf4ez?4s '1 'ff-:z.:Mf- +. 1-'K 4.f:Q::f 1..,:11, . M s sf! ww..,.7..s,1. U., .-.,. -.:.r,, .f -- .fist .- ... g,,5w, ,, K, .. A W- kg s, x :J A I . ,. L. Ei, f rsg s r m.. . A-swf.-sis r .5 Q--q.,f.+,..,,3-, 3-fsssgsf sr ' -:gifvy-V:-f i--V-f - - - f ' rrss ' . 2 .. 1 " A u I ,Zig " V' g x z - ' sm .,QffszswQ't I . 3 zz: g l I . ws. is , .QQ 2 ' if A well if 'imii'?HiE:iSs: 1 T . ..ss, 'sw rrrl ' s. 'S .s' ' s"s' ii -V ' '-.f- si. I A P717 'Elf' ..,yQg r--Q.. -if-' i??'i:1Mif's:' 1- --f - . 1 is . sw " :txt ' 7 f" etilgsgexss .f r .,.. -- :: .. . QQ- .4 ? awww? "" ' i f f s-'- KW ' Ji ' M ' I ff A-sw.,-s..f,f. sg .V -M., ---. ,.5,e..:,rs.f .-24f,s.- .. -. ?v,g.,a- f -. :Z 1, .z.. , iii... .,. . 5.1.2 W1 1' . - A I .,, z A - :,.:e, - Os- 1. W . , ws: ..., ,. 1 li- " ' :F Ui- 9425 . I , + 1 ai.: I., - 'ii ' L F' .L , g sr-- - Q wg - , '- -- 4 :reszgs sss- Y fi. ,,ul, fy. ,,.. ., . f ,- s--i' . 1 s-" ss" ' ,. .... . llr' Q pi' " N I f RF Q it if ' if -gs fwfffffv. if 2 211 - 1 . ff U. gif- 2-lziii Ei'5Li?2.Q??.Q .F :- 7 f--ff -f'-- ,,.. f-f-- .--. . 1 f--f . . W. ...,...,.. . .. ..,,.,,. .., . sg if ' of "N H r . . .... , j . . t,stm?sigg, : ':' -.g - , "rl ' M eil --.. ..,. is - ,... 1 , M T. . ,,, wmv. , x g, ...Ai -v.. ,iff 6 ,sg . ., .. . ,H mf, ..f: if ' l"l fs w s -t? 'se-ws'-1.51feis::-sfmiff li "-" 4 v.-g:..s1jf5'::.-f.,- ls.,--'P-gf:-'.'1.':' gl-:-.F gg-,, 'f 1 . 2 - , 4 g 3' ' v s M 55 -sggfifiiltgz s ei- ww if525551.11,..:?w.,,fi. . . . . n l raw.--.f5..-,Q--5: nl'-" - " H . ,f5f,., . . .e. .Q .-if -1-N " X W .WIN s..,.i. . .. lf-As. , . ,., .. -, ,,. ...... ,... ' l Q---,V--,.. ,J 3: '1'm:.f,,,r:.,, Qigifgi gy. vigffsw , W , :. , ffwp m A, 1- I ' U " 'W 'ja if -i4f1'.gss,.i.' .... as . : - r' ,,,,. ..,.. V .. ,,,. " ...ls .,s,,, '- . ,..., Y- '- ,. . . r . m m ' FRONT ROW: Fern Davidson, Lillian Scott, Ruby Briggs, Helen Buchanan. BACK ROW: Earl lllian, Ivan Douglas, Chix Anderson, Ben Schwalm. 'W' an fe-fm. . ur FRONT ROW: Left to Right: SEATED: Goldie Whisler, Mary Hansen, Mary Whisler. SECOND 9 M ROW: Gerald Simpson, Genevieve Owens, Winnie Puryear, Gladys Ravenscroft, Helen Behl f R - Margaret Gillaspie, Kathryn Patton. THIRD ROW: Lloyd Olson, Warren Douglas, Sena Kuhlman L I tm x 4 Bob Crawford, Charles Sheeley, Nelson Peters, or ffijk 6- R 'ry' .M ' .,, Fredrick Mulcahy, Bessie Sheeley, George Stanford, Alice Buchanan, Robert Grady, Sylbernio Ray, Chas. Dunsmore, George Stanford, Katherine Mulcdwy. Superintendent Norby, Mona Howes igraduated from RCHSJ , Maelo Peters, Verna Ocheltree, iUnidentifiedl, Helen Siclcles, Leland Dunsmore, Cleo Orr, Paul Newby, Alpl'a Olson, Scott Lovald, Herbert Martin, Willard Burns, Clifford Stone, Ethlyn Curtis. FRONT ROW: Esther Peterson, LaVona Lammon, Beverly Cottom, Corinne Peterson, Donald Burns, Matilda Owens . BACK ROW: Clair Funston, Glen Crawford, Ralph Doud, Fred Schwalm, Richard Douglas. Skip days were enjoyed by the students of this period, and usually were taken in the -de'-'--"""' Black Hills area. 1711 EE ,..,........ 4 5 1 l 61 x 1936 4.f"1 1 W ,gi Unidentified,'G . I . Brende, Charles Elrod, Roy Schonewill, Gladys Wenger, Melinda Dale, Gladys McKillip, Rena De Young, Isola Walters. CLNEQ- QIRDBRS 62 Flashes. Junior-senior banquets continued to be held in the school or at the hotels. Themes and decorations became more colorful and elaborate. Records give evidence of banquets to honor the Basketball squads. These were sometimes given by individual "fans" who were interested in the teams. Added to the Junior, Senior, and One-act plays were the grade and high school operettas, produced annually beginning in 1931 and con- tinuing through the 3O's. After a lapse of many years, senior class days were resumed in 1937. The programs con- sisted ofthe class will, history, prophecy, the giving of letters, and presentation of awards. Camivals began in 1932 and were first held in conjunction with the presentation of the Junior Play. Later they became a full evenings entertain- ment with short skits by the grade school preceding the carnival. The,first annual, published in 1937, was a paper-bound volume containing all the issues of the Hill Top Flashes . Pictures were pasted in by individuals after receiving their annuals. The 1938 yearbook was the first to be published by a printer, the Will A . Beach Company. It was a twenty-five page volume. The yearbook was called, with the exception of 1949 when it was named the Viking, the Cactus until 1953. The title was then changed to the Viking and has remained so since . Hazel Duryea, Ann Shouse, Lester Lindley, Berdella Sheggeby, Mr. 8- Mrs. McNally, Elmer Perkins. High school debate teams were active and joined the South Dakota Declam League in l935. Midland was host to the District 12 tournament on February 25 of that year. Midland defeated Wall in this tourney but lost to New Underwood. In i937 the debate team of Juilanna Martin and Orville Bentley defeated Kadoka to take first place at the invitational tourney at Kadoka. Declamation was also an important extracurricular activity with Midland students often receiving superior ratings . Orville G . Bentley, right, was a graduate of MHS in l938. He is presently Dean of Agriculture at South Dakota State College, Brookings. Dr. Bentley delivered the annual commencement address to the Senior class of 1959. The class of '30 was the first ofa long line of graduates to march down the aisle of the Legion Hall to receive a high school diploma. ln October l934, a parent teacher association was organized and in the some year, District 30 organized the Bad Lands Athletic Conference. ln -i March, I935, the district organized the Hickory DORM DAYS Stick Club with Superintendent Norby of Midland as Big Stick fpresidentj . In l938, an alumni organiza- Lf tion was started, but apparently was not continued O ""'l as planned . Q I Basketball teams were well supported and were mx an outstanding part of the extracurricular activity K H program. According to alumni memories, teamswere first l called Vikings during dormitory days when an election il' was held to determine a name suitable for local school ffl athletics. The name "Viking," symbolic of the ,i Q Q numerous Scandinavians then attending school, was KX N Q Q Q chosen to impart a spirit of courage, inherent in ,J their ancestors, to those namesakes. QX A -K ,Q i x In I936, the team won the District tournament and was awarded the trophy . Interest in Girls' basketball was revived, and a G . A. A. was organized in l936. Participants were awarded letters for sports. ln the spring of l938, football, which had been dropped for a time, again became a part ot the piun ror the following year. Suits were purchased, spring practice was held to ready the team for participation on the i939 six-man football season. In that year they completed an undefeated season. Kittenball was a favorite fall sport during the early 3O's. The team participated in lnter-class games, neighboring towns contests, and tournaments. N, L .1 mo WMM, 1930 'T , A F ":'i ft l fl fir ii' V fe. l Q M X, 4 X X M M mr , z Gladys Ravenscroft, Eunice Calhoon, Josephine Anderson, Bessie Sheeley, Grace Rogers Coachl, Helen Behl, Lillian Scott, Wilma Ernst, Linda Reinschmidt. Ben Schwalm, Charles Anderson, Lloyd Olson, Charles Schonewill, lvan Douglas, Bob Crawford, Robert Grady, Earl lllian. LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Sletvold, .lim Gulbrandson, Charles Schonewill, Clifford Stone, Ben Owen, Clarence Petaslce, Kenneth Olson . rg , fha. xl' Lloyd Olson, Charles Anderson, Chet Colhoon, Earl lllian Pat Calhoon, Webb Phillips, Earl Benton, Bill Behl. W"'ti" Aiiviiii W Ali, it . in er- A it L lra ,nrsn B4 'Cl A ,L f A f at sl, T saay, A , A FRONT ROW: Clifford Stone, G len Crawford, Claire Funston, Major Doud, Charles Schonewill . BACK ROW: Kenneth Olson, Tiny Lammon, Hoyvard Douglas, Richard Douglas, Fred Schwalm. Coach Brende, Lavonna Lammon, Alpha Olson, Mona Howes Funston, Beverly Cottem, Maelo Peters, Isola Walters, Peterson . l Ida Ocheltree Virginia Orr Rena DeYoung Gladys McKillip Gladys Wenger Thelma Martin Ruth Calhaon Meta Stienberg Isola Nalters Frances May Thelma Martin Julianna Martin Harriet Ole-sen Meta Stienlnerg Virginia Orr Frances May Alice Faye Douglas Verna Lammon Clara Fosheim Berclello Sheggeby lCoachj James Obrembt Robert Walters Ben Owens Clarence Petaslce Philip Buchholz Kenneth Olson Ivan Dunsmare Charles Schanewill Lester Lindley lCoachj TROPHY WINNERS Gorden Calhoon, Coach Sletvold, Phrlrp Buchholz Charles Schonewrll Kenneth Olson, Charles Elrod, James Gulbronson SEATED Ben Owens, Clarence Petoske . 151 ,4.. 5 4 :ww slis iii!! Smmmt-sxzrm lmwilmw 2 if iw is 5. 'i . N.. .. , ,. 'V Viiii sf- 1 iw "1- .. L we slss can ffm 406 . WWXYWHYUR L A 5 Ysmxxmrmm The 4O's began with the usual activities of band, chorus, orchestra, and operettas, but by 1944 these J A if if had been dropped . The World War ll years--years of anxiety and 'ff strife, had their effect upon education. Many extra- 1 V curricular prograrrs were discontinued . 1 ' s lt ln 1947, a Red and White day was held in con- L A L 1 E junction with the Junior Class Play and Carnival. 9 ..1l.5J:43?z2ibi5x 1 ff g brmfyrrxnmw This was the first record ofa Homecoming Day. The last nine years have followed the same trend in activities and curriculum. The School, especially the grade rooms, have increased in enrollment. The football team under the direction of Bob Demery in 1954 had the distinction of winning the Champion- ship of the Bad Lands Conference, and was awarded a trophy. A football sweetheart was elected that year by the boys on the squad. Joyce Petoske received the honor. The identity of the sweetheart was revealed as she arrived at the homecoming game in a float decorated with a huge red heart. Since then a homecoming day, usually held in October, became a part of MHS fr0Cl1l10I'1- The Student Council makes the arrangements and all the classes make on all-out effort to produce beautiful and symbolic floats. The businessmen are invited to enter a parade, led by the Queen and football boys, to start the day's activities. On the evening prior to homecoming, a pep rally is held in the playground below the school. A huge "M" is ignited and cheers and speeches are heard . Here, since 1955 the identit, of the queen has been revealed. The rally ends with a wiener roast and a snake dance proceding through main street. Publication of a newspaper, begun again in 1954, was the beginning of the mimeographed form now used. The annual continued to be published each year. The school is a mem"er of the SDHSPA, and the editors and co-editors have attended the Brookings convention for the past several years . The Basketball team, with Coach Clay Bu pass, was second-place winner in the District tournament in 1957-'58 . r T K K ww-.tvs J' , , -f NU' Www., CLASS OF 1945: Howard Elrad, Elsa Muirhead, Calvin Schwalm, Merlene Root, Super LEFT TO RIGHT: Marvin Massey, Mary Hand, Buck Root, Reverend intendent Dahl, Dorothy Dale, Wally Russell, Rose Muckey, Julia Mathison, sponsor Walla, Ethel Spinsby, James Illian, Sanford Ellis, Joan Schanzenbach, Keith Elrod. J ,- NE? " 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1935- 1936- 1937- 1938- 1939- 1940- 1941- 1942- 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 1943-44 1944-45 1 945-46 1946- 47 J .W ,V vsp-r1.,'s,VZ-A M H S Honor Students Dr. Orville Bentley Kenneth Anderson Ruth fCalhoonl Gerritson Julianna lMartin1 Sanford Ida fFosheiml Hunt Marlyn Dunsmore Gloria fSaucerman1 Smith Avis lSchilIingl Gillaspie Vem Foland Olivia lDennisl Perovich Otis Foland Myrtle lSchaFie1d1 Routier Thelma lFosheim1 Schofield Alfred Ellis Howard Elrod Elsa lMuirheadl Rhodes Lois lWilson1 Hall Louise lBlockl Blucher Lorraine lReimanl Lisp lrene lEckertl Willoughby Betty lNemecl Vander May Alice lLarson1 McGuire Anna lFlom1 Easley Margie lKoch1 Daly Jessie lLivermorel Dale Enid lziemannl Roland Mary lHand1 Ahrendt Joan Schanzenbach Wilma lSchofield1 Saucerman Nora lNemecl Wyman Helen lBiermann1 Bare Hazel lBiermann1 Knutson Jean lQuatier1 Hennis Grace lSampsonl McKillip Frances lNemec1 Handrahan Verona iMerkle1 Evans Cherlyn Dinsmore Lorraine Schwalm Lani lAnderson1 Hand Polly Nemec Lawrence Merkle Martha Reimann Maureen Gillaspie Laurel Merkle Blanche Woshelll Carlson 1938 Grace lRusselD Elrod Hazel Uonesl Mittet 1939 Martha lElIer1 Bouzek John'Ernest Elrod 1940 Nora lAbral1amson1 Olsen Audrey fWaldo1 Leach 1941 Helen lPeterson1 McMillan Frank Miles 1942 Alice lAbrahamson1 Neilson Audrey lArmstead1 McKean 1943 Agnes iHeightshoel Kessler Gladys lPeterson1 Bentley 1944 Sadie fHovland1 Edwards Margaret lArmstead1 Stevenson 1945 Eva lWaldol Watkins Hazel lWhisler1 Gorseth 1946 Margaret Beiler Dorothy fFerguson1 Dempster 1947 Dorothy fArmsteadj Moffitt Myrtle Fennefos 1948 Dorothy lSchwalm1 Carpenter Roy Abrahamson 1949 Grace lRogers1 Boersma George Minard 1950 Margaret lBuchanan1 Markwed Burton Beiler 1951 John Buchanan Grace iGrady1 Varah 1952 Arthur Schwalm Joe Hann 1953 Harry Iverson Eunice lCalhoonl Underwood 1954 Helen lBuchanan1 Peters Ruby fBriggs1 Morgan 1955 Sena lKuhlman1 Olesen Goldie Whisler 1956 William Briggs Dr. George Stanford, PHD 1957 Clair Funston Beverly lCotton1 1958 Scott Lovald Alpha lOlsonl Fennofos 1959 Roy Schonewill Isola lWalters1 Norwalk Kenneth Olson Ben Owen M H S Carnival Royalty Clara Fosheim ---------------- 1947- Irene Doud Dorothy Oberembt Rose Marie Block Ida Fosheim Eldina Jeitz Betty Lou lllian Marjorie Elrod Darlene Ravenscroft Thelma Fosheim Merlene Root Barbara Spacht Jessie Livermore Orville Bentley Kenneth Anderson Garden Calhoon Donald E lrod Vern Foland David O'Connor James Schanzenbach John Eckert Howard Elrod Wallace Willoughby George Strappel 1948 1949 1950- 1951 1952 Margie Koch Alice Willoughby Jean Elrod Darlene Jarman Joyce Petoske 1953- Jean Quatier 1954- Sylvia Root 1955- Lorraine Schwalm 1956 Polly Nemec 1957 Miriam Abel 1958- Sonia Meyers Football Sweethearts 1953-54 1955-56 1 956-57 1957-58 Joyce Petoske Lani Anderson Shirley Sammons Sally Nemec Roy Quatier Ole Nelson Eddie Nemec James Root Pete Fosheim Tommy Hand Ralph Jones fShortyl Michael Gillaspie Chris Reimann Dean Koch Robert Sheeley Jerry Nemec 1914 Blanche QVoshall, Carlson QHW, 402 Quincy St. Rapid City, S. Dak. Grace QRussell, Elrod QD, 1915 Hazel QJones, Mittet QLibrarian, 8420 Jarboe St. Kansas City, Mo. 1916 J. E. Elrad QAuto Salesman, Midland, S . Dak. lngwald Nelson lR1 Midland, S. Dak. Martha QEller, Baozek QHW, Highmore, S. Dale. 1917 Nora QAbrahamson, Olson QT, Milesville, S . Dak. Myrtle QAnderson, Obrembt QD, Jennie Calhoon QD, Marguerite QFaubel, Jeffries QT, Wooded Share, Rt. 2 Wonder Lake, III . Garrett Rogers QF, St. Lawrence, S. Dak. Ruth QRussell, Hellikson QHW, Maxtan, N . C . Audrey QWaldo, Leach QT, Milesville, S. Dak. Anna QNelson, Hoppe QHW, Webster, S . Dalc. 1918 Fgls Miles QD, John Larson QR, Midland, S . Ddi . Archie Rogers QF, QBd. of Equil ., Rt. 2, Box 23, Huron, S. Dale. Christina QRay, Gyte QT, 7135 Hohman Ave. Hammond, Ind. Margaret Qliussell, Engleman QHW, 279 N . James East Wenatchee, Wash . Helen QPetersen, McMillan QHW, 5002 Ohio St. Omaha, Nebr. 1919 Eitlsr QJones, DeBoer QD, Audrey QArmstead, MacKean QHW, 6128 Brynhurst Ave. Los Angeles 43, Calif. Hazel QHightshoe, Rogers QHW, St. Lawrence, S . Dak. Geneva QAnderson, Leitheiser QBeautician, Emery, S . Dak. Alice QAbroharreon, Neilson QHW, 148 West Simpson St. Ventura, Calif. 1920 mes QHightshae, Kessler QHW, 1529 Judson Richland, Wash . Gladys Qlietersan, Bentley QHW, 8521 Oboite Center Rd. Fart Wayne, Ind. 1921 Sa-ie QHoveland, Edwards QHW, 29wYellowltane Lane Sacrunento 21, Calif. HW-Housewife D-Deceased R-Rancher F-Famier Alumni Directory Margaret QArmstead, Stevenson QHW, 3415 Olive San Diego 4, Calif. 1922 Hazel QWhisler, Gorseth QHiM Hill City, S. Dale. Grace QWhisler, Doud QHW, Midland, S . Dal: . Stewart Weirauch QD, Eva QWalda, Watkins QHW, 1111-West 5th St. Sioux Falls, S. Dall. Faye QTaggart, Poirier QHW, 504 N . Third St. Sleepyeye, Minn. Chris Scott, Lt. Col. 209 Pathfinder Lane McLean, Va. Charlie Schofield Lila QRay, Harrison QSec, 3344 42nd. St. San Diego, Calif. Warren Minard QCustodion, 1929 lst. Ave West. Seattle, Wash. Ralph Jones QR, Midland, S . Dak. Pearl Fennefos QT, Ethel Fennefos Q1, 4556-18th Ave . Minneapolis, Minn. 1923 Essie QWhisler, McKean QHW, 1611 W. 106th Los Angeles, Calif. Angeline QSnow, Cunningham QB 'keeper, 7114 Glenview C . T. Alexandria, Va. Vera QKessler, Rogers QHW, Rt. 2, Box 23, Huron, S. Dak. Aldace Minard QH . S . T., 1430 Maple Ave. South Pasedena, Calif. Harold McKean Qlns. Agent, 1611 W. 106th. Los Angeles, Calif. Harvey Madsen QR, Midland, S . Dali. Ole Flom QFactory Worker, 6828 Adamson Ave. Bell Gardens, Calif. Dorothy QFerguson, Dempster QD, Dorothy QE lrod, Reisner QHW, 1821 East Gage St. Los Angeles, Calif. Myrna QB lackmore, Anderson QT, 2507 Elm St. Rapid City, S . Dole. Margaret Beiler QSupervisory Off. U. S . Army, 3820 Scott St . San Francisco, Calif. Edsal Murray QStocl:broker, 4951-E . Rockridge Rd. Phoenix, Ariz. 1924 -Efes Stmford QPub . Acc., 9161 Whitaker Ave. Sepulveda, Calif. Bemard Smith Qingineer, 2619 Cherokee Lane Winston-Salem, N. C. T-Teacher HST-High School Teacher Lucille QHenn, Lathrop QHW, 1432 Northwest 6th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Myrtle Fennefos QLibrarian, 815 W. 19th St. Vancouver, Wash. Mildred QCreamer, Young QHW, 6054 Southwest 33rd. St. Miami, Fla. Margaret QCoshun, Hutchinson QHW, 5545 Penrith Rd . Seattle 5, Wash. Lloyd Braley QPrap., Hay Springs, S . Dale . Dorothy QAnnsteod, Moffitt QHW, 1 142-22nd St. San Diego, Calif. 1925 RJ-Abraharnson 2222 Hillcrest Ventura, Calif. Esther QAnderson, Saxer QT, 3237 Harmony Lane, Rapid City, S . Ualc . Hazel QCrum, Duol'QHW, Onida, S . Dale . Clarice QFennefas, Maris QHW 8- RN, 9944 Northeast Mason, Portland, Ore. Cecil Fose QD, Gladys QKristenson, Piglouslzi QHW, Owanka, S. Dak. Irene Peterson QD, Florence QSchol'ield, Sheeley QT, Midland, S. Dali. Dorothy QSchwalm, Carpenter QT, 304 Cleveland St. Rapid City, S . Dak. George Tqgart QCo. Judge, Timber Lake, S . Dak. Esther QWright, Aldrich QHW, 809 Sonia Way Mountain View, Calif. 1926 Sherman Burns QFord Dealer, Philip, s. oak. Nathan Calhoon QFum. Dealer, Eldon, Missouri Laura QCoshun, Frost QHW 8. Sec., 1680 Patricia Ave. Simi, Calif. Erma Ferguson QGov't. Office, 2022 Columbia Rd, N .W. Washington 9, D . C. Pearl Qlllian, Madsen QHW, Midland, S. Dok. Lillis QMacDanald, Russell QHW, Midland, S. Ddc. Elsie QMadsen, Haddock QHST, Midland, S. Dak. George Minard QProp. 6- Phar., Philip, S. Dak. Lena QRay, Magnuson QHW, Gordon, Nebr. Emelie QReimann, Fugate QT, 1909 Mount Vista Rapid City, S . Dak. Grace Qkogers, Boersrna QT, 2405 Ave. A . Flint, Mich . Florence QSoott, Krilonovich QHW, Nevada Gulch, Lead, S . Ddc. Betty Williams QT, Fort Benton, Mont. Mabel Qwilloughby, Moore QDent. Ass't., 613 S. DuftSt. Mitchell, S . Dak. Mi lbum Fose 3655 Millersport Highway Getzville, N. Y. 1927 Clarence Schofield QF, Ottumwa, S . Dak . Etts Mae QStandiford, Knutson QHW, DeSmet, S . Dole. Carol Q.loy, Schilling QHW, Midland, S . Ddc . Nowlin Jacobson Arora, Colorado Lowell Henn 4120 Gardner Rood Salem, Oregon QRefrig . Rep. Shop Owner, Dorothy QDoud, Reynolds QHW, Bridgeport, Nebr. Frank Dinsmore QF, Midland, S. Dak. Margaret QBuchanan, Marlcwed QHW, Kirley, S . Dak. Burton Bei Ier 2332 Pine Street Billings, Montana I Qlndus. Equip. Co. Worker, Margaret QAgee, Rhodes QHW, Route 3, Box 229 Eugene, Oregon 1928 GRADUATES Emma QNeiden, Krause QHW, ' Ronon, Montana Grace QGrady, Varah QHW, 5409 Fisher Road Southeast Washington, D . C. Bernard Grady St. Paul, Minnesota John Buchanan 427 S . Chapelle Pierre, S . Dak. Salesman Robert Benton B. 111, Custer, S. Dak. Red Owl Employee 1929 GRADUATES Franlc Sheeley Midland, S. Dak. Plumber Arthur Schwalm 2519 West Glendale Ave . Milwaukee 9, Wis. Maxine QHudson, Splnsby QHW, LeClair, lowa Edna QDavis, Cruse QHW, Murdo, S . Dolr. Claude Crawford Midland, s. oak. Mobil Oil Dealer Ernest Verley Myron Smith AF37712687 1956th . AACE55Q APO 925 San Francisco, Calif. Air Force instructor Mabel Phillips Wayne Mack Green Pastures Algonquin, Ill. Refrig. Eng. Dep't, Hotpoint Elec. Joe Hann 4527 Maryland San Diego, Calif. 1930 G RAD UATES 'Emce iCalhoon1 Underwood I 10302 Ridgemore Drive Silver Springs, Maryland Kenneth Calhoon QD1 Chester Calhoon lkj Midland, S . Dal: . Earl Benton 710 West 21st Street Casper, Wyo. Bran. Mgr. Mutual Ins. HW1 Josephine lAndersonl Linquist QHWJ 3624 Jones Street Sioux City, Iowa Webb Phillips Harry lverson Box 55 Momingside Sioux City, Iawa Meat Inspector Linda lRheinschmidt1 Anderson KHWQ Midland, S . Dak . Ruth lBehl1 Grawel lHWl 414 New York Street Rapid City, S . Dak. 1931 GRADUATES Ben Schwalm Midland, S . Dak . Pharmacist Charles Anderson IRQ Nowlin, S . Dak. Earl Illian 183 West Elm Wood Ave. Burbank, Calif. Helen lBuchman1 Peters KU Murdo, S . Dak. Ivan Douglas, Comdr. 69 McLellan Sam Mateo, Calif. Lillian lScottl Hiemrick KHWJ Lead, S . Dak. Ruby lBriggs1 Morgan 614 South 3rd Street Silverton, Oregon Fem iDavidson1 Layton 4455 Venture Canyon Ave. Sherman Oaks, Calif. Beautician 1932 GRADUATES Sena lKuhlman1 Olesen lHWl Midland, S . Ddt. Gerald Simpson IDI Bob Crawford lD1 Mabel Hanson lD1 Warren Douglas 146 No. Driving Blvd. Las Angeles 4, Calif. Mechanic HW-Housewife D -D eceased R-Rancher F-Famter Nelson Peters 1005 A . Forest Ave . St. Louis 10, Mo. Lloyd Olson Box 426 Chatfield, Minn. Winnifred fliuryearj Parker 326 Southwest Pierre, S . Dak. Helen fBehl1 Conklin lHWj Midland, S. Dak. Mary Whisler Midland, S. Dak. Goldie Whisler 125 East College Rapid City, S . Dak. Charles Sheeley Sturgis, S . Dal: . Gladys Ravenscraft Margaret iGillaspie1 Reimann ITD Midland, S. Dak. Cathrine lPattonj Brady lHWl 135 1f2 Harding Anaheim, Colifomia Genevieve Owens Midland, S. Dak. 1933 GRADUATES Alia fBuchanan1 Jeitz QHWQ 216 East Missouri Ave. Pierre, S . Dak . William Briggs 450 S . Benton Way Los Angeles 57, Calif. Sr. Civil Engr. Ass't. lone iDavidson1 Charles Beckwith Presho, S. Dak. Hdw. Store Prop. Charles Dunsmore Oglala, S. Dak. Robert G rady 2020 Roblyn Ave . St. Paul 4, Minn. Personnel Katherine lMulcahy1 Jassman KHWJ 2809 West Saint Anne Rapid City, S . Dak. Sylbernia fRay1 Orr QHWQ 1511 32nd Ave. Seattle 22, Wash . Bessie lSheeley1 Nemec QHWQ Midland, S. Dak. Dr . George Stanford Ph .D 1050 Stewart Ave . Florence, Ala. Heads Soil Chem. Research Dept. of TVA Hazel lWalters1 Engman QHWJ Hartford, S . Dak . 1934 GRADUATES mild Bums Philip, S . Dak. Ford Motor Dealer Beverly lCottom1 Glenn Crawford 1023 Champa Pratt, Kansas Richard Douglas 5609 Nolder Way Sacramento, Calif. Highway Geologist LaVona llamrmnl Thomason lHWj Anchorage, Alaska T-Teacher HST-High School Teacher Matilda lOwens1 Dinsmore QHWJ Midland, S. Dak. Corinne fPeterson1 Jenson QHWQ 1708 Collins Street Austin, Minn. Esther llietersonj Hagan KHWQ Midland, S . Dak . Fred Schwalm 3rd 81 Cottonwood, Canyon Lake Rapid City, S . Dak. Propane Manager Clair Funston' 3110 Keokuk Butte, Mantano Maior Doud 728 S . 4th Street Montebello, Calif. 1935 GRADUATES -VW1Tard Bums Murdo, S . Dak. Ford Motor Dealer Pierre Connor 4085 Park Boulevard Palo Alto, Calif. Ethlyn lCurtis1 Bertelson QHWJ Midland, S. Dak. Leland Dunsmore 96 Mrs. Willian Dunsmore Hot Springs, S . Dak. Hans Hoeppner KR1 Hayes, S . Dak. Wilhelm Hoeppner 1114 Highland Station Renton, Washington Scott Lovald Philip, S. Dak. Banker Herbert Martin 2513 North Ridgeway Chicago 47, Ill. Paul Newby lD1 Vema lOcheltree1 Alpha lOlson1 Fennefos in 2210-10th Avenue Oakland 6, Calif. Cleo lOrr1 Addison QHWJ Stamford, S . Dal: . Helen lSickels1 Brown Clifford Stone 3302 So. 60th Court Ciceno, Illinois Decorator Dorothy Whisler Midland, S . Dak. 1936 GRADUATES mlinda fDale1 Schwalm QHWJ 3rd 8. Cottonwood , Canyon Lake Rapid city, s. Dak. Hendrena lDeYoungl Nemec lHWj Midland, S . Dak. Howard Douglas 1396 Barbara Drive Santa Clara, Calif. Refrig. Maint. Employee Charles Elrod lEng . Benson Aircraftj 1315 Chester Road Raleigh, N. C. Gladys lwengerl Beinhom KRNJ 5th Ave. N . W. New Prague, Minn. Isola lWalters1 Norwalk CHWQ 216 Emerson Ave. Chula Vista, Calif. Roy S chonewi ll 18 Galer Street Seattle 9, Washington Gladys lMcKillip1 Rathbun lHWj Fort Pierre, S . Dak. James Gulbrandson QDQ 1937 Philip Buchholz lNavy Lieut.1 1620 Dominio Ave. Norfolk, Va . Ivan Dunsmore 2408 Taylor Amarillo, Texas Clara lFosheimj Roseth lHWj Midland, S. Dak. Vema Lamrnon QHWQ Midland, S. Dak. Herbert Lammon Marjorie lObrembt1 Stroppel KHWJ West Branch, lowa Dorothy lObrembt1 Heximer CHWQ 3901 Dillon 1 Cheyenne, Wyo. Kenneth Olson lIns.1 2507 Helena Lane Everett, Wash . Ben Owens lD1 lone Paulson Clarence Petoske lContractor1 Midland, S . Dak. Harry Ravenscroft Charles Schonewill 18 Galer St. Seattle 9, Wash. Meta Stelnburg Conrad Sandal 214-22nd Ave. N . Fargo, N . Dak . Robert Ugland iState Emp .J 334 North Grand Pierre, S. Dak. 1938 'Margaret lSeidler1 Calhaon lHW1 Midland, S. Dak. Harriet lOlesan1 Scott QHWQ 1376 Stlen Rd . St. Louis 21, Ma. Francis lMay1 Noble QU 1520 Fifth St. Rapid City, S . Dak. Ruby iMuirheadl Thomas KHWJ Cabstoga, Calif. Violet fHineline1 Hunt QHWJ Okaton, S . Dal: . John Gillaspie lRepair Shopl Midland, S. Dak. Orville Bentley, Dr. lDean Ag . College, Rt. 3, Box 3, Brookings, S. Dak. Kenneth Anderson fPostmmter1 Midland, S. Dak. Thomas Stalley IRI Ottumwa, S . Dak. Willis Drew iElectJ Philip, S. Dak. Thelma lMartinj Anderson iHWj Midland, S . Dak. Paul Sandbo Kirley, S . Dal: . 1939 md Walters Kidder, N. Dak. Dora fwoitmani Hassett 1604S.11th. St. Fart Smith, Calif. Charles Stahl Hazel fPetoskei Melvin KHWJ 2m MacArthur St. Rapid City, s. Dak. Virginia lOrri Hinker QHWJ 414 S . Lincoln Avenue Sioux Falls, S . Ddc. James Obrembt llnt. Rev.i East Helena, Mont. Joseph K leven CD1 Karl Gertenson in Copa, S . Dak . Alice lbouglasl Greoger QHWJ 6844 Arizona Ave . Hammond, Ind. Ruth lCalhooni Gerritson lHWl 355 Serrano Drive San Francisco 27, Calif. Gordon Colhoon KDJ Norman Blucher 19901 Lull St. Canoga Park, Calif. Rose Marie-QB lockl Peterson QHWJ 514 St. Cloud Rapid City, S . Dak. Claude Berry KRD Milesville, S . Dak. 1940 Marlyn Dunsmore Box 63X, Keystone Rt. Rapid City, S . Dak. Vera lEckerti Portonova QHWJ 224 West Dimsey Rd. Oxnard, Calif. Donald ElrodlMqr.Steel Const.j Box 351, Otho, Iowa Evelyn Folsom QD! na.. qro.i..a..i Hu... quwy Madame, s. na.. Walter Graham Kipton, Iowa Jean lGulbrondsoni Grey QHWJ Viewfield, S. Dak. Eldina Uletzj Eickhoff in 108 S . Tyler Pierre, S. Dak. Marie lHoeppneri Jeitz lHWl Hot Springs, S . Dak. Dorothy lKonsti Stahl QHWJ Ottumwa, S . Dak. Anna Grace lMossJ Sheeley lHWl ,Midland, S. Dak. Daniel Mulcahy lStore Owneri Midland, S . Ddn. David Muirhead Hayes, S. Dak. Arlene lNelsoni Petaske QHM Midland, S .Dak. Rupert Nelson QD! Everett Tunlrg Umckeri Midland, S . Ddx. Gladys Uunlngi Holden QHWQ Hill city, s . oak. HW-Housewife D-Deceased 70 R-Rancher F-Fanne Evelyn Stahl Helen Stinson IDI Stella lwaitmani Oldencamp 866 Irwin Court Hayward, Calif. 1941 'Mdlilon Alcock lFi Midland, S . Dak . Betty lBuchholzi Melvin 811 East Monroe St. Rapid City, S . Dak. Bernard Bums lFord Dealeri Philip, S . Dak. Fem lConneri Griger 10761 N . Stelling Rd. Cupertino, Califomio Mariory fDouglas1 Roseth IHWJ Midland, S . Ddi. Aldene lEllisl Towne QHWQ Midland, S . Dak. Henry Jeitz Belle Fourche, S . Dak . Mary Jane lHustonj Dugan KHWQ Murdo, S . Dak. Hendrick Kuhlmann lPilotl 2078 MacArthur St. San Pedro, Calif. Evelyn Larnmon Wilma Sena Oleson Gloria Gaucermani Smith lHWt 4119 Chesterton S . W. Roanoke 11, Va. Patricia Lammon Avis lSchillingi Gillaspie KHWJ Midland, S . Dak. Donald Sheeley lStand. Sta.j Midland, S. Dak. Edward Seidler Midland, S. Dak. Jack Spinsby QF, Stamford, S . Dak. Doris Nallianti Porta 3620 North Seneca Wichita, Kansa Zane Zieman lStore Prop J Midland, S . Dak. 1942 Dorcas lConneri Koerner Bridgewater, S . Dak. Dorothey Qbennisi Seidler lHWj Midland, S . Dak. Olivia lDennisi Perovlch QHWJ 30th. St. Anne Rapid City, S . Dak. Sheila lEllisi Obremlat IHWJ East Helena, Mont. Vem Foland QFI Midland, S. Dak. Walter Hoeppner 11459 Valiiar St. Granada Hills, Calif. Carrie lHarryi Sterling Ft. Pierre, S . Dak. Betty Lou lllliani Hancock KHWX Piedmont, S. Dak. John Kanst QB Midland, S. Dak. r T-Teacher HST-High School Teacher Dorothy lMulcahyi Westlund 401 E . Dakota Pierre, S . Dak. Glen Muidiead 1511 Stevens Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. David O'Conner 304 Williams St. Pierre, S . Dak. Loretta lSheeleyi Jones KHWJ 513 Woodland, Rt. 2 Billings, Mont. Grace lPetersl Carney 503 Cabin Branch Drive Washington 27, D . C. Seat Pleasant, Md. 1943 GRADUATES W1 ma lDursmorei Neil Austin, Colorado Mariorie lElrodi Hedman QHWJ 978 5th Avo. West Dickinson, N . Dak. Otis Foland Pierre, S . Dak. Contractor Mariaret lGillaspiei Whipple 2003 Read Street Omdia, Nebr. Bookkeeper Donna lFlomj Mahutga QHWQ Ft. Pierre, S . Dak. Clayton Nelson QFD Midland, S. Dak. Pauline lPetoskei Marrington KHM Midland, S . Dak. Darlene Ravenscraft James Schanzenbach U0 Midland, S. Dak. Ivan Schanzenbach KRD Midland, S . Dak. Myrtle Gchofleldl Routier IHWJ Hayes, S. Dak. Chorl Ziemann Midland, S. Dak. Const. Worker Ann Stahl Rt. 4, Box 304 San Angelo, Texas Louise lHoeppnen Wood Box 763, Hot Springs, S . Dak. Taxi Driver Robert Siedler KF, Midland, S . Dak . 1 944 G RAD UATES Tlilma Jean lFasheIn-0 Schofield IHWJ Midland, S. Ddc. Melvln Eckert Pierre, S . Dak. John Eckert QFD Midland, S . Dak. Alfred Ellis 540 Foncher Drive Fresno 2, Calif. 1945 GRADUATES Ca vin Schwalm KH Midland, S. Ddc. Merlene lkooti Rank QHWJ 2113 6th Avenue Rapid city, s. oak. Elsa Mae fMuirheadl Rhodes lHWi Ft. Pierre, S. Dak. Rose lMuckeyi Russell lHWi Box 996, New Castle, Wyoming Howard Elrod QHSD Chamberlain, S. Dak. Dorothy lDalei Spinsby QHWJ Stamford, S . Dak. Wallace Russell Box 996 New Castle, Wyoming Radio 8. TV Shop Prop. 1946 GRADUATES Edwin Biermann Midland, S. Ddc. Standard Oil Agent Louise lBlockl Blucher QHWQ Midland, S . Ddk. Leonard Blucher IR, Midland, S . Dd: . Lewis Bonhorst in Midland, S . Dd: . Esther IEckert1 Downn Fairbum, S . Ddc . Donald Jacobson CRI Cottonwood, S . Dak . William Kennedy 96West Gate Cdin Camp Custer, S . Dak . Bonnie lliochi Jacobson lRNi Cottonwood, S . Dak. Annetta lMartini Woitte QHWJ Midland, S. Dak. Alpha lPetersoni Sasse fHWl 309 Indiana St. Rapid City, S . Dak . Leonard Petoske KHSTH Belle Fourche, S . Dak. Arthur Sandal KDJ Lois fWilsoni Hall QHM Midland, S . Dak . Dick Block 00 Midland, S . Dak. 1947 GRADUATES Marlorie lPicklesl Briggs KHWQ Kirley, S . Dak. Doris lDalei Jennegas 417 West Boulevard Rapid City, S . Dak. Theron Kaeh ler IRI Nowlin, S . Dak. Lloyd Relman IFJ Midland, S. Dak. Charles Oberembt 4414 Lee Street, Northeast Cedar Raplds, Iowa Electrician Marian lFlomi Ernst IHIM Midland, S . Dak. Lorraine llieimani Lisp QHWJ Box 261 Yankton, S. Dak. Helen lEckerti Portanda 224 W. Demtsey Road Oxnard, Calif. Delmer Finn Q10 Midland, S. Dak. George Stroppel Pierre, S . Dak. Const. Worker Nlna lLlvennore1 Finn QHWJ Midland, S. Dak. Wallace Willoughby KF, Midland, S. Dak. lrene iEckert, Willoughby KHW, Midland, S . Dak. i948 GRADUATES PTY flflogan, Finn QHM 3109 Avalon Way, Apt. 2 Seattle 6, Washington Alice iLarson, McGuire QHW, Caputa, S . Dak . Eldena iFoster, Haerer IHW, Cottonwood, S. Dak. Roy Quatier Fort Pierre, S . Dak . Cashier Leonard Reiman Box l84 Emmons, Minn. Betty iNemec, VanderMay IHW, Warnblee, S. Dak. Gaylord Saucerman QR, Midland, S. Dak. Freda fEal:ert, Peters QHW, Draper, S . Dal: . Richland Doud Midland, S. Dak. lrene iDoud, Stelting CHW, l6l7 Pamell Drive Eugene, Oregon Morris Sandal Hayes, S . Dak . State Employee Dwayne Dale QF, Midland, S . Dak. i949 GRADUATES Dorothy iRichards, Stickler KHW, Midland, S. Dak. Joan KS pinsby, Moyer iHW, Chadron, Nebraska Anna iFlom, Easley 300 Allison Denver 26, Colorado Art Teacher Ole Nelson QF, Midland, S . Dak. Margie iKoch, Daly KHW, 2414 First St. N . Seattle 9, Wcshington 1950 GRADUATES A ice iwilloughlsy, Evans KHW, Hayes, S . Dak. lrene iQuatier, Hubbard KRN, Hullit, Wyoming Enid iZiemann, Roland KHW, Box 382 Marion, Virginia Mariorie KCrawford, Hedman KHW, Hayes, S . Dak. Edward Nemec, Jr. KR, Midland, S. Dds. Garden Russell i283 F Street San Bernardino, Calif. Teletype Repairrnan Jessie iLivemrore, Dale QRN, Midland, S .'Dd:. Anita lErg, Anderson QHM 362 Alter Road Detroit l5, Michigan H GRADUATES James Root Midland, S . Dak. Railroad Employee Joan Schanzenbach QRN, Belle Fourche, S . Dak. Sanford Ellis Midland, S . Ddr . Const. Worker Marvin Massey 96Hoggnson Const. Co. Marion, N . Dak . Const. Worker Mary iHana, Ahrendt QHW, Onida, S . Dak . Keith Elrod Midland, S . Dak. Recreation Room Prop. Ethel fSpinsby, Freeman QHW, Stamford, S . Dak . James lllian 825 Bonfoy, Apt. 1 Colorado Springs, Colorado Lineman i952 GRADUATES Dar ene Uanrran, Hagan KHW, Nowlin, S . Dak . Peter Fosheim, Jr. KR, Midland, S . Dak. Lois iMmsey, Elrod KHW, Philip, S . Dak. Tom Jones KR, Midland, S . Dak. Mary iBierle, Robertson iHW, Central City, S. Dak. Nora iNemec, Wyman KHWJ l08 8th Avenue Belle Fourche, S . Dak. Loenard Flom KS tudent, Alamosa, Colorado Wilma Gchofield, Saucerman QHW, Midland, S. Dak. 1953 maret Mulcahy KX-ray Tech ., l0lB Fairview Rapid City, S . Dak. Dorothy iSchillIng, Doud QHW, Draper, S . Dak. Phyllis fHagan, Gural QHW, 3708 West Chicago St. Rapid City, S . Dak. Shirley iHagan, Reed KHVV, 3944 L. St. Omaha 7, Nebr. Richard Fosheim QR, Midland, S. Dak. Gene Anderson QArmy, Midland, S. Dak. Dale Jarman KR, Nowlin, S. Dak. Morris iEng, Barton KHW, 618 6th St. W. York, Nebr. Helen iBelnnann, Bare QHW 8- RN, 224 Hill Top Road Ames, Iowa Hazel iBeinnann, Knutson iHW 8. RN, Toronto, S . Dak. Nina Zuccaro iSec ., 96 Park Place St. Paul 2, Minn. i954 Angela Nemec iSister Edna, QRN, Sacred Heart Hospital Yankton, S . Dak. Hazel iHanson, Schwalm QHW, Midland, S. Dak. HW-Housewife D-Deceased R-Rancher F-Farmer T-Teacher HST-High School Teacher Robert Hanson iState High ., Philip, S . Dak . Shirley iMassey, Henderson KHW, 9l5 l2th St. Rapid City, S . Dak. Ralph Jones QR, Midland, S . Dak. David Flom iStudent, 303 San Juan Ave . Alarrrosa, Colo I954 E iQuatler, Hennies QT, 3l0 C. Y. Avenue Casper, Wyo. Wilma iBeirmann, Athow QHW, Box 66, South Canyon Rapid City, S . Dak . Ronnie Sammons KR, Midland, S . Dak . Grace iSampson, McKillip QHW, Stamford, S. Dak. Thomas Hand KR, Midland, S . Dak. Joyce iPetoske, Jarman KHW, Nowlin, S . Dak . James Haddock Gtudent, 4330 S . W. 107th Beaverton, Ore. i955 George Anderson IF, Midland, S. Dak. Teresa iNemec, McLaughlin QHW 8. RN, 302 N . Tyler St. Pierre, S . Dak. Verona iMerkle, Evans QHW, Midland, S . Dak. Frances iNemec, Handrahan Fort Pierre, S. Dak. Virgil Smith QF, Midland, S . Dak . Sam Nordstrom iAir Force, Midland, S . Dak. James Bierle iT, Midland, S. Dak. Janice iMadsen, Bierle IT, Midland, S. Dak. Donald lllian fSem. Student, Concordia College Springfield, lll. i956 Chfrylyn Dinsmore iNun, Sacred Heart Convent Yankton, S . Dak. Karen Anderson CT, Midland, S . Dak. George Fosheim iStore Prop., Midland, S . Dak. Emest Nemec QR, Midland, S . Dak. Michael Gillspie KT, Belle Fourche, S . Dak. Winifred Nemec CT, Midland, S . Dak. Chris Riemann iStudent, Midland, S . Dak. Sylvia Root QT, Midland, S . Dd: . Joan Russell KT, Upton, Wyo. Arlyne iSammons, Markwed QHW, Hayes, S . Dak. Lorraine Schwalm Gtudent, Midland, S . Dak . Albert Vollmer Sturgis, S . Dak. i957 Robert Quatier iGov't . Work, 5l6 North Howard St. Apt. 304 Alexandria, Va . Beverly iWilliams, Kingery IHW, Midland, S . Dak. Faye Foster iwaitress, Midland, S . Dak. Phyllis fSheeley, Kingery KHW, Midland, S . Dak . Dean Koch iStudent, Midland, S. Dak. Leilani iAnderson, Hand QHW, Midland, S . Dak . Joe Fosheim iClerk, Midland, S . Dak. Sam Root iConst Midland, S . Dak . Pauline Nemec KT, Maalma, s. Dak. Jerry Jones iArmy, Midland, S. Dak. Barbara Schilling fState Emp., Pierre, S . Dak. Jerry Conklin fRall Emp., Midland, S . Dak . Rose iHanson, Marrington QHW, Midland, S. Ddc. 1958 Robert Sheeley iStudent, Midland, S . Ddc. JoAnne lSammons, Quatier iSec. 6 HVO 5l6 North Howard St., Apt. 304 Alexandria, Va. Steve Bride Gtudent, Midland, S . Dak. Lawrence Markle IS tudent, Midland, S . Dak. Martha Riemann QS tudent, Midland, S. Dak. Lyle Hunt Ur., iMechanic, Midland, S. Dak. Maxine iCalhoon, Jones QHW, Midland, S. Dak. Miriam Abel iClerk, Midland, S . Dak. Calvin Saucemran QR, Midland, S. Dak. Sally Nemec iSec., Midland, S. Dak. David Hand iStudent, Maaima, s. Dak. Donald Hanson iRail Emp., Midland, S . Dak. BOOSTERS MIDLAND GRAIN 8. LUMBER MIDLAND HARDWARE See Us For All Stop and Shop Your Building Material Needs And WEST CENTRAL ELEC. Farm Supplies Gust A . Larson, Manager Midland South Dakota Q Y"'f1 - , gl ,Q W l 0scar's Service Station "Yours For Friendly Service Expert Car Repairing Minneapolis-Moline Farm Machinery Phone 2051 Bride's Cafe Home Cooked Meals Steaks - Chops - Chicken - Snacks "A Good Place To Eat." Phone 2661 We Extend our congfafoianons The Seniorsl-gf 1958-'59 Pierre, S. Dak, Pierre Chamber of Commerce Budget Pia. Your Socony Mobil Dealer Presto Cafe Claude E. Crawford Midland A Midland High School Meals -- Lunches Graduate of 1929 Homemade Pastries Phone 2901 Good Coffee Midland Co-op Mk't Assn. Dick's Texaco General Merchandise Texaco Products Phone 2531 Key Replacements Of All Makes Midland, South Dakota Phone 2491 i i Mom's Cafe , Midland Co-op Elevators Meals - Lunches - Short Orders Feed, Seed, Grain, Coal Homemade Pastries I Steel Products Pop - Ice Cream Phone 2511 phone 2451 Patronize Your Own Business Midland soofh oakofa Midland South Dakota Cl 7 , Carl s Shoe Shop Ben s Barber Shop Tony Lama Boots Haircuts and Shoe Repair Shaves Carl Nordstrom Ben Anderson Midland South Dakota Midland South Dakota C 8 N W R R Sleep.In Comfort Fast, Courteous Service Af The L . E . Ed t S 'Om M 81 M Court Phone 2031 Air Conditioned Midland South Dakota Midland South Dakota Russell Motel See OPenYe0'A'OUnd Clarence Petoske lt's Air Conditioned Contractor For Your Comfort Dam Building Phone 2601 Terracing and Road Work Midland South Dakota Midland South Dakota 3 1 i 1 A 81 M Grocery Fruits - Meats - Groceries Frozen Foods Free Deliveries Daily Dan, Till, and Jo Anne Mulcahy Phone 2931 Midland South Dakota C. E. McKinley Insurance Agency Casualty - Fire - Auto - Life - Health Phone 2611 Midland South Dakota Z-MANS Midland, South Dakota Phone 2941 Animal Health Products Household Remedies Stationery and School Supplies AMERICAN LEGIGN Post 143 For God and Country Congratulations Graduates of i958-'59 Y 69100 ?vTl'lQN12 : QUS? I E454-'39 3 :lt 'Xt' G10 0 I lllllx Dances Every Saturday Night Meeting -- 2nd Tuesday -- 8:00 P . M. Willard McMillan -- Commander Clarence Petoske -- Adjutant Don Slweeley--D epartment Vice Commander MIDLAND SOUTH DAKOTA Editors Note I It was our desire to include as many group and activity pictures as were possible to obtain, of MHS graduates . We regret that, in some cases, we have failed to do this because such photos were not available . Few were received of the 40's and 50's, due no doubt, to the fact that each class had its own annual after 1938. I would here like to add a note of thanks to the members ofthe Senior Class of 1959, and to Mrs. Haddock, our advisor, for the many hours they spent in the preparation of the I959 VIKING . I would also like to extend a special "thank you" to the alumni who so generously lent us the priceless pictures used in this volume. We hope you have enjoyed your trip through the pages of MHS and Midland community history, and that the few snaps have brought back many pleasant memories . Sincerely, Maureen Gillaspie, Editor 23263 if 2 gg w Qsgf Q R mx 5353 Qxygfgjmwgjigjgii W Qwwl Uzf, f-if Umm! ' WWWQ 'fjmhiad y 75977765 1,47-?+QMwLQZQ,aW 4j9,W7,z MMZLWMJ X755 jj! Qzkjlwnj fi xgxf ix W 3? iiivisk 1, Qyejdfgy W3 'Pkg !?fe3:J G NT X030 CTU WMJLJQ Uv fZz751fff 5-2 Nifww WW awww QW WW SM 6'

Suggestions in the Midland High School - Viking Yearbook (Midland, SD) collection:

Midland High School - Viking Yearbook (Midland, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 37

1959, pg 37

Midland High School - Viking Yearbook (Midland, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 12

1959, pg 12

Midland High School - Viking Yearbook (Midland, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 12

1959, pg 12

Midland High School - Viking Yearbook (Midland, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 31

1959, pg 31

Midland High School - Viking Yearbook (Midland, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 15

1959, pg 15

Midland High School - Viking Yearbook (Midland, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 40

1959, pg 40

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