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1115 > < h Gc F77mi 1975 M. L. iHDiAPhn. rrgLiirrpTir** i RESERVATION miami junior high school fort wayne, indiana volume 4 " ESMERALDA IN THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT " or " BEING A FAIRY TALE PRINCESS ISN ' T ALL IT ' S UP TO BE " Once upon a time, in the far-off land of Enchantment, there lived a king, his wife the Queen, and their bee-yoo-tiful daughter, the Princess Esmeralda. Princess Esmeralda was very lovely, indeed, but as the princess was quick to point out, she was more than just another pretty face. Ez was very talented. She could sing, sew, shoot, play the harmonica, multiply four numbers by four numbers in her head, and sharpen pencils with her teeth-all at the same time. Many young men came to claim the young princess in marriage, but Esmeralda would have none of them. Instead she would turn them away, yawning behind a delicate hand, and eagerly returning to " Teaching Your Parakeet to Retrieve. " The King became distraught as the years went by, and still the lovely Esmeralda refused to marry. On the day of her 18th birthday (by then she was considered next to an old maid and the marital scene looked almost hopeless), the King stood before her in her library, surrounded by her books, ^magazines, telescopes, and aquariums, all about far away people, places, plaques, plagues, pears, periscopes, and plays. He demanded that she accept one of the young men of the kingdom. Esmeralda coolly replied sjie would not and continued reading " The Economics of Raising Goldfish in Eastern Europe. " The King screamed and tore wildly at his hair. -i \ " Why can ' t you be more like your cousins?! " he shouted. He calmed down and made his voice smooth and beguiling. " Remember Claudine and the wonderful wedding she had last spring? Uncle Maurice shelled out 15 serfs and 23 shares of Feudal Oil to throw that reception at Trinity Druid. Is it too much to ask that you go along with the system? " " Remember what Claudine ' s fiance ' s mother did to her the night before the wedding? " Esmeralda countered. " She stacked 39 mattresses on top of one of a pea and made Claudine sleep on them. Well, Claudine told me the pea was so uncomfortable she tossed and turned all night, and finally fell off the bed and broke her wrist, but her in-laws hushed it up. Would you like something like that to happen to me? How could I play handball with a broken wrist? " The King frothed at the mouth. " Well, what about your little friend, what ' s-her-name? The one who ate the poison apple and awoke when her true love kissed her? What about her? " Esmeralda shrugged. " It was only a little indigestion to begin with, and the guy gave her mono. Then they got kicked out of Castle Condominiums because the neighbors complained of the noise Snow White ' s friends were making. Always singing and pounding and telling lurid stories of when they all used to live together. Her husband says those seven dwarves are grounds for divorce. The King drew himself up to his full height. " All right, then, " said he in his best " my-word-is-the-law " tone of voice, " if you refuse to marry, I-I banish you from this kingdom! " The King smiled and was quite pleased with himself, sure that Esmeralda would now submit to his wishes. Esmeralda stood up and calmly answered, " So be it. " The King ' s jaw slumped. He stared at her in dismay. " You mean- " " I mean I shall leave this kingdom at dawn tomorrow, 1865234 just as soon as I can pack up my credit cards " it ' s lonely at the top Right: Max Lake Below: Dr. Mulligan counselors Mr. Hull and Miss Moore Esmeralda began to arrange her things into neat stacks: 301 issues of " I ' m O.K., You ' re O.K., But I secretaries The members of our " Girl Friday " club are Mrs. Mileff, Mrs. Sterling and Mrs. Toor custodians Standing L-R: P. Claymore, C. Dumford, F. Haas, A. Frankenstein. Think Your Poodle Is Abnormal " , 10 Billy Graham albums, and a copy cooks Standing l-r: H. Geyer, B. Hegge, R. Farrell, C. Gillie, A. Gray, D. Screeton, C. Clark, E. Wright, I. Roby. Seated l-r: S. Baughman, V. Howell, I. Mille > ; B. Kissinger, V. Regadance of " Learning To Speak Pygmy In 12 Easy Steps " . " B-b-bnt Ezzie, baby, Honeybunch! You can ' t leave- sputtered the King. " Why not? I ' m eighteen, I don ' t have cavities or a police record, and I think its time I went out into the world. " Swiftly Esmeralda tied her many treasures into a bundle. Heaving it onto her back she strode down the hall to her bedroom. The King scampered behind her shout- ing for her to stop and obey him. Esmeralda closed her door firmly on her father ' s nose and began to make ready for the morning, leaving the King to spend the night raging and howling up and down the EIGHTH AND NINTH WIN CITY!!!!!!!! FIRST ROW l-r: mgr. G. Emrick, S. Learning, G. Chambers, H. Alter, D. DeRemer, K. Freimuth, B. Levy, T. Shepler, J. Gonzalez, G. Hallback, M. Hall, B. Bridge. SECOND ROW: mgr. D. Andorfer, T. James, M. Springer, C. Underwood, G. Falkner, D. Fuqua, C. Holtzberg, K. Cline, G. Olmstead, M. Hicks, T. Bell, mgr. R. Shubert. THIRD ROW: T. Webb, J. Adamonis, R. Noel, K. Teeters, J. Pierce, G. Dalman, J. Springer, D. Scheerer, K. Minniefield, D. Meyer, B. DeRemer footballfootballfo 9TH GRADE SCORES Miami 8 Franklin Miami 14 Portage Miami 22 Fairfield Miami 12 Kekionga Miami 14 Geyer Miami 6 Jefferson SEASON RECORD (6-0) What does it take to turn out the top two football teams in the city. It takes great coaches, teamwork, self discipline, sportsmanship and the will to win. And behind every great team is another great bunch, the student body. 10 !!!!!!!!BEST FOOTBALL SEASON EVER FIRST ROW l-r: C. Lebamoff, B. Steffey, B. Gorrell, R. James, B. Clare, M. McDonnell, M. Gould, M. Trainer, E. King, R. Books, M. Loebert, B. Cragg. 2ND ROW: J. Chapman, P. Talarico, C. Adamonis, S. Hines, K. Adamonis, G. Gladding, B. Alter, L. Tinker, N. Schoenle, S. Kuntz, J. Dick, S. Sills, 3RD ROW: C. Green, P. Nycum, W. Amos, M. Govan, G. Konger, Causey, K. Noble, Mr. Perkins, R. Konger, C. Freeman, T. Minniefield, B. Beito, D. Gunn 8TH GRADE SCORES Miami 44 Franklin Miami 42 Portage Miami 6 Fairfield Miami 18 Kekionga 6 Miami 8 Geyer 6 Miami 14 Blackhawk SEASON RECORD (6-0) 7TH GRADE SCORES Miami Fairfield Miami 6 Geyer 6 Miami 20 Kekionga Miami 22 Franklin SEASON RECORD (2-0-2) < (#*- ' ' m FIRST ROW l-r: R. Sutorios, D. Richardson, T. Grabner, P. Pruitt, M. Dalman, 0. Graham. 2ND ROW: J. Mileff, D. Miller, K. Finton, M. Chambers, T. Haag, D. Edwards, R. Sanders, S. Cotton, B. Manes, V. Fish, A. Hallback. 3RD ROW: B. Haruff, S. Gronau, T. Moore, T. Davis, J. Austin, D. Hoyng, D. Phillips, T. Berry, D. Bird, A. Lebamoff, Mr. Scatena 11 wrestlingwrestl ■ 7th & 8th grade wrestling. 1st Row L-R: Mr. Blosser, M. Ralph, S. Jimerson, P. Stanczak, R. Books, M. Shannon, M. Armstrong, G. Wallace. 2nd Row: M. Dalmon, R. Reed, B. Farlow, J. Dick, E King, B. Lowe, M. Donaghy, D. Stouder. 3rd Rmv: P. Nycum, D. Scott, C. Green, S. Sills, K. Noble. Varsity Wrestlers. 1st Row L-R: M. Wilson, J. Specht, D. DeRemer, B. DeRemer, M. Springer, G. Manes, G. Eyneart, M. Scott, L. Bunnell. 2nd Row: Mr. Blosser, M. Hall, G. Olmstead, K. Minniefield, S. Crickmore, K. Teeters, M. Clark, K. Walbridge. hall. The next morning dawned bright and beautiful as Esmeralda said goodbye to her parents. The Queen alternately wept for Esmeralda and berated her husband for making foolish decrees. The King stood still as a stone, his arms folded, his jaw stubbornly set, and his nose a little tender. He did not say a word crosscountrycrosscountr Crosscountry 1st Row L-R: D. Wilson, R. Shepler, M. Scott, M. Wilson, B. Parker, J. Hey. 2nd Row: K. Bailey, B. Able, F. Barnoske, L. Coahran, J. McClintock, K. Weaver. 3rd Row: Mr. Swinford, J. Thomas, R. Spencer, J. Espada, G. Colburn, M. Wuebbenhorst. & dl^ ' ^yi The varsity crosscountry team deserves a lot of credit for doing a fantastic job of representing Miami and winning second in city. The wrestling team also did well as they kept their opponents on needles and " pins " . Five Injuns made city finals. Two won-Kevin Minniefield and Mark Wilson. 13 boys " bounce " back from a slow start to a " fast break " Miami 32 Geyer Miami 45 Lakeside Miami 51 Shawnee Miami 47 Portage Miami 27 Kekionga Miami 43 Franklin 9TH GRADE BASKETBALL 1ST ROW L-R: Mang. D. Andorfer, C. Underwood, B. Lahmann, C. Smith, M. Bush, G. Faulkner, G. Emerick (Mang.) Standing: Mr. Shaidnagle (coach) S. Moore, T. Galuppo, B. Simmons, C. Hagler, J. Springer, J. Espada, G. Chambers 8th Grade Scores Miami 21 Fairfield Miami 41 Jefferson 17 Miami 45 Lane 51 Miami 52 Northwood 39 Season record (6-4) 9th Grade Scores Miami 40! Fairfield 44 Miami 43 Geyer 47 Miami 35 Lakeside 44 Miami 44 Shawnee 47 Miami 31 Portage 48 Miami 38 Kekionga 42 Miami 54 Franklin 52 Miami 46 Jefferson 32 Miami 49 Lane 60 Miami 41 Northwood 42 Miami 49 Blackhawk 42 Season record (4-7) 7TH BASKETBALL 1ST ROW L-R: K. Hermann, D. Wilson, D. Byrd, Coach Mr. Scatena, P. Flanigan. 2ND ROW: T. Tisguloff, B. Wade, B. Crist basketball Seventh Grade Scores Miami 41 Fairfield 39 Miami 33 Geyer 43 Miami 34 Kekionga 33 Miami 48 Franklin 43 8th GRADE BASKETBALL 1ST ROW L-R: R. Janes, W. Ervin, N. Scoenle, D. Hall, B. Beito, F. Barnoske, R. Underwood. 2ND ROW: Mr. Perkins, S. Kuntz, R. Sutorius, G. Gladding, W. Edwards, R. Konger, D. Gunn, C. Freeman, C. Lebamoff. you ' ve come a long way, baby! Volleyball. 1st Rrrui l-r: M. Kwatnez, L. Rudny, 2nd Row: L. Curley, A. Able, S. Mileff, C. Sutorius, Coach Minn Post, .ird Row: L. Goldner, R. Hey. Uh Row: L. Stadler, L. Steinforth. 5th Row: N. Johnson e Gymnastics. L-R: L. Goldner, J. Bush, S. Mileff, C. Sutorius, L. Wright, Miss Post, K. Flanigan Basketball. 1st Row: L-R, K. Walters, B. Hall, K. Currey, A. Davis, L. Rudny, 2nd Row. P. Gooden, L. Steinforth, L. Stadler, T. Woods, R. Hey. Pom-poms. S. Mileff, L. Armstrong, D. Bush, B. Gonya, L. Gerding, K. Gerdes, L. Hicho, K. Flanigan, K. O ' Brien, T. Forrester, A. Able, L. Smith, G. Smith, K. Taylor, C. Meikle, C. Wilhelm, S. Metzger, B. Konger, K. Currey, L. Simon, K. Geren. until Esmeralda mounted her horse Horatio. He finally broke down and pleaded, " Won ' t you please cheerleaders Varsity cheerleaders. 1st Row L-R: Rhonda Hey, Laura Steinforth. 2nd Row: Sharon Nichols, Karen Kruse, Laura Rudny. -* ' .- ' Ag f *■• •• *. * «f -*f» 1. M /tow: JV. Demetre, R. Chapman, L. Armstrong. 2nd Row: R. Berger, S. Good. 18 Art Club 1st Row: M. Werling, K. Richards, G. Moyer, K. Allen, B. Lahmann, D. Mosley. 2nd Row: Mr. Meyer, E. Hoham, R. Moser, S. Johnstoyi. 3rd Row: M. Art, L. McDonald, B. Armington, R. Moser. kth Row: G. Olmstead, T. James, G. White, B. Farlow. artartartartartartartartartarta stay? You won ' t even have to get married or give up your subscription to ' Honest Republicans ' if you don ' t want to. " Esmeralda smiled. " No, I really want to do this. Don ' t worry, I ' ll be back some intramuralsintramu 1st Row L-R: V. Pruitt, B. Alter, T. Shepler. 2nd Row: Mr. Swinford, H. Alter, D. Meyer, K. Minniefield, P. Talarico, B. DeRemer, Mr. Scatena gymnastics Boys gymnastics 1st Row L-R: Mr. Swinford, B. Manes, J. Mileff, J. Zent, P. Acker, T. Reinking, R. Shepler, J. Hey, K. Messman. 2nd Row: R. Powell, J. McClintock, S. Smith, B. Richards, J. Hoyng, B. Able, K. Bauer, K. Freimuth. 3rd Row: C. Holtzberg, J. Thomas, L. Davis, G. Colburn, K. Cline. officerunnersoffic Office Runners 1st Row L-R: L. Bunnell, C. Cornewell. 2nd Row: K. Taylor, S. Fowler, B. Lahmann, A. Hallback. 3rd Row: N. Stayonoff J. Adamonis, L. Landis, S. Smith, M. Ort, L. Rowe, B. Mendenhall. tfh Row: R. Powell, K. Walbridge, M. Hormann, J. Sproat, J. Gonzalez. day. " The King blanched at the thought. Esmeralda waved and gallopped away into the rising smog. For many days Esmeralda rode, and saw many new places and people. Things continued on in this dull man- < ^^i^ K % m \ i/f*i 1 • M wJ ' \ 1 fllKJ % L ' Jfe shopshopshop ft & Industrial Arts 1st Row L-R: L. Fosnaugh, J. Mileff, M. Scott, B. Alter, M. Wilson, B. Parker, J. Underwood, Mr. Coleman. 2nd: Mr. Klausing, M. Shannon, S. Smith, M. Hall, B. DeRemer, B. Steffey, M. Springer, H. Alter, G. Enyeart, K. Hall. 3rd Row: M. McDannel, L. Coahran, S. Vogel, M. Thompson, R. Reed, M. Gould, R. Hutchins, B. Crist, l^th Row: P. Talarico, K. Shilling, W. Phillips, S. White, S. Crickmore, K. Teeters, L. Landis, D. Stouder, R. Roussey. bowlingbowlingbowlingbowlingbowling no a Bowling Club 1st Rov; L-R: Mr. Smith, G. Allen, M. Ankenbruck, D. Dafforn, C. Keller, D. Burke, F. Dutt, S. Borkowski, R. Hochstetler. 2nd Row: P. Hansel, C. Reynolds, L. Wright, K. Ehrman, D. Emerick, R. Schnsyer, K. Allen, R. Moser, S. Hoehn. 3rd Row: L. Whalen, M. Stoner, R. Diehm, T. Hoehn, M. Denton, J. Burke, R. Roussey, B. Steffey, K. Neate, F. Dutt, E. Keith, P. Howey. 4 th Row: R. Powell, K. Cline, G. Green, J. Thomas, J. Hoyng, L. Key, R. Moser, L. Noble, M. Smith, C. Burke, L. Hiatt, B. Miller. ner until-she travelled into strange lands that had never been mapped. There was no sign of life. Lots of peasants standing around, but no sign of life. One day Esmeralda came up on a large lake, so Seated: K. O ' Brien Standing: M. Dalman bankingbanki Spelling Club L-R: Mrs. Garvin T. Griswold J. Andrew D. Kohrman C. Hess J. Ebbing M. Barney spellingsp afro-americanafro-americanafro-americanafro-a Afro- Americaji Club 1. K. MacAfee 2. T. James 3. L. Hopkins 4. S. Alexander 5. Mrs. Garvin 6. P. Gooden 7. S. Hagler 8. R. Barksdale 9. L. Maydwell 10. D. Davenport 11. S. Anthony 12. D. Hatch. large she had to strain to barely see the other side. " Stop! Who goes there? " roared a loud voice. Esmeralda looked about. There was no one but herself, and she was almost positive she hadn ' t said ' Jf j Vf rsjaEj SHEii t»r Mir " -itr " tii^i «/ ' " ' Pi^ ri^s^ ' i w^i El^ ' fsfy ' ifc ' Jl I anything. " Tis I, the Princess Esmeralda. Who are you? " she shouted. " Insolent! " growled the voice. " I m the one and only, the Lake! I am the Guardian of all that lies beyond, and I decide who shall pass or fail! " " Well, Lake- " " Mr. Lake to you! " " Mr. Lake, what is that country that lies beyond? " inquired Esmeralda. " The country Skool, where all is known and hardly anything learned. There are many fear- dramadramadramadramadramadra 1. Mr. Perkins 2. J. McClintock 3. L. Simon h. S. Mileff.5. L. Dennis 6. K. Geren 7. N. Stucker 8. K. Flanigan 9. G. Johnson 10. K. Teeters 11. D.Greaf 12. D. Moss 13. M. Hermann 1£. S. Nichols 15. D. Henschen 16. C. Meikle ful things in there, and very few people survive, " replied the Lake. libraryworkerslibraryworkers Library Workers 1st Row L-R: J. Gonzales, D. Slayton, R. Steffey. 2nd Row: K. Burke, M. Stoner, B. Grear, Mr. Davis (Advisor), A. Dennis, C. Sutoris. 3rd Row: W. Philips, S. Maserack, J. Admonis, T. Archbald, M. Smith, L. Landis, D. Gunn, J. Sproat. chesschesschesschesschesschessc Chess Club Seated L-R: M. Gilpin, J. Andrew. Standing: Mr. Baker, L. Hiatt, G. Manes, H. Schultz, J. Bleeke, R. Mendenhall. " Well, I am going there, no matter what you say. " Esmeralda urged Horatio into the water. At once a student activities Y-Teens 1. M. Crouch 2. J. Deber 3. Miss Hahn 4. J. Brandt 5. P. Ebersole 6. J. Radu 7. S. Mayer 8. L. Bosworth Student Activities Committee. Front-Rear: S. Mileff, T. Williams, K. Kruse, D. Stouder, N. Schoenle, L. Stadler, K. Minniefield, T. Minniefield, Mr. Fulk y-teensy-tee huge wind whipped the waters, and waves crashed against Horatio, who had to dig in tight with his tennies to keep from being toppled over. " Go back! " commanded the Lake. " You cannot pass! " Horatio struggled to shore, and immediately the water stilled and was like a smooth sheet of blue glass. Wet and weary, Esmeralda rode along the shoreline, cursing steadily for at least five minutes. Sudden- L-R: Mr. Walker, Mr. Hole, Miss Kampschmidt, Mrs. Broome. ly she remembered something-and what she remembered made her madder than ever. " Horatio, you dummy! We ' ve got a boat, and you didn ' t even say anything! " Esmeralda did not stop to consider just how he was supposed to tell her. She dug the rubber raft (acquired when she once dated a man from the coast englishenglishenglis ■ Kj ^jyjmmm ■W—JflB £~ ' *|g Lj-yJI wF m$**W*F*W wBg}- ' . -^r lT^^S v. - " ' L-J?: Mr. Moden, Mrs. Gargett, Mr. Peters, Mrs. Garvin, Mr. Perkins, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Blosser, Mrs. Kinniry. Mr. Fulk. guard. They went to a wild party and that ' s all Esmeralda would say about it) out of the saddle bags and proceeded to blow it up. Half an hour and 79 lungs later the raft was finally its full size. Esmeralda cautiously stepped in. The Lake did not react. Apparently he was on a coffee break. " Come on in, " said espanolespanolespanolespanole deutschdeutschdeutschdeutschd francaisfrancaisfrancaisfrancai il n ' y a pas de photogragh c ' est la vie socialstudiessocialstudiessocialstudiessocia 1865234 health and safety Left to right: Mrs. Autenrieth Mrs. Pauwels 35 shopshopshopshopshopshopshop 4-\-\ 4-V* 4-1* Math teachers L-R: Miss Bauer, Miss Froehlich, Mr. Weaver. Not ni3Xnm & Xnmclt.ll pictured: Miss Hahn, Mr. Shaidnagle. Esmeralda to Horatio. " The water ' s fine. " Horatio studied Esmeralda doubtfully. He put in one hoof Eighth Choir First Row L-R: Miss Sack, L. Hicho, L. Dove, J. Friedrich, L. Bliven, S. Hoehn, R. Keller. 2nd Row: L. Fosnaugh, M. Crickmore. 3rd Row: D. Hatch, C. Clair, B. Patton, L. Key, S. Clifford. Choir— keeping in tune at Miami 9th Grade Choir 1st Row L-R: R. Diehm, F. Dutt, R. Shepler, B. Lahmann, B. Armstrong, T. Stiverson, C. Keller. 2nd Row: D. Holloway, J. Bush, M. Smithson, R. Worthman, K. Zent, K. Eckler, T. Hoehn. 3rd Rorv: T. Briggs, A. Able, R. Noel, M. Wuebbenhorst, L. Whalen, K. Armington. tfh Row: S. Metzger, R. Hey, K. Minniefield, J. Espada, R. Spencer, N. Johnson, K. Fortier. 1st Rcnu L-R: D. Thomason, T. Kendall, B. Lahmann, E. Killen, R. Richards, S. Griggs, L. Bigler, D. Sack. 2nd Row: T. Sprinkle, D. King, J. Leitch, N. McFeters, S. Harmon, K. Bauer, B. Harrison, M. Holliman, T. Elward. 3rd Row: S. Woods, K. Richards, S. Fowler, M. Cooper, S. Boone, R. Ladd, J. Van Holloway, C. Nimtz, C. LeMay, 4th Row: L. McDonald, M. Stoner, B. Fried rick, R. Moser, D. Shepler, S.Anderson, J. Bauer, R. Rowe, C. Sanders, B. Armington, K. Retzious. bands 1st Row L-R: L. Vetter, L. Curley, S. Kitchen, R. Berger, L. Gerding, V. Bourne, L. Krach, L. Fritze, B. Busche, D. Holloway, K. Peppier. 2nd Row: D. Cruse, B. Mendenhall, C. Reynolds, L. Stadler, B. Konger, S. Andorfer, K. Rodenbeck, J. Roman, M. Korte, L. Weber, M. Crouch, B. Miller, M. Bosse, M. Summers, J. Andrew, J. Griggs, D. 1st Row ^,-R: S. Johnston, M. Franke, L. Leaman, J. Zimmerman, C. Mcintosh. 2nd Row: L. Rowe, K. Christman, R. Mendenhall, P. Hansel, K. Peterson, D. Denny, S. Kitchen, L. Krach, C. Reynolds, D. Cruse. 3rd Row: A. Lebamoff, A. Hallback, B. Haruff, K. Hanlon, J. Andrew, L. Armstrong, K. Bailey, J. Holt, L. Shie, D. Baker, G. Moyer, Mr. Moenning. Piano: B. Mendenhall. cautiously and jerked it back. " Well, come on if you want to. I ' m leaving " And Esmeralda struck off for the other side of the Lake. Taking a deep breath, Horatio plunged in and horse-paddled across. Mihm, M. McDanell. 3rd Row: B. Parr, R. Shroyer, D. Smethers, L. Noble, G. Hettinger, C. Busche, J. Flohr, L. Bushey, C. Hess, K. Hanlon, M. Shultz, B. Parker, S. Kuntz, G. Dalman, H. Schultz, M. Giplin, A. Hallback, A. Lebamoff, T. Galouppo, P. Stanzak, G. Emerick, G. Manes, R. Konger, L. Coahran, J. Dick, M. Knuth. Uh Row: S. Hinds, J. Spect, J. Andrew, B. Gorrell, N. Schoenle, G. Colburn, R. Books, B. Able, G. Myers, Mr. Moennig. and orchestra 1st Row L-R: M. Korte, J. Roman, L. Bushey, C. Hess, S. Markley, T. McMlelland, J. Spect, C. Borntreger, B. Saylor, K. Peppier, D. Holloway, 2nd Row: B. Wade, L. Wickliefe, M. McCaustlard, J. Smethers, T. Griswold, L. Weber, M. Crouch, B. Miller, M. Bosse, J. Andrew, J. Griggs, T. Tsiguloff, K. Hanlon, B. Harriff, B. Crist, A. Hallback, A. Lebamoff, 3rd Row: C. Coles, P. Flanigan, Mr. Moennig. Not pictured-T. Berry, Greg Stanczak. As Esmeralda was deflating and repacking the raft she saw a young man standing in the middle of the field, looking about rather aimlessly. " Hello there! " Esmeralda called. " Who are you? " The stranger turned and smiled vaguely. " Oh, hello. Sir Andrew here, at your service. Who are you? " I am Prin- j cess Esmeralda, daughter of King-well let ' s skip the rest for now. What are you doing here? " Sir Andrew started to speak, then paused and looked puzzled. At last he spoke. " I forget. Anyway I know it ' s im- joe andrew kevin walbridge joe andrew, kevin walbridge graveyard scene by charlie jetmoore portant. I ' m here because I seem to have misplaced my horse. " Sir Andrew looked about him, to make sure it hadn ' t crawled down a mole hole or under a leaf. " Mother won ' t like this, either. She ' s always tell- " in the beginning we wanted the best yearbook possible ... in the end we just wanted a yearbook ... " joe andrew ing me, " Andy, if you put away your things you ' ll always be able to find them again. " This is the third horse I ' ve lost this month. I put them somewhere and then when I turn around again I can ' t find them. " Esmeralda cleared her throat noisily. " Maybe if you tied a string around your finger it would help you to remember things. " " I knew I was going to forget something, so I brought lots of string, " and Andy held up enough string for an elephant to play cats cradle with. " Didn ' t it help? " Andy shook his head mournfully. " I forgot to tie it on. " His eyes lighted when he saw Horatio, and he grinned gleefully. " Hey, I can use your horse! " Esmeralda pouted. " No! He ' s mine and I don ' t want him lost. " Andy fretted. " Well, then why don ' t you come with me, as soon as I remember where I ' m going? " Esmeralda thought this over, and decided, since she wasn ' t going anywhere in particular (and what- ever was important to Andy might concern food or money or both), she might as well go along. " Alright, " she said. " Where are you going? " Andy frowned. " Hmm ... I know! I was going to find my family treasure. It was stolen long ago by a Dragon that lives in a cave near here. " " What does he look like? " " What, the Dragon? Oh, just your usual, run-of-the-mill dragon— " " No, the treasure! " " Oh, that. Well, it ' s big and gold and it ' s shaped like a huge letter ' A ' , For ' Andrew ' , of course. " Oh. " Esmeralda was disappointed. She had been thinking more along the lines of tennis rackets, sail boats and pool cues. " Why is it so special? " Andy looked indignant. " Why, it was blessed by the patron saint of pinball machines, Saint Schultz himself. The Dragon stole it, hoping to improve his pinball playing. He cheats, though. He always tilts. " " Well, come on, let ' s go. Hey, " said Esmeralda brightly, " you might say we are on the quest of the Holy Grade! " As they continued on (luckily they were not accosted by any far-leftists, far-rightists, or far-out- ists), they entered a dark forest, where everything was hushed and still. " That ' s the tree of mathematics. Those two things are Algebra and Geometry. Nasty little creatures. I ' d advise you to stay away from them. Al thinks he ' s tough, and Jimmy ' s so picky. Sometimes they get so bad they have to call in specialists, like Yawn, Shagbeagle, Bowwower, and Fruitlick. " The two walked on with more caution. Esmeralda jumped when she saw two small creatures sleeping under a tree. As she watched, one of them yawned and rolled over, smiling drowsily to himself. " What are those? " Esmeralda whispered, Andy flipped through his guidebook. " Oh, those are just Health and Safety. Rather dull things. Don ' t worry they can ' t hurt you. Walking on, Esmeralda became aware of a strange sound-rather like someone sawing logs. As they entered deeper into the forest, the sound became louder and closer, until it was directly above their heads and almost unbearable. " What is it? " shouted Esmeralda. " Certainly not Munchos. " Andy ' s face what a year! i mean, first we lose a pres- ident without having an election, and then, we lose a guy in the snake-river canyon, women went from wives and mothers to house- keepers to homemakers, to domestic engine- ers to quarterbacks for the La. rams, this is the year anti-perspirants went anti- stain, anti-sticky, anti-dry, anti-social . . . and what about restaurants? they closed their drive-up windows while banks opener them and even churches installed drive-up confessionals, remember when questionairres were easy to fill out? all you had to do was check either " male " or " female " , now you have a number of choices: male, female, undecided, neither or all of the above— just to name a few. Remember when drug stores sold drugs? Now they sell everything from gym shoes to mobile homes. And grocery stores sell everything but food, the aisles are filled with pots, pans, dobey pads, curlers, barrettes, sweatsocks, panty-hose Karen Zent Jesse Zent Karen Wyss Mike Wubbem Leslie Wright Kim Wright Diana Worth-, Randy Worth) Theresa Wood, Mark Wilson Jeannee Willi Donna Willet Walking on, Esmeralds became aware of a strange sound-rather like someone sawing logs. As they enter ed deeper into the forest, the sound became louder and closer, until it was directly above their heads and almost unbearable. " What is it? " shouted Esmerlda. " Certainly not Munchos. " Andy ' s face 48 J3}dayg fipuvy usjdsyg uiiJ, wyg vjvq^ag fafioMfS pjmi{oi}j suomiuig uoug uowis vpuij S*L91(}3lU.g 3iqq3(J HU m S ? 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Suddenly he brightened. " I Know! This Must Be the Study Hall tree! This Is where everyone comes to sleep. Sort Of a day nursery. Wait, " he said as he dug in his pack. He pulled out ,.„ a rather battered camera. " I want, my picture taken in front of sutrvjooM ppo£ uosuimiM aoiung umtiBiM }P°f fuaqjoj, yauBpog Hi3iuoBfuoj][ aw,3)g pjmioQOffl vyiwonf xoq UnQ ojoimfsog udxvy[ svsjy mijdog Bjqvjwav ojoi{d oft JLBAdU uvmfioq mog swmflijfa Hpuv)j udinoxj, uvounQ SpUlff 3(l3 ' fg S3U0f UVjMA U0SJ3PJ H30HQ nil » f JUT If Ell 1 — treip. a^{ ae^eq smowopy m(op xdpumdffl uv§ U3J2V fi-WX J,9flY UVUU.3JJ uosuapuy vpuiq jsfitopuy uvq (flBXpuy dO[ Huofqfuy mtu/ps mofiiy HJ pjoqyouy mix uofBuiuuy U3j,vj[ Buojbpwuy Hipdg PItiJUvg j u,3nvg p,dqo}j \ag Hwiiaox pauuag uijoq pauuag vpiuyqg dyddig uiif pHog uwjajv Hd\pvug uyof uajpnwipvxg q dBpug flig sBBug Hiutavx puung dinvj 33jj,ng suiq di{xng typx 3yosng uiajy ysng dsiudq 53 8th grade Charles Adamonis Kent Adamonis Brian Alter Willie Amos Janice Anderson Mike Ankenbruck Carol Ansberry Lori Armstrong Robin Armstrong Dawn Baker Melinda Barfield Renee Barksdale Fred Barnoske Carl Bartels Bobby Beito Evelyn Belcher Adrienne Bostwick Vicky Bourne Ed Bradley Tony Bronaugh Darell Brown Jeff Burke Brenda Busche Connie Busche Donna Cruce Douglas Dafforn Delores Davenport Rose Davenport Phillip David Lawrence Davis Nancy Demetre Debbie Denney Willie Edwards Dennis Ely Walter Ervins Brad Farlow Teresa Fish Jan Flohr Teresa Forrester Lane Fosnaugh this. " He handed the camera to Ezo and smiled stiffly as she snapped the picture. Esmeralda thought she heard whisperings of cheesecake " and " tourists! " , but she couldn ' t be sure, on and on the two went. Andy read aloud of the people of the people of the country. He read about the English tribe, who, despised 54 Chris Freeman Jane Friedrick Linda Fritz e Kim Fry Margie Gatchell Laurie Gerding George Gladding Sherri Good Suzette Kitchen Ray Konger Steven Kuntz Chris Lebamoff Joleen Lewis Mark Loebert day ' s take. He stopped suddenly and raised his head. " Fe,fie,foe,fight, I smell a princess and a big bad knight! " roared the Dragon. Needless Sonia Hoehn Madeline Hofrichter Erika Hoham John Holt Theresa Hoyng Kathy Hubbard Robert Hutchins Raymond James by all they met, roamed the wild hills, and only came down for interim reports— the hulking beast Peterdout, and his bloodthirsty companions Porkin and Corrodin ' , and Gargoyle and official. Andy warned Esmeralda to stay away from the family of the General Science. The animals walked around suspiciously, smelling of sulphur and formaldehyde. The daughter Biology wandered about the fields and streams, while her brother Astronomy only went out at night, and dreamed of Hollywood— it seems he was quite star struck. Their cousin Chemistry contented herself in the kitchen, concocting all sorts of strange messes, they began to notice signs of the Dragon ' s presence signs like " Go back! " " All ye who enter here despair of hope " and Mom ' s Fast Food Dragon Take- Out Service. " The air became hot and dense, and the brush around them was burnt down to a stubble. " We ' re getting closer to the Dragon ' s cave. You may have guessed that this is a fire-breathing Dragon. You ' d best not make any jokes like " hotstuf f " and " heartburn " . He ' s rather sensitive about it, " Andy whispered. They rounded a corner, and there it was; the Dragon ' s Cave, glittering with stolen gold, silver, mirrors, and pop bottle caps. The Dragon himself was sitting in the midst of his glory, spectacles on nose and accounting book on knee, in which he carefully registered the 55 Louis Loyd Maurice Lyons Chris Mattes Vicki Matthews Lisa Maydwell Jane McColly Kevin McAfee Michele McCain Jonathan Schoeph Denise Schrock Jeff Scott Mike Shannon Katherine Shubert Stewart Sills Norman Sizemore Darrell Slayton Esmeralda thought it was very rude of him to speak of their smell, before they had even been properly introduced. She walked out boldly and stood defiantly before him. " Listen, torch-tongue, I ' ve got business to do, and I didn ' t come all this way to be insulted by an overgrown salamander. You can ' •i, Kellie Weisenauer Steve White Wayne White Connie Wilhelm Norvetta Wills Valerie Wills Laura Woznick Marcus Young Belinda Smith Erick Smith Gretchen Smith Laura Smith Michael Smithson Lori Spencer Phillip Stanczak Brian Steffey * Mark Trainer Matricia Turner I James Underwood i Ronnie Underwood I Cindy Virges Glen Vogel Gary Wallace Michelle Weeks better late than . . . PIRST ROW Laurie Armstrong (Celly Rainey 3onita Brown 1/avern Underwood Lucille Wade SECOND ROW Cindy Kazee Zandra Hagler Lee McGee Ella Ayers Michael Bradley Ronnie Ryse THIRD ROW Mark Shultz Greg Lawrence Eric King Steve Wilson Dwayne Hall Sylvester Carlisle never NO PICTURE Richard Barksdale Eugene Bibbs Terry Byer Regina Chapman Mark Crickmore Kathy Graves Addit Grayson Brian Lowe Delmege Lowe Robert Meyers Rosil Porter Patricia Prosser George Reavis Vince Sanders Ramon Sanderson Stephanie Sims Marcus Weaver Stephanie Weaver just hand over that letter ' A ' , if you don ' t mind, to Sir Andrew here. " She turned to Andy, who was shaking in his boots, his chain mail making a terrible clatter. The Dragon could hardly control his fury at being called names. He was already irritable, because he ' s eaten fat duchesses out of season and seventh grade Greg~Allen Jocelyn Amos Sheila Anderson Susan Andorfer John Andrew Brenda Armington Michael Armstrong Brian Badger they ' d given him terrible case of indigestion. " Tell you what. I ' ll play you for it. Winner takes all. " The Dragon looked at Esmeralda and leered. He was always ready for a game " Hmmph, " she sniffed " Your stuff looks like a garage sale that ' s been picked over by 50 old ladies on Social Security. John Griggs Sandra Griggs Teri Griswold Denise Gronau Tim Haag Alan Hallback Michelle Hamrick Kyle Hanlon + * & & Susan Fowler Rhonda Franklin Brenda Friedrich Lance Galloway Carl Gammons Amy Gonzalez Troy Grabner Omega Graham V Fren Hanson Scott Harman Brenda Harrison Brian Harruff Timothy Hein Larry Helms Denise Henschen Carol Hess Felecia Hicks Meta Holliman Angela Holloway Deborah Holloway Ken Hormann David Hoyng Paula Hubbard Denise Johnson Kenneth Johnson Lisa Jones Verna Jones Nancy Keller Theresa Kendall Ricky Kerns Bobby Killen Elana Killen You couldn ' t pay anybody to take that stuff away. " The Dragon nearly went wild with anger. He decided that when he ate Esmeralda he ' d eat her head-first, just to stop her talking . " I ' ll challenge you to an arm- wrestling match, " said Esmeralda placidly. Fine sneered the Dragon. He was sure he would keep the treasure, have Esmeralda and Andy as a light lunch, plus Horatio as a " Horse d ' oeuvre " to boot. It wasn ' t quite as easy as he ' d expected it to be. On and on the battle went. Sometimes the Dragon would seem sure to win, but Esmeralda would grit her teeth and strain harder. The Dragon sometimes cheated by stomping on her foot or using both paws but still they went on, until " I win! " said Esmeralda triumphantly as she slammed her hand down on the table. The Dragon was a sore loser and kicked up an awful ruckus. No matter what he was still an honorable Dragon and he did give them the treasure. Sitting in the middle of his cave, looked so forlon Esmeralda felt sorry for him. " What ' ll you do now? " she asked sympathetically The Dragon shrugged his scaly shoulders sadly. " I don ' t know. There isn ' t much left around here to steal. I guess I ' ll be forced into retirement. " " But you don ' t have to keep stealing. Why don ' t you try something else? " " What can I do? I really would like to try something else. Do you think I like being the scourge of the neighborhood? Do you think I like eating those tough princesses 3 meals a day? " The Dragon sighed. " My cousin La Choy is a modle for a big company. My uncle Loch Ness is a famous star, and always has articles written about him in the " Science Journal " . Me? I wind up in a mediocre junior high school yearbook, terrorizing half-wit knights and loud-mouth princesses. " The Dragon snorted steam out of both nostrils bitterly. " Who in the whole world would you really like to be? " asked Esmeralda tenderly. " Eric Sevareid, " he replied. Esmeralda thought this over for a while and decided CBS would never buy it. Suddenly the most wonderful idea popped into her head. She told the Dragon about it, and he agreed enthusiastically. When Esmeralda last heard of him he was the contented head chef at a local " quik-Char Hamburgers " outlet. It was said that customers would stand for hours and watch the Dragon Quik-Char racks of hamburgers at one time. Andy and Esmeralda had grown quite fond of one another and were loath to part. They travelled on as far as they could together, but at last the time came when they would have to separate. They stood and looked at each other for a long while. Finally Esmeralda said, " At least you got your letter ' A ' back. " " Letter? Oh yeah, I ' d almost forgotten that. Mother wouldn ' t like that. " Andy patted the letter lovingly. " Well, " he hesitated. " I guess this is good-bye. " " I guess it is. " Esmeralda sniffed. " Keep in touch okay? " " Sure, you too. " Esmeralda. Debra King David Kohrman Molly Korte Rosemary Ladd Bonnie Lahmann Marcus Landrum Priscilla Layman Carol LeMay Valerie Mayes Marlene McCaustland Tana McClelland David McConnell Lisa McDonald Neal McFeters Dorian McGee Charlene Mcintosh tP Robin Moser Steven Nichols Carla Nimtz Chris Oberkiser Michelle Ort Denise Paschall Charles Patton Julie Peppier Melissa Revett Kay Richards Rachel Richards David Richardson Signe Rogers Jeanette Roman Robin Rowe Paul Rykard Laura Shie Linda Sholl James Siela Stacey Sims James Slusher Jackie Smothers Mark Smith Sheri Smith turned and rode away and Andy stood waving till she was out of sight. Perhaps they met again, perhaps they did not-but who really cares? THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS: WHEN YOUR IN SKOOL, IT ' S SOMETIMES Jo Virges Bruce Wade . ; VickeyWard Gary Warstler Bridget Watkins " " Kevin Weaver Linda Weber John Weisenauer Laurie Wickliffe Toni Williams Christine Wilson David Wilson Joan Zimmerman better late than SECOND ROW Bobby Bibs Danny Wilson Bret Montgomery Ron Meikle Robert Rambert James Austin never NO PICTURE Bret Diehm Myra Franke Brenda James Bernard Jones John Jones Douglas Martin Sandra McGee Calvin Porter Karl Reavis Donald White Donald Wilkinson DIFFICULT TO GET " A ' s " Story by PERIGRUBERPERIGRUBERPERIGRUBER PERIGRUBERPERIGRUBERPERIGRUBERPERIGRUBERPERIGRUBERPERI 61 publications TRAIL BLAZER STAFF editor in chief JIM BLEEKE assistance TERRY JAMES news editor STAN CRICKMORE assistance GREG WHITE feature editor ALICIA DENNIS assistance GREG MANES sports editor GREGG OLMSTEAD assistance LORI GREGORY layout editor WENDELL SUMMERS advisor MR. AL PETERS put your own caption here : 1. G. White 2. K. Walbridge 3. G. Olmstead 4. R. Diehm 5. L. Denis 6. L. Curly 7. G. Manes 8. B. Gonya9. S. Metzger 10. N. Stucker 11. T. Shepler 12. L. Rudny 13. J. Andrew 14. P. Gruber 15. K. Rodenbeck 16. A. Peters 17. J. Bleeke 18. L. Steinforth 19. S. Nichols 20. W. Summers 21. K. Flanigan 22. S. Crickmore 23. A. Dennis 24. T. James 25. W. Phillips 26. F. Dutt RESERVATION RESERVATION editor in chief JOE ANDREW assistant PERI GRUBER layout editor GREGG OLMSTEAD co-assistants STAN CRICKMORE KENT RODENBECK copy editor LAURA RUDNY assistant WENDELL SUMMERS photographers SUE METZGER JOE ANDREW KEVIN WALBRIDGE Photography editor KEVIN WALBRIDGE darkroom specilaist JOE ANDREW our man at keyboards head typist WENDELL SUMMERS business administration SHARON NICHOLS LORI GREGORY SUE METZGER PERI GRUBER advisor ALLEN PETERS 63 M ^ ■«— \ alls well that ends

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