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-JHHH mm fc Tax ; BHH $m t E ii wi Z ( , j .U li " ' ■ K. ■ 379.77274 F77fc8r . .■ ' ■ ' ' ..- ' ■• ■ 1972 ' - •; 379.77274 M. L. F7768r 1972 1662010 ?2EE SUeet INDIANA COLLECTION J RESERVATION 1972 MIAMI JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL STAFF VOLUME I PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF MIAMI JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Editor-in-chief. . - Associate Editor Academic Editors Faculty Editor Sports Editors Photographer Cover Design Assistants Janet Pehrson Susan Van Buskirk Cathleen Shanayda Maureen McCain Charlene Timmersman Jan Osborne Teresa Block Erik Grotness, Tom Miller, Mark Van Buskirk, Jon Wolfe. Jay Farlow Debbie White Steven Ballinger, Susan K. Brown. Susan M. Brown Leslie Bunnell. Susan Garriott, Nancy Loyd. Jane Tourney, Kathy Wilkerson. Urban F. Steckler «! •) 1 Tt • t ■ A YEAR OF NEW CHALLENGES TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION ACADEMICS SPORTS FACULTY FRESHMEN EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE 35 41 50 57 1SR2010 HAS BEGUN AT MIAMI 5 W: - ' Indians challenged their beginning with deter- mination and drive. Be- ing able to conquer the massive halls, finding classes, getting to know fellow students, were all a part of Miami ' s first year. 1972— MIAMI ' S YEAR OF FIRSTS Dave Garrett named the yearbook. Linda McMahon and Lora Friedrich named the newspaper UNDER THESE GUIDING HANDS hi p. Mr. Kermit Leininger. Principal Mr. Kermit Leininger, Miami Junior High School Prin- cipal, had to be tour persons at once-organizer, super- visor, ambassador to the public, and administrator. With a bachelor ' s degree from Manchester College and a master ' s degree in education from Indiana University, he is certainly well-equipped for his tough job! Planning programs and schedules, seeing that all plans were carried out successfully, checking classes, ironing out difficulties, talking with parents, directing all activities and overseeing all school records left Mr. Leininger only a few spare moments. Dr. Glenn F. Mulligan, Assistant Principal, received his bachelor ' s degree from Manchester College. In addition to a master ' s degree, he also earned a Doctorate in Education degree from Indiana University. Dr. Mulligan is the able assistant to Mr. Leininger in helping him to carry out the endless tasks of adminis- tering the total school program. OUR ACADEMIC DAYS WERE PLANNED Miss Beverlv Moore. Guidance Counselor Miss Beverly Moore earned a B.S. degree and an M.A. degree from Ball State University. Mr. James R. Davis has his B.S. degree from Ohio State University, and his M.S. degree from St. Francis College. When students needed a friend or an advisor, they hustled off to the main office where Miss Moore and Mr. Davis were always eager to help anyone who stepped inside the door. Mr. James R. Davis. Guidance Counselor SOME PROCESSED PAPERS AND BILLS Mrs. BurniceToor, Secretary The secretaries form one of the most important cogs in the office mechanism of the school system. Keeping accounts of the money that rolled in and out of the office, filing records for the school and performing various stenographic duties were the women in the office of the Principal 1 rs Joan Sterling. Secretary OTHERS PROVIDED PILLS AND SKILLS Mr. John A. Steiner, Psychometrist " Do you have a headache or feel ill after an exam? If so, drop in the clinic where you will find just the right pills for your ills. " Many students followed this advice and found Mrs. Esther Warner eager to help. Mr. John A. Steiner works with students on an individual basis in order to help them utilize their intellectual potential, to make them more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and how to make the best use of this knowledge. " Too many cooks spoil the broth. " This was not true in our cafeteria. Mrs. Anna Gray and her staff supplied delectable food for a hungry army and kept the caf- eteria clean, pleasant, and well-organized. Mrs. Anna Gray, Cafeteria Manager GATHERING OF DEMOCRATIC THINKING i i ■ r ;„ T»»t»r= kimS.-h.irr Debbv Fox Greg Staieht. Mike While. Tim Ankenbruck. Gwen Banks. Sludenl Council Officers: Mulligan, sponsors. First rov and Greg Slaight. president. Top row: Mis Kristi Hillon. see erl Moore and Dr. Glenn Lorri Lahmann. vice-president. 10 Student Council, a gathering of democratic thinking, was chaired this year by Greg Staight. Kristi Hilton, secretary, accurately tran- scribed the minutes; Lorri Lahmann, vice-president, stood ready to help with the agenda. MEDIA CENTER— FOR KNOWLEDGE AND RELAXATION 12 Mr. Dallas Gisler ' s Alcebra Class MATH— A STUDY OF COMPLEX FIGURES 13 Mr. Dale Decker ' s T pina Class TYPING— THE BACKBONE OF BUSINESS Mr. Dale Decker ' s General Business Class 14 BIOLOGY WHETS SCIENTIFIC APETITE Biolog) provides a springboard into science as Mr. Gene Eickhoff brings out inside information on the inhabitants of the earth with laboratory dissections. Into the heart of life delved Paul Minniefield in Mr. Frank Hole ' s health class. The plastic dummv illustrates the functions of the organs. Mr. Frank Hole ' s Health Class 15 SCIENCE OPENS DOOR TO KNOWLEDGE Mr. Frank Hole and Steve Pasternak listen w ith the class to Paula Causes ' s scientific explanation. Mr. Rex Shellenbarger is attempting to make the study ofscience an understandable realin. 16 Sludenls in Mr. Anthonj Scatena ' s Social Studies " classes learn the ways of life, governments, occupa- tions, education, and geo- graphies of the countries in this world. SOCIAL STUDIES FOCUSES ON FUTURE 17 LANGUAGES ADD A FOREIGN FLAVOR Mrs. Ann Gargett ' s French class is listening to Frenchman speaking in his native language. Mrs. Virginia Loveland ' s Latin class celebrated the Roman holidav Saturnalia on December 17, 1971. Mrs. Sharon Espich is telling aspiring senors and senorit; the historj of Spanish a customs and tradition INDIANS WORK HARD AT STUDIES 19 SEWING, COOKING AND NURSING CHALLENGE FUTURE HOME MAKERS The waj to a man ' s heart is right straight through to his stomach and didn ' t the home economics class know it! Tantalizing odors drifted forth from B-200 to remind all students that they were bus} preparing to be future homemakers. INDIANS LEARN VOCATIONAL SKILLS 21 NINTH GRADE BAND. Top row: Debbie Konger, Joe Kunberger, Greg Satterfield, William Turner, Tom Miller, Jon Wolfe, Steve Schneizer, Director Lowell Moennig. and Paul Lambert. Second row: Jane Tourney, Richard Bleeke, Debbie Dick, Terry Miller, Mark Meyer, Greg Staight, Mark Van Buskirk, Ronald Bennett. First row: Steve Ballinger, Eric Schneider, Ada Perry. Kristi Hilton, Mar Durkee. EIGHTH GRADE BAND. Top row: Kim Dixon, Rosie Chapman, Lawrence Pooley, Steve Stiverson, Brent Berger, Roger Miller. Director Lowell Moennig, James Burkhart. Third row: Tom Peppier, Nanette Heyning, Peggy Warren, Gail Hatcher. Kim Hallback. Mark Peters, Rusty Cox, Melanie Harlan. Second row: Barbara Sprunger, Julie Konger, Benj. Whitsel, Beverly Hansel, Bill Tellman. Ron Dick, Ed DeRemer. First row: Julie Briner, Lisa Fredickson, Brenda Marble, and Sara Gerig. SEVENTH GRADE BAND. Top row: Director Lowell Moennig. Fourth row: Greg Cox, David McElhiney, Scott Dettmer, Kurt Schneider, James Timmersman, Jay Farlow, Calvin Miller, Jerry Kunberger, Dave Henline. Jim Huntine, Terry Lanoue. Third row: Sue Crist, Kolleen Hoke. Ann Stayanoff, Lori Johnson, Brian Oglesby, Jim Ryan, Jeff Dohner, Duwayne Guy, Richard Dinius, Steve Bennett, Brenda Simon. Kurt Manes. Second row: Michelle Freimuth. Roxanne Koomler. Sheila Oglesby, Tom Diehm, Kenneth Young, Brant Johnson, Jon Sieber. Matt Franke. First row: Cynthia Greider, Jim Shirley, Terri Cook, Shellie White, Jody Becrafl, Cam Stoner. NINTH GRADE CHOIR. Top row: Cindy Miller, Phil Follis. Erik Grolness. Kent Tressler, Tom, Hall, Bob Cox, Bruce Harp. Kim snook, Keith Birdwell, Leann Thompson, Third row: Ann Crickmore, Kath) Bliven. Tara Huber, Michelle Clark, Susan M. Brown, Sheryl Specht, Lori Scheerer, Terry Johnson, Susan Garriott, Linda Willett, Janet Pehrson, Susan Van Buskirk. Sally Scribner, and Carol Fisher. Second row: Leslie Bunnell. Kath Wilkerson. Cindy Bland, Debbie Staker. Lauren Lvnn, Nancy Loyd, Jan Osborne, Carol Hansen, Jill Young, Maureen McCain, and Rene Sanders. First row: Susan K. Brown. Lauri Blondell. Kath) Rogers, Debbie Lanier. Diane McElhiney. Cathleen Shanayda. Debbie Wolfe, and Teresa Block. MUSIC TO BEAT THE BAND EIGHTH GRADE CHOIR. Top row: Barb Peterson, Caryl Parlow, Cheryl Smith, Colette Rotruck, Linda Gotrick. Sheryl Thompson, and Mary Liby. Third row: Ellen McFadden, Molly McConnell, Rhonda Huntine, Karen Intel, Karen Volosin, Lisa Block. Elaine Enyeart, Bonnie Baker, Marcia Kinney, Vickie Lambert, Denise Kinney, Barb Brown. Nancy Staker, Wendy Shaefer, Shelley Scribner. Second row: Lorri Lahmann. Pam McDonald, Jody Kwatnez, Michele Armstrong, Teresa Parker, Vickie Hipsher, Mattie Dutt. Belinda Bernard. Jackie Wright. Deanette Thomason, and Julie Shirey. First row: Charlie Brown, Tony Minich, Bob Taylor, Walter Humphrey, Terry Fuqua, Laure Alter, Cindy Graves, and Teresa Loveday. BfcBli ■ ssr a CUSTODIANS. Top row: T. Hawkins. S. Kosteck, P. Murphy. Third row: M. Maldeney, J. Hoffman, G. Woodall, N. Allison. Second ro»: D. Poling. F. Haas. J. Haviiand, A. Frankstein, P. Claymiller. First row: N. Buckhanon. Charles Dumford. Custodial Fore- man. C. Polle ,and D. Dolin. PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDS BODIES TWELVE WAYS 25 Freshmen girls practice rhythm with hand apparatus. Eighth grade girls are in the process of building a pyramid. Seventh grade girls learn jump rope rou- tines. Gymnastics provides exercise and adds strength and character. On the uneven bars are: Lisa Block and Sue Block. Observing on the floor are: Rhonda Fleck and Cheryl Trainer. On the balance beam are Jamie Cook and Donna Doty. In the background are Terrs Parker. Shellie White and Jod Becraft. Practicing routines are: Beth Stadler. Caryl Parlou, Lori Wilson Shellie White. Jody Becraft, and Elaine Enyeart. ' VARSITY FACED RUGGED SEASON S SS ° ' ««ft B f Grotness, Ke ith Fonier, Pan, M.nn.efe.d. Schoenle, Greg Staight, Jon Wolfe. Craig Werting Stev Tschwe.le Z ■ J,? , ° H ° ' e ' T ' m T ° Pp - Rlck Winans M ' Hoehn. manager. j,m Dohner manaoer Second r ' ow H ' Anlhon ' L ° brlIlu ' Larry Owen, Jeff Bauer. Brad Collins, Joel Rupright, Wayne Colburn. CbMn£T £ Tj £ ' £t Tl™ ' Tu ™ N « ' " " SOn, John Kevn White, Tom Hall, Mingo Morrison Wayne W ker Ke th B,Vd wll . m V ' " ' T [ Mem " M ° rey ' Bruce McGehee ' John Thomas. " ker ' kLlth Blrd " dl - J " r McCormick, Don Williamson, Steve Pasternak, and FOOTBALL SCORES VARSITY RESERVES SEVENTH GRADE WE THEY WE THEY WE THEY Northuood Lakeside Kekionga Portage Jefferson Geyer 8 6 6 Fori 28 10 " eited 48 14 16 Northwood Kekionga Lakeside Geyer Jefferson 6 18 12 8 28 6 32 32 Geyer 1 4 Kekionga Portage 8 20 Jamboree: Lakeside 6 Kekionga 6 29 RESERVES LEARN FUNDAMENTALS SEVENTH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM. Top row: John Bunsold, Mik urke. Gars Collins. Greg Cox, Larry McClain, Stan Sills, David Garrett, Tom Thomas. Rick Rogers, Frank LobriHo. John Sieber, James Austion, Terry Lanoue. Alan Perry. Second row: Davtd Gar rett, Tom 1 e ma K.c og «, Brant lohnson Steve Bennett Rick Owens. Clint Moore. Bill Wolfe, Kurt Schneider, Don Hall, James Coleman and C each Ken P k ns Fir t row Greg Walbridge, Kenny Belcher, David Kenline. Jeff Hartgraves, Glenn Enyeart, Fred Belhs, Jeff Dohner, Mark Hollowav, Mike Groves, Keith Parquette, Dennis Fagen, and Andy Werling i VARSITY GAINS THROUGH LOSSES NINTH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM. Top row: Assistant Coach Walter Sassmannshausen, Ray Russell, manager, James Chapman, Jon Wolfe. Eric Schneider. Paul Minniefield. George Jordan, Mark Huffman, Chancer Smith, and Coach James Gurnell. First row: Mike Williams, Jerry McCormick. Tom Scheumann, John Grayson, and Boh Wilson. Not pictured are: Tcrr Bush. Keith Hill, and Mike Schoenle. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES WE THEY Lane 19 45 Northwood 32 56 Snider 42 31 Fairfield 39 45 Geyer 48 53 Lakeside 48 62 Portage 31 56 Kekionga 41 68 Franklin 31 46 Jefferson 33 39 Tourney: Northwood 36 62 Varsity team in a huddle. 31 RESERVES TAKE THIRD IN CITY RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM. Top rov : Kevin Jones, Carlton Hicks, Gary Huffman, Mike Reed. John Emerson. Greg Pike, Ron Dikty, Lam Matthews. Peter Ervin. Eric Petrie, and Coach Frank Hole, . First row: Bob Taylor, manager. Marlon Mitchell. Jim Weaver, Lee Morton, Ron Dick, Ron Hamilton, and Tom Schoenle. manager. BASKETBALL SCORES WE THEY Lane 31 39 Northwood 58 47 Shawnee 57 60 Fairfield 45 24 Geyer 39 41 Lakeside 59 43 Portage 53 45 Kekionga 53 51 Tourney: Kekionga 49 46 Geyer 34 49 Carlton Hicks scores aaain! 32 SEVENTH GRADE IS UNDEFEATED SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM. TOP ROW: Mike Burke, manager, Clint Moore, John Seiber, Greg Cox, Stan Sills, Frank Lobrillo. Steve Henschen, James Austion, and Coach Perkins. FIRST ROW: Gary Bush, Mark Holloway, Jeff Dormer, Don Hall. Craig Martin, Kirk Morey, and David Kenline. NOT PICTURED: Richard Rogers. MIAMI CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. Steve Stiverson, manager. Fred Adams, Bob Wilson, Davis McCIintock, Sim Kelsaw, Mike Bell. Ron Bennett. Ray Russell, James Chapman, Bruce Russell, Mark Meyers, Gary Bush, and James Wilson. Coach James Gurneli ' s Cross Country Team had an outstanding season this year. The seasons record included 16 wins and two losses. The best times recorded in the city meet were achieved, by Ron Bennett with 10:37, and Scott McCIintock with 11:21. 33 RESERVE CHEERLEADERS. TOP ROW: Lame Alter and Lisa Block. SECOND ROW: Sue Block and Rhonda Fleck. FIRST ROW: Jennifer Johnson. CHEER- LEADERS BOOST MIAMI SPIRIT VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. TOP ROW: Kathy Rogers SECOND ROW: Debbie Dick and Rhonda Sanders FIRST ROW: Jan Osborne and Kimm Kruse. 16623 Coaches Frank Hole, Jim Gurnell, and Tony Scatena indulging in pleasantires. 35 FACULTY MEMBERS TEACH, TEST Mrs. Katielou Autenrieth, B.S. M.S., Purdue University . . teaches home economics . . likes making gifts, sewing crocheting, baking, bowling traveling, and interior decorat- ing . . . would enjoy being an interior decorator if she were not teaching . . . considers her- self creative. Mr. Gene M. Eickhoff, B.S., M.S., Indiana University . . . teaches biolo gy and general science . . . likes good food, good music, farming, and auto- mobiles . . . would like farm- ing if he were not teaching . . . considers himself extinguished. Mr. Charles R. Baker, B.S., M.S., Indiana University . . . teaches social studies . . . likes chess, travel, U.S. History . . . would like to operate a travel agency if he were not teaching . . . considers himself quiet, conservative, and law-abiding. Mr. Joseph A. Enright, B.S., Canisius College, M.S.. Indiana University . . . teaches special education . . . likes the theatre and politics . . . would like to be a professional traveler or do research in special education if he were not teaching . . . con- siders himself relaxed. Miss Virginia Danuser, B.S., M.S., Indiana University . . . teaches mathematics . . . likes bowling, sewing, and growing roses . . . sponsors the bowling league. Mrs. Sharon Espich, A.B., Ball State University . . . teaches Spanish and home economics . . . likes vacations, blackrasp- berry pie. and tacos . . . would enjoy being a traveler if she were not teaching. Mr. Dale Decker, A.B., De- Pauw University, M.S., Indiana University . . . teaches typing and general business. Mr. Lawrence B. Ewing. B.S., Ball State University . . . teaches industrial arts . . . would like to be in industrial management if he were not teaching. 36 ADVISE AND SPONSOR ACTIVITIES Mr. Michael T. Fulk, A.B., In- diana University, M.S., St. Fran- cis College . . . teaches biology . . . woud enjoy research if he were not teaching. Mr. H. Frank Goldman, B.S., Indiana State University, M.S., Purdue University . . . teaches industrial arts . . . likes students who work hard . . . would enjoy agricultural activities if he were not teaching . . . considers him- self modest. Mrs. Ann Gargett, A.B., Indi- ana University, M.S., St. Fran- cis College . . . teaches French and English . . . likes reading, swimming, golf, and knitting . . . considers herself intense . . . would pursue paleontology or anthropology or archeology if she were not teachinc. Mrs. Jane Griggs, A.B., Earl- ham College, M.A.T., Indiana University . . . teaches 7th and 8th grade science . . . likes read- ing, traveling and camping . . . would like conservation work or research if she were not teach- ing. Mrs. Geraldine L. Garvin, A.B., Clark College, M.S., St. Francis College . . . teaches develop- mental reading . . . likes reading and listening to good speakers . . . was once a dietitian . . . would probably do it again if she were not teaching . . . con- siders herself conservative. Mr. Roger L. Gunder, B.S., In- diana University . . . teaches 7th and 8th grade social studies . . . likes photography as an art, reading, and arguing . . . would prefer some form of social work — preferably counseling if he were not teaching. ■n Mr. Dallas J. Gisler. A.B.. Defi- ance College, M.S., Indiana University . . . teaches math . . . helps with the athletic program . . . likes sports . . . would pursue social work if he were not teach- ing . . . considers himself aver- age. Mr. James A. Gurnell, B.S.. In- diana State University . . . teaches physical education . . . head basketball and head track coach . . . likes sincerity and dedication . . . considers himself hardworking. 37 INTRODUCE THE STUDENTS TO Miss Mary Catherine Hahn, B.S.. St. Francis College, M.S., Purdue University . . . teaches mathematics and algebra . . . likes geometric designs, tiny babies, and happy smiles . . . would enjoy being a world trav- eler and drama critic if she were not teaching . . . considers herself bashful. Mrs. Marie Kariger, Profes- sional Accounting, International College, A.B.. Huntington Col- lege, M.A., Ball State University . . . librarian . . . co-sponsor of the Media Center Club . . . likes reading and fishing . . . would pursue professional accounting if she were not teaching . . . considers herself outg oing. Mrs. Cynthia Sue Henderson, A.B., Illinois State University . . . teaches English . . . likes singing and church activities . . . would enjoy being a translator or interpreter (French) if she were not teaching . . . considers herself happy and very apprecia- tive of everything. Mrs. Mary Lou Lomont, A.B., M.A., St. Francis College . . . teaches art . . . likes kids, nature, camping, books, creating any- thing . . would enjoy being a free lance artist or interior dec- orator if she were not teaching. Miss Audrey L. Hochstetler, B.S., Ball State University . . . teaches English . . . likes bowling and good food . . . would like to be a world traveler if she were not teaching. Mrs. Virginia B. Loveland, A.B., Western College for Women . . . teaches English and Latin . . . likes eating out. traveling and reading . . . would like to be a travel agent if she were not teaching . . . considers herself five feet six — both ways! Mr. Franklin D. Hole, B.S., Manchester College . . . teaches biology and health . . . varsity football coach and reserve bas- ketball coach . . . likes kind and friendly people . . . would enjoy conservation management if he were not teaching . . . considers himself confused. Mr. Lowell E. Moennig, B.M.E., VanderCook College, M.S., Wayne State University . . . teaches instrumental music . . . sponsors the pep band . . . likes concert halls, chess clubs, and art galleries . . . would pursue architectural design if he were not teaching . . . considers him- self a perfectionist. 38 THE VAST WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE Mr. Carl W. Nicholas, B.M., Butler University, M.A., Ball State University . . . teaches music, arts and directs the choir. Mr. Anthony Scatena II. A.B., St. Francis College . . . teaches social studies . . . coaches 8th grade football and assists in track . . . likes people and pizza . . . would enjoy being a police- man or an orator if he were not teaching. Mrs. Iva Novak, B.S.. Ohio State University . . . teaches physical education . . . likes lake outings at cottage, traveling, and fellowship with friends . . . would enjoy personnel work if she were not teaching . . . con- siders herself outgoing, friendly, and dependable. Mrs. Jeannette B. Smith. A.B.. Indiana University . . . teatfies English and developmental read- ing . . . likes reading, golfing and swimming. Mr. Ken Perkins, B.A., Purdue University . . . teaches English . . . coaches 7th grade football and basketball . . . likes all sports . . . considers himself interested . . . would pursue an occupation that helps people who want help, if he were not teaching. Mr. Urban F. Steckler, A.B., Evansville College, M.S., Indi- ana University . . . teaches Eng- lish . . . Adviser to the Trail Blazer and the Reservation . . . likes photography . . . would en- joy retail business if he were not teaching. Mr. Walter B. Sassmannshausen, Jr., A.B., Valparaiso University, M.S., St. Francis College . . . teaches social studies and Eng- lish . . . likes steam locomotives, football, history . . . would like to retire if he were not teaching . . . considers himself a man whose ambition is greater than his reach. Mrs. Cheryl Strader, B.S.. Ball State University . . . teaches gen- eral science and girls ' health . . . co-sponsor of the cheerleaders . . . likes crocheting, sewing, music, and bacteriology. 39 HELP STUDENTS ACHIEVE GOALS Ife Mr. Robert L. Taylor, B.M.E.. Houghton College, M.M.E., In- diana University . . . teaches 7th and 8th grade music arts, and 8th and 9th grade strings . . . sponsors the orchestra and the guitar club . . . likes food, sleep, and Aikido . . . would enjoy be- ing a professional trumpet play- er if he were not teaching. Mrs. Pamela Thomas, B.S., Bowling Green State University . . . teaches mathematics . . . co-sponsors the cheerleaders . . . likes raising tropical fish, sew- ing, tennis, swimming . . . would like to be a computer program- mer if she were not teaching. Mr. Larry J. Weaver, B.S., In- diana University, M.A.T., Pur- due University . . . teaches math . . . likes music and golf . . . sponsors the golf club . . . would enjoy being a computer pro- grammer if he were not teach- ing. NOT PICTURED: Miss Donna Osborn, A.B., An- derson College . . . teaches 7th, Sath, and 9th grade mathematics . . . likes books and dances . . . would enjoy counseling if she were not teaching . . . considers herself unique. Mr. Rex Shellenbarger, A.B., Anderson College . . . teaches 7th and 8th grade science . . . likes drums, pets, and reading . . . considers himself reserved. Miss Jo Ann Snyder, B.S.. Ball State University . . . teaches home economics . . . would en- joy being a home economist for a good company or a secretary . . . considers herself extremely far out! Miss Freda Withers, Ph.B.. Uni- versity of Chicago, M.A., Columbia University . . . teaches English and United States History. Mrs. Lois Buzzard Study Hall Mrs. Roberta Mattax School Aide 40 Fred Adams Janice Arnold Shirley Ayres Robin Badger Debbie Baker Steven Ballinger Gwendolyn Bank:- Jeffrey Bauer Beth Bauman Kathleen Beck Leona Belcher Patricia Bell Ronald Bennett Deborah Benson Lester Bird Keith Birdwell Joan Bishop Cynthia Bland Richard Bleeke Kathleen Bliven ' 72 FRESHMEN BEGIN FIRST YEAR J l to 1 Teresa Block Lauri Blondell Tonia Bosse Ann Boyle Douelas Brown Jane Brown Susan K. Brown Susan M. Brown Valorie Brown Steven Bumgardner Leslie Bunnell Jane Burke Robert Burke Terry Bush Patrick B erl 42 Debbie Causey Paula Causey Theresa Carey John Clark Michelle Clark Wayne Colburn Gary Cole Bradley Collins Debra Conn Rebecca Cooper Robert Cox Caroline Cragg Ann Crickmore Kenneth Crouch Gregory Cureton Gayle Curley Luvenia Davenport Bill Decker Nancy Denis Debra Dick AT MIAMI JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL James Dohner Denise Doty Donna Downing Cynthia Dreher David Dreher Karen Dubose Mary Durkee Jerry Durr David Eash Rebecca Edwards Dawn Ehrman Cheryl Eishen Cynthia Elward Daniel Elwell Sandra Erne rick 43 Sherry Evilsizer Cheryl Ferber. Linda Fedeli Carol Fisher Philip Follis Connie Fordyce Keith Fortier Deborah Fox Susan Garriott Ned Gatchell Gilbert Gonzales Brad Gorell Rosalind Grant Johnny Grayson Richard Grear Erik Grotness Curtis Groves Darlene Guy Anita Haines Mercedes Haley ENJOY NEW FACILITIES Thomas Hall Carol Hansen Bruce Harp Charlnita Hawes Thomas Hiatt Diann Hill Keith Hill Kristi Hilton Susanne Hites Ronald Hochstetler Joel Hoehn Mark Hoffman Philip Hoham Gary Hormann Stephanie Houtz 44 Tara Huber Patti Hutch ins Kevin Imbody Donald Jefferson Isaac Jefferson Ernest Johnson Kathy Johnson Neal Johnson Noel Johnson Sybil Johnson George Jordan Carl Kazee Lyle Keller Sim Kelsavv Monica Kile Betty Kinnie Ronald Kline Nancy Kolkman Deborah Konger Diane Koontz CHOOSE NEW COURSES Mary Koontz Kimm Kruse Beverly Kryder Joseph Kunberger Kevin Kuzeff Paul Lambert Russell Lee Deborah Lanier Manuel Lewis ihirley Lewis Patti Link Anthony Lobrillo Raymond Lockett Rebecca Lockett Leanna Loy 45 Nancy Loyd Lauren Lynn Paul Mason Maureen McCain Scott McClintock Jerry McCormick Diana McElhiney Bruce McGehee Karen Merchant Mark Meyer Jya Mignerey Daniel Mihm Cindy Miller Terry Miller Thomas Miller Paul Minniefield Merrill Morey Mingo Morrison Gerry Myers Jerry Noble RENEW OLD FRIENDSHIPS John Norris Alice Oquinn John O ' Riordan Janice Osborne Nancy Oswald Larry Owen Jo Ellen Palmer Wanda Parker Steven Pasternak Maria Payne Janet Pehrson Ada Perry Andy Perry Mitchell Peters Eucene Norris 46 Timothy Pruitt Cindy Quick Kenneth Radii Wade Reder Janet Rice Denise Rigby Michael Rodenbeck Kathryn Rogers David Roue Ray Russell John Rupright Pamela Rybolt Rene Sanders Rhonda Sanders Gregory Satterfield Lori Scheerer Thomas Scheumann Cynthia Schmidt Eric Schneider Michael Schoeneman ACQUIRE NEW FRIENDS Michael Schoenle Darlene Schomburg Kimberly Schorr Steve Schweizer Karen Scott Sally Scribner Cathleen Shanayda Dawn Shepler Richard Shtibert Steve Sims Marcia Sipe Chancer Smith Robert Kim Snook Joseph Specht Sheryl Specht , ' L 47 Brian Spencer Mariann Springer Gregory Straight Deborah Staker John StayanofT Edward Stefanski Bruce Stegmann Valerie Stoner Jacquelyn Stots Janet Striverson Carol Sutorius Sally Tatum Craig Teeters Kim Thompson Leann Thompson Charlene Timmersman Timothy Topp Jane Tourney Kent Tressler Garfield Trigg BUILD SCHOOL SPIRIT David Turansky William Turner Beth Ulrich Thomas Underwood Rhonda Vachon Mark Van Buskirk Susan Van Buskirk Lou Vardaman Wayne Walker Andrane Walters Edward Weaver Roscoe Weaver Juanita Wells Craig Werling Kathryn Werner 48 Linda Work Stanley Wyss Jill Young Theresa Johnson David West Cindy Wetzel Marilyn Whalen Kevin White Gail Wiles Kathy Wilkerson Linda Willett Michael Williams Sheila Williams Donald Williamson Jamie Wilson Robert Wilson Richard Winans Deborah Wolfe Jon Wolfe PREPARE FOR SENIOR HIGH 4 4 49 Vicki Adams Danny Allen Clayton Alter Laure Alter Timothy Ankenbruck Michele Armstrong Herman Ash Glenda Austin Gregory Bailer Bonita Baker Daniel Beck Jerry Bee raft Anita Belcher Charles Bennett Brent Berger Renee Berkshire EIGHTH GRADERS REALIZE THEIR Belinda Bernard Michael Betson Lisa Block Michael Bishop Cheryl Bostwick Elizabeth Bosworth Rodney Bowling Jennifer Boyle Julie Briner Barbara Brown Charles Brown Eva Brown James Burkhart Debra Cannon Edward Cartwright Rosie Chapman Michael Clifford John Collins Timothy Cooke Danny Cornewell Russell Cox Catherine Cragg Mary Cureton Victor Curry 50 Danny Davenport Diane Davenport Merle David Clifford Davis Floyd Davis Ronald Dick Joseph DeRemer Thomas Dikty Brian Dirr Kimherly Dixon Diane Doran Cathy Dray Becky Durtschi Mattie Dutt Camilla Easley David Eckler John Edington Cheryl Ellington Steven Ellis David Ely Paul Emrick John Emerson Elaine Enyeart Jeffrey Estes RESPONSIBILITY TO FELLOW STUDENTS Janet Finton Kent Flaig Hugh Flennery Barbara Franks Lisa Fredrickson Judy Freiburger Beverly Fuqua Terry Fuqua Sara Gerig Jeffrey Giant Craig Gilliam Gregory Giordano David Gladding Delia Gonzalez Linda Gotrik Cynthia Graves 51 Diane Grayson Mark Graef Beverly Green Lloyd Green Linda Griffith Vesta Gruber Charles Haag Lucy Hagan Patricia Hall Kim Hallback Ronnie Hamilton Beverly Hansel Perry Hopkins Melanie Harlan Tina Harrison Gayle Hatcher STUDENTS DISCOVER NEW CHALLENGES Richard Henley John Hensler Eleanor Hernandez Nanette Heyning Carlton Hicks John R.Hill Karla Hilton Risk Hipsher Vickie Hipsher Ted Hoehn John Hoham Judy Hoke Letha Hollmon Lloyd Holmes Yvonne Holmes Sue Hubbard Gary Huffman Walter Humphrey Rhonda Huntine Karen Imel Cassandra Jett Geraldine Jimerson Jennifer Johnson Bertha Jones 52 Kevin Jones Patricia Jones Ricky Kaser Sandra Keener Michael Keith Robert Kenworthy Robert Keyser Denise Kinney Marcia Kinney Julie Konger Jody Kwatnez Teresa Ladd Lorri Lahmann Vickie Lambert Charles Landrum Lavonne Leathers WITHIN THE REALM OF THEIR CLASS JoAnn Lewis Mary Liby Steven Longstreet Teresa Loveday Gary Lowery Brenda Marble Carolyn Marsh Jeanette Martin Royce Mason Larry Matthews Dawn Maxwell Vanessa McAfee Molly McConnell Pamela McDonald Ellen McFadden Leslie McGee Linda McMahon Anthony Melvin Gregg Meyer Dennis Mihm Rick Miller Roger Miller Anthony Minich Michelle Minniefield 53 Marlon Mitchell Lee Morton Jack Mossburg Deborah Mullins Christine Myatt Penny Newhouse Valerie Palomo Carolyn Parker Theresa Parker Caryl Parlow Cathy Paschall Randy Peppier Thomas Peppier Mark Peters Shawn Peters Barbara Petersen MIDDLEMEN ENJOY NEW EXPERIENCES Barry Peterson Jeffrey Peterson Mark Peterson Barbara Petras Eric Petrie Gregory Pike James Pitzer Lawrence Pooley Tony Pruitt Roger Railsback Delvia Redick Michael Reed Michael Robinson Sergio Robles Kerry Rodenbeck Aida Rodriquez Colette Rotruck Geraldine Rowles Bruce Russell Ron Rutherford David Schaadt Rick Schieferstein Thomas Schoenle Shelly Scribner 54 Cathie Setser Wendy Shaefer James Shafter Rick Shanayda Deborah Sheets Kathy Sheffer Julia Shirey Catherine Sholeff Cheryl Shultz Maria Simmons Sharita Sims Victor Slayton Charles Smith Cheryl Smith Erin Smith Lori Smith Katherine Snyder Michael Sprinkle Barbara Sprunger Christine Stadler Nancy Staker Theresa Stayanoff Patrick Stewart Stephen Stiverson INDIANS PREPARE FOR NEXT YEAR (%() Ml ■ ' i i i. I6ii; ; ' ,: ' Patrick Stoner Annita Talarico Robert Taylor William Tellman John Thomas Richard Thomas Deanette Thomason James Thompson Sheryl Thompson Arlene Tindall Darlene Tindall Denise Underwood Kent Urbine Ronald Van Camp Rick Vaughn Karen Volosin 55 John Waldon Michelle Walters Peggy Warren James Weaver Tyrone Weaver Sandra Weeks Jeffrey Werling Debra White Kenneth White Michael White Benjamin Whitsel Paula Wilhelm Charlene Willett Venetta Williams Virginia Williams Calvin Wilson Ronald Winans Paul Wirt I L Jackie Wright Janet Wright Sandra Young Bill Zent Peggy Zent EXPLORE NEW ENVIRONMENT 56 Pamela Archbold Beth Armstrong David Ash James Austion Timothy Baker Michael Ba nks Lydia Bates Jody Becraft Kenneth Belcher Janice Bell Melvin Bell Frederick Bell is Steven Bennett Marsha Berkshire Lynn Bird Susan Block SEVENTH GRADERS ADJUST TO NEWNESS Frederick Borkowski Lori Bourne David Bowling Alvin Brown Kay Brown John Bunsold Sherry Bunsold Kathryn Burke Michael Burke Yvonne Burke Gary Bush Norma Chapman Maureen Clifford Teresa Cobb Charlie Coker James Coleman Larry Coleman Gary Collins Terri Cook Jaymi Cooke Kenneth Cornewel James Cotton Timothy Cotton Gregory Cox 57 Susan Crist Glenn Davis Darlene Denton Scott Dettmer Thomas Diehm Philip Dillion Richard Dinius Margaret Dockery Jeffrey Dohner Donna Doty Michael Duhose Dale Duke Gerard Durkee Douglas Eash Martha Edwards Suzette EKvard UNDERCLASSMEN SHARE EXPERIENCES 1 , X 1 1 fV Dehra Ely Cheryl Emrick Glenn Enyeart William Evilsizer Dennis Fagen Jav Fallow Jeffrey Finton Bruce Firestone Carl Fisher Rhonda Fleck Teresa Floyd Ruth Fowler Matthew Franke Mark Freiburger Michelle Freimuth I.ora Freidrich Karen Fritze David Garrett Brenda Gerardot Linda Gerardot Kevin Geren Brenda Gibson Mark Gould Rhonda Graves 58 Cynthia Greider Daniel Griggs Cynthia Grigsby Brian Gronau Michael Groves DuWayne Guy James Haley Donald Hall Barbara Hamilton Kathy Hamilton Kenneth Harness Jeff Hartgraves Lizzette Harvell Anthony Harvey Carol Harvey James Hatfield Jennifer Hatlem Steven Henschen John Hicho Sheryl Hill Anita Hille Denise Hinds Daniel Hirschy Michael Hoffman MEET NEW FACES Kolleen Hoke John Holley Charles Holiness Mark Holloway Nolan Holmes Roy Hope James Huntine Kim Husband Karen Imbody Darryl Jenkins Altonia Johnson Brant Johnson Curley Johnson Lora Johnson Cari Jones Cheryl Jones 59 : i t ■ i Linda Jones Valerie Jones Kathy Kazee Gregory Keener Patricia Keller Wendy Kelly David Kenline Roxanne Koomler Vicky Koos Jerry Kunberger Vicki Landrum Terry Lanoue Alice LeFever Frank Lobi illo Lodell Lockett Diana Lockett Kelly Loebert Robert Lowe Leigh Ludden Carol Lux Matthew Mack Sheri Mahoney Kurt Manes Cathy Marsh PARTICIPATE IN CLASS Craig Martin Shaton Mason Kevin Matthews Linette Mayer Marianne McCain Larry McClain Kathy McCune David McElhiney Deborah Meyer Calvin Miller Kathleen Miller Robin Miller Catherine Minich Clint Moore Gail Moore Laura Moore spite JP0 m£lM 1 60 Kirk Morey Francis Morris Sheryl Murray Larry Myers Rhonda Myers Bryan Neal Christopher Neff Larry Neville Janene Noble Wallace Norwalt Sheila Oglesby Brian Oglesby Kerry O ' Riordan Richard Owens Linda Parker Diane Parlow Keith Parquette Richard Parsons Terry Patton Lisa Peoples Bernice Peppier David Peppier Alan Perry Dane Pontius ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITIES Ronda Powell Monica Prince David Quinn Bruce Reinhard Zandra Redick Patricia Ricketts Venda Ricketts Donna Robinson Thurman Rogers Larry Rutherford James Ryan Jacob Scherrer Kurt Schneider Toni Scribner Beth Shaw David Shaefer 61 James Shirley Theodore Sholeff Peter Shurboff Jon Sieber Stanley Sills Brenda Simon Terry Slay ton Barbara Snook John Soil Douglas Specht Laura Specht Paul Spenn Jerry Springer Beth Stadler June Stark Anne Stayanoff LOOK AHEAD FOR OPPORTUNITIES Daniel Stewart Camellia Stoner Janice Swartz Denise Thomas Tommy Thomas Michael Thompson James Timmersman Cheryl Trainer Carrie Trigg Teresa Trosper John Underwood Lisa Vardaman Michelle Volz Gregory Walbridge David Waldon Ronald Wall Gloria Waller Joan Ward Debra Warren Sherri Wai stler Yvonne Wash Renate Watkins IJnda Weaver Andrew Werlinc 62 James White Shellie White Richard Wiedman Donald Williams Sylvester Wiliams James Wilson Lori Wilson John Wirt Mark Wittekincl Leontine Wittwer Kenneth Young William Wolfe Janet Wuebbenhorst Dale Zent Michael Zent Barbara Zimmerman PAVE THE WAY TO MIAMI LEADERSHIP 63 " TODAY THE BEGINNING. TOMORROW THE CHALLENGE. HECKMAN BINDERY INC. SEPT 94 |„£ N.MANCHESTER I INDIANA 46962

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