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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1986 volume:

USS MERRILL DD 976 WESTPAG86 ' krrMJmmmM Maiwan , KA0H3IUNG .ZJtopic.i ) Kenya ARABIAN SEA (Lauat BAY OF BENGAL HAIPHONG X Jk KONG ' ' ». Philippine v qua SUBIC BAY f» DIEGO GARCIA SEYCHELLES ■SW U topic of C atjricorn INDIAN OCEAN Tasmania Kerguelen Islands cV K ,-••• NORTH PACIFIC Juneau Vancouver, B.C. aen Shellback €, 9 . % Christmas San Diego PACIFIC OCEAN C quatof ' o .vA " % SOUTH ol q. w. • " •% jfcrj,- ' ] 4T » «% s 1986 ? Hawaii 24-26 May Cliinhae, Korea 14-18 June rIFIC Hong Kong 1-5 July Subic Bay, R.P. 11-18 July Manila, R.P. 20-21 July Pattaya Beach, Thailand 29 July-4 Aug. Kure, Japan 24-27 Aug. Sasebo, Japan 28 Aug.-02 Sept. Pusan, Korea 5-9 Sept. Inchon, Korea 18-22 Sept. Juneau, Alaska 11-13 Oct. Vancouver, B.C. Canada 17-20 Oct. San Diego, Calif. 24 Oct. UNITED STATES SHIP MERRILL WESTERN PACIFIC DEPLOYMENT 1 3 MAY - 24 OCTOBER 1986 . TABLE OF CONTENTS CO 4 XO 5 CDS-21 6 Chronology 9 Port Calls 10 Hawaii 12 Chinhae 16 Hong Kong 18 Subic Manila 22 Pattaya Beach 26 Kure 32 Sasebo 34 Pusan 36 Inchon 40 Juneau 42 Vancouver 46 Unrep 50 Tiger Cruise 52 Smokers 54 Flight Quarters 56 Sunsets 58 Friends Foes 60 Women of WestPac 62 Project Handclasp 64 Ship ' s Company 66 Officers 68 Chiefs 70 Combat Systems 72 Engineering 82 Operations 92 Supply 102 NAVAD 108 Air 114 CDS-21 Staff 118 Commanding Officer CDR R. L. MILLER CDR Roger Lee Miller was born in Cincin- nati, Ohio on Aug. 1 , 1946. Reared in Cincinnati, he attended the University of Cincinnati and graduated in June 1968 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Foreign Affairs. After being commis- sioned an Ensign from Officer Candidate School in October 1968, he was Communications Offi- cer for USS MARCO (LST-25) until September 1970. CDR Miller graduated from the Naval De- stroyer School May 1 971 , and then served as the Engineering Officer onboard USS BUCK (DD- 761) until May 1973. He assumed command of USS MOLALA (AFT-106) after BUCK, and after two years as MOLALA ' s commanding Officer, went to Washington, D.C., where he was the Ju- nior Officer Detailer in the Bureau of Naval Per- sonnel. From June 1979 to December 1979 he served as Executive Officer of USS ELLIOTT (DD-967) and then was ordered to Destroyer Squadron TWENTY-ONE as its Chief Staff Offi- cer. In July 1982, CDR Miller attended the Naval Command College, Newport R.I., and graduated June 1983. His most recent assignment was as the New Construction Type Deck Officer on the staff of the Commander, U.S Naval Surface Force, Pacific Fleet. His personal decorations include the Navy Commendation Medal with gold star and the Navy Achievement Medal. CDR Fred Gordon Cole was born in Gardi- ner, Me., on Feb. 18, 1949. He attended the U.S. Naval Academy and graduated in June 1 971 with a Bachelor of Science degree. After being com- missioned an Ensign, he was the Electrical Offi- cer and ASW Officer aboard USS HARRY W. YARNELL (DLG-17) until May 1974. CDR Cole served at NAVFAC Nantucket, Mass., as Operations Officer, followed by COM- DESRON 28 until July 1978, and then served as Executive Officer CDR F. G. COLE Chief Engineer on board USS ROARK (FF-1053) until January 1981. He next assumed duties as First Lieutenant on USS BELLEAU WOOD (LHA- 3) and, one and one half years later, went to Co- ronado, Ca., where he was the Academic Direc- tor in the Surface Warfare School Command. From September 1984 to September 1985 he served as Executive Officer on USS LA SALLE (AGF-3). Commander Destroyer Squadron Twenty-ONE CAPT R. J. DOLL A native of Newark, N.J., CAPT Doll is a graduate of Montclair State Teachers College. He was commissioned from Officer Candidate School in July 1 961 following duty as a non-com- missioned officer in the 31 1 th Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army Reserve and served his initial sea tour in the USS SHIELDS (DD-596), in a variety of du- ties, ultimately as Weapons Officer. He has also served at sea as Executive Officer in USS BRISTER (DER-327) and USS HEPBURN (FF- 1 055), and as Weapons Officer in USS CHICAGO (CG-1 1 ). Following his tour as Commanding Offi- cer of USS MCKEAN (DD-784), he served as Surface Operations Officer on the Staff of Com- mander, Cruiser-Destroyer Group ONE. CAPT Doll ' s first assignment ashore was as Officer in Charge of the Naval Support Activity at Can Tho, Republic of Vietnam, following a tour as a student and Instructor at Naval Amphibious School, Coronado. He also served ashore in the Bureau of Naval Personnel and as an Instructor in Political Science at the U.S. Naval Academy. CAPT Doll assumed command of Destroyer squadron TWENTY-ONE in August 1985 follow- ing a tour as Assistant Chief of Staff for Opera- tions and Plans (N-3) on the staff of Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet. CAPT Doll has earned a master of Arts de- gree in International Relations from George Washington University and is a graduate of both the Indian National Defense Services Staff Col- lege, Wellington, India, and the U.S. Naval War College Newport, R.I. His personal decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal with Gold Stars in lieu of subsequent awards, the Navy Achievement medal with one Gold Star in lieu of second award, and the Navy Unit Commenda- tion. CAPT Doll is married to the former Andrea Gould of Williamsville, N.Y. They have four chil- dren: Larry, Kathleen, Brad and Ross; and they currently reside in San Diego. CDS-21 Staff Front row: OSCS(SW) Lowell. Middle row: AG2 Schachne, MS1 Cabrera, NCCS(SW) Scrivines, CAPT Doll, AG1 Coniglione, YN1 Fortin, RP2 Cathey. Back row: MMCM OhI, LT Weisberg, LCDR Tilley, LCDR Taylor, LCDR Bouchard, RMCS(SW)Parkman. Not pic- tured: LCDR Rankin, LCDR Gorris, LT McManus, ENS Prothro, LT Harrington, LT Mascola. 4 i.% Chronology 13 MAY Depart San Diego, Ca. 20 - 23 MAY BGARM 86 24 - 27 MAY Inport Pearl Harbor, Hawaii 31 MAY Crossed International Date Line 6 JUN Inchop 7th Fleet 14-19 JUN Inport Chinhae, South Korea 21 - 24 JUN Valiant Usher 86 - 3KS with R.O.K. Navy 30 JUN - 5 JUL Inport Hong Kong B.C.C. 11 -18 JUL Inport Subic Bay, R. P. 19 -22 JUL Inport Manila, R. P. 29 JUL - 5 AUG Anchored Pattaya Beach, Thailand 5-13 AUG Cobra Gold 86 with Thailand Armed Forces 19 AUG Vicinity of Buckner Bay, Okinawa 24 - 27 AUG Kure, Japan 28 AUG - 3 SEP Inport Sasebo, Japan outboard USS Samuel Gompers 5-10 SEP Inport Pusan, South Korea, outboard USS Vincennes 10-17 SEP Sea of Japan Ops with USS Ranger Battle Group 18-23 SEP Inport Inchon Seoul, South Korea 25 - 29 SEP Sea of Okhotsk Ops 23 SEP - 7 OCT Fleet Ex 86 with USS Ranger Battle Group 30 SEP Inchop 3rd Fleet 4 OCT Crossed International Date Line 11-14 OCT Inport Juneau, Alaska - Back in the U.S.A. 17-20 OCT Inport Vancouver, B.C. Canada 19 OCT Embarked Tigers 24 OCT Inport San Diego, Ca., U.S.A. " Home At Last " Port Calls if ' ' -■ ' 1 :v: A r. - Z ' " " S 2 7 ... -: 1 «f»k. ' ' - .. ■ 1 ir MB ! 1 •joi ' ■ -r ! 3 H • •41 li ■fii W " wL H BHfet« iM PHj n ' nPiP Ej - ' ' Jjii HH i H BJJJ K v ' ' 3p a0H9||H l 3Br ' -Jj S rC Hawaii The First Port of Call ' l m: :f 3 12 13 14 !» 3 At?- 1 r iri Ba f) ' ™|ip ! K ' ' " B V V 09 l i ? 1 5 -ifi 15 Chinhae Korea S 16 s m- i M S S £ 12 S ?tg ■ n! ' nK9iiii«il ' • Hong Kong The Jewel of the Orient 18 19 20 Subic Bay and Manila 23 .: - 25 Thailand Pattaya Beach 26 27 26 29 Thailand Bangkok m 3U .1 a a a a a LI • 1 uv - - ' -- L 33 Japan Sasebo F . V; p Mii 1 % L ■ ' M ;« ' 5:...-j 4WrF A ' ■•flB ' ;. .. ' - ' ■ ' ,i " J ' ' - ■ •■p ' M i m W HH 1 Wl mS S ' - " " vT P P igfcj- ■ ss ' Si? fi- j ' ' f SSJ | K( K ' Si lWLi . F - -.?-w ' Bi5- » ' ;-- " -v ' - as lT - - ■■ ■ - • ■ ' ' " -T ' ; " « [ - ' - r ' ■»» 35 Pusan, Korea Bargain Hunter ' s Paradise ;. 37 A iL,_ ■in. U - - iftb Hife L V ' j B , lr--l 39 Korea Inchon Seoul - ' a iiP U Alaska Juneau ' 43 Mendenhall Glacier 4 i Glacier Bay Canada Vancouver , k 1 f The Return Home UNREP Tiger Cruise ■ Ffl ICSM 1 p ff ' ifllfe " jSHIkl r Wi ii B 4 ftm A ■Tl w. ' 7 i : ■ B l Ik L HMB i L - | 1 ' JliH Rl ■1 ■CM H I H If BK I H 53 Smokers ff ySH Physical Fitness Flight Quarters Sunsets Friends . . . And Foes Women of WestPac Miscellaneous 63 Project Handclasp 64 w %. 65 Ship ' s Company Officers 69 Chiefs Combat Systems — ■niri CA Division rimf k .4l 1 iO ?6» » iCa ' Front row: STG2 Zuniga, STG3 Bighorse, GMT3 van, STGSN Sousa, STG3 Metzger, GMTC Seaton. Schmidt, STG2 Durrant, STG2 Robertson. Middle row: Back row: STG3 Tliayer, STSGN Nash, GMTSN Wan- STGC Grieg, STG3 Gartright, IMS Tomko, STG2 Dela gen, STG2 Allen, GMT2 Bell. LT SHELLENBERGER STGC GRIEG GMTC SEATON fl Hi u n CD CE Division Front row: ET2 Hatcher, ET3 Doster, ET1 Esquibel, ET3 Strickland. Back row: ET1 Kamplain, ET2 Kinder, ET2 Pierce, ET3 Isenberg. Front row: DS1 White, DS3 Smith, DS2 Rolen, Back row: DSC Yates, DS3 Latham, DS3 Cramer. CG Division Ront row: FC3 Garrett, FC3 Waller, GMG3 Post, GMG2 GMGC Tinney, FC2 Johnson, FC2 Swafford. Not pic- iv ' ltller, GMGSN Garner. Middle row: GMG1 McKay, FC3 tured: FG1 Martin, GMG2 Cacace, GMGC Pickell, F CC Arnold, GMG2 Rhames, GMG3 Skidmore, FC2 Keller, LT Lee. Lundeen. Back row: GMG1 Avery, GMG3 Decker, LT Lundeen FCC Lee GMGC Pickell 79 CM Division Wv :Wfj- rii - - Front Row: FCI(SW) Reyes, Middle Row; FCCS(SW) Cevolani, FC3 Nelson, FC2 Constantineau, FC2 Cheek, LT McCathern. Back row: FC2 Wiley, FC2 Shipman, FC2 Dahle, FC2 Diehl, FC2 Embrey, FC2 Galley, FCSN Haag, FCSN Rigby n xr li iry i LT McCATHERN FCCS CEVOLANI Engineering LT J. B. READ Departing LT MIKE RIDDLE Arriving F-i A Division EN2 WOODS, ENFN DINWIDDIE, ENFN CAMILLERI, FR VILLANUEVA, ENC McKEEHEN, ENFN JACK- SON, EN3 LAMBERTSEN, EN3 MERCADO, EN3 MILLER, EN1 LEACH, ENS HAIDVOGEL M| ENS HAIDVOGEL ENC McKEEHEN 85 E Division f . f fc ' k s-- y T " Front row: IC3 Weatherspoon, EM3 Daum, IC3 Koktavy, Back row: LTJG Brod, EMC Miller, IC3 Gregg, IC3 Gus- IC3 Hull, EM2 DeLeon, EMI Santos, EM3 Middleton. tafson, IC3 Wickstrom, FN Hayden, ENS Haws. LTJG BROD ENS HAWS EMC MILLER 87 MP Division n fwfwfm Front row: GSE3 Lennon, GSM2 Reindl, GSM2 Steffey, McKinney, GSE3 Kober, GSE3 Carlson, GSM2 Fergu- FN!3 Miller, GSE3 Lef ler, GSM2 Hogan, GSM3 Kreitzer, sun, LT Bowdren. Back row: GSMC Miles, GSM3 Wheel- FN Hopping. Middle row: GSEC Bertram, GSE3 Shanks, er, GSM3 Garcia, GSEFN Oldfield, GSM3 Bryant, FN Fa- FA Augustine, FA Ewbanks, GSE1 Buchanan. GSM3 V ' " -Owery, GSM2 Zilverberg, GSE3 Yeasted. .XI ¥ LT BOWDREN GSEC BERTRAM GSMC MILES R Division Front row: HT3 Andrus, FA Henke, HTZ Edge, MC2 La- guna. Back row: HT3 Deberry, FN Hoetzel, HT2 Kullos, HT3 McLamb, HTC Williams. Not pictured: HT1 Taylor. iA LTJG BECKHAM HTC WILLIAMS at rm y . y -• i. LCDR WALT GUSTAFSON Departing Operations LT JOHN RILEY ' ' m mln w iiil OC Divsion l ront row: RM2 Brown, RM1 Gossen, RMSN Rose, blarcom, RM3 Earl. Not pictured: RM1 Brown, RM3 Ro- RMSN Covington, RM3 Luis, RMC Ware. Back row: len. LTJG Evans, RM1 Cranstoun, RMSN Palmer, RM1 Van- LTJG EVANS RMC WARE Deck Division TOP ROW L-R: SN REMY, BM3 CHAMBERS, BM3 LAND, SN DAY, BM3 MELLENBURGER, ENS. SEDLA- CHAMBERS, SN GASAS, SN YERDON, BM2 JUANTA, OAK BOTTOM ROW: BM2 BEAUCHAMP, BM2 GOOD- SN THORP, SN PHILLIPS MIDDLE ROW: BMC CARO, MAN, BM2 BRIGGS, BM3 STEGALL, BM1 BONTA SN MORRELLI, BM3 BRYAN, BM3 DAVIS, SN COPE- BMC CARO 97 : W ' t f! 01 Division Front row: OSC Fragazi, 0S2 McDowell, OSSN Jordan, Monter, 0S2 Fuhr, OSSN Menzel, OSSN Ross, OSSN OSSN Durazo, 0S1 Zavala, OSSN Williams, 0S1 Lan- Finkle, 0S2 Elliott, OSSN Sweigart. Back row: OSSN, drum, LT Rodman. Second row: 0S3 VanMeter, 0S2 Kotur,OS2Ledbetter, OS3Woodworth,OS3Bradstreet, Storch, 0S2 Jones, OSS Goode, 0S2 Finney, OSSN 0S3 Draper. Not pictured: 0S2 Thompson. Kusch, 0S1 Wheeler. Third row: OSSN Ratcliffe, OSSN ■ -• LT RODMAN LTJG LEUNG OSC FRAGAZI J OZ Division iK- ; A • r Front row: CTR3 Osburn, CT01 Krier, CTI3 Lehr. Third row: CT03 Schwenzer, CTR3 Tilford, CTT2 Youngman, CTA2 Johnson. Wilson, CTR1 Baldwin, CT01 Phifer. Not Second row: CTR3 Clark, CTT1 Peel, CTI2 pictured: CTM2 Eason. Bueling, CTR2 Wilcox, CTM2 Allen, CPL Front row: EW3 Oropallo, EW2 Davis, EW2 Thurman, EW3 Ballard, EW2 EW3 Carter. Back row: EW1 Anthes, Dambis. Not pictured: EW3 Lacy. SK 100 LT COWART CTTCS(SW) KOZLOVSKI EWC ZEISMER Supply Front row: OKI Ventura, SHSN Modglin. SK3 Cospy, SKSN Ledbetter, SK3 Zarnoch. SKCS Bersamina. Not SHI Reyes, SK2 Poland. Back row: LT Griffin, LTJG pictured: SHI Macareg, SKI Aquino. Schmitz, DKSN Divan, SHSN Stevyart, SH3 Campbell, LT. SALCEDO LTJG SCHMITZ Department SSI 105 pp-- 1 . L.. 1 . ■4 NAVAD X Front row: YNSN Parker, PC3 Shaffer, PN3 Ryan, YN2 PN3 Fout, NCI(SW) Imbach, P NC Pence, YN3 Sparkmahj«| Cousins, YN1 Vanderwall, HM1 Sheridan, RN3 Ramirez. HM2 Trout, MAC Denmark, HN Strayhorn. gli Back row: EMC Bautista, PN2 Robinson, MAC Binarao, iiiQK£i9L. H Front row: SMSN Sanchez, SM2 Beyerstedt, QM3 Gu- riel, QMSA Holmes, SM3 Poison. Back row: LT Coile, QM1 Leythem, SMI(SW) Obryan, QM2 Rogers, SM3 £ Young, QM2 Clark, QM2 McHugh. U-«» »» • fb md ' .id, J 113 V v. -.r " i v;?Pvy " W i -r, 5-»s«y Ajr Seasnake 1 nm : Lm r l :- ' 41i I i; I Front row: LCDR Walpole, A03 Brennon, Ah2 Kiemko, Kerr, AW1 Weber, AW2 Ringland, LT Lowdef, LT Sail AD1 Taft, AE3 Morrison, AT2 Cobbs, AMS3 Taylor, nal AMSC Devera. Back row: LT Beli, AB3 Majeski, AB2 , Avv I vveoer, aw : Mingiana, li Lowuer, li ouidijj I- I9K J I .sS i 1 CDS-21 Staff .0 M mi I CDR RANKIN Chief of Staff LCDR TAYLOR Combat System LCDR GORRIS Chief of Staff LCDR TILLEY Air Ops LCDR BOUCHARD Material cTT ' v LT McMANUS Ops LT RINGER Chaplain LT WEISBERG Chaplain LT MASCOLA Medical Officer ENS PROTHRU Readiness Training MMCM OHL Material Assistant OSCS LOWELL Ops Assistant RMCS PARKIVIAN Communications NCOS SCRIVNES AGC CONIGLIONE Weather Guesser .Li I MS1 CANBERA AG2 SCHACHNER RP2 CATHAY Chaplain ' s Assistant Cruisebook Staff Editor, LT Lundeen Asst. Editor, FCCS(SW) Cevolani NCI Imbach FC2 Nelson YN1 Vanderwall DK1 Ventura 0S2 Jones HM2 Trout RM1 Cranstoun GMG1 McKay PCS Shaffer m WALSWORTH I ruise Book Sales Offic PUBLISHING UI2 Skylark Drive COMPANY |.„ .lolla. CA 92037 MARCELINE MISSOUfll. U S

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