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I OrN VW S VoScv f yc would y Q .. A d O m qlQcl LjGLu uJQD an H CJlooo Jbiio L|£jOLn, JhOLpfl. 4CMJ OAC on bOAti) a|j snm I h ' been niceteing lOLiOur Cioyo-Hnioueor. H3ue o nice ommn r. ql " y St - Gccd ua G OOi ■ ; CO I o- ov er ( - v-crcHq c ecv-it o a cto Aec v ::Crio:: ( . UCuc avari_ niC(L pdri c n genealogy 975.802 CDian UX:Or uCO MC r -Ci CL t. gi67mm ■f n ' Oer-y OpeCiC. y ar, - " " ij Q. ' A.f VlaOe a v- ' = S.t r o na.eA.r ht { (j ' , , i 3 -f Ki e V „( I ' xS ' -- ? ! " S n ; a yd a (T nriG qj ; a yc u . Voa era Q. zci C U q; c THE RAIDER 1987 MERCER MIDDLE SCHOOL GARDEN CITY, GEORGIA TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Theme 2 Dedication 8 Features 9 Classes 17 Clubs and Organizations 73 Faculty and Staff 81 Advertisements 89 Epilogue 102 X v i i ' f At Mercer, we grow by acquiring virtues which manifest themselves in our academic and extracurricular activities, virtues which will remain with us as we mature. sS o ) y ' ' Q Os " r 2 C i " oP- SCHOLARSHIP We endeavor to excel in academics by blending existing knowledge and modern ideas in order to acquire wisdom for the future. HONOR We strive to adhere to high standards of responsibility and ethical conduct, for we know that our efforts will culminate in the realization that we have maintained our integrity under the pressures of our modern world. r f a 1 gjg _ , jmw " MWBWrtMfei " .Jj ? M B h Bwii A tm M ml 3 Pi K-GlVl® ' ! PERSEVERANCE We are motivated by a sincere desire to learn, and we steadfastly pursue our goals, for we know that diligence often results in success. INDIVIDUALITY We learn to contribute to the group effort while maintaining our separate identities, and we realize that each of us has inherent qualities and is responsible for developing his distinct personality. INDEPENDENCE We have enough confidence in our efforts, judgments, and abilities to think for and rely upon ourselves, yet we remain open-minded in order to implement suggestions for improvement. DEDICATION Each year the annual staff honors individuals who have earned the respect and admiration of the students. For their service and involvement, the staff dedicates The Raider 1987 to Mr. Arthur Dilworth and Ms. Shawn Stubbs. " Imagination enlarges vision, stretches the mind, challenges the impossible. Without imagination, thought comes to a halt. " Ms. Shawn Stubbs has served as an art instructor for the past three years. She chairs the discipUne and bulletin board committees. In addition, she serves as an advisor to the yearbook staff. Her work was instrumental in the success of the Olympic Program at Mercer in 1986. We appreciate her hard work. " Aspire to discover the greatness within yourself that you ' ve never had the time to develop before. Paint, carve, play a musical instrument, invent, write a book, plant a garden . . . CREATE!!! Mr. Arthur Dilworth has given many years of service to Mercer Middle School. He has taught both science and mathematics. Mr. Dilworth has served on the discipline committee and the science committee. His cooperative spirit, cheerful manner, and dedication to Mercer have caused us to grow quite attached to him. Mr. Dilworth retires this school year, and the students and faculty members will certainly miss him. OLYMPICS ' 87 Mercer ' s annual Olympics was held this year on May 8. Many students participated in the festivities by making flags, cheering and running the races. S« f ,(!, ' ' » " • NEgD DAY 12 c A R T O O N T. V. 5 T A R D A Y 13 MOMENTS OF WORK X ' ' 7 -TT - ' 14 g M ' i ' H 4 ■ . B 1 AND FUN 15 cv h l s EIGHTH GRADE TEACHERS AND STUDENTS Mrs. Patricia Adams English Mrs. Elr ora Burton Computer Education Mrs. Laurette Burton Science -TVls. Martha DooUttle Social Studies Mrs. Lillie K. Ellis English Mrs. Carol Gaskin Mathematics Mrs. Susan Hill Social Studies Mrs. Latrelle Meyer Mathematics JVlr. David Owen i ' Science ; 9.Hh€ 18 Jay Abney Melissa Angello Charles Barnes Claudio Aguillon Ronnie Archer Kerri Barnes Elroy Allen Bryan Bagley Wanda Baxter Stephanie Anderson - Becky Bailey Scott Baylor 19 ABSENT . . . PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE : i ' Dawn Beasley Bridgette Biggers Robert Bowers James Beaudoin Terri Bishop Traci Brackett -y Lisa Bennett Toni Bishop Kim Bradham Wayne Bhimull Omar Bowers Oliver Brazier 20 Laura Brinson Shannon Brown John Butler Christina Britt Janet Bryant WiUie Can pbell Eurika Brown m Burton Brian Cartee Jonathan Brown Chastity Busby April Carter 21 w m. 1 ■ ' t Michael Carter Kim Channell Angela Chapman Katrina Chilen Jeff Cobb Larry Collins Debra Cook Marcel Cooper Jennifer Cribbs Wayne Cribbs Brian Crosby Wendy Cruitt 22 ' J-. ' n ABSENT . . . PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE - 1 1 « « Jim Dammarell Kim Deal Michael Dunn ■f lice Daughtry Marcella Dominguez Latecha Eady Michelle Daughtry Robert Donohue Dynise Eason Tabitha Davis Tony Dorris Leon Eason 23 i m - f- ' ] tj ,. Theresa Eason Stacey Edwards Kevin Evans Cathy Edwards Natarsha EUison Anika Futch Kevin Edwards Val Ervin Daphnie Futch Melinda Edwards Keith Evans Brant Gammon 24 ]l Tyrone Gary Robert Goodrich Kathy Grizzard Sylvia Germain Jill Gracen Brian Hadden CooC_ Jennifer Gooding Willie Green Ricky Hale ichele Gooding (V- - Micliele Gooding William Grooms JfWendy Haljj 25 - Ifc- John Hancock - Amy Hodges Juanette Holland Cindy Herbert Jonah Hodges Jennifer Honeycutt Anthony Hill Michelle Hodges Vanessa Hooks Shannon Hinely Robert Holland Gloria Hopkins 26 ...sSSSSKSS ,. Darelle Howard Heather Jackson Edvenna Jones Michael Hughes Ashley Jeffcoat .JaiGeorgette Jones Jennifer Honeycutt John Jenkins James Jones Tonya Hutcheson James Johnson Katrina Jones 27 v H Ken Jones ' •Danielle Kirby Jason Kirkland Latrease Jones Frankie Kerby Kelly Knight Robbie Jones Robert King Misty Knox Willie Kelly Christopher Kirby Michelle Kondas 28 . •vj; ;| « Maria Lagrone Steven Lain Curt Landrum Greg Ledford Donald Lee Jason Lee Michael Lee Andre Lester Sonya Lewis Eric Loyd Ronald Lowe Lora Mabon 29 ' Bobby Maloney Christine Mclntire Jennifer Mixon Irene Marchbanks Connie McKuhen Kevin Moore Brian Martin Leigh McNeely John Myers Stephanie McFarlane Trevar Mikell Alex Nease 30 k 1 ' W V 1 f Christy Neifert Kelly Nelson Michael Ortega Michelle Osbourne Andrea Overstreet Jack Owens Julie Padgett Shelley Partain James Patilla Daniel Peterson Venus Peterson Richard Phillips 31 tu " i?i Rusty Phillips Cheronae Porter Angela Purvis Donald Pickard Anthony Powell Rachel Purvis Debra Pierce Jonathan Powell Brian Reiser Michelle Polite Antoinette Purnell Jessica Ricord 32 I V • Chanda Roach Les Robarge Brandy Roberts Billy Robinson Ingrid Robinson Marlene Robinson Chris Rogers Holly Rogers Stacey Rozier Kim Russell Leslie Russell Lisa Russell 33 ,L£i Patricia Ryea Latonya Shields Chad Smith Joe Sanders John Sikes Elsie Smith Leslie Scott Jennifer Shinnall Ginger Smith Dorsheika Shell Adrian Smith Natarsha Smith 34 Steven Smith Shannon Stanley Cassandra Sweatmen Kristin Spencer Mehssa Stark Michael Taylor Chanin Sprague Debra Sterno Chad Temples Michelle Stafford Brandon Stewart r manda Wellmaker 35 V . ' ' mM ' ' f Wm f- X l H ft . - - % Amy Thompson James Trussell Michelle Weaver Michelle Todd Kyle Turner Becky Webb Tracy Todd Ede Walker Shandy Webb Kathy Toole Richard Walker Brian Wardlaw 36 ' Katina West Daniel Williams Ronald Willian s Chris Westfaul Kevin Williams Tynese Williams Robert White Lynn Williams David Woods - ikki Wilcox Rhaunda Williams Trell Wright 37 Daniel Yawn Althea Youmans Stephanie Zellner MR. MISS YEARBOOK AND ATTENDANTS WE SALUTE STEVEN SMITH AND DORSHEIKA SHELL ATTENDANTS MICHELLE OSBORNE, BRIAN CARTEL, AND KATRINA CHILEN 38 SEVENTH GRADE TEACHERS AND STUDENTS MR. FRANK BELL SOCIAL STUDIES MRS. CAROLYN BROWN ENGLISH MRS. KAREN COLLINS SOCIAL STUDIES MS. SUSAN ETHRIDGE SOCIAL STUDIES ' r MR. COMER FLYNN SCIENCE MRS. DORIS HARN MATHEMATICS MRS. MARTHA JERNIGAN MATHEMATICS MR. PATRICK KENNEDY ENGLISH MRS. JOAN MAHANY MATHEMATICS MRS. SHERRY McCLAIN READING MRS. SHIRLEY MILLER SCIENCE MRS. JOANN SMITH SCIENCE MS. NANCY ZAHLIT ENGLISH 39 ,t -Gone fishing f.- Harold Alderman Tonia Amos Kathy Ard Jennifer Bachman Terry Alexander Sonja AUard Barbara Anderson Jason Anderson Traci Ashcraft Robert Ashe Ali Baker Gary Baldwin Dana Allen Eugene Anthony Chris Austin Sandra Banks Carter Amerson Simone Anthony Jay Austin Jason Barlow 40 Photograph not available Gone 0[ siiShing .M itn Latrelle Barnett Kellie Barrett Kristin Bashlor Angela Beasley Theresa Beckworth Michael Bennett Chris Blackwelder Brian Bland Travis Bland Bruce Bowers Bruce Bowles Sandra Braddy Carolyn Bauner Annette Baxter Billy Billings Bobby Black Cynthia Boatright Dontray Bostick Angela Bragg Bonnie Brantley 41 Too ' Busy PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Katrina Bridges James Brown Tamara Brown Justin Buckley Michelle Brinson Jeffrey Brown Thomas Brown Karen Bulloch Sherry Broughton Maranda Brown Ashley Bryan Lara Burnsed Caroline Brown Oscar Brown Rob Bryan Jermaine Butler Dwain Brown Steven Brown Kevin Bryant Douglas Buttersworth 42 p Si i p -¥; mmA J Danny Cannon Crystal Carroll Benjamin Coby Jermaine Collins Sharon Cannon Ju ' ie Cartee Ronney Chapman Julie Christiansen Willie Colclough Thomas Coleman Robert Collum Patricia Conway Sandra Carter Robin Cleland Yolanda Coleman Antoin Cooper Stephanie Carter Wendy Cobb Andrew Collins Eleanor Cooper 43 . , m : c .. Bh r- - — — — V —ST Sherri Cooper John Crosby Stanley Devegter Sean Edenfield Stafford Cooper Kristie Daniel Van Driggers Toby Edinfeild Christina Cosby David Daniels Phillip Dunlap Charles Edwards Lisa Crabtree Graige Daniels Brian Dunn Heather Edwards Terry Crawford Amy Devegter Tim Edwards Chad Durden 44 V . f . Brian Ellerbee Jennifer Ellis Sanford Elton Travis Emmert Tina Fennell William Flewallen Stacie Flurry Clifton Fortner Gregory Fowler Bryan Fox Jason Frazier Mary Frazier Amanda Freyne John Galletta Cris Gallovich Jeffrey Garrison Bryant Gay Adam Gibbons Shelly Gibbons Carol Gibson ¥ Marice Golphin Chris Griffin Minda Hadwin Karen Harden Eric Gouin Jason Griffiin David Hagan Alyson Hardy Gary Green Jeremy Griffis Stephen Hagan John Harper Euricky Green Robert Griswold Marice Haggood Joan Harrell Michelle Green Gedonna Groover Sherwood Hankerson Jennifer Harris 46 Andy Hauger Calvin Hendrix Denise Holland Lisa Hughes Ann Hawkins Natasha Hendry Janith Hollis Mario Humes Charlesetta Hawkins Aaron Hill Tara Howard Dona Hunnicut Alan Hazard Jennifer Hinely Michelle Howie Deedric Irwin James Head II Samantha Hodges Michael Huff James Jackson 47 ' I 7 ' 1 . I . ll Lavoris Jackson Dina Johnson Takesha Johnson Moneca Jones Billy Jenkins Felicia Johnson Tangela Johnson Jennifer Kearney Kevin Jenks Jennifer Johnson Carlos Jones Joey Kemp Alicia Johnson Kevin Johnson Deandrea Jones Patrick Kessler Alfonzo Johnson Missy Johnson Jason Jones Sherri Kicklighter 48 T r- .• - r f i ' ■rri Natasha King Maurice Kirkland Patricia Kirkland Clarissa Lambert Emily Langford Marie Langford Anna Lee Leslie Lee Amie Lephen Christopher Lively Cindy Lively Theron Loury Eric Knight Leslie LaRoche Robert Lind Tommy Lowrey Andrea Kramer Jerome LeCount Ricky Lipsey Clayton Mabon 49 Mark Madden Keith McLain Traci McMillan Robert Mironich George Martenson Karri McCloy Carol Mikel Salena Mitchel Sheldon Martin Allison McCord April Miller Kim Mixon Terry Massey Gwendolyn McCuUough Melissa Miller Holly Morgan Patrick Mathis LaDonna Mclver JoAnna Miller Ashley Morgan 50 A k r if _r: V Swain Morris Kevin Moye Stephanie Olivares Beth Osako David Owens Jennifer Parker Jigna Patel Heather Paseur Chris Murray Amy Osborn Cory Pendleton Jason Perry Wade Myers Sherry Neeley Danny Outen Michelle Outen Billy Parrish Jeffrey Parrish Ronscheon Peters Marci Patrick 51 4 b t i : .k: Ji : ; f V r ' ' ( 1 1 r ' ] I fir- niA Valerie Paul Ramon Pickney John Quarterman Kevin Reedy Tina Phillips Ernest Ponder Brian Quinney Mark Reeves Jason Pickard Tommy Porche Jimmy Rahah Murray Renfro Ramon Pickard Clay Porter Jennifer Rape Evelyn Rich Karen Pinkney Vicki Purcell Jennifer Reed Dereck Richardson 52 L Vt-t i Chad Riner William Robbins Kevin Roberts Kim Roberts Brian Robinson Edward Roundtree Kwamie Russell Patrice Russell Letisha Salyer Kacy Samuel Rachael Samuel Tramaine Samuel Scott Samuels Thomas Sanders Jennifer Sapp Carolyn Sawyer Kenneth Sawyer Brian Scott Latroy Scott Wayne Scott 53 Sean Scruggs Joni Shirling Denise Simmons Jimmy Smith Mark Seckinger Ricky Shuman Jacqueline Simmons Laconia Smith Stephanie Seckinger Virginia Sikes Latasha Simpson Larry Smith Leighann Shelton Alvin Simmons Nathan Simpson Debra Sote Shanna Shelton Carolyn Simmons Catina Smith Bridgett Spencer 54 HJiJ L V 1 ' . ;jf L L Amy Spivey Keith Swinson James Thompson Jennifer Tracey Sean Stearman Eric Taylor John Thompson Stephanie Turner Tracey Steed Reese Saulter Tonya Toole Brian Tuten Mark Sterno Mark Terry Leigh Townsend Larry Tyler Daniel Stone Chad Thomas Kelly Towson Misty Tyler 55 m»ir ' I 1 Kristi Walea Dreanna Washington Caliese Wells Becky Whetstone Yolanda Walker Vicki Waters Jamie Wells Earl White Tammie Wall Guy Weaver Stephanie Wells James White Robert Ward Alissa Webb Paula West William Will Anika Washington Tabitha Wegman Vicki West Douglas Williams 56 ' t 0: . % 1 u , r Moneca Williams Marcus Williams Latasha Williams James Williams Spencer Williams Tasha Williams Arthur Williamson Josh Williamson Angela Wilkerson Ricardo Wilkinson Donnie Wilson Scott Woods James Wright Phillip Wright Tammy Wright Craig Irvin Orealia Williams Lenwood Willingham Amy Wolfe Selath) Shager 57 AM Richard Pennington Anthony Sherrod Duane Smith Vicki Varelas ' Bryan Young Jerry Youngblood ATHLETES IN ACTION 58 SIXTH GRADE TEACHERS AND STUDENTS r i Ms. Michelle Borrett English Ms. Arnetta Brown Social Studies ' l 1 Mrs. Zeline Foster Science Ms. Barbara Glisson Mathematics Mrs. Peggy Dixon Mathematics Mrs. Pamela Herman Reading Mrs. Rosann MacCauley English Mrs. Patricia Ervin Reading Mr. Walter Lee Science PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Mrs. Theresa Norman English Mrs. Susan White Social Studies Mrs. Margaret Zeigler Reading 59 r ttr---, .-.., Tim Ackermann Samuel Addison Nikki Alexander Gertonio Alston Lisa Altman Petrina Andrews i ifc I k„, Alejandro Angel April Austin Sean Avant Glavin Bacon Greg Barfield Kari Barnes Kwuanna Barnes Shelley Barnes Jodi Bates Traci Becker L b M: Josh Belin Gary Bennett Susan Bennett Josh Bentley Maurice Bing Antonio Black Bobby Black Danyel Black Levi Blair Regina Blocker Shann Boatright Julieann Braddock 60 Paul Bragg Gary Brazell Peter Brinson Timothy Brower Asa Brown Dominique Brown i c. k Michael Brown Monica Brown Romero Brown Shenttina Brown Drucilla Bryant Julius Bryant Karen Bulloch Paul Burgess ? .. -- David Burke Jessica Burton Amy Buttersworth Cindy Butterworth f i K. fr J Antonio Byrd Chiquis Campbell Clyde Campbell Lynn Carter Julie Carver Bobby Casteel Peter Clifton 61 Katrina Colelough Lakisha Coleman Danielle Coles w -V ■ : K: .1 ri! Darrell Collins James Collins Jasper Collins I -i Johnny Collins Phillip Collins Leslie Cooler Brian Couch Thomas Crawford Debbie Creech ii F " ' X Randy Creese Tracy Crockett Charles Davis Danielle Davis - } I ■ ' :i Sean Davis Y jeri Dawson ' V- t i n f i ' Ruth Day JL " ' " - ' ' " " • Michael Deal I Marsha Dean Debra DeLoach Timmy Dillard Robin Donaldson .iff ffx Laura Donnelly Jennifer Donohue Jermel Dooly Darlene Dr iggers Trenton Duncan Michelle Dunn 62 s Melissa Dyal Avan Eady Raymond Eason Renee Eckenfells Tamika Edwards Brian Ellerbee f Tonya Ellison Chris Evangelista Jennifer Evans Randy Fields Michelle Finch Henry Fisher s a v Michael Flowers Tammy Fogarty Lester Foreman Kim Fort Robbie Fort Shawn Foster Bruce Gadson Jody Galleta Jimmy Garland Ricky Garland Jennifer Garrette Allard Garvin ' 1 " " ft Kelton Garvin Tina Gober Michael Godbee Tremutria Goldwire Mark Gooding Clint Gordy 63 James Gordy Pam Gouin Erica Graham James Grainger Charles Grar t Jermond Grant Primus Grant Rhonda Grant Tonya Grant ki ' 4 ML Calinda Gray David Grayson Demetric Greene Jauron Grimes Louie " Trae " Gurley Richard Hagy Alfonso Hamilton Fred Hampton Mary Harden Jermaine Harmon Willie Harris Shannon Harrison Andy Hauger Roger Hendricks Mary Henry Susan Hoang Shondee Hodges Amy Holland Genci Holland Kathy Holland Margaret Houston 64 ■ ' - V .1 Merritt Houston Antonio Howard David Howard Lisa Howell Sherri Hunter Joseph Hurst V. i ' J Caree Hymon Quaembree Hymon Telly Jackson Lee James Michael James Shaun James IS fl i ■ ■ , Matthew Jefferson Delanue Jenkins Jennifer Jenkins Antwan Jenkins Shondra Johnson Tony Johnson Walter Johnson Kelly Johnston Crystal Jones Prince Jones Tonia Josey Nicole Kent bi i wm . Melissa King Brad Kirby Jennifer Kirby Brandi Kirkland Marquenita Kitchens Lori Klein 6S " John Kresge David Landing Latasha Lee John Le Grand John Lemon Lena Lenard -1 Leon Lillie Christine Mazzara 4 : i : ■I I k I Russell Lingle Wendy Lively Rhonda Lloyd Kevin Long Timmy Lovezzola [ ( Becky Lucas Sarah Macon Heather Maloy Kari Martin ft. i A Rahshi Matthews Cindy Maust Phillip McCullough Billy McFarlane Tamiko McKamey Sharon McNeely Greg Mincey Chip Mixon Karone Mobley Candy Mock David Mock Cory Moore Holly Moore 66 Trisha Moye Wanda Moore Ashonda Morgan Rhonda Morgan Laura Morrow Hope Messex Syretta Murray Nakia Mungin Chanda Myrick Steven Nettis Denny Newham Hollie Newham a • V ' i y. . I Tonia Nobles Crystal Nobles Amy Norton Richard Oglesby Kenneth Oliver Emily Osborn Janeen Padgett Teiana Patilla Jason Patrick Jody Patrick Aaron Payne Traviel Perkins Too Busy f PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE r4. N Renee Peterson Amy Phillips Kelly Pickard Traci Pierce Jason Polk Catherine Pontbriand 67 1 .-N - " ♦ m, ' 11:1. MMi lN(ti- Ji.rk Chieniekia Porter Randall Rackley Damon Rahn James Rahn Robert Redding Harry Reed b ' Ishmael Reed Donald Reed Carolyn Reedy Rebecca Reese Shanta Reese Jahman Rhodes Brian Ricker - f (V ' Dana Roberts Sheldon Roberts Davina Robinson Jamile Robinson Joey Robinson I ' o :i l . ' - a e Julius Robinson Jason Rogers Alfonzo Ross Julie Ross Tratrenia Sanders Adam Samuel ■I n ' { Shelly Saturday Jennifer Schuman Craig Scott a Kerry Scott Russell Scruggs Richard Shearouse 68 Sonya Shearhouse Shaun Shurling Aubrey Simmons Kevin Singleton India Smalls Kim Smart Chris Smith Dorothy Smith Shanna Smith Tamika Smith Kristy Snipes I fi ' -lfl , te. . . k-. I -i W. i Brian Spikes Delores Spikes Melissa Stafford Misty Stafford Chelby Stanley Richardine Stevens 0 Jeanette Stevens Michelle Stewart Coletta Stokes Wanda Sutton Alan Tebbetts Terri Thomas Yolanda Thomas Inga Thompson Danny Thornton Trina Travis Stacy Trent Paul Turner 69 t i lA ' L r 1 r ' ) ' V - Permelia Tyson Tracy Underwood Trey Wagner Dwayne Walker Chris Ward Larry Ward |v : i I ' I u- Kathy Warman Jason Waters Randall Wegman Lakisha Welcome Randy West Mickey White L i A Marie Wiles Amanda Williams James Williams James Williams Jeremiah Williams Joseph Williams b . Allen Wilson April Wilson Fred Wilson Keysha Wilson Michael Wilson Shon Wilson Pi ?IJ4 - Ji . (. J . ■ k i Steven Wilson Tomika Wilson Kristina Wingate Angela Woods J.W. Woods Lisa Woods 70 Lisa Yeomans James Youmans Kristi Young Reginald Young Danny Zipperer SCIENCE FAIR WINNER ■I B H HI H P { l( - ail R ' . 31 1 M l-i| KM - i -i ■i ' • " j ' HetlTlJE IF i pi — 1 nnn K K Mf t ' C M MH 1 1 ■ H? . ' ' y- " - ■ ShSSUi ' S B HHj ito rji j_, jyP i H l l ■ i5 . J Our principal, Mrs. M.V. DeLoach, presents the first place trophy to Michael Ortego. Mrs. L. Burton, director of the fair, congratulates Michael for having attained such a distinguished honor. 71 FUN AT MERCER! TEACHERS ENTERTAIN STUDENTS! c ' L J h ' O o c. XA •x o BETA CLUB The Beta Club is a leadership-service organization. Its purpose is to encourage effort and reward merit among students. In addition, it seeks to promote qualities of character that make for good citizenship. The members sponsor Teacher Appreciation Day and a carnation sale in February for Valentine ' s Day. Each year the organization presents an instructional gift to the school. The officers for the 1986-87 school year follow: Brian Cartee, president; Steven Smith, vice-president; and Traci Brackett, secretary. Mrs. S. White and Mrs. N. Zahlit serve as advisors. COMPUTING AT MERCER The Computer Club ' s purpose is to give stu- dents a chance to share knowledge and exper- tise in computer use and to give students, who are not taking a computer class, an opportuni- ty to learn to operate a computer. The Com- puter Club also helps to encourage innovative uses of computers and provides an exciting educational activity for students. The officers for this school year follow: Ma- ria Lagrone, president; Nikki Snipes, secre- tary; and advisor, Mrs. E. Burton. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA . i h 1 1 litltoU $d|6dL 1 The purpose of the FHA is to provide opportunities for self-develop- ment and community living. The club encourages group involvement in helping achieve worldwide brotherhood, and it seeks to promote a greater understanding between youth and adults. Students at Mercer Middle School participate in several community projects. They also attended the District FHA Meeting. The organization sponsors the annual Valentine ' s Day dance. The 1986-87 officers follow: Michelle Stafford, president; Vanessa Hooks, secretary; and Antionette Purnell, treasurer. Ms. Karen Martin advises the group. AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL ARTS STUDENT ASSOCIATION The Industrial Arts Club promotes industrial arts in school, communi- ty, state, and nation. It aims to increase knowledge and broaden under- standing in the industrial technological society. In addition, the organiza- tion provides leadership training. The club participates in a leadership training workshop and the State Industrial Arts Conference. Leaders of the group follow: Ashley Jeffcoat, president; Brian Wardlaw, vice president; and Alex Nease, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Neville Floyd coordinates this activity. 75 LET THE MUSIC PLAY SIXTH GRADE BAND SEVENTH GRADE BAND The Mercer Raider band is directed by Mr. Russell Sena. The band is composed of musically inclined 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. The band participates in many programs throughout the school year. Mr. Sena and his students are determined workers who strive to make beautiful music. We are fortunate to have Mr. Sena as our band leader. 76 EIGHTH GRADE BAND AND GLADLY DO THEY SING! [ The Mercer Middle School Chorus is under the direction of Mrs. Kathy Maher. These talented artists have earned many accolades for their performances on campus and in the community! The highlight of this school year was a presentation of " Hooray for Hollywood! " Don ' t be surprised to find some of our artists really appearing on " Broadway " in the future. 77 PARLEZ-VOUS FRANCAIS? France is a great country, and French is a very exciting language. Members of the French Club enjoy learning about French customs, and they are proud to be able to hold conversations in French. Madame Wisenbaker coordinates this activity. The officers follow: Jennifer Bachman, president; Rob Bryan, vice-president; secretary, Cary Green; and Sean Steerman, treasurer — Parlez vous Francais? Oui. THE WORLD OF FACT AND FICTION The purpose of the Reading Club is to promote and encourage an interest in reading as a source of information as well as an enjoyable pastime. Mrs. Patricia Ervin coordinates this exciting activity. 78 STUDENT LEADERS Mitim w Lisa Bennett Student Council President Mercer Middle School is fortunate to have a very competent and dynamic Student Council. These enthusiastic students work extremely hard to make Mercer an enjoyable place to work and share ideas. The members plan activities for students, take trips to area nursing homes, co-sponsor the prom, aid in school beautification projects, express student concerns, and serve as hosts and hostesses for dignitaries who visit the school. The officers for this school year follow: Lisa Bennett, president; Willie Campbell, vice president; Tabitha Dewberry, secretary; Brad Butterworth, assistant secretary; Jauron Grimes, chaplain; Wendy Lively, parliamentari- an; and Leigh Townsend, treasurer. Mrs. S. Miller advises the group. 79 QUIZ BOWL The purpose of the Quiz Bowl Club is to stimulate academic achieve- ment, to boost confidence, and to utilize research skills. The 1986-87 team members are as follows: 6th Kathy Holland Chris Evangelista 7th Denise Holland (captain) Chris Griffin Chris Blackwelder 8th Blair Jeffcoat Connie McKuhen Dorshieka Shell The 1986-87 Quiz Bowl Club competed against other schools in Chatham County. They tied for 1st place with DeRenne Middle School. Quiz Bowl directors are Mrs. K. Collins and Mrs. Pat Latimer. 80 EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! The Raider Review news staff is composed of students from each homeroom. These young reporters gather news from classmates and leaders of various school organizations. They also cover special events that take place at school. Kim Burton and Steven Smith serve as editors of Raider Review. Mrs. Zahlit and Mrs. Ellis serve as advisors. 81 MEET THE YEARBOOK STAFF! The Raider yearbook staff is anchored by Katriria Chilen and Jennifer Mixon. The passwords for this year are Work! Work! Work! This year ' s theme is centered around the admirable virtues termed Scholarship, Honor, Individuality and Independence. The staff members follow: Kelly Nelson, Kim Burton, Kerri Barnes, Brian Cartee, Laura Brinson, Traci Brackett, Christy Neifert, Steven Smith, Kim Channell, Brian Wardlaw, Dorsheika Shell, Dana Allen, Kate Heyward, Natashia Smith, Les Robarge and Brian Martin. Advisors are Ms. Stubbs, Mr. Kennedy, and Mrs. Ellis. The staff members hope that you will enjoy the 1987 issue of The Raider . Editors Mixon and Chilen study other books to get useful ideas. Dorsheika Shell, Traci Brackett, and Laura Brinson are business managers. 82 hOi x A S cpi ' i ADMINISTRATION " I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks 1 want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see. " — John Burroughs Mrs. Virginia DeLoach Principal " This time like all other times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it. " — Ralph Waldo Emerson Mr. Donald Gervais Assistant Principal 84 ELECTIVES Mrs. Glenda Cassedy Mr. Neville Floyd Ms. Alisa Hyde Mrs. Kathy Maher Mrs. Marie Malfatti Ms. Karen Martin Mr. Russell Sena Mrs. Wanda Smith Ms. Shawn Stubbs Mr. Duane Talley Mrs. Jennie Weisenbaker 85 SPECIAL EDUCATION Mrs. Kate Coast Mrs. Anna Fenn Ms. Terry Fogarty Ms. Pat Hunter Ms. Erydelle Jones Mrs. Susanne Konter Mrs. Patricia Latimer Ms. Karen Osvald Mrs. Mildred Walker 86 Mrs. Margaret Zeigler PECIALTY OFFICE STAFF Mrs. Sherri Estes Mrs. Virginia Frazier Mrs. Sandra Henderson Mr. William Mock Mrs. Rachel Aids Mrs. Dianne Allen Mrs. Mattie Blake Ms. Beverly Kiett Ms. Annette Presley Ms. Lorraine Thompson Mrs. Susie Williford 87 CAFETERIAL STAFF Mrs. Christine Davis Cafeterial Manager Mrs. Annie Mae Bundy, Mrs. Margent Colclough, Mrs. Eunice Ervin, Mrs. Pearl Hicks, Mrs. Jaunatta Howard, Mrs. Jeannie Moss and Mrs. Rose Wilson CUSTODIAL STAFF Mr. Michael Jenkins Custodial Manager Mr. Arthur Wright Mrs. Rosemary Dixon 88 Mrs. Maybelle Butts DVt RtlSt ' 1 [iffl m 1 m. il© Dozier H. 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GEORGIA 31408 FliRN ' ITL ' RF, " PRINTING " Rl ' liBKR STAMPS • ART SI PPI.IKS FOR Al.l, vol R OFFICK SCPPI.V NF.FDS PAPER CLIP T OFFICE SUPPLIES PRINTING ■125 HIGHWAY 80 W SAVANNAH GA 31408 Phone 964-8368 Simplicity Barber Styling Your Family Styling Center featuring HC -US products WALK-INS WELCOME Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m. -7 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. -6:30 p.m. 964-4200 SMITH AVE. HWY. 21 GARDEN CITY 91 f f f f f f f f ff m fr;fiff fi : pf . Dixie Crystals is a Registered Trademark of Savannah Foods Industries, Inc., Savannah. Georgia 31402 STRICKLAND OIL COMPANY • HAVOLINE MOTOR OILS • MARFAX GREASES • RANDO HYDRAULIC OILS • TEXACO GASOLINE DIESEL • BULK OIL POOLER, GA. OFC. 748-4084 WE REPAIR d SELL ALL TYPES HYDRAULIC JACKS. CYLINDERS. PUMPS, MOTORS HOSES, FITTINGS DRIVE SHAFTS SAVANNAH DRIVE LINE AND HYDRAULICS P.O. BOX 9881 SAVANNAH, GA. 31402 2333 Louiiville Road 233-1757 ROBERT MANES DANNY COHEN 92 ODUM ROOKER CONSTRUCTION CO. CLEARING GRADING CONCRETE AND ASPHALT EQUIPMENT RENTAL 115 GREENFIELD DRIVE SAVANNAH, GEORGIA 31405 GERALD ODUM SAVANNAH PHONE: 2340522 BEEPER: 944-9405 AMERICAN V. . PAWN SHOP " x . " We Pass The Buck " Qj L Q Quick Loans Buy and Sell Cold, Silver, Diamonds STEVE HUFSTETLER (912) 964-1744 5150 HWV. 21 Garden City, CA 31408 Hendrix Ford Tractor Machinery Inc. P. O. Box 22967 - Old Dean Forest Road Savannah, Georgia 31403 Phone (912) 964-7790 0uM (S 2) 7 8- 762 7 BUS (912) 236 0030 RES (912) 233-5553 ONE OF GEORGIA ' S FIRST CERTIFIED PHOTOGRAPHERS Su urSa T ' zDeCta School PJtotogeaphy, One. " OVER A DECADE OF SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY " YOUR AWARD WINNING PHOTOGRAPHERS " SENIOR - FAMILY SPECIALIST " cShurUng Deoler MARION WARREN Sales Represenlative-Pholographer 126 BROUGHTON STREET SAVANNAH. GA 31401 Rl 5, Box 589 1 Raymond Rood Sovdnnah. GA 31408 Beeper " - SM SC 671-8035 Business [912] 964-6185 NAL R. L. SMITH DISTRICT MANAGER AMERICAN NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY AMERICAN NATIONAL PROPERTY AND CASUALTY COMPANY ■ ■«10 OGLETHORPE OFFICE PARK. MALL BLVD P O BOX 13009 SAVANNAH, GEORGIA 31-tl6 BUS 352-7590 LIFE-HEALTH-AUTO-FIRE Site Work— Rental— Paving l]uman Cllnnatruction (do., (3lnc. P.O. Box 1 524 4I40CX;EECHEE rd SAVANNAH. GA 34102 OFFICE 232 }24S Welding 24 Hour Service Shop Hours 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Road Calls John Osborne — Owner Mon.-Sat. I S Johnny ' s Auto Diesel Phone 966-2561 Day 748-4308 or 748-7259 Night Repair 109 Beasley Road Off Dean Forrest Road Savannah, Georgia 31408 Beeper 235-6263 Specializing in We rebuild Starters, We turn Brake Walker Beam Bushings Alternators and Generators Drums and Rotors 94 Planting for the Future Thanks to the advanced research programs of Union Camp and other forest pro- ducts companies, tree farming is now more efficient than ever. Genetically superior seedlings planted today can reach a height of 60 feet in 20 years. 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Stephanie Anderson Becky Bailey Kerri Barnes Scott Baylor Dawn Beasley Traci Brackett Laura Brinson Janet Latrelle Bryant Kim Burton John Butler Brian Cartee April Carter Kim Channell Katrina Chilen Larry Collins II Debra Cook Wayne Cribbs Tony Dorris Cathy Edwards Stacey Latrell Edwards Natarsha Nicole Ellison Keith Evans Kevin Evans Brant Gammon Jennifer Gooding Jill Gracen John Hancock Kathryn Rudean Heyward Shannon Hinely Michelle Hodges Vanessa Hocks Frankie Kerby Chris Kirby Laura Michelle Kondas Maria Lagrone Steven Lain Michael Lee Christine Mclntire Connie McKuhen Leigh McNeely Jennifer Mixon Christy Niefert Kelly Nelson Michael Ortega Julie Padgett Geannine Peterson Donald Pickard Cheronge A. Porter Brian Reiser Chanda Elaine Roach Ingrid Robinson Stacey Rozier Joe Sanders Leslie Denise Scott Latonya Shields John Sikes Adrian L. Smith Natasha Trenelle Smith Steven Smith Kristin Spencer Shannon Nicole Stanley Kathy Toole James Trussel Richard Walker Michelle Weaver Shandy Webb Amanda Wellmaker Katina Lynn West Trell Wright Jennifer Cribbs and Darren Harrison Tonya Hutchenson and Richard Walker Eric Loyd and Nikki Snipes Richard Phillips and Cary Green Marlene Robinson and Michael Davis Becky Webb and Jason Townsend Melinda Edwards and Dennis Landing Michelle and Steven — Friends Forever § i JJJJJ JJJJJJJJJJJJ JJJJJJJJJ JJ IJ JJJjt J J JJ J J J JJJ 97 CONGRATULATIONS RAIDERS! Rhonda Anderson Vivian Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Gary Arms Bill and Irene Avila Brantley Brower Beulah Brown Aaron Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chilen Mr. and Mrs. Roger Chilen Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cross Sheila Cross Margie Dees Patricia Eason Peggye and Joseph Edwards Veronica and David Evans Karen Denise Evans Jimmie Edward Evans, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Floyd Mr. and Mrs. Dub Harrell Joyce Jenks Mr. and Mrs. Perry Justice Gerred Kerby BEST FRIENDS FOREVER C O ' 91 Kim Burton Vanessa Hooks Kerri Barnes and Becky Webb Chris King Mr. and Mrs. Brad Layton Tanner Layton Dean Martin and Talisha Anderson Kevin Mixon and Leigh Townsend Antionette Purnell Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rhodes, Jr. Lynn Roberts The Mike Roberts Family Ingrid Robinson Felicia Russell G. David Russell E. Scriven Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith Dorris and Vickie Shell Dorsheika and Jacobi Shell Benjamin Sterling Bennika Sterling Roshea A. Sterling Roxanna B. Sterling Monte A. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Eric Weaver Birchwood Townhouse Apartments " A Great Place to Live " - Located on Almond Ct. Alfred St. just past WWSA Radio Station - Luxurious Interiors Include; 2 Bedrooms, 1 ' 2 Baths, Fully Equipped Kitchens, Insulated Windows Doors, Fenced Private Patios, Paneling, Drapes, Carpeting, W D Hookup, Cable Television Call: 964-1835 or 964-9491 PRINTING FULL SERVICE PRINTING Two Locations Historic Downtown 209 W. Congress Street 232-4139 Savannah ' s Southside 6850 Abercorn Street 355-7550 Coinpliments of Hall-Boy ' s AAA Truckstop " Best Service in Two Flags " 13 North Coastal Highway Port Wentworth. Georgia Randy Hall, Proprietor Lindblad Electric Industrial — Commercial — Residential 36 Varnedoe Avenue Garden City. Georgia 31408 964-5503 ROYAl. ( ? Rt. 1, Box 298D - Savannah, Ga. 31408 Located on Hiway 21 N. in Pt. Wentworth 912-964-0702 Graduation Stationary Gifts Wedding Stationary Personal Writing Paper (912) 964-5849 612 Highway 80 West Robin Farthing Garden City, Georgia 31408 Billy Farthing PHONE: (91 21 964-8662 Johns Paint Body Service Custom Painting • Body Rebuilding • Frame Work PO SOX 18238 345 MAIN STREET LEON J. JOHNS, JR. GARDEN CITY, GA. 31418 . " J . :«c , AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE cyZ e 7 oed •j e ' ritMXd . m PHONE AREA CODE 912 964-7507 or 964-5207 SALES SERVICE HIGHVi AY 21 307 P.O. BOX 7386 GARDEN CITY. GA. 31418 ami fim EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT GATES OPEN 6:00 P.M. RACING - 8:00 P.M. OGLETHORPE SPEEDWAY 3 miles East of I-95 off hwv 8n Of a-P nn JERRY SMITH ' S SEPTIC TANK SERVICE Septic Tank and Grease Trap Pumping -PROMPT SERVICE - Site Development • opp ' ce yard 17 Westgate Industrial Park Rt- 5 Box 662 Jesup Rd., Sav., Ga. Call Day or Night 964-6285 AKCO, Inc. 13203 Largo Drive Savannah, Georgia 31406 J.G- " JOE " ARSENAULT (912)233-6914 Qo44. vUu Jlo ' meA. uMeA4f open 6-6 ' ' We carry • PLANTS •SHRUBS • FERTILIZER every Blooming Thine " ,, . , " We specialize in good quality. OWNER — LEWIS FRAWLEY DL ' BLIN ROAD OFF HWY 80 »■ 964-7717 CLASS OF ' 91 Connie McKuhen Jennifer Mixon Michelle Weaver BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!! BEST FRIENDS! Laura B. Katrina C. Traci B. Kim C. Class of ' 91 " If your hair isn ' t becoming to you, you should be coming to us " Sfyle ' s for The Whole Family; Needles and Knots May you never be cross while your stitching. Custom Framing Hair Studio I 8 Dukes Dr. Garden City k Frank Bozzuto 964-7155 SHARON BODAFOBD 964-9699 14 Dukes Drive Garden City, Georgia 31408 101 Our experiences at Mercer have helped ir shaping our lives, and upon graduation we discover that we have acquired virtues and lasting friends. 102 How do you say thank you for the happy times and sad times that have filled our lives here? We are grateful to those who made this experience possible for us, and we will cherish our memories forever. We will say good-bye knowing that we are better for what we have acquired. 104 l Lu si ' :t Mo 3 U l A ' A ' (fTl U Ck cV {or )jv My A - - . J-y " Jr " ' (Pr-Q T:i- c0 6 prc-HL[ Coo h 1} ■i ' ' V. o (20 ' Op w- 5 _r ■ o - o n 7

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