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4 gli, .3 fa KL - m . L. ai!" K Jxr, . fd 't r 1 V A tiff:-,if I ASI- j 7195 . X f' AV "fb If Q f 54' ,,f' Q' A M ,V f V ' . k .14 AE I 3 ' l W 1 7 .diff I, 1 VA' 'J - i " 5 f R-J --rv-ar . .' f '. ,, AW,,' ,,. va Y A ' , U ' J . - . A , , ffigirw.. ' Qprff V ' ffv, " VM 5 V ,uf v ,4.4 fl A1 .A,. ,Si ,. , , V .V 478 . ,1 f - ,J - D V . V I :C54, L ' J -ff 3, A z 'T 1X fx XX.: "wa 'A' ,X mt, ' rg ui K .- 'N .--5 ,-,. " Vi F ii - Q6 g,q2i ,p wif 'X h 'g-:fg-x :- - 'm I f N 7 2' r X his-.- ffe, W2 T' N-1.1 1 1. I N '35 A -'f?d9uZp '-lp?q1waMA!1 Q? KYNNLCP' lsgmgm T MM Wm" 1s05ba5Q,,C If SL xi. KSLSXQSY4 , . BJfa,gML, jf WWWW ff ,ggmaf A QM' MW f' Q, , " ,f jfv' ' ' ' v K MyRJ ' 5 I4 VW Cllmfngfj ' jx?-PD, Ivsjpffiyjj W , . F5 3 D 'IAM Q4 ' SWL ,aff mg .X yeil LAM, fps S X2 If M gg QQ- S5129 mCf'7A 3 f ff, 3 W f gw M? J ff' X IA WARRIIOIR H946 1' 'NK-YS ,"",',Av lj NX Xxxx , fx? 1? " 1 il 1 --. . X 3:2 ' 4 fm: A 0 fm r -5, 0 U 'f '? """ 4 I Q 1 F fy " A 1 A X XX Z9 0 X ' X X V qs 1 , D X I 'UZ gy ck, '-z- 9: A iyfw .M lv Wg -Ba a RQ 711' if f x f X if ,,l' n ,ff I XV E X1 I- , f Z 4 1 S . 2 ff 2 -1 ff g if' 1 f QW? UQ X f V, ,f :QQ J? I uf-, 1 X Qjf ff, , AQ ' gy X J f 4 . J' 4. 4251-Q 0 f1f"',l 2 7 W 0 f", W 'fy f gsglff' A . X xxx!! 1 ff "qiwv ?il: lcoib K I1 0 git? iff' ,Sm , , l AA- . N1 XXSNX 2 'I' 05 Z 9 3 Z Cf, 'T' l'T'l rn g U 70 IT1 Z 37 C -4 ,U - 70 Z I'T1 FFT 5. . E D.. , S' 3 1 l E 5 E- US 3 S 'Y 'i 'Z jgvg you A If 'I ?' 4 N "Mx,.1lE-1:1 ' - , , JQL Y. 'tg I 'ffM s fb' Iwi? ji ""', I M Y? E QUILL KSCROLLE ! GARNER MILLER 1 H . QNWKXSCNWIJ, - fisszslzznl B11.szm'ss A'IIl7IIlgF1'S 5 4' 0' 0. H. HENDRICKS N ferfmssm MR. CHARLES P. JESTER, PRINCIPAL, MANIFESTS THE REAL SPIRIT OF FRIENDSHIP AT CENTRAL AS HE TALKS OVER SENIOR PLANS WITH PRESIDENT, BILLY COWEN, EDITOR. GALE MARTIN, AND BUSINESS MANAGER, WAYNE DEUPREE. 793 A PPIIE D as A GE TLEIVIA Tk A SE H As The years pass by: AIways WIII we do Ihee honor, Memories and IhoughIs will Iinqer Of Iredihons high. Tl ES TU CE THAL l-lave you noTiced The worn places on The sTairs, each sTep a cupped hand cushioning The eager Tread oT many TeeT7 l-lave you noTiced The denTs in The lockers, The nicks on every door, some made This year- some lasT year- some, years beTore? l-lave you ever sTood in The corridors aTTer Three-TiTTeen when The day's noises and Their echoes have gone wiTh Billy and Dick and Jane and BeTTy To The bus-sTop? IT you haven'T noTiced, IT you haven'T waiTed, Try iT Today ..... A glimmer oT sunlighT Talls on The plaques and cups in The Trophy case. Shadows play across The Tace oT The bronze TribuTe To The Dead oT World War l. A Milky Way oT golden dusT swarm in The slanTing ray OT sun and cling To The glass oT The audiTorium doors and To The brighT new l-lonor Roll Tor The Dead oT World War ll .... O There aren'T words in our modern idiom To praise The dead. They are deacl. They died premaTurely in a war ThaT swirled upon The land like a sudden sTorm on a quieT summer nighT. These are The names- Names OT The Dead. These were names on The rollcalls in The rooms you have sTudied in Today. These names wenT wiTh Taces and bodies and young ideas and dogeared TexTbooks WiTh J. L. loves D. G. and groups oT Two and Three Greek leTTers wriTTen on The covers. Your school was Theirs once: ' STUUE TS THTTHE PHESE T A U THE PUT HE moTes Class OT 'IS Class oT '24 Class oT '37 Class oT '42 Classes oT old, dead years- Their TeeT up and down sTairs made smooTh worn places in The cemenT. FooTprinTs on The sTairs oT Time. Yea, These are The Dead: Boys who made good grades and some who skipped geomeTry classes in The spring oT bygone years. The names here mean noThing To you. You have noT seen Them. They died in Tevered iungles Buna, Gona, Kwaialein. They died on bleak beaches Anzio, Normandy, lwo. They are dead. The sound oT moThers' grieTs are muTTled now. The picTures oT old classes hanging high on The walls are muTe. You hear The maid sweeping Today's accumulaTion oT dusT and pencil shavings and paper scraps and graded TesT papers and hasTily wadded gum, Then There is silence- Now do you Teel The presence oT ghosTs, Do you hear Their whispered warnings? O liTTle Warriors oT Memphis CenTral l-ligh School, There is more here Than puppy love and marks on a card and sTudenT elecTions and TesTs on Chaucer or quadraTic equaTions. You can learn someThing ThaT isn'T Tound in a hisTory lesson: You can learn a spiriT, a spiral ouT oT soggy ashes, a cry againsT The cynic world ThaT your diploma wiTh The green and gold ribbon on guaranTees you a Trip inTo.. . . Slide The ball oT your TooT inTo The cup oT a worn sTairsTep, Look and LisTen To The ghosTly Teachers who move wiTh The sun and shadow in The dim old corridors. For a brieT momenT you will be sTudying a lesson Trom anoTher world. -Richard ClemenT Wood Class oT '43 Jan. I8, l946 did mv gffflfff SS f Nw AK f T ? gf. IL S, Qs1i,J! iilw+,gifigliisgif fW i' si' 13,1 3? if fi X 3 SF Sf, N x! um, :- S .s CR x ,Q , , , Q f., 4 . ,K 3 .12"x ,g m I im 5 x im QS W af- f 5 ii Proudly PuiI1tWe To Uur Record ProsperiTy-in The world, in The UniTed STaTes, in Tennessee, in Memphis-in l909. And Memphis was growing! People numbering l3l,lO5 lived wiThin iTs limiTs: iT was served by sTearnboaTs on The Mississippi and by The Chicago, The Rock lsland and PaciTic, The Louisville and Nashville, and The Iron MounTain and SouThern railroads: iT had Two race courses: and iTs youThTul sTudenTs moved inTo The new CenTral l-ligh School aT Linden and Bellevue. War-in The world in I9l7, in l9l8, in l9l9-reaching inTo The UniTed STaTes, inTo Tennessee, inTo Memphis, inTo CenTral l-ligh School. And CenTral was growing! The TirsT class oT TwenTy graduaTed, and in The Tollowing classes These TwenTy soon reached The hundreds: CenTral's aThleTes donned The "l-l" represenTing The only public high school in The ciTy: a Tlu epidemic TransTormed The school inTo a hospiTal: boys leTT school To go To war: Charles P. JesTer ended his TirsT year as principal: and CenTral enTered The ranlcs OT college accrediTed high schools. Peace-ThroughouT The world, Throughour The UniTed STaTes, ThroughouT Tennessee, ThroughouT Memphis, ThroughouT CenTral High School. Ancl CenTral kepT growing! Marching TeeT resounded To The cadence, R.-O.-T.-C.: shrubs and Trees and grass added loeauTy To The campus: CenTral enrolled 2300, The largesT number in iTs hisTory, and The ninTh grade had To be moved To FourTh and JeTTer- son: and CenTral insTiTuTed The new sysTem OT STudenT Government Depression-in The UniTed STaTes, in Tennessee. in Memphis, in CenTral High School-in l929, in l93O, and in l93l. And CenTral sTopped growing! ATTendance dropped: Tree lunches had To be served To The sTudenTs: CenTrals TronT walks bore The conTinual Tread oT poor men selling even poorer apples: and iTs TooTball pracTice Tield was converTed inTo Crump STadium To supply jobs Tor many men. The lnTerval and Then War-in The world, in The UniTed STaTes, in Ten- nessee, in Memphis, in CenTral High School-in l932 To I946. And CenTral seTTled down! The average enrollmenT became abouT l300: CenTral closed iTs doors in I937 To house reTugees oiT The Mississippi's greaT Tlood: iT greeTed as Treshrnen The presenT senior class: The war began: boys leTT school To go To war: The war ended: and graduaTion approached. The FuTure-oT The world, oT The UniTed STaTes, OT Tennessee, OT Memphis, oT CenTral l-ligh School-in The coming years. Showing me Moon And CenTral carries on! Courtesy nf Associated Press Bob Siliern fed Ileff fo righil-Miss Rafher, Miss G-laddinq, Miss McGraIh, Mr. Branyan, Mr, Manlcin, Miss Pillcinqlon, Miss Thrower, Miss Sieqman, Miss Green Miss moms, Miss Slewarr, Miss Seifens, Miss Willingham, Miss Truax, Miss I-lorlon. Sealed in back lleff Io righ+I-Miss Woods, Miss Young, Miss Evans Miss ny, Mr. Jesler, Miss Wallcins, Miss L. Mauzy, Miss Levy, Miss Merz, Miss Pressley, Miss Clinron, Mrs. Green. Sfanding Ilefi Io rigI11'I-'Miss McKenzie Mr pson, Miss Wilson'Miss Nolan, Miss Polaclc Miss Crenshaw, Coach McDougal, Coach Murray, Mr. McCormiclc, Miss Schneider, Miss Gales, Miss Jones rarcfxfwijy J PRINCIPAL, Charles P. Jesfer ENGLISH-Misses Elizalseih Clinlon, Corinne G-laddinq, Mrs. Mary Green, Misses Elizabeih I-laszinger, Grace Mauzy, Dororhy Melz, Dorolhy Nolan, Mary Polaclc, Vermonia Wilson. SOCIAL STUDIES-Misses Helen Evans, Elizabelh I-lorlon, Mar- rha Lou Jones, Dororhy Merz, Louise Willingham. MATHEMATICS-Misses Rosa Levy, Laura Mauzy, Birdie Mc! Grafh, Virginia Seffens, Nell Slewari, Mrs, Brusce Truax. SCIENCE-Misses Dorolhy Green, Wilma Keilh, Messrs. Roberl McCormick, John Simpson. LATIN-Misses Ada Raines, Mary Raiher, Rebecca Young. SPANISH-Misses Mildred Grooms, Mary Ralher, Rurh Wallcins. FRENCH-Miss Elizabelh Dix, COMMERCIAL-Mrs. Mozelle Forsyihe, Misses Mary Alice Pills- inqfon, Lillian Crenshaw. 81 lftlf' MI VL EXECUTIVE SECRETARY, Margarei Kenny SECRETARY, Mrs. Frances Gufhrie DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-Mrs. Marqarer Whifcomb. CLOTHING AND FOODS-Misses Margaref McKenzie, Alice Woods. INDUSTRIAL ARTS-Messrs. Clyde Manlqin, Calvin Branyan. MUSIC-Messrs. Ernesr Hawke, I-larry Dillman. SPEECH-Miss Rebekah Cohen, ART-Miss Clara Schneider. PHYSICAL EDUCATION-Miss Selma Siegman, Messrs. Rullner Murray, Lloyd McDougal. MILITARYSLL Bob Le May, Sql. I-larris Thomas, STUDY HALL-Miss Alice Parr. LIBRARY-Miss Mary Pressley CAFETERIA-Mrs. R. B. Gales. an my gfzfny ani, Hffamefic BUSY BEAVERS, Brazelfon and Boyd, wi+h assisianfs are inlenl on disfillalion experimenl' vor could if be more alomic bomb secrels? IUM DISCUSSIONS in Miss Gladding's senior English class pro- HISTORY CLASSES, unrolling Jrhe map, discover lhere are no far 3 loolh heal and light Subject should imduslry granl labor's away places in Jfhair World of IQ46. :and for a 30570 wage increase? 55 B. C.-l945 A. D. For 2,000 years Caesars bridge has held lhe worlds allenlion. Will Romeo lEd Caclel win his Juliel lxloan l:ellmanlf7 Skils like This make speech one of lhe mosl popular classes. Clofhing classes rnake and moolel fashions. ln Cenlral's Annual Fashion Revue, Dol Dig- nowily was seleclecl Miss Model ol l945. Talcing dicfafion is serious busi- ness for Slenograplwy classes. Me+al Training Lafhe - These boys are learning Jrlwe line poinis of precision machine operaiion. "Home makers of 'romorrow" miglwl be flue slogan lor Miss lV1cKenzie's food classes. l-ler girls coolc, counl calories, iden- 'rify vilamins. W Ram Biology sludenls ask Miss Green as Jrney invesligale Dils ancl dalws are no rnyslery lo lliese lwarns. Forly- llqe lgrgol "DO We really look like mal?" six of Mr. Branyan's boys passed F. C. C. exams and are licensed radio operalors. No erasures, no errors. a blank keyboard are mus+s lf?" lYPlnQ Sludenls-mO5l Survive +0 feed' lOVlY' by The Dislribulives Educalion class under Mrs. Two words loer minule. Wnelcomb. Salesmanslwip is only one of Jrlwe sublecls lauqlil Miss SefTen's Trig class uses slide rules and graviTy proTracTors Tor playThings. Spanish sTudenTs discover There is a lighTer side To The sTudy oT a Toreign language besides grann- mar, rules, and vocabularies. Mr. Simpson's Third Period Physics class geTs a big charge Trom sTaTic elecTriciTv. Mr. Hawke's combined music classes carolling Through The halls during The lasT period on The eve oT ChrisTrnas holidays is CenTral's nicesT Tra- diTion. "MISS HUME ECU MICE" Marlha Edwards is Miss l-lonne Economics for I946. She was selecied by her classmaies as ihe Ideal l-lorne Malqer. Only girls in ihe Advanced Clolrhing Classes lbl wiih an A average for iwo years are eligible. Eolirh Harris won a similar honor in rhe Foods Deparfmenr. Miss Model for I946 will be selecied by judges ai ihe Annual Mo+her's Day Fashion Tea. MARTHA EDWARDS Mechanical Drawing where girls as well as boys learn To do consrruciive imagining, To be exaci in fhinlcing, and fo read and wrile The language of induslry. Ari' siudenis skeich from life while Ann Beasley obligingly poses. SE IUljlWE1 L LL 'Q Gm In ,is A EE ffkgiflx, 'Van qc., co 6 'fr ,NX 'fb inf if I -Q, I Q is M X I, an e 'z 46 H !Q0o1f1,c!fg looinf we fo our recor '55 HERBIE ABRAHAM: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Secrelary and Treas- urer of "H" Club: Eoolball: Caplain, baslcelball leam: Bowling. CLAU DIA ADAMS: Arnbilion-College. DORIS ALLEN: Ambilion-Civil Service Secrelary. Aclivilies-Red Cross Represenlalive: War Bond salesman: "Warrior" lypisl. MARJORIE ALLEN: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Ticlcel salesman: Spanish Club: Honor Sociefy: Monilor: Library Assislanl. ERIC ANDERSON: Ambilion-Singer. GERALD ANDERSON: Ambilion-College. NORMA JEAN ANDRE: Arnbilion-Business College. Aclivilies-Red Cross Represenlalive: Firsl Aid assislanl: Typisl assislanl. FELTON ANDREWS: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Secrelary lo Miss Willingham: Honor Sociely: Monilor: War Bond salesman. ROSE APPLESON: Ambilion-Housewife. Aclivilies-Red Cross Repre- senlalive: Pholoplay Club. VIRGINIA ANN ARNOLD: Ambilion-College: Floral Designer. Aclivilies -Speech Club: Ralion Board Assislanf: Tufor. BETTYE LEE ATCHESON: Ambilion-College: Model or Journalisl. Aclivi- lies-H. R. baslcelball Team: Paper girl. SARAH EUGENIA AYERS: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Dislribulive Educalion Reporler: Secrelary Pholoplay Club: Paper girl. REBA BAILEY: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Pholoplay Club. BARBARA BAKER: Ambilion-Randolph-Macon. Aclivilies-H. R. Presi- deni: Junior Class Secrefary: Secrelary Spanish Club: Presidenl Honor Sociely: Candy Counier: Book Slore: Yearbook: Proiecl Comrnillee, Senior Class: Delegale To Green Convenlion. CAROLYN BALLIN: Ambilionqh S. U.: Business Adrninislraiion. Aclivilies -War Bond salesman: Ticlcef salesman: Monilor. ANN BARCLAY: Ambilion-Chrislian College. Aciivilies-War Bond salesman: Book slore. MARTHA JEAN BARFIELD: Ambition-College of Journalism. Aclivilies- H. R. Treasurer: "Warrior" Lirerary Stall: "Warrior" Typisl. CHUCK BEARD: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-"H" Club: Foolball. ANN BEASLEY: Ambilion-Washinglon Universily: Commercial Arlisl. Acliviries-Library Assisfanl. JOY BENNER: Arnbilion-Universily of Missouri: Journalism. MARY BENNETT: Ambilion-Airline Slewardess. Aclivilies-Junior Class Treasurer: H. R. reporler: Caplivaling Cenlralile: Second in Paper Doll Conlesl. BILL BERNATSKY: Ambilion-Archileclural Engineer. BOB BERNATSKY: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Foolball: Baskelball. RUTH BERNSTEIN: Ambilion-lnferesling Job. Acliyilies-VicePresidenl Phofoplay Club: War Bond salesman: Honor Sociely: Inlernalional Rela- lion's Club: "Warrior" Typisl: Sludenl Leader in Gym: Monilor, Firsr Aid Room. ,SANDRA BERNSTEIN: Ambifion-U. C. L. A.: Lawyer. Aclivilies-Honor Sociely: R.O.T.C. Sponsor: Sponsors' Club: Tulor: Losl and Found Deparl- menl. FREDLYN BESPALOW: Ambilion-Universily of Texas. Acliviiies-dMonl+0rg Book slore. ARLENE BELZ: Ambilion-Universily of Texas. Acfivifies-Sponsor's Club: R.O.T.C. sponsor. MARY LEE BLACK: Ambifion-Texas Slaie College' for Women. Acfivi. lies-Program Chairman Spanish Club: Represenlaliye 'ro Shelby Counfy Junior Red Cross Council: Candy Counler: Book slore: Ralion Bgard Assisfanf. FRANCES MAE BLUESTEIN: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-"Warrior" Lilerary Slaff: Pholoplay Club: Speech Club. BETTY BOISBLANC: Ambilion-College: Laboralory lechnician. Aclivilies -H. R, Secrefary-Treasurer: "Warrior" Ad Slaff, Office Slaff, collecled arfendance slips 2 years: Yearbook Ad Slaff: Quill and Scroll. MARGARET BOISEN: Ambilion-College: Music. Aclivilies-H. R. Secre- lary: Council Member:Znor Sociely: Book sfore: Monilor, Malron's R '- fi geweyl 144 - 1 ,so L S BOND: Am lion-Business School: Slenogra er. BILLY BRAZELTON: Ambilion-Soufhweslern: denfislry. AcliviTies-Dele- gale lo Gold Convenrioru: Track Team: "H" Club. Yearbook Ad Slaff. DOROTHEA BRITT Ambiluon School of American Baller BETTYE JANE BROOKS Ambifion uniyefsafy 0 Tm' e 'wa' ' r nf L! e h : - se . War Bond salesman: Ticker seller: Red Cr ', : Club: Paper Girl. L X 054,-' BETTY BROWN. Ambiizon-canals c ae 1 f .capsiw FI Reporler: Presidenl Sponsors' Cl b: r df Xe 623,-X I AIM A x Ji .l : A yUv3Qf.J A wk B W ' eorqia Tech. Aclivilies-VicePresidenr Red Vg ross' el cle o s Sla l945 A Re resenlahve Honor Sociely Tulor W5 l N BRO :Ambilion-College: Inferior decoraror: Aclivilies JOHNNY BRYANT: Arnbilion-Soulhweslerru: Business man. Aclivifies- "H" Club: Foolball: Baseball. RAY BRYANT: Ambiliorr-College. Aclivifies-H. R. Treasurer: Monilor. GEORGE BUSBEE: Ambilion--College: Music maior. Aclivilies-"H" Club: Baseball feam: Bowling Team: Ticker salesman. Orcheslra Leader. LAURIE BULL: Arnbilion-College: Pholography Maior. Aclivilies-Senior Annual: Camera Club: Red Cross Work. BARBARA JEAN BULLEN: Ambilion-To be a success. Acliviiies-Book slore. MARY VIRGINIA BURCHETT: Ambilion-College: Commercial Arl. Ac- livilies-Council Member: Caplivalinq Cenlralile: Monilor. LLOYD ELLEN BURGEN: Ambilion-Chrisrian College. Aclivilies-H. R, reporler: Delegale 'fo Green Convenlion: Office Assislanl: Monilor: Ma'rron's Room: Yearbook: Courlesy Comrnillee, Senior Class, EUGENE BU RKE: Ambilion-College. THELMA BURKE: Ambilion-College. Acliyilies-Secrelary Home Eco- nomic Club: Glee Club. EDWARD CADE: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Foolball: H. R. Reporfer: D le ale lo Gold Conveniion. 7 Q . A Y .. . Yflffl M.. f .2610 H fa j L : if as ' c mr as f,x . BOBBIE CAMPBELL: Ambifion-College. Acfivilies-Council Member: Secrelary Honor Sociely: Red Cross Represenlafive. HAM CAREY: Ambifion-College: Explorer. Aclivilies-Tickef salesman: Council Member: Delegafe Io Gold Convenfion: R.O.T.C. Band: Monilor. VANCE CARTWRIGHT: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Cify and Mid- Soulh Banlamweighf Boxing Champ: Caplain Boxing Team: "H" Club: Foolball: Track. SALLIE CARUS: Ambilion-Uriiversily of Arizona. Aclivilies-Speech Club: Phofoplay Club: Senior Warrior. BARBARA CASON: Ambilion-College: Career in New York. Aclivilies -Sponsors' Club: Book slore: R.O.T.C. sponsor: Canfeen Chairman. BETH ANN CHADDOCK: Ambiiion--College: Home Economics Maior. Aclivilies-Secrelary Phoioplay Club. LUCIA CLARK: Ambilion-Soulhweslerng Pre-med. Acfivifies-H. R. sec- relaryg War Bond salesman: Tufor: Monifor, Ma+ron's Room: Book sfore: Sfudenl Aid in Gym. J EAN CLIFTON I Ambifion-Baylor. VIRGINIA COBB: Ambilion-College, Aclivilies-War Bond Salesman: Monilor. ANN COCKRILL: Arnbifion-Commercial Arlisl. Acfivifies-GirI's Basker- ball Team: Red Cross Work. LOUISE COLLINS: Ambilion-Work. Aclivilies-R.O.'I'.C. Sponsor: Spon- sors' Club: Monilor. JOHN COOK: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Council Member: Delegale Io Green Convenfion: "Warrior" Slafl: Assisfanf Edilor, "Warrior": Honor Sociefyg Quill and Scroll. PEGGY COTHER: Ambilion-Sfephens. Aclivifies-Pholoplay Club. BILLY COWAN: Ambifion-Universily of Missouri: Mechanical Engineer- ing. Aclivilies-I-I. R. Presidenl: sgl.-aI-arms Junior Class: Senior Class Presidenf: Sludenf Governmenl' Commissioner al Large: Baskelball: Track: Tulor. ALICE JEAN CUMMINGS: Ambilion-Baylor. Aclivilies-Pholoplay Club: Speech Club: R,O.T.C. Sponsor: Sponsors' Club: Monilor: Rafion Board Assislanf. HAL CUNNINGHAM: Ambilion-College: Radio. Aclivilies-H. R. Can- Ieen Represenlalive. RICHARD DAME: Ambilion-College. KATHRYN DAUNHAUER: Ambiliori-College: Musical Career. Aclivilies -Program Chairman Pholoplay Club: "Warrior" Slaff: Tufor. BETTY JEAN DAVIS: Ambifion-To be a success. Aclivilies-Home Eco- nomics Club. BETTY RAYE DAVIS: Ambilion-Chrislian College. Aclivilies-H. R. Presi- denl: R.O.T.C. Sponsor: Honor Sociefy: War Bond Salesman: Green Con- venlion DeIega+e: Sponsors' Club. GERALD DEARING: Ambifion-Aeronaulical Engineer. Year Book Ad Slaff. JANE DEWBRE: Ambifion-Medical School. Aclivilies-Delegale Io Green Convenfion: Honor Sociely: Monilor: Sludenl' Leader in Gym. BARRY DEZONIA: Ambilion-College. Acfivilies-Council Member: R.O.T.C. Caplain: Oflicers Club: Baskelball Manager: Sporls Edilor, "Warrior." RICHARD DICKERSON: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Eoolball: Baskel- ball. fi .,,5 : ,,., A. . A 1. DOROTHY DIGNOWITY: Ambifion-Model. Acfivifies-Firsl Lieufenanl Sponsor: Paper Girl. JACK DOYLE: Ambiiion-College. Aciivilies-Fooiball: "H" Club: Traclc: Baseball: Ticlcei Salesman: Green Convenlion Delegale. BEDFORD DUNAVANT: Ambilion-Universify of Tennessee. Aclivifies- Council Member: Traclc Team: Wresiling Team: Head of Magazine Drive. - 37 'W PAT DURHAM: Ambifion-Ole Miss, shion,Desfgner.'.Aci'viTies-Hnch, MARTHA EDWARDS: Ambifion-College. Aclivilies-H. R. Presidenf: Council Member: Baslcefball: Candy Counler: Monilor: Yearboolc. BOB ELLIOTT: Ambilion-College. MARY LOUISE EVERETT: Ambilion-L. S. U. MARTHA JANE FALLON: Ambilion-Nurse. ANN FAOUIN: Axmbifion-College. Aclivilies-Book Slore. Room Cashier: Book Siore. A6.,g,,g7E.2l7'fwjf,: L .j 'XJ -el? , .V J , ri 0 CX ' LORAlNE FAOUIN: Ambilion-College, Fashion Designer. Aclivilies- Council Member: Red Cross Represenialive: H. R. Treasurer: Honor Sociefy Enferlainmenf Commilleeg Los? and Found Room. Q gl JOANNE FELLMAN: Ambifion-College. Acfivilies-Council Member: 5 Sponsors' Club: Represenlalive lo Green Convenlion. MYRON FINE: Ambilion-Medical School. Ac'rivi'fies-"Warrior" Adver- rising Manager: Honor Sociely: Ouill and Scroll: Spanish Club: Represen- st 5 lafive To Green Convenfion: Tufor: Losl and Found Deparlmenl. Q JAMES FLANIKEN: Ambiiion-College. 'V X ELEANOR FLEMING: Ambilion-Career Girl. t BILLY FLINN: A-mbilion-College. Aclivifies-Baskelball. , 'T f' .X 224 5 , N 'J , if sv ml nb, lnfiffl f XC ,, RALPH FR! KS: Am ihonl- avy Radio Sfudy. Acfivifies- . .T.C.: Foolball Manager. '52 EVELYN FRAZIER: Ambilion-Air Slew rdes . Pxclivili -W r Bond Sales- man: Red Cross Represenlafive. A DOYLE FREEMAN: Ambilion-Washinglo Universily. Aclivifies-Baslceih ball: "Warrior" Reporfer. JACK FREEMAN: Ambilion-Mississippi Sfale. A is Qi Q BETTY GAEBELT: Ambilion-College, Laboralory Technician. Acfivifies- fl 9 1 W Book Slore: Monilor. D5 BILL GIBSON: Ambilion-Soulhweslern, Journalism Maior. Aclivilies- Speech Club, Moni+or. FLOYD GILL: Arnbilion-Mars Hill and Walce Foresf. HELEN GILLIAM: Ambifion-College, Model. Aclivilies-H. R. Secrela y: Treasurer: "Warrior" Typisl: Candy Counfer: Book Slore. DOROTHY LEE LASCO K Ambihon Pholographer. YD' Q14 QKQLTQL4 ,, CQ' 1,. T .A BERNICE GLASSMAN: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Ticker-seiIer: Dele- qale lo Convenlion: Turor: Monilor: Book Siore, MARVIN GOLDFARB: Ambilion-College. Acfivifies-H. R. Reporler: "Warrior" Ad Slalii: Moniior: Ouill and Scroll. DOROTHY GOLIGHTLY: Ambilion-Whealon College. Aclivifies-H. R. Treasurer: "Warrior" Reporler, Second Floor Manager: Circulalion Man- ager: Gym Sludenl Leader: Lunchroom Cashier: Ouill and Scroll. DOROTHY GOODMAN: Arnbiiion-American Academy of Dramalic Arrs, JOHNNY GORDON: Ambilion-College. NENA GRAHAM: Ambifion-Airline Reservalionisl. KATHRYN GREEN: Ambilion-Auburn College, Aclivifies-Siu nl v ernmenl Represenfafive: Red Cross Represenlafive: "Warrior" isr SHIRLEY GREGORY: Ambilion-Career girl. MARY LOU GRUTSCH: Ambilion-Indiana Universily, Aclverlisinq. Ac- livilies-Moniforg Malron's Room. JOANNE GWYN: Ambirion-Soulhweslern, Aclivilies-Red Cross: P.T.A. Represenlalive: Spanish Club: Monilor. PAY HAGAN: Ambirion-+CoIIege. Acrivilies-Vice-Presidenl, Camera Club: Pholoplay Club: Yearbook: Monilor. EVELYN HALEY: Ambilion-College, Aciivilies-H. R. Chairman and Secrelary: Cheerleader: Honor Socieiy: Slamp Salesman: Yearbook. MARGARET HALEY: Ambilion-College. Acfivilies-Council Member: Delegale fo Convenlions: Lalin Club: Spanish Club: Library Assislanl. ROBERT HALEY: Ambilion-College. Aciivifies-Presidenr and Treasurer Pholoplay Club: Speech Club. JOANNE HALL: Arnbilion-College. Aclivilies-Red Cross Represenia- five: Cou cil Me er: Delegal lo Convenlions 9p,QM4l22fPf U i IFJ' M3434 1 I XXDQVID HALLE: AmbiIionACoIIege. Aclivilies-Co-Caplain Track Team: E " Club: Eoolball Team. XJJEAN HARRIS: Ambilion-College: Scienlisl. Aclivilies-H. R. Presidenl: Green Convenlion, Science Club, Honor Sociely, Monilor, "Warrior" Slalf Yearbook. QIVVBF Bond Salesman: "Warrior" Reporler: Council Member: Delegaie lo JOHN HARWELL: Ambilion-College: walchmaker, Aciivilies-War Bond salesman. DON HASSELL: Ambilion-Universily ol Tennessee. Acliviiies-H. R. Red Cross represenlalive. RALPH PETTY: Ambilion-College, Aclivilies-ai Senalobia Miss.-Bush ness Manager, Paper, Annual Slalf, Foolball, Baskelball. O. H. HENDRICKS: Ambilion-Go info business wilh ialher. Aclivilies-n Business Siall Yearbook, Ad Slall "Warrior", Baseball, Officers Club, C B d ap ain R. . iii . ,1 Yf cz, 4fwwQ 1 i JOSEPHINEHENLEY: Ambirion-Business School: secrelary. ANN HERNDON: Ambilion-Universily of Tennessee: model. Acfiviiies- Camera Club. NANCY HILL: Ambilion-Travel. Jing , Wi 1, I Qi 45 ' is I 1 " " A an 1. Q K, Q rf. . 'W .1 MA ,. . . ,.Qi,g,f , 1 ,J BOB HINZ: Ainbilion7--College. Aclivilios-A-R.O.T.C. Slali Srviquanl, Cap' lain Bowling loam. VIRGINIA HOBBS: Ambilion-College: fashion designing. AcIivi'fies- H. R. reporler, Moniior. PAULINE HODGES: Ambilion-Housewife. Aclivilies-Sponsors' Club' I7IT R. reporler. A fl JL . , ' A , .,.. ' LL CT I ' LA! 'O'-f FREE' AN OPPER: Ambilion-i ollege. Aclivilies-H. R. presideni, Presidenl Officers' Club, "Warrior" Dislriloulion Sfall. HAROLD HOUSTON: Ambilion-Medicine. Acfivilies-Rifle Ieam, "War- rior" Slaff, Monilor. MARY ANN HUDSON: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Red Cross repre- senlalive, MaIron's Room Monilor. 5 KENNON HUGGINS: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Band. MARY HULL: Ambilione-Ole Miss. TOMMY HUMPHREYS: Ambifion-College: mining engineer. Acfiviiies- H. R. presidenl. DOROTHY JEAN HUNTER: Ambifion-College. Aclivifies-Presidenf Speech Club: Chairman H. R., Council member, Speech Club, Treasurer, Honor Sociely, MaIron's Room Monilor. THOMAS HU RST: Ambilion-College. ELAINE INGRAM: Ambilion-Memphis School of Commerce: Bookkeeper. Aciivilies-Tickel salesman. JACK IRION: Ambilion-Universily of Washinglon, College of Foresfry. Aclivilies-H. R. Treasurer, Presidenl NonfCom Club, Treasurer Officers' Club, R.O.T.C. Maior. MERRILL JACOBS: Ambifion-Own cleaning esfablishmenl. Acfivilies- Operalor of moving piclure machine. PAUL JAFFEE: Ambilion-College-philanlhropisl. Aclivily Kim Busy ness Slall. L H Q K ' I , ,Wu f i CARLkLE JAM ES: Ambaiion- Asf corps. Ac ivi -- Of. HARLEY JEFFERY: Amloilion-College. Aclivilies-Fool , Track, Baskel- ball, Sgl.-al-arms "H" Club. MONROE JENKINS: Ambilion-Radio Iechniciang Polilician. Aclivilies- H. R. Vice-president Publicily Chairman, Speech Club. 6 Q0 T 44941 , ll L la fu ' Q14 , c USTQJTOHNS mbiIic30ColIeg rria ism, ng, Ir vei I My Aclivilies H R baskelball Ieam Warrior' reporler, W ond sales, . RICHARD JOHNSON Ambilion College. I ,ieicfi A Murad, ' I BETTY- E5 F " - 'eq Q 'H . r....,,,,, LLOYD Joi-iNsoN: Ambilion-College. JOSEPHINE JOHNSTON: Ambilion-College, wriler, Aclivilies-Delegafe Io Gold Convenlion, "Warrior" Lilerary Slalf, Camera Club, Office As- sislanl, Monilor. ALBERT JONES: Ambilion-College. Acliviiies-H. R. Secrelary, "I-l' Club, Track, Delegare Io Gold Convenfion. MARY HELEN JORDAN: Ambilion-College. Acfivilies-"Warrior" re porler, Delegale Io Green Convenfion, Office Assisfanl. HELEN JOYNER: Ambilion-Journalisl: Model. AcIiyiIiesvCouncil mem- ber. BOB KEE: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-H. R. Presidenl. LOIS KELLER: Ambilion-Mars Hill College: Baylor Universily. Acfivilies -"Warrior" Typing Slalf, Yearbook. JANE KERN: Ambilion-Universily of Texas. Aclivilies-Science Club, Monilor, "Warrior" reporfer. ELEANOR KILLARIN: Ambilion-College. GARTH KIMBROUGH: Ambilion-College. Acliyifies-H. R. Vice- presidenl: Council Member: Presidenl Sludenl Goyernmenl' Second Ll. R.O.T.C.: Honor Sociely. . - Tv fc 'cf f 44,406 . fi di . fd dhocz MARY LOU KING: mbifion-Col e. Aclivilies-H. R. Se r ary, Red Cross Represenlalive, Yearbook, S relary lo Miss Woods. PEGGY KING: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Red Cross Represenlalive, Senior Nominaling Commillee, Council Member, "Warrior" reporler, Honor Sociely, Bookslore. lg RoBERmeid,ybi2?2niiZ2f.7,UZVtekM wV ewan awww fe 372145 M . ijff5f'iTf5 "Nw HAROLD KNOX: Ambilion-College: lawyer. Aclivilies-War Slamp sales- man. BOBBY LADD: Ambilion--Universily of Arkansas: engineer, Aclivifies- Caplain Eoolball Team: Presidenl "H" Club: Track. BERTHA LANDAU: Ambilion-Sophie Newcomb. Aclivilies--Secrelary Spanish Club, Presidenl Spanish Club, War Bond salesman, "Warrior" reporler, Secrelary-Treasurer of Warrior Ad Slall: Bookslore, Monifor, Honor Sociely, Quill and Scroll. DIANNA LAZEROV: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-P.T.A. represenlalive, Honor Sociefy, Tulor, Monilor, Bookslore. HAROLD LEE: Ambirion-College. Aclivilies-"Warrior" reporler. ARTHUR LETTES: Ambilion-Medical School. Aclivilies-Bowling learn, Library Assislanl, Losl and Found. 'lr llB' LEVlNSON: Ambilion-Universify of Texas. Aclivilies--Monilor, B okslore HELEN LEWIS: Ambilion-College. Acliyilies-Pholoplay Club, H. R. Baskelball, Monilor. MARTHA JEAN LOWE: Arnbifion-Randolph-Macon: research physicist Aclivilies-Presidenl Lafin Club: Science Club: lnlernalional Relalions Club: Honor Sociely: "Warrior" Slall: Tulor: Library Assislanl: H. R. Presidenl: Program Chairman Lalin Club. MARY MARTIN LOWRY: Ambilion-Universily of Colorado. Aclivilies- lal Leavenworlh, Kansasl-Treasurer, Jr. Red Cross, Pep Club, Cheer- leader, Jr. Class Play, Allendanl Io Foolball Queen. HAROLD LUCAS: Ambilion-U. T.: engineer. Aclivilies-Chairman Home Room. AUDREY LUMBLEY: Ambilion-Business College. AcIivi+ies-Ticker sales- man, Spanish Club, Honor Sociely, "Warrior" Typing Slall, Typisf As- sislanl. BARBARA SUE LUNDY: Ambilion-College. Aclivifies-Deleqale 'ro Green Convenlion, Council member, P. T. A. represenlafive, Honor Sociefy, "Warrior" Typing Slalf, Yearbook. JOHN MACHAM ER: Ambilion-College. DON MALMO: Ambilion-College: mechanical engineer, AcIivilies-- Council member, Foolball, Baskelball, "H" Club, Track. JOHN MANKIN: Ambilion-Colleqeg mechanical enqineer. Acfiyiliosv- Tickel salesman, Council member, Communily Fund Drive, Honor Sociely, Paper Drive, Yearbook Ad Slali. JOAN MANLEY: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Monilor. HENRY MANNE: Ambilion-College: chemical engineer. Acfiviiies- Council member, Honor Sociely, Rifle Team, Tufor, Booksiore. ELIZABETH MARR:Ambiiion-Randolph-Macon. Aciivi'ries-CounciImem- ber, Honor Sociely, Candy counier, Losl and Found, Treasurer and Vice- Presidenl Spanish Club, Delegale Io Gold Convenfion, Yearbook. , r- -WJ BETTY MARTIN: Ammon-unive yy ol TGI' '44 Ji-i. Aciiviiies- Poslers and signs for "Warrior." .,,g-'fl 'Egfr Li 1' ,A L ' f X GALE MARTIN: Ambilion-Mounl Holyoke College. Ac iyilies-Council member, Quill and Scroll, Delegaie 'ro Gold Convenfion, Edilor Yearbook, R.O.T.C. sponsor, "Warrior" sialif, Tulor, Bookslore, Honor Sociely. ROY MARTIN: Ambilion-College. Acfivifies-R.O.T.C. Capiain, Council member, Cheerleader, War Bond salesman, Library assisiani, Officers' Club, Yearbook. IDA MARIE MAXWELL: Ambilionq-Work. Aclivilies-Phoiopby Club, Monilor, Ma'rron's Room. ,lv-' - er, 4 I' JENNIE SUE MAYES: Arnbilion-Texas Siaie College for Women: fashion designer. Aclivilies-Slamp salesman, Council member, "Warrior" re porler, Floor Manager, Presideni Spanish Club, Monilor, Yearbook. BETTY McBRlDE: Ambilion-Universily of Tennesseeg slenographer. Aciivi- lies-P.T.A. represenialive, Monifor. CHARLES McCALL: Ambilion-Tulane: medicine, Acl'iviIies-Vice-presi- denl and Treasurer, Sfudenl Goyernmeni, "Warrior" reporier, Officers' Club, Presideni Honor Sociely, R.O.T.C. Caplain, Elecfed To Boy's Slaie, l945. WILLIAM MCCORKLE: Ambilion-Texiile Engineer. Acfiviiies-Treasurer Honor Socieiy, Vice-presidenl Ouill and Scroll, Honor Sociely, Pholoplay Club, "Warrior" Pholographer, Council member. , - CL . 849-o,dLo 54.5, ' S! 'YIYCLQQW MARY JANE MCELRAVY: Ambifion-Memphis Slale College. Aciivi'ries-- P. T. A. represenlalive, Phoioplay Club, Bookslore. JEANNINE McGEE: Ambilion-College: laboraiory Technician. Aclivilies -Council member, Magazine Chairman, Secrelary Honor Sociely, Tuior, Laborafory Assisfanf, Losf and Found, Yearbook, Delegale To Green Con- venlion. MICHAEL McGEE: Ambifion-College. Acliyiiies-Spanish Club, Speech Club, Candy counler, "Warrior," Yearbook. BESSIE MAE McNElLL: Ambirion-Uniyersily of Alabama. Aciivilies- Council member, Tuior, Monilor. STERLING McSWINE: Ambiiion-Archiieclural Engineer, ELINOR MEDDING: Ambifion-Universiiy of Challanooga. 1 Iii I M5 ER MILLER: Ambilion-Purclue Uniyersiiy: aeronaulical engineer. ivilies-Presideni Junior Class, Chief Marshall, Council member, .O.T.C. Eirsi LI., Officers' Club, Honor Sociely, Tuior, Yearbook, Con- enfion Delegaie, H. R. President JUDY MILLER: Ambiiion-Universily of Tennessee. Aclivifies-Spanish Club, Speech Club, Booksfore, Monilor. JUNE MITCHELL: Ambilion-College. Acfivifies-Red Cross represenla- live, Sponsors' Club, "Warrior" Typing Slafl. RICHARD MOMMSEN: Ambilion-Mississippi Slaleg velerinarian. Aclivi- Ties-Tickef salesman. VIRGINIA MONTGOMERY: Ambilion-College. Aciivilies-Recl Cross represenfaiive, Honor Sociely, Office worker, Booksiore, Tickel salesman, Secrelary lo Miss Horion. RUSSELL MOONEY: Ambilion-College: chemisi. Aciiviiies-Red Cross Represenfaiive, Delegafe io Green Convenlion, Science Club. W 'W' af fif .I ,ji,l.- .vKfT.fV'k7' 'X 5' GK DWARD MOORE: Ambilion-Ge ia Tech. Acl ilies-Warrior repoifer, Ad Slalf, Presidenl Camera Club, Yearbook. ELIZABETH MOORE: Ambilion-Texas Slale College for Women. Aclivi- lies-Red Cross Represenlalive, "Warrior" Typing Slalf. JOSEPHINE MORTON: Ambilion-Chrislian College. Aclivilies-Spanish Club, Sponsors' Club, Monilor. LUCILLE MOSS: Ambilion+Texas Slale College for Women. DON MOTHERSHED: Ambifion-Georgia Tech: archileclural engineer. Aclivilies-"Warrior" business manager, "Warrior" dislribulion, Tickel salesman, n-commis' ned R.O.T.C lficer Room Monilor, enio Class. , fl I c ' .LG JOYC NEWZ76: Ambifon- usiness,School. clivilies-Lunch room cashier, Monilor. ' MARY FRANCES NICKELS: Ambilion-Traveling. Acliyilies-Red Cross Reporler, War Bond Salesman, Monilor, Secrelary Hislory Class. RITA NOWLIN: Am ilion-College. CLIFFORD ORTM Y R: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Officers' Club. 0 BY OVERALL: Ambilion-Chicago Academy of Arl. Aclivi- - Cross, Year Book Slaff, Council Member, Delegale lo Gold nlion. MOLLY OWEN: Am 'li -Co lege. Aclivilies-Gym and Firsl 'd Slu- denl Leadennjlb XOKLMQ . WILLIAM OWEN: Ambilion-Duke Universily Lawyer. Acliviliei reas.. Freshman Class: Vice-Pres., Honor Sociely: H. R. Vice-Presi nl and Presidenfg Sporls Edilor, "Warrior," Yearbook. BETT PARNELL: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Camera Club. : Agm il'on- ol g, Aclivifries-Girls' Baskelball m, Moni r. DORIS PASKE: A ilion-Nurse. Aclivilies-H. R. Treasurer, War Bond Salesman, Library Club, Honor Sociely, Library Assislanl. If ff '72 diff' 'J ED PATTERSON: Ambilion-Universily of Tennessee-Agricullure, Aclivi- 'ries-R.O.T.C. Officer. JEANNE PATTERSON: Ambilion-Soulhweslern. Aclivilies-Delegale lo Green Convenlion, Sec.-Treas. Camera Club, "Warrior" Ad Slalf. DOROTHY PAUL: Ambilion-Typisl. Aclivilies-H. R. Baskefball Team, "Warrior" Typing Slalf, Typing Assislanl. WENDELL PHILLIPS: Ambilion-QCoIlege. JEAN PILLOW: Ambilion-Chrislian College. Aclivilies-Sec. Sludenl Govt, Treas., Sponsors' Club, H. R. Reporler, Bond Salesman, Speech Club, Spanish Club, Honor Sociely, Candy Counler, Monilor, Ralion Board Assislanl. CLIFTON PITMAN: Ambilion--Soulhwesle n-D C r. ' I gjyyx M . BEN POPE: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Slamp Salesman, Baskelball Team, Baseball Team. JIMMY PREWITT: Ambilion-College, Aclivilies-"Warrior" Reporler, Treasurer, Senior Class. BETTY PRICHARD: Ambilion-Chrislian College: Airline Slewardess. Ac- livilies-Camera Club. PW' I QQ 6' I' I Kiqv dia ax W 1' 2 T ' "S ' . . . -YV J. j A BETTY JANE PULLEY: Ambilion-College. BERTA RADFORD: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-I-I. R. Presidenl, Sec. Senior Class, Council Member, Sponsor, Bookslore, Monilor. MARVIN RATNER: Ambifion-College. MARY ANNE REAGINZ Ambilion-Chrislian College. Acliviiies-Pro gram chairman, Speech Club: P. T. A. Represenlalive, Sponsors' Club, Monilor, MaIron's oom, DOROT IX ion-C ege: I urna sl: cl: iQs+P. T. A. grke-ggesen all . It S T ark' L JOAN : Ambilion-Ohio Slale. Aclivilies- e Cross esenla- live, Caplain, magazine drive, Pholoplay Club, Senior nominaling com- millee, Delegale Io Green Convenlion. FRANK REPULT:'Ambilion-U.S.M.C., college. Aclivilies-Red Cross represenlalive. JOY RICHARDSON: Ambilion-Universily of Alabama. Aclivilies--Home Room reporler. BILL RIKE: Ambilion-Universily of Tennessee. BILL RILEY: Ambiiion-College: doclor. CARLA ROACI-I: Arnbilion-C lege. clivilies-Re Cross represenla- live, Office worker, Paper girl. ' BOB ROBBINS: Ambilion-Universily of ennessee J BOBBIE ROBERTSON: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Monilor. BETTY ROBINSON: Arnbilion-Soulhweslern. Aclivilies-Secrefary Ouill and Scroll, I-lonor Sociefy, Tulor, "Warrior" Ad Slaff, Secrelary-'treasurer "Warrior." HAROLD ROBINSON:-Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-"I-I" Club, Baskef- ball, Baseball, Foolball, Track. BERTI-IA ROSEN: Ambilion-College. Acfivifies-I-Ionor Sociely, Office Assislani. TI-IORV RYGA D: A o ion-Soulhwesiern. A liviiies-I-I. RA - porler, lball, " ' r" orier. - I ' Mc . m - .9 - X I" I V - ' I , 1 , , 1 W6 ' 1 'I 5 '-' ARTHUR SAVA Q Ammon-college. L wyer. CALVIN SCI-IRODT: Arnbilion-College. Aclivilies-I-l. R. Presidenl, Boxing Team, "Warrior" reporler, Monilor. GENE SCOTT: Ambifion-Georgia Tech. AcTiv'l'ies . R Prei nl, Honor Sociely, Tickel Salesman. 4 Xu!-1 1 ROSE MARIE SCOTT: Arnbilion-College. Aciivilies-I-I. R. Librarian, Delegale lo Gold Convenlion, Treasurer, Bookkeeping Class, Honor Society, Lunchroom Cashier. MARGARET SCRUGGS: Ambifion-College: Laboralory Technician. Ac- Iivilies-Science Club, lnlernalional Relafions Club, Monilor. MARY LOUISE SEOUIN: Ambilion-Arr School. Aclivilies-Red Cross Represenlaliveg I-l. R. Secrelaryg Secrelary Speech Club: I-I. R. Chairman, Magazine Drive: Assislanl lo Miss Schneider. xml.. 60 4 AMELIA ROSE SI1l,AI-IUN Ambilion College A 71 e h I , e "fs ,- eec Cu L B ore. ,f f' r . L.-,gg If fl , fr X , L ff . I ' , ' ' ', C , odlc. V gig lion Co e Ac :vii RVOTC. ap ann Ilicer Club!! a JULIUS SH O: Ambifion-Colleq I: denlisl. Aclivilies-"Warrior" Re- porler, Pa Drive. MARVIN SHINBAUM: Arnbilion-Norlhweslern: speech school. Aclivifies -H. R, presidenl, Council member, Baslcelball. BARBARA SHOCKLEY: Ambilion--Universily of Tennessee. Acliviliesn- Vice-presidenl and Secrelary Speech Club, Secrelary Sponsors' Club, H. R. presidenl, H. R. Treasurer, Delegale lo Green Convenlion, Caplain sponsor, SHIRLEY SIBLEY: Aclivilies-H. R. Vice-presidenl, Secrelary Sponsors' Club, Lalin Club, Red Cross represenlafive, Girls' baslcefball Team, Council member, Tulor, Monilor, Delegale To Green Convenlion. VINCE SKILLMAN: Ambilion-Universily of Arlcansas. Aclivilies-Ll. Col. R.O.T.C., Sql.-al-arms Officers' Club, Foolball Wre IingpB aII, Boxing Golden Glo s, Vice-pres' n Oif ! ' ecrelary. Acji' s-War Bond sales- m n 'q assis an? . 1 N A D ID SMITH: i niversiTy59l4gwgssee: Eleclrical Engineer 13.1 L MLW FRANCES SMITH: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Lalin Club, Honor So- ciely, lnlernafional Relalions Club, Monifor, Tulor. PEGGY SMITH: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-"Warrior" Slalf, Phofof play Club. STEVE SMITH: Ambilion-College. Aclivifies-War Bond salesman, Coun- cil member, Deleqale lo Green Convenlion, Honor Sociefy. We 5' ' JERRY J AN SOUTI-gil? D: Ambifion-College. J U N E S PAR KS: Am bilion-Sec rela ry. MARY ROSE STANDEFER: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-"Warrior" re- porfer, Magazine chairman, Delegale 'ro Senior Nominalinq Convenfion Girls' Baslcelball and Sollball. DIXIE STEELMAN: Ambilion-Lawyer. Aclivilies-Red Cross Represenla- live, "Warrior" Ad Slall, Girls' Baslcelball. BOB STERN: Ambilion-Harvard Business School. Aclivilies-Honor So- ciely, Tulor, Monilor, Yearboolc, Delegale lo Green Convenlion. STEVE STEPHENS: Ambilion-College. Y NXXLJCILLE STEWART: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Council member ar Bond salesman, Honor Sociefy, Tulor, Los? and Found. XY N, PEGGY STETTON- A bi+i n- olleqeg clesiqneg. Aclivilies-"Warrior Ad Siaff. xmf, in V ,.vNMwt BETTYE TAYLOR: Ambilion-College. BR-V 3' .ish 'f gs f- Lsml-flrwi-"i'-r''eW's"3I" "G- SHIRLEY TAYLOR: Ambilion-Busihess School. Aclivilies-Pholoplay Club Monilor. DORCAS THOMAS: Ambilion-Memphis Slale. Aclivilies-Council mem- ber, Sponsors' Club, Speech Club, Ma'rron's Room Monilor, R.O.T.C Sponsor, Monilor, Typing assislanl. EDWARD THOMPSON: Ambifion-College. Aclivilies-Council member Delegafe lo Gold Convenlion, Officers' Club. LEE THOMPSON: Ambiiion--Navy. Aclivilies-"H" Club, Baseball, Baslcelball, Ticlcel salesman. YVONNE THOMPSON: Ambilion-Office Worlc. ANNE THORNTON: Ambilion-Louisiana Slale Universily: voice. STANLEY THROGMORTON: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-H. R. Sec- relary-Treasurer. CLAUDE TITCHE JR.: Ambilion-College: Business Adminislralion. Aclivi- lies-"Warrior" Ad Slaff, Candy counler. Quill and Scroll. CYNTHIA TOMLINSON: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-Presidenl Infer- nalional Relalions Club, Secrelary Science Club, Presidenl' Lalin Club, Council member, Honor Sociely, Quill and Scroll, "Warrior" floor man- ager, "Warrior" circulalion manager, Monilor. MARILYN TUCKER: Ambilion-College. JUNE TURNER: Ambilion-Ari Career. Aclivifies-H. R. Secrelary. Sponsor's Club, Paper Drive. TOMMY U NDERWOOD: Ambilion-College. ROBERT VANCE: Ambilion-Courl Reporler. LEONARD VAN EATON: Ambilion-Navy: engineering college. JUDY VAUGHAN: Ambilion-College. Aclivilies-H. R. Presidenl and Vice-President P. T. A. represenlalive, War Bond salesman, Council mem- ber, Honor Sociely, Tulor, Monilor, Boolcslore, Yearbook Ad Slaff. PEGGY WALKER: Ambilion-Universily of Tennessee. Acfivilies-Red Cross represenlafive. JACK WALLACE: Ambilion-Professional Golfer. Acfivilies-"H" Club, Baseball, Golf. ROWELL WALLER: Ambilion-Soullnwesle rn. DON WARE: Ambifion-College. Aclivilies-"H" Club, Eoofball, Traclc. MAE WARE: Ambilion-Secrelary. Aclivifies-H. R. Secrelary, Red Cross represenlaliye, Plnoloplay Club, Typing assislanf, Slnorlhand Class Secre- lary. R CRAIG WASHBURN: Ambilion-College. Acliyilies-Council member. REITER WEBB: Ambifion-College: lawyer. Aclivilies-H. R. president "H" Club, Traclc, Eoolball, Tulor. DOROTHY WEBBER: Ambilion-Faslnion designer. DOROTHY WESTRA: Ambilion-Coll ge: arf. Aclivilies-Red Cross Treas- urer, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, R Cygoss 'resenl'alive, Sponsor' Club, Tulor, War Bond salesman. pr M 'r AJ 'i QVVJ, , 1,jNf! FJ lb! J' 1 ,ls U rf, f .M W, JL ' ' ' J ls 1, 3 WM , JEWITT WHEELER: Ambilion-Uniyersily of Tennessee: medicine. Aclivi- 'ries-Tulor, Tickef Salesman. FRED WHITE: Ambilion-College: commercial avialor. Aclivilies-"Wan rior" Liferary Slaff: Ticlcel' Salesman. VIOLET Wl-IITEHEAD: Ambilion-College: porlrail painler. Acfivilies- H. R. president Plnoloplay Club, Sponsor, "Warrior" Co-Edilor, Monilor, Yearbook. Ml TVX? 0' V R pt, : ilion Col , ea, ivifies---ll. R. prcsidonl, Tic Salesman, ogalo fo Greg nvonfion. JIM WIGGINS: Ambilion-Sfudy dramalics and music in New Yorlc. Acfivifies-War Bond salesman, Yearboolc Ad Sfaff. JOE WILBUR: Ambilion-College. Acfivifies-Spanish Club, Red Cross represenfafive. LANE WILKINSON: Ambifion-College. Acfivifies-I-I. R. reporfer. ERSKINE WILLIAMS: Ambifion-Virginia Milifary lnsfifufe. AcfivifiesA Vice-presidenf, Officers' Club: R.O.T.C. Caplain: Vice-presidenf Sfudenf Governmenf: Presidenf Sfudenf Governmenfg Capfain, Track Team. JOI-IN WILLIAMS: Ambifion-College. Acfivifies-Vice-presidenf, Junior Class' "I-l" Club' Foofball ' X 7 fjwjlc io I bahon' I f reporfer Ba efb I Bas 4 I l S:. " ' ii . , S sk , ::. I' M 4 ' : 1,Ueg . I ie a . ' a. -.5--.vvv e r o' si an x GE GE WILLIAMSON: A ifion-M.l.T.: elecfrical engineering, Acfivi- Hes af Canfon, Miss.-Vice-presidenl I-li Y, Canfon I-li Band. I-IARRIET WILLIAMSON: Ambifion-College. Acfivifies-I-I, R. secre- fary, R.O.T.C. sponsor, I-lonor Sociefy, News Edifor "Warrior," Feafure, Edifor "Warrior," Co-Edifor "Warrior." DAN WILLIFORD: Ambifion-College. Acfivilies-Delegafe fo Gold Con- venfion, War Bond salesman, Baslcefball, Second Lf. R.O.T.C. . ED WILLS: Ambifion-College. Acfivifies--Presidenf, Freshman Class: Council member: Presidenf, English Class. , IJ' BE ERL WI SON: Ambilion-Universify of Cincinnafi. Acfivifies-Red As, I ore. BILLIE Acfivifies-Ticlcef salesman, War Bond h Club, Monifor. Acfivifies-Red Cross repre- rior" Ad Sfaff. Ambifion Richmond School of Occupafional Freshman Class, I-I. R. Secrefary- War Bond salesman, Prosecufing Afforney Vice presidenf Senior Class, Secrefary Sfudenf Gov- ommissioner Sponsors' Club, Office Assisfanf, Moni- Ambifion-Universify of Alabama. Aclivifies- Spanish Club, Monifor Mafron's Room. JEAN BERG: Ambifion-College. Aclivifies-Reporfer and Sql- af-arms Sponsors' Club, Office Assisfanf. BARBARA WOLFE: Ambifion-Soufhwesfern. Acfivifies-Secrefary of Lafin Club, I-lonor Sociefy, Science Club, Library, I-lome Room Reporfer, Monifor, Floor Man ger, "Warrior," R presenfafive fo Green Convenfion, Yearboo . D z ' n rses' fraining school. Acfivifies-Red Cross rese ive, S o ub, Council Member. R. W. WOOD, JR.: Ambifion-College. Acfivifies-Canfeen commiffee. ZOLA WOOTEN: Ambifion-Texas Sfafe College for Women. Acfivifies- Sfamp Salesman, "Warrior" Typing Sfaff, Paper Girl. Pl-llL WRIGI-IT: Ambilion-College. Acfivifies-Red Cross Represenfa- five, Magazine Drive, Officers' Club, Rifle Team, Traclc, Baseball, R.O.T.C. Capfain. ANITA YANCEY: Ambifion-College. Acfivifies-Gold Convenfion Dele- gafe, Cheerleader, Council Member, Sfudenf Government Vice Presidenf, Sponsor, "Paper Doll," Honor Sociely, Cashier, Sfudenf Leader in Gym. Tufor, Worker on "Hello CenTral," Yearboolc. . "i1 I Zli, AAA, , l, ,, ,y ,,,,,1 J, .. W 7' T A 1 1 a 559' 'gy if V Z 21, i Jim Colburn Wayne Deupree William Cooper Lauch MaGruder Joe Roulhac Cliiion Buchanan Evelyn' Ba rnei Annie Laurie Wells Frank Oliver Charles Musselrr J. C. Scianni Jean Meshew GEORGIA YOUNG: Ambifion-Nurse. Acfivifies-Ticker Salesman, Gold Conveniion Delegafe, Baskelball. JOANNE ZAHNER: Ambifion-Randolph-Macon. Aciivifies-Home Room Treasurer, War Bond Salesman, Honor Socieiy Vice Fresidenl, Yearbook, Lunchroom Cashier, Tuior, Gold Convenlion Delegaie. MARGARET ZDERAD: Ambifion-College. Aciivifies-Home Room Vice- Presideni, Gold Convenlion Deleqaie, Moniior Mairons' Room, Council Member, Red Cross, War Bond Salesman. GERALDINE ZEPATOS: Ambifion-College. Aclivifies-Tickel Salesman, Red Cross, Turor. WESLEY BOONE. Aciivily-iooiball. JOHN CLARK. Freshman ai Purdue. Noi' picfured-Arnold Yeargin, Chas. Edward Theobald, Bob Barbour, Ralph Home Room Reporier, Baskeiball Manager, Baseball, "H" Club. Error-WAYNE DEUPREE, business manager of Yearbook and Warrior, was June qraduaie. , January Graduaies Veierans wi+h credii for milifary service, siudenis already in college and eiqhieen who wenlr +o Tech Summer School in order 'ro graduaie before They were called info service received di- plomas in January. Diplomas granred in abseniia: Denise Peeples, Ramon Allen, John Carroll, John Clark, Charles Dando, Theodore Hay, Henry Hughey, Max Gould, Frank Johnson, James Locke, Charles Marcum, Louis Osr, Paul Seidel, Frank Sheridan, Edwin Srandefer, Edward Talley, Thomas Warren, Sammy Wes- son, Louis Williams, Carl Williams. The iwelve sfudenis in The senior class who received diplomas in January are piciured ar 'rhe leii. Treasurer Jimmy PrewiH', Vice Pres. Be++y Mae Wifhers, Pres. Billy Cowan, Sec. Berfa Radford, Sg+.-A+-Arms Bobby Ladd. N-nt Tale-.Tel George Bughee, MBV5 Buxcxxett DOVOTLXH D 3 B35-t Dresscal I' iellaticst 3-93 Yx o w jim-M3 ?veuD'-H George Uldhamson Host AH-Ltr Avxklfa qanceg Herbie, Abraham BC st ATOIIII Betta, Mae bghfkevs Gdrfnx Kimbrough W gttllit was Ca rfmvkgk .505 Rv Mwst Intelltctuni illlsollklit L5 Co wah Nast lilcdg Cyxavxefs Mgfaxl to 5......f. MBYTLB 'yeah Low Q Barbara Bakef Efjkinef LJMRBYYXS JN Was, Wkw Prctti est V3 Bennett JUNIGR CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Presidenl H A odl Presudenl ,,,,,,, Sieve Polls Vice Presidenl John Kenny Vice Presldenl ,,,,,,,,,. . ,,,,,, Lesler Graves Secrelary Ann Ferguson Secrelary .,,,,,, Marqelyn Sommerville Treasurer Raymond Norlon Treasurer Beverly Hanson Sergeanl al Arms Reid Williams Sergeanl ar Arms L .,,,,,ssss,ssssss Roy Page FORSYTHE ....... 3I8 FIRST ROW-Harlie, Gelsin, Rich- ardson, Barllell, Hobbs, King, Jus- Iice. SECOND ROW-Carler, Mc- Kinley, Williams, Parker, Lumbley, Brown, Holmes, Rumph. THIRD ROW -Hammon, Speiqhl, French, Reeves, Johnslon, Deaderick, Slarks, Arm- slrong. FOURTH ROW-Whiddon Crawford, Holiday, Quinn, Foresler, King, Brooks, Jeffery. ABSENT-I-low ell, Hiqqenbolham, Taylor, Kemker, Gold, Maynard, Parris. DIX .... . . 30I FIRST ROW-Mereness, Harlman, Guillod, Rapp, Thomas, Powell, John- son, Smilh, Rosen. SECOND ROW- Hamplon, Rolfe, Clarke, Barnell, Kollman, Yarbrough, Webb, Cheek, Schwarlz. THIRD ROW-King, Moore, Hopkins, Young, Mack, Halford, Brown, Guenlher, Eddins. ABSENT- Gaines, Iskiwilch, Sepaugh, Taylor, Eddins. McKENZIE ....... I06 FIRST ROW-Richerl, Johnson, Lam- mey, Wesl, Aulry, Daniels. SECOND ROW-Heidel, Jones, Shide, Suqq, Slevens, Murphy, Gillis. THIRD ROW Newman, Acree, Miller, Cooke, Norfh- cross, Henly, McDanieIs, McCarley, Smilh, While, Shirley, Anderson, Ram- sey, Hanson, Handley, Emerson. WATKINS ....... 2I4 FIRST ROW-Kalb, Fox, Lowery, Tay- lor, Harlwell, Kinney, Lee, Judson. SECOND ROW-Lowery, Aler, Bag- well, Harlmari, Hammer, Ellis, Sea- brook, Davis. THIRD ROW-Blasem game, Sirnonlon, Taylor, Douly, Berlin, Whilehead, Miller, Friedman. FOURTH ROW-Gerber, Campbell, Fleelwood, Edwards, McDonald, Truill, Holmes, Hoele, Woods. ABSENT-Bergen, Calkins, Evans, Johnson, Kaplaii, Alex- ander. LEVY ......... III FIRST ROW-Wonq, Nave, Jones, Vann, Chennaull, Bond, I-licks, Ber- nalsky.SECOND ROWvGrain, Pique. Crouch, Miss Levy, Parleo, I-larriss, Lenz, Houslon. THIRD ROW-Lazaf rov, Ward, Cooper, Porler, Slidharn, Lyons, McDowell, Burlon, Riddick. GREEN . . . . . II3 FIRST ROW-Monsarral, Lockard, Whilworlh, Repull, Boyson, Silver- slein, Knox. SECOND ROWGMOSA Icy, Birchell, Arnold, Houseal, ww Smyfhe, Allen, Cason, Pries, THIRD ROW-Kisber, Coqhlan, Green, Ad- ams, Jackson. FIFTH ROWiLinden- rnayer, Greenberq, Boerner, Coscia, Whilley, Sipe, Peeler, Miss Green. WILLINGHAM ..... 2I2C FIRST ROWfBiqelow, Davis, Cook, Brinson, Barnell, Favara, Davis, Wonq. SECOND ROW-vMeadows, Prieslley, Bruqqe, Freeman, Broadfool, Kuney, Gowdy, Cralin. THIRD ROWW Weeks, Jones, McClure, Lewinq, OIDQII, Norvell, Mordecai. FOURTH ROW-Busbee, O'DonnelI, Ayers, Grissom, Faulkner, Reed, Whilaker. FIFTH ROW-Johnson, Wilrnol, Brown, Coppock, Grilfilh, McFarland, Kino. ABSENTiJohnson, McReynolds. RAINES ........ 304 FIRST ROW-Schmidl, Owen, Me Cullouqh, Wesl, Raqsdale, I-Iyafl, Thompson SECOND ROW-Callow, Alslon, Mccluney, Gallin, Adler, Chamberlain, Fowler, Slorn. THIRD ROW-Holdlord, Schroll, Tubbs, Gaines, Newlon, Slanlon, Miss Raines. FOURTH ROW-Jones, Brill, Boldl, Fields, Slanley, Hollinqsworfh, Kirk. ABSENT- -Edilh I-Iarris, Pal Weinedel. SREEN ........ IIO FIRST ROWQI-lawks, Wray, Zlolky, Ierhune, Zachary. SECOND ROW-- Mrs. Green, Dewbre, Boron, Schleibly, Powell, Mack, Taylor. THIRD ROW- Shofner, McGinley, Perry, Carus, Wil- cerson, Bennell, Bryan. FOURTH ROW-Vance, Shaver, Coopwood, Allen, Philbeck, Darnell, Miller, Miles, -owe, Grogan, Duke, Cury. ABSENT -While, Archer. TEWART ........ 2 I 9 IRST ROW-Reynolds, Johnson, An- el, Kiellar, Jack, Darden, Brasher, 'aggelh Murphy. SECOND ROW- ierce, Pills, Sulcer, Nixan, Wallace, Jwen, Okeon, Osborne. THIRD ROW -Townsend, Mereness, I-lenbesl, An- erson, Waldon, Diehl, Baumann, earson, Bikas. Tual. FOURTH ROW -Johnslon, Moore, Bayliss, Heller- an, Lamrney, Shawhan, Palrick, I-IoI- day, Carler. ABSENT-Frank, Rob- rls, Schneider, Alexander, Overlay, Vhilsill. ZLINTON ....... 302 IRST ROW-Welling, Trail, Wig- ins, Harper, Holmes, Coleman, Rog- rs, Kramer. SECOND ROWANeu- ecker, Hanson, Wood, Milchell, Day, 4assengilI, Miss Clinlon. THIRD LOW-Kalz, Maynard, Mays, Klinke, fenny, Banning, Curry, Van Frank. 'OURTH ROW-Remrners, Lane, Mc- Eown, Dupuy, Killingsworlh, Grochau. KBSENT-Murray, Rushing, Simmons, real, Ziegler. AcCORMICK ...... IIS iIRST ROW-Koon, Griffin, Beck, Silberl, Dickerson, Myers, Scruggs, Williams, Somerville, Douglas. SEC- DND ROW - Wallers, Ledbeller, iohnslon, Speaker, Cockrili, Farrelly, lege, Turner, Belz. THIRD ROWS Drenshaw, Isbell, Mosby, Fell, Monl- gomery, Alchley, Bull, Beal. FOURTH IOW-Edwards, Rook. ABSENT- Smilh, I-Iumphreys, Roup, Heffernan, ihelly. KOUNG. ......... 3I7 :IRST ROW-Leach, Allenberq, Schwab, Kerby, Childs, Lerner, I-larris. SECOND ROW-Kalz, Maxwell, Ack- en, Belole, Davis, Salky, Miss Young. 'HIRD ROW-Downs, Carroll, Fox, Drook, Jacobson, Maxwell, McMuIA en. FOURTH ROW-Slraflon, Rus- ,elI, Hirsh, Thomas, Schwarlz, Mcv Dlure, Boulware, Marion. ABSENT- ,acy, Alchison, Shankman. ,ARR ...... . 3I0 FIRST ROW-Nail, Escue, Dufler, Slark, Ehrell. SECOND ROW-Fun Dish, Wilkins, Bailey, Rogers, Conner, Edwards. THIRD ROW-'Margolin, S., Margolin, B., Smilh, Higgins, Slrong, -ong, Flelcher. FOURTH ROW- Archer, Fisher, Alexander, Digby, Clark, Tolly. FIFTH ROW-Wilson, Nlapper, Bensinger, Cloyes, Mallard, Sullivan. ABSENT-Parker, Granlham, Soulh, Lewis, Dollar, Green. SEFFENS ........ 202 FIRST ROWA-Smifli, Tliarp, Newion, Barfliolornew, Bonds, Hoover, Tliur- nnond, Talom, Hodrgson. SECOND ROWfBoulwarr:, Ernsi, Tomlinson, Yancey, Willrins, Adams, Coleman, Veil. THIRD ROW A--- Epsiein, Biqqs Wonder, Wilson, De Zonia, Nunis, Cubler, Bucglmre, Hudqins, Kuris. NOODS ........ N.B. :lRST ROW --- McFarland, Jolwnsori, -lolliday, Koorlnrfr, Ailnerlori, Wins rlead, Lioey, Holander, SECOND ROW--Gallwinris, Biclrers, Perlrins, loberis, Croalcell, Rapp, Jo Davies, Dzier, Suqq. THIRD ROW--Tlnurrnan, Smiiln, Boone, Carier, Anderson, Rich- er, Sebiry, Winslead, Riley. FOURTH ROW'-Varus, Beqqs, Claxion, Turner, Zarris, Floyd, Collin, Carr, Turner. KBSENT--I-larlman, Powell, Wheeler, iaquin, Boaz, Srnilli. EVANS ......... 313 :IRST ROW--Jolwnslon, Beafus, Slan- ey, Goiorlli, Gresham, Boales. SEC- DND ROW---Gruliuer, Andrews, Bur- on, Ludwiq, Curry, Fllis, Pearson, felfnor, THIRD ROW-Nunis, MC- Zae, Lowry, Bryanl, Sirode, Moore, Scoli, FOURTH ROW-Brown, Tvedr, Massey, Berryliill, Birlrer, McDonald. XBSFNT---Smiili, Larnmoris, Caudill. RATHER ...... . I09 IIRST ROW-Alfelley, Blanks, O'Neill, leupree, Williams, Cariwriqlwi. SEC- DND ROWf-Grorrauer, Caradirie, 'uryis, Howell, Collins, Waddell, fnowlion, THIRD ROW -- Juris, -lardy, Palferson, Scruqqs, Mcllear- wan, Dfrnciqer, FOURTH ROW-Ed' rards, Tlnomason, Prichard, Woolen, :rows FIFTH ROW-Polk, Kincan- on, Wood, Williams, Norlon, Tabor, royd, Slainbroolr, ABSENT+Jacolos, Ar.Danirzl, Goliolilly, Carrullwers. :OHEN ........ II7 ilRST ROW---Ruclrs, Smilli, Rollow, miclr, Lailram, Hurd, Lary. SECOND lOWf-Williclmen, Gear, Mills, Boone, :unninqlnam, Hay, Francis. THIRD lOW AJoc.lrson, Crawford, Tirmen- line, Williams, Williams, Sliorl, Na- lram, Polls, FOURTH ROWgSlrevli 'iplrin, Grafz, Frb, Barlon, Franlc, Cas- ey. FIFTH ROW--Slauqliler, Hunl -lurnplnries, Sides, Miller, Pridqen lunally, Aslcnan. SIXTH ROWY-Bun Jn, Beard, Allen, Henry, Jones Solden, Boswell. KEITH ......... II4 FIRST ROW-George, Wadley, Mc- Neil, Holland, Loll, Redmon, McKelvy, Slricklin, I-lurl. SECOND ROW- Megel, Berlucci, Nix, Desaix, Lammey, Raines, Schwab, Peiser. THIRD ROW -Bradshaw, Bruce, Salmon, Purvis, Angus, Jalinak, Bray. ABSENT-Evans, McBride, Allen, Manlove. GLADDING . . ..... 20I FIRST ROW-Glasgow, Frank, Chairs, Grover, Kirkland, Thompson, Davidson, SECOND ROW-Thorpe, Henderson, Brown, Van Dresser, Slanlon, Mullikin, Henderson, Spear. THIRD ROW- Seay, Vanlandingharn, Frances Row- land, Fisher, Deupree, Moore. FOURTH ROW-Lee, Hiell, Kisber, Slevens, Hagan, Clemens, Roberls. Epslein, FIFTH ROW-Billings, Flip- pin, Bourke, Lanning, McRae, Lewis, Howell, Ballen. ABSENT-Scheinberg. SCHNEIDER ..... . 3I2 FIRST ROW - Farnham, I-larringlon, Canada, Canada, Carroll, Adcock, Baleman. SECOND ROW - Thomp- son, Dallam, Palrick, Miller, Tackilr, Slickney, Koepe, McDaniel, Eason. THIRD ROW - Rockell, Miichum, Malhis, Friedman, Dewbree, Reeves, Granlham, Miss Schneider. FOURTH ROW-Machamer, Halperin, While, Ellison, Jean, Cook, Cole, McClana- han. FIFTH ROW-Howard, Hoover, Thompson, Poole. ABSENT - Evans, Howell. WILSON ........ l05 FRONT ROW--Hopkins, King, Car- son, Sullivan, Gill, Sullivan, Miss Wil- son. SECOND ROW--Dobbs, Dozier, Park, Ross, Townsend, Griffin, Boyce, Ridge. THIRD ROW-Nowlin, Perry, Yockey, Moss, Kabakofl, Scoll. FOURTH ROW-Myers, Kirkland, Durra, Blackley, Evans, While, Allen, Munn. FIFTH ROW-Powers, Fullon, Graves, Boyd, Biggs, Wade, I-lewilf. ABSENT-McFarland, Scheinberg, Sholner. W , POLLACK . . . . . 306 FIRST ROW-Horn, Cohen, Hanover, Buelow, Hoshall, Phillips. SECOND ROW-Jacobson, Fuller, Snelbaker, Murray, Burkell, Harris. THIRD ROW -Croclcarell, Ann Graves, Fergu- son, Harris, Schilly, Perkins. FOURTH ROW-Tail, Ross, Whife, Glass, Blake, Wong. FIFTH ROW-l.aVene, Fosler, Smilhwick, Morris, Carr, Branson, Clay, SIXTH ROW-Wood, Finger, Slephens, Argo. ABSENT-Fahringer, I-lughey, Bradley, Jennings, Ramey, Ann Tippif, Word. HU 4 . . T gf? Giibaify x A xx ig, Q., QQ' a 5 5 f fl e if U ,I K" L Q QI? g ,gp - ,fir .Q gr . . gsmli .J ,Q ff? 6,3 av' ' 1 E' sg? as QQ' 15 if ,gf wx 1 ah. f , in isp' nw ,gg v wif N .. ... x we X- X., , J 1 li... r' 'gf' K Af. ' , skin A is y 'if M , A I A df: 4 mi? 5 wf,,', mr it ff C ' 11 1 f 5 if , qw W W "J 4 4 4 L , 4 . ,,,. 1 V , ' x , x le 1,1 f ea Y? M l , E it A 4' le - 1 flea? V .N . 5 ,Y P in , A 4 NW J' , ur 'ff' fag Q ' G91 1 x 'E,f'1 'Qlf :4 E y QNX an 1 44155: .: , 5 HER TF- , , 1. a X . as Wm? 1, . S W' 6' ww Q , Aw .., ,. ,. 4 x . S- 5. 5 gr Qi' W A .u . 4 ' " . A gl R ' ff 'b QV " Q 4. , .. ,. 1 , ,X Q q , Q N ,xqf 7 .WL 15, 1 W.. 3 ,f V .nj -95' ' 1 A ,Q 4 if. 9 . A f 6 .en t JE, . sQz.x k 1:5 v 15 .Q 4 f .IL im .Wa-z'.nn:x1'IiQ '-..'W7w,m , "" 'Q ' ' gf H ,. if-W in AL 7 A X fmt x . ,,.. lbw a KK xx.x, ,Ast 'M-K, Q35 970 973 S7 973i 975 We 1 "WH if 4 VT f SLE-sf .9 5 da RIFLE TEAM STATED-Sluarl' LaVene, Allen Jaeobson, Philip Wriqhl, Barry Uulonia. KNFFLlNGfSam Schwarlz, Joe Bruce, Gordon l-lollinsworlh, Charlie Bray, William Friedman. STANDlNGfSfSqf, Thomas, Frnory Siidman, Charlie Bradshaw, Merrill Sehwarlz, Alberl Guenlher, Bobby Allen. BAND FRONT ROW--Belly Ann Conner, Franlc Lyons, Paul Coppoclr, Johnnie Miles, Sidney Kalz, James Osburn, Bobby Afchinson, Charles Koeplce. SECOND ROW- June Milchell, O. H. Flendiiclcs, Ed Wills, J. T. Howell, Lesier Olceon, Curlis Thompson, Bobby Karr, Marvin Rainer. TOP ROW--Belly Mae Wiihers, Winsion Blackley, Sanford While, Bobby l-lolliday, Billy Boyd, Riga While, Righaid Jalenalc, Blalce Alchley, Harry O'Donald, SPONSORS' CLUB FRONT ROW-Siriclclin, Pillow, Kinq, Bell, Brown lpresidenll, Wood, madlrey, Collins, Rad- ford, SECOND ROWfWeslra, Caslcey, Davis, l-larris, William' son, Hodqes, Carroll, Word, Frnsl, Moiion. TOP ROW! Miicholl. Fellrnan, Roalrei, Con nor, Casori, Wifhers, Massen lcill, Feiquson, Gaines, Shock' ley. li T ...V-, A 7 gay, .. 3. T' ',',?ik1ii , fi ,,,,,.,.,,,,,p 7 I V iff' 1 if wi F , . -A-Big. -L . H THLETIES ,M S5 , W ,W ' akq " 66 X KH Conciner omcfloreuai ilRST ROW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: H. A. BoldT, Herbie Abraham, Hays Biggs, Arfhur TaiT, Harley Jeffery, Bobby Ladd, YelTon Pool, Jack FosTer, Vince rkillman, Buddy Halle, Jim Colburn. SECOND ROW: Dickey Dickerson, John Williams, Al Brown, Bill Jones, Don Malmo, Coach BoId+, Coach Murray, Coach Ruby 'ance CarTwrighT, Jim Tabor, Jimmy King, Bob Beard. THIRD ROW: Lesier Grogan, Buddy Thomason, Brenf Cooke, Gale Lammey, Bill BarTholomew, LesTer Crain lack Halford, Buck Boswell, John Harwell, Jack Henry, Don Ware, John Remmers, Curfis McGowan, Bob Fairleigh, Fred McDonald, Jack Doyle, Marshall Gerber 'horwald Rygaard, Buddy Lazarov, Wesley Boone. BACK ROW: J. C. Scianni, S. D. WooTen, Johnny BryanT, Hunier Lane, BuTch Robinson, Chuck Beard, Charles llaThis, Nelson BurTon. I .- :5s:5i?s22.+ 'Tis ' ... ig j v - ff ff' 'T Back Trom The wars-Coach RuTTner Murray and Ed BoldT, Tormer CenTral sTar, whipped up The Warrior eleven To second place in The league. PeTe Ruby coached The Team unTil Murray's reTurn. FUUTHALL CenTral had a very successTul TooTball season in l945. CapTained by Bobby Ladd The Warriors won second place in The ciTy league. Three men- "BuTch" Pool, Jimmy Tabor, and ArThur TaiT-were named on The All-Memphis Teams. ln The TirsT game of The season unTried CenTral bowed To l-lumes 24 To IZ. The Warriors showed brillianT play ThroughouT The enTire conTesT, buT cosTly Tumbles Took Their Toll. The following week CenTral journeyed To Clarksdale and in a pouring rain deTeaTed The Mississippians 7-O. LasT year's deTeaT by C. B. C. was Thoroughly avenged, 25-6. The Green and Gold clad Warriors added Scalp No. 3 To Their sagging Trophy belTs by deTeaTing The SouTh Side Scrappers 2l-O. TwenTy-Two Thousand people jammed Crump STadium To see The powerTul and greaTly Tavored Yellow JackeTs Trample The once deTeaTed War- riors, buT CenTral held The mighTy JackeTs To six poinTs per halT. The Warrior eleven used a sTag- gered line on deTense wiTh guard "BuTch" Pool playing on Their cenTer. "BuTch" Took a loT of punishmenT ThaT nighT, buT This Tricky deTense puzzled The Tech oTTense. When The Warriors became Too hard pressed, The experT kicking of Jack Doyle puT Them on an even keel. Jack's long Throws, Too, caused The Tech sTands To gasp more Than once. Due To a number oT bad breaks Cen- Tral was downed by The LiTTle Rock Tigers l8-I3. Sparked by Their hard-charging line and The daz- zling runs oT backs Ladd and CarTwrighT, CenTral clipped The Treadwell Eagles I4-O. The Warriors ran inlo a bunch ol experienced indian lighlers up Knox- ville way November lO and came oul shorn ol I9 lealhers. The Knoxville Cenlral Bobcals lraled lourlh in lhe slalel hard-charging line and harde running backs, bollled up Cenlral's running and passing allack. A cyclone in lhe person ol one "Blinky" Tabor slruck Whilehaven and lell lhe ligures I9-7 lor a Warrior viclory. By bowling over Calholic l-ligh 48-O, Cenlral added anolher win lo lheir lisl. The Warriors enlered lhe Messick game wilh lheir backs lo lhe wall. They had lo win il lhey were lo linish in lhe runner-up posilion, Aller lrail- ing 6-0 al lhe hall, lhey came oul al lhe beginning ol lhe second hall de- lermined lo win. Messick's lirsl punl was blocked, and Jim Tabor lied lhe score wilh a couple ol bucks. Bobby Ladd's exlra poinl pul Cenlral ahead. A lew minules laler Vance Carl- wrighl scooled 53 yards lhrough lhe enlire Messick leam lo pay dirl. ln lhe lasl quarler Arlhur Tail scored on an end around, and again Ladd converled, making il 20-6. lTop lo righll: Belly Brown, Beverly Murray, Anile Yancey, Bob Wilson Roy Marlin, Evelyn l-laley. Cenler: Garlh Kimbrough, Ellis Palrick. Annual Foolball Banquel in lhe Conlinenlal Room ol l-lolel Peabody was gala evenl. :APTAIN BOBBY LADD BUTCH POOL AH-Memphis elecfed as mosf valuable man on feam. ARTHUR TAI I AH-Memphis End tf k riai 1. . L4 U Mk I 1 egiswkx vs' H-I in Y lp in . U' 4 f7A-V WA new Q31 W" an 'A as VARSITY-lrby Cooper, Bill Pridgen, Jimmy Dupuy, Hays Biggs, Max STainbrook, Doyle Freeman, Reid Williams, Jim Tabor, Wimpy Golden, H. A. BoldT, MEET THE CHAMPS Dickie Dickerson, Herbie Abraham. The nucleus oT lasT year's Team was absenT when The bas- aTball season sTarTed. The squad was composed oT Three men ho had played some lasT year, a hosT oT "B" Team men, and :me ouTsTanding Junior High players. From These TorTy-one opeTuls, a varsiTy, a "B" Team, and a Treshman squad were armed. CapTain Herbie Abraham led The Warrior quinTeT To a wird place Tie wiTh C. B. C. in The prep league. CenTral placed ne man, guard Hays Biggs, on The All-Memphis Team. The VarsiTy and "B" Team won The FirsT DisTricT Champion- iips, wiTh The VarsiTy Tinishing second in The Divisional Tourna- menT. TwenTy-Three ouT oT ThirTy-one games were won by The VarsiTy, which deTeaTed aT leasT once every Team iT played. The "B" Team won eleven ouT OT TourTeen, while The Treshman Team losT only To The Bellevue Tive. HighlighTs oT The season were The games wiTh Tech and Messick in The DisTricT TournamenT. CenTral guards Hays Biggs and H. A. BoldT were The sTand- ouTs in Tech's 32-29 deTeaT. Biggs was high poinT man wiTh TourTeen Tallies, Ten oT which were longs. For This he was ac- claimed The besT long shoT arTisT in The ciTy. BoldT played a THE SQUAD: FIRST ROW-Doyle Freeman, Dickie Dickerson, Max Slrainbrook, Irby Cooper, Jimmy Dupuy, Herbie Abraham, Reid Williams,Jim Tabor, Bill Priclgen, Hays Biggs, Wimpy Golden, H. A. BoldT. SECOND ROW-Don Malmo, Ben Pope, BuTch Robinson, AI Brown, Billy Flinn, Henry Jones, Leigh Williams, Marvin Shinbaum, Gene Hoehle, Richard Van Frank, Gail Lammey, RuTTner Murray, coach. TOP ROW-STeve PoTTs, Bunkie Brooks, Buddy Lazarov, Bill Jones, Philip Lowe, Johnny Allen, David BarTon, Dan WilliTord, CliTT Norwell, Jimmy Van Frank, Harold Rock, Charles MaThis, James BenneTT. +vaM'iM"RuW HAYS BIGGS All-Memphis Guard CAPT. HERBIE ABRAHAM Forward H. A, BOLDT Alfernafe AH-Memphis Guard H-CLUB-TH Eli-BASEBALL H-CLUB Boffom Row: Harry Dan- ciger, Alberl Jones, Buddy Halle, Vance Carlwriqhl, Harley Jeffrey, Herbie Ab- raham, Bobby Ladd, Chuck Beard, Don Ware, Jack Doyle, Billy Cowan, Bill Jones, Second Row: Bobby Bryanl, Hunler Lane, Reid Williams, Hays Biggs, Don Malrno,Jimmy Dupuy,Vince Skillman, Erskine Williams, Reiler Webb, Jack Wallace, Bill Brazellon, Lee Thomp- son, Johnny Bryanl, Burch Robinson, George Bugbee, Charles Bradshaw, Fred Mc- Donald, Top Row: Jack Hal- ford, Max Slainbrook, H. A, Boldl, John Williams, Cur- iis McGowan,Al Brown,Jim Tabor, Dickie Dickerson, Doyle Freeman, Nelson Bur- lon, Arlhur Tail. TRACK Boflom Row: Reber? Wilk- erson, Mgr., Billy Cowan, Vance Carlwrighl, Bobby Ladd, Harley Jeffery, Billy Brazelion, Harry Dancizer, Alberl Jones, Erskine Wil- liams, Reiler Webb, Don Ware, Sfewarl LaVene, Sec- ond Row: Merrill Schwarlz, Troy Nunis, Gerald Ander- son, Dickie Mommson, Bud- dy Halle, Max Sfainbrook, Dan Williford, Howard Ross, AI Fleelwood, Richard Beloale, John Harwell, Cal- vin Schrodl, Lloyd McDou- qall, coach. 'lop Row: Bob Kirk, Charles Busby, Mgr., Edgar Taylor, Sluarl Vance, Chuck Beard, Billy Flin, Bed- lord Dunavanl, Raymond Scclf, Jim Clay, Thorvald Rygaard. BASEBALL Boflom Roy: Lee Thomp- son, Jack Wallace, Johnny Bryanl, Bill Jones, Harold Robinson, Bobby Joe Bry- ani, Gerald Bugbee, Ben Pope, Jimmy Dupuy. Second Row: Gene Lewis, Gene l-loehle, George Bugbee, Jack Doyle, Leigh Williams, Frank Crawford, Bill Mc- Mullen, Malcolm Overby, Arlhur Tail, Reid Williams. Top Row: John Argo, J. W. Howell, Phillip Wriqhl, Freeman Hopper, Bunkie Brooks, Carroll Nunnally, David Barron, Edwin Sfreuli, John Salmon, Bob Wilson, J, L. Kurls. THE "H" CLUB, CenTral's oldesT organizaTion, goes back To The days when "H" sTood Tor high school-The only one in The ciTy. Membership is open To IeTTermen in The Tour major sporTs: TooTbalI, baskeTball, Track, and baseball. Ivliss EIizabeTh I-Iaszinger, sponsor. TRACK-CenTral has high hopes ThaT The Track Team will reTain iTs prep TiTle This season. Some oT The regulars back To uphold The Green and Gold are co-capTain Erskine Williams, "Flash" over The low and high hurdles: ReiTer Webb, "King oT The broad iumpf' Bobby Ladd, "Flick- er" oT The hundred yard dash, Billy Cowan, halT- milerg co-capTain Buddy Halle, shoT masTer, Al- berT Jones, milerp and a hosT oT oThers. THE WARRIOR NINE has a good chance To win The prep baseball TiTle, Tor among Those husTling boys are some veTerans and a hosT oT new men. LeT's be on ThaT proverbial ball, gang! EDITORS NOTE-The yearbook wenT To press April 2nd-Too soon Tor Tull accounT oT Spring SporTs. GOLF TEAM-Bufch Robinson, Bobby Ladd, Jack Wallace and Herbie Abraham ma e ans or re ea ue ournamen. HEGLEPIS WIN PREP TITLE WITH PINS TO SPARE - CenTral's "IVlighTy Warriors" breezed Through The i946 Prep Bowl- ing League race. WiTh a Team ToTal oT I685 pins, They added The scraTch championship March ll To The sea- son's handicap TiTle which They had clinched The week beTore. CapTain Bob I-linz seT a merry pace wiTh games oT 224 and ZI4. Yeargin had I56-I66, KurTs I33-I76, OrTmeyer I43-IES'-7, and Abra- ham I53-I62. SupT. E. C. Ball has ruled ThaT all men on The school bowling Teams are To receive leTTers. Here aT CenTraI, however, The "H" club has a ruling ThaT leTTers are issued only To parTicipanTs in The Tour maior sporTs-TooTball, baskeTball, baseball, and Track. IT The boys are noT granTed lceTgers, They hope To receive gold bowling-ball o s. MISS SELMA SIEGMAN GIRLS' ATHLETIIQS CoordinaTion OT mind and body is The aim in all OT our acTiviTies. When girls TirsT come To CenTraI I-Iigh, They are awed by The size OT The building and sTudenT body. Through The asso- ciaTion OT group games They soon have The Teeling OT "belonging." Group games OT every sorT are played-square dancing, Tolls danc- ing, marching, caIesThenics, volley ball, IOasIceTbaIl, soTTbaIl, Tield, and Track evenTs. InTramural TournamenTs are held in The maior sporTs, and The coveTed green and gold shields are awarded To The winners. ThirTy-six Teams Toolc parT in The I946 basl4eT- ball TournamenT. This year, Tor The TirsT Time, CenTral has a girls' bowling Team, which is compeTing againsT oTher high schools Tor The ciTy cham- pionship. FirsT Aid and I-Iome Nursing courses To alleviaTe The acuTe shOrTage OT docTors and nurses, during The war, became parT OT The healTh program. Two hundred and TwenTy-Tive girls have received sTandard I:irsT Aid cer- TiTicaTes. The I-Iome Nursing course which included care OT small children, care oT The sick, and especially The meThOd OT changing bed linens on hospiTal beds, was given by a reg- isTered American Red Cross Nurse. The privilege OT becoming sTudenT leaders is granTed Those girls espe- cially inTeresTed in physical educaTiOn, ThaT is, if They possess The required qualiTicaTions, one OT which is high schoIasTic sTanding. These leaders assisT in various ways during Their gym period. Many OT These sTudenT leaders will, no doubT, become our TuTure gym insTrucTors. Gym classes are under The super- vision OT Miss Selma Siegman. Miss Siegman's individual inTeresT in each girl causes her To be one OT The besT loved Teachers in CenTraI. She herselT aTTended CenTral where she esTab- Iished a record as an ouTsTanding aThleTe. In I943 she reTurned and has esTaloIished an equally good record as our physical educaTion insTrucTor. 600 GIRLS KEEP IN GOOD FORM EVERY DAYI ETIVITIES Mgawhk iirlaissrfarg f ,, !5'f:1wwfnfwexs1is' ffwwft Ifffifx fsxfy. 1 fw xfw' F354 f wffffffs ffwffrxrxfsf figs' fffffsiifwrrfy in ff ff ilfrflif -i:"5Q1iQfr f Aww Nffffh .fffig fi? If ,fffff'r'm5 .funf fi jfi.-w3y3G,f.f?wfff , f Xe f'sf:"Y af ffl Rfxffikwffllryx fffyfi Af:'?ffswd" W K ,. Xin! fx, fffwffriff ?'Q'wrnsffs-ff avxnfii ywwf N, A .fi,yf.4f ffiiw fffggflffffy mffifyffffwf vfffvf ffm .1'5N5 fx :X-"gulf" S w ff, Awww? ff,QQ+fl+ A 1 fifk ffffwvff Q, f-H -111 flflm . if-f-f 195.51-f if 1"N,-mn if Mus we .Nw ,wwf gunna in CJQQJJ emo! If!L0vLg!Lf6 H THE HONOR SOCIETY'S IMPRESSIVE MID-YEAR C THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY AT a very solemn and impressive ceremony on February 20, TiTTy-Two new members were welcomed inTo The Sigma Lambda Chi chapTer oT The NaTional Honor SocieTy. This made a ToTal oT sevenTy-Two members Tor This year. Membership in This honorary high school TraTerniTy is based upon The abiliTy To meeT The reguiremenTs oT scholarship, leadership, service, anc characTer. STudenTs are elecTed by ioinT voTe oT The mem- bers and The TaculTy laTTer careTul consideraTion oT The candidaTes' records as To These Tour cardinal poinTs.I NOT more Than TiTTeen per cenT oT The Senior class, nor Tive per cenT oT The Junior class may be chosen Tor membership each year. The annual "Honors Day" was held in February To recognize all sTudenTs who had made The Term honor roll. These sTudenTs were presenTed wiTh, and were asked To wearThroughouT The -, day, whiTe ribbons leTTered "Hon- or'STudenT" in gold. Two Scholarship banners were awarded each six weelcs, one To The home room having The highesT scholasTic average, The oTher To The room showing The greaTesT im- provemenT. A LosT and Found Bureau again was mainTained. LIBRARY exhibiTs To enTice readers, are The hobby oT Doris Paslqe, Louise Jack- son, and Ida Belle Knox. They work ouT new exhibiTs bi-weelcly. 2 r r LELIGHT INITIATION APANISH CLUB Dfficers I945-I946 Presideni lennie Sue Mayes Berfha Landau Vice Presideni' Kallierine Powell Elizabelli Marr Secreiary Berllia Landau Barbara Baker Treasurer Elizabelli Marr lennie Sue Mayes Reporier Barbara Balcer Faculfy Adviser 4iss Ruin Wafkins HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS 1945-46 Presiden+ Barbara Balcer Cliarles McCall Vice Presidenf William Owen Joanne Zaliner Secreiary Bobbie Campbell Jeannie McGee Treasurer Bill lVlcCorkle Dorolliy Jean l-lunler Reporfer Bob Siem Jolnn Cook Council Represeniafive Elizabelli lvlarr Garllw Kimbrough Chairman of Facully Advisers Miss Dorollwy lvlelz LOS SOCIOS DEL CLUB ESPANOL insislen que no lway modo mas agrad- able de educar los oiclos y adi- eslrar la leugua que el unirse al club. Comedias discos concursos juegos y cines - 'roolo en espanol. fill IYZIIIVIIIU dc la fvcliflzlfz ML7jil'llIlIl HUIIIZ Curia dc 14H10I',, Council hears reporT on War Bond sales--cabineT members are sTancling. STUUE T GUVEHNMENT For The TwenTy-Two years sTudenT governmenT has been in CenTral, iT has Tried in co-operaTion wiTh The TaculTy To direcT along consTrucTive lines The acTiviTies and inTeresTs OT The group. A revised RED MAN lhand boolcl, a I945 l-lELLG CENTRAL lTelephone olirecToryl, and an aulrographed VVesT PoinT TooTball, won Tor success in war bond sales, aTTesT ThaT The GovernmenT has been busy. ln co-operaTion wiTh The Garden Club over 75,000 old magazines were collecTed in The Paper Doll Con- TesT. Plans are in The making Tor a public address sysTem and new Trophy cases. In April delegaTes aTTended The SouThern AssociaTion OT STu- denT GovernmenTs ConvenTion in LiTTle Rock, The TirsT since CenTral was hosT in I940. In The Spring elecTion The Green Ticl4eT made hisTory by iTs landslide elecTion. CABINET FALL TERM Pres., GarTh Kimbrough: Boys' V. Pres., Erslcine Williams, Girls' V. Pres., AniTa Yan- cey, Treas., Charles McCall: Sec., Jean Pillow, Comm. aT Large, Bill Cowan, Comm. Soc. AcTiviTies, Franlc Oliver, Comm. As- semblies, J. C. Sciannip Comm. PubliciTy, John Kenny, Advisers: lvlisses Nell STewarT, P Charlie Brad h Treasurer John Kenny B V P 5 T S Tary Com. oT Soc A T C + L Q Th ii, M Wi 8,5 l-lelen Evans, MargareT McKenzie. Jimmy Pfewaii Jgm Tab 5 O THE BOOKSTGRE AND CANDY COUNTER, s+affed by BETTY MAE WITHERS lrigh+l, Commissioner of War sludenfs and under rhe managemenl of lhe facully, in- Aclivilies, led Cenlral in lhe winning of lhis aufographed vesls ils prolils in college scholarships. Twelve sludenls Wesl Poinl foofball in fhe lasr bond drive. From The are in college now on Boolcslore awards of l945. war bonds Cenlral claims five beds in Kennedy l-lospifal. M7458 ,Vw 81418 JUNIOR RED CROSS collecls IOO Magazines a weelq for Kennedy l-lospilal, paclcs boxes lor war Torn counlries, and supplies Chrisrnnas menu cards lor ships af sea. Officers: Pres., Billie Wilson, V. Pres., Frank Maxwell, Sec., Ann Furbish, Treas., Billy Prilchard, Prg. Chairman, Mary Lou Black. Advisers: Misses Ada Raines and Rebecca Young. K Eli PHUTUPLAY CLUB OFFICERS 1945-46 Presidenl Roberl Haley Roberf Haley Vice Presidenl' Rulh Bernsfein Marfine Tirmensfein Secrefa ry Berh Chaddock Cafherine Daunhauer Treasurer Marline Tirmensiein Bobby Slaughler SCIENCE ELLIIQI OFFICERS I945-46 Presidenl Mariha Jean Lowe Gene Harris Vice Presidenl Glenn Carrus Philip Peeler Secrerary Cynlhia Tomlinson Ann Morenoss Reporler Aubrey Whilely Jane Kerr Sponsor Miss Dorolhy Green PHOTOPLAY CLUB-Back row, lell Io righlz Marie Wheeler, Winilred Doqgefl, Calherine Daunhauer, Miss Gladdinq, Fay Hagan. Middle row, lell Io riqhlz Dorolhy Johnson. Peqqy Parlee, Barbara Howell, Rulh Berslein, Grancy Wade, Marfine Tirmenslein, George Hunl. Fronl row, lell' Io riqhl: Palricia Tomlinson, Nellie Ferris, Ida Slanlon, Eleanor Slanlon, John Gralz, Bobby Slauqhler, Roberl Haley. SCIENCE CLUB-Slandinq, lei? io righfz Ann Mereness, Marlha Jean Lowe, Aubrey Whilely, Miss Green, Glenn Carrus. Second row: Allen Ziegler, Edward Currie, Bill Marion, Jacqueline Sliclcney, Jane Kern, Marqaref Scruggs, Jean Harris, Bob Wilson. Firsl row: Barbara Wolfe, Cynlhia Tomlinson. THE PHOTO PLAY Club plans a discussion before Ihe Beller THE SCIENCE Club delves info aslronomical problems of all Films Council of Memphis wi+h which Ihey are afliliaied. The club no'I only discusses movies, bul' gives plays, and some years produces molion piclures under guidance of Miss Corinne Gladding. of America. sorls and visils places of inlreresf 'ro young scienlisls. The Club, a baby of I945, is affilialed wifh Jrhe Science Clubs iPEECH CLUB inspecls rninialure slages louill by club mem- Jers. "Rebecca" places Tirsr. Skifs and plays Ihroughoul The fear make a Tull program for The club and ifs adviser diss Rebekah Cohen. SPEEIIH OFFICERS I945- I 946 Presidenr Dorolhy I'-'lunler Eugene Kalz Vice Presidenl Barbara Snelbaker Mary Reagin Secrelrary Dona Davis Treasurer Joyce Harper Jean Pillow Program Chairman Eugene Kafz Mary Reagin Nalalie Wilkins Barbara I-larris Reporlers Joyce I-Iarper Joy Kirby LATIN ITLLIII Canimus OFFICERS I 945- I 946 Duces Marlha Jean Lowe Cynlhia Tomlinson Legale Cynlhia Tomlinson Erelena Downs Aedilia Erelene Downs Peggy Parree Scribae Calherine Powell Barbara Wolfe Censores Frank Riddick Bill Forresler Quaeslor Allison Fleelwood Advisers Miss Ada Raines, Miss Rebecca Young THE LATIN CLUB, a member of Ihe Junior Classical League, la nalional organizalion inleresled in promoling inleresl in Ihe classicsl is one ol Ihe largesl and mosl' imporlanl in Cenlral. This busy club makes up bullelin board displays, celebrales Virgil's birlhday, and wins laurels in The Lalin Tournamenl. AHHHH1 ,AEST FF STAFF, 1945-1945 Edifor-in-Chief-John Cook, Violel Whilehead, Harriel Williamson: News Edifor-Frances Crouch: Fealures-John Cook, Frank Riddick, Violel Whifehead, Harriel Williamson: Sporls-Barry DeZonia, William Gwen: Exchanges-Palsy Houseal, Peggy Parleeg Ari-Fullon Klinke, Marilyn Boyson, Joe Deadrick: Pholoqraphy-Bill McCorkle: Business Manager- Wayne Dupree, Don Molhershed: Ass"r. Business Manager-Don Molher- shed, Pal Miller: Secrefary-Treasurer-Be-Hy Robinson, Berfha Landau: Circulafion-Marlha Jean Lowe, Dorofhy C-oliqhfly, Louise Hanson: Dis- fribufion-Tornmy Brill, Frank Lyons: Adyerlising-Myron Fine, Paul Jaffe: Floor Managers-Cynrhia Tomlinson, Dorolhy Golighlly: Facully Advisers -Miss Marlha Lou Jones, Miss Vermonla Wilson. THF WAHHIUH HUNUH9, 1945-45 Firsf class Honor Ra+ing lExcellenil Nalional Scholaslic Press As- socialion, Norrhwesfern Universify. lnfernalional Firsl Place Award for a Paper of Subslanfial Achieve- menl, also an "A" for Nofable Promolion for U. S. War and Peace Aims -Quill and Scroll. Firsl Honor Rafing-Columbia lllniversilyl Schclaslic Press Associ- alion-1945. Second place among high school papers of Tennessee U. T. High School Newspaper Compelifion, I945: firsf place, I946. Second place in cily among hiqh school and junior high school news- papers in promolion of publicify for Fire Prevenfion. STAFF -' ?i' 2 125334. Q "T-V I g'L'L':""', NSS NSS Age- J . ,W aM5u..fw.,gf X STAFF: Sealed-Barbara Wolle, Evelyn Haley, Milce McGee, Joanne Zahner, Gale Marlin, Bob Slern, Elizabelh Marr, Violel Whilehead, Belly Rae Davis, Roy Marlin. Slancling-Barbara Baker, Judy Vaughn, Bill Mccorlale, Wayne Deupree, Ed Moore, Eay Hagan, Garner Miller. YEAHBUUH ST!-XPP EDlTOR, Gale Marlin: ASST. EDlTOR, Bob Slern: BUSI- NESS MANAGERS, Wayne Deupree, Garner Miller, Belly Robinson: PERSONALS, Barbara Balcer, Lloydellen Burgen, PHOTOGRAPHY, Bill McCorlcle, Ed Moore: PUBLICITY, Evelyn Haley, Jenny Sue Mayes: ART, Bobby Jean Overall, Elizabelh Marr: ATHLEUCS, Anila Yancy, William Owen: CALENDAR, Jeannine McGee, Joanne Zahner: ACTlVlTlES AND CLASSES, Milce McGee: CLUBS, Bobby Campbell. Only wilh lhe Slall's sleady worlc and cooperalion have our Seplember dreams lor lhe I946 annual come lrue. Along wilh lhe Slall, l wanl lo lhanlq Miss Jones lor her supervision ol lhis annual, lor wilhoul her guidance we could nol have allained our goals. l wish lo lhanlc again lhe Slall and all lhe leacherf, lhe senior class, ils ollicers, and advisers, and especially lhe lyping deparlmenl, who so palienlly cooperaled wilh us. Goodbye, Cenlral, Gale Marlin, Edilor WIGWAM OFF TO A FLYING START Aller allernale hopes and despairs lhe Warriors cele- braled lhe premier ol lheir own canleen wilh a grand opening March 15. Barbara Cason, chairman, iusl would nol be discouraged and lhe Peabody-Lamar Club spon- sored us. Friends donaled a piano, billiard lable, rugs, and painl. Every Friday nighl lhe Wigwam is in lull swing. The iulce box plays conslanllyy ping pong lables are never idle: a super lloor show goes on al eighl. There is a snack bar, loo. Curlew sounds al I I:3O. er :fini .3- Gleefully dispensing soll drinlrs lo gleeful canleen cuslomers were June Higgins lll and Jimmy Dupuy. Firsl in lhe lineup were Jack Doyle l3l and Mary Virginia Burchell QUILL 81 SCROLL lnlernalional I-lonor Sociely For l-ligh School Journalisls Fronl Row: Violel Whilehead, l-larriel Williamson. Second Row: Barbara Wolle, Berlha Landau, Gale Marlin, Wayne Deupree, Myron Fine, John Cook, Bill McCorlcle, Don Molh- ershed. Slanding: Marvin Gold- larb, Ann O'Neill, Belly Bois- blanc, Dorolhy C-olighlly, Pal Miller, Frances Crouch, Claud Tilche, Miriam Carroll, Louise l-lanson, O. l-l. l-lendriclcs. CAMERA CLUB The Baby Club wilh high aspiralions Laurie Bull, Belly Parnell, Slew- arl Lavene, Allen Ziegler, Bill McCorlcle, Jim Shangle, Belly Prilchard, Josephine Johnson, Peggy Slrallon, Ed Moore, Vir- ginia Rogers. 44 77 BUTTETIEU SIUE -SETIQITIIIIL SS PL Y TIME OUT FROM REHEARSAL "GOOD-BYE DEAR CENTRAL HIGH" Tune: "WaiT and See" Now as we bid good-bye To dear ole CenTraI I-Ii, We'Il carry Through The years Our ThoughTs OT you: And Then in years To come We'lI Ioolc upon The happy memories OT The days we've spenT wiTh you. All Through eTerniTy The Green and Gold shall be A symbol of your sTandards I-Iigh and True: So as we say goodebye WiTh Tearful eye, Our ThoughTs oT you Will linger wiTh us Through The years, Dear CenTraI High! By Caroline WiTseII 533 weelc-end xg For ' , ohe s Tor The Senior Class a " uT Up," a comedy. The play Tollows od 'Th a Typical American Tamily. One disTurbing and ilarious incidenT aTTer anoTher occurs in The home of Mr. and Mrs. TimoThy Diggs- all because of Two house guesTs. One of Them, AunT Laura, musT be pleased as she has The weaITh of The Tamily. CornplicaTions arise. There is a baTTIe of wiTs, buT Through AunT Laura's ingenuiTy, everyThing Turns ouT "BuTTered Side Up!" MEMBERS OF THE CAST-STanding-Ed Cade lMr. Diggsl, Jennie Sue Mayes lMrs. Diggsl, Ham Carey lTim Diggsl, Mary Ann Reagin ITessl. SeaTed-Joanne Fellman lAunT Laural, Dorcas Thomas lTonyl, Bill Brown lGeraIdl, DoroThy I-IunTerlOIivial, BeTTy Brooks lVaniIIal. FronT-Bill Gibson IWiIberl, Jean Pillow lCaroIl, Garner Miller lSTage Managerl, Barbara Baker lSTage Decora- Tionl-noT picTured. WARRIOR SONG Words and Music by E. F. Hawke Come on, you Vifarriors, up on your Toes, Give your besT To old CenTral- Break down all barriers, And up aT your Toes: We are wiTh you in glory or deTeaT, So IeT us Try To Iceep our banners high, Carry Them onward To vicTory. Rah! for The Green, and Rah! for The Gold, CenTral High School! IQ Z5 . I i L' ci .Q fr I sf as man age' I CENTRAL HIGH CREST IIENTHAIQS P PEB BULL Cen+ral's Paper Doll is Jrhe chic lille besfowed on Anila Yancey aliler a mad race in Ocfober for lhe "mosTes+" papers, for wilh every lwenfy magazines wen'r one vo+e. The drive ioinlly sponsored by Jrhe Sludenl Government Garden Club, and "Warrior" salvaged 75,000 magazines. Runner up was Mary Benner, whose well organized colleclors operaling from ialopies gave Anila sfilf compelilion. Two girls from each class were nominaled lo com- pele. Besides lhe seniors, Anila and Mary, were juniors, Ann Ferguson and Jean Wad- dell, freshmen, Nancy Carler and Beverly l-lanson. ANITA YANCEY , V 2' .. 5 ffiiiiriffiiiif - 4:55:22:i:f1-:f:f:-:e:s.s:f::,:1:f:f '5525525253255555155555-:JIII iii: Many hands were needed lo load end- less bundles of mag- azines - every one a vofe. EALE UAH Wilh a sad goodbye lo sum- SE mer, Cenlraliles donned lheir ' work clolhes and gaily lrudged back lo lhe old grind-42I meek green lreshmen slumbled aboul-Big Dogs on Campus: Vincenl Skillman, elecled Ll. Colonel ol R.O.T.C. and John Cook, edilor ol lhe Warrior-Gym brighl- ened wilh coal ol painl--Pep meelings in prep- aralion lor Big Foolball Season-Warrior won honors in Press Conlesls-Jalopies oul again- Ralioning ended. . Cenlral saddened al dealh ol U James Woody, I945 Ll. Colonel ' ol R.O.T.C. - Anila Yancey crowned "Paper Doll ol Cenlral" aller a mad race wilh slill compelilion given by Mary Ben- nell's paper colleclors-Skirls and swealers her- alded Fall as loolball leam gol on up-and-up when Coach Rullner Murray came marching home lrom lhe war-Slampeded CBC-Deleal- ed slighlly by Tech-500 Cenlraliles migraled lo Lillle Rock lo see lhe bloodiesl deleal ol lhe season-Cenlral scalped Soulhside-Firsl re- porls broughl groans. Foolball leam linished second in cily'as Cenlral sighed lrom be- ' ing overslulled wilh Thanksgiv- ing lurkey-War bond sales lurnished lwo beds lor Naval hospilal and lhree lor Kennedy-Gale Marlin assumed edilorship ol yearbook-367 R.O.T.C. boys wilh lheir sponsors marched down Main Slreel in big Armislice Day parade-Firsl senior class meeling held wilh Billy Cowan wield- ing lhe gavel-Bubble blowing rage hil loolball lans. Jingle bells, mislleloe. and Sanla Claus-- Mr. l-lawke's classes carolled lhrough ha-lls-Miss Laura Mauzy sponsored annual Goodlellowis drive-l-lomeroom parlies-Wonderlul holidays. Super loolball banquel and D E I: dance al Peabody-Bobby Ladd ' and Bulch Pool presenled wilh minialure loolballs-Green and Gold lickels launched campaigns-Cenlral won lirsl place in cily lor Fire Drills-Bowling slars oul lor Prep League-Baskelball leam slarled praclice- Signs ol lesls in lhe air. Back lrom lhose dreamy New Year's parlies-Cramming ram- , ' panl lor mid-lerms-Landslide viclory lor Green lickel headed by Erskine Wil- liams-Big myslery lwas lhe lillle while building going up on lhe campus a PX, Canleen, new gym or whal?l Oh, well, lhe cuslodian needed a place lo live-Cenlral deeply shocked al lhe dealh ol Bill Thorn in lragic aulomobile accidenl. The good neighbor policy was a PE big success in lhe lorm ol "Una ' Carla de Amor," lirsl ol lhree Spanish movies-A and B leams vicloriously claimed Dislricl Championship-Varsily baskel- ball placed second in lhe Divisional Tournamenl -Vance Carlwrighl slugged his way lo Mid- Soulh banlam-weighl lille in Golden Gloves con- lesl-Cenlral won aulographed Wesl Poinl lool- ball lor merilorious work in War Bond Drive- 52 look oalh in beaulilul l-lonor Sociely inilia- lion-Marlha Jean Lowe slale linalisl in Pepsi Cola Scholarship race-Violel Whilehead and l-larriel Williamson lackled Warrior as co-edilors. Team proudly slrulled baskel- ball lellers--Orchids lor lhe ' sleak al baskelball banquel- Gale sighed as yearbook wenl lo press-Wig- wam's opening proved big success-Sludenl lalenl displayed in bang-up Command Perlorm- ance in Audilorium - Bowling Championship pegged and shiny new lrophies wenl inlo lhe case-Again lragedy slruck as Perry Pipkin was killed ironically lhe day aller showing ol salely lillrgis-Spring lever slruck sludenls and leachers a i e. Track and baseball leams hard al work-Senior Class Parly a big success-"Wa- hoo" edilion ol lhe Warrior appears on April Fool-Quill and Scroll Banquel held in recrealion room wilh Paul Flowers as speaker-An Easler holiday plus one lor lhe Collon Carnival loads ol lun-Summer clolhes again-The end in view wilh many a wisllul glance loward swimming pools-Seniors have been measured lor caps and gowns. The l-lome Slrelch al lasl-over llil lhe hump ol Governmenl ln- speclion-l-lollywood marveled al Senior Class Play-Ollicers' Ball-Sludenl Governmenl Eleclions-Saddened Seniors shed many a lear bolh crocodile and lhe reallMcCoy -Aller all exams, lhe gay whirl ol lhe luncheon, gradualion gills, Baccalaureale service and al lasl lhe big day ilsell-l-lalleluiah! Oull THANK YU AD ACES-Seafed, Wayne Deupree, Lorraine Faquin, Belly Boisblanch, Elizabelh Marr, Shirley Sibley, Lloydellen Burqen, Judy Vaughn. Sfanding, Mike McGee, Roy Marlin, Gene l-larris, Gerald Deering, John lvlanlcin, O. l-l. Hendricks. ijkey maale if 10055564 H NILWXWS TH IE II IE ST IN RADIO ENTERTAINMENT WRIEC PURDY-IESTER DRUG CO., INC. THE REXALL STORE Thomas Iester I. O. PURDY erving Memphians More Than a Quarter Century PHONE 7-0041 COOPER AT MADISON-MEMPHIS Elliott's Pharmacy 896 Vance 4 Memphis Hurley Drug Co. A. B. LANIER R. B. TAYLOR Pllarmafisls 1555 Lamar Phone 2-1104 Schincller's Pharmacy Presm'iptions 1688 Madison at Belvedere Phone 7-3041 Our Editor GALE MARTIN CU1IlPIl:IIIf'lIfS of Carmen's Beauty Salon 1486 Madison 2-0724 PHONE 36-9332 Terrace Beauty Shop Experiffrzcrfd Beau tifians AIR COOLED OPEN NIGHTS BY APOINTMENT 1100 LAMAR BLVD. MEMPHIS, TENN. Annesdale Beauty Salon 626 S. Bellevue Highland Barber Shop 541 S, Highland Summer Avenue Pharmacy N. D. MCGAUGHEY, Prop. Phones 48-2633448-2634 2492 Summer Avenue Memphis LOMAX Methodist Hospital Reaves Drug Store TROUTT BARBER SHOP 'A' Pharmacy 1705 Lamar Avenue 2358 Idckson Ave' 188 South Bellevue 2-1272 Congmmlalmm Your llrug' Store S1'r11'e 1869 fr Al..AN'S DRUGS H LCOMB-OLIPHANT O TELEPHONE 8-6876 wk DRUG STORE sf? - ik Idmes Robinson, 2356 Iackson Ave. Apothecary 48-7016 160 ' 3 Umon 22 North Second Street Cmnplimerlls Dirmeyer PHARMACIST Ncrmal Drug Company 1285 Latham, Corner Trigg Phone 7-1161 jg? PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE 571 S. Highland Memphis, Tenn. Built on Sm'1fir'e illrfirzlfzirlerl 111111 l"1'1'em1sl11fp Barksdale and Nelson Memphis Vary B rst W ish as Conzplilnwizls of BANE'S GULF SERVICE Blutt City Lumber Co. Retail 1.1171111014 and Millzunrk W. 1. oooLEY 5. oo. A it Poplar Avenue at Mcldeafl 2101 centre Phone 2-2377 Electric Work if BABY CHICKS Happy F rad "V ABRAHAM BROS. ik W. L. MCBRIDE PACKING CO. INGRAM FEED AND HATCHERY 54631 166 Monroe . H 2024 Lamar 7-6515 Compliments of STUDIO Compliments of Dillon Potato Chip Co. PORTRAITS-MINIATURES ik, . PI Mr. and Mrs. George Zepatos 7-4680 1626 Union 3715 Southern Ave. Phone 4-9171 F Z. 1 IOHN GASSER IEWELERS WATCHMAKERS ,nmp iman .s of OPTOMETRIST PRINTING CO. THE DR. IOHN MCQUIRTER Established 1903 ' We Specialize in Fine Ufatfh Repairing Sf? 186 Iefferson Avenue OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENTS Phone 7-4953 1323 Madison The SIIIIIIILS' Oldfsl Sorial Club Phone 8-5658 Memphis, Tenn. COIllp1iII1If?IfS of ADLER ci TENNESSEE HOTELS Compliivzents of HOTEL GAYOSO hfrlrlitiitt L 1' 'a 0 Tl e Cieat Pz n "Choose Your Piano as the Artists Do." Terry-Hull Piano Co. 8-4812 64 SO. SECOND of Today Time to Pain!-Ujh Arthur Seelbinder Clwzn-Ujn, Fix-Up HOME FURNTSHER DESGTO Paint 6. Varnish Co. 1517 Union Memphis lllmlllfnrfzlrmzs' of Qzmlfly Pmflzlrls Simv' 1510! 752 S. Somerville Phone 8-8477 Americds Top Quality Tire The Best Shop ln Town C7 GENERAL TIRE RADIANT RAD1o STEEPLETCJN REPAIRS l783 Lamar at Wallcer Monroe at 4th 8-2225 l'Wherever you go-Go KELLY" PHONE 5-4411 300 COURT Drivurself Cars .........,..........,.... .................. P hone 8-3400 Truck CPor Hayridesl ..,................. .................. P l'1one5-5776 Auto Repairs for the Public .........,. ....,,............ P hone 5-8381 MESSICK GAME A 81 B Teams Win IULIUS LEWIS Home of H art, Schrzf Sc Ma11'x Clothes 145-151 SO. MAIN ST K PAUES S1-1OE STORE 101 S. Main 5-1977 Shoes ' Bags ' Hosiery STRATTIIN WARREN HARDWARE IIIIMPANY Wlwluale fxclwdizlely C 1 Ave. and Florida Street Phone 8 3121 MEMPHIS 2, TENN. EXPERT WATCH AND IEWELRY REPAIRING G Senlor Home Room VVS1.I'11'I'lG1'1'S Real Estate Brokers Diamonds, Watches, ,Iewelry and RKUIDESMW 217 Clothing Sales-A pprazsals-Insurance PHONE a-441121 182 so. MAIN 612 GOOdWY1'1 13110119 5-5995 WeOna Food Store No. 14 HOLLIS WRIGHT, Mgr. 1097 Rayner St. O. 1. Pierce Com liments of P "The Complete Hardware Store" 1717 Lamar Ave. Maury Wade Phones-7-2815-7-2816 Records Records, Recordsl Gage Yarbrough Co. 142 Union C""?P'l"W'fS Support Your Red Cross Of 51 Friend In Peare time as in War time BARHAM'S Quality Credit Clothiers 108 So. Main Street Compliments of Sam's Shoe Shop 734 South Cooper at Central Allan BI'OWI'l United States Lines E. S. IRWIN, D.P.A. 206 Cotton Exchange Bldg. Phone B-4311 Memphis l, Tennesse Passenger Services N. Y. to ENGLAND and FRANCE Owens Radio and Memphis STORAGE Reiri eration Co. get and Service 1367 MADISON AVENUE MEMPHIS, TENN Member of Refrigertaion Service Engineers Society 287 Madison Avenue Airways Sales Company Westinghouse A pplianfes and Hardware Home Equipment Co. 265 S. Cleveland Insu la tion-Weather Stripping I Compliments of Herman Bernatsky 2299 Lamar Ave. Memphis, Tenn. Remodeling C0,,,i,l,,,,m,s of Compliments of Lew W. Henley or Co. L . L Avondale Marine Ways Real Estate Brokers outs ettes New Orleans District 530 Falls Bldg. Compliments of For Sale e Tarpaulins TUCKER S City Iron 61 Metal Co. 144 North Main 880 Ftofias 9-0101 . 1' , . C"'f1p'f'W'm of l Compliments Caradine s Service A 51 P Market Station and Garage 3440 Southern Ave. I-la1ey's Shoe Repairing Phone 36-9190 1659 Lamar It's Different W. C. Haley, Owner Memphis 1578 Lamar Ave. Compliments of 1 S. P. COl111'1S COACH MURRAY ,tllwayx ll Gooa' Sfmfw at LOEW'S PALACE Yes! The Big Ones Come to LoeW'sl S T A R Bowririe ALLEY 1854 Madison Open ll:UU A.M. to ll:3U P.M. Daily ' f ll . fzivlil Q Erskine Williams smiles because Barbara Cason successfully tore her hair last summer in an effort to establish a canteen for Central. N EWMAN 'S BOWLING ALLEY 9 21 South Second 8 FIRST CLASS ALLEYS CUIl1f2llII1f'lIlS of Luciann CS Rosemary JL ffl i'lIl'lllfIlliS, lfiucsl Sllfllllllllll 7ilIL'llfl'TS COIIl,1IHlIlI'Ilf.Y nf Il Advance Buloher Stamp Works R ll Illlfl' S111 flips, .Yulary and Corjiornlirnz Sralx 389 Madison Phone 8-0075 Co1npI1'n1a'11ts of LANDBES CO. Slim' IIf'prH'll111'l1l Worlker Nurseries liwlnil - l'I'l1olf'.w:l1' Poplar at White Station Phone 48-3958 C0lI1f1lfIlII'IIl.9 of Home Boom 212A The Book Nook 248 South Main Xrw rum' Old lionks, AIIIQIIZIIIIS DAILEYS l56 So. Main St. Cm11lblin1r'l1l.v HPAPPYH OULVEB "The Magician" Co Crnzgrnl ulnlimla' l-l. B. lU8 IIgTIllIlIllfI'0Il.S' from Bellevue 5 lUc and Sl O0 Store SIIIHGT, Saved By Grace 628 so. BELL-EVUE PHONE .36-9594 MEMPHIS, TFNN Phone 4-6281 1. T. Sllolf LUMBER CQ. Man11facluwfr.s and Wlmlzfsalers PLGORING CO. 1-lorclwoocls cmol Yellow Pine CARLOADS ONLY 3125 Poplar Ave. P. O. Box 25, Buntyn Station 1. T. SILK MEMPHIS, TENN. ik 75? Ill CHAPMAN 8. DEWEY I Complzmemfs of ' 1. H. GRIFPIN 181 W. Mallory Ave. 224 2324 X392 Compliments Anderson-Tully Lumber En. MEMPHIS FUBNIWBE MMIUFHCIITIIIHG CII. CWMVD MASS PRODUCERS OF LDW PRICED FURNITURE 30,5 Nicl-my Brothers Lumber En 2700 SUMMER They go together BOTYLED UNDER AUTHORHY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY IV COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF MEMPHIS Norton Manufacturing Company P. O. Box 3067 Memphis, Tenn. Highway 61 and Columbia Road Telephone 9-2465 Broom and Mop Handles Railroad Cross and Switch Ties Industrial Ties and Timbers "12 ttz :tti .,.: ::': .4.:: ::' TYPICAL CENTRALITES Compliments T. I. BEASLEY FURNITURE CC. Western Auto Supply Company "E'verytl1z'ng for tlze 1fIll077l0l7lllf'U 239 Monroe 177 N. Cleveland Phone 2-2361 Memphis 3, Tennessee For all 'round refrigeration you CIlll'l beat Taxte-Free ICE-It'.v PURE BRCADWAY COAL AND ICE CO. E Call 9-1511 Daily Deliveries of Ice and Coal Southern Motors, Inc. 341 Union Ave. CADILLAC--LA SALLE-OLDSMOBILE Sales ana' Service Compliments las. A. Stidham df Co. Public Accountants Standard Parts Corp. Phone 2-1112 MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE . "The I',11rge.vt Party WIIIVFIIOIIJC' lil The Illia'-South" C07Ilpli7II!flllS of DOUBLE COLA Doss Ho-Made Ice Cream U1,l'1iC'i01l.S ln' CTHIIIII and Sl1a'rI1el.v" 18C Pint-35C Ouartf1927 Madison Good Luck, Seniors GILMORE VARIETY Carruthers 51 Son Lumber Co. ousrrs WooDWoRK 2655 Broad sr. Memphis, Tennessee of GIFT SHOP , . CONGRATULATIONS Howard s Eurnnure 1869 MADISON and Hardware to All Om' Young l'ITiI'IldS 7,3032 KADMIRAL APPLIANCES ' Pzzznls, Glass, and Roofzng ik Phone 7-1135 2020 Lamar Ave. LAMAR MARKET ' . . Bruce Terrnrnrx Co. 2125118 1123 Lamar .D :ef :"' G A Harry Rosenblurn C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Ulicltm' rlfewllfzrzflisc For I.f'.s's" S E N I O R S , RED CROSS SHOES Stewart S 944 so. COOPER sr. TELEPHONE 7-1657 CUIIIPIIIIIIWIIS Grange CSI , I. l Two I.llf'llfi0IISf Comp mums WGSIUHQTOH Arm-Y Store 145 MADISON Beverly Boushe North End Curb Market I - 11 ' fi 123 N' Mem CLEVELAND AND PoPLAR """1 Cmrzjnlinwrzts of STUDENT GOV. CABINET-1945-Sealed: Lefl ro Righl'-Anila Yancey, Billy Cowan, Jean Pillow. Standing-John Kenny, Erslcine Wil1iams, Garlli Kimbrough, Frank Oliver, Charles McCall, Garner Miller, J. C. Scianni. Vernon Berg 122 Union Avenue A1dridge Hardware VIl1'Z.l7ljJ Share - Pailzls Noiirms - ClIilI!l'lUIlTIf 531 S, Cooper 7-6144 Earre11 Calhoun Co., Inc. OLD HONESTY PAINTS IMPERIAL WALLPAPERS 24 South Second Phone 8-2211 Team Sets Off To Knoxville Ne1son's Texaco Service Station at Lamar and Walker WASH1NG AND LUBRlCATlON Phone 30-9152 University Park Cleaners 811-815 N. McLean Phones 7-5851-7-5852 "It Pays to Play" "IVV lin ljllmgrzzplling" M' Adams Printing CLEANERS CSC Stationery CO. Sl'l'1"flIg' lfasl of Pllfkilllljl SPORTING GOODS 343-49 Madison Ave. TAT 9 NORTH THIRD ST. Phone 8-5112 Phones 4-1171 and 4-1172 5-2725 PHONE 7-0808 Howard Graham Crm1plin1r'11ls Furniture Co. Inc. . FRANKLIN ' W. A. Bicktord and Laundry-Cleaners "llnn1r l"llVIIl'.S'llI'7'S', COHIIQDGHY 758 S. Cooper Memphis, Tenn. Established 1834 1359 Madison Ave. 2-8124 THE sAMELsoN UMA CIGAR CG- Draglines, Shovels, Cranes 161 ADAMS 77 Macau si. 8-8437 Memphis, Tenn. CllIIlpl7IllI'IIl.X of ACME STORAGE CO. 99 NORTH SECOND 5-8122 Pllilm IfI1f1IAU.S', ICr'fr1'g1'ramrs, l'VII.YllfHg' l11IlI'llI'III'.S', Pain! and Glass ik Whitten Bros. Normal Hardware Co. 2911 Park 549 So. Highland MERRILL ll-Vikel IACOBS Genie's Flower Shop 1680 Union Ave. Tet. 7-1073 I-IAYS SUPPLY COMPANY 'f.9e,-my ll1eSoutlz" ik DELTA WOODWORKING TOOLS ATLAS PRESS CO. I-IOBART ELECTRIC WELDERS IVIECO WELDING AND CUTTING CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISI-IES to All A25 EQUIPMENT Doy1e Typewriter LYON sHoP EQUIPMENT and Supply CO. fl? ALL MAKES or Complete Stock High Speed Drills NEW PGRTABLES Reamers, Dies, Tapx, Etc. 197 Monroe 8-3204 287 South Front Phone 5-2717 9 "I hove otn f lf' H ongm M oz Lam A . K 4 l4'Llfl"6'l, . 1 Qfaelaalea me HULL-HUBB5 0 115 S. Third 0 Third at Gayoso Phone 8-3131 "W01e'ld's Largest F ora' Dealerv When you hear that statement you know the person making it has the best Whether it be- RADIO RADIO PI-IONOGRAPII REERIGERATOR I-IOME FREEZER or ELECTRIC RANGE Look for f1d77'1l7'lIl at1fllBelie1' Dealers Distributed by ORGILL BROTHERS ci CO. Wholesale Exclusively Memphis, Tenn. Our 99th Year Iackson, M.iss. Phone 4-9284 Frank Casone Harry Braswell D I X I E THE BEACON , Fine Foods D1'1Ve Steaks and Chicken l'1'iw1tc Parlifs I nvitffd i t Prz'zf11tzf Dining Room Reserzuwl 1489 AIRWAYS BOULEVARD Gust Off Lamarl . A11 types of Trucks and Cars for Rent We furnish Everything but the Driver Sdm P. Mctury I Construction Compctny 148 SOUTH SECOND ST. Trucks 5-5757 554 Adams Avenue Commercial Bldg. 105 SOUTH SECOND ST. Cars When YOU Start FLYING GET YOUR TRA1NmG IN THE PIPER CUB-World's Most Famous Elernentary Trainer Ask for Particulars Concerning our Private-Commercial-Instructors'-C.A.A. Approved Flight Courses SOUTHERN AIR SERVICE P. O. Box 290-Memphis-Operating Sanders Field Distributors oi PIPER CUB Airplanes . E '- X . . X., .0 fr gy?gfg5ggXyggj?1,, 3 ,I , Jfgmfq. Xi, ,g ,4g.g23,5Egg?X1X,,5gffgwe M,,5,g?g. g 5.3. .5 333 .E W9-5 Saw X, -pf .fr X an--ff? ,Q-Q? 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ME. . ? if -- af VI, X :ig I- Aj 552- Q: X 1E-X-,.-fl - 1 G2 f' 4' I- - - -- H .,::2 ' A 1 f w U - .V Q . ,- 5,3 Zi. M 43,6531'gg-Xr,f5qXvX:'.-5.4,t.y.zw.:2E.::i- XiQ:v31:iX3wg.,m lend., ' - if L ,, ' ' ' I5 -X .X 1C or OTC 1' 'fm 2.9115 5' ' 1' 'Nf'.'Sz'Q 1-.1 :'i2pQ1.:w- .f II'X-1,35 5' ?': .. .-75 O9 tore . XXX 4 . half . . 2..4 H X . 1 .- -. .arg-1: x-..i -'-- , ., ' ' ,A-5 -' - - X.rXw,.-A-F "-- . -4 .1 .X X'-:g2-6-.- ' Q 1X .- H N ,X X51 X:g.,.X.g-,--'I g-54. .f -z .agar-3. XM . 1 . ajE:."m vL3?::v2.v,. 5 2 . u':,1.5' Q : :-:XXX-::,3-.Qqs..-5. 'fr - . fi 5-,,.,.::? , - 5:1 LV 'l 25:53 134 N. Mem Sweet o .. . XLQ- . . . . ' uf 1, .fIQ.g.3f.gi'i- 5 ,E3gv.,:f- - f ,. ' I - jf--Z, sz' lff, . ' 'f' X . 'X :Xf-fx? ,15f?XzN?Mr?gx'-F' --i -2 :Q QX 'X ' .- . . .112-- exe: 'f:--1-X:-Xg: X3 , , A X , Q . - - -Y. . X.p,,,.,-4Xg31.,4yX:. Ns. --1 -,.,, . -f- , 'X , X V .- , A - 1. . xl SHOES EOR THE FAMILY SX w-1 X.1..3,:,-,,. ,-,- f-X. ,ig-f -- , 1.3.-- .' .'fYu: XX- X. :V 4 gf? Q. 2 - , , . -,.i ,z X .1---fr.-v 2 ,. X' , ff: :'iE.',:f'- jE:.v ,I-11-: Wir- ? 'TE X lf - " .. 2-'fer-Q3fs.srsa 1 -' i" " -15511 5 ' 5 X gg?-D Ili? Q V E IZ., ,A,, .. :VJ-V ,gl 5 R . 'X V W' ' -2 32. .9'5ffazfi'2??Q-XX:"g-mf: .:i-...Qi J , A 4-:rw .. - - , Q ' -ff1:-.N-:-1-.-:-:-wX: -Mil QUIZ Kms Every Sunday-5:30 P.M. XX XXXX IH SHOWS MEMPHIS IUNIORS DATE WITH TEENS Every Saturday-9:30 ILM. Every Mon., Thur., Fri.-4:00 P.M. ood Show 1460 on Your Dial Always a G Congratulations to Class of 1946 DEAN 'S CCFFEE Roa.s'l1f1'.s of Mae Coffee fm- Khmer 70 Ymr, Witsell Bros.-Dean Lilly Co. OLIVER-FINN IE CO. SILVER MooN Candy ' Coffee ' Extracts Fine Fooa' Prorluclx Since 1860 We Operate a MODERN BAKE SHCP Catering to Diseriminating Trade Fresh Rolls, Breads, Pies, Cakes and other delicacies tor your enjoyment 254 MCLAURINES i CROSSTCWN BAKERY 1330 MADISON With Very Best Wishes TAFT MOODY ll CE CRIEAM 430 N. CLEVELAND MEMPHIS, TENN. mx 24 Hours a Day - - 4' A , 5'N v' f f .f I g . f ' Toddle ,im XX House K 41 f If .' 1' , ' ,111 i 1.-.vs 1, e 'iilfzrg ' 1 1.1.11-1. S -133:11 i,1nL!1Ql!g" YL NSIIIXSSSS sm S :::- sg ' 53ll x !SSll . Qi qs In-I J a n : Slgg S -1-zz..-N --83. KJLQZ Ei.: -Ci, 7' ,- A Popular? Yes! Toafdle f-louse F ood Tastes So Good! I ADII , llz., . , . , AV ,. , I 7 , 3 ree CENTRALS ' .,,,, , ., S J . 's PAPER DQ'-'-5 2... . N .T gfgjgg: -- 1: -f:':,.... Nam: Cade'- f, 1 V 5 'iff' iii?" 4' V A v 4' -A Je-an VAN Wada H v V 3 5 AQ xp N ' ' I 4 Lfj " . u Q Mary Bennett 1 X A , R A l PM Anita Yancey X ks X I H y if Xi X Beverly Hanson RQ A Y' 0 ,gg tw, gg wg gig. ff A .5 Ann Ferguson 3, isis 1948 wa , i 1' fm, . q I' ' an xg 4 if T' E - 7 I 4 J Evergreen Grocery and Market Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Our Specialty FREE DELIVERY Compliments of Liberty Cash Grocery No. 10 613 S. Highland v. A, PIERPOLI, MGR. Compliments of HIGHLAND MARKET 549 S. Highland o. M. LONG, MGR. TEL. 7-1075 Cornplhnents 535:93 IACKSON R weom rosa store D - T JENKINS 575 s H'gh1 N51 55 48 3970 PIT BAR-B-Q RESTAURANT ' 1 an - Specialties 1-1e11ums Brothers STEAKS CHICKEN R? SPAGHETTI A Nice Place Fancy Groceries-Fresh Meats 938 S. Cooper Phone 7-7325 ALL KINDS OF SANDWICHES For Nice People Coop's Market Choice Meat Poultry Dressed 1621 Union Compliments of Mrs. Austin's Bakery GILMORE SEAFOOD CAFE CO. OYSTERS ON THE HALF-SHELL Open 6 A.M. to 1 A.M. Phone 7-6826 1861 Madison Ave. Memphis L. C. Sarnrnons, I. G. Mounce, Mgrs. Compliments of ANDERTON'S OYSTER BAR il? Wishing You All a Success Baker Bros. National Brands Stores Phone 2-1243 883 S. Barksdale Linden Avenue Market ' Choice Meats, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables R. D. ROBBINS, Owner and Manager DOUG STEWART, Market Manage Klein Bakery and Delicatessen BREAD-PIES-CAKES SPECIAL PARTY ORDERS Sir 1619 Union Phone 36-2076 D. CANALE G CO. FRUITS AND PRODUCE 'fir Memphis, Tenn. EGSY WGY GTOCGTY T. B. COOPWOOD 1..ida's Tea Room 1533 Overton Park No. 7 "Fancy Groeeries and M eatsl' 1927 Madison 7-1338 Stower's Restaurant "Known for Good Food" 62 s. 3rd Street For that Next Party Get Dozens of Delicious Donuts Compliments of MADISON -SEAFOOD "The Best in Seafood" 149 Madison I. T. Wallace, Mgr Q and S Grocery and Market GRHXVES AND WILLIAMS 267-269 sa cleve-1666 sr. Phone 2-2181 Compliments of Bittmarfs Weona No. 12 G SONS 1565 Lamar Blvd. A L -fx J j ,' ,IV Fresh Meats and Vegetables of .29 7 x .Vf LQ Phone 2-2384 Q55 ...NC7 iw 1 Q IK- FH H ' I .41 f 2 - 'ir , K 1191 cr' -3? ki 1 17 :52 E W' 2 in f...! 6 kj ,I 1 .5 f - X ,f " Rainbow Food Shop ' ft! ff! ' I w' I4 7 I A , 5 I 6 Zvi W 51 9 1 ' PM from , I 'g fi., fi" I 41 7 N 1856 MADISON MEMPHIS MAID J f 519' DoNUT co. 6 '- f "l'm lust clrownin' worms" EASY WAY STORE 18 559 So. Highland Ave. PAUL MARTIN, Owner SPEEDWAY PHARMACY lackson and Decatur F reylz Meat, F aney Groceries F rexh Vegetables PHONE 4-7321 We deliver when you come to store and select your merchandise EASY LESSON IN HEALTHFUI. EATING H , , Choose ,, SPRINGDALE PHARMACY FITS1 ln Freshness H. HACKLEI Prop. F '1 d tvgglfaigzs I 1 Prescriptions Oa11ed For a very ea - Look for This and Delivered Emblem at All hntm hlsbness Independent 2366 lackson Phone 4-6244 Grocers Your Gift of Jewelry is always appreciated most . . . see GEO. T. ROY, Inc. J ew el ery 44 South Main Street, Memphis 3, Tenn. GEO T. ROY MARTIN P. HOOD FOR GRADUATION WATCHES And Other Iewelry "Profit by Proper Guidance" Visit A. GRAVES of STEUWER CO. jewelers Since 1888 104 So. Main St. Phone 5-3496 A Delightful Place . .. To ltfeet Your Friends aria' Shop 4755 The Helen Shop 1808 UNION AVENUE Qeacfoialion la . . . TC CHEHISH THROUGH THE YEARS for the girls Watches, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Stationery, Costume Iewelry, Boudoir Accessories for the boys Identification Bracelets, Rings, Knives, Watches, Key Chains, Collar Holders, Billtolds Many Other Useful, Distinctive Gifts I N C. Iewelers o Stationery o Main at Monroe n MEMPHIS The Gift Centre of the South "" : RTW ii: E:E umm' X.. QQ tllnll -issues:-V tt ll--tr all V nun. gp'-'inllnl ,mm I A Vg OI I I : f lin: E 5-il l . Ill . inset!! ,, , Kill' ii "i5lf""lnf.L X tum ,g l 1 nliiili 'L'-HtlI'III' :mr F2111 III' 'ii ' 1 I I F 1 X J CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! As you pass through these doors and onto the threshold of a new lite, may We offer you our warmest congratulations upon your ach- ievement and our sincerest Wishes for a successful future! Our store, a Memphis- Owned Institution for more than half a century, has been built upon the policy ot honest value and efficient service. We sin- cerely hope that we may merit your patron- age in the future. Ere! Cggogwendlfein This Year as Always . . . Graduales-lo-Be Plan lo See TGOF For Beaulilully Engraved QL ZEN? CQIWGLY Fine Wriling Papers ' Personalized Napkins Engraved lnvifalions and Announcemenls Tlllllf S IS11 ry Seclion S. C. TOOF 81 CO., I95 MADISON PRINTERS LITHOGRAPHERS STATIONERS 0 OFFICE OUTFITTERS .7Aid .xdnnuaf PHINTPU BY STANDARD PRINTING S SUPPLY CU. wil' IIU7-UH lVlAIlIfSllN AVP. PHUNH U-4EIil FRESHMEN FAVORITES Harriet Boone, Marienne Rockett, Marzie Judson Nelson Burton, Bob Beard, Tommie Bryan Ee a Secretary A fascinating career for young women. Interesting work, good pay, congenial associates, future security .,.. Why not be one? DRAUGI-ION'S BUSINESS COLLEGE 253 Madison Avenue Eire, Automobile and General Insurance Liberal Real Estate Loans Real Estate Sales LY? E. I-I. CRUMP at CO. 6-3683 The Sozctlzfv Largest Direct PV1'z'Zing Insuranzie ffgency 5!','!lF!llEllE'3s A Standard College ol Arts and Sciences A College of High Ideals and Personal Attention The greatest thing about a college is the character and ability of its instructors A grateful pride felt in the faculty of Southwestern. The greatest care has been used in the selection of these men. Tltey are all Christian men of sound scholarship and they are great teachers. The architecture is of the collegiate Gothic type and the plant is entirely modern, beautiful and enduring. Nothing has been spared that contributes to the highest good and efficiency of the individual student, and as a result Southwestern offers unusual advantages. Don't be ct . . . "Why didn't some- body tell me about MILLER-I-IAWKINS first?" To he a preferred secre- tary, choose the school of modern training. Be sure you will succeed by choosing: Lf - ,J41!awLin5 Entire Znd Floor-158 Madison Memphis' No. 1 Business-Serrelarial School WAYNE DEUPREE Life and All Other Lines of Insurance DeS1-IAZO COLLEGE OF MUSIC -A' 1264 Linden MIRIAM'S li? Con1pl1'n11'I1Is if LANDAU UNIFORMS 12 N. Second it? CUIIQTIIIIIIIIIIUIIS fronl G. MANNE'S STORE SEL-RITE No. 8 Men's and Boys'i1703 Lamar t 2- 4 5-5144 559 72474 2360 Iackson Ave. Mrs. Peter Mornrnsen, Ir. Associate Teacher Ladies' and Girls-1719 Lamar 4-2187 DESHAZO COLLEGE or Music Piano Teacher ZELMA LEE THOMAS SCHOOL or Music Mary Frances Lowery l'riw1l1' Sflmol Kindergarten-Grades 1 to 8 Summer School 808 N. EVERGREEN PHONE 7-5383 Haart W ish ns Memphis School OI Commerce 1. G. LOWENTHAL INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS 149 Monroe 8-1 121 Memphis, Tennessee NOTICE TO TEACHERS Do you have our Accident and Health Insurance? 351,000.00 Acci- dental Death Benefit plus Weekly Benefits ranging from S10 to S530 l,l'!'IlI1lIlIl1.Y as Low as 5512.90 pw' Yew D. A. I-'ISI-IER, INC. 16 S. Second St. Phone 5-1515 Sllpplhil' You Haw' a IEIDIAI' Yqllllllgllf? MRS. R. R. IAYROE 7II'IlI'1Il'T of fIIII.S'.W.I'lll mul l,l1lIIII1lT IIWIISII' .A, 1-I 1985 Central Ave. 7-0676 The Private Secretarial School MAMIE cox SCHOULTZ Iohn F. Kimbrough, Ir. Kimbrough Towers Iiwfry Kind nf IIISIIVIIIIIY' Tel. 2-1234 A. E. Pipkin 61 Sons Gcrzffml Irzszlmrzre DRIVE WITH CARE, IT COULD BE YOU. Compliments of co-EDITORS v7lAlfElo'iiC Elie' 951 'MV HARRIETT WILLIAMSON VIOLET WHITEHEAD lk ik XL Ii if Compliments of o Friend NATIONAL ECONOMY PLUMBERS 0954-M BQSSQQQ PLUMBING REPAIR WORK Exclusively 934 LIN DEN 'I'EL. 2-2388 ccliargest Plumbing Repair Service in South" A Friend inf wir 275 232 ez: Congratulations to the Cla of 1946 il? The Nfanagemerzt of Allen Shoe Store WRIGHT AIRCRAFT WRIGHT AIRCRAFT Sales 8. Service Sales 8. Service 395 UNION AVE. 395 UNION AVE MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Aeronca's firsf posfwar personaI plane fo roll off fhe assembly Iines is fhe fwo-place fandem Champion. If feafures inferchangeabilify of landing gear, wings, fail surfaces and engine insfallafion wifh fhe side-by-side seafer, Chief. The new Champion has greafy increased visibilify, a cruising speed of 90 m.p.h., and a range of 270 miles. Ofher improvemenfs include pre- formed, one-piece, fireproof plexiglas windshield and an arrangemenf of insfrumenfs which makes fhem easily seen by bofh fronf and rear seaf occupanfs. The 35-ff. wing of fhe Champion feafures one-piece mefal ribs and insfead of convenfional rib sfifching 'rhe fabric is fasfened wifh mefal screws and washers, greafly facilifafing recovering. Landing gear and sfrufs of fhe craff are inferchangeable on eifher side. . , , ,... , .,,.,,,.,.,,... .-.-N.-fn.,-..-4-mm-.-.A... NOW ON DISPLAY IN OUR SHOWROOMS AT 395 UNION We feach you fo fly with the purchase of each airplane HARMQNS Authorized EAST MEMPHIS I-Iawkinson Retreading MOTOR CO. , . S Stem 2144 Mad' on A . Service Station , Y ' IS Ve Tires, Batterzex, and 24 HOUR SERVICE Cooper CS Walker Phone 36-9405 ACLYUOHLTY Wrgks ISef43"'ltAb3' Expats W. Tate Robinson 'IW 'W' 'W 'me 1 Road Service 322 N. Cleveland Day Phones Nite Phone Memehle' Tennessee Phone 36-1604 2-6981-36-9354 36-3270 Pat Ioyner Prank M. I-lays C,,,np,immtS of Service Station Esso Station 1 A A Friend Union at Bellevue 2057 Union O. R. Maloe Esso Station Haggerty S ESSO Shimon 1411 P I Summer Ave. ci Trezevant CS Stanley Op ar 48-2433 4-9235 Esso STATION Congratulations, Graduates! if? I. W. Wood IOI-IN BARBEE SERVICE STATION 'ik' 1678 UNION AVE. 1397 Iackson at Watkins Congratulations Seniors! Home Room 206 CEUMP AND COOPER FILL Operating UP Centrdl Tdnk Cdr E Petroleum Co. sms , I BETTY l356 Union oo oo Bois' PH. 4-6231 2462 CENTRAL Bl-ANC ggfajjogue in .ffm OKIQVLJ 0!Ci2f1f01fL 77 1-iulsey and Nelohut Flake CS Wilbur W- M- Rdiidn 5: CO. BROKERS IN sPoT COTTON Cotton 928 Cotton Exchange Bldg. Uwe Are 7-5161655 Workersv 110 S. Front Memphis, Tenn. Memphis, Tennessee Comm Exchangf gldgbx 1292 Tel' L- D- 388 H. E. Eldridge QS Co. 1127 Cotton Exchange Building Best Wishes F. M. Crump Gr Co. COTTON E. T. Humphreys G CO- WEBBER a COMPANY COTTON 60 S. Front 54 S. Front 8-5839 CAPPRY ROBERTSON Cofnpffmwf-mf Merchants Fred W. Lucas S ca RUSSELL COTTON EXPORT?-DOMESTIC COTTON MERCHANTS Memphis 3, Tenn., U.S.A. 43 Union Ave. B. E. BOOT1-IE 51 COMPANY Cotton Merchants Memphis, Tenn. HARRIS 6: WADE coTToN BROKERS 4 North Front St. Memphis, Tennesse S. T. Lowry Company COTTON MERCHANTS 131 S. FRONT ST. Memphis, Tenn. Compliments BERRY B. BROOKS il? COTTON MANLEY 6 McKEE Cotton Seed Products sir MEMPHIS BARNWELL ci 1-IAYS 1. 1-L BARNWELL, IR. ANDREW 1. HAYS SPOT COTTON BROKERS 91 South Front St. P. O. Box 641 Memphis, Tennessee wean 0!f!Le Qffon Cgarniuaf 5 sr, Sfmftg CUIIII2IfI1II.'lIfS and Stapleton Linters Q 822 Falls Building aft? 43 Qi. A if -Hifi. Memphis, Tenn. fl 30915, ff M3419 , 37? ik SALE in C A f' M 5 M .- - ,, twat ga 6255: iY:h?,!.?4i, .A L ,, X x,,,,?x yan ' -." ' " ,fjffffgggfjfh -., C. W. Zimmermann Cotton C. E. Tucker of Co. Andrews of Ludlam 50 S. Front 8-6057 Colton Colton 45 So. Front St. Memphis, Tenn. Memphis, Tennessee WEIL BROTHERS Anderson, Clayton CS Co.. Cotton CoTToN MERCHANTS 93 S. Front Memphis, Tenn. H- R- ALTICK W. H. FLAUTT fx oo. Cotton Cotton P. o. Box 1437 MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Memphis, Tenn. L. T. BARRINGER ci CO. COTTON 66 South Front Street Memphis, Tennessee KYLE ci CO. Cotton Successors to ABSTON, WYNNE QS CO. 52 South Front Street Memphis, Tennessee E. H. Sornders Cotton Co. coTToN SHIPPERS 96 S. Front Memphis, Tenn. MANGET BROTHERS CO. . Andrews Cotton 111 South Front St. "Compliments of Cotton A Friend" 41 Union Ave. Memphis, Tenn. W. HUSSEY CS CO Eugene B. Smith ofnd Co. COTTON 106 S. Front Memphis, Tennessee C O T T O N '66 S. Front St. Co PHONE 5-0313 McIntyre 61 Crosby Cotton Sellers 105 South Front St. Memphis, Tenn. G. M. MCINTYRE I. T, CORBETT Broker in Cotton Seed Products E. T. Lindsey 522 Cotton Exchange Bldg. IULIUS GOODMAN ci SON wiv Antique and Fine jewelry Antique and Un-usual Silver Sir Memphis, Tenn. Compliments of Herbert Esch ci Co. 26 S. Front Memphis, Tenn. Portraits by T I G R E T T Phone 36-6405 By Appointment Only , ii? Luck s Lunch Room Towers Building 1697 Lamar Ave' Room 219 1503 Union Sawyer Campbell Agency General Insurance 1116-14 81 Madison Building Phone 8-6160 Best Wishes, Graduates Compliments of American Furniture CITY Mfg. Co. FURNITURE CO. Office Equipment if Company 211 Madison 139 N. Main Si. Desks Tables Chairs In Any Event SEND FLOWERS! Z? Q Dr' FLORIST CLUB Of Memphis A FRIEND SHELL PRODUCTS I PHONE 7-3745 Al Irvine Service Station ROAD SERVICE T1RES-BATTERIES-ACCESSORIES WASHING-LUBRICATION-SIMONIZING 1900 LAMAR AVE. MEMPI-IS, TENN. Stamps - Coins Model Airplanes DeSoto Stamp Shop 72 Park Lane CFalls Buildingl Decca, Capitol, Columbia, Victor P1-IONOGRAPI-1 RECORDS I-Iome Appliance Co. 1672 Union Ave. Tel. 7-1237 OPPOSITE l"OH'l'UNl:l'S BELVEDERE For Graduation Use Our INITOIRMAILS fThank You Notesj PEPPER STATIONERY CO 68 COURT HENRY I-IILL MFG. IEWELER Engagement and Wedding Rings DIAMONDS Special Order Work 8-8036 Q B ? y U X! I S I N M A N A G E R 1, 1 I E , 1 y 5 .ff S ' A Q dison ' Home Locfns! 0 lnsured Sctvings! 0 Eoch Account ln- sured to S5,UUUl LEHDER PEDEBHL ' SRUIIIGS fr Minn HSFUCIHTIUII nn nor, i' of M 'l' lou uuuu Tel. "Save lVitfz Ill.YllI'6dI Szzfetyn HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSQCIATION l-49 Monroe Avenue Marx and Bensdorf Bldg. Whitfield King CS Co. INSURANCE Q Emitting UAFETERIAS A Compliments ot of Since 1921 ' " . WA Well Rounded Meal Friend at Britlinggs Costs Less! 1 Q fx H tillggitlllqllltlll , Z , 4, , UEmQglg , It 155 N C 75 UNI When Homework Stops And Housework Begins f f 1 N, , X, ' .I love .sfifff . ' When you doff your cap and gown to don an apron and put your books away for awhile, you'll want to remember Bruce Floor Cleaner. It's a "snap" course in floor care with the emphasis on doing things the easy way. No back-aching sessions with brush and bucket that wear you out and your floors as well. Bruce Floor Cleaner does a perfect cleaning job on wood and linoleum floors easily, speedily, safely. Try it yourself, today. BRUCE FLOOR CLEANER F? , Wd: ' ' A... 2.5 :riffs 1' " L E 'x , f J.. lf vw' 15,2 ,- my Q.- P, E551 152. WF' .-fwyjf Qi aff? sf? fiigfn' E3 wa Qs 'PH , Ev ,. N. 4 , , ,M -.M f ffiia- M, u iv I' 'gp -Q- A f-'f' H Qu'-w-rf -541 'eivhqa ' sf. -.... ' s 0 ---1-W,----ug 55 BQ

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