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Medical College Hospital School of Nursing - Cap and Candle Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Q , s C I I I J I' . Xi,L 4 'lr I ' 1 . C r 1 . ' . 4. V' 4. -1 ' 1, YN, F . ' ' . ' ' 4 l r 1 J- ' sf' - I Z x x V n 7- .'Vs.. Jw U , I r, '. A I U-1' S u K 'Q H I . . A .,4 1 g-4 f .' 4 - s , ' ' Q l ' .N V' w V . . A .D Y 1 11- o . ' N 1 'l Y 44 'IW . I ' ' fl 1 Q J , I td I O 1, I . . , ll. F- , . o 'A 'iv l ' , Jef I ' F . ..9 I V'-l'o H '-- io Y G . 4 , 9 ' '-9 V . . " 'rr' " As if iv - a, . 7-Z 4 L fn 1, V' sk uL1m' .:fl.- 'ju " ' PV , . ' " 'x Ag- , gg gy v . xhneu 4 i a dirllt' I Y , f' ' 1411-9' 'f fn V' k 4 ! "Pi I o' ary, .. .Q I ' . r H - I vu ' . ul fs 0' 1 V 'rl .X 1 ' ' ' ' ' A. L, 1. . 5. ii' ' .I 1 4J..4 ' 1 5537. :Ffa CAP and CANDLE 1 9 5 7 10 I E2 37 ff if? X V Blix x , ,L , ,, J Q59 QQQWQ TAKE ONE GIANT STEP So the world speaks to us as we stand at the doorway of our training. Three years ago we looked inward with timid curiosity, now, looking outward, we hesitate once more. Behind us lies the landmark of our progress, the medicine closets, the clinicsg the wards with their plaster casts and oxygen tentsg the nursery with its army of formulas and incubatorsg the children's ward, with its occupants crying for home one minute and laugh- ing at TV the next. There are first-time memories which will always linger: giving an injection, scrubbing for operation, seeing a baby born. Stored away also are the outings, the parties, the basketball games. Most of all, there are those with whom we have worked, played, laughed and lived. We walked along these corridors hundreds of times before we reached the doorway. Here we pause for a moment of reflection while those many steps are merged into one great giant step out into the world. DEDICATION Once upon a time a young woman put on her cap, lit a candle, and became a nurse. Thru the world she Walkedg among her dear friends and among strangers in distant lands. Every hand she touched became a little stron er a d g ', n every face that saw her candle be- came a little brighter. At last we were the ones to share that candle low K' dl g . in ed by years of experience, it burned even brighter as she led us along the road of kindness, love, and inner strength. Other faltering steps may not know the comfort of that light, but we will always remem- ber. Because we sincerely hope some of the glow has rubbed off on us, we dedicate this our storehouse of memories to the bearer of our guiding candle- DORIS E. PRYCE THE IGHTI ALE PLEDGE I solenmly pledge myself before Cod and in the presence of this assembly to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will ali- stain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harm- ful drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowl- edge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care. R icq E'-52 fi A XNU fi f h-19 :WRX 1 , s K , 1 1 3 lj K saw 41 K X NURSING OFFICE ,K 'ttf xififif' 0 W, w MILDRED SWICK Director of Nurses QQ , a 'stu N f' D 3' MOLLY WALLACK DORIS WECKERLY Assistant Director: Education Assistant Director: Service , hu MARGARET AIKEN Clinical Instructor and Supervisor in Medical and Surgical Nursing gr MAY BELLE BALL Clinical Instructor BEATRICE CIRILLO DOROTHY LEONARD Clinical Instructor Clinical Instructor 19 'C7 R 5: 2 "' ' sv R. QC -4 '-7 ,f"""' GEORGE A. HAY DR- EVA F- FOX Administrator Medical Director DR. BURGESS L. GORDON DR. MARION FAY President of College Dean of College x 'N- CHIEFS OF STAFF ww S. WILLIAM G. LEAMAM, JR.. M.D. MARY DEWITT PETTIT. M.D. L. K. FERGUSON, M.D Obstetrics Urology Pediatrics f V -f ' fskfivf ma ri J cg. A 1 If ,W al 1. fi. :A 4 -,.-. 7 A, 'KS1 L. ,ig j dq : -' as ff V f ' Y ' - .1 P, ANN GRAY TAYLOR, M.D. STANFORD W. MULHOLLAND JEAN CRUMP, MD- M.D. Orthopedics-BEN T. BELL, M.D. KNO! Picturedl RE IDE T A D I TERNS Q - , Q ' 1 fv Rub'-1,2 5:1-Q fri . , f . .if hull: ., ' ' ' 6v,i -If-fuss: as - Q Q... 4+ :Qs A -1-"si-V---, Q ' .. -..-9 e z i v - nn: A 4 L -5.'- 'pta' ,.zn4 gftx. 4 Q -s ,,',. , 05 fi.-r'- x 1,5 Q f g9,.2-22:5-ggjg-ec-2 -p., -,1 .-' ,wg '- ,.. -f , A 5" 2 Zaiff. 34 :fff?ffV':Xi'g.':,: , v ' l , :QW . us '.4 1 ' , fel I, 1:3f..f.:.f..5.w,,11, Q v 3 ' 3 -f -1 aff 1. , ty' - -.- , . -1 21- ' F' . " P 'I f " 2 '35 'U' it 1:1 . - i t ' ,r - 1 -N 1 sw ,.. . 4 , . V xy Qi 1 :Q--.1 V V 'cv 4 s. f 'P-' PM -- .' v 8. ,.:, -QM V, Q , Z F53 T . gf 33 1 , gr' Q S . f - ' wk V QI " "W M A 4... - 4 t. 'sg Q - U1 sf- ' 0' - ml ' - f 'ff X Q s Q Sv: f' 33.3, f jv ,- , x A - r 3'v '-:uf , X ,fm 9 if I E ff- x -. .f A 7 V ' ,Q tx, Y 'f' ' , 14 .' C - 1 .fir Q, ug ,an 1 -if-2 if' 21- JV Y gt A I 3 Q. .TJ J .4 kill 4' r N 5 I ' ' fi v 1 1 1 A ... .- 'A v ,g?2f 7 , ai . :Ji o -:3-, . 5,5-, Qi,-I .f:.,::E3a-gp. iw r:-32:-z 315 'fi r F 'M--fa e.. s , . .1 2 -.63 ' .14 -f f'i"! f sf?" , 5 Q X A '?:L"'-,ge I ,, ,,.,4' 1 2 35'? ' 2 .. UQ 4 . 1 "' Z - . w gan x' N I Q Adlem ll ,aff g , -fu . s ,- R XX5 ,A Back row, left to right: Drs. Bessie Dituri, Bernard Eskin, Nicholas Tsetis, Hideo Tamaki, Lee Roy Mathis, John Ratanavale, Sailendra Sinha, Miriam Klebaner. Front row: Drs. Socorro Abela, Doris Bartuska, Dorothy Klein, Traudel Ellwart, Dorothea Johnson, Luz Antonio, Yaovalak Mokkhavesa. Not pictured: Drs. Alfred Rivera, Editha Torrano, Miriam Dahlke, Naomi Lund, Katherine Melton, Martha Biemuller, Mary Denk, Doris Gallagher, Elizabeth Laufer, Mary Louise Soentgen. I1 Not Pictured JEAN MAC CREICHT, Ph.D.. Anatomy VICTOR IACOCCA, Ph.D.. Microbiology ROBERTA HAFKESBRINC. Ph.D. Physiology HAZELTENE PARMENTER, M.S. FACULTY MARIA WIEMER KIRBER, Ph.D. Microbiology MARGARET RYLAND. B.A. Chemistry SUPERVISGRS CHARLOTTE STRAUSSER, R.N. Not Pictured IRENE STOVER, R.N. EMMA NICKOLSON, R.N YEARBGOK STAFF Left to right: Joyce Dissinger, Editorg Joann Billow, Photography Editorg Jane Truxton, Copy Editorg Jeanette Lauffer, Co-Editorg Helen Lowell, Art Editor. Not pictured: Kay Greene, Co-Editorg Marilyn Kamerer, Business Manager. STUDE T COUNCIL JANETTE LAUFFER C . C Presizlent JEAN HALSTEAD , . . ee A Vice Presiflent MARY ANN KISALOSKY eeeeee eeeee,eeeee Secretary BARBARA WALKER C, lunior Representative MARIS MUMMERT is ,,e,, C ....e.. e.,e..e . Treasurer NANCY YANUSHKA C is C eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Social Chairman DAREEN MARTIN eeeeeeee is , Junior Class Representative MARY ANN SPARKS eeee.eeeeeeeeeeeeeee Freshman Chairman CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: JoAnn Billow, Treasurerg ,lan Lauffer, Presidentg Mary Singley, Vice Presidentg Shirley Worman, Secretary. fu nior Year ,lan Lauffer, Presidentg Mary Singley, Vice Presidentg Shirley Worman, Secretaryg Alice Gorka, Treasurer. Freshman Year Jan Lauffer, Presidentg Mary Singley, Vice Presidentg Kay Moyer, Secretaryg Alice Corka, Treasurer. JOANN MARIE BILLOW 235 Sly Street Luzerne. Pennsylvania T Yup Nickrzanze-"jo,' Favorile saying-"l'n1 going home again." Shutter-hug . . . I clonit even know you . . . Below zero . . . Rock ,ri Roll aclclict . . . "Look at :ny room and I just cleaned it." . . . "Whos gonna write a letter with ine?" . . . Nlouseketeer . . . '-3' y Niclfname-"Barb7' Favorile saying-"3 to 11 againw Our singing Nightingale . . . Crying the blues . . . The brother-sister act . . . "What else shall l tell Syd?7' . . . Another hairdo? . . . Are you 21? . . . BARBARA LOU BROWN 809 E. Walnut Street North Wales, Pennsylvania Y LOIS MARY BUTZ R.D. No. 3 Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 19 Nickname-HLON Favorite saying-"Holy lightlingv Dungaree doll . . . Let's' roller skate down the hall . . . Giddap . . . Got a heavy foot? . . . The top down in February? . . . Miss Let-it-Fly . . . Sugar and short sheets . . . 3 I H ir l e S Nickname-'4Diz,' Favorite saying-"How 'bout that" '4Getda,' . . . The sun visor routine . . . Dance addict . . . Shawnee-five miles . . . Allergic or nervous? . . . Jezebel . . . Ocean City cigars . . . Underground night clubs . . . JOYCE MARIE DISSINGER 34 Maple Street Lebanon, Pennsylvania 3,1 JEAN HELEN EDMISTON R.D. No. 1 Camp Hill, Pennsylvania W Nickname-g'Jeanie77 Favorite saying-"Holy cow' Fudge guaranteed to chip enamel . . . Complicated love life . . . Paint with toothpicks . . . Beansoup . . . 'aBetty Crockerw . . . Barefoot Contessa . . . E Nickname-"Big Patw Favorite saying-'al-Ielp ine" G'Getda,' . . . Deaf maybe? . . . Blond, brunette or redhead? . . . Get me up . A. . Fresh-air fiend . . . Ohhh, Elvis! . . . Personality personified . . . Chip- dlp... PATRICIA ANN GERNERD 370 S. 9th Street Lehighton, Pennsylvania ALICE MARY GORKA 1204 Hanover Street Nanticoke, Pennsylvania 'sv T' 4 Nickname-HAI" Favorite saying-"Real schmaltzyn The barber without the top'row . . . Can be found at Bartuskais . . . Liberace's cohort . . . How about those navy men . . . singing in the shower . . . Chickie-pie . . . Nickname-6'Kay,7 Favorite saying-"My best and dearest friend." How come it takes four years? . . . I can't see, I can't see . . . 5'0ur Charlie" . . . Waste can scavengerg need sneakers? . . . Do you practice what you preach? . . . KAY MARUE MOYER GREENE 504 Main Street Trappe, Collegeville, Pennsylvania RUTH HEBAL 1050 James Street Hazelton, Pennsylvania f' 65 'Ea Nickname-'LRuthie" Favorite saying-6'What,s the hurry?" Who's calling? . . . Talking jags at 2 A.M. . . . Hawaii calls . . . Spends her time relaxing, and her nickels in the Pepsi machine . . . 6'Listen, listen, heyg are you listening?" Nickname-"lVIaril,' Favorite saying-Hwhat do you have I can Wear?" How to speak Italian in 10 easy lessons . . . Make me a cap . . . Nifty neat . . . Oh, those blue eyes . . . Feeling faint? . . . Elevator rides, Liver dis- ease? MARILYN ANN HOWELL 330 N. Shady Lane Drive New Castle, Pennsylvania it CLARE PATRICIA HUGHES R. 51 Spruce Street Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Nickname-L'Little Patw Favorite saying-"Who left the mess in the lounge?,' True blue . . . "Anybody for coffee?" . . . And then there was the 21st birthday . . . Reprimands for the fickle-minded . . . 6'May I borrow your radio?" 6'Who is that man?,, J N ickname--"Kem,' Favorite saying-"Look how big this is." Where did you hide the food? . . . 4'Lace me upf, . . . The Mad Russian . . . To Muni with two left shoes . . . Buckls extension . . . Real cool Wintergreen initiations . . . MARILYN JANE KAMERER R.D. No. 4 New Castle, Pennsylvania X , ROSE MARIE KAMINSKI 26 Ashley Road Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania F 1'- is 9 lm N ickname-"Rosebud" Favorite saying-L'Who7s gettin' up at 6?" '4Goin' for hoagies?" . . .-"Put the Water on', HDO me a favorf' . . . The two-bit corsage Robin Hood, etc .... Rose's Polish nut bread I'll save my money, but look at these shoes . Nickname-6'Pooch" Favorite saying-"Don't cha wan' it?,' "Cot a match?', . . . Mimics and sound effects . . . Skinned knees . . . Our absent-minded profes- sor . . . "Where's a bush?" . . . Bakes "marble" cakes . . . The instigator . . . Never a dull moment... JANETTE PATRICIA LAUFFER East Mt. Kirk Avenue Eagleville, Pennsylvania . -:L ,. HELEN CHRISTINA LOWELL R.D. No. 2 Fairhill Road Sellersville, Pennsylvania l 5 12 Nickname-"Linn Favorite saying--"Are you Serial?,, Staying in tonight? . . . That crazy giggle . Mambo queen . . . Handy with a paint brush Moves furniture at 2 A.M .... Class time snacks Nickname-'6Cass,' Favorite saying-'6Oh, yeah?,' 'floelll take ya'." . . . A place for everything and everything in its place . . . Movie time A.P.H. . . . No place like home . . . What a reception! . . . Got cold feet? . . . CATHERINE ANN MARKEY MARINO 34-37 Cresson Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MARY MARGARET MATALONIS 517 W. Shawnee Avenue Plymouth, Pennsylvania '91 Nickname-"Mat" Favorite saying-"All right, already" Loquacious, putting it mildly . . . Class clown . . . Dynamite comes in small packages . . . "Pm in love again." . . . What would you do if your jaws ankylosed? . . . Nickname-"Mickey,, Favorite saying-"N.S.D.T.,, That dry sense of humor . . . Where'd da girlds? . . . Wie gehtst? . . . "Flo" or '4P0e"? . . . Did you pay your dues? . . . Everybody's friend . . . Beware the hawk . . . MARIS JOHANNA MUMMERT R.D. No. 3 York, Pennsylvania Nr Twp MARY JANE MUNDY 221 N. Centre Street Pottsville. Pennsylvania 'la 'Nickname-'Alan iew Favorite saying-"Cot anything to eat?,7 Immune to alarm clocks . . . The inquisitive mind . . . Long eyelashes . . . Cary Grantls dancing partner . . . "What'll I wear?" . . . Petite . . . ip-v AvvliCli'fIIllI16-nlkl3ZCl-I1l1lSu Favorile saying-"Did I get a Call?', Where did you find those names? . . . Calypso Clara and her palm-readings . . . Thatis singing?? . . . "The hospitalis on fire. need any help?77 . . . HAZEL SAUNDERS 2405 Turner St. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania f MARY LOUISE SINGLEY 73 Pottsville Street Cressona, Pennsylvania ,l Nickname-"Sing', Favorite saying-'5You know what?" Sleepy at study time . . . Pony tail . . . "Honestly, don't you think so?" . . . Knitting classes at Friends . . . "Who,ll come with me?" . . . "To- morrow I'll dieti' . . . Nickname-"Barb', Favorite saying-"l'm boredw First to tie the knot . . . The cranial nerves . . . Mrs. Aiken's little housekeeper . . . Denturephobia . . . Just a little Austin . . . "One 'bluel east, one 'blues west . . ." BARBARA ANN OTTEY STELLANDER 54 Hart Street Hatboro, Pennsylvania JANE ELIZABETH TRUXTON 6161 Rogers Avenue Merchantville, New Jersey 1 v W2 , tm , -WWW' X x Nicknanze-'ijanien Favorite saying-"As much as I hate tof' Commuter . . . Literary genius . . . "I spend my whole life waiting for that guyw . . . Blue-bell Hill . . . Thrifty . . . Cranberries or mustard? . . . The three-year quilt . . . g I . i I Nicknmlze-"Nat'7 Favorite saying-"Co wan You tell ieln. Nat . . . HI-'Ill going off the deep dark enfl again" . . . Turn that radio clown! . . . Kiel- liossy Queen . . . Tea with lemon . . . Natls flying saucers lwastecansl . . . NATALIE WALLACE 51 Willow Street Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 'CT' M i SHIRLEY ANN WORMAN 411 Pennsylvania Avenue Lansdale, Pennsylvania 'QR N ickname-'5Shirl" Favorite saying-"Good Morning, Mary Sunshinef That Ivory look . . . Wfhumperlln . . . Party party . . . The most to say the least . . . "Ah knows" . . . Shirl's original Mummer,s strut . . Colgate smile . . . Nickname-'LNance', Favorite saying-NGO wan already" One of our faithful cheerleaders . . . 'gDon't put your ashes in my sinkf, . . . Dancerls favorite hostess . . . Letter writer . . . Canary club . . . Mummertls accomplice . . . ANN THERESA YANUSHKA 160 Conrad Lane Plymouth, Pennsylvania LEANORE YUKNAVITCH ,L2 S. Walnut Street Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania IGI ' - Nickname-'gLee" Favorite saying-"Tomorrow lim going on a flietfl Forum fiend . . . If it's not the movies it's the pizza shop . . . Gosh, I have so much to think about . . . Classical music and hi-fi fan . . . Always with Alice . . . 'E Y 'XV d YW. QS, if 'Wi 'XX i 1 A 5.169 ,N A T 1 Q , fN A lf' .:'4'I: kg 2' X if I s' -"T-'T 1 Qc .-'jx .JLASS HSTQ RY ln the beginning there were 29 of us, fresh out of school and looking like it. We were strangers in a strange place. Suddenly we were introduced to Anatomy, Chemistry, Psy- chology, Physiology and a dozen other sciences, including of course, The Art and Science of Nursing. After all that's what we came here for. Months passed. We lived among books, bunsen burners, cats, and curfews. On the wards we took temps, watered the flowers, and generally stood in awe of the upperclassmen. Christmas came and then the long-awaited day - Capping! Twenty-seven in number we lit our candles and bent our heads to receive the coveted cap. Now we looked like Nurses! Maybe it was more starched uniforms that made us walk a little straighter now. Anyway, we did. Spring warmed into summer, and as we watched the arrival of new students we realized that now we werenit the babies anymore. We became the proud possessors of maroon bands on our caps. There were more classes. more privileges, more responsibility. We were Juniors now. Another Christmas, another capping-not ours this time. We watched the Seniors gradu- ate and heard them say, 'LYou're next." This was the time of migra- tion. We moved from room to room, from Muni to Friends. Somewhere along the way we turned into Seniors. It took a while for that to sink in. When it did the feeling was great. Now wedding bands and dia- monds were the fashion. The dreams of the future came ever closer to reality. We counted months, then days. Then sud- denly it was all over. The blue uniforms turned to white, the students turned to graduates, and the class of 1957, poured out of the doors of WMCH into the traffic of the world, A FINISHED PRODUCT A237 'Q rg? i 5? 1 r, Z ' 6 I' N -Q cr .. o If 5 K7 f X - jg H21 MILASS IQCDPH IECV June, 1967 I donlt remember my name. All I remember is that ten years ago I sojourned at WMCH. I left my appendix there. I took the memory with me. The place haunts me. Illl show you what I mean. Ilm a marine. I fell out of my third story bunk one morn- ing and ended up in the in- firmary, face to face with Bar- bara Stellander, the nurse in charge. Your head, she saidg you need a rest. Next thing I knew I was on a boat to Europe. So were Mary Jane Mundy and Mary Singley. Out in the middle of the Atlantic I said to myself-What am I doing here?-And overboard I went. Well the ocean was a mite larger than I expected. and fortunately Rose Marie Kaminski came along. She had just finished rowing Mickey Mummert over to Africa and was on her way back. Since she did all the rowing it was only fair that I should take her to see the sights when we got to New York. I was floored at the first night spot. All the girls had two-tone hair. a fad I later discovered to be started by Mme. Pat Cernerd, the famous hair stylist. The food made me suspicious, so I called for the chef. When Jane Truxton appeared, I changed my mind. By this time the floor show had started. After Hazel Saunders and Ly nn Lowell had danced the latest rhythm-Calambo tcross be- tween Calypso and mambot. I could hardly focus on the torch singer. Barbara Brown. When I found out the magicianls act featured Ruth Hebal. I left. In the next club everyone wore mink coats. Natalie Wal- lace was peddling them at the door. About this time the wealthy heiress. ,Ioyce Dissinger. was eyeing me. I took refuge next to a detective, who said she was searching for the kid- napped Rose Bowl Q u e en. Nancy Yanushka. I'll go with you. I said. We boarded a bus. The driver. Pat Hughes, was mad when we got on. Marilyn Kamerer had just tried to get her 8 kids on free. The detective had a hunch. We got off in front of a beau- tiful Ranch House. Cass Ma- rino was nailing a "Keep Off the Grassw sign on the lawn. We went around back. As we passed the barn where Kay Greene was milking a cow. Lois Butz rode up on a horse, shout- ing. I couldnit hear what she said because Alice Gorka was inside playing the piano. Down the street we came to another house. It belonged to JoAnn Billow. The roof was shingled with rock and roll records. Inside, ,Ian Lauffer was having a meeting of her Women,s Clu b. She intro- duced me to her guest, Shirley Worman. president of the club, and to the speaker of the day, Leanore Yuknavitch, worId's best dressed woman. They in- vited me to dinner but I made a hasty departure. I fled to the nearest restaurant, w h i c h turned out to be a spaghetti house run by Marilyn Howell. The last thing I remember be- fore the amnesia set in is Mary Matalonis sitting across the table from me talking-talking -TALKING . . . XJ -.1 fp Q xi 5 i 1 X X f N Xi AX, , uv p KEMEM EIFQ HHN . Remember when-6'Little Pat" took TPR,sg '6Diz,, brushed teeth with talcg we came face to face with Grace Kelly for the first timeg Singley started to cook spaghetti in cold waterg "Big Pat" got out of bed on the wrong side of the bed and knocked herself outg Mundy got up with an alarm clock II don'tjg Dr. Chang ate all the cherry tarts at the Xmas teag every- one got the knitting bug at Friendsg L a u f f e r and Greene went into interior decoratingg Ottey backed up into the housemotherg every- one but HDiz', flunked the Pedi finalg the night Billow held up her bed with en- cyclopedias. And then there was hur- ricane Hazel. First we had no lights, then no windows. Everyone slept in the hall. That was the same night 6'Gone with the Wind" p l a y e d at Germantown movie. Try and forget the sum- mer they started building the third floo r on the nurses, home. Take eight hours night duty, plus a warm sleepy, July day, add one or two power drills, and what have you got??? There are various and sundry reasons for remem- bering Mrs. Aiken. Never forget the mock wedding in honor of Barb Stellander. ,lo and Joyce were the bride and groom and Hazel in her black slip and leopard belt sang our Pedi theme song. Also, Nat and "Big Patn trying to out- shout each otherg short sheets and over anxious seamstressesg the debate of mustard vs. cranberry sauceg Dr. lococca's Old Spiceg Gernerd's birthday party with its upaperi' dec- orations and the presents- Pencil stubs, sponges, etc. ,loyce's TV set-we never did get out of that rut, the fire across the street in the middle of the night, saran wrap, poor Kamererg the parties behind locked doors, swallowing the tube in phy- siology, Cass Marino's wed- ding reception-after! Mat- alonis' little toe, the fateful two months that Wallace, Cernerd, and Mundy roomed together, Laufferis version of "Moonglow" and c'Blue Moon", Shirl and her famous Mummer's strut f not on New Year's day eitherlg the alley cat in Diz's bedg the Christmas Ball at the Philadelphia Country Club with the League of Nations, our memory crutchesg cold showers, Elvis! g Howell's striped dressg Gus and Par- lor Boyg Kramer's congen- ital anomaly, water bottles and peanut butter fights, Nat, Diz and Truxton and their double trouble, PTI parties, butter snooters, stew-da-maters, spaghetti with cotton balls, hypodemic nurdles. Howabout Miss Swick,s coffee breaks in the second floor lo u n g eg Dr. Mac Creight's mental cups of coffee, Hazelis C h i g g e r bites, the diet kitchen's bul- letin boardsg Mother Moy- er's ideas at Munig the night c'Diz" came back with a wedding band. How could we ever for- get peanut butter and jelly? Who called Miss Wolfe's stainless steel treasures tin cups? What is so appetizing about pizza pie at 1 a.m.? We now know and will never forget the meaning of Cyn. We never did find out who flooded our johns by putting brown paper you know where. Always remember the Amthony's, Miss Schaller, the basketball teamg Mrs. Pryce's doggie roast, our yearly trips to the Kelly's in Ocean City, the forum, the Christmas Eve caroling through the hospital, OB coffee breaks, Miss Swick's thesis-we were the guinea pigsg the sun baths on the roof-we used to take our lunch up there-then we stopped getting ham and cheese. The sound of sirens and the number 3901 are deeply implanted in some memo- ries, on top of old '4Smokey"g and then '6Lit- tle Pat" reached the golden age of 21. How about the night of the Senior ban- quet-it isnit every day you get your toes cleaned with a toothbrush, is it "Big Patv? Phenobarb and grad- uation went hand in hand. Butz and her mad search for an apartment drove everyone nuts. How many birthday's do you have a year, Jo, or are you run- ning out of perfume? Free chalypso lessons for all- Nat still has 2 left feet. Gernerd and Singley on the violin and Billow on the squeeze-box sure produced some hot jam sessions. What was his name, Ruth- Guess?? Have you made out any accident reports lately, Hebal?? And last but certainly not least-never overlook dirty shoe laces and yellow sheets -and above all-RElVlEM- BER TO GET WEIGHED. CLASS OF 198 First row, left to right: J. Halstead, N. Smith, K. Melatti, M. Murdza, M. Miller D. Martin, E. Folk, B. Walker, A. Good. Second row: B. Catano, A. Czupick G. 'Michaels, M. Kisalosky, N. King, B. Hebal, D. Dittenhafer, C. Bradish, H. Cay M. Davis. Not pictured: C. Hardy S Branton B Batson M Brown H Krahel B Orled e 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' 5 ' 7 ' g 7 B. Walsh. CLASS or 19 9 KQV X 4 A , J-in First row, left to right: J. Donovan, S. Amey, S. Dudrick, K. Murray, C. Miles J. Marencin, D. Bell, P. Benson. Second row: R. Hershey, G. Bray, M. Lee, E Schmiel, B. Davis, L. Toth, R. Raudenbush, C. Ludman, D. Moser. Third row B. Keenan, E. Elko, A. Cottone, D. Forker, C. Buch, C. Vajda, M. McGinty, A Butruille, S. Masonis, D. Mull. Not pictured : M. Sparks. SPORTS CLUB TW'YW Back row, left to right: Beverly Batson, Paula Benson, Maris Mummert, Mary McCinty, Betty Hebal, Mary Ann Kisalosky, Elizabeth Schmiel, Ruth Raudenbush, Rose Ann Hershey. Fourth row: Mary Ann Sparks, Sylvia Masonis, Mary Ann Davis, Ruth Hebal, Jean Halstead, Lois Toth, Mary Belle Lee, Marilyn Kamerer, Beverly Williams. Third row: Kay Greene, Alice Czupich, Mary Lee Miller, Cert Micheals, Barbara Walker, Doris Mull, Annetta Good. Second row: Pat Gernerd, Helen Krahel, Jean Edmiston, Barbara Walsh, Mary Jane Mundy, Marie Zurinski, Lois Butz, Sonia Amey. Front row: Barbara Stellander, Joyce Dissinger, Janette Lauffer, Diane Forker, JoAnn Billow, Mary Singley, Coach, John Anthony. OFFICERS President ......,,...........,....... ---- JOYCE DISSINGER Secretary-Treasurer - ...... BEVERLY ORTLEDGE Vice President .--,, ,,,..,., H ELEN KRAHEL Advisor ,,,,,,, ,, .,,,,., JOHN ANTHONY q4,M'f76 ITIES r 3 A452 fm. . A a' '::i I :Q MY' -nfl, Iv Aw Ji NX ...j-f-1 12.10 .2 If 435 X x If id .ZRHENDS cw A 1 f QR mf ff K - .ilu , 4 K 1 - 5: 1 QsFi:- W XW fx 'n 4 P .. FJ K, XR 4' x4J -Yuma . W STUDENT HEALTH AND HOUSEMOTHERS 'Z Mrs. Lucas Dr. Marion Boyd Mrs. Delvin Student Health Building Mrs. Bennis, Mrs. Spring, Mrs. Spears WEL VUEQ T 'Y 'N 5 OPD ' ravi? K - Dorothy Brocious. R.N. Virginia Riddle. HN. 41? Yr C5 Q 069-50 H6661 PEDIATRICS -.V xo A Dorothy Wolf. R.N. Joan Barnes, R-N 1 111' H N 5. W ouxxa Yalluslzfra UBSTETRICS X Ei , gg. Xgzf X., Wav. f4 ' pI."-"""""""' "'W"""" ' :fx' W wr X Mm Mildred Berman, R.N. Evelyn Rigg, R.N Z xr S . Sdieiaoo, - C6171 61-O1 Ai'v .. ,flf A 1 4 .P C.S.R. AND O.R. .A Alu' xl,- ...J u . , A, X - , , L n N 'f""1-'r"flY,NF?, , - 12... N--0-mb-an-W-4wmM,,u,,,......a X X Central Supply Room Eleanor Anthony. KN. Anna Snoich. RN. 'iql' KWW' VL VX..- bgu - Aaron C 1 I Kyle Laramore, RN. , - Mari no S. Q THIRD FLOOR ' ff X ko W5 2 X, , '14 4 , -.. I fx o 'F' x T Mrs. Kelly, Rae Norton, Ward Clerks Mary Howard. RN. I l X , N 1 , i . f f WQ 4 lil 235 'iff' v D. X - . I SXOOYWJ n 13807 ' px. eww ge' FOURTH FLOOR x J 0 v ff f- Mfg, Cimm Kathleen Fef-se Mrs. Hardine XXMXACY 8061-6' xv K I I fi 45 .. FIFTH FLOOR Miss Moyer, Ward Clerk ,. ,ag ' , , Y MF' ,. 33, ' 1 f .0 if Yi-x'V"'f1 4' . X it it X 'Q' V .xl if .4 1 x -' l -I ' ,ff ' 1- Hiififl' ' 'Q-41 v.A , lv ,ff-9'vvfj,6?,, ,Ioan Torpey. R.N. ,lacquehne Zlmmerman R F A,"-um 9 . V w Q61 br X- X fffgi I V Q fl' 5. .Y J . 1 .X if ., 1 ri-'Ah Sr l' T sk FW -F xv Z. irriikix Aiyvv I qxxxxyvr K.--5'f33"" KL ,-" K L Hugbeb WARD CO FERE CE N. Wallace, J. Dissinger. Mrs. Ball. J. Billow. K. Melatti, D. Martin. ' r . F QW, My J HQ., K YW M ,M W.. my M fa if' A KH 194 Jn. A ,. 4' -341 4 JPY! Xu Ulm? 'W . .M M, H . .I Mx., ...m... ' , . w q ...W xx N ' w- ' 3f4 w"':! 1 mr. - -- jx v 11573 iw . 5, Y :Sp 1 . .Z L sail-2!Q.,,..". , ' fi L. 51:1 ' : ? l ' ! ., fe?"" ' . . Y gm. fgw M Wg ff Sim 1 i A- 11: ---- :1f'Q"'vW1.m G G ,mfg .. 1 .zz ,,-- irw' 'E v, " ff ' W .fibwgg wgiok .gf gf m'!l"""J: W' I, u, : 55515 n- - Q S QM 1 5 , 0 K x l a 1 1 V Q Q , . B fv'xx 4 xg All vlk 1 'N-f-K' 'mf 'wqiph kg 't!,:f: r -sam... A Y- -..qr , 'll-A.. F A-X Q A fi 1 N? .lg ,gin-hi-'i,. j 7 - 1 QA . X "T i ix f f :.- W fi-I:',s".7g ,A A ,,,.- A "SED, v nf 97515 Z aiu 'ZF .----' '-'E'--'f.M,h'4. Lf- N' :gf- T-.1-ef?-f+ ' Q , H Aga F W if ?' . ,- Q 5 " ' z2'g.'f' hifi ' af:fffQ: ' E ' "?.a5fj1f5i?,iQ , F W ss cm... if L. -.H .', Q js 3 Qi 'V f""Nr K 1 N x6 ,Q if g K X 'Oi i '91-f V . 1 1 . P l 3 gas., I ' A 1: W Q, Z: i , N, '-"iii 1' U X . 1 1 , A. 'rbxgcw .,. Y , Al lv KR ' y H 1? Q 1 'VXA , ' A .J .-vw - if he- fri 1. ,A - , X .fry 5 1 Q K 'X by X ' 3 Y 'R 4 Q We in ".,-I L5 'A'- N hii N. 'X-X if' Y ' r . ,, if A Q 1 fu - ,A ' ' ,t - 1 I a ' A X ff . ' 4 , rim: L w .Mr I 'f xii' w J? f ' ' 'fu - h , , Nw' I " L ' "' Rh 1 A' ,hi LT'-4' ' Vi , 'Reg . y f I .4 . J ' ' Y M' Q MWA, -K A-AR ff "Y-iff. J gigs?-'A l r- is K, 6 P Leah Abraham Margaret Aiken, R.N. Francis Barbee, R.N. Anna Bennis Mildred Berman, R.N. Mr. and Mrs. John Billow Betty Blake, R.N. Mr. and Mrs. Al Bralow Dorothy Brocious, R.N. Mildred Cadwallder Mrs. Citron Donald Cooper, M.D. Jean Crump, M.D. Margnrite Delany, R.N. Gladys Dozier, R.N. Margaret Dugan, R.N. Ann Dunsmore, R.N. Kathleen Feess, R.N. Ruth J. Floeek Dr. Calbally Beatrice Godfrey, R.N. Lola Grisanti, R.N. Margaret Healy, R.N. Katherine Hess, M.D. Mary Howard, R.N. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hughes TRO Blanche Kealy, R.N. Kyle Laramore, R.N. Mr. and Mrs. Felix Lauffer Virgina Lautz, M.D. .lane Leibfried, M.D. Alice Lombardi, R.N. Naomi Lund, M.D. Elizabeth F. McConnell, R.N. Ann Elizabeth Miller, R.N. Mr. Murphy Emma Nicholson, R.N. JoAnne Overl eese , M.D. Anna Schwab, R.N. Mrs. Scott, R.N. Viella Sp ears Agnes Spring Alice Stotsbury, R.N. Irene Stover, R.N. Mildred Swick, R.N. Ann Gray Taylor, M.D. Lucy Tomlinson .loan Torpey, R.N. Dorothy E. Vann Molly Wallack, R.N. Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Worman TAF - AIR COMPANY Air CondII'ioning and Refrigerafion .INDUSTRIAL - COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL SALES - SERVICE - ENGINEERING 836-838 N. Holly Sfreef Phone EVergreen 6-9400 PHILADELPHIA A. C. F RATTONE Jewelers and Wafchmakers DIAMONDS 5I S. York Road HATBORO. PENNA. OSborne 5-9992 Bes+ of Luck 'ro AII Ihe I957 Gradua+es BUCHANAN PHARMACY Vaux S+ree+ and Indian Queen Lane CIAIR'S STEAK SHOP 3403 Conrad S+reeI' Mon.-Thurs. 9 A.M.- I2 P.M Fri.-Sa+. 9 A.M.- I2:30 A.M CLOSED SUNDAY re Sure to Look Your Be WILLIAMS' UNIFORMS Made +o Your Measuremen+s You' STOP IN, PHONE, OR WRITE FOR SAMPLES AND PRICES si' in C. D. WILLIAMS 81 COMPANY Designers and Manufacfurers Since I876 246 S. II+h STREET PHILADELPHIA 7, PA. Phone PEnnypaclcer 5-l580 TOP HONORS WAWA mill: is in a class by Hs self L. G. . . . Yes indeed, if awards were handed ou+ for freshness, flavor and all round healfhful benefi+s . . . WAWA would win "Top Honors" hands down. "Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges YOU CAN HAVE HOME-DELIVERY Call LO 6-65 CLASS L 1 WAWA, DELAWARE COUNTY. PA. RINGS. PINS. DIPLOMAS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS AND TROPHIES I 60 I Ches+nu+ S+ree+ Philadelphia 3, Pa COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Xi LITHOGRAPHED BY TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO DALLAS 0 T1-:ms N f up ew '1'mfrH:,x-xg up T.:vfLQa MAI E A Q i - Tia ' X - 1- ii 5 E5 - ,vwvvf In-1-y, nf..

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