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m rh Si i ■ iA f(A i WKfT i fi r i lift! i ■ J . rt W ' rflWBftft ■ . WMSMWM, wn mmmmmwmma mmauK ..jf - ..or • v " 8k.. ■ • " v flj ' iLir T _-•- ' • V THUNDER and " asked you to be the thunder and lightning of k$en Storm. You were all of that and more. You have Tttten history in the desert sands that can never he lown away by the winds dl rime. You take with you to e United States not only rhe respect of countrymen, ur the respect of millions upon millions of citizens of c Middle East. Your country is proud dl you, the world is proud of tiu and I am proud of you " . Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. CinC. U. S. Cenrral Command Lightning ok is dedicated to the memory of all the sen-ice men and women who lost rheir lives in Operation Desert Storm. We otMcKEE specifically remember our shipmate, RON HOLYFIF1 n t tftVi ll i V CONTENTS T h n nderintz Cruise Lightning Crew jjj rvp-Tunf l Vi I VilU siivrTnunint! Stop on o.ilm. Hawaii • •iih- l-nnTime ( •ii.mi ( " rt iii " ilie Line Sinjptpore Swingi SuhrW KM Ali I « ii i " ' — t " niiM- M.ip Command Master Chief ( lotnSubRon Eleven Engineering Departmeni Supply Department Legal IVp.inm |aii£ Medical Department .. Chaplains Departmeni Dental Department .... Operations Navigation ( ' omnuinii .ilion I Vp.i McKEE: Ten Years As On 15 August 1991, USS McKEE (AS-41) will cele- brate ten years of commis- sioned service. Named in honor of the late Rear Admiral Andrew McKee, a pioneer in submarine design and research, USS McKEE was built by Lockheed Ship- building, Seattle, WA. McKEE has traveled to Vancouver, B. C; Cold Bay and Adak, AK; Matzatlan Mexico and until now as far as Oahu, HI. These cruises were impor- tant but never before in our fine ship ' s history has leav- ing San Diego meant as much to the crew as it did on 18 January 1991. The longest and most important voyage of McKEE ' s solid history began that day As a submarine tender, McKEE provides mobile support to nuclear powered fast attack submarines. Pro- viding a wide range of repair, spare parts, provision- al, medical, dental, mail and legal services, McKEE was tasked with supporting sur- face ships for Desert Storm. During the spring of 1984, McKEE became the first submarine tender certified to support the tomahawk cruise missle system. In 1990, McKEE underwent modern- ization with her first DSRA since commissioning. -T rhe Best l SS M( KEE was awarded the BattU ,.i 1986, 1 I Meritorii in 1986, IN PA( FLTs Golden Anchoi Award I Anchor Award in 1989 and 1991. Additionally, McKl I won the Supply " E " in 1988, the Communicatioi n 1 the Damage i lontrol I md in 199 1 1991, the Deck " D " , Dental D " and V. " - in M Kl I sties 14 January 1978 ;- I ( ommissi m I I ' • ' ■ Beam Full Load I ■ • I Displacemei I mplemcni 1.35 Commanding Officer RALPH SCHLICHTER Captain 17. S. Navy in Ralph Schlichtei «.«- born in Wuppertal, Gem siders Fort Pierce, Florida his hometown He « » commissioned in I nsign in ch I nitt graduating with distinction from the United St.n. Academy in n completion ol nucl submarine training, I VSIMIR PI I VSK1 (SSBN 633) (Blue) where he sen engineering division officer until March 1969. H assignments included Engineei Officer tours ROB1 Kl E. LEI (SSBN 601) (Blue) I USS C VSIMIR I ' l l VSW (SSBN 633) (Gold). , vember 1 U 7J to May 1975, Captain Schlichtei u.i assigned to the -i.iti ol the Commandei in Chief, I S Pacific Reel as a membet ol the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Examining Board. Following tins tour, he was assigned as the Executive Officei ofthi USS OMAHA (SSN 692) during construction and fot six months following commissioning. n Schlichtei served as ( bmmanding Officei ol i SSS( VMP(SSN 588 I SSMINN1 VPOLIS SAIN! PAl I vv 708). nder his command, SC VMP completed a ZO month overhaul ai Shipyard and circumnavigated South America during I INITAS XXII, and M1NN1 UH II IS-S UNI PAl I was commissioned and completed shakedown. Following a nine month toui as Deputy Commandei tor Readiness Submarine Squadron TEN, ( laptain Schlichtei served as Head ol the Enlisted Submarine and Nuclear Power Assignments Branch, Naval Military Personnel Command from May l v to August l l ' 7 He then served as Chiel ol Staff, ( ommandei Submarine Group FIVE until July 1989 InAugusi 1989, Captain Schlichter assumed command ol the USS l,Kl 1 I V.S-41) I i] i tin St hlichtei is married to tin former Judith Riheldaffet Kuhn ol Fon Pierce, I lorida They presently reside in San Diego with three ol theii five children Susannah ( ' ary . a senioi ai Poini Loma 1 ligh School; Roll Alexander, a sophomore ai Poini I oma High School; and [Tvomas Schuyler, .i first grader, rwo other daughters, Mary ' i " " i ' " ' ' Sara Helga reside in in and Bristol, Tennessee, respectively iter funning, it wonhip, Ibcening md naming Executive Officer Commander Troy James Erwin attended Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, graduating in June 1971 with Bachelor ' s Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Political Science. After commissioning, he attended Basic Officer ' s Submarine School in New London, CT. From April 1972 to December 1973, Commander Erwin served as Weapons Officer, First Lt. and Sonar Officer in USS GREENFISH (SS-351). Following Strategic Weapons Officer training, he was Assistant Weapons Officer in USS BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (SSBN- 640)(Blue) from March 1974 to May 1976. He served as SSBN Operations and Plans Officer from June 1976 to June 1979 on the staff of Commander Submarine Group EIGHT in Naples, Italy. After Strategic Navigation System Training he was Navigator and Operations Officer in USS TECUMSEH (SSBN-628)(Gold) from September 1979 to March 1983. He served as Assistant Team Leader of the Tactical Weapons Training and Certification Team on the staff of Commander Submarine Group SIX from April 1983 to February 1985. He completed the Basic Diving Officer, Salvage Diving Officer and Mixed Gas Diving Officer courses in August 1985. He commanded USS KITTIWAKE (ASR-13) from IS October 1985 to 8 October 1988. He became Executive Officer of USS McKEE (AS-41) in October 1988. Commander Erwin ' s personal awards include the Meritorious Service Medal (two awards), Navy Commendation Medal (two awards), the Navy Achievement Medal, the Meritorious Unit Commendation with Bronze Star, the Battle Efficiency " E " Ribbon with Bronze Wreath (seven awards), the National Defense Medal and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon with Bronze Star. Commander Erwin is married to Commander Tina Debs Erwin, USN, currently assigned as Executive Officer, Submarine Training Facility, San Diego, California. They have two childern, James Mason and Jeanne Marie. T, . ERWIN Commander U. S. Navy Command Master Chief Willie Lee Mitchell was bom ai Balboa I lospital in E -m in 1948 the son ol a Mastei ( hiel v i w ird Mitchell attended 1 elementary schools and three junioi high -t Iuh.U before graduating trnm Lincoln High School m 1966 He attended San Dieg College before enlisting in the Navy on 10 March Mitchell w.iv assigned t. Recruii Training Command, San Diego tr. m 11 March to May Mastei Chiel Mitchell, .i Vietnam and I Gull Veteran, has served on thi I SS HIGB1 1 (DD 806) from 4 |une 1968 to 10 Septembei l ss OZBOl UN (DD-846) from 10 Septembei I .pril 1970; I SS D1XU (AD- 14) from H May 1970 to 16 Septembei Service School i bmmand, Orlando, Florida from le Septembei l l »7J to 2 March l l ' 7 . Naval Ait Station, Moffet Field, California from )0 March 1973 to 1 April 1974; Naval An Station, North Island, California from 5 April 1974 to 50 Septembei 1975; USS DUG! (AD-14) from 24 Octobei 1975 to 9 |une 1978; Naval An Si North Island from 9 |une 1978 to H Augusi ( i )MN W -1 HI P V Staff, Readiness Support Group from 21 Septembei 1982 to M Augusi USS PROTEUS (AS i 9) • un - ' I i 2 Septembei 1989 and l vs Mi Kl 1 SAl) as bmmand Mastei ( hiel from ) Se| tembei 1989 Mastei ( lmt Mite hell has a 1 )-yeai old daughter, Myesha, who resides in Rancho Peniqustios, ( alifornia WILLIE LEE MITCHELL TMCM (SW) U. S. Navy C.M.I 9 Commander Submarine Squadron Eleven Captain Oscar Daniel Scarborough III was born in California in 1942. Following one year at Purdue University he graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in 1965. Following commissioning he completed Naval Submarine School and Nuclear Power training. After a junior officer tour aboard USS SEAWOLF (SSN 575), he served as A1W Prototype Leading Engineering Officer of the Watch and Training Officer. He then reported as Engineer Officer, USS LAFAYETTE (SSBN 616)(Blue) in June 1971. From July 1972 to October 1976 he served as Operations Officer and Navigator aboard USS GRAYLING (SSN 646). During this period GRAYLING conducted a MK 48 Torpedo Technical Evaluation, a regular shipyard overhaul and two deployments. He served as Executive Officer, USS FRANCIS SCOTT KEY (SSBN)(Blue) from February 1977 to August 1980, during which time FRANCIS SCOTT KEY was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation for its successful support of the C4 TRIDENT I missile development. Following Prospective Commanding Officer training, Captain Scarborough relieved as Commanding Officer, USS SUNFISH (SSN 649) in June 1981. During his command SUNFISH conducted three deployments and was awarded the Battle Efficiency " E " and Navy Unit Commendation. In August 1984, Captain Scarborough reported as Deputy Commander for Readiness, Submarine Squadron FOUR. In January 1985 he reported to Navy Operational Intelligence Center and established the Submarine Warfare Operations Research Department, serving as its first director. In July 1986 he was assigned to the staff of the Assistant Chief of Naval Operations for Undersea Warfare (OP-02). From 1986 to 1988 he served as SSN-21 Program Coordinator, Branch Head for New Construction Submarines and Advanced Submarine Research and Development, and as Congressional Liason for Attack Submarine Matters. He is a graduate of the National War College. In July 1989, Captain Scarborough assumed command as Commander Submarine Squadron 1 1 . Captain Scarborough is entitled to wear the Legion of Merit (two gold stars), the Meritotious Service Medal (one gold star), and other personal, unit and service awards. Captain Scarborough is married to the former Nancy Norton Gtover. They have two children, Elizabeth and Daniel. OSCAR D. SCARBOROUGH Captain U. S. Navy 10 CSS-11 A BLUE DAY IN JANUARY LOVING A SAILOR ... is not always gay. Loving him is .1 Hi H price to It ' s mostly Iqving with nothing to hold, it ' s being younj yet feeling old. ' Midnight, January 16, 1991. Desert Shield becomes Desert Storm. Only 34 hours latet, the first United States Navy ship departs for the Persian Gulf. That ship was USS McKEE (AS-41) From our first wakening moment on that fateful day, through the wait for our bags to be checked, culminating with tears we bid farewell to cherished ones. We, the men and women of McKEE, felt many emotions flooding us. Some endured the long drive and longer wait at the gate to Subase. Others stood watching shipmates, families and friends slowly arrive. Each had private concerns, thoughts, dreams and fears to face as we anticipated our future. Departures for any deployment are always difficult. The emotions felt by us and our families, compounded by the reality of war, were, on this day overwhelming. As we manned the rails watching the secure world of San Diego slide further behind we each contemplated our future. Desert Storm has changed our lives! LOVING A SAILOR .... is having her whisper her love to you, it ' s whispering back you love her too. Then of course a kiss, a promise to love; knowing that you ' re watched, approved from above. Reluctantly, painfully letting him go while you die inside, wanting him so. Watching him leave with eyes full of tears, standing alone with hopes dreams and fears. ■ 1 1 €N€RRL er •. f LOOK! 3 Even though we are working, training and dm still have some free time. Some sleep, others write letter: some of us can use this free time as ... FUN TIME. 1 COZVK. Commencing at " O-Dark-Thirty " on February 20, over 800 McKEE Poly- wogs began their initiation into the realm ofNeptunus Rex. Witness a time honored tradition to celebrate our dip to the south. Crossing the line -J I .! tht line K • i iniru- ion »ith the help ai the s i Line ♦♦♦ of sanity? By days end all of McKEE ' s wogs would become trusty shellbacks, ready and more than will- ing to take their nghttul place in the hallowed roled of the Raging Main. By days end all would have either enjoyed the giving or endured the receiving of the Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep. Now Shellbacks all, McKEE returns to the Northern Hemisphere. Neptunus Rex has decreed it thu s. Davy Jones has written it so. The scribe proclaims, " AH on McKEE arc now worthy! " ™ 1 : uty ft ie The small island country of Singapore recei I vx McKEE and Aith open arms. Though most ol us Jid n. ' i make it outside the I city, we were not disappointed with the hospitality there. the cleanliness to the friendliness, our shon visit to this beautiful :it was most memorable. We played, we partied, we shopped. We tewa to the Indian Ocean. ► $• ' $ Singapore Z9 ' " H » " ;,;;, " fi STORM V ENGINEERING Engineering provided cold iron and replen- ishment services to fourteen ships. These ser- vices included shore power, shore steam, potable and feed water, fuel and lube oil. In one case McKEE manufactured a 300 feet steam pipe to provide shore steam services astern. The Engineering Department steamed continuously from 18 January to 10 June, then again on 23 June until arrival in San Diego, 18 July. CHIEF ENGINEER LCDR D.L. SKRAMSTAD LT. TB. GONZALES M.P.A. DCCM Trumpe EMC Frulla IC1 Largent 32 eng. dept. A-GANG I I KN BeU - s rs -well MNH Turin EN I FN Henry lulliru vision The Boiler Division is responsible for the mainte- nance, operation and repair of the ship ' s boilers, fuel system, HP air compressors, all associated auxiliary machinery and the delivery of petroleum and water products to tended units. BT1 Alumia BT1 Coronado BT1 Johnson T2 Cuaresma BT2 Phillips BT2 Seipel BT2 Siple BT2 Wright 34 eng. dept. BT i k a BT3 Bedwa i nning BT ; Johnson |A Jjjk ijk PTFN AJ.itns innet BTFN M.inm BTFN Simon cngi •!• rpt 15 DC Division CW03 C.J. DAYTON D.C. Divisision not only responds to and controls all underway casualties, they stand watch in DC Central, maintain the ship ' s fire fighting systems and train the ship ' s crew in every aspect of damage control. How well do they do these? Four consecutive " D. C " awards! What more need be said? HT2 McDermott MR2 Mill DC2 Robertson DC2 Wyatt lH ) FA Hcnrv lcKa I ITI- • FRAckei FR Beasley E Di- vision The Electrical Division is responsible for the generation and distribution of ship ' s power, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, operation of portable tool issue, and inspection of personal electrical appli- ances. The division is also responsible for electrical wiring, the lighting and mainte- nance of all interior communications sys- tems and electrical machinery and compo- nents. EMC Huliganga IC1 Clark EM2 Browning EM 2 Bryson EM2 Geronimo IC2 Hutchison EM2 Pelicano EM2 Refsland EM2 Walker 38 eng. dept. ££ EM3Qino EM3 Florendo IC3 Floras I M J 1 .Tin. in ■ H H UYW. MM2 Ramos MM2 Taylor MM2 Witherspoon MM3 Bailey MM3 Brown MM3 Cox MM3 McDonald 40 eng. dept n re a MM; Race M H Santiste mm; I MMFN i lomacchia MMFN DeVinccm MMFN Moti MMFN HolhJ.iv ingrci math) MMI Nut. eog. .!■ r ' 1 1 SUPPLY DEPX SUPPLY OFFICER CDR. A. A. BANGHAR1 I lu- Supply Departmeni overcame an extremely long logis- tics chain to bring repaii parts and provisions ti McKEl In i tended units. Responsible for laundry, messing, barber, sub- man and .ill husbandry services foi tended ships, the depan ordered and delivered necessities to the fleet on station Persian Gulf. • MippK 4 S-l ■ : • - - " . - • -- 9 ' 1 s ■ SK3 Lamb ■ J Mclnnis SK3 Miller .«ffi.jfe Jfe SK3 F • hestnut m.m ■ ■ «uppl 45 S-2 MSC Arceo SKC Vittlich MSI Hill MSI Jolly MSI Jordan MSI Wood MS2 Johnson 46 supply ms: i, MS2 Ludwikowski MS2 Maniego MS2 Moseley MS3 Nelson MS3 Nix ■ ■ m MS3V MS) MSSN Henderson MSSN Lindsey MSSN Nazareth MSSN Rogers FA Frc MSSAM inton MSSN Williams MSSA Yarhrough A MSSR Bray MSSR Montgomery MSSR Lunsford MSSR Young 48 supply AA ££t ■ SH3 EJstrom lA lib H ii - 1M H. inn. .n SI I ? Jorgcnsen M|i I mi. . Hclphenstin SHSN Mil a SHSP SI ISR Waring S-4 ENS R.M. SILVER DKlHi • • fill ' V ' C " - (Vf ' ■ ' i t-f Iff la3Jw -JC y iW» NJU « j DK1 Mck ' inley iA lA DK3 Fields DK3 Torres DKSN Holtzhouse DKSA J. DKSA Eddington m. DKSA Gonzales S-5 and S ' 6 i r k m i V • SKC k: i Am l ■ g o a • Kbillc sK Bing ,|n,|uc-r S 8 fewjf 1 ■ ' ■ F CW03 R. S. ESQUERRA DPC Childers DPI Clifton DPI Gandy DPI Randall DP2 Burnett DP2 Jennings DS2 Ramshy DP3 Ariate DP3 Hernandez DP3 Hocaule AAA. k. DP3 Johnson DP3 Oldham DP3 Smith DPSN Bliss DPSA Butler DPSAMonschke DPSA Schaafsma DPSA Sebesta FR Jackson DPSR McCray S-7 . S-9 I NKt. iR W epeda ■ -M I ■ SKI Deguz man HT2 ( K2 • 5K3 lohnson rinuccl MM MMi I ' nl.f I ' l M ii DECK C X 02 R. A. Evans PAil Dower FIRST LIEUTENANT LCDR W. D. ZBAEREN D-l BM ; ' BM3 Villarreal BM3 Wrighi A.kJkk SA i lurcon I. A Phillip- kM- AA • w I D 2 h kMBE BMC Smith BM1 Duplechain kl L BM2 Naea BM2 Rivera BM3 Davis BM3 Finn 1 56 BM3 Tucker BM1 Garrison BM3 Jacks BM1 Riggins BM2 Schlotterbeck BM3 Jake BM3 Tumlinson. SA Lampa FA Mendo:a SA Minor SA Robinson R Eldei FR H..rJw.,k IK Leslie u SR TnlUr s| Irutum Mm EMC Herrick BOAT and CRANE ENl Lycett MM1 Langley m EM2 Dizon MR2 Monroe EN3 Bolder) 58 ENFN Highly FA Gonzales LEGAL Legal Department provided legal assistance to 847 sailors and marines regarding taxation, divorce, wills, powers of attorney and indebted- ness matters. Master-at-Arms conducted 250 investigations and coordinated berthing assign- ments for 310 transient personnel. Command advice was furnished to tended ships without JAG Officers on foreign claims, child abuse, fraterniza- tion, post trial action, administrative discharges and NJP appeals. LEGAL OFFICER LT C. S. KNOWLES ICC Crosby LNC Faas You have the right to remain silent, any bark- ing you do can and ... QUEEN ME!!! I Master at Arms . . _ m Auk« LMI Henron MA 1 Krehemker FTG1 Nelson I 1 Sherydan ADMIN OFFICER CW02 D. T. MURPHY Administration NCC Bridwell SKC Denard PNC Duncan YNC Tiltc PN 1 Carter PCI Paxman PN1 Wells YN2 Brown PN2 Cedano PN2 Ford YN2 Johnson-Wilson PN2 Mavis PN2 Morin PN3 Skelton 1 £ Amm YNSN Smothers FN i tt ' righi Kalla MEDICAL MEDICAL OFFICER LT D. C. RHODE MEDICAL OFFICER LT T. YELLING LT E. Muno:-Roche 64 medi ENS C. L. Boulanger kfli m J 1 HMCS Dean k. A HMC Hollis 1- l U h.lK ■ !INHH .m HM3Larson HM3£ HN Hill HN Neal HN Ponke HN Rodriguez CHAPLAIN ' S DEPARTMENT implcv CHAPLAIN LT. T. I . WAKEFIELD Iln ( haplain De| irtment is here to counsel and assist the NK KEE family, crew members and dependents. The religious services and programs offered are desi enrich ur spirit, moral welfare and total quality of life as you serve aboard the finesi submarine tend i in the Navy. n I youi dire i spiritual uplifting, the( haplain and • were instrumental in condu ting V ' M . 000 din I assistant via th Navy Relief Association to many of your Icnts. haplain ' ■. Painting the Town ... School ft 1 ll 1) le die resi ol ;rcw members cleaned and pa ;iously greeted by a little girl I )ii Kturnini! Ii ill Phukci City, The McKEE helpers were gra- which were given to each worker. The joh was long and uled themselves ol how surprised the children would he i newly cleaned and painted schoolhousc. fr m to flj MULTI-NATIONAL WORSHIP i. t StnkLiy. 07 April, iwcr iwo limulu J nikm .unl anno 1 1. -in i In- I hive ions ii| I V nm.iiL. Norway i-l tin I niu-J States, came uviIk-i lor .m undraw ' •rJiip RnitK ThiN nu-miwahle event m held in the im of Jt-hrl Ali in the United Ar.ih Kmcratcs. rmk. Jfc—Aai ' JjS ( • mi. In. it .1 l y the chaplain ol the varum hips prcst-m the scr- praycr, cvancclisiic preaching: ami K wpel aiul contemporary choir DENTAL OFFICER CDR. G. L. HUBBS LT. K. R. MILLARD DENTAL The mission of the Dental Department is to provide comprehen- sive oral health care to McKEE and tended units. During the Persian Gulf deployment in support of Operation Desert Storm, the three Dental officers and nine technicians performed that mission superbly. While on station at " Subase Jebel Ali " record setting pro- ductivity was achieved resulting in 27, 000 dental procedures on 3, 700 patients in 64 days. Thirteen surface combatant ' s dental readi- ness increased above 85% with seven of those above 90%. While setting statistical records on tended units, McKEE ' s Dental Depart- ment also took care of her own, achieving over 90% dental readiness for her crew, another McKEE first. DTC Arias i n : K.i..- I ' I J Mistone n iiiiiii-r OPERATIONS SM3 Goolsby 72 9, i-i riMW - 0S3 Roberts J 53 Vigil Bcr IWks R llunr COMMS ETC Riesherg ETC Wahlers RMC Williams ETl Gastaldi COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER LT J. W. DODSON RM2 Benson RM2 Cherry ! B mBBBTi " % H AND ywz - f. wmA ' -i ET2 Davis RM2 Fruchey ET2 Gardner RM2 Jackson ET2 Juniper ET2 Krueger KM Lewi I |( IK IT D. }.G ANT I WW. II PI KIM RG Material 3 Maintenance Management IC2 Iordanides FN Ho KMCK Radio IC3 Nichols and ... Training ETCM Schmekz Site TV BMC James 11 .iiujj — , f • B WEAPONS VPONS OFFICER 1 I |. I. Will I AN GMC Cruz LT W. E. Fultz W ' l TMC Tobias ' DIVISION GMl Craig TM1 Hart TM3 Lee m 80 weps |A A jA - p- HI GMG2 Perry GMG2 Woods GMG3 Deroxtro TM3 McKenney TM3 Smith W-3 I r v tm: r TM2 Pliir rkhaltcr TMJN TM3Recd i I x - illi 111 TMC Kirsten LT M. T. Alcorn W-4 TMC Williams LET GAMES 86 recreation THE BEGIN _ 1st PLA 1 MEN ' S " B " DIVISION DUBAI INTERNATIONAL SOFTBAU fOl RNAMI-N ' l 4k 41 m SASEBO 29 MAY - 7 J JEBEL ALI.UAE 7 MAR - 2 MAY HONG KONG 21-25 MAY THAILAND 15-21 MAY w 1 SINGAPORE 21-25 FEB rrvf f sen m Eo DORADO GUAM -13 FEI -4 V REPAIR Department McKEE ' s Repair Department completed 4, 121 jobs on 52 surface units in a short 53 days in Jehel Ali, United Arab Emirate and two Japanese ports. The most notable work was the underwater hull repair to USS Kansas City ' s (AOR-3) bilge and cargo fuel tank. McKEE ' s R-6 Divi- sion divers worked 19 continuous days around the clock to make repairs. REPAIR OFFICER CDR G. A. HARVEY Another significant accomplishment was the completion of 97 jobs in less than 48 hours for USS Mobile Bay (CG-53). An emergency diesel over- haul for USS Hawes (FFG-53) was completed in 12 days, after a shipyard had estimated 21 days. USS Paul F. Foster (DDG-964) had a gas turbine genera- tor rotor installed within 72 hours, fully restoring electrical generating capability, after other Interme- diate Maintenance Activities turned the job down as beyond their capability. Other McKEE-only jobs were repairs to a ship ' s service turbine generator SSTG governor, restoring full generating capability for USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) and restoration of a high frequency antenna for USS New Orleans (LPH-1 1 ). P. M. A. LCDRJ.W. ALIGOOD , 1 CW03J.J. Allen ETCM Littel STSCS Ort . MRC Hurst HTC Middleton LIC Rodrigue: EMC Senior HTC Stanek HTC Treme YNC White «M Am ill u fc N PMI Garci EN] feel ialvin LIZ Harder PH2 Harrison MR2 Tabaranza YN2 Wade EM3 Phillips LI3 Green YN3 Stubenvo DM3 Feddeler tan SR Pham FR VI HT1 Brown DC1 Gallagher HT1 Brown HT1 Gilstrap DC1 Carter HT1 Goodier HTC Queja HT1 Groves 11T1 Hamlett HT1 Harper HT1 Jones HT1 Macias AMAA Mi: Bcrmude: i ll - i . ' iM,mim, I i imel HT2 Allen HT3 Blackmon HT3 Ashby HT2 Ballman HT3 Bigman HT3 Hinrichs HT3 |ordon HT3M. HT3 Snch HT3 Vogel HT.3 Vogt HTP- HTP. (f m 4 ™JLM 1IIIN Print it m HTFN Taylor HTP- Warnei HT2 Hogan HT2 Jefferson HT2 Jostmeyer DC2 Karsky HT2 Peterson HT2 P ie per HT2S ht:fw smiley FA Br FA Brooks FA Burkholder FA Byrne r FA Cabrera FR Daughertv FRFa FRFe FR Markex FR Matunda MM FR Montana FR Randall FR Scott FR ecqueray R 2 S3 a , dak A MJB.H ■ MKI ( :. it. mlm II MKI I eith MKI NKP.mii-1 JA MKI Mi MKI MKI Wei MKI Willum- AA MR2 Borek MR2 Herrera MR2 Laster MR3 Bratton MR3 Messick MR3 Wickham IA MR2 Costellc MR2 Curtis MR2 Hays mmii MR2Mt MR2 Newton MR2 Rueppel 141 Mk MR3 Helton ■ ■ MR3 Karstens MR3 McCarter M I MR FN MR FN Kirh MRFN McClure MRFN Pcrsun Ml I ncniber MRFA rcmpleman MKI MKI K ' EMCM Cruz IC1 Barnes EMC Bautista EMC Celestino EMC Ramos 4 jJL- j£ L IC1 Bnlles EMI Dayrit EMC Souders EMI Johnson EMI Le IC1 Mev EMI Miranda IC1 Vasquez IC2 BailcN IC2 Bcnnen EM2 Benson Q Q Q 5 Jfe JA Ji Jfe Jfe i mIU-ii EM3 H.iu ' 13 Hi nn Jj k W- J rtv . EM FA Celestaine ICFA Doty EMFA Hal FA Miranda R-4 O LT. . Macaras r 4AJ IB m ■ . tm IMI Giesc OM1 G ( All Harmon II 1 11 JA tfl It. Ji Jfc ermale I ■ ■ MM2 Johnson HT2 LeClaire ET2 Linn n X mm ■ f ETl K.itikm ihinson IM 1 Ranwnosk kLk ■ •%. R A A fS3 Henderson RM3 Marsh IA ifeJJb mji OMSA Weich OMSA Bechler IMSA Hansen OMSA Havli SA Jefferson IMSA Per OMSA Schroede IN MEMORY OF MICHAEL J. BE ALES APRIL 11,1965- NOVEMBER 19, 1991 • - s m R-5 Division RADCON LCDR D. S. Ray LTjg R. P. Schuerenberg The Radiological Controls Division acts as a watchdog organization for the safe accomplishment of nuclear work. In addition to these duties, R-5 provides a storage facility for radioactive liquid waste and materials. Within the division ' s 35 spaces they calibrate equipment, machine parts, build contaminants, provide pure demineralized water, decon equipment, and perform chemistry and isotopic analysis. RadCon also renders casualty response for November Emergencies and conducts environmental studies. HIGHLIGHTS The shortage of nuclear work during the deploy- ment did not diminish R-5 ' s well established work ethic. RadCon augmented other repair work centers, turning nuclear assets into conventional ones, and completed well over a hundred jobs on 45 tended units.A heavy training commitment and a challeng- ing schedule for the upgrade and maintenance of the Nuclear Support Facility competed for divisional resources. A Radiological Controls Mid-Term Examinatioi served to spotlight the exceptional caliber of Rad- Con personnel. R-5 ' s drive was evident on the playing field as well. The divisional Softball team took second plac in McKEE ' s tournament, its volleyball team finishe third and three of its personnel played on the McKEE Cardinals Championship Softball Team. Rasta ' Wog MM1 Ghiusci IM1 Huts MM1 1 .uUU HTC Gillis BMC Kostelny CRIMPING. A A ONETIC NON-FER HA tF ANIMAL MAN KILLER t HC LAST Or THE BALLROOM pA HCERS. BARE KNUCKLE elGMfERS FARCY DRESSERS aCYCLE RIDERS. SPORl DRTVERANDAUAROUI AIYS... ACTIVE NUDI MLC Macaspac HTC Madigan A Mb M am HTl EN1 Butler HTl Choisclm K ' l Dangerfield MI. I NkMi lvMl Mende IT! Pei ' I JA ' HT2 Baker HT2 Hill HT2 Marini HT2 Cunningham ML2 Jenkins EN2 McDonald I HT2Di HM2 Kelley DK2 Moore OS2 Hast HT2 Lechner BM2 Powers BM2 Starring MLMk-nJnc BM3 |oe ML3 Murtagh BM3 Orti: HT3 Rotan IC3 Sator HT3 White BM3 Wils BM3 W QM3 Zimmerman FN Sharpe M! IK SR Pern V I J R-7 CW02 D. J. Pluta HTl Archamheai HT1 Be DC1 Hilmes MM1 Lagenour MM1 Madrigal Mrs. McKee, wife ofRADM Andrew McKee, visits her late husband ' s name- sake during USS McKee ' s Hawaiian port visit. HTC Hunt HTl Effan MB Mm .mm MMl McAfee k HTl -Peterson i i - r 9 MM MR2 Apontt MM: Encalado it: MM l.iii A i nubias 1 1 1 1 • LT C. E. A. Baker HTCS Sevy HTC Bass IMC Davis STSCS Paramore SAFETY The Gulf Deployment and " Operation Desert Storm " provided R-8 Divi- sion a different perspective in production support. Numerous surface com- batants of the American and coalition navy were assured of quality repairs completed accurately and on time regardless of difficulty. The Quality Assutance Division is represented by four work centers: Q. A. Supervisor, Q. A. Inspector, Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory, and the Chemistry Laboratory. Each of these work centers played a pivotal role in the successful completion of the Repair Department ' s and Mckee ' s high- ly complex mission, completing over 75 controlled and level 1 repairs. From manning underway watch stations through the " Straits of Hormuz " , to the high degree of technical expertise provided while training the crew in Advanced Damage Control techniques and providing inspirational lead- ership and encouragement in support of the commands Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) program. R-8 set the pace throughout the deployment. HTC Kins HT1 Barnes HTCS Shafer HTC Boyles HT1 Crose HT1 Coo pi OM1 Ladd MR1 Laguna MR1 Guernsey HI 1 r ell Ml. ' Ju. i - i IT I Kerns I III Reynolds II 1 Sikonui ' Q ' A A Professional development hii an .ill time high with 25% ol the di i sii hi su i i-stull i . implcting I SWS qualifications, i Ivanced to tin- next highest ; i .in Repaii • h nt Sailoi i ' l the month. li ision setting the " .iT In follow. I IT: Rmwn Hi: Hughes ET3 Owens MM3 Parry YNSN Gurule HT1 IV " TwoM Ft ) ' Sai work and not .1 single FR in sighi t« supervise them. in rt-9 DIVISION From early morning to late night, the Outside Mac ery Repair Division (R-9) worked tirelessly in supi of all ships involved in Operation Desert Storm. Ft repairing remote valve operators to main circula pumps, air compressors to diesel engines, R-9 wor more than 200 jobs to support the fleet. In addit R-9 provided Japan-based ships with upkeeps whil Sasabo and Yokosuka. The work performed by ( side Machinery Repair contributed greatly in sa expensive shipyard repairs and ensured a higher si of readiness to all we served. ' MMC Pulliam m JkjkJk MMl MM I l rmimin H J kJ 1 El. ki 1 1 EJ MMl . MMl ; MMl I.N1 M MMl Poyaoan MM2 Foss MM2 Harris MM2 Hashimoto MM2 Hernande: MM2 Kurt: MM3 Longfellow MM3 Petrosino ENFA Little FR Swecker EN 3 Ramsey MM 3 Truong MMFA Nieto FA Turknett EN3 Wa FR Brust I IMO Nuclear Repair While deployed on Wl SPAC " 91 " during Operation •nn. R 10 volunteered its vast knowledge, man-power and know how n other di isions as tiger teams assisting R-l, R R 5, 5 and c were the least ol .ill t.isk- compared to the long hours, hard work and ded ication in keeping up divisional qualms with various mock tips and training, .ill in light ol passing a well earned RCPE. MMCK i: ii w 1 I MuriMn I HI NklVr .n - V ' 2 MMI Sprut . .nnke " t -.abin HT2 Thompson . joerck MM] HT2 HT2 Gianak MM3 C. • EM3 Bar:. MNH Domondon reman MRFN Sumn ' ' Smith Whai mik-IU in here: l:.MI • Mil FA Ma 142 phuket 14) S S MCKEE | WELCgME pA TO DESERT STORM HEROES On October I. 1991, COMS1 BRON H I EN, Captain Padgen awarded I sv M» KEE ' a mmand- ing Officer, Captain Harding, the BATTl 1 Nil QEN 1 1 award fbi fiscal yeai 1991 Tlu- award, kkl 1 - ' s fifth, represents superioi readiness among .ill Pacific Reel submarine tenders. Departmental Excellence " I " s were received by NKKI I ' i ncering (second award), Weapons, IVik and Dental Departments. The SEA SERVICE DEPLOYMEN1 RIBBON rec- ognizes the considerable efforts inherent in sea duty deployments u : sailors and marines Fbi Operations Shield and Desert Storm, the requirement foi twelve month accumulated sea duty was waived fbi the initial award ol the SSDR r i Operation « « 1 Desert Shield Desert Storm 1 ferae has authorized members ol .ill Armed Forces serving on active duty • !! ot after - August, I WO (Tin- beginning ol the Desen Shield Campaign) to he awarded the MAT1 DEFENSE SERVH ! MEDA1 The President h, established i SOI I HWI-ST DAI tobe awarded remembers of the Armed Forou, of the 1 nited States who Jaxic- [pated m Southdfest Asia oi in surrounding areas ; March, 1991 fTw bask medal is awarded foi the period 2 August, 1990 to 16 |anuary, 1991, the duration ol Operation Desert Shield. Tin- medal with .i bronze stat is award ed foi ilu Operation Desen Storm period of 17 |an- uary, I ' irch, 1991. THANKS to ALL who contributed time and energy to this cruise book. and Pam Wood argent ieto beyond To The Photo HTCMiddleto: PHI Leeper PHI Thompsoi PH2 Harrison PH3 Mackev SN Pham. jfcVic Nigro and Jim Howell for your wfelp and support toward this project. Finally, Warmest Mahalo to my wife Diana and son Michael for patient understanding. 1 wmm J U Br

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