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im K . , . . ,Z n,,.,J,., V. . . . - -, - V. .-. , - x- ..f: ,,f',:Q.24, ,F 1 f fu- 2. fnqg- 2 t W1--w-vwwfga-1-QU' ' n - fl-gf. 1-J 7 ' '--A '- 1 .-,1-1 --,g,f. '-.1I'1'f,,. ' 5 , --,,1- Lf-, V, Z' ,,i"i'l, - 1 -A :hA!'3ff' ' f . 'f V1 AX-'L --pi "4,.-ff.4.f',.....' " A 'I' " - "" ,. ' ., iMibxgsLf.agAL.,.L,g..L-,,:..,4-,4.,,4.4,,-,,,,,WM.,1..,.,.-,...,x.-1.A..mJw-4f-V----f-- M L-'I , x -i va. v s 4,11 M A 4 ,Nl ,,,,,,..,.,,f, .,., ,,.,.....Y..,- M.,-.., WH.. Wy,- 'vinul y' , .-3 ' ,x 'LX .T -'Qt' Fr. iw A - ,. ,JA xp" -ws ., ,V ,, , ga . I J X - . 5.04, , , , ,J n N 'nf ' ,lu , v 5 ,, , X . f -r A-.qt .f 'Y ' 1 vw 'Q , ,HM An -X, . f'4,L,, ,, . vllvwdd '1g,!:?,gnY.qk , ,ay 'QA Q-f-Ffa " l 31.1 1 li wx- 4 4 1 . 4 . ' F a , 5 x 4 ' 3 t fa -1 A ru .25 Y A gif :J 1.5 r' J .517a"' ,afff ffl 5: , if - QV: '32 fa 2243 ,gig ' 413: M :if , f r zff. z A ' i' L if T 'H , ,, "Q it . 5' .Vw -L' rf ' Q WW " x 'K "'T"z??T5."?E:i in i ,,. 1 .::.9...g.- lixms 23.55 .5315-1' V w N5 . R. , , . , Q . . 5, . W 2 A- .- ff V - .Y yr. .L Mt., -w . . , , - I yr "- -1 I he 'fl' .'f'i.,.,-. -K ..Q H, - ,uf ,e,. , 1 ' Wifi' ,. nm gf u,1:4w...f,. Y -Mxw 'Q ' Q4 5 - Fw ' iw A '51 wg. 1 ' . su ' 'T , . 44' A gi, H n '-5 X . 1 s.. 7 USS MCKEE: A EW LEGE D Commanding Officer .... ..... C aptain D. S. Gorham Executive Officer ............... Captain G. R. Waterman Command Master Chief ................................................... Master Chief C. W. Arbuckle Chaplain ............................ Chaplain QLTJ C. D. Kroll Built by ...... Lockheed Shipbuilding Sz Construction Company, Seattle, Washington Keel laid ..... ........................ 1 4 January 1978 Launched ........ ............... 1 6 February 1980 Delivered ............ .......... 2 7 July 1981 Commissioned ...... ..... 1 5 August 1981 Length overall ..... ................ 6 44 feet Beam ................................ ........... 8 5 feet Full load draft ................... ........... 2 6 feet 23,000 tons 20,000 shp Full load displacement ....... Shaft horsepower .......... Sustained speed ....... Total complement ...... 18 knots 1,351 persons Deck levels .................................................................... 13 Compartments and spaces ....................................... 930 Homeport Naval Submarine Base, San Diego, CA The USS MCKEE is named in honor of the late Andrew I. McKee, a pioneer of submarine design and research. Admiral McKee has served several prestigious positions, including: officer in charge of submarine design for the Navy Department, Director of Design for the new classes of subs that evolved into the successful fleet subs of WWII, the Design Superintendent of the Portsmouth Navy Yard, and as Senior Assistant Fleet Maintenance Officer for the staff of Commander Service Force, Pacific Fleet. As a submarine tender, the USS MCKEE provides mobile support to nuclear-powered SSN-688 "LOS ANGELES" class attack submar- ines, as well as diesel-powered submarines. The MCKEE provides the submarines and their crews with: repairs, spare parts, provi- sions, medical and dental care, mail, and legal services. 1 ' 15, 1 Q ' . X Qilfyu usurp EE!! Q.. NLS. 4 T S3 tb ...S 4 'xr la 'BB' nv 1 , t V v 2 I TABLE OF OO TENTS USS NICKEI-I : A NEW LEGEND ........... 1 In Memuriam : HTL! Kurtis S. SHINE .................................... 4 RADM RIJRKHARDT, SI.'BGRL' 5 Cumrnanding Officer ..... 6 CAPT IJ. S. GORHANI, Uirnntanding Officer .. .............. T CAP'I' G. R. WA'I'ERMAN, Executive Officer ...... S ETCM IT. W. ARBlfCKI,E, Cfummand Master Chief Petty Officer ..................... ...................., . .. 9 ADMIN - X .................... ...... 1 U COMM - OPS - NAV ..,.... ...... 1 4 DECK .............. .......... ...... 1 8 ENGINEERING .......... 12-I MEIJICAI. - IDENTAI. ..... ...... I 22 REPAIR ......................... ...... I I-4 SUPPLY ...... 5-1 WEAPONS ...........,............... ...... 1 32 THE LEGEND BEGINS ........ ...... I 35 SEA'I"I'I.E ............................ ...... I 58 SAN F'RANC'ISI'O ...... 72 WELCOME HOME ........... ...... 7 6 ESQUIMAIT, CANADA ..... ...... 8 O TIGER CRUISE ............. ...... 8 4 SPORTS .................................. ...... 8 6 A PICNIC ON A FANTAIL ............................................ ...... 8 8 GENERAL QUARTERS. GENERAL QUARTERS ....... ...... 9 0 FUNNY PAPERS ........................................................... ...... 9 2 CRUISE BOOK STAFF ...... ...... 9 6 MEMORI Kurtis S. Shunk was born February 13, 1959 in Toledo, Ohio to Douglas and Phoebe Shunk. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy on October 31, 1977. After successfully completing var- ious naval training schools and serving on two other vessels, he reported onboard the USS MCKEE, and was assigned to the Repair Department, R-5 Division. He died June 27, 1982 in Seattle, Washington and is survived by his wife, Trudy, son Ian, his parents and two sisters, Kimberly and Terri. ABOVE: CAPT Gorham gives Shunk's widow, Trudy, a plaque in remembrance of her husband. BELOW: A happy Shunk pauses for a break while preparing for a dive. 4 M: K RTIS S. SHU K 1Z"'1"', 'J 'Af ,gi F 1 ,,.A,-, ,lk SLQHW... ...g-!fl....1llw. ,LQJTUIJA ..... ..-- -, f . nfjfml w l'ovzJ Nix nova. Usa! Ez :pvc Sis unity glgniffll 808. lgul urg0a't'c Fianna in gin lull Paths, Pnl linen ztanaf nfl." Clam jobs 3:16 -D MM' W' fa' sg. v J ' 1 X fx . l i Lx 1 ABOVE: RADM Burkhardt com- pliments EMFN Cephas on his work while touring the ship. BELOW: RADM Burkhardt views a periscope with OMC Stickley in the Optical Shop. sf' 2 l 5 X Kr, 'X s F' RAD RKHARDT, UBGRU CO Rear Admiral Iaiwreiive Burklmrclt. Ill. a native of New Jersey, wus coniniissioned utter .attending the Naval Acudeinv in 1954. His tirst nssigninent was onboard the escort carrier USS POINT CRLZ QCYE ll9i. Afterivards. be attended the Naval Subinarine School where he received the LX. Spear Award. Following duty on the ISS TRIGGER QSS 5645. RADNI Burl-ihardt underwent nuclear power training. I'pon graduation. he served on the USS NATILKS QSSN 3711 until 19131. From 1962 to 1964 he served for tivo years as XO on the USS BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CSSB 6403 QBIUCI. In 1969 he took coznniaitd of Zire LOSS GATO QSSN 6153. I-Ie served as CO uztiil 1971. when he commenced a tivo year tour as XO of USS LONG BEACH QCGN 91. In 19T3 RADRI Burkhardt went to Wash 5:11 DC to 6 become Director, SubmarinefNuclear Power Personnel Division, Bureau of Naval Personnel. In 1976, he took command of Submarine Squadron FOUR. He served as Chief' of Staff, Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet from 1977 to 1978, during which time he was selected for flag rank. He next served as Director, Attack Submarine Division in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, and May 1980 reported for duty as the Assistant Deputy Chief of Naval Operations fSubmarine Warfarej. In August 1981, he assumed command of Submarine Group FIVE. RADM Burkhardt is entitled to wear the Legion of Merit t2nd awardj, Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Meritor- ious Ijnit Commendation Ribbon C5th awardl, Navy Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, and Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. II J M rIm-N,,, ,..M-,,.3,.,,,,,.,.,i -,,i-sf-i -.-.,.,- ...,,ff.. ..-.........-W-...i .. .. . YA- W- A A I' "" ' ' ,zi ' , ,' ",T-Tl""1- '. ,, 5x5,f'f1- Y-jf.w,L, Q' 55,21 X-'Q' i -'iatfj '--.' I-L-T,',1..,' . -f ' ' 4 L., ami. V 1, . , , ABOVE: ffAP'l' Gorham had the honor of throwing the ball Lu the Seattle Mariners, on "McKee Night." BELOW: CIAPT fjorharn mixes in with crew members at a fantail picnic. CAPT.D. . Captain David S. tiorhiun, ii native ot' Denier. t'olor.iilo. graduated from the University ot' Voloriiilo in lil-W. After accepting his commission as Ensign. Captain Gorham first served with the 1'. S. Sixth Fleet Flagship, USS DES MOINES QCA-liltl, until -luly 1961. He was then assigned as an instructor ot' Naval Science at the University ot' Kansas. where he remained until August 1962. After completing Submarine School in March 19622, he attended the Nuclear Power School and reported to his first submarine. the USS SCORPION QSSN-5895 in May 1969. He next served as navigator onboard the USS JAMES MONROE QSSBN-62225, then as Executive Ofticer onboard the USS DANIEL BOONE QSSBN-6295 from March 1970 to January 1973. Captain Gorham then assumed command of the ETI-IAN ALLEN QSSBN-6085 from March 1974 until GORHA ,CO -lanuary 1977. when he reported to Commander for Readiness and Training. From July 1979 until April 19:11. he was assigned to the Staff of Commander in Chief. lf. S. Pacific Fleet, as the senior member of the Propulsion Examining Board. During this he conducted 50 Operational Reactor Nuclear period. Safeguards Examinations. Captain Gorham's previous duties included 14 submarine patrolsg four of while in command. Captain Gorham is authorized to wear the Meritorious Service Medal with two stars, Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon with one star, the Naval Expeditionary Medal, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, and the National Defense Medal. Captain Gorham is married to the former Marcelle Villa of Nice, France. Both reside in San Diego with their daughter. 7 I i i .wif-,1' ABOVE: The CO exchanges silver oak leaves of commander for silver eagles of captain, during the ' A A frocking ceremony of the XO in ' February. BELOW: Capt. Water- - man contemplates the progress of a GQ drill. CAPT. G. . WATERM N, XO The Executive Officer. Captain George R. Waterman, is a native ot' Rochester. New York and attended the University ot' Rochester prior to entering the United States Naval .-Xcadeniv in -lune 1958. Upon graduation from the academy and being commissioned as an ensign in June 1962. Captain Waterman attended Submarine School. He reported to his first submarine. the CSS SEA LION QAPSS-3151 after completing Submarine School in December 1962. Captain Waterman then served onboard the USS BUG.-XRA QSS-3313 from December 1964-December 1966. became Officer in Charge ot' the CSS LING QAGSS-2971 until -lune 1965. followed by a tour as Engineer onthe CSS SEA ROBIN QSS--llllfl until May 1970. He then was assif 1 1' -sr ' k"i't-in Ope at' ' ttiter onthe St nt ot L a t er S inn arii Fltt a o d m x r e t the His next assignment was with the NaVy'S Deep Submergence Program in Washington D. C. from September 1974 through December 1976. Next, he assumed command of the USS SAILFISH QSS-57?7 from June 1977 until that ship's decommissioning 111 September 1978. Captain Waterman's next assignment was as Assistant Chief of Staff' for Operations and Plans on the staff of Commander Submarine Group Five until February 1981. The X. O. is authorized to wear the Meritorious SerViC9 Medal, Navy Commendation Medal with Gold Star, the Naxy Expeditionary Medal, the National DefenS6 Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, and the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal with device. Captain VK aterman is married to the former Gail Allen ot Rochester Levi Stork Both reside in San Dieg0 with their four children gt to a. he . ss s r t r ions OW' f 1 H ' it-mm. nl. QU. .21 'ie i ill . ' ' ' Tw. an ' Julj 1972. he .ept-rt'd o CSS i - , .7 , ' ' TIGRONE QAGSS-4191 as the Executive Officer. ' ' I .'XH1lX'l'i1 Meister f'11ie1 .'Xrli111'l-ilv -igna for 21 H'-f'I1l1n1IIlt'I11 during .1 l'f'f'f'lIlHI1Y October lvl, 115-1 111'.1,UXX: 1',1CM :xI'lll11'lilt' 311111 14151 . -' H., inf- of llla wzirin wrnilew 111.11 111- wc-ll known 11111111111 1111- t'1'f'1.N gg 515' X Z, ' 1 'Z ,. ' 1 2 ETCM C. . ARBUCKLE, C 1i'1't'M1'11rt1sW.A111111-11111..111111111.11 1151" 1 .. 1:11 Mat iw Mardi 114151. N.1XYf'CJiXlS'll."1 Hawaii 15lil1ll1l1I11l1. 1'1111e11'd 111 1111- S1-1111111 1 -lwv fr iii .Xgwrii IW- April 1Y5T1, and tbc USS was 1111411111111 111 iltl' Swli Xl1r" H.XT111Zl'RNPI fF1"-10371 trom -ltine 11971 to l3k'k'CI111WI' 15113. During time rut". ' ,'W' il-nrfifl-"T 172. lr'r11r:1 .l:1r111z1rj1' 11175 to -lune 1981, on 11t111d11l1'411111l. 'lf1r.1xx.1. S.1111.1::. 1.11 1.11.1 .-Xr'f1'111 r1 111 tbe Navy l16'C'I'l,ll11I1f.f District, lilfbf Master t'11iet'.-Xrb111'k1e re-e11ter11d 1111- Nam' III .Xizgsi 19515 1111d served 1111111-t1r1l 11111 1'SS MISPIILIUN Mayer Vbiet .-5xI'"l'Cl6 is authorized to wear tbe Navy 1.-XO-1051 from .-Xpri1 NT to N1-ve111ber 193-. H11 1.1.15 A1-11iever11en1 medal witb Cfombat flood Conduct then stationed 111 the Xt1x'111 Air S1111i1111 1i11di11L: t'r11:1: Jilllllilfj' 1959 to May 19t?1'. Next. be served 1111b1111rd the USS JASON LAR-Sl IlI't'I11 -lune 1111211 11- M.1r1-11 1961. after which be served all the Naval Air 5111111111 North Island from April 1961 to October 19113. He tben reported aboard the USS CORAL SEA QCYA-431 from August 1964 to -luly 19135, the USS FOX QDLG-33l Medal. American ffampaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific 1511111111111 Medal. World War 11 Victory Medal, National Defense Medal. .-Xrrned Forces Expeditionary Medal. Vietnam Service Ribbon, Combat Action Ribbon. Navy Lfnit Vomrnendation Ribbon, Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon, Vietnam Campaign with 611 device. and Sea Service Ribbon. 9 ...if r.:.-:new earn. 'mamff .. -11TJ.zs'1:rzE1.iv'r 1,'1'1axgmizE:,?a.'-.2'i31lZ' ' 4 EJ ,A-'24 ,fc- ini' ,A if 9 I ' I I I I I Km qua fax.-M - I I I I -fmlug Z' if j,9",1' ,uf 2, g-f ff! I 11 2. 9 yr' 1 ---1'1" T' -'g'1"., ' 1 v?ugi1'i-H..1av.' 1.5.22 5 :lv ttf.-s. Admin - K1 "Q" J,+f. ' 52" ' "S W,p,,f, gf. Xin, .wwffv-2, L, LT APPLEBY PN2 BECK PNSR BENJAMIN YN1 BYRD SN CAMERON YN1 CARPENTER PNSA CARTER YN3 COX HTC FRANCIS PN2 FREDRICKSON BMI WINTERS dehvers a brlef to newly arrlwed As the command DAPA he has reduced the amount personnel at mdoctrmatlon class on the harzards of of cases at mast Wlth hxs awareness" approach YN2 GOULET SN HINKLE PN2 HULSEY PNSR HUNT YNC KOBIEK 11 LTJG KROLL PN3 MARINO PC1 MAXWELL LTJG MILLER SA MOODY YN3 MOORE PNSN NOLEN EMCM RANEY PCSA REUTER PNSN RODOLFO PNSA SAYERS PNSN SENT!-IR RP2 SHORTY SN SMITH YNC TEZAK ,-,gnlli When the day is done, and you have put in some hard work, you can always relax with a good book in the library. PNSN BOWMAN QFD Ncc o1BRs gm CARTER QFD PNSR HENDERSON cFJ W CRAWFORD MAC MAURER SN WELCH LT WILSON BMI WINTERS PNC WOODIN "MAIL CALIJ' is heard over the 1MC,.and soon a crowd of sailors are seen outside the post office. "Oh, my, my package finally arrived!" is heard over the general noise of the mail P.O.'s as they pick-up their daily charge. You walk up to an open window to purchase a money order and next to you you hear 'No, money orders are sold at the other windowf Here SN HINKLE is selling a money order to SH3 CADE. ia EN2 WEISGERBFR " - - -A--nav -1 Comm - Nav - Ops ,fa X ri 4 j . l'? vflffrigfggfe tl ET1 ADDENBROOK SMSN ARMSTRONG RMCS BASHAM RM3 BEENN LT CACKOWSKI RMC COLE ET? CUNNINGHAM Rm CREAZZO 052 GARY Qmsx GEYER 2 ,L.x I-,JI X! RMC HYDE SM3 LEETE - ET3 MAGNUSSON QMSA MARTIN sM2 OJEDA Nl- X dl S ff, Qbfwa if The Communications Department has the mission of transmitting and receiving messages through the use of receivers. transmitters, satellite systems, computer systems, teletype systems. and voice communica- tions. The Communication Center, which is manned 24 hours a day, must sustain a high degree of efficiency and readiness in conjunction with the Defense ommunications Systems in order to assist our allied forces if necessary. Other responsibilities of the Communications Department are to ensure that messages are properly routed to the appropriate departments, as well as conducting maintenance on all electronic equipment operated by the Communications Center, Combat Information Center, the Bridge, and Supply's Automatic Data Processing Center KADPJ. RMSN REEVE RM2 SCHAFER Q M2 STOKES SN 'l'lll,l,lS 'lilie inyraid of' electronic equipment used -Ili .OUP I'oniiniinications, Operations, and NQVH-i31'l0n dlvlslfms require constant maintenance to perform ideally. Left, E'I'Zl Hl'H'l' makes adjustments on a radar repeater. Below. SMSN ARMSTRONG raises a signal flag while entering port. l fl fi if i I X! li 7 f if iff W f' Keeping a close vigil of possible contacts at sea requires determination and a ability to withstand the elements. Lookouts, stationed on deck around the ship, give a 360 degree look at what is out there. ., 2- RMSA BLAS RMC CANNON RMSA COX ET3 DEFOREST QFD ET2 FALES RMSN FULTON IFI 4.1 ET3 HURT RM3 MAYFIELD RM3 MILLER IFJ RM3 MONTOMERY RM3 PARSONS IFJ ET3 PEMBERTON RMSA PINO RM2 RANDALL RM2 SMITH SM2 WELLS RM3 WRIGHT RMSA WYNN RM2 VAVRA QM1 VOLTZ RMI WATSON RMSN WILLIAMS RM2 WINTERSON 17 1-LP' I f' .L "'i-Api.LL,,w.JQ..,,J.44LgL1,.., fL..4,,..,,.L,k44.L-..,,m .g....4,..4..,,.. ':.'.n '- 1A,.....-,...::jgg2Q Deck ,qv ,ffv f , -f, -Fr'-"' ,rf 'fl ID' V' "NCAA '37-K-P .'W,,'- F' ""f"- fi- -mv --vw f , ,K V V SN BAKER ENS BERRY SN BIALECK BMC BITTNER SN CANTRELL SN CARLYLE SA C.-XSTILLO BMI CUTHBERTSON SN EG.-XR B512 HAVILAND SA HENNINGER BM? HOSS RMS .IAFUBSON SN I.,-XMRI-fR'l' SN l..-XNDRVM DE K N X XNNI unix putsn smile in mn -. f maintains an P-Q H v SN THOMAS SA UPCHURCH SN WILSON SN WITTEN SN WOODS , -mes, , 1. f ' - .ri A YK BME ANGYS SA BABCOCK SA BARNES SN BOOSFI SN CORTEZ SN CKRRIE BMT DALKSVNG SA DELAUGHTER SN ENGSTER SA GARCIA 20 .,,,i.,.,1 DECK The ship's cranes are used for the loading and unloading of equipment and supplies. The 2nd Division is responsible for the maintenance and operation of these cranes. To become qualified, crane operators spend several hours training in the rigging, safety, and actual operation of the cranes. This division also stands bridge and lookout watches while at sea. wg W 7 'N Lf X sx conowx SA GRESKOYIEK 'T' sx HENRY mics HERRERA SN HOPKINS f X J' 1, ' -, if J' M N f if SHR' BMS JOHNSON BMS K1-TEN SN I.lNKl-TN.-XUGICR HMI MARTIN SN MAY BM! MCD.-XNll'fl. S.-X MORRIS S.-X PlL'O'lx'l'l S.-X l'OOl.l'fR SN RIVI-I HM12 SHICHMAN SN SNIIHCR HMI SZNAJIJHR HMB THOMAS HMSN X'Il,I,ANl 'HV 'lg -,, iiiwlu ,515 'sa Q. - ,R rg "M-A NATFNQX '14 QQ Q Nx 'fl Il lx I I in 21 A SN BOYETT SN FELSE BM2 FORTES SN KARATZAS BM3 LAW SA LINSEY SA MASSE BMC MURPHY SA POWELL SN POWERS SA POYER BMSN PRIMAVERA BM2 SHIPLEY SA SMITH SN TICKNOR BMI URZAN BM2 WERNER S.A BHAHD SA CARYER BMI CASSLER SN CHASE FN HEBERT SN HIGH I li' ef' , I X 4 4' pl, I 111 Above, Crain work never ends. Often ymi vein see their bright beams of light turgetecl nn mirgw and materials in the wee hours ut' the morning lielnw, underway replenishment exercise is emiclucted with the USS WABASH during the shakeduwn training in January. Q- , , ,. ,gif "'w"":'av ii- H 3 kin: v Engineering f , x f A , X 'ual' fail' :rf if, .,V. M , ' -' . ' 7 141- 3353-iTi:E:1fv:Tff' - T ,, 4 .V El., - 41 Q ,,! ,Ai -. J "4----.z.g.'p Jia? V-""""i f--cg-0 .,.,,, , ,W , W ,- m4 4" LT CARDENAS MMFN KOERNER YNSN MADISEN MM3 MEYER EN2 NELSON - DIVISIO J-'vs 1 w 1- fi-'gg f Q -1-if-1' X2 , f J ff- l". I I ,412 Q R ' s V Vw?-r' Q is :T A w , ,, TM 5 I I. Engineering Department is well-known for their ability to repair the ship during all hours of the day and night. Engineering maintains the Damage Control Lockers, and conducts shipwide training in Damage Control. -4-J fx. The OQNQ plant provides oxygen and nitrogen for a variety of uses onboard. EN2 NEWSON is beginning operations on the complex machine. LCDR SIDES LT NYE ENC RAMOS EN2 TAYLOR ENFN WILSON 25 BT2 BIGGAR BTC BOWEN FA BRANDT FA BRENNEN BT1 BROWN FN CHENEVERT FN CHIRILA BTI FRANTZ FN GREEN BTFN HALL FN HIGGINS F.-X HULL BT2 HUNNICUTT BTC KOSINSKI BT? LAMPEL BT3 LEYETSKY FA LOMBARDI FR LYNN 26 . V . -- 1-s+'s,:..',. L. A ' ' ai' f f x 4,4 - DI ISIO BTFN ALDER, torch lit, makes his approach to light off 111 boiler. Wearing a face shield and asbest0S gloves, he is protected from flame and flare-U11 44 ,, ,, .Y .' ' -f N' 'A-T l l- "fn" ""' , :" ' ' ' Ms 'f" "' - T---r--,-,. ,V , . ' Aw'-, - 2 3, .-, . - , , If ' ' 1 ' 3 "B" Division, the Boiler Division, is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Main Propulsion Boilers and supporting auxiliaries. This includes the Fireroom, the Testing Laboratory, Pump Room 112, boilers and fuel tanks. In addition, the division is responsible for the receipt and transfer of propulsion fuel, the maintenance of boiler feed water and fresh water within safe limits, and the delivery of petroleum and water products to tended units. !'5 BTFN BULOT Bri JOHNSTON BTFN PRUENT BT2 COLEMAN BT2 LYNCH FN WEB?-ggg cFJ FA FARRELL BT2 MARTIN ETF? XQCKINS FN HENDRIX BTFR M1cANov1'rs BTF BTFN ALDER BTFN MACCULLUM FA MCKOON FN MILLER FR O'I-IARA LT PRESTON BTFA RYAN BT3 SKAGGS BTFN TRIPPLET 27 ,, ,,,,...4..,... -,..-..------ MMFA APLAND HT2 ARMSTRONG HT3 BELL HT3 BONNER HTC BUSH HTCS COOLIDGE HTFN DAY HTS EVANS HTFN FLOWERS HTFN GARDNER H'I'FN GRAHAM FN GRANDBERRY HTFN HIGASHI FT HUCKLEBERRY MRS LUNA FA MEDINA HTFN MELIES HTFN NEGELE -I DC - DIVI IO I ENFA BAILEY IFE ENS BAQUILOD IFJ ICFA BARNETT IFJ MMI BENBOW EMS BOYD QFD SR BRACKETT HTFN BRLNET EN1 BASTAMANTE MMS BUTLER MMS CALLAHAN FR CARTER ICFA CLAYBORN FR COOR MMFA COOKSEY MM1 COLRTNEY EMS DANIELS FR ELLIS EMS ELSTON EMS ESHAM ICS FISHER EMFA GANZ MMS HENDRICKS MMS HENDRICKS ENFA HORTON IFJ ENFN HOWERTON MM2 JENSEN MMFN KIENSTRA MMS KUHNHENN ENC LAROCHE EN1 LEATHEM EMC LONG MM2 MALLET MM2 MEDINA EMI MERCER MMFA MORRIS MMS MOULTON MMS NEWSON FN ONEILL ENFA PERRYMAN ENS PHILLIPS MM2 PIERSON MMS REED FA REIMER MMFA RODRIGO MMFN ROZWALKA EN2 SANDERS MMFN SCHMITZ MMFN SHANKS MM3 SHAW IC2 SMITH MM2 SMITH FA SMITH EN3 TAYLOR FA THOMAS ICFN VINSON MMFA WAGNER FN WARREN QFD EMS WILSON MMFA WILSON MMFR WOOD MM1 WOODS EMFA WOODS FR YOUNG in 17 'Q Xxx HTFN PARKS HT3 RIVERA LTJG SHANNON HT1 TAYER Question: What's yellow, but sometimes redg can be seen flying through the passageway? Superman? Answer: The inport and underway damage control teams. Inport, each duty section has its own Fire Party and Rescue and Assistance team, which responds to unexpected casualties, such as fires and floods. While underway, a "Flying Squad", comprised of members of the fire parties, work together with D.C. Central to assume this responsibili- ty. Through daily drills and training, both teams have earned an admirable reputa- tion. Right: HTFN NEGELE is welding a bracket in the General Work Shop. 29 ? FA BOSWELL EMI BROWN EM2 CAMPBELL IC2 CORDOVA ICFN DALTON FA DAVIS EMI! GILI, ICFA GONZ.-XI.ES FR GOODWIN EMFN LAYNE EMR MABERRY EMR MARCH EMR MCGOVERN I-'N MOELL EMS OLLISON EMS PAINE ICFN PEIFER RITARITA FA STOUT EMFN WINNER FA WOODS EMFN ZIEGLER 30 - DIVISIO Electrical Division includes the IC and Motor Generator Room, electrical generators distribution equipment in the Engineroom, Electric Shop, Battery Shop, upper level Emergency Generator Room including the machinery and equipment thereing the officers, and personnel assigned thereto. The division is also responsible for electrical wiring, the lighting throughout the ship and maintenance of all interior communica- tions systems and electrical components and machinery. --,fl-L. --Q -3, Nix -Q Q, TQ YJ- Tea FN CAVE MMFN CONKLE if MMI ABENOJAR MMF.-X BENTLEY FN BREAIIX ENFN CAMPBELL FA CALDILL -DIIIO Main Propulsion Division includes the enginerooin and the machinery therein Lless electrical components, air compressors, and air conditioning inacliinerylg the cargo, diesel and lubrication oil stowage tanks: the shaft, the officers, and personnel assigned thereto. -T... ' Q YE: MMFN CIQAVICR MM? lCl7ll,l.0RAN MM? liNl2l'fl.KING NMFA EVANS MMFN EYICRSON MMFN GIl,Hlil'IA'l'H MMI-'N KEI,I,lCY FN KINNEY FN LONG MMI MA'I"l'I'IllCCI FA IJNDSLEY MMC Monm Mm PEARsoN MM1 QULJANO MMFN SCHOOLEY MMFN WALLACE MM2 WHEAT MMFN WHITESIDE FA YOUNG 31 5 J' 534:-bw wx,-A fi ,N-4' X f 41 Medical - Dental 1' '2ef:e''!:v rg -:-we 4,p-.:1.4..f- V-1.1,...:-fvr,-Lf-.F ,..,. ,, ., ,, , ..,Y., ,Y , ,Y 'F' I3 nb fx I wi QQ yi. 1 rv r fi If CNA 'Tu i." M' - I L m 'fn I 'pq' -, R .4 I -Ai' I .f , L HM1 BOOTHE HM3 DIMITRY HM? FIJLMER HN HAYNES CDR INGRLM LT KEAYEY HMS KLNKEI mm x1oR1.Rx5 ENS SHAMIIS DN DEENA l.'I' KI-TRN CDN COMEX' LCDR I-'ITZHARRIR IJ'I'l .IAIME l.'l' SHAW LCDR FITZHARRIS explains to his patient what is to Mouth open, apparatus in, time to go to work. Our be performed during the operation. DN DEENA assist happy patient relaxes with a moiithftilf with a suction hose. J-in w HML2 CRAIG DT2 CROWE HMCS DEBAKER DTI IBARRA HN JACKSON HMC LEWIS DT2 LEWIS HM1 LICKTEIG DT3 MATHEWS HM2 MINOR Q of 0 DT2 NEWMAN HN WOODWARD IFJ HM2 RICHARDSON IFJ DN SAVAGE DTC SIOSON HA WALLS 33 i"'M' Repair l' R-I Ihvismn if, rmpfimiblff tur rffpdin ,md filtfvrfiufz to hull and piping qgnnffriiw, i1fffil'fnV..1V.ii irifi iir Q, ,N and for franwafi, wxrpo-fir.:-r i-Hifi rmirnfirj, ra. im: ' N' Ciivifiihfl fflnrl-ii-its ul' fin- Iuiifnwizig init if iff Shipfiflfl' Shup, wiliiil im-1 fiir- I lflflilliii, Q. "f-HZ' henvy mf-ml plum-, tQihri1firiii,gf1rifi rf-gi iirzrig - performing 4-iiuimg ,mil rniriiiiig Uri 1 1 uupferstrm'!iure--4, riifirhirif- riiiiwiririiiig mi! tifiiiwii. and prefifiiire and W'itlQ'!'llgilf. W-.M-I, P-15 at REP IR 0 I , ,J i f: HT3 ALBERT HTC APE.-XZ FN ATWOOD HTFA BAUER HT3 BIANCO HTL! HR.-XIDWOOD HT2 HR!-ICKON HT!-'A HRl'I"l'ON HT!-'A K'A'I'Al,DO FN i'l.Ol1SE HTFN CORDOVA HTFA FROWNHART HT2 CRUZ HTFN CUSHING HT2 IJEGROAT HTFN EDDY HTC EIDSNESS HT2 FLAGG HTFN FOOTE HTFA FUNDERWHITE HT1 GARREANS HTFA GEORGE HT2 GOLDSTEIN HT3 GORDON MLFA GRAVINK 35 GRIFFITH GRIJALVA HT3 GWINN HTFN HAGEN HTFN HARRIS 1? FN HASSELL HTFA HERRIER HTFN HOLA HTFN HORN HT1 HUNT A KEFTHLEY HTTHTFA KELLY HTFN KETOHEM Hia KNEASEL HT2 MCCALL HTFN MCINTYRE HT3 MCKEE HTFA MOLARO HTFN MONTGOMERY HTFN MORRIS ., fin HTFN MYERHOLTZ 1 HTFN PARISIAN S HT3 PICKENS HTFA PILNY HT3 POOLER L23 The Sheetmetal Shop, which makes and repairs all t ' . ypes of thin sheetmetal structures such as ventilation ducts, lockers, etc. Q35 The Welding Shop, performs all types of welding, for the MCKEE and submarines. C45 The Pipefitter Shop, which repairs and makes piping configurations. C51 The Flex Hose Shop, which has a complete capability in the area of submarine flexible hose assemblies including replacement, inspection and hydrostatic testing of all repaired or renewed hoses. Q63 The Lagging Shop, which does the covering and lagging of steam, hot water, refrigeration and similar types of piping systems, using both preformed and plasticfpliable materials. This h ' ' ' s op also has the facilities for the removal of asbestos insulation C75 The Car t S t - pen er hop, which can accomplish all types of wood construction and repairs, including boat and shi d k p ec repairs, quarterdeck status boards and plaque backs. . , - R HSNR-rwwwsjfi fx f RSS WQsEs,ass ,six ,gag X my s R f ,tl M M g. xg R '!' S HTFN LT PLUMLEE HTS PRIDGEN pRUI'l'I' . .-.. ,M,...g.. ,...M...-. PMI QUIXDOZA HTFN RICE HTFA RICHARDS HTF.-X RINCON I-ITS ROWLES FN RVRY HTFN SL'HI'I-TIER I'I'I'I-'A SCRIYENER HTS SHI-TIRE FA SPINKS IIIYI S'I'I-fINMICYI4fR II III' SIII.-X'I"I'ON II IFN S'I'I'AR'I' MIA' SI'I.I'I' IIIFN 'I'III'IIS'IION IIIFN 'IUIIIII-IS II'I'I-'N VS'IIAI,I-DY III! WIllII'I'MAN VA WIIIIAMS MLFN WII,I,IAMS HT!! YONTZ ff' HTFN YOUNG SA ZELEZVNIKAR This is that tinal moment when you've cleaned this pipe and everything is ready to weld. Face shield down you take a hreath 37 II'I'I-'N YANIIICNIIIC REP IR Two MMFN BAIR MR2 BAUDER MR1 BELFOUR MRCM BLEUEL MR2 BONWELL MM3 BOOKER MMCS BOYLE MM3 BRETT MMFN COMBOT MM1 COCOBA CWO3 COLE MMFA COLLINS ENFA COOPER MMFN COTTERILL OM3 COX 38 E S MMI AMON YNSN ANSULIDIA MRI ARADANAS ,3- E33 xf-R 4, X w- aff I t l QW S " ' fi N- X-X-g f .ff ' N5Rs ' Qwyu' R-'Z Division is one of the largest divisions on the MCKEE, with over 120 personnel assigned. lts highly trained technicians are dedicated to performing high quality and ef- ficient repairs to SLBPAC Units. This division is responsible for repairs and alterations to submar- ine mechanical systems, including: valves. pumps. masts, main and auxiliary components, periscopes and related optical equipment, locksmith and safe repair, mechan- ical engraving services and preci- sion machine work. and manufac- turing for all submarine systems. Work centers assigned to the R-2 Division are: The Inside Machine Shop, Engraving Shop. l-lycirauliq Shop. Optical Shop. Outside Ma- chine Shop, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Shop, Oxygen and Nitrogen Systems Valve Repair Shop. and the Key and Lock Shop. ,-'S' sffslf -C - . , f X zs' ssyg . t RAW 'Er' -no it MMC CRAWFORD MRC CR oWL MR1 CUNNINGHAM 4 p Wy is V i E in P-g. i.-j D- 7- tr..-.-W K- ., --- -117: Ti-, . ie-wgf ... , - -C-, MR2 DEMETER MM2 DEVER i 1 iq J! , in C mai uizox i MMFN DOIJSUN , 4 Chief says this must he per- fectf Q OMSA GRO.-XT MRI HACINAS MMI? H.-XNSSEN MRFN FIUMAR.-X truly enjoys his work. The Challenge of variety in the many jobs R-2 provides for. really makes this job an adventure. ENC DOMINGVEZ MRI-'N DUNN!-fI.I,Y MMFA DVRDON MMFN ICBANKS MMF.-'A ICRAINO MRFN FAHEY MMFN FERGUSON MMI-'N FOR'I'AI,EZA MM2 FRAZIER MMFN FROI0 X4-'C' MMFN HAWKINS MMFA HEIN MMFA HERMAN MMFN HOLTKAMP MM2 LUCI-IS FN LYNN ENFN MARTIN MMFN MARTIN MM3 HULME MMFN JENKINS MRCS JONES MR3 KEEPFER MM1 KIDWELL MMFA KREIDER MMFN LEGOSKI MMFA Lomzno The many jobs the machine shops are involved. In require the highest of technical and mechanical sklllfi' Each shop has initiated a superb training effort to insure safe, accurate work is produced by their men and women. Often you see them working long into the night making flanges and fittings. The work never becom6S dullg the camaraderie is professional. quhbulllilk MMFN JAMESON OMSN KIRKLAND ,i - 'SSQ-Every - MM3 MCLAUGHLIN .J X.. :Ev MM2 MORRIS WRFN MULLIKEN MR1 MUZZEY MM1 NIVERA MMC NUGENT MM2 OLDRE MRI PACHO MMI PARENTO FA PETTEWAY MRFN PIZZUTI OWMRAW ENTFN PRESCOTT 'NJRFN RFDI IC H MMI RANIETES N1R1 REYNOLDQ MM3 RITACCA MMFN ROBERTS EN3 ROSS EN2 RUSH MR1 SAGADRACA MM2 SANCHEZ MM3 SANCHEZ MMC SCHULZE MM3 SELETAS MM3 SHAW MMFN SIBLEY MMFA SKIRTECH MMFN STANISZEWSKI OMC STICKLEY MM2 STODOMINGO MM1 STURGILL OM3 THOMPSON MMFA TIPTON FA UPCHURCH MMFA VALDEZ MM3 V.-XN'I'lNO MRL! YERG.-XR.-X OM? YERTIN MRI VI.-XDO MRC VICENS MRI VIERNES ENFN W.-XLR.-XTH MMFN WALSH OM1 WHITE MRS WHITE 42 MM3 WHITMIRE MMFN WILLIS EMFN WOODS MRI Y.-XNCIK MMS YOUNGBERG 43 EM2 AUSTIN ' EM1 AQUINO EMFN BASS A EN3 BOLAND A HTFA BOURBON i EM3 BOYD IC3 BRADWAY EN2 CHARLESWORTH ICFN CUMMINGS IC2 DANIELS EMI DENINA EM2 DIMACALI ICFN DUENSING EM3 FOSTER EMS GARRAMONE REP IR THREE R-Il Division is responsible for all electric, interior communications, and rubber and plastics repairs to tended submarines and ships. This includes overhauling and rewinding motors, balancing and sound analysis, Ehll GOZUM IFE HAIZLIP HTFN H.-XSSELLER ICFN HESSLING motion picture projector r ' d A epair an maintenance, gyrocompass repair and maintenance, plasitol, rubber SLHWIJS, and plexiglass work. The Electrical Division handles electric trouble calls within the Repair Department, and operates the Repair Portable Electrical Tool Issue Room. IJU 171 , f. . lk-SY: ,xx 3 I Je. fi S A? '7 The motor rewind shop is czipahle of rewinding the coils of wire around the shaft of a motor with perfect precision. The overhaul ot' motors in this shop has greatly reduced money spent on new motors hy the enhancement of' this profession. 1. EM3 I-IEZEL EM3 JACOBVS FA JACKSON ICFN LHEI'REI'X IC1 LOYDERBACK EM1 LI'YI'N EMC MA.-XI..-X EMI MCNEIIAN I-ITFN MITCHEM ICQ MURRAY IIIIIG OSBORNE EMFN PARRISH ICQ SHE.-XRD EMFN S'I'IGEl.M.-'KN IPI-'N YERIIIIHI FA WARREN ICB WIELAND EM2 WIMMER ICC WYATT 45 ETCS ASHE ET2 BAKLARZ SN BEST OM1 CARSON ET1 DAVIS ET3 DIBBLE ETC DRAPER IMC FINKEY ET1 GERARDI IMSN HARVEY IM1 HOLGUIN TD2 JACOBS SN JENSEN ET1 KASNER REP IR FDUR ET2 LEYERLY Q R-4 Division is responsible for the repair, installation, testing and alignment of general electronic equipment and associated antenna systems and sonar systems, and the repair and calibration of electronic and mechanical test equipment. Work centers of R-4 Division include: CU The Electronic Shop, which repairs submarine electronic systems. C25 The Fleet Electronic Calibration Laboratory, which does the calibration of electricalfelectronic M H ' I I IMI LYONS 46 4 . . no ' 7 7,4 A hnqfna...w' e f .227 nu-. sb 55- gs 5 -5 sv' 4 5 8 81 43 Z r I I I v si'-4 ? ,il we 'Y EM2 BARNES EN2 BEATIE SA COVERT BM1 DUNAGAN GMG2 ELISON PR3 FLEEMAN BM3 FRASIER BM2 GARMS HTFA GRANDAL EN1 GRAY Below KLJ BM2 HARRIS IRD HT3 JACKSON Above Mm SPEIGHT 41,5 BM2 WHITE my ET3 BAILEY LT BREGG SN GIRON ET1 LYON HT2 REYES Mm SCHELOSKY 48 REPAIR FIVE I QW' "di, I f , ff! , X I f f ' -......wg,,,, , , ,WW ,,,,,, ,, f HWY' I , f fjff , f If 'W f 1' ' ffiif' Iljwflf' VW' . WW, ,, , W WQWW V f H , ,, f 14 I f f an I ,MJ N, 4 ,sf I f ff ,f ff 'I 5 :V,.,:n'! I . M 1 4 n 4 f r ' , 'X , 1 ,wx ' , ' Zi, ,, .,.,..W,..-I , 1 .1 I R-5 Division is made up of two parts: the Riggers and the Divers. Both groups work together to support the MCKEE and submar- ines. The Riggers, which consists mostly of Boatswain Mates, are responsible for the required rigging for heavy lifts, the manufacturing of the mooring and capstan lines, and the wiring of rope slings and life lines. The Divers are an elite team of Navy-trained "Masters," lst and 2nd Class Divers. They perform underwater repair and welding. They also are qualified as Hyperbaric Chamber operators, trained in the treatment of blood diseases, carbon monoxide poison- ing, emergency bends cases, and pressure and oxygen tolerance tests. RC Division, known as "RAD- CON,". is made up of two branches: the Radiological and the Radiac Calibration shops. The function of the Radiological branch is to control operations in which radia- tion or radioactivity may be in- volved during the repair of nuclear vessels. This includes the shipment or disposal of radioactive materials, the decontamination of materials and clothing, the chemistryfradio- chemistry of liquid samples, and the delivery of pure demineralized water. The Radiac Calibration shop handles the repairing and calibra- tion of the various radiation measuring devices. Q fi 's il Q P 5. CWO3 BRENNER FN CHESSER ET3 CORUM FN DAYS E FN DELAY S V, FN FOX . ET? FREDERICK MM1 GAGNE FN GINTER RADCO Y: FN HASTINGS EM3 JONES MRI KUNKEI, MMCS LEONARD LT LONG FN MEDFORD sv- MM1 RAMIREZ MM1 ROBINSON ET2 SCHACKART MM1 STUDER ET1 WATERS MM1 WESTDYKE 49 MR3 GOLDSBERY us-ff-"": A I CZ rumbvz' 111' 'f+ MMC CURINGTON YNI DREAMER SA FINCHER LCDR GLENCOE LI3 GUZMAN I,I2 HENTON SN HINES PHI HUBBARD MMR IRBY MMCS KING S.-X LITTLETON PHQ MCCLAIN YNSN MERKEL HTC' PARISH JO3 REIL DMS TIMME DMC TRIMBLE SN WHITE LI2 WIEBENGA PH2 WILLIAMSON 50 REPAIR OFFICE RO Division is the administrative division of the Repair Department. It's shops include: Ili The Repair Department Office, which handles all clerical work and correspondence for the Repair Department. 4121 The Print Shop, which is like a mini-publishing company. 165 lithographers print training manuals, the POD, pamphlets, or any material that needs to be mass produced. l3j The Draft Shop, which prepares layouts for printing, makes signs, and does the artwork for publications. l4J The Photo Lab, which handles all photography for the ship, as well as submarines. Its staff produces newspapers, brochures, cruisebooks. and takes photographs of ceremonies or events as needed by the Public Affairs Officer. i5l The Closed Circuit Television Studio, where training films are aired throughout the ship. When underway, the studio airs regular television programs sent by the Armed Forces Television Service. RS Division is the Planning and Estimating ffenter, which plans all controlled, Level l and sub-safe work for the MCKEE and tended units. The 'l'et-hnit-al Library stores and issues technical inforrnation in the form of manuals, blue prints, etc. l Hit' HI l,I.lHZNs in ENII-'N I' Xltlbl-IN XS MMI! f'Ol,E YN2 VROOKS EMI! Fl'l,I,ER MM2 IDARNER EMFN JOHNS MRC LOCH ENS LOFTON EM2 LOTSPEICH HTFN MCKENNA ICC REED ICCS ROBINSON STSCS STRODEL FN SWIFT HT2 WALTERS MRI WILLIAMS 51 REPAIR T RT Division consists of three work centers: the Non-Destructive Test- ing Lab, the Quality Assurance Office, and the Water Chemistry, Oil Test, and Acid Spot Test Lab. The Non-Destructive Testing Lab provides support service for the IMA with radiography and ul- trasonic testing of metals and fabricated joints. The Quality Assurance Office provides support to the IMA through the identifica- tion of nuclear, subsafe, Level-1, and special control jobs. This shop also provides Quality Assurance t.raining and guidance to the IMA. The Water Chemistry, Oil Test, and Acid Spot Test Lab provides analysis of water and oil samples. It also performs acid spot testing of metals for identification purposes. p ET1 DOYLE HT1 ESTES HTC GREGORY MMFA HEAD HTC KOWALSKI HT2 MACK HTFA MATTSON LT MORAN HTC NORGARD -- --f 24 Z., HT3 BANKS HT1 BASS HT2 BRONNENBERG HTCS CLARK HTCM RIBBE HTFA SCHRINER X, 5 22' - Wi W! MM1 WIDHELM MM3 WILLIAMS -g from - ' MM2 ABUGAN IMI ALICDAN MMCS ALLISON DM2 ARROWOOD MMI BALLAAO FR BALLARD EMI BALLOCK HT3 BARBIER EM3 BARNES ET2 BARTOLOTTA LII BELMER SN BENKE ET3 BIRCH MRI BITTNER MMI BJERKE ET2 BRAMHALL IC3 BRAY HTI BROOKS HTFN BROWN PMFN BROWN SN BRUXVOORT IFI HTC BUTNER MMI CAPEN HT3 CARTER EMFA CEPHIUS EMFA CLARK HT2 COLEY IFI HT2 COX MRFN DACQUISTO DM3 DEROUIN MMC DEWITT HTI DICKSON HTFN DOUGHERTY EMC DOWNEY MMI DREW ENI EBERT HTCS EIKAMP ENFN FAGA MLI FAVOR HTC FELKER HT2 FENNIGKOH MRFA FIUMARA HT3 FLANAGAN HTFA GARNICA ET1 GIBSON FA GICKING MMI GILGER MRC GONZALEZ PM2 GONZALEZ OMCS GURHOLT HTI GIJITIERREZ EM2 HAIQSS HT2 HENDERSHOT IC2 HENDERSON IFI OMII HERNANDEZ HICKMAN SN HOLIDAY IFI HTII HOLMES ENI HOPKINS ETI HORN HTCS HOWARD MMFN HIIIIHES BMI! HIFRST EM! .IAI'OBl'S HTCM .IENNINIIS HM! KOLYNIIH MMLZ KEETIF'H MMI KLUVER MLFN KOYERS IFJ MMI LANIJRAN ETI LANE HTII LEWIS HTI LHEIIREIIX HTI LINDSEY HTFA LONG HTC LOVETT MMI LUMBAD MRCS LYON ENI MAHITRIN EM2 MATEO ICFN MATHES MRI? MATTINGLY EMR MIDDLETON IFI IC2 MIKEL HTFN MOORE IFI HTFA MORRIS HTFR MORRIS HTFA MORRIS HT2 NICOLL ET3 OLIVER IFI MMI ORTIZ MM2 OVIATT MM2 OWENS ICC PARKER EM3 PENDARVIS EMFA PFEIFER I N"N., EM3 PFEIFFER FA PIERCE MMI PIKE FA PODHANY HTI PLICHLEITNER DMI RABINA STS3 RIDDLE MMI ROBINSON MM2 RODRIGUEZ IFI MMI-'R ROE HTZI ROGERS MRII ROMERO MM2 ROSS ENZI RVNYON HT2 RI'SSEI,I. EMI SANTOS IM2 SAVNIIERS HTI SHEENAN MMFN SHEET! ET2 SIMANTS HTFR SIMMONS HTI SIZEMORE FA SMITH ENFN SMITH HTI-'A SMITH MMI SMITH HTI! SOKOLICH MM2 STANTON IFI MRL! STEAIJ HTI STOKES HTFN SWANK HTI TAYLOR MM2 TEBBEN LIC THIELE HTI THOMAS ET2 YINEY ENFA YOYLES MMFR WALSH ENFN WALSH MMI WALTON HTI WEBB MM2 WEIKEL MM2 WELCH HTFR WILCOX FA WRIGHT BM2 YELVERTON HT2 ZUPHER IFI qu: 19" new Supply 'PNN 1 il CDR LESSA SK2 CASSISON SK3 CHAMPER LT DARGAN SK2 GRANT SKI HERN SK1 N.-XVEA SK2 NGOLAB SKSN OLSON SK2 PONDER SKB POTHIER SKS.-X SH.-XWNEY SKC SNYDI-IR SO llivision processes the paperwork tor the Supply llepartinent. lncluded in the division is the Supply Quality Assurance 'l'eznn, which conducts audits ot' departmental procedures. S-l Divi- sion is responsible for the receipt, stowage, issue, packaging, and shipment of consumables and repair parts. ll-'I M51 ACEDILLO M52 ALICDAN M55N ARNOLD M51 BALANE M51 aELFLovvER MSSN CAMPEAU MSC CENA MSSN CHIDESTER MSSN CLINGINGS MS3 DELUNA MSSN DILL MSCM DIMACALI MS1 DIMARUCOT MSSN FLOYD MSSN GATLING MSB GUIDANGEN MS2 HICKS MSSN JEFFRIES MSB JONES, C. MSB JONES, R. MSSN KOLLIER MS2 MARKHAM MSB MARSHALL MSSN NELSON MSI ONA MS1 RAMOS MSSN SABAY MSI SAN ANTONIO MSSN SHAMBORA MSSN STEIL 56 ,:f-qv-Q -1...-Y..- nr: SUPPLY TWO S-2 Division is famous for the ships fine cuisine, Our delicious meals are prepared and served by Mess Specialists assisted by Food Service Attendants. The hours are long and hard when preparing food for a crew of over 1100 people, FN STRATTON CWO-1 SWAGERT MSB WIGGINGTON MS2 WILSON UPPLY THREE S-3 Division is the ships' servicemen. They provide those services we need to keep ourselves well groomed and in tip top shape. Both ships stores. laundry- rnat, barbershops, and vending nia- chines are some of their workspaces. f"V If i "PGS ' Q SHP ll.-XS.-XII.-X SHI V.-X'l'.-Xl'lA SHSN lIlCl,l'ION SHI? IIONALIJ SHI lCSl'lRl'l'll SHC' I-'IIANCISVO SHI! HAMMONIIS SHSN .JACKSON SH3 KLOOSTEHMAN SHS LAMM Sl-I3 LIVINGSTON SI-ISN LOUCKS SHI PAELMO SH3 SCHAETZEL SN SMITH SHSN TERRANCE SH3 VANBERKUM 57 SUPPLY FGUR S-4 Division, the Disbursing Office, is responsible for maintaining personnel pay records, registering allotments, and managing disburs- ing funds. It provides services as a bank by cashing checks and offering storage for valuablesfmoney for personnel. fl K7 58 SKSN BRONIAK SK1 EBNER SK3 FRIESE SK3 HAMRICK SK2 JENNINGS SKC LANSANG UPPLY SIX S-6 Division is the Stock Control Center. It is responsible for the ordering of all repair parts and supplies for MCKEE use. Other responsibilities include the accurate recording of all transactions affect- ing MCKEE stocks. and working with ADP to insure all recorded data in the ship's computer is correct. S-6 is also tasked with maintaining and reporting the financial records ot' the MCKEE, COMSUBGRI' FIVE, sulnnar- ines, and the USS SAN ONOFRE. SKI MATI.-XS SK1 Nil-YDIN.-X SKI Ol.AR'l'l-f SKI SHIIQYZ I .IFJ p N119 Q J 'Hi 59 u isnt' SKI BARRARA SK2 BASA SK1 BELTRAN CWO2 BERNARDO SN BURCHETT SKI CALUB LCDR FEERER SK2 GABRIEL SKI GALVANTE SKCS HALL SKI HANEY SK2 MARIENTES SKI MONZON SK2 MCCLELLAN SN PALAMAR HT3 REGNIER SK1 SALYARDS SKCS SMITH SN TALL SK3 WILSON 60 S PPLY SEV S-7 Division, the Supply Support Center, is the heart of the Supply Department. It is the first point of contact between the ship's force and tended submarines. The division has three major sections: Technical, which has a vast number of catalogs and microfiche available for the Repair Parts Petty Officer CRPPOX the Purchasing Section where all non- standard Cmaterial not available Within the Navy Supply Systeml requests are processed, and the Expediting Section which passes, and expedites all priority requisitions into the supply system, monitoring them until received. l l -Q ft. S I, le. w Q., - D Q LCDR JONES ENS MULLER MSSN ALEXANDER QFD MSSA ANDERSON SA ANTONIO QFD SK3 BARNES DPSN BARNES DK2 BENJAMIN QFD SH3 BENNETT DP3 BOLLINGER SK3 BOUCHEY DP3 BOWLING TMSA BROWN DP2 BROWN MSSA BULLOCK MS3 BUNGARD DPSN BURKE MSSA BURNETT MSSA BUTLER SH3 CADE QFD DK1 CAMAYA MS3 CAMBRON QFD SK3 CARR SK3 COHEN SN COLOBONG MSSR CRANDALL MS3 CUDDY MS3 DAVIDSON QFD MSSN DAY EM2 DEMERITT gf' ,v 4? DS3 DOWNEY BT3 ECKLAND SK3 FALLETTA DP3 FARNED MMFR FAUVER SKSN FITZPATRICK TMSA FLAGG PNSA FORD DKSR FRANCESCONI MMFA FRIES MS3 FUNE MMFN GANGA QMSN GEYER DP2 GLOVER MS3 GODDARD QFD SK3 GOLIO SKSR GOODE DP2 GREENER HTFR GRIPPO MS2 HAGAR QFD MMFR HAMLIN SN HARRIS MSSN HATTON DP3 HAW MS3 HANNESSEE PMFA HERNANDEZ SH2 HINOJOSA SH2 HINOJOSA HTFN HOLMAN HTFN HOWARD SN BEEMAN DP3 DUNN LT GAULT DPSN MONAHAN DP3 ODOHERTY DPSA TAGUE SKSN HURST DK2 HYCNER QFD DP2 IZZO MS2 JACOB MSSR JOHNSON DP3 JOYNER QFD HTFA KAKUK YNSN KAMA QFD FN KELLY MS3 KETCHIYM SN KING MS2 KITTEI. SN LANE QFD TMSN LRRFH DPI MARTIN MSC' MARTIN ENFA MARTIN MS12 MATA DP2 MFCOY SN MCDERMOTT QFD MSSR INIQ'GI-TEVER MS2 MCMIIRRAY QFD SA MCNEAI, SK3 MILLER SHT! MOORE SA MORGAN MSSR MULLALLY DKSN NIEFERT MS2 OBISPO MM2 OLDRE S PPLY EIGHT S-8 Division, the Automated Data Processing Center QADPD, supplies all the data processing support for the MCKEE, COMSUBGRU FIVE, and all supported submarines: whether it be paychecks or supply listings. This includes, but is not limited to Repair, Supply, and Disbursing. SH3 OLSEN DK2 ORIBELLO FN ORY QFD SK2 PACER DPI PASCASIO DPSN PEOPLES SK2 PEREZ SKI QUANICO DP2 RALLOS MS3 RANDLE SH3 RANDOLPH RMI! REI-IVE MSSR RI-IGIN MSSR RIDGE SN RINGGOLID QFD DPSN RISICN SKSN ROBY QFD FA SFHOENIG MSSR SLABIE FA SMITH MSSR STUART SKSN THOMAS QFD ICI! TIBERIA DPC TOMCHI-IK DKI TULIO DSI WHITMAN DS3 WILLIAMS FA WILLIAMS SH3 WILLIAMS MSSR WILLIER DP3 WISDOM QFD ENFN WOODS A MS3 WOODSON DPSA WOODWARD DPSN WULF ENFR WYCKOFF DP3 YOUNG 61 g-,...JQ,,., .. , ,. Weapons LT WHITNER TMSN COPPOCK TMSA NEWLAND TMSN STINCHFIELD TMSN TROUP EAPONS O E - TWO W1 Division the Torpedo Repair Division, is responslble for the stowage issue and performance of authorized maintenance to conventional torpedoes, missiles and submarine launched countermeasure W-2 Division, which is the Fire Control Repair and Gunnery Division, is responsible for the align- ment, alterations, testing, and repair of submarine fire control systems, in addition to the employ- ment and maintenance ol' the ship's installed ar- mament. lt is also respon- sible for the stowage and control of all sensitive arms, ammunition and explosives, not specifical- ly assigned to other divi- sions. FTG2 FORD GMG2 HANSEN DSI HARRIS CWO2 LOMBARD GMT1 MCCALL 1 FT G2 MCCOY FTG2 MCCULLOUGH GMGSN MCLEES FTG2 SHINDELBOWER FTGC STODDARD 63 TMSN BENNETT I TM2 CLOUTIER GMTSN FAIRCLOTH ENS HERMANSON TMC HUTCHISON JUNGBLUTH GMT2 GMT2 LENTZ TMSN MEYEES TMSA PAYTON TMSN POOLE YNSN BARNES TM2 BORDEAUX WEAPO THREE FTG2 CARL TMSA CARTER TMSA CATHER TM3 COLSTON TMSA CORRELL TM2 EADDY SN EDWARDS IFJ TMSR FERGUSON IFJ GMT1 SCHIMMING GMTSN SHERWOOD TMSN SMART TM1 SWAN GMT3 TONEY TM2 GARCIA TM3 HARRIS TMSA HINES TM2 JOHNSON YN3 KENNY FTG1 KESSLER TMSA KINDER TMSN KRIKAVA SN MCCONNIE TM2 MCNULTY TM3 MILLER TMI MILLER TMC MUEHLEISEN TMSA NASH TMSA PALMER TMI RAMPE TMCM RAPP FTG2 RODRIGUEZ GMT1 SACK GMGC SHADRICK TMSR SEIBER TMSA SKAY CFD SN HOPES TMSN JEFFERSON TM2 PABLO TMSN PORTER SN WI-IETSTONE TM2 STAN FIELD W-3 Division, the Nuclear Weapons Repair Division, is responsible for the handling, maintenance, and stowage of nuclear weapons, TMSR rocket motors, and associated Ggquipmeljtt- STEKHUTZEN Personnel undergo extensive training or securi y EFFER FTCM STUART and safety measures. TM3 SCHA I TMSA THOMAS TMSN TITUS TMSA VAUGHT CFD TMSN VINKE FTG2 WALTERS TM3 WATSON TM3 WILLIAMS TMSA WILLIAMS TM1 WYATT TMC YOUNG W-4 Division, the Weapons!Repair Q l't ual y Assurance Division, is responsible for the monitoring and auditing of weapons related responsibilt ' 1165 and operations, for production and safety standards. TM2 ARREDONDO CWO2 DAVIS TMSA FULKNOR TMC HANKS EAPO FOUR THE LEGE D BEGI Patiently waiting, visitors and crew await the moment when the ceremony begins, I 1 I iv -. The band begins to play. The excitement of what is about to take place has everyone on the edge of their seat. "My, but the ship looks eat!" is heard in the seats. The legend Iilegins I 'T-17' 117 hum-xy fi? O I Y! . 1 'HY 1 ' ' 1 " 0-.. 5 ,f'f,. X J 'K Il f' "4 fe ' ' Q - , "-ia The USS MCKEE was officially accepted as a Submarine Tender of the United States Navy during an enthusiastic ceremony at the Seattle Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company, on August 15, 1981. During the ceremony Captain D.S. GOR- HAM read his orders from the Chief of Naval Operations, ordering him to assume command of the ship. LSCC President, L. A. SMITH, wished the crew "happy and smooth sailing aboard the MCKEE," and added that the MCKEE "is a great ship . . . and deserves a great crew." Additionally, Rear Admiral J. D. WILLIAMS, the Commander of the Naval Base, Seattle, addressed to the large crowd, "Not only does Lockheed think they've built a good ship, the crew does too." 85 '-" A-'Y'--' --'-G--sf-Y-F-1--v-swmfwai -iii - - l WW 'QQ , if hgh, f "f"7W'. The principal speaker, Washington Congressman Norm DICKS, praised LSCC for its "below-the-cost and ahead-of-schedule performance" in its production of the MCKEE. He continued, "I hope that performance serves as a model to other shipbuildersn. The Executive Officer, CDR G. R. WATERMAN, then ordered the piping of the crew to quarters and the setting of the first watch. At this point, the ship was officially manned, and considered a working ship of the U. S. Naval Fleet. 'Q QW culi- After the commissioning, guests were invited aboard to join the crew for a reception, where the C. O. cut the commissioning cake with a ceremonial sword. fn., A I :givi lling- 25.9.1 1?'3Y3.i m V u wigiewqs- ""3.. 3' -..... an ze'-a5E?E1".ESfg 1: 1.- Vx Ol' .. R If a 8'-f A 'i' .-514 nn," .1 4 f , ...L e- vf " ' Q! c EATTLE Seattle home of the world-famous Space Needle, birthplace of the USS MCKEE. The MCKEE had a chance to return to Seattle for Post Shakedown Availability, from May 1, 1982 through July 5, 1982. While in Seattle, the crew had the opportunity to visit Canada, the Olympic Peninsula, Mount Rainier Na- tional Park, Bremerton, and the SUI- rounding area. Regular boat and bus rvflli made visits to the downtown area easlll' accessible. Among the popular attractions were the Space Needle, Pioneer Square' the Kingdome, and more. Captain D- S- GORHAM even had the honor of throwing out the first baseball, on "MCKEE Night," at a game betwe?n the Seattle Mariners and the Cleveland Indians. r F K r s 5 i 2 l 5 12 r we 5 l 5 ll F li if 2 i il 5 l l x life' If i""a 'N 'Q Tv ,. fm- 'rf--B+-if fb Q ' . ' yy ,f 7' A " A Q- -A . g sf The Public Market Center downtown was always filled with color and excitement. You could easily find an unusual gift or eat home style meals in small sidewalk cafes The Totum Pole is a symbol of Seattle's historic past a reminder to keep unwanted spirits away. , a 4- Half- fic .- 'sf As. f K t'Q :fd Al A X. Q J. P s 4 if 1 4 5 Y! an ,I I L L , 5 l '.-gt' - l S' I ' ' nfl 'Q' .,'l . ,,. an i. ,I I . nav Y' . I v ' , ' A 1, . Q f . , I , 1 I' " A 1 I ' F' E ' .Le JR ' it N UU Sul' 1 5-nf ff Z l , N A r'4' ,y . r I, 'r'v"'s, Y -'nf K u 4,,,x , 1. vi I 543 O' 7: ,ju lixgs Qi 1 ' x ' gf' vi v .ev , I W '--x K -1 '4 5 ' i 'Est f'Fre5h fruit, tasty apples." "How much for that salmon?" is what you hear at the Public Market. The Space Needle is reflected off of a downtown building. Of the many forms of transportation available, the tramway from Seattle Center to Downtown added excitement to any day. I? "LOCKHEED SHIPBUILDING takes care of their own" 'l Ed JQNES was the LOCKHEED representative who lived with us for our first year to ensure guarantee items were corrected expediously. The results were tremendous! MCKEE d1dn't miss one commitment - and always got Underway on time. A 'ifgx' .4 ez Q: .-...- fm 3 ""'- -A I f """""1+nq, 5'- f'X 1--ugly: 'I 4" -.. as e Q l 4 , Efzi Ci ,. 4. 2 23:22 I X 2. . , . fu Eizjg t 1 2 ., -. ' ,, A --,Al-...1-' - :L , ' - is nas..-f'.., A 2 , QL-gg 3, - .. . :E':::::':g:- -.rim gi W . '--' ' f1"Y"FL:':...:"-'ir 5' , 7 1 gg lg . - ' .i-.A - X "' . - 9- L 3 - l - ' ln' l' 1 ' ' g f .A-.. ., ' - nhl:-.-.f. I. , H...i.-.-.....f:- -A. " . . . , - ..f,. "' :".:---- do H' '-'W m........,, -ui' . - ' -", --H ",."..... -1 A .M . N 49' XY k cl, . . f v " e '. K s-,lk Y r t ' " " F K, 'I g r ..,, ..,, A N" 4 L X H V 1 Nu . T 'A s ,..-- ' S . Q 1: - .., f if ' if lf' ZZ 95 99 If Z l'i1 I ' by il j n FRA CI CO X. . ,l , avr '- -3 . , ' is-4 sg' ..:i " . e, eg, 4 f- V ' R - J 3 33' , W V, 'f-- 1.5 ' .v""5'W+-Ile. -- - V ., ,- 'N ,: ,Z . ,.'rM.-fffgfss 'A s , 2" CVM?-Qx , V N r 5 H ' - ,AJ..:,. V' fm' A ' I k , Y 'K - K M i ANVJ 1- 1 ja X, , , f 1 N . r .1,- -A rr., 9 1- - 1 1 ' gf 1' , W m -A :..1'f: -mei? ' WW " , ' ' , . ,sf sf, ,il ' ' ,Z 1 5 '-gm , -- ' gave'-,w - . 1'ff'?"2."1'-ly.. ' - N , " '- V , , 1 ,f 1 -e gr "r. 'W Q ,".,A4g5Lg-mar, '-,M gg.:,,1e-f1e:te't...:-lrrg , 7: , . , iff ' ' Q. F. , f " W1 ' 2 e t is A ' , " we" f-'sb W' ,f , . " s , .- 1 aaa 1 - ' ' "' ' - V' - sv- Wsfsesev-f '-es5" S- 1 weP' - 1 ,, Qs. E K .3 as yn, G I . , -b f . . .fs H Q ,.l-. el....,t.., as , , ' - - - A ,. 1 A N -- 3 , 4. 24 ' --', 3, -V Q J: - ,ww f',:m,, ',A.:-A-1.-le.,-rw -,rfb .qs V , , ' t o A '?""f-I .,..i A' A Q lf .f S - fvff A Ias'fZ:.4"rfwfSf' u Q .ve.-',,,,5d-Aawwhbanswkw j,2i.m'q?w-1 1 fy .af-esapgfy -ire xgfrefgfumu-.J. H,-Nw, 14:1 -mee, , 'nt if :Q Y' 1 t 4, e at Q? .1- . , , . ,, 1 Y r1aEf7"3f' U 1-IW! ,Ms :.,VrL,f4.Qw t,..:, t.l41,f,:,,,n,,4,,,,J':f?f5E ,V R if K ' ' ' f- " ' A' ' I-.-.1-sf F-1. 4. .-Ml, ..,.. ww w-f , . . , , . , ,.. . , . 1 iv. ,gi 1 Amifatwm ,-,,?f, knew, 4 .N',,.p,lSv,M, W f.. TMI X: ,X 1' it "' - ' N V - - - - , .2 ' 'f -if--swf' :awe ,ww e, ,fu -fe. .- 'M Y, . W ., -. , , ,L f L , , A ,wgr.,f1,1,,,.,.,g.. ' ' f - ' - 1 - ., 5, HH W 1-Va,-g.,AMJ:JV-..,,.,Y,J,rmJmM. . , ,, , Y ,. .,,fg3Q.T.- fffff-Q xi Ek,,,Q- -A ewes-.ea ru- V. .Q l""'P"" K . "- . V , - -1 . , A f sq if ,Mt-:Qu f l it l x l 3 I ' mfr, . -Www., gif 1 ,5 f, 1,, 3, ww, S ' 1 Wwewwimeeas ' 'MW 'iw'.lfm'f?H .?L':':'.-fl: "tim ,fig If iii. H -'zg :g,:. 1,Qff'fff, After leaving the Seattle shipyard October San Francisco. "Channel Fever" subsided sight of the Golden Gate Brldge, where ther were manned as a helicopter hovered overh 1981, the MCKEE headed for its first port UV' ' ' ' eil BR! Center, the crew flocked via bus an su way the exciting sites and sounds the area offer Fisherman s Wharf, Ch1natown, Gh1rard0 Square, Alcatraz Island, Lombard Streetl . . ud C180 While moored at the Oakland Naval Suppl ' d b t - Q . . , . - Th aklw Crookedest Street in the Worldl, the 0 Raiders and more, provided more than 0110 entertainment for all. A bit of San Franz was left in everyone's heart upon leavin November 7th, ' .- 5'1-:-M:wi,fmxAWLM,-1101 ' ' ,F A U .awk ,if an f it 1: ., H ' . ::lf3lif"??gi?0 ???5fii?tli'35?rQ-V243if3 "" 1 7,1 ,va The Pilot House was relying on radar information from Combat as to Where the ship was. The fog was pea soup as we passed the channel bouys towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Suddenly, the bridge is sighted closely overhead looking like a ghost from the past, and then the fog has cleared. The Pilot House can see all of San Francisco Bay, while the thick fog bank remained at bay. 7 O 4 ..M.A.,..mv44nm Liflgftl l ' 1, l z I Xv rrrrr M . Q. . , Q N -fu. A 3 1 4 5 t 5 2 2 2 r 5 E 5 A 3 n Yi f 1 i i f Q I E S J ' ? F 5 , f ' l w i 5 , i Alcatraz, how well its Watchtower QLEFTy leered at you when you approached. The high un-scaleable walls surrounded by San Francisco Bay kept the most dangerous of men confined in small concrete cubicles QBELOWD. The deterioration which led to the closing of this high security prison is easily visible in these photographs. .X . X S! I r Take a leetle bite, hold it in your teeth 5, 'W .li he wi so S9Tf3i'.2,g,:.Q A M 7 .' ful." 5' if LC. ' , 321' 534' ,, like this, then F3156 your cup . 3 if gf-J K1-if MMWI '91 W Q w v- , b-4 w Q - ,A 4 1 Cdr I .r W' 0:5 w'. 'E ' Q .'c -. -nu Ji """"' 2- 41 I - D Q i A llllllNll'l l,UUKOl"l' How qhout turning on the lights. "This is the MCKEE. A beautiful ship filled with fine men and women. True professionals." WELCO Q H 0 'W MTM ff? t 41.3 -af 5-e J' v ,-k 1 Q San Diego, "Americas finest city" welcomed the MCKEE, November 10, 1981, with a powerful symphony of fog horn blasts. a marching hand, a cheering crowd: while balloons and 'WEI,C'OMIC HOME signs colored the SPERRY pier. It was an emotional moment, as families and friends gazed with awe at the gigantic ship slowly approaching the pier. The long months of waiting for the return of their loved ones was finally at its end. Here at last, the Navy's newest submarine tender would relieve the old veteran, the USS SPERRY CAS-125, of its duties at Ballast Point. .-4...,,,.ai Ji M , 5 if f ' 0 A x. wx 44-V W ., .. AQ N E X L. K ,gn 1' , N55 X va .N 1. f ' M I, ., ,wwfwwnnu , bfflxww f , , f , af wwwf KVKWV ,JWQ , ' 'I ,ml Wh 5"fQg,fYf if 'fl Q , , f f fyvw M' W, ,:,f,yg,,,!, f,-, ,. .W M ' x Q " ,,,,,,,gf' Www f x ,,'f,,gf,,L' A' Utamni, "' if W ' AH MM X f ffjff I fd' 1, f f,,4:w,Q,,f , ,W 2f.wA ff W ,M ,,, ,VV "' 'S' ,W , , .Q J N f A ' "fixff'Wf - fmnff 1 X ,, N 1 n V, N, Q ,, W ff L U V I I ,,,,, X ,,,, fl K M ,,,. ,, ,W , M ZW fr!! X , , Z4t'W'f',j x f ,ywfmy af' fn, f, M, ,, ,f,',y f 3 ,ywfyf 1,5 I, A' ,Q , 1 I, 41' , M ,W fem ww W Q , ' N' v , if - , If ,,,, " ,, nf 1, . ff , V Q"""' M A ff f' ,WW ,Wm YH ' A U ,.,,,.v f, L yggy' ,WW , yf ' ,f I , X ,X ,ff r ,.- f . ,2fQfffwy2,w W f M W! " W 'Wy ',1zf'wfwmf f h, A x ,f f ,, N ff ' Wwfff ' -""' , , , ,ff A, X X ,, "4 f' ,foam ., V M HW f 'W a4'ffW2, f W K W ,,,,,Wff, ,, , ,, , ,, 0 www 41 , , - .4 'C ' WWW" W ,zf Wwww 'I 3 jvc 'HV f 1 , . ,I , IV, X W If , x , W, f f ,, "" 0 , . ll w"""o- f ff Q I The fanfare of arriving home is displayed by the fireboat. CAPT WATERMAN greats RADM BURK- HARDT. The Cabrillo Monument, a national landmark, overlooks Ballast Pointg Home of a Legend. Sunset Cliffs. just the other side of Point Loma, provides a picturesque repose for MCKEE sailors. The old lighthouse at Cabrillo still stands as a reflection in San Diego's past. MEM 457+ "s. -W, 3. 81' J aaigr ,li a,..'.i 1, M, A I W rv QV, fi I , -Urwigf ,D 64. NIL fb" ' " fgu 1 Q' Y Y ' 1 I Q R X1 in ,. w ,, Wm--v , ,ir L... ..-..-v-he Vi X .. ,. OIF? tun- Q 1-I ,A wapnhv - ' - I. ,.',uwf.p::a6b.l I-wi , ,., ,r-. -1 A K . .vuf""'i 1 ..,, i ig 4 l55F g F gn. QA ' LW '-'---Q.XH.-.,f"f"' 'eV , 4 V W .L-i""i,.,, Q. 'Q-y, ' "- 1 ,,,,,.,,,M, I! I . ,J . ? X ' -r' A . 0 Q a J , I v. I V A - gi I ' " ,' E- 1-2? ,- P U I... ,fs '- '-- ' A qv 4- it H A' ' ' .Q A Q Ln? The Butchart Gardens, once an excava- tion for raw materials, was decorated becoming a world famous botanical wonderland. The gardens feature flora from around the worldg cultivated for you to wander and gaze in awe. The Sunken Garden CBELOWJ offered the most colorful scenery of tulips, dafodills. roses. ferns, daisies, and weeping willows. The sounds of gentle music is heard near the small lake where water is gushing forth from hidden nozzles, dancing to the classics, a relaxing reprieve. I J 1 '- HK l 4 Q 5-'V wr I f .- all V. T- 0 I spar 5' 545, 41 I ' -FI' 4 l I E' fea- f-an I J 1 -tw.: ' CN: , . 5-nf 9,0 ir' if -4 , 'QVC 'ls bf.-"' I' klfikdgrgc 34. ,fi 4 N . ii. -,Y-4, Z T' ' 'L 41" refs' .I :LPA ' l I 35.6 .Nw C O W 'Q .Fl gf' h v-05- J , Uv, a 'rf'T-h'f,', .1 1' 'ii , Y 'I 'I' is y .TPS-3' s" P n .ass U wang, The Maritime Museum offered many facts and treasures to see. The Empress Hotel is a vast array of decorative antique rooms and loungesg the Bengal Room, complete with a Bengal Tigar skin on the fireplace exemplifies the finery in Victoria. Miniature World, Classic Car Museum, and China Town were well visited by MCKEE crew- members. 82 ,. 1 -rf'-vi,-a tif Silfilafif ' 4. -3 "" """" "' ' ' ,D -' we S 'Wim-Nil!!! -113458 N5 MB ,.Af N-. L, . .W -v: s E F ix 'sfig Q.,- -'-Lf. ff. ' '1-anF""' 37 5. uv. Q, ., juan.. nt, ix' 3'- 5. 532 l TIGER CRUI RE Frou: July 5. to July 12, fifty eight si-ns. ieapzghters. wives. brothers. and sisters were f.:?e-eirkei ezboard NICKI-fl-f for six days of .gzpierweay oz: ci heme grey". People from nge ight, is rlgfllf' one toured workspaces in .gizirrxseiy eozziiitioiis ro see what the 'nt sen' Kern .5 :rf Abou' agar' ABGYE: PN1 WEBB shows her photogra- phic prowess while taking the picture ofthe SAN DIEGO resident taking a hath fLEFTb. 85 MCKEE OFTBALL The MCKEE Mens' Softball Team had a triumphant year, with coaches LCDR Fitzharris and CWO3 Hubble leading the team through victorious seasons in Seattle and San Diego. The young team was well-practiced and well- organized for its scheduled games. Playing on the team were: SN ANDERSON PN3 MARINO BMSN BAILEK BTFN MILLER BT3 BRANDT DP3 O'DOHERTY MMFN BREAUX BMSN POYER LT DARGAN HTFN RICE SK1 EBNER SN SCHOENIG BTFN GREEN MSSM SHAMBORA MMFN HOLTKAMP BM2 WERNER SN JONES ge 4.0 -In f '- - g V, 2 K On the other hand, the MCKEE Women's Softball Team, coached by HT1 Mack, got off to a bad start. First, the team was organized late, resulting in loss of practice time, and practice fields were not always available. However, inexperience did not dampen the spirit and determination of the team in playing their best in the civilian league. Playing on the team were: EM2 CAMPBELL SI-I3 JACKSON PN3 CARTER RM3 MILLER SN CURRIE HTFN MOORE SN DAY SN ROGERS ET3 DEFOREST SN SHERRILL SN EGER IMSN WALLING SN HOLIDAY lg. AWE A ,Lf -me , e. -4 'iqnac ,X . 'Usu- . . , as -1' r . , 'M I . ..,, QU ,, . A , iw mc" N ed., Q.. ., ,,, 1 S TOP: SN Day and SN Sherglg anticipate the out rnade by it Currie. ABOVE: Hoping to 3135342 to the base before the ball If DP3 Werner. BOTTOM LEFT- ext Joyner attentively awalts thK4ESN pitch. BOTTOM RIGHT. .tching Shambora concentrates OH Pl a strike. 1' 'I ,fl- ' YQXOB' 4 Oo 'Q BASKETBALL The MCKEE Men's Basketball team. coached by L12 Henton and B312 Thomas. proved to be a success in their first season. The team boasts of defeating IHOSI of their opponents in Seattle, in addition to being victorious upon returning to San Diego. The MCKEE team consisted of: HT1 B.-XSS MSA G.-XTLING SN BARNES SN HARRIS MRI BELFOUQR FX JACKSON HT3 BONNER BMS JOHNSON FN BOSWELL ICI LOUDI-IRB.-XCR TOP LEFT: MRI Belfour H1301 eyes the basket before shooting. ABOVE: The team huddles around Voaeb Henton for advice. BOT- TOM LEFT: Team members con- gratulate DP3 O'IJoherty as be crosses homeplate. BOTTOM RIGHT: Barnes H1235 springs above the opponent for a lay up. The Captain, in Perfect etiquette, relaxes from a full schedule, to join his crew- '49 'Y -41 A PIC IC O if D Way to relax on Sunday. EMCM ALOGOSO enjoys a r1 . uring our underway periods, picnics were a perfect 88 Kama-1-1ifl' k ' V' 'L' ' 5 1 'L ,gs '?w.gM RIGHT: "I don't believe I ate the whole thing." BELOW: "You did you did eat the whole thing!" 3' 14:- TIL HI dunno Pm not gure if I could eat the whole thing. There is ,so much to this thing!" A 89 GENERAL QUARTERS GENERAL QUARTERS! Flooding or fires can happen at any time of the day or night. If the inport damage control party 01- the "flying squad" fwhen at seal cannot control the casualty within five minutes, GENERAL QUARTERS is called away. General Quarters is also called when a combat Situation occurs. To ensure that the ship is prepared to handle such a crisis, drills are held periodically. Every crew member dons battle helmets, buttons their collars up, tucks their pants into their socks, and musters at their assigned battle stations. LEFT: CAPT GORHAM tensely observes the ship's response to a casualty during a scenario. BELOW LEFT: QM1 VOELZ concentrates on navigating the ship. BELOW RIGHT: YN1 DREAMER patiently awaits for the end of an ABANDON SHIP Drill. I U liV,Q,V,5,4,s aff as an 1 J' if f . L ov-a-u-up -,Q y--f-.-.f-annum. ... -..- ABOVE LEFT: As the Tactical l'ommtmications Officer, LTJG OSBOHNE decodes information. ABOVE RIGHT: CAP'l' WA'l'ERQNlAN and C'Al"l' GORHAM confer together to decide what actions to take during GQ. LEFT: The hridge serves as the heart of all operations during a GQ. BELOW: YN1 CROOKS pays close attention to instructions during an Ahandon Ship Drill. BELOW LEFT: Crew members apply first aid to the mock injury of PNSN SENTER. ,, 5, 1 U , ffl' FUNNY Yea, the fish was big. It was so big, I had to scare it away like this! A .,,,.-....A,- ., -f -- , V 1-.,-A, UOOOHHH, but this hamburger is sooooo gooooodiv "NO sir, I think you leaned against the PKP bott1e.' We salute you. You've done it. One year of hard work. You,re proud. You're adventurous. You are MCKEE. My recruiter told me I was on my way to a real adventure Trying to get through this line for chow is turning out to be a real Job' The boat says they needed more air tanks, so we found these balloons and filled them up. Can't figure out why the chief walked out laughing. ' if if , i ixguz- 2 xv V gre fl PAPER A' Take a look at that guy! He thinks he's having fun looking at us. He aught to look at himself! "How about a date tonight honey?" "What do you have in mind, big boy?" "How about a walk on the promenade deck, or a movie at the BIJOU'?" 1, VH. g 5 Th , ef TOP LEFT: Coach HUBBLE en- courages the Mens' Softball team to "be reasonable" and "do it his way." ABOVE: R-3 and friends mustering on station. LEFT: Keep- ing the MCKEE tradition While entering port, TMSN BENNETT plays a tune on his bagpipes. BOTTOM LEFT: "I wish we'd use paper plates!" sighs MMFA COL- LINS. BOTTOM RIGHT: "Book 'em Dan-O" instructs MAC MAURER to ET1 HESS. xi , E "lil TOP LEFT: Either MMFA SKIR- TECH's guitar need tuning, or the food is just too good for FA MEDINA and HT3 HOLA to put down. TOP RIGHT: MCKEE members get into the "spirit" of a Mariners baseball game. CENTER: CDR COMEY, CAPT GORHAM, LT GLENCOE, and LT KEAVEY are caught doing something unu- sual: wearing civilian clothes and relaxing. BOTTOM LEFT: "Here's to you, here's to me, and if we shall ever disagree here's to me!" toasts EN3 BAQUILOD. BOTTOM RIGHT: "Will we ever reach port?" wonder crew members while man- ning the rail. acid 'lk ' 5 4 QY7 x Q J 3, ,f ,f' ubxfft c 1 ' R 'ff' 1 ki Wi' . , 'if f iff-ww" P-M A455 SP '5 "' 4 , 1 4 1 I 1 1 I i 'Www SX -4 N X 11. I fn J C ,l .lfv '31, ,QV '- 4 is ff-ff 1 K -,W V . , ' "Nl 'X X' 1 L VA -if W ,V V, wk, - , xt i I 1' fx . In 1" fl, . f-f'b7'- 'Y - ' b " in I ' 'H 4 3 K. hr . , I B. f 1 'fx Y 1 4 3,, rg 1, I .r 3, , f X 'figs 1 51 f 0 ff i Y. fu ,,,,..1 ., .,,,, , Q "Vg, I k I 9.3 P nh , ,, 'FL ,QQ ' ,av .-m.. -.f . Jw:--Aix i 4 :Q . U it jig, , Jr "X, Q. lrlihdr-lifxnk Suk Uffuu 5 . av-'11 , N, f mnd :Munir Ufliuf F 5.4.1 lliegn. CA emma f'-- 'A--vu., 'Q 8 I 1 1 5 A . ? 2 E 1 4 1 1 3 2 i ....,,,. A PM L HMM 4 Pew, vis .-M 1-,fa-wr Mx., ', V. A,W.,..-..,,, ..,, f .sw Y' 5?1:51'vZ .' T . 1 Oi 7 .Y E F L , N rg- ' .X M P Ia., I , ' ,V .f " we , , ,. ' .2. 4 ,ER , I -3" 81 9 I V ,V W: .Y lr - - -1 ' ., V A ,MZ I naw-Eine ygga . f . X . F'f,rQ3, Awe- wi L3 ' "Lf ,pf-.,-' 'wg ,., Q ,,, X , , HA " 3 , 1 21 11 ,f A , b D 'u4.,,s,.n if 7 A C'-lf . Jg5E1. . Q K . : ,X .Q-F 4: ' X' .Q M.. " AJ' "F I H f Q35 "+'j':1 QQ' 7 t ' " ,,f,?,3,..V:F,,k1er A T : krgal .. Axim, :V , if ' Fil 5 Q g 2 '1- - ggigfjifv 'N 9414, gf.. - , ' lm. - 3 ., 4 Q ,K A Q, ,wf Q .H 4114 iq ,ffifzfi X' "" A -E, ,wii 512:,1sE 3?,sm.,, H ,igw-' . fu f' fray? - gp- aff, QM.. Ki A 5' , .- V' '. Q., Y'k'1,fe.f'4p-.. -1. ..-'s ' ,M . fAJZ1,Qwi1jm QQ 2 1es,ff:'m am-nd' X I 4-- mjfiu 0 v-Q V -,,,.,,.,.. ff. -.4 1 e I 1 -s w . .WV W- ,.5..,, a ,r,f,'g1'l'z1. " wif," I . , .v , . , gefiuhfn-

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