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Text from Pages 1 - 48 of the 1978 volume:

Matoaca Middle School Matoaca, Virginia ,I I 7-7773,;7 .7' H: gig Congratulations and best wishes to the student editorial staff and the faculty sponsors of the Matoaca Middle School memory book, Legend. The school year of 1977-78 continues to be a rewarding educa- tional experience for the vast majority of us who are involved as a Matoaca Middle School family. While we together have made great strides here at Matoaca Middle in terms of our intellectual and social pursuits, We are continuing to aim at the stars, even though We may fall in the clouds. In our moments of glee and sometimes sorrow, Ibelieve we should always be unfeignedly thankful for the great blessings bestowed upon us in having the opportunity to attend an institution like Matoaca Middle School. When We reflect that young men and Women of many other cultures who are endowed with the same kinds of innate abiliu'es and intellectual gifts as we are many times denied the opportunities to make known and use their talents and gifts for the good of themselves, and for significant others, we can con- sider our educational experiences at Matoaca Middle a privilege. This privilege comes to us because we live in a culture, "The United States of America", that stresses confluent education interwoven with moral and spiritual values as an output measure for every student who mkes full advantage of this great opportunity afforded him educationally. You, as students, represent the fondest hopes and dreams of your parents, and or guardians, your teachers, and significant others who are directly 3 part of your immediate living. Treasure and take advantage of every possible good learning experience here at Matoaca Middle School, for the time is not far away when decision making which will affect you, your family, the people of your community, the people of this culture, and the peoples throughout the world will rest upon your shoulders individ- ually. Our wish here is to enable your to corral the rich experiences which have been yours at Matoaca Middle in helping you to arrive at worthwhile approaches to life, now and in the future. It has been my very special pleasure to work with the sponsors and the student staff members of Legend. I person- ally thank you for this opportunity. William M . Clayborne Mrs. Mozelle Mason Through Our Day mg Us Help Mr. Bruce Gillespie Mary Journigan Mrs . Cafeteria Staff Office and classroom aides Mr. Goode and his staff 6th Grade: Ms. Minit'ee, Ms. Schwartz, Ms. Arrington, Ms. Johnson, Mr. Willard, Mr. Kingrey, Mr. Foster. Wot pictured: Ms. Westmorlandy Music: Ms. Webb, Mr. Buccola, Mr. Kinne Science:Ms. Campbell, Ms. Burwell, Mr. Richards, Ms. Neace Math:Ms. Campbell, Ms. Swinson, Ms. Bishop mot pictured: Mr. Cathersy Special Education: Ms. Foote, Mr. Boisseau, Ms. Williams, Ms. Harris. Physical Education: Mr. Boyd, Mr. Howall, Ms. Ramsey, Ms. Kinch Vocational Education: Mr. Fetta, Ms. Hess, Language: Ms. Gholson, Ms. Potter, Ms. Mr. Boeke, Mrs. Boeke, Mr. Oliver. Lux, Ms. Koss Wot pictured:Ms. Burk- hardt, Ms. Ehrmantraun. Teachers hard at work Chorus 15tRow:Ms. Webb, .6. Lewis, M. Ford, R. Tennant, M. Klootwyk, M. Myrick, R. Smith, L. Bannister, S. Vaughan, A. Parkinson, R. Abshire, R. Butler, 2nd Row:B. Lang, 1. Skelton, B. Tilley, M. Brown, C. Cates, R. Pegram, K. Wyatt, R. Kough, K. Wyatt, J. Downing, T. Cli- borne, R. Stell, L. Wray. 3rd Row: D. Davis, D. Spratley, K. Mayfield, B. Tucker, V. Brooks, L. Campbell, T. Lewis, D. Frye, D. Walker, C. Marsh, T. Webster, P. Greene, W. Buenu'ng, E. Long, K. Seay lst Row: K. Bohannon, B. Banks, J. Howard, J. Warren, C. Mayfield, M. Richards, K. Cox, K. Boyle, V. Ridout, S. Boyle, M. Hartsoe, J. Zammett. 2nd Roszs. Webb, C. Joyner, T. Akins, C. Burton, B. Devore, A. Upadhyaya, M. Wall, M. Hartley, M. Bumish, K. Youmans, B. Marsh, D. Daniels. lst Row:Ms. Webb, A. Williams, K. Dixon. 2nd Row: J. Foster, R. Ellis, K. Mayfield, E. King- rey, R. Moore, T. Evans, M. BmWn, J. Henkins, C. Beals, S. Pinkleton, R. Pierce, T. Temple. 3rd Row: C. Hiller, L. Daulton, S. Lang, P. Jones, E. Phillips, C. Rutledge, T. White, V. Rus- sell, I. Fulks, R. Wade. 4th Row: D. Moore, K. Bates, S. Wright, K. Jackson, K. Johnson, C. Tilley, S. Williams, A. Clark, S. Joyner, P. Austin, L. Price, A. Lee, R. Tucker. vi ,7..--- A3. I Sing-a -long at the piano Music 10 Advanced Band 151: Row:Mr. Kinne, T. Smith, A. Baskin, J. Caldwell, R. Massenburg, K. Birdsong, V. Sumlin, M. Ward, D. Cosby, R. Jarrett. 2nd Row:N. Jones, N. Cooley, D. Aiden, A. Braden, V. Harvey, W. Snodgrass, M. Tucker, T. Hill. 3rd RowzF. Taylor, C. Thon, R. Mumford, D. Akins, P. Morris, K. Lee, M. Yarborough, D. Davis, C. Hansen, R. Avalos, D. Walker, B. Logan Beginning Band 15tRow:Mr. Kinne, C. Burrow, J. Smith, G. Wilson, F. Brickhouse, J. Vaughn, J. Clarke, K. Choice, C. Mason, 1. Randall, L. Ellis, T. Warren, T. Coleman. 2nd Row:M. Callen, R. Met- calf, C. Brown, H. Whitlock, S. Balthrop, 'D. Shands, P. Jones, E. Howerton, J. McKinley, R. Bacon, E. Braxton; T. Greene, J. Edwards. 3rd Row: K. Schuchart, R. Lawhome, A. Upadhyaha, G. Jacobs, D. Lee, M. Spencer, L. Mack, C. Henderson, R. Douglas, C. Orr, H. Taylor, R. Has- kins, C. Harris. Music Advanced Strings - , , A .v ? : 5 iii 1'? A25 .;3-'- :.-'::-' 5 :va . .4 , - Larry Beville, Glennis Payton, Tammie Pulliam Beginning Strings . 3 1st Row: F. Priest, C. Bottoms, P. Johnson, 8. Bland, K. Warren, S. Fowler. 2nd Row: P. Boswell, D. Denson, 3. Scott, D. Glover, M. Braden, D. Chieves, D. Coleman 11 Clubs Science Club ,1 42?? ,, 1st Row: K. Murdock, A. Morris, S. Gilliam, M. Ward, M. Myrick, Ms. Neace. 2nd Row: J. Cullins, T. Smith, S. Toney, J. Burton,- D. Mann, B. Kingrey. Drama Club lst Row:Ms. Harris, R. Wallace, T. Braxton, C. Burrow, K. Goode, K. Birdsong, T. Lewis, R. Langford, J. Bacon, 1. McClellen, M. Jones, 2nd Row: E. Harris, L. Johnosn, K. May- field, J. Warren, C. Mayfield, J. Howard, P. Campbell, K. Parham, F. Reed, M. Yar- borough, N. Cooley, S. Marsh. 3rd Row: R. Bailey, M. Moore, N. Anderson, H. Goode. 12 lstRow: D. Denson, D. Moore, T. Warren, J. Smith, K. Jenkins. 2nd Row: T. Smith, M. Spencer, F. Hinkle, J. Burton, S. Toney, W. Hatch. lst Row: K. Jenkins, D. Coleman, S. Bland, A. Williams, R. Lawhorne, 2nd Row: D. Glo- ver, C. Johnson, D. Shands, A. Stark, C. Campbell, S. Whiting, G. Wells, K. Seay. Clubs 13 14 Representitives: J. Brown, R. Smith, L. Bannister, K. Warren, W. Hutch, Ms. Swinson. 2nd Row: G. Moore, C. Callen, B. Blanks, S. Robertson, S. Ton- ey, 1.1. Lewis, D. Parham. 3rd Row:Ms. Schwartz, R. Segal, S. Boyle, M. Jones, M. Webster, P. Jones, C. Then, G. Butler, C. Orr, A. Upadhyaya. Yearbook Staff J v A1ternates:R. Jennings, M. Callen, R. Tennant, K. Seay, S. Butler, C. MarSh. 2nd Row: F. Taylor, B. Marsh, R. Wallen, D. Roberts, P. Andrews, M. Jackson. 3rd Row: C. Archer, A. Raines, 1. Stephen- son, R. Douglas, M. Brown, V. Davis, A. Stark, T. Temple, F. Reekes, D. Ashton. . 9 K ' h-K ig- g. It is with great pleasure that the members of the yearbook staff, pictured above, bring you the Legend. It is ounhope that you will always enjoy it. F ootball 1st Row: Juan Stephenson, Kirby Lundie, Winston Stith, William Snodgrass, Bubba Shepperson, Ervin Wynn, Forrest Essig, B.J. Terry. 2nd Row: Dennis Mayton, Kirk Wyche, Timmy Journey, Rusty Newton, Kevin Webster, Dale Moore, Armand Macklin. 3rd Row:Mr. Willard, David White, JimmyMcDonald, Mel Har- ris, Edward Mills, Vincent Sykes, Mr. Howell. Sports stars of the future 16 Basketball 777v- lst Row: Winston Stith, Tony Evans, Ervin Wynn, Kenneth Jefferson. 2nd Row: Vachel Ridout, Juan Stephenson, Bubba Shepperson, Damien Davis, Wallace Bouldin, Shawne Boyle. 3rd Row: Mr. Will- ard, Steffen Jefferson, Alex Braden, Edward Mills, Dennis Mayton, Mr. Boeke 1977-78 Schedule Matoaca - 43 Chester - 27 Matoaca - 36 Clover Hill - 26 Matoaca - 34 Providence - 9 Matoaca - 68 Carver - 19 Matoaca - 40 Salem Church- 26 Matoaca - 57 Robious - 22 Matoaca - 58 Chester - 27 Matoaca - 42 Providence - 16 Scores not available for scheduled games with Falling Creek, Carver, Clover Hill, Robious and Salem Church because of yearbook dead- line. 17 Girlas Basketball 151: Row: Cynthia Banks, Cindy Beals. 2nd Row: Ruby Tucker, Vickie Coleman, Debra Sykes, A1- freda Lee. 3rd Row: April Edwards, Shawne Boyle, Lavern Turner, Annette Raines. 4th Row: Pam Jones, Vachel Ridout, Raynell Massenburg, Ms. Ramsey, Mr. Gathers. The basketball team vs. the faculty 18 Cheerleaders lstRow:A1encia Clark, Sonia Tann, Cathy Birdsong, Kita Jackson. 2nd Row: Cheryl Johnson, Deneen 1 Forbes, Cheryl Belgher, Nancy Stable's. 3rd Row: Shilona Davis. The girls cheer on a Winning team 19 20 Gymnastics 1" w ,u" ,W Left side: A. Morris, L. Wright, M. Fable, T. Parsons, M. Ward, P. Stigall. RigHt Side: C. Callen, G. Cheatham, L. Hopkins, M. Palmer, K. Parham, Center: M. Hartsoe. lst Row: P. Austin, T. Akins, C. McDaniels, K. Cosby, J. Terrell, S. Gilliam, J. Newton. 2nd Row: S. Pinkleton, B. Humphries, 1. Bacon, Ms. Kinch, F. Reekes, S. Williams, L. Patrick. , Intramurals ; , .1 . ,- I k K N - 1st Row: J. Mitchell, R. Douglas, J. Caldwell, R. Mumford, R. Youmans, D. White, B. Hower- ton. 2nd Row: Coach Boyd, F. Robinson, K. Jefferson, J. McDonald, T. Driskill, R. Moore, 3rd Row: F. Hinkle, R. Lawhorne, W. Bailey, T. Coleman, R. Bailey, S. Andrews, C. Thon. Girls lst Row: S. Davis, A. Edwards, R. Wallen, B. Talley, V. Coleman, L. Crew, A. Raines, C. Bfmks, P. Andrews. 2.11d Row:D. Buckhalter, S. Joyner, S. Boyle, J. Jenkins, D. Daniels, V. Da- ws, J. Bacon, R. E1115, K. Cosby. 3rd Row: L. Turner, R. Tucker, D. Sykes, A. Lee, M. Doyle, T. Reynolds, M. Jackson, R. Belcher, Mr. Howell 21 Awards, Day 1977 Mr. Kingrey gives a deserving sixth grader an award Some of the guests at the awards assembly Mr. Boeke and the basketball team 22 24 Eighth Grade Darrell Aiden Toni Aldns David Aliceburg Danny Anderson Danny Andrews Skipper Andrews Charles, Archer Diane Ashton Donald Atldns Paige Austin Rob ert Avalos Jackie Bacon Wayne Bailey Charles Banks Sue Banks Kerri Bare Mike Barr Andre Baskin Kim Bates Kemp Baugh Cindy Beals Cheryl Belcher Larry Beville 1 Antonio Bland 1 Most' Likely to Succeed - Galen Butler, Susan Biggest Flirt - Randy You.mans, Sherry Joyner Pinkelton 25 26 Kathy Bohannon Wallace Bouldin . Shawna Boyle Alex Braden Anna Brown Gerald Brown Marshall Brown Edward Bruce Bill Burgess Danny Burkhalter Carmen Burton Galen Butler John Caldwell Connie Campb e11 Mark Campb e11 Alencia Clark Marvin Coe Kim Cole Troy Coleman Karen Cosby Steve Crowder Denise Daniels Lisa Daulton Damien Davis Veronica Davis Barry Deaton Becky Devore Kristy Dixon Ronald Douglas Troy Driskill Rene Ellis Forrest Essig Steve Evans Tony Evans Sharon Farrell Gloria Ferguson Joan Folks Deneen Forb es Jackie Foster Alvin Gamby Jenny Gill Ricky Gill Howard Goode Joanne Goode Juanita Graves Chip Hansen Mary Harris Mel Harris Ricky Harris Willie Harris Victor Harvey Keith Hawkins Yolanda Hawks Bonnie Heilman Cindy Hiller Fred Hinkle Elisha Howerton Barbara Humphries Kita Jackson Kenneth Jefferson Jenny Jenkins Kym Johnson Marcia Jones Pamela Jones Ricky Jones Charlotte Joyner Sherry Joyner Timmy Journey Burdell Kidd Regina King Bobby Kingrey Shelby Lang Robert Lang Richard Lanier Robert Lawhorne Alfreda Lee Kevin Lee Michael Lee Milton Lee Wayne Lites Janie Lofton Bruce Logan Kirby Lundie Armand Macklin 27 28 David Mann Lynette Mann Karen Mayfleld Dennis Mayton Shelia McCaffity Christie McDaniels Jimmy McD onald Edward Mills Joe Mitchell Diane Moore Phillip Morris Richard Moore Scott Morris Lisa Mosby Pamela Mosby Pamela Mosby Paul Mosby Shelia Mosby Randy Mumford Jacob Myers Rusty Newton Cindy Nugent Casey Orr Charles Palmer Jerry Palmer Tammy Parsons Glennis Payton Ivan Perkinson Joe Peters Eric Phillips Rita Pierce Most Athletic - Tony Evans, Sue Banks Best Dressed - Mike Wall, Kerri Bare Susan Pinkleton Scott Price Frank Priest Teresa Precise Warren Procise Annette Raines Menette Richards Robert Roan Floyd Robinson Maraget Rollins Valerie Russell Chip Rutledge Beverly Seay Robin Segal Jay Shell Bubba Shepperson Donna Skelton Jayne Skelton Frank Smith Tim Smith William Snodgrass Edward Spain Anthony Speights Nancy Stables Ann Stark Juan Stephenson Winston Stith Steven Stone Vincent Sykes Rex Tate Calvin Taylor Howard Taylor Tanua Temple Johnna Terrell Leodiac Thomas Chuck Thon Charlotte Tilley Gloria Toran David Tucker Maury Tucker Ruby Tucker Eunice Turner 29 30 Laverne Turner Ken Tweed Lisa Tyler Alok Upadhya John Vairo Vanessa Vaughan Jackie Vestal Regena Wade Michael Wall Michael Warren Kevin Web ster Michelle Webster Gayle Wells David White James White Kevin White Tammy White Shayne Whiting Avis Williams Kenny Willi ams Michael Williams Ricky Williams Shawn Willi ams James Wills Lori Wilson Jeffery Woolridge Alan Wright Suzie Wright Donna Wyatt Karen Wyatt Kirk Wyche Ervin Wynn Randy Youmans Biggest Pest - Mike Barr, Jayne Shelton More Of The Best Of ,78 Best Looking - Nancy Stables, Ricky Most Well Mannered - Marshall Brown, Harris . Jackie Vestal Best All-Around - Johnna Terrell, Rusty Biggest Gossip ,- Victor Harvey, Rene Newton Ellis Most Talented - Marshall BrOWn, Susan Pinkleton 31 32 Seventh Grade Raymond Aiden Curry Aliceburg Carolyn Andrews Penny Andrews Jimmy Avalos Rob Bailey Ronald B ailey Bobbie Banks Rhonda Belcher Cathy Birdsong Russell Blackwell Betsy Blanks Kenny Boyle Terry Braxton Darrell Bray Glenn Brown Joseph Brown Maxine Brown Doris Buckhalter Karen Bultj e Mary Burnish Crai g Burrow John Burton Charles Cabaniss Biggest Apple Polisher - Annette Raines, Willie Harris Most Concie'ced - Tammy White, Randy Youmans Cherie Callen Pamela Campbell Scott Cates Gina Cheatham - Bruce Clanton . Sherry Clark Juan Clark Vickie Coleman Tony Coleman Renardo Cone Eric Conway Richard Cook Norman Colley Keith Cox Lynette Crew Tim Crowder Johnny Cullins Shilona Davis Dani e1 Denson Ewell Dexter Clara Dickerson Thelam Downey Marcia Doyle Tommy Doyle April Edwards Rayn Edwards Darius Embry Tiffany English Brian Epps Shelby Evans Margie Fable Timothy Farmer Mitzi Fisher Cheryl Foster Robert Fri ed Tara Gaines Robert Gibson Bow Giles Sandra Gilliam Eunice Goode Debbie Graham James Hamilton 33 James Hardy Barry Harris Mark Hartley Melinda Hartsoe Henry Haskins James Henderson Robin Henshaw Terrence Hill Terry Hill Terri Hiltner Michael Hines Pat Hinlde Lisa Hopkins Jocelyn Howard Sherry Humphri es Laura Jackson Melony Jackson Garland Jacobs Randy Jarrett Steffen Jefferson Kenneth Jenkins Cheryl Johnson Delores Johnson Lawrence Johnson Kim Jones Nevel Jones Vanette Jones Ray Joyner Debra Lewis John Lewis Most Intelligent - Keith Hawkins, Best Personality - Victor Harvey, Susan Pinkleton Nancy Stables Teacher's Pet - Annette Raines, Keith Hawkins John Livesay Kimberly Mann George Marek Beth Marsh Caroly Marsh Raynell Massenburg Cathy Masters Connie Mayfield Sandra Mayfield Raymond McCoun Kelly McDonald John McKinley Teresa Miller Eddie Mizzel Dana Moore Dale Moore Glenda Moore Brian Montgomery April Morris Kim Murdock Monica Myrick Jackie Newton Keith Ninio Mary Palmer Kim Parham John Parsons Richard Partin Lynn Patrick Aaron Penn David Pruitt Most School Spirited - Galen But- ler, Susan Pinkleton 35 36 Tammy Pulliam Lori Ragsdale Winston Reed Tammy Reynolds Diane Roberts Sarah Robertson Ray Russell Keith Schuchart Jarivs Scott Patricia Schenk Youland Shepherd Debbie Shepperson Rodney Shepperson Michael Simmons Roy Smith Michael Spencer Bruce Sprtley Diane Steel Paige Stigall Natalina Story Larry Stumbo Vicki Sumlin Debra Sykes Beverly Talley Sonya Tann Frank Taylor BJ. Terry Darrell Thomas Willie Thomas Bobby Tingen The dancing queen - Ms. Kinch? A DJ. at Matoaca The Matoaca Five sing a song Sheldon Toney Ramona Trent Junius Turner Mia Turner Lesa Vest Deron Walker Terry Walker Raymond Wallace Rhonda Wallen Margaret Ward Jewell Warren Mitch Weeks Neville Whiteman Shelia Willi ams Toby Willi ams Debra Wilson Lisa WoodEn Marivn Woolridge Jerry Worley Christopher Wray Lisa Wright Marc Yarborough Kim Youmans John Zammett "Would you care to have the next dance?" 37 Sixth Grade Roger Absher Nancy Anderson Kevin Andrews Eddie Angel V Samantha Archer Raym and Bacon Sharon Balthrop Lisa Bannister Theresa Bates Melody Bennett Tim Blake Sonya Bland Paul Boswell Chris Bottoms Marvin Bouldin Mary Braden Edward Braxten. Frasier Brickhouse Pri scila Broniielt Phillip Brooks Veronica Brooks Claude Brown Steven Brown Wendy Buenting Who's hiding behind the cotton balls ? Work, work, work Rodney Butler Sally Butler Whitney Butler Mike Callen Jody Camp Lisa Campbell Charles Cates Kim Chambliss Steve Chapman Brenda Cheatham Linda Cheatam Chelse Cheives Kenneth Choice Tracey Cliborne Alfred Cobbs Cindy Coleman Diedre Coleman Leslie Crowder Joseph Daniels Danielle Davis Eugene Douglas Judy Downing Brian Durham Darryl Easter Jeffery Edwards Cheryl Flowers Alwyn Floyd Marshall Ford Casandra Foster Scottie Fowler Dawn Frye Danny Garrison Laura Giles Kenny Gill Michelle Gliszczynsld Debra Glover Kimberly Goode Michael Goode Shanna Goode James Greene Pam Greene Darin Hansel 39 Campbell Harris Kelly Harris John Haskins Rodney Haskins Wayne Hatch Robin Hawkins Timmy Hayes Cecil Henderson Kena Higginbotham Norman Hillard Keith Hubbard Myra Humphries Sherry Humphri es Richard Jacobs Ricky Jenning Patrice Johnson Anthony Jones Barbara Jones Valerie Jones John Kincaid Paula Kite Melissa Klootwyk Ragen Kough Barbara Lancaster Brian Lang Robin Langford Renee Lanier Cheryl Lee Donald Lee Beatrice Lewis Bruce Lewis Tomorrow Lewis Michael Little John Logan Elisha Long Phillip Lowman Lewis Mack Charlotte Marsh Sharon Marsh Carole Martin Dwayne Mason Jeffery Mason Trina Mason Audrey Maylield Karen Ma3$ eld Julie McClellen Richard McCormack Mark McCoun Rodney Metcalf Larry Minter Bobby Muse Wanda Muse Melissa Myrick Kenny Nugent Rodney Pearam Bradley Perdue Arlene Parkinson Sean Parkinson Darrell Price Freda Priest Marvin Raines Jimmy Randall Lester Ray Mary Redd Willie Redd Felicia Reed Timmy Rigby Candace Robinson Kenneth Seay Kip Sebrell Sharon Scott Deborah Shands Jennifer Shelton Ricky Sims Donny Skinner Jerry Smith Raye Anne Smith Donna Spratley Larry Stell Michael Stell Rhonda Stell Alma Stmnbo Alfreda Sykes James Taylor 41 42 Karen Taylor Roy Tennant Brenda Tilley Larry Toth Bubba Traylor Barbara Tucker Anu Upadhyaya Jerry Vaughan Sharon Vaughan James Vaughn Victor Vestel Debbie Walker April Wall Mark Ward Karen Warren Travis Warren Tammy Webster Marcello White Happy Whitlock Pamela Whitlow Dimb erly Willi ams Rhonda Wills George Wilson Sonya Wilson A teacher's work is never done Donna Worley Kelly Wyatt Kenny Wyatt Doug Zammett No, I always walk sideways 77378 0 T e y b Good Autographs

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