Maryville High School - Appalachian Yearbook (Maryville, TN)

 - Class of 1945

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9-'vws-:wl4aw1:-r'-:"'r'-'Wm ..--.-. . , ""tYM?f0-'pmt'-3 ,- W"'1e"ffIf.Y,, ' ' ' .. -. 17':TlQSV0?W"""'f""""',' I I f . T H E APPALACHIAN 1 9 4 5 Published by the Senior Class of MARYVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Maryville, Tennessee 1 DEDICATION You men and women who have gone out from Maryville High to serve our Country are not forgotten. We who remain here at home, who carry on with the things you once did, are proud to carry on for you. We realize that the freedoms we now enjoy and shall continue to enjoy in the years to come are made possible and will be made possible by your loyalty, devotion, and sacrifice. To show the honor in which we hold you and the appreciation we feel, we humbly, sincerely, and in all gratitude dedicate to you The Appalachian of 1945. ' Gold Star Boys GEORGE GOODMAN, IR. I. R. BROYLES, IR. F. A. GREENE, IR. WILLIAM ORR WILLIAM MCCULLEY DAVID BRIGGS, IR. I. W. FARR PAUL DAVIS LACY W. RUETER We the students of the Maryville High extend our deepest sympathy to the families and loved ones of the boys named above. They were our comrades and friends, and we, too share your loss and your grief. We hope their loved ones can find comfort in the knowledge that we at Mary- ville High are aware of the sacrifice these boys have made for all of us and that we shall never forget it. 2 l 0 3 'NIHS' FACULTY R. A. HARPER MRS. K. H. MRS. IOHN Superintendent RUETER HORNE Pfi11UiPC1 Secretary Secretary B. S. S. E. Missouri Teachers College M. A. University of Missouri MRS. MARTIN IAMES H. BAKER MRS. LUCILLE G. BADGETT Physical Education BEACH English B. S. State Teachers History B. A. Maryville College COUBQB- 101111505 B. S. Miami University. City, Tennessee M. A. Miami U 1 5, n ver ity, Oxford. Ohio MRS. GEORGE E. W. T. MANN MRS. RUBY LEE HELEN OTT BROWN Diversified Occupations MCCURRY Librarian science A. B, Lincoln Memorial English B. A. Maryville Cvllwe B. A. Mmyviue College University B. A. Carson-Newman B. I.. S. Peabody Col M. A. University ot 0011999 1099 Tennessee 4 FACULTY MARY R. MRS. LILLIAN DOROTHY REED PROFFITT RAY Languages Mathematics. Music B. S. Peabody College Science B. A. Berea College M- 5- Pe'-'1b0dY COUBQG B. A. Maryville College C. HERBERT REED IAMES C. LOIS ROBERTS MARGARET Mathematics RENFRO Mathematics ROSS 3, 5. Ungvemgy of Ten. Mafhemqficg, B. A. Maryville College Home Economics 1168889 H15-tary B. S. University of Ten- M. S. University ol Ten- B, A, Maryville College 1193599 nessee MRS. FRANCES MRS. VIOLET W. CHARLES F. IVIRS. IUANITA R. K. TAYLOR WEBB WEBB WINE Home Economics Music English Commercial Subiecls B. S. University oi Ten- B. S. Middle Tennessee B. A. Maryville College B. S. University of nessee State College M. A. Umvenigy of Tennessee Tennessee M. S. University of 5 Tennessee THE APPALACHIAN STAFFS Editorial Staff Elizabeth Gillespie - Editor Charles F. Webb - Sponsor Louisee Blackwell I. S. Henderson Eleanor Hightower Harold Hunter Don King Barbara Sullivan Iohn Watts, Ir. Business Staff Betty Io Teffeteller - Business Manager Mrs. Juanita Wine - Sponsor Charles Aytes Guy Badgett Io Carringer Sarandrew DeLozier Ieean Gibson Wanda Haynes Dorothy Lane Helen Minton Dorothty Spearman Ruth Taylor Ierry Walker Milburn Waters Circulation Staff Margarette Andrews - Circulation Manager Mrs. Luella Beach -- Sponsor Bob Brown Mary Evelyn Brown David Clark lean Coada Betty Crain George Douglas Margie Duggan Nancy Cates Farmer Jane Huddleston Charlees Huffman Frances Lambert Ioan Longmire Elmer Mize Shirley Pendleton Bill Roberts Frank Shepard Fanny Smith Grace Swaney R. B. Wayman Edith Wilson SENIORS WILLIAM HAROLD HUNTER President Band Festival Soloist 1: E. T. E. A. Orchestra 1: High School Day 1: Sec- retary Home Room 2: Vice-President Home Room 3: Class Secretary 3: "Ever Since Eve" Cast 3: "A Murder Has Been Arranged" Cast 3: Class President 4: Annual Editorial Stall 4: Forensic League 4: Band 1. 2, 3: Newspaper Club 3, 4: Debate Team 3, 4: Thespian Club 3. 4: Beta Club 3. Vice-President 4: Instrumental Sextet 3, 4: Blount Coun- ty Spelling Contest 3. 4. fi -amp san' DON KING Vice-President Class Vice-President 4: Football 2. 3. 4. Co-captain 4: Varsity Club 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 4: Annual Editorial Stat! 4: President Home Room 4: Choir 3. 4. Vice-President 4. THE SENIOR OFFICERS GUY M. BADGETT Secretary Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Band Clinic 1. 2, 3: Band Festival 1: Carnival King 1: Thes- pian Club 2. 3, President 4: Newspaper Club 2. 3: High School Day 2: "A Mur- der Has Been Arranged". Cast 3: An- nual Business Statt 4: Class Secre- tary 4. MARY EVELYN BROWN Treasurer Band 1: Band Clinic I: Vice-President Home Room 1: Home Economics Club I, 2: Newspaper Club 2. 3, 4: Secretary- Treasurer Home Room 3: Thesplan Club 3. Vice-President 4: History Club 4: Annual Circulation Stat! 4: Personality Queen 4: Class Treasurer 4: "Ever Since Eve" Cast 3. 8 1 MARGARETTE ANDREWS Home Economics Club 1: Band l. 2, 3, 4: Band Clinic 1. 2. 3: Iunior Music Club 2. 3. 4: History Club 2, 3, 4: F. B. L. A. 3: Debate 3: Newspaper Club 4: Beta Club 4: Annual Staff, Circulation Man- ager 4. BETTY BAKER Home Economics Club l: Choir 2, 3: Blacktace Minstrel 3: F. B. L. A. 3: "Darkest Night" Cast: T G I Club 4. CHARLOTTE BREWER Lanier High School 1. LQVERNNE BURCHFIEL Everett High School l: 'l' 6 I Club 4, Secretary. 7 ,,., .Ei 4 J' W Wifi' "x ,--. . , l Y :Q1f3""'l" 1. .A ii. CHARLES W. AYTES. IR. Football 1. 2, 3. Basketball 2: Band Festival 1: President ot Home Room 1. 2: Band 1. 2, 3. 4: Choir, Secretary 4: Annual Busi- ness Staff 4. LOUISE BLACKWELL Rutledge School, Fairfield, Ala- bama 1: F. B. L. A. 3: lr. Class Play Business Committee 3: Maryville-Alcoa Iunior Music Club 4: Annual Editorial Stal! 4. BOB BROWN Band 1: Secretary-Treasurer Home Room 1: Newspaper Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Thespian Club 3, 4: President Home Room 3: High School Day 3: Drum Maior 4: Annual Circulation Staft 4: Per- sonality King 4. BILL CAIVIPBELL Civics Club 1: T G I Club 3. 4, President T 6 I Club 4. IO CARRINGER Choir l, 2, 4: Beta Club 3, 4: "Ever Since Eve" Stage Manager 3: Band 4: History Club 4: M. H. S. Spelling Representative, Coun- ty Spelling Match 4: Maryville- Alcoa 'Iunior Music Club 4: An- nual Business Staff 4. DAVID CLARK Class Secretary 1: Class Vice- President 2: Class President 3: "A Murder Has Been Arranged" Cast 3: "Ever Since Eve" 3: Home Room President 4: Annual Circulation Staff 4: Newspaper Club 4: Thespian Club 3, 4: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, Co-Captain 4: Football 2, 3, Captain 4, All County 2. 3, 4. All East Tennessee 4, All State t3rd team? 4, All Southern 4. BETTY CHAIN Home Economics Club 1: Vice- President Home Room 3: His- tory Club 4: Annual Circulation Staff 4. GEORGE DOUGLASS Civics Club 1: Chorus 4: Annual Staff 4. ELIZABETH ANN CHASTAIN Meigs County High School 1. 2, 3: Librarian of the Chorus 4. IEAN COADA Civics Club I: Home Economics Club 1, 2: Beta Club 3, 4: Chorus 3. 4: Maryville-Alcoa Iunior Mus- ic Club 4: Debate Team 4: An- nual Circulation Stati 4. SARAN DREW DeLOZIER Home Economics Club 1, 2, 4, Vice-President 1: Band 1, Z, 3, 4: Maryville-Alcoa Junior Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Busi- ness Staff 4: Annual Circulation Staff 4. MARGIE DUGAN Home Economics Club 1: Varsity Show 1: Thespian Club 2, 3, 4: "Charlie Chan" Cast 2: News- paper Club 3: F. B. L. A. 3: "Ever Since Eve" Cast 3: T G I Club 4: Annual Circulation Stall 4. NANCY CATES FARMER Treasurer Home Room 2: Home Economics Club 1, 2. 3: History Club 2, 3, 4: Thespian Club 3, 4: Newspaper Club 2. 3, 4: Annual Circulation Staff 4. ELIZABETH GILLESPIE Home 'Economics Club 1: History Club 2, 3, 4: Newspaper Club 2. 3, 4. Exchange Editor 3, Sec- retary 4: Thesplan Club 3, 4, Secretary 4: Regional Tourna- ment Trophy Bearer 3: High School Day 3: All District Play Cast 3: "A Murder Has Been Arranged" Cast 3: "Ever Since Eve" Advertising 3: Home Room President 3: Home Room Secre- tary 4: Band Sponsor 4: Annual Stalf, Editor-in-Chief 4. WANDA HAYNES McMinn County High School 1: Home Economics Club 2: Beta Club 8, Secretary 4: History Club 4: Annual Business Staff 4: Choir 4. ELEAN OR HIGHTOWER Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Band Clinic Librarian 2: History Club 2. 3. 4: Red and Black 4: Annual Edi- torial Staii 4. , A 1 W' 3 11 JEAN GIBSON Treasurer Home Room l: Home Economics Club 1: Newspaper Club 2, 3. 4: Choir 2: Thesplan Club Z, 3, 4, Secretary 3: "Ever Since Eve" Cast 3: History Club 2, 3, 4. Secretary 4: Secretary- Treasurer Home Room 3: Beta Club 3, President 4: Annual Busi- ness Staif 4. LOUISE GREGORY Lanier High School 1: T G I Club 4. I. S. HENDERSON. IR. "Ever Since Eve" Cast 3: "Ev- erything's Reasonable" Cast 3: Football 4: Varsity Club 4: News- paper Club 4: Annual Editorial Staff 4. IANE HUDDLESTON Vice-President Home Room 1: Home Economics Club 1: Choir 2: All E. T. E. A. Chorus 2: His- tory Club 2, 3, 4: Newspaper Club 3, 4: "Ever Since Eve" Cast 3: Thespian Club 4: Maryville- Alcoa 'Iunior Music Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Secretary 2, President 4: An- nual Circulation Stali 4. CHARLES HUFF MAN Band Festival 1: Band Clinic 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3: President 4: Class Treasurer 3: Newspaper Club 3, 4: "Ever Since Eve" Cast 3: Beta Club 3, 4: Thespian Club 3, 4: Annual Circulation Staff 4: Home Room Treasurer 4. DOROTHY LANE Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Librarian 4: Band Clinic 2: History Club 2. 3. 4: "Ever Since Eve" Properties 3: Thespian Club 4: Home Ec. Club 1, 4: Dramatics 4: Instru- mental Sextette 3, 4: Annual Business Stall 4. RUTH ELAINE MCCLURE ELMER ELLIS MIZE Choir 1, 2, Treasurer 1: E. T. E. A. Choir 1. 2: Maryville-Alcoa Iunior Music Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Stage Manager Iunior Class Play: Thespian Club 3, 4, Treas- urer 4: Dramatics Club 4: An- nual Circulation Staii 4. FRANCES LAMBERT Home Economics Club 1: History Club 2, 3, 4: Annual Circulation Stait 4. IOAN LONGMIRE Home Ec. Club 1: Ham Night 1: High School Day 1. 2: Thespian Club 3. 4: Annual Circulation Stall 4. HELEN MIN TON History Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Vice-President Home Room 2: Secretary-Treasurer Home Room 3: Treasurer Home Room 4: An- nual Business Statf 4. MAURICE MOORE Chorus 4. WILLIE IO MORTON Home Economics Club 1: lunior Music Club 1, Z. 3. 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Clinic 3: Annual Cir- culation Stafl 4. MARY HELEN PIERCE T G I Club 3. 4, Vice-President 4. LUCY PRATER History Club 2, 3, 4: Newspaper Club 3. 4: Thespian Club 3, 4: "Ever Since Eve" Cast 3: Annual Circulation Stal! 4. BILL ROBERTS Wcrlland High School I. 2: Football 4: Annual Circulation Stal! 4. I f 15 SHIRLEY PENDLETON 'Iunior Music Club 1. 2, 3, 47 Home Economics 'Club 1, 2: Who's Who 1. Z: Newspaper Club 2. 4, Exchange Editor 4: Choir 2: Secretary and Treasurer Class 2: Knoxville High School 3: History Club 4: Home Room Sec- retary 4: Annual Circulation Staif 4. EDITH POTTER T 5. I Club a, 4. IAMES FRANKLIN ROBERTS F. B. L. A. 3. IUANITA RUSSELL Lanier High School 1, 2. 3: T G I Club 4. FRANK SHEPARD Newspaper Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Thes- pian Club 3, 4: Varsity Club 3. President 4: "Ever Since Eve" Cast 3: Vice-President Home Room 4: Annual Circulation Staff 4: Basketball 3, Captain 4: Foot- ball 3, 4: All County 4. DOROTHY SPEARMAN Alton High School, Alton, Illinois 1, 2: Polk County High School, Benton, Tenn. 3: Newspaper Club 4: History Club 4: Annual Business Staif 4: Annual Circu- lation Staff 4. BARBARA SULLIVAN Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4: Band Clinic 2, 3: Regional Tournament Trophy Bearer 2: History Club 3, 42 Beta Club 3. 4: Newspaper Club 3, 4: Home Ec. Club President 4: Maryville Iunior Music Club 1.4: Instrumental Sextett 3, 4: An- nual Editorial Staif 4. RUTH TAYLOR Newspaper Club 1. Business Manager 2. Ass't Editor 3. Editor 4: Thespian Club 1, 2, 3, 4, History Club 1, 2, 3, 47 Iunior Music Club 1, 2, 3: Home Ec. Club 1. 2, 3: Person- ality Queen 1: Beta Club 3: Treasurer 4: Debate 1, 3: Foren- sic League 3, 4, A Murder Has Been Arranged" cast 3: E.T.E.A. Chorus 2: Tournament Trophy Bearer 3: Basketball Manager 3, 4: Annual Business Stall 4. FANNY SMITH West End High. Nashville 1, Z: Choir 3. 4: Newspaper Club 3. 4: "Madness in Triple Time" 3: Cheerleader 3, 4: Vice-President Home Room 3: Home Ec. Club 4: Annual Circulation Staff 4. IRENE STANF ILL Williqnsburg High, Ky. 1, 2: T 6 I Club '3. 4. GRACE SWANEY Lanier High 1, 2, 3: Annual Circulation Staff 4. BETTY IO TEFFETELLER Iunior Music Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3: Carnival Queen: Tournament Trophy Bearer 1: Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Secre- tary 2: Band Clinic 1, 2. 3: Music Festival Soloist 1: History Club 1. 2, Treasurer 3, President 4: Newspaper Club 2. 3, Business Manager 4: Thespian Club 2. 3. 4: Annual Business Manager 4. CHARLES TROTTER Civics Club 1: President Home Room 3: Chorus 4: Football 4. JOE K. WALKER, IR. Football 1: High School Day Cast 3: T G I Club 4: Thespian Club 4. IOHN WATTS, IR. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Clinic 3: Debate Team 3, 4: Thespian Club 3, 4: Beta Club 4: Drarnatics Club 4: "Ever Since Eve" Stage 3: Annual Editorial Stalt 4. DEAN WEST Home Economics Club 1: F. B. L. A. 3. ' 15 JERRY WALKER Band Festival Soloist 1: "Ever Since Eve" Cast 3: East Tennes- see Band Clinic 1, 2, 3: Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Thespian Club 4: Annual Business Stat! 4. MILBURN WATERS Band 1. 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Chorus 3, 4, Treasurer 4: "Ever Since Eve" Cast 3: Thespian Club 3, 4: Football 4: Varsity Club 4: Secretary-Treasurer Home Room 4: Annual Business Staff 4. R. B. WAYMAN Civics Club President 1: Choir 3: "Blackiace Minstrel" 3: T 6 1 Club 4. IACK WHEELER Central High School, Knoxville 1: Band 2, T G I Club 4. MARY LEE INILLIAMS Home Ec. 1, 2: Future Business Leaders of America 3: Usher. Iunior Play 3. EDITH WILSON McMinn County High School. Athens, Tenn. 1: Vice-President Home Room 4: Annual Circula- tion Stulf 4: Choir 4. A WILLARD KEITH WILLOCKS Porter High School I: Everett High School 2, 37 Band 4. I ACK YOUNG 1 JUNIORS MHS? ED TRUN DLE ED I-IEATON President Vice-President ivpiwak ,.1., ,., Hgh! SARA VAWTER GERALDINE LONG Secreiqfy Treasurer 18 CATHERINE BARNAWELL GRACE BORING BUSTER BROWN NANCY BURCHFIELD BETTY IO CLEMENS BETTY CRAWFORD GRETA CRUZE PEGGY CUMMINGS RUSSELL "RUSTY" PAYE GARNER IUNIOR GARNER ANNE GATES RICHARD "DICK" HAMILTON BILL HAWLEY IACK HAYES .NIH , DICKENS BILLIE HENDERSON VERNA HENRY BLANCHE HOLT LOUISE HUFFSTETLER BETTY IENKINS ' RUTH IONES GEORGIA KENDRICK BOB KIZER Jo LAW LQVERNE LAW VIOLA DEAN LOWE PAYE EVELYN MCCULLOCH IUNE MILLER IIMMY NORTON ALICE SUE NUCHOLS 'NIS BILLIE RUTH PATTON' BETTY PAUL MARIE POTTER IIMMY RUSSELL IONNIE SHIPWASH FAYE SHOOK RUTH THOMPSON MARY EVELYN USRY BILL VARNELL BETTY WALKER ELEANOR WH.LBANKS SUE WORRELL 22 SOPHGMGRES MRS. BADGETT'S HOME ROOM President ........,......................................................... Chesley Anderson Vice-President ............ ....... N eal Burchfield Secretary-Treasurer ............,.,...,,,, Ioe Clark Sponsor .................... Hilda Sterling lean Teffeteller Nancy Thompson lean Sadler Betty Io Smelcer Ana Ruth Sparks Nancy Io Wright Betty Ruble Dolores Young Irene Tedford Dora Evelyn Smith Betty Ruth Ross Mrs. Martin Bargett Dorothy lean Tipton Mrs. Badgett Ioe Clark Ioe Anderson lack Belcher Thomas Watkins Richard Abbott Frank Coleman Elisha Bryant Don Blackburn Paul Dorsey Neal Burchfield Chesley Anderson ill I QNIHSE MRS. McCURRY'S HOME ROOM President ............ Vice-President .......... Secretary-Treasurer ..... Sponsor ........... - ........ Iuanita Breeden Gloria Garner Louise Bryant Helen Allison Virginia Davis Margaret Anne Drake Morrisine Atchley Sara Io Emert Kathleen Franklin Ianet Cummings Bob Long Bob Long Ollie Keller Hoy Kramer Mrs. Ruby Lee McCurry Gene King Norman Moore Ollie Keller Ray Law Roy Kramer George Lambert Dicky Lane Keith Morton Iohn Keeble Ivan Worrell Iimmy Matthews Not Pictured: Bobbie Morton Miss PRoFF1'r'r's HOME Room President ....................................,...............,.,,.. ,.,,,.., Vice-President ........ Secretary ......... Sponsor ............... Miss Proffitt ' Rosa Lynn Law Pauline Law Mary Taylor Hicks lean Gregory Nadine Gutridge Martha Harrison Evan Hedge Alice Huddleston Estalea Goforth Eleanor Kramer Alice Huddleston Iunior Rueter Evan Hedge Miss Mary Proffitt Iunior Rueter Bob Proffitt Fred Waggoner Glenn Orr Bill Stinnett Lynn Pierce Jimmy Smith Charles Walker I. W. Sterling lack Oldham Bill Shields MR. RENFRO'S HOME ROOM President ................................................................................ Iimmy Hill Vice-President ............... ....,, I immy Giffen Program Chairman .......... .....,. L ouise Lloyd Sponsor ...................... ...................... Mr . lim Renfro Mr. Renfro Iune Miller Ioyce Lewis Kenneth Hall Dorothy lean Potter Ray Foster Katherine Paine Eleanor O'Del1 Louise Lloyd Wilma Robinson Barbara Patterson Beth McCall Barbara Patterson Mildred Oliver Bessie Lowe Doris McDanie1s Boyd Helton Iimmy Hawkins Iames Quinton Iimmy Giifen Paul Gregory Byron Hall limmy Hill Ierry Williams Kenneth Fancher Y 28 FRESHMEN f MR. BAKER'S HOME ROOM President .................................................................... Iimmy Callaway Vice-President ........ Secretary ......... Sponsor ............... Kermeth Bean Iuanita Clendenon Iune Chandler Ioan Callaghan Genyth Chandler Virginia Burchfield Della lane Carroll Marie Bordon Mildred Bradley Virginia Coada ..-.........--..Ioe D. Beals Ioan Callaghan Mr. Iames Baker Cledis Burchfield Ioe D. Beals Mr. Baker Iimmy Carringer Martin Chastain Rex Burns Donald Baker Iohn Smith limmy Callaway MISS OTT'S HOME ROOM President ................... Vice-President .............. Iimmy Mayes Bill King Secretary-Treasurer ........ Bob Lambert Sponsor ...................... ...................... M iss Helen Ott Miss Ott Glenn McCulloch Barbara Henderson Catherine Iames Reva Sue Henry Marie Iones Doris Garner Elizabeth Gillespie Erma Lee Headrick Ioan Gooch Helen Iones I. E. McCulley Clifford Lawson George Howell Kenneth Lee Merle Iackson Iimmy Mayes Marvin Lewis Bob Lambert Bill King Bill Hancox ri-Lx- !'ll'3-153' QQ" 'Fi K ,ri is I, -.---1-1--.1-an-are MISS R.EED'S HOME ROOM President .................. Vice-President ......... Secretary .................. Program Chairman Sponsor .................... Miss Reed Geneva Crisp Dorothy Foster Mery Belle Garner Evelyn Davies Frances Drinnen Barbara Nan Fox Marian Crain Homer Garren Don Fryer Barbara Nan Fox Frances Drinnen Miss Dorothy Reed Wi I Mary Ruth Cooper Don Fryer Don Davis Ray Giles Theodore Godfrey Homer Garren Iohn DeLozier Raymond Gregory Not Pictured: Winifred Davis, Valerie Dunn tl-1-3 v MISS ROBERTS' HOME ROOM President ...................................................................... Peggy Williams Vice-President ...... ........ I va Nell Walker Secretary ....... Iimmy Young Sponsor .......... .............. Miss Lois Roberts Robert Williams Iimmy Young Ralph Willocks Iames Watts I. L. Watson Katherine Tippins Bill Turner lack Vlfhite Marvin Whitehead Gordon Williams . Miss Roberts- Peggy Williams Iva Nell Walker Leola Whitmore Hettie Vawter 53 ll ill ' MRS. TAYLOR'S HOME ROOM President .............................................................................. lack Spears Vice-President ........ Secretary ............ Treasurer ..................... Program Chairman ...... Publicity Chairman Darrell Tipton Kenneth Shepard Mary Sue Keeble George Queener Betty Kirkland Sponsor ........................... ....................... M rs. Taylor Kenneth Shepard Arletta Morgan Margarette Sellers Ioyce Presley Betty Kirkland Dorothy Iean Keeble Mary Sue Keeble Wanda Lee Mary Sue Patty Mrs. Taylor John Shields George Queener Bobbie Sherlin Elden Stewart Charles Pierce Ben Satterfield Darrell Tipton lack Spears lack Renaker Iohn A. Morton . .,, H ' 'WV ',-Fwl, 14: 1151 'L M. ,MS 5 'Am RQ? ACTIVITIES MARYVILI.E HIGH SCHOOL BAND Alice Huddleston LaVerne Law Eleanor Willbanks Mrs. Ray Elizabeth Gillespie Bob Brown Peggy Cummings Guy Badgett Barbara Iune Gregory Barbara Sullivan Louise Huflsietler Margarette Andrews Iohn Watts lunior Rueter Tommy Baugh Sarandrew DeLozier Robert Williams Dolores Young Iean Teffeteller Ioan Gooch Betty Io Teifeleller Alice Sue Nuchols Willie Io Morton Floyd Hamilton Dorothy Lane Sara Vawter Helen Drinnen Willard Willocks Russell Dickens Ioe Beals Don Randolph Ierry Walker Dicky Lane Timmy Smith Dick Hamilton Iimxny Mayes Milburn Waters Charles Aytes Harold Hunter Terry Tedford Io Carringer Catherine Bamawell Bill Shields Bob Long Nancy Burchlield Charles Huffman MARYVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND BOARD . Charles Huffman, President Milbum Waters, Treasurer Harold Hunter, Vice-President Dorothy Lane. Librarian Barbara Sullivan, Secretary lean Tefieteller, Librarian 56 MARYVILLE HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR Mrs. Ray LaVerne Law Nancy Farmer Io Carringer Ionnie Shipwash Edith Wilson Catherine Barnawell Charles Aytes Wanda Haynes Jean Coada Greta Cruze Grace Boring Martha Harrison Elizabeth Ann Chastain Iack Young Ivan Worrell George Douglas Milburn Waters Ray Law Charles Trotter Marvin Whitehead Don King Clifford Lawson BETA CLUB Nancy Burchfield Ruth Taylor. Treas. Barbara Sullivan Io Law Betty Crawford Peggy Cummings Margarette Andrews Harold Hunter, Vice-Pres. 57 Russell Dickens Bill Varnell Charles Huffman Iohn Watts lean Coada Mrs. McCurry. Sponsor Wanda Haynes, Sec. Io Carringer NEWSPAPER CLUB Virginia Burchfield Nancy Burchfield Io Law Betty Crawford Nancy Thompson Betty Buble Louise Lloyd Evan Hedge Nancy Io Wright Eleanor Hightower Margarette Andrews Alice Huddleston Dorothy Spearman Sara Io Emert Fanny Smith Mrs. Wine, Sponsor Elizabeth Gillespie Genyth Chandler lean Teffeteller Sara Vawter Peggy Cummings Barbara Sullivan lean Gibson Shirley Pendleton Nancy Farmer Iane Huddleston Mary Evelyn Brown Betty Io Teffeteller Ruth Taylor, Editor Blanche Holt Louise Huffstetler Lucy Prater Elizabeth Gillespie I. S. Henderson Iirnmy Hill Frank Shepard Bill Hancox Iunior Rueter Dicky Lane Charles Huffman Bob Brown Bob Long Harold Hunter Ioe. D. Beals Russell Dickens Bill Vamell. Ass't Editor Chesley Anderson Ollie Keller Ed Heaton Iimmy Norton Buster Brown Roy Kramer David Clark HISTORY CLUB Anne Gates Sara Vawter Nancy Burchfield, Treas. Betty Crawford Evan Hedge Nancy Thompson Betty Ruble Nancy Io Wright Margarette Andrews Io Carringer Wanda Haynes Mrs. Beach, Sponsor Virginia Burchfield Elizabeth Gillespie Lucy Prater Helen Minton. Vice-Pres. Frances Lambert lane Huddleston Eleanor Hightower LaVerne Law Louise Lloyd Alice Huddleston Dorothy Speannan Sara Io Emert Betty Crain Blanche Holt Elizabeth Gillespie Ioan Callaghan Iune Chandler Genyth Chandler Iean Teffeteller Dorothy Lane Barbara Sullivan lean Gibson, Sec. Shirley Pendleton Nancy Farmer Mary Evelyn Brown Betty Io Teffeteller, Pres Ruth Taylor Louise Huffstetler Kathleen Franklin Mrs. Badgett, Sponsor Elizabeth Gillespie, Sec. Lucy Prater lean Gibson lane Huddleston Ioan Longmire Betty Io Teffeteller Mary Evelyn Brown, Vice-Pres. Ruth Taylor Dorothy Lane . .,.. .5 .,. f , -.,-W4 .1, ...r THESPIAN CLUB Frank Shepard Harold Hunter Iohn Watts Charles Huffman Elmer Mize, Tres. Guy Badgett, Pres. Bob Brown Ierry Walker Milburn Waters Bob Lambert David Clark Jimmy Hill lack Young, Sec. Frank Shepard, Pres. Ed Heaton Ollie Keller Roy Kramer VARSITY CLUB Ralph Willocks Milbum Waters Don King, Treczs. I. S. Henderson Winfred Davis Bill Stinnett, Vice-Pres Neal Burchfield Bobby Kizer 40 v Y .--.y dn., ,.-,-...- Ev' v -51.4-L 4- ww- "' ' j..-p-' ev- ,--f..--'-'U HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Miss Ross, Sponsor Beth McCall, Sec. Dorothy lean Tipton Betty Io Clemens Sue Worrell Rosa Lynn Law Dorothy Lane, Vice-Pres. Barbara Sullivan, Pres. LaVerne Law Geraldine Long, Treas. Eleanor Willbanks Faye Evelyn McCulloch Ioan Callaghan Frances Drinnen Betty Ruth Ross Mrs. Taylor, Sponsor Virginia Davis 41 Ioan Gooch Helen Allison Ioyce Lewis Fanny Smith Sarandrew DeLozier Hettie Dew Vawter Iune Chandler Iva Nell Walker Dorothy lean Keeble Peggy Williams Marian Crain Barbara Nan Fox Dora Evelyn Smith Dorothy lean Potter Katherine Paine Betty Lou Walker iff MHS 'fab DEPARTMENT OF DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS Iack Wheeler Edith Potter R. B. Wayman Marie Potter Betty Baker Margie Duggan Billie Ruth Patton Mr. Mann LaVernne Burchfiel ' Irene Stanfill Mary Helen Pierce Louise Gregory Iuanita Russell DEBATE TEAM Peggy Cummings Wanda Haynes Mrs. Badgett Margaret Anne Drake Dora Evelyn Smith Ruth Thompson 42 lean Coada Roy Kramer Iohn Watts Harold Hunter Bob Long ATHLETICS COACH RENFRO COACH BAKER FOOTBALL SQUAD Ke-nneth Shepard, Bill King, Bob Proffitt, Gene King, Rex Burns, Iohn Keeble, Glenn McCulloch, Iohn DeLozier, Jimmy Callaway, Iimmy Young, I. B. Fuller, Iimmy Russell, Bob Kizer, Bill Stinnett, Ollie Keller, Iirnmy Hill, Don King, David Clark, Frank Shepard, Ralph Willocks, Roy Kramer, Bob Lambert, Coach Baker, Milburn Waters, Bill Roberts. 'Russell Dickens, Fred Waggoner, Charles Trotter, I. S. Henderson, Iames Watts, Homer Garren, Frank Coleman, Winfred Davis, Coach Renfro, lack Spears, Theodore God- frey, Gordon Williams, Iinuny Carringer, Iirnmy Hawkins, Roy Beaver, Dwight Blankenship, Paul Gregory, Boy Giles, I. D. Beaver, George Lambert, Ed Heaton. DAVID CLARK DON KING Captain Co-Captain 44 THE STARTING LIN E-UP Iimrny Russell, Roy Kramer, Don King, Bob Lambert, Bob Kizer I B Fuller, Bill Stinnett, Frank Shepard, Ollie Keller, Ralph Willocks, David Clark Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville 34 13 32 7 12 0 38 14 19 19 1944 RECORD 45 Clinton Etowah Porter Everett Alcoa Kingsport Sevierville Rockwood Young Bradley 0 19 0 0 19 26 6 6 18 19 iv BOYS' BASKETBALL SQUAD Bill King Iohn DeLozier Chesley Anderson Dick Hamilton Jimmy Mayes Mr. Renfro, Coach Timmy Hill Neal Burchfield Ollie Keller Paul Gregory David Clark George Lambert Bill Stinnett Iimmy Young Frank Shepard Gene King Bobby Long Kenneth Shepard Buddy Pope, Manager A- ew , 1 A . ,nf f 'P 'SQEQ-i liif -' Q '. .4-A K W . FRANK SHEPARD DAVID CLARK Captain Co-Captain 46 11iF P Jay, of GIRLS' BASKETBALL SQUAD Della lane Carroll Ianet Cummings Ioan Gooch Ioyce Presley Errna Lee Headrick Dorothy Iean Keeble Rosa Lynn Law Blanche Holt. Manager Barbara Henderson Dorothy Jean Potter Helen Allison Co Kathleen Franklin Wilma Robinson Evan Hedge Ruth Taylor, Manager Eleanor Willbanks Katherine Tippens Greta Cruze I ean Teffeteller Louise Huffstetler Faye Shook Grace Boring GIRLS' VARSITY Coach Baker Barbara Henderson Eleanor Willbanks Dorothy lean Potter Katherine Tippens Helen Allison Kathleen Franklin Wilma Robinson Evan Hedge Greta Cruze Iean Teffeteller Louise Huffstetler Faye Shook Grace Boring CHEERLEADERS Iunior Rueter, Betty Ruble, Fanny Smith, Betty Io Clemens, Ivan Worrell. L12 I , 'ZEN flag! lk ian., M. :- Pia. IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Fate Miller Donnie Hill Buddy Pope Clarence Shepard George Roberts Lawrence Beaver Don Randolph Iack Keny Dicky Wallace Bill Caldwell George Taylor Mr. Baker .110 s-ph 48 l FEATURES BOB BROWN Personality King SENIOR MARY EVELYN BROWN Personality Queen 50 BETTY I O CLEMENS Personality Queen Qs, 7 Q J U NIO R i ED HEATON Personality King 51 ,I M, HQ wy- "-mffl BETTY RUBLE Personality Queen SCPHOMORE BILL STINNETT Personality King LIBBY GILLESPIE Personality Queen FRESHMAN , , IIMMY YOUNG Personality King ELIZABETH GILLESPIE Queen of Maryville High 54 55 N, H, ,,,. - is Nw , H A - mf! , ,,, 56 JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY MHS. GLADYS L. TROY HADDOX DeLOZIER gngjish History MARY I. GCDDARD Principal Mathematics Penmcxnship MRS. LOLA HARDER MHS. ANN S. IONES Science Redding Geography Spelling 58 MRS. HARDER'S HOME ROOM Patsy Keeble Mary Ruth Hughes Betty Mae Condry Sybil Blackwell Marycilla Atchley Lorene Bean Peggy Cate Shirley Brown Betty Iune Hurst Bonnie Io Gamble Mildred Dunlap Wanda Garner Bernice Allen Mrs. Harder Iohn Green Bobby Badgett Norris Counts Tommy Baugh lack Grantham Ida Byrd Thacker Eulala Holt Dell Marie Fanner Nellie Kelso Mildred Gentry Ianie Galbraith Charles Davis Lynn Allen Tommy Carringer Dick Griggs ' Winston Hemy I. D. Beaver Bill Caldwell Howard Helton Kenneth Carter Troy Anderson Floyd Hamilton Harold Headrick Billy Gibson MISS GODDI-lRD'S HOME ROOM Buddie Pope George Roberts Fate Miller Clarence Shepard Charles Smith David McCroskey - George Long " Thomas Watts Lester Stewart I Otis Morgan I Charles Miller Kenneth Morgan Lyoren Teffeteller Sarah Jane Swope Barbara Sue Sipe Barbara Io Phelps Iean Walker Kathrine Stepp Donna Wills , Phyliss Pickel 8-B Marie Lane 60 Barbara Moore Eva Io Dunlap Betty Sue Stinnett Iune Lee Io Anne Lee Miss Mary Goddard Nancy Russell Edith Ann Ogle Vera Oldham Jimmy Turner Herschell Rogers lack Keny ' Dicky Wallace Harold King Ray Potter Don Randolph Dorothy Morton Augusta Lanier Barbara Paine Betty Webb ani' :IL v inn 'ii wut.. in -, ngmfl 'Quai ilk. n-:ng lib! FY I- ers- FT ,. -'-'Yl.e. f f-V .- .- ,, ,, -fl , i M.--tw, - ' gf-. . 1' . --. Tw' , FN? . , , . , X Y r i their MISS HADDOX'S HOME ROOM Barbara Harbison Helen Foster Alma Heaton Betty Io Hatcher Eva Io Gibson Barbara lean Chitwood Earlene Blankenbeckler Martha lane Abbott Eleanor Grubb Helen Drinnen Kathryn Burchfield Rowena Bright Miss Troy Haddox Iimmy Anderson ' Olin Headrick Lawrence Beaver Rita Headrick Annie Sue Goins Bumiece Farmer Charlotte Beech Cynthia Campbell Mary Ann Chandler Peggy Cnlm Frances Hopkins Betty Iane Fryer Betty Dorsey Barbara Iune Gregory Ilena Hicks Frank Garren Carl Boring Dicky Cox Ioe Hartman Iunior Capps Looney Hill Jimmy Cook David Gates - Charles Blackburn Lawrence Blankenbeckler Bolden Edmondson Don Hill Buddie Gilbert Kenneth Duggan Donald Brookshire Edwin Allen Not Pictured: C. V. Green, Iohn Franklin MRS. IONES' HOME ROOM i L. D. Strader Ierry King Eldon Moore Billy Young Billy Lawson Iames Kellar Billy Watts Iackie Myers Iames Largen Ierry Tedford Bobby Maggard Iune Long Bobby lean Raulston Ieannette Keller Helen Patty Iune Pierce Lurena Rowan Helen McCall Marie Shaw Germaine Milsaps Dorothy Ann Kirlcland Virginia Lambert lane Minton Lois Paul Ioy Millsaps Mrs. Iones Carter Williams Hamilton Traylor Donald Monroe Bob Phelps Thomas Quinton lack Powers Bob Wallace Iulian Williams George Taylor Wright Maranville C. H. Sterling lack Lowe Edward Manis Richard Madison xg: 5 65 JMMJUW if 3 FWF W VE 1 9 'WW QR 202 ifyWf555f5g:4QQ ggmfmwwi 5 gjiggwfymwm fwff ' QW43QA,G'uyffA JMOQZRE gwmgffyg MMM .AT up 2 t . E E? We MMA JAZZ! Ngvlwfij AD ERTISEME TS The staff of The Appalachian of 1945 earnestly urges you to read the advertisements on the following pages and to patronize the business and professional men represented there. It would not have been possible to publish this annual if their cooperation had been lacking. They cooperated with us: now let us cooperate with them! 65 The individual photographs in this annual were made by Les1ie's Studio. Knoxville, Tennessee. The staff of The Appalachian of 1945 wish to thank Mr. Bruce Leslie personally for his splendid work and coopermive spirit. 66 Offi 53 t C I Complimen s of BIOUIIT SANITARY LAUNDRY Phones ce Uptown 600 RAWIIIIGS-MIllER FUNERAL HOME Home of Courteous Efficient Serv Phone 1411 907 W. Broadway Compliments f of Compliments o SERVICE THE PEOPLES CASH BARBER SHOP ' STORE E. M. WILLIAMS, Owner Compliments of the MARYVIllE ICE 86 COAL C0. Congratulations to the Seniors Compliments of CLARK'S FLOWERS Compliments "'l of I G I L B E R T' S Call 1. H. Bnowws nmnv ' FRANK ROSS ' STGRAGE for PURE MILK AND CREAM We Move and Store Furniture We Buy and Sell Furnitur Ph e -- 609-W i Compliments of BLAZER'S FILLING STATION First Quality Recopping cmd Repairing 68 WALKER'S Young Men's and Young Women's Sweaters Portis Hats - Sundial Shoes Nan Carson Iunior Dresses - Hollywood Blouses 'lr 'k IN MEMORY George Goodman. Ir. F. A. Greene. Ir. William Mc Culley I. W. Farr Lacy Rueter I. R. Broyles. William Orr David Briggs Paul Davis 69 SULLINGER'S BATTERY SHOP Battery and Electrical Repairing Telephone 119 Compliments of PARKS - BELK COMPANY Gamble Building Church and Love Sis. Radio Sales and Service Q Phonograph Records MARYVILLE. TENN. 70 STERLING COAL CO. "The Store of Quqlity cmd Service" Phone 224 - Dependable Service Quality Block, Nut' and Pruden Coal C4 H. STERLING GUY c. STERLING THE WEBB STUDIO Photos of Permanenc "lust a Little Better Y I and Characte W I L L I A M S DRY CLEANERS Maryville, Tenness Phone 1492 Compliments Compliments of of I B Y R ll E fAPIl0l THEATRE DRUG COMPANY O ll- -. 1 Compliments of ROXlE'S HAIR SHOP Compliments of CHANDLER-SINGLETON COMPANY STERCHI BROTHERS I EWELRY DEPT. Gifts For Every Occasion Compliments of C 6 L CAFE Compliments of I. A. GILLESPIE "We Invite You In" KIMBAll'S - JEWELERS 4249- Gay Street Knoxville, Tenn. Compliments of Telephone 103 FRANK CHANDLER I SERVICE STATION I. C. PENNY CO. A 311 East Broadway At Penny's You Will Find Quality Merchandise M I T cmrvllle. ennessee at Prices that You can Afford ALL SIZE TRUCK AND PASSENGER TIRES OUTFITTERS FOR WHERE BLOUNT THE ENTIRE COUNTY SHOPS FAMILY AND SAVES RECAPPED Compliments of LAMBERT BROTHERS Groceries - Fresh Meats School Books - And a Complete Line of School Supplies 75 Compliments of . DELOZIER INSURANCE A G E N C Y Let Us Help You Follow the Road of Systematic S A V I N G S to C p1 t F nancial Independence of rms! rfnml SAVINGS SERQHIIER :Sign MID IOAII ASSOCIATION 0F MARYVIIIE Maryville. Tenn. Phone 1313 Insured Home Savings Loans It Costs Less To Furnish Your Home At STERCHI BROTHERS A Better Place To Buy Furniture 74 Compliments of CRAWFORD THE J. 6. K. STORES and The Home of 1 Westinghouse Electrical Appliances HARDWARE Garden Supplies Paints 130 Broadway Phone No. 1 We Appreciate Your Business" KIDD MOTOR COMPANY 10446 USED CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD Phone 1366 Open 24 Hours 75 CLYDE H.KINC COMPANY DEALERS IN USED CARS 135 HARPER STREET "If the firm is right the deal ccrn't be wrong" KNOWLES JEWELERS Diamonds - Watches Iewelry Compliments of AMOS AND ANDY BUICK COMPANY Compliments C pI of I of MARYVIllE DRY UEANERS STMIBERTS F000 MARKET , Phone 60 107 Wasmnmon A I. W. Harriss 76 You Can Charge I CARL'S f Af" Compliments of Mcu'yvi11e's Smartest Store PARK THEATRE Compliments of FARMER and STAPP BARBER SHOP S . SUCDNY-VACUUM Phone 411 Phone 1180 Maryville. Tenn. Rllssfll and YOUNG SERVICE STATION 1. M. NICELY me gm FOOD MARKET Cates and Stanley Sis. P' H' Plumbing and Heating Phones 804 214 Harper Street MARYVILLE. TENN. Our Aim . . . Complete Satisfact li.. Compliments I of HITCH RADIO SERVICE Eaqleton - Huff - Chandler Motorola and R.C.A. Radios REAL ESTATE CROSI-EY Blount National Bank Building Refrigerators and Ranges Ph 555 one Compliments of OLD HICKORY ESSO STATION Sullivan and Stone Broadway and Winters Street MARYVILLE, TENN. Compliments of Bl0UIIT MERCAIITIIE COMPANY POLL PARROT SHOES SHOEMAKERS SHOE STORE Compliments of SPEARS STUDIO PINEHURST FARMS I Route 3 Compliments Maryville, Tenn. of Phone 24 COULTERS Poultry . . . Eggs and Baby Chicks ' We say there is no substitute fo d t BlEllElEY S FUNERM HOME yjzjxejogfg',P'fijjsf'j2'1fmjj"fefm k bl UTC Serve Humanity Betteru ssortment of spring and summer suiting Ambulance Service-Day or Night Telephone 1310 05iCI2Bg1011e Ref?-'Slice I Maryville, Tennessee I I I PET DAIRY PRQDUCTS co. Pcxsteurized Milk and Dairy Products HARPER STREET MARYVILLE, TENN. Telephone 189 79 Compliments oi CITY DRUG COMPANY Hurry M. Bird Oren D. Lowe Serving Maryville and B1 unt County with ly the best in drugs, sund ' i d d d k FIRESTONE TIRES TEXACO PRODUCTS The Mark of Quality lett Service Station Compliments of EAST TENNESSEE PACKING CO. 80 1 ' t Comp Imen S Compliments of of "Wonderful Food" The Neighborhood Meeting Air Conditioning Place. Compliments CIRCLE DRIVE MARYVILLE, TENN. COOKEVILLE. TENN GATES TIRES HE1.sYvn.1.E. TENN. A S AUTOLIGHT BATTERIES MORRISTOWN, TENN. I-L K. PMILBURN Heating . . . Plumbing BADGETT STORE I Phone 1665 COMPANY KAY'S ICE CREAM SUNDAES MALTED lvnmzs THE STORE or BETTER VALUES ' A MonEnN1sT1c BEAUTY sHoP Lydell W. Turner Phone 809 incl:-1 :in u vn- 81 I I 1 Tenn. Valley Stove Works We make Heaters . . . Ranges and Repair All Makes of Stoves and Do General Foundry Work. E. T. BORUFF 118 W. New York Ave. General Manager Knoxville. Tenn. K N O X V I ll E SPORTING GOODS CO Wholesale and Retail Phone 3-2212 710 South Gay Street Knoxville. Tenn. Murray Ei' Montgomery, Agents First Federal Building MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE Complete Insurance Service Telephone 1045-6 Comptjgmenfs PARK DRUG STORE SPENCE SHOE CO. Quality Footwear Phone 44 430 Gay Street Knoxville, Tenn. MARYVILLEI TENNESSEE 82 I l Compliments of I ROYAL JEWELERS Complete Gamble Building Optical Department ' Maryville "It's Easy to Pay the Royal Way" Congratulations l To the Graduates . ' Q wisxxm E 'ilWXXXXRwXkRXSKRkxm,BEgS Gay at Wall , XY. N Knoxville. Tenn. ALCOA E. o. WALKERS FURNITURE Co., Inc. TIRE SHOP Tire Repair and Recapping V Trucks, Bus Your BEST Furniture Store and CCHS Come in - We'll Trade Phone 1228 Knoxville Hwy. Broadway Maryville 83 Compliments of BANK DF MARYVILLE TINDELL'S IEWELEHS - DIAMOND MERCHANTS SZUMARKETSTREET KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Iohn Lyle Says-- "Get Knowledge, Get Wisdom, Get Understanding" Anyone can UNDERSTAND it is WISE to Know That SPENCER DRY CLEANERS "As Modern as Tomorrow" 84 LANE'S GROCERY GROCERIES - MEATS I Broadway at Magnolia PHONE 1801 MARYVILLE, 'l'EN'NISS'L-IE 1 Compliments Compliments of of DR. MATTHEW DAVIS Maryvi11e's Leading Optometrist 107MB E. Broadway Next io Proflitts Ccmplimems Buy Everything Musical Of from LCIGILLESPIE CLARKANDJONES Knolaiille COULTER'S RESTAURANT OPEN ALL NIGHT BROADWAY MARYVILLE. TENNESSEE I-. -- - 85 Compliments of P. P. Paine Real Estate Costner- Ea gleton Mglgrg Over Cotton's Lunch Houses - Lots - Farms Sales Service If You Have A House For Sale MARYVILLE, TENN. See Us For Quick Sale Compliments of MAIESTIC JEWELRY COMPANY R O S E S Home Owned and Operated Sc 106 256 Iewiizdiifjhe STORE 607 E. Broadway Maryville. Tenn. Com Iiments TRUNK - LEATHER P SHOP Of Lu a e . . . Ladies' Hand Ba Hosffl Gloves . . . Handkelrchiciis Iewelry PATRON Market at Clinch Knoxville, Tenn. HUBERT CO-I-TON, CARPENTER L U N C H REAL ESTATE 220 COLLEGE STREET I. Linton L R1phC K Maryvill T K 11 T WHITE STAR LINE BUS OPERATGRS Mar Y ville. Tennesse The Hope Brothers Co. 'Knoxvi11e's Oldest IeweIers" amonds . . . Watches . . . Iewel En ed C rd d TY ETHEL'S BEAUTY SHOP S I' ROGER'S CLEANERS THE HOUSE or SERVICE Phone 1602 Compliments of EMERY STORE CO. Compliments I of UNITED JEWELRY I COMPANY I JEWELRY and LUGGAGE Next to the Park Thecrtre Sam H. McCr:nnmon Roy E. Arnmons MCCAMMON- AMMONS FUNERAL HOME Maryville. Tennessee Phone 345 L...-...... Compliments of BLOLINT NATIONAL BANK The Bank of Personal Service , , : 2- -fr . I .X 2? 1? Kg:

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