Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS)

 - Class of 1945

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Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 15 of 74
Page 15 of 74

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Page 15 text:

T e Worl broken by the Senror Junior We thought we were to be relieved and relaxed by this party but instead the theme of the party was to be a prrson As rf we hadn t had enough of that' At 8 15 one Aprrl evening the curtarn went up on our Junior play Every Family Has One The cast members were MaJol Pollom Bonnre Taylor Marianne Grst Barbara Wright Carol Blecha Ralph Dickens Jo Harriett Hofsess Richard Grrf frng Drck Nabours Gale Kloeffler Mary Ann Bur gwrn and Ernre Pence The Junior Senior the first formal school dance we had ever attended had lrttle Ray Thompson actrng as toastmaster It was at thrs time that the Junrors sadly sard their specral aloha to the senrors and we all kept lers as sou venrrs of the best Junror Senror ever It was Just about this trme a year ago that we lost two swell boys from our class to the navy They were Roger Gould and Brll Helfferrch Then came May 13 All the students of the senror high school were rnvrted to the Srgnature Dance There wrth shrnrng faces we watched the crowning of the Blue M queen We kind of got a lump rn our throats when all those swell boys srgned our books with an AXS after therr names At last we were free for over three months We were all terribly happy during the summer but were all terribly frightened at the way the time slipped In September the last grain of sand had passed through the hour glass Again We were star ting to school only rt was drfferent this year WE were the senrors No more being pushed around and be mg squelched because we would be the pushers and squelchers Ah yes this was to be OUR year C nllu To eurde our falterrng footsteps thrs year were Tom Flannelly Erme Pence and Ross Mrller Our new representatrxes rn the Stud nt Councrl were Marv Ann Bur wrn presrdent Elaine Howenstrne secretary and Richard Nabours We had our hopes up very hr h on our football team We were shaken a lrtll blt when we lost our verv frvst to L wrence Everton was there Th evenrn star' d beautr fully but at th 3rd quarter everyone was drenched The heavv rarn continued all the wav ba k to Man hattan But after that defeat th r sas no stop prn us That was our team our boss and we cer tarnly were omg to ba k them 'rll th x a throu h We must hate pushed very hard becaus we went th rest of the way and drdnt stop un 11 we had won the CKL Champronshrp Do you remember the night rn Abrlene when all the M H S kids per formed a snake dance rn the middle of the football f1eld" Thrs was the thrrd trme rn four years that we had won rt We topp d off our xrcto' rous season wrth a spectacular Prom Decoratrons w re carrred out wrth a sprrrt of football and we had a wonder ful fourteen piece band from the Fort to pave the dance floor And then we crow ned our Queen and Krng of the Prom who were semors Ruth Whrt nah and Ted Grimes Not only drd Ted Grimes recent horro s as Hon orary CKL Team Captain and Prom Krn but he was also placed on the 'rll Kansas State Football team Brll Edwards also made that team and Gehrke Pence and Flannelly made other state teams The followrng Monday there w as no school W recerx ed the xacatron for the spl ndrd Job the team had done Basketball season rolled around and though our team lost ser eral games we all enjoyed attendrnff 'Continued on page 221 11 S' ' ' :Fnvz:k'f ' - - I . K - ' y - .' q ' . . . Y . A 't L 1, 'QQ U , ' ' , . D . I . . . . 'U . . . , . y 3 . . . H . ,, ' 2 ' Y . .l ' jk. l 2 . V. ' - - - ',' e '. 3 , ' at .". '- . . . ' ' A C . . . . V 1 K. . A . . . . - t . ' ' I U - . . ,- 1 . Q .7 R, I - . . . - . , ' 2- I V . Y . ,Ak ' .- . ' v ' f ' g '- Q I p rx :Yr sg . decorations centered around a Hawaiian theme with ' ' ' ' - 9 ' ' . . V S - - ' ' I L V v H " ' ' ' b ' ' . . . l . '- ' I 'Q v ' - ' ' . L 1 - I ' . . . ' ,O . . .' 1 . . Y I. t . . . K ' ' . . . ' ' l g, . , l L it n V V v ' L ' ' , , N u - t' L ' by. , ' D ', ' ' . e l . 1 . U . . ' v ' D 5' X

Page 14 text:

wmwtm 'bw-1 -may SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS left to Right Ernest Ponce Secretary Treasurer Tom Plan nelly Presldent Ross Mxller Vxce Presldent It was a bught and sunny day September 7 1942 when 165 future raduates entered the halls of Manhattan Hlgh School We knew we were the class of 45 because we had seen It on some of the wh1te football sweatels but somehow 1t seemed very far away We sophomores entered r1ght 1nto the full swlng of thlngs by electlng R1chard Cederberg class pres ldent and h1S assxstants Ray Thompson and Ruth Whltnah We began the soc1al wh1rl by attendlng the Prom It was ou1 f11st school dance and so we were rather shy We were 1nterested 1n the f1ne1 arts too mamly d1ama We lost slx of our bunch for one week so they could lend thelr talents to the H1 Y G R play The Very Llght Br1gade Weeks passed and once ln a whlle we read our names ln the g0SSlD column or fashlon sect1on of the Mentor Came February and we were guests of the Jun1o1 class at the annual Golddlggers Ball Next came spr1ng and the well known fever that comes w1th It Whlle wandermg around ln a daze we were asked to serve at both the Semor Jumor and the Jumor Sen1o1 Our thlfd and almost last party of the year was one for the sophomores and no one else It was our Sophomole Party Fmally came the Blue M S1gnature Dance Th1s was our f1rst annual from our school so we trred our best to get everyones slgnature We bade the sen1ors farewell and sa1d to the rest See you 1n September Summer came and we all spent our tlme ln the Swlmmlhg pool and workmg By the t1me school started we were all brown as Indlans should be and hterally plastered wlth freckles W1th the startmg of school there came an ep1dem1c of Jalop1es to the new Jumor class Most of the boys bought new 19+ cars many of whxch had seen then' best days 15 years before There were b1own and yellow ones black ones tan ones red ones and var1ous other OHHUTTUW colors They all had names pamted on them such as Zombxe RAT Meat Wagon and Ve1on1ca Agam we entered the halls of M H S only 1n stead of be1ng shy we tued to lmpress the frlght ened sophomores of that year w1th our knowledge gamed dur1ng the precedmg year We began our year w1th a bang by electmg Ray Thompson pres 1dent of the Jun1o1 class and to asslst hlm Ape Flannelly and Elame Howenstlne B111 Edwards and Dozothy Stover represented us on the Student Counc1l w1th Carolyn Glover and Gale Kloeffle1 ex 0ff1Cl0 members One of our cheerleaders Joyce Fxom ou1 class our all vxctouous football team drew sever al of 1ts D1 omxnent members Ted Gr1mes Tom Flannelly DICK Nabours Kay Cleavlnger Er nest Pence B111 Edwards Bernard Dallmga Dav1d Lewls Ralph D1ckens J1m Balderson and Ray Thompson Kay Cleavmger and Ted Gr1mes were chosen to be the co captalns of the football team for our senxor year To Cllmax our champ1onsh1p football seasonvue had a Prom that was outstandlng Jo Harrlett Hofsess Ruth Wh1tnah Mary Ann Bur gwln Joan Stemex and Carolyn Glover were queen candxdates from our class D1ck Nabours Ray Thompson Tom Flannelly Ted Gr1mes and Kay Cleavxngex were the Jumor candldates for kmg On the nlght of February 12 we the Jumor Class sponsored the Go1dd1ggers Ball The party was managed by Dorothy Stover Ross Mxller B111 John ston and Jo Harrxett Hofsess We had our candidates for the honor of Blue M Queen too They were Jo Harrlett Hofsess Vera Jackson Carolyn Glover and Ruth Whltnah These were the four Jumors that were terr1f1c rlvals to the senxor candxdates We went on and on to school and after many weeks the monotony was 10 Q 1 , i L , . 4 x -ww 4 aim an - f 1 A ' - , - : ' - . : ' . ' - ' . 'I ' 1 1 . ' ' g Y 1 1 . ' , D . . ., ' , , . . y - . . . ' ' ' Q ' ' Cl H , , . . . y - I , , . , - , ' ' . I . . , - , ' ' ' - Reboul, was a junior. Y Y . ' ' ' . . v - ' .' ' . 1- - - 11 1 . . . ' . ' , . . , . y y 1 A 1 l 1 - ' Y . I I 7 . , - . . U - . . . ' 1 1 . 1 H YY ' i - . - - ' ' .. - 1, . . - , 1 1 - , , , . ' , . . .

Page 16 text:

Madonna Allen A r LX m u lr r comm 2 Home Nuremxz 4 lres H Nure mir 4 P411 club 4 Serum. at ban quet 4 JMAye Spamsh Club 3 4 SecT1-Q35 H R 4 Muslc Club 4 Prog Chm Elhott Babcock R 0 3 Prom Comm 2 Band D w 2 3 Ba d Concert 2 Orchestra 2 3 Band 2 3 SCIENCE Club 3 Jr Sr Comm .hm Balderson H1 Y 2 'I Sc1ence Club 2 Foot Z In a I'r'1c Bmlutball 3 Art Club 4 Prom Comm 3 Staze Crew P121 mt 8 Gelddulszer Comm 3 lay Stake Crewe 3 Sgt Arms Club 4 H R Vlce Pre: 4 Prom C mm Chr 4 I t a 2 H Track 3 vlVllh Barclay R 4 Interest Clu G R Comm 2 GAA 2 3 Prom Comm 3 Pageant 3 Serve Ban q et 4 G R H1 Y Play 3 George Bascom H Y 2 3 Scxence Club 4 u meal Es ents 2 Sc1ence Club Comm ep ouncll 2 ra Orchestra 2 3 Track 2 3 Foot 3 V Pres H1 3 oys Octette 3 Pres H1 X 4 Hungry FINE 4 nf- if' sn-14" ff 'W 14 -JB sn rw? "-ar .eww uf kia aw' 18 vnu 'Q' wa Q7 5 2 fr Carol Blecha Int:-reat Club 111111 11 fl Intere'-l C u 1 1 Sr K nmm H R Z Prom Comm 111 r P rl umm mc rc 4 u 1 u I nbr-nrx C u u 1 Blue 'Nl and rn 1 1r Cleo Llu Supl: Comm 2 Home Pc Club 2 lfllllt Club Clark Blockcolsky A 3 4 FFA Comm cf-. H P FFA Lavonna Bradstreet R 2 GA 2 Intr C' R Mother Daughter Banq 3 I1 Sr Comm 2 MUSIC Club Irom Comm 4 Pubhclty Chm R Jerry Brooks Scunu. Club 2 'Z 4 H1 Y Q Mary Ann Burgwln C R 2 3 Spanxsh Club 2 Prog r H R R Sub Chr 4 Pres Etta Kette 3 G1rls Glee Club 3 Prom Comm 4 Jr Play 3 Muslc Club lep Club 4 Robcd Cholr 4 Jr Sr Comm 3 Pres Student Councll 4 R1chard Cederberg o h Pres 2 H1 Y 2 4 ence Club 2 MUSIC Club 3 Foot 2 4 Socxa C R rom Comm 2 Track 2 Serx cd Jr Sr Banquet 2 Prop: r Jr Sr Comm 2 Intra Rep Councxl 4 Prom Co Chr 4 Prog Chr H R 4 Interest club 4 Studcnt Counc1l 4 Intra 4 r 2 M Clu

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