Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS)

 - Class of 1944

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Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 8 of 72
Page 8 of 72

Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 7
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Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 9
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Page 8 text:

B ILDING TO URRO THRU GH EDUCATIO HROUGH tl1e effox ts of tl1e capable faculty of Man l1attan High School the youth of today a1e being educated fo1 the wo1 ld of tomouow We the youth of today will have many obstacles which ou1 teacheis a1e Dlepallng us to meet It IS not so much the subiects they teach as tl1e intangible things they have given us the sense of 1espons1b1l1ty 1n1t1at1ve enthusiasm willing ness to coopeiate dependability fan play good Judg ment and most of all the ability to laugh to 1ea1n and to wo1k To acquaint us Wlth the ways of democ1acy the school system has been developed and established along lines s1m1la1 to those of ou1 demociatic natlon The Boa1d of Education which is headed by Ml P J Newman ieaches the student body th1ough the supeiintendent Ml 1' V Beigman and the p11nc1pal Ml H H Bishop and the faculty Just as the national gove1nment xeaches the individual th1ough the state govexnment F01 mo1e dl1ECt p1epa1at1on of the students fO1 to mo11ows WO11d a wlde and p1act1cal va11ety of COUISES IS offeied The school offe1s Enghsh home economics a1t p11nt1ng commeice mathemaucs fo1e1gn languages social science pubhc speaking science music manual HILS vocat1onal ag11cultu1e genelal shop and physical education Even though in each couise the 1eal1t1es of wa1 have been faced the su1eness of peace has not been lost Knowmg these things to be tl ue the Boa1d of Education and M1 Be1gman chose most ca1eful1y the teache1s to f1ll the vacancies which appea1ed du11ng the cou1se of the yea1 Being just as conscientious M1 Bishop was most thoughtful 1n his supe1v1s1on of both the student body and the faculty Silently but effectively active behind the lines was the Boaid of Education composed of six f11ends ne1gh boxs and pa1ents of the students M1 P J Newman p1cs1dent M1 Ray H Pollom vice president Dean R W Babcock D1 K F Bascom Ml G W G1v1n M1 T O McClung as well as Miss Clala Spilman cle1k of tl1e boa1d and Ml R C B811 t1easu1er It was with s1nce1e 1eg1ets that seveial of the faculty membexs left the11 teaching and f11ends he1e in Man l1attan High School I' is thxough thls act howeye1 tl1at then t1ue wo1 th IS proven So we 1831126 that they a1e willmg to defend 1n life those things which they have taught in school Ou1 fo1me1 school DUISG Miss Ma1tha B11ll is now seiving somewhe1e in the South Pacific as a lieutenant in the a1my nu1se coxps Ml RODQIL Boles fO1mCl biology teache1 IS now a se1geant in the a1 my in O1egon Du11ng the school yea1 Ml Wil 11am Cla1k was inducted into the a1my Too often the adm1n1st1at1on of a school IS taken fo1 g1anted We a1e about to complete a most successful school yea1 Befoxe we tuck the thought of It away 1n the faxthest COIHCI of ou1 memo11es to bung fo1th late1 in silent t11bute let us now thank these people f01 the11 kindness coope1at1on thoughtfulness and all of the many things they have done fo1 us It isnt facts alone in life that make fo1 the gleatest happiness its consideration and kindliness and sympathy. Its friends -like these. F V BERGMAN SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS ll rli Ilniur mr r ll ui 1 uc I ll qw H Il BISHOP PRINCIPAL BS., Kansas Wesleyan' M.S. Univer- sity of Chicago.

Page 7 text:

1151155111119 if ISIGDNN -- rt lllio --- ?na...m--1 POQBGU 5 as ff 'ff llmrlnslfalr ll w w' W QUm 931m Quwaisf ERE HANGS a plaque Wood and palnt hung on a wall We have glanced at It often passlng through the halls we have seen new names added Yet perhaps 1tS meanmg IS not clear to us ThlS 1S the honor roll On It are commemorated the names of those former Manhattan Hlgh School students and teachers whose IIVCS have been taken IH war The 11st IS lncxeasmg It has more than doubled s1nce last year Thele w1ll be more to come The plaque IS too mater1al1st1c It IS when we look beyond the plaque to 1tS full meanlng and 1ts demandxng challenge that the true value IS seen FOI these are the names of Amer1can boys Bemg Amer1can boys they were dxs t1nct 1nd1v1duals Each was an entlrely dlfferent character from the next d1f telent outwaxdly at least Yet ln one 1espect there was an essentlal sameness to these lost heroes In them was enshuned a Splflt They went unquestlonlngly Had you asked them they could not have expla1ned Yet It was there It IS a pr1de 1n thelr country a re spect 101 the decent clean th1ngs of l1fe an everburnlng love of freedom It IS the VISIOH of a free wo1ld a wo1 ld r1d of the blackness of hatred and death a happy wo1 ld IH peace Th6lIS IS the P1106 of v1cto1y and thelrs IS the challenge for us who remaln It IS a challenge to lnsure for them that the world they fought and dled to attaln shall become a reallty Youth 1nher1ts th1s challenge Youth of hlgh school age must stand respon s1ble to help 1n then' flght, and when the struggle at last ends, a freshly matured youth, through educat1on and experlence, must stand prepared to guarantee a bet tel, peaceful unlverse That IS our duty to them That 1S the meanmg of the plaque xg M ,E by .tx I I ,Q , Y ' we-412' ' U - X w,s...M,g Q X, li- ' sta f - Y' ' ssl- xv, . f . ,. 1'rf--'gy Y", nw , . K - , .age .. 1 .M t.: E . ,... V.. . ,x is K t ' N-'f"-"Q 2 was r' "fl lull 4,,1a'2.1:-.:.f,--lf, ' ' Hi' ' , . kv A ' " .rg gbx ' 1 1 515. 55- I , Q ,K , .2 2 7 f'f'1'- -A - Q' we ,N ,111 11- - xi " 12.3 ,' fe!!! -'fs I Wife I 1 5iff??,Z'F'iw if -- :Y , .. . gf.. --af., .Q , ., Q VM :, s....-. 1... . .ar5'U1 gj4Q Q.. T 1 'QP gm' T: ':""1 Wife- W' '--" -gngge-tn 1- '- ' 11 We,,s . .X . ,. N ..,,. W. . . ..... g- ,vmkzzng - X5 . , . 1 ! ' , . - 7 - , . . . , ' Y y ' Y 7 , .

Page 9 text:

MAILIOIIIIC IIICIIGICII A.II.. K. U.: Univ11rsity of C'I1i1-111.11113 II11iv1-rsity of I'11I111'111I0: K. S. C. AIIIl'l"IC'IIII History, G. R. S111111M11'. II. II, IIIIOWN--fII.S., K. S, C.: ILM.. l'I1i1':11:11 l'1r11S1'1'1'11I1v1'y 111' Music. Un-I11-sI1'11 :1111I II11111I. IIICSSIIC SNYIII'.Ii IIlIII'I' II,S., K. S. 'I'. l'., I-In11m1'i:1: S1-I11v11I ul' l'1n11n1u1'1'1-, II1-n1'1-rp M.A., D1-111'1-1' II11iv1-nity. CtllIIIlI4'I'1'1', 0111111111-1'1'i:1I Club Spuns111'. J. V. I!lIR1'III'I'I"I'I'1 ILS., K, S. 'I'. l'., Iluys. CI11-mist:-y. S1'i1-11c1- Club. MAIIGAIIIWI' IIOTUIIKISS1 l'AI.KINS--ILS.. K. S. 'l'. U.. Al- gvbru. G. Ii. Sub-Sp1111s11r. N UIII I' IIIL il 'IM N N 1 I 111 11.11 111 IX 111 1I I' 1. I 1 4724 SS I' IJOIINON II N Ix IX 11 ll 1 11 1 1 1 11 111 11 x 111 nr 1 1111I 11 I y Ill 1 11 11 1 1111 1111 -. -1 1111 1 ,AG- IIUIILII 1 111 Ix111.I1r 111 I I1 1 WM x Qs x www I 5 III. II1-rgvr Ii.IIr11wn B, Ruri IIIIIPII M I 1 CI I DUDCID 44 WI Drxlar I71vI1x011 I Flser IIOIII ON 1 HI 1 K U Mn e 11 Sub Sponsor IOX CI'IiI I KOON 1 K II IIIIXATSIIY of Colura o IIIII N 111 S I 11 II IIIOI D K I 1 K Q VOLIIIIOFIBI Agr 111 8111111 hl INON Il N1I1r1sI11l1n1u.ra1ty Doane Xl XIII-I I XII S1v11thu1Nt1r11 W1nfI1l1l Spner. 1 1n 1111 I IOIINSO XI! I!1I.I11115 L11II1g1 Ilnllsborg Wor 111 me on I Il Sub SINITIWIOI' il I L Lmpurm UIIIVEPSIIY o IKIIIKHII Iu IL ll 11 Llub Spun-mr Ii JOHNSON Ii S K b I L Lmporm Umverslty o S UIIRIII L11I1i1111111 Buy- IIIy 1111I Ia1Iu1.uI.1un M Club L0 Spuruur B1xI11tb1Il Cwuh I iDI S I C I:1mpor1a su 11.3 ul Iknnsylun a Sup1rv1sur ot Study Hall Spon I' Ily I' Inhn-1011 I' I1111I111 It -.wr 111 Etta Kath Club I1II1I1IAN IIIINL.-KN Ii.N,, II1IsI1:11I II11s111t.1I, II.1IaI4'111I. Ix:111- .N Jus. II 1- N11 s' - 4'l11I1, , Q Q Q MII 1 I.. IlI'IX'l'ICli II..'. 'NI,1'., K. S. C., C. S. C. IC., 1 ' G11-1-I1-y: II11iv1-rsily 1,5 '1-51 "1: II11i1'1-raily ui' 'I": f. p1's :rn In f In 1 Y . .II'I1', I 1' -f '. S. 'l'. U., nys:lV11"v1'sity11I'i' I - 1'11I 2 II. S. l'.. II1--k 'I1-y: N. Y. 'I'. U., N - ' Y 'I13 lf S. C. IC., G1'1-1-I1-y: K. S. C. .Km Art K'l11I1 C1 IIS . I1IIIl l'. I"ISI'III fII.S., K. S. U. II'11III1 1 II ys' 'I1 Siczll ,jh 1 Mu. . 'zlyns A- 1 I'I1I '1I'1 11, M l'I1I l'1-S111111f111', I" II1:1lI. 'I'I'1ll'Ii, : I A:- si.I: II:1sI11-II1:1lI C1111-I1. W1 . L, 1 . -.' - J. .' 1. II. ' I111 I".K 111 I'I. r ' ' III'II1I1I'IN III'I' -A.II., G1'111Iu:1t' S Il Iy, '. . th - 111: Irs, G. II. .' -I .' . I". ' 11 IICI ' 1-LII.. '. .2 11, S11 'sh. C111 ish l'IuI1 .'p111s r. 1 1 'UG1I-1II- IIS., 'VI.S., '. S. '. - ' I- cull '1'. I". If. A. ,' snr. ICLIZAII "'II I'II.I. 1' 1'- as '4 "- g K'1nII1-1.21-. l'1'1-I1-. N1-Irralsku. Ilnglish, J1111rl1:1Iisln und Mentor A1I's111'. - - Y I'II1IZ1 I"I I1I'I"I'I.I'l'-1. .. 1' '-: - , ' - , - -h 11.111111 1 1-1. .ini 1... 111111-11 Im' "W 'Z '1- A s 111,31 I.lIl'II1C. 1'.' Nfff. ., - 2 ' ' ' 1. 1' . Id W - Ilis ry. A -rim-:111 IIiwI I. . 1' - , . A f' . I'II1l'II'II" I'I1Y--ILS., K. S. ". '., ' ' 2 ' ' I "M , , ' 5 .f' x3F 1'1 - I F . f I Qvff , . 'fl ,-. M , ' y . , -1 3. .. A 1 ' avg' I' I'I'I'III-I1 LIICNIIAI "-K. S. C.: K. .'. ". ., ' ' 3 Uni- ' 1 .' '1i. C -' ',' . - I."' I.. .' 1.1" z'1 J ' " - ' .

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