Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS)

 - Class of 1944

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Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 65 of 72
Page 65 of 72

Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 64
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Page 65 text:

61 1944 BLUE M QUEE JO ANN SCI-IEU Pretty, vivacious, and popular Jo Ann Scheu has attained the honol of becoming the 1944 Blue M Queen wlth dlgmty unexcelled Jo Ann IS noted fox hex vaued ab111t1es hex SCh018.1Sh1D SEIVICE and chaxactel She IS mcleed a txue leadex S Mary Henton Attlactxve ve1sat1le and talent ed hex populauty IS due to hex fllendly and glaclous mannex Dorothy Brotherson Cute epuxted and fun lovmg she IS vely actlve and has the a.b1l 1ty to make fuends easxly

Page 64 text:

a cyllndrlcal mlllol ln the Centel Palm tlees were placed among the tables whele cokes W618 selved by the I-Iawallan g1llS fl0m the bar Llfe S1ZCd pletty gllls also adolned the walls and the band stand WhlCh was a tumble down hut The dance was leally a gland success and the comlng of Spllng Whlch blought the new folmals out made lt leally swell' APRIL 22 The sophomoles thls yeal wele mole fortunate than OU1 class was because they had thell second class palty tonlght The party was undel the dllectlon of the sophomole sponsols who D81 tlclpated IH the actlvltles The dance was Slmllal to the fol mel one and they all sald that they had an enloyable tlme APRIL 28 The Hl Y Date Hlke was held ln the usual place Sunset Palk thls evenlng They had a swell DICDIC lunch so they told me slnce I dldnt get to go They also had fun playlng sevelal games Ml ROQCIS sponsol of Hl Y was the chapelon They all l8DOlt6d tllat they had a supel tlme N Qs 051:26 ff 6'5" MAY 6 I hope mother enjoyed oul banquet to nlght at the Methodlst Chulch whlch was held 111 honol of all G R membel s mothels The theme was a symphony ldea wlth black and whlte as the COIOIS Many SDI mg flowels wele Vely attlactlvely placed ln vases leplesentlng hal ps The complete banquet was muslcal ln appealance Wlth tleble clef D10 glams and staffs on the tables Blllle Jean Jacobsen acted as toastmlstl ess Joan Penley s mothel gave a short talk and Nellle Payne lesponded MUSIC was fulnlshed by the Junlol gl11S sextette The maln featule of the CVCHIDQ was lnstallatlon of the new cablnet m6mb61S These membels ale Jo Halllet I-Iofsess plesldent Calolyn Glovel VICB plesldent Dolothy SYOVEI secletaly and Joan Penley treasulel It leally was gland and Im sule that all the mothel s enjoyed It MAY 13 Th1S lS the nlght Ive been looklng fOl wald to fol a long tlme the Slgnatule Dance' Oul annuals ale leally swell thls yeal although the sophomores and JLIUIOIS dld help us wlth the cov EIS by SUDDO1 tlng V81 lous actlvltles to 18156 money The clownlng of the MHS Blue M Queen was the maln featule of the evenlng The l8St of the eve nlng was spent slgnlng each othel s books MAY 14 Tonlght makes me thlnk mole than once Oul baccalauleate SSIVICC was held tonlght and It sule makes you feel queer The Rev G H Glotey of the local Baptlst Chulch gave the address and lt was most lnsplllng l Q? ri' Kale: Wg? The gllls glee club fulnlshed the muslc and all othel nlght closed MAY 18 ThlS IS lt' I leally thought I d be happy but now I l8gl8t leavlng MHS It has really been gland Dean Eall K H111blaHd of the Unlvelslty of Wlchlta dellveled the commencement addless whlch was WOIthWhl16 The JUDIOI g11lS sextette fulnlshed the muslc and It leally sounded H106 Aftel commencement was OVSI we all danced fO1 a whlle ln the gym and bld some of oul last good byes to oul classmates HE nlghts aftel school dullng the football sea son when each glll would walk HER man ovel to the boys gym and bld hlm fond falewell befole he went out fol plactlce Ahhhhh sweet hlgll school lomance Nothlng llke lt' The h0ll1f1Ed explesslon on Jeannle Hanly s face and the qulck 6Xlt she made dullng the Junlol Senlol Dance when she dlSCOV6l6d she was loslng hel folmal sllp" Scleamlng and swoonlng fol Slnatlas gleatest llval Phll KISGI as he clooned ln assembly The sneak tl IDS dullng school houls that almost evely stude ln MHS has taken at sometime 01 othel OV81 to the glocely ln Sf-331611 of candy The excltlng Junctlon Clty Manhattan football game that D1 actlcally all Manhattan Hlgh went to Junctlon to see and how all the fellows cheeled and all the gals Cl led flom sheel Joy when we beat them f0l the fl1St tlme ln eleven YGHIS The blow gasollne latlonlng blought to MHS fel lows It took extla gas to go up on Countly Club and Bluemont but they managed to flnd othel se eluded spots WhlCh selved the pulpose well How 9V9lyOI'1C J0lllI'16y6d out to that evel populal nlght spot Club 40 and stalted a second pal ty aftel a hlgh school dance closed at 11 30 Ml B1Sh0D saylng he had been ln Manhattan Hlgh SIHCC the Yeal One 4Contlnued on Page 62h 60 ' H ' U ' 1627 'K' i - .V .U V. ' ' -gf is .., ' Q A . , . . 1 ' -N ff J . H '1 X, I 'X gs . I D v .Y Q 3. 1' .- I eil' 4-2.-vw Do You Remember-

Page 66 text:

Intramural Interest Hugh Intramural basketball sponsored by Brll Clark was a double robrn affarr wrth frve teams partrcr patrng 'lhe frghtrng Leathernecks led by Bob Dahl came out rn front takrng every game except two from the faculty who were not entered rn league play The frnal standrngs were Leathernecks frrst place Bombardrers second place Marauders thrrd Paratroopers fourth and Ground Crew frfth The frve hrgh scorers were as follows Dr ova n Leather necks F1 rck Bombar drer s Dahl Leather necks Nabour s Par atr ooper s Br ewer Bombar drer s All star teams were selected by the captarns of all the teams These players are the followrng Frrst team Drown Leathernecks Brewer Bom bardrers Frrck Bombardrers Cary Marauders Allen Marauders Second team Nabours Paratroopers Travrs Ground Crevl Dahl Leathernecks Spencer Para troopers Stover Leather neck Honorable mentron Hoke Marauders Eslrnger Bombardrers McCole Bombardrers Lynch Ma rauders Tom0rrow's Cltlzens ICont1nued from Page 201 them famrlres frrends memorres and mrllrons of good thrngs whrch they wrll return to at some later date It rs wrth all these thrngs rn mmd that we warn the school crop of next year to grve MHS all they ve got and let them know that rts worth rt" As for the grrls many wrll carry on the good work of some of our professors and contmue then educatronal career through college some wrll work and from trme to trme many wrll marry But not one wrll forget these three years of hrgh school the tlrrrlls and tears of berng a teen ager There rsnt a lot to do besrdes workrng to be a better person except to wart So rt rs wrth hope farth and patrence and MHS sprrrt that we wart for normal lrfe to return when we can lrve lrke c1v rlrzed human berngs happy and carefree once agarn but wrllrng to assume our responsrbrlrtres It rs thus that well be wartrng and pr ayrng wart mg for that later date"' Do You Remember 1Cont1nued from Page 60+ How drffrcult rt was to stay rn school when that beautrful sprrng weather arrrved It was too drffrcult for some Sunset was swell" Mrs Lrenhardts outbursts rn study hall tryrng to keep order She s strll a favorrte teacher though How the halls were turned rnto a gymnasrum mad house when thrs year s M Club members were rnrtrated by havrng to do exercrses wear a football shoe around then necks and salute old members The assembly presented by the faculty at whrch they rmpersonated students Wasnt Mrss Whrtten a cutre"' The palm trees rn the mrddle of the dance floor at the Junror Senror Besrdes lookrng pretty they served a defrnrte purpose In case the glass cylrn der hangrng from the mrddle of the cerlrng should fall only the trees would get smashed and not some dancer s head' The mrser able mrnutes of embarrassment Jo Ann Scheu suffered rn the Senror Play when her hoop skrrt got caught around her warst Drsplayed was a darlrng parr of pantaloons nrcely modeled The rnsane Journalrsm pr oductron Insane Inter lude Wrth Drck Nabours actrng lrke a mrllronarre and Jean Swenson searchrng for her prrnce The trme a certarn group of senrors swrped a cafeterra pre and became vrolently rll after eatrng rt Crrme doesnt pay they say' Future Champs lCont1nued from Page 32' the full back slot Kay IS one of the hardest lrne plungers on the Indrans roster and can also re TED GRIMES Ted elected as the other co cap tarn wrll be playrng hrs thrrd year as an Indam letterman Ted was the only underclassman to be represented on the CKL All Stars Last fall Grrmes was the regular startrng fullback but next year wrll probably be seen at the left half back posrtron DICK NABOURS Red headed and colorful Drck should develop rnto a whale of a tackle next fall Drck possesses a powerful defensrve charge and may well protect one flank of the Redskrns lrne TOM FLANNELLY Brg powerful and rough Ape could probably play a number of posrtrons on the team Last season he var red between center and tackle and was equally profrcrent at erther BILL EDWARDS B111 rs a brg boy who also can play two posrtrons Playrng guard or rn the back freld makes no drfference to Brll he can handle both wrth precrsron Edwards rs fast and could develop rnto a frne downfreld blocker DAVID LEWIS Davrd rs lrght for a lrne man but he frlled rn on many occasrons for IDJUI ed guards Startrng several games Dave has garned valu able experrence whrch wrll make hrm a bulwark rn the 44 team L D COMPTON One of the two sophomores to letter thrs year Comp played half back and was a competent relref man A lot can be ex pected from L D rn the next two years and lf he keeps up hrs abrlrty he undoubtedly wrll be present on All Star teams BILL HOSIER B111 a ganglrng end was the other sophomore to letter Wrth more experrence he wrll develop rnto a frne target for Grrmes passes He rs already adept at the defensrve game 62 , . . I ' ' '. I ' '. Q C '- - ' ' ' .....,........... 96 ,, . .' f .. -' , -" ................... '19 ' . , . , 1 , ' ,..... ........... - -61 ' ' ' - ................ 61 . , . , . , . - -. -'- ................. 59 ,. . . . . . . . .c h . S . .C .' .3 O . . . ,C v ' . 3 ' .v .3 - - Q 1 - Y 1 Q S, t ' ' A ' 3 - ' l ' 3 - ' celve as well as throw passes. A A . , ' ' ' , Q .' . . . ., , . if ' ' i ' .' ' . ' . l Q' ' yy' ' v

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