Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS)

 - Class of 1944

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Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 63 of 72
Page 63 of 72

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Page 63 text:

DECEMBER 11 The sophomo1es l1ad a bang up tlme when they held tl1e11 annual SODIIOYTIOIG pa1 ty 1n the boys gvm They danced to canned music but that 1eally doesnt make any d1ffe1ence They sav that Lllffll dance was much d1ffe1ent than n1ost of them because they had seve1al special dunes I m SLU9 they had a most enjoyable time and we sen1o1s somet1mes w lS1l we we1e sophomo1es once agfun' FEBRUARY 7 11 Ou1 annual G R Hea1ts1ste1 Week has Just lnded so now I know who that n1ce DCISOII was who sent me the candy and gum Of LOUISE I lmaglne I ve gained a few pounds because of this The foods classes 1eally Dlepaled some dehuous iefieshments fO1 us and also a fine p10 1,1 1n1 was glven befoie the tea It 1eally tu1ned out to be a Vt0IIdElfll1 week FEBRUARX ll At least we hate one day out of the V011 when we can lun the school as we w1sl1 mvwav to some extent" I guess Im not Vely D'll1 IOLIL bet 1use I dxdnt buy enough stamps 1n 01 de1 to teach a class but lt was mo1e fun Just be1ng P1 student" We also had a student boa1d of educa t1o11 that w lb 1"tLlI6l st1 ict w1tl1 us but it was 1eal ly .1 lot of fu11 The assembly we piesented was 111 IIIIILHLIOII of a faculty meeting which p1oved uxv successful 4 r FEBRUARY 1' Am I 6261 blOk9 now'J Afte1 th1s ewclusue night of taking the boys out I don t have .1 cent left Oh well we only have one W P A 1Women Pay All' night in a yea1" Tonight w1s ou1 Goldd1gge1s Ball WIIICII glves tht guls an ODDOILUIIIIV to show then gxatltude Of Louise we danced to canned music but that w IS OK The JUDIOIS V816 the hosts to the sopl1 omous and tl1ev 1eally had the gym deco1ated as well '1s they tould due to the cond1t1ons that w1l1 111se" The SVHIIH b1nd and some of ou1 MHS talent p1ov1ded a supei DlOglHm fO1 us at 1nte1m1ss1on I ll 1lly d1d11t know we d1d have so much talent 111 Olll school anyw1y they WSIB swell" FEBRUARY 19 The Joulnallsm classes sponso1ed 1 dance tomght fo1 the puxpose of Ialblng money f0l the COVQIS on the annuals It was 1eally a gieat success a11d eveiyone enJ0yed themselves ve1y muc l1 The music was p1oduced t,lII0llg1I the evei fdllhflll MHS 1eco1d1ng machine but anyway ev exyone setmed to l1ke 1t A sl1ght chalge was made fox those who attended but eveiyone seemed w1ll1ng to help those D001 Jou1nal1sm classes 1a1se enough money and they d1d" FEBRUARY 25 Since I m not a boy I cant belong to tl1e F F A but I guess they 1eally have some good t1mes anyway tonlght they held then an nual fathe1 son banquet in the study hall The cafete11a se11ed the del1c1ous dlflllel Wh1C1l was followed by a shoit D10g1am The theme of the banquet was Kansas and deco1at1ons fulf1lled the theme The g1een hands weie inxtiated 1nto the o1gan1zat1on at the close of the meetmg MARCH 17 The basketball banquet and dance was to have been held tonlght but due to the lack of 1nte1est among 8V61yOI'16 lt was postponed It 1eally was te111ble that the pa1ty had to tu1n out this way because we could not show ou1 app1ec1a t1on fo1 the basketball fellas l 16 MARCH 25 I couldnt 1mag1ne what was going 011 when they said to d1ess in you1 p11son gaxb and come to Elmel s Blg House Finally I found out that the annual Sen1o1 JUD101 was bemg held 1n the lrov s gym ton1ght Ou1 class D1 es1dent IS How The gym 1eally looked DICE with the w1ndows and sldes ba11ed and dummies hang1ng all 3.1Ollfld A iock pile was the att1act1on 1n one co1 ne1 whlle p1etty g11ls and calenda1s adomed the walls Light lBf18SllII16I'ltS Wele se1ved at lI1t6lI'l'l1SSl0II along w1th an ente1ta1n1ng p1og1am Although H1616 was not a la1 ge c1owd we had a swell t1me APRIL 15 They always say all good things w1ll sometlme end I dont C816 f01 that say1ng now because I su1e 1eg1etted seeing th1s evening close Those Jun1o1s 1eally d1d a wonde1ful Job of ente1 taining the sen1o1s tonlght at the annual Jr Sl banquet and dance The banquet was held 1n the Methodist CIIUICII with sophomo1e boys and gn ls se1v1ng The chu1cl1 was ve1y att1act1vely decolated in keeplng Wlth tl1e theme Hawan The tables had o1namental palm ti ees and Hawa11an huts placed on them The nut cups we1e canoes and the place ca1ds WC16 altl f1c1al pineapples The d1nne1 was good and we also enJoyed the p1og1am Ml R0g6lS ou1 physics teache1 gave an 1nte1est1ng talk Afte1 the banquet was OVGI we all Jou1neyed to the gym wheie we spent the IOSL of the evening danc1ng to the music of Ray Stokeley and his OICII estla Tl1ey 1eally d1d a sol1d Job of playing too" B1 own and gieen st1eame1s cove1ed the ce1l1ng w1th 59 ' ' 1 ' - 1 ' . . 4 c ' . .' . , ' ' ' . ' I . V 1 H " . - ' ' 1 m 1 - ' - 1 - v ' . ' .' . - - V . I l . V I. .i , I , . . . . Q V ' v. ' t ' ' 7 1 , H J I , ' , . 1 . l'f' M A-L .' . ' A . , ' ' . Y. L . . ,E B, . .- . - ,Z . .L . . .- w V - . - ,W 1 ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' ' lx Z 653 4 ..::2Eif,iE-1 C' 'Pj . F Q 4 U ' N- N ' . . . ' . -' . gy , . ., r . V . X ard Elmer, therefore giving it the original name. I '::::::. .::p.'4 i, H ' ' ,, . , - h- , . . . ' ' 1 u ' Y ' . ' ' - . ' Y 'z .' ' ' ' ' ' - -i - L4 1 . . - .A ' . . . ' ' . . ' . V . ' . ' l A V ' 4.. in . u . - ' ' ' . ' .- ,' ,x I 1 ' K- . . . X C '. , 2 K Q ' . . M ' . ' - ' . 12 ' ' V V ' l ' H ' I ' . - - 2 vi Q 1 1 I Q D 1 I ' ' - ' ' ' - 2 ' . . 7 - ' 1 ' , w. v ' . - - 1 A . . . - ' . . y L Y . -

Page 62 text:

DEG! Dldflklff SEPTEMBER 10 What a gland week of school llllS has bc en' It flI'l1Sh6d wlth a Student Coun all tea fol the new students We sulely d1d enJoy ll too because they had a vely nlce DIOg1am plan ned The students wele so fllendly to us and we met and made many new fllends Not only dld they hate fl nlce ploglam but also DICE 19fI6Sh ments SEPTEMBER "8 'Ihe G R lecognltlon SCIVICCS we-le held Hft91 slhool when the new cablnet was lllSt'1ll6Cl It should leally be a DIOSDBIOUS yeal because a swell cablnet wlll lelgn fO1 thls yeal As lt IS mv senlol yeal I am sule that I w11l enJoy lt IHOIP than ewel especlally wlth Mlss Belgel as oul sponsol We also had dellclous lefleshments it the tea made bv the home economlcs classes rl Thugs' NWN! whlt a gl lnd success' Aftel the football game w1th Wyandotte whlch oul gallant walllols won CXCIVOIIP Joulneyed to the boys gym and tholough lv 0Il1OW6d oul fl1SL dance fol the yeal The Wyan dotte fellas also stayed fol oul dance whlch made the ewenlng exen mole thlllllhg' The dance was sponsoled by the Pep Club and lt leally was a swell one 'N-. M0 I NOVEMBER 18 Slnce I can t attend the soclal ac LIYILICS of H1 Y one of the membels told me all about then Fathel Son Potluck that they had ln llle studv h lll l0Hlg1ll4 The maln pul pose was Just to eat and eat" Thev also had a nlce ploglam plzpaled too and I 'lm sule that an emoyable eve Illllg was had by all NOVEMBER 19 Tllls was leally the most excltlng nlght of the season It was to declde who would wln the football game Wlth Salma Well we d.1d wln aftel a most thlllllng nlght of scleamlng and excltement One of the mam featules of the nlght was the lIlLIOdllCClOIl of the Pl om queen candldates .lt the half 'Ihe gllls lode alound ln snazzy con vel tlbles and wele lntloduced on the fleld by Ross Mlllel The candldates wele Ilma Lee Slmonton Maly Ahce Bolen Ruth Whltnah Maly Ann Blllg wln Calolyn Glovel Joan Stlnel Jo Halllett Hof sess Jean Swenson Maly Henton Colleen Petel son Balbala Coldts Ilva Smlth JoAnn Scheu Helen Elllng and M11l1e Domlno Q, QQUI NOVEMBER 20 Thls has been a gland and won del ful cllmax fol a successful football season M11l1e Domlno a senxol and Bob Slack senlol and co captaln of tl11S YEHI s team lelgned ovel the Plg skln Plom tonlght The decolatlons ln the gym wele leally glillld Thele wele leal lmages of the fellas made of cald boald and the basketball goals wele flxed as goal posts It leplesented a football fleld and leally fulfllled lts pulpose well The klng and queen wele C1 ow ned at IIILSIIHISSIOII and to each was glven a lememblance the klng a mlnlatule down box fol sceptel and a football Wlth the fellows names D1 lnted on It fol the queen A speclal lssue of the Mentol was glven out at ln telmlsslorl too W11lCh announced the klng and queen and plctules of the captalns and all thc boys The A S T P Band flom the college played fol the dance and they leally d1d a neat Job The candldates fO1 klng WSIS L D Compton Johnny Busenbalk Kay Cleavlngel Tom Flannelly Ray Thompson Dlck Nabouls Ted Gllmes Bob SIZCK H3lO1d Fleldmg Howald Elmcl Challle Mlllel Ronnle Webstel Jlm Dlown Kenyon Whlt ney and Glenn Mungel NOVEMBER 20 Th1S IS leally a day to celeblate' The day was glven to us fol oul own use because oul fellas won the Centlal Kansas League Cham plonshlp I was leally ploud of the football boys fol wlnnlng all of the games that they played Nat ulally we all spent the day loaflng and lemlnls clng ovel the gland football season 335224 , 58 . I' l ' I. ' , I ' 1. .gt . .- " -' aff' A K. fe .. fs - . - ' ' X A Q . f I Eid . - , . . y sf S, , f ,X 7, . ' . . . h ff H , ' ' '71 . . . - . - . A S 1 v 'A ' Q 1454- ,. 1 s, Q " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 2:5 , ,yes . ' ' - A OCTOBER 29A-Our first dance of the yeal' and . , , , , , . , sf s l , f ' , , .311 1 . , , V U if-N ,3 . V ' .Y s l 1 , ' ' . " . 1- . 4 ll . . - . . ,. . - I tl , ' '. ' ' r X 4, 1 ' . 4' , Cl ' . r ' I 4 I fi 5 x 1 . , , - Y. 3 1 M V - . . . ' . .

Page 64 text:

a cyllndrlcal mlllol ln the Centel Palm tlees were placed among the tables whele cokes W618 selved by the I-Iawallan g1llS fl0m the bar Llfe S1ZCd pletty gllls also adolned the walls and the band stand WhlCh was a tumble down hut The dance was leally a gland success and the comlng of Spllng Whlch blought the new folmals out made lt leally swell' APRIL 22 The sophomoles thls yeal wele mole fortunate than OU1 class was because they had thell second class palty tonlght The party was undel the dllectlon of the sophomole sponsols who D81 tlclpated IH the actlvltles The dance was Slmllal to the fol mel one and they all sald that they had an enloyable tlme APRIL 28 The Hl Y Date Hlke was held ln the usual place Sunset Palk thls evenlng They had a swell DICDIC lunch so they told me slnce I dldnt get to go They also had fun playlng sevelal games Ml ROQCIS sponsol of Hl Y was the chapelon They all l8DOlt6d tllat they had a supel tlme N Qs 051:26 ff 6'5" MAY 6 I hope mother enjoyed oul banquet to nlght at the Methodlst Chulch whlch was held 111 honol of all G R membel s mothels The theme was a symphony ldea wlth black and whlte as the COIOIS Many SDI mg flowels wele Vely attlactlvely placed ln vases leplesentlng hal ps The complete banquet was muslcal ln appealance Wlth tleble clef D10 glams and staffs on the tables Blllle Jean Jacobsen acted as toastmlstl ess Joan Penley s mothel gave a short talk and Nellle Payne lesponded MUSIC was fulnlshed by the Junlol gl11S sextette The maln featule of the CVCHIDQ was lnstallatlon of the new cablnet m6mb61S These membels ale Jo Halllet I-Iofsess plesldent Calolyn Glovel VICB plesldent Dolothy SYOVEI secletaly and Joan Penley treasulel It leally was gland and Im sule that all the mothel s enjoyed It MAY 13 Th1S lS the nlght Ive been looklng fOl wald to fol a long tlme the Slgnatule Dance' Oul annuals ale leally swell thls yeal although the sophomores and JLIUIOIS dld help us wlth the cov EIS by SUDDO1 tlng V81 lous actlvltles to 18156 money The clownlng of the MHS Blue M Queen was the maln featule of the evenlng The l8St of the eve nlng was spent slgnlng each othel s books MAY 14 Tonlght makes me thlnk mole than once Oul baccalauleate SSIVICC was held tonlght and It sule makes you feel queer The Rev G H Glotey of the local Baptlst Chulch gave the address and lt was most lnsplllng l Q? ri' Kale: Wg? The gllls glee club fulnlshed the muslc and all othel nlght closed MAY 18 ThlS IS lt' I leally thought I d be happy but now I l8gl8t leavlng MHS It has really been gland Dean Eall K H111blaHd of the Unlvelslty of Wlchlta dellveled the commencement addless whlch was WOIthWhl16 The JUDIOI g11lS sextette fulnlshed the muslc and It leally sounded H106 Aftel commencement was OVSI we all danced fO1 a whlle ln the gym and bld some of oul last good byes to oul classmates HE nlghts aftel school dullng the football sea son when each glll would walk HER man ovel to the boys gym and bld hlm fond falewell befole he went out fol plactlce Ahhhhh sweet hlgll school lomance Nothlng llke lt' The h0ll1f1Ed explesslon on Jeannle Hanly s face and the qulck 6Xlt she made dullng the Junlol Senlol Dance when she dlSCOV6l6d she was loslng hel folmal sllp" Scleamlng and swoonlng fol Slnatlas gleatest llval Phll KISGI as he clooned ln assembly The sneak tl IDS dullng school houls that almost evely stude ln MHS has taken at sometime 01 othel OV81 to the glocely ln Sf-331611 of candy The excltlng Junctlon Clty Manhattan football game that D1 actlcally all Manhattan Hlgh went to Junctlon to see and how all the fellows cheeled and all the gals Cl led flom sheel Joy when we beat them f0l the fl1St tlme ln eleven YGHIS The blow gasollne latlonlng blought to MHS fel lows It took extla gas to go up on Countly Club and Bluemont but they managed to flnd othel se eluded spots WhlCh selved the pulpose well How 9V9lyOI'1C J0lllI'16y6d out to that evel populal nlght spot Club 40 and stalted a second pal ty aftel a hlgh school dance closed at 11 30 Ml B1Sh0D saylng he had been ln Manhattan Hlgh SIHCC the Yeal One 4Contlnued on Page 62h 60 ' H ' U ' 1627 'K' i - .V .U V. ' ' -gf is .., ' Q A . , . . 1 ' -N ff J . H '1 X, I 'X gs . I D v .Y Q 3. 1' .- I eil' 4-2.-vw Do You Remember-

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