Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS)

 - Class of 1944

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Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 61 of 72
Page 61 of 72

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Page 61 text:

57 ,1 w J V'+-'-gr. I' 1 1 11 1 11111 1 1 11x11 11x1N 1 llxmw 111 111111-1 1 11 1 11 1 1 1111 111 111 1 11 N 111111111 1 11111111111 11111111111 111111 'Nlukhts 1 I 11 1 11.1 gm .Af 1 if Q -. 1: , . 1 'A 1 .1 E19 X. S. 1 5 .X , 1 A X 1 5 4 , ' ,, - , 1 I I l 1 K . J -1 ' 1 4 -. 51 X- 4 1 . 1- 1 -' 4 ,' . Q , - 'd s . . 'ff 14 -Q , 1 ? A Q' 1 ' 1 1 , A 14 - 1 . If K Xl 1 ' - . A '- ,-Xi1'1 1i1'1- 11wIA11, Mvriff . . , 11111-1 -111- :11111 1111- 111'i1,:i11z11 l'1-IN11111-111 s1' . . NU. 1111 111111. Xt'11s 11:11'1:1111 . . . M .' I1111'1'- , . . M11s11'1' 11111111 ill w111'11 . . . S11rp1'is1', Miss D1-x1111'. . . A 1'1111' w:11l111', 1"1':1111'i5 1.1111'1l , , . A 1'111'1'1' fur 11111 I'1-1- 1 ' , , . .lin 1111 , - I'111' 1110111111 '111 . . . '1'1'11:1x 111-1 .'1':111-5 111111' 11's 11 111- , , , 11111 My plus 111:1111111' . . . 1111: 'l'111l 111 51- 1'1-111-11 . . . M: pun-s 1'11' 1111- 1-:11111-1':1 . . . 1'l:11s 1111 1111- 1111 so . , , .'l ' s W'l1i:1111 . . . 'l'111- 111111115 :11111 1111-i1 ' 11 ' , . , -'-1 ja ' "1 " .,.. " -' 111"11y. 11'1'1 . . , VV' 1h1'1'1- . . . '1'111' 1r1'1-:11 111'111'i11- . , . S1 -' G1-1'1'y .':1-ro, N

Page 60 text:

Universal Language Tomorrow s World 4Contxnued fx om Page 541 was chosen fxom the glee clubs They told the stoxy of the bu th of Chx 1st and at txmes the vocal gxoups fuxnxshed muslc that was appxopxxate Those gxoups that pxesented the vocal accompanx ment to the stoxy wexe the xobed choxx the semox gxxls sextette and the gxxls tx 10 The soloxsts wexe Joyce Reboul Betty Dailey Doxothy Bxothexson Chaxles Eslmgex Ralph Dxckens and Lee Waltexs The small ensembles axe maxnly selected fxom the choxus classes The laxgest of these gxoups xs the boys octette whxch was selected fx om the school at laxge Noxman Kxey John Stx me Ronnxe Boles Dxck G-1 xffxng Geoxge Bascom Phxllxp DePuy Manuel Navaxxo and Ralph Dxckens composed the boys octette The boys quaxtette xs also made up of boys fxom the school at laxge They axe Lee Waltexs Kexth Inskeep Chaxles Eslxngex and Ted Gxxmes The Junxox gxx ls sextette xs made up entxxely of gxxls xn the gxxls glee club It IS composed of Max Joxxe Luehxxng Melva McConnell Maxy Jane Vance Wxlta Soldan Oxa Mae Gxandfxeld and Ruth An delson The senxox gxxls sextette IS made up of senxor gn ls fx om the xobed choxx The membexs of thxs gxoup axe Betty Daxley Betty Lou Haxxxs Wxl lxps and Ada Lou Scott The gxxls txxo mcludes Doxothy Bxothexson Betty Lou Haxxxs and Mxldx ed Domxno The pxansts fo1 the dxffexent vocal gxoups wexe Coxxxne Holm gxxls glee club Doxothy Bxothexson boys glee club and Patxxcxa Nelson xobed choxx Self Government lCont1nued fxom Page 8+ denomxnatxon bonds acted as school boaxd membexs and they chose the pxxnclpals secxeta11es and LCRCHCIS fxom those students who had bought at least two and a half dollaxs wox th of stamps The school was tuxned ovex to the students the classes bexng taught by the student teachexs Eax ly xn the yeax the student body was challeng ed thxough the Councxl fox a scxap drxve contest wxth the Junxox hxgh school The senxox hxgh school won the contest and the Councxl was awaxd ed a pxxze of ten dollaxs wxth whxch xt puxchased a new flag fox the flag pole Donatxons wexe gxven to the Wax Fund Relxef and Red Cx oss by the Coun c1l The honox plaque that xecoxds the names of those fxom MHS who have gxven thexx l1ves xn thxs wax was xn chaxge of the Councxl Because of the shox tage of gasolxne and t11es the members of the Councxl voted not to attend state conventxons untll aftex the wax fCont1nued fxom Page 42x Ann Wolf Exnest Pence Geoxge Bascom and Kexth Inskeep urxdex the sponsoxshxp of Mx Buxchette was well xecexved by the student body The blology sectxon concentxated xts effoxts on the fox matxon of a pexmanent school museum Ruth Ann Wolf Noxma Lou Myexs Geoxge Bascom and Ronnxe Boles wexe the genexal commxttee chaxx men who made the museum possxble The clubs actxvxtxes wexe clxmaxed by the local Junxox Academy of Scxence whxch was held on Apxxl 3 The Kansas Junxox Academy of Scxence meetxng was not held agaxn thxs yeax In xts place a local meetxng was held undex the sponsoxshxp of the Kxwanxs Club Ruth Ann Wolf took fxxst place fox hex talk on Mountaxn Ecology Second place went to Geox ge Bascom who spoke on Revolutxon 1n Fxactuxe Technxque Kexth Inskeep was awaxded thxxd place He talked on The MYSLCIIOUS Woxld of Atoms In the demonstxatxons gxoup John McKeen took fust place fox Mountxng a Skeleton Ray Hanna was glven second place fox hxs demonstxatxon The Development of Tube Lxghtxng Thxxd place was awaxded to Nellxe Payne 101 hex demonstxatxon on Chxck Embxyol ogy Eaxl Schxblex took fxxst place fox hxs ex hxpxt and second and thxxd places went to Dxck Molse and Floyd Noldex xespectlvely Ruth Ann of the entxxe meetxng Ideals for Peace 1Contxnued fxom Page 38x N MARCH the annual electxon was held New G R cabxnet membexs fox 1944 45 wxll be the followxng Jo Haxxxet Hofsess pxesxdent Caxolyn Glovex vlce pxesldent Doxothy Stovex secxttaxy Joan Penley txeasuxex Vexa Jackson pxogxam chaxxman and Phyllxs Maxtxn song leadex Those gxx ls who wexe appoxnted by the new pxes xderxt to sexve next yeax axe Lavonna Bxadstxeet publxcxty chaxxman Shxxley Kxng socxal chan man and Maxy Alxce Boxen sexvxce chaxxman Socxal actxvxtxes fox G R membexs pxoved to be happy occasxons Some of these wexe the Recognx txon Tea paxtxes attended by C0mmltt68 membexs Heaxt Sxstex Tea Mothex Daughtex Banquet and the pxcnxc at whxch thxs yeax s cabxnet entextaxned next yeax s Gxxl Resexve was dxvlded 1nto vaxxous commxttees whxch wexe of sex vxce when they wexe needed The txeasuxy commxttee sold xce cxeam baxs and othex xefxeshments at the basketball games In the last meetxng thxs yeax new cabxnet mem bexs pxesented a faxewell pxogxam fox the senxox gxxls As senxoxs go on to othex paths and the Junxoxs and the sophomoxes clxmb one gxade hxgh ex the thought xn each guls mxnd w1ll evex be Reachmg Towaxd the Best 56 1 V 0 O 0 6 O la Jean Alexander, Darlene Meisner, Norma Phil- Wolf was chosen as the outstanding pax'ticipant . I O O O 1 ' I tt' ' 1 ' C . .' ' - . ' C 1 .' vi v :

Page 62 text:

DEG! Dldflklff SEPTEMBER 10 What a gland week of school llllS has bc en' It flI'l1Sh6d wlth a Student Coun all tea fol the new students We sulely d1d enJoy ll too because they had a vely nlce DIOg1am plan ned The students wele so fllendly to us and we met and made many new fllends Not only dld they hate fl nlce ploglam but also DICE 19fI6Sh ments SEPTEMBER "8 'Ihe G R lecognltlon SCIVICCS we-le held Hft91 slhool when the new cablnet was lllSt'1ll6Cl It should leally be a DIOSDBIOUS yeal because a swell cablnet wlll lelgn fO1 thls yeal As lt IS mv senlol yeal I am sule that I w11l enJoy lt IHOIP than ewel especlally wlth Mlss Belgel as oul sponsol We also had dellclous lefleshments it the tea made bv the home economlcs classes rl Thugs' NWN! whlt a gl lnd success' Aftel the football game w1th Wyandotte whlch oul gallant walllols won CXCIVOIIP Joulneyed to the boys gym and tholough lv 0Il1OW6d oul fl1SL dance fol the yeal The Wyan dotte fellas also stayed fol oul dance whlch made the ewenlng exen mole thlllllhg' The dance was sponsoled by the Pep Club and lt leally was a swell one 'N-. M0 I NOVEMBER 18 Slnce I can t attend the soclal ac LIYILICS of H1 Y one of the membels told me all about then Fathel Son Potluck that they had ln llle studv h lll l0Hlg1ll4 The maln pul pose was Just to eat and eat" Thev also had a nlce ploglam plzpaled too and I 'lm sule that an emoyable eve Illllg was had by all NOVEMBER 19 Tllls was leally the most excltlng nlght of the season It was to declde who would wln the football game Wlth Salma Well we d.1d wln aftel a most thlllllng nlght of scleamlng and excltement One of the mam featules of the nlght was the lIlLIOdllCClOIl of the Pl om queen candldates .lt the half 'Ihe gllls lode alound ln snazzy con vel tlbles and wele lntloduced on the fleld by Ross Mlllel The candldates wele Ilma Lee Slmonton Maly Ahce Bolen Ruth Whltnah Maly Ann Blllg wln Calolyn Glovel Joan Stlnel Jo Halllett Hof sess Jean Swenson Maly Henton Colleen Petel son Balbala Coldts Ilva Smlth JoAnn Scheu Helen Elllng and M11l1e Domlno Q, QQUI NOVEMBER 20 Thls has been a gland and won del ful cllmax fol a successful football season M11l1e Domlno a senxol and Bob Slack senlol and co captaln of tl11S YEHI s team lelgned ovel the Plg skln Plom tonlght The decolatlons ln the gym wele leally glillld Thele wele leal lmages of the fellas made of cald boald and the basketball goals wele flxed as goal posts It leplesented a football fleld and leally fulfllled lts pulpose well The klng and queen wele C1 ow ned at IIILSIIHISSIOII and to each was glven a lememblance the klng a mlnlatule down box fol sceptel and a football Wlth the fellows names D1 lnted on It fol the queen A speclal lssue of the Mentol was glven out at ln telmlsslorl too W11lCh announced the klng and queen and plctules of the captalns and all thc boys The A S T P Band flom the college played fol the dance and they leally d1d a neat Job The candldates fO1 klng WSIS L D Compton Johnny Busenbalk Kay Cleavlngel Tom Flannelly Ray Thompson Dlck Nabouls Ted Gllmes Bob SIZCK H3lO1d Fleldmg Howald Elmcl Challle Mlllel Ronnle Webstel Jlm Dlown Kenyon Whlt ney and Glenn Mungel NOVEMBER 20 Th1S IS leally a day to celeblate' The day was glven to us fol oul own use because oul fellas won the Centlal Kansas League Cham plonshlp I was leally ploud of the football boys fol wlnnlng all of the games that they played Nat ulally we all spent the day loaflng and lemlnls clng ovel the gland football season 335224 , 58 . I' l ' I. ' , I ' 1. .gt . .- " -' aff' A K. fe .. fs - . - ' ' X A Q . f I Eid . - , . . y sf S, , f ,X 7, . ' . . . h ff H , ' ' '71 . . . - . - . A S 1 v 'A ' Q 1454- ,. 1 s, Q " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 2:5 , ,yes . ' ' - A OCTOBER 29A-Our first dance of the yeal' and . , , , , , . , sf s l , f ' , , .311 1 . , , V U if-N ,3 . V ' .Y s l 1 , ' ' . " . 1- . 4 ll . . - . . ,. . - I tl , ' '. ' ' r X 4, 1 ' . 4' , Cl ' . r ' I 4 I fi 5 x 1 . , , - Y. 3 1 M V - . . . ' . .

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