Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS)

 - Class of 1944

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Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 57 of 72
Page 57 of 72

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Page 57 text:

OR THE fust t1me the band was olgamzed on 1 I'I1l1ll,d1V basls th1s yeax The d116Cf,0l M1 R H B1ovln elected offlcels at the begmnmg of the veal and these leadels wele appomted after then muslcal ablhty xxllhngness to coopelate m ILIRLIXP conduct and knowledge of m1l1ta1y oxdex had becn consldeled Each off1ce1 took an oath md lccc lV9d cheuons to vleax on hlS umfolm Head of the band vlas Captam Ray Hanna He1b loss was fnst heutenant and the second heutenant vl IS Bnbua Coldts Othex leadels we1e Jo Ann Scheu top selgeant Cha1les Walkex sexgeant and Ilvc co1po1als Ronald Boles Geoxge Bascom Lyle Bllnchaxd Iuellen Hulst and Elhot Babcock Foul fust class musxcxans xxele also elected They we1e Bu1t Hovs nd Ex nest Pence Ela1ne Howenstme and Donav tn Blough The successful m1l1ta1y band coupled w1th the vcxv succcssful football season backed the playexs wlth then peppv musxc at all of the home games The bmnd malched ln the annual Kansas State Col lc-gc Band Dav Palade mth othel bands fxom ove1 thc state The bmd also paxtlclpated ln the Navy Day as scmblv md played 111 a numbex of pep assembhes Because of the S1l01t'1g6 of gasohne and t11es the btnd made no t11ps to I191ghbOl1Ilg towns 01 to the Amexu ln Royal at Kansas Clty On Mzy 11 the spl mg pelfox mance of the Tw1 lxght Band Concelt was xecelved by a laxge aud1 ance One of the lnghhghts of the ploglam was a txoxnbonc E110 made up of Geoxge Bascom Buxt Howald 1nd Calvxn Sxmonton A numbel of talented students of MHS oxganlzed 1 swing band and called themselves the Chexokee WHIIIOIS They fulnlshed good 6Ilt91t'illlmt nt fox sevelal assembhes dxnce lntelmlsslons and plays MBmb91S of the lngzh school bmd new as fol lows Clalmets hlhott Babcock Bob HLINXIH Rov Won dex Ross Schlmmels Bclnlce GIQNGS Flances W1ll1s Aleah Coffman Hnold Cox and Mylon Husband Saxophone HEIIJ Joss Flute Ela1ne Hovlenstme Oboe Elnest Pence Bell Lyle Jo Ann Scheu and B11b'1l'l Coldts Xylophone Maman Swan Colnets CIIRIILS Walkel Jelome Culson Evelett Caxlson Tom Faulknex Ronald Lalken Lyle Blanchald Chffold Gould Robelt Mo1dy and ROg61 Sommexs Alto Ronald Boles John Busenbaxk Bautone R J Gould Tuba Wally W1lltHCY Stung Bass Maly Teafold Cymbals Nanette Maltln Dlums Donovan Blough Fxed Fleeby Ross M1lle1 Vnnclle Jones Paul SCIIVKHILL and Don Bustel Tlombones Bult Howald Calxxn SIIHOIICOII Geol ge Bascom R1c'ha1d Molse Dlum MaJo1ette Helen Palsons Tn 11 lexs Jeanette Vlalkel and Leta Jean Clnxslle D1l6CL01 R H BIOXKII Thc muslc of the pep band enht ened the basket ball games and othex actn 1t1es The membus V610 Ray Hanna d116CtOl Rlchald Molse Geolge Bas com Cha1les Walkel He1b Joss Bob Eschenbulg Evexett Lundquxst Jcxomc Cnlson Wally Wlntney Velnelle Jones Paul SCIIVKHILY Biilbll 1 Coldts and JoAnn Scheu . .. . , , . ' ' . . ' . '. . C ' V, 2 ' -.'-4 -'. -'. 4 . - V A '. . . ' ' . ' V 1 1 ' ' 1 ' l . I . . . h ,. .V l V. . . v . - 'A 1 1 A V V4 - ' ' ' V 1 v ' ' - - - . . , ' . ,. ' . V V . . 1 1 -' - ' - ' ', , . . C ' - . ' . 1 A. 1 I .,.,' 1 V. . V . ' ' 1 O I C V YK S . ' . V 4 . 1 + Y ' 1 .. . , , ,is 2 . 2 . . .I . . . 1 . V . . V V - 1 4 c .. " , . . . . . , 1. . . rw . , . . .. 1 ' . ' C K u J ' ' . 1 1 - 1 f 1 y ' 1V 1 .4 4' ' y 1 1 K n 5 1 -' ' Q . ' ' ' ' v . S ' . . . . - v f V 1 . v K1 11 xVx1 ' ' n V ' -LA 1. K- l vu. ,. K. ,.,AV. . V . -' . D . .- 1. , Y I 'I I 4 7 1' 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 4- , rx ll C ' ' ' ' , . ' I ' ' c 5. . . . . . . ' . . ,V . " 1 ' v - f ' I C n ' ' . , , , ' . ' . . V . V' ' . ' , c , . 1 1 ,fl fx l' ' c ' , - V f - . K C I . . C .. ' " 1 . , V' . ., , v . , .' ' L ' vi 1 C L x f 1 , .' . . '- S . . . 4 . ' , . V . ' . '- 1 ' - 4 V , x . , . . , . 'V' ' . ,.. V . - 1' 2 1 ' 1 . ' 'Z K' ' - c 1 . V - l - - ' T . 1' T 2 '-1 . V . . . . . 2 .2 V C 1 1 I' ' I 1 ' K n V I

Page 56 text:

Ballad For Democracy NDER tl1e leade1sh1p of membexs of the fac ulty the Ballad fO1 Democ1acy was p1esented by the sen1o1 high school The p1ologue was the Couit of Democ1acy Wlfll Paul Remmele He1be1t Joss Pllll K1se1 Phillip DePuy Stanley Pa1sons and Bob Sayle1 acting as Judges and Leslie Reed as the c1e1k The f1lSt episode was the Declaiation of Independence Wltll John Stxme acting as the bell 11nge1 The second episode was Geolge W3ShlHgLOH played by By1on Jacobson at Valley Fo1ge The thnd episode was F1 ancis Scott Key w11t1ng the Sta1 Spangled Ban lltl Keys pa1t was played by Gale Kloeffle1 Du11ng the 1nte1lude the colo1ed L,llO1l1S smg Let My People Go The Pexfect T11bute was tl1e theme of tl1e fOlll th 8D1SOd6 in wh1cl1 Keith Inskeep took tl1e palt of Abiaham Imcoln Episode five was tl1e westwaid movement In episode six Ho1ace Mann was played by P1 es ton Gates and Maxine SCIXICIIIBI po1t1ayed the Sp111t of hducation wh1cl1 was tl1 theme of the episode The epllogue was dedlcated to tl1e Democ1acy of the F'utu1e and tl1e Sp111t of Democ1acy was po1t1ayed by Jo Ann Scheu Loxetta Wilson Ba1 sen Vllglhla Glng1lCh and Balbala D1aye1 The na11ato1 was Eaxl Sclnblei The 10b8d chou fu1n1shed a b1ckg1ound of music and the ve1se Ll1o11 gate seve1al app1op11ate numbeis Fake Faculty Program TUDENT day assembly was a skit given by th11tyf1ve fake ulty membe1s who held .1 mock faculty meeting in wl11cl1 it was hoped plans fo1 a new school would be discussed The mem be1s of tl1e fake ulty came p1epa1ed fo1 WOlk of any foim f1om sleeplng to peeling potatoes Smc no wo1k was done as fa1 as plans fOl the new bu1ld1ng we1e conceined the meeting w IS adJou1n d until the follow mg Feblllaly 30 S1 hoolmasters Nightmare O RECIPROCATE the teacheis put on a skit which mwht well hate been called I Couldnt Sleep a Wink Last Night not afte1 a song by the same name Gelly Salexo attempted to teach a g10up consisting of Miss Whitten Miss Malley M1ss71os Mis Lienhaldt M1 F1891 M1 Johnson M1 Tiuax and Ml ROgC1S Eacl1 mouth had at least two wads of chewing gum except M1 Roge1s who was too busy blowing DalB.Clllll,6S fiom his pea shootei to use 1no1e than one extia laige wad A back woods quaitette mcludmg MISS Phillips sang a typical back woods numbei and M1 Fly M1 Du1l1am M1 Kugle1 and Ml Mo1dy we1e the11 compet1to1s in a mo1e classical f1eld The piogiam was ended with M1 Bishops tellin some of the btO1l8S fo1 wl11ch he IS well known In trum nt Of Peace- uslc IGHLIGHT of this yea1 s successful musxcal events was the spi mg musical D1 esented by the combined effoi ts of M1 Elbext Fly and the cho1us with M1 R H B1own and the o1chest1a The p10 gxam was held on Api 1l 28 1944 and it was I6C61V8d by a laxge appieclative audience The o1chest1a undel the d11ect1on of M1 B1own played th1ee numbe1s in connection with the theme This Is My Count1y Those numbeis we1e a modein ve1s1on of My Lucky Day a class1cal selection Empe1o1 Waltz and Ame11can Fantasy a pat11ot1c Illllllbel Tlnoughout tl1e yea1 the oichestla capably en te1ta1ned tl1e student body at va11ous school af fa11s They played in seve1al assemblies f01 the H1 Y G R play the JUDIOI play and the sen1o1 l11gl1 Ballad fo1 Democ1acy They also pe1fo1med fo1 a meeting of the Paient Teacheis Association F01 commencement exeiclses tl1e o1chest1a ful nished effective IYIUSIC The membexs of the 0101165213 WC18 as follows V1ol1ns Nanette Ma1t1n V11nelle Jones Keith Inskeep and W1l11s Patten Cello Malianne Glst Bass Ma1y T6afOld Flutes Elaine Howenstine and Ma11ly11 Guest Oboe Einest Pence Cla11nets Bob Helwlg Elliot Babcock Roy WOHd81 Ross Schimmel Beinice Gxaves Flances Willis Aleah Coffman Haxold Coe and My1on Husband Saxophone He1b Joss Ha1p Balbala Gixens PIZUO Balbala Co1dts Xylophone and Bell Lyie Jo Ann Scheu and Ma11an Swan Coxnets Cha1les Walkel Eve1ett LUIICIQLIISL Je1ome Ca1lson Cl1ffo1d Gould and Rogu Somme1s Altos Jolm Busenbaik and Tom Faulknei Txombones Bu1t HOXWHIG Calvin Simonton Geoige Bascom and R.lClld.1d Moise D1 um Paul SCllWH.1tL 52 ' N i . 'A u. 1 I . , x. Q X 7 J , . ' . , . ' ' .' ' . Y , . , . Lk ,. ' K ' ' ' ' ' ' J'A .Sv .sl ' . I ,l 'L. .' .U L. ' bara Baylies. Etienne Guerrant, Billie Jean Jacob- MISS J01m5On- IMVS' Iioonj, and Mfss Shalfeyfelt 1 ' 2 1 1.' 11 1 1 ' 1. 'Aa 'L1 ' gf Av 4 , ' . , . . . .' .. , .' L. . ' 'C , , Q A

Page 58 text:

nwersal Language Promotes... N THE past yeal the actlvltles of the cholus classes have been outstandlng and IIUIHEIOUS Undel the dllectlon of Ml Elbelt M Fly the 1ObEd Ch0ll the gllls glee club the boys glee club and the small ensembles have taken an actlve palt ln the enteltamment of the communlty These QIOUDS have appealed befole dlffelent clvlc clubs at Folt Rlley the U S O and Othel olganlzatlons Thls Is My Countly was the theme of the spllng concelt whlcll was plesented Aplll 28 The ploglam was designed to leplesent the muslc of oul countly The dlffelent types Wele mountaln muslc cowboy muslc DODUIHI muslc and sacled muslc The Dl0glam was stalted wltll a patllotlc set tlng by the lOb6d CIIOII slnglng Thls Is My Coun tly Othel numbels that Wele glven ln thls sec tlon WSIB Hymn of Youth Stouthealted Men Elle Canal Allce Blue Gown and a waltz by Dolothy Blothelson The gloups that plesented this palt of the ploglam wele the lOb6d choll the boys octette the senlol gllls sextette and the boys qualtette The second dlvlslon leplesented Amellcan cow boy muslc buch songs as El Rancho Glande All Day on the Plallle Boots and Saddle Goodbye Old Palnt and the cholus of Rangel Song wele plesented by the boys glee club and the boys qualtette The populal songs of oul countly WSIB D1 esented ln the thlld palt Some of the songs lncluded W916 Dlnah By the Llgllt of the Sllvely Moon and Nlgllt and Day WlllCh was a twln DIRHO Illllllbel wlth a cholal accompanlment Mountaln muslc was plesented by the gllls glee club as they sang Calollna Moon WIIISLIIHQ Glll Old Zlp Coon and closed wlth a patllotlc numbel I Am An Amellcan The ploglam was cllmaxed as the l0b8d Ch0ll enteled slnglng a plocesslonal O God Oul Help ln Ages Past The closlng sectlon of the ploglam lncluded The Navy Hymn Onwald Chllstlan S01d16IS and Thls Is My Countly The sololsts wele Betty Dalley Joyce Reboul and Dol otlly Blothelson and the twln plano num bel was glven by Dolothy BIOLIICISOII and Blll Johnston The dance nunlbels wele glven by the gym classes undel the dllectlon of Mlss Kathlyn Phllllps and Phyllls Hugos Gall Sallsbuly whlstled The L01d s Pl ayel HE FIRST concelt of the yeal was the Clll lst mas Concelt whlcll was glven Decembel 17 The ploglam was dlvlded lnto thlee palts Flee dom of MUSIC Calols and Candlellght and Peace on Ealtll F168dOm of Muslc conslsted of folk muslc hymns and populal muslc These W616 plesented by the lobed Ch0ll the boys glee club the gllls tllo and the boys qualtette Calols and Candlellght was a sectlon made up of Cllllstmas hymns glven by the boys and gllls glee clubs the Junlol gllls sextette and the boys octette Peace on Ealth was the last palt of the D10 glam It was plesented by a velse Cll0ll whlcll hx il N mn t Hu Dumlno Brother on YS OL ll' l N I lol: KIRIN l-Xl lhlrtl mm boldun sal ntl 'mm DMU' xx lt r N nm lr t xx an l L 4 nm: Mchmmll S NIOR Clltls Nl-'ill-PIP and tw ll S on UUXN QUAKIPI l l"4llllHt'I GIHIIE ll 'UU' UU UU' 5

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